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Open file (299.56 KB 2048x1310 Springfield's Bar.jpg)
/k/anteen Attempt VII Strelok 04/14/2022 (Thu) 23:11:31 No.32080
Welcome to /k/anteen, this thread is a catch-all for general discussion that doesn't really belong anywhere else or might be off-topic. The last one has been bumplocked for a while now so I opted to make one myself: >>19848
So the RNC just said they won't participate in presidential debates any more because of bias.
>>32081 Are they running out of ideas for the political Kabuki?
went to the range yesterday with my CZ-P09 and Winchester Ranger 120. I had owned both for almost a year and a year and half respectively and this was the first time i actually got to go out and use them. Could only use slugs from the latter because of range rules but still had fun. Both shoot very well and my aim is not terribly horrendous, although I do find it hard not just rapid fire as fast as I can, it's fun to do. Also might need more mags for my CZ because reloading the two 19-round mags it came with takes the fun out of the range, since you spend two minutes shooting and five minutes reloading. The RSO commented on how well my Winchester shoots slugs as well so I guess that's cool.
>>32137 Don't they make those 3D printed load assists/quick-loaders? It's not a perfect solution but I think it would reduce reloading time. I have one for my shield because I take care of my hands and it speeds up the process significantly.
>>32137 I haven't shot any of my guns since I unloaded my Hawken's into the backstop at the end of deer season.
Open file (39.41 KB 332x332 dingdingding.jpg)
Ahem, I would like to formally announce that I hate vatniggers. >t. half russian half ukrainian. Thank you for reading this post.
Open file (95.07 KB 770x1068 chekum2.png)
Also Check em
Open file (34.23 KB 474x498 IRA.jpg)
Are there any GOOD 3D printable guns out there? I've heard of the FGC-9 but im wondering if there is anything out there thats even cheaper, simpler and easier to produce like a 3D printed sten or a shotgun. How do i get into gun design anyways? I see that there is a space out there for 3D printed guns that could be improved upon. Or would it be better to ditch 3D printing and go for building a DIY sten gun?
>>32243 Depends on what kind of a gun you want and for what purpose. Inn general, if you want make something more potent than a .22 LR revolver from scratch, then it's hard to beat a slamfire shotgun. If you can make a STEN, then you don't really need 3D printing to make a gun, although you can use it to add various parts to improve the handling, but a fancy foregrip does not turn a tube into a gun.
Open file (35.19 KB 474x315 IRA.jpg)
>>32248 >for what purpose To kill feds obviously, need a gun that works 100% of the time, doesn't need much maintainence to keep it working and can accept common ammunition types. I need to arm a militia of men to commit acts of terror on this unjust jewish society, only through an armed struggle will we achieve total victory over the jew
>>32243 I was going to mention some resources and good knowledge to have, but according to >>32249 I'm talking to a jokester so it would be lost on you anyways.
>>32250 >jokester Killing feds ain't no joke boy, we finna out here murking niggas DAILY >i was going to do X but Y happened Either do it or do not do it, advertising how much you sniff your own farts will get you nowhere
I really hate 9mm and the people who shill it. I slightly less hate all the morons who just bought 9mm guns "because 9mm is popular again." I also hate how everything is plastic now. You can't even find a wood and steel fucking bolt action. And it's not just 9mm. Rifle rounds are getting gayer and weaker too. The only magnums available anymore is the 300 Win and maybe sometimes the 7mm rem mag. Look at what CZ recently did to their catalogue. No more magnums and all their old bolt actions are replaced with a single "modular" system riding on an ALUMINUM receiver. Just as society gets gayer and more liberal, so do guns. Gay, weak, soy guns, that's what they are now.
>>32253 Can you give me more buzzwords? This word salad isn't spicy enough.
>>32253 I own 9mm because it is cheap and fun to shoot. I also recognize that there are better rounds for taking down meth heads. I like plastic because it makes guns cheaper even though wood/steel can be nice too and should still have a niche market. No comment on rifle rounds. Aluminum isn't really that bad. It's not like we're dealing with tin can aluminum- it's proper stock aluminum which is tougher without being brittle like steel.
Open file (120.37 KB 960x720 bloody fantasies.jpg)
>>32253 Go back to arfcom.
>>32253 >I also hate how everything is plastic now. So do I but good news for us is that plastics are about to get sent back out to the nigger shed because of environmental reasons. Some genuine, some for faddish pop culture reasons. Even some companies are transitioning back to to glass containers.
>>32261 I'm sure skyrocketing oil prices aren't helping.
>>32262 That's part of it too. Plastics are becoming more and more expensive where as glass is dirt cheap. Almost literally dirt cheap in fact. My local county dump/recycling center admitted to me that, despite county or state technically requiring glass to be separated out and put into recycling bins, that the county can't actually make any money on recycling glass. Turns out they've just been grinding it up into dust and mixing it in with the gravel and putting it on old back roads or something like that.
>>32264 >Almost literally dirt cheap I mean it's mostly just silica, the most expensive part of the glass making process is probably buying the molds for your containers.
>>32257 Under no circumstance is aluminum stronger or tougher than steel. The reason why it is being used by CZ is because it is cheap. The AR can use aluminum and get away with it because the round it is shooting, the 5.56 does not place an inordinate amount of stress on the rifle, so they can use something weaker. >>32256 go fuck yourself >>32260 go fuck yourself
>>32308 What metals are as strong as steal? Or close to? I'm not really an expert in metallurgy. Aren't platinum group metals fairly strong? Lets say that you are obscenely rich or that you live on the moon, could you mill parts out of of them and it work fine?
>>32308 >Under no circumstance is aluminum stronger or tougher than steel. Well yes, I didn't make that claim. I said aluminum is less brittle than steel. I don't disagree with you, I'm saying aluminum can take more of a long-term beating because of that ductility and more easy thermal conductivity to dissipate heat (preventing heat-memory issues that affect longevity) while being a cheaper and significantly lighter metal. Each has its advantage. A gun that is used on occasion over many years is better made of steel since it is easier to preserve, while a gun used semi-frequently where weight and cost is a bigger factor is better made of aluminum. >>32310 >What metals are as strong as steel? It's a loaded question because it depends on what properties you want out of the metal. >Lets say that you are obscenely rich Invest in treated wood where the lignin has been removed and the remaining material compressed. https://archive.ph/dZvVS
Open file (32.88 KB 751x313 ClipboardImage.png)
Forgot my picture.
>>32308 Mmmm nah I'll remain not self-fucked and still call you a meme spouting niggerfaggot.
>>32311 >Well yes, I didn't make that claim. I said aluminum is less brittle than steel. I don't disagree with you, I'm saying aluminum can take more of a long-term beating because of that ductility and more easy thermal conductivity to dissipate heat (preventing heat-memory issues that affect longevity) while being a cheaper and significantly lighter metal. Each has its advantage. A gun that is used on occasion over many years is better made of steel since it is easier to preserve, while a gun used semi-frequently where weight and cost is a bigger factor is better made of aluminum. What's the material fatigue comparison between aluminum and steel?
>>32318 Depends on how well-machine it is. Polished aluminum is comparable to steel while milled aluminum will break down faster since impurities are affected exponentially by its malleability. Aluminum however is extremely corrosion-resistant while steel corrodes easily. Aluminum makes a better field gun for armies and recreational shooters while steel makes a better heirloom gun for home defense or passing down to your children who won't take care of it thus ruining the gun.
>>32311 NO Do you know what happens when aluminum conducts heat? Because as you correctly acknowledge, aluminum IS a better conductor of heat than steel, that means aluminum SWELLS more as it gets hotter than does steel. Guess what happens to an alloy if it is constantly moving back and forth? It cracks or warps, or you get weak spots and have catastrophic failure. This is why aluminum car engine blocks are known for cracking after many miles whereas cast iron or forged steel blocks of similar usage do NOT. It is why turbo charged (i.e. even hotter) 4 cylinder engines use cast iron or forged steel blocks, because of the tremendous heat those engines generate would flex the aluminum to death. It is why heavy duty truck engines have cast iron blocks. Steel is not inherently "brittle," it all depends on tempering and composition. If you want steel to be very hard, like with knife blades, then you increase the carbon and temper it very hot and hard. Then it will be brittle. If you want steel to be very tough then you lower the carbon and temper it accordingly. Steel has a far greater potential of application than aluminum because of this compositional variability. But steel is more expensive, and because the gun industry and hunting in general are declining, the manufacturers are resorting to using cheap shit in their guns, like aluminum and plastic. Plastic on something not explicitly tactical like an AR is plain soy. But I would expect nothing less from Zoomers. The Zoomer generation should be genocided. I don't trust anyone who would not use a magnum to hunt with. You're automatically a pussy in my book. "Glock" and the pencil neck nerd faggot obsession with "efficiency" and cost cutting has been a disaster for guns. No more manliness, just nerdy pussies with pussy caliber in gay soy plastic aluminum guns.
>>32322 >aluminum is a better field gun You do realize that aluminum receiver guns for military usage over the past century are in the minority right? And that the AR again is only able to get by with aluminum is because it shoots a low energy round, thus placing a minimum amount of stress on the rifle. You're just a pussy. I mean that's just it. You're a pussy, soy gurgling nerdy faggot.
>>32264 >>32261 Speaking of plastic, apparently Bloomberg decided to put some GPS trackers inside bags to be "recycled." Surprisingly it didn't end up in a landfill in India. One got incinerated in Poland to power a cement facility and the other got illegally dumped in an open-air landfill in Turkey. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmGrI_BVlnc https://invidious-us.kavin.rocks/watch?v=hmGrI_BVlnc
>>32323 >>32324 I still need more buzzwords trannyfren.
>>32323 >I don't trust anyone who would not use a magnum to hunt with. Do Short Magnums count? The factory offerings are underwhelming but the hand loads can keep up with their belted counterparts. The advantages of having a shorter action aren't that tremendous but things like re-chambering one of those scout rifles into 35 Sambar become possible.
German mini flamethrower restoration. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQ8qZfUdTCM
Are there any machine guns that take are deliberately designed for suppression?
>>32379 Basically all machine guns?
>>32379 No I don't think so
>>32379 Assuming from "take" and the alternative being stupid that you mean suppression in the context of sound reduction and not morale: Define machine gun and define deliberately designed. By the US legal definition of machine gun: Absolutely. Shit ton of SMGs have unremovable suppressors. Outside of SMGs, there was that marine experiment to give everything a suppressor.
>>32308 >>32323 Is Tungsten a meme for handheld firearms?
>>32403 The point of tungsten is that it's very dense and hard, so it can work as a penetrator in projectiles. But it's far too expensive for small arms, or more like it's a limited strategic resource that would be wasted on them. If you mean making receivers and whatnot out of tungsten, that's just plain retarded. You might use a steel that has a bit of tungsten in it, but that's a different thing entirely.
Open file (159.10 KB 1920x1080 20220414233603_1.jpg)
>game lets you promise to kill ATF >doesn't feature any ATF to kill What a shame.
Open file (74.63 KB 238x217 ryan gosling cat.png)
>>32080 >same weebs with same sleep schedule and pictures who spam cuc/k/ and the webring are still shitting this board up So is this some kind of cope by non-mutts who can't own an MSR? Just try and spam the discussion of people who own what you'll never have?
Open file (175.80 KB 556x534 Musical Patche.gif)
>>32424 I have no clue what you're talking about but I would be happy to help if it's not all in your head and there's an actual problem.
>>32426 Weebs like you who shit up every /k/ instead of fucking off back to /r/anime or the /a/ janny infested cuckchannel /k/. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then don't worry.
>>32427 I hate people like you. If your don't like otakus on an imageboard, then you shouldn't go to imageboards.
Open file (553.71 KB 700x850 Smug gap hag.png)
>>32427 Afraid I can't help you there buddy, but take it easy.
>>32411 >If you mean making receivers and whatnot out of tungsten, that's just plain retarded. You might use a steel that has a bit of tungsten in it, but that's a different thing entirely. >he doesn't want his receivers to be milled out of pure Neptunium OK gramps.
>>32429 >DAE EVERY BOARD IS ANIME Then why are you on a weapons board? I wanna say nigger and talk about guns, not post about little girl cartoons. >>32431 Shit troll is shit
>>32432 The big issue with tungsten is the amount of work that needs to go into it. In a polycrystalline state it makes for a super brittle metal that's too hard to work with. As a part of an alloy for another metal the brittleness factor doesn't go away but it can add hardness to other things. You would need a monocrystalline piece of tungsten stock to make a good receiver and that can get very, very expensive since you're talking high-purity tungsten at that point.
>>32424 >>32427 >>32433 Go back to cuckchan, you schizophrenic faggot. Nobody wants you here and no one invited you either. >>32426 >>32429 >>32431 Just report and hide the avatarfagging retard's posts.
Open file (152.88 KB 335x498 1648732143133.png)
>>32436 Every anon has a right to express his disdain, even if it falls on deaf ears. I was simply confirming where his issues stemmed from in >>32426 to prevent a misunderstanding. You're right that this topic has grown boring after he had no substance though so I'll refrain from further participation.
Open file (989.17 KB 1200x1418 Sketch~2.png)
>>32437 Reverse search the faggot's filename on desuarchive, and you'll understand what I mean I wish Kondor or another vol would deal with these niggerfaggots before they start bringing the rest of the kikechan horde desu
<even the altchans with 4 people on them have the same seething canadian and the braindead weeb image dumpers It's really this bad, huh? God I miss 8/k/
>>32440 >4 people on them have the same seething canadian and the braindead weeb image dumpers Literally what the fuck are you even talking about, you braindead retard? If you don't like anime, you don't belong on imageboards. Simple as. >altchan Just go the fuck back to kikechan already, niggerfaggot. >God I miss 8/k/ What nationality was the BO and the vol, hmmm?
>>32438 Those faggots are coming from the constant advertising of the webring the /monster/fags do on kikechan, discord, and twitter.
>>32453 That sounds more of a /cow/kike, or shittedchan, or Gayhoole and his faggot cronies from tvch would do. From what I remember, one of those three cancers bought ads in order to fuck over the rest of the webringa while back. If anything, /monster/ has a strict gatekeeping rule. So I don't know why you blame them.
>>32455 That poster is either some faggot incredibly butthurt at /monster/, or (((the usual suspects))) from the /cow/kikes, /tv/iggers and blackedfags trying to D&C.
>>32441 >If you don't like anime, you don't belong on imageboards. >t. certified anime pro Anime is not inherent to the imageboard format. Do you understand the concept of topic based boards or has anime rotted your brain to below room temperature IQ by now? >>>/a/ - Anime & Manga >>>/k/ - Weapons, Combat, Outdoorsmanship
Open file (41.08 KB 1055x184 ClipboardImage.png)
>>32468 You're arguing against the use of anime images, not discussing anime. Anime reaction images have gone hand-in-hand with imageboards for years outside of a few braindead retards who ran political boards. It's one thing to dislike the content, but do you not respect the culture of your predecessors?
>>32455 The drawfags on /monster/ openly shill the webring on kikechan and no amount of "no u" and samefagging will change that fact. They are open about it with the board staff there and say they don't care if the kikechan horde ruins the webring.
>>32472 >>32455 Does it really matter? Anon has a right to his opinion regardless of where he is from. Judge not by anon's internet history but by the quality of his posts and humor.
>>32468 >Anime is not inherent to the imageboard format. >being this new You sure you're not a woman? If so, Tits or GTFO.
>>32471 >do you not respect the culture of your predecessors? I respect the anonymous aspect for instance. I didn't give a shit about imageboards in the Y2K era when it was nothing but weebs, when it branched to other areas of interest I would participate, in short I don't see them as predecessors. Nothing against anime reaction images as long as they at least pretend to fit the topic, trouble is more often than not those posters are just obligatory attention whores using anime pics as bait for shitposting.
Open file (189.83 KB 800x751 tts.jpeg)
>>32476 >Tits or GTFO. fuck
>>32481 >didn't even timestamp <<<OUT
Open file (3.45 MB 330x262 beavisandbuttheadd.gif)
Open file (541.59 KB 1733x1074 jetmaiden.jpg)
>>32464 I'm guessing its very likely a /tv/nigger or a /cow/ard crossposter too, as the two seem to correlate with each other. I'd like to add in that I noticed from my own perspective on how they've been getting uppity not only on /k/ but on other webring boards too, very quite recently. >>32468 >Anime is not inherent to the imageboard format. >not knowing what the "k" in /k/ stands for wew >>32472 >the drawfags at /monster/ openly shill the webring citation needed >no amount of "no u" and samefagging Show me where I was "no u"ing or samefagging like you claim. >if i say it then it must be true Show me on the doll where /monster/ touched you.
>>32480 I will keep using anime reaction images because it burns your bottom.
I sure am glad IDs stopped fags from shitting the board up. Stop em real good huh?
Did this really happen? Could any one confirm it?
>>32538 It's a shitpost of a shitpost of a fan fiction.
>its duplers birthday How is /k/ celebrating such a joyous day?
>>32581 I'd be rolling a fat one but I've got a drug test soon, so I'm just going about my day.
Open file (489.49 KB 480x480 eminem rap.webm)
proof from TempleOS and russian soldiers that we gonna have nuklear war russian soldier confirming unofficially on intercepted call: http://grwp24hodrefzvjjuccrkw3mjq4tzhaaq32amf33dzpmuxe7ilepcmad.onion/watch?v=s0vnm7663rY a blueprint for AKM & tutorial on building one: http://hivechanb7hg5pv2ffvgetcbymb6yc65wp7czu7tle6vawlkkg2tlsyd.onion/k/thread/2.html#!
>>32733 >First link is just an AK how-to >Second link is just invidious Was the obfuscation really necessary, faggot?
>>32754 I'm just lazy and won't try harder, just providing some necesary sources for newfags, if there are any
Open file (1.20 MB 640x640 Gopher.webm)
Have any of you fags ever gone Geocaching? Me and my dad used to do it a lot when I was younger and I did it a little bit a few years ago. I think I'd like it more if the caches were filled with more than random trinkets and had an actual reward that was worth something.
>>32979 No but it sounds like a fun excuse to practice map reading and shooting an azimuth.
Open file (354.45 KB 880x495 ClipboardImage.png)
Conman just bought twitter. Promising to make the algorithm open source and unban conservatives and lolicons. https://timcast.com/news/breaking-elon-musk-set-tto-become-new-owner-of-twitter/
>>33042 >open source Now, if only he made his shitty cars open hardware/source, it would be great.
Open file (111.79 KB 344x389 emperor of mars.png)
Open file (81.96 KB 900x856 mars-planet.jpg)
>>33044 I wish he would open source nuking the 2 mile thick southern polar cap.
Open file (770.27 KB 1280x592 FJhImGnhOeDQgSkx.mp4)
Footage of Alec Baldwin practicing the draw on set was released.
>>33101 >finger on the trigger the whole draw Gee, I wonder whether he did things differently the time he shot the girl, like he claims.
>>33101 I don't even know what to write, these idiots really did manage to fatally mishandle a fucking single-action revolver.
>>33101 >finger on the trigger the whole time >odds are he pulled the hammer all the way 0/10 wouldn't shoot indians with.
>>33101 >>33103 >>33104 >>33109 Speaking of which what was the old fashioned safety procedures like anyway? What would have been period accurate I mean? I know about keeping one chamber empty for revolvers that didn't have a safety notch.
>>33112 I imagine if you look up revolver gun laws on the books today in the Western states they have largely remained unchanged over the last century outside of cities.
Does anyone connect in meatspace anymore or is everyone too paranoid about feds? I would like to make real friends that are just as mentally unhinged as me. I mean I doubt you niggers have done any sort of shit that would actually be considered illegal.
>>33142 I'm not opposed to the idea, but I live in the middle of nowhere and I'm spending $1000 in gas and an entire weekend to say hello to the Texas anons.
