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Open file (37.15 KB 256x128 fucking radical.png)
/100rads/ - The Offtopic /k/anteen Strelok Board owner 05/14/2020 (Thu) 01:15:10 No.202
If you want to talk about things only tangentially related to firearms, then welcome to 100 Rads. If you want to trade, talk, get a mission or find out the latest news, this is the place to go. If your posts in an existing thread are starting to seriously derail the main subject, they might be moved here.
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Open file (59.52 KB 1280x768 freedumb trap.jpg)
Freedumb are furries and probably homos too.
100 rads, not great, not terible.
I can't believe I gave a multitool knife away to some cops because I wanted to enter a music venue and I was worried of getting cockblocked
Open file (126.79 KB 1046x843 spurdo_BMP.jpg)
Are vegans and furries on the same level? Most vegans argue that killing animals is a big no-no for humans, because killing sentient beings is bad and we have ˝moral agency˝ or some other bullshit. Yet it's okay for animals to kill other animals, because they can't be held to the same standards as humans. So they do believe that animals are beneath us, they just think this is exactly why we shouldn't eat the eggs of a chicken. Meanwhile furrfags want to yiff animals or even become some horrible amalgamation of human and animal. I can feel a connection here, but I can't put into words.
>>238 Who gives a shit, just molotov or eat them alive. Meat is precious gift from mother nature, and i aint gonna waste it. Which makes me think, why don't people butcher and sell prisoners meat to the general population? All the more fear for the ones thinking of committing serious crime. Human meat is extremely nutritious and kikes even drink baby blood for immorality. Now before you get all your panties wet, I'm not saying we should eat children, just eat dead prisoners since most people don't even consider them human in the first place. Realistically we would have to derive them of drugs for a while before the execution since it will make the meat poisonous.
>>239 I thought cannibalism has long-term negative effect on the nervous system, because we aren't supposed to digest the kind of proteins and whatnot that are the building blocks of our own body. Which of course begs the question if eating monkeys or niggers is equally dangerous or not. Anyway, I think it would be better to feed the dead prisoners to live ones as part of their punishment.
Open file (97.79 KB 1024x848 butthead4.jpg)
Anyone else wearing their MSA Memellenium Mask whenever you go outside/using public transport?
>>240 I think that's only if you eat the brain. The rest of the meat shouldn't cause that.
>>253 >I think that's only if you eat the brain Spinal tissue and bone marrow as well. though i still wouldn't eat people unless they were a healthnut or something simply because of the garbage most people eat and the parasites who knows how many are probably carrying.
>>255 Where can I read up on it?
>>255 Given how most health nuts tend to eat absolutely stupid diets and end up deficient of countless nutrients I think that they would be even more unhealthy than your garden variety burger nigger burger.
>>258 I would hope at the very least a human liver and kidneys would stay fairly nutrient dense if nothing else. they're the best parts of rabbit and deer.
>>255 This, when you are eating tissues of members of your own species, then you are also risking gaining various pathogens, that are directly specialized at preying on humans. Eating parts of central nervous system (cerebrum and spinal cord) is risky due to possible presence of prions, a kind of infectious proteins. Also, for sure skeletal muscles would be the safest (while still nutriciously useful) part of humans to eat. Less risk of consuming agglomerated chemicals, than, say, the liver. Given all those problems (and other points that were given before), cannibalism isn't really worth it, besides critical situations. The ethical part of this is also a whole other beast.
>>238 Vegetarians are just retards. All their food is dependent upon the killing millions of animals (trillions+ if we count flies) every year to grow.
>>238 Furries are degenerates. Vegans are retards who, depending on which justification they have for holding their belief, focus on only on a handful of types of animal 'exploitation' or human specisism the belief that not eating retarded humans is just in-species bias while ignoring all the other types of exploitation/bias because it'd expose their retarded ideology. You also get vegans who claim to be in it for environmental reasons yet eat obscure shit from 3/4 of the way around the world as long as it's non-animal.
Open file (162.12 KB 1280x720 ungern_map.jpg)
Open file (141.62 KB 1280x720 ungern_flag.jpg)
Open file (176.27 KB 1280x720 ungern_deel.jpg)
Open file (103.15 KB 1280x720 ungern_trial.jpg)
Is there a man from the previous century who is as inspiring as Ungern-Sternberg?
