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"The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war." - Otamin

a world turned upside-down (/wrol/ book thread) Strelok 06/16/2020 (Tue) 02:40:20 No.2682
Hello /k/, I'm the author of "a world turned upside-down", formerly titled "gear packing list file". Here's the newest version (1.9). If you wish to contribute to the contents, please download/read it and then post here with what you'd like to see added. Be sure to mention/explain where your contribution belongs in the book. Thanks. You guys were surprisingly hard to find again.
>>2682 >pdf thanks for posting, I'll have a look
Shameless self-bump. Come on people, I need feedback to keep improving it.
>>2682 Your ideas on starvation and famine are all wrong. Realistically we could easily support feeding 10 billions lives. It's just not profitable or practical. I like the discussion on equipment. I'd disagree that you should go for the lightest equipment as that will encourage people to choose space age polymer spoons over a proper mess kit. It's ok to add a little weight for a more rugged and durable alternative.
>>2682 I'm enjoying this so far, and appreciate the references to other literature within. Keeps it nice and streamlined. Please let me know if you want a proof-reader as you go. My contact is 0rcu5@protonmail.ch >>3737 >Shameless self-bump. As an aside, this is content I would love to host over at 8chan.moe/abyss, if you'd like further dissemination.
>>2682 Was that a typo when you were recommending to carry some sort of "fized" blade knife/bayo? Otherwise quality OC so far Strelok. I wish I could add some improves, but I've nothing of depth to add that you hadn't gotten to. Maybe the only thing thats standing out is the tips and tricks chapter, which I feel could be either incorporated into previous chapters to blend with a greater concept or be made into their own seperate chapters.
>>3743 As stated on page 16: "About nine to ten billion with genetic engineering and all of modern science." I know we can do it. I'm basically pointing out that it's at the limit of what we can currently achieve (not that it will be an issue, as data shows we have passed peak baby and peak child, only the reduction in deaths in Africa is keeping the population growth going). >Equipment. Noted, I've included the word "durable" in a few places to hopefully avoid that. If you can think of any re-wordings please post the paragraph and your suggested changes to it. I've found that if weight reduction is not emphasised, soldiers will carry the kitchen sink and then dump it by the side of a track as soon as they can, so I'm trying to avoid that happening in the first place. >>3748 >proof-reader Not sure I need one right now, I'm getting a bit stuck for content actually. >host As soon as I can finalize a version, that would be great, I hope I made that clear in the copyleft notice on page 2. You're welcome to share 1.9 there now if you like, and would appreciate the link to it if you do. >>3934 >typo Ah good catch. Fixed it. > tips and tricks Yeah, it's kind of an orphaned part. I've recycled a few in the various sections, I'll work more on that. So far, I'm needing more stuff on /k/ approved prepping, tribal identity construction, food supplies, and home defense. If anyone has anything that they've thought up, please post it and I'll work it into the book. A fair bit of it is actually pieced together from old discussions here and on 8/wrol/ (RIP). If any of you can suggest things about selecting group members under the current hostile climate, please point me in the right direction.
>>3743 >Realistically we could easily support feeding 10 billions lives maybe right now with each of us eating rice with a bug steak but the top soil worldwide is ever degrading and there's only about 60 harvests left on the average. No way, we'll feed such many people and subhumans in a decade or two. That's just delusions coming from the same folks who told you we'd all drive electric by 2000 or AI will catapult us into a carefree utopia. And this is just assuming no major disasters or wars hit us. You destroy in about six months what takes you 20 years to built and extreme foot shortages are no hypothetical scenario.
*food fuck me :/
>>3961 >would appreciate the link to it https://8chan.moe/abyss/res/10.html
page 18 second paragraph >to farther prepare for collapse
>>2682 The content of your work is very good Strelok, there are a few typos here-and-there that should be fixed but I'm not going to go into those. My main gripes are: A lack of a glossary, Chapter five looks like shit with all the compressed images, clearly made earlier and has not been updated to the current standard. And last but not least, the lack of a proper sources pack, documenting each linked video and referenced work. IBNs (International book numbers) would be nice for easy searches.
>>4054 Thanks. >>4056 Thanks. Corrected "farther" -> "further" >>4099 >glossary Can you provide some suggested words for it? I tried explaining terms as I went, I know many/most that will read it don't have a military background, so I avoided jargon as best I could. >Chapter five I assume you're talking about the "gearfag equipment selection" part, yeah, I need to rewrite that sometime, it's actually from an infographic, cut into sections. >proper sources pack So, a list of links and books? I do plan to include a "Bibliography and Suggested Reading" section, and as long as I can find them I will include IBN's for books. If any of you writefags wants to pitch in and write up a paragraph or two of stuff, please do it- there's plenty of info and ideas in your heads that that I probably won't think of, and would be more than happy to include somewhere.
Ah by the way here's the newest part. Additions are in green for now, sop you guys can easily find them.
>>2682 Too much Doomsday mongering for my taste, but the content is solid.
>>4184 Sometimes it’s good to scare people into getting their ass into gear, I’d call fire in a theater if there was a shooter since that’s be easier for convincing dumbasses that it’s not part of the act.
>>4166 Very good read strelok. I recommend total war by H. Von Dach and the most updated ranger handbook you can get your hands on for suggested reading material. I think something can be said about investing in chickens as a source of food as they are willing to eat everything and are great sources of protein. I think a section dedicated to physical conditioning should be added for those who have room temperature iq and think they don't need to be able to run fast. But all around very good work strelok.
>>4184 >>4208 Plan for the worst-case, and anything else will be a breeze. >>4217 >total war Ah the Swiss guerilla manual. Good idea, I actually have a copy somewhere myself. >ranger handbook From memory, Mosby suggested the 2006 edition as the best for guerillas. >chickens I actually added a draft paragraph of that nature just after uploading this version, lol. >physical conditioning I'm open to any writefag who wants to contribute a paragraph or two. The section on backpack selection already has a portion on physical conditioning. Again, if anyone at all wants to write up a paragraph or two on any relevant topic, I am very happy to include it where it suits and also happy to cite any of you who contribute. I'm writing this thing in my odd spare moments, and I'm not exactly a great author.
>>4236 >>4236 >I'm open to any writefag who wants to contribute a paragraph or two. The section on backpack selection already has a portion on physical conditioning. I don't know if this is what you were looking for, but... ~ In the sample workout you will be working out four times a week, space the workouts apart evenly. Remember, doing low reps with good form is better than doing lots of reps with bad form. There are tons of videos online explaining and giving examples of good form for every exercise on the list. If you can’t do 5 pull ups, do “jumping pull ups.” If you can do over 10 pull ups in a row, add weight [can be anything even sand in a plastic bag, that’s in a backpack.] ! = Do exercise with an backpack full of heavy shit. Day 1 Squat 50/reps 2/sets Wall sit 3/mins !Lunges 10/reps 3/sets !Squat jumps 15/reps 2/sets !Calf raises 40/reps 3/sets Jog 1 mile [record time and try to beat next time] Day 2 Push ups 30/reps Leg lifts 20/reps Diamond push ups 30/reps Flutter kicks 40/reps 2/sets Wide grip push ups 30/reps Plank 1 ½ mins Sprint 100m jog 100m for 1 miles [record time and try to beat next time] Day 3 Pull ups 5/reps Close grip pull ups 5/reps Wide grip pull ups 5/reps Chin ups 5/reps Close grip chin ups 5/reps Wide grip chin ups 5/reps Dips 5/reps 3/sets Sprint 100m walk 100m for 15/mins [record time and try to beat next time] Day 4 !Jog 1 mile Remember to eat and drink lots of water. ~ I couldn't think of a practical replacement for overhead press or curls, does anyone have any ideas?
Don't know where this should go, maybe the tips section. You can super glue you insoles onto your mid soles, so if your boots get wet the insoles don't get pushed around. Also something about 330 conibear's, they are super versatile traps. You can catch everything from muskrats [not likely but I've seen it done] to beaver to lynx
>>4248 >>4248 >Sprint 100m walk 100m for 15/mins [record time and try to beat next time] Correction [record sprints and try to beat next time]
>>4248 Ammo can curls and overhead press could be practical. Even if they aren't full of ammo you could fill it with rocks, tools and other shit to make it a training weight as much as it could be used to keep important supplies safe and dry.
>>4208 >Sometimes it’s good to scare people into getting their ass into gear,... That may be true, but most situations and circumstances in life are seldom as clear cut as they are represented in many books. A crisis can be a half-baked event that makes you destitute in one way, but leave other parts of your life intact. If such a scenario happens all the preparation can become useless as it is not the right tool for the job. For example the book is talking about the symptoms of collapsing civilization, but it ignores the fact that a society can show these symptoms without civilization actually being threatened. Equally it ignores that such symptoms do not show up equally in a countries territory, one part of a country can get totally fucked, while the other part continues like nothing ever happened. Each of these symptom can become a life threatening crisis, but they all require different handling depending how and in which circumstances they show up. Yet the book is predominantly centered around bugging out into some country location and setting up Noah's Ark. In Chapter two there is talk about buttering up local power institutions, but what is the point if your plan is to leave your city for some mountain valley? Shouldn't the people that are already living in the place you plan to bug out to be more of your concern? Next the book talks about not being political in public, only to say at the end of the chapter that if you don't stand for your rights you don't deserve to have them. So what is it? Should we watch our community go politically to shit, only so that we have an easier way bugging out later? This is poorly explained, especially when the book later goes into setting up an ethnic-tribalistic type of government wherever you have planned to build your Noah's Ark. If you don't politically agree with the people you plan to bug out later, this will turn into a shit show. However such political agreement must be conserved before the bug out scenario happens. So how should this happen if one never talks politics with his people or the people in the place he wants to flee to? >>4248 >! = Do exercise with an backpack full of heavy shit. Rip joints.