>>33150 >>33142 I would go out more but It's hard finding friends at this age because everyone is either busy and when they aren't most just want to go out to eat ,drink at bars or sit and talk instead of doing something /out/, I have gotten fatter as a result. I might just bike cross country but I haven't tried it so I don't know if the pack will slow me down or which saddle bag to buy or which configuration is the best.
Open file (680.90 KB 1541x5406 k-special.jpg)
>>33142 >/k/ meetup
Tim Pool and a few other media outlets seem to be suggesting that Twitter locked down their code in order to purge their censorship code from the algorithms since a mass of people are all getting unbanned simultaneously. There also seems to be suggestions that they had Twitter-owned bot accounts propping up Leftist personalities. https://rumble.com/v12mpxh-twitter-accused-of-conspiracy-as-conservatives-mysteriously-start-gaining-t.html
Open file (1.10 MB 1011x750 guitara.jpg)
>>33142 Fuck off and kill yourself normalfag. >>33158 >2014 >cuckchan Into the trash it goes' Honest to God, why the fuck would anyone want to associate themselves with 4kike's /k/ or 4kike in general?
>>33205 >newfag thinks it was always bad
Apparently Lithium batteries make effective (and expensive) ammunition. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYw_trIdf90
>>33255 It's been shit up long enough for it not to matter, don't go there it is a glowing steaming pile of slag. They also allow nonwhites to post.
>>33291 This place also allows nonwhites to post.
>>33292 Guess they need to start rangebanning south america
Open file (396.71 KB 2000x2000 omsk.jpg)
https://rumble.com/v12nwu7-april-27-2022.html >DHS Disinformation Governance Board Holy shit it's the fucking Ministry of Truth.
Open file (323.76 KB 480x360 into_the_trash.mp4)
>>33291 That's the reason for posting an incident from 8 years ago. All the worthwhile shit happened as long ago and it's only degenerated since them, and 8/k/ and its successors like this board lifted the culture from that time including the trash man that anon referenced somehow without being aware of the /k/ brownie incident that took place after it gained notoriety.
>>33255 Maybe until 2012, faggot.
Open file (632.57 KB 776x488 mv22gau17.png)
>>33312 It's almost like they fed all the dystopian fiction they knew of into a data set to train an AI overlord and have actually been listening to it. The future is mixing all the colors of horrible into the playdo fun factory and extruding them through a Kafka shaped die. I also saw that they are trying to stick GAU-17s on the MV-22. I wonder how one got smashed so bad that they added a skid plate? I bet that's an interesting story.
>>33312 >Holy shit it's the fucking Ministry of Truth. May we also presume that the Ministry of Love will soon arise to help out with all the doubters that are sure to speak up? Will we be allowed to talk about video games any longer? These are the things a citizen wants to know about. >Hunter Biden >Laptop
Open file (34.26 KB 450x332 smackbitch.jpeg)
>"Stop hitting on me, I’m really shy ☺️" >— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) April 29, 2022 Top kek. Elon Musk 2028 when?
>>33400 >Ministry if Love Honestly the government has more business arranging large-scale speed dating interview events than they do with anything regarding legal matters.
>>33042 >Promising to make the algorithm open source and yeah I don't trust a thing he says >>33045 >Emperor of mars elon musk lol nice reddit meme mr cool dude
>>33405 >Top kek. Elon Musk 2028 when? Hopefully never. Or hopefully soon if you hate the US in general
>>33405 Well he wasn't born in the US and isn't a nigger so they wouldn't let him run anyway.
Open file (141.29 KB 992x976 weird-aks-74u-pistol.jpeg)
Does anyone have any ideal at all what this could be?
Open file (387.23 KB 1024x683 PP-2000.jpg)
>>33692 Strelok, that appears to be a AK-74U with a PP-2000 grip mated to it and the stock removed.
Open file (19.80 KB 720x250 gep.jpg)
>>33692 its a gepard SMG
Open file (67.40 KB 500x735 sks vietcong soldier.jpg)
>>33726 That looks like a rather interesting weapon. It could be sold to former Eastern Bloc countries and it looks like a weapon that could be used to conduct drive by assassinations. How often are drive by assassinations used anyway? Is it a legitimate tactic? Image unrelated.>>33726
>>33760 Sadly the gun is prototype only.
>>33726 Thanks! >>33794 What a shame, it looks too cool to only ever have been a prototype.
Anyone been to Idaho Falls? Looking for some attractions to see that won't be too swamped with people or at least grab some artifact on the way back like some obsidian or interesting rock in enough quantities that won't kill me.
Open file (71.77 KB 524x629 1639010993899.jpg)
Y'all keep talking about this red wave, but it just means conservatism is being diluted by leftists.
Open file (200.78 KB 365x391 panic4.png)
Hotaru's dying of fucking heart failure.
>>34802 Red wave, blue wave, none of it fucking matters as long as these politicians keep kowtowing to the kikes.
Open file (34.72 KB 640x308 shhhh-yeet_9.jpg)
Open file (102.14 KB 720x385 breh.jpg)
>>34820 Wait, HotaruManiac?
Open file (117.09 KB 1092x1396 jens1.jpg)
>>34983 Yeah. Feels bad man. Oh and OpChan is pretty much kill at this point; apparently all boards are locked due to charlie pete spam the administration couldn't handle.
Open file (2.13 MB 854x480 abracadabra.webm)
>>34984 Last time I checked that place there was Qnigger spam on the /n/ board. I mostly steered away from OPchan due to the prevalence of tripfaggotry and no-fun-allowed tier rules. That and Serv's tale of gaynigger shit.
Open file (401.88 KB 700x977 shihoin_yoruichi4.jpg)
>>34985 Webm make me kek; is that from Ukraine? And yeah, /n/ was always a shithole, and tripfaggotry did abound. Apparently the whole community ended up migrating to Discord anyways, which somehow seems fitting lel.
Open file (1.92 MB 648x480 abrakadabra.webm)
>>34986 >is that from Ukraine? It's from long before the current war, at least. The no-song version I have saved shows a last-modified date of 2016, so it's at least that old. No idea if it's from the preceding Donbas conflict.
Open file (276.82 KB 700x853 aizawa_sakuya1.jpg)
>>34989 It's like time stands still in that whole part of the world or something. Same slavshit, different day.
>>34989 Its not from donbass. Iirc its spetsnaz ambushing rookies during training.
Boomer fudd is insisting Americans didn't take PoWs during WWII because Hollywood told him so. Tried telling him he's a fucking retard. Am I secretly the retard?
>>35213 >he doesn't know about Eisenhower's death camps
>>35217 I don't think he was talking about the Rheinwiesenlager.
Open file (54.78 KB 720x720 sic 4.jpg)
Open file (46.59 KB 720x722 mar3.jpg)
Open file (464.40 KB 2008x2015 h1.jpg)
Im a hackerman with too much time on my hands ,Ive been collecting info (doxxing,catfishing,etc) on narcos, mostly low-rank,hitmen, murderous armed thieves,etc. I know the cia/dea etc, are pozzed glowies..how do I make this info blow-up? do I contact some legit journalism organization in each country?colombia,mexico,venezuela etc..I feel that if I had some pro backup and devoted myself to this stuff,in 2-3 years I could cause some actual ...situation.
Is Top Gun 2 actually any good?
>>35237 I saw it and I thought it was great
Alright I get hating Soviets but what did the Russians actually do to garner this much hate? >Rape Yeah like 80 years ago. They're the least rapey slavs around. >Lie cheat steal The same as most slavs and whites. >Take territory that isn't theirs Isn't theirs according to former vassal states that are too niggerly to create a proper functioning military. The Russians aren't doing anything different than all the other niggers on the street other than not waving rainbow flags so I don't understand why they are so universally hated if you aren't German, Polish, or from the Caucuses.
>>35217 >implying they existed
>>35289 >but what did the Russians actually do to garner this much hate Imperialism and russification. The boundless hatred people feel for Russians predates the USSR. Read a book for once. >Yeah like 80 years ago. They're the least rapey slavs around. >he doesn't know much ebin >The same as most slavs and whites. Shitskin detected >The Russians aren't doing anything different than all the other niggers on the street Doesn't make it okay.
Alec Baldwin here: reminder that the dumb bitch killed herself.
>>35290 >Implying they didn't There's a reason the Germ PoWs are defined as "detained enemy forces" instead of prisoners of war, and it has to do with that little thing called the "Geneva Convention." America murdered about one million German soldiers post-war via starvation and torture because they "weren't prisoners of war."
>>35357 >unironically citing Bacque Your "source" has all the credibility of the average Holocaust scholar.
>>35411 Bacque was established by official human rights societies to have done his due diligence in research. While the conclusions he came to were ruled out (that it was malicious deliberate action), however the act of systematically killing German PoWs via incompetence was ruled to be factual. I am not going to claim a science fiction novelist is the poster child of sources but you are focusing on the credentials of the amateur historian rather than the merit of his argument.
>>35413 I didn't say a thing about his credentials. I'm saying that he intentionally misreads documents, cherrypicks quotes (including some of the worst ellipsis abuse I've ever seen in a serious work) and occasionally lies outright in the face of obviously contradictory evidence. His claims also run into basic logistical obstacles (where are the bodies?) and there's a conspicuous lack of actual witnesses to this alleged mass death. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?
Open file (43.42 KB 1200x441 M5.jpg)
What do we think about the M5?
>>35482 Choosing the ammo and the gun together was a mistake. The plastic-cased stuff that works with every 7.62 NATO weapon after a barrel change makes much more sense that the stuff this thing fires. As for the rifle itself, it's a scaled-up AR-18 disguised as an AR-10, and that would be fine, except that this thing needs way too much machining for what it is. A simpler receiver with a significantly simpler forend would house the action just as well. And it still has a fucking forward assist, holy shit.
>>35482 Good concept, poor execution.
>>35482 Textron should have won
>>35482 >the M5 is really a modified version of a previous design that sig tried to hawk >the weight of the rifle with optic, suppressor, & loaded mag is 14 pounds (~6.4 kilos) >two different kinds of ammo, a training round and full pressure >training round is around 2600 fps out of the M5 giving entirely different recoil and ballistic profiles >due to cost the full pressure round likely won't be available until actual combat The full power version of the cartridge is close to .270 WSM / 7mm mag out of a 13 inch barrel which is impressive but recoil is brutal. The AR design also feels wrong for this cartridge; this new cartridge should have a dedicated platform to help tame recoil.
>>35213 So we locked up all the jap civilians we could find but didn't bother imprisoning enemy combatants in the theater of war? Boomers are a goddamned blight.
>>35499 >recoil is brutal Really? The guys who tested the thing I know of all thought the recoil was negligible. Their big complaint wasn't the recoil, their complaint was, and I quote: "If I'm going to be carrying 15lbs of brick, I'd rather be carrying an AR10."
>>35510 >The guys who tested the thing I know of But which ammo were they using? Was it the training loads, the commercial hunting loads, or the full combat loads?
Firm unveils plans for Taser-armed drones in schools >The US company behind Tasers plans to produce stun gun-armed drones it claims will help stop school shootings. >The Arizona-based company, Axon, says that the high-tech solution is necessary amid a "fruitless" debate on gun policy in the US. >The announcement, however, earned a stern rebuke from the company's own ethics board. >Axon - formerly known as Taser International - said that it has formally begun developing a miniature, lightweight Taser that can be deployed on a drone or robot, as well as "targeting algorithms" to assist operators to aim the device safely. >According to Axon, all use-of-force decisions will be made by an authenticated and authorised human operator "who has agreed to take on legal and moral responsibility for any action that takes place". >Axon's founder and chief executive Rick Smith - a father of 12-year-olds twins - told the BBC that he decided to go public with the project after last week's events in Texas. https://web.archive.org/web/20220607003045/https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-61685117
>>35571 >decisions will be made by an authenticated and authorised human operator "who has agreed to take on legal and moral responsibility for any action that takes place" Special way of saying "some schmuck will get thrown in prison when he uses it or opts to not use it, but they must sign the contract waving liability to the company for the job."
Open file (128.55 KB 815x544 ClipboardImage.png)
I had a trippy dream and when I woke up my only thought was that hi-point 9mm carbines are kinda cool. But whats the point? Does the longer barrel really improve the potential of the round so much? And why have stock? Wouldnt it be best if it was just pistol grip and you could still fit it on your hip, though awkwardly? I doubt recoill would be such a problem. Too bad I am in noguns country.
>>35585 >But whats the point? It's a cheap blowback gun. >Does the longer barrel really improve the potential of the round so much? Yes. >And why have stock? Because it's a whole lot easier to aim if the gun connects to your body at three points. >Wouldnt it be best if it was just pistol grip and you could still fit it on your hip, though awkwardly? No, that's retarded. They did that with SMGs around the 1950s, but even that is out of fashion. It's much better to actually aim.
Going to be setting up a helmet for a pvs14. Plan to use it for night shooting, exploring tunnels, defending my basement, etc. Should I just go with a bump or do I need a rated helmet?
>>35589 Night walks are much better with a nightcap. The biggest negative is slow deployment. You pretty much have to adjust it every time you slip it on. Speaking to armor in general, I figure in a home invasion I'll be lucky if I'm wearing pants much less donning armor so I made a rolling ballistic shield with a chinkshit hand cart and some ar500 targets. It's dual purpose - niggers kept stealing my range steel so I had to haul it out every trip then inspiration struck me. I just park it by the bedroom door and try to keep it painted so I'm not breathing in lead dust.
>>35596 What’s your logic behind the cap? Wouldn’t. A dedicated helmet be more efficient? Could throw earpro on there as well. I’d like to see your rolling cart if you have a picture of it. I’ve been thinking of something similar as a “fake” door to my neighbors basement. I’m right at their wall now, but don’t want to risk being discovered.
Open file (318.66 KB 898x670 confus.png)
>>35596 based niggerrigger-sama >>35599 >“fake” door to my neighbors basement. I’m right at their wall now, but don’t want to risk being discovered. oh wait what? Nigga, are you planning on mouse-holing into your neighbors' place if the FAT comes for your pup?
>>35607 Always have at least one escape tunnel. I have plans to expand to other neighbors, but I’m worried about foundational stress.
>>35609 >yfw a neighbor's porch fucking collapses underneath him
>>35610 >not collapsing the front lawn
>>35611 >insurance dude's face when he shows up
Open file (8.58 MB 498x465 trapdoor-spider.gif)
>>35611 >not burrowing underground
Open file (518.50 KB 967x773 discomfort1.png)
>>35613 my arachnophobia hates you for posting this imagine if they were bigger, dude like, dog-sized *shivers*
Open file (290.59 KB 790x1000 mantis_girl.jpg)
>>35616 My bad, have a cute girl instead.
>>35616 Spiders are cool. Try to keep them around.
Open file (57.28 KB 960x647 1649707296590.jpg)
>>35617 I guess I should know better after all these years than to let the Internet find out that something bothers me, huh? ^_^ >>35618 I know, I just... can't, dude. I've tried working on it, and I have actually gotten better about it, but they still just skeeve me for some reason.
>>35620 Are more scared of you and want to be left alone. Plus they shine in the dark.
>>35622 I know it's irrational bro. >Plus they shine in the dark. lol wut
>>35620 >^_^ I thought that emoji was dead. Why?
>>35625 Light reflects off their eyes/backs. When there’s no ambient light around, take a flashlight and shine it in the general direction of the spider. You’ll see like a shiny sparkle of the spider.
Open file (1.85 MB 1032x1412 1645845493088.png)
>>35630 >Why? If you're asking why I used it, it's probably because I'm old and set in my ways. >>35634 Oh okay, that makes more sense. I was thinking you meant bioluminescence, and wondering how the fuck I'd missed that.
>>35640 >reddit frog
Open file (55.41 KB 1002x857 deus_ex_soy.jpg)
>>35641 >reddit Never been, don't use social jewstice media. I see an image I find funny or whatever, I save it.
>>35642 imageboards are soycial media tbh
>>35656 Thats like saying a psych ward is the same as a coffee house. Imageboards are social media for the anti-social.
>>35641 Way to fall for reverse-gatekeeping, nigger.
What is everyone’s favorite .45’s?
Open file (1.37 MB 931x1296 29.png)
>>35689 And what would be your favorite, “modern” .45acp pistol, Chang?
Open file (87.88 KB 1200x1102 liiiick.jpg)
>>35695 WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK AM I FAPPAN TO HERE also, Mark 23 is my personal best girl
Open file (255.91 KB 680x427 -30SC.png)
>>35694 Anon those are Kuomintang supporters and an imperialist gweilo. >>35689 Sorry, Chang, but I have no choice but to revoke those social credit points and subtract a further 15 points for spreading disharmony. If you want your points back then please post a 1000 word essay on why Kuomintang ideals are bad and Feng Yu-Hsiang was a traitorous gweilolover.
Open file (267.59 KB 1200x1126 E-3UEqXXIAcxQpR.jpg)
Open file (44.09 KB 1280x720 1654658030305.jpg)
I just recently found my way back here from when fullchin was still active. I've been so out of the loop, what the hell happened? I miss the old board but I'm glad it's somewhat active here still.
>>35711 Welcome back friend >I just recently found my way back here from when fullchin Damn, 3 years already, nothing much happened compared to the old days but things did occur. But for one the important thing is that we are here.
>>35712 Glad to be back. Yeah, I didn't realize how much time has passed. Shit happens, I guess.
>>35711 >From 8days Damn. Welcome, friend. > I've been so out of the loop, what the hell happened? I don't even know where to begin. I'm guessing you are already familiar enough with cuckflare pulling DDoS protections from 8chan followwd by that whole clusterfuck. The short-hand for /k/ was... >Used smoke signals to gather on /a/'s bunker >Moved to Julay's servers >Things were alright >Left after one of Robi's normalfag friends went on a moralfag crusade against loli because canary in the coalmine >Came to anon.cafe >Went through a few BOs >One of them was a glownigger >Cluster munitions incident where /k/ fucked with the site owner happened >Some fag got banned for discussing how to make a pipe bomb to use on Austrian politicians >Board gets abandoned for a bit >People slowly come back because the war in Ukraine started >Shitposting resumes >New BO takes over and establishes IDs >Place is kind of a wild west at the moment >Current BO doesn't want to make rules since then he has to stop being a lazy nigger and enforce them
>>35722 >Used smoke signals to gather on /a/'s bunker And here is the movie version of that: https://smugloli.net/kohi/res/50972.html#51342
>>35722 Well shit I missed the memo
>>35587 Wouldnt it be fired just like pistol then though? And if barrel length matters so much why not use for pistols in the first place a round designed to have maximum performance from the barrel lenghts used normally in pistols?
>>35713 See: >>35722 >Left after one of Robi's normalfag friends went on a moralfag crusade against loli This is noted by many as perhaps the most controversial thing that happened since the fall of 8ch, mainly because many saw it from different angles and have different opinions towards what really happened, the sure thing is that many boards, sites and even small niches sometimes antagonize each other after the consequences of said occurrence which included forced move outs, disappearance of hosted boards (due to Julay rebranding itself) and so on. So if you want to guess what was the biggest happening since the fall then, in terms of direct influence towards us, it was probably that one. Anon Cafe for example grew a lot in activity because many boards from there moved here, this site was akin in activity and number to what ALog (formerly Julay) is now although the focus was artistic/creative back then. Nowadays we are in a thin line between tense stagnation and optimistic comfort zone, i would say enjoy it while you can.
>>35732 >Wouldnt it be fired just like pistol then though? No, it's too big for that. >And if barrel length matters so much why not use for pistols in the first place a round designed to have maximum performance from the barrel lenghts used normally in pistols? More powder means more burning gases means more pressure, and that makes the boolit go faster, even if this still high pressure has just escapes the barrel and dissipates. If you then use a longer barrel, then the gas has more time to push the boolit, even as its pressure goes down, and so you get a faster boolit. In other words, using more powder with the same barrel length leads to higher performance, and so does using a longer barrel with the same powder charge. Pistols are simply inherently limited by the fact and they have to be compact enough to be used with one hand, and so your only realistic option is to use more powder, because the barrel can be only so long. But then you can still get something with a longer barrel and fire the same cartridge for higher performance.
