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what's a war board without a conflict?

QTDDTOT Strelok 01/15/2022 (Sat) 13:08:31 No.21645
Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread We got to the point where the previous one is autosaging!
Open file (869.46 KB 2400x924 Bergmann_MP18.1.JPG)
Are side-mounted magazines really that inpractical? People who have handled the FG42 don't seem to mind it, and the Brits kept using the Sterling for quite a while.
>>21505 Have the libre community managed to rig up a software that let's you import your models to a software for 3D printing? >>21570 The realistic answer is to buy lots of old milsurp on the cheap from some regime that wants to be on good terms with you. >>21585 You'd have figure out how well can you reload the weapon with that funky magazine if you scale it up to see its true potential.
Does anybody here have a photo of an ACOG on a bolt action wood-stocked rifle?
Open file (100.63 KB 564x800 youth.jpg)
How Do I start my own business/youth organization? I want to start making military uniforms and knives for an organization similar to the hitler youth. Any good gear I can copy? What kind of knife would be best for survival purposes and living innawoods? Any good fighting techniques/general skills to teach?
>>21726 you start by slitting your wrists you POS nazi cunt
>>21727 >Being so asshurt you false flag in other threads I mean I expected it but shiggy diggy. >>21726 Register as an LLC in the state you plan to have your storefront. If you're lazy you can sell through an aggregate like redbubble, otherwise you'll need a website as well. You may need more specific licenses if you plan to employ sweatshop labor like everyone else. This advice only applies to America, obviously.
>>21727 >you POS nazi cunt Niggerjew, please.
Open file (163.39 KB 476x346 img_028.png)
Supposedly if you attack another country without a prior declaration, it's a war crime. So, how soon after the declaration can you attack? Does the enemy have to acknowledge it first? Can you have an attack already underway and make a declaration mere minutes before it reaches the enemy and still be lawful?
How do I create my own PMC? I wanna be like big boss and create a nation of soldiers for soldiers. any milsurp you would recommend buying in bulk for soldiers?
>>21829 it's all arbitrary and just another way for the victor to grind the loser into the dirt if they win. the very notion of "war crimes" is bullshit and only saw fruition after WW2 to punish the Germans for losing.
>>21829 There are two different standards at play when it comes to declaring war; the Hague Convention's Agreed Procedure for the Opening of Hostilities and the United Nations Charter. The UN Charter which came 50 years after the Hague Convention more or less says that whoever declares war first under most circumstances is committing a war crime and thus is subject to condemnation. Exceptions include peacekeeping operations in limited capacities (such as to protect ethnic minorities) and self-defense (which must be reasonably proved). In select circumstances where UN members invoke article 51(self-defense), there is no immediate need for retaliation, and there are legitimate circumstances, the Hague Convention takes priority and both parties' heads of state must be informed by a neutral third party that they may go to war with one another. A "neutral party" can be as simple as getting some bum-fuck Asian, African, or South American nation with no direct chips in the game calling up Zelensky and Putin and saying they recognize that war has been declared by one or more parties involved. This is why false flags are so popular since they let you invoke article 51 of the UN charter without having to wait for a response and then the UN is no longer a neutral party and can't invoke articles 24/25
>>21837 War Crimes have been recognized since the French Revolution. Largely as a result of the UK committing every war crime in the books between hiring pirates, releasing false information to intentionally poison or blow up civilian engineers/scientists of foreign nations, bombing infrastructure, etc. Actually now that I think about it the English have objectively defined the majority of what are recognized as international war crimes today through their actions.
>>21839 the very idea of war crimes is retarded, if you're waging war against the enemy you're already committing tons of illegal acts, such as openly killing others, so why put limits on what you can and can't do when there's nothing stopping you or the other guy from murdering, raping, and pillaging each other? if you want to teach another country a lesson, why not just turn it into molten glass? the worst that could happen is the UN says "no please stop don't", or if you lose it's just another way for them to prosecute you for losing. it has no reason to exist at all.
>>21838 There is also the enemy state clause, which says that anyone can attack former members of the Axis if they think that they are trying to restart ww2.
>>21840 Blame superficial modernist conventions where bureaucracies try to legislate everything under the sun only for everyone to ignore everything when SHTF and the conventions are not set in some debate hall beforehand but by conduct during and at the end of the war.
>>21840 >War crimes don't exist We argue over this every other day I don't want to talk to you no more about it.
>>21840 For the same reason beating someone up and killing them are not seen as equally bad. War-crimes are defined, illegal and prosecuted so states can't just do whatever they please and commit them, most conflicts don't "require" that level of violence and so it is frowned upon when used.
>>21851 > most conflicts don't "require" that level of violence <Every single conflict against guerrillas usually ends up in a loss because bombing the civilians that house the guerrillas is muh war crime <can't use chemicals on their mountains and caves either, nuh-uh! Thanks UN, very smart decision.
>>21853 To be fair, you are better off doing what the Br*ts did and just put everyone into nice summer camps that are open all year 'round. Of course the UN would be still deeply concerned, but that's not the point.
>>21853 And I'm glad for that, I'm glad bombing innocent people is seen as a bad thing, you should grow up. >>21854 That's not nearly edgy enough for him.
>>21853 A) I am thankful civilian centers don't get bombed. Starve them out instead. B) If the local populace doesn't want you there maybe you should listen to them instead of insisting on fighting an expensive bullshit war in the name of "democracy" or some shit.
>>21815 Wtf what was he thinking
>>21855 >innocent people If they're aiding the enemy, they aren't innocent.
>>21871 Sure, but first you have to prove that, even so, they're not direct combatants.
Open file (52.62 KB 565x357 1.jpg)
Open file (63.05 KB 600x397 34.jpeg)
Open file (92.01 KB 640x421 0000293426-001.jpg)
Open file (228.13 KB 900x581 main_900.jpg)
>>21854 >>21855 >>21857 Americans are so used to fighting wars for Israel that they now assume every war is for oil/money and that nobody should wage war ever. I know it's hard when you're a burger but imagine for a moment that you're, let's say, Serbian and you have: >Bosnia in the West They hate your guts. No, not their politicians, but the population. >Albania south-west They too hate your guts and the average albanian would love to gut your family alive. >Bulgaria in the East They too hate you. They want to conquer you and take revenge for past conflicts. (Even further back than the age of Byzantium) >Kosovo, South They're actually albanians, so they hate you >Skopje (nu-Macedonia) also in the south This piece of shit country also hates you. They're a mix of albanian and bulgarian rape babies. If a war broke out between these nations and (You) invaded Bosnia, why wouldn't you kill off the "civilians" ? You KNOW they hate you, you KNOW they're helping guerrillas, you KNOW they'll keep waging gorilla warfare forever. If your dumbfuck answer is "durr hurr, just don't invade then LUL!" then you truly are retarded.
>>21726 Hire different people you trust to help you out. DO NOT do everything on your own.
Open file (66.13 KB 507x338 serbian_flag.jpeg)
Open file (203.33 KB 789x600 Death_of_Milos_Obilic.jpg)
>>21895 Imagine being Serbian, occupied by Turks for 500 years. Only to finally break free of them and be conquered the under Austrian-Hungarian crown. Only to then fall under Soviet occupation, only to then break free from them and then be surrounded by people that hate your guts who won't hesitate to genocide you. Only to then have people as far as Turkey and Saudi Arabia send funds during the Kosovo War to the people that hate you so they can kill you even quicker. Only to then have the USA bomb you until you're practically extinct and your entire nation is in ruins. Only to then have the US of A declare YOU a criminal and then arrest YOUR leader and not bring any charges against anybody else who committed war crimes. Being a Serb isn't easy
>>21899 >Serbian >Soviet occupation
>>21900 Was I wrong in something? I don't know if I was
>>21895 >the average albanian would love to gut your family alive I thought they would rather duct tape you
Open file (440.94 KB 1050x925 d1d.png)
>>21903 Yugoslavia was famously the leader of the Non-Aligned Movement Strelok, holy shit. And Serbia remained officially Yugoslavia after the other republics seceded.
