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China: Eminence or fall 02/01/2022 (Tue) 03:20:05 No.22101
Will China persist much longer as a leading power? Why or why not?
Julius Evola on the fetishization of the East: >"Among those who have recognized the crisis of the modern world [...] some have turned their eyes to the East. They see there, to a certain degree, a traditional and spiritual orientation to life that has long ceased to exist in the West as the basis for the effective organization of the various realms of existence. They have even wondered whether the East might furnish useful reference points for a revival and reintegration of the West... >"It is important to have a clear view of the domain to which such a proposition might apply. If it is simply a matter of doctrines and “intellectual” contacts, the attempt is legitimate. But one should take note that valid examples and points of reference are to be found, at least partially, in our own traditional past, without having to turn to non-European civilizations... >"If one is more concerned with real influences that have a powerful effect οn existence, one should have nο illusions about them. The East itself is now following in our footsteps, ever more subject to the ideas and influences that have led us to the point at which we find ourselves, “modernizing” itself and adopting our own secular and materialistic forms of life. What is still left of Eastern traditions and character is steadily losing ground and becoming marginalized... >"[The process of decline] is still in an early phase there. For such civilizations it is only a matter of time before they find themselves at the same point as ourselves, knowing the same problems and the same phenomena of dissolution under the sign of “progress” and modernity. The tempo may even be much faster in the East. We have the example of China, which in two decades has traveled the whole way from an imperial, traditional civilization to a materialistic and atheist communist regime-a journey that the Europeans took centuries to accomplish... >"The “myth of the East” is therefore a fallacy. “The desert encroaches”: there is nο other civilization that can serve as support; we have to face our problems alone." All in all, I think that while the state of West is such where the condition of decline has been so far manifested (and there is no signs of abating the West's "heaping up it's own funnel pyre") to the point where the resulting vacuum might make the 21st century known as the Chinse century, I do not believe chinse dominion would persist to the end of the 22nd century.
>>22103 Falling TFR, looming economic crises, and an ageing population probably won't help China anytime soon.
>>22101 Shina is not a leading power
Here's what I've analyzed. Take it for what you will, for I am a simple anon who listens to sources with different biases, some pro-Chinese others anti-Chinese. Let's just get it out of the way and say that China is about to experience the kind of recession that Japan experienced in the late 80s/early 90s, except it's 100x worse because all the assets are pooled into a handful of games instead of spread out over a slough of capitalist ventures and we're talking in the ballpark of 30% of the world GDP collapsing overnight when the great spreadsheet balancing happens over the next few years. You know how a big ship or large building initially hits the ground and then it takes a long time for the rest of the structure to come tumbling down with it? That's where we are at with China right now. China's Shit's Fucked List: >High-speed rail is unprofitable (in the realm of trillions of dollars) It will have to be bought out by the government leading to more taxes on the working Chinaman or inflation. That or they will have to be pragmatic, lose face, stop issuing demands for high-speed rail to the Western provinces, and let it collapse if it can't be retrofitted into regular cargo rail that doubles as low-speed passenger rail. They can privatize airspace to counterbalance low-speed rail if it's absolutely necessary to get politicians in and out of the West quickly. It is necessary for the CCP because otherwise Western provinces where a significant source of literal slave labor and military personnel reside will become rogue states in everything but name similar to Chechnya to the Russians. Privatizing airspace is something I'm not sure the CCP is willing to do so we'll see. >Infrastructure Not all Chinese infrastructure is collapsing asbestos buildings (see housing below for more details). The important shit was built fairly robust by Western Engineering standards, but the fact remains that even if you build robust, cheap materials are cheap materials and maintenance is necessary. A significant chunk of China's wealth is tied up in floodplain regions. Dams and bridges are becoming hazards that could cost billions if not trillions of dollars in economic damages between loss of life and property damage. These need to be maintained and the CCP does not have the money to do it so long as they continue to play nice with SWIFT over in Europe because they need to pull a Reichsmark for initial fixes followed by austerity to get their shit together and avoid hyperinflation. There are no companies stupid enough to buy infrastructure in a collapsing economy so I can't even say privatizing industry is an option here. I don't know what China is going to so but they need to completely rethink their current approach. They could try contractually bailing out these large construction megacorps by telling them that in exchange for fixing infrastructure they will wipe out their debts owed, and that might just work, but it would piss off a LOT of people who's assets are tied up in all of this.
>>22108 >Housing As I was saying above, concrete asbestos buildings. The housing market in China works like this. You can't own stocks as an average bugman. You can't own most forms of material wealth that gains value with age nor conceptual wealth like stocks and dividends in China. If your bank account numbers get too big you get questioned. This means that if you want to save money in China, the only way to really do it is to buy property. Property is the only thing in China the average peasant can pull out a loan for and see a net return on investment. You need money if you want to get laid in China and can't find a nice rural village girl (you can't) because of the male:female ratio (105 males to 100 females; see "men" below) which is fucked. Since men need wealth to court women and wealth can only be stored in the form of property, this lead to entire cities of abestos apartments being built because nobody was living in them; these asbestos apartment blocks that go on for miles and miles are literally just a physical rubber stamp on storing wealth so that the CCP doesn't bust your door down for engaging in the market and are not meant to be lived in. This is fine so long as the value of housing keeps going up. tl;dr- Companies took out unimaginably massive amounts of debt following the meme of infinite economic growth because Chinese work on the principle that there is always an even bigger sucker out there even when you know the ship is collapsing and you need to flee like rats. The CCP did something sane but suicidal and passed the three red lines law (something that should have been passed a decade ago) telling these construction megacorps that they can't build any more houses unless they can show that they can pay the principle balance on the debts they owe right now. This caused the entire house of cards to start collapsing back in September because said megacorps were forced to sell off their assets. So you have citizens who owe debt who bought houses built on debt all trying to SELL SELL SELL so they don't end up as the guy at the bottom of the shit pile and on the CCP's shit list. The best analogy I've found is "imagine you own bitcoin and the price not only drops to zero, but you now owe $3000 for every $1 you invested because you took out loans to buy it." This is why China is trying to crack down on crypto since many Chinese are fleeing with their wealth in crypto since it's better to appear poor and break the law than to owe sums of money that couldn't be paid off if the next ten generations worked to pay it off with no interest attached to the principal balances. >Men I covered the gist of it above, but there is an uneven ratio of men to women in China. A healthy nation usually has a minor male deficit (about 101-103 women for every 100 men) in order to keep sexual competition under control and make sure everybody keeps happily having babies at a sustainable rate. Men naturally die off from dangerous jobs, not taking care of their health, and war, so this is usually not an issue. You want to maintain that mild male deficit but you want to keep it mild so that you don't get Slavic chauvinism culture popping up either since it's self-destructive to society and leads to ills like alcoholism and mass unemployment (about 105 women for every 100 men). Intense competition drives men out of the sexual market. Men with no children and wives are men who have nothing to lose and so you get spikes in crime, unemployment, and fringe ideologies when that happens (for better or for worse) as stop-gap measures to correct the difference. This is a recipe for disaster regardless of your opinions on those fringe ideologies. China needs a major war to skew this ratio back in the opposite direction, but they can't have a major war because of their one child policy which makes it so that angry parents will be starting the civil wars if China gets their sole heirs killed.
>>22109 >Sole Heirs and an Aging Population I don't need to discuss the issue of sole heirs since it appears often enough in history that anon should understand why the concept of putting all your eggs in one basket is a really bad idea. The more important issue is that China bought into the unlimited growth meme while also buying into the one-child policy, and the end result is that the already intense pressure on children in Asian societies got magnified to the point where cheating culture naturally developed as a way to get around that. This means you have a generation of largely self-entitled brats who don't know anything about their professions sitting in positions of power controlling what is an aging population living longer than ever before and raising the average age in China to 38 years old (compared to about 29-33 which is considered healthy). If China has a war it will likely jump to Japanese levels of about 48 years old. The difference is that Japan grew up with a recession and people know to store their own wealth in Japan while in China they are still in the "boomer" stage where you have mass promises of social welfare (especially community pensions and the like) and people have (on paper) general trust in the government to take care of them in old age (because they have been banned from investing in everything except housing, see above). This is a recipe for disaster but won't matter for either another 10-20 years or when China kicks off a war and millions of young sole-heir Chinks die. >Energy China has an energy crisis. Let's be honest. China has an energy crisis. In order to save face China stopped importing fossil fuels from Australia after Australia bitched about COVID and about China not buying sheep wool from them for textiles (Australia told them to buy more sheep wool to stabilize the wool economy or to stop buying coal from them). That was a hit to factories in China but it was still manageable despite the energy crisis it created. Last month Indonesia announced that they couldn't sell any more fossil fuels to China because they didn't have enough themselves due to COVID fucking up their entire fossil fuel market. This is why China is pushing so heavy for the Junta in Myanmar since Myanmar is an oil-producing country and this is why America will not step into Myanmar politics to prevent them from extracting oil. This is also why China and Bill Gates are investing so heavily into biofuels right now. China can't get fuel from Myanmar so long as imported democracy rebels are fighting the Junta, can't get fuel from Australia without losing face, can't get fuel from Indonesia because Indonesia has a fuel crisis, and that basically leaves Afghanistan or Russia. Afghanistan lacks the infrastructure to transport fuel to China (but boy are the Chinese investing at breakneck speeds to fix that), and Russia doesn't like the Chinese since they want to take Siberia from them. It will be interesting to see whether Russia sells fuel to China in order to stave off European sanctions, or denies fuel to China in order to benefit themselves by fucking up Chinese industry with no survivors. China's energy situation lies almost completely in American and Russian hands right now. Yes they produce domestically, but they have their industrial base and manufacturing base infrastructure in different parts of the country from where fuel is extracted (due to strip mining and central planning) and wet coal just doesn't transfer well from the Northern provinces down to the southern provinces without several-billion-dollar infrastructure ventures that the CCP is too hesitant to make since they think this is a temporary crisis and not a long-term issue, and those investments cost money over time between initial setup and maintenance. They're looking at liquid coal as a solution for longer-term storage of fuel, but liquid coal is expensive even if it can meet your demands. Ask Hitler about that.
>>22111 >Refusal to modernize with a modernizing population This may seem counter-intuitive since the average Strelok would agree with me that the West and its culture is becoming (or has become) cancer, but the fact reminds that China is able to be large because other countries buy into their sino-centric image they have portrayed since the early 2000s. Now that China is showing a moment of weakness with all of the above shit, Western culture is once again being imported into China whether they like it or not. Businessmen brought it back with them, tourists exacerbated it, and the fact of the matter is that people just don't like dealing with bullies. More and more countries are reconsidering their relations with China and are telling them they have to make X or Y changes to culture or business if they want to continue to do business abroad. Africa and Southern Asia where China gets its raw resources have realized China just wants to stripmine them to save resources at home and have started to rebel against Chinese corporate rulers entirely. Countries still working with them are demanding ending slave labor and the like. Amazon and Wal-Mart's cheap Chink plastic is no longer cheap and the quality is worse than ever leading to more and more people boycotting them unless they stop dealing in Chinese apologist behavior leading to companies being more hesitant about investing into China, especially when the pandemic showed that having all your eggs in one basket was a bad idea and the Chinese don't allow you to extract your wealth right away (you can only pull out so-and-so amount per day or per year as a foreign business in China) while their economy is collapsing all around them. The economic issues will cause civil unrest, but the culture war and refusal to modernize to globohomo value sets is what could ultimately change civil rest into civil war. Consider that the two major rebellions that destroyed the Qing Empire were both imported cultures. All of that is to say that China is in for very rough times even if they manage to pull through (unlikely, I almost want to use the word impossible because of bugman mentality but you never know). I don't know enough about the Chinese socio-political landscape to tell you what is going to happen, who is going to do it, or why it will happen, but the factors point to China entering their equivalency of Japan's 90s recession. The difference being the Japanese were brainwashed into being less war-like due to good economic times and the Japanese having their assets divested into several ventures allowing them to hold on even if wealth never returned to normal pre-recession levels and overall having a mindset of saving your own money for retirement to prevent civil unrest, while China has stoked war-like nationalist rhetoric, 100x the level of debt, everyone has their eggs in the same baskets, and the state promises a good life for their elderly leading to significantly less personal investment into retirement. It's a powder keg.
There are other issues like food imports (China might only import "8%" of their food from out of the country but that number hides that 70% of their meat is imported among other things or that they are counting that as "net food imports" after subtracting exports), bad grain harvests due to rotting for the last few years, and other ills plaguing China. China could sustain themselves in a post-war society, but China is too interdependent on the international community to reliably start a war without exacerbating issues at home.
>China is too interdependent on the international community to reliably start a war without exacerbating issues at home. Imagine some impossible scenario where the army is deployed outside of their borders and suddenly every marginalized group decides to revolt in their own interests at once. A scenario where even if they could claim Taiwan by force, there might not be a unified mainland to incorporate it back into. Is China not dependent on it's army to police the various sub-groups of it's population? Speculation for sure, but imagine an alternate timeline when every time the US government decided to intervene abroad, the government would have to risk Texas and the Pacific northwest seceding and not being able to do anything about it. Stalemate. China will probably have to continue to play a very very long game if they wish to expand.
To add to these wonderful and elaborate posts in the thread, I just want to say that all the economic problems Shina has may be even worse than predicted since Shina state-published statistics are usually less trustworthy and its contents have been manipulated for the exclusive benefit of the government itself.
>>22108 >That or they will have to be pragmatic, lose face Will never happen, China is a honor based society and face and clout are big driving factors there.>>22111 > (Australia told them to buy more sheep wool to stabilize the wool economy or to stop buying coal from them) Aaaaah so that's what it was, thank you. I always wondered why the fuck did the PRC stop buying from the only western country sheepish enough to keep selling to them, but I never knew of the other side of the deal. >Ask Hitler about that. I know you're a man of culture just for this reference. Also I don't think you mentioned it, but the Chinese are also having a drinkable water problem and their attempt to bring it from the South to the North is not only economically unsound, it will likely be extremely wasteful and not produce enough water to fix their problems in cities while also pissing off the by then dehydrated South. Thank you so, so much for your angle, anon, this is a screencap thread if I've ever seen one. I'd also like to add something too. China is also losing its image of "place where cheap consumer goods come from". It used to be that the Chinese who could court with the market (that is, expats) would sell at ludicrously low prices goods that came from wealthier industrialized economies. Thanks to all the factors you mentioned, this image has now been forever lost, as the expats were forced to raise prices, as their government has pulled the plug on plenty of foreign financing.
>>22115 But this timeline already happened (Union forcibly conscripting people, which lead to mass riots; civil unrest during WWI; nonviolent protests during 'Nam and violent ones that were just squished by the Federal Government). Also, while Hong Kong has just a vocal minority of people who are very opposed to being part of China proper (their real reasons for staying out of it is loving private capital too much), Taiwanese society has evolved in such a way that the boomers still cling onto the dream of becoming mainlanders (but they want to be the ones in charge or at least have a bigger say on how to run the country) while their entire fighting fit population has been culturally converted to Westernerish values a la Japan. Occupying Taiwan will lead to a scenario with Taiwanese youths directing violence at other Pro-China Taiwanese people first.
>>22120 >Aaaaah so that's what it was, thank you. I always wondered why the fuck did the PRC stop buying from the only western country sheepish enough to keep selling to them, but I never knew of the other side of the deal. They kept it fairly hush-hush and used COVID as an excuse. COVID was the cause; lower demand for textiles and thus lower demand for wool, which plays a major role in the Australian export economy. Australia asked them to keep buying wool as they had before (obviously at a deficit) and when China said no, the Aussies started to reduce coal exports while pressuring them about COVID origins. China got pissed about the changes in coal deals and used the excuse of Australia asking about COVID origins to cut trade negotiations hoping to spark a trade war and make Australia back down. At least for right now this is horribly backfiring because it just made them look like an even bigger bully to the international community even though it actually wasn't their fault for once. At least not entirely.
>>22109 >You want to maintain that mild male deficit but you want to keep it mild so that you don't get Slavic chauvinism culture popping up either since it's self-destructive to society and leads to ills like alcoholism and mass unemployment Why does it pop up in the first place, and how does it lead to those problems?
>>22125 >Why does it pop up in the first place Usually as a result of a series of wars one after another without giving the population enough time to recover or as a result of ideological genocides in the case of the USSR. >And how does it lead to those problems? When you have a severe shortage of men, you must put men on a pedestal of sorts because the sexual competition is reversed. This tends to lead to inflated egos as women are encouraged to marry any man they can or to flee the country to locate a man. Sexual competition will almost always be skewed in a woman's favor because eggs are expensive and sperm is cheap, which encourages men to take up professions or arms. We can say this is for nation or state, etc., but at the end of they day it's more honest to say men do great things to either spread their genes or spread the genes of those they care about in the case of nationalism/patriotism. An excess of women flips this on its head and leads to weak men who are spoiled with women competing for them. If you are lucky the end result is polygamy becoming commonplace and if you are unlucky, the end result is women who feel they can't compete in that environment (women are naturally less competitive) leading to mass prostitution/illicit trade or fleeing the state to find partners (or worse; importing foreigners, male foreigners always being less desirable than female foreigners outside of severe labor shortages). The issue is that a male skew is never permanent and once the sexes stabilize you are left with a culture almost permanently affected by this pro-male skew creating civil unrest about two or three generations down the line when men must compete for women once more. It's a short-lived amazing time to be a man but it sets you up for weak-willed men who are selfish in a non-altruistic way.
>>22127 >it sets you up for weak-willed men who are selfish in a non-altruistic way. That's the part I don't get. Maybe it's because I'm not familiar with Russia, but I don't recall ever hearing that the postwar generation was a bunch of sissies. But then again, one day they just got so bored of gommunism that they dissolved the USSR, so maybe I'm just ignorant of these dynamics.
>>22128 It's more that they're a bunch of lazy alcoholics with violent tendencies. If you're a non-drunk that doesn't beat his girlfriend, doesn't get into random fights, and is capable of maintaining a steady job of any description, you're a Russian 8 or up.
>>22128 The immediate response after the death of Stalin was severe deescalation of pretty much all Soviet policies. It took a decade before the Soviet Union went back to being a decent world power and I'm assuming it partly had to do with just how many men were killed during WW2 relative to the percentage of the adult population. Even today Russia has not recovered from their depopulation bomb.
>>22130 >Even today Russia has not recovered from their depopulation bomb. Care to elaborate on this more for an uneducated strelok like me?
Open file (131.83 KB 640x960 Strong Men cycle.jpeg)
>>22128 The post-war generation are never sissies- they fought a war and lived to tell about it. Their children take the shade of trees they planted for granted and then either they or their children become violent weak men when the tree dies and they are left without shade. I forgot the actual name of it but it's this cycle. When sex ratios get skewed the hard times get dialed up to 11 when they take hold and you end with civil unrest unless you get really lucky (as Russia did with Putin).
>>22133 Strauss Howe generational theory
>>22135 If I understand it correctly, WW3 nao?
>>22131 I am in no way qualified to talk about this topic, brother, but aside from the below-replacement-level issue that Russia is facing, the hit they took to their male population + years of starvation under Communism have created this scenario where Russia has a population that can't even occupy 10% of their land area, despite a lot of Russian land being fertile and inhabitable + infrastructure created just to satisfy quotas instead of practical needs meaning they didn't develop population centers that weren't Moscow or military relevant oblasts. Videos that go into more detail, although politically biased: Lib right https://invidious.osi.kr/watch?v=kPVo9w79D6w Aut right https://invidious.osi.kr/watch?v=aq3WtOuRCMw
>>22113 >and other ills plaguing China. including a critical fresh water shortage and farmland increasingly contaminated with heavy metals
>>22127 >If you are lucky the end result is polygamy becoming commonplace
>>22135 Thanks very much for the link Anon. I never knew it had a theory name before. More an obvious "Sure, that's common sense" kind of thing, once you grasp the concept.
>>22176 That's just the latest name for it, there were parallels in the past like Bagot Glubb's Fate of Empires and the Search for Survival, Spengler's Decline of the West, Ibn Khaldun's Asabiyyah, the Chinese dynastic cycle, the Greek Ages of Man, the Hindu Yuga cycle. Same idea with different names, ala shellshock > battle fatigue > PTSD > Combat Stress Reaction
>>22121 Those are good points in regards to the "timeline" in the US, but my understanding is that current year China is less homogeneous then the image that the government likes to project and to such an extent that the threat of force from the PLA is the only thing keeping those, especially in the north and the west, from walking away from the party completely. >Union forcibly conscripting people, which lead to mass riots; civil unrest during WWI This seems like an apt analogy, but after the union was solidified by bloody conflict and the civil unrest during WWI failed to be sufficient to change the course of history, I believe the US was standing on much firmer ground by the time that >nonviolent protests during 'Nam and violent ones were just squished by the Federal Government The main difference from 'Nam to present being, even if non-interventionists had their way, they would have had no desire to walk away from the union established from the time of the civil war up until then. They would have wanted to remain in the union, but just not continue to intervene overseas, engage in forever wars, etc. Just basing this upon what I've read, but I don't believe that marginalized groups in China, due to cultural and linguistic differences far greater then those in the US, have any interest in being part of a greater China as a default position and that if the PLA was sufficiently distracted by external conflict, to such an extent that they could not police those populations, then those marginalized groups would assert themselves and seize control of their respective geographic regions. Here's a for instance, let's say that 'Nam war protesters won the day early on and were not put down by the feds. I can't imagine then that the south would have revived the confederacy, nor would a republic of California and a republic of Texas be established in the aftermath. Yet, perhaps, if the PLA were to be sufficiently distracted from their active role as domestic police, factions in northern and western China, in particular, would then attempt to establish autonomous regions without a second thought. Just spitballing here for the most part in this interesting thread, based upon what I've read, as I have no first hand experience on the mainland and those that I know that have gone there for extended stays have only recounted stories of their favorite restaurants and the like upon return. >Taiwanese >a la Japan I hear you loud and clear as far as that goes. My lived experience in east Asia has been in those areas among others and, suprise suprise, as an image board user I'm fairly biased towards the Japan because reasons, but I'll admit your critique in regards to Japan is spot on in, despite my admiration for their civil society and culture.
>>22181 I'll do some further research into this. The wiki page you originally linked obviously got the libshit's panties in a knot, given all the tags they applied to it, and trivial edits of "REEE this is disreputable!1111" Those two men must be doing something right I'd guess heh. Again, thanks.