>>35711 Lel, you sound like I felt after Corona-chan pulled me back to the surface after over half a decade of running silent and deep. tl;dr is everything's fucked and "dead internet" is real jews btw
Open file (97.14 KB 407x419 distressed_kagamini.jpg)
>>35733 >normalfag friends went on a moralfag crusade >i would say enjoy it while you can I honest to God wonder sometimes if this ultimately ends with us shitposting on packet radio ad hoc mesh nets innawasteland, just to get the fuck away from the normalfaggot scourge until it finally dies out. I mean that's no shit why I'm pursuing amateur radio. also, full disclosure, I'm not actually one of you guys, I'm from 4k/OpChan
Open file (286.97 KB 1200x1200 Granny Patchie.jpg)
>>35741 >Spoiler I'm not particularly tribal about where anons come from so long as they aren't acting like cancer, so welcome nonetheless to this little pocket of chaos/refuge.
>>35482 >>35485 >>35499 I have a feeling no one will ever see those extra spicy AP rounds, even in theater. Going for the velocity that turns steel to butter with your service rifle and ball ammo doesn't sound like good Idea. I have a better idea, just chambered a 20 inch, 1:7.5 twist barrel AR-10 in .260 Rem. Top the round with a projectile of similar shape to 6.5mm ELD-X bullet but it's light weight for it's length because it's copper with a tungsten penetrator in the ass end. It should tumble in soft tissue but still punch through a reasonable amount of cover. A receiver mounted, free float, M-Lok fore-end, including a bayonet mount would be nice too.
Open file (70.35 KB 545x1201 Panicked Frog.jpg)
>During Napoleon's reign, 1 in 4 Europeans were of French descent >Afterwards 1 in 5 were still of French descent up until WWI >The only countries with more people living inside of them than France during the 1700s were China, India, and Japan >France STILL hasn't recovered their WWI population sizes (relative to the rest of Europe) to this day >France is basically the case-study for the global phenomena of urban shift in conjunction with depopulation You know I thought Frog history would be kinda boring but this is quite fascinating to discover. I always thought of France as that one country with a big military who is completely irrelevant outside of cooking, cosmetics, their navy, and wine ever since Napoleon got his shit kicked in by the Russians.
>>35789 Wait, I recall that France still held a lot more ethnic French on their borders even after WWI, at the very least up until WWII.
Open file (115.39 KB 756x1024 saber1.jpg)
>>35742 Based BO is based. I'll try not to shit the place up. >>35774 >light weight for it's length because it's copper with a tungsten penetrator in the ass end I might be a fucking brainlet, but this sounds like it might compromise accuracy somewhat at longer ranges. Or would the spin-stabilization keep that in check?
>>35825 There is definitely a point where the velocity and spin and center of gravity all break down and the projectile tumbles in air but there is a large gap where it is stable in air but tumbles in meat. My general concept is to copy the high BC shape of a 140+ gr 6.5mm target bullet, that is stable at 7.5 twist, with lighter materials to increase velocity and a hardened bit for penetration. If things balance out you could have a projectile that fragments from tumbling around when it stops fragmenting from velocity along with the ability to penetrate at range because of the hardened core material and retained velocity from the sleek shape. It might not actually be possible but the best compromise is probably still better than .270win++P, at least from a long term logistics perspective. I have the Sierra Infinity program that I never installed but aside from that I can't really develop the idea any further.
Open file (82.46 KB 845x922 ClipboardImage.png)
>>35774 >>35825 >>35852 You could always calculate it. https://shooterscalculator.com/ballistic-trajectory-chart.php Obviously the nitty gritty stuff like weight distribution would require a physics simulator, but you could measure the other stuff. Maybe it's just how my intuition is framing the physics problem, but wouldn't the moment of inertia be off-balance by having the center of mass distributed towards the back instead of towards the front when moving forward in air? Spin would partially adjust for this by generating forward momentum I guess since it's still "uniform" along the length of the ammunition (just not the width), but I feel like it would start tumbling much, much sooner than standard ammunition of a comparable mass. Plus on impact, human bodies (or at least the blood/tissues containing blood) act as a non-Newtonian fluid so you need mass in the front for the initial penetration, since the faster the round is on impact, the more resistance is generated towards the impact. I guess my concern is that the copper would "crumble" resulting in less of a wound channel and more of a blunt force trauma impact.
>>35857 > wouldn't the moment of inertia be off-balance by having the center of mass distributed towards the back instead of towards the front when moving forward in air? All pointy bullets overcome this problem, they are inherently unstable. Adjusting where the heavy mass is in the bullet to the velocity and spin rate could let you determine under what conditions it upsets and starts tumbling, maybe. That's a nice calculator. I've been using the Vortex Optics one, I like I's charts.
Open file (866.05 KB 498x277 izumi_konata_good_job.gif)
>>35852 Okay, that makes sense. Thanks for explaining; I'm definitely not a ballisticsfag, but that's pretty interesting.
So is SCOTUS going to do their job and issue a second ruling on red flag laws being unconstitutional without a court case (they were ruled unconstitutional unanimously 9-0 last year), or are they going to pretend that there is a case to be had and let establishment-run districts disarm all of their political opponents before coming to a ruling two years later while not even getting people's guns returned (or even better, sweeping last year's ruling under the rug)? They aren't required to hear a court case to issue a ruling on legislation being passed if they consider it egregious enough. IF SCOTUS does their job for the first time in 50 years (that's a big "if"), will it be the start of a new FDR legal war FDR was constantly fighting with SCOTUS who would issue same-day rulings that his socialist shit was unconstitutional, or will it be national divorce when blue states refuse to acknowledge the Supreme Court ruling? After watching all these fucking protestors getting away with felonies because the FBI won't prosecute them and the states legally can't (it is a felony to protest outside ANY judge's house), and having legitimate assassination attempts (Kavanaugh had a legitimate assassination attempt that made it to the justice's property; he was only thwarted by realizing he couldn't run away from cops leading to him turning himself in to try and get a lesser sentence) over an abortion ruling that hasn't even been officialized yet, I think whoever leaked the documents is a snitch for the FBI. Whistleblowers have come out stating the obvious about the FBI purging conservatives from their ranks for being "disloyal" to the institution, and the FBI is explicitly NOT protecting federal judges despite that being one of the few things that DO fall under their jurisdiction instead of the Marshal Service.
>>35863 No. A baste federal judge should slap the first instance of it down because of the prior ruling though. But blue states don't care and will still use it. Everyone's going to try to kiss up to their boss which is whoever is telling biden what to do and the public in the local state of whatever judge you're worried about. Public perception drives a lot of how far judges are willing to go.
Open file (329.91 KB 1920x1080 overpower question.jpg)
>Some Jewish rabbis sexually abuse kids using their position as an authority figure and this is endemic to their community >Some Christian priests sexually abuse kids using their position as an authority figure and this is endemic to their community >Some Islamic imams sexually abuse kids using their position as an authority figure and this is endemic to their community >Some secular African and Middle Eastern warlords sexually abuse kids using their position as an authority figure and this is endemic to their community >Some rich Asians and Europeans sexually abuse kids using their position as an authority figure and this is endemic to their community >Most gays sexually abuse kids using their position as an authority figure and this is endemic to their community >When globalist elites do it, it's a conspiracy theory ?
Open file (179.10 KB 1280x1165 c8P1OOh.jpg)
IT HAPPENED AGAIN: Chinese Military Document Leaks on War Thunder Game Forum >A fan of the video game War Thunder, the free-to-play vehicle combat simulator, has leaked classified Chinese military documents on the game’s online forum. According to defense analysts, while the details of the anti-tank weapon in question were previously known, this is the first time that authenticating documentation has been seen outside of China. How do we know the documents are authentic? Well, they’re pictured next to the weapon itself. >The weapon in question is the DTC10-125, an anti-tank round fielded by the modern-day Chinese military. Also known as a kinetic energy penetrator, its job is to punch through metal and breach the internal compartments of a tank and knock it out of action. As such, its capabilities are a closely guarded secret. Or at least they were until someone on the War Thunder forums got into an argument and needed to prove a point. >The information was quickly removed from the forums, but it is still available online. Polygon has viewed the original image and can confirm it’s quite a comprehensive photo, and includes an annotated diagram of the munition itself as well as its casing, called a sabot. >UK Defense Journal, a volunteer organization that covers issues related to militaries around the world, reports that while the specifications of the DTC10-125 were previously revealed online in multiple locations, this leak appears to confirm them with official government documentation. They also claim that the photo includes a close-up image of the weapon, lending additional credence to its authenticity. >This is not the first time that classified information on modern-day weapons systems was leaked on the War Thunder forums. In July 2021, details of the United Kingdom’s Challenger 2 main battle tank were leaked, and then in December particulars of the French Leclerc main battle tank also ended up online. >War Thunder is not the only simulation game to suffer from these types of incidents. In 2019 an employee of flight simulation developer Eagle Dynamics was indicted on charges of conspiracy and smuggling for allegedly attempting to have someone inside the United States purchase manuals for the F-16 on eBay and then send them overseas for analysis. https://web.archive.org/web/20220609152637/https://www.polygon.com/23152203/war-thunder-chinese-tank-weapon-leak-classified-military-secrets-forum
>>35903 Oh thank goodness. I thought it was a Chinese PsyOp last time (China owns Gaijin Entertainment; forced them to move to Belarus in response to anti-Chinese sentiment in Hungary and funds most of their operations). If China themselves are getting documents leaked then it's just autism and not a concerted effort.
>>35904 >forced them to move to Belarus in response to anti-Chinese sentiment in Hungary and funds most of their operations I take the anti-chink sentiment is the Fudan University debacle, but did they really move away from Hungary? I remember some news about World of Tanks putting all the Russians and Belorussians into a separate server to avoid potential future problems, so it's a bit strange that their main competitor would move to Belarus of all places.
Open file (36.53 KB 640x360 itsovel.jpg)
>>35903 >Being so pissed at some random asshole shitting on your ride that you risk military death sentence to prove him wrong once and for all I kinda like that fella if it wasn't for the fact he can't keep a secret tight
>>35905 I swear I saw an article saying they moved their headquarters to Belarus, but wikipedia says they're still in Budapest, so I guess I'm retarded.
did you know PrSM can physically fit in the F-35's weapon bays
>>35620 >spiders are the ugly good guys everybody hates. >well meaning 8 legged quasimodos Once you see them as butt ugly good guys your view of them changes (poisonous arachnids excepted and given the respect and distance they deserve) >>35641 >>35630 >feds attempt to update their "hi I'm totally one of the cool kids" briefing notes >>35695 >nice body shame about the face gun would finger fuck with / 10
Open file (49.34 KB 800x1296 spurdo.png)
Open file (218.68 KB 1258x733 benis.jpg)
>>35711 >what the hell happened? tl;dr >globiggers >globiggers >e-brama >globiggers >e-brama welcome back Strelok
Open file (80.32 KB 1028x591 ifonlyyouknew.jpg)
>>35741 >I mean that's no shit why I'm pursuing amateur radio. iktf been eyeing up the loft space and downloading antenna diy books. RF shielding & counter surveillance is your friend pics related
Open file (311.93 KB 1280x720 HA.mp4)
>>35903 >until someone on the War Thunder forums got into an argument and needed to prove a point. >got so assblasted over being called a lying niggerfaggot that he leaks top secret military documents with physical evidence to prove himself right i love this fag
Open file (12.19 MB 1280x720 bong-3d-fear-porn.mp4)
Open file (653.42 KB 1689x1381 nato-surplus-darkweb.png)
>b bongistani lugenpresse >b concerned about 'muh 3d printed finger amputaters' >b concerned about rightwingers with diy funs >4 printed finger removal toys collected in 2021 >brit cucks in panic "Ermahgawd we're all gonna Uvalde!" >500+ real firearms seized in same time - *crickets* >6 gorillion knife stabbings, alien acid attacks, and ramavans of peace - *also crickets* Huh? Have these cucks really forgot they are sending BILLION$$$ * of weapons + explosives to literal right wing nazis in Ukraine??! Wtf do they think hohols are doing with shiny new NATO equipment? Using it to fight off ruskies or selling it on the darkweb because the country is corrupt af? ...and get this... their 'solution' to the 3dmeme is to waste taxes on monitoring basement incels for online thought crimes! kek! the jokes about bongs are all true! kek! Even 4cuck retards have figured out weapons heading to Ukraine are going on darkweb selling detours. God knows what it will be like in Europoor countries if their in state ragheads buy up Ukraine gifted anti-air and ATMs. At least border jumping beans here are more concerned about smuggling narcotics than funs because funs are freely available. >2022: unironically feel safer because cartel Chico is running narcotics + ho's and not ex-Ukrainian shiny new NATO ATMs + artillery shells while singing snackbar songs. Clownworld of clownworld. * ...and no "we" are not sending billions to Ukraine too. Federal crooks are money laundering taxes.
>>35926 >tfw Ukrainians are selling automatic weapons cheaper on the darkweb than I can buy the cheapest rifle for in my state I need to move to Montana or Texas already.
Open file (424.30 KB 1538x2048 youkai.jpg)
>>35920 It kinda sucks for me because I'd have to be on at least MF, possibly even engage in some lowfer shenanigans to connect the couple dozen people I actually give a shit about. We're so spread out it's ridiculous. And you sound like you probably already know this, but that shit isn't cheap. Or portable, for that matter. >>35921 Good to see the internets is still serious fucking business, kek. >>35926 >2022: unironically feel safer because cartel Chico is running narcotics + ho's and not ex-Ukrainian shiny new NATO ATMs + artillery shells while singing snackbar songs. >Clownworld of clownworld. The near future is looking primed to be pretty fuckin' lulzy, that's for sure. I'm not sure where all this bullshit is going, but it's gonna be fun watching it get there. >their 'solution' [...] is to waste taxes on monitoring basement incels for online thought crimes! Don't tell me you didn't see that one coming, bro. >>35927 My immediate reflex is to tell you to stay the fuck in your containment board state, but you're here, so you're probably cool. What's keeping you? Clock's ticking, dude.
>>35955 >What's keeping you? Mostly children (both adult and juvenile).
>>36033 You should post this on /finance/, that place really needs some traffic.
>>35927 Montana is beautiful but fucking Californians are driving up prices everywhere. The entire west side is basically unlivable unless you make good money or stay in a vanor have good friends to split rent with :( Texas has too many spics and fat faggots for my taste despite the better laws.
Open file (439.76 KB 1080x1069 Ohh Husbant....jpg)
Ohhh... Husbant... You are buy too much guns... Now we are homeress....
>>36219 Did you think "over my cold, dead body" was an allegory, bitch? Bend over and give me some sugar.
Open file (58.18 KB 1125x982 smug husbant.jpg)
>>36219 Now now, dear, if you really want to be warm you'll have to work that ass up and down the street.
>>36219 Are you going to post this unfunny shit on every board on the webring?
>>36303 what's unfunny about it?
>>36303 Where has he reposted this before?
I have a plan to deal with the mangy raccoons that live under my shed. Traps, poison, and gas bombs are not an option because of pets, the neighbors don't care if I shoot varmints. I'm going to set up a couple trail cams to study their numbers and habits. Once I know when the big mama comes and goes I'll set up an ambush by climbing up on the shed and watching her travel rout an hour before she returns, for maximum safe shooting angle and to avoid the shrubbery. The fuckers are smart and this will probably only work once if I don't get the big one. I mounted a NV scope on my old Marlin .22WMR, I know that will do the job but I've also had a silly idea. I have a B-Square saddle mount for my 12 gauge and that scope will mount right on there. 2-3/4" with 1-1/4oz of #4 shot out of the long barrel with the turkey choke should cause some carnage at less than 10 yards.
>>36674 Wouldn't it be easier to bait a trap and camp at a good angle to take them out when they show up? Obviously a little stalking will help so you can bait a trap along their pathway, but racoons have preferences over eating trash and you can just leave out some leftovers or something.
Open file (3.02 MB 480x360 Tannerite hogs.mp4)
Hell if you play your cards right you could even do pic related.
Open file (2.23 MB 420x236 wmrnvtest.webm)
>>36685 The good angle is the problem, I can't cover the shed from the bathroom window anymore because of vegetation. Bait might help but the big ones don't get big by being stupid. I have some recordings, let's see if I can operate HandBrake. This is a zero confirmation that includes correcting a failure to eject. The scope base covers too much of the ejection port. Dremel work is required.
Open file (2.14 MB 420x236 22lrcoon.webm)
>>36689 Here is a duck murdering coon tasting the wrath of the 10/22. As you can see the wrath is lacking at 60+/-yards. The extra sets of eyes are America Online CDs from my Grandfathers stash, they are supposed to frighten predators and birds. The timestamps aren't right either.
>>35920 I don't understand the second pic. Is the implication that the cameras are viewing the people inside with radio frequencies rather than infrared?
Open file (130.68 KB 921x1329 FWWuX4jXkAEV13D.jpg)
>>36710 The implication is they can do two-factor authentication (wifi and phone signal) to triangulate position even when a wall can't be looked into with infrared. Hence the "infrared image" to show how scary and accurate it is(n't).
>>36712 Who would have thought that a polite society is an armed society?
>>36714 >Brazil >polite
>>36715 They're still mostly unarmed. They are, however, improving as the image shows. If nuclear war breaks out it'll basically be South America and parts of South-East Asia that survive. That's the real scary thought.
>>36716 Is it too late to move to Argentina and be recce innamountains?
