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Open file (25.62 KB 540x342 kizunashoot.jpg)
/k/ video games Strelok 05/14/2020 (Thu) 04:53:04 No.236
I just wanted to play video games and post loli! Are there any shooters with cute animu girls that isn't lootershooter crap?
dolphin pls
I used to play Left4Dead2 with mods that made the player's Touhous and Miku.
One series: red orchestra/rising storm I didn't play any of them but when i will, i will.
>>267 The only good Red Orchestra is Ostfront. Everything after that is increasing amounts of arcadey and microtransaction bullshit. Sadly Ostfront is basically only populated by slavs on Friday nights and during the occasional anon gamenight. In one notable occasion both at once.
>>287 Then what else we have... C&C up to red alert 3, Day of infamy, Hearts of Iron, 1914 - 1918 games, Steel Division games, Battlefield 2 mods mostly the Forgotten hope and Project reality and Far Cry 2 and only HoI 4 and FC2 I played. And also there is a 83 game from the creators of rising storm. Just as a quick info
>>291 >Hearts of Iron Only if you stop at Darkest Hourt.
>julay/v/ is gone entirely now I was only gone for two days. Can I get a rundown on what happened?
>>312 https://smuglo.li/support/res/1467.html There's irc screencaps on every site involved's /meta/ boards.
>>287 And also as far as I read in rs2 vietnam there are dlc but they are just pure cosmetics.
Open file (45.49 KB 386x379 ready to die.jpg)
I want to play radmod again, just for old times' sake. The worst part is that there was an update of it just before 8ch died
>>334 There was a thread for it on julay/v/.
>>333 A mod team apparently came out with a Winter War mod.
Open file (5.95 MB 1920x1080 carry.png)
>>342 >Winter War mod Tell us more!
>>319 Looks like I've missed more than just two days of autism, I don't know how this flew under my radar holy shit.
>>337 robi fuck /v/ robi delete /v/ lmao what a world.
>>371 Nuggets, Suomi's, Molotovs and tonks.
>>333 Yeah DLC is just cosmetic. Base game is decent, but definitely different from Red Orchestra. >>342 >>371 Can vouch that Winter War mod is a lot of fun. Plays more similar to RO2 than RS2.
>>291 NEOTOKYO is fun.
>>383 >Yeah DLC is just cosmetic. Base game is decent, but definitely different from Red Orchestra. Well that makes sence because tactics and enviroment in vietnam war were diffrent then in easttern front of ww2.
>>391 And weapons.
>>392 And if you guts want and don't know I could tell you some info about 83 game
>>383 >>333 There's no such thing as 'just' cosmetics: they're still jewing you for jpgs that cost them essentially nothing to make. The cosmetics still also bloat the filesize pointlessly, harm the ability to easily detect which team or class someone is, possibly harm the actual realism of the setting depending how well it's done and require servers to be locked into the central cosmetics server which with TWI particularly has in the past been used to require mods to get confirmation to use the API from the devs or be hidden in some inferior 'unofficial/unranked/non-item-server' part of the server browser that basically kills them from the start. Just because almost everyone is doing it doesn't make it acceptable.
>>394 It's not Battlefield and as far as I see they are realistic outside the green armymen which is just a joke. Wait it's not a cosmetic pack but a fucking toy soldier themed shit
>>397 Wait... It isn't that bad
>>397 Going back to RO:OST they always tried to keep weapon choice and where possible uniforms aligned with the map's date and setting. They didn't always get it right but it mostly worked. Looking at RO2 you'd have cosmetic changes that didn't make sense and weapon unlocks that were outright ahistorical for 'balance reasons' but I know those aren't a thing. I know it's not a huge detail but it's a change of emphasis from what they were doing originally which was going for maximum immersion not simfag realism but immersion, one is simulating everything correctly and the other is using game mechanics to make it 'feel' like it's real even if those mechanics are less realistic over to profit and marketability driven decisions.
>>400 Well I still have hope for 83 game they are developing. And also you could try out forgotten hope or even catw mod for rom tw or even (if you have) divita et impera tw rome
>>236 >lootershooter crap Normally those are easier to mod for loli play. (Like F:NV, etc) There is a GTA SA mod for lolis but, that gives them all nigger voices. https://invidio.us/watch?v=r9jtypSI-b8
Open file (83.30 KB 1066x737 ClipboardImage.png)
>>410 TBH I wouldn't pre-order, I'm tempted to say that EA would fuck with it so you can only play it on origin and utilizing some BS similar to battlelog. Remember for TUC EA had a fucking virus in the game and didn't bother to actually update jack shit. I don't think they will now
>>406 >Well I still have hope for 83 game they are developing I'd like it to succeed but I'm far too cynical to hope. Ready or Not proved to be just as much of a shitshow as expected and it doesn't look much better so far. >And also you could try out forgotten hope or even catw mod for rom tw or even (if you have) divita et impera tw rom Have played them but good suggestions. >>410 The only thing I'm interested in is the extra tracks and the Tiberian Sons rerecording and I'm sure they'll both be pirateable soon enough.
>>413 Don't count on it. TUC has DRM for the tracks (or DID) until it was causing issues because people could fucking download it and still not be able to see it and EA relented since reeee, it still has a EA "activataion checker" utility when it installs. Have some Klepacki music, I own most of the music You can rip it from the game until CNC Generals <MFW CNC RA2 Yuri's revenge predicted the Grinder the app "A horrifying new technology" - Eva
>>415 Music has to cross the air gap so there's no way to fully lock it down. Once I can play it I can record it. There might be a small amount of quality loss but even still it' has to be streamed to my device somehow.
>>418 TBH my favorite was Tib sun. All the others are meh. The music is 10/10 though. favorite track?
>>419 >favorite track? Probably either Act on Instinct or Grinder.
>>291 >RA3 C&C 3, RA3 sucked ass story and gameplay-wise I don't know why you fags defend it.
>>410 arent the originals fine? EA just want to get some shekels from the normalfags with nostalgia.
>>422 Cause muh hawt pr0n actresses! I hated CNC 3, generals was the last one that 'made the cut' for me
>>422 Cnc 3 is alright ra3 is shit because the time travel crap is some really high class shit.
>>410 Just the ones from cncnet
>>442 *Just use the ones from cncnet
>>422 I've never liked either personally. Well except for that one track from Kane's Wrath which apparently I can't post here because anon.cafe won't accept it even though that other anon posted mp3s successfully
>>449 This one? Or Act on instinct KW edition? Have some generals ost while you're at it
>>477 That's the one. Best post-Klepacki track, at least outside of Generals.
>>372 Yeah a lot of people are bailing julay now. >>393 I'm looking forward to that, pls tell. >>394 I wasn't defending them, just confirming they add no gameplay. I certainly wouldn't recommend buying them. Forgot about Army Men though, that was actually pretty fun for a bit. >>386 >NEOTOKYO I've wanted to play that for a long time but it's always dead when I've checked. It has an amazing soundtrack.
>>484 >I wasn't defending them, just confirming they add no gameplay. I certainly wouldn't recommend buying them. My bad then. >I've wanted to play that for a long time but it's always dead when I've checked. It has an amazing soundtrack. The gameplay isn't as good as the soundtrack and aesthetics might lead you to believe.
>>484 >pls tell. Well it's a coldwar gone hot scenario. There are as far as I know three factions: >US Army >British army >Soviet army It's supposed to have a high player counts (80+) and there are vehicles, land and sky maybe even sea/water. And also it has a new mechanic whete you can rest your gun on some enviromental stuff. And also there is a thing whete the gun sights expand when you aim through them. Aaaand you can stop in middle of reload and you can shoot from it when you have a bullet in the chamber. And it will pick up where it ended. Weapons: As far as I've seen >M16 >M60 >L1A1 >AK74 >L2A3 Sterling >M79 >M1911 >PK >L7A2 >Bren lmg >L42A1 >RPK >SVD >F1 grenade >vz.61 škorpion >MP5 Vehicles: >Land rover mk.3 >UAZ-469 >And maybe Abrams and other tanks >And jets im not too much into planes, sorry
I can heartily recommend Armored Brigade. It's fairly fun once you get used to the pathfinding/AI logic. It's fairly similar to Close Combat, except that it's in bigger scale and set in cold war.
Anyone know of a good torrent for World of Guns? I don't feel like grinding for raifus.
>>236 >I just wanted to play video games no you didn't you fucking ni/gg/er
>>820 They have the game really tightly coupled to their servers so I doubt anyone has done the work it would take to make that work. When you first go to field strip a particular gun, all the files for that gun are downloaded.
Open file (316.79 KB 1511x1235 Swat4X meatbarn.jpg)
Do any of you like SWAT4? SEF7 just came out not long ago and i have a server configured for it. i can provide the files/instructions for setting it up including the map packs if you like.
>>820 >implying the raifus won't grind you
Open file (63.29 KB 286x260 1575517316011.gif)
I long for the day we get a tactically focused squad based Halo game centered around ODST preforming subterfuge against Covenant forces on a forerunner shield world.
Open file (646.73 KB 1278x720 STALKER 2 Xbox.PNG)
Open file (4.02 MB 2672x1437 Stalkan roof.png)
I want to fucking die
>>4428 Time to make our own stalker themed game. /agdg/, /k/ and /tech/.
Open file (25.26 KB 323x254 1565719620426.jpg)
>>4428 Not surprising given the state of modern gaming. Chinks are doing whatever it takes to make everything exclusive/owned by them, and they have the money to entice smaller and weaker devs to "accepting" their offers (if they aren't owned by china already). Keep in mind that the original team that made the games have long since left GSC. Even if it wasn't exclusive or limiting itself by being on a console, the game will be full of bugs like before and filled with the usual AAA shit ruining games. I wouldn't be surprised if they possibly try to mimic the Metro games as well. Most devs just want to create interactive movies instead of actual games, either by just being incompetent, trying to push a narrative, limiting the player interaction and choices, or all of the above. I can't see them pulling a (messy) miracle like the 2 games were, nor do I see them allowing mods to be created like before (if they do allow them, they would probably find a means to control them rather than let people have the freedom to make their game better and functional). Only winning move here is not to play and stick to the classics.
>>4434 Unfortunately games that are real masterworks are stuck to being 1 man dev teams insert yanderedev joke here and the ocassional japanese game. Most AAA has been trash for the longest time.
Open file (342.57 KB 878x1089 1454542188341.png)
>>4428 I bet that the anon who went to Chernobyl made a wish for Stalker 2.
Open file (125.70 KB 629x312 JINXED IT.PNG)
>>4440 I'm sure of it
>>4435 Wish I didn't live in noguns shithole so I could ignore this faggot industry I used to love and dedicate myself to collecting firearms and reloading ammunition.
Speaking of Stalker did anyone try Anomaly? Is it any good?
Open file (1.15 MB 772x669 Scambo and Guide.PNG)
>>4487 If you're autistic and love breaking down weapons to repair other weapons and creating gear out of trash you pick up from bodies and the environment then it's the game for you. Aesthetics are a less rusten kitchen sink Misery but the difficulty is customizable, so you won't be forcibly playing an MMO. Wouldn't happen anyway considering it's a mod based on the dynamic sandbox that is CoC. I love it, especially all the differences between factions, the secrets, the Quests and the progression system even if I kinda burned out on it. You either love it or hate it, though you will probably hate it at first depending on the faction and difficulty you choose. It's all very customizable though and if you don't understand the systems you might want to read a guide or initially play on easier difficulties. I feel like learning the systems is half the fun though, and it mimics the original game well, I went from a literal retard that couldn't even find water to drink to a 150 IQ Dungeon Clearing Power Armor wearing Super Soldier and it all felt satisfying with late game still being hard considering you're outnumbered and easily killed even with God tier gear. Definitely give it a try, it's not for everybody but it might be for you.
>>4493 Thanks anon I'll give it a try.
>>4493 TBH Nosrogs are easy mode. Then again, just stack upgraded kevlar plates. Also warfare is not really balanced
>>4487 It's a slightly less gay Call of Misery.
Anyone try Escape From Tarkov? To me it basically looks like the perfect game that I've been waiting for since Delta Force 2. But I'm a poorfag and I don't think my computer can run it. Also STALKER co-op/MP mod Ray of Hope looks like it will finally be released soonish. In closed beta now!
>>4628 This about sums it up.
>>4635 Ten years ago I would've been outraged at how retarded this is. Today I'm only wondering if they'll actually "finish" the game and never patch out the guaranteed game breaking bugs, or if they'll just take the money and run because what the fuck are their retard goy customers gonna do about it? If they're stupid enough to drop money on this shit there's no way they have enough saved up to sue.
>>4337 It got overplayed and no one wanted to host it. SEF also still hasn't enabled PvP so the coop gamemode gets tiresome after a while. >>4429 >/tech/ Are they still around?
