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what's a war board without a conflict?

Open file (373.00 KB 640x360 Видео 3_1.webm)
Russia & Ukraine 12 - "Well, well, well", utterly convinced russian debunkers ep. 9999999999 Strelok 04/09/2022 (Sat) 20:30:42 No.31657
Edited last time by activeshooter on 04/13/2022 (Wed) 02:24:57.
Previous thread can be found here >>30354
>>31645 What a waste. On the other hand, how much of a waste is it really when she was dumb enough to go to war? It's a 50/50 thing, probably.
>>31649 A fake list is possible, but are you really implying a Russian operative ready with spray paint and a template sneakily added a new serial number? They'd have to paint over the old serial number too and hope the locals don't notice the change. Both sides have enough real atrocities to keep the animosity burning already, so do you think russia is so optics-sensitive to commit to something like that?
>Russia reportedly foiled another Ukrainian evacuation attempt on Mariupol port, 8 April. >This time it was from Ukrainian dry cargo ship "Apache" masquerading as a Maltese ship that suddenly changed course from its convoy and gunned it for the port. Now I really, 'really', want to know what's so important to Ukraine that it'd make three suicidal tries at evacuating Mariupol.
>>31669 The conspiracy is that there's a French Colonel in Mariupol, alongside one of the NATO higher ups and a bunch of Foreign Legionares. There was already a pic posted from a down helo of a FFL hat that was assigned to the unit Nimes, France. That is the either the 6th Light Armored or the 2nd FFL Infantry Regiment. My guess is Stève Carleton, the 2nd FFL commander got caught with troops in there and there's a bunch of "behind the scene talks" so the Russians don't go full nuclear option on NATO (Nobody REALLY wants that except the Jews probably).
>>31670 Fortunately this time the evac vehicle was captured instead of destroyed, and without casualties. How is Russia's interrogation track record for discovering intelligence on high value personnel targets?
>>31670 >My guess is Stève Carleton, the 2nd FFL commander got caught with troops in there and there's a bunch of "behind the scene talks" so the Russians don't go full nuclear option on NATO Do you mean literally or metaphorically?
>>31517 https://www.uawardata.com This is a map that started tracking Russian locations on 31 March. No Ukrainian locations unfortunately. The last update is 6 April. So far it looks like it takes up to 3 days for an update.
Open file (677.74 KB 1888x1482 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (639.14 KB 898x1009 ClipboardImage.png)
>desire to nuke intensifies Why are they such fucking subhumans? Are they begging to get wiped off the face of the earth?
>>31678 based Zbros, we are winning
Open file (188.89 KB 500x281 yang war.png)
>>31674 >Captured I don't think they got the Col if he's there, it got shot down while landing. There was a FFL hat in the wreckage of the first. I'll post photo if I can find a copy, but the source posting it got nuked by twitter for "disinfomration". Here's a video of a caputred Ukrainian. Suposedly SSU operative call sign "Belmak ", an airborne (I think) instrutor? also video of claimed patches from foreign fighters (I doubt they are that stupid but plebbit legion was a thing) >>31676 >Literally Rumor is that the Chinese or the Jews are mediating between NATO and the Russians. On the other hand, Marcon has an election in this month so if the French media uncucks itself a non zero chance higher than burger media we might get WW3 kicked off by frog press doing actual journalisim. Other stuff >corruption in Ukraine isn't a thing! >Confiscated a Tesla for the "War" >Slav casually moving AT mines around >Burger Negresses being attention whores per the usual in burgerland.
This whole thing has just made me hate slavs. A lot.
>>31678 >Why are they such fucking subhumans? Communism. Their monuments are still everywhere. Their ideology still penetrates Russia, and they're still pretending as if they weren't anything but a scourge on creation. Thus, the commie mindvirus still persists in the Russian consciousness. >>31667 Not on the remains of the missile. If I'm in a war and have the luxury of time, I'm repainting the serial numbers of every missile I fire before I do so, just to fuck with the enemy. If every time a missile strikes, the enemy HQ gets a call to stop the friendly fire, it creates a slight amount of chaos for no real cost. >>31670 Riddle me this: If NATO wants to intervene on the down-low, why send real parts of their military and not far more plausible deniability assets like PMCs? Is Russia gonna go nuclear over Blackwater? Unlikely. But they do glow enough to send in, with some newer, freshly-gifted equipment the Ukes agree to leave exclusively to them, if necessary.
>>31685 >Riddle me this: If NATO wants to intervene on the down-low, why send real parts of their military and not far more plausible deniability assets like PMCs? Because they are retarded or because PMCs ask for too much money. Knowing NATO it's probably both.
Open file (29.96 KB 190x190 COMLE-béret.jpg)
Open file (179.20 KB 690x387 16489151803470.jpg)
>>31683 >video of dude Well I lied, it decided to not upload after saying it failed. Fuck More content: >Rip Buhanka-chan >>31685 >Intervention I don't know. But the picture from the scene (if true) doesn't lie. I managed to find the source after some digging on 2ch.hk See below Tiny eye returned zero search hits on this image for me. Jewgele returns 2: https://blazetrends.com/the-beret-of-a-french-legionnaire-found-in-mariupol-watch-out-for-these-pictures/ https://wikitim.com/co-van-nato-dang-bi-bao-vay-o-chao-lua-mariupol/ First one claims to discredit the pro-Russian source from twitter accounts....,I quote: >They rely on it on a video from the YouTube account “War gonzo”, published on April 4, and which has since accumulated 272,000 views. It shows a man, probably a Russian soldier, grabbing the beret from the back of what looks like a military vehicle littered with trash. The soldier then presents a badge to the camera. Video link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYi0tC0uWsw >The beret and the badge visible in the video are indeed elements of the uniform of the Foreign Legion, confirm to us sources specialists in this body of the French army. However, elements challenge: “We see that the beret is new”, underlines a military source with 20 minutes. As for the badge, it should bear a number on the front side, adds this source, which is not the case here. >It is also possible to buy a beret and a badge in military surplus or on the internet, completes a second specialist in these questions, who adds: “A legionnaire does not abandon his beret. They are taught very young not to part with their weapon and their beret. " The secons source is a Vietnamnese source, which does not question the equipment however, it states something not stated in the other: >According to Russian intelligence, provided to the media, there are currently more than 20 foreign military advisers in Mariupol . But the question of why, these advisers continue to stay in Mariupol, remains undisclosed. If you look at the emblem pin, that is either the emblem of the French Foreign Legion's Legion Command. >(Commandement de la Légion Étrangère) based in Aubagne, France commanded by Major General Alain Lardet Units under its command, commanders and garisons are: >1st Foreign Regiment(1er Régiment étranger), Aubagne, Lieutenant-colonel Arnaud de Peretti Mostly administrative unit with basic proficency testing for canidates, rehab, and legion family housing >Foreign Legion Recruiting service (Groupement de recrutement de la Légion étrangère), Fort de Nogent, Fontenay-sous-Bois, Paris, France Lieutenant-colonel Fabrice Prenveille - These guys are also involved in training abroad la burger Green Berets. It is worth noting that the 1er has a 1 in the circle of the beret badge (I believe we call it a flash in burger speak?). whereas COMLE does not. and is empty. I believe it would be much harder for them to obtain COMLE beret pins then other legions, given you are not given a beret flash unless you are assigned to the unit and not merely training.
>>31687 There's also the issue that Marcon might be royally pissed at his Intel agencies and are sending them to die, since it appears there was a major intelligence failure and he has "reassigned" most of the intel top brass. But the issue is he also has an election this month. So nuke war might be kicked off by French Press reporting on him Unlikely since Le Pen, the challenger is "le great nazi ebil", but is election year so who knows.
>>31649 >My bet there is on Brazil Brazil is unanimously disliked by the entire Mercosur and Central/North American latin americans, how are they going to take leadership aside from maybe manufacturing hub?
>>31684 Now you know how the world felt when they saw America from 1996 to... i guess a year ago in Afghanistan
>>31694 America has been dicking around in the Middle East since the 60s, buddy.
>>31670 That is one spicy meataballa If anything it confirms what most believed, that France wants to assume direct control of the EU and the Germans and Russians are the only two stepping stones they need to overcome now that Britain is out, the US is seen as senile and their African peace keeping missions are heating up. >>31683 >Rumor is that the Chinese or the Jews are mediating between NATO and the Russians. Hasn't this been true from day one though? Also I heard that Austria, Sweden and Finland dropped the neutrality act and are looking into ways to join NATO, which would fuck up a lot of EU-Elsewhere relations. >Macron They're going to force his re-election just like they did a few years ago. The french electoral system is rigged so that if you do not win the first round, literally every party under the sun, from left to right, from greens to industrialists, from progressives to conservatives will just tell their constituents to vote for the candidate that maximizes the chances of staying in Europe/ the global system.
>>31684 >This whole thing has just made me hate slavs. A lot. Slavs invented Rutracker and Yandex though, I can't stay mad at them for being mad lads >>31685 >Riddle me this: If NATO wants to intervene on the down-low, why send real parts of their military and not far more plausible deniability assets like PMCs? PMCs may not accept deployment against a super power, also they would not share crucial intel to better NATO's strategies. Would a plumber you call to fix your pipes tell you all his trade secrets?
>>31683 >it got shot down while landing. This is a newer evacuation attempt using a cargo ship that Russians captured with the crew intact before it landed in Mariupol.
>>31693 >manufacturing hub Yes, why not be the China of South America? Nearly everyone around the chinks fucking hates them to some extent too.
>>31693 >Brazil is unanimously disliked by the entire Mercosur and Central/North American latin americans South Americans all hate each other and they are too busy infighting to do anything, it's the only reason why has lots of soft power over south America
Have you ever played Hoi4? Do you know how many countries have an incentive to send their volunteers to Spanish civil war in earlygame for that juicy Army EXP? If Ukraine is the next Spain, what's gonna be the next Deutschland? And in how many year's time?
>>31700 They tried that in the 80s/90s. The climate of Brazil is not really suitable for manufacturing. Humidity is too big of an issue for electronics in the lower regions, altitude is too big of an issue in the arid regions, and pollution is an issue all around for server rooms and the like all around. The only reason China gets around the pollution problem is because their governments are willing to throw money and air filters at their clean rooms like candy.
Open file (932.19 KB 1200x842 1649024895942.gif)
>>31657 So what now?
>>31704 Basically nothing. They'll do what they planned to do in 2014, create Novorossiya.
>>31702 go back
>>31705 So it was a meatless burger all along.
>>31704 Depends. According to the Russians: >Regroup and set up a set piece battle to draw out UA out in the open where they can leverage air, tank and artillery superiority >Destroy or cripple UA army, force Zelensky into negotiations and dictate the terms, give independence to DNR and LNR, possible Kherson region too, since they have been consolidating there and giving up on it would just mean you'd have to go to war with Ukraine again in a few years time According to the Ukraine: >They say they already won the war so idk
Open file (122.50 KB 400x500 eating 1.gif)
>>31704 >So what now? Russians wait until the Spring thaw while minimizing casualties and using artillery and missiles to fuck any attempt by Ukraine to build back up their infrastructure, then reinvade in June/July when the ground has finished drying out and the shortages have demoralized the Hohols. As has been stated repeatedly now. Meanwhile the metric fuck tons of grains remain locked up in transit robbing Ukraine of needed hard cash assets driving wartime hyperinflation and destabilizing the world food situation unless the Ukrainians manage to do something about those Russian ships. Much needed goods deals continue to not be worked out as investors/businessmen recognize the danger of losing all their assets if the Russians seize them or destroy them, since Ukraine is already known worldwide as a poor debtor/creditor who doesn't pay back what they owe.
>>31706 fuck you make me
Open file (63.24 KB 273x322 1549833937.jpg)
>>31678 >baby fuck But why?
>>31678 According to the Russians, he was dismissed year ago from the military, doesn't change the fact that he should commit suicide, three bullets at the back of the head.
>>31704 Nothing changes. Kiev never was the goal. That was known since like day three, since if it was, they would start storming it with heavy shit. Meanwhile, ukrops have been amassing troops in Kiev, which was a distraction to begin with sadly, a distraction with high casualty rate . Can they move these troops away from it, to the frontlines? Dunno but I doubt it. Ruskies have been bombing rails and shit and it would take titanic amounts of oil to do.
>>31712 CIA really wants this war to kick off a great reset and civilians aren't having none of it so they had to come up with some new propaganda.
>>31683 I need the one on the left to sit on my face pronto
>>31712 Because IT'S ALRIGHT!
>>31701 Yes but BRs take the cake by a long shot, they don't look like them nor speak the same language. They are also known to be shabby workers and anyone can believe the whole story from Nissan making Brazil a superpower in manufacturing cars after using every trick in the book to bully the workers to force them to be rich, so much the boss Ghosn had to flee because every syndicate was out to hit him. They do not want to be the best, hence why i think it will be difficult for them to overcome that block.
>>31710 wtf you mean its not gonna explode overnight what an empty sandwich
>>31716 When has pedophilia actually ever worked to cause a war of any kind? Not even normalniggers are stupid enough to think baby fuckers aren't literally everywhere.
Open file (3.53 MB 336x276 Biden.gif)
>>31678 I guess we're not so different after all. You commies are alright!
Open file (91.08 KB 680x847 soy.jpg)
>>31721 More like a vegan sandwich.
>>31725 >soy Beyond's products are plastered with "soy-free" labeling.
>>31726 That filename isn't referring to the fake chicken.
>>31685 >PMCs The whole idea of being a mercenary is to make easy money, not trying to be a hero and doing some fucking dumb shit like working too hard or trying to pull off special forces stuff. What good is the money if you're dead or are missing limbs? I see no scenario in which any self respecting mercenaries will look at the map and volunteer for such a retarded mission
>>31716 This, pretty much. Though the 'having none of it' doesn't seem too creditable. Normalniggers literally love being sheeple.
>>31720 >anyone can believe the whole story from Nissan making Brazil a superpower in manufacturing cars after using every trick in the book to bully the workers to force them to be rich, so much the boss Ghosn had to flee because every syndicate was out to hit him. What?
Open file (468.00 KB 1024x1024 monki.jpg)
>>31716 >vatnigger films himself raping an infant >drunken inbred psychopath proceeds to post it on a publicly available website >hurr durr must be CIAniggers
>>31733 raping children is irrelevent How is Mariupol holding up? What about that promised field of Tulips?
>>31732 Brazil wants to not be number one so badly that Brazil will assassinate people who try to make Brazil number one, is how I read it. >>31734 Russian sources report the Azovstal plant complex is the last area with meaningful resistance. I don't know about Tulips, but Russia is using some kind of heavy explosives as seen in the last video by >>31593. There is no new news about Azov's mystery guests trapped in Mariupol. But Azov reportedly seized two civilian ships, and are holding the crews hostage. Maybe that will develop into the next attempt to evacuate whoever is hiding in Mariupol?
Open file (56.45 KB 697x520 memri youkai.jpg)
W-what's happeninges in Pakistan??
>Ukrainian soldiers getting shot by Russian T-72B3 at close range, date and location unknown Fuck man, that'll ruin your day.
>>31678 Just like in my Japanese anime.
>>31726 Plant-based meat is as gay as it gets, soy or not.
>>31736 >But Azov reportedly seized two civilian ships, and are holding the crews hostage. Unless the Russians have changed tunes since the Chechen hostage situations, Azov isn't gonna swim so good.
>>31740 That much is true. I'd actually be willing to try the stuff if it didn't pretend to be meat. There are meals I eat that are nearly meat-free, from chickpea curry to spicy tofu stir-fry to squash soup, without actually avoiding meat, and I have no objections to plant-based ingredients that increase options instead of taking them away. But I don't want a product that is unable to stand on its own merits, and can only sell by being an inferior alternative to meat for people who refuse (or, as the plan goes, can't afford) to use the real thing. But it's still dumb to use "soy" as a buzzword when the product in question advertises itself as soy-free.
>>31738 What happened? Did they think it was one of theirs?
>>31743 Unless they wanted to suicide by tank, I thinks it's safe to assume they either thought it was their own or a captured tank.
>>31739 I'm pretty sure there are no tot hentais.
>>31744 >thought it was their own or a captured tank. Videos like this make me wonder how much of Ukraine's alleged capture of Russian assets that were immediately used against Russians is really just Ukraine projecting their own screw ups onto Russia.
>>31742 fuck you're dense The "soy" is referring to the fags holding the meat, their faces are a widely used shitty meme template making fun of soyboys.
>>31752 Are you trying to miss the point or are you just retarded? There is no fucking soy. The fags in the picture are getting excited over a product that explicitly advertises itself as being soy-free and considers that a good thing. It's complete fucking nonsense to call them "soyboys" when there is no soy and soy is completely irrelevant.
Open file (831.63 KB 600x814 Dense.png)
>>31753 "soyboy" does not mean there must be a direct association with soy. excess soy creates hormonal imbalances in men, making them produce a greater amount of estrogen than testosterone, leading to them exhibiting non-masculine or feminine qualities such as frail appearance or interest in passive, non-masculine activities. the fact that these two SOYBOYS are getting excited over fucking plants masquerading as chicken shows that they are not right in the head, and going off of their appearance, they are suffering from a severe lack of testosterone in their bodies which is most commonly associated with high quantities of soy-based foods or other xenoestogens. stop acting retarded.
The only thing the anti-legume fags have shown me is their entire issue with plant meat, bug meat, etc. is entirely emotional. Much like their insistence on using cancer sticks in the age of nicotine lozenges, gum, patches, vape, etc.
>>31755 >"soyboy" does not mean there must be a direct association with soy >"soy" does not mean soy Stop redefining words to whatever you feel like.
>>31757 People have been throwing the word "cretin" at people who are neither christian nor have suffered iodine deficiency for centuries. Does this annoy you too?
Open file (99.20 KB 601x426 whatabout.jpg)
>>31734 >child rape >irrelevant Are you really defending pedophiles? If shit like this is going on and adding what happened in Bucha as well, that means these orcs have done some vile shit that can only be fixed by glassing. It seems to that you are trying to switch the topic by a form of whataboutism.
>>31734 >irrelevent Привет лахта. Как дела, сука?
>>31756 >plant meat, bug meat Why insist on calling them "meat"? These things by definition aren't meat. >>31757 Reading comprehension at room temperature IQ levels. >>31761 Слиш явен твой нахрюк, лапши не дадут.
>>31753 The point of the filename is mocking the soyboys in the picture. This is very simple. You are dense, stupid, thick skulled, maybe actually unironically autistic, and certainly annoying as fuck.
>>31760 Ukraine is infamous for being a hub of child rapists and a leading producer of child porn, particularly of the hurtcore variety, so if this is suddenly relevant then pig hohols aren't innocent by any means in this area either.
>>31762 Bugs by definition are meat. To argue otherwise would beg the question of whether crustaceans can be considered meat. In regards to plant meat; what would you like me to call it? Pea and rice protein 3D printed imitation of X? A veggie burger is still a veggie burger, and the physical arrangement of the folded proteins at the microscopic level resemble that of meat texturally, bioactively, and nutritionally. Give an alternative name if you have such an issue with the term plant protein/plant meat. I don't use the word meat to describe black bean fake "meat" or soy fake "meat" or hemp fake "meat" because they do not resemble meat texturally, bioactively, and nutritionally. Beyond meat does. >>31763 Then use an image of soy nuggets instead of looking like a retard.
>>31765 >Then use an image of soy nuggets instead of looking like a retard. >calling out faggots <retarded you have to go back, faggot.
Open file (314.88 KB 600x600 adios glowniggers.png)
>>31764 >mention a Russian soldier raping a toddler. >faganon brings up ukraine >hohol Nice whataboutism, kacapnigger.
>>31753 >It's complete fucking nonsense to call them "soyboys" when there is no soy and soy is completely irrelevant. <being literally this new Kek. You're a woman, aren't you? :^)
The only thing that ukrs can do is trolling. They will never talk with you about all of the shit their beloved aZov did to civs though.
>>31760 Yes I am trying to change the topic TO THE REAL FUCKING TOPIC OF THIS FUCKING THREAD YOU FUCKING RETARD. Individual war crimes are irrelevent distraction that will never lead to punishment and only serves to dilute discussion dedicated to war. >>31761 wypierdalaj. Also you fucking retards stop talking about soy. What the fuck you can see people blown to tiny bits but you prefer discussing some sort of western decadent faggotry
Many Ukrainian nationalists will die, but how many will take their place? I guess at least they will be strictly loyal to other eurobros and only anti russian.
>>31771 a very funny and cute song
Open file (2.09 MB 1280x720 IMG_1111.MOV.mp4)
Attention!! Representatives of the Russian occupation forces continue to act cynically. So, for several days, the enemy fired at civilian foreign merchant ships and the Icebreaker Kapitan Belousov, located on the berths of the Mariupol commercial port. Today, during the negotiations of the Ukrainian military on evacuation with the crews of ships, including many foreign citizens, in particular citizens of Turkey and Bulgaria, representatives of the enemy intervened, convincing them not to believe Ukraine and offering evacuation from themselves. However, where exactly the crew members will be evacuated is not reported. There were only instructions to go out to the enemy with the food available on the ships. It should be noted that before that, the Russians killed a crew member of the Icebreaker Kapitan Belousov, and several crew members of the icebreaker and people from the ship flying the flag of the Dominican Republic were also injured. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to hope for ensuring security from the invaders. We call on the consulates of states whose citizens are on foreign ships in Mariupol to help ensure their safe evacuation along the corridor that will be controlled by the state of Ukraine!
>>31774 >whose citizens are on foreign ships in Mariupol Mercenaries and nationalists. Everything goes exactly as expected.
Open file (601.11 KB 644x600 ClipboardImage.png)
>>31771 >Many Ukrainian nationalists will die Better to die standing on your feet than kneeling and licking ruskie boots. >but how many will take their place Does it matter when they'll be matyr'd anyways?
>>31774 >noooooo you my hecking ships why didn't you allow us to dunkirk our asses away >>31738 >posing infront of a wrecked vehicle >cameras It is somewhat comical to think that the work of some propaganda unit would end up like that. >>31776 >dying for a jewish invention
>>31777 >dying for a jewish invention He's right though, better for hohols to die. I have no idea why Russians insist on taking hohol prisoners, even in Mariupol when they said they won't after a deadline.
Hohol brings up irrelevant child fucking, gets mad when his precious pigstan is called out for being child rape central, changes mind and says it's now irrelevant, also pretending to be retarded in regards to soyboys. Tiresome, I hope Russia actually does genocide you all.
>>31776 >Better to die standing on your feet than kneeling and licking ruskie boots. >Does it matter when they'll be matyr'd anyways? Based christian, keep up the good fight. Those bolshevik will not stand a chance against christ and his soldiers. Christ is king Christ is king Christ is king
>>31779 Ok anti-christ
Open file (12.46 KB 163x308 pshek.jpg)
>>31777 >b-b-buh ukraine isn't a real countri :_; >t. ivan pidorashkin ivanovich
Is poland a paper tiger?
>>31785 They sure are the loudest with the screeching, EU mostly keeps them around for being useful idiots, and potential cannon fodder for future conflicts, which is the extent of their usefulness actually. The best thing that ever happened to them was getting partitioned and civilized by other powers.
>>31785 No, poland is just paper. Toilet one at that.
>>31776 Nationalists to me has a negative connotation, they don't think of others as human so they aren't good people. They are aftershocks of struggles and after the war is over they'll be even more troublesome. >Does it matter when they'll be matyr'd anyways? Not sure what you mean. What I mean is that after the war is over, not being a ukrainian nationalist in Ukraine will mean disrespecting the fallen heroes and being a russian collaborator. The war is no joke, this is not 2014 with 100 civilians dead and no damage done to pretty much anything else, a lot more people will switch over to ukrainian than in 2014 and that's going to be the least savage evidence of nationalism in the new Ukraine.
>>31775 watch the video, they arrived on 23 feb
Open file (60.96 KB 720x951 Are you done yet.jpg)
>>31777 moar greentext pl0x
>>31779 >child rape central I'm going to need a source for this claim.