>>36781 argentina is a bankrupt commie shithole for some decades now
Open file (81.27 KB 799x1274 Laughing Boatslut.jpg)
Every branch of the military is struggling to make its 2022 recruiting goals, officials say With a record low number of Americans eligible to serve, and few of those willing to do it, this "is the year we question the sustainability of the all-volunteer force,” said an expert. https://archive.is/iOEbt >Every branch of the U.S. military is struggling to meet its fiscal year 2022 recruiting goals, say multiple U.S. military and defense officials, and numbers obtained show both a record low percentage of young Americans eligible to serve and an even tinier fraction willing to consider it. >The officials said the Pentagon’s top leaders are now scrambling for ways to find new recruits to fill out the ranks of the all-volunteer force. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks consider the shortfall a serious issue, said the officials, and have been meeting on it frequently with other leaders. >“This is the start of a long drought for military recruiting,” said Ret. Lt. Gen. Thomas Spoehr of the Heritage Foundation, a think tank. He said the military has not had such a hard time signing recruits since 1973, the year the U.S. left Vietnam and the draft officially ended. Spoehr said “2022 is the year we question the sustainability of the all-volunteer force.” >The pool of those eligible to join the military continues to shrink, with more young men and women than ever disqualified for obesity, drug use or criminal records. Last month, Army Chief of Staff Gen. James McConville testified before Congress that only 23% of Americans ages 17-24 are qualified to serve without a waiver to join, down from 29% in recent years. >An internal Defense Department survey obtained found that only 9% of those young Americans eligible to serve in the military had any inclination to do so, the lowest number since 2007. >The survey sheds light on how both Americans’ view of the military and the growing civilian-military divide may also be factors in slumping recruitment, and how public attitudes could cause recruiting struggles for years to come. >More than half of the young Americans who answered the survey — about 57% — think they would have emotional or psychological problems after serving in the military. Nearly half think they would have physical problems. >“They think they’re going to be physically or emotionally broken after serving,” said one senior U.S. military official >Among Americans surveyed by the Pentagon who were in the target age range for recruiting, only 13% had parents who had served in the military, down from approximately 40% in 1995. >Overall confidence in U.S. government institutions is also decreasing, and that has hit the U.S. military as well. In 2021 the annual Reagan National Defense Survey, conducted by the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute, found that just 45% of Americans had a great deal of trust and confidence in the military, down 25 points since 2018. >In 2021, an Army study found that 75% of Americans ages 16-28 knew little to nothing about the Army. >The Army has met about 40% of its enlisted recruiting mission for FY22, with just over three months left in the fiscal year, which ends Sept. 30. The final quarter — the summer — is typically when the services recruit the most candidates following high school graduation. >Space Force will also likely make its goal, according to U.S. military officials, but as the newest branch of the military it only looks to recruit about 500 Guardians this fiscal year. >The U.S. Air Force, on the other hand, has to recruit roughly 100 times as many airmen, about 50,000, but is currently more than 4,000 below where it should be at this point in the fiscal year. While the Air National Guard and Reserve are unlikely to meet their goals, the active duty are taking it week to week, according to a senior U.S. military official. “We are hopeful that the active duty will meet their goal. Hopeful, but not certain,” the official said. >The last time the Air Force missed its goal was fiscal 1999, and the last time before that was 1979. >Navy officials, who have been using the summer movie “Top Gun: Maverick” to try to attract recruits, say they hope to ultimately meet their active-duty and overall strength goals. >The active-duty Marine Corps is likely to make its recruiting goals this year. The Marine in charge of manpower, however, recently told Congress that 2022 is “arguably the most challenging recruiting year since the inception of the all-volunteer force.” >The Coast Guard is lagging behind its active-duty numbers for the year. It has met 80% and 93% of its goals for reserves and officers respectively, but has filled only about 55% of its target of 4,200 active-duty enlistments. >To tackle the growing crisis, the Pentagon is reviewing some of the more than 250 disqualifiers for service, including some medical conditions that have historically required recruits to obtain a waiver for service or kept individuals out of uniform completely >The military is also discussing allowing service members to use platforms like TikTok to attract recruits. In 2020, President Donald Trump ordered a ban on the use of the social media platform because the Chinese company that owns it collects biometric information on users. >Another challenge has been political pressure in some school districts not to let recruiters on campuses >Some of the service branches are offering unprecedented bonuses for signing up or re-enlisting, up to $50,000 for certain specialties in the Army, Air Force and the Navy. >But one U.S. military official said bonuses can only help so much. “We can throw money at the problem all we want, but until we change how young people see us in uniform, we are going to struggle to get them to raise their right hands.” >The Pentagon may also put more effort into recruiting eligible DACA recipients, said officials. >A Pentagon spokesperson declined to comment. It's really simple. Provide veterans with REAL mental help that doesn't take away their gun rights, get rid of the vaccine mandates, and stop getting involved in foreign wars America has no business in if you want people to serve their fucking country. I ended up trashing plans to join the military (for college because I'm a poorfag- not that it matters since the colleges all have vaccine mandates as well) too after the Biden administration swept in and started all this fucking bullshit. An In-Depth Look at the Military Recruitment Crisis https://archive.is/31vY3 >In April of 2022, recruitment bonuses for U.S. military members reached an all-time high. The Army and Navy are both offering $50,000 enlistment bonuses! If that doesn’t draw new recruits, then it’s hard to imagine what will. Rest of it is propaganda from the military mouthpiece trying to avoid the Chink Flu question, but I thought the fact that they can offer those kinds of sign-on bonuses and still not get recruits was pretty great.
did epstein really suicide why did he fall in the first place did he really get busted? wouldnt his globalist handlers have protected him? to me it seems more likely that he pissed off one of the wrong globalists, and that his fall was approved of by their circle
Open file (143.54 KB 1280x720 butt.jpg)
>>36897 >did epstein really suicide No. Even normalfags know that's a crock of shit. >why did he fall in the first place He wasn't popular enough so the progressive elite thought they could throw him under the bus as a sacrificial lamb. He was a low man on the totem pole. >did he really get busted? Yes. >Wouldnt his globalist handlers have protected him? It was too obvious and they had to get rid of someone so the crimes were pinned on him. Why do you think Bill Gates was so gleeful about him being dead? >It was a fall from grace The only fall from grace was that he was gonna expose the others. Ghislaine is on "suicide watch" despite not being suicidal for the exact same reason after a different prisoner in her cell block tried to take her life and admitted she was offered time off her sentence and a large sum of cash from an anonymous source. They're just desperate to make sure it's never exposed. Why do you think a client list didn't come out during the Ghislaine case despite her being the matron who acquired the whores for her clients, FBI-kun?
>>36897 >did epstein really suicide Yes, obviously. You're a genuine retard if you think otherwise. >why did he fall in the first place He was pretty much fully in the public eye. >did he really get busted? Yes >wouldnt his globalist handlers have protected him? He was the designated fallguy, that was the whole point of having him in the first place >to me it seems more likely that he pissed off one of the wrong globalists, and that his fall was approved of by their circle It was his job to create the blackmail, and to take the fall when the blackmail came into the public eye (so that the blackmail would remain intact but the other ends wouldn't catch the fall at that time). It became time for someone to take the fall, so he did his job. Naturally, he was allowed to commit suicide rather than face indefinite internment.
>>36900 >Yes, obviously. Just like when they found marks around his neck a month earlier facing the wrong way it was totally him trying to choke himself to death, right?
>>36900 he didnt even need to die. they could have moved him to another isolated place, underground, or given him plastic surgery
ps im not a fed but this faggot >>36900 obviously is
>>36900 How is it going, G-Man ex-BO
>>36913 That's right. Even if they designate a fall guy they probably wouldn't just fuck over their own. That would completely disincentivize loyalty.
>>36898 >>36919 They would kill him if they can't hold him in their custody because he might confess, or if he angered the wrong people. In either case it's all a show and powerful child rapists are still being protected by globalists and compromised intelligence agencies.
Open file (3.17 MB 2448x3264 wewuzarsnshiet.jpg)
Is optics bridging a meme? Also some critique on my rifle would be nice
>>36963 It comes across as a great idea but it's very much a compromise. If you're actively using the magnification all the time it's worse than a more dedicated optic but if you can flip the magnifier to the side it has its merits.
>>36963 Other anon pretty much handled the bridging, so I’ll provide some critique. More details would be appreciated. >flip-ups These are redundant and you have a goddam traffic jam under that magnifier >m68/comp m4/m5 Move that back fully onto the receiver. Lose the rear flip-up. >rear flip-up screw Stripped the fuck outta it >that grip Why? >rail section Why is that bottom rail section there? Part of the rail, dreams of a bipod, or neglected plans? >mag release button Looks like it needs to be turned out one rotation. Could be lighting. >triggerguard Wtf is going there my dude? Looks misaligned and I can’t tell if it’s the front or rear. Who made it? >>36963 >>36963
>>36963 Forgot to add… >gas system What the in the Florida hell is going on there? >light Where’s your light?
Do you guys think something will happen in regards to gun laws after the shooting in Illinois?
>>35926 It's always amusing how much shit they get wrong.
>>36963 Not gonna nitpick on what it is you have going on too hard as I think most of it isn't too bad. What glares at me though. >break I'm guessing this is in 308. If not the break is overkill. Would've just invested in a supressor. >foregrip If the break is doing what it's supposed to the foregrip is redundant. You should've justify having it there to better manipulate the muzzle while moving either as thats what muscles are for and if it's too heavy thats what slings are fore. The price to pay when dealing with full length rifles. >rails Too many. How much shit do you really plan on sticking to the top one? >Reddot+in-line magnifier Is this some repurposed gear? Thatld make more sense to me than thinking you bought these over a variable optic which this rifle looks better suited for.
Open file (738.54 KB 1628x1529 not_bing_chilling.jpg)
Alleged Chinese police database breach leaks data of 1 billion >A hacker has claimed to have procured a trove of personal information from the Shanghai police on one billion Chinese citizens, which tech experts say, if true, would be one of the biggest data breaches in history. >The anonymous internet user, identified as "ChinaDan", posted on hacker forum Breach Forums last week offering to sell the more than 23 terabytes (TB) of data for 10 bitcoin , equivalent to about $200,000. >"In 2022, the Shanghai National Police (SHGA) database was leaked. This database contains many TB of data and information on Billions of Chinese citizen," the post said. >"Databases contain information on 1 Billion Chinese national residents and several billion case records, including: name, address, birthplace, national ID number, mobile number, all crime/case details." >The Shanghai government and police department did not respond to requests for comment on Monday. >Reuters was also unable to reach the self-proclaimed hacker, ChinaDan, but the post was widely discussed on China's Weibo and WeChat social media platforms over the weekend with many users worried it could be real. >The hashtag "data leak" was blocked on Weibo by Sunday afternoon. >Kendra Schaefer, head of tech policy research at Beijing-based consultancy Trivium China, said in a post on Twitter it was "hard to parse truth from rumour mill". >If the material the hacker claimed to have came from the Ministry of Public Security, it would be bad for "a number of reasons", Schaefer said. >"Most obviously it would be among biggest and worst breaches in history," she said. >Zhao Changpeng, CEO of Binance, said on Monday the cryptocurrency exchange had stepped up user verification processes after the exchange's threat intelligence detected the sale of records belonging to 1 billion residents of an Asian country on the dark web. >He said on Twitter that a leak could have happened due to "a bug in an Elastic Search deployment by a (government) agency", without saying if he was referring to the Shanghai police case. >He posted again on Twitter later in the day, saying: "apparently, this exploit happened because the gov developer wrote a tech blog on CSDN and accidentally included the credentials", referring to the China Software Developer Network. >Software company Elastic said it was incorrect to cite it as the source of the breach. The Shanghai government did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Wednesday. >The claim of a hack comes as China has vowed to improve protection of online user data privacy, instructing its tech giants to ensure safer storage after public complaints about mismanagement and misuse. https://web.archive.org/web/20220706111535/https://www.reuters.com/world/china/hacker-claims-have-stolen-1-bln-records-chinese-citizens-police-2022-07-04/
Apparently Boris Johnson is either gonna get a no confidence vote or he's gonna get the boot soon, based on two of his cabinet members quitting.
>>37090 >Data on 1 billion Chinks that could be used to access their shit This is the kind of data big media/tech giants murder for. Holy shit.
Let's see if anon can use multiple threads or if he's bound to the incorrect thread only. >>37120 Here you go, anon. If you'd used your own front page or even the web archive it would have taken you ten minutes. #16chan on Rizon https://matrix.to/#/!NsKwgotHmijEzQnpCj:t2bot.io https://app.element.io/#/room/#16chan-b:matrix.org I won't give a tl;dr since I bet you have the attention span of a goldfish to find answers yourself.
>>37090 Mental Outlaw had a video about it and it seems legit https://yt.artemislena.eu/watch?v=Eb3E5vKFxrk
>>37103 Looks like he's out
Open file (431.42 KB 1794x1496 1657279632148.png)
Day of the Rake currently in progress. Internet, banking, cell services (including 911) down for millions across the land of the eternal Leaf. https://web.archive.org/web/20220708193014/https://twitter.com/disclosetv/status/1545384565115592707
>>37237 So we are free of the leaf menace?
>>37242 We're still here
>>37242 /kohi/ reportedly significantly less gayposting but the Leafs still have access to mobile data.
Can anyone from 16chan (RIP) please dump the classic webms to its replacement frenschan org
can your disability check get garnished over unpaid medical wages? The appeal process for my mom's work insurance is fucking terrible and most laywers won't touch you until you done the internal appeal processes yourself and get denied twice by the insurance policy. I am wondering how long I could not pay shit before it becomes garnished. My medical debt has already been transferred to a 3rd party collections agency. I don't know if I should call medicaid instead or the insurance but nothing paid for and I am left paying out of pocket for everything. Trying figure what needs to fixed also so confusing because I know something in my paperwork isn't filled right but the customer service is filled with poos who are confusing to talk to.
>>37381 >can your disability check get garnished over unpaid medical wages? If it's supplemental disability they can legally garnish it. If it's SSDI or one's sole source or retirement income, then it is considered "judgement proof" in a court of law. I am not a lawyer.
Open file (490.36 KB 2000x1333 riotbolisman.jpeg)
What is he thinking about?
Open file (1.02 MB 1000x990 Briefcase.png)
>>37511 >those poses by the two on the left
Open file (458.69 KB 2000x1333 riotbolisman2.jpeg)
Open file (370.90 KB 1280x854 im_police.jpg)
>>37521 Those don't seem to be proper powerstances to me.
Open file (27.56 KB 1280x720 UUUU.jpeg)
>>37521 How deep does the Banepost lore go?
>>37521 I keep being reminded of goatse whenever I look at the top left one
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWVOiPT1bus Frenchman describes why Europe is not ready for war (other than maybe France but it's questionable).
Open file (269.96 KB 1280x852 191016-D-DB155-005.JPG)
Hello /k/, ICUP 7 is about to start, but we need your help. While we do have streamers and commentators for the cup, we do appreciate to have more of the latter. If you can or able to commentate the matches, please let us know over at >>>/icup/. In regards to your team, your team is valid but I want to ask you guys about something. One of the main rules in regards to players is their heights, where certain players have specific heights to prevent abuse. For more information on that, you can refer to the link here (Infinity Cup 5 Ruleset, chapter 6, section B): https://infinitycup.miraheze.org/wiki/Rules Your team seems to have illegal heights according to the rules, and the head rigger is responsible for fixing that, but in this case he wanted to ask you whether you decide which heights go to which players or if you’d rather let him do the job. If you need a refresher on your roster, here’s your wiki page: https://infinitycup.miraheze.org/wiki//k/ Finally, if you are capable of doing 3D modelling, creating OC, working on the wiki or just helping in any way possible feel free to reach out to us as well.
my sister is visiting Taiwan in a while for work, is there anything she should absolutely know beforehand?
>>37804 Taiwan is very safe. I would say stick to common sense and not be wandering out late at night, but even then you’re probably fine. A little bit of Chinese language will help her, but not required. Be warned there is a lot of seafood, so be prepared for that. She should definitely find the nearest police officer, ask to be taken to 205, and then negotiate shipments of T65’s and T91’s into the USA. And also she should bring back much pineapple cake.
>>37810 I’m not the anon your talking to but how hard would it realistically be to buy old Soviet armor/equipment and just upgrade it I wonder how profitable a company can be if they buy something then upgrade it then resell it
Open file (466.19 KB 405x600 angry_papi.png)
Apparently 17 democrat lawmakers were arrested for protesting outside of SCOTUS. All 17 of them are establishment shills that are in bed with the deep state, so this fucking reeks of a GlowOp. They're pushing to add 4 Supreme Court justices to the bench. What the everloving fuck, this isn't even subtle, this was clearly staged.
Finally found the list: Assistant Speaker Katherine Clark of Massachusetts Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts Barbara Lee of California Jackie Speier of California Sara Jacobs of California Ilhan Omar of Minnesota Bonnie Watson Coleman of New Jersey Andy Levin of Michigan Rashida Tlaib of Michigan Jan Schakowsky of Illinois Madeline Dean of Pennsylvania Cori Bush of Missouri Carolyn Maloney of New York Nydia Velazquez of New York Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York Alma Adams of North Carolina IIRC from past news I've read, every single one of those congressmembers are establishment shills.
>>37830 >Ilhan Omar >Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
>They're pushing to add 4 Supreme Court justices to the bench. Wut Why not just declare breathing illegal and then selectively enforce it? If you can fuck with the supreme court then separation of powers doesn't even exist as a concept, it's literally a declaration of civil war
feels like the past month and even the past week or so the lefties have gone into turbo overdrive pushing their bullshit. if this keeps up burgerland might collapse before the famine in October, if not then definitely after the demonrats get btfo in November for being incompetent fucks.
>>37837 >collapse before october I mean I can't say I know what it's like over there but that seems way too soon >lefties pretty sure deep state driven hyperinflation crosses party lines niggerino-kun >famine Literally how? In the cities there will be riots, sure, because stores won't be able to compete with the competitive prices of shipping food to europe during a real famine, but a (the biggest?) food exporter that primarily makes a staple grain (corn) isn't going to have an actual famine in it's own borders without some sort of ecological disaster. >>36915 Doesn't that make me the current BO, then?
>>37830 It turned out to be a larp
>>37835 They technically have the authority to do it. The constitution is fairly clear that there must be only one supreme court, but it does not state the number of seats and legal precedent is that congress has the right to legislate when a matter is not a state issue or enshrined in the constitution. Of course if they do that, Republicans would be stupid to not filibuster such a blatant power grab until they have a majority and can do it themselves. So given Republican's ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, they will probably pass it. >>37837 Joe's numbers officially dipped below Trump's absolute worst numbers at the lowest in his presidency, and this last election due to low turnout they turned parents into a voting block over education (which backfired). States are starting to pass laws letting parents homeschool or have school choice, and leftists are continuing to sterilize their kids. Leftists don't have kids, they have yours, so this matters. E.G. America will look very Red in about 10-20 years if they don't clamp down on power right now since soon they won't be able to groom children. >>37838 Yeah I don't see it happening before November, but they're sure trying. >pretty sure deep state driven hyperinflation crosses party lines That's a cop-out, anon. Yes, we are living in a uniparty system, but one half of that party was usurped almost a decade ago and the fractures/faults are starting to show as populists beat out the liberal elite within the Red half of the party, and those populist elements are most definitely not lefties and are not funding the inflation. They are also beating their opponents so hard in the primaries that lawfare from both half of the uniparty is being used against them. >Literally how? They just passed a bill saying they'll back a first-strike by Israel into Iran to "prevent the creation of nukes" which would spark $20/gallon gas. At $20/gallon gas when the feds are subsidizing exporting oil and grain instead of keeping it domestic, you will get small-scale famines. Albeit mostly in the cities. >>37857 Unironically this is disinformation. Yes, the cuffing part was staged, however they were formally arrested. Processed or charged is another story and I haven't seen further coverage, but they were (legally speaking) arrested.
>>37870 >Unironically this is disinformation. Yes, the cuffing part was staged, however they were formally arrested. Processed or charged is another story and I haven't seen further coverage, but they were (legally speaking) arrested. How many levels of trickery are we on?
>>37870 >That's a cop-out, anon. Yes, we are living in a uniparty system, but one half of that party was usurped almost a decade ago How the fuck is that a cop-out? Feds have always been feds, and they haven't even vaguely tried to hide it for way longer than ten years. Other than some irrelevant regressive social posturing from both "sides" everything of any importance is exactly the same as it's been since 9/11. >At $20/gallon gas when the feds are subsidizing exporting oil and grain instead of keeping it domestic, you will get small-scale famines. Albeit mostly in the cities. That's assuming that the feds don't cut down on their own exports. There will be rioting in the cities over prices and local shortages pretty well no matter what though.
https://youtube.com/watch?v=Em6A8O9_zbE History Legends reacts to SoldatenGlück.
I found this website and thought anon might enjoy it. It superimposes countries over other countries so you can see actual size since the brain will trick you into relative sizes when a "smaller" country is surrounded by fuckhuge countries. https://mapfight.xyz/
Open file (101.72 KB 830x244 F-35.png)
https://archive.ph/RGBZW >[Laughs in F-35]
>>38340 >China threatening to shoot down Pelosi's plane, invade Taiwan, and start a war with the US >the US prepares by grounding its most modern and advanced combat jet The F-35 is the gift that keeps on giving.
What does strelok do with his money? I keep reading about how the smartest thing you can do wih excess cash is to reinvest it in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc., but what happens to all that money when the market collapses? And I don't mean a collapse like dot-com or 2008, I mean when the market literally ceases to exist because the country it's in has collapsed, like with Yugoslavia. What's going to happen to all those chink state-owned companies when the CCP crashes? What will happen to the NYSE when the dollar becomes nothing more than fancy green paper? The US stock market has shown a constant growth with several rough patches over the course of its existence, but is there a limit to how high it can really go? How much has it really grown when accounting for inflation? Is it worth investing in something that, despite every economist on Earth saying will continue to exist, has the potential to disappear with everything I put in it?
