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Open file (37.15 KB 256x128 fucking radical.png)
/100rads/ - The Offtopic /k/anteen Strelok Board owner 05/14/2020 (Thu) 01:15:10 No.202
If you want to talk about things only tangentially related to firearms, then welcome to 100 Rads. If you want to trade, talk, get a mission or find out the latest news, this is the place to go. If your posts in an existing thread are starting to seriously derail the main subject, they might be moved here.
Edited last time by activeshooter on 05/14/2020 (Thu) 01:16:19.
>>9060 Oh boy is it time to lose half the catalogue already?
>>9088 I'd say the entire catalog probably. Given that BO is missing and our vol just dissapeared.
>>9111 There was contention between the BO and Jannies? BO hasn't posted in over a week to my knowledge
Is cock mail not working for anyone else?
Open file (87.07 KB 192x197 aaaaa.gif)
>>202 It's started.
Open file (1.22 MB 540x501 1604960342325.gif)
>>9167 Did the war start!? Why did you fuckers not tell me!
blm and niggers beating people due to muh maga rally: white woman cyring like a bitch in the second one. No bandwith to download videos so pls archive if you can. https://twitter.com/i/status/1327741510557773825 https://twitter.com/i/status/1327745226639863809 https://twitter.com/i/status/1327731145102901248 Should we have a happening thread for the ethopians deciding to duke it out among themselves again?
>>9040 Dominion chick also said they built a wall using full lock boxes. And the best part is that it's illegal to film in a counting facility because that's somehow voter intimidation.
>>9170 They got derailed really fast because they lead to nothing. Just post shit in here until the fedbois start targeting non-antifa. pic related when I try viewing a bunch of the posts on twitter. I can still download the videos though.
>>9171 Secret ballot is why. IF you get the names / who they voted for big F not so secret.
>>9174 They already have the names though. Software voting machines in the US have two databases, one for the scanned signatures, and one for the votes. Those can be joined by the company who hosts the data. Dominion has, or had, an antifa supporter in a senior level position. Based on the affidavits coming out of DNC organizations, they were shucking ballots before election day in one of the states without oversight, thus bypassing the whole "secret ballot" bullshit.
>>9170 >Should we have a happening thread for the ethopians deciding to duke it out among themselves again? I just made this thread for that exact reason. >>9172 I was going to make it earlier in the month when the war broke out but I was busy with irl shit. and I missed the Middle East threads we used to have
>>9175 >dems already know the vote of course they do. The law about filming was written to prevent this before electronic tabulation. Now it is being warped to abuse by dems for obvious reason. the republicans don't get a pass because they could've changed the law.
>>9177 >spoiler Independents don't even get the pass. It's hilarious that the election process and fraud could be almost entirely 80+% eliminated by sweeping reforms within 3 years, but nobody wants to do it because they all commit fraud. Despite the massive support they would receive from honest people.
>>9029 at the time we'd been having riots for literal months and we still are to date, getting more boring threads about "whoa watch these MAGApedes getting slapped by anteefa" and how something's totally gonna happen any second now wasn't really interesting. discussing a topic versus using the board as a RSS feed on niggers committing crime are two separate concepts. >but why not just make a cyclical or something for riots riot threads bring people to the board who are only interested in said riot threads and they lower board quality because most don't know shit about anything else going on here and aren't interested in assimilating; we're talking so stupid braindead lazy that they make new threads for AR recommendations instead of just using the QTDDTOT thread. this, combined with the threads often devolving into shitflinging, political bla bla, etc. means I couldn't be fucked to read through them, let alone moderate when 15 posts get reported for disagreeing or talking about backflow testing that's why your thread was removed. you can talk about them in here. as for why >>8925 stays, if I'd logged on earlier i'd have deleted it but some of the responses are interesting, slightly, and I unfortunately can't merge posts/threads together or relocate them. every time a thread gets "migrated", it's literally me just copy pasting the images and text and re-creating the entire thread one post at a time which is fucking boring >>9113 there are two vols, one doesn't talk and the other also usually doesn't talk. i like my vols and they do a pretty good job. if you think a post you made was unjustly deleted then screenshot or pastebin it and send me an e-mail complaining that they suck and i'll withhold the tendies until the beatings are finished
>>9170 >>9182 is the DNC retarded enough to try and coup anyway instead of waiting until Jan creating total chaos because their golem got out of control?
>>9183 Holy shit nigger you're alive. I was deleting run of the mill "cuc/k/s won't do shit I hate this board I'm leaving" posts when he decided to spam the board. Like I said in >>9032 If I deleted any other streloks posts by mistake I apologize. Also the images being spammed where the same things he was saying that caused this whole sperg out. Such as >>>/meta/13724
>>9179 >independents dont get a pass Independents dont decide the elction. Reps and dems do. >>9184 No. But the low tier plebs might get uppity and they'll get cleansed >>9183 > if you think a post you made was unjustly deleted I'm not complaining, I just didn't know there was 2 vols. >>9185 So does this mean that we have a romantic vol and a silent stalker type? I must confessed that I am only intrested in the latter because a real strelok wouldn't be posting to prevent identification via typography and OPSEC :>) On a slightly more related tangent. Apparently the armed forces generals having been lying to the CIC and the general public of the number of troops in Syria. Spanish civil war is coming lads
>>9182 Shameless double post, thanks for the download since bandwith. https://twitter.com/i/status/1327846702989111296 cuckservatives screaming for police to take a side. Thin blue line lel.
I really can't wait for tyranny to set us free from this insanity.
>>9187 >Apparently the armed forces generals having been lying to the CIC and the general public of the number of troops in Syria. Do we give a shit at this point? Everyone is rusing everyone like there's no tomorrow. The generals are probably rusing themselves, and each half of their brains rusing each other, and spooks rusing their pineal glands with radio signals.
>>9194 Do we give a shit at this point? I do, only in so far as it gives him good reason to purge career DOD faggots.
>>9201 In the 2 months left before it all returns to nothing. Nice job dup.
>>9190 The sooner these dumb cuckservatives figure out that the police have never been on their side the sooner this shit gets resolved. Various interest groups are insistent on pushing the "thin blue line" nonsense because they know that the ones with guns turning against the police is the end of their whole narrative. It's the end of police brutality, the end of all these nigger riots when monkeys start getting shot, and the end of people getting away with crimes against individuals when the individual takes the law into his own hands. The only good cop is a dead cop. Unfortunately that is unlikely since cuckservatives will just bend over and find an excuse to blame it on the politicians/state policies instead of on the culprits, the pigs in uniform. >>9183 >as for why >>8925 stays, if I'd logged on earlier i'd have deleted it but some of the responses are interesting, slightly, and I unfortunately can't merge posts/threads together or relocate them. >Political fantasy threads are allowed >But current politics are not Well since you set out the precedent yourself, I'll just make several threads a day every time you delete them relating to the riots until one of them "gets enough interesting responses" to stay or your vols get tired of deleting them. Proxies are infinite, volunteer patience is not.
>>9204 But Strelok, the cuckservatives ARE the police.
>>9204 >deciding on a case by case basis whether an offtopic thread should be kept >maintaining a strict code of conduct and cleaving to it judiciously i prefer the former to the latter because we can be a bit more fast and loose around here than on a higher PPH board. if the thread seriously bothers you, then I can migrate it to /100rads/ to maintain consistency in enforcement. that being said, I think I made it pretty clear why one offtopic thread stayed and another was nipped and it's not fair to skip past all the baggage that came with your riots thread to the simple conclusion that gud responses = keep thread. yeah if the riot threads had consistent good responses I'd keep them but they didnt and they attracted autistic faggots like flies to shit. if you want to volunteer and moderate a riots thread cyclical then put in an application and put your money where your mouth is
>>9209 Did you forget your BO/jannie login again becuase people wont trust what you say without it lol
>>9212 you seem to recognize me just fine without it and we're talking to each other friendo if you want to have threads on discussion or reporting of civic unrest, either ask the site owner to create a /n/ or /happening/ board on anon.cafe or volunteer to moderate the threads yourself so as to make up for the increased workload.
>>9219 So you're saying if I create enough of a hassle that the current moderation gets sick and tired of it, that you'll allow them. Cool.
>>9222 >if you want to take on extra responsibility to cultivate content you like then go for it Cool. Got it. Ok. So. Basically. Do it myself. Copy.
In other news, a flying wing design for a commercial aircraft is in the works: https://archive.vn/MyXez Alas, it's fucking ugly, so I've spoilered the actual design.
>>9204 cops are like niggers; I prefer to be where they are not. the silver lining of Corona is my city's budget is all fucked up so they're cutting several city cop positions and the state cops aren't interested in picking up the slack.
Open file (379.36 KB 800x696 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (563.98 KB 800x930 yukari_suspicious.png)
Couldn't these mRNA vaccines lead to a fatal autoimmune response? Given what's known about Type 1 diabeetus and other autoimmune diseases it doesn't seem that great an idea to distribute these to billions of goyim upfront.
>>9243 Strelok any vaccine can lead to a fatal autoimmune response. My understanding is that COVID-19 being novel, results in a cytokine storm, so that might be the "adverse reaction" in the trials they are talking about.
>>9243 Are you the only anon who has this incredibly annoy habit of fucking spoilering all of his post for no goddamn reason wharsoever, or are there more of you?
Open file (9.28 KB 287x300 gee bill.jpg)
>>9236 Gee Bill two fuselages?
>>9245 : ^ )
Open file (94.03 KB 960x540 akari despair.jpg)
>>9245 I thought spoilering was considered polite? >>9244 Yes indeed, but most vaccines are just some mass produced viral proteins packaged together with funny lead additives which when injected trigger a natural immune response along with autism, the recent Pfizer/Moderna mRNA cancer "vaccines" are instead using the goyim patient's own cells to produce the viral protein which given how CD8 T cells work should in theory be able to trigger a genocide of every hapless cell translating the foreign mRNA into protein. Maybe they're banking on the mRNA only being actively translated for a short time because RNA, but I'm more willing to bet this being some Deus Ex tier shit requiring lifelong treatment with immune suppressants in a sizeable amount of the population.
>>9250 >Maybe they're banking on the mRNA only being actively translated for a short time because RNA, but I'm more willing to bet this being some Deus Ex tier shit requiring lifelong treatment with immune suppressants in a sizeable amount of the population. Which is why I plan of allowing other people to beta test these particular vaccines until it's shown to be safe.
>>9250 >I thought spoilering was considered polite? You must be new here. Saging is polite if your post is offtopic, and spoilering the unimportant or just tangentially related or ˝auxiliary˝ parts of a post is also useful. But spoilering a whole post that doesn't even reply to an other post is just annoying. >>9251 In a slightly better world that would be the perfect job for serious criminals. Although, all things considered the nu-males will be happy to show everyone how enlightened and responsible they are by vaccinating themselves. Don't get me wrong, I think vaccines work, but in this one case it seems to be such a rushjob that I'd rather wait a few years.
Open file (757.74 KB 1185x1029 abosultely heretical.png)
>>9250 >>9251 >re: mrna vaccines. The issue with mRNA vaccines is that if your immunocompromised you're fucked. Also: I suspect it might end up having the effects like pirons. In addition, DNA editing is only so advanced as crispr. Which has the drawback of being a shotgun on the DNA template and not a fucking laser scalpel. >Fortunately, scientists have found ways to combat this RNA degradation. For instance, they can change the sequence of RNA to make it much easier to store. Furthermore, other molecules can be added to bind the RNA and protect it. Such engineering enables the storage of RNA vaccines at room temperature for at least 18 months. That fucking scary shit right there. I don't trust gene editing for viruses yet when my field (agriculture) can't get it done properly without spending billions half the time. Fuck, the ORIGIN of gene editing is from Agrobacterium tumefaciens and it's T.Plasimid, which acts like a virus!
>>9250 Please contain your spoilertism /a/utist, the grammar nazis and thread police dont exist here.
Open file (484.97 KB 1100x619 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (44.08 KB 495x495 ahhhh.jpg)
Open file (623.78 KB 1398x726 ClipboardImage.png)
>>9254 In school I learnt from a teacher who spent decades working in the field that vaccine/medicine production is an inherently complicated and autistic process involving the transfer of viral DNA coding sequences into anything from basic bitch Escherichia Coli on the low end to expensive Chinese Hamster Ovaries on the high end depending on which organism can correctly fold the damn things, then having to extract and package them in a way that allows for long term cheap storage without inhibiting or degrading the protein, autistically refining the entire process sometimes involving large rewrites and even fundamental research just to port a viable protein from a Hamster Ovary to a cheaper Drosophila-derived line to save costs, then considering suicide because test samples of the release candidate worked fine on every test group except some obscure Aboriginal tribe and the suits in charge don't want any pesky WHO restrictions placed on their previous vaccine aimed at the sacred global market. But fuck all that gay shit, let's just put cut down viral mRNA into a capsid/liposome and call it a day, what could possibly go wrong?
>>9270 >what could possibly go wrong? What's the worst case scenario? Could it somehow develop an even worse virus?
Open file (299.43 KB 712x941 afchan der spangel.png)
>>9270 A-are you >>9214 by chance? The thing with the mRNA vaccine is that I'm scared that it's not truly mature enough because CISPR isn't mature either. I fear that it will induce some sort of actual full on viral replication that will actually just straight up give you covid. At that stage we might as well fucking go out and party like dumbasses since you're gonna get it anyways. >>9271 The other part I'm worried about is that it'll cause some unknown anti-gen interactions with the immune system and basically spread unhindered. HIV can't infect people with CCR5 mutations because it can't enter the T-Cell, but those people get fucked by West Nile or other diseases the most people just shrug off.
Double post but worthy US election Bullshit. >https://www.northwestgeorgianews.com/rome/news/local/hand-count-reveals-well-over-2000-more-votes-than-machines-added/article_c1365ce2-2818-11eb-8656-6b7f49a93a04.html?fbclid=IwAR1F5cjzTDhA9wkbEdjQpF-FlxTMfn82Sd2hBa3DDZAWTMiD0HEFOFGP4Qg >https://archive.is/wip/IUwoR >The Georgia Secretary of State's office is sending an investigator to Floyd County first thing Tuesday, to help determine what happened to throw the Presidential election count off by 2,500 ballots. Rest of the countys seem normal, so maga cuckservitves continue to reeeeee. Maricopa county finds no evidence of irregularities in hand counting of ballots: >https://azsos.gov/sites/default/files/2020_General_Maricopa_Hand_Count.pdf >Pursuant to A.R.S. 16-602(B), Maricopa County conducted the hand count/early ballot audit for the November 3, 2020 General Election. >With the order established, the specific polling places (vote centers) to be counted were selected with the participating County Party Chairs alternating the various selections. Once the polling places (vote centers) were chosen, the 5,000 early ballots to be audited were selected . A total of 26 batches were drawn to be audited to reach this 1% or 5,000 ballot total, whichever is less. >No discrepancies were found by the Hand Count Audit Boards. tl;dr you faggots in burgerland like me should get ready for a biden shitshow and then horizontal harris taking up the presidency. Meanwhile other news. BLM dumbass who got caught on video sucker punching a cuckservative was arrested and found to be a sex offender. >https://conservativeus.com/video-the-blm-militant-who-sucker-punched-the-trump-supporter-was-arrested-he-is-also-a-registered-child-sex-offender/ >https://archive.vn/107Zx >current charged with Inciting Violence, Aggravated Assault and Felon in Possession of a Firearm after he was found to be in possession of a handgun. >previously convicted of Second Degree Child Sexual Abuse Against A Person Under 16 Years Of Age And that's it today for "why the us is going into a shithole once again".
>>9274 >horizontal harris What's the origin of this epithet?
>>9275 Harris fucking her way up the political leaderboard before she came AG.
>>9274 is it even worth keeping track of the myriad lawsuits behind the election at this point? given dup's track record of locking up all the swamp libtardz who impeached him, locker up hillary, etc. I get the feeling that even if a recount is forced it won't make a difference towards the greater outcome of the election. Too many holes to plug.
>>9204 Reminder that the cops are not pro-white or pro-anything aside from acquiring a government paycheck and immunity to breaking the law. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc-0YpRpqgA5lPTpSQ5uo-Q, here's a channel that archives and explain who's right and wrong in police interactions (99% of the time it's the cops).
>>9280 you fucked up your URL there with the comma and you forget one big thing cops support ARE GREATEST ALLY IN THE MIDDLE EAST
Open file (5.10 MB 640x360 nigger_cattle.mp4)
>>9271 >Could it somehow develop an even worse virus? Unless they put an entire Coronavirus in there then no, but it could mess up any tissue the jewRNA capsid manages to penetrate by way of adverse immune system reactions meant to get rid of infected/dysfunctional/cancerous cells. But it's fine as Bill Gates would never ever consider giving people free Type 1 Diabetes to raise Novo Nordisk/BD/Bayer etc. stock prices, only bad people like Orange man would do that.
>>9278 Not closely, but i really want him to win, at this point i think he's the accelerationist candidate, winning by the courts would multiply that. What i'm confused about now is if this is just political theater or if Trump is genuine.
Does anyone here remember an eerie amount of low-flying fighter aircraft activity over rural southern central Germoney in Summer of 2001 that suddenly ceased after 9/11? Was there some Blue Flag tier NATO exercise going on?
>>9291 If it's political theater, to what end? Does he actually think he'd have another chance in 2024? Or is he worried about what his followers will do if he backs down?
>>9303 The Democrats plan to throw him in prison as soon as he's out of office and no longer has legal immunity the way diplomats and congressmen do (consider Arizona's congressman is notorious for doing 70 over in school zones and not giving a fuck because diplomatic immunity). You're watching a man trying to create a huge legal stink so he can claim retaliation when they throw charges against him on January 21st.
>>9304 >inb4 Biden pardons Dup to "heal" the country and it was a ruse all along
>>8876 No we're just going back into being "stoic" about accepting the quiet desperation of everything in our lives getting worse and worse.
>>9001 You won't need a brass catcher as long as there's no prints and you don't use boutique ammo.
>>9305 >Ruse Hardly. That would be in his best interests both to prevent further political shit flinging and to normalize democrat warhawk-neocon relationships so they can go back to dying for Israel.
Moving to Cincinnati for a job. It seems okay, cheap at least, but don't like the crime level and there being almost half of the population is niggers. Means that the race riots will get extremely violent. Sure Ohio has decent gun laws but it doesn't matter when the sheriff, judges, and DA are all niggerlovers.
Open file (1.67 MB 2200x1800 Cockroach legion.png)
>>9309 >meanwhile on the battlefield
To the anon who posted the "Chinese Claim To Have Used Microwave Weapon in Himalayas" thread I moved it to the "The Return of Gookening / Pajeetening" thread if you were looking for it.
Open file (1.72 MB 360x360 1605601482622.webm)
>>9303 >>9291 >winning >political theatre. If it is apolitical theater I hope and dread slightly trump playing Sulla and marching on the dems if he does because I don't think the dems will let him walk out alive.... They will charge him with SDNY. While it would be dictatorial, it accelerates us into full blown civil war instead of brazil tier slow rot. >>9278 >keeping up with lawsuits I only kept up with the PA one regarding mail in ballots and extending the deadline date via SOS since that's a major constitutional question. The others don't matter enough to flip the vote. In other news: >dumbass of CISA who claims no fraud got axed by trump https://www.cnn.com/2020/11/17/politics/chris-krebs-fired-by-trump/index.html https://archive.is/e4WUz >2nd georgia county finds 2,700 votes unaccounted for https://www.wsbtv.com/news/politics/another-georgia-county-has-uncovered-2700-missing-votes-secretary-states-office-says/5W734FA755CK3NCR4P7A27DXVM/ https://archive.is/aAvp3 The two below are game changers >Pennsylvania Supreme Court rejects Trump campaign lawsuit over election observers in Philadelphia https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2020-election/pennsylvania-supreme-court-rejects-trump-campaign-claim-problems-ballot-observers-n1248046 https://archive.is/ucmNH There is now a chance SCOTUS reverses. Because legally, in estate law. "present" versus "in the room" are different meanings. To be "present" you must be able to observe and is paying attention. eg; me on my computer typing on a tibetan basketweaving fourm while you read and sign your will is not "present" it is "in the room". >wayne county shithole detroit fails to certify votes due to deadlocked board https://www.detroitnews.com/story/news/politics/2020/11/17/wayne-county-canvassers-deadlock-certifying-november-3-election-results/6324274002/ https://archive.is/OCJHr Not sure where this is headed but it seems that the GOP (or at least the lower members) have found a backbone.
>>9309 It'd be a NK 2.0 >>9318 >While it would be dictatorial, it accelerates us into full blown civil war instead of brazil tier slow rot. Hope so i'm not even murican though So Trump has no chance even if the lawsuits go his way? which is even doubtful, as if there was fraud there must have also been a plan to hide it.
Open file (139.52 KB 1437x369 Clickbait.jpg)
Open file (496.62 KB 1440x2667 ActualHeadline.jpg)
I hate journalists. They didn't even need to do this. The actual story is retarded enough that they could just print it as-is. Trump's question was so dumb that they could just tell the truth and still accomplish their goals. But they just can't resist being blatantly manipulative just for the sake of being manipulative. They're so fucking spiteful that him contemplating a pre-emptive act of outright war still isn't enough, and they need to make it sound like he's planning to use nukes to do it.
>>9322 Basically not much. Unless SCOTUS punts into the tier of mathamatically unlikely by fucking invaldating the state election (unlikely) because states have very wide lattitude on how the election is conducted. You'd need something blatantly unconstitutional and violating the VRA to allow for that, or in the case of PA and MI, unilaterally extending the ceritifcation deadline and extending the mail ballot deadline. Those two are big federal government questions. Fraud is not usually a federal juristiction question. Even if it was fraud, the blackburns ration "I'd rather let 10 guilty men walk free than 1 innocent be guilty" applies to voting ala fake votes. Now, you could argue that every vote that is fraudulent takes away at least 1 vote that is legal and thus is actually disenfranchising citizens, but the SCOTUS would be hard pressed to rule on that. A big question is how salty is clarence thomas, the sole black SCOTUS judge on biden trying to torpedo his nomination. Becuase if he is salty as fuck and Kavanaugh, Barrett are also salty, they might form a large enough block with Gorsich and Alito to overturn the results. Because Roberts is a "moderate" cuck that sides with the libs, it would be up to Thomas to write the leading opinon
>>9310 funny, I'm from Ohio and looking to move to the pacific northwest. The governor has announced a 3 week curfew in Ohio just yesterday. Sounds like martial law but with extra steps web.archive.org/web/20201118101119/https://www.npr.org/sections/coronavirus-live-updates/2020/11/17/935910809/ohio-governor-orders-3-week-statewide-curfew-as-coronavirus-cases-rise
Dup apparently wants to file for a recount in WI. What's the next step of his master plan?
