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Riots 3.0 : No gooks edition Strelok 06/16/2020 (Tue) 08:13:45 No.2699
Thread about the June 2020 chimp outs ONLY. >Latest news White man sent to jail for 2 weeks for pissing near a monument Chimps still smashing, burning and looting with full government support. Given millions of dollars to continue busing in more chimps. Planet of the apes stage show cancelled due to real life being more exciting. Wendy's burning because a chimp went for a cops gun while resisting arrest and got shot. >A man has been jailed for two weeks for urinating next to a memorial to PC Keith Palmer during an event to protect monuments on Saturday. >Andrew Banks, 28, had travelled to Westminster with a group of football "lads" for the event, despite not knowing which statues he was purportedly defending from possible vandalism. >Westminster Magistrates' Court was told that Banks, of Stansted Mountfitchet, Essex, had been drinking through the night and admitted consuming around 16 pints. >He was arrested after pictures of him urinating by the memorial to the fallen officer, who was killed in the 2017 Westminster Bridge terror attack, circulated on social media, prompting outrage.
>be white man >have monuments >allow them to be torn down, vandalized with spray paint, thrown in the ocean, and pissed on absolute fucking state
>>2703 >Be non-white man >Can't use shift key Oy vey that's anti-semetic
Open file (5.33 MB 320x568 b8wd10ksN7ySQ4Aj.mp4)
>>2704 you can whine about da joos all you want, your monuments are still getting trashed all the same. the absolute state of americucks, even the brits bothered covering up their statues, once they defaced churchill(which in itself was lolzworthy
>>2705 >He's a cop, get him! >WE'RE GONNA FUCKING KILL YOU <man pulls out gun and shoots in self defense, when he's knocked on his ass by 3 or more goons >OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD every time. I almost wish some glowie or sperg would show up and empty a mag inside that crowd, even if he "misses" all his shots, the reactions and pants shitting would be fucking priceless, if someone could capture that on camera
Open file (7.19 MB 1280x720 antifashotaftermath.mp4)
>>2705 >He's a cop, get him! >Call 911!
>>2707 >taking a joke this personally Calm down Schultz.
Open file (65.65 KB 1296x1048 zog takes aim.jpg)
Open file (29.73 KB 788x1216 zog draws pistol.jpg)
Open file (102.93 KB 1310x2340 zog pistol 1.jpg)
>>2705 Some still frames for those missed what was happening
>>2715 the guy wasn't a cop, why refer to him as zog? are you jewish perchance?
>>2722 They said he was a cop. If you have more information post it.
>>2723 'they' being antifa? who fucking cares what they say
>>2723 They also call everyone and their mother a fascist, It's obviously a throwaway line to get people to act. how would the guy in the crowd know he's a cop? You think the shooter just walked up and said "I'm a cop"?
>>2725 Maybe I was wrong. There is no context for what happened before the video. If so, I apologize. Would appreciate sources on him not being a cop.
>>2726 He isn't a cop, he disagreed with the destruction of the statue so Antifa screamed that he is a cop in the hope that the mob will lynch him.
Open file (83.90 KB 780x439 steven-baca.jpg)
This website has a bunch of info https://web.archive.org/web/20200616172842/https://heavy.com/news/2020/06/steven-ray-baca/ >Steven Ray Baca, a former City Council candidate and son of a sheriff, was identified as the man accused of shooting another man at an Albuquerque, New Mexico, protest over a statue of a Conquistador. >The complaint says cell phone footage shows that Steven Baca Jr. was at the scene “in what appears to be a manner in which to protect the statue from protesters.” He was also recorded “interacting with the crowd.” >Later on, an undercover police detective “observed several members from what appeared to be the main protesting group pursuing Steven on foot while he backed away from them, utilizing pepper spray to douse the oncoming crowd.”
>>2705 to bad they didnt kill the cop.
Open file (12.01 MB 1280x720 before shooting.mp4)
Found a vid from before the other one with the shooting
>>2730 Looks like he wasn't a cop, anon.
>>2732 >Steven Ray Baca, a former City Council candidate and son of a sheriff >son of a sheriff almost a cop, I guess.
>>2728 >Steven Baca Jr. was at the scene “in what appears to be a manner in which to protect the statue from protesters Well, that does it then. Give him the death penalty.
>>2734 he also pushed someone over, starting the chase to begin with. He's clearly trying to leave and deescalate by the time he gets mobbed but who knows what the judge will say now.
Looks like they also arrested some other guy, maybe from the "militia"? And are those cops? They almost look like soldiers with all the OD/FDE, plates, and armored vehicles.
>>2737 Those sticks needs some locks
Another vid
>>2736 >>2735 He more than likely won't be prosecuted for the actual shooting but will for battery against the woman. Since the FBI somehow muscled their way onto this, i can totally see El Goblino getting a sentence harsher than if he had just murdered somebody. This is the sorta shit the feds were just dying to see happen. Now they can jungle jive and beat their meat over these retards. >>2738 The Cops were on standby in case any unauthorized malcontents appeared and since some did, they acted when it was most convenient and they received no resistance. This is why you don't go to these dumb nigger events, There is no law. Cops are not white, they're blue and they take marching orders. There are a hundred better ways to do goon shit with your militia buddies. Blasting some LARPers at a state sanctioned vandalism party then spending the rest of your life in prison isn't one of them.
>>2743 Rough translation of the tweet: >Shooting security cameras in #Dijon Heavily armed Islamic miscreants. Coming soon to a neighborhood near you. For reference, this is essentially a war going on in France between Chechenians (from part of Russia, not the Czech republic) and north apefricans. Not directly related to BLM shit, but likely caused indirectly by it.
>>2743 >>2744 interesting but not sure if this belong here, seems to be gang-related cultural enrichment in process https://www.rt.com/op-ed/492035-chechen-algerian-dijon-france/
>>2705 >we're going to fucking kill you >immediately gets 9 bullets to the chest Pottery
>>2731 Can you link to the source of this one, for ease of linking elsewhere?
>>2752 Sorry I don't have a source for it found it on another board
Open file (571.70 KB 600x580 slipped.png)
>>2711 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA >call 911 these faggots attack ambulances and fire fighters, but they beg them to come help them all the same, hahahahaha
>>2705 Animal behavior at the finest, literally can only be reasoned only with pain or lust.
Open file (50.86 KB 144x330 1463107377540.png)
>>2739 >someone call the cops! >>2741 >fat burger woman shirt says "riots not diets"
If you're going to go in for one, you may as well go in for the whole fucking crowd.
>>2707 >da joos way to out yourself, faggot.
>>2767 They don't care at this point. Everyone's taken a side so the only point of posting is to try to demoralize the other side while moralizing your side. It's war.
Open file (5.07 MB 450x472 visible confusion.gif)
The CHAZ now has a super hero team and one of them already turned heel and became a drug dealing supervillain https://web.archive.org/web/20200617072616/https://nationalfile.com/exclusive-drug-dealing-costumed-supervillain-emerges-in-chaz-threatens-women/ I remember a post quite a few years back on cuckchan (or 8chan possibly) that went along more or less as that most timelines after the invention of the nuke humanity knocks itself back into the stone age fairly quickly and that the longer one goes on without doing so, the more ridiculous it gets due to sheer improbability. I used to think that was retarded, but i'm starting to come around to the idea.
>>2787 >Phoenix Jones was previously a member of the ‘Seattle Superheroes’, a league of costumed social justice vigilantes who appear to have taken over law enforcement within the Zone following the abolition of the police there. However, he has since left the group and allegedly embraced a new identity as a rampantly misogynistic drug lord. When did we enter the Marvel universe?
>>2787 https://invidio.us/watch?v=gDhGy5_9cQw I hope niggers will rape them to death on camera. Not that I have something against them personally, but it's fun to see this kind of naivety being crushed.
>The Minnesota Freedom Fund Has $30 Million and an Identity Crisis >On Monday, the fund announced that it had contributed “well over” $200,000 to bail payments in the weeks since the protests began. >Some also noted that the fund’s board, as it had been depicted on its website, appeared to be composed entirely of white people. (The web page that lists the organization’s staff has been removed at least twice this month as the board’s membership has shifted.) >Mr. Lewin added that the criticism could be frustrating. “The left is exceedingly good at eating its own,” he said. >“People think because we got money we are now part of the system,” he continued. “It’s like, ‘No.’” https://web.archive.org/web/20200617010602/https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/16/style/minnesota-freedom-fund-donations.html
Open file (41.85 KB 408x487 OY.jpg)
>>2794 Look at that snout.
>>2795 >>2794 >composed entirely of white people Riiight. They're all definitely white and don't mention otherwise, or it's a racist hatecrime.
>>2787 >soy niggers are having such horrible Marvel movie withdrawals that they're making their own Marvel kino IRL If people start mutating I will lose my mind.
>>2808 >It's nothing cool like lizard skin and wall climbing >It's just HRT ayylmaos and penises just dropping off dead and shrivled without the use of castration bands >the dead dicks are scooped up and used to grow tomatoes
>>2830 >tomatoes Basil and inedible flowers is more likely considering the cuck garden.
Open file (2.54 MB 1575x1030 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (406.73 KB 994x1024 ClipboardImage.png)
Atlanta Police Department has walked off the job >"Atlanta police officers are refusing to answer the radio and walking off of the job. The county can go screw themselves. If you want a society without police we’ll give you one. Let it burn!" quote from ATL police officer's email >Well, there you have it. https://web.archive.org/web/20200617230911/https://twitter.com/WayneDupreeShow/status/1273387053254938625 https://web.archive.org/web/20200617230925/https://twitter.com/JeffLatham7/status/1273388660961017857 https://web.archive.org/web/20200617230917/https://twitter.com/sethweathers/status/1273382134594572288 https://web.archive.org/web/20200617232316/https://twitter.com/SteveDeaceShow/status/1273376039155179525
Open file (19.47 KB 850x222 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2839 Oh no.
Open file (75.07 KB 986x366 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2839 Suburbanites are calling their police departments to refuse aid.
>>2839 Good. Let the cuck cities burn.
Open file (133.37 KB 349x1160 hahas of horrors.jpg)
>>2839 >cucklanta burns >all historical monuments and architecture are irreparably damaged Are there any militant groups on the Atlanta area willing to mow down some niggers?
>>2845 The nigger hordes better not touch Stone Mountain, I swear to God.
Open file (812.59 KB 597x467 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2845 >Atlanta burnt down for the second time in history Were the Yankees white niggers?
>>2848 Nah, just golems.
>>2848 Considering how many of them were fresh off th boat Irish draftees because actual northern citizens didn't want to go die in the fields I'd say yes.
>How many officers are we talking about, do you know? <We don't have a count yet because we were in the midst of a shift change, but we have enough to cover the night >If we're talking about six, ten people... that's one thing. If it's dozens, you have a different scale of problem <We do, but the good thing is we are not the only agency in Atlanta, ... including assistance from the state and from other jurisdictions, so we will be fine https://web.archive.org/web/20200618030012/https://www.cnn.com/videos/us/2020/06/18/atlanta-mayor-keisha-lance-bottoms-police-officers-cuomo-cpt-vpx.cnn
>>2857 >The mayor is a nigress I though all niggers were oppresed in burgerland.
>>2860 yes yes, they are all deeply oppressed with their preferential access to higher education and historically unprecedented subsidized lives.
>we don't need the 2nd amendment we have cops >we don't need cops they're racist So do you guys think the left is going to stop trying to take guns away, or are they really going to make it this obvious that they just want the destruction of western civilisation?
>>2852 Don't forget all the german yanks that were notorious for looting and abusing civilians
>>2839 Sounds like they barely have enough to cover major calls as is. I like how major news delayed covering it for the longest time. I think we might get the war we have wished for and dreaded of. >they walked off zone 7 (airport) feds gonna get involved now... interstate commerce. >atlanta cops walk out >mayor desperately calls in mutrual aid >other adjacent agencies go "lol naw" >mayor calls in jail staff to patrol Yeah so am I supposed to believe that the inmates won't break out. >No major fires yet cause haha EMS and FD like me won't bother in a situation like this >>2856 Someone said 30-50 walked out in one of the precincts. UNCONFIRMED REPORTS THEY ARE EVACUATING PRECINCTS https://youtu.be/9fRBk67Usik good sause but live stream :\ >two cops versus antifa horde, who wins? neither because both are pawns
>Earlier suggestions that multiple officers from each zone had walked off the job were inaccurate. The department is experiencing a higher than usual number of call outs with the incoming shift. "It's not true, but it's true" https://archive.md/qLHs0
>>2839 Which Zone has all the rich people living in?
>>2848 Yankee is the nigger of the world.
>>2876 Profound.
>>2862 >or are they really going to make it this obvious that they just want the destruction of western civilisation? They have already done this, most people are just too retarded to put two and two together.
>>2862 More pointedly how do they plan on taking everyone's guns away without cops? Have they thought any of this shit out?
>>2904 The "left" is as fractured and different as the "right" is. Most of the only people that support gun grabbing are rich elite jews. Your average nigger and anarcho commie are generally pro guns for the exact reason you laid out. Assuming every leftist believes in democratic talking points is a mistake.
>>2875 1,2, and 5. Zone 5, midtown, contains all of the faggots and a vast amount of wealth. The rest of the rich live in the suburbs
>>2904 >Have they thought any of this shit out? Probably but the real question is whether it's going according to plan. This is a chaotic system. >>2906 >The "left" is as fractured and different as the "right" is. both are memes that enable 'wedge issues' hella useful tool
>>2904 With the federal cops and mongrelized national guard that will replace local cops in the future. >>2906 The only thing that unites the left is their opposition to whites. And that's enough to get the job done.
https://archive.is/dMG59 >A labor strike is brewing in the NYPD. >A pair of flyers making the rounds among NYPD officers are encouraging them to call out sick July 4 — as retribution for police reform and a perceived anti-cop climate following the outrage over high-profile police killings of unarmed black men across the country, multiple cops told The Post. >One message calls for the strike to kick off at 3 p.m. July 4. >“NYPD cops will strike on July 4th to let the city have their independence without cops,” the message, which is being passed among cops via text, according to sources. >“Cops that say we can’t strike because of the Taylor Law,” the message reads, referencing a law that makes public worker stoppages punishable with fines and jail time. “The people and this city doesn’t [sic] honor us why honor them [sic].” >It’s unclear whether the messages are being written by other police officers. >Another message seen by police officers reads #Bluflu and instructs cops to call out sick on Independence Day. >“Police officers like you and me took an oath to protect strangers regardless of race, class or gender,” the message reads. “Today we are vilified and must stand as one.” >It then gives instructions for a sickout, telling members to call their precinct and request a sick day. If they are denied, the message instructs them to call the main NYPD sick desk. >If that doesn’t work, officers are instructed to report for duty — then ask for an ambulance so they can go home sick. >“If you are held because of the #Bluflu, request a bus and go sick from command,” the flyer reads. >PBA president Patrick Lynch said the “blue flu” has been a joke for generations, but “the situation we are in right now is no joke” and NYC cops “have reached the breaking point.” >“Over the past few weeks, we have been attacked in the streets, demonized in the media and denigrated by practically every politician in this city,” Lynch said. >“Now we are facing the possibility of being arrested any time we go out to do our job.” >The NYPD responded that police will be at work on July 4, as always. >“New York City Police Officers will be here today, tomorrow, and on the 4th of July to protect all New Yorkers,” said Sgt. Mary Frances O’Donnell, spokesperson for the department’s deputy commissioner for public information. >“To suggest otherwise is false.” Central Park Syndicates of Amerigga soon?
I'm not racist. I'm a good person. Please like me.
Open file (122.46 KB 800x721 adventuresofspergook.jpg)
Well then, are the riots still going strong? Because I was told in one of the previous threads that they are over.
Open file (78.54 KB 240x380 persecution_of_jews.png)
>>2913 >The people and this city doesn’t [sic] honor us why honor them
>>2916 >we need more ammo... not ammunition ???
>>2915 There is no use lamenting a country that is already dead to its roots.
Open file (48.34 KB 800x600 glowie.png)
>>2845 lole
>>2915 I'm reminded of the words of a wise man. https://invidio.us/watch?v=1EsdCHohhHg
We should've picked our own goddamn cotton.
>>2925 Maybe the Yankees were the good guys all along. They just wanted to deport niggers and strengthen the industry with mercantilism.
>>2927 >>2925 If Rome's fall wasn't enough, now America's fall should drive the message home never to replace your own labor with foreign labor. They only grow to think they own the place and fuck up the country enough so that their enemies can come and snatch up the land. Of course the irony becomes that the entitled foreign labor just get picked up as slaves again or outright slaughtered by the new rulers, but that is just karma repaying them.
>>2928 If we're comparing Rome to America, then who's our Caesar?
Open file (63.60 KB 449x594 lincoln-rape.jpg)
>>2929 Hm, someone who changed the landscape of politics 150ish years before the country fell. I guess Abe Lincoln.