>>38466 I'm a lower-middle-class "poorfag" with debt, so I just use my small excess income for commodities that I think will be useful in the event of total collapse. If I had more money and no debt I'd probably invest in the market after doing what I already do since land is only for the rich or the super-rural (my job doesn't allow for rural living) and that way I can pull it out to buy more things when I need to up until the time of that collapse. Should a collapse happen I would be more worried about social investment than financial investment since you're gonna need people, not hard assets even though hard assets are important.
>>38466 If the market crashes to the point of not existing, everything is going to be worthless. Even with physical gold I think it would be difficult to get a similar amount of value as what you put in though losing 20% is a lot better than 100%. That only changes when you get normalcy again. I see things in 3 different sets of "money". The currencies that we use now, actual materials like food and medicine, and stores of value like gold. The last is good as a political refugee or when society returns to get your feet under you while materials are always good but especially so when things are bad. As far as all those traditional investments though, the risk is in the company surviving and/or the currency still being worth something. Theoretically the true value of stocks is limited by the size of the economy which deals with inflation by adjusting prices. It goes more by productivity and people. Personally I don't see corporations disappearing so I buy extra ammo and stuff while sending most of my extra money off into investments.
>>38466 Disregarding food I get: >ammo >silver/little bits of gold >stocks/etfs in commodities In that order while saving anything leftover for another land purchase.
>>38466 >What's going to happen to all those chink state-owned companies when the CCP crashes? The way markets collapse, the infrastructure doesn't literally collapse (see Russia post-USSR) which is why building infrastructure is the best thing you can do as a government pre-financial collapse. A successor government will take over, and what happens next largely depends on whether that successor government works for international communities and debts are charged to the Chinese people leading to hyperinflation, or the successor works for the Chinese people and bankers/traders the world over get royally fucked by a Chinese reichsmark (bad because it kicks the can 10-30 years down the road) or "reset" (good).
Open file (162.31 KB 1050x753 Shut up about the F-35.png)
>imagine making a 39 minute video dick sucking the F-35 of all things
>>38570 Gotta justify the trillions gone in the abyss and the thousands of man hours/pilots wasted flying that piece of shit.
>>38466 >...but what happens to all that money when the market collapses? Nothing. The stuff you own is worth less money if you want to trade it, but you still officially own it.
Open file (900.21 KB 270x480 CRASHING THIS PLANE.mp4)
>>38570 can someone tell me how much of a clusterfuck the F35 has been? is it just that we've dumped so much money into it and got nothing but problems out of it?
>>38620 The base jet concept wasn't that bad and ultimately it's more a case of the chairforce siphoning funds for other projects that were denied funding using the F35 project's funds (which is why they have said they won't comply with an audit even if Congress demands one). The jet works, the logistics have largely been worked out, etc. Much like every other project, the main costs were pork barrel add-ons that America's customers (Israel) demanded or shit xongress tacked on because "muh high tech" with the fuel issue not really being an issue in the grand scheme of things since it's assumed these will be launched from aircraft carriers. What really hurts the F35's image is: 1) The siphoning of funds I mentioned above. 2) The pork barrel add-ons like the stupid helmets Israel demanded and then didn't even use. 3) The fact that no supporting aircraft were used when wasting that much money. As a jet, the F35 is pretty great and will make a difference in future military conflicts if America still exists in 10 years. It's just as a product, it's the poster child of corruption within the military industrial complex.
>>37829 >>37870 The simplest explanation IMHO is: the brainless clowns got drunk, imagined themselves in charge of the circus and then directorate had to show them they aren't. When shit gets anywhere near serious, it's more like this: https://web.archive.org/web/20210124100738/www.nytimes.com/2021/01/24/us/politics/democrats-trump-election-plan.html See also Moldbug asking "surprised" questions and making fun of the language juggling in that article here: https://graymirror.substack.com/p/donald-trump-the-natural-experiment > Maybe I should call my theories "planning and coordination theories". >>38623 > (which is why they have said they won't comply with an audit even if Congress demands one) Well, there is a precedent now. > as a product, it's the poster child of corruption within the military industrial complex. I wonder how they are going to fix it. By nationalizing the company and adding more bend-over sessions for engineers?
>>38620 It's garbage, >>38623 is a moron for thinking it's good. Here are some highlights: >uses touchscreen so in flight even experienced pilots hit the wrong 'button' around 20% of the time due to g-forces >the 5lb helmet can kill pilots if they eject and has lead to a minimum weight limit being imposed >The gun module has been in developmental hell being inaccurate and has a tendency to shoot the aircraft itself >upkeep costs for NEW f-35's are not much cheaper than upkeep costs for FAR OLDER aircraft; upkeep costs only go up per age >likewise combat availability is poor >it's fuel has to be airconditioned because of all the additives >thermal issues plague the aircraft >can't maneuver for extended periods because aerodynamic heating will prevent the fuel, which is also used as coolant, from cooling and cause the plane to catch fire >has a pitiful payload in the bay and adding missles/bombs on the wings means the stealth attribute goes out the window To quote the pentagon themselves: >"Significant, well-documented deficiencies; for hundreds of these, the program has no plan to adequately fix and verify with flight test within [System Development and Demonstration]" >"Overall ineffective operational performance with multiple key Block 3F capabilities delivered to date, relative to planned [Initial Operational Test and Evaluation] scenarios" >"The Services have designated 276 deficiencies in combat performance as “critical to correct” in Block 3F, but less than half of the critical deficiencies were addressed with attempted corrections in 3FR6" >for context, block 3f appears to be the version of the F-35 that is closest to the finalized product Granted this document is from the end of 2016 however many of its flaws, and there are many, need major redesign of the aircraft to fix and are present in what is meant to be very close to the final production version.
Open file (611.40 KB 1009x536 yellowtree.png)
shut up i'm namefagging. ban me if you will but there's a conversation to be had here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vX5WaqfrPUw i simply don't give a fuck about anyone's opinions but i still want yours... from what little i know about the extent of the grand 1st amendment to free speech in the US, this nutjob guy is on trial for saying some words. To my understanding of the law the guy could have said the shooter was a reptilian mercenary taking on an intergalactic training camp for a hybrid-sapien/fly species that were set on the destruction of the tongue-snatching frog guys in sector 4. And that's supposed to be protected speech. Why in the hell is this guy on trial? Is it because he's not some homeless dude shouting on a corning, but instead has a sizable media presence? I've never watched his stuff so I'm clueless in that regard. I read once that a perspective on all current "eruo-centric" habbenings could be explained while looking through the lens of barbaric humiliation. however i can't see this as being an example of that. so tell me anons, wtf gives on this thing? there's a lot more at stake in the US surrounding this trial including morale and participation in the anti-gun sector of the polito-sphere here. i don't want to lose my right to self-protection and further my right to, if necessary, carry/stock arms against an oppressive government noting that i do not currently see it as oppressive but close to it. in minecraft???
>>38647 >Why in the hell is this guy on trial? Libel/Defamation. It's still a crime in America, it's just not equally enforced. Same reason Hulk Hogan won his case against the Huffington Post. SCOTUS is making a ruling to expand the ability to sue people for libel so hopefully media companies will learn the "and find out" of fucking around soon. In the case of Alex Jones specifically he's one of the reasons Trump got elected and he'd be sued for contempt of congress over refusing to go to a non-adversarial committee if not for the libel charges. Alex is double-fucked anyways because his lawyer leaked his private phone records.
>>38647 As the other anon said, the justification is libel/defamation. It's not because he called the shooting fake per se, but that he accused the families of being in on it. If he's claimed the shooter was a reptilian mercenary taking on an intergalactic training camp for a hybrid-sapien/fly species that were set on the destruction of the tongue-snatching frog guys in sector 4, and claimed that the families of the dead kids were themselves part of hybrid-sapien/fly species and were complicit in the coverup, then he'd still be liable to get sued for it, because making serious accusations against private individuals is theoretically held to a much higher standard than accusing the government of malice. Ignore the implications this would have on all the #MeToo shit and such, if it were actually applied evenly.
>>38647 This is a show-trial kangaroo court. alex jonestein is gatekeeper faggot but he's still important as a gateway for normie retards.
>>38620 It's outrageously overbudget. It was supposed to be operational around 2010, but we're still routinely uncovering new defects that ground the entire fleet. In 2018, they quietly reclassified several hundred major issues as minor issues in a half-assed attempt to cover up the problems. Until... 2018, I think, it was incapable of using any weapon other than rockets and certain AGMs, and only on the external hardpoints. The bomb bay will probably never be fully functional. The thrust vectoring system turned out to be a total waste of money, because the airframe can only survive about 6G on a good day (at least one variant was downrated to 3G for a while after they found that the tails were dangerously worn down, but I think this was eventually fixed). The VTOL functionality only works on a small handful of ships, and the necessary flight deck reinforcement is so outrageously expensive that it'd probably be cheaper to install a catapult in many cases. Also, it's so overweight that IIRC the maximum payload for VTOL at full fuel is about 500 pounds. Reduce fuel enough to carry a useful payload, and you lose a big chunk of its already-pathetic combat radius. >>38647 He came dangerously close to naming the jew where the normalfags might hear it, so justifications were invented.
>>38647 He's on trial because the judge is a well adjusted democrat who wants to expose how unhinged the right is in a public enough setting that a documentary can be made about it. Like no shit, there's a film crew in there. And interestingly that film crew only has legal immunity if they show both sides of the preceding so Alex isn't even on trial for guilt, just damages. They defaulted the judgement so guilt is a predetermined fact while they're asking for far more money than has ever been awarded in any defamation type of suit. If you care about rule of law, the trial is an abomination. Unfortunately for him, he's the perfect target to establish any of this precedent with.
>>38650 >>38651 >>38652 >>38653 so this sounds like it confirms what i thought it wasn't :/ shameful >could be explained while looking through the lens of barbaric humiliation >>38649 somehow this sounds oddly hopeful to me. i have great fears of what is to come in the next decade or so here. thankfully i've sheltered myself away from it all for the most part
Open file (892.05 KB 1000x650 government logic.png)
What can one do or say when they love their country traditionally, but knows deep down their country has become corrupted to the core? I do not hate or despise most citizens, even the ones who choose to be completely dumb and ignorant but I do not have any respect, trust or faith in the current government or most the institutions. Does such a country deserve to collapse even if it has serious negative repercussions for the average workers and families? Is it wise to sit back and watch the collapse unfold if it seems there may be no way of stopping it no matter what you say or do? I cannot possibly be the only person who feels this way, that I know from chatter all around the internet as well talking to family and friends who seem to conclude we have a lot of problems that need to be reformed. PS: look at almost any poll out there and people often point to bad leadership as their number once concern today. Not guns. Not crime. Not climate change. Not gender equality. Not abortion or civil rights issues. But bad governance (this by far one of the most damning polls as it tallies all political sides): https://reason.com/2022/07/25/most-americans-think-government-is-corrupt-a-third-say-armed-revolution-may-be-necessary-soon/ One thing is for certain, I do believe the government wants a civil war in this country as their final excuse to abolish our Constitution and start jailing and mass murdering all opposition. I also think this is why they are trying to replace us with endless open border third world migration. It has become obvious the governing do not appreciate the governed and vice versa. But if the governing do not represent the governed then the logical conclusion is the governing class are in the wrong, not average citizens who make up this country and keep the economy from collapsing.
The governed do support the governing. That is your one fatal mistake. You need to accept that urbanites are a pox upon humanity and want to institute a multicultural democracy inside of your constitutional republic. You love your portion of the country but that is only one half of the country (4/5ths by land mass). Either call for a convention of states to return power to local government or prepare for national divorce; peaceful or ugly. You are experiencing Rome in real-time when centralized authorities half the world away think they know better than you. tl;dr- Stop giving a shit about unfixable national issues and start focusing on actually fixable local identity/issues.
And this is /k/ not /pol/.
Open file (200.34 KB 1230x1144 ICUP7 Draw Stream.png)
>>37797 The draw stream is going to happen on Friday this week, 18:00 UTC at https://cytu.be/r/infinitycup The attached image shows the start time in various timezones (from https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?p1=1440&iso=20220812T18&msg=Draw%20Stream ). End time is unknown, but it should last an hour or two at least because it will be used to run test matches, and will probably fail catastrophically at some point.
What do you thinks gonna happen when our country collapses? Order out of chaos anon, things only get worse from there.
Governments have been abusing their position of trust over national assets; if I as an owner of an estate entrust another person to maintain my estate while I am absent, I expect them to at least not let the estate diminish. But politicians have not done a good job preserving the estate that our forefathers built up for us. The national wealth - institutions, manufacturing base etc. - has been diminished. Ultimately a government reflects its people and therefore I would point to the general apathy and weakness of the average citizen as the prime cause behind the decay of political life. Once people start demanding more from their politicians - not more money; more vigour and more honesty - great men will fill the vacuum that would be created by removing the sycophantic parasitic self-serving puppets for lobbyists that we currently call our political class. But I have observed that the average person does not aspire to true greatness for their statesmen nor themselves. If a man stood for office today who promised to take the necessary actions - an Octavian for our age - to restore a national estate then thousands of journalists and media content creators would start smearing that man as the next Hitler (the secular liberal left wing version of the Devil) and millions more citizens would not be able to emotionally acquiesce to the reality of the worsening socioeconomic situation and instead join the dog-pilling in the artificial media frenzy. And then when the great men are shunned by the mob, the mod ends up with the sort of politician we have today. Cognitive dissonance is a bitch and people will vote for the same government that is destroying them out of desperation and inability to swallow their pride and belief in their own malign ideology. Everyone is too frightened to be called heartless. But heartlessness is how weak people describe the actions of strong people - people who are willing and able to take drastic steps to preserve the herd by killing off disease carriers, people who can make a tough call to cut off benefit payments for half the population. At some point in our recent history people came to see the government as our care-takers - our nurses, our social care providers - instead of our own families. At the same time people stopped expecting their government to invest in the national wealth - to ensure the academic institutions are free from mind-rotting ideologies, to invest in our energy and food needs etc. Frankly America should have built death camps for free love hippies and marxist scholars in the 60s but the damage has been done now. I don't see a civil war as being a viable outcome of the current situation in America but I will be pleasantly surprised if parts of the American military begin directly disobeying the President. /rant
>>39227 >At some point, people Women, anon. And their pussywhipped boy toys of course, but women. 70% of millennial women are Democrats ad think Trump's pussy comment is justification for a civil war.
Open file (28.21 KB 700x525 Prepped.jpg)
>>39227 >begin directly disobeying the President. President or Resident? The top brass aren't so unobservant as to not know who clearly won the election. Have you examined the military's participation of Potato's inauguration, and further failures to remember their traditions correctly? The military doesn't just forget how their traditions work. They don't believe the Resident in chief has a right to sit there. Hold fast, an actual civil war isn't likely to erupt, there though may be some rioting in your neighborhood about the time the structures of the corrupt actually start crumbling in earnest.
>>39229 >Trust the plan, two more weeks Remove or merge this thread, holy shit this is literally QTDDTOT
>become The USA is built upon a foundation of hypocrisy and rebellion, so what do you expect? God is deadly serious about not committing idolatry. And yet since its beginning the """historically Christian""" country of the USA has the right to have other gods before God, whether they be metaphorical or literal idols, as its first, greatest, and most sacred foundational right. i.e. gods such as government/politicians, college/professors, and popular culture/celebrities. Everything works as the USA's founders intended. Nothing is malfunctioning. No, not a single thing. It's just that you are living to reap the harvest of the seeds of a country that, since its conception, secretly lusts to be in the company of atheist homosexuals. Take or leave it. I won't talk anymore, because things truly are that simple. And there is nothing new to add that isn't saying the same thing by different means. And no, I will not listen to foolish goalpost moving like "The Founding Fathers weren't talking about the Bible God when talking about a Creator!" or damnable heresy like "Jesus Christ invalidates the laws of the Old Testament." Sage for not /k/.
You fuckers better get the /christian/ situation sorted out so I don't have to read through the deranged ranting of a bunch of schizophrenic Christian larpers when I want to talk about guns and war.
>>39219 Merged into the /k/anteen.
>>39234 >implying they came from /christian/
>>39240 Regardless of wherever the fuck they came from it's obnoxious. At least one of these niggers regularly pops up on /animu/ to shit the board up too.
Guy explains why the chip shortage exists. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJrOuBkYCMQ tl;dr- Everyone wants to make leading-edge chips because that's where 90% of the market's profits are found, but the shortage is in trailing-edge (last generation) chips made before the 2000s which are used in most processes because they are cheap. The manufacturing process changed and the "new process" is too expensive to justify a chip factory with a 5-10 year shelf life while the "old process" is too expensive to open new factories, and customers would rather wait 18 months for their chips rather than pay a higher price for old technology.
Also explains how this could be why everyone is pushing for economic collapse since an economic collapse is the "shortcut" to fixing supply and demand for microchips.
Open file (35.79 KB 681x445 brane_strane.jpg)
>>39249 >>39248 Wwwe might be fucked, huh?
>>39248 >>39249 PS2 clones soon? Out of order execution is for niggers.
Open file (1.58 MB 1721x768 a-list.png)
>>39219 Given that such a large proportion of citizens are now "on a list", why wouldn't they return the favor by put such agencies on a list too?
Open file (13.27 KB 692x95 ICUP 7 draw.png)
>>39224 After a disastrous draw stream that started an hour late, we now have the group stage draw. I'm not seeing any of the predicted rivalries. Group B appears to be the Group of Death. Here is the test/draw stream, be warned that it starts off horribly due to a missing noise reducer on the microphone. https://fedimovie.com/c/icup_stream7/videos?s=1 Fair warning, this is a PeerTube instance, so if the P2P bothers you then click My Settings on the left, then unselect "Help share videos being played" (you don't need to login). This isn't necessary for the stream, just the replay.
>>39317 Well, you can install Linux on a PS2, although I would like to see someone trying to replace it with a more modern distro and see how well he can navigate the modern internet with such hardware. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=slbnDYFL99g
FBI report confirms Alec Baldwin pulled the trigger in fatal ‘Rust’ set shooting https://archive.is/tujqn >According to an FBI forensic report obtained by ABC News, the gun delivering the fatal bullet in the Oct. 21 shooting on the New Mexico set “could not be made to fire without a pull of the trigger.” >Baldwin insisted he didn’t fire the weapon. >“The trigger wasn’t pulled,” he said. “I didn’t pull the trigger.”
Open file (21.55 KB 360x360 1627075453963.jpg)
>>39406 Welp, he's fucked. Not that I care, mind you.
>>39406 Wow, it only took them ten months to figure out what everyone knew from the start.
>>39418 It's gonna take them ten more months to just say "yah he should be charged" then let him off the hook anyway.
Open file (2.76 MB 640x360 amerigabear.gif)
>>39231 die mad fag lol
Open file (119.57 KB 456x337 Gaddafi.jpg)
>>39406 why do we care? whoever loaded the gun with something powerful enough to be like live ammo is who should be charged. if the script calls for him to pull the trigger, it's not his fault when he does. so some dumb hollyjew thot got shot, who fucking cares. he's not at fault here.
Open file (93.34 KB 1003x1000 1630238054735.jpg)
>>39431 It wasn't in the script for him to pull the trigger, retard. Wasn't even on the set proper or during filming. >>39422 Based burgernigger.
>>39431 There is plenty of blame, from the guy that put live ammo, to the faggot that shot a slut.