>>9318 >Not sure where this is headed They cut the mics during the meeting, something was discussed, the mics went live again and they reversed their decision.
>>9337 Apparently the GOP woman got threatened by local "Residents" and they were gonna nigger her kids so she ended up having no spine.
>>9341 It's funny that she thinks that will stop them from niggering her kids now that she's been doxxed
>>9347 Apparently they've now signed an affidavit saying they did so under duress and decertified it again. Won't matter because the courts will rule they are not under duress.
>>9330 It's not like I have a choice. I didn't want to move to Seattle or Portland, or San Jose, or Chicago, or Boston, I was willing to move to Dallas but they didn't like that. And Cincinnati has cheap rent. Everywhere is bad.
Open file (122.52 KB 1280x720 jamaicaonbike.jpeg)
>>9336 Recount for Jamaica. They're probably some important votes there.
So apparently these fucks just find a voting machine dumped on the side of the road that most definitely was not used. Do they seriously expect us to believe this? https://www.wtoc.com/2020/11/19/old-voting-equipment-found-side-road-garden-city/ https://archive.is/D0Ngp >The communications department said that all of Georgia’s old voting equipment was collected before the new equipment was distributed to counties. That old equipment is in storage. >The Secretary of State’s Office did say that some of the old voting equipment is being stored in secured warehouse space at the Georgia Ports in Chatham County. >The man who discovered the equipment describes how he spotted it. >“I was on a phone call out here and looked over. What I thought was a solar panel was actually a briefcase with a voting machine. The local police was here and asked how we found and what I saw. Then from there, the Georgia >Bureau of Investigations arrived, and they asked the same type of questions,” Jeff Davis, who found the equipment, said. >The Garden City Police Department contacted the Georgia Bureau of Investigations in reference to the discarded voting machine. >According to the GBI, agents secured the machine, photographed it, and sent pictures of the machine to the Secretary of State’s Office. >The following is a statement from the Secretary of State’s Office: >“The Secretary of State’s Office is looking into the circumstances of the discovering alongside a highway of a no-longer used voting machine that appears to be part of a shipment of defunct equipment heading to storage at the Port of Savannah. Machines of this type are no longer used in Georgia. There is no way it could have impacted the 2020 election because it does not print ballots, and this state has switched entirely to voting on paper ballots.”
>>9422 Why did the Polizei come for that streamer?
>>9423 No official reason given, but its assumed he might have violated lockdown protocals in some way.
>>9423 Is vocal against the new corona laws (and lockdown in general) and people speculate that it was because of that that he got raided, but we dont know any details yet
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Warp_Speed >Operation Warp Speed (OWS)[1] is a public–private partnership, initiated by the U.S. government to facilitate and accelerate the development, manufacturing, and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics. I can't wait for niggers to be in charge of naming these things. Imagine Operation Muhfuggen Bix Nood.
>>9422 >>9423 >>9426 >>9427 >when you conjecture about impending dictatorship but end up becoming the reason the dictatorship is imposed
So is corona real or not? It's it's being handled badly by everyone and you should prep and buy rations and weapons, but somehow it's also a hoax at the same time.
>>9439 Oh and don't forget the statistics and spiking corona cases look out it's coming to your door oh god, but lol you're all stupid if you believe in coronahoax.
>>9439 I think it's real and worrisome, but it doesn't justify a lot of the more draconian measures, have common sense and wear a mask, stay away from elderly relatives for a while, but still prepare mostly for the globohomo agenda that's being pushed than the virus. Both sides of the argument have some truth to them, it's a shame they both speak past each other.
>>9439 The virus is real its just that it only slaps some people but if it slaps you it really fucking slaps you. I miss when we all agreed it was stolen research from canada that china tried to weaponize but fucked it up in true chinese fashion.
>>9444 >fails to slap the worst BOs on the webring
Open file (216.01 KB 932x967 lmao222.png)
>>9439 My brother and I had it back in February. I had about a week of 10x flu symptoms and months of muscle pain afterward muh gains, he showed absolutely zero symptoms. Masks are more to protect others from asymptomatic people from unknowingly spreading it to others, they don't do much for self protection unless you've got a full face 100p respirator. I suspect that the murderhobo strain that ripped china a new asshole mutated into several milder strains, which then further mutated into even milder strains, the real question is if a new murderhobo strain will pop up. That said bad actors will use anything possible to their advantage, including pandemics.
Open file (50.00 KB 256x402 Randall_Flagg.jpg)
>>9448 >the real question is if a new murderhobo strain will pop up. The REAL question is whether any of the vaccines will offer cross protection against some future Stephen King strain.
Open file (470.10 KB 715x718 concerned_but_smug.png)
>>9449 >cross protection They're more likely to kill you in the presence of a new strain by virtue of ADE.
Open file (206.56 KB 686x526 dr_pierce-hazmat.png)
>>9448 Can you smell properly? Some people are getting it where they can't smell things anymore or things smell rotten, like eggs or read meat. Some people smelling cigarette smoke for no reason. A couple acqaintances have gotten it
>>9459 I had a poor sense of smell before, haven't noticed any more loss of smell or rotten smells. I'm a smoker and have noticed the smell of cigarettes that aren't my brand in areas without smokers and areas of my house I've never smoked in. inb4 someone claims my brother was asymptomatic because he's not a smoker, we both are.
Open file (74.02 KB 1200x733 DEe4CFpWAAAuB4L.jpg)
>>9461 I'd make the joke of you smoking killing all your smell sensors but some people are still very good with that sense, like everything its genetics. Some fucks can smoke 3 packs a day for five decades+ and die at like 98 with no lung cancer. >>9422 >pic related I desperately, desperately hope that AfD gets a majority in the Bundestag It wont happen, unless the CDU and CSU order the heer to start shooting and I want it to happen >>9439 >corona and real or not It's most definitely real, the question or not is if its a chinese bioweapon or if it was the lab researchers being retarded. Remember that every some 20-40 odd years theres a novel virus in China (usually in southwest, because jungle) due to high person population but still high amount of jungle present. Kinda like how HIV and Ebola both came out of the congo. High no of interactions, high chance of jumping species. I have no idea how we in the US have avoided some novel disease... That and especially Brazil and parts of latin america >>9442 >draconian measures I'm more worried the populace is getting brainwashed. Americans aren't used to this level of brainwashing like chinese are. Even in China people talk about it being a government plot from my relatives. Ironically, all the hardcore covid culters I know are that first gen american born Chinese/vietnamense pop (I want to say its because they get so enthralled with western "liberation" they don't bother listening to their parrents trying to teach them). I know SEVERAL who have not exited their house since January because they have the money and the means and desperately are afraid of a virus that has little chance of killing them. Fuck, my friend and I both have major health issues (I have mutiple issues - mainly Rheumatology related and she has autoimmune disease) go out to work daily. Last time I checked I'm not dead or in the ICU and neither is she Considering she has to interact with people wheras I don't, I'm quite suprised she hasn't got it yet Liberty is the right to make decision, and suffer the consequences of your decisions. It seems that most americans have abdicated that to the state. We are no longer secular, but statist. The soviets and the chinese would be laughing all the way home.
Open file (495.29 KB 1012x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
>>9462 Indeed, the draconian measures i mean are not wearing a mask, but the population control being exercised, remember how the annexation of Austria and Czechoslovakia helped the Germans? it gave them a lot of experience in how to conduct military operations despite no shots being fired, i feel like a lot of the measures taken now are similar in objective, now it's the elite practicing population control for when they really need it. Also, let's not forget the huge wealth redistribution currently happening either, Amazon and friends are growing by the billions while local economies are dying i haven't checked pic related myself, but it fits perfectly with everything happening It feels like the worst of both worlds making memory of the early threads while the virus was just in China, it either should have been nothing at all so life went on as normal or bad enough to really shake things up and give people a chance, but now it's just barely bad enough to be used as a valid and believable excuse for them to get away with whatever they want.
Open file (448.93 KB 500x354 1567321194420.gif)
>>9462 >"We" are no longer secular, but statist. Because "we" are full of shitskins like you, filthy chinkshit pretending to be an American. Of course the ethno european philosophy of liberty is totally down the drain when are halfway occupied by shitskins. The irony of you as part of the problem lamenting our downfall is just too much. You are only even here through kikes subversion of the state by opening the grates to ethnic invasion through immigration. We don't want you here. Leave.
>>9480 >implying the future isn't The Camp of the Saints
Open file (4.75 KB 261x193 公瑾耻笑.jpg)
>>9480 >implying people don't assimilate It's certain possible. But the current state of affairs leads it into a rare event due to the large amount of energy that's required to assimilate. That's the part currently people fail at. Before, if you didn't speak good english, didn't follow (white) social norms you had no shot in life unless it was through high education (which required the former). Nowdays there's no pressure because the government and society bend back over for immigrants rather than the other way around. >lament your downfall Considering that I was basically taught how to be an American by a greatest generation vet from the deep south, I'm just as pissed if not more than you. You're better off fighting wetbacks since they are a greater threat than any asian populace will be. At least I do more than just yell at people to leave. I actually go out, convince people, and make them adopt western values. I go out to teach them how to shoot, show them what western wear is and how they should wear it, and teach them the true meaning of liberty. Unfortunately, most people are set in their molds and refuse to change, but I have never seen greater smiles when I've been teaching someone how to fish and skeet I'm bad at hunting no bully You want to save the ideals espoused by the Enlightenment, you need to CONVINCE people that it is the best ideology there is. You can't go out there and whack heads because those people will always resent you and play along, you need to convince them to follow. Of course there will be the zealous and dogmatic, the only solution for those is a bullet. To be quite blunt, the GOP could EASILY, EASILY swing 90%+ of the naturalized asian vote by showing they're meritocratic above all else. The dems aren't doing themselves any favors by getting niggers to bash in the heads of asians in california and fixin' to put asians as "white". The first natural born gen on the other hand is usually no different from the baseline white american and those woke ones are in the cities and need to be purged regardless Abram Petrovich Gannibal was a negro who was raised by Russian nobility, his decendents include Alexander Pushkin. The upbringing of a person determines what they are to be come when they are in a very insignificant minority. Since the blacks and wetbacks are a sizable minority, there is no reason to change. >>9463 I feel like this quote from a friend of mine is somewhat applicable here, the individual desires liberty naturally, but will readily exchange it for safety. >the african has high liberty or none of it at all, but no safety due to a historical lack of civilization. >the european gave up liberty for safety after being conditioned to reject the enlightement by the government and jews >the latin americans have neither liberty nor safety due to the stranglehold of europeans on their culture combined with the barbaric culture of meso-america >the (eastern) asians have been conditioned since the advent of confucius to reject liberty and strive for safety >the arabians have both extremes, liberty and no safety, or vice versa due to a shitty civilization set of ethics. >the urban american rejected safety for liberty, and deserves neither >the rural american is being conditioned to reject liberty for safety >>9481 No, it will be the camp of the state. Oppression to a degree is necessary for higher society, and governments will progressively gain in their tyrannical attributes. It is the duty of the civilian to revolt when tyranny is to great. reee, triple flood post fuck you
>>9462 The fact all information and top biologists working at the lab were being purged from the internet, such as the true Google maps location being shifted some 10-20 miles away to make the exotic meat market seem closer, is proof enough that it was a bio weapon being covered up. It's released being intentional or not is what's disputed as no potential whistle blowers have lived to tell the tale.
>>9486 You don't assimilate by flooding a european country with asian genetics. You create an ethnic tragedy of the commons where nobody cares anymore because the country is not for them but for everyone and thus for nobody at all. Meanwhile you wonton jews vote overwhelmingly against gun rights. >I go out and make people adopt western values Those values don't include being ethnically replaced you disingenuous fuck, the erosion of our liberty is in direct response to flooding of our countries with non-whites. Even if you fancy yourself the special snowflake exception that simply reaffirms the overarching rule. It's exactly the opposite of what you say, you don't convince shitskins to love liberty, you expel them by force or you lose liberty forever as you become Brazil. You are part of the cancer because you are not even self aware, just deluding yourself. The truth is you want access to our wealth while the getting is good, to our inventions, to our culture of liberty all of which are the domain of European man. But plenty of people see through your bullshit.
>>9486 >this retard doesn't know about Jean Raspail, and how he is living out the very prophecy he claims to defy
>>9486 >You want to save the ideals espoused by the Enlightenment I doubt that, many see that as the start of the problem. >>9494 >You don't assimilate by flooding a european country with asian genetics. But that's not happening anywhere except the UK with HK Can't you have some nuance? i'm an ethnonationalist too, but i also understand that exceptions exist and have existed, at least east Asians have shown themselves to be smart and hard working, they have shown to be civilized, better to have them as allies than not.
>>9502 You stop being an ally once you invade a country. It's that simple. The only way you could ever take in "refugees" is if you flat out removed a portion of your country, segregated it, and declared it "New Niggerland" or wherever they came from and expected them to be autonomous. This, obviously, is a terrible idea. If Chang Fungding decides to come to (Western country), do you think he's going to content himself with a monastic existence? He's going to want children. He will infect the gene pool with his spawn and continue to propagate himself. Every single hapa kid I have ever met has been seriously mentally fucked in some form or another and often has deep-seated resentment towards their parents. They are absolutely not suitable candidates for the role of civilised westerners.
>>9502 >But that's not happening anywhere but the UK >Canada >Australia >New Zealand >West Coast of the US >Hawaii 38% Asian compared to 27% white and 10% polynesian as of the 2010 census! >Fucking africa
>>9503 Sure, deport them at the end of the day, each ethnicity should live in their own countries, but that won't be the case for a while, there's no need to be unreasonably hostile to someone that wants to aid you, good fences make good neighbors, it doesn't mean you must also hate the guy. >They are absolutely not suitable candidates for the role of civilised westerners. They seem to do better by some measures. >Every single hapa kid I have ever met has been seriously mentally fucked in some form or another and often has deep-seated resentment towards their parents. I'd like to see some studies on that, there seems to be something to it. What you're doing is pushing people that agree with you way more than they do with the left to the left as at least the left accepts their existence, all i'm saying is that the more allies we have the better even if very few, later we can part ways when this is all solved. >>9504 True, completely forgot about that, still they're no where near as bad as niggers and arabs and it will be an issue way easier to solve.
>>9505 There's never a "later", because by the time the supposed threat is gone a new one rises. The concept rapidly becomes a pseudotradition in a matter of generations. These people will then say, oh, my children were born here and they know nothing of their mother country so how can you deport them- and they're completely right. Their original country won't want them back either. How about instead of pushing people to the left, right, or wherever else, we don't let them in to have an opinion on a foreign fucking country in the first place?
>>9506 >Their original country won't want them back either. Well they can cry you a river, it's the better long term solution in most cases deportation i mean, but still, very few exceptions exist, i'm not saying is worth keeping the lot because of it though. >How about instead of pushing people to the left, right, or wherever else, we don't let them in to have an opinion on a foreign fucking country in the first place? Sure, but some are already in, what do you do then? wishing that wasn't the case is not enough.
>>9507 >Country doesn't want immigrants >Original country doesn't want them back either This is how ethnic minorities form ethnostates between two borders.
Open file (112.15 KB 858x1057 onsvpmy3r0zz.jpg)
>>9494 >You don't assimilate by flooding a european country with asian genetics. First off, genghis khan exists, by this logic Europeans have already died when the huns and mongols came. >>9495 > Jean Raspail I have not read him unfortunately, information is hard to come by when you're stuck in a liberal college town and the current year professor dare not to question. I did a quick skim of his work and I'll need to add that to my reading list (if the kikepedia summary is to be trusted, I would agree with most of the statements if anyone has a pdf copy I'd be happy. I have read Spengler, Huntington, Schlesinger and Putnam Putanms paper is E Pluribus Unum: Diversity and Community in the Twenty‐first Century if you want to know >>9503 The chinese aren't invading the country, as a matter of fact, due to the aging population back on the mainly the chinese government is attempting (read: "convincing") people to come back if they were chinese born and keeping them from leaving. They are also loosing the culture war really badly. Break up the asian monolith into seperate blocks. Fuck, Iranians are considered white by the census for some dumbass reason. There's a big difference in the ethnicities even within China (some are more pro-european than others), the same applies to Asia as a whole Also, I know that white people not being able to tell differences is a thing, but I never seem to have issues guessing the ethnicity of europeans >>9505 >hapa kids having mental issues I have a guess as to why, although I didn't meet a hapa until college in the US I was basically the only asian in the are period until like high school. This is because you first have to split them into two categories. Number one are mixed race from a marriage where the parent was an immigrant Number two are mixed race from a 1st generation born with an american (eg; this retard here). No1 usually never works out because of the cultural differences between the two parents and they end up causing this split personality in the "unconscious mind" (term from Freud). No2 is slightly more successful but still somewhat challenging. The first gen parent idolizes in most cases, but misrepresents likely misrepresents (but at a lower rate then case no 1) the cultural norms of the host country, this leads to them coming in contact with ideological extremes as their partner (eg; in this case, you've got extra woke asian with a woke asian partner) If we then assume that race and IQ are directly correlated, and that Eyferth's study holds true, then the mixed race children would have higher IQs in this case due to the higher IQ of the asian population in general compared to negros. This (theoretically) leads to higher degrees of mental illness but also higher intelligence, combine that with the issues in the 2 types of parents shown above. Hybrid vigor and hybrid depression both scientifically proven concepts in plants, the question is which one applies to humans? I think the supposed fetishization of asian women by white men also play a role, but I am not too sure as that since there's no fucking women on the internet and I don't know if thats an actual thing. >nowhere near as bad as niggers and arabs and it will be an issue way easier to solve. You are very wrong. You have to differentiate between education as well for asians. >negros don't assimilate very well because they don't value being productive to society >arabs don't assimilate well because they reject the concept of society in the western sense entirely >wetbacks don't assimilate because there's too many of them (at least down south) >uneducated asians don't assimilate because they believe the government owes them >education asians assimilate better than all the above due to certain common ideas shared with europeans (mainly hard work and intellectualism), but will struggle still due to preference of a collective social society over an individual one (this issue is gone by their children usually)
Open file (45.49 KB 700x429 am0JQNQ9_700w_0.jpg)
>>9509 continued because fucking character limit >>9506 >psuedo tradition That is a problem neither the romans, chinese, nor persians ever solved. It is not practical because at some point you are going to have to let mercenaries in alongside with traders, and sometimes you straight up get invaded inthe case of the british these things are cyclic. The issue is in the US there is no need to assimilate. Why should I learn english when the federal government prints shit in Chinese? Why should I assimilate when there are large Chinatowns to where people congregate and never leave? There is no pressure to assimilate these days and the fact that woke white women thinking that any non european culture (esp niggers) is great and that european culture is flawed and belongs to history is an issue as well. In short, make english the ONLY language supported by the government, start breaking up these large ethnic communities. >>9508 >ethnic minorities form between two borders the solution is genocide. Genocide was a very common occurrence until recent history (one can say in africa, it still is). Remember that the pechengs were annihilated at Levounion, the native Americans were (mostly) anihilated by the white man, and that afrikaners are being annihilated by the niggers in SA and Rhodesia
>>9508 Then a new nation forms i guess, wouldn't be the first time it happens and wouldn't be the last. >>9509 >Also, I know that white people not being able to tell differences is a thing, but I never seem to have issues guessing the ethnicity of europeans Probably because you've lived around Europeans an European living in asia would learn to tell the difference with time too. >You are very wrong. You have to differentiate between education as well for asians. Asians are way less likely to kill me or rape members of my family or blow themselves up, that's what i mean, the lack of ethnic homogeneity is a problem always, but i'd much rather live next to chinatown than the ghetto. >>9510 >the native Americans were (mostly) anihilated by the white man Wrong, the got annihilated by diseases first and foremost then political instability brought by that, that's what allowed Europeans to conquer the place so easily.
>>9510 >Remember that the pechengs were annihilated at Levounion https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Levounion >The Pechenegs appear to have been caught by surprise. At any rate, the battle that took place on the next morning at Levounion was practically a massacre. The Pecheneg warriors had brought their women and children with them, and they were totally unprepared for the ferocity of the attack that was unleashed upon them. The Cumans and the Byzantines fell upon the enemy camp, slaughtering all in their path. The Pechenegs quickly collapsed, and the victorious allies butchered them so savagely that they were almost wiped out. The survivors were captured by the Byzantines and taken into imperial service.
>>9512 >Wrong, the got annihilated by diseases first Point taken. >>9513 That's entirely the point, the pechengs were completely destroyed as an independent people at that stage Although technically, technically they were still capable of resiting until Beroia
Open file (204.27 KB 3240x3228 How-Dominion-works.png)
Gloves fixin' to come off lads. As Church hill titled the first section of his ww2 history, "the gathering storm". https://archive.is/CEV0e GA govenor is a cuck, signs and ceritifies election results, then claims fraud. >Georgia's Republican Governor Brian Kemp certified the state's election results Friday, saying that now that the results are certified, the Trump campaign can pursue other legal options to call for a recount. Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, also a Republican, told reporters Friday morning that President-elect Biden had definitively won the state, after the state's hand recount was completed Thursday. >But Kemp didn't endorse the results, instead calling for another full hand recount. Kemp, who served as Georgia secretary of state before Raffensperger, has not publicly defended the state's election process from accusations from the president and his campaign. He alleged Friday that the audit revealed significant errors made in several counties, including Floyd, Douglas and Walton. As a friend of mine put it, way to fucking show up the firefight after the battle. https://www.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.pamd.127057/gov.uscourts.pamd.127057.202.0_1.pdf >PA district judge tosses trump challenge and call it bullshit in nice flowerly language. >no bandwith to download this piece of shit. some mid-level DNC staffer goes on a ranting spree on how republicucks need to be deprogrammed. >No seriously...how *do* you deprogram 75 million people? Where do you start? Fox? Facebook? >We have to start thinking in terms of post-WWII Germany or Japan. Or the failures of Reconstruction in the South. https://twitter.com/DavidOAtkins/status/1328898661569363969 https://archive.vn/erS3I Some random asshole on the itnernet claims to have figured out dominon's voting system. Take with a grain of salt. I ain't smart enough to understand this shit more like I'm fucking braindead from work right now >pic related https://gofile.io/d/qZcQl6
>>9509 Here's the deal Chinaman: how about you fuck off back to Beijing, blow up Zhongnanhai, and then we'll discuss the merits of your character.
Open file (769.21 KB 736x724 2ENlg70.png)
>>9519 I'm just going point you to the jannie post >>9041 as to how absurd your are. Imagine if I told you to theoretically, hi FBI fuck off to DC, blow up the white house and the capitol building, and then we'll talk about your dedication to ethnic nationalism?
>>9521 >what is hyperbole This is why you can't stay. By the end of college you will be a full-blown leftist or a Charlie Kirk / PragerU / Sargon-tier "conservative".
Open file (645.24 KB 640x360 They glow in the dark.mp4)
>>9527 >I tried to bait someone into getting vanned and got called out for it!
