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Open file (37.15 KB 256x128 fucking radical.png)
/100rads/ - The Offtopic /k/anteen Strelok Board owner 05/14/2020 (Thu) 01:15:10 No.202
If you want to talk about things only tangentially related to firearms, then welcome to 100 Rads. If you want to trade, talk, get a mission or find out the latest news, this is the place to go. If your posts in an existing thread are starting to seriously derail the main subject, they might be moved here.
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>>8388 DUP FAMILY ANNOUNCES PRESS CONFERENCE 30 MINUTES BEFORE >Trump campaign will host a press conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with Eric Trump, Lara Trump, Former Mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani, Former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, and campaign Senior Advisor Corey Lewandowski at 3:30 pm EST. https://twitter.com/charliespiering/status/1324071151631556608 https://archive.is/rPVkn
Open file (782.98 KB 1896x2820 napoleonbyhitler.jpg)
It really feels like voting in ancient Rome around the time of Caesar. Expect that we will most likely have to wait a few decades until an actual Caesar turns up.
Open file (90.20 KB 1280x786 Luger2.jpg)
What was the final tally for Michigan? Is Biden still in the lead after that big retraction earlier?
>>8392 Still in the lead. Detroid absentee ballot center just covered up their windows cause lol definitely no fraud there. https://twitter.com/i/status/1324084637010976769
>both dup and bidup have declared they won
>>8396 Isn't this the best outcome in a way?
Open file (95.26 KB 853x639 EmAsH1tXYAkhl_q.png)
>>8397 No this is.
Open file (72.63 KB 1200x750 Demographics.jpg)
>betrays the white man >loses Bravo
>>8376 Aren't they also the one state where you can vouch for up to 15 people on a single ID?
Who is ready for 2022? 32 Senate seats up for election and most of them are Republican.
>>8401 I somehow don't believe that biden has pulled 100K votes in major cities that also didn't vote for their respective senators. That's insane levels of "tds" that would make 2016 and 2018 look like jokes. Who has trump pissed off even more other than /k/ because bump stock ban?
Couldn't Trump win if he gets Nevada, even if he loses Michigan and Wisconsin? I don't know what counties still need to report, but the numbers check out.
>>8403 The current projected results have Biden winning by a single vote, so aside from craziness like >>8398 any flip from this would be a win for the person it flipped to. I wish Trump had gotten that last elector from Nebraska, like he did in 2016. A 269-269 tie would have been perfect.
>>8403 Trump needs to pull a win out of PA and AZ (or NV) to win 279 (or 271 in case of Nv)-259. Nevada is close enough it swings either way It means they find ballots in Las vegas. \ >>8404 I'm suprised he did loose that vote in NB, I don't understand how he DID loose that vote aside from muh hwite wamen
>>8405 I figured it was Denver Rapefugees living in Omaha. You have to understand the only state really keeping the cancer of California and the cancer of Colorado apart is Utah since Wyoming is just a hunk of empty dirt.
>>8406 >denver rapefugees That explains a lot. I'm worried for the future though since that basically dooms the US as a whole back into bondage because the population has figured out it can vote itself an endless amount of benefits. I kinda want to move to Wyoming but lol (for my profession) no jobs I can tell. I've been thinking, there's another possible method that's highly unlikely but not impossible. Taking the map from kikepedia, there is the chance that Trump OR biden wins 10 faithless electors (same amount as 2016... maybe more, I wonder if the Hunter pedo allegations will factor with Joe's obvious dementia?)from the states shown that are grey this is most likely a dem win scenario since I don't see NY/NJ/RI faithless... maybe NH . In that case, then they win the votes in the states but the faithless electors elect the other as president. If Biden wins like that I fully expect the cuckservities to have a higher than 60% chance of making a happening, and if Trump wins like that I 100% the dems to start race riots part 2, large cities boogaloo on steroids.
>>8408 Because of the way the electoral college works, anyone can be a faithless elector. The highlighted states will just throw you in prison if you do it. Courts have ruled a faithless elector can be jailed but his vote can't be changed.
>>8409 I'm aware of that, but electors can also be replaced correct? In other news. twitter person claims from emails so take with salt grain that 500 dumped votes were found in Marysville, MI. The name Shane Hernandez is the retiring GOP rep in the district. The name Jane Deboyer is the St Claire county Register >sause >https://twitter.com/J_Epp_/status/1324179263432568835/photo/1
Open file (159.30 KB 960x1792 EmBuBXWXYAAzGB-.jpg)
>>8412 Fuck me I forgot the pic like a tistic retard.
>>8413 >Messing up twice C'mon, Strelok.
Open file (159.60 KB 735x869 tafkir.jpg)
>>8414 >messing up twice Actually 3 times..... Internet just died the second third thank god
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=do9koR3heFE&feature=emb_title Cuckservatives protesting >we don't need ammunition because we'll win legally.
>Ron resigns as admin of 8kunt Jim's pig farm is dead
>>8417 sause or you're bsing *No I just rather not go back to that shithole now**
>>8418 Go read his twitter. It's real.
Open file (819.81 KB 1188x1494 there you go.png)
Open file (122.50 KB 1194x412 best of lurk.png)
>>8417 >>8418 >it's real Huh. Well. There you go. What's with the forced navy/military metaphor, anyway?
>>8416 I'm pretty excited about how this will likely radicalize some of them they just need that extra push and somewhere to gather that isn't schizo-tier. Speaking of which... >>8420 >What's with the forced navy/military metaphor, anyway? Jim's a boomer and constantly brings up his veteran status every two seconds from what I remember.
>>8420 Did he have a falling-out with his dad, or just sticking it out there until after the election (or both)?
Open file (118.21 KB 1631x1097 118 year voter.png)
>>8420 Probably an attempt to prove himself to the boomers that believe in muh patriotisim. https://twitter.com/CottoGottfried/status/1324204635289227265 >dude on twitter finds 118 year old voter gee wiz who would thunk?
Open file (34.10 KB 1055x305 1604553079848.png)
Dup leading by 31.5k in Georgia at the end of the night
Open file (83.02 KB 705x501 1604554103953.png)
>>8423 Moot point, but isn't the oldest verified man in the world 116?
>>8424 No one gives a fuck about Georgia.
>>8427 Nobody gives a fuck about Georgia if it's Republican. It matters if it's Democrat though because it's a sign of how bad demographics have gotten.
Open file (614.27 KB 414x325 1590820172145.gif)
>>8428 >Something something demographics No one gives a fuck about Georgia. Stop giving a shit about demographics/voting with your ballot if you actually give a shit, and encourage others to do the same. The less legitimate a system seems the more likely it is to be toppled. I've commented on this election because it's entertaining as shit, but I'm under no illusions that voting has mattered. The only time your vote matters is when it's an assembly of less than 300 people or when you're the one pointing the gun at other people's heads. The reason countries insist on propagandizing voting so much to the point of making it illegal to not send in a ballot (even if that ballot says no confidence on it) is precisely because it legitimizes the systems that allow for your continued enslavement. Stop politely asking them to take their boot of your neck.
>>8430 Really I should specify the magic number which is about 100-200 and actually quantifiable, but I said 300 for simplicity. I'd like to correct this typo now due to the false implications it can create.
>>8431 sauce four the 100/200/300 number, is this from some psych experiment? genuinely curious.
>>8430 >he says after highest and most rigged turnout since 1900
>>8434 You're still giving a fuck about voting with your ballot instead of with your feet/guns. >>8432 I don't have one particular point of sauce for the magic number. There's a few mathematicians who've gone through these models, several economists as well who've established it as a constant, and even a few folks in the space industry that have established it as the minimum number needed to maximize its benefits, but perhaps the best known example are small tribal groups and the Amish. When the Amish reach critical mass of about 150-200 people, they split into two separate groups to maintain order. Typically the "magic number" is the point at which social cohesion begins to break down in any given group. That is to say, you can have virtually any political structure you could ever want except Communism so long as you have 150 or fewer people in such a structure, because social cohesion prevents the breakdown of the familial structure and thus people are willing to remain in-line with the social order in place. Similarly, your vote matters in such a structure because it actually has an influencing effect beyond being another member of a cult of personality. Past such a point, there is less incentive to "obey the rules" the more people are involved, and this model has been used effectively in criminal justice during brief interims when it's been tested on inner city areas by having them practice similar community measures at the apartment or city block levels. It's also why a neighborhood watch member is more efficient than a cop at dealing with threats in the local community without creating a scandal. Generally when talking about logistics, most fascist/nationalist and anarchist libertarian models break people down into hierarchal groups of about 100-300 people who respond to a representative, then 100-300 of those representatives responding to a higher up representative, etc. in bottom-up structures. I'm sorry if this all seems vague, but it's hard to describe the magic number directly with sources because it pops up in virtually every field where the logistics of people is involved. And because I haven't been invested in this topic in roughly 4 years, so pulling up my old sources from external hard drives buried in the back of my closet is not something that I'm willing to do.
>>8436 From what I remember, they found that there is a link between the average brain size of monkey species and the number of monkeys in their social groups. That is, the bigger the brain the bigger the group. It works even with primates, and if we humans fit into the pattern then the size of the social group for us is around 150 people. It's the number of people we can comfortably track and interact with, because more than that and we simply can't remember enough about every single one of them, so we will start to perceive at least some of them as strangers. Now if you walk through a street with hundreds of people then your brain will ˝shut down˝ and stop caring about others due to the constant overload of faces. This is why cityfolk so lonely and miserable all the time, and this is why they can't really maintain traditions on the long term. Strangely enough this also makes them vulnerable against propaganda: they can't really judge what all those strangers on the streets think, but they can listen to the constant bombardment of messages about what is acceptable and what is not.
>>8430 With the supposed record-setting vote numbers, I guess the propaganda worked. They definitely went hard this season - I'm not even registered to vote and I was getting 4 to 5 cold calls and texts a day about the election. They weren't just pulling random numbers from an area code - they had my name and some knew I wasn't registered.
>>8441 For the love of God those fucks were persistent. I figured it may have been either a team of pajeets or some bot digging up numbers of those who hadnt voted because every number and text I got were blocked yet it didnt let up until midnight on election day. How's is that not considered harassment?
>>7118 >in the real world you still have to be able to vet people. And what if the baloon goes up two days from now? I'll trust the guy with the gauged-ear necklace and a satchel full of rainbow colored scalps.
>>8430 >>8431 >>8432 >>8436 I've heard of that, it's called the Dunbar number. Jim mentions in his blog that the total number of people controlling the modern globohomo aka neo-leftist ideology has to number no more than the Dunbar number (just because I read it recently and some of you might be interested or have read Moldbug before): https://blog.jim.com/uncategorized/the-cathedral-and-the-holiness-spiral/
>>8436 That's why you have a two party system anon.
>>8441 >>8443 Update: I'm getting texts about the vote counting now. this is never going to end is it?
>>8455 It isn't until biden wins by a "slim margin". Georgia an NC are down to 10k votes and guess what, philly is suddenly stop counting again.
A Michigan judge has dismissed the Republican lawsuit against the chief election officer there. The suit alleged absentee ballots were processed without Republican observers having access, but the judge ruled that the suit was invalid because it filed against the wrong person, saying that it's not the job of the chief election officer to handle ballot counting logistics.
>>8460 Do the fucking judges not understand the chain of command? God that is riduculous. The chief election officer (and the governor) is still ultimately responsible for dealing with any issues with the election. I get that the US legal system is a clusterfuck but it takes common sense to make this logical deduction.
>>8461 They understand, they don't care, following the rules they themselves set up to hinder the opposition is retarded and anyone who tries to accomplish anything in america that doesn't directly support poz by going through the legal channels is a fucking retard. Either start using that second amendment or shut the fuck up.
I'm trying to find the meme of libertarians getting their guns taken away because they refused to vote for the GOP candidate because that's exactly what happened in Arizona. Besides some possible rigging. We now have a democrat president who will make it impossible for anyone but the upper middle class to own weapons, and a progressive DA who will make self-defense de facto illegal. I tried to warn people that Arizona being red was a facade. That we were in California territory and the "hardcore" right here was just a bunch of neocons who think stealing federal money meant to get people through the pandemic is "preventing socialism" but otherwise don't care if your little boy gets dragged off and turned into a little girl. Oh well, I guess at least you can numb the pain out with weed.
>>8460 >>8461 >wait till after the crime is done to stop the criminals Modernity is the death of foresight.
Open file (2.48 MB 1280x720 h-SH5617GDOgBj1G.mp4)
>Qtards now praying outside polling offices
>>8472 >wemon get to vote with the understanding that their canidate would either win or loose >absolute hysterics ensue if they see them about to loose Children.
>>8468 >We now have a democrat president who will make it impossible for anyone but the upper middle class to own weapons, and a progressive DA who will make self-defense de facto illegal. Well they might like to but they won't get that opportunity because the senate is red.
Open file (1.55 MB 408x720 This_kills_the_k.webm)
>>8476 The senate is in political deadlock, and if you count the RINOs it's actually blue. Additionally good ol' Orange Cheeto set the precedent for the president to just go around congress with executive orders. Actually Lincoln did, but Trump basically doubled the amperage on the timer circuit and the 555 chip is about to burn up. Additionally 34 Republican seats all go up for reelection in 2022, anon.
>>8478 >Additionally good ol' Orange Cheeto set the precedent for the president to just go around congress with executive orders. Implying that Obama wasn't already doing that shit before Trump ever got in. >Additionally 34 Republican seats all go up for reelection in 2022 And just what makes you think they'll lose them?
Open file (273.71 KB 480x360 READ NIGGA READ.mp4)
>>8480 >Implying I implied that >And just what makes you think they'll lose them? The fact that they really believe they can actually stop election rigging through the legal process, for one.
>>8481 >The fact that they really believe they can actually stop election rigging through the legal process, for one. If you can't stop election rigging through legal processes then you already don't have a government.
Open file (369.76 KB 846x900 1519526980960.png)
>>8482 That's the point.
>>8473 That's about standard, it's just that this time they're doing it in public.
>WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) said about 1,700 ballots had been identified in Pennsylvania at processing facilities during two sweeps Thursday and were being delivered to election officials. >In a court filing early Friday, USPS said 1,076 ballots, had been found at the USPS Philadelphia Processing and Distribution Center. About 300 were found at the Pittsburgh processing center, 266 at a Lehigh Valley facility and others found at other Pennsylvania processing centers. Do they serriously expect us to believe this shit?
>>8494 No, it's just a humiliation ritual at this point.
Open file (1.18 MB 303x307 non-non-byorin.gif)
Should I get my flu-shot? I have a terrible immune system so I get sick easily this time of year, and I'm afraid of catching both wu-flu and the flu. However, the thing is, I'm cautious about vaccines and I haven't had the flu in years. I don't know what I should do.
>>8482 >>8483 Correction, you don't have a representative government. Which is how governments have been throughout the majority of history.
>>8496 >should I get a vaccine No.
>>8496 Flu shots are only good for healthy people because it helps develop antibodies against potential strains over your healthy adult time period. If you have a shit immune system, they won't help since they're basically random guesswork. Doubly so this year because a lot of the teams that develop them were pulled for Corona.
Open file (828.32 KB 1925x1925 1604407093117.jpg)
>>8497 The point seems to be going over your head. We've had the illusion of a representative government since the times of Lincoln. It's just gotten particularly terrible at maintaining the illusion during and after the FDR period. The whole system has been rotting for over a century, dude.
Open file (985.65 KB 640x480 1603655605969.mp4)
>>8497 >>8500 Also approximately 1970 onwards (1800s for the civilized world) is hardly the "majority" of history. Democracy is the god that failed and Representative Government is just ochlocracy with a few extra steps to slow down the rot.
>>8500 >>8501 Anon you misread. I am saying that non-representative governments have been the majority and this is a return to the norm. With all the political machines already in operation by the mid-1800s I'm not sure it was even representative in the US really ever. What matters is if the people in charge are competent.
>>8480 >And just what makes you think they'll lose them? They only need to lose 2 seats to completely lose their "majority". 2 are in runoff in Georgia and will happen in January and the rest in 2022. >>8503 >people in charge are competent. It also helps if the people in charge have the interests of the people at heart. You can easily be competent in expanding globalism, but you don't give a damn about the populace you were elected to represent.
>>8504 >It also helps if the people in charge have the interests of the people at heart. You can easily be competent in expanding globalism, but you don't give a damn about the populace you were elected to represent. There's no need when they serve the interest of central banking.
Georgia and Pennsylvania have now both flipped to Biden. It's going to end up 306-232 electoral votes for Biden, with no appeals or recounts changing anything (obviously, since recounts can't fix people destroying or stuffing ballots).
>>8507 >Georgia and Pennsylvania have now both flipped to Biden. I don't think I've ever such a blatant rigged election in a so called 2first world country", Jesus fucking Christ, even Bush Jr was more subtle than this.
>>8507 Georgia has already declared a recount due to the margin. >>8509 Elections are just a suggestion, remember? It's even in the Constitution that the ultimate decision is supposed to be in the hands of the Electoral College. Only that is far too obvious, while rigging is much more subtle and achieves the same effect.
Open file (1.34 MB 768x1024 1604018763593.png)
Ok Streloks what are the chances Qtards say fuck the optics and start trying and maybe succeeding in killing some democrat officials? After seeing shit like >>8472 it really feels like a cult and if they truly believe that the election was stolen from trump it was I could see them going nuclear. But as for the masses I doubt much of anything is going to happen. But who knows maybe this election radicalized a lot of moderate right/centre right people by how blatant the rigging was. Good luck in the future burger anons.
>>8511 They're callled cuckservatives for a reason anon Nothing will happen, the USA has seen worse shit happen and nothing came out of it.
>>8511 They are not going to do shit because Q will tell them to Trust The Plan.
What if the Russkies or chinks decided to engage in biohacking? And by biohacking I mean radicalizing a few select small groups on both sides and then doing a few false flag attacks so that they can urge those select few groups to take action on their own initiative.
>>8497 No you don't have a government at all if it can't or won't enforce it's own laws internally. Just like that you don't have a country if it can't or won't enforce it's own borders. At that point all you have is a gang or a mafia. >>8513 I've been lurking on their little circle jerk and Q may be MIA.
>>8517 >you can't be ruled by a gang or a mafia
>>8511 >what are the chances Qtards say fuck the optics and start trying and maybe succeeding in killing some democrat officials? Basically zero. And even if one of them actually does, what do you think's going to come of it? Some schizo boomer shoots a Dem politician. Everyone dismisses him as just some schizo boomer, gun control laws get passed, limits on illegal speech get tightened, and everyone just goes along with it because it can't be helped after what that schizo boomer did. Other than that, all that will happen is pathetic failed protests that look like those in Virginia last year, but they'll fizzle out into nothing. This will lead to action the way everyone recognizing Epstein's murder as such led to action: not at all.
>>8519 Q was probably Ron at this point.
>>8517 I personally know a qtard and he has been quiet regarding the election its funny because a week back he was posting wwg1wga shit and to trust the plan.
Open file (1.40 MB 1100x828 1603975861428.png)
>>8511 Thr boomers I've talked to all expect our demographic of young white men to do it for them, so doubtful.