Open file (770.09 KB 750x1000 Angry Serb.jpg)
Open file (350.90 KB 900x450 Prismrivers Strong.jpeg)
>>21895 >that nobody should wage war ever. And edgy Streloks are so used to creating fanfiction that they forget that the majority of wars involve maybe a few hundred dudes, none of this complete annihilation shit. >Balkans example Because every country on earth is a former Mongolian (later Turkish) vassal state made up of several ethnic minorities that never got along but were forced to work with each other for a few centuries to avoid genocide, right? >If a war broke out between these nations Then a war would break out between those nations and it would need to be judged based on their cultural values etc. IIRC I was reading articles just a few years ago about how the Balkan populations are the most at-peace with each other that they have been in centuries right now because the Internet lets them get their angst out and realize that everywhere is a shit hole. Consider that Pakistan and India were working together on a civilian level during this Chink Flu pandemic even though their governments claim they hate each other. Misery makes for interesting allies. All of that is to say, not every war is about genocide you dumb fuck.
>>21895 Don't get me wrong, in such situations war crimes make more sense but as you yourself pointed out not all wars are like that, not all wars require such levels of violence.
Open file (227.30 KB 1024x704 Wandervogel.jpg)
>>21726 Firstly, don't reinvent the wheel, use preestablished materials to get the club started at first. Group uniform, customs, and culture are all details that can be worked out latter, but actually getting a youth organization up and running cannot be delayed if that is your goal. Luckly there is a lot of material for this: As for books: >1967 edition of the Boy Scouts of America Handbook. It is one of the last Boy Scout Handbooks edited by Green Bar Bill Harcourt, and arguably one of the best. (file too large to link but you can find it online) >Scout Masters Handbook - 5th edition simply invaluable, all else is fluff as far as books go >Handbook for Patrol Leaders I forget the edition, should be 5th or sixth >merit badge books anything goes. Buy up used books on the subjects and start a 'Troop library'
>>21647 >Have the libre community managed to rig up a software that let's you import your models to a software for 3D printing? https://yewtu.be/watch?v=d_o6IzcLHvk
Open file (1.03 MB 1638x936 vcwh6llfaj351 (1).png)
>>21906 Actually it would be much more intresting for usa to fuck up in the '73 oil crisis.
What are the negatives/disadvantages of the 7,62x39 caliber? NATO keeps switching calibers trying to find a balance, while Russia has stayed with 7,62.x39 and 5.45.
>>22134 Trajectory past 200 yards is the key problem as it drops way harder than lighter intermediate projectiles. Under 200 it does pretty well and it also has good velocity even with shorter barrels. Issuing 5.45 to general purpose guys and x39 to specialists or reservists who want shorter rifles/face CQB stuff works pretty well.
Where do I get started on firearms design? I want to make some cool shit to sell to the masses or feds. I want to tap into uncharted territory and I have a few ideas floating around but no idea on how to execute them. I want to design an integrally suppressed revolver but dont know where to start. also has to look cool and be functional, no point in making it if it doesn't look ballin
>>22136 While I realize that ballistic objects have additional forces acting on them apart from simple Galilean mechanics, but I call hoers puckey on it Anon. 32ft/s^2 is a uniform standard of acceleration for a drop on the surface of the Earth, regardless of mass.
>>22139 >32ft/s^2 is a uniform standard of acceleration for a drop on the surface of the Earth, regardless of mass. And a slower projectile takes more time to cover a given distance. More time spent accelerating downwards means it drops more. And for equivalent energy, momentum, or whatever else you choose to keep constant, a lighter projectile will be faster than a heavier one.
>>22140 >And a slower projectile takes more time to cover a given distance. The point is that when the 'given distance' is the drop towards the Earth's center mass, then there is not 'slower projectile'. They all fall at the same rate. BB or 16in shell, it's all the same. The other factors are ballistic lift from say, round tumble, or intentionally-designed aerodynamic lift. But pretending every round is a perfect sphere, then they all fall at the exact same rate in a vacuum. Atmosphere is the only significant variation.
>>22143 Strelok's argument isn't about the rate of drop per second, his argument is the rate of drop per unit of distance the projectile travels forward. Which, by the logic Strelok presented, for the slower (forward momentum) projectile will be lower (less forward distance traveled per distance traveled down) than that of the faster projectile. Not saying Strelok is correct, due to ballistic coefficients favoring the heavier projectile in retaining speed, but that is the argument Strelok is making.
>>22143 >The point is that when the 'given distance' is the drop towards the Earth's center mass The "given distance" is not the drop. It is the horizontal distance to the target. Ignoring aerodynamics ("simple Galilean mechanics"), a bullet travelling at 900m/s takes 0.33s to reach a target 300m away, while a bullet at 700m/s takes 0.43s. Over its flight each bullet will drop d = ½at², which works out to 55cm for the faster bullet, but 91cm for the slower bullet. I know there are other factors, but the question was about "simple Galilean mechanics". The aerodynamic side depends on the details of the projectile (even within the same general cartridge), and I can't speak to whether >>22136 is right. But that's the answer to the original objection.
Gravity is a constant (you will drop 9.8 meters per second in any kind of horizontal movement unless you have an opposite force like lift in airplane wings that is greater than 9.8 meters per second). Speed allows you to go further in X for every accelerating 9.8 meters per second decrease in Y. Weight means the projectile required more force to launch and thus has more force to push air aside to ignore air resistance. Air resistance increases the faster you are going because the projectile has to push more air out of the way to reach its target and there are limits to this since eventually air acts like a thick liquid instead of as a gas when you are heavy enough and moving fast enough. IIRC by the time you get into standard rifle rounds you are already hitting close to maximum air resistance so all you can do at that point is provide more force to push through the air, at which point you have to make things heavier, but the heavier it is the more force needed so forward force is not a linear gain. Aerodynamics just allow you to shave off a little bit of that air resistance allowing you to push through/move aside more air over a given period of time due to already hitting close to maximum air resistance. This has been practical visualization of Calculus-based physics 101 with Strelok.
hello how are you :)
>>22134 If you're in the states, then the new ban on importing Russian ammo makes it less attractive than it used to be. If you're interested in a good estimation of the drop, energy, or velocity at distant x, look up some ballistic charts for what you're comparing. >>22136 This is basically what I've seen before. Going with a shorter barrel length affects 5.56 more than 7.62x39. Doesn't shoot as flat because 600-800 ft/s slower at the muzzle. 200 yards fairly flat, then noticeably more drop (one calculator puts drop at 300 yards at 26.5 inches, 63 inches at 400 yards). Higher energy and better energy retention due to more weight and slightly higher BC while going roughly 4/5 of the speed. Had no idea Russia still used 7.62x39.
>>22172 it will affect 5.56 more because it has such a small bullet and so its energy is more velocity dependent. That's why a 45-70 can launch a 400 grain bullet at only 1,900 fps but still have 3,500 ft/lb energy. and that is why 20" is the only good 5.56 barrel length. >muh 50 fps per inch that depends on how hot the 5.56 load is. Full power 5.56 can get 3,400 fps out of a 20" barrel with a 55 grain bullet. Lots of guys don't understand that most factory ammo is way underloaded.
>>22172 7.62 is still common place.
>>21868 I don't know what he was thinking before, but he wasn't thinking at all after that.
why did we ever shy away from magnum calibers? I think ot was general incompetence of the avrage soldier. they can't hit anything so they need more bullets for less weight. A army with 30-06' and M1 Garands (with upgraded optics) could still take over the world.
