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Open file (456.34 KB 2247x1693 molonlabianigger2.jpg)
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Open file (887.15 KB 920x1538 budgetbloccuckanada.png)
Canadian Related Things Strelok 08/25/2021 (Wed) 05:21:07 No.18598
Greetings and Salutations I wish to make a thread for my syrupnigger brethren in regards to firearms and basic politics. I intend this thread to help any leafanons looking to get their PAL and shooters. While theres still a chance for you to own something Vote O'Toole if you still want to keep your guns and have the OIC repealled Important links that you should read >https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu >https://www.howtogetagun.ca/ If you're from 4cuc/k/, kill yourself, we do not want you
I forgot to mention Check out Canadian Gun Nutz's Equipment Exchange or Gunpost if you want to score some decent firearms Be warned 1. Don't get scalped by money grubbing geezers 2. Always trust your gut if you think its a honeypot (ex. someone is selling a banned/prohibited firearm) The twats at the RCMP usually do this to entrap unwary fools 3. If you are selling, always ask the buyer for their PAL number (if they refuse, don't give them anything and cut ties with the so-called buyer)
Open file (80.62 KB 401x373 3qf9GJq.jpg)
https://archive.ph/X5hCK If weedman gets in on the 20th, it's then pretty much gonna be Australia-tier from here on.
>>18940 That fate is inevitable regardless of the election result. A Conservative minority means a left-wing majority and anything pro-gun would fail, and a Conservative majority is (or will soon be) impossible with modern Canadian demographics. And even if it were possible, AND the Tories managed to not be cucks long enough to actually use a majority to pass pro-gun laws, it'd only last one or two elections before the Liberals got in, reversed it, and added more restrictions than ever.
>>18598 >>https://www.howtogetagun.ca/ Looks like a good simple summary. It doesn't answer one question I've always had though. Is it legal for ranges in Canada to rent out firearms for people without licenses to try them at the range? The nearest range to me strictly bans non-members, never mind non-licensees, and its website claims that "All persons require a valid firearms licence to own or to use a firearm in Canada, or to acquire a firearm or ammunition by any means" (emphasis mine), but I thought I'd seen at least one or two mentions of ranges in bigger cities like Toronto that allowed it. I know I won't be able to get a license, because of the requirement to have character references, but I would like to try firing a gun one day, rather than just reading and watching videos about them on the internet.
Open file (668.31 KB 768x580 zergshitbox.gif)
Open file (73.45 KB 923x728 canuckistan.png)
>>18943 >That fate is inevitable regardless of the election result. O'Toole said he'll remove the OIC that was undemocratically passed and categorize funz by function. Essentially anon, if he manages to get in That is if the shitlibs don't cheat or pull some heel move he'll essentially be buying us time. And consider that Trudeau is already very unpopular among the working class and normalfags too means that this election just might be the chance where he's ousted. The CPC might be blue Liberals, but they're the only realistic option that is left. That being said, I think the PPC is a Liberal ploy to split the vote >>18947 >Is it legal for ranges in Canada to rent out firearms for people without licenses to try them at the range? Yes, but the one nearby me requires you to have a partner. I think you can guess why, so Average Suicidal Joe doesn't just come to the range, rent said gun, and become anhero with it Its mostly a liability reason from my guess. >The nearest range to me strictly bans non-members I'm guessing you're cursed to live Torcongo, by what I think you mean. I barely go to the range, and most of my shooting happens on crownland. >because of the requirement to have character references, You know you can use your parents for references aswell too. I used my two irl friends are refs>>18943
Open file (110.26 KB 1072x663 canadian politics.jpg)
Speaking of the Canadian election, why is this photo so fucking funny?
Seriously, why is it so fucking funny? What is wrong with this country?
>>18949 >You know you can use your parents for references aswell too. Not if they think guns are evil and nobody, including me, should be allowed to own them. >requires you to have a partner. >I used my two irl friends are refs i guess there really are no options for someone with no IRL friends.
>>18940 So what you're saying is that Leafland will soon have a problem with "American Cartels" bringing guns over the border illegally and selling them to sandniggers and/or Chinese?
>>18953 Did you try your co-workers that think you're cool enough? By the way you can own antique revolvers without a PAL, anything that's blackpowder really. Hope you like casting and reloading. >https://www.oldgunscanada.com/swrussian48982 >>18951 >What is wrong with this country? Everything after 1965 apparently. >>18955 They already are. The (((Qui))) owned press just doesn't talk about it. Because that's how our glownigger patsy Wortmann managed to get them via Hell's Angels me thinks, or some other gang in Nova Scotia.
>>18951 >Bill Gates is the far right Canadian politician
>>18950 They look shopped there, like cardboard stand ups of themselves. Also that guy power posing with dirty shoes on a carpet is the epitome of North America.
O'Toole pussied out on the OIC. The CPC voter base clearly isn't taking O'Toole's retardation very well. Welp, I guess its clear that this country is assfucked to over 9000 levels. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9qaU-hFM7E >2:10 - "We need more police" >3:00 - "More police resources, +200 RCMP officers for combatting drug and gun smuggling" >7:10 - "OIC ban and other bans will remain" >9:40 - Asks why changed mind and dodges question >11:16 - Confirms again OIC will remain in place >12:11 - Lies and says that he always said OIC would remain in place >13:20 - Dodges question about deal with CCFR, gives me hope but I doubt it >14:33 - Confirms again bans will stay >16:09 - Confirms again bans will stay, (Question mentions AR-15 and mini-14) >21:44 - Journos asks why we should trust him if hes reversing stance, dodges question >22:56 - Confirms again bans will stay >26:30 - Will not repeal C-71 and maintain restrictions >27:55 - "Point of review if maintaining ban?" Dodges question >29:06 - not important to guns but still funny how he wants to push China to "do better" Another fine example of why there's absolutely no political solution in this frozen shitpit.
>>18962 >Also that guy power posing with dirty shoes on a carpet is the epitome of North America. He also wants independence for Quebec. What did he mean by this?
Open file (343.13 KB 840x890 canadian politics.png)
Open file (304.23 KB 824x872 canadian politics.png)
Open file (46.42 KB 982x726 boris-sikh.jpg)
Open file (134.83 KB 1200x1200 PAY-SN_TAN_DHESI_1.jpg)
>>19011 >>19012 >>18950 Canada too?
>>19013 Any british country has some sort of retarded shit like this. Maybe even Germany and france
>>19013 The British have a history of doing stuff like this. If anything I find it endearing when they emulate other cultures... Abroad, that is.
>>19013 >>19012 Strelok needs to understand true Classical Liberal Imperialist (British) culture to get it. Imperialist Britain never died. She simply went dormant during the currently awful long reign of the ruling monarch. When Britain establishes trade with a foreign country, she offers them one chance as equals. If they take the British people up on that, then the British people that take up the foreign exchange are expected to adopt that culture to search for any hidden clues into the sciences or religion that would benefit the home country. Part of this exchange as equals is allowing subcultures to develop in the metropolitan parts of Britain (such as London). If a country does not submit as equals, then the British would bulldoze them into submission and take their women to form a new, British-centric culture in that colony (such as India). It's sort of an overreaction caused by a certain spoiled child who wanted to break British treaties with the (good, mostly extinct) Native Americans and French (even if that child was correct in being rebellious about taxes). Funnily enough, this original British Imperialist culture lives on strongly in Labrador and Australia, of all places, but it is still present in the British political class.
>>19025 Ah, right, the way that Sikhs and Rapefugees come into this is that the Sikhs were one of the "as equals" castes, and rapefugees are a result of a perversion of this Imperialist doctrine by appealing to similar effects while ignoring the causes.
>>19025 It's a pretty similar doctrine to jewish merchants making hubs in important cities with roads to everywhere.
>>18950 >>18951 >why is this photo so fucking funny? It looks like a Star Trek teleport or the stage for a shitty game show. It's funny because it's fitting. >>19006 >Point of review if maintaining ban?" Dodges question Of fucking course. Just gimme my AR damn it.
>>18949 O'tools is backing out on an awful lot and it's extremely concerning. The liberals that I know are ditching the Liberals exactly because our PM is a liar, overtly corrupt, has no principles, and doesn't understand basic economics. O'tool starting to check off a lot of those same boxes and I don't want more of the same government.
Open file (104.88 KB 1512x756 2021-09-09-vote.png)
>>18598 Time to get O'Tooled.
>>19086 Popular vote means nothing if the distribution is against you. Last polls I saw were predicting 5.8% for the Bloc, 5.3% for the PPC, and 3.0% for the Greens, nationally, but the same polls predicted the Bloc getting 26 seats, the Greens 1, and the PPC zero. The Conservatives are ahead in popular vote, but the Liberals have an edge in predicted seats.