Open file (1.06 MB 720x540 laugh.webm)
>>8524 >USA >young white men
Open file (1.59 MB 1920x1080 BLANKET.png)
>>8524 Actually I'll go a step further and urge any strelo/k/ considering some sneeki breeki shit to either organize independently or to not trust any armed resistance who's leadership is over 35 since they're either cucked or co-opted by feds.
>>8519 I normally don't comment on such things because speculating like this is kind of stupid, but... Peasant revolutions (leaderless, spontaneous) only happen when a group feels PERSONALLY threatened. Be it with imprisonment, deportation, starvation, etc. The rise of one group of aloof assholes to an office that another group of aloof assholes previously held is not personal enough. The only time you'll see a group of people actually risk life and limb for a political cause is when they are already staring down the barrel of a (literal in most cases) gun.
>>8519 >Other than that, all that will happen is pathetic failed protests that look like those in Virginia last year, but they'll fizzle out into nothing. Those fizzled because the politicians shelved the gun grab proposals for a year. There was no longer an imminent threat so people probably foolishly backed off. But like what >>8527 said these sort of things only heat up when people are experiencing a clear and present danger situation. Even when there is a known and understood oncoming danger that hasn't actually reached them yet or has been delayed people tend to procrastinate.
As time goes on, my exceptions for what the future hold becomes more confused and uncertain. It seems I predicted everything this year for in the beginning half and was proven correct in all. But know I cannot even say what will happen in a next month. What is expected for us burgers? A repeat of the Spanish Civil War? Years of Lead? A nonviolent decay to third-worldism?
Open file (602.02 KB 607x1080 1600397642714-2.png)
>>8526 You are absolutely correct. If you are planning anything that is against the law never involve people you cannot 100% trust not to sell you out first chance they get, it should be a one man operation with maybe the most trusted person in your life semi aware so they can give you a solid alibi assuming you plan on living after your griefing , autisticly plan it out and NEVER EVER talk about it on the internet. This is all hypothetical of course Streloks are peaceful people we dindu nuffin.
>>8531 >A nonviolent decay to third-worldism? That's the most likely option
>>8531 >A nonviolent decay to third-worldism? Probably. If the election hadn't been stolen by Biden it might have been a more explosive collapse to third-worldism, but as things are it'll probably be just more rot.
>>8534 >>8535 In 2040, Europe, Canada, and Mexico will be bitching about illegal immigrants from Murrica who shit up their countries with their love of guns, loud cars, and violence.
>>8536 They already do that.
Open file (84.92 KB 696x1035 1592137021888.jpg)
>>8531 I believe we're on the path towards a kind of dystopic society that there's no examples of in modern history, or perhaps we're already on it, it certainly seems to have been inevitable for decades now. How long have the clintons been killing off opposition and been completely untouchable? When was the last time there was some huge scandal like elite pedophiles and something was actually done about it instead of quietly forgotten about? Globalization, the internet and smartphones, modern media, and shitting up of education has made it so effective to deceive and passivize >95% of the population that it's virtually impossible for the remaining <5% to fix it. At this point the media can make people believe literally anything, we've already seen this, and they're constantly working to rewrite more and more of history. Anyone theoretically willing to fight against the corruption won't fight because the state is not attacking them directly and there's more than enough controlled opposition personalities in controlled and censored platforms on the internet to simp for. After the blatant fraud this election I genuinely believe that it's over for the US unless something big happens now as a result of it, the country can't be salvaged except by first being invaded by another superpower like China or Russia or both, only then through some course of events some states can declare independence and restore greatness. It will be interesting to see if any country will manage to learn from everyone else going to shit and turn their own country around before such a collapse is necessary.
>>8540 This has been happening for 800 years. It's just we've run out of poorly occupied unoccupied territory that superpowers aren't de facto protecting from invasion homesteading. I for one am excited to ser what brain drain and incompetence brings us next.
>>8536 1. That already happens. 2. Pretty optimistic to think that anti-gun sentiment won't completely dominate by 2040. 3. Pretty optimistic to think those places won't be just as fucked at that point.
>>8540 >I genuinely believe that it's over for the US unless... Nah, it's fucked. That's not necessarily a bad thing. Empires collapse and degrade. This is natural. What it can be replaced with and where to draw out the new borders should now be the primary concern. Investing any more energy in the system is a losing strategy. As for the 'dystopia' aspect, I have to say I despise the 'woe is me, nothing ever happens' attitude. Rome was not built in a day and it did not collapse in one. 95% of the population is ALWAYS passive. How many hundreds of philosophers, poets, and thinkers have to say it before ideologues understand it? It is almost an evolutionary imperative for the majority to be lemmings, or even tribal organization would not be possible. You cannot have an army composed of Generals or a society composed of 'Glorious leaders'. I do agree with you that outside intervention will play into the ultimate collapse. The sheer landmass and resource wealth of the land occupied by the US Gov means that international interest will move in to secure it when military power structures weaken.
>>8531 Biden will get sworn in to the sound of mass vaccinations across the country because corona-chan wasn't really as dangerous as they made it out to be, and they had the cure all along. He gets to LARP as the savior of the world.
>>8540 At least the circus is here to stay eh?
>>8544 You have to consider that the internet is something that has never existed before in the history of mankind. The world has never been so connected and it has never been so easy to inject ideas into people's minds with so little effort and time. It has also never been so easy to find people now that everyone is carrying videocameras that are constantly connected to jewgle, and technologies like face recognition and AI are becoming better and better.
>>8540 >China or Russia invades When everyone still has functioning nukes pointed at one another I still don't see how anyone thinks occupation was be a likely scenario even for a small sick nuclear power like North Korea thats unlikely or else it would've been done. Even if the U.S. was weakened to the point of regions becoming their own factions occupying a NATO member with nukes would trigger the same MAD scenario that we've been trying to avoid for decades. Their only way is attacking through another proxy by funding the commies already here, but suppose we do end up in a Red Dawn future what does it look like and how do the commies prevent it their plans from being leaked through the media before the trap is set?
>>8547 I have considered it and have concluded that while it may change the speed and mechanics by which propaganda is disseminated, it does not improve it's effectiveness. For every advantage it provides to powers-that-be, it provides another disadvantage: While it encourages atomization of society, it also undermines the attachment to it, in effect creating the conditions for a sort of tribalism to thrive. While it eases the dissemination of disinformation/misinformation, it undermines it's own message with the cheapness of it. You see so much absurdity you roll your eyes when the gov delivers some sappy message of unity and progress. This is assuming that the censorship is complete and perfect. If it is not, you are also giving a platform to the very people who want to see your control topple. Keep in mind that our previously mentioned 95% of dumb followers would believe the propaganda whether it was delivered via newspaper, radio, television, or town crier. By their very nature, the 5% of "revolutionary" personalities actively seek absurdities and failures of the status-quo. Changing the method of outreach does not change human nature. As for surveillance, its psychological "chilling effect" is its only real advantage. The Soviets kept the same amount of control with some tape recorders and human networking. The same is true today. The vast majority of even today's resistance is not foiled by some super high-tech satellite tracking, or AI algorithm. It's foiled by snitches and moles.
>>8550 The internet gives people a constant supply of a global population that validates the corrupted world view and rejects anyone who strays from it, and more recently "socially" destroys their lives. You're not being rejected by your friends and family, you're being rejected by the entire world, there's a huge psychological pressure to agree with the agenda. And the agenda is not some horrifying "recite mr pig's name and stay silent" kind of thing, instead it wants you to agree with these happy fluffly ideas like "equality" for all that are hard to 100% reject even if you're against the agenda itself since there's an aspect of the idea that's good (e.g. equality of opportunity). The internet is also much easier to control than IRL contexts, we have first hand experience of even our tiny obscure imageboards being deplatformed and DDoSed, and there's always people on the side of the agenda who are ready to take these places down while their own website is defended by a gigantic global protection service. The userbases of these websites dwindles every time as people leave to more popular and more controlled platforms. Alternately techniques like cointelpro have been developed to manipulate discussions, such techniques are used extensively in 4chan for example. I want to believe that it's easier to expose people to opinions and discussions that are contrary to the cancer, but at the same time I just don't ever see it anywhere. Outside of these obscure imageboards the only thing I've ever seen is "racism is bad mmkay" type zones. I perceive the issue of racism as a kind of a line that starkly separates people. If you think everyone should be equal or there's no problem mixing together or different races are the same inside or no (nonwhite) race is disproportionately causing problems and things like that, you by nature cannot be on the side that opposes the corruption because you're mentally trapped by these ideas and aren't free to think about things properly. But that line is the line that I've never seen crossed outside of these imageboards, very few people seem capable of doing that, and it's not useful when some retarded redneck does it out of ignorance rather than intelligence.
>>8553 To your first point, to speak generally, no one gives a shit about the "global population" or the perception of the wider world. Support networks of a few friends and family are still valued higher. Especially if they support them when the "world" (or more realistically, some pussies on Twatter) reject them. Part of the recent trend toward polarization is indicated by the wholesale rejection of other's ideas one way or the other. I've seen people in otherwise mainstream platforms like Twitter, YouTube, and even Facebook for fuck's sake, say things incredibly contradictory to the "equality" bullshit we are constantly force-fed. This is precisely because, even though they'll get shit for it from a huge amount of people, the people closest to them who agree will say "fuck em, bro. You're right". Your example of control over the internet is a bit skewed because of the fact that imageboards aren't enjoying the relative popularity that they once did REGARDLESS of censorship. The declining userbase has been a trend anyway, and most of them are going not to larger, more controlled sites, but to even smaller more "private" and personalized settings like Discord groups and even IRC servers (which is amazing to me given the age of the tech, but whatever). If you're not seeing the increase to the resistance to propaganda even within the normie-sphere, then I'm sorry to say but you're not paying attention. Look at the propaganda videos, tweets, and posts - Then check the replies and comments. It's true that the platforms try their hardest to censor videos promoting truth, but even they can't stop the flood of people calling them out in comments ON THEIR OWN PLATFORMS.
>>8553 >>8550 It's not just the internet. At some point you have to admit that most people are simply not intellectually capable of following along. You have to wait for a crisis, promise a solution, and turn the information you know in a good vs. evil plot for them to follow along.
>>8549 >>8540 China doesn't need to invade militarily. Same effect if the US, as I can see happening soon under BIden, bends the knee on trade and allows China free reign in its current goals. Simply take over by defacto ruling the country then slowly replace the population like it is doing in Tibet and with the Uighur muslims. America at that point would be able to wield its military simply to keep the peace in the country and prevent any fracturing of the state. I think the longer it takes for America to splinter, if it were to, the more it will be either pure military warlords or gangs/cartels that already have a large presence in cities.
>>8531 >A nonviolent decay to third-worldism? >nonviolent Unlikely. There's an ocean between the left and right now. Whatever A does B will hate with a passion, there's no middle ground anymore and both sides won't, perhaps can't, compromise on anything ever again. Everything's cultural and personal now and while this might remain that way for some time in sort of a fragile equilibrium it literally can't forever. All it takes is a spark to light up the powder keg and that may well be Trump. Earlier politicians had made deals not to go after the other if they had come to power but this is over. Whatever senile Biden might think the radical left calls the shots and they want blood of Trump and everyone who was with him like the communist wanted blood after the war hunting every nazi and collaborator. If the members of the Trump camp want to survive, politically, socially, economically and perhaps literally they need to fight. Also literally. They cant talk or bribe themselves out of this any other way. There'll be blood and it's inevitable.
>>8555 I'm only seeing stray comments that oppose the most obviously absurd shit, but not any kind of community that discusses these things properly nor cross a certain line. No public forums nor smaller circles. Their thoughts stop at the point where status quo is restored (e.g. the nigger violence stops), but that's still within the margin of the agenda, it doesn't stop the problem nor the corruption from getting worse. It's true that I don't reach very far or often into normalfag spheres, but I do watch streams and videos and occasionally visit some smaller places, and basically every single time there's something akin to "don't be bigoted" plastered on the side, and even when the discussion gets political it's centrist at best (unless you consider "let in all the migrants, but legally" to be right wing). >imageboards aren't enjoying the relative popularity that they once did REGARDLESS of censorship Isn't 4chan is more popular than ever though? And only 4chan, alternatives that aren't controlled by the same side that controls every other community are the ones that are dying. And things are only going to get worse as more foreigners are brought in since they're almost entirely left leaning and generally incompatible with the local values. That's why as I said, I believe that the only way the US can be saved if something happens now. If they can get caught rigging the fucking presidential election, win the election, and then get away with it, then there's no way any kind of uprising will get rid of them AFTER there's another 20 million subhumans cheering for them.
>>8555 That's ignoring the Gen Z kids who know no world but the consumer internet and have greater ties to digital subcultures than community.
>>8558 >Whatever A does B will hate with a passion, there's no middle ground anymore and both sides won't, perhaps can't, compromise on anything ever again. They don't need to actually reach a common ground or compromise. Biden just has to make it look like he is. Or at least, that he tried to, and the other side were unwilling to come to the table. If he can make himself look like a moderate, giving the illusion of trying to restrain the leftists (while actually making as many concessions as possible and giving the right nothing in return), people will fall for it, like a Fudd falls for "common sense" gun laws. >All it takes is a spark to light up the powder keg and that may well be Trump. Earlier politicians had made deals not to go after the other if they had come to power but this is over. You're forgetting that Trump can soon be deplatformed. Twitter couldn't ban him before because he was president. Now (well, come January) he's just a normal citizen and they'll give him the boot as soon as they think they can. Once he's out of the White House and banned from social media, normalfag goldfish memory kicks in and Trump is meaningless.
I, for one, welcome our new Chinese overlords. Seriously, Pooh Bear is better than president Harris.
Open file (14.52 MB 640x358 gracchus.mp4)
>>8390 >around the time of Caesar I think we're about 100 years too early Strelok.
>>8531 >What is expected for us burgers? A repeat of the Spanish Civil War? Years of Lead? A nonviolent decay to third-worldism? Some combination of all of those things I would wager, the specific varying depending on exactly where you are in the US. In the short term I expect something like the Spanish Civil War though. >>8536 Europe will already have had a Euro-Muslim war by that point.
>>8572 But the SCW is a runup to the second world war. Are we in the runup to the third?
>>8568 >Plutarch noted, "Then the poor, who had been ejected from their land, no longer showed themselves eager for military service, and neglected the bringing up of children, so that soon all Italy was conscious of a dearth of freemen, and was filled with gangs of foreign slaves, by whose aid the rich cultivated their estates, from which they had driven away the free citizens." Man, what kind of idiots would let their society end up like that?
Open file (475.33 KB 616x544 unknown.png)
At this point, what will be left after its all been rotted down to nothing but bone? It's not even likely this election sees any legal action that gains even a foothold. How long till we make britbong licenses look like a freedom.
>>8576 It's already here. The "left" is already changing definitions at whim for normies by editing kikepedia. Just look at the revision for benfords law
Open file (38.15 KB 464x321 of-course-23417234e0.jpg)
Open file (331.41 KB 432x632 in fact of course.png)
>>8573 >Are we in the runup to the third? One way or another we'll end up in a resource war with China or a Chinese-Russian confederation over Africa.
>>8578 China's too cocky for Russia in the long run. Russia sided with India in the recent border dispute.
>>8578 >or a Chinese-Russian confederation Yeah thats not happening given the historical animosity between the two unless china invades asian russia >>8586 still the court challange. Now time to hold the boomber republicucks to the fire and see if they pull a moderate protestor for the next four years I don't think they will, neither tthe less kick off a civil war either
>>8562 Biden is a puppet, awfully weak and it's almost sad to see his walking corpse in public. He's no charisma whatsoever, and none will a president Camela have for that matter, to ease the divisions or just pretend doing so. Truth is the dem establishment fears the Jacobite frenzy of the left mob just as much as the right and they are powerless to stop them. As for Trump he can hold rallies, it's actually what he does best, much better than handling twitter. There was actually a time before the internet and people were able to not be forgotten and getting shit done nonetheless. It's a matter of willpower and if there's one who has it it's Trump. He needs to throw the sycophants overboard and get back to his original base. Pretty sure there are lots of people out there who would fight for him but guess what? He will sell them out, trying to get immunity in return, with the caveat being that there might not be anyone able to give such garanties (see above). Then all is possible
>Bitching about government propaganda You people might want to go see a school some day. Propaganda is literally a non-issue right now because the odds are so heavily stacked against the natives in Gen Z. The reason why Gen Z is so anti-semetic/racist/sexist whatever is because they're all niggers. They're too dumb to lie and don't care about propaganda. The weapon used against whites is not propaganda, it's nigger zerg rush. Can any one recommend me some non-pozzed history audio books or podcasts? I'm curious about Roman mythology and general culture. I'm looking to skim stones in historical terms to find something that clicks with me. I'm a /tg/ fag looking to get into historical gaming and want something to paint to while I figure out which direction I take.
>>8587 >or a Chinese-Russian confederation >historical animosity This is not something that couldn't be overcome. Both players are 100 percent opportunistic, which naturally being a trust issue might be the bigger obstacle for closer integration but in the end they'll do whatever they see as most beneficial to them. If that's a confederation no historic animosity will stop them.
>>8588 >Truth is the dem establishment fears the Jacobite frenzy of the left mob just as much as the right and they are powerless to stop them. It's going to be funny as fuck to watch antifa and BLM protesting Biden and Harris' administration.
>>8591 I suspect BLM is partly funded by Trump. "Vote for me and I will stop these nigger riots" is a good way to win votes. He basically ran on that in the first election claiming he was law and order. He'd arrest Hillary etc. TBH just Hillary being arrested, even if not charged would have saved his fanbase from ditching him the way they did 2 years ago.
Open file (33.20 KB 656x389 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8590 The US is now a Chinese vassal. They removed the force keeping them united. https://archive.is/VqCSo https://twitter.com/PDChina/status/1325110445162848257
What really surprises me is that after these last 4 years of trump rightfully Shitting on the (((media))) not one talking head been killed, they always talk about threats they get from crazy 'right-wingers' 99% of the threats are fake either used as deflection or sympathy points but not one actual big name has been attacked or killed not even by a Miga Schizo. I was going to write "Is the era of political assassinations over?" but then I remembered the GOP baseball game that got shot up. Can you guys think of any other political attacks or assassinations that happened in the last 4 years?
>still no civil war Man fuck the constitution and fuck laws, do what you want just don't get caught cause no one's going to stop the retarded march towards bureaucratic hell.
Open file (24.50 KB 670x296 opec.PNG)
Sounds like OPEC deal will be destabilized by the election.
>>8592 >I suspect BLM is partly funded by Trump. That's a really odd take.
>>8599 >Niggerdom riots kick off right before election both times >First time Trump says he's law and order and will put them down >Says he's anti-system and the system is letting this happen >Promises to make America great again and restore it to pre-nigger riot times If I wanted to run an anti-system candidate I would have rioters marching through the cities while claiming the system failed to stop them but given the power I would. It's the exact type of thing Jews always do. Make a false flag, claim you are the solution and then don't solve the problem which mysteriously dries up as soon as you're elected.