Open file (34.82 KB 400x400 fagioli.jpg)
>>4635 >>4636 It's turning out ok now, but it's still online only faggotry and the conjoined map is still year from now so fuck them. >>4637 >Are they still around? Nah, Fagioli whacked them
Open file (29.94 KB 620x412 moonman.jpeg)
Are any of the Civilization games worth my time? >>291 Some more /k/ tier games are XCOM the classics and the new ones. I admit that XCOM: Enemy Within is kind of dumbed down but I still think it's a fun game. Even though some might disagree with this, and I understand why they would, I actually enjoyed XCOM 2. My primary reason is because it legitimately made me feel like an insurgent fighting a superior military. It could almost be a Vietcong or Taliban simulator. Almost every engagement I got into was opened with an explosive. I'd say the worst part of the game are the character models, and the story related characters. I didn't really care for any of them., and Xenonauts with the Community edition mod is pretty fun. I have encountered a few game breaking bugs that actually caused me to uninstall the game but outside of that I think it's pretty fun Resident Evil 5 and 6 are games that I've found surprisingly enjoyable, If you can suspend your disbelief that they are resident evil games. Resident Evil 5 is fun because the first part of the game has you taking on waves of African niggers and you can roleplay with your /k/ids that you are fighting to save Rhodesia or take back South Africa. Resident Evil 6 is fun because it's a mechanically interesting 3rd person shooter. It's what gears of war isn't. It's not a perfect game by any means but it is fun; It's just not a good Resident Evil game. In fact, I would actually call Resident Evil 6 the worst Resident Evil if we are comparing it to the other games since it's nothing like them and almost completely throws horror out the window. It's mostly fun due to its game play and the hand to hand combat. A final game I would like to recommend, especially if you happen to live near an extremely culturally enriched area, would be Moonman Doom. The game itself is a mod for Doom and you are given 3 characters to play as. Moonman, Ben Garrison, and Adolf Hitler. There's nothing particularly crazy about the mod but it's primarily the subject matter that makes it enjoyable. I would recommend playing it you feel yourself stressed out and frustrated at the world. It's really great for that purpose.
>>4637 >Are they still around? nanochan.
>>4661 this. any /tech/ board on a non-onion address or that needs javascript is illegitimate.
>>4660 >Are any of the Civilization games worth my time? 4. You should also give Alpha Centauri a try but if you are just looking for Civ like gameplay check out Endless Legend and Oriental Empires.
>>4660 >moonman mod There is another /pol/ tier games as well, such as "Angry Goy". They're simple 16-bit 2d shooters which can take just 30-60 minutes for walkthrough, but has a lot of fun encounters and and racist/edgy humor. First one: https://piratebay.life/description.php?id=16657115 And second: https://piratebay.life/description.php?id=27578206
Open file (61.51 KB 677x328 blm.PNG)
I fucking wanted to just play games. First time I check the bay12 devlog since march and the toad fucking went down the rabbit hole. How hard is it to make a game without pulling a retard and injecting politics like dumb fucking spergs? At least anomaly hasn't gone down that road yet
>>4869 He already put tranny dwarfs in a while back. Why does this surprise you?
>>4877 >>4869 Or come to think of it might only have mentioned planning too. I've been out of the loop for a while.
>>4869 >No amount of protection afforded to white people is worth the horror we continue to perpetuate in this country against millions in marginalized communities Well toady maybe if the niggers acted like civilized people and didn't chimpout constantly the police wouldn't fucking need to gun them down constantly. Christ half the time I am watching body cam footage it feels like the cops are doing everything they can in their power to not shoot niggers. I hope they do abolish the police so they can see what happens when they aren't there to protect the niggers from the backlash of the victims of their crimes.
>>4898 He doesn't give a shit, probably lives in some suburb or small white community where he doesn't have to personally deal with them anyways. So he can get the social points for being a "good person" without any personal risk. Like the racial version of a champagne socialist, he's just another hypocrite. Probably thinks his limited contact with shitskins at convenient stores or the talented tenther at his job or his gay nigger friend means he is highly integrated. I've seen this so many times it's like a stereotype unto itself. As soon as the real masses of shitskins start moving near him, he'll relocate to a more remote area for "better schools" or some euphemism that avoids the racial truth. Then vote to flood his new area with rapefugees, and repeat the process until he dies, and can leave the mess to future generations.
Well lads are you ready for Cyberpunk 2077?
>>4901 No. I'm gonna still wait for 83'
>>4899 He's some dweeb who spends all day inside making shitty games. Even if he's in a nigger infested area he never interacts with them. Remember nerds are losers, faggots and trannies. They all want to be included because no one wants them around them. They support leftism as a personal vehicle to not be outcasts wearing womens clothing with a full beard. >>4901 What race is she? She's got a nigger nose, chink eyes and blonde hair. No wonder she represents America.
Open file (15.05 KB 474x266 Darkwood Poster.jpg)
I'ld like to recommend darkwood to anyone who hasn't tried it yet. It has a lot of horror elements that should keep you on your toes as a lone wolf and a resource management system that makes you focus most your time on exploring areas to keep you alive. You're basically a lone wolf throughout the entire game as other characters don't add much value to your progression outside of being exploitable sources of ammo and weapon parts. >>4901 This is not surprising after they released that gameplay footage playing as their scrawny dike who acts like the typical strong feminist lead role. The only game i've been looking forward to for the past years was ReadyOrNot and it seems to be in development limbo still.
>>4904 >chink eyes Strelok, those aren't chink eyes, those are middle east nigger eyes. And that hair is dyed, the base/root, her eyebrows, and the belly hair are all brown. Shit's disgusting, man.
Open file (888.37 KB 950x940 1449511723134.png)
>>4901 I remember the first trailer, I though you would be playing a cop, then they release the gameplay and it looked like shit.
>>4901 Page its from
Open file (896.90 KB 1024x1004 1535045457090.jpg)
>>4920 I've been waiting for this game to come out for SEVEN. MOTHERFUCKING. YEARS. For 6.5 of them I never once though to myself "maybe it'll be gay". I don't know whether it was ignorance, wishful thinking, or both, but now I know I'm almost certainly not buying that shit. I bought my ass a Vickers sling recently as a sort of consolation prize to myself for being fooled into that shit. Maybe I'll rent it for a weekend someday and roleplay as Moonman. >>4931 >America completes its transformation into a muttified oligarchical technocracy, despite a vague 20-year "technological recession" <which honestly just sounds like a two-decade-long electrospaz-free paradise to me >still talk about climate change, famine, and gun culture like those have always been bigger threats to people >that not-so-subtle mirroring of cyberpsychosis to lone-wolf sadboy school shooters Twenty bucks on at least three of these things being a side quest plot element, or at least a throwaway line/image: >muh dangerous holonet-obsessed right-wingers >gun BAD >but police brutality tho ;,( >sex work is REAL work >hey, cyber-heroin isn't THAT bad >past and tradition bad, tech and progress good (presented without irony or juxtaposition) >well all these wonderfully diverse street gangs suck but at least the food is good (bonus points for this being said while the food is all a mystery meat/chemical/soy/corn syrup slurry) Truly, the future is pozzed. 1st pic is related.
>>4937 To be fair, that first pic can sound a lot like these protests of peace. I'll wait to see how deep their rabbit hole goes, no use in worrying about specific themes in a game when we don't know how they're handled. It can go multiple ways although for climate change and diversity there will be a particular slant. Cyberpsychosis mirrors lone-wolf actors but it also mirrors a wider trend of isolation that memes such as the doomer caught hold of. To that end they might bring in some of the ideas of Ted Kaczynski. The gun as a symbol of individualism might persist and if it is a part of the genre at all, there will be hubs of absolute depravity and people wasting away. Either way, we'll find out how many SJWs they've hired over the years.
>>4937 >and roleplay as Moonman You can't your background is pre told and so is most of this fucking garbage game.
>>4946 Wasn't it anita sarcastian that was badgering cdproject red for a job or something?
>>4958 She tried like she succeeded with EA and Bioware, but did she actually get hired? Being in Poland they've always been a bit removed from the rest of the industry.
Open file (786.80 KB 1280x726 tranny2.png)
Open file (142.78 KB 1200x500 concept art.jpg)
Open file (47.61 KB 1280x720 final product.jpg)
Open file (1.14 MB 1920x797 ywn play as the cop.png)
>>4937 >For 6.5 of them I never once though to myself "maybe it'll be gay" Well, at least the concept art and the first trailer were nice.
Might as well post the rest of the book. files.catbox.moe/nc0953.7z files.catbox.moe/mfl283.7z
>>4962 Who knows? We know on the surface CDPR didn't take the offer. Maybe they did some "internal" training and kept it under wraps (unlikely due to sarcastian's ego trip)... Completely sucks that the only games I might have been hyped for this year all went to shit stalker was the only other game. On the bright side, factorio is out of early access and star citizen is finally going to crash and burn.
>>4983 >star citizen is finally going to crash and burn. What is happening with star citizen, did they run out of .png spaceships?
>>5026 I remember hearing something about a roadmap for a roadmap.
Open file (385.26 KB 900x600 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5036 >>5026 Apparently they duped Clive Calder into giving them some 40 million marketing $$$ when the project was about to die in 2018, Clive and his son are growing increasingly displeased that Christ Roberts&co. aren't fullfilling any of the rumored conditions of their trade if I recall Squadron 54 was supposed to release in Q1 2021 so now CIG are trying to draw things out as usual and sell more jpegs roadmaps.
>>5041 That game is everything wrong with games today. Also scope creep is a mission killer like the recent us 'wars'
Hey what's with all this negativity how about we shall talk about Far cry 2? I recently got to act 2.
>>5048 Far Cry 2 is a boring game with neat atmosphere.
>>5051 >Boring Then you shure have a boring live.
Open file (42.13 KB 165x115 7e5.png)
I've been meaning to try out more games like 7,62 Hard Life/High Calibre because of the amount of guns it has if you add the GEG mod then it also adds in copies of existing platforms like the Imbel FALs, Norinco & Yugoslav copies, plus original weapons like Type 38 & 99 Arisakas that really scratch my hoarding and gun-collecting autism. I heard Jagged Alliance 2 with certain mods is a must try but any of you guys got other recommendations for games with just sheer amounts of guns?
>>5070 Check out Marauder it's made by the same devs as 7.62 but is more story driven.
>>5070 Autistic SoC or CoC mods and Silent Storm. >>5072 I like Marauder plenty but it's not exactly full of guns.
>>5051 Far Cry 2 takes place in an a UAC(unnamed African country) that's extremely war torn and has a lot of shit going on. I don't know how you could find it boring. The driving aspect of the game can get somewhat annoying and on harder difficulties i find it a struggle to take on enemies in an upfront fight but I wouldn't describe it as boring. Why do you find it boring? Have you considered it's the way you play? Maybe turn up the difficulty? ultimately, if you don't like Far Cry 2 I can't make you enjoy it; you have to do that on your own. So ask yourself, why do you find Far Cry 2 boring? Also any other streloks with their own experiences regarding Far Cry 2, please share them.
Yuri is now mainstream enough to sell bro shooters.
>>5084 My FC2 experience is mostly going through the main story and some weapon seller quest for new weapons. The first map (the only that I actually know really good) has many intresting points. The gun play is excelent. I personally enjoyed the driving, but the outposts are a bit of an annoying. The fast travel by bus us excelent. The AI is actually intelligent and sometimes you are gonna be out smarted by it. The games physics is fenominal you can chop off parts of bushes or trees, the fire actually burns stuff so much that trees will lost leaves. And the tutorial learns you everything you need to play, but nit every thing like: the penetration, jamming and stealth. And on stealth part, it's not my thing in any game I play I'm just not good at it.
>>5084 >Why do you find it boring? Far Cry 2 is boring because the open world contributes nothing but repetitive driving you have to stop every 5 minutes to deal with a respawning checkpoint/loot diamonds and repetitive side quests blow up the endlessly circling empty truck to actually get guns not made of tissue paper, repeat this 20+ times. Now when you finally get to one of the missions with actual content you've got to deal with the retarded gun degradation system, one-sees all-alerted AI/generally buggy stealth AI and just generally bland gunfights and once you've seen one of those you've seen them all. The entire game is basically the same from start to finish except the variety of unsatisfying gun arguably the issue might be more in the way the NPCs react to being shot you're carrying changes a little. Repetition without change is filler and Far Cry 2 is just filler: the game. Hell even the map is basically the same throughout which, while realistic and fitting into the African shithole theme, hardly makes it enjoyable to play. It could have been a good game if they kept what worked (atmosphere/setting, The Jackal, concept of the buddy system, physics engine, wounded AI behaviour) and dropped the stuff that clearly didn't (the open world, the timer-based gun degradation that existed only to justify the existence of side content, timer-based malaria, 4 weapon limit + 'typed' slots). Both Far Cry 1 and Crysis, Crysis moreso, built a game where you had mini open segments for each mission giving you all the benefits of an open world in terms of variety approach but none of the downsides of empty travelling and repetition and that would have done wonders for Far Cry 2. Even scaling down the open world but removing the repetition would have helped, look at how SoC uses a much smaller open world with gating to its advantage. >Have you considered it's the way you play? Maybe turn up the difficulty? Changed both, doesn't help with difficulty in particular just turning the enemy into sponges and still leaving the game too easy. I know there are mods that try and fix the game too but I never bothered looking into those and 'mods will fix it' is not an argument for the base game being good. I even tried the game again ~4 years ago to see if I was unfair and it was the exact same mind numbing experience it was the first two times. You can argue all day that repetition/boredom peppered with moments of action and ultimately pointless violence is what living in an African warzone is like but that doesn't make it fun.
