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what's a war board without a conflict?

Open file (114.90 KB 683x768 1637361487542.jpg)
Belarus deploys laser weapons on poland Strelok 12/08/2021 (Wed) 20:25:12 No.21130
Mostly I think this is "I scoff at your laws" lesbo^H^HLaser guy. But just so others don't have to look up invidious instances that exist on tor so they can watch this 2:17 music video, I post it here for your amusement. MODS: if you were going to delete OP, don't consider me. Delete OP I'm quite gay enough without him.
>>21135 Noice saving the webm ty!
>>21135 I know this is a jpop song sung in some foreign language but not in Japanese because I can't understand them and the music is very stereotypical of jpop.
>>21141 Korean? Kpop is nearly indiscernible from jpop.
>>21157 >>21141 >not in Japanese Most of it is in English. Have you tried searching the parts you can understand?
>>21141 >>21157 >>21158 It's vocaloid being sung by some bitch ruining it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZARN0Zwerw
>>21159 Ah, I can understand that. Thank you. Knew it was something popular, I heard Neru so many times and forgot the name.
Wtf how is this real?
>>21183 >How is this real? They were banned during trench warfare as it was considered disgusting to cripple a man for life instead of killing him. Then America came along with thermobaric warheads and now people have forgotten history.
Since human life isn't worth anything, lasers as a "non-lethal weapon" are no longer banned as an affront to human dignity.
>>21185 Honestly, all of this shit is completely irrelevant. The fact that weapons are banned doesn't deter anyone who really is on the brink of collapse, and clings to survival. OTOH, isn't everything only banned after the fact only? And no one is judged formally afterward, gas, napalm, DU munitions, lasers... One just has to be really creative, and use the weapon as quickly and effectively as possibly, to gain a significant advantage In war. And when the New bad Weapon™ gets banned, you just shrug your shoulders and say "well, it wasn't banned before, so I technically didn't break any rules".
>>21186 They banned gas before its usage in World War I.
Open file (3.63 MB 3636x2359 injustice.jpg)
>>21186 >And no one is judged formally afterward Not quite. You're only judged if you lose.
>>21130 Goddamn the laser pointers as weapons meme really blew up. I remember when it was first starting as one crackhead schizo on 4chan, now look at it. Memes are real

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