Open file (172.03 KB 335x389 are you.png)
>>31770 >TO THE REAL FUCKING TOPIC OF THIS FUCKING THREAD YOU FUCKING RETARD Where have I heard this voice... oh right, on anon-cafe
>>31791 discord ->
>>31791 >>31794 Well downvoted my fellow redditor xD
>>31789 >that's going to be the least savage evidence of nationalism in the new Ukraine. Speaking of that... Zelensky: Ukraine will look more like ‘big Israel’ than Europe in the wake of Russia’s war >BY RON KAMPEAS APRIL 6, 2022 9:26 AM >(JTA [Jewish Telegraph Agency]) — Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine’s Jewish president, said his country will look more like Israel, a democracy on constant military alert, than like their more relaxed European neighbors, given the prospect of long-term tensions with Russia. >“We will become a ‘big Israel’ with its own face,” Zelensky said Tuesday at a briefing for Ukrainian media, Haaretz reported. “We will not be surprised if we have representatives of the armed forces or the national guard in cinemas, supermarkets, and people with weapons. I am confident that the question of security will be issue number one for the next ten years. I am sure of it.” >Armed soldiers are ubiquitous in Israel, where there is a mandatory draft for men and women and where men may do weeks of reserve duty every year into their 40s. Zelensky clarified that he was not anticipating an autocracy. “An authoritarian state would lose to Russia,” he said. “People know what they are fighting for.” >Russia’s war against Ukraine, in its fifth week, has drawn into battle civilians who have been rapidly trained in the use of rifles and other means of combat. >“Ukraine will definitely not be what we wanted it to be from the beginning. It is impossible,” Zelensky said. “Absolutely liberal, European – it will not be like that. It will definitely come from the strength of every house, every building, every person.” https://www.jta.org/2022/04/06/global/zelensky-ukraine-will-look-more-like-big-israel-than-europe-in-the-wake-of-russias-war https://archive.ph/vSU9Y
>>31794 >>31797 >>31791 Have you tried scrolling?
>>31791 Wherever there is a discussion that hurts the Hohol's feelings, he will derail the thread at all costs. He's a glownigger after all.
>>31778 It's to prove they are better at pacifying a nation in the long term compared to the disasters the US usually causes I think. Ukraine will be compared to afghanistan and vietnam after the war.
>>31802 True I guess. I've seen videos of Kherson, Melitopol and other cities that offered no resistance, and the civilians are mostly going on with their lives, going out in the park and such, kinda good propaganda on Russian side, few ukie demonstrations aside. I guess if EU managed to domesticate Poles, Russians can domesticate Ukrainians
>>31764 >Ukraine is infamous for being a hub of child rapists and a leading producer of child porn, particularly of the hurtcore variety, As is Russia as well, and even more so than Ukraine. Child protection isn't exactly Eastern Europe's forte, but nice shilling attempt. https://archive.ph/DHLrS
>>31789 >>31798 >implying that the space of land formerly known as Ukraine won't be the worlds first nuclear battlefield
>>31805 >only faggots do this sir
>>31805 Let's be reasonable: America spent how many years dicking around with the USSR about nukes?
Open file (251.91 KB 1200x1664 sakura big think.jpg)
>>31798 >elect a jew to be your president >he turns you country into 'Big Israel' The jokes just write themselves at this point.
>>31799 ok faggot
Open file (61.75 KB 743x317 Soon.png)
>>31810 >reading incel slava but unironically
>>31801 deranged nigger
Open file (460.44 KB 808x796 Ominous pointing.png)
>>31810 Some of you Ukies are OK. Don't go to Donbass tomorrow
>>31810 Is Russia about to go deep?
Open file (568.90 KB 808x796 Zstand.png)
>>31804 >rushya babby rapes get grr mad at them for it <so does ukraine tho and babby rape is irrelevant to the war >wtf why aren't you grr-er mad at rushya for babby rape tho >fuckin shill You're pretty mad that your fake concern over child fucking isn't getting any results aren't you?
>>31799 >>31820 If you're so eager to spend your day scrolling through shit, then go to 4chan. You'll find far more shit to enjoy scrolling through there.
>>31760 Fucking retard. >>31793 How do you think your parents met? >>31820 Why don't you just ignore the posts instead of publicly announcing that you didn't read them over and over again you ginormous cum dumpster?
>>31822 >>31821 AHEM *scuhroooollll
>>31823 At least use a name so I can filter your ass, reddit.
>>31817 So far every prediction made by west was off by like a week, I doubt they will advance before Mariupol issue is resolved.
Open file (94.64 KB 1024x683 укрошар.jpg)
>>31779 Пидорашка mad lel
>>31825 skroool'd
Why the hell are you fags arguing about pedophiles now?
>>31820 ok faggot
Open file (103.97 KB 1024x723 slanted mutt eyes.jpg)
>>31822 >How do you think your parents met? Thit is an unimaginaby rude thing to say.
>>31831 Sliding and derailement works, as proven by sperghohol.
>>31834 >sperghohol meds
>1. spamming will result in post deletion and a 4 hr ban
Open file (453.57 KB 850x855 it's coming.png)
Open file (355.67 KB 800x600 RonPaul_ItsComing.jpg)
Open file (1.44 MB 1920x1080 soy.webm)
>>31837 It's bait. First he's nobody, second he just lamented that finns want to stop being neutral and join anti-dictatorship allegiance, making themselves an enemy to Russia. The "destruction" refers to how the finns will be relinquishing their "priviledge" of being a neutral country.
>>31832 *mouse wheel noises
Someone farted in Mariopill.
>>31856 >anti-dictatorship allegiance > NATO > "anti-dictatorship allegiance" > NATO???
>>31858 Psst wrong board.
Open file (1.81 MB 2383x2449 oku.png)
>>31859 ok faggot
>>31861 You think false flag is gonna work this time?
>>31861 >>31870 Allegedly one of the options Russia is considering against defenders hiding in tunnels is flooding them to death with sewage water, or something. Maybe it's related to that?
scrollin scrollin scrollin
>>31872 >with sewage water Russians learning from yidsrael in that regard if they actually do that lol. I can't find the webm but the kikes were spraying Palestinian houses down with shit water not too long ago.
Open file (993.42 KB 3600x2700 NotTapris(238).jpg)
>>31873 ok faggot
>>31874 Smart. That way the West can't call it "biological warfare", since it would be antisemitic.
>>31876 Or they can just do like they normally do and ignore it when Israel does it. Well, they already did that I guess.
>>31872 What's stopping them from just sealing all exits completely and waiting a couple months until they starve/cannibalize each other?
Open file (145.48 KB 617x469 it's over.jpg)
>>31877 ok faggot
>>31879 The steel plant has a set of Soviet era bunkers underneath it. My guess is the Ukrainians restocked it. My guess is the whole "NO CHEMICAL WEAPONS REEE" is related to that, since if you remember Moscow theater incident the FSB pumped an opiate derivative in to sedate the hostage takers.
>cuckime retard proving he's a huge nuisance by replying to every scroll retard post what the fuck happened to this board I don't remember it being this full of catty stupid asses two years ago.
Open file (385.96 KB 1275x767 Untitled.png)
Open file (341.85 KB 1269x755 Untitled2.png)
Open file (336.53 KB 1270x761 Untitled3.png)
Weekly shipments of Russian oil hit almost 4 million barrels a day in the first full week of April, the highest level seen so far this year
>>31881 What, why have bunkers under an industrial fascility? >>31882 None of us were born for war, but we are all here to protect our freedom.
>>31882 That is why you will be seeing people leaving NATO in the coming years.
Times like this make me remember why /r9k/ and /a/ did what they did. Holy fucking hell I HATE /tv/ normalcattle.
>>31884 soviet expect the worker to come back to work after the nuke fall
Oh boy now some retard is trying to stir up board wars. You fags take yourselves far too seriously.
>>31887 >Enforce a million rules (using bots to boot) and keep a dwindling userbase >Live and let live and be swarmed by retards It ain't easy being an anon
>>31893 Not that anon, but I'd honestly have smaller but more quality userbase that you can actually discuss something with, rather than anime spamming retard, scrolltard, and whichever dumbfuck tourist decides to pup up.
Open file (367.94 KB 1183x1888 sex.png)
>>31887 What did they do?
>>31894 Judging by activity on /overboard/ this year some shit is deliberate and hostile.
>>31896 overboard was a mistake
>>31897 It is more useful for a certain hired shill for finding & locking & attacking sentient life site-wide than for real posters with more specific interests. And you think it's some local retards can't live without replying to shitposts, but I bet it's HIM replying to his own posts, baiting more actual annoyed posters to get involved. If we had some kind of filter against low quality uninformative posts (regardless of who posted them) things would be much better.
>>31898 >but I bet it's HIM replying to his own posts, baiting more actual annoyed posters to get involved That would explain most of it actually. They at least should have the decency to put in trip, so we can at least filter the absolute cancer. But then again, that would require at least a modicum of self awareness I doubt they have.
>>31893 it is very, very easy to have a good ruleset 1) take it easy 2) or else apply the "or else" part liberally whenever someone's post has no objective value because they did not take it easy
>>31898 Any sort of actual active moderation would work just fine.
Given how "liberal" mods are, maybe opposite should be done. That is, "contain" anything of importance so that it doesn't get lost in the rivers of shit. For example, by regularly making named tripped meta-posts that refer to all posts with actual news and whatnot.
Who knew all it took to drive thin skinned pansies into a meta shitfit was a couple fags posting "scroll" and chinktoons.
>>31901 I miss greekvol.
Open file (109.77 KB 536x820 meta pill.jpg)
>>31678 Just subhuman slavs doing subhuman slav things. Reminder that after 2014 the Ukies actually threw fighters from some of their Edgier-than-Azov groups into prison because they filmed themselves gangraping infants.
>>31882 >cuckime Hi /tv/ermin.
>>31904 If you want Greeceball-tier moderation go to 16chan circlejerk.
Open file (33.49 KB 430x472 soon.jpg)
Zelensky Says He’s 'No Longer Interested' In NATO's Diplomacy https://archive.ph/SzjyQ >Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has not let up on his criticism of NATO and told 60 Minutes in an interview that aired Sunday that he is “no longer interested” in the military alliance’s diplomacy. >“When you’re working in diplomacy, there are no results. All of this is very bureaucratic,” Zelensky said when asked about recent harsh comments about NATO. “That’s why the way I am talking to them is absolutely justified. I don’t have any more lives to give. I don’t have any more emotions. I’m no longer interested in their diplomacy that leads to the destruction of my country.” Screenshot/Image source: CBS >Since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, Zelensky has been pleading with the US and NATO to enforce a no-fly zone over Ukraine, which would mean the Western powers entering a direct conflict with Russia. For not going to war with Russia, Zelensky has slammed NATO as being “weak” and “afraid” of Moscow. >Discussing negotiations with Russia, Zelensky said he would never recognize Crimea as Russian territory even though the peninsula has been under Russian control since 2014. As part of a potential peace deal, Moscow also wants Kyiv to recognize the independence of the breakaway Donbas republics of Donestk and Luhansk. >When asked if he was willing to give up any Ukrainian territory for peace, Zelensky said, “Overall we are not ready to give away our country. I think we have already given up a lot of [lives]. So, we need to stand firm for as long as we can. But this is life. Different things happen.” >“We understand one of their provisions that is always talked about is to recognize Crimea as Russian territory. I will definitely not recognize that,” he added. >The Ukrainian leader said that his country hadn’t been willing to cede territory from the beginning. “Had we been willing to give up our territory, there would have been no war,” Zelensky said. Putin Says Ukraine Talks At "Dead End" https://archive.ph/wip/KmvgV >Talks with Ukraine have reached "a dead end," Russian President Vladimir Putin said in fresh Tuesday remarks. "We will not stop military operations in Ukraine until they succeed." He explained that Ukraine has "deviated" from agreements and any possible prior progress reached during the Istanbul meetings, according to state-run RIA. >The strong remarks aimed at both Kiev and the West were given during a joint presser with his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko. He further hailed that the military operations is still going "according to plan," Bloomberg reports, however while admitting to the domestic population that "Russian logistics and payment systems remain a weakness and the long-term impact of western measures could be more painful." But he also said the county has withstood the economic "blitzkrieg" from the West. >Putin described that what's happening in Ukraine is a "tragedy" but that ultimately Russia had "no choice" but to launch the special military operation. >As Piotr Zalewkski ofThe Economist comments, this is hardly surprising, but it makes Turkey look bad. Few put much faith that the talks would succeed, but still it's not a "good look for Turkey, which had been trumpeting progress where there was next to no progress to speak of." >Putin said that the West was seeking to turn Ukraine into an "anti-Russian foothold" which made... >"Russia clashing with those forces was inevitable, and they were only choosing the time for an attack." >"The main goal is to help the people of Donbass [region in eastern Ukraine], whose independence we recognized. We were forced to do so because the Kiev authorities, pressed by the West, refused to comply with the Minsk agreements aimed at a peaceful solution of the Donbass-related problems," Putin explained. >The Russian leader confirmed that military operations are now focusing on liberating the Donbas region in Ukraine's east - something the Pentagon also said it has observed as reinforcements arrived in recent days. >Zelensky has also of late expressed frustration with both talks with Russia on the one hand and NATO inaction on the other... Ukraine's Zelensky Reveals His Red Line for Russia, Putin Peace Talkshttps://archive.ph/wip/QjKgJ >"We understand the Russian side. We understand one of their provisions has always been to recognize Crimea as Russian territory. I would definitely not let them recognize that," The beatings will continue until morale improves. Whether this whole thing ends up ultimately being a pyric victory for Russia or not is unknown, but the sum total of this seems to say that Ukraine's free trial of existence has expired. They're going to be ground into the fucking dust and in large part due to their retarded president.
Open file (16.87 MB 1280x720 A wild tank appears.mp4)
>>31738 That's a lot of XP
>At least ten fire engines to be either on the road or already at the factory to start pumping water from the river or sea and pumping water to above-ground ventilation shafts that carry fresh air to the cavernous network of tunnels below the Azovstal metallurgical complex.. He didn't swim so good
>>31911 >H2O is a chemical >usa blames russia for using chemical weapons
>>31907 Cuckime isn't a /tv/ meme.
>>31912 >Hold still while I hydrate you
>>31912 >>31914 It's Ramadan. If there are any Muslims down there, making them drink water during the day is a hate crime. It boggles the mind that a religion which bans drinking anything between sunrise and sunset for an entire month managed to last without every adherent dying of dehydration, when the religion comes from the fucking desert.
Open file (161.62 KB 961x1200 22424158_0.jpg)
>>31910 Looks like they thought it was one they captured. Dumb fucks.
>>31915 They follow the lunar calendar so when Ramadan started being practiced it was during the deep winter months.
>>31909 Sounds like Ukraine is returning to being an agrarian society entirely dependent on Europe for goods and services then. It's a win-win for everyone except Zelensky.
>>31909 Before the war started, I was thinking well of Zelensky. I thought things like his protestations of Nato's war-mongering rhetoric were a sign that he didn't want to go along with them. Instead it seems he was just delusional or in denial. I hate the fact that history books will record him as a valiant hero.
>>31909 >Hohols will turn into an endangered species as their young men die in a war and all the women and children flee the country >Russian military loses a good chunk of their old equipment and suffer enough causalities to make them less of a threat in a conventional war (for the time being) It's not a bad deal overall, at least not for us.
>>31916 >call Russians tik-tok army >get obliterated while taking selfies next to abandoned BMP-2 The best thing was ukies screeching how those are actually Russian soldiers. I guess they left flavourtown as soon as that video came up
>>31837 A video of Russian Bastion(?) ASM systems have been allegedly spotted moving to the Finnish border, just past St.Petersburg. There is a video floating around, but impossible to know if location and date check out. But I have no reason to believe it's not true.
>>31920 He really is retarded. Worse he's petulant.
>>31911 >>31912 That would be some serious Kikery to pull, and entirely uncalled for given the very early stage of the war. Doubt it. >also You know who else drank water?
>1,000 Ukrainian 36th Brigade naval infantry surrendered in Mariupol to DNR Ministry of Interior forces earlier in day on April 12, 2022. Information was kept under seal until now. 300 wounded, 90 unable to walk, 800 fit. Ilyich Factory nearly done. Taken off pro Russian source, so cant confirm if the numbers are true. However there are several new videos and pictures of large groups of Ukrainian soldiers taken captive. This was allegedly the remnant of a group that pulled back into Ilitch plant after attempted breakout earlier today failed.
>>31923 The possibility that Ukraine's propaganda, on nearly daily captures of Russian tanks, fueled this fatal mistake is humorous.
Open file (104.32 KB 1280x924 Tanktrap.jpg)
>>31929 Based Ukies grouping themselves in the open and saving the Russkies the trouble of finding them.
>>31920 >>31925 What the fuck did you expect from a comedian? If they're not retarded whiny overgrown children then they're blitzed out of their minds on god knows how many drugs. This isn't even getting into how jews are frequently extreme narcissists with neurotic tendencies. You don't have to have Russia's cock balls deep in your ass to see that Zelensky was never fit for the position.
>>31910 fake edited and gay
>>31900 You can't have one without the other
>>31915 It's called fasting anon and it's not unique to islam. "O you who believe, fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may develop God-consciousness." (Quran 2:183) >without every adherent dying of dehydration The weak, sick and those on travel are exempt from fasting. A woman being pregnant, nursing or menstruating is forbidden from fasting.
>>31934 >cyka
Open file (275.76 KB 1280x720 TBCE1.png)
>>31938 Someone should make a proper edit with the song and all
>>31939 I can make picture edits all day long, but I'm too lazy to to learn to video edit. Maybe some anon versed in the dark arts of video editing can be bothered to do it if he wants to.
>>31936 >It's called fasting anon and it's not unique to islam. Fasting is far from unique, but Islam's is much harsher than most. Some "fasts" might simply prohibit specific ingredients like red meat (e.g. Christian fasts) or root vegetables (e.g. Indian religions), while allowing meals made without them. Other fasts might prohibit solid food for a time while allowing fluid intake. It's rarer to go all the way and prohibit consuming anything, even water.
>>31915 >>31918 >>31936 >>31941 Mudslime derailment, christianity is the only way. John 3:18 - He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. Christ IS KING Christ IS KING Christ IS KING
>>31926 MY MOM!
Open file (306.17 KB 1254x661 d'oh!.png)
>>31910 I wonder what their final thoughts were when this flash occurred
>>31945 I'm sure their minds were blown by this sudden realization.
>>31945 >haha look our comrades are here to celebrate our capture of vatnik equipment slava ukr-
Open file (2.55 MB 320x562 aftermath.mp4)
>>31945 >I wonder what their final thoughts were when this flash occurred Wait a minute....I really can't believe it's not butter
>>31931 elect a comedian president for a meme, burn down your country for a meme play stupid games win stupid prizes
>>31943 Yes, he's certainly doing great work defending the Hohols whenever they face up against Russia's Muslim Chechens.
>>31950 Hey, why did anon.cafe strip away the rest of my post? Shitty kafir imageboard. ﷽
>>31951 which phone number do you have to call to explode the bomb strapped to your chest
>>31950 >>31951 >>31952 Romans 8:13 - For if ye live after the flesh, ye shall die: but if ye through the Spirit do mortify the deeds of the body, ye shall live. REPENT REPENT REPENT UKRAINIANS ARE MARTYRS SLAVA UKRAINI
>>31953 you're gay and stupid t. nietzsche
Do Hohol/Russkie T-72s used in the conflict not have IFF or did Ukrops not bother securing their IFF codes from the eyes of the FSB?
>>31908 >If you want Greeceball-tier moderation go to 16chan circlejerk. >>>/lgbt/ >>>/hm/
>>31955 The destroyed Ukrainian unit was supposedly from the civilian reserves. If that's true, then maybe they didn't have enough training and experience to know better.
>>31955 There was probably no Z in the front,
>>31901 >8. you are your own moderator. if someone disagrees with you or posts something you don't like, then just ignore them posting "soyjaks" or making "reddit tier posts" is not bannable. complaining about people posting soyjaks and making reddit tier posts also is not bannable. the job of moderation on this board is to preserve content, not judge its quality and prune posts. i'd already tried doing something like that back in the corona threads and the result was a massive loss in the userbase due to my own subjective opinions producing bias in the posts removed. the second a board's moderation takes a side then conservation of free speech becomes significantly more difficult and subjective. if a board's moderation is PERCEIVED to have taken a side because one faction shitposts more than another or something, the result is active attack towards the board as butthurt (group) starts to spam threads, delete stuff from the catalog through making new threads, etc etc. there's no net gain to doing so and the content outside of these general threads gets preserved. there always lies the risk of people starting to shitpost and delete content in order to get moderator attention but the kind of person willing to do that is already a sperg nigger who'd find an excuse to do it anyway, such as the laser faggot from a few months ago
>>31945 how often did shit like this happen during WW2, Korea, Vietnam, etc.?
Open file (195.76 KB 432x444 my man.jpg)
>>31959 So, your tl;dr is basically: "REEE There is no right or wrong!111" If I'm reading you rightly, then I'd suggest you are well on your way to becoming a loathsome leftist BO. Be sure to check your White Privilege at the door, you rayciss! Being a good moderator implies just that: moderating. You have an opinion on what's right and wrong, carry it out. Anyone who doesn't like can lump it! >tl;dr Don't be a lazy-assed nigger in the name of 'Muh Fairness'. Even /christian/ has more backbone.
>>31962 I don't care about the russia-ukraine war so I don't have an opinion on what's right or wrong. by your very definition, I am carrying out my opinion on what's right and wrong. so tl;dr: lump it you fucking nigger!
Open file (167.71 KB 1124x1200 soy.jpg)
https://archive.ph/XaSpo >slavs killing slavs >Biden: Russia committing a genocide THAT'S OUR BIDEN! OK buddy, what then? What's the purpose of this deceleration? Because basically there's only two resolutions to this: Go to war with Russia to bring Poutine to justice- Which results in nuclear war immediately. State that "Pootie Tang's a bad man that genocides and war criminals people... but he's got the A-bomb so we can't do nothing." Which pretty much de-fangs the concept of genocide and war crimes and encourages nuclear proliferation by any future genociders and "genociders"- Which results in nuclear war eventually. At some point in the future. Those aren't really ideal outcomes.
>>31963 >>31959 If you're going to actively leave spam up, at least turn on board IDs so I can filter it.
>>31966 >turn on board IDs so I can filter it This.
>>31965 They will use >muh genider adolf putler killed 6000000 ukrainians to never ever lift the sanctions.
>>31966 Agreed
>>31966 This guy knows what's up
>>31968 >>31965 It's been clear from the start that to end this, the Russians must see their error and cease protecting war criminals like Putin. The US is already doing things, namely the sanctions. Though, there needs to be more done to prevent other countries like India and China from assisting Russia. Then, the Russians will see that to make themselves a Pariah state is not a valid option, and they will arrest Putin and his minions and deliver them to the sword of justice and set up a new government that isn't going to go rogue. As for nuclear disarmament, this war has already killed the concept entirely, and the Crimean annexation wounded it massively. Russia had agreed to not only not attack Ukraine, but assist it should it be attacked, and the US has too, as long as they give up their nukes. Then Putin attacked it and now he tries to deliver the finishing blow. It'd be folly to think that nobody took notice back in 2014 or at the start of this war. Even if Ukraine wins, the US did not help directly, and Russia just ignored the agreement entirely. There's public calls for nukes now even in Japan, and if it's public now, chances are high some government blackops has been working on it for a good time already obviously, they can't announce an attention to get nukes without China coming for them, they have to just come out and say we've got a hundred nukes pointed at Beijing, give us a reason, commies
>>31971 all that shit you've just typed can only have any merit once americans collectively rise up and put to justice everyone in CIA, NSA, FBI and other glow agencies for rampant privacy violations, opiate trade and overthrowing governments for fun, put bushes/clintons/obaba on trial for collaborating with foreign governments and nationalize the fed as it stands, since none of this has happened, russia can deliver the blow to the west in the form of killing the dollar, the means of doing this are irrelevant it's like god himself saw ineptitude of US and that it couldn't be fixed internally and decided to fix it externally
>>31972 Don't worry, God will get his own too. But that's still to come. The stuff you've mentioned is just justification for why His wrath will come: Note how all the things you mentioned are worldly things. Do you really think the first thing God cares about is if Clinton collaborates with foreign governments?