Open file (37.73 KB 149x247 Yuri!.png)
>>5086 That is actually quite surprising. I guess they will twist what he said so that the game is just about killing this Perseus person, and there won't be a single word about the actual methods of demoralization. Imagine if I was wrong, and you had to slaughter niggerloving hippies, black panther niggers and glow-in-the-dark niggers.
>>4901 I've been trying so hard to hope for that game, i want nice things, why can't i have nice things? >>5086 That was fucking bizarre, i really don't know what to make of it.
Open file (1.44 MB 1878x954 784566451532.png)
>>5041 >and sell more jpegs roadmaps. You got that right.
Open file (1.88 MB 250x277 fat esports stare.gif)
>>5156 >Used to sell a complete pack of JPEG ships for 26,000 USD last I checked >They are now selling individual kitchen utensil JPEGs
Open file (46.22 KB 570x320 Brit Rape incoming.jpg)
I love Fireflies in CoH so goddamned much Nothing gives me more pleasure than Axis tanks just waltzing in pretending like they're untouchable shit and then getting raped by 6 or so shots from these cuties.
>>5173 piat+bren kangaroo>firefly
>>5173 >German tanks used to waltz ahead and get sniped by fireflies, LMAO! This is your brain on r/history.
>>5173 Combined with the command tank I think they're the single longest range tank in the game.
>>5086 >Activision has bent the knee to China to remove a clip of Tiananmen Square because they banned the initial trailer. Chinese citizens also criticized the trailer for "hinting at certain Ideologies" and using "politics to influence games".
>>5176 You do realize he's talking about what happens in the game and not IRL, right?
>>5173 >"One-OH-Five Battery here!" Goddamn I love this game just for the mortars and artillery units itself.
>>5174 A half decent PE will rape that in the blink of an eye Plus it's only cost effective if you go Commandos which can be a death sentence depending on the map.
>>5174 The kangaroo carrier got nerfed a while ago.
What electronic jew should I play? I like RTS and Military autism
>>5976 Be more specific.
>>236 >Are there any shooters with cute animu girls that isn't lootershooter crap https://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE239096.html t. /hgg/
Open file (882.54 KB 1920x1080 sixteentimesthebugs.jpg)
https://news.microsoft.com/2020/09/21/microsoft-to-acquire-zenimax-media-and-its-game-publisher-bethesda-softworks/ no bully for archive links since I can't access archive >tl;dr Microshaft thinks they can kick sony again, so they toss around monies like nothing >microshit buys bethesda and its ip for 7.5 billion I hope you don't like doom, wolfenstein, fallout or elderscrolls is failderscrolls even relvant to /k/ vidya aside from muh combat though? >mfw 16 times the microtransactions >16 times the online updates Next up ms will buy GSC.
Open file (1.04 MB 480x360 suicide.webm)
>>6031 >Next up ms will buy GSC and the S.T.A.L.K.E.R IP
>>6035 I know, but at the same time I think stalker 2 will be shit because I don't trust GSC to make a competent game since I they said the map will have most of the old places. Already XBONE exclusive, and Microshaft could very easily fuck over GSC.
>>4428 Wait, I am confused, is it only going to be available on pc from xbox game pass on windows 10? I'm not a /tech/ guy and don't keep up with modern news. >>4429 Wish there was a stalker game like mount and blade warband, you start off as some random gopnik, get good as a crazy stalker, then later start your own faction with the power you have from the ground up. Early game would be a struggle with just a few people, and eventually one or two settlements you have to micro-manage all by yourself, mid game would be necessary trade/development time for fast growth with a moderate amount of combat with the other factions that gradually escalates. End game would be a hellish open and shadow war with the the outside world, as the secret hand that holds power over all the factions of the zone sends countless army, mercenary, and other proxy forces against you in the open, and countless attempts at riling revolution, sabotaging supply lines, and crippling internal and external trade in the shadows. The base game would just be focusing on the story and normal gameplay, which will be much more free in what you do to get where but linear in terms of story choices, with the mount and blade stuff being only even available for in newgame+ after fulfilling very strict conditions (eg, ludicrous amount of money you can only get from korean level grinding or being the best trader around, having the most powerful artifacts you can only get from a ton of other requirements, big faction political power from a high position that was hard won, or reputation by being the 1# stalker), and somewhat optional, think the settlement stuff in fallout 4 if it was actually good, optional, and only where it would actually make sense, the end of the game. The game would basically be stalker CoC with a good campaign for normal game, then stalker mount and blade advanced trade edition for early/mid-game ng+, then modern day independent ruler simulator for end-game, which acts more like the stalker version of that survival mission in starcraft 2 where you can't win and only survive long enough to do your objectives or until you literally can't go on anymore, except there won't be any objectives. I think it would be fun, but the endgame would have to be creatively brutal to be effective, anybody can lose from too many enemies but being screwed over by some sneaky s*** you could have saw coming on a massive scale is always fun.
>>5976 Most good military rts that came out in this decade is ww2 shit like Steel Division 2. To my knowledge the only actually "okay" modern day rts are Command: Modern Operations, and Wargame: Red Dragon. I'm not really the guy to ask though.
Do any stal/k/ers here know of a good modern day realistic game where you are an independent looking out for his own interests, preferably with multiple choices? Something like SoC, 7.62 hard life, or marauder? Not looking for post-apocalypse so its really tough to find anything, even old stuff.
>>6050 Freeman: Guerilla Warfare >>6038 I know Stalkan 2 will be shit Gamepad being a limitation already makes it shit, much less everything else like dumbing down due to console tech, UE4 limitations and dumbing dow for "a new audience". Just that Sergay is a narcisist and I'd rather see him bury his baby than seeing Microsoft pump out constant sequels and DLC/MTX Battle Royal.
>>6048 Wargame is an RTT. It's ok but it's very heavy on the micromanagement and Red Dragon specifically has a stale meta + overpowered DLC nations.
>>6051 >Feminist: Anti-facist warfare Some of the mods are good, but a recent update nuked them, so unless I can find a torrent of an older version I'm not touching that with a 11 feet pole.
>>6051 >Finally, STALKER 2 is coming to both PC and Xbox Series X as a console launch exclusive. This marks the first time that STALKER has come to a console, which is no doubt exciting for Xbox fans. In addition, STALKER 2 will be available through Xbox Game Pass. Damn, looks like stalker 2 isn't coming out after all, its a shame all those wishes from anons of GSC making a sequel were in vain. Oh well, hopefully now that its official modders or game devs will start making more stalker/stalker inspired stuff, but it might take a while for people to realize its really never coming back.
I've spent all night looking, but either I suck at searching or there really isn't any interest in a realistic modern era war game that doesn't have some idiot grunt for the government as the player character. Jagged Alliance 2 is either not realistic enough in terms of motivation/tech or I just don't know second-gen boomer mentality enough, that new sniper ghost warrior contracts is actually a fun game but too much sci-fi, and other stuff like far cry 2 I already know about. At this point, I might as well just settle for the only thing I did find, the merc expansions for arma 1 and 2. I fucking wish somebody had come up with an xbox emulator so I could play mercenaries: playground of destruction, arcady as it is.
>>6073 >an xbox emulator that works I'm going to sleep.
>>6054 >Some of the mods are good, but a recent update nuked them, so unless I can find a torrent of an older version I'm not touching that with a 11 feet pole. Try moddb. It usually has old versions available for download unless the modders intentionally go back and kill them. >>6073 Marauder, if you can handle the slavic autism.
I miss it anons.
>>6427 Not the only one, they were still around before /v/ when tits up on every goddamn site on the webring. I should have looked for them when it was going on, by now they are probably off the clearnet for good.
>>6461 Last I saw them they were on zzzchan.
>>6461 They had a session in /geimu/ and zzchan some time ago.
>>6057 The only bad part about Stalker mods is the cobbled together modified xray engine that runs terribly. Stalker needs a better platform to develop and mod from.
What does /k/ think of Escape from Tarkov?
>>6700 The gun autism's pretty neat and the gunplay's ok, Nikita is a turbo jew though.
>>6700 Also what about GHPC?
>>6712 Looks like it has potential, will have to wait and see.
Open file (195.46 KB 616x353 83 game.jpg)
Anyone as optimistic as me for 83? I'm usually cynical towards this fucking industry but it's looking great so far. >Antimatter Games working on UE4 with no Tripjew kikery >Cold War gone hot setting >Not a Discuck circlejerk going nowhere like Escalation 1985 >Quality of life improvements to Red Orchestra/Rising Storm gameplay like a non fucktardedly huge weapon viewmodel, better closed ironsights system, being able to look around independently from your aim, a Ammo/Magazine system similar to the one in Insurgency Sandstorm and a revamped Commander role >Land vehicles and helicopters confirmed >Brits, US and Russian factions confirmed >Fuckhuge maps Just imagining getting dropped by Chinook into a German forest with a FAL or a Bren to kill some commies, without ARMA 3 jank, is making me all giddy
>>6722 Hey now ARMA isnt jank, its premium jank. Now buy my ARMA 2 ported assets DLC for $30 goy.
>>6724 My biggest issues with it are performance and setup time. Hopefully the first is fixed with ARMA 4 due to their new engine they've been using with DayZ.
>>6729 If the VBS4 vids are anything to go by it should run a lot better.
>>6722 I'm hopeful but not optimistic. They're aiming for a lot here and because it's focussed on multiplayer a bad launch will kill it because a playerbase is needed to generate more sales.
>>6732 >a bad launch will kill it I don't think so, autism is fueling these games and more and more people are interested in them. Rising Storm 2, Insurgency Sandstorm and Squad launches were fucking terrible.
>>6733 Those also also had very successful games to ride the coattails of, 83 is a new franchise.
>>6734 *all thanks brain
Open file (959.71 KB 1920x1080 gameplay.webm)
>>6734 Nah, people know Antimatter now and most Rising Storm 2 fans will migrate there.
>>6741 GOTY
Escape from Tarkov devs got invited by Kalashnikovs marketing team to shoot some shit.
>>6722 >US and Russian factions confirmed Garbage. Nobody's interested in playing reskinned vodka VS burgerniggers 1875583878. The interesting army's are the European ones.
>>7742 It's 1983, strelok. Your options for Euro-militaries are beerniggers (west germans), baguetteniggers, and teaniggers. Every military was a nigger military in the '80s and frankly none of them are even remotely interesting.
>>7744 >>7742 I've heard that there is one united euro faction. But I maybe just misread. But Czechoslovakia could be intresting. Or just add Vz.58 to the ussr faction.
Open file (71.02 KB 357x415 1503075291804.jpg)
>>7697 >Unfinished It hurts a little.
Open file (68.69 KB 512x864 2D is superior.png)
>>7697 >That GUI >That music >That effort on a flash game Holy fuck, I want to go back Every year after 2007 feels like hell itself
>>7748 >>7742 They're mostly focusing in UK and Ruskies though. I know USA is boring as fuck, but there's a shitton of them and they want the game to sell. I'd much rather the Bundeswehr and the NVA but they're starting a new game from scratch after Tripwire kiked them. Plus, Chinooks
>>7744 >Every military was a nigger military in the '80s and frankly none of them are even remotely interesting. The Falklands War is pretty interesting and that was 1982. Also not full of niggers well the Argies I suppose.