>>22183 >but my understanding is that current year China is less homogeneous then the image that the government likes to project That is a given, but even the estimates made by the West misunderstand what's actually going on. If anti-Beijing media is to be believed, Uyghurs and Tibetans are the only oppressed groups. Now, the former can't be called oppressed as pretty much enslaved. They do not wish for independence but rather autonomy and respect, and it makes perfect sense since their land is desolate and even if independent they'd be prime real estate for any of their neighbors or ISIS or any other rogue warlord group. The latter, instead have never been pacified by China, so while the Han are being forced to relocate there, it's basically a drop in the bucket since Tibetans just ignore the government and keep on pulling the strings on foreign media to get them to cover their situation. Cantonese regions and their Mongolian and Korean minorities are also considered subhuman and even among the Han there's immense rivalry between coastal chinks (sissies, mercantile classes, the highly educated portion of the people) and the inner chinks (rude, boomer tier strong men, the actual guys who accepted Nationalism instead of Gucci Communism). The PLA is extremely inefficient and the average Chinese is much more critical of the government than the 1984 narrative wants people to believe - yet the problem rises from the fact that the political institutions at the local level are so weak, corrupt and ineffective that no intelligent oriental would ever think of organizing protests, let alone revolts. Because of that you get all of the recent horrible, society destroying trends ("lie down" culture where young adults refuse to get a job or work overtime, extreme revenges against society by the stabbing and running over of kids by the hundreds, religious and non religious cults sprouting everywhere) but it never gets to the point where the average Chinese actually acts upon their government, because without the central govt he'd be in deep shit. >I believe the US was standing on much firmer ground by the time that According to The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History which is an extremely lolbertarian biased book but about half of the shit in there (i.e. Operation Keelhaul, New Deal shit, the fate of slavery etc.) is confirmed by centrist historians and the other half is exaggerated or wishy washy lib-right propaganda the Union after their civil war was no closer to being an united nation then when secession happened. It took the Federal government an immense undertaking of military occupation, radical rethinking of state rights and political bullying to get close to that, and even then it only happened during the late 1890s when the economic situation of both regions drastically improved.
>>22183 >Just basing this upon what I've read, but I don't believe that marginalized groups in China, due to cultural and linguistic differences far greater then those in the US, have any interest in being part of a greater China as a default position and that if the PLA was sufficiently distracted by external conflict, to such an extent that they could not police those populations, then those marginalized groups would assert themselves and seize control of their respective geographic regions. The problem lies in the fact that the profitable areas of China are all situated along coastline, mainly Han Chinese regions. Even if a rogue group of their minorities, or even culturally different groups of Han Chinese ancestry, were to take over their own Chinkascadia, they would probably just collapse within a year without external help from a richer country. By far the only one that could pull it off would be Tibet using Indian assistance, but they will never do that as they have historically poor relations with each other and the Indians would surely request large mountainous regions as compensation. Additionally, keep in mind that when the Warlord period was going on most of China was still an industrial backwater. It makes sense that a ton of ineffectual small states could exist on the map all at the same time, because the infrastructure and economy of the entire region was comparable to that of the Middle East today, with few exceptions.
>>22187 Have you read much on the particulars of Chinese balkanization? Would it be possible for China this way to have more robust mutually beneficial competition comparable to Western countries in their primes?
>>22173 Frankly with how polluted their country is I don't see how they can saber rattle so much when I bet at least half of their military is asmatic with poor eyesight due to breathing in toxic gas and drinking water with lead in it. Not to mention all the bullshit in their food what with their culture of "If you couldn't tell I replaced your rice and eggs with plastic then it's on you.".
>>22194 >Not to mention all the bullshit in their food Reminder that one of the few rations to make Steve1989 significantly ill after a review was a 2010s-era, in-date PLA ration. Not the many times he's said "oh yeah, that's definitely rancid" and then taken another bite. Not the many WWII-era antiques, not the century-old beef from the Boer War, not even the hardtack from fucking 1863. But modern Chinese food was too much.
>>22190 >Have you read much on the particulars of Chinese balkanization? No, I'm literally armchair speculating from what I've heard other people say (whether pro or anti Beijing) or read in politically biased books. >Would it be possible for China this way to have more robust mutually beneficial competition comparable to Western countries in their primes? No because as I've already mentioned, the only thing that most of Western China has to offer to the coastal regions is cheap labor and empty lots of land to put their tourist trap cities and asbestos buildings. In any event of regions or countries splitting away from the central government, all it would take is two generations before they got back into the mainland or get assimilated by another country. The unique situation of all warlord periods is that none of the countries in a specific geographical/ ethnic region have the upper hand in technology / manpower / culture / diplomacy compared to the other ones. The Kuomintang won the initial stages of the war because the US and European powers really liked having concessions in Shanghai and other colonial ports (fun fact people keep remembering Macau and Hong Kong, but they forget that the Germans had Kiautschou Bay, the Italians had Tientsin and France had Guangzhouwan). The Communists did their usual underhanded tricks by hiding in the mountains during the Sino Japanese war, capturing important political figures of China during diplomatically tense moments and then having the balls to starve and march their own people halfway through the country to attack a weakened central government when the time was right. A repeat of a situation like that cannot happen with the way countries are aligned right now. The only way I can see something like that happening is if North Korea collapses and power got projected through Manchuria (which still has a sizable minority of people and could culturally claim to be their own country and the place where their Emperor hails from) which is why most of China's R&D goes to supporting Kimmy. >>22194 Well, what do the PRC have as options then? Their only card other than nationalism and xenophobia is Wushu/S-J Conflict shit and Mystic Martial Arts shit. The former is driving Chinks nuts, I think I've read of some actor who played nasty dishonorable nipponese people so many times he was collapsing from fatigue, while the latter has been utterly demolished by a single MMA fighter (who by the way is not against martial arts as a practice, he just got pissed at some cultist nutjobs using govt money to nationalise people away from other sports, got heckled for it and it just snowballed from there where he's now persona non grata in most of China). >Not to mention all the bullshit in their food what with their culture of "If you couldn't tell I replaced your rice and eggs with plastic then it's on you.". Man, this thread needs so much more intel. I really wish this place or any other board here or on 8ch or the webring had an active /his/ that also dealt with current events. Look up White Monkey jobs. Basically, any foreigner (especially Yurop) with nice looks can get insane money in China by pretending to be a highly successful businessman promoting Chinese brands / acting as if the brand is foreign and not Chinese, or by acting as an English teacher and getting paid to spread govt propaganda. De Rucci (not the name of the guy, who I think is just an English professor) is one of the most infamous examples.
>>22198 Wasnt Sichuan always a strategic outlier due to its geography (fertile plain with a ring of mountains+rivers) that is similar to the valley of Po or hungary? afaik it could sustain rivalring dynasties for longer then a few generations in times where china wasnt united.
>>22198 Not really airtight arguments against productive balkanization. You're right a new /his/ would be good. Can we talk to this site's owners for a combined polsci (ie pol with way less idiots) and his board?
>>22198 >Well, what do the PRC have as options then? I mean calming the fuck down and letting people actually live their lives is a good option and it might even get the international community off of their backs for a while as well. Now what can they do without losing their tyrannical amount of power? Fucking nothing. They are absolutely fucked if they don't chill the fuck out but they can't just let people be or that makes them lose face which a chinaman would rather die than do. So I would give China like ten years at most.
>>22252 The concept of China falling does not follow from your rather spastic and blunt spiel. People have been saying China would fall in a decade for many decades, instead, China kept winning, almost as if the ill will were fueling them.
>>22253 I wouldn't call having a population crisis due to killing all female children and living in a polluted hell scape winning. Their future is going to consist of malformed children due to poor diets and air quality and needing to import most of their food due to poisoning their land so badly. Kind of hard to invade people or threaten people when you rely on others to feed yourself. Then there is the face that most of their cities with most of their manufacturing base is located on a river that is only prevented from flooding by a dam that is proving to be held together by hopes and fucking dreams. One good rainy season and China has a huge humanitarian crisis on their hands.
>>22254 The population crisis is a libtard meme that disguises that its purpose is to give bad faith advice towards getting China to accept brown and black immigrants. China could use even less citizens, less mouths to feed and complain, as automation has made more jobs redundant than ever. The dams are by far a greater existential threat. China's shown incompetence with dams and buildings in the past. But I also don't know the particulars of the risks involved, and how many of the risks are actually true, or more anti-China propaganda. Sources and whistleblowers could be working for either side, because few care about truth these days. China could very well be shooting its foot, but why would they take shortcuts for something so major? This isn't stacked shoebox rooms to appease the whining poor to shut up before shutting them under a collapsed roof.
Open file (664.30 KB 850x1172 ClipboardImage.png)
>>22253 I think it's a matter of what you consider "China falling." The CCP being ousted? No if that's what >>22252 is talking about then it's just not happening they have a stranglehold on China and they're not letting go without a fight. At least on the coastal important bits. If by "China Falling" he means becoming a North Korea-tier dictatorship with very little power abroad except by using their nuclear arms to demand gibs while having "and then millions of Chinks died" famine footnotes every decade or so, then yes, China is well on the path to that happening. When even Soros is realizing that the tower is collapsing reality can't be denied. They have an extreme energy crisis that isn't going away for at least a few years, transportation crisis, housing AND investment crisis since the two are intertwined, they have an incoming water crisis, there is an ongoing genocide in the country souring Western investment and cooperation, they are going after a Democratic country in order to get around international sanctions pissing off the parts of the world that have Republics/Democracies for at least the next 20 years, their population is aging on a scale that will be comparable to Japan in a decade, and the only solution to most of these is to lose face, which just isn't happening Chang. China has a central planning problem. They did for a long time and now it's coming back to bite them in the ass. In the 90s it looked like they were easing up on it which allowed them to boom in the 2000s, but then the CCP got greedy and wanted a slice of that cake even though it wasn't theirs to begin with leading to the current issues. The incoming housing/financial crisis alone was entirely caused by China's central planners refusing to allow divestment of investments (and Chinese mentality of there always being a bigger sucker out there) which has resulted in a several tens of, if not hundreds of trillions bubble that makes the 1992 バブル景気 look like a fun time. The CCP's Central Planners can pull a Reichsmark and nationalize Evergrande's debt or file for bankruptcy (effectively the same thing) in order to wipe it out (on paper), but doing so will destroy all trust and international trade with China at a time when manufacturing/industrial bases are already being returned to domestic production after countries realized that maybe industries like steel, medicine, and textiles are a matter of national defense concern due to COVID's effect on international trade. China does not have the geographical and engineered infrastructure necessary to maintain the scale of their advances without international cooperation to prop them up. If they don't take on that debt and let the market run its course in one form or another (Evergrande collapsing, or the 20 different mini-Evergrandes the CCP is talking about making right now collapsing), then the average Chinaman is about to become an international debt slave for the next ten generations since that's the kind of money we're talking here. China talks a big game, but they already entered their death throes back in September. The only thing saving China right now is the fact that wealthy Chink businessmen have bought out the American and European housing markets and China loaned out fucktons of yuan, so they will have to sell off their properties crashing the global economy with them since China will owe too much debt themselves to hand out loans to other countries and thus will demand that other countries start paying their debts they owe China (and let's be honest; they either can't or they won't regardless of what is right or wrong). Literally the only thing that could save China would be some kind of emerging economy that they could offload their debt onto the way America offloaded our debt onto them, and all of the emerging economies on the horizon are hostile towards China or waiting for China to collapse in order to eat up the international community's desire for slaves. China continuing on their path as a superpower just isn't possible and world leaders don't want to address China since addressing them necessarily implies addressing the global economic collapse that could (not will but could) follow the Chinese housing market going bust. China's fucked and has been fucked since September. It's just a question of if they can take the rest of us motherfuckers down with them now or stave off the collapse for another decade.
Did something happen with the chink mod? he was cool
>>22260 What Chinese mod? How do you know they were Chinese?
>>22258 They can pull off a 2008 America. So what if people suicide, the world needs a culling anyway.
>>22257 >China could use even less citizens Yeah, except that is not how this works. With the population declining, a high percentage of the people will be old and useless and only a minority will actually be useful workers. If all those old people would stop existing, then this wouldn't be a huge problem as they could just automate more and keep going as you propose but they wont stop existing and there is no good way to kill them off without invoking civil war, so instead either social services are going to keep running, paid for by the young, or social services will die off and old people will have to be cared for by their families, also paid by the young. This will inevitably require the working age population to take on an impossibly huge amount of work to sustain the rest of the population, risking rising unhappiness and tensions and the breakdown of the chinese government / civil war.
>>22265 Except it does. It's not comparable to America, where boomers live large, party, and prey on the young females who should have been the wives of young males who are sustaining them. Looking after the elderly is a much easier task in China. The Chinese elderly already have a low economic upkeep rate, and still provide useful work like looking after grandchildren, and they'll have to do whatever party line says. The young would rather side with the government in this case, as it benefits them more. The Three Gorges Dam's power output is more than enough to shoulder the cost per year.
>>22266 The Chinese elderly had a low economic effect because the Chinese fell for the social contract and have a dozen safety nets and laws to hide the real numbers. You don't get to try and be the world leader in medicine while simultaneously having an elderly uprising from shit healthcare (as is currently happening), and from what I understand from friends, Chinese boomers are 10x worse than American boomers about the whole entitlement thing since they are legally guaranteed said entitlements by the state. You can't throw this problem under the rug pretending China could get away with another Great Leap Forward, anon.
More importantly the elderly are subsidized by property sales and gains. The thing currently crashing in China like a boulder down the side of a mountain.
>>22271 10x sounds like a talk-from-ass exaggeration that you conveniently have a friend that could take the blame. I doubt they could light up that bad when their precious social credit is at risk.
>>22263 He said he was, but he lived in the US i think
>>22278 Global mod or just for this board?
>>22257 >China could very well be shooting its foot, but why would they take shortcuts for something so major? Because the chinaman loves to rip people off and ripping off the government is a Chinese pastime dating back to the boxer rebellion and when Japan invaded them the first time where they actually hit the Japanese flagship dead on but nothing happened because the ammunition manufacturer for their ironclads said "Hey it would be cheaper to just fill the shell with cement instead of explosives.". Also if you think a massive lack of young people isn't a huge problem for a government then ask yourself how a government that stays in power using their military is going to do that with no recruits since your options are either remove the workers you need to run your economy or remove the soldiers that keep you in power.
>>22284 Well the Three Gorges Dam already paid for its cost in power generated. Doesn't matter if it breaks now, they could build two of them now. Most of the workers aren't doing anything vital, same as white collar office make-work in the USA. Honestly, every developed country could do with fewer workers. I still haven't seen any real rebuttals to the fake news muh demographic crisis. Japan's doing pretty well even with a shrinking population.
Open file (133.86 KB 350x234 map_6.png)
>>22288 If the dam breaks, the water doesn't just teleport away. Multiple very vital cities will get fucked.
>>22279 Just for this board
>>22288 >Well the Three Gorges Dam already paid for its cost in power generated. Doesn't matter if it breaks now, they could build two of them now. Well the Mississippi dam has already paid for itself three times over. Who cares if it breaks now causing 30 trillion in damages before accounting for the tens of thousands who would die? >Most of the workers aren't doing anything vital >"Not an argument" Well here's my rebuttal; You talk like those people who think food just magically comes from the supermarket so I can't take you seriously if I have to give you a basic economics lesson on supply chains. The world relies on skilled low-wage labor and despite Chinese propaganda, not everybody can solder or till a field just because he or she is a warm body.
Open file (22.53 KB 1138x891 japan-government-debt.png)
Open file (87.30 KB 948x435 GWLSF.jpg)
>>22288 >Japan's doing pretty well even with a shrinking population. They missed out on the chance to convert their economic power status to great power status geopolitically because they an heroed their economy with the Plaza Accord in the 80s, and now they're too old to be able to move beyond a country of wagies and consoomers. Their boomers traded that in for comfort and mediocrity under the umbrella of American hegemony and their children pay the price. China's copied from the Japanese handbook to develop up to this point, but they have no reason to come to an agreement with the US to raise the value of the RMB to crash their own economy, and no reason to acquiesce to American geopolitical designs without a constitution that retards their military development. The CCP uses the "century of humiliation" as a nationalist motif to hold the country together and if it feels the reins of power are slipping from its grasp, all the more reason to reestablish its legitimacy itself by striking outward. fuck I can't post today
>>22288 >Japan's doing pretty well even with a shrinking population. Japan doesn't keep their government in power with a massive military and most of their economy isn't based on manufacturing slave labor.
>>22292 Only takes 1-3% of the population to get food for everyone else now. And only a small fraction are doing real administrative and economic work that needs to be done. Again, most workers are redundant and not vital in any real way. Anyone who says different is disconnected from reality.
>>22296 To be honest, Japan is an interesting story where the real story is hidden in plain sight. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=p5Ac7ap_MAY https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nobusuke_Kishi Yes, wikipedia, but this is still a decent rundown of who he was.
>>22299 >Only takes 1-3% of the population to get food for everyone else now Yes because of skilled labor, Chang. You need mechanized farming equipment for planting and harvesting which requires trained personnel to manufacture, assemble, and repair said equipment. >Most workers are redundant Everyone says that until a few thousand gallons of milk have to be dumped because those redundant workers quit. People said the same about airlines because of the pilot excess and yet they can't hire people to fill the positions. Weibo has the same issue with electronic and automotive assemblers right now. You are living in a period of labor shortages.
Technology is a ropeway, not a timeline. When you fall off you have to start from the bottom or where you grabbed back onto the rope. It is not improvements only.
>>22301 They quit because automation made their jobs pay cheaper, lol. They can enforce labor policies unlike America. It's going to be the housing market collapse more than anything.
>>22300 Wait you mean that they wanted to change a system that was working fine to copy the burger system, because the new guys in charge were to retarded to know that "if it works, don't fix it"?
>>22304 Keep deflecting, Chang. Skilled labor does not magically sprout up and the "millions of monkeys with typewriters" solution your entire premise is reliant on (while unironically calling for a commie-tier mass culling) has been debunked since the 50s. When I'm right and shit comes tumbling down I'll be sure to post the screencaps and gloat be in my bunker with my guns and chickens while you are starving from an international debt crisis.
>>22306 Not Chinese, but that would still be better than living under globohomo. They can enforce and train whatever roles they need, and their citizens will just have to deal with it. Europe is crashing harder from endless nafri infestation. The population issue is a real one, but one with foreseeable fixes, not so much as the housing market breakdown. I probably own more guns, and I definitely have better livestock, than a chicken farmer (lol) like you, so don't count your eggs too quickly.
>>22305 And the whole getting the central bank be independent to the government so it can do whatever (((they))) want. RIP the nips.
>>22308 This is interesting. How do we know Japan has an nongovernmental central bank subordinate to what (((they))) want? What about China's central banks?
>>22309 I don't know, but the central bank of different countries using the same tactics to fuck with the economy to change the whole country political/economic structure so that it can be manipulated by outside firms, looks like a dead give away.
>>22310 With countries like the UK, it's obvious, because some force has the leverage to force them to accept brown immigrants, even though nobody sane wants them. The royal family can't even kill a former prostitute like Meghan "Mulatto" Markle, who wastes their treasury to spend millions on stupid fashion. With Japan, I'm not sure. They're definitely subject to American influence, but they still aren't being forced to accept stupid amounts of immigrants, in order to weaken them. Japanese BLM protests were pretty insignificant. If their central bank is controlled, there aren't as obvious signs, or they've able to make agreements to curb bad-immigration. With China there's practically no unwanted immigration at all, and they were able to curb HK protests and remove their independence, so I think if (((world elites))) ever controlled their government or central bank, they were apparently disinfested.
>>22311 Unless China didn't need an immigration plan to subjugate their population. I don't know the many processes involved are complex.
>>22312 The central bank question deserves its own thread, even though it's barely /k/ related, lol. But putting a /pol/ board here would attract retards. Someone should make a bank thread if there already isn't one.
>>22305 >because the new guys in charge were to retarded to know that "if it works, don't fix it"? The old guys were WW2 vets. The new guys were burger simps. It's why Mishima killed himself, since he realized the generation he was part of would never challenge their occupation.
>>22290 This region of China is the equivalent of the US Rust Belt before it turned into a 'Rust Belt' so to say, it's importance cannot be understated.
>>22309 >>22308 Nipland is a cash-based society despite frequent attempts otherwise by bankers. Most Japs keep their savings in cash. Thirty years of shifting the narrative and the most that has been possible is a cash card where you deposit cash onto a card without any ties to identity since it was purchased at a glorified cash-only ATM.
>>22313 It's a tangential conversation at best. We don't need a repeat of the Corona thread shitshow.
>>22319 Which corona thread? Banksters are a pretty /k/ topic, as they threaten our survival.
>>22318 So does this mean Japan doesn't have a (((controlled))) central bank? Or just that they have enough conservative forces keeping things balanced in favor for their people?
>>22320 The one that caused post-8chan /k/ to bleed users like an untreated bullet wound and ultimately lead into the board's second largest disaster and mass exodus that restored biological warfare discussion but got far more memetic attention. I don't intend to take any more of your bait or derail the thread any further discussing it.
>>22321 It means the Japanese are Jews about their money and the only people they trust less than a government to handle their assets are banks.
>>22323 If it's too controversial I'll just ask on 4/pol/. Where'd those /k/ (this /k/, or 4/k/?) users go then? >>22324 Based anti-kike Jews of East Asia.
>>22326 >If it's too controversial I'll just ask on 4/pol/. >implying they'd know anything about a niche internet gun autists board Long story short the board ownership was taken over by MI6. >Where'd those /k/ (this /k/, or 4/k/?) users go then? They just quit imageboards.
>>22329 >>implying they'd know anything about a niche internet gun autists board I mean for banks. Stuff like that claim only Norko and Iran banks are the only ones not Rothschild controlled or whatever. I see that infographic sometimes, but it doesn't have any sources. >>22329 Some of them moved to telegram even though Russian intelligence owns it.
>>22198 >the latter has been utterly demolished by a single MMA fighter Not really, he has hunted down the charlatans who say they can do incredible shit but are only scamming people out, if he challenged real martial arts fighters in disciplines like southern fist or mantis he would have a rough time although probably win as his discipline can be done using gloves while the chinamen usually need finger strength (picking eyes, pressuring weak holes) and 8 points (aka elbows and knees) to have a complete way of fighting. For example if he fought an elderly Hwang Lee or a Carter Wong, to name two famous fighters-turned-actors, he would need to either focus on ground pound aka homo fighting or impose strict gloves-only fighting. But i respect him, chinks are trying to make him look like a pretentious brigand while in reality he does show certain humbleness and doesn't trash talk the disciplines but the ones pretending they are mystics. The biggest problem with chinaman martial arts is their tricks or specialties are considered dirty by western standards, namely the every part of the body counts as a hit as long as it is not done behind the enemy's back, which means it's okay to kick you in the balls as long as you can see it and have the opportunity to block it, while it is dishonorable to fight in the ground while in the west it's okay to hug men and pound their heads as long as you don't go below the belt. In war all counts but i meant in a 1vs1 as entertainment/competition, all their show cannot be done "safely" and that's if their fabled finger strength. It goes down to them also not trying, the Koreans ripped off and systematized the northern river styles of kicking and got their own mojo going with TKD.
I don't think most people including here realise just how incredibly fragile China's energy industry is. China requires coal for about 60% of it's energy needs. >So? Well, China imports almost the entirety of it's coal from overseas. They simply cannot produce enough of it themselves. >So? So, blockade coal imports to the Chinks and they're fucked beyond repair. Block LNG too while you're at it as they've been increasing it's usage too. Now how easy it is to enforce a naval blockade to China is another matter. But it is a fact that despite all the NATO larping about China bad, they still sell them shit for profit. But that's to be expected, the chosen people want that sweet sweet money.
>>22332 This is what the new silk road is for. DIfficult to blockade them there when the ME is backing them.
The potential real estate crash looks extremely threatening, as the other anon said. The imbalance there, more than any other threat mentioned, as those have practical counters, has the strongest chance of wrecking their economy.
>>22102 5/5. Good post.