Open file (1.04 MB 1160x550 ClipboardImage.png)
Found this in an old print catalog.
Has anyone had problems with Julay recently? Site always seems to be down for me.
>>324 Up for me, check your cookies or use the alternate: https://spqrchan.xyz/k/
Open file (2.32 MB 3648x2736 French accessories.jpg)
>>320 I wish I saved those pictures of early 1900s French catalogues that had everything from knives to machine guns to cannons in it.
Open file (84.40 KB 455x528 removed_partisan.jpg)
Would somebody happen to have the terrorwave and partisancore guides?
Open file (262.50 KB 1080x2435 Kay style guide 1.jpg)
Open file (2.23 MB 1080x2571 kay Style Guide 2.png)
>>338 These?
>>339 I've missed these.
>>339 Yes, thank you.
I remember we discussed once what k of /k/ is supposed to stand for, but I think we couldn't figure out.
>>320 >>332 Anyone know where I can find Bannerman catalogs?
>>353 I always assumed for AK and because shit like /g/ was already taken.
>>325 Hm. Seems suspicious regardless. We'll see. What did I miss that got the original site domain yeeted?
>>353 Katana.
>>253 I mean, we all eat ass... what is a little brain going to do to us? Right gang?
Oldfag here, moot chose /k/ to represent Kusanagi Motoko, or so it was said.
>>424 Yeah from what I remember most of the original board names were derived from Japanese words.
Open file (55.19 KB 600x750 kusanagi.jpg)
Open file (40.02 KB 377x516 archeotech.JPG)
>>424 Old metadata seem to indicate that indeed being the case.
>>492 >finnish army autisim I would be dissapointed if I didn't have this video. Ebin perkele
>>293 Yes, surely they must be more than someone who's greatest achievement was to be batshit insane and amass a giant army.
>>492 >>424 Neat.
Open file (281.18 KB 1000x602 Ungern_with_army.jpg)
Open file (30.81 KB 512x338 Ungern.jpg)
Open file (221.47 KB 320x274 ungern_tent.png)
Open file (136.77 KB 457x717 ungernsternberg.jpg)
Open file (117.92 KB 429x855 Ungern-sternberg_r.jpg)
>>506 Don't tell, show!
Open file (94.59 KB 984x1098 7vk5q8rff2541.jpg)
>>492 >you will never have an autistic qt naruto run towards an advancing T-26 and use her tard strength to jam a log into it's tracks
>>522 >female soldiers
Would you a battleship with 14" Vickers™ guns?
>>353 this fucker knew
>>528 I'm so sad the land-ship concept never took off, or the airship carrier
>>623 It did take off, it just crashed the moment it met reality.
>>624 Reality is fucking gay
>>534 I've always been skeptical of that image. Keisatsu means police, not weapons, and a naginata is a weapon, not any kind of transport. I think the anon that made that post was just memeing.
Ray of Hope? More like Ray of BTFO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqkIMnY8VTc
>>645 So it it ok or shit? Going to watch it after work. I’m so used to everything being shit nowadays, so i’ll assume it’s shit unless someone mentions otherwise.
>>645 What is this? PUBG STALKER edition?
>>648 Stalker multiplayer mod that's been in development for years. A while back the devs went niggermode and decided only people they authorise could run servers.
Open file (611.22 KB 2000x1601 USS Macon lewd.jpg)
http://archive.is/1fOko >I would vote for Joe Biden if he boiled babies and ate them. He wasn’t my candidate, but taking back the White House is that important. Four more years of Trump will replace what remains of our democracy with unchecked rule by kleptocrats, fascists, religious fanatics, gun nuts, and know-nothings. The environment? Education? Public health? The rights of voters, workers, immigrants, people of color, and yes, women? Forget them. And not just for the next four years: A Trump victory will lock down the courts for decades. I cannot believe that a rational person can grasp the disaster that is Donald Trump and withhold their support from Biden because of Tara Reade. What's the next step of the Democrats' master plan? >>623 Airborne aircraft carriers did take off but crashed and were shut down by inter-branch shitflinging+general poorfaggotry in pre-WW2 Depression-era Murica.