>>2928 >>2929 Rome and the USA are very different. Rome didn't attempt to subvert every country under it's rule into cutting their dicks off. Many places Rome conquered remain untouched to this day in some areas. Where in the world has been untouched by jewish culture? >Rioters demand police stand down If police do quit or get disbanded what are the odds of RWDS's turning up to riots in the future? Would /k/ommando fire teams turn up and massacre entire blocks of chimpfantry?
>>2930 >Wins civil war and then is immediately assassinated Uncannily so. Then Augustus would be more like Truman or Franklin Roosevelt. I would put my money on FDR, given his new deal and making the government leading the people rather then the people lead the government.
>>2925 DIdn't the use of slaves begin under the British?
Open file (571.99 KB 363x512 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2931 > Rome didn't attempt to subvert every country under it's rule into cutting their dicks off. Many places Rome conquered remain untouched to this day in some areas. Rome literally enslaved half of Europe anon.
>>2934 Only the shit parts too weak to fight back.
Open file (663.59 KB 720x1044 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (426.73 KB 2534x1614 ClipboardImage.png)
CNN erects fence outside Atlanta headquarters. https://archive.is/qZ8lP >>2935 So the entirety of Europe except the Irish, the Scots, the Nordics, the Germans, the Baltics, the Finno-Ugrics, and the Slavs were shit tier?
>>2913 >a law that makes public worker stoppages punishable with fines and jail time. whos going to arrest all the police for striking?
>>2917 >comparing city cops to jews are you a nigger? or do you just live in suburbia and have no idea what ny is like?
>>2931 >Rome didn't attempt to subvert every country To this day half of Europe speaks a romance language of some kind, uses a romanized greek alphabet and maintains a Roman inspired legal system despite 1st hand roman influence being gone for 1500ish years
>>2934 >Rome literally enslaved half of Europe anon. kinda true, however slavery was universally accepted back then (freemen hardly better off), everybody did it and those who became slaves sure lamented their fate but not slavery as an institution. >>2925 >>2928 Add South Africa, they could of had their ethnostate, all niggers living there today are literally immigrated from elsewhere. But it's like the wheel of fate turning itself again and again. Everybody knows it yet still they love their shekels too much and invite or enslave foreigners that become their undoing. "Every care must be taken that our auxiliaries, being stronger than our citizens, may not grow too much for them and become savage beasts." - Plato
>>2941 Subversion is some sort of cloak and dagger shit. Rome dominating Europe was the master imposing himself. Might makes right.
>>2925 >>2927 How are you that fucking ignorant? First of all it was jews that shipped slaves to america. not whites. also the first slave owner to argue to congress that he had a right to own "men" was a nigger himself. the first legal american slave owner. The civil war was not over anti or pro slavery since some of the union states still were practicing slavery. the big discrepancy was "what are we going to do with all these niggers?" the southerners didnt want the freed slaves from the few rich jew/jewish friendly slave owners to fill their communities with niggers, the north wanted to fill their southern communities with niggers. after the war the yanks told the northern niggers to all go live in the south where there was no infrastructure so niggers could do what they wanted. Theres so much more to this and i didnt know where to begin, but atleast this will set you in the right direction for what actually happened.
>>2941 Rome didn't enforce it's language though. In fact, they mostly left the local power structures in place, usually installing the weaker party as a client ruler and then only cared for the money/taxes flowing in. Of course they built cities with all the nice things civilization offers but these were foremost for the colonists and they didn't force locals into schools for example. Whatever Roman culture remains today does so because it was adopted and accepted because it was superior to everything the people had before.
>>2928 The problem both had weren't the slaves, it was releasing them. Rome would've been just fine if they hadn't released slaves. America would've been just fine if they'd never unleashed their outdated farm equipment on the inner cities. The only way out of slavery ought to be death.
Open file (5.45 MB 1171x1600 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2942 >kinda true, however slavery was universally accepted back then (freemen hardly better off), everybody did it and those who became slaves sure lamented their fate but not slavery as an institution. But they should have lamented it, for slavery makes the population dependent on foreign labor, lazy, and unwilling to advance technology to develop labor saving devices. Until the end of the Empire the Romans were reliant on Greek household slave instructors as the basis of their intellectual culture, and industrial advances stagnated in the Imperial era. Eventually the Empire became reliant on its foreign subjects for military assistance, and once the centers of power drifted away from the Italian peninsula to its provinces, it was forced to recognize its barbarian peoples as citizens for support and found itself devoid of identity. The Hun invasion driving the Germanic migration into the imperial territories was the final nail in the coffin; it was only a matter of time before they would swear loyalty to tribal and ethnic ties rather than to the decaying, helpless, and unreliable strength of the Roman legions and a docile and cowardly Italian population, that had even abandoned its traditional gods in a search for existential justification. When the barbarian armies reached the gates of Rome, its citizens pled for mercy and surrendered: >Pope Leo begged Genseric not to destroy the Rome or to murder its people (the population of Rome had declined over the previous 400 years, but modern historians estimate that 500,000 people still lived there). Leo said that, if the Vandals did not murder anyone, burn any buildings, or torture anyone to learn of hiding places for valuables, they could take any booty they could carry. With a carte blanche to steal and plunder, King Genseric agreed to Pope Leo's request. All of the city's gates were thrown open, and an army of 10,000 to 20,000 Vandals and Berbers entered the "Eternal City." The story of Rome was a lesson, not an example.
>>2946 >The problem both had weren't the slaves, it was releasing them That's entropy. The beekeeper eventually gets stung even though he's wearing a suit. I'd rather do my own work than have a shitskin slave anywhere on the same continent as me.
>>2939 The morons think they can still call the police for help after they abolish them so they don't really consider the problem with asking non-existent police to arrest themselves.
Open file (519.91 KB 1080x1080 Ea57LQHWAAAmBXy.jpg)
>>2953 http://archive.is/wK2NM Archive you fucking nigger. Anyway, I can't believe blacks are stealing a well established holiday already.
>>2954 >LE EBIN GARFIELD kill yourself, tranny.
>>2954 >Archive you fucking nigger. I expect bitches like you to do the heavy-lifting, thanks fag
Open file (58.61 KB 603x483 spurdo_ad.jpg)
>>2938 >So the entirety of Europe except the Irish, the Scots, the Nordics, the Germans, the Baltics, the Finno-Ugrics, and the Slavs were shit tier? Yes.
>>2953 >Out and out calling it "original sin" they're not even trying to hide it any more.
>>2947 Labour saving devices are what destroy a nation. You create generations of lazier and lazier people who care less and less. Then you end up with people so alien to the original values they discard them entirely. It's that last group which enable foreigners to invade a culture and collapse it. How do you solve the problem of morality dying with each generation until it's the opposite of it's origin?
Open file (64.07 KB 680x638 42f (2).jpg)
>>2965 True, but it's more because there's just more convenient ways of doing things. Really, all of world history and its tragedies can be summed up by the following dogmas: 1) If there's an easier way to do something, even if it's amoral or inconveniences your core values, 9 out of 10 times your govt will do it 2) The elites change names but not their power, yesterday's aristocracy is today's democratically elected representatives and tomorrow's colony overseers 3) There's always a Jew scamming someone else, even their own fellow Jews 4) Crises are an endless chain of people not wanting to do their job (i.e. the telegram that could have prevented WWI)
>>2971 >Can they copyright claim it? Yes. Without a doubt, yes. This sort of rampant IP infringement is completely illegal under the current international copyright system. It's just a matter of twitter (and other social media sites) being willing to "attack" the Chinese state and if Disney wants to see their films banned in china. >>2961 In the digital age, the fastest way to spread your propaganda is through mind viruses, same as more insidious forms of advertising, like blipverts.
>>2979 Wrong thread idiot
>>2953 This is why we call them cuckservatives.
Open file (5.23 MB 1600x1166 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2965 Positive eugenics, revolution, and population growth. Aristocracies must be overthrown if they have become idle, and replaced with the next generation of superior leadership. The well-off in society have always been the source of degeneracy; being at its forefront to earn their wealth they are also the first to face its rot. The pioneers which understand the world their forebears have created and how to guide it must necessarily come from within the ranks of labor - farmers, workers, and soldiers - the bedrock of a nation's heritage. Either they can pass the torch on with grace or dispossess their betters the right to hold power until their idyll is destroyed by the chaos which they have made inevitable by hording it. The need for foreigners is only a result of falling birth rates, and falling birth rates result from a lack of personal opportunity. The birth rate of the late Roman Empire collapsed as the escalating chaos brought the fear of material hardship to the population at large. Without internal innovation, and without external flows of wealth from conquest, the continued operation of the Roman economy was unsustainable. Its citizens were plunged into a ruthless zero-sum game to plunder their share of its resources. When disorders result from domestic rather than foreign causes, a population has much less resilience against deprivation being divided amongst itself. National duty fades as immediate gain becomes the dominant priority, the abandonment of morals is accelerated as the virtues of the past are forsaken. Existential despair takes hold, and the bearing of children is stifled by the increasing destitution. Less men of fighting age leads to less soldiery, leading to the hobbling of central military authority and the further spread of rebellion and destruction. >Tacitus remarked that in spite of everything “childlessness prevailed,” (Tacitus, Annals of Imperial Rome, iii, 25) whilst towards the beginning of the second century, Pliny the Younger said that he lived “in an age when even one child is thought a burden preventing the rewards of childlessness.” Around the same time Plutarch noted that the poor did not bring up their children for fear that without an appropriate upbringing they would grow up badly, (Plutarch, Moralia, Bk. iv) and by the middle of the second century Hierocles claimed that “most people” seemed to decline to raise their children for a not very lofty reason [but for] love of wealth and the belief that poverty is a terrible evil. (Stobaeus, iv, 24, 14) Efforts were made to discourage the practice, but apparently without success: the birth-rate remained stubbornly low and the overall population of the Empire continued to decline. https://archive.is/Kf5kv The creation of labor saving devices is necessary for a nation to triumph over its enemies in conflict. Without efficient production methods its neighbours will consume its armies in sheer material advantage. Slavery on the other hand has no benefit in conflict, in fact it hinders the national ability to conduct war. The Confederacy faced the ever growing risk of a slave revolt as its nigger population grew through importation and breeding. This factor dogged it before and throughout the Civil War, requiring the allocation of resources for its prevention. It was hoped that the expansion of slavery into the Western territories would allow the dispersal of the nigger population such that a revolt would never pose a threat to the Southern aristocracy, but how long would it be before those populations would once again reach a peak and bring about the race war they feared? The North's moral obstinance precluded this future in exchange for our own, but you can tell that it would have been unviable in the long term. Slavery has no additional benefit, only risks: the risk of racial defilement, the risk of revolution, on top of that of moral degeneration. Machines on the other hand don't rape your wife and children. Innovation and efficiency empower a nation when their conduct is arranged for the material provision of population abundance.
>>2913 >>2939 >>2952 Nor do they consider that police can just out right quit. Cops aren't military. They are stuck until a tour of duty is up.
>>2987 *aren't stuck
>>2984 >Positive eugenics, revolution, and population growth. Negative eugenics are just as important.
>>2989 That's what the war is for.
Open file (687.47 KB 1071x759 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.06 MB 636x354 WLTdYH_at7afRe6h.mp4)
Two shot one dead according to Chaz authorities. https://archive.is/0Kp7u
>>2984 Your plan sounds like an idiot commie larping. Killing off your elites isn't how you solve any problem except to create a constant warlord turn over where people act like Orcs. >>2992 Don't post twitter screencaps with no info. That's just cuckchan posting and they do a better job of fleshing the thread out than you do.
>>2993 >wahh it's too hard for me to find news myself :(
>>2994 >I'm such a nigger I can't write a post >Why do you expect me to put effort into a post when I could make everyone else put effort in so I can be lazy Kill yourself you stupid kike. Fags like you ruin boards and turn them into nothing but twitter galleries.
>>2995 Look at this glownigger
Open file (128.21 KB 800x420 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2993 >killing off (((elites))) is bad >posted the video >no info when that is all the information available at this time
>>2959 >Heavy lifting It takes less time to archive than it does to take a screenshot. Please stop being proud of your retardation. >>2965 <Labour saving devices are what destroy a nation Boomer-tier thinking to be honest. It has more to due with the inevitable corruption that comes from constant success without experiencing hardship. Working in a field instead of an office does not make you a stronger person that would never abandon morals. >>2992 http://archive.is/bIXqW Police are investigating the murder.
>>3001 >does not make you a stronger person that would never abandon morals. MUH MORALS!!! Strength and self-control are all that matters, fuck off moralfag
>>3001 >police in the anti-police zone So CHAZ is just a psyop.
>>3003 It's current year, anything and everything is just gay ops forever.
>>3003 Its called the CHOP now, has been that way ever the leadership chucked out to the Mayor and allowed their zone to be cut through with concrete barriers. The hole zone is a joke and basically just a repeat of the Hippie movement on a smaller scale.
>>3003 Less of a psy-op, and more of what "de-funding" the police will likely play out in reality. Police just being there for murders and crime that effects richfags/city officials.
>>3001 >Boomer-tier thinking to be honest. It has more to due with the inevitable corruption that comes from constant success without experiencing hardship. Working in a field instead of an office does not make you a stronger person that would never abandon morals. Want to know how we can tell you're a child? Working in an office makes you an entirely different kind of person than working in a field does. Having a connection to your land and having to survive on it creates a connection to that land. Sitting in an office watching shemale porn all day as you shuffle paper inheritantly challenges you less and leads you down worse and worse distractions. >>3002 I'm starting to think the meta threads right about these newfags
>>2993 >if you kill your enemies, they win >don't post screenshots, videos, and sources Shut up, critic.
Looks like some white bongs got stabbed >Forbury Gardens, Reading: Multiple casualties after serious incident >Police have launched an investigation at a park where a Black Lives Matters protest took place earlier. >Thames Valley Police said it was aware of reports of an incident in Forbury Gardens, Reading, amid reports of a multiple stabbing. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-berkshire-53123975
>>3017 b-but knives are banned anon, they said we're safe now
Open file (500.26 KB 754x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3003 >>3001 Update: the fags blocked the police >1 dead, one critical in early morning shooting at Seattle protest zone known as CHOP; police say they attempted to respond but were met by a “violent crowd” & victims were taken to hospital by ‘CHOP medics’ https://archive.is/N5Gnv >Exclusive: My sourcing tells me that Seattle Police have been hampered from carrying out a homicide investigation because they were not allowed to enter CHAZ. When police went to Harborview Medical Center, where a victim was transported, they were met by CHAZ's armed people. https://archive.is/rPQWq
>>3017 Fuck, when you see blood pool on grass then you know that that person is fucked.
>>2993 >don't post twitter caps with no info >archive link of what he posted right under the red text Choke to death on a black cock you illiterate subhuman faggot.
>>3024 Is that your fetish?
>>3025 No, but I can tell it is that anon's favorite pastime. It comes as no surprise as he demonstrated his inability to read more than a few sentences at a time.
>>3021 >When police went to Harborview Medical Center, where a victim was transported, they were met by CHAZ's armed people CHAZ's armed forces have entered the US and successfully occupied a hospital. Fuck me, what timeline is this?
>>3027 >what timeline is this? It's either the best or the worst. Too soon to tell either way.
>>3026 Imagine thinking about black cocks all day. Sad life you're living there, anon
Honestly i hope trump lets this get much much worse before deciding to do something. i hope it becomes a question of "if" we can stop them, not when. fix it too soon and these retards will look like the good guys. let it get bad enough and people will beg for salvation. i want them to be treated as traitors and armed rebellion. meaning soldiers opening fire and not there with the intention to arrest or treat them like civilians. this is like a pussy verison of the november revolution. i want it to go into full swing before its responded to so they can respond in full swing. i want them to track down EVERYONE who helped fund this and treat them as criminals facing the death penalty as a foreign agent if taken alive; including company CEOs and celebrities. that wont happen unless more die and more property is destroyed. so far trumps inaction is leading to this and i sincerely hope it does. i just hope he doesnt pussy out at the last moment when he has the chance to make it count.
>>3012 >Having a connection to your land creates a connection to that land Connection to land alone does not prevent societal moral decay. >Sitting in an office watching shemale porn all day as you shuffle paper inheritantly challenges you less and leads you down worse and worse distractions. As opposed to the ever increasing challenge of mindlessly tilling a field all day? >>3021 >When police went to Harborview Medical Center, where a victim was transported, they were met by CHAZ's armed people. Were they threatening police, or did they just bring the victim there and stood by him?
>>3030 Good points Anon. I'm roughly inclined to agree with your position at first glance.
>>3030 >this is like a pussy verison of the november revolution Closer to a pussy version of the red terror in Spain.
>>3030 Your mistake is thinking Trump isn't playing on the same team as the niggers. It's good cop/bad cop and both sides listen to the rabbi. >>3032 You clearly know nothing about farming and what it takes to grow food or feed those around you. Go back to shuffling papers you retard.