>>22634 >>22102 Emotivist pseudo logical nonsense. Note Evola borrowed Hindu terms as a core part of his project. Evola never had an important insight, especially not here.
>>22637 >muh ebul pajeets Don't make it any more obvious, Li.
Where in there did you read Indians as bad, retard?
I think the best solution is to nuke the whole country and put all chinks into camps, just like with the Japanese back there.
>>22723 An embargo and bombing of docks would have the same results with a lot more fun to be had. Plus then they might do the republic-building themselves.
While attempting to nuke China atm is suicidally stupid, especially as of November 2021, that does raise some interesting related questions. How did China come to acquire nukes and associated tech in the first place, according to the official take, as well as by redpilled takes that make sense? The Chinese are certainly smart enough to have figured out nuclear tech, with their scholar civilization, alongside Jews, Teutons, and Russians. But it doesn't rule out that Jews and globalists have been in control of those weapons since the Cold War, since we know Soviet hierarchy was filled with Jews.
>>22331 >Not really, he has hunted down the charlatans who say they can do incredible shit but are only scamming people out, if he challenged real martial arts fighters in disciplines like southern fist or mantis he would have a rough time although probably win as his discipline can be done using gloves while the chinamen usually need finger strength (picking eyes, pressuring weak holes) and 8 points (aka elbows and knees) to have a complete way of fighting. Fake news, the styles you mentioned only work against MMA, because MMA is a sport. Even Bruce Lee said only two Chinese styles were consistently successful against SEA brutal martial arts.
Open file (1.31 MB 2000x1000 john Chrysostom jews.png)
Open file (59.28 KB 853x960 say_no_to_jews.jpg)
>>22739 Israel has unofficial nukes too, and has had them for an eternity, probably through stealing US tech. And they've been known to trade military tech with China. The Jews did this.
>>22741 Oppenheimer was a Jew who supported Israel. I don't think it was stealing as much as transferring. So if China got nuke tech through the Soviets (officially), which is just Russia turned Marxist (Marx was Jewish) by Marxists, whose ranks were full of Jews, could this mean modern China was under globalist-Jewish control this entire time? Have there been concrete signs that they've managed to overcome globalist control over them?
Open file (477.27 KB 1056x2880 china jews.jpg)
>>22742 Jews are the only foreigners chinese have built statues for. Jews have been involved heavily in china since the opium wars. One could argue that jews are the reason that opium wars even happened.
>>22744 Okay, this demonstrates that Jews were active in China. It doesn't make the case that Jews control or dominate China. They could still just be active there for reasons like disenfranchisement or disagreeing with Zionist Jews, being able to fulfill their projects better there, etc. I've heard the claim that China's central bank is controlled by globalists, and that Jews are destroying America to make America easier to control, meanwhile they're considering moving the center of the UN to China, since the people there are more cooperative and collective. I don't know what's true or not.
>>22763 They are the only nation that completely assimilated their Jewish population in the Kaifeng Jews. The Chinese aren't controlled by the Jews only because they're just as unscrupulous.
>>22764 There are signs showing they're controlled: Hollywood insults them constantly, and is run by Jews; China doesn't insult them back, but rather other laowai targets. There are also signs they're free: When China backed Syria, Hong Kong mysteriously, for no reason, rebelled against CCP.
>>22764 People hear this constantly, but more evidence is needed. Kaifengs and Manchus were absorbed and dominated, that's true, we know this. But just because the Chinese are as amoral as secular Jews, doesn't mean China prevailed against its existing internal Jews, or the ones that were their earliest close diplomatic links to the West. And Arabs are as crooked as their Semitic cousins, the Jews, but they're clearly having to suffer daily aggression by the Israel-America alliance.
Knowing whether or not China can be considered as an ally against ZOG completely changes how to approach things. Conservative Europe and the Middle East considers China trustworthy enough for ordinary events. The question is whether they can actually back our causes, or if they've been puppets to ZOG all along.
>>22769 Why not focus on propping up stable and generally accepted governments first, and worry about whether they are Jewish or not after they aren't trying to go for each other's throats?
>>22770 Because China is the only serious possible current serious opposition to ZOG, until actual stable and acceptable governments can be possible again.
>>22771 Kek that typo. But you know.
>>22769 The triumph of the Jews would be to have the world colonized by the Jewish mindset. So whether China is directly controlled by them doesn't matter, so long as the the Talmudic doctrine survives. >>22768 >And Arabs are as crooked as their Semitic cousins, the Jews, but they're clearly having to suffer daily aggression by the Israel-America alliance. Only the Palestinians because they're on their land claims. The Saudis are in bed with them.
>>22777 You're not making sense. Having a bloc like China run free is never good for them, because every tribe schemes for dominance, and the Han has been doing it similarly as long as the Hebrew. The Chinese abuse Muslims and Christians using their own taboos, and they'll eventually turn on the Jews, if they can. >Only the Palestinians because they're on their land claims. The Saudis are in bed with them. Western nations are taking plenty of Arab refugees destabilized by ZOG influence across MENA. If you think only Palestinians have been suffering, please talk with your local Iraqis, Syrians, Kurds, and so on, and I guess even Somalis, and Afghans.
>>22780 And yes I realize old Hebrew stock is not the same as modern secular Ashkenazi Turkic-European stock.
>>22101 They'll strattle on for a while longer but their fate is sealed by the fact that India, Vietnam, both Korea's, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, and the Philippians are kinda sick of China's bullshit. North Korea is just less vocal about it and see's the Mainland as little more than a means of gaining tourist money. China's neighbors basically view the Mainland as the Jews of South East Asia, which given the CCP's cut throat diplomacy and one sided propaganda pieces isn't to far off. Keep in mind the only "real" allies China actually has is Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, an Pakistan and that's just because the CCP gives them free shit, North Sudan however doesn't count because that's barely a functional "country" and is little more than the place China dumps all it's old surplus QBZ bullpups into African warlord hands in exchange for cobalt and gold. China can larp as a major first world navy with their tin horn fleet of destroyers, single aircraft carrier, and civilian militia ships all they want but that doesn't change the reality that the island chains essentially means that in a major conflict like say invading Taiwan ///South East China\\\ all their Southern neighbors could basically deny them access by lining up their coast line with howitzers and anti ship missiles so even if America pussies out the PLA navy still has to fight a quarter of the entire world which is a battle they'd lose less they're willing to start a nuclear Armageddon over Taiwan South Eastern China which is also a fight they'd lose since Taiwan is as of now the silicone factory of the world so letting a single country dominate over it would make China a modern day version of the French Empire so it's better for the world to not let them have it in the long run. Another reason China would be fucked in a hypothetical major war with the Asian equivalent of N.A.T.O. is China's "Great Leap Forward" has basically poisoned the majority of their once functional agricultural land so they're not food independent at all and constantly have to import grains from Africa and America. The only real advantage China has is one they've got spies all over the world as well as a huge cyber army working around the clock, also the fact that the West/mostly America is very decadent and wants the continued flood of cheap shit but of course India, Indonesia, and Vietnam are just as capable of making cheap shit too so that's no longer a monopoly China has plus citizens in the mainland also want to export their industry over seas because they're just as greedy as Americans are which the CCP would have to crack down on BUT if they do that to hard foreign companies and investors will just pack up and leave for greener pastures out of fear of being nationalized which is already happening to an extent anyway for other reasons. Basically China is fucked though at the very least it's capable of being self reliant if it had to be in terms of industry anyway.
Pic related, China has no hope of being a true blue water navy because of this geography. Also fuck China.
>>22318 So basically Japan's equivalent of buying an Amazon or Ebay card at the grocery store? Nice, glad to see Nippon's are keeping their fiat indoors. Do they also keep gold around in hidden volts too? Might as well with the ridiculous inflation their government has created.
>>28887 >>28889 I'm far less optimistic since even South Korea is towing the line (pretty sure the guy just elected is pro-neutrality which is a shift from pro-America) and unless America launches an all-out assault (which they can't without causing a civil war back home fueled by bread prices) nobody is going to actively oppose China taking Taiwan. I still generally agree that China has no allies and is just talking big, but I disagree that they have no playing cards at all. >>28892 Pretty much, yes. >Do they also keep gold around in hidden volts too? From the ones I know, yes. The Jew fears the Samurai because Japanese have the mentality of kikes except with long-term planning so they don't cut off their own nose to spite their face and with less disdain for foreigners since they recognize trade as a "soft power" over others instead of just a means to an end.
>>28887 Isn't China's alliance with Iran and Pakistan (which has nukes) meant to make India irrelevant, giving them more power over the Indian Ocean, and therefore trade with Africa, as well as relieving pressure on their dependency on the New Silk Road? I'm not sure how effective the alliance will be, but it also doesn't sound as definite as you're trying to make it out as.
>>28954 China's alliance with Iran is built entirely off of them not wanting Russia to get any funny ideas about taking Chinese territory. If Iran and Russia decide that China is more of a threat than an ally the two will work together to overthrow China since Russian-Iranian ties are very strong due to the Caspian sea. China's alliance with Pakistan is built on a mutual hateboner towards India albeit for different reasons (Pakistan's is a blood feud/religious feud, China's is a resource war). >but it also doesn't sound as definite as you're trying to make it out as. Funnily enough the age of the internet combined with chink flu and the humanitarian crisis of Afghanistan is bridging the gap between Pakistan and India right now. Pakistan sucked up their pride and allowed humanitarian aid from India, and since then the two have been repairing their relationships (likely as a means of India securing access to the Afghani silk road but that doesn't matter).
>>22318 >>22324 A more practical reason for this is because of the cost of banking services, not literal Jew playing on the background. Japanese banks take lots of fees to move money around. Say, if you want to transfer $100 to your friend through a teller, you must pay $8, and you'd still required to pay around $5 using any other methods. Combine this with the fact that Japanese banks have very low interest rate since the bubble days meaning that people will save a lot of money by not relying on banks.
Open file (13.52 KB 469x219 nofun_china.jpg)
>>22101 Maybe in the short term. Chinese ("Han") society is basically built on foolery and subservience with competition acting as a filter for an infinitely high density of people. Losing face is to bring endless shame. The country's a time bomb for the global economy. When it collapses they'll just call it another humiliation by the rest of the world. To add to the Shit's Fucked List: >High-Speed Rail, Infrastructure, Housing The Chinese have eternal building projects, creating roads, cities, etc where there should be none both for the prestige of industrializing and to maintain quotas. Rows after rows of unfinished gas stations are made on terrible highways and near bridges without guards in the middle of nowhere but are marked as completed. Under Xi, privatization will never be an option. They also move their stored money off shore in similar fashions as they did to circumvent capital holding laws, buying and building apartment complexes, houses, etc to act as landlords for practically no one except possibly their children, who they ship to Western universities. They also use these are fronts for things like illegal immigration so that more money can be poured into China. >Men, Sole Heirs, and Aging Population This is being corrected with a three child policy, but it's pretty much too late. Female infanticide is ingrained in Chinese culture. In regards to cheating culture, Chinese students across all ages go as far as rioting when there are crackdowns on cheating. The idea of education is to pass with the highest marks even if you don't know everything because someone else will know what you don't. Chinese students of rich or "rich" parents take these ideas to foreign universities where they have plenty of options to launder and fraudulently produce passing grades (i.e. "study groups," "tutoring services," Chinese-exclusive social media apps) while spiking housing prices around universities because their parents can pay any amount necessary. These students come back to China having learned nothing but with a fancy Western degree, putting them a step ahead of those who can't enter prestigious native schools but still go to university. Tangential to the point of extreme ideologies is the "lying flat movement" which promotes not working unless absolutely necessary. >Energy As a related concept, the Chinese lie about renewable energy numbers, emissions, and other things that would make them lose face if revealed, and their soil and water may as well be salted due to extreme pollution. Cancer diagnoses are given in the thousands daily on average, a number which was only revealed when it was allowed to be (as the Chinese typically only allow old data and incredibly small sample sizes to be used), meaning it could be far higher. The biggest causes of death and injury are strokes, heart disease, cancer, and road injuries. China is an ecological disaster, and any sort of collapse would be to the worst humanitarian crisis the world has ever seen as refugees would flood every corner of the globe. >Refusal to Modernize It's not just refusal, it's rejection. With increasingly obtrusive laws regarding social credit, as well as enclosing the youth with equally greater restrictions on access to the outside world, they seek to maintain their culture and keep it in line with Xi's ideas of tradition while also using things like the 50 Cent Party and the Chinese idea of eternal martyrdom to enforce their will on the rest of global culture. Similarly, companies like Tencent buy up others to create and maintain cultural control by making the industry dependent on them. To make a comparison, they want the same sort of cultural protection Jews have, where even implying that you don't like something from or related to them can see you turn into a social pariah, but they can make fun of you as much as they want. They view foreigners as animals to never give in to and only show a slightly softer version of this mentality to each other.
>>28950 >I'm far less optimistic since even South Korea is towing the line (pretty sure the guy just elected is pro-neutrality which is a shift from pro-America) and unless America launches an all-out assault (which they can't without causing a civil war back home fueled by bread prices) nobody is going to actively oppose China taking Taiwan. I still generally agree that China has no allies and is just talking big, but I disagree that they have no playing cards at all. A question regarding Taiwan and other SEA nations, If America doesn't do anything to defend Taiwan, will America act in the defense of the Philippines or Japan? Didn't America sign a defense treaty with both of them way back in the day?
>>29898 Before answering that let me start with the framework: China taking Taiwan would introduce sanctions and such the likes of which Russia is responding to right now, but giving China open ocean access essentially lets them bypass any sanctions as they will be able to navigate around American Navy Interpol operations. Specifically giving them the ability to trade with Venezuela and Mexico unhindered as they have long wanted to in order to destabilize American and Brazilian trade networks on the Western side of the Panama canal. With that out of the way, America has been "lightening" their defense requirements for both countries. In the early 2010s America made it clear to Japan that they would not be able to properly defend them which is why the JSDF has expanded so rapidly in the last decade. We would of course support them militarily but there is only so much that could he done. As per the Philipines, our mutual defense treaty can realistically be fulfilled by military logistical aid which is likely what America would do. The only way America will get directly involved is with the full support of South Korea, Japan, Australia, London, and the Philipines, as anything else would be military suicide in a battle of sheer numbers.
>>29898 Why would they sanction China if they start pacifying an unruly providence?
>>29919 >>29919 >China taking Taiwan would introduce sanctions and such the likes of which Russia is responding to right now US congress is already proposing sanctions on China and using the Uyghur crisis as an excuse but everyone knows its because of Russia. https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/599112-us-announces-new-sanctions-on-chinese-officials-over-repressive-acts If US will impose further sanctions is too early to tell but one proposal is to remove china on normal trade, might as well take over Taiwan and be done with if that happens.
>>22109 >>22111 >>22112 >>22113 yeah pretty much all of this
>>22101 "China will collapse on itself because reasons" This has been said since Mao. They said it for Deng too. And Zemin and Jintao. They want it to be true for Xi Jinping. So when's the magical prophecy happening? The West has at least as many long standing problems, internal conflicts, and reasons to collapse on itself.
>>30382 >So when's the magical prophecy happening? When the people who actually run america read: not Biden decide to make the country fold up. Because they own China too.
>>30398 I wonder about this myself, but Deng purged China's agent Jews after Mao died, and they left for Israel. They were barred from returning. It's possible China is free from Jewish control: This would make sense in their alliance with Iran and Syria, which emboldened both to make fronts against Israeli influence. It's also possible China is still under Jewish control: The nation adopted and still nominally uses communism, after all.
>>30405 Is China's central bank really owned by Jews? How would any of us normals know? Why isn't this kind of information on Wikileaks? Why have Chinese officials been buying so much gold and crypto?
>>30406 >>30405 >It's possible China is free from Jewish control: >Is China's central bank really owned by Jews? The current Chinese central bank was founded and is currently owned by the rothschild family. China is controlled opposition
>>30407 Perhaps, but can you prove that? Every high ranking Jew in the CCP from Mao's leadership was removed, and banned from entering China again. Look up Jacob Rosenfield. It's very likely the Rothschilds controlled China's finances at some point, but it's also very possible China freed itself. Xi is pushing heavily a China NatSoc and Chinese heritage ideology, and is basically on the borderline of just removing the Communism (Marxist/Jewish) branding altogether.
America has hundreds US factories in China. If they really wanted to kill China, why not just take all of their factories out of the country then? Move to a US friendly country then. If they were really "mortal enemies" , why keep supporting them and giving them as much as possible to get better? And taking massive debt from them while they're at it?
>>30412 >Xi is pushing heavily a China NatSoc and Chinese heritage ideology, That's that's just all wrong. China has loads of problems. Not just because of (((them))) >and is basically on the borderline of just removing the Communism (Marxist/Jewish) branding altogether. Then why don't they just get rid of it instead of droning on about it?. won't happen by the way >>30412 >Perhaps, but can you prove that? give me like a day or 2 to respond to that. Again, it's not just focusing on (((them))). See >>30416
>>30416 >If they were really "mortal enemies" , why keep supporting them and giving them as much as possible to get better? Because China (really Vietnam) are one of the few places left on earth where mass slave labor for cheap shit is still legal.
>>30420 China is probably free from being a Jewish vassal. America pays Israel heavily, China does not. China's population is moving towards middle class, white collar labor, now that their standard of living is higher, and will make either India or Africa (possibly hiring Indians, since Africans are incompetent) the world's new factory.
>>30421 >India India has more red tape than most European countries. It took like 10 years to approve the sale of Coca Cola in India. >Africa Watch some videos by Magate Wade. Africa is either too destabilized or when stable you need so many bribes that it's cheaper to outsource it to South America or Eastern Europe at that point.
>>30421 >China's population is moving towards middle class, white collar labor Try again dude China almost had a riot recently because they were denying people their university degrees because they needed more people in the factories. China is trying their hardest to prevent a middle class from forming because their entire economy is based on slave labor and building fake buildings filled with sand instead of concrete.
>>30493 Oh no one blip against a broadly emerging trend, how will the Chinese middle class ever recover? Chinese zoomers are spoiled and as a class have more power than ever against CCP youth who will eventually replace the current committee, and will have to deal with an angry generation with nothing to lose.
>>30545 >CCP youth who will eventually replace the current committee, and will have to deal with an angry generation with nothing to lose. They tried that back in the 80s remember where they ran over student protesters with tanks and hosed them down the sewer?
>>22101 >>30407 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited (ICBC), ranked the largest bank in the world 2017 and 2018, by total assets,[13] (31 December 2020, US$4.324 trillion[7]), ICBC was positioned at 1st in The Banker's Top 1000 World Banks ranking, every year from 2012,[14] and first (2019) on the Forbes Global 2000 list of the world's biggest public companies.[15] It is considered a systemically important bank by the Financial Stability Board. ICBC isn't sending Israel their money like vassals, the way Europe and America are. They aren't taking in immigrants, and are in fact basically shoahing them. They keep banning LGBT angles, and there's way less top-down queer sympathy compared to the West. I don't think China is Jew controlled.
>>30605 This time normal Chinese have infiltrated the CCP and can coup the tanks now. It won't be easy but they have stronger collective numbers, wealth, and influence these days.
>>30673 >This time normal Chinese have infiltrated the CCP and can coup the tanks now You plainly don't know any actual Communist Chinese AFK friend. I do. They not only absolutely love The Party, but most of them aspire to be a part of it. As a language group the vast majority of the Han Chinese consider themselves directly to be Heaven's People, and predict they will own the entire Earth someday. >tl;dr They are far more unified behind their government and their lands & peoples than any typical Westerner today can really imagine. There will be no Chinese 'coup' that disrupts the major flow of China through modern history, Strelok.
>>30685 >There will be no Chinese 'coup' that disrupts the major flow of China through modern history, Strelok. Maybe not a coup, but if a bunch of true believers are all vying for power at once and the current reigning emperor chairman keels over they'll kick the shit out of one another until only one remains, who will then proceed to blame all collateral damage on his defeated opponents, and it doesn't necessarily have to be combat-related damage.
>>30685 >There will be no Han coup Corrected for you.
>>30685 I don't care about your one imaginary friend. The average Chinese dgaf about CCP, and most in the CCP are only in it for wealth. As soon as things go wrong, they'll abandon it like the Chinese did Confucian rites. >muh heaven/emperor/god, blah blah This is obviously exaggerated and dramatized, as with frog internet's God Emperor Trump memes. They obviously haven't thought this way since Taiping and Qing went up in smoke. You're clearly a retarded commie shill. Don't spread your lies here.
Open file (84.93 KB 1024x552 Seethe chink.jpg)
>>22101 chinamutts are still in a civil war, Taiwan is actual the real chinese anyway. The ones ruling in china are mongolian /manchurian rape babies. Did you know 1/3 of china is already considered seceded ?
>>30947 >the ones ruling in china are mongolian /manchurian rape babies. To be fair Taiwan's original natives were mostly wiped out and the ones standing there are mongol migrants running from the manchus.
shill shill
>>30947 The Democratic Progressive Party holds the super majority of "real" china
>>30947 >real chinese Real chinese weren't real from a long time and if taiwan are going to get a reality check if they keep being western's whores.
>>30973 I think the CCP are basically the bugmen devil and even I have to agree with this statement.
I check back and see how this board is doing after and stopped being a vol, and MAN you newfags really ruined the board.
>>30986 Fuck off.
>>30986 Cry more faggot. It's the admins fault for keeping low quality poltards when he could have been rid of them from the outset
>>31092 >Being this new
>>31098 Why do so many people think that "minority culture" (outside of America) only means a slightly different accent, a bunch of funny outfits and dancing? The Chinese people outside of Han China practically govern themselves in a way that runs counter to the central government. Tibet is really unruly and they Uyghurs were on that road hadn't the CCP crushed them. Southern Chinese are more in line with other South East Asia people but really like Northern gibs.
Open file (173.37 KB 1920x1080 1640301732200.jpg)
>>31154 Most people (even fellow anons) can't see past skin-deep differences and neither have the understanding nor the desire to actually understand what makes a culture a culture past shallow ideals. Of those that do understand it better, many still try to tie it back to shallow concepts like nation and country to avoid harder questions that they don't want to hear the answers to. Culture is a system of values and ideas that you are born into/raised with or grow into over many years. Most anons and normalfags have no culture, or are part of the globalist culture, so those "funny accents/outfits/dances" which are expressions of cultural pride get misconstrued as being the culture itself by such shallow individuals, many of which will likely agree with me without realizing they ARE the shallow cultureless swine.
Why the fuck is everyone coping about China all the time? The west has been downplaying them and saying they'll collapse soon for decades.
>>31193 I agree with you, anon.
>>31193 >anime Didn't read.
Open file (947.80 KB 800x533 ClipboardImage.png)
>>31193 >Most people (even fellow anons) can't see past skin-deep differences All I know is that Heilbronn is situated atop Hell and Germans from the mythical lands beyond Hohenlohe aren't really people unless they're rich with actual foreigners being such an incomprehensible usually government sponsored oddity they're mostly left alone. Also my village's Holocaust memorial is better than that of the unworthy Sw*bian man-cattle 3km downstream.
