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what's a war board without a conflict?

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Russia Vs Ukraine 14 - Victory Day Edition Strelok 05/07/2022 (Sat) 23:19:16 ID: 59a090 No.33939
Another war, another thread... >Ukrainians have mostly taken back the area near Kharkiv >There's a river keeping them from Vovchansk which they need to cut off to stop the forces at Izium >Izium seems to have been a distraction in order to take Lysychansk >Russians moved through the forest in on Bilohorivka in order to take the landfill >Landfill is noticeably taller than everything else and gives them free artillery range over the Luhansk front, potentially closing that theater >Rail Wars continue as Ukraine experiences a fuel shortage slowing down their advances >Russians shelling the shit out of Mykolaiv and Odessa >Ukrainians launched a major assault on snake island but it failed and they lost a fuck ton of equipment >Russians keep getting their supply lines cut preventing advances on Apostolove to cut off Ukrainian supply lines >Popasna might be over soon with a Russian victory >Azovstal being raided by Chechens after they found an engineer who voluntarily gave them building bunker plans to stab Azov in the back >Both sides taking risky moves in preparation for V-day Link Dump: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/traduzir-paginas-web/ https://web.telegram.org https://fotoforensics.com https://trashchan.xyz/finance/ https://yandex.ru/news Maps: https://militaryland.net/ukraine/deployment-map/ https://militaryland.net/tag/maps/ (Daily updates) https://liveuamap.com/ http://defensepoliticsasia.com/Ukraine/ https://militarymaps.info/ (requires Russian social media account and Russian payment processors) https://maphub.net/Cen4infoRes/russian-ukraine-monitor (Intentionally up to a week old) https://opermap.mash.ru/ (Russian propaganda map) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Template:Russo-Ukrainian_War_detailed_map Channels: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUnc496-PPmFZVKlYxUnToA (Belarusian take on the war) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgGHiivhFq7M_1MLemh-cjg (Singaporean take on the war) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP2QApi8G2TKc8NZmeDWSUg (Reddit "OSINT" take on the war) Sister threads: /pol/: https://16chan.xyz/pol/res/55331.html /leftypol/: https://leftypol.org/leftypol/res/818936.html
DPA briefly describing snake island: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hofNY9c7LfI
The mohammadean dogs must be stopped, Slava Ukraini!
Can someone win already?
Open file (46.02 KB 600x352 Turkish War.jpg)
>turkey dumps their entire fleet into the black sea and btfo's vatnik boats >lands on crimea and drives vatniks out >rest of vatnik army shits the bed and either tries to regroup in crimea or gets routed completely i like to make up retarded scenarios in my head that will never happen
>>33944 If you want to get technical, then this war will continuing going on for years and years, if it's truly the beginning of the end for the Petrodollar Empire.
>>33945 Wouldn't the Russian fleet stationed on Turkey's strait on the other side cause some problems with that?
>>33944 The winner will be determined by the end of June. Everything after that will be cleanup over the next months/years and preparing for the inevitables that come with the implication of either side's success.
Open file (1.36 MB 1536x1571 oh no anyway.png)
>>33948 >roaches and russians start killing each other
For those who don't know what I mean... >If Russians take Lysychansk it's all ogre for Ukraine as the Russians surround and wipe out the Donetsk front line eliminating a large chunk of Ukraine's elite forces and freeing up their military >Ukraine won't be able to retreat at the current rate of advancement >End result will likely be Ukraine losing Odessa and Kharkiv >If Ukraine takes Vovchansk it's all over for the Russian offensive and they will be forced into a high-casualty war >End result being up in the air but Russian casualties will be high enough that Finland won't blink at joining NATO >High casualties even if they win against Ukraine will prevent Russia from ever advancing again without starting WWIII The only thing Russia will be able to do to change the tide of battle if they lose Vovchansk is to launch nukes. The only thing Ukraine will be able to do if they lose Sloviansk (the inevitable result if they lose Lysychansk) will be to beg NATO to intervene with military forces. This war is coming to a close even though it doesn't look like much is happening. Of course it will linger on through the summer, maybe through the next few years, but these battles right now are going to determine the rest of the war.
>>33950 I don't care who attacks them so long as the roaches die.
So, from what I've understood from keeping tabs on all of this, the bum rush to Kiev was a massive diversion? Something like a "be cool if we catch it off guard but mostly to tie up enemy troops"?
>>33953 no, vatnik shills are trying to spin it that way because it was a colossal failure of a blyatzkrieg and failed miserably because of shit logistics and failing to account for literally every western country dumping their entire GDP's worth of top-tier funz into the hands of the hohols. nobody dumps that many troops into one front for the sole purpose of a diversion.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hS0KcfiGDMg Sounds like the Russians are planning to burn Ukrainians alive by flammenwarfening the forests into nonexistence. >>33953 It was a legitimate attempt that any acting army would take, but when the Ukrainian forces didn't collapse as expected, it served its secondary objective of draining Ukrainian reserves from the mountainous regions. So while not entirely correct, "yes" is close enough.
>>33954 >That many troops By the standards of the Russian military it was a "handful" at most.
I got charged an extra $1 to support Jewkraine automatically on my grocery receipt. How is this even legal? they did the same bullshit during the 2010 Haitian earthquake shit.
>>33957 You could go to customer service and fight it.
>>33957 the funny thing is that money will count towards the store tax cut. try to fight it
>>33957 you probably missed a checkbox or something that said "yes please giv money to the poor suffering hohols"
>>33951 >but these battles right now are going to determine the rest of the war. Hmmm... what if both things happen around the same time?
>>33961 It would still be a Russian victory since securing the Luhansk front would allow the Russians to temporarily redirect their forces to secure the rail lines before dealing with the Donetsk front in a timely manner. The fall of Popasna is what set these events into motion.
>>33951 >will prevent Russia from ever advancing again without starting WWIII The concern is that they might find that an equitable arrangement. Or that NATO would sense Russia is weakened and push harder against them and in response Russia just goes "fuck it."
>>33964 There's nothing wrong with that, but the moment it happens the real fun starts since everything is on the table.
>>33951 finland already isn't going to blink about joining NATO. russia doesn't have enough spare to threaten them with alone, nevermind +sweden, +norway, +UK, probably +US (likely in any case, but something was allegedly negotiated during the F-35 trials)
>>33968 Allegedly Croatia is going to veto attempts to have them join NATO unless NATO deals with the Bosnia question first.
>>33969 i know the croatian president was making noise about that, but my understanding is croatia's executive powers rest with the prime minister and the presidency is mostly ceremonial, and the prime minister has said that being against NATO expansion is a pro-russian stance and a political catastrophe for croatia.
Video from the failed assault on Snake Island.
>>33951 As of now, Vovchansk falling is a realm of fantasy. I doubt that the war will end with russiabs assfucking ukr trenches though. Ukr govt is too stubborn and does not care for the amount of ukrainians that was lost. It will have to come down to a large battle around kiev, again. >>33953 Pretty much.
>>33968 >russia doesn't have enough spare to threaten them with alone I don't think people understand how BAD that is. When you've got a country that's rather belicose and has both conventional and nuclear capabilities and now you've embarked on a long term plan to denude that country's conventional capabilities, you're basically leaving them with nothing but their nuclear capabilities. You haven't weakened their nuclear capabilities not that there's really any way to do so outside of speculative fiction anyway. All you have is the hopes that MAD will restrain them. I think the West is in a mindset that they have played chicken with Russia time and time again over the past century and they've made them blink. It seems that it's simply not entered into their collective minds - What if they don't blink this time? Fuck. Even if the Western powers win and cow Russia all that will do is throw Russia right into China's arms and create an alternate military-economic bloc. One that will likely pull India into their sphere as well and one that will fuck over the primacy of the petrodollar as the one global exchange currency. That's the best case scenario. Worst case is you have the introduction of tactical scale weapons to the battlefield and shit just escalates from there because the West has no real plan how to manage such an event without escalating to massive retaliation because their entire plan hinges on strategic blackpilling. If someone takes the nuclear whitepill then the West is going to have to "Apollo 13" a solution to prevent the alternative of putting the entire northern hemisphere on a time out for up to a century.
>>33939 >>33951 >The only thing Russia will be able to do to change the tide of battle if they lose Vovchansk is to launch nukes. That a bit extreme. If you mean due to rail access via Vovchansk, Russia also has access via Dvorichna. Or somethign else? It would be hard for Ukraine to maintain a push east of the Donets river. >>33954 >literally every western country dumping their entire GDP's worth of top-tier funz into the hands of the hohols Yeah this was the real wild card no one anticipated, sanctions too but that will take more time to have effect, it's basically a NATO proxy war against Russia at this point. Otherwise government would have fled Kiev as is tradition with collapse/surrender following pretty quickly. >>33964 >push harder against them and in response Russia just goes "fuck it." There's no real benefit for NATO to escalate right now, they can just comfortably keep feeding arms to hohols and wage economic war via sanctions. >>33971 >failed assault on Snake Island Did Ukrops attempt a landing? Video looks like just a successful drone strike.
>>33972 >As of now, Vovchansk falling is a realm of fantasy. Admittedly there's a large river between Ukraine and Vovchansk, but it seems realistic if Ukraine focuses their forces and Russia doesn't provide reinforcements. What gives you that impression?
>>33974 >Did Ukrops attempt a landing? They sent several aircraft, a handful of drones, and an amphibious ship for landing. Allegedly (according to Russian MOD) at least one of the two fighters, the bomber, and two of the drones were shot down as well as the amphibious assault ship. It's a fairly major attack since Odessa has a limited number of aircraft and was probably at the behest of Turkey who's Bayrakter drones aren't flying so well in Ukraine according to investors.
>>33975 Because ukrop Kharkov gains are due to russians retreating after losing Stary Saltiv. Russians can pick their own fights at this point. Now ukrops will have to run through open fields while dodging all the artillery that was besieging Kharkov . Basically, the situation is the same as before except ukrainians do not have the cover of the city anymore and hold a few more villages. Call me when they push sucessfully into Rubizhne, then they actually could threaten russian supply lines with arty. The objective of russians in Kharkov seems to be tieing up ukrop forces for long enough to assrape ukrops in donetskan trenches without soap. Which is still achieved in current position if ukrops continue the counterattack.
>>33974 >Yeah this was the real wild card no one anticipated, sanctions too but that will take more time to have effect, it's basically a NATO proxy war against Russia at this point. And NATO strategy seems to be focused on hiding in cities and using civilians as meat shields. And no one thought the west will implode the economy of their own countries just to virtue signal about russians being bad. Good fucking luck finding replacement for ruskie oil. These sanctions hurt west more then they hurt russia so far.
DPA released an update on snek island. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXnhhqG_bp0
>>33856 So it turns out that was a fucking lie.
>>33973 The west's big idea seems sensible: Take away Ruskie conventional weapons, preventing them from using nukes through MAD, forcing them to the negotiation table with the west. Then devolve the federation, enforce nuclear disarmament, ending the Russian threat once and for all and providing us with a buffer towards Shina. >Why shouldn't Russia join China instead? The chinks are sociopaths towards their lessers. Ruskies would become ressource extraction slaves in Siberia in hovels with chinks taskmasters in chink-only towns, just as they're doing with their African clients. Neither choice gives them an independent culture, but at least they'll get nice stuff and keep their wives with the western option. Ruskies have lost the great game already. They just haven't realized it yet. They will soon. >But muh nukes Nukes are a spook. No rational person is gonna use them, and even if a madman is at the helm, not everyone sitting in the nuclear launch bunkers is going to be similarly insane. Worst case scenario, there's a rebellion in the nuke bunker, netting the rebels a nobel peace price, more mitary honours than they can carry, and a cool couple million bucks from speaking engagements and book sales.
>>33981 >keep their wives with the western option >keep their wives what do you mean, chinamen will rape and pillage their women?
>>33981 >The west's big idea seems sensible: Take away Ruskie conventional weapons, stopped reading there people seem to have forgotten what the word "hubris" even means
Open file (183.82 KB 810x1080 bs1.jpg)
Open file (104.68 KB 810x1080 bs2.jpg)
Open file (238.30 KB 810x1080 bs3.jpg)
Allegedly, Russkies have already gotten their hands on Brimstone missile.
>>33985 It starts to feel like a rather lopsided version of the Spanish civil war: the Russkies get to learn about all the new toys of the West, meanwhile the only solid conclusion we can draw so far is that the turret of a T-90 flies just as well as the turret of a T-70.
It has been confirmed that popasna fell by Ukrainain sources. Serhiy Gadidai said the Ukrainain forces are retreating to more fortified locations. The town has been completely distroyed and there isn't anywhere to hide anymore.
With every day my hate for Selensky as a German grows. I don't care about the war, I just hope this faggot and every bastard who kisses his ass gets punished. Russia and the Ukraine need to sign a ceasefire and start a manhunt for Selensky.
>>33988 Just wait untill he gets nobel peace prize.
>>33978 >Good fucking luck finding replacement for ruskie oil. Allegedly Turkey is going to have a pipeline that bypasses Russia into the heart of Europe operational in the next six months and Israel is a contributing force behind it. Yes, Europe is letting themselves become solely reliant on Israeli-backed Turkish oil. I wish I was joking.
>>33981 >Take away Ruskie conventional weapons There is a thing called hubris and thinking you can take the pride away from a nation that has built their image on military advancements is a recipe for disaster. Russia would sooner depopulate entire cities before agreeing to this bullshit.
>>33991 >>33988 Italy and Spain are planning to use African oil as their supply line, Eni has made some talks with Algeria state company Sonatrach to use the Trans-Mediterranean pipeline.
>>33992 Sure, but nuclear war isn't depopulating entire cities, it's depopulating Russia in its entirety. If your choice is pride or survival and economic success, you'd be surprised with what can be done.
aw enforcement officials in Germany have warned residents who attend the Victory Day military parade celebrations in Berlin, commemorating the end of World War II, not to bring Ukrainian or Russian flags, Berlin authorities said. In a statement Friday, Berlin authorities said they did not wish the discord of their European neighbors to impact the politics of their country on the 77th anniversary of the end of the war. Interior Senator Iris Spranger echoed the sentiment, adding: "It is important to prevent provocations and escalations," RND reported. The act of remembering as well as the respect for memorials and monuments must be preserved against the background of Russia’s current war of aggression in Ukraine," Berlin police said. "The war must not be allowed to spill over into conflicts or disputes in Berlin beyond the democratic discourse." Ukrainian and Russian flags will also be barred at local monuments depicting Russia’s defeat of Nazi Germans. "We will protect dignified commemoration at 15 memorials and monuments through comprehensive regulations designed to prevent any confrontation at these sites," said police chief Barbara Slowik, who also announced the banning of military music. "At the same time, we are taking action against any form of support, approval, or even glorification of Russia’s war of aggression on Ukraine, especially in gatherings." Ukrainian Ambassador Andriy Melnyk expressed frustration over the ban, calling it "a slap in the face." "We are shocked that the Berlin police banned the carrying of Ukrainian-related flags on May 8 and 9," Melnyk told RND. "This is a slap in the face to Ukraine and a slap in the face to the Ukrainian people," the ambassador continued. Melnyk added: "That the public carrying of the Ukrainian flag in the federal capital is prohibited, just like the Russian one, under which the worst war crimes are committed day and night against the Ukrainian civilian population and tens of thousands of Ukrainians, women, and children, are murdered in cold blood, is a huge scandal. This not only shows a lack of tact, but it is also a catastrophic political decision." https://news.yahoo.com/germany-announces-ban-ukrainian-flags-093156522.html
>>33995 >hosting a parade celebrating the day your country got btfo how cucked can one get?
>>33991 >>33993 There is still not enough volume produced to satisfy demand by pretty large margin, + currently non-existant infrastructure + everyone in europe scrambling to do the same increasing prices further We are fucked yo.
>>33995 Germans should just kick out all the Slavic subhumans celebrating that shit.
>>33994 Good thing this war is letting them have their cake and eat it, then. I'd rather cheap food/gas than endless consumer goods built on slave labor.
>>33998 Anon, half the country is slavic mutts since 1945.
>>33973 >I don't think people understand how BAD that is. When you've got a country that's rather belicose and has both conventional and nuclear capabilities and now you've embarked on a long term plan to denude that country's conventional capabilities, you're basically leaving them with nothing but their nuclear capabilities. You haven't weakened their nuclear capabilities not that there's really any way to do so outside of speculative fiction anyway. All you have is the hopes that MAD will restrain them. >I think the West is in a mindset that they have played chicken with Russia time and time again over the past century and they've made them blink. It seems that it's simply not entered into their collective minds - What if they don't blink this time? Because everyone already deals with this shit in their relations with North Korea. You can run a poverty stricken shithole with nukes as a hermit kingdom for decades without collapsing, while threatening your neighbours with bellicose rhetoric that amounts to nothing.
>>34001 The difference is the Norks have to steal their missile technology while the Russians specialize in it.
Open file (2.63 MB 512x288 yuri snek.gif)
>>33979 I've reviewed everything regarding snek island in greater details and these are my conclusions: >Russians kept getting bombed on snek island >Russians flee from snek island because it isn't worth holding right now >Whether actually fleeing or a feint doesn't matter >Ukrainians see an opportunity to take it for V-day as a propaganda push since it was one of the first Ukrainian territories lost Recap: Ukraine told Russia to go fuck themselves when they said they were invading, Russia shelled the island briefly, Ukraine surrendered upon realizing they were serious and it wasn't a joke. >Ukraine sends in aircraft after the retreating Russian frigate >Gets a hit on the Frigate >Also blows up the church on the island >Tells their commanders they sank the frigate and took out AA >They didn't take out AA >Goes to land on the island >Russia sees a prime opportunity and drops a payload on the amphibious ship disembarking onto snek island/engages Ukrainian forces >Boat is shitter shattered but some soldiers survived(?) >Ukraine bit off more than they could chew and lost valuable aircraft/pilots engaging Russian forces at the island >Their shit got fucked up by AA >Russian frigate is fine >Both sides are dick-waving about their successes on snek island >Nobody is actually inhabiting it right now since it's an open target even if it has strategic value Did I forget anything?
>>34003 A microcosm of the war
Open file (40.95 KB 320x480 atst007-00424.jpg)
>>33978 >And no one thought the west will implode the economy of their own countries just to virtue signal about russians being bad. Considering that war strategy with Russia amounts to a suicide pact in MAD, why wouldn't a degenerating liberal West bring down its most despised geopolitical enemy down along with it? Russia's rhetoric waxes on about the Satanic forces of liberal Western civilization yet it doesn't seem to think that this cowardly opponent wouldn't achieve what amounts to a school shooting if push comes to shove. It's an inaccurate analysis of theirs to think that because the West is materialistic, it will eventually beg for its life to be spared, when the truth is that the West is materialistic even at the expense of its own life. With this war not having ended swiftly, the West will now exploit the opprtunity to ensure that Russia feels the full fury of its death cult. The nuke narrative is projection, because the West ultimately doesn't care for destroying the world as its present end is to destroy nationhood, and a world in ashes is a world without Russia, a world without borders, and a world without peoples, with everything that anyone ever cared for gone, and the only rule in life predominant over all: death. The modern West in effect worships a trans-racial lesbian couple of Bellona and Eris.
Open file (585.41 KB 835x707 smug shota.png)
>>34005 It's more like the West threw a temper tantrum because the billions they funneled into child prostitution and trans-niggerism in Ukraine as a social experiment to see if they could export it to other hostile or lukewarm countries went up in smokes and they are going to have to foot the bill for both the rapefugees they wanted to export elsewhere and not import, along with repairing their pet project when Russia inevitably gives them the bird. I get the idea that this is somehow the collective conscious of intellectuals using their materialistic ideology in a gay nigger death cult, but the reality is that Western liberal types are just tribalistic and stuck in the "now" being unable to actually calculate the costs of their temper tantrums when things don't go their way like they have for the last 60-80ish years. Virtue signaling against Russia was necessary to not be kicked out of the tribe and (almost) nobody considered the consequences of doing it because they were butthurt.
>>34005 >forgets Yahweh
>>34007 Jews just exploit systems to put themselves into positions of power. They don't create them. They've got too much grey matter (the thing responsible for lying) intelligence and noy enough long-term planning to realize they're fucking themselves.
>>34003 So, who's MI-8 got deleted on the TB2 footage? Both sides claim it was the other, but Russian claim it was Ukrainian chopper dropping of Ukrainian special forces makes just a little bit more sense, due to the disembarking procedure. Also, do we have a confirmation that the Frigate was hit? There are pictures of it sitting pretty in Sevastopol, but that could have been a picture from earlyer.
>>34009 >Who's MI-8 got deleted? Seems to be the Ukrainian's based on conventional logic but so long as both sides are claiming it was the other guy's I don't think there will be a clear answer. Maybe we'll get one on Friday since that's where news goes to die (nobody watches the news on Friday).
>>34005 I agree with your analysis, but I still don't understand why Russia propagandizes about the whole "Satanic forces of liberal Western civilization" part, when it was (and still is, to some extent) the Satanic force of Bolshevism and Judaeo-communism. Even if they are now just a republic, they still harbor the mindfuckery from seventy years' of communist brainwashing. Perhaps the true redpill, in the end, is that there is no good side to all this, only two equally terrible empires who deserve nuclear hellfire to cleanse them.
>>34011 When Constantinople fell to the Muslims, Russia became the "heart of Orthodoxy" and largely flourished while the rest of Christianity entered a dark age. The communists had to dismantle about 80% of their own infrastructure (thousands of hospitals, hundreds of schools, etc.) because it was tied to the church during their hostile takeover. Putin largely "rebuilt" or turned back over infrastructure to the Orthodox church when he took over Russia, so there is a very Christian-centric idea of manifest destiny among post-soviet Russia while the West has moved towards science as a religion. Russians are extremely superstitious (spitting or throwing salt over your shoulder to ward off the devil tier superstitious), extremely conservative outside of Moscow and Saint Petersburg, and hold spiritual matters as being just as important as material matters, so of course they are going to think the west is satanic in comparison to them. They thought the Greeks were barbarians for having capital punishment and dismemberment as punishments for crimes back in the day too.
>>34010 Rybar just posted it was actually Russian helicopter. So I guess mystery solved
Reports coming in suggest that Russia lost their bridgehead towards the landfill.
Open file (139.91 KB 1280x720 Haruna came to laugh.jpg)
Hungary continuing to block EU ban on Russian oil/gas https://archive.ph/RqjoC >Hungary continued to block a European Union proposal that would ban Russian oil imports, holding up the bloc’s entire package of sanctions meant to target Putin over Ukraine >A meeting of the EU’s 27 ambassadors ended on Sunday without an agreement, with talks expected to resume in the coming days >The EU’s proposal seeks to ban crude oil over the next six months and refined fuels by early January. Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic are seeking extensions for when they would need to comply with the measures. >The EU had been pushing to have the process concluded by Russia’s May 9 Victory Day military parade
Open file (32.94 KB 540x720 1551467654617.jpg)
Lmao, are you burgers getting charged 1$ for Ukraine without consent?
>>34015 We stand united more than ever before.
>>34014 That’s too bad. Military Summary and DPA reported Russia is also pushing the rest of that small front to the west. So we’ll have to wait and see what the Russians still around that town will do.
Open file (59.58 KB 650x429 Trashman.jpg)
>>34014 >all this death over a strategic pile of trash
>>34016 Allegedly just a handful of Texas-owned restaurants. They're allegedly giving the money back "if the customer asks" but I imagine it goes something like >Whaaat you support RUSSIA or something dude!?
>>34019 >Ukraine in a nutshell.
>>34020 >Whaaat you support RUSSIA or something dude!? Yes. now give me back my 1$ you deepwater jews In all seriousness, I'd ask for it back, if noting just out of principle
>>34020 >>34022 Just tell them that you are happy those hwite devils are slaughtering each other like the animals they are, and you need that $1 to support BLM.