Is there any money that can be made being a FFL at home even with all this corona shit? Do you need to actually own the property or can you operate out of a rented space? I am considering doing so for a while if/when I jump state until I can find a new job in my field. >>663 It surprises me that democrats are perfectly content with repeating the same mistakes republicans made back in 2012. It looks like they are just trying to glide by and play to their own base, with the hopes that demographics will eventually shift in their favor.
>>672 You do not want your home as an FFL location. Being the listed FFL location means that anyone who wants to claim to be with the government of any level can force entry into your home at ANY time, whether or not you are there, inspect EVERYTHING contained within the entire building (not just the room, so attached garages are out), and basically a long laundry list of things no strelok would be interested in. Even if you have a detached building as your 'shop', your home still isn't safe. Better to have an entirely different address.
>>672 >with the hopes that demographics will eventually shift in their favor. It's not exactly just a hope at this point.
>>645 >>646 >>648 >>658 I mean, it has to be shit. Every online lootershooter/survival game starts off looking good and playing good, and after 2 months it ends up showing its true stripes and looking more like shit. source: PUBG, DayZ, SCUM, Infestation:Survival Stories, Fallout 76, H1Z1, etc.
I've just read anewsreport about Polish drunkard who wanders into a zoo, nearly kills a bear that is friendly to people. That's sad yet amusing, but then I watched the video they linked: https://invidio.us/watch?v=slB4sgv3m1M Sometimes I forget that 9gag is not just a fever dream, but part of the world we have to live in.
>>687 >Sometimes I forget that 9gag is not just a fever dream, but part of the world we have to live in.
>>626 Blame the square-cube law.
Open file (113.54 KB 720x570 n52759_Desert Warfare.jpg)
>>623 Never ever.
>>528 Why yes, I would love a pair of Vickers™ anti-air guns! Preferably one with a funny name.
>>534 All according to Keisatsu. Or was it Kaiser Tsu?
Open file (51.54 KB 960x547 weeb.jpg)
>>641 Your post just proves that you aren't Japanese enough to truly understand these words. Keisatsu is used for police, but it carries the concept of a true warrior, an ally of justice. A true warrior and his weapon are one and the same, hence keisatsu can mean weapon. Similarly, naginata is a weapon, but oftentimes what you need to push forward is a weapon, so this iconic weapon carries the poetic meaning of movement, hence transportation.
>>744 sensei, your words of wisdom have touched my heart. /k/ truly stands for "katana"
>>682 These mods are nothing like that Dead Matter is looking good though
Open file (743.15 KB 3366x5984 moloch.jpg)
>>663 >I would vote for Joe Biden if he boiled babies and ate them. I would expect no less from moloch worshiping scum
I decided to buy a barrel grill/offset grill (without the added fuel/smoker bin thing) since I managed to acquire a fair bit of free wood. I want to try making charcoal in it, but I am not a knowledgeable person. The little research i have done has led me to an upside down fire method (https://archive.ph/i3nPo . the archive is broken ). HAve any of you guys made charcoal in a grill? would you reccomend it? how would you do it?
Something is happening with Russians in Lybia, can someone give me the rundown, and why Haftar is the one to root for? Apparently there are Turks there as well
How do I turn my junk into funk? Stuff like old batteries and motherboards/electronics that i've been storing around for years. Practical magic, nothing that requires a lab. I hate the idea of recycling or going through the trouble of underselling things noone wants.
GNA = jew puppets installed by americans, supported by turks and kikes LNA= some hobos that had enough of dealing with incompetent jihadists that couldn't govern a country to save their lives, trying to kick jihadists out of power No sources or proofs yet exist as far as I know of that would actually prove that Russian airforce is now involved in Libya as well. Turks have shipped equipment and Idlib-zoo fighters to fight in Libya. Not sure about troops though.
>>834 Dump it all into a fire and breathe in the fumes. That'll get you real funky.