>>3035 Your mistake is thinking that all kikes are unified. Different factions of kikes fight the other factions of kikes all the damned time; and no, they will not side with the other factions over 'goyim' - they view the other factions as lower than cattle and will happily give the other faction's stuff to 'goyim' if it means the 'goyim' kill them off.
>>3017 >Sees man laying in pool of his own blood >CPR training kicks in >"lets pump what blood is left out of him" Unless. >drain blood out of already dying stab victims >conserve their blood to make more plasma bags for future stab victims
>>3035 >Your mistake is thinking Trump isn't playing on the same team as the niggers. Trump is a boomer. Not a revolutionary nigger. even the boomers "on their side" think they're going too far. >>3034 Whats the distinction? wasnt red terror just a pussy version of the november revolution?
>>3029 Are you trying to kinkshame? The FBI will hear about this.
Open file (19.55 KB 142x179 screamforhelp.png)
>>3040 forgot image
>>3043 That's good news. I wonder if President Trump has a hand in this outcome?
>>3043 Not quite, he's still on for assault against women and for unlawful carry. which they will no doubt ham up.
Open file (745.11 KB 647x861 ClipboardImage.png)
Raz wept, for the white man would not put up with his shit. https://archive.is/tUUDq
Someone leaked the atalanta PD roll call. 2 cops didn't call out. A SGT and an Lt. Probably pensions waiting.
>>3036 >Different factions of kikes fight the other factions of kikes Pretty much human history in a nutshell... >>3039 >wasnt red terror just a pussy version of the november revolution? all just cheap knockoffs of the october revolution cascadia when?
>>3036 I'm aware kikes in fight but they always side with Jews over others. Every racial group sides with their own except whites..
>>3051 You have zero understanding of History, and zero actual understanding of how kikes operate. Let me make this simple for you: They do not consider the other kike factions to be Jews.
>>3051 >Every racial group sides with their own except whites.. Injuns and asians were well known to side against each other even when they were in the middle of a big war against someone else, namely european colonizers and/or prospectors.
>>3052 >I read books written by Jews to tell me what happened Obviously you did. Same way the kikes deny the USSR was a Jewish state.
>>3053 >/k/ Weapons
>>3054 I'm sure the Roman scholar Tyrius was a Jew, rabbi, I'm sure.
>>3048 >declare independence from country >stop receiving public services from that country >cry about it
>>3052 >They do not consider the other kike factions to be Jews. Of course they infight but in the end they band together against external threats. If you don't understand this you're not as smart as you think you are.
>>3055 Sorry bud, just replying politely in a CHIMP RIOT RACE WAR NAO thread
>>3058 You're just repeating yourself now, and you're wrong. Kikes aren't some monolithic forever allied entity, they readily backstab one another even when it would fuck themselves down the line. That's why people say they have shit tier long term planning, they'll do some petty shit to spite their enemies, even if it's other kikes, just to come out on top, and then act horribly shocked and appalled when those kikes use their own goyim to come back and fuck them later. It's a never ending cycle of retarded shortsighted kikery that can only be stopped by killing them all.
>>3062 >Jews never band together Sure, and the holocaust was real. Any more news on the riots or did they all get the kung flu?
>>3048 Best thing is the shooting was between Antifa and BLM activist who got into a fight. https://archive.vn/jpo8H
>>3066 Here is also what happened before and why the Medics refused to enter the CHOP. No invidio.us link, because Youtube has unlisted the video and I can't find it over invidio.
>>3067 >I can't find it over invidio. Invidio is a jewtube proxy, so how do you think it knows what video you want to watch? Hint: You already posted what you need to figure it out.
>>3068 Ah it werks. Thanks for the hint.
>>3069 Are you blind or retarded? Embedding is not an option in this site. https://invidio.us/watch?v=cefDp_rsfgo&t=1s&ab_channel=SeattlePoliceDepartment
>>3071 >Embedding is not an option in this site. I did not know that. This is sad. I just thought it was blocking the yoututbe link and then I didn't give a shit afterwards.
Open file (440.11 KB 639x921 ClipboardImage.png)
New York Degenerating: NYPD cops joke ‘Welcome to New York’ after woman reports gunshots >More than a dozen shootings left two men dead and at least 18 others hurt across the city on Friday and Saturday — carnage that prompted some weary cops to concede the Big Apple is becoming a war zone. >The four-borough shooting spree caps a week of bloody mayhem that NYPD sources are blaming on anti-cop fervor and policy pushes hitting a fever pitch in the wake of George Floyd protests. >In the six days since the NYPD disbanded its plainclothes anti-crime unit Monday, there have been at least 48 separate shootings citywide. >By comparison, last year, there were only 12 shootings during all seven days of the same week. >In stunning audio obtained by The Post early Saturday — after at least a dozen shootings across four boroughs overnight — cops noted the Wild West lawlessness after a frightened woman called the NYPD seeking an escort home in Southeast Queens. >“Female [inaudible] feels uncomfortable walking home, states that she is walking home, and it’s a warzone. Combination of fireworks and gunshots,” one officer says, according to the recording which was authenticated by a law enforcement official. >“Welcome to New York,” a second officer quips. >“Tell me about it,” the first cop agrees. “[She] heard four to five rounds.” >Reports of illegal fireworks are also on the rise, with complaints rising 4,000 percent during the first two weeks of June — further jangling nerves. >The Friday-Saturday mayhem touched every borough except Staten Island. https://archive.is/6zHis
>>3077 >>More than a dozen shootings left two men dead and at least 18 others hurt across the city on Friday and Saturday that's actually not that uncommon. i've seen higher numbers on a single weekend before.
>>3048 >currupt I chortled.
>>3048 >Why won't the medics come to our lawless hellhole to help our friends when they shoot each other? See this is where that thing that should be between your ears should kick in and tell you you're retarded.
>>2992 >murder in the CHAZ utopia how is that possible?
Open file (317.63 KB 2048x2044 monkey may never behave.jpg)
>>3077 Welcome to the jungle, we got fun 'n' games.
>>3088 That's when you realize nigger mentality isn't "What happens if I do this?" It's "What happens when I do this right now?" If it's longer than a few minutes they won't plan for it. >>3088
>>3063 >>Jews never band together Why put words into my mouth like this? Everyone can see you doing this and all it does is make you look even more wrong.
>>3077 >>Reports of illegal fireworks are also on the rise, with complaints rising 4,000 percent during the first two weeks of June — further jangling nerves. I've been hearing a lot of fireworks in my area too. It makes me wonder if it's someone setting them off so when they start shooting motherfuckers most people won't bat an eye because a lot of normalgoyim can't tell the difference between gunshots and fireworks.
I don't have any hope for this country, but I could imagine watching all of this happen being pretty comfy if you lived in Eastern Europe or something right about now.
>>3099 It's more just the pseudo-amazing politics of America where losing is winning. They're trying to start something to justify the police/some rando shooting them so they can cry victim and hit back.
CHAZ is like watching a Death Wish movie without Charles Bronson in it. >>3048 >Deem yourself a "new nation" within a city >Act surprised when you don't receive help from said city. >>3100 I'd imagine many more people accepted the redpill seeing all the rioting and shit going on.
>>3103 >I'd imagine many more people accepted the redpill seeing all the rioting and shit going on. My greatest fear is that nothing will change, and we'll just continue to slowly decay on and on.
>>3103 >I'd imagine many more people accepted the redpill seeing all the rioting and shit going on. I actually had a boomer apologize for the shit his generation had created, and outright called the Immigration 'reform' the most retarded thing that had politically happened since the Romans let in the barbarians. I nearly had a heart attack.
>>3103 >I'd imagine many more people accepted the redpill seeing all the rioting and shit going on. It's really hard to say either way here. Most normalfags don't actually use twitter 24/7, so shit that gets deleted and censored could easily slip under their radars since the TV news stations don't report on this shit all that much if at all. On the other hand word of mouth is still a very powerful and hard to squash method of spreading information, and anyone directly affected by businesses being burnt down is undoubtedly fucking furious about it. Regardless, we won't know for a little while because somehow we're still not at the brink of civil war, though we're definitely a lot closer than we were a month and a half ago.
>>3108 >brink of civil war, though we're definitely a lot closer than we were a month and a half ago. I don't really think so. These riots happen during elections (See; Nixon)
>>3103 To be real honest I don't give a shit about statues I just hate niggers.
>>3100 Yes, I can confirm that it's nice to watch America experiencing the joys of Marxism. After all, it fought long and hard to spread it through Eurasia, it's time for you to enjoy the fruits of your ancestors hard work.
>>3110 I think things have changed a whole lot since niggson was president. For one the US is no longer more than half white, and second of all mass media no longer tries to downplay anti-white sentiment at all.
>>3050 >cascadia when? Probably never, the entire region is Blue. In general I see these separatist movements as nothing more than wishful thinking - who are you going to have an economy with? The spirit animals? >>3051 >Every racial group sides with their own except whites.. The British Raj and even before that the Company used to hire locals to fight for the Crown's interest and they sure as hell did not give a single fuck they were hunting down other Indians. Pakis and Indians are the same ethnic group but hate each other. Norks and Worst Koreans. Native Americans killed and enslaved other Native American tribes from the moment the Europeans arrived to the end of the Civil War. The Chinese have spent more years killing themselves and selling their land to the West than united as one and even today they discriminate against each other based on region of origin. French and German are, ostensibly, the same ethnic group but they're rivals since forever. All of the Slavic nations. >>3069 Webm it
>>3073 woops sorry
>>3104 That's what I'm expecting, barring maybe a city going full Red after all of this. It would probably be offset by some big Red city going Purple though.
>>3129 Good job missing what's being said. Every group has inner conflicts but will band together to fight outside threats. If you think French and Germans are the same ethnic group you're an Amerimutt and your opinion is as worthless as the nigger who gave it you.
>>3133 >If you think French and Germans are the same ethnic group Why, yes, the EAST FRANCIANS and the WEST FRANCIANS are the same ethnic group, you historically illiterate nigger.
Open file (306.29 KB 1425x597 European_peoples.jpg)
Open file (90.56 KB 803x973 EU citizen.png)
Open file (343.83 KB 986x1334 german_states.png)
>>3134 Indeed, once a ~~muhreen~ Frank, always a Frank. It's not like the Franks were a single tribe conquering other Germanic tribes and Roman citizens, they just suddenly blew up and replaced everyone. That's why all the Germans are exactly the same, with no significant regional differences. Let alone the French who obviously weren't forced to all speak the same language as spoken in Paris.
Open file (90.11 KB 1024x668 0b5.jpg)
>>3106 Stop calling everyone and anything a boomer. You're retarded and alienated yourself from reality. The vast majority of baby boomers didn't want and still don't want mass immigration. It was forced on them and any one who spoke up about it got black listed like they do today. Get a clue you sniveling little brat. >>3108 Civil war requires an actual war to be fought. I don't know if Europeans have enough warriors left to do it. Too many poets and not enough warriors is the death of any nation and we suicided all of ours for no benefit to ourselves. Facebook didn't lock it down fast enough. Black/white cop death stats got out to the mainstream as did Floyd's history. This was a massive breach in the usual he dindu nuffin propaganda wave. >>3124 You can already see the police state, propaganda and constant paranoia from the USSR leaking into the West. Wonder if that's communism or just a Jewish state in general. Doubt there's much of a difference. >>3134
>>3135 Strange, this file didn't go through.
>>3135 >>3136 If both of you are actually going to try making the argument that the Germanic Peoples are not one ethnic group, then there is no hope for you.
>>3138 Have you ever spoke with somebody from either France or Germany, or did you learn everything you know about them from MAGE EVROBA GREAD AGAIN memepages on kikebook?
>>3138 The French and Germans don't even look alike. One is all but Jewish in their beak noses and browning skin. The others are blonde, fat faced fucks like they ate too much pie. Claiming they're one ethnic group would be a grave insult to either of them. You're so obviously a mutt when you post this Americanism.
Open file (45.75 KB 200x461 Aku Bait.png)
Open file (33.49 KB 1620x632 1510161359683.png)
>>3141 >Gets corrected >Posts cartoon images Go back to /co/ Amerimutt
>>3139 >>3140 Even the Nazis considered them to be the same ethnic group. Being of the same Ethnic Group is not the same as being the same Ethnicity. I'm going to guess you retards do not understand the English you are using. >>3142 That wasn't me.
>>3143 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethnic_group >An ethnic group or ethnicity is a category of people who identify with each other, usually on the basis of presumed similarities such as a common language, ancestry, history, society, culture, nation or social treatment within their residing area. Let me guess: next you are going to tell us that this is a jewish lie, and an ethnic group doesn't mean a group of people associating on the basis of ethnicity, but a group of ethnicities.
>>3144 >an ethnic group doesn't mean a group of people associating on the basis of ethnicity, but a group of ethnicities. That is in fact what the 1800s era dictionaries claim the term means, you know, from the period where Eugenics was just the standard. I'll admit here that it appears my usage of term was outdated, if that is how people today are using the term. I'm just left flabbergasted and wanting to know what the fuck happened to this language in the last 30 years.
>>3145 Furthering this, if Ethnic Group now means just Ethnicity, what the hell is the group above Ethnicity but below Ethnic Family. Or have they just deleted that term from the record. As a genealogist, this is screwing with my head something serious. Bearinstein? Bearinstine?
>>3145 >In Early Modern English and until the mid-19th century, ethnic was used to mean heathen or pagan (in the sense of disparate "nations" which did not yet participate in the Christian oikumene), as the Septuagint used ta ethne ("the nations") to translate the Hebrew goyim "the nations, non-Hebrews, non-Jews".[5] The Greek term in early antiquity (Homeric Greek) could refer to any large group, a host of men, a band of comrades as well as a swarm or flock of animals. In Classical Greek, the term took on a meaning comparable to the concept now expressed by "ethnic group", mostly translated as "nation, people"; only in Hellenistic Greek did the term tend to become further narrowed to refer to "foreign" or "barbarous" nations in particular (whence the later meaning "heathen, pagan").[6] In the 19th century, the term came to be used in the sense of "peculiar to a race, people or nation", in a return to the original Greek meaning. The sense of "different cultural groups", and in American English "racial, cultural or national minority group" arises in the 1930s to 1940s,[7] serving as a replacement of the term race which had earlier taken this sense but was now becoming deprecated due to its association with ideological racism. The abstract ethnicity had been used for "paganism" in the 18th century, but now came to express the meaning of an "ethnic character" (first recorded 1953). The term ethnic group was first recorded in 1935 and entered the Oxford English Dictionary in 1972.[8] Depending on the context that is used, the term nationality may either be used synonymously with ethnicity or synonymously with citizenship (in a sovereign state). >>3146 This page uses subgroup, but that's a category one level down: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_contemporary_ethnic_groups You could just say related ethnicities though.
>>3147 ...so, you're telling me I've entered into a dimension where the term 'Ethnic Group' is a 20th century thing. Someone send me back, that hell was better than this one.
>>3149 Here you go : https://www.reddit.com/r/MisterMetokur/ Now stay there.
>>3150 If you're so familiar with shit on reddit, you should be the one to go back to where you came from and stay.
>>3152 It's pretty easy to use google to find where you retards come from. I guess we can thank the retards who went to Mark's board then brought you all back here for shitting up the place.
Open file (104.44 KB 1042x1087 EVO_B7eU4AEV3z6.jpg)
>>3133 >Every group has inner conflicts but will band together to fight outside threats. Byzantium Late Ottoman Empire Rome Native Americans American Civil War Guelphs and Ghibellines The British killing the Ottoman Empire but then coming to their rescue to defend it against Russia Capitalism and Communism The USSR and the Republic of China against the PRC Uk and Rhodesia You are absolutely DELUSIONAL if you think ideology, nationality, race or honor play ANY kind of meaningful impact in the short term decisions by groups of pro-anti Skub. BLM and Antifa are theoretically doing exactly what you said to defeat their common enemy and they're already at each other's throats. The Axis hated each other's guts much more than your burgerstani propaganda leaflets may have made it look like, with the Allies being almost similar to it but with the UK hating jerries and loving Jews more than hating on commies and Americans. Poland, Yugoslavia and the USSR always acted in ways that would jeopardize the communist world because they frankly thought very little of each other. The only thing that matters in conflict are the short and long term gains of each party and the powergrabs and whims of powerful individuals. Do you think the Christian world gave one solitary fuck about the way Christians were treated in Palestine other than the sweet gibs they would get from being able to control a tight economic zone? Or how about the slaves? You think Lincoln was so moved to tears by the cotton pickers that he started a war for them only to never let them join the ranks of Union soldiers to fight for their own independence until the Confederacy was about to tear them a new cunt? Also, if ethnicities or ideology were the driving factor in determining the fate of a country, how are the Swiss still standing? Or Russia or Kazakhstan for that matter? >If you think French and Germans are the same ethnic group you're an Amerimutt and your opinion is as worthless as the nigger who gave it you. I'm shocked and appalled by these words. Central and Northern France and West Germans are very much related since the times Germanic tribes and the Gauls had to be mutt'd via barbarian invasions. Technically speaking there's a consistent minority of celtic people in France, but the Celts are more strongly associated with Ireland and Scotland because they weren't assimilated like mainlanders did. Northern Italy also has a lot of German and barbarian blood, while the South exchanged hands so many times that the people have a much more varied ancestry. Malta is a fucking mess. >>3135 Add to that the fact that Swabia is an entirely different beast and that the Czech are sort of like the slavic autistic cousin of Germans who want to be Germans in everything they do but get offended if they're mistaken for some of them.