>>34024 I've read it's Texas-owned, and not necessarily Texan restaurants. But I'd pay a few bucks to see a proper Texan wrap their head around a pro-BLM that's also anti-Russia.
Open file (141.85 KB 300x346 peotor.png)
For those who don't like following the daily updates, Military Summary did a week-in-review video of all the major front lines and where they are now vs a week ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFF42ZB5I9o
>>34026 Nice. It can be hard to see how much territory so-and-so is gaining or losing with how slowly the fronts move by day.
Open file (6.91 MB 692x1380 Suspension.webm)
Open file (954.79 KB 930x1665 eloi fruit kabob.jpg)
Open file (363.79 KB 2234x1763 Morlock & Eloi.jpg)
Open file (5.40 MB 2528x1434 Andlas.png)
Wake me up when the hubris and short-term thinking of the industrial society has reduced it into Morlock bunker-temples and I can roam the depopulated surface freely with my Eloi girlfriend. Until then, I don't care.
>>34029 >Wanting a retard Eloi to have retard babies with I'm not defending the Morlocks but c'mon, anon.
>>34030 The Eloi can be improved through patient guidance, leadership and example. It's the Morlocks who have been domesticating them into their infantile state, but the innate raw potential is still there. They are still human unlike the Morlocks. The mother might be retarded but the children will be at the very least literate and the smartest of their kind, in turn passing down their knowledge to their own offspring and continuing the cycle. The space other anons might dedicate to precious metals or spare ammunition in their shelters I will be dedicating to books. It's my calling, someone has to do it, and I'm not gonna let the fucking church do it for me.
>>34031 I also keep books, but I'm not sure how manga and entertainment novels would affect a future post-apocalypse humanity. I have "how to do thing" books as well as bibles and folklore of course.
Open file (24.67 KB 128x128 1588462358-0.gif)
>>34015 Bulgaria says will veto EU oil sanctions >Bulgaria will not support European Union's new set of sanctions against Russia if the Balkan country does not get a derogation from the proposed ban on buying Russian oil, Deputy Prime Minister Assen Vassilev said late on Sunday. >"The talks will continue tomorrow, on Tuesday too, a meeting of the leaders may be needed to conclude them. Our position is very clear. If there be a derogation for some of the countries, we want to get a derogation too," Vassilev told national BNT television. >"If not, we will not support the sanctions. But I do not expect to get to that, based on the talks at the moment," he said. >Vassilev said Bulgaria also needs to get a derogation, as its only refinery at the Black Sea port of Burgas needed time to upgrade its de-sulphurization facilities necessary to switch to processing only non-Russian crude. >Neftochim Burgas refinery, owned by Russia's LUKOIL, is the dominant fuel provider in the Balkan country, the poorest in the 27-member bloc. At present, half of the oil it processes comes from Russia. >Lack of an exemption would either pose serious environmental risks to the region of Burgas or force the oil refinery to decrease processing, which would create a deficit and further increase fuel prices, he said. https://news.yahoo.com/bulgaria-says-veto-eu-oil-212118324.html
Open file (316.48 KB 640x360 Putin Laughing.mp4)
>>34033 I thought Bulgaria had "secured non-Russian oil" according to various Western articles shitting on Russia? What gives?
Open file (678.54 KB 1284x1110 lol.jpg)
>>34034 Maybe they did. But, surprise surprise, Western media is lying by omission on how it's not enough to replace Russian gas. Pic related on how the West skirts around acknowledging Russian victories.
Open file (1.19 MB 1280x720 09KLyL21Kp0zCDYc.mp4)
Russia MOD claims command staff of the 36th Brigade Colonel Volodymyr Baraniuk has been captured at Azovmash plant as well as Colonel Dmytro Kormiankov
Open file (119.76 KB 767x599 shave.jpg)
>>34005 >>34006 >>34007 >>34008 >>34011 >>34012 Entities are not to be multiplied beyond necessity.
>>34031 >a_canticle_for_leibowitz >pretty_based/10 Interesting to find another reader here Strelok. also, >H.G.Wells >extra_based/10 also, >TedPill/10+ :^) >It's my calling, someone has to do it, and I'm not gonna let the fucking church do it for me. This. SAVE.EVERYTHING.ANON. >t. I wrote the IB archiving software BUMP for just such a need tbh
>>34040 >Interesting to find another reader here Strelok. Likewise. >This. SAVE.EVERYTHING.ANON. I don't have a messiah complex, I've merely come to the conclusion that when food, electricity, gas and water are no longer guaranteed, most people currently living have no concept whatsoever of how to survive on their own and therefore will not, but those who do will not particularly be the most cultured and well-read of individuals, quite the contrary. My calling then is to teach these future post-apocalyptic warlords how to fucking read and write, and put said abilities into practice in order to acquire knowledge otherwise unavailable to then in order to improve the quality of their lives to a step above the bronze age, and in turn secure a better quality of life and protection for myself as well. If all else fails, by my green candle, I'll make sure to debrain a few people before I leave this world,. >I wrote the IB archiving software Respect and dully noted.
>>34040 >I wrote the IB archiving software BUMP for just such a need tbh Is that the tool used by 8chan or am I missing something? Can you be more specific anon?
>>34042 >>34044 Can you fuck off with your gay shit and stay on topic?
Minor updates: >Russians planted mines on their way out from Kharkiv, as evidenced by two women getting blown up today >Zelensky insisting that the 60 soldiers buried under rubble in Bilohorivka were civilians >25 air raids over Azovstal in the last 24 hours, 3 woth bombers >Taims through Zaporizhia and Odessa are closed until the 10th of May >American "Ukrainian" hackers launched cyberattacks on Russian television networks and got words on the screen >Smoke over Odessa and Ukraine has been hot and dry this week >Russian flamethrowers a little too effective forcing them to retreat repeatedly from uncontrolled blazes
>>33991 That's just in time for Putler to shut off any and all remaining gas supply flowing into western Europe.
>>34003 Say whatever you wabt, but sending russian paratroopers on suicide missions to capture airports early on at least served some purpose. This is just sending your troops to die to virtue signal. While failing to capture an empty island. Like seriously, what the fuck were they thinking? How long do they think they could hold on that island even if they captured it? Its a fucking island, open target for entire remaining russian navy. What the fuck is there some hidden bunker with stash of nazi gold hidden on it? >>34046 They should seriously stop wasting so many bombs at Azovstal. I get that it is probably old soviet surplus they would have to throw out either way but dropping them on a force hidding below ground is kind of pointless and risks further damage to the plant. Azov is literally not worthy of getting killed. Also, have the russkie troops from Mariupol already been deployed somewhere?
>>34048 New Mariupol mayor already said Azovstal plant won't be getting rebuilt.
>>34048 >Snake island It served as a good forward warning base when the Ukrainians would launch missiles from the Western side of Ukraine and allowed full control of sea access to Ukraine prior to them sea mining Odessa. Holding it now seems silly which is why they are not, but for the first month of the war it made sense. >Why bomb an underground bunker? Azov keeps sending out scouts so they are just sending them back down. Even underground the shockwaves will transfer and result in a guy getting injured or killed here or there.
>>34048 You should never let a good bomb go to waste strelok.
>>34046 >>25 air raids over Azovstal in the last 24 hours, 3 woth bombers Seriously? I really really really don't understand this. How can they be so dumb? >Drill hole >Pour in liquid explosive >Detonate >Problem solved >Build fire >Drill hole >Pump in smoke >Note all exits where smoke leaks >Make entry in previously unknown entrance >Problem solved >Drill hole >Send in banzai robots armed with grenade launchers >Robots are wire guided (no comms issues) with a cut wire acting as a tripwire to explode. >Problem solved >Dig deep tunnel towards bunker >Plant explosives WWI style >Detonate >Problem solved >Drill hole into bunkers >Flood it from nearby sea >Problem solved 5 ideas in 5 minutes. If they used any of the above they would have finished long ago. Yet their entire military can't come up with any such ideas that would work??? I'm surprised they are spending so much more effort with so less to show for it. It's like this is a show war for Joe Public and Ivan Doe to fall for but all the leaders are on the same (WEF) side
>>34052 Trying not to commit war crimes, minimize casualties, and do simple "drill hole" plans while under fire without having your machinery exploded is easier said than done. Russians still think there are civilians down there. Plus there are water pumps inside of the facility and allegedly enough ammunition to get into the kiloton ranges if it's set off (thankfully Azov hasn't been suicidal enough to do so yet, if it even exists). 1 would kill the 30k Russian troops around the vicinity, 2 risks 1 if there is an accident or Azov becomes suicidal and also counts as "chemical warfare" according to NATO doctrine, 3 risks 1 and is beyond Russia's mass production capabilities, 4 risks 1 and can result in creating an escape route for Azov, and 5 risks 1 but has also been classified as "chemical warfare" by NATO and also requires a metric fuckton of seawater because of the facility's water pumps. I am certain the Russians have thought of all of those, but they are probably not suicidal enough to give Azov who just wants a firefight an excuse to blow the whole damn facility up along with the Russians.
>>34053 >the 30k Russian troops around the vicinity ???
>>34054 Last I heard, of the 50-60k who were at mariupol, 30k are still stationed at Mariupol. You can't just abandon the surroundings just because goblins are in their stinking holes.
Open file (676.99 KB 1865x801 possible routes.jpg)
>>34053 >..and do simple "drill hole" plans while under fire.. >while under fire This does not compute. Why would they be under fire when they control the region and the people they are after are hiding underground inside a bunker? >without having your machinery exploded >Even spades don't work and are liable to explode Wut? >armed robot is beyond Russia's mass production capabilities >gluing a circuit board onto motorized wheels is beyond Russia's mass production capabilities Then they have bigger problems with wiping their ass than being in the ex-country formerly known as Ukraine. >blowing up the bunker WWI style can result in creating an escape route for Azov >killing everything in the bunker can allow the dead to run away even though the region is surrounded on all sides Wut? >classified as "chemical warfare" >water is chemical warfare according to NATO >Russia now cares about what NATO says and flooding is no longer climate change. Wut? >requires a metric fuckton of seawater because of the facility's water pumps >Pumps cannot stop or be switched off Wut? You know I thought those ideas up in 5 minutes right? If such an idea was being seriously implemented it _would_ require forethought of such things as eliminating the pumps you mentioned. >Russians still think there are civilians down there. >25 raids over Azovstal in the last 24 hours, 3 with bombers Pick one.
>>34055 lmao, no. last i heard is that the city hosted ~8k. i also hear, not sure from where anymore, that the russians are currently fielding 100k guys total. apparently, they reduced their presence for until they get the ball rolling in the east, but i don't know sure.
>>33995 >Germany announces ban on Ukrainian and Russian flags Only EU flags are allowed. >Victory Day military parade celebrations in Berlin, commemorating the end of World War II But they lost the war, is not victory day.
does anyone know how many guys the russians have in ukraine? i also want to know the LPR and DPR forces.
>>34060 Last I heard about 10-20k Chechens, 70-90k Russians, and then whatever the DNR/LNR are fielding; I've heard about 25-30k.
>>34057 Wut?
>>34003 >Also blows up the church on the island Can they stop being retarded? >>34016 What?
>>34042 >I don't have a messiah complex Heh, I don't mean 'save' in that sense, Strelok. >>34044 >Is that the tool used by 8chan or am I missing something? No, it was created after 8ch was destroyed. Indeed, it was crafted explicitly because of that attack on the Internet. >Can you be more specific anon? Sure thing, Strelok. https://alogs.space/robowaifu/res/12974.html#14866 But to use it, you'll have to learn to build software from source if you don't already know. >>34045 With all due respect Strelok, I personally consider the drive to preserve /k/, etc., quite on-topic in the current "Fuck around and find out" hornet's nest being poked at by the West.
Victory day Is well underway, no massive suicidal military actions other then ukrops sacrificing troops and equipment on the snake island , no declarations of war, no mobilization, no nukes being thrown around, no cutting off of european oil or gas. Called it tbh. I am glad Putin is such a coolheaded guy.
>>34066 So we'll have a long gay slog.
>>34066 >Kiev, with the participation of American and British advisers, planned to seize the island of Zmeiny in the Black Sea. >The plans were thwarted, according to the Russian Defense Ministry. >On the night of May 8, the APU tried to land troops. The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation destroyed three armored Ukrainian boats of project 58181 "Centaur" with servicemen of the Ukrainian Navy. >Four Ukrainian planes were shot down in the air, including three Su-24 and one Su-27. >29 Ukrainian UAVs were shot down in the air, including 8 Bayraktar TB-2 attack aircraft. Four of them this afternoon. >Three Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopters with troops on board were destroyed. Plus another Mi-24 helicopter. >During the landing and attempts to consolidate on the island, more than 50 Ukrainian saboteurs were destroyed at sea and on the coast. 24 bodies of dead servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine remained on the shore of the island of Zmeiny Posted by Russian source so should be taken with a grain of salt. However it seems that the Russian are now in control on the Snek island, looks like a major Ukrainian attempt to take island back was soundly beaten. Ukrainians also admitted they lost some hot shot pilot, probably during the I'll fated assault. Also, there are several videos posted from volunteer recruitment stations in Moscow, they are full to the brim, people are lining up in long columns outside of them to sing up. Looks like Victory day parade got the fevour going.
>>34069 >Ukrainians also admitted they lost some hot shot pilot, probably during the I'll fated assault. 'F for Ghost of Kyiv again '_'7
Open file (541.18 KB 760x1379 wake up.png)
Open file (65.18 KB 760x475 Ringalingadingading.png)
>>33977 >Call me when they push successfully into Rubizhne Uh, anon...
Russia launched three hypersonics at Odessa. Looks like they might get serious soon if they're beginning to use their big missiles. That or more missile tests on live targets.
>>34071 Yeah thats gonna be fun.
>>34071 Have they started the fire? >>34074 Jack should seriously get his brain checked. Some of his takes over the course of this conflicts are so low IQ it's worrying.
>>34069 >Looks like Victory day parade got the fevour going. See? There was a mobilization after all! Duptin is finished!
Open file (1.22 MB 352x640 Queue at Tomsk.mp4)
>>34076 Allegedly the line at recruitment tent at Tomsk city.
>>34059 >But they lost the war, is not victory day. Germany lost that day, the political parties that rule Germany at the moment won. You have to remember that the Socialist Democratic Party of Germany(SPD) that the current German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is part of was banned under the Nazis and it's members send to the labor camps. They are in a coalition with the German Green Party(Die Grünen/Bündnis 90), which is a bunch of Marxist astroturfing on Environmentalism and German Liberal Party(FPD), which are a bunch of spineless capitalistic golems. Meanwhile the Opposition in the German parliament is the Left Party(Die Linke) which is literally the Communist Ruling Party of the old GDR with just another name and the Christian Democratic Party, which was the party of Chancellor Angele Merkel and directly after WW2 the party installed by the Western Powers to rule over West Germany.
Odessa shitter shattered after 7 missile attacks, 3 of them "confirmed" hypersonic.
Open file (10.06 MB 1280x880 Odessa strike.mp4)
Strike on Odessa. Looks like they hit ammo dump. Explosion looks too big for standard warhead
>>34049 Why? I mean, Russia might have enough steelplants as it is, but it's still strange. Did he say what are the plans with that part of the city?
Open file (157.65 KB 1434x1010 FSWCoxNXwAksAaS.jpg)
Open file (81.00 KB 568x412 FSVpHTXXwAIn8hc.png)
Open file (26.97 KB 529x741 riugneroigune.png)
Everyone everywhere is a no-iq retarded faggot golem. There are only a few adults/people with souls left. Here's everyone's internet and russia:
Open file (228.38 KB 1357x1125 FSWVsAwXsAEZh_w.jpg)
Open file (2.17 MB 1280x720 suNpTFs8vrC0F3VC.mp4)
Open file (5.51 MB 1280x704 xeKNPX0XnQc7mhdZ.mp4)
Open file (53.71 KB 861x914 FSVtyskXwAARWLK.jpg)
rail bridge in Zatoka got hit again.
Open file (1.43 MB 754x720 dV4i2D0byspdiMOj.mp4)
>>34084 site ate the last one
Open file (4.47 MB 848x464 GPnuA9xFvWgNo6x9.mp4)
Open file (96.54 KB 750x633 FSV2KPcUUAAX8E9.jpg)
Open file (114.22 KB 750x645 FSV2KGUVgAAMMjp.jpg)
Open file (174.75 KB 750x643 FSV2J8FUYAAmhcq.jpg)
Zatoka village
>>34082 It's nice knowing that when you see Ukrainian flag on Twitter, you're about to read some morbidly stupid post. Nothing about that twitter post makes any sense.
Open file (58.74 KB 603x594 1638492392634.jpg)
>>34081 >Why? The taking of Mariupol means that Russia now owns all land surrounding the sea of Azov so while it is technically "international waters" it is treated the same as, say, the Mississippi river or the Northwest Passage where you need the host country's permission in order to enter. Before the breakaway republics, Mariupol was how Ukraine shipped metal goods and coal abroad. Since Sevastopol exists and Russia is unlikely to rebuild the city in full (nor need to), Mariupol is likely to become a warm water naval training center/military town for Russia after the war is over.
>>34088 They could potentially maybe possibly rework azovstal into another shipyard. >>34086 Thanks for updates
>>34077 >There's no need for mobilization. >When Putin can convince the country to mobilize itself. Heh.
Open file (308.64 KB 2048x2048 FSVeWP7WYAAF73C.jpg)
Open file (1020.06 KB 640x360 e7XJ1EUwmxbqHqm_.mp4)
the Azovstal bridges are been blownup which means espace is much harder to do.
Open file (230.02 KB 726x720 sskoffe.png)
>>34077 >more vatnik subhumans to brrrrrrrrrrrrrt down
>>34087 I don't know why I continue torturing myself with reading Ukrainian posts. It's like an unhealthy obsession with witnessing how despite the invention of humanity's greatest worldwide library ever, known as the Internet, this war is proving it is physically impossible for any amount of technology to cure the clinically retarded.
>>34094 While that's true Russia's performance has been a bit disappointing, after they win this will be seen like the winter war 2.0
>>34094 To be fair while Ukraine has gone full retard, Russia has been giving them the ammunition with all their tactical retreats and losses since they are fighting the infrastructure war and not the culture war.
>>34082 I'm not really sure what the distinction is here. At the end of the day a boom is a boom.
>>34097 The distinction is the Ukrainian narrative says all of Russia's military is using horribly outdated equipment, therefore Ukraine will win. And Ukrainians swallow this propaganda so hard, that pic one is disagreeing with the official Ukrainian assessment in pic two about what bombs were used.
Open file (1.22 MB 936x703 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.29 MB 1221x703 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.25 MB 910x872 ClipboardImage.png)
I think the Russians might be planning an actual feint on the Kharkiv front. They're giving up the territory without much of a fight and Ukrainian forces are being forced to leave the city and spread thin, leaving only the police forces and national guard back in the city. If Ukrainians keep spreading their forces northward, it could trigger a general mobilization if they cross the Russian border then with Russian gains to their south, the Russians will be able to pull a sneak attack on Kharkiv's backside while it's undefended. Obviously they don't have enough troops to take the city but they have more than enough to shell the shit out of key military structures in the rear line previously considered unreachable, which would be a nightmare for Ukrainian logistics, and it would probably secure Protopopivka (where the Ukrainians are attacking Izium from) under Russian control. Used https://gfsis.org.ge/maps/russian-military-forces as a source for Russian numbers.
Open file (1.19 MB 1186x1108 1.png)
Open file (2.31 MB 640x360 2.mp4)
It's over. Ukraine won.
>>34100 Man the torture videos were bad enough but this is a real war crime right here. Nobody should be forcefully subjected to U2.
>>34101 second
>>34099 We will see. I thought they would try to defend Rubizhne, since it is actually pretty nice location for that but it looks like I was wrong. We would need some news from the ground to know for sure how the situation down there looks. To me it looks like Russians are just still retreating, and not taking ridiculous loses (we would get a flood of ukrainian boasting on videos). This front will get very interesting very soon. Are the bridges on Your potential route of attack still intact?
>>34094 >I don't know why I continue torturing myself with reading Ukrainian posts. It's like a serious car crash. You just can't help but slow down and take a look.
>>34083 Christ, list reads like a NWO thought police whos who of nono thought
>>34040 >>34065 Is there somewhere I can read what this Bump software does? (polite sage because off-topic)
>”Our source in the OP said that in the last two weeks we have lost more Bayraktar TB2s than in the entire war. The failure of the operation to storm the Snake island and unsuccessful flights to military facilities in Russia cost us 50 Bayraktar. The Turkish side has already expressed its dissatisfaction with the use of drones, but the General Staff has its own vision on the use of Bayraktar TB2" Interesting. It may be Turkey’s “invincible assault drone” that’s not so invincible is partly due to Ukraine using them in stupid ways.
>>34109 Pretty much. The entire Snake Island operation was believed (rumor) to be at the demands of America and Turkey to make PR gains even if it cost troops. America meant equipment while Turkey meant physical bodies protecting their drones, so now Turkey is pissed. Some countries have already begun discussing reducing or canceling their drone orders after their lackluster (not terrible just lackluster) performance in Ukraine. It's a huge blow to their reputation after the success of their drones against Armenia.
>>34109 >>34110 So, the watermelon seller is angry?
>>34111 >Pissed off NATO a few years ago >Russia is angry at him for selling drones to Azerbaijan and Ukraine >Military wants to coup again >Inflation through the roof >Imported most of his produce from Ukraine >Will have to get in bed with Russia now >Except Russia is now angry at him for the sanctions shit and blocking the strait >This could cut off his sweet hostage situation he has over the EU using refugees >Noose is closing in Watermelon seller isn't angry. He's furious and panicking about the grave he dug himself.
They have literally been sending good soldiers on suicide missions for likes and upboats on reddit. And if russian version is true, then they tried to do the same fucking thing at night except this time without any air support. I cannot get over this. Soviets did not treat their troops this bad. Fuck, brits at their worst were better.
>>34112 Oh right I forgot... >Hated by the other Muslim countries for being allies with Israel >Drone sales for his son's company are dropping >No tourism because of Chink flu >Water in the Southern parts is literally drying up and getting ready to spark a water war with surrounding countries due to illegal siphoning >Greece still wants mediterranean clay Turkey's very existence in the next two decades is entirely based on Europe not wanting more rapefugees and America wanting NATO bases as close to Russia as possible to interfere in Georgia and other countries in the caucus region.
>>34113 I think Western countries made them. Ukrainiand haven't done something this retarded up until now. Something tells me the rumors of other countries demanding PR gains of some kind in exchange for more support are true.
>>34115 Thats even worse. It means that hiding behind your civilians while murdering your troops for reddit gold is official, NATO endorsed strategy. I am polish and prospect of being made into a slave soldier by the state that gets thrown out for likes on youtube terrifies me. Like, this is new level of horror I did not even thought was possible.
>>34103 This will be the first strategically relevant victory Ukraine has had in the war if they manage to secure the Kharkiv axis and and gain some room. And with how the rest of the eastern front is going Ukraine had to do something to buy some time even if it does put them at a compromised position. Although with Ukraine's logistics their ability to maintain this for a substantive amount of time is tenuous. >>34115 PR gains could also be why the Ukrainians took the risk of moving out of Kharkiv, but they've been launching near suicidal attacks since mid April if Russian sources are to be believed. Although I think it would be mainly the U.S. demanding PR gains as an attempt for the current administration to spin something positive for itself, that our absurd spending is beating poutine.