Tell me /k/, have you been to the deep end of autism? Warthunder and World of Tanks were a mistake. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMg-s6YYGho
>went to buy my first fun last Saturday >not in stock so they have to order it >have to for it to come in >not only that there is a waiting period >DOJ is slow because of Corona so I may have to wait even longer >tfw Commiefornia is suffering Mad jelly at those who can get a rifle as though you are buying a pack of gum.
>>873 You actually buy guns in California? When my dad bought a 10/22 for me (because I was 17 at the time) it was hell. I did research about the laws online and I didn't know you needed to do a 25 question test (my father neither). My dad doesn't know much about funs but he bought me it for my birthday. When he bought it, it had so much stuff to fill out, and more registry than I thought it would have. Also, I didn't know there was a waiting period on rifles. The 10 day waiting period was more like a 3 week waiting period. Before he got the rifle, it took him a hour because he was being demonstrated how to operate it in the store he was buying it from (Big Five Sporting Goods). He asked me if I wanted him to transfer the 10/22 to me when I turned 18, and I told him to keep it. Anyways, fuck buying guns and ammo in California. Its designed to be hell and they know it is. Seriously though, I know the pain.
>>875 (not 873, of course) Eh, it's annoying as fuck but I'd prefer that over-the-top shittiness than nothing (maybe lessen the waiting period a bit). Guns are serious business. The last thing I want is people who don't know the basics or are hiding a relevant criminal record to fuck up with a gun and trigger even more anti-gun crucades. It's like a driving test for cars. That said, it does depend where you live. In my state the knowledge test makes sense, other places with better culture might not need them.
Open file (74.83 KB 480x320 petan2.gif)
>>878 I mean, I guess. I haven't bought a gun myself in that state. I have been doing 80% builds because I am a schizo nog who doesn't want glowies to burn my house down or something. When I discovered ammo is registered as well, I knew shit was fucked and I am currently investing in a reloading bench. Do you live in a gooktown, a somewhat white part, or a multicultural shithole? I live in the latter, so I guess I should be grateful about how hard it is for people to buy guns there.
>>878 I would disagree, gun laws only stop law abiding citizens. The better solution would be bringing marksmanship back to pubic schools and going back to a more homologous society.
>>878 The tests stop fuck all (except first time blue hair gun buyers that actually believe the grabber bs). The fuckers I go inna desert with are basically the burger king kids club but 90 percent Mexican and like 3 whites with only 1 being non-hispanic and the darkest of dark beaners being a super autismo screaming heil hitler and claiming to be "whiter than you mang". These guys are used to jumping over barriers so going through a test to buy a gun is nothing to them yet any other fucker I try to get into guns just quit before even taking a look at the practice tests with super hard questions like "is it k to shot water mang" or "do you put shooty tool in closet, under bed, in drawers, or IN A LOCKABLE HARD CONTAINER WITH A CA DOJ APPROVED FIREARM LOCKING DEVICE WITH FIREARM UNLOADED AND ACCESS ONLY AVAILABLE TO PERSONS 18 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER THAT ARE APPROVED AND LEGAL TO POSESS FIREARMS".
>>983 Yeah the test has the most basic common sense questions. I only missed 1 out of 30 because I thought you could purchase a long gun at 18, but it's really 21. Apparently you can enlist at 18 and risk your life for ZOG, but you can't be trusted with your own firearm.
>>993 I mean, federally you could buy a long gun at 18. But if you are living in a state that treats you like nigger cattle then it usually is 21.
Open file (2.53 MB 2781x2084 All_Four_Iowas.jpg)
I didn't have internet for nearly a week, and in the last hour I got excited and worried that the JewSA is going to dominate the world with invulnerable battleships. Then I went through the Ebola-chan thread that turned into /pol/ (again), and realized that this is unlikely to happen, because their federal government is too corrupt and their population is too dark by now. I just hope that Russia and China will do something stupid with each other before the end of the decade, because then I'll only have to worry about domestic matters. And those are a lot less concerning if we don't have to worry about burgers shutting us down when we start exterminating the gypsy menace.
Open file (219.25 KB 656x500 1579955934729.jpg)
What are you Streloks doing to make money nowadays?
>>1013 Loading retarded amount of ammo. Lots of locals are starting to get worried that the mob will roam into the countryside. Some of the brass I've been given to work with I swear is well over 30 years old.