>>18949 >>19031 >>19086 Burger here. From what I have read it sounds like he's not actually backing out, he's just going to repeal the undemocratic orders and allow legislation to be drafted instead with professionals in industry. If CanadaAnons believe professionals in industry will cuck, that's all there is to it, but it sounds like typical politicalspeak to make him more popular among centrists.
>>19086 >Such a low cultured country that they have to put their national "symbol" in basically all political parties Canada needs to accept that it's just North North America and that the only places that should be their own countries are Quebec, the Inuit territories and maybe the Atlantic Region.
>>19094 >The Inuit territories It will never happen. Canada doesn't talk about it, but they forcefully migrated the Inuit Northward in order to prevent their Southern brother from turning the Northwest Passage into an international sea trade route connecting London to Siberia. The Canadian military has been talking about putting forts along the entire passage lately because everyone except Canada recognizes that the Northwest Passage should be an international trade route and that we wouldn't need to import shit from Asia if it could be used.
Open file (29.21 KB 288x288 mossadposter.jpg)
>>19086 Time for a falseflag, goyim!
Open file (98.91 KB 780x439 Untitled.jpg)
>>19110 What even happened? The CBC's new app isn't showing a headline about it at all and CTV's is only saying police are "investigating a file", but you don't evacuate multiple university campuses and issue shelter-in-place orders, and send in guys with this equipment just to "investigate a file".
Open file (398.98 KB 571x767 turn the lights low.png)
>>19110 It sure is!
Open file (569.77 KB 1451x1493 exodia.jpg)
>>19167 Oh look, the polls have flipped. What a coincidence!
>>19170 Doesn't that trick ever get old? Commiefornia just did the same thing so Newsom can stay in power.
Democracy is fake and gay.
Open file (134.28 KB 500x500 no I did not.jpg)
Open file (213.31 KB 1214x1720 erin storytime.jpg)
Open file (127.25 KB 607x860 erin begs you.jpeg)
>>19199 Democracy is fake, Erin is forever.
Welp, another Liberal minority I guess that will pass more arbitrary laws Thanks again PPCfaggots
I just learned Marc Emery was running as a PPC candidate. How did Dude Weed Man end up on the far-right?
Open file (17.23 KB 1334x370 Screenshot.png)
>>19303 Wow, that was an even bigger load of fucking nothing than I expected.
>>19303 There is not a ballot box solution to your problems. Thinking there is a sign of retardation.
Open file (759.46 KB 1167x657 average albertan.png)
>>19303 >muh vote splitting Put a sock in it, you had a boring candidate who pandered to lefties and anti-funs faggots and you got boring results.
Open file (66.97 KB 865x390 0% difference.png)
Open file (61.47 KB 918x401 1% difference.png)
The CBC sure has some interesting math depending on where the Liberals sit. Especially since that decimal point explicitly and unambiguously claims it's not being rounded. >>19311 You're right that vote-splitting was not really the issue. Without the PPC there may have been one or two more Conservative ridings, but not enough, and a decent chunk of people voting purple would, if it didn't exist, not have bothered voting at all rather than voting blue. But if he hadn't pandered to lefties the results would have been even worse. Let's not kid ourselves, there's no longer the political will in Canada to get a right-wing party elected. At best the choices will be between centre, left, and further-left.
So now that the giant fucking nothing burger happened and now at least some guys have started realizing that the parties know we have no value as a voting block. If we look at CGN, there's about 100k gun owners who seem to give a shit about our future. We have exceedingly low sympathy in the public sphere, none at the political level, and very little uptake of shooting sports and hunting by millenials and even less by GenZ. The senate has shown itself to be more neutral, but the shift in demographics is going to change that eventually. The lawsuit is still up in the air but the SC (as far as I know) is more willing to slap Conservative gov'ts rather than Liberal. Also, the liberal authored constitution is pretty crap and can be read at the whim of the SC. We are monitored by the gov'ts and pearl-clutchers because of our proclivities toward indepenent thought and "dangerous knowledge" even though most guys are exceedingly law-abiding and generally want to be left alone. The general public has no problem with saying they have problem with legal gun owners but in the next breath demand guns need to go away because "guns r bad". Do we "go quietly into that good night" and let the gov'ts grasp exceed their reach? Where is the line? What liberties need to be trampled before we act? Or do we wait and pick up the pieces of whatever is left in the inevitable Balkanization? Do we become what the gov't thinks we are, pull the pins, machine suppressors and become truly free? Pass down our guns and ammo to the next generation of enthusiasts as we find them? So what now? What's the move?
Open file (46.19 KB 242x286 Never heard of it.jpg)
>>19332 I honestly think the incoming war with China is going to solve a lot of issues when you leafs either open up the Northwest Passage for British troops to assist, or side with Xi and get steamrolled so us Burgers can use it.
>>19333 I hope we finally liberate the north from the Anglos some day.
>actually believing the empire didn't go full biden on our elections The libs just somehow manage to eke out a win in tons of ridings by razor thin margins all over the country, including mine which had conservative placards on every other lawn and not one liberal sign that I could find despite driving around looking for one. Not that the useless cons would be much better. The fraud just kept things from being a total blowout, and the results are so pathetic that I consider this a win. I guarantee there is a lot of hand wringing in Ottawa right now. You don't call an election unless you need to change the status quo and they failed. Also whinging about gun rights now when the vax pass is being implemented is pathetic, since if your funs are actually going to be worth a damn for anything important the question of legality is immaterial. If participation in society is tied to a "vaccine" then you can be barred from society by denying you said "vaccine", goy. A far more important issue than whether you're allowed to legally own a gun that you can't even use for self defence because it will be shown in court that you couldn't get it out of your goddamn locker in time to be used unless you were "improperly storing" it to begin with.
Open file (1.93 MB 597x229 1626707513085.gif)
>>19342 >coping this hard for Tool But hey, he won the popular vote.
>>19342 >including mine which had conservative placards on every other lawn and not one liberal sign that I could find despite driving around looking for one. Don't know how it is in Canada, but here people only hang up signs when they are either unafraid of the negative reaction they'll get or don't mind painting a target on their back, which is all they're doing. Most "deep X" regions are actually not that "deep" they just have districts set up to maximize votes for a given candidate. I'd look up whether your voting districts changed in the last few years before shouting rigging (I mean it could be rigged, but it could also be rigged in a legal manner).
Open file (15.46 KB 918x87 Screenshot.png)
>>19342 Don't be stupid. They have no need to rig it under the table. Demographics, and even simply modern Canadian "culture", give them most of the result they want, and the open and legal election rules do the rest. >>19349 >I mean it could be rigged, but it could also be rigged in a legal manner That's the real truth. In previous elections, Trudeau had made campaign promises of electoral reform, saying he would move to amend election law to implement proportional representation instead of first-past-the-post. However, he completely went back on that, disavowed proportional representation as "benefiting fringe parties" read: it would give the PPC seats, and suggested that maybe this time he'd propose ranked ballots. In a sane world, having the party that has governed for something like 70% of the country's history openly say that they are deliberately structuring national electoral law to benefit themselves, and to disadvantage smaller parties, would be at least be called undemocratic, and perhaps met with something stronger. But I guess most Canadians think that's fine. I actually looked at the numbers from the past three elections, and highlighted every case where a party's share of seats was more than 2 percentage points different than its share of the total popular vote. In grey are cases where the party got more seats than vote share, and in yellow they got less. I exclude the Bloc since their geographical limits mean this comparison doesn't really make sense. The results are pretty clear. Now, proportional representation wouldn't actually benefit the right very much. Even if you assume the PPC's share would double once strategic voting for Conservatives went away, those votes would be coming from the Conservatives, so the share is still less than 40% for the two together. And the NDP, which is ever further left that the Liberals, would benefit most. But the FPtP system is why Trudeau's Liberals win.
>>19345 I don't give a shit about, nor did I vote for her majesty's loyal opposition and I care even less for the cardboard cutout running the party, I just have eyes in my head. >>19349 Being identified as a tory doesn't really have the same level of stigma that being openly republican does in the states. Our political dynamic is different, mainly because our parties are even more controlled and in lockstep with globohomo than the R's and D's. You are correct in hinting at "legal" rigging (though I am convinced that this election was fraudulent, though still disappointing to the establishment), one need only look at Toronto's ridiculous influence on the whole country to see that. People like to bitch about the Bloc but at least they are confined to Quebec and it's not like there'll ever be a BQ prime minister.
>>19351 Keep burying your head in the sand and thinking that globohomo's favoured party just happens to win dozens of close races by a handful of votes despite the man on the street being overwhelmingly, vocally. sick of their shit in those very ridings, and despite early polling painting a very different picture.