Open file (210.70 KB 500x460 Lindsey Graham.png)
>>34109 >due to Ukraine using them in stupid ways. I read something the other day about how Ukraine has burnt through 7 years of US's Javelin missile reserve. Apparently the reason Ukraine has held out so well so far is due to them employing the classical Macross"shoot everything you got" strategy. I get the feeling that this war is heavily front loaded, so to speak. Once Ukraine runs out of everyone else's weapons then it'll just get steamrolled. Also in other news Lindsey Graham literally wants to start World War 3. https://archive.ph/FwL87 >Graham promoted a new piece of legislation he co-authored with Senator Richard Blumenthal that calls on the White House to designate Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism. Senator Graham published an op-ed Friday, arguing the designation will allow the US to conduct more legal and economic warfare against Russia. >However, Graham does not link Russia to a terrorist group. Rather, he compares the invasion of Ukraine to the Nazi military campaign during World War Two and claims Vladimir Putin is a "megalomaniac wanting to rewrite the map of Europe and recreate the former Russian Empire." >The Senator also urges the passing of the $33 billion aid bill for Ukraine, prosecuting Putin for war crimes through the International Criminal Court, and putting "more weapons in theater that can target the Russian military offensively." >On Saturday, the Speaker of the Russian State Duma claimed the Western intervention in Ukraine amounted to direct attacks on Russia. "Washington essentially coordinates and develops military operations, thereby directly participating in the hostilities against our country," Vyacheslav Volodin said. >Baier posed two questions to Graham, asking if he was concerned that increasing military involvement in Ukraine could lead to direct confrontation with Russia. >The Senator was dismissive of the potential conflict between nuclear powers saying, "we can’t let him [Putin] win in Ukraine.” >Graham boldly called on the US to "take out Putin" and said the Russian leader no longer had an "off-ramp." He predicted that the lack of an off-ramp would provoke Putin to use chemical or nuclear weapons, causing the US to enter the conflict directly.
Unconfirmed reports that Russia took the town next to the trash pile after all the Western reports of Russians being pushed back heroically by Ukraine yesterday. They also allegedly took another town nearby.
>>34108 Sure, your odyssey begins here fren, just follow the breadcrumbs trail... https://alogs.space/robowaifu/res/38.html#610 As I said, I'm the author of the work so you can AMA. I expect I know more than literally anyone else on the planet about it, heh. But please do so in our latest /meta so as not to actually derail ITT. https://alogs.space/robowaifu/res/15434.html#15434
>>34116 >Like, this is new level of horror I did not even thought was possible. This is relative child's-play Strelok. As the Globohomos get their way, the old Roman stadiums will be dwarfed by the scale and the unspeakable horrors to come. I hope your a Christian. :^)
Open file (90.67 KB 1548x810 ruh roh.png)
Do it, Ukraine. After your disastrous Snek Island PR stunt, you're obviously desperate enough to try anything. And Russia is being a Boring Betty with playing it safe and sound.
>>34124 >Shooting yourself in the foot by pissing off side that's actively supplying you with weapons. Nordstream 2 restart when?
Open file (190.32 KB 966x695 mewkle disappoint2.jpg)
>>34124 Because this couldn't backfire horribly.
>>34121 good to hear. with that and popasna they can harass the ukranian rear, perhaps forcing a withdrawal from the region.
>>34100 Is there a cringier rock band in existence?
>>34100 I expected a huge explosion at the end, I'm disappointed.
Open file (1.91 MB 240x416 OzADQm4bH_DC-Kbl.mp4)
>>34099 > Russians will be able to pull a sneak attack on Kharkiv's backside while it's undefended speaking of the devil Bazaliivka, Lebiyazhe and Korobochkine got shelled southeast of Chuhuiv
>>34124 Are they doing this to blackmail Europe into helping them, or to pressure Russia by trying to cut off their income and the harm to Europe is just a side effect? I can't tell.
Open file (275.20 KB 1280x838 functional airports.jpg)
Open file (293.78 KB 1280x838 functional warehouses.jpg)
Airports and warehouses being used by the Ukrainians according to the Russians
Open file (1.24 MB 464x848 3FzItqYNxwymkUgS.mp4)
allegedly the russians are moving towards Slovyansk
>>34131 I'm going with the grossly oversimplified version (that's still possible) and believing Zelensky's Jewish heritage of screwing over as many gentiles as he can, in the shortest time he can, is in full swing.
The Russian economy has so far fared better than expected under tough sanctions and is likely to suffer only a shallow — although drawn-out — recession, according to JPMorgan. The Wall Street bank said business sentiment surveys from the country "are signaling a not very deep recession in Russia, and therefore imply upside risks to our growth forecasts," in a note sent to clients last week and released publicly Monday. The US and its allies slapped tough economic sanctions on Russia in late February after Vladimir Putin's troops invaded Ukraine. The stringency of the measures prompted forecasters to predict a dramatic slowdown in Russia's economy. In March, JPMorgan forecasted that Russian gross domestic product would contract 35% quarter-over-quarter in the second quarter, and 7% for the year. The IMF expects Russia's economy to shrink 8.5% in 2022. Yet the bank told clients last week that the country's economy is in better shape than expected, judging from business surveys and high-frequency indicators such as electricity consumption and financial flows. "The data at hand therefore do not point to an abrupt plunge in activity, at least for now," JPMorgan's analysts wrote. They said GDP in the second quarter would likely be better than predicted in March. To be sure, JPMorgan said Russia's economy is far from where it would be if the invasion hadn't happened. It said export orders are doing particularly badly, and companies expect more pain down the line. "The impact of sanctions will continue building in coming quarters, we expect," JPMorgan said. "The GDP profile, therefore, looks increasingly likely to be consistent with a drawn-out, but not very sharp recession." https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/jpmorgan-says-russias-economy-stronger-154051281.html
>>34128 At least old U2 stuff can be discerned from one another, Nickelback is not screeching bad but their entire log is structured almost the same with also the same sounds. And U2's problem is mainly Bono's faggotry, Edge is just some dude getting money for acting silly as a 80's guitar man.
I think this video sums up the war. >Ukraine fed US intelligence on a treasure trove of Russian artillery positions near Izium >The kind of forward operating base that would cripple Russian advances >Uses it to stage an attack >Can only muster up one or two artillery >Persistently miss their targets anyways >Shows UAV footage of the incident anyways for propaganda >Didn't actually cause all that much damage >Further information reveals they struck the same position a week ago to the same amount of "damage" using MRLS systems
>>34110 >The entire Snake Island operation was believed (rumor) to be at the demands of America and Turkey to make PR gains even if it cost troops. So was the lend-lease act recently signed in US the reward? >>34114 >Turkey's very existence in the next two decades is entirely based on Europe not wanting more rapefugees This is why Turkey is angling for being the pipeline middleman with oil/gas transit basically replacement for ukraine >>34118 >prosecuting Putin for war crimes through the International Criminal Court Too bad not really since both Russia and US withdrew from the ICC, so good luck with that. >>34129 >I expected a huge explosion at the end, I'm disappointed. An allegory of this entire conflict so far.
>>34144 >So was the lend-lease act recently signed in US the reward? That was just the US military trying to ramp back up their military manufacturing-base after the major companies have been royally fucking their subcontractors raw for the last two years until several of them quit or went out of business. They need an excuse to bring back the manufacturing and can't justify a direct loan for make-work projects. If anything they are probably pissed for making an advanced "payment" to Ukraine only for them to fuck up the Snake Island operation twice (once with air support and once at night without air support).
>>34118 >House members censured for posting a meme video of AOC as a Titan getting her head sliced >Senators risk getting thrown out of congress for saying mean things about other members >But Graham is allowed to openly advocate for WWIII They're really pulling all the stops to try and prevent a populist tsunami thid midterm, aren't they?
Lithuania's parliament has designated Russia a terrorist country and its actions in Ukraine as genocide. The Lithuanian Seimas tweeted Tuesday that its members had passed the resolution unanimously. It's not the first to formally accuse Russia of genocide: Canadian lawmakers unanimously adopted such a motion last month. Lithuania's resolution says that Russia's armed forces and mercenaries have committed war crimes in Ukraine, citing the atrocities reported in places Bucha, Irpin, Mariupol, Borodyaka, Hostomel and other cities, according to public broadcaster Lithuanian National Radio and Television (LRT). LRT says the resolution describes Russia's intent as destroying Ukraine and breaking its spirit by "killing entire families, including children, abducting and raping people, and mocking them and the bodies of the murdered." Lawmakers are calling for Russia to be held accountable for alleged war crimes in Ukraine. They are advocating for the establishment of an international tribunal to investigate Russia's actions, and want it to have the power to issue international arrest warrants. And, most recently, Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis called for regime change in Russia in a Monday interview with the Associated Press: "As long as a regime that intends to wage wars outside Russian territory is in place, the countries surrounding it are in danger." Well, well, well
Open file (415.63 KB 1200x842 Disgust.png)
>>34148 Of the million people in Калининград Oblast, 200k are armed and have military training compared to the 13,000 or so armed forces of the Lithuanian military. Somehow I feel like Lithuania is going to cause an international incident under the excuse of "curbing terrorism" and being a member state of NATO they will claim it was "Russian military action against a NATO member" when Russia curbstomps them in response. Screencap this post.
https://archive.ph/GukVh >Finland Days Away From Applying To NATO After Approval Issued By Nation's Defense Committee >Finland is said to be just days away from announcing its application for NATO membership, following on Tuesday the country's defense committee issuing formal recommendation to do so as the "best option" guaranteeing its national security. >Finnish foreign affairs minister Pekka Haavisto described the rapid timeline as follows to CNBC: "When all our political parties are ready — and the latest, the Social Democrats on Saturday — then we are ready to move as [a] government forward and then this discussion, of course, on the NATO membership, will come to the Parliament, starting probably next Monday. But then we are, after that, ready to send an application." >Since the issue last month became a hot topic of national debate and discussion for both Finland and Sweden in the wake of Russia's invasion of Ukraine - both which have historically remained neutral while seeking to pursue friendly relations with Moscow - the Scandinavian countries have vowed to coordinate their potential NATO applications. >Sweden was much more out front in declaring its intent to join; however, Finland shares an 810-mile border with Russia, making the prospect of NATO membership much more dangerous, given that in response the Kremlin has said it would build up its nuclear presence in the Baltic region. >FM Haavisto this week explained further of both countries seeking admission: "I’ve been really much in favor of us [Finland and Sweden] joining together and now it looks like we have a parallel process, which could end in a similar way," he told CNBC. Haavisto underscored both would submit application at "around the same time". >Last month there were widespread international reports strongly suggesting the applications would be announced in mid-May. This would ready the Western alliance for intense discussions to follow, crucially ahead of a major NATO summit set for June, and hosted in Madrid. "But even prior to that, the NATO Council certainly will discuss this matter and we are also expecting that single NATO member states will give their commitments and opinions immediately when Finland and Sweden will send an application," the Finnish foreign minister said further. >Finland and Sweden have already received such promises of support for entry from Washington, with Secretary of State Antony Blinken in a meeting last week with Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde saying the US is "ready to provide various forms of security assurances." >Without doubt this makes the increasing proxy war nature of the conflict in Ukraine all the more dangerous in terms of the potential for escalation into an eventual Russia and NATO-wide conflict. >However, the process itself of becoming formal NATO members would likely take multiple months for Finland and Sweden, also as the 30 alliance members would have to approve it. Given the current war could easily spread outside Ukraine's borders with such a move by Brussels, it's likely going to give even some of the more hawkish NATO member states pause in the "rush" for membership - especially those European countries geographically closest to Russia. >>34148 >>34149 Yeah it's becoming clear that there's no way this thing ends without a WW3 and the requisite nuclear exchange. How bad will it be Strelo/k/s?
>"The leadership of the Kherson region intends to appeal to Putin about accepting the region into the Russian Federation" -Deputy Head of Administration Looks like all the pieces are falling into place for the land bridge to Crimea. The question is, once Donbass operation is over, will Russia turn towards Odessa?
>>34109 Large loitering munitions like the TB2 are a meme if you have WW2-tier SPAA with IR cameras glued on guarding your tanks. Still pathetic the Russians didn't do just that during the intial stages of the war, they had plenty of intel to draw upon from the 2020 Caucasus war. Are Tunguskas in short supply? >>34124 >Ukraine helps out the EU by saving valuable time, money and paper through speedrunning the Gas/oil embargo on their own What a Sun Tzu tier wholesome 100 big chungus strategic move, especially while they're trying to haggle deals for selling said gas along with electricity to the EU.
>>34100 https://inv.bp.projectsegfau.lt/watch?v=uH8owcMHc34 The Onion wasn't satire, it was a report from the future >>34111 Where did the watermelon seller meme come from? >>34124 Literally begging to be swallowed by Poland, Romania and Turkey, Molotov-Ribbentrop 2.0 time?
>>34152 >Looks like all the pieces are falling into place for the land bridge to Crimea. The question is, once Donbass operation is over, will Russia turn towards Odessa? I think NATO would rather forcefully occupy it themselves than let it fall into Russian hands and most Ukrainians would probably prefer it that way.
Open file (63.85 KB 500x300 R (1).png)
>>34154 >Where did the watermelon seller meme come from? The wonderful world of MemriTV Picrel It comes from the saying that watermelon seller will try to sell you watermelon and guarantee its ripe, even though it looks good on the outside, he has no idea if it really is good on the inside >>34155 Well, there have been rumors that pooland will put occupying peacekeeping troops in Western Ukraine. But we'll see.
>>34157 Now that I've been thinking. Have Baryaktar drones been biggest watermelon sale in recent history?
>>34154 >Where did the watermelon seller meme come from? Not entirely sure but If memory serves correctly it popped up on several Syrian civil war shitposting subreddits where Erdogan sometime in 2018(?) had a Photo op in Idlib(?) with moderate headchoppers, in one image it looked like he was selling watermelons at a watermelon stand which got picked up by some rebel graffiti artists butthurt about him not sending more humanitarian aid to stop evil Russian air attacks on innocent armed civilians and the rest is history. The memri image from >>34157 only showed up after that or at least became popular that way, I can't recall any watermelon seller memes being posted during the 2016 coup attempt at the very least.
>>34153 What if that convoy 30km from Kiev that was sitting there for a few weeks without advancing was just a way to bait out drones? Russians did not have such big logistical problems elsewhere and they have been shipping some real sovietcore trash up there. >inb4 lol vatnik cope >azovs crackwhore smelling farts.jpg >>34152 Most likely. Odessa has been comperativly logistically untouched, it wouldnt surprise me if ukrs shipped most of these 155mm field guns and gepards down there.
>>34160 >Russians did not have such big logistical problems elsewhere I don't know by how much it mattered. But Russia's Kiev front did have legit logistical problems from pro-Ukrainian Belarusians sabotaging the railways Russia needs to supply that front. Belarus says they caught 30 saboteurs. I don't know if that's all of them. But sometime after that Belarus implemented the death penalty for terrorism. And so hopefully that's enough to scare off more potential saboteurs if/when Russia opens up to Kiev again.
>>34150 >How bad will it be Strelo/k/s? Depends on how bad the polling numbers look around August/September since that will determine who wins the house and senate in November. Biden('s handlers) wants his war with Russia and if there's any sign of populists getting in and preventing that he'll hit the nukes before anyone can say anything. By god they'll make an excuse if they can't get Russia to give them one. They gotta send all those young conservatives and anti-establishment anti-woke leftists off to die in war since they think they can do to Millenials/GenZ what they did to our Great Grandparents when they got uppity. The powers that be are out of touch that blind patriotism is dead in the water and will result in civil war, and the cards are stacked against them if even one military base gets taken proper. >>34152 Russia will almost certainly turn to Odessa. They announced that they plan to extend the land bridge all the way until Transnistria which means taking the entire Ukrainian coast, or at least up until Odessa splitting the country in half. >>34155 Depends. If Ukraine seems like they are going to give out before accomplishing the goal of killing as many Russians as possible draining international stockpiles as per >>34118 then NATO is just as likely to abandon them completely since the only nations particularly angry about the Black Sea are Romania, the UK who likes to park their nukes there, and America. Most of the African and Middle Eastern nations will just jump ship to the Russian side for food outside of Turkey who is royally fucked in such a scenario. Turkey will have to justify keeping the ports blocked once/if Russia takes the entire Ukrainian coast since Ukraine will no longer be a "Black Sea Nation" which is gonna spark lots of shitposting. I could see Turkey being forced by NATO to claim that "the war in Ukraine never ended therefore the embargo is permanent" giving us just one more WWIII scenario.
>>34158 That would be the F35 which is just barely starting to justify its existence after just barely starting to see some kind of measure of success (just in time fot a new jet design to sink money into). Bayraktar drones are a close second in competition with China's "high altitude engine" and the East's Hypersonic missiles. Russia seems to be the only ones who have got those working with any level of accuracy and judging by how they slammed into a residential district the other day I'm prone to thinking they are still too inaccurate unless those were them running open field testing for future use.
Open file (262.89 KB 384x384 Neco washer.mp4)
Anyone else getting the feeling that NATO ATGMs (maybe ATGMs in general) are not as effective as we thought they were? Maybe it is just my circles, but I no longer see the shitty propaganda about how US missiles instantly destroy Russian tanks. The same goes for the retards claiming that tanks are completely useless due to ATGMs. >>34150 >becoming clear that there's no way this thing ends without a WW3 and the requisite nuclear exchange I'm not the convinced myself. This is clearly just more political pandering, like when the US claimed that Russia was no longer considered a threat, while spending billions to stop the advancements in Ukraine.
Open file (854.00 KB 1249x767 it's.png)
>>34124 Happening Time!
>>34166 1000000 IQ move. Take that putler! >>34165 True. Though I think it is only because we did not have any decent tank fights recently.
Statement by Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces - First Deputy Minister of Defense of the Republic of Belarus Major General Viktor Gulevich: The United States and its allies continue to build up their military presence near the state borders of the Republic of Belarus. The group created over the past 6 months has more than doubled both in quantity and quality. The appearance in the waters of the Mediterranean and Baltic Seas of a group carrying sea and air-based cruise missiles, an increase in the aviation group in the countries of Poland and the Baltic states indicate a growing threat to the Republic of Belarus. It should be noted that a number of exercises are being conducted on the territory of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. Exercise "Defender of Europe", which is expected to involve up to 20,000 people and a large number of equipment, 7 more exercises in the countries bordering the Republic of Belarus. At the same time, the development of questions on the use of reconnaissance and sabotage forces, the landing of troops, the use of special operations forces does not indicate a peaceful orientation of these exercises. Based on this, the Armed Forces have developed a whole range of measures aimed at countering possible threats. As part of the second stage of checking the immediate reaction forces, battalion tactical groups were advanced to the Western and Northwestern operational directions. To strengthen them, air defense, missile forces and artillery units are being moved forward to ensure their combat functioning. The grouping created by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Southern Operational Direction with a total number of up to 20,000 people also requires a response from us. In order to ensure the security of the Republic of Belarus in the southern direction, the forces of the units of the special operations forces are deployed in three tactical directions https://t.me/modmilby/14150
>>34165 >ATGMs They are extremely effective for what they are supposed to be used for (insurgents using them against strategic targets usually deep inside enemy territory during color revolutions and the like). They're only really good against riot police vehicles, light tanks, and stationary low-flying helicopters, but Ukrainians are using them as a general-purpose anti-armor weapon. Somehow I feel like the insurgency connotations of ATGMs are why Western countries with collapsing democracies are so eager to get rid of them at breakneck speeds.
>>34165 Russians have been posting videos of captured Ukrainians complaining about Javelin/NLAW/Stingers. They say they often missfire and when they hit, usually one doesn't do the job. Also, expired batteries on Stingers and such. But I always took that for propaganda. Possibly hassoe truth to it, but I don't think it's as bad as they make it out to be.
Open file (35.46 KB 739x756 22440914_0.jpg)
Heh. Ammonium nitrate fertilizer go boom.
>>34135 Wow it's almost like the sanctions only ever existed to impoverish Americans.
>>34172 >it's almost like the sanctions only ever existed to impoverish Americans. >People in the West are legitimately retarded enough to believe the sanctions would hurt Russia Yes. Lowest I heard the Rouble hit recently was 64RUB to 1USD. Gold pegged rouble is shitting on the petro-dollar. The economic 'war' is an even greater scam than the billions of tax money getting money laundered into Ukraine for 'weapons'.
this video is 8 days old
>>34173 Probably also shitting on the petrodollar because we decided pumping our own gas is for faggots and pipelines are somehow more environmentally unfriendly than legions of trucks and rail shipping oil around. Oh well, get hype for fake Roe v. Wade repeals, that will get the voters to turn out.
>>34173 It was pretty obvious the West just wanted Russia as a scapegoat because shit was collapsing. I just never realized how retarded they would be and how much they would double down and triple down in their temper tantrum. It's like watching a tranny kill itself to spite someone who told them to kill itself.
Open file (2.32 MB 320x576 6xkYs93SW1y5l-0b.mp4)
Open file (6.24 MB 848x624 -TWoarvwBl1XAo0l.mp4)
Open file (5.62 MB 640x360 SfiFME3osY8szMNx.mp4)
Open file (3.71 MB 848x464 J72Ead2Ra3OPwBsz.mp4)
1st video bakhmut the rest are Popasnaya looks like the russians are clearing the surrounding villages.
>>34165 That reminds me: https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=QPth_xqBXGY Military History Visualized is now concentrating on this conflict, but in a comfy generalist way.
Open file (220.62 KB 1280x1280 FSfqD4oXsAEvPgv.jpg)
Open file (564.25 KB 272x480 NvA9AOayLzyp3BNL.mp4)
the district police department in Severodonetsk has been destroyed. I guess the russians don't like the Ukrainain police neither
>>34176 tbh Keystone wasn't gonna fix America's gas issues, but they definitely weren't going to be this bad.
Open file (5.21 MB 640x360 uDO-Y-AU02MsbS0F.mp4)
according to the russians Zorya and Voevodovka has been captured today. Video of the Zorya gunpowder plant
>>34183 They must've worked hard for that since Russians don't normally look smug/smile.
>>34184 the Ukies must have retreated to Severodonetsk /Lysychansk once Rubizhne fell because I didn''t except the russians to gain Zorya so quickly, the russians gained 4 towns in one day.
>>34165 ATGMs become a meme in the AT role against reasonably modern reactive armor let alone hard-kill APS, but they're still useful as man-portable direct fire artillery supplements against soft or lightly armored targets.
>>34165 I figure it's a combination of Russian experience in how to successfully prevent & survive ATGM attacks and inexperienced Ukrainian recruits using the weapons. I figure this is also why the TB2's have lost their teeth as the Russians developed tactics to better counter them; it takes about 3 months for a new weapon to be effectively countered. It can also be as >>34170 said, which is certainly probable as I figure we're giving them old stock and incapacitating a target is highly variable itself. >>34166 >those evil russians forced us to stop shipping gas to you >better keep funding us so we can win That pipeline carries about 6% of all natural gas going from Russia to the rest of Europe. I guess Ukraine's strategy now is to cut off gas when they have plausible deniability to spur Europe into doing more.
https://youtube.com/watch?v=PWZriB4B1ug DPA seems to be predicting heavy rain on the Eastern front for the next ten days indicating either extremely slow warfare or possibly Ukrainian takebacks due to Russian armor getting bogged down. Expect slow (if any) advancements this week and next week.
>>34185 Ukros dont retreat, like, at all. Then again we lack enough data to verify how the situation looks like. >>34181 Fuck the police. >>34188 I dunno man. The weather affects ukrops too. How do Javelins and Stingers perform in rain?
>>34181 >Russia joins BLM
Open file (1.04 MB 3370x4096 97335064_p0.jpg)
Open file (367.79 KB 1075x543 Black Sabbath Tier List.png)
>>34191 this is now a black sabbath thread
>>34166 Ukraine is denying it and blaming the DPR militia announces that Russia should move the oil to sudza /sumy pipeline.