>>8592 >BLM funded by Trump BLM has already been confirmed to just be a money laundering scheme for foreign actors to invest money into the Democratic party. They run their funding through a handful of crowdfunding websites that explicitly take their funds and give them to the Dem party if they haven't been pulled out after three months in holding. BLM has never taken money out of their crowd funds (since they're already funded by Soros) and has refused to release any financial statements since their inception as a political organization. The fuck are you smoking?
>>8602 >Trump can't be part of the money laundering scheme which would benefit his run for election >It has to be all of these people Trump is friends with and goes to the same elite parties with >But Trump isn't involved. WTF are you smoking?
>>8590 >not something that can overcome. You underestimate the historical shock they have. Remember how the Japanese attack at pearl harbor was partially due to the animosity of Perry's black ships? In China the same is for the British and the Russians.
Open file (211.85 KB 770x770 clownfused.jpg)
>>8603 >Trump can't be part of the money laundering scheme which would benefit his run for election Do you unironically think everyone here is a MAGAtard who believes in some 4D chess conspiracy? Trump is a fat old boomer who got in because he tickled the sweet spot between boomers and whites that actually matter. He kept the former while picking up some gay trans-niggers while losing the latter by refusing to follow up on a single thing during his presidency, and no amount of funding the Democratic party would benefit him given he's a dumb fat old boomer who used his daddy's money and repeating online conspiracy theories to get into power in the first place. Trump is living rent-free in your head. Similarly while I've no doubts of Fraud, I think anyone who thinks this is all some grand conspiracy is letting these politicians live rent-free in your heads. Governments are incompetent. The reality is the server room is on fire and the powers-that-be on both sides are shrieking up a fit trying to find every loophole to maintain their oligopoly. There is no grand conspiracy to kill the white race, there is no grand conspiracy to establish some sort of NWO, it's a rat race to the bottom to maintain power/wealthy/influence, and (You) are part of it.
>>8606 >Weeb is too stupid to understand that politics isn't honest and people set up scenarios only "they" can solve. Weebs should be banned from the internet. They're dumber than normalfags and twice as useless.
>>8603 >Trump can't be part of the money laundering scheme Why does it sound like you have confirmation bias? What financial transactions have you seen to be evidence of what a terrible theory you're trying to push? It almost sounds like you're another normal fag blindly regurgitating his favorite online social club's conspiracy theories. Yes, there are powerful oligarchs that are responsible for most of the high level corruption in U.S. politics, but you seem to have a middle schoolers capacity for critical thought when you give these 1 dimentional explanations thinking that passes for evidence. BLM and Antifa are funded and organized by CCP front groups. Look it up, retard.
>>8610 Let me put it simple for you because you don't seem to get it. If the system which controls politics doesn't want something to happen then it doesn't happen. They control the military and could have easily shut it down. Since we know this and we know they PICK who gets to run for president (either directly or through funding depending on how deep you think it goes) we know they allowed nigger riots and allowed Trump to run. Which raises the question why both of these things happened. The best theory which makes any sense is Trump was a pressure valve. Instead of letting a real Hitler 2.0 appear due to whites anger and still having the numbers to do something they sent in Trump saying all the right things then doing none of them. The run up to Trump's first election was entirely about nigger riots outside of his events and burning cities down. Then just months before Trump is running again the niggers kick off after being quiet for a few years. It makes no sense what so ever for that to happen.
Open file (974.75 KB 720x480 glow.webm)
>>8606 >There is no grand conspiracy to kill the white race, there is no grand conspiracy to establish some sort of NWO, imagine believing this sad
Open file (1.64 MB 2700x1800 880.jpg)
>>8613 >>8612 What if I told you that you can trace cause and effect in similar manners without believing there's a grand conspiracy behind it? What if I told you I've been directly involved with politics and have lobbied senators in DC in my youth? What if I told you that realizing that governments are incompetent is both greater nightmare fuel and also relaxing in a strange way that only zetsubou can bring?
Open file (6.53 MB 685x597 1523751415965.gif)
>>8611 You're a schizo, man. Reading your shit is fucking hilarious and is the sort of thing that comes about when you've had no involvement in actual politics but want to pretend to be an expert on them.
>>8614 >>8615 >I'm a Jew Yes, we know.
https://archive.org/details/TwilightOverEngland/page/n51/mode/2up Page 52 is all you need to read to understand Jewish influence in politics.
>>8616 The Jews just have permanent PTSD and think that by ensuring a multi-cult society they can keep themselves from getting gassed again. The vast majority of them (outside some Zionist Israelis that most American Jews hate) are just paranoid freaks of nature, not actually malicious. They still deserve firing squads, but that's because the road to hell is paved with "good" intentions.
>>8618 Kikes were pulling the same shit pre-WW1. Don't try and bullshit me shlomo
>>8614 >>8615 Blatant misdirection. Samefag. Flagging you as a CIA nigger.
Open file (1.18 MB 1520x1080 lain smug face.png)
>>8611 Yes, you're right. I suppose it isn't at all likely that China isn't funding commie groups, black mailing politicians with sex/bribery scandals to then use later for influencing domestic/foreign policy and using a 10 cent internet army to spread pro commie propaganda, organize riots on twitter, and ultimately help the dems alongwith the media to censor wrongthink in a demoralization campaign being used to influence the election. Oh, and Covid-19 was spread by Trump not China. Thank you for explaining it so simply.
Alright calm down niggers, we don't need "You're a glow nigger! You're a Jew! NO you're the jew!".
Open file (57.52 KB 859x723 korengirl.jpg)
>>8621 Both mainstream American parties support the exact same policies. How the fuck do you believe it's a two party system who fight each other?
Open file (199.71 KB 600x620 1603845173923.jpg)
>>8622 You can post my post history for them if you want considering I've been here since Julay and it's only changed a couple times.
>>8621 I giggled, thanks anon.
Open file (11.00 KB 369x365 Math.jpg)
>>8622 Show us your foreskin. Prove you aren't a jew! There's a lot of rabble rousers on the webring right now. Likely julayfags trying to stir up drama because no one cares about their little cytube cabal.
>>8622 The real jew is the friends we made along the way
>>8609 Excuse me thats the american 2hu.
Excuse me thats the proud patriotic american 2hu.
>Biden supposedly names Cheney as foreign advisor >the "fuck dup hahaha he got btfo cry more fascists" crowd immediately starts crying again hehehehehe this is gonna be a fun decade, I can't even be mad at how retarded this country is anymore.
>>8619 How does prove him wrong? the holohoax wasn't the first time kikes got persecuted
>>8622 >don't call everyone a glow niggger CIA or a jew BO what are you smoking bro? Do you live in Seattle >>8634 What would be hilarious would be if Rommney got appointed Also GOP is going to swing back to the RINOs hard and get fucked again for the next 30
The false flagging has begun lads. >https://www.cnn.com/2020/11/07/us/pennsylvania-convention-center-arrests/index.html https://archive.is/cYa8o >Text messages reveal that the men were concerned about the tallying of votes at the convention center, prosecutors said, according to KYW. Antonio LaMotta, 61, and Joshua Macias, 42, both of Chesapeake, Virginia, were arrested Thursday night outside the center on suspicion of carrying handguns in Pennsylvania without permits, authorities said. >Philadelphia police said they found the men Thursday night after receiving a tip that people with firearms were heading to the Pennsylvania Convention Center in a silver Hummer truck. >Officers found a silver Hummer a block from the center -- parked and unoccupied -- around 10:20 p.m. Thursday, about seven minutes before finding the men, who acknowledged the Hummer was theirs, police said. >Both men were carrying loaded handguns, and police found an AR-type rifle in the Hummer, authorities said at a news conference Friday. About 160 rounds of ammunition were found in the weapons and the vehicle, authorities said. >Stickers and a hat with logos of the QAnon conspiracy movement were found in the vehicle, Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner said. >A woman who was traveling with the men has not been arrested, Krasner said. woman was the rat, bet on it What type of dumbass tries to storm a vote counting center with 160 rounds? the glow false flag
>>8639 >false flag Sounds more like a couple of retards went to a different state that has different gun laws than their home state and got fucked for it and the media is just using it as an excuse to do what they always fucking do. If this was a false flag and they intended to shoot the place up they'd have been caught with scary salt rifles which Biden openly said he would try and get banned while claiming he'd protect handgun and "sporting gun" users.
>>8642 That was my thought process reading the article. QBoomers aren't known for being the brightest bunch.
>>8642 Give it a day, I think they need to prep joe for what he needs to say or else he'll ramble on endlessly.
Open file (22.14 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)
>>8594 Does (((youtube))) count as (((media)))?
>>8647 If Fagbook and twatter are "social media" then I'm pretty sure youtube counts as media as well.
>>8645 Strelok sometimes people are just idiots and sometimes the media takes advantage of those idiots. Don't get me wrong it's still part of their game but it's not a false flag just because two qniggers got uppity and did something dumb. Now if it comes out that they were suddenly linked to supposed white nationalist terror cells and that all militias are hereby b& then I'd call it a false flag.
Can the USA burn down already? This is getting tiring
>>8654 It won't burn down on its own, you have to go out and form a group or groups that will start destroying infrastructure and assassinating politicians/bankers/corporate CEOs, but every time anyone brings this up they get shouted down as feds so I guess you'll never get it lol
>>8635 And every persecution was preceded by them being kike parasites to their host nation.
>>8636 >Also GOP is going to swing back to the RINOs hard and get fucked again for the next 30 Actually I think they are going to try to pivot to the latino vote. I think they have a good chance of pulling it off too.
>>8658 Indeed, and like all parasites they learned they can survive a lot better if they weaken the host's immune system, but a host with a weak immune system dies easier, and then the parasites either dies with it or finds a new host. Jews are not some kind of a grand coalition of the greatest conspirators, they are just parasites to be exterminated.
>>8659 Doesn't matter because then they would inevitably just finish becoming liberals.
>>8677 Latinos really aren't liberal at all. They just vote for which party will favor them the most. If they took control of the republicans it could only possibly improve them given how useless "conservative" politicians have become. Not to mention it would be hilarious to watch democrats demanding a border wall and trying to revoke latinos PoC privileged.
Open file (81.28 KB 600x600 baste.jpg)
>>8596 >do what you want just don't get caught
Browsing through my files I've found this, and I'm the kind of man who likes to share his pain.
Open file (126.78 KB 1153x823 1580403222007.png)
>>8680 >story time >>meet a girl
>>8677 >>8678 The Latinos are going to support strongmen types in the imitation of Simon Bolivar in South America. It's in their nature.
>>8686 I suspect that's why the Mexican president hasn't recognized Biden's win yet.
Open file (534.56 KB 1280x720 trash.mp4)
>>8680 >Gangbangs a chick with a frat boy friend while drunk >Thinks its rape >Guilted into taking responsibility >Misconstrues the very easy-to-obtain ability to manipulate women as some sort of conquest/red-pill What the fuck is this normalfaggot redditor tripe?
Open file (6.39 KB 252x200 dfdf.jfif)
>>8680 That was frankly annoying to read.
>>8687 I laughed pretty hard when I heard that, wasn't that guy still spitting venom at Trump less than a year ago? That combined with Biden supposedly hiring on Cheney to his administration and the reaction to that has made this past week hilarious. Trump losing might be the best thing to happen this year, even if it was fraud, everyone is going to be butthurt about a Harris Biden presidency.
>>8680 The only thing in that post that isn't retarded drivel is the very last line.
>>8696 somehow we have the Mexican socialist president and Bolsonaro in Brazil on the same side as this one. It may be due to the Obama admin funding cartels in Operation Fast and Furious though, and with those rebel governors wanting to pull out of the Mexican federal government taxation pact he might find himself facing a coup soon enough.
>successful vaccine trial results announced less than a week after US election day I actually do think it's probably coincidence, but damn if this timing isn't just begging for people to see conspiracy. If I were Pfizer I'd have deliberately delayed the announcement by another week just to avoid the appearance.
>>8716 >Left-wing nuts are going to interpret it as Trump holding back the vaccine and refuse to get it >Right-wing nuts are going to interpret it as them holding off the vaccine unless Biden is elected, interpret it two or three different ways, and refuse to get it too >Everyone who's rich is going to refuse to get it regardless until the poor masses have a chance to act as guinea pigs Really the only people who are going to get it are guinea pigs who are either too stupid not to, or too desperate due to a cost-benefit risk analysis to say no flat-out.
>>8686 >in the imitation of Simon Bolivar in South America Latinos had Caudillos everywhere at some point, ranging from jew pawns, madmen to actual benevolent military men from time to time. Many of the "social democrat" movements (read: commies) had their biggest challenge in convincing people that strongman politics were bad even when the vast majority of the good infrastructure was made in their mandates. Many of these guys did build up the countries but at the costs of fucking over many ancestral lands and rural communities, hence why in latin america it is the rural people who are prone to communism while the city slickers are the authority and order type, and even then the rurals usually just accepted USSR/Cuban assets out of revenge to the government rather than true faith in socialism, reason why Che Guevara failed miserably outside nigger jew island. Those who knew how to balance modernization and progress among the outback people and the city denizens are the ones who live forever in folk history, even if their demise was bad. The Alvaro Obregon and Marcos Perez Jimenez figures in contrast with the Porfirio Diaz and Maximiliano Hernandez examples.
>>8718 >Those who knew how to balance modernization and progress among the outback people and the city denizens are the ones who live forever in folk history In regards to that you also are missing out on the fact that most historical figures are also affected by the legacy of those before and after him. Liu Bei (Shu) in the three kingdoms was originally viewed as an usurper and tyrant, until the successor the three kingdoms (mainly Wei) the Jin was a even MORE colossal shitshow than the three kingdoms era so Cao Cao suffers as a malevolent and treacherous figure. You might ask how can one who unifies of the three kingdoms be such a shitshow? Given that China then lost 60-75% of it's population? >first emperor believes the only way to achieve unity is to let imperial princes all be extremely power >dies after being literal chad memes and fucking 10,000 women once again this ruins everything because giving lots of power to these princes >second emperor is a literal mong spreg lord whos retarded and is a puppet >his wife cucks him and there's literally several wars for controlling him by said earlier princes from the first that were empowered (known as disorder or war, more like warlordisim of the eight princes) >barbarians as auxiliaries from the north like niggers/spics invade and rebel, entire court flees eastward. >Beginning of the sixteen kingdoms in northern China where everyone murders everyone like the modernish warlord era that makes the western roman collapse look like childs play >the Eastern Jin military and civilian leaders put 1+1 together and realize they need to stop the barbarians >battle of feishui where a numerically disadvantaged, but superiority trained discipline and equipment group (800k vs 80k if the Book of Jin is to believed) crushes the barbarians in a single battle similar to John Komnenos at Beroia or the shitshow at Manzikert >almost immediately after the victory everyone goes back to fighting each other and the emperor is murdered by his wife . And that my fellow streloks, Is how a person laid the ground work the re-unification of China (Cao Cao) is known as a treacherous and cunning person, whereas his opponents who were the real treacherous ones are written down as heroes.
>>8723 >that makes the western roman collapse look like childs play Because the Western Roman collapse was not really violent. Yes there were power vacuums that had to be filled, but by and large the only groups that fucked up bad were the Germanics, and in their case it was more death due to famine and disease rather than due to the wars themselves. The Germanics didn't break down the Roman stone roads in protest of their foreign occupiers, they broke down the Roman stone roads because the Romans were the only ones who used them for pulling Oxen, which were seen as a shitty beast of burden compared to the local alternatives due to cost and survivability in the cold. Only the Musk Ox was considered a cold-resistant variety, but you had to ship them from the mountains of India to wherever they were wanted in Europe through Northern regions so the beasts didn't get heat stroke.
Can any one recommend some good podcasts or audiobooks? Historical would be nice but I'm up for anything not horror related. Figure /k/ommandos will have a few in their back pocket.
Looks like Trump playing an interesting route with his lawsuit in MI: >WHEREFORE, Plaintiffs request that his application for special leave to file Counts II and III of this complaint for quo warranto relief be granted and that this Honorable Court grant such other and further relief as appropriate. He is trying to challenge the election officals as the ones who deliberately perpetuated fraud, and as such using quo warranto (by what warrant) is challenging the right of the election officals to hold office and trying to get the city of detroit and wayne county results from being certified. My understanding is that quo warranto is a very rare occurrence in lawsuits.
Asking this completely out of nowhere, but how badly is Idaho getting fucked by Californian/West coast transplants? I've heard that Boise and Meridian are already getting screwed over, but what about the north, and southeast?
>>8727 Will this lead to anywhere, preferably to the supreme court? Because I can already see democrats saying that the supreme court is illegitimate if they somehow come to the decision that those elections were illegitimate and they have to redo the whole thing. And that might also make Trump stubborn enough to barricade himself in the White House.
>>8732 >Will this lead to anywhere, preferably to the supreme court? Most likely it will not but it has a possibility (compared to the sharpie challenge in AZ). Trump is arguing that the results from Wayne County MI (Detroit) should be partially if not fully invalidated as the election officals themselves do not hold sufficient grounds to be legitimate themselves (he argues he has proof they were the ringleaders of the fraud). Quo warranto is a very rare usage in this context (and in general). It's usually used to challenge someone who is not legitimately elected. eg; I live in Detroit, but I ran for and got elected as Milwakee Representative, or I forgot to swear in before exercising my duties. It's a weapon of last resort and kind of the nuclear option, since the remedy is pretty extreme (removal from office/ changing election results). The PA court cases are more interesting, since he's got a better chance to win. Do ballots mailed in after 8pm count, since the Secretary of state unilaterally extend the deadline with out the consent of the legislature. The supreme court ordered the ballots to be counted separately and tallied separately. however, PA SOS told SCOTUS to eat a dick basically and said "I'm not responsible for this thats a county thing" (Hint: Chain of command says otherwise). If the PA election is invalided or the ALL the mail in are invalidated due to the SOS not separating them then its likely the trump wins either from the resulting vote or the legislature voting to prevent PA EC votes not counting due to safe harbor laws. Constitutional question: Can a state extend a deadline PAST election day? Only precedent is Maddox v. Brd. of State Canvassers, from Motanana Supreme court which says NO. >https://casetext.com/case/maddox-v-brd-of-state-canvassers >Being within the powers expressly ceded to the limited federal sovereignty by the people of the United States, and having been exercised by the Congress, it is apparent that the states have no power to interfere. Thus the legislature may not constitutionally extend beyond "the Tuesday next after the first Monday in November" the time when the presidential electors shall be appointed or elected by the ballots of the voters. Finally, there's one major lawsuit that is conveniently not being covered in Nevada. It is arguing that the election is being manipulated due to a lack of standards by the local county. Major constitutional question: Can states mandate voting standards for the presidential election? eg; voter id >>8729 I've heard housing/ land prices have shot through the roof. Same for Montana. Maybe you got a shot in WY, that's where I'm headed tbh.
>>8729 >Idaho Hardcore fucked. Locals are falling to the poz as well. You've got a lot of good people outside the cities, but the cities are growing exponentially because of the migration patterns, which means that Boise will run the state within 10 years. The same shit is happening in Montana. Just look at the election map by county. The U.S. is suffering from late-stage, inoperable metastatic cancer. Either stay where you are, or find somewhere on the edge of a lesser malignancy. You'll find lots of friends in the PNW.