Open file (200.08 KB 982x731 norway_attack_24.jpg)
does anyone has a high res video of this? I'm thinking of greenscreening a beutiful backdrop for my beloved and 9 11 doesn't quite do it. alternqtively any other right wing terrorist attack in high res video as a far out panoramic or herizon view shot.
>>22374 >Attacking the building where the Palestinian summit was being held >A week after multiple "bomb drills" >Right wing terrorist attack
>>22376 i just want big explody edgy bang bang far out guess oklahoma is also a no go too?
Open file (194.48 KB 1023x682 blood_of_my_enemies.jpg)
Open file (89.38 KB 800x397 enfield-l4-bren_2.jpg)
Am I correct to assume that if one wanted to develop a new 7.62 rifle, then FAL magazines would work better than G3 mags? The FAL has a bolt catch, so the magazine is already set up for that. And an inch pattern magazine well can also take metric mags, as well as the 30 rounders of the BREN. Of course in this day and age you can just give the gun a modular magwell, but if you wanted to make new magazines then it's better to make them compatible with old ones, and so my real question is which one would be a better starting point for that.
Open file (211.71 KB 508x428 1430573674606.png)
Hello fellow Stalkers, if I needed to move a lot of trucks from an urban area, What would you recommend?
Open file (133.97 KB 550x500 1644091580894.jpg)
>>22420 Well if surroundings aren't an issue then nuclear weapons would be the fastest option. Maybe conventional explosives. If you don't have to worry about resistance and can swing sideways, a wrecking ball + manlift to get out debris would work. Unfortunately if there is resistance or you have to worry about property damage in the range of millions, you're royally fucked. Most first world countries have their army/national guard providing supplies to areas with emergency measures so pulling army truckers away to drive commercial vehicles, while also extremely illegal, would nit net you very good results. If there are any resistance forces preventing you from driving them off, then they might slash the tires at which point you're royally fucked when that 18-wheeler with airbrakes has no tires to drive it out since towing companies will be able to do very little if anything at all. There is also the issue of even if you have the means to repair and tow them at that point, supply shortages mean there aren't enough tires to remove them. Especially if you have, oh I don't know, some 50 miles of space to make to park them safely out of the way. Presumably these trucks were driven there so it will probably be a shock to the economy when nobody can get goods delivered as well. Don't know what to tell yah, bud.
>>22420 I'd recommend you kill yourself.
>>21645 I've just noticed that those norks are wearing fingerless gloves.
Open file (156.27 KB 1024x768 download.jpg)
So with the introduction of .277 Fury, is 6.5 CM completely obsolete for military purposes now?
>>22420 "Declare civil war" wouldn't have been my recommendation, but if that's what you went with i guess that's what we get.
Why'd my gore link request get deleted? I'm not that interested in it actually, I just want to check it out a little. Also I wasn't going to post any of it directly on this site.
Where can I read convincing proof AIDS was a hoax? I may or may not have seen it here before.
>>22686 You mean GRIDS?
Let's say you're in a protest situation and the jockey pigs come onto the scene. You then allow the horses to get in between the cops and protestors then on signal you and a few comrades turn on some really loud speakers playing horrible, ear-splitting shrieks, thus spooking the horses and causing them to panic and stampede away from the noise. Would this work?
>>22747 Mounted police horses are trained to not be spooked by much aside form live gunfire and explosions. You would be better off digging holes for the horses to fall into and break a leg putting them out of commission, or tossing caltrops on the ground for the horses to sustain injuries that could break a leg but most likely would just put the horse out of commission for a few weeks.
How bad is the liberal/LGBT problem in Russia's government and higher politics?
>>22782 I don't know how "bad" it is, but the liberal/LGBT components were a major influencer of the Color Revolutions in the 80s and 90s. They were starting to infest Russia when Putin took power and largely kept Putin impotent dealing with them until the early 2000s when Bush's war on terror gave him an excuse to purge them from the country. If they are present, they are likely secretive about it to prevent a backroom bullet to the head.
>>22783 It's a tough choice to ally with Russia, but they're the preferred choice for now. I haven't kept up. Who is Putin's most ideologically compatible successor, and how would he fare against the more liberal and corrupt factions that would carve Russia into pieces for the West?
>>22847 Don't know. His last one fucked up and lost all popular support a few years ago.
How far can a sniper operate from his spotter? Could a sniper and spotter work fairly effectively despite only being able to communicate via radio?
>>24028 Depends on how good you are at mental math.
>>21646 It can get caught on branches etc, also if it gets knocked wrong feed lips will bend and fuck the magazine. It also throws the center of gravity off and affects accuracy.
What's my best option in burgerland for purchasing professional grade handcuffs with needing to expose my personal information? Are there any physical chain stores that sell that sell them to everyday citizens? Would ordering them off of ebay be considered "low risk"?
Where can I read about Jew and tranny wikipedia editor regulatory capture controversy
>>21726 >I want to start making military uniforms and knives for an organization similar to the hitler youth. Any good gear I can copy? German Boy Scout groups and the Hitler Youth in the early 20th century for the most part used military surplus from WW1 for their gear. The German Fahrtenmesser is literally a shaved down K98 bajonet. The few gear parts that weren't WW1 surplus stuff was selfmade like the German Jugendschaftsjacke.
>>22847 the main thing is he needs to not overstay his welcome. Once he's done blowing up our biolabs and fagpropoganda sites, mr. personality needs to get the F outta the kraine and make the rest of the matter a diplomatic one Of course, has anyone read Rensburg, I think his name is, the WWI vet who was given a nuhmber of visions, including WWIII? This seems to overlap with portions of it. The problem, anyone feel free to correct me, isn't that hes blowing up his neighbor's illicit storage sheds, it's that all the globohoms are gay for war, and will keep blowing this out of proportion until nukes are used.
Open file (124.27 KB 1418x1500 716vzlOeXnL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)
Is this Liantral axe gud for outdoor activities?
>>21815 >polish roulette
>>26750 No, the blade is too wide to make a good wood chopper and the handle is made of shitty chinese metal and not balanced. Good axes all have a handle made from the right type of wood. The compass is likely of inferior quality and not working correctly, because the bugmen had the super idea to encase it into a metal handle. The blade isn't full tang and will snap if you really use it. At last you are left with a shitty glass breaker and a firerod which would be cheaper to buy if you buy them separately.
>>26746 >The problem, anyone feel free to correct me, isn't that hes blowing up his neighbor's illicit storage sheds, it's that all the globohoms are gay for war, and will keep blowing this out of proportion until nukes are used. Yeah pretty much.
>>26908 >Good axes all have a handle made from the right type of wood. >The blade isn't full tang and will snap if you really use it. Traditional axe design has the (wooden) handle going through the head, no tang, seems to work well enough for felling axes and war axes? A full or skeleton tang clad with wood should be good, partial or hidden tang would be bad for an axe though. The bolted on handle is bullshit though, completely agree. the wolf is barfing all over the blade kek
Open file (613.46 KB 800x638 FotoJet-6-1.jpg)
Are the value of precious metals, stones and other minerals influenced more so by their scarcity and various uses rather than by artificial influence? Trying to figure out what all would be worth dumping all of my cash into if I needed to.
Open file (7.54 KB 401x140 ClipboardImage.png)
>>27172 The only correct answer is "it depends." Value is subjective.
>>27172 Their true value is that they don't rust, rot or burn. You can buy them, hide them in your home or somewhere else and the moment you decide to take them out to trade for something or exchange for money, they will be in the same condition as you brought them, regardless of how much time it has been or in which climate they have been resting. If you have cash reserves to already last some months without work and already some investments going that generate money for you besides your work, there is nothing wrong to dump the excess money into precious metals, stones and minerals.