>board IDs It's amazing to me that after several iterations of /v/ that have implemented IDs and still had to deal with spam and niggers shitting uo threads (because ip hopping isnt fucking hard) that anyone can look at that and say to themselves "yeah that works". You know what works the best? Having a thick skin and not replying to every low effort shitpost blatantly designed to get replies from your stupid crybabby tier ass. The board is already dead enough because you fags are incapable of not losing your fuckin tempers over stupid shit, what makes you think an easily worked around ID system is going to stop anyone from pushing your buttons? Now proceed to call me a glownigger or tourist or whatever the fuck your preferred accusation is for someone pointing out you're oversensitive cuc/k/s.
>>31973 if god's designs were easily discernible by man, all priests would know his plan and will to satisfy all qboomers, zoomers and *oomers think you need to lay off the hard stuff and trust the plan, pastor anderson also apocalypse is coming this time for sure
>>31975 and by that I mean cardboard signs of "APOCALYPSE NOW GOD IS MAD" are going to be the hot new merch new hot deals on t-shirts with various interpretations of mortals parroting scripture and speaking for gods somewhere use the code "REVELATIONSTHREETHIRTEEN" for a free 75% discount
Open file (5.96 MB 720x720 Tanktbc.mp4)
>You know what works the best? Not being a passive aggressive bitch and quoting the anon you're responding to? Proper moderation. Seeing as how /k/ lacks that and there are children running around not honoring the gentlemen's club rules, give me a means of doing it myself. I've never used /v/, never will use /v/, and somehow only /v/ermin seem to have such issues with basic concepts.
Open file (280.19 KB 1152x1618 1647175228248.jpg)
>Muh IDs can be hopped Yes that argument works when the goal is banning or pointing out garbage. If an IP-hopper is hopping IPs for the sake of causing problems, he will get far fewer (You)s over the course of a discussion when it becomes clear what he is doing, and his entire meth-fueled schizo rants can be filtered at once instead of having to partially read six messages to filter six messages. Needless to say, this is /k/ and not the tourist landing zone for other boards' goons like your precious /v/ and presumably the other anon's precious /tv/ most likely also (You) looking for their PPH fix and hot political shitposting take that adds nothing to the discussion on the latest happening. If you won't fuck off and the moderation won't ban you, give me the means to do it myself.
>>31959 As for you, I didn't shit down your throat for banning Corona threads at the time, I shat down your throat for arbitrarily doing the same shit you are doing now with giving a voice to retards who add nothing to the discussion and then using that as justification for taking emergency measures against all parties instead of growing a spine and banning the troublemakers. Just like you did with that literal untermenschen shitting up the Corona threads back in the day.
And no, this isn't the first time you've memoryholed the actual problem white mutt spammer in the Corona thread that you even let HAVE HIS OWN THREAD while banming Corona for "politics" to create a persecution complex *cough*DIY cluster munitions*cough* but I don't care about your persecution complex I care about having a place to discuss this war without Hohol sperges and Burgerstan NPCs jumping down my throat, so once more, if you won't do it yourself at least give me the means to do it myself.
I wonder how people who get this worked up over image boards will look back on their time spent on these places once they are in their seventies or their eighties.
Don't know, you tell me.
1,000 Ukrainians have surrendered claimed by the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation including one Brit from Nottinghamshire.
>>31971 >It's been clear from the start that to end this, the Russians must see their error and cease protecting war criminals like Putin. >The US is already doing things, namely the sanctions. Though, there needs to be more done to prevent other countries like India and China from assisting Russia. >Then, the Russians will see that to make themselves a Pariah state is not a valid option, and they will arrest Putin and his minions and deliver them to the sword of justice and set up a new government that isn't going to go rogue. I don't know if you're being serious or cheeky.
Open file (68.31 KB 750x742 faggot1.jpg)
Open file (91.04 KB 741x889 faggot2.jpg)
>>31986 Allegedly 40 odd female "soldiers" were also taken as prisoners in previous days, most of them belonging to georigan legion. RAPE WILL CONTINUE UNTIL MORALE IMPROVES
>>31989 Why rape ugly soldier girls loaded with STDs when there are perfectly good civilians around?
>>31979 >>31980 Figures the most cancerous thin skinned fags on the board are in favor of IDs. Those pretty letters and numbers won't make you any less needlessly butthurt, and if the BO is retarded enough to listen to you I'll make sure to gloat when you're still here whining about the exact same shit.
>>31983 If they get this stressed out over easily ignored shitty b8 they'll die of heart attacks well before 60.
>>31990 Ukrainian and Russian women are second only to American women when it comes to STDs, your cock will rot either way.
>>31983 Not well I hope.
>>31959 What's so hard about deleting spam and heresy? You can't avoid being opinionated in your moderation as a man to begin with and I'd rather have a somewhat biased board with legible coherently written posts than some ebin heh pilled slum. >>31991 IDs fall apart once user agent randomizers get involved, at most they're a shitty tool to annoy bots.
>>31996 Randomizers result in a LOT of (1)'s which result in their own kind of obvious filter. ID'd anon is either damned to being filtered once or damned to be filtered by virtue of thinking changing IDs makes it less obvious, but either way it is the best way to filter someone when moderation refuses to act.
>>31993 Yes, and? Americans (allegedly) aren't even in the war so why do I have to remind Ivan not to rape a nonexistent woman?
>>31996 >IDs fall apart once user agent randomizers get involved, at most they're a shitty tool to annoy bots. this, in places where IDs were implemented I used to just switch after I get (5)'s or (10)s just get around it. hardly anyone filtered me because I had more then (1)
Open file (49.61 KB 500x740 smug.Jpg)
If it's so useless why complain about enabling them?
>>32000 >why don't people want identityfag like it's social media if tripfagging is so great why aren't you doing it right now? Setting the character limit to 400 won't prevent shitposts either, but it will reduce board quality. t. tourist IDs are fundamentally incoherent in any case cos you're a triple nigger if you're not using the hidden service.
>>32001 There were about five anons on this board before the war picked up. 12 tops. Everyone's identities were obvious from their writing style you South American shitstain.
Open file (646.18 KB 756x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (32.47 KB 600x942 1433992982996.jpg)
China's state oil CNOOC Ltd is is exiting its operations in America and Britain over fears of sanctions and de-listing from the stock market. this means oil projects in the North Sea the Gulf of Mexico will be up for sale.
Open file (1.80 MB 750x480 Zchan.mp4)
>>32003 Round two, lets goooooo
>>32003 >Black market weapons flooded by withdrawal from Afghanistan >Flooding black market again pumping $800 million more weapons into a corrupt failed state Americans practically cant buy a gun in some states, but their tax dollars can fund the illegal arms trade. Go figure.
Open file (119.97 KB 1000x541 moskva_before_sinking.jpg)
The flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet has been blown up and sunk. Reports are conflicting as to the cause. Russian regime propaganda claims gopniks smoking near ammo crates did it, apparently not noticing that this still reflects badly on their undisciplined and untrained naval forces due to their tiny communist brains. Ukrainian sources state that the defenders of Ukraine have successfully carried out a cunning operation involving two Neptune missiles, as recently given by the UK to aid in the defense against Russian aggression. But no matter if one falls for propaganda or is able to discern truth, this is a great victory. Inb4 >noooo, I thought the Russian navy was undefeatable, Vatnikbros hold me
>>31974 It's not an either/or proposition, yes IP hopping is not hard if you have above-room-temperature-IQ but filtering out the bulk of idiots doesn't hurt either.
>>32009 It's somewhere in between, as usual. It wasn't an accident. But neither was it a cunning operation. Rather the Russian navy got too lazy or cocky and delivered themselves into Ukraine's hand. That, and this week Ukraine blew up a section of a major train bridge near Belgorod. If there are weaknesses in the Russian campaign, then it's with the navy and Kharkiv operation. Like, how does any military allow "safe" assets to be given away for free like that, if not for incompetence in those particular areas?
Open file (4.26 MB 1920x950 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (354.18 KB 577x433 ClipboardImage.png)
>>32011 I think it matters where it is. If it is in deep ocean (>100 miles) from Ukraine probably slav retardation. IF it was close to shore I'd count the holhols hitting it with an SSM more likely.
>>32009 Ah shit there's going to be reprisal for that.
Open file (23.23 KB 792x588 basanen.png)
>go to cuck/k/ >its all glownigger astroturfing >now if you don't believe that saddam and gaddafi are bad, you are now a vatnik That place needs to be fucking nuked. That reminds me, does anyone have that years old screen cap from /pol/, where a glownigger outs himself on twitter trying to shift the blame on ruskies? I sense a certain pattern.
Open file (456.43 KB 1544x1926 pol fedposting.png)
>>32017 I'm not sure if this is the one you mean, since it's not from Twitter, but here's a /pol/ glownigger trying to pin shit on Russia.
Open file (117.95 KB 1024x718 cancel the kino.jpeg)
>>32019 Even by anonymous forum standards that is some pretty awful English. The (You)s included in the scan are just the icing on the cake.
>>32019 Yeah that's the one. Seems like the glowniggers on 4cuck have gone on over drive. Now they're trying to spin the "muh drumpf wuz a russian assest" and "russia is responsible for X in the past"
>>31716 CIA is unnecessary here. It doesn't take commandos or spy satellites to catch some junkie (who may or may not be who he is claimed to be) and make an amateur movie. It's not a big thing for last 3-4 decades only because it's not very useful. >>31722 Yes, but that's how propaganda runs. Make a sensational "discovery", or make up one if there's nothing to inflate. Of course, it can be locals or random Euro zealots just as well. Or even an actual psycho, which can happen even when there are interested parties, however unlikely. The only reason to suspect specifically Mirkin branch of the globohomo at all is "they always project" principle. In that now there's not only pizza, but Biden in White House. Likewise, if someone started a safari vs. people with cameras, we would have a good reason to wonder whether the Brits are involved, etc. A familiar territory.
>>32017 >>32022 After half of Europe had the Soviet hordes in their lands for half a century, do you really think they'd be cheering for it to come back, or do you think they'd sooner side with their enemies, whom they'd consider a lesser evil?
>>32024 We did it, Reddit!
>>32024 Alright now they should war crime him so there's one more dead redditor to celebrate.
>>32009 Hopefully it can be salvaged. Its always sad to see good ship go down, no matter on whose side it floats.
Open file (2.33 MB 480x848 A93rSi79PY9dxSbp.mp4)
K-300P Bastion Coastal Defense Missile Systems in the City of Vyborg near the Finnish border.
>>32009 >slavs blew up their own ship because smoking As one of /k/'s resident naval autists, that sounds entirely believable. This wouldn't be the first time it's happened either, and it won't be the last.
>>32025 >>32026 Translator trough vodkarunes said they will put him on trial. Probably gonna be a prison sentence, doubt they will do justice and kill him, for some reason Russians still care what west thinks of them. Also, some reports say 'Moskva' has kept its bouyancy, no definitive answer for what actually happened, all they said so far is that fire caused detonation of ammunition (Probably gun, CIWS or VLS, since they said main missile armaments are still fine), but no clear consensus on what caused fire, could be Ukrainian ASM, drifting mine or slav being slavs and smoking a cigarette on top of 5 metric tons of ammo.
This issue for Ukraine is out-of-service ships can be serviced in short order if the Russians really need the ship, while sunk ships cannot, so a buoyant ship is a usable ship. From the sounds of it the Ukrainians are acting on pure emotion at having their plans to evacuate Azov stopped in their tracks. If that's the case the Ukrainians have already lost the war (as has been speculated) and are now lashing out like wild animals driven into a corner. God forbid someone in power take the initiative to have Zelensky suicide by 9 shots to the back of the head and sign a ceasefire agreement with Russia that recognizes Crimea as Russian, federates Ukraine to make it a true democracy, and recognizes the autonomy of the LNR/DNR in order to save their skins by maintaining Odessa as a forward port for food exports so their country doesn't become the new Moldova with a GDP lower than most of Africa.
Short cut of questioning of British guy, also there is a video of USA citizen, mercenary, KIA, his documents were captured by Russians or DNR.
>>32032 >From the sounds of it the Ukrainians are acting on pure emotion at having their plans to evacuate Azov stopped in their tracks. If that's the case the Ukrainians have already lost the war (as has been speculated) and are now lashing out like wild animals driven into a corner. Related to this, Russian sources report Ukrainian POW's from Mariupol attempted to break through the siege because Kiev promised the now-POW's support in a town north of Mariupol that is under Russian control for a long time. From this Russian sources speculate Kiev is trying to coax besieged Ukrainians into suicidal charges so Kiev can turn those soldiers into martyrs for propaganda. If this is true, then I guess that's why Russia is taking its time with Azov remnants and doing things like >>31911, so that Russia might ignobly capture/kill Azov and deny Kiev from idolizing Azov's last stand.
Poland could unironically destroy Russia rn, look how weak those Moskals are compared to Poland.
>>32036 polands (specially in lowercase) military is even shittier then ukrop one. Fuck poland I hate poland I wish poland stopped existing t. pole
So either a russian soldier smoked near ammo boxes or ukrainian anti-ship missiles have same potential for damahe as ciggarettes.
>>32038 To be fair, a cigarette and a matchbook has long been an extremely effective sabotage tool when it comes to munitions. Cigarettes have very high potential for causing damage.
>>32039 Fuck, there are even >smoking kills labels on cigarette packs.
>>32031 >Also, some reports say 'Moskva' has kept its bouyancy, no definitive answer for what actually happened Reports I'm seeing (including from Western media) suggest it's making its way back to Russian ports for repair under its own power. So whatever happened, whether Ukrainian action or Russian incompetence, at least it's still better than what happened to the Bonhomme-Richard.
>>32041 >russia loses fewer ships in wartime then usa during peace
Open file (146.57 KB 1200x1193 FP0-5h6XsAQIJkJ.jpg)
>>32017 >4/k/
>>32009 >>32030 >Russians blow up their own ships by doing retarded gopnik shit >Americans just ram the biggest things they can find with theirs WWIII is going to be one helluva shitshow. Nukes will have to be used just to make the damn thing look respectable.
Open file (106.76 KB 828x1067 Moskva.jpg)
Foun this, however, no sources were cited and I have no idea if the account is either pro Russian or pro Ukrainian or maybe even a rare neutral. Post should not be taken for granted, maybe some anon has additional information.
Open file (96.50 KB 315x576 zergbonerwhy.png)
>>32043 >She's kind of cute.
>>32041 >under its own power. Scratch that, article edited to now say it's being towed.
>>32040 Maybe they should replace the black lungs with pictures of ammo boxes blowing up.
Open file (581.06 KB 1600x1131 gypsy stealing strela.jpg)
https://nitter.net/Novynarnia/status/1514551257792450560 >Tractor driver has been killed as result of explosion of anti-tank landmine in Nova Basan, Chernihiv region No more gypsies stealing tanks.
>>32047 Well, we will see most likely pictures and official estimates from russian side, they have been pretty truthfull in their reporting of accidents like these. Kinda. >usa sends billion stingers and javelins >does not send any artillery >does not provide any means to defend against russian artillery Will these groundbreaking weapon packages really make any difference at this point?
>>32051 >Will these groundbreaking weapon packages really make any difference at this point? It looks good to the public because the USA remembers defeating Russia in Afghanistan with the same weapon packages. Therefore surely the same thing will work again according to the public.
>>32051 USA isn't sending arty because they don't have any Europe is sending arty.
>>32053 >Europe is sending arty source?
>>32054 That's what the bellingcat folks were saying a few days ago. All the baltics were delivering arty, London was sending arty, and Germany was debating sending it.
>>32045 Update on Moskva. Reports incoming that Moskva sank while being towed to Sevastopol. No official confirmation yet.
>>32037 t.vatnik
>>32056 I call bullshit. There are no real sources and what I can find mentions >sinking in storm while black sea is calm. Just look at ventusky or whatever.
>>32058 Just some reports, none of officials said it so no way to say for sure. We'll have to wait for RUAF military briefing to confirm it or deny it.
>>32058 BBC claims it was announced by "state media". They neglect to say which state's media though, and Ukraine has been claiming it sank since the moment of the explosion.
Open file (1.19 MB 990x1146 85a.png)
>>32056 Confirmed by Russian MoD via Ria news.
>>32062 Just saw it, came here to post it. Dang man, that was expensive. It getting rekt by ASM, mine or accident is kinda equally embarrassing. Such is the chaos of war. Still, one ship won't change the course of upcoming land battle. Some speculate that the offensive will begin within the next 48h.
>>32058 That's because the storm story is probably BS. Since Ukraine claimed it sank yesterday, chances are the thing took on so much water, it was clear it was going to sink and the Russians just did the whole thing as a way to save face. >Ukraine didn't sink our flagship... a nonexistent storm did it
>>32063 >Still, one ship won't change the course of upcoming land battle. Odessa is on the menu sooner or later. It'll hurt for that operation. I don't know anything about effective ranges for Russia's Black Sea navy vs. ASM's; however, if it's true ASM's struck the missile cruiser, then maybe Ukraine could open up enough of the Black Sea to get supplies in through Odessa and further prolong the war.
>>32064 I wonder why would Pentagon say the same thing about the ship in that case.
>>32065 Doubt they can deblock themselves. Russians deleted most of Ukrainian navy day one, according to the reports. Even with the loss of Moskva, Black Sea Fleet still retains supremacy. However, loss of cruiser is certainly to have an impact on morale, not so much of lowering Russian morale, but strengthening Ukrainian, especially with the whole mass surrender at Mariupol.
>>32043 The irony is a lot of the 2010s guys turned out to be bigger faggots than the 2020s guys because of muh opdicks.
>>32063 >Next 48 hours Come on anon, I like the Russians and even I know they still have to get to the city first.
>>32070 I meant the Iziyum axis, the battle for Donbass.
>>32065 They still have to get around Russia to do that. Specifically Snake Island and a few other islands that the Russians commandeered the military bases of. Even then it would be used for exporting crops for cash inflow. >>32067 >Russians deleted most of Ukrainian navy day one You're being too generous to the Ukrainians. They never had a navy to begin with, just a handful of ships for their marines. >However, loss of cruiser is certainly to have an impact on morale Definitely. Russia can't get more ships into the black sea due to Turkey cucking them so whenever they lose a ship they can't replace it without starting an international conflict in Turkey. The watermelon salesman has been surprisingly quiet with a large Russian fleet on either side of his country recently.
>>32071 Is it really gonna be a battle? Whoever owns the hills at Izyum is the god of artillery for several miles.
>>32072 >You're being too generous to the Ukrainians. They never had a navy to begin with, just a handful of ships for their marines I mean... you're not wrong. >Russia can't get more ships into the black sea This is kinda the most impactful part. At least with king roach upholding the treaty, there's no way to reinforce BSG while the conflict is on. Russia still however retains smaller Frigate/ Destroyer/PB sized ships, all packed with VLC, where you can launch cruise missiles from. >>32073 >Is it really gonna be a battle? Whoever owns the hills at Izyum is the god of artillery for several miles It was gonna be a slaughter, given how ex commie countries still have, in my opinion, best artillery, both quantity and throw weight, and Russia has concentrated a lot of artillery in the recent build up. But burgers are pouring in more and more heavy ordnance into Ukraine, especially interesting are the switchblades, those things sound nasty, no ide how will they preforme tho, depends on Russian ability to shoot them down. Or they can blow em up if they find out where they're being stored. They're also sending some counter battery radars. So, it should give Ukrainians a theoretical chance to win battle. But that's just my opinion, we're just gonna have to wait and see how it plays out.
>>32060 >BBC claims it was announced by "state media". They neglect to say which state's media though, and Ukraine has been claiming it sank since the moment of the explosion. >MI6 claims it was announced by "state-craft". Spooks neglect to say whose propaganda though, and Nazis have been claiming it sleeps with the fish since the moment of fubar. OK 2023 NYT headline: Here's why commercial airlines getting fitted with countermeasures against Afghan & Ukrainian black market surplus missiles is a good thing...
>>32063 >within the next 48h. Well I hope Russia does something big soon. The USA's suicide 'Switchblade' drones sound like something Russia may or may not struggle to deal with. And if Russian sources are to be believed, the USA is in de facto command of Ukraine's defensive strategy now. I mean, the USA probably was already. But it is more open about it now, perhaps.
>>32076 >48h Its just a speculation, so don't hold it for certainty. This speculation was derived form few sources that were monitoring the build up of Russian troops, so not exactly the most reliable source, but it's possible. Then again, Russia might want to grind Ukrainian forces with artillery for more time and move out only when they feel comfortable. There are a lot of videos popping up recently of destroyed Ukrainian fortification, littered with bodes from Russian artillery strikes. Only Russian high command knows for sure when the trigger will be pulled. The Ukrainians have been bombing villages at the Russian side of border recently, so that may force their hand to kick off offensive sooner rather than later. Also, there are reports of Ukraine pulling forces out of Odessa and moving them to Kherson, for possible offensive. Which means Russians have to divert some forces there to hold the line. It would be the funniest shit ever if Russians pulled a maskirovka about Moskva, to lul Ukrainians into flase sense of security and move brigades out of Odessa, though this seems highly unlikely, due to the fact that you kinda can't hide a Cruiser in today's time So, the best case scenario for the Russia is to deliver such an overwhelming victory against UAF that even mostly demechanized forces that Ukraine has at its disposition, refuses to continue a war and somebody finally puts a bullet into Zelenskys thick skull.
>>32077 To add, looks like Ukranins pissed off Russians with the bombing of Russian villages, there are reports of big artillery/missile strikes in Kiev and Kharkov tonight.
>>32075 It was literally announced by the Russian Ministry of Defense through TASS. Stop coping because you don't like bad news and are too retarded to look it up: https://tass.ru/armiya-i-opk/14383383
>>31963 Lol. My rebuke had zero to do with Conflict du jour, but rather with the fact you're allowing literal troons to run rough-shod over the small community here. >tl;dr: If you're too lazy-assed of a nigger to engage in proper moderation on your own board, then at least flip that itty-bitty little switch in the settings page and enable IDs. Also, For all you faggots crying about the uselessness of IDs, what are you afraid of you fucking glowniggers? A cute, colored little number field shouldn't trouble you so AFAICT. What care you if we waste our time filtering your asses?
>>32082 On this line of thought, someone tried to usurp the board recently: >>>/meta/15515
It wasn't this red in weeks iirc. Possible cover for early Donbass offensive?
>>32082 >For all you faggots crying about the uselessness of IDs, what are you afraid of you fucking glowniggers COPE HARDER ANTICHRIST, MY WIFE WILL NEVER BE BLACKED
>>32082 >no one is shitting the thread up within the past day or so >guess I'll whine about IDs again The fact IDs keep getting dragged up out of the blue by faggots like this should have you suspicious at the very least. Going on three years now and the board has been fine without them, but a handful of low effort nigger tier b8 for a couple weeks and suddenly we all have to shit ourselves about da cummoonity. Meanwhile literally every board with IDs on any imageboard is a fucking cesspool. So sick of this shit.
>>32089 There weren't major happenings that affected normalfag anons from non-gun boards prior to this event.
I don't think there's much point in having IDs and probably a few good reasons not to have them but I do remember that having country flags was fun once upon a time. Also shouldn't all this ID talk be in the meta thread instead?
Open file (335.55 KB 352x640 GhbbGRtz5TGl2_In.mp4)
>>32093 Looks like the cigarette story is true to me. Sinking arguments aside.
>>32091 And why should anything on non-gun boards have any bearing on anything here faggot? What a weak retort. >>32092 It should. Almost as if the tourists switched from being obnoxiously pro-Zelensky to shitting up the thread about totally irrelevant meta shit. Almost as if they deliberately shat the thread up so they could demand changes. Almost like every other time boards get infiltrated and then jerked around by a select few faggots who are loud enough to browbeat vols into doing their bidding.
>>32093 Shit dude, I wonder how many of the crew died.
>>32095 >Almost like every other time boards get infiltrated and then jerked around by a select few faggots who are loud enough to browbeat vols into doing their bidding. Support my bid to hostile takeover to fuck up tourists. Sponsored by: >>32090
>>32078 >there are reports of big artillery/missile strikes in Kiev Yeah, I heard about Russia wanting to target "decision making centers" in Kiev over Ukraine repeatedly attacking Russian soil. About time Russia gets dirty with assassinating heads of state.