It's a decent base. There's some good stuff in there but it really is structured like some ramblings from a guy that's taken the black pill and believes that there will be nothing. In effect chapter 1 assumes that the alternate to society collapsing, how it is built and cared for, is something that should not be spoken of because it is predetermined that it will collapse. Everything relating to that is omitted. There is nothing that an individual can do to change the course of countries as a whole and so there is also nothing that they can do to change the course of their local community - or their local group - that might be receptive. And this is in spite of communities being pivotal in your long term solution. They must somehow survive and not be subject to similar bludgeons as wider society that leave them too weak to survive the shock of collapse. Provide the counter argument. Provide what individuals do to make communities strong. Some structure and organization about how you're going to progress through a certain topic would help. In gear lists, go through things in terms of type. Don't mention a sleeping bag then jump to something else then back to sleeping gear. Chapter 2 is a bit scattered like that too. It goes from local stuff to dispersal with multiple locations then back to local stuff. It can be arranged to be more persuasive through changes like moving the paragraph about the boy scouts up to be with taking action in your local community.
>46. Whether you are a raiding tribal warrior, a guerrilla fighter, a militiaman, or a post SHTF survivalist, you have only two basic combat actions: the raid and the ambush. Practice them until they flow naturally, and your defenses against them, and you will survive when others won't. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYfhBxCckXo And Prepping an Ammo Can and Bullets for a Long Term Cache Ammo can Put masking tape around the top ½ inch of the can and spray flex seal on the inside and outside of the can, leave for a few days to let it dry then do a second layer. Put silicone spray on the gasket, and vaseline on the lip on the top of the lid [beside the gasket] and hinges. Put a damp rid [or something of similar size] moisture absorber in your gun safe [or wherever you keep your ammo] and leave the can open in there for a week. Ammo Leave the ammo in the gun safe with the moisture absorber for a week, then vacuum seal it in a mylar bag and put an oxygen absorber in there. Vacuum sealing mylar bags is difficult, but there are videos on how to do it online. Don’t use regular foodsaver plastic bags because they have microscopic holes in them, after a year they will be filled with air.
>>4236 The 2006 ranger handbook is better for guerilla tactics but the 2017 focuses much more on squad level tactics and how to fight once the rounds start flying. As far as physical conditioning basicly just SS. Running is extremely important and 1 mile really isn't very far so extending your runs to 5-8 miles is much more practical. Also high intensity exercise. Imt really gets the heart pumping. Running with a ruck is absolutely terrible for your joints but it's something that needs to be practiced.
>>4272 >around the top ½ inch of the can where it touches the gasket
>Your toiletry set should include: >Shaving gear (as compact as possible), a travel mirror, tooth-brush & tooth-paste, floss, soap, a nail trimmer, tweezers, foot powder, and foot-care items. Toilet paper tablets too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dP9U7cuzpuY
>>3967 Shit and piss makes good farmland. Keep cattle in the fields between growing seasons and you'll find it plenty fertile next time you plant. Their hoofs help mix it all in. A round of legumes should be done as well, to fix nitrogen into the soil. There are some youtubers that will go into it quite a bit with hundreds of hours of video all with applied knowledge in their gardens in visiting other's gardens. Check it out if you want to Dig Deep. Also check out "Green Management" you can turn african desert into farmland by penning animals to a small area for a week. >>4236 Physical conditioning - walk 6 miles a day or about 10k steps on a pedometer plus 2k for miscounts and half-steps; if you work a physically demanding job cut this down to 1 mile or 1.7k + .3k [2k] on a pedometer. This is for some basic conditioning but once you're conditioned it aids in recovery quite a bit. It's also good for a person to travel around on foot around their neighborhood - unless you live in a thug ghetto. Then maybe just jump rope or pace inside. For the hands - half fill a 5 gallon bucket or any tub with dirt from your yard. Better with sand and gravel in it, which you could go out and buy. Using one hand for a time till exhausted then switching to the other: dig in and swirl, clockwise counter-clockwise, also grabbing and crushing the mix, also scooping it up overhand or underhand or at some angle, also hoeing or scooping the dirt with the back of the hand and fingers in this manner to exercise the back of the fingers, hands, wrists, forearms. Depth determines resistance hence strong fingers to pierce and reach the bottom are necessary and cultivated by this exercise. Add abrasive materials such as more sand and small pebbles once the skin adapts to the original contents. Go with more and more sand and pebbles if you can pierce the dirt sand pebble mix easily and it doesn't damage your skin, and you can move the contents easily. Add water if the resistance is too low, don't add water to high dirt mix. Strong and tough hands capable of much work and violence are of course to your benefit. Go on mini rucks carrying a lot of weight on your shoulders and some in your hands. One starting point is 60 lb weight vest and 10 lb dbs for 1000 ft or around the block. Do this daily, twice daily if you're motivated. Each week or two increase the weight on the vest or add a backpack with 5 - 10 lbs in it, and up the dbs by 2.5 - 5 lbs each depending on what increments you have. It's better if you wrap these dbs in something for grip training, and increase the distance by a small amount, 500 ft or half a block. Try putting more weight on the forefoot than the heel, will save your knees if you can walk on your forefoot weighted. You can step the progressions of distance, weight in hands, weight on back throughout a 2 week period if you want. Once you have 120 lbs on your back, 40 lbs in each hand, just add distance. Once you've gotten up to 3.5 miles, focus on walking on your forefoot a bit more then focus on speed. Being able to carry a lot of weight a few miles is good, but the training translates well to traveling a long distance with less weight. You could easily carry 80 lbs 10 miles a day each day for a few days without too much problem after this. An 8+ lb gun in your arms would be very light as well, so even when exhausted you wouldn't have as much trouble aiming. Pull ups. Every variation, two finger pull ups, towel pull ups, chin ups, wide grip, holds at the top, middle or dead hang, cross to left and right at the top, muscle ups, cross monkey bars, climb rope. Just do a lot. Keep a record of what you do the first week then try doing the same the second week but with more reps or sets, then workout more days the third and fourth week, then just keep adding reps and sets and variations in the future. Scale a wall, pull on a rope, climb in general. Basic stuff.
>>4236 Legs. Cossack squats, duck waddles for distance and time, goblet squats, goblet cossack squats, jumping squats, jumping goblet squats, and jump rope. Same as with pull ups. Basic fitness. Squat is the biggest indicator of overall strength. For general fitness and to move around without trouble. If you knees get cracked it should help you stumble away and recover long-term as well. Throwing. Throw a baseball, light medicine ball or some ~2 lb rock, and heavier ~8 lb medicine ball or rock; each has a different purpose. Both arms. Throw down or forward or up n forward (not directly up of course) , overhand or under hand. If you don't want it going somewhere then wrap it in something attached to some anchor by a ~10 ft rope or whatever works. You'll want to work on your aim as well, skill work mostly with odd objects or weapons like the javelin. Don't throw out your shoulder or elbow, so be reasonable with how you exert yourself in all this. Take out a bird, rodent, squirrel with a small rock for an easy dinner. Throw a larger rock and crack a bear's skull if it's charging at you (has been done, killed the bear outright. Guy was in minor league or college baseball in his youth.). If you are without weapon for god knows why, a well aimed rock will kill your enemies quite easily.
Latest version (1.9.2) hot off the press. Now with more images and stuff. >>4248 >>4251 >>4367 >>4368 Great stuff. Thanks, I'll edit it a little and work it into the next version. Can any of you suggest a book I can provide a link to for this stuff? Focussing on bodyweight exercises and that kind of thing? I assume most people who will read it may not have access to a gym and such. >>4249 >insoles I'll mention it. I've already suggested having a spare set of insoles though, so not certain how to combine the ideas. I'll slide it in where I can. >trap Thanks. >>4255 >crisis Fair point. I do disagree with "society can show these symptoms without civilization actually being threatened" - I would argue that a patient showing the symptoms of a terminal illness has to be treated as actually being ill, no matter how long they may take to die. >institutions Your local power institution would ideally be the one in your long-term location, which you ought to move permanently to before SHTF. However, feel free to write something up yourself - this book is pieced together from various parts, and is unlikely to be fully coherent, tbh. I am working on that but don't consistently have time to do it. >>4259 >Everything relating to that is omitted. It's also based on my assumptions - I believe that Mosby and Glubb got it right, while you seem to favor doomvorcanon's take in "Barking at the Herd". If you want to write something about that likelyhood, feel free- I am happy to add a chapter on preventing this outcome if possible, and if you turn out to be correct, I would be glad to buy you a round of drinks if we ever met. >structure and organization Yes, It will need to be edited heavily before it's finished. >>4272 I actually mention that guy's channel but will add a direct link to that video. >>4274 >The 2006 ranger handbook is better for guerilla tactics but the 2017 focuses much more on squad level tactics and how to fight once the rounds start flying. I will add that exact sentence to the book. >>4281 I do mention TP as one of the backpack items, but sure.