>>3136 >I don't know if Europeans have enough warriors left to do it. The American revolution was kickstarted and fought by about a tenth of the colonists, with some of them also supporting the British over the new state. It was won by France and because the States made it a quagmire of resources for the overextended Great Britain. The American Civil War has inflated numbers because of conscription, literally any civil or revolutionary war is fought by whoever or whatever is available at the time. Even the fucking crusades had the first frontline being erected by zealot priests and high af women. They got slaughtered, true, but they were the ones who started it.
>>3155 >Add to that the fact that Swabia is an entirely different beast and that the Czech are sort of like the slavic autistic cousin of Germans who want to be Germans in everything they do but get offended if they're mistaken for some of them. And you should also add the whole mess with Austria who only stopped to think of themselves as Germans only when they were left out from the German unification, but still joined once given the chance, and yet even today they have a strange love-hate relationship with the Germans of Germany. And then there are those weird Germans living in northern Italy who only number the thousands and speak a variety of incredibly strange ˝Italized˝ Germanic languages. Or if we look to the north, there are still some Germanized Slavs living in Germany, although they too are a very small and insignificant group.
>>3155 Some people think France is some monolithic racial entity as if there isn't a difference between the north, south, etc. They have a cartoon view of reality.
>>3159 Frogs are frogs. Doesn't matter what warts they have.
>>3103 >I'd imagine many more people accepted the redpill seeing all the rioting and shit going on. they didnt open their eyes with the chimpouts during the nigger presidency.
>>3157 Aren't Austrians just catholic Germans, when you take out all the minute ethnic differences? >>3159 >They have a cartoon view of reality. Precisely. It's just as stupid as some Europeans thinking that the continental US is only New York City, DC, San Francisco and Miami.
>caring about belonging to some group Everyone is out for themselves. Why care about some other loser when you're more important? That said, should shit hit the fan and I see any of you fags with a /k/ patch, i'm killing you and looting your stuff. Hell, i'd kill you even if you didn't have a patch.
>>3164 This one's an honorary anglo.
>>3164 >t. will be destroyed by a group
>>3163 >this anon can't provide a family tree that reaches back through the centuries and proves that his ancestors didn't racemix Stay jealous shlomo, but not everyone here is a subhuman like you.
>>3167 Can you?
>>3164 >I'll totally survive a SHTF scenario by myself I'm fucken Rambo I fully intend to gangrape fags like you with my frens. You're right that /k/ patches are dumb though.
>>3168 >Can you? Yes. I know my whole family up to my grand-grandparents generation, so I can conform that there are no racemixers amongst my grandparents and grand-grandparents. My grandparents and grand-grandparents lived in Nazi Germany and to marry they needed an Ahnenpaß(ancestor record), which shows that they have been pure breed Germans for at least 3 generations. When they did the research to get their Ahnenpaß, they didn't stop with the last three generations but went as far back into the past as they could find records and thanks to that I can follow my family line back until about the end of the 30 Years War, So I have knowledge of about 370 years of family history.
Open file (18.29 KB 480x360 you retard.jpg)
>>3142 >implying you were right at all And I'm not the anon you were replying too. Idiot.
>>3164 This is just honestly pitiful. But hey thanks for showing you true nature to everyone here.
>>3169 The people who thrive most during a war are those that avoid it altogether.
>>3179 Yeah, and it's much easier to avoid it when you're part of a group. Loner faggots almost always get fucked, whether if it's by being conscripted at gunpoint and forced into working for one side, being mistaken for an enemy and killed outright, or being snatched up for slave labor in some shitty POW camp. Getting up your own ass and acting smug and high and mighty is just going to fuck you in the long run, you aren't as invincible as you think you are, especially when you're all alone in the world.
>>3179 We're already in a racial and civilizational war. Maybe you won't be able to avoid it forever. I wonder how it will affect your great grand children. Wil their guns be banned, then they are left defenseless? Will they be purged by raiding latinos, or mix and become irrelevant mongrels? Are you the end of your line? It would just suck if you thought you were above it all but actually weren't.
Peaceful(ISIS supporting) protesters tried to pull down the Andrew Jackson Statue in Lafayette Square near the White House, but they were denied by the police.
>>3185 >crickets so far from dup for all the confederate monuments >the try to fuck with Jackson >WTF Well I'm glad Jackson gets left untouched, but what the fuck, this is completely inconsistent. If they wanted to wipe out white history so badly then Jackson would be even more of a prime target for telling the zogbots to stand down for than even the confederates.
Open file (1.04 MB 798x744 JTyniPM.png)
>>3186 >Well I'm glad Jackson gets left untouched, but what the fuck, this is completely inconsistent. Strelok they don't give a fuck whose statue they destroy. They just want to make the place free so their collaborators in office can replace them with new ones of woke and progressive people from the 21th century.
Also the CHAZ/CHOP got shot up last night again and they tried to hide it. https://invidio.us/watch?v=Uo2ITO5ThH8
>>3191 They associate memorials and statues with y ppl, so they must be destroyed. It's a thin disguise over their true intent which is genocide of whites. In other words this will never stop until either we or they are gone.
>>3191 I know why they're doing it, what I don't understand is why Jackson was where the line was drawn for the zogbots.
Open file (135.16 KB 1024x768 scr.png)
Alright back on topic. Guess what is on the CHOPing block boys? http://archive.is/ob8gg
>>3200 We'll see if that'll actually work out. By not doing anything for so long, the CHAZites will have a lot of morale, and the police from being shat on by everyone due to retarded orders won't exactly be the most motivated force. That's assuming the Mayor actually has the balls to just move in with force, which is doubtful since she's still using soft vocabulary like "wind down". What is going to happen if the micro-nation she helped create starts putting up a fight?
>>3179 That's called being Jewish.
>>3201 >What is going to happen if the micro-nation she helped create starts putting up a fight? A competent leader would be able to utilize all that prime real-estate to entice businesses. They could charge rent at half of what the surrounding city charges with no requirement to obtain a business license, then put that money into funding a protection service of their own. It would work if they were european phenotypes. But it's a cesspool of niggers and jews so I expect it to be raz'd.
Open file (229.67 KB 1440x1440 women drivers.jpg)
>>3201 >the Mayor actually has the balls <le dried-up old prune >has balls
>>3201 Oh, we can only hope. It's really a dilemma. Whom do I dislike more: aggressive agents of state violence, or filthy fucking communists? I think it's communists.
>>3201 >putting up a fight Their mayor is a pussy, literally, that has been doing things in such a way so it can blow over and the commies just get bored and go home. Thats why they shrink the size of the CHOP zone to a tiny parcel of land. At some point the fags will have gotten bored and the niggers done tagging and both will leave. That insignificant portion of CHOP left will be empty in a month and all the mayor has to do is pretend she cares when she is insuring that they don't come to occupy the mayor's office. Would be a different story if they indeed occupied the mayor's office, but commies cannot do anything right and choose to occupy the fag section of town instead of anything of worth.
>>3036 This is true. A lot of people have this kikes vs goys idea when it's more of a kikes vs kikes with goys being used as cannon fodder and getting caught in the crossfire situation. Ever since the establishment of Israel the Jews have been in a sort of warring states period. It's really fascinating when you look into the history of it all.
>>3208 >fascinating when you look into the history Any pointers/books?
>>3199 >>3186 My guess is it got bad enough that drumpf can call for national security, or they brokered a deal with the cuck mayors of the autonomous zones so they both would not look horrible on tv.
>>3200 >dismantle CHOP there will be a deal, and they will give up most of the occupied territory while the city gifts them a block to be turned into a community project or whatever they'll call it. Also, they will get immunity for all possible charges
>>3216 >Also, they will get immunity for all possible charges Murders took place there, likely rapes too. There's no way they they can grant immunity to that.
>>3199 Not all local police are on 100% the same page, or under direct federal control. So if one local police acts differently than the others, there isn't necessarily some deep overarching meaning to it.
>>3217 >There's no way commies can grant immunity to their own.* FTFY, and tbh you must be in a different reality Anon.
>>3201 It'll become a clusterfuck and then she'll have to personally beg for the feds because MIGAman won't send them in himself. Qcucks will of course say this is a 4D chess move instead of realizing it's yet another case of Trump doing nothing like the impotent kike puppet he is while some libshit politician has a spaz attack. >>3217 >There's no way they they can grant immunity to that I remember when I had faith in this retarded country's retarded justice system. >>3218 >>3214 It's in DC right beside the h'wite house though, the niggers and commiecucks had already been tearing shit up for weeks in that area, and it's the same police force that's been told to stand by and let it happen until now.
Open file (1.53 MB 1280x720 XFJefAbasYb8f1wD.mp4)
Open file (3.22 MB 762x360 5hk2yJqC5tyhlQEe.mp4)
Open file (3.15 MB 720x1052 bQqsSXRas1ZWuEJg.mp4)
Open file (6.27 MB 720x976 3WqE5S1effxDjzz-.mp4)
Open file (1.68 MB 1024x683 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3200 Friendship with CHAZ ended. Now BHAZ is my best friend. >St. John’s Church has been vandalized with spray paint reading BHAZ (Black House Autonomous Zone) Kraut chimpout in Stuttgart: >German authorities have expressed shock over a rampage of an “unprecedented scale” in the centre of Stuttgart, where hundreds of partygoers ran riot overnight and into Sunday, breaking shop windows, plundering and attacking police. Two dozen people, half of them """German nationals""", were provisionally arrested and police reported 19 officers hurt. “They were unbelievable scenes that have left me speechless. In my 46 years of police service, I have never experienced this,” said the Stuttgart police chief, Franz Lutz. >Tensions built up shortly after midnight when officers carried out checks on a 17-year-old German man suspected of using drugs, said Stuttgart’s deputy police chief, Thomas Berger. Crowds who were milling around at the city’s biggest square, the Schlossplatz, immediately rallied around the young man and began throwing stones and bottles at police. The groups, mostly men, also used sticks or poles to break the windows of police vehicles parked in the area. >“I sharply condemn this brutal outbreak of violence, these acts against people and things are criminal action that must be forcefully prosecuted and condemned,” said Winfried Kretschmann, Baden-Württemberg’s state premier, in a statement. >At the height of the clashes, some 400 to 500 people joined in the battle against police officers and rescue workers As officers pushed back against the crowd, they broke up into small groups, carrying on their rampage around the city centre, breaking shop windows and looting stores along nearby Königstraße, a major shopping street. One jewellery shop was emptied and a mobile phone shop ransacked, according to regional broadcaster SWR. Nine shops were looted in all, and 14 others were damaged. >After smaller-scale clashes broke out in the city centre last week between police and groups of young people, officers bulked up their deployment with an extra 100-strong team. But the scale of the violence overwhelmed the officers, forcing them to call in reinforcements from other parts of the state. It took them four and a half hours to quell the violence, which the Social Democrat regional MP, Sascha Binder, described as “civil war-like scenes”. >Police have ruled out any political motives for the rampage, describing the perpetrators as people from the “party scene or events scene”. https://web.archive.org/web/20200623225515/https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/jun/21/hundreds-run-riot-in-stuttgart-city-centre-after-drug-checks DC wants to remove Lincoln as well: >D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton said she plans to introduce legislation to remove the Emancipation Memorial from Lincoln Park in Capitol Hill, which depicts President Abraham Lincoln with a freed slave. >Norton said the statue, which is nearly 150 years old, is “problematic” and needs to be taken down. >“Although formerly enslaved Americans paid for this statue to be built in 1876, the design and sculpting process was done without their input, and it shows,” Norton said in a statement released Tuesday. https://web.archive.org/web/20200624040206/https://wtop.com/dc/2020/06/norton-puts-emancipation-statue-in-lincoln-park-under-scrutiny-for-removal/
>>3237 Why do webms buffer so hard on this site?
Kikepedia has an extensive list of all the statues and memorials involved in this chimpout: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_monuments_and_memorials_removed_during_the_George_Floyd_protests
>>3258 Don't you remember what the Allies did after 1945?
>>3259 You mean get infiltrated by Jews and fall into degeneracy?
>>3237 As a German I fucking love what happened in Stuttgart. They failed to destroy anything of inherent value, only destroying stores for the consumer normies without a soul. On top of it the brutality of the rioters and the government cucking out afterwards by claiming it was the “party scene or events scene” that did it and not migrants and antifa has reignited support for the AFD, which was largely forgotten and ignored during Corona.
>>3260 >get infiltrated You're 35 years too late by that time. Immediately following the war, the allies destroyed every third reich monument, and nearly every major architectural project. Then they gathered up all the art and either destroyed it, or classified it as a munition and stored it away in US army warehouses, where only the chosen are allowed to view it. >he doesn't know about the hooten plan >he doesn't know about the rheinland camps >he doesn't know about the mass rape of german women by everyone involved
>>3263 Not entirely true though, various paintings and statues in Berlin were brought to America and preserved in a vault.
>>3271 >perserved in a vault See: >>3263 >or classified it as a munition and stored it away in US army warehouses, where only the chosen are allowed to view it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=504fHRrSNCI This is what happens to civilization. It's destroyed by the savage races and it's remnants rot away in vaults. >egypt >persia >greece >rome >sweden
>>3272 Don't forget pre-mongol china. Now instead of having actual language it's just 4 shitty tones for mongolians to use.
>>3261 Given that your current government is content to allow these feral niggers to run buck-wild atm (as is mine), this sounds like the best possible outcome Anon. Good luck, stay safe.
>>3274 China was built by Egyptians, look at what happened to the founders. Meso-America was heavily influenced by the survivors from an ancient race war that occurred in the fertile crescent who spread across the pacific islands and made the Easter Island monuments. Tiki is actually Bes. India's race war was written as Hindu mythology. This has been happening for over 30,000 years.
>>3258 >Hans Christian Heg near bottom Good lord there is no target anymore but "history" itself.
Anyone who isn't racist at this point is 100% a traitor.
Open file (139.51 KB 968x681 IB.jpg)
>>3277 >China was built by Egyptians South of the Yangtze, the rest is debatable as China is a new concept itself. >Meso-America was heavily influenced by the survivors from an ancient race war that occurred in the fertile crescent Folk tales said so, but folk tales also mention they were hulking dark giants that turned into ash and traveled in spinning saucers with scales, feathers and spit fire, along with being defeated by a rain of fire and being hammered in the head with sticks doesn't say much. Unless you meant much earlier... The proof of an overlapping civilization, sometimes attributed to a hypothetical "white" race by some here, even when there's 0 proof of their race, is mostly due to 2 factors: The Arrow tips and the Architectural stylistic and building methods. The arrow tips is a half-way retarded theory that has been spouted way too much, the architectural one is being blacklisted and ignored even when it's extremely evident the same guys did them in America as they did them in Asia around 1500 years ago by modest studies (if we go by actual age dating around the mortar used in the outer pieces of stone, the dates goes 3 to 6000 years ago and we know everyone back then said the outer layers were done to encase an inner one a couple times) I can and will buy that, same with the Indian Wars and the whole ridiculous Mohenjo-daro site facts that don't make any sense by official history unless the pajeets had invented half the reports, but 30k years? That's tough. But this things are nothing new to this year, once a very irresponsible and outright trashy person told me about this complot on destroying and demolishing the only traces of the old world history. I thought he was into something but he was a very shady person anyways, after a while it's safe to say he was spot on so i'm obliged to repeat what he said: ISIS' original (and only successful) plan was to act as a guerrilla off-shot of the wahhabist cunts and quickly capture and demolish ancient sites in the old Mesopotamia area, selling in the black market pieces small enough to transport. If we look at ISIS repertoire of actions, other than selling Yazidi and Kaibir kids, the only thing they have organized well and pulled out is destroying said sites who also seem to have lost their papers and plan schematics years ago from museums bombed by Americans in the 2003 Invasion of Baghdad. There's definitely something someone doesn't want you to see but not obvious enough as they can and have sold artifacts in the black market, some appearing in random pawn shops in New York.
>>3282 >Folk tales said so Ngāti Hotu genetic testing proves the stories. >Race war in Persia/fertile crescent >Survivors escape and sail throughout pacific >Land on every island, making settlements >Some end up on Easter Island, and build giants to mock their enemies >They continue sailing and end up in South America >Hundreds of years later, white explorers make landfall on many of the islands and witness whites >They come back years later all the whites died off from disease, presumably spread by the explorers >A military outpost gets built in New Zealand >Later, an Andrew Jackson looking maori with full face tattoo jumps out from the bushes to challenge a patrol, then later disappears >100 years later some old lady that looks like a German/Polish/Persian granny that has a fully documented family tree with no European contact says the first 5 lines of this greentext, and later has a genetic test done that supports the migration story >Another maori tattoo artist rediscovered the similarity between a specific tribe's tattoo style and celtic motifs >meanwhile, many maori tribes are purposely destroying burial sites because they fear genetic testing >meanwhile in the US, the Kennewick Man faced the same fate for the same reasons Except now there's nowhere else to run to.
