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/k/anteen the VI. Strelok 10/17/2021 (Sun) 10:13:54 No.19848
Welcome to /k/anteen, this thread is a catch-all for general discussion that our brothers either do not believe needs its own thread, or isn't particularly relevant to the board topics at hand. Rule 1 is more stringently enforced here by the preachers. >why new thread Old thread bumplocked >>17549 Remember, history is a tragicomedy written blood and ashes.
Open file (30.18 KB 235x300 Монолитом.png)
Благодарим Тебя за то, что раскрыл слугам Твоим козни врагов наших. Озари сиянием Твоим души тех, кто отдал жизнь во исполнение воли Твоей. В бой, защитники Монолита! В бой! Отомстим за павших братьев наших, да будет благословенно вечное их единение с Монолитом.
What do you guys think of the /pol/ board at Sleepy?
>>19853 I think the best evaluation would be: "Could be worse". That doesn't mean the board is in any way good. It's run by Tengu apparently, who doesn't really give a shit and his vision of the board will probably be a "funposting" kind of board that doesn't take itself too seriously. That said, the userbase might not play along. As for actual political discussion. Don't count on it.
>>19853 Why does noone ever post classier more modestly dressed SS-Girls?
Open file (64.29 KB 798x655 edn2.jpg)
What are your thoughts on Evil Death Nightmare?
>>19859 It's intresting
>>19859 >8 years in development >suddenly popped back in 2019 >developer(s) claim to have spent $15,000 dollars working on the game >all the progress is basically reskinned unity engine models It won't be long til EDNdev is gonna start asking for shekels. After all, no favor goes unreturned.
>>19848 Since someone is eventually going to ask.
>>19865 >EDN dev story It's like EvaXephon yanderesim dev but with less sperging and not an irl incel. At least, not yet.. The site also isn't functional, the links are broken for me.
>>19867 >there are newfags that need clarification on who Yandev is
>>19882 >There are people who give zero fucks about e-celebs. ftfy
>>19903 lolcows aren't ecelebs, anon. They're there to point and laugh at.
>>19904 But you get my point, do ya? Also >What is up with all these retro-themed games popping up? Perepeteia, Dusk, now EDN... >Are we going to see a return of low performance retro-machines, with software to match?
>>19903 He was a regular on 8/v/ five years ago before getting assblasted and leaving for Reddit due his inability to take criticism.
Hello /k/, whats your favorite scary movie?
Open file (791.49 KB 912x1388 The Changeling.jpg)
>>19914 I've found that anything of this era is either cheap tricks/thrills, "the humans were the bad guys all along," or if it has any production quality, it's typically because there's a big-name celebrity in the film. In the cheap films department I thought The Last Of The Grads was a quality budget horror movie of the modern era that I only watched because of Huggbees over on jewtube. I tend to prefer fear of the unknown, but that hasn't been done very well in recent years. The Changeling is a good example of what I mean by that.
Open file (2.30 MB 498x280 tenor.gif)
Train riders held up phones, didn't call 911 as woman was raped on Philadelphia train, police say >A man was charged with raping a woman on a train outside of Philadelphia as fellow passengers watched, held up phones and did nothing to intervene, police said.  >The man, Fiston Ngoy, 35, harassed the woman, groped her and eventually raped her as fellow passengers watched the assault through more than two dozen train stops, authorities said. Police believe no one called authorities, though they are investigating whether any of the witnesses may have recorded the incident.   >Transit officers for the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority stopped Ngoy at a train stop, finding him in the middle of his assault, SEPTA Police Chief Thomas J. Nestel said at a press conference.  >"When the doors opened, an officer entered and saw what he believed was a criminal act occurring," Nestel said. "He ripped that man off her and pulled him out onto the platform."  >Police and other officials were troubled that no one witnessing the assault intervened and held a news conference reiterating the need for people who see something unusual to report it immediately, even anonymously or through the emergency buttons on trains.  >"What we want is everyone to be angry and disgusted and to be resolute about making the system safer," Nestel said, adding that it "concerns me" no one stepped in throughout the lengthy assault that an arrest affidavit shows continued for about 40 minutes.  >He noted surveillance footage captured the assault and appeared to show other passengers possibly recording the attack. "There were people witnessing the act with phones in their hands," Nestel said. "People were holding their phone up in the direction of this woman being attacked."  >Arrest records show Fiston Ngoy, 35, is facing a host of charges, including rape. >The arrest affidavit for Ngoy detailed times of the assault, including that during those 40 minutes the woman appears to repeatedly push Ngoy away. >Nestel would not give an approximate number of witnesses and it was unclear from the affidavit how many passengers were present for those 40 minutes, but the train line is the busiest route on SEPTA. Authorities have not released the surveillance video. >Investigators said in the affidavit that Ngoy sat down next to the woman about a minute after he boarded the train car, shortly after 9:15 p.m. The video shows her pushing him away multiple times until he is seen ripping her pants down at about 9:52 p.m. >Superintendent Timothy Bernhardt, of the Upper Darby Police Department, which is investigating the incident, said officers arrived around 10 p.m. https://web.archive.org/web/20211020153420/https://eu.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2021/10/19/rape-train-philadelphia-occurred-while-bystanders-held-up-phones/8523134002/
>>19914 The Wailing from 2016 was the last horror movie that left a really good impression on me. If you haven't seen it go watch it, I can recomend it wholeheartedly. Not scary, but still entertaining is Late Phases from 2014. It's about a blind military veteran who has to fight off some werewolfs. Don't watch the Whispering Corridors movie series. They are not scary, the plots are terrible and every movie ends with a bunch of scenes that leaves you headscratching. There are six movies and for four of them I had to read a summary to learn what the scenes at the end actually mean.
>>19867 >but with less sperging >he doesn't know
>>19937 At least part of that is mob mentality. This is why they teach people to point someone out and tell them to call 911 (and point out a separate person to try and locate an AED) when performing CPR on someone. In those situations, witnesses likely worked under the assumptions somebody else called 911 because the court systems in America are such a joke that you get penalized by your work for showing up as a witness for court in most cases, and the courts increasingly refuse to accept written notarized testimony as equivalent. So you get dinged at work (and lose at least a day or more's pay), you get harassed by police, and in most cases the perpetrator gets let off the hook anyways. There were a few times in my life where I got injured fending off an assault on someone else only to watch the cops let the person doing the assault off without charges because they didn't want to bother with the paperwork. In a public setting, everyone wants everyone else to be the one to stand up because they won't put themselves in danger, don't want to deal with the bullshit, and don't expect the justice system to even work. It's sad but unsurprising.
It's just the right length with just the right beat that it gets you to listen even if you normally dislike rap. https://youtube.com/watch?v=qr_F_XQrukM Source video since the NASCAR one cuts early and tries (but fails) to mute it. https://youtube.com/watch?v=9suQV0olw38
Are incidents like what happened with Alec Baldwin somewhat common in Jewlywood? Wouldn't be surprising for gun control advocates to have shit gun safety standards.
>>19978 They're not unheard of, but not common either. The last major incident I remember was The Crow in the 90s, and in that case it was the prop crew being lazy and emptying the powder out of the ammunition while failing to understand that the primer and leftover powder could still have enough force to leave the barrel.
>>19986 No, it was even dumber. First, as you describe, they pulled the bullets, dumped the powder, and re-seated the bullet, so the revolver would look like it had live rounds instead of blanks. Then someone pulled the trigger and they had a squib, since the live primer and leftover powder weren't enough to get out of the barrel. They had already sent their firearms consultant home at that point, so nobody on set had the sense to realize there might be an issue with leaving the bullet lodged in the barrel. Following that was a scene with blanks, which did have a powder charge, and the shot sent the previously-squibbed bullet straight into the lead actor.
Open file (68.45 KB 771x547 smile.jpg)
>>19987 Lead for the lead.
Open file (762.46 KB 636x627 1575487137313.png)
>>19987 >Sent their expert home >continue working with the tools they needed an expert for, without knowing their shit. darwin'd
Apparently the head armorer this time was a woman in her 20s, in her debut in the role. Reports say the gun had a single live round. In a different movie I'd guess that someone took out a magazine and called it safe without checking the chamber, but since it's a Western the gun must have been a revolver, and it's less clear to me how they could have fucked it up like that.
>>19998 >woman in her 20s So basically, no actual experience with firearms, probably only ever watched films or maybe read a single book on firearms.
>>19998 Still if they simply followed the four rules of firearm safety none of this would happen and at best you have some destroyed camera equipment and some ruffled dirt.
>>19998 Why even have a live round on set? Considering there was union unrest, I'd guess that maybe some guy remembered the good old times and made a wiseguy move, replacing some bullet with a real one. >Woman in her 20s So what kind of qualifications do you even need to be a "head armorer"? With that title, I'd expect at least a decade of firearms instructor experience or something similar, not some chick probably sucking the producer's dick for the job
>>19999 What makes you think that? seems she wasn't even there
>>19998 What's really funny is seeing people who have zero knowledge of how squibs are used saying that this means we should do entirely CGI special effects for firearms. When you're using squibs and blanks, you still aren't supposed to aim guns directly at people. The actors are supposed to aim to the side, just enough that the muzzle isn't pointed directly at the person being "shot"; which is partially why in all of your favorite kino with real blanks the cinematographer's set the angle of the shot such that you aren't literally watching the actors aiming down the sights as they'd be off. What really baffles me about this is that the gun, probably a black powder piece, supposedly had one shot in it yet this dipshit actor managed to hit two people with it. Fishy.
Apparently the bong public ˝discovered˝ a new secret military unit that is not the SAS or anything, and it's under MI6. Does anybody know anything about it?
>>20001 >So what kind of qualifications do you even need to be a "head armorer"? Nobody promised the "head" part of her title meant "in charge" rather than describing her duties. >>20004 Even IF they decided to compromise on muzzle safety for the sake of the camera shot, they still would have been fine if they followed other safety rules. The story currently being reported is that the armorer unloaded (or meant to unload) the guns and put them on a cart. The assistant director picked one up some time later, handed it to Baldwin while announcing to him and the crew that it was unloaded, and Baldwin shot the people. There's room for a few possibilities as to how a live round ended up there, but regardless of how it did, if either Baldwin or particularly the AD had actually checked for safety when picking up a gun, nothing would have happened.
https://archive.md/zZebD So from what I can piece together... >Didn't have a proper armorer >Assigned some chick fucking someone to the position >Had several camera crew members walk out earlier in the week for unsafe conditions >Hadn't been paid in three weeks >Director even cut their hotel budget and told them to pay for it out-of-pockey >One of them claimed privately there had been an accidental discharge earlier in the week already >Baldwin is a co-producer in the production >Assistant director took one of three guns without checking with the armorer who wasn't even around at the time (for rehearsal) >Declared it cold without checking >Made Baldwin rehearse a scene where the girl who was shot is supposed to get shot (fake) >Allegedly the bullet went through her chest and into the director >Dead girl was an upcoming star that the Union didn't like Sounds to me like multiple people would have motive and this will get covered up as an "accident" because famous people are involved.
>>20010 >where the girl who was shot is supposed to get shot (fake) The girl who got shot was a cinematographer, not an actress.
https://www.kvue.com/article/news/crime/martindale-shooting-caldwell-county-arrest/269-b3dc5bc4-3b5b-4ad2-a131-71bf32778ec2 https://archive.md/Emndc So some dude performed kebab removal in TX, now charged with murder Any streloks want to bet on the outcome? >Bumfuck nowhere, Cadwell County,TX >White guy at home >Sees car pull in lights off near his truck >grabs handgun to see the fuck is going on >said vehicle reverses away at high speed >shoots kills >turns out it was a kebab >Make statement of chasing after the vehicle >CAIR reees on muslim hate and no gun control >arrested on 150k bond I know its relatively conservative part of TX, but I think his statement that he "chased" after the vehicle is gonna land him in jail.
>>20015 The moment he pursued them is the moment he dun diddly fucked up. Texas has fairly strict gun laws and this wouldn't fall under home defense nor self defense charges if he pursued without a pre-justified reason.
>>20015 By the look of that story he's definitely going to jail. I don't see anything in that story that would give a reason to shoot the guy, even before the issue of chasing or not. It was just a car in his driveway; you can't exactly claim self defense when there was no threat to defend against. And I don't buy that he thought the driver pulled a gun on him while "rapidly" trying to back out of a driveway.
>>20017 >reason His only reason was the "gun" and MAYBE, MAYBE the pulling up to his car and turning lights off (Why is this retard having his car parked away from his house????) >>20016 >pursuit Actually, he could try to make the argument that the man was attempting to steal his vehicle (a felony) since you are allowed to pursue that to a degree I think? Still a bit far fetched though. Big argument is going to come down to if the driver had something that resembled a firearm imho, since he said he "saw a gun" since it was at night. >fucked up Probably. I wonder if Cadwell jury will nullify, that's a pretty conservative area of TX (Not as conservative as the panhandle, though). Still doesn't look good.
Oi you want to retire? Get lost, you slave to the system! https://www.investopedia.com/articles/personal-finance/031715/want-retire-early-think-again.asp https://archive.md/Jf0P3 tl;dr from the article itself: >The Bottom Line >Clearly, there’s a lot to consider as you approach retirement and decide when to stop working. If you have questions (and you should), just keep asking the experts: Social Security Administration agents, tax consultants, and financial professionals. Let us trust, indeed, the very agents of the government who setup the retirement fraud from day 1! Humans have long worked until the day they died, only until recently. Looks like the baby boomers gonna throw a fit again. Let's all be real since SS is a pyramid scheme
>>20062 Honestly, the only secure retirement ever is owning a home, land, and having kids that can support you. As to getting there: honest work has lost its meaning with the current tax system and government owning every little piece of land. I don't know what y'all are planning on doing, but I think crime is the only good way to get from the bottom to a good standing without an investor. Preferably armed robbery or burglary. Would be a great psychological preparation for hurting people, too.
jokes on the boomers I am already collecting Social Security and Medicare but Medicare takes about $150 away from my disability benefits
Owning land to provide substance would be pretty great. Then letting robots do half the work of procuring food and a water pump for spring water would do for a retirement. Night y'all
Open file (6.23 MB 1406x1466 ClipboardImage.png)
So apparently the ancient Egyptians were the first to domesticate watermelon for human consumption.
Open file (306.22 KB 1568x1906 Anubis215.jpg)
>>20082 The girl on the left looks like they basically combined Fio and Eri from Metal Slug.
Open file (434.67 KB 1200x1001 Kalahari13_Mech.jpg)
Open file (8.18 MB 854x480 WEWUZ.mp4)
Open file (43.18 KB 1280x720 boolit.jpg)
>>20010 Update: 500 Rounds Of Ammunition—Including Suspected Live Rounds—Recovered On ‘Rust’ Set, Sheriff Says >While executing a search warrant on the set, police discovered 500 rounds of ammunition that were a mix of suspected live rounds, blanks and dummy bullets, and three firearms: the working gun discharged by Baldwin—which they found other rounds in—a real gun modified so that it was non-functioning and a plastic gun that does not shoot, Mendoza said.  >The bullet recovered from Souza’s shoulder, which Mendoza said he believes is the same bullet that killed Hutchins, was a lead projectile, and police are in possession of it and the shell they believe it came from.  >Mendoza confirmed reports that two people, armorer Hannah Reed Gutierrez and assistant director Dave Halls, had inspected and handled the weapon before Baldwin shot it.  >Baldwin, Halls and Gutierrez have all been interviewed by authorities and have been “cooperative,” Mendoza said.  >Mendoza said that further investigation is still needed to determine how Gutierrez and Halls did not know there was ammunition in the gun. >Mendoza asked that anyone who is aware of safety concerns on the set of Rust or those who had issues working with Halls and Gutierrez previously should contact his department.  https://web.archive.org/web/20211028024118/https://www.forbes.com/sites/marisadellatto/2021/10/27/500-rounds-of-ammunition-including-suspected-live-rounds-recovered-on-rust-set-sheriff-says/?sh=494608075407 There's also a rumor floating around that somebody on set was loading guns and shooting them for kicks between filming sessions.