Open file (186.20 KB 899x501 ms and gsc.jpg)
Open file (1.71 MB 1053x1070 low tier bait.png)
Everything that I loved has to die. Fuck this shit Looks like godd howard is literal god or pissed one off. didn't take long for microshaft AOE remakes to fuck up, AOE 3 DE remake is fucking people's computers fallout 76 style. This leaves me with no hope for stalker 2 given its an XBONE and EGS exclusive. ignore the anon kun png. I' m testing to see if this old joke works on the cafe. >https://forums.ageofempires.com/t/game-crashed-my-pc-with-windows-not-working-properly-since/106134 >So basically wanted to play some multiplayer games… and the game crashed when i tried to join a multiplay lobby (4 games up till then were completely fine). Wouldnt let me open in up again… so i shutdown steam. after that steam was not working. Then i restarted my computer which found my desktop empty… all files gone. and all taskbaricons being the same… couldn't open anything there. >I proceded to do a system recovery. which failed the first time. the second one did work. the files on my desktop were back except the pdfs i stored there (pretty important ones sadly) im currently a few hours in in trying to fix everything. Programs wont launch, everything gone from chrome. all logins gone. ye i dont know how it is possible that that could have happened. >Not sure which additional information i can give because the majority of the system is not working properly atm. Also had to repair the age 3 installation which found 800 files missing. >Documents folder is empty and so on >sfc /scannow solved atleast a few things… but the thing that i cant launch programms still exists. >I talked to someone who had the same issue a few times… only windows recovery seemed to solve the problem for him
>modern day GSG not made by Paracocks Is there hope? https://yewtu.be/watch?v=Rg9HZ5Q4uAY
Open file (30.87 KB 720x693 1461370594180.jpg)
>>5086 >Ian Walker of Kotaku criticized the inclusion of the Bezmenov interview in the game trailer, and noted that Activision removed the context of the footage, where Bezmenov alleged that the Soviet Union was using non-military measures to engage in subversion in the United States through the promotion of social justice movements, in a 1984 interview with noted conspiracy theorist G. Edward Griffin of the John Birch Society. Walker accused Activision of unknowingly promoting the Cultural Marxism conspiracy theory, and noted Bezmenov's own hostility towards the feminist and anti-war movements, as well as his message and inclusion in the trailer being picked up by alt-right activists.
Open file (1.24 MB 1024x768 biopunk.png)
Open file (964.38 KB 2500x2000 1468564058648.jpg)
>>4901 I was excited for it until 2018, up until then I was hoping it'd be darker and grimier with body horror thrown in. Modern "cyberpunk" is so fucking gentrified and sterile clean. >>7742 I concur, it'd be fresh to play as any other NATO army than America.
>>8580 >reading kotkau Do you not realize they, are part of the very system that is part of the strategy Bezmenov lays out?
>>8657 My point, tard, is their egoism and humorous lack of awareness.
Open file (1.17 MB 1900x934 new.PNG)
Open file (200.33 KB 831x600 old.PNG)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EA4oowN4kII Some random stalker parody film I found while browsing jewtube before the whole TOS thing. Gsc got a website update. I liked the old one better because less bloat
>>9532 2000s webdesign >color variation, textures, gradients, small details to make shit stand out despite the 1024x768-tier display resolutions >lots of text tightly compacted together with plentiful hyperlinks to make everything available in as few clicks as can be >web pages are typically >1MB in size unless they contain lots of images 2010s webdesign >huge text and images, usually 1-2 on a single window >no more simple static hyperlinks, everything requires javashit now and at least 100mb RAM/Tab >white backgrounds, static colors+basic shapes, have to scroll through a dozen oversized images to read the equivalent of a short Kotaku news update >any "links" there are don't even take you to a new page, they just scroll down to a predetermined point on the only page on the entire website >every fucking website aside from a few evil anti-semitic stoneage holdouts does this, with (((established companies))) and associated subsidiaries/contractors being the worst >all this while people are slowly upgrading to 4K144hz 10bit HDR displays Why?
>>9533 Because it's fancier, big words aren't intimidating, coding is hard, and you should just buy better hardware.
>>9533 Call me a fag but i like today's minimalist design much more.
>>9535 >call me a fag Ok fag We don't judge here, we only judge your kommando ability >>9533 display companies gotta make profit somehow fam. 4K used to be for prosumers/professionals.
>>9535 It's not more minimalist though. In fact, its the opposite of minimalist because you have to jump through more hoops and allow no less than 6 different scripts from 7 different domains just to see what you want. Not to mention the design is ugly and cluttered to the point of impracticality. >>9536 People watch videos on their computers more than they do their televisions these days.
>>9535 It's only visually minimalist and that's when you put on an ad blocker since every websites is filled with advertisements that make it slower than it already is. >>9547 Half of these websites are tailored to smartphones too.
>>9547 >>9551 Well yes i mean the visual part
Open file (579.61 KB 988x720 Hope.webm)
>>9533 Mobile focus
Open file (40.28 KB 639x480 lain.jpg)
>>9535 >minimalist >javascript bloat
Open file (118.17 KB 1896x1020 hallway weirdo.jpeg)
>>236 >Are there any shooters with cute animu girls that isn't lootershooter crap? Some /agdg/ fags released the Peripeteia demo earlier today, if that counts. https://shodanon.itch.io/peripeteia
What's the last good FPS you guys played? I can't even think of the last time I had a lot of fun playing an fps. Maybe the early days of RS2 when the game didn't run even worse then it does now somehow.
>>10111 >Return to Castle Wolfenstein Holds up but the ending was rather anticlimatic
>>9533 Mobiles and tablets.
>>10414 Writer of STALKER has died
>>9535 Absolute faggot >>10111 Darkest of Days, played it last weekend nothing arcady though, those have been completely dominated by console casual trash since 2007. You should give Hell Let Loose and Squad a try
>>10592 Squad and its dev bent the knee to BLM
"Gameplay" teaser for Stalker 2
Open file (67.43 KB 620x373 CDDA refrigerator.jpg)
Has /k/ played CDDA Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead? If so what did you think of it and do you know of any other games similar to it?
>>11530 >xbone graphics is what they are shooting for Prepare to be dissapointed lads. That and the timewarping is a such a normie fad thing right now. GSC trying to appeal to the masses.
>>11538 As far as the guns are concerned: >handguns were selected seemingly at random, most of the modern polymer-framed semi-autos you'd expect to see are notably absent but you'll find plenty of SIG Pros and .40S&W Browning Hi-Powers >original dev was a massive H&K fanboy, and the new devs never got around to nerfing most of the H&K products >there's maybe five people alive who understand how reliability works in this game, as far as I'm aware none of them are active devs >all guns have a hidden "handling" stat that defines how fast you recover from recoil, except it's completely undocumented and every gun uses the default value; when handling was first implemented, the devs just removed all the legacy recoil modifiers and left it at that >most of the legacy guns have been through several "balance passes", which apparently consisted of either capping any damage/range modifiers at +/-1 or outright removing them (but the USP keeps its enormous accuracy bonus because reasons) >gun stats in general tend to be either totally arbitrary or based on fuddlore and ancient /k/ memes >more than a few guns and ammo types are blatantly just copy-pasted from some other caliber >the guy who implemented handloading and black-powder ammo literally just applied the same two templates with the same stat modifiers to every caliber, and this will probably never be fixed >gun weights are almost never accurate, and some of the newer guns completely ignore the rules for estimating volume (leading to silliness like the MP7 being the second largest gun in the game for a while) >gunmod slots mechanic is and always will be half-implemented, most guns that don't use the "hunting rifle" or "pump-action shotgun" templates can use any mod >aside from having less gunmod slots, there's no distinction between semi-auto and bolt-action rifles >most full-auto guns can only be fired in one-second bursts, because the lead dev is a noguns retard who refuses to believe that anything shorter than that is physically possible >there are 30+ calibers implemented, but you never use most of them because you're drowning in 9mm, 5.56mm and 7.62x51mm from turrets and military vehicles I'm told that this got even worse in the latest update, turrets now drop a lifetime supply of 5.56 >the homemade Luty guns and break-action rifles were nerfed to hell because rifling barrels and making magazines for rimmed cartridges are arcane arts beyond mortal comprehension, but at the same time you're able to make pneumatic sniper rifles and semi-auto shotguns because Metro reference lol >at least two devs inserted their own personal OCs as major arms manufacturers, naturally everything these OCs make is among the best guns in the game (there was a "no OC guns" mod, but it was purged because it caused too much dev butthurt) A while back I tried making a mod that tries to fix most of the above issues. It weighed in at around half a megabyte of pure json autism, touched probably a thousand items... and turned out to be mostly nonfunctional, because Cataclysm's mod loader is a broken piece of shit. Then, immediately after everything got wiped out by a hard drive failure, I discovered a completely undocumented feature that does exactly what I need. Maybe one of these days I'll rewrite the whole thing and get it working.
>>11538 >If so what did you think of it Every update artificially extends the hobo phase and turns it into less of a survival game and more of a furry minecraft game.
Open file (1.20 MB 870x458 cddadrift.gif)
>>11538 CDDA is great but Kevin Granade, Korgent, and Zhilkinserg are cunt bitch beta nerds who get off on abusing contributors and have wiped out large PRs by acting like females with sandy vaginas on a period. The stuff mlangsdorf has been adding is gold though
Open file (19.05 KB 1002x467 eugen p2w.PNG)
Open file (184.65 KB 850x567 2hu .jpg)
>connection failed >connection failed >flood detected fuck off Eugen couldn't hack it in SD2 so it seems they will make a new DLC for wargame RD. https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/919640/view/3016821427445756022 Quote from the SD2 blog post >We have something special in store for our Wargame fans. Wha-wait-what? That’s right: expect some exciting news in the not-too-distant future!
Open file (19.05 KB 1002x467 eugen p2w.PNG)
Open file (184.65 KB 850x567 2hu .jpg)
>connection failed >connection failed >flood detected fuck off Eugen couldn't hack it in SD2 so it seems they will make a new DLC for wargame RD. https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/919640/view/3016821427445756022 Quote from the SD2 blog post >We have something special in store for our Wargame fans. Wha-wait-what? That’s right: expect some exciting news in the not-too-distant future!
Open file (126.99 KB 655x884 deepthinker.jpg)
>>12435 Yeah I am aware. I actually heard kevin wants to remove some of the supernatural enemy like the migos and the other cthulhu inspired enemies. Appearently, they're doing it on the grounds of it "not being realistic". I don't really agree with this change as I never really saw the enemies in the game to be realistic, and that's kind of the point. The blob, the thing that is responsible for causing the zombie enemies is actually a largely understood enemy and can even be cured with modern day medical knowledge. I actually respect this aspect of the blob because I think having a virus be incurable or not understood is kind of cliche. Image unrelated.
>>14555 >cdda devs being retarded Thats basically anything opensource. At the same time, I thought the entire premise was sci-fi near future and not muh ARMA-3 realistic simulator? In other game news, Stalker Anomaly new release has been out for a while now. Meanwhile, xrMPE is working on the mutiplayer free roam stalker and a rework on artifacts to affect mutants. It reminds me a of a battle royal, RIP
Open file (361.93 KB 2892x1500 E20wo0jX0AY8wEV.jpg)
Open file (416.29 KB 2892x1500 E20wo0kWEAEPCtq.jpg)
Open file (198.24 KB 1200x622 E20wo0lWQA4hoQ2.jpg)
Open file (71.31 KB 1200x622 E20wo0lXEAcEqr4.jpg)
Open file (173.78 KB 1390x894 E20w1G7WUAADnpd.jpg)
>5 file limit :*( I SAID COME IN, DON'T STAND THERE! Yo looks like some GSC old stalker 2 stuff got "leaked" in addition to what was revealed last time? I know previously they had stuff posted post-GSC going down but this seems to be new stuff. https://nintendosmash.com/design-documents-concept-art-and-an-early-build-of-the-canceled-version-of-stalker-2-have-leaked-online/ https://archive.is/qzxpV >One of the key elements of the plot is a setting that allows you to accumulate anomalous energy and create artifacts. The device supposedly can help destroy the Zone or take control of it. >A similar synopsis is described in the documents leaked by the “Herald of the Same Stalker”, but the main character in it is the Shooter himself, who was expelled from the Research Institute of ChAZ before the start of the game. >The campaign was designed for 10 hours, and completing all side missions would take about 30 hours. >The developers were going to develop most of the ideas of the original STALKER, implement a seamless “living” world, as well as give the player the opportunity to assemble their own group and pump the base. >Many of the side missions would be non-linear, and the main campaign is referred to as “multidimensional”. >The game was supposed to have both mutants already familiar from the previous parts of the series, such as controllers and bloodsuckers, as well as new ones. >A multiplayer mode for 32 people was also planned. It is a shame we will get this shitty FMV stalker2 instead.
Open file (195.03 KB 1308x894 E20w1G1XIAMo84r.jpg)
Open file (117.42 KB 1191x894 E20w1G2XIAAM2Me.jpg)
Open file (175.32 KB 1579x894 E20w1G3XIAkZtPs.jpg)
Open file (50.46 KB 423x537 world.jpg)
Open file (48.31 KB 384x543 worldmap.jpg)
>>16064 >part 2 Xray 2.0 never now. Press F for actually non retarded AI.
Open file (90.54 KB 1024x576 1452965226167.jpg)
>>16064 >third pic >mfw
>The Half-Life Improvement Team website and forums are gone >Half-Life Creations is also on life support
Open file (3.30 KB 186x186 1364134319673.png)
Are you unable to capture enemy factions' bases in Clear Sky or do they eventually stop respawning so I don't have to do this save the settlement bullshit over and over? Do I have to do story missions to advance the faction wars?
