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what's a war board without a conflict?

I can't post anymore, guess I'll try again later
>The Black Rifle is 180mb too big
Does anyone have the militia outfit guide? It's outdated by now, but I want to buy one of the knives listed.
>>292 This one?
Here's the old (version 1.0) of this. Useful for anyone preparing their gear to go /out/. Also have the later version (1.8) still waiting for 1.9 or 2.0.
>>328 File failed to attach.
>>308 >>329 >>328 Unfortunately no. It was an image, and I think it was "how to outfit a mercenary force for cheap" I believe the knife I was looking at was a mora d-guard knife.
Open file (133.24 KB 1280x444 5460730.jpg)
It doesn't matter, I just found the knife. mora 144-psg
Here's the English-language version of the Lithuanian civil defence document from 2015. I'd appreciate someone uploading a copy of the 2016 (or later) English versions, I have it in Lithuanian but can't read it.
Open file (970.96 KB 843x2000 chadblock.png)
>>347 This?
>>476 Pretty close. Good enough I suppose. Thanks.
>>328 Can you post version 1.8?
Here you go strelok.
>>817 thats quite the book my guy
Figured someone should upload this condidering the chimpouts in Minneapolis and elsewhere.
Since the upload keeps shitting out at ~65% on me, here's where you can take your pick of which edition you want of the Ranger Handbook: https://archive.org/search.php?query=SH%2021-76%20Ranger%20Handbook They have the 1992, 2000, and 2011 editions. Take your pick.
Yes they want to take away your bolt-action hunting rifles...
This guy is big on trying to help start WW3, but this is worth reading.
>>7000 Half the shit that retard is talking about never was there, not to mention the other bullshit.
Osprey - Elite 168 - WW2 Street-Fighting Tactics On anonfiles because it's 28.5MB. https://anonfiles.com/r4L5yae4p6/Osprey_-_Elite_168_-_WW2_Street-Fighting_Tactics_pdf
"Secrets Of Street Survival - Israeli Style; Staying Alive In A Civilian War Zone" Yes, I get it: oyvey. Has some good tips though. https://anonfiles.com/pf3b06edpd/Secrets_Of_Street_Survival_-_Israeli_Style_Staying_Alive_In_A_Civilian_War_Zone_pdf
The manual that got the USN worried.
>>7224 >>7225 No idea why it just double-posted there... Admins, feel free to remove one of them. That upload size cap is ridiculously low. Here's a link to the pdf of "Where there is no Doctor" and the pdf of "Where There Is No Psychiatrist" https://anonfiles.com/XaD91ceap8/Where_There_Is_No_Doctor_pdf
>/k/ pdf thread >no diy sten shame on you, /k/
These are the only /k/ related documents. I think
Could any of you bookworms help a bro out? Looking for some podcasts or audiobooks on past civilizations. Anglo Saxon, Romans or Greeks. Just a good over view of their way of life and their military styles. Mythology greatly appreciated. Need a break from the real world for a bit and want to start digging up historic shit.
>>8733 >podcasts Sorry mate, I usually read, and on top of that, my autism focus is on Soviet theory, as well as Asiatic history some of the pieces are really interesting because you need a couple thousand years of nuanced, recordings to see the true shitshows Are you looking for classical, medieval? The Alexiad Byzantines are still romans is always a good read. Origins of English History by Elton, Charles is a good one.
>>8739 Looking for pretty much anything. I'm a /tg/fag and wanting to get into historicals starting with some history
>>8740 Christ, I remember when/tg/ had their own SS13 server, it's been a long time mate. I can't really say much about western history. Perhaps listen to this piece by Livy (From the Foundation of the City Vol. 01) regarding Rome: https://librivox.org/search?title=From+the+Foundation+of+the+City+Vol.+1&author=Livius&reader=&keywords=&genre_id=0&status=all&project_type=either&recorded_language=&sort_order=catalog_date&search_page=1&search_form=advanced This one is a book link, keep in mind lots are fragments or lost: https://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/author/3707 Anals by tacitus is also a good work to read: https://librivox.org/search?title=The+Annals&author=TACITUS&reader=&keywords=&genre_id=0&status=all&project_type=either&recorded_language=&sort_order=catalog_date&search_page=1&search_form=advanced Anything by Gaius Sallustius Crispus is okay as long as you recognize that he is quite impartial
>>8742 I meant partial. Sorry . Shameless double post.
>>8742 /tg/ got hit hard by the poz. Anything not historical is going full retard. The latest fad is disabled D&D characters. Wheelchair bound rogues. Thanks, I'll give those a try. I understand history is mostly missing and we don't understand much. I've spent some time around HEMA fags and that's fascinating. Rediscovering sword techniques and trying to make sense of shitty art work. Librivox looks like a gold mine, I'll have stuff to listen to as I paint for days.
>>8744 >/tg/ got pozzed Mate that happened on 2016 to goon (somethingawful) and all the other major imageboard related sites since imageboards are becoming mainstream and we're just now a cog in the corporation machine. I dread the day where people cannot function without the use of search engines. > I understand history is mostly missing and we don't understand much. You've already beat 99% of the populace, strelok >goldmine https://www.gutenberg.org/ Project gutenberg is good if you can sort through the avant garde trash.
>>8746 It's worse now than it was in the past. We're talking full on fat tranny dykes in everything. But that's probably a topic for the general general. I've been reading Twilight over England recently and it's made me want to dig deeper into things. My concern is how much of it is going to echo and be utter bullshit. But I suppose at this point history is basically fan fiction for all it matters. What do you mean by avant garde trash?
>>8748 this is a sage for offtopic, but someone filled guteberg with the shitty erotic novellas from amazon Quit redditspacing and lurk more.
>>8705 >no diy sten Why not DIY PPSh?
The Art of Handling the Navaja, the Knife, and the Scissors of the Gypsies
Hey /k/ameraden, can someone provide books in stealth Kills and removal of sentries and Guards? I think there was a book, with "ripper" in the title, which explained assassinations and stealthily Picking of targets, and also proper choice of weaponry in Detail. But i really can't find it.
>>9865 Hey anon I can't seem to find exactly what you are looking for. But there is a very small in the pdf I linked about dealing with Sentry's, it's on page 24. I will look more for the book you're talking about tomorrow. https://anonfiles.com/7aXdNaufpb/Von_Dach_Bern_H_-_Total_resistance_pdf
>>9868 *But there is a very small PART in the pdf
Open file (397.52 KB 800x532 ClipboardImage.png)
>>9868 Hey, thanks for the effort. i found the book in question, as a pdf, hidden away on an old backup-harddrive. it's "murder inc. - the book" by jack_the_rippa. the author was the only thing i remembered. i'll upload it, incase anyone wants to read it
Does anybody have a copy of Chuck Taylor's book "The Fighting Rifle"?
Flood protection sucks balls, even if it stops autists from spamming. Also what gives with this "r9k"?
Does the word bewbz hurt someones feelings when its spelt correctly?
>flood detected Wouldn't have to post single files if the filter wasn't so shit: wtf is r9k banning in the filename "PAM 360-518 Know Your Enemy - The Viet Cong 1966"??? Have this one instead then fgts.
Some stuff on staying safe and not being tracked, both online and in meatspace.
Thanks for the dump strelok, appreciated.

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