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Open file (403.42 KB 640x414 aef7nebxpvu51.png)
/k/anteen Mk 5, critical psy-emission edition Strelok 07/26/2021 (Mon) 17:07:03 No.17549
Welcome to /k/anteen, this thread is a catch-all for general discussion that our brothers either do not believe needs its own thread, or isn't particularly relevant to the board topics at hand. Rule 1 is more stringently enforced here by the preachers. >why new thread Old thread bumplocked >>16158 https://www.fox4news.com/news/gunman-in-deadly-fort-worth-shooting-stoned-to-death https://archive.is/8wVkm >FORT WORTH, Texas - A group of people in Fort Worth stoned a gunman to death after a shooting killed one and injured two others. >Just before 1 a.m. Monday, investigators say the man started firing at a crowd in Fort Worth's Como neighborhood on the southwest side near Bryant Irvin Road and the Chisholm Trail Parkway. >One person died in the shooting and two others were hurt, but are expected to survive. >The crowd then started throwing gardening stones and killed the gunman. >It's not clear what exactly led up to the shooting. Police have only said it started with some kind of disturbance. >Police also say the people involved all knew each other. At this point no names have been released of those involved in the incident. Another source is claiming bricks were used. Como is a predominately black neigborhood so you know what that means. >be dindu nutin jamal >angry cause your crack whore gf got a train run by tyrone and co. >what did you say nigga? >grabs a gun and shoots tyrone and gf >gets pelted to death by bricks/stones. The absolute state.... WE WUZ CAVEMEN AND SHEET Яр, а Яр! А подивись но, що у мене є! Hey come on! Yesterday joke not funny today!
Open file (100.80 KB 256x256 Монолит.png)
Благодарим Тебя за то, что раскрыл слугам Твоим козни врагов наших. Озари сиянием Своим души тех, кто отдал жизнь во исполнение воли Твоей. В бой, защитники Монолита! В бой! Отомстим за павших братьев наших. Да будет благословенно их вечное единение с Монолитом! Смерть… Лютая смерть тем, кто отвергает Его священную силу!
https://archive.is/AUnI5 >chemical plant explosion in Leverkusen, authorities tell people to close windows and stay indoors due to fumes Hope everyone here still has their full face masks and filter cartridges.
>>17578 Chemical plant? Woooo! Time to get my gasmask and protective suit out, gonna steal me some chemicals amidst the chaos!
So, my unanswered Q in the qtddtot thread could be expanded, to "who all has a glockalike and what variety is it?" That could pass for a thread around here but I've a feeling it won't get many replies.
Open file (127.41 KB 489x424 1625968894109.png)
I used to bitch about the ethics of self-driving vehicles and how it decides who or what to hit in an emergency, but after looking over the death data in relation to car incidents, I think I'm in favor of self-driving cars. Cons: >You aren't in control of the vehicle >360 degree vision/radar systems are constantly monitoring you >Requires a GPS unless you are installing a $10,000 gyro in it Pros: >Basically a taxi service >You aren't in control of the vehicle >People can't suicide with them injuring others recklessly >360 vision/radar systems can detect up to 500 meters away much further than the average human pays attention >Autonomous vehicles don't create traffic jams 94% of Driver accidents in America are caused by driver error behind the wheel. The current Jewgle cars have the equivalent in-lab miles of a human driving a taxi for 200,000 years and the equivalent in-field hours of that taxi driver driving 2,000 years without pause between shared fleet experience. In that time they've gotten in 18 accidents of which the Jewgle car was only found at fault in two of them. Imagine a world where you don't need car insurance, can get behind the wheel shitfaced drunk, and never witness or experience a car accident in the average adult lifespan. I think the ethical question of autonomous vehicles is secondary to the pure question of reducing vehicle fatalities. A car is not a gun and its core purpose isn't to kill, so I don't think this is logically inconsistent. The threat of such vehicles being used for political assassination isn't low, but the majority of people driving aren't targets of political assassination.
>>17583 Anon, for the most part proper public transport is capable of the same, while being much more efficient and overall cheaper. Of course by that I mean the trams and trains you can find in Japan. But even so, the real problem is that too many people drive even when mass transportation is objectively superior, because there is this global culture that says sitting in a traffic jam makes you free. Just fucking ban cars in cities with a population over 100 000, connect all of those cities with buses and trains, and suddenly weed need ~80% less cars in this world.
