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Randy Weaver has passed away. Strelok 05/14/2022 (Sat) 04:25:55 ID: 524ce3 No.34321
A bit late, but Randy Weaver has died yesterday at the age of 74. Never forget that feds and glowniggers are the scum of the Earth and each single last one of them will burn in whatever Hell exists. >https://www.kxly.com/randy-weaver-man-at-center-of-ruby-ridge-standoff-has-died/ F inb4 i get b&
Why would you get b&? F Mr. Weaver. They did wrong by yah.
F. Fuck the ATF and FBI
rest in peace. F
Open file (1.37 MB 1489x3173 Ruby Ridge.jpg)
F reminder that ATF kills dogs and gasses women and children
F He was before my time, but I have learned how evil the 3-letter illegal agencies are from this. >"During the incident, federal agents shot Weaver’s 14-year old son, Sam. A sniper also killed Weaver’s wife, Vicki. She was holding her infant daughter in her arms at the time." That fuck surely knew what he was about. Literally evil. >At the time of that interview in 2012, Sara said her dad, who was cleared of the most serious criminal charges against him, was a frequent babysitter for his grandkids. What about the glowniggers? Were any charges enforced against them?
>>34530 The sniper, Lon Horiuchi, was charged by Boundary County for killing Vicki (though only on state-level manslaughter charges rather than murder), but, since he was actively working as a Fed when the crime was committed, the USG scooped it up and immediately dropped it by the hand of Judge Edward Lodge (the same Judge who presided over the cases against Weaver and Harris) on the grounds of "sovereign immunity". However, a committee made by the Ninth Circuit went as far as to overturn the dismissal, but the new Boundary County Prosecutor Brett Benson (who had won against the previous Prosecutor and one who had initially made the charges, Denise Woodbury, in the previous election) dropped the case immediately because he felt that too much time had passed, there was not enough certain evidence, and the county should heal by washing its hands of the affair.
>>34620 I see. Thanks for the detailed account Anon. Business as usual then, I suppose. I hope 10'000 Randy Weavers appear to replace him.
>>34530 >That fuck surely knew what he was about. Literally evil. The feds also used a megaphone to taunt the survivors over it. They'd loudly broadcast things like "Good morning Vicki, what did you have for breakfast today?" at the cabin.
>>34525 I hear a lot of conflicting information on whether he just knew a guy who knew a guy in the Aryan Nations, he was a light affiliate, or a full-on member. Lots of misinfo from our side as well and there isn't a wealth of information on it like Waco. >>34660 I also hear that the feds (or just the SWAT and doughnuts or whoever the fuck was involved that weren't the Marshals and FBI) that they weren't aware anyone died.
>>34675 IIRC he just did some business with them and acted as a decent neighbor and was otherwise unaffiliated outside of like one friend who mentioned it to him. Nothing more.

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