Open file (15.62 KB 254x180 FireShot Cruiser.png)
>>32094 There is a very fine streak to the port side just before the explosion. I'm leaning towards ASM but those few pixels aren't exactly convincing.
>>32102 It could easily be doctored video, since I have no idea where >>32093 got it and where it came from before that, and it wouldn't be hard to fake this. But it does tilt the balance for me; I was thinking the negligence seemed more likely before but now I think it's probably AShM.
>>32103 At the very least someone was mucking about with the audio timing. Between open sea and camera zoom I can't make a real estimate of distance but it's obviously far enough away that the sound should have noticeable delay from the explosion.
>>32104 Definitely. I intended to listen to the reaction to try to judge which side had taken the video, but that was obviously out the window because of the editing. Though the existence of the video at all does itself suggest an AShM, since it would mean there might be people who knew something was going to happen. If the Ukrainians did do it, then obviously the questions start becoming about why the anti-missile defenses failed. Where were CIWS and the various other layers?
>>32079 I would think that as embarrassing as it is to admit the Ukrainians sunk your ship, it would be slightly less embarrassing then looking like the Italian Navy and sinking your own ship by placing the ammunition in one spot.
>>32093 >AShM A missile caused this? If not, how do you fuck up so bad on your boat to do that kind of explosion?
>>32017 so 4chank is now firmly pro-ZOG? >>32023 When Yurop looks like America and their cities reflect Detroit and Chicago, then we'll see who they think is the lesser evil.
>>32083 >On this line of thought, someone tried to usurp the board recently: How is that the same 'line of thought' Strelok? I don't GAF about who the BO is (as long as he's not a fed), just that he make a tiny effort to keep the board livable for us while friends like this are visiting (>>32089) here. Him deciding he CBA to lift a finger is the primary thing I take issue with. He can stay put for all I care as long as he gets off his lazy-nigger ass and helps the board community out. >>32102 The streak isn't conclusive, as you suggest. Perhaps a clearer set of videos will be released.
>>32108 >When Yurop looks like America and their cities reflect Detroit and Chicago, then we'll see who they think is the lesser evil. This. The Globohomo isn't fucking around. They mean to destroy White civilization.
>>32093 >>32105 >If the Ukrainians did do it, then obviously the questions start becoming about why the anti-missile defenses failed. Where were CIWS and the various other layers? The USNATO better hope that the Ukranians can prove that they did it all by themselves, even if they didn't. ESPECIALLY if they didn't. Because Russia decides correctly or incorrectly that the US had something directly to do with this the shit could escalate out of control very quickly. Hell them claiming that Ivan and Boris squatting too hard next to the munitions might be a signal that they believe that this was a NATO strike under false flag of a Ukrainian strike and they're trying to give the US mulligan and deescalate things. Alternately they may be using the strike as a proper excuse to attack Ukraine all out and the deescalation is just a bonus consequence. >>32078 >>32100 Seems like Ukraine or "Ukraine" has finally stepped over the Fuck around and find out line.
faint blyat in the distance
Although Russia will win the way, are they doomed to forever be mocked online? This is Finland 2.0
Open file (2.09 MB 618x550 cute finnish girl.webm)
>>32119 I'd say being "ebul nahtzes" is an improvement from slavsquat gopnik. Russians have always been mocked online. Also Finland stronk.
>>32109 So just confirming, you are the one that posted in meta?
>>32121 No, that's someone else.
Open file (355.83 KB 1152x2048 FQWkLDkVEAEYiwE.jpg)
>>32119 >Although Russia will win the way, are they doomed to forever be mocked online? No, that would be Germany for behaving on it's own interest. Normalfags are more upset of Scholz then they are about Russia
>he added IDs Cool now watch as absolutely fucking nothing improves.
>>32108 Your mistake is assuming Russia isn't globohomo itself. Putin is a Jew and former glownigger ruling over the Russian folk. Imagine, instead, Europe with hordes of squatting gopniks, ultraviolet churkas, and literal mongols, a horde of orcs, terrorizing the White race you claim to love, which is essentially what will happen if Russia got its way. The only difference between Western ZOG, and Eastern ZOG, is that the Eastern ZOG's niggers are pale, and the Western ZOG's niggers are dark.
>>32129 'sup Thuletard.
>>32119 Yeah, This is getting rather embarrassing, Russians should've gone all in from the very start, they thought going in easy would make the Ukrainians surrender but it did the opposite
Reports of Switchblade usage. Apperantly, either tanks were attacked or the crew of tanks were attacked while not manning the said tanks. Google translates it as 'Tank(er) position'. Reports says the attack caused no casualties.
Supposedly the Russians used TU-22M3s to bomb Mariupol. She's a big girl. 24 tonne payload.
>>32134 Why would they do it? what is there even held by azov anymore? bunkers below azovstal? >>32132 Are there any photos?
>>32135 >Are there any photos? Nothing so far, I reckon they are TV guided, operator feed could pop up soon. >>32134 Thicc
>>32135 >bunkers Isn't Azov being holed up in bunkers exactly the issue right now?
>>32132 What is a "Switchblade" drone?
Open file (179.85 KB 736x1088 1456803139910-1.jpg)
>>32085 ministry of defense promising more strikes against kyiv if Russian settlements become targets. I believe that was a response to some village south of Belgorod was struck by artillery last night in Zhuravlevka area.
>>32140 >The AeroVironment Switchblade is a miniature loitering munition designed by AeroVironment and used by several branches of the United States military. Small enough to fit in a backpack, the Switchblade launches from a tube, flies to the target area, and crashes into its target while detonating its explosive warhead. The name switchblade comes from the way the spring-loaded wings are folded up inside a tube and flip out once released.
>>32093 Please let this convince someone to build a gun cruiser with proper armor.
>>32142 >its just javelin strapped to rocket Wow, what an amazing wunderwaffe.
>>32141 The Russians got royally pissed about Moskva, they demanded more harsher actions. I doubt Russian government can pull out out of Ukraine even if they wanted to. It would be a political suicide. >>32142 What's the payload of SB 300 and SB 600? SB 300 looks like it has limited HE payload, more useful against soft skinned targets unless packing HEAT. Still nasty in any case. >>32143 There's no amount of armor you can realistically put on a ship to make it immune to supersonic ASM, especially the more recent hypersonic ones.
>>32145 The S300 weighs about 6lbs and I assume the frame is almost nothing, maybe a pound at most, which would leave the rest as explosives weight.
>>32141 >Shell Ukrainian villages all the time <nooooo, you aren't allowed to shoot back, Poutine promised we'd take your country and be welcomed as heroes lol. Ruskies are going to learn what happens when you act like big shit but are some just some backwater.
>>32120 >Grr you are [insert boogeyman of the day here] It's all so tiresome with you retards.
>Azov militant captured by Russians: "No I'm not a nazi!" >Russians: What is the password (of your phone)? >Azov militant: "1488" Kek
>>32134 Allegedly a video of TU-22M3 bombing run on Azovstal. Some reports say it was TOS-1,but majority report it as a bomber pass.
Open file (3.86 KB 160x160 Rato Confuso.jpg)
>>32149 why are so many slavs nazis when that doctrine says over and over again that all slavs are subhuman
>>32151 For slavs their options were the godless USSR or the Nazis who were willing to work with Orthodox Christians. In many slav parts of the world they view the crimes of the USSR in much worse light than Hitler's. I mean, go figure, the USSR killed more people.
>>32151 Just the stupid/shitty slavs. You'd have to be pretty retarded to be part of ideology that actively encouraged your destruction. There is fundamental divide between 'western europe' and 'slav europe'. Slavs are never gonna be considered equal by the western Europeans, at best they're gonna be considered as pets if they're wiling to be useful idiots and cannon fodder, see croats and polacks for most recent examples. USSR being comically retarded, killing both accidentally and on purpose doesn't help either. tl;dr Slavs are various degrees of retardation, some more, some less.
When can one expect small loitering munitions to end up in the hands of eastern European criminal organizations/mudshit refugees in western Europe and how would law enforcement deal with it?
>>32154 America has only sent a few hundred of them over, so at most you might see a handful escape the country with the rest being used given the rate at which the Ukrainians deplete munitions. As soon as the Ukrainian-Polish border becomes solvent the munitions will likely appear in Western Europe, so at the rate both Russia and Ukraine are ramping up hostilities after the Belgorod incident... Either about 6 months from now or two years from now depending.
>>32153 I am croat descended and I am telling you to go fuck yourself
>>32151 It doesnt say that. Read a book you fucking nigger. >>32154 I hope to get myself a tank after it is over.
>>32157 >I am croat descended My condolences. I'd be angry too if I was unfortunate enough to be descended of croats.
>>32157 At least you're not Alb*nian.
>>32151 >>32153 Somebody tell these two mongoloids that they aren't German National Socialists, they are Slavic National Socialists. National Socialism doesn't refer to any race and species as subhuman. But then again this is nu/k/ in the year 2022 so I can understand why the post quality has plummeted lately.
>>32161 I just like freedom and money so I can't care about infighting.
>>32161 If they were slavic national socialists you'd expect them to work towards unity with their ethnic brethren, instead of just larping as germanic nazis and fighting on the side of globohomo. They're worse than nazis, they're a nazi cargo cult whose only purpose is to fight Russians, with no philosophy or substance beyond that.
Open file (48.79 KB 559x504 Russe_muss_sterben.JPG)
Open file (151.89 KB 688x891 str7.jpg)
Open file (218.54 KB 1086x1500 990641a_lg.jpeg)
>>32161 This is revisionist nonsense. National Socialism was a Germanocentric ideology, and Slavs were by and large seen by Nazi leaders as an inferior race.
>>32164 Historically they fought alongside the nazis, just as a point of reference, so the German LARPing at least makes sense.
In any case, what does this have to do with the war? Anon isn't even talking about Azov battalion at this point.
I wonder how many vehicles were actually destroyed as in totaled. Very few pics that I have seen were of destroyed tanks that couldnt be restored in a day or two. And then there is a question of salvage- do both sides even have the capacity to move captured vehicles? It is pretty likely that a large part of immobilized , and abandoned during the early logistical troubles russian vehicles have been recaptured.
>>32169 Difficult to say. I've only seen few of captured Russian tanks in Ukrainian service. It's quite possible that crew disabled the tank in one way or another, by taking out or destroying key components, especially FCC or the like. If they just left them intact, then that's extremely retarded move by the Russians. There's no point in demilitarizing somebody if you're just gonna gift them tanks. Russians have also been bombing Ukrainian tank repair facilities, especially the ones near Kharkov and Kiev, so that is also a factor. As for the numbers of destroyed, impossible to know exactly. Oryx has been counting destroyed Ukrainian tanks as destroyed Russian on multiple occasions, even when people pointed out the specific camouflage pattern used by the UAF and the lack of marks on the destroyed tanks. Russian MoD has been putting out some videos of Ukrainian tanks getting hit by ATGM and counted as destroyed, but unless you see that turret tossed, impossible to say 100%, it could have been ERA.
Open file (3.77 MB 4536x3560 infinity niggers.jpg)
>>32129 >Putin is a jew I stopped reading there. You're a moron. The only thing Europe will get as it stays under American control, is nothing but actual niggers. In 15-20 years your whole content will be blacked even harder than the USA as it is today, which is terrifying to even imagine as a burger myself who lives among niggers. If you support "Ukraine," you are at least spiritually Jewish. Period.
>>32135 >Why would they do it? Apparently the TU-22M3 can fly so high that stingers are physically unable to reach it. And for missiles that can reach it, it has electronic warfare systems still making it a difficult target to hit. In other words, Russia is showing more of its heavy weapons in response to NATO's provocation of sending its own heavier weapons to Ukraine.
>>32177 I hope we will finally see Armatas in action
>>32179 I hope so too. It sounds like it came right out of BattleTech or something.
>>32144 Azeri loitering munitions supplied by Turkey devastated Armenian logistics in the recent war, forcing concessions. So yes, it is a wonder weapon.
>>32134 Its hard not to pop a boner at these well endowed beauties. No idea if the videos are authentic though.
Open file (371.00 KB 900x900 cheekiest.png)
>>32179 >implying they work
Open file (406.71 KB 1024x1529 ger.jpg)
>>32165 I'd assumed for a while the anti-slav stuff was private fervor and enlistment propaganda, and not the official ideological belief of the party. Untermensch was used ad-hoc to demean enemies, political rivals and immoral people in general; it's a rhetorical bludgeon like cuck or chud, not purely or explicitly a racial term. I'm not read up on the subject though, so their could be some German big-wig as-a-matter-of-fact'ly condemning the slavs as inferior.
Open file (22.80 KB 474x744 oh baby.jpg)
>Russia claims to have found NATO military personnel among Ukrainian POW's. [In Mariupol?] >But Russia will wait for military trials to start before releasing more information. Why does Russia have to be such a tease? Moreover when does Russia stop fucking around with believing it can mend ties with the West now that Russia allegedly has explicit evidence that's in a de facto war with NATO? I guess Russia deploying these beauties >>32183 has something to do with this.
>>32186 Military correspondent Sladkov(?) said they had captured NATO personnel, he seemed pleased when making the remark, but didn't go into any details. So far he was reliable source of information as he backed up claims with videos. Could be that they mistook western mercenaries as NATO personnel,athough its safe to assume that NATO is advising Ukrainian Army, if not directly controlling it. All we know that west and Ukraine were frantic in trying to evacuate Mariupol. Even going far as to losing a few helicopters and ships in the attempt.
>>32151 Pick one or more: 1) most right wing / conservatives in Slav countries had ancestors who fought against Communism / Democratic Socialism / as part of SS led partisans so they think they are honoring their dead 2) it's an easy form of nation building (especially in ukraine) for people from countries that do not have a well defined ideology post soviet bloc collapse 3) it has the practical use of conflating national socialism with white identity, meaning that foreign white supremacist groups are more likely to help and intervene in their favor 4) general edgelord behavior no different from thinking that Q exists or wearing ACAB shirts Alsoo the doctrine you are speaking of does not exist. Hitler defined National Socialism as Socialism directed towards the German people and anyone that had even one gorillionth of German blood. Himmler wanted to basically remmove every race but the pure Anglo Franco Germanic ones. Other SS and military staff adopted NatSoc lite and decided that a compliant slav cattle race was much more preferrable to removing or enslaving 10% of the world population. Basically, being Socialism, you can spin a million different interpretations and so long as you are achieving something it can be considered real socialism. I mean fucking Evola thought we wuz giants from the artic n shiet. Also >>32161this is correct.
Open file (50.68 KB 1280x720 M3.jpeg)
Open file (144.02 KB 1280x720 M4.jpeg)
Open file (146.44 KB 1280x720 M2.jpeg)
Open file (92.13 KB 1280x720 M1.jpeg)
Reports of Russians deploying Murmansk-TV electronic warfare system. Not much information on it, fount this "The complex is designed to jam short-wave radio communication lines at a range of up to 5 thousand kilometers, which blinds enemy command posts. Murmansk can also conduct radio reconnaissance and intercept enemy signals." So I guess they want to use this systems to both inhibit effective communication of UAF, and maybe counter the drones and the new 'Switchblade' UAV.?
>>32159 Croatians are the superior slavonic people. Hohols are notorious faggots, maybe they are your type.
>>32189 >4) general edgelord behavior no different from thinking that Q exists or wearing ACAB shirts Being a Nazi was a rather standard way of sticking it to the man in the Eastern Block, as saying that Hitler was a pretty cool guy was worse than saying that you want to be sodomized by Satan. As such, being at least an ironic Nazi is rather standard in most of Eastern Europe to this day, and some people just take it more seriously. Combine it with Russia doubling down on ww2 propaganda in recent years, and it's the best way to piss them off.
>>32190 My guess is to stop the switchblade drones as Ukraine doesn't have an airforce left and to just disrupt Ukrainian communications in preparation for an attack. I imagine the Russians are trying their best to reverse engineer and counter new western tech before the west potentially gets involved proper. Especially now that NATO personnel is confirmed to be in Ukraine the quicker they can destroy the remainder of the Ukrainian army the better.
>>32176 He's literally jewish, and even if he wasn't the fact he's ex-KGB and has direct ties to the WEF is reason enough to not trust him. Just because your enemy is a retarded faggot like hoholistan doesn't make your enemy's enemy a good friend.
>>32190 This is one of those things that both sides will never admit to if it works greatly or not given it would showcase weaknesses in either the drones or the jammer, or maybe both.
>>32176 >(1)
1. This is a gentlemen's club not a shitting street.
>>32185 The top brass widely considered Slavs as a whole to be inferior, although how inferior varied depending on the group in question. Sex between Germans and Poles was considered race defilement and subject to harsh punishment.
>>32195 This man has an impeccably Slavic face and temperament. Meanwhile you are whining about Jews while shilling for a Zio caricature.
>>32198 As the war wore on the Nazism gradually and wisely became pan-European in outlook. This is why the Waffen SS came into existence. Part of this was pragmatic but it also indicated a deeper policy shift. Hitler's mistake was not being Pan-European from the beginning and instituting Total War policy before 1939 instead of waiting until 1942. The Germans were remarkably and uncharacteristically short-sighted in WW2, but so were the French and British, and the Russians. Such was the incomprehensible trauma of WW1 I suppose.
>>31732 >>31736 > Brazil will assassinate people who try to make Brazil number one Yes but not because they don't want to be the best, it's because they don't want to work for it aka the Greek Syndrome. Carlos Ghosn somewhat explained it in some articles, japs even moved some of the factories to Venezuela (pre-gommunism) due to it. The work ethic is bad other than in the deep south but still that has changed in the last decades.
>>32151 >nazis when that doctrine says over and over again that all slavs are subhuman t. hasn't read the books
>>32200 The pan-Europeanist outlook seems to have been present among some people pretty early on judging from what Johann Voss wrote in Black Edelweiss. He claims to have first heard about the Waffen-SS as a pan-European crusade against communism from a family friend a few years older than him who was a young military man with experience on the Eastern front. Voss himself ended up joining the Waffen-SS in 1942 and spent most of his time in Karelia fighting the Soviets but soured on Nazism after the war. Memoirs aren't necessarily a good indication of what actually happened, but supposedly the majority of the book was written immediately after the war. And in any case, it's hard to tell how sincere the the pan-European sentiment was on the part of the recruiters. Many volunteers were certainly sincere, but they weren't trying to bring in cannon fodder for a living. I've read that even Dutch volunteers were shat on for their background at first before their military value was realized. It was definitely a mistake for the Nazi leaders to be so hung up on "Aryanism" and national chauvinism for so long.
New meta thread/greetings thread: >>32204 While I'm here tripfagging like a fag, I believe the national socialist discussion should be moved to the history thread or /k/anteen at this time if not in the context of the war in Ukraine, so that this thread can get back to its designated topic. Thank you for your understanding.
>>32195 >He's literally jewish He's not, the only "proof" I've seen anywhere was some obviously photoshopped ID picture and the fact that his mother's surname was "Shelomova" (actually completely unrelated to jews, "shelom" is just an archaic Russian word for a helmet).
>>32200 >This is why the Waffen SS came into existence. No, the Waffen SS came into existence because Himmler was a massive autist, and due to the strangely competitive and fragmented nature of Germany's administration at that time, he was able to create his own pet version of anything he wanted, from a secret service to manufacturing hubs, and even his own army in thee form of the Waffen SS. What changed is that due to the legal loophole of not being the actual German army, the Waffen SS could recruit anyone they wanted. First they recruited Germans from all over Europe, but as the war progressed they started to recruit anyone who opposed the allies. In addition, all these small units of foreigners that existed in the first half of the war were gradually transferred to be Waffen SS units.
>>32206 I concur We actually need a /his/ board though
>>32184 There was one software problem on the very first parade. My money is on it working just fine. The concept is sound. >>32190 Surprised they did not use something like this earlier.
>>32212 /his/ would be nice, but are there really enough anons/enough interest to justify its own board?
Open file (1.76 MB 3000x3160 ClipboardImage.png)
>>32017 >all right wing movements are now russian gayops Guess, I'll die then.
>>32195 Actually he's been such a bad goyim that the WEF (indeed the rest of the Globohomo, obvs) has disowned Vladimir the Impaler.
>>32113 >Hell them claiming that Ivan and Boris squatting too hard next to the munitions might be a signal that they believe that this was a NATO strike under false flag of a Ukrainian strike and they're trying to give the US mulligan and deescalate things. Interesting. I have suspected immediately this was a U.S. weapons strike finally rolling with Space Force?? since the idea that smoking is likely to trigger such a devastating blast in a top of the line ship seems highly unlikely to say the least.
>>32153 >You'd have to be pretty retarded to be part of ideology that actively encouraged your destruction. So, the Western European """ideology""" of current year? You seem to indicate as much. >related, vaguely >>32176 >In 15-20 years your whole content will be blacked even harder than the USA as it is today, which is terrifying to even imagine as a burger myself who lives among niggers. This. I doubt many of the leftist Yuropoors have much of an inkling what's in store for you IMO. BTW, to this Strelok; it's the globalist kikes that are driving this -- the now-nonexistent US govt. is just a tool ofc. My apologies for off-topic BO.
>>32223 >all this unsourced bullshit >screencap also sells you a story about how a russian conspiracy totally killed a kid so you need to get mad too wew lad
Open file (155.73 KB 1200x720 kk71Vf3OCD-aVEpL.mp4)
Open file (1.27 MB 478x848 6-oXZfF-xSBw2diy.mp4)
Open file (2.95 MB 478x848 c0apJ4-N3BYylPX0.mp4)
Russia says it hit an armored vehicle plant in Darnytsky district of the capital. The last two are in kharkov I think.
Open file (148.86 KB 1024x766 FQdmekhXIAEEje8.jpg)
Open file (124.08 KB 1024x766 FQdmekhXsAUfjre.jpg)
Open file (149.08 KB 1024x766 FQdmekiXIAMlOOu.jpg)
Open file (3.93 MB 640x1136 IVeKaryh9Zh0b16U.mp4)
Lisichansk oil refinery
>>32210 Well if you're just gonna nuh uh that part then what about the absolutely proven KGB and WEF stuff?
>>32237 >ex-KGB That's a good thing actually, makes him more competent at countering CIA and the like. >WEF As was already posted above, he got denounced by WEFags. (inb4 it was merely an act)
They got another one.
>>32234 >That damaged KFC. This hurts deeply on a spiritual level, Americanbros.
>>32237 According to a Russian I know who lived through the last few decades of the USSR, the KGB and education were some of the few branches of government where you were allowed to hold Christian beliefs without being barred from office; government service being one of the few places where you were "guaranteed" not to starve/be on a shit list unless something terrible happened. Putin is fairly well-known as "that guy who ended the anti-Christian doctrines of Russia" so it goes hand-in-hand from a historical perspective. People from intelligence institutions can provide valuable insight into the running of a nation after they are no longer part of the intelligence institutions. Also >>32238 >WEF He got denounced on paper but I can't really comment too much since that could have been faked. The way the West shit the bed with the sanctions suggests he actually has been ousted. The WEF should be in opposition to the Russian-Hungarian model of self-sufficiency since it keeps them from digging their claws in, so I'm personally of the opinion that him being ousted from the group is real. >>32242 It's always the British or the French when it comes to intervening in foreign wars.
>>32238 >>32251 So being associated with glowniggery is gud now? And why the hell would you take anything the WEF says and does at face value? They're known for lying and gaslighting over everything.
>>32258 >So being associated with glowniggery is gud now? Glowniggerdy of a now nonexistent government. And it's better to have a leader that's a former glownigger than a leader that's a former comedian and is a patsy for current glowniggers. >And why the hell would you take anything the WEF says and does at face value? It's not their words but their actions.
>Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky has said eliminating Ukrainian fighters in the southern port city of Mariupol will put an end to talks with Russia. >"I want to say that the elimination of our military, our guys, will put an end to all negotiations." >He said Ukraine would trade neither its territory nor its people Zelensky is really going hard for a Trudeau-victory.
>>32265 >"I want to say that the elimination of our military, our guys, will put an end to all negotiations." Russians on the internet are already responding with "Your terms are acceptable."
>>32251 >Russian-Hungarian model of self-sufficiency The what now?
