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Open file (37.15 KB 256x128 fucking radical.png)
/100rads/ - The Offtopic /k/anteen Strelok Board owner 05/14/2020 (Thu) 01:15:10 No.202
If you want to talk about things only tangentially related to firearms, then welcome to 100 Rads. If you want to trade, talk, get a mission or find out the latest news, this is the place to go. If your posts in an existing thread are starting to seriously derail the main subject, they might be moved here.
Edited last time by activeshooter on 05/14/2020 (Thu) 01:16:19.
Open file (423.92 KB 800x500 Nog.png)
>>4356 This nigger.
>>4360 >that literal babby face Looks very familiar. Is he one of the ones who had that sit in with other senators to protest some shit dup was doing? I vaguely recall someone made a babby edit of him with a pacifier and bib.
>>4398 Use archive Strelok, don't direct link.
>>4398 My bad anon I shouldn't have deleted your post. I fugged up.
Open file (138.30 KB 850x566 pedos.jpg)
>>4402 Not all of us have the ability to use archive I keep getting various errors with all the archive sites > Issuing an apology What did you say you mother fucking cunt. Don't you know you should be calling people nigger and jew and mossad agent instead lol Have a shitty stalker pic. Mistakes happen.
The balkans might kick off again. There's unrest in Montenegro between Serbs and Montenegrins, over the president that's been in power for 30 years. Ethnic Serbs in Montenegro are unhappy because the president of Montenegro has changed the language and banned the Serbian orthodox church to move away from the previous Serbian national identity, and Serbia doesn't like it either. Serbian ministers that talked to protestors in Montenegro got arrested, bishops beaten, etc. etc. Elections are August the 30th and there's little to no coverage from the media due to nobody even knowing where Montenegro even is. Serbia itself also has sizeable protests going on due to their handling of Coronachan though https://archive.is/xwW20 https://archive.is/nQgSp https://archive.is/fBG7o https://invidio.us/watch?v=HofBZKZIbS0
>>4408 >another balkan conflict >only this time the US military is too weak, diversified, and retarded to intervene in any meaningful capacity God damn I can hope and dream.
>>4408 my dad did a lot of logistics work for them a few years ago, he helped a young cadet that was stuck in bureaucratic hell get out and get a job here in the states montenegro is definitely ass-backwards from how he described it, lots of corruption and soviet-era boomers who don't want to move on from the old days
>>4410 >soviet-era boomers who don't want to move on from the old days Montenegro is practically a little serbia in all but official name, you amerinegro. The disintegration or, might as well say it, balkanization of the balkans is an obscure but continuous plan taking place for decades now. In case of a real deal yugo wars sequel we can expect either the total destruction and absorption of Serbia or the return of historic clay into the territory like Kosovo, Montenegro, Republika Srpska and a couple of islands. Greece/FYR Macedonia/Bulgaria would come into play as probably allies supplying stuff like food or mercenaries, meaning the turkroaches would come into play like a sneaky dagger in the dark, probably bullying Greece around, which means a total mess for Russia but a clear cut opportunity for the EU unless Slovenia or Croatia do something ballsy, which they won't. And in fact i don't think anything serious will happen, at most it will some empty posturing while getting cucked and a couple of border clashes from civilians and albanophilic entities. EU will send troops to Kosovo and Turkey will blackmail the union under the table about being "deeply concerned" of dangerous individuals plotting something in their territory. Polite sage because i'm getting the rabies
Open file (1.73 MB 4032x3024 airgun.jpg)
Reminder for German Streloks, if you want to own an Airgun buy it now before September. After September you need to register it on a WBK to be allowed to own it.
It seems that the Portland riot suppression by federal forces has been overlooked in lieu of larger events.
>>4423 >wasting money on airshit thank but no thanks, I get ten Luty's for that.
Open file (5.50 MB 640x360 STALKER2.mp4)
STALKER 2 trailer revealed: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_NuPJmiQh-A Unfortunately seems like AAA tier pre-render bullshit. Xbox and Epic exclusive cause GSC sold out is my guess The video uploaded is the trailer in lower quality if you don't like the alphabet. хорошая охота Mеченый
>>4423 Isn't the airgun in the image legally a toy though?
>>4427 >Xbox and Epic exclusive cause GSC sold out is my guess If you're making a smaller budget game, not taking the exclusivity deal is insane. GSC is only GSC in name anymore anyway, most of the old talent from it went to 4A long ago.
Open file (963.25 KB 240x240 heresey.mp4)
>>4433 I'm not surprised by the news. I'm just disappointed.
>>4430 Until September, then the law changes.
>>4350 >>4353 I think it was Norway.
Open file (128.13 KB 1024x683 mob rule.jpg)
Federal Agents Unleash Militarized Crackdown on Portland >Federal authorities said they would bring order to Portland, Ore., after weeks of protests there. Local leaders believe the federal presence is making things worse. >PORTLAND, Ore. — Federal agents dressed in camouflage and tactical gear have taken to the streets of Portland, unleashing tear gas, bloodying protesters and pulling some people into unmarked vans in what Gov. Kate Brown of Oregon has called “a blatant abuse of power.” >The extraordinary use of federal force in recent days, billed as an attempt to tamp down persistent unrest and protect government property, has infuriated local leaders who say the agents have stoked tensions. “This is an attack on our democracy,” Mayor Ted Wheeler of Portland said. >The strife in Portland, which has had 50 consecutive days of protests, reflects the growing fault lines in law enforcement as President Trump threatens an assertive federal role in how cities manage a wave of national unrest after George Floyd was killed by the Minneapolis police. >One Portland demonstrator, Mark Pettibone, 29, said he had been part of the protests before four people in camouflage jumped out of an unmarked van around 2 a.m. Wednesday. They had no obvious markings or identification, he said, and he had no idea who they were. >“One of the officers said, ‘It’s OK, it’s OK,’ and just grabbed me and threw me into the van,” Mr. Pettibone said. “Another officer pulled my beanie down so I couldn’t see.” >Mr. Pettibone said that he was terrified — protesters in the city have in the past clashed with far-right militia groups also wearing camouflage and tactical gear — and that at no point was he told why he was arrested or detained, or what agency the officers were with. He said he was held for about two hours before being released. >“It felt like I was being hunted for no reason,” Mr. Pettibone said. “It feels like fascism.” >In a statement issued on Friday, Customs and Border Protection described one case captured on video, saying agents who made an arrest had information that indicated a suspect had assaulted federal authorities or damaged property and that they moved him to a safer location for questioning. The statement, which did not name any suspects, said that the agents identified themselves but that their names were not displayed because of “recent doxxing incidents against law enforcement personnel.” >The agents in Portland are part of “rapid deployment teams” put together by the Department of Homeland Security after Mr. Trump directed federal agencies to deploy additional personnel to protect statues, monuments and federal property during the continuing unrest. >The teams, which include 2,000 officials from Customs and Border Protection, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Transportation Security Administration and the Coast Guard, are supporting the Federal Protective Service, an agency that already provides security at federal properties. >Agents have been dispatched to Portland, Seattle and Washington, D.C., to guard statues, monuments and federal property, such as the federal courthouse in Portland, according to homeland security officials. https://web.archive.org/web/20200723024456/https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/17/us/portland-protests.html
>>4408 >>4412 >Serbia fights former Serbia Is this fun?
>>4424 >>4452 The riot thread hit bump limit, and this seems to be limited to the faggots in Portland and not across the country. No one really gives a shit if they burn down their own Starbucks in the name of Marx or whoever.
>>4412 This.
Meanwhile in Kentucky Don't bully me archive doesn't work for me BO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Um6wjFVa7lg&feature=emb_err_woyt >https://www.thedailybeast.com/shots-fired-as-three-percenter-and-not-fucking-around-coalition-militias-face-off-in-louisville-kentucky >Be dindu milita >literally shoot three people in your own milita by being tacticool and cuz jamal is wearing the wrong gang colorz. >media blames it on 3%ers and thanks cops Gods if this wasn't so retarded I would be laughing.
>>4408 So much for Rata ever coming back.
>>4452 >>4454 Word Of God is no more riot or coof threads. There are other places to discus those things than here.
>>4502 where?
>>4502 (there aren't)
>>4502 Such as?
>>4502 You aren't god, and >coof reported fuck you cuckchanner
>>4502 Good. No one ever talks about guns here.
>>4502 At least I haven't found any other threads on the webring. What is needed is a dedicated happening board that discusses current happenings. It's not like 2020 is going to run out.
>>4524 What you're describing is a /pol/ but they were all shut down under mysterious circumstances
>>4539 Not quite. /pol/ also had nigger hate, religion, philosophical discussion, etc. threads. I'm imagining a board that is literally 100% happenings.
>>4539 I miss all the fun lively alt/pol/ boards. Now they're all dead for one reason or another mlpol doesn't count.
>>4557 That''s all /pol/ is used for really. You could request a place like anon.cafe make you a /Happening/ board and run it yourself.
>>4518 >>3334 >"now that things have somewhat settled down around the webring there actually are places where people can go to discuss hot and popping current events like the coronavirus and racial unrest in the US. Places that aren't /k/. I will keep the china/india thread as it is clearly a relevant topic to the board, but moving forward I don't want any further threads to be made regarding rona or the riots"
>>4557 You have a good point. I'd like a board like that. Of course people would still debate about that stuff but at least they'd have to do it within a thread related to some ongoing news items.
Open file (518.83 KB 2063x3595 red flagged.jpg)
Someone got red flagged by SPLC and Sacramento County Sherrifs for being racist. I'd archive but it doesn't work without JS anymore https://sacramento.cbslocal.com/2020/07/27/alleged-leader-of-neo-nazi-group-identified-as-orangevale-resident-andrew-casarez/
>>4567 >accelerationism >ultimately benefits whites YOU HEARD THEM BOYS, REV UP THOSE GOPROS
>>4567 I can't wait for the appeals court case where the Sacramento PD's defense is "b-but he said mean things online! And he owned a gun!" Meanwhile I had a coworker waving around his new 40 like a circus monkey at work yesterday. Californians are more out-of-touch with reality than ever to the point where I've known a couple old farts who only communicate via protonmail and when you listen to them speak, they've gone from being mildly annoyed with progressive ideologies to wanting to murderhobo some areas in the last six months (and many other "politically neutral" sorts turn rabidly conservative).
>>4591 >they've gone from being mildly annoyed with progressive ideologies to wanting to murderhobo some areas in the last six months Can you blame them? They have gone full retard with the progressive shit lately to the point where they are shoving it into the bread and circus. Seriously they are fucking with all the major sports now, the only thing keeping the normal non-political person from going out and stabbing all the retards they have to deal with on a daily basis.
Well it's cultural revolution. Ofcourse they are doing subtle political purges like that in order to keep things under control during a election year.
>>4599 (check'd) >they are shoving it into the bread and circus. Seriously they are fucking with all the major sports Great! You're not supposed under any circumstances to subvert your best propaganda tool. Bread and circus is about selling an illusion to the cattle, making it woke read broke will be their undoing. >>4567 >Casarez kek
Open file (139.60 KB 1024x768 l06_rostok.jpg)
Watched STALKER 2 trailer and had to revisit good old SoC, ah the memories.
Open file (167.07 KB 512x512 spurdo_aesthetic.png)
https://omar.yt/posts/stepping-away-from-open-source https://instances.invidio.us/ tl;dr is that invidio.us is going to be shut down, but you can just use any of the sites from the second link to get the same experience. I think we have a winner already: invidious.snopyta.org
Are there any good resources on what equipment/weapons were used by various militarizes in the Mid-80s? More specifically, any confirmed use of drum mags in RPKs by pact countries in '83 or '84? Soviets were the only ones I could find that confirmed dropped them by that point.
Open file (1.54 MB 638x360 9fhg94.mp4)
Rise up
I'm not a gun's person, so this may sound like a completely dumb question: what is the difference between a shotgun and a sawed-off shotgun? Also why is it illegal to saw them off? Is there a length limit or even chipping them is illegal?
>>4633 a sawn off bang stick is just a bang stick with the barrel cut too short, its illegal because the atf is a big fucking gay. length limit is 26" overall length.
Open file (72.48 KB 787x616 3 hand mortars.jpg)
>>4633 >>4634 > length limit is 26" overall length. I don't think that applies to black powder firearms though, because otherwise hand mortars would be illegal.
>>4648 black powder is legally not a firearm per atf definition
>>4633 NFA. Technically, you can make one if you register it as a Short Barreled Shotgun. (Not a legal expert, assuming it works like SBRs) Really there is very little difference to my knowledge other than length, velocity/spread of projectiles, and normalfags thinking of them as super weapons. >>4648 https://americanguncraft.com/product/diablo-break-open-12-gauge-pistol-black-grips/ You can also get them straight in the mail as well. (Assuming your state/area doesn't have any additional laws)
>>4653 They're the same as a SBR, file the paperwork, mark the barrel with what they want you to mark it with, ???? enjoy shotgat with barrel under 16". Pro tip though, keep a spare standard barrel in the event you want the ATF to file more paperwork down the road.
>>4648 Aren't hand mortars like the ones depicted pretty much Flintlock Era flare guns?
Any recommendations for reading on the intelligence side of insurgent warfare?
>>4656 Yes but as far as I know modern working replicas are completely legal too. That's assuming that you're only firing normal projectiles, or blank loads, or tennis balls. If you're firing actual explosives then you've gotten into "destructive device" territory.
Open file (111.34 KB 350x352 Demoman.png)
Open file (607.14 KB 480x600 АВБПМ.mp4)
Open file (1.27 MB 1280x720 boom.webm)
>>4676 What the hell is that pre-explosion cloud? It doesn't look as black as your average building fire and there's no flames in sight that'd suggest such a massive fire either.
Open file (2.81 MB 480x848 kaboom.mp4)
>>4677 Initial reports say it was fireworks
>>4676 >>4677 >>4678 >Beirut Kikery afoot?
>>4678 Lol yeah right
>>4676 >>4677 >>4678 Reminds me of the Minor Scale test.
Open file (86.25 KB 768x1024 beirut.jpg)
>>4678 >>4680 Fireworks explosions don't look like that. Where are the flames?
>>4683 >Fireworks explosions don't look like that some precursor stuff?
>>4684 This.
>>4685 >FIREWORK FACTORY Wasn't it a chemical warehouse near a computer center?
Open file (65.61 KB 500x333 1389097042033.jpg)
Open file (1.92 MB 256x256 boom.mp4)
>>4677 >>4678 Fireworks in the warehouse/being made in the building sounds about right. Gotta keep in mind that 300lb of gunpowder (the main ingredient in fireworks) is enough to take out a neighborhood block. In this case, if the explosion happened closer to the bottom of the building and it was an open-floored warehouse (which it sounds like it was), the building would effectively act like a tube for a mortar, sending an initial burst out the windows as it tried to vent (the initial smoke plume) before blowing out the roof or a wall with the force of the explosion leaving that way. The colors of the smoke seem pretty consistent as well since you get the nice deep red from the strontium carbonate and similarly a nice orange probably from calcium chloride. The other chloride salts used for coloring fireworks would probably readily chemically react with the sodium nitrate in yellow fireworks and whatever else was nearby in the heat created from the explosion and dust thrown in the air forming most of the brown/grey gunk down below. Only thing I don't understand is that white plume unless it's just from gunpowder.
There's a separate thread for the explosion >>4686 >>4700 No, they've confirmed it was ammonium nitrate.
Just a reminder for anyone dumb enough to think zogbots would defect and join your side in a civil war that the ranks are full of retards like this. https://mobile.twitter.com/krunk84
>>4764 Can you give us some highlights
>>4765 Fuck for some reason I thought this place automatically archived links my bad. It's a former zogbot going full on "y civvies need weapons of war? I served btw so I know they're super weapons" tier with his gun grab faggotry
Is there any active boards left on the webring? Every where is bleeding anons.
>>4768 /a/, /geimu/, and /animu/ are about the only thre left with any noteworthy activity. tvch was doing nicely for awhile but gayhole let the discord cucks have too much free reign and now there's only like three anons there because everyone got tired of spam and bottom of the barrel shitposting designed to piss everyone off.
>>4770 /a/ is full of autistic man children. /geimu/ is full of incels gone prison gay with shit taste in games and animu is a mix of both. Gahoole had real potential but refused to act responsibly and the FBI raid killed off those who were interested in building the webring up. I know gahoole is from the IBS crowd but I don't know how you can be so naive about image boards with as long as he's been on them. There are intentional distruptive groups who will destroy any board they're on. If you don't get rid of them and show zero tolerance immediately you end up with pedo spam overwhelming the place and everyone posting threads leaves.
>>4770 Julay did pretty well, but let IRCfags run rampant right after the rebirth announcement, which made people leave. I fear that at some point, Markchan is what anons will end up at. I'm hoping more people end up joining nanochan, which is where /tech/ migrated to.