>>34168 Underrated post. Isn't this a sizable change in the countries stance?
Belarussian man is angry. Angry about propaganda on both sides. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5LfM8EAafk >>34195 It's a very large change in stance, yes. It's basically Belarus saying they're tired of NATO's bullshit.
>>34196 Strategic garbage dump is turning into the next Snek Island. In the sense that nobody knows just wtf is going on at the moment. Not the Ukrainians. Not the Russians either.
>>34193 You are crazy, Master of Reality is S-tier or at the very least A, it has as much classics as Paranoid.
>>34198 It's a bit too slow for my taste and lacks that "kick" that Black Sabbath and Paranoid had, and while a lot of their stuff is really good (the more I listen to 13 the more I love it) none of it personally crosses into S-tier for me. Doesn't help that they had a good 10 years of mediocre albums dragging them down.
So how do I go about joining the fight within ukraine? I have a deathwish and want to die fighting for something even if it is israel
>>34203 >I have a deathwish and want to die fighting for something even if it is israel Pathetic, but why not shoot down some cops instead then? Why go through the hassle of traveling somewhere else to waste your life away?
Open file (52.44 KB 1000x563 1000563378039.jpg)
How do they still have this much testosterone in the modern world?
>>34205 Steroids.
>>34205 Name my band.
>>34207 The Fugs.
>Bloomberg: Ruble has been the best currency to appreciate against the dollar since the beginning of the year - capital controls imposed by Russia allowed the ruble to rise by 11%, exceeding the growth of the Brazilian real by 9% and becoming the leader among 31 major currencies Meanwhile, I have to pay a fucking premium for fuel because some fucking idiots thousands of kilometers away thought it would be funny to vote in clown as their president.
>>34209 should have instituted a working republic, monarchy or an empire instead of electing a president straight from an onion news article, lads tally ho
>The assault on Severodonetsk began: the first units of the allies entered the city from Rubizhne, occupying 12 houses. >The situation in the Lisichansk region. The Soledar-Lysichansk highway is under fire from the RF Armed Forces. The battles for Belogorovka continue. I hope this is the beginning of the last stage for the LPR front. Severodonetsk/Lisichansk is the last meaningful Ukrainian stronghold in the LPR as I understand it.
Open file (194.13 KB 1168x1116 Telegram subscribers.jpg)
Kiev released a picture showing "Russian telegram subscribers". Not sure if they meant civilians who subscribed to Russian ones, or possible Russian soldiers who smuggled or liberated a phone off a dead Ukrainian. If it's the latter, it would show Russian troop concentrations.
>>34212 >All you need to fuck with nato sigint are a few ukrainian proxies and subscribing to russian twitter.
>>34199 >too slow It's heavy metal bud, not speed metal Sabotage-tier. But it is slow, slow enough to invent the entire Stoner Rock genre 20 years before it was developed. >that "kick" Children of the Grave is a nice fit if it was in Paranoid but now that i relistened it i have to say it may be not S tier, it's practically just 6 songs and only 3 are "classics" (Into the Void, Solitude, Children) i didn't recall Lord of this World or Sweet Leaf being that uneventful despite being more famous than the absolute bomber Into the Void is. Also i swore Hole in the Sky was in it, seems it was in Sabotage.
>>34211 in the last thread when the Severodonetsk bridges were blown up it was reported that 15,000 are in the city. Today the mayor said there were 4,000 ukie solders trapped in the city. I wonder how they feel being treated like cannon folder while the rest get to retreat to better positions.
>>34215 All the numbers provided are fictious, and we might get better estimates years after the war is over. And its not like ukrops have anywhere left to retreat, thats their citadel and they are getting encircled. They have been sacrificed long ago.
>>34215 It's generally an requirement that you don't tell the involuntary cannon fodder that they are being put into an unwinnable situation. It is therefore extremely likely that they don't even know themselves that they are getting fucked until the forces have been reduced to such a degree that everyone starts recognising everyone and someone puts the 1+1 together and says out loud, "Wait a fucking minute, are we getting jewed here again? Where's rest of the army?". Assuming ofcourse that officers keep their mouths shut and don't let the subordinates see the situational picture.
US Takes Wheat Out of Ukraine. War-torn Country Doomed to Famine https://southfront.org/us-takes-wheat-out-of-ukraine-war-torn-country-doomed-to-famine/ https://archive.ph/cMuFg tl;dr The USA is setting Ukraine up for Holodomor 2.0 under the pretext of "buying" their wheat to combat the imminent global food crisis. >In exchange for weapons and illusory prospects of becoming a member of the “European family”, the Kiev regime is dooming its own people to a protracted food crisis. >After the launch of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, Russian forces blocked the access to the Ukrainian vital seaports in the Black Sea. Before the war, around 5 million tons were shipped each month through the Black Sea. One of the main goods exported from Ukraine were grain crops for Europe. >This became another pretext for accusing Russia of provoking the food crisis in the West. However, a brief analysis of the policy of the Kiev regime and the decisions announced by the United States and European countries predict a long-planned famine in Ukraine. >US President Joe Biden attempted to reassure the Americans that there is no threat of food crisis in the country as the grain can be easily taken from the war-torn Ukraine. He claimed that there are 20 million tons of grain in Ukraine, and now the issue of its export is being resolved. In his opinion, this will help bring down world food prices. >On May 11, the European Commission will consider a strategy that would address technical and bureaucratic initiatives to speed up the shipping of vegetable oils, corn and wheat, some of Ukraine’s key exports, people familiar with the discussions said Bloomberg. >Europe intends to export crops by rail and , since the seaports are blocked by the Russian Black Sea Fleet. The problem is that the export capacity of the railway is low. Ukraine’s products also face a myriad of phytosanitary measures and quotas for land transport that complicate their ability to pass through various member states to their final destination, Bloomberg sources reported. >These are the main problems that the EU is set to resolve as soon as possible. >Meanwhile, giant columns of grain carriers are spotted in the Moldovan port of Giurgiulesti on the Danube. Hundreds of trucks are exporting grain from the territory of Ukraine to the EU countries. >“This reminds me of 1941, when Hitler exported grain from the USSR, took it out — and then attacked. So we export grain to Europe, so that they then take us for a naked ass, cold and hungry,” the author of the video comments. >The price the Kiev regime pays for the supply of weapons and financial support of its allies is too high. >According to the official Ukrainian data, the total amount of wheat produced in 2021/2022 MY amounted to 32,4 million tons. Based on the analysis of exports over the last five seasons (2016-2021), Ukraine exports about 80 percent of its wheat. About 6 million tons traditionally remain on the domestic market. This year, about 26 million tons were designated for export. >According to the Ukrainian statistics, since the beginning of the season, which started on July 1 2021, and as of December 15, exports of crops and grain legumes from Ukraine already reached 28.7 million tons. Wheat exports accounted for 56%. Until December 15, at least 16 million tons of wheat were exported. >During the period from December 15 2021 to February 24, 2022, exports continued in full via the usual logistics chains. After the closure of the sea ports, exports did not stop, but were reoriented to land channels. Only railways allow to export about 1.1 million tons of grain per month. Millions of tons are transferred by trucks. According to the most conservative estimates, from December 15 to May 10, at least 6 tons of wheat were additionally exported. >The entire harvest of 2021 MY was already exported and used for the needs of the Ukrainian domestic market. >Various Western sources, including US President Biden, declare the need for the immediate export of additional 20 tons of wheat from Ukraine. This is grain from Ukrainian strategic reserves in the amount of at least four months of wheat consumption by the domestic Ukrainian market. >In the context of the impending global food crisis provoked by the Western sanctions against Russia and disruption of supply chains, the United States and European countries are aiming to replenish their reserves, thanks to the crops taken from the Ukrainian people. >The policy of the Kiev regime reveal clear signs of famine planning in Ukraine. Amid the ongoing military operations, the sowing season was disrupted in many of Ukrainian regions. The male part of the population were called up for military service, some regions are under control of the Russian Armed Forces. Moreover, the spring of 2022 is significantly colder than in 2021. Not to mention the dysfunction of the agricultural sector, which was sharply reoriented to foreign consumers to the detriment of the Ukrainian market. >In December 2021, Ukrainian experts reported that “representatives of the flour and grain industries announced an unbalanced wheat trade: high-quality food grades were supplied to foreign markets, and fodder remained for Ukrainian consumers. After the refusal of the Ministry of Agriculture to fix export limits by class in the export-regulating memorandum, the Association of Millers, the All-Ukrainian Association of Bakers and Ukrhlebprom withdrew their signatures under the document. This happened for the first time in 10 years and jeopardized the functioning of one of the most effective mechanisms of mutual understanding in the grain market.” >Regardless of the developments on the frontline, the harvest in 2022-2023 MY will be much smaller. >At the same time, other branches of agriculture in Ukraine also faced crisis phenomena long before the start of military operations. >According to the Ukrainian statistics, egg production decreased by 13.5%, milk – by 5.8%, meat – by 2%, wool by 6.3%. According to the Association “Union of Poultry Farmers”, Ukraine imported eggs from Belarus in July – August 2021 for the first time since 1991. >The number of various agricultural animals also critically decreased: >• Cattle – by 6.9% (2.93 million cattle heads): >• pigs – by 4.7% (5.83 million heads): >• sheep and goats – by 5.9% (1.19 million heads). >According to experts of the Association “Pig Breeders of Ukraine”, the cattle breeding in Ukraine has already passed the point of no return in 2021 and “the restoration of the livestock is almost impossible.” >As of November 2021, the food prices in Ukraine increased by almost 15%. In 2021, bread has increased in price by 18.9%, dairy products by 15.2%, meat products by 15.4%, sugar by 20.4%. >It is obvious that such a policy of the Kiev regime will lead to a critical shortage of food by the autumn-winter of 2022-2023. >A similar situation took place in the USSR in the early 1930s, when the young Soviet state, weakened by the First World War and the Civil War, was forced to export large volumes of grain, including wheat, to the United States and other Western countries, including Germany. In 1930-1031, the USSR exported about 2.5 million tons per year. >In 1932-1933, the agrarian policy of the USSR, which caused a crop failure, led to famine in Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. The number of deaths in Ukraine amounted to 3 million 917.8 thousand people, Russia — 3 million 264.6 thousand, Kazakhstan — 1 million 258.2 thousand people, in total 8 million 731.9 thousand people throughout the USSR. >In 2023, the tragedy may be repeated in Ukraine because of Kiev’s policy. Russia will once again be declared the culprit of the Ukrainian famine.
>>34219 Meanwhile >Grain harvest this year may be a record in the history of Russia, the grain harvest may reach 130 million tons, of which 87 million are wheat - Putin
Open file (203.54 KB 694x532 Untitled.png)
Everyone is talking about the lyman and Severodonetsk area but nobody is talking the Popasna area. Seems like huge progress in this region if it's true that the russians are fighting in Komyshuvakha, the russians are making huge advancements this week.
>>34219 The greatest ally doctrine strikes again
Open file (440.41 KB 1365x2048 Chicken Strike.jpg)
>>34219 smells like schizoposting, burgerland has no need to buy grain, the midwest produces so much fucking food it's about twice as productive as ukraine. all we have to do is not export it.
>>34209 >thought it would be funny to vote in clown as their president. We didn't 'vote' him in, Strelok. And neither is he anything but Usurper-in-Chief. The actual elected POTUS, and the office itself, are both in limbo.
>>34223 What if I told it is schizoposting? What if I also told you that that handwaving doesn't matter because the schizoposters are the USA government?
>>34224 I was talking about Zelensky, not the dementia Joe. But clown works in both cases.
>>34226 Ah, my misunderstanding then. Well at least in the case of 'ol Greater Israel Today! Send moar gibbs nao!!, it was an actual legitimate election AFAICT.
>>34216 If they stopped treating it as a meme and just took the hard approach, they could retreat those soldiers at the morale hit, treat them to a few nights with some Polish or German hookers to bring it back, and migrate them via European rail back over to Odessa to be significantly better sacrificial cannon fodder.
>>34221 Popasna lost most of its attention, but it is an important point. Thing is, without at least one other front opening up for the two to link up, Popasna by itself isn't that terribly impressive since anything worth attacking is entrenched and everything not entrenched is in open fields where the Americans will report you to Ukraine's limited artillery bogging you down, or dense forests that need to be burned down.
Open file (41.85 KB 441x425 1646782683272.jpg)
>>34223 Anon you aren't gonna wanna see the harvest numbers this Autumn...
Ukraine is allegedly STILL not giving up on Snake Island: >The Ukrainian command is regrouping forces in the direction of Snake Island. >In the last two days, Bayraktar UAVs from the Shkolny airfield make at least two flights a day to the island area. Despite the fact that one "Bayraktar" was shot down last night. >The S-300 air defense system was deployed from the Artsyz region to Zheltyy Yar. >Near the port of Odessa, there are 4 marine security boats on constant patrol, 2 more operate east of Zatoka. >5 helicopters flew from Chervonoglinsky airfield to Buyalyk in Odessa and Fedorovka in Kirovograd regions. >At least two Su-24 aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force operate from the Voznesensk airfield to patrol the airspace of the northwestern part of the Black Sea. >Source: Rybar
>>34233 Round 2 3 let's gooooo
Open file (2.62 MB 445x247 sora laugh.gif)
>>34234 According to the Russian MOD, round 5.
>>34233 What's so important about the island?
>>34236 Ultimately? Snake Island gives Ukraine a stupidly large extra sea space they legally own, which would be owned by Russia if Russia takes it. Short term? Almost nothing. You could establish portable long-range missile systems on the island to deal with the Odessa question, but it would be a vulnerable target if Ukraine has any airforce to send at it.
Open file (808.99 KB 1311x785 ClipboardImage.png)
Military Summary thinks it's happening time for Lysychansk. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6exMeUrh_Y
Open file (107.99 KB 1000x563 5539847538974.jpg)
Open file (439.01 KB 640x630 1576175479815.png)
>The Kiev regime may be left without help from the United States for a record $40 billion. >Such a bill was blocked by Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.
Open file (103.48 KB 680x520 M777.jpg)
Allegedly a picture of first captured M777 howitzer. Unconfirmed so far, and the op did say to take it with skepticism. Probably not true, but pretty funny if Ukrainians managed to lose one of it so soon.
>>34244 Didn't they just begin training on how to lubricate them earlier this week?
Open file (445.72 KB 2048x1158 FSkskbPWIAAMY88.jpg)
Open file (165.24 KB 1170x1145 FSkskbWXoAIt7Y8.jpg)
>>34243 the ukies have detonated the bridge from Vojevodivka to Severodonetsk yesterday so I am not sure if the russians could attack from that side without setting up platoon bridges. If russians are in Severodonetsk proper its most likely through its backside
>>34245 Iirc there were two batches. One was already deployed and the other is still being trained ith crash course. There were some pictures floating around of M777 already deployed in Ukraine
>>34237 They should turn Snek Island into a star fort.
Open file (922.61 KB 997x450 Untitled.png)
Open file (149.85 KB 1280x907 FSOD2c6XEAYsgEV.jpg)
Open file (1.07 MB 480x724 ao9CIzxbW8ZZZqEq.mp4)
Open file (1.85 MB 640x640 u6mD361_6HYBGOka.mp4)
>>34221 defense poltics asia says the attack from Katerynivka came from Pervomaisk instead of Popasna. He also says popansa pushed west to the Luhansk border and north but the Oleksandropillia/ Komyshuvakha attack failed. also the russians are atry striking Bakhmut https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vcKtgCYfD8
Open file (41.65 KB 900x726 1429873461322.jpg)
Migration Service Will Resume Paperwork For Russians And Belarusians Soon >The State Migration Service will soon resume processing documents allowing citizens of Belarus to stay in Ukraine, and the migration policy for Russian citizens will be revised. >Nataliia Naumenko, the chairperson of the State Migration Service, announced this at a briefing at the Media Center Ukraine, Ukrainian News Agency reports. >"We had a certain pause regarding the citizens of Belarus and the Russian Federation. We understand how we will act in relation to citizens of the Russian Federation now and further, because this country is officially recognized as the aggressor. There is no such official recognition regarding Belarus, but we really dealt with a certain number of citizens who were of certain interest to our special services, because it was not clear what they were doing on the territory of Ukraine," she said. >Naumenko noted that today the policy towards citizens of Belarus has not changed and the Migration Service will resume accepting documents in the near future. >Regarding Russian citizens, she noted that those persons who already have a temporary and permanent residence permit continue to legally stay in Ukraine and can freely enter and leave Ukraine through controlled checkpoints. >Naumenko said that now the Migration Service, together with law enforcement agencies, is conducting a full audit of the grounds for issuing a temporary or permanent residence permit to Russian citizens, as well as migration permits and citizenship, in order to identify those who may carry out unfriendly activities against Ukraine. >She added that now experts of the Migration Service are developing a draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers, which will regulate the provision of citizenship and a residence permit for Russian citizens. >Regarding the Russians and Belarusians who are fighting, protecting Ukraine from the Russian aggressor, Naumenko noted that in relation to this category of citizens, the Verkhovna Rada and the Cabinet of Ministers adopted a number of initiatives to simplify their acquisition of Ukrainian citizenship. >In particular, for those who have signed a contract with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the military card itself is a temporary residence permit. >Naumenko added that the Migration Service works closely with the Ministry of Defense and other bodies that accept foreign volunteers into their ranks, and if there is information that such a citizen wants to obtain a temporary residence permit, migration permit or citizenship of Ukraine, the Migration Service contributes as much as possible so that it is done quickly. >As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, since the beginning of the Russian war in Ukraine, the Migration Service has suspended work and stopped issuing or replacing identity documents, but since mid-March it has resumed issuing documents in most regions where active hostilities are not underway. https://ukranews.com/en/news/856526-migration-service-will-resume-paperwork-for-belarusians-soon-migration-policy-for-russians-will-be
>>34248 Do the Russians have any leftover naval guns laying around? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fort_Drum_(Philippines)
>>34243 >2nd pic. Fear not. The Ghost of Kiev has returned with news of totally destroying one Russian battalion, trying to cross the river, in one day, with Ukrainians suffering zero casualties.
Open file (2.81 MB 1280x720 KP62LLrDpQ5iU9VV.mp4)
Open file (202.45 KB 1280x853 FSj7NQaVUAQB30l.jpg)
Open file (164.44 KB 1280x853 FSj7L45UUAIh-5y.jpg)
I don't know the location
Open file (1.13 MB 1184x652 rand death ball.png)
Open file (1.68 MB 1280x960 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.68 MB 1280x959 ClipboardImage.png)
Apparently Russians trying to cross a river
Honestly all these 504 errors with the servers in Romania is creeping me the fug out.
Honestly all these 504 errors with the servers in Romania is creeping me the fug out.
Open file (61.36 KB 500x503 backtohalfcucknigger.png)
Open file (52.43 KB 485x441 niggerss.jpg)
>go to cuck/k/ >they are now defending faggots like McCain and etc >they're now regurgitating "muh drumpf and rooosia collusioooon" and "muh brexit" bullshit >they're even now kvetching over Rand Paul too Another perfect example of why the users of cafe/the late 8/k/ and 4/k/ikes will never be equal to each other. If the whole hwndu thing taught me anything it's that everybody on halfchan and tvch by extension is about 12 years old/have the mentality of one and fullchan/cafe anons are only slightly older or in their mid 20s and early 30s. Don't believe me? Then take a look yourself folks!
>>34261 by hwndu you mean the real life movement or the meme that spawned the attempted capture the flag ARG?
>>34261 >go to cuck/k/ Well that's your first mistake. Nothing good can come of it. I too have given in to curiosity a couple of times and have immediately regretted it.
Open file (283.84 KB 1280x720 famas.jpg)
>>34262 The latter, mon ami. >>34263 I'll humbly admit the sole reasons i go to 4cuck is for /out/ and /diy/, but even those boards are being shat up by frogniggers, wojaktards, and normalgroid newfag cancer alike.
web.archive.org/web/20220513092903/https://oilprice.com/Latest-Energy-News/World-News/Russia-Could-Cut-Gas-Supplies-To-Finland-Tomorrow.html >Russia Could Cut Gas Supplies To Finland Tomorrow >Hours after Moscow warned there would be retaliation for Helsinki’s announcement that it is applying for NATO membership, Finnish media reports that the Kremlin threatened to cut the country off from Russian gas by Friday. >Citing unnamed sources, Finland’s Iltalehti reported the Russian warning to politicians, who refrained from specific comment. >Prior to this warning, the local media outlet noted expectations that Finland would be cut off from Russian gas after May 23rd, when its next contract payment with Gazprom comes due and the country refuses to pay in rubles. In late April, Russia cut off gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria for refusing to pay in accordance with the Kremlin’s ruble scheme. >Speaking to Iltalehti on Thursday, Finnish Defense Minister Antti Kaikkonen said he could not confirm the warning. >Parliamentary group chairman Ville Tavio told Iltalehti that working groups had been informed of “various scenarios of Russia’s retaliation”, noting that preparations have already been made. >Between 60% and 70% of Finland’s natural gas comes from Russia, though the country’s main sources of energy are oil, biomass and nuclear power, with natural gas representing only 5% of the total consumption. According to the Finnish government, renewable energy surpassed fossil fuels and peat in total energy consumption in 2020, leaving the country less dependent on Russian energy sources. >On Thursday, Finland announced their intention to apply for fast-tracked NATO membership due to Russian aggression in Ukraine. Sweden is expected to make its announcement in the coming days, according to the Associated Press. >Russia has also threatened “military-technical” retaliation against Finland if it joins NATO. >“Russia will be forced to take retaliatory steps, both of a military-technical and other nature, in order to stop the threats to its national security that arise in this regard,” the Russian foreign ministry said. fug :DD >>34233 Isn't that island close and small enough for anything on its surface to be obliterated by a low number of ballistic or cruise missiles? Russians don't seem to have erected much in the way of fortifications or other strategically important things on it so aside from the whole maritime territory thing that I'd wager won't matter much until the war ends I don't see the purpose behind this Kaiserreich Canada LARP.
>>34265 Russia just needs to start a small border dispute over some random tree near a border station and then Finland cannot join NATO as per NATO's own rules. And since Finland is still considered enemy state by the United Nations, starting a war against finland would be completely legal
>>34261 >late 8/k/ Late 8/k/ was flooded by nu/pol/tards who fled from it because it became too shit even for them. The other half degenerated into /int/ as much as I like flags.
>>34266 What's the state of the Russian forces stationed at the Finnish border? Any signs of fun on the horizon? <Finland is still considered enemy state by the United Nations
>>34268 >still considered enemy state What? Can you please elaborate?
>>34270 I guess they're still mad about the ancestors of Finns razing of Bagdad :^)
>>34223 Burgers have been bombing and ramming "planes" into food processing plants in the US since the war started, how will you spin that?
>>34273 Over 70 food processing plants have been destroyed since 2019, how will he spin that? https://www.frenschan.org/pol/res/9252.html
Open file (1.09 MB 754x640 Untitled1.png)
Open file (1.30 MB 1051x572 Untitled.png)
>>34257 the ukie have trench marks on the hills very closer to river bank so crossing the donets river is going to be difficult. I think the russians should have crossed through Hryhorivka instead of directly simply because it's much flatter and easier to cross.
>>34264 Ah I see Man those times were such fun, triangulating retards using video footage and airplane flying patterns all to enact a meme. I think the planet's humor died when they forced Drumpf out of power. >>34274 I really should get on with my project of creating an altchan Overboard that compiles threads from multiple imageboards for specific interests, it's so sad that there's a hundred different samey boards and no consensus on which is the best.