>>16166 They don't ever stop respawning iirc. Just not always from the base. Garbage is the most obvious example of this shitshow.
Open file (88.52 KB 686x708 1596042084673.png)
>>16173 The RNG took mercy on me and I managed to take the base by killing two bandits as a bunch of stalkers showed up to help me but before that happened the entrance to Garbage was "taken" by mutants so I dealt with that afterwards and for all my trouble I was gifted a few grenades and medkits when the wiki says I should've received a SEVA suit, Bubble, and Veles. If it's not because I'm playing on master difficulty I think the game didn't account for this and my previous reward was wiped. >this shitshow This whole game is a fucking shitshow.
Open file (659.61 KB 1360x1920 image00219.jpg)
>>16184 >game is a shitshow Not gonna lie, you're better off playing Anomaly's warfare (even though its basically CS warfare + new engine and a few fixes). Much more cohesive than garbage in CS. The anomaly AI overhaul mod is real nice, but there's bigger issues with the XRAY engine that were never properly coded -since the new stalker 2 info dump they got some even better shit released jewgle drive link is from leaker, not me sorry... https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DYwpDCztogY3OgRZKacWt_88Bhd1kWnE/view (Said link is giving me a 403). ... Other link is down and I need to upload it but I'm on potato net for 12gb upload (that 300kbps upload sucks rn). >pic completely unrelated
Open file (661.69 KB 1000x860 ClipboardImage.png)
What kind of weapon variety could a shooter set in 1880 have, ideally while limiting the number of cartridges in use (though there's only around two dozen different ones in existence at the time excluding pinfire)? All I can think of without heavy redundancy is this Cheap >1853 Enfield or 1863 Springfield (slow to reload, powerful, extremely cheap) >1858 Remington (slow to reload, extremely cheap) >pocket revolver (weak, cheap, typical reload speed of cartridge revolver, low capacity, relatively cheap) Lower price >double action revolver in some relatively weak cartridge (very fast, lower accuracy and damage) >Single Action Army in .44-40 (slower, more accurate, higher damage) >1858 Remington cartridge conversion in .44-40 (one less shot than double action revolver, but quicker to reload) >double barrel shotgun in 12 gauge Moderate price >Trapdoor Springfield/Remington Rolling Block in .45-70 (powerful, capacity of one) >1873 Winchester in .44-40 (very fast, moderate power) Very expensive >early scoped rifle in 45-70 (single shot rifle but scoped and more expensive) >1876 Winchester (almost as powerful as single shot rifle, but much faster) Non-portable/part of map design >artillery >gatling gun That's 7 cartridges across 11 guns. >ball, powder and lead >44-40 >45-75 (or whatever 1876 caliber is picked) >45-70 (could use any full power military cartridge, but assuming a US setting leaves just 45-70 and various Sharps cartridges) >pocket revolver's caliber >double action's caliber >12 gauge
>>16219 You could feature some cap and ball or flintlock equipment under "cheap" tier with the caveat that reloading is either too slow to be practical or have the weapons treated as disposable. This makes more sense if you intend on allowing melee combat along with firearm use. Melee or close-in equipment >smallsword, ornamental or with targe >heavy cavalry saber >splitting axe >brown bess musket with plug bayonet >early shitty combination saber/revolver with similar stats to the pocket revolver (S&W model 1 revolver?) but overpriced >apache holdout revolver (dismal accuracy, french) >canne d'arms walking stick Archaic but still somewhat useful >Volcanic pistol (really high capacity but unreliable if jamming is a mechanic and/or low damage) >pair or brace of grandpappy's dueling pistols >naval boarding gun (seven shots- more than enough to kill anything that moves. also works as club) Other >remington 1861 zig-zag derringer (good capacity, low damage, double action, reloads very quickly)
>>16224 First two guns listed are cap and ball. Volcanic isn't just archaic, but nobody is making ammo for it anymore by 1880. Melee weapons is a good idea though. Maybe make accessible inventory space a matter of three slots consisting of two hips and a sling (with pack stuff harder to grab). Cheap >knife (extremely cheap, very fast, low damage for melee, and very low range) >hatchet (cheap, slower than knife and slower to ready, but better reach) >Remington-Elliot Derringer .32 rimfire (faster firing, faster reloading, but lower capacity than pocket revolver) >cap and ball pistol (cheapest firearm, and best damage of any hip slot gun, plus function as club, but only one shot and slow reload) Lower Price >Rolling Block shortsword bayonet (OK range, and fairly fast, can mount it on rifle for long range but slower) >heavy cavalry saber (slower and higher damage than bayonet, works well on horse) >Bowie knife (better knife except being slightly slower and more expensive) Moderate >1878 Colt .44-40 (speed of double action, power of single action, inferior to 1876 except using a hip slot and fire speed) That would bring it up to 14 guns and 7 ammo types (only two of which are exclusive), plus 5/6 melee weapons, while locking the pocket revolver into .32 rimfire.
>>16219 Isn't this lineup basically Fistful of Frags or Quake 3 Smokin' Guns?
>>16227 >western guns are in western games Who knew?
i was gonna ask this in the navy thread but dolphin boy here decided to make a bideo thread. you guys still play navyfield? I want a nostalgia trip but idk if its worth it. Is there any way to play it without steam?
>>16227 that reminds me to try and get smokin guns working
>>16226 I think having some kind of "pocket" slot for small holdout weapons fixes the issue of nobody wanting to take them outside of price. You'd only get one slot for it, but would give you an ace in the hole if you're running dry.
Open file (531.38 KB 1980x1080 2846625.jpg)
The game is to be subtitled Heart of Chernobyl and most-likely a Steam exclusive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNLaKOlXVvw
>>16362 HOLY SHIT NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL KOSHER >PRE-ORDER STANDARD EDITION NOW TO GET EXCLUSIVE BONUSES: >Extended Campfire Content: more guitar tunes and tales that you can hear in the game around the stalkers' campfires >'Early bird' Weapon Skin >'Early bird' Costume Skin >'Early Bird' Multiplayer Badge >Steam Pack: Animated Avatar, Animated Avatar Frame & Animated Profile Background >DELUXE EDITION INCLUDES: >Additional Story-Based Side Quest >Single Player: 1 Costume Skin & 3 Weapon Skins >Multiplayer: 2 Costume Skins & 3 Weapon Skins >Digital Artbook >Digital Soundtrack >ULTIMATE EDITION INCLUDES: >Season Pass With Access to All Future DLCs, Including 2 Story Expansions >Additional Story-Based Side Quest >Single Player: 1 Costume Skin & 3 Weapon Skins >Multiplayer: 3 Costume Skins & 7 Weapon Skins for Multiplayer >Digital Artbook >Digital Soundtrack
Open file (421.38 KB 1029x960 unknown.png)
>>16365 I really hate this modern trend of packing useless merchandise along with the game. You are paying more so that you can advertise the product. But then again, normalfags are normalfags, they have to express somehow that they are part of a group by wearing corporate branding.
>>16364 >>16365 I'm a little surprised they'd do this piece meal DLC model, selling quests and fucking dialogue as paid bonus content. Looking back at GSC though you could see they weren't anything that special and the reason their games had personality was because they were poor and learning along the way how to makes games, or how to conform. Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat never had the unintended atmosphere and aura that SoC had and felt they "gamier" than it too, SoC was good on accident. >>16366 You can buy faction patches, a multitool and military surplus backpack for cheaper and of better quality than what GSC will deliver.
Open file (92.23 KB 146x236 SPATOOOOOO.png)
Minimum >Windows 10 >AMD Ryzen 5 1600X / Intel Core i5-7600K >8GB RAM >AMD Radeon RX 580 8GB / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB >150GB available space Recommended >Windows 10 >AMD Ryzen 7 3700X / Intel Core i7-9700K >16GB >AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT 8GB / NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER 8GB / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11GB >150GB available space
Open file (37.25 KB 641x293 index.png)
Open file (146.50 KB 657x484 index1.png)
STALKER 2 REVEAL TRAILER IS OUT, PRESS F FOR X-RAY AND GAMEPLAY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjDMwsbaSd8 Graphics look meh (Not bad for AA, but definitely not AAA tier), also, look at the amount of still shot and dialogue. I suspect that its gonna skyrim tier "sit here and get force fed plot" Note the attachment scope system, my bet is focus is more on gunplay, notice how we only see a few anomalies (mainly DURGA radar). Also, monolith faction leader that is speaking on rooftop? Or perhaps death truck survivor, note he says "she (the zone) gave me life". >>16367 >>16365 >DLC o be fair, the only two I would be okay with are the art packs and music packs, but only if they were non-digital. I remember a long time ago when my Tib sun manual had a lot of artwork and detailed lore. Oh how far they have fallen. >letter from devs as dlc Used to be free shit, good times. >storyline DLC >Mutiplayer DLC >skins >minimum RX 580 Well, I know it's going to be a anthem tier unbalanced piece of shit, and that the AI is going to be fucking SHIT if they spent all their time on this instead of making proper coding for the game. All it will do is look (on the surface) and maybe sound pretty. It won't have the allure of the original.
>saged for double post but for some reason it posted >>16368 >>16370 The sad part is my computer according to that, can barely run S2. GSC better give me an AR zone or they can fuck off with the graphics >still shot I meant where the view is sitting still. Also note no gameplay sprint in the game? I looked over trailer and I see the following anomalies >vortex >Durga radar (Some sort of eletrical one) >Pulse or a gas anomaly (I think it is latter) >fruitpunch in X-18 ? Either that or it is a broken flickering tube light for the mutant testing Also jesus christ that AI in the gunfight is stupid, fucking point blank misses, also note the lack of need to aim.
>>16368 >RX 580 8GB >minimum This seems untrustworthy.
>>16368 >150GB because fuck compressing textures and audio and shit
>>16370 >>minimum RX 580 Why focus on this? This is completely reasonable. It's a surprise that a 6 year old card will even last so long. I have no doubt in my mind that the slavs will make graphics-shittifiers to make it run on an Atom too. If RTX 3060 cards were available, that would be an obvious $300 upgrade path that will probably run most games at high settings for the next 5 years. >>16371 >Also jesus christ that AI in the gunfight is stupid, fucking point blank misses, also note the lack of need to aim. You're retarded. This isn't real gameplay, it's a glorified cinematic. They turn off health and script these setpieces for the sake of trailers. >>16383 Gamers whine too much. If they cut baked lightmaps for RT then most people couldn't run it, and you can't compress textures and keep modern lighting (in which case people complain about graphics.) Audio is a pittance in size. I wish these retarded myths stopped. And who cares? A terabyte of SSD storage is going to be $70 by the time this game comes out.
>>16385 Also, on the minimum spec, with DLSS or AMD FSR I think they might actually be able to reduce the requirements. I presume they have yet to do any real optimisation or have yet to implement either of those, but since this is an Xbox game they will probably add AMD FSR.
>>16385 It's in anon's nature to always find something to complain about, always find a reason to shit on something when discussing this /k/ i've found people that seem to think the glownigger is still BO not to imply that everything is perfect, far from it, but still.
>>16385 >6 years for a gpu My Athlon 64 and FireGL T2-128 are still functioning. As a matter of fact, I can play stalker anomaly on dx8 on it. Granted, I get like 33 FPS on minmum settings.
Open file (56.12 KB 640x480 The Wizard.jpg)
>>16370 I have a 580 but it's the 4GB variant. My Ryzen 7 should be good enough but even then I'm using linux and I'm sure it will be impossible to run through wine. Might have to dualboot 10 but the thought of doing that makes me sick, it's going to take more than one game to make me put that shit on my main PC ever again. >>16391 >2003 card I still have my 9600 Pro, it handles old vidya perfectly. Some things never die
Open file (2.10 MB 330x166 1465486341630.gif)
>>16385 >defending a 150GB install It's ridiculous and impractical to dedicate that much space to a single consumer program/executable/file and I'd rather the game look uglier or have an optional HD install than be forcefed this bloat on my crummy bandwidth. The CPU and GPU requirements seem extreme to me too and probably devs not giving a fuck about poors or those who don't want to drop hundreds or a thousand dollars to upgrade their rig, or getting paid by the hardware kikes to artificially evolve people to new cards.
>>16405 My understanding is that 4K textures is part of the issue, the other part of the issues is that they've basically given up on compressing shit and went with the whole, "It's not our fucking issue". >>16399 >9600 pro Now I hear GPUs die frequently every 3-5 years? I know AMD's Vega is a great meme and Nividia got class auctioned over a 980 or something stupid.
Open file (55.83 KB 592x485 speccy.JPG)
>>16368 >AMD Ryzen 5 1600X / Intel Core i5-7600K >AMD Radeon RX 580 8GB / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB BLYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD
>>16406 How recent is now? I've had my GeForce X00 card for over half a decade now and it's never given me a single issue.