>>8741 Strelok but there will be no escape from the roving hordes of urbanites when the push comes to shove. do you know about wyoming by chance? I live in TX and the tri cities area will fuck the rest of the state over, unless you lve in the pan handle or near the Louisiana border you're 10/10 fucked.
Open file (3.26 MB 592x1280 qbzvpi.mp4)
Some dumbass on ticktok/ twitter is about to get his ass rammed by tyrone after he gets sentenced for election fraud. Original twitter account taken down, sorry.
Open file (291.19 KB 960x540 original.jpg)
>>8745 >Strelok but there will be no escape from the roving hordes of urbanites There is no escape, no matter where you move. Look at what happened during the china flu. The urbanites moved into the country, spreading their diseases as they went. I don't know about Wyoming anymore. I have no family there, and the last time I visited was in the early 90's. Look for midline property taxes in the middle of nowhere. If they're too low it's an indication that there's no industry, which means heavy drug problems. If they're too high, within 10% of a single family home in a suburb, then it's an indication that the area is either run by corrupt officials, or will be pozzed within 10 years. You could live like or-anon, but that means making sacrifices and breaking zoning laws. Whatever you do, never buy land that requires building permits or inspections.
>>8747 Did he get arrested and charged?
>>8752 They never do.
>>8750 Wyoming is full of ticks with Lyme disease, rattlesnakes for 10 months out of the year (the other two being ice storms), and meth heads. It's also basically unpopulated because there are no jobs in Wyoming unless you're allowed to work remotely or want to work for a supermarket/oil rig. Wyoming is only an option for programmers, accountants, and those who can work from home.
>>8741 Just being rural isn't enough. I know plenty of rural ranchers and farmers that are hardcore shitlibs. It's mostly the old, dead manufacturing towns that are red and only because of Trump. And I wouldn't move to one of those unless you got a job there or work remotely.
>>8726 History of China is pretty good, though the guy who makes it occasionally says some cuck shit or makes cancerous quips (like star wars references), but the information he provides puts a lot of things regarding the behavior of the bug hive into perspective.
>>8726 It's neither of those two, but if you like boats then Drachinifel has an inhuman amount of content you can listen to.
Open file (248.90 KB 495x453 Biden_success.png)
>reading this Bidup article from JewYork Times:https://archive.vn/Qvw1a >scroll down >pic related jumps at me Magnificent.
>>8760 Sounds like the country can't be saved without actual industry and not just "services."
>>8776 Funny enough, Japanese country folk have said the same thing after tsunamis destroyed their villages.
>>8747 Apparently fake, the guy made it to get views. Apparently that's just his Amazon uniform.
>>8782 retard journos always spout shit like this when it's obvious that actual fraud is more likely to take place than this.
>>8784 The guy's account and other posts sure make it seem like he's just a retard who wants views. That video was filmed in a room he's been filming TikTok videos in for a while before the election. And do poll counters wear reflective vests despite having no reason to, or is it just a guy relying on the "yellow vest = employee" association?
Open file (84.98 KB 400x346 honest heart.png)
>>8729 >>8741 >>8745 >>8750 >>8758 Every town is fucked by dead/low wage industry (ex: Rust Belt and Appalachia), liberal bourgeoisie (ex: northeast Kansas, New England), or will get fucked by inmigration (Texas and Idaho and now Montana are currently on the menu), if you want a community search very thoroughly and keep your mouth shut about it because small town America is dead and your options are living in the concrete shithole or by the highway with hicks for neighbors. Move into the woods and live off the land taking on odd jobs if you want freedom but don't ask me how because I would've done so already if you want to go by the books. Also on a sidenote the west coast, New York, Georgia, and Texas all have this revolving population of wagechasing goyim with cosmopolitan cities so be wary of anyone from these state from now on, there was a paper on this. >Wyoming There is fucking nothing in Wyoming except the oil industry (a bunch of fucking Texans came up to Cheyenne to work on a pipeline), and the state's population is cowboys who hate outsiders of any race and ideology or trash looking for work and cheap housing. There is a meth problem, the atmosphere and vibe of the state gives off a godless feeling, cops have the legal right to slap flashing lights on civilian vehicles (semis, sedans, pickups) to catch speeders, farming is hard which is why the population is so low in the first place. The only good things that can be said about it are it has the best gun laws at least in the lower 48 (now that Vermont cucked out for no reason) and it's predominantly white but birth statistics state that 25% of births are now coming from non-whites so whatever. Point is there is no hope, a civil war if it happens will be hard fought resulting in satellite states from Russia, China, Israel, and reconquista from the spics. Rural areas will get steamrolled by the military leaving mountain men the only ones who have a good chance in the initial phase of it. Boogtards, Antifa, civilians will be put down like bird shit on a doughnut as they are herded into shopping malls designed to be used as jails, minutemen silos and Area 51 will not be lost and if they are will be in operation of retards who will reek havoc with the latter scenario letting out something man should've never known about. When the king is down the betas will go for the crown, this war will be a combination of Spain and Jugoslavija's. Not like a civil war would be a bad thing at this point.
"Syrian Kurdish commander Mazlum Kobane, who recently signed a deal with a US company to sell Syrian oil abroad, calls on Biden to at least double the US occupation presence in northeastern Syria." >The victory of former Vice President Joe Biden in the US presidential election has raised expectations of renewed and constructive US engagement across the world. Such expectations are acutely felt by the Kurds of northeast Syria. Washington's top allies in the war against the Islamic State (IS) have suffered an undue share of tumult as a result of President Donald Trump’s erratic policies. His decision to green light Turkey’s October 2019 invasion, which resulted in the loss of a huge chunk of Kurdish-controlled territory and the withdrawal of US troops from the Turkish border, was a huge shock. But in the year that has elapsed since the Turkish assault, the Syrian Kurds — under the stewardship of Mazlum Kobane, the commander-in-chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) — have been striving to turn adversity into opportunity. >Al-Monitor: Joe Biden has been declared the winner of the US presidential elections. Can you share your thoughts about the new US administration? What would you ask of Joe Biden if he were sitting across from you? >Kobane: We are optimistic about the new administration. In fact, they are not so new for us. When we started the fight against the Islamic State together with the United States and the Global Coalition, the same team was pretty much in place. They are in command of the situation here. They grasp its complexities. I believe they will pursue a more realistic policy in Rojava (Syrian Kurdistan). As for our expectations, we must successfully conclude the fight against terror that we are conducting together. We continue to view DAESH (IS) as a threat. They have camps in regime-controlled areas. They have camps across the border, in the desert in Iraq. They have no financial problems. They are able to find money. They have no trouble recruiting fighters or with training them. They are able to deploy them everywhere. They have a network of sympathizers. >Therefore, the United States needs to send more troops here. Al-Monitor: What kind of numbers are we talking about? >Kobane: At least double the existing number. [Following Turkey’s October 2019 invasion], coalition forces pulled out of from certain areas including Raqqa, Kobani and Manbij. But we are continuing our campaign against DAESH in all of those areas. As things currently stand, we can keep DAESH under control, but we cannot finish it off. >Our other expectation from the Biden administration is to maintain coalition troops here until a political solution is reached for Rojava and for the whole of Syria, naturally. Our military ties with the United States are very good, but we consider our political relations to be insufficient. Despite all our efforts, they have not attained the desired level. https://web.archive.org/web/20201109221236/https://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2020/11/syria-mazlum-kobane-sdf-mediate-pkk-us-election-biden-trump.html https://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2020/11/syria-mazlum-kobane-sdf-mediate-pkk-us-election-biden-trump.html
>>8797 >semis Do they actually do this?
>>8797 >He thinks the feds will survive in his blackpill fantasy I'm all for blackpills, but one thing that will not happen is the federal government if/when shit hits the fan in the next two decades. This election basically mimicked the one prior to Lincoln gaining office except the roles are mostly reversed in terms of industry/military power. The feds are a foreign occupying power west of Kentucky, and while they produce a large chunk of change on paper, it's all pork barrel spending and private industry colluding with the state. Without gibs (feds can't afford them without vassal states like Kansas/Texas/Louisiana), their industry will collapse overnight in modern day Rome (DC) and the rats will be exposed in short order as the whole system rots from within at breakneck paces the world has never seen before thanks to electronic communications.
>>8803 If DC is Rome where is Constantinople?
>>8804 We don't have one. Most likely it will be split like crisis of the third century. Easy/ west coast, texas and south, rust belt, and plains states and rockies.
Open file (179.55 KB 803x1300 ENnMeUHWkAAjgnz.jpg)
>>8804 That is coming when Europe is annexed. A Rome/Greece relationship. It would actually pretty funny if history repeats like that, European warring states establishing colonies by sailing the seas, and a Western colony rises to unite it all. While Rome never actually was a direct colony of some Greek state, it was heavily, heavily influenced. If there is any truth in what I say, then we still have yet to see the Punic wars. Or the US will simply explode, dunno.
Open file (203.18 KB 494x499 galil.png)
Finding shops selling cheap milsurp for extortionate prices just because they have a flashy website and store makes me madder than it probably should. >€60 for Swedish cold war webbing >€299 for a "BATTLEWORN WWII" civil defense helmet from the 60's others sell for €30 >A fucking "SOVIET WWII SOLDIER ISSUED" GP-5 for €199 >€99 STEN mag >€299 "SOLDIER ISSUED" M19A1 ammo box >€499 AK bayonet >Literally making up uniform designations and tagging them as "RARE" to add $100 to the price I think what pisses me off the most is that I know stupid faggots actually pay what they're asking.
>>8812 I blame airshit faggots >>8811 is that supposed to be a greek woman kissing a roman legionare or am I just retarded?
>>8812 I bought a surplus rucksack from the 70s for $40 and I felt retarded for that, I think they're just marking up high prices to dupe newfags and boomers plus Biden getting elected saying he'll ban all online firearm transaction doesn't help.
>>8811 The equivalent to the Punic Wars was probably World War 2.
/k/olleagues, is it happening?
>>8818 Doubt it, dup is probably doing a bunch of spiteful shit just to sabotage future president Harris, which is still a good thing I guess, fuck em all I'm tired of this shit.
>>8797 >Lower 48 How bad is it in Alaska?
>>8820 Alaska gets fucked in a full cw scenario since it has no industry and is reliant on imports, either gets annexed by RU/Rus/CN/JP or just looses a lot due to starvation.
Open file (352.77 KB 609x364 Waiting.png)
>>8812 i fell for the retarded prices once as well, but to be fair I was on vacation in yurop and didn't want to turn it down >normandy >small shop selling WWII shit >pic up a German war medal because it looks cool, pay 70 euro for it >do some research on it when I get back home >war merit cross, 2nd class >"Nonetheless combat soldiers tended to hold the War Merit Cross in low regard, referring to its wearers as being in 'Iron Cross Training'" >mfw paid $100 for baby's first medal
>>8821 Can't they join Canada?
>>8818 Considering Biden can just rehire the ones he likes who leaving out the ones he dislikes, he's not really creating much of a headache at all.
>>8820 Alaska is extremely insular and companies there will not hire you unless you have legal residency in Alaska, legal residency in Washington with manual labor experience, or have family up there. They're basically to America what Chechnya is to Russia in everything but name.
>>8821 Alaska exports enough to more than make up for those imports. Do not mistake isolation-based imports as being the same as Jew York/Commiefornia-style imports.
>>8823 IF they didn't go completely independent, they'd be more likely to join Russia or Japan than to join Canada, unless the Canadians give them major concessions for access to that sweet, sweet oil/natural gas/lumber/mineral resources.
Sometimes I forget that the goblina thing is not just some meme, and then come across something like this: https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=IWmOHs5O2qo
>>8826 My question is where do they GET their imports from? If it's the continental US then in CW they're FUCKED. Same with Hawaii, can't wait to see them resorting to cannibalisim when the entire world implodes. >>8822 >merit cross I knew a girl who's grandparents were in on the ostfront and I think he received the Iron Cross with oak leaves (and?) swords. She decided to destroy it after going full woke. If her grandparents / parrents were alive they'd be rolling in the grave. And before you asked, I did try to buy it off of her but she didn't want to sell it. Wokeness is a disease of the mind and not of the body.
>>8797 >reconquista from the spics I don't see Puerto Rico getting back their island and northern Mexicans have been borderline planning how to expell seasonal laborers from the south who are slowly claiming all the federal resources into their small enclaves in the rural areas. If hypothetically some latino areas seceded and wanted to join Mexico the federal government would be extremely wary to cross the ones with the nuclear/thermobaric codes and who pay the cartels to do anything, the state governments would probably maybe accept but only to drain all the resources because at citizen level the cultural shock would be gigantic to ignore, most mexican-americans don't know spanish coherently enough and the immigrants who do are from the stock widely hated/disliked by the northern states. It's already normal for mexican shopping tourists in Arizona to treat the immigrants like trashbags even in border cities like Tucson, so latinos are for making isolated states between the borders. Buffer zones only useful to avoid taxes, buy existent stock of american products and fish in the lakes, and we haven't touched the rez areas, injuns without gov gibs would fall into terrorism grounds because they sure as hell don't like immigrants either.
Open file (52.07 KB 530x706 confuss .jpg)
>>8829 >If her grandparents / parrents were alive they'd be rolling in the grave.
>>8832 She kinda went off the deep end after her father died in a car accident right before trump got elected. Her grandfather died from covid19 nah he died from the flu a decade back. My interactions with him got me the feeling that he was never repentant, but he was Kriegsmarine. TBH I'm not sure if it was awarded to him or he somehow came into procession of it, since it was the pre-1957 variant and he never commanded a ship. >confuzzed She's the type of woke that I hate the most. The type that presents themselves as civilized and attempting to uplift the ignorant masses. Her father was a very conservative man who hated communism.
>>8831 >most mexican-americans don't know spanish coherently enough and the immigrants who do are from the stock widely hated/disliked by the northern states. Can you explain more? Do you mean that those that do speak spanish tend to be more brown? >It's already normal for mexican shopping tourists in Arizona to treat the immigrants like trashbags even in border cities like Tucson, so latinos are for making isolated states between the borders. Latinos as in Chicanos? I know Mexicans in Mexico have this envy relationship with Mexicans born in the US
>>8834 Not him, but from my experience 3rd gen "Mexican-Americans" tend to speak extremely broken Spanish while being much more fluent in English than 1st or even most 2nd gen, it's not really a brown level thing, more of a foreign family's children somewhat integrating to the point that the mother tongue is being lost. Sometimes you'll see a grandparent have trouble communicating with their grandchild at all and get frustrated as shit over it. That's what they get though, I hope their offspring all wind up being the same kind of retarded self-hating moron every other melting pot loving nigger is.
>>8829 >My question is where do they GET their imports from? If it's the continental US then in CW they're FUCKED. And I'm saying that's retarded. 1) Alaska has an increasing push to grow local and state incentives are increasing that percentage. 2) The events that would lead up to a civil war would naturally involve searching for food independence or at least less reliance on the offending country. 3) Alaska is a hop skip and a jump away from Russia who both sells produce and acts as a food middle man for most of the world. 4) A good chunk of your produce doesn't come from the USA anyways. 5) Food that is bought "domestically" from the mainland USA is done because it's cheaper to not fight with tariffs to get your food (a non-issue in a civil war). 6) Canada 7) The WHOLE WORLD is gonna have food shortages/get fucked if the US is experiencing a civil war, not just Alaska. The USA produces a fuck ton of grains for the world over. US food exports account for 17% of China's total food imports. A famine will not happen in any US state outside of major cities. Food shortages and rationing, sure, but there is more than enough food circulating the world over without US involvement and it can be assumed that the same applies to Alaska which has open port access to most of the world for 8 months out of the year.
>>8827 Canadians have grain and already have a land border through the Yukon.
>>8833 Strelok he was wondering how in that sentence they would both be alive and in the grave
>>8841 Lemme hang myself for lack of grammar >>8837 True. I completely forgot about the fact poor children in africa KONY 2012 lol are gonna starve because they can't get their shit together.
Open file (10.76 MB 7680x4320 wardriving.png)
Some 4cuck /pol faggot decided to wardrive around antifa protests. Look what he pulled up: >https://twitter.com/Oto666Yamaguchi/status/1326382009439150081 Guess who's name showed up on the list? >orgeon's secretary of state >orgeon's dem party chair for portland >quite a few activists Don't join unsecured networks lads. take this with a grain of salt, as usual Sadly I never figured out where 8cuck /tech/ ended up going post collapse.
>>8846 >For reference, this file and associated images are stored here: https://mega.nz/folder/MqJSlJYa key: e1742zUDlNgRMvkzNzv6Yg >This information is shared as a citizen journalist and was all obtained though Publicly available information. It should be used purely for research purposes. kek > high res https://gofile.io/d/UhkwY3
>>8847 To be fair, some of his tweets makes me think hes a glow or relatively bad at opsec himself. Because saying the NFA is illegal on twitter is a great way to get FBI'd.
>>8848 Oh he was very very very bright. Still, can't object too much to the glowies feeding the chooks from time to time.
>>8846 >account suspended That didn't take long. What was it?
>>8851 dox and glownigger style relationship mapping of every member of antifa in Portland, Oregon. refer to the mega link and the gofile above.
https://gofile.io/d/pUIziS Here is the mega content reuploaded
>>8854 Why?
>>8837 What pieces of infrastructure/territory would any would-be American warlord absolutely have to control in order to ensure victory over his opponents?
Open file (1.06 MB 711x759 gdpr.PNG)
>GDPR doesn't apply in the US I swear to god I it's damn near interstate commerce tiers of impossible to tell GDPR to fuck off. The act of blanket banning EU IP addresses, according to the EU falls under GDPR, what the fuck? That is like Wickard v. Filburn, the act of NOT committing interstate commerce, is infact interstate commerce. >inb4 you run a shop I run a non-profit game server. Fuck this shit.
>>8859 America is a top-down nation with a top-down hierarchy. You don't need to control any infrastructure so long as you can kill your opposition and maintain basic needs like food and shelter. Keeping hands from being idle alone is enough to stay in power, but giving those busy hands an incentive (spending money) is generally enough to keep them from turning over to the next warlord that comes through who falsely promises more gibs.
>>8864 >America is a top-down nation with a top-down hierarchy. >You don't need to control any infrastructure so long as you can kill your opposition and maintain basic needs like food and shelter. Elaborate.
>>8866 America was founded on the principles of nobility holding office in everything but name. They couldn't call themselves nobility though because they were basically criminals trying to legitimize their criminality to the public. It's been slowly eroded into a more democratic system but the notions are very much embedded into American culture. Plebs just need to be kept fed/clothed/sheltered so they don't form bread riots, their minds need to be occupied so they don't have time to think of things like secession, and rewards need to be handed out to incentivize good behavior whether that's through nice things, drugs, or tradable currency. There's a reason politicians fear unemployed non-criminal men in their 20s/30s.
>>8867 >Plebs just need to be kept fed/clothed/sheltered so they don't form bread riots, their minds need to be occupied so they don't have time to think of things like secession, and rewards need to be handed out to incentivize good behavior whether that's through nice things, drugs, or tradable currency. But you can't do that without physically controlling some measure of roads/bridges, water treatment facilities and power plants etc.