>>17585 I agree for the most part, however trains require infrastructure that simply wasn't maintained after the 70s and you can't get people to ride buses since the buses are either unclean, unreliable, or expensive as all shit. An autonomous car lets you have the benefits of a personal vehicle still.
>>17586 Your second mistake is assuming that America is the whole world. If we banned America we could get rid of shitskins all around the world, and then we could ban cars in cities with a population over 100 000.
>>17585 seconded, but >[...]ban cars in cities with a population over 100.000 [...] this, everything below that is crazy. public transportation is one thing, but for people living in rural environments, using that shit is impractical as hell. Been there, done that. Even riding my bicycle is better, as i can decide for myself when to get going, when to return, and i don't have to wait for a bus, pay exorbitant prices for a ticket, and deal with dipshits chimping around in public transport. >>17586 >[...] unclean, unreliable, or expensive [...] all problems that come from underfunding/bad fund use. regulating public transport on a state level would help with that. >inb4 muh gommunism sometimes it's better when the state regulates something, than if it was a company only interested in profit.
>>17588 >but for people living in rural environments, using that shit is impractical as hell You've either misunderstood me or missed the point. If you ban cars in cities, but then don't give people a way to get from one city to an other one, then many of them will still want cars that will needlessly take up a lot of space in the outer edges of cities and jam up the roads between cities. If cityfolks can travel between cities and get around in a given city without ever needing a car, then many of them will forget that cars even exist. And rural folks can keep the cars and use them to get around their rural places without having much impact on anything, even if they travel to cities.
>>17585 >mass transportation is objectively superior I do rely on public transit but I can only do that because I don't go anywhere (except times I can rely on someone with a car). I have a grocery store across the street I can walk to, I buy little that can't be bought online except food, I live directly on the bus route that runs to my office, and I have no friends or in-person hobbies including being nogunz. The few times when I do have to go anywhere else, it's a nightmare, and for the vast majority of people who need to do that regularly public transportation is simply not practical. For me to visit the nearest tea shop, buy tea, and come home would take twenty minutes by car (not including time in the shop), but it would take about two hours by bus on the two days a week that route runs. >Just fucking ban cars in cities with a population over 100 000, connect all of those cities with buses and trains That's fucking retarded. And how exactly do you expect people to get between City and Not-City if they can't use cars? Am I supposed to walk 30 kilometers past the city limits to visit my parents? Is my mother supposed to walk that every morning to get to work because they can't drive? And if cars are banned how the fuck do you expect people to be able to move things too big and heavy to carry by hand on the bus? Do you expect people to rent a moving truck to move one chest of drawers from a furniture store hom?
Open file (73.83 KB 737x403 relax.jpg)
>>17590 >And if cars are banned how the fuck do you expect people to be able to move things too big and heavy to carry by hand on the bus? Just get /fit/.
Open file (575.33 KB 1000x800 Artoo_Droid_Socket_TCG.jpg)
>>17583 They need to delegate the AI and self-learning algorithm to the per car level, with the ability to disconnect it from network communication.
>>17590 >[...]how the fuck do you expect people to be able to move things too big and heavy to carry by hand on the bus? Good point i wanna adress. Doing this will for one, force people to be more mindful and careful with the things they have, buy better things, and decrease useless one-thing-shopping tours a la "oh i need a new desk, better drive to homeless depot real quick!". For the other, it will probably encourage people to use small hand-carriages or small wagons to transport things like these. How the hell did our ancestors transport things 100 years ago, when only the richest had cars? use your brain, and the answers come to you by themselves. >>17589 no no, i understood you perfectly, i built up on it. public transport for such high volume applications is perfectly reasonable, i was merely talking about rural public transport being a shitshow due to the low usage, which results in fewer tours and more waiting, more cost, less care...
>>17593 >useless one-thing-shopping tours a la "oh i need a new desk, better drive to homeless depot real quick!". Who impulse-buys a desk? Why would a one-thing-shopping trip for a long-lasting and not-inexpensive item like a desk be a bad thing, given that it means you're taking the time to think about it rather than it just being one errand of several, and that you're not buying things you don't really need to make the trip "worth it"? >For the other, it will probably encourage people to use small hand-carriages or small wagons to transport things like these. How the hell did our ancestors transport things 100 years ago, when only the richest had cars? Cars replaced those things for a reason, and it's because cars are objectively superior to lugging a furniture-laden carriage for miles across a city by hand, or to bringing back horses. forcing people to go back to to hand carts is inefficient, it's insecure, and it ranges from impractical to downright impossible depending on weather.
