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what's a war board without a conflict?

Neue Meta Thread Strelok Board owner 04/16/2022 (Sat) 07:21:46 ID: fc3ccc No.32204
Hello. The board was officially transferred a little less than 24 hours ago, if that wasn't obvious to anyone still. I am the BO now. I'm going to ignore anon if he discusses meta outside this thread and anon may be running afoul of the rules depending on context. I might not respond to anon anyways in-thread, but know that your post was at least read if posted here. First order of business is to make a seamless transition of power that isn't too jarring. Posts made before the hostile ta/k/eover are all pardoned by virtue of working under a different ruleset at the time of making. I can not in good faith purge someone who was unaware of wrongdoing. Allow me to review the rules. >0. Fuck around and find out. Encompasses all standard rules. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Act accordingly. Learn through bans if you get banned since I don't hold grudges and would prefer you learn. This rule is intentionally loose so that troublemakers can't play rule lawyer games and will be applied liberally. >1. This is a gentlemen's club not a shitting street. Posts will be expected to maintain a certain quality outside of the meta thread and /k/anteen/100rads. "Any community who gets their kicks acting like retards etc." as the saying goes. Wit/humor can be substituted for quality else expect the beatings to continue until morale improves should strelo/k/'s desire to pretend to be retarded kick in. Overlaps with rule 0 but separate to make a point. >2. Global rules apply. Do not wake up the globals. Do not wake up the globals or else I will be forced to abide by global rules. Make a reasonable post explaining your "DIY cluster munitions are for educational & recreational purposes only" if you want to discuss them. >3. Fun allowed. As implied in rule 1 exception, Strelok has limited rights, and this rule is a reminder that no rules are sacred if anon says a funny or engages in a content-generating discussion (example: the nazi discussion in the Ukraine thread that should have moved to the /k/anteen or history thread a while ago). >IDs temporarily enabled Anons are still expected to do most of their own moderation work. I retired from imageboard moderation with some 7ish years under my belt and intend to remain an old retired groundskeeper living in the manor's back shed. The ID question will be judged in two weeks, and then again on a monthly basis if believed to have had a positive effect on board quality. Ultimately I would like to remove it if anon can show himself capable of not needing it. tl;dr- Board is laissez-faire and I am the private security company/PMC keeping an eye on niggerfaggots acting unprofessionally or in bad faith. This is neither a democracy nor a dictatorship, and (You)s are the currency of choice with embezzlers & currency launderers getting heavy punishments. Succession I would like to give the board to someone else. I will groom anon into a proper Board Owner if he wants to take a shot at it and then turn the board over to him after a few months. I will make a proper account for handling this board in the mean time, but I am retired and mostly just acting on a whim. Volunteer applications will open up in a couple weeks after everything's settled down from the transition of power and anon has had a chance to see my moderation style. Board volunteers will be removed on a whim if I think they are a bad fit for the position. I have no qualms with lashing out at my own if I believe them to be letting the power get to their heads since moderation is the job of a man's man among men, and not that of a superior over a subordinate. We're all capable of fuck-ups from time to time. Email complaints to spamcumdump at protonmail (yes I am aware they are compromised ever since the French ruling several months ago). EDIT: Updating the Sticky Might as well put the sticky to good use. I intend to slowly turn it into a proper sticky so that "read the sticky" can be a proper response. If there are any links or guides you would like to see included in it, simply mention them here. Most of the information in the sticky should require clicking the "read more" button or opening the thread as a retard/journalist filter. Other stuff Banners, requests, etc. should go in this thread. If it's meta related post it here. So long as anon isn't actively and intentionally lowering the quality of the board I don't care if you advertise it within or outside the webring. A healthy board is a happy board. Invite the fudd boomers from their gun forums for all I care since I'll just ban them if they start pulling some "y-you can't say nigger on the interwebs!" shit if anon doesn't bully them to death first. A dose of different worldviews is good for anon from time to time. Remember as much when someone says something you don't like and then call him a niggerfaggot anyways. Anon will receive more leniency for complaining here than he will for causing a scene elsewhere. I'll be in your care. Tripcodes and namefaggotry should be for filtering purposes only (filterme, antichristfag, etc.) or under special, pre-approved circumstances (such as a quest thread or specific type of OC creation process). Namefags who develop a cult of personality or attach significance to it will be banned. Anime images are allowed and encouraged. As a rule of thumb, threads should reach page 3 or 800 posts before a new thread for the same topic is made. Advertisements must go in this thread or contextually they may be allowed in the /k/anteen. Board is for discussion of weapons, combat, military history, conflict news reporting, and outdoorsmanship. Make threads and posts in honor of this ideal.