>https://dlive.tv/p/redpill78+gFgkDC2Gg >https://www.twitch.tv/videos/798796260 A whistleblower from Dominon (the voting machine company) has come forward. Credible or not, I have no idea.
>vaguely recall that somebody once mentioned how it would be a good idea to replace the Picatinny rail on pistols with a single M-LOK slot >try to look up if somebody ever made something similar >no matter what I search for, all I get is AR-15s without the stock mounted Yet one more thing to the long list of things I hate.
>>8868 You could run a cult.
>>8869 Summary? No one is going to watch a fifty minute video.
>>8868 I'm saying the specifics don't matter as it's doubtful any other warlords will have downed it unless they were genociding the area, and that you can build the necessary infrastructure fairly easily. Electricity is not needed for most public infrastructure of populations under 20k or so. Not for filtration, not for water cleansing, etc. It just does an easier job of keeping people entertained/not requiring a couple teams of guys to do jobs at a deficit to keep things running. Also >Roads
Open file (104.35 KB 274x372 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8873 I was thinking more along the lines of early 1920s China tier warlordism where the warlords controlled territory big enough to house large cities and their own limited industrial and bureaucratic apparatus, not Idlib tier warlordism where every village/neighbourhood has its own independent revolutionary brigade with extremely loose and constantly varying allegiances/rivalries to one another. Is the latter likely to happen outside of urban cores in the US? Image unrelated.
Is there a chance of something amusing happening in America in the coming few weeks, or do I have to wait till Biden is supposed to step into office?
>>8872 >election board was in on the fraud >workers would fill out ballots that were incomplete and run them through the machine >machine check for voter signature was manipulated >poll challengers were not allowed near the machine >they were supposed to get food but the trucks that pulled up for food had ballots >people running the polls counting were wearing BLM and biden t-shirts and shitting on trump.
>>8877 The illusion of democracy is dead. Time for oligarchy.
>>8882 >time for oligarchy We live in a hybrid oligarchy-kritocracy with marxist anachro-tyranny underpinnings.
>>8883 >anachro I can't imagine something less anarchist than the current world
>>8876 I wanna say yeah, but I've been blueballed by this country too many times to get my hopes up.
Open file (212.46 KB 1268x702 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8846 >8cuck /tech/ me neither, I used to visit every so often Also it looks like there's some fuckery going on right now.
>>8889 >Also it looks like there's some fuckery going on right now. So i'm not the only one having issues , that's quite odd though.
Open file (71.71 KB 187x684 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8890 it's likely chinks doing chink things, but the faggots on 4/pol are freaking the fuck out which is funny.
>>8891 nice thumbnail
>>8892 thanks, still gets the point across
>>8891 Some sort of massive DDoS attack to what end? Normal fags are butthurt their favorite media provider is down so they go out side and riot?
>>8894 Why its china of course; you heard it here first folks the chinaman is making his move. WWIII when? WWIII now.
>>8817 No, WW2 was like the Macedonian wars.
>>8877 >people running the polls counting were wearing BLM and biden t-shirts and shitting on trump. Even if everything else is false, that alone would actually be grounds for invalidating the polling center. t. Showed up with a political shirt to a poll booth when I was a dumb high schooler and almost got arrested.
>>8891 >>8894 Could've been some retard accidentally'd the power at the main host or there was a hiccup on the ISP end. Albeit chinkshit would be hilarious if true.
>>8897 It would be if anyone actually cared about enforcing the law against the people who do this shit. Fuck all is going to come of this.
Open file (10.81 MB 640x360 AdZ14IioePBse6g5.mp4)
>>8897 >>8900 >enforcing the law That only happens when you have trust in the legal system right now, which social media (and the blatant one sided-ness recently of people getting assrammed when big wigs get fuck all, gives us no trust in the system. >>8894 I think is a twitter/ youtube purge. They are clearing and deleting any "news" so actual news not fox/cnn/ msm out from both right now that talk about the election. In other news. Dumbass drives to portland with a woman, tries to save woman, gets claped by antifa faggots. >https://twitter.com/i/status/1295253759291879424 >Investigators learned that the victim may have been trying to help a transgender female who had some of her thing stolen in the area of Southwest Taylor and 4th Ave, the location where this incident began. That person has not been contacted and their identity is unknown. Investigators would like to speak to this person. >video related One of the attackers has been identified as a portland airport ramp agent by 4cuck, police asked him to turn himself in but he's probably in leafland where trudeau won't extridite him by now.
>>8901 >woman
>>8901 That happened months ago, including the identification of the uniformed nigger.
Open file (53.59 KB 197x255 1601403603593.gif)
>>8904 >That happened months ago I thought I saw this posted awhile ago. Glad I'm not having false memory's and you also remember this being posted.
>>8876 Not much other than all pretense being thrown away regarding legitimacy of the said elections. It will just become sort of a ritual thing, kinda like christmas probably. >>8894 It's probably just some one company having issues. Internet has become more fragile like that, now that everything is being consolidated under the control of a handful.of companies.
>>8905 >>8904 Huh strange, that was posted recently on twitter again by someone else. Sorry then. Chance it might be a right wing psyop to rile up people maybe??
>>8901 >>8906 So the election is now equivalent to letters to Santa except even less effective to the point of being counterproductive?
Open file (527.87 KB 1500x1500 larry_krasner.png)
>>8916 At least the process of writing a letter to Santa has it's benefits. >Child has to convey thoughts >Child has to interact with someone they've never met >Whole process is a way for parents and their children to bond You don't get anything when you vote. You can't even get the impression that you're opinion matters in some small way unless you're a rigger.
>>8919 updated
Ready to roll over and take your state-approved vaccines in the ass, EU streloks? edition.cnn.com/2020/11/11/europe/eu-authorizes-contract-biontech-pfizer-vaccine-intl/index.html https://web.archive.org/web/20201113031604/https://edition.cnn.com/2020/11/11/europe/eu-authorizes-contract-biontech-pfizer-vaccine-intl/index.html
>>8907 No it's probably just some slowpoke.
>>8876 probably a false flag coming. I'm not sure if it will be a high profile MCE, or they'll just amp up some low-key happening ("hate crime" type shit). If I had to put money on it I'd guess the later because it's easier to manage for the glowies /judenpresse and it gives Biden an excuse to drop the hammer on "extremist" White males out of the gate. However, the Million MAGA March is this Saturday in DC and someone will probably dump something juicy into the news cycle today (more than the typical Friday dumps with it being Fri 13th 2020).
>>8950 >million maga march Fuckin gay ass name. I hope someone does shoot them up, false flag or not. If they actually cared their country is going to shit they'd be dragging politicians out of congress and skinning them alive on live TV.
>>8957 But >muh optics! Anon! W-we haven't gone through the courts and given this two years to die down towards a slow rotting death yet, anon! Sometimes I wish America had more Eastern immigrants so that shit would go down.
Guys, I'm losing hope...
>>8963 Hope about what?
Open file (64.21 KB 720x960 black booster.jpg)
>>8964 Liberty. >>8957 nothing will happen. we'll just slowly have our rights taken away and no one will do a damn thing. seriously streloks, what is there to do? what's the best course of action? Do you think the magatards will realize once the courts fail to serve justice, they'll go to the final box?
>>8971 Ok ATF
https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=p-_oSolCafw Someone decided to take over Ubisoft Montréal in a rather hostile manner.
Here we fuckin go with the hopeless mopey faggot again. If it's so hopeless then at least kill yourself and let the rest of us enjoy you not being around you fucking crab in a bucket.
>>8971 Also the fuck were you even talking to? Nobody said anything about niggerpills anf you come out of left field with this shit, you're just here to be a faggot and I doubt you ever gave a fuck about the board.
https://www.wdbj7.com/2020/11/13/northam-announces-new-measures-to-reduce-spread-of-covid-19/ >Strengthened enforcement within essential retail businesses: All essential retail businesses, including grocery stores and pharmacies, must adhere to statewide guidelines for physical distancing, wearing face coverings, and enhanced cleaning. While certain essential retail businesses have been required to adhere to these regulations as a best practice, violations will now be enforceable through the Virginia Department of Health as a Class One misdemeanor. Aren't certain Class One's enough to make you a prohibited person? IIRC it's the one year imprisonment penalties that can put you over the threshold.
>>8983 I don't know who cucktham thinks is going to enforce this shit, not even most of the state troopers wear masks, and the ones that do are usually in areas full of people who openly disobey the law and dare them to do shit because it'll start a riot. Maybe we're not getting a civil war, but people sure as hell aren't bothering listening to the law anymore anyway, so I guess we're going straight for Brazil mode.
>>8983 It's all so fucking tiresome. If people would just stop being retarded and take basic precautions like masks, distancing, and reduced gatherings this would all be over like in Japan and Taiwan. But no, instead you have faggot bugchasers who actively try to infect people so they can get paid time off work, and protests declaring that requiring a particular item of clothing is a "slave collar". I really wonder how those retards would react if someone tried to join one of their anti-mask protests nude. Same principle of "I choose what I have to wear", after all, or rather even more justified, since the mask is a concrete health measure, as opposed to the vaguer "public decency" justification for pants being mandatory.
>>8987 I'm glad some streloks see sense. Corona only causes 30 times more deaths in the US than niggers. The idea of everyone wearing masks, at essentially no inconvenience to themselves, to protect themselves and those around them from that minor threat is almost as irrational as wanting to carry a gun to defend against those even more irrelevantly-low rates of nigger violence.
>>8986 Same, though at the same time they have a point, shit like this can easily be used by governments to push their agendas, right not is maybe too early to say, but just as likely later can be too late.
Open file (138.72 KB 707x530 1604070650571.jpg)
>>8989 The best part of my Province having "mandatory" mask laws is that in the off chance I have to use my 100% legal and lolcenced :^) CC they won't see my face giving me a small chance of staying a free man for wanting to protect myself. Fuck my dogshit country. >>8985 >Brazil mode After all the talk for years of Civil War I'm doubtful it will even happen the way people think it will. Like you said Strelok North America is going to become Brazil 2.0, cities will become lawless (like during the nigger riots this year) and small towns and rural communities will look into defending themselves rather than rely on the police for protection. Even after the police let rioting, looting and general niggerdy happen as they sat back and watched I still see people I would consider rightwing defending the police. It boggles my mind. Also who do the thin blue line faggots think enforce gun control? Do they believe in their heart of hearts that since they have a sticker on their car that a cop won't come and arrest you under the guise of a 'red flag law' or even worse arrest you for "Hate speech". Question for burgers since you guys have the first amendment how can they even arrest someone for hate speech?
>>8992 Remember to wipe prints on bullets and use gloves when loading them into the magazine.
>>8992 Most of the blue line people that I am aware of are cops so that they generally just skirt on the edge of law and don't give a fuck about what Cali thinks about gun laws. That and all depend on retiring so they can just flash a retired badge to keep their guns.
>>8985 >but people sure as hell aren't bothering listening to the law anymore anyway Good.
Open file (286.20 KB 1072x1440 1600397642714-0.jpg)
>>8993 I got a Model 10 because I really liked the way they looked and after getting sometime behind it I really like the way it shoots. Also a benefit is not leaving brass behind if I ever had to use it. But yea I usually clean the bullet with water and a bit of soap do you think that would be enough to destroy any accidental prints left behind? Also my local police are massively incompetent as are 99% of the cops in my country so I don't think they would be whipping out the CSI tech to solve any crime. >>8995 >Most of the blue line people that I am aware of are cops That actually makes a lot of sense. I'll admit that the people who I see post thin blue line stuff I've never really looked into their jobs so they very well may be cops or maybe they have a family member that's a cop so they think they are protected. But to me it doesn't feel like cops are all one big happy family that will protect each other when the going get tough, as long as the guy paying them tells them to enforce some law whether they believe in it or not they will fuck over anyone that gets in the way of their money. I kind of understand that way of think if they had a family to support but I couldn't sell out my beliefs that hard >>8999 Don't give him any (you)s he's been doing this for years at this point just ignore him.
>>8979 update it was a false alarm, they got spooked by a robbery across the street and locked themselves on the room and a conference room >>8993 shouldn't you use a brass catcher as well if you're going to take that step?
Open file (27.65 KB 300x173 1536705350879.jpg)
I'm going to bet that California posters live with their family as NEETs or a necessity to their fairly decent job as for some reason they stay there.
Open file (23.61 KB 432x480 1598656664640.png)
>>8827 >they'd be likely to join Japan
Open file (25.04 KB 474x316 transtyrant.jpeg)
>>8991 >shit like this can easily be used by governments to push their agendas >maybe too early to say really?
>>8986 Nipland doesn't have masses of niggers spics and other mystery meat like we have flooded in our cities everywhere that will never follow the rules for not gathering in large crowds and wearing masks consistently. Ideally the country is all white, government ramps up N95 production right away and gives them to everyone in the cities, and doesn't fuck over small rural businesses with restrictions that are only as relevant in crowded urban areas.
>>9013 What do trannies have to do with corona virus restrictions?
>>8827 How would joining Japan work out? Don't get me wrong, as far as I'm concerned the biggest problem is that they'd have to figure out how to write Arusaka with kanji (because using katakana for the name of a province just feels wrong), but I can't image the process that would end with Japan growing bigger.
Why'd that guys posts get deleted? He wasn't even disagreeing about anything except the corona shit, or are we not allowed to be suspicious of that anymore.
Open file (43.03 KB 315x681 og2pr3bt20n21.jpg)
>>9018 Japan sent troops to Alaskan islands in World War 2. Then the US managed to incur casualties on itself taking back already abandoned bases.
>>9018 >>9020 What about ?
>>9018 Not same strelok but regarding your question about kanji. It could be possible to use an older, less opted for set of characters. There are closer representations to the name of "alaska" in older Chinese writing styles. That being said, you'd fucking have a better chance of transitioning to tangut language because then everyone is on equally unknown footing. To be fair I don't envy the transition from a logographic to an alphabetic system (and vice versa). I'm a native writer of both and sometimes it makes me want to hang myself because these are somewhat mutually exclusive Thankfully, the Japanese use a syllabary/ semi syllbary script so it's not complete neck yourself time. If you're going to the translation of meaning: Alaska means "object to which the action of the sea is directed" roughly So I'd guess "沧海浪动之地” (sorry I do not have the japanese/ old chinese typefonts on this system) or "(the great) sea (of which) waves act upon (this) land". >>9021 maybe he deleted them themselves. >>9023 You've probably noticed I've deleted my previous post because it wasn't clear. 阿 is a descriptor like adjective. Litertally the sound "ah" (like oh, or when the doctor makes you say ahh) and is a poor name for a state. The three ways to translate a place in chinese classically (not modern, but ancient), Was by transliteration, by the main ethnicity, or by the descriptor of the area (in which case modern "alaska is the first and third")
>>9024 I doubt it considering how ban happy the BO is. I've had my posts deleted with no explanation before too, I'm tired of this to be honest.
>>9022 And how is that relevant? >>9024 You seem to overcomplicate the issue. They'd just have to find a few kanji that can be read together as a-ra-su-ka and call it a day.
>>9025 I've never had my posts deleted and I've said some pretty inflammatory shit in the past, so I don't know how you fucked up that bad.
>>9018 >How would joining Japan work out? Alaska does not exactly want to be a part of Canada IIRC since Canada would basically use them as a resource colony without giving them any concessions. Several Alaskans are of Russian descent, but the Russians are most likely to give them a raw deal. In the event of a US Balkanization, Alaska is very likely to go independent, but because of their fishing industries, oil industries, lumber industries, mining industries, and close proximity to Japan, a reactionary Japan immediately after the collapse of the US (if China is still an issue) is likely to form STRONG trade relations with such an independent Alaska (and possibly with Washington/Oregon/Commiefornia too) both as protection against Russia and to ensure they have access to several the resources they currently receive from America (Commiefornia/Oregon more for agriculture/dock access). In theory if the Alaskans finally get fed up with their Southern bretheren and have avoided having the entire Canadian/Russian military called down on them to turn them into a resource colony, there's a strong chance they could form something more akin to a treaty of friendship which along with heavy trade and Alaska's relatively small population could result in a Hokkaido-like situation. Most travel in that region passes quite close to Alaska so Canada and the West Coast would likely back such a relationship since it would ensure stability from Russian interference in the region.
>>9024 >>9023 Doublepost so shamefur display. There is of course a fourth option. Creation of of special set of characters to describe the state itself being used as a name. The (ancient) Chinese rules for translation are that they not be translated if: >Arcane, such as incantations >Polysemous >Not found in China >Traditionally transcribed, not translated >Lofty and subtle, which a translation might devalue or obscure This is no longer relevant because the mongols came around and completely obliterated the 16 tones they had in classical Chinese and thus there are only 4 (8 in Hakka). In the new construction, I'd assume there'd be several words since alaska is four syllables. My guess on a reconstruction on classical chinese lines might be something as follows: First word would be of left right structure (three stroke box) or 匚 with three dots of water or 氵with the word 巅 (peak) inside the box Second word would be of top middle down construction with a left right split in the middle. Top would be considing of the top half of the 光 word (light) 日 (or sun) radical with 千 or thousand (because 万 or ten thousand is reserved for the emperor), and the bottom would simply be 土 or land. Last word would simply be the suffix to append "state"州.. Which could be usually left out unless you need it for some super specific legal document. Literal translation of the two characters: Peninsula of peaks, land of the eternal sun A more apt, fitting name for a Japanese state rather than that shitty spelling they have for it now. >>9026 >over complicating the issue. The Nihon spelling for alaska (state of) is アラスカ 州 or a ra su ka. I'm not a fan of it since I don't like 片仮名 (Katakana) because that would imply it is a foreign land, of which it would not if it was truly ruled by japan. Also because most nouns are from Kanjji so it would be somewhat insulting. At the same time, anyone with literary talent and not braindead like current year chinese/japs would understand the character I have created (no matter how complex). >>9028 >treaty of friendship That only works so well so long as Japan is a viable power. More likely I see an attempt by Japan to create some sort of maybe co-prosperity sphere sound familar? That encompasses the island nations, hawaii, Japan, and Alaska. Diddo for west coast since its filled with niggers and spics. Maybe they'll take vancouver? They will try to destroy LA/SD though since the major naval bases would be an unacceptable theat to japan strategically if the west coast go full pacific empire mode and tries to become the preeminent pacific power after US collapse. >>9027 >>9025 >post deleted I had my fucking riots 3.0 thread deleted but we can have psuedo-scientific bullshit thats alternate history like >>8925 kept makes me slightly angry. Because going back in time is definitely not a happening then.
>>9029 Gotta agree on the riots thread being more valid than the NEETSoc LARP thread.
Open file (777.18 KB 2976x2012 Haruna_1934.jpg)
>>9021 >>9025 >>9027 Disagree with corona all you want I don't care. But how long have you guys been using /k/ that you aren't able to spot niggerpill from a mile away? When he comes into the thread saying "Wow what a bunch of cuc/k/s why haven't you killed all the bad politicians in the world already you larpers fuck this board I'm leaving!". then always coming back to do the same shit He's been doing this for probably around 5 years now with the same talking points and almost identical posts. Now if I mistook you for him last night and deleted your post I apologize. As for what >>9029 said about the riots thread being deleted and not >>8925 that was not my choice that was the BO choice to not let those threads continue. To be fair anon the riot threads were going the way of the bio warfare threads with nothing but shitposts and a lot of 'you won't do shit nigger' posting >>9031 Which NEETSoc thread are you talking about?