Open file (103.14 KB 250x255 pout.png)
>When he first arrived, Sadat’s family waited three hours for breakfast. In early October, they took trips to the medical services because his kids had a bad cough. He is studying for his truck driver’s license, and Sadat talks to, and worries over, his family still in Afghanistan. Holy shit. Not only do they get better healthcare, but the US government is using taxpayer dollars to have this man steal your job. Because let's be honest, labor shortages don't exist in America. There's just a shortage of people willing to work in shit conditions for shit wages. Foreigners like Sadat though? All in a day's work as he likely gets subsidized healthcare, rehoming fees, etc. despite having zero credit history and likely zero vetting. You want a loan to start your small business or move to another state for work though? Go fuck yourself.
I forgot my link: https://archive.md/lrYUX
>>20101 Great. America is becoming worse and worse by the day
Open file (50.11 KB 816x386 arab_chiropracty.jpg)
Open file (192.91 KB 1050x550 happy_christmas.jpg)
Open file (1.54 MB 1502x1000 part_and_parcel.png)
>>20100 >discovered 500 rounds of ammunition that were a mix of suspected live rounds, blanks and dummy bullets They can't possibly mean they were literally mixed instead of being neatly separated, right? >>20101 >Giving rapefugees trucks Yeah, that worked out so well in Europe. Once more, the Havamal holds true: >From his weapons away no one should ever >stir one step on the field; >for no one knows when need might have >on a sudden a man of his sword.
>>20101 Promote autonomous vehicles to accelerate the elimination of positions that can be stolen, since you aren't allowed to land any of them anyway.
>>20104 Ironically there would be less deaths if earopeans keeped their colonies. And threw all the arabs where they belong. Back where they come from
>>20105 Autonomous vehicles are expensive and despite claims by Musk fanboys, the technology is not there. "Autonomous vehicles" exacerbate the problem because you still need a truck driver, but you can now pay him pennies a day for his work. You can see parallels of this happening in the pilot industry as planes became more autonomous. Except trucks are less of a public threat and aren't idealized in the media, so they won't benefit from the heavy regulation like airlines do.
Open file (252.13 KB 800x600 image-2.jpg)
>>20107 Did you expect that people would be able to remain in fixed and fulfilling positions as technology and the ways people interact with it develop? Rapefugees is a problem of modernity due to the developments in transportation in the 20th century. It was impossible in the past when sea and air travel were expensive and/or dangerous, an option only explored if the reward was seen as considerably greater than the risk. Stability is an illusion that scarcely lasts one lifetime and the majority of human existence has been a continued struggle for survival. The optimum that the mid-20th century West enjoyed was the exception, not the default, and we're seeing all the conventions that they enjoyed unravel in real-time. There'll be no return to that material paradise in our future.
Open file (252.47 KB 457x358 1625867551966.png)
>>20111 I think you're putting the cart before the horse. While I agree that the 19th and 20th centuries were exceptions to the rule, they were exceptions to the rule built on a stable foundation of open competition and organic growth. Today you have corporations that are "too big to fail" because the regulatory bodies gave them essentially a monopoly via restriction of competition, and then the governments of first world countries gave them huge incentives to import cheap labor when labor shortages popped up. Your argument is that immigration causes this strife because of technological innovations in travel, but there is a cause and effect. Mexicans and South Americans don't cross into the USA because America is more wealthy (not at the numbers they do), they do so because global trade sanctions, financial/material aid from foreign nations, and various military campaigns (exported by North America) have economically destabilized the region, and they know they can get on several benefits packages not available to your average American by illegally coming over. The same was true when the Polish mass migrated to the UK and again when North Africans migrated to Europe. You're seeing it again with Californians/New Yorkers shitting up the rest of the US by leaving their stinking holes. An organic system would see some immigration, but more importantly it would see diversification of skills/assets. What we have right now isn't organic though. It's intentional, artificial destabilization of markets via importation of labor to encourage the infinite economic growth meme. I don't think there is some greater plan to genocide the white race or conservatives or etc. I think it's that first world countries are up to their noses in debt and if they ever back out and let their economies recover (instead of "drinking more in a controlled manner to stave off the hangover" as they do with loans), the international systems in place will rip them apart like scavenger animals finding a corpse (or them crashing will cause a dominoe effect resulting in worldwide economic collapse, in the case of countries like Anerica/France/Germany/Japan/etc.). Keynesian economics were a mistake.
Open file (908.62 KB 424x304 germs.gif)
>>20115 >they were exceptions to the rule built on a stable foundation of open competition and organic growth. Today you have corporations that are "too big to fail" because the regulatory bodies gave them essentially a monopoly via restriction of competition, and then the governments of first world countries gave them huge incentives to import cheap labor when labor shortages popped up. >What we have right now isn't organic though. It's intentional, artificial destabilization of markets via importation of labor to encourage the infinite economic growth meme. My view on the stability was that it wasn't an intentional construct but one that emerged out of circumstance where the people, the government, the corporations, etc. managed to generate a balance of power between their competing interests. As technology developed, its benefits were distributed unequally between the players, concentrating within financial and central governance institutions. They took advantage of it to pursue what was in their interest at the expense of the other components of society. Since systems like Social Security were set up with the expectation that a particular set of conditions would last forever, and are seen as sacred cows by the public, the only way the parties that have undermined the compromise can keep up the appearance of legitimacy is by papering up the gaping hole that they've created with what you pointed out, the illusion of a miracle growth rate, engineered by leveraging their control of migration flows, currency flows, manufacturing flows, commodity flows, and information flows and funneling them to keep the clown world turning.
>>20115 Just to clarify, I'm not contesting your post in >>20124, I just think we're looking at different parts of the same picture. What can be done about it is a discussion I'm not sure is suitable for /k/.
>>20126 >>20124 >I just think we're looking at different parts of the same picture. More or less. I just wanted to rant. I had a feeling but I consider some of the alternatives unsavory so I replied like such anyways.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXjS684l-x8 Kyle Rittenhouse's jury selection livestreamed. Look like the judge wasn't taking shit mostly, dismissed a woman who said the wrong verdict will "bring out the crazies". also a woman who impression of muh machine gun = any gun and a 2A blogger Also, looks likes 10 gun owners (both recently first time and previous owners) before the riots on the panel. Looks like it's going to be a hung jury or a not guilty imho.
Remember that USN sub that run aground? Turns out it was an uncharted mountain! https://www.businessinsider.com/navy-investigation-attack-submarine-collision-south-china-sea-2021-11 https://archive.md/xnuca >US Navy investigators have determined what a nuclear-powered attack submarine hit in the South China Sea last month, USNI News reported Monday, citing defense officials familiar with the investigation and a legislative official. >The Seawolf-class nuclear-powered attack submarine USS Connecticut collided with an unidentified object on October 2, the Navy revealed five days after the incident. Investigators have reportedly determined the submarine ran aground on an undersea mountain, the location of which was previously unknown. >7th Fleet confirmed the USNI News report to Insider, with 7th Fleet spokesperson Cdr. Haley Sims saying that "the investigation determined USS Connecticut grounded on an uncharted seamount while operating in international waters in the Indo-Pacific region." >The earlier Navy statement on the incident left a lot to the imagination, stating only that the the submarine struck something while operating in international waters, there were no life-threatening injuries, the submarine was in stable condition, and the nuclear propulsion systems were not damaged. >The sea service did not say where the incident occurred, though Navy officials speaking on the condition of anonymity provided that information, simply that it happened in the South China Sea, to some reporters following the release of the statement. >As of last Wednesday, the US Navy still was not quite sure what the submarine collided with, though defense officials told USNI News that early indications suggested that Connecticut collided with a seamount, an undersea feature that rises from the ocean's depth. It can also pose a risk to ships on the surface depending on how close its summit is to the surface. >China, often at odds with the US in the South China Sea, has capitalized on the limited information provided by the Navy about the incident, with Chinese officials accusing the US of a cover-up and calling it "cagey" and "irresponsible." >The US military has denied that it is trying to cover up the incident. After a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman first made the allegations, Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said that "it's an odd way of covering something up when you put a press release out about it." >But Beijing, both the foreign ministry and the defense ministry, has continued to criticize the US for a "lack of transparency" while repeatedly calling the US "the biggest force for militarization of the South China Sea," an accusation typically aimed at China. >The conclusion of the command investigation into the USS Connecticut incident takes some of the mystery out of things. The investigation has been passed up to the 7th Fleet commander, who will make decisions about potential accountability actions, a fleet spokesperson said. >As the investigation into the incident has not yet been publicly released, information is still limited on how the submarine ran into an seamount and to what degree members of the crew and command are responsible. >The submarine, one of only three in the powerful Seawolf class, is in Guam, where it is undergoing repairs, likely initial work before more extensive repairs can be completed elsewhere. >There are concerns that if the Connecticut has to be taken back to a public shipyard for additional repairs, it could throw a wrench into a submarine maintenance backlog that has long been problematic.
>>20175 Looked like the judge was full of shit, but I was glad he excused the guy who said he was voting guilty either way and the other dude who was closing on a house. We'll see what happens. Didn't watch the whole thing, just portions.
>>20176 That... is actually completely reasonable and if correct is 100% not the crew's fault. People don't realize just how blind USN submarines are, they are entirely reliant on charts and sea maps to navigate because they can't just constantly blast navigational sonar - thank you 'save the dolphin' fanatics. The seascape changes quite rapidly with tectonic activity, especially in that region it's a monthly thing. These types of incidents used to be an every-other-month thing, believe it or not. And China's claims here are just downright juvenile. For once, Kirby is correct. Pressuring the US Navy to release any investigation into the incident is also retarded, nobody reveals that type of information about their submarines - the fact they made a press release about it despite the activities of that class being one of their 'most protected secrets' is already extreme transparency.
Open file (98.91 KB 430x513 SCS baymap.jpg)
Open file (1.09 MB 3000x2000 USN bases.png)
>>20177 >full of shit That's like, 99% of judges though. He'd have saved a good 10-30 minutes of this bullshit if he didn't rant about pearl harbor, history of the USA, etc.. >>20178 >reasonable I am inclined to agree, that's one lucky commander if it is true probably still caused by incompetent diversity junior officers at the NAV/sonar station but I digress but I suspect the Chinese claims mean that there's something more covert that got covered up. Think about it for a second: The test depth of the Seawolf is 1,600 feet of 490 m, lets say, we're being extremely generous, then the estimated max depth for a 688i FLT III is around 2,250–3,000 feet, so we know the Seawolf should be at the higher end. Quite generous for a single hull design. Take a look at the bathymetry of the sea. Notice that aside from the rim, most of it exceeds the depth of a submarine. Now, remember that the sub is headed for Guam. If it was damaged to the south/west it would either head to Singapore or Australia. So we can conclude the US sub was closer to the Northern/Eastern edge of the area. I think it may have been on some sort of SIGINT near Lingshui, Hainan (Major spaceport + Airbase) or trailing a Chinese sub out of the navalbase in Yulin (You used to be able to walk alongside the beach up to 100ft of the base), Hainan (Major submarine base). Sanya is too busy even with another major naval base with marine traffic to do intel ops since the PLA offers like a 50,000 RMB (For a fisherman, that's like several years salary) reward for every sonarbuoy pulled up and its heavily populated. Might even be a sub collision (The Chinese aren't gonna say shit unless its in territorial waters and the US sub was forced to surface, it embarrass the SHIT out of the South Sea Fleet command). Someone might argue why not the smaller islands? My counterargument is that for those, you'd want SSN-23 with the Multi-Mission chamber since they have secure underwater cables. Of course, it could just be they were retards and ran aground in the western Philippians.
>>20181 Are you allowed to release this info Chang?
>>20183 >spoiler It's public info mate. the max depth of the 688i FLT III's has been theroetically calculated for a long time.
>bidup is such an embarrassment VA flips red Not that it matters, but holy shit there's no one at the helm at this point.
>>20199 I thought you were talking about Veteran's Affairs and was going to say you're full of shit before realizing you were talking about Virginia.
Also it sounds like he won on education and taxation promises, which never get fulfilled. This might be a pyrrhic victory.
man 4chan sucks such ass these days
>>20215 Go back.
>>20215 which presumably is why you're posting here.
>>20219 probably
Open file (971.72 KB 720x540 1627459095261.png)
>>20215 Yeah, based on their immigrants they don't know how to write or lurk more.
Anyone watching the shitshow that is the Rittenhouse trial? R emember the whole rape thing in a VA school that was a big issue? Apparently the mother of the rapist is victim blaming! Oh, and her son isn't trans, he's just a trap who wanted some action! On one hand, I want to say there isn't a long enough of a wall and not enough bullets in minecraft, on the other hand, I want to say push that acceleration pedal harder baby! https://archive.md/5w3rm https://teamtuckercarlson.com/news/mother-of-loudoun-county-bathroom-rapist-blames-victim-youre-15-you-can-reasonably-defend-yourself/?fbclid=IwAR1bPDZFUkCVc7RyOpRmO_4UJp2wJUQz30tUjceI-vTbF_a00P4-X6HejaE >The mother of the skirt-wearing boy, who was convicted of raping a ninth-grade girl in a Loudoun County school restroom, said Monday that the victim was to blame for being assaulted because she did not make stronger attempts to defend herself. >The boy’s mother said in an interview that her son, who last week was found guilty on two counts of rape, was not transgender despite reports alleging that he was. She said he just likes to wear skirts sometimes. >But she also defended her son’s actions pertaining to the sexual assault, falsely alleging that, at the time of the May 28 assault, he “wanted to have sex in the bathroom, with somebody that was willing.” >The mother then proceeded to blame the victim for not doing more to fight off her rapist. “If I was in a position where I was about to be raped, I would be screaming, kicking, everything,” she told the Daily Mail. >“You’re 15. You can reasonably defend yourself. You’re not just going to sit there and take it. And so, because there wasn’t a presence of a fight, he felt it was okay to keep going.” >The assault in question received national attention after The Daily Wire reported that the victim’s father, Scott Smith, showed up to a June 22 school board meeting and accused the Loudoun County School district of trying to cover up his daughter’s rape. He was arrested and ultimately charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest following an altercation with a woman at the meeting who said she doubted the validity of his daughter’s sexual assault. >The school district’s superintendent said at this board meeting that “the predator transgender student or person simply does not exist,” and, to his knowledge, “we don’t have any record of assaults occurring in our restrooms.” >But in an email from May 28, the day of the assault, the superintendent alerted school board members that a sexual assault had been reported.
>>20236 >Anyone watching the shitshow that is the Rittenhouse trial? Not really. I figured I'd read up on the briefing every once in a while. >Trans case I'm not surprised. I'm equally not surprised by the school covering it up.
Open file (456.29 KB 2138x2166 pippa_nopan.jpg)
Also at least as of this moment, Rittenhouse seems to have a justifiable self-defense case. Right now prosecutors have to prove that Rosenbaum was not a credible threat, whichbis a tall order since they fucked themselves over. >Kid was there with his gun to defend a car dealership >First guy who instigated it was bipolar >And off his meds >And had just been released from the hospital for a suicide attempt that morning (jurors aren't aware of the suicide attempt yet) >And had told Rittenhouse he planned to kill him >Rittenhouse had repeatedly shouted "friendly" while running away from his assailant >An unrelated protestor fired a gun into the air seconds before Rittenhouse fired his weapon >State crime lab claims nobody's DNA was on the gun, but didn't swab the barrel >Video evidence shows that Rosenbaum lunged for the gun (whether he "fell" or "lunged" is irrelevant- he maneuvered himself forward with momentum towards Rittenhouse) >Rittenhouse willingly turned himself in the next morning The only real witness to cross-examine is the guy who got shot and survived. Even then I doubt they will be able to claim attempted homicide. I don't see Rittenhouse getting off given his video testimony before the shooting took place, but I don't think he'll get more than a year or two.
>>20236 >the victim was to blame for being assaulted because she did not make stronger attempts to defend herself. Isn't that what one would call rape culture?
Open file (833.91 KB 1024x576 ClipboardImage.png)
Anon should have included the picture of the victim-blaming mother. >>20246 Yes. There really ought to be a culture of having women fight back when shit like this happens, but that still doesn't excuse the mother's attempts to disparage the other family in order to protect her son. I suppose single mothers are neurotic like that and it's not surprising that a boy without a father would do something like this. Back in the day they used to send a boy like that to a whorehouse to get it out of his system before he did something irredeemable. Fuck army culture for moralfagging and outlawing brothels domestically in order to create an incentive for men who go overseas.