Open file (479.12 KB 751x672 1567916866179.png)
>>17583 >putting control you once had into the hands of corporations in bed with the government I'd rather deal with horrendous accidents that can be fucking remedied by European standards of driving exams than have self-driving cars become standard in 20 years. The idea of self-driving cars and lithium-powered bicycles is insane and sounds like an American issue because they're allergic to exercising and getting sweaty, and will fund these projects that have nefarious motives (lithium will be the new oil and impact biology worse than it ever did or will) instead of good public transportation in the form of buses, trams, and trains and also build urban areas closer together and do away with suburbs. >>17593 That's dumb at least for America in which 99% of the country is built upon personal automotives for transport, no one would want to trot their horse to Home Depot for 6 hours back and forth. It will also cause general logistical issues to the slow speed and long travel especially if shit hit the fan.
>>17599 Europeans don't have significantly lower car crash rates despite having stricter regulations.
>>17600 Link it but yes it wouldn't be as effective as changing roads and laws. Replace traffic lights with roundabouts or a real street which would encourage drivers to pay attention to their surroundings as there's nothing impeding their control to turn down their awareness, and getting rid of speed limits on the highway is the next as slower cars are obstacles you dodge are the two obvious ones. Though anything that requires change to infrastructure or revamping is unrealistic in America's cramped grid layout.
Open file (267.43 KB 956x569 ClipboardImage.png)
>>17590 >how exactly do you expect people to get between City and Not-City if they can't use cars? VTOL taxi drones? >>17601 >Replace traffic lights with roundabouts Spotted the Pole.
>>17583 except the tech is nowhere near perfect, vid related, you still have about 20 years before this goes mainstream
>>17585 >public transit >superior Have you ever ridden a bus before? They're disgusting, and everyone on them is awful. As a concept it's great, but like so many things, it is ruined by the people who use it.
>>17599 > lithium-powered bicycles electric bikes are a meme and you still have to pedal. I'd say the work is 20/80 this is because the electric motor top speed is 15-20 mph depending on the terrain due to retarded US regulations
Open file (528.33 KB 800x676 1598379920686-3.png)
Nevermind about infrastructure being a big issue to change how Americans transport themselves, the concrete hell of Houston which has some of the worst drivers in the country has decided to spend another $7,000,000,000 to increase their highway system, the largest in America, because it's too slow despite 10 years ago already doing that. The plan will bulldoze multiple homes, schools, and businesses. https://archive.is/wZ5pk https://archive.is/ClSgq
>>17605 >speed limitations >ebikes being a meme No, buying shit in *current year* is a meme. Build your own ebike that runs 110 km/h for less than the market price for a shitbike. Illegal as fuck, but hey, when did that ever stop anyone?
>>17607 You wholeheartedly understand it. I know a guy who uses one for hunting. Zips in and out of where hes going and nobody is the wiser.
>>17583 There's no doubt self driving cars are safer than normal cars, anyone arguing the opposite is retarded, the issue is that it signifies big steps in two ugly trends: >diminished self sovereignty Rather obvious, soon you wont even own the car, you'll rent it, imagine too a corporation banning you from using "your car" because you called someone a nigger... >diminished human focus of society Think about how cities in north America are designed for cars more than for people, you want to minimize car accidents? traffic? pollution? better than self driving cars human sized cities see most of Europe and Asia with robust public transportation is a better solution, the problem is that that solution can't be sold to the masses as a shiny new toy, those solutions require collective outlook and public resources. It's a mixed bag that gets worse in the long term, but it's ok before that. You watched Verisatium didn't you? >>17585 baste >>17603 How old is that video? >>17604 I ride on them all the time, they're great if they are invested into
>>17606 Wow, turns out expanding existing roads to cope with more traffic only encourages more traffic. The brits learned that the hard way with the London ringways.