Open file (12.96 KB 284x177 Amada Kokoro.jpg)
Open file (1.32 MB 620x566 1542592020191.gif)
>>9032 >spotting a nigger pill My response to that shit is to... Well, not respond and let him hang himself. No need to silence him since people will just ignore him if you fall for the bait you don't belong on this board >pic related is semi thread right now, it's just missing FX-9590 and あまだ こころ Amada Kokoro dying of a fire. Pretty sure natsoc thread is that shitty alternate history thread. I might be wrong though. the NSFW post is mocking the shitty "alt right" that 4cuck and 8cuck are so pls no ban
R/a/dio is up in case anyone wants to listen to autistic music: https://smuglo.li/a/res/866631.html
>>8986 >distancing The only effective distance to combat indoor spread is over 200m based on droplet analysis from early on. If you look at who's been pushing "distancing", you'll quickly find that they all lean left. So tell me, if you wanted to capitalize on an airborne contagious disease during an election period which involves people inspecting your side as you count votes, what would you do? Convince people that 6 feet between people stops the spread. Convince people to make it a law. Can you read 12pt font at 6 feet? Can you verify a signature at 6 feet? Are you tall enough to look over someone's shoulder as they're hunched over writing 6 feet away? That's roughly 30 feet tall And of course there's the powers of the department of health that you have to contend with. Proper masks used properly work. Polypropylene glycol misting works. Sanitizing packaging and decontaminating clothes works.
>>9037 In the Michgan/PA challenge part of the lawsuit was on the vote counters deliberately making it impossible for watchers/challengers to view the ballots. They'd align the tables facing away from the wall with 3 feet to the walls.
I was typing up a whole response but you really aren't worth the energy. If you hate /k/, think were all stupid cuc/k/s, think you're wasting your time and hate the moderation then don't come back. Pretty sure 4/k/ has very limited moderation so you can shit them up and make all the retarded posts your heart desires. Not going to indulge you with responding anymore.
>>9041 >I was typing up a whole response I never knew jannies could be so romantic.
>>9026 >And how is that relevant? It was funny.
>>9032 Is BO >>8925 ? Because what the fuck.
Open file (27.39 KB 150x150 afd oh no.png)
>>9043 >not knowing jannies had a soul You must have missed the good old days. Remember, If I make mistakes in "spelling" Molly dear, said he Remember it's the pen, that's bad Don't lay the blame on me The spoiler is simply shitting on /fascist/ as a joke. Don't take it seriously
Open file (6.35 MB 500x546 1589135566087.gif)
>>9043 Y-you too. >>9045 No i don't think the BO made that thread. I was going to delete it but all the replies are staying on /k/ topics so I didn't really see the need to get rid of the thread. He even specified the year 1938 so It feels he had pre-ww2 ideas in mind. Also I don't like deleting full threads unless they are obvious bait or shitposts I wish vols could move content not just delete it
>>9047 IS it just me or is your gif not loading unless I click on it? Just returns without a preview.
>>9048 Happening for me as well. No idea what happened and it took a long time to upload my post for some reason.
Open file (1.30 MB 138x207 thiskillsk.gif)
>>9049 Hang on lemme try something. It might be that gifs aren't fully supported here.
>>9015 this particular (((tranny))) kills grandparents after moving his mother out of assisted living
If anyone noticed some asshole is spaming the board now.
>>9060 Oh boy is it time to lose half the catalogue already?
>>9088 I'd say the entire catalog probably. Given that BO is missing and our vol just dissapeared.
>>9111 There was contention between the BO and Jannies? BO hasn't posted in over a week to my knowledge
Is cock mail not working for anyone else?
Open file (87.07 KB 192x197 aaaaa.gif)
>>202 It's started.
Open file (1.22 MB 540x501 1604960342325.gif)
>>9167 Did the war start!? Why did you fuckers not tell me!
blm and niggers beating people due to muh maga rally: white woman cyring like a bitch in the second one. No bandwith to download videos so pls archive if you can. https://twitter.com/i/status/1327741510557773825 https://twitter.com/i/status/1327745226639863809 https://twitter.com/i/status/1327731145102901248 Should we have a happening thread for the ethopians deciding to duke it out among themselves again?
>>9040 Dominion chick also said they built a wall using full lock boxes. And the best part is that it's illegal to film in a counting facility because that's somehow voter intimidation.
>>9170 They got derailed really fast because they lead to nothing. Just post shit in here until the fedbois start targeting non-antifa. pic related when I try viewing a bunch of the posts on twitter. I can still download the videos though.
>>9171 Secret ballot is why. IF you get the names / who they voted for big F not so secret.
>>9174 They already have the names though. Software voting machines in the US have two databases, one for the scanned signatures, and one for the votes. Those can be joined by the company who hosts the data. Dominion has, or had, an antifa supporter in a senior level position. Based on the affidavits coming out of DNC organizations, they were shucking ballots before election day in one of the states without oversight, thus bypassing the whole "secret ballot" bullshit.
>>9170 >Should we have a happening thread for the ethopians deciding to duke it out among themselves again? I just made this thread for that exact reason. >>9172 I was going to make it earlier in the month when the war broke out but I was busy with irl shit. and I missed the Middle East threads we used to have
>>9175 >dems already know the vote of course they do. The law about filming was written to prevent this before electronic tabulation. Now it is being warped to abuse by dems for obvious reason. the republicans don't get a pass because they could've changed the law.
>>9177 >spoiler Independents don't even get the pass. It's hilarious that the election process and fraud could be almost entirely 80+% eliminated by sweeping reforms within 3 years, but nobody wants to do it because they all commit fraud. Despite the massive support they would receive from honest people.
>>9029 at the time we'd been having riots for literal months and we still are to date, getting more boring threads about "whoa watch these MAGApedes getting slapped by anteefa" and how something's totally gonna happen any second now wasn't really interesting. discussing a topic versus using the board as a RSS feed on niggers committing crime are two separate concepts. >but why not just make a cyclical or something for riots riot threads bring people to the board who are only interested in said riot threads and they lower board quality because most don't know shit about anything else going on here and aren't interested in assimilating; we're talking so stupid braindead lazy that they make new threads for AR recommendations instead of just using the QTDDTOT thread. this, combined with the threads often devolving into shitflinging, political bla bla, etc. means I couldn't be fucked to read through them, let alone moderate when 15 posts get reported for disagreeing or talking about backflow testing that's why your thread was removed. you can talk about them in here. as for why >>8925 stays, if I'd logged on earlier i'd have deleted it but some of the responses are interesting, slightly, and I unfortunately can't merge posts/threads together or relocate them. every time a thread gets "migrated", it's literally me just copy pasting the images and text and re-creating the entire thread one post at a time which is fucking boring >>9113 there are two vols, one doesn't talk and the other also usually doesn't talk. i like my vols and they do a pretty good job. if you think a post you made was unjustly deleted then screenshot or pastebin it and send me an e-mail complaining that they suck and i'll withhold the tendies until the beatings are finished
>>9170 >>9182 is the DNC retarded enough to try and coup anyway instead of waiting until Jan creating total chaos because their golem got out of control?
>>9183 Holy shit nigger you're alive. I was deleting run of the mill "cuc/k/s won't do shit I hate this board I'm leaving" posts when he decided to spam the board. Like I said in >>9032 If I deleted any other streloks posts by mistake I apologize. Also the images being spammed where the same things he was saying that caused this whole sperg out. Such as >>>/meta/13724
>>9179 >independents dont get a pass Independents dont decide the elction. Reps and dems do. >>9184 No. But the low tier plebs might get uppity and they'll get cleansed >>9183 > if you think a post you made was unjustly deleted I'm not complaining, I just didn't know there was 2 vols. >>9185 So does this mean that we have a romantic vol and a silent stalker type? I must confessed that I am only intrested in the latter because a real strelok wouldn't be posting to prevent identification via typography and OPSEC :>) On a slightly more related tangent. Apparently the armed forces generals having been lying to the CIC and the general public of the number of troops in Syria. Spanish civil war is coming lads
>>9182 Shameless double post, thanks for the download since bandwith. https://twitter.com/i/status/1327846702989111296 cuckservatives screaming for police to take a side. Thin blue line lel.
I really can't wait for tyranny to set us free from this insanity.
>>9187 >Apparently the armed forces generals having been lying to the CIC and the general public of the number of troops in Syria. Do we give a shit at this point? Everyone is rusing everyone like there's no tomorrow. The generals are probably rusing themselves, and each half of their brains rusing each other, and spooks rusing their pineal glands with radio signals.
>>9194 Do we give a shit at this point? I do, only in so far as it gives him good reason to purge career DOD faggots.
>>9201 In the 2 months left before it all returns to nothing. Nice job dup.
>>9190 The sooner these dumb cuckservatives figure out that the police have never been on their side the sooner this shit gets resolved. Various interest groups are insistent on pushing the "thin blue line" nonsense because they know that the ones with guns turning against the police is the end of their whole narrative. It's the end of police brutality, the end of all these nigger riots when monkeys start getting shot, and the end of people getting away with crimes against individuals when the individual takes the law into his own hands. The only good cop is a dead cop. Unfortunately that is unlikely since cuckservatives will just bend over and find an excuse to blame it on the politicians/state policies instead of on the culprits, the pigs in uniform. >>9183 >as for why >>8925 stays, if I'd logged on earlier i'd have deleted it but some of the responses are interesting, slightly, and I unfortunately can't merge posts/threads together or relocate them. >Political fantasy threads are allowed >But current politics are not Well since you set out the precedent yourself, I'll just make several threads a day every time you delete them relating to the riots until one of them "gets enough interesting responses" to stay or your vols get tired of deleting them. Proxies are infinite, volunteer patience is not.
>>9204 But Strelok, the cuckservatives ARE the police.
>>9204 >deciding on a case by case basis whether an offtopic thread should be kept >maintaining a strict code of conduct and cleaving to it judiciously i prefer the former to the latter because we can be a bit more fast and loose around here than on a higher PPH board. if the thread seriously bothers you, then I can migrate it to /100rads/ to maintain consistency in enforcement. that being said, I think I made it pretty clear why one offtopic thread stayed and another was nipped and it's not fair to skip past all the baggage that came with your riots thread to the simple conclusion that gud responses = keep thread. yeah if the riot threads had consistent good responses I'd keep them but they didnt and they attracted autistic faggots like flies to shit. if you want to volunteer and moderate a riots thread cyclical then put in an application and put your money where your mouth is
>>9209 Did you forget your BO/jannie login again becuase people wont trust what you say without it lol
>>9212 you seem to recognize me just fine without it and we're talking to each other friendo if you want to have threads on discussion or reporting of civic unrest, either ask the site owner to create a /n/ or /happening/ board on anon.cafe or volunteer to moderate the threads yourself so as to make up for the increased workload.
>>9219 So you're saying if I create enough of a hassle that the current moderation gets sick and tired of it, that you'll allow them. Cool.
>>9222 >if you want to take on extra responsibility to cultivate content you like then go for it Cool. Got it. Ok. So. Basically. Do it myself. Copy.
In other news, a flying wing design for a commercial aircraft is in the works: https://archive.vn/MyXez Alas, it's fucking ugly, so I've spoilered the actual design.
>>9204 cops are like niggers; I prefer to be where they are not. the silver lining of Corona is my city's budget is all fucked up so they're cutting several city cop positions and the state cops aren't interested in picking up the slack.
Open file (379.36 KB 800x696 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (563.98 KB 800x930 yukari_suspicious.png)
Couldn't these mRNA vaccines lead to a fatal autoimmune response? Given what's known about Type 1 diabeetus and other autoimmune diseases it doesn't seem that great an idea to distribute these to billions of goyim upfront.
>>9243 Strelok any vaccine can lead to a fatal autoimmune response. My understanding is that COVID-19 being novel, results in a cytokine storm, so that might be the "adverse reaction" in the trials they are talking about.
>>9243 Are you the only anon who has this incredibly annoy habit of fucking spoilering all of his post for no goddamn reason wharsoever, or are there more of you?
Open file (9.28 KB 287x300 gee bill.jpg)
>>9236 Gee Bill two fuselages?
>>9245 : ^ )
Open file (94.03 KB 960x540 akari despair.jpg)
>>9245 I thought spoilering was considered polite? >>9244 Yes indeed, but most vaccines are just some mass produced viral proteins packaged together with funny lead additives which when injected trigger a natural immune response along with autism, the recent Pfizer/Moderna mRNA cancer "vaccines" are instead using the goyim patient's own cells to produce the viral protein which given how CD8 T cells work should in theory be able to trigger a genocide of every hapless cell translating the foreign mRNA into protein. Maybe they're banking on the mRNA only being actively translated for a short time because RNA, but I'm more willing to bet this being some Deus Ex tier shit requiring lifelong treatment with immune suppressants in a sizeable amount of the population.
>>9250 >Maybe they're banking on the mRNA only being actively translated for a short time because RNA, but I'm more willing to bet this being some Deus Ex tier shit requiring lifelong treatment with immune suppressants in a sizeable amount of the population. Which is why I plan of allowing other people to beta test these particular vaccines until it's shown to be safe.
>>9250 >I thought spoilering was considered polite? You must be new here. Saging is polite if your post is offtopic, and spoilering the unimportant or just tangentially related or ˝auxiliary˝ parts of a post is also useful. But spoilering a whole post that doesn't even reply to an other post is just annoying. >>9251 In a slightly better world that would be the perfect job for serious criminals. Although, all things considered the nu-males will be happy to show everyone how enlightened and responsible they are by vaccinating themselves. Don't get me wrong, I think vaccines work, but in this one case it seems to be such a rushjob that I'd rather wait a few years.
Open file (757.74 KB 1185x1029 abosultely heretical.png)
>>9250 >>9251 >re: mrna vaccines. The issue with mRNA vaccines is that if your immunocompromised you're fucked. Also: I suspect it might end up having the effects like pirons. In addition, DNA editing is only so advanced as crispr. Which has the drawback of being a shotgun on the DNA template and not a fucking laser scalpel. >Fortunately, scientists have found ways to combat this RNA degradation. For instance, they can change the sequence of RNA to make it much easier to store. Furthermore, other molecules can be added to bind the RNA and protect it. Such engineering enables the storage of RNA vaccines at room temperature for at least 18 months. That fucking scary shit right there. I don't trust gene editing for viruses yet when my field (agriculture) can't get it done properly without spending billions half the time. Fuck, the ORIGIN of gene editing is from Agrobacterium tumefaciens and it's T.Plasimid, which acts like a virus!
>>9250 Please contain your spoilertism /a/utist, the grammar nazis and thread police dont exist here.
Open file (484.97 KB 1100x619 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (44.08 KB 495x495 ahhhh.jpg)
Open file (623.78 KB 1398x726 ClipboardImage.png)
>>9254 In school I learnt from a teacher who spent decades working in the field that vaccine/medicine production is an inherently complicated and autistic process involving the transfer of viral DNA coding sequences into anything from basic bitch Escherichia Coli on the low end to expensive Chinese Hamster Ovaries on the high end depending on which organism can correctly fold the damn things, then having to extract and package them in a way that allows for long term cheap storage without inhibiting or degrading the protein, autistically refining the entire process sometimes involving large rewrites and even fundamental research just to port a viable protein from a Hamster Ovary to a cheaper Drosophila-derived line to save costs, then considering suicide because test samples of the release candidate worked fine on every test group except some obscure Aboriginal tribe and the suits in charge don't want any pesky WHO restrictions placed on their previous vaccine aimed at the sacred global market. But fuck all that gay shit, let's just put cut down viral mRNA into a capsid/liposome and call it a day, what could possibly go wrong?
>>9270 >what could possibly go wrong? What's the worst case scenario? Could it somehow develop an even worse virus?
Open file (299.43 KB 712x941 afchan der spangel.png)
>>9270 A-are you >>9214 by chance? The thing with the mRNA vaccine is that I'm scared that it's not truly mature enough because CISPR isn't mature either. I fear that it will induce some sort of actual full on viral replication that will actually just straight up give you covid. At that stage we might as well fucking go out and party like dumbasses since you're gonna get it anyways. >>9271 The other part I'm worried about is that it'll cause some unknown anti-gen interactions with the immune system and basically spread unhindered. HIV can't infect people with CCR5 mutations because it can't enter the T-Cell, but those people get fucked by West Nile or other diseases the most people just shrug off.
Double post but worthy US election Bullshit. >https://www.northwestgeorgianews.com/rome/news/local/hand-count-reveals-well-over-2000-more-votes-than-machines-added/article_c1365ce2-2818-11eb-8656-6b7f49a93a04.html?fbclid=IwAR1F5cjzTDhA9wkbEdjQpF-FlxTMfn82Sd2hBa3DDZAWTMiD0HEFOFGP4Qg >https://archive.is/wip/IUwoR >The Georgia Secretary of State's office is sending an investigator to Floyd County first thing Tuesday, to help determine what happened to throw the Presidential election count off by 2,500 ballots. Rest of the countys seem normal, so maga cuckservitves continue to reeeeee. Maricopa county finds no evidence of irregularities in hand counting of ballots: >https://azsos.gov/sites/default/files/2020_General_Maricopa_Hand_Count.pdf >Pursuant to A.R.S. 16-602(B), Maricopa County conducted the hand count/early ballot audit for the November 3, 2020 General Election. >With the order established, the specific polling places (vote centers) to be counted were selected with the participating County Party Chairs alternating the various selections. Once the polling places (vote centers) were chosen, the 5,000 early ballots to be audited were selected . A total of 26 batches were drawn to be audited to reach this 1% or 5,000 ballot total, whichever is less. >No discrepancies were found by the Hand Count Audit Boards. tl;dr you faggots in burgerland like me should get ready for a biden shitshow and then horizontal harris taking up the presidency. Meanwhile other news. BLM dumbass who got caught on video sucker punching a cuckservative was arrested and found to be a sex offender. >https://conservativeus.com/video-the-blm-militant-who-sucker-punched-the-trump-supporter-was-arrested-he-is-also-a-registered-child-sex-offender/ >https://archive.vn/107Zx >current charged with Inciting Violence, Aggravated Assault and Felon in Possession of a Firearm after he was found to be in possession of a handgun. >previously convicted of Second Degree Child Sexual Abuse Against A Person Under 16 Years Of Age And that's it today for "why the us is going into a shithole once again".
>>9274 >horizontal harris What's the origin of this epithet?
>>9275 Harris fucking her way up the political leaderboard before she came AG.
>>9274 is it even worth keeping track of the myriad lawsuits behind the election at this point? given dup's track record of locking up all the swamp libtardz who impeached him, locker up hillary, etc. I get the feeling that even if a recount is forced it won't make a difference towards the greater outcome of the election. Too many holes to plug.