>>31154 >Why do so many people think that "minority culture" (outside of America) only means a slightly different accent, a bunch of funny outfits and dancing? Globalniggers and the American Empire spread the propaganda that "culture" isn't more so they can pretend there is unity among humanity and we have a common ground of morals with different cultures, when in the reality there is non. They do this, so they can pretend that their codex of ideology and morals(democracy, humanism etc.) is the universal rule all humans have to obey and that they have moral justifications to attack and conquer anyone who doesn't obey the rules. >>31201 >The west has been downplaying them and saying they'll collapse soon for decades. China has a history of collapsing. Every time they got a new Dynasty, it was because the country was collapsing under their retarded culture and their market has crashed so often in history, that it isn't funny anymore. Every time they or their economy collapses it invigorated the European economy. It's like a desert country waiting for the rain season.
Open file (24.75 KB 363x363 hooded.jpg)
>>29919 It baffles me as to why Brazil is still in BRICS despite constantly having their industry fucked by Chinks and Poo's, sure NAFTA and the EU;SSR isn't exactly great either but that's besides the point. What was even their original goal for joining that trade union thingy anyway? Did that happen when their former commie president Dilma was in power? Regardless I don't necessarily think they should quit being a member, after all BRICS Isn't nearly as catchy but perhaps diversify your trading partners so they aren't constantly getting screwed. Are Huelanders just easily dupped or was it to balance out some of Uncle Sams fuckery?
>>31426 Brazil has every reason to be a world power... if not for all the niggers, power Jews, and communists... wait that's just like the USSA and EUSSR.
China will rise to be the first power in the world if they manage to avoid war with a nuclear power. The satanists want the EUSSR to be the center of the neocommunist world order though, so they might arrange a nuclear war.
>>31434 The pre-columbian tribes really aren't a big problem. The niggers are by far Brazils biggest downside. >>31435 The USSA is far more likely to collapse than China tbh. China has been rising since 1900. Britain should have colonised the place while they could have... it would be like mega Hong Kong now if they did.
>>31426 >It baffles me as to why Brazil is still in BRICS despite constantly having their industry fucked by Chinks and Poo's Because the other options fuck them without lube.
Open file (255.55 KB 424x600 ClipboardImage.png)
https://archive.ph/vF76Y According to Chinese propagandist sources, China's cities are giving the national government the middle finger in regards to the housing market which has been collapsing since last September and are saying no to the three red lines policy. All you need to understand is that the housing market, the only means for Chinese citizens to invest money, is in freefall since September after a three red lines policy was passed to crack down on construction oligarchs who were going to crash the economy with no survivors. However the three red lines policy effectively bankrupted several of the big players and if those policies go away, instead of being in freefall China will be back to unsustainable growth/inflation that will also bankrupt the nation when a hard collapse happens (just 5-10 years down the line). These cities are directly going against the CCP who is trying to prevent complete economic collapse via austerity, but the national government can't tell them to fuck off since otherwise they won't meet financial quotas (several cities simultaneously). Needless to say it's a hilarious mess for the bugmen. >Fuzhou, the capital of southern Fujian province, last week started allowing non-locals to buy homes in the city without providing any proof of mandatory residency or pension fund as security, a departure from regulatory norms. Quzhou, in eastern Zhejiang province, last week lifted curbs on buying and selling. >The move mirrors similar measures across several mainland cities including Zhengzhou in central Henan province and Harbin in northernmost Heilongjiang province as local officials look for ways to replenish their depleted finances and fund projects to meet economic growth targets. >“After Zhengzhou and Harbin issued large-scale loosening measures, we did not see any sign of official resistance, suggesting the central government was not opposed to them,” said Yan Yuejin, director of the Shanghai-based E-house China Research and Development Institute. “So we will see more cities, especially those with dormant home sales, follow in their footsteps.” >More than 60 municipal authorities started easing property restrictions in the first quarter, according to a note on Sunday by the China Index Academy, a real estate research firm. They included lower down payments, cheaper mortgage-financing costs and financial support for cash-starved developers. >Zhengzhou became the first mainland city to ease restrictions for people who work in the city without hukou, allowing them to buy a second home from this month. Harbin last month scrapped a rule that forbade new owners from selling homes within three years of buying. >In Quzhou, the authorities have now allowed non-locals to buy a home in the city, while also removed a five-year holding period for resale. >While top policymakers have been careful with their approach to stimulating the industry, they have acknowledged the crisis by easing borrowing costs and pumping the financial system with more cash. The finance ministry has also decided not to expand a property tax trial in more cities this year, citing poor market conditions. >That could boil down to new challenges as sporadic Covid-19 lockdowns shut key manufacturing and commercial hubs and property showrooms
>>31426 Brazil doesn't want to be a slave to the World Bank and IMF, the BRICS bank allows Brazil to be somewhat free from American interference.
>>31435 >>31436 Maybe. I've heard they'd prefer to make China the center as the populatiin is easier to manage. Yurostan and Amerbrazil will probably be more chaotic and crime ridden, fine for their attempted division and control, but it may get too hot for their personal living. Btw, what about China makes wiggers and mutts seethe so much? Seems pretty ordinary as far as dystopias like America and Russia go.
Open file (225.17 KB 800x500 no-chinese-sign-korea.jpg)
>>31462 For freedom-lovers, other authoritarian regimes still have Rule of Law and ultimately understand the weight of rulership. They tend to not directly meddle in the freeman's country's economics the way the Chinese do and they do not have a bugman mentality the way the Chinese do. China is a more existential threat to the freeman's way of life rather than the physical threats imposed by other shitholes. For slaves, China is somewhere where you can't speak your mind and the Chinese are openly and unapologetically racist, which makes them asshurt. Most slaves have a secret appreciation for the authoritarian rule by law that the Chinese officials are immune to and try to emulate it in their own countries. China represents a "corrupted" version of their utopia were they only the ones on top in the slave's frame of mind.
Open file (150.92 KB 750x1334 frog.jpg)
>>31441 >started allowing non-locals to buy homes in the city without providing any proof of mandatory residency or pension fund as security >included lower down payments, cheaper mortgage-financing costs and financial support for cash-starved developers >scrapped a rule that forbade new owners from selling homes within three years of buying gee i wonder how this will end
>>31464 I see every other society full of insects wasting away. What is the simp-onlyfans connection if not insectoid? They had freedom and this is how they show they value it. Everywhere's full of butthurt racists, especially this forum. I'm not familiar with Chinese internet, but I've heard of their Elegant Gentlemen (gaoya renshi), which is their wild, toxic version of frog interneters.
>>31492 >Muh racis Move to Africa already anti-racist, it's cheap and affordable.
>>31464 >>31464 >>31492 The Chinese rebel on their internet whenever they can. Most Chinese don't care for CCP and aren't loyal to them. Most of them who move to the West avoid CCP. It's pretty clear transplanting a better political system could supercharge China into a nationwide HK economy and with actual civil contentment. Not globohomo democracy of course, but something authoritarian that isn't afraid of raising the standard of living.
https://www.politico.eu/article/uk-minister-quietly-approve-chinese-microchip-factory-takeover/ Lol at the bongs giving away their largest microchip factory to the Chinese practically for free.
Open file (30.37 KB 790x169 lovegroveblm.png)
>>31505 Stephen Lovegrove seems like an absolute faggot. >Ministers have decided not to intervene in the takeover of Newport Wafer Fab, which makes semiconductors, following a review by the government’s national security adviser, Stephen Lovegrove. >More than six months after he was asked to examine the sale, Lovegrove concluded there were not enough security concerns to block it, according to two government officials. How many security concerns does it take? lol https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_Lovegrove
>>31506 Obviously a Commie Kike plant, Anon. It's just part-and-parcel of life in the formerly-great, now Airstrip One. Ehh, we'll see how it all turns out for these bad guys in the end however. :^)
Open file (816.99 KB 640x360 55.webm)
Do you think that there is any chance of the Chinese ever going back to some kind of Imperial system?
>>31564 1, they are already imperial in all but name, 2, they'd be stupid to do so, considering the indecisive and stagnating civil planning that results in.
>>31524 >video You made me laugh Especially since the music is from a song known as "(To be) clear of mind" Oh the irony..... Should've been for the Taoists and not Confucious though.
Can someone repost the Chinese female ruler crap, especially the long greentext about Wu Zetian? I forgot to save it.
>>32271 >>>/meta/15518 R9k doesn't let me upload it here.
Open file (750.91 KB 1366x2088 Ancient ms paint magic.png)
So what happens to the great green wall if there's an economic collapse? It mostly consists of birch monocultures without any real life inhabiting the area and without even accomplishing the goal of making arable farmland. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yu_qTrxTEEA
Open file (237.39 KB 363x302 1438915573058.gif)
>>32332 >The Great Green Wall of China >The Great Green Wall of India >The Great Green Wall of Brazil >The Great Green Wall of Africa Why can't the greens call it something else? half of the time I don't know which project they are talking when someone says the Great Green Wall.
>>32332 There's been famines in China before. You can use that as a reference to what happens next
>>32280 Holy shit why are women so evil?
>>32393 They evolved to be selfish and manipulative, so that they can ensnare men around them. Of course there are men like that too, but men mostly evolved so that we beat each other up (literally and figuratively) until we have a reasonably stable hierarchy, so that we can get shit done.
>>32391 >2 billion civilians successfully eaten
Open file (949.14 KB 1060x1060 meiling_balance.png)
https://archive.ph/1iEXA How much of this is true?
Open file (205.84 KB 1280x720 wazzap beijing.mp4)
>>32813 Part 1 link: https://archive.ph/ZGFu7 Well it's Zerohedge so I'd like to say none of it, but the reporter seems to have done his research and it's mostly in line with my own observations, perhaps embellished. The Chinks have still been going full COVID lockdown mode while the rest of the world got over it, so unless civil war breaks out over there I can only see a path towards a food crisis.
>>31564 I think they are gonna stick with metric, they are not controlled by the eternal anglo after all.
>China trying to save face >Doubles down on zero-tolerance COVID policy >While the rest of the world has stopped giving a shit about it Wew. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooPu-gx7n38
>>33729 The purpose is to shut down their ports and bottleneck supply chains.
>>33915 Why? Makes no sense.
>>33915 So that they can lose all their customers to their enemies who are mass industrializing to meet the demand China left behind? This made sense for the first six(ish) months of COVID but we're two years in and it doesn't make any sense, anon. Their exports were the only thing propping up the domestic market so that shit didn't go tits-up like it is right now.
>>33729 >>33929 It's not the whole China that tries to save face, it's Xi Jinping and his clique alone. Internal party elections are coming up and if he doesn't win this one using Zero Covid policy then his years of effort on becoming a dictator for life by modifying the party rules to rule forever is doomed to fail.
Open file (8.20 MB 2520x3654 Kenshi.png)
Apparently China is making sure that SEANigger countries begin to look like Kenshi over the next decade. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4BIwTaZqlQ
If China tried to take Taiwan by force the US would intervene militarily, Biden has said. Again.
>>34754 I don't think either country is in a spot to go starting world wars but between China's collapsing economy and America stretching itself thin I don't think a Taiwanese war is on the table right now. Even the Great Reset folks understand that doing so right now would just start a civil war.
>>34758 >china collapse >us stretched thin These are both reasons why China would be more rather than less likely to to attempt to grow larger. Personally I think Japan's position on Taiwan is the real sticking point for China. >great reset crowd >implying civil war isn't part of the plan Also I don't think the great reset crowd carries much weight in Chinese military circles.
>>22101 I'm leaning towards no. China has not been present on the global stage during most of Covid while many leaders were gaining recognition for their handling of it, both positive and negative. It doesn't look good for China to stay isolated on global matters when they're trying to be the dominant global superpower. It doesn't help that the media wasn't able to shut down the lab leak theory and more people are getting on board with it. I mean we all know China covered it up, but normalfags are finally catching on. China's economy relies on slave labor, but due to supply chain issues, more countries are investing in domestic or closer manufacturing again to avoid more disruptions in the future. This is also bad as China built over their fertile farmland for warehouses. They built over so much if it that they actually import a lot of their food. There's also the issue of Taiwan. Even though China's invasion of Hong Kong didn't get much outrage, it was still a territory of China (despite their desire for independence) while Taiwan acts completely independently of mainland China and has done so for decades. China's invasion of Hong Kong further pushed Taiwan into wanting to avoid any agreement with China because they know they'll just get fucked and forced into reunification. If China actually invades Taiwan, China will lose a lot of international support and may see sanctions on the level of Russia. (As it is, China's "alliances" seem more like economic agreements rather than any formal alliance that would help them in the event of war.) For some reason their labor camps and genocide of Uyghurs don't get a lot of media attention, but if shit starts going bad for them, these will be brought up and used against them.
>>34760 Normally yes, however going to war during a famine involves losing face and Taiwan isn't enough to fix said famine so it will just create civil strife, while keeping their head low and supplying Russia will put them in a better position roughly six years from now to invade when Americans elect another Democrat. Then again I thought the rate at which congressmen are dumping money into Ukraine would be enough to cause civil unrest and there's a few months to prove whether I am right or wrong. I guess when we start seeing troops moving around it will be cleared up. >implying civil war isn't part of the plan It's not. Civil unrest is part of the plan but they would prefer to kill political dissidents overseas rather than at home where there's a risk of them successfully revolting.
>>22101 At very least, the current continuity of Chinese state did start after New Deal, which in turn put the big pants on after Soviet Union. Thus: all other things equal, we would expect them to end in this order too. Of course, those other things are never equal at all. But other than this, who knows? Sure, China doesn't look too dysfunctional from the outside, not has rivals that could make it sweat much, let alone crush it. But what of it? 30 years ago USA looked so strong from the outside, too. Right after winning the Cold War (by hook, by crook, or by default, depending on whom you ask), and nothing is going to stop the #1 superpower, and... and by now it almost died of cancer, with no cure in foreseeable future. Oops. From the outside, the only obvious question is: why do their bosses push utterly phantasmagorical crap like "social credit"? Are they fixing what works well... or does it NOT work well for them? Hmm. The only ones who can tell what's up are the Chinese, but they aren't going to tell. And even they could not tell which trends are important and which aren't, due to the aberrations of proximity.
Open file (83.69 KB 830x795 1641951044326.jpg)
>>22102 tl;dr faget
>>34972 Said the moonrune reader.
>>34815 If China invades Taiwan--wait they're already doing this with intermarriages. They've probably already won most of the Taiwanese elites' hearts and minds already. >>35003 Out of the way bucko, drinking bro coming through. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43_O9kJu6Hw
Aging is a problem. But it is not just a problem for China, it is a common problem for all developed countries in the world. China can learn from Japan and South Korea, which are ahead of it, to cope with aging. Even if pensions are insufficient, the Chinese will not collapse under any circumstances. You have completely underestimated the potential of the Chinese people to endure suffering and the ability of the Communist state apparatus to control the flow of information and social stability. Take the Wuhan virus, for example, where China, using its totalitarian system and the slavish nature of its population, can do repeated clearances that no Western country can do, not even fellow Eastern countries like Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Imagine a country that can go to this level of hysteria over an enhanced version of the flu, what else do you think China can't do.
When China started winning almost all the gold medals in mathematical and physical Olympiads two or three decades ago, it was time for the West to realize the crisis. Today, people of Chinese descent have flooded research institutions, universities and technology companies in the West, especially in America. while local Americans are still obsessed with their stupid topics like identity politics, race wars, and "diversity" issues, the Chinese are spending every moment thinking about defeating/weakening America, meanwhile silencing domestic every dissenting voices, building a iron wall of single ideologicay. Since Xi came to power he had purged all liberal and pro-Western voices on their intranet, nationalism and extreme statism are prevailing. It evem doesn't even take the Communist Party to do anything, every Chinese is watching everyone else to report "Western spies" to get a government reward of tens thousands of USD. The only nations that can deal with China are the Koreans and Japanese, but their population is too small. And The West is not only underpopulated, but stupid and divided as shit. Essentially fighting China, you are fighting 5 Imperial Japans at same time (which was twice the size of Japan today).
>>36249 >Aging is a problem. But it is not just a problem for China, it is a common problem for all developed countries in the world. The difference is that in many first world problems, the aging question is an urban issue or regional issue, not a nation-wide issue (it is a nation-wide issue because of taxes, but once ideologically outnumbered the state benefits will be cut; Socialists are already losing core voting blocs to age and infertility). In China the only people having kids seem to be the oppressed minorities that hate Han Chinese. >You have completely underestimated the potential of the Chinese people to endure suffering This isn't the 30s where everyone is a rural farmer, Chang. I don't underestimate their subconscious desire to cannibalize one another I question their ability to stay relevant on the world stage while doing so. I don't care about Chinese killing one another the same way I don't care about the Tatmadaw killing urban dwellers. >Chink virus Cucking them militarily and making them impotent on the world stage during a time when China should be DOMINANT in world politics. China imports their grains too, so they're to be hit hardest by the food shortages after two years of shit harvests and crop burning. >Today, people of Chinese descent have flooded research institutions, universities and technology companies in the West Yes that's ultimately a "good" thing if they can do the job and not report trade secrets back to the mainland. The lack of responsibility is the core issue. >Internet purges Making the populace militantly nationalist without any realism is how you get complete societal collapse. This isn't starship troopers and there is no existential threat from a non-human entity (unless you count the bug people of China as non-human entities which I do not even if I call them bug people because of mentality). >5 Imperial Japans at the same time With an actual technological level on par with muskets. Look how that went for the Soviets until their buddies showed up during WWII. China doesn't have any buddies since they pissed off everyone. At best they have insurance in the form of aligned hatred for the West coming from Russia who is about to overtake China over in Africa.
>>36270 Your rebuttal is pretty feeble. The fertility rate in each country is a national issue. When we compare fertility rates in different countries, we don't take data from individual city regions. Every western country is aging and the only solution is to bring in large numbers of foreign immigrants, but that leads to the disintegration of nation states and social instability, especially in "democracies" and areas where the internet is not controlled and censored. This is worse than just aging. I don't care that you don't care about Chinese. I just want you to know that the vast majority of Chinese people will never have the idea or conception of rebelling against the government, even if they are locked up at home and starving to death by anti-pandemic policies, Let alone pension fund collapsing. On the other side, China has caught up with the US in many aspects of technology, such as artificial intelligence, drones, electric cars, and smartphones. You know why Japan's trade surplus has dropped dramatically in recent years? because it is in the same ecological niche as China in manufacturing and is losing out to the competition. The next victims are likely to be South Korea and Taiwan. As for Europe and the United States? You guys had lost manufacturing a long time ago. And the service sector has no role during a war. You expect a bunch of lawyers, lgbt fashion designers and Hollywood pop stars to stop Russia from invading Ukraine? I'm laughing my ass off.
Open file (2.82 MB 224x400 a_bugs_life.webm)
>>36448 >angry bug noises You will never be a human being.
>>36448 You're right on pretty much all accounts. That other anon is clearly a seething lunatic, and underinformed on several points. China's SCO (Shanghai Pact) is the prelude to an Asian NATO and has a powerful ally in Russia (world's largest nuclear arsenal, not to mention China's own nukes) to say the least. The Saudis recently made China their major oil partner and are now accepting yuan. The Chinese own billions worth of euros in businesses and entire towns in London and the rest of the UK, not to mention the rest of Europe. Most of Europe's good real estate, but they can make the UK a second Tang dynasty Japan. >the vast majority of Chinese people will never have the idea or conception of rebelling against the government True, but enough can make enough of a fuss to cripple China's economy. Speaking of which, how are the Chinese dealing with baizuo ideology? As Jinping said, it is a serious threat that collapsed the West, so how are anti-Chinese and nationalist elements combatting each other over the issue?
Here's a way China can bring its aging population under heel: Plan a 9/11 event. Instill fear and sobriety into its population and make them compliant. Group old people into facilities to make them more manageable. Use sociable young people suitable for caring for them. Sociable bailan can be used too, but you don't want frustrated bailans near the vulnerable. What other useful jobs could bailans be feasible for?
>>36523 As anon pointed out this is something China can do even in the open. They probably don't even need a 9/11 event (ie, Uighurs), just keep banking on covid propagandas and mass produce fences to seal perimeters. The West can't do this (yet), to their benefit and advantage, but a radical rightist group could change all that. Look at the Trump worship that came from SCOTUS gutting abortion rights. They have something to believe in, and righteous insurrection just might happen.
Open file (847.65 KB 600x338 1635653373595.gif)
>>36448 >It's a national issue Yes. A national issue of ideological replacement. That's why I pointed out that American and European birth rates along political/socioeconomic/racial lines are leaning towards stability over time outside of urban centers, while in China, with only the ethnic minorities without a voice having kids, it is moving towards political instability. I'm not pulling the race card to talk race or anything equally silly, I'm just saying that only the groups who will lead to political instability (out of resentment towards Han and the CCP) are having kids in China. Their intellectuals are mass fleeing to Western countries right now, which is bad for China even if it's "good" short-term by helping their reputation/espionage efforts since the West and China have different ideals (and the last time Western ideals went to China they formed the CCP). >On the other side, China has caught up with the US in many aspects of technology, such as artificial intelligence, drones, electric cars, and smartphones. I'm not sure I'd call "you can do whatever you want over here so long as you hand over the schematics" the same as technological development. Like the Japanese you mentioned, it reeks of that region's excellence at optimizing technology but being unable to actually develop their own. A model Japan has been moving away from for the last 30 years towards actual innovation after realizing the flaws in that system. >You know why Japan's trade surplus has dropped dramatically in recent years? Because they've been experiencing deflation for 30 years compared to China's inflation (a good thing even if the Japanese government hates it), and have been returning to a domestic cash-based market which looks bad on official numbers even if it's much more stable. >The next victims are likely to be South Korea and Taiwan. Fuck both Koreas and the only reason Taiwan doesn't get the boot is geopolitical. >As for Europe and the United States? You guys had lost manufacturing a long time ago. You joke about that, but then what does it say for China when they're increasingly outsourcing to SEA countries and expanding in the service sector while their manufacturing/industrial sector is rapidly sinking? Brah China's literally following a case-by-case model for the Japanese housing market collapse of the late 80s. The difference is that collapse happened over the course of 15 years and lead to a lost decade. China's advanced in a similar path in the course of three years and the level of debt involved makes the Japanese collapse look like a drop in the bucket which could lead to a lost century (or complete collapse). >>36522 >China's SCO (Shanghai Pact) is the prelude to an Asian NATO and has a powerful ally in Russia I'm not denying that. I'm just pointing out that who was supposed to wear the collar and who was supposed to wear the leash are likely to flip-flop right now.
What would be a sufficient incentive for Han Chinese to breed, supposing that's what CCP wanted? CCP has carrots. It seems they're intent on lowering China's population to 700 million anyway, since the populace is full of useless eaters anyway. For their minorities, allowing them to breed at a faster rate is just a concession while they still screw those minorities over in economics and education. Those minorities have vigor that the Han take in as they interbreed with them. Han Chinese, especially their bailan, are feeling ennui as a civilization despite not having reached first place as a superpower yet.
>>36562 >What would be a sufficient incentive for Han Chinese to breed, supposing that's what CCP wanted? The main contributing factors keeping young people from fucking in China are the gender imbalance (not enough women) and the wealth inequality skewed towards older people, in part because of the one-child policy. There's not much that can be done about the urban issue, but incentivizing child rearing through maternal-specific safety nets and encouraging immigration of women to China would go a long way. The wealth inequality issue isn't solvable in my opinion because the titanic has already struck the iceberg and we're just waiting until the ship sinks (the only solution but one that would be very bad for the CCP). Dunno man, I know economics, but I'm not an economist and the only solutions involve pulling out the knives/arrows already stuck in the flesh.