Open file (3.49 MB 480x270 SyPhU95w-i7vmxjT.mp4)
Open file (1.87 MB 480x270 fYxoNDrQoxYRcn_N.mp4)
Open file (1.61 MB 320x568 W1C4y-rexe61fQLz.mp4)
Open file (2.06 MB 576x1024 QFX0BTHOnn2nbjnc.mp4)
Open file (305.19 KB 1152x2048 FDiGwdtXoAA9uxV.jpg)
>>20252 >send him to whorehouse. Or, as we say in the south, beat it out of him. Beatings are always the question and the answer is "Yes". Anyone see the houston shitshow? >Dindu nuttin local rapper has a concert >Attended by your favorite we wuz, cuckservitivesand tons of wiggers, my generation is so lost the happening can't happen fast enough >crowd control fail, entrance is stormed by COVID stressed mostly peaceful concert-goers >People get injected with drugs >People get crushed >EMS gets danced on while trying to cart people out >some white nigger tries to tell camera crew people are dying >shamed off camera >rapper continues to rap indifferently telling people to get that body out of there >The show must go on! Singes while looking at a body To be fair, he probably had his fair bit of gangland shootings >Continues to sing while fire/EMS is dispatched >At least 5 engines and medics (so around 25 first responders wasted on this shit) >Rapper gets media heat >I dinsee nutin! >local media attempting to spin it as a GOP issue. I know most streloks' aren't retarded enough to go to an event like this, but just remember this is a "jury of your peers". https://abc13.com/astroworld-festival-canceled-deaths-fatal-texas-concert/11205846/ https://archive.md/QG68h >HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- As rumors spread about what led to the deaths of eight people and hundreds of injuries at Friday night's Astroworld Festival, authorities confirmed one of the early claims that someone was injecting people with a needle during the deadly event, though it's possible it may have been an isolated incident. >A security guard working the festival was attempting to grab or restrain someone during the melee when he felt a prick on his neck before he lost consciousness, according to Houston Police Chief Troy Finner. Recent Stories from ABC 13 Judge raises total bond of Houston mom accused of abandoning kids with son's corpse to $1.5 million >"When he was examined, he went unconscious," Finner said during a Saturday afternoon briefing. "(Medical staff) administered Narcan. He was revived, and the medical staff did notice a prick that was similar to a prick that you would get if someone was trying to inject." >8 dead, dozens hospitalized, about 100 injuries
Open file (195.47 KB 276x270 MGXr3gS9_uvMtVMN.mp4)
Open file (1.59 MB 480x1036 A0x14pIKs38cr81x.mp4)
>>20260 >2/2 Bonus videos Absolute LOL on the "security" guard just decking people out who try to get through the barricade.
>>20260 >literally stampeding like cattle through any opening they can find >500-1000 lbs horse that can kick and trample you to death blocks your path >'shiet mayne, we's juz zippidy zappidy thru yo bich azz' >eventually trample over each other in the heat of their frenzy I know I shouldn't be surprised but it never gets old watching niggers/normal fags act like beasts and bugs.
>>20260 In his defense I've been to several rock concerts and the show must go on. If someone is passed out or otherwise hurt, the artist on-stage usually tells EMS/Security to get the guy out of there and then continue the show. When I worked in the music industry that was what was expected of musicians. Mosh pits used to also be an issue before the feds banned musicians from encouraging them.
>>20268 >>20260 Also usually it's the responsibility of the audience to pay attention to this shit and get people in trouble out (usually via crowdsurfing with the understanding that if you were a dumb woman who forced her way to the front, you will get groped on your way out). ** I have no sympathy since the only difference here was that the crowd was full of wiggers who don't respect concert culture.
Open file (12.14 MB 720x1280 p_Quvn8UYTKZA8xN.mp4)
>>20269 >Concert culture The only place I've seen do that properly is Power Metal bands at Wacken. Dunno why, it's the only place I've seen it done properly. That and Japan, I've seen Dragonforce do it properly but it is Japan. >Crowd surfing They did it for a few people, but I can't find the video of people in the front geting crushed into the ground in waves anymore. You could see waves of people loosing their footing and getting piled on. >audience responsiblity From what I heard, it appears security royally fucked up the crowd control aspect. Combine that with being restrained by covid, and the culture of rappers, and you get this result. The culture is the biggest aspect, you don't see fucking metalheads/country folk jump and twerk on medical golf carts (at least, I haven't yet). >>20268 >show must go on I think the bigger issue him just looking on with the look of "can we get shit over with" and disdain with the crowd being crushed. Personally, I don't go to an event where people act like the end stages of Calhoun's rate experiments. >video related I just realized watching this video, we've got nigger for blacks, wiggers for whites, beaners/spics for hispanics. What's the Asian version of "nigger" in modern English parlance? >>20266 >pic I'm from rural Texas and I say, KILL EM ALL! No serriously, fuck the tri-cities and San Antonio
>>20260 This is a consequence of a low-trust society. Nobody gives a shit if people are dying, because you're just happy it's not you. You can even see this with the people chanting "stop the show" stopping immediately as he starts jiving again, because they don't actually give a shit, they've just been told they should.
>>20273 >The culture is the biggest aspect, you don't see fucking metalheads/country folk jump and twerk on medical golf carts (at least, I haven't yet). You do in the states north of Texas, but generally they do that more as a meme when people aren't in need of medical attention.
>>20260 >autotune at a live concert What the fuck. The only concerts he should be performing in with that shit should be ones in Fortnite or Roblox.
>>20285 >>autotune at a live concert What's so weird about distortion effects on vocals, even if it is live? I don't see what makes it different from any other instrument like an electric guitar, and those get used live all the time. That's why "unplugged" concerts are a specific and separate thing from normal ones.
>>20286 Autotune is "automatic tuning". Pitch correction to keep a bad singer in key. On top of sounding like shit it will be perceived as a lack of confidence.
>>20287 >Lack of confidence >Implying anyone has any
is there a site that contains detailed nutrition facts?
>>20287 Pitch correction and autotune/vocoder effects are very different things. Do you really believe that in 2021 the audio industry can't do better than that if they want, and leave it coming out naturally? Pitch correction is basically universal on studio recordings, and is widespread in live shows too, little enough distortion people don't notice it. If it sounds like a robot, it's because they want it to sound like a robot. Whether it sounds good is a different matter, but it's supposed to sound like that.
Open file (34.55 KB 358x605 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (442.62 KB 1237x746 ClipboardImage.png)
>>20297 Do you have certain criteria or goals in mind? There are several. You've got phone applications like myfitnesspal and myplate if your nutrition goals are fitness-oriented, you've got the department of agriculture's website (which is downloadable for use offline) if you are dealing in burger units, https://fdc.nal.usda.gov/ etc. If you aren't worried about giving Jewgle or Microsoft mundane search history queries, a quick search of "[food]" or "[food] nutrition" will turn up a nutrition block like pics related (google and bing's results respectively) in most cases. If you use a more privacy-oriented search engine usually the first couple results will give you what you want as well. If all of the above is flat out, and your goal is to avoid all forms of javascript, applications, American websites, search histories, and online-only methods in discovering nutritional information because you are paranoid about searching for mundane things or using one of the few fed websites that isn't out to get you to one-time download all the information, you will have to just read a book or cut the nutrition labels off of the foods you eat.
>>20299 >Do you have certain criteria or goals in mind? I just would like to know the amount of individual amino acids and copper/fluorine that foods contain. >https://fdc.nal.usda.gov/ Thanks for the link!
>>20298 Whether or not this case is replicating the sound of automatic tuning without the tuning, it's going to be assumed that they can't carry a tune. I know it's popular in pop and most of the target audience thinks it's just a sound effect but the stigma for anything that sounds like automatic pitch correction is there. The more robotic it sounds, the larger the pitch correction possible was my understanding. Natural sounding autotuning is more limited in how far pitch can be shifted and is less maligned as far as I know. >Pitch correction is basically universal on studio recordings I imagine most still do this with more manual post processing that allows flexibility than with automatic effects during recording. That's very different from automatic processing that's quick enough for live shows.
Open file (15.90 KB 400x400 1626121236070.jpg)
Looks like the jab mandate got put on hold over in America by the fifth circuit appeals court (Texas/Deep South court). The catch is that Republicans just got a 1 trillion dollar inflation "infrastructure" bill passed, so nobody will have a job to be given an ultimatum over anyways.
>>20301 You would be surprised at the advancements "neural computing" has had on automatic algorithms.
>>20304 Not at all surprised by neural networks and machine learning being applied similarly to digital signal processing. Very surprised if that approach has yielded natural sounding automatic tuning that works in real time. There's been some success in mimicking believable human speech with machine learning but that's very computationally expensive and far from being fast enough for live use. I found a few whitepapers proposing that idea and one bad example but no indication it's fast or used anywhere, much less everywhere.
>>20305 I was under the impression we were discussing live voice distortion based on the post I responded to, not making speech. I apologize if I misread your original post.
https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-59206685 https://archive.md/ZrPWJ Looks like Poland is already dealing with Belarus sending moderate headchoppers over properly In EU terms, not burger terms while the rest of the EU Belarus border state dwaddle. >Poland says it has repelled attempts by migrants to enter the country at its eastern border with Belarus, warning that thousands more were on the way. >Video footage showed hundreds of people near a barbed-wire border fence, which some tried to force their way through. >The Polish government called a crisis meeting on Monday and deployed 12,000 troops to the region. >Poland has accused Belarus of pushing the migrants towards the border, describing it as hostile activity. >Poland, Lithuania and Latvia say there's been a surge in the number of people trying to enter their countries illegally from Belarus in recent months. Many of them have come from the Middle East and Asia. >The European Union has accused Belarus's authoritarian President Alexander Lukashenko of facilitating the influx in retaliation against sanctions. >Poland, which has been criticised for pushing back migrants and refugees at its border, has responded to the large number of people arriving there by building a razor-wire fence. >The Polish Border Guard also said it was closing its border crossing with Belarus at Kuznica from Tuesday morning. >Conditions for migrants on the border are hostile to the point of being deadly, and fears have been raised for their safety in the region's sub-zero winter. >As they are summarily expelled from Poland and Belarus refuses to allow them back in, people are finding themselves stranded and freezing in Poland's forests. Several have died of hypothermia. >Meanwhile in Lithuania, the government there moved troops to its border with Belarus to prepare for a possible influx of migrants and was considering declaring a state of emergency.
>>20316 >one of the greatest threats to the modern "state" is opportunistic people showing up to spoil its resources due to "democracy" and "equal justice" cucking it out of any effective course of action SAD
>>20316 You know less than a century ago this was considered an act of war.
>>20318 This used to be considered an act of war in democracies.
>Visit scrap heap looking for car stuff >Find brass section >Boxes upon boxes of spent casings >Cheap as shit since the price only depends on weight >"Sorry man, you need a hazardous materials license to buy these."
>>20326 My favorite part was the prosecutor holding his head in defeat.
Open file (109.57 KB 355x499 exploded bidencep.jpg)
>>20326 >That looks like my bicep being vaporized, yes. lmao
Open file (24.05 KB 478x312 3eed51.jpg)
>>20316 >Poland has stated the situation risks escalating into an armed confrontation What happens if they attack Belarus, Strelo/k/s?
>>20330 they won't, nothing happens anymore
>>20327 >prosecutor It got better today. Defense called a guy with eidetic memory who has a speech impairments and appears to be the pinnacle of imageboard weaponized autism. Defense direct: >What did DA Binger say to you? >He asked me if I knew this person named Anthony Huber, he then put the phone down, asked if I would like to add to my testimony, and then pull it up again and say 'You know this is Anthony Huber'" >What did you feeel at the time? >Uncomfortable >What did you do after this? >I hired an attorney. Ouch. But it gets better. Prosecution cross: >Why were you nervous during the interview? >I walked into a police station with no glass on the door >So the frame of the door made you uncomfortable? >That's not what I said. There were protesters outside, and I had to walk in knowing I had to walk back out to face these people. >Why did you not leave X in your statement >Because I'm not a detective >So you are telling me that you thought that was not important? >I am not a detective. >Did you record the shooting? >No >So you are telling me that you as a photographer, decided it was not important to record major event? >I'm not a professional. >They were burning a trailer, was that dangerous? >No >Wouldn't that be dangerous if there was nobody in it? >It was a flatbed. >Isn't that still dangerous? >If it tipped over? >Which is more dangerous, chains or guns? >I'm not an expert. Fucking lol
>>20333 Not Huber, meant Zimensky or however the name is spelt.
>>20330 Presumably Russia gets involved and it's WWIII time. Unless the Bear is afraid of the Bugs more than he's willing to defend his puppet Commie dictator.
>>20333 Too lazy to find it without commentary but if you don't mind the fags in the background here's a timestamp of the good parts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRYhUSFaa9U&t=24887
Open file (102.12 KB 480x480 25651-2838-23780.JPG)
>>20326 He just had to ask twice.
>>20333 You missed the best part: The photographer worded one of his responses such that it implied the state tried pressuring him to change his statement. It could have been a simple "are you sure that's what happened" or "call us if you remember anything else", but the fatass prosecutor came out looking absolutely dirty and utterly corrupt to the jury with his silence after that.
>>20316 As a German I hope the Poles start shooting. At this point in time, after Silverster 2015, after we have gotten to a group rape every second day thanks to these bastards, I don't care anymore what happens to these people. I only want to see them dead. They have no right anymore to call themselves refugee, migrant, asylum seeker or in need of help, they are the scum of the earth and the planet will only get better if they vanish from it.
>>20344 No, let's hope they will keep flooding in here. Honestly, not fucking baiting, the Germans are fucking ridiculous, putting up with shit like this. I used to think the same as you, but at this point, It's just a test to me. A test of strength and will, that the Germans either pass, or will get cucked eternally by Ahmed and jambale. It's about fucking time the Germans go ballistic, and start going through refugee quarters in groups, armed with axes and machetes, and take bloody revenge for their women, stringing up everyone who they can grab, and chop anyone who resists into bloody pieces. What the fuck happened to the Germanic spirit? Where did the boiling blood go? I am only part German, and even I got some of that rage left in me, that most others have completely lost. TL;DR: Let the Germans stand up for themselves, or let them burn. it's their problem.
>>20345 The problem is not killing the rapefugees, the problem is the cucked Germans that will stand in our way. It is one thing to kill strangers, it's another to kill your own flesh and blood. >Let the Germans stand up for themselves, or let them burn. it's their problem. If you think that, you will be in for a bad time. If the non-cucked Germans give in to rage, they will rage against all injustice and not just the rapefugees.
>>20340 >fags Apparently law TV stopped streaming the trial because of these guys getting 30K viewers lol. The absolute butthurt.
>>20347 >if the non-cucked germans give in to rage... if. you said it: IF. But that won't happen, as long as the greater whole functions as intended. The german government may create an image of power and independence, barking at the russians and the belarussians, but in reality, it won't do shit to really upset Russia, because without their gas, german companies that depend on it will silently take the government from behind until they stop fucking up. If they start shit with Belarus, Russia will rip them a new asshole. a lot of german families are cucked and individualized, and the fractioning of the families will keep anyone from actually organizing. The only ones with actual functioning family clans are the old farmer families, at least up here, in northern germany. If anyone can start shit, it's them. But they won't, because the current system benefits them, and the fugees are only a minor nuisance to them, and they still have a good, reality-based approach to educating and raising their kids, and they're not afraid of telling their daugthers: "stay away from dark skinned men, or you're asking to be raped." And generally, rural folks up north are the most real people i know. >They will rage against all injustice and not just the rapefugees. If the situation gets bad enough, that germans will start raging against the machine, Germany will not be in a state of normal functioning. It will not be business as usual anymore, and by that point, everyone will know who to look out for. I can care for myself, and if Peter or Jürgen decide to start shit with me, i have my entire family behind me, who will return them back to sender, with broken limbs and compacted into a crate. Same goes for any ahmed, jean-claude or pedro who starts shit with me or my family. That's what it is about, keeping a cohesive, strong family bond, that can weather the tides. And it seems that 80% or more of germans have fucked up their families, and lost every cohesion that is required to wage conflict against an oppressor. No one will start anything, which is sad, as i already said in my previous post >>20345, in which i also implied that nothing will happen unless Germany gets flooded with more fugees, but it is like it is. Maybe someone else will take over, or maybe northern (uncucked) Germany will separate from greater Germanistan, same as Bavaria, they still seem to have brains left. Anyways, it is late, i must return to sharpening knives.