>>27172 As it happens, I've got the place for you: https://trashchan.xyz/finance/index.html
Open file (3.55 MB 4608x3456 small town america.jpg)
>>27823 >>27823 The Patriot Front, Folkish Resistance, and Nordic Resistance groups seem alright. I would respect the Patriot Front more if they didn't use discord because I like how they focus on small towns. As someone who grew up in a small town, it feels nice when someone outside of it cares about you.
>>27887 >>27823 I forgot to mention that I don't actually trust any of those organizations. I imagine most, if not all of them are honeypots but such is life outside the zone.
Is the KP-15 lower just a meme? I thought it might be cool to build an extra light SBR, and I'm trying to gauge whether the weight savings are worth it. It only seems to shave a few ounces off a normal lower assembly, which might not really matter much if I go for a 11.5in lightweight barrel anyway.
>>21645 How many anons would be interested in watching the Infinity Cup with /k/ as a playable team?
>>27980 I can't be bothered to participate in E-sports. Just responding in case you get no responses.
>>27989 It's not really an e-sport as it's all CPU controlled It's more of an autistic get-together
Does anyone here have recommendations for off girding land you own as a burger? I finally got the money for this shit but now this inflation spiral probably gonna fuck me over for the next decade just like they intended
>>28020 Like where to buy or what to buy for your land?
>>28025 >Questions Both. I was thinking about fucking off to MT/WY but water rights and god fucking damnit piss poor soil. Also shitty ass libs from cali
Why don't you move 2 Alaska?
>>27889 They are the only serious resistance to Whites being exterminated that I know of... so I hope at least 2 are legit.
>>28039 Montana is the only state where the cops gave me a warning instead of ticketing me for a traffic violation so they are instantly better than Wyoming for that reason alone.
With militaries the past 2 or even 3 decades acting as if future wars will be fought mainly in cities, then how come they haven't bothered at all to create specialised urban fighting units? Juggernauts covered in armor, ballistic shields and equipped with a lot of fucking explosives and shaped charges, maybe even chemicals and hell why not, flamethrowers. Defenders wouldn't stand a chance and losses within the urban fighting units would be very few. They wouldn't need to be mobile, you simply unload them from an IFV next to a building and off they go to kill everyone inside. Once finished they leave the way they arrived. If anything urban combat has taught us lately is that regular troops are easy to kill in those environments. They're simply too lightly equipped for the job. So why not fix that?
>>21895 You're equating the situation of the Balkans with the United States, which is obviously ridiculous. We don't want to fight wars anymore because we know that all the wars we are expected to fight are on behalf of Jews. Those are the only wars Americans fought since 1865, after the country was taken over by niggers and nigger lovers.
Open file (793.23 KB 900x1200 Consider Putin.png)
>>28121 Because urban warfare involves violating international law. As Russia is showing right now. Also because voter-based ruling systems (democracies and Republics) tend to favor the idea of never going to war in an urban environment since such ideas are unpopular to urbanites, thus they (the elite) don't invest into such technologies since it will lose voter support preventing reelections. If the world was ruled by monarchies such would be the case, but populism has prove an effective weapon that can be tamed to support mass religious-tier support for causes that should be absolutely opposed by the average citizen. Plus in the age of modern warfare, wars are fought electronically and financially instead of with resources/soldiers. There is no reason to send a man to his death riling up the rubes when a rise in gas prices or food prices and psychological warfare (as Facebook is waging) create the same result.
>>28122 Truth. The (((Civil War))) was arraged by the Synagouge of Satan as was every war 'murrica has been involved in since. The ultimate (((goal))) is to genocide all Whites (and enslave the rest): https://www.amren.com/videos/2022/03/unconditional-war-on-racism/
>>28121 >Reduce city to rubble >Alienate civvies >You now own a barren wasteland as a province to your state which will force you to spend a gorillion credits to rebuild it and will probably declare independence the moment you stop paying grunts to patrol it gee I wonder
>>28163 Are you implying that there is any worth whatsoever to cities that look like pic related? Also >civvies Their fault if they didn't evacuate a literal battlefield
>>28172 >destroying your own objectives because of some ugly architecture
Open file (687.90 KB 1000x1413 Dans-vacation-1-1.png)
>>28172 Pic 3 has a beautiful building right in the centre., and at least a few other buildings I would consider handsome. I love brick facades. Pic 2 is a shithole, no question, but London could be saved if you leveled everything built later than 1920 or so. Plenty of lovely buildings there that aren't hideous post modern abominations.
>>28298 >having the greatest excuse to rebuild a city properly and not doing it because UHHH MUH OBJECTIVE
Open file (6.21 MB 1000x3240 glyphs.png)
Do any /k/ommandos take pic related seriously? If so, how well known are the glyphs?
Open file (106.08 KB 256x386 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (137.40 KB 510x130 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (142.57 KB 513x145 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (140.22 KB 512x144 ClipboardImage.png)
>>28352 What did pic 1 mean by this? >advertising your supply caches to anyone no thanks >miles/yards/feet no thanks >Food cache buried here (4 feet down) Why the fuck would you ever want/need to bury food that deep??
Are soldiers who surrender the absolute fucking peak of hypocrisy? The only reason they surrendered in the first place is because they have come to the conclusion that they can't win (kill you) anymore. So instead of facing the consequences of their defeat (death) they choose to cheat their fate and become prisoners of war. If they were winning (as in, killing the shit out of you and your buddies) they wouldn't surrender. How is this not disgustingly hypocritical? What's worse is that they are supposed to be treated with respect by their captors and they're crowned as "heroes" by their country. This is absolutely insane. They should be executed for treason by their countrymen and treated like animals by their captors. Surrendering is the equivalent of going "time-out!" during a children's' nerf battle when you get your shit pushed in. Either win, retreat or face the consequences for losing, you coward faggots, holy shit.
>>28426 War is not kowadooty, the point is not scoring points by killing the enemy. War is politics with a different toolset. If you are surrounded and you cannot even meaningfully blunt or slow down an enemy assault, then it does not make any difference if you surrender once your ammunition is spent. It's not like you can do more than get shot while trying to stab someone.
>>28436 >Get invaded >Uh oh! It's just a politics game guys, once we run out of ammo, let's surrender! :) Can redditors please stay in their ukraine containment thread
Where are the best places in the world to participate in just wars? Most hotspots are compromised as they're the result of globalists pitting one side against the other. There is barely any justice being propagated in such. I'd rather contribute to a minor state that has a naturally derived problem like banditry. An example recently was the Malian fight against Jihadist rebels. Their government is mostly anti-Zionist, and there are enough innocents and civilization to be preserved to make the effort worth it for me. I'd like to contribute to a noble fight like this.
>>28426 >Either win, retreat or face the consequences of losing That's implying "win" means full obliteration/genocide of the other side, in that case OK taking prisoners doesn't make sense. If the goal is to capture resources/territory/political change then presumably there will be peace/ceasefire negotiations at some point and POWs become bargaining chips. Full on genocidal mode will sink morale eventually. If you show no mercy to the enemy then you can't really expect the same in return, and memes aside most soldiers want to believe they will see their family again at some point. >>28456 >places in the world to participate in just wars? It's just a meme for the reasons you already stated. Unless you are already involved and understand the circumstances before the conflict breaks out, it's virtually impossible to assess justness of the situation. Mind your own business. not meant in a rude way
>>28426 Yeah they're all retarded. Go join up and fight for Ukraine please, I want you to prove how retarded the rest of them are.
Is there any way that groups of people can communicate with each other remotely that is completely above censorship? I thought ham radio worked that way but apparently that is pretty easy for governments to roll up.