>>39431 >something powerful enough to be like live ammo It was literally just live ammo. The ammo supply had live rounds mixed in with dummies. >whoever loaded the gun should be charged The armourer should be charged for the mixup. But the guy who handed him the gun and told him it was cold without actually checking to make sure it was cold also shares culpability, as does Baldwin himself for his handling of the gun. And given that the crew had been engaging in protests, walkouts, and union actions over safety concerns well before the shooting, only to have those concerns dismissed and the concerned employees fired, the production team in general is culpable too. There had already been multiple negligent discharges on the set prior to the fatal one. >if the script calls for him to pull the trigger It didn't. He was only supposed to cock it. Hence why it was in question whether he pulled the trigger, you illiterate retard. >it's not his fault when he does He pointed a loaded gun at someone, pulled the trigger, and shot someone to death. He is absolutely at fault. It wouldn't matter if the script had called for him to pull the trigger on a dummy round, or even if the script explicitly said to shoot the damn cinematographer. He's still at fault for actually doing it. He's not the only one to blame, but he certainly has a large share.
Open file (5.42 KB 338x338 cresh.jpg)
>>39459 >It was literally just live ammo. The ammo supply had live rounds mixed in with dummies. what retard's fault was that? >He was only supposed to cock it. then why was it loaded at all? >He pointed a loaded gun at someone, pulled the trigger, and shot someone to death. He is absolutely at fault. then everyone who has ever shot a gun in a movie ever might as well be charged as well. the actors assume and rightfully so that they are being given a gun that cannot harm somebody. it has passed through several hands before it got to theirs, each one should be doing their due dilligence to ensure that this gun is not live and cannot under any circumstances cause harm unless used to bludgeon. it's like a game of hot potato, and everyone assumes that since Baldwin was the last one to touch it it's obviously his fault. i will admit that the principle of "always assume it is loaded" applies even in scenarios like movies. if he was muzzle waving the gun in front of everybody like a retard then he'd be at fault for being a fucking idiot, but again, for big budget Rambo-tier action movies where rifles are given out like candy, those guns are always going to be pointed at somebody. if there is a video of the actual shooting I'd like to see it, i refuse to believe that with all those million dollar cameras nobody was filming something while it happened.
>>39462 >the actors assume Never, ever is anyone suppsoed to just assume with a firearm. >rightfully so stopped reading you are a fucking retard i hope you shoot your own hand off after assuming your shit is clear fucking faggot
Open file (5.67 KB 212x238 Cat with the Bat.jpg)
>>39464 >50+ years as an actor >handled countless firearms >never had an incident >finally happens >OMFG BALDWIN IS LITERALLY SATAN HANG HIM NOW holy shit anon, people get complacent, who would've fucking guessed. guess what nigger, it'll happen to you too one day. or better yet, when you leave your son unattended for 0.5 seconds and he immediately blows his retarded brains out. and don't even fucking say it wouldn't happen to you. quit larping as a no fun allowed boomer RSO. jesus fucking christ retards like you deserve to have their limbs blown off. >stopped reading cuckchan is that way
>>39464 It's a fucking prop nigger, not a firearm
>>39466 Then how exactly do you think he shot the woman with it? It was an ordinary, and fully functional, Pietta-manufactured SAA clone. >>39462 >the actors assume and rightfully so that they are being given a gun that cannot harm somebody >rightfully so You're retarded. Aside from the fact that's never true, did you miss the fact that had already been multiple NDs on the set of this movie? Maybe that should have clued him in that blind faith in incompetent idiots wasn't a good idea. But let's say you're right. The actor has no blame. The fault is organizational, on the production team that built the chain that so catastrophically failed at every link. Know who was credited as a producer, and thus gets the blame by your interpretation? ALEC FUCKING BALDWIN.
>>39467 >You're retarded. Aside from the fact that's never true Fuck you nigger. do you know what a blank fucking round is? it makes a loud noise and a flash, and no projectile. whoever gave him a gun that is capable of firing a projectile at someone is who should be on trial. whether that's the ammo team that somehow got live ammo confused with blanks (why the fuck was there live ammo anyway), the safety man on site that OK'd the gun, and Baldwin who was assured by at least half a dozen people that the gun he had could not hurt someone. >did you miss the fact that had already been multiple NDs on the set of this movie? Maybe that should have clued him in that blind faith in incompetent idiots wasn't a good idea. or maybe everyone else below him lied to his face that everything was fine. gotta keep smiling for king alec and give him 100% good news so we can get a promotion, actual issues/mishaps/accidents be damned. >Know who was credited as a producer, and thus gets the blame by your interpretation? ALEC FUCKING BALDWIN. please explain how he could have time to see if his people are trustworth or not between shooting scenes, memorizing lines, coordinating other producer activity, making sure this clusterfuck stays together because making a movie is really fucking hard, etc. that falls in the category of "things i don't have time to give a fuck about". every boss has at least a dozen middlemen between him and the guys doing the actual work, and those middlemen will absolutely be yesmen that lie to his face because they want this movie done and overwith so they can get fat bonuses. what i am ultimately saying is that baldwin is partially at fault for shooting the gun during a scene where it was not supposed to be shot (assuming he's lying about pulling the trigger). he should also have checked the chamber/mag to see what kind of bullets were actually in there. however, he is NOT at fault for: >whoever dumped lives/blanks in the same bin together >prop boy's fuckups for confusing live/blank ammo when loading the gun >safety guy's fuckups for believing the gun had blanks (WHICH ARE CLEARLY FUCKING MARKED AS SUCH) when it actually had live rounds >each of the assistants/producers down the chain that 100% guaranteed/lied to him on how smoothly production was going, ignore the safety mishaps they're overstated, etc.
>Know who was credited as a producer, and thus gets the blame by your interpretation? Regardless of the fact that that has nothing to do with you being wrong (and everything to do with you being retarded, since you're pretending unrelated lines of reasoning are somehow the same thing if they have similar conclusions), being a producer does not in any way imply he is responsible for what happened on set. Likely, it implies that he bankrolled the project.
>>39468 >the safety man on site that OK'd the gun The guy who OK'd the gun was his assistant producer. He reportedly grabbed it off a cart, checked half the cylinder, and called it cold as he handed it to Baldwin. >please explain how he could have time to see if his people are trustworth or not between shooting scenes, memorizing lines, coordinating other producer activity, making sure this clusterfuck stays together Strelok, when it gets to the point that the management is threatening to call police to break up a protest by cast members over safety concerns, and the guy who's both a producer and the lead actor doesn't start paying attention, I'll absolutely fault him for his broken priorities. >what i am ultimately saying is that baldwin is partially at fault for shooting the gun during a scene where it was not supposed to be shot (assuming he's lying about pulling the trigger). he should also have checked the chamber/mag to see what kind of bullets were actually in there So you agree, unlike your earlier claim that "he's not at fault here". Also, worth mentioning is that the armorer had been insisting on more firearm training for Baldwin, but he outright didn't show up to the training sessions.
Open file (417.64 KB 640x356 POW.png)
>>39470 >Strelok, when it gets to the point that the management is threatening to call police to break up a protest by cast members over safety concerns, and the guy who's both a producer and the lead actor doesn't start paying attention, I'll absolutely fault him for his broken priorities. yet the other half of the film crew is saying their claims were all exagerrated and it was not a chaotic shitshow like they made it sound like. it's all getting completely blown out of proportion and we may never know the full details. >So you agree, unlike your earlier claim that "he's not at fault here". he is not at fault. assuming the gun was defective and fired on it's own (which after reseraching I am increasingly believing is unlikely, yet if they were blanks and the barrel was clear we wouldn't be here at all), checking the gun is the only thing that he could be considered being faulted for, which is not a crime. >Also, worth mentioning is that the armorer had been insisting on more firearm training for Baldwin, but he outright didn't show up to the training sessions. the state of new mexico also faulted him for not having enough time logged to be called a professional armorer, so this could be a case of pot calling the kettle black.
>>39470 >Strelok, when it gets to the point that the management is threatening to call police to break up a protest by cast members over safety concerns, and the guy who's both a producer and the lead actor doesn't start paying attention, I'll absolutely fault him for his broken priorities. It kind of depends on whether he was a Producer! or just a producer. Was he micro managing the whole thing like an Orson Welles or was he just a big name, big money actor that functionally just angel invested in and lent his money and name to what was basically a b movie to help it get made and on set he was basically just an actor. I'm not a fan of Baldwin as a person but I'm not going to automatically hoist the burden all on him, mostly because I know a bit of the history of movie making and through out the years safety has been a complete shit show. Just take a look at the making of Mad Max 1 or 2 for example. Or Wizard of Oz and what happened to the Witch and the Tin Man. Or how in Neverending Story they almost killed the Atreyu kid twice. In Abyss, Cameron not only almost killed cast and crew but himself as well. Not to mention the time that Howard Hughes gave a bunch of people cancer while shooting a movie about Genghis Khan and filming downwind of a nuclear test site. And once you get into actual non-union b movies, the only thing that's prevented them from becoming cult suicide level bloodbaths it the director's complete lack of money and resources stopping them from getting a hold of anything too dangerous. >Also, worth mentioning is that the armorer had been insisting on more firearm training for Baldwin, but he outright didn't show up to the training sessions. Well that's definitely largely on the armorer and the director. They need to control their set.
Baldwin is a noguns faggot and that's all I need to know to convict him for a firearm-related offense.
>>39471 >yet the other half of the film crew is saying their claims were all exagerrated and it was not a chaotic shitshow Sounds eerily similar to Democrats right now saying... >It's not that big deal that a former president had his private residence raided by the FBI and had his passport stolen by them while complying with all FBI demands. It's all routine even though this is unprecedented." You're seriously going defend >film crews, anon?
>>39472 >I'm not a fan of Baldwin as a person but I'm not going to automatically hoist the burden all on him, mostly because I know a bit of the history of movie making and through out the years safety has been a complete shit show. He was in a position of leadership (producer OR producer!), therefore yes, it is his responsibility when accidents happen. Accidents not having happened up until now is not an excuse in court nor is "he wasn't actually the leader his name is just signed off on all the documents and his job description implies he makes the tough calls." You don't get to make the tough calls, in theory or in practice, if you don't take the responsibility for when those tough calls turn out badly.
>>39466 it shot an actual bullet you retarded piece of shit holy fuck this board has really gone down the drain its just slow cuck/k/ now
>>39468 >it makes a loud noise and a flash, and no projectile Yeah, ask Brandon Lee all about it. Oh, wait.
>>39474 >Sounds eerily similar to Democrats right now saying... these two events are not comparable, I have no idea why you're trying to draw parallels between them. >You're seriously going defend >film crews, anon? I'm defending Baldwin not because I like big name actors but because I legitimately believe he did nothing that would land him in prison. >>39481 >Yeah, ask Brandon Lee all about it. The Crow was a freak case involving a dummy round getting partially stuck in the barrel, an armorer that legitimately didn't know what he was doing, and a blank cartridge having enough force to blast the squib out of the barrel like a real bullet.
Why does cuck/k/ hate Serbia now?
>>39488 who cares
Open file (28.86 KB 500x562 Schedule.png)
>>39356 Here is the schedule for the first round of matches.
>>39487 If you don't check a firearm to see if it's loaded before pointing it and shooting you are guilty if it hits someone else. It's that fucking simple you hollyjew worshiping nigger, it's bare bones safety procedures, it can't be broken down anymore check the fucking firearm before you put your grubby fucking finger anywhere near the trigger it literally takes two seconds. The fact you're even trying to argue this is incredible.
>>39500 >If you don't check a firearm to see if it's loaded before pointing it and shooting you are guilty if it hits someone else. yeah sure fuck everyone else involved in the chain of monumental fuckups, make Baldwin your pariah, it was 100% solely his fault, burn him at the fucking stake. kill yourself faggot. >It's that fucking simple you hollyjew worshiping nigger >defending a man that was the product of other people's fuckups is defending hollyjew does hating baldwin give you a hardon? why do you fucking care this much about seeing him behind bars? >it's bare bones safety procedures, it can't be broken down anymore check the fucking firearm before you put your grubby fucking finger anywhere near the trigger it literally takes two seconds it's niggers like you that spit out this obviously manufactured/artificial outrage whenever someone handles a gun in a way that you don't like that i fucking despise. it is an inhuman, conditioned response akin to saying "nigger" in a hipster bar. oh no, someone walked out on a clearly empty range with no other people or weapons around but the sign was still red, gotta SCREAM and YELL AT HIM to show HOW FUCKING MAD i am IF YOU DO THAT AGAIN I'LL SHOOT YOU MYSELF ABVKBJVKBJKSDJAF >The fact you're even trying to argue this is incredible. The fact you're trying to play online RSO is pathetic.
>>39504 >handed gun >didn't check the chamber >pointed gun at another person >proven to have pulled the trigger >other person dies He is 100% at fault you cock sucking faggot. The BASIC UNIVERSAL RULES of safely handling firearms are not "manufactured outrage". You don't belong here.
Open file (11.10 MB 480x360 FIMIF SAS DAD.webm)
>>39506 >>pointed gun at another person And why didn't those other people freak the fuck out and start dodging and screaming at Alec? Shouldn't they have been troubled by his lack safe handling procedure? Most likely, just like Alec, they assumed the armorer was taking care of everything. If anyone should be charged it's the armorer. Or possibly someone who had custody of or tampered with the gun between the armor and Baldwin. >proven to have pulled the trigger It's been widely surmised that what happened is that Baldwin pre-pulled the trigger, i.e. he was holding the trigger down when he cocked it so that the sear didn't catch. That would line up with his claim that he didn't pull it and findings that had to have. Which kind goes back to the idea needing to understand how guns work especially when you are in a position of being around them. It still doesn't chance the fact that the armorer and safety officer failed in their duties. Probably at multiple levels.
>>39507 You're making excuses for groups of people where 80% of the staff has never even shot a firearm in their life and 99% don't own guns. It's like making excuses for when shots are fucking fired and the journalist is the only one going "oh, oh!" with his hands slightly upraised while everyone else has already hit the deck.
Open file (388.81 KB 720x1000 Master of Death.jpg)
I cannot stop fucking laughing like a maniac.
>>39504 >yeah sure fuck everyone else involved in the chain of monumental fuckups, make Baldwin your pariah, it was 100% solely his fault, burn him at the fucking stake Shit reading comprehension. Whoever operates the firearm is automatically culpable, but this does not automatically exonerate everyone else, multiple parties may be culpable but the shooter is always among them. >>39507 >assumed the armorer was taking care of everything A mistake. Plain and simple. >It still doesn't chance the fact that the armorer and safety officer failed in their duties. Probably at multiple levels. Agreed, but no need to make a false dilemma out of it, Baldwin still at fault.
>>39512 The rest of the article for people who want it.
Open file (1.06 MB 720x758 Master of Death.png)
Open file (58.50 KB 156x170 The Unseen Killer.png)
Open file (280.86 KB 429x325 The Murder Master.png)
>>39513 >Baldwin still at fault. Yes, certainly procedurally for both action and negligence. Whether he's criminally, civilly, and/or morally at fault are three different answers and a bit murkier. I do have a feeling that if it were someone not like Alec Baldwin then people, both here and in general, might be willing to cut him some more slack. >Whoever operates the firearm is automatically culpable See that's where things begin to get hazy. The very act of making a move using firearms means that you are going to be involved with violating some of the rules of safe gun handling. So to make up for that you have to take up slack elsewhere. Sometimes things slip. When you're working with the likes of dumb actors that might not know things like blanks can still kill then you have to take responsibility or impress the danger upon all around.
>>39516 >I do have a feeling that if it were someone not like Alec Baldwin then people, both here and in general, might be willing to cut him some more slack. I don't actually know anything about the guy. I know from other anons' allusions that he's anti-gun, but I don't know enough about him to have a grudge. I also don't think an element of prejudice is unjustified. It's not rare for anti-gun fags to deliberately and aggressively remain ignorant about guns on principle. Given that Baldwin skipped training, as previously mentioned, and that the armorer thought he still needed extra safety training after all his previous career, I don't doubt that that was a contributor here. In some movies and TV shows you can tell which cast and crew actually paid attention (for example, in the famous "weapon of war" scene on SG-1, you can see Carter visibly flinch when O'Neill gets careless with the muzzle). >The very act of making a move using firearms means that you are going to be involved with violating some of the rules of safe gun handling True, but you can still put in effort. For one thing, the fatal scene's camera setup could almost certainly have been set up to avoid him actually pointing at a person. If anyone, that fault is on the dead cinematographer for that aspect, though I'd also argue that others on set should have pointed that out.
>>32253 >ALUMINUM receiver nice buzzword post but you will never convince me that aluminum anything is a meme after I started going camping in FL. The humidity turns anything steel to rust if you stay overnight. Not having to worry about your AR rusting is an amazing comfort
>fags blaming Baldwin Uh, it's not his responsibility to check a gun that someone hands him, he's supposed to point it at someone and shoot it while assuming it's empty, if he kills someone it's everyone else's fault and he has no blame whatsoever. Stupid guncucks, I bet you don't always have your finger on the trigger even when not aiming at something.
>>39563 >Uh, it's not his responsibility to check a gun that someone hands him It's probably not legally his responsibility. I maintain that when something goes tits up on a movie set, particularly on a Union movie shoot, then the buck stops with the director and whichever safety officer(s) are responsible for a particular stunt fuck you John Landis. That being said I think you could certainly say that it was his personal responsibility and beyond that clearly would have been a good idea for him to have made sure.
I really don't get why anyone on this board of all places is defending Baldwin at all, he's an open gun grabber who spouts all the typical bullshti about guns being weapons of mass babby school destruction, and then when he's handed a fully functional one he, in the "best case" scenario, just plays with this thing he supposedly fears and hates like it's a toy, or, in the worst case, just straight up murders a woman as part of some scheme to play it off as an accident.
Open file (130.15 KB 620x1005 M16 girl.jpg)
I dont really care about this Baldwin crap at all and just wanted to say that I really like pencil barrels and think they are great for cutting down on weight when you go hiking with a gun. Remember that you will be carrying a gun 99.999999% of the time as opposed to fighting literally ever and that lightweightmaxxing is the best course of action to go for. I love not being sore after hiking with a lightweight gun id also like to add that webbing is vastly superior to two piece belts and plate carriers. The way it distributes weight across your body is simply far better and less taxing on you. Sam goes for a chest rig, its absolutely destroyed by how much better webbing is. Dont follow all of the modern trends lads its literally a trap to get you to waste money on shit that sucks >this post bought and paid for by Big Lightweight
>>39570 I don't think anyone's defending Baldwin. Everyone's pretty much made fun of him from the very start. They just want the correct amount of blame to go to the correct parties. >>39571 >pencil barrels Like this? >>20096
>>39571 >I love not being sore after hiking with a lightweight gun It's like you want to be bullied for not being fit enough. >id also like to add that webbing is vastly superior to two piece belts and plate carriers. Indeed, even in ww2 the idea was to have the webbing that holds everything required for actual combat, and the rest goes to a backpack that can be left behind before an attack. But then the proliferation of automatic and anti-tank weapons meant that the webbing designed for a man armed with a rifle, less than 100 cartridges, a bayonet, and some grenades couldn't cope with all the other stuff, and so they started to give people extra bags and whatnot. Then a new generation of webbing came in after ww2, and it worked for a while, but then they started to issue more-and-more equipment again, and at one point they just gave up and started switching to vests. Then plates and their carriers came into the picture, and pretty much everyone just gave up on webbing, because it's easier to issue gear equal ~60% or more of an average man's body weight with a backpack and a vest, and tell the grunts to figure out the rest for themselves.
https://youtube.com/watch?v=Xu5HZa8JA44 Milquetoast Tim explains why child groomers and dog fuckers are being exposed by Mobkeypox/Schlong Covid.
>>39571 >I love not being sore after hiking with a lightweight gun You'd be better off with a good quality sling. The only way I'd ever consider a pencil profile is either hunting/cloning/fun. They don't save that much weight and otherwise aren't worth the downsides. Use what you've got though. >Webbing The lines have technically blurred. You can add a harness to the belts if you so desire. What I'd like to see is a way to attach the carrier to the belt, so it acts like pseudo-webbing in a sense. Concept probably already exists and/or uses too many straps though.
Edited last time by Kalakar on 08/18/2022 (Thu) 20:49:08.