>>9204 Reminder that the cops are not pro-white or pro-anything aside from acquiring a government paycheck and immunity to breaking the law. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc-0YpRpqgA5lPTpSQ5uo-Q, here's a channel that archives and explain who's right and wrong in police interactions (99% of the time it's the cops).
>>9280 you fucked up your URL there with the comma and you forget one big thing cops support ARE GREATEST ALLY IN THE MIDDLE EAST
Open file (5.10 MB 640x360 nigger_cattle.mp4)
>>9271 >Could it somehow develop an even worse virus? Unless they put an entire Coronavirus in there then no, but it could mess up any tissue the jewRNA capsid manages to penetrate by way of adverse immune system reactions meant to get rid of infected/dysfunctional/cancerous cells. But it's fine as Bill Gates would never ever consider giving people free Type 1 Diabetes to raise Novo Nordisk/BD/Bayer etc. stock prices, only bad people like Orange man would do that.
>>9278 Not closely, but i really want him to win, at this point i think he's the accelerationist candidate, winning by the courts would multiply that. What i'm confused about now is if this is just political theater or if Trump is genuine.
Does anyone here remember an eerie amount of low-flying fighter aircraft activity over rural southern central Germoney in Summer of 2001 that suddenly ceased after 9/11? Was there some Blue Flag tier NATO exercise going on?
>>9291 If it's political theater, to what end? Does he actually think he'd have another chance in 2024? Or is he worried about what his followers will do if he backs down?
>>9303 The Democrats plan to throw him in prison as soon as he's out of office and no longer has legal immunity the way diplomats and congressmen do (consider Arizona's congressman is notorious for doing 70 over in school zones and not giving a fuck because diplomatic immunity). You're watching a man trying to create a huge legal stink so he can claim retaliation when they throw charges against him on January 21st.
>>9304 >inb4 Biden pardons Dup to "heal" the country and it was a ruse all along
>>8876 No we're just going back into being "stoic" about accepting the quiet desperation of everything in our lives getting worse and worse.
>>9001 You won't need a brass catcher as long as there's no prints and you don't use boutique ammo.
>>9305 >Ruse Hardly. That would be in his best interests both to prevent further political shit flinging and to normalize democrat warhawk-neocon relationships so they can go back to dying for Israel.
Moving to Cincinnati for a job. It seems okay, cheap at least, but don't like the crime level and there being almost half of the population is niggers. Means that the race riots will get extremely violent. Sure Ohio has decent gun laws but it doesn't matter when the sheriff, judges, and DA are all niggerlovers.
Open file (1.67 MB 2200x1800 Cockroach legion.png)
>>9309 >meanwhile on the battlefield
To the anon who posted the "Chinese Claim To Have Used Microwave Weapon in Himalayas" thread I moved it to the "The Return of Gookening / Pajeetening" thread if you were looking for it.
Open file (1.72 MB 360x360 1605601482622.webm)
>>9303 >>9291 >winning >political theatre. If it is apolitical theater I hope and dread slightly trump playing Sulla and marching on the dems if he does because I don't think the dems will let him walk out alive.... They will charge him with SDNY. While it would be dictatorial, it accelerates us into full blown civil war instead of brazil tier slow rot. >>9278 >keeping up with lawsuits I only kept up with the PA one regarding mail in ballots and extending the deadline date via SOS since that's a major constitutional question. The others don't matter enough to flip the vote. In other news: >dumbass of CISA who claims no fraud got axed by trump https://www.cnn.com/2020/11/17/politics/chris-krebs-fired-by-trump/index.html https://archive.is/e4WUz >2nd georgia county finds 2,700 votes unaccounted for https://www.wsbtv.com/news/politics/another-georgia-county-has-uncovered-2700-missing-votes-secretary-states-office-says/5W734FA755CK3NCR4P7A27DXVM/ https://archive.is/aAvp3 The two below are game changers >Pennsylvania Supreme Court rejects Trump campaign lawsuit over election observers in Philadelphia https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2020-election/pennsylvania-supreme-court-rejects-trump-campaign-claim-problems-ballot-observers-n1248046 https://archive.is/ucmNH There is now a chance SCOTUS reverses. Because legally, in estate law. "present" versus "in the room" are different meanings. To be "present" you must be able to observe and is paying attention. eg; me on my computer typing on a tibetan basketweaving fourm while you read and sign your will is not "present" it is "in the room". >wayne county shithole detroit fails to certify votes due to deadlocked board https://www.detroitnews.com/story/news/politics/2020/11/17/wayne-county-canvassers-deadlock-certifying-november-3-election-results/6324274002/ https://archive.is/OCJHr Not sure where this is headed but it seems that the GOP (or at least the lower members) have found a backbone.
>>9309 It'd be a NK 2.0 >>9318 >While it would be dictatorial, it accelerates us into full blown civil war instead of brazil tier slow rot. Hope so i'm not even murican though So Trump has no chance even if the lawsuits go his way? which is even doubtful, as if there was fraud there must have also been a plan to hide it.
Open file (139.52 KB 1437x369 Clickbait.jpg)
Open file (496.62 KB 1440x2667 ActualHeadline.jpg)
I hate journalists. They didn't even need to do this. The actual story is retarded enough that they could just print it as-is. Trump's question was so dumb that they could just tell the truth and still accomplish their goals. But they just can't resist being blatantly manipulative just for the sake of being manipulative. They're so fucking spiteful that him contemplating a pre-emptive act of outright war still isn't enough, and they need to make it sound like he's planning to use nukes to do it.
>>9322 Basically not much. Unless SCOTUS punts into the tier of mathamatically unlikely by fucking invaldating the state election (unlikely) because states have very wide lattitude on how the election is conducted. You'd need something blatantly unconstitutional and violating the VRA to allow for that, or in the case of PA and MI, unilaterally extending the ceritifcation deadline and extending the mail ballot deadline. Those two are big federal government questions. Fraud is not usually a federal juristiction question. Even if it was fraud, the blackburns ration "I'd rather let 10 guilty men walk free than 1 innocent be guilty" applies to voting ala fake votes. Now, you could argue that every vote that is fraudulent takes away at least 1 vote that is legal and thus is actually disenfranchising citizens, but the SCOTUS would be hard pressed to rule on that. A big question is how salty is clarence thomas, the sole black SCOTUS judge on biden trying to torpedo his nomination. Becuase if he is salty as fuck and Kavanaugh, Barrett are also salty, they might form a large enough block with Gorsich and Alito to overturn the results. Because Roberts is a "moderate" cuck that sides with the libs, it would be up to Thomas to write the leading opinon
>>9310 funny, I'm from Ohio and looking to move to the pacific northwest. The governor has announced a 3 week curfew in Ohio just yesterday. Sounds like martial law but with extra steps web.archive.org/web/20201118101119/https://www.npr.org/sections/coronavirus-live-updates/2020/11/17/935910809/ohio-governor-orders-3-week-statewide-curfew-as-coronavirus-cases-rise
Dup apparently wants to file for a recount in WI. What's the next step of his master plan?
>>9318 >Not sure where this is headed They cut the mics during the meeting, something was discussed, the mics went live again and they reversed their decision.
>>9337 Apparently the GOP woman got threatened by local "Residents" and they were gonna nigger her kids so she ended up having no spine.
>>9341 It's funny that she thinks that will stop them from niggering her kids now that she's been doxxed
>>9347 Apparently they've now signed an affidavit saying they did so under duress and decertified it again. Won't matter because the courts will rule they are not under duress.
>>9330 It's not like I have a choice. I didn't want to move to Seattle or Portland, or San Jose, or Chicago, or Boston, I was willing to move to Dallas but they didn't like that. And Cincinnati has cheap rent. Everywhere is bad.
Open file (122.52 KB 1280x720 jamaicaonbike.jpeg)
>>9336 Recount for Jamaica. They're probably some important votes there.
So apparently these fucks just find a voting machine dumped on the side of the road that most definitely was not used. Do they seriously expect us to believe this? https://www.wtoc.com/2020/11/19/old-voting-equipment-found-side-road-garden-city/ https://archive.is/D0Ngp >The communications department said that all of Georgia’s old voting equipment was collected before the new equipment was distributed to counties. That old equipment is in storage. >The Secretary of State’s Office did say that some of the old voting equipment is being stored in secured warehouse space at the Georgia Ports in Chatham County. >The man who discovered the equipment describes how he spotted it. >“I was on a phone call out here and looked over. What I thought was a solar panel was actually a briefcase with a voting machine. The local police was here and asked how we found and what I saw. Then from there, the Georgia >Bureau of Investigations arrived, and they asked the same type of questions,” Jeff Davis, who found the equipment, said. >The Garden City Police Department contacted the Georgia Bureau of Investigations in reference to the discarded voting machine. >According to the GBI, agents secured the machine, photographed it, and sent pictures of the machine to the Secretary of State’s Office. >The following is a statement from the Secretary of State’s Office: >“The Secretary of State’s Office is looking into the circumstances of the discovering alongside a highway of a no-longer used voting machine that appears to be part of a shipment of defunct equipment heading to storage at the Port of Savannah. Machines of this type are no longer used in Georgia. There is no way it could have impacted the 2020 election because it does not print ballots, and this state has switched entirely to voting on paper ballots.”
>>9422 Why did the Polizei come for that streamer?
>>9423 No official reason given, but its assumed he might have violated lockdown protocals in some way.
>>9423 Is vocal against the new corona laws (and lockdown in general) and people speculate that it was because of that that he got raided, but we dont know any details yet
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Warp_Speed >Operation Warp Speed (OWS)[1] is a public–private partnership, initiated by the U.S. government to facilitate and accelerate the development, manufacturing, and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics. I can't wait for niggers to be in charge of naming these things. Imagine Operation Muhfuggen Bix Nood.
>>9422 >>9423 >>9426 >>9427 >when you conjecture about impending dictatorship but end up becoming the reason the dictatorship is imposed
So is corona real or not? It's it's being handled badly by everyone and you should prep and buy rations and weapons, but somehow it's also a hoax at the same time.
>>9439 Oh and don't forget the statistics and spiking corona cases look out it's coming to your door oh god, but lol you're all stupid if you believe in coronahoax.
>>9439 I think it's real and worrisome, but it doesn't justify a lot of the more draconian measures, have common sense and wear a mask, stay away from elderly relatives for a while, but still prepare mostly for the globohomo agenda that's being pushed than the virus. Both sides of the argument have some truth to them, it's a shame they both speak past each other.
>>9439 The virus is real its just that it only slaps some people but if it slaps you it really fucking slaps you. I miss when we all agreed it was stolen research from canada that china tried to weaponize but fucked it up in true chinese fashion.
>>9444 >fails to slap the worst BOs on the webring
Open file (216.01 KB 932x967 lmao222.png)
>>9439 My brother and I had it back in February. I had about a week of 10x flu symptoms and months of muscle pain afterward muh gains, he showed absolutely zero symptoms. Masks are more to protect others from asymptomatic people from unknowingly spreading it to others, they don't do much for self protection unless you've got a full face 100p respirator. I suspect that the murderhobo strain that ripped china a new asshole mutated into several milder strains, which then further mutated into even milder strains, the real question is if a new murderhobo strain will pop up. That said bad actors will use anything possible to their advantage, including pandemics.
Open file (50.00 KB 256x402 Randall_Flagg.jpg)
>>9448 >the real question is if a new murderhobo strain will pop up. The REAL question is whether any of the vaccines will offer cross protection against some future Stephen King strain.
Open file (470.10 KB 715x718 concerned_but_smug.png)
>>9449 >cross protection They're more likely to kill you in the presence of a new strain by virtue of ADE.
Open file (206.56 KB 686x526 dr_pierce-hazmat.png)
>>9448 Can you smell properly? Some people are getting it where they can't smell things anymore or things smell rotten, like eggs or read meat. Some people smelling cigarette smoke for no reason. A couple acqaintances have gotten it
>>9459 I had a poor sense of smell before, haven't noticed any more loss of smell or rotten smells. I'm a smoker and have noticed the smell of cigarettes that aren't my brand in areas without smokers and areas of my house I've never smoked in. inb4 someone claims my brother was asymptomatic because he's not a smoker, we both are.
Open file (74.02 KB 1200x733 DEe4CFpWAAAuB4L.jpg)
>>9461 I'd make the joke of you smoking killing all your smell sensors but some people are still very good with that sense, like everything its genetics. Some fucks can smoke 3 packs a day for five decades+ and die at like 98 with no lung cancer. >>9422 >pic related I desperately, desperately hope that AfD gets a majority in the Bundestag It wont happen, unless the CDU and CSU order the heer to start shooting and I want it to happen >>9439 >corona and real or not It's most definitely real, the question or not is if its a chinese bioweapon or if it was the lab researchers being retarded. Remember that every some 20-40 odd years theres a novel virus in China (usually in southwest, because jungle) due to high person population but still high amount of jungle present. Kinda like how HIV and Ebola both came out of the congo. High no of interactions, high chance of jumping species. I have no idea how we in the US have avoided some novel disease... That and especially Brazil and parts of latin america >>9442 >draconian measures I'm more worried the populace is getting brainwashed. Americans aren't used to this level of brainwashing like chinese are. Even in China people talk about it being a government plot from my relatives. Ironically, all the hardcore covid culters I know are that first gen american born Chinese/vietnamense pop (I want to say its because they get so enthralled with western "liberation" they don't bother listening to their parrents trying to teach them). I know SEVERAL who have not exited their house since January because they have the money and the means and desperately are afraid of a virus that has little chance of killing them. Fuck, my friend and I both have major health issues (I have mutiple issues - mainly Rheumatology related and she has autoimmune disease) go out to work daily. Last time I checked I'm not dead or in the ICU and neither is she Considering she has to interact with people wheras I don't, I'm quite suprised she hasn't got it yet Liberty is the right to make decision, and suffer the consequences of your decisions. It seems that most americans have abdicated that to the state. We are no longer secular, but statist. The soviets and the chinese would be laughing all the way home.
Open file (495.29 KB 1012x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
>>9462 Indeed, the draconian measures i mean are not wearing a mask, but the population control being exercised, remember how the annexation of Austria and Czechoslovakia helped the Germans? it gave them a lot of experience in how to conduct military operations despite no shots being fired, i feel like a lot of the measures taken now are similar in objective, now it's the elite practicing population control for when they really need it. Also, let's not forget the huge wealth redistribution currently happening either, Amazon and friends are growing by the billions while local economies are dying i haven't checked pic related myself, but it fits perfectly with everything happening It feels like the worst of both worlds making memory of the early threads while the virus was just in China, it either should have been nothing at all so life went on as normal or bad enough to really shake things up and give people a chance, but now it's just barely bad enough to be used as a valid and believable excuse for them to get away with whatever they want.
Open file (448.93 KB 500x354 1567321194420.gif)
>>9462 >"We" are no longer secular, but statist. Because "we" are full of shitskins like you, filthy chinkshit pretending to be an American. Of course the ethno european philosophy of liberty is totally down the drain when are halfway occupied by shitskins. The irony of you as part of the problem lamenting our downfall is just too much. You are only even here through kikes subversion of the state by opening the grates to ethnic invasion through immigration. We don't want you here. Leave.
>>9480 >implying the future isn't The Camp of the Saints
Open file (4.75 KB 261x193 公瑾耻笑.jpg)
>>9480 >implying people don't assimilate It's certain possible. But the current state of affairs leads it into a rare event due to the large amount of energy that's required to assimilate. That's the part currently people fail at. Before, if you didn't speak good english, didn't follow (white) social norms you had no shot in life unless it was through high education (which required the former). Nowdays there's no pressure because the government and society bend back over for immigrants rather than the other way around. >lament your downfall Considering that I was basically taught how to be an American by a greatest generation vet from the deep south, I'm just as pissed if not more than you. You're better off fighting wetbacks since they are a greater threat than any asian populace will be. At least I do more than just yell at people to leave. I actually go out, convince people, and make them adopt western values. I go out to teach them how to shoot, show them what western wear is and how they should wear it, and teach them the true meaning of liberty. Unfortunately, most people are set in their molds and refuse to change, but I have never seen greater smiles when I've been teaching someone how to fish and skeet I'm bad at hunting no bully You want to save the ideals espoused by the Enlightenment, you need to CONVINCE people that it is the best ideology there is. You can't go out there and whack heads because those people will always resent you and play along, you need to convince them to follow. Of course there will be the zealous and dogmatic, the only solution for those is a bullet. To be quite blunt, the GOP could EASILY, EASILY swing 90%+ of the naturalized asian vote by showing they're meritocratic above all else. The dems aren't doing themselves any favors by getting niggers to bash in the heads of asians in california and fixin' to put asians as "white". The first natural born gen on the other hand is usually no different from the baseline white american and those woke ones are in the cities and need to be purged regardless Abram Petrovich Gannibal was a negro who was raised by Russian nobility, his decendents include Alexander Pushkin. The upbringing of a person determines what they are to be come when they are in a very insignificant minority. Since the blacks and wetbacks are a sizable minority, there is no reason to change. >>9463 I feel like this quote from a friend of mine is somewhat applicable here, the individual desires liberty naturally, but will readily exchange it for safety. >the african has high liberty or none of it at all, but no safety due to a historical lack of civilization. >the european gave up liberty for safety after being conditioned to reject the enlightement by the government and jews >the latin americans have neither liberty nor safety due to the stranglehold of europeans on their culture combined with the barbaric culture of meso-america >the (eastern) asians have been conditioned since the advent of confucius to reject liberty and strive for safety >the arabians have both extremes, liberty and no safety, or vice versa due to a shitty civilization set of ethics. >the urban american rejected safety for liberty, and deserves neither >the rural american is being conditioned to reject liberty for safety >>9481 No, it will be the camp of the state. Oppression to a degree is necessary for higher society, and governments will progressively gain in their tyrannical attributes. It is the duty of the civilian to revolt when tyranny is to great. reee, triple flood post fuck you
>>9462 The fact all information and top biologists working at the lab were being purged from the internet, such as the true Google maps location being shifted some 10-20 miles away to make the exotic meat market seem closer, is proof enough that it was a bio weapon being covered up. It's released being intentional or not is what's disputed as no potential whistle blowers have lived to tell the tale.
>>9486 You don't assimilate by flooding a european country with asian genetics. You create an ethnic tragedy of the commons where nobody cares anymore because the country is not for them but for everyone and thus for nobody at all. Meanwhile you wonton jews vote overwhelmingly against gun rights. >I go out and make people adopt western values Those values don't include being ethnically replaced you disingenuous fuck, the erosion of our liberty is in direct response to flooding of our countries with non-whites. Even if you fancy yourself the special snowflake exception that simply reaffirms the overarching rule. It's exactly the opposite of what you say, you don't convince shitskins to love liberty, you expel them by force or you lose liberty forever as you become Brazil. You are part of the cancer because you are not even self aware, just deluding yourself. The truth is you want access to our wealth while the getting is good, to our inventions, to our culture of liberty all of which are the domain of European man. But plenty of people see through your bullshit.