>>28456 >Just war https://patriotfront.us/ The only just war if you're White is to fight for a White nationalist cause. Everything else is pointless.
>>28474 Would you surrender? Careful, there's only 1 correct answer and the context in this matter is utterly irrelevant.
Open file (123.77 KB 852x1200 yukari_question.jpg)
>>28426 >Are soldiers who surrender the absolute fucking peak of hypocrisy? No I would say they are the smartest lot around not fighting for the whims of the elite while still being a drain on enemy resources. >So instead of facing the consequences of their defeat (death) they choose to cheat their fate and become prisoners of war. Yeah what's so wrong about that? You aren't supposed to kill people as a main objective in war. You're supposed to make tactical gains that force your enemy to surrender. Why do you think people who understand war have been so appalled by Zelensky's actions in Ukraine? Better half the army surrender than one needless death in war. >How is this not disgustingly hypocritical? What's worse is that they are supposed to be treated with respect by their captors and they're crowned as "heroes" by their country. Real war is not like your vidjagaems anon. Annihilation wars are very rare and universally frowned upon outside of China. The captors treat them with respect because those men will either soon be citizens or because you don't want them pissed off enough post-war to come back for round 2. They're crowned as heroes because dead men don't bring home bread to make babies or pay taxes. >Either win, retreat or face the consequences for losing, you coward faggots, holy shit. By all means sign up as a foreign volunteer for Ukraine with your absolute war ideology and get shelled to death by Russians. You have no clue why wars are even waged.
>>28549 Glowie nigger, please. I'm not a race realist or whatever, and I'm not dying for a stupid ideology that has no real integrity due to women's irrational nature that will take the apple 9 of 10 times if left unattended.
>>28438 Unless the enemy is genociding your people you do more damage to them as a PoW than as statistic you stupid fucking autist. Wars are fought for land, resources, or reparations. E.G. politics. Wars of annihilation simply don't happen outside of China. Ask the Taliban why they didn't genocide everyone after taking back Afghanistan and why they are working with people who hated their guts a year ago.
>>28535 It is impossible to transmit data without being found since data requires a frequency and a frequency can be tracked to its source, so you should instead focusing on obfuscating the source of transmission (VPN) and heavily encrypt what is sent. Theoretically if it's a short distance you could make your own analog off-the-grid telephone line or network that communicates over wire.
>>28969 >>28971 >Leonidas should have just surrendered! >Hitler should have never attacked Poland! >The American revolution shouldn't have happened! >The Serbians should have simply surrendered to the Bosnians! >The Byzantines should have simply surrendered to the Ottomans! >War is just politics, don't fight for what you believe in! You...you... you autist! The absolute fucking state of nu/k/. Please God bring 2015 /k/ back
>>29044 >Implying I said any of that Ok, retard. You can keep eating paint chips while the real world acts on gentlemen agreements.
>>29044 This is what you read into those two posts?? Either nigger/10 level of reading comprehension or projecting extra hard.
>>29056 >>29108 its called b8 you fucking idiots call him a retard if you have to respond and then ignore him afterward otherwise youre wasting your time trying to prove an insincere asshole wrong to a crowd of faggots who most likely already figured out hes a trolling faggot
Open file (73.60 KB 349x642 ClipboardImage.png)
>>29116 >Posts call him a retard/nigger and don't waste their time >"I-It's called bait! I was only pretending to be retarded!" Ok, retard.
>>27172 Yes because people are always going to use them for bartering
>>29116 >its called b8 you fucking idiots You forgot to post a funny picture op
https://odysee.com/@TheBeltingBalaclava:0/my-little-armalite-cover:1 >>28969 >while still being a drain on enemy resources. Not if you get put in a labor camp anon.
What is the most effective way to put a mosque under surveillance as a regular guy? I wanna know if those fucks down the street are hoarding guns. There were already police searchings in other cities, where guns, ammo and money was found. Anyone dabbling in that kind of info gathering?
>>29233 Without access to the building when nobody is around good luck. At best you could plant a camera outside and check for suspicious vehicles but that requires a fairly robust setup, not some dinky webcam and a standard hard drive.
>>28970 >I'm not a race realist or whatever Nothing you fight for matters then. It's all an elite Jewish game.
Where is the best place to hide? underground? cave? forest? tall grass? Mud? How do you stay still while hidden? How do you know if you are caught? When to take the shot? Is it possible to them to walk towards you but not see you? Almost got my legs stepped on while playing shitsoft manhunt
What's happeninges in Corsica?
Open file (45.42 KB 480x373 3xTC7B.jpg)
What is the best SHTF portable radio? I've seen references to the Baofeng UV-5R, and there's a newer version (3rd gen out), the Baofeng BF-F8HP. These Baofeng radios are cheap chinese wastewear, so can anyone recommend a higher quality western radio that would last longer in a SHTF event?
Open file (428.21 KB 200x183 iunno.gif)
>>29480 I would suggest you dig into sniper memoirs & training Strelok. Most of your questions will be answered if you look.
The following video was found in a /kohi/ thread. Despite personally only lurking there on occasion (my calling lies with lead, steel, weights and mentors, not with debatable homosexuality) I did understand Spanish and live in a country that might end up lighting on fire A-fucking-GAIN soon and, as a result, was stricken by it. I tried to find the original along with full lyrics in both Spanish and English to copypaste, but my (cursory, OSINT-untrained) searches were ineffectual. Could anyone help with locating this one?
Has anyone heard of crates of guns and ammo being dropped off in ghettos to promote urban violence?
Open file (919.20 KB 828x1306 Godzilla vs. Kong.png)
>>30351 during The Fires there were pallets of bricks being randomly dropped off with no indicator of why they got there, so it makes sense they'd airdrop funz as well
how bad of an idea is it to buy funz and funz accessories online with a debit/credit card? most of the stuff i want is online only and i can't find any of it locally since it's so niche, but i don't want the alphabet agencies to know what i'm getting either even though they probably already know because background checks
>>30393 A bad idea unless you have no funz and have no alternatives, or you are buying generic parts that can be attached to a dozen different guns.
>>30351 >Has anyone heard of crates of guns and ammo being dropped off in ghettos to promote urban violence? I think I remember seeing a /b/ thread about that a few years ago on 4chann. It was done in Chicago I think. But I can't confirm that
Open file (24.88 KB 412x425 CIA.jpg)
Any tips on becoming a euro police officer? I want to join the police so I can do cool shit like counter terrorism and get a gun, but im worried I might get sucked into doing faggot shit or tied up in some grooming gang conspiracy. Do I still get to use imaegboards as a cop or is it unkosher to be a FED? I really hope they dont make me shitpost on cuckchan or some other shithole website to catch ebil right wing nazis. How do I avoid revealing my power level or just not offending anyone? Do I avoid women like the plague? i hear all the time they accuse men of bullshit in the workplace and they always get away with it. need to work 2 years before getting to any of the cool roles within the force like becoming a firearms officer which is one of my choices but do i really get to shoot the shit all the time and get shot at? or should i go to the tactical response unit instead? do you really have to do loads of paper work for every small thing you do? any tips on how to NOT get BTFO by some dude on the street or via carbomb? is it possible to stay uncorrupt or does the climate of policing make it so you have to become a bad cop in order to survive? TLDR how do i become a fed and not get BTFO by myself or others.
>>30735 So you want to become door kicker without having to put up with the globohomo? Yeah, good luck with that. I'm not saying it's impossible, but probably not going to be glorious or fun as one would imagine it to be. It's probably going to be as fun as being a police officer in 20's and 30's Soviet Russia.
