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How to get introduced to guns in a firearm-banned country? Strelok 06/06/2020 (Sat) 21:53:22 No.1932
Just answer the title >PS: Happy we're out of 8kun
>>1932 It'd be highly illegal to purchase P.A. Luty's book on easy homemade firearms and carry out his detailed instructions, so don't do that under any circumstances.
Hunting license
>step 1: get in cab >step 2: ask where you might get some protection >step 3: ???? >step 4: Profit!
Join the military
>>1932 How banned are we talking? Even the most anti firearm western nation will still have gun clubs you can join and eventually work your way through getting something for target shooting. >>1933 If someone wanted to go the illegal route ammo is a far larger problem to acquire than making something like a pipe shotgun, something which is way more practical than a half-functional SMG that was as much a political statement as it was a functioning firearm. On top of that if you look into the history of successful homemade SMGs the smart thing to do is build an open bolt tubegun and simply use a normal magazine since that's the main point of failure. Both of these are the reason why nations like bongland have restrictions that apply to mags and ammo as well as actual guns.
>>1933 >purchase anon please .... http://makex5wlo5ydopro.onion/ >>1961 >ammo is a far larger problem Hold my beer http://makex5wlo5ydopro.onion/homemadeammo.shtml
>>2354 You can't buy guns or ammo on the DN, its 100% a scam or feds. kill yourself dumbfuck.
>>2538 these are Luty's FREE ebooks to DIY guns and ammo you absolute brainlet, my ass are you a nigger?
Op, use the board to learning everything you can from maintenance to how choose the exact weapon from you. This board has plenty knowledge for people from countries where guns are banned, I'm not sure about how you will learn target acquisition without shoot a gun, but I think you can use few modern games to do it. I'm from some country where guns are banned, but I'm learning everything I can here before get an AR-15, two glocks and few grenades.
>>2622 >guns are banned >get guns Yeah I think OP's question is about that second step you're mentionning.
Just make Ammonpulver ammunition
Open file (728.58 KB 900x900 1462432907034.png)
>>2538 >You can't buy guns or ammo on the DN ok fed
>>2538 snot brained retard

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