I like a good battlestation same as the next man. I once built a fair-to-middling one, and still have most of the parts. But today, I just can't see myself becoming too invested in NSA-OS 10. The idea that it's literally sending every keystroke, etc., directly to glowniggers today is something I just can't stomach. Actually, today I'm more interested in using GPUs to crunch numbers for AI, so I'm not losing too much sleep over walking away from the Micro$hat botnet. Just about 4 years now.
>>16391 I don't mean 6 years for it to break, I mean 6 years is an eternity for it to remain an up to date part capable of running recent games. A Voodoo card from late 1998 couldn't run anything by mid 2002, and that was seen as perfectly reasonable then. Why isn't it reasonable now, that a 2016 card will "only" be able to run games at minimum settings by late 2022? Get with the times you fucking dinosaurs, tech won't stop moving forward just because you don't like it.
>>16405 >>16406 You could've made the same arguments 20 years ago about games a 10th the size. Games need more data nowadays, which is barely an issue since hardware can process and store more data too
>>16416 More data does not mean better.
>>16416 >more data The growth of data used is not really proportionate (at least in my opinon) to the quality of the product, and in the end that is all that matters to me. Then again, I haven't brought a game since 2016 and that was an indie game. I haven't brought AAA since CNC Generals came out. >>16410 >6 years to remain up to date Fair enough. I've heard my friends **That's a lie nobody on muh 'tisim boards has friends irl** keep having issues with their Nividia 1000+ cards as well as 580 and later cards. I'm not sure if it's because every dumbfuck can build their own pc now or if GPU reliablity just went in the shitter. Case in point, I brought a used case (I'm not paying 120 USD for a case) off a friend who lost 5 GPUs in 3 years, and I tested it and immediately found out it had a short in the casing.
>>16420 Crypto-mining might be distorting the market.
>>16419 >More data does not mean better. No one implied that, that's an entirely different argument. >>16420 >The growth of data used is not really proportionate (at least in my opinon) to the quality of the product, and in the end that is all that matters to me. No one implied that, that's an entirely different argument.
>>16410 >>16416 >that was seen as perfectly reasonable then. Why isn't it reasonable now In the past games visually improved. These days games look like shit, and the lack of visual design means that more intensive graphics don't improve how the game actually looks. Higher performance needing better hardware is reasonable. But if the performance doesn't improve then needing better hardware is unreasonable.
>>16424 "Games need more data" is a pointless statement, it's like restating the system requirement. Why would you do that? The issue that the replies are pointing out is that they require more data for no essential reason, since there is no comparable experiential improvement from the increased data usage that one would expect. Visual improvements lie more on the processing side of things these days, not in raw texture, model, and sound processing. They're unable to maximize the fidelity of what they already have access to but yet they shove in more.
I wish the engine of Metal Gear Solid V had caught on. It uses very simple models and yet it looks very nice due to lightning. It means by tuning down or even switching off all the effects lets the game run on older machines without immediately giving you eye cancer. >>16368 >Windows 10 I have a feeling that the game is important enough for Valve to make it work with Proton, and then it will work on Linux. Not that it's an excuse for anything.
>>16425 I agree, but that's a different argument, the problem then is not their size, but if their size is worth it probably not. >>16427 They seem to be complaining about the size itself and nothing else the replies i replied to you're changing the subject, or not understanding what my original point was. >>16428 >MGSV So many things i wished from that title, wew.
>>16429 >but that's a different argument It isn't a different argument. The question of whether the size is reasonable is inextricably tied to how that size is being used.
>>16429 I was one of the replies and >>16430 was what I meant. New releases carry a lot of raw data but not useful information (content). When you use storage space, the data is implicitly expected to be useful with one of the maxims of computing being garbage in, garbage out: if you feed useless data into a machine, you receive useless output. If you fill up a harddrive with 1TB of soyjaks, that isn't of value to anyone, thus you wouldn't do that, unless you had sufficient cause anti-piracy. Are you autistic?
Open file (564.37 KB 1800x1440 confused.jpg)
>>16416 >Games need more data nowadays Why? What is your definition of "data"? >>16428 I don't think Proton is developed to have games selectively run for it, it's a catch-all emulator and some games get downgraded with new updates for it. >>16429 Why else would we complain about the size? Also the filesize of games has increased exponentially over the past few years, if the game was 30GB or maybe even 40 that'd be understandable but technology hasn't advanced that much to warrant that bulk. I guess that 500GB was what 2TB is today and most mid-high and high-end games ranged from 5GB-15GB so accounting for your Wangblows install that's 470GB meaning each game would take up 1.064%-3.191% of your hard drive per game. For games that are now 75GB-200GB for a 2TB hard drive (OS install negligible) that's 3.75%-10% of your hard drive per game.
>>16433 >HDD space There's also some of us who rock old hard drives with new gear. My oldest disk is a 100GB spin disk, granted it's for swap partion wheras my 500 GB HDD is my main drive I don't believe in SSD and NVME because I don't believe in those being able to be securely erased so far, mainly because of SSD and NVME trim commands being accessble with special firmware only >complaining about size Part of the issue is they don't bother with compression, another fucking issue is DRM (esp denuvo, which basically runs a VM that requires online to retrieve crypto keys from servers that game dev runs, and decrypts and reencrypts every 20 mins, hence why BL3 was laggy as fuck). The anomaly dev team's 4k textures are a total of 2.75GB and the full game is 8.75GB (so around 11GB max, assuming no overwrites) with FOUR fucking render engines (DX 8,9,10,11). Meanwhile, Bad Company was released in 2008 as well and required around 10GB. GSC is not AAA dev, and they never fucking WILL be. EA's Battlefailed 2042 the new one is 50 GB minimum before DLC. There is NO WAY GSC is going to be making more "content" (read: maps, skins, textures) than EA, text and dialouge, should not take up 100 more GB. There is no way that STALKER 2 should use 16GB RAM, that's the same as EA's BF2042. GSC had better put in self learning AI capable of not only pathing and finding artifacts in anomalies, but better be damn capable of reaching the end of the story itself like the original before release. >tl;dr GSC is a wannabe AAA and this release will be worse than clear sky
>>16430 >It isn't a different argument. It's not something either of them brought up, so it is a different argument. >>16432 > If you fill up a harddrive with 1TB of soyjaks If that's what you wanted then that's useful to you, the discussion of whether or not is worth it to have 1TB of soyjacks is different than the discussion regarding if those soyjacks need to be 1TB, my point is that it makes sense they're that heavy because they're many or something, it doesn't really matter if you reply telling me that it is not worth it to have 1TB of soyjacks in the first place then that's a different matter. >Are you autistic? I'm the one that should ask that question >>16433 >Why? What is your definition of "data"? The binary data that compromises the game, more is needed in general to account for all the extra stuff that games have nowadays, whether or not that stuff is worth it is a different matter, see the above reply. >Why else would we complain about the size? That's what i'm curious about >but technology hasn't advanced that much to warrant that bulk Probably, but i'm not entirely sure, your head math makes sense, but it needs real data not just your guesses, Imagine we're talking video, the jump in size from 720p to 1080p to 4k to 8k is pretty significant, if you're used to 720 file sizes you'd be pretty annoyed at having to store videos with higher resolutions, while understandable there's no doubt the 4k video will need more data and therefore a bigger file size than the 720 video, whether or not the jump from 720 to 4k is worth the extra size to you is a different matter to whether or not that 4k file should be that heavy. Compression and such helps no doubt, but it can only get you so far and considering you can easily get more storage then the raw size is not that big an issue, unless of course you just want to complain about something to virtue signal how much of a normalfag you are not. On the matter of "is that size worth it?" i'm very much in agreement with you, it often isn't at all.
>>16442 >It's not something either of them brought up, so it is a different argument >I'm the one that should ask that question It's called an implication. Do you store all your reaction images in .bmp, too?
Open file (536.92 KB 600x732 1ab.png)
>>16442 Actually, from your grammar it also sounds like you aren't a native English speaker, so it won't make sense to argue across a language barrier.
>>16444 >It's called an implication. I think changing the goal post is more accurate. >>16445 I'll take that as admitting you were wrong.
Open file (98.43 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault-2.jpg)
>>16447 It's not changing goal posts if that's what we originally meant, since you began arguing past that and attacking a strawman (that we don't like more data usage because we are contrarian); but because you lacked the familiarity to understand the intended meaning, even though we all actually agree that the increased file size is usually not worth it appeared to be a difference of opinion when in reality we are just arguing semantics.
>>16448 >that's what we originally meant Looking back, sort of, i still see more complain about just the size as if that by itself was the issue than if it is or not worth it. >attacking a strawman A extremely common attitude in imageboards, it isn't a strawman at all. >when in reality we are just arguing semantics. Fair enough, all i'm saying is that if those 150Gbs are worth it then there's nothing to complain about.
>>16450 >if those 150Gbs are worth it then there's nothing to complain about. But that's an irrelevant argument because this is a video game in the 2020s; it can be taken as a given that it won't be worth it.
>>16450 tbh I attacked your point as a strawman of bigger game = better first which was not what you meant
>>16452 Probably. >>16455 There comes a point where i don't really know what i was arguing for and against in the first place, makes it easy to seem dishonest when one didn't really want to be, i guess it happens to everyone.
Open file (8.98 KB 255x253 1599181219559.jpg)
>>16455 >Continue Yes, please live doggo.
>>16450 What the fuck can you stick inside a game, that makes it 150 gigs large, AND adds any sort of functionality? The size bloating of the game industry is just a plain strategy at this point, made to sell people more hard drives/wear down existing hard drives by repeated installation/deinstallation cycles.
>>16466 You could probably fill it with something useful, but not with the current crop of degenerates running the show.
>>16466 Either cutscenes or uncompressed assets would be my guess. Either way it's way too fucking big. I have a hard time justifying downloading a game over a gig, ten tops. Hard drives haven't even improved significantly so that's still 10-20% of the average consumer's hard drive, and fuck anyone who planned to run it off an SSD apparently.
>>16466 A truly dynamic world and environment (to the degree of the Butterfly Effect), good procedural generation, and permanent interactive physics.
>>16470 At that point grad students would be modding it to do fluid dynamic simulations and non-euclidian centers of mass in collisions without their department having to shell out $70k though, anon. University book/software rackets can't be having that.
>>16466 It's just uncompressed audio and textures. As to how the fuck those shit for brain idiots manage to do that I have no idea. There's probably going to just be 5 different kinds of enemies and 5 different skins for humans. They're absolutely artificially bloating the game size in order to deter piracy, instead of trying to make a good game.
>>342 Do you (or anyone here) know how to install the Winter War mod on EGS version of RS2? I got it for free from there but my god does EGS make modding a headache.
>>16469 >Hard drives haven't even improved significantly i want to live in 2013 too nigger, 1tb of ssd storage and 4tb of hard drive storage are both $80. >>16504 >audio myth >textures can't compress, run into CPU bottlenecks + normalmap and lighting mapping textures and such are not something you want to compress because they will look like shit. really just as simple as games having far more art assets at far higher definition than back in the day. it's agreeable that ultra-high res textures should be a download option instead of prepackaged for all installs (which can already cut down file size up to 80gb in a call of duty game), but otherwise little else can be done. if you want large maps with a variety of environments and have it look good it's what you have to live with. if you don't bitch about size, you bitch about graphics, and gamers are never happy. >deter piracy considering you're probably a nigger who doesn't even buy good games to begin with knowing the types of people who browse imageboards, i don't see an issue, and that's retarded since everyone knows pirate release download sizes are smaller. most games are for consolefags too, where there's zero piracy and size is an even bigger issue.
>>16549 >myth Proof? I don't have any AAA games installed that are less than a decade old, so I can't check, but I'd like to see the numbers for filesizes of an example game.
>>16549 >CPU bottlenecks Take a look at what I said earlier about denuvo(I'm not the person you replied to). We wouldn't have this issue if 80% of the CPU was trying decrypt/encrypt shit in a VM constantly >audio being a myth .>>16552 I'm inclined to believe this since audio devices are generally shit on board and I feel like most western devs don't give a shit about audio In other news, the hackers who rammed EA up the ass apparently said it was braindead easy. Knowing EA, probably. https://www.vice.com/en/article/7kvkqb/how-ea-games-was-hacked-slack https://archive.is/Rx82L >vice article as a source https://www.slashgear.com/the-ea-hack-was-worryingly-simple-11677618/ https://archive.ph/r7mNI I cannot find the motherboard article IT TOOK HACKERS A TOTAL OF 10$ AND SOME TIME TO "HACK" EA LOL >However the exact mechanism for just how the hackers managed to access the data has been revealed, and it’s ominously simple. In an interview with Motherboard, a representative says that the whole thing hinged on acquiring a stolen cookie that was being sold online. That cost all of $10. >In this case, with the EA cookie, the hackers were able to access the game company’s Slack. That’s the internal messaging platform EA uses for its various teams to collaborate and, vitally, to communicate with divisions like IT Support. >“Once inside the chat we messaged a IT Support members we explain to them we lost our phone at a party last night,” the hackers’ representative explains. That led to the support team issuing two authentication tokens with which access to the EA corporate network was possible. Beyond that, it was a matter of accessing the various source code servers and making copies of what they found. >EA confirmed the mechanism by which the hack had run, and has said it is working with law enforcement in the aftermath of the exploit
>>16554 Wow. That's bad. Not only did they get phised, they either didn't have privilege levels (!!!!!!!!) or had trivial to escalate.