Edited last time by TemporaryOwner on 04/16/2022 (Sat) 08:46:47.
Thanks for the IDs BO. I don't see why the previous didn't just turn them on instead, but w/e. Sounds like you'll do a good job. Cheers.
I forgot to mention in the OP, but I'm intending to turn the rules sticky into a proper sticky including common links, FAQs, etc. Are there any links that anon thinks are deserving of being in it?
>>32206 >>32211 >the national socialist discussion should be moved to the history thread or /k/anteen at this time if not in the context of the war in Ukraine, so that this thread can get back to its designated topic. Well, maybe I should read the whole thread before replying to a post. Can you move that post to an appropriate ww2 thread?
>>32213 Unfortunately I can only merge OPs unless I am retarded and missing an option somewhere. It's all good, that was more of a suggestion.
Open file (63.16 KB 404x395 bookclub.jpg)
Thanks for the IDs add-on, BO-sama Now gib us flags, fagget
>>32216 >Spoiler Does anon want country flags? I'll give it a week's discussion before making a call on that. I'm more prone towards saying "no" but there's merits and demerits to enabling country flags and I'm not entirely opposed.
>>32214 >unless I am retarded and missing an option somewhere. I don't think so. Stephen Lynx could enable individual posts migrations, but refuses to do it apparently. At least he finally added thread migration, as you mention.
>>32218 90% of the users are 'mericans, and it just leads accusing anyone with a different flag either being singled out as a pseudo-tripfag, or called out for using a VPN. Neither of those is particularly helpful for anything.
>>32218 I want to post with a russian proxy and piss off ukie faggots
>>32204 >pic breddy badass. the butler is the perfect touch kek. sauce?
>>32218 >Does anon want country flags? My vote counts little as I post strictly via Tor. However, I've been around this long enough to agree with this Strelok: >>32227 Ofc, lulz may be had too. >>32230 I personally don't think the benefits outweigh the costs in this case.
>nah fuck flags they lead to drama and borderline tripfagging Yet somehow IDs are ok and gud even though that inevitably leads to either >(1) posting or "lmao look at how many posts this guy made he mad he mad he mad don't look at my post count btw" tier garbage.
>>32227 you could tell whom is a eurofag and whom isn't by the way they spell certain words. I could already tell there are at one brit or Australian poster here.
>>32236 >(1)
So where is the national socialist discussions i was promised? /pol/ is dead and other sites shit the bed when it comes to talking seriously about politics because muh glowniggers or its some samefag going on about christcuck v LARPagan >country flags DO IT >>32239 Yeah, i can tell an anons country of origin by the way the pronnounced the Z of vladimir jewtins forces. Z for americucks and Z for bongoloids
Open file (15.62 KB 666x139 ClipboardImage.png)
>>32236 Just to be clear, the >(1) >"lmao he mad" Posts fall under rule 1 outside of meta and to a lesser contextual extent, the /k/anteen. This thread should remain virtually unmoderated outside of spam and global rule violations for the sake of anon being able to complain without retaliation. The /k/anteen intentionally has a lower quality standard for the purpose of shooting the shit encouraging the use of other threads on the board while remaining a viable option. It does have some minimum enforcement standards still, but the bar for that thread is exceptionally low. Such posts will be deleted outright unless to make an example.
>>32204 An acceptable ruleset, though I personally wish you would be, how do you say, less kind to tourists.
>>32241 >So where is the national socialist discussions i was promised? 16ch /fascist/ >/pol/ is dead God bless the kikes, feds and discord trannies. >and other sites shit the bed when it comes to talking seriously about politics because muh glowniggers or its some samefag going on about christcuck v LARPagan Good, NeetSocs are subhuman trash.