>>9529 >chink is too cowardly to defy the CCP, is afraid of getting vanned by the MSS while hiding in a Western country, claims to be white
Open file (662.13 KB 1150x1200 1582527411115.jpg)
Corona-chan update If you got the MMR vaccine and the associated autism, or you had mumps at some point in your life, you're immune: >Within the MMR II group, mumps titers of 134 to 300 arbitrary units (AU)/ml (n = 8) were found only in those who were functionally immune or asymptomatic; all with mild symptoms had mumps titers below 134 AU/ml (n = 17); all with moderate symptoms had mumps titers below 75 AU/ml (n = 11); all who had been hospitalized and had required oxygen had mumps titers below 32 AU/ml (n = 5). Our results demonstrate that there is a significant inverse correlation between mumps titers from MMR II and COVID-19 severity. https://web.archive.org/web/20201122211438/https://mbio.asm.org/content/11/6/e02628-20 https://yewtu.be/watch?v=zdAPgglDJAU
>>9537 Antivax btfo forever and ever.
>>9509 >genghis khan exists The mongol raids didn't even reach the Holy Roman Empire, you retard, they made a couple of Rus Principalities into tributaries but the only European nation they actually conquered was Romania. They only knew how to raid and sack, only lasted for 5 years, and never settled or intermingled, their only genetic legacy was from the coudle of rape babies left in their wake which hardly amounted to anything in the big picture.
>>9539 Isn't that his point more or less?
>>9539 > never settled or intermingled >What is the Yuan dynasty >What is the Ilkhanate of Persia > never settled or intermingled In Europe, maybe.
Open file (2.87 MB 4032x3024 GLdCAVG.jpg)
>>9537 Absolute-fucking a. So we've been fucking around for damn near a year on something that wont kill you even if you're immunocompromised lol. In other news. CP 2077 got leaked. CDPR taking down everything related. Turns out the game's gunplay is still shit cause lol no recoil. https://anonfiles.com/XeEet7sep5/CYBERPUNK_2077_GAMEPLAY_HIGH_-QWOybECO1ks_mp4
>>9540 Was it? >>You don't assimilate by flooding a european country with asian genetics. >>[Western values] values don't include being ethnically replaced >First off, genghis khan exists, by this logic Europeans have already died when the huns and mongols came. To me that would imply the mongols end the Europeans by miscegenation in the same way that mass immigration and assimilation would ethnically replace the Europeans.
Open file (91.73 KB 640x1280 EneHlUoXYAAkP3n.jpg)
Open file (24.01 KB 640x293 s-l640.jpg)
Open file (17.71 KB 589x405 shitshow.PNG)
black rifle coffee co pulled a fox news? LOL Archive sites are all failing for me right now so no bulli please Send halp bandwith wise They got uppity after a podcaster had a "support kyle' shirt: >SALT LAKE CITY -- A Utah-based coffee company says it will end its sponsorship of a Blaze Media podcast after the host shared a photo of Kyle Rittenhouse wearing a T-shirt with the company's logo, according to a report from The Salt Lake Tribune. Now they are claiming they infact, did not pull the sponsorship https://twitter.com/blckriflecoffee/status/1330564755203846144 Their statement on Rittenhouse: >We do not support legal advocacy efforts. We do not sponsor nor do we have a relationship with the 17-year-old facing charges in Kenosha, WI. Someone is making the claim they're a neocon. https://twitter.com/Supernomas/status/1330681292061601794 >non patch pic related Some other company comes in and dunks on them hoping to steal the boomer purchases. https://twitter.com/smcroasters/status/1330466384569135104 >tweet pic related. And thats it for what a shitshow the GOP and the conservatives are. Have a patch to make in your spare time and to laugh at this crapshoot because some podcaster had fuck around and find out shirt. Is this formatting better than the standard 1 line format or too reddit like? Testing it out readability wise
>>9544 It looks fine.
>>9539 >the only European nation they actually conquered was Romania >Romania >European >nation Romania only exists since the middle of the 19th century when Wallachia and Moldavia united. And Wallachia and Moldavia only exists since the 14th century, before those lands were called Cumania, that is, land of the Cumans. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roman_Catholic_Diocese_of_Cumania Even more, many of the ˝Romanian˝ nobles from those lands had clearly Turkic names, like Basarab I.
>>9543 I think he meant that the Mongols not lead by genghis khan actually already invaded Europe, like the Huns and Turks and Arabs but that Europe had survived and thrived after.
>>9542 >No recoil No shit, it's a cucksole game
>>9544 Always had a gut feeling about these fucks and that one eyed nigger dan crenshaw. Every time some faggot (with shit to sell) tries screaming about how they're "more 2A than u" almost always turn in to traitors Daniel defense, Springfield, the faggots that just rebrand and sell the can cannon
>>9585 I'd like for a list of the companies that do this shit to be compiled at some point so I can avoid giving them money in the future. Especially with an archived link to the offense.
>>9591 I don't have time to grab sources on these, but here's the start of a list and what they did: >Springfield Armory: Sold out Illinois gun owners by lobbying for additional restrictions on FFLs >Rock River: Involved in the same lobbying group as Springfield >Daniel Defense: Supported FixNICS bill >Colt: Constantly bends over for govbux, sold out gun owners on multiple occasions >Troy Industries: Hired the partner of Lon Horiuchi >HS Precision: Hired Lon Horiuchi >Dick's/Field and Stream: Gun control shills >Benchmade: Helped police destroy firearms
>>9585 The ones who are genuine 2A don't make it very far because current year + 1 you need to compromise your beliefs to be successful, or they are just smart enough to not say it and get bluecheckmark mobbed. Had to reupload it because the fucking pic/video didn't go through it appears I know streloks don't believe in red flag laws but here: https://controller.phila.gov/philadelphia-audits/investigation-and-review-of-the-sheriffs-office-gun-inventory/ https://archive.is/k4FUS PA Loses 210 firearms that were held from "red flag " laws >City Controller Rebecca Rhynhart, joined by Philadelphia Sheriff Rochelle Bilal, announced the results of her office’s investigation into the gun inventory maintained by the Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office. After receiving a complaint alleging that 15 rifles and shotguns had been missing from the Sheriff’s Office gun inventory since 2016, the Controller’s Office opened an investigation into all firearms under the purview of the Sheriff’s Office. >The investigation found that 101 service firearms and 109 PFA weapons were missing from the Sheriff’s Office inventory. The review also identified other issues with the overall management of the Sheriff’s Office gun inventory. In response to the review, Sheriff Bilal expressed her willingness to improve the management of her office’s gun inventory and to implement recommendations outlined in the report. PFA- "Protection From Abuse" AKA Red flag law in PA. These motherfucking niggers mixed up service weapons with fucking confiscated firearms. And conservicucks think that they can do red flag properly? >pic related is pa sheriff, spoiler as its NSFL, video unrelated
Open file (87.07 KB 192x197 aaaaa.gif)
>>9603 >everything you just typed can we just end this hell right now? Literal hell would be preferable to the current timeline.
Open file (61.23 KB 233x366 sadputsch.jpg)
>>9605 As much as I believe that you need darkness to see the light it's almost like the nightmare is never ending.
Open file (121.29 KB 614x518 1594878864605.jpg)
Open file (2.54 MB 498x498 KILL HER ctryghj 2.gif)
Open file (96.83 KB 244x130 KILL HER ctryghj.gif)
>>9603 >can we just end this hell right now? You can end it at any time. It will only take team work. You are armed aren't you?
Open file (22.31 KB 214x225 1603751680734.png)
The answer is to redacted public officials and civil propagators but that will just get you called a fed. How long am I/are we going to let this happen; what's the breaking point?
The moment we engage in political assassination the anti-gunners will have all the ammo they'd ever need from here until the end of time to justify their cause, go back to shooting innocent dogs.
Open file (261.01 KB 1517x891 1586327398765.jpg)
>>9613 Nah, >>9611 is right. A good ol' lynching would drive some fear into the gun grabbers to keep their hands off since it could spark a chain reaction. Doubly so since most politicians outside of the kikes in New York are relatively unprotected. That person won't be me though when this rotting, festering system works perfectly for allowing people like me to move up the dregs of society with some mild adjustments here or there.
>>9615 When the baseball shooting happened it was clear only leadership among congress had security. Before it happened, I noticed how utterly devoid of security my congressman's events were. I actually met the one staff member he had there and was surprised he wasn't even carrying (he was an amateur on guns). I think they've made steps to change this though, since my congressman's office was uparmored (big security door that needs people buzzed in, and this is on the second floor of a big government building) after the shooting.
Open file (62.25 KB 800x600 end my suffering.jpg)
>friend of mine fashioned himself a homemade mask for grocery shopping >angry store mask watchman told him he had to wear a government-approved medical mask >friend had to wear the dirty old spare from March he didn't even know he still had T-they're not going to create a caste system based upon Mask sophistication and/or the type of Corona vaccine one is inoculated with, right?
>>9613 >Just sit there and take it, goyim Whatever you say, schlomo.
>>9625 >Weird shit jutting out of a 5 pound mask is 10/10 because complexity and it being original the mask donut steal (ps. fuck you karen from krogers stop showing everybody my tumblr) >Streloks wear chikibreeki inspired masks ranging from "minimalist" balaclava styles to full on SEVA suit larp reproductions >Is praised for its edginess and "biting commentary" on modern mask fashion with the "innovation" of expanding covid fashion to include full body suits and breathing apparatuses >Autistic retards on an anime themed crochet forum set the fashion standards for the foreseeable future because they just wanted to do stalker challenges in thier towns now shuttered upscale and trendy restaurant and entertainment district GAMERS RISE UP!
Open file (132.19 KB 441x1087 Krieg_Soldat.jpg)
Open file (171.22 KB 535x933 krieg_grenadier.jpg)
Open file (300.71 KB 717x1359 krieg_officer.jpg)
Open file (372.89 KB 980x1139 krieg_death_rider.jpg)
Open file (139.81 KB 704x544 Kriegers posing.jpg)
>>9628 Just wait until an elegan/tg/entelman makes a Krieg costume with a working respirator. Now that will show the world what fashion really is about.
Open file (34.04 KB 450x293 unnamed.jpg)
Open file (257.18 KB 680x410 184.png)
PA JUDGE BLOCKS STATE CERTIFICATION WITH PRELIMINARY INJUCTION Case docket: Kelly, Mike, et al. v. Cmwlth Presiding Judge: Patricia McCullough (R) source: https://archive.is/l1snR https://www.theepochtimes.com/judge-blocks-certification-of-pennsylvania-election-results_3593327.html https://www.scribd.com/document/485800333/620-MD-2020-Application-for-Emergency-Relief I know its the epoch times but I can't grab the order anywhere else A preliminary injunction preventing PA from certifing the vote has been issued by the judge here: https://archive.is/aUrgM https://www.scribd.com/document/485797248/620-MD-2020-Order-Nov-25 Can someone download it? Bandwith issues strelok again >NOWEmergency/Special Prohibitory Injunction (Emergency Motion), the subsequent filings by the parties,Application for Emergency Relief filed at 11:42 p.m. on November 24, 2020(Supplemental Emergency Application), it is hereby preliminarily ordered and decreed as follows:As to the Supplemental Emergency Application, to the extent that there mains any further action to perfect the certification of the results of the 2020 General Election President of the United States of America, Respondents are preliminarily enjoined from doing so, pending an evidentiary hearing to be held on >Friday, November 27, 2020 at 11:30 am via WebEx. >As to the Emergency Motion, filed on November 22, 2020, inasmuch as Respondents, based on their Press Release and briefs, have not undertakencertification of any of the other results of the Election, Respondents are preliminarily enjoined from certifying the remaining results of the Election, pending the evidentiary hearing on >Friday, November 27, 2020 at 11:30am via WebEx. >Respondents shall file and serve an Answer and Memorandum of Law inopposition to the Supplemental Emergency Application by 3:00 p.m.TODAY, November 25, 2020.A scheduling order concerning the evidentiary hearing will follow. What this means: This lawsuit alleges that no excuse mailin ballots are unconstitutional due to an article in the PA constitution four exceptions are written to the constitution. Penn certified yesterday when last election they certified on dec 13, 2016 (not suspicous at all huh? It's almost like their trying to render the case moot). It's arguing that there needs to be a constitutional amendment in PA for this law to be legal. They cerfified 11:57PM before the 12:30pm on nov 24 to preempt the court and the judge did not take kindly this I think This means that PA is currently prevented from perfecting (needs to be delivered, etc) the certification until at least Nov, 25. Defendants have appealed. Preliminary injunctions means the court has a seen that the plaintiff has met a substantial burden and has a substantial chance of winning. Big questions: - Can thecourt overturn a certification - Are mail in ballots legal with no excuse - Can the court rule to invalidate a certified election This case isn't about fraud streloks. This is about mail in ballots as a whole. That's why the PA dems are shitting their pants rn. Big question is will they courts prevent NEW elections from using MIB or THIS election if the ruling goes in the GOP favor. tl;dr: PA tries to certify to render a constitutional moot, judge doesn't take to happy at it. Major incoming slapfight at penn supreme court and SCOTUS incoming BTW, NV court case moved to depositions.
>>9631 Let's see if I managed to make sense of your post: >Pennsylvania's constitution says that there are 4 cases when voting by post is allowed >they ignored it, accepted every vote, and then made a law that legalized it after the election was already done >a judge is unhappy and is about to make the whole election null and void >and in theory that might end up with the supreme court coming to the conclusion that ALL mail in ballots in EVERY STATE are invalid, so the whole election is invalid Is this correct?
>>9632 >previous post deleted because it sent before I finished. Sorry. Judge was unhappy because the defendant tried to moot the case and its i dunno, a major election. They might not decert the election. But there is to my knowledge NO OTHER REMEDY since we cannot tie who voted who to the ballot. Wisconsin allows for curing ballots by the percentage, eg; in Wisconin MIB for Wayne county is decertified and they are 90=9% biden 1% trump . That means the amount of votes total for each is subtracted after the percentage is applied to the total MIB. Penn does not have a remedy to my knowledge. No chance of mail in ballots nationwide being tossed. This case is for PA only but its very significant as it gives the trumper branch of the GOP more fuel to burn the neocons into complying to sending electors for trump. Essentially its a slap fight between the maga faggots in the legistlature versus the exectuive branch with the spinless neocons adopting a "wait and see" posture. IF this happens in PA I see this happening in other states where there are no remedies (AZ, GA, WI?, MI, maybe MN?). I don't know if the WI will do so since they may cure the ballots. What's really supprising is that I didn't see the trump campgain brining this challenge and its actually just the state GOP doing so. 4D chess or not IDK.
>>9634 shameless double post I didn't mean wayne county, I meant Milwaukee/Waukesha county.
>>9634 >IF this happens in PA I see this happening in other states where there are no remedies (AZ, GA, WI?, MI, maybe MN?). So they'd have to repeat the whole song-and-dance in all those states, but without mail in ballots?
>>9632 I don't see all mail in ballots being tossed even within that ruling. What is possible, and always has been, is tossing out mail in states where governors sent unsolicited mail in ballots. >Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors, equal to the whole Number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress: but no Senator or Representative, or Person holding an Office of Trust or Profit under the United States, shall be appointed an Elector. The Constitution is clear: The legislature, not the executive, of a state determines voting rules. Republicans should have made the challenge way earlier (like when the ballots started going out), but the Constitution is clear. (I also question the legality of Hilary as a elector in New York. She gets a pension from her Senate history, which can be argued to be "an Office of [...] Profit", not to mention her Secret Service guard, but unless the whole thing comes down to one vote that would be purely academic)
>>9637 There's also the possibility of mail ins without one of the four excuses being tossed (which make up the majority of them). >HRC It's not academic if she ends up being a 269 split or a 270-268 vote. it absolutely matters, it would be hilarious to see biden eek out a 270 and be challenged by it in the courts and then go to the house because their would be massive chimpouts. >>9636 There are similar concurrent cases in those states, but remember at the end of the day its a slapfight between the democractic executive and the GOP legislature (or in GA a fight between the magatards and the neocons with some dems). Of course there is the third result. GOP still filled with spineless cucks who bend over for twitter.
Open file (102.99 KB 363x262 moveable_cover.png)
Would homer buckets full of sand (clearing barrels) work for hardening a home? Say a couple stacked off the side of a threshold, around a window sill, or top of a stair case. I'm trying to come up with improvised solutions for normans that didn't buy hescos (and have no business clearing a house even if they did.) >pic related expands the idea
>>9642 Theoretically, I'd worry about the buckets standing up to multiple shots and you'd probably want have them staggered 2 deep to deal with deflection.
Open file (468.38 KB 1357x1920 00033.jpg)
>>9628 This is the mask for me.
Open file (182.22 KB 795x466 d.png)
>>9642 Use square cat litter tubs instead of round buckets. They should offer better protection on the sides. https://www.theboxotruth.com/the-box-o-truth-7-the-sands-o-truth/
>>9648 Just don't kill your gf's mother, that's all you need to understand.
>>9631 Whats wrong with the epoch times?
>>9652 It’s a mouthpiece of a Chink cult
>>9652 Dude running it is a chinese billionare more intrested in making sure he doesnt get whacked by the CCP. so he teamed up with bannon to make sure he could be loud enough the CCP wont whack him
https://archive.vn/wip/vCW6s >Since the discovery of Sahelanthropus tchadensis's first fossil back in 2001, it has often been cited as our earliest known hominin ancestor. Initial analysis suggested that Sahelanthropus regularly walked upright and had a combination of ape-like and human-like features. These conclusions, however, were based on a single skull. The skull has anatomical features that potentially indicate this primate had an erect spine, and therefore spent some of its time walking on two legs only. Its small teeth also appear more human than ape-like. A later reconstruction supported these findings. >But other researchers have since argued that this alone is not enough evidence to class Sahelanthropus as a hominin biped - a primate directly ancestral to humans - rather than a related, but not directly ancestral hominid. Around the same time and at the same location where the skull was found, in Toros-Menalla in Chad, a partial left femur was also recovered. The femur vanished after another researcher started to examine it in 2004, having come across it supposedly by chance. Aude Bergeret-Medina and her supervisor, palaeoanthropologist Roberto Macchiarelli from the University of Poitiers in France, eventually continued their analysis based on measurements and photos. They have just published their findings, which cast doubt on Sahelanthropus's place in our family tree. Kojimbo and out-of-Africa both blown the fuck out. Not the latter is a surprise.
>>9642 If you are using it indoors why not just use regular sandbags? Stick em in trashbags so they dont spill everywhere. Alternatively, I think you could put cardboard boxes inside the bags then fill with sand if you wanted a square shape. Not as convenient as litter tubs like >>9649 suggests but would be less expensive and easier to obtain. If you use plastic tubs wrap them in duct tape so they don't immediately explode after taking a hit. Stacked piles of wood around the home's walls make a okay layer of defense and fuel for your woodstove. You do have a woodstove, right Strelok?
>>9642 >>9670 Here's an idea. Iron sand sandbags. Lot more mass for stopping power and if you had access to powerful modern magnets you could make low tech style "self repairing" shielding.
Open file (908.80 KB 1000x562 azur lane thanksgiving.png)
Happy thanksgiving, /k/!
>>9678 Wait, what are orks suppose to taste like?
>>9680 Oh fug pls spoiler this image BO. I thought I hit the spoiler button before I posted.
>>9681 Why not just delete and re-post your post?
>>9682 but then we'll have deleted reply indicators
Open file (1.38 MB 498x278 mio mindblown.gif)
Open file (1.01 MB 1222x1050 orcfemales.png)
>>9682 thank you strelok, I forgot that I could do that. Are you the BO? If so, Thanks for not just banning me or something. If not, then thanks anyways and enjoy your turkey. >>9679 Like really juicy chicken, Image 2 related.
>>9684 The board nazis don't exist here my dude, if you're not spamming porn no one cares and the vols will spoiler it eventually.
Open file (2.38 MB 1920x1080 discordauthority.mp4)
>>9686 Happy thanksgiving streloks It may be the last before the march on rome by whoever looses the election >>9685 >board nazis you're forgetting the spergkraut. >video related is why I'm stuck on shitty imageboards.
Open file (673.46 KB 1444x1029 1525267785.jpg)
>>9677 >>9678 And to you.
>>9690 Well you see champ there a difference between accidentally posting porn and spamming the board with pepes because no one wants to deal with your cuck fantasies.
>>9691 Don't even bother responding Strelok. It's the same autist just looking for attention.
Open file (593.78 KB 768x768 The Big O.png)
Happy thanksgiving /k/! So lads I'm curious what the news and all the talking heads are going to do if they declare Biden the president. How are they going to fill time when for the last four years it was non stop Trump coverage. even outside of burger land I honestly can't remember what the news talked about during the king nigger years, those days feel like a life time ago.
Open file (56.76 KB 700x873 1605647107680.jpg)
>>9641 Question for the burgers, why does the GOP even try to pander to people who will never vote for them? ie; niggers, spics, leftists on twitter etc. If they dedicated themselves to getting the white vote wouldn't they still be able to win? Isn't America still 70% white or is the 56% meme true Also I know that (((whites))) are the commie larpers protesting but isn't that just concentrated in major cities while the rest of the rural country is normal right leaning white people? The state of the west especially theses last 10 years or so make me feel pic related.
>>9694 >I honestly can't remember what the news talked about during the king nigger years vid related https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=9cQgQIMlwWw
>>9696 >Isn't America still 70% white or is the 56% meme true The US is <40% white when you account for the mass importation of slave labor. Both parties are pandering to the replacement demographics because they want to continue winning while they commit genocide.
Open file (36.84 KB 309x773 2016 voters.png)
Open file (245.50 KB 620x1061 2020 race estimates.png)
>>9696 Around 40% of US whites voted Democrat by most estimates, and the majority of them are true believers who we don't have a chance of flipping.
uhhh bros? https://legiscan.com/PA/bill/HB2957/2019 tldr: some gay bill that would ban ammo transfer and acquisition except for the globohomo defense force of Pennsylvania...whatever the fuck that is
Open file (51.27 KB 640x465 unnamed.jpg)
Does anyone got decent breakdown of the Waco siege, and especially the Ruby Ridge siege? Everything that I am finding online does not go into nearly enough detail, and is typically written by a faggot that is trying to use politics to justify the events. Completely unrelated: Is $1,800 too much to pay for a PSAK 74 Folder? My other option is going with a VEPR sporter since there is nothing else decent on the market.