>>3285 I forgot my picture.
>>3279 >Good lord there is no target anymore but "history" itself. Hasn't that always been the staple of the commie way Anon? Even Orwell highlighted this strategy.
I'd argue The tradition is as old as the Romans' Damnatio memoriae >>3288 Massive sage ahead. >>3282 The area south of the Yangtze is recorded to not be heavily populated by civilized (eg; non-tribes) until the late East Jin dynasty. Chinese "civilization", or at least the one that became the basis for the other dynasties, is acknowledged to be from the Zhengzhou area (Yin/ Anyang). There are other cultures that are acknowledged to have language at the same time, (Wuchang, Sanxingdui) but their systems/words appear to be have assimilated by the early Qin dynasty. There have been several societies to have evolved to challange the base understanding of "China" within the nine states, most notably the state of Wu, and Western Xia. In "Chinese" you trace the differences via the written character differences, since every god damned person speaks a different dialect, and Tangut, Bird Worm, Manchu, mongolian scripts are the few that are "non-Chinese" in nature to be used in official capacity. I think it was book of Han and records of the three kingdoms that scim over the assimilation of words from barbarian cultures. There's a very famous work from the Tang era writing about that but us "plebians" can't access it in full It undermines the concept of China continously rejecting foreign influences and easily assimilating barbarbians per the historical line. >>3277 >China is a new concept itself. The name China is new. Historically it was considered to be accepted as the nine states written in the Shangshu, 涂, 夾, 竞, 莒, 藕, 荊, 陽, 敘 and 虘. However, the proper unity of these states as a single nation was first achieved during the Qin dynasty. You have to remember that Northern China (Most of Manchuria, Tibet, Xinjiang (Literally translated as "New Frontier") are not traditionally considered part of "China" proper. In addition, anything outside the great wall was not considered to be China proper. Now, a modern day "Republic" originates from around 1900. It's mainly an ideological conflict based off the American republic (Sun Yat-Sen, Japanese "Democracy" (Chiang Kai-Shek) i and the Soviet system (Mao Tse-Dong). Unfortunately the US faction died out very early on due to lack of education, Sun was a bit of a pushover, and it didn't get rid of the corrupted government officals (Something the ROC would also suffer under Chiang). Obviously as we know no corruption exists in glorious paradise. There is much irony in Mao being from a wealthy landlord himself leading a revolution to execute landlords, lol
>>3263 >when the mutts and the reds were the real enemies of civilization all along
Open file (2.49 MB 1200x900 ClipboardImage.png)
Chaz is Dead: >#CHAZ / #CHOP - 8:10am - 11th Avenue from Pine facing Pike now all but clear and no visible protester barricades or protesters visible. https://archive.is/4yTK2 Unarmed Nasty Girls Deployed to DC >Secretary of the Army has activated about 400 unarmed DC National Guard troops to help protect monuments and infrastructure in case they are needed, Pentagon says. None of the troops have been deployed to the streets, but are available if requested by the National Park Police. https://archive.is/NgRre
>>3292 Fair enough. But sadly, ancient Romans are entirely irrelevant today, while even more sadly, Marxism and it's little NPCs are quite relevant. >here's your sage
Open file (902.88 KB 797x1025 78946514896.png)
>>3263 >Liberty of the Ass
>CHAZ goes through the entire life cycle of a Communist Hellhole in the span of 2-3 weeks I really would have loved for the circus to go on just to see how it could further degenerate.
Open file (384.89 KB 590x810 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3297 >>3304 They're apparently just relocating. Guess they've shat up the neighborhood enough and are going to ruin the next one now. Also some fag was on a rooftop threathening to jump, but they talked him down. Impotent leftists can't even kill themselves properly.
Open file (76.64 KB 638x480 083.jpg)
So balkanization when?
>>3308 >Impotent leftists can't even kill themselves properly. If they ask nicely I'm sure some people will gladly help with that
Open file (553.57 KB 867x516 autistcheer.PNG)
>>3304 >communist hellhole in 3 weeks The speedrunning community must be really proud.
>>3263 >Immediately following the war, the allies destroyed every third reich monument, and nearly every major architectural project. This is false, as there are still hundreds of monuments from the Nazi Era left in Germany. They destroyed some of the biggest and most well known, but the Nazis build so many monuments all over Germany that they couldn't destroy them all.
>>3309 Never soon enough.
>>3304 It could only go on as long as there was something to rob. They've looted the place dry like every red occupied place has.
>>3309 As soon a the government steps into the situation and does something stupid.
>your comment about the jews has been deleted He does it for freeeeeeee
>>3308 >nomadic communists moving from place to place shitting all over Seattle is finished.
Some people have figured out how they were able to create the CHAZ and their zone of influence. https://archive.vn/I9aSd In 2015 Obama started Police Data Initiative, which basically force the police departments taking part of it to let go of their equipment to deal with riots and force a protocol that demands Police officers to use as little force as possible to when dealing with law enforcement situations. https://invidio.us/watch?v=bpAi70WWBlw Thanks to that Seattle has basically little CHAZes all over the place as can be seen in this documentation, only instead of being Antifa and BLM they are camps of homeless and criminal drug addicts. When the riots broke out in Seattle and the mob of Antifa/BLM activist reached the East Precinct, it was abandoned by police, because holding it would have required the use of force that became a big NO NO thanks to the regulations put into place by Obama. Once the Antifa/BLM activist recognized the luck they had because of it, they move in and attracted the homeless criminal drug addict population with free food/drinks, possible drugs and a promise to protect them from the Police. These homeless criminal drug addicts than made their numbers look bigger and made them look like an actual movement and not just a bunch payed organization shills, which in return attracted the stupid hipsters of the left, which they needed to be really legit and expand. However they didn't manage to use their momentum thank to how fast the name Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone was spreading on social media, it gained disapproval a large part of the population and people pointed out who what they were doing was a serious crime with potentially serious repercussion. On top of it the homeless criminal population to no ones surprise caused problems from day 1, as can be seen in a lot of social media. Despite them getting support from collaborator inside the city government of Seattle, their fear of having given Trump the excuse of squashing them like the bunch of dirty communist they are in combination with the bad press caused them to rename the Zone to CHOP and open it to public travel again. This is the point when they ramp up their armed guards and tried to enforce a black out, to hide how bad the situation inside the CHAZ with the criminal homeless drug addicts really is. But this compromise caused a Schism between the BLM activist who were there for gibs and ok with LARPing a "summer of love" with the Antifa radicals, who want to follow their retarded dream of a Revolution. Together with the rampant crime and the assault of Streamers to hide the ugly truth of the CHAZ it managed to scare away the stupid hipsters. When they lost the support of their government collaborators after the shootings were leaked, the Antifa radicals predominantly abandoned the CHAZ as just another "this isn't real communism", while the activist left desperately try to get the homeless criminal drug addicts to set up tents around the East Precinct in a desperate attempt to prolong their summer of gibs. Currently the barricades of the CHAZ are abandoned and left open, only guarded by a few leftovers during the night.
>>3333 Quads of good info. I used to fear what kind of cascade would happen if they successfully set up commy no-go zones in cities, but I now find it hilarious I ever thought of them succeeding to make one work.
>>3335 Well unlike commies and proto commies of the past, these fags don't know how to do anything except to full contact LARP their fantasies of the October Revolution. They're all big and tough when they're in a crowd and their victims ore immobile statues and innocent bystanders but the instant that even one person competently puts up a fight then they scatter and run begging for the police to help them. They aren't the threat themselves. The threat is the slow wearing away of civilization and culture by these bastards and the traitorous media that aids them and the sniveling corporations and public officials that bow and scrape to them
>>3336 More and more I'm convinced the media should be attacked first. If you ever get the chance, kill a journalist.
>>3337 I thought this was common knowledge. In war, one of the first things the occupying force does after driving out enemy forces is take over radio/TV stations.
>>3333 neat info
https://www.dailywire.com/news/minnesota-town-goes-woke-pledges-not-to-call-cops-is-now-overrun-by-homeless-encampment Liberal SJWs try to accommodate homeless cause muh privlege, get rekt >A Minneapolis community, just a few miles away from where George Floyd died while in the custody of the Minneapolis Police Department, pledged to “check its privilege,” allowing hundreds of transients and homeless individuals to take up residents on their front lawns and pledging not to call the police to handle incidents of drug abuse and mental illness. >Now that same town’s residents are concerned things have gotten out of hand. Crime is rampant and the homeless encampment now has more than 300 people >The park at the center of town had just 25 tents when it formed up, but now the homeless encampment has 300 residents, many of whom are suffering from some form of mental illness or who are known drug users. >That doesn’t bother the progressives who’ve vowed to avoid allowing law enforcement to handle criminal situations. >"My feeling around it is those are symptoms of systemic oppression,” one resident explained. “And that’s not on them.” Also in the article: >>The New York Times reports that Powderhorn Park residents — mostly left-leaning white women
>>3350 >That doesn’t bother the progressives I dont believe that for a minute, they are just scared to break out of the cult. Will take some time until the pressure cooker goes off
>>3331 Wait no, I was wrong. My apologies.
Open file (62.13 KB 543x468 tranny.png)
>>3350 The memes just write themselves with these people.
Open file (83.67 KB 627x744 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (107.23 KB 657x769 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (138.25 KB 625x967 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.35 MB 674x960 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (4.16 MB 720x1280 CT01K7DTGm7Lap7X.mp4)
Trump signs executive order on statues: >I just had the privilege of signing a very strong Executive Order protecting American Monuments, Memorials, and Statues - and combatting recent Criminal Violence. Long prison terms for these lawless acts against our Great Country! https://archive.vn/FMBX4 >INBOX: @realDonaldTrump's EO to protect (confederate) statues is nuts: "Many of the rioters, arsonists, and left-wing extremists...have explicitly identified themselves with ideologies -- such as Marxism -- that call for the destruction of the United States system of government." https://archive.vn/JbeNn Atlanta water supply disrupted, "water main break": >We’re out of water all across East Atlanta @CityofAtlanta. What’s happening?? https://archive.vn/gn9SQ >yep, major water main break at Hemphill plant... picture shared from my neighborhood (Reynoldstown) Facebook group https://archive.vn/zTZ1F >@11AliveNews Massive water main break on Georgia Tech’s campus. Large chunk of Midtown without water. https://archive.vn/u7TQb
>>3394 Well shit, did Trump finally find his balls? It's about damn time.
>>3394 That's good news, thanks Anon.
>>3394 Where is the "crazy" part of that Executive Order? Aside from pointing out claims by and facts about many of the people destroying monuments and advocating for BLM, all it does is say "yeah we should follow these two laws that were already implemented over a decade ago"
>>3402 The one calling it crazy was a (((Feinberg))).
>>3394 Is this fuckstick really calling destruction of property and monuments 'freedom of speech' because its they think it should be torn down?
Open file (864.29 KB 640x640 7cmqR289CaNyUMhC.mp4)
Open file (1020.88 KB 768x512 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (14.10 KB 856x115 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.00 MB 1200x900 ClipboardImage.png)
Shootouts, carjackings in Minneapolis, local government hires private security after defunding police. BLM raids Californian suburbs. >A recent gunfight in the streets of Minneapolis. Exact date, location and source are unknown. https://archive.is/NxYNr >‘Organized’ and violent juvenile robbery, carjacking spree spans metro >A violent group of 35 to 40 teens has been terrorizing residents in a series of armed robberies and carjackings >An organized group of juveniles has been terrorizing the metro and committing robberies and carjackings since early June. One spree last week that spanned three cities ended in a violent crash in Northeast Minneapolis sending two of the suspects to the hospital, while two others fled. >Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher is raising the alarm about dangerous and violent groups of teenagers he says are responsible for most of the recent spike in violent crime. Fletcher’s remarks were made in an interview this week after it was reported that the city of St. Paul has seen 50 armed robberies since June 1 and 20 carjackings in two weeks. >A spree of seven carjackings happened last Friday before the suspects crashed in Northeast Minneapolis. The spree started in the city of Maplewood in the late afternoon with three carjackings in rapid succession, follow by three more in St. Paul throughout the early evening and ended up with a robbery in the Marcy Holmes area of Minneapolis after 10:30 p.m. Officers spotted the suspect vehicle on East Hennepin Avenue following the last robbery and the vehicle crashed and rolled when it tried to flee at a high rate of speed, according to police. >There were reports of at least two violent carjackings in north Minneapolis in the days prior to last Friday’s spree. One reportedly took place on June 16 when armed suspects approached a man around 4:30 p.m. as he exited his vehicle and threatened to shoot him in the stomach. The man’s daughter was still inside the vehicle during the incident and the victim was able to convince the carjackers to let him get his daughter out of the vehicle before they took it. Another was reported near Plymouth and James Avenues around 9 p.m. on June 17 in which three suspects were reported to have guns and fired shots before taking the vehicle. >Sheriff Fletcher said this week that all the incidents are connected to a group of 35 to 40 teenagers and they’re all violent. In almost all cases the suspects are pointing guns at people, Fletcher said. “They approach and ask a simple question to get you off guard, and that allows them to get inside your personal space where they can display a gun or use some kind of force.” >Fletcher said a Washington County judge was even robbed at Marshall and Fairview Avenues in St. Paul this week. >Other carjackings have been reported this week including one in Minneapolis where a care facility employee was assaulted and carjacked just after 2 p.m. on Wednesday on the 2500 block of Portland Avenue South. And another was reported on Wednesday evening, again in Northeast Minneapolis. A report this week said the youngest person taken into custody related to the carjackings so far has been a 12-year-old boy. http://archive.is/RwAmz >Minneapolis Council members get private security after threats >The City of Minneapolis is spending $4,500 a day for private security for three council members who have received threats following the police killing of George Floyd, FOX 9 has learned. A city spokesperson said the private security details have cost taxpayers $63,000 over the past three weeks. >The three council members who have the security detail – Andrea Jenkins (Ward 8), and Phillipe Cunningham (Ward 4), and Alondra Cano (Ward 9)– have been outspoken proponents of defunding the Minneapolis Police Department. Councilmember Phillipe Cunningham declined to discuss the security measures. >“I don’t feel comfortable publicly discussing the death threats against me or the level of security I currently have protecting me from those threats,” said Cunningham in a text message. Cunningham added that the security is temporary. >Councilmember Andrea Jenkins said she has been asking for security since she was sworn in. She said current threats have come in the form of emails, letters, and posts to social media. “My concern is the large number of white nationalist(s) in our city and other threatening communications I’ve been receiving,” wrote Jenkins in an email. >Councilmember Cano did not return messages seeking comment. >Minneapolis mayors have traditionally had a security detail provided by a Minneapolis Police officer who also functions as the mayor’s driver. The thirteen council members are not given the same protection. >Asked why Minneapolis Police are not providing security services to the three council members, a city spokesperson said MPD resources are needed in the community. The hourly cost of private security is similar to the cost for a police officer, the spokesperson added. http://archive.is/xqZ4u >Back into the residential streets "Wake yo ass up!" https://archive.is/KfKuD
>>3427 >gubbermint hiring private security for police duties Huh, seems all those dystopian cyberpunk novels were right in the end.
>>3280 >Born in Norway >come to America to die in a war for ungrateful niggers Sounds like something Sweden would do instead. Wait, were Sweden and Norway one back then?
>>3437 Yes the were. At the Congress of Vienna in 1815, it was decided that Sweden would get to take Norway away from Denmark so the Russia could keep Finland.
>>3427 And this is what the 3 council members look like. We don't even need parody anymore when real life is like this.