>>32239 >be from a third world country where barely anyone speaks English >use Bri'ish spellchecker in one thread >use burger spellchecker in an other thread What not, ya poofter?
>>32269 Not everyone is a posher fag even if they spelt colour wrong. It ain't Hatian creole at lease. >>32204 >new owner again Oh boi, Hi hello. I'll still fuck off as the bunker custodian since fuck you cafe rules on making knowledge illegal. If streloks don't like sleepychan whatever. >>32227 >90% burger Go back to 4cuck where you belong. infinitychan had a good 20% non burgers. A croat, several krauts (and a sperg kraut), Italian, Bongs, Roo fuckers in dystopian chinese shithole, etc... >>32268 >16pol Have they gotten yeeted off 16chan yet like they did with cafe being scared of possible political consequences on a tibetan basketweaving fourm??
>>32277 >since fuck you cafe rules on making knowledge illegal I suppose I can't convince you, however the key issue was anon asking for specific information (weapons to harm public officials) saying a specific country (Austria) in regards to an ongoing event (mandatory jabs), etc. at the time. I think the ban on anons posting the image afterwards was kind of bullshit though. The ar/k/ torrent linked inside the sticky contains all these things, everything the fednigger two steps away from a rule 2 from >>32249 wanted, and more, so it's not as if the knowledge is outright banned. >Have they gotten yeeted off 16chan yet like they did with cafe being scared of possible political consequences on a tibetan basketweaving fourm?? You're getting /pol/ and /fascist/ mixed up but both of them are still present on 16chan and shouting to kill glowniggers and genocide people IIRC.
>>32277 Nigger, you should fuck back to discord if you think that there is any appreciable difference between a board that is 90% burgers and one that is 80% burgers. The same problems will still persist if flags are enabled again.
>>32268 Being a NatSoc is better than jerking off to whitewomen being blackbred by niggers on blacked.com.
>>32277 Boy I'm sure glad IDs stopped retarded posts like this from being made.
>>32295 >(2)
>>32236 >>32295 >>32296 IDs are here so that we can conveniently filter your asses ourselves, w/o pestering the BO about it, you spergs. Now fuck off back to blacked.gov
>>32303 You can't filter (1)s though retard.
>>32314 By all means keep inflating the UIDs it makes /k/ more noticable on the webring.
>>32316 Ok? Was that supposed to be a sick burn or are you legitimately stupid enough to think IP hopping means I want the board destroyed or something?
>>32314 Easier on us than it is on (you), faggot. :^)
>>32319 So you're going to hide individual posts. You already had the power to do this without IDs.
My take on flags: they're an okay halfway point between "fully anonymous" and "IDs" IDs AND flags seems silly to me. One or the other, and the autists can guess by your accent that you're leafposting.
Open file (38.37 KB 674x175 Selection_298.png)
>>32329 Just so I've got this straight, you're telling us; -It's no additional effort on our part -Increased butthurt and panty-knot wringing on troon faggots? Seems like a good win to me bro. Besides you fucking faggot you might just slip up one day and let a (2) slip through. :^)
>>32334 I have my vpn set up to change servers every so often so there's no additional effort on my part either. Why are ID fags so retarded?
>>32334 >tor
>>32334 Flags are good for international bants, IDs are only good for giving turboniggers a placebo so they don't have to admit to themselves they're just oversensitive retards who reply to the shittiest b8 imaginable.
>>32363 >IDs are only good for giving turboniggers a placebo so they don't have to admit to themselves they're just oversensitive retards who reply to the shittiest b8 imaginable. Nice argument but >(1)
>>32218 Yes, country flags were integral to old 8/k/.
>>32218 Do it, cunt.
I want email registration too.
>>32218 >Does anon want country flags? Activate it.