>>9707 >spoiler Considering your only other option (besides the vepr) is waiting for an arsenal (assuming they even bother selling them these days) or non shit kit builder to popup in your store or gunjoker like spots. I'm fairly deep into the 5.45 hole and even I'd say your better off getting an AR for your high velocity fix or a regular 7.62 for your AK fix. Either way $1800 is too much for a range blaster or srs business rifle in a caliber that sometimes requires you to subscribe for restock notifications even before panic buying, although in my experience gun shows tend to have a vendor or two that caters to caliber hipsters in good quantities and sometimes a can of 7n6 pops up for reasonable prices (compared to a similar amount of 5.56 green tip) but don't expect cheap pricing like the good ol' days before the ATF dicked around. >>9705 Sounds like another path for people deep in school loan debt to get gibs while the force itself will possibly be even more useless than regular law enforcement. I foresee a shit ton of under the table deals with non members and loss of ammo and arms at a higher rate than what the police usually lose but accidently on purpose. Though I imagine they might try to limit the total number of members and lower ranked members will be restricted from having access to the good stuff until they get certification ++. it's like a cyber punk dystopia caste system but real
>>9696 American cities are definitely not 70% white anymore, and they have all the voting power (not that plebvotes mean anything in the first place) so the politicians do a song and dance to entice niggers with gibs for their popularity contests.
>>9707 VEPRs are a solid choice, personally if it's a choice between dropping 1800 dollars on one rifle, or saving some money and going with another of equal quality I'd go with the latter. Unless you really want that psak I guess. What is the price difference you're looking at? I got my VEPR right before the 2016 election abd they weren't bad then, but it's been 4 years of panic buying and rising tensions so I may have misconceptions about their current average price.
>>9709 >tranny state militia in the land of 6 gorillion scoped fudd rifles aren't enough gibs on Earth to make that a good idea
>>9642 Would layers of ply wood on the inside be a good start? Maybe a knee high wall of sandbags but mostly in the areas you eat, sleep (sleep on the ground), and live not the whole house. People with enough money to follow some kind of urban warfare guide to fortifying a building completely bottom to top can probably get real protection like that found in court room wall panels or get together some kind of civvie version of hesco. Not trying to make a wooden fort or anything but mostly just to get defense against drive by style attacks so really looking for pistol/intermediate caliber. Someone looking for protection against something more serious like roving bands of GAP employees coming to take your nephews anal virginity by force would probably be better off moving if there isn't already a neighborhood militia or it's a blue zone. >>9715 True but who the fuck is actually going to join besides the few boot lickers that for some reason couldn't get into law enforcement or possibly a boog faggot trying to game the system. It's called a militia, that already makes it toxic and masculine to the blue hairs and 100% totally a nazi larp to nintendo switch users. I don't think the militia will actually become a thing though and it'll just be like 5 cops in a room eating pizza while denying applicants so they can basically ban hollow points and literal hunting ammo in the form of copper solids to the general public.
Iran looses another scientist to the zionists >Iran's most senior nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh has been assassinated near the capital Tehran, the country's defence ministry has confirmed. >Fakhrizadeh died in hospital after an attack in Absard, in Damavand county. >In a statement on Friday, Iran's defence ministry said: "Armed terrorists targeted a vehicle carrying Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, head of the ministry's research and innovation organisation. >"After a clash between the terrorists and his bodyguards, Mr Fakhrizadeh was severely injured and rushed to hospital. >"Unfortunately, the medical team's efforts to save him were unsuccessful and minutes ago he passed away." sause: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-55105934 https://archive.is/aSXbU >>9705 >spoiler Won't that get struck down by SCOTUS assuming theres no court packing? Unless they overturn DC vs Heller?
>>9709 Anon if I wanted an AR/standard AK I would have already bought one. The only other rifles I am looking at besides the '74 is getting an AR70/90 parts kit built, or a cemte-l/ptr 91. The 70/90 is likely going to be $3k in total. I am not too crazy about the cetme or the g3 knock-off. >Buying ammo from gun stores/gun shows Where I live ammo is usually much cheaper (typically in the 10-20 cents less range) online than anything I can find in my area. Besides, no one in m area but one shop that keeps two boxes of 5.45x39 around even knows of the cartridge. >>9714 I'm looking at the sporters (slant cut receivers usually wood furniture as well). These typically go for $16-2k. The thing is that sporters do require some expensive conversion work to make them into proper 74s. Already converted ones go for $23-2600 now. (Used to be +$3k for anything a few months ago) The PSAK 74s out there on the other just keep going up in price though. A few days ago they were $1600 and now are going for $1800. On the other hand they are good out of the box, and are brand new rifles.
>>9728 Well if your really want that 74 better jump to it now since it's PSA and they seem to be wanting to jump into starting up production for tons of other guns or scrounge for an arsenal if you don't mind used. Luckily 5.45 ammo when available online is still hanging around the 30-50 cent area. Just know that wolf hollow points tend to be a gamble on proper function but if you're one of the lucky few whos rifle chews through it just fine that leaves you with a nice and plentiful option since many people avoid it like the plague without at least trying a box or two. Most other brands of ammo are just rebrands or different lines of the same 3 cartridge plants, they mostly differ in coatings and lacquer waterproofing.
>>9721 >it'll just be like 5 cops in a room eating pizza while denying applicants so they can basically ban hollow points and literal hunting ammo in the form of copper solids to the general public. that would align with the status quo way of doing things....dat 2020 tho
>>9724 >SCOTUS >defending 2nd amendment ever Nope. We're in this mess because the SCOTUS failed to strike down the NFA, GCA, and every other legislation since.
>>9743 I forgot to add that law is meant to keep people from killing each other over stupid shit. But now that people aren't as violent, there's no threat of violence when the law decides to become a tyrant. Organizations created to protect will become tyrannical without a constant fear of violent repercussions. And as those organizations become more tyrannical, the oppressed will become more violent despite laws levied against their just causes.
So you continue to spam the board and wonder why your posts get deleted? What is even the point?
>>9764 BO stated he's a glownigger he won't allow threads about events that trigger him "because he doesn't want to moderate it" so I'll just make it so he doesn't want to moderate the board.
>>9765 Just make the thread then. I don't really care if you want to make a current events thread but if it goes the way of the bio-warfare threads don't be surprised if a bunch of cuckchan tier posts get deleted. The problem wasn't you making the thread the problem was you just kept making the same thread every day even though the original thread was still up.
Edited last time by Zeke on 11/29/2020 (Sun) 14:45:26.
Open file (443.28 KB 480x396 rockwellface.mp4)
>>9766 >Just make the thread then. I tried initially in good faith and you (or BO) wouldn't let me. >I don't really care if you want to make a current events thread but if it goes the way of the bio-warfare threads don't be surprised if a bunch of cuckchan tier posts get deleted. You have directly opposing information in this thread and in the old meta thread. Which is it? Am I allowed to have the thread or am I not allowed to have the thread? >The problem wasn't you making the thread the problem was you just kept making the same thread every day even though the original thread was still up. The original thread was not still up you lying nigger. BO deleted it, along with the handful of other anons who have tried to make similar threads. Others have said as much above. Get your fucking story straight. Waiting on a response from BO himself because you can't even seem to agree with each other on what the verdict is.
>>9767 >The original thread was not still up you lying nigger. BO deleted it, The first thread you made got deleted I think I even deleted it not BO, then like you said you would you made the same thread the next day you even had a reply; Me and the BO left it up for two days until you made the exact same thread again. then both got deleted. >Waiting on a response from BO himself because you can't even seem to agree with each other on what the verdict is. The whole point the BO was making is that the Bio-warfare threads turned to complete shit very fast and the cancer was spreading to the whole board which needed moderation for little to no actual discussion going on which is what he feels a current events thread would do. But now it's not like we get flooded with julay posters or /tv/ niggers who don't give a shit about the board so I can mod the thread and delete obvious cancer posts if he doesn't want to. Also why not just use /100rads/ for current events like we've been doing for months now?
Open file (70.94 KB 696x564 kermit.webm)
>>9768 >Also why not just use /100rads/ for current events like we've been doing for months now? You mean like was the case because everywhere else it got deleted? Because I was being patient due to the Julayniggers, but it became clear in the last month that you all were (are) picking and choosing which threads belong on /k/ while equally not wanting to moderate a /k/-style board. My response up until now has been to the effect of you can't have your cake and eat it because it's absolutely absurd to have a /k/ that doesn't discuss current events because of "politics" but then turns around and allowed the stupid fucking Hitler thread that was 100% politics with the justification being "well I don't have to moderate it so I don't care" pseudo-quoted directly from the BO's keyboard. >Me and the BO left it up for two days until you made the exact same thread again. I don't even know what you're talking about. I made a thread, it got deleted, I made a second thread, it got deleted, I made a third thread, it stayed up for about a day because I can only assume you forgot to moderate it, and then it got deleted too. There were never two threads up at the same time.
>>9769 >still using nu/k/ at all ISHYGDDT, it's been clear for months that the BO and vols are all niggers
>>9770 lol its probably just the same tranny sperg mods as on julay who skimped on over here
>>9769 >but it became clear in the last month that you all were (are) picking and choosing which threads belong on /k/ Well yea this isn't /b/ where any retarded thread should be posted but I get what you are saying. >while equally not wanting to moderate a /k/-style board I'm fine with moderating a current events thread, I was fine with the time travel thread and I was fine with the Ginsberg death celebration thread. until some autist sperged out and spammed the board for an hour But there is a fine line for /k/ related politics and just posting /pol/ threads. If you are going to make a current events thread have it be /k/ related events. Also there are race war preparation threads on /fascist/ if your looking for that stuff. >I made a thread, it got deleted, I made a second thread, it got deleted, I made a third thread, it stayed up for about a day because I can only assume you forgot to moderate it, and then it got deleted too. I didn't forget to moderate it I willingly left it up, then the next day the exact same thread was posted again so both got deleted. If you don't believe me that's fine but that's the reason both got deleted. >>9770 Rude. >>9771 >lol its probably just the same tranny sperg mods as on julay who skimped on over here What does this even mean? I was never a (((julay))) mod.
Open file (688.47 KB 1000x857 Tactical Tengu.jpg)
>>9768 Would a non-cyclical general news thread be ok moderation wise or are specific threads covering enough /k/-related events as is?
Open file (1.14 MB 1680x1530 1606014932059.png)
>>9773 I would prefer it be /k/-related events such as major shootings, anti 2A laws being proposed and stuff like that. Not just "look that trump supporter got punched by some nigger" or vice versa. But ultimately that's up to the BO I'm just giving my 2 cents on the matter.
Edited last time by Zeke on 11/29/2020 (Sun) 17:43:20.
>>9772 >What does this even mean? I was never a (((julay))) mod. Yeah fucking right lmao you're 100% the same faggot
>>9773 BO doesn't want that. He wants a news thread for everywhere on Earth EXCEPT America and Europe, because if the violence is in America/Europe it's no longer news/discussion of modern warfare/discussion of hostile suppression. Instead it's politics because it's relevant to current events.
>>9778 >because if the violence is in America/Europe it's no longer news/discussion of modern warfare/discussion of hostile suppression I do agree with this though a current events thread should be about /k/ related events. I'm sure BO would be fine with a Donetsk thread if the war was in full swing but nigger riots that have been going on for months now don't even feel like news anymore. >>9777 >lmao tbhsmhlol
God fucking damnit why do you guys have to act like subhuman iq troglodytes and do you not understand the line that exists between politics and war Technically war is a continuation of politics so the line doesn't exist ? If you spergs understood that we'd still have the riots thread if you all kept out of the "no u nigger" screaming. The BO also said to fucking apply for jannie if you wanted that thread, so either show us he told you to fuck off and neck yourself instead of being a jannie or quit complaining. Remember that the lack of moderation on /pol/ is what killed 4cuck. You really want that to happen here? On the other end, too much moderation is also bad because people feel they should act like is a shitty forum Have some gay ass Gachimuchi from the early days of niconico because the only thing that'd make this thread more retarded is some nigger spamming the board or the spregkraut returning and doxxing himself. >>9780 >in re current thread events I'm tempted to write up a legal thread because I just saw a 4th amendment (Torres v. Madrid) case where if an officer shoots you its a "seizure" but if you leave the scene they gain qualified immunity since you leave the scene, even if they fucking pumped you full of lead.
>>9792 >I just saw a 4th amendment (Torres v. Madrid) case where if an officer shoots you its a "seizure" but if you leave the scene they gain qualified immunity since you leave the scene, even if they fucking pumped you full of lead. The whole system is rigged in favor of an officer. It's guilty until proven innocent, not innocent until proven guilty. Of course they'd throw on an extra unjustified excuse for why you have no rights. At this point if a cop killer turned himself in, he'd mysteriously end up dead via suicide to the back of the head while the cameras were "mysteriously" offline and the judge would find no wrongdoing. The same applies to judges that applies to police and congressmen when it comes to the rope.
>>9795 It looks like the case will get reversed because it's so absurd you saw Gorsich shitting on the defense like no tomorrow, he was making an analogy that if you got "scraped" by an rpg was it a siezure lol.
>>9792 >I'm tempted to write up a legal thread Yea go for it sounds interesting. I don't know much about burger law so if you post some interesting cases where the law is either upheld or maybe more realistically the law gets shit on then that sounds like a good thread.
Man I sure love a board lorded over by fags who delete shit because they don't like it and not because it breaks any rules.
>>9820 Do you even post in any other threads? Or do you just sit in /100rads/ all day bitching and moaning about the moderation?
Can we stop with this gay fucking drama. >>9743 >SCOTUS failed to strike down the NFA, GCA, and every other legislation since I'm a non burger and was wondering what does the SCOTUS even do? Judging from your post he can yea or nay legislation but is that all he can do or can he propose his own legislation as well?
>>9823 SCOTUS sets precedence for the rest of the country which acts as a map for the rest of the lower courts on how to proceed with the cases they get. They're supposed to be the last line of defense against unconstitutional laws. that doesn't involve a reign of terror
Open file (450.30 KB 848x1327 Holo MoH.jpg)
>>9825 >SCOTUS sets precedence for the rest of the country which acts as a map for the rest of the lower courts on how to proceed with the cases they get Alright I never knew that. So you say it sets a precedence for the rest of the country but hasn't that one district in Commifornia been doing whatever they want for a long time. I can't remember there name I just remember them fucking with Trump in 2016 over recounts or something like that. >They're supposed to be the last line of defence against unconstitutional laws When was the last time they really were? All the news I hear about restrictions on the 2nd amendment and the idea of "hate speech" laws aren't those MASSIVE violations of the constitution? Do the law makers just not give a shit about the constitution anymore? Also in your opinion is this a fairly recent thing or when was the first time the constitution was thoroughly spat on to make some faggots or cry babies happy?
>>9826 That's the 9th circuit. The country is divided into a number of circuits that oversee an area, see pic 1. One of the reasons we still see a bunch of unconstitutional laws is that a civil suit first has to reach SCOTUS for them to set such a precedent and the lowers courts either fight as hard as they can to make sure those cases don't get there or one side gets its dick slapped and the case goes away for X years, sometimes SCOTUS simply refuses to see said cases for reasons.one of the theories is that SCOTUS refuses to see gun cases that won't be a guaranteed 2A win for fear of setting an anti-gun precedent Still some get through such as DC v Heller and it's certainly not the first time our governments have shit on the constitution, although that's usually for different reasons than owning the chuds/libs, see pic 2. Ultimately progress go forwards or backwards every 40-60 years based on who's on the court at the time.
>>9823 Supreme Court has the power to "interpret" (i.e. stretch, redefine or outright make up) the limits of the US Constitution, and invalidate any law (or part of a law) that violates their made up readings. In practice, they're an unelected, untouchable second legislature with the unique and basically unlimited power to veto any law clause-by-clause, or give lawmakers permission to totally ignore constitutional limits.
>>9823 The Supreme Court is meant to decide whether or not a law is constitutional (state or otherwise) as long as a case reaches it that pertains to that law, and to be the final say on cases that don't have laws to cover them already or have a good enough justification that have reached them via appeals. It's supposed to be an apolitical body. In reality, it acts as a completely political body, and it decides cases to overrule all laws and/or specific parts of laws, and overturn previous rulings on a whim. There's supposed to be a check against the Court that Congress has to pass a law again to overrule a Supreme Court decision, but that basically never happens. This power wasn't given to them in the Constitution either, at least not explicitly. It was talked about during the conventions, and it was exerted by lower federal courts, but the Supreme Court never used it before a case where they gave it to themselves. They also established national supremacy, which means that a state can't challenge the federal government with its laws, which eventually led to the Federal Reserve. They've also allowed the rampant abuse of the Commerce Clause (Congress controls commerce between, outside of, and tangentially related to the states) and the Necessary and Proper Clause (Congress can pass and do anything not strictly said that they aren't allowed to in the Constitution). To address >>9826 the Constitution is often seen as a living body, meaning that interpretations change over time and with sentiment, and that that's what the Founding Fathers intended. "Hate speech" is argued to not be covered by the first amendment the same way that yelling fire in a crowded theater isn't covered by it. The second amendment is argued against based on the idea that restrictions on it are needed for public safety. From an absolutist reading of the Constitution, a position in which no one with power takes, both of these are direct and extreme violations of the Constitution. Cases about these sometimes reach the Supreme Court, but the Court has the decision to refuse a case, and courts and lobbies fight as hard as they can so that cases never go that far. This has led to cases such as Wickard v. Filburn, where it was ruled that a farmer was growing too much wheat so that he could feed his animals (meaning that the wheat he grew would never leave the state) after the implementation of price controls and production limits by the federal government, which meant that he was violating those rules and "competing" with the companies that sold wheat and feed, meaning that he would buy less wheat and feed, and this has been used ever since. You can't even grow medical marijuana personally, even if you never sell it, if you live in a state where medical marijuana is legal, as you'd be "competing" with the companies in your state, and because it competes with the medicinal marijuana that moves between state lines. The Commerce Clause is also the crux of some of the important cases against segregation, one of which is Katzenbach v. McClung, which states that you not allowing niggers into your store hurts interstate commerce since the nigger will buy less. This was decided because a restaurant had a drive through almost exclusively for niggers, was on a highway, was close to another highway, and got over half of its produce from out of state.
>>9827 Yes it was the 9th circuit I was thinking of thanks anon. >One of the reasons we still see a bunch of unconstitutional laws is that a civil suit first has to reach SCOTUS for them to set such a precedent and the lowers courts either fight as hard as they can to make sure those cases don't get there or one side gets its dick slapped and the case goes away for X years Ok so lower courts don't want things to reach the SCOTUS unless it will benefit their side to have the precedent set in their favour, would I be correct in thinking that? >one of the theories is that SCOTUS refuses to see gun cases that won't be a guaranteed 2A win for fear of setting an anti-gun precedent To me that doesn't sound like a bad idea but do you think this is actually the case or does the SCOTUS during the time of gun control usually not give a shit about the second amendment so he just ignores it under the guise of what you said in the spoiler. >>9828 >In practice, they're an unelected, untouchable second legislature with the unique and basically unlimited power to veto any law clause-by-clause, or give lawmakers permission to totally ignore constitutional limits. Jesus that sounds like dystopia level law making. But isn't the supreme court more right leaning ever since Kavanaugh was chosen? Or is he a proto-jew that doesn't care about the constitution? Ill be honest I haven't kept up with my American politics for quite awhile. What is the state of the supreme court right now in Streloks opinion.
>>9830 About right yeah and SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) is a set of judges that need to come to an general agreement on their decisions. We typically will never know why the court refuses to see X Y Z case and it's honestly probably a cope just that they will or won't.
>>9831 Cool yea I thought that was the case thanks for the info reading my posts back I have no idea why I was referring to SCOTUS as a single person
>>9827 Why does that image show Article II as unmolested? Did they just decide to leave it since there were too many infringements to fit there?
Open file (911.33 KB 1280x720 7f85aad26ddd.720.mp4)
>>9830 Kavanaugh is the worst type of "conservative". He's a neocon who's logic leads him to dictate that "If it wasn't explicity banned by the constitution, the gov can do it legally!" type. For a SCOTUS justice he's quite moderate. Remember that he ruled in Klayman v. Obama that metadata being recorded by the NSA is not a "siezure" and that no warrant is needed becuase muh counter-terrorisim. ACB is to be determined. But if she claims Clarence Thomas as her role model and she lives up to it... Wew, that's gonna make lib heads explode. >tldr; kavanaugh is as conservative as floyd's death is vid related. >>9838 Because funadementally you can still "form" a militia acording to the the executive and congress even though their reading of the constitution is flawed according to SCOTUS, it's just filled with glows and you're armed with sticks and stones versus mushine gun. Next up is assualt stick and rock ban of 2021
>>9821 More than one person thinks that /k/ has garbage mods and BO, retard
Open file (76.67 KB 746x673 1235867445634.jpg)
>>9821 >.t enabler or gay internet police mod alt acc on 16 unique ip 1pph board Lol yeah flawless logic, like somehow people escaped from cuck sites to maintain this bizzare notion of that we should just accept that freak fags may micromanage us yet again on some little 1PPH /k/ board, but not like that thought ever popped in to your gay mind you absolute fucking retard. That's why dumb fragile ego fucking brainless enuchs like you shouldn't be in charge of anything, ever. You just fucking suck. People like you make everything suck.
>>9842 >us back to your hole dumbass.
>>9843 t. BO
>>9828 >Supreme Court has the power to "interpret" Marbury v. Madison 1803 It's also important to note that the supreme court did not have the explicit power, or obtain it through just means. They chose to explicitly wield an implied power. Had they done their job justly, the court would have said that while they did have the implied power it would be improper to wield said power because it would inevitably break the balance of power between the branches. And then they could have suggested a constitutional amendment. To further drive home the point that the judicial branch acts unjustly, you can simply look at how jury nullification is viewed by them. In the US, an attorney is legal counsel. But who do they counsel? Attorneys counsel their clients, and are tasked with persuading the jury. If the law was absolute then it would be unnecessary to persuade the jury. Every juror in the US has the same power of interpretation as the supreme court. But what if you choose to show your fellow men their true power? https://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2017-06-02/jury-convicts-ex-pastor-who-shared-jury-nullification-fliers The courts admit that legal interpretation and "it's a living document" are unjust by using their power to shut down people who spread the knowledge of nullification selective enforcement and personal interpretation.
>>9845 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marbury_v._Madison >As the results of the election became clear in early 1801, Adams and the Federalists became determined to exercise their influence in the weeks remaining before Jefferson took office, and did all they could to fill federal offices with "anti-Jeffersonians" who were loyal to the Federalists.[3][12] On March 2, 1801, just two days before his presidential term ended, Adams nominated nearly 60 Federalist supporters to circuit judge and justice of the peace positions the Federalist-controlled Congress had newly created with the Judiciary Act of 1801. These last-minute nominees—whom Jefferson's supporters derisively referred to as the "Midnight Judges"[13]—included William Marbury, a prosperous businessman from Maryland. An ardent Federalist, Marbury was active in Maryland politics and had been a vigorous supporter of the Adams presidency.[14] It really is ridiculous that the US was like this virtually from the moment it was born. It shows that it became a superpower only due to its incredible economic potential, and that the show was run from bureaucrats behind the curtain, because this is clearly not what I think of when somebody says stable political system.