>>4785 Why does everyone say IRCfags? What group specifically were the problem? IRC is just a huge chat network. There are specific groups running through altchans and ruining them but I get the impressive IRCfags is more like their circle jerk on IRC. Anons who aren't already on kikechan will go to 4chan before his board. Marks loyal nintoddlers unfortunately made up a lot of 8ch's traffic near the end because the place was so dead no one else was posting. The webring maybe a failed experiment due to that.
>>4786 >What group specifically were the problem The /cow/ IRC/guntstream fags. They're essentially a kiwifarms outpost, goons, in short.
>>4787 early goons are fine. Just call them IBS fags, it's what they are. All they do is watch e celebs and shit themselves on imageboards. Every wheres banned them except the webring who for some reason refuse to do so.
>>4786 I'm just quitting imageboards entirely after the webring is completely dead. The alt drama is beyond tiresome and 4chan is completely insufferable, not to mention no VPN/tor posting allowed. It's a sad state of affairs for anyone who prefers remaining anonymous, the only other option is making throwaway accounts on shitholes like reddit, but you'd get banned there faster than on cuckchan.
>>4800 >posting on 4chan >following gay drama Jokes on you, you’re causing your own hell. I’m comfy
>>4792 What's IBS
>>4802 Internet Blood Sports. Imagine gay e-celebs making fun of other gay e-celebs for being faggots, and then a month later, the latter e-celeb makes fun of the first e-celeb because the first e-celeb has now done something gay. It's like a spanish soap opera, but there's zero hot chicks, everyone's got a couple chromosomes too many and all the drama just comes from everyone involved having a room temperature IQ.
>>4801 >you have to post on cuckchan to know it's shit >you have to follow drama to be irritated by them derailing threads across the webring I forgot to mention overly disingenuous faggots like you are increasingly prevalent. Can't even make a simple statement without some retard running wild with it in an attempt to start shit.
>>4810 It sounds like you have to stop browsing shitty boards. You can call me "disingenuous" all you want but the only problem I ever had was with Julay falling apart. Besides that it is, like I said, fairly comfy.
>>4800 I still use cuckchan when I have a question I want a quick answer to. Reddit if it's a technical question but I make 1 burner account (no email) on a VPN. Ask the question and forget the entire website in my history after I have my answer. >>4801 Faggots like you are part of whats destroyed the website. You have no interest in any sort of content, in any sort of quality discussion. As long as you and your gay little friends can talk about final fantasy you think everything is fine. Being a simpleton makes you comfortable, any one with a brain larger than a hamster laughs at how pathetic you are and how little you need to be amused. >>4808 Basically Mr Metokur's youtube buttbuddies trying to be edgy drama.
>>4811 Honestly, things have settled into a pretty comfy place now that /k/ is stable again. IMO webring right now is pretty much what I remember pre-exodus 8chan being like, slow, comfy, good. Not the greatest for happenings or current events, since there's just not enough activity to really get it going, but it's not terrible either. Not to talk too much about other boards, but /a/ was like this too a few months ago, but it's stabilized enough that there's airing anime threads that aren't dead, /k/ will probably get to that level as well. that is, as long as some other major internet forum doesn't engage in a giant gay and cause an exodus to here
Open file (44.82 KB 800x450 sanaa under fire.jpg)
Open file (434.13 KB 1000x562 sanaa under fire 2.jpg)
OLD NEWS FROM THE YEMENI FRONT April 9th, Yemen Saudi-UAE unilateral ceasefire in Yemen begins; Houthis balk >Coalition fighting rebels says move partly in response to UN truce calls amid pandemic but Houthis vow to keep fighting. >A two-week ceasefire declared by the Saudi-UAE coalition fighting Yemen's Houthi rebels came into effect on Thursday, but the armed group says it would will not abide unless a years-long siege on the impoverished nation is lifted. >The suspension of hostilities by the alliance took hold at 12pm local time (09:00 GMT), Saudi Arabia's state-run news agency SPA quoted coalition spokesperson Colonel Turki al-Malki as saying. https://web.archive.org/web/20200809164106/https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/04/saudi-uae-coalition-declares-2-week-unilateral-ceasefire-yemen-200408185013981.html Yemen's Houthis to not 'stop fighting' after ceasefire >Statement comes after Saudi-UAE coalition announced two-week unilateral ceasefire to prevent coronavirus outbreak. >Yemen's Houthi rebels have told Al Jazeera they will not stop fighting while the country is under siege. >That comes after the Saudi-UAE military coalition that is battling the rebels announced a two-week unilateral ceasefire. https://web.archive.org/web/20200809164324/https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/04/yemens-houthis-stop-fighting-ceasefire-200409155705005.html July 2nd, Yemen Saudi-led coalition hits Houthi-held areas in renewed air raids >Houthi-run news outlet reports two civilian casualties as coalition fighter jets pound several Yemeni provinces. >Fighter jets belonging to a Saudi-led coalition battling Yemen's Houthi rebels have launched dozens of air raids on several Yemeni provinces, as the kingdom announced the start of a new military operation. >The Houthi-run Al Masirah Media Network reported air raids on the capital, Sanaa, as well as Marib, al-Jouf, al-Bayda, Hajjah and Saada provinces throughout Wednesday and into the night. >"The operation came in response to the threat of the Houthi militia after they launched ballistic missiles as well as drones from the occupied capital Sanaa, as well as Saada," coalition spokesman Turki al-Maliki told reporters in Riyadh. >The coalition strike effectively ends a unilateral ceasefire it declared in April, announced as part of efforts to combat the coronavirus pandemic. >Sources told Al Jazeera late on Wednesday the coalition launched more than 40 air raids on Sanaa and its surrounding areas. https://web.archive.org/web/20200809163747/https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/07/saudi-led-coalition-hits-houthi-held-areas-renewed-air-raids-200702072034014.html July 9th, Yemen Saudi-led coalition in Yemen says explosive-laden boats destroyed >Coalition says two boats belonged to the Houthis and were threatening navigation, according to Saudi's SPA news agency. >The Saudi-led military coalition fighting the Houthi group in Yemen has destroyed two explosive-laden boats in the Red Sea on Thursday, the coalition's spokesperson said. >The two remotely controlled boats belonged to Houthi forces and were threatening navigation, according to the spokesperson's statement carried on Saudi state news agency SPA. https://web.archive.org/web/20200803101100/https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/07/saudi-led-coalition-yemen-explosive-laden-boats-destroyed-200709151347988.html
>>4811 Nah you're a straight up shitstirring cunt and you know it.
Where are anons hanging out off site these days? I used to use cytube but that's slowly losing users and what's left is cuckchanners and redditors.
>>4864 My social content consists entirely of smug and /k/. Sometimes /animu/ if I feel like bullying them or getting a different perspective on rare occasions. I mostly use the internet for youtube and torrenting. I play vidya sometimes but even then it's mostly pre-2008 games when I do. I get social interaction at work but I've reduced my amount of outside interaction quite drastically in the last year or so.
>>4864 bitwave.tv is decent.
>>4865 Good. No one wants to hang around weebs. >>4866 That interface is really hard to figure out. It's such a mess.
>>4864 Just some tiny bunkers and reading books
>>4864 I've quit off site entirely outside of work related and bds/linux distro sites. Honestly just gone to seclusion and book reading again.
>>4864 I've been focusing on getting into welding, got my first job recently. Soon I will have enough money to buy some land as well, I'll get away from this shithole I'm in right now and be able shoot on my own property. As far as other places on the internet I'll occasionally check youtube when I think of something specific I want to know more about, but otherwise the dwindling amount of time I spend on the webring is pretty much all of my internet time.
Apparently roaches and Greeks are having a standoff in Greek waters, over a "seismic survey". Kind of surprised /k/ hasn't been following this situation, as it's been developing for a couple weeks at least. I hate having to source shit from twitter, which is why I'm not making a thread on it.
The only places talking about this it seems are twitter and a certain ziocon forum. I'll leave it at this until/if we enter full happening status.
>>4893 There is nothing to talk about since it won't come to war. Neither French nor Greece has the political willpower to wage a real war, and Egyptian navy is bit of a joke that won't be thrown away for a suicide mission.
Open file (8.41 MB 715x397 Truck_Crash.gif)
>>4895 Looks like the roaches backed down for now, so it isn't the Greek side's willpower I would question.
Any advice on getting the most money out of selling brand new milsurp PPE?
Open file (56.46 KB 499x679 1595952760482-0.jpg)
>>4908 This world already contains an excessive number of dirty jews, please don't emulate or exist as one. If you actually have a decent amount of useful gear get in contact with the kommando store, as far as I know they aren't faggots yet.
>>4908 Gun shows used to be good for that. In the off chance they ever pick back up before weimerica implodes you take your shit to one of those, set up near one of the boomer faggots that sell the same stuff, then undercut them by just enough that people look to you first, but not so much that you can't make a profit. Easy cash considering the absolutely fucking ridiculous prices the old fucks try to push. Had some fucker try to sell me one set of clearly used ACUs for $120 once when I told him I was a soldier. I promptly laughed in his face and went to the PX to get a shiny new set for half the price, and god damn the amount they usually demand for IFAKs is beyond insane. They deserve to be undercut and jewed as much as possible. >>4911 Pretty sure they went full faggot in regards to quality awhile ago, but maybe it was just a minor hiccup on their part and they got better. Also, stay poor.
Open file (31.59 KB 678x381 fk-3.jpg)
How shit are the chink FK-3 missiles?
>>4924 Same as most chinkshit it's just slightly reworked copies of Russian tech, possibly incorporating poorly cloned modern electronics.
>>4924 Well they misspelled fack/fuck/FAQ, so I wouldn't have high hopes for anything with them.
Open file (109.73 KB 942x1526 strelok escapes neetdom.jpg)
I heard the CDC is now admitting that goggles are needed to prevent the viral infection vector through the eyes. What a wild ride it's been. First the china flu was officially a right wing conspiracy and a nothingburger, people avoiding Chinese people because of a Chinese pandemic were racist, and masks did nothing. Wearing a mask in public resulted in laughs. Then you shouldn't buy masks, but they did work, but only for health care workers. Wearing a mask in public resulted in sneers. After some time it was decided that you should buy masks, but there were no long-term effects as long as you were asymptomatic, and it would all be over within a couple months. Next, the so-called left wing embraced corona-chan as a new global warming type cause, saying it was actually right-wing all along to deny it (as defined by watching Fox news, apparently). The media said we should prepare for this to be a seasonal thing for several years. Also if you didn't wear a mask and social distance you were racist. Global left-wing politician's role-reversals were memory holed, and all mismanagement was blamed on Trump and Republicans. Then, social distancing did not apply if you were rioting about a black guy who died while resisting arrest. After that the higher rates of infection among blacks and latinos was attributed to the systemic racism of biology or something. Finally, the official line admitted that there were long-term effects even in asymptomatic carriers.
Open file (40.67 KB 600x548 1596388803427.jpg)
>>4940 Crazy, right? and it hasn't even began
>>4940 And don't forget about all those Alex Jones fans who think that it's all a big conspiracy.
>>4944 Go back to Reddit
Open file (720.08 KB 1920x1080 bane_idea.png)
>>4945 >the existence of people not wearing masks and screaming nonsense about muh rights is literally reddit Upboted! :^)
>>4947 >believing the Coronahoax This isn’t February anymore so it’s just embarassing at this point
>>4928 >>4935 Well fuck we are supposed to buy some of them.
>>4944 They change their mind about what's going on every other fucking day if this isn't some kind of conspiracy then we need to start hanging doctors and government officials from lampposts.
>>4940 What in the fuck is wrong with the USA?
>>4940 The unironic truth is that goggles are effective. But practical? Not always. People die from car crashes all the time. Maybe we should limit all cars to walking speed so they don't kill people!
>>4940 Of course they're going to keep changing their stance on this and contradicting themselves in the process. They can't afford the narrative they've worked on for years be proven wrong to the normalfags, so they'll continue to change their minds and hope that the masses' short attention span and inability to see through the bullshit will prevent any sort of retaliation.
>>4954 Practicality is determined off an individual's ability. Noone here is suggesting goggles be mandated to reduce the amount of assymptomatic cases walking around thinking their chinkshit masks would fully protect them. Take your shitty contrarian opinion and your gay punctuation back to your twatter social group so you can talk about how "it's jus the flu!" and suck each others dicks, nigger.
>>4957 >No one here is suggesting goggles be mandated to reduce the amount of assymptomatic cases We already had a slapfight over this in the ESD the other day. There is a push for it right now but "we" It's just the cops.... EMS/Fire don't care. Sheriff straight up told medical direction and ESD leader to fuck off. >"it's jus the flu". Mother fucker we've had 7 new cases in a MONTH for a county of 90,000 + people, that's including the god damned drunk driver who decided to fucking an hero by driving on the wrong side of the road. A great portion of the population doesn't have a compromised immune system. > calling people nigger > acting like a glow in the dark Gee I wonder who's behind this retardation.
>>4953 It's a failed multicult experiment and has been rotting since the civil war.
>>4959 If your area has a relatively sparse population, it's no surprise it wouldn't be much of a problem.
>>4963 No, we're pretty densely populated. Outside of the cities there ain't jack though. College towns suck for EMS
>>4954 I'm trying and failing of a situation where goggles aren't practical, short of working at a steelmill where the temperatures would melt them. >>4959 >County of 90000 people It's not a problem in my small village either. That doesn't mean that it's not a major problem in the massive cities that most of our population squats in and has the potential to fuck us all once urbanites swarm out and infest the countryside. And swarm they will, there's already mile long breadlines in cities, and evictions are soon coming again because they'd rather riot than work. If you have enough friends, dig/pile up earthworks around your village and post armed guards to dissuade strangers from coming in. >>4972 Not sure I'd count 90.000 in a county as dense. Especially if you're talking about multiple "cities" there. 45k wouldn't qualify as metropolitan areas, you need at least 50k for that. By modern standards, that's small-ish.
>>4959 >gets called out for not lurking >"gee I know what I'll do! Use glownigger as a way of pretending I'm fitting it! Bonus points for mixing insults using a webm jew meme!" Stop posting so much, normalfag. And no one gives a fuck how much of a bitchfit you and your coworkers have with each other. Every time a reasonable solution to a problem gets brought up theres always one faggot who goes nuh uh and precedes to bulldoze every point of logic with a nigger tier solution like drinking bleach or wearing bandanas as filters. I know, if I grow my nose hairs and eyelashes long enough that will protect me from the virus.
>>4953 Demographic change and a gradual erosion of the power of states in favour of the power of the federal government based on silly readings of things like the right/duty to regulate interstate commerce. Illegal drug trade is still interstate commerce remember, just illegal interstate commerce. We'll see the final death of this in the next decade or two when more and more pushes about the 'popular vote' being incorrect because of the way states work leading to a purely proportional vote for the president first.
Open file (8.10 MB 720x1280 dodgedabullet.mp4)
Open file (3.34 MB 852x480 k goes fishing.webm)
>>4972 The issue with my county is that those two cities are directly connected within walking distance of each other like that metroplex forsaken shithole you just sowed in a picture. Our adjacent counties have less than 20k max. Don't forget muh school season also gives a huge bump in population. Couple that with college tier retardation and partying... >I'm trying and failing of a situation where goggles aren't practical, short of working at a steelmill where the temperatures would melt them I would joke that you could get an SCBA or a gas mask... But the latter is sold out and the former is boomer tier expensive Riot face shield might work better if you have a helmet. >>4978 > Every time a reasonable solution to a problem gets brought up theres always one faggot who goes nuh uh Except it usually isn't reasonable. It's not the government's job to protect you from other people from a disease with a death rate of less than 1% if you have no pre-existing conditions and are not as old as fucking molasses. If it was smallpox (without vaccines) and a CFR of 30% I'd worry about masks and goggles more. If you're a god damned boomer or "POC" as some news articles are suggesting on nu8cuck with fucking COPD, hypertension, CHF and obese as fuck, yeah, might wanna worry. >webms related, might want to be wearing a PASGT in one versus the other.
Open file (873.42 KB 612x792 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4940 If everyone wore FFP2/N95 respirators, goggles+gloves or a CBRN mask and practiced proper hand hygiene would social distancing in most venues aside from restaurants be redundant and unnecessary?
>>4982 Isn't Corona-chan more than just about death though? Possible permanent respiratory and nervous system issues, fertility issues, and even without death possibly being put out of commission for a week or two in bed, possibly with breathing issues that might need you to go to the hospital. And you can still want to wear goggles to protect yourself without thinking the government should mandate it. Not trying to argue and say you're wrong, just providing another viewpoint.