>>1013 I'm a sysadmin and can work from home. I miss my comfy server-room, but that's all.
>>1013 hvac work, mostly factory shit, got a mechanic that needs welding on the side
>>1013 Ad hoc bartering
>>1013 I work at a shipyard.
>>1013 At a school to go overseas for security contracting. I hope I get over there before October but international flights are fucked right now.
Open file (132.24 KB 960x520 1577975144109.jpg)
>>1013 Nothing. Everyone fills my head with doubt on whether I should do a trade, craft or college degree. Mortician, glass blower, merchant marine, trapper, it don't matter.
>>1116 >doubting about getting a certificate in a trade Well it's not like you can go to a trade school right now anyway, so strike that off your worry list, but if you ever get the chance there is literally no drawbacks to having a certificate in a trade. Obviously if you want to do some other shit then prioritize that, but having a skill means you're less likely to wind up homeless and sucking cocks for food if things get really bad.
Open file (105.12 KB 1200x675 aeasg.jpg)
>>1013 Amazon. Its not bullshit when people say the employees are treated like robots. That's probably the best part about my job. >>1078 Thats pretty cool actually. I actually wanted to move to Washington and work at a shipyard. Is shipyard a shitty job, or do you enjoy it? Haven't been able to talk to many people with shipyard experience, considering I'm nowhere near a sea.
Open file (122.93 KB 960x720 rifle is resting.jpg)
>>1116 I never understand how anybody is capable of putting his legs into the bed while his boots are still on. It's just so unhygienic that I find it repulsive. But then again, going into a home with shoes on went out of fashion long ago, expect in America.
>>1204 Depression and insomnia are a hell of a thing. Past a point (2-3 days of no sleep or barely any sleep) your body seems to convince you to lie down not to sleep just for a little break and suddenly you're waking up 20+ hours later to start the cycle all over again. Taking off your clothes doesn't come into the picture though you're right that no civilised person would wear shoes inside in the first place.
>>1204 >expect in America I have never been to anyone's house where they allow you to bring your shitty dirty footwear past their front door area/foyer/mudroom/whatever you call it and I don't know where this meme comes from. Even the trailer trash I've known over the years doesn't do this. Do city niggers go in their houses with shoes on or something?
>>1211 I think it's all the jewywood movies and TV series where people go around without ever changing their shoes. To be fair, until the previous century it was the standard in Europe too, and it would be interesting to see the history of this change.
>want to buy gun since I've been salivating over ruger sp101s in 357 so I can shoot fireballs with my reloads and make muzzle brake using fags fuck off >snub nosed revolver that's somewhat pricey and in general does not attract new fags like glocks or shotguns >Corona shopping niggers have been trickling down >definitely down to pre-corona levels >chimpouts happen >go to store to find a fuck huge line >muh sp101s are gone >AR, AK, shotguns, glocks, sigs that aren't 1911s, J frames all gone Anybody else been wanting something but then just chuck your cash wad back into the safe spot until this shit ends?
>>1394 I wanted to buy a new shotgun and a holster and all the fucking holsters are gone and only the absolute shittiest shotguns or double barrels are up for grabs, but I don't want a double barrel.
>>1216 It varies from household to household in Germany. There are no hard rules about the shoes of guests.
>>1211 Neither have I. Only time I ever have shoes on indoors is A: I'm bringing stuff in/out B: I'm leaving while wearing dress shoes that are kept inside C: I'm trying out completely new shoes that just came in the mail
>>873 >been almost a week with no response >call gun store >think they were just lagging getting a gun delivered from another store >turns out they are getting it from the manufacturer >Marlin apparently takes a month just to get an order out Fug.
I want to find a hobby that's ultra self contained once set up. Like how you can practice for hours learning card tricks with only investing in a pack of cards. Something you can improve at over time. >>534 He may of taken 2ch's board names. But they didn't have single boards, they had 12 /b/s and only list 3 on the board list.
>>1399 In Bongistan it defaults to shoes on unless you ask if you should take them off or are told to.