>>17609 >>17585 >ban cars in cities >100k Strelok, I believe in freedom that doesn' impeede on others. I'd jokingly say that's the goal in 5 years but I feel like at that stage that nightmare will be real, except the gov will fuck up and make it with all the drawbacks and no benifits per any goverment project. Take it from someone who had to ride 3 and 1/2 hours to and from on Beijing's subway/bus system that you don't want it. I'm sure if we have a faggot living in NYC they could probably tell you a similar story >Have to go to western Beijing because of stupid meeting in job. >live in the north east near Shunyi 2nd hospital because I'm lolpoor versus rich inner city fags. I also like not dying to exaust fumes and having an actual room. >wake up at 4AM to find the first bus route 918 >be at the bus stationat 4:50, bus arrives at 4:59 >run at a certain pace while trying to keep others behind you like a zombie because the bus drivers deliberately don't stop where the line is, no visible pushing unless you want to get shanked probably by the random skinhead, also don't want to be not able to squeeze onto the bus cause then your 10 minutes till the next one >Don't get to sit because if you don't let older people/disabled sit -5 social credit score. >have to start moving towards the bus doors 5 minutes before you reach destination because its fucking crowded and you can't move. >Get to the fengbuo subway station >fight for space again like bus but much worse because so many fucking people >take line 15 to line 5 to line 1 for a total of 71 km 44 miles if you are an imperial fag like me trip one way >trip takes 2:55 usually if no traffic >usually out of seats so your standing all the time >gotta watch out for thieves >if you're a waymen not including self-idetnifiers/trans gotta watch out for gropers and rapists. >Chance the bus breaks down (this happens more often then you think) because its hot outside and this bus is usually 10+ years old >Chance the bus driver just gets shanked because he pissed off some dude on a moped >Chance of you getting durka'd by mostly peaceful islamists (tm). >Chance of you being drug out and stopped any time you change subway cars due to police authority to randomly search and detain it gets worse if you look like a foreigner or act like one >Chance of you dying if the subway floods becuase lol Chinese weather (See: Zhengzhou). >Chance of you getting shanked if you try to keep your belongings from being stolen >It's your lucky day, the subway/bus driver is an noob and doesn't know how to brake properly, everyone (you included), gets thrown forward and you get crushed into human pancakes. >Bonus points, -15 social credit score because some woman accused you of groping them, free trip to adminstartive detention where the sleep deprive you until you confess. It used to be much worse back when they didn't have the "anti-suicide railing" and the old cars. The former because idiots would deliberately jump (or push others) into a train, the later because the older cars didn't have AC and have fans only. I honestly to god switched to working from 8:00-16:00 to working 11:00 to 21:00 so I could avoid the fucking traffic rush. >>17601 >crashes Personally, I think that DUI/DWI should be prosecuted much harsher. But that would be dependent on joe mcconstable doesn't "smell alcohol" on your breath and decides that you fail a subjective locomotion test, and then the DA supressing your BA draw. >>17583 >self driving vehicles Imagine being assinated by some asshole because you said something slightly offensive so they decide to mess with your fucking electronics. There's a reason I drive a piece of shit that only has three electronic circuits in the car and it can function without both of them (radio/clock combo, engine ECU, lights). The western world is quickly headed towards a showdown between the urban and rual populace once again. Normies better get ready for scorched earth and decades of suffering on both sides.
>>17585 >Anon, for the most part proper public transport is capable of the same, while being much more efficient and overall cheaper. Public transportation is a joke and I say that as a German, as our public transportation usually gets praised by people from other nations for being on time. First of all, unless it's a close destination(less then 5 kilometer) you have to add a minimum of 1 hour to your travel time compared to driving with your own car. Your life becomes dictated by the bus time plan. Your work ends at 14:00? Well fuck you because the bus you need comes at 13:40 and the next useful bus will come at 14:50. Better hope the Bus is on time and you are not the only person waiting , because some bus drivers might just drive past you to save time! Have fun sitting in a bus painted with Graffiti and filthy seats, close together with the scum of society for more than double the time it would take you with your own car! Before I had my own car, I used to drive with my bicycle everywhere just to avoid having to use the bus. But that is it's own shitshow as you turn up sweaty everywhere you go, get dirty from mud on the road when it rains and it's impossible to dress right. Public transportation is a meme pushed by upper class rich lifestyle leftist fags that drive a bigger more dirty car than you have and the only reason they do it is because they want the peasants off the road so they can have them for themselves.
>>17616 No solution is perfect, human sized cities with good public transport is better than owning a car in general and in the long term. Is better for you individually to have a car, yes, but if everyone did like you it'd be a nightmare, you're taking many things for granted.
>>17616 >Your work ends at 14:00? Well fuck you because the bus you need comes at 13:40 and the next useful bus will come at 14:50. Better hope the Bus is on time and you are not the only person waiting , because some bus drivers might just drive past you to save time! Are you from Hohenlohe?
>just ride the bus goy! Kek. When did /k/ turn into /leftypol/? Real men kill and eat their own food, and everyone of us drive oversized, gas-guzzling pickups and keep loaded rifles in the gun rack.