>>4982 >or "POC" as some news articles are suggesting Shitskins ignore the rules, gather for protests and eat like shit long term resulting in medical conditions that complicate treatment then complain racism means they have a higher mortality rate. In europe they also live in shitty multi-generation housing after colonising the centre of all the major cities and believe in conspiracy theories that whitey in the hospital is out to kill them.
Open file (2.69 MB 640x480 rhodesian bush war.mp4)
>>4987 I'm well aware, I'm just mindboggled by the mental gymnastics that it's a white supremacy issue. >>4985 >Complications I'm full well aware. But the strain in the US is mutated to be far less lethal. It doesn't pay to kill your host UNLESS your spread is more effective. Which it isn't and to our knowledge it's a generalist pathogen since it's not restricted to Hominini like HIV (Which takes much longer to "kill" you since it can only be spread via blood/fluids). Plus, you have to remember there is a risk of complications from anything. The issue is they are still yapping about the current COVID-19 strain being as lethal as the initial. Which isn't true (unless you get the original strain). SARS and COVID-19 both are in the coronavirus family which has the same viruses that cause the common cold. However, bilateral pneumonia of indeterminate cause is the major distinction between COVID-19/SARS and the cold alongside edema. But remember that not every develops those symptoms. Which is why antigen testing/ DNA testing for the virus is so important (And I think it had like a 40% accuracy rate initially, Sorry for sperging. Have a webm in return
>>4988 >it's a white supremacy issue. It is. As long as there are niggers left alive they will always blame whitey for everything bad that happens to them. It's a get out of jail free card and they have been raised on it their entire life. Why would you expect anything less?
>>5005 They're going to send it to the full 9th court, no fucking way they'll let it go to the Supreme Court. That would imply we're waking up from the nightmare. If they made it a Supreme Court ruling, then they'd be making a ruling on Colorado and other state's laws. It's gonna stay in the 9th circuit.
>>5007 Laws won't matter much in the next couple of years regardless, it's already near the point where cops can't do anything to niggers at all without causing a massive shitstorm, and when the lopsided enforcement of the law becomes too obvious to ignore people will stop obeying the law at all despite what any dumbass niggerpill would have you believe. The only ones who would still cling to that kind of fucked up system are traitorous nigger foot licking white cuckolds, but they've already sealed their fates regardless since niggers don't sympathize with whites at all no matter how much any of them simp and tongue their toes.
>>5011 Could you spew more memes faggot? Niggers already ignore the law and whites are forced to live under the tyranny of it. It's anarcho tyranny and it's already active.
>>5021 So you agree with him. And you're still trying to start shit because ?
>>5022 Arguing online is a good way to vent frustrations without the risk of action. No judgement, just being honest.
>>5011 >cops can't do anything to niggers Won't. >The only ones who would still cling to that kind of fucked up system are traitorous nigger foot licking white cuckolds Responsible Conservatives™© Police enjoy their expanded powers and see all citizens as a lower class to exploit for their personal gain. Who can own fully automatic weapons in the US? criminals and law enforcement Who can purchase military surplus armaments at a deep discount? criminals and law enforcement Who can kill when they fear for their lives without repercussions? criminals and law enforcement Who can organize without law enforcement chimping? criminals and law enforcement Who receives fair treatment from juries? the rich, criminals, and law enforcement Noticing a trend here? >muh good cops Pay police union dues which are used to defend the worst and lobby for shit that you don't want. Those good cops are also known for keeping their fucking lips sealed because they fear the consequences of revealing the corruption. You're not wrong in your message, but you seem to think that the enforcers aren't culpable. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQ4e7xF5Aos
>>5025 >>5021 Go lick some nigger toes and tell everyone to give up and die cuck. >>5028 Nowhere in that post did I suggest cops aren't culpable. Not once did I say anything about "good" cops. You just assumed that was my stance and I don't know why when it's readily apparent I don't expect anything from them.
>>5031 >>5032 >>5034 His own fault for being a retard and acting like he's not living in a third world warzone.
Open file (99.81 KB 750x576 Pontiac-Aztek.jpg)
Open file (354.44 KB 1600x1110 DSC_0010.JPG)
>>5031 >>5032 >>5034 If this keeps up then the market for consumer grade APCs is going to blossom. I'm imagining something like an Aztek crossed with the Tumbler.
>>5039 I wouldn't mind having a consumer version of a Stryker. They're shitty leaf vehicles that roll over easily, but that driver seat is maximum comfy though.
>>5037 Based and Brazil-pilled
Open file (1.93 MB 500x500 1443112262347.gif)
>>5031 >second webm >when he opens the door with a mean face >when the fat woman gets knocked down by a niggress >he crashes his truck >mfw is he a retarded redneck?
>>5039 Some workhop in SA, nigger-plagued by carjackings, fitted cars with batteries of flamethrowers which attached below the underbody would on the push of a button blast sideways. Nigger bbq, tasty ....
>>5043 Rednecks are immune to dumb vehicle related mishaps, goes for most really. Watched a guy get bumped out of box of a truck doing 50 down a dirt road and all he needed was a fresh beer and a dusting.
>>5043 >redneck >in fucking Portland I doubt it Tomoko. I doubt it a lot.
>>5043 Considering the "someome" he defended when BLM robbed it was a tranny, I doubt it was a redneck https://nitter.net/livesmattershow/status/1295263757032214528
>>5050 >I doubt it It's more likely than you think. Washington is already known as THE place for the more sophisticated redneck/trailer trash culture looking to escape their lower IQ cousins/siblings, and as THE wannabe cowboy state. While they typically keep to the Eastern half of Washington, rednecks in Oregon are more likely than you think.
>>5060 My guess is ironic redneck hipster. He obviously didn't know how to drive that truck.
>>5060 >While they typically keep to the Eastern half of Washington Nope. They are more common in the south and the east, but become less common the closer you get to the Olympic peninsula. Likewise, you're more likely to find an actual /pol/ack the closer you get to the Olympic peninsula or Portland. There are six main truths in Washington: 1. Everyone hates Seattle. 2. Everyone hates Portland. 3. You're not from Washington if you love either. 4. Longview people. 5. 80% of the women in the cities are indoctrinated. 6. Nobody is as cheap as a white man from Vancouver, who's family has lived in the region for multiple generations. >garage sale price tag on a $200 pair of work boots is $20 >Vancouver man is slightly interested >Offers $5, is okay with paying the $20 >Haggles over 10$ >Pays with a $50 bill
This is probably a retarded question, but is kommandostore a remotely an acceptable place to shop, even discounting the $95 bakelite mag fiasco a few years back?
Open file (1.21 MB 960x540 umppte.gif)
>>5085 I wanted to move to Washington but I was scared that it will end up like the shithole that is California. Is there still hope? All I see is new shit gun laws, and I also see more news about Washington that reminds me of California. Is anyone from Washington and hates it? I was going to move to eastern Washington if that makes a difference..
>>5091 How could I make that list if I didn't live in Washington? It's turning into California because the land owning poor Californians are selling their now shit land and buying up the cheap land up here. It's fun to shit on them whenever they try to pull commiefornisms. The gun laws are getting worse, even though Article 1 Section 24 of the consitution is clearly worded and absolute. They play games with gun laws by buying judges who refuse to take gun law cases for political reasons. A rich guy tried suing the state over the requirement for FFL transfers but the judge threw it out because "you're ability to purchase firearms has not been impaired because you have the money to purchase them" The state and most county governments now require engineer approval along with permits for any building because "earthquake dangers". So my advice to anyone that is self employeed and wants freedom in Washington: Move to one of the few counties that don't require engineer approval or permits to build on your own land. The social collapse in Washington is almost as bad as Pennsylvania, and the dominant behaviors found in each region can be traced back to the collapse of regionally dominant industries, largely due to corporate greed or gross mismanagement.
Open file (102.21 KB 758x485 hazleton jokes.jpeg)
>>5095 >almost as bad as Pennsylvania We could have made it out the other side of the industrial collapse and transformed our economy but for the powers that be flooding us with immigrants from brown countries, jew jersey, and jew york turning it into a black hole. Even parts of the countryside gets flash mobbed with shitskins now when they're taking a vacation or day trip.
>>5096 >We could have made it out the other side of the industrial collapse and transformed our economy You can't do that when you don't own land that you purchase. Or when the state, county, or cities act as shitty gatekeepers for self employment. Add in some child labor laws that prevent families from employing the children they make and you're in for one hell of a destructive climate. Washington is "the other side of industrial collapse" that you talk about, and it's not great. Most of it's residents work in wagie service jobs. All that nearly free power and cheap mass transport on the river, and yet somehow it was still cheaper to export aluminium to recycle in China than smelt it. Power demand went up on the west coast thanks to commiefornia's refusal to build nuclear plants while building housing developments in the desert, which drove up electricity prices, which drove out the smelters.
>>5088 They had quality control issues a few years ago. Allegedly they fixed those, but not enough anons have given testimony since then to be sure or not.
>>5091 Unless East Washington secedes from the coastline, Washington is set to be Commiefornia's colder cousin.
>>5088 >>5100 They've had a few fumbles since then but not outright quality issues as far as I know. But the ventures that are new to them do have issues that go down to the customer. Rhodie camo, land mines, and so on. Other than that I've only heard things on the price being average or high and not cheap like group buys were originally.
>>5085 >5. 80% of the women in the cities are indoctrinated. Is there any (part of) any western country where this isn't true? Assuming a large city anyway.
>>5105 ft. worth in texas was okay until recently (2015 ish) and the senate race beta o rourke made a lot of panties wet and this cancer called dallas and california is creeping in
>>5107 Probably because it's pushing up on a million people which is the universal barrier for a settlement going to shit.
>>5107 >>5110 No wait that's just the city. The metropolitan area is way larger.
>>5095 >>5096 >almost as bad as Pennsylvania Just how bad has PA gotten?
Open file (191.51 KB 646x998 reading chung.jpeg)
>>5112 >go to poconos for snow tubing >2 out of 200 people there are white Outside of rural areas and the smallest of towns, there are puerto ricans, niggers, gooks, chinks, and poos absolutely everywhere. If you go to a town like Jim Thorpe for a day trip it will be swarmed with brown. If you go to hike a trail it will be teeming with NJ and NY niggerfaggots, and that's in addition to the PA hispanic malaise. Eastern PA is really fucked. Central PA is alright though since they are rural. Just don't go to any touristy areas because it will be full of and staffed with half shitskins. There's a massive brain drain since talented people don't want to stay there because there's no foundation to build a future on and you'll be cut down for speaking out about it. Smug out of state transplants act like they own the place while shitting on the local population for not accepting them even while they racemix, vote for more rapefugees, more gibs, more laws. Then they just move to the exurbs when the plague gets too close for comfort, and then repeat the cycle to destroy their new host county. PA needs a civil war so the racial purge can begin because it's 20 years away from completing the transformation into the echo of a brazilian state for eternity.
>>5119 That sums up Washington, except people realized that it's happening everywhere and there's nowhere else to run, so they stay and hide their power levels. All the local governments are compromised, but sometimes you see someone on the ballot who stopped giving a fuck and drops hard redpills in their election bio.
Open file (1.40 MB 1280x720 1425925493061.png)
>>5112 >>5119 West PA fag here. What few melanated youths there are mostly keep to their ghettos. The biggest threat are the autofellating calinigger and jew york transplants. For the past 5 years they've been invading in increasingly larger numbers. An obvious piece of jersey trash actually bought a Saiga last week from a nearby lgs while I was looking at some PCCs. It took 2 clerks 20 minutes to get her to stop holding the butt against her cheek. That poor rifle is probably going to be confiscated and live the rest of it's life in a police locker til it gets melted down.
>>5110 >>5111 I was talking about the western side of Ft. Worth is rather not retarded. The cancer from dallas is all the way up to southlake (and maybe even westlake)
Open file (682.61 KB 650x650 ATF dog.png)
I've solved the ATF problem.
>>5192 Literal spam post made on dozens of imageboards. Please delete.
Open file (401.28 KB 1967x1202 Muttmerica.jpg)
can't wait for the 2020 census to be over and confirm that my city is now <40% white.
>>5210 Self-reported statistics in the US are almost Latin-America tier. If it's actually 40% white, something like 50 or 60% will be reported. By the time we are officially a minority, the real figures will be far below that.
>>5210 I suppose 'Straya would be a good way to describe the part of the US known for over-consumption of alcohol and meth.
>>5212 What? You're a retard. Australia isn't like that. t. ausfag
Are the southern Streloks doing okay? I heard Laura was pretty intense.
>>5226 Thread on that was already made and locked. Not surprising, we already know he'll get his life ruined despite it being 100% self-defense. If we're lucky he'll walk, and then go for the high score because he has nothing left.
>>5224 So far so good here. Might be slightly busy due to the storm that has yet to hit my area. >>5172 I'm not sure if we can crosspost into different threads or link to different boards like 8cuck before the shutdown, but I have a few words for the BO. I disagree with the fact that a happening when weapons are being used shouldn't be discussed. We're not discussing muh nigger vs spic for the millionth time assuming its a sage or a shitpost, we're discussing things that are directly relevant to the weapons board, the applicable use of weapons itself. Now, if you want to consolidate it into a footage/video archive, I have no objections. Meanwhile in Kenosha, >17 year old public safety cadet wannabe cop and "militia" member decides to make 3 "protestors" eat lead >Victim 1 is a felon (Registered Sex Offender) , domestic abuser (indicted July 20, 2020), and accused of bail jumping, also a manlet >tries to surrender to police by walking to them >gets knocked down by DINDUS and wiggers >dindu decides to wack him with a skateboard, gets shot >Victim 2 Felon - Serial Domestic Abuser (2012 & 2018) >other dindu with paramedic hat pretends to surrender before drawing his handgun and getting yeeted >Victim 3 Armed while intoxicated He is now charged with 1st degree murder. Apparently he's also been "spotted" in a trump rally photo and has been to the protest in Virginia. Twitter linch mob is also going after his family. The biggest winner out of this is one of the deceased's girlfriend, she's simped more than 70,000 USD from people on go fund me (lol). This is more than the shooter raised. >https://www.gofundme.com/f/249ip7bjxc >The meme war has already begun. It's conservative tier memes though In regards to the footage, there's a few I caught a glimpse of but I had to respond to something and they got taken down really fast. If a strelok grabs them and uploads them I'd be really happy >video of the man getting tripped to the ground (right before they are beating him with a skateboard) >video of the first idiot trying to get in a fight with them by shouting "shoot me nigger" Takeaways from the incident >if you rooftop korean, don't engage with protesters >if you rooftop korean, don't go down into the crowd like a retard >if you call police and inform them, don't go to them because the mob will try to anally fist you >if you wanna play wannabe cop, don't have a social media presence and don't be retarded to cross state lines. >If you rooftop korean, don't identify with lib left, it won't save you.
>>5227 see >>5228. I deleted the earlier post. Sorry. Sage for double post and the extremely plebbit tier formatting of the other post. It seems that I fucked up by copy pasting the text.... As compensation, accept a few webms from the old /k/ days.
>>5228 Don't forget the big takeaway the media is sending out >if you're assaulted by BLM the media and government will ensure your life is over, so you might as well kill as many as you can
Open file (277.51 KB 646x433 rip511tact.PNG)
>>5230 Yeah that too. I thought that was all assumed since every strelok has seen killdozer and wants to go for high score anyways? >in other news, 5.11 tactical about to get canceled.
Open file (506.99 KB 694x614 HERO OF KENOSHA.png)
>>5230 >>if you're assaulted by BLM the media and government will ensure your life is over, so you might as well kill as many as you can Kek I thought the same thing, might as well become a saint at that point
>>5231 I thought /k/ frowned upon acting like you're Rambo since it plays into gun grabber propaganda. t. not /k/
>>5233 killdozer was high score by only firing a single shot suicide +monetary damage
>>5231 >take any bit of text >search for it surrounded by the words white supremacy >probably an idiot with google tracking accounts that provide results tailored to your past searches too Retards don't understand basic critical thinking.
>>5232 Wasn't the guy from outside Kenosha? also a medic for BLM protestors who, unsurprisingly, attacked him because he wasn't a negroe. It's a bizarre case, had medic tools and vowed to help bystanders but was there to protect a local store, the aggressor that survived requested medical help yet was with clothes branded "paramedic" What the hell, even the cops didn't stop to look at him when he turned himself explicitly in multiple times.
Open file (1.11 MB 849x946 1598538074254.png)
Open file (1.39 MB 1216x2016 1598540320140.png)
>>5237 The guy lives about 30 minutes away but works in kenosha. Militia was lead by some libertarian fag the usual "we're with you but don't hurt me burn the police station if you want". Kyle was there to keep the black plague and smol hat shit stirrers (all three that were shot) from burning businesses down. >>5228 >other dindu with paramedic hat pretends to surrender before drawing his handgun and getting yeeted fake surrender boy (actually a hand rubber also a felon for armed robbery) already had a gun out, phone in one hand and the gun in his now cratered arm. Kyle had a Gofuckme but they of course were fags and shut it down. So they set up a Fundly that got up to $100,000 but fags DDOSd the shit out of it. Kyle is now getting the same lawyer that helped Nick Sandman for free.