>>1617 Broadly true but where I am it's still almost universal that any non-shit family won't wear them inside themselves ||relaxing this policy towards guests is common, but only if they're likely to be a one-off visitor||.
>>1627 Shit, wrong spoiler. Every fucking site in the webring needs to settle on one fucking markup already.
>>1628 It's a good newfag catcher, not saying you are one but it's obvious someone hasn't read the local rules & info.
>>1394 I'm wanting something that I already bought a month and a half ago to arrive. My swimmer cut plate carrier and the rest of my lvl4 plates need to get here, otherwise i'm going to be fighting the looters in the nude with duct taped plates on my front and back. >>1193 Any idea on wether delivery driver is a decent seasonal job? Even though things are getting a bit sketchy and i'ld rather not be stuck to a job going around town in a truck full of goodies.
>>1627 Depends how long you're staying for too. If you're just walking into the living room for a chat then no need. If you're spending a few hours and not working on something then you take them off. >>1629 Most oldfags don't read the rules or how to spoil shit. Every week another alt chan dies and the bunker moves. As long as you know the board's culture who gives a fuck about this weeks novelties? No one uses spoilers any more any way. >>1630 No. You're competing with pajeets, pakis and niggers in the UK at least. US will be spic central. They can barely read English and barely drive but it's dirt cheap to hire them. You have to pay for your own shit unless you're delivering groceries and need a specialist van. And the pay is pretty low when you're done. If you want to drive for a living become a trucker, much better pay.
>>1639 >Most oldfags don't read the rules or how to spoil shit. Every week another alt chan dies and the bunker moves. As long as you know the board's culture who gives a fuck about this weeks novelties? No one uses spoilers any more any way. You're an idiot. You fucked up your formatting, just admit it and move on instead of wasting your time making retarded claims you can't back up or are outright false.
>>1648 I'm a different person newfag. Lurk moar you little glowing kike.
>>1639 Bugger off, newfag
>>1654 No you're not, and you're a retard who can't cope with making an error so he runs and starts lecturing people about how to be an oldfag as if anyone who isn't one of your fellow retards isn't going to see right through your gay damage control.
>>1630 Amazon nigger here. I would tell you to go for it, IF they provide you a vehicle. I personally wouldn't get the job if you need to use your own car. Its not a bad job, its just not a good career.
>>1013 brick mason
>>1609 Haha i had the same thing happen to me. Had to wait 2 months for Benelli pasta niggers to send me my nova
>>2052 Isn't as bad as Rugers schedule provided if they had one.
So, did we ever figure out what Skyking really means?
Since yesterday it's been rather stormy here, and I hear thundering in the distance every few hours. It reminds me of artillery fire, even though I know that the thundering of guns is different.
>At least 20 Indian Army soldiers have died in clashes with the Chinese forces over Galwan Valley, a disputed region north of Kashmir claimed by both Beijing and New Delhi. >Beijing has not confirmed any reports of its casualties. Big if true. This would be the worst incident for at least 5 decades and pajeet has to react to this. https://www.rt.com/news/492047-twenty-indian-soldiers-killed-china/
>>2747 Will be interesting to see two armies that use pure numbers to win battles fight it out.
>>2749 I imagine something like Norks vs US when the front was way up north. No nukes, horrible territory to fight, though both should have about the same air capabilities, those they can get into play, that is.
>>2751 We already concluded two sites before that it would be a gigantic reenactment of the Italian front of ww1.
Open file (79.64 KB 680x510 rads.jpg)
>>2751 Honestly its a question of who is willing to take more casualties. The indians have the better supply lines but the Chinese are have the "better" army. > pic not related.
Open file (65.12 KB 520x390 surrounded by beasts.jpg)
How do I lower my cortisal levels?
>>3407 Stay lean. Get sleep.
>>3120 Chinks have better equipment and India basically lost to pakistan in that last skirmish so my money is on the chinks.
