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META BREAD 2 Strelok Board owner 05/13/2020 (Wed) 01:38:08 No.21
This is where you go to complain. In my brief usage of IRC and seeing its effects, the concept of secret administrative communication has left a bad taste in my mouth. Moving forward, any e-mails exchanged between myself and my moderators will be posted here in full for your viewing pleasure. /k/ does not have an IRC, discord, TikTok, exhentai, or Everquest account.
REGARDING MODERATION DIRECTION: With a new site comes a (somewhat) fresh start at keeping this board up to the standards that I cruelly impose upon you posters. I would like to hear feedback from all of you regarding moderation direction and any problems you may have had with existing staff or myself. I'd like to be much more lax with having to remove posts and delete shit- deleting posts is removing content. With content creation being one of the primary reasons to use an imageboard, deleting things means that I am killing the board in a stupid and roundabout way. THEREFORE- I would like to avoid doing so. That requires you, the posters, and myself when I am not using my faggot tag, to not respond to bait. If you are going to respond to bait, at least make it funny. That is all. To my moderators from julay, please contact me with your usernames on anon.cafe so I can add you as staff.
julaydups btfo
>>21 >/k/ does not have an exhentai or Everquest account. Pretty gay to be honest, /k/.
Open file (25.38 KB 360x72 ClipboardImage.png)
>>21 >>37 /k/ must have a NovaWorld account.
>>22 On my board /robowaifu/, years ago I simply created a "The Lounge" thread, and physically removed shitposting into it, then cross-linked back at the original thread. This generally has worked wonders since shitstirrers mainly just want attention. And when their shitposts suddenly disappeared off the immediate context, their asinine behavior was generally diffused on the spot. But even if it wasn't, The Lounge was expressly set up as the /b/ of /robowaifu/, so shitposting was OK there as far as I was concerned, and I warned people about in the OP. I only rarely ever had to ban anyone either in these cases, just moving their shit into the time-out corner was usually sufficient. Just my take on what worked for me, YMMV.
>>71 Something like /a/'s /cafe/ threads?
>>22 Only thing I want is less cancerous shitposting. No /cow/, /tv/, /intl/, or goon tier bullshit. That shit kills places. Otherwise being generally hands off is nice. I know Chrow on smug /tg/ is a good example of a good BO. Maybe get some advice from him as well if you need any. Other more general shitposting is fine for some kind of lounge/cafe threads like >>71 and >>128 mentioned.
Open file (635.44 KB 1257x721 isis_harrel.png)
>>22 Please, PLEASE. Do get rid of shitstirrers wanting a quick (You). The global moderation in here is clean and there is no board overimposing their culture and agenda here, please keep it this way.
>>128 I suppose so, but tbqh I'm too busy learning how to build robowaifus day and night to spend much time on /a/ haha. But yes, I think that's the same idea. I just got the idea one night in a dream and did it the next day.
>>22 there was too many schizo flat earth level faggots on julay /k/ because the mods and BO was happy to milk these people and allow them to torture the userbase who already suffered from boomer fud twitter faggotry.
>>137 meant to say globals instead of BO.
>>22 But yeah be wary of memes and mannerisms from other boards, build up as best as you can and dont be swayed by the opinions of non imageboard lurkers. There is plenty of other places for cancer thats not meant for imageboards.
Hey BO, one of your mods here, new username is flatline. I'll confirm it by email.
>>71 >>128 A thread names the saloon (or something similar, but with a /k/ in the name) would work wonders overall, such threads both increases the activity of the userbase yet also decreases wanton shitposting on the rest of the board. Just make sure it doesn't replace QTDDTOT and maybe there should be a rule that says prim-and-proper /k/ontent should be discussed in prim-and-proper threads. And then there is the great debate if it should be cyclical or not, but I don't think we have enough activity to fill up the catalogue anytime soon, so it's currently not a concern.
So does any one of you guys plan on hosting their own imageboard?
>>179 sorry ignore that, i thought i was in the shelter thread i had both teacup tabs by each other
Since julay is KIA and 8 was "abandoned", where to now? This constant exodus is j00 bullshit, and no doubt deliberate.
>>178 What about 100 Rads?