>>5238 >Gofuckme but they were fags and shut it down >Fundly but fags DDOSd the shit out of it Goddamn, the double standards some people have. Also is it true the AR jammed and Kenosha Kid had to thumb it out frantically? somewhat sounds plausible because the paramedic suddenly drawn his weapon again implying he saw the guy had a dummy on his hands but was then nipped in the duel. Sounds badass as fuck if it wasn't for the fact his gun fucking jammed in the most important moment of his life, if it is true of course did he feign a feed malfunction?
>>5239 >>5238 Someone claimed that the guy in the handgun shot first. See pic related.
What company do you think is going to be the first to give him a fancy rifle to replace his cheapo DPMS after he gets out?
Open file (109.59 KB 355x499 1598458670653.jpg)
>>5239 Nah looks like his raifu worked the whole time. Plus the kid was shooting since a very young age he'd know how to maintain shit. The fake out faggot had the gun in hand the whole time why he didn't shoot is something god only knows cause it sure as hell would've been a different story otherwise. Only reason kyle didn't blast the faggot earlier was because he was an actual human that played by the rules. Hopefully people in general not just him now realize these fucks will use all the dirty tricks available.
>>5240 Not real. The webm in >>5228 is tiny as shit but you can clearly see that the light is there the whole time.
>>5239 I dont think there was any malfunction. Kyle just happens to be one of those people that are capable of functioning fairly calmly under threat of extreme violence and while being high on adrealine. The left armed pistolnigger ceased being a threat when he put his hands up, but became a threat once he brought that pistol to bear again.
>>5247 You're not. When I talked about getting a gun license my parents accused me of planning a mass shooting too. Their refusal to be references on my license application is half the reason I'm nogunz.
>>5229 >That fucking first webm It doesn't matter how many times I see it, it still manages to make me flinch/activate my fight or flight instincts every time.
Open file (4.44 MB 320x240 good_weekend.webm)
>>5233 At this point the gun grabbing arguments are all on the back burner since BLM realized if they disarm everyone, they won't be able to shoot conservatives and cops. They'll bring up all the gun incidents that happened later on in statistics though when it benefits them. I'm not advocating any kind of violence since that would be stupid, but self defense is completely legal stay the fuck home you dumbass. Let the fools charge in trying to get their stupid glory while you advance your own position in their absence. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
Open file (152.02 KB 509x423 lulzlel.png)
Feel free to save my shitty meme
>>5248 I don't know why my previous post was deleted but yeah. That sucks man. I compromised with my mom and she let me keep my guns if I gave her the ammo I have left. I haven't told my dad but I'm sure he would take my side because he owns a M1911 and I got him into funs anyways.
>>5254 I felt it too. It's crazy because I don't shoot as much as I should but even I feel uncomfortable when getting flagged like that. Have you ever had someone flag you IRL?
>>5261 >she let me keep my guns How old are you?
>>5264 Only twice. The first time it was when I was learning to shoot and I got the shit beaten out of me because it was still loaded when I flagged like six people, and he made a point of pointing the gun at me (after unloading). The second time I was teaching a woman to shoot and if I hadn't walked the dinosaur she would have blown a hole in my center mass because her (delayed) response to realizing she flagged me was to tense up and accidentally discharge.
Open file (218.40 KB 1280x720 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.jpg)
>>5278 >>5254 I'm not sure whats worse, people who really don't deserve to own guns or the fact idiots get them without understanding them. Also story time. >be this sack of shit strelok with intellectually smart but socially retarded parents >mum is rabid anti-funs >mum sees riots again, totally forgot about 97' >We can flee to europe! >I point out that Europe is a mudslime shithole so they just rape you instead >we can flee to china! >I point out government would likely just rape you and then harvest your organs instead >we can flee to X not america! >I point out the only country we can get to is wetback land or leafland, the former would just sell you, the latter would just let nature kill you in maple syrup drowning ofc >mum buys a gun >Doesn't decide to ask my father (they are still married), or me, or anyone about firearms >pops looses his shit cause rabid antifuns >I question why she doesn't ask ANYONE >I don't need your judgment strelok (or anyone else) because I'm stronk intelligent individual >buys a shit PPQ in 9mm for muh carry >can't rack the slide cause muh wrist issues >can't load the mag in because muh wrist issues >can't fire the gun properly without jamming it because muh wrist issues >so keeps the gun loaded after racking it >gun has a 'trigger safety' aka useless shit >sweeps me every time with the gun loaded >finger is always on the trigger when holding it >when confronted gets aggressive and claims only school shooters/ muh sf in the military need that training >then goes on about how the rifle I own is scary because she doesn't know how to shoulder properly. >mfw now I have a 1/2 chance of dying basically every time I have to go to my mother's house And people wonder why we don't get along. I'm pretty sure if a dude said it was fucking retarded to have periods and acted like he had one inb4 we get irl period simulators via surgery and hormones every month, and then proceeded to say that women are hormonal bitches he'd get canceled, arrested, and then murdered in that order. That being said, modern american women are in even WORSE off both socially and intellectually, me being in college might be a reason though. considering how old my mum was I'm surprised I only got minor genetic issues instead of down syndrome We all know that anyone who posts on this tibetan basketweaving forum has downs, is an incel, loves watching cuckhold porn and is a white supremacist ala CNN
Open file (107.13 KB 640x779 1598306580530.jpg)
>>5279 >>buys a shit PPQ in 9mm for muh carry PPQ is good shit not nigger shit. >>gun has a 'trigger safety' aka useless shit No trigger safeties are the best because it makes using the gun faster and easier for properly functioning adults or experienced people while removing retarded faggots from existence. don't be a nigger keep the finger off the pain activator and when re-holstering make sure you use a non-shit holster and actually be conscious of your actions because there are no quick holstering competitions >>all those wrist and hand strength issues This is why the gun shop employees should have sold her a Ruger DA revolver with trigger pulls measured in tons not pounds. That way she immediately learns she can't use it and tries to get a refund but ends up selling back at 2/3rd the cost and is charged a restocking fee. Souring her on guns and making her learn her place as a weak modern woman who can't defend herself. Make her learn that shes not at all like the actual stronk women from days long gone who had to raise kids in shit time periods where hard work with smart plans and not being a little faggot were the only way to get food on the table. If it went that way she would've gone to you or someone else with actual knowledge about guns for weaker people instead of just waltzing in to the shop like she's the queen. >>when confronted gets aggressive and claims only school shooters/ muh sf in the military need that training >gain access to her gun and remove all ammo >wear ski mask >ooga booga ambush her while holding nigger knife >get not shot >watch her struggle with racking slide and trying to figure out why her slide locked back if she does conjure up the pussy power to do so >use man strength to gently rip gun from her hand >run away ook ooking like a North American pavement ape and hide it It's because she has no fear and is high off her empowerment. Smash that shit down if you don't want to die.
>>5282 I didn't intend to say the PPQ was shit, rather it was shit for her. >spooking people That only works when the person you spook isn't crazy enough to blindfire in the general direction of the sound remember what I said about her keeping the gun in condition zero?
>>5283 >gain access to her gun and remove all ammo
>>5282 Actually, what would be a good gun for a weak woman?
>>5286 I'd say a revolver or a handgun that they can reliably rack the slide. I've heard that the CCP M2 is okay but I am not sure.
Open file (671.92 KB 600x600 1598631408834.png)
>>5286 Shit and Wesson has been putting out the EZ-shield series both in 380 and 9mil that feature cocking wings like on a browing buckmark and have "EZ" to pull springs letting you overcome slide racking issues. There's also the SCCY pistols which generally have easier to deal with recoil springs and what not plus they come in various fashionable colors without being total shit like Taurus spectrums, though they are a concealed carry gun first and foremost. Semi-auto rifles like 22lrs or even 22 mag tend to be easy to load and charge of course these are just .22 rimfires but that should be a suggestion for people wracked with arthritis or are weak in the hands for some other reasons and all other options are exhausted. if they have some finger strength revolver like smith and wesson lady smith supposedly has weaker main spring but issues will come like "is this ammo using hard primers?". The ruger LCR is supposedly designed to have a trigger like a GLAWK so it's supposed to be easier than other DA revolvers. Of course snub revolvers have the issue of being super light weight with snappy recoil even with bog standard no +P .38 HPs, of course rimfire comes to the rescue again. Pump shotguns in .410 have been popular before with even Mossberg selling a specific home security model that came with a shot spreader on the front and a DVD movie about home defense in the box. If the user is on the small side racking the pump properly (avoiding short shucking/pumping) may be an issue though I'm sure there exist some semi autos that don't suck total ass in the reliability department. Still the .410 will have a kick that may still be an issue for recoil sensitive people.
Open file (607.41 KB 299x169 Diabolical Laughter.gif)
>>5282 i fully condone this anon's post
>>5267 I am 20. Still live with my parents because I'm in poorfag California. I own a gun my uncle gifted me, a 10/22 and a AR I built. Until I am out, I feel the need to obey my parents. Otherwise I'm fucked, housing here is a lot of money, and renting a apartment probably means I will be a futureless wagecuck for life.
>>5292 if you have any friends out there, see if any of them are willing to room with you and split the cost. Craigslist is a good place to check as well.
Open file (93.07 KB 693x828 EgdlbMkXcAQj4Bv.png)
In other news, wannabe cop gets charged. Reckless endangerment of the reporter and some random dude that wasn't ass capped.
>>5286 Either a .22LR revolver, or something like the M&P Shield 2.0 in 9mm. Both have little recoil, will scare away niggers, and are perfect for the elderly and weak. **The shield 2.0 is actually a handgun I'd recommend even to experienced shooters as a side arm or CC precisely because it is compact and has little recoil, though obviously if you have gorilla hands it's going toto be a pain to shoot it.
>>5295 Nah a Shield has plenty of recoil since there isn't enough mass to soak it up. S&W EZ in 380 would be much better. They'll actually enjoy shooting it at the range, which means they will be more likely to practice. If possible get the one with fiber optic front sight. Makes a huge difference
>>5286 My 70 something grandma with arthritis can barely pop the barrel and pull the DA trigger on my Tomcat. Kinda funny since not having to rack the slide is half the draw of the gun. My grandpa actually bought an LCR in 9mm for her but that thing has near .38 special recoil. However, for an average woman, I feel the Tomcat would actually be great since it weighs a ton and fires .32.
>>5294 They're just going to pile on more and more aren't they?
>>5302 Yeah, its funny how the justice system would take the side of the niggers who hate it than the people trying to uphold it. Shows why the police/government shouldn't be trusted, and why streloks should worry about themselves, and not go on pointless acts of heroism until the state and people destroy themselves first.
>>5297 >Nah a Shield has plenty of recoil since there isn't enough mass to soak it up. Really? I've shot one while drunk as shit and barely gripping the thing, and I don't recall any recoil at all at the time.
>>5294 >First degree Idiots. The kid shouldn't get any prison time, but realistically they might have been able to get a charge on him if they had gone for involuntary manslaughter. Instead they went for max prison sentencing and if the judge doesn't throw it out, the appeals court will. Because they're pushing felony charges, the appeals process would go to federal court instead of the Wisconsin court, wouldn't it?
Also who wants to bet they'll try to delay the proceedings until he turns 18?
>>5311 He's already being charged as an adult.
>>5310 Good, that means even more rioting.
>>5309 Those lightweight single-stacks are bearable, but not pleasant to shoot for extended sessions. They certainly have more recoil than a full-size double stack, especially for someone smaller and weaker. And the ones with a grip not long enough for your pinky make it much worse. If you're experienced, big, fat, have large hands, and only shoot it for a short period of time, any of those factors would mitigate the issue especially when combined.
>>5302 It's lawfare 101, slam as many shaky charges on someone with the hopes that one sticks when it goes to trial, or in the hopes that the defendant and his lawyer(s) are morons and take your plea bargain because they're scared of going to prison
>>5305 No good deed goes unpunished. Instillbwonder where this will go. Kyle could be turned into a martyr or memory-holed. Any word on the funding for his legal defense? I heard the lawyer who represented the kid that had the wagon-burner banging a drum in his face is representing him.
>>5321 https://fightback.law/ https://www.givesendgo.com/GUCZ There are 2 and I believe the first one is what Linwood recommended the second apparently has already made contact with the Rittenhouse family still I would double check.
Open file (100.22 KB 800x450 1598536859565.jpg)
>>5326 >>5321 Apparently I'm retarded and didn't read the update on givesendgo. They're already in contact and are already prepared to send the money over to fightback so just use fightback instead to make it easier for them.
>>5310 >Idiots. I think that's their way of deliberately fucking their own case up after having been politically pressured to open it in the first place.
Open file (323.50 KB 656x898 portland.png)
After Kyle the /k/id, now we have a commie executing a random Trump supporter in the street after a BLM speaker saying that if one of theirs get killed, they're going to kill an actual person in retaliation and antifa having a little party to celebrate his death. At which point can we finally call this a thread-worthy event? They're already shooting each other in the street. https://archive.is/GAIIT
>>5333 I would but the BO would probably lock 5.0 thread and ban me for being a glow in the dark since he's so uppity about this shit. Also apparently the portland shooter already got located, Ex-army.
>>5333 Murdering white people is considered to be a new normal* by the legislative bodies, therefore I would argue that there should not be a happening thread unless over 20 people get killed in a single incident, as there is nothing out of the ordinary happening. * https://nationalfile.com/teen-who-punched-killed-man-over-1-sentenced-to-anger-management-probation/
>>5334 >ex-army Because of course he is.
Open file (51.22 KB 640x473 teen.jpg)
>>5337 >Teen
Chauvin's trying to get charges dismissed. Get ready for another round of rioting if it does.
>>5345 Haha.. It would be cool huh? Whenever I see George Floyd's face I actually get frightened. I think of that time when a nog tried robbing me late at night and he didn't know my brother in law was still in my car (he said he was gonna text someone first or something cant really remember right now). When my brother in law catched up with me, he went behind the nog with a gun and told him not to move at all or he will get his fucking brains blown out. The nog was like 6'2, I'm 5'10, and my brother in law was 6'5. After that, brother in law told me to phone the police while the nigger was breathing hard and looking at me angry knife in hand. Brother in law told the nog to drop the knife and he did. After that, the nigger went from mad to sad or something. He told me not to call the police and he would never do it again, swearing to God or Jesus or his mama or something, I was too scared to remember. I called the police and he went on his knees begging. Police came, me and brother in law told them what happened and nigger ended up getting 10 years in prison. Thing is, the nigger looks just like George Floyd. I remember the nog's big nose, ape lips and stuff because that moment really stressed me out and made me very jumpy. Whenever someone tries talking to me when I'm not in a business or something, nog or not, I almost have a sense telling me to kill them before its too late. Had to go to therapy a few times after that incident. It has been 5 years and when I see all the people idolizing George Floyd it makes me really, really fucking angry. I wish I could say I hope the thing that happened to me never happens to anyone else, but I can't. When I see anyone worship this nog, I hope they get robbed and not end up as lucky as me when I went with my brother in law that night to look at gifts to buy my sister. /blogpost end
>>5345 Which means A. Trump will get reelected B. Point A won't really matter because who cares who's the president of a rump state of a completely balkanized country in the midst of a civil race war.
>>5333 >>5334 Nobody's been banned for making riot threads. /100rads/ exists specifically so you guys can talk about shit that doesn't warrant a new thread. As >>5337 said, we've been having riots and racial/class tension for a pretty long time now. People getting shot isn't out of the ordinary just because a major news cycle swept it up.
Open file (135.21 KB 321x354 george floyd.png)
>>5346 >Whenever I see George Floyd's face I actually get frightened
Open file (385.76 KB 500x334 ClipboardImage.png)
Dugan probably earned himself the black bag treatment with lastnight's stream. His main channel is shoah'd. It gets spicy about an hour in. https://gofile.io/d/iMzxdV
>>5371 Supposedly he nuked his own channel.
Open file (411.14 KB 1000x563 1000.png)
>>5360 Spooky.
>>5085 >4. Longview People What do you mean by that?
>>5346 >Whenever someone tries talking to me when I'm not in a business or something, nog or not, I almost have a sense telling me to kill them before its too late. I hate when dumb bitches come up and smack your car window or do some stupid shit to get your attention like you described. I'm always glad my natural autistic reflex is to gauge the threat before drawing, because I've had several people register as "I need to kill them" with the threat-gauging instinct kicking in due to them doing some stupid shit like smacking me on the back when I'm in the middle of reading something or solving an issue with something or another through the computer.