>>36563 >Importing women (from SEA/East Europe) This would weaken the local region as a whole, which would be bad for China in the long run, since China has severe weaknesses they should leave to allies to cover for. For one, they're not very athletic or nautical in spirit. They'll need more naturally decisive and ship worthy allies to learn from when they finally have serious wars. I think the issue of wealth and liberals can be combined. Find Western and liberal sympathizers, make them fair game for the government and their rivals to purge. Of nationalists, target the particularly dumb, useless, and wasteful to purge. Again, fake virus lockdowns, and the passivity of the common people give a huge advantage. Distribute the stolen wealth to the young, favoring the loyal. Incentivize loyalty from the remaining young by using the remaining pool of wealth for recruitment programs.
So is China's population shrinkage an actual political threat? Because like anons said, they can be more brutal on their people. It just sounds like Western propaganda to try to fool China into forcing swarthoids into the country. And the only reason Western countries let those immigrants in is because Jews put both Westerners and swarthoids in serious debt, forcing politicians to put their hands in the Jewish bag of tricks. I've heard China is Jew controlled. I don't know, but if they were once Jew manipulated for the Soviet period, they aren't taking top-down LGBT or immigrant nonsense like everywhere else.
>>36649 Historically speaking, people aren't willing to take life unless they are making life. If you don't believe in rights, liberty, or any other American ideals you can still point to the fact that America is rapidly losing its ability to wage war because the soldiers lack soul, and the numbers reflect this. Nowhere is this sayong more obvious than in Ukraine where hopes of insurgency are being dashed because Ukrainians have a dwindling population and no strong ideals they stand by (which is why they rely on their nationalist institutions to raise the war spirit, much to the annoyance of Western leaders who don't want to admit it). Yes, China has a large enough population to throw people away for the next ten years, but it is a direct threat to their expansionist policy and they are approaching a point of no return that took America 80 years in the course of about 30-40. The Chinese nationalists are a vocal minority, but even they aren't having enough kids to meet the PLA army's demands. I just want to point out the humor of the acronym PLA in relation to 3D printing. The plastic army, heh. China has maybe one or two good wars before it becomes possible for other countries to wrest territory from them based on pretty much every similar situation in the last five decades. I don't buy into the narrative that somehow their brutality and fringe Chink nationalism is going to let them accomplish what nobody else could when they are rapidly degenerating faster than anyone else could. Honestly China needs Jesus. Or at least some kind of spiritual enlightenment movement to reinvigorate them.
Why don't the Chinese use the population they're trying to get rid off, useless old people and everyone past the 700 million essential personnel mark, for colonizing pushover nations like Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Central Asian -Stans?
>>36739 Because the old people are how the party remains in power sort of like how 50% of millennials and 70% of Zoomers support civil war, but 80% of Gen X and 90% of Boomers oppose it (not the literal numbers but close to them in polling) interpret that about a dozen different ways). Plus you need young people to populate foreign regions because you want them to fuck and have kids. Old people are good for holding defensive positions since they don't have to move around much, but they are shit for offensive operations in war.
>>36649 Politically? No, they can just continue playing up the nationalism angle, which seems to be working. The minute they begin importing foreigners is the minute the nationalism card stops working. Besides, it wouldn't work without a serious indoctrination push, the China Chinese are notoriously discriminatory against even overseas-born Chinese, what more some subhuman from bumfuck nowhere? No, the real threat is the lack of warm bodies to fuel China's industry. It's not just the one-child policy coming to bite them in the ass, it's also the absolutely fucked up environment in China ensuring the would-be rural babymakers enjoy a burgeoning infant mortality rate, and also the 996 working culture in most cities squeezing people hard enough to not want to make babies. On top of all these, Xi hasn't managed to consolidate power as much as he'd like. The next decade is going to be very interesting.
>>36741 > No, they can just continue playing up the nationalism angle, which seems to be working. Does that mean that real China will eventually overthrow the communist usurpers?
>>36532 You're living in your own dream. The only colonized populations in China that could cause political instability are the Uyghurs and Tibetans, the other minorities have basically been completely assimilated and erased. But all Uyghurs and Tibetans together account for less than 1% of the total population, which is less than the percentage of the Chinese population in the United States. Even if the Uighur fertility rate is slightly higher than the Han Chinese, how many years do you think it will take for them to have a modicum of influence at this rate? And in the meantime, the CCP government won't do anything about it? Wake up, the CCP is bringing Uyghurs back into strict "family planning". Ever heard of forced sterilization? That's where the "genocide" charge comes from. Yes, there are many technical experts from China who have moved to the United States, but a much larger number have stayed in China. Moreover, a large percentage of those who remain in the United States are technical spies or potential targets for rebellion. China's "National Security Law" states that all citizens have duty to cooperate with national security mission, no matter where you are. Putting the law aside, every Chinese person grows up with a patriotic education of nationalism, and even in the United States they can receive countless anti-American propaganda produced in the China every day through the free world Internet, making it impossible for them to shed their allegiance to their country. And even if those second-generation Chinese Americans who can't read Chinese, they could still beinfluenced by self-destructive identity politics and critical racial theories in the US to become cynical and anti-west.
Does anyone have recommendations for Chinese-language books about Chinese history?
China status mid-2022: >Russia stole its thunder as global villain challenging the West >its economy is stalled due to zero-Covid lockdowns >its banking system is hit by a mortgage crisis >its population isn't getting any younger >Xi has stopped making public appearances both domestically and internationally >inflation is lower than the rest of the world >high demand for Chinese consumer technology in second-world countries Is there anything I missed?
Open file (484.04 KB 1280x720 chinapurge.jpg)
>>37858 Yes >run on banks as they stop allowing withdrawls >3/4ths of a million+ people and growing just decide to en-mass ignore the generational punishment for defaulting on debt because they "are the last generation" to the horror of house of cards that is the apartment building industry that doesn't finish most of its homes even when it has suckers lining up >textile industry fleeing China due to delays, new costs (including prohibitons on slave muslim cotton), and clean water shortage >literally everyone's private data leaked due to tofu dreg tier network security, <may reveal demographic issues are worse than let on, and the scale/identity of government informants >deliberate flooding of cities in Guangdong on hour's notice because government would rather have the dams making electricity than stopping their cities from flooding
>>37603 I think you would be hard-pressed to find anyone here who can read Chinese, anon.
>>37865 >3/4ths of a million+ people and growing just decide to en-mass ignore the generational punishment for defaulting on debt because they "are the last generation" to the horror of house of cards that is the apartment building industry that doesn't finish most of its homes even when it has suckers lining up You know you fucked up bad when the NEETs won't even listen to their parents/grandparents any more. >Deliberate flooding That's business as usual. If the factories have no electricity it will make the situation a whole lot worse than a couple thousand drowned Chinese which are a drop in the bucket.
>>37873 What happened to the chinese anon? i miss his autism to be honest
>>37874 It's not so much punishing the parents, but the children/grandchildren who are punished for the default. They've woken up to the fact that retaliation against their children is a hollow threat if they can't afford to have children.
>>37875 He stops by occasionally but not as much any more. He had a reason but I honestly forgot why. >>37890 >They've woken up to the fact that retaliation against their children is a hollow threat if they can't afford to have children. Fair enough. China was really only keeping that problem under wraps because even middle class Chinese could afford a mail-order bride, but I imagine with the economy as it is and your average Chinese male needing at least 2-3 houses to secure a mate before the pandemic hit, many have just given up.
It's time to shill /finance/ again! https://trashchan.xyz/finance/thread/85.html#120
>>37874 Number of non-payers has increased to over a million. How much more, we can't be sure because government has started censoring the numbers and coordinating propaganda response to convince people the buildings will totally be finished (honest!), which means it's bad for the CCP.
>>37865 >>37858 Evergrande coming out publicly with its issues sure shows the cracks in the Chinese economy. And then their retarded Covid policies and now the citizens not paying is a trifecta of problems that are destroying the delicate balance with Citizens/Banks/Construction Companies. A great price to pay forcing so many of your citizens into an artificial middle class while destroying farmland/villages to build endless amount of construction projects to raise GDP. How worse will it get before China has to use the good old external threat to distract the citizens?
>>37994 >To raise GDP To be honest that was a side-benefit. The reason so many Chinese invest in the property market is because by and large it's "illegal" to own investments in mainland China outside of property, so everyone dumped their investments into construction since it was one of the few fields that were "growing with/above inflation." Imagine if it were illegal or unprofitable to invest your money into anything but a handful of stocks with inflation making it stupid to save money outside of stocks, then suddenly that one means of storing wealth without it losing value falls out from the bottom, and that describes what's actually going on with these construction companies.
>>37994 The construction companies did this shit to themselves. Remember, the reason people stopped paying was because the construction companies didn't bother to actually build the thing they were already paying for and had been promised years ago. Though, granted, Covid retardation didn't help in that aspect.
>>37865 >anyone with money is trying to flee >government desperate to stop them Rats fleeing the sinking ship
DPA did a summary of the South China Sea. I haven't watched it yet, but seeing as how he's from Singapore and his Ukraine coverage isn't bad, I'll probably listen to it a little later: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOGKTc1kx64
Open file (128.63 KB 640x826 chinapoo.jpg)
>Wuhan Flu now widespread >fifth+ of population and economy locked down >government refuses to stop lockdowns >even though these mass testings are likely great ways to spread the virus >even though their economy is fucked
>>38113 They can't stop the lockdowns or change their zero Covid policy. Ever since it broke out of their lab, they've been non-stop touting how great and successful and wise and patriotic and ingenious their "solution" is. That's how they got people wanting to change things after being starved in their apartments to shut up. If they now say "Remember those times we welded you into your apartment for a couple months straight and you got a weekly ration of a handful of moldy vegetables? Yeah, turns out that didn't do anything, we're just retarded", heads are going to fly. China is five minutes from declaring war on someone, anyone, to distract from internal problems.
>>38113 >>38115 I dislike defending chicomdom but the covid flu is not chinese, the lab wasn't chinese-ran either, look it up
>>38117 coronavirus proper is endemic to china and the middle east, and literally went from bat -> human in china by at latest 2002 Unless you're claiming that SARS is from a biolab in one of the many countries with <10 cases >There is no vaccine for SARS, although immunologist Anthony Fauci mentioned that the CDC developed one and placed it in the US national stockpile.[13] >2017 > A 2017 meta-analysis found that for medical professionals wearing N-95 masks could reduce the chances of getting sick up to 80% compared to no mask.[18] A screening process was also put in place at airports to monitor air travel to and from affected countries.[19] wildly offtopic but still lel
>>38129 >$44 billion >To fix a $52 Trillion bubble Haha, no.
Open file (4.60 MB 400x299 laughingaway.gif)
>>38129 50+% will be stolen, the other 45% will go toward bailing out those held by the CCP officials/allies.
So South Korea, China, Japan, India, Pakistan, and even Taiwan are all talking about expanding their nuclear capabilities for energy production due to the petrol shortages. https://youtube.com/watch?v=Oc1m9iRg3tA
>no talk about Pelosi plotting to fly to Taiwan to virtue signal with China threatening to shoot the plane down
>>38186 Both countries are impotent and it's just regular posturing/blustering.
>>38186 >with China threatening to shoot the plane down I know they threatened to intercept and escort it right through Taiwanese airspace to the airport, and they've said more broadly that there could be a military response, but I didn't think they had threatened specifically to shoot it down.
>>38194 The Bidup administration mentioned it was specifically concerned about the PLA imposing a no-fly-zone over the island, but CCP-state media has only mentioned the plan to escort: US fears China will launch no-fly zone over Taiwan before Pelosi visit >The Biden administration said China may try to impose a no-fly zone over Taiwan to prevent the visit of U.S. Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi. >Meanwhile, Chinese state-run media is claiming that People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) warplanes would "accompany" Pelosi's flight over Taiwan, setting a precedent for routine Chinese military flights over Taiwan. >The Financial Times on Tuesday (July 19) cited six sources as saying Pelosi will head a delegation that will visit Taiwan in August. When asked by the media to comment on Pelosi's trip on Wednesday (July 20), Biden said, "Well, I think that the military thinks it’s not a good idea right now." >At Pelosi's weekly press conference on Thursday (July 21), she refused to confirm or deny a reported trip to Taiwan describing her travel plans as a "security issue." However, Pelosi indicated the U.S. military had expressed concerns that her plane "would get shot down" by Chinese forces as it neared Taiwan airspace. >A Biden administration official was on Friday (July 22) cited by CNN as saying that China could try to impose a no-fly zone over Taiwan in an attempt to sabotage Pelosi's visit. The official said another possible response by China to Pelosi's trip could be much deeper incursions into Taiwan's air defense identification zone (ADIZ), "which could trigger a response from Taiwan and the U.S." — although the official did not specify what the response would involve. >The imposition of a no-fly zone over Taiwan by the PLAAF would be an unprecedented military escalation, as China has never before imposed a no-fly zone over Taiwan. Although Taiwan's air force is substantially smaller than China's, it still possesses over 400 combat aircraft and the U.S.-made Patriot missile air defense system, plus the domestically-produced Tien-Kung (Sky Bow) II and III long range surface-to-air missiles (SAM). >Imposition of a no-fly zone would likely lead to direct military conflict because the PLAAF would need to somehow destroy Taiwan's hundreds of fighter jets and SAM systems. >Although Chinese warplanes frequently harass the outer edges of Taiwan's ADIZ, they have not penetrated Taiwan's territorial airspace, which extends 12 nautical miles (22 kilometers) from Taiwan's coast. A deeper incursion into the ADIZ or violating Taiwan's territorial airspace, would also likely lead to combat with Taiwan's fighter jets and trigger SAM launches. >On Tuesday, China's state-run Global Times warned that PLAAF warplanes could "accompany" Pelosi's aircraft as it flew into Taiwan's airspace. As her plane lands, Global Times claimed, the PLAAF warplanes could then "skim over her landing site, and then fly over the island and return to the Chinese mainland." >It added there would be a "low probability of causing a direct military confrontation," without explaining why the risk of conflict was low. The author then claimed the fact that Chinese warplanes had successfully flown directly over Taiwan would be an "even more landmark precedent than Pelosi's visit to Taiwan" and that it would open up a "whole new space for PLA warplanes to exercise sovereignty over the Taiwan island." https://web.archive.org/web/20220727223705/https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/4603166
>>38200 I was calling last year around this time for a preemptive strike on China while they were down, and in that time the Biden administration has only assisted the Chinese at every venture whether by gutting the American military or selling oil to China during this fuel crisis. We're so fucked.
Would the US launch nukes at Taiwan if the legitimate Chinese military were to crumble in the face of a Kung Flu gommunist invasion in order to deny the PLAN naval infrastructure, similar to NATO cold war plans to nuke West Germany in the event of a Soviet breakthrough?
>>38209 Taiwan houses nearly all the world's advanced chip plants. If anyone bombs or nukes Taiwan, they're basically nuking themselves back into the 80s too. Only way it gets nuked is if there's a serious risk of the enemy occupying it permanently.
>>38211 >Only way it gets nuked is if there's a serious risk of the enemy occupying it permanently. Considering Taiwan's defenses, that's circular logic since a Chinese invasion of Taiwan would be a permanent occupation.
>>38211 >back into the 80s Try the fucking 40s bro. At this point, I'm not even sure we could cold-start domestic discrete electronics production in any meaningful way in less than years, plural, possibly very plural.
>>38317 Fairly low. China will cuck out and let the event happen. That being said, China's response after they leave is questionable and I expect China to invade in the next 6 months after building up a case with the international community so as to avoid further scrutiny. Probably in October when the agricultural report comes out.
>>38319 Taiwan is the size of Armenia or Israel and their tactics are based out of the 70s for defending against China. China won't go to war, they'll just do some economic fuckery or maybe a military embargo and then America will have to invade and be the "bad guys" if they want to stop it.
>>38325 I hope it's both economic fuckery and a military embargo. Because if nothing happens after this newest threat by a government mouthpiece calling for the shooting down of Pelosi's plane, then China's going to look like the biggest pussy shitter on the block since Ukraine. https://archive.ph/YCVAB
Open file (946.42 KB 960x720 QUALITYchin.png)
>chinese steel industry collapses >several companies dead >chinese steal industry continues Wew
>>38328 >pic <littlegriliwishaniggawouldfingerscrossed.jpg.exe.mov
>>38201 >crisis Glownigger, I...
>>38334 Yes, crisis. A self-inflicted wound is still a wound.
Open file (2.78 MB 1080x1080 biden npc oblivion.webm)
>>38328 >pic Just escort the plane with F-35s.
>>38323 Xi has to make sure he lands his third term before that
Open file (928.20 KB 1531x757 brb_gotta_suicide.png)
https://archive.ph/RE8A3 Oh for fuck's sake.
>>38328 Pelosi's trip to Taiwan was supposed to be yesterday . Did she go or was it postponed to later date?
>>38356 >Trip to Taiwan Her trip to Asia started yesterday. She's visiting Japan, Worst Korea, Malaysia, and Singapore as well. Once I know which country she visits first I'll be able yo figure out the general itinerary, but Taiwan will either be after Korea/Japan or after Malaysia/Singapore based on logical plane routes/geography. I'm guessing after Japan/Korea assuming she flew West from Seattle but if she left from California or Jew York it will probably be after Malaysia/Singapore.
>>38211 We're all going to end up as aesthetic admechs hoarding Apple ]['s and C64s an early IBM clones and third generation consoles as artifacts of a bygone age.
>>38366 Z80s, 6502s and OG 8086 processors are reliant on far, far simpler fabrication processes than the glowniggers from out of order 6.66nm Gaymer CPUs with flawless built-in microcode mitigations that also disable CPU instructions the manufacturer decided he doesn't like after his product hit store shelves, basic industrial processes and machinery that haven't yet been fully DRM'd should still be able to function with unlicensed Russo-Chinese replacement parts after the Burger Empire's collapse.
>>38211 >the enemy occupying it permanently >the enemy occupying it >the enemy occupying >(((the enemy))) Anon, I...
>>38337 Pfft. You've drunk your own koolaid, glowfren. So, $30/gal for gas is a pretty reasonable mid-term target price then, amirite? >you too, will eat the bugs and be happy. don't kid yourself & think you'll escape then simply be being human vermin today.
>>38372 You're so lost in ideology that I don't even know which level of ironic shitposting you're on. Sober up and come back to the conversation when you can speak clearly and with intent instead of going off on random tangents that leave me even more confused having read your post several times.
>>38343 >>38346 Meme responsibly anon. These are precarious times.
>>38375 >not meming the Pelosi triggers WW3 timeline
Open file (5.81 MB 1280x1080 kawaiifu_nuke_dance.webm)
>>38380 me on the right when
>no mention of Taiwan on Pelosi's flight plan
>>38390 They won't put down a date because the goal is to pull a "gotcha" on China. Even if she lands it's likely the whole thing won't be mentioned until after the fact. Unless insiders working for China leak her location, but that only happens with Republicans.
>>38393 >Unless insiders working for China leak her location, but that only happens with Republicans. You can literally track her plan by yourself using several common websites. By the way, why exactly do chinks believe some witch landing on taiwan is such a big deal ?
>>38394 It's seen as recognizing Taiwan as an independent entity that can be interacted with without approval of the CCP government.
Open file (484.02 KB 1280x720 chinapurge.jpg)
>>38394 >By the way, why exactly do chinks believe some witch landing on Taiwan is such a big deal? That is a long history lessons that I don't want to go into, but the slightly wrong tl;dr version is... >Chiang Kai-Shek refuses Japanese aid in maintaining order in Chinese cities post-WWII (why Japan had to sign a demilitarization contract since this was supposed to be their "out" like Germany's "out" in opposing the communists) >Internationally funded communists use post-war tensions to have rural Chink farmers who were somewhat being oppressed (no more than any other time in Chinese history) to lead a worker's uprising >Chiang Kai-Shek embezzles a bunch of funds instead of maintaining law and order as Chinese are prone to do (in the grand scheme of things not as badly as Western media makes it out to be in relation to prior Chinese rulers) >Gets his shit kicked in and forced back to the island of Taiwan >During most of the cold war Western powers supported Taiwan (Nationalist dictatorship) while Eastern powers supported Western Taiwan (Communist dictatorship) >1970s roll around >Western Taiwan has very little public support and needs Western gibs to jumpstart their economy and not go through another famine >West and East come together in agreement recognizing themselves as "One China, two systems" >In traditional Chinese fashion this agreement is vague so both sides can save face >In reality it's "Western Taiwan will not fuck with the Republic of China in exchange for being allowed Western gibs" >Fast forward 20-30 years >Western Taiwan is now the primary economic power in the region >Taiwanese government fucked up their international diplomacy and is beginning to lose their tech edge >Western Taiwan needs gibs slightly less >Has been getting uppity >Considers the Republic of China a vassal state, reinterpreting the meaning of One China policy to suit their interests >A vocal minority gets pissed about this and gets a plurality of people to vote for a "Taiwanese independence" president >President does what the people want >Taiwan begins to flourish in comparison to their much larger neighbor to the West as a bunch of /tech/ wizards growing silicon crystals >This kills the Communist Chink >International support is with the Communist Chinks because the West is afraid of war and losing access to cheap Chinese plastic >China now insists that Taiwan is a Chinese province under the One China policy and needs to submit to Chinese rule E.G. How they gutted Hong Kong a few years ago illegally >Trips to Taiwan by foreign officials is equivalent to declaring Western Taiwan illegitimate >This kills the Chink who is already dying of COVID, famine, oil shortages, energy shortages, a housing bubble, etc. >Western Taiwan therefore can't recognize a rising Republic of China on the economic stage since it undermines everything they've done in the last 20 years if they lose support abroad while they are down
>>38390 Flight plan, you say?
Open file (2.13 MB 1600x1086 ClipboardImage.png)
>>38407 Couldn't Pelosi transfer from the C-40 she's used so far in her trip to a seemingly random "civilian" plane flown by Feds and smuggle herself into Taiwan that way without Bugmen noticing? If she did then the PLA might threaten to shoot down random aircraft suspected of carrying out "invasions" of claimed Communist Chinese territory on behalf of the US government.
>>38409 Diplomatic planes get diplomatic protections. If she's on a civilian plane and chink spies find out, they could easily reroute it to Beijing for X reasons and claim BS when they claim to be a diplomatic plane because it isn't, forcing it to land.
Open file (545.74 KB 945x2048 ClipboardImage.png)
https://nitter.1d4.us/TachankaKity/status/1553749809676394502 China's new rifle keyholes at bad breath distance. Even old ammo incompatible with the twist rate and training ammo won't produce this bad a result, and it's for rehersed propaganda.
>>38417 You'd think chink propagandists would be able to invest in a hammer and nails to create more convincing bulletholes for their propaganda.
>>38417 But why does he have such juicy lips?
>>38433 Because China's primary concerns are peacekeeping in Africa or defending against America, but brown crayon is more expensive they are aware that the international community gets uppity about shooting browns. It's part of mental training by associating certain racial features with "the enemy."
>Pelosi is expected to arrived in Taipei tomorrow evening
>>38429 It's 50/50 that China has no teeth and doesn't respond or China has no teeth and gums away at the decaying American corpse anyways because they have nothing to lose and America can't respond. Notice historically that every time China gets uppity with anyone other than a bordering country, it's because the other nation is preoccupied abroad.