>>4374 >Your local power institution would ideally be the one in your long-term location, which you ought to move permanently to before SHTF. Then the book should include a portion about regionalism. Regionalism is similar to nationalism/racism, only that it mostly involves xenophibia of people living inside a village/small town against anyone new that moves to the village/town. City people will encounter regionalism if they move into the country side and it can be difficult for family members to endure it. Your family can live in a village/small town for a generation and yet their children will still count as the "newcomers". This has a major impact for the political side of bugging out to a village/small town as it can lead to conflict with the long term residence of that village/small town when the "newcomers" try to change local politics to be ready for SHTF. The long term residence have a highe chance of having more wealth and status than the "newcomers" and can make life really difficult for them. The rich amongst them may even be in alliance/favor the politics that that caused the collapse of the civilisation. This has to be taken into account.
>>4374 I might get bored enough to write some pseudo-philosophical stuff at some point or go through and edit stuff myself but that's down the road. My point is just that it is currently not robust.
>>4374 Don't forget to include a source of electrolytes. They are vital to life, end of story. If you're deficient in electrolytes, your muscles end up cramping. If you're deficient enough, your heart stops beating. Remember: You're gonna be sweating, and you're gonna lose a lot of your electrolytes in the process. Lord knows how much sweat unfit nec/k/beards would make bugging out in pounds of tacticool gear on a hot summer's day.
>>4391 P.S. Sodium is the most abundant electrolyte in your bloodstream, and would naturally be the one most excreted in sweat, but that doesn't mean you should just bring some table salt. You also need other equally important electrolytes such as magnesium, phosphate, and potassium. There are companies that make complete electrolyte supplements, and they can either be chewed, dissolved in water, or swallowed as caplets. It would be very prudent to carry some in a watertight container on your person.
Turning a garbage can into a pill box: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEA8ct7t5E0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFfGHW9xVSg Making spikes to stop cars https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOmq4u3go_0 Didn't feel like writing down the information , so here's the videos.
>>3743 Newest version, several large structural changes to make the whole thing flow more logically, still working on sorting them out. >>3748 Is the offer of a proof-reader (editor?) still open? If so, I suspect I will need one soon. If anyone wants to draft up some writing, look for groups of asterisks (eg: ***) in the file, copy and paste the sentence, and throw whatever you thought up together. I will edit it to be shorter and to fit into the rest. I don't care if you copied it from elsewhere. >>4407 >>4432 Thanks.
>>4485 Also, I'm looking for a good-quality image or diagram to show what a fortified house prepared for defense would look like. Anyone got anything?
Hi kids, here's my draft on physical training, I'll break it into sections due to the character limit: FIT TO FIGHT, FIT TO SURVIVE: It will be important for you and your fellows to be physically fit to withstand the stresses that life will bring you. This will also ensure you remain healthy and can withstand fatigue and hard work (farming without machine tools is hard work as well). There is no need to be as fit as say, an Olympic-level athlete, but you should at least be able to do the following prior to SHTF: > Run for 2miles (3km) in 20 minutes (max) without being completely out of breath at the end. > Depending on age, be able to perform the following amount of push-ups within two minutes: anyone between 18 and 25 should be able to do at least 35 push-ups. Between 25-35, at least 30, between 35-45 25, 45-55 20, etc. These are minimums. > Carry a person of roughly your own body-weight to safety at a run for a hundred yards/metres. > With weapon, full gear and loaded pack, speed-march for 10 miles (16km), taking no more than a quarter-hour per mile, and arrive fit to fight at the end of it. > Be able to physically push an aggressive person of roughly your own body-weight off yourself so you can draw a concealed weapon if they are trying to grapple you. To achieve these minimum standards as laid out above, you will need to work out. There are two main ways to work out - 1) Strength training, which uses low rep/ high weight - you won't look fancy, but you may end up able to throw someone across a room (this is the one we will focus on, for obvious reasons.) VS 2) "Looks" training, which uses high rep/low weight - makes you look good, does build some endurance, but can't actually do shit unless you keep adding weight. Needs expensive equipment. To start improving your strength and fitness, find out your max reps to failure (MRTF) of push-ups, sit-ups, chin-ups, and squats. For some of you that will be 1, for others a few more. Record this initial number for each exercise, then subtract two, up to a minimum of one rep. (eg. if you can do 2 push-ups before your arms give out, that would be 1 push-up. If you can do 5, it would be 3, and so on.) We will call this number "MRTF-2", it is obviously going to be a different value for each exercise type. Ensure you can perform the movements correctly and safely - see how to perform PROPER push-ups here so that you don't waste your time and risk injury: https://www.t-nation.com/training/push-ups-youre-doing-them-wrong If you are extremely unfit or obese, then it may be best to initially do your push-ups pivoting on your knees instead of your toes, until you lose a little weight and gain more strength. See the paragraph on exercise diet at the end of this section.
>>5219 To correctly perform a sit-up, lie on your back on the floor. Bend your knees at a 90 degree angle and hook your feet under a secure brace or overhang - the lower edge of a bed is perfect for this. Then, lightly put your hands flat on your thighs, arms slightly bent, keeping your neck straight so that you can breathe easily- don't lean your head forward otherwise you won't breathe right. Bend at the hips to raise your body. As soon as your fingertips hit your kneecaps, drop back down immediately. It is best to do this to a timed cadence like the British Royal Marines do. Refer to this video, you may wish to download it. Raise your body at the beep. It is quite a punishing pace for a beginner, but will very rapidly build your core strength as you progress: https://invidio.us/watch?v=ZpZHcExCIY4 I suggest that after waking up, brushing your teeth and shaving, on weekdays (Monday to Friday), you perform your MRTF-2 of push-ups, sit-ups, and chin-ups. Then, after a 5-10 minute rest (if you actually need it), do a one-mile (1.6km) run at the fastest speed that does not force you to stop and catch your breath (be sure to time your runs to track your improvement). When you get back, do your MRTF-2 of squats, then stretch thoroughly. This whole exercise process including the run, should not take you more than an hour at most. It takes me less than 30min. After this, stretch out your muscles, shower, have your breakfast, and go on about your normal day. (Refer to the stretches here: [add link from 4chan /fit/ sticky]) When you reach the point where you find this easy to do, then run the same distance aiming for a faster time, and add ONE push-up, TWO sit-ups, ONE chin-up, and ONE squat. Do this each time you get to the point you find the exercises easy. You should add sit-ups slightly faster than the other exercises, as this strengthens your core muscles, and the exercise is somewhat less intense on the musculoskeletal structure. Keep track of your progress as you go - it will take some time to build up your ability if you start out unfit. Saturday should be your rest day, and Sunday should be a double-length run (2miles/~3km) followed by a series of weight exercises to develop upper-body strength, such as one-arm front and lateral kettle-bell raises (these develop the muscles that enable you to push away an opponent.) To perform kettle-bell raises, hold your arm straight down holding the kettle-bell, then swing it smoothly in a controlled fashion through a 180 degree arc until your arm is pointing straight up. Then lower it through the same arc under control - don't just let it drop down. The raise and the lower should each take one full second to perform, count it by thinking "one mississippi" on the upswing, hold it for a half-second ("ah-two") and then count "three mississippi" on the downswing. Do your personal MRTF-2 for both front and lateral raises. Again, start with your own personal MRTF-2 for that exercise and build up over time as you start finding it easy, eventually adding a weighted pack to your run and gradually increasing the weight.
>>5220 Notice that so far, the only piece of equipment needed to perform all the exercises described is a kettle-bell, easily improvised by filling a 50-cal ammunition box or some other durable container or bag with sand or dirt until it weighs about 16lbs (~8kg) if you're broke. Once you get strong enough to require more weight, look into a professional kettle-bell of around 24lbs (~12kg) (depending on your ability), or fill the ammo can with something heavier than sand. I make no concessions for the ladies - they need to keep up or else. On top of this, you should regularly perform the regimen suggested in the backpack section, at the very least once a month, to ensure you can perform the 10-mile speed-march. Once you start getting to the point you can comfortably perform more than the minimums for each exercise category I've described, I suggest looking into the training methods developed by former SPETSNAZ fitness instructor Pavel Tsatsouline. His methods emphasize kettle-bell, barbell, and bodyweight strength training. In a nutshell, his method focuses on picking 5 different overall-body exercises, (Say...dips, pull-ups, squats, dumbbell side bends, and barbell curls) and performing them 5 days each week (M-F), stopping each training session a couple of reps short of failure, similar to the training regimen I suggested above. By the time you get to this point, your Sunday 2-mile run time should be well under 20 minutes. A Simple But Effective Exercise Diet - I was hesitant to recommend an exercise diet initially, but then realised that some readers might try using a useless fad diet if I didn't say something, so here goes with a bit of basic dietary advice: You do not need to have a special diet to lose weight and build strength, you will merely need to change the proportions a little to take in more of what you need and less of what you don't. Good things to eat are things like lean meat, lots of leafy greens (eg. spinach, cabbage, kale, lettuce, broccoli, and other collard greens) and fresh fruit. Bad things include shit like processed, fatty foods (eg. McDonalds) and sweet sugary crap such as sodas and candy. At most, have one such meal a month to reward your improvement, maximum. You should somewhat reduce but not eliminate the amount of carbs (eg. bread, rice, pasta), and fats (eg. butter, oil, lard) you eat. Especially if you're trying to lose that spare tyre of fat around your gut, limit yourself to just one small portion of whatever you're eating, but fill up with salad to stop the hunger, and don't use anything other than plain vinegar (balsamic vinegar for flavor) on the salad. You don't need to waste your money on protein powders or bars if you're eating enough lean red meat or chicken - always trim off the fat and discard it. Avoid stuff like gatorade and drink plain water to hydrate instead - the sugar content is harmful to your diet, and as long as you're eating a healthy mixed diet daily, you will be getting quite enough electrolytes from your food. If you need anything more specific than this regarding your diet, go and see a nutritionist, not a personal trainer.