>>5380 If pedo Joe wins the election what are the chances all this shit stops? Or do you think that niggers feel untouchable and will riot every chance they can until burgerland collapses.
>>5317 Hand fit has a lot to do with it. I had the opportunity to shoot a p938 and p238 for a few hours. Very comfortable, but I won't give any money to Ron Cohen. (((He))) gets enough of my tax money as it is through .mil and LE contracts.
>>5381 Nigs give zero shits who's in the white house they just see that its ok to burn down whiteys stuff, its going to keep happening until the state governments stop sucking their dicks.
>>5381 0%. Nevermind the niggers, antifa wants a revolution and they want Biden because a guy that doesn't even know when he is, is much easier to overthrow than Trump. And the nogs won't stop because they've already learnt that they can plunder whitey without consequence. Only thing that'd stop them is widespread live ammo usage, and it's doubtful whether Trump would go that far, let alone Biden.
>>5381 They'll be emboldened. Major riots occurred under Onigger's admin. Cops will do even less. Biden/Harris DOJ will actively protect the rioters and prosecute police under the guise of Civil Rights violations instead of being tepid like (((Barr's))) DOJ. https://www.fox5dc.com/news/us-attorney-lashes-out-after-dc-mayor-rips-prosecutors-in-riot-protest-cases >“We need the U.S. Attorney for the District – who is a federal appointee of the president – to prosecute them. Right now, there’s no accountability for the people who come to these protests and attacked our police. And we haven’t seen a willingness from the U.S. Attorney to prosecute them,” the mayor said. >According to Bowser and Newsham, there are currently 68 felony warrants waiting for processing at the U.S. Attorney's office, including three on a police officer. >The U.S. Attorney’s office noted that it charged more than 120 criminal cases during the weeks of unrest that followed the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis – an incident that ignited protests across the country. At this rate the current "LAW AND ORDER!" DOJ is only taking on roughly 1.3 riot cases per day since this kicked off. Pretty lame when cities are burning.
>>5383 >>5384 >>5385 I guess the only real option is violence then, not just random violence but planned and coordinated action. But we all know this so I won't say any more as to not give the glowniggers any ammunition. But a big thing that the greater white community needs to realize is that the cops and government are not on our side. Anyone actually following the riots will know this but for the burger anons do the people you know think that cops will protect them from niggers or do they know the reality of the situation? I'm a fucking leaf and most people I know fucking hate the rcmp after the shit that happened in Nova Scotia.
Open file (7.12 MB 640x360 jaffa calling.webm)
>>5381 This shit was happening even when Obama was in office. It's just constantly escalating as white ethnic replacement accelerates. It will never end until we're Brazil reincarnate.
Open file (118.89 KB 1920x1200 gay zog.jpg)
>>5388 The whites around me don't care about police protection or racial violence because they can mitigate it by buying guns and having escape hatches of moving to better neighborhoods (read: away from the brown). Or they are gen x boomers who straight up tell me they will be dead before things really kick in so it doesn't effect them. Their one and only deep moral convinction is not being seen as racist. Knowing that police are not on our side is definitely important, but as long as whites are anti-racism, we will be a combination open wallet, punching bag, and target for invasion. One can't know the reality of the situation while they are programmed to mentally block out naming their enemies.
>>5380 How long until they tell the police that they can't enforce the law against niggers anymore because even if the nigger is shooting at you other niggers will still use them as an excuse to go loot and burn shit?
>>5388 Most of the old farts think everything will be solved if the Democrats are hung from lamposts and, Trump/the police can do no wrong. Younger folks are more self-aware, but there's currently a shortage of ammunition.
>>5398 Honestly it would just take one live ammunition drill/threat to put an end to these nigger riots, but most police officers are untrained or anti-gun but are insisting on arresting anyone who fights back.
>>5385 >only taking on roughly 1.3 riot cases per day in DC. It's still kinda shit with all the nonsense taking place in the capitol, but that stat only applies to the US attorney's office in DC.
Archive is blocking brave browser users, suggestion for replacement? https://blog.archive.today/post/621541311410995200/like-while-i-understand-there-is-an-issue-i-had you shouldn't be using brave in the first place
Open file (1.23 MB 772x960 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5422 >He going to be the youngest billionaire ever? If he can get a competent lawyer there is a very good chance. It really depends if they just want to bury him or not. But if he can get a mega kike lawyer he could be set for life.
Open file (733.25 KB 1171x1561 Rudi_Dutschke_(1976).jpg)
>>5305 >Yeah, its funny how the justice system would take the side of the niggers who hate it than the people trying to uphold it. Anon the faggot in this picture is Rudi Dutschke. He was a communist of the Frankfurt school and one of the leaders of the German Student Movement in 1968, which was the point in time when Universities in the Western World started to be subverted by Marxist to become indoctrination centers for their ideology. Dutschke became a famous martyr in Marxist Student/Antifa circles after a NeoNazi tried to assassinate him in 1968, it failed but Dutschke died 11 years later because of the brain damage he suffered during the assassination attempt. The faggot wrote a lot of books, which all advocate that communist in the Western World should try to subvert institutions from the inside, because trying to overthrow them from the outside is a lost cause. His books are advocated even by Antifa in the USA and read at US Universities. It is thanks to his ideology of the "long march through the institutions" that a lot of the rich kids that play Antifa Anarchist during their student years hold sympathy for the communist movement when they stop being little faggots and enter the adult work force in companies and the government and this shit has now been going on for 50 years. It is these communist sympathizers that are currently paralyzing the justice system and government institutions from fighting the antifa insurrection that has been going on under the cover of BLM.
>>5423 He already has Sandman's attorney.
>>5420 >suggestion for replacement? ungoogle Chromium or Iridium Browser If you want to look for more open source browsers just use https://alternativeto.net/ and select it on the "any license" option. >>5422 >Kyle Anyone got a video on him shooting soycommies? All the videos I have seen are from the news.
>>5431 >Kyle vids 4 here. Next post will be another larger vid with all angles spliced.
Open file (13.35 MB 854x480 kyle attacked angles.mp4)
Last Kyle vid.
Open file (88.38 KB 1266x708 ak4.jpeg)
Open file (86.45 KB 1270x714 ak3.jpeg)
Open file (97.27 KB 1272x710 ak2.jpeg)
Open file (87.99 KB 1268x710 ak1.jpeg)
Possible livestream shooting with AK at https://twitch.tv/remover88 but it was already taken down. Anyone have the full vid or know background info?
>>5435 Where did you find this? >remover88 Could be a Tarrant-copycat
>>5435 >>5436 It might be the same motivation or it might be someone else passing off someone else's footage as his own, but it's no Tarrant copycat. That video is from somewhere within the Near East itself. You can just barely make out that the truck in front of them has "Mersin, Turkiye" written on it, and the license plate starts with 33, which is the province code for Mersin. That location matches the arid landscape as well.
>>5435 It's just some kurd btfo'ing a turkroach. Nothing out of ordinary.
The antifa that executed a man for being a trump supporter is kill due to resisting arrest. Prepare for further riots since antifa claims he dindu no wrong and was just defending a negro from being viciously stabbed by the conservitard. https://archive.fo/ZilNG https://archive.fo/BmFtV
>>5435 How were the user and the video found in the first place? The only way is for the user himself advertising it somewhere. So, what is original the source?
>>5441 >no valid reason for him to kill someone >so make one up and run with it The only question is how this hasn't devolved into a full blown conflict yet, it's readily apparent that if you're white and you don't lick nigger toes that you're slated for execution and having everything around you burnt down.
Open file (332.33 KB 1202x1085 blessed ar.png)
>>5445 It doesn't much affect suburban and rural whites, so business continues as usual. To them it's like watching a TV show.
>>5422 >He going to be the youngest billionaire ever? Billionaire? No. He'll probably get a pretty penny from a libel lawsuit if he gets the murder charges dropped.
>>5445 Because the ordinary Joe is still unaffected by the riots and still has a paycheck (even if it's unemployment). It's the same reasons the Roman Empire didn't get their shit together when the Barbarians started taking land back. Bread and circuses is nothing new, anon, and it's very much more a thing today when people have more luxuries than ever. Until rioters start yoinking people from their houses, shit will just continue to escalate. That's why I've said repeatedly to stay out of the nigger riots. It's stupid to get involved in them.
Is Burgeristan already ashes?
>>5468 Not yet. It is destabilized, about to feel horrific economic partial to full collapse due to the costs of rioting, Paris Commune 2.0, and Corona-chan compounding on top of eachother, and the wolves are at the door, but it remains kicking.
>>5468 >>5470 This might also last another couple of decades too, nations ">nation" in burger's case dying isn't always as fast as a person dying, we could have terminal cancer for as long or longer than the USSR did before finally keeling over. Only there won't be a wall to knock down this time because Trump loves doing the opposite of what he says he'll do.
>>5473 >we could have terminal cancer for as long or longer than the USSR did before finally keeling over. Pretty much this. Consider Burgerstan has had a case of cancer since 1860 that went terminal in late 1913, and we're still kicking.
Open file (359.38 KB 1080x1920 rock-scissors-paper-atf.jpg)
>>5473 >Only there won't be a wall to knock down this time >The wall of communist censorship hasn't gone up already wut?
>>5485 I'm talking about a literal wall (the Berlin Wall and the pretty much nonexistent Mexico wall), not some metaphorical concept.
>>5486 >metaphorical concept >The Iron Curtain of communist censorship across Europe was merely a metaphorical concept. The Iron Curtain was not manifested in a physical form in border walls across the continent, most widely known in that of the Berlin Wall. OK bud.
>>5491 You're not communicating clearly. Just jerking yourself off.
>>5491 ok guy you one upped me in cleverness or whatever the fuck you're trying to do here by being deliberately obtuse
>>5473 The powers that be learned their lesson from the collapse of the USSR, that being a nuclear-armed state will liquidate some of their nuclear assets to help fund the aftermath of a collapse. I don't think the USA will ever truly collapse for this reason, and I don't think it will ever balkanize because it would be giving groups the ability to escape from the globalist systems in place. I think it will culminate into martial law, with corporate "peacekeepers" killing people in the cities and hefty doses of diversity bs for everyone else. >>5491 The anon above was talking about the fall of the Berlin wall as the symbolic fall of the USSR. The Iron Curtain more or less ceased to exist after this event. The censorship in the west is a real problem, but I wouldn't call it an Iron Curtain. I think I'd call it a Nigger Curtain, since it's used to cover up nigger crimes and make them look like the goodest boys who ever did good.
>>5494 Taking what you said to its logical conclusion, it's more like the Jewish Curtain. The one group who is above all reproach or even being named, and pulling the strings behind it all. I'd go as far as to say that being able to openly name the Jew might be the most accurate barometer for the collapse of the USA.
>the US can't balkanize because it has nukes I've been seeing this argument an awful lot lately, but I fail to see where it's coming from. How does having nukes keep your country from falling apart? As in what if a state, or part of a state decides it's done with this kike bullshit and stops being part of the US? What is anyone gonna do? Turn it into a radioactive wasteland so nobody can have it? This just strikes me as being in the same vein as the whole "turn in your guns because the govenment has airplanes and can obliterate you" argument. Sure they could, but then they'd be ruling over a useless pile of rubble and will also have pissed off a considerable number of people elsewhere for using nukes at all, much less against its own former citizens.
>>5499 >How does having nukes keep your country from falling apart? Not that anon. The logic is that the government knows the dangers of allowing the collapse to occur, which forces them to push harder against any threat of collapse. >As in what if a state, or part of a state decides it's done with this kike bullshit and stops being part of the US? What is anyone gonna do? Turn it into a radioactive wasteland so nobody can have it? Have you heard of DOE? If you want to talk about spooks, DOE is what you should be talking about. If you want to talk about loyalists, talk about DOE. Those shits are the goodest of goys and guard anything nuclear. It's been hinted that they're the reason lattice confined fusion was scuttled in the 80's. It's also why plasma fusion has been quiet for so long. >and will also have pissed off a considerable number of people elsewhere for using nukes at all, much less against its own former citizens. That's easy to spin. Look at 911. Why do you think Bill Gates is pushing for micro reactors based on meltdown prone designs? https://www.forbes.com/sites/scottcarpenter/2020/08/31/bill-gates-nuclear-firm-says-new-reactor-can-backstop-grid-with-molten-salt-storage/
>>5499 We're probably not looking at classical balkanization rather, at least in the short term, we're looking at quasi-balkanization where the government officially claims that it's still in control country wide but were there are regions where it has no presence and very limited power projection and where the populations of those regions don't see the government as legitimate. >>5500 That doesn't mean that the US couldn't balkanize it just means that the nuke bases would stay under USG control until the workers could remove the warheads or the uranium/plutonium and evacuate. >That's easy to spin. Not with nukes it isn't. Back in the 70s the USSR was about to bring China back into compliance through any means necessary and one of the Russian diplomats sort of casually ask his American counterpart "Hey if we say nuked another commie country you NATO guy aren't going to get uppity and start WWIII right?" and the US guy immediately responds with "Yes. Of course we would". The Russian guy goes "Wait really!?" and then runs off to make a call. Point being that this created an international precedent that any use of nuclear weapons by a country against a satellite country or a rebelling region would be treated just like using them on another sovereign country.
>>5499 >How does having nukes keep your country from falling apart? It didn't stop South Africa from collapsing, or the USSR.
Open file (352.36 KB 790x415 silverstein-wtc.jpg)
>>5503 >Not with nukes it isn't. You don't need actual bombs if there's several reactors in every city that could "melt down due to a software error" causing "an unprecedented crisis", "worse than chernobyl", "perpetrated by extremist separatists". Likewise, if the loyalist intelligence agency was monitoring activity, they could easily smuggle in a warhead and run the same play. >Separatists captured ICBM! >Separatists messed with ICBM and it detonated! >Millions dead! >Their movement in shambles! A nuke the government detonated to quell an uprising without using a nuke. It's just a coincidence. Don't think about it too much. Nothing is going to happen in the US without nuclear detonations happening. The shit happening now is just a wine tasting tour.
>>5506 So they're going to deliberately heavily irradiate large portions of their own land and major population centers, making them nigh uninhabitable for years on end to keep control. That's retarded and is incredibly unlikely to succeed without backfiring in some manner, but I could see slimy retard kikes in the government doing that.
dumbass who got capped in the arm by "rightwinghouse" coming back for round 2 in Kenosha, who's gonna be the hero now and finish the job?? sorry for mp4 not enough bandwith to convert
>>5503 >we're looking at quasi-balkanization where the government officially claims that it's still in control country wide but were there are regions where it has no presence and very limited power projection and where the populations of those regions don't see the government as legitimate. It would be easier to just say burgerland is going to become Chechnya 2.0 and the aftermath will likely be the same as Russia's claim of control over the Chechens.
Also I think the Berlin wall isn't a good example since the wall was largely a Jewish ploy on the part of the US. The two country's leaders had gotten together and agreed to open up Berlin relations. The US was allowed to make as much of a propaganda piece as they wanted out of it and in exchange they were supposed to remove NATO bases in the area. When it came time for the US to honor their half of the deal they claimed the negotiations never happened since they weren't in writing.
>>5494 >>5506 >Nuking places Impossible. Even if you ignore the pragmatic reason (loss of resources), that: A) Falls under MAD doctrine if anyone found out B) Shows weakness to the international community you have to keep sated (or afraid) to maintain your global power that allows for domestic control, even if they pussy out of MAD. C) Is impossible because nuclear reactions in a bomb do happen differently from those in a reactor that suddenly had a reaction speed up ("overheating"). With reactor failures being significantly less harmful both short-term and long-term, the forensic evidence would be obvious leading to A or B. Nuclear bombs can't be abused precisely because they salt your own earth and they are more and more dissimilar from their energy plant equivalents' meltdowns with each new generation. They can't be used precisely because unlike chemical weapons and microwave weapons, nuclear does leave a clear picture of what you did.
Open file (504.24 KB 945x1000 1597071197062.png)
As for Bill Gates shit, he just wants in on the pie. There are several companies in the US alone who are coming up with nuclear substation designs that all predict to have working models being distributed by 2025. Recent breakthroughs in our understanding of nuclear science has made several types viable and Trump passed an executive order last year to make it easier to get funding for nuclear energy research much in the way that the solar craze happened under Obama. The only difference is both parties got their heads out of their ass and finally started understanding that the only way to lower carbon emissions without causing the bread and circuses (power) to shut down at inconvenient times is nuclear. They noticed this finally based on Commiefornia's power outage fuckups. This is what's known as the REAL march of progress. That is, institutions based on debt must continuously expand or they collapse in on themselves, so lawmakers MUST approve things they don't like in order to have the funds to enjoy golfing 320 days a year. The Rumble of Engineering Scientific Triumph, if you will.