>>9846 The republic was never meant to be ultimately stable, and the founders understood that bureaucrats would inevitably gain this power. You can see that in the structure of government which they built. They intended for the government to be stable even if unstable people were to gain control of one part, and assumed that those unstable people would never be able to gain enough control to cause widespread instability. A contemporary example is the battle of Athens. The exact same shit happened again. The problem is that they weren't specific or explicit in the most important ideas. For instance, they new of the threat of population centers, but didn't envision ways to limit their influence on the whole. They created the electoral college for the feds, but didn't understand that states need the same thing for all intrastate elections. They new that corruption and rigging would be an issue, but did not explicitly create provisions by which the common man could organize lethal force against it. The second amendment does not count, because it is not explicit enough. Had Dunbar's number been known, they would have likely divided everything based on that (pic related). Couple societal and governing demand to organize families into tight knit military forces with unlimited access to training and weapons with the inalienable right to dispense justice and you'll fix most problems, including widespread mental illness. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/apr/03/mexico-indigenous-town-banned-politicians-cheran >became a superpower only due to its incredible economic potential Nope. It became a superpower because of guns. And it's quickly losing it's status as a superpower because of the lack of guns. Where's my full auto? Where's my predator drone club? Where's the regional privateers? Where's the yearly cannon celebrations? >>9744 sums it up. Any government can destroy the US by simply funding and training the brown hordes. Protip: They're actively doing this. Cops won't stop them. Politicians won't stop them. The government pays them to trash everything. Everyone pays them to replicate themselves. Whites can't stop them because cops, politicians, and the government turns on them. The few whites who choose to take action despite those threats get lynched by other white people. Saying that you won't pay the government for these privileges is illegal. So this takes me back to my first point. The system of governance designed by the founders was never ultimately stable. Artists like to depict the three branches of government as three pillars, but it's more like a three sided top balancing on a pin. Since it was never stable to begin with, any instability added to the system is compounded, and requires more control measures to compensate, which causes more instability, which requires more control measures, which causes more instability, which requires more control measures..................... Pic related.
>>9847 > balancing on a pin IMHO the judicial branch is the weakest branch for a reason. It neither has enforcement power, nor the ability to re-write the law exactly for the reasons to prevent a runaway judge like the 9th circuit from enforcing its shit circuitwide. Imagine if the Judges had the Soviets MVD or OMON and tried to slap some poor fuck out in Montana and end up getting their ass handed to them Sounds about right in re: judges being shit To be fair though, the traditional remedy for an "improper" jurry nullification was to lynch the jurry and the defendant. Good luck trying to do either in this day and age.
>>9848 >Your entire spoiler It's supposed to be the weakest in terms of enforcement, but the strongest in terms of inertia. Everything else you said is wrong though. Bench Warrants. Civil contempt of court. etc. Each of these can result in indefinite detainment because they're civil offenses instead of criminal offenses. Who blocked international travel bans? A ninth circuit nobody. And have you seen the amount of police officers that are citing case law? Police unions and departments hire lawyers to educate them on case law so they can enforce the will of the local judges. Every government agency uses the courts to justify or excuse their impropriety, while at the same time enforcing law that is blatantly unconstitutional, which breaks their supposed oaths. Lynching is the only solution to endermen in minecraft.
Open file (5.59 MB 853x480 Boomboom.webm)
>>9847 >>9846 It's important to remember that the constitution was a bodge job through and through. The founders were still arguing (violently) over it after the revolutionary war, and only agreed on ratifying it when Benjamin Franklin was marched into the proceedings on his literal death bed (he had to write his speech and have someone else read it because he couldn't even talk properly) telling them that it's more important that they get their shit together and put together something that just works than argue over making the system incorruptible. That's why the first few decades of the United States' existence was rife with these sort of power struggles.
It's also important to remember that at least half of the states (mostly the Southern ones) didn't actually believe in disbanding the aristocracy. They just needed an excuse to justify clearly criminal actions used to start a war with their motherland in the first place.
>>9849 I disagree. The judiciary operates at the pleasure of the executive and the legislature. The Legislature can impeach, the executive can tell the judiciary to get bent and just arrest them all. >contempt of court I get why it exists.... But it's a vehicle for abuse. See the dude who has an encrypted hard drive and has been sitting on a contempt of court charge in jail until he unlocks it. >>9850 >incorruptible No such thing exists. All men are fallible. Franklin was right about getting your shit together (if only so the british don't come knocking again). Then again, try fucking convincing the average joe shmuck that the constitution isn't infallible and neither are judges.
>>9852 >contempt of court Was always intended to be abused. It is unjust to agree that a person has freedoms, and then punish them for exercising those freedoms in a public venue. >the executive can tell the judiciary to get bent and just arrest them all. Which is great when it works, but nobody in government has been doing that for over 100 years. I suppose they didn't see the need to build an explicit list of government actions which two or more commoners could use to justify killing officials without trial.
>>9858 >intended to be abused More like created to streamline the process. Imagine if we didn't have plea deals, there would be no legal system to begin with because Jamal accused of anything has to go through a highly expensive trial both in time and money. >Which is great when it works True. The law is meant to provide redress to slights and compensate people in a equal manner (Be it compensation in a form to the aggrieved, or punishment of the aggressor). The question is, how do you request redress when the force of the state and legal theory is against it? There is none legally. >videos completely unrelated aside from the fact the justice system is like ultimate muscle roller, you think you have a chance but you really don't and two random assholes (judge, DA) are gonna railroad your ass harder than tyrone. Obvious warning its NSFW if you don't know what Gachimuchi is. >remove kebab parody Send it to i dunno, conservicucks who think that being christian = self rightous and their opinions are always right or something
Friendly reminder to shoot the judges first, police second, and politicians third. Lynching a judge sends a stronger message to the politicians than enabling them by turning one if their own into a martyr, and that it doesn't matter how many cops you kill when the guy who hands them all the guilty pleas in the world via civil courts is still in power. Kill a judge however, and the politicians start sweating, the other judges start judging fairly, and the enforcers either get held responsible or get the rope next.
>>9859 >Imagine if we didn't have plea deals Judges would have to do their fucking jobs and police would have to get a fucking warrant since they couldn't extort/intimidate people under duress? I imagine without plea deals we'd be hanging public officials every few years.
>>9859 >More like created to streamline the process. Streamlining "justice" is no different than abusing the common man. Same with "innovative law enforcement techniques". Ring camera surveillance network, Pasco Washington Sheirff's "innovative" social credit techniques, etc. You can see that now with IRS enforcement. Streamlining and innovations have allowed the IRS to focus on small time shit that wouldn't be a problem if they followed the original law with a base deduction of $60k, while completely ignoring the big ones that actually damage local economies and society as a whole. >>9862 >and police would have to get a fucking warrant They do that now. Many municipalities have judges that rubber stamp all warrants. >I smelled marijuana >I smelled alcohol on his breath >Someone reported a hostage situation >Domestic partner claimed to fear for their life >They volunteered for a political group we don't like
>>9852 >See the dude who has an encrypted hard drive and has been sitting on a contempt of court charge in jail until he unlocks it. About that case; What if you made your password something like "IAmGuiltyOfTheseCharges123456"? I know in IRL clownworld it probably doesn't matter, but it would make for an interesting test case
Open file (5.23 MB 720x1090 BspAj-TF71xHZj4a.mp4)
Open file (58.49 KB 438x704 1604193082475.jpg)
>>9870 >spoiler Probably a circuit split. One of the few things the 9th ruled right imho is that the computer (at least your "primary one god knows they will abuse that in court) is an extension of your mind and therefore subject to the fifth amendment. 10th circuit however ruled that if you've opened the computer for LE willingly while crossing the border than they can compel you to open it again (They will just claim in court you showed it to them with no proof whatsover basically). >>9864 >re streamlining I'm not saying it's the right method of improvement, I've saying they did it because the government is lazy and retarded. The real solution would to be to expand the judiciary insofar as to keep it close to some sort of modified Dunbar's number and not this retarded idea that the there shall be no greater than X amount of judges written by congress that gets edited every damn near decade because egos n' sheet. Ironically also a catch 22 of "We need more gov so its less retarded. In other news uncle tom tells sheboon niggers to gtfo his restaurant for twerking, gets canceled Oh the irony. https://twitter.com/MrJeromeTrammel/status/1333427574685519873 white knighiting thats racist, its black knighting twitter post below >I would NEVER go to True Kitchen (@TrueKK_) restaurant (Dallas, Texas) The owner Kevin Kelley talking to his customers like they are beneath him is disgusting. >You want a certain kinda of crowd: >1. Don’t play twerking music. >2. Put it in the policy. >3. Don’t be a misogynist.
>>9874 Gotta admit i feel bad for some blacks, the ones on the higher end of the bell curve are caught between a rock and a hard place.
>>9880 Exactly he knows you can't talk to them nicely because they won't listen to reason. So he tells them to "get the fuck outa my restraunt", but then all the white liberals go reeeee!
>>9880 >>9881 >/k/ now sympathizes with niggers ABSOLUTE STATE
Open file (96.99 KB 1024x576 index.jpg)
>>9882 >He doesn't want to go to space Never gonna make it.
>>9880 >>9881 Eh I can't honestly feel that bad for even the biggest uncle tom considering that id wager 95% of American niggers hate whites and would be perfectly happy if we were all killed. Happy until they have no more gibs that is
>>9874 >Ironically also a catch 22 of "We need more gov so its less retarded Needing more representatives and more layers isn't "more government", it's more representation. More government would be more government employees and breakaway agencies like BATF and CIA. The increased levels of government would allow for easier distributed anti-government activities assuming representative communications are absolutely protected. domestic spying would be classified as an act of war, worthy of civil war.
News from Trier Germany Man plows SUV into crowd in Trier Germany killing 5 and injuring 15 others. Recent news also states a nine-month old baby was one of the victims. To everybody's shock it wasn't a dune coon this time but some drunk 54 year old German man yes white German aka real German named Bernd Walter W, supposedly pic related is him. The picture came from some social networks of a man with the same name who lives in Trier so it could be a different man. They haven't released the names or ethnicity's of the victims so I'm holding off judgment. Did he get sick and tired of seeing immigrants in his city and decided to take some action or did he just get to fucked up to function and passed out at the wheel; you be judge. Take this with a grain of salt as this is what the (((media's))) reporting, Id wait for more info to come out before passing judgment
>>9886 Fug forgot the archive. https://archive.is/3bQv7
>>9882 To be fair, if you pity someone then you probably aren't making the same mistake they are. >>9885 I'd assume then the federal branch would be even more dysfunctional at that stage, and that city slickers wouldn't revolt over such an arrangement. tbh I think some sort of balance of power with area versus pop density could be done as some sort of compromise but I need more though into the system >>9886 My bey is regardless they say oh hwuite suprermacy! After all merkel is leaving so the next leader needs a scrapegoat and she cant scrapegoat Muhammad while bahdir brothers and co are banging her on the top of the reichstag for all to see.
>>9886 >(((they))) unironically called him Bernd kek
>>9889 >My bey is regardless they say oh hwuite suprermacy! Yea there's a couple ways this could play out. Option 1: if he has ever said anything negative about the invasion of Germany by the third world hordes and if even one of his victims injured or dead is a minority he will be labelled a Nazi terrorist and hive his character assassinated whether or not he even believes what they will crucify him for. Or option 2: he is just some normal drunk German guy that got in a unfortunate accident and didn't plan anything. But my guess is they will find some 7 year old facebook post he made about anti-immigration and completely paint him as a right wing terrorist. >>9890 >(((they))) unironically called him Bernd kek I know anon. Do you think he's and /int/ellectual?
>>9886 >They haven't released the names or ethnicity's of the victims so I'm holding off judgment the toddler has an only slightly older brother, so that speaks for shitskins who pump out kids every 9 months OTOH dad is pretty old with 45 its also being said now he has a history of mental illness, which they say almost always if muslims are concerned
Hello, /k/. I have a question i would like to ask you regarding the moderation of this board. Is it really that bad? An anon came over to /fascist/ and made a thread about /k/ on it. He made claims that everyone on /k/ hates political discussions, /k/ is 1 PPH board, and the BO censor any opinions that he disagrees with. Are these claims true? Will I get banned for asking these question?
>>9897 I apologize, I mean to post this image as well. This is the thread that was made on /fascist/
>>9897 Yes. Now go back and make a thread where you tell them that I told you that yes.
Open file (47.02 KB 821x488 spam2.JPG)
Open file (48.00 KB 1500x259 ESL.JPG)
>>9897 >>9901 Hey ill answer your questions from my point of view. The anon who went over to /fascist/ I'm assuming is the same anon who wanted a current events thread and or the riots thread >>9842, when told no then decide to spam the board like pic related trying to wipe the catalogue. there might be 2 of them but they both tor post so I have no idea, so if it wasn't you who spammed and was just mad the the moderation my bad There is a reason given why we don't have a current events thread listed in the Welcome to /k/ sticky thread so I don't feel the need to repeat it. >He made claims that everyone on /k/ hates political discussions Well this isn't true as we've been disusing politics in the /100rads/ thread since it's beginning, you could also argue politics comes up in almost every thread to some degree like the politics of the Middle East are discussed in the Middle East/Africa thread. The BO just felt there was no need for a dedicated politics thread when we already have been using /100rads/ for political discussion like the nigger riots or Corona Cuckery. BO even said he could just go to the site admin and ask to have /news/ made so he could openly talk about what he wanted to without him feeling like were censoring him but that never happened. >/k/ is 1 PPH board Yea we have quite a slow PPH but that's to be expected when we weren't super fast back on 8chan and we didn't have a dedicated bunker like /a/ to fall back on when 8chan was kiked. >the BO censor any opinions that he disagrees with I don't think he does considering he pretty sure that was him, he doesn't post from his account very often disliked the entirety of the Fantasy Weapons, Armor, and Armaments thread but left it up. The last while when I see the same couple of people say there opinions are being censored it's usually shit like second pic related or a combination of "/k/ is full of cucks who haven't killed all the anti-gun politicians in the world yet." Or "/k/ is just a bunch of mask cucks fuck all of you I'm leaving." Granted I probably deleted a couple of his corona shitposts that could of stayed up I was just getting sick of the same shitflinging every time a specific topic is brought up Also I think he thinks I'm a tranny because I posted a 2d girl on a imageboard >>9776. >Will I get banned for asking these question? No. To the anon or anons who genuinely like /k/ and feel that our/my moderation is shit I apologize, I'm trying my best.
Edited last time by Zeke on 12/02/2020 (Wed) 16:39:33.
>>9895 >its also being said now he has a history of mental illness, which they say almost always if muslims are concerned Do you mean that they use the mental illness excuse when it's a muslim? Because that's 100% true they do the same thing anytime a nig kills a bunch of white people. But if you mean they are using mental illness as an excuse for why Bernd ran people over I don't see the reason. The (((media))) would never pass up the opportunity to shit on white people and label them all as 'cold blooded Nazi killers' especially when it comes to a white man killing minority's. The world we be a better place if we all were as cold blooded as they represent us Yes the toddler having a slightly older brother does give off the stench of shitskins coming to Europe and shitting out a million kids. But it isn't unheard of for white families to have kid's back to back. should be happening more need to pump those numbers up Like I said earlier I'm with holding judgment until we get more info but if the media can't spin this the way they want I expect it to get memory holed vary fast.
>>9894 >he is just some normal drunk German guy that got in a unfortunate accident Murdering people by driving drunk isn't an "unfortunate accident".
>>9907 >Murdering people by driving drunk isn't an "unfortunate accident". That’s true anon I should of worded that better. What I was trying to get at is that he didn’t go out that day looking to kill people. But another way you could look at it is that if he went out drinking knowing he was going to drive he didn’t really give a shit about anyone’s life. Did they do a breathalyzer on him when they arrested him? I wonder whet he blew.
>>9897 >He made claims that everyone on /k/ hates political discussions Only the absentee BO. >/k/ is 1 PPH board I can't speak for other anons, but I've stopped responding to people in any capacity on /k/ outside of meta until the current events meta drama has been resolved. I was already practicing this for the last few months to a lesser degree, but the nail has really driven home lately and the lack of discussion should be clear proof as we've lost most of our posters in the last month or two. >and the BO censor any opinions that he disagrees with. He does, but not to the extent that idiot shitting up your board is implying. It's more that he has no business being the BO of /k/ at this point but he's likely afraid that some nigger will swoop in. >>9904 >I'm assuming is the same anon who wanted a current events thread It is not. I don't browse /fascist/. >when told no then decide to spam the board like pic related trying to wipe the catalogue. Funnily enough while BO didn't, YOU did delete the narrative I made quite clear. My goal is not to wipe the catalogue, but to create a headache for you, for BO, and for the users until BO allows the threads or steps down. I was qcordial and temporarily stopped to await a response from BO, but seeing as how he has yet to actually respond in any formal capacity, I will begin my campaign again in approximately 24 hours. >The BO just felt there was no need for a dedicated politics thread when we already have been using /100rads/ for political discussion like the nigger riots or Corona Cuckery. Are you a different volunteer to the one I spoke woth before? If not, why are you changing the narrative now that an outsider appears? Back on Julay there were no problems with the politics until BO caved to an actual political thread on some huwhite identity crap. Now it's a major issue because... I've still yet to get a consistent answer on this past "the BO doesn't feel like moderating it." If there is an actual legitimate reason for this, then it would be a different story, but politixal threads have continued to be allowed in spite of this, so long as they're politics that BO likes. That is absolutely fucking disgusting and it's the sole reason I've decided to become a nuisance, and the sole reason I have not volunteered to moderate it myself.
>>9909 > I've decided to become a nuisance Based.
>>9909 >I was qcordial I cordially invite you to hang yourself, you fucking nigger.
>>9909 these were my posts responding to you, didn't use my board owner tag and gave a pretty definitive reason beyond "i don't want to moderate it". >>9219 >>9224 >>9209 >threads cause a shitload of offboard traffic >remaining threads lose posters >attracts autists (YOU) okay, so I don't want the riot threads because of these reasons. but, you want riot threads. if you're willing to do this yourself instead of posting stupid one-liners then i'm all for it as it removes the majority of the trouble with the threads. >wow i should do my own work if i want to create threads i like, today i will flood the catalog with niggers >why doesn't the BO give me atttennnntionnn i make so many whiny posts that don't get deleted about how much the moderation sucks fat dick i don't pay attention to /100rads/ just how i don't read a lot of the naval or tank threads because it's not interesting to me. if you wanted to make a good faith effort to square this circle and be genuinely cordial, you could have sent an e-mail or wrote some kind of solution to this, but instead you throw a tantrum and try to destroy content other people made so you can have your nigger cyclical, which proves my point that riots threads only attract retards who reduce the board's quality. here's to (you)
Open file (221.47 KB 320x274 ungern_tent.png)
Estonia to build a statue to Ungern-Sternberg https://news.err.ee/1192453/coalition-grants-45-000-for-memorial-to-baltic-german-war-crimes-baron https://archive.vn/UAL9Z >More than €40,000 has been allocated by the government to a newly-founded NGO which wants to build a statue to Roman von Ungern-Sternberg, a controversial Baltic German nobleman who grew up in Estonia. The money has been allocated from the "protection money" the government gives out every yea >The three coalition parties are this year providing their "protection money" (Estonian: Katuseraha) to an NGO called Ungern Khaan, established by the Conservative People's Party of Estonia (EKRE) youth wing Sinine Äratus a month ago, to the tune of €45,000. Most of that article is about how he was an ebil anti-semite and war criminal.
>>10022 How about you kill yourself, you fucking nigger tranny?
Open file (25.94 KB 888x482 wew fucking lad.png)
>>10024 okay that's actually pretty good
>>10026 >Thunderbird
>>10027 hey man it works got any recommendations for a different e-mail client?
Open file (597.32 KB 1080x1901 1.jpg)
Open file (436.98 KB 1077x1911 2.jpg)
>>9897 The moderation isn't great. My favorite part of /k/ has been the so called "happening threads' which are conflict news or something tangentially related to fire-arms such as legislation or what not. These have been around on julay and 8chan. The BO said these threads were not /k/ related and brought down the quality of posts and attracted non-/k/ posters after we had a Bio-weapon thread that turn into a corona-chan wankfest. Regardless if one anon kept making such threads this time for the riots and stuff in USA, every thread was filled with quick replies and then deleted. We can talk about anything even retarded time travel stuff and fallout esc shtf larp except the elephant in the room. PPH drop off to null and almost all the posts are in the offtopic thread about such riots. Ironically enough the quality of posts outside off topic have dipped because no on reads or responds tp them any way. I think a good chunk of posters, like myself get conflict happenings from places other than image boards such as telegram now. On another note, Executive Outcomes came back.
>>10030 >the offtopic thread is where riot shit is supposed to be posted >why is the offtopic thread full of riot posts? don't want to moderate riot threads, don't mind hosting them if someone else will moderate, primary culprit would rather sign my e-mail up for the holocaust remembrance alliance and sissy hypno websites than do shit himself.
>>10030 >complains about no activity outside of this thread >can't be arsed to scroll down to the dedicated third world thread and post those pictures there Faggot.
>>10031 Gas yourself yid
>>10034 >he doesn't think going to other boards to incite conflict while abusing TOR is a jewish trait boy do i have an insurance plan for you mr. silverstein
>>10030 >EO: "... will once again provide successful African solutions to African problems." get that man a nuke
>>10023 Based but buried underneath sperging. Next up Ukraine's gonna put of a Stephen Bandera statue in kyiv. >>10028 >thunderbird Claws or mutt (or neomutt, haven't used neomutt), then again, I'm autistic enough to LFS and use gentoo. >>9909 >reddit spacing First off, lurk more > I will begin my campaign again in approximately 24 hours. You know the great thing about imageboards and the webring, is that instead of spamming like the kraut fag you could fucking go to https://late.city (or any other image board for that matter on it) and ask for /k/ board, or fucking ask the cafe host to make /newk/ or something instead of being a fucking nigger? I know the board is filled with ethnostaters but at least have the decency to act civilized instead of sperging out like a baboon. Not everyone wants to see politics daily since it's usually crammed down our throats anyways. >video related is what you're gonna be >but muh pph! Bitch pph ain't the king of stats, /sp/ has the lead for it and they haven't posted in three damn weeks. Back on some of the smaller imageboards (that popped up after the 4cuck /pol/ went off the deep end) you could fucking go weeks without a reply post.
>>10022 You still seem to think I'm riotanon or the nigger spammer because we both happen to use tor. Hm. It's almost as if some identifier would be really useful since you talk about how people should be able to recognize different anons from their text patterns but seem to be unable to do so yourself. No, I don't particularly care about nigger riots, my problem is more fundamental, but if I'm going to be treated the same as the riot spammer then I have no problem having an autistic shit fit for a few months over tor and then over VPN when tor is disabled driving even more people off the board.