>>16552 Can't. Everything is packaged these days into proprietary container formats and so it's near impossible to break down, but unless we're talking about a huge RPG with hours of voiced dialogue most games have audio as an insignificant minority of the final size. At the absolute worst (multiple languages and uncompressed audio), half the size. Music and speech is usually compressed, or compression has insignificant gains so it's left alone completely and users have slightly less CPU usage and higher quality. The audio myth has largely come from Titanfall 1, which had uncompressed audio to get the game to run on 7th gen console hardware at the cost of file size so niggers on imageboards have applied it to everything since then. It's mostly textures. This isn't a guarantee and I can only judge from filenames, but in MGS5 the texture .dat files are 10gb total. Everything else is another 10gb. In the TItanfall 2 directory the sound folder (appears to contain speech, so the majority of the audio) is 4gb. Entire game is 68gb. In Rainbow Six Siege all container files with "sound" in them add up to 6 out of 48gb. >>16554 >Take a look at what I said earlier about denuvo(I'm not the person you replied to). We wouldn't have this issue if 80% of the CPU was trying decrypt/encrypt shit in a VM constantly Denuvo's CPU performance hits are largely minor, the worst example is what Ubisoft does where they containerize it into a VM, but otherwise not much worse than a few percent of additional CPU usage. I think that Denuvo largely offshores the impact to secondary cores as games are still largely single core processes. Most of the FPS related hits of Denuvo come from asset encryption, which is an asset loading affair, which bottlenecks the storage device. Hence, worse 0.1% FPS drops (jitters) and loading times. But relatively little else.
>>16559 Has Ubisoft ever done the technical aspects of anything correctly?
>>16565 Chaos Theory, Far Cry 5, Siege, and The Division off the top of my head. Those run and look good. Ubisoft is too huge to put it all under one umbrella.
>>16567 >Siege Don't know about the others, but this one they lied about the graphical fidelity and downgraded it for release. Makes sense since it is a multiplayer game and those things need to run better not look better.
>>16587 Yeah, I meant it as relative to other competitive shooters. It looks better than any other competitive FPS that I can think of for the performance you can get where even lower mid range PCs can get 150-200fps and still have it look good, lighting is pretty decent but character models mostly let it down. Maybe the new Call of Duty games beat it in performance/graphics, but I've only played Warzone which has downgraded graphics and I didn't hit 100 fps too well in that.
>>16567 Guess it's just a staple of AssCreed then.
Open file (542.32 KB 1080x1851 1627048646549.png)
Alright which one of you was this? Challenger 2 specs leaked online by disgruntled War Thunder player https://web.archive.org/web/*/https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/jul/18/classified-details-of-armys-challenger-tank-leaked-via-video-game
Open file (295.70 KB 1391x1600 1522921130628.jpg)
>>17486 >Be russian >be also developer for warthunder game >Put in charge of implementing and balancing the challenger tank stats. >Great_idea.jpg >Make the tanks stats absolute horseshit, disregard balance, just make it bad. >Implemented the thing. >Now we wait. >Later, watch the news >War Thunder Player leaked challenger tank specs >My time has come. >Forward the documents to glorious motherland. >Receive gratitude from my people, uncle Putin is proud of me. >Mfw I captured vital enemy information by coding a tank for a fucking game.
>>17486 Anyone got the documents?
TL;DR IF YOU LIVE IN THE UK DON'T LOOK CAUSE YOU GOT A LOICENSE FOR THAT MATE? >>17500 >anyone got documents Not full doc, screencap. Be warned that being in a country with an extradition treaty with the UK might fuck you over (so most NATO countries). Original leak poster claimed to be an instructor/operator of the unit that operates the Chally and was dumb enough to post his qualifications. Claimed page is from an AESP (user/operator manual). According to gayjin, this smoothbrain literally crossed out the classified portion and just stamped a "unclassified" stamp on it that the bong MOD does not even use, they use the term unrestricted instead. >Key takeaways Gayjin deliberately models gun mantlets as a weakpoint. Chally 2 gunmantlet is at least 400mm of LOS thickness, probably thicker IRL due to armor. Snail models it to be around 200mm total thickness. >>17489 It happened a few years back when the Krauts arrested a twitch stream who used to be a Eurotiger operator who openly admitted on stream to working with gayjin and giving them classified info.
>>17503 I question how wise it is to post classified documents directly to the server and not a third party hoster.
>>17517 Is Romania in NATO?
>>17518 Yes.
>>17503 >Be warned that being in a country with an extradition treaty with the UK might fuck you over (so most NATO countries). Glow niggers will never get me. >Not full doc, screencap. What a shame.
>>16565 Ubisoft have pretty consistently done the animations in their games well. >>16587 Classic Splinter Cell had great lighting tech for its time. We're talking up until ~2005 though.
Open file (121.95 KB 275x206 r.gif)
Hello /k/ anons. We have a new retro vidya board on the webring. A lot of great raifus in those. Also no depressing news, no political sperging, just wholesome posting about the golden age of gaming. Do come and get /k/omfy if you're into all manner of retro games. https://fatchan.org/vr/catalog.html
Does this military system seem reasonable for a minor power of ~1960s tech level on an alternate Earth where real (if not necessarily paired together as they they are in reality) military equipment exists but no actual nations/historical events do? Does it seem too similar to any real country, or does it combine enough things to avoid looking like anything specific? >core doctrine is conscript riflemen supported by professionals with machine guns, artillery, and vehicles >universal conscription for all able bodied citizens >conscripts are trained during compulsory education (middle/high school), followed by refresher courses every year (only married women with children are exempt) until 45 >at 16 all conscripts given bolt action rifle (.308 Kar 98K) and ammo tin that is to remain sealed, but are encouraged to purchase ammo and target shoot with it >conscripts can purchase an "improved rifle" (FAL), and/or upgrades (scope) from an approved rifle if they wish to use it during service (off-list rifles can be purchased but aren't usable in service) <previous leadership bought loads of surplus arms cheap after a major war (where this country was neutral) a generation ago and the current is not willing to blow the budget to upgrade and rifles are given proper ownership after retirement because there's so many of them >professionals trained as machinegunners/marksmen/vehicle crew/logistics crew etc. >college and trade schools with militarily applicable fields have officer courses that, while theoretically optional, are universally taken by men because nobody wants to be an enlisted conscript when war were declared >pistols (some .380) considered domain of NCOs and officers and they are encouraged to be always prepared (open carry in civilian life)
>>17809 It's Switzerland combined with the Montenegrin approach to arming the population. If you put it in notEurope then people will think of Switzerland. If you give it an Eastern flavour then people will think of durkas. If you put it in notNorth America then people will think of America. What I want to say that people will associate with something no matter what, so you really shouldn't worry about that.
>>17809 Sounds like a mix of the Swiss approach to keeping its populace armed, mixed with Soviet era conscription doctrin, with an American approach to gun control (the constitutional one, not the one tainted by gun laws). If you write a book, publish a copy here pl0x.
>>17809 Unless the whole professionals-as-machinegunners approach makes little to no sense unless talking about some special unit formed of only professionals. It takes as long to train a rifleman as it takes to train a machine-gunner, and with a conscript army you need officers more than anything else. Highly specialized systems are a different matter alltogether, due to simple cost calculations. You wouldn't want conscripts flying expensive airplanes,
>>17829 In the 1930s the Germans relied on machine gunners being the core of the infantry exactly because they had to rely on conscripts, and so the idea was to base the squad around a highly trained machine gunner supported by a bunch of conscripts with a lot less training.
>>17830 That sounds more like a stoploss measure to keep conscripts from dying. In theory you could train anyone to fill that role. Germany just had a lot of machine gunner veterans because of the Great War more than likely.
>>17831 It was indeed because they couldn't train their conscripts to the same level, but the reliance of machine guns had nothing to do with the number of veterans. There were some good two decades between 1918 and 1940, therefore anyone who gained enough experience in the first war to be considered a veteran would have been at least in his early 40s by the time the second one started. And they didn't plan on sending such old men into war.
>Are there any shooters with cute animu girls that isn't lootershooter crap Lorena and the land of ruins. And if you are looking for a boxing fighting game, fight or fuck. I'd like a create your own character like FoF but for shooters so can make miku.
>>17809 Sounds similar to this ERP I did on a certain website before I got banned by troons minus the bolt action rifles and confusing hierarchy. Took a level up and integrated the higher trained sections to also do police training and the entire society geared around the social unit being one with fighting unit. (your village/town is your unit and the mayor/sherriff is your commander) to give off that solidarity vibe, to give deeper connection to why one is fighting.
Open file (1.56 MB 2048x1706 ClipboardImage.png)
>>17838 No one is going to bully you for ERPing on legendofkrystal in a certain world-building/nation-building game thread back around the 4chan/8chan splinter can't remember if it was before or after. All the kids were using free porn flash game skimming websites or Newgrounds that eventually lead them there before they even knew what a furfaggot was. Most of them fled to imageboards or other websites eventually after learning there was a way to get porn and ERP anonymously and without registering.
>>17837 Why porn though?
Any blizzards fags here? https://www.protocol.com/bulletins/blizzard--ceo-stepping-down https://archive.is/fEUcI >Activision Blizzard President J. Allen Brack is stepping down from the company after Blizzard was sued by the state of California last week for discriminating against women and fostering a "frat boy" culture that entailed sexual harassment and discrimination. He will be replaced by two executive vice presidents, who will serve as co-leaders. >Jen Oneal and Mike Ybarra, the former executive vice president of development and the former EVP and general manager of platform technology, respectively, will take the helm at Blizzard and share responsibility for development and operational accountability. CDDA gituars as a melee weapon got nerfed. https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/pull/50034
Open file (22.75 KB 858x505 why.png)
>>17853 what the fuck
>>17862 >CDDA >balance Listen man, I ain't gotta explain shit cause neither do they.
>>17862 The patch notes say they bumped the bash damage to 22 and 18 for electric and acoustic, so it's not so much a nerf as it is a rebalance. When stuff gets over 20+ bash you start being able to break normal walls with them, so this inadvertently makes the electric guitar an emergency entry tool for houses and gun stores.
>>17840 Because games are boring otherwise and porn is boring without interaction and user input. Instead of playing first person shooter play first person fucker.
Open file (1.14 MB 2000x2000 ClipboardImage.png)
>>17839 Yiff in hell furfaggot
Open file (2.24 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
What video games let you play as a cute little girl with guns?
What kind of weird combinations of arms adoptions a Strangereal type world (roughly Earth size/shape, roughly Earth's tech level for each year but with some functional super science secret projects, different geography/nations and no nuclear proliferation/MAD so full war is relatively common) could have when arms are distributed more for gameplay reasons (providing arms with a clear progression of usefulness and distinct appearance while keeping the same cartridges) than historical development tracks (or even having been produced in that caliber in large numbers)? Each country's arms would ideally be a mismatch of arms from different real world countries to kill any idea of "X is a counterpart for Y". Side A: .308 and .45 ACP >Kar98K >M1 Garand >FAL >MG3 >M1917 Revolver >M1911 >CZ97 >M3 SMG >TDI Vector Side B: 7.5 MAS and .380 ACP (no hollowpoint ban in this world) >MAS-36 >MAS-49 >CETME >MAS AA-52 >Savage 1917 >CZ83 >vz. 83 Skorpion >PM-63 >HM-3 Side C: 7.62x54R and 9x19 >Mosin Nagant >SVT-40 >Fedorov Avtomat >PKM >P38 >Hi-Power >M&P9 2.0 Compact >Sterling >MP5 Wonder if there's room for a fourth side with unique arms or more guns than just bolt action rifle, semi rifle, select fire rifle, GPMG, 3 pistols in ascending usefulness, old open bolt SMG and new closed bolt SMG
Open file (331.70 KB 640x320 sten.mp4)
Open file (434.04 KB 640x320 slow.mp4)
>nucod trailer
Open file (695.63 KB 1920x1080 retard sten.mp4)
>>18450 Should've never touched ww2. It's all just shit now. The entire game industry is shit for that matter. Let's go back to 2010.
>>18458 2010 vidya was shit too though. It's been all downhill since the 7th gen started.
Open file (327.24 KB 540x419 kizunawhatamIreading.png)
Open file (130.97 KB 1920x1080 kizunaWhat.jpg)
Open file (35.71 KB 408x510 kizunadisgusting.jpg)
It didn't have to be like this.