>>5508 >pulls gun on someone with his left arm >it gets blown off entirely Please god let it happen.
>>5510 Nigger he was just talking about the physical wall itself, not any of the shit it represented. It was an obvious jab at how trump hasn't built a physical wall, why is this a point of contention at all?
>>5508 Isn't that guy jewish?
>>5517 All three of them were if I recall correctly.
>>5517 >is he jewish? I have no idea since I'm not a goyim and I really don't bother keeping track they'll end up dead like good commies anyways >>5513 In a perfect world he would be but this is not a perfect world.
>>5520 >I can't tell if someone is jewish because I'm jewish
Did you guys get hit by the spambot too or just /fascist/ and /shelter/?
>>5525 Nope. I could see someone spamming /fascist/ because they got in an argument, lost and let their autism explode. But why spam /shelter/?
>>5526 It's /cow/ again. They just found out someone baited them into spamming /japan/ so they're lashing out in all directions trying to provoke a reaction. If you keep up with the only active thread on /cow/ or their cytube they openly talk about this stuff. I understand now wanting to lurk those places because it's /cow/ but it's the first place I look any time this happens now. 9 times out of 10 they're gloating about it
>>5526 The only thing I could think of is because /fascist/ is the biggest board right now. The same thing happened the other day when Julayniggers came on here.
>>5527 >>5528 What kind of autism make you spam a board with 10-20 users then gloat about it? I haven't been on julayworld since we decided to leave so I haven been keeping up with any webring drama. Shame that after the collapse of 8chan they offered a home for many smaller boards and now they are spamming small boards to death for some reason. What went wrong?
>>5530 They’re sad people, don’t give them too much attention
>>5530 Its the type that caused 4chan to fucking meme on every sort of competition they wanted to since /b/ exists. Granted it's also the 'tism that ends up gets feds involved because said spammers usually have certain stuff with them.
>>5532 Guess that proven quickly
>>5559 I assumed that would happen. But yea I agree with >>5532 don't give them attention.
>>5506 >melt down They wouldn't want to do that because meltdown byproducts are way worse than nuke byproducts and far longer lasting. It would be the most extreme example of cutting your nose off to spite your face in the history of mankind.
>>5512 Tangentially related to Bill Gates, there's a vaccine derived polio outbreak in Sudan https://archive.is/X3LgD >>5517 If not physically, then spiritually
>>5565 Meaning they can sell contracts for cleanup. Look at what they did in Egypt. The end result would be that more people would be forced into the same small cities which would make it easier for them to exert more control for roughly the same expense. I've had nightmares about this scenario since the first exodus.
Well Beirut caught on fire. Again. https://archive.is/FTZ0r
>>5608 >A fire has broken out in a warehouse storing oil and tyres What's next to catch on fire, the place where they store dry wood shavings and plastic?
>>5607 There are ways they can (and do) assert control without permanently contaminating major urban areas to the point of near uselessness and potentially kickstarting a global conflict in the process. You're seeing it now with the overhyped corona bullshit and commie/nigger chimpouts in lefty cities, these will be used as excuses for the angelic and totally on the sane population's side police state to roll in and start bashing skulls more than they already do, only it will be even more geared towards targeting whites while ignoring nigger atrocities.
>>5607 >Forcing people into cities >For the purpose of nuking said cities Anon, do you hear yourself? I mean of course federal institutions have always wanted to force everything into cities because that's easier way to control a mass of people, but that would make it even more retarded to nuke a city in the first place.
Open file (2.90 MB 694x544 911.gif)
HAPPY 9/11
>>5619 Don't nuke it, just starve it out.
>>5630 What? Are we even on the same conversation anymore, or are we just blurting out shit we wish we could do to cityniggers now?
>>5629 Osama did nothing wrong.
>>5635 This. >intent Defending his homeland from foreign powers. >effect Fucking over the ill-gotten gains of multi-millionaires and billionaires. Putting a dent in the military and government powers. It was more targeted than most international attacks (and even many military attacks) and to call it terrorism is misleading. The only thing wrong is that there were civilians on the planes.
>>5637 >The only thing wrong is that there were civilians on the planes. Pretty much.
Open file (405.39 KB 648x1109 here comes the snow.png)
https://archive.is/Vp0PE >Russian mercenaries were engaged in combat activities in Libya, U.S. Africa Command claimed on September 11. According to the AFRICOM, they conduct military missions on Russian-made fighter jets. >According to Rear Admiral Heidi Berg, AFRICOM’s director of intelligence, there are at least 14 Russian fighter aircraft that are based out of Al Jufra and Al Khadim airfields in Libya. >They are, we assess, being operated by Wagner Group,” Berg told reporters on September, 11. “These fighters are engaging in combat activities. We have seen them conduct ground strikes and conduct combat activities in country. So they are not there for training the Libyan National Army, they’re not there to simply support the LNA. They are there to conduct combat activities on behalf of their own national interests.” Is it finally time to reset twisted games?
Open file (20.40 KB 660x371 LA cop shooting.jpg)
A BLM nigger shot a pair of cops in LA. The cops are in hospital in critical condition. When the rest of the BLM niggers learned the hospital was treating the cops, they proceeded to blockade the fucking emergency room entrance. https://archive.md/TzCB2
>>5654 I noticed the BBC didn't put the footage of that protest in the article. Surely there's some floating around.
>>5654 Import third worlders and you become the third world. Thanks to 1965, Brazil is the future of the US. That's assuming the US gets the balls to allow for segregation, otherwise it's a straight cliff towards South Africa.
Very little video of the protests. A couple guys waving black power flags, who seem to have recorded themselves at it too. But non-police eyewitnesses report that some protestors were actively trying to enter the hospital, so there was more not recorded. A gook woman journalist was arrested for obstruction and is currently screeching freedom of the press. However, video not shown on most TV stations shows that she was getting right up on the police as the arrested another protestor (~0:55 in this video). Police say she never identified herself as press, while the radio station she works for says the lanyard was identification enough, but it doesn't matter since obstructing arrest is a crime either way.
>>5654 >zogbots crack down on white separatists >get shot by niggers pottery
>>5661 I wish I could have sniped a hole in that nigger's head on the spot. As long as I got away with it in this life, that would be fine. I'm sure it would be justified in the next. When will Whites awake?
>>5663 For middle age whites it's when it affects their sports ball. As for younger whites I'm not sure Strelok.
>>5664 >For middle age whites it's when it affects their sports ball Most major sports leagues suspended at least a couple games over BLM already, but they got back on track pretty fast.
>>5662 >Homogeneous society >Sharif badges When will they learn
Open file (472.63 KB 502x829 Omar_Sharif_2015.jpg)
>>5666 >Sharif badges
>>5664 Considering how brainwashed college aged whites are it's a bit scarry when you see a nigger getting called a racist by whites when he points out that current day + 1 is retarded. I'd be more worried about a sudden collapse of industrial farming and us going full mad max like how Rhodesia ended up after ZANU took over and made "land reform".
Open file (1.89 MB 500x281 1449012443975.gif)
>>5683 Why contain it? Not like there's a future for me in this clown world as is. Most of my generation was born just to wagecuck, consume, and be replaced by cheap brown labor.
>>5663 >When will Whites awake >when will Bantus awake? >when will various indians awake? >when will long lost finngolian tribes awake? Never ever. There is only need to break people's spine once. >>5646 Being a mercenary with fighter jets sounds stupid fun.
Open file (691.19 KB 255x209 popcron.gif)
>>5693 >when will Bantus awake? They were the ones doing the genocides in africa when they expanded, the question should be >when will pygmies awake Though you make your point, a good point
>>5693 >Never ever. There is only need to break people's spine once. This. >niggerfaggots mob because fuck the police >niggerfaggots burn buildings >niggerfaggots target someone with a gun >niggerfaggots shoot themselves and chase the man with the gun >niggerfaggots swarm the man, try to jump on his head, hit him with a skateboard, and shoot him >niggerfaggots get shot >call the police >man gets arrested >niggerfaggots cheer >niggerfaggots mob because fuck the police >niggerfaggots threaten and mob a man's home >white man sits inside with his shotgun >niggerfaggots yell that they have guns too >white man gets arrested for defending his home from inside his home >niggerfaggots cheer >niggerfaggots mob because fuck the police >niggerfaggots attack a white man while police watch >police do nothing >white man defends himself with his firearm >niggerfaggots flee >police rush in and arrest white man >niggerfaggots cheer I hope you faggots aren't bootlickers.
>>5714 If anything the police are on the shitskins side they're just too dumb to realize it. Cops are the only thing standing between niggerspics and obliteration by ethnic Europeans. If the zogbots stepped aside we'd reverse this invasion tomorrow.
>>5717 Eh, you've got to give it time for the looters to turn into roaming warbands invading the countryside and gated communities after running out of melanin-deficient individuals to rape/murder in the cities/expensive largely elderly suburbs before anyone would take action, and even then it would involve a lot of letting mixed folks live and the stupid pointless god damn pardon of Natives since they use their casinos as drug dens of illegal human trafficking/money laundering. I'd give it minimum one week maximum two months.
Open file (119.31 KB 1200x1600 in mine craft.jpg)
>>5718 Nah without the threat of cops I'd get started right away even if others wanted to just stay in their cucksheds and watch. And I know plenty who would join me. But I don't feel like being killed by a coordinated gang of white guys with massive resources so I stay inside.
>>5714 >mfw happyJew.gif
https://archive.is/Wb4aN https://archive.is/htmJD Seems like things are finally heating up between China and Taiwan. >“If the US secretary of state or defense secretary visits Taiwan, People’s Liberation Army fighters should fly over Taiwan island, and directly exercise in the skies above it,” he added. WEW
>>5751 Can confirm first picture since I'm part of one of the subcontracts. They knew (or at least I knew) about it back in May, they just didn't decide completely on that until last month.
>>5722 Why is that man holding so much cheese?
>>5753 Strelok, there is no such thing as having to much cheese
>>5751 >China starts the invasion of Taiwan just as Pompeo visits >US enters too, because of course It's like the chinks are bugmen no longer but have transformed into doom-seeking lemmings.
>>5751 As far as I know, for you burgers to formally declare war, the president must get permission from Congress. And I know there's a gap between the election of the next president (November) and his swearing-in (January), but I don't know when the newly-elected Congressmen start their duties. During that gap, who's actually in charge, and able to declare war? Is it the old Congress? The new Congress but the old president? Is Congress dissolved and not yet reformed, leaving everything in limbo? If the old Congress, would they have the political will to face the issue, knowing that their answer either way might spark internal conflict if it's perceived to be sabotage or spite against the incoming administration, or an overreach of their authority? The question is especially relevant if the circumstances of the election lead to lots of disputes and recounts, with no clear winner on the morning after the election.
>>5757 >As far as I know, for you burgers to formally declare war, the president must get permission from Congress. Only Congress can declare a war, without it the President can do whatever the hell he wants militarily as long as it can be completed in 60 days or less. Congress recently paid lip service to curtailing the 60-day free-for-all period, but the 'law' they passed was pointless as it contradicted a previous law without supplanting, replacing, or nullifying it. That doesn't matter in this circumstance, however, because the US and Taiwan have a standing treaty which Congress *many decades ago* already authorizing the US' Entry into War if PRC attacks them. Frankly, the US doesn't technically have a choice in this one - PRC attacks China, the US is automatically at war. The question is if the US sticks around of just leaves on Day One. To answer your question though, the Old Congress is only replaced by the New Congress at the same time the President takes office, until then the Old Congress continues to act. If the presidential changeover is delayed for any reason (including bad weather), technically speaking Congress is supposed to delay indefinitely until the presidential changeover happens.
Ginsberg is dead.
>>5763 2020 keeps getting better and better. The 2010s were the worst period of western nostalgia, manchild culture and woke/SJW nonsense but this decade has started strong. Time for retards to see the consequences of their actions.
>>5760 If you look at the drafts and debates on the Constitution, it's clearly intended that the PotUS can respond to war with war, just not make it. In-fact, the individual Governors can respond to war if actually invaded (I'm just waiting for someone to sick the national guard on illegal aliens by saying they're the invasion force they are) despite otherwise being prohibited from levying war.
>>5751 >“If the US secretary of state or defense secretary visits Taiwan, People’s Liberation Army fighters should fly over Taiwan island, and directly exercise in the skies above it,” he added. I mean, acts of war are a good way to get gang raped from four (possibly five since 'Straya wants in on the pie) directions.
>>5757 Old congress and old president are in charge until the day of their departure. If China commits an act of war, nothing will happen just as nothing has happened the last 700+ times China committed an act of war against their enemies, the old congress can declare war until the new one is sworn in. Also consider that in congress, only 1/3rd of the body is actually up for reelection during a major election year.
I refused to take care of my health for 4 years so I'm dead once the violence starts but you can pick up my shit once I'm dead, so good luck.
>>5752 just like how they held out on hydrochloroquine huh
>>5816 What do you mean? I don't see the parallel between an ineffective drug that got pushed for political reasons against the advice of experts, versus an arms deal being negotiated.
>>5817 It looks like he's an assmad q lunatic, just check the recent sageposts on the board, not just this thread.
>>5817 >political reasons against the advice of experts Which political reasons? What experts? Both are ambiguous these days, still i also don't understand that parallel.
Where did it all go wrong, /k/? ''If it's white it's alright. If it's brown, yellow, or green it just ain't clean" was supposed to refer to snow for eating/melting, not niggers, spics/pajeets/goat fuckers depending on context, and hippies.
>>5818 I build shit for the Navy for a living. That's my job is to build shit.
>>5824 He means the one talking about hydrochloroquine, not the arms deal thing.
>>5818 #WWG1WGA
Open file (2.74 MB 1280x720 jew_ar15.webm)
>>5822 >Where did it all go wrong It shall remain a mystery for all time
https://archive.vn/qjUB9 >Barrett’s view of the law is fundamentally cruel. During her three years on the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, Barrett has either written or joined a remarkable number of opinions that harm unpopular and powerless individuals who rely on the judiciary to safeguard their rights. >Faced with two plausible readings of a law, fact, or precedent, Barrett always seems to choose the harsher, stingier interpretation. Can job applicants sue employers whose policies have a disproportionately deleterious impact on older people? Barrett said no. Should courts halt the deportation of an immigrant who faced torture at home? Barrett said no. Should they protect refugees denied asylum on the basis of xenophobic prejudice? Barrett said no. Should they shield prisoners from unjustified violence by correctional officers? Barrett said no. Should minors be allowed to terminate a pregnancy without telling their parents if a judge has found that they’re mature enough to make the decision? Barrett said no. Should women be permitted to obtain an abortion upon discovering a severe fetal abnormality? Barrett said no. >There is no question that, if confirmed, Barrett would cast the fifth vote to either hollow out Roe v. Wade or overturn it altogether. Similarly, there is no doubt that Barrett would dramatically expand the Second Amendment, invalidating gun control measures around the country. It’s quite possible, perhaps even likely, that within a year of her confirmation, Americans will be forbidden from terminating a pregnancy in 21 states—but permitted to purchase assault weapons and carry firearms in public in every state. >Many more precedents that have become ingrained in the fabric of American life would be thrown into peril upon Barrett’s confirmation. Affirmative action. Miranda rights. Marriage equality. DACA. Independent agencies.
>>5824 Not you, retard, the other retard bringing up cuck cough related shit out of nowhere.
Open file (39.83 KB 512x699 mfw.jpg)
>>5837 >Similarly, there is no doubt that Barrett would dramatically expand the Second Amendment, invalidating gun control measures around the country. It’s quite possible, perhaps even likely, that within a year of her confirmation, Americans will be forbidden from terminating a pregnancy in 21 states—but permitted to purchase assault weapons and carry firearms in public in every state.
Jesus fuck I hope we go to war with China. I would gladly join the military to kill gooks like my grandpa, and my great grandpa did. Fighting for Jewish interests, or not, I see it as a greater good and a noble cause.
>>5840 kikes love chinks though, which is why your precious god emperor will never do anything to directly combat them
Open file (160.18 KB 1088x612 tarrant_snap.jpg)
>>5840 Good goy
>>5840 >fighting for Jewish interests, or not, I see it as a greater good and a noble cause. Kill yourself
Open file (34.78 KB 402x402 smug.1.jpg)
Open file (306.62 KB 1280x736 reaction. joy.png)
Open file (140.46 KB 866x838 reaction. 619GB kek.jpg)
>>5837 >Faced with two plausible readings of a law, fact, or precedent, Barrett always seems to choose the harsher, stingier interpretation. Can job applicants sue employers whose policies have a disproportionately deleterious impact on older people? Barrett said no. Should courts halt the deportation of an immigrant who faced torture at home? Barrett said no. Should they protect refugees denied asylum on the basis of xenophobic prejudice? Barrett said no. Should they shield prisoners from unjustified violence by correctional officers? Barrett said no. Should minors be allowed to terminate a pregnancy without telling their parents if a judge has found that they’re mature enough to make the decision? Barrett said no. Should women be permitted to obtain an abortion upon discovering a severe fetal abnormality? Barrett said no.