Open file (195.98 KB 512x384 ClipboardImage.png)
Lowtax is dead.
Open file (3.91 MB 1920x1080 bad faith DA.mp4)
Open file (19.71 MB 426x240 retarded DA.webm)
>>20343 IF YOU THOUGHT THE RITTENHOUSE TRIAL WASN'T A KANGAROO COURT, IT IS The news commented on it by saying the judge is a "Trump supporting white supermacist". Only one with the full clip of the judge smacking the DA is Fox sadly so the video will have to do >Defendant takes the stand >Prosecution is salviating at blowing him out on cross >Immediately commits 5th amendment violation on the cross >Get warned by the judge >Immediately decided to fuck with the judge by bringing up excluded evidence to the jury >Judge yells at him >DA decides to argue with the judge >Court reporter ask him to slow down >Pissess off the court reporter >Judge decides to ram him a new asshole >Continues to argue >Latter on tries to introduce new evidence that falls foul of rules of evidence >Gets shit on by judge for 3rd time >Argues with the judge again >Judge dismisses early for the day >Twitter complaining about "muh judicial bias" Motherfucker just lost all his motions after this and probably objections too. This is like playing russian roulette but deliberately filling all six to up your opponents retardation. Still won't save Rittenhouse from the tampered jury though. The funniest thing is, the judge's phone went off and the ringtone was "Proud to be an American", I can see how he's not really having too much of the DA's shit. Sadly the political nature won't allow it to be dismissed. This is like trying to one up your worst enemy in Russian Roulette you're forcing him to play by loading all six in the chamber for yourself.
Open file (247.34 KB 553x223 defense team.PNG)
>>20368 Also, Binger got doxxed like 9 months ago. Apparrently he seems to be a furry by his email address. May god have mercy on us all. Motherfuckers handle is "flufferboy2004" https://poal.co/s/News/293685 https://archive.md/51X4k I don't condone any actions of any kind. Sit back and watch the fireworks lads. Have a bonus picture of the defense trying to not laugh at the DA being a retard.
Open file (362.02 KB 800x800 1635651293507.jpg)
>>20368 >Motherfucker just lost all his motions after this and probably objections too The prosecution is doing it intentionally. He realized he doesn't have enough evidence so he's trying to get the case thrown out as a mistrial or get the case dismissed. If he can get it thrown out as a mistrial or get it appealed as a mistrial, then he can effectively redo the court case while throwing out all evidence and witnesses currently used in this court case. Rapists tend to do the same thing when they think they are about to be convicted on multiple witness testimony. The reason the judge is getting so angry is because he is trying to keep his courtroom neutral and knows the prosecutor is throwing the case so that he can play double jeopardy legally. There will be a motion to dismiss the case based on court malpractice/mistrial in order to bring Kyle back to court at a later date. Mark my words.
>>20375 The defense has directly accused the prosecution of that tactic, and has pre-empted them by filing their own motion for a mistrial with prejudice (i.e. no retrial, the case is dropped). The judge hasn't ruled on it yet either way, saying he'll take it under advisement depending on how the prosecution acts going forward. I hope it doesn't happen though. It's a much more decisive and powerful result to have him found not guilty by a jury because they consider him genuinely innocent, than to have the case tossed by judge fiat because the prosecution was pretending to be retarded.
>>20377 >Mistrial Boomer judge may have just sank Rittenhouse's case. He allowed images which where interpolated using anti-aliasing and interpolation "showing" Rittenhouse raising a gun. Of course, this may go the other way if the Jury goes, "I can't see jack shit" because the picture is so blurry you can barely see Rittenhouse.
>>20383 > interpolated using anti-aliasing How in the world did any sane judge allow something that's basically the digital version of speculation?
>>20392 The judge is basically old enough to have seen the constitution be signed. He doesn't know how digital images work, and neither do most people. Hell, they've been constantly using a 4k TV to show significantly sub-4k video. How does that TV do that? Did they get the TV certified to ensure it only multiplies pixels, but not change information or did they just buy some smart TV? Did they ask Microsoft how Windows Media Player plays video at an enhanced resolution? Did they check with someone who knows what's going on when/if changing codec? Hell, did they check how those live-streaming sites/twitter encode what they get to make sure they don't already add shit? Court needs a court technician more than it needs a court reporter that could be replaced with harddrive hooked up to the microphone.
>>20404 >Court technician They speent fifty THOUSAND dollars, Yes. 50K on microphones for that courtroom and the sound is STILL shit. Mother fucking I could buy a few phones and some cord under 5k and get it done. >>20392 >sane judge I think the judge desperately was looking for a way to not have a verdict not withstanding judgement (directed verdict a la mistrial) because he doesn't want to be murdered in the court of public opinon. Honestly he may be spineless or just a regular judge (most judges tend to send shit to the jury with doubt). At the same time, the defense lawyers decided to NOT object when it matters for some reason. The judge noted when the DA stated something about the new evidence on thursday that was he introduced that "I am not even going to tell you what I see" nothing. The only competent lawyer on either section and Charifisi (bald agent 47 like guy). That's not a high bar though when you've got one side deliberately trying to cause a mistrial, and the other is a braindead idiot who doesn't even understand when you need to object to preserve shit on the appeal. In other news, it seems there was serrious retardation in the Ahmaud Arbery case that just came to light. >Defense brings up evidence against the state >State objects >Judge overrules it >It appears the local PD had previously deputized via posse comitatiused the defendants to search for Arbery who they believed to be ARMED as a MURDER suspsect >Later on state calls Arbery a "jogger" >Objection because there's no evidence to know that he was jogging >substained There's a chance that these defends have a fairer shot than Rittenhouse, the evidence of them planning to catch a black person for break ins even though it a white person on camera doesn't help though.
>>20404 The court needs FOSS software and not "multiply" pixels. If one can not simply see the intermechanisms of how imaging software works or the OS the application runs on how do we know for sure what it does in the first place ? No interpolation or adding or subtracting pixels whether it is linear or AI. Understood ?
Open file (26.91 KB 309x241 space_invader_4x.png)
Open file (3.66 KB 309x241 space_invader.png)
>>20410 That's why I specified multiplication. Multiplying the pixels of an image without changing the aspect ratio is the only way to enlarge an image without changing the data.
Maybe the south shall rise again? Oklahoma is the new South Carolina The irony is that both are hell on earth depending on who you ask. https://ktul.com/news/local/military-lawyer-weighs-in-on-oklahoma-guard-defying-federal-covid-19-vaccine-mandate https://archive.md/JoAIA >OKLAHOMA CITY (KOKH) — By no longer requiring vaccines for all guard members, the Oklahoma National Guard is now directly defying federal orders. >The change to the Guard's vaccination policy was one of the first orders of business for new Adjutant General Thomas Mancino. >This week's sudden change in command was the decision of Governor Kevin Stitt, who recently wrote a letter to the U.S. Secretary of Defense asking for Oklahoma Guard members to be exempt from federal COVID vaccine requirements. >The timing has some questioning if the replacement of Former Adjutant General Michael Thompson was due to his public promoting of vaccine mandates. >However, Stitt’s office has said Thompson’s removal was months in the making and, “not related to his support of vaccine mandates.” >In a memo sent out Thursday, Mancino reversed Thompson’s vaccine requirement, ordering that no members of the Oklahoma National Guard be required to take a COVID-19 vaccine. >Still, although the new policy contradicts the federal government's mandate, according to military law expert and State Rep. Chris Kannady, the action is completely legal. >"The federal law states that under Title 32 the authority over the National Guardian of the state lies with the Governor," explained Kannady. >However, Kannady says not all guardsman fall under the state’s authority. Those who are federally mobilized would still need to get their shot, which is specified in Mancino’s memo. >"If a unit was activated to go to Afghanistan, for instance, and we had 200 people and let's say you had 20 who are unvaccinated, then those 20 could not deploy with the unit," he said. >Guardsman can fall under federal control for a number of other reasons, such as schooling or training, but Kannady says the majority do not. He adds that if the federal government wanted to enforce a mandate on all Oklahoma guardsman, they'd only have one option. ">The only thing the President United States can do is try to find a way to place those guardsman in a different status," he said, "But there are procedures to do that and there has to be a basis to do that." >FOX 25 reached out to the Department of Defense to ask if they planned to take any action against the state. Pentagon Spokesman, John Kirby sent us the following statement: >We are aware of the memo issued by the Oklahoma Adjutant General regarding COVID vaccination for Guardsmen and the governor’s letter requesting exemption. We will respond to the governor appropriately. That said, Secretary Austin believes that a vaccinated force is a more ready force. That is why he has ordered mandatory vaccines for the total force, and that includes our National Guard, who contribute significantly to national missions at home and abroad.
Open file (61.35 KB 550x412 HEILKLAHOMA.jpg)
>>20424 wow look at all these ebil nazis going against SCIENCE dude, look at these millions of uneducated retards refusing a totally safe vaccine that totally doesn't cause heart palpitations, blood clots, seizures, etc. et. al.
Open file (368.78 KB 1024x782 Kenosha and Dragons.jpg)
>>20426 We'll see, probably will fold when it gets federalized. Of course, could backfire monumentally with any state that doesn't want to loose NG powers nullfying the law. It's one helluva bold move. >bonus pic unrelated, found on the webs
>>20404 >Did they get the TV certified to ensure it only multiplies pixels, but not change information or did they just buy some smart TV? Did they ask Microsoft how Windows Media Player plays video at an enhanced resolution? Did they check with someone who knows what's going on when/if changing codec? Hell, did they check how those live-streaming sites/twitter encode what they get to make sure they don't already add shit? Any and all digital images/video go through a metric shitton of compression and transcoding, TV upscaling the image one more time is a moot point. Why don't we question whether the jurors need glasses or whether if their lens prescriptions are adequate? I'd be more worried about whether any filters, AI or other deliberate manipulation applied to the video, readily available technology can fabricate extremely very convincing video evidence today something that's always been deemed impossible in the past. It's not a factor for in this case but going to be interesting watching this evolve and play out in the legal system. >>20410 >If one can not simply see the intermechanisms of how imaging software works or the OS the application runs on how do we know for sure what it does in the first place? "we" being the judge, jury and counsel? kek Oh and don't forget about the firmware. And the microchip schematics. Hmm, then again who knows what in those microchips anyway...
Open file (405.99 KB 1132x281 fakefbiemail.png)
Hacker sends spam to 100,000 from FBI email address >The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) confirmed today that its fbi.gov domain name and Internet address were used to blast out thousands of fake emails about a cybercrime investigation. According to an interview with the person who claimed responsibility for the hoax, the spam messages were sent by abusing insecure code in an FBI online portal designed to share information with state and local law enforcement authorities. >Late in the evening on Nov. 12 ET, tens of thousands of emails began flooding out from the FBI address eims@ic.fbi.gov, warning about fake cyberattacks. Around that time, KrebsOnSecurity received a message from the same email address. >“Hi its pompompurin,” read the missive. “Check headers of this email it’s actually coming from FBI server. I am contacting you today because we located a botnet being hosted on your forehead, please take immediate action thanks.” >A review of the email’s message headers indicated it had indeed been sent by the FBI, and from the agency’s own Internet address. The domain in the “from:” portion of the email I received — eims@ic.fbi.gov — corresponds to the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services division (CJIS). >According to the Department of Justice, “CJIS manages and operates several national crime information systems used by the public safety community for both criminal and civil purposes. CJIS systems are available to the criminal justice community, including law enforcement, jails, prosecutors, courts, as well as probation and pretrial services.” >In response to a request for comment, the FBI confirmed the unauthorized messages, but declined to offer further information. >“The FBI and CISA [the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency] are aware of the incident this morning involving fake emails from an @ic.fbi.gov email account,” reads the FBI statement. “This is an ongoing situation and we are not able to provide any additional information at this time. The impacted hardware was taken offline quickly upon discovery of the issue. We continue to encourage the public to be cautious of unknown senders and urge you to report suspicious activity to www.ic3.gov or www.cisa.gov.” >In an interview with KrebsOnSecurity, Pompompurin said the hack was done to point out a glaring vulnerability in the FBI’s system. >“I could’ve 1000% used this to send more legit looking emails, trick companies into handing over data etc.,” Pompompurin said. “And this would’ve never been found by anyone who would responsibly disclose, due to the notice the feds have on their website.” >Pompompurin says the illicit access to the FBI’s email system began with an exploration of its Law Enforcement Enterprise Portal (LEEP), which the bureau describes as “a gateway providing law enforcement agencies, intelligence groups, and criminal justice entities access to beneficial resources.” >“These resources will strengthen case development for investigators, enhance information sharing between agencies, and be accessible in one centralized location!,” the FBI’s site enthuses. >Until sometime this morning, the LEEP portal allowed anyone to apply for an account. Helpfully, step-by-step instructions for registering a new account on the LEEP portal also are available from the DOJ’s website. [It should be noted that “Step 1” in those instructions is to visit the site in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, an outdated web browser that even Microsoft no longer encourages people to use for security reasons.] >Much of that process involves filling out forms with the applicant’s personal and contact information, and that of their organization. A critical step in that process says applicants will receive an email confirmation from eims@ic.fbi.gov with a one-time passcode — ostensibly to validate that the applicant can receive email at the domain in question. >But according to Pompompurin, the FBI’s own website leaked that one-time passcode in the HTML code of the web page. >Pompompurin said they were able to send themselves an email from eims@ic.fbi.gov by editing the request sent to their browser and changing the text in the message’s “Subject” field and “Text Content” fields. >“Basically, when you requested the confirmation code [it] was generated client-side, then sent to you via a POST Request,” Pompompurin said. “This post request includes the parameters for the email subject and body content.” >Pompompurin said a simple script replaced those parameters with his own message subject and body, and automated the sending of the hoax message to thousands of email addresses https://web.archive.org/web/20211114033401/https://krebsonsecurity.com/2021/11/hoax-email-blast-abused-poor-coding-in-fbi-website/
Open file (712.38 KB 1266x1800 i-004.jpg)
>>20432 The moment I saw local law enforcement branches around the country struggling to try to hire programmers at 1/3rd market wages was the moment I knew law enforcement was fucked as soon as someone decided to abuse the 1D10T errors of local law enforcement to fuck with the feds. The best part is feds did it to themselves by paying around 2/3rds wages compared to private industry, ensuring that they could "keep" enough people to barely function but also ensuring they had priced out local law enforcement, leading to sub-par programmers at that level of government too. I mean for fuck's sake the NSA workshops sit and discuss exploits that private industry patched a decade ago and have the gall to get mad at technicians showing up to said workshops in jeans & cowboy boots.
Open file (763.88 KB 480x360 zeon dance.gif)
And to explain the exploit in laymen's terms in case it wasn't clear from the article; Im order to gain access to the system, you needed an authentication code (standard when you register for most websites, that whole "click the link to activate your account" thing). This code was being generated client-side (on your end) then being sent to the FBI's servers via plaintext and being sent back to you. Essentially he just had to spoof an email to make the system think it had been sent out so that he could authenticate himself and from there it was easy to send out emails as if he was a member of the FBI. I'm fairly upset since if this guy had any interest in protecting the American people, he would have exploited this to "subpoena" a few corporations that rely on security through obscurity and allowed the feds to find out later via said corporation's lawyers. The best part is because of how the FBI operates, mentioning said emails to anyone except a judge would instantly be grounds for shutting down said company for failure to comply with federal law enforcement even while nobody internally or externally would have realized the email was spoofed.
Open file (964.11 KB 1120x720 cia_clusterfuck.webm)
>>20437 >This code was being generated client-side (on your end) then being sent to the FBI's servers via plaintext and being sent back to you. Dog help us if this wasn't done by a Chinese spy in the underpaid FBI programming staff.