>>34268 >>34270 Yes, alongside with Japan and Germany, Finland is considered an "enemy state" by the United Nations as we lost the war. Article 53 of the U.N. Charter provides that “no enforcement action shall be taken under regional arrangements or by regional agencies without the authorization of the Security Council, with the exception of measures against any enemy state,” thus allowing, theoretically at least, enforcement action to be taken without the council’s authorization in the event that the former enemy states challenge international peace and security. Article 107 justifies action taken by the Allied powers against the former WWII enemy states, while Article 77 contains reference to enemy states in relation to the U.N. trusteeship.
>>34257 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKX1MKW5wjE defense politics Asia is getting upset and sick over the 73 destroyed vehicle figure bullshit. He doesn't believe that all the armored vehicle in the platoon bridge was destroyed.
>>34278 Some of the vehicles were Ukrainian, according to some sources. I think there was some medical APC that only Ukrainians use. Possibly captured by Russian forces and then lost at the crossing . Of course, the sources could be wrong. Either way, somebody's head should roll for that embarrassing conduct.
Open file (2.06 MB 1367x977 Untitled.png)
>>34279 the photo that defense politics Asia shows has one platoon bridge while >>34257 has two bridges. Could it be that the russians building another platoon bridge over next to one being destroyed? Its hard to tell over the fog of war.
Open file (71.77 KB 484x665 FSpOA0AWQAUTg9g.jpg)
>>34280 There are unconfirmed reports that Russian forces managed to force another crossing, though this could be mistaken for the first one, waiting for clarification. Some analysts are saying those 70 vehicles are a culmination on past two weeks of fighting and have not been taken out at the same time, but who knows. All I know is that Russians are pissed. Also, can you give me a quick rundown on DPA?
>>34283 >Some analysts are saying those 70 vehicles are a culmination on past two weeks of fighting and have not been taken out at the same time, but who knows. Analysts are also saying losses are much lower than the Ukrainians claim. Most western media is widely repeating Ukrainian claims of "an entire battalion wiped out" with 1000 dead, but the articles that have interviews with third-party analysts have them saying it's more like 150. Usually the articles then ignore than and keep repeating the 1000 figure, of course.
>>34284 They have been beating the crap out of each other, that's for sure, Ukrainians have been pretty tight lipped about their casualties, but they had to do 4th round of mobilization and have been throwing old men into the meat grinder while Russians are using volunteers. Last time I checked, Ukrainians are still sticking to their 3000 casulties, which is absurd given just how much artillery Russians are using in order to make up for their deficit in numbers. It's funny, because Russians have been making steady gains at Iziyum while being outnumbered 3:1 at least, then they go and make a blunder than even ordinary grunt wouldn't do such as concentrating their equipment stonethrow away from Ukrainians, such as the pontoon bridge incident. Anyway, using either side for source is a mistake since they will lie about their casulties. Even 'independent' sources such as Oryx have been lying multiple times.
Open file (304.30 KB 1280x960 FSod0rVaAAAqCOX.jpg)
Open file (285.62 KB 1280x960 FSod0qracAAw-p6.jpg)
Open file (377.70 KB 1280x960 FSod0q2aUAQwfCF.jpg)
Open file (280.94 KB 1280x960 FSod0qoaMAAnVC_.jpg)
Mykolaiv bridge.
>>34286 Who is going to pay to fix all this shit?
Open file (9.23 KB 322x266 1644723583454.png)
>>34285 Was the shit about VDV being decimated over the stupidest Tom & Jerry shit true? What about the flagship that sunk in the sea? I haven't been keeping up with this war since thread 7. >>34287 Rote, weiss, und blau.
Ukraine is claiming to have sunk another Russian ship. Not sure if this one is another fake like last time, or real like the Moskva.
>>34261 >>34264 Well if you see someone who you think would appreciate this place by all means reply and mention it to them. There's nothing wrong with a few more voices in the room.
>>34288 >Was the shit about VDV being decimated over the stupidest Tom & Jerry shit true? No idea, Ukrainians claim they killed million of them, but videos of pullout show they still had a lot of their numbers and equipment still operational. Then again, it's unclear how much they deployed. Probably won't known untill few years after the war. Moskva is kill. >>34289 The claimed frigate from a few days ago is fine. Don't know about today.
Open file (256.59 KB 499x813 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (588.23 KB 975x943 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (667.43 KB 1306x754 ClipboardImage.png)
>>34268 >What's the state of the Russian forces stationed at the Finnish border? https://gfsis.org.ge/maps/russian-military-forces
>>34285 >Even 'independent' sources such as Oryx have been lying multiple times. assumed lying or lied to by sources and published?
>>34282 It would explain the lack of Ukrainian surrenders when surrounded, if nothing else. And explain why people didn't lose their shit when high command told them to roll over and die, since the military elite all preemptively fled while leaving sacrificial lambs.
>>34286 >>34289 supposed the Vsevolod Bobrov got caught on fire and is being towed to Sevastopol but I don't see any reports from Odessa regional military administration on telegram that it sunk. If it did sink I'd think the Ukies would screaming over everyone's heads by now.
>>34254 >blow up rail line >make sabotage obvious >mark place on line where repair is needed for speedy fix I never understood why they do this. It would make more sense to loosen/undo the bolts/twist a rail/etc, and let physics take care of the 'accident'. If the cause of derailment isn't obvious it will take longer to fix, no?
>>34278 I mean its enough to just look at the source provided >1 pontoon bridge dead >like 2 tanks and 4 bmps totaled >several tanks, trucks and bmps either operational or mobility killed >russians still managed to pass through Its, overall, fucking nothing. >>34283 It was a clusterfuck there were 4 different crossing being reported at one point one of which was destroyed. Fog of war is a bitch. >Also, can you give me a quick rundown on DPA? /k/ approved singapoor military nerd making neutral (well, possibly leaning a bit on the russian side because of the sort of bullshit ukrainians are doing/reporting) summaries of shit that has been happening in war. >>34267 Large part of that was me trying to keep it alive via. provoking discussion by shitposting. Gomen.
Open file (187.79 KB 493x467 gates-farm2.png)
Open file (202.99 KB 1908x1146 gates-farm1.jpg)
>>34223 >the midwest produces so much fucking food >produces produced t. Bill Gates - largest farmland owner in US You know famines (eg. holodomor, great chinese famine, etc) since modern agriculture methods are all man made, right? "The Great Chinese Famine... is widely regarded as the deadliest famine and one of the greatest man-made disasters in human history, with an estimated death toll due to starvation that ranges in the tens of millions (15 to 55 million)" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Chinese_Famine
>>34295 If I followed two or three links through the BBC article claiming it, the "Russian vessel" was just a Serna-class landing craft, so it's fucking nothing.
>>34293 They posted pictures of knocked out tanks with Ukrainian digital camo and counted it as Russian even when people pointed out its not. Also any vehicles without clear markings or badly photoshoped were counted as Russian. Maybe it was not intentionally disingenuous, but I think they're biased. >>34297 Yeah, it's hard to get accurate information in an relevant time frame, we don't even know full story behind Snake island. >/k/ approved singapoor Neat, will check him out.
>>34265 Not just gas Russia to cut electricity to Finland from Saturday >Russia will suspend electricity supplies to Finland this weekend, a supplier said on Friday as tensions rise over Helsinki’s NATO bid following the war in Ukraine. >“We are forced to suspend the electricity import starting from May 14,” RAO Nordic, a subsidiary of Russian state energy holding Inter RAO said in a statement, adding that it had not received payment for volumes sold in May. >RAO Nordic is not able to make payments for the imported electricity from Russia,” the statement added. >“This situation is exceptional and happened for the first time in over 20 years of our trading history,” RAO Nordic said, hoping the situation would “soon” improve and the trade could resume. >On Thursday, Finland’s leaders declared their nation must apply to join NATO “without delay” - a seismic change in policy since Russian President Vladimir Putin sent troops to Ukraine on February 24. >The Kremlin has warned Russia would “definitely” see Finnish membership as a threat, while the Russian foreign ministry said Moscow would be “forced to take reciprocal steps, military-technical and other, to address the resulting threats.” https://english.alarabiya.net/News/world/2022/05/13/Russia-to-cut-electricity-to-Finland-from-Saturday-Supplier
>>34242 >Pentagon: arms supplies to Ukraine from the United States may be suspended if the Senate does not support the project on the allocation of new aid by May 19, 2022. Lol. Lmao.
Open file (738.52 KB 827x622 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (684.43 KB 821x592 ClipboardImage.png)
Today's episode focuses on the Kharkiv front. Belarusian man claiming that Ukrainian artillery is getting wiped out in Kharkiv, so the Russians are going to want to maintain the current line until Ukraine uses up their artillery or retreats. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTsMuxay4As Basically: >Russian front line at Kharkiv getting wrecked >Towns reduced to rubble by Ukrainian artillery in heavily defended positions >Russians pull back to more intact towns >Now Ukrainian artillery has the low ground and gets bombed by Russians taking heavy losses >Kharkiv is also undefended until the Ukrainians get spooked and retreat >Russian forces (based on cell phone data) are gathered on the other side of the river in large quantities Pic 1 is roughly the current front while pic 2 was the previous front. Kharkive is raised above the surroundings so Ukraine has basically left a fortified hill to take all these destroyed towns on the outskirts.
>>34301 Note that Russia only supplies about 10% of Finland's electricity.
>>34304 It all depends on how much of Finland's economy depends on electricity to function. 10% is going to be a tangible drop if it's 10% of a commodity everyone uses all the time in every way, directly or indirectly. For example, the USA's energy embargo may only be blocking 5% of its previous consumption rates. But as a poorfag I'm still feeling that 5% with gas that is +50 cents higher than it was before the war. On top of higher prices for everything else that depends on oil/gas to function at some point.
>help gay dictatorships around the world terrorize their inhabitants in desperate attemps to gain some allies >fuck your own citizens in the ass, humiliate them, force them into homoprostitution >attack a neighboring democratic country, take a piece of their territory for yourself and your friends >because they, little faggots, wanted to build dEmOcracy >do it twice >for 8 years, terrorize civilians >literally send bandits so that they rob, rape, torture and kill >treacherously attack a neighboring democratic country with missile strikes >because they ... uh.... um... because fuck hohols! >hohols fuck you instead >begin to openly engage in actual terrorism - purposefully kill children, civilians (ordinary russian huesos slaves all this time obey you and carry out criminal orders) >HYSTERICALLY THREATEN TO DESTROY ALL OF HUMANITY What do people really mean when they say "russophobia"? That word needs some rethinking in light of the newest Russian Federation saga.
>>34306 I was struggling to realize if you were talking about America or the Russian Federation for most of your post. Russia has yet to do anything America hasn't done previously in other countries on a much more massive and horrific scale. Why am I supposed to support a bunch of backwoods ass-fucking hicks on the other side of the globe while my own country is collapsing and using the war to accelerate said collapse?
>>34303 >Says he's going to tackle the Strategic Garbage Dump pontoon bridge crossings tomorrow. Guess I'm skipping the next video then. Discussing things on that much of a tactical level doesn't matter at all for any casual observer, whether amateur or professional. It's just more Ukrainian PR to distract the cattle from looking at things on the strategic scale. Not that the cattle are looking on the strategic scale anyway, with their logic operating on the assumption that Russia's goal is all of Ukraine. If it's worth anything, then it's from getting a glimpse into the pro-Ukrainian mentality that's, quite frankly, warped into morbid levels of elevating individual tactical victories into a religious fervor. It's like something broke in the pro-Ukrainian camp after the Snake Island defeat.
>>34287 The US according to the government signing a bill to send them 40 billion dollars.
>>34309 The 40 billion is the icing on the cake that was never requiring Ukraine to pay a dime of it back.
Open file (162.86 KB 453x448 nice camel.png)
>>34309 >>34310 How do I get the US to send me 40 billion dollars? It would be equally a waste that brings them no tangible benefits, so they'd probably dig it.
>>34285 >while Russians are using volunteers The fact that the Russians could so easily escalate this using Belarusian troops and their own conscripts but refrain from doing so would suggest to me they see themselves in a pretty strong position.
>>34304 It may well be the nuclear fuel rods that fuck the Finns there.
>>34309 40 billion is a drop in the bucket, this war cost 500-600 billion in damages, and will continue to grow the longer this war last. There is way the west could pay everything to Ukraine.
>>34316 Surely the damage is concentrated in the East in which case the Russian Federation will pay for most of it?
>>34316 40 billion may be a drop in the bucket but it's more than enough to solve several issues back home that are turning into gaping wounds.
i hear 40 billion dollars is enough solve world hunger five times over wtf america...
Open file (502.00 KB 918x640 Abe.png)
>>34319 40 billion is at a cost where you could solve American energy shortages with a combination of nuclear power (thus also jumpstarting nuclear production for weapons and ablative plating) and targeted mineral and oil investments into technology and land inspection/"modern prospecting" to get at the deep oil (read: exponentially larger and lengthier but uncounted reserves) to power America for the next 300 years at current fuel efficiency increases and successful hybridizations. We're talking the kind of deep oil where one well is as much as everything drilled before the 00s in America combined. The kind of thing our allies in both Europe and Asia would be willing to invest hefty money into burger pockets in order to get access to it while our enemies grit their teeth in frustration. But no. We have to give it to a fucking shithole in Eastern Europe for a "Democracy™" that is somehow worse than a royal parliament in functionality.
>>34320 $40 billion is maybe five reactors, don't kid yourself
Open file (1.21 MB 1365x768 1652515755765-2.png)
>>34306 America ended up being a more vampiric and ominous than the Soviet Union ever could've been (because they enacted reforms and died first) and it still even hasn't started stomping boots on your fat mutt face nor have prices & supplies on groceries become like the latter's towards its death. Russia is a knight on a horse compared to the devil that is America and in reality that knight is a fat retarded drunk riding a starving donkey who's only come to slay the demon so he can also rape the maiden (the middle class man of the west) that demon was raping too but instead of taking her life force he will use her as a sex slave until she dies. >>34309 Wall Street and Capitol Hill proved with the GME short that the dollar's value is assigned to the people that own it, all of this currency is digital and banks fucking take your deposit and gamble with it. With the BTC-Luna crash that happened a few days ago the housing market is going to become like Canada's. >>34316 So what. That's 40,000,000,000 dollars not "40 billion" or "40B" for a war they encouraged (then let Ukraine fight it alone) though it's understandable those zeroes don't mean anything to you because zeroes are thrown around so often by federal spending and 5% of that you and your grandchildren will never collectively achieve. America is giving Ukraine almost 12 times over what they give to Israel in a single year. At this point would giving Americans a bone "encourage socialism and laziness"?
>>34323 $40Bn buys at a rate of $5,366 for every kilowatt of capacity. I bet a bunch of pseudo-mobile "trailer" stations could do far more for communities both normally and in emergencies.
>Posted by ukrainian account: Our source at the OP said that the General Staff forbade soldiers and officers to publicly criticize foreign military equipment that is being supplied as aid. As our source said, the new order has already been received by the troops. Servicemen are forbidden publicly, in the media, and also on social networks to speak negatively about military equipment supplied from abroad. Violators are subject to disciplinary action, as well as removal from office. According to our source, the new document was developed at the request of the media workers of the Office of the President. They are closely monitoring the situation. So experts from Bankova discovered that now the military is actively criticizing American M-113 armored personnel carriers, Javelin complexes, and British anti-aircraft systems. Not so long ago, Polish tanks, Czech Dana howitzers and a number of other weapons systems began to be criticized. Hmmm. The pictures of M777 howitzers deployed in Ukraine show they lack digital assistance suite, which is really what makes M777 useful. Without it, it's not that notable. The only other useful feature of M777 is its impressive capability of high angle of fire. Also the Excalibur round, but I have no data on how much of the said round is provided for a firing unit. The Polish T-72M1/2 tanks lack modern fire controls and optics, also it has inferior ERA from what I read. And for the Dana, I have no idea that's the complaint, haven't manage to find any criticism of it so far.
Fuck me, getting shot is one thing, but getting hit with thermobarics and folded like a wet tissue paper is something else. Id rather get shot than be on receiving end of a TOS-1 strike. At least that way there would be something left of me to bury.
>>34306 Fuck off this is propaganda free zone. >>34303 Told you. And the objective of holding ukrops in Kharkov is still achieved.
>>34329 Why do Thermobarics turn people into burnt mannequins?
>>34331 Unholy pressure wave, to put in simply.
>>34306 >What do people really mean when they say "russophobia"? The same thing as when they say "homophobia".
>>34307 I think he did that on purpose, showing that neither side here is a good side. Both sides mean a loss for you. Though if Russia is gone, that could open up some opportunities to get rid of western globohomo shit.
>>34264 I don't get the issue many have with "crossposters". Not everything on 4chan is pozzed, hell even reddit has some half decent communities which the degenerates will mostly leave alone for the lack of (You)s. I browse /g/ mostly for tech support and some of the generals on /diy/ and /ck/
>>34340 Its simple tribalism. Has anything interesting happened today?
>>34329 i wonder where this was recorded. is this in the area around kharkiv?
>>34342 Wild guess- Zaporoże front. iirc its where chechens are (thus videos) and I remember ruskies using their >flamethrowers in there to purge the forests
>>34342 The source didn't say exact location. But it's quite possible it's form Kharkov-Iziyum, Donetsk or >>34343
Open file (110.32 KB 1024x768 1652538046584m.jpg)
Fresh reportage from deoccupied village near Kharkiv: https://youtu.be/OPnOqQUAuqQ
>Russia firmly tells US that there will be no surrender of Moscow in Ukraine - Russian Ambassador to the US Antonov It's gonna be a long one, isn't it?
>>34347 The real fun will begin in june, when russians capture the full territory of lugansk and donetsk thus will have to defend them, which will limit their mobility and ukraine will try to go on offensive while having absolutly fucked logistics. >>34346 This... doesnt really show anything interesting.
>>34341 Well, I guess lack of gate keeping is what makes modern internet so fake and gay
>>34341 >The reverse of Russian gas from Germany to Poland was closed. Despite Poland's loud chatter about giving up Russian gas, Russian sanctions against European gas companies and stories that the EU will soon give up "dirty and smelly Russian gas", Poland continued to pump Russian gas through Germany via a virtual reverse, as a result of which it became one of the leaders of the European Union in terms of occupancy of gas storage facilities. I cannot find more than a claim for this though. But if it's true, then Russia tightening the economic noose on the West is technically still not interesting now. It will be more interesting when winter arrives.
>>34347 Well yes, there are still millions of conscripts alive that politicians can mobilize in the Ukraine. It will take a while to blunder your way through that amount of cannon-fodder no matter how you put it.
>>34340 >I don't get the issue many have with "crossposters". It's because they don't lurk before posting simple as that.
Open file (5.42 MB 1280x720 wAF1cEguzYf0AN21.mp4)
Open file (3.24 MB 960x720 UDOOgx0J5yTmY-xk.mp4)
Open file (5.42 MB 1280x720 wAF1cEguzYf0AN21.mp4)
Open file (915.08 KB 540x540 p1zI4c4DCfFMUHDF.mp4)
1) zolote 2)sloyansk 3) Petrovka on donesk front 4) don't know location
Open file (3.42 MB 1280x720 7S_QF9fXFT3qSxxm.mp4)
Open file (4.32 MB 720x1280 vaw4X2t6h4HO4VVh.mp4)
1Petrovka on donesk front Makeyevka
>>34340 I don't really care where anon comes from. The oldfags were replaced by newfags when this war started so as far as I'm concerned crossposters can't exist when there are nothing but crossposters posting any more.
Open file (525.90 KB 352x640 2eHTV_P9-OSWrNYq.mp4)
Ukrainians captured at SEVERODONETSK
Ukraine won the Eurovision, putler btfo ironically it was an alright song for once
>>34366 Haven't seen that one on Telegram. Was this recent?
Open file (8.29 MB 848x464 NIEeM1msrxg-8yrx.mp4)
>>34368 yeah are you subscribed to the LPR channel?
>>34367 >Ukraine won the Eurovision, putler btfo HOWWILLCOMMIESEVERRECOVERFROMTEHNAHDZEEMENACE!111 Heh, it was obvious what the outcome was going to be before the show ever even started Strelok. :^)
>>34366 >no tapeheads Indeed, they capturers are not Hohols.
Open file (356.09 KB 1280x1138 Rybar sitrep 14-05-2022.jpg)
Thinking of doing daily sitrep if anons are interested. Source is Rybar. They're pro Russian "OSINT" source but they do good work, and are not afraid to be critical of Russian fuck ups. Some of their work is fairly impressive. They bribe and buy information directly from Ukrainian army. They even got their hands on the list of foreign mercenaries directly off the table of mayor of Mikolaiv. >Offensive on Donbass: the situation towards the end of May 14, 2022 >In the Izyum direction, the Armed Forces of Ukraine tried to force the Seversky Donets River and strike at the flank of the group advancing on Slavyansk. Ukrainian units were covered when building a crossing. >Fights continue under the busy settlement of Dolgenkoe the day before. The Armed Forces of Ukraine made an attempt to recapture the settlement, but were driven back. >Fierce battles continue for the bridgehead on the western bank of the Seversky Donets in the area of ​​​​Belogorovka and Privolye. The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, after a debriefing (we assure you, this debriefing was initiated from the very top), changed tactics and are fighting for control over the ill-fated area with violent fury. >Urban fighting continues in Severodonetsk: several blocks have been taken. >The security zone around Popasna is expanding. To the north of the settlement, Alexandropol was taken, an offensive is developing in the direction of Kamyshevakhi. >In the event that the settlement and the transport hub located outside the settlement are occupied, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be surrounded in Gorskoye, which will automatically create a threat of complete encirclement of the group in the Severodonetsk-Lysichansk-Rubezhnoye agglomeration. >The Armed Forces of Ukraine blew up the dam of the Mironovsky reservoir near Svetlodarsk. Potentially, this threatens with flooding of several districts of Lugansk. >The offensive near Avdiivka is successfully developing: the strongholds of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Troitskoye have been taken, the road to New York (Novgorodovka) has been opened, fighting continues in Novoselka. >There is fighting on the western outskirts of Novobakhmutovka: control over the Avdeevka-Konstantinovka highway is contested. >After a long artillery preparation, an offensive began on Novoselovka-2 from Novobakhmutovka and Kamenka from Yasinovataya. >Pesky, Marinka and Novomikhailovka, as well as near Ugledar, the front line remained unchanged. >On the territory of the Mariupol Azovstal plant, the allied forces managed to occupy part of the plate rolling shop - one of the two largest shops of the complex. >>34369 No, will have to add them too in that case
Open file (439.66 KB 320x568 E39oXJ3JJTTVKO4p.mp4)
Open file (8.86 MB 1280x720 3YTsqPU-SbGCZt65.mp4)
Open file (483.12 KB 320x564 4_wiqysVputwPsO8.mp4)
Open file (5.89 MB 640x352 -wQ97oIpJaPOc11u.mp4)
>>34370 I thought so too, but I fully expected the Ukies to half ass it and it came out alright instead.
>>34374 thank you
Open file (19.62 MB 1280x720 YtuHrzgnfM8-rtmt.mp4)
Open file (19.62 MB 1280x720 YtuHrzgnfM8-rtmt.mp4)
Open file (868.45 KB 320x568 Fc2ifY_aCHoveWOi.mp4)
Open file (6.97 MB 1280x720 P3zugwNbQAKyL82_.mp4)
Open file (8.71 MB 720x1272 30wVRw7qhxWC2CqV.mp4)
Open file (14.13 MB 1280x704 9hKTi-o9Le3TMvZ4.mp4)
Open file (180.70 KB 959x1280 FSuel9WWUAELNrb.jpg)
Open file (118.15 KB 995x859 FSvxUnHWYAAfdfk.jpg)
Open file (1.59 MB 720x1280 9GOSmvbEDQTbR2q2.mp4)
Open file (16.92 MB 704x1280 4M5aChBzOxfuYo0b.mp4)
Open file (9.98 MB 704x1280 lCuFHtNPrlkktICn.mp4)
Open file (3.89 MB 320x580 SQtht9epS4QDzDGQ.mp4)
Open file (2.61 MB 576x1024 G0CCcJYEkpKk2UfT.mp4)
1st one is kharkiv last one is Lischiansk.