>>5837 I look forward to her nomination.
Looks like India is set to exceed America for total Wu Flu cases some time in the net 10-15 days.
Why did some retard manually spam the board and pretend that was an accomplishment?
>>5956 Reminds me of the time someone tried to manually spam 8/vg/ before it all exploded using Lorem ipsum to try and avoid the spam filter.
>>5862 I take issue with that last one, we dont need anymore retards running around sucking up fed bucks.
>>5751 The Chinese argument is that if Taiwan is a province of China as it's official status is Chinese fighters should have no problem violating its airspace. It's daring them to fire the first shot.
Open file (3.67 KB 295x65 Screenshot_6.png)
Give it to me straight. How will the NFA fair in a conservative majority Supreme Court? Salt weapons bans being stroke down is predictable, assuming the court ACTUALLY starts hearing cases for once.
>>5987 Usually I'd say nobody will be dumb enough to repeal it and risk being blamed for every crime committed with what would have been an NFA firearm even if the same crime would have happened with a non-NFA firearm if they didn't repeal it, but in this case they're there for life regardless so good question. Probably it'll get stopped before it even gets to them.
>>5987 I don't even think the NFA or GCA will even be on the table unless Randlet, El Rato, or some other republican senator/rep gets a huge 2nd amendment stick up their ass post-election. Even if they do, there's still the ATF to contend with, and everybody knows how alphabet soup types react to having power taken away from them. If the stars align, maybe, but I'm not holding my breath.
>>5991 >SUPREME COURT JUSTICE TED CRUZ never fails to make me laugh
Open file (3.04 MB 320x180 cruz skeletons.webm)
>>5994 I hope Dup nominates Jeb.
>>5991 >Even if they do, there's still the ATF to contend with, and everybody knows how alphabet soup types react to having power taken away from them. Couldn't they just be sidetracked onto something else like working with border control to prevent illegal arms from being smuggled in and out of the country?
>>6006 That involves moving their offices out of DC and over to a practical location as well as the relocation of thousands of agents. There's always the option of firing them, but then you have to give them their unsustainable pensions, and all of the three-letter agencies have seen a pretty extreme hiring dip in young folks since they tend to have moral objections. tl;dr- Anywhere you stick the ATF where they could do arguable good instead of harm, the location is too far from civilization, not blue enough, and you'd have to import 99% of your agents.
What happened to the chink flooding thread?
>>6015 The entire board was wiped by spam
>>5983 Well it looks like China has made a propaganda video of an imaginary attack on Guam. I think we need our China/India thread back. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fj1wCjIitIU
>>6021 >can barely get past the first island chain wE'Ll ATtaCk gUAm
>>5714 Anyone who thinks there's any hope in America is delusional. I would honestly say there's probably more hope in Europe even if its still hillariously little. The best self-defense is money, get yours by any means possible and live in the luxury skyscrapers instead of down in the nigger slums.
>>6027 How do we save America?
>>6028 You don't. If you want to save America, save yourself first. And that doesn't mean becoming a Benedict Option trad larper waiting to get SA farm murdered, it means actually putting yourself in the position to gain power and hold power.
>>6029 That's too abstract and you haven't achieved it yourself. Not that I have any better ideas. But you talk as if from a position of authority on the matter, and that just ain't so.
>>6027 >even if its still hillariously little It isn't, all that's needed is for boomers to finally fucking die off like the plague they are. Then the fire rises
>>6034 Do you really think that the majority of americans will give a shit though? I can't find people who are actually believers in the rights that were written in college, doesn't matter if they are from rural or local areas and I'm in one of the most conservative public schools in the nation. Hell, it took me an actual trip to commieland and third world shitholes by my father to show me why we have those rights. Regardless of how any breakup happens, you're going to end up in an extremely bad economic situation. I just don't see most americans accepting an economically poor but spiritually rich nation. I think it'll be like the "renaissance" where they leave for europe or china tbh. The big question is, how do you teach modern science to people so you can stay ahead militarily without retarding the spiritual core of the people?
>>6039 >I just don't see most americans accepting an economically poor but spiritually rich nation. I think it'll be like the "renaissance" where they leave for europe or china tbh. I sincerely doubt that such a thing would even be possible. Most of the stuff that is happening now is a result of economic immiseration causing a flight to non-economic indicators of status aka religion (SJWism) and performative communism.
>>6040 deleted earlier post cause forgot to write more and wanted to not double post It's possible but it needs a mutiple generations for this. Rome thought they were important even when the emperor's court moved to ravenna for the longest time. Personally me thinks the root cause is not the immiseration , it's because the scientific community has destroyed human behavior by following the chicago theory of economics and making anyone who is not a conformist a "disorder" that must be treated with medication so they can best gauge how to make you buy more product. If you take brave new world by Huxley, strip out the "utopia" bullshit, rat park experients and strap it to Calhoun's experiments you get a pretty good gauge of what we're at right now. Non-conformists are forced to (increasingly) fall in line, whether it be medication, relgion (ideology of SJW ism tbh), and stagnation caused by economic issues in late stage empires. > tl;dr Social media is a drug, and women are more susceptible then men. On top of that it makes people feel connected in the sense of OVERPOPULATED.
>>6042 I just don't buy the "our society is nihilist," cause, especially in the Obama economy. We have an entire generation of kids with Master's degrees working at Target and they smoke a few blunts on the weekends. That's not really hedonism.
>>6044 I don't think nihilist is the right word I have "depression" genetically, I 'cope' by not taking meds and knowing most of the world is worse off lol, so yes, I might sound overly pessimistic. I think it is the isssue of people going the shortcut with a better vision that will be executed terribly. Too scared to live, too afraid to die? Not sure what that falls under.
Open file (53.39 KB 902x424 EideQIwWsAAptL5.jpg)
>>6044 Pic related
>>6023 Lock the Prosecutor up for murder. Give them a custom "I'm a Prosecutor!" uniform.
>>6039 I was talking about the US though I honestly don't think there's any hope for the USA unless something batshit insane happens like it being attacked by a foreign country, an attempted coup or a civil war and ehen that will only be temporary as all the old issues would come bac after t When even the Military has been coopted ethnically and culturally, there's really no saving the country.
>>6023 Should have committed insurance fraud like the banks want you to. Everything is replaceable right?
>>6055 You don't need to save the USA as a "country", it's an expectation that can't be met. This is why we talk about balkanization and such. All that matters is ethnic Europeans surviving as a distinct people without being mongrelized into the non-European races. Although I care more about Europe than America, even as a burger. If Europe falls, our race is doomed to be part of a caste system and we've seen how that turns out in India and South America.
>>6021 >I think we need our China/India thread back. Nothing stopping anyone from making one.
>>6028 By splitting it into 5-8+ countries as god intended and dissolving America. People in DC don't know jack shit about what's happening in Seattle or Nashville or Houston, and like the Romans they use their federal arm to extend the bread and circuses. The feds keep everyone fat and entertained so they don't notice the city crumbling around them. If you want something resembling true American culture to ever return, first America needs to stop being one country. Canada's alright because most of their shit is unpopulated anyways, but they could do to split into two or three separate countries as well. Same goes for Mexico.
>>6034 The damaged caused by the boomers is too far gone to be reversible. At this point all you could do is mitigate the damage unless a miracle takes place like all world order collapsing virtually simultaneously in the course of a year. >>6039 Not him, but I think you have a lot of angry young men with idle hands and there's going to be a whole lot more of them in the next decade or so.
>>6039 >The big question is, how do you teach modern science to people so you can stay ahead militarily without retarding the spiritual core of the people? Just saw this, sorry. Isn't this putting the cart before the horse? Science and Religion have gone hand-in-hand for centuries. Part of living a monastic lifestyle was unearthing god's mysteries and recording basically everything no matter how mundane. Most Doctors, Scientists, and Proto-Scientist Monks were religious folk and claimed religion as their main source of inspiration for going into [scientific or medical field]. For once I can say the communists are why this isn't the case any more and not sound like a Boomer. The USSR and China made a very big deal out of separating science from religion, and snuck a lot of that nonsense into schools across America, the UK, France, etc. spawning the modern separation of science and religion. Whether it was the actual goal or just a side-benefit for them I will never know don't care, but the end result is the same.
>>6043 >Rat experiments You know the whole point of those experiments was to figure out ways to prevent the Utopian breakdown and they figured out quite easily that it was to introduce a scarcity or some form of competition to the rat city.
>>6055 >When even the Military has been coopted ethnically and culturally, there's really no saving the country The military hasn't been coopted though. >inb4 Navy They shove all the women and worthless niggers over to Germany the niggers capable of doing a good job are sent to Japan so they can rape Okinawan girls or leave them state-side. That aside, the military is just bored. They haven't had a real conflict where they had to do more than the bare minimum take pot shots at sand niggers for over a decade now. It'll just take one war (or threat of war) with a country using post-USSR-gen tech, and they'll get their asses in gear in short order.
>>6061 Canada has the same problem as America, except on steroids.
>>6027 >Three term limit in the House, two in the Senate >Double the size of the House >Repeal the 17th amendment Everything get's unfucked within a generation. Boom, Federalism!
>>6065 I read the exact opposite, things stabilized when all rats had basic needs met, or even something as simple as living space increased.
>>6039 >they don't believe in their own rights >retarding the spiritual core Sounds like Americans don't have a spiritual core right now anyway but too much money on their hands. Might as well have a strongman government and nationalize the money-changers who are the source of the corruption.
>>6077 You pretty much nailed it. My only nitpick is that Americans don't even have wealth. Just niggertech electronics, fancy cars, and debt. In other words don't own their own homes, their own business, their own land, have generational wealth, etc. It's all a house of cards. Americans in general are so dumb they actually think someone is "rich" for having a nice watch or a BMW on credit. Basically anyone who looks like they have a dollar more than them. And that's without mentioning that half of "Americans" are not even American but some variety of parasitic nigger just here to extract as much wealth as possible without any felt connection whatsoever to early Americana. Most of them will shit on you for displaying any pride or association to colonial or settler American heritage. The only Americans who retain any real wealth are a portion of old boomers who got in while the getting was still good, and even they are liquidating it to make sure every cent is spent on their way out the door. And of course the kikes, who mix with Europeans then stab them in the back wherever they go, keeping the wealth in their own nepotistic circles while liquidating everything around them.
>>6069 Unaccounted federal government imposing their will on others in a similar manner toto the decaying Roman Empire? Or are you talking about something trivial, petty, and pointless like ethnic replacement?
>>6060 I'd make one myself but I'm not sure how to start it in a quality manner.
The GOP has confirmed all possible defectors are on board with a Supreme Court appointment. The Dems are done. >>6080 Canadian political power is concentrated in two provinces despite the Western areas having advanced considerably in economic terms in the past 50 years, and any challenge to the status quo has been shut down without a constitutional reform that would require the Eastern provinces' consent.
>>6082 >The GOP has confirmed all possible defectors are on board with a Supreme Court appointment. Romney being on board was shocking to me. Is he up for re-election and got sacred that voting against confirmation would oust him? Is that what happened. >The Dems are done. What's the likelihood that the Dems will try to expand the courts when and if ever they recapture the Senate and the Executive office? Wouldn't that just end up with every subsequent president trying to pack the courts and eventually us ending with something like 100 justices on the court or something absurd like that?
>>6082 Keep in mind he's said he in for a vote, not necessarily that he'll vote yes. >>6083 They will almost certainly push for it, they've been making overtures that they want to for years. That was the exact reason FDR didn't end up doing it, but it was also his threats to do so that got the court to start legislating from the bench in the fist place.
Okay, massive sage and gonna go make the fucking /ant/ thread the other strelok wanted. we can strike out text now???? >>6062 Strelok, I know there's a shit ton of angry young men, but what are they going to do? Burn society down again and try to force women back into the kitchen make me a sammich? That's not going to work long-term. Fuck, in chinese history one of the most successful chinese emperors would hang draw and quarter fucking eunichs (basically women) and his concubines who DARED influence politics and it still was the eventual cause of the end of the dynasty. On top of that, the west deliberately marginalizes women who think they DARE need a man's help, unless they need it, then its because muh patriarchy. Both genders are like wheels on a cart, you cannot exist without the other Gattaca tier gene editing still doesn't negate the need for social development from both parents >>6064 >cart before the horse I disagree. The issue is the fact they are supplanting religions, and their subsequent morals, for SCIENCE. You must not let religon inhibit your logic towards science, but rather let it be a guiding to an end goal. At the same time, I don't like any abrahamic religion, and I'd rather be daoist or a fucking sihk than a modern day buddhist Burma excepted for kebab removing abilities or jain cuckhold. The romans did great things without christanity like nero and Vespasian burning jerusalem Let us see where the modern day religons lead us: >christanity is cucked beyond relief, >Islam teaches you to be a pedo and a womanbeater, just like any good congressman >judiasim deserves to be destroyed once again since the banks >buddhists are pretty much pushovers like christans unless you're from burma >Hindus are poo in the loo tier buddhists >sihks have a child molester supposedly as leader religion concepts still pretty based >daoisim is a way of life and the religon is cucked to the CCP >tengri is a dying religon >consummerisim is everywhere confucianisim isn't a religon In the vein of roman greek like gods that are still widely followed I can only see maybe Japanese/Korean folk being major enough in the first world countries chinese folk is larger but it's not a first world country Hail to our new overload and spiritual leader jeff bezos? >>6076 >>6065 They are two separate experiments, the well known set by Calhoun and a lesser known set by Alexander. Calhoun's experiments proved that overpopulation in a density results in "behavior sinks" which deviation from the norm causes societal collapse. The experiments by Alexander prove that social isolation (as in the vein of faux relationships like today) without spirtual strength (see irl hermits) leads to addiction, and that females are more addictive then males (which is important because they are the limit for reproduction in animals). Think about it, we live in an age of artifically induced (COVID-19 BS) social isolation, in which the population is excessively medicated Anything not "normal" is an illness and then increasingly conditioned to accept materialisim happiness" in addition to addiction to the old bread and circuses, and ever greated retarding of our rights under an increasingly centralized government. Don't forget the high ubranization causing increasing normalization of deviancy and behavioral sinks. This is a positive feedback loop. The adaptation of chicago theory of economics to further gain monies and to medicate people so they don't deviate from the norm kills the soul, not the body. People exist to experience emotions and to make their own choices, not to be medicated the second they feel slightly unhappy so they can buy the newest xbone. Mark my words, in a decade or two they will have a test at pharmacies to gauge your dopamine/seratonin levels and medication to keep you "stable" will be over the counter. >Alexander's experiments?? TFW you high on strelok? https://www.brucekalexander.com/articles-speeches/rat-park/148-addiction-the-view-from-rat-park We are living in a real world transition to Huxley's brave new world, the sexual "revolution" just accelerated it. Regarding relationships and monogamy, it is theoretically possible to have polygamous stable relationships, specifically certain types of polyandry (fraternal/ associated,Successional polygamy is INHERENTLY unstable) You have to have a place with extremely scarce natrual resources and a need for the physically stronger sex (men) to travel for trade at long times at a year as a prequisite, and for the males to be close relatives like brothers as long term polygyny is inherently unstable in my personal understanding. But EITHER of these would require the destruction of the concept of western ideals as a whole since we value individualism so strongly (only need one jealous person to ruin the polygamy relationship).
>>6094 >I know there's a shit ton of angry young men, but what are they going to do? They are going to get violent and start attacking the other races. I'm sure you've noticed it's already started. It's just that up to now the angry young men have been hispanics and blacks. Once the current batch of milliennials and zoomers get to the age where they realize they have no hope for a future with wife and family, out of work, shouldering the tax burden, but with a collection of funs, and surrounded by violent subhumans stirring shit, it will eventually hit a flashpoint. You can't even go on nature trails without seeing large loud groups of mystery meat ruining the experience anymore. They are simply everywhere. Those young angry men can't even escape from it anymore so there will be more of them lashing out.
>>6072 Term limits don't work since power mostly resides with the donors and internal party organisations. The public face of government, democratic or otherwise, is basically never who's actually in charge outside of dictatorships and even they usually have to balance other factions behind the scenes. If you want to solve the people there you need to remove any monetary or personality influence, I'd go for some ancient Greek shit like selecting a huge house at complete random from the adult population. Can't be any worse than the current methods of selection after all. >>6028 The USA cannot continue to exist as it is now because the concept of strong states is in direct conflict with using states as the federal government's voting regions. Either you weaken the states or you reduce the federal government to a rump organisation that only controls foreign policy and the bare minimum of interstate cooperation. When you do that you don't need to try and balance populations in states to number of candidates or anything along those lines which is a large part of what contributes to the current system of ignoring safe states and focussing on swing states.