>>10030 This anon describes my complaint succinctly enough without going into the reasoning for why I'm upset.
>>10031 Then you have no business being the BO of a weapons board.
>>10035 Gas yourself rabbi
>>10039 >>10040 >i'm not the riot spammer even though I write like him and behave functionally identically, (((we))) just happen to share a lot in common ok in that case make your own board, if it's better more people will post there. clearly if you and the Silent Majority are all clamoring for Minneapolis General #293: Katawa Shoujo Edition then people will migrate and you'll have proven me wrong, otherwise you are chickenshit. after all, there are so many people here who write remarkably similarly to you and share motivations with you, so obviously posting a link to the new board would draw these wayward souls to your threads! fuck, i'll even pin a link to your board at the very top of the rules thread so people can go to /happening/, /racewar/, /fedbomb/, whatever you want to call it. you have this strange mentality where you not only want your threads but you also expect everyone here to want to post in them, like some kind of fucked up mono-board or a chatroom to discuss happenings.
>>10038 You seem to think I'm in favor of /fascist/'s shit when I made my position fairly clear several times now and stated in my post that I did not make that thread. Let's run through a brief history of events as a refresher. >Threads about events in America/Europe are fine >Huwite nationalist sperge shows up and sperges out over getting banned for trying to astroturf /pol/ onto /k/ >BO allows white pride threads because he doesn't want to deal with it >Thread proceeds to turn into a clusterfuck because it's clear /pol/ astroturfing >BO uses his own fuckup as an excuse to ban Corona threads that haven't even been a problem up untik that point >Uses the excuse of wanting to get politics out of /k/ >Begrudingly agree to the policy because fuck 8kunt >This policy is pursued for a while >Come over to anon.cafe >Suddenly discussing ANYTHING happening in America/Europe is banned >Fight back because that's bullshit >Cantina that's supposed to be used as a CANTINA gets fucking nuked by current events discussion because that's what a /k/ audience wants to discuss >Moderation is still being logically consistent so I begrudgingly agree again >BO starts allowing subtle political shit >Report it >Nothing gets done >Stink gets made by a differrent anon >Gets a lame-ass excuse that BO used above as well >Get told current event threads are ok if they're not riot threads >Make current event thread >Gets deleted for being a riot thread when it clearly wasn't >Made it clear I'd post it daily since BO is beinga cunt >Moderation "allegedly" decided my thread was ok (read: didn't log in for a day) >Then mysteriously someone else makes a thread and BOTH threads get purged >Notice the bullshit and promptly switch to lurk mode for a while not posting anything >Realized nothing was going to get fixed and this board was going to fucking die because of BO >THEN decided to take action >BO can't even keep consistency in banning politics so he makes a Jewish excuse and backtracks Fuck you, fuck your optics.
>>10043 >people can go to /happening/, /racewar/, /fedbomb/, whatever you want to call it. Your nose is really showing now
>>10043 And you still keep going back to nigger riots when this isn't even about nigger riots and are still accusing me of being the nigger spammer. No, fuck your shit, this is about fucking you up the ass at this point. The sooner there's a power vacuum the sooner a superior /k/ will sprout up.
>>10045 That's not his nose showing, that's called being a glownigger.
>>10043 Do you honestly think calling every post and complaint alone anon using tor?
>>10044 >>10045 if you dislike current management you can become the management, as stated earlier. >Threads about events in America/Europe are fine >Huwite nationalist sperge shows up and sperges out over getting banned for trying to astroturf /pol/ onto /k/ >BO allows white pride threads because he doesn't want to deal with it >Thread proceeds to turn into a clusterfuck because it's clear /pol/ astroturfing >BO uses his own fuckup as an excuse to ban Corona threads that haven't even been a problem up untik that point >Uses the excuse of wanting to get politics out of /k/ you act like constantly babysitting the board for extended periods of time and cleaning spam on an hourly basis is something that i want to do >Suddenly discussing ANYTHING happening in America/Europe is banned >Navy ship thread >Air force fighter jet thread >/wrol/ thread, arguably >caucus war thread >KSK thread >NRA thread(s) okay, but these aren't real threads somehow and they're all banned. >Get told current event threads are ok if they're not riot threads that's untrue, from the beginning since moving to anon.cafe i've never wanted news/current events threads, even back on julay i did what i could to have them migrated to /n/ the reason why threads like the stupid alternate history thread and fictional weapons are allowed instead of current events is because the former do not cause tons of back and forth shitflinging and astroturfing where the latter does, which increases the workload for moderation and threatens the board as a whole because it increases the likelihood of said astroturfers or spergs spamming and wiping threads off the catalog. i have an active incentive to avoid bringing these people to the board because i can't actively monitor the board most hours of the day. >Moderation "allegedly" decided my thread was ok (read: didn't log in for a day) yeah i don't use the board daily and generally only log in on the admin account if there's something that needs addressing >BO can't even keep consistency in banning politics so he makes a Jewish excuse and backtracks as repeated earlier, if you don't like my style then either volunteer or make your own board what's really funny is every single time i say this or suggest something that you can do other than "being annoying", the fruits of which has been getting me to post on the admin account and be even more against having current events threads, you completely ignore the statement and sentiment in favor of gas yourself, die kuck, jew, etc. give me some actual reasons for why you can't mod or make your own board. also >>10046 >I will be a nuisance, my campaign starts in 24 hours >Board starts getting flooded with spam how am i supposed to interpret this also, the spam and bullshit sent to my e-mail stopping as you go write this block of shit really isn't convincing >>10051 spergkraut did it
>>10051 I meam for fuck's sake, I make a couple posts at lunch, don't even post anything until several hours later, and apparently I'm now the root of all evil for using tor when /k/'s vols have a history of using permabans for inane shit hence my masking my IP in the first place.
>>10054 Lol triggered. You're the next Guthrum
>>10044 >Cantina that's supposed to be used as a CANTINA gets fucking nuked by current events discussion because that's what a /k/ audience wants to discuss I'm not sure if I follow: are we supposed to discuss why you're waifu a shit, or what? People are free to discuss whatever they want ITT, and currently everybody is fixated on politics, so of course they will want to discuss politics. And you're waifu a shit because she is a whore who gets railed by niggers. >this board was going to fucking die because of BO The board is dying because first we moved from 8chan without having a designated bunker, then we had to move from julay to here, and we lost lots of users in this process. Even back at 8chan, /k/ was a rather slow board mostly working as /int/ with guns, most of the actual /k/ content was a mixture of shitposting, autistic ramblings, and random questions by people who only ever learned about guns from video games. With the flags gone I don't get asked about the gun laws of my country every time when a burger notices that not every flag has stars and stripes on it. The riot threads only brought in clueless retards who couldn't even be bothered to check the catalogue and find the QTDDTOT thread, and otherwise their only interest in guns was to ask which garden variety of AR-15 is the bestest of all. Otherwise they were just hanging out in the riot threads adding nothing of value to the board. Turning the board into /pol/ with guns would be like beating cancer by burning yourself alive.
>>10054 >Become a vol Ah yes, I believe my crack isn't legit, let me take it to the police department as evidence that my crack dealer is selling fake crack. I'm not giving you a "gotcha" retard. >Become a BO 1) Anon.cafe is the only website worth making a board on in the webring and by all accounts I would want /k/ in the name. 2) You seem to be mistaking everything as nigger riots. When I'm just upset we can't have regional threads for America and WESTERN Europe (mainly France, Greece, and Italy tbh) 3) I have every reason to believe you will pull a "gotcha" with the website owner as soon as I put in an application for a /k/ board of any kind with any member of the webring and hosting one's own site is a bitch. 4) I no longer want you as /k/'s BO more than I care about salvaging the wreckage. I'm not the nigger spammer but now I'm considering joining in since I've apparently been branded a criminal anyways.
>>10059 1) then make a board on anon.cafe 2) the expectation when you made the current events threads is that they'd be discussing riots 3) that's bullshit, i've spoken with the owners of anon.cafe twice since moving here and actively avoid IRCs, outside chat, etc. how well connected do you think I am? 4) then become the BO you fucking retard
>>10061 Seethe, dilate, cope
>>10059 >America and WESTERN Europe (mainly France, Greece, and Italy tbh) What would you want to discuss about T H E U N I T E D S T A T E S O F A M E R I C A and W E S T E R N E U R O P E so much famalam tbh smh niggercuck? If you want something worthy of a discussion then start up your militia, take over at least a small area and wage a war. That is worthy of a thread. Going through the millionth time about how marxism and shitskins are slowly destroying those countries is not something that fits into this board's profile. Because yes, marxists are not human beings but vermin to be exterminated, and shitskins are just dumb animals for the most part. We don't need thousands of threads to discuss this, because this much should be self-evident to anyone with half a working brain.
>>10064 Jew.
>>10066 Seethe.
Open file (278.35 KB 311x336 ClipboardImage.png)
>>10067 Cope
>>10068 You are never going to be a woman, but your country is surely going be a land of niggers.
Open file (325.33 KB 308x399 ClipboardImage.png)
>>10069 You will never be a woman either, don't forget to dilate
Open file (99.27 KB 970x990 1588989256395.jpg)
>tfw just wanted to discuss weapons but now there's a mini war over whether police being shot in the streets is /k/ related
I just wanted to talk about guns
>>10071 >>10072 I just wanted to talk about nigger riots
>>10071 >police being shot in the streets If bolism*n are getting slaughtered, then where are the news or viral videos?
>>10074 A cursory search shows bolis have been killed in connection with the riots in Louisville, Philadelphia, Dallas, Baton Rouge, and St. Louis at least.
>>10076 Are there any patterns? E.g. did the rioters lynch them, or were they targeted off duty?
>>10077 The only pattern I see is it being related to the riots, sometimes its during a protest and sometimes in the fallout afterwards.
Will those end like mexico where they kill around 500 police officers a year
I am the poster who made the post about the /fascist/ /k/ thread and I might have a possible solution to the nigger riot threads, a compromise. We can call it the "gorilla-/k/ compromise of 2020". My proposal is the creation of a thread called "the urban guerilla warfare thread". This thread would consist of both modern day and previous conflicts that happened in cities. It could also include riots that happened there as well. In that thread, streloks could discuss tactics used in urban guerilla warfare, previous battles that happened in cities. What do you think, /k/? Is this compromise suitable?
>>10081 I'd post in that thread, almost anything is better than becoming the next nofun krautchan.
>>10081 That was more or less my intention with the current events thread before it was deleted, so I'm fine with that.
>>10082 Thanks strelok, I am glad you're for the idea. I'll wait for other streloks and a BV or the BO to respond. Image unrelated.
>>10081 This sounds like a good idea
>>10086 That really needs an update.
>>10085 go for it
>>10089 Ok, I have the BO's blessing and am going forward to make the thread. I'm taking a screen cap of your post just in case.
Open file (1.13 MB 1022x731 ClipboardImage.png)
>>10058 leaf, gook, britbong, slovak, ruskie, serb, argie or kraut mate? >>10044 Look mate, we don't get flags anymore so I can't tell, and I actually have a life outside this imageboard so I only check it when I'm on my break. I don't have time to pull a 4cuck tier gayop and try to match your writing style using herustics and hack the cafe to retrieve your ip address and then try to backtrace you okay? >>10081 I'm fine with it as long as we keep away from the whole "I don't agree with you because politics so u nigger" shit that went down on the corona thread. Mind you, if we did urban warfare thread brazil would be the fucking no update since its basically a daily thing over there. >ninja'd by >>10089 <I'm going to suck start a .44 >pic semirelated
Open file (572.44 KB 1700x1164 l49rqmmtf0311.jpg)
>>10081 >>10082 >>10083 >>10086 >>10089 >>10092 >civil discussion wins
Open file (95.90 KB 1000x362 1449186904295.jpg)
>>10094 It's about as civil you'd ever see on an imageboard since usually threads just devolve into calling people you don't like nigger. you nigger Just kidding.
>>10094 Yes, that was my intention. We have enough enemies outside of image boards so we certainly don't need to be mindless arguing with one another. I assume that streloks have just been more stressed out lately due to the ammo shortages and the elections combined with the 1984 tier lock downs so I can imagine their anger and stress boiled over to /k/. I don't blame either side and I'm glad we could come to an understanding. I also didn't want to start a inter-board war with /fascist/ and /k/ so If we can stop that, then good for both of us. I'm also done with making the thread, I just need to get a few OP images and then I'll post it. After that, I'll link it to the thread.
Hey BO, I'm having trouble posting the thread. Everytime I attempt to, it just tells me I got the wrong captcha or it expired. The strange thing is, It tells me this after the upload counter gets to 100%. What is going on? Why can't I post the thread? I don't use cookies and instead use that long code thing. Is that the problem?
>>10099 Check your net and if you uploaded any files. Cafe has that issue every once in a while . 50% of my shit doesn't go through cause my net is shit
>>10100 Okay thanks I'll give it shot.
>>10098 > I also didn't want to start a inter-board war with /fascist/ and /k/ It’s you niggers here flinging shit everywhere. No one gives a fuck on /fascist/
>>10102 I wasn't blaming either side anon, like I said streloks are just stressed out and their stress, anger, and resentment boils over into image boards they browse. It's one of the few ways that they can express their anger, resentment, and stress.
>>10101 You still having problems posting the thread?
>>10104 I was. that was late last night so right now it's early morning. maybe my internet has changed so i'll give it a shot.
>>10104 It's still giving me the same answer. I actually have to admit in all my years of using /k/ I have never bothered to make a thread of my own, mostly because I never needed it. Should I post the information that i would put in the thread here so one the vol, BO, or another strelok could post it instead?
Out of the blue: can special blank ammunition (for use in blank guns) be made into live ammunition? I understand that it would take some trimming for this to work, but is there something I am missing?
Open file (51.85 KB 720x504 spot_the_hungarian.jpg)
>>10092 Those choices are quite limited.
>>10121 If you want to turn your chamber into a fragmentation grenade, go ahead.
>>10116 there's an hourly thread creation limit because of the last spam attack that pushed a bunch of threads off the board. could be stopping you
>>10116 try resaving the images youre trying to use as another format, sometimes the site doesnt like how something was encoded.
>>10126 Ah! You're the maygar bro then? Fuck we lost so many streloks in the transition from infinicuck... Is Orbán trying to make Horthy and Hungary proud again?
>>10121 just reduce the amount of propellant >>10130 >If you want to turn your chamber into a fragmentation grenade, go ahead. lol hyperbole much
>>10141 If there were even a little bit of justice in this world, then Orbán would have been executed a long time ago. Just a few days ago one of his top ideologues (pic related, a jew as you can see) got caught in Brussels without any clothes except a bag of ecstasy. He was fleeing from a homosexual orgy that was about to be broken up by the police for violating quarantine rules.
Open file (413.09 KB 400x340 hg.webm)
>>10144 there is no justice in the world lest you obtain it yourself Glad to have you back strelok. Turns out you also can't upload mov files.
Open file (19.72 KB 601x274 bullshit.PNG)
Yo streloks, what's your plan if the lame duck pushes through 230? I know the cuckiwi farms and 4chan are fucked and going down if 230's repealed. I have a feeling we're gonna have to all fucking move to a tor based client or something ridiculous. after all, big tech wants censorship...
>>10148 Does 230 even apply to small fry? Doesn't it only protect big CIA data mining intelligence assets?
>>10149 If you'd bother to read it you nigger, https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/47/230 230 is what protects any operator of a site (eg; site host) from civil liability. Mind you faggots will still sue you, you just have a faster time to get it dismissed and aren't getting raped as badly by lawyers. Originally it was made for ISPs and net providers cause illegal shit. Remember that craiglist had to get rid of its adult services portion because it was a partial repeal of 230. Big tech wants it gone by making everyone bend a knee to them, trump wants it gone because he couldn't take parodies on twitter. Glow boys might actually be our allies for once because who would have to monitor sites like 4cuck? It's an extreme, I doubt the gov will fire them, probably just reassign them tbh The current issue with 230 with big providers is that they are claiming to be a content publisher when reality the definition they take of "obscene" content is so broad they are in effect de facto editors of the content. (Publisher in this sense = think old days on 4cuck or 8cuck, the only thing they remove is explicitly due to it being illegal). 230 does not apply to certain "obscene materials" like cp or sex trafficking shit since courts ruled that recently. But unlike regular cp laws, the publisher would not be responsible for "possessing" the cp that was uploaded to his website as long as it was deleted in a timely manner. 230 does NOT apply if the host is deliberately saying something that could be consituted as deframitory. eg; host of cafe says "I think John doe is a pedo" and then gets sued for deframation. In the EU its even worse, in the UK the operator is liable even if the content is not illegal, and someone asked for it to be taken down. Case law you might be intrested in: Doe v. SexSearch.com, 502 F. Supp. 2d 719 (N.D. Ohio 2007), judgment summarily aff'd, 551 F.3d 412 (6th Cir. 2008) >Publishers allow to delete content that does not "fit their guidlines". Guy using sex finding app bangs underage chick, gets arrested for CP, sues Sexsearch because "you must be 18+". Courts rule that 230 prevents them from being liable so long as they do due dilligence. I think this case is no longer precedent since they did modify 230 sometime back in regards to sex crimes Force v. Facebook, Inc., 934 F.3d 53 (2nd Cir. 2019). >civil immunity to terrorisim posts on facebook Jane Doe No. 14 v. Internet Brands, Inc. >modelmayhem girl gets raped by a plan hatched on the site (internet brands is the owner), ruled that internet sites are NOT liable to inform people of dangers as of section 230. Fair Housing Council of San Fernando Valley v. Roommates.com, LLC, 521 F.3d 1157 (9th Cir. 2008) >fair housing sued over "additional comments section" claiming it was discriminatory, immunity upheld because it was entirely generated by users. Doe v. America Online, 783 So. 2d 1010 opinon here: https://h2o.law.harvard.edu/cases/4349 >woman sues AOL after her son gets jebaited into having gay sex as a minor while filmed and sold on AOL chat sites, immunity upheld and cert denied by SCOTUS MCW, Inc. v. badbusinessbureau.com(RipOff Report/Ed Magedson/XCENTRIC Ventures LLC) link: https://www.dmlp.org/threats/mcw-inc-v-badbusinessbureaucom >immunity rejected because the site OWNER thesmelves deliberately went out of the way to post deframitory statements, and not the USERS. Zeran v. AOL, 129 F.3d 327 (4th Cir. 1997) >immunity upheld because AOL has the broad power to determine what is obscene and what should be removed (timing was an issue to but I don't understand that argument). Barrett v. Rosenthal >califag calls out a bs medicine practioner on a listerv, listerv and email person gets sued for republishing deframitory shit, california court rules correctly for once. If you want real cuckery look at the aus fags: Dow Jones & Company Inc v Gutnick >guy downloads deframatory shit on someone else, doesn't spread it. court rules that viewing/downloading defamatory statements is EQUAL TO DEFAMING THAT SAID PERSON I'm not a lawyer, I just happen to read this because I knew they were coming for 230 after they passed Defamation Act 2013 (in the UK), proposed SOPA, PIPA, GDPR and got the latter through. Big tech can run at a loss, our server admin (even if he hosts in romania as an american) for cafe probably fucking can't afford 5 years of litigation because someone sued him because he got called "nigger" or "retard". Continued in next post..
>>10150 Also, any sort of "reform" would fuck over small providers again The cafe site owner would have to keep guidelines and regulations on content, moderate content on such guidlines, and write them in such a manner that they were justifiable by law. In addition, if it the "transparency" bullshit the gop is pushing, he would also have to disclose a legal like document on why every shitposter who spammed pepes or gas the kikes was banned, the reasoning, etc. Facebook can afford that, john doe out of Topeka, Kansas with a board hosted as a hobby, cannot. Further example: Let us say A hosts a site. A is immune to anything that other people say on the site so long as he takes due dilligence to remove content that violates US law, and can also remove content that is not illegal so long as he attempts to do so in a reasonable manner. Eg; spam of pepes. A is not immune to anything he posts himself. eg; A calls EA's CEO Andrew Wilson a "fucking pedophile pedo doesn't work because its technically not a word who fucks dogs and eats out of the bowl of niggers". A is immune if someone else says that exact same phrase because he is a publisher. Repeal 230 makes it so that if someone wrote that phrase and EA sued A, he would be liable in a deframation case. Repeal makes it if you posted nudes Gods knows why you would, this isn't /hc/ or /b/ of a woman, and she sues A, he could be liable in court. Repeal makes if it a random strelok posts the Tarrant wannabe manifesto, A would be held liable for spreading terrorist propaganda. Repeal makes it if that someone posts CP on A site, A would be charged with possession of CP CP laws are way too broad and abusive, but courts wont rule on it because optics.. See: Mandatory disclosure. Mind you, that 230 doesn't stop him from still getting served, and still having to file against the motion, he has to fight a longer court case other than simply stating, "I'm a publisher under 230 and I've done my due diligence, and I don't moderate this because its not illegal and not objectionable to my own moderation guidelines". Even if trump doesn't get it, Biden/Harris most certainly will get it. They want to destroy the free net because the free net spawned /pol/ which fucking memed a dude into the presidency. A free net which violently opposes any sort of conditioning and censorship is dangerous to tyrants. A free net that exchanges ideas and concepts which are inherently contradictory to the neo communisim of the bureaucratic elite who can dictate how to ruin people at a whim. >spoiler pic is related. NSFW and NSFL unless your into fucking dogs then you're a fucking white woman The majority of the normie net fought against net neutrality, and COPA and PIPA. That left them too content or demoralized to fight GDPA in Europe and too divided in the US to fight 230. Here's part of 230 below, the Good Samaritan clause is very important: (c)Protection for “Good Samaritan” blocking and screening of offensive material (1)Treatment of publisher or speaker No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider. (2)Civil liability No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be held liable on account of— (A)any action voluntarily taken in good faith to restrict access to or availability of material that the provider or user considers to be obscene, lewd, lascivious, filthy, excessively violent, harassing, or otherwise objectionable, whether or not such material is constitutionally protected; or (B)any action taken to enable or make available to information content providers or others the technical means to restrict access to material described in paragraph (1).[1] (d)Obligations of interactive computer service A provider of interactive computer service shall, at the time of entering an agreement with a customer for the provision of interactive computer service and in a manner deemed appropriate by the provider, notify such customer that parental control protections (such as computer hardware, software, or filtering services) are commercially available that may assist the customer in limiting access to material that is harmful to minors. Such notice shall identify, or provide the customer with access to information identifying, current providers of such protections.
>>8854 >this upload does not exist i guess i'm to late to the party
Open file (180.03 KB 540x456 1549666262657.png)
>>10148 >Yo streloks, what's your plan if the lame duck pushes through 230? Ain't happening. But at that point, I'm posting obtuse rabbis in public.
>>10142 Oh, I'm glad I asked now... Thanks anon!