>>30735 >Wants to be zog henchman >Unwilling to suck off, gargle, drink zog cum and tell others to do the same because it tastes nice >ngmi To work in such an environment with your present views you would require brainwashing to become a mindless robot who ignores the truth for a paycheck. Find the testimony of Brit ex-cop John Wedger. Listen to it, then listen to it again.
Open file (69.50 KB 398x592 2199022360406834791.jpg)
Does anyone know the name of an infamous Portuguese mercenary during the Angolan-Nambian bush wars who conducted raids naked, killed his own men if they were weak, and had a black wife and 9 children with her? You'd think someone as storied and competent as him would be famous like Mike Hoare.
>>30735 >Any tips on becoming a euro police officer? Don't become one
Open file (30.22 KB 434x560 roxo1.jpeg)
Open file (49.83 KB 322x362 Da Floresta.jpeg)
Open file (61.52 KB 327x443 roxo3.jpeg)
Open file (100.69 KB 600x419 roxo2.jpeg)
>>31209 Dunno, but your post reminds me of this one person called Danny Roxo https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Danny_Roxo https://www.badassoftheweek.com/roxo
Open file (43.33 KB 1681x177 roxo's gone.png)
>>31344 Also R.I.P brody
>>29480 a small foxhole that could keep your body below ground inside a forest is the most cost effective way of cover and concealment. The best place to hide is not to be there in the first place. gruella bases are best in dense jungle river inlets and in mountains and mountain caves so once you do business retreat there in a quick and clandestine matter. Keep in mind of your fingerprint, the more you crawl around in heavy brush or dig the easier to track you down. So don't use the same dug in foxhole twice until the area is littered with them or something to that effect. Remember to do clover maneuvers on your enemy if you need to wear them down (retreat in opposite direction and once terrain allows it to maneuver around, using hills and elevation as concealment of your movements). The most the enemy should theoretically see you is your head and rifle and you should be far enough away to be out of harms way and/or in the next firing position by the time they reacted and send search parties. > how to stay still while hidden Assuming they can see you if you move just breath slowly or hold breath for short periods, not a situation you would want to get yourself in. also move directly forward or away from the enemies line of sight when time and situation permits. In a foxhole or spiderhole or whatever you can freely move around. > when to take the shot make sure whatever situation you find yourself in to have a quick way to disassociate yourself and exfiltrate. If you have properly set up a keyhole or have a natural keyhole it would not be likely for your enemy to see you if you leave. The second shot will reveal your location. So take it when your target is not likely to move or is hiking at constant rate, if the environment permits wait for loud noises like thunder, lumber mill sawing a log, or metalworking drop hammer impacts to mask your shot. Also in your pre planning phase take note of the terrain and buildings and houses to see if you can use sound refraction to your advantage. Having a firing position that you can take one shot and simply walk over to your means of transportation and leave without your enemy's knowledge of you leaving the AO is ideal.
>>30735 Become merc and take contracts doing police shit that won't destroy your conscience. Security Detail (of someone you are willing to protect in good conscience), cit, whatever. When you get rep you can be up for hire as instructor. Have no experience with that so you're on your own.
Open file (16.53 KB 272x272 gene.jpg)
OK so the euro cop thing doesnt sound too good now that i've properly thought about it, question now is how do i create my own PMC/security company? I need to become a great orator in order to rally the troops to die for the cause by any means possible but how do I get good at speaking to an audience? is it really just as easy to go out to the local government building and ask them to make you into a security company or what? I have little to no funds so would I need to take out a business loan or get (((investors)))? >>31350 This sounds like the most logical path to take, however I do not know where to begin, im seeing some informational vids on kiketube but there are none specifically for eurobros
>>29116 I like him and the other anons more than I like you
>>31409 Stop larping. If you have to ask yngmi
>muskets are inaccurate due to lack of stabilization >arrows have existed since forever I understand that balls were "good enough" for most applications and I am aware that the chinese did have guns that shot arrows, but how come sniper muskets that fired steel flechettes never really caught on?
>>31489 Strelok, they STILL have problems machining flechette fins for small arm projectiles that actually do anything worthwhile. There is no chance that they would be able to do so at the scale large enough to be practical when the musket was in vogue.
>>31502 What about lead flechettes then? Lead casts make "flechette fins" naturally so all you need to do is build a 3-piece cast and only trim the front. Or heterogenous flechettes with something like a rag or a bundle of strings riveted to the rear of a spike?
Open file (493.13 KB 1600x1066 TBG-7V.jpg)
I'm trying to find video of footage of the TBG-7V thermometric rocket for the RPG-7. Can't seem to find any. Hell, I can't even find pictures of the thing in action. Can anyone help me out?
>>31546 >thermometric I clicked the spellcheck without reading it first. I meant thermobaric. Apparently vivaldi's spellcheck doesn't recognise that word as real.
Open file (116.39 KB 1280x720 mewkle question62.jpg)
So what exactly is wrong with the daily wire? And why is mentioning their existence met with universal scorn by imageboards when talking about netflix's trannyshit is fair game?
Recently purchased a Pony(.380) 1911 made by Iver Johnson with 2 mags and a nylon carrying case for $350 all together in cash. The classic 1911 aesthetic drew me in even though the caliber made me hesitant the deciding factor was it no longer being in production. This is likely my gateway purchase big boy 1911s but ild still like to make the most even if relegated to phoneb-ooth defense. Any suggestions on who makes .380 defensive rounds that don't have trash wound ballistics? Also am I trash for this purchase?
How to become yesguns in a noguns country?
>>33040 That answer depends entirely on how much money you have and how much chemistry/tooling you know/have if the money route is off the table.
Open file (92.38 KB 923x1136 1911_tiers.jpg)
Open file (143.02 KB 1542x678 ak-47 ;^).jpg)
>>32981 From what I was able to find, IJ Ponies are okayish 1911s to get into & from Lucky Gunner's testing on .380 ammo with a Glock 42, roughly close to the IJ's 3" vs the 42's 3.25" barrel length, many failed to penetrate or expand & the only ones that came close to meeting FBI standards, though still having a round or two failed, was Hornady's XTP or FTX Crit. Def. 90gr & Sig Sauer V-Crown 90gr. At best, you got a cheap collector's piece to start off a collection of old C&R stuff, at worst, a range toy if you keep it clean & shoot some mild loads through it. There is nothing wrong if you were a noguns who bought your first gun since you'll learn quick of buy once cry once, especially me who thought I was hot shit for buying a 22LR rifle, only instead of buying a 10/22 like I should've, I bought a garbage Mossberg 704 that I still haven't shot because fuck reassembling it after cleaning it. On another note, outside of import AKs with the cream of the crop being East German, Bulgarian, or Polish stuff, any good American AK manufacturers here that you guys know of, I only got down Rifle Dynamics for custom shit & Kalashnikov USA for clone shit.
Open file (3.10 MB 2282x2100 ClipboardImage.png)
>>33040 >go to your cunt's gubbmint site >do basic research >find out what process and exams you might need to take to get a loicense if applicable >acquire monis
>>33040 Ive been wondering lately how can one push for more gun rights.
Open file (9.57 MB 1280x720 Swiss Gun Laws.webm)
>>33040 be swiss
>>33062 That at aleast gives me a bit more confidence in the FTX ammo as thats the only one i;ve ever CC with but I ought to diy a ballistic test. I eat a lost of grapefruit already. Meat would be the more expensive component without using homeless people as a cadaver because fresher is better but more costly. As far as buy once cry once I was dry firing the damn thing and the rear of the firing pin broke. Fortunately gunpartscorp has new reproduction parts for a lot of out of old guns.
>>33279 how fucked is Romanian gun laws? I am burger but my mom moved to the US when she was 8 or so. My grandparents passed so some of the property at some small village belongs to her, she is planning to use it as a Casa de vacanță or Dacha in summer.