Open file (163.32 KB 1268x1132 ffcrs1fq5ut21.jpg)
>>32265 >If you destroy our army and leave us defenseless, we won't negotiate. I don't think it works like that.
>>32265 I take it Zelensky wants to kill himself then emigrate to Argentina.
remove kacap
>>32263 >it's better to have a leader that's a former glownigger than a leader that's a former comedian and is a patsy for current glowniggers That's basically the same thing, only one leader is a middleman for the radioactive monkeys while the other is just outright a radioactive chimp himself, both options are only going to end in authoritarianism. It's just a slav version of the recucklican vs demonrat charade you're going to get raped regardless.
Open file (279.14 KB 2048x920 Mariupol.jpeg)
Russians claim they cleared residential area of Mariupol. Only Azovstal complex remains. So what do you guys think it will be? >Starvation? >Storming it? >Pummel them with bombs? >All of the above?
>>32270 Russia and Hungary stand by the motto of "we can/should produce it ourselves, but we recognize the importance of international trade and that it can be bought cheaper from elsewhere" which goes against the globalist narrative of forced international "free trade" that overwhelmingly benefits governments that subsidize industry to make it cheaper to sell abroad than its actual worth (Chinese manufacturing, American agriculture, Indian tech support, etc.).
>>32265 Sounds like Zelensky is signing his own death warrant to me.
>>32281 They've been fighting for what, six weeks now? Probably a combination of all of the above. Maybe Azov committing a "suicide bombing" to erase NATO corpses.
>>32265 >"I want to say that the elimination of our military, our guys, will put an end to all negotiations." Yeah i guess that's how it works :v
>>32265 >Elect a Jew to lead your people. >The Jew destroys your people. Many such cases.
>>32282 You should seriously reevaluate your opinion on Hungary. Fidesz deliberately keeps wages low to please international corporations, and they even directly give them some of the taxpayer's money to make them come here. At one point one of those fucktards went to Vietnam and told how low the wages are here, so they want to compete with Asians in turning the population into corporate slaves. There are a few industrial corporations in Hungarian hands, but even those depend on the global market, and that is quite far from autarky.
>>32289 I think you are giving the rest of Europe too much credit when used as a comparison to a handful of bad policies to keep oligarchs happy on Hungary's part.
Russian military command is giving Azov the last chance to surrender starting in 4 hours.
Open file (1.79 MB 320x240 daa.gif)
>Russia started the Donbass offensive today from Poposna. >Russia also claims to have broken the Ukrainian counter-offensive against Izyum. Let's goooo. inb4 the rain picks up again and Russia has to dig in for another week or two.
>>32299 >Poposna. Popasnaya*
>>32299 >Russia started offensive Gib source
>The Russian Ministry of Defense, after calling for the militants of nationalist formations and foreign mercenaries blocked at Azovstal to surrender on Sunday morning, publishes an algorithm of actions: >From 5:00 a.m., continuous communication is established between the Russian and Ukrainian sides for the exchange of information; >From 5.30 militants of nationalist battalions and foreign mercenaries - on the one hand, the Russian Armed Forces, together with the military formations of the DPR - on the other hand, declare a "complete silence regime"; >At 6.00, both sides actually start the "silence regime" by raising flags: from the Russian side - red, from the Ukrainian side - white around the entire perimeter of "Azovstal"; >From 6.00 to 13.00 Moscow time - the exit of all without exception Ukrainian armed units and foreign mercenaries, without any weapons and ammunition. Ren trough translator, some words don't seem to be correctly translated.
>>32301 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8TYf9sdJcs Starting at 5:15. It's more like a source giving another source. But I don't know Russian to personally confirm the news. So it's all I've got.
>>32304 Neat. Thanks for the source. Will wait untill drawing any further conclusions, maybe there will be some other sources confirming the same thing in a day or two so we can say definitively. So far, if the reports of breakthrough at Popasnaya are true, looks like we're gonna see a standard pincer if RUAF swings down at Izyom and attempt to merge pincers with Popasnaya axis, although a smaller encirclement of around 20-30K Ukrainian troops if the reports of Ukrainian numbers are true. Still, doing that would unhinge the whole UAF defensive line at Donbass. I checked on satellite maps, there are dozens upon dozens of heavily fortified and entrenched Ukrainian strong points along the whole Donbass front. Impressive, really. Madlads could even try double pincer if one axis of advance goes to Popasnaya and other continue past Kamyenka and attempt wider, more of an operational encirclement.
>>32265 Zelensky either has all his/foreigners suicide attack the Ruskies til they leave or he flees the country and does TED talks for the rest of his life. It looks like he rather stay since he did all the work with the curfews and laws to increase his power as prime minister.
>>32302 >the exit of all without exception Ukrainian armed units and foreign mercenaries, without any weapons and ammunition. That's the exact strategy they used in Syria, though I'm not sure it will work as well as then.
>>32309 It'll depend on how much azov and any foreign mercenaries actually believe in their cause at this point. If they haven't surrendered by now then the Russians are probably in for another couple weeks of bullshit.
>>32315 Slavs are forgiving and patient with their own. They know that Ukraine forces have ethnic roots in the outskirts of Russia, so they do not want to hurt their own people too much. Remnants of the Ukraine's military could eventually be re-integrated into Russian military, after all. However, if Ukraine will keep bullshitting on and on, Russians will probably stop any attempts to make themselves look civil. I think we've already seen this.
>>32305 >relying on RuAF
Open file (224.39 KB 720x1229 16316185952719.jpg)
>>32289 Glad to see there's someone else here who do not mindlessly fellate our young democrats here. Fidesz is just a typical "national conservative" party. Its slow boil of mass legal migration, low birthrates, no independent national economy and "swing politics" with them, as opposed to the left quickly filling our country with illegals, even lower birthrates, no independent national economy and being complete cucked to the Euroatlantic gay promotion alliance.
>>32320 >Slavs are forgiving and patient with their own That is one of the wrongest most retarded things I've seen on this board and that is saying a lot. Only Mexicans and Africans are more vicious and cruel to their own people.
>>32328 Slavs are patient with their own compared to how they treat everyone else. 800 years of oppression by various foreign groups tends to make for very angry and very violent people when they overthrow that cycle, but slavs treat each other fairly well compared to outsiders.
Open file (182.27 KB 1920x1080 Hegedűs és Lázár2.jpeg)
Open file (105.62 KB 1280x853 fidesz_g_fodor.jpeg)
Open file (2.13 MB 1152x2836 fidesz is so baste!.jpg)
Open file (86.52 KB 480x641 fidesznigger.jpg)
>>32290 It's not a handful of bad policies, they somehow always manage to choose the most incompetent and destructive policies out of all the viable alternatives. Note that I wrote viable, we already have a triple of curryniggers coming here to work, they just know that opening the floodgates would lead to the rise of some actual antinigger parties. >>32327 I'm already sick and tired of dealing with their bullshit on a daily basis, so I always get upset when I come across someone even hinting at them not being what they really are.
>>32320 >However, if Ukraine will keep bullshitting on and on, Russians will probably stop any attempts to make themselves look civil. I think we've already seen this. That will almost certainly happen in Mariupol at least, unfortunately. According to Ukrainian radio transmissions intercepted by Russia, Kiev has given Azov the order to execute people who try to surrender to Russia. There are also reportedly 400 foreign mercenaries trapped in the Azovstal complex. The best thing to hope for now is the mercenaries, UAF, and Azov all turning their guns on each other.
>>32229 here faggo, here's some sources. I'm sure you're going to read them now that I've cited them, right? https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/russia-is-having-less-success-at-spreading-social-media-disinformation/ Here's fuckin Satan himself telling you how it works https://www.rand.org/pubs/perspectives/PE198.html https://www.state.gov/russias-top-five-persistent-disinformation-narratives/ why is it that sOuRcE faggots never read what is cited?
>>32343 Do not troll on thematic boards.
>>32331 >Slavs are patient with their own compared to how they treat everyone else You aren't kidding? Were the Yugoslavs "patient with their own" when engaged in their ethnic cleansings? How about the Holodomor? What about in the 30's and 40's when the Poles oppressed the Ukrainians and then the Ukrainians massacred the Poles?
>>32346 I wanted to reply to that post too, but I did not and I regret nothing.
Open file (9.96 MB 1280x720 Something is afoot.mp4)
Allegedly 3 Ukrainian tanks were destroyed while conducting a limited, tactical counterattack at Izyom. Russians report 2 were destroyed, one captured. They also found wounded Ukrainian tankman and were looking for his leg. Man, losing a limb is a shit way to end your military career. At least the war is over for him.
>>32348 If he survives
>>32349 The war is over for him either way. Also some update on dead Ukrainian soldier, who's dead body picture surfaced on the internet. Pro Russian source: >The day before, we published a photo showing how neo-Nazis from Azov threw the corpse of their colleague into a trash can. The NM DPR fighters later examined the body and came to the conclusion that the dead Azov militant they found was in fact executed by his colleagues. >Moreover, an examination of the things and other “evidence” that he had with him allows us to conclude that the military man executed by the “Azov” was a foreigner. The special services have already taken control of this case, and consultants with extensive experience in the field of forensic examination and genetic examination are inclined to believe that this is a native of the Middle East - most likely Turkomans
>>32350 These fucking watermarks are the worst development of this war. Especially these jumping ones.
>>32351 True. At least it's more or less opaque. Wargonzo is one of the better channels when it comes to the watermarks.
>>32343 >US gov state and it's employees tells you that it's the damn russians that did it >still no practical examples or hard evidence, just commissioned essays about it wewlad e w l a d
>>32350 Isn't white the colour of the Russians? Or did they make him wear that before execution? Although it looks like his head was also taped, so maybe he was an actual Russian, or if we go with the propaganda logic, they might have decked him out as one to make it look like they executed a PoW instead of one of their comrades. Occam's razor makes me think that it was a Russian PoW, but I cannot tell apart the two sides based on their uniforms. Besides, maybe it was a member of Azov the Russians executed, and now they say it was done by his comrades. This war just makes my head hurt.
>>32356 No idea. There are however instances where Ukrainians drew Z on their vehicles in order to fool Russians, last time that happened was few days ago, when 36th Marine Brigade tried to brake out of Mariupol. Didn't end well for them. It wouldn't be far off that somebody decided to have a white armband and try to syphon out of Mariupol. Or it could be some fuckery going on over there. Once again, nothing, from either side should be taken at face value.
>>32356 Maybe it is just bandage?
>>32356 Some say the white bands are just for civvie identification with no implications of allegiance to either side.
Open file (3.75 MB 2486x3215 Slobodan Milošević.jpg)
>>32346 >Mug Yugoslavia This is what, the third time you've brought this example up while having a /pol/-tier surface-level understanding of events? The Yugoslav Wars were a result of this communist fuck centralizing authority and then having a shit fit when all of his surrounding territories were tired of his shit and unanimously voted to oust his power base leading to mass atrocities in the age before the internet, probably the last of its kind. Much like the Holodomor, it was the result of communists being communists and trying to centralize power and authority where it was not wanted. Communism has historically bred genocide. That has nothing to do with your shitty-ass historically inaccurate racialist theory you've been spouting like a fucking retard.
>>32349 If he does he'll have a cool new nickname; Stumpy!
>>32351 >>32353 I've honestly mentally filtered them out at this point.
Slavs were known for treating wach other like shit and genociding one another long before communiam though. Fuckin Genghis Kahn used this to his advantage by abusing rival slav kingdoms' animosity towards one another to keep them from uniting against him until it was far too late and the horde had already turned their eyes towards Hungary and the like.
Genghis Kahn relied on that tactic for everyone. His policy consisted of offering "surrender" and then making an example of/genociding the ones who fought back but didn't fight back hard enough to convince the others to side with him. That's not unique to the slavs.
>>32370 I think you just don't want to admit slavs are the Mexicans of Europe. Most of the people Genghis Khan conquered at the time weren't killing their own people before he even showed up.
Open file (115.78 KB 500x446 1647042524491.png)
>>32371 >Most of the people Genghis Khan conquered at the time weren't killing their own people before he even showed up. I think your history is Euro-centric lacking context, and your sources are memes, but I'm not interested in wasting any further time on this fistfight with anonymous individuals on the internet. Happy Easter by the way.
Open file (59.14 KB 500x375 1461785727057.jpg)
>>32342 >There's a possibility that a small group of NATO infiltrators thought/are thinking that they have to shoot their way out from redditors, jew-led ukranian soldiers and then russian troopers Many are thinking they should've picked a trade instead
>>32281 Why don't they just rush in and take it in a day?
>>32381 Because storming well prepared defensive positions is costly, and we are speaking here about a steelworking complex where you have plates of steel able to resist tank cannons just lying around, and not even mentioning the massive bunker system. There is no need for haste, they will just die out from hunger and thirst eventually. Too bad these water pumps they were supposed to flood bunker with were a missinformation.
Open file (546.60 KB 960x720 ClipboardImage.png)
>>32342 >Kiev has given Azov the order to execute people who try to surrender to Russia Well either Mariupol is going to get deleted by Russia or the Ukrainians there are going to revolt.
>>32373 Acting like a bitch and pretending you're smug while saying vague shit about my "lack of context" doesn't make your claim about slavs being tolerant and patient with one another any less wrong and stupid. Figures a touhoufag would behave like a tranny. Shit Poland's entire history of interactions with the rest of the slavic world alone is a perfect example of how fucking wrong you are, and the various tribes of the Ukraine have been slapping the shit out of one another since the Roman days.
>>32383 boatdup btfo so was it a missile or some random vatnik through a cigarette down the wrong pipe?
>>32381 >why don't they rush in into the largest and most heavily fortified area of the city, held by the most fanatical part of the opposing side, who will fight to death? I don't know man, you tell me.
>>32386 The theory I've seen is the missile cruiser sent itself on a dick waving mission close to the coast and got missile'd because of it. And so it wasn't an accident, but Slavs were still being stupid.
>>32386 Knowing how bad the Russian surface fleet is, it's actually not impossible that it's both. Russian damage control practice is not impressive, to say the least, between them and the Chinese, they still manage to make the Americans' look like the picture of textbook performance. So it's not unthinkable that they got a missile to the face, tried to take it under tow, and then some dumbass onboard lit up a cig around gas and ammunition.
>>32364 >Putin isn't ex-KGB >Zelensky isn't globohomo >implying either of these are against genocide
>>32397 It's impressive how close he got to getting hit but still managed to survive intact. Wouldn't the blast break something or was it actually further away than it looks? >>32399 Funny how Amerifats bitch and moan when the issue of Confederate or Colonial statues gets torn down but give zero shit about commie statues receiving the same treatment. Should have been sent to a decommissioned monuments museum to capitalize on post-war tourism. >>32400 What is the estimate of Soviet/Russian stuff being banned or destroyed in Ukraine and vice versa? I know that in my own country some leftists are bitching and moaning about destroying graffiti and inscriptions to Dostoevskij and Tchaikovsky.
>>32400 >some soviet era childrens cartoon that just got banned for calling a German sub fascist.mp4) Good joke, that in a nutshell is how retarded americans see the war in Ukraine. The boy calls it a sunken destroyer (esminec), a ship, not a sub, and that allows people to draw parallels with the recent sinking of the Moskva. But the core of the funny is in the markings on the ship, "Z29", the boy notices the markings and says, literally, "Boy 1 [That explains it. It's a fashist destroyer.] Boy 2 [How do you know?] Boy 1 [I've read about it. Fascist destroyers used to get marked with a letter "Z"]" >>32401 > These are Azov's hostages.mp4 cringe and invalid, +36 rub (adjusted for inflation)
Open file (40.19 KB 450x450 fantasticfaggot.jpg)
>>32401 >random kid and sad music You're gonna have to do much better than that, lahtarashka.
>>32401 >>32405 This fake vid is spread by azovians to try to stop Russians from bombing them to smithereens.
Fights have been steadily rising in intensity in the last few hours along the Donbass front. Looks like the offensive is about to begin.
>>32402 The best part about the statues is it got torn down previously in 2019 and the mayor insisted on putting it back up as a big "fuck you" to protestors. >>32409 Allegedly the kid is the daughter of some medic that's been taking care of wounded Azov soldiers. So either the mother is violating the hippocratic oath and intentionally using her child as a hostage, or the mother is being held hostage along with the child at this point, based on earlier videos of Azov killing their own for deserting.
>>32410 >no mention of that in the post That's the difference between schizodumps and acceptable posts. read the op, it says dumps go there >>5995
>>32006 Is there a version of this without the wojak shit?
>>32417 It was mentioned in the post. Anon misinterpreted it as Russian propaganda instead of Azov propaganda, and the misinterpretation was corrected.
Neat pictures of close explosion caught by GoPro. Post following is comment from Russian soldier fighting south of Iziyum. Not sure if it's the said soldier that cough the explosion on camera and survived or taken off somebody, not even sure which side of combatants capture the footage. The pictures came together so maybe there's link. No further information.
>>32418 Yeah I'd like to see that too.
>>32418 >>32428 Just the window part? With or without the chibi thing?
Open file (6.80 MB 720x1280 16457386685060.mp4)
Open file (3.30 MB 480x854 16464323517500.mp4)
>>32418 Buhanka is asleep.
>>32183 I think right at the beginning of the war there were similar videos posted. And they are from 2 years ago I think, from a Russian parade. >>32190 I actually thought they would have used this right in the morning of the invasion. Why were they so retarded? >>32402 >the issue of Confederate or Colonial statues gets torn down but give zero shit about commie statues receiving the same treatment I mean, these are quite different. Or maybe the same, if one were to look at the US as two separate groups, one of which delusional, the other actively fighting against the other. Regardless, Communist era monuments have always been imposed by a foreign power (Russia). I don't really see the problem here if the monuments of the aggressor get torn down. It's always Russia screeching about fascists and nazis everytime someone even touches one of those shitbricks they've built here.
>>32435 Just the window part with dancing Z-chan would be nice.
>>32423 These images were taken during mine clearance.
>>32442 >I actually thought they would have used this right in the morning of the invasion. They did used smaller, mobile EW suites, Murmansk-TB (or whatever last two letters are) is a strategic asset. Probably brought up to counter liberal proliferation of new UAV to Ukraine by the west. >>32444 Ere' you go strelok. Also, check'd >>32445 >These images were taken during mine clearance. Actually, you're probably right. I've seen Ukrainians claim the footage is taken off dead Russian soldier, but the Telegram channel I got it off is allegedly original source of the picture, and it was posted by Russians, so you know, I have no idea who's telling the truth.
>>32442 That airshow video was a lot more elaborate. It's almost certainly the same sort of thing (it looks like it an aerial refueling demonstration), but the actual video you remember isn't that one.
Also, looks like we're in for fun times. Massive artillery barrages reported along the whole Donbass front in the last hour or two. Probably gonna last throughout the night, morning should be marked by the ground offensive. Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Andriy Yermak: "The second phase of the war has begun"
Open file (96.13 KB 598x378 Screenshot (267).jpg)
The Ukrainians have supposedly executed a "MGTOW" grifter named Coach Red Pill? IDK who he is but the timeline is quite hilarious. >Go to ukraine claiming its a heaven for MGTOW >War starts >Shit on Ukraine in Kiev >Get kicked out by local milita >Continue to shit on Ukraine in Khakharov >Your video gets featured in part by Russian MOD >Executed by SBU
>>32450 I wonder how many more stories like this will come up here and there, now that Kiev seems to be in full paranoia mode about anyone and everyone, including foreigners.
>>32450 Fuck, i liked the guy, also he shat on Zelensky and the Ukrainian government not on Ukraine itself
>>32413 >>32448 >implying there will be a large scale offensive >implying it will not be a slow advance, spotting for arty, arty destroying enemy, clearing up, repeat untill ukrainians run out of bodies.
>>32448 NEXT WAVE IN 10
>>32450 Tanks a lot anon.
>>32456 That seems to be the best strategy given the Russian capture of Izyum and entrenchment of Ukrainian forces. Also I think Russia is using the enforced fervor of Ukrainian forces to their advantage >advance to highly defensible position >Ukrainian officers launch a poorly supported attack because they've drank the koolaid or they don't want their loyalty to be questioned >slowly advance or hold ground before they send in more conscripts I think this is a strategy Russia started using around Kiev as Ukraine was throwing any bodies it could get at the front. It also helps explain as to why Ukraine is going through a weeks worth of equipment in about a day.
>>32450 >Stating some mishaps as a relatively famous tourist is being a russian spy >Executed for it while your userbase ignores it Can't say i am surprised but that's cold
Open file (172.54 KB 1496x1000 snap.jpg)
>>32450 He should have just held frame, taken a shower, been confident, respected women and touched grass.
>>32463 That interviewer's leading questions are annoying as shit, but I'm glad the guy seems to understand what he got himself into and he's tired of that shit/repenting.
>>32463 >90k views. >Many of the top comments positively receive the interview. Breddy gud. I'll watch it later, thanks. >>32456 'Large scale offensive' is turning out to be 'attack everywhere at once' rather than 'advance as fast as possible.' So far, it looks like if Russia is going to struggle against anything, it's the Kharkiv region. It's the only region in eastern Ukraine that is consistently stalling advancing Russian forces, as far as I can tell. And it apparently has enough firepower left to launch its own counter-offensive against Russia (or it's just suicidally desperate.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uaShrMCrJgA
>>32446 Ayyy, thanks strelok.
More dead journalist soon. MSNBC analyst Malcolm Nance is joining the international legion aka the Ukrainian Foreign Legion https://twitter.com/Acyn/status/1516194469967659009
>>32477 We did it, Reddit!
Open file (1.93 MB 640x360 Malcolm Nance.mp4)
>>32477 >MSNBC Good. Let him get himself killed. Somehow I feel like he will become a Russian hostage instead of dying. Saved the video for archival reasons when a corpse or PoW photo shows up in a few weeks.
>>32477 >Implying he ever travels past Lviv for fear of lynching by Nazi battalions. >Implying he's even in Ukraine. Where is the Ukrainian Foreign Legion anyway? Last things I heard about it is it's mostly, if not completely, on guard duty in Kiev. And that it shut off applications due to low quality of applicants, though not before this niggerfaggot allegedly got in.
>>32484 Last I heard they were still accepting applicants, but only those with former military experience.
>>32459 Meant for >>32446
>>32442 Generally I have a problem with ANY kind of public monument getting torn down for good. Not because I'm a bleeding heart historyfag, but rather because removing the presence of that particular ideology/civilization/event means that in a hundred years' time you'll get a repeat of the same shit over and over again. Knowing that Soviets forced liberated lands to pay tribute to them is more important than removing such tributes in the first place. It teaches its people to watch out for the fucking communists, at the very least.
>>32484 >>32483 Could it be that they're accepting civvies as well in order to maintain order in uncontested regions while the big boys go to the frontlines?
>>32483 Is it just me, or that AK 74 doesn't have fire selector? Also, some say that barrage last night was just preparation work for the offensive that's to come later, in a week or so.
Pardon my ignorance, but was this confirmed? It's the first I've heard of it (maybe I missed it in one of the threads earlier?) TIA.
>>32498 No, it's fake, there are videos of those soldiers taking selfies near a downed BMP, none are femoids.
Still no footage of the switchblades at work?
>>32484 >>32486 He has military experience, he was part the U.S. Navy in the 80's up until the Gulf war, the man is 60 years old though so I not sure what they are going to do with him. >>32500 apparently the Americans have sent 18 pieces of 155mm howitzers outside of Ukraine, they are just waiting for training.
>>32502 >so I not sure what they are going to do with him. Trainer or rear guard. >apparently the Americans have sent 18 pieces of 155mm howitzers outside of Ukraine, Neat, i also read that apparently leopard 1s are being sent to ukraine.
>>32448 It's official on the Russian side today. >On April 19th, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced the beginning of the next phase of the special operation in Ukraine. The claim was made during his interview with India Today TV channel. Earlier, on April 18th, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine announced that the 2nd phase of the Russian operation in the Donbas. Starts at 55:20. Minister Lavrov says "Another stage of this operation is beginning." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecpRrep0twE
Open file (46.04 KB 800x600 FQtRgk4XEAEU2GU.jpeg)
Open file (61.93 KB 1046x496 FQtRgStWYAoJbzb.jpeg)
Greece just seized an oil tanker.