Open file (83.94 KB 498x696 Dismissed 1.png)
Open file (29.80 KB 483x620 Dismissed 2.png)
I have dismissed the following reports. While certainly the entire conversation line would be a bannable offense on the basis of off-topic shitting up a thread in the context of any other threads, 100rads AKA "The /k/anteen" is intended as the board dumping zone a thread for anon to speak his mind freely about any topic he wishes (including meta to a certain extent) even if at a slight detriment to board quality. The meta thread serves a similar purpose but is supposed to be for when you want to make sure I have read your post. While I understand this answer will be to the displeasure of all involved parties; the purpose for this is to encourage the creation of topic-driven threads where such posts would be a bannable offense. The intent being for (You) to hide the /k/anteen and post in other threads while giving anon a place to vent his frustrations. I have always been of the opinion that imageboards are places for the free exchange of ideas and that ideas should stand on their own merits through argumentation and bullying whenever possible. In the context of both posts, if one or both parties were to continue to say the same things incessantly without addressing one another, it would be grounds for a ban on the basis of maintaining a noise ordinance, but the conversation has more or less been self-correcting up until this point with parties agreeing to disagree or responding with reasoning inbetween insults. I have noted that 200573 is allegedly an avatarfag from halfchan, but all anons are equally fucked or pardoned on the content of their discussion. In other news, looking over the arguments, I have not been convinced that country flags are a net benefit to the board as of this time. Custom flags could be implemented looking over the menus as a compromise, but I don't know how that works in lynxchan since there is no clear way to activate the feature. Discussion is still open for debate until Saturday, I just wanted to clarify that my position has not changed as of this time regarding flags. Thank you for your time. Apologies for the wall of text, but in this particular instance I wanted to be clear about my reasoning.
>>32527 Thanks for both the update and the rationale BO. Cheers.
>>32204 I'm not a regular here, but I saw this post in the overboard. It's nice to see someone who has their head screwed on properly.
Open file (4.23 MB 3334x2667 byebye.jpg)
Did some spring cleaning so r9k bot doesn't get triggered as often, to reduce used server space, and to protect the catalog from sperg-outs if I'm offline when they happen. Archives for the archival-fags so that they don't bitch a fit. Nevermind none of the Ukraine threads had actually been archived or had an incomplete archive after thread 3 or 4 up until this point: Ukraine Vs Russia: Thread 1: https://archive.is/EWyhk Thread 2: https://archive.is/ESdtA Thread 3: https://archive.ph/wRtXu Thread 4: https://archive.is/4BNM6 thread 5: https://archive.ph/Ay9Fb Thread 6: https://archive.ph/HP1gW Thread 7: https://archive.ph/IpHWy Thread 8: https://archive.ph/ncdH8 Thread 9: https://archive.ph/0dTZM Thread 10: https://archive.ph/JvylA thread 11: https://archive.ph/mYrvd /k/anteen 5: https://archive.ph/sj3rN /k/anteen 6: https://archive.ph/VfrwC Old QTDDTOT: https://archive.is/RuAqA The Gookening: https://archive.ph/tUOzw Naval Thread: https://archive.ph/2rmgW Old Meta thread: https://archive.ph/MH8Hf
Tomorrow marks two weeks since the transfer of ownership. As stated originally, I do not intend to be the permanent BO. I will remain BO either through the formal end of the current Russian-Ukrainian conflict or through August; whichever comes first. With that in mind if anon would like to become the BO in due time, it would be better to start volunteering sooner rather than later. Email me with your answers to the following if you would like to volunteer for the board knowing that volunteers will be "forwarded" to the front of the line for board ownership transfer: >Do you own firearms? (If not, why not and what do you do for self defense?) >Do you believe in free speech? If not or with restrictions, explain below >If an anon comes in from a board or website you do not like but makes a valid point, how do you respond? >If anon says something that upsets the board culture but is on-topic (even if wrong), how do you respond? If no volunteers are found by the time I return to retirement, the board will be handed off on a first-come first-serve basis.
Board IDs will also remain for the time being. They seem to be a net positive at the moment.
>>33384 Reign your jannies in, one just deleted a post of mine that broke no rules. Calling janny butthurt isn't a deletable offence
>>33393 It was deleted as part of the cleaning effort to maintain a minimum standard of quality for non-meta non-/k/anteen threads. If you feel other posts are in violation of maintaining a minimum standard quality please report them.
Open file (4.38 MB 480x480 GunControlPSA.mp4)
Open file (113.38 KB 1219x658 k moderation policy.jpg)
/k/ applies the following moderation policy. Policy is not an absolute but rather guidelines.