Open file (483.41 KB 1080x1920 1607042210538.jpg)
Daily heh.
>>10168 >Germany elections 1933 vs 2020
I am still unable to post the thread. >>10140 I'll try posting thread without images. There's this particular image I like to have posted in the OP so after I post it without the images, I'll post those images back here so a BO or a vol can edit the thread.>>10140
>>10168 >Unlike you German niggers, Namibia is 100% white
>>10151 >A is not immune to anything he posts himself. How has Mork not been sued as co-owner of 8moe?
>>10151 >clearnet problems I'm looking forward to higher traffic on dark sites. Normieweb is going to implode one way or another and that's a good thing.
Open file (3.85 MB 640x360 GA fuckery.mp4)
>>10178 Because we haven't had a true lolcow (in the old wording) that's dumb enough to sue them yet since they'd doxxs themselves. In other news They got caught with fraud in GA (supposedly) Looks like the media is already trying to cover it up: https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2020/dec/04/facebook-posts/no-georgia-election-workers-didnt-kick-out-observe/ https://archive.is/9CtWl I don't buy it for a moment when almost every left and they deliberately left the ballot box underneath the table. And once again, the greatest enemy are white women. The fact that they actually forgot there's CCTV footage in the stadium is mind boggling.
>>9897 It became true over the past couple of months, I've been banned and had my posts deleted for "niggerpilling" simply because I've said I don't believe there will be another revolution in burgerstan. Now that I've looked at the more recent posts ITT it looks like the BO has taken to calling everyone who uses tor a samefag too, so you can tell how he really feels about anonymity in general if he's behaving like this. I genuinely would rather go back to dealing with greeknigger vol from 8/k/.
>>10188 To be fair, greek nigger was still better than the shitshow that the turkroach turned 8cuck /pol/ into and I didn't even go to that board lol.
>>10190 What a fucking event that whole ordeal was. Feels like yesterday
>>10186 >And once again, the greatest enemy are white women Despite most of them voting for Trump? or because of it?
>>10188 Greekvol did nothing wrong.
>>10192 I forgot the word suburban. Let me just hang myself in a corner of shame
Open file (47.59 KB 526x572 706.jpg)
>>9897 >>10188 Current /k/ BO is the same incompetent tranny dumbass from Julay who's obsessed with the need to feeeel good about lording over high quality posters, it evidently makes him feel good deleting shit on a whim, he says and does the exact same shit he did there under the accnick "speedy05" where i pissed him off by to the point where he was moderating a thread for hours just to catch me some interval mocking him for censoring me for nothing. Probably strokes his ego to it i imagine, I mean just look at this hypocrite crying "wahh so u dont like mee judt make ur own boarthhh" he cries while calling people freeloaders when in reality he's been the first come instalocking little parasite freeloading on 2 boards other people have provided for his dilated ass instead of making his own kworld.cafe all this time. >>10044 >>9909 Hey obstinate I made the /fascist/ thread for people like you who seem to have a spine, at least you have a conscious choice now to rationalize whether or not you want to get cucked by the guntranny and have your shit deleted again for no good reason again by this manged spaz obsessively lording over you needing to shelter you from what he personally disagrees with(keeping in mind people escaped from that just to come here). If it were up to me the admin should clear him out.
>>10195 Kek are you the same guy who posted on multiple Julay boards saying the BO was some tranny and all the proof you had was some commie larper picture that had no connection to anything?
Open file (7.71 MB 1280x720 video0_42.mp4)
>>10195 Do you even global rules you nigger? Just ask for a new board. This isn't reddit where you get gulag'd for wrongthink by admins. If you don't like it, leave. If you really don't like it make a competing imageboard. Fuck, use the /fascist/ board thread if you really must be too lazy to do make your own. >video is unrelated 4cuck tier trash
>>10194 Do you have the voting by sex and race chart for this election by any chance?
>>10196 Yeah i was cracking a joke though even though I have no proof I'm pretty sure he's an actual tranny, .t proof is my incredible psyker abilities you just gotta trust me on this one >>10197 >This isn't reddit where you get gulag'd for wrongthink by admins. Suckup much? i guess its only right when your daddy board owner does it to people who came here only wanting to escape that then, as in; it's counterproductive to this site, lol fucking dumbass
>>10197 >This isn't reddit where you get gulag'd for wrongthink by admins You get banned here pretty easily for wrongthink though, and most of this shit was talked about on /k/ before the shutdown without any issues. Hell, before the VA gun rally and coronaniggery you could shoot the shit here just fine. I feel like seeing how much of a retarded fudd shitshow that rally was mindfucked the board, because there's fewer people here than ever and the ones that are leftover are immediately telling each other to fuck off over every disagreement instead of actually conversing.
>>10200 >there's fewer people here than ever If the unique IP count is to be believed that isn't true, somehow the board fluctuates for 30 unique IP's down to 9 sometimes. Also I'm not surprised since we were caught without a dedicated bunker to go to when 8chan was fucked so I'm sure a ton of users just never manged to find the Webring.
>>10197 >If you really don't like it make a competing imageboard. Let's be honest... >Make a competing imageboard that gains traction on 8chan >It myseriously gets spammed with CP and shit until the owner leaves or the globals "intervene" >Make a competing webring board or website that gets any sort of traction >It mysteriously gets spammed with CP and shit until the owner shuts it down or it gets pulled from the web I wonder what would actually happen if I made a competing board? Hmm... >>10202 It's up because everyone's been jumping through proxies and tor nodes which artificially inflates numbers.
>>10200 >because there's fewer people here than ever and the ones that are leftover are immediately telling each other to fuck off over every disagreement instead of actually conversing. First of all, sir, give me one reason why would I want to have a "conversation" on this current /k/ board in the clutches of some fucked up pathetic hypocrite autist-in-chief who has to feeling based mass delete posts like every day single day of his life without even hesitating just like on jewlay, I mean that defeats the entire purpose. You know the cyberpolice on this board are some kind of freaks because guntranny and prob his team of tranny frens keeps trying to be elitist or some childish crap talking about julay people as "bad" even tho evidently the same pikers are moderating /k/, even though they're using the same headers and format OP, and even though a lot of people skipped over from that place to this site.
>>10199 >counterproductive The fact that we're on a romanian basket weaving fourm means it doesn't matter. Unless you want 4cuck tier sperging or the site admin pulling a qboomer like ron did, then just go back there. There's mutiple imageboards off the webring that you can ask to make a board. If the BO is shit, then the board dies, it DESERVES to die. Someone that's not the same faggot usually provides better competition then said site's BO. So in a nutshell, make your own god damned board and make it BETTER than this one instead of calling the BO a nigger tranny faggot and spamming it about woe is /k/. I have no comment on the BO's censorship even if its valid in case spam be it may be, other than the fact that you sperging here is unlikely to make him quit the role of board owner. Personally, if I was the BO I'd only bother to remove obvious spam and shitposts taiwan no 1 u niggers!!. It's not my role to judge what posts are /k/ material, although I'd argue the only /pol/ posts that belong here are info about active happenings or how to try and convert people to not be room tempature IQ assualt clip and fudds. >>10198 Sorry strelok, I don't because I refuse to go near /pol/ with a full 4 BSL suit because it killed both 4cuck and 8cuck. I've seen it floated round but this is what I found in my forgotten files to shit on people. and I will say, the chinese vote is actually closer to 42/44 because they "don't know" = I don't want to say because voting GOP is heavily frowned upon >>10200 Like I said, I have a life with a job. I only saw the spreg kraut get banned because he was an autistic retard that was so bad that I couldn't deal with him and I deal with retards on a daily basis. I know a few threads (2-3?) got canned (including my own riots 4.0 thread) but I'm not in the state to fight people on an tibetan basketweaving forum daily. >>10202 Me thinks we lost alot of the international streloks. There were a few britbongs, slovak, a serbian, a non sperg german also a /fit/ fag from the old 8cuck days, a russian, maybe a nip and a gook. Last I checked this board is still mostly white, although I do remember a wetback in one of the 8cuck threads and of course the ameri-chink me (I hate this X-american designation bullshit because its a cult of ethnicity and murders assimilation, anyways, tangents aside, 8cuck /k/ had around 100 ips active. No idea about irc cuclay since I didn't bother with that site. >>10203 >in re cp spam on imageboards 230 technically prevents the ISP from de-platforming you so long as you do due dillgence and aren't being the poster as the host yourself. But when's the last time someone bothered to go after large companies? Right now in regards to this you only have a few choices. >host in romanina, get GDPR cucked >host in NK, good luck begging glorious leader >host in China, sell your soul to Xi, no more jokes about winnie or any anti-ccp shit >Host in russia, get ass ramed by MVD and no more holocaust jokes because Роскомнадзор got angry at ho ho holocaust. >host in the USA, maybe get rammed by the feds, maybe become the cuckiwi farms owner and host shit yourself and get sued by glow assets >host in africa, get shat on because local warlord decided that your bribes weren't enough >host in middle east, get beheaded for being absolutely haram. If I'm being autistic again, just tell me. I'm having a relapse of Trigeminal nerve issues (cluster headaches) and it's making me slightly more irritable then usual.
>>10205 >Me thinks we lost alot of the international streloks Yea Id say it's mostly Burgers, a leaf or two and a couple euros. Shame that well probably never get some of the more exotic anons back. Flags were the best and worst thing about 8k
Open file (109.01 KB 533x800 oh no.jpg)
>>10206 To be fair, the leafs are the greatest enemy known to civilization. ^_^ DAY OF THE RAKE APPROACHING
Open file (90.97 KB 568x688 pepekrink.jpg)
>>10205 >Censorship doesn't matter because we are on romanian basket weaving fourm No actually it does matter LOL. That's why people are here remember? Essentially little censorkikes like BO here are the literal impersonation of the reason why the internet is fucked today, but whatever right? The funniest thing to me though is that he thinks he has the audacity to do it to people on a 1pph board. >"make ur own boadth" again on repeat The cope is uncanny lmao No, tranny BO need to make his OWN SITE called kworld where he can censor people instead of being a high level censoring parasite on the services of at least two sites now, anon.cafe and (former)julay.world excreting the same gay behavior out of his dilated orifice.
Open file (57.56 KB 640x360 absolutely haram.jpg)
Following the Board Owner's Advice (I am not the anon he responded to but I took his post to be a general call to action), I have requested a /k2/ board to end the infighting. If anons are really interested in a more free exchange of ideas and the site admin doesn't have a problem with boards competing, then it shouldn't be a problem: >>13744 I will lay out general rules of conduct and the purpose of the board in more detail if it's approved, but I'm looking at something closer to a proper /k/ with minor /n/ elements that includes Weapons, Current Events, and more relaxed rules regarding politics. While I trust the Board Owner to be polite and genuine, I would ask Strelok to take a screencap of this comment in the event that it is mysteriously deleted now that a general call to action has been followed through on.
>>10205 >230 technically prevents the ISP from de-platforming you so long as you do due dillgence and aren't being the poster as the host yourself. Yes, but the ISP is neither the domain provider nor the VPS provider.
Open file (76.90 KB 252x262 metalsl.gif)
>>10210 BASED
>>10210 >Fucked up my link My bad, it's been a long day as it is. >>>/meta/13744
>>10213 >I'm not a lawyer. I'm not really arguing legalese, I'm saying even if your ISP doesn't shut you down, your VPS provider or Domain provider will. Several of the issues that plagued the webring during the Esther issue were caused by taking down or overtly threatening (via email) the server provider or domain provider.
>>10210 Is it just me or is it returning a not found error 404? NVM you got the link right this time and I wuz dumb n' sheet It's on the top of the /meta/ board anyways rn. Also thanks for stealing my shitty meme on the OC. I feel slightly blessed If I wasn't crippled by health issues I'd have done it myself. >>10209 >t. this romanian basket weaving fourm with a whole webring on it can't get another /k/ board, REEEEEEE! >1pph it's currently 13. Plus, you must be too retarded to remember when the boards were slow as fuck back in the day on some of the more obscure boards before the webring. If you are truly entrenched in your belief in that you can (somehow) unseat the BO from the site, I'd like to see you try and you would have my utmost respect and hilarity since /k/ isn't breaking any global rules yet and I the site admin seems to be pretty hands off. Looks like >>13744 is actually is actually proactive unlike you unless your a schizo fuck, then idk what to say >>10211 I'm not a lawyer. So all we can do is baseess in a court of law conjecture. Technically the cuckiwi farms has its own services, though I've not seen a domain provider actively deplatforming someone (I remember 8cuck was deplatformed by the VPS). I wonder if if Null does something to make sure that doesn't happen Null feels like a glow at times change my mind
>>10209 >pepe >cope Neck yourself 4cuck scum
>>10214 transfered board ownership to "Kubeman", have fun
>>10218 I can't tell if you're serious or not. Are you >>/meta/13746?
Open file (2.68 KB 378x63 fuck.png)
I'd ask that Streloks be patient with me. I haven't actually moderated a Lynxchan board in a long time and wasn't expecting a response that quickly. Also I didn't really want to take over /k/ so much as have my own fresh board, but alright.
>>10219 well log in and find out dumdum
>>10216 >>10217 np kids, the men with no need for safe space are going to k2 enjoy getting censored here by the tranny site freeloader again OH WAIT WHAAT >>10218 so based my eyes are bleeding holy shit AHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH IM GONNA FUCKING COOM WE*RE FREEE FROM THE TRANNY TYRANNY AT LAST looool BO btfo aww u cant censor us anymore tranny, haha you had it coming get cucked, fucking pwned, slammed, absolutely canned, YOU ALREADY HAD YOUR CHANCE ON JULAY. YOU CANT DO ANYTHING ABOUT OUR POSTS NOW GET YOUR TIME TO GET YOUR OWN SITE BOARD CENSORBITCH FREELOADER AND TAKE YOUR SIMPS WITH YOU FAGGOT FREE AT LAST SMELL THE FREEDOM >>10217 Yeahhh thanks man, I'm based, I know. Don't thank me. The hero we deserve and all that. >>10220 In other words he's a pure virgin, the chosen one, untainted by trannoch forces
Well, there goes the rubicon. would it behoove you to at least not act like a redditor with that cancerous ass spacing?
RARE VIDEO OF DISCARDED TRANNY CENSURER GETTING BTFO IN IN REAL TIME >>10225 This is truly an epic victory for anon.cafe Straight Alliance Forces. Worthy of celebration.
Open file (913.70 KB 1084x708 never_forget.png)
>>10226 >>10224 My goal is to end infighting, I'm more an unwilling BO than anything. I don't have any particular beef with the old BO. >>10225 I've always spaced my posts like this since the days of 4chan? Anyways it's not like there's going to be any sweeping changes. Again, I'd ask that everyone be patient. I'll address moving forward from here in the next couple hours. We'll maintain a general, but I'd rather start a fresh one. I'll leave this one up for archival purposes for at least the next 48 hours though. If anyone has any general inquiries, I can be reached at iseriouslydontfuckhorses@horsefucker.org at your convenience. At the moment I'm grabbing a VPN since apparently making changes to the board through tor causes all sorts of fuckery and I'm still not convinced this isn't a sting operation.
>>10229 Well, I say no sweeping changes but there will be a few changes in regards to politics. I don't think there will be any particular complaints but I'll get it up shortly officially. New Rules will probably be as follows: 1. Take it Easy. 2. No blatant shitposting. 3. No spamming. 4. NSFW content must be spoilered. 5. Remember you are on the clearnet. 6. Content in support of the way of the /k/ube is allowed. 7. Meta content should be posted in the Meta thread. 8. Political content/images should be relevant to board topics. 9. Name/avatar/tripfagging without a reason should be avoided. 10. Posts should not read like a sheboon typed them. 11. Global Rules apply. Does anyone have any major complaints with these? I can explain individual rules in greater detail if necessary.
>>10231 >1. Take it Easy. heh >5. Remember you are on the clearnet. maybe YOU are
>>10231 remove my e-mail from the stickied rules thread >>10224 i remember you telling me a few months back on julay.world that you didn't want to moderate because you're schizophrenic and might end up wiping the board when not taking your meds. don't terrorize the new guy too much
Open file (49.37 KB 362x458 s0v04r.jpeg)
>>10232 It's on the clearnet so long as others (read, twitter normies) can access it there, not specific to YOU. What's the plan for the jannies? do they get the guillotine? >>10231 assuming your actually the BO and just forgot about that large ass BO faggotposting color text you can get
Open file (169.47 KB 2048x1250 4HzBZKU.jpg)
>>10231 Yes, add: If you are going to post your shooter remove EXIF and SERIAL# >>10218 My blessed tranny remover sir you must update your server to auto remove exif from images on post >>10233 You got me confused pal
>>10234 You can't BOpost from tor even if you're logged in. The namefield isn't available while logged in to the BO account from tor, hence my stating I'm grabbing a VPN. Can't remember the name of that privacy site so I'm just grabbing a free one for now temporarily to get through basic junk this evening. >What's the plan for the jannies? That's up to them. I won't ask them to change their moderation policy right away since these sort of things are transitional and I'd like to come to a general consensus. >>10233 Will do. It might be a couple hours but I'll have it removed before tomorrow morning.
Open file (188.59 KB 728x514 1461765870430.png)
Why does it feel like a group of outsiders have been raiding /k/ for the past few days? There was hardly this amount of activity prior to the election.
>>10237 Drama always brings the lurkers out of the woodwork
>>10236 >can't BOpost from tor and this is how you tell I never owned a board >>10238 To be fair, this was basically muh gerorge floyr riots, slow burn.
Alright, testing again with a fucking leaf IP now.
>>10202 >unique IP count That number probably goes up quite a bit whenever a single tor poster comes along, you can post in one thread with tor and change your IP with a couple of mouse clicks, and changing your IP has been a borderline necessity around here lately because fagvols. >>10205 >Like I said, I have a life with a job Don't know if this was a passive aggressive jab or not, but so do I. I only post here when I'm off work, and I have never had to worry about bans until this past year because I have never, and will never be a spamming faggot, and I don't typically go out of my way to be particularly vitriolic, and on 8/k/ I never had a problem even under the greek. >>10206 Flags wouldn't have even been an issue at all if it wasn't for spergkraut muttspamming the moment he saw a US flag. >>10210 >>10214 >>10218 wew >>10231 >blatant shitposting You probably already know, but some fags will go out of their way to make this a point of contention, so be prepared for that. >>10237 Banning and deleting a lot of posts because one or two fags can't handle disagreement tends to cause backlash even on slow boards.
>>10240 Cool, I'll go edit some board settings around and such. >>10235 >Yes, add: If you are going to post your shooter remove EXIF and SERIAL# I feel like that should be common sense, but alright.
Open file (11.55 KB 417x500 1307116907482.png)
>>10241 >passive aggressive jab It wasn't strelok. >>10242 >in re EXIF and SN# Imho if they don't do that their either a false flag glow or they're actually dumb enough go try and shoot up a school and get stopped by a sofa. >spoiler not related perkele, ebin
>>10241 >You probably already know, but some fags will go out of their way to make this a point of contention, so be prepared for that I'm aware. Discourse is a natural part of imageboards, but I think a general rule for moderation to use in the event of extenuating circumstances is important to have on hand.
>>10245 hey mang can you put the correct link for rittenhouse here >>10228 https://www.npr.org/2020/12/03/942355778/kyle-rittenhouse-the-kenosha-shooting-suspect-ordered-to-stand-trial In my haste I fugged up
>>10243 >shows up >arguments against privacy >"No we should not remind tech luddite users to protect themselves they must know everything like us or else"
>>10248 >what is lurk more?
Open file (2.48 KB 292x34 seriously.png)
VPN service didn't like my email too much, or so I'm assuming. Well, I can still do basic moderation through tor for the time being.
Open file (77.85 KB 644x582 1566678642417.jpg)
>>10121 Based on my ten minutes of research you have two problems with improvising blanks into ammunition. 1.The powder is much faster burning akin to flash powder (to produce the report) and could create unsafe pressures if you lodged a bullet in the chamber. If you can reduce the amount of powder like >>10142 suggests then it could possibly safely work. 2.Some people reported that the brass is brittle and/or recycled for blank usage. You could end up with cracked or broken casings resulting in ejection/feeding failures. I don't know if blanks nowadays are made of better materials but it is a concern especially if the powder is as fast burning as I've read. If I was going to improvise ammunition I would try using Hilti or Ramset cartridges as both primer and propellant placed into a bullet casing, as those were made with express purpose of launching projectiles
Alright, rules updated. They aren't set in stone and negotiations are open for adjusting them. Enabled the name field for the time being since sometimes there are legitimate uses (and I think doing so is the only way I can actually use the role signature from tor). If abused it will be disabled again.
>>10121 >>10254 What if you built a custom gun specifically designed to use blank cartridges and separate bullets rather than trying to modify blank rounds themselves?
On a related note, I've never been a fan of cyclicals as I'm of the school of thought that a new thread should be made when the old one hits the bump limit. If there is significant backlash to removing the cyclical of the /100rads/ thread to allow users to make personalized threads, I'm alright with leaving it as-is, but otherwise I would like to make the /100rads/ thread a standard thread and allow the userbase to make new ones as they come up. I'll give it about 4 days to come to a consensus/conclusion.
>>10229 >I've always spaced my posts like this since the days of 4chan? Why are you asking us about what were you doing in the past?
>>10260 The only maybe cyclical would be QTDDTOT and the meta thread maybe (most likely pinned) maybe also pin the PDF thread.
>>10267 Yeah I was thinking the same thing. The rest of the threads don't need to be cyclical but it's useful for utility threads.
>>10267 >>10272 >QTDDTOT The QTDDTOT is currently not cyclical, isn't it? >Pinning The one thing that always bothered me with some of the boards on 8chan and some members of the webring was having to scroll halfway down the front page to get to a thread that wasn't pinned. If possible, I would prefer to only have the rules thread pinned at any given time, and nothing else.
>>10273 I'd argue to pin the PDF thread mainly because some of the PDF are obscure and hard to find, if not impossible.
>>10277 I'll look into maybe making a distributable mega link or something that can be backed up like once a month or something with the new pdfs, and maybe put a copy link at the bottom of the rules sticky so it's there without being prone to at-a-glance abuse. Would that arrangement accomplish the same preservation goals you were considering?
>>10278 Would work but mega is a glow op. Honestly I'll just distribute a torrent or something.
>>10273 >The QTDDTOT is currently not cyclical, isn't it? No but the previous 2 or 3 versions have been and it seemed to work out pretty well.
>>10254 The blank casings in question are steel, these are prevalent over here in eurocuckistan. I don't know about the powder, but blanks over here are often used to launch fireworks, most blank guns you can buy here come with a screw-in adapter for launching 15mm firework-shells >>10258 Special bullets for blank guns don't exist, at least over here, so the only way would be to nigger-rig an arrow-airgun-thingy to use blanks for creating the pressure.
