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what's a war board without a conflict?

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Board OC video competition Strelok Board volunteer 08/10/2021 (Tue) 00:58:36 No.17990
TL DR: VOL IS RETARDED AND CAN'T VIDEO EDIT. BEST OC VIDEO SUBMITTED BEFORE DEC 14TH GETS FEATURED ON PINNED ON A (NEW) META POST FOR A LONG PERIOD OF TIME. RULES BELOW. First off... Happy Aufbau Ost. I said I'd make a few videos for the board when I had free time when I got a functioning GPU. Well, GPU still missing so I got a pos from 2004.... Took me forever to render this so fuck that and it was $5 for the GPU........ I think personally, that the board needs to break off from the original 8cuck history, since a lot of our banners/oc is from that era... So..... Taking into the spirit, "What's a warboard without conflict?" signage in red, I'll give all you streloks' a little challenge. Create the an oc video for the board to be featured on the intro post for half a year, before I rotate them. The previous video was made by slovak anon here: >>7690 Entry Requirements: >must be less than file limit (20mb), preferably under 10mb >Must be submitted in WEBM format >must be oc >Sound encouraged, not required >focused on board content (If it's interesting I can accept that). >board rules apply, gore in this case means visible organs/limbs/head detached etc. If it's just a dead body I don't think anyone gives a fuck. >must be submitted before Dec 14th, 2021. >real life footage preferred >SCRUB YOUR FILE METADATA If there are no visible quality differences (eg, bad cuts like my POS right there, mismatched audio), I'll put them all into a raffle drawing and draw one as the winner. The rest will be rotated at some interval I'll figure out later (probably annually/ semi-annual) Good hunting, strelok.
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