>>187 julay is still up at spqrchan.xyz, the main domain got reported. I think we should hold out here until the julay rebirth. If we can manage the resources to get our own site, or find another small site where we fit great, otherwise I think julay2 might be worth waiting to see. Robi's not a bad guy, he just got himself in way over his head but he realizes it which is why he's making everyone move. Maybe not the best admin but his actions and responses show that he ultimately does care plus he is contributing to the software infrastructure of he boards and helping people make new ones. Agreed on the IRC front BO. It always fills with some kind of clique who think they are friends of those in charge or in the know and it distracts from the board. Email is all you need to keep your vols in the know. IRC has it's place but there's no need for some 24/7 meta-drama channel. >>178 >>188 /k/anteen
>>189 >Going back to Julay no >/k/anteen yes
>>189 >back julay No way fag. Not interested in dealing with that irc-drama-queen-clique shit. After all, it was irc-drama-queen shit and spineles administrative work that brought down 4/k/, 8chan, and now julay. Robi might be a good software engineer but he is functioning like a woman when it comes down to administration tasks. This is why that hotpocket eating child hangingflesh went on tantarum.
>>191 It's clear you are not interested in IRC shenanigans because your shit's all wrong.
>>189 Only reason to go back to julay is to lurk /v/ and see what the long term results of this autism will be. There's a chance it might actually be fun for once, but obviously nobody should trust the admins there at all.
BO can rts thread make a bunker here?
dont give shitposters or schizos (you)s >>206 just make a /k/ vidya thread or something man
>>242 Do you know if Robi ever released the way to copy all of a boards threads onto another board? I remember him talking about it but I never saw a guide or anything.
>>242 Incredible. You rather delete conversation between people with a tad of paranoia after a domain was seized, than just let the conversation end as it did. You really don't like criticism.
>>197 No point. Robi's going for a "final solution", which means board deletions. On the off chance you haven't gotten all of /k/'s shit off of that board, it looks like he's gunning for monday. Only remaining board will be /cow/.
>>303 Either you're a complete ignorant buffoon, or you're incredibly disingenuous and you should riddle your brain matter with lead: https://gitgud.io/rb/FinalSolution https://spqrchan.xyz/meta/res/3386.html
>>327 I'd be happy to be wrong in this one. When it happens though, don't waste time crying to me then.
>>352 What I'm going to see is 3 new jannies delete the site 4free. While robi pilates himself from his mess.
>>382 Only thing that matters is the stuff's off that site in case they actually go through with it.
>>389 Did Robi not say he was going to have a guide for migrating boards to other sites? Being on this site would feel a lot better if we had all of our threads from Julay.
>>390 I don't care what he says, I care what he does. He's already demonstrated that he doesn't necessarily do what he says, so I'd prefer not taking chances.
Open file (665.91 KB 1920x1080 Last.webm)
/k/'s main use at this point is strictly for new users to get info on whatever boutique gun they bought and a media dump of happenings as well as pdf dumps of tactics and manufacturing. Doesn't make sense for /k/ to keep a low userbase because most of us already have other forms of contact between our close friends in small groups. And yeah i know it gets fucked when i gets bigger, im just sayin.
Open file (125.38 KB 800x534 robi in a few weeks.jpg)
>>382 >pilates I'm pretty sure you meant "Pontius Pilate" washing his hands of this faggotry by that, but I couldn't help but picture rabbi doing pilates out of a burning room full of power tripping trannies and autistic pedophiles flinging shit at each other.
>>137 I think most of those left when guthrum was btfo
Open file (20.26 KB 733x312 anoncafe1.PNG)
Open file (10.72 KB 703x173 response2.PNG)
Got an e-mail from anon.cafe asking me to global hotpocket. Seems like a fair deal for hosting us so I accepted. If you guys think it's a crock of shit or notice that my moderation of the board has been compromised because of this, I'll drop the role immediately. E-mail correspondence included for your reading pleasure. >>408 /k/'s main use at this point is to talk about weapons and militaria. Nothing has changed and I wouldn't have it any other way.
>>618 spotted this on the overboard. not part of /k/, but i'm glad both that the Admin is looking out for the place and now you are too. Thanks to both of you.
>>618 I also agree that it is only fair that you're taking up some responsibility over the quality of the site aswell. Looks good on you and you get to help keep any cancer further than arms length of /k/.