>>33394 Uh huh yeah sure buddy. >>33395 Oh wow define "history of making decent posts" and "humorous" seems pretty broad and abusable to me. Refrain from deleting my posts in the future. A "fuck around and find out" warning pop up? Cute, you are butthurt.
>>33396 I think I shall alert /meta/ to the abuse of power going on here. Have a good night/day. :)
>>33397 Kek. Thus squeaks the eternal soyim like a whipped cur. You're a woman, aren't you? Oh wait...you'll never be a real woman. >tl;dr Uncle Ted was right again.
>>33404 Gonna defend jannies some more no id?
>>33404 >Uncle Ted was right again. nah he was cringe
>>33397 By all means do what you think is necessary. While I'd hate to see you go the same as I'd hate to see anyone go over a learning experience, it's not like the board is losing anything of value either based on what I've seen.
>>33493 again defending bs.
>>33395 >Does the poster have a history... >history >on anonymous board Please explain how this is supposed to work? >>33433 Ted was based, Manson was the cringe lord.
Open file (191.55 KB 1411x916 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (23.51 KB 511x347 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (6.99 KB 329x80 ClipboardImage.png)
>>33532 >Please explain how this is supposed to work? Certainly since you are honestly asking. So as not to violate anyone else's OpSec, I have used myself as an example in the above image. Whenever you fill out the bypass captcha, you are assigned an internal ID by lynxchan. This ID is determined by the initial IP address during the solving of the captcha. Should your IP change but your captcha ID has not expired, your IP will change in the history but your bypass ID will remain the same. Therefore while it does not help me in moderation terms to disseminate this information, for the sake of anon's OpSec while using Lynxchan it is imperative that you clear your cookies and resolve a new bypass captcha whenever you swap IP addresses if you wish to maintain complete anonymity; else your posts will still fall under the same timeline when a moderator checks your history. If by how does this work you actually meant how I utilize it, it's just a stop-gap measure when I've already determined anon's post should be deleted. It is only used to determine whether to give anon a warning ban (a ban that goes away after being viewed), or a full-fledged ban (a ban that prevents posting). Otherwise post history is not factored into moderation policy. As for the two other features, [File history] can only be used by global volunteers. It allows them to quickly cross-reference an image to determine whether or not it is spam. [Offense Record] pulls up previous bans issued based on IP which some boards use to determine severity. For instance, second image is the offense record of 778943 since he allegedly no longer uses the board and thus can't complain about it being shown as an example of how the feature works. IIRC the offense record will show bans site-wide as well, but I believe it only does so for board owners. Or at least it used to work like that in the past. I hope that explanation is thorough enough, but if you have additional questions I will do my best to answer them. Third image is just a reference of what happens when a non-global clicks the File history button.
>>33534 when I used to post on 8chan my ID used to change every few days, I am pretty sure my home IP is dynamic
>>33534 I want to be able to see my ban history, why is this not an option? Transparency. Why am i also required to do a "block bypass" often on top of another craptcha? Thats jewed shit.
>>33575 stop seeing semites everywhere you go please as for block bypass, it interferes with broxies so it's good
>>33777 >oy vey stop complaining about the anti user features
>>33777 Fuck you
>>33575 Forward these concerns to anon.cafe/meta/. They are not under the jurisdiction of the Board Owner, they are under the jurisdiction of the site administrator.
Open file (65.33 KB 502x533 ClipboardImage.png)
Dismissed. Hide ID was introduced for a reason. You don't have to respond.
As July approaches, I'd like to remind anons of intent to hand off the board by the end of August once more since I'm only a temporary BO. If you would like to volunteer for the board see >>33384
An anon who doesn't use /k/ was being a nuisance so I removed him from the Ukraine thread. Anon is welcome to post a sister thread link to the Ukraine thread or here if there is a spiritual successor to /pol/ that he thinks would be a good choice, and I will edit it into the OP at that time. No blacklisted websites allowed. Edit: to clarify, no post history in conjunction with the following link are why I am under the suspicion that he was being a nuisance: >>>/meta/15583
Edited last time by Reuenthal on 06/25/2022 (Sat) 15:51:09.
Added a new vol. Paranoia dictates that I give anon a heads up to email me if there's any problems, but he seems like a cool dude. I'll let him introduce himself or not introduce himself at his leisure.

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