>>34374 >New York (Novgorodovka) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_York_(Ukraine) >The settlement first appeared on maps in 1846 under its original name New York and was then situated in the Yekaterinoslav Governorate of the Russian Empire.[6] According to official data, in 1859 the village consisted of 13 households, 45 male residents, 40 female residents, and a factory and was formally named Oleksandrivske.[6][7] The precise origin of the settlement's name is unclear. I remember coming across this before, but I'm not sure if it came up in these threads.
>>34379 >First vid Now THAT is peak shitposting.
Last night, the enemy did not strike at Kharkiv, focusing on the positions of the Armed Forces and the communities of the region. Chuguiv, Dergachi, Zolochiv, Lozova and others suffer from the shelling. This indicates that it is too early to relax. I urge everyone to respond adequately to alarms and not to be on the streets unnecessarily. Our armed forces are pushing back the enemy and the inhabitants are beginning to return to their homes. It's still too dangerous! Retreating, the enemy mined absolutely everything - courtyards, forest belts, roadsides, even cribs and more. Careful demining work is underway. Please refrain from returning until official announcements. Our armed forces are pushing back the enemy and the inhabitants are beginning to return to their homes. It's still too dangerous! Retreating, the enemy mined absolutely everything - courtyards, forest belts, roadsides, even cribs and more. Careful demining work is underway. Please refrain from returning until official announcements. We continue to work on rebuilding critical infrastructure and delivering humanitarian aid, especially to residents of newly liberated settlements. I thank the volunteers and business that will resume work in Kharkiv region, and those who have not finished working. Everyone on their front, we are doing everything to bring victory! https://t.me/synegubov/3179 Oleh Vasylovych Synyehubov governor Kharkov oblast
>>34393 >even cribs and more. Heh, like what kinds of moar, Mr. Oleh Vasylovych Synyehubov governor Kharkov oblast Kek, the sad fact is that even with language this provocative, normalnigger cattle will swallop this horseshit up with relish. The weak human soul is a strange thing tbh.
>>34393 One other thought, I've heard many times that the Western (((Leader)))s are paranoid that all their underhanded and shady dealings will be uncovered by this conflict, thus their batshit-tier levels of propaganda. So my question is have they left it all under they watchful care of the Ghost of Kyiv, or is the dirty laundry stashed away in other places around the country? Perhaps under all the cribs in Kharkov oblast?
>>34396 The way these organizations work, chances are that evidence trail was mostly obfuscated, liquidated, or destroyed. The bio-labs story leaks were the first of many "oopsies" that have more or less been cleared up. All that remains are a handful of troops on the ground who you will be able to judge had foreign soldiers by the levels of UN "relief" attempted for the region for "evacuation corridors" that will break down as soon as Russian checkpoints are established.
Open file (241.16 KB 682x512 1652562630914.jpg)
Open file (4.82 MB 1280x720 Snek.mp4)
Reports of bigger Ukrainian attack towards Huliapole ending in a disaster. Russian claims numbers of destroyed personnel and mechanization that seem to bee too big to be true. Will update if there's either confirmation on those numbers or other numbers emerge. Also, Russian MoD finally send someone with a phone on Snake island. Vid related, lots of Ukrainian KIA. There were claims that among the Ukrainian assault force there were embedded western officers, which is why they attempted a second assault/rescue that also ended as well as you'd expect. No confirmation so far.
>>34413 >Also, Russian MoD finally send someone with a phone on Snake island. Too bad it's not someone who knows how to post the whole video. Or if they have to post a short video, someone who knows not to make such quick cuts that makes one feel they're just filming the same corpse from different angles and times. Oh well.
>>34415 Yeah. Maybe we'll get a longer video after a little bit.
>"My husband is in a real hell," Natalya Zarytska told Sky News. "He has lost more than 20 kilos in weight. He looks very bad and is in a terrible condition." >She married Bohdan in April online as the siege went on. >"I think that this is the end," she said. >"This is his last photo. Here is face is yellow he has lost much weight more than 20 kilos." >She spoke of the last time she had contact with him a week ago. https://news.sky.com/story/ukraine-war-heartbroken-wives-and-mothers-of-azovstal-garrison-say-heroic-battle-is-almost-over-12613145 20 kilos in burger units is 44 pounds and jaundice (yellow face) is a sign of organ and liver failure, essentially his organs are breaking down due to a lack of food and water.
>>34417 Oh gee, if only poor Bohdan knew how to read a map and reach conclusions regarding the situation around him, who could have guessed that there was ever going to be one way which the battle of mariupol was going to go after the city was surrounded.
Open file (160.79 KB 1280x998 FSyuQWaUYAEGxq6.jpg)
reports of izyum is starting an offensive towards Barvenovo, the Russians claim Dovhen'ke is under their control
>The integration of the Kherson region into the economic space of the Russian Federation will give “crazy” results in the agricultural industry, especially in the context of a possible global food crisis, the head of the administration of the Kakhovka district told RIA Novosti: >“Those who deal with berries and strawberries have already signed contracts in advance for their entire volume ... We can bring a lot of useful things and we are ready” Russia has also stated they they will sell wheat and other cerials only to the 'friendly' countries. This, in combination with the 30% less sowing surfaces in Ukraine will pave a way for using food as well as raw materials as a leverage. Ukraine has also been selling 20 million tons of grain valued at 8 billion dollars in order to pay for Lend-Lease, some speculate this will lead to hunger in Ukraine. I guess we'll have to wait for winter to see full ramifications of sanction wars.
>>34420 >Barvenkovo I read there were were ongoing battles really close to the city, but no visual confirmation yet.
Open file (639.39 KB 1946x1368 FSyb0LoWUAMtwTW.jpg)
Open file (453.93 KB 1920x1080 FSzZYL2acAAbTA-.jpg)
>>34422 the Ukies admitted a loss of some towns in the Lyman front . looks like the russians trying to squeeze out sloviansk
>>34424 Rudenko just now reported there was a breakthrough at Avdeevka. That place was even more of a fortress than Popasna, so if true, but news. Rumor has it that Avdeevka was a last bottleneck that kept Russian from initiating proper offensive. We'll see how situation further develops.
>>34379 >peak shitposting >western jihadis go off to Russia to fight against western imperialists Kek! Molenbeek, Malmo, Birmingham, and Marseille will be empty in a few weeks if that recruitment video goes viral. It's better that they go to Ukraine to fight for Russia, than to stay where they are and cause trouble.
>>34424 >Russians within spitting distance of the rail line If the Russians disable the rail line at Barvinkove then Sloviansk, Lysychansk, and much of the eastern front are going to lose their ability to resupply by train. All other routes require going through Russian territory and they don't have enough fuel to resupply an entire front by truck.
>>34413 >Reports of bigger Ukrainian attack towards Huliapole ending in a disaster. Russian claims numbers of destroyed personnel and mechanization that seem to bee too big to be true. Will update if there's either confirmation on those numbers or other numbers emerge. More or less ridiculous then ukrainian claims of 74 84 105 vehicles and 1000 5000 soldiers killed at the river crossing?
>>34428 >More or less ridiculous then ukrainian claims Kek, you know that's a rhetorical question. Russkies claimed ~30 tanks and armored vehicles and around 300 Ukrainian casualties for the cost of around 20-25 KIA/WIA Then again, these claims were made by 'correspondents' in the field and not claimed by official Russian MoD briefing. Also Ukrainians made counter pontoon bridge failure yesterday. Doesn't seem as big of a shit show as Russian one, but then again, nobody's reporting on Ukie failure.
>7 Americans were killed in Rubizhnoye, who participated in the battles on the side of Kiev, Alaudinov, an assistant to the head of Chechnya, told RIA Novosti, showing a document of one of them addressed to Joseph Ward Clark from Washington: >“This, probably, was considered a special forces unit, their seven people, as I understand it, were Americans. They were identified by us and all departed to another world.“ I guess they're making good on the promise to ctrl+alt+f4 any captured foreign fighters.
Open file (3.57 MB 848x464 Mercenaries.mp4)
>>34430 Forgot video
Watched https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Qyr06Ydw5w and Bilogoriwka dumpster bridge might be honestly the hardest battle of the entire war. Kinda wonder why russians did not fly in reinforcements with helicopters.
Open file (67.91 KB 574x1024 1652650728631m.jpg)
Kharkiv front is over. Ukrainian troops reinstall the border pole at the Russian border in the Kharkiv Oblast. Ruskies on suicide watch.
>>34435 It was an strategic withdrawal or something of course
>>34435 nigger which part of manevour warfare you do not understand? Holding territory doesnt mean shit, what matters is defeating your enemy, cripling their mobility and fucking up their equipment.
>>34437 Nah, you don't get it anon, we're gonna ignore the fact that Ivan and couple of thousand of his friends are balls deep in Eastern Ukraine annihilating large parts of UAF. Real victory is painting some signpost in blue and yellow.
Open file (3.81 MB 1280x720 DflSFAKG80qtKDIP.mp4)
Open file (160.88 KB 1191x846 FS00wXAXwAMzhsx.jpg)
Mariupol electricity restored russians claim ukies retreated from Drobysheve in the evening according to pro-russian telegram channels.
>>34440 That's some impressive rebuilding speed. If all goes well at this rate, then by this time next year it'll be like there was no war in Mariupol. Even if Russia is footing all of the bill for rebuilding everything they shall take, I'm sure they'll come out ahead in comparison to the West's cost in lost profits from backfiring sanctions. That, and "safe" western Ukraine is gonna be in debt bondage to the USA for the next 100+ years.
Open file (182.23 KB 1608x1184 agriculture.jpeg)
>Lavrov: "Our goal does not include regime change in Ukraine. This is the specialty of US. We want to ensure safety of people in eastern Ukraine, so that they won’t be threatened by militarisation & nazification and that no threats against Russia emanate from territory" Looks like Russians will aim to take at least a hefty portion of fertile land in Ukraine. Odessa looks like a prize but it's unknown if Russia will make a push for it or settle for Kherson, parts of Zaporozhia and Donbass. I guess it will depend on casualties taken and casualties inflicted in Donbass. Russian goverment still seems confident it will accomplish its objectives, or at least they posture like it. Main question is Odessa. Odessa is not only important for its agricultural output, but also port and ship manufacturing facilities left from USSR. If Russia manages to push all the way to Transistria, as wishes for it were expressed in the past, it will basically reduce Ukraine to USA colony even more. It will also cut off grain production from European market. Making Europe dependant on Russian energy, raw materials and food would be smart move if it could be pulled off. At least in theory, as Europe seeks to reduce energy dependancy on Russia, and produces fair chunk of food, but I don't know if it's self sufficient amounts. Of course, they will still need to actually win a war in order to dictate the terms. Massive, war losing fuck ups, can still happen on either side. >>34442 They kinda managed to rebuild Grozny to be even better after they basically leveled it. Still, shame about the Azovstal, factories are always useful.
>>34437 >it was just a feint!
>>34443 >Our goal does not include regime change in Ukraine Then what the fuck does de-Nazification mean, since they sincerely believe the hohols are all literal Hitlers?
>>34447 Moscow is changing it's tune since they are realizing that they wont get all of what they wanted. Reality is often disappointing, don't forget about the war last year in Nagorno-Karabakh, up until Armenia surrendered we all thought they'd win, that they were letting the azeris in the south to encircle them and so on for example, but it didn't happen. I'm not gonna pretend i have any idea what will happen in this war, but i have my doubts things have been going the way Russia wants, also applies to Ukraine though.
>>34447 It doesnt mean anything and cannot be defined. Basically it is there for pr and to have western 20 iq retards scratch their head why they are fighting against people fighting bad guys. It also lets them always claim victory since >see this tree Ivan? It was planted by Hitler himself. Alright folks mission accomplished lol we can go home.
>>34443 >Odessa is not only important for its agricultural output, but also port and ship manufacturing facilities left from USSR. If Russia manages to push all the way to Transistria, as wishes for it were expressed in the past, it will basically reduce Ukraine to USA colony even more. It will also cut off grain production from European market. Making Europe dependant on Russian energy, raw materials and food would be smart move if it could be pulled off. Wouldn't this just make the Senior partners of NATO even more warmongery than usual? Junior partners will probably stay neutral or even switch sides but I can't see a future where France and the UK bow down to Russia.
>>34450 Well, I think as log as they consider they can fight Russia by pumping weapons in Ukraine, they'll continue to do so. We'll see their reaction if Russia manages to severely cripple Ukrainian Army. Maybe they'll escalate, maybe they'll back down, time will tell.
Rybar sitrep for 15-05-2022 >The Russian Armed Forces attacked a warehouse with foreign weapons near Lvov. >The offensive near Izyum continues from the direction of Pashkovka to Gusarovka, battles are being waged for the Slavyansk-Barvenkovo ​​road. >Under Severodonetsk, the zone of control is expanding, the battles for Voronovo have begun. >The cleansing of Toshkivka continues, as well as the attack on the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the New York area. In Avdeevka, Novobakhmutovka, Sands and Novomikhailovka positional battles. >A counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was thwarted in the Gulyai-Pole area.
Reports coming in about ongoing negotiations at Azovstal. Looks like a group of around 10 men extied Azovstal and are negotiating on behalf of a larger group. Uncertain if they're Azov or regular Ukrainian army.
>>34449 Pro-Russian Telegram channels sometimes call destroyed individuals of the Ukrainian combined forces as Nazis, even when they're not from literal Neo Nazi forces. Sounds like Russia is conflating all extremist/anti-Russian/whatever right-wing ideologies with National Socialism. I can see the wisdom in a man simplifying who the enemy is by putting all extreme anti-Russians into the same basket. Especially if they're shooting at him.
>>34452 Pretty nice gains for something brit glowies claim lost 1/3 of their forces and shouldnt be operational anymore. >>34453 Finally. >>34454 In short, russians use nazi sae way we use jews.
>>34452 >The cleansing of Toshkivka continues, ukies claim they blown the dam in Vozdvyzhenka south close to Toshkivka
Open file (1.18 MB 272x480 1CPpv1H80oyc4mZB.mp4)
>>34452 >>34456 found the video of the dam, some of Toshkivka must be underwater, the river is flowing in that direction
>>34456 Dunno man, its 14 km apart from toshkivka going through flat fields for the most of it. That whole field will be fucked up swamp but I doubt it will affect toshkivka too much Also looking at google they seem to have digged this cannal long ago.
>>34453 >Uncertain if they're Azov or regular Ukrainian army. they are going to be taken to a hospital in Russian controlled Novoazovs'k so I'd doubt azov would agree to be transferred to Russian controlled territory
>>34458 I thought Troits'ke was Toshkivka, it's hard figuring out villages because sometimes the Russian and Ukrainian names are different
>>34455 >Pretty nice gains for something brit glowies claim lost 1/3 of their forces and shouldnt be operational anymore I might be a simple grunt who only completed basic training as a volunteer, but even I can tell you that an army that loses 1/3 of its fighting strength is not an army that keeps on advancing, and Russia is still advancing in Donbass where future of the war will be decided. If you lose that much men and not replace it it the field quickly, you're begging for peace, not increasing your demands as Russians recently did. >>34459 Who knows, even Germans in Stalingrad saw writing on the wall. Some of them even survived the war and returned home.
Due to the decision of Finland to join NATO, Russia has been increasing its troop concentration towards Finnish border. Nothing extravagant so far, few Iskander-M SLBM, and Bastion ASM have been spotte redeploying there.
>>34460 >it's hard figuring out villages because sometimes the Russian and Ukrainian names are different The base name stays the same from Russian to Ukrainian most of the time with only the conjugation at the end differing based on Russian vs Ukrainian grammar rules. Obviously there are exceptions to this rule but most of those exceptions involve historical context where the town goes by two distinct names meaning different things.
Looks like Azov doesn't want to play anymore. They startes crawling out of their holes. First batch has surrendered, mostly wounded, some fit. Russians stated they will be transferred to DNR/LNR medical facilities, unknown what will they have in plan for them in long terms. Probably captivity.
>>34467 >Russians stated they will be transferred to DNR/LNR medical facilities If Russians planned to keep them in captivity for themselves it's more likely they'd be transferred to Crimean facilities. Since that's not the case (at least yet), it's likely they'd be under DNR/LNR's custody which in turn means they'll probably be prosecuted under their laws (which allow for death penalty). Sucks for Azov.
>>34468 Well, unless they decide to exchange them for some reason. There was allegedly some talk about exchange, but mostly rumors. I think exchange would be a massive mistake and send a wrong message to the Russian people while heading out propaganda victory to Ukrainians. They should have more than enough other POWs from the ranks of regular Ukrainian army if they wish to exchange them. Still, very early to say anything, the surrendering just started, more details will surely emerge in the next few days.
>More from Vladlen. >1. 20 seriously wounded, 31 relatively healthy surrendered at Azovstal >2. Surrendered one of the resistance groups, which actually broke away from the main group. >3. Surrendered under guarantees of saving lives. >4. No one promised to exchange them. >5. "Kalina" is just a "talking mouth". Posted by Rybar, I have no ide who Vladen is, maybe some correspondent.
Open file (275.65 KB 1080x1656 1652722622787.png)
>>34470 Vladlen Tatarsky, a military journo and former member of LNR militia.
>>34471 Is there an article or something to confirm this? I don't trust random people on twitter.
>>34471 I feel like then joining nato is just a prelude to getting their military industry fucked over by american companies.
>>34473 >As for the expansion, including the accession of two prospective new members, Finland and Sweden, I would like to inform you, colleagues, that Russia has no problems with these states. No problems at all! In this sense, therefore, there is no direct threat to Russia in connection with NATO’s expansion to these countries. But the expansion of its military infrastructure to these territories will certainly evoke a response on our part. We will see what it will be like based on the threats that are created for us. But generally speaking, problems are being created from nothing. So, we will respond to it in a fitting manner. https://en.kremlin.ru/events/president/transcripts/68418 Basically just another case of either cherrypicking or wishful thinking.
>>34471 >w..we didn't care anyway!
>According to some reports, at this moment an emergency meeting of the Ukrainian leadership is taking place on Bankova Street on the issue of how to present the surrender of the Ukrainian military and members of other paramilitary groups at Azovstal to the population and the West. Unconfirmed. But if true, then it validates my suspicion of how even if there are no foreign VIP's in Azovstal, then Azov surrendering is still a strategically significant PR win for Russia and loss for Ukraine. Because of how "legendary" Azov is to Ukraine.
>>34471 Makes sense. Russia has always pushed America and the UK as their existential threats, not NATO itself. This is just classic doublespeak. >>34475 Russia is pretty much saying "we aren't arbiters of what alliances you haphazardly join, just don't put troops on our borders. Basically a machismo "bring it on" approach.
>>34477 Azov is like half the reason this war exists so Ukraine loses their high ground when Azov's leadership is kill while Azov itself was split among the rank and file early in the war as a shitpost against Russia. There's a lot of local questions being asked of Ukraine and the fact remains that this will be their first major morale loss during the offensive right on the verge of several more. If I was Russia I'd be getting those surrendered troops clean sheets and good meals in order to prop them against a camera and use them for propaganda.
>"They're not taken away, they left Azovstal, they're not captured" >"They're in 'voluntary captivity, OK?'" >"They have successfully completed task" Lmao
>>34470 Hearing reports of at least 200+ surrendered at Azovstal.
>>34482 Western sources reporting 10 buses.
>>34482 Quite possible, first few reports were around 10 for the first group that negotiated for the group, then another 50, then 300+. These are preliminary reports, no exact numbers but like >>34483 said, around 10 busses were spotted ,and several medical vehicles. The most recent news were : >In total, 2227 people are blocked in Azovstal (aprox. 300 left today) >There are even pregnant servicemen (women) >Surrender will continue tomorrow from 4am. That last report is third party, so not sure if 100% true numbers
>>34471 Russia has no need for Finnish or Scandinavian land to be honest, they want to threaten as much of Eastern Europe as possible and will probably only reiterate if offensive military installations are placed on Finnish soil. And since this is no longer the 1940s you can expect that Putler could just ask the Finnish prime minister if she wants Helsinki slightly singed or razed to the ground and she'll back down.
Turkey has confirmed it will veto Finland and Sweden from joining NATO.
>Ukraine confirms: Deputy Defense Minister Anna Malyar said that 53 seriously wounded Ukrainian soldiers were taken from Azovstal to Novoazovsk, another 211 people were taken to Yelenovka (both cities are in the territory controlled by the “DPR”). Total 264 So it wasnt exactly 300+ as first reports suggested, but 264 is not too shabby number either.
>>34487 Anyone sane should oppose the two joining NATO until the other NATO-aspiring nations are let in. You don't get to become part of a super sekret club just because of mutual enemies and a general hostility shown towards a neighbor with deep historical context.
>>34484 Is it finally it? With end of azovs >defense of Mariupol and russians gaining ground all around Donetsk front, ukraine will have to send their reddit gladiators on some high stakes suicide mission to improve ratings and troop morale. Any bets on what it will be this time? >Snake island, again >raid into russian countryside >push towards Kupiansk. Rumors say that it is already in plans. >Push towards Volchansk. Place your bets now and get a free gypsy-certified BMP-1 >>34485 Not to mention that Finland (sweden is not even worth mentioning) already was strongly alligned with nato so it virtually changes nothing.
Rybar sitrep for 16.05.2022 >The situation in the north of the Kharkiv region continues to deteriorate. >Mobile sabotage and reconnaissance groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine operate on the eastern bank of the Seversky Donets. Separate small columns were seen on the near approaches to Volchansk. >Presumably, the crossing was built in the Khotomli region, where the work of Ukrainian MLRS is also noted. Local residents do not confirm the entrance of units to the settlement itself. >The transfer of the main Ukrainian forces to the eastern coast has not yet begun: the Armed Forces of Ukraine operate precisely in mobile groups, periodically probing the defenses of the RF Armed Forces and aiming artillery. >Battles near Cossack Lopan: the Russian Armed Forces managed to defeat one Ukrainian DRG, taking two Ukrainian servicemen prisoner. Russian forces fire barrage at Ukrainian positions. >In the Donetsk region, the offensive is successfully developing in several directions at once. >On the Liman direction, the allied forces occupied Novoselka, Drobyshevo, Shandrigolovo, cutting the Liman-Svyatogorsk highway. >To the north of Avdiivka, advancement on several sectors of the front at once. >Novoselovka II was taken, battles are going on for Kamenka. Novoselovka was taken, Troitskoe was cleared. The first reports of the entry of Russian forces into New York have been received: there are battles for the outskirts. Units of the 54th and 110th ombr of the Armed Forces of Ukraine suffer losses. >Heavily wounded nationalists surrendered at the Mariupol Azovstal plant. Ukrainian propaganda is all part of a cunning and well thought out plan. >In the Lugansk region, active hostilities continue. >Near Severodonetsk, battles began for the villages of Shchedrishchevo and Voronovo located to the north of the city. >To the south, Toshkovka was taken under full control. >There is an offensive from Popasna in three directions. >One direction of the offensive is through Novozvanovka towards the Trinity and Svetlodar arcs. >The second - through the village of Druzhba along the railway to Tripoli, cutting off the Seversk grouping from Bakhmut and leveling the front line. >The third direction of the strike is through Alexandropol to Kamyshevakha and Vrubovka, closing the enemy’s Severodonetsk-Lisichansk grouping into a cauldron >Near Malinovka in the Zaporozhye region, the Armed Forces of Ukraine made an unsuccessful counteroffensive attempt and suffered heavy losses (up to 230 people were killed and wounded).