Open file (107.90 KB 489x652 13_3.jpg)
>>3159 >Is this fuckstick really calling destruction of property and monuments 'freedom of speech' he clearly said the opposite several times you illiterate nigger. >>3394 >Main break not a big deal. happens all the time. They'll shut off the big main, do the repair, and reopen the mains. then divide up the lost water cost among everyone's water bill (or just those that cant prove how much they owe because of property disputes and meter issues). The only thing that can complicate things if there are riots or virus that prevent the repairs, or if it happened on a large non-standard main size and replacement/repair parts are absent. this happened in NYC a few years back so water was out in some places for about 4-5 days but i dont think atlanta's water system is anywhere nearly as complicated as NYC. iicr a 56" main blew and NYC didnt have any clamps and had to essentially use a more common size like 42" and stretch it over and then pour concrete on it>>3394
>>3450 Might be worse if you jackhammer (Open and close the water valve all the way really fast) a fire hydrant since it usually injures/kills someone while taking out the entire main. >mfw modern terrorism in US is some dude jackhammering fire hydrants on a busy street
>>3285 >Some end up on Easter Island, and build giants to mock their enemies Genetics have implied the original settlers were pacific islanders rather than injuns. Sure enough it fits to the t pacific islanders/war escapees being master sailors. >white explorers make landfall on many of the islands and witness whites I lost trace there, pacific islanders were white, the race war in the crescent/caucasus area had the dark skinned ones run away and become white all of the sudden, i don't get it, doesn't link the genetics done in Easter Island and your story >all the whites died off from disease, presumably spread by the explorers Everyone and their dogs died of disease, that's true and same with south america elites being known to be clear eyed and light-haired, along with some injuns having those traits but with their red skin. I can easily believe the race war and migration of highly skilled groups, because there's plenty of evidence of both, but the pearly white thing always seems odd to me if a bit wewuz. Those guys are most probably not the same stock of white as the one we know, and many do describe them by eyes and hair but with different skin, nor pink or white but reddish (sunburn or a different one). By description they might as well be also light-haired koryaks in the case of the native american tales, grey aliens in the case of the olmecs and toltecs and some sort of heavily sunburned vikings in the case of the incans. Fucking injuns and their lack of subject description skills. >>3292 Very well put, also worth adding around the context of the discussion (30,000 or 12,000 years) that Qing is the dude who invaded most states and killed tons of men, banging all the locals with what can be considered han troops, around 2000 years ago to accomplish some sort of pax qink that ended up with the guy never sleeping at ease due to the amount of plots against him. A massive mongreling scheme that contrasts with the Shanghai phenomenon of various different races "originating" from a small area in the northeast of said China territory.
>>3451 firehydrants have a cutoff to prevent that from really being an issue. fire hydrants are very easy to cut off from the main water supply. the firehydrant would be out of commission until replaced, but the flushing of firehydrants is fairly common.
Open file (97.33 KB 625x461 1444940623223.gif)
>>3400 >Well shit, did Trump finally find his balls? It's about damn time. Only if the statues go back to their pedestals >>3427 Literally Liberian warfighter tier
>>3454 Damn, that's probably because my department pipes are old as fuck Lead pipe joke here. When that dude on mutual aid jacked the hydrant they had to shut down the entire main (We're also bumfuck nowhere county too so that might also be a reason)?
>>3464 yea, hydrants here dont leak water if a car was to hit them because it would snap at the stem. we also have a very old infastructure with very old lead pipes. the parts that have lead though were replaced with ductile iron so that they could properly attach the entire hydrant fixture onto it. for example in pic1 the supply main could possibly be lead, but not the gate valve or anything after it. You could have just a really old hydrant, or they may have put one in where installing its own valve wasnt practical. its standard here now but there are still hydrants that dont have them because that standard is only "fairly" recent. i also used to work for a place that accidentally tapped a hydrant into a gas service line because the maps were too old and illegible. testing from the outside was impossible because of the ground water making them think the pipe had condensation It's also possible you have a wet barrel hydrant vs dry. we use dry because of increased freezing concerns but wet barrel are more common in warmer climates.
>>3427 >35 to 40 teens Hmm... I wonder what color they are...
Thanks the to the niggening I haven't been able to buy any fucking ammo. No .223 in any of the LGS or the shitty big box stores, I managed to nab the last 3 boxes of .357 sig but it's high end shit so now I can't use it for target practice without feeling like a retard. On that subject, can you drop a .40 barrel in a glock 33 or will I blow my face off?
>>3427 >Organized’ and violent juvenile robbery, carjacking spree spans metro Translation: Disorganized, nigger mobs acting like niggers.
>>3427 >My concern is the large number of white nationalist(s) in our city >stronk independynt: It's not the nigg's fault, its the ebil nahdzees!11
>>3503 I believe you can swap .357 SIG and 9mm barrels into their .40s so I wouldn't be surprised if you could. .357 SIG is a little more energetic than .40 so you may have a slide that doesn't want to cycle the action.
>>3506 I believe he could get different recoil springs.
>>3506 so I should probably replace the slide too just to be safe. I don't see a lot of info online about swapping the barrels on these specific glocks so I was kind of unsure about it. I don't really want to get another glock just for one caliber, I like my 33 a lot.
>>3508 Recoil springs are a lot cheaper than slides, maybe 20$. I'd definitely try with the stock springs before buying a slide.
>>3508 Midway has a G33 .40 conversion barrel for $65 right now. Debate is open on whether you need .40SW mags as well. Many say you don't, some say you do. Mag followers look to be nearly identical. You do not need to replace the slide.
>>3476 We have wet barrels. IT doesn't even go close to freezing here usually.
>>3510 The dimensions are very similar. Looks like .40 S&W is the parent case of the .357 SIG. Base is almost identical and overall length of the .40 is only 0.005" shorter than the .357. I'd try with the .357 mags and, since the gun is already a small one, the stock springs before buying anything more than a barrel.
>>3529 .40 is the parent case to .357sig, a lot of .40 guns can be converted to .357 with a sping and barrel change.
Open file (83.68 KB 634x966 Chachpoya.jpg)
>>3452 >all this handwringing and doubt You realise there are literally Caucasian mummies in Peru, right? It's not that complicated.
Open file (16.11 MB 382x288 stonewall ga.mp4)
Stonewall GA black militia
https://youtu.be/nhhE7A10dek youtube link, "NFAC LEADER GRANDMASTERJAY NFAC BLACK MILITIA IG LIVE FORMATION IN ATLANTA_ Grandmaster jay PART 2-nhhE7A10dek"
Open file (215.58 KB 474x907 this is not the zone.gif)
Open file (15.66 MB 382x288 nfac militia march.mp4)
youtube-dl the video before it gets taken down and memory holed. Black militia is marching down the streets of GA and threatening white people, shouting black power, all while under police escort. The attacks, stabbings, and shootings from BLM weren't enough, this is the inevitable result of jewish corporate endorsed terrorism against whites.
>>3694 Meh. Sure, use the material to open the eyes of cuckservatives, etc. But there's little fundamental threat. As soon as the ZOG escorts stop (and they will) the niggers-leading-niggers dog-and-pony show will collapse. Two motivated young White men would decimate the entire group of them in one go, when push comes to shove.
>>3698 Arrogance and complacency
>>3699 Yeah, niggers are really arrogant and complacent because they have the entire establishment including cuckold zogbots protecting them and enabling their behavior. Look at the video, you can see pig cars with their lights on escorting these fucks.This shit is a blatant setup, if they meant what they were barking about then they'd have iced the evil ypipo in their cars instead of doing their hoot and holler shit.
Looks like the niggers are threatening Stone Mountain.
Open file (1.18 MB 320x470 muh reparations.mp4)
Open file (1.14 MB 320x320 xCfzxUpf8KGfTGSH.mp4)
Niggers trying to start shit.
>>2913 So did they call off?
>>3700 >they have the entire establishment including cuckold zogbots protecting them and enabling their behavior Yes, that's the sitrep. You act like that's going to change any time before the jews are completely removed from power. If you actually think the zog will remove their support for shitskins, their golem against European man, you are utterly delusional. But hey whatever makes you feel like you have the upper hand (conveniently, without ever having to play it)
>>3241 Because you live in America and the website is based out of Romania.
Open file (6.94 MB 2048x1366 ClipboardImage.png)
Here's your boogaloo bro.
>>3713 You're putting words in my mouth like a faggot and attempting to rile me up over some shit we all already know is happening, you're not any more aware or intelligent than anyone else here. You think you're not part of the problem sitting on your ass acting condescending on the internet? Maybe lead by example and go do something about it if it bothers you that much. Oh wait, I forgot, only glowniggers actually do things and anyone who says you should get off your ass instead of preaching to the choir while acting like you're blowing anyone's mind with your hopelessness is a fed lol.
>>3716 >tactical smartphone pouch. >Can't afford armor? Strap 50+ smartphone batteries with laptop batteries to make improvised armor. laugh at how retarded this meme is I'm about to off myself and then I realized theoretically it could be body armor in a pinch
>>3731 You joke, but gorilla glass phones have been known to stop pistol calibers for some time now. You could probably build a dragonscale type garage armor with gorilla glass screens.
>>3733 You probably could, but unless you're getting them from scrapped phones, those screens are going to get expensive really fast making armor cheaper.
>>3716 I am livid at the way all these symbols are being strewn about, with the Rasta colors on the ankh earring, the Arab scrawl on one of two headbands and the islander symbols tattooed across the sheboon. I can almost say with certainty that she doesn't even know what any of them are/mean and thinks they're part of her heritage.
>>3721 If you say there's little fundamental threat, well, I disagree. Simple as that.
>>3736 I never said there's little threat, I literally stated the opposite. Are you incapable of following conversations? Do you have me confused for someone else?
Open file (92.02 KB 400x300 1588000231919.jpg)
>>3687 Those weren't fireworks I was hearing last night, it was the sound of Drill Instructors' heads exploding from massive aneurysms after watching that. >>3736 >>3738 That particular group of groids is not especially threatening but the overall situation is. I don't believe anything truly organic can make it to a national level of awareness anymore so there must be someone helping this along. I doubt any of the visible leaders are glowniggers but masked bystanders at these sort of events always make me at least suspicious. What I'm getting at is that someone with some money/power wanted everyone to see a black militia marching on stone mountain and the most likely reason to want that is to at least increase tensions if not get some actual dead niggers in order to implement _fill in the blank_ , some shitty law they can't wait to jam down our throats. The provocations are everywhere, in the streets, the media, and online. I'm surprised some nutter hasn't been triggered yet. If things get desperate enough for whoever is pushing this, will we see another Maidan massacre if no one bites on initiating violence?
Open file (2.22 MB 1500x1017 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (4.32 MB 2000x1334 ClipboardImage.png)
>no /k/ updates on major events in the past week CNN selling it's Atlanta HQ: >CNN's parent company has made a big decision: CNN Center, the network's landmark building in Atlanta, is going up for sale. >The announcement is a big adjustment internally — but nothing will change right away. Pascal Desroches, the chief financial officer for WarnerMedia, which is comprised of CNN and other brands such as HBO and Warner Bros, said the company is prioritizing Techwood, another property it owns in Atlanta. >"Following the sale of the CNN Center, we plan to centralize most of our employees on the Techwood campus," Desroches wrote in an internal memo. "This process will take several years, so we don't expect any immediate changes for employees working at the CNN Center." http://archive.is/t9Ema St. Louis couple pulls out firearms on trespassers: >Protesters en route to demonstrate outside the St. Louis mayor's residence were walking on a private street when two armed individuals came out of a home brandishing weapons. Videos obtained by CNN show two people, a man with a long rifle and a woman with a handgun, holding their firearms outside a St. Louis home as protesters walked by -- protesting Mayor Lyda Krewson's decision to publish the names and addresses of people in favor of police reform. >Two eyewitness videos obtained by CNN were taken outside the home on Portland Place, a private street near Krewson's home, around 7:30 p.m. Sunday. Daniel Shular, a local reporter, took one of the videos and said he watched the entire roughly 10-minute long incident unfold. About 500 protesters were cutting through Portland Place, according to Shular, to bypass road closures nearby that blocked access to the mayor's home. >"A door next to the gate at Portland Place was unlocked and protesters went through it to cut through the neighborhood to get to Krewson's house," he told CNN. That's when Shular says the man and the woman -- now identified as Mark and Patricia McCloskey -- came out of the house with the firearms. At one point in his 31-second video, the woman points the handgun in the direction of protesters. >Couple that brandished firearms speaks out >"A mob of at least 100 smashed through the historic wrought iron gates of Portland Place, destroying them, rushed towards my home where my family was having dinner outside and put us in fear of our lives," Mark McCloskey, 63, told CNN affiliate KMOV. Property records obtained by CNN confirm the two own the property. The St Louis Streets Department confirmed to CNN that Portland Place is a private street. >"The peaceful protesters were not the subject of scorn or disdain by the McCloskeys," their attorney, Albert S. Watkins, said in a statement to CNN. "To the contrary, they were expecting and supportive of the message of the protesters. The actions of violence, destruction of property and acts of threatening aggression by a few individuals commingling with the peaceful protesters, gave rise to trepidation and fear of imminent and grave." Watkins says his clients acted, "lawfully on their property," and that "their actions were borne solely of fear and apprehension, the genesis of which was not race related. In fact, the agitators responsible for the trepidation were white." >Firearms were brandished, pointed at protesters >"This is all private property," McCloskey went on to say in his statement to KMOV. "There are no public sidewalks or public streets. We were told that we would be killed, our home burned and our dog killed. We were all alone facing an angry mob." >A second video, taken later on in the incident by protester Avery Risch, shows just how tense the situation got. At one point, Patricia McCloskey, 61, was standing on the grass, closer to the protesters, pointing the handgun at them. In both Shula and Risch's videos, it appears the McCloskey's and protesters exchange words, but it's unclear what is said. http://archive.is/SdOty
Open file (4.17 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.55 MB 1024x683 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.53 MB 1024x683 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3746 2 killings in CHAZ and threat to mayor's property prompt its dissolution: >Two teenagers shot in Seattle's Chop autonomous zone >A teenager has been killed and another critically wounded in a shooting in Seattle's autonomous zone. >One teenager, 16, was fatally shot and died after being taken to hospital. The other victim, 14, is in intensive care. >The zone, initially known as Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (Chaz) and now called Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (Chop), was set up amid protests over the killing of George Floyd. >As it is part of a protest against police brutality, it is self-policing. >In a statement, Seattle hospital Harborview Medical Center said one of the boys was brought in by a private vehicle at 03:15 local time, while the other was driven in by the Fire Department's medical team at 03:30 on Monday. >"The male shooting victim who arrived to Harborview... at 03:30 from the Chop area on Capitol Hill in Seattle has unfortunately died," the statement added. >Although the site was initially occupied by hundreds of peaceful protesters, this is the fourth shooting within the boundaries of Chop in the last 10 days. >In the first shooting, which happened in the early hours of 20 June, a 19-year-old man called Horace Lorenzo Anderson was killed and a 33-year-old man was injured. >A second shooting the next day left a 17-year-old boy injured, and another person was wounded in a third shooting two days later. >After the latest violence city officials have said they are considering dismantling Chop, and reopening a police station in the area that was abandoned by officers when the zone was first set up. >Chief Carmen Best, from the Seattle Police Department, said they had found a white Jeep "riddled with bullet holes" near one of the concrete barriers to Chop. >She also accused protesters and residents of "not being cooperative with our requests for help", and said the zone was now "not safe for anybody". http://archive.is/TCEFb 25 arrested during overnight protests after Seattle police dismantle ‘CHOP’ >Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan issued an executive order for protesters to vacate the "Capitol Hill Organized Protest" (CHOP) zone. >A total of 25 people were arrested overnight in the area of Broadway and East Pine as protests continued after police dismantled the "Capitol Hill Organized Protest" zone (CHOP). >Police used blast balls and pepper spray while making arrests, after people in the crowd began throwing bottles at officers, according to the department. >Demonstrators continued to march and protest on Capitol Hill, downtown Seattle, and some marched to Mayor Jenny Durkan's house. >The Seattle Police Department moved into the CHOP around 5 a.m. Wednesday and returned to the East Precinct after abandoning the building nearly three weeks ago. >Officers arrested at least 44 people on Wednesday for failure to disperse, obstruction, resisting arrest, and assault. However, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan said she recommended the city not file charges against misdemeanor arrests from Wednesday morning. >Durkan issued a 48-hour executive order for protesters to vacate the area due to the ongoing violence and public safety issues in the area of the East Precinct and Cal Anderson Park. Mayor Durkan's order declared the gathering as an “unlawful assembly” that required immediate action. >“These acts of violence hurt our whole community and they are also in direct contrast to the message ringing from the streets that Black lives matter,” Durkan said during a briefing after the operation. >Two teenagers were killed and three other people were injured in shootings in or near the CHOP since the protest began on June 8. The precinct was evacuated on June 11. >Police moved into the CHOP just before 5 a.m. and issued a dispersal order to any protesters in the area. >"Anyone who remains in the area, or returns to the area, is subject to arrest," SPD tweeted. >Officers were seen clearing tents and barriers in the CHOP. KING 5 crews saw officers using pepper spray on demonstrators who weren’t leaving the area after dispersal orders were given. >"Thank you to the individuals affiliated with the CHOP who have assisted officers in encouraging people to safely leave the area," SPD tweeted. http://archive.is/zeXaZ
>>3735 The current Left is a cargo cult of previous leftist movements thanks to the feminist ideology of intersextionality, they combine and claim to stand for past movements even if these movements are contradictory to another and they use these symbols more as a fashion statement than anything else.
>>3742 I don't believe it's especially about provoking a reaction from whites. Now that they have the demographic numbers to move in for a kill, they want to start the next phase of openly displaying force of arms by non-whites to normalize the end game of replacement of ethnic Europeans. If whites don't bite and react to being attacked, threatened, and humiliated, it's as much or more a victory for them than passing any law because it sets a further precedent for passive acceptance of racial death. They can always pass any laws they want in the future once whites are no longer any obstacle, anyways.