Open file (141.20 KB 800x600 lard.jpeg)
>>5221 Is animal fat bad for you if you are trying to lose body fat? I forgot where I might have heard this, probably on 8chan's /fit/ a few years ago. It was something about how sugar companies paid off scientists to say bad things about fat so they could sell more sugar and margarine. Also, a question regarding drinks besides water, what would you recommend? Is home made orange juice or grape juice okay? Also is sugarless as in no sugar or sweetener added ice cream acceptable? And one final thing, what are the best species of cock roaches to make into protein shakes? (^:
>>5225 It's fine if you're going for ketosis. Ketosis will help you lose fat but it doesn't help you gain muscle for obvious reasons, though you definitely can by adding more protein than ketofags recommend. The most important thing is to stop eating garbage American food. t. not OP and also a fatass
>>5225 Eating vegetables is important, but fat is (generally) good for you. The thing you're keeping in mind is the glycemic index of food. Foods rich in protein or fat (usually) have a low glycemic index. Most people think of glycemic index in relation to blood sugar control, but a low GI also means the food digests more slowly E.G. it takes longer for you to get hungry. It's not that sugars or fats are particularly better for you. Your body needs a balance of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates to function correctly (more active lifestyles requiring more proteins (for repair) and carbs (for energy). Ignore ketone nonsense for a second, keto is a dumb idea when SHTF because it means your body is forming little cinderblocks in your colon. If your goal is losing weight, you want to eat primarily vegetables to fill your stomach while using protein and fats (animal fats being more efficient) to keep yourself from getting hungry. A bagel with cream cheese is just as efficient as bacon and eggs (ignore nutrition where bacon and eggs wins, just talking at a macro level), but the bagel will sit on your stomach for 2 hours while the bacon/eggs will sit there for 4-6 hours. >Beverages I enjoy tea and tisane frequently and plain coffee is good for you. If you're watching your caffeine, I recommend barley tea. You can get a 30 pack on Amazon pretty cheap and 1 bag makes like a liter. Just boil it for five minutes and then sit for an hour. Just chill or drink warm at that point.
>>4374 can anybody share the ranger handbooks on the /pdf/ thread?
>>5225 Losing fat mostly boils down to calories in, calories out. Eating less and cutting out all processed crap is a good place to start. >sugar companies It's just the other end of the spectrum and their propaganda (ketofags). Although, the nutritional science of all fat = bad did turn out to be bullshit in the 2000s despite running until the late 90s. Margarine is just fat. Plant based fat, but fat regardless. Sometimes less fat than butter, which is pure butterfat, as margarine usually has water mixed in with it, so less calories. I don't think fat minimisation is specifically a bad thing, as you can usually find plenty of fat in meat and eggs already which you should always be eating, so trimming it in other areas and doubling down on salads instead is fine. I don't think the traditional idea of having your plate be 50% carb, 25% meat, 25% salad (alternatively a third each, or 10% less carb and put that into meat and salad) is a particularly bad place to start, even if it goes way deeper than that. >juice You might as well drink sugar water, juice is not much more than that but with some vitamins and fibre. Better to eat fruit directly. I just drink probably a few litre of tea every day since it's what I enjoy and there's zero proven ill effects from it. Alcohol is proven to be a good digestive aid, wine, cider and dark beer specifically, so a drink after a meal no more than once a day or once every other day is fine. Other anon mentioned plain coffee. I think saying it's good for you is walking a line, the caffeine is one thing but the acidity probably harms your digestive health if in too great quantities. Just opinion. >Also is sugarless as in no sugar or sweetener added ice cream acceptable? I'm not a fan of non-fermented dairy products, milk doesn't contain much more than calcium, sugar and fat. In limited quantities it won't be bad, but since ice cream is a rather concentrated product you are probably just better off eating nuts and raisins if all you want is a snack. My opinion is that nutritional science is still a bit of a mess and as it happens, it's simply everyone else's opinion and them trying to win over other people. Take everything with a grain of salt.
Just a tip, the pictures, especially that one screencap is way too compressed to be legible, i'd also put in more pics for various things, it really helps to make things clear even to the most retarded of retards. Otherwise I really like what's being done here, good job. t.(former) Yugoslav man.
>>5285 Done.
Open file (26.88 KB 291x326 stares.jpg)
>>5225 > Is animal fat bad for you if you are trying to lose body fat? No, unless you're eating large amounts. Lean meat has a little fat, but it's not excessive. > sugar companies paid off scientists to say bad things about fat so they could sell more sugar and margarine. Kind of true, yes, but not quite so clear-cut as that sounds. Sugar is a shitty thing to eat because it causes insulin spikes- most people with diabetes have it because of their shitty, high-sugar diet. > besides water, what would you recommend? Water. Buy a water filter if your local tapwater tastes like ass. A little booze now and then, in moderation. > Is home made orange juice or grape juice okay? Probably, as an occasional treat. Go easy on it though. > Also is sugarless as in no sugar or sweetener added ice cream acceptable? I'd suggest no more than one ice-cream cone a week, occasionally. Moderation isn't that hard guys. > And one final thing, what are the best species of cock roaches to make into protein shakes? *vomits violently* What the fuck dude?
Hey guys been busy recently with stuff so only a small update. Enjoy.
Newest version - fresh and clean. Added images where it helped the content. >>5419 >t.(former) Yugoslav man. You would actually probably be the best person on here to respond and provide content to include friend.
>The most importanttake-away from this is that you will NOT be able to depend on hunting to supply food in the first few years after SHTF Why not? Humans were originally hunter/gatherers, and got along fine for millennia. Farming is far more labour intensive, and is more punishing towards failure. Maybe you can't rely on hunting if you live in Europe or America where you've destroyed your forests, but other parts of the world aren't so damned. There are many people in Canada, indigenous and otherwise, who can rely wholly on hunting. As an aside, any disgust about eating insects is obviously a cultural reaction, and a modern one at that. People used to use every part of the animal, which involved eating unappetizing(to us) dishes. Insects are no worse than cow tongues or sheep heads. That being said, I don't think North America has any good food insects, aside from grasshoppers and ants.
>>5460 >I'd suggest no more than one ice-cream cone a week, occasionally. Moderation isn't that hard guys. What about not-sugar? Erythritol can't be processed by the human body so it's basically zero calories. The bacteria in your mouth can't utilize it either so it's good for your teeth.
>>6379 Literally two pages later: "Again, don't expect to hunt for your meat - just as they were hunted to almost extinction by both armies during the US Civil War, deer and other wild creatures will take decades to recover from people's actions."
>>6465 I think aquaculture is your best bet for meat in a long term survival situation.
Hello people, newest edition. As usual, any new text is in green so you can find it more easily. Still hoping for contributions from any writefags (remember it doesn't need to be all your own info, just let me know if you're quoting so I can edit the text and avoid copyright breaches). Topics I would appreciate input on: > Tribe-building > post-shtf social organization and management > any images showing defense of a building > any other images that anons feel would clarify the material > basic OPSEC stuff for any normies who read the book > literally any shit that you think would be good to throw in somewhere >>6432 >What about not-sugar? Probably ok - do what you think is best, strelok, I'm no nutritionist: > "If you need anything more specific than this regarding your diet, go and see a nutritionist, not a personal trainer." - page 50
>>6495 Aquaculture is not feasibly unless you have very little fish. Since you will be constantly trying to add nutrients to the system from my experience. You might be able to get away with a aquapontics (fish + hydropontics in seperate but linked tanks). If you don't filter out quite a bit of fish shit you're plants are gonna taste like fish though. Hydropontics relies on you having certain chemicals like hydrated lime depending on your water composition.
>>7252 For tribe building you can put in something for cooking or some sort of meal prep as well as assigning roles per person to accomplish tasks. Id like to help with the project as best I can.
I shouldn't have to say this but don't post (((discord))) links please. I'm all for Streloks collaborating and giving feed back on things like a world turned upside-down but if you need to communicate in private for some reason just exchange disposable email addresses.
>>7428 >Id like to help with the project as best I can. Thank you strelok. >>7431 In that case, can anyone suggest a free email that does not require an existing email or phone number to create? I use a completely separate browser through a VPN to post on here and it does not play well with the usual disposable sites that allow you to do that like mail.com
>>7519 There's cock.li, but I've had people tell me they're compromised. They never elaborated on that so I don't know.
>>7431 >Disposable email addresses Why not set up a channel on IRC? From what I understand Rizon let's you do that for free, gives you a BNC for free after two weeks if you want one (updates you on what happened while you were gone when you log in), doesn't enforce their own rules unless you start a child pornography ring or something similar, and it's tried/true.
>>7546 >let's set up more IRC cabals If someone has something to say they should post it. All this dicking around with chat and dicksword and god knows what else is the death of imageboards. The only reasons someone could have for wanting to PM others are >meet ups Gay glowshit. >buying shit Gay merchant shit, also probably glowing. >dramafaggotry and circle jerking No comment needed. Mods can have their own private meta board. I'm deeply suspicious of chat bullshit.
>>7548 As opposed to imageboard meet ups which always glow and also involve cum brownies, ">buying online" at all, and the gay dramafaggotry and circlejerking that very clearly happens here and on most other imageboards? What do you want? What do you think there is as far as options for internet communication goes? It's either deal with circlejerks or fuck off somewhere IRL and buy from some fag you talk to on the regular, which at the end of the day is probably safer and less likely to get you v& than doing any of this shit online. Things are very grim strelok. Not niggerpill grim yet, but the world is fucking stupid and the internet is the worst it has ever been in regards to not getting arrested for what should be legal activities.