Open file (17.68 MB 720x1280 IMG_2285.MP4)
the defenders of Mariupol carried out the order, despite all the difficulties, withdrew the overwhelming forces of the enemy for 82 days and allowed the Ukrainian army to regroup, train more personnel and receive a large number of weapons from partner countries. No weapon will work without professionally trained servicemen, making them the most valuable element of the army. In order to save lives, the entire Mariupol garrison is implementing the approved decision of the Supreme Military Command and hopes for the support of the Ukrainian people. from Azov's telgram https://t.me/polkazov/4486 >>34490 >Is it finally it? it looks it.
>>34490 Russians seem to be intensifying their offensive, last few days were marked by some significant gains. Only place they're yielding ground is around Kharkov, My bet is all of the above. gib T-80BU or no deal
>>34447 >Then what the fuck does de-Nazification mean Probably just forcing Ukraine to stop attacking the breakaway providences which at this point it seems like Ukraine isn't going to have anything left to do that with if they keep up their dumb bullshit. Basically they will leave Ukraine as a gay US colony with none of the food production capability or sea access it used to have. I guess making 50% more on their oil sales and the Ruble being stronger than ever can also be considered secondary victories. For all the people that were saying this war was going to be the end of Russia at the beginning it sure has strengthened their position in the world. Hell they even got all the western companies to leave Russia themselves so now they can't push the globohomo on Russia anymore. Everything seems to be coming up Putin lately.
>>34494 >they even got all the western companies to leave Russia themselves so now they can't push the globohomo on Russia anymore Speaking of which, they've now announced that with Renault leaving, they're going to use the production lines to resume production of the Moskvich car line.
>>34492 >That Telegram. Shhh. Nobody tell them about Donbass.
>>34496 So not only has the west kickstarted a Russian fast food industry but an auto industry as well. Fucking good job with those sanctions retards. Why don't they just send them all the specs for NATO weapons so they can make those too?
>>34487 Even Finland and Sweden themselves have said that even though they wan to join NATO, they don't want any foreign military bases or nukes stationed in their countries.
>>34498 >Why don't they just send them all the specs for NATO weapons so they can make those too? Anon, what do you think the "trophies" are if not a "working schematic" to reverse engineer?
I like how LiveUA updated Azovstal plant to claim the area the Ukrainians were evacuated from is Ukrainian territory. Is this what Canada means by its "we win when we die" strategy?
>>34501 Personally I like how the Ukrainian government agreeing to let Avozstal surrender and become Russian PoWs is being universally described as Ukraine "evacuating" its troops.
>>34501 >>34502 >russians leave territory without a fight >"major russian defeat" "utter embarrassment" >ukrop nazies get encircled and slaughtered for weeks >surrenders >"mission accomplished, boys. good work"
Open file (107.09 KB 960x1280 gebbels tier.jpg)
>>34503 I don't even know anymore man. It's all so tiresome
Continuation of surrender. Another batch this morning.
>>34469 Chairman of the Russian Parliament have announced today that the PoWs from Azovstal should not be exchanged and they'll be working on a formal ban of such.
>>34505 I don't care how they spin it anymore. Losing is losing. And these people worship losing. I've known this for a long time now. Still this war makes just how deep they will go to make losing their religion more clear than before.
>>34508 That's why I stoped following majority of Ukrainian sources, they just dishonest all the time. It's interesting that official Russian sources, while not lying, just don't say anything or pick their words very carefully, but not outright lie. Meanwhile official Ukrainian MoD would post Arma 3 footage and claim it was real, post a picture of crashed Ka-52 from 2015 and just slap on new title, claiming it was shot down yesterday. Even a 4 star US General tweeted Arma 3 SAM footage. The absolute lack of analysis by these people is ming boggling. It's funny, because you have couple of faggots posting 'vatnik cope' even though they're the ones that have monopoly on cope. Sure, there's cope from pro Russian side too, but nowhere nearly as on pro Ukrainian side.
>>34509 projection isn't a fairy tale, I thought that after browsing boards for 10+ years people would pick up on that by now
>>34511 It's long past evolved from projection. It's downring delirium.
You know, I find Kharkov front fascinating. Russians still should have metric fuckton of artillery in there, ukrops according to rumors crossed the river at seversky donetsk, which 4um tier retards try to push as a grand victory, but it also prevents their retreat. Sure the russian supply lines are potentially in range of ukrop arty, but not without being in range of counterbattery attacks, and we all know how easy it is to fix train tracks. Shit will be good, I can feel it in my bones. My bet is on ukrainians attempting to push towards Kupiansk to cut off resources for Izium front, just to find themselves encircled in an empty field and leaving kharkov with skeleton crew. >>34507 Too bad, they are valuable prisoners for propaganda reasons. Just imagine what could be bargained in such an exchange >we will give you some starved morlocks to parade around Kiev >you will release all our prisoners and return some of our captured tanks
>>34505 >>34503 I didn't even see it this way. Just saw it as: >Ok, you've done a good enough job, you don't have to hold out now. Though maybe that's because I don't watch any mainstream media. >>34462 Do they want to give these to some random Finish snipers?
>>34471 Sweden, yes?
>>33944 No. One side cannot win in purely military terms, and the other doesn't want to. The Kiev guys are poor vassals who cannot win without help from their suzerain. It looks like serious help isn't going to come, ever. The Kremlins don't seem to try and push harder. Which may mean they are surprisingly sane this time, in that instead of jumping the bait only to take losses and help to create yet another lame clone of Balkans next door, they slowly pressure Kiev team into increasing desperation until either collapse or a coup/defection. The grand objective of a war is a better peace, after all. Which seems possible, since Ukraine was given kickbacks for the puppets, not resources, so they had to beg or steal all this time. And now even the puppets got to feel screwed over. Hmm.
>>34503 >russians use western style shock and awe to try to end war quickly >fail >hahaha russian tactics suck, see how superior NATO tactics ukrainians were trained in are?
>>34522 >>34524 Yeah it looks like Russia has decided to fall back on just grinding Ukraine down. Which the US is fine with because they're willing to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian. Europe on the other hand seems like it's getting a bit cold feet on that. https://archive.ph/QUaqU
>>34524 To be fair, in modern times, shock and awe tactics just doesn't work in any territory that has more than 3 bushes per square kilometer. It worked in low population density desert, but won't work pretty much any European country. The only way I can see it work is to carpet bomb your route up to and including the enemy capital and pant a flag on top of the rubble. >>34526 Didn't they say few days ago they won't accept any territorial changes in Ukraine? And Russian seem to be in the process of fully integrating Kherson and other occupied capured liberated territories. Especially interesting is they almost immediately implemented system for buying agricultural produce off the population.
>>34528 Yeah, I am glad that at least russians put this retarded tactic out of debate. >Didn't they say few days ago they won't accept any territorial changes in Ukraine? They have been saying this for months, even when russians gave them rather favorable terms. They want this war. There is no will at all to participate in peace talks on ukrainian side. >Especially interesting is they almost immediately implemented system for buying agricultural produce off the population. Its really the only thing they produce in here, that you can also feed your troops with and cut down on logistical footprint. Buying food at good rates is also a great way to pacify farmers. Hell, my grandpa when germans invaded was happy because he could sell pigs to them for like twice the price.
>>34529 >They want this war. Yeah, they finally got their chance to attempt to knock out Russia for foreseeable future. I don't think Russia will go down without fight. So far, at least on the surface, they seem to be doing pretty good regarding the sanctions. Funny thing is, I think Russia has gone "Fuck it, we'll depopulate Ukrainian fighting age men so Ukraine doesn't pose any long term threat, and anybody who surrenders will rebuild Ukraine without die hard hostile views regarding us, especially since we've been treating them very good as POW". That's my crackpot theory. The only real scenarios for Russia to lose this war is: A/ War becomes unpopular home (I don't think that's gonna happen) B/ Their economy tanks ( So far, it's doing fine, from what I've seen, but I could be wrong ) C/ Some sort of revolution or a coup ( Most likely imo, but still very unlikely) And honestly, all the aforementioned scenarios are far more likely to happen in Ukraine. >Hell, my grandpa when germans invaded was happy because he could sell pigs to them for like twice the price. Kek, war, war never changes.
Open file (17.05 MB 480x848 IMG_0400.MP4)
>>34492 Andriy Yevheniyovych Biletsky first commander of the Azov Regiment makes a video on the Azovstal situation.
>>34447 "Denazification" may have the same meaning as after the Second World War: kangaroo courts, soldier and citizen reeducation, party banning, political restraints, deindustrialization, and settlement. If they push to Kiev, a wall or some other barrier may even be constructed. If any Azov or claimed Azov members are allowed to survive, they'll almost definitely be brought in front of a court to expose embellished atrocities where judge and jury have already decided the death sentence. If they capture the comedian, it'll be run in the press as if they are finally making Hitler stand trial. He'll either be used as a humiliated puppet by the West for Polish and NATO installations or ousted if they can't get their hands on him. Of course, these could only really happen on the scale Russia would want if the war is won in an overwhelming victory. Something like other European powers stepping in would produce limited but still favorable results, seeing a humiliation for the Ukraine because they couldn't even negotiate their own loss and may fall into a population collapse. Regardless, trials of Azov and political restructuring are almost certain in a victory scenario.
>>34524 >>34528 It's more like Shock and Awe works against either poorly trained militias to make them realize what the fuck they're dealing with and force mass desertion or to demoralize countries that are all about "face". Shock and Awe would kill North Korea or China but it would fail miserably against Russia or any other European nation, in fact I think it just makes the population even more uppity about killing the SOBs that bombed them, kind of how terror bombing only worked in the Spanish Civil War and yet it didn't in any other theater for the same reasons. >>34529 >Its really the only thing they produce in here, that you can also feed your troops with and cut down on logistical footprint. Buying food at good rates is also a great way to pacify farmers. Hell, my grandpa when germans invaded was happy because he could sell pigs to them for like twice the price. Didn't the druggies in Afghanistan really like US occupation for the same reason? Farmers are the MvPs of any conflict. >>34532 I think that the nationalization of private businesses in Russia is a double edged sword, as on the surface it seems just like Russia acquired industrial capacity out of thin air, but on the other hand they lost most of the personnel, most of the knowledge, will have to either bootleg intellectual property or re-negotiate with hostile nations and worst of all they will not be able to export it to any non Asian / African country. Only good parts about it is the fact they already have the infrastructure built for the new companies, natural resources are abundant and at least as far as food goes all their restaurant chains will do wonders. But any heavy industry, car manufacturing, processors etc. I feel like they're just shrivel up and die once the gains from the war run thin. >>34535 To add to this, de-nazification (de-stalinization too) just means "get the enemy soldiers to switch sides". After WW2 both East and West Germany just reintegrated their own share of the Wehrmacht into a new fighting force.
DNR reporting 962 Ukrainian PoWs from Azovstal now, they've been surrendering all night.
Open file (816.93 KB 1280x720 Russian strike on m777.mp4)
Looks like the Ukrnaians are not the only ones with kamikaze drones. Russians found M777 battery and attacked it with said drones.
>>34539 Needs Stuka noises.
>>34540 >not screeching "Blyaaat" as it descends with around hounded other Blyatzai drones. ngl that shit would terrify me
>>34539 >Another clear miss like that first video of a Switchblade drone. Operator failure? Overrated equipment? Both? The video evidence for suicide drones is very underwhelming so far.
Today Turkey released its ultimatums for allowing the joining of Sweden and Finland into NATO. >Declaration by Sweden and Finland of the Kurdistan Workers' Party and its derivatives as terrorist organizations; >The lifting of the arms embargo; >Re-entry into the program of the F-35 fighter; >Approval of a new package of purchases of F-16 fighters; >Removal of sanctions on Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems.
>>34543 I think it's combination of all of the above. It's still relatively new weapon system and made by the lowest bidder. It's designed to be as cheap as possible since it's one use anyway, which means you kinda need to skimp out on any decent receivers, electronics and propulsion. Honestly, something like Krasnopol has proven to be a rather efficient design. If it was up to me I'd try to streamline the design and ramp up production to get price per unit as low as its possible.
>>34544 Imagine enraging a key NATO member over a bunch of Kurds Though in the event the rest of NATO proceeds (illegally) to make Sweden and Finland join, do you think Turkey would leave? And do you think it will just open a new can of worms (Northern Cyprus, Syria, pipelines etc.)?
Open file (164.42 KB 512x512 file_94678772.jpg)
>Moscow Duma has proposed to rename the small square where US embassy building is located into "Donbass Defenders Square"
Statements by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Khusnullin: >The prospect of the Zaporozhye region is to work in our friendly Russian family; >Russia will restore all the liberated territories of Ukraine, finance it, decisions have been made; >In all liberated territories of Ukraine, it is planned to launch the maximum turnover of the ruble; >In the Zaporozhye region, residents will receive pensions and salaries in rubles this month, so that the ruble will gradually replace the hryvnia; >All the roads that connect the liberated territories of Ukraine with Russia, we will put in order; >Zaporozhye NPP will work for Russia, but is ready to supply electricity to Ukraine if they pay for it.
>>34544 >buy the watermelon or else
>>34547 isn't there a suspension of staff for U.S. consulates inside Russia?
>>34539 >only 3 seconds Why?
>>34553 Because at the time that was the only footage and I didn't want to double post when second version came out. On the second version there's a footage of drone following relocation of howitzers and then M777's got hammered again with regular artillery.
Open file (32.30 KB 600x450 1434673260149.jpg)
Google's Russian subsidiary plans to file for bankruptcy after the authorities seized its bank account, making it impossible to carry on operations, a Google spokesperson said on Wednesday. Alphabet Inc's Google (GOOGL.O) Google has been under pressure in Russia for months for failing to delete content Moscow deems illegal and for restricting access to some Russian media on YouTube, but the Kremlin has so far stopped short of blocking access to its platforms. "The Russian authorities seizure of Google Russia's bank account has made it untenable for our Russia office to function, including employing and paying Russia-based employees, paying suppliers and vendors, and meeting other financial obligations," a Google spokesperson said. "Google Russia has published a notice of its intention to file for bankruptcy." A TV channel owned by a sanctioned Russian businessman said in April that bailiffs had seized 1 billion roubles ($15 million) from Google over its failure to restore access to its YouTube account, but this is the first time the U.S. tech giant has said its bank account as whole has been seized. read more Google did not immediately confirm whether it was the seizure of those funds that led to its intention to file for bankruptcy, or whether other seizures had occurred. The database of Russia's Federal Bailiffs Service listed two seizures since mid-March, without specifying the amounts, as well as other fines and enforcement fees. The service confirmed that it had seized Google assets and property. A note posted on Russia's official registry Fedresurs on Wednesday said the Google subsidiary was: "submitting a notice of the intention to declare itself insolvent (bankrupt)." "Since March 22, 2022, it foresees its own bankruptcy and inability to fulfil its monetary obligations, demands to pay severance payments and (or) the remuneration of staff working or previously working under an employment contract, and (or) the obligation to make mandatory payments within the prescribed period," the note said. FREE SERVICES TO STAY Google, which has paused the vast majority of its commercial operations in Russia in the wake of Moscow sending tens of thousands of troops into Ukraine on Feb. 24, said its free services, including Search, YouTube, Gmail, Maps, Android and Play, would remain available for Russian users. Russia said on Tuesday it was not planning to block Google's YouTube, in spite of repeated threats and fines, acknowledging that such a move would likely see Russian users suffer and should therefore be avoided. Rostelecom (RTKM.MM) Chief Executive Mikhail Oseevskiy said on Wednesday that Google was operating as normal in the country, including all its servers, the TASS news agency reported. In December, Russia handed Google a 7.2 billion rouble charge for what Moscow said was a repeated failure to delete content Russia deems illegal, the first revenue-based penalty in that kind of case in Russia. That fine increased by 506 million roubles due to an enforcement fee, bailiffs data showed. The Russian subsidiary's 2021 revenue was 134.3 billion roubles, Interfax news agency's Spark database of Russian companies showed. https://www.reuters.com/markets/europe/googles-russian-subsidiary-files-bankruptcy-document-2022-05-18/
>>34555 https://archive.is/0ohs5 Don't direct link to semitic websites.
>>34544 Well damn. Watermelon merchant is actually proving himself competent for his handlers. Too bad he doesn't realize this is a personal grudge for them.
>>34548 >Zaporozhye NPP will work for Russia, but is ready to supply electricity to Ukraine if they pay for it. That's some peak shitposting right there.
Open file (88.80 KB 1000x667 FS_eiBSWIAI7eGB.jpg)
Open file (255.90 KB 2048x1365 FS_eiBMWYAI_EL2.jpg)
Open file (230.00 KB 2048x1365 FS_eiBUXsAUcANd.jpg)
Open file (188.84 KB 2048x1365 FS_eiBWWYAY10GJ.jpg)
Open file (10.11 MB 1024x576 OSwaYwahz1XIAvQe.mp4)
some of the photos from Azovstal >Top-ranking Ukrainian commanders at Mariupol's Azovstal steelworks are still inside the plant and have yet to surrender, local media quoted pro-Russian separatist leader Denis Pushilin as saying on Wednesday. >They have not left (the plant)" as of now, he said.
>>34559 >tfw no Valhalla for you Notice the British flag patch on a guy in third picture, bottom right.
Open file (1.82 MB 480x848 IMG_5237.MP4)
Open file (1.53 MB 352x640 IMG_3724.MP4)
Open file (4.75 MB 1280x720 IMG_3722.MP4)
Open file (2.35 MB 688x848 IMG_5320.MP4)
Open file (11.61 MB 848x480 IMG_3797.MP4)
Open file (3.22 MB 640x368 IMG_3796.MP4)
allegedly ukies blown up the Krasny Lyman dam
>>34560 That's quite likely because bongs replace their uniforms regularly, and sell the old ones on the open market. Hohols might simply bought a few of those, and didn't bother to remove the patch. I think we would have heard it already if they managed to capture actual British soldiers there.
>>34564 Could be a volunteer look at the hands at the bottom left in the forth picture.
>>34557 They can't afford to piss Turkey off to much or there goes their safe staging point into the middle east. Not to mention that Turkey is the gateway of Arabia into Europe and controls the Bosporus.
>>34555 Good, Alphabet bleeds and other Search Engines can take its place If I were in their shoes though I'd delist or downgrade the ranking of all Russian websites regardless of content
Terminators are getting deployed to Sewerodonetsk.
>>34568 >Russia has developed its own anti-drone laser capability and is already using it in Ukraine, Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov claimed in an interview on Wednesday. It has a range of 5km and was nicknamed Zadira, or ‘troublemaker’ in Russian, he said. He didn’t disclose any other details about the new device. Looks like much of Russia's cool and expensive experimental toys are coming out for safer two-way live fire exercises, now that most of Ukraine's professional military is demilitarized or about to be demilitarized.
Open file (5.85 MB 1024x576 ne paak.mp4)
>>34568 1st video >This time, the platoon of the 3rd battalion of the 115th Brigade of the AFU refused to defend Severodonetsk, recording an appeal to Zelensky and the commander-in-chief of the AFU Zaluzhny >"We refuse to carry out combat missions because we do not have reinforcements from behind. No heavy machinery. We have been waiting for reinforcements for 2 weeks, but there is no one. We are being sent to certain death. There is no command. There is no technique and respect for people. ... in such conditions, we refuse to perform combat mission 2nd video In Russia, the first members of Ukrainian nationalist groups are put on trial: a criminal case has been opened against Denis Muryga from Aidar. In early 2015, Muryga, on his own initiative, joined the Aidar national battalion, and was subsequently appointed deputy commander of a unit in Lisichansk, Lugansk region. In 2019, he took part in the blowing up of the bridge, as a result of which sentries of the People's Militia of the LPR were killed.
>>34571 That first vid reminds me of the French soldiers doing the same in ww1. Except that they needed years of trench warfare to get to that point.
The Russian Defense Ministry announced a new provocation that Kiev is preparing: >The captured Ukrainian military reported that a provocation is being prepared in Konstantinovka in the DPR according to the "Buchinsky" scenario >Ukrainian militants disguised in Russian uniforms with white armbands should shoot civilians on camera >Provocation in Konstantinovka, video recorders of allegedly random cars will be removed. These shots are replicated by Western media
>>34571 I wonder how they feel amongst themselves about who chose to show their faces in the video and who chose to wear balaclavas.
>>34573 So the Ruskies are preparing to warcrime Konstantinovka. Good to know.
>>34577 >le epic double play that will be uncritically picked up and used against russia with no advantage to them whatsoever yeah, ok. we will eat that shit right up and you know that. it's obviously not in russia's interest to do such a retarded stunt
Looks like Russians re re took Ternova on the border.
>>34578 Not in its interest, but in its nature. Russia delights in murder, rape, and plunder. They've done this in every war they've ever been in.
>Turkey informs NATO members that it will say no to membership of Sweden and Finland Heh.
>>34571 update on the second video the trial started today at 1:00 Leninsky District Court of Rostov-on-Don. Dmitry Steshin reports that last night at about 21.00 Deputy commander of Azov "Kalina" surrendered at Azovstal. no confirmation though. a total of 1,730 have surrendered from the past few days.
Open file (173.24 KB 1136x740 Journalistic integrity.jpeg)
I wonder, do 'journalist' actually know the truth and they just spin the story anyway knowing gullible retards will belive them, or do they actually have zero comprehention about what they're talking about? It wouldn't be that hard to learn what camo which side uses, and which models of equipment.
dpr map
>>34584 I mean what did you expect from people summed up as urbanite leftists? I wonder what the real tally of the river crossing will be. Maybe we will know once the war is over. Either way, this place is a fortress on the level of Azovstal, and only competent troops in ukraine are in there. Must be a real meatgrinder. >>34580 Glad to know we still have some pro-ukraine people in here. Keeps the place fresh.
>>34584 I don't know those details either, so I'm not sure what your image is pointing out. But then, I don't have the obligation to know that comes from broadcasting my interpretation to millions of people while declaring myself a bastion of truth and anti-disinformation.
>>34588 He is talking about russian defeat at the attempted river crossing, while showing ukrainian t-64 russians do not use anymore, actually confirming russian claims that it was contested and not all loses in it were russian. Its interesting matter, the place at this point is a strategic point all on its own due to the amount of wrecks that can be repaired.
>>34587 I doubt we're gonna get any halfway decent and unbiased reports from the field in the next two decades. >>34588 In that picture CNN posted footage form the 'victory over Russian forces, 80 vehicles destroyed, 1000 men mauled etc, etc. But if we take a closer look at the camo from destroyed tanks it's digital camo pattern that Ukrnaians use, not to mention T64 is the mainstay of Ukrainian tank forces. They literally posted destroyed Ukranian tanks and tried to sell it as Russian. They could have at least shown footage of an actual pontoon bridge and actual destroyed Russian equipment. It's all just a cheap way to manipulate stupid people.
>>34583 > Deputy commander of Azov "Kalina" surrendered at Azovstal a video came out Kalina is still inside the plant, there's an estimated 500-600 people still left inside the plant according to Russian sources.
Open file (991.95 KB 155x155 1484933846054.gif)
>>34568 >Terminators are getting deployed to Severodonetsk
Russia will likely win the war, but lose the peace, the more i think about it the more i see this as a major geopolitical blunder from Moscow https://y.com.sb/watch?v=9dIjrNwXgrU >>34591 Will he go the way of their great leader?
Looks like massive gains today for Russian and pro Russian forces. Awaiting visual update for maps.