Some possible retaliatory actions by China: >burger sanctions >military deals with russia or iran >support for russia in ukraine >deployment in syria Less likely: >deployment to the ukraine Very unlikely: >invasion of taiwan Thoughts? Anything obvious I'm missing?
>>38446 >Burger sanctions Unlikely unless China is already ready for war. They import a lot of their food from America and they need Democrats to win the midterms. >The rest Already happening in some capacity just not full-scale. There is a small subset of islands away from Taiwan claimed by Taiwan with some 40k people living there and some of Taiwan's agriculure that are likely to be annexed or embargo'd. An embargo of outlying regions or of Taiwan proper seems the most likely since most of America's allies will look the other way, but that kind of show of force might be too high of a gamble compared to outright military invasion anyways depending on Western response. China's problem is any action they take will be met with an extreme response, so they may just chuck it in the fuck it bucket and go for gold anyways.
Open file (1.30 MB 1270x831 ClipboardImage.png)
>>38446 >Less likely >>deployment to the ukraine they're already signing up for the DPR and LPR
If the happening's canceled despite Pelosi visiting Taiwan, I think we can all agree that China deserves nothing but bullying and rape.
>>38449 Those are volunteers, but good point.
>>38453 correct this will settle many debates
DPA did a summary of the Taiwan issue. I just started it and I'm not sure if I'll summarize or not. If I do I'll just reply to this post. >The conflict between China and China Pretty sure mentioning that got me gulag'd from a Singaporean VPN node so I hope DPA's ok. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39aQCvnv8aE
>>38453 They deserve it regardless.
Open file (72.95 KB 201x226 1431158408427.png)
I'm catching up on the Pelosi situation, but what I'm wondering is why the fuck are the dems doing this anyway? Are they really that desperate for power or megalomaniacal that they are willing to have half the planet nuked and 70% of the under-30 population dead? Honest question.
>>38478 To them, most of us are completely expendable and quite frankly redundant.
>>38478 Well >>38479 aside, China is getting uppity over the Taiwan shit because of the West's blunder in Ukraine. >>38467 pretty much provides a history lesson of China's antics over the last two months and is worth a watch. American war hawks from both parties either think China is bluffing or want a war to try and save their skins during the midterm elections. The Democrats could also potentially be setting up Biden on a cross so they can martyr him with all the Democrat party's sins and this would be the event to do it when he blunders Taiwan, but somehow I doubt that will work if that is the aim.
>>38478 It's a combination of extreme incompetence, sadism, and a huge quantity of arrogance.
>>38478 Last Tuesday, Pelosi sold millions of dollars of Nvidia stock at a deliberate loss, the day before the government announced subsidies for US-based chip fabrication, which caused Nvidia stock to spike. She explained that she used her insider knowledge to deliberately lose money to prove that she's not insider-trading for a profit. Until the US fabs get up and running, Taiwan is absolutely critical for silicon production, and if tensions over the island get hot enough to make investors skittish, share prices will go down. It's seriously possible that Pelosi's Taiwan visit idea is a market manipulation scheme for her own personal benefit, to cause a market dip so she can buy back what she just sold to "prove" her integrity.
>>38483 >Until the US fabs get up and running Unless the fabs are up and running, I entirely doubt the veracity of Intel intending to produce in America rather then take the money and increase production in China, toothless stipulations be damned.
>>38483 She sold millions of dollars of Nvidia stock at a deliberate loss because congress is getting ready to pass a vote on politicians not being allowed to trade stocks while in office. She's pulling the ladder up with her on her way out.
>>38484 The US fabs won't be ready for another 2-3 years. At least the ones in Arizona won't be, and those rely on a Taiwanese company to train them. t. Almost considering taking a job at one.
Open file (4.20 MB 1920x1434 Brendan_update_2022.png)
>China is just going to attack the ocean to blow off steam
>>38488 >Wasting missiles being loonies trying to blow up the ocean. >Wasting time and fuel sending what might as well be everything they have to the Taiwanese border. >Now wasting their civilian economy by shutting down airports in the region near Taiwan. >All to bluff a geriatric that's old enough to care less than not being able to care less about life. Heh. The USA should fly out weekly delegations to Taiwan if this turns out to be a bluff.
China deserves nothing but bullying and rape.
Looks like she went ahead with it. reports are saying Pelosi just arrived in Taiwan.
Achievements of Xi's second term >coof lockdowns >recession >attempting to one-up the US and failing Did the CCP orchestrate the Pelosi event to have an excuse to kick him out?
>>38538 Doubtful considering the CCP is full of retards and psychopaths, though it's almost guaranteed they'll use him as a fall guy. Xi may be the one at the tippy top but it still takes a lot of people to make a country like China run and if they're all cut from the same cloth it's not hard to believe most of the top level are blowhards.
>>38538 Mercouris seems to be of the belief that the Chinese love him in his latest video, so I don't know, man.
Open file (208.77 KB 800x1672 1637997175176.png)
>>38577 That entire society seems rigged to reward dickheadedness, so you're probably right desu. Natural selection took a wrong fucking turn over there. I dunno if image related is 100% accurate in detail, but it tracks with my impression of the bugs pretty well.
>>38584 It's stuff like that pic that makes me wonder just how much of China's history will forever remain a mystery because of shit like the cultural revolution. That isn't even the only time they've wiped their own past out so a new regime could rewrite everything either, every new dynasty did the same shit to whatever dynasty they were replacing, there must be multiple Library of Alexandria tier gaps of knowledge that are lost forever. I know that's not necessarily unique to the chinks, but they have a tendency to be much more thorough with erasing and rewriting things as the current regime sees fit.
>>38577 >>38538 Xi has shown himself an expert in the daily treachery of Chinese politics. Nothing short of a brazen assassination would bring him down. He obviously shows confidence to declare himself the new Mao and to continue in those footsteps with equally ineffective and hurtful policies. As it stands, unless the country completely collapses on every level, it is simply too dangerous to even appear to act against the main government's wishes. Xi can easily swing these issues against his political opponents as failure to adhere to party doctrine in these trying times. Certainly wouldn't count on his ouster anytime soon.
>>38584 Are the most historically/culturally significant periods of Chinese history not when it's divided between ethnic Chinese and non-Chinese for a prolonged period? >>38587 The Chinese government consistently refuses and shuts down archaeological sites and studies that don't glorify its population. I wouldn't be surprised if we'll never have a clear image of China's history outside of surviving literature and what's released and allowed to be investigated. >>38588 How will he swing limp wristed inaction against the Second-In-Line to President when he's the one with control over the military? Officer purges and/or claiming the People's Liberation Army had a knife to Taiwan's throat the whole time by surrounding it? At this point the President could visit Taiwan on a commercial flight and drink undefended on the coastline then walk away scot-free.
>>38589 >Officer purges and/or claiming the People's Liberation Army had a knife to Taiwan's throat the whole time by surrounding it? That seems to be it. Though China deliberately placing its Navy well within Taiwan's maritime waters for "exercises" is pretty provocative. Getting away with that is tantamount to Taiwan giving up its waters if China uses this event to do it often now.
Open file (877.02 KB 1260x865 1647729546978.png)
>>38587 Yeah. Pisses me off, too. I don't care about much, or pretend to, but I kinda suki history. >>38589 >Are the most historically/culturally significant periods of Chinese history not when it's divided between ethnic Chinese and non-Chinese for a prolonged period? I'm honestly the wrong faggot to ask about entomology, bro. All I have is essentially hearsay and incidentally-arrived-at tidbits, having undertaken no systematic study of bug history on my own. I would suggest that the Boxer Rebellion, the Opium Wars and the BEIC's involvement over there as a whole, along with the activities of Christian missionaries would seem to back up your assertion; but again -- and I can't stress this enough -- I'm no expert. >The Chinese government consistently refuses and shuts down archaeological sites and studies that don't glorify its population. I've heard of such meddling. It's part of the reason I've put off studying China. >>38590 >Getting away with that is tantamount to Taiwan giving up its waters If what you say is true, it actually is quite literally the abdication of sovereignty to some extent, from what I know of international law. I'm sure most of you already know this, but the whole reason (well, one of them, anyways) that we regularly send USN/USCG units to visit even godforsaken, uninhabited spits of far-flung Guano Act territory is that a nation is required to "defend" claimed territories, or said claims are considered null and void.
Open file (972.92 KB 312x213 happening.gif)
>more and more banks disallow withdrawl >causes even more runs on banks >CCP tries to blame need to sterilize bills even though electronic payments are also non-functional Even the Obama/Bush recession only hit people's "investments", not their bank accounts directly. The Taiwan stuff increasingly looks like its part of a distraction on China's impending collapse.
>>38599 >Prease andastand, erectrons give COVID It might not be a distraction but a backup-plan. If they see it as likely that they'll collapse, they'll have some psyops on one of the blockading ships, say Taiwan blew it up and start a war.
>>38601 I'm reporting this as a bot because I don't know what the fuck any of that had to do with anything that post said. >>38604 I wonder how that's gonna go down. I know bug people basically worship authority but there's always a limit and if anyone in Xi's circle is tired of his bullshit things can go sideways very fast.
Open file (1.04 MB 480x640 1491282528302.webm)
Open file (1.52 MB 320x240 1408888567522.webm)
Open file (887.99 KB 640x368 1519503511292.webm)
Open file (2.12 MB 854x480 1490939315115.webm)
>>22107 They are just street shitters.
Open file (1.07 MB 755x972 Jade Emperor.png)
>>38599 >The Taiwan stuff increasingly looks like its part of a distraction on China's impending collapse. If the CCP collapses then that will definitely turn into an ever widening shitshow that will probably drag the whole world into it. I wonder if China will have another emperor once the commies are thrown onto the shitheap of history?
Open file (251.02 KB 1024x1024 katamari emperor.gif)
>>38698 >China will have another emperor You won't believe how pissed Chinese get at the mention of imperial descendants. Due to the repetition of the phrase "average person/citizen," "every Chinese person is a descendant," and "Chinese royalty doesn't work like Wester royalty," I'm certain that this topic is suppressed by the Communist party. <Yuan (Empire of China) Descendants of the actual last emperor. >Official/Seniority (Shikai-Jiyan) He's a painter in Canada and would be the Emperor of China if the first revolution lasted. >Prominence (Shikai-Qihe) Qihe is the direct descendant and valid issue by primogeniture. He's Chinese-American and works in technology for China's mints. <Qing >Official (Puren-Yuzhang) The current head of House Aisin-Gioro is Jin Yuzhang. However, his issue, Jin Xin, has no claim. This means his brother, Yuquan would ascend as head of the house. Next would be Jin Yulan, his youngest brother. as Yuquan's issue is also ineligible. However, Yulan's issue is ineligible too. >Potential Continuation (Zaitao-Pushi) Descendance may fall next to Pushi, concubine son of Zaitao, uncle of Puyi, and the sons of his brothers, with precedence given to those not descended from concubines first. >Rumor (Yuyan-Hengzhen) Lastly, there's Yuyan, extremely close friend of Puyi and self proclaimed proclaimed successor of Puyi, despite this flying in the face of a 1937 succession law which saw Pujie become the heir apparent but holding to ancient custom that it is Puyi's right, and the one with the most valid heirs. Under Yuyan succession the most senior primogeniture would be re-established, so the heirs would move: Hengzhen, Hengxing, Hengxing's sons (if he has any), Hengkai, Yinghui, Yinghui's sons (if he has any), Hengjun, Qitong, Qitong's sons (if he has any). This would make the last in line for succession a zoomer, as Qitong was born in 1996. >Ming This is a clusterfuck. The Marquis of Extended Grace was abolished by the Republic of China in 1933, and its last holder, Zhu Yuxun, disappeared, likely dying in poverty. However, the Zhu dynasty exploded into dozens of others that allegedly have a prominence in Chinese society, but almost all of the breakaways adopted extremely common names. I would need a translation of the Eight Lineages in Jiangxi for a proper analysis. >Prominence (Pian-Rongji) The most prominent among these descendants who still holds the Zhu name is Rongji, the former premier of the People's Republic of China from 1998 to 2003. He has a son named Yunlai who is the CEO of the Chinese Capital Corporation. >Senority (Chun-Qingshi) Qingshi, an academic. He's the former president of the University of Science and Technology and the founding president of its Southern branch. <Yuan (Mongol) Another mess, this time due to the problems that come with hordes and Khanate succession. Chingisids are direct patrilineal descendants while Genghisids are direct descendants in general. >Descent (Jochi-Kenesary) Kenesary Khan was the last Khan of the Kazakh Khanate. His dynasty was descendant from Jochi Khan through their fathers, making them Chingisids. >Land (Chaghatai-Nasir) The last Genghisid was Maqsud Shah. He had a son, Nasir, but I can't find what happened to him. It seems like he disappeared once Jin Shuren took over the state. <Song >Recognized (Confucius-Tsui-chang) These have a recognized descendant by the Republic of China with an advisory position in government, Kung Tsui-chang, who has a secured heir, Kung Yu-jen. >Celebrity (?-Chiu) A man named Gabriel Chiu from America claims to be the 24th generational descendant of the Song dynasty, though no proof has been given. >Zhenjiang (Zhao) Less of a direct descendance and more of a consequence of conquest. It's currently composed of over twenty branches, most of which are in remote villages in Fujian, Hua'an, and Guangdong. The groups meet at the Zhao Family Fort occasionally. <Pre-Song I have no idea where to look. Most of these claims are mythical <Wildcard >China Ended With the Qing (Tokugawa) Tsunenari is the current head of the Tokugawa dynasty, and his descendant is Iehiro. The Tokugawa never recognized the Qing as legitimate successors of China and instead claimed the title for themselves. This makes the Tokugawa dynasty an extremely loose claimant to China.
>>38599 >changs are raving on Chinese social media about the PLA's "response" The distraction worked
>>38728 And it amounted to absolutely jack fucking shit. Again. Is saving face really that effective for chinks? If I was Taiwanese I'd be laughing my asian ass off.
>>38720 It's quite impressive that people still keep an eye for them. Or is it one of those cases where they pretty openly advertise themselves as being descendants of this or that dynasty, like all those fallen European dynasties?
>>38720 Sounds like Romance of the Three Kingdoms 2: The Quickening could be one hell of a party. >Tokugawa dynasty Oh FUCK. A challenger appears
>>38736 I met guy at bar in Honolulu international airport that claimed to be the second or third in line of Hawaiian royalty. The bartender and a couple passers by seemed to know him, it might even have been true. I was more interested in drinking enough to sleep through my flight. I can't say I remember very much of the conversation. Descendants of royalty definitely advertise themselves, their legitimacy is up for debate.
>>38736 It's not that impressive. While I did type that the Communist party likely represses this, most of them seem to be normal, if highly influential, people. This is likely due to a mix of rehabilitation by the Republicans and Communists and the vast expanse of their dynasties. To the Communist party and mainlanders, they're a novelty. >>38737 This isn't to mention the possibility of Russian and European dynasties inheriting claims through marriages to the Golden Family. However, there is a legitimate successor to the Rurikid dynasty in Russia, and the Rurikids were given the title of "White Emperors of All Mongols," by the conquered Golden Horde. This means that, in an extremely loose sense, an actual Russian pretender of a long dead dynasty, Valeriy Victorovich Kubarev, could be a legitimate heir to China and all Mongol lands.
>>38732 >Is saving face really that effective for chinks Saving face is really effective for every country with maybe the exception of most of the nigger ones because they're too stupid to understand such concepts. It doesn't matter if you look like a tremendous retard to everyone else as long as you can delude your own population into thinking you made them all look like the biggest swinging dick. This is simply easier for the chinks to do because of their government's ridiculous stranglehold on the flow of information within their borders.
Shina has announced the following: >no more "cooperation" with the US on the following fields: >military >maritime security >climate >law enforcement >repatriation Get ready for Chinese pirates flooding the US with even more fentanyl
>>38814 >nigger gangs in LA are going to be getting smuggled Norincos like they're candy >meanwhile the shitty leaf government just bypassed Parliament to ban handgun imports on a regulatory basis
Biden called off another ICBM test to "not provoke China" right before >>38814 took place.
>>38814 when the fuck have they ever cooperated with us on any of those fronts lmao
>>38819 They arrested some small time drug traffickers but let the factories continue operating
>>38819 We're thinking the same thing. Sanctions? Pfffft. Wtf are sanctions going to do to a country that's already tens of trillions in debt and arguably cares less about its own work force in certain ways than even the chinks. All talk. Lukewarm action.
>>38819 They took the blood and treasure FDR and Nixon handed them for free.
I'm skeptical of any clickbait piece that claims "X will happen in Y days" without explaining how they got that estimate, however I did a brief summary of the current issues raised in the clickbait video since it's likely to appear in anon's feed too here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKxBpkbHnpg >Property sales down 20% >Construction starts down 30% >China froze the banks to prevent runs on them >Homebuyers are not paying mortgage to the tune of 2 trillion yuan ($300b) >Did a brief explanation of fractional reserve banking and why it's causing this problem >Explains how 70-80% of Chinese assets are held up in real estate >Only ones who are going to make it out of this are the desert folk >Lowered the lending interest at a time when they needed to raise it >Streisand effect is in full swing >They are using Chink flu to try and isolate Chinese trying to pull money out of the bank/protest the bank >Some bank fraud (which Chinese insurance doesn't cover) is making the bank runs worse >10,000 Chinese businessmen worth 48 Billion Dollars are predicted to flee the country this year >Evergrande just missed the deadline for its debt restructuring plan >Insiders say they never even bothered to start on it >China still has a 1.15 birthrate (which means 600 million or fewer Chinks by 2100 assuming no wars) so the housing issue is coming either way tl;dr- It's the Japan market crash but 300x worse like I predicted half a year ago.
Speaking of Evergrande, what was the deal with that stadium thing recently? All I know is: >Evergrande owns a football team >Evergrande buys rights to a huge plot of land, and begins construction of the world's largest football stadium >their debt crisis happens >they cancel the stadium and pull out of all the contracts related to it, which gives them $800 million How does that work? Doesn't pulling out of billion-dollar contracts normally result in the contract-breaker needing to pay the other contractors a breakup fee? And as far as I know the stadium is outright cancelled, not being taken by someone else, so whatever money they got must have been purely for the land. But is the land really worth enough to be worth the presumed contract-cancellation fees, when the real estate market is crashing and there's a gigantic half-built stadium a future developer would need to foot the bill to clear out? Is this some kind of disguised bailout, where it's the government buying the land rather than another developer, and they're paying an exorbitant amount to prop up Evergrande?
>>39122 When the three red lines were passed, the big issue was Evergrande needed to pay off some of their debt in order to get the capital to start any more projects. I imagine when you are working for a company as large and allegedly at the time "trustworthy" as Evergrande, that they probably don't have the normal contractual breakup fees. It could also just be that the contract itself would have cost significantly more than the breakup fee so they just took the hit. Contract breaking very rarely costs more than 10-20% of the contract's worth unless you are working with shady companies/land owners. It's just usually more expensive to break contract than to hire someone else. Could also be they offered to hire those contractors for other jobs in exchange for waiving the break fee given the extraordinary circumstances of the debt crisis. >And as far as I know the stadium is outright cancelled, not being taken by someone else, so whatever money they got must have been purely for the land. They could still own the land and that's just money that was going to have to be paid out that was "freed up." >Is this some kind of disguised bailout, where it's the government buying the land rather than another developer, and they're paying an exorbitant amount to prop up Evergrande? Wouldn't surprise me. If Evergrande goes down then the CCP loses face and so do their financial institutions they have propped up.
>>39122 Chinese accounting secrets. It's worth what you paid into it until you sell. If you never sell you never lose. If too many try to sell at once government freezes the marker. If nobody buy wait and roll over debts forever. Foreign devils can't understand
>>39123 >>39126 After looking into it a bit more, I found some articles that were clearer than the ones I initially read a week ago. >Evergrande entered a contract with the city's authorities in 2020 for use of the land, designated for sports and industrial purposes. The contract allowed for commercial and sports uses of the land for 40 years, as well as other business uses for 50 years >Under this deal [the refund, not the original], the land, buildings and other items associated with the stadium will be transferred to the Guangzhou Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Bureau, the company said in a statement to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. So Evergrande never actually owned the land; they had contracted a license for its use. And the payout is a refund for returning the license to the government.
>>39127 You never own land in China, that all belongs to the government. Municipalities make most of their money through leasing land to private people for 30 year terms. That's part of what fueled the housing thing. Municipalities leaning on local banks (keeping in mind they have party commissars sitting in boardrooms) to lend money to real estate companies so real estate companies lease municipality land.
Open file (1.71 MB 400x400 tastybugsoop.webm)
/k/, what has been your favorite fuck up of the Chinese Communist Party? I'd say mine has probably been the 1 child policy. The amount of short sightness that policy caused combined with Marxist feminism has possibly hurt Chinese men almost as badly as western men. Don't get me wrong, the great leap forward is a funny one too but it's not as a good as the one child policy.
>>39131 That time Mao, the allegedly brilliant confirmed countryside schoolteacher, told farmers to plant crops without any distance between them, because plants, just like people, thrive in a communist society of close brotherhood. How you can live in the countryside for your entire life and not know why you leave a distance between plants, I'll never know.
>>39134 Xi has a lot to unlearn if he wants to become the next Mao.
>>39131 Probably the time they told the farmers to kill all the birds, which caused ten years of locust swarms because the birds ate the bugs and kept shit in check.
>>39131 My favorite fuck up of the CCP was posted by other anons. So my favorite fuck up of China in general is that one ancient time where a would-be government official was so ass blasted at failing his entrance exams to become an official, that he convinced everyone he was the brother of Jesus Christ and then started a war with millions of casualties. Now I learned about this through anons, and not an official history book. But China is retarded enough to do something like this.
>>39141 He did kill tons of corrupt politicians as a side effect so not that bad of a silly thing
>>36655 >Honestly China needs Jesus. Or at least some kind of spiritual enlightenment movement to reinvigorate them. Foreign missionaries tried that already in the early 1900's. According to an American diplomat who served in China during those times and wrote a history book about it, though I forget his name or the name of his book, but he's known for being persecuted by the FDR administration for opposing World War II, Christianity to the Chinks is nothing more than another non-Chinese thing to exploit for gibs.
>>36655 Who the hell is going to enlighten them? The hwest?
>>39148 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ways_That_Are_Dark I think I have a screencap about this book burried somewhere, but I cannot find it, so here is a Türkess from Shina instead.
>>39131 Killing sparrows and getting devoured by locusts.
Open file (137.60 KB 901x461 China.png)
>>39162 Thanks anon. That's the one.
>>39131 If you compare the retarded choices one by one with the US ones it forms a picture of two mentally impaired children slapping each other to be numba won. Pretty funny.
>>39141 China is retarded enough to have done something like that multiple times.
>>39172 While that is true the US at least has the excuse of being a comparatively young empire, the chinks have been making these kinds of retarded fuck ups for literal millennia, they should have learned by now.
Open file (2.64 MB 1280x720 Chinese Civil War.mp4)
>>39141 >that one ancient time That was 1850, Strelok.