>>6079 >In other words don't own their own homes, their own business, their own land, have generational wealth, etc. It's all a house of cards. It's even more sick that the government encourages this behavior. Just three months ago, some Bezos owned outlet published a story detailing how people survived the great depression. One of the families baked pies in their home. Try that now. >Food handler's permit >Health inspection requirements that preclude commercial kitchens >City business license >LLC registration fees >Business tax >Various worker requirements Depending on the local, that's in the range of 1-8k per year. Startup cost is that plus supplies. >muh get a job Pay rent, pay taxes, spend a tiny amount on food and clothing. Land is much the same issue. Nobody owns land in the U.S. except the government. In the early U.S., Delaware didn't levy property tax against non-profit domiciles. Now, land ownership is nothing more than rent control to a landlord that will kick you out over $6. Generational wealth? Taxes. The entire government demands rent seeking behavior. >gas tax >road tax >licensing "fees" tax >passport "fees" tax >phone 911 tax An American that is not part of the 10% pays easily upwards of 65% tax, whether it be in the form of "access fees" or "usage fees", or outright taxes. >Federal income tax >Lincoln >The act created a flat tax of three percent on incomes above $800 ($22,800 in current dollar terms). >Wilson >In 2010 dollars, the 2010 personal exemption ($3,650) and the standard deduction ($5,700) for single filers were together $9,350, only 14.1% of the 1913 exemption of $66,100 in 2010 dollars ($9,350/$66,100). There can be no freedom when a man cannot own a home for his family. If you continually pay to legally occupy or use something, you don't own it.
>>6107 Holy fuck this makes me rage so hard. >Now, land ownership is nothing more than rent control to a landlord that will kick you out over $6. I forgot to add that you can't even legally build on "your" property without paying taxes in most states. Plus, if you decide to build a small house and have kids, DHS could swoop in and seize them if you have the wrong number of bedrooms, or are "neglecting" them, which at this point could mean not buying them a cellphone or them missing a zoomer conference. Put your kids to work in the field before a certain age? Child abuse because muh labor laws. You don't even own the fruit of your loins in the U.S. anymore. The state does. Do you want to leave the U.S. officially? Nah you can't just sign something, you have to pay exit taxes! hand rubbing intensifies
>>6108 AH FUCK I'M RAGING SO HARD THE COMMERCE CLAUSE WAS USED BY THE SUPREME COURT TO OUTLAW SELF SUFFICIENCY Their logic: Since producing enough to supply your consumption affects interstate trade, the federal government can force you to stop producing. HOLY FUCK
>>6107 >911 phone tax I kinda understand the reasoning behind it, since idiots call it for the most shittiest of reasons and not usually an emergency, and dindus who call every day for DV and won't prosecute. >>6108 That's because (((concerned humanists))) said it was illegal and inhumane. As if the majority of the world gets to do that. Kill the income and the property tax, government will just fucking tax the shit out of your food then. >>6110 Mate do you not understand how every government prevented becomes ripe for abuse? Those who led the initial founding are the ones who recognize the inherent flaws in the system and strive to prevent them. By the time you get three, four hundred years down the line, people will have forgotten.
>>6111 >911 tax reasoning Then why can't I buy phone service without 911? >Kill the income and the property tax, government will just fucking tax the shit out of your food then. BUT THEY ALREADY DO. >gas tax >road use tax >property tax on the farms >farm licensing >income taxes which get fed into farm subsidies There's probably EPA related taxes mixed in there for the rail and barge shipping. And then there's the outright taxation on certain "foods" including alcohol containing foods, cannabis containing foods, and sugary drinks. And for everything else, they can just print more money, which causes inflation, which is a silent tax. >Mate do you not understand I do, but that doesn't make me any less angry.
>>6107 Anon, you forgot the mandatory insurance they have to offer to every employee that's $1000/month out of the employer's pocket as well as the business insurance that's several thousand a month. Let's not forget the business-specific taxes or the fines for stupid shit. Did I mention the fact that if a single employee is laid off/fired and you have less than 30 people working for you, you automatically get placed in the highest business tax brackets at the end ofof the year and get taxed as if you hired 1000+ employees because unemployment taxes (on the employer's end) are through the roof and based on how many people YOU fire, meaning you have to convince the offending party to quit, and that even in no-fault states they can sue the shit out of you for wrongful termination/unemployment if you don't give them at least 8 hours per week portioned in two week intervals? If anon fell for the trades meme, make sure to do everything you can under-the-table.
>>6111 If government abuse is inevitable, you either dissolve the government or option two, hope the abuser is "your" guy. Which explains the two primary streams of political ideology on imageboards.
>>6067 >the military hasn't been coopted Absolute delusion, outside of a dwindling number of hardcore patriautists the military consists mostly of fags, histrionic women trying to prove something by dragging down the already abysmal standards, and shitskins looking for gibs, and even among the patriot retards a good majority of them would gladly kick down your door the moment their CO tells them you're an evil WN domestic terrorist. Combat jobs (the guys you actually have to worry about) aren't known for independent thinking or critical thought in general outside of clearing a room.
>>6107 >Taxes Stop hating roads, anon.
>>6119 I know your joking but let me give you a regional example. >heavy rain 2/3 of the year >parents like their children playing outside >school doesn't have a covered area >recess during rainy winter is spent huddling in groups near heating vents like slavs >families don't like this >raise money to build a covered area >have money will spend >government says no we won't let you >nothing happens >families do it again 10 years later >build covered area >government eliminates recess >wuflu happens >government tears down covered area and builds more classrooms in the field >government pays top tax dollar to friend of councilman for classroom contract >taxes Next thing you'll say is that taxes pay for firefighters the majority of firefighting in my region is done by volunteers with donations from the local communities
>>6118 >Blah blah fags I explicitly explained why this doesn't matter outside of an offensively invading threat in my post.
>>6121 And this anon recognizes the root of the problem. Even if you fix it yourself, a man in a suit will come around the corner to explain that even though that thing you built meets all standards and specifications and possibly even has a "certified by original company refurbished" certificate, it was not done with their permission, so they're going to demolish it, spend a year debating it then possibly approving it, then another two years rebuilding the thing you built in an afternoon. Afterwards it will spend four months in inspection, then another year being rebuilt because it no longer meets code, then finally the project will be scrapped by a political rival in retaliation, and they'll put a fence around the thing to keep people out. It will cost ~50x what you could do it for, and then that stated pricetag will become double before work begins. Some politicians will then threaten that it can't be done unless you agree to pay double the doubled price which will once more have another zero attached. You will foot the bill in this exercise in futility.
>>6122 So you admit it's been coopted. Why lead in with such a retarded statement then? I wouldn't have assumed you were retarded and stopped reading otherwise.
>>6113 >why can't you buy without I'm not saying its a stupid idea. >>6121 >volunteer firefighting You do realize that we get funds from state and county because the supplies make our shit absurdly expensive and then make the VFD legally liable if we repair some of our own shit or if its over X years old? I'm not even going to describe the absolute clusterfuck on how liability for VFDs seem to work now days. They are trying to get rid of our custom built engines because we're not as rich as other VFDs and they are saying "apply for a grant, raise taxes!" because some contractors want monies.
>>6122 >>6118 Fags in the military don't mean shit, what does is culture, ideology and ethnicity.
>>6136 As I see it, acceptingly openly homos is a pretty recent change that dovetails with the culture aspect, is part of a slippery slope for other reduced recruiting standards, and makes them look weak and effeminate. Perhaps a minor point but if we're quibbling anyways.
>>6141 The big gay isn't what fucked everything up in the .mil world they've been here since someone thought the military should be a thing. It's the women that come in expecting the exceptions they get in the civvie world and getting them so the big hats can say they've got good PR look at all this inclusiveness please give us funding. Good men get fucked over when an entitled bitch gets something mean said about her because this is the 7th time this month shes been late to formation and she still falls out of pt and shes knocked up again but here comes his discharge. Yeah hes got 16 years of experience but we gotta look good to all of the nobodies that are gonna join, then she gets sent to bumfuckistan and fucks unit cohesion like shes fucked every pv2 in the company. At least chad assthunder will have your back when shit goes sideways while prissypants has backstabbed another good soldier and sent another complaint up the chain that no one respects her, the entire time getting told shes a woman in a mans world and she needs to take what she can get fuck patriarchy lmao grrrrrrl power.
>>6142 Not that strelok, but you seem to be missing the point, the same people pushing women are the ones pushing homos, and for the same reason, egalitarian ideology. I don't think anyone is really saying that gays weaken the military in and of themselves. Honestly there has always been a homoerotic undercurrent in most military cultures (hazing etc) since Alexander. The problem is that equality culture is anathema to any military, and gays have in many ways been the tip of the spear, so to speak, in bringing equality culture to the military.
>>6141 Not every fag is an exuberant queen. But if they do accept those into the army then yeah, US army is pretty much fucked. And from what I've searched the Jarheads aren't much better. >>6143 >the same people pushing women are the ones pushing homos, and for the same reason, egalitarian ideology Good point
>>6143 >Equality culture The basis of modern militaries is equality culture and has been since at least Napoleon. That is, equality culture of "you're all equally expendible at the drop of a dime and you all equally get treated like shit for discipline or something."
>>6146 all soldiers are equal, just some have to be more equal than others :^)
What's 100 rads?
>>6155 Get out of here, stalker.
>>6146 >what are officers Blocks at the bottom of the pyramid are always the most numerous, don't mistake that for egalitarianism.
>>6160 Is there a happening? I don't follow the news.
>>6161 The cops that shot that Taylor nog didn't get indicted. So now there's a major chimpout.
>>6161 It went like this: >nurse is being investigated because two years ago she had dated someone now being investigated for drug trafficking >cops launch no-knock raid (the order were retroactively changed to "knock and announce", which the cops say they did, but 12 of the 13 eyewitnesses disagree) >boyfriend (who had a carry permit even aside from being at home at the time) pulls a gun on the group of armed men who suddenly just kicked down his front door >cops open fire on everything and in every direction, including other apartments, nearly hitting at least one neighbour >the woman dies, the boyfriend is injured, one cop also injured >silence from BLM et al for a couple months, probably because she had a respectable job and her death was genuinely objectionable >Floyd dies, protests pick up, and they finally remember her as they're looking for names to put on signs Fast forward several months to now. >city starts preparing for riots >investigation announces results >one of the cops has been indicted for wanton endangerment for blindly firing at nothing, but that's the only charge >imminent riots
>>6163 At least one cop was shot, I think it was Federal too, they were near the Cort house. I saw it live on a multi-livesteam, someone opened up from the line of "protesters". The quality was shit so I won't claim to know what the fuck just happened.
Who was the guy crippled for life when the ATF raided the wrong house?
Open file (1.48 MB 1277x2896 highest autism.png)
>>6163 Inner city cops are mostly sub-90 IQ retards, and inner city niggers are, well, niggers. My smooth brain says it's nearly a win-win, but the way shit has been going since Saint Tray-Tray, I know it's not that simple.
>>6164 Reports are saying two shot, both in stable condition, one person detained.
>>6168 Don’t jump to conclusions, we’re not sure if it’s tied to the protest, racist
>>6167 Why do they defend a system that hates them and people they hate? Is it just cash?
>>6172 I've wondered about this often.
>>6172 Media brainwashing
Open file (582.87 KB 1224x1213 zog semite cock suckers.jpg)
>>6172 They are part of a gang and feel comraderie with their fellow zoglings. "Us against the world". Hence the thin blue line, police corruption and coverups, etc. They are also given special privileges like access to automatic rifles and other fun toys that make them feel above the plebs, even though they are just useful idiots being thrown a few bones.
>>6167 I wish this were true but most inner-city police buildings have an education policy saying you must have a 2-year degree or X years experience on a police force before they'll hire you. The cities want smarter cops specifically to ensure charges stick when filed against someone and so they know their police officers can socially manipulate their prey. Traffic officers are sub-human retards, but that's because they don't even have to pretend to be fair/applying the law. You commit three traffic violations every time you drive a vehicle and traffic would actually be worse if everyone followed the law. Thankfully traffic officers also only make minimum wage and have basically zero benefits. It's increasingly hard to even pretend to side with conservatives though when the police force has thrown due process out with the trash and the courts are a joke of how much money you're willing to spend to get bullshit charges dropped since the Judges don't even pretend to listen to the cases any more.
>>6172 Power tripping basically. People who are inclined to beat their wives and abuse power are generally attracted to positions of power. If you're too stupid to be a judge, not suave enough to be a politician, and not healthy enough to kill goat fuckers in the ME for Israel (or were formally discharged), the next logical step is either militia groups if you still have a sense of conscience, prison guards if you're physically active, or the police force with the hopes of landing a cushiony government job where you have power over others. There's a reason more than half of police officers wives are also domestic violence victims and it stems from the same personality/mentality that got them the job.
Open file (48.68 KB 670x372 dayoftherope.jpg)
>>6188 What's it going to take for conservatives to realise the game is rigged, the hypocrisy is baked into the system? How many years will they do nothing while acting surprised at whatever new double standard is being pushed? I mean, I used to be the same but after a while I started to wise up.
>>6189 Cuckservatives above all identify as being good people or having the primal need to fit in. In this way they are not really different from liberals. Being called "racist" is a killshot that stops them in their tracks and renders them neuter and incapable of meaningful resistance because it's a word that says "you are a bad person", and "you will be ostracized". Nothing will change until they openly embrace being racist, thus taking away the word's power over them. This is important because the individual always loses to a coordinated group. As long as we are pre-empted from being able to explicitly work together as a race it will just be constant attrition as we are picked off one by one.
>>6191 >lolbertarian meme Technically they're not wrong you just gotta backstab them after like a certain group
>>6193 No need for that, i for one think that we should be 100% fair with the niggers, give them a plot of land and let them try their best, i know that it's gonna become a shithole though and that will be their problem.
Open file (15.96 KB 480x236 1574599433679.jpg)
>>6201 >give them a plot of land I'd give them a swath of land bordering Mexico and let them be guard dogs
Open file (404.12 KB 2480x1748 mix yourself.jpg)
>>6201 You speak as though Liberia doesn't already exist
In a theoretical situation it is better to just give the niggers their own plot of land and effectively "deport" them. It puts a satellite nation between Burgers and Mexico too instead of the current satellite ethnic barrier the East has formed. I volunteer California/Nevada so they think the deal isn't rigged.
>>6203 Is that picture real? The pozz has been exponentially growing here, but i didn't think it'd that bad as to have literal race mixing campaigns, man fuck this shit. Then deport them to Liberia, i was thinking some plot of land in the south where niggers make the majority of the population anyway.
>>6203 >The Great Replacement is a conspiracy theory
>>6208 >they literally wrote a book on it detailing the demographics trends but when you reference it it is considered outrageous
>>6224 No Mr. Paul, you are the happening.
Couple days ago in Denver
>>6223 >you soy too The fucking memes.
>>6226 Damn it man, I'm on nofap.
Open file (6.68 MB 640x360 chen rolling.webm)
Open file (248.50 KB 1241x837 glow_in_the_dark_1999.jpg)
>>6226 >"You can't just honk and run people over" >honks and runs people over I never expected Chen and Terry to team up but here we are.
Open file (154.27 KB 300x214 ClipboardImage.png)
>>6201 iirc KKK gave Garvey land in Alabama so he can send the niggers back to Liberia through the black star line
>>6223 >>6203 >mexclate the spics were doing that a long time ago.
>>6146 >The basis of modern militaries is equality culture and has been since at least Napoleon Imagine actually believing something this retarded. If Napoleon's military had bought into this kind of equality horseshit he never would've made it outside of France because some retarded mulatto would've been dragged out of one of their African colonies, been put in command during a battle, and promptly lost to a supply train consisting of peasants heading in a straight line towards Paris after meandering through the Ardennes for months beforehand. Successful militaries have never been about equality, they've been about crushing the enemy while losing as few resources and men on your side as possible, which inherently shits all over equality because you can't successfully destroy the enemy without losing a fuckload of people on your side when your military coddles the weak and insane, or even recruits them at all.
>>6165 Which one? There are many of those.
>>6202 Fuck that's actually a really good idea, spics don't get along well enough with niggers to allow them into their cartel dealings in any significant number, and niggers would openly kill spics then steal their drugs, inciting a spic-nig race war at the border that could justify a subsequent invasion and steamrolling of spixico after enough niggers have been killed off under the guise of "vengeance for our black brethren :^)".

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