>>19353 >and despite early polling painting a very different picture. What are you talking about? The popular vote very closely reflects the polls. PPC is down a bit, but that is to be expected since people will tend to vote more pragmatically than they say they will. >the man on the street being overwhelmingly, vocally. sick of their shit First, your personal perception of "the man on the street" depends EXTREMELY strongly on who you talk to. Most of the people around me are university students, so if I were to judge by that metric, I'd have predicted the Conservatives would have come in third in my riding behind the Liberals and NDP, rather than the actual result of the Conservatives coming in second only a few points behind the Liberals. Second, being "sick of their shit" does not translate into voting. Current numbers say that turnout was down 5 percentage points from 2019. There are more people who voted in 2019 and didn't bother this year than the total number who voted PPC. Being "sick of their shit" translates to apathy at least as easily as it translates to support for an alternative. But sure, keep on crying fraud because the result isn't what you wanted.
>>19356 What part of I didn't vote conservative are you having trouble understanding? Why are you seemingly emotionally invested in the integrity of Canadian elections?
>>19376 I'm not emotionally invested, I just think you're wrong. >What part of I didn't vote conservative are you having trouble understanding? Well, for one thing, the part where you claim that people being sick of the Liberals is proof that they'd vote them out, while also saying that you yourself did not vote for the only party likely to beat them.
>>19379 I didn't vote for anyone actually, because I thought it was rigged from the start. The last time I thought of myself as a "Conservative" was when Harper was still PM. Since then the PCs have shown no desire to be anything other than the controlled opposition party, laughing and losing all the way to the bank, just like Obama era Republicans. Voting just legitimises the charade. I don't need to be a diehard supporter of a given candidate in some African shithole country to recognise when fraud or manipulation occurred in an election, and I don't need to be a card carrying, rally attending Tory to realise that the fix was in for the Liberals as soon as that literal faggot Trudy called an election.
>>19390 >rigged >fraud >manipulation >fix And yet you haven't provided any evidence whatsoever to support that, nor an explanation for why they would need to rather than just winning the election normally as they were obviously going to and were expected to do the whole time.
>>19393 I'm not trying to convince anyone that the election was rigged. I believe it was rigged, and that's a separate issue. What I find amusing is streloks are such deep died normalfaggots that the default assumption isn't that all elections are at least manipulated, and suggesting the political class and their apologists might be less than %100 honest is met with shock and dismay. On a fucking imageboard. I'm going to keep calling bullshit without bothering to present evidence and there's nothing you can do about it. Watch me do it again: >mossad did 9/11
>>19395 That should be >deep dyed
>>19395 >>mossad did 9/11 >implies Israel needed mossad to force Bush to do it >>19393 Let me tell you one evidence that would make any sane person realise all elections are rigged. The vote software isn't open sourced, the machine that runs the software doesn't run open source firmware. Any input you put into these machines are arbitrary until machine decides to process it. The company that made these machines owns the election and your vote is nothing more than data the machine chooses to process. The only reason why we believe they don't rig the election is because we believe they don't. Now think, what are they hiding inside a machine used in voting.
>>19399 The election was done on paper. There was no machine or software involved in ballot-casting. Elections Canada even got in trouble a year or two ago when Trump retweeted them saying Canadian federal elections don't use electronic voting.
>>19395 Streloks do think it was rigged. Legally rigged, because both Canadians and Americans have been gerrymandering for years as the post you were replying to implied.
>>19401 >>19399 Democracy is the god that failed.
>>19406 Democracy is a Cargo culture and the ballot box is the plane.
>>19395 The truth is the harder pill to swallow: people are cowards.
Open file (37.00 KB 434x640 original.2490.jpg)
Open file (514.74 KB 1600x1220 Dawson, Yukon.jpg)
I want to know more about Canadian culture, and I doubt I will find much on the first few pages on my search engine of choice.
>>18950 >name my band
Open file (21.21 KB 255x389 Grant_lament_lg.jpg)
>>19611 It was over a long time ago and the country is now a resource extraction (rather than technology) based variant of California.
looking for a cheap handgun should I get a glock 48 or is there a better option norinco is ching chong shit the berettas surplused over here have a yuropoor mag release toks are fucking toks sd9ve is double stack which is impractical here what else is there
>>34762 Just get a surp Tok, mayne.
Open file (337.59 KB 697x668 Canadian Cooking.png)
there's not much time left because these mutts keep shooting up schools, i think handguns are next
>>34930 Not an explicit ban yet I think, but Trudeau says he intends to outright bribe provinces to ban them for him. He's announced a plan that would give extra funding to provinces that do. I know that in the Ontario election next week, at least one party has made banning handguns an election promise. Also, saying "not much time left" doesn't help because Trudeau's also talking about reducing or eliminating amnesties and grandfathering, and wants owners of banned guns forced to turn them in immediately.
Open file (39.99 KB 455x368 carll.jpg)
>>34930 >>34934 Le weedman is scheduled to make an announcement about new gun control measures in a week because of the Buffalo shooting, we don't have any guaranteed details yet but most major news sources are predicting a ban on all pinned magazines. Considering all these rumors turned out to be true 100% of the time so far i'd believe it. I hope Kali Yuga really does end in 2025 as I was told on teh internetz. Its all so tiresome.
Open file (161.63 KB 672x1024 1644094317529.jpg)
>>34930 Hey man, don't try to pin this shit on us. The filthy kikes running the show in both countries would find a pretext one way or another, and the Karens would cuntvote accordingly (not that even that really matters, mind you). Photo in >>34963 should tell you everything you need to know. Shit's fucked, and we're all stuck just waiting around for the lights to finally go out so we can do what needs to be done. Fortunately, I'm like 90% certain that the Great Reset is actually gonna turn out to be a Great Collapse, which, if true, would do most of the heavy lifting for us. All you'd have to do to fix everything in such a scenario would be to eradicate the hook-nosed disease and Make Women Property Again™.
went with a sd40ve https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2TNae5xAvrg it's time
>>34934 >Not an explicit ban yet I fucking warned you.
After everyone gets bored of talking about a big hyped event I don't know what happens afterwards. The trucker convoy protests just kept ramping up until the whole thing I guess just petered out. It at least proved that Americans are bigger pussies than Canadians.
>>35134 They were forced out by the cops and their bank accounts were frozen. At least they managed to get rid of the mask mandate before the crackdown.
>>35134 >>35139 Trucker convoy was largely successful. Feds refused to back down because of face, but they ended up having to import mercenaries, trample an old woman with a horse, illegally freeze bank accounts, and open fire into crowds in order to get their "victory." Meanwhile the convoy was extremely effective at an oblast provincial level getting it removed. Ottawa looked like a Canadian Moscow by the time the convoy finished. >It at least proved that Americans are bigger pussies than Canadians. It's more like Canada is more centralized so when niggers are nigging there is no redder state to run to.
Open file (154.08 KB 309x302 1367449818457.png)
>tfw started renewing license a week ago Everything will probably be sold out by the time it comes.
please god kill me
It didn't happen today there's still time to buy. I also heard that if they do enact it immediately any guns in limbo will still have their transfers processed. It's too late to join the CPC and vote for the leadership race so if you missed that you're fucked out of getting PP in.
>>35493 >Can't even buy a gun to kill himself with Damn, Canada really is hell!
Open file (169.66 KB 600x400 Leafs.jpg)
what did the leafs fuck up this time
Fuck my anti-gun parents for refusing to be character references on a license application, or I'd have stopped being nogunz years before this shit. >>35543 Handguns imports, purchases, and transfers are going to be banned. Handguns themselves technically aren't since those who own them can keep them for now, but otherwise, it's over. Also, they're banning magazines over 5 rounds for rifles. That was already banned, but this time they're apparently banning magazines that were above that and pinned to only 5, unless the modification is more permanent than just pinning, or something. I don't know exactly what they mean, but it sounds like bad news for (e.g.) the SKS, the cheapest and most easily-accessible semi-auto on the market, since it has a ten-round fixed mag by default and it's commonly modified to take AK mags.
>>35552 Don't you have friends or workmates? Get them to be your references. Also, the proposed legislation doesn't have the mag thing in it. It blows chunks and is effectively a ban, but it's not quite there yet.
>>35563 >Don't you have friends or workmates? No, none close enough to ask. The "no friends" thing is part of why my parents accused me of wanting the license in order to commit a mass shooting to begin with.
estimated wait for a transfer hit 6 weeks
>RCMP sneaks into a home unannounced at 5:30am on a tip that a missing teenager is in the house >Wakes up an 11 year old girl and interrogates her with a flashlight in her face (leaving her traumatized and subsequently unable to sleep due to fears of home invasion) >parents eventually wake up to the sound of people moving around, call out, and get no response, until they start searching the house and discover the officers looking for another kid to interrogate >the family has no clue who the missing teen is, has never met nor heard of her, and the tip was completely bogus >RCMP insists they spent 40 minutes of "knocking, door bell ringing and verbal communication" before entering >the family points out that this is a blatant lie since their house doesn't even have a fucking doorbell for them to ring, and their dog would have barked if they knock >After a "detailed review" that concluded within four days of the incident, and did not involve any testimony from the family, the RCMP's investigation into the RCMP has concluded that the RCMP "did nothing wrong" >the RCMP also insists the family is lying about filing a formal complaint and that none has been received >the provincial Justice Department's official position is that "It is inappropriate for the Minister of Justice and Public Safety to comment on a matter such as this one" Yep, sounds right, that's definitely how it's supposed to work. Have they gotten emboldened by being let of their leashes back during the trucker protests or something?