>>32505 So what exactly is the new mission objective for the war? Originally I recall anons claiming the Russians almost achieved the disarmament of the Ukrainian army. Would it possibly entail securing the Donbass for good?
>>32507 Presumably to get Ukraine to voluntarily agree to terms of surrender or an armistice, as was the objective since the beginning or March. Barring that, to establish a geographical border between Russia and the West to secure Russian assets and integrity. Kharkiv is about the furthest Russia realistically needs to push, but the more damage Russians take, the more concessions they will take too. At the current rate, I imagine the sacking of Donbass region's elite soldiers and the sacking of the city of Odessa robbing Ukraine of their port authority (in part or in full) will be the end result. This of course relegating them to an agricultural landlocked body to the NorthWest of the Dnieper consisting primarily of Poles will be the end result unless someone puts a bullet in Zelensky's head in the next month or the Russians botch this cauldron operation horribly.
>>32508 >as was the objective since the beginning or March. Anon thats bullshit and you know it, the terms were completely unnaeptable and if it had been your country you too would be fighting.
>>32509 >you too would be fighting Come on now, by the first or second week of March they had already pummeled air bases and chomped half of the army using a fraction of their forces and withstanding the sanctions, realistically speaking they knew they were fucked by then. If it had been your country you would've not poked the bear so much, Ukraine is far away from the west or a critical area to play Turkey antics of "neutrality"
>>32513 Yeah sure, better just give your fucking ass to russia. Youre either russian or not european if you dont know what comes next, russia has never, in any point of their history, not niggered around and completely fucked over their vassal states.
Open file (70.13 KB 460x510 gigaslav.png)
>>32514 We all know very well what comes next, yuropoop, and it's going to be glorious.
>>32509 >the terms were completely unnaeptable I dunno men >dont join military alliance that is antagonistic towards us >acknowledge de facto lose of your territory you do not even hold anymore and cannot take back
>>32516 Sure, let out them banning them from joing the EU aswell as demilitarizing their entire country, thats certanly a reasonable thing and not picking it is because jews and globohomo.
>>32509 >you too would be fighting. >fighting for a coked up kike kingpin in kyyyf Yeah, nah. Only idiots would.
>>32517 Thats pointless shit you are supposed to haggle down during negotiations.
>>32519 And you achieve that with fighting and making a victory costly, like finland did and ukraine is doing now. Seriusly, atleast pretend to not be biased.
>>32520 >Finland Except the Finns in the 40s were masters of guerilla warfare and deep defence. Ukraine's strategy seems to be beg America to fund them. Even when they have their sovereignty, they'll be in debt for years.
>>32509 You're getting ahead of yourself, I'd gladly let my country be destroyed, even if it was by slavnigger rushyans.
>>32523 They're not going to be truly sovereign no matter what.
>>32509 >The terms were unacceptable To be clear the term in March were: >Recognize Crimea as Russian >Abide the Minsk agreements and allow the DNR and LNR to be autonomous regions >That still pay taxes and are held to Ukrainian federal demands (conscriptment) but can act independently, much like Chechnya to Russia >Do not join NATO >OR disarm completely if you want to join NATO still, with no NATO troops being stationed in Ukraine without Russian approval They didn't even say anything about all the other bullshit Zelensky did that they wanted ended.
>>32520 >Seriusly, atleast pretend to not be biased. For what purpose? This isn't blue pill central. Only the very wise, and the very brainwashed are 'not biases', and I have doubts about the former.
>>32520 >And you achieve that with fighting and making a victory costly Or you end up looking like a fucking retard to where most of your people are running into Russia's arms because at least the Russians aren't using them as human shields. At this point it really seems like the Ukrainian government thinks the US is going to come in and save them or some shit.
>>32529 Those terms are untenable to a leader who wants nukes and be a regional power like so many other countries. Only Zelensky is able to host Ukraine as the modern cold war fighting ground for free weapons and guaranteed control of the country.
>>32533 Well you don't always get what you want and sometimes you need to learn to take the L because at this point it looks like Russia is going to encircle half their army and no amount of US weapons is going to help that.
>>32530 >Only the very wise Wow, you really eat up all that "this is a figt between based russia and the globohomo" propaganda, dont you? I take it for what it is, your average slav cockfight, and i rather ukraine wins since that suits the interests of my country better.
>>32536 Go live there with jewlensky you hohol sympathizing cocksucker.
>>32537 Why the fuck would i you retarded slav? Im perfectly fine in my own country, the whole "russia is based" argument falls flat on its face when you realize russia is a shithole that has been funding movements to fuck us over and sending over muslim and african refugees from belaruss, youd have to be either russian, communisy or an actual retarded, half/pol/ack feeding on RT to believe such crap.
>no u >NO U Excellent debate, as always.
>>32520 Or, you know, talking shit out at the table and not ignoring the biggest threat in the region. This entire shitshow could be averted with a few simple talks and one guarantee, of ukraine not joining nato. But everyone higher up, especially americans wanted this.
What does /k/ think of the MATADORS allegedly in Mariupol?
>>32545 How would they even get it in, it wouldnt surprise me to see it in other parts of thecountry but mariupol specifically its weird.
>>32548 Well, we have a confirmed reports of some foreign soldiers in there, if the rumors are true and there is nato/french foreign legion advisors in there it would be reasonable to assume they took western arms with them. It is most likely just a misidentification though.
https://archive.ph/9fPib Does Russia even have to "win" the war anymore?
Open file (946.52 KB 601x795 Ukrainian PoW.png)
>>32552 He may have been captured already, but it's hard to tell. It looks like they have the same eye, eyebrow, and nose shape. But the lighting changes the hair and eye color. And the cap makes it nearly impossible to compare the ears and head hair.
>>32554 >Europe doing to itself what Russia should've done already. That's-a spicy meat-ball. As for the war, I hope for nothing less than a landlocked Ukraine that's too poor to do much more than farming. I'd prefer to hear no more of Ukraine in this lifetime after the war, thanks.
>>32554 Tactical suicide doesn't sound as fun anymore, does it.
>>32554 a full embargo will likely lead to sanctioning India or China, I'd doubt either countries would give cheap oil. Europe and US will have to set an example otherwise secondary sanctions will be seen as non-existent.
>>32552 Not buying it. Three days ago they were killing their own for wanting to surrender to the Russians and refused explicit guarantees to let non-officers go free on several occasions.
>>32554 No, they have destroyed the global order just by declaring the war, this war doesnt even matter in the grand scheme of things.
>>32554 Their enemies are doing the work for them at this point. A full embargo is unenforceable. Plus didn't Russia say early on this was an act of war?
>>32554 I'm so thankful that people from countries in Europe and in the United States and Canada got to vote on these issues :?)
>Fuel shortage ended in Kherson - Russian deliveries lowered gasoline prices. The price of gasoline in Kherson reached 100 hryvnias (more than 250 rubles/ 3 dollars). A liter of gasoline at a gas stations now costs around 100 rubles >A liter of gasoline at a gas stations now costs around 100 rubles >100 rubles I for one would welcome our new Russian overlords.
>>32565 war torn kherson gets 1 dollar gas while peaceful europe will be biting the pillow this year just wectern things
>>32554 Finally. It's long past time to nut up or shut up and nutted we have. The second world has a choice to make: Does it prefer Russian oil, or technology, wealth, secure drinking water, etc. from the west. I pray they choose wisely. Now we just need to deliver the Ukrainians plenty heavy weapons and final victory will be assured. >>32563 Putin screams a lot when the day is long. Madmen tend to do that. Maybe he's judokicking shadows while he's at it.
>>32567 >The second world has a choice to make: Does it prefer Russian oil, or technology, wealth, secure drinking water, etc. from the west. >They can have the means to create their own industry and livelihood that lasts even if slightly worse, or rely on gibs meant to keep them as a slave caste for another century with nothing improving I pray they choose wisely as well.
>>32566 Kherson was actually captured liberated without much resistance. Russians have been consolidating there, putting rubles in circulation and buying agricultural goods off populace there for rubles. All of this indicates that they want to keep whole Kherson region, and once combat operations are finished in Donbass, they would have their land bridge to Crimea, as well as securing water supply to Crimea that Ukrainians have been blocking.. Provided all goes according to Russian plans.
>>32568 I wouldnt go that far, what ive noticed is that russian weapons industry shot itself in the foot, now other countries would rather get otan-alligned weapon systems than russian.
>>32567 >Does it prefer Russian oil, or technology, wealth, secure drinking water, etc. from the west false dichotomy. securing a cheap source of energy will secure wealth and development for the future
This war hasn't stopped India from buying S-400s from russia nor did hinder India in anyway from its plan to be deployed by the Indian army in June. >>32570
>>32570 Weapons systems aren't the end goal of a civilization, even if a fun one. Civil infrastructure>weapons.
>>32573 You think thats a new contract? >>32574 No it isnt, homever is the only actual strong industry russia has that isnt export of energy, food or raw resources.
Open file (226.77 KB 608x477 ClipboardImage.png)
>>32567 >final victory will be assured.
>>32540 You side with globoniggers?
>>32578 Russia is globohomo too, or atleast one of the countries that funds them along china, stop being a tool.
Open file (34.85 KB 300x169 shitto reimu.png)
Open file (1.70 MB 4096x2540 FQrkk0-XoAcLJsg.jpg)
Open file (1.40 MB 4096x2752 FQvqlvOXsA4vW58.jpg)
Open file (276.65 KB 1237x1280 FQsmqCfVcAEoNS2.jpg)
Don't know if these maps are accurate but I'll post them
>>32579 Stop being a massive jew, globohomo just sanctioned Russia.
Open file (139.09 KB 1280x959 FQzrDygWYAAOGVj.jpg)
Open file (252.42 KB 1280x959 FQzrDybWYAE4yg0.jpg)
Open file (300.61 KB 1280x959 FQzrDybXEAISKIF.jpg)
Open file (291.78 KB 1280x959 FQzrDyaWQAAo9k1.jpg)
>>32247 >>That damaged KFC.
>>32582 If theres one thing i love about modern war coverage, is mapfaggotry, i still have fond memories of the syrian civil war. >>32585 >he falls for the theatrics Literal cuckchanner.
>>32586 This is direct assault on Freedom and American values. Vlad had gone too far.
>>32559 >will likely lead to sanctioning India or China You cannot have a trade war when there is no trade. >BigThink.jpg
>>32586 That pattern on the glass in pic 2 looks quite aesthetic.
>>32588 I remember when that one iranian guy started that shooting near a mcdonalds in germany, I'll never forget the cnn headliner "terrorists launch deadly attack on mcdonalds"
>>32567 How about getting cheap oil from Russia and cheap tech from Shina?
>>32599 Do Americans have innate reflex to go to McDonald's when feel confused and threatened?
>>32586 On second thought why are the bullet holes staring back at me.
>>32599 dog bles >visited France a few years ago >went to the same roadside McDonald's twice while going to and from Normandy
>>32587 >Accuses others of cuckchannery just fucking lol >theatrics Gee what are sanctions then? fake?
>>32586 I guess putin figured the best way to keep the US out of ukraine was to attack US supply lines.
Open file (24.67 KB 128x128 1588462358-0.gif)
NEW WAVE OF SANCTIONS >The Treasury Department’s sanctions arm designated the commercial bank Transkapitalbank, which has operations in China and the Middle East. >Transkapitalbank is a Russian privately owned commercial bank which the U.S. says has helped sanctioned clients process dollar payments, by providing an alternative communication channel to SWIFT — the dominant system for global financial transactions. >Treasury also targeted people and companies led by U.S.-designated Russian oligarch Konstantin Malofeyev — the founder of a Russian Orthodox news channel, Tsargrad TV. >Digital currency firm Bitriver AG and 10 of its subsidiaries were included in Wednesday’s package of sanctions from Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control. >“The United States is committed to ensuring that no asset, no matter how complex, becomes a mechanism for the Putin regime to offset the impact of sanctions, https://www.wmbfnews.com/2022/04/20/us-targets-cryptocurrency-firms-latest-russian-sanctions/
>>32560 I think it's only the Nazi units with orders to execute whosoever attempts surrendering to the Russians. It's an A+ way of breeding traitors freedom fighters in the AFU, if you ask me. But I believe Zelensky is foolish enough to put such a division in his own military. >>32606 >Targeting people who are evading sanctions. >Evading sanctions means already having nothing to do with who is sanctioning you. The West is out of options.
>>32607 The West has only one trick and one pony show - that is to repeat Pearl Harbor. I pray that adding Finland/Sweden to NATO isn't that.
>>32554 It'll make more sense to prolong conflict just by how much money Russia/OPEC will be making while the West suffers. Even discounting oil heavily after it rises in price will bring in more money then Russia knows what to do with.
>>32609 Something tells me that Russia will need every scrap of that money in the coming years. Let's hope it'll be spent with very great precision.
>>32606 I'm economically ignorant, can someone explain these endless sanctions to me? The US is mad that Russian businesses are seeking alternative operations elsewhere? I thought that was the point? Does the US expect Russian business owners and bankers to just sit on their hands and wait for death. I'm confused.
>>32561 >No, they have destroyed the global order just by declaring the war Well, then they have my vote Strelok. The Globohomo is a Satanic, rotten evil to it's filthy core. Are 'ya winning yet, son?
>>32586 >That damaged KFC. DASSRAYCISS
>>32597 >I'll never forget the cnn headliner "terrorists launch deadly attack on mcdonalds" Kek, I missed that. Well they say that 'any press is good press'. >inb4 turns out the McD franchise owner arranged for the attack personally
>>32599 Hilarious. Maybe this really is Clown World.
Open file (916.57 KB 1020x960 pure_Cohencidence_A.png)
Open file (1.11 MB 1028x1040 pure_Cohencidence_B.png)
>>32606 >Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control. >Jews jewing jews You'd think the globohomo would at least try to be a little less conspicuous about their underhanded natures tbh. I guess the normalcattle good shabbos-goyim response to the coronahoax means they can just relax about it all and not GAF about optics any further?
Open file (6.39 MB 1280x720 Gachimuchi country.webm)
>>32618 That would be laughable if it wasn't so disgusting. Surreal. I freely admit I was pretty ignorant about the Ukraine. I thought mostly that they were just a small Slavic country with cute young women wearing those nice colorful costumes, dancing, singing, and putting wreaths around the necks of Cosmonauts. The reality has turned out to be pretty wretched in fact. Fuck the globohomo and their usurpers and corrupters! I just hope Vladimir & Co. can save most of it somehow. Shame to lose that wonderful traditional culture.
>>32616 >Maybe Oh we have such sights to show you.
>>32567 >Now we just need to deliver the Ukrainians plenty heavy weapons and final victory will be assured. Russia will never stop fighting. The longer the war goes on the more of Ukraine that will be destroyed and it's people killed. Worse the more material support that NATO gives Ukraine the greater the chance that Russia will consider NATO an actual belligerent in the war rather than just merely a supporter of Ukraine.
>>32619 Gachimuchi IS traditional internet culture. What makes that webm clown world is Russian talk shows seriously debating internet memes, not the existence of the memes.
>>32622 OK, I'll admit that faggots is certainly not a welcome meme to me (or most Anons) one way or the other. BTW I wasn't technically bemoaning the existence of faggots or their troon subsect attempting to destroy the Internet, but rather the loss of the charming old Ukrainian culture at the hands of the Globohomo kikes. I would have thought that was clear. Both they and the faggots will bring their own curse on their own heads. Fuck them both.
https://archive.ph/y3PJA >It is expected to be effective in destroying enemy strategic targets around the globe with kinetic impact energy and without the use of the nuclear warhead. That can't be right can it? Exactly how fast is this missile suppose to be going?
Sanctioning China is equivalent to the ultimate end of the west. >>32612 >Does the US expect Russian business owners and bankers to just sit on their hands and wait for death. I'm confused. They say they are putting pressure on russians so they will assassinate Putler. Of course with no guarantees of ever lifting sanctions once Putin is gone.
Open file (8.35 MB 2000x3736 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (60.30 KB 595x326 ClipboardImage.png)
>>32515 >can't even fucking take a city within 50 km of its border >thinks he can take on Europe I'd love to see you try, vatnik. >>32537 >noooooo you can't defend your nation from a country that tried to destabilize and annex you for 8 years Greetings lahtanigger. >>32578 >b-buh what about muh globohomo At this point I want to see PidoRussia have another 1991 style collapse just to spite useful internet retards like yourself. Go back to 4kike's /pol/, cum /chug/ger >>32624 >more russian wunderwaffe These fucks can't even maintain their own military. I can't even imagine the current state of their nuclear missiles. >t-t-t-t-they're nazis ok >ok stop bully rasha they're nazis ok >590 gorirllion spent on russophobia to bully russia >we dont NEED azovstal we just wanted to kill >a bunch of civilians and control 80% of the city after 2 months of fighting ok >if they defend the city it means they are using civilians as human shield ok, its not our subhuman rape hordes that are at fault ok >rossiya dindu nuffin ok
Open file (134.70 KB 512x512 file_94678775.jpg)
>>32626 Delicious amounts of hohlocope.
Apperantly Russians have declared Mariupol liberated city, but Putin canceled frontal assault on the factory and catacombs beneath. He stated however, that full blockade will be set up, and that airforce and artillery will still conduct stories. So, I guess it's starving time.
>>32628 Good, there's no point to trying to storm the catacombs while there are numerous options that give Azov a slow dog's death instead.
Open file (436.11 KB 528x874 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (884.74 KB 823x1000 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (3.65 MB 1600x1229 ClipboardImage.png)
>>32627 >h-hohol cope... Nigger what is there to even cope about, vatnik-kun? You literally lost your flagship to a country that doesn't even have a functioning navy. For the past 168 years, your military has been a pile of shit historically that was only able to throw bodies at the other side until they give in, and every neighboring country has only contempt for your disgusting degenerative kind. Monke then, Monke now Here's an article too. > THE ECONOMIST, October 14th, 1854 > perennial sources of Russian weakness >A YEAR ago we ventured to hint that it might be worthwhile for Europe to go to war with Russia for the sake of information — in order to ascertain that is whether her strength was that of the bully or the giant — whether she was really entitled to dictate and domineer as she habitually did — whether, in a word, she was mighty in virtue of her own inherent force, or only in virtue of the ignorant timidity of her foes and rivals. We pointed out several notable sources of weakness in her institutions; we directed attention to the fact that nearly all her great acquisitions had been secured not by fighting but by bullying and intriguing; that diplomacy and not war had always been her favorite weapon; that she kept up such an enormous army on paper that all secondary States had arrived at the conclusion that resistance to her will was hopeless, but that in general she bad carefully abstained from coming into actual armed collision with any first rate Power. We expressed an opinion, too, that there was no reason whatever to suppose that her armies were as effective now as in 1815, when they were supported by the subsidies of England and trained and disciplined by wars with France; and we ventured to surmise that when they came into actual conflict with competent forces and skillful commanders they would exhibit a degree of feebleness and failure that would cause general amazement. >Our suspicions have been more than realized. We know now that even in 1829, when the Russian troops came into collision with none but raw and half-trained Turkish recruits, who had abandoned their old costume and mode of fighting, and had not yet got accustomed to its substitute, they were so far from achieving victory that they were only saved from utter annihilation by a treaty which the Ambassadors at Constantinople, in Ignorance of the facts, persuaded the Sultan Into signing, and which the Sultan, in equal ignorance, was terrified into believing necessary. Since then, the Circassian mountaineers have set at naught the whole forces of the Russian Empire for nearly a quarter of a century, and have destroyed army after army, at the rate, it is said, of 29,000 men per annum. No sooner did the present war with Turkey break out, than a host of similar facts, all pointing to the same conclusion, came to light. The Russians were the aggressors and ought to have been the best prepared: in fact for mouths we had heard of the vast armies which were pouring into the Principalities or converging from all parts of the Empire towards the seat of war. The Ottoman forces were supposed to be inferior in numbers, and no one had any confidence in their power of withstanding their Muscovite assailants. Yet in nearly every engagement, whether fighting behind their own entrenchments, as at Saida, or storming those of the enemy, as at Csitate—whether crossing the river to attack, as at Giurgevo, or preventing the passage, as at ltutschuk—they were signally and sanguinary victorious; and at Silistria they sustained and repelled assaults behind mud walls as none but Spaniards have ever done before. >>Everywhere the Russians were defeated by inferior numbers. At Bomarsund they appear to have surrendered far more easily than was decorous, though ultimate surrender was no doubt Inevitable. While at Alibis, though they were In a position deemed impregnable, and though they seem for a while to have fought bard, yet in three hours they were driven front entrenchments which their commander expected them to be able to make good for three weeks. We most admit, certainly, that against the elite of the French and English armies fighting side by side, no fortifications and no troops could hold out long, or hope for final success; but still none anticipated so speedy or signal a defeat. >This unexpected weakness of Russia in military matters arises from four concurring causes, of which three are inherent in her system, and, if not absolutely incurable, are at nest little likely to be cured. >
>>32629 Based
Open file (339.96 KB 556x825 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (66.06 KB 399x382 daoffice.jpg)
Part 2/ >In the first place, the nature of the country and the want of roads. Her resources may be vast, but they are scattered and remote. Her forces may be immense, but they are necessarily in great measure distant from the scene of action. The very extent of her territory is against her. Her capital is a thousand miles from her most menaced and unquiet provinces. It takes three months, sometimes six months, to convey her troops to the districts where their presence is required. There are no railroad, and scarcely any common roads to convey them. They have to march--and what is worse, to drag baggage, ammunition, and artillery—over inhospitable and uncultivated steppes, scantily inhabited and affording few resources for even peaceful traveler. In no country could railways be so cheaply or easily constructed ; in no country are they so peculiarly and urgently needed;—yet only two, we believe, exist as yet, and few others are projected. Hence. when war is declared, a whole campaign will elapse before reinforcements can arrive at the place where they are needed. This will explain why the vast armies of Osten-Sacken and other Generals, which were announced as on their march to the Danube nearly a year ago, never reached that river at all; why of the 150,000 or 200,000 men who, we are told, occupied the Principalities, more than 70,000 never could be got together; and why we only find 50,000 troops in the Crimea, though nine months since it was proclaimed that reinforcements to the number if 70,000 had been ordered thither. The fact is, that thousands die or fall sick on the road; thousands more lag behind or desert; and those who do reach their destination reach it in an enfeebled condition and after incalculable and often irretrievable delays. >>Secondly. The Russian armies are often armies on paper only. Not only are their numbers far fewer than are stated in official returns and paid for out of the official purse, but they are notoriously ill-provided with everything necessary to the effective action of a soldier. The colonels of regiments and officers of the commissariat have a direct interest la having as large a number on the books and as small a number in the field as possible, in as much as they pocket the pay and rations of the difference between these figures. They have an interest also in the men being as inadequately fed and clothed as possible,—inasmuch as they pocket the difference between the sum allowed and the sum expended on the soldiers' rations and accoutrements. The Emperor provides (or believes he does) for the food, clothing, lodgings, arms and ammunition of 5 or 600,000 men, but every one of these who is or can be made non-existent is worth two or three hundred rubles to some dishonest official or officer; every pair of shoes or great coat intercepted from the wretched soldier is a bottle of champagne for the ensign or the major; every ammunition wagon which Is paid for by Government, but not provided, is a handsome addition to the salary of the captain or the contractor. Robbery and peculation of this sort is universal, in every rank, in every district, In every branch. It runs through every department In the Empire; and its operation upon the efficiency of the military service may be easily imagined and cannot be easily exaggerated. This horrible and fatal system originates in two sources—both, we fear, nearly hopeless, and certainly inherent In Russian Autocracy;—the rooted dishonesty of the national character, and the incurable inadequacy of despotic power. >>Cheating, bribery, peculation pervade the whole tribe of officials, and are, in fact, the key-note and characteristic of the entire administration. There seems to be no conscience, and not much concealment, about it. The officers are ill paid, and of course pay themselves. Regard for truth or integrity has no part in the Russian character. We have heard those who know them well say that there are only three honest men in the Empire: Woronzow is one, Nesselrode another—and men differ about the name of the third. We have heard statesmen, who strongly incline towards a Muscovite alliance, say that the Russians are liars above all things: it is their specialty. Then the power of the Autocrat, absolute as it is and vigorously as it is exercised, Is utterly insufficient to meet the evil. What can a despot do who has no instruments that can be trusted? There is no middle class who pay the taxes and insist upon knowing how they are expended. There is no free Press, with its penetrating and omniscient vigilance, to compel honesty and drag offenders to light and retribution. There is only one eye over all, and that eye can of course see only a small corner of this vast Empire. What the Emperor looks at, or can visit, is well done: everything else is neglected or abused. It is the common and inevitable story, wherever you have centralization and barbarism combined. >>Thirdly. The common soldiers, brave and hardy as they are, devoted to their Czar, and careless of privation, have no love of their profession, and no interest in the object of the war. If we except the household regiments, who are near the person of the Emperor, the Russian private has no zeal for glory, no taste for lighting, no pleasure in bold and exciting enterprises. He is a serf, seized by the conscription, and condemned to hopeless slavery for life. He is torn from his family and his land, drilled by the knout, neglected by his officers, fed on black bread, where fed at all, always without comforts, often without shoes. How can such troops be expected to make h,—we do not say against French enthusiasm, we do not say against British resolution, we do not say against fanatical and hardy mountaineers, like Schamyl and his warriors,— but even against courageous and well-fed Turks, lighting for their country and their faith, and officered by competent commanders? We need not wonder to read that at Olteuitza and Silistria the Russians had to be driven on to the assault with menaces and blows; that general officers had to sacrifice their lives in an unprecedented manner in order to encourage the soldiers to make head against the foe; and that the prisoners of war begged, as a mercy, to be permitted to enlist in the army that had captured them rather than return to misery by being exchanged. >>Lastly. There is another source of weakness in the Russian Empire. That vast State is in a great measure composed of the spoils which she has torn from surrounding nations. She is a patchwork of filched and unamalgamated materials. Her frontier provinces are filled with injured, discontented, hostile populations, whom, being unable to reconcile to her rule, she has endeavored to enfeeble and to crush; and many of whom wait, with more or less of patience and desire, the blessed day of emancipation and revenge. Sweden has never forgiven Russia the seizure of Finland; nor do we hear that the Finns are enamored a their new connection. On the contrary, our newspapers last week were busy with the squabbles between our Finnish and Russian prisoners of war. the Germans of Livonia are not yet thoroughly amalgamated ; and what Poland is and longs to be, we need not say. The ruined Boyards of Bessarabia curse the day which transferred them to the Russian scepter ; and the Danuban Principalities tremble at the prospect of a similar fate. How the Crimea was won and how treated, we described in a recent number (Sept. 2). The Tartars of that province (who still, in spite of every effort, constitute half the population), though languid and inactive, are quite unreconciled, have received our troops with a ready welcome, and would gladly shake off the yoke of their infidel conquerors, and resume their ancestral grandeur under Turkish suzerainty. The Don Cossacks hate Russia with a perfect hatred, for she has violated their privileges and customs, and yearly drains off their youth to be sacrificed in a war which they detest. Since the great Roman Empire, probably no State ever enfolded to many bitter enmities within its embrace, or was girt with such a circle of domestic foes. Three disastrous campaign; and all this suppressed and smoldering animosity would in all likelihood break forth, and leave external enemies nothing to do and little to desire. >>Now, these last three sources of Russian weakness are perennial. They belong to her as a despotism, as a centralized administration, as an Empire formed by conquest and unconsolidated and unsecured by conciliation. Until, therefore, her whole system be changed; till an honest middle class has been created; till her Government be liberalized and de-centralized; till a free Press be permitted and encouraged to unveil and denounce abuses; and till the rights and feelings of annexed territories be habitually respected, we do not think that Russia need henceforth be considered as formidable for aggression. She has seen unmasked; and it will be the fault of Europe if it dreads her, or submits to be bullied by her, any longer. tl:dr >was known by the world to be incapable of honesty >could only wield diplomatic power by lying about the capability of its military >was shit at logistics and lost wars because of it >was rife with corruption and officers pocketing military funds >had a military made of conscripts who were treated like shit and forced to fight >>32629 >w-we didn't need azovstal anyways!