Reposting here since Strelok is usually more chemistry oriented and I want his opinion too. I know Thunder gets a bad rep, but this is a video of him doing his normal job as a chemist rather than going on some gigantic rant, and it's actually pretty cool since it's up there with wood gasifiers. tl;dr for those not watching a 17 minute video: >If you mix sodium into hydrocarbons, you produce a carbon-neutral fuel that produces roughly 2/3rds of the energy of traditional hydrocarbons >Byproducts are basically drain cleaner in solid form, carbon dioxide, and water >Drain cleaner is aerosolized and reacts with the CO2 producing Sodium Carbonate and more water >This aerosolized Sodium Carbonate and Water then goes into the atmosphere producing chemtrails that actually create cloud cover and rainfall >As a bonus the sodium carbonate eventually reduces to Calcium Carbonate and Sodium metal when it interacts with rocks, both of which go down into the ground/ocean instead of up into the atmosphere <Obviously can't be used in cities because it adds heavy alkali aerosols in the air >Should be safe for airplanes, power plants, and ships though >Bonus in that the alkali aerosols can be vented into the ocean to reduce or even reverse acidification over the next fifty years <Sodium is expensive though >But the technology is only an initial infrastructure investment to electrolyze salt (can be done with solar or hydro energy) to make it cheap >It's mostly third world countries in parts of the world where this infrastructure would be most cost-effective, potentially reducing global poverty >Chlorine is a useful product in industrial applications and can be sold while the sodium would be the fuel additive <You're basically recreating a German flammenwarfen inside your car engine <Engines are made of metal and metal reacts with sodium >But because of the reduced heat creation, you could run it on a cheap disposable ceramic engine I'm not a chemist, but this actually doesn't sound like a bad idea. It's not as powerful as hydrocarbons, but in the applications it would be used for you don't need to have power, just consistency, which a sodium-hydrocarbon hybrid fuel would use. More importantly he's not selling it as a miracle cure to global warming but rather as a cost-effective reduction solution that can mostly use existing infrastructure other than initial sodium metal production (which is possible there just isn't a demand for it outside of military applications right now). Video: https://youtube.com/watch?v=hL3AZGw9xZM
The fix is in for Rittenhouse https://thepostmillennial.com/rittenhouse-judge-vile-messages https://archive.md/oHMcn Looks like the death threats are in. If this will backfire or not remains to be seen since the judge is old as shit and might simply not give a fuck >Over the past few weeks leading up to and including the ongoing high-profile Kyle Rittenhouse trial, Kenosha Judge Bruce Schroeder has received "thousands" of vile communications viciously criticizing his actions, even going as far as threatening violence against him, his family, and Rittenhouse if acquitted. >With the Rittenhouse trial believed to be wrapping up this week, tensions have been high and the Wisconsin National Guard is ready to be deployed to Kenosha to assist local law enforcement when the verdict comes out. >In correspondence exclusively obtained by the Daily Mail, countless people have been sending threatening messages to Schroeder. In one email sent on Wednesday, it reads: "Wow way to name a white skinhead hot head to be a judge. No wonder they burn down your city." >"Wow way to name a white skinhead hot head to be a judge," >Another one addressed to "Your Honor" reads: "I didn't know that under your black robes of justice you wear a white robe of the klan. There is no way a fair trial can be heard under your supervision. Better yet, resign." >One email from an "out of state Wisconsinite" addressed to "Your Honor" accuses Schroeder of being a Ku Klux Klan member | Source: Daily Mail >Some of the senders have called for the "racist" judge to be dismissed and disbarred, while one stated that if they ever meet in person, they would "spit directly into [his] face, regardless the cost." >Among the most disturbing messages to the Schroeder was one violent email that threatens the lives of the judge's children, promises "pay back," and states that Rittenhouse "won't live long" if acquitted: >"So I can't call the wounded men victims, says ur judge one day hope his kids become victims to the most heinous homicide known to man so he feels the pain an we will call his kids not victims but b**s an descendent of c*** family an father figure. Racist b*stard god will pay u back for ur statement." >The judge, in addition to his near-constant admonishing of the prosecution, has been condemned also for his patriotic "God Bless the USA" ringtone, as well as a comment made about "Asian food" potentially being stuck "on one of those boats from Long Beach Harbor" amid the Biden administration's supply chain crisis. >Some of the emails referenced his ruling in October that allowed the defense to refer to those shot as "rioters," "looters," and similar language, but would not allow the prosecution to refer to the three Black Lives Mitter rioters as mere victims. >According to the Daily Mail, Schroeder referenced the emails last week, saying he has received "thousands of communications," and promised that he would "deal with" the senders. "I wouldn't want to be those people," he stated.> >Telling defense attorney Corey Chirafisi that motions are emailed to him directly in Kenosha rather than through his clerk, Schroeder said, "Believe me I wish fewer people had my email address these days." I was talking with a few friends the other night, and one mentioned the cuckservative chimping out, which I brought up that the left doesn't have much to burn. So, what would cuckservative rioters do allegedely? Burn down public housing and get ass raped by the feds? Burn down left wing buisnesses (ha!)? The best idea would to just destroy all EBT machines in a 200 mi radius theoretically. I am not sure how a right wing riot would go short of murdering Kenosha PD, the DA team, and making LA race riots look like easy mode.
>>20463 Right-wingers don't riot in the first place because they're cucked. If they ever did "riot" it would look similar to Bundy Ranch, which has conveniently had all video footage showing the FBI and BLM retreating from the land memory holed from common video sharing platforms after the incident two years later where federal agents assassinated folks related to it. Police and feds stop pretending to give a shit about public order the moment the people they are bullying pull out guns and immediately go for the nuclear option (bringing in the national guard).
Open file (1.10 MB 255x203 1429668051718.gif)
>>20463 >For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong. -H.L. Mecken This shit is pure gold.
>>20463 Right-wing riots won't happen. People on the right tend to have built lives for themselves which they are unwilling to give up for some nebulous cause, no matter how noble. The reason the left riots is because they have nothing to lose by gaining a criminal record.
>>20469 Just the fact that they're quoting him is hilarious enough. >The Jews could be put down very plausible as the most unpleasant race ever heard of. As commonly encountered they lack any of the qualities that mark the civilized man: courage, dignity, incorruptibility, ease, confidence. They have vanity without pride, voluptuousness without taste, and learning without wisdom. Their fortitude such as it is, is wasted upon puerile objects, and their charity is mainly a form of display. -H.L. Mencken
>>20471 There is also the fact that the "Left" has build a war treasury and legal defense teams ever since their riots in the 1960s. When they don't riot they larp as charity organization to get their hand on donations and public funding. Equally the whole gofundme actions for bail money once one of them goes to prison are just clever ways to wash money from illegal activities. There is an entire industry involved when the left goes to riot and at the moment normal people who try to defend themselves against the left simply don't have to money and decades of organization to compete with that.
Open file (3.59 MB 3653x2683 crisis_in_the20s.jpg)
>>20463 >out of state Wisconsinite This is not how residence works. Not at all. >what would cuckservative rioters do allegedely Same thing cuckservative politicians have done for their entire existence: Absolutely fucking nothing. They're eternally for the status quo, no matter how far the left drags that. No principles, no values, no spine. Besides, white people don't riot, we march. I'm also worried about the opposite fix though: The jurors are going to be threatened by now, just like with Floyd's kneeling enthusiast, and the judge basically is letting the jury decide on every point, even the ones that are obvious BS, and he's letting the prosecution show dubious video Rohrschach test to "prove" Kyle aimed at Rosenbaum before anything happened.
>>20475 >They're eternally for the status quo, no matter how far the left drags that. No principles, no values, no spine. Today's conservatives are yesteryears liberals. As somebody once wrote: Trump is an 1990s New York democrat, but even an 1990s New York democrat is more conservative than a republican from the 2010s. Truly, if people still want to use terms from the French revolution, then I'd rather call myself a Vendean than a right-winger.
>>20476 Or alternatively one can call himself a chouan. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chouan
>>20476 >Today's conservatives are yesteryears liberals. The very idea that an US styled democracy has conservatives is a joke in itself, because true conservatives used to be people who wanted to preserve European Monarchy and laws based on European Christian faith and morality(18th century Christianity, not todays faggot Christianity) and those people are non-existent in the US democratic system, because through the war of independence those very people were excluded. Any US styled democracy is a liberal system designed for liberal people alone and to further the cause of liberalism in the world against all other systems.
>>20478 Basically, death to America. The Taliban are fucking right
>>20478 >(18th century Christianity, not todays faggot Christianity) You mean 14th century Christianity, because 18th century Christianity was just the enlightenment prequel to modern faggotry.
>>20481 >>20478 Fuck religions. Fuck humanity. I WANT TOTAL WAR. TOTAL ANNIHILATION. KILL ALL HUMANS. Unironically
>>20482 AVE NEX ALEA
>>20482 I want total war as well, but I want it out if compassion for the human race. Only shattering world hegemony will save people from the shackles that have put on them, and mass global economic collapse to the tune of about four quadrillion dollars worth of world debt is the key. God help the overlords and Jews that have thrown away man's dignity in the name of pedophilic power cults, for the only compassion they will receive is a merciful and swift death.
Is anyone going to make a thread on the Belarus-EU mirgrant shitshow?
>>20487 Maybe if they actually declare a state of war between each other. And that won't happen, because Russia will join the game, so it's not going to lead to a shooting war.
>>20487 >Someone else do this for me There is nothing stopping you from making a thread. Just give a brief synopsis of events up until now. >Lukashenko very clearly beyond a shadow of a doubt rigged the elections >People call him out on it >He throws 10k+ Belarussians in hard labor camps and makes it a crime to say he rigged the election >Tech sector and Industrial sector flees Belarus >Some fag with a social media presence makes Lulashenko so ass-ravaged he forcefully lands a plane traveling over (not landing in) Belarus >Guy is bag'n'tag V& by Belarussian KGB >EU/NATO Countries pass sanctions because that's an international crime >Lukashenko frothing at the mouth decides to fly in migrants from Africa/ME and import them into the EU as payback (an international war crime) >Poland has enough of their shit and sets up border patrol to shoot and ask questions later >EU crying like a bitch >America preoccupied with Xi Jinping LARPing as Empress-Dowager Cixi >Russia uses Ukrainian ceasefire violations to route tanks along Belarussian-Ukrainian border >Ceasefire violations a result of a mayor building a bridge across no-man's land without informing Separatist forces that it was for humanitarian reasons (letting people drive a car to the grocery store instead of having to walk several kilometers back and forth) >Russia is tired of Belarus' shit and has disowned them >Has stated as much when discussing oil/natural gas >Will only intervene if NATO intervenes /k/ has been discussing Belarus in the /k/anteen and Ukraine threads when relevant.
>>20488 God willing, it'll lead to some rapefugeecicles as winter hits though. Wouldn't be surprised if western Europe promises Poland to take them all in thoughdoes Germany still have the lolocaust cattle cars?
>>20489 >Lukashenko frothing at the mouth decides to fly in migrants from Africa/ME and import them into the EU as payback (an international war crime) Is this really a war crime? Not that I think much of that concept, but letting people come to your country and not stopping them when they want to leave in itself does not sound like a very warlike thing. >Xi Jinping LARPing as Empress-Dowager Cixi I know about that historic resolution thing, the tennis player suddenly realizing that it was rape all along, and maybe that thing about limiting how much time children can spend playing bideo games. What else is to this?
>>20491 Funneling rapefugees to your enemy with the goal of making them a mental and economical black hole has been a thinly veiled weapon since antiquity. Basically the war crime is treating the rapefugees as tools with the intent of bringing them in, then mistreating and giving them nothing so they'll leave for greener EU pastures.
>>20495 But is there a particular international agreement that states that this is considered to be a crime by the signatories? And is Belarussia one of the signatories?
>>20491 >Is this really a war crime? Yes. IIRC it was established as a war crime during the Napoleonic wars and reestablished as a war crime when the Ottomans tried doing it circa WWI. Mexico tried it too at one point with Texas so it's not strictly a philosophy in Western Europe. The general basis for the claim is that if a nation does not enforce keeping people within their borders just as they would exclude others from entering their borders, then the individuals crossing the border are de facto enemy combatants of the state unless the country they are fleeing to willingly accepts them. A nation would be able to freely send troops masquerading as "civilians" to colonize border towns in order to claim them as their own territory otherwise. Lukashenko fucked up because he placed his own troops on his side of the border while freely letting the rapefugees through without making attempts to stop them. The only thing stopping it from being declared a war crime at this point is Western European sensibilities and refusal to make the assertion due to reliance on Russian oil to spite America. >What else is to this? The tl;dr is that Xi is part of the internal "war hawk" faction of the CCP politburo which ousted the "dove" faction of the CCP that wanted to extend Chinese influence abroad via economic means (the way Japan and Germany does it) circa 2013-2014. It was looking like the "Dove" faction had a serious chance of winning elections against their war hawk counterparts in 2020 after the COVID crackdowns, so Xi has intentionally taken a Qing Empire-style Sino-centric stance in the last year to try and consolidate power. It worked domestically but at the cost of making China go from "cheap slave labor just don't mention Taiwan" to becoming public enemy #1 in the eyes of most of the world democracies. Funnily enough the anti-Chinese sentiment took off June 2020 when China cracked down on Hong Kong to make Beijing look more economically palatable since everyone preferred Hong Kong for business, and the subsequent fallout with several world leaders after a fucking VTuber brought the Taiwan issue to the spotlight last year around this time. Meme magic is real.
Open file (12.08 KB 255x222 1635119567842.jpeg)
>>20496 If you go by UN definitions (the "most legal and up-to-date" source), Belarus is in direct violation of article 2 subsections 24 and 34 of the New York Declaration Subsection 24 also funnily enough gives Poland a right to respond to Belarus as they are, as well as accusing them of an act of war, if they really wanted to. Because Belarus is giving them Belarussian passports at border crossings, they are also subject to article 3 subsection 42 for refusal to re-accept them as Belarussian nationals when turned away at the Polish border. So yes, if you want to be a nigger about it, they have committed a war crime under the 2017 resolution Belarus themselves signed.
As a caveat if Belarus can legally prove that the migrants came there as a result of X crisis, Poland will be in deep shit. The issue is that Belarus turned away human rights officials who were there to inspect the paperwork to save Lukashenko's ass, which was fairly damning for Belarus.
>>20491 >Cixi Xi is, not exactly trying to act like Cixi, more like the Komnenian restoration empires or Commodus in the Crisis of the Third Century (albeit with centralization of power), if that remains to be effective, however, remains to be seen. Ignore >>20498 because they obviously have not an iota of what the CPC dynamics are where prior to Xi's ascension to power, why the HK crackdown occurred, and the current state of the standing committee and the national party congress. >HK crackdown due to economic issues. I do not know where you read your bullshit, but that's almost completely false. The true reason behind HK's untimely demise involve a mixture of factors, including being upcoming current year Detroit, unrest over the former, along with (ostensibly) clamping down on intelligence networks that have de-facto extraterritoriality. >War hawks The issue is not a strictly "war vs economic power" debate, rather the greater schism lies within the fracturing of the CPC upon authoritarian "centrist" (Xi) or authoritarian ultra-leftist (Bo) lines. The rapid militarization is a part of the issues that come about when you get a self-inflated ego (~2015/2016 NPC), get called out for it (Trump and the trade war), and try not to loos face. >video unrelated Looks like BLM is outside the Kenosha Courthouse. Too cold for them I think.
>>20246 >Isn't that what one would call rape culture? Yes but since the boy was wearing a skirt he is now part of the protected class so I is the woman's fault in this brave new world we live in.
Open file (821.77 KB 894x379 default.png)
Open file (963.29 KB 1008x373 Redscreened.png)
Open file (29.63 KB 300x100 Original.png)
>New computer >Screen is blue >Like my pinks are purple blue >Try adjusting wangblows settings >Seems to get progressively worse >Reset and try adjusting GPU settings >Every time I have it ''just right'" it's like the screen auto-adjusts to make it fucking blue again >Set the color to 4000K >Everything becomes instantly redder >But screen is very clearly too fucking blue still and just adjusting by saturating red >Screen is auto-adjusting to be more blue God damn. Is there some hidden setting in this piece of shit insisting on it being blue? My phone can display proper reds and greens, so why is this screen trying to force me to see blue?
>>20508 >wangblows Is it wangblows 10? check night light on, and check your physical; monitor screen settings, some have special mode themes (like movie theatre, native, blue, etc). >picture Sauce? I'm 90% sure its fromどうしても破滅したくない悪役令嬢が現代兵器を手にした結果がこれです
>>20508 Not to oversimplify, but this sounds like a bad cable.
>>20509 That's alot of chinese letters, is it incest ?