>>35700 >Have they gotten emboldened by being let of their leashes back during the trucker protests or something? Something like that. Probably a combination of being granted UN troopers masquerading as "Canadian police" and looking at how feckless the Americans are about rights being trampled.
>>35636 Quebec is so accurate it's not even funny there is an entire apartment complex of French leafs just like this here in Florida.
>>35636 >We Algerians are true French My sides
tenda took two fucking weeks to get me my reference number
>>36228 >old SS dude (or whatever you leaf litter call yours) trying to hide his disgust
>bank robbery in Saanich >one of guns used was that piece of shit m10x rifle >one of bodies looks like one of those CPR dolls Oy vey what (((cohencidence))). Just in time for the summer gun ban.
it's canada day
got my transfer number still waiting for the other one
Open file (505.69 KB 854x957 ClipboardImage.png)
https://archive.ph/YTrJB It's time to ban those darn assault knives.
>>40415 one of em is dead apparently
>>40415 Are they supposed to be eskimos or mexicans? Though I suppose they qualify as Aryan in CY+7.
>>40456 They're natives aka chugs.
hello frens, is this the most popular onionchan with a /k/? just a cangen migrant seeking refuge from the horror
Open file (48.73 KB 478x486 fuckofffag.jpg)
>>41264 >calling a non onion link site an onionchan >admitting you're a rapefugee from cuckchan Go back to your steaming pile of dogshit circlejerk known as /cuckgen/ niggerfaggot. Rapefugees Not Welcome
>>41285 literally go back to reddit lil leaf
Is Poilievre actually good, or just another cuck that will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory to appeal to people who will never like him?
>>41285 >>41291 I see this place is just as autistic, kek
Open file (159.86 KB 878x540 anonn.jpg)
>>41291 >4kike rapefugee telling others to go back >gatekeeping is reddit. Take your own advice, you braindead newfag 4umtard.
>>41294 You're not wrong. >>41301 Who the fuck gives a shit about gatekeeping on a board with maybe 5 regular users? Maybe if you took the stick out of your ass and stopped jumping at every post that violates your overly strict standards it would breathe some life into this place
if you're gonna start shit itt at least post funny leaf pics thank you
Open file (3.98 KB 82x81 yiddetected.jpg)
Open file (2.36 MB 1100x800 lurkmoar.gif)
>>41340 >Who the fuck gives a shit about gatekeeping Gatekeeping works as an imageboard's/online community's immune system, a concept newfags like you cannot grasp. 4cuck transplants like yourself who are against gatekeeping because your mindset revolves around "hurr durr muh higher PPH = good durr hurr" nigger mindset seek to give every community on the internet AIDS. >overly strict standards Maybe you should lurk moar instead of shitting up everything you touch instead faggot. No one is forcing you to stay here, if anything it is (You) who came here by your own notion, and thinks that this place is a cuckchannel offshoot. >it would breathe some life into this place It was just doing fine without you, VPNigger.
>>41387 I've heard these delusional rants so many times and have never once seen your brand of faggot repellent do anything but kill every board I've ever enjoyed. Guess everyone who leaves because of your obnoxious ass just wasn't a true enough anon according to your ridiculous standards huh? I hope you are miserable and I hope you live the rest of your life that way.
Open file (18.95 KB 600x450 icametokeke.jpg)
>>41389 >I don't like your standards reeeeeeeee! >you have to change it for me! Fit in or fuck off, underaged retard. >4um nigger calling others obnoxious topkek
>>41391 The only standards i have to accept are the BO's, you're just some peon throwing a temper tantrum because I pointed out you're an impotent dumbass that cries too easily. If only you had skin as thick as your skull.
Okay then, where should us slightly less autistic faggots unironically go? 8kun is feds, everywhere else is splintered to shit.
>>41391 >Fit in or fuck off, underaged retard. You're the one not fitting in lil zoomie >>41387 Maybe you should lurk more? You can easily see that everyone that's been here longer than you is not sperging out, since this faggot mindset was literally invented by unironic reddit kids flooding 8ch in ~2015 without having ever used any kind of related site before.
Open file (232.28 KB 1128x905 smugoni.png)
>>41402 >telling me to go back is throwing a temper tantrum, goy! Good lord, the absolute narcissism coming from your faggot posts. The only one who is clearly crying is you, and in multiple threads at that. Go ahead and try to do that emotional gaslighting again, I'm sure it will work this time. >>41407 >uses 4um lingo >painting anyone else a plebbit Also >everyone
where are my funny leaf pics >:^( last warning >>41402 (You) are not meeting them >>>:( >>41413 who are you quoting ???
Open file (185.65 KB 500x712 leaf.jpg)
>>41427 Now post it again but this time include a funny leaf pic.
Open file (64.95 KB 944x670 A Leaf.jpg)
Open file (77.82 KB 517x650 The Leaf.jpg)
>>41417 i despise your kind
Whoah was I just gatekept?
Is XMPPanon here? Will he ever fix his shit?
>Alberta and Saskatchewan both vowing not to cooperate with the buyback gungrab Will anything come of it, or is it just posturing without actually making any difference to on-the-ground enforcement?
>>41830 I figure it would be the rcmp that would enforce that if they can't get the provincial police to do it for free.
>>41841 Alberta and Saskatchewan have no provincial police. They have agreement with Ottawa for the RCMP to fill that role too, with the provinces providing most of the funding. It was the provincial heads of the RCMP whom Alberta and Saskatchewan have ordered not to cooperate.
Open file (11.65 MB 2616x3890 me on the right.png)
Open file (721.05 KB 720x416 sticks and stones.webm)
still waiting for my transfer number I ordered on june 4th
no more handguns
>>42935 It'll be the SKS next. The CBC is already campaigning against it.
>>42938 >campaigning Why even bother with the pretense? The shit they did with the truckers this past winter proves beyond any doubt Canada is just a dictatorship now.
How is Nova Scotia as a tourist destination? I want to go see the pirates and eat fish and chips.
Open file (2.06 MB 290x218 crismsonghost.gif)
wexit fucking when?
>>42940 I just import pepperoni cocks
>>18598 > Canadian Bruh, look this dude. wait till you see the umff uhwahahaha oh no no no no oh ho ho ho ohwhohoh, *Weez* AHAHAHAHHAHAHAH! Ah look at the top of his head *Weez weez* AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!! *Weez* Look at his lips kzzzhahahahaha!
>>43622 Strelok you feeling OK? **and why does he have ketchup on his chin in pic 3)
>>43674 >Strelok you feeling OK? Never been better. >and why does he have ketchup on his chin in pic 3) Ceremonial paint probably or he doesn't just dip his fries in ketchup but instead drowns them in the red died sugary corn syrup.
Open file (90.23 KB 770x578 five-bosses.jpg)
>>19332 >If we look at CGN, there's about 100k gun owners who seem to give a shit about our future. We have exceedingly low sympathy in the public sphere, none at the political level, and very little uptake of shooting sports and hunting by millenials and even less by GenZ. To be fair I think that has more to do with how many hoops and onerous laws you need to be a gun owner in LeafLand. Here in the states all you have to do is just not have a violent criminal record and have an IQ above a room temperature glass of water and that your sane so you can prove to the shop owner your not a liability to their businesses, building, and other customers with your new funs unless it's NYC, New Jersey, Washington DC, or California where you basically have to kiss the asses of your local judge, police chief, and mob. I wholeheartedly believe without that there would be more gun owners and recreational hobbies centered around firearms. Granted I'm speaking from my bias Americunt world view, I have no idea what the average leaffag is like outside of /k/ non the less recreational youth shooting has doubled here. What if any laws pertain to archery? Might be a good idea to try push hard to make that a common youth hobby again like it used to be to the point of even being a school curriculum, even if it leads to just 1 in 5 lads/gals growing up and later becoming interested in pipe launched projectiles that's still better than nothing. Got a younger brother or sister or perhaps a niece or nephew your close with of whom doesn't have overbearing helicopter parents who are scared shitless at the sight of sharp corners, kids on bike without helmets, and anything fun in general? To be fair kids should be wearing those helmets even if they look a little lame, ESPECIALLY if they live anywhere near a bar because LMAO drunk shitheads who are to cheap to just rent a hotel or to soft to sleep on a bench Get em a bow, set of blunt arrows, quiver, and solid target so you or another trusty parental figure can take them somewhere safe an have fun and shoot shit and enjoy yourself a yummy healthy picnic lunch afterwards. Same should apply if you've got any gremlins of your own obviously. Or perhaps if you can hide your power level go become a gym teacher at some leafschool and sneak that in there if you think you can get away with it but I'd be careful and only provide especially low power bows that at worse will give you a really bad bruise plus safety glasses because handling one kid is a chore but handling a class is something else I'd imagine and you don't want that liability should the class glue sniffer do something stupid which is inevitable at some point that's probably a good idea. I certainly wouldn't mind getting a cool bow or crossbow for my birthday or Christmas, been a long time since I lobbed arrows at shit, I kinda want to get back into archery again now after typing this plus there's a bonus in that arrows can be reused since shooting lead hurts our wallets even more now with supply chain shortages and the after effects of state led covid lockdowns that did fuck all to actually stop the virus when it's easier and cheaper to just politely ask people to stay home voluntarily if they feel sick and disinfect door handles which is has been proven to be more effective given Sweden isn't a giant toxic graveyard like the Mainstream Corporate Media said it would have ended up like. Sorry for the autistic walls of text rant over bows&arrows
>>43622 >"Xi: You've been a naughty tattletale" >"Trudeau: But it's current year!"