>>39141 >>39200 >>39204 I just checked casualty counts on Wikipedia, so take with a grain of salt. The Thirty Years' War, which most people would assume is the most devastating war ever fought over Christian heresy or schism, has an upper estimate of 8 million dead, with previous estimates as high as 12 million apparently no longer considered credible. The estimated lower bound for the Taiping Rebellion is 20 million dead.
Open file (2.25 MB 332x250 yes.gif)
>>39200 >This story from Chinese history is so insane that an anon made a very short video summary about it. Wow lol. >>39204 Oops. Guess I'm retarded then.
>>39204 1800s are ancient, gramps. before 2000 people were still sending telegraphs and going places in horse-drawn carriages
What are the odds of Shina attacking Taiwan this year?
Open file (692.30 KB 1481x1080 CHINA NUMBA WAN.jpg)
>>39254 hopefully high
>>39254 Chinese elections are "some time in the second half of 2022" and the CCP started their "100 days of purges" campaign on June 25th to purge "gangsters" from government offices. It will probably happen before the elections in order for Xi to secure power against his top rival, so likely before October 3rd or before the elections which will take place after October 3rd if China doesn't want to look like an even bigger laughing stock.
>China government has "leaked" to media that People's Liberation Army firing missiles into Japan's EEZ was a direct warning from China President Xi Jinping to Tokyo not to join the United States in interfering in Beijing-Taipei relations, a signal to back off or risk a war. (MP) http://archive.today/cCLO0
>>39264 I guess I will buy the parts that I'm missing in my PC in september.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBz9HOxHwvc Taiwan still claims ownership of Bugland.
Open file (298.06 KB 945x945 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.92 MB 1157x1636 ClipboardImage.png)
>mass blackouts across southern China as rivers that were overflowing and drowning everyone a few weeks are now dry and killing hydroelectric >temps reach over 50 degrees Celsius >government claims its still under 40c >even the weather in China is fake
>>39685 >even the weather in China is fake Heh. It's all so tiresome. But still, heh.
>>39685 >rivers are running dry making their hydroelectric dams useless >Shanghai government had to shut down power to the downtown skyline for two entire days this week >Taiwan not affected
China Stayed 24 Nautical Miles Away From Taiwan During Drills Taiwan was prepared for greater provocation, officials say Taipei sees Beijing intent on maintaining military pressure >Chinese warships stayed at least 24 nautical miles away from Taiwan’s coast during recent military drills despite warnings from Beijing that they could come well within Taipei’s territorial waters, according to senior government officials in Taipei.  >Taiwan’s government had prepared a range of measures aimed at defending its sovereignty without further escalating tensions if Chinese warships ventured closer to the Taiwanese coastline, said the officials, who asked not to be identified because they weren’t authorized to discuss security matters publicly.  >Prior to the drills following US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s trip, Beijing warned ships and airplanes to avoid six exclusion zones surrounding the main island of Taiwan -- including several that came within 12 nautical miles, which represents territorial seas under the United Nations Law of the Sea. One of the areas came within 12 kilometers (6.5 nautical miles) of Taiwan’s shoreline.  >While China displayed an ability to resupply ships during the exercises, the island’s military was prepared for Beijing to conduct even more provocative measures that would’ve forced Taiwan to take action, the officials said.  >In a statement to Bloomberg, the Taiwanese Defense Ministry said it deployed warships around its contiguous zone 24 nautical miles from shore and denied Chinese vessels access during the drills. >China’s drills in response to Pelosi’s visit were its most provocative in decades, and included missiles shot directly over Taiwan. Beijing also scrapped talks with the US in a range of areas including defense and climate, as the world’s biggest economies continue to move further apart.  >The officials said Taiwan was bracing for more pressure, assessing that Chinese President Xi Jinping may try to shift public attention from slowing economic growth, strict Covid lockdowns and a mounting property-market crisis. Taiwan also fears he may come under greater pressure domestically to complete his oft-touted “historical task” of gaining control of Taiwan toward the end of his next five-year term, they said.  >Beijing frequently warns other countries to avoid any contact with Taiwan’s government that can imply the democratically ruled island is its own separate nation. China views Taiwan as part of its territory, a claim the government in Taipei rejects.  >Taiwan monitored the exercises using radar, including systems used for missile defense, one of the officials said. Chinese warplanes have breached the median line that divides the Taiwan Strait on a daily basis since Pelosi’s visit, shrinking the tacit buffer zone that has kept the peace for decades. China has flown more than 320 warplanes across the median line and into the southwestern part of Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone this month as of Tuesday, according to Bloomberg calculations based on data from Taiwan’s Defense Ministry. https://archive.ph/Eb9yG
>>39934 Chinese Banks Are Inflating Their Loan Numbers as Demand Sinks Businesses, consumers cautious to borrow as economy slows Banks are getting creative with loans to boost volumes >Chinese banks are employing unusual practices to inflate their loan volumes as they struggle to meet government demands to pump more credit into an economy beset by Covid lockdowns and a beleaguered property market. >With borrowers reluctant to take on debt as economic growth slows, some state-owned banks are extending loans to companies and then allowing them to deposit funds at the same interest rate, according to executives at six banks who spoke to Bloomberg News on condition of anonymity. Others are borrowing from each other through short-term financing arrangements that can be dressed up as new loans to boost volumes, the executives said. >It wasn’t immediately clear how widespread the practice has become. The China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission and the People’s Bank of China didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment.  >The moves underscore the reticence among businesses and households to borrow in an uncertain environment, where some forecasters are predicting the economy will grow just 3% and youth unemployment has surged to a record 20%. Cuts to the key policy rate and admonitions to step up lending to developers, local governments and small businesses have so far failed to arrest plummeting loan growth. Credit posted the smallest increase in at least five years last month, with consumer demand at its lowest ebb since 2007.  https://archive.ph/82UEM
Video explaining why the sewer oil problem isn't going away. It won't kill you from bacterial load- it'll kill you from cancer 10-20 years later. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JgedoGXyQk
>>39935 And I bet it'll continue too.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJ7S-nKmAr4 Propaganda documentary with grains of truth. >Lie Down movement is just millennialism (an auto-correctable word apparently) infecting China >Boomers blame being in communist communist China as to why they were motivated >GDP is rapidly dying >Boomer-Millennial Westernism shift has happened >Except China has a Japanese housing marker-tier collapse coming >China has a degenerating city problem >Boomers admit the Millennials need to get over never reaching the wealth of the past and stop bitching >Millennials and now brainwashed Chinese gen Z don't care and are crashing the country with no survivors >Boomer admits it's the cycle of generations >Chinese liberals are obsessed with working long hours for shit pay >They eat the bugs >And like it >They report their companies to the feds like liberals too so business can't get work >Their choices are company regulation reporters or people who don't want to work long hours >Chinese boomers only had motivation because they were away from their wives they had and could come back to sex they could have >Millennials are basically all Western-taught >Everyone is unhappy while everything falls apart >"Why are the Chinese authorities nervous?" Gee I wonder why. >Xi admits more millennials need to be in positions of leadership to prevent an uprising >Too late >Xi has been infested with Western Liberalism >Boomers realizing too late they need more millennials in leadership positions or better wages >Give it to rich parents to send their kids to school >Basically the worst possible scenario for income inequality bullshit if you do fuck with that Looking at you Joe Biden >China cracked down on the liberals reporting companies >Encouraged companies to work with lazy employees since at least they're working and not starving in the streets >Who cares about a few lazy, placated ants >30% efficiency is good enough Heh.
Following floods that occur simultaneously with drought, and record high temps followed by record low temps, an earthquake joins the party! https://archive.ph/wip/YNSZV From what little I know of plate tectonics, this one may not actually be their fault, but it working together with the environment they ravaged is fun. >>40449 >lie down movement "Laying flat" is old school. Cool kids are now all practicing "Bai Lan!", meaning "Let it rot". They know shit will collapse if they do just the bare minimum, and that's the plan.
Open file (104.61 KB 600x800 meiling_seifuku.jpg)
https://archive.ph/b6u1C >F-35 Deliveries Halted Over a Chinese Alloy, Pentagon Says >The Pentagon has halted deliveries of Lockheed Martin Corp.’s F-35 after finding an alloy used in magnets for pumps on the fighter jet were made in China. >The F-35 program office “temporarily paused the acceptance of new F-35 aircraft to ensure the F-35 program’s compliance” with defense regulations “pertaining to specialty metals,” Defense Department spokesman Russell Goemaere said in an email. >He said the pause won’t interfere with operations of F-35s already delivered to the US military and partners abroad because “the magnet does not transmit information or harm the integrity of the aircraft and there are no performance, quality, safety or security risks associated with this issue.” >“Once the issue was discovered,” the F-35 program office “found an alternative source for the alloy that will be used in future turbomachines,” Goemaere said and deliveries of F-35s were halted as a precaution. >Lockheed said in a statement that “we are working with our partners and DoD to ensure contractual compliance within the supply chain.” The contractor said the F-35 remains safe for flight, “and we are working with the DoD to resolve the issue as quickly as possible to resume deliveries.” >The turbomachine integrates the aircraft’s auxiliary power unit and an air cycle machine into a single piece of equipment that provides electrical power for ground maintenance, starting of the main engine and emergency power. >Honeywell International Inc., an F-35 subcontractor, notified Lockheed in late August that “alloy sourced from the People’s Republic of China” and provided by a “fifth-tier” subcontractor was used in a magnet, Laura Siebert, a spokeswoman for Bethesda, Maryland-based Lockheed, said in a statement. >Honeywell spokesman Adam Kress said in a statement that his company “remains committed to supplying high-quality products that meet or exceed all customer contract requirements” and is “working closely with DoD and Lockheed Martin to ensure that we continue to achieve those commitments on products Honeywell supplies for use on the F-35.”
>>40528 Sounds about right. For those who don't understand what's going on, military electronics are subject to ITAR regulations, and legally they have to either be built on American soil. There are exceptions where on a "need" basis it can be used from overseas, but it's a convoluted process where 90% of the time it's easier to source from America. Finding Chinese rare earth magnets in the device means one of the manufacturers stopped giving a fuck. I'm surprised there aren't more stories like this popping up.
>>22101 WWIII will not be nation state vs nation state as the last traditional world wars. We now have globalism, international elitist organizations from many countries around the world. They are not loyal to any nation state and in fact most despise national sovereignty. Call it the Rothschild central banking cartel, or the WEF, or Bilderberg, or Davos, or the UN, or the Illuminati or Club of Rome (whatever, you get the point it's all the same class of oligarchs, politicians and bankers among some top brass govt policy makers). They are calling the shots today. All behind closed doors. They have this well planned and had this planned for decades. Their objective is total population control and total control over all planetary resources and most of the land. You may be wondering "well sheesh, how will they monopolize everything without public backlash?" Simple. That's where the endless wars you are seeing today come into the whole puzzle. All these wars, even the Ukraine war, is just the tip of a huge iceberg they have planned for global depopulation. Insiders know this, they planned well in advance. They have their portfolios to make lots and lots of profits from these endless wars. WWIII will happen. They know who the winners and losers will be. HINT: it's not nation vs. nation anymore, all the governments have strategized together. So who is their enemy? Who are they really targeting to depopulate? Us. We the people. Face it, we are considered useless eaters today. They have openly said before they don't need 90% of the human population! Listen to them, not me. It's been said by them thousands of times before openly. They want a New World Order, but to get it, they need to get rid of us, and the current world we currently live under. Order out of chaos. Their new world, as they imagine, will be very authoritarian and technocratic. Imagine 1984 but based in 2060 technological advances so invasive those who live will be digitally enslaved, ubiquitously surveillanced and monitored, and will only be allowed to live how their feudalistic masters want them to live. Food will be controlled and rationed. Energy will be controlled and rationed. Sex controlled and rationed. Entertainment controlled and rationed. Access to the outdoors controlled and rationed. Physical possessions controlled and rationed. Communications controlled and rationed. A prison planet. I'm letting you guys know this in advance so you can decide what you are going to do about it. Personally I'd rather be dead than live that way, but that is their plans. A Great Reset. Nuclear WWIII will achieve it.
Just to let you know. In the coming planned nuclear WWIII the troops and drafted will be cannon fodder and civilians considered collateral damage. Nothing the governments do or say will protect you, that is not their intention. Their intention is to not only stay in power, but ruthlessly grab as much power as possible when the next world war begins.
>>40542 I'll hide innawoods and become the schizo druid living the last years of his life among the dryads and nymphs of the woods and water. Or maybe I'll get brained by some ZOGbot or something, IDFK. Better than living in the ZOGworld.
>>40572 Don't respond to the doomposters. It's not even the right thread for this garbage.
>>40572 Lots of anons claim "living in the woods" is like living totally protected and secluded. Not really. I live near lots of woods, in Missouri, but fuck, if any kind of organized criminal organization really wanted to get to us, they could and would. The most important thing to have is local community - people you know and trust who live around your immediate area that you respect and who can barter with one another when SHTF. Another thing that no one talks about these woods I know all too well with: ticks, fleas, spider mites, no-see-ums, not to mention if your out in your boots all day: athletes foot, rotting toe nails, bacterial infection, etc.
>>40613 >doxxing yourself well whatever oods you had of surviving innawoods during the collapse just dropped down quite a few points
>>40620 Strelok, all he gave was a place on a map 69,709 square miles large, because when he said 'near lots of woods' he described the entire fucking state of Missouri. That's equivalent to saying 'I live in the western half of Germany' or 'I live in England'; it's not enough of a doxx to matter to anybody that didn't already have enough information to catch him.
>>40621 still narrows it down to <1% of the planet's total surface area where he could've been. OPSEC is dead apparently.
>>40621 fab81b thinks he's a genius
>>40620 Dude, you can't drive the back roads and junctions all around Missouri without seeing some woods and homesteads nearby woods. Plus everyone is armed out here. There is no day that goes by without people shooting some guns off in the distance practicing their aim. Not to mention this State is pretty much an Amish paradise, some people never even have an internet out here, just their cell phones or landlines. Satellite connections are not all bad but weather can slow bandwidth speed down, sometimes if there is heavy rainfall we get no connection at all until it clears up. >>40622 True but honestly, is the whole world going to gang up on one State when SHTF? Kinda doubt it.
>>40613 You make a good point. Being innawoods is a good start, but it isn't enough if you don't have a community of friends and allies to back you up. And I doubt any of us are Rambo-tier, so we'd not be able to handle a scenario alone. >ticks >fleas Yeah, I fucking hate those little bastards. At least they provide a little bit of amusement when you pick them off a dog. >spider mites >no-see-ums I've never heard of those before. Good thing you mentioned them, because I want nothing to do with the no-see-ums. >athletes foot, rotting toe nails, bacterial infection, etc. Not to mention trenchfoot.
>>40639 No-see-ums suck, I've had them before, they absolutely are a pain in the ass to get rid of. They are tiny flies you cannot see with a naked eye and like fleas they can hop around very fast too. They bite and make small rashes on your skin, and the reason they are called "no-see-ums" is because you won't know they are on you until you start getting bit. Basically you have to buy special bug spray to ward them off, or some essential oils may repel them too. The good thing is they tend to only breed around wood. However, if you live and work around a lot of wood and are outdoors a lot you may attract them.
>>40528 >F-35 Deliveries Halted Over a Chinese Alloy, Pentagon Says The F-35 truly is the gift that keeps on giving.
There have been rumors that apparently Xi is about to be ousted by PLA officials. Can any anons confirm that?
>>41420 The argentinian embassador of the chinks confirmed as fake and gay, I think.
>>41420 Sounds hilarious, doubt its true but I hope it is.
>>41421 >Argentinian officials. That's even less unreliable.
>>41420 sounds like bullshit but I wanna believe
>>41420 If it doesn't happen now, it's never happening. Xi is (was?) at his most vulnerable >Xi fucking country more than normal for his zero covid policy >to the point of literally starving half a million people at random >this also fucks up the economy >which was already fucked thanks to people finally calling out the "rotten tail" building scam and not paying because threats to their children don't matter if they can't afford to have children >his internal popularity at obvious low >CCP "elections" likely to give him third term anyways
>>41446 but all of those have been a part of chinese history for the past 100 years, they're used to it by now
>>41446 From the sounds of the news I've been reading, the Chinese military was preparing a coup against Xi when he left for his trip to Samarkand, but they managed to convince a CCP official with a lot of clout (Song Ping, now the head of the Central Guard Bureau which is like a cross between secret service and the KGB) to do things the "proper way" while paying homage to the PLA. Allegedly Xi was detained at the airport upon returning home when Song Ping was now in charge of his security detail. Rumors are that Xi is under house arrest because his top-level advisors have been banned form CCP meetings while the party elite discuss whether to let Xi stay in power or who to put in (Song Ping being the most likely candidate). That could all be tabloid garbage though.
>>41448 as far as i've dug, it all was started by some americunt named jennifer zeng. I guess it's just some high tier twatter $hitstirring for clicks and clout, and probably to distract from other things.
>>41447 >for the past 100 years lol try all of chink history, the only difference between modern times and the past is the retarded "election" facade that nobody buys. I wouldn't be surprised if in the next couple of centuries they wind up being ruled by dynastic emperors again. Hell maybe even this century if things keep getting more and more retarded.
>>41456 >jennifer zeng >>>>>>zeng Copied from kikepedia: >Jennifer Zeng is a Chinese-born human rights activist and author, best known for her practice of Falun Gong, the subsequent government suppression of the movement, and the book she wrote about her experience regarding Falun Gong: Witnessing History: One Chinese Woman's Fight for Freedom and Falun Gong. Same woman?
>>41465 Falun Gong is extremely puzzling to me, i have not read a lot about it but have read about the concepts they employ in other older practices, i still don't know how their modern stuff correlates with the concepts. I get energy cultivation as it is said for millennia to work, old timey gnostics and even some current russian military instructors swore by it to put some examples in the west, but i don't get how a small metallic implant done by private surgeons as a rule to their members can help with it at all as it works under ideas not yet understood fully, let alone the "logical" explanation about blood oxygenation via breathing techniques and exercises to make the body pump and move the muscles faster thus punch/move/jump/withstand harder. It all sounds like an obtuse, somewhat technological honeypot cult to dup those interested in asian esoteric body building/body energy. At least i can make sense of the Aum Shinrikyo requesting and hoarding lab material and uranium ore because they were secretly trying to enrich stuff.
>>41468 >>41465 Seems possible to me that Xi spread bullshit about him being diposed by a coup to spoil actual plans for a coup. Is there any truth to the travel cancelations? Could just be Covid Zero related, but that happening to the capitol would also be horrible for them.
>>41468 Think of Falun Gong as Scientology with a Chinese flavor and you aren't far off.
>>41468 It's all a bunch of bullshit made by the same martial artists who thought leather strips could stop rifled bullets back in the 1800s. The CIA keeps them around and funded for anti-Chinese propaganda but they are a spineless bunch.
>>41465 yup, btw, her blog seems to be down right now. Coincidence?
>>41489 >by the same martial artists who thought leather strips could stop rifled bullets back in the 1800s Most of those fellas and their schools died with them in the Boxer War, and to be fair the chinaman units before that used underpowered musket munition that a hulked up peasant with a heavy coat could stop without fatal injury, they went with the idea that slow pellets and a rifled bullet shot from a Springfield were the same thing. Shit hit the fan when cults using spiritual rituals started taking the LARP way too far and made disgruntled peasants think their ancestors/Gods could intervene to help them lynch rice coolies without harm or injury. >CIA keeps them around Yeah no shit, almost everything is a honeypot if it involves open collective betterment and i mean that without sarcasm, there's always someone recording activities and waiting for a chance to snitch for money or promotions. Not saying Falun Gong is an open group for collective betterment, just one that pretends.
>>41472 Many of the Stargate Project psychics came from the upper echelons of Scientology.
>>41464 >I wouldn't be surprised if in the next couple of centuries they wind up being ruled by dynastic emperors again. I, for one, look forward to the deliciously mockable irony of the so called enlightened modern world regressing to Middle/Bronze Age superstitions with modern technology. Assuming we truly left those times behind in the first place, that is.
Former president Hu Jintao got escorted out of Congress. Nobody seems to know why.
Open file (456.73 KB 454x499 ClipboardImage.png)
>>43210 >Nobody seems to know why. Everyone there knows exactly what went down. Also Xi has TWO teacups before him, while everyone else has 1, just to remove any lingering doubts of who is boss.
>>43212 >Everyone there knows exactly what went down. and that is?
>>43213 The party committee of 25 has 24 people on it instead. None of which are Jintao's people. One of them was rumored to be on it, but isn't. Probably the reason he's trying to get at the folder. To confirm the list. Xi removed Jintao's guy last minute, so no replacement could be found in time. And then he removed Jintao, even waiting for the public portion of the meeting so everyone could see him being escorted out for "health" reasons. Chances are, Jintao's health will sadly experience a sudden decline soon... assuming it hasn't already. Xi isn't being called the second Mao for nothing.
>>43212 >Also Xi has TWO teacups before him, while everyone else has 1, just to remove any lingering doubts of who is boss. Damn, that's almost as bad as that time Trump got two scoops of ice cream and everyone else got one.
Open file (648.69 KB 972x598 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (161.69 KB 358x400 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (36.53 KB 138x181 ClipboardImage.png)
>>43210 >>43213 >tfw when you realize how bad things really are
Open file (56.41 KB 350x391 2Scoops2Many.jpg)
Open file (56.88 KB 233x272 Screenshot.png)
>>43223 Then there's this guy trying his best to pretend absolutely nothing is happening next to him.
>>43210 >placing the napkin to your left AND your right
>>43236 One's for wiping his face, the other is a cum catcher.
>>43226 He also missed the memo that you can't have grey hair since it makes the administration look old so you get publicly removed as a show of force by the new administration.
>>43252 Isn't being an old fart celebrated in Asia?
>>43269 Being old, not looking old. Frailty indicates a lack of virtue.
>>22101 >Will China persist much longer as a leading power? Only artificially when the white man's shoulders are available to stand on. Seoul-crushing-reality.jpg Not-the-white-mans-burden.jpg Beat-the-bugs.jpg
>the collapse didn't happen Bros...we lost.
>>43383 The Titanic didn't sink the moment it impacted the iceberg. Large institutions tend to stick around for years even when rotting (see: America, the UK, Israel, etc.). Right now China is the world's largest creditor going into a global recession and oil crisis with their primary customers shipping production to other countries. You do the math, bro. DPA has been doing a series on this debunking the lies while making an honest assessment. https://youtube.com/watch?v=1zTPrt4OQgU
>>43384 I think he's just joking around.
>>43210 Jintao: "Xi, the fuck, nigga?" Xi: "Just go, man." I do not anticipate a long life for you-know-Hu.
>>38640 Did that bug kid die?
>>22102 This guy was a wizard
Open file (121.33 KB 1200x1280 Emperor Caligula.jpg)
>>China is just going to attack the ocean to blow off steam Did the CCP declare war on Neptune god of the Ocean too? This sounds a lot more expensive than just sending a few grunts to coast thrust their bayonets into the ocean a few times. At least Caligula's strategy didn't require the use of a limited stock of anti ship missiles that expensive use guidance computers and a fuck ton of fuel in a time when silicon chips and fuel are still in high demand and short supply globally. Perhaps you could argue they're an older obsolete model or whatever BUT even then that's still retarded since they could have sold those older models to a poor shithole ally of theirs who isn't going to be picky like Venezuela or Myanmar and get fuel or a fuck ton of raw minerals in exchange instead. >>38497 >Heh. The USA should fly out weekly delegations to Taiwan if this turns out to be a bluff. Might as well send the PM of India, Vietnam, and Chile too, that last one has be done via helicopter though.