Open file (134.77 KB 816x1204 hiragana-base.jpg)
Open file (10.14 KB 460x521 Katakana.jpg)
Open file (47.22 KB 1280x720 Korean Base.jpg)
>>20509 It is. >>20513 Today I teach anon how to tell (some) Asian languages apart. When you see really simple rounded squiggles or simplified chicken scratch mixed with the Sino runes and they speak in vowels, you are dealing with Japanese (hiragana/katakana). When you see lines with lots of circles like the Unknown from Pokemon and they speak in lots of consonants, you are dealing with Korean. When you see very hard to draw runes with lots of dots, it's Taiwanese. When you see runes that you think you might be able to draw and the dots have been replaced with lines, you are dealing in Mainland Chinese. They sound a little different too but both sound like annoying birds with a rhythm similar to chalk on a whiteboard. If it uses a latin alphabet and sounds like poor people getting ready to light up a barbeque and talking 90 miles an hour like Texas meth heads, you are dealing with Vietnamese.
>>20509 >Sauce? You're right that it's from gun loli.
>>20508 Blue=eye protection for longterm use. Did you buy a bluelight office monitor by mistake? There's probably a setting to disable it somewhere, or possibly a button. Alternatively, you could use redshift to change your color settings to compensate by adding additional other colors at the software level, at least if you're on Linux.
Rittenhouse trial is still deliberating right now. Looks like he will be convicted or become a mistrial. The fact they asked for copies for all the charges show they are being extremely thorough, or are looking at other charges past self-defense. Meanwhile, to the strelok that thinks Asian bitches ain't crazy. https://nypost.com/2021/11/09/new-jersey-mom-charged-with-murder-after-dead-kids-found-in-back-seat-cops/ https://archive.md/4ptoM >A New Jersey mom was arrested and charged with murder Tuesday after her two dead children were found “bound and restrained” in the backseat of her car, police said. >Yuhwei Chou, 36, of Skillman was charged with two counts of first-degree murder for allegedly killing her biological children, 7-year-old Samantha Ross and 10-month-old Paul Ross, the Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office said. >At about 7:41 a.m. Tuesday, cops from Hillsborough Township responded to a 911 call of a car that had driven off the roadway and when they arrived, found Chou in the car and her two kids in the backseat. >“The Officers observed two children secured in a booster seat and a baby seat in the back seat of the vehicle. Officers observed that the children were bound and restrained. No vital signs were present on the children and they were pronounced deceased at the scene,” investigators said in a news release. >The events that led up to the children’s deaths, and the motive for the crime, are still under investigation, but a preliminary probe revealed that Chou “caused the deaths of her two children,” police said, without providing further details. >Chou will face a detention hearing following “medical clearance” from a local hospital.
>>20514 >sounds like annoying birds with a rhythm similar to chalk on a whiteboard >sounds like poor people getting ready to light up a barbeque in Texas Americans must be all potheads to know these sounds enough to identify them
>>20529 Chalkboards have a very distinct rhythm that anyone born before 2000 understands in America. The Texas meth head barbeque talking style is so distinct and surreal that once you've heard it once you never forget it and the similarities to Vietnamese language pronunciation are eerie.
Seems like Rittenhouse will get convicted. The jury asked to view the drone video a second time during deliberations.
>>20555 If he does it will just cause accelerationism so let them. Rittenhouse will get off in appeals court and gun-owning fudds will be pissed.
>>20555 >drone video Does anyone NOT think that video is extremely suspect in glow terms? Think about it Ontop of the fact the DA claims no idea about videos but has handbrake on his fucking DESKTOP >High res deliberately dumbed down >Video centers on kyle right before he begins shooting, not off center >Actual footage might be even high res than what the prosecutor originally had. I heard that the two hold holdouts for guilty (or so the source claims) are two white liberal women who go to the Unitarian church of woke and have large influence in Kenosha. Also, the states DESPERATELY need a rules of electronic media procedure, other than "fulfill these five vauge points to be admited" I am talking signing off on hardware ID, CRC, MD5 hash, metadata, and random auditing. If they can require you to sign and date when you get married, they SURE has fuck better have a chain of trust for electronic evidence
Sage for double post: No vax mandate for the NG, no problem. Say goodbye to the OK NG Never heard of this source before so proceed with due diligence https://twitter.com/TheInsiderPaper/status/1461031226043772939?s=20 https://archive.md/URa8m BREAKING: Defense official reportedly says, if the Oklahoma National Guard doesn't comply with COVID vaccine requirements, they will no longer be "maintaining national recognition," thus, state will no longer have a Nat Guard, but rather a militia - VOA's Pentagon correspondent
>>20514 >. If it uses a latin alphabet and sounds like poor people getting ready to light up a barbeque and talking 90 miles an hour like Texas meth heads, you are dealing with Vietnamese. But then how I tell the Vietnamese from the Malay if they both use the Latin alphabet?
>>20558 Militia are legal under the constitution so I say OK should go for it as a big "fuck you." God damn this is just the state's rights issue rehashed for the millionth time with liberals getting angry that they can't make people do what they want unconditionally.
>>20559 They'll be acting like sand niggers just in Asia if they are Malay so you can tell by cultural cues.
>>20557 >Also, the states DESPERATELY need a rules of electronic media procedure But strelok then you can't railroad innocents into prison with some FBI niggers first photoshop.
>>20557 As >>20562 implied, you understand that as of this time official court rulings say that digital/electronic devices are not covered by the fifth amendment, correct? I'm not talking your social media, I'm saying that the higher courts have ruled that you are not allowed to plead the fifth and demand a search warrant if asked to unlock your phone. The system is designed this way intentionally and has been since the 70s.
>>20563 >electronic devices I believe there was a 5-4 vote on this recently (last decade) by SCOTUS where they almost ruled that the 5th amendment "Extends" to a phone since it is "like the mind". Unfortunately, it was the textualists who won that case. Does anyone know if handwrigint analysis is pseudo-science? The jewish Rakieta Law stream had Barnes doing "analysis" and concluding the foreperson was a mask karen who was voting guilty no matter what by her handwriting, like how the "k" was capitalized and her writing format and style indicated aggression. Barnes is coming awfully close to some serious misconduct charges (because he on the right) and breaking attorney-client privilege. https://thepostmillennial.com/breaking-msnbc-banned-from-rittenhouse-trial-courtroom-after-reportedly-following-jury-bus?utm_campaign=64470 https://archive.md/NtrOY NBC got banned from the courtoom lol Not that it changes the guilty verdict incoming? >As the jury deliberated in the Kyle Rittenhouse case on Thursday, Judge Bruce Schroeder announced that individuals had followed the jury bus, following at a distance of "about a block." This individual claimed that he worked for MSNBC, and was instructed to follow the jury bus by the outlet. >As such, Schroeder banned MSNBC from the courtroom. The individual who followed the bus identified himself to police as James J. Morrison, and that individual reportedly said that he was following the jury bus at the instruction of Irene Byon, who is a booking producer with NBC in New York. The director is an Asian-American (Korean I think) woman is full name Irene Min Joo Byon who has since deleted her social media.
Open file (535.62 KB 705x940 jury_letter.png)
>>20571 >Joo What a cohencidence >>20563 Yeah, but you can say that you forgot your password. They can't prove shit if everything's encrypted and you aren't stupid enough to log in while the detective says he's taking a shit. >>20571 You don't need to read your tealeaves to see that this letter was written by a cunt(which is what Karen's used to be called).
>>20573 >letters Is writing over shit normal? I've never seen someone writing over shit in that manner so I can not judge. >forgot your password According to the everyone BUT the 9th circuit, forgetting your password is grounds for an indefinite contempt of court charge until you "remember".
>>20577 It's not normal. Normal people strike through what they didn't mean. People who are used to yelling over others as a means to make their important opinion stand out on the other hand think that this approach also works in the literary format.
>>20571 >Not that it changes the guilty verdict incoming? I'm not completely convinced. When the jury has this many days of deliberations, it means that someone has taken a stance and will not change their opinion no matter what. In such cases it's simply a matter of time until said person makes a mistake and brings in outside evidence or otherwise fucks up and gets shitcanned for Jury Misconduct. If Karen in >>20573 is doing that, it's really just a matter of time until she says or does something to get thrown out. They would have passed down a guilty verdict already if the jury had made up their mind, and the evidence so far has been in favor of the defendant.
>>20621 >mistrial Judge seems hesitant (he mentioned he reads news so probably influenced) to declare a mistrial. I think the jury deliberation could mean a few things: >Holdout on either verdict >Jury has no fucking clue how to read the 36 pages of instructions that are mutrally contradictory >Jury is waiting for the judge to mistral because muh optics >>>20580 >Yelling Figured, I always crossed out or erased what I wrote in those cases. The big issue is that Juror 54 knows a witness on a personal level and said she could "put aside her feelings" on voir dire. My understanding is that if you know the witness/defendant usually your struck either way. I also heard on from Barnes on the livestream that she talks in a very "casual manner" with the judge and Barnes believes that she is the liberal rich white "old stock" of Kenosha who considers Rittenhouse 100% guilty. So let's recap on the state of this shitshow: >Prosecution blatantly breaking every rule in the book >Defense is either asleep, or got paid off >Judge is afraid of public pressure and consistently cannot draw red lines. >Nobody in the room knows how interpolation and "zoom" electronically works >Juror 54 is both foreman is forewoman a thing?, Kenosha elite, and probably has control issues from her writing >There are two "holdouts" for guilty that come from the liberal Unitarian church (Juror 54+ ?) who sit togeather and flat out ignore eveyrone else. >There 9/12 jury members have someone in direct family or own their own firearms >There is one avid firearms owner on the jury. >NBC got banned following the jury van and issued a "well it wasn't us but if it was us it was 100% accident trust me!" today >Earlier last week someone photgraphed the jury and got their shit "deleted" >There are large scale protests outside from both sides, armed protestors on both sides >Judge says he might direct a mistral if there's the "Wrong" verdict. I don't see how he walks. Unless the jury returns a NG verdict then he does, but otherwise he's 10/10 fucked. This is proof that having gun owners on the jury, won't save you. Fudds will always use the "but she was wearing a short skirt!" excuse if you need to defend yourself.
>>20624 >Jury is waiting for the judge to mistral because muh optics A mistrial with prejudice would probably be the best option because 1. judges have a lot more protection than random citizens and going after a judge would be a line that antifa and BLM would be fools to cross, even in the current political environment, and 2. It would prevent the prosecution from fucking with the kid in the future.
>>20625 The DNC literally has honored speakers at their convention that have murdered judges for a reason. They have made great headway at normalizing: violent riots, bombings, assassinations, terrorism, and overt racial prejudice/preference against the majority of the historic American people. The fact that multiple heads of Federal institutions, LE and intel FFS, have been Communist party voters is as telling as the fact that the average slob couldn't tell you who were the Weather Underground.
>>20626 It has actually been hilarious watching Ted Cruz pull up past tweets from some of Biden's nominees showing they have made death threats to congress, judges, ICE workers, etc. All while lambasting Paul Gosar for an AoT edit. Leave it to the DNC to nominate people who make Ted Cruz look like a saint instead of the slimeball cuckservative he is. Video that got Paul Gosar censured earlier in the week and banned from twatter: https://youtube.com/watch?v=ixvbCVX4cwo
Open file (1.57 MB 960x1378 maskettagirl 4U.png)
It could go in the ME thread but it would probably be better to throw in the /k/anteen. https://archive.md/eR4dp Canadian army stops delivering supplies to Afghan translator stranded in Ukraine. >Be Canadian Army translator with your sixteen five (+1) children >Canada doesn't evacuate you >Get out to Ukraine of all places >Canada denies your refugee claim >Won't pay for your hotel >Stuck in a hotel in Ukraine with five kids as illegal immigrants >Offers to provide you food >Stop providing food after a few weeks >News media asks Canadian army what the fuck is going on >Provides a non-response about "cutting programs to Western Ukrainians" because they didn't read the actual press statement >News goes public >Suddenly backtrack and "ensure" they will continue to provide groceries >Deny being entirely influenced by news coverage Glad to know you can stay as a pregnant Chink getting citizenship for your baby, but if you help the Canadian military all you'll get is about $200 worth of groceries and you will be one of the lucky ones. I'm not surprised in the slightest, but it's still sickening that illegal tourists get preferential treatment over those who risked their lives for first world nations. We need a world war to restore the dignity of men at this point.
>>20629 >We need a world war to restore the dignity of men at this point. >at this point We could argue about the exact date, but I'm rather sure that we have long passed that point by the start of this millennium.
>>20629 >wont pay for expenses On one hand, these people are what they are, expendable. They ought to be used as such. On the other hand, it shows the Ukrainians, at least in this case, are men of action rather than words. And actions speak much louder than words. >chink babies I can kind of understand the US gov rationale behind it >born in US with citizenship >Go back to china and go to school >Use chinese social benifits without getting taxed >come to the US >pay for college probably >end up being a relatively productive member of society versus certain segments Not saying I agree with it. The CPC has been trying to crack down hard on this since around 2014. I've been questioned about my childhood visa and had to provide my old passport stamp books about four times now. They keep thinking I'm one of those. Of course, the caveat is that it may form a strong fifth collumn who strongly opposes American values like the 2A and the 1A. >pic unrelated
>>20630 Shit has been fucked for over a century now so we could argue, but it was still reasonably fixable (at least in North America) until the last decade or so when we passed the benchmarks Mr. Clinton set during his presidency in the 90s before admitting he was wrong. This isn't the first time in "modern times" that the world has been on the verge of socio-economic collapse (see the 70s and early 90s). It's just the first time that the ones doing the collapsing haven't backed the fuck off.
>>20638 Anon it's an article about Canada, not America.
Open file (69.92 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
>>20639 Nowadays, my thoughts are turning towards Irlmaier more and more. He prophesied about Germany: >First comes wealth the like of which has never before seen. Then follows a fall from faith like never before. Afterwards, a never before seen destruction of morals. Afterwards, a great number of foreigners comes into the country. Great Inflation happens. Money becomes more and more worthless. Soon afterwards, the revolution happens. Then the Russians attack the west overnight. He's had other predictions about red clay tiles becoming the standard roofing (it was expensive in his day), and feminism, and fags, and then the fall comes soon after. We're currently at the start of the Inflation and our leaders are poised to press it further. He said there'd be Khmer Rouge standards in the revolt, anyone who even looks like he was an academic, or bureaucrat, or, God help him, politician, will be getting lynched with their entire families. This didn't make much sense to me before, but now that you see academics trying to force the pozz mandates on people and politicians YOLOing into the great Depression, this kind of anger makes a whole lot more sense. Not to mention that there's elements antagonizing Russia for political points at home. The surprise attack between Russia and China on the west makes a whole lot more sense in that context.
Rittenhouse jury has finished deliberating. Verdict incoming.
>>20651 Rosenbaum: Not Guilty McInnes: Not Guilty Unknown Male: Not Guilty Huber: Not Guilty Groskreuz: Not Guilty
>>20651 Rittenhouse: Not Guilty
>>20652 >Acquitted on all accounts Kyle, you glorious madlad, I raise my glass to your freedom. Let's celebrate!
36 degrees F at noon. If there are riots, they will be very firey.
>>20652 >NG on all verdicts Still no faith in the system. Rittenhouse better start a PMC business with his name and make its motto "The Kenosha hat trickster".
>>20652 N O I C E
>>20652 Chimpout imminent?
Open file (160.52 KB 639x474 1637358515933.png)
Open file (249.65 KB 990x698 Untitled.png)
>>20664 Financed by the Government.
>>20664 Seems quite so far but I don't really know where to look anymore. The only place I know of that is still active is shitposting to repeats of last year's riots.
>>20664 It's cold. I think they're chimping in this time.
>>20664 Nah, this is nowhere near emotional enough, antifa might throw some molotovs but don't expect a repeat of 2020 that will come in 2024
>>20664 Domestic terrorists need time to organize. It will probably be tomorrow or next weekend. Stop calling them rioters. At this point folks need to just start calling them domestic terrorists until the left has an aneurism.
>>20674 Niggers don't need a good excuse to break shit. They just need numbers and some excuse.
>>20664 With the optics this trial had, it is clear they wanted riots if all else failed. But I honestly don't feel it happening on a major scale, not with when it'll make Biden look bad. That said I think the major case is the Ahmaud Arbery one and if any one of them come out not guilty there will be shit since the murder victim is black.