Open file (474.79 KB 2490x3510 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (685.37 KB 1054x1134 ClipboardImage.png)
>Goodbye Semi-Autos Why the fuck can't the ruskies already start thermonuclear war? Have some rage fuel.
Open file (141.05 KB 805x1095 albertan statement.png)
Open file (3.98 MB 1204x720 smith_statement.mp4)
>new additions to Bill C-21 that ban an absolute shitton of guns >the Albertan government releases a statement saying it will "explore all available options to take action" against the ban >Alberta's premier releases vid related >announces the Albertan Sovereignty Within a United Canada act >clarifies moments later that this is an outright refusal to enforce any federal policy or law that's seen as harming Alberta or Alberta's economy Something tells me Trudeau will react very poorly to this.
>>44125 If he was smart he'd just let them, but Trudeau has already shown he has no problem jetting in American and UN peacekeeping forces. Why does shit always happen in Canada around the holidays, anyways?
The Commissioner of the Emergencies Act inquiry has refused to allow any witnesses regarding the Nazi flag seen flying at the protests. His justification is that the convoy's lawyers' claim it was brought by bad actors trying to discredit the protest had "little foundation in evidence", so it was therefore justified to prohibit the lawyers from presenting any evidence.
>>44125 Place bets now: will Alberta cuck, or are we about to see a Canadian civil war?
>>44149 I'd like to hope for the best that the Canadian government sees they've overstepped their bounds and this being the domino to spark further autonomy movements, but this is Alberta we're talking about. Then again Smith is apparently fresh meat so maybe she'll actually do anything. The oil companies like her for using the same provisions to ignore environmental social credit nonsense if nothing else.
>>44125 >Something tells me Trudeau will react very poorly to this. He's reacting by ghosting her in the news. The only places discussing it in media are going from the angle that she's trying to defund the RCMP.
Open file (36.28 KB 761x620 Untitled.png)
https://firearmrights.ca/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/the-list.pdf bye sks along with 300 pages of other guns
Open file (37.79 KB 915x236 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (29.88 KB 729x229 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (119.00 KB 924x513 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.97 MB 380x285 GM6.gif)
>>44242 They also banned the Lynx, alongside ubiquitous weapons such as the Panzerbüsche 42 and the MG13. It's like they went out of their way to ban anything that was ever featured on Forgotten Weapons.
Open file (6.50 MB 2500x1875 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (44.73 KB 903x213 ClipboardImage.png)
>>44246 I fear I will waste way too much time hunting down all the strange and arcane weapons listen in these pages.
Open file (136.61 KB 889x539 ClipboardImage.png)
>Heckler & Koch All right, last one for today.
Open file (58.85 KB 891x228 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (88.24 KB 899x445 ClipboardImage.png)
>>44248 I lied, this is the gift that keeps on giving. Good thing that they banned the Blyskawica Blyskawica alongside the German Submachine Gun MP3008 and the turmgewehr MP45 rifle, some of the most common weapons in North America, some real ghetto blasters.
>>44152 >He's reacting by ghosting her in the news. Yeah, there's not a peep in the news about this. Absolute dead silence. I'd never have known about these new bans if not for this thread. Normally they gloat as loudly as they can about shit like this. I wonder if they're going to bother telling gun owners, or if they'd rather keep it quiet to skip straight to arresting them for not turning in guns they didn't know were banned.
>>44242 Is the Japanese Type 11 and 99 already banned? This list adds the Type 97, but otherwise I guess Trudeau is a weaboo.
somehow the list doesn't affect me, never paid $2000 for a NR loophole rifle though I fucking wanted to
I'm hearing suggestions the NDP are balking at C21 and may not support it, at least as wide-sweeping as it currently is. Mostly because of muh injuns of course, since it affects their revered and ancient traditions of hunting with guns invented and sold to them by white men.
>>44284 >Is the Japanese Type 11 and 99 already banned? I wouldn't be surprised, the Arisaka is a devastating and effective rifle at knocking down aircraft when paired with their anti aircraft sight. Hence why Nipponland was nuked, it was the only way America could realistically defeat and occupy the Japanese mainland. >>44503 The left/crypto commie's (not to be confused with the LOLberts who are technically left leaning on some issues) greatest weakness is shitskins openly disagreeing with them on their horrible policies. You'll never convince the Leftists otherwise but you can convince their audience so platform Seal Clubbers. Note the audience are almost universally retarded mouth breathers or cowards, they don't care about their human rights they just don't wanna be called raycist. >>44252 >Good thing that they banned the Blyskawica Blyskawica alongside the German Submachine Gun MP3008 and the turmgewehr MP45 rifle, some of the most common weapons in North America >some real ghetto blasters. Technically they are if you live in Libya. >>44096 >Why the fuck can't the ruskies already start thermonuclear war? Even if they did WTF is there in leafland that's worth nuking? I'm sure Putin would be far more interested in turning both the two Dakota's into a great lake, knocking down strategic satellites, and bringing fire and brimstone to Commiefornia where half the US navy is. Your fate is far worse, your home would end up as a Chink colony for Xi's empire to mine lithium, drill oil, and export maple syrup to the Mainland. Also I'm sure the Elites in the CCP would appreciate breathing fresh pine air not full of coal fueled smog. >Have some rage fuel. Quite infuriating indeed, if he doesn't want to get stuck in the middle of a conflict fine but he could just legally sell his funs to people who have a pair and then become a citizen of the USA.
>the gun bans are so harsh that even the left offers pushback >by pure coincidence a fucking 70-something geriatric suddenly shoots up his apartment with a gun the law's trying to ban
>>45151 There is no such thing as too far if you "win" that's the rallying cry of authoritarians for eons.
Open file (374.72 KB 638x878 horsenigger.png)
>>45151 CSISniggers/RCMPniggers are not even trying to hide it anymore. They know that the normalniggercattle masses have the memory of goldfishes.
>>44127 >>45151 I guess some false flags are more literal than the others. But the old dog doesn’t seem good at learning more tricks. Speaking of which… https://web.archive.org/web/1/espritdecorps.ca/on-target-4/on-target-canadas-links-to-ukraines-nazi-past-are-not-fake-news-theyre-real How’s good ol’ Chrystia Freeland, by the way?
>>45155 Is the RCMP a national police organization with little to no reign and regulation over it a la the Gestapo and NKVD.
>>45480 don't answer that, a rhetorical question
>>45510 To restate, the N in NWO is for Neocommunist nya~
>>45519 A better question to ask these days is, what regimes/organizations are not NWO nya~?
>>44938 >tfw no qt injun gf to go moose hunting with
>>45780 >wanting chug goblins as your offspring ngmi m80
i prefer CANADIAN owned and operated platforms such as anon dot cafe slash k
>>46292 This shit glows brighter than the Sun.
>>46295 Never do anything then, people that call controlled-op butt then offer no proof and no alternative are the real glowies pyon~
>>44246 >>44247 >>44252 Feels like at least one of the people writing it might have a specific guy in mind he wants to fuck over. Why else would guns there couldn't possibly be more than a handful of in Leafland even appear in a bill? Did a gun collector bang some legislator's wife?
>>46314 Yeah this prussian renactor fucked me in the ass and gave me a reacharound. I specifically requested that he NOT touch my penis. Unforgivable.
>>44938 >CG room, rifles, sacks, and crate >2D girl This was unexpected.
Open file (3.31 MB 600x500 bytheemperor.gif)
>>46303 >need to make an account
>>46381 Anon imageboards will never be popular with the sheeple anon.
>>46426 >what is 4cuck Anon, I...
>>46427 Not really anon and certainly not uncensored.
>>46431 Also, 4cuck is not terribly popular either when compared to say, reddit for example.
The amendments to C-21 have been withdrawn, and it's now back to "only" being a handgun ban. At least, that's what seems to be the case, but I don't trust Canadian news agencies to tell the truth about such things.