>>43632 China's missiles are extremely inaccurate, so probably any excuse they can to launch them to try and correct for that is a good excuse. All the simulations of China winning bigly against America are built on China scoring a 97% hit ratio when in reality it will be lucky to hit 1 in 3 targets. They could also be dabbling in domestic production and wanted to test their own components.
I heard that the minorities in China are launching mass protests in Xianjiang (probably spelling thst wrong) after Chinese firefighters let a tower burn down because of zero-COVID policy with many calling for an end to the CCP over Chink flu policy. Much like China-anon said would never happen. So what's happening over there, brah?
>>44367 They are having protests all over the country. So far, they either haven't done a Tienanmen square, or have managed to suppress it. If it's the former, my bet is on some internal anti-Xi rebel alliance since Xi is the face of the CoV lockdowns.
>>44374 It looks like they've taken a more subtle approach than the "just drive in with tanks" of Tienanmen. The reports I'm seeing indicate that they've been going after social media, VPNs, and cell phone records. Identifying people who use banned services, stop-and-search policies to look through random people's phones, etc. The protests seem to be periodic instead of constant occupations, so the police have also reportedly been watching for plans being made on those banned services, and preemptively establishing a presence at the planned protest sites.
>>44376 They have the world's largest concentration of cctvs and the social credit system. It would be retarded of them not to use them to quell the riots. And if you arrest enough youth and put them in camps, you can say they are working and say the unemployment numbers improved!
>>44377 >And if you arrest enough youth and put them in camps, you can say they are working and say the unemployment numbers improved! Kek'd tbh. I suppose they do/have learned a few things from the kikes after all.
>>22101 Unless the PRC goes to war with with Vietnam and bleeds out a la Russia in Ukraine, the PRC is basically guaranteed to be the next world superpower. The USSA is fucked if a war occurs unless nukes are used (then we're all fucked): https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/study-finds-us-would-run-out-long-range-munitions-1-week-china-hot-war
>>46764 I think you're right, but in response to your article, If I went around believing (((studies))) on munitions supply and consumption rates, I'd estimate Russia to be sitting on a stockpile of (-)650 missiles.
>>46766 True. The elite Jews have done everything to undermine the US since the Civil War, niggerpilling (often with fake data) is just another strategy.
>>46768 >>46766 Rent free in your head.
>>46764 >then we're all fucked China doesn't have enough ICBMs to fuck the US alone, and the US' response would be limited to just China, and even then the warheads would be borderline tactical scale. This because the US would be trying to prevent Russia from joining in the nuclear exchange (Russia does have enough nukes to fuck the US), and using higher yield warheads where the fallout would bleed over into Russia would be suicide. In short, if a PRC-US war went nuclear, all it would do is wipe China off the face of the earth (both Chinas), and remove the US from the international table for a period of 30-50 years. Even with the trade disruption and market destabilization, I can only see this as a positive for the world.
>>46764 Looks more like the burgers are declining from power and there is no clear winner yet. China has a lot of internal problems to deal with (their zero-covid retardation and the bugmen getting uppity as well as internal power struggles in the CCP). Vatniks are in a better position right now but we'll have to see the next step of their master plan, if they'll stop with the Bohol barbeque or decode to steamroll the rest of Eastern/Northern yurop as well. India could also come out of this pretty far ahead, but they have several other problems of their own as well, mostly related to Modhi's retarded policies (their currency and farm bill shitshows).
>>46799 Yes I'm a dirty phoneposter at work
>>22101 whole world will go full globohomo before a complete collapse of any of the world governments. Order out of Chaos type shit, somebody will step up. Cant say whats gonna happen between now and then but i feel confident there will be some form of homogenized government sometime soon, likely revolving in some way around the U.N.
>>46795 The truth is usually free yes.
>>46795 t. kike/pawn
>>46799 Power struggles within the CCP have apparently ended with Xi as Emperor. The popular-national rebellion against the mysterious 'zero covid' policies resulted in Xi easing the tyranny (after a wait to make it appear like he didn't just bow to popular pressure) and now Chinese tourists are flying to Thailand to party. China has it in the bag ATM because they can use Russia as their sword while avoiding any significant blow back if they fail. If Xi goes full retard and attacks Taiwan and/or SEA however, the Chinese millennium could be canceled depending on their military performance.
>>46813 The NWO (elite Kikes) always planned to replace the USA with the CCP/PRC as the manufacturing motor of the NWO (Darth Kissinger via pawn Nixon made this possible). Albert Pike the 33rd degree kike-slave mason also said that WW3 would be set-up to have China and the USA destroy each other to allow the world to embrace the 'joy' of lucifer/Satan centered in the EUSSR/UN. However, it appears that perhaps a schism in the NWO has occurred with Xi (and junior partner Putin) pursing his own Chinese version/vision of nu-communist world conquest.
>>46814 No doubt Putin is the most sincere world leader when he says he wants a multi-polar world order. Xi, however, most certainly plans world domination and is simply using Putin. Putin is no doubt aware of this but has no choice but to depend on Xi until both military victory is achieved and his Eurasian Economic Union succeeds. Russia must maintain millitary supremacy (especially via superweapons) over China (and the rest of the world) to achieve the Dugin/Putin multipolar world order.
>>46814 >>46815 Let's be real here, what possible reason could Xi or Putin for that matter have to keep playing along with the globalist cabal if they manage to achieve world hegemony status? Central banking? Anyone in that position could start a new banking cartel and get away with it.
>>46828 True. The IMF intervening on the side of Ukraine seems to indicate full NWO investment in 'Oceania' as opposed to 'Eurasia.' I'm curious as to when exactly the break between the CCP and NWO occurred. Unless, it is only Russia that is opposed to the NWO, and China only pretends to be an ally, and the war in Ukraine is intended as a distraction from the NWO implementing their policies world-wide.
>>46828 China is playing along with the NWO while it suits them. Basically appeasing all sides and reaping huge profits from the de-industrialization of the west. As for Russia, they've criminalized 'holocaust denial' and love muzzies so they're quite possibly part of the NWO axis. They may oppose LBGTP now but it's controlled opposition. The jew plays both sides. >>46834 Despite being huge China is not that rich in resources (apart from low quality coal) so they need to get on with Russia for energy security. Also to have an ally who can kick Uncle Sam in the dick if things get a bit atomic. Unlike Russia (which is infested with kikes) the CCP has a streak of ethno-nationalism about it. They seems to believe in their own 'manifest destiny' to rule the world. Apart from the economic destruction of Europe I don't see much common ground between NWO and CCP at the moment. China will break the allegiance when they can get distinct advantage from doing so.
>>46868 Gross oversimplifications of geopolitics like this are never right.
>>46876 Then give us a gross oversimplification which is right.
>>46881 The world is run by senile old men that don't know what the fuck they're doing.
>>46882 That's not right. The world is run by senile old men who know exactly what they're doing.
>>46884 Their fathers might have been, but these senile old men just continuing to nigger-rig the machine without thinking about oiling gears or spending money to fix it.
>>46888 They don't need to fix the machine. It's already fixed to be in the favor of the senile old men.
>>44367 Not surprising at all honestly, Xianjiang/East Turkestan, Tibet, and Inner Mongolia have long had separatist desires, they just don't talk about it much as a result of living under a surveillance state. Might as well take advantage of Xi's hopeless war against a virus the rest of the world has since moved on from if it means fanning the flames of a war of independence. And all the dipshit "news" pundits mocked Swedenistan for taking a much more relaxed yet slightly cautious approach to Covid 19 by politely asking people to stay home if they feel sick and to wash their hands a little more and lo and behold the country hasn't calla sped, yet, and certainly not from the CCP flu.
>>46904 last i heard sweden wasn't handling the wuhan wheeze for exactly the reasons you described, it spread a lot faster than they thought it would and because of how isolated everyone was people couldn't get medical attention because they lived in bumfuck nowhere
>>46921 Prove it.
>>47014 >2025-2027 timeframe Well yeah, the USA has about that long before everything goes tits-up, South Korea joins a union with China/Vietnam/NK, and a civil war breaks out, so they'll need what few young men who still care about their rights left to go commit suicide for Weimerica against the Chinks before they have a chance to turn their guns domestically.
A Chinese surveillance aircraft is currently flying over North America. The US has decided to let the balloon continue on its way.
>>47201 I take it the skies over America will soon be filled with chink balloons then?
>>47201 Well, it's cheaper than a spy satellite. >US has decided to let the balloon continue on its way Very sensible. You don't want that lot falling on a town from 100k feet. >>47204 Why not? It's too dangerous to shoot them down and you can't just go up there to retrieve it. All those solar panels imply a long term mission and the thing might hover there for weeks until CIA activates HAARP to change the wind patterns :^) Spy balloons are the future.
>>47201 >ywn a BB gun sufficient to pop this balloon That's kind of neat and obvioulsy quite cheap too. The problem is mobility. I presume you can't really guide this thing around, and that you must rely on the prevailing extreme upper winds? Why not a human habitable observation post on this thing too? Seems like it would be breathtaking to be able to spend weeks up there on the edge of space looking down on this planet.
>>47223 just fly a drone up there with a toothpick taped to it
>>47236 It'd probably have to be something like a Pegasus rocket if you did that Strelok. Combustion isn't possible at that altitude. It's much more likely they'd simply use a laser or some other energy-beam to shoot it full of holes sufficient until it deflated and slowly descended thereafter.
>>47236 That's no good. If you don't put sticky-tape on the balloon first it'll just burst and plummet onto a US residential area, or worse still a gender affirmation clinic. Besides, the air up there is too thin for conventional aerodynamic devices to work. To hover at that altitude you'd need those special helicopter drones like NASA sent to Mars. The trouble is they only made two of those drones. One is a test article in a NASA lab and the other one is on Mars. >>47237 >simply use a laser or some other energy-beam to shoot it full of holes sufficient until it deflated Even with an laser you'd still need the sticky-tape.
>>47201 Pretty sure an old F-15E with an AMRAAM could shoot it down. Simple as. Since it's over the wide-open Montana region why not?
>>47253 >If you don't put sticky-tape on the balloon first it'll just burst and plummet If it's a zero pressure balloon shouldn't burst since there's no skin tension
>>47260 Because the size of its payload makes then think debris will float its way over civilians? https://rumble.com/v287wda-dod-cites-the-size-of-the-payload-on-the-china-surveillance-balloon.html
>>47260 >Montana >3rd state in from the coast So how did something that large get all that way into US airspace w/o being mentioned before now?
>>47253 Does Montana even have gender-affirming clinics? Seems more likely it would just crash into a cow.
>>47264 Probably went through Canada.
>>47264 At first I saw reports that it came via Alaska and Canada, but now I no longer see mentions of Alaska. Technically Canada has declined to say whether it entered our airspace either, but given that Ottawa has summoned the Chinese ambassador over it, that much seems obvious.
>>47260 >>47263 If they'e afraid of debris why don't they just pop the balloon with some cannon fire?
>>47266 Ever heard of NORAD? The DEW line? What's that, over 1'000 miles inland from any North American coastline when it was """discovered"""? Straightest shot is literally directly over WA, ID, then MT. What's the Globohomo's game here Strelok?
>>47268 Dunno, you'ld have to figure out the details of the sighting system and effectiveness of the ammunition to hit a target you could likely fit between your fingers if you squinted at it from a distance. There is one in Latin America too. This feels a lot like the beginning phase of a tabletop military strategy game. https://web.archive.org/web/20230204013600/https://www.msn.com/en-us/travel/other/pentagon-says-another-chinese-spy-balloon-is-traveling-over-latin-america/ar-AA175JRP
Open file (395.90 KB 1834x1802 FoEzFh8XkAEAsS9.jpeg)
Open file (21.90 KB 949x758 FoEpYEWWAAUq1I8.jpeg)
>>47271 >Tried to enhance the quality as best as I could I wouldn't call mangling the image with heavy-handed ESRGAN upscaling an "enhancement".
>>47268 These things typically settle out at 100'000 ft.+ in altitude (~20miles). I suppose certain ballistic artillery could hit it. Probably want a very calm wind day to do it. >>47270 >This feels a lot like the beginning phase of a tabletop military strategy game. leld >>47272 Interesting. Nice work.
>>47273 >Nice work. No, I'm not saying I did. That's what the tweet he got the image from claimed. I posted the original, un-"enhanced" photo.
>>47270 >This feels a lot like the beginning phase of a tabletop military strategy game. Yeah, blatantly flying surveillance aircraft over another country's territory is pretty significant. As far as I know even the US usually keeps it close enough to the edges to claim it was outside these days, or over disputed territory, except sometimes with Iran. Actual unambiguous airspace violations are mostly Cold War tier.
Whiteman Air Force Base approach incoming Don't surveil tase my B2's bro!
Open file (112.75 KB 1920x997 FWwPw4wXkAAH9GN.jpg)
So the Chicoms master plan is to fly glorified weather balloons over the USA's mainland? Clearly the PLA didn't learn anything from history given the Japan did the same during once and it accomplished fuck all aside from being a interesting newspaper headline.
Also please excuse the typos, R9Gay forced me to edit my post a dozen times for whatever reason.
>>47290 Seems I recall the Nips did actually set fire to an OG drivein theatre or something in Washington state with one of their incidiary ballons? Actually, I think that was literally the only direct attack on the mainland US during the entire war. What's the next step in their master plan, Strelok? >inb4 flotillas of baloobas bearing smol tactical nukes
>>47290 >glorified weather balloons That is just a diplomatic excuse for China. The most plausible theory I have seen is that the weather balloons exist to gather data not acquirable in satellites. Namely radar defences, and especially in the region housing most of the ICBM infrastructure.
>>47294 >>47290 According to Wikipedia the balloons did kill six people:
>>47294 >I think that was literally the only direct attack on the mainland US during the entire war. There were a few submarine bombardments too. >>47297 Damn website submitted my post when I tried to paste in text. I don't know why this piece of shit board software does that. I can only assume It interprets newline characters as an "Enter" keystroke, so that combined with Ctrl being held down when hitting Ctrl-V, the Ctrl-Enter submits the post. But that sounds completely retarded. >On May 5, 1945, six civilians were killed near Bly, Oregon, when they discovered one of the balloon bombs in Fremont National Forest, becoming the only fatalities from enemy action in the continental U.S. during the war. >Reverend Archie Mitchell and his pregnant wife Elsie (age 26) drove to Gearhart Mountain that day with five of their Sunday school students for a picnic. While Archie was moving the car, Elsie and the children found the balloon lying on the ground. A large explosion occurred; the four boys (Edward Engen, 13; Jay Gifford, 13; Dick Patzke, 14; and Sherman Shoemaker, 11) were killed instantly, while Joan Patzke (13) and Elsie died several minutes later. A bomb disposal expert guessed that the bomb had been kicked.[38] Military personnel who arrived on the scene saw that the balloon still had snow beneath it while the surrounding area did not. They concluded that the balloon had drifted to the ground several weeks earlier, and had lain there undisturbed until found by the group. The press blackout in the U.S. was lifted on May 22 to ensure that others were warned of the threat.[39] >A memorial, the Mitchell Monument, is located at the point of the explosion, 50 miles (80 kilometres) northeast of Klamath Falls in the Mitchell Recreation Area. It was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 2003. Several Japanese civilians have visited the monument to offer their apologies for the deaths that took place here, and cherry trees have been planted around the monument as a symbol of peace.
>>47273 I'm livid at how most people seem to think that just because pictures are being taken means bubba can shutz it derwn wit his thirty awt stix. Its at around 60,000 ft being reported by the Pentagon. There are two theories i've heard (telegram channels): 1) DoD is unwilling to effectively engage it because Miley wants the chinese to collect data on military infrastructure (specifically nuclear silo positions) why not hand it to them in a manila folder then go through this fiasco?? 2) The DoD is incapable to target it due to lack of a reflective signal, or weapons specialized in dissabling high altitude spy balloons. I'm leaning toward the latter as the former seems to be coming from Q tier boog-tards.
https://web.archive.org/web/20230204081834/https://twitter.com/kanekoathegreat/status/1621632233168830465 More Balloons. We really are in the first phase of a tabletop military strategy game.
>>47298 >national symbol of japan placed around the monument >"sign of peace" >implying it's not a sign of conquest/victory
>>47302 >not wanting the biggest ballon-go-boom evar We can all tell you're not from around here. And while I recognize that you may not actually be, you also come across as some pink-haired Filthy Commie >Zer muh gerd!1 Don't hurt teh poor thing!11 What did it evar do to U!111 REDNECK!111111 As to your suppositions, your first one is far more likely: it's plainly intentional by the Usurper-in-Chief's handlers to allow it. Anglin probably has the correct perspective on this, I think. As to your second one, that's just silly. They have 9'001 different ways to knock such a barn-door sluggard out of the skies. >>47303 Lol wtf is that over the Phillipines? Some kind of flying boat? :^)
>>47302 >means bubba can shutz it derwn wit his thirty awt stix Where's Ben Garrison when we need him? Isn't he in Montana?
>>47307 >Where's Ben Garrison when we need him? Isn't he in Montana? Good point. AFAICT he actually frequented 8ch/pol to gibb new drops, it was great. I miss finding all the originals. Hopefully he shot it down before it crossed the state line. :^)
>>47306 >not from around here >comes at me with 4/8cuck ":^)" You're trying so hard right now. I don't care if the balloon goes up, down, back to china, or in Ben Garisson's garage. Merely the fact that a CCP asset has been traveling within U.S. air space unharassed for this long means it has gotteb what it needs. If I was a border resident in northern Montana and had the capabilities to reach 60,000ft avove my property I would've shoy it and collected whatever precious helium was left over. Otherwise as an average no-AA jor what do you expect me to do? Fly up a counter balloon....hmmm.
Apparently the Weimericans have closed airspace on the east coast and are sending fighters to intercept the fiendish balloon of mass destruction. It's like 9/11 all over again. They're hoping to shoot it down off the coast and recover the payload from the sea. I hope the Chinks put a self-destruct charge in it. Or there's literally nothing in it except a trollface and the kanji for LOL.
>>47313 >Or there's literally nothing in it except a trollface and the kanji for LOL. KEK
>>47313 USAF has successfully shot down an balloon. Estimated cost of operation $3million. Animalistic hollerings of 'USA! USA! Go 'murika!' reported across northern Florida. RIP balloon. You were the hero we needed.
>>47316 F We hardly knew ye. or is it Yi in this case?
Open file (161.25 KB 800x688 Balloon_shot_down.jpg)
>>47313 Press statement.
>>47320 >only shoot it down after it travels across half the country taking thousands of photos/videos and sending it back home genius
>>47321 But you see anon, even though they tracked it across Alaska, western Canada, and Montana, it was obviously impossible to shoot it down over such densely populated areas.
>>47320 What a clownworld statement. Can't wait for what they say after they've retrieved the payload. >two artifacts were lawfully recovered from inside the lawfully confiscated chinese espionage device which unlawfully threatened our democracy >department of defense specialists found a monochrome drawing of a bald man with a wrinkled face, leering expression and broad grin >below this disturbing image was the sigil 笑 >pentagon cryptography experts report that both symbols are commonly used online by chinese military extremists >the discovery of said artifacts undeniably indicates imminent unlawful chinese aggression against the democracy of taiwan
>>47321 FWIW Biden said he gave the order on Wednesday but DOD gave him the excuse about population density, which suggests the whole >>47302 >DoD is unwilling to effectively engage it because Miley wants the chinese to collect data on military infrastructure (specifically nuclear silo positions) theory is accurate.
>>47324 >>department of defense specialists found a monochrome drawing of a bald man with a wrinkled face, leering expression and broad grin >below this disturbing image was the sigil 笑 Lol. We truly have entered the Balloon Age, Strelok. Getting caught was clearly all part of the plan.
>>47326 If it was that easy why couldn't the Chinese ask nicely and just take if from traitorous US generals? Miley would even put a bow on it.
>>47324 >>47327 >let's just make shit up that would never happen because the CCP is notoriously too serious about everything and bureaucratic for a sense of humor Don't confuse the fantasies you find amusing for reality, fags
Open file (428.99 KB 1739x2048 1675539408881.jpg)
>>47328 Because one demonstrates your superiority and spoils your rival's face in the eyes of your citizens.
>>47330 Two words, Strelok: >De >Caf
>>47333 Checked. >that bunny-diaper tho
>>47326 Listen Fat, when Biden says something, it's more likely to be the exact opposite of the truth than anything else. Especially if it's about a few days ago because there's no way he'd actually remember if it were true.
>>47333 what's with the frog thumbs up? bugmen are obviously going to say it was a weather balloon, burgers are going to say it was a surveillance balloon and say they recovered photopgraphs of Glorious Nuclear Arsenal on them from the shitter shattered fragments, this will eventually escalate into full-scale war, and only 70-80 years down the line will we learn the truth, just like Gulf of Tonkin
Open file (108.38 KB 1024x576 30810.jpg)
Open file (562.98 KB 1200x1091 Laughing fairy.png)
>>47303 >More Balloons. We really are in the first phase of a tabletop military strategy game. You know I never thought thought the cheap tower defense game (Bloons) would have predicted future events... But here we are, better get good a throwing darts I guess. >>47296 Yeah that was my theory too, balloon sounds less scary than drone so jokes aside it was probably a pretty good idea actually. Thought I wonder what they think they'll actually find aside from our ancient stockpile of minute man missiles guided by old IBM floppy disc PC's. >>47294 >Seems I recall the Nips did actually set fire to an OG drivein theatre or something in Washington state Indeed, however it proved to be more trouble than it was worth especially given sometimes those incendiary balloons would get blown back in their faces which was a lot more devastating to a country with the population density like Japans. >>47326 I personally believe they'd prefer to capture one if possible but who knows, maybe the Chicoms thought about that and had anti tampering measures installed.
>>47346 >I personally believe they'd prefer to capture one if possible but who knows Probably too risky for the aircraft given its size and unknown composition. Was thinking maybe they could snag it with a line, like how the Fulton system hooks the emergency weather balloon lines, and drop it in the ocean mostly intact.
Open file (368.52 KB 1251x634 fireballoon.png)
>>47346 >it proved to be more trouble than it was worth The British version was relatively cost effective but not flashy. Escaped barrage balloons were causing enough disruption to their power system that they decided to do it on purpose to the Germans. They released a bunch of surplus weather balloons across the channel trailing piano wire to short out transmission lines and others with small incendiary bombs. They disrupted the power supply enough that fighters were diverted to shoot them down while the balloons cost pennies to make.
Open file (137.64 KB 350x350 carlos.png)
Open file (384.34 KB 2000x1333 spy-reaction-2.png)
>>47346 Popularity of Balloon-based games suddenly EXPLODES
>>47344 >what's with the frog thumbs up? Their version of Pepe
>>47330 How retarded are you exactly?
Open file (102.41 KB 900x506 501m3MEME024123.jpg)
>yfw next time you'll instead use 1'000 bloobs
Time for a new thread OP
>>47390 as long as this thread's not at the bottom of the catalog and nothing else is happening there really isn't a reason to make a new thread

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