>>7519 Very well... Email me at burnyboi123@gmail.com
>>7596 >gmail Nigger.
Open file (86.05 KB 1078x1234 1561927749248.jpg)
>>7596 >>7603 You should probably use cock.li like >>7538 said I've heard people say it's be compromised but I've never seen any proof of that being the case. Also what info do you have to give jewgle in order to make a gmail? I haven't had a gmail account for a long time.
>>7605 Literally nothing. Fake name, fake DOB, and a burner emai address. Literally made the thing in 5 seconds flat.
>>7605 >>7606 Don't touch ANY jewgle service, If you're going through the clearnet or even TOR all your actions WILL be profiled. Cock.li asks for a password and is 100% better for burner accounts.
>>7608 Addendum: Cock.li has been compromised in the past, (Edgy hitler jokes lead to a raid by the German police) but does not use anything to track you beyond storing your emails. On the other hand, Google uses multiple different methods to track users across accounts and services. Fuck off with your glownigger antics.
>>7605 Ok whatever... burnyboi@cock.li Fucking send it
>>7605 Indy's a cool guy
>>7538 >>7605 >>7609 Ok well, fine. I've made AWTUDwriter@cock.li - I won't be using it for anything else. Not sure why you're all so shy about simply posting writefag shit on here that can simply be added but whatever. >>7428 Building tribe starts with: >a) selecting a small (up to maybe 5) group of people you would implicitly trust with your life, even if you had to tell them you just killed somebody. >b) getting their immediate family on-board with your preps, and if possible their extended family. These mean: >c) there needs to be an explanation of how to find, attract, and filter for those trusted people- you can't just write a "gunfags wanted" post on 4chin or here of jewbook and expect anyone decent to rock up. >c) there needs to be a how-to written of all that shit. c/d are what I need help writing up the most. I have a couple of relatives, but that just sort of happened. People who don't have that naturally will need to be taught hot to sort out potential strelo/k/s from the generic retards who just wanna play war. >>7596 >>7610 Ok, sent you two a hello.
Guys, think of this book as almost a kind of crowdsourced thing. Whatever field of knowledge any of you have, please contribute some text, even just a paragraph. If you're too shy to post here, that's cool, send whatever info you want to contribute in an email. If it's especially long, please send it as a .txt file, not a word document.
>>7654 Did we not have the old meetup map?
>>7699 > the old meetup map That's been dead for a while though. And what if the book gets reposted someplace else?
>>7806 lets revive it...?
>>8018 I'd do it if I didn't have the bandwith of a blm protestor. There's a great machine shop playlist under this channel. If someone could rip out and upload the videos in a compressed zip I'd be happy. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxMm_Cq-8nRfVz6niVbVQNQ Meanwhile have an old copy of the do/k/ument before inifnitychan went down >magnet:?xt=urn:btih:f4294ed6278a78be6200131044a7e058017c2dbf&dn=The+Do%2Fk%2Fument&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.openbittorrent.com%3A80&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.publicbt.com%3A80&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.istole.it%3A6969&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.ccc.de%3A80&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337 A copy of the gentooman library >magnet:?xt=urn:btih:0bbfaaf5f469a2bd3d762f6942a302f7014a35e9&tr.1=udp://tracker.ccc.de:80&tr.2=http://announce.torrentsmd.com:6969/announce&tr.3=http://announce.torrentsmd.com:8080/announce.php&tr.4=http://bttrack.9you.com/:8080/announce&tr.5=http://announce.torrentsmd.com:8080/announce&tr.6=http://bitflip.uni.cx:6969/announce&kt=http://www.bt2magnet.com As with all things you should be paranoid and check them for malicious software, and probably keep it hidden away on a USB to a computer airgapped. The PDF is spoilered as is it about the great replacement, ala brenton tarrant >pic and video unrelated I have never seen a tacticool set of cat ears before but now I can't view helmets in the same way ever again
Open file (123.68 KB 1209x1106 1471714805982.png)
Open file (931.16 KB 2504x6000 1603744505240.jpg)
>>8036 sage for shameless doublepost but is important I should read: forgot add that the doc/k/ument is missing some areas in the torrent so you'll only be partially finished. If anyone wants to help me find these files and put a new tracker that'd be great: > Magpul Dynamics The Art of the Dynamic Shotgun ~2.7 Gb >AGI- Heat Treat and Case Hardening 748.1 Mb >Thompson specs 2.9 mb > AGI- Glass Bedding , partially functional, missing index and index needs to be rebuilt to find video. > AGI- spring course, 791 mb >The Fine Art of Hollow Grinding- Knifemaker, index broken, 499mb, missing transcript in rtf. Cheers fellow streloks.
>>8037 Those are all, except for the thompson, in the ark torrent. It's looks like the thread it was posted in is gone though, after someone limited the page count to 3 and kept no back-ups. magnet:?xt=urn:btih:NVZKBUJ5AUHW5UABPH75IKKLKSLRIFAK&dn=The%20Ark
Did anyone every grab all the PDF from infinitycuck or do I have to go back to that boomer site now to rip them?
>>7262 What about chickens?
Open file (37.09 KB 600x420 DKPg4vPWAAANVjq.jpg)
>>9818 I'd wager you'd have to keep them close and make sure they don't get eaten by foxes or something. But I'm notwell informed with that. I'm a agrifield strelok and I did a lot of research into hydro/aqua since its related to my field. >in re hydro/aquapontics If you're interested check this PDF, its 50mb so too large to fucking upload here. Feel free to ask any questions. It's a lot more in depth than random strelok on a tibetan basket weaving fourm. http://www.fao.org/3/a-i4021e.pdf https://archive.is/9vRvg Archive can't save it all Some things to take note: >if you use plastic totes, place them in a room, because UV will absolutely rape it >Put your biofilm somewhere dark because UV will rape it >get a pH probe, EC meter, and ammonia tests. Those will help you a lot. >might want to read up on your plumbing, lots of PVC/ stainless steel work. >if you use moving bed bio reactors, make sure to keep it away from heat and light because it will get raped (some light is ok) Feel free to ask for clarifications. absolutely haram that afd chan isn't wearing shoes but wearing socks...
thank you for making this
Any news?
>>10300 You're welcome. And anyone who wants to contribute anything is also welcome. Write up some shit and I'll include it - I'll even credit you in the book! >>11722 Newest copy. Been busy with IRL stuff so not much has been updated. Took me ages to find the graph I included on page 18.
Hello streloks. Latest version. I've added a lot of historical stuff that should clarify several points (I hope). Remember to send an email with any text you might want to contribute to this, or post links on here or write stuff on here to stuff that could be added or useful. I don't check the email often (sorry!), but any input would be appreciated. Also if anyone wants to name the hypothetical political system I've sketched out in the book, feel free to suggest some names.
>>14337 its looking really good. id suggest information on how normalfags can get training. carbine classes, EMT classes, CPR classes etc etc. its not productive to hammer on how important skill is without explaining how to get more of it.
>>14337 1. Put the scenario (*turning cars away based on the driver's race*) back at the front, that was the best part. 2. Make the sections separate: You keep jumping from political theory, to food storage, to psychological theory, to gun advice every two pages. It makes it hard to follow.
>>14337 Keep up the good work Strelok. Comparing where I left off when you initially made this thread to your latest iterration left me a bit shocked at how much effort you placed into this book. I wont try to give you too much praise or critique as I have yet to finish but the intro is significantly more captivating than I remember. Quality post.
>>14407 >id suggest information on How about you type up some stuff on that and contriboot?
>>14337 I think a second look at lighter forms of body armor (special threat plates in a pair are closer to 12 pounds with PC rather than 20 as the gear section notes) would be appreciated. While I agree with the general concept behind not treating armor as an "always-have-it" decision, especially due to the lack of medical professionals present in a whoopsydoo situation, a lot of good armor's gotten much lighter and comfortable to wear for longer durations and making sure your chest rig/belt rig can be up-armored without hassle is a good thing to have ready.
Open file (75.64 KB 640x921 marsoc short card.jpg)
>>14445 >How about you type up some stuff on that and contriboot? your right strelok. ill stop being a lazy faggot. just add this passage wherever you feel it fits or reword it to fit in existing passages idk idc Regardless of what weapon system or equipment you chose you will need to be proficient with it. Shooting skill means nothing if you or your buddies are dead so take a first aid class. these are readily available basically everywhere thanks to the Red cross. https://www.redcross.org/take-a-class/first-aid now you need to be proficient with your rifle. if you can stomach giving money to the NRA they do offer plenty of classes geared mostly towards uninitiated shooters. There isnt really a monolithic organization dedicated towards firearms training for civilians so to develop skill you are going to need to search for local carbine, long rifle, precision shooting, and pistol courses. If you live near them and/or can afford to travel to and take them the boomer at Thunder ranch and Pat McNamara Know their shit and teach it well. that's also why they command such a high premium. You are also going to want more CQC centric training just to keep all your bases covered. Though they are few and far between classes like Shivworks' ECQC do provide some practical if less conventional training. Lots of martial arts are practically useless, but if you can train yourself to strike(with your hands) and grapple, you will be better off for it. Join a boxing/wrestling gym or get into MMA. (i like your page on physical strength but im also going to recommend convectional powerlifting programs, many of which are free and highly tested. Starting strength for example. https://iteroni.com/embed/nhoikoUEI8U https://iteroni.com/embed/p2OPUi4xGrM https://iteroni.com/embed/rxD321l2svE https://iteroni.com/embed/2ggG1M2gGes its a lot easier to lug around heavy gear when you can squat 300lbs once than when you can squat 180lbs 15x Source: me. also here is a marsoc short card focusing on cardiovascular endurance. these exercises should be done back to back with little or ideally no rest in-between. only rest between sets of the whole card.)