>>39600 >Worth the downsides Which are what exactly? A decreased tolerance for sustained fire? I think I'd value reduced weight and more importantly better firearm balance > that one thing that I never ever use ever.
>>39600 >You'd be better off with a good quality sling I have good slings, a good sling isnt going to magically turn a 13 pound gun into a 6 pound featherweight >and otherwise aren't worth the downsides first of all, english, second, nolarps detected. Take your rifle and gear out for a couple days and actually walk around with it all day and you will quickly lose any autism you felt in favor of thicker barrels for whatever meme purpose you think youll need it for in a firefight and youll quickly understand that going pencil is the only way to go. Not only is the adverse effects of heat on pencil barrels vastly overblown, but people need to get into their thick skulls that as civilians or even as a militia, you are not Delta and you arent at the absolute peak physical fitness a person can be in dropping in via helicopter to room clear at lightspeed and burn through 12 mags in less than 10 minutes. Those guys need the extra material on their barrels because thats all they do, you simply do not. Niggas out here with 13 pound guns thinkin they are hard for having a brick for a barrel on the end of their gun
>>39628 you have found a good argument but expressed it terribly
>>39629 I know and realized that halfway through but sometimes its best to let a car crash happen. Please understand I have autism
Open file (276.72 KB 1920x1080 mpv-shot0001.jpg)
Tune in /animu/ stream while the bombs drop! Starting at 3 pm PST / 22 UTC Tune in with any media player (I recommend VLC or MPV) at: http://prolikewoah.com:8989/radio http://prolikewoah.com:8989/radio.m3u http://prolikewoah.com:8989/radio.xspf
Open file (355.59 KB 1000x731 platelets.png)
>>39628 >Berlin wall of text We are talking approximately 1lb in most cases. Often times it's oz. There's better ways to shave that weight over choosing a pencil profile. Inb4 "muh balance" again >Overblown And yet they do exist and impact your accuracy. I'm not hating on your wwsd rifle nigga. I'm just telling you there's better profiles out there.
>>39637 The virgin micro rig vs the Chad guerrilla warrior (neither are wearing armor one just inst cringe)
Open file (94.79 KB 729x394 cuckchanrapefugees.png)
Open file (65.62 KB 800x600 redditnigger.png)
Open file (61.36 KB 500x503 backtohalfcucknigger.png)
>redditjak faggot >"m...muh wall of text" because he's too dimwitted to read a paragraph that's greater than 5 sentences. >says nigga instead of nigger Who would've not guessed that the wojaknigger is a 4/k/ids rapefugee
>>39640 >GQ Ayyy lmao
>Support the Troops – The U.S. Army is Designing a Tactical Bra https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2022/08/19/army-designing-tactical-bra/ https://archive.ph/wip/u4EKT It's not that noteworthy to be honest, just one of the many signs of decay.
>>39676 >US army is funding improved sports bra technology >this is a bad thing Women don't belong in combat roles but it's not like shit wasn't already fucked. If this means /fit/ girls and tomboys now have access to cheap, decent quality bras that let them tear around without hurting their tits then I'd call this a net positive.
Open file (919.96 KB 1017x761 B.R.A..png)
>>39676 Am I the only one thinking of pic related?
Open file (48.08 KB 732x738 ClipboardImage.jpg)
>>39676 >The U.S. Army is Designing a Tactical Bra already exist, they are called nipple tapes
>>39709 I considered making a joke on it, but couldn't think of a good, funny way to phrase it.
Open file (27.12 KB 513x579 Schedule.png)
>>39659 Here is the schedule for this week's set of matches.
>>39778 /fascist/ still exist? I thought 16chan got booted offline
Apparently I just got a $7k bribe from the feds to vote for a party I'm not gonna vote for. Wew.
>>39796 I got I think around an 8k bribe. Buddy of mine got a 20k, good for him. I view it less as a bribe and more as an exciting blow to our meme economy
>>39791 It got booted, but they moved to 8moe and when that one got deleted, they moved to Hivechan.
>>39796 >>39805 Shit, how do I sign up for these bribes?
>>39817 I am more surprised that Hivechan is alive than /fascist/. Did they got a new address?
Nate doing god's work for purdy cows. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRUnjM0DqrI
On a scale of 1 to CNPP, how hard does telegram glow?
>>39778 Starting in 55 minutes. You'll be playing against /monster/ in the fifth match of the day. https://cytu.be/r/infinitycup
Open file (83.70 KB 800x547 amagikalplace.jpg)
Open file (68.08 KB 1681x203 ClipboardImage.png)
>>39930 >>39946 /monster/ vs /k/ rematch happening now https://cytu.be/r/infinitycup
>>39963 /monster/ 0 - 3 /k/
>>39963 Good game, /k/. Hope y'all advance farther into the tournament. t. /monster/
Open file (112.95 KB 750x937 like_you_very_much.jpg)
>>39971 based cordial sportsmanship fag have a good day anon
>>40080 No problem man, we're all friends and buddies here. >have a good day anon Y-you too
Allegedly Biden is giving a speech today about some executive action he is taking against firearm owners to "quell gun violence once and for all." It's suspected this will be nothing and involve putting up construction road signs saying that "X is a gun-free zone" like they have in Jew York but it's always best to be on guard when the liberal world order gets uppity and tries to take them again.
Open file (68.94 KB 720x960 ruck-it-up-mpmds.jpg)
>>40122 > "X is a gun-free zone" >still using guns in current year ngmi Also news, a Brazilian attempted unsuccessfully to use the 2022 pachinko ball voting method in Argentina to de-elect the Vice President Cristina Kirchner last night. Misfired twice.
Open file (21.13 KB 268x606 Schedule.png)
Here is the schedule for this weekend's matches.
>>40159 or maybe he was a retard and didn't even have one in the chamber, like the whore that tried to shoot Ford https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Attempted_assassination_of_Gerald_Ford_in_Sacramento
>>40174 If you read up on it more a leftist news site said there was a high chance of someone trying to kill her so it’s prop a false flag so leftists get more votes
https://zzzchan.xyz/fascist/catalog.html 16chan rapeuggees migrate here so we stop shiting up /k/ don’t need infighting we’re we don’t really belong
James Yaeger is dead. That is all.
Open file (1004.83 KB 1187x806 ClipboardImage.png)
What's the next step of his master plan?
>>40161 Starting in one hour. You guys will be fighting for your tournament lives against /pro/ in the seventh match of the day. https://cytu.be/r/infinitycup
>>40254 >landing safely with all survivors Bah, how boring.
>>40259 Starting soon
>>40270 It's on now
>>40271 Victory 1-0 against /pro/
Open file (22.78 KB 1199x109 click me.png)
>>40337 Massive loss 5-0
Open file (512.13 KB 1920x1080 Infinity Cup 7.png)
Infinity Cup 7 is now complete! Congratulations to /eris/ who joins the ranks of champions as they defeated /japan/ 3-1 in the Final! Stay tuned for the award winners over at our /icup/ board. Thank you to every anon who chipped in throughout the Cup, and thank you especially to all the anons who took the time to tune in. We'll see you in the next one!
https://archive.ph/Lgbve New Merchant Code Approved for Card Purchases of Guns, Ammunition >A subcommittee the International Standards Organization approved the code >An international standards body has approved the creation of a merchant category code for gun retailers to identify credit card sales of guns and ammunition. >The International Organization for Standardization (ISO)—an independent non-governmental body based in Geneva, Switzerland that creates standards across various industries, including the financial services industry—has approved the new merchant category code for gun and ammunition stores, according to a Sept. 9 announcement from Amalgamated Bank, a New York-based bank that had applied to ISO for the merchant category code. >The approval took place at a meeting on Sept. 7, ISO confirmed to The Epoch Times in an email. Members of the Registration and Maintenance Management Group “were unable to reach a decision regarding this application,” which resulted to the decision being “escalated to the ISO/TC 68/SC9 leadership (as per current process) who then met on the same day.” The leadership oversees standards for retail financial services. >“Considering the application met all the criteria from ISO 18245 and no material arguments pertaining to the approval criteria outlined in the ISO 18245 standard to reject the code were made, SC9 leadership has approved this MCC application in order to comply with the standard,” the ISO told The Epoch Times. >Merchant category codes comprise four digits and are used to classify retailers across various industries. >The approval from ISO enables banks that process payments from gun retailers to decide whether they should assign the new category code to gun merchants. The code could help monitors track where a person spends money via card, but wouldn’t show what specific items were purchased. >Currently, credit card companies classify retailers with other merchants as either “5999: Miscellaneous retail stores” or “5941: Sporting Goods Stores,” according to CBS News. While a new merchant category for firearm stores has been approved, it doesn’t have a code value assigned just yet, as of late Sept. 9. >Amalgamated Bank, which calls itself “America’s socially responsible bank,” said that its decision to push for creating the new code is “the result of nearly three years of research and partnership with issue experts at Guns Down America and Giffords Law Center and broad support from elected officials, pension funds, and others across the United States.” >Amalgamated Bank was founded by union workers nearly 100 years ago. The bank first tried to apply to create the gun merchant code in July 2021, but the application had been denied twice by the ISO, after which it applied again for the new merchant category code in June this year, reported CBS News. >Bank Urges Card Companies to Adopt New Category Code >Following the ISO approval, Amalgamated Bank is calling for credit card companies that typically follow the ISO standards to implement the new merchant category, but it is unclear whether the companies will adopt it. >Priscilla Sims Brown, the president and CEO of the bank, said on Sept. 9: “We all have to do our part to stop gun violence. And it sometimes starts with illegal purchases of guns and ammunition.” >“The new code will allow us to fully comply with our duty to report suspicious activity and illegal gun sales to authorities without blocking or impeding legal gun sales,” she said in a statement. “This action answers the call of millions of Americans who want safety from gun violence and we are proud to have led the broad coalition of advocates, shareholders, and elected officials that achieved this historic outcome.” >The bank in its release announcing the approval of the new merchant code also shared separate statements from multiple New York officials and lawmakers who support the move, including New York Gov. Kathy Hochul, New York Attorney General Letitia James, New York City Mayor Eric Adams, New York City Comptroller Brad Lander, New York State Sen. Zellnor Myrie, and New York State Rep. Chantel Jackson. >A coalition of national gun violence prevention groups including Guns Down America, Giffords, Brady, and New Yorkers Against Gun Violence issued a joint statement applauding the approval of the new code, saying that the decision “paves the way for credit card companies to help law enforcement preempt mass shootings and firearm trafficking by identifying suspicious patterns of firearms and ammunition purchases” via the code for the 9,000 federally licensed firearms dealers across America. “Some of the nation’s worst mass shootings, including Aurora, Colorado; San Bernardino, California; Orlando; and Las Vegas involved electronic payments,” they noted. >Criticisms >Some groups have criticized the ISO approval. Mark Oliva, the managing director for public affairs for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, a U.S. trade association for the firearms industry, told The Center Square that the code’s creation was “flawed on its premise.” >“Those who believe it will help law enforcement do not provide details on what should be considered suspicious purchases,” Oliva told the outlet. >He separately told Gothamist: “This decision chills the free exercise of constitutionally protected rights and does nothing to assist law enforcement with crime prevention or holding criminals accountable. Attaching codes specific to firearm and ammunition purchases casts a dark pall by gun control advocates who are only interested in disarming lawful gun owners.” >Lars Dalseide, a spokesperson for the National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA), the lobbying arm of the gun rights advocacy group NRA, told The Center Square: “Implying that firearm purchases are suspicious demonstrates an obvious bias these attorneys general hold against anyone who chooses to exercise a fundamental constitutional right. >“Creating specific credit card codes for firearms lays the groundwork for a de facto firearm registration. Suggesting otherwise is either shortsighted or deceptive,” Dalseide added. “The true travesty is that New Yorkers and Californians must continue facing the violent criminals pushed back on the streets thanks to these two attorneys general reckless soft-on-crime policies.” >Credit Card Companies Respond to Approval >Congressional Democrats Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Rep. Madeleine Dean (D-Pa.) previously announced on Sept. 2 that they reached out to the CEOs of MasterCard, American Express, and Visa, seeking support for the creation of the new merchant category code and to “request information about their reported opposition to Amalgamated Bank’s application for such a code.” >The politicians cited a report from CBS News in June that said that it had obtained documents that show “employees from domestic and international credit card companies, including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, pushed back on an application to create a merchant category code for firearm and ammunition sellers.” >Following ISO’s approval of the new merchant category code, a spokesperson for Mastercard told outlets: “we now turn our focus to how it will be implemented by merchants and their banks as we continue to support lawful purchases on our network while protecting the privacy and decisions of individual cardholders.” >“This is exactly how we would manage the process for any other appropriate [merchant category code], like a bicycle shop or sporting goods store,” the Mastercard spokesperson said. >An American Express spokesperson said that when ISO develops a new code, the company works with third-party processors and partners on the implementation. “It is important to note that [merchant category] codes are one of many data points that help us understand the industries in which our merchants operate,” the spokesperson told outlets. “We are focused on ensuring that we have the right controls in place to meet our regulatory and fiduciary responsibilities, as well as prevent illegal activity on our network.” >In a statement on Sept. 10, Visa said it would adopt the ISO’s new merchant code. >“Following ISO’s decision to establish a new merchant category code, Visa will proceed with next steps, while ensuring we protect all legal commerce on the Visa network in accordance with our long-standing rules,” it said, reported The Associated Press. >Update: This article has been updated to include separate statements from ISO and Visa.
>>40773 >buying guns and ammo with anything but cash
>>40773 >>40779 >not selling under a category of "Metal Service Centers and Offices" or "Auto Parts"
>>40905 LEGALLY you can't get away with that since you are required to have a specific FFL to open your own gun store and have guns and certain gun parts mailed to it. Unless you speak of private sales in which case why the hell is someone asking you for a card in the first place when cash or even some goyphone app like venmo is far better for sending money between friends without having to specify exactly what the money is for?
>>40947 What if someone opened a sporting goods store that sold firearms accessories alongside gear for things like camping, hiking and fishing, but refused to sell ammunition, firearms and lower receivers?
>Jewgle slips an AntsCanada video into my feed despite tell it not to several times >Apparently the autist has now decided to run experiments on ants to create a Communist Utopia by ridding them of their need to be in the colony because of "ant fascism" or something >Justified this as "science" and started calling the sexless ant a she Jesus.
>>41166 >autists are doing autistic things >ohnoanyway.jpg
>>40773 IIRC Discover isn't following this practice so I'm looking to swap to them. I'd still never use a card for a gun purchase, but if true then companies who don't comply need positive signaling or else they'll fall into the cult too.
>>40963 Are accessories even covered under this bill? Also you can buy scopes and shit in random places like countryside gas stations, or at least you can in my area. There are multiple convenience stores near me that sell shotgun accessories and hunting gear even though there's no ammo or firearms in any of them, I doubt that sort of shit is that big of a deal if they're saying fuck it and going straight for the guns themselves.
If all y'all are stupid enough to still be using Paypal you better knock that shiy
You better knock that shit off right now before they charge you $2500.* >They decided not to Yeah, for now. They've already spit in your face.
>>42425 You're preaching to the choir, go tell some gun owners who don't pay attention.
>>42424 >>42425 Paypal has been shit for years, arbitrarily punishing people and seizing funds.
>>42424 When its stock collapses to a few cents do you think we could buy it and turn it into a progun bank?
>>42497 >He thinks the gun ban pushes come from private entities Even if you got around Biden's national security letters telling them to fuck with gun owners, woke corporations will push an agenda even when their shareholders are suing them for violating their fiduciary duties.
>>42499 There largest shareholders are vangaurd and blackrock that push the antigun pro faggot agenda. If paypal became privately owned they wouldn't have any pull anymore.
>>42533 Skynet never needed nukes just greed and laziness.
>>42538 >all skynet needed was humanity Irony levels off the charts here.
Open file (58.62 KB 1330x140 ClipboardImage.png)
>>42670 >troons Why the fuck are those degenerates seem to be everywhere when computers are involved? Take this video for example: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=zqTaB7y7tug It's just a demonstration of the goofy PC sound effects, yet if you turn on the subtitles you can read about the uploader turning into a transfaggot, and how you should hit him up on dicksword. Is it the same deal as with furfags, just even more disgusting?
>>42705 These types of things proliferate cybernetically because its a lot easier for those who become terminally online, that are already retarded degenerates, to detach completely from reality and develop further into these irrational and disgusting perversions like the belief you can change your sex and what not, perversions that are sponsored by the satanic status quo that shapes our current age
Open file (650.67 KB 640x360 1640459455847.gif)
>>42705 >Why the fuck are those degenerates seem to be everywhere when computers are involved? Is this a rhetorical question or are you serious? I'm going to treat it as a serious question and give you a serious answer. They're autistic. >The vast majority of autists are dumber than a box of rocks >Male autists tend to have high pattern recognition capabilities at the cost of social skills This is why they are "good at math." Protip; they aren't actually good at math. >Male autists tend to have high rates of self-loathing since they don't fit in >Thus male autists tend to have high-endorphin high-dopamine hobbies to offset depression >This has the reverse effect because high-endorphin high-dopamine levels CAUSE anxiety/depression in the absence of oxytocin release >Autists tend to have even less sex than 6/10 men who are barely getting any as it were >Autists turn to the "big four" for oxytocin release when a sexual partner is not present (sexual deviancy, binge eating, drugs/self-harm, community-building) >Religion served as the oxytocin pillar of humanity for centuries but it's actively attacked which makes autists shy away from it >Thus autists tend to get roped into degenerate communities (furries, genital mutilators, drug cartels, the military, etc.) >The lack of intelligence and lack of social IQ prevents autists from getting hired at decent-paying skilled labor in most cases and prevents them from climbing the corporate ladder >The exception is the STEM field which either has a massive shortage or needs a slave class of pattern-recognizers that don't talk back but still have more critical thinking skills than a Pajeet or Chink >Thus autists, who are more easily lovebombed into degenerate communities >The love bombing doesn't last forever and the autist must do more and more extreme things to remain in the in-group/cult and get that oxytocin fix Sound like a certain website full of maids? >If the autist tries to leave the group or discover higher functions they get shunned for opposing the in-group/cult driving them into a spiraling depression >Thus autists tend to turn into these kinds of abominations Troons are just the big one right now because they are the current state-sanctioned class of the Progressive cult. They started with the gays who had a chemical imbalance from a combination of genetics and trauma and deserved a certain level of sympathy and now they are moving on to more extreme social institutions to break down the sanctity of morality/ethics via genital mutilation and other cult mind games. Anime was never a threat to these people because that in-group tended to stay away from worldly affairs, but things like guns and idols are a direct threat to said people. There's a reason I consider Progressivism the greatest threat to humanity above gommunism, authoritarianism, and other ills since it exploits human nature instead of fighting against human nature.
>>42710 >>42711 Thanks, this whole thing is genuinely beyond my understanding, other than that it is being pushed quite hard for nefarious purposes, and that there are lots of desperate men who are stupid enough to give in. >Religion served as the oxytocin pillar of humanity for centuries but it's actively attacked which makes autists shy away from it And what would be a good source of oxytocin releasing experiences in this day and age if religion is not an option. I'm positively sure that I have the 'tism, although I'm in no danger of turning into a tranny, but it would be nice to know how to improve my situation. Going to the church would most definitely not help me.