>>10285 Sorry, misread the post. Yup, building one would also work. I'd need to tool up, at least buying a drill press, but that's what I wanted to do anyways. By the way, does anyone know what is the bare minimum of powertools to build firearms? /diy/ doesn't seem to exist on the webring or it's outright dead.
>1. Take it Easy. heh >2. No blatant shitposting. You are contradicting rule 1. Pick one or you're /a/ tier. >3. No spamming. >4. NSFW content must be spoilered. Gay but ok. >5. Remember you are on the clearnet. Non-rule doesn't need to be in rules list. >6. Content in support of the way of the /k/ube is allowed. Don't think you need a rule saying /k/ culture is allowed on /k/. >7. Meta content should be posted in the Meta thread. >8. Political content/images should be relevant to board topics. Unrelated political content/images should be directed to >>>/fascist/ or your preferred political board. >9. Name/avatar/tripfagging without a reason should be avoided. >10. Posts should not read like a sheboon typed them. Should or has to? Reduce or remove the subjectivity kudasai. Not a fan of selectively enforceable rules. >11. Global Rules apply. Okay. 5/10 at least you're trying easy. I'd like /k/ to be good again so work your shit out.
>>10291 Not BO, but taking it easy usually means that you don't get needlessly upset and try not to spergout unnecessarily; not that you should use a place as the extension of your tranny discord circle.
Also, I think the stickied thread should have a list of the semi-permanent threads, because that could potentially reduce the number of ˝noguns here, wat buy??˝ threads. Of course most of those niggers wouldn't look at the rules page to begin with, but it might be useful for a select few of them.
>>10292 >try not to spergout unnecessarily >on an anonymous shitboard fuck you strelok I'll put that mosin up my asshole, you cannot stop me if you ban me for that, you were never easy in the first place
>>10292 >not that you should use a place as the extension of your tranny discord circle
>new management /K/ IS SAVED
>>10303 >/K/ it's over
>>10291 Hold up are you saying you think getting rid of spam is gay or did you just skip over it? Because spammers are almost always butthurt retards.
>>10294 >fuck you strelok I'll put that mosin up my asshole, you cannot stop me Do it, faggot.
>>10023 >the last Khan gets a statue Fucking noice. I'll definitely go look at it if and when they open it for public. >>10231 >taking it easy Thanks tengu.
>>10286 IIRC a drill is effectively the only power tool you need, but trying to tool a firearm with just a drill would be a hassle.
>>10293 >Also, I think the stickied thread should have a list of the semi-permanent threads, because that could potentially reduce the number of ˝noguns here, wat buy??˝ threads. I'm alright with this. /tg/ does it and it's pretty effective. I'll add links underneath the rules to some of the common threads. It won't be visible from the front page due to the "this message is too long" thing but it will be visible to anyone who enters the rule thread and sees it.
>>10286 That depends on the firearm you make. Until the 19th century most firearms were made with handtools only: https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=qTy3uQFsirk But that requires long years of training and you are only going to be able to make muzzleloaders. Realistically speaking, if you want to go easy on power tolls then you need a weapon that is mostly made from stamped parts welded together, but even then you'd most likely need a lathe or a mill, or more like both. Honestly, you'd be better off buying a rusty AK from your local unfriendly criminals.
>>10324 >are you saying you think getting rid of spam is gay I'm from /japan/, what do you think? >>10341 Please address my completely valid concerns, /japan/ funs matter.
>>10351 >/japan/ funs It's illegal to own guns in Japan though. Unless you want to make a thread about the JSDF.
>>10351 I don't go to that board so I'm not privy to whatever infamous reputation you think you have. If it's a spammer hive then who gives a shit what you think is gay?
>>10364 A JSDF thread would be comfy. Remember when they spent millions of dollars researching how to make cheap portable bath houses that could host about 500 soldiers a day?
>>10364 >It's illegal to own guns in Japan though.
Open file (813.29 KB 768x512 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.39 MB 1136x852 ClipboardImage.png)
>>10364 >It's illegal to own guns in Japan though. Untrue, but it's nothing that an American would recognise. Japan permits restricted firearm ownership on a license basis, per the Swords and Firearms Control Law. Licenses need genuine reasons like sport shooting, pest control, farming, or hunting, plus mandatory handling and marksmanship training + tests. Hunting in particular is encouraged in some areas using a bounty system for species that are considered to need culling. They're trying to encourage younger people into the sport because the old hunters are dying off. Hunters are licensed for shotgun use, and may also be approved for rifle use once they're considered more experienced (which takes a long time). Hunters report to their local hunting club/association for matters affecting hunting in their region, just like every other Japanese hobby. Japan, unlike some other nations in the geographical area, also permits firearms to be stored in the person's home - but the safe must be inspected by police first and they interview neighbors to see if the person has exhibited any signs of instability, marital trouble, suicidal behaviour, and so on. Unannounced spot checks are conducted around once per year to make sure the firearms are being properly stored. Firearms must be transported unloaded and concealed, etc.
>>10381 >>10377 Japan's hunting laws/sport shooting laws are stricter than Germany's laws by all accounts. It's virtually impossible to get a license in Japan unless you travel to Hawaii several times for training which is why Hawaii hasn't banned guns since they have a Japanese tourism industry that travels there for target practice to get their license back in Japan.
Also the deer situation in Japan should be proof enough that their gun culture is basically dead and the hunting associations are basically worthless.
>>10383 >It's virtually impossible to get a license in Japan unless you travel to Hawaii several times for training That's an interesting detail. All accounts I have of getting firearms licenses in Japan by Japanese and foreigners both usually include training at one of their area's gun clubs. There is quite a bit of demand for recreational range shooting in Hawaii by Japanese, but my understanding is that that's mostly Japanese tourists who want the experience of firing weapons available to US people without the need for licensing, rather than Japanese who want to train to acquire licenses in Japan. The costs described of training in Japan don't seem excessive either, so it can't be a cost thing. >>10384 Japan never really had a gun culture to speak of, so there was nothing to die. The hunting associations work with what they have, but they're run by tired old men working against the forces of urbanisation, a move away from outdoor activity, and the perception of game meat as unclean. There's hope from some quarters that the increasing popularity of camping will help, but that increase is mostly from urbanites who're interested in "glamping" so I don't think that will help.
>>10385 >Japan never really had a gun culture to speak of They had a very strong gun culture during the Edo period and under Imperial Japan.
>>10386 Among the samurai class, guns were considered an interesting new weapon and they integrated them into their warfare. My understanding is that both firearm and sword possession by commoners during the Edo period was strongly outlawed. I don't know if use of firearms by a warrior class counts as "gun culture". I'd be interested to know about counter-examples, though. Could you point me to some resources that show general gun culture during the Edo period? By Imperial Japan, I assume you mean the Meiji era and Japan's subsequent militarisation? It's true that firearm training and use was emphasised then as part of the general assumption that men would be available for war/pioneering, but does this translate into a "gun culture" as, say, we speak of a "gun culture" in America, Switzerland, or the Nordic nations? Again, I'd be delighted to be wrong about this - could you point me to some of your resources?
>>10387 >Among the samurai class, guns were considered an interesting new weapon and they integrated them into their warfare. Don't forget the incredibly important ashigaru who made good use of guns, nor the Saika who were basically gun ninja.
>>10387 >Could you point me to some resources that show general gun culture during the Edo period? While I am interested in responding to you anon, there is quite literally not enough time in the day for me to have this conversation with you in a timely manner, so I will unfortunately have to decline. I'm sorry for bringing it up.
>>10389 >there is quite literally not enough time in the day for me to have this conversation with you in a timely manner It would not be so difficult nor time-consuming for you Anon, simply a matter of pointing to the sources or general location of the sources whether in the original Japanese or translated English. They need not be primary, either; pointing to the place you found out about them such as a book or other secondary source would be quite alright. There must be something upon which you made the assertion, I assume. You have the same amount of time in your day as I do. Should you discover the time, do please let us have the favour.
>>10390 I think perhaps >>10389 was simply out of his depth so I'll contribute something instead. Here is an English paper by Tamara Enomoto of Meiji University, published in no. 6 of History of Global Arms Transfer in 2018. It notes evidence of general possession and use of firearms and swords by commoner classes in Japan (though not necessarily in Edo itself, which is where we get most accounts of "Edo culture") during the Edo period. >Engaging in private violence could lead to harsh repercussions. During the Edo period, hyakusho and chounin were allowed to possess firearms and various kinds of weapons with varying degrees depending on the time and place, but their use for private violence was generally prohibited and often responded to with severe punishment. >For instance, the Edo shogunate issued an ordinance in 1610 in which it prohibited hyakusho from using bows, spears, and firearms to fight over land or water disputes. The ordinance stipulated that if such incidents were to occur, all members of the village concerned would be annihilated.90 There are records of villages refraining from armed violence with each other for fear of the government’s potential response, even though the villagers possessed hundreds of swords, short swords, firearms, bows, and spears.91 Records also show that the lords’ use of firearms against hyakusho was tightly regulated and generally prohibited by the central government in the mid-eighteenth century, except in cases where the hyakushoalso used firearms in their uprisings against their lords. >Lords largely abided by the government regulation and refrained from using firearms against hyakusho. This was not because firearms were regarded as dishonourable weapons that should not be used by the bushi class, nor was it solely because the government severely punished the use of firearms against hyakusho by the bushi class. Rather, it was largely because any aberration from this rule was feared to break the relationship between the governor and the governed and to lead to the loss of the governor’s legitimacy among the governed. >During the Edo period, villages were entrusted to resolve issues in their daily matters.101While firearms in the hands of hyakusho were nominally regarded as the property of the domains in which they lived, and while the detailed registration records for these arms were kept at the domain level, their day-to-day control was practically undertaken at the village level.102 In the record, one finds the account of one individual who asked for permission to continue to use his firearm in the following year.103 This was not authorized by the village as he was judged as having selfish tendencies, and so the firearm was handed to a person who was believed to be trustworthy.104 Another record shows that when a firearm was no longer used, villagers sealed the firearm to ensure that it could not be used.105 Still another record indicates that villages were required to report to their domains when they needed to repair a broken firearm or to substitute a firearm with a new one, so that the records would be updated.106Hyakusho did not always strictly follow the orders by their domains, but a number of records indicate that villagers registered their firearms with their domains, conducted ‘background checks’ before authorising the possession of a firearm, and safely stored their firearms so that only the licenced users would use their firearms for the authorized purposes. Etc. The sources they point to are included at the end of the paper (titles romanised). There might be some interesting tidbits in there for someone who wanted to dig. I don't know if what the paper describes qualifies as a gun culture, but then I'm not sure what qualifies as a gun culture by any means. It would be nice to see some accounts of the people at that time about their firearms in their own words. I'll leave it to other Streloks to chew that over, if they wish.
>>10248 >"No we should not remind tech luddite users to protect themselves they must know everything like us or else" this. I feel bad for the wagecucks that don't have time to figure out infosec.
FoxJews is shilling for Matthew McConaughey. He's definitely running for Texas Governor. >McConaughey hits liberal hypocrites who demand Trump voters accept defeat foxnews.com/entertainment/matthew-mcconaughey-calls-out-hollywood-hypocrisy-for-mocking-conservatives-refusal-to-accept-biden-win Lest we forget >Matthew McConaughey Wants You to Give Up Your ‘Assault Weapons’ bearingarms.com/john-d/2018/04/25/matthew-mcconaughey-give-up-your-assault-weapon/ >McConaughey asked his friends who are gun owners to “take one for the team” by giving up their “assault weapons.”
>>10436 Texas has been fucked since Perry turned the government in to a very nepostic control. Neither perry, nor abbot, are conservatives and are progressives in disguise. That's why McConaughey will ruin the state. The irony is, the texas TRIBUNE of all news sites called 'em out on it, which is frankly hilarious considering how deep down the democratic dick it blows
cuckiwifarms bends the knee, another one bites the dust https://kiwifarms.net/threads/biting-the-hand-that-feeds.80828/ https://archive.is/Jx5l7 >t. kiwifarms gets cucked like I said it would editiion >Yesterday, I had to comply with the FBI regarding a post by SIGSEGV making a credible threat of violence after the election. This is the second time I've surrendered a normal user's information to police. I have been transparent both times. In both times, the users had made the choice to not take advantage of our Tor Hidden Service. I do not get paid to help, I get compelled to help. >After announcing this, I have received undue backlash. This anger is having me rethink the forum's relationship with politics. This site has a history longer than most people currently using it know or appreciate. >Keeping this website up has been a struggle for years. Starting in January 2016, the forum has had an escalating series of financial, technical, and legal issues. I have endured personal hardship for it. I very firmly believe that people should be able to say what they want. The users who've been here to longest understand that I have been swatted several times. Someone wrote a shooting threat to the highschool I attended in my name, which I was detained over. They wrote a bomb threat to a children's hospital using my email service, which I was interrogated over. >Between the years of 2016 and 2019, I spent $20,000, my entire life's savings, to support myself during a time of near-zero income. I moved to Ukraine to reduce my personal expenses. I was banned from PayPal and a dozen different payment networks. We were kicked off RedBubble and other merchandise supply stores. We changed VPS hosts at least 100 times. I eventually spent the last money I had to buy a server ($2000), an IPv4/IPv6 range (a $2000 annual subscription), and a colocation contract ($750/mo, more than my rent). >I did this so I could host my website and let people have fun without being tone policed by retards and trannies. I have done everything I can to protect my users from their governments, because in many countries just making fun of someone is a crime. I have never sent identifying information to a foreign government. >2019 rolls along and we settle into a groove. For the first time ever, I break even money-wise. We start doing merch runs, the hard way. I manage to get some monthly donors of at least $100. Now, things are stable. The last hosting issue was when our colo in New York threw all our hardware into a box and I had to overnight it for $700 to a different datacenter. The hack in 2019 was the last big problem we had. There are now civil court problems, but they will be dealt with, and the community will help. >There are users here, probably the majority of active users, who joined in 2019 or later. These are the people who do not know or understand this story, or the hardship that this community has been through to achieve this stability. It was not given to us, it was earned. It is not easily replaced and it should not be taken for granted. >So when I hear people saying that I've sold out to the feds because I won't allow shooting threats, when I see brainlets who do not understand the difference between hosting a shooting that happened on Facebook and hosting a (theoretical) shooting that could be announced on this website, I get infuriated. I get angry because I saw what happened with 8chan, and I saw how /pol/ and the child model posters took Fredrick's idea of libertarian speech and pushed it so far that it reached a breaking point. And when Fredrick tried to reign them in, they became arrogant and entitled. After all he did for them, it was never enough, and they were never thankful for it. It broke that site, and it broke Fredrick. He came to the realization that not rocking the boat was profitable and easy, whereas rocking the boat is expensive and difficult. >Imagine we are Sweden. We have a long history. We have a distinct culture. We had to fight for independence. We had to punch up to protect ourselves. We struggled to remain neutral during trying times. And now, in an era of peace and prosperity, the ideologue comes to our doors from the war-torn shithole of Kekistan seeking refuge. Should I think if we let them in they will assimilate? That I won't end up with my cars on fire and them lugging grenades at me for not obeying their laws? No, probably not. >I don't yet know how I want to word this change, but we can start here: >- If you post violent threats, you're gone. >- If you support posting violent threats, you're gone. >- If you think this site has been compromised by a government entity, I encourage you to leave. >To help with this, I am going to do something I've never done before: >In this thread, I will permit shilling. Shill your Discord and your forum here. I have been told by a few people that it's very easy to do what I do, so I encourage you to go do it. Set up your wignat forum and post a link here so your friends can come find you.
>>10450 Jewsh is such a faggot
>>10450 >>10451 You gonna prove him wrong or right? because he's making good points.
>>10454 t. KiwiFarms defense force
>>10451 >>10450 He's a fag, but he's not really saying anything wrong. Even on anon.cafe you can't post specific, credible threats of violence.
>>10456 >nothing wrong I concur, but josh also says REEE FREEST PLACE ON THE INTERNET when he just wants to ban the shitty 4/8cuck pol faggots that are shitposting with stuff he hates personally. The issue is more actually a symptom than a problem. silencing dissent does not silence the reason, but rather the cause behind it. Also cause he's defending 8cuck I refuse to respect him
>>10458 Quit with your gay unnecessary spoilers faggot
>>10459 I spoiler too and I will not stop. Spoilers add commentary that is unnecessary to the base statement.
>>10450 Notice how every single time something like this happens it's always prefaced with: "Man look guys, look this has been so hard, on me I'm struggling I've been struggling so hard for years guys muh rent poor me, because i wanted to just run a site and not get a real job guys poor me, so have some RESPECT and SIMP-ATHY GUYTHH cant you guys see owning a site is so terrible, MY SUFFERING IS EXCLUSIVE. Yes. this is completely reasonable!!!" "Even though i move to Ukraine i didn't set up a server there to protect free speech" "Yes so guys look I'M THE ACTUAL VICTIM HERE running this DOX site with a bunch of obsessed freako's for ever and I'm just gonna remove your free speech now because of some bullshit about zogbots harassing me where i went out of my way to snitch on some guy, and no I'm not getting paid for sure! Also lol ur free speech is gone, but IM THE VICTIM never forget"
>>10454 Isn't making credible threats of violence fed posting? It actually depends on the specific post that was made as from reading this we can't really know the full story. However, censorship in general pisses off all anons, including myself. >>10462 On the topic of him moving to another country, what is the best country for free speech? >>10462
Open file (21.46 KB 273x252 slav_laugh.jpg)
>>10450 >>Imagine we are Sweden.
Open file (1.50 MB 605x643 homopolice.png)
>>10464 Mental reasoning a of a fucking toddler right there, their owner scrambling for any possible metaphysical reason to excuse himself for ratting some clown out to the homopolice
>>10462 Hasn't Kiwifarms just been a place to harass white people who don't hate themselves for a decade now?
>>10466 Low tier god ain't white. But IDK, maybe its just white people shitting on white people more often?
>>10390 >Yo streloks, what's your plan if the lame duck pushes through 230? Nothing, my plan is nothing because there's nothing to fight for anymore. Until alt-internet infrastructure becomes mature its all just gonna turn to shit.
Open file (69.12 KB 1136x640 EoauY6hUwAAlAjV.jpg)
Open file (78.17 KB 255x193 ohnoooo.png)
>>10466 I don't know, maybe you know something I don't, since I never frequented the site much besides lord Terry. Or do you mean that they're making fun of autists who are white that are severely limited by their own mental faculties posting their funny videos online somehow fit that bill? I know they do decide to host grudge doxes on virtually normal people to all the obsessive creepy trannies who go there though for no good reason, which means they're basically dirt, so it comes as no surprise to me the site king of shit heap would rat out most of his freaky little subjects. The site owner could have probably just told the glowniggers to fuck off after quickie manufacturing/saying it was a tor IP, but no, no favors. On another note people that STILL browse the web in 2020 without no privacy IP obfuscation due to left wing silicon valley and cybertranny glowers are incredibly stupid. It should be an entry requirement at this point to use the internet.
>>9852 >Then again, try fucking convincing the average joe shmuck that the constitution isn't infallible and neither are judges. Joe the Plumber believes whatever the fuck they're told. Trust me, if the country """"""fell"""""" to fascist dictatorship the average joe normie would be not only be heiling within the week, but wouldn't even remember a time when anything was different.
>>9696 >GOP even try to pander to people who will never vote for them? Because a big secret you won't learn in the RW is that the GOP are actually in control and those groups have always been their true constintuency.
>>10470 Kiwifarms is where the people who did the doxxes on 4cuck left to. TBH, they are strange, they take great fun out of watching people suffer while not realizing that they said people are just a symptom of the age and they think they aren't slaves, when in reality they are. I will say that the fact they call people niggers is what sets them apart from Resetera or fucking neogaf. It's basically right wing (so you might call it) doxxers instead of twitter users.
>>10473 >It's basically right wing It sure doesn't seem that way. That being said doxxes don't work for the right-wing anyways because they don't have any power.
>>10474 >That being said doxxes don't work for the right-wing anyways because they don't have any power. No actually it does if you have a solid bunch of people NOT USING trannycord where popular nationalist people and chats get banned on sight
>>10450 He's Right You Know.jpg
>>10476 How? Where are neoliberals and leftists getting fired from their jobs for their "appalling" politics that are so popular that deviating from them gets you put on a No Fly list?
>>10478 Well think about that, it just means that more non-kosher imaginative means has to be applied to get even
>>10479 Getting even? What are you talk about? We can't even fucking enter ourselves into the contest!
Open file (49.42 KB 600x449 koojim.jpg)
>>10480 >muh excuses LOL these excuses you have aren't fucking legit, literal low IQ retard leftists seem to be able to get it done the methods are virtually the same though. Literally nothing says you can't do the same things they do.
>>10481 I see you've been in a coma for the past 15 years, I'll give you space to get acclimated to the new world as I can relate to the experience.
>>10482 Stop bickering making these weak damn mental block excuses already bro. What's to say you can't as one person ring up about their doxes? Just to get an offhand example to get the message across when you find where they work ring and claim the person is a pedophile or rapist that you have a court case against, more convincingly have a woman ring, something related to what you saw them do at work if they're in a customer service job ET CETERA. If really you want to nothing can stop you from reaching your end result and you'll have some good fun in the process.
>>10440 they really fucked it up when they started poaching (((big business))) from yankee states. predictably, said businesses started exerting political sway within the state. same deal with GA courting Hollywood; they just see revenue without considering the long term cultural-political consequences.
>>10463 >censorship in general pisses off all anons, including myself. And me too, but at the same time i know it's not easy to protect, it's easy to defend it if you have nothing on the line, and let's not kid ourselves, imageboards and forums like kiwifarms are full of entitled retards, now, maybe he's full of shit, maybe his tale of woe me is nothing but lies, but i don't know that for certain while i do know about people's attitudes. At the end of the day it's his site i think, as he says, the people that disagree are more than welcome to set up their own. >>10471 The funny thing is that imageboards would become a bastion of communism then.
>>10490 You either live poor but with self respect or you become rich and deluded into thinking you still have self-respect. It's hard for a person to remain humble and powerful
>>10506 Uh, I think rich people have plenty of self-respect. What they lack is slave morality.
Open file (1.23 MB 640x360 qb5AEIDrll8Fu5TT.mp4)
Open file (419.86 KB 480x270 VHY4XrEZl3nQCQzG.mp4)
https://twitter.com/i/status/1335612569453801473 https://archive.is/J39b5 Conservicucks versus blm, high school edition.
>>10528 I hope no white kids got involved in that on the side of the conservatards otherwise they just ruined their lives for literally nothing.
>>10529 Libshit detected. Thanks for the concern-trolling friend, but we can safely assume then that you think BurnLootMurder terrorism is the best thing to happen this side of your local Trannyshit March?
>>10530 >conservatards sending their kids to get unpersoned because of a football game How DARE you tell me to not encourage my kids to ruin their lives!

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