Highly appreciate your recommendation for "Forging the Hero". A lot of the stuff in your book seems very greatly marked by the concepts elucidated in Mosby's work and I'd encourage other anons to give it a read as well. It's fantastic.
>>14413 > (*turning cars away based on the driver's race*) Oh? Something I never said/wrote? No. If you can't seem to understand that the overwhelming majority of people you would turn away from your tribe's hometown would be white, I can't help you. I mention race because it's such a problem here in the US for us, one that will be worse in a major crisis. I am also writing for our friends in Europe, who have their own issues. If you're stupid enough to accept whites into your tribe's homeland just because they are white.... you deserve everything that happens to you, and everything that those "whites" do to your children is on you. Those lovely "whites" you plan to let in will act just about like the saxons did with the celts: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=CH8JcBKb1W4 >>14465 I do mention that it's situation-dependent, but even soft armor isn't something you can wear 24/7.
>>14475 >>14475 That's excellent work strelok, I'll add it to the fitness section.
>>14567 Now the amazing thing is if anyone has the other books he wrote in digital form.... even though I hate depriving Mosby of income, there's not that many streloks, surely?
Latest edition. Enjoy, review, let me know what you think and what you want added.
Version 2.0.7 I managed to screw up the new text so a few new parts are not colored green. Thanks to the guy who emailed me, I'll drop your stuff into the next version once I find some new images for it.
>>15946 its fun watching this evolve. are there any parts you aren't particularly happy with or any other information you think would be useful/helpful to add that i can help with?
>>16121 > any parts you aren't particularly happy with I'm slooowly fixing the order and grouping of the parts- I know it's kind of fucked up. I'm building this from pieces taken from several places, re-written a bit to shorten them and jammed together. I doubt it's ever going to be a nice polished thing like you would find in a book shop. > any other information you think would be useful/helpful to add that i can help with? If there's anything you're an expert on or know a lot about yes please, write your knowledge up and post it here. Or email me (I check it roughly once a month.) You'll notice I used the physical training stuff the strelok contributed >>14475. Feel free to do the same as him.
>>16265 I have attached a link to because smh no rtf/txt file, of which I hope that you may find useful in this book, they currently finished (or much less started) but they will be eventually as I finish working on them. Does anyone have a replacement for pastebin after they went woke? I'm using ghostbin rn but it seems a bit meh Included are: >section on vegetables (soon, after I finish tree crops) >section on tree crops (WIP) >Value of TIME and the necessity of HOROLOGY (DONE - Needs sources). >Metric versus imperial, which to use? (Soon) https://ghostbin.co/paste/24z6
>>16284 The link to ghostbin doesn't seem to be working (502 error) can you try uploading the file to catbox.moe or anonfiles.com please?
>>15946 Your poor attempt at discrediting Muslims in the first chapter threw me off. All these scientists were Muslim and mostly Arabs and few persians muslims. And they never were polytheists. Next you gonna take credit for Andalusia? You also seem to be lumping ancients civilizations with you, you are not connected to Egypt neither Mesopotamia. Learn not to blame your faults on others, you choose to ally with the jews and that what get.
>>16265 I know avoiding urban areas is a focal point of the guidebook but i think its still important information to have and understand so im gonna share a little. I cant find videos that explain all of the minor details so ill just type a few out. >don't lean against walls. it makes noise and increases your likelihood of getting hit by a ricochet. >your buddy has plates. plates stop bullets. one person in the stack can act as mobile cover that can shoot back. its gruesome but one of you getting shot is better than all of you getting shot. pie'ing is a simple maneuver that becomes a part of nearly every more complicated urban movement. >http://iteroni.com/watch?v=IrulFx7mMkU understanding where the basics of movement and the individual rolls of troops is the next order of buisness. >http://iteroni.com/watch?v=FBc4IxfOoGQ battle drill 6 was developed through trail and error and perfected across thousands of rooms in Fallujah. It just works.
Obviously not finished but here ya go. >>16734 >>16961 >discrediting muslims I am inclined to agree. I'd like to argue however that it isn't a Muslim specific but more a cyclical trait of cultures and civilizations. It's happened in Europe, Asia and even now kind of (?) in the US so it is not a "hurr duur Muslims reject science" only argument. The author should carefully distinguish between the ideas that Muslims have always been anti-science versus muslims being the mortal enemy of the "west".
Open file (28.33 KB 710x380 Occasionalism.png)
>>16970 I haven't read the guy's book, but for context Muslims only became hard anti-"science" or as it was called in the Middle Ages, natural philosophy, after 1091 when Al-Ghazali cemented divine occasionalism as Islamic orthodoxy against the objections of fans of Greek philosophy, which was deemed heretical or at the least, impious. Ever since then it has been the default means of interpreting the world in Islam, that theological concerns trump physical ones, which is justifiable in their framework where Allah is completely unitary and separate from humanity and creation. This is contra the Christian one, in which through Christ's human incarnation and transfiguration man has an outlet by which to share in the understanding of Truth in itself as known by God.
>>16973 I'm not very understanding of theology since it's not something I follow closely, so I'll defer to you on that. I still think that the author should at least make the delination that Muslims are the enemies of the west as a culture due to geographical proximity and conflicting interests (cultural conflict is just an aggravating factor). Were the Chinese/japanese/whomever in the place of what the arabs were, we would have the same outcome.
>>16974 Yes, it's just pointing out one of the reasons why Islamic civilization didn't develop as one would have expected it to from a purely materialist perspective given the wealth it had accrued. Liberals like to point to the Arab Golden Age as proof that Muslims can be just as enlightened as Westerners, but ignore how it ended because they have no understanding of why anyone would ever give up secular research in favor of some unprovable religious truth. Modern rationalism only came about as a result of a social-religious-cultural context that was unique to the West. The motivations individuals derive from the world they live in for pursing something are just as important as knowing how to do so. The modern West's replacement of any source of sincere immaterial motivation with cyclical usury, I would argue, plays a significant part in the feeling of stagnation.
>>16961 >polytheists Hello there buddy, note I specifically stated: < "The learning they claim as their own, that of Avicenna, Al-Kindi, Averroes, and Al-Razi, who as far as I'm aware were all recent Jewish and Christian converts to islam, was simply the distilled and adapted ancient knowledge of the Greeks, Hindus and Persian civilizations, which had gathered dust in muslim libraries after they destroyed the advanced civilizations which created that knowledge in the first place." Neither Jews nor Christians are polytheists. As our mutual acquaintance pointed out here, >>>16973 , it took time for islam to completely subjugate societies under its control to the point where everything was deemed to be purely caused by the will of allah. >you are not connected to Egypt neither Mesopotamia 1. You don't know shit about me or my ancestry, and comments like this are a reason that that is a good thing. 2. Egypt was mentioned several times in relation to known historical events, and Mesopotamia was not mentioned at all - pretty odd you mention them. > you choose to ally with the jews /I/ chose to do that, did I? Me? You sure it wasn't the guys trying to screw me and mine over, and likely your family too? Reading won't help you if you see something other than what is ACTUALLY there, or if you fail to think about what is actually there.
>>16970 >>16963 Thank you very much for the contributions guys. >>16973 >>16976 If I can fit that explanation in somewhere I will. That's nice and brief and explains the difference in outlook and why better than anything I've yet seen.
Latest edition. Enjoy.
Got a new version (2.0.9) that I can't upload because every time I try the connection drops after a few %. FML. Real life has gotten in the way a little, but still working on 2.1.0 Hope you're all doing ok here in near-apocaliptic Weimerica, or where ever you are. Remember guys I do appreciate feedback and also any contributions, even if it's by someone like that guy complaining I was too harsh when mentioning islam, since it provided some interesting info in the related comments.
>>18448 the invidious link for raids video is dead. the original video has been privated. are there any archive backups?
>>18448 On page 191 you give advice against diarrhea and advocate for a "bottle" of Loperamide aka Imodium. Loperamide is an Opioid and it doesn't heal diarrhea, it just slows down(and in high dosages paralyzes) your intestine which thickens your poop and makes it look like the sickness is gone. Diarrhea is a reaction of the body to remove harmful bacteria or poison. The People who die because of Diarrhea don't just die because of dehydration, they suffer organ failure from the toxins in their system. Depending on the severeness of the infection or the nature of the poison in your intestines taking Loperamide can thus be counter productive and deadly. It doesn't cure the sickness, it just designed for wageslaves to go after their job despite their body being hurt. In bad cases you damage your body because the sickness isn't expelled or you continue to shit yourself to death once your tablets run out. They even tell you in the packages that you should see a doctor if the symptoms aren't gone after two days. Unless you are already old, sick and hurt nobody is dying in two days because of Diarrhea, so why should you be taking Loperamide in the first place instead of properly curing out the sickness? Charcoal tablets and an instruction to cook a Moro Soup from dried carrot powder would be a better alternative. You can even buy small cans and glases of already finished Moro Soup from the internet that are good for years.