>>45794 Well if it makes you feel better I wasn't planning on reproducing anyway, it be cruel to curse a child with my offal set of genes.
Canada's government has voted Yes on Bill C11, "Bill C-11 expands the Broadcasting Act that grants the CRTC regulatory powers over radio and television to cover all audiovisual content on the Internet, including content on platforms like Tik Tok, YouTube, Spotify, and podcast clients."
>>47367 Through what means? DNS block?
>>47367 >"You will view no unapproved media." >t. Ministry of Truth Lol. Day of the Rake when?
>>47371 Soon if Wagner Group has any say in it. https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/415022245/ STATEMENT I hereby inform you that the Wagner PMC commanders' council has signed the protocol. On ‘the council was attended by 427 people (the quorum has been reached). The following decisions were made: >1. To consider as illegitimate government bodies of the USA, Great Britain and Canada. We know for certain that the policy of these countries is based on the creation and use of terrorist organizations, as well as terrorist methods in the following spheres: military, economic, biological, information, telecommunications (cyberterrorism), humanitarian (resulting in various forms of genocide and neo-colonialism: the oppression of the black population of Africa, the Slavic peoples in particular, Russians, oppression of Asians on racial grounds), as well as confessional terrorism, especially towards Christians and Muslims. >2. Recognize invalid the following documents: the US Declaration of Independence. (ratified 4 July 1776), the Treaty of Union of Great Britain (ratified 1 May 1707), the Constitutional Act of British North America (adopted March 29, 1867). Accordingly, having all the necessary information about the 2016 and 2020 US elections, as well as the documented facts of fraud during the latter, determine the 2020 US election is illegal. Recognize Great Britain as a state whose citizens currently live in a "troubled time of anarchy." Challenge the sovereignty of Canada due to the fact that it is a territory of the Commonwealth in led by King Charles S. >Based on the above, the governments of the United States, Great Britain and Canada are recognized as ober-terrorist and illegal: Clauses 4 and 9 of paragraph 7 of the Charter of PMC "Wagner" apply to the chief terrorists. US President Joseph Biden, King Charles III of Great Britain and Canada give an explanation for what reason they illegitimately hold power in the above states, oppressing the peoples of the USA, Great Britain and Canada. In turn, PMC "Wagner" will provide the peoples of these and other oppressed countries all kinds of assistance in countering terrorist structures, such as the government United States, British and Canadian government, Islamic State, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, Katiba Masina, etc. We will protect and support the civilian population of states, exposed to genocide, neo-colonialism, terrorism by private, public and supranational entities. >"Wagner" will provide the peoples of these and other oppressed countries all kinds of assistance in countering terrorist structures, such as the government United States, British and Canadian government >sauce: t.me/concordgroup_official
>>47396 Does that mean Wagner recognizes injundom as a contemporary party, active or not? what a strange thing to read in current year. Guess they made that to justify services and information to other nations without going into being terrorists themselves i suppose.
Open file (104.78 KB 941x960 Butthurt.jpg)
>>47396 >being this assblasted that globohomo doesn't like what you're doing that you make a gesture of "NO U" in response lol lmao even
>>47396 Unfathomably based. Great seeing someone with the balls to actually point out the elephant in the room trying to fuck you instead of taking it up the ass like the bitches that are the west. Americans can't even complain in public about living in a post-democracy banana republic without being shamed lmao. Though here in leafland, its more like everyone knows but doesn't care
>>47396 >...King of Great Britain and Canada Karl [sic] III... intentional?
>>47282 >its cruel to curse a child with my offal set of genes. Anon, all the worst people in the world with the actually worst genes would never even contemplate that in the first place. Over 1/3 of males get aroused at Group Sex porn, with the massive amount more of women who get aroused at well, it just goes to show that at least 1/3 of humanity is in part a result of gang raping retards who didn't even have the logical capability to make sure they actually succeded in the process of actually passing on their own genetic material instead of just cooming for fun. Outside of europe and a few exceptions, the whole world was filled with polygamy and sex slavery that made sure at least 40% of men each generation never got to breed before dying, with the only ones getting to pass on their genes being determined by anti-eugenic mesures of power-stagnant retards, and the paleolithic attraction standards of women breeding generations of idiotic bugmen at best. Whites didn't even have a writing system, and just killed and raped each other until the romans tried to get us to get our shit together, and even though it took centuries we made it in the end, like anyone else could. Trying to dissuade yourself from breeding is idiotic, because the worst breed from the worst chug goblin will absolutly be better than 90% of all humans that have ever existed before them, 50% of all humans getting born right now (as long as you don't royally fuck up parenting boomer style), and as long as they don't have massive disorders preventing reproduction/proper function; your kids will always have the possibility of continuing/improving your bloodline through the generations, no matter who you breed with. TLDR: Not breeding because of dumb excuses like "muh bad genes" or "its racemixing" is retarted, and even if you can't have a perfect picturest family, Its better to have kids than not because humanity is doomed to a fate worst than death if everyone like you thinks otherwise.
>>47411 This. The very fact you're even posting honestly on an imageboard means you're already superior to at least 50% of the world's population (by default), and probably more like 90-95%. Find some asian whore and bleach her, Anon.
>>47396 While I greatly admire them if this is a legit declaration of war against most of the Anglosphere (it's well-deserved since we literally invited kikes to cuck us over), I do wonder what could possibly go wrong?
>>47396 >In turn, PMC "Wagner" will provide the peoples of these and other oppressed countries all kinds of assistance in countering terrorist structures, such as the government United States, British and Canadian government DO IT, FAGGOT!
Open file (49.33 KB 272x242 1637200968360.png)
>>47396 Good. The most important clause in that is clause >In turn, PMC "Wagner" will provide the peoples of these and other oppressed countries all kinds of assistance in countering terrorist structures Basically confirming that the Russians will give us (rural conservatives) guns when the civil war breaks out for real in 2025 or in 2029 if the deep state tries the pressure relief valve method since Wagner is just the unofficial arm of the Russian government. >>47282 I'm not going to say you have a duty to have kids no matter what, but basically >>47411 With the rate of mental illness among single-parent households, any fuckups you produce regardless of genetic disposition (not even diabetes) are already going to be better than a plurality of humans alive today by just injecting your genetic material into strangers simply by virtue of carrying your genes. If you decide to put a ring on her, then your offspring is automatically better than nearly 80% of human beings born today simply for not being born or raised out of wedlock (almost half of children are born out of wedlock in most predominantly white countries, and another roughly half will experience divorce of parents before adulthood). You don't have a duty to have kids, but you should have kids if prevented with the opportunity since the income of a worthless sack of shit staying with another worthless sack of shit is still more than enough to raise them and the experience of raising them will make you less of a worthless sack of shit, at least from personal experience in the matter. Even if you are a waifuist you still have a "duty" to take the opportunity to have children while on this mortal coil because the day anon stops having children is the day that new waifus for new anonlings stop being born into the world as normalfags take over mediums of entertainment and kill them. Your waifu wants more of you to propagate through this earth; that is part of why she loves you since your eternal life with her comes after your mortal coil. Do it for her and spread your genes if presented with the opportunity. In these troubling times you will undoubtedly be presented with the opportunity to have children in the next ten years whether through consent or rape, and whether through consent or rape that woman's life will be improved by you dicking her as your ancestors before you dicked their wives. Don't let the soys and bugs win, anon.
>>47436 >if the deep state tries the pressure relief valve method Pardon my ignorance, I don't understand Strelok? >Even if you are a waifuist you still have a "duty" to take the opportunity to have children while on this mortal coil because the day anon stops having children is the day that new waifus for new anonlings stop being born into the world as normalfags take over mediums of entertainment and kill them. >Don't let the soys and bugs win, anon. Lol nice. Even if I was disinclined to procreate, this argument alone would be enough of a motivation.
>>47440 2025 is the next president/congress for Burgerland. If the deep state deems it more worthwhile to let the people have their token populist candidate because the frogs have realized the water is boiling, they'll install the token populist candidate for a single term again and bring down interest rates/taxes/jobs so they can keep adjusting the heat slowly. Otherwise they've gotta slam the lid down, max out the heat, and hold it tight when the frogs start jumping (cracking down harder than they ever have before to try and prevent a civil war). Canada is harder to predict because 49% of Canadians want a new parliament this year while the government is trying to hold out until the end of 2025.
>>47442 Where in the fuck would Weimaricans or Cucknadians find the impetus for civil war? Even their regional leaders are jewed. Seriously - who would they rally behind who isn't controlled opposition?
>>47442 Ahh, that's understandable. Makes sense, thanks Strelok. Fuck the globohomo and all their golems, too.
>>47446 Once there's an all-out infrastructure collapse, then the next William Wallace will inevitably rise.