>>17583 Dude, some people enjoy driving cars. Banning cars too like some anon said. Despite the fact that trucks aren't cars and still would be needed for transporting shit to shops, luke food which is always required and growing it yourself is impossible. Also military needs to transport troops AND heavy equipment.
Open file (51.46 KB 660x330 59659220dc958.jpg)
>>17585 I once went on a bus, the fare was free during labor day but I ended on the wrong bus. I thought it was the same bus because number was almost the same but they added a 100 instead of the regular two digit route number. Turns out I ended up on the express and walked 3 miles home because the bus driver got piss when I asked him to stop and said he could take "express zones". The bus was practically empty, I should have paid attention that it was double bus pic like related instead of a regular size bus. I am glad I have a car now
>>17616 >bicycle I used to ride cycles in Beijing too but I got side swiped by a jackass moped and I ended up beating his ass because he tried to run off. No more cycling after that because I don't want to get run over. You better not be the spregkraut who doxxed himself At least you guys have AC on the cars. In China a lot of the older buses don't have AC. Also, back on old 8cuck I said once in a canteen thread that China was going fast towards the modern "western" values cancer? Well take a look at this: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-57938328 tl;dr: Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning. IT BEGINS
>>17625 Kris Wu: Why a superstar sparked China's sexual consent debate https://archive.md/akY0i I can't even bother to read the article, it's just the typical story of wimin realizing years after the deed that it was raep all along.
Remington: US gunmaker offers $33m to Sandy Hook shooting victims https://archive.md/DCsa9 >The company that made a rifle used in one of the worst school shootings in the US has offered $33m (£24m) to several victims' families. The proposed settlement for the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre from Remington, America's oldest gun-maker, came as part of a bankruptcy hearing for the company. It also comes in response to a lawsuit brought by families of nine of the 26 victims. Each family would receive some $3.66m. It is subject to the approval of the Alabama judge overseeing Remington's bankruptcy case. >It falls far short of what the families sought. In February, they argued in court that wrongful death settlements could total $225m, with total punitive claims possibly exceeding $1bn. A lawyer for the families said they would "consider their next steps" regarding the offer. "Since this case was filed in 2014, the families' focus has been on preventing the next Sandy Hook," lawyer Josh Koskoff said in a statement. "An important part of that goal has been showing banks and insurers that companies that sell assault weapons to civilians are fraught with financial risk." >Remington, best known for its rifles and shotguns, was founded in 1816. After it emerged that a Remington semi-automatic rifle was used in the Sandy Hook killings, victims' family members filed a lawsuit against the gun-maker alleging that the military-style weapon should never have been sold to a civilian. The case has seen many twists and turns. Remington claimed it is protected by a 2005 law that prevents gun-makers from being found liable if their products are used in crimes. In 2019, the Supreme Court allowed the case against Remington to proceed. >The school shooting in Connecticut shocked the US, a nation already familiar with gun crimes in schools. The perpetrator killed 20 pupils and six teachers. He had earlier shot his mother dead. As police closed in on the school, he killed himself. Despite the deaths of young children aged six and seven, no new national gun control laws were passed in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting.
>>17614 Wait, were you on a bus or a subway train in the second half of the greentext? Or is it like a tram?
>>17627 So are you all returning to eunuchry?
>>17618 >Is better for you individually to have a car, yes, but if everyone did like you it'd be a nightmare, you're taking many things for granted. I do that the moment the richfags, political party officials and parliamentarians all step on the same bus with the piss smelling migrants for their daily drive to work. Public transportation has stolen HOURs of my lifetime that I will never get back and could have used better. When you work 8 hours and sleep 8 hours a day, having to waste 2 hours of your life in complete boredom in a stinking rundown wagon like some Jew on the way to Ausschwitz is a serious lowering to your lives quality. And until now, I have only talked about the way to work. You wanna go grocery shopping, go to the gym or any other free time activity? Fuck you, more time sink! >>17619 No, I'm from northern Germany. I have been to many places in Germany and the public transportation be it bus, S-bahn, subway or regional train is everywhere this awful. Inner city has so many buses that they form a line at the bus stop, but the moment you want to the suburbs or industrial estate you have to change the line three times and you have extreme waiting times for the connecting buses.
>>17632 >Northern germany >public transportation piss poor Heilige Scheiße, Ich will dich ja nicht doxxen, aber kann es sein dass du schleswig-holsteiner bist? Northern Germany is piss poor in germany. The good thing is, no one really cares about the north, that's why alot of things still go here.
Open file (11.06 MB 640x480 remove kebab.webm)
>>17630 Bus->subway/tram (it goes underground eventually). The standing is basically guaranteed. >>17631 No, its just gonna end up like US metoo except when someone cancels a CPC offical heads are gonna roll. Bosnian Serbs defy top UN official Inzko over genocide denial Oh no remove kebab https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-58001974 https://archive.is/BlQft >Bosnian Serbs have reacted furiously to a ban on genocide denial imposed by the international official overseeing Bosnia's 1995 peace deal. >UN-appointed High Representative Valentin Inzko said the ban was needed to stop glorification of war criminals. >"I had to do something - I followed my conscience. If you're in a country where war criminals are glorified, this cannot be a good future," he said. >Bosnian Serb politicians are boycotting Bosnia's multi-ethnic national bodies. >Last month the genocide conviction of Bosnian Serb wartime commander Ratko Mladic was confirmed in The Hague, yet some ethnic-Serb leaders were still acclaiming him as a hero. So Mr Inzko, an Austrian diplomat, said he had to act. >Milorad Dodik, the Bosnian Serb member of the country's joint presidency, says he will not accept the amendments to the criminal code. >He has launched a petition claiming that the Srebrenica massacre was not an act of genocide - yet such denials may now be punished with a maximum prison sentence of five years. >That massacre was the worst atrocity of the war - forces led by Mladic killed about 8,000 captive Bosnian Muslim (Bosniak) men and boys. >Mr Dodik may now stir up feelings of victimisation in the Serb territory, Republika Srpska. >But Valentin Inzko, just days away from leaving office, is unfazed. >"These reactions were expected," he told the BBC. "Maybe there will be more graffiti for a short period. But maybe soon there will be less, or it will stop. The posters of Ratko Mladic put up in Srebrenica this week have already disappeared." >Under the peace settlement, the High Representative has powers to dismiss politicians, push through laws and veto others. >The Bosnian Serb threat to paralyse parliament and the presidency would carry more weight if those institutions were not already enfeebled by ethnic squabbling. >The divide-and-rule policy favoured by many ethnic-Serb, ethnic-Croat and Bosniak Muslim leaders means the real power lies in Bosnia's two semi-autonomous regions, Republika Srpska (RS) and the Bosniak-Croat Federation. >"I gave local politicians the chance to adopt a [genocide denial] law on their own," Mr Inzko said. "This would have been best. But four or five efforts have failed - and in the last 10 years there was no possibility to have such a law on genocide denial." >He had shown much restraint previously, unlike his predecessor, Paddy Ashdown, who sacked many officials for protecting war criminals or otherwise threatening the peace process. >German politician Christian Schmidt takes over from Mr Inzko next month. Soon it will become clear whether the High Representative's intervention is a one-off or the start of a new normal. REMOVE KEBAB remove kebab you are worst turk. you are the turk idiot you are the turk smell. return to croatioa. to our croatia cousins you may come our contry. you may live in the zoo….ahahahaha ,bosnia we will never forgeve you. cetnik rascal FUck but fuck asshole turk stink bosnia sqhipere shqipare..turk genocide best day of my life. take a bath of dead turk..ahahahahahBOSNIA WE WILL GET YOU!! do not forget ww2 .albiania we kill the king , albania return to your precious mongolia….hahahahaha idiot turk and bosnian smell so bad..wow i can smell it. REMOVE KEBAB FROM THE PREMISES. you will get caught. russia+usa+croatia+slovak=kill bosnia…you will ww2/ tupac alive in serbia, tupac making album of serbia . fast rap tupac serbia. we are rich and have gold now hahahaha ha because of tupac… you are ppoor stink turk… you live in a hovel hahahaha, you live in a yurt tupac alive numbr one #1 in serbia ….fuck the croatia ,..FUCKk ashol turks no good i spit in the mouth eye of ur flag and contry. 2pac aliv and real strong wizard kill all the turk farm aminal with rap magic now we the serba rule .ape of the zoo presidant georg bush fukc the great satan and lay egg this egg hatch and bosnia wa;s born. stupid baby form the eggn give bak our clay we will crush u lik a skull of pig. serbia greattst countrey
>>17632 As if traffic wasn't a time sink, you're taking for granted how many people walk/bike use public transport that keeps the streets open for you, the point is that cities should not be designed and built for you, but for everyone living in them. Public transport could be improved yes.
>>17635 Cities shouldn't be built period. They are just natural conglomerations of people. Anything other than that is an artificial population sink designed to churn out cattle to keep politicians in office or supply the military with new bodies.
>>17637