Julay is back up, for what it's worth.
Open file (13.37 KB 255x250 why.png)
Why does the board eat any webms containing AV1 bitstreams?
Why the fuck did I get a 14 year ban for >>1162 ? What about that was so banworthy? So calling out people for acting tough to the point of being annoying gets you banned, is that it? Feels like /k/ is just /pol/ with gun wallpaper at times when the only threads with activity are current happening threads.
>>1315 >/k/ has always been a slow board outside of happening threads and this isn't an issue >you are gay >you came in here to stir shit
>>1315 We get it, we're all a bunch of cuc/k/s that are mad and jews won blah blah blah. Nobody in that thread was claiming they'd do anything either, you know exactly how obnoxious it is to waltz into a conversation where people are just observing some shit and then start screaming "U WON'T DO SHIT", fuck you.
>>1315 You want a cookie for being a coward?
>>1501 That's fucking rich coming from this board.
>oy vey these blowhards rhetoric is getting too violent >oy vey they aren't violent enough
>>1502 >I am a coward and do not practice what I screech >but I am willing to shit all over people who weren't even claiming they'd do anything in the first place for not doing anything
>>131 Chrow is a shit BO. He creates a shitty circle jerk and will fuck with people outside of it. He's a dishonest kike to the core.
>>1656 Care to elaborate/post proof?
>>1671 He's probably the fag who keeps getting banned because he'll start crying about /pol/ out of fucking nowhere.
Open file (293.66 KB 644x509 46312654789897.png)
Its time for some smooth jazz from /animu/! Starting at 3 pm PST / 22 UTC updated tune in with any media player at: http://prolikewoah.com:8989/radio http://prolikewoah.com:8989/radio.m3u http://prolikewoah.com:8989/radio.xspf
>>21 Board quality has dropped immensely. Irritating cross-posters are everywhere, with awful mind-viruses from the clearnet. Please fix.
>>2620 >fix my non-specific complaint about board quality
>>2631 >fix my non-specific complaint about board quality I think the nigger posting wojaks and shitting up the riot thread would be very obvious complaint to anyone who looked at that thread.
>>2637 report his posts then
>>2640 I did, also I'm not >>2620 just saying what I think he meant by the board quality dropping.
>>2620 This. The riot thread is attracting cancer. That thread must go, imo. Also, BO/mod is absent apparently cause there is derailing on threads, threads with no effort (aka not using the QTDDTOT thread). Not to mention the negligence with the 8kun board. It's being spammed and reporting does nothing. There's to much good shit there to be flushed down.
>>2658 >8kun Who cares
>>2661 Hello, new friend. Now go away. BO, YOU CUNT! LOOK AT THAT RIOT THREAD! CLEAN UP THAT SHIT STAIN!
>>2662 >>2658 Didn't you get the memo? If a thread is getting cancer or shitposting, that's good. Cleaning up is for rulecucks. You're not a rulecuck, are you?
>>2662 >not caring about 8glow makes you a newfag Guess the BO's a massive newfag as well.
>>2662 The threads fine. It's a current happening thread so it's not going to be as good as a more stable topic. If you don't like it then stay out of the thread.
>>2670 It's probably the same nigger who killed /dup/, he clearly doesn't want the riots discussed at all.