>>3120 >>2751 >>2749 >>3420 Pajeets are dumb but they're apparently willing to die for their shitty country or at least for their fellow soldiers. Bugpeople are not. Also the pajeet army is worse on paper but it's set up to handle an actual war against the pakis as that's been a serious threat for decades while the PLA is mostly a glorified police force more worried about internal troubles and potential coups so logistically it's going to be weaker. Plus once combat starts getting real no high-ranking Chinese commander will want to risk committing their troops to a potentially losing battle because they'd lose face in any inevitable post-war round of executions and blaming sessions: it's a classic pattern in history for them to be more worried with infighting and personal reputation than with the war. Pajeets more or less have a semblance of rule of law they inherited from the Raj so broadly speaking random punishment is less likely. I mean maybe being posted to a shithole as a scapegoat for sure but that's very different from being shot by order of glorious leader pooh and having your family thrown into a re-education camp. Pajeets will win a long conflict or full on conventional war for these reasons but bugs will win a short, sharp engagement or border conflict because they're better equipped and better at going in with a defined political goal while being hyper aggressive with human lives. Given that this is a fairly transparent attempt to distract the population from the coronavirus stuff as is the push in Hong Kong they could have just used the lull in the protests corona has caused to back off and save face but it's more valuable to have it in the news right now a short border conflict is exactly what they want too as there's no real military or strategic goal to achieve. Also if they can strike hard enough in the opening moments they can maybe cause a governmental crisis for the pajeets and win that way. Of course in the highly unlikely event it goes to a full on war what Russia and Pakistan do will also be interesting and pretty influential. Pakistan is chink aligned and is far more likely to actually get involved militarily than Russia (pajeet aligned) is. One thing the bugs would get from a long war though is a way to remove some of their surplus male population. The one child policy has left them with a huge gender imbalance and corona will leave them with major unemployment too. In history the one thing that causes revolution more than anything else is angry young men who can see they don't have a future and no job + no family prospects is what I'd call a pretty bleak outlook. >>2747 Figuring into what I said above apparently it's come out the chinks lost ~35 dead including their CO so it looks like the bugpeople nature as expected means no ability to work together if it's a risk to yourself.
>>3422 t. pajeet
>>3407 Lose fat, sleep well, cut sugar and highly processed trash from your diet. Oh, and exercise.
Open file (293.76 KB 528x594 1593391849952.png)
They try to purge internet history save what you want to be preserved.
>>3461 Internet archive is piracy land and has been since it began. It's mistake was going official piracy instead of letting the users upload whatever they wanted.
>>3479 Reminds me of Emuparadise
>>3486 Emuparadise still works though, you just need a script to download roms and shit.
Open file (131.98 KB 1200x900 mississippi protest.jpg)
Mississippi to retire Confederate flag >JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — The Mississippi flag is fading from public display in many places, even before the governor signs a bill that will retire the last state banner in the U.S. that includes the Confederate battle emblem. >A broad coalition of legislators passed the landmark bill Sunday after a weekend of emotional debate. On Monday, a U.S. flag fluttered outside the state Supreme Court building and a pole for the state flag stood vacant. Several local governments also furled the 126-year-old state banner. >“In the middle of a pandemic, we — the legislators of the state of Mississippi — decided that it was past time to remove the flag,” Democratic state Rep. Oscar Denton of Vicksburg said Monday as he stood on the Capitol steps with other Legislative Black Caucus members. https://web.archive.org/web/20200630014304/https://oklahoman.com/article/feed/10064221/mississippi-surrenders-confederate-symbol-from-state-flag
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>>3496 >retire Newspeak for "ban"
>>3499 or you could read the post.
>>3496 Fucking nigger-loving sons of bitches deserve to be hanged like the cowards they are. t. Mississippian
>>3502 They will keep going until the general public decides to do something about it. Tensions are high and the very best thing that could happen is if normalfags finally snap while autist anons gently guide them to the jews behind the curtain.
>>3501 >A commission will design a new Mississippi flag that cannot include the Confederate symbol Literally banned from government use. I guess possession for personal use will stil be legal though, so that's pretty based.
T-this won't pass before civil war kicks off and fractures fibre infrastructure all over the country, right? Is this some 401D Boomer chess move for de-incentivizing the growing flight out of lawless urban centres so inner city real estate doesn't crash and wipe out retirement funds?
Do you want to see something pretty Cold War? https://invidio.us/watch?v=hOQ3EQjIo5I
Does anyone know of a good DIY guide to glasses frames?

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