Open file (15.87 KB 228x237 1433443319211.jpg)
>>19188 >gun that launches tiny nukes The fuck is this? Fallout Duty?
>>19188 >immersive I wanna die.
>>19188 >Activision
>>17913 There is a game currently being dev-fagged by a guy over on smug/vg/. It's a real time tactical game, where the player controls a group of more or less cute anime girls and some guys as well. They are trying to escape a war torn country after their plane crashed in hostile territory. It's relatively early in development, and some of the mechanics are a little retarded. But the overall concept is solid. It's called Unconventional Warfare. https://duque.itch.io/uw
>>19219 For some reason I'm disappointed there's not a third word that starts with "u" in the title.
>>19219 Is it still being developed? The latest demo on the site is from December of last year.
>>19220 That's the sequel Unconventional Warfare: Ultimate
Open file (13.31 MB 1920x1080 battlefield_2042_beta_2.mp4)
>>19687 Heh, 9mm could never do this :^)
>>236 Hedon and The Citadel come to mind. If it doesn't have to be ANIMU animu, there's also Viscerafest (might be mispelling that last one.) If your not in the mood for a doom clone, and can handle older games, there's also Shogo: armoured division.
Open file (99.81 KB 640x480 M1917_revolver.jpg)
The new Far Cry is out, and I don't care about that, but it's set in a fictional country located somewhere in Central and South America. And that made me think: what would be an interesting and historical lineup of firearms for a milsim autismo game where you have to keep track not only the different ammo types, but even the magazines, links, and other feeding devices? Let's call the place Val Verde, because I'm not a creative man. The game is set around current year, there is a civil war with more than two sides, and the country likes to keep around old guns as long as they can. So here are my ideas for what they managed to pick up over more than a century: >late 1890s Val Verde manages to get independent. >7mm Mauser infantry rifles inherited from Spain, but there are only enough to supply some ˝elite˝ infantry formations called the republican guards >the average conscripts has to make do with a Remington Rolling Block and a sword bayonet, but at least his rifle is also chambered for 7mm Mauser >officers buy their own pistols, so you might find anything from this age >1920s-1930s Val Verde's armed forces modernize. >after ww1 they start buying up surplus M1903 and M1917 rifles in .30-06, so that now every peasant conscript gets more than 1 shot at a time >they also buy M1917 revolvers in relatively large quantities >the republican guard keeps 7mm Mauser out of spite tradition, and they also buy M1914 Hotchkiss machine guns in this caliber >later they also buy some M1926 Hotchkiss machine guns in the strip fed configuration >the army proper opts for commercially manufactured water-cooled Browning machine guns from Colt >but both of them buy a few batches of water-cooled .50 Browning machine guns, obviously also from Colt, in theory to use them as AA and AT weapons, but in practice it's more of a dick measuring contest >1940-1950s Politics happen, the republican guard disappears. >the army is outfitted with large amounts of 'merican ww2 surplus, Garands, M1917 machine guns, M1911 pistols, grease guns, M1 carbines, BARs, M2 machine guns, everything >all the weapons chambered for 7mm Mauser go to storage >bolt-action rifles and water-cooled machine guns are still around for training and for second line units >1960s-1970s Time for some 7.62 real fucking NATO. >Val Verde adopts the FAL >all the BARs are rechambered for 7.62 NATO, and modified to feed from FAL magazines by FN >with Israeli help they rechamber the M1917 and M1919 mgs to 7.62 NATO >but instead of the FN MAG they buy MG3s, because some higher up is a fan of the aesthetics >1980s-1990s Gommunism takes over and they are fucking Maoists. >the country get some friendly chicom help and they get the chink versions of the typical Warsaw pact weapons, but mostly the older stuff >after the fall of the USSR they also manage to snatch actual Warsaw Pact equipment from Eastern Europe, strangely enough some genius even decides to buy M1910 Maxims Does this sound like an interesting lineup so far?
>>19707 One thing I forgot: >M1903 and M1917 rifles were also rechambered for 7.62 NATO So most longarms would be 7.62 NATO, 7.62x39, or 7.62x54R, and for pistols and SMGs it's either .45 ACP or 7.62 Tokarev, but you'd have oddballs here and there showing up, mostly in the form of 7mm Mauser weapons.
>>19709 Imagine being so butthurt after losing a video game argument so hard you report your opponent to the Directorate of Internal Security out of spite. The french focusing their rage on the wrong subjects time and time again.
>>19707 I'd say it would be best to sort out what calibers are included first and work out what the most interesting guns that can be included with the least number of calibers and work backwards. 7mm Mauser having been used is plausable, but odd enough you couldn't keep it fed for serious use even in ideal conditions (rental range in US not during ammo shortage) and I don't see it being used for anything more than WW1 style "get away from the supplies or I shoot you". 7.62 NATO is a solid option since its been in common use for over 75 years and had plenty of old stuff rechambered in it. Gives the ancient bolt actions (which don't have to have come from Isreal. Apparently some international arms dealers converted Kar98s en masse for central/south America), early semi-autos (Garand, FAL, G3), reasonably man portable MGs, modern semi-autos, modern sniper rifles/hunting rifles, and a few odd balls. One potentially unique cartridge for a south American setting that could easily be kept in good supply is .380 ACP. It's unusually popular in Central and South America, and there's a decent number of options for it, both old and new (the main weakness is the lack of SMGs, but those are the kind of thing you can make up wholesale or kitbash without straining plausability while giving some examples of domestic arms production). It also provides a good mechanical contrast with .45 ACP by being higher capacity but weaker.
>>19707 Now that I think about it: would Chinaman still support a South American commie regime so late into the Cold War? Maybe Best Korea would be a better fit, and it would also make the lineup that much more hilarious. >>19738 >7mm Mauser having been used is plausible, but odd enough you couldn't keep it fed for serious use even in ideal conditions Indeed, my idea is to have a few stashes of guns that the player can easily seize but then has a hard time keeping them in service, so they'd act as a ˝one time boost˝. But if we just drop the Hotchkiss MGs, then rechambering old Mausers for 7.62mm NATO would make them yet one more bolt action that adds variety without affecting the gameplay much. And that can work too. And if we are eliminating 7mm Mauser, then this gave me an idea: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=XMcJc4RelDo Let's say that Val Verde turned all their old muskets into rolling blocks with this method, but also purchased newly made ones. Then somewhere in the 1960s or so they took the rolling blocks made from muskets, and turned them into 12 gauge shotguns, and this is the official shotgun of the police and the forest service. And properly made ones were rebarreled alongside the bolt-action rifles, in part to be used as cadet rifles, but the foresters also got quite a few of them. With this we can now add a truly anachronistic weapon to the lineup. >.380 ACP Dimensionally it's not even that far away from 9mm Parabellum, so you could have homemade SMGs chambered for it that are delivered from 9mm Para designs. And if the game is set in current year, then you could even add all kinds of 3D printed abominations.
Open file (42.40 KB 412x329 valis.jpg)
Just wanted to mention a new board /valis/ is now open on the webring. It's a place about entertainment systems using video or rich visual mechanisms as feedback that may or may not have been put together by a few 8vg anons :^) Discussion can also range to saloon activities like cue games and card shuffling due to their social and classic nature in the ludic activities of people around the world. Having or remembering fun and sharing tips and tricks sounds like the goal, come visit sometime.
Open file (557.09 KB 1920x1080 Double Barrelled.png)
Open file (847.95 KB 480x480 Vanguard Guns1.webm)
Open file (710.00 KB 480x480 Vanguard Guns2.webm)
I'm sorry.
>>20536 Does it reference the stealth tank incident?
Open file (713.30 KB 3642x1835 FGpw67WXMAIIHZC.jpg)
Open file (1.01 MB 1518x1518 FGwuYYqWUAANXbY.jpg)
Open file (636.65 KB 1518x1518 FGw-ZIOXwAwktwe.jpg)
WHY HAVE YOU LEFT US, OH MONOLITH? Да будет благословенно их вечное единение с Монолитом! Смерть… Лютая смерть тем, кто отвергает Его священную силу! >GSC adds NFTs to S2 >Fans get upset >"We heard you and decided to remove NFTs from the game" >probably putting back in microtransactions or some other bullshit. I am going to go pray to the Monolith to absolve myself of my sins for wanting GSC to make a sequel to COP back in 2011. https://archive.md/MrJrI https://www.theverge.com/2021/12/15/22834567/stalker-2-nfts-metahuman-dmarket Link is spoilered because it is a garbage site https://twitter.com/stalker_thegame/status/1471148058708791308 I woke up late so I could not get some of the original twees (now taken down).
Open file (311.00 KB 980x425 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (972.08 KB 1800x780 ClipboardImage.png)
If the Winchester 1883 had actually been made, what changes would have been made besides having an actual finish?
>>21274 >3rd pic >an A4 page filled with ~18 font size text spaced apart like a plebbit post >We'z like totes supa happy dat you read da big text here! Fucking hell.
Open file (2.91 MB 257x212 1586645433762.gif)
>>21274 >NFT >Metahuman >Pre-order >Before that: loot for pre-order >In-game quests for pre-order. It's like they invited EA managers as advisors. I want to IRA the GSC studio now.
>>21290 The Russian Army will do that for you.
Open file (221.82 KB 960x960 50lfc22uu9b81.jpg)
STALKER 2 DELAYED TO DEC 2022 Not that it matters knowing it will be garbage.
>>21579 The issue with delays is eventually you reach the "Duke Nukem" point where fans are going to have more expectations than what devs can deliver with each additional delay.
>>21579 >Still NO GAEMPLAY >Still no confirmation of MOD SUPPORT >Still owned by SIRGAY
>>21581 Speak for yourself, my own expectations have gotten worse and worse over the years. Back when it was first announced I figured it'd merely be mediocre, now it's shaping up to be an absolute disaster.
WARGAME 4 IS COMING https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4yZRkFsQUM Get prepared to be disappointing like STALKER, because... >Early access >6 Nations >SD 2 tier DLC probable >No gimmick unicorns This is a tossup >SD 2 deckbuilding
>>21608 At least the mods for the originals keep getting better Shame we will never get a proper sequel and instead will get this rushed out console cashgrab for the redditor audience. >>21631 >Regiments >Broken Arrow >Men of War 2 It's a good time to like Wargames
>>21608 At least the mods for the originals keep getting better Shame we will never get a proper sequel and instead will get this rushed out console cashgrab for the redditor audience. >>21631 >Regiments >Broken Arrow >Men of War 2 It's a good time to like Wargames
>>21678 >Men of War Not to be a complete jackass, but has 1C ever done anything to improve the game and the GEM engine other than adding assault mode and the few other single player stuff? I remember cold war being a complete fucking shitshow with HP bars and other COH tier bullshit?
>>16119 Did we squander the time that we had?
>>22682 >Did we squander the time that we had? It's only waste if you dishonor the memory of the old times. They still live within you, don't they Strelok? >Half-Life Enhanced was never released
>>20701 Fallout 3's PPSh-41 shotgun seems kinda quaint now, don't it?
Open file (121.28 KB 905x679 Day of the rope.jpg)
>STALKER 2 about to be cancelled forever Thank you Putin, for saving us from that westernized console bullshit tailor made for redditors!
>>23209 There were some reports that GSC's building actually got hit by a stray missile strike.
>>24130 It's fake cuckchan shit just like that Gabe Newell CSGO image. Don't fall for made up retarded shit
>>24131 Damn. It would have been funny as fuck to see GSC and Sergay get scwacked by a missle right after the NFT bullshit they pulled.
>there is a mega-autist revamping Joint Ops
Open file (991.94 KB 1066x800 Mindustry.png)
I think /k/ would like Mindustry, it's basically a clash between Factorio and tower defense. You create machinery and factories to extract, produce, and refine materials, which you then use to build and supply turrets to defend your base against hordes of robots. It's very heavy on logisticis and figuring out how to get items from one end of the map to the other and finding the best places to defend from.
Does anyone have any ideas for a /k/ tier dream game? what wars are underrated and would make for a good game? How realistic would a game need to be hardcore? are there any upcoming games you are looking forward too?
Open file (242.96 KB 900x1280 shihoin_yoruichi1.jpg)
>>291 >C&C Generals/Zero Hour was a'ight.
>Most of GSC moved to Czech Republic >Some stayed in Ukraine >Some working 4free Fuck, we're gonna get this consolized dumbed down piece of shit either we like it or not.
Open file (201.16 KB 1528x860 IMG_9747.jpg)
>>34987 It was more than a'ight. It was right.
>>36731 >GLA invades Europe >USA gets dismantled >China rapes the GLA and invades Europe Funny how close it got, maybe it will get even closer with the passage of time. Truly a timeless classic
I've been playing STALKER with intent to actually play it instead of just mess around a bit, and it's much "easier" than I remember in the past which is taking me for a loop.

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