>>33337 Romanian gun laws are similar to Canadian gun laws. So bolt action/single-fire long guns are legal for rural areas as are shotguns, but everything else is banned outside of farming and specific security professions.
>>33342 We're still allowed NR semi-autos, but the fun stuff's been banned like two years ago. >t.leaf 18.6" Bren 2's are supposed to arrive somewhere around in autumn.
Best place in europe for gun laws? I want to own some guns for fun and self protection. In the UKuckdom only NI has self defence laws and you need to be under real danger before you are even considered to own a gun and all the cool shit is banned. I want to own some cool pistols and rifles. >>33219 I've been thinking the only way for gun rights to get better is if we all get into politics and make the change >>33279 >be swiss How to get swiss citizenship? Can I join their military/police or something?
>>33551 >How to get swiss citizenship? be a nuclear physicist with a postdoc and work at CERN. it's the only way.
Open file (227.97 KB 1010x1024 CC in Europe.png)
Open file (9.74 KB 1251x62 ClipboardImage.png)
>>33551 The following is for Conceal Carry permits. Overall if I remember correctly Serbia, Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, and Finland all have fairly loose gun laws so long as you are a citizen and take up "sport" shooting or hunting as a hobby. Germany's laws are fairly relaxed for registered hunters even though they're anal on average from what boomers who have gone hunting in Germany told me. In general don't expect to get a gun in the Southern parts of Europe while the Central parts don't mind so long as you are purchasing one for hunting or recreational (sport) use. Self Defense with a firearm is virtually illegal in all of Europe.
Russia also has very relaxed gun laws, but as you are a Bong I wouldn't bother for the next decade.
>>33551 >swiss citizenship Very hard. There are the federal requirements (see below), and then canton approval which is additional laws and a vote by your local area. So try not to piss off residents. Also need 10 years before you will be considers (ages 8-18 each year is 2x) >ability to speak and write the national language at B1 level and written to A2 level (So need two of Italian, German, French, Romash) >integration into Swiss society >clean criminal record >Swiss authorities assessing you as no threat to national security >the ability to support yourself without recourse to social welfare (If you take welfware you must pay back) IF you marry to Swiss citizen, need to be resident for 5 years and 12 mo before application instead of 10. But then you are married so...... I have a Swiss friend from Nidwalden and he basically said its very hard even as a rapefugee and your "job" needs to be a signifigant contributor to industry that also doesn't piss off the locals. You can also be denied for being a vegan an SJW (lol). https://www.newstatesman.com/politics/2018/03/how-swiss-canton-voted-deny-vegan-citizenship-because-she-was-annoying >Voters in her village took an apparent dislike to her veganism and anti-cowbell campaigning, and she was deemed “too annoying” to be given her passport.
>>33588 >Woman denied from Switzerland for her rampant veganism being "too annoying" God bless you Swiss.
Open file (455.87 KB 976x827 2323432342.jpg)
>>33588 >You can also be denied for being a vegan an SJW I guess some countries are OK.
How to get US Citizenship via military service? Other european countries don't seem like an option with the whole 5-10 year wait to become an citizen, shits FUBAR! >>33587 Being an bongoloid hurts, no freedoms and no safety only pakis, muslims and knoife crime
>>33725 >How to get US Citizenship via military service? It's "easy" but hard. >Hold a greencard (easier said than done) >Go to a recruitment center and enlist >Meet all the requirements for enlistment >Choose one of the shit-shoveler jobs because they won't give you a security clearance as a foreigner >Serve in the military at least one year (your contract is minimum 8 years for foreigners) >Fill out the forms to be fast-tracked for citizenship The issue is if you are over 20, you will probably be too old to enlist by the time you get a green card, but good luck if you try, Bongfriend. https://www.uscis.gov/green-card/green-card-eligibility-categories
>>33586 In spain you can technically get access to pistols/revolvers, shotguns and, if youre a hunter, rifles, its just a huge hassle and you have to pay lots of taxes and do paperwork to get a permit. In any case, if somebody tries to attack you and you shoot him youre atleast partially responsible for murder because self-defence laws are retarded here.
>>33586 Looks like im moving to czechland, any tips for learning their weird language?
>>33740 >Any tips for learning their weird language? Nope. Allegedly a lot of Bongs live there. Try search engines? This popped up: https://www.alllanguageresources.com/czech-courses/
Open file (6.88 MB 780x438 fuckingcia.webm)
Open file (119.56 KB 840x1217 hirohito.jpg)
Was it necessary for the USA to drop the atomic bombs on Japan? I recall that Japan had actually offered terms of surrender but I forgot exactly what the terms were. What exactly did Japan request that made the allies reject their offer of surrender? I can't seem to find anything online about it besides that it was a myth that they offer terms of surrender.
>>33761 That's because Japan offering terms of surrender is a myth, they were considering the American demands of surrender. Similar, but largely different. The Japanese Diet (or whatever they were called at the time) had to meet to vote on it and as they were not all in Tokyo, they had to gather to meet in person, taking days. Unfortunately, mistranslation (actually a completely literal translation that missed the cultural sensitivity of the statement, so not really the fault of the translator) convinced the Americans that the Japanese were just stalling for time. So, MacArthur dropped the nukes to force Japan's hand. Unfortunately, the Japanese weren't stalling, they were actually considering the demand. The Nukes ultimately proved to be unnecessary, but the American commanders were acting with the best intentions (for their side) based on the limited information they had available. This is the reason why these days protocol is to have multiple translators on both sides communicate with each other on the scope and intent of the message, so it isn't repeated. Of course, said protocol is widely ignored.
>>33761 They requested the Emperor not be removed (the Allies official policy line required unconditional surrender) which MacArthur conceded anyway when they did surrender. When the war in Europe ended before the nukes could be deployed Japan was a convenient testbed to justify having made it and it was also demonstrated as show of force to Stalin about Western military capabilities.
>>33766 After looking deeper into it the part about the position of Hirohito appears to be a popular misconception that arose from the translation issues that >>33765 mentioned: https://www.nationalww2museum.org/war/articles/what-happened-to-emperor-hirohito
>>33761 Stalin broke the non-aggression pact with Japan in Manchukuo to give more territory to Communist China, whereas the Allies had promised it to the Nationalists. The first bomb was dropped to psychologically scar the Japanese into surrendering (which didn't work) but the second one was 100% to tell the Soviets that they would not allow another Russian occupation on clay the Americans had locked down.
How does an anti-ship missile work in terms of its terminal effects? I can understand how it gets to the target but what is it meant to do there? Are they just meant to blow a big hole in the side? Penetrate and then explode like with a bunker buster? I was reading before about the Henschel Hs 294 which would dive into the water and then strike the ship like a torpedo. It seems the modern ones just strike from the air. Why is this?
>>33781 Don't know about missiles but torpedoes are about 50/50 between penetrating the ship, or using the pressure wave from the explosion to crack the ship like an egg. For above-water strikes I imagine it would have to penetrate first to do any real damage due to the distribution of force and giant shock absorber directly beneath it.