>>47446 >Where in the fuck would Burgers or Leafs find the impetus for civil war? They're going for the environmental social credit system method of collapse and reformation into a totalitarian dictatorship. Said system ends up leading to economic collapse and if you are less lucky resource wars. As >>47448 said when the infrastructure can't support the government's spending, we're there already but it isn't as noticeable yet, shit will get crazy real fast. We're talking the kind of degradation that happens in years will happen in weeks levels of bad. See Sri Lanka and Lebanon. The former has only avoided complete collapse of the government because most people are self-sufficient and own their own food supply partially or fully. >Even their regional leaders are jewed. From what I've seen they've increasingly radicalized and by radicalized I mean have become hardline on previously malleable issues. One of two things will happen as this controlled demolition continues (because it's already started). >Everything is fuck we all live in the pods and eat the bugs while conservatives and other undesirables are purged from the face of the earth/relegated to live in concentration camps >Civil unrest reaches a boiling point and guns come out, civil war optional but highly likely depending on what happens next I don't entertain the former even though it's already happening in real time and I won't entertain discussion of that ending because you can do that literally anywhere on the internet in whatever normalfuck space you want to do so in. The point is we're already in the stages of civil unrest where your politics determine the length and severity of your prison sentence, only one side of the story is shared on state-sponsored corporate media, and only protected classes (niggers) who heavily align with the state's politics can legally protest this injustice, and only when done so in a way that the state deems acceptable.
>>47449 I'm not at all sure that ZOG can't just introduce their new CBDC and "reset" inflation at the most cohencidentally convenient time after just a few weeks of riots. It wouldn't actually fix anything except on the surface level, but surface level is where NPCs live. Any talk of a sudden SHTF moment where ZOG loses all of their power instantaneously is just cope from impatient do-nothings as far as I'm concerned. It takes decades to build up communities who can stage alternative systems and they simply do not exist in atomized America. The only exception is when a foreign power steers the stupid masses into an organized force, and when you find yourself fighting for a Putin or Xi takeover, one would have to wonder whether it's worth it.
>>47440 >Pardon my ignorance, I don't understand Strelok? What do you think Donald Trump was elected selected to do? Of course that backfired spectacularly but there was an attempt. The World Economic Forum will probably pull a name tag out of a hat of various "right wing populists" with milk toast opinions like >"we only want to take your semi auto pistols but it's perfectly fine for serfs citizens I mean to own flintlocks and hunting bows." Not sure who qualifies for that but if your a leaflander you probably already know who the controlled OP will be. >>47396 Interesting, their "but muh Injun rights!" hypocrisy irritates me. Last I checked all those things they're accusing the Anglo race of doing is the same shit they did to the Tatar's when they kicked them out of Crimea and sent their ass to some Siberian slum so Stalin had fresh land to bribe the Holol's with, well to be fair Stalin was Georgian not Russo-slavic, non the less it took the one of Tito's henchmen from fucking Yugoslavia to end Stalin's oppressive rule though I'm not sure if things improved for the Tatar muzzies afterwards or not. But like other anon's have pointed out we Angloid's deserve all the hate we're getting especially for being a major lynch pin of the WEF's world domination plot to create a future were we own nothing... Except for the elites of course, they'll probably own fortress mansions guarded by private armies. >>47449 >Said system ends up leading to economic collapse and if you are less lucky resource wars. Well it's already been called out that said resource wars will be heavily aimed at lithium mines if we don't ever discover a better alternative for batteries. Gotta keep those Bing Bing Wahoo machines and over priced smartphones ticking... But not forever of course because Google and Apple want you to throw your phone out after just a few years instead of just give you an open bios and the ability to remove said phone battery easily instead of having the pry the damn things open with little plastic clips after holding a hair dryer over it for a few minutes because manufacturers also insisting on gluing their shitty smartphones together too, it's funny that Google and Apple then have the gal to say the 'care' about the environment too, if they really cared I'd be able to just use a standard Phillips screw driver to replace the battery and run whatever operating system I wanted on said phone which would prolong it's service life by like twenty years but we Americunts have been indoctrinated to be mindless wasteful consumerists so that's probably not happening anytime soon unless it's out of necessity rather than morality.
>>47452 >Lithium mines Are you implying there's a correlation between the upper Rhine brine extraction project in Krautland and the b*rger-n*rwegian sabotage of N*rd Stre*m 2/Ukraine war/Taiwan question?
>>47505 >Are you implying there's a correlation between the upper Rhine brine extraction project in Krautland and the b*rger-n*rwegian sabotage of N*rd Stre*m 2/Ukraine war In short yes I think that's one of the driving reasons behind this war and why neither side of the upper heads of government want to negotiate and just split the territories in half already but certainly not the only reason. After all we've already hit peak Lithium production anon so in the eye's of the stonks holders the only way up towards 'endless growth' margins is to monopolize, which is a shame because just splitting Holol land in half through the Dnieper would have more or less ended this conflict already. Of course Holol's and Russo-Slavs just outright despise each other like Croats and Serbs do so even if they where just fighting over a desert wasteland on par with the Sahara in terms of uselessness neither side would ever budge on that either just out of pure bitterness alone. >Taiwan question? That's different, the CCP bugmen will never cease being eternally butthurt about shit that happened to them hundreds of years ago like muh Hong Kong Narco state or muh Nanjing rape and if given the chance would gladly annex all of Mongolia, the Philippians, and Japan. I mean why the fuck not? They didn't hesitate to conquer Tibet and annex a chunk of Northern Vietnam. Consider this anon, North Korea has nuclear arsenal not just to keep the Americunts away but also the PLA. As for us Americunts particularly our politicians and generals they like to pretend our willingness to defend Taiwan is out of altruism but it's really just more about defending TSMC's highly advanced CPU's and chiplet manufacturing plants because we Americans as well as Israel (basically Intel) decades behind what TSMC has accomplished and it would really suck getting bombed back into the stone age and having to use Intel Pentiums just to get by. Though do keep in mind I have a very obvious bias, I fucking hate the CCP and the Mainland Chinks victim complex where they think themselves to be the center of the fucking Universe and therefore always so I'm all for defending Taiwan.
Open file (67.12 KB 501x443 Laughing sam.jpg)
>>47396 >Getting their shit kicked in by Ukrainians >Shit ivan what do we do?! >Lets declare the US to still be part of the british empire. >That will help the war somehow. Not surprising russia is losing when they got idiots like these in charge.
>>47512 russia already won the war you dumb swede
>>47510 >Of course Holol's and Russo-Slavs just outright despise each other like Croats and Serbs do But that's wrong you retard. This is purely a contrived event by the kikes. I have two IRL aquaintances 1 Russian, 1 Ukrainian. They are tight friends with each other, and just laugh at the Western media's spin on things. This is why conscripts are readily taken in as prisoners instead of being disposed of on the spot. There is a centuries-long concord between the two peoples in the region. Why do you think the slimeball rat is actively purging all Russian literature in the Ukraine right now? Because his puppet-masters know that a language bonds people together. >tl;dr This is a shitstorm created by Greater Jerusalem for it's own benefit, and nothing fundamentally about differences between the peoples themselves. >/preach
>>47515 I'm sure your totally real anecdote about two slavs represents the whole situation. Yet again a sagepost offering nothing but retarded takes.
I have two IRL aquaintances 1 Isreali, 1 Palestinian. They are tight friends with each other, and just laugh at the Western media's spin on things.
I have two IRL acquaintances, 1 Yankee and 1 Dixie. They are tight friends with each other, and just laugh at the European media's spin on things.
I have two online acquaintances, 1 Egyptian and 1 Tunisian. They both fucking hate each other, and just laugh at their government's spin on things.
I have two IRL aquaintances 1 Bengali, 1 Pakistani. They have lots of gay sex with each other, and just laugh at the Western media's spin on things.
Open file (220.81 KB 1440x1080 Very annoyed Minnie May.jpg)
So what guns aren't B&'d in leafland at this point? Can you guys still own a few fud tier bolt actions and shotguns or are you now relegated to using black power muskets? Yah know since SKS's are just so common in spree killings outside of Khamar Rouge Cambodia.
Open file (650.85 KB 760x1556 wagner05.png)
>>47436 >Good. The most important clause in that is clause With all the (barely) covert fuckery thrown in their direction, its only the natural next step for them to respond in kind. Looking at it that way, it's almost naive to think they havent considered this and/or even laid the groundwork for it. >>47398 >what a strange thing to read in current year. >being this assblasted that globohomo doesn't like what you're doing that you make a gesture of "NO U" in response It's like international diplomacy trolling. >>47409 >Though here in leafland, its more like everyone knows but doesn't care It's going to get worse before it gets better, the worse it gets the more people start paying attention. >>47410 It could be machine translation error >>47416 The same people with the boot on our necks have been trying to force it down on theirs for most if not all my life. It's inevitable that one day they will respond in kind.