>>3747 Stupid to dismantle it now. Let it keep going for more evidence it's a failure and until they beg you to come back.
>>3280 >>3437 https://archive.vn/C0m3t is a normalfag friendly mainstream media link to that incident. It's useful to have something they can't just dismiss with 'it's wikipedia' or 'it's a conspiracy news site'.
Open file (61.82 KB 389x494 GTFO_asshole.jpeg)
>>3758 >Now that they have the demographic numbers to move in for a kil A) Horseshit. Niggers are still a significant minority compared to Whites in raw numbers. B) Any trained, motivated White man is worth 20+ niggers in a hot conflict. C) Even cuckservatives are becoming racially aware now with the globalist jews forcing the current niggening. Your gaslighting is weak, glownigger. You all played your hand too early on this one. You'll lose both your control of WyPiPo in general, and you'll also lose the POTUS election again. You came to wrong neighborhood, motherfucker.
>>3762 There are more fighting age browns than whites. And then you have to take into account that there is a huge portion of whites that will be all for whites being subjugated and/or liquidated Potus election does not matter one bit. You already have a cuck president bending back over backwards to please his jewish owners, lest his owners pull the mat underneath him and his family. All of which is are balls deep indebted to Deutsche -bank.
>>3733 and >>3734 Were you around for the mylar blanket anti-infared vision meme? I suggest gorilla glass + laptop batteries + maybe old HDD disks lol... That shit stopped a 7.62 in Iraq before apparently. Mother fucking Lenovo makes those large ass 72 watt hour batteries Dell makes a 92, but the lenovo is sloped for armor purposes. >Be anime neet who does IT slave wages and jacks it to 2d waifus or something >SHTF, you have no body armor and your only weapon is a replica katana >Haistly utilize your cosplay furfag skills to create some demon spawn of composite armor layered of old ass laptop batteries, gorilla glass, and HDD disks >try to leave your home in the first time in a decade >runs into a gang of dindus >Dindus attempt to rob you, you are too fat and slow for them to actualy rob >Proceed to laugh, shoots said NEET with 9x19 mags >NEET shakes it off due to body armor and extra body fat absorbing any shrapenel and proceeds to charge them with a katana >Local news: Two peaceful black protestors murdered by autistic man with assualt katana and composite armor
>>3762 >you'll also lose the POTUS election Imagine living in the current year and thinking what Crypto is in office means shit
Open file (534.39 KB 1920x1080 internet 2020.jpg)
>>3762 >he doesn't know that spics and blacks are on the same side against whites >he thinks trump winning was a loss for ZOG >considering reality makes you a blackpill glownigger Sounds like you're a few steps behind on the OODA loop. But I think we're ultimately on the same side so whatever.
Open file (139.48 KB 3438x725 puke.jpg)
>>3746 >>3747 It's so obvious what the jewish leftist media is doing to that couple that no rational racial moralist would be fooled into going "waaaah self defense is waycist". The commies of this land are no surprise just didn't expect them to be cleared out. Whoever the "glows" that were that put the CHOP into motion must've lost control at some point and the Mayor in cahoots had to shut it down sooner than the end of summer as she was predicting on air. I'm surprised we didn't get any rogues trying to probe and harrass the commies guarding the borders. Pic is what I expected to see more of out of the CHOP/CHAZ niggers.
>>3769 Are you fucking retarded? CHAZ was standard retarded niggering. It wasn't some CIA honey pot. Police were told to run away if niggers approached them so they ran the fuck away. It's an obama era law and only just got enforced on the cops by the chimp out. They knew they would run out of food and turn on each other so they didn't have to get involved. >>3766 You're thinking of latest generation weebs. Current generation weebs don't know shit about tech and have no money for replica katanas. They buy dolls instead. >>3762 >All the cartels in mexico will stay in mexico and not attempt a power grab in the slightest >Niggers who will be supported by the failing government and heavily armed are worth -50 white people who never learned to defend themselves and lack fire arms People like you are retarded. A storms coming and you've convinced yourself you can win because you're a magic cum nigger. War does not care how great you think you are, it cares about how much force you can apply in any given area and continue to apply it. Whites cannot apply as much force as Spics, Muslims or Niggers and so they will lose a race war. The only chance whites have is if they band together NOW and start to build supply networks to defend themselves. Remember all those terrorist stories in Europe? They keep finding smuggling rings, arms caches and cells ready to suicide bomb places? That's what you need to fight a war. Whites have none of that and no way to make it happen fast. At best they have gun shops but they sell out fast in any crisis where as Cuban drug smugglers continue to fly and restock their side.
Open file (6.35 KB 255x141 rune of cia.png)
>>3768 >spics and blacks are on the same side against whites These past months have shown, just like back in the day, that isn't the case at least in an unified effort way.
>>3770 > Current generation weebs Fuck I forgot I am that old now. I'm guessing current gen goes like this: >Happening across the world >weebs driven to autistic rage due to lack of pr0n and muh 2d waifus >ran out of food because amazon prime doesn't exist. >stumbles into what remains of civilization since leaving it at age 5 >runs back in after being accosted by trans black women who are bisexual and trying to get gibs to sacrifice white devils for witchcraft >Grabs the only weapon they have, a cum sock that is solidified after many years of abuse and their solidfying trusted 3d waifu pillow covered in cum, gatorade, sweat, and electrical rubber that was burned due to not being able to see without glasses. >Can't comprehend that 2d waifu pillow isn't real so throws the cum sock at angry home invaders dindus. >critical hit on first dindu in the eye, the solidified sock goes straight through, impalying the eye and damning the dindu to die of blood loss. >second dindu starts shooting >body pillow has been reinforced with mutiple layers of bodily fluids, cheeto dust, and liquid beverges it stops the bullet. >enraged at the loss of his entire life saving, said weeb proceeds to murder 2nd dindu via application of body pillow as blunt for object >after all this is over, weeb looks at his broken body pillow, realizes there is new holes, and invites his fellow neets for an orgy nobody shows up because nofriends irl and he proceeds to hang himself, his sole remaining item tying him to the realm of the living gone. Weeb ends up ascending to grand wizardry before being sent to the 2nd circle of weeb hell, perpetually going to be tortured by being frozen in an ice block to watch 2d waifus in every hentai doujuin scene he hates or something
>>3772 Latinos and blacks form a racial spectrum with one another due to admixture. Colombians, Dominicans, Cubans, Venezuelans, etc. They have a caste system within themselves, and look down on darker blacks generally. They don't often band directly together, but they do hang out and mingle quite often. And they are mostly in lockstep with their opposition to whites. Of course they will fight amongst each other when there is a vacuum of YT to unify against. But in a race war they will both absolutely be against whites, even if they are fighting against us separately and skirmishing each other in some areas.
>>3775 Well i might agree on that, but quite honestly in a giant race war there's going to be in-fighting inside some races, including white. >Dominicans >Venezuelans Funny, jokes refer to them as some of the most vicious nationalities against blacks. I knew Dominicans have a passion for hating Haitians but the latter i don't really know other than their independence war was basically a huge pogrom against blacks and royalist natives.
>>3775 I don't know what you're on but niggers and spics hate each other more than they hate whitey. Especially the spics hating niggers part.
>>3746 https://archive.is/Ym5ES The nogs have gone and protested again in front of their house. https://archive.is/ZKy03 Some of their neighbors have cucked out and taken the knee too.
Open file (179.34 KB 560x471 787897894651.png)
>>3762 >and you'll also lose the POTUS election again. You are just acting retarded, right?
>>3777 The enemy of my enemy is my friend is how anti-whiteness works. The reason it's People of colour isn't because they're a solid group. It's because as a single group they all benefit from taking down the dominant race (which has already fallen. Demographics are beyond repair. When baby boomers die off whites become a minority and baby boomers are now too old to fight a war). Once the dominant race is down they can have their own race war with each other.
Open file (49.25 KB 889x500 roof_korean_no3714.jpeg)
>>3786 Do you really think we're all that stupid here pure-diversity glowstick? Wait, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and just assume you're retarded instead. LA is already a perfect microcosm of the racial dynamic you claim to understand. On numerous occasions niggers have stirred shit in LA, and us WiPyPo didn't have to do a thing--the beaners absolutely pwnd the shitskins. Even the roof-Koreans are more than up to the task of dealing with the chaotic niggers friend. lrn2history, dumbass.
>>3787 >Once whitey is gone the other races will fight each other >In a city full of non-whites they fight each other over territory >Territory they took from whites and now own themselves Gee. I sure wish you would fuck off back to cakechan where you belong.
>>3788 >Once whitey is gone No one here is regurgitating your pre-programmed script, friend. And you plainly know nothing of the SoCal area itself. LA is a yuge sprawling basin and is probably one of the single most racially-segregated megalopolis' on earth. White-dominated areas are everywhere, especially in the nicer landscapes. And the topic at hand is the ineffectual nature of your friends the niggers to kill off 'whitey'. >fuck off back to fedchan Freudian-slip much?
>>3790 >Jews are white. Sure. Now leave kike.
>>3776 Native Dominiggers in DR hate Haitians in DR. Their 2nd generation children in burger will happily fuck each other. Blacks have children with latinos. Latinos have children with blacks. Mulattos even look like latinos often enough. Once you are shit colored, there is nothing really to lose. >>3777 This isn't fully true, it's a stereotype of black and spic relations that doesn't hold in practice. They often hang out with each other and commiserate with each other. They both listen to nigger rap. They both identify as "colored" when contrasted with whites (although of course in private the spics will make fun of niggers). As soon as you get to the point where spics primarily speak English, they identify a lot less with their primary spic subtribe, and start to fall into the identify of non-white that the US media gives them. What you may not understand is that blacks are part of the latino morasse. If you go to any of these south american countries they will be teeming with niggers who are part of their sports teams, popular culture, speak fluent spanish, etc. You can't separate niggers from latinos, because they are part of the latino race. If you need a reflection from pop culture, consider all the dark black Cuban and Brazilian baseball players, mixed martial arts fighters, etc. Yeah, there are a metric shitload of full blown niggers down there, and they have been mixing with the european/native mongrels for generations already. The sad thing is you can't know this until you are drowning in a shithole where you are forced to live around them every day. Then you either get swallowed into the racial gray goo, or escape and all the suburbian and rural whites don't believe you because they don't understand what it's like first hand.
So basically "accept defeat yt" is what I'm getting from the recent posts ITT. Yeah the boomer retard who made that embarrassing "wrong neighborhood" post is an idiot, but I'm not going to throw my arms up and cry defeat, nor am I going to believe something as retarded as spics and niggers happily holding hands and kumbaya-ing ypipo because even among their particular tribes they kill the fuck out of one another. You either fell for media psyops or you're desperately trying to niggerpill everyone.
>it was spergkraut I knew something smelled like jewish schnitzel.
Open file (367.07 KB 1556x1600 i can almost taste it.jpg)
>>3796 How does acknowledging that blacks and spics are both against us equate to "accept defeat"? I can't understand your mindset. Are you so mentally feeble that facing a simple description of what we're up against makes you melt? Regardless of what the situation is, failure is not an option. If anything the takeaway should be to plan accordingly. Burying your head in the sand will not help orient us toward success. Nor will shrivelling in the face of uncomfortable truths while crying about the oh so scary black pill, which seems to be the mention of anything which suggests we won't automatically win by sitting on our hands. If this is what you call psyops maybe you need to toughen up mentally. Otherwise I can't imagine how difficult it will be for you to process what our actual enemies will bring to the table.
Open file (6.58 MB 320x560 NCawNTrcYuSWoHE6.mp4)
What is his fighting style called /k/?
>>3809 Any time I see videos like that, all I can think of is how every single one of these people either had absent parents or bad parents, who didn't raise them properly. With non-whites, I can't blame them too much, especially niggers, as they rarely even have fathers, but it's more pathetic to see whites whose parents failed them, This kid is the prime example, I can't tell if he's in his late teens or early 20s, by this video, but you can tell he doesn't have a caring mother or father. If he did, they wouldn't have let him act like a nigger retard, like in the video. I also very much appreciate the irony of a white guy showing the whole world how much black lives matter by assaulting a black man, in the name of black lives matter
>>3805 arent spics and niggers fighting amongst themselves? so it would be spics vs nigs vs nigs vs whites
Open file (53.79 KB 174x237 glowing.png)
>>3788 >>3793 >>3805 What's your suggestion then? Because it sure sounds like you're implying a certain course of action but won't come right out and say it. I wonder why that might be. >>3811 >so it would be spics vs nigs vs nigs vs whites It's a war of all against all.
>>3809 It's called I know mma because I played football in highschool.
>>3773 That's some dwarf fortress shit. >>3772 They are not. Or they may be. Ultimately, that is a moot point when you look at the fighting age population in case of a hypothetical raaacwaaw. Fighting age whites are a minority, and will die to physical wounds just like niggers, chinks or hajis do. Point being, the numbers, and the inability to replenish numbers in any meaningful way will mean defeat in every fucking war. I will be more than pleased if someone can prove this trend in warfare wrong.
Open file (10.91 KB 220x259 File.jpg)
>>3816 >Fighting age whites are a minority and the inability to replenish numbers in any meaningful way will mean defeat in every fucking war. Spain's conquistadors find your lack of faith disturbing
>>3816 >>3805 >the numbers mean you lose >I'm not niggerpilling though Just spam "cuc/k/s mad" like you do every other fucking time and leave, for fucks sake nobody here is going to go wave their asses in the air for brown cock because you're a mopey cuckold with fantasies of being conquered.
>>3812 All I am saying is that spics niggers and mullattos are forming a loosely merged racial consciousness as "non-white" and therefore against us. I wouldn't say some degree of infighting nullifies that overarching trend. Especially in political terms it costs them very little to band together. So don't count on them tearing each other apart before they've gotten through with us. And again if you want to see the final outcome, just look at south america where this dynamic is already in place. It doesn't even require imagination, just look at the real timeline as it's already transpired elsewhere. If you want to dismiss it as ramblings of a glownigger because I didn't tell you to do something illegal, whatever.
>>3818 This is what we'll have to do but time is not on our side. So all is not lost, but at the same time the longer we wait, the harder it will be. At a certain point raw numbers will be a nearly unsurmountable problem. What that inflexion point is exactly may be hard to say, but it seems safe to say that Venezuela and Brazil taken as case studies will never become white again. So it's clear there is eventually a point of no return. And I hate to say it but if you look at Spain's genetics, especially in the south they've suffered serious long term degredation through genetic attrition. You see a similar problem in southern France, where the French ain't so French anymore. Not the long term outcome you want.
>>3820 >>3821 America won't be allowed to go full Brazil. America has nuclear weapons. If it ever looks like America's fall is imminent then I'm sure all the other nuclear nations will glass us just to prevent our arsenal from falling into the hands of terrorists or a Zimbabwe tier regime. Failing that our own military will destroy our arsenal just like what South Africa did with theirs. Which will remove America as a world power and cause a domino effect world wide, both as power vacuum and as a collapse of the petrodollar. Before any of that even happens though America will balkanize. Blacks, latinos, and whites aren't homogeneously distributed across the US and as things get worse, whites will start congregating together even more than they are right now. Latinos will probably try to make Aztlan happen in a couple of years too.
>>3796 Accepting you're facing a serious danger doesn't mean you're surrendering. Denying reality means you are surrendering and you may as well go watch anime and jerk off to lolicon all day at that point. >>3805 I think people like him just expect whites to win a battle by being superior in skin tone. He's never seen how inventive non-whites are. Or how violent they are. In Africa they commit genocide with knives and clubs then when retribution comes quickly jump borders and pretend they're the victims. He needs to look up the Tutus and what happened there. An entire genetic group wiped out by nigs with nothing but melee weapons. >>3810 I suspect he's a faggot, notice it's full of pro faggot signs too. I don't get why he didn't get punched in the face the moment he took his glasses. That's theft and you can reasonably call self defense when someone mugs you like that. Smash him straight between the eyes and see how much shit he talks after.
>>3823 Most nuclear nations are heading down the same path. Mutts aren't going to nuke other mutts for having nukes. >>3812 Just because we don't have a plan doesn't mean we don't know there is a problem. Have you never been to a doctor who says you have an illness but they don't know how to treat it? Life isn't a game, every problem doesn't come pre-packaged with a solution. Niggers are bred for war. Whites are not. Niggers have been evolving in a climate of constant unfocused violence through out their history. Their lack of male parents sticking around activates genes which promote puberty at younger ages. Their mentality of "fuck now, who cares about later?" leads them to having many children constantly. Their violent nature kills off many of them but they have so many they continue to thrive on purely evolutionary terms. Whites have for centuries now focused on smaller families to survive harsher weather with more limited food. One of these groups evolved to constantly replace people through attrition while the other bred an elite who suffer greatly through even one loss. Then the elite group decided to take it's best warrior class and genocide them against each other in a scale never seen before in all of history. Only to repeat it a second time for shits and giggles. Whites alive today are the children of cowards and the extremely lucky. You will say it's D&C but that's the reality of our nations. Many of us are trying to face the big picture and understand how we can turn the dregs of our civilization into a force to be proud of and coming up short. It's not that we don't want to win, it's that it's hard to win with a force trained by your enemy to immediately surrender and cut their own throats at the slightest verbal accusation. And that's the ones willing to leave their own bedrooms instead of watching Japanese children's shows all day long. If you have a solution to our problems we would all really appreciate it. We're all looking for them so why not offer up yours?