>>20678 It's important to remember the DNC tends to bus domestic terrorists in using their money laundering organizations. It's hard to bus people in on such short notice. I almost think the jury did it on a Friday knowing it would take domestic terrorists at least a week to get everything arranged. I imagine the trucker shortage also isn't helping since the DNC made it much more annoying to maintain a CDL in the last year and bus drivers have historically been on the lower end of the pay scale. E.G. with inflation through the roof and bus drivers being treated like shit, the DNC might legitimately be trying to start a race riot and aren't able to because gas is too expensive and the rent is too damned high forcing charter bus drivers into trucker jobs.
>>20678 >murder victim >language implying that Rittenhouse had victims Fuck right off, you niggerfaggot.
Dutch police fire shots as COVID protests rock Rotterdam https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/11/20/dutch-police-fire-warning-shots-as-covid-riots-rock-rotterdam https://archive.md/5oBQ8 >Dutch police opened fire on protesters and seven people were injured in rioting that erupted in downtown Rotterdam at a demonstration against recently introduced COVID-19 restrictions and government plans to restrict access for unvaccinated people to some venues. The Dutch city’s Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb told reporters in the early hours of Saturday morning that “on a number of occasions the police felt it necessary to draw their weapons to defend themselves” as rioters ran rampage through the port city’s central shopping district, setting fires and throwing rocks and fireworks at officers in what Aboutaleb called “an orgy of violence”. >“[The police] shot at protesters, people were injured,” Aboutaleb said. He did not have details on the injuries. Police also fired warning shots. A number of police officers also were injured in the violence and officers arrested dozens of people and expect to arrest more after studying video footage from security cameras, Aboutaleb said. The situation had largely calmed down later on Friday night, but there was a heavy police presence. It was one of the worst outbreaks of violence in the Netherlands since coronavirus restrictions were first imposed last year. In January, rioters also attacked police and set fires on the streets of Rotterdam after a curfew came into force. The Netherlands went back into western Europe’s first partial lockdown of the winter season a week ago. The restrictions, which affect restaurants, shops and sport, are expected to remain in force for at least three weeks. Police said in a statement that the demonstration that started on the Coolsingel street had “resulted in riots. Fires have been set in several places. Fireworks were set off and police fired several warning shots”. “There are injuries related to the fired shots,” they added. They did not give a number but Dutch public broadcaster NOS said two people were hurt. Dutch media said several hundred protesters shouted slogans including “freedom”, then threw stones at police and firefighters and set fire to several electric scooters. Police used water cannon to try to disperse the crowd. Photos from the scene showed at least one police car in flames and another with a bicycle slammed through its windshield. >Local political party Leefbaar Rotterdam condemned the violence in a tweet. “The centre of our beautiful city has this evening transformed into a war zone,” it said. “Rotterdam is a city where you can disagree with things that happen but violence is never, never the solution.” Dutch police said units from around the country were brought in to “restore order” to the city. Rotterdam authorities issued an emergency order banning people from gathering in the area “to maintain public order”, while its main railway station was closed. A demonstration planned for Saturday in Amsterdam against coronavirus curbs was cancelled after the riots in Rotterdam. “Last night, all hell broke loose in Rotterdam,” United We Stand Europe, which had called Saturday’s protest, said on Facebook. Keeping the demonstration in Amsterdam “didn’t feel right”, it said. A planned protest in the southern city of Breda on Saturday is still on, according to local media. The Netherlands is trying to control a new wave of the coronavirus, with more than 21,000 new cases reported on Friday The government is now considering excluding the unvaccinated from bars and restaurants, allowing access only to those who have been fully vaccinated or who have recovered from the disease. Similar steps have already been taken in neighbouring Germany. Austria has moved into a full lockdown and plans to make vaccines mandatory.
>>20684 >Keeping the demonstration in Amsterdam “didn’t feel right” Fucking pussies. The dutch government is clearly at a breaking point. Now is the time to push harder with peaceful protests only, of course, I know you're reading this, glowie, so they either go full dictatorship or fuck off with their dictatorial policies. >Austria has moved into a full lockdown and plans to make vaccines mandatory. It's also currently having a large protest the press is very quiet about. It's peaceful so far, but the police has a heavy presence to remind people that they have no rights. There've been some funny quotes from "experts" about the vaccine mandate, saying it's not forcing people to get pozzed as long as they don't get literally held down and injected, so fining them into bankruptcy and then imprisoning them for not paying the fines is acceptable. I want off this clownworld
>>20685 >so fining them into bankruptcy and then imprisoning them for not paying the fines is acceptable. This is the kind of shit that usually gets a building shot up. Doesn't Austria have a large shotgun-armed population? I can't imagine police will continue door-to-door raids when they're being shot at and their strategy effectively turns every unvaccinated citizen into a death troop since they have nothing left to lose.
>>20683 >implying that Rittenhouse had victims No, he's implying Arbery was murdered, not the ones Rittenhouse put down.
>>20688 We'll see. Actually, the army union had an official presence at today's protest in Vienna. So the politicians might be wise enough to not actually vote for the law in Januray. Otherwise, shotgun-armed civilians may well not be their only problem.
>>20680 >DNC might legitimately be trying to start a race riot and aren't able to because gas is too expensive TOP FUCKING KEK
>>20678 >Aubrey That trial has more procedual issues then Rittenhouse. Their lawyer is a bit retarded by saying no more black pastors in the courthouse please. Apparently, the police had at one point previous to this encounter deputized the defendants and had them search for Aubrey who was thought to be an armed murder suspect. Now, the intresting point is that technically, the civilian's arrest was perfectly legal. They had reasonable suspicion under Gerorgia law (Cops told them Aubrey was armed and dangerous). The main issue issue is that they did brandish the weapon first at Aubrey, and thus loose the right to self-defense (Ala Rittenhouse Prosecutor theory). However, the defendants claim that they did not point the weapon and Aubrey grabbed for it first. It SHOULD be an open and shut case, since both sides would theoretically be justified in self defense. Defendants because Aubrey grabbed the firearm. Aubrey because in his point of view he is getting accosted by strangers with firearms trying to detain him. The whole videoing of it and the defendants being (allegedly) openly racist, is what will hang them.
Guy who tried to assassinate Raegan apparently has a youtube channel where he posts original songs. That's actually kinda cool. Shows that anyone can become a changed man, really. https://youtube.com/watch?v=e4wxAmVPRL0
>>20711 Has anyone called him out for doing the whole thing because he was a simp for Jodie Foster?
Dozens of looters rush California Nordstrom store https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/dozens-looters-target-nordstrom-store-walnut-creek-california-rcna6265 https://archive.md/fFaR6 >Dozens of looters descended on a Nordstrom store and stole merchandise Saturday night in a raid that was over within a minute, police in Walnut Creek, California said. Approximately 80 people rushed into the store in the city’s Broadway Plaza, a spokesperson for the Walnut Creek Police Department told NBC News. They said that one employee was pepper sprayed, and two others were punched and kicked. All three sustained minor injuries, and were treated and released at the scene, they added. The suspects were in and out of the store, which was open at the time, within a minute, the spokesperson said, adding that an undetermined amount of merchandise was taken. Jodi Hernandez, a reporter with NBC Bay Area, was near the store when the raid took place. She tweeted that about 25 cars blocked the street during the incident. People in the cars rushed into the store and jumped back into their cars before speeding away with goods, she said. >Brett Barrett, who works at a nearby restaurant, told NBC Bay Area he saw 50 to 80 people in ski masks carrying crow bars during the incident. “I had to start locking the front door, the back door,” he said. “You never know, they could have come right in here.” Three people have been arrested in connection with the incident so far, police said. Two were arrested immediately for robbery, conspiracy, burglary and possession of stolen property. One of those two had a firearm and is facing a weapons charge, police added. A third person was found not long after the incident and is also facing charges. Walnut Creek Police also confirmed that the incident was not linked to a series of protests that have taken place across the country over the non-guilty verdict in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse. In a way it's quite smart, as they are unlikely to hunt down 80 people when the goods stolen by a single one of them is unlikely to amount to more than petty crime. But imagine if it works and multiple stored will be looted every single day.
Open file (331.78 KB 1920x1080 1.jpg)
Open file (395.19 KB 1200x675 2.jpg)
Open file (53.29 KB 1081x615 3.jpg)
Why is the vietnam war "aesthetic" and especially the movies that portray it so retarded? With the exception of We Were Soldiers, pretty much every other movie about Vietnam boils down to "LOL SHOOTING CIVILIANS AND WEARING BRIGHT BANDANNAS AND AVIATOR SUNGLASSES HAHA ALSO BEER AND LOCAL HOOKERS XDDD WAR IS HELL" As a non-American I cannot understand this. There is no other conflict that is portrayed in this faggy fashion.
Open file (1.61 MB 2550x3400 my body my choice.jpg)
>>20718 >Nonburger It is because in the US the whole "anti-war" hippie culture was the one that won the culture war of the era, (partially because the middle class got pissy at the draft) so that's why the hollywood idiots portray it as this civilian cleansing exercise and not an insurgency with no clear deliniations. So yes, the Vietcong did win the psycological war. >pic somewhat related by virtue of stupid burger cuckservatives
>>20719 >It is because in the US the whole "anti-war" hippie culture was the one that won the culture war of the era, (partially because the middle class got pissy at the draft) so that's why the hollywood idiots portray it as this civilian cleansing exercise and not an insurgency with no clear deliniations. Kind of unrelated to what we are talking about, but would the Vietnam war have turned out better for the US if there was never a draft? Could the US have even continued to fight the Vietnam war if it did not implement a draft? >>20719
>>20720 If I'm not mistaken, they drafted them only for one year, and the draftees spent half of that year in the second line, and the other half in the front line. And when it was time to go to the front, they just sent them to units that were in the middle of an operation, so they didn't have any time to get integrated and learn some trips and tricks from those who already saw some combat. Meaning that the new guys often died so quickly from making some stupid mistake that experienced troops avoided the new faces, because they'd just die anyway in their experiences. As you can imagine this demoralised both ˝sides˝, and overall the draftee experienced 6 months of boredom followed by 6 months filled with death and loneliness. And by the time he could get used to it he was sent home, where he told everyone that war is hell, so the next batch of draftees arrived already demoralized, and then they went through the same thing. And the cycle was repeated with every new batch. Vietnam for the most part was the kind of war where small units did most of the fighting, and so what it really needed were groups of motivated men who could deal with losing a few comrades, learned from their deaths, and tell new faces what to do in order to survive and eventually fight back. As you can see, the US system was set up to do the exact opposite, with people showing up and going home way too quickly, not to mention that many of them went home in body bags. They would have been better off with a volunteers only force, and start recruiting people from all around the world who wanted to fight communism. Which in practice would have meant a whole lot of former SS members serving as NCOs and officers, but they are exactly the kind of people who wouldn't mind killing commies in a jungle for a few years.
>>20716 I'm moving myself over to the /k/anteen since it's not really Russian/Ukrainian discussion however, a lot of that religious significance can probably be blamed on British colonialism unironically. Back in the day they used to use pig or cow fat to seal black powder paper cartridges, and you had to bite off the ends to fire your rifle. This royally pissed off the Hindus (because of cow fat) and Muslims (because of pig fat), and actually lead to at least 18 attempted military coups over the use of cow/pig fat.
>>20715 Several. It's on record that he got out in 2016 on insanity relating to his love of Jodie Foster.
Open file (2.25 MB 994x1400 ClipboardImage.png)
>>20718 It's twofold. 1) Vietnam was the first war actually televised for the public. 2) Vietnam was one of America's biggest fuckups and they needed to keep people from looking into it more seriously so the military paid off Hollywood quite a bit to make the war look as you described rather than allowing Americans realize how close we were to winning it and fucking China's shit in when we pulled out. The American failure in Vietnam directly attributed to the Khmer Rouge's success in Cambodia, which is arguably one of the most horrific coups in modern memory, having killed over 2 million civilians.
>>20721 But anon, recruiting ebul nahzees would be bad
>>20725 That's why you are supposed to forget to check their background and ignore their funny accents. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lauri_T%C3%B6rni
>>20721 IF memory serves that is correct. >>20726 >Fucking China's shit in. Strelok, US-China relations exist because of Vietnam. Becaues both China and the US looked at it and realized the Russians were playing them both. From the Chinese point of view, the Russians were unwilling sacrifice manpower and send only equipment to the fight in both Korea and Vietnam. Couple that with the ideological split and border conflict Mao realized that the 2 front war he enivisioned China fighting would no longer be feasible if the USSR and US worked togeather. From the American point of view (primarily Nixon), pulling China away from the USSR aligned Comitern would humiliate the Soviets and result in a tacit understanding of resolving the Vietnam issue since the Soviets were supporting the hardline unfication group in the Vietcong. Politics makes for strange bedfellows.
>>20721 How was the draft managed during the Korean war by comparison?
>>20730 Not him, but the way my grandfather (who was drafted) described it, most men volunteered to join the airforce or navy in order to avoid the army draft. The draft was responsible for the successes that the US army did have in Korea, but in most cases it was basically "killing fields" with Koreans charging American positions, so the draftees basically just has to point and fire without having to really worry about tactics and subterfuge like they did during Vietnam. That wasn't to say the local populaces didn't present problems, but the local populace was more overt in their actions during the Korean war. As a land mass, Korea has a lot more plains and mountain terrain as compared to the more marshy Vietnamese terrain, so there were fewer chances for guerilla warfare after the US stationed snipers on every mountain top to call in air raids if they detected activity through the narrow mountain passes. Much as how artillery was a god of life and death during WWI and WWII, suppressive bombing from aircraft was a god during Korea.
Open file (104.88 KB 946x2048 FEwcvGoX0AIa8eL.jpg)
Open file (1.77 MB 480x1036 j2oiMQO98L90aoXX.mp4)
RELIGON OF PEACE OR TYRONE AND JAMAL? SUV RUNS INTO PARADE IN WAUKESHA, WI Per broadcastify: >3 suspects, Black/arab males, 1 detained 2 suspects on the run -Vehicle is a red Ford Escape License plate begins with ‘ADP >2 Dead, at least 3 critical, around 30+ injured. Rittenhouse related?
Open file (6.52 MB 360x720 9r5afesTRZ3Gy9e_.mp4)
Open file (509.93 KB 320x420 iwARkbJqU2UCtsjj.mp4)
>>20732 >more videos >flood detected Fuck off.
>>20733 I'm not much of a parade goer but where i've seen them they usually have some type of escorts in the front and rear as well as side streets blocked off all along the route. Especially with the current trends from jihadimobiles and road rage incidents we've seen come from disgruntled motorists during BLM/Antifa road blocks. Seems like poor planning to me.
Open file (2.65 MB 854x480 Waukesha, WI.mp4)
>>20732 >RELIGON OF PEACE OR TYRONE AND JAMAL Could be both. Thanks to Malcom X there's a non-negligible number of black Muslims in US.
Open file (174.74 KB 1335x957 War Criminal Peko.jpg)
>>20732 If it was a nigger then we need a Kristallnacht at this point. There was clearly intent with the speed of the SUV from other videos I've seen and pathing. It's almost undoubtedly why they aren't releasing the assailant's skin color. People driving vehicles into mobs of people is bad enough, but this was a targeted attack to draw publicity and it deserves the type of publicity where individuals go door-to-door exacting their own form of justice.
>>20734 >planning to me No, excellent planning and quite a bit of cash to get the cops to step aside. That other board where the seventeenth letter is discussed, says that it kinda looks like WI will be the first to actually decertify their 2020 election findings and do something about stopping further votetheft. This FF could be to distract from the one-eightyseven'ing of a patriot or two, though nobody's found the connection other than "plowed through crowd" comes up at various FF coverage. through the past five years or so.
>>20733 >"OH MAH GAWD OH MAH GAWD" >Continues to record and tries to get closer to show the injured person instead of helping Fucking bitches...
>>20734 >I'm not much of a parade goer but where i've seen them they usually have some type of escorts in the front and rear as well as side streets blocked off all along the route. I was thinking the same thing. Any event large enough to need a permit at bare minimum has motorcycle cops on just about every street corner or at least escort vehicles in front of and behind the parade-goers. Something smells disgusting.
Open file (273.31 KB 822x864 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (421.28 KB 806x827 ClipboardImage.png)
>>20732 Stolen from /fascist/ since I had a feeling they'd have already figured it out.