>>47571 https://armalytics.ca is a site that keeps track of all available firearms in Canada. Recently there was supposed an amendment to ban all semi-automatic magazine fed guns that was recently retracted. The bill in question is still working its way through and is likely to pass. The main part of that bill introduces a ban on handguns. Sales on handguns have been frozen since early 2021 or so, but that was on an "Order in Council" fiat proclamation by the ruling party. The new legislation (C-21) is to enshrine it in law. We used to be able to buy most common rifles available in the US, but magazines were pinned to 5 rds, and barrel length restricted to >18.5". There is a Restricted class license with a more stringent vetting process that changes the barrel length stuff. After a shooting in 2020 (where the guy used an AR and disguised himself as a cop and rolled around in an cop car blasting mounties) they banned a bunch of common rifles by name, including all AR variants. You can see the list here https://bcfirearmsacademy.ca/list-of-banned-firearms-in-canada-may-1-2020/
>>47620 >The bill in question is still working its way through and is likely to pass. The rest of Bill C-21, minus the semi-auto rifle amendment is likely to pass. The main change is banning handguns in our law books, to solidify the earlier fiat ban.
>>47791 >Less than 300 kilometers away Guess its good I'm drinking bottled water, will reverse osmosis clean this shit or is it all ogre?
>>47867 RO will filter it and so will many traditional commercial filters. The issue isn't that it can't be filtered, it's that the US ZOG is covering it up rather than making any attempt to distribute filtration.
>>47874 >covering it up >literally still on the news and also all over the internet
>>47892 Don't bother too hard trying to talk sense; people are losing their minds over this. I saw one interview with a resident of the town who cried out of stress and anxiety, then blamed chemicals in the air for his eyes getting red and puffy. There's going to be a ton of vague general illness due purely to stress, fear, and the expectation of illness. And of actual illnesses, every single one the area sees for the next several decades is going to get blamed on the crash. Every birth defect, every heart attack, every cancer, all of it will be pointed to by someone as "proof" of the crash's harm, no matter how many of them would have happened anyway. Outcomes of potentially-fatal diseases will be worse, and the mortality rates of cancer will be higher than they otherwise would be for a given stage at detection, due to fatalism and a perception of being doomed (since on statistical levels, optimism vs pessimism have a very significant impact on that sort of disease). Residents will probably also see an increase in mortality for other reasons as well, such as alcoholism and risk-taking behaviours, again due to a pessimistic belief that since they're already doomed so it doesn't matter.
>>47899 If it motivates even one person to physically do something about those who genocide us, that sense of already being dead is a beautiful thing.
>>47899 It just baffles me how over the past couple of years people on this board have either fallen for some real horseshit or are apparently gone straight up tranny tier denial of reality. It's on the news, it's all over twatter and other social media shitholes, it's all over the fucking place, yet still it's somehow being covered up? Was /k/ always this full of retards and I somehow overlooked it until now or did the population get replaced like what happened with /tv/ anons being ousted by /cow/ niggers and discord spics?
>>47905 Anyone on IB circles has such a searing nervous-system-level hatred of the current world order they immediately assume that everything bad that happens is their fault and the maximum amount of evil is being perpetrated. and it's not undeserved
>>47900 This is a good point. Certainly despite the kike's favorite puppets, the glownigger's, best efforts, the reality of it all will finally sink it. That'll be all she wrote for ZOG at that point. Any countries not-inextricably-linked to them, will recover after a few year's time.
>>47892 >>47899 it wasn't well covered for about a week until a big stink was raised just another reason to move
>>47922 It was very-obviously being blatantly memory-holed. If based Elon hadn't created a semi-free Twatter today, then the only way to have even found out would probably be by Dailystormer.in/Andrew Anglin-alikes that literally hate the Jews. And it was closer to two weeks before they finally caved (simply b/c their muh_optics, ofc).
>>47905 >Was /k/ always this full of retards It always had some retards, but it's gotten worse lately. There's been a few newfags in particular like >>47923 and the Voxxe spammer i.e. the "nya~" fag constantly posting that zerohedge trash who've been shitting up the board lately.
>>47925 Day of the rake soon, glowfag.
>>47923 Straight up blatant lies. >>47925 How do these obnoxious attention seeking fags find places like this and why waste their time here? Surely they can get better dopamine hits from turbofast shitholes like 4/pol/.
Open file (3.84 MB 2460x1600 nvr 4get.png)
>>47932 turbofast sites go so fast their posts get buried before they raise anyone's blood pressure here's a quick rundown of the faggots currently inhabiting /k/ and how to spot them >linkfag: faggot that posts twink links with every post he makes >ethnoglobe sperg: will not shut up about muh impending race war, strokes Andrew Anglin's/Daily Stormer's cock, refuses to do anything else. instead of legitimate solutions his only response is "kill all joos and nonwhites" >local schizo(s): cannot make one single post without mentioning kikes, ZOG, USSA, NWO, UN, etc., rambles about retarded conspiracies and throws above acronyms into his posts without any context or reason >tomokofag: like linkfag but with tomoko >nyafag: as mentioned by >>47925 there are probably more but these ones shit up the board the most, and BO seems complacent with their faggotry. can we get a real BO instead of being under interim management?
>>47933 Also: >fedfag: replies to posts he doesn't like saying they're a fed without any further context. will reply to everyone else asking why saying they're feds too. sages bumplocked threads.
Open file (42.90 KB 780x467 spurdo_bsyghology.jpg)
>>47905 >>47899 It was being covered up/downplayed during the first few days after the event. If you can be arsed to look into it (and you probably won't because muh schizos) you will see it was omitted from the large MM headlines UNTIL the alternative media on the internet started posting about it and some big twitter names took note. I have no words for you, you imbeciles. They are shitting themselves about fucking carbon emissions and terrorize everyone about global warming apocalypse if people wont stop eating meat, but when the biggest ecological catastrophe in the last decades takes place (loads of vinyl polychloride which is MASSIVELY poisonous being burned and released into atmosphere) because of incompetence and/or failing infrastructure, suddenly they are dragging feet and focusing on some flying saucer bullshit. And I won't be surprised if in two weeks all of this is memoryholed and everyone except the locals and those affected stops talking about this.
>>47936 >you will see it was omitted from the large MM headlines UNTIL the alternative media on the internet started posting about it I heard about it from the MSM first, early enough that the story was about the plan to burn off the vinyl chloride, days before I first started seeing schizos crying cover-up. >loads of vinyl polychloride which is MASSIVELY poisonous There is no such thing as "vinyl polychloride". There's polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is safe and nontoxic. But the train was carrying neither, and instead had vinyl chloride, the non-polymerized version and the precursor to PVC production, which is very different. At least get your shit straight.
>>47936 >if I keep lying it becomes real The story was out the day it happened. Fuck man I really wish I could behead you and any children you hopefully didn't have.
>>47957 Why are you rushing to defend the media owned and operated by jews who are genociding you? They've lied about everything from defacto open borders letting in rapists and killers by the millions to displace you, the kikeVAXX causing heart disorders in the easily fooled goyim, the mostly peaceful niggers running rampant through every major city in Weimerica - burning and looting with impunity. Why do you doubt they're playing interference and downplaying America's Chenobyl? Are you that brainwashed, or just trolling?
>>47966 Because you're telling straight up lies like the kikes you cry about and I'm not going to stop calling them out just because you throw accusations of kike defense at me, you troglodyte fuck.
>>47967 >I would rather attack my own people over discrepancies from the media narrative than recognize that the (((proven liars))) are probably playing tricks again. I see. I wish you good luck in the coming mass murder of Whites. May your ironclad sense of truth and justice appeal to the unthinking feds, blue helmets, and nigger mobs.
>>47972 we got one >>47933
>>47972 >kikes lie to you so you should be okay if I lie to you Nope, not going to stop calling you out, troglodyte fuck.
>>47974 Intersting how kikes discredit Zerohedge, and an anon suggesting media corruption/complicity while offering no superior source of info, and this is even with Zerohedge being controlled-opposition and by no means free of (((censorship))). Oh and the mods here, deleted the link because... why? Tl;dr Kikes don't want this board being active with free discourse.
>>48026 >hey kikes lie, so let me lie to you do not question me <no >interedasting that you dont buy into my biased media outlet because other biased media outlets also lie It's not interesting at all actually. If anything it's frustratingly simple yet people like you are allowed to run about shitting in everyone's mouths and pretending like it's okay because you also don't like jews even though you argue and behave exactly like one.
im jew t. im jew
>>48037 JIDF?
>>48074 Why don't you abandon Satan? Your Rothschild masters gave you pleb Jews the goy injections 2, they'll use you up just like the goys.
>If you want to know what evil is happening in the (formerly) Great White North... https://canucklaw.ca/recent-posts/
You can't even stay in your containment thread and you've drawn my ire now. Very well, I accept your challenge, rapefugee.
>>19168 Top le, glad I wasn't the only one thinking that.

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