Open file (35.14 KB 1164x386 massposting.PNG)
>>2620 >>2658 >>2662 >hello new friend >This. >thinks I have anything to fucking do with 8kunt speaks for itself remember lads - people who say shit like "/k/ ought to _____" or are quick to fat finger other posters as newfags are usually backwash, I blame marky mark's twitter. a poster worth a shit doesn't identify /k/ as a separate entity from himself >>2665 you write uncannily similar to spergkraut >>2670 this summarizes my view pretty well if you want quick action then report posts, I am not constantly monitoring threads and we have one vol (down from 3 on julay). when a report comes in I get an e-mail notification and get out of bed to fire up the VPN my overall moderation of more hot-button topics like the riots or dat 'rona is lower because creating what's effectively a happening thread when I don't want them here comes with the expectation that I don't give a shit about the content posted nearly as much as an actually interesting, more /k/ related thread as for the people making new threads that should be in QTDHJDHDTHD I give 1-hour bans and delete their threads directing them to the right thread, there aren't any currently up unless I thought the subject matter did warrant its own thread all this being said, did clean up the thread. need to finish porting the posts from the corona thread but as this e-mail from serber admin explains, manually downloading and reuploading chunky 18mb mp4s is slow as fuck, probably going to just leave whatever's still in the corona thread unless you guys have some serious hankering for breaking news from 2 weeks ago
Open file (110.63 KB 1200x900 anti-depressants.jpg)
>>2658 >>2662 Here. I apologize for the chimp out, but /k/ was always a good board and since the 8ch fall I feel that things were never the same. One of the things that made 8ch/k/ good was the active moderation and BO presence. But looks like BO is shorthanded... I do care for the (now) 8kun content because all the good things posted there before the "fall" (the strelok's guides, eg.). So that's why I wouldn't like to see all that go down the drain. I should archive all that anyway. >>2679 >thinks I have anything to fucking do with 8kunt Thought you were the same BO from before everything went to shit.
>>2683 No, auscunt and greekvol are just regular anons now, the BO now was julay/k/'s BO after 8chan shut down. I can't berate you for chimping out though, shit's gotten really fucking gay these past couple of months.
>>2679 People will make happening posts either way. If it's related to violence like the riots are then it's /k/ related enough. Remember some Streloks will be caught up in the situation and want advice or to blow off steam. A single happening thread isn't dragging the whole board down. If you want better threads then make better threads and take part in them. Too many alt chans are obsessed with old board content but do nothing to make the new boards content worth reading. Porting all your old threads doesn't make a board good, on going threads with effort posts do. Put the work in to make the board what you want it to be, don't bitch when someone else is more interested in chimp outs than what bumper sticker to put on your SUV. >>2683 It's always anime posters being spergs. There is never an exception is there? Asians and anime posters are pure cancer. If I had my way I would ban anime from all non-anime related boards.
I'm positive the spammer from /dup/ has come over here now. Same posting style and shit posting.
>>2688 >muh annie may did it Shut up nerd >>2709 Has someone been spamming tarrant/muttposts/med vs nord posts and trying to derail the riot thread while blatantly samefagging and arguing with himself? If it's not blatant as fuck it's probably not the same guy and you should probably just ignore him if it bothers you.
Could you guys please unindex yourselves, you're posting so fast that it's drowning out everything else from the front page. Thanks.
Open file (616.45 KB 1351x1351 50%.png)
>>2797 >5 posts from /k/ >2 from /fascists/ >3 from 3 different boards I don't see your problem. It's not like we have masses of people randomly going to the front page only to get scared and confused and start posting here. Besides, this board is quite slow, it's not our fault if the others are even slower.
>>2797 Who the hell uses the front page? Also, this board gets a handful of posts per day, maybe post more on boards you prefer to see instead of bitching at us for using a board we like, nigger.
>>2804 >Who the hell uses the front page? I do
>>2797 Shut up retard
>>2804 >Who the hell uses the front page? Me
>>2709 >/dup/ What the hell is that? Don't need to answer, tho. Just stay there, crossposter scum.
>>2805 >>2810 So bring more activity to your dead boards fag, don't get mad at us because nobody posts on them. >>2816 t. butthurt crossposter who knows exactly what it is
Open file (1.58 MB 476x328 GTFO CHYKA BLYAT.gif)
>>2797 No.
>>618 Hey BO, I noticed recently you deleted some stuff from /comfy/, i appreciate it but you don't have to do that except if it's some illegal stuff.
>>2879 I don't remember deleting anything aside from something like cross-board advertisements and spam around 3-4 weeks ago.
Open file (119.31 KB 873x605 Gun.jpg)
>>21 Is the plan that Julay/k/ will still be carried over to Julay2? I know you talked about us potentially getting our own section of the Webring. What's the game plan?
>>3303 that was the plan, yes. I'll leave it up to you guys whether you want to go back as I'll admit I haven't spent much time looking into things after the kimeemaru CP shit. On an unrelated note, now that things have somewhat settled down around the webring there actually are places where people can go to discuss hot and popping current events like the coronavirus and racial unrest in the US. Places that aren't /k/. I will keep the china/india thread as it is clearly a relevant topic to the board, but moving forward I don't want any further threads to be made regarding rona or the riots. If you want to talk with fellow streloks about it, then use /100rads/ for a more casual environment. As for making a new imageboard- I'm not that computer literate nor do I have the free time available to do web admin shit. Maintaining the board is already something I've been falling behind on due to real life constraints.