>>20732 I saw a news report an hour or so ago that said the car was fleeing a different scene when it plowed into the parade. But now that seems to have been scrubbed, and I didn't archive it at the time.
>>20742 According to CNBC officers suggested that the suspect aas fleeing an incident involving a knife when this happened.
>>20741 Wait, /fascist/ still exists? That said, it was a black nationalist sex offender/rapper, allegedly fleeing from a stabbing he had just committed deciding to kill some honkeys who had talked about how to run people over and get away with it.
>>20746 >black nationalist A reminder to kill all niggers
>>20746 >black nationalist More like career criminal and self admitted child trafficker Seems like instead of 4chan doing the work, its the college football fourms. From Milwaukee. I just wanted to leave this bbc snippet though: >Police chief Dan Thompson told reporters that officers had fired at the car to try to stop it. Bets on hit ratio? Mine 0/0 with 3 bystanders.
>>20746 They're over on 16chan. Most of the political boards migrated there.
>>20749 deader than mark's career
>>20643 Dumb question, but what si the best source for Irlmaier's prophecies? I kepe seeing his shit mentioned over and over again, but never get to see everything he has said.
Open file (103.33 KB 458x438 1628426728986.gif)
>>20750 I'm just stating sources and linking anon since he seemed curious.
Open file (278.76 KB 470x646 cover.png)
>>20751 I'm using the books by Stephan Berndt. The problem with Irlmaier is that he was a borderline illiterate Bavarian peasant/well-digger. He wrote very little beyond signing his own name. However, he gave persona readings to pretty much everyone he came across that asked (and always for free). A guy called Adlmaier interviewed Irlmaier directly and released a book during Irlmaier's lifetime about his prophecies, and the books by Berndt have also much gathered from people that got readings, all over southern Germany and Western Austria, or, at worst, their direct descendants (keeping in mind, his books were written 2015, and Irlmaier died in 59), as well as reports from local papers and such since Irlmaier was quite famous in his region due to accurately prophesying where bombs would fall in WW2. All that however, is in German. So if you aren't reading German, you're gonna rely on partial translatons of either Adlmaier or Berndt. The Crystallinks, futurerevealed and rielpolitik sites on Irlmaier have statements that, from skimming them seem accurate to the book.
>>20695 By the way this article more or less confirms it. Biden is asking non-OPEC nations (because OPEC told him to fuck off) to release their oil reserves because he doesn't think he has a chance in hell of winning the midterms for his party and gas is too expensive. Basically confirming the Democrats can't funnel in domestic terrorists because gas is too expensive. https://archive.md/FEgm3
Open file (69.97 KB 300x383 seething nog.jpg)
>>20753 I'm just stating the obvious.
>>20756 /k/ isn't much more alive tbh fam.
Open file (25.95 KB 1062x530 1.png)
Open file (6.44 KB 1057x55 2.png)
Open file (70.23 KB 300x383 3.jpg)
>>20759 At least eight of those users are me jumping IPs on my VPN, dumbass. I'm an AnCap in the first place.
Open file (16.91 KB 480x336 doggers.jpg)
>>20760 >he doesn't know how user and PPH count works
Open file (260.82 KB 978x1010 k.png)
>>20761 Whatever you say, boomer.
>>20720 >>20721 Kennedy's whole approach to Vietnam was (appropriately) to deploy only Special Forces, but LBJ fucked it up since he was a political hack who was trying to balance appealing to the left with massive government welfare programs by appealing to right by being a supposed anti-communist warhawk. Thus he unnecessarily escalated the war by blowing the Gulf of Tonkin incident out of proportion to earn the approval of manufacturers with government procurement contracts and since it kept them employed, the union vote. The bigger and more protracted the war, the more it funneled to the interest groups behind the Democrats. Unfortunately the Vietnamese were actually fighting a war they gave a shit about while the US sent draftees to save on re-deploying regulars from Europe and along with everything else that went wrong operationally it proved to be a humiliating shitshow.
Open file (18.36 KB 255x222 1424960974092.jpg)
remember the couple threads ago someone told me that you should grow me to grow my hair out and start listening to rock and roll. well my hair is getting tangled and knotted. It hurts to comb my hair
>>20766 Conditioner.
>>20766 Use some baby shampoo.
>>20766 >soap, coconut oil, brush sections of the hair. if you can't into section brushing, google it. It's stupid simple
Sweden's first female prime minister resigns hours after appointment >"It is about respect, but I also do not want to lead a government where there may be grounds to question its legitimacy,” Magdalena Andersson said. >Hours after being tapped as Sweden’s prime minister, Magdalena Andersson resigned Wednesday after suffering a budget defeat in parliament and her coalition partner left the two-party minority government. >”For me, it is about respect, but I also do not want to lead a government where there may be grounds to question its legitimacy,” Andersson said at a news conference. >She informed parliamentary Speaker Anderas Norlen that she remains interested in leading a Social Democratic one-party government. >Andersson said “a coalition government should resign if a party chooses to leave the government. Despite the fact that the parliamentary situation is unchanged, it needs to be tried again.” >Her resignation came just hours after Sweden’s parliament approved Andersson as the country’s first female prime minister, tapping the finance minister who recently became the new leader of the Social Democratic party. >Andersson had been set to replace Stefan Lofven as party leader and prime minister, roles he relinquished earlier this year. >The development marked a milestone for Sweden, viewed for decades as one of Europe’s most progressive countries regarding gender relations but which had yet to have a woman in the top political post. >Lofven’s government describes itself as feminist, putting equality between women and men at the heart of national and international work. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/swedens-first-female-prime-minister-resigns-hours-appointment-rcna6628 https://archive.md/5oJch >Get handed PM position in minority gov >Immediately fail a budget vote and piss off enough that they vote for the opposition >Coalition breaks down >Resigns >Twitter mob blaming sexisim. I have no words to describe how ironic this is.
>>20794 Sweden, yes indeed
>>20794 I'll give her credit for having the courage to step down if nothing else. Sweden's government hasn't been allowing the citizenry to elect who they want for the last decade, so I think she recognized that and respectfully admitted defeat when it became clear she would have to work with her enemies to avoid being Sweden's first and worst female PM in the country's history.
Open file (27.69 KB 186x208 cia_confused.png)
>>20798 keep d&c'ing, moshe god. what has this place become?
Open file (621.10 KB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
>>20799 >>20800 you retards forgot that to add that this is all for minecraft. now you have glownigs watching this board.
>>20800 >He's Austrian how.
>>20802 Presumably, by being born in Austria, or having moved there at some point. That's usually how it happens. >>20797 Attacking officials with acid is going to get labelled deadly force. You aren't some muslim getting offended a woman is showing her face on the street, you can't expect mildness.
>>20803 no no, did you assume i'm austrian?
>>20794 >she remains interested in leading a Social Democratic one-party government. This really makes it sound like she wants to be some kind of commie dictator, and got mad she couldn't, and so quit. I'm sure there must be nuance I'm missing though.
>>20794 Is Twitter the final face of mobocracy? The domination of shitty hot takes?
>>20802 >>20804 With the timing of your question I figured you are Dutch, Austrian, or Australian. Given complaints of anons on other imageboards the most likely (about 80% likely) case is that anon was Austrian.
>>20801 Glownigs always watch the board anyways. >>20803 This. Even if they aren't in the vehicle it's the same result. I'll try to think up some other useful riot gear anon could build in the next day or two. >>20806 The article explains it poorly. They signed an agreement with the greens that they would get a budget passed if they got her elected. They didn't get their budget passed even though the greens got her elected and the other leftists "abstained" from voting her in. The greens quit the two-party coalition in anger, and this is her trying to get them back on their side. They couldn't follow through on their deal with the greens but she still got her political position so she resigned since the deal was not followed.
It seems the Arbery trial anon kept shilling went up in smokes and they full-sentenced all three. Not surprising since they argued self-defense and did not have reasonable suspicion that the nog would have killed them when they were the ones pinning him and then assaulting him.
>>20803 >Attacking officials with acid is going to get labelled deadly force. Attacking officials full stop is going to get labelled terrorism. His posts are full of directly stated intent to cause deadly harm. If he's not a fed, he's doing their jobs for them. >>20800 >Add sulfur to the bottle to make it poisonous. Add sodium to make it explosive. >chlorine gas bomb >just go all-out And when the deadly poisonous sulfur and chlorine fumes hurt or kill uninvolved bystanders, what then? >>20812 >the chlorine gas bomb will cause damage and set off the car alarm, not just corrode it with chlorine gas Chlorine gas won't just corrode the car, it will also injure or kill anyone unlucky enough to be near it. Gas attacks are the hallmark of those who seek to kill, and "b-but I was just trying to hurt da car" is just about the stupidest-sounding excuse for using a chlorine gas bomb I've ever heard. Even glowniggers have more subtlety, unless they're trying to bait some patsy into doing a vaccine terrorism in the loudest, messiest, Casus Belli-est way possible.
what do you guys use for EDC flashlights? I am looking for something that isn't like the sun and can fit in my hand with only on and off.
>>20813 not a fed, and i guess when it comes to the point, where attacking officials is an acceptable alternative to accepting rulings from above, it doesn't really matter anyways. Might as well prepare BEFORE talking about it earns you a raid and deportation. Terrorism works. >>20824 I picked a cheapo flashlight with aluminum body, 200 lumen, 5w LED, sliding focus and, as a neat bonus, a screw thread for screwing in a variety of color filters. cost me less than 10 bucks, it is bright enough to fully illuminate a school hallway, and its light. It also has a belt clip. It had 3 light functions, but it took one disassembly and reassembly to "fix" it. Haven't been able to find anything like it under 50 bucks on amazon. crazy.
>>20825 I have a maglite XL50 currently, it does the job fine, but I wanted to see if I could find something relatively cheap and just on and off. It seems the chinks these days put a whole bunch of settings on the flashlights which are useless to me.
>>20826 This is is the norm nowadays. There's not really any other way to cut service life on a flashlight, except through the button and the light element. They targeted both at the same time. It's kinda sad, but begun thinking about putting together my own flashlights from LED light strips, old aluminum tubing/flash light bodies, battery compartments and switches. currently working on a clip-on light, which will take current from a battery pack over a cable. keeps the hands free, and i plan on clipping it on my glasses, which gives me a big tactical advantage.
Open file (3.24 MB 1280x720 Chad Read censored.mp4)
https://www.everythinglubbock.com/news/local-news/wife-of-chad-read-releases-video-of-deadly-shooting-ssj/amp/ https://archive.md/PcmaA They be fixin' to pass gun control laws in texas me thinks. Been lots of news trying to sway opinons on this one. Funnily enough, the shooter's Ex wife is a judge so get ready for some serrious shenanigans. Censored version is shown because there's a video I can't find anywhere else. video link (23.5mb at smallest): https://files.catbox.moe/fc9xwj.mp4 >Be a felon >Loose your kids to a divoice because family court fucks over men >Go to your ex's residence in rural TX for kids visitation time >Get told to get off the property >Throw a fit because your ex is playing games with you >Ex new BF comes out with a firearm and tells you to leave >Threaten to take the gun and use it on the manlet because your a foot taller >Ask where you son is >I don't know. >Assault (In TX law "an act designed to be offensive or provoke" the BF in his house (the porch is an extention under TX law) >"warning shot" fired >Tosses the manlet out of his "house" >Gets shot Am I missing anything aside from everyone involved is a fucking 'tard?
>>20843 Wimenz are just plain evil when the law is with them. Also did the small guy just meet the ex dude with a shotgun? can't defend the tall dummy but overcompensating in a legal kids visit while also being within a meter's distance is just being an asshole. No one is innocent there lol.
Open file (13.22 MB 410x720 vQPia6pIABbQ5ZcI.mp4)
>>20843 You're missing the aftermath where they're calmly talking over his dying body. Looks to me like the ex-wife knew what'd happen and organized an incident with her new bf to legally kill him... assuming she was smart enough not to leave behind evidence of the planning. That's not the reaction of someone unexpectedly shooting a guy.
>>20845 >>20844 Also saw it's not a shotgun but some sort of either sub-machine gun or one of those ghetto pistols with long barrels and stock, didn't point it at him at any moment either so it's "fair play". Some articles say the defending lawyer was told the eldest kid said to the mom it was her fault and that if he saw the bf again in the house he would run away and return to kill him later, so this is some spicy small town drama to be fair. Honestly the shooter was all legal if a bit silly as the ex-dude, lucky for him he lives in America where people don't do much because in a violent country all the dead dude's pals (if he had) would go after him to the point of requesting asylum. >organized an incident with her new bf to legally kill him... assuming she was smart enough It seems the shooter dude dumped his wife for this ex-girl of the dead guy, and in this tricky situation turns out the shooter's now ex-wife is one of the districts' judges, and after this incident she filled papers to kick him out of their house. So if the bogus prosecution goes in the dude is either fucked six ways to sunday or going to get off scot-free faster than legally usual. What a mess, here's for the eldest kid to go nuts for further episodes.
Open file (47.92 KB 274x143 one_second_in.png)
>>20846 >didn't point it at him at any moment either so it's "fair play Looking at the stock position right at the start, it looks like he's pointing the gun to his left and slightly angled downwards, and then you see the barrel pointing right into big guy's stomach... I think.
Open file (275.44 KB 309x478 1.PNG)
Open file (383.44 KB 465x456 2.PNG)
>>20847 >barrel In the other video you can see him not pointing to him but the green shirt man trying to move the gun.
>>20846 >Honestly the shooter was all legal it depends on the nature of the visitation. If he just showed up and demanded his kids, sure. If he had specific visitation rights as part of the custody agreement, then it is not trespassing for him to refuse to leave, and the ex-wife and her BF are in the wrong for denying him access to them that they are required to provide. If someone kidnaps your kids, self-defense should be strictly excluded as a defense if they kill you as you try to get them back, and it would be murder.
>>20843 Sounds right to me. More or less anyways. Without seeing the full documents/court case I can't really comment on this one.
>>20849 It really is going to come down to visitation rights, probably. It sounds like he was a few minutes late and the ex used that as an excuse to throw the book at him. Unfortunately for the ex, most courts in Texas define you as being allowed to be a few hours late and still get your visitation rights so long as an inconvenience hasn't occurred (an inconvenience being defined as, say, having to be at work at 3PM and not being able to because the ex spouse was late).
>>20848 What is it with American hot heads that get shot by ignoring the deadly nature of a gun? They all seem to have the same voice, headform, energy and personality be it this guy, the jew shot by Ritthousen or the one guy getting shot fighting over a dumpster with the two fatties.
>>20853 Most people think they are invincible due to never having been in any kind of altercation in their life and assume that they won't be shot because that's illegal. This is also why they think gun control works because they assume criminals go down to the local gun store to buy guns and they don't do background checks or anything because they have never tried to purchase a firearm. It's been really funny watching all these retards come in to the LGS and try to buy a gun just to get dinged on the background check because the fucking retard didn't think beating his girlfriend would prevent him from buying a gun.
Open file (90.30 KB 875x965 honest reporting.png)
>>20854 >they assume criminals go down to the local gun store to buy guns and they don't do background checks or anything because they have never tried to purchase a firearm Even when they do try and get dinged, they claim the gun store's just discriminating against them.
>>20857 So wait, he lied on his ATF forms and had the gall to bitch about it? That's funny.
>>20857 >I tried to buy a gun and had a criminal record, and they REFUSED ME! >Surely this only applies to me, because they must have it in for me in particular. Jesus...
>>20863 >>20859 Don't forget his name is (((berg))). Persecution complexes come with the territory.
>>20846 It's a 22lr looks like I assume. With one of those ar-15 handguards jurryrigged on the weapon I can't identify. Hardly ghetto, but it's a plinker and for small game. If it's a ghetto they would be having unregistered Hi-points. Can't really make sense of the situation personally, can't real with interpersonal relationship drama.
Open file (24.80 KB 128x128 yoba.png)
>>20857 >alcohol abuse, domestic violence. >lies on the form >hey man you can't do that. no guns for you >"OY VEY, THEY SURELY DON'T CHECK OTHERS LIKE THEY DID TO ME. it's like a fucking stonetoss comic, i swear.
Open file (111.66 KB 407x338 iowa macarthur.png)
Sometimes I wonder how the world would be like if we listened to MacArthur and glassed China.

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