>>9486 >this retard doesn't know about Jean Raspail, and how he is living out the very prophecy he claims to defy
>>9486 >You want to save the ideals espoused by the Enlightenment I doubt that, many see that as the start of the problem. >>9494 >You don't assimilate by flooding a european country with asian genetics. But that's not happening anywhere except the UK with HK Can't you have some nuance? i'm an ethnonationalist too, but i also understand that exceptions exist and have existed, at least east Asians have shown themselves to be smart and hard working, they have shown to be civilized, better to have them as allies than not.
>>9502 You stop being an ally once you invade a country. It's that simple. The only way you could ever take in "refugees" is if you flat out removed a portion of your country, segregated it, and declared it "New Niggerland" or wherever they came from and expected them to be autonomous. This, obviously, is a terrible idea. If Chang Fungding decides to come to (Western country), do you think he's going to content himself with a monastic existence? He's going to want children. He will infect the gene pool with his spawn and continue to propagate himself. Every single hapa kid I have ever met has been seriously mentally fucked in some form or another and often has deep-seated resentment towards their parents. They are absolutely not suitable candidates for the role of civilised westerners.
>>9502 >But that's not happening anywhere but the UK >Canada >Australia >New Zealand >West Coast of the US >Hawaii 38% Asian compared to 27% white and 10% polynesian as of the 2010 census! >Fucking africa
>>9503 Sure, deport them at the end of the day, each ethnicity should live in their own countries, but that won't be the case for a while, there's no need to be unreasonably hostile to someone that wants to aid you, good fences make good neighbors, it doesn't mean you must also hate the guy. >They are absolutely not suitable candidates for the role of civilised westerners. They seem to do better by some measures. >Every single hapa kid I have ever met has been seriously mentally fucked in some form or another and often has deep-seated resentment towards their parents. I'd like to see some studies on that, there seems to be something to it. What you're doing is pushing people that agree with you way more than they do with the left to the left as at least the left accepts their existence, all i'm saying is that the more allies we have the better even if very few, later we can part ways when this is all solved. >>9504 True, completely forgot about that, still they're no where near as bad as niggers and arabs and it will be an issue way easier to solve.
>>9505 There's never a "later", because by the time the supposed threat is gone a new one rises. The concept rapidly becomes a pseudotradition in a matter of generations. These people will then say, oh, my children were born here and they know nothing of their mother country so how can you deport them- and they're completely right. Their original country won't want them back either. How about instead of pushing people to the left, right, or wherever else, we don't let them in to have an opinion on a foreign fucking country in the first place?
>>9506 >Their original country won't want them back either. Well they can cry you a river, it's the better long term solution in most cases deportation i mean, but still, very few exceptions exist, i'm not saying is worth keeping the lot because of it though. >How about instead of pushing people to the left, right, or wherever else, we don't let them in to have an opinion on a foreign fucking country in the first place? Sure, but some are already in, what do you do then? wishing that wasn't the case is not enough.
>>9507 >Country doesn't want immigrants >Original country doesn't want them back either This is how ethnic minorities form ethnostates between two borders.
Open file (112.15 KB 858x1057 onsvpmy3r0zz.jpg)
>>9494 >You don't assimilate by flooding a european country with asian genetics. First off, genghis khan exists, by this logic Europeans have already died when the huns and mongols came. >>9495 > Jean Raspail I have not read him unfortunately, information is hard to come by when you're stuck in a liberal college town and the current year professor dare not to question. I did a quick skim of his work and I'll need to add that to my reading list (if the kikepedia summary is to be trusted, I would agree with most of the statements if anyone has a pdf copy I'd be happy. I have read Spengler, Huntington, Schlesinger and Putnam Putanms paper is E Pluribus Unum: Diversity and Community in the Twenty‐first Century if you want to know >>9503 The chinese aren't invading the country, as a matter of fact, due to the aging population back on the mainly the chinese government is attempting (read: "convincing") people to come back if they were chinese born and keeping them from leaving. They are also loosing the culture war really badly. Break up the asian monolith into seperate blocks. Fuck, Iranians are considered white by the census for some dumbass reason. There's a big difference in the ethnicities even within China (some are more pro-european than others), the same applies to Asia as a whole Also, I know that white people not being able to tell differences is a thing, but I never seem to have issues guessing the ethnicity of europeans >>9505 >hapa kids having mental issues I have a guess as to why, although I didn't meet a hapa until college in the US I was basically the only asian in the are period until like high school. This is because you first have to split them into two categories. Number one are mixed race from a marriage where the parent was an immigrant Number two are mixed race from a 1st generation born with an american (eg; this retard here). No1 usually never works out because of the cultural differences between the two parents and they end up causing this split personality in the "unconscious mind" (term from Freud). No2 is slightly more successful but still somewhat challenging. The first gen parent idolizes in most cases, but misrepresents likely misrepresents (but at a lower rate then case no 1) the cultural norms of the host country, this leads to them coming in contact with ideological extremes as their partner (eg; in this case, you've got extra woke asian with a woke asian partner) If we then assume that race and IQ are directly correlated, and that Eyferth's study holds true, then the mixed race children would have higher IQs in this case due to the higher IQ of the asian population in general compared to negros. This (theoretically) leads to higher degrees of mental illness but also higher intelligence, combine that with the issues in the 2 types of parents shown above. Hybrid vigor and hybrid depression both scientifically proven concepts in plants, the question is which one applies to humans? I think the supposed fetishization of asian women by white men also play a role, but I am not too sure as that since there's no fucking women on the internet and I don't know if thats an actual thing. >nowhere near as bad as niggers and arabs and it will be an issue way easier to solve. You are very wrong. You have to differentiate between education as well for asians. >negros don't assimilate very well because they don't value being productive to society >arabs don't assimilate well because they reject the concept of society in the western sense entirely >wetbacks don't assimilate because there's too many of them (at least down south) >uneducated asians don't assimilate because they believe the government owes them >education asians assimilate better than all the above due to certain common ideas shared with europeans (mainly hard work and intellectualism), but will struggle still due to preference of a collective social society over an individual one (this issue is gone by their children usually)
Open file (45.49 KB 700x429 am0JQNQ9_700w_0.jpg)
>>9509 continued because fucking character limit >>9506 >psuedo tradition That is a problem neither the romans, chinese, nor persians ever solved. It is not practical because at some point you are going to have to let mercenaries in alongside with traders, and sometimes you straight up get invaded inthe case of the british these things are cyclic. The issue is in the US there is no need to assimilate. Why should I learn english when the federal government prints shit in Chinese? Why should I assimilate when there are large Chinatowns to where people congregate and never leave? There is no pressure to assimilate these days and the fact that woke white women thinking that any non european culture (esp niggers) is great and that european culture is flawed and belongs to history is an issue as well. In short, make english the ONLY language supported by the government, start breaking up these large ethnic communities. >>9508 >ethnic minorities form between two borders the solution is genocide. Genocide was a very common occurrence until recent history (one can say in africa, it still is). Remember that the pechengs were annihilated at Levounion, the native Americans were (mostly) anihilated by the white man, and that afrikaners are being annihilated by the niggers in SA and Rhodesia
>>9508 Then a new nation forms i guess, wouldn't be the first time it happens and wouldn't be the last. >>9509 >Also, I know that white people not being able to tell differences is a thing, but I never seem to have issues guessing the ethnicity of europeans Probably because you've lived around Europeans an European living in asia would learn to tell the difference with time too. >You are very wrong. You have to differentiate between education as well for asians. Asians are way less likely to kill me or rape members of my family or blow themselves up, that's what i mean, the lack of ethnic homogeneity is a problem always, but i'd much rather live next to chinatown than the ghetto. >>9510 >the native Americans were (mostly) anihilated by the white man Wrong, the got annihilated by diseases first and foremost then political instability brought by that, that's what allowed Europeans to conquer the place so easily.
>>9510 >Remember that the pechengs were annihilated at Levounion https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Levounion >The Pechenegs appear to have been caught by surprise. At any rate, the battle that took place on the next morning at Levounion was practically a massacre. The Pecheneg warriors had brought their women and children with them, and they were totally unprepared for the ferocity of the attack that was unleashed upon them. The Cumans and the Byzantines fell upon the enemy camp, slaughtering all in their path. The Pechenegs quickly collapsed, and the victorious allies butchered them so savagely that they were almost wiped out. The survivors were captured by the Byzantines and taken into imperial service.
>>9512 >Wrong, the got annihilated by diseases first Point taken. >>9513 That's entirely the point, the pechengs were completely destroyed as an independent people at that stage Although technically, technically they were still capable of resiting until Beroia
Open file (204.27 KB 3240x3228 How-Dominion-works.png)
Gloves fixin' to come off lads. As Church hill titled the first section of his ww2 history, "the gathering storm". https://archive.is/CEV0e GA govenor is a cuck, signs and ceritifies election results, then claims fraud. >Georgia's Republican Governor Brian Kemp certified the state's election results Friday, saying that now that the results are certified, the Trump campaign can pursue other legal options to call for a recount. Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, also a Republican, told reporters Friday morning that President-elect Biden had definitively won the state, after the state's hand recount was completed Thursday. >But Kemp didn't endorse the results, instead calling for another full hand recount. Kemp, who served as Georgia secretary of state before Raffensperger, has not publicly defended the state's election process from accusations from the president and his campaign. He alleged Friday that the audit revealed significant errors made in several counties, including Floyd, Douglas and Walton. As a friend of mine put it, way to fucking show up the firefight after the battle. https://www.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.pamd.127057/gov.uscourts.pamd.127057.202.0_1.pdf >PA district judge tosses trump challenge and call it bullshit in nice flowerly language. >no bandwith to download this piece of shit. some mid-level DNC staffer goes on a ranting spree on how republicucks need to be deprogrammed. >No seriously...how *do* you deprogram 75 million people? Where do you start? Fox? Facebook? >We have to start thinking in terms of post-WWII Germany or Japan. Or the failures of Reconstruction in the South. https://twitter.com/DavidOAtkins/status/1328898661569363969 https://archive.vn/erS3I Some random asshole on the itnernet claims to have figured out dominon's voting system. Take with a grain of salt. I ain't smart enough to understand this shit more like I'm fucking braindead from work right now >pic related https://gofile.io/d/qZcQl6
>>9509 Here's the deal Chinaman: how about you fuck off back to Beijing, blow up Zhongnanhai, and then we'll discuss the merits of your character.
Open file (769.21 KB 736x724 2ENlg70.png)
>>9519 I'm just going point you to the jannie post >>9041 as to how absurd your are. Imagine if I told you to theoretically, hi FBI fuck off to DC, blow up the white house and the capitol building, and then we'll talk about your dedication to ethnic nationalism?
>>9521 >what is hyperbole This is why you can't stay. By the end of college you will be a full-blown leftist or a Charlie Kirk / PragerU / Sargon-tier "conservative".
Open file (645.24 KB 640x360 They glow in the dark.mp4)
>>9527 >I tried to bait someone into getting vanned and got called out for it!
>>9529 >chink is too cowardly to defy the CCP, is afraid of getting vanned by the MSS while hiding in a Western country, claims to be white
Open file (662.13 KB 1150x1200 1582527411115.jpg)
Corona-chan update If you got the MMR vaccine and the associated autism, or you had mumps at some point in your life, you're immune: >Within the MMR II group, mumps titers of 134 to 300 arbitrary units (AU)/ml (n = 8) were found only in those who were functionally immune or asymptomatic; all with mild symptoms had mumps titers below 134 AU/ml (n = 17); all with moderate symptoms had mumps titers below 75 AU/ml (n = 11); all who had been hospitalized and had required oxygen had mumps titers below 32 AU/ml (n = 5). Our results demonstrate that there is a significant inverse correlation between mumps titers from MMR II and COVID-19 severity. https://web.archive.org/web/20201122211438/https://mbio.asm.org/content/11/6/e02628-20 https://yewtu.be/watch?v=zdAPgglDJAU
>>9537 Antivax btfo forever and ever.
>>9509 >genghis khan exists The mongol raids didn't even reach the Holy Roman Empire, you retard, they made a couple of Rus Principalities into tributaries but the only European nation they actually conquered was Romania. They only knew how to raid and sack, only lasted for 5 years, and never settled or intermingled, their only genetic legacy was from the coudle of rape babies left in their wake which hardly amounted to anything in the big picture.
>>9539 Isn't that his point more or less?
>>9539 > never settled or intermingled >What is the Yuan dynasty >What is the Ilkhanate of Persia > never settled or intermingled In Europe, maybe.
Open file (2.87 MB 4032x3024 GLdCAVG.jpg)
>>9537 Absolute-fucking a. So we've been fucking around for damn near a year on something that wont kill you even if you're immunocompromised lol. In other news. CP 2077 got leaked. CDPR taking down everything related. Turns out the game's gunplay is still shit cause lol no recoil. https://anonfiles.com/XeEet7sep5/CYBERPUNK_2077_GAMEPLAY_HIGH_-QWOybECO1ks_mp4
>>9540 Was it? >>You don't assimilate by flooding a european country with asian genetics. >>[Western values] values don't include being ethnically replaced >First off, genghis khan exists, by this logic Europeans have already died when the huns and mongols came. To me that would imply the mongols end the Europeans by miscegenation in the same way that mass immigration and assimilation would ethnically replace the Europeans.
Open file (91.73 KB 640x1280 EneHlUoXYAAkP3n.jpg)
Open file (24.01 KB 640x293 s-l640.jpg)
Open file (17.71 KB 589x405 shitshow.PNG)
black rifle coffee co pulled a fox news? LOL Archive sites are all failing for me right now so no bulli please Send halp bandwith wise They got uppity after a podcaster had a "support kyle' shirt: >SALT LAKE CITY -- A Utah-based coffee company says it will end its sponsorship of a Blaze Media podcast after the host shared a photo of Kyle Rittenhouse wearing a T-shirt with the company's logo, according to a report from The Salt Lake Tribune. Now they are claiming they infact, did not pull the sponsorship https://twitter.com/blckriflecoffee/status/1330564755203846144 Their statement on Rittenhouse: >We do not support legal advocacy efforts. We do not sponsor nor do we have a relationship with the 17-year-old facing charges in Kenosha, WI. Someone is making the claim they're a neocon. https://twitter.com/Supernomas/status/1330681292061601794 >non patch pic related Some other company comes in and dunks on them hoping to steal the boomer purchases. https://twitter.com/smcroasters/status/1330466384569135104 >tweet pic related. And thats it for what a shitshow the GOP and the conservatives are. Have a patch to make in your spare time and to laugh at this crapshoot because some podcaster had fuck around and find out shirt. Is this formatting better than the standard 1 line format or too reddit like? Testing it out readability wise
>>9544 It looks fine.
>>9539 >the only European nation they actually conquered was Romania >Romania >European >nation Romania only exists since the middle of the 19th century when Wallachia and Moldavia united. And Wallachia and Moldavia only exists since the 14th century, before those lands were called Cumania, that is, land of the Cumans. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roman_Catholic_Diocese_of_Cumania Even more, many of the ˝Romanian˝ nobles from those lands had clearly Turkic names, like Basarab I.
>>9543 I think he meant that the Mongols not lead by genghis khan actually already invaded Europe, like the Huns and Turks and Arabs but that Europe had survived and thrived after.
>>9542 >No recoil No shit, it's a cucksole game
>>9544 Always had a gut feeling about these fucks and that one eyed nigger dan crenshaw. Every time some faggot (with shit to sell) tries screaming about how they're "more 2A than u" almost always turn in to traitors Daniel defense, Springfield, the faggots that just rebrand and sell the can cannon
>>9585 I'd like for a list of the companies that do this shit to be compiled at some point so I can avoid giving them money in the future. Especially with an archived link to the offense.
>>9591 I don't have time to grab sources on these, but here's the start of a list and what they did: >Springfield Armory: Sold out Illinois gun owners by lobbying for additional restrictions on FFLs >Rock River: Involved in the same lobbying group as Springfield >Daniel Defense: Supported FixNICS bill >Colt: Constantly bends over for govbux, sold out gun owners on multiple occasions >Troy Industries: Hired the partner of Lon Horiuchi >HS Precision: Hired Lon Horiuchi >Dick's/Field and Stream: Gun control shills >Benchmade: Helped police destroy firearms
>>9585 The ones who are genuine 2A don't make it very far because current year + 1 you need to compromise your beliefs to be successful, or they are just smart enough to not say it and get bluecheckmark mobbed. Had to reupload it because the fucking pic/video didn't go through it appears I know streloks don't believe in red flag laws but here: https://controller.phila.gov/philadelphia-audits/investigation-and-review-of-the-sheriffs-office-gun-inventory/ https://archive.is/k4FUS PA Loses 210 firearms that were held from "red flag " laws >City Controller Rebecca Rhynhart, joined by Philadelphia Sheriff Rochelle Bilal, announced the results of her office’s investigation into the gun inventory maintained by the Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office. After receiving a complaint alleging that 15 rifles and shotguns had been missing from the Sheriff’s Office gun inventory since 2016, the Controller’s Office opened an investigation into all firearms under the purview of the Sheriff’s Office. >The investigation found that 101 service firearms and 109 PFA weapons were missing from the Sheriff’s Office inventory. The review also identified other issues with the overall management of the Sheriff’s Office gun inventory. In response to the review, Sheriff Bilal expressed her willingness to improve the management of her office’s gun inventory and to implement recommendations outlined in the report. PFA- "Protection From Abuse" AKA Red flag law in PA. These motherfucking niggers mixed up service weapons with fucking confiscated firearms. And conservicucks think that they can do red flag properly? >pic related is pa sheriff, spoiler as its NSFL, video unrelated
Open file (87.07 KB 192x197 aaaaa.gif)
>>9603 >everything you just typed can we just end this hell right now? Literal hell would be preferable to the current timeline.
Open file (61.23 KB 233x366 sadputsch.jpg)
>>9605 As much as I believe that you need darkness to see the light it's almost like the nightmare is never ending.
Open file (121.29 KB 614x518 1594878864605.jpg)
Open file (2.54 MB 498x498 KILL HER ctryghj 2.gif)
Open file (96.83 KB 244x130 KILL HER ctryghj.gif)
>>9603 >can we just end this hell right now? You can end it at any time. It will only take team work. You are armed aren't you?
Open file (22.31 KB 214x225 1603751680734.png)
The answer is to redacted public officials and civil propagators but that will just get you called a fed. How long am I/are we going to let this happen; what's the breaking point?
The moment we engage in political assassination the anti-gunners will have all the ammo they'd ever need from here until the end of time to justify their cause, go back to shooting innocent dogs.
Open file (261.01 KB 1517x891 1586327398765.jpg)
>>9613 Nah, >>9611 is right. A good ol' lynching would drive some fear into the gun grabbers to keep their hands off since it could spark a chain reaction. Doubly so since most politicians outside of the kikes in New York are relatively unprotected. That person won't be me though when this rotting, festering system works perfectly for allowing people like me to move up the dregs of society with some mild adjustments here or there.
>>9615 When the baseball shooting happened it was clear only leadership among congress had security. Before it happened, I noticed how utterly devoid of security my congressman's events were. I actually met the one staff member he had there and was surprised he wasn't even carrying (he was an amateur on guns). I think they've made steps to change this though, since my congressman's office was uparmored (big security door that needs people buzzed in, and this is on the second floor of a big government building) after the shooting.

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