>>18534 I recommend keeping a bottle of (drinking) alcohol around since an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Alcohol is man's oldest solution to eating food that looks or tastes sketchy, and sketchy food is the #1 cause of diarrhea anyways. Our ancestors would drink a stronger beeru or wine with dinner to keep the half-rotten meat or vegetables from fermenting in their intestines. This is why alcohol and festivities also go hand-in-hand since festival food is more likely to give you the shits. I prescribe anon one beer or wine of at least 5.5% ABV or a shot of hard liquor after any meal that might be potentially dangerous. It's saved my ass from food poisoning (or made my symptoms more mild) whenever I've eaten out with friends or family.
>>18534 >>18543 >in re diarrhea I think keeping a bottle of non-pencillin (mainly due to resistance issues) broad spectrum antibotics is recommened. I usually keep Oxytetracycline and/or fluoroquinolones (because thanks, fucking city water infections) on hand.
>>18534 >>18543 >>18571 If you want to slap together a paragraph or more saying all that in more detail I will expand that section with it. Thanks.
>>18521 >link for raids video is dead Well, shit. IAnyone got a copy or alternative anywhere, because it wasn't my video in the first place. Also I switched the links in the book to to yewtu.be awhile ago, but I see that that doesn't work either.
2.1.1 is now up. Captcha kept failing so it's on catbox right now. A World Turned Upside-Down 2.1.1.pdf 10.3 MB https://files.catbox.moe/orph84.pdf
2.1.1 is now up. Upload here is still giving issues so its on catbox right now. A World Turned Upside-Down 2.1.1.pdf 10.3 MB https://files.catbox.moe/orph84.pdf
>>19645 Introduction to Chapter 4, page 44 needs revision- Maslow's hierarchy of needs addresses physiological needs at the base of the pyramid but is different from the rule of threes; this explanation of the rule of threes reads as downplays the importance of shelter in a potentially deadly way; could be fixed very simply by adding shelter to the bullet points between water and food.
Newest edition folks, 2.1.2, hope you guys like it. Over 25 new pages of content and a couple of illustrations to go with it. On catbox again, since upload here is still glitching out. https://files.catbox.moe/92zb1v.pdf Again, if anyone wants to write up any info I'm very happy to add it. Tactical info or relevant images/diagrams are especially welcome. If anyone wants some of the included images let me know and I'll post them here to share as general info.
>>19646 Fixed it by adding shelter to safety, since that seemed more appropriate as a location to me (shelter is safety from the climate, right?). Have a look at 2.1.2 and see what you think.
>>20567 looking pretty good. personally id say the bit about the side arm being unimportant in the gearfag 101 part is a bit dismissive of perfectly capable fighting tools. way I've always viewed it is your pistol can be a side arm but it can also be a 2nd primary weapon if the situation requires it. this is mostly only relevant to direct action type shit as most of my experience revolves around SWAT shit but if you have a person in cuffs or otherwise under control you need one hand to keep them under control so a rifle rapidly becomes a bad choice. the same applies to using a ladder either when getting over a perimeter wall or gaining access to a balcony. you need to keep one hand on the ladder so you don't fall off which leaves you with only one hand to operate a weapon. this is where pistols really shine. i personally feel that pistols should be practiced one handed as often as possible as it becomes much more versatile then. you should add a strategy about using an ear dropper or squirt gun to get fentanyl on people like a mossad agent for the agent 47 inclined individuals. also definitely don't recommend people getting bump keys to steal shit from patrol cars.
Reading List of the New Awakening Text upgrade
>>20567 Yo. You recommended acquiring access to the Grantville Gazettes for having some idea as to how to re-establish technology after a capital-C Collapse. Can you tell me which specific ones I should get? If you can zip all the relevant ones up and post it in fileditch or in this thread, that would be great as well. Thanks in advance. I am mostly asking this because libgen.rs has 68 pages worth of Grantville Gazette issues and it would take a eternity and a half to download them all unassisted.
>>20567 >New version I've been working on the fruit/nut tree guide, if you could read whats on it and tell me anything you can't understand as a layman I'll add it in next revision when I'm not busy wageslaving
>>21316 >personally id say the bit about the side arm being unimportant in the gearfag 101 part is a bit dismissive of perfectly capable fighting tools. way I've always viewed it is your pistol can be a side arm but it can also be a 2nd primary weapon if the situation requires it. I wouldn't exactly call it a "2nd primary" - it is a niche weapon for when your primary is incapacitated or too big for what you're doing. >if you have a person in cuffs or otherwise under control you need one hand to keep them under control so a rifle rapidly becomes a bad choice. If they are under control (in the context of SHTF) I'm not going to be within 6ft of them, and if they run or try to fight they're getting a bullet, not my hands on them. There is no reason to go hands-on with someone with unknown fighting ability, especially when there won't be any investigation into their (self-inflicted by stupidity) death. >using a ladder either when getting over a perimeter wall or gaining access to a balcony. you need to keep one hand on the ladder so you don't fall off which leaves you with only one hand to operate a weapon. this is where pistols really shine. i personally feel that pistols should be practiced one handed as often as possible as it becomes much more versatile then. Agreed, or if you are checking say, a car boot - but again, this is because the primary weapon is too big and is temporarily laid aside. If you want to re-write the "gearfag 101" thing please do - my PC went KIA and I'm still looking for a substitute copy of MS Word so I can prepare the next edition and other stuff. I only included those infographics as it beat re-writing the whole thing myself, but I've always meant to go back and re-write it and edit it to fit in with the "Selecting Personal Equipment" stuff in Chapter 6 (page 232 of version 2.1.2). Check what I have on page 217 on version 2.1.2 - it describes the safest known low-tech method of searching a prisoner or body. The searcher does not need to be armed, and in fact, being armed means they are likely to take unnecessary risks and remain too close to the prisoner if they do start to resist. It is the cover man's job to use violence if the prisoner resists. >>21384 I'll create a pdf of the non-fiction stuff I used when I can and I'll post it here. >>21371 >>21416 Thanks for the contribs I'll read them and see where they can be used. May take me awhile, though.
Hi everyone, it seems cock.li has deleted the email I created there. Since they have no method of communicating with the site admins, and have changed the registration system so new users have to be invited by existing users, I no longer have an email you can send anything to. If any streloks are a cock.li user, please think of a way to send me an invite code securely, otherwise I am once again searching for a secure anonymous email provider for this book. >>21416 The fruit/nut tree guide is good, but a bit wordy and long for the book. I'd be interested in including it if it can be shortened (maybe by putting some of the info as dot points?) Thanks for the contribution, I will credit you as "treeman" in the next edition, if you're happy with that.
>>22389 I have a few cock emails and would send you a code, but I don't know how to securely send one or know that it's you. The board is pretty slow though, so maybe I can trust the honor system. Invite below. https://privatebin.at/?b20f3e6359d8c05f#9NmiPBcaoenoQsSA8LgHfYRtGQ2jP54wJDxjksBgj7T5 forauthoruseonly@@56326757800
>>18833 >If you want to slap together a paragraph or more saying all that in more detail I will expand that section with it. Thanks. Sorry for the late answer, but how much detail do you want about the topic of diarrhea and moro soup? Additionally look up the Fire roll/Rüdiger role on youtube, I thinks this methods of making a fire is a lot easier to learn and do in most environments than other primitive fire making methods like the bow drill and should be added to the book.
Open file (462.83 KB 1200x1536 mfw .jpg)
>>20567 >Plato, student of Aristotle I have been trolled.
Crisis & Leviathan by Robert Higgs. I understand ideology isn't necessarily the best for /k/ but it helps those having a hard time framing the current war by explaining government action over the last century.
Open file (1.99 MB 260x237 1448020806132.gif)
I can't tell you how to do this, since I don't know what software you're using and I've never worked with PDF files before, but please look into adding a PDF outline to the book. You can't flip through a PDF like you a can a book, so having an outline with chapters and sections makes finding relevant information in a pinch much easier, especially on e-readers which lack scrolling. As it stands, the table of contents doesn't even include page numbers, something you should be able to automate in any document preparation software worth its salt. This isn't nitpicking, this would genuinely make your book more useful. A lot of this book's content is stuff I'd like to reread or access later and, unless I print this shit out, it's a bit of a pain to find again. I'd also suggest exporting an EPUB version and possibly a MOBI version (for Kindleniggers) for people using e-readers. This is much less important, obviously, but it would be helpful for people with e-readers that either don't support .PDF documents or have poor batteries.
Open file (12.85 KB 463x331 viy.jpeg)
I looked a little into adding or generating a PDF outline, but without the source files there's little I can do that wouldn't be overly awkward or time consuming (like learning Pandoc and manually creating an outline through the command line). Shit, if you use LibreOffice Writer I'm pretty fucking sure you can automatically generate a table of contents, AND a PDF outline on export, just by hitting Insert -> Table of Contents and using proper headings instead of arbitrarily resizing text to denote sections. Microsoft Word will probably do the same. Sadly LibreOffice opens .PDF documents in fucking Draw, not Writer, so as far as I know I can't do this shit myself without the source files.
>>28854 Update: it's supposedly possible to open .PDF files in LibreOffice Writer, but just selecting the program in your file manager won't do it: you have to open the main program, go to the open file button, and then select "PDF - Portable Document Format (Writer)" in the filetype menu. Only then will it attempt to open the file in Writer, after a lengthy import process that took me seven minutes and froze the application. Even upon importing or converting to .odf (a must if you want to save and load the file within a reasonable file), the abomination generated by the PDF importer slows down the application so much that it's basically impossible to edit. OP, if you're there, please: if you won't add a working table of contents or PDF outline yourself, at least release the .docx or .odf so I can add one. Maybe I can generate a PDF outline and a decent table of contents in a program like Scribus (and trust me, importing text as vectors into that thing takes a ridiculous amount of time, I'm pretty sure it would take actual hours on my machine), but whenever a new version comes out all that work and import time will have to be redone.