>>33781 Wanna try the naval thread for the naval question? Mostly said in jest. To answer your primary question, though, it depends on the payload or warhead of the missile in question. They can and do run the gamut of penetration types, from airburst HE to contact-fused HE to Fragmentation to Shaped Charges to even SAP, and each have different expectations placed on them. The most general and broad-brush overview I can give is to split all of them into three major types: Explosive, Penetration, and Fragmentation. 'Explosive' type generally are intended to blow massive holes in the ship, wherever they are aimed, to cause the maximal amount of devastation possible. Frankly, the simplest and easiest way to sink a ship is to blow giant gaping holes in one of its sides, after all. The missile penetrating the ship's hull before the warhead explodes is not required, punching a hole inwards with the raw blast effect is still completely viable and was in fact how the Anti-Ship Tomahawk was expected to work. Against unarmored targets, which is most ships anymore (warships or no), the missiles usually have enough terminal speed for the warhead to penetrate all the way through the ship when in top-attack mode and detonate on or just about to the keel, if you were wondering how top-attack profile was supposed to sink a ship. 'Penetration' type generally are designed to damage (or even detonate) vitals such as the power plants, magazines, or fuel storage of either armored ships (such as a Battleship) or very large ships (such as Aircraft Carriers). It's important to point out that almost all modern 'Penetration' type AShMs were designed as 'Carrier-Killers', and this is where most of their purposes lie. They are overkill against most ship types today except Carriers, Superfreighters, and Supertankers. and 'Fragmentation' type, which includes Fragmentation warheads, Shrapnel-based warheads, as well as explosive sub-munition payloads, are usually intended to make an absolute mess of a ship's superstructure, exposed/unarmored weapons systems, and electronics (read: radar), as well as making gory compost of the ship's crew. Conceptually they are designed around getting mission-kills rather than sinking ships as most of their damage profile is superficial in nature beyond the systems mentioned. Most, but not all, major AShMs fall under one of those categories. That being said, my memory can be a bit rusty at times and my information is old, so I could be wrong. Take that all with a grain of salt. >It seems the modern ones just strike from the air. Why is this? Because, ironically, torpedo-profile missiles cause much less damage than sea-skimming, side-attack missiles. The most devastating place for a ship to have a large, gaping hole blown into it at is where the center of the hole is just above the waterline, ideally with a yard or two of hole below water. Reason being, although underwater holes can and do cause serious damage, most underwater sections of ships (ironically including post-WW2 commercial ships that actually meet code) are heavily compartmentalized specifically to deal with potential underwater flooding, which drastically limits the extent of damage that underwater explosions can cause. They basically have to cause enough damage to sink the ship in one go or they're not really effective, and that's nearly impossible to do with side-hit torpedo profiles, and the guidance system required to make it hit the belly of the ship is unlikely to survive a high-speed impact with the water. The ideal above-water hit, however, continually increases its influence as the ship continues to take on more water, making adjusting for the flooding a continual nightmare and in effect eventually impossible unless damage control can get on it undisturbed. This is because as the ship takes on more water, the submerged section of the hole gets larger and larger, meaning the surface area making contact with the water increases exponentially, which drags that section of the ship further into the water, increasing the rate of flooding, and so on in a self-feeding cycle. One inattentive moment or stress-induced overreaction and the ship capsizes and goes under right then and there.
>>33792 > Because, ironically, torpedo-profile missiles cause much less damage than sea-skimming, side-attack missiles This for the reason anon described. Pressure-wave torpedos like the Mk48 can sink a ship if left unattended, but usually they focus on broad superstructural damage (cracking an egg analogy) so that the enemy is forced to surrender to focus on repairs or else get cracked in half by a followup missile strike. It's more about weakening the entire ship into being inoperable rather than destroying it outright. The crew might turn to meat paste or die of blunt force trauma anyways from the pressure wave if they are close to the impact site though.
Any good military/police uniforms for cold weather/rain/snow?
probably not the board for this, but my brother is getting chickens (in a suburbia-ish place... like it's suburbia, but our yard is fenced in and lush as hell). as far as i know it's perfectly okay to do, but one thing i'm scared of is some asshat trying to say it's got that avian flu and getting officials involved. now should this paranoia of mine come true, what can i do to keep the chickens from getting put down?
>>33930 Bird flu can have a gestation period of three weeks. If his chickens have been quarantined for about a month before coming into contact with other chickens, and do not further come into contact with other people's chickens, they are 100% guaranteed avian flu-free. Bird flu is only an issue on mass scales or in Asian countries (China/Vietnam/Philippines) where safety protocols are not followed.
>>33784 >>33792 >>33795 Thank you for your responses. I really appreciate them. The point about sea-skimming missiles is unexpected but quite sensible.
I need to read up on training regimens for rescue-based military/guard units. rescue swimmers, pararescue etc. Do they have the info on their literal websites for anybody to see? >also are there any military-unit descent cavers or cave divers?
Open file (63.05 KB 600x397 34.jpeg)
Can you legally destroy an entire city as long as you've issued an evacuation order and the civilians ignored it? If not, what's required to bypass international laws and kill every OPFOR?(including, of course, civilians)
Could EFPs be used in a Claymore type weapon?
>>34256 Ofcourse you can. If there are military presence in a city then you can turn the city into Dresden. Ofcourse, if you lose the war then it's a different matter entirely.
>>34322 >Ofcourse, if you lose the war then it's a different matter entirely. I don't think the US got punished for razing several Vietnamese cities other than widespread infamy.
Will a Geiger counter react to an atomic clock based watch or is the shielding sufficient to make not noticeable?
>>34325 The US didn't really lose Vietnam though it was more like the hippies at home were bitching too much about it so the US packed up and said fuck it.
>>34478 Your "atomic" watch is just a quartz clock with a radio receiver. Even if it was a real atomic clock, the isotopes they use aren't detectably radioactive. >>34495 The US's strategic objective was to keep the commies from taking over. The commies took over. There's really no way to spin that as anything but a defeat.
>>34504 >The US's strategic objective was to keep the commies from taking over. The commies took over. And in many more ways than just SE Asia. As evidenced by Usuper-in-Chief and his (((handlers))), the Commies 'took over' in a big way. McCarthy was right all along. The very fact Jewish corporate-controlled media and education so vilified dear John is strong evidence that he was in fact baste. Hitler did nothing wrong and the US definitely fought on the wrong side of WWII. They're still doing it wrong today.
>>34322 >Ofcourse you can. If there are military presence in a city then you can turn the city into Dresden. Then why didn't the Americans obliterate every village in Afghanistan? Wasn't that the whole reason they lost the war?
Open file (178.61 KB 604x391 1924739187851112.png)
Also why was the Russian navy such a stronghold of Bolshevism and source of pride for the reds during the civil war? Was it because the sailors were treated like shit more than any other branch of the military or something else?
>>34645 Peter the Great turned the Russian navy from a ragtag excuse by nobles to fuck around into a full-fledged force and he was also well known for employing the citizenry in work primarily passed down by heredity. I imagine this tradition continued through the Russian navy.
>>34649 To specify the navy was subject to strict discipline and rules more than the army and being in the navy you need some relatively high standard of IQ but that doesn't seem like a good enough reason for this (projected) image of the navy being Soviet hardliners, or maybe Battleship Potemkin did it for them.
>>34632 Because 'hearts and minds'. The US' handling of both Afghanistan and Iraq were case studies on how NOT to win a war. I lost count of the generals and colonels who were given the boot for pushing for genghis khan style strategies in the sandbox. Literally the only way to actually win over there once you've put boots on the ground.
Has any plane mounted its guns above the fuselage?
>>34673 That's generally a bad idea. That being said you sometimes see it in air-to-ground style planes as a retrofit for air attack defenses. I guess there's also Foster Mounting: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foster_mounting
>>34632 >Then why didn't the Americans obliterate every village in Afghanistan? I mean at first they did. That was basically the pre-2007 phase of the war was razing everything to the ground and treating every able bodied adult and boy over 6 or 7 as an enemy combatant. It's half of why >>34652 failed as badly as it did. The other half being the rampant uncontrolled contractor spending and logistical losses either due to our allies wanting a cut or the local kid-fucking warlords we employed to overthrow the "bad guys" causing the entire village to radicalize when he got too frisky with the wrong guy's son.

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