>>3824 >I think people like him just expect whites to win a battle by being superior in skin tone What is it with you "conquer me pls mr brown" cuckolds and putting words into people's mouths? Just because I'm calling you out for being a whiny faggot that thinks we're all going to die and kikes won forever doesn't mean I think we can win just by existing. Ever try to stop and think how fucking irritating it is to barge into every place you go and say "THERE'S WHITE CUCKOLDS EVERYWHERE JEWS GOT YOU GOOD OH MY GOD"? You think we all don't know there's a shitload of evil ypipo in the cities who are cucked beyond belief? Fuck you, you're here to be a nuisance and you're bad at disguising it. >>3829 >Niggers are bred for war. Whites are not. Centuries of Europeans killing one another and conquering the planet begs to differ you stupid kike tier retard. The past two generations being brainwashed by subversive nose niggers doesn't suddenly erase the hundreds that came before that, and it sure as hell doesn't suddenly mean we're dead forever. Fucking cuckolds I swear to god.
>>3829 There's also the inconvenient part about how any real solutions would not be kosher legal and couldn't be discussed here anyways. So it's stupid to whine about not being spoonfed with a gameplan when discussing it is a non-starter. I imagine anyone with self-awareness would realize that with a few minutes of contemplation if they truly wanted victory, though.
>>3823 South Africa had nuclear capability and it didn't help shit all.
>>3833 You missed the point of my post. SA intentionally dismantled and destroyed their nukes before the Brits left and the nogs took over.
>>3830 Yeah I mostly agree with you on this take I don't think things are lost by any means. I also think the whole fighting age males being wiped out thing is highly overplayed as a factor. We still have the bulk of our warrior genetics, and many countries who didn't even suffer much casualties in the world wars are still cucked anyways, even when they had a warrior tradition. So we have to look forward, while acknowledging the reality that is facing us, and that we have to put forth effort and it won't come to us for free. Unfortunately I don't think we'll be able to rely on the masses waking up, so the bulk of the burden will be placed on those of us who are willing and able to stand coordinate and fight back. Hopefully we can find a way to do it without just being suckers who play fodder for the meat grinder to the benefit of free-rider cucks. This is just my current view, but it does seem like a balkanization like another anon said is the most realistic path toward victory. Unfortunately it won't just happen itself and warriors will probably have to sacrifice to antogonize it. But war is nothing new, and it's a fact of war, so who can be too surprised.
Open file (11.10 MB 480x360 FIMIF SAS DAD.webm)
>>3820 >All I am saying is that spics niggers and mullattos are forming a loosely merged racial consciousness as "non-white" and therefore against us. Who the fuck let /pol/ on? Spics are increasingly trying to distance/bleach themselves into white communities precisely because they hate niggers. Have you never interacted with Mexicans or other Latinos before? >>3823 >If it ever looks like America's fall is imminent then I'm sure all the other nuclear nations will glass us just to prevent our arsenal from falling into the hands of terrorists or a Zimbabwe tier regime. No they wouldn't. It would be a death sentence to even try to do that. At best you'd get foreign powers sending peacekeeping units in to locate and confiscate America's nuclear weapons. >Failing that our own military will destroy our arsenal just like what South Africa did with theirs. South Africa had six completed nukes and one incomplete nuke. South Africa was building what were by all standards nuclear weapons in name only. The USA alone has over 6,000 known nuclear weapons, of which a significant portion of those are not just sitting in some bunker on the mainland waiting to be hijacked. If America is so corrupted that they need to dismantle their own nukes, they'll be so corrupted dismantling them that at least a handful of them are bound to wind up in the hands of "right wing extremists" or the highest bidder (or both). >Before any of that even happens though America will balkanize. Even if/when America balkanizes, it's not going to be along racial lines. You all are delusional (or have never lived in a ghetto) if you think political issues like secession are going to travel along melanin lines (IQ lines perhaps with the smarter countryside folks starving off cities, but certainly not melanin lines).
>>3786 >The enemy of my enemy is my friend Well i agree that happens once in a while but in good old long race wars that isn't always the case. In the indian wars injuns fought among themselves and even many of the most experienced U.S. scouts were Crow injuns who were expecting to be paid in Sioux lands, only for them to be kicked to the swamps and slowly hunted down for the next decades when they got out (i think they last hole was Florida) Latin America has plenty of pure ethnic cleansing wars were races still fought among themselves, in Argentina the gov used niggers to hunt down the injuns inside their territory, when they were done they threw the negroes to the sea or kicked them straight into the BR jungle. I really don't think spics will go at whites first, they will chop niggers and then throw a coin if they go for whites or chinks (depending where they are of course) >>3793 >Native Dominiggers in DR Yeah i meant that bunch, anyone who comes to America will usually drink the kool-aid fast enough to bang anything or betray any custom they had. >Mulattos even look like latinos often enough That's a controversial statement, i don't think it applies unless you mean the caribbean mutts, which are a bunch of self-hating folks anyways. I think i also confused the war area, the discussion is clearly U.S. wide but i was thinking continental-wise. In said case then yeah, tons of spics who are usually 5th to 3rd generation will ignore any customs, language and at times even family for the pursuit of banging people and/or getting money. >If you go to any of these south american countries they will be teeming with niggers Not really true in some places (Argentina), at least in football there's been tons of in-fighting due to niggers and some countries even get bullied to death for including so many in their teams (Ecuador) Cubans are a half-jew half-negro hybrid result from the colonizers killing every single injun on the island after they learned all their trade (tobacco, cane sugar) and expelling foreign investors. Many escaped and hence why the entire continent dislikes cubans other than their musicians, who are also belittled when met in person (they are much more pompous and prideful than the argentinians) >Brazilian baseball players wat
>>3830 Way to miss the entire point of the post and continue to post like you're om 8/pol/. You don't get it, you won't ever get it and you will continue to shit up every place you go with your stupid schizo rantings. >>3832 Saying you want to kill all niggers doesn't make a plan. You need things like supply lines, ways to make weapons and vehicles. >>3837 Niggers kill each other more than any other group kills them, yet they keep winning territory. The point isn't that they won't fight among themselves, it's that they have a unified goal. Don't forget every nigger and spic alive today is not only violent but told every day how whites are pure evil slavers who kill them for sport. They're bred to hate over and over, every day of their lives. Don't get blinded by thinking they hate other races as much as they hate us.
>>3818 Conquistadores used tons of jaded and betrayed injun royal warriors from the old Aztec order and serfs to help them, it wasn't 300 guys against 15,000, it was more about 5000 dudes with orders to kill/take no prisoners against 15,000 with orders to use blunt weapons and capture anyone for sacrifice. Cortes was still a skilled moor diplomat for pulling it out, tho. >>3823 >Latinos will probably try to make Aztlan happen in a couple of years too. That would cause a civil war in Mexico due to already omnipresent tension against the federal centralist gov, the appearance of a new state identifying as somewhat mexican in culture would cause annexation which in turn will also cause secession or massive discomfort from historical regions without funding or with unequal tax distribution. I don't see it happening, much less when chicanos are disliked by northerners and peninsulars which are their entire border neighbors, and especially when even immigrants have their own gov alliances (Arizona is officially partnered with its northerner border state, Texas with a gulf state due to oil, California for some reason with a couple of states bordering Guatemala due to cheap labor) >>3830 He's right but you are going overboard, negroes are still at a warrior stage of being physical tanks and having berserk attitudes, that doesn't mean whites aren't warring. Like you said europeans have millenia of killing each other, being more sophisticated over time leading to much higher intelligence but also leading to entire generations without actual strong people due to them dying in a single go (WWI and WW2 killed too many burly europeans) while africans never really had a large-scale, tactical development. Similar happened to spics, most of their warriors died like flies and then almost everyone died too due to illnesses, leaving them scrawny and tiny on top that they already were short people, but developed an unusually high level of resilience only seen in serf asians, couple with spaniards not controlling themselves they got a bit of intelligence and also an identity crisis that still plagues most of them. Had the spaniards not dicked that many indians a bigger race war would've happened long time ago.
>>3838 I don't get blinded because what you say it's true and plain obvious for those who look, but i also know the south of the border and nobody ever goes at you for being white unless you are in a really tricky area of sub-humans pestered by gommie ideology, usually very poor countryside pockets forgotten by everyone except soviet shitstirrers, or simply nigger town. Niggers, wherever they are, want trouble for free.
>>3840 Do you go around punching every nigger you see and screaming for a race war?
>>3838 >Way to miss the entire point of the post and continue to post like you're om 8/pol/. You don't get it, you won't ever get it and you will continue to shit up every place you go with your stupid schizo rantings. Sounds to me like I'm completely on point, you really like to lick that defeatism boot until you can see your reflection in it. Screeching schizo and "you'll never get it" doesn't make your cuckold rantings any less of what they are. Though you are right that I'll never understand cuckold mentality, I don't hate myself enough to look around and see myself and my people getting fucked in the ass no matter what they do. You got mindfucked into automatically accepting defeat.
>>3842 Stop posting you retard. You're so far off point you sound like you're trying to shit up the board
>>3841 No but i look them with an ugly gaze. You can be a penguin but if you look at them wrong they always get mad or start walking defensively.
>>3843 >implying he's wrong
>>3845 Unless there's two retards here everyone else can see discussing the problem is not saying to surrender. It's like saying you're giving up climbing a mountain because you want to discuss how tall it is and what problems you will face.
>>3846 From the moment you started out you came in swinging with "the population's fucked m8 we're all dead", fuck you, you're a nuisance and not as clever as you think with your give up and die bullshit, even if you try to disguise it as pointing out problems we've all pointed out ourselves on multiple occasions. You saw some guy say that niggers are retarded and would probably get fucked then used it as an excuse to start shitting all over him, a perfect internet stranger, with your accusations of arrogance on his part. Pointing out niggers are retards who can't fight for shit isn't the same as saying we don't need to prepare, and you god damn know it, you fucking disingenuous faggot.
>>3836 >No they wouldn't. It would be a death sentence to even try to do that. Maybe if they launched them but what about suitcase nukes? >Even if/when America balkanizes, it's not going to be along racial lines. You all are delusional (or have never lived in a ghetto) if you think political issues like secession are going to travel along melanin lines (IQ lines perhaps with the smarter countryside folks starving off cities, but certainly not melanin lines). Balkinazation isn't quite the same thing as orderly secession. The country will just fall apart at the seams and cracks. It isn't going to be like the Confederacy vs Union 2.0 or anything. >but certainly not melanin lines It won't be along racial lines in an ideological sense and it won't be absolute but there'll be a tendency for the balkanized regions to sift themselves along ethnic/racial lines.
Open file (48.23 KB 592x766 1589546026971.jpg)
>>3849 The development of organized, open display of arms by shitskins is a real threat. And the zog support won't stop. It absolutely, definitely will not. Even if I was rude and hurt someone's feelings, I think it's important not to dismiss this new phenomenon out of hand, because it's an attitude that will come back to bite us in the ass. Also don't take this as some gotcha, but I just want to point out you're discussing with multiple anons.
>>3823 Are we going down the Robocop timeline?
>>3849 I'm convinced faggots like you are just here to shit the place up. You're the exact kind of person who made 8/pol/ worthless. I don't think you're a fed just a retard. >>3852 They are starting to organize for a race war and dismantle the people they have conquered. That's the reality of the situation we're in now.
Open file (18.63 KB 260x402 book mother plane.jpg)
Open file (5.19 MB 1280x720 Weeew.mp4)
>>3854 >They are starting to organize for a race war and dismantle the people they have conquered. That's the reality of the situation we're in now. If that's true then they're about to dismantle themselves too. Blacks just see jews as another kind of white and BLM has already started on the pro Palestine anti Israel kick. More over the BLM fags all believe the Black Israelite/Farrakhan WEWUZ shit.
>>3854 >They are starting to organize for a race war and dismantle the people they have conquered. Which people would it be that youthey have 'conquered' little friend?
>>3855 BLM is an open name like Anonymous was. It's going to attract all kinds of fringe elements. The core BLM, the one doing supply drops and being given millions is run by a half kike. The issue with these protests is they encourage networking and groups to organize which wouldn't form other wise. It's why Dickie Spencer tried to do the unite the right stuff. It failed because he's a homo and tried to do it in the wrong place but it's the same idea.
>>3857 Don't you remember that BLM got slapped down a couple of years ago for trying to start some anti Israel stuff? It's already happened again to BLM UK. Just because A jew is bankrolling this shit doesn't mean that he's actually in control of it let alone all jews. This is going to get beyond their control just like in the old golem tales.
>>3858 >UK Entirely different from the US "branch" which is where the jews are in charge. This is the first time they tried to push it outside of the USA and no one gave a fuck.
>>3860 >Entirely different from the US "branch" You make one post how BLM is a top down organization minutely puppeteered by the jews as their final coup de gras against the white race and then in the next post it's "Ah no man, BLM is just like a franchise. It's all distributed." So which is it?
>>3861 Did you eat lead paint on a dare or something? >BLM is an open name >It's core branch vs >BLM is a top down organization minutely puppeteered by the jews They're not even in the same area code.
>>3857 BLM is a money laundering scheme for international kikes wanting to influence the elections through the Democratic party campaign. When they saw that the niggers were going above and beyond what they had expected, they just decided to let it ride and not get involved since on the surface they think it's beneficial to them.
>>3858 The "left" has been pro Palestine for a long time. But it doesn't matter because it's just a pressure release valve, and the jew always plays both sides. Just like how supposedly Trump was a yuge win against the Jewish agenda, when actually he continued immigration and the numbers even increased under him, while delivering on none of the campaign promises that would have had any tangible effect. >>3855 >BLM fags all believe the Black Israelite A few vocal ones does not translate into them all being anti-jewish Black Israelites. >>3854 >conquered It ain't over til it's over.
>>3870 >A few vocal ones does not translate into them all being anti-jewish Black Israelites. I think you're underestimating how popular NOI pseudohistory is among the craziest of blacks. They may not all be hardcore about it but it is there as an undercurrent. It even gets referenced in rap songs. It would be like if country western singers were constantly making oblique references to The Protocols. This BLM shit can easily bring it to the surface.
>>3872 I got fired once for being "racist" because because I kept shitting on some nigger's WEWUZ ERRYTHANG pseudo-history bullshit. This stuff is almost universal amongst politically active blacks in my experience.
>>3872 Sure but it will never become a systemic threat to the jews beyond a few outlier attacks against them, and getting caught in the crossfire for looking white enough to catch some flak. The lore also doesn't affect spics and other miscegenated mongrels. Of course this is just my intuition, but I feel confindent it will be proven right in the next couple decades as they are continually used as golem by the jews against whites.
>>3852 >>3854 >guy says niggers are dumb and can't fight >you say he's arrogant and stupid and somehow interpret this as him thinking none of us have to train >proceed to just call everyone who points this out a retard >accusing anyone else of shitting up the board Did it offend you that he doesn't think highly of niggers or something? What the fuck is your problem.
>>3703 >where our reperayshuns >GEE BILL TWO RIFLES
>>3886 Different posters.
>>3886 It's just M*rkfat, Strelok. Pay it no mind and it will go away.
>>3816 Fuck how did you know I was the toad? I play too much of that game..... beats anime tiddies doh
BLM has achieved its greatest victory yet: the removal of the word nigger, along with 225 other offensive words, from Scrabble's tournament dictionary. However, blacks have condemned the move as posturing by whites who are unwilling to commit to real change, and as "merely an exercise in a few white men 'testifying to their goodness as anti-racists.'" The NYT article gave me a laugh though. >During the 1990s furor, Steven Alexander, who is white and Jewish, was one of many players who wrote letters opposing any expurgation. He still opposes most exclusions, but he has amended his position after recent events. >“The one word that has actually been used to rally mobs into terrorism is the N-word,” he said. “It’s a word of conspiracy, a tool of oppression. If Black people demand something, a white person like me shouldn’t necessarily put their views first.” https://archive.md/25JrE
>>3921 >“The one word that has actually been used to rally mobs into terrorism is the N-word,” Citation fucking needed there Steve.
>>3921 >white and Jewish
>>3888 Same histrionic reaction to an offhand comment about niggers.
>>3921 Who the hell even uses Scrabble's dictionary anyway? Even before phones and easy access to the internet I always just used the regular dictionary.
>>3926 My guess would be scrabble torunaments and ye old pre-boomers..... Back on topic. I heard that LA cops are walking out with the flu en masse, especiall the gang unit. Haven't seen any reliable source aside from the NYT it's not really a source but still.,........ >https://nypost.com/2020/07/08/lapd-investigates-if-spike-in-sick-calls-was-blue-flu-protest/

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