>>25001 Great. My Laptop got fried, can't turn the .doc file the book is in into a pdf with the replacement, and just tried your link and I got "Error: your invite is invalid or was already used "
Open file (54.72 KB 642x567 1631142275434.jpg)
>>4166 >>2682 Personal equipment, p. 31, ditch the umbrella for a boonie and ripstop military poncho. Also, I'm not seeing a hatchet/camp axe, folding saw, or any consideration for nav. There's no hyphen in "ferrocerium" BTW. The mosquito net is a good thought. Most people probably wouldn't think of it. They work best with that boonie I mentioned, too.
Open file (207.72 KB 1902x1124 1631142809742.jpg)
>>36232 Aaand now I see you've put all that shit on p. 33. Disregard that, I suck cocks. Though I still think that at least a folding saw and nav shit should be carried by ALL (adult) members of any team.
I'd like to write an excerpt for the pdf about how Brazilian motor police train and fight and how it coild he adapted to less latin enviroments because I think the mobility would be very convenient to those who have access to bikes. I'll dig around and try to find some stuff but it might take a while since I can't read Portuguese.
>>36821 I may know an anon who might be able to provide some insight. I’ll try to ask him tonight. If you’ve ever seen some of the chase videos, they’re insane. I would also look at South Africa, as they have a similar setup.
>>36821 Alright gonna give a brief overview of what I was taught on my visit rather than existing doctrine and and potential improvements. Use: To start the most effective use of motorcycle mounted units are pursuit, evacuation, and qrf. Primarily in urban or densely forested environments. Using mounted troops efficiently relies on knowledge of the environment and resistance faced. Bike mounted troops are offered very little protection, limited space for equipment, and some bikes actively discourage body armor to ride effectively. Keeping all this in mind when planning for bike mounted operations is vital to their survival. Of course being visibly armed and militant on a motorcycle is the easiest way to get pulled over so avoid being conspicuous in urban environments. What to ride: The choice of bike should be fairly simple. You want a light enough and powerful enough vehicle to evade or pursue other vehicles but also the utility of driving off road if equipped with duel sport tires. Something akin to roadsters like the kawasaki w800 or the Enfield pictured above would be ideal for most environments. For those who live in steeper or more rocky environments consider investing in a full sized rally bike or trail bike like a Honda ct110. Bike equipment While we do preach keeping the weight you carry into battle to a minimum, mounted troops are more free to take redundant or large equipment. Of course in order to carry all that you'll probably want saddle bags. I recommend soft leather or canvas saddle bags to keep the bike narrow. Personal equipment The entire purpose of mounted troops is to be fast and light. Anything that can't be attached to the armor or belt goes in the saddle bags until its needed. You shouldn't be shooting and moving at the same time, coming to at least a partial stop before reaching for your weapon, but you should still consider something compact enough to be holstered as it will be easier to access quickly than something slung across your back. Makeshift rifle mounts will probably fail to secure your weapon or take longer than a sIling to use anyway. That is why I would recommend handguns, pdw's (vz61, b&t mp9, master piece arms Mac 10-11s) or even some pccs or sbrs with folding stocks like dracos or mp5s. Of course both of these are too large to holster but are still small enough used almost immediately without getting hung up on you or the bike. Training As simple as it is off road trails or small courses made from street cones will give you the time you need to operate the bike effectively. Of course shooting from the holster on a bike should also be practiced but there aren't really any secret operator tips. Be fast, be smart.
>>20567 >>36926 Having made the bike post I'll start writing up a rough outline for psychological training. May have to be adapted or adjusted to avoid producing sociopaths for those who want good natured soldiers
Open file (45.27 KB 954x403 training a cell.png)
>>37271 I was more referring to psychological conditioning to enhance the individual soldiers readiness and comfort with taking human life and enduring the hardships of prolonged war. I'll probably write it out tomorrow if I'm not busy.
I'm new into this stuff, who is this mosby fella and where can i get his books?
>>37426 John Mosby https://mountainguerrilla.wordpress.com/ You can buy them from him. I have the pdfs somewhere but I don't recall which drive. If I find them I'll upload them.
>>37450 Those pdgs will be welcomed, i think the war in Ukraine open a whole can of worms and we will start seeing conflicts all over the world, i want to be as ready as i can.
>>37453 Here is Forging the Hero. I think I have both Reluctant Partisan books somewhere else but I don't know where. Pretty sure I never had Guerilla Gunfighter. I don't remember where I got this one from but I suspect it was Julay's /k/ in which case that poster may be here and may be able to provide the others. A thread dedicated to his blog/books wouldn't be a bad idea. Lots of room for interesting discussion there. Hognose's blog weaponsman would also be another option.
>>37457 >>37453 >>37450 >>37426 I just realised it had already been posted here: >>14567 That is probably where I got it lol. I still stand by the idea for a mountainguerilla discussion thread though.
'Sup motherfuckers, I'm still alive. Life tried to kill me but I didn't. Moving on. >>36232 >>36235 >Disregard that, I suck cocks. But are you GOOD at it? > folding saw and nav shit should be carried by ALL (adult) members of any team. I'll possibly suggest that in the next version. >>36926 >>37266 >>37271 Thanks. I'll put that in as soon as possible. >>37457 If you have the partisan books that would be pretty sweet. World Turned Upside-Down 2.1.4 is here (13.2MB): https://files.catbox.moe/26ifpz.pdf
>>41938 >new update What's new in this version?
>>42746 >What's new in this version? Depends, which version do you currently have? Generally any new or significantly modified writing in any edition is in green so it's easy to find. In 2.1.4, the tactical drills section has been expanded and the next version will be illustrated now that I've found good images. I'll do formations as well when possible. There's a little bit more info in the PERSEC section, and an extra link. A little more info in the fertility and child education sections also, as well as in the finance/money section. Some important clarifying expansion on the Faith in society section, a couple of pages worth, as well as more in the "thousand years" part. Building defense, town defense, and also the communication sections have more info. Also added to the personal gear section and created a "combat logistics" section, as well as explaining what Rhodesian Cover shooting is, and a tiny bit in the medical section, as well as more recommended bibliography. As always, if anyone wants to write or stitch together anything (IDGAF about copyright here, I'm not making any money) send it on through.
>>43062 Ah, see, I ripped the text and images from the PDF a while back and figured I'd recreate the book in LibreOffice and distribute it as both .odt and .pdf files so it would be easier for people to modify and add on to. I never got around to it though, so I'll have to rip the newer version if I really want to do this.
>>41938 Thank you for your diligence Strelok. I still have a lot of reading material (hardcover/digital) I'ld like to go through before TEOTWAWKI that I haven't finished such as this guide you've been working on. It's been a while since I've read it. Are there any sections about fortifying yourself a bug out hole in the middle of nowhere sort of like a cabin/bunker? Also did you address fortifying electronics against harmful EMPs stationarily and mobile?
>>43141 Cool, make sure you post the link here when and if you do. >>43204 >any sections about fortifying yourself a bug out hole in the middle of nowhere sort of like a cabin/bunker? That's a little something I like to call "suicide by FBI/ATF", so no. If you're alone in a bunker innawoods, you're gonna die. Probably painfully and slowly. Don't do it. Bunkers should be on the edge of your tribe's area of control, probably in the areas surrounding your town. >did you address fortifying electronics against harmful EMPs stationarily and mobile? Yeah, stick the electronics you think you'll need after SHTF in a closed metal trashcan so that they aren't touching the metal (see the video link in the book) - dry cardboard works well enough as electric isolation. If they're outside, they're almost certainly going to be fucked if there's an EMP-type event. If you bury anything electronic, wrap in plastic (to isolate), then a couple layers of foil, then bag it in plastic to waterproof it.
Open file (1.47 MB 1116x766 BUNKER image.PNG)
>>43141 >>43938 It also occurred to me that you could just ask me for the text and images I use to make the .pdfs I post. Or even (shock, horror) contribute material to put in the book (something I suggested people do since day 1, when I asked the original guy who made the list if I could edit it for my own use, wayyy back before we all moved /k/ out of 8chan).
Any good information on physical conditioning in here?
>Any good information in here? no
>>54447 If not here you might check out the do/k/uments thread, strelok.
Good job, strelo/k/, I appreciate the effort and time you put in to write this down. While I do not agree with everything, it's a good work to put in place the basics of post-collapse survival. I just have one question: my greatest concern in any sort of collapse or post-apocalyptic situation is that ammunition will eventually run out, especially in extremely violent situations as might be expected in the collapse and subsequent tribal warfare. Granted, ammo factories can be taken, and gunsmithies can be set up to do handloading, but both can take precious time and lives. How likely is it that, for a given period between the initial collapse and stabilization, that people will be forced to resort to simpler weapons like muskets, bows (long, compound, and cross), and melee weapons?
>>54526 fairly low. the collapse wont be global and it wont be forever. eventually either a foreign country is going to start importing it again or youll be able to bargain it off of shadier UN peacekeepers. lots of potential answers and paths. even if you could get the manpower to get a munition factory running you wouldnt be able to organize an effective logistics chain to supply it so just purchase more than you can reasonably expect to use and have something worth trading for more if it comes to that.

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