>>3334 Personally I would like to stay here. It feels like we get less cancer and I enjoy the atmosphere that anon cafe exudes. But I would like to hear what other Strelok's think.
>>3334 >going back to Jewlay ISHYGDDT
>>3342 >>3343 Having it as a backup is okay, but fuck moving there as a first option. Actually, could BO ask around other sites like zchan or maybe even PLW/tvch and only use jewlay as a last resort? I'd genuinely rather hang out with PPH whore weebs and /tv/ trannies than go back to the rabbi and his pet weasel.
>>3342 As I understand it Cafe has less server space so it isn't conductive for PDF and webm threads. As for the atmosphere, I wouldn't know as I only skim the riot and virus threads and they're the only truly active threads so things have been pretty dead for me. >>3334 I'm actually for moving back to Julay (so long as Julay2 doesn't end up being broken trash), I can deal with filtering out a little cancer so long as something /k/ related is being discussed.
>>3348 >Cafe has less server space so it isn't conductive for PDF and webm threads "Site has reached its total file capacity" See?
>>3349 A little safety checkpoint. You can attach files again now.
There are better ways to host pdfs than boards themselves. Fuck Julay. It's run by retards who will stab you in the back on a whim and aren't looking for a successful board. Anon cafe gas proven it's self reliable and drama free. Stick here instead of jumping on every passing cock like your mother does.
Open file (49.16 KB 562x730 simmer.jpg)
>>3353 >it's self
In case any of you post on any 8moe boards for whatever reason, you should be aware that the site is now openly harvesting user data so they can profile down to the individual tor poster. Be very weary.
>>21 Would it be possible to pin /100rads/ in order to stop it from being buried under all the current events threads?
>>3334 Wouldn't want to go back to julay. Their IRC circlejerking and robi's unbreakable union with that one absolute faggot of a global (now an admin i'm sure) already lead to disaster once, and I'll also freely admit I'm always on the side of a very lenient rules outlook verses the other side.
>>3389 Julay is definitely not worth trusting anymore.
>>3366 >profile down to the individual tor poster Note this part: >The latter is a side effect of the most common configurations of tor Basically don't use a shitty tor distros or re-generate your keys. aka. tor equivalent of clearing browser cookies or running browser in-private. Unfortunately only effective against dim witted pedos.
Spergkraut is back and niggerpilling, and that embarrassing oh say can you see thread is still up, what the fuck are you doing?
>>3799 >niggerpilling Is that your way of saying that i’m telling the truth? /k/ is a pathetic board where everyone tries to be tough guys when it’s clear you’re little bitches. Suppose it’s the amerimutt way to be mutthurt.
/k/ is a dead board anyway. There’s nothing good worth discussing. It’s like /v/ for guns. Except you rarely talk about guns anymore anyway.
>>3802 >>3801 And yet your krautkike ass keeps coming back specifically to post off topic defeatism. Nice projection with the whole little bitch that does nothing angle btw, I don't see you saving Germany from the cancer. Almost as if you're a tough talking little bitch that does nothing.
>>3817 Is this the kraut that doxxed himself back when Ron turn infinity chan bcak up under a new name?
>>3826 Yes, he pops in every so often to post the same tired defestist bullshit we've all heard thousands of times by now and then spams "cuc/k/s mad" when he starts getting called out. Every fucking time. Kraut autism is very real.
>>3827 If only he used his Kraut autism for the improvement of himself and his folk.
People posting things you disagree with doesn't make them some boogieman you're letting live rent free in your head. There was one faggot posting who was clearly too dumb to understand what was being said and shit up the thread. Politics is not /k/ and any further riot threads should be deleted when this one is locked.
>>3897 >Politics is not /k/ and any further riot threads should be deleted when this one is locked. Haha, like that will happen. nu-/k/ is an embarrassment, honestly, and has been since Julay. It’s just endless politi-sperging in cyclical threads that have nothing to due with weapons. Just see (((Coronavirus))) and now this.

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