Open file (164.42 KB 512x512 file_94678772.jpg)
>>32630 >>32632 >all this mess written by an eternal anglo of all people
Open file (286.91 KB 864x725 E7ONdZAXMAAYIvX.jpg)
Open file (374.23 KB 1200x1199 img-20170129-122953-986.jpg)
>>32623 Nigger what do you think culture actually is if not just a bunch of in-jokes that get out of hand? If anything, I want this MORE than I want a George Floyd memorial on every street. Gachimuchi actually had an impact on life, whereas the dindu will just be forgotten in a few years. I want a Gachimuchi Square in my city too. >>32618 I think we ought to call this Post-Politics, as in post modern politics that are so detached from the real issues that they become issue themselves
Open file (164.54 KB 499x347 holeefuk.png)
>>32633 >ignoring the fact that current "special military operation" in Ukraine all the elements of all of Russia's biggest failures combined to one entity. Those being endemic theft and corruption, incompetence, underestimation of the enemy, the desire to correct the shaken popularity with a small victorious war. Unlike Russia, the eternal anglo has benefited civilization, despite whatever internet contrarians claim or state. The point here is to show you that the cadre system has deep pre-Soviet roots, and to show that Russia's military has been quite nothing more than a paper bear.
>>32628 >Take women and children as hostages so you cannot be just smoked out of a bunker without enemy commiting warcrimes >die because same hostages eat out the food supplies that were prepared in case of siege. Pottery. >>32635 Have a (you), you seem desperate for it.
Open file (902.30 KB 1000x1198 preforate of albion.png)
Open file (1.42 MB 1024x2048 wilson.jpg)
>>32636 >pointing out facts means you're trolling 'The Great Game' is hundreds of years old, anon
>>32636 Chances are there aren't even any hostages there, and that given the lack of food they'd just cannibalize each other starting with NATO instructors. Which would be even more poetic. I've also heard it has been proposed to flood the Azov dungeons with either sea water or Mariupol's sewage.
Open file (1.22 MB 540x330 moneymoneymoney.gif)
>>32612 >can someone explain these endless sanctions to me? In short... 1) The political elite (oligarchs) of Russia store the vast majority of their wealth in foreign investments. 2) Russia trades industrial, farm, and raw goods and resources for most of their nice things not completely true but accurate enough. 3) Russia is globally known as a good creditor & debtor because they have historically paid back both their loans and the loans of their surrounding Eastern European neigh ors when said neighbors nig out and refuse to pay back loans. Therefore the sanctions aim to strip Russia's political elite of capital abroad so that they will act against the state's interests domestically. Similarly the West is still hoping that Russians have grown soft (they haven't) and the shortage of luxury goods will make Russian citizens rise up in color revolutions against Putin (the opposite has happened because Russians over 25 are not stupid, in conjunction with state media dominating the narrative in Russia). Secondarily the sanctions hope to force Russia to redirect their wealth assets that would be used to fund the military back into domestic uses because America and London forgot Russia has enough wealth assets in reserves to fund about six months worth of war without touching the state budget.
Open file (33.24 KB 453x500 jej.jpg)
>>32639 >Russia is globally known as a good creditor & debtor because they have historically paid back both their loans and the loans of their surrounding Eastern European neigh ors when said neighbors nig out and refuse to pay back loans.
>>32623 >Anon doesn't like gachimuchi
>>32628 Good. Azov dug their own graves, might as well let them sleep in them the good old fashioned way with a good famine-until-surrender with no hope of escape.
>>32639 So how come the ruble is steadily increasing in value? Is it just artificial state stabilization that keeps it going or is it actually sustainable in the long run? I too am economically illiterate so any explanation would be welcomed.
>>32630 >Slavs kill slavs indiscriminately >But for some reason they rely on diplomacy more than war Pick one.
Open file (297.38 KB 1920x1080 1649636501457-1.jpg)
>>32643 >So how come the ruble is steadily increasing in value? While I would like to say this is because the sanctions backfired, the reality is that there were a combination of factors in which the Russian state unilaterally froze international transfer of rubles for other currencies abroad while offering to buy rubles that were in circulation internationally using the Euros that they had acquired through oil trade at lower-than-market trading levels. Lower-than-market was better than worthless money so many nations cashed out their rubles which drove the price of the ruble back up since fewer rubles were in circulation. Basically the value of the ruble has remained stable because it is "frozen" to keep it out of freefall, but it isn't in circulation like it had been previously and will likely see a massive loss once circulation of the currency abroad resumes. On the plus side this means that domestically the purchasing power of the ruble has increased (you can buy two loaves of bread for the price of one), but on the downside it means Russia is experiencing a shortage of luxury goods unless it comes from China so there are huge price disparities emerging for things bought abroad when they can even be acquired at all. Think how you have to spend about $30-$80 on shipping no matter how cheap the goods are you are importing from Japan and that describes virtually everything that isn't essential goods in Russia right now. If Russia claims Southern Ukraine, then the short-term drop in rue prices will be meaningless since Russia can just hold the world by the balls with food shortages until they comply with Russian demands in exchange for oil/wheat. If Russia fails to claim Southern Ukraine, then you'll see Russians unable to afford anything except gas and wheat for the next decade or two.
>>32645 Thanks anon, much appreciated. From what I've seen, looks like Russians want to take and hold everything up to and including Kherson. I have no idea what they plan for Odessa and Mykolaiv. Could be on the menu later in the war, depending on how Donbass operation plays out. It would be foolish just to settle for Donbass and Crimea.
Open file (190.53 KB 960x960 justsayin.jpg)
>>32644 >slavs kill slavs >article is clearly talking about the Crimean War
>>32624 It's a hypersonic missile. What the article meant is it gives Russia the ability to strike strategic targets (such as a military base) without arming the ICBM with nukes which is considered standard practice. Basically they are saying "we can now afford to launch missiles around the world without having to nuclear arm them to make it worth the effort." It creates a sense of unease in their enemies because they won't know if the ICBM launched contains a nuke or a conventional explosive, meaning the onus is on the defending country to declare MAD in the event of a Russian ICBM launch since it is no longer confirmable whether nukes were used until it has already struck the target. America's response will likely consist of "all ICBMs will be treated as nukes" which will weaken their political positions abroad, not that the burgers have much else to lose at this point.
>>32645 There's however the problem presented by the US. Nominally AFAIK they do not export or import much to/from Russia, but they will be hard pressed to reinstate those licensing agreements for digital or military shit. Also Airline companies won't play ball with the Ruskies unless they pay back the airliners they stole. Basically for the most part the economy in Russia is completely fine, but a few sectors (digital, aerospace, banking and automotive) are going to get absolutely terrible. Even assuming that Europe come to their senses and stop their own sanctions, America will set their technology back to the 90s unless Russia further develops their own tech industry. My own propaganda dictates that this is very hard as a mix of low birth rates, high emigration from Russia and most of the tecchies leaving or ratting out their own people (apparently there's a bunch of laws that allow Russians in tech industries to avoid conscription and even get govt gibs if they work for Russia, which many are refusing because the West pays better) make it seem impossible. Although, again, this is just what I know. It's also likely that in the coming months the political split in Russia will be between rural areas and the elderly vs youngsters and European-lite cities like St. Petersburg.
Also, I know this is pretty much impossible on an anonymous message board where the biggest incentive is to try and sow anti-propaganda to dishearten your ideological opponent, but I believe that we should really strive to just discuss the objective events as they're currently unfolding with the idea that we do not currently know the ultimate victor, rather than pointless posturing over which of the oh so democratically elected governments involved in the slapfight is the more just one. For all intents and purposes, this whole ordeal could have been avoided if the Ukies had more political experience and the Russians weren't so terrified of a toothless expansion by NATO. At any rate, what do you guys think will be the foreign policy of European nations, going forward? Seems to me that the Americans are just going to flipflop between Neoconservatism during bellicose times and Isolationism during anti-Imperialist times, but Europe right now failed their second big spot check (I always assumed that Brexit would have destroyed it but ironically the pandemic hurt the Anglos more than anyone else and apparently even strengthened the trust in the EU). It feels like the EU will be relegated to the dustbin of history while NATO resurfaces as a decrepit yet influential body.
>>32645 You forgot some things, like >russia destroying petrodollar >russia stabilizing ruble by deciding to only sell gas in it to euro countries >euro countries that do not have any way to obtain equivalent resources in needed amounts, so they MUST hold ruble even if eu throws a fit >russia still having unrestricted trade with china >you know the place where west shifted all of their industry and cannot be sanctioned >russia having all the necessery things for survival and even thriving while euros get 185$+/barrel oil (if they can get it.) Basically we are far more fucked by sanctions then russia is
>>32651 Yes most of those are irrelevant to the ruble's price with the exception of #2 which Putin isn't even enforcing because the Euros are still useful for buying rubles abroad. The way it currently works is the companies are paying in Euros except now to the specific Russian bank, which Russia transfers to rubles internally (those rubles don't exist), then uses those Euros to buy more rubles to keep the price of the ruble up, but nobody is actually trading in rubles. >China China is able to prop up the automotive industry for Russia and financial industry prior to the new round of sanctions targeting Russian businesses in Asia, however China makes cheap commodities. I've stated most of your claims in the past and I don't disagree with them, but ultimately those were just explanations for why the sanctions aren't harming Russia domestically. Anon was asking about the ruble's purchasing power abroad.
>>32649 If anything those sanctions may have been the best thing since sliced bread for Russia's tech sector since even having a Russian name is now a stigma in the West. I'm curious to see if the Western approach will be to snipe Russian tech experts the way they did with Belarus when Lukashenko ousted whatsherface or to double down which would be disastrous for Russia short-term but give them a chance to build up that industry more. Allegedly the Russians are producing their own microprocessors because of some nasty fights over Georgia and Crimea with the tech sector in the past, so they might use that as leverage in the coming months.
>>32650 I might seem pro-Russian by virtue of seeing Ukrainians as dishonourable they were notorious for stealing technology from the West and stealing oil from the East like slavic watermelon salesmen long before this war, but for the most part I'm more interested in observing the facts as-is. Both sides are terrible, just for different reasons. The bias everywhere else is to make Russia into the devil so I am going to have some level of sympathy when looking at the Russian perspective. I'm just enjoying the war while speculating on how fucked I am here in burgerland far away from the conflict.
>>32628 >Apperantly Russians have declared Mariupol liberated city, Makes sense. Azovstal is the final place with organized resistance. There is still fighting here and there throughout the city. But it's all from small and isolated pockets that are mostly surrendering anyway. Better to just seal and cover the exits to the Azovstal bunkers and starve Azov to death. Reportedly there are also 400 foreign mercenaries in the Azovstal bunkers too. I'd be hilarious to have the mercs and Azov kill each other over dwindling food and water supplies.
Is a city really liberated when there's almost nothing left standing?
Some nighttime FLIR action. So it's regular army fight by day, and Spetsnaz culling by night.
>>32657 Is that from the Eastern front? IIRC the Ukrainians retreated to the woods and were running ambush tactics so this could be one of the few ways the Russians are countering that.
>>32658 I thing I read something along the lines of "Iziyum front". There are few pro Russian telegram threads where this kind of videos pup up.
>>32659 Yeah. Last I checked the Russians had pincered a town a little bit SouthWest of Izium, so the forces were holding out near there in the forests by running ambush tactics so the Russians wouldn't feel safe going any further. It's probably more effective to pick off the Ukrainians at night until there's a change on the battlefield than to shell the entire forest since it's largely infantry anyways.
Open file (2.29 MB 300x165 000.gif)
I put this article here. >>32660 (industry wrestle with how to boost weapons production for Ukraine), talks about supply chain and labor issues.
>Russia rejected the Easter truce. >The Kremlin rejected the Easter truce, which was so hoped for in Kyiv. >Moscow made the right decision, since Kyiv hoped to use the truce to organize a regrouping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. >The Kremlin's decision suggests that during the special military operation, Russia will not make any concessions with Ukraine regarding the grouping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbass. Good. As if a country run by a Synagogue of Satan's blood member would observe the Resurrection holiday.
>>32662 >NATO is gonna keep pouring in weapons into Ukraine So instead of just demilitarizing Ukraine, Russians are gonna have to depopulate it. Neat.
Open file (1.49 MB 256x256 sensible chuckle.gif)
>>32662 >Tease World War III against Russia/China/maybe India. >Dip into your reserves before the new Cold War gets hot. >Can't sustainably replace what you're using up in 'peace' time. >And be years behind in achieving sustainable replacement.
Open file (303.77 KB 500x374 whatsthatsmell.png)
>>32628 >>32642 >t. retards its a cold war nuclear bunker complex meant to house 40k people and has been prepared with food water ammunition and medicine since 2014 it is not going to get starved out the only way to break it would be to fully secure the mill (which would cost so many casualties even putin refuses it) and pump gas down the ventilation shafts (which would immediately trigger nato intervention)
The US is preparing for another $800 million military aid package, the details haven't been announced but I assume it's similar to last week's package.
>Russian State Duma (lower chamber of parliament) committees will reconsider the necessity of further membership of Russia in the WTO (World Trade Organization), IMF (International Monetary Fund) and WHO (World Health Organization). >In another news, allegedly Ukraine will request additional 5 billion dollars a month to keep its economy and military functional.
Open file (65.16 KB 402x460 whysmug.png)
>>32667 It could be a cold war bunker for 6 gorillion people complete with delousing shower facilities and enough food to last 10,000 years for all I give a shit. They don't need to break it, they just need Azov to stay in their stinking holes like the goblins they are instead of participating in the war. They can try them as war criminals after Russia has diverted their troops and won large swaths of Ukrainian territory in other parts of the country. Azov is neutralized in Mariupol. The bodies are just warm still since they haven't realized they're dead men.
>>32671 >Have 'invincible' defensive position that cannot be taken without the other guy suffering 10:1 losses (or whatever.) >The other guy just goes around it. Heh.
Open file (38.55 KB 590x308 Bez tytułu.png)
>>32668 Possible details >so much arty
>>32667 >trigger nato intervention Strelok, i'm pretty sure that is inevitable anyway
>>32618 I guess they do deserve to get nuked.
>>32619 >retarded boomer misses the joke entirely
Open file (66.04 KB 1198x675 Five_eyes_flag.jpeg)
>Eight cybersecurity authorities from the Five Eye nations have come together to release a joint cybersecurity advisory that more malicious cyber activity is on the way as Russia's invasion of Ukraine continues to affect geopolitical stability. >The advisory is a joint warning by the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, US National Security Agency, Australian Cyber Security Centre, Canadian Centre for Cyber Security, New Zealand's National Cyber Security Centre, UK National Cyber Security Centre, and the UK National Crime Agency. >They said that some cybercrime and cyber threat groups have recently publicly pledged support for the Russian government in light of its invasion into Ukraine. These Russian-aligned cybercrime groups have threatened to conduct cyber operations in retaliation for perceived cyber offensives against the Russian government and the Russian people, the advisory states. >Some groups have also threatened to conduct cyber operations against countries and organisations providing materiel support to Ukraine, while other groups have conducted disruptive attacks against Ukrainian websites as well. >Among the identified cybercrime groups that have aligned with the Russian government are The CoomingProject, Killnet, Mummy Spider, Salty Spider, Scully Spider, Smokey Spider, Wizard Spider, and the Xaknet Team. >Meanwhile, Primitive Bear and Venomous Bear have been flagged as Russian-aligned cyber threat groups that have not been attributed to the Russian government. >Since the Ukraine invasion, the Five Eye cybersecurity authorities have also detected malicious cyber operations against IT networks from various Russian government entities. These include the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), including FSB's Center 16 and Center 18, the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, Russian General Staff Main Intelligence Directorate, GRU's Main Center of Special Technologies, Russian Ministry of Defense, and the Central Scientific Institute of Chemistry and Mechanics. >In light of this malicious activity, the Five Eyes cybersecurity authorities have urged critical infrastructure network defenders to prepare for potential cyber threats -- including destructive malware, ransomware, DDoS attacks, and cyber espionage -- by hardening their cyber defences and performing due diligence in identifying indicators of malicious activity. >To protect against this growing cyber threat landscape, the Five Eyes authorities have called for organisations to immediately take four precautions. >The first is to update software, including operating systems, applications, and firmware, on IT network assets. According to the Five Eyes authorities this would entail prioritising patching known exploited vulnerabilities and critical and high vulnerabilities that allow for remote code execution or denial-of-service on internet-facing equipment. They also recommended for IT networks to consider using a centralised patch management system and for OT networks to use a risk-based assessment strategy to determine the OT network assets and zones that should participate in patch management programs. >The second precaution is to enforce multi-factor authentication to the greatest extent possible and require accounts with password logins, including service accounts, to have strong passwords. The remaining two calls for organisations to provide end-user awareness training and for users of remote desktop protocols to secure and monitor these more risky protocols closely. >RDP exploitation is one of the top initial infection vectors for ransomware, and risky services, including RDP, can allow unauthorized access to your session using an on-path attacker," the advisory states. >Prior to this warning, US President Joe Biden had already urged local organisations last month to bolster their cyber defence efforts as Russia has been considering conducting cyber attacks in retaliation to sanctions imposed against the country for its invasion into Ukraine. >"Russia could conduct malicious cyber activity against the United States, including as a response to the unprecedented economic costs we've imposed on Russia alongside our allies and partners. It's part of Russia's playbook," Biden said at the time. >"My administration is reiterating those warnings based on evolving intelligence that the Russian government is exploring options for potential cyber attacks." https://www.zdnet.com/article/five-eyes-advisory-warns-more-malicious-russian-cyber-activity-incoming/
>>32678 >>Among the identified cybercrime groups that have aligned with the Russian government are The CoomingProject, Killnet, Mummy Spider, Salty Spider, Scully Spider, Smokey Spider, Wizard Spider, and the Xaknet Team. Never heard of any of these. What are the chances they are just made up to secire more funding?
>>32648 It seems to imply that the ICBM will be moving fast enough for the "warhead" to function as a kinetic kill device that will have enough force to destroy a target from speed alone. How fast do hypersonic missiles travel? According to what I've read hyper sonic starts at Mach 5 which translates to 3806 mph. Where as something like Meteor Crater was created by an object moving at 29,000 mph. Even something moving at Mach 20 only gets you to 15224 mph. You have to get around something like Mach 40 to get the same level of speed and Meteor Crater was excavated by an object considerably larger than something like a tungsten "warhead" that I'm guessing could at max be no more than a few meters long. Specifically it was a house sized asteroid made of solid iron and nickle. I have doubts.
>>32664 >So instead of just demilitarizing Ukraine, Russians are gonna have to depopulate it. Well of course. US/NATO doesn't give a fuck about Ukraine. The US would execute every single Ukrainian themselves if that some how would translate into Russia being under western control.
>>32682 I'm not seeing your implication that the payload is what they are talking about in the article, friend.
>>32682 For one thing, ICBMs do move at ~15000 mph. It's a near-orbital trajectory, so it's moving at near-orbital speeds. But more importantly, Meteor Crater is a pretty extreme thing to compare to. Even nukes would look weak against that sort of impact. You don't need to dig a kilometer-wide hole to have a major effect.
>>32681 I think Xaknet Team does exist. but I not sure about the rest of the names as I can't find anyone else as the rest could fakes . According to russian sources Xaknet was responsible for Deanonymization of Ukrainian servicemen and Gaining access to 220 thousand WI-FI routers in Ukraine.
Open file (212.20 KB 1869x973 1650528028426.png)
>>32686 I guess if they are talking nukes in the <10kt range I could see it. Even the MOAB is only 11 ton equivalency and most briefcase nukes start in the 5-10kt+ range so it's hard to take the implication of nuclear-tier damage seriously.
>>32688 The only thing the pro-Russian side has said in past threads was that the Russian advances were pretty incredible, that leaving Kiev was likely due to the Ukrainians flooding the entire highway along the northern route so Russians are waiting for the ground to dry until Summer and making tactical victories in the East in the mean time. Everyone expected Mariupol to fall quickly but then Turkey blocked the entire strait so Russians have been operating without having full naval artillery (also the reason they haven't taken Odessa). Russia is still making massive gains in record times, and isn't set to lose any time soon. Besides they'll go nuclear if they really think they are losing.