Open file (1.02 MB 1024x660 ClipboardImage.png)
>>34592 Yeah. BMPT "Terminator". Experimental, urban combat Tank Support Fighting Vehicle. Shit has long range, visibility and gun elevation. It can snipe ukr in his commie block when he is playing dota from 4 kilometers away. >>34593 Everyone will lose the peace. Europe will become bantustan tier without russian resources.
>BMPTs >Still no T14s Fucking hell, where is it Putler?
Russia claims to have deployed Zadira anti-drone lasers and successfully shot a drone down. Ukraine has responded that such things are like German Wunderwaffen and claiming to have deployed them is proof that Russia "has no chance in the war" and is on the brink of defeat. Western analysts say that it may be premature to draw that conclusion, but say that anti-drone lasers are a terrible idea because "any anti-aircraft missile would have been cheaper, faster and longer range." They also speculate that Russia may use lasers to commit war crimes instead, trying to blind Ukrainians with them.
>>34597 >any anti-aircraft missile would have been cheaper doubt.jpg Isnt the major selling point of a laser weapon system dirt cheap cost per shot? Sure, the whole system would be costly since the portable, weapons grade laser technology is in relative infancy, but it would cost literally cents to fry optics of pricey UAV if not downright destroying it.
>>34597 >but say that anti-drone lasers are a terrible idea because "any anti-aircraft missile would have been cheaper, faster and longer range." But have unlimited ammo and lower logistical footprint. Also no ammo explosions. >>34598 Its even more costly since apparently it has its own nuclear reactor. >>34596 I wouldnt be surprised if we saw them soon. Most likely in Kharkov front if ukrainians decide to push it.
>>34598 Yes. Israel claims their anti-drone and anti-missile laser system works out to $3.50 per shot.
Open file (337.78 KB 1327x591 Untitled.png)
>>34594 seems like there's a big push towards soledar
>>34599 >Its even more costly since apparently it has its own nuclear reactor. Does it really? I'm not familiar with that specific system, but wouldn't that make for bad energy supply? The main problem is transistors, capacitors and storage when it comes to such systems. >>34600 >3.50$ I'd buy that for a dollar 3.50$
>>34601 Not just Popasna. Kharkov, Izyum and Severodonetsk marked advance of Russian Army
Open file (403.50 KB 803x655 logh_tiresome.png)
>>34597 >Ukraine has responded that such things are like German Wunderwaffen and claiming to have deployed them is proof that Russia "has no chance in the war" and is on the brink of defeat. Russia could take everything west of the Dnieper by the end of next week and Hohols would still say that they are on the brink of collapse.
Open file (323.07 KB 2048x1028 Izyum front.jpeg)
Open file (535.30 KB 2048x944 Severnodonetsk.jpeg)
Awaiting for Popasna direction update. Will post when it becomes available.
Open file (121.95 KB 675x1200 22444727_0.jpg)
These numbers seem a little too low to be Russia's doing. Both in overall age and number of rapes.
>>34604 The way that newspapers talk about this war reminds me of cartoon evil generals who think the first retreat means they've achieved total victory and not just that they're repositioning for a better attack.
Open file (374.67 KB 2048x1107 Zolote pocket forming.jpeg)
Open file (412.07 KB 2048x1062 Popasna axis.jpeg)
So overall. >Buffer zone re established around Kharkov and Russian border >Advances at Izyom, Severodonetsk >Zolote pocket forming, estimated to have decent amount of Ukranian troops in the towns,they'll probably retreat >Major advances around Popasna, possible pincer forming >Only one highway left open,other either taken or are withing fire control of Russian units. >Southern front, no changes
>>34591 I hope he realizes that if they do not surrender the deal is off and his troops will be all put next to the wall and shot. >>34608 Shit is wild.
>>34606 >raped by candlelight wew We're reaching "the Nazis stuck 25 centimeters of wood up my ass" levels of sensationalism.
>>34610 >raped by candlelight How romantic
>>34597 >Russia is making practically tested laser weapons real. >The West thinks this is a bad thing. The West is so boring and no fun allowed.
>>34610 Consider this: ukry had to find some way to convince west they need more support due to azovstal and loses. And this is the best they can do. Rumored counteroffensive on Izium? never materialized Cutting off Izium supplies by going for Volchansk/Kupiansk? not a sign. They do not have any initiative, they cannot move at fucking all while Russia can abandon entire regions without giving a fuck and pick whatever fights they want to fight. This war, as of now, is basically over, since its not tech or manpower that wins wars, but ability to maintain your logistics.
>>34610 did you read the one about the hand grenade in the piano?
>>34614 No. No I didn't.
Will it be ogre for Donbass front Hohols once Russians capture the Bakhmut rail depot?
Open file (58.59 KB 640x480 char sip.jpg)
>>34613 It's disgusting too because this all happened in roughly one political cycle, going from armed farmers and coal miners on one half and faggots on the other half (North/South not East/West) that nobody outside of Poland gave a fuck about to being the scapegoat for WWIII because roughly Europe's third largest standing army is incompetent and being led to the last man to defend rich people's "rights" to keep cheap child sex slaves and funnel money outside of the system. Therefore, we have to crash the world economy with no survivors over somebody else's war. >>34616 Anon it's already ogre if you've been following the rough frontline. Ukraine is dicking around on Snek Island losing invaluable pilots/men, and they are spreading their forces thin out in the ruins they created outside of Kharkiv getting their artillery that were causing Russia so many problems blown up to "take land" from a strategic retreat instead of staying put and sending out scouting parties to restore order in the charred remains. Meanwhile Russia is just about done encircling the Luhansk front, and is forcing Ukraine to rely on a highway for frontline supplies, knowing they can't defend a highway supply line nor keep it up because of gas shortages. The troops are already disobeying orders and telling Zelensky they intend to surrender at the first sign of combat if guns, booze, bread, and women or at least more soldiers aren't delivered immediately. The Ukrainians are being easily spooked into full mobilization by small forces which is keeping them from properly transporting supplies or defending key positions with more forces when they need to. Frankly I preferred the meatheads getting themselves blown up with telegram selfies and other stupid shit over this current performance.
Open file (199.15 KB 929x1478 Raped by Candlelight.jpg)
Open file (37.56 KB 500x385 Noice.jpg)
>>34618 >vapid wine aunt romance novel dreck, but with conscripts Jesus Christ how horrifying
>>34618 Movie when?
Open file (402.61 KB 2048x1148 Southern front.jpeg)
So there were actually changes on southern front. Last one for tonight. Some of you hohols are alright. Don't go do Zeleno Pole tommorow.
Open file (170.83 KB 480x433 1640712351457.png)
Still catching up, but Singapore-dude seems to think the happy front is about to not look so happy. >Ukraine sent their artillery from Kharkiv to Donbass >Nevermind their artillery was the only thing scaring Russians away >Talks of troops amassing to either attack Sumy or Kharkiv on the Russian side of the border >Russians shelled the shit out of Ukrainians and cut off their escape when they crossed their pontoon bridge into enemy territory https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etupFLmFOwY
There's apparently an "event" between the three big'uns covering the strategic situation: Facebook Event Link: https://fb.me/e/2AmiLjkr8 Zoom Event Link https://bit.ly/37QnWTA Date&Time: 23.05.2022 - 08:30 PM Central European Summer Time (CEST) I wish someone would smack some sense into them and get them to livestream it on jewtube.
>>34593 >Russia will likely win the war, but lose the peace Not if Europe doesn't decide to be retarded. I imagine that if not being able to run their country without Russian resources isn't enough to make them not be retarded their own starving people going Robespierre on them will.
>>34626 Somehow, somewhere, I smell a leaf profiting from this.
Open file (335.94 KB 996x1386 everything is bomb.jpg)
>>34628 I can believe it.
Open file (38.09 KB 400x400 doggo.jpg)
>>34618 >would read again/10
>>34584 >>34587 Given that to this day they have no idea what 4chan, 8kun and 8chan are and how different they are, or how any online website or service can't be held accountable for every single interaction between their users, I'm willing to say that it's 70% incompetence and 30% lugenpresse.
Open file (175.71 KB 1024x942 notices your bulge.jpg)
Uuuh, hoholsisters? I don't feel so good.
>>34631 >8chan >are Umm, Anon...
>Russian gas supplies to Finland will stop at 07:00 Moscow time on May 21, the Finnish company Gasum announced. The wording makes it sound like it is Finland who is turning off the gas.
Open file (258.46 KB 658x439 ClipboardImage.png)
>>34633 >russian >no source
Opening speech by the Russian Minister of Defence, General of the Army Sergei Shoigu, at the Russian Defence Ministry Board Session (https://t.me/mod_russia_en/1749) Key points About the special military operation >The liberation of the Lugansk People's Republic is nearing completion. The Ukrainian Armed Forces, trying to delay the advance of Russian troops, are not letting local residents out of cities and towns and are using them as human shield. >Suffering defeat on the "ground", the Kiev regime seeks to achieve at least short-term successes in certain areas, passing them off as major ones. >On the eve of Victory Day, the Ukrainian authorities made an adventurous attempt to seize Snake Island. This dubious action turned out to be a complete failure. Any provocation in the future would be severely dealt with >The blockade of the Azovstal plant continues. Nationalists blocked inside the plant are actively surrendering. To date, 1,908 people have laid down their arms. >The Russian Armed Forces are doing all they can to prevent civilian deaths. More than 1,377,000 people have been evacuated to Russia from dangerous regions of the people's republics, as well as from Ukraine, since the beginning of the special military operation. > would like the personnel for their professionalism, courage and heroism in accomplishing the tasks set by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief. On the situation in the Western strategic direction >The situation in the Western strategic direction is characterised by growing military threats near Russia's borders. Over the past eight years, US strategic bomber flights in Europe have increased 15-fold. American ships with guided missiles have entered the Baltic Sea on a systematic basis. >Finland and Sweden have applied to join NATO. Tensions continue to rise in the Western Military District's area of responsibility. Adopt adequate countermeasures. >By the end of the year, 12 military units will have been formed in the Western Military District. The ongoing organisational measures are synchronised with the supply of modern weapons and military equipment to the troops. On equipping the Aerospace Forces and the Navy with medium- and long-range unmanned aerial vehicle systems >Unmanned aerial vehicles are actively used by the Armed Forces for a wide range of missions. Over the past 10 years, their flight intensity has increased sevenfold and their annual flight time has risen 23-fold. Since 2015, unmanned aerial vehicles have been monitoring almost all of Syrian territory around the clock. >During the special military operation in Ukraine, UAVs conduct aerial reconnaissance and carry out selective point-blank strikes against enemy targets in dense urban areas, preventing damage to civilian infrastructure and civilian casualties. Information obtained from UAVs is transmitted in real time to consumers. This enables troops to react quickly to changes in the situation and act as effectively as possible. >The army and navy continue to receive modern systems with unmanned aerial vehicles for operational purposes. >Strategic UAVs are expected to be delivered in the near future. Their use will save pilots and significantly reduce the cost of reconnaissance and firing missions by reducing the consumption of ammunition and the resource of aircraft.
>>34638 Anyone have the meme where he's faced off against the 4 stronk, independynts of Yurope? One of whom is now the token president of the EU lol
Open file (7.05 MB 1280x688 IMG_5413.MP4)
Open file (738.54 KB 464x848 IMG_5414.MP4)
Open file (19.22 MB 1280x720 IMG_5405.MP4)
Open file (8.41 MB 848x832 IMG_5386.MP4)
1-2 kharviv administration building 3) more surrendering at azovstal 1387 marines and 177 civvies laid down their arms there 4) Severodonetsk 5) Malin, Zhytomyr region
>>34639 This one?
>>34640 Rybar report >The footage shows a convoy of Russian military equipment caught on fire in the center of Kamyshevakhi. About 7 units of military equipment were hit: you can see from the smoke that this is a rear column with ammunition. >Apparently, the convoy was heading to the Kamyshevakhi railway station for the transport of ammunition, and it was covered halfway. At night, several Bayraktar TB2 UAV crews were transferred to this section of the front: most likely, the Turkish “birds” provided reconnaissance and target designation, directing artillery strikes. Flying watermelon strikes again!
>Russia announces mass delivery of strategic drones to Russian forces. Shoigu says this is in order to make targeting easier and for units to not have to rely on Russian Air Force to target the Ukranians with precision strikes. Every unit will now be able to do this themselves Not reliable source, but there has been talks regarding drone delivery to frontline units.
>>34651 Do they even have them? Can they even procure them?
AZOV Battalion Mariupol Headquarters Walkthrough PT 1! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSKqqw511do Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGaRPNdNSoU I have it saved on my computer but the file is too large to post.
>>34654 Russians developed the precursor drone Erdogan's brother's drones are based on. They had just previously determined them to not be worth the costs associated with fielding them. They've probably determined that missiles are being rapidly diminished and this is the solution.
>>34636 It is Finland turning off the gas. The order for rubles went out to them too.
Open file (345.79 KB 3541x2508 95674051_p1.jpg)
Open file (435.87 KB 828x900 ClipboardImage.png)
Odessa Port
>>34654 The main problem is getting chips and optics for them. China and Malaysia can amend that. They're more than capable of designing UAV and providing them with powerplant and avionics. Russia has some fabless processor designs and I think they even manufacture some on their own, but quantity is probably limited as of this moment. I don't know if they have plans to kickstart their own chips and semiconductor manufacturing, startup for the is pretty pricey. But I digress. Check out Okhotnik Drone. Also, I think they meant commercial drones in the article. They also mentioned 'strategic drones', but they didn't specify what that entails, probably something like said Okhotnik.
Open file (2.66 MB 848x496 Volyna.MP4)
One of the tree top Azov officers was confirmed to have surrenderd. All three were said to have layed down their arms and were 'evacuated' to the Russian detention center. Only Volyna visually confirmed. Still waiting for Kalina and the other guy.
>>34663 Full MoD statement on Azovstal >The territory of the Azovstal metallurgical plant in Mariupol, where since April 21 this year. A group of Ukrainian militants of the Nazi formation "Azov" was blocked, completely released. >The underground facilities of the enterprise, where the militants were hiding, came under the full control of the Russian armed forces. In total, since May 16, during the operation, 2,439 Azov Nazis and military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who were blocked on the territory of the plant, laid down their arms and surrendered. >Today, May 20, the last group of 531 militants surrendered. >The so-called "commander" of the Nazis "Azov" because of the hatred of the Mariupol residents and the desire of the townspeople to punish him for numerous atrocities, was taken out of the territory of the plant in a special armored car. >On the completion of the operation and the complete liberation of the plant and the city of Mariupol from Ukrainian militants, the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, General of the Army S. Shoigu, reported to President of Russia V.V. Putin.
>>34664 I wonder what impact on morale would their surrender have. It was only a matter of time before they inevitably surrendered, so it should come as no surprise to anyone except sub 20iq twittertards. They even tried to spin the whole surrender thing, it was hilarious.
>>34665 >"A lot of pilots died trying to break through to Azovstal "Zelensky >The President of Ukraine acknowledged that the Armed Forces of Ukraine suffered significant losses among the flight crew, but could not organize an air corridor with the Azovstal plant in Mariupol I don't understand why Zelensky or any of his generals around him whom thought this was a good plan to travel 100 miles from the frontline deep into enemy territory let alone transport thousands of people out of the Azovstal.
Neat. So that's several thousand Russians freed up for other tasks, right? Looks like Russia is going for complete demoralization between Mariupol and Lysychansk.
>>34666 I don't know Satan, maybe they were sent to evacuate more 'sensitive' personnel? There was some rumors about high ranking wester officers trapped in Azovstal, not to mention a ton of foreign mercenaries, but who knows. Maybe it was a drive for propaganda victory, maybe it was a simple fallacy.
>>34667 For a month or so there were only like 1 000 russians besieging it + bombers farming flight hours. I have no idea where they did get redeployed. Iirc they were just sitting there as reserves. >>34668 Probably just rumors.
>It is reported that tomorrow sappers and assault groups will start entering the territory of Azovstal to comb the territory. Then you can wait for special services, investigators and forensic experts. > In addition, as previously known, more than 200 corpses are stored in a frozen state on the territory of Azovstal. They will also have to be pulled out and stored / buried somewhere (after identification).
>>34674 They haven't joined yet. Turkey still needs to approve it.
>>34676 their government put in the application, that's the only criteria needed for "our country wants to join". i beat that anon and i have been waiting to post that for months now and nobody can take that from me.
>>34657 So are they just going to buy Russian oil from Germany like everyone else is planning to do making this whole farce completely pointless?
>>34668 tl;dr there may be 'sensitive' personnel in the sense that they may have relations/intel on international extreme-right movements backed by the USA. All unconfirmed, and we'll probably never know for sure. But it wouldn't surprise me if the 'VIP's are something "boring" in comparison to NATO generals. >Intel Slava Z >Forwarded from UKR LEAKS eng ​​>NAZISM FOR EXPORT >HOW THE US SUPPLIES NEO-NAZIS TO UKRAINE >Washington has been nurturing Nazi movements in Ukraine for many years, arming them, and also regularly supplying National Socialists to create a "new reich" in the center of Europe. For example, organizations such as the American Front and the National Socialist Movement (NSM), also known as the Nazi Party of America, have been operating in the United States for decades. >At first glance, we can call NSM a marginal grouping. However, the party has its own channel in Telegram. And that's where the fun begins. The channel itself is not of particular interest, but it has a private chat in which radicals from all over the world, including from Ukraine, actively correspond. >One of the key figures of the chat and the "Nazi landing of the USA" in Ukraine is a user named "Bone face". A US citizen, hereditary neo-fascist Kent McLellan, is hiding behind him, and he is now in Mariupol as part of Azov. >However, his journey began much earlier. In 2013, he was the leader of the mercenary group The Misanthropic Division, and in 2014 a member of the "Volunteer Ukrainian Corps of the Right Sector". He was directly involved in military actions and engaged in recruiting volunteers in the United States and other countries. >The main thesis that McLellan constantly repeats in all his correspondence is that Azov is not fighting for Zelensky, nor for NATO, nor for the EU. According to him, "Azov" is not so much a regiment as the idea of a neo-nazi "revival". >This character can become an important source of information and living evidence of the export of American nationalism to Ukraine.
screenshot it because it wouldn't let me archive it.
>>34682 >tfw Ghost of Kyiv was ghosted >again
>>34666 >I don't understand why Zelensky or any of his generals around him whom thought this was a good plan to travel 100 miles from the frontline deep into enemy territory let alone transport thousands of people out of the Azovstal. Well Satan, maybe they thought they could pull off another Operation Entebbe and win kudos and reinstated gibbs from the West by such 'heroism'? Too bad they forgot the Russian defenders were a) on high-alert, and b) weren't actual niggers. F for the poor sotts killed by such incompetent leadership.
>>34680 No doubt the glowniggers try to ruse Whites with various gayops attempting to infiltrate them, but the idea that such an overtly Commie government today would """actually""" try to promote NatSoc ideals or groups? Laughable.
>>34680 >>HOW THE US SUPPLIES NEO-NAZIS TO UKRAINE That's funny when you learn where Charles Bausman gets his money from.
Open file (9.85 MB 600x602 Evacuated.gif)
Open file (5.23 MB 848x464 sd.mp4)
Open file (11.12 MB 1280x704 IMG_4367.MP4)
ussr flag was raised over Azovstal Works on demining "Azovstal" have begun.
>Russia sent the first batch of new equipment to the capital of the Luhansk People's Republic to modernize the gas supply system, -t LPR's telegram channel construction teams are being sent to DPR/LPR
>The railway communication of the Donbass republics with the Russian Crimea through the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions will be resumed as soon as possible - speaker of the Crimean parliament Vladimir Konstantinov >“This route was invented not by us, but by our fathers and grandfathers, it is shorter than going, for example, through Krasnodar here. It is already obvious today that the entire economy of southern Russia will develop according to this format. We will use this railway to transport goods, to transport people,” Konstantinov concluded. >For Crimea, this will be another additional source of cargo transportation, the politician added.
Funker is basically Youtube with more faggy author opinions. They censor everything and have a clear bias in what they upload because everything is uploaded by moderators only. So where can one watch uncensored, unbiased videos of the war? I'd like something like a total free for all website where anyone can upload stuff and is minimally moderated. Does a place like that exist?
>>34704 >Does a place like that exist? It's the answer you seek but not the one you want to hear since you still have to wade through shit: https://rumble.com/ Otherwise Telegram seems to allow gore no problem if that is what you are really asking for.
>>34695 Out of all the intelligence we're missing from Ukraine's information blockade, the part I am most interested in is how Zelensky giving guns and grenades to every rando who wants one is affecting the crime rates in the "safe" areas of Ukraine.
There are claims of another failed river crossing, coming from ukrainian sources.
Open file (114.03 KB 479x680 1430857164041.jpg)
> Moody's on Friday downgraded Ukraine's foreign currency sovereign credit rating to "Caa3" from "Caa2", with a negative outlook, citing increased risks to the government's "debt sustainability" following Russia's invasion. >"While Ukraine is benefiting from large commitments of international financial support, helping to mitigate immediate liquidity risks, the resulting significant rise in government debt is likely to prove unsustainable over the medium term," the ratings agency said. >The agency, which earlier kept the country's outlook under review, revised it due to uncertainty around the evolution of the war and credit implications associated with it. >The Group of Seven's financial leaders agreed on $9.5 billion in new aid to Ukraine on Friday and promised enough money to keep the country's devastated economy afloat as long as it fights against Russia's invasion. >Moody's said it expects the military conflict in Ukraine to be more prolonged than initially assumed and forecasts the country's real gross domestic product (GDP) to shrink by about 35% in 2022. >The agency expects the Ukrainian economy to start a recovery from 2023, but expects Russia's invasion to cause a permanent damage to the country's GDP. https://archive.ph/W9wkH https://money.usnews.com/investing/news/articles/2022-05-20/moodys-downgrades-ukraine-to-caa3-on-debt-uncertainty tldr Ukraine debt has junk level credit.
>>34707 >Sort by most recent >"Ukraine" >almost every new video shows Ukrainians getting obliterated Either Rumble is Russia-owned, or Funker and Youtube war channels are completely biased faggotroids and the masses eat it up. I'm guessing it's the second one.
Open file (103.81 KB 735x660 Pay Debt.jpg)
>>34713 i don't think foreign debt is very high on their "shit we need to worry about" list right now
>>34708 I remember at the start of the war liveuamap showed Ukraine capturing various 'sabotuers' hundreds of km's from the frontlines. I haven't seen anything since march so I wonder if it really stopped or if it's still happening and they just stopped reporting on it to prevent people digging into what was going on.
>>34716 Most of those were from uncoordinated attacks that went too deep into Ukraine in several cases. Now that front lines are reestablished and this is following a "conventional" war with fronts and such, those are going to be less likely. liveua and cen4 have both stopped reporting nearly as much making the DPA map the best/most up to date and closest to true in my experience following this since early on.
The only thing worse than reading mainstream news about this war is to read the comments under those news. According to one genius this war proves that Russian tech is 50-75 years behind natto, and Shina and India must be nervous because their tech is based on what the Russkies have.
>>34720 I stopped reading comment sections earlier this month, including for pro-Russian videos. I was reading them in hopes of stumbling upon interesting semi-related information. But it's not worth sifting through the endless trash.
>>34717 Liveua is pretty much worthless now. Its behind by days, has terrible pro-western bend and does retarded shit like changing how they count captured territory or showing territories >liberated by ukrops to make fun of russians. >>34720 I have been reading 4/k/ just to experience the meltdown when russia wins.
Open file (308.74 KB 721x334 1641027050164.png)
>>34722 >to experience the meltdown when russia wins. This is basically my main stake in this war. Just imagine the banter if when Russia wins.
>>34714 Not Russian-owned however rumble is one of the few places the sympathetic gather to without getting shut down. Otherwise it's more of the latter, just with some of the former swirled in.

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