>>42712 Unfortunately the only known surefire way to release oxytocin in sustainable quantities is interpersonal relationships, sex, and eating. That being said, good deeds (random acts of kindness) and conveying emotions goes a long way. Don't pass up the chance to thank someone when they help you or assist you as conveying thanks or offering to help with things is one of the number one ways to trigger oxytocin release. Otherwise mileage may vary. Cooking your own food has a tendency to release small amounts of the peptide to help supplement/maintain levels as does fapping (periodically) and completing tasks you don't want to do (such as cleaning). Key word with the last one is completing them. Some methods I've seen used by imageboards over the years to boost oxytocin levels include... >Sign up for a yoga class or foreign language class (group sports and group activities release the chemical) >Get a pet (dogs are surprisingly an excellent source of oxytocin because they tend to be more needy) >Take care of/spoil your siblings' kids from time to time (it's not just parental instincts it's a steady source of oxytocin) >Volunteer some of your time for a group (ACTUAL community service, not the legal variant, promotes oxytocin release) >Get a waifu/form a tulpa (unironically this gives you an outlet to express love which allows for the chemical release if you believe hard enough; follows the same patterns that religion tends to) >Meditate/Pray regularly (meditating on the good will you feel towards someone or praying for their success has been shown to boost oxytocin levels) Basically trick your brain into having an outlet to release the chemical when you don't have someone to release the chemical for.
>>42712 Religion is always an option, just don't get involved in organized religion. >>42711 >the Progressive cult Trannies aren't progressive though, they're more conservative and regressive than almost any of the right wing death cults that they fit into so easily. It's not autism anyway, it's simply being a midwit.
Open file (119.75 KB 469x413 Sad Gondola.png)
Chinese sanctions already taking effect. Two customers emailed us saying they had to close their doors. Four more emailed us to cancel future projects. All factory lines are down. There's talks of lay-offs but they won't affect me because of niche specialization, I'll just be without work twiddling my thumbs... They're firing all the young guys while leaving the old Koreans who came over during the Korean War as kids and should have retired 10-20 years ago. Our commercial sector dissolved overnight leaving only government and space contracts. I've seen enough from this industry. Feels bad.
Open file (431.09 KB 765x1065 1665858994026994.png)
Apparently gun serialization was ruled unconstitutional under the logic that it wasn't a practice and had no historical analogue at the time of the drafting of the Constitution that would justify its mandate in federal law.
>>42744 You can hear the snide in the journalist's voice reading that article. He's pissed lol.
>>42744 Unfortunately 1: Government isn't going to role over so this has more legal bullshit to go through 2: Manufacturers still have to include them, it just removes prohibition on defacing these numbers or owning gun with defaced numbers. 3: Judge still upheld bans on felon possession, even though requirements one be peaceable were dropped in the drafting phase of 2A
>>42757 Ah yes I see this is still a total loss and we should wave our asses in the air and get fucked viciously like in my cuckold fantasies.
Open file (781.13 KB 320x354 grand_mosque_collapse.mp4)
The dome of the Grand Mosque of the Islamic Center collapsed in Jakarta, Indonesia's capital https://archive.ph/YDoVh
>>42832 The Indonesians don't actually practice being Muslims past their surface level understanding of other traditional Arab muslim cultures. At least that's what my pornographic research tells me.
>>42832 Cool. Thanks, Strelok.
Is that Strelok who posted a picture of their feet in a hammock with their fun in the background during the pandemic threads still here?
>>42832 That's very unfortunate.
>>42841 More or less. The ones in Sumatra are hardliners who go full burka with a durka durka but the average Muslim Indonesian is modernized if they practice Islam at all.
Open file (132.65 KB 600x800 (((Jakarta))).jpg)
Open file (206.65 KB 1170x1633 1666449033797112.jpg)
What did he mean by this
>>42943 I don't know how these social media shitholes work is that an automated post that just grabs shit from his account history or did he manually post that?
Open file (372.18 KB 1000x1000 1640983809821.png)
I will never understand being both against eating meat and being against the use of petroleum/hydrocarbons. >"A bloo bloo bloo eating animals is inhumane" I disagree but this is a perfectly valid argument to make. My issue is that the people who want everyone to eat a vegetarian diet are also against fracking, drilling, etc. to produce the hydrocarbons necessary for chemical fertilizer and the like. It's almost as bad as the people who argue nuclear is bad because it can kill a lot of people without realizing that more people die mining coal/drilling oil/digging up peat in the lifetime of a nuclear reactor than would die from said nuclear reactor going critical and turning into a steam bomb; they're just usually the dregs of society or third worlders so the problem is swept under the rug. Being compassionate is recognizing that sometimes you have to do cruel things since the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
>>42955 Just because a few retards think that raising cattle is bad for the environment because of emissions, doesn't mean that vegetarians are somehow retroactively against the use of fossil fuels. Which is a position more likely to held by vegans anyway. Whatever statistical correlation may happen to exist between these positions is basically an accident of culture and political tribalism rather than any inherent or organic link, which is so obvious it shouldn't have to be said. t. vegetarian
>>42959 >>42955 You seem to be forgetting that some of these fags are full on pro-population wipe too though. Regardless of whether it's suicidal urges or they've deluded themselves into thinking that they'd not only be chosen survivors but in some kind of leisurely position instead of toiling as a slave in such a world, there are fags like this out there who understand perfectly well what they're demanding.
>>42943 he is gloating what a sick fucker
>>42963 I honestly, seriously, fail to see the downsides of a population wipe other than it being used as a vehicle for more mass migration into first world nations.
>>43078 A population wipe is the same thing as a technology wipe and it's pretty much the epitome of kicking the can down the road instead of dealing with solvable problems.
>>43078 A population wipe is unnecessary when the population regularly collapses on its own whether that's through war or retarded policies and complacency like with whites and , in the near future, chinks. Also the biggest issue with a population wipe is that the people making the decisions will most certainly not have actual progress in mind instead of faggot "progress" and are far more likely to simply keep everything stale and miserable for the survivors simply because they're all psychopaths and get off on such things.
>>43078 This, but exclusively in South America, Detroit and Africa and with the explicit goal of bringing Civilization there by any means necessary. Everywhere else shouldn't be affected, even if it gets bad.
>>43117 What's wrong with South America? Favelas are pretty chill so long as you aren't carrying wads of cash. The chances of getting robbed aren't any higher than most American cities and the robbers tend to be nicer going as far as to drop you off at your hotel or house if staying with a friend so that you aren't left stranded somewhere without your phone/wallet/etc. South America has a lack of (legal) guns problem, not a culture problem.
>>43119 I know it sounds great to have a taxi service that costs whatever's in your wallet, your jacket, your sneakers and your jeans, but Civilization means having a quiet, friendly neighborhood without any crime. >The chances of getting robbed aren't any higher than most American cities and America is a special problem in that depopulation wouldn't help it at ALL compared to favela land where going outside at night has an inherent risk of getting ventilated and thus requires a special solution.
>>43119 The thing with South America is that depending where you are you might believe you're in Europe or in the worst of the Congo and those two places can just be waking distance apart.
Open file (50.54 KB 640x512 Rio 2016.jpg)
>>43119 >What's wrong with South America? is this a real question lmao >going as far as to drop you off at your hotel or house if staying with a friend so that you aren't left stranded somewhere without your phone/wallet/etc. what kind upstanding gentlemen, almost makes you forgot you just got robbed
>>43129 True, but the place definitely has the culture for excellence, they just need the legal protections for self defense and property rights that the socialists stripped from them through the 1900s. If American Niggers could work their way into the middle class before welfare and gun bans in the 70s turned them into rampaging apes, then South Americans who are significantly less violent/more intelligent than American niggers can too. Consider the Sweden case example that's ongoing; just humor me for a moment. We like to joke about rapefugees, but the "rapefugees" are almost all Somalis brought in during the 80s/90s who Sweden never integrated because Swedes are extremely racist behind closed doors and refused to integrate them into their culture. Well rather it's the children of the Somali refugees who were never forcefully integrated into Swedish culture most of the time. In comparison, Sweden learned its mistakes and the Afghanis that got brought over are being forcefully integrated to prevent a repeat incident. Again those are Africans who are significantly more violent than various Hispanics/Natives. There's plenty of smart South Americans who can go far, they just don't have the trade infrastructure to compete with the world nor the legal infrastructure to protect them from gangbangers. The difference between Mexican drug cartel central and America is a 1% GDP increase difference over about 50 years. Otherwise Mexico would look a lot like Northern Arizona/Northern Texas.
>>43133 >Mexico Mexicans have to deal with central American/Venezuelan socialists so you don't get to interact with the average Brazilian or Argentinian. >>43124 Then very few places in the world are civilized. Urban centers are a necessary evil if you want to exist as a civilization, they just need less central management and more property protection.
This is going to sound schizo as all shit, but when I was still a young underageb& lad browsing 4chan in 2007ish, I was looking up gore threads on /b/ when someone purported to be a time traveler from the year 2028. During Trump's presidency, I dug up this old memory and it's been haunting me ever since. I've been remembering this time alleged traveler more and more, and It's only because of my pretty photographic memory that I remember several of his words at that time... >Obama would win the presidency and despite being the antiwar candidate he would proceed to drone strike American citizens >Ron Paul would be ousted by his own party so don't count on him winning >Donald Trump of all people is going to not only run as a Republican, but he's gonna win and manage to divide the nation even though he was supposed to be the great unifier >A great plague will slip through the nation bringing great strife >There will be a great election that will end with an evil man ousting Trump >People will question whether the elections are true or not, but ultimately this won't matter >A great war will appear to be brewing, but nobody will have the weapons to fight it >Virtually all wars by this point will be coups or psychological warfare instigated by foreign nations in such a way that they can't be directly blamed Now this is all what he predicted that has come true up until this point, but he wasn't done... >Nuclear war will be narrowly avoided >Trump will be brought back in to clean up the evil man's wrongdoings but will be unable to. He will however keep the economy afloat for a few years before he's assassinated by mercenaries hired by the status quo and pegged on the news media which is already untrusted by this point >The people will turn to a populist candidate who will end up being the antichrist >A great war will break out, but many will question whether it should be called WWIII since it will mostly involve the peons of the great powers being allowed to run amok as the big players all lose strength to reign them in >"China? Don't worry about China anon, China will be irrelevant by then after a short time as a world superpower. Don't get me started on what happens to China." >When the great powers join this war, you will wish it were a nuclear war as great horrors are unleashed upon the earth and hell comes down >Somehow humanity will pull through these dark times though, so just make sure you can do everything in your power to survive these troubling times >Most won't >"Imageboards were nice when I could use them. When was the last time I was able to browse one?" When I entered the thread to ask OP what happens next, he had already declared that it was too late for him and he was just passing this message on to anon. He seemed to have a sense of finality like he thought he was going to die. He asked me to screencap his thread, but at the time I was browsing 4chan through my PSP and didn't know how to screenshot, and everyone else called OP a lying faggot. What always intrigued me was how precise his details were. It wasn't like the usual vague statements that I see from the various scamsters and frauds at the time posting about "the future" on /b/. So far pretty much everything from that old OP's thread has come true which makes me wonder... By "horrors unleashed upon the earth" and "hell coming down" what did he mean? Was he referring to biological warfare? Chemical warfare perhaps? Something we haven't considered?
Open file (22.41 KB 500x466 ASDJSRTISHF.jpg)
>>43228 >The Malhama Al-Kubra is detailed in multiple hadith narrations with varying details. However the basic narrative framework of the cycle of prophecies found in Islamic eschatology is as follows. This battle is said to occur after the Muslims and Christian Romans victoriously fight alongside each other against a common enemy.[4][5] Following their victory a conflict will break out in which a Christian claims that the cross brought them victory, a Muslim in response claims that God brought them victory and proceeds to destroy the cross, which leads to further reprisals from the Christian side.[6][7][5] This culminates in the Malhama Al-Kubra, an apocalyptic scale battle so intense, according to some hadith narrations, that were a bird to pass their flanks, "it would fall down dead before reaching the end of them."[8] >The traditional account continues, in the immediate wake of this battle, Constantinople will be conquered by the Muslims, which will be followed by the coming of the Antichrist, known in Arabic as Dajjal, which will be followed by the Second Coming - the descent of Jesus Christ('Isa).[4][9] >Some contemporary exegetes have linked the Malhama Al-Kubra to nuclear war. Some contemporary Muslim exegesis[clarification needed] suggests that the Romans referred to in the prophecy variously correspond to [...] the Russians, because Russia is the most populous Orthodox Christian country and considers itself the inheritor of the Eastern Roman Empire, or contemporary Europeans. Say what you will about the muslims, but consider the following. 1) Muslim tradition has managed to retain itself throughout the years despite everything. This would naturally include knowledge that was passed down from many years ago. The concept of "prophesy" only exists because at one point, it was proven to work. Otherwise, it would not survive the test of time. 2) Islam is the second most subscribed to religion of today, with it's adherents numbering close to 2 billion as of 2022. Christianity, which sits at close to 2.8 billion has nowhere near the strictness of Islam regarding it's beliefs. If religious leaders of Islam need to get something done, they will. 3) There are both Christian and Muslim adherents in the Russian army. The state itself is mostly Christian, but most of Chechens (Kadyrov etc etc) and adjacents are Muslims. 4) With what we can reasonably suspect from numerous accounts, America sits on something massive in regards to black projects (unannounced tech). Whether Russia or Europe does, it's unknown, but nobody wants to do self-obsolescence. Should they reveal that tech, it will be done in a way that would have the most impact. They were also caught having biolabs in Ukraine. 5) The Desert Merchant people have absolutely no qualms about selling America's weapons to the highest bidder, especially if it happens to be someone that's against Russia. I fucking hate this reality
>>43228 >>43229 Inb4 the Zombie apocalypse actually happens. I just hope it's Romero style Z's and not those gay runners or Nemesis style Zogbots. Z
>>43228 These are all super generic. Do you also believe in horoscopes? >Obama would win the presidency and despite being the antiwar candidate he would proceed to drone strike American citizens Goes without saying. This was an especially unloseable year to boot. >Ron Paul would be ousted by his own party so don't count on him winning No shit. >Donald Trump of all people You mean the guy with multiple previous runs, who at the time was just past/embroiled in a major feud with new york's democrat mayor, who was from a political background/electorate where changing your party for the sake of an election was commonplace? >manage to divide the nation even though he was supposed to be the great unifier This is literally the opposite of what happened. >A great war will appear to be brewing, but nobody will have the weapons to fight it There is no great war brewing. The consequences of the MIC were already being extolled in the semi-mainstream by this point. >Virtually all wars by this point will be coups or psychological warfare instigated by foreign nations in such a way that they can't be directly blamed So you mean the anglo/russian foreign policy that's been in place since ~1808? Bonus round >"China? Don't worry about China anon, China will be irrelevant by then after a short time as a world superpower What is socialism?
>>43235 Yes, yes. Feel free to leave imageboards since everything is terrible and fun is never allowed Negative-Nancy-kun.
>>43235 >This is literally the opposite of what happened. What's that? I can't hear you over the sounds of the masses who were told by the media to hate Trump so bad they voted in a pedophile. They seemed to have won an election "fairly" through urban reclamation laws that Republicucks passed through as "compromises" to allow the enemy to have more votes in the election, and they are threatening civil war at the moment because it's become clear the same trick won't work twice.
>>43240 Say whatever you want, but before Trump there were 37 different distinct factions arguing over the sinking of the Titanic that is the American Empire. There are now 5 to 6. That is by definition literally the opposite of dividing the country. >and they are threatening civil war at the moment because it's become clear the same trick won't work twice. You act like that's a bad thing.
>>43241 >First half Lol no. Those factions all still exist they're only "unified" because of the cultural left who filled in a power vacuum for personal profit/power. >Second half Because it is a bad thing. Do you understand what that actually means? Like the ramifications? The chances of you dying are extremely high in a civil war as an unmarried male presumably without much family being on an imageboard. Even if you survive your life is going to be hell until you're too old to enjoy the fruits of that labor. War should always be a last resort when all other options are exhausted and we're far from exhausting all options as a society. Accelerationism is fucking trash. Garbage.
>>43242 Eh. I was going to type out a complete response and make an argument, but the more I think on it, this seems to be just a difference in our philosophies. Can't fault you for that, and it's not something worth arguing about with someone who clearly has hope. You keep that hope burning for those of us that have already lost it. I just personally believe we already hit the point of no return in 1964. Though I do want to defend myself to point out that I'm not an accelerationist. I don't think anything we smaller men can do would affect the timescale.
Are we having a joos won fowevew and evew boohoo moment?
>>43244 Me? Not even remotely. I'm pretty sure the joos lost this particular war and the 'empire that never ended' is on the back foot worldwide. I'm honestly pretty damn optimistic about the future of humanity, I just don't see any future for the American Empire. The rot is too deep.
Open file (3.61 KB 300x300 Untitled.png)
>>43240 Trump was sold as the great divider, not the great unifier. It's true that he didn't unify the country, hilary did, but that's also the opposite of what was presented. >What's that? I can't hear you over the sounds of the masses who were told by the media to hate Trump so bad The inorganic hate for trump is mostly outside of the US, for a start. 0% of the americans who rabidly hate trump had any intention of siding with, say, pro-liberty social centrists, and they had a huge range of factions that grouped together under a common umbrella since there were a bunch of narratives they had to decide collectively as a group to support. >>43241 got it right, and it's so true that there's even a ton of librefags cucking out to populist authoritarians on both sides of the house because of how unified american groups are these days. It's less so in 202X than it was in 2017, the height of american unification (i.e. under trump). >masses who were told by the media to hate Trump so bad they voted in a pedophile. The 2012 election was decided by voter fraud as well, none of this is particularly special. >hate Trump so bad they voted in a pedophile Yeah cos establishment presidents are all such saints. All we've shown is that crackheads beat dementia patients and dementia patients beat amphetamine addicts when they go off the speed. None of this has fucking jack shit to do with policy anyway, what nonsense is this? Who cares if some cunt fucked some kids, what's that got to do with tax plans? >>43238 >Not buying into vague predictions of things that have mostly already happened is being a negative nancy uh, okay. Sure. >>43242 >Because it is a bad thing. Do you understand what that actually means? Like the ramifications? Oh no, the american backed global financial system will fail and nation-states will go back to being more isolationist and less influenced by global faggotry (in terms of american fiscal fuckups, the fudge packers literal are fine). >The chances of you dying are extremely high in a civil war The chances of me dying in an american civil war as a foreigner are extremely high? The loyalists will have the nukes and the loyalists are the ones centralized into cities, there's not gonna be international fallout that actually matters more than some long overdue market corrections.
>>43245 Oh ok we're in agreement then. I was just looking for an excuse to be a cunt to be honest.
Open file (4.32 KB 250x250 Untitled.png)
>>43247 It's more fun to just be a cunt for no reason at all
>>43246 Kek. You're doing a "Poe's Law" on us, aren't you Anon?
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flexible_defense This seems to be a surprisingly well-written wikipedia article about a rather niche subject, but there isn't really a thread where it would fit, and I don't want start a fortifications general just to share it.
>>43248 Can we make this into a banner?
Anyone know where I can get genuine military surplus waterproo/softshell/hardshell stuff? I already have some shirts and pants bu!t they're fucking useless for keeping out the rain!
Open file (1.58 MB 2101x3000 014.png)
>>43263 While >you can do whatever you like, though it is from a madohomu doujin there are no guns (or bows or kombat) so I don't see how you're going to get anything topical or interesting >https://dynasty-scans.com/chapters/canon_a_due_voci_dalla_finestra/download
Open file (11.12 KB 259x259 FeoiwN8XwAAGDUW.jpg)
>>43272 >dynastranny
Open file (314.16 KB 766x1100 1664964965845535.jpg)
>>43279 Lel the dynasty version of one of ayane's madohomu works is the scanlator censored ver. It's one of the few no-js first gen uploader sites though
Open file (434.26 KB 2340x1080 lasors.png)
Y'all see Beanie Man's new song? It's breddy gud. For the press release email he sent a middle finger emoji to all the journalists who told him to go fuck himself during his last media press release. http://losingmymind.com/ https://youtube.com/watch?v=IXV615QfuI8&t=0s
Should we make a new thread already, or wait until it falls off a bit more?
>>43395 I don't mind either way. This is comfy but I think some anons forget to check the second page.
>>43401 Well then: >>43407

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