To add; the goals in Kiev were clearly distractionary to keep Western forces from deploying in Donbass and at most they were hoping to accidentally kill Zelensky in order to throw the Ukrainians into disarray. There was no chance of Russia taking Kiev in early spring since the environment was too muddy. Not unless they blitzkrieg'd through in the first week. Ukrainians held off the blitzkrieg (surprising many who thought they Ukrainians were even weaker than they are, but not ultimately amazing) so now it's back to a conventional war. The maps don't lie and Russia is still making progress daily if you follow the current encirclements. The front lines are 10km deep which is unheard of for Western forces.
>>32692 >Ukrainians held off the blitzkrieg (surprising many who thought they Ukrainians were even weaker than they are, but not ultimately amazing) I would also add that maybe it was costly for russian forces but they would be retards if they did not try blitz.
Open file (135.27 KB 1032x1280 photo5395402806057351487.jpg)
remove kacap tanks
Open file (61.24 KB 600x551 1518292867147.jpg)
>Putin lost the battle for Mariupol, they were afraid of Zelensky's ultimatum - Arestovich >They withdrew troops from there and now it will be easier for our soldiers to kill them daily. >They don't have enough troops to encircle Azovstal (you need 2-3 times more). The threat of losing Mariupol receded. >They were afraid of Zelensky's ultimatum that Ukraine would withdraw from the negotiations if our soldiers were killed there. I refuse to believe he actually said that. Somebody's got to be trolling.
>>32696 uhh, rusbros... i don't feel so good... *loses to 12 guys with empty food tins*
I almost feel sorry for Azov, whoever wins they'll lose, if Russia wins at best they will be sent to the gulag and if Ukraine wins at best they will be sent to prison, the western aligned Ukraine that would come out of a victory against Russia will have no use for young far-right men with a lot of military experience. At the end of the day they got themselves into this mess though. >>32691 The facts remains though that for Russia the sooner this is over the better, the fact that the Ukrainians are holding out and managed to pressure the Russians enough to retreat in some sectors is more or less a victory for them as the defending side. On the other hand it is true that like in that image Ukrainian shills rely very heavily in assumptions and strawmen to paint the picture that Russia is doing way worse than it's really doing.
Open file (237.13 KB 1125x1113 2727028_original.jpg)
>>32695 Wah! What are we gonna do on the ground? (pomf)
>>32673 I wonder how much of a difference this'll make, if it makes a difference at all with Russia making it harder every day to transport heavy vehicles to the frontlines. And also the training time in new weapon systems. I guess they're for defending Western Ukraine, which I think Russia has no intentions of taking anyway if it can help it. But I also have the hunch they'll be used to attack new breakaway regions closer to West Ukraine (i.e. Kherson) if Russia doesn't cripple all of Ukraine beyond help.
>>32696 >What do you mean we lost? >Do you see us surrendering? >Heh. Didn't think so, kiddo. Zelensky too stronk. I'm ready to open up wide for globohomo now.
>all this cope that putin never really wanted kiev anyways >implying he wouldn't go after the seat of government as priority one >implying he wouldn't go straight for a capital that's a stone's throw from his border >implying he didn't have a fucking giganigga death convoy streaming right towards it that got completely fucked because of chink tires, mud, and hohol hit-and-run tactics >iT WaS AlL A pArT Of HiS MaStEr PlAN i'm not taking sides but come on now
>>32701 I guess if Azov wanted to LARP as Germans, its only fitting to get surrounded and starve out in the city. Now all we need is failed Wintergewitter.
>>32700 >breakaway regions The correct term is collaborationist traitor organizations.
>>32703 What was said was he did want Kiev but when the blitz didn't work and Ukraine flooded the rivers along the Chernobyl highway he pushed it back to a conventional late June offensive. Learn ti read.
Another night time Spetsnaz FLIR action. I like these.
>>32704 >Now all we need is failed Wintergewitter. Popasna has a chance of becoming close, in the sense of being a failed counteroffensive to stop a mass encirclement. Poposna is critical to Operation Donbas Arc as the encirclement's southern anchor, due to its location as Ukrainian flank protection and logistics center. There's speculation that Ukraine is regrouping its northern most defenses in that region for a counterattack on Popasna, according to Military Summary. In response Russia is likely redeploying forces from Mariupol to support the Popasna attack, now that Mariupol is fallen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5al_XjTysBo
>>32706 I'm talking about the other fags in this thread and the last that are trying to gaslight everyone into saying Kiev was never a goal in the first place, even after his Monke Division pulled out.
Open file (31.80 KB 277x320 i (3).jpeg)
>>32692 >it was only a feint! We swear!
>Putin canceled frontal assault on the factory and catacombs beneath. Chechens aren't under Putin's control? Alegedly they are inside the Ilyich plant
>>32668 >>32669 Man Ukraine is getting so propped up i wonder how many decades will they need to pay back in the slim jim case they achieve something close to a stalemate/victory by enemy getting tired of slapping you.
>>32709 You think Russians are gonna opt for smaller encirclement trough Popasna and link up with Torskie?, Though you will have to build a pontoon bridge to capitalize upon that. Some reports say that Mariupol has freed up up to 40.000 Russian troops that are moving north , and there were some positional battles that allowed Russians to form up smaller salient around Velika Novosilka which will probably increase in the coming days. Iziyum salient has formed proper, so maybe even a larger, operational encirclement , can be achieved if Russians grind down enough Ukrainian troops before the offensive and UAF are unable to stop them linking up behind Kramatorsk. There was sharp increase in artillery usage in the last two days by the RuAF, all the reports say that this is preparation work for the offensive, the main body of Russian troops are still not moving into the attack positions. I use suriyak for progress, seems accurate enough, and if he made a mistake he fixes it as soon as there's evidence. Not perfect map, as he usually only moves front-line when there's pictures/videos of exact spot, so sometimes hes a day or two behind. Would recommend. https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1V8NzjQkzMOhpuLhkktbiKgodOQ27X6IV&ll=48.42248417291431%2C37.701279668171004&z=9 >>32712 Chechens are loyal to Kadirov, and Kadirov is loyal to Putin. Besides, Ilyich factory is up north and that has been cleared of UAF for days now, what you saw today from combat footage is a cement factory slightly north to the Azovstal. I guess they feel comfortable with taking that and reducing the pocket even more.
>>32712 Ilyich plant and Azovsteel are two different factories.
>>32712 Moderate headcutters aren't strictly under control of anyone.
>>32710 Yes, Kiev was never a goal. I have been saying that since like day two or something and you must be blind or new not to see it.
>>32688 >4um screenshot Opinion discarded.
Open file (2.42 MB 2000x2000 Bait.png)
>>32717 >Yes, Kiev was never a goal.
Ethiopians are lining up at the Russian embassy
>>32723 >Fight in stupid war between Ethiopian central government and Tigray Alliance and starve >Fight in a stupid war between Russia and Ukraine and eat If I was Ethiopian I'd make the same decision. Ethiopians have actual military experience with professional military training (unlike in South African shootouts) so they could unironically make a good rifleman group for the war effort. Just keep them away from the tanks.
>>32724 >niggers >good riflemen Niggers suck at war. If those fuckers actually come to Ukraine on a vatnik airplane, they'll be turned into minced meat faster than some katzap conscript.
Open file (243.43 KB 850x1086 Smug Ethiopian.jpg)
>>32725 Not that it should matter, however Ethiopians are plurality (40%) Caucasian with Yemeni and/or Arab blood making up the second largest percentile followed by Semitic blood. African blood makes up a minority of the Ethiopian genome you fucking braindead retard. At least know what you are talking about before spouting shit out of your cocksucking mouth.
>>32726 Okay nigger.
Open file (1.59 MB 1280x720 ItzgLONN7q5U_lsI.mp4)
Z-bros... I don't feel so good
>>32729 The video of Putin being a Parkinson's patient making that announcement is nowhere in the thread anon.
US sending experimental suicide drones to Ukraine: Mystery drone: How the Air Force fast-tracked a new weapon for Ukraine The “Phoenix Ghost” drones were developed by California-based Aevex Aerospace. >The Biden administration sent the Washington defense establishment scrambling on Thursday when it released the details of its $800 million security package for Ukraine. >Not long after President Joe Biden announced that the U.S. was rushing weapons to arm Ukrainian forces as they push back against their Russian invaders, the Pentagon emailed out a list of the items, which included howitzers, tactical field equipment and spare parts. >Then came something no one had seen before: 121 “Phoenix Ghost” drones. >The mystery aircraft was developed by California-based Aevex Aerospace, a company that was founded in 2017 and employs 500 people with offices in California, North Carolina and Virginia. >The Air Force drone program, which was already under development before Russia’s invasion, matched Ukraine’s specific requirements and has “similar capabilities” to the AeroVironment Switchblade drone already in Ukraine, Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby said on Thursday. The Switchblade, which the U.S. began sending to Ukraine this month, is a 5.5 lbs. drone that can loiter over an area for 30 to 40 minutes before an operator slams it into its target, detonating a small warhead. >Aevex Aerospace could not be reached for comment. The company, which lists a variety of drones for different purposes, does not feature Phoenix Ghost on its website. Aevex owns a training range in Roswell, N.M., which is likely where the company tested the Phoenix Ghost. >The Phoenix Ghost “is a different type of aircraft, it’s a one-way aircraft that is effective against medium armored ground targets,” said retired Lt. Gen. David Deptula, dean of the Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies and member of the Aevex board. >The drone can take off vertically, fly for six-plus hours searching for or tracking a target, and operate at night using its infrared sensors, Deptula said. Phoenix Ghost has a longer loitering capability than the Switchblade, which can fly for less than an hour, he said. >Aevex is a combination of three companies that were already established in the defense sector: Merlin Global Services, CSG Solutions and Special Operations Solutions. >The fast-track development is part of a larger push by the Pentagon to team up with small firms to develop and buy new technologies outside of the cumbersome acquisition hierarchy that often slows down or quashes leap-ahead technologies. >“It was developed for a set of requirements that very closely match what Ukrainians need right now in the Donbas,” Kirby said. https://archive.ph/k3u3O
>>32731 >the ghost of queef becomes real
>>32725 I am so so glad we got IDs now >>32728 Did he age like twenty years? Has he slept since the beginning of the conflict? >>32731 Finally living in that C&C Generals universe
Open file (830.66 KB 3381x3535 h8vfqm2uhb281.jpg)
Russian Ministry of Defense: - The second phase of the operation started 2 days ago - Russian army will take full control of Donbass and South Ukraine, will create a land corridor to Crimea - Control over Southern Ukraine will provide our military an access to Transnistria, where «there are cases of oppression against russian-speaking population» - Russian soldiers have quickly adapted to Ukrainian units' ambush tactics they used in the first days of the war - Media reports of Russian army's failings are untrue
>>32735 Fucking beat me to it. So, Odessa is still on the menu then? Looks like they're going Novorossia. Will be interesting to see if they can pull it off with already deployed forces. Russia can always formally declare war and actually have legal grounds to issue a mobilization. But if Moskva debacle didn't trigger a official war declaration I don't know what will. They could always do murrica and do a false flag,or just say they have had enough of Ukrainian shelling random Russian villages on their side of the border. In either case, looks like we're in for a longer war, The Murdercube is pleased.
https://web.archive.org/web/20220422095531/https://www.reuters.com/business/energy/ukraine-lobbies-cuts-russian-nord-stream-1-gas-shipments-2022-04-20/?rpc=401 >Ukraine lobbies for cuts in Russian Nord Stream 1 gas shipments >WASHINGTON, April 20 (Reuters) - Ukraine is working behind the scenes to convince Western allies to shift Russia's shipments of natural gas from the Nord Stream 1 pipeline to Ukraine's pipeline, increasing Kyiv's leverage in its conflict with Russia, energy officials told Reuters. >Doing so, they said, would force Russia to move more of its Europe-bound gas through Ukraine. That would make Moscow pay more transit fees that could help Ukraine's wartime defense and deter Russia from damaging Ukraine's gas pipelines in the meantime, they told lawmakers and Biden administration officials in Washington last week. >Representatives from Ukraine's gas pipeline operator and gas firm Naftogaz spent a week in Washington meeting administration officials and congressional lawmakers to urge them to convince Germany and other European allies to adopt the plan. >Russia "depends on us transporting gas from Russia to Europe. This is something to leverage in our discussions with them and Europe can help," said Olga Bielkova, director of international affairs for the Gas Transit System Operator of Ukraine, in an interview in Washington. >A White House official and Germany's economy ministry declined to comment. On Wednesday, Germany said it will stop importing oil by the end of this year "and then gas will follow," but did not specify when. >Germany has already halted Russia's Nord Stream 2 gas project, which was designed to double gas shipments into Germany, as punishment for Russia's February invasion of Ukraine. The $11 billion project finished construction late last year but never started. >Diverting shipments from the existing Nord Stream 1 pipeline might be a tough sell for Germany and the rest of Europe, analysts said. >Doing so "does nothing to increase security of supply to Europe," said David (((Goldwyn))), a former State Department special envoy. >The move could also raise some legal dangers. Christian Egenhofer of the Brussels-based Centre for European Policy Studies said EU action against Russian imports could represent an illegal breach of supply contracts. >Russia currently moves 55 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year to Germany on Nord Stream 1. It moves another 40 bcm to Europe through Ukraine's gas transport system and pays transit fees to Ukraine in U.S. dollars. >Ukraine's pipeline system has spare capacity of more than 100 bcm and could easily absorb the Nord Stream 1 flow. >Daniel Vajdich, an adviser to Naftogaz, said shifting all of Nord Stream 1 to the Ukraine system "would provide Kyiv with more leverage over Moscow and show the Kremlin that Europe is tying its own security to that of Ukraine." >The officials proposed that 40% of Nord Stream 1's capacity be redirected to the Ukrainian pipeline immediately, gradually increasing to 100% by April 2023. That would give EU states time to build up winter stockpiles and diversify. >The officials said they also sought U.S. support for Ukraine to gain access to supply from LNG terminals in Turkey. >Svitlana Zalischuk, adviser to the CEO of Naftogaz, said Ukraine soon needs to secure its own supply of gas before its winter heating season begins in October. This is a perfectly reasonable plan.
Open file (188.22 KB 564x442 Untitled.png)
Open file (710.10 KB 966x879 Untitled1.png)
somethings happening in the Zaporizhzhia area
>>32735 >Going for Transnistria Well shit. They're gonna leave Kiev alone and just take Ukraine's entire access to the Black Sea. Just fuck up the world food supply lines, fam. If they do this it won't matter how militarized Ukraine becomes since Ukraine will be impotent sharing a border with Poland. >>32743 I'm surprised it took this long. Zapo is how Ukraine gets all of its supplies to the front lines and they lost a bunch of ground when the Russians temporarily took out the train tracks a while back. If they take the town, that's gonna hurt (the Ukies) a lot.
>>32735 >Russian army will take full control of... ...South Ukraine Odessa still being a target pleases me. >...will create a land corridor to Crimea Sounds like Zaporizhzhya may soon join Kherson in holding a referendum to become independent from Ukraine? >Russian soldiers have quickly adapted to Ukrainian units' ambush tactics they used in the first days of the war I wonder if that has to do with Spetsnaz nighttime operations of ambushing the ambushers. Overall, it feels like this war is going to be a long one. I pray for the West to follow through with its threat to commit economic sudoku after France's elections by imposing a full embargo on Russian energy.
>>32745 >>32737 I'm not convinced it's going to be a longer war. I still think at the current rate of expansion, Russia will have met most of their military objectives by late July or August unless they decide to take the whole country out. That cauldron forming to the East could see mass collapse of forces once Poposna or whatever is taken which would let the Russians fuck Kharkiv in the ass where most Ukrainian soldiers have been taking shelter from the shelling, and taking Kharkiv would be a major hit to Ukrainian morale. If they invade Odessa by late May, I can't see the war continuing much longer than July/August without a third party like Romania getting involved in the war. Which they might over the Transnistria question. The Kievan government relies on the Black Sea to fund Ukraine, so even if they militarily want to attack, a Ukraine without the Black Sea and with the threat of Belarus on one side with Russia on two of its others would be completely toothless even if they refused to ever "surrender" officially.
Gozalo Lira has been confirmed alive. What a madlad, calling out Ukrainian shit while living in Ukraine. Not sure if Darwinism or balls of steel.
If Russia invades the Black Sea from Ukraine, wouldn't that "officially" end Turkey's embargo under the treaty since the treaty deals with warring states attached to the black sea region? Obviously Turkey is going to claim that Ukraine still owns the territory and they renounce Russia's claim to it, but then it's Turkey playing with fire as an aggressor instead of Turkey and its allies.
>>32749 Derp. If Russia officially "takes" the Black Sea border from Ukraine.
Open file (320.74 KB 1827x1323 FQ59anNXMAIvez-.jpg)
Open file (316.17 KB 1496x1144 FQ6E7_fXIAIFudh.jpg)
Open file (347.35 KB 1771x1317 FQ5_z9wX0AADQhI.jpg)
>>32744 Zaporizhzhia front
>>32748 I followed him for a long time, he's a retard trash human being.
>>32734 Oh, I thought I was just being retarded and never saw the IDs. >>32492 That's understandable. Though I think all these commie buildings are enough of a monument to remind everyone that Communism happened... and also all these dysfunctional institutions.
Open file (405.76 KB 1000x1000 Марічка.png)
Open file (327.37 KB 512x512 JUST.png)
>>32735 >trusting a damn word from the Russian MoD Nothing says trustworthy like deleting your VK post about an estimated 20K vatoids getting merc'd, ammrite?
>>32758 (you)
Open file (313.26 KB 578x800 ClipboardImage.png)
>>32758 Go away.
>>32759 >>32760 >they hated him because he spoke the truth Cum /chug/gers begone
Open file (197.15 KB 766x1024 Popasna.jpg)
>>32758 Where are the proofs that Syrian fighters are in Popasna that Ukrainians claimed it killed? All of the bodies are censored.
>>32752 >Third pic. That frontline is getting erect. And so am I.
>>32762 After Ukraine tried to pass off the video of that Ukrainian TikTok squad, which got blasted point-blank by a Russian tank as a Russian squad, it wouldn’t surprise me to learn most of Ukraine’s evidence for attacks against Russians are from old wars, or current Ukrainian casualties claimed to be Russian.
>>32752 Where is this map from? >>32762 Do not engage hohols.
>>32707 >nasheed >but with the red army choir providing the music I mean, if we ignore the lyrics then it's a pretty good concept.
Open file (177.66 KB 498x387 burn baby burn.png)
Open file (117.99 KB 1024x576 bong.jpg)
Open file (28.59 KB 298x298 proxyhohol.jpg)
>>32762 >where are proofs? Everytime. >>32765 >muh proxy hohol everywhere I'd be a little worried about those buildings located in the Moscow Oblast suddenly burning down, Vanja. They seem rather important.
>>32764 Ukros routinely use Donbass war footage from several years prior, yes, sometimes even cropped scenes from TV series and movies.
>>32765 >Where is this map from? some twitter fag https://twitter.com/InfoGeek17/status/1517296303994249216
Open file (1.49 MB 848x464 It's open season.mp4)
>>32766 >nashed That's Frank Klepacki. You never played Red Alert? Anyway, imagine having to take an dump in the middle of a night, then somebody whacks you with an RPG out of nowhere.
Open file (188.12 KB 1280x960 Orcology 101.jpg)
>>32771 >Russia gets alphabet banned Photoshop sadly, but would be hilarious.
>>32746 >If they invade Odessa by late May, I can't see the war continuing much longer than July/August I can't help but think it'll be a repeat of Mariupol style siege except Russia doesn't have absolute control of the water like with the Kerch straight. Then again while Odessa has a very strong local identity I don't think there will be the same type of no-surrender fanaticism as with Azov, plus Odessans will have that example to look at.
>>32773 Are there any signs of Romania going for a quick land grab yet?
>>32773 Odessa does have a strong local identity but it's mostly sympathetic to Russia. It's also one of the places there were strong pro-Russian protests during Maidowns (around 40 protesters were notoriously burned alive).
Open file (23.12 KB 255x235 1430089625007.jpg)
>Sprawling sanctions meant to cripple Russia’s financial system sometimes trip people and businesses out of their reach, even in Ukraine, the country they were meant to help. >Financial firms often take an overzealous approach to interpreting penalties due to the harsh penalties for violations. The potential extension of sanctions to new targets may also make companies cautious about who they do business with. >“From a business perspective, if the deal size is small, why take the risk? said Robert Clifton Burns, senior counsel at the law firm Crowell & Moring LLP. >AmEx’s decision stems in part from concerns that the payments could end up in the hands of sanctioned people and companies in Russia-backed breakaway regions in Ukraine, a person familiar with the matter said. >In February, President Biden ordered sweeping sanctions blocking transactions with breakaway regions, known as the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics. But the regions don’t have clearly defined borders, making it difficult for companies to ensure they don’t run afoul of sanctions, Mr Burns said. https://trashchan.xyz/finance/thread/4.html https://goodwordnews.com/russian-sanctions-led-american-express-to-cut-ukraines-financial-lifeline/ How many western companies are pulling out of Ukraine due to sanctions on russia?
>>32774 >Are there any signs of Romania going for a quick land grab yet? You mean Moldova/Transnistria/Odessa massacre 2.0? I doubt Romania has the military capability for that. That's only further casus belli for Russia and plays right into their NATO aggression narrative. Plus NATO is likely keeping Romania on a tight leash to avoid escalation as there are still plenty of hohols to fight their proxy war for now. >>32775 Yeah Odessa has odds to come out fairly unscathed if they cooperate with Russia, Kherson being the precedent. Bonus points if they avoid a siege particularly to spite Zelensky who gave shit to Kherson for not getting leveled. >>32776 >Ukraine, the country they were meant to help Heh, not how economic sanctions work.
Open file (44.38 KB 144x181 1645681392053.png)
>>32775 >40 protesters got tuned to shashliks God, I wish that was true.
>>32780 The ID feature is there to let you filter it. Do that instead of posting about it.
>>32778 Wikipedia (because I'm lazy and so are you) has a decent summary: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2014_Odessa_clashes#Casualties >The official list of people killed during the event is still kept secret by the Ukrainian authorities. >Unofficially, the names of all victims have been established by journalists and published by local media: Dumskaya and Timer. >According to UN OHCHR report,[54] 42 people died in a fire that erupted in the House of Trade Unions: 32 from carbon monoxide poisoning, and 10 after leaping from windows to escape the flames. These were 34 men, seven women and a 17-year-old boy, all of them - either anti-Maidan supporters or people who happened to be at the site of the incident. Basically they barricaded an administration building with people inside and molotov'd it.
>>32748 where is this info reported?
>>32777 Compass Mining Inc a US based company is selling $30 million of hardware because the servers are located in the middle Siberia. Another consequence of economic sanctions https://archive.ph/zPuJd
>>32783 He had an interview today with some guy, and opened new account on twitter where he confirmed he has been held by SBU, he lost his email and phone and such. >>32785 So whats stopping Russia from just walking in and taking it, are they afraid they'll get sanctioned?
>>32786 yeah I don't understand the CEO thinks he will recover value for the equipment and redistribute the losses to 2,000 clients by selling. I feel like CEOs and businessmen live in a different world. I feel like their eyes should have been open when the Russians just seized the planes in Russia anyway. I guess some people never learn.
>>32787 West gypsy'd Russian foreign reserve and buttfucked Russian oligarch Though I don't think anybody in Russia will shed a tear for that, as far as I've seen so its only fair Russia does the same for western assets in Russia. They should just take the whole fertile basin of Ukraine in the south and hold the Europe by the balls. It would be pretty funny to see faggots in Brussels knocked down a peg or two.
Open file (387.84 KB 500x432 ClipboardImage.png)
>>32785 Let's just say, for the sake of argument, that freeing resources from useless crypto miners at least they weren't hosting imageboards and putting a bunch of hardware on the market when there is a shortage indeed harms Russia. How does this help Ukraine?? (which is what the article was claiming) >>32787 >I feel like CEOs and businessmen live in a different world. That they do. >>32788 >buttfucked Russian oligarch 5D-chess theory: perhaps that was an intended consequence, a soft-purge if you will. Especially because dat spoiler. >>32789 >fuck vatniggers At least they don't glow in the dark.
>>32748 If it's true he was gonna die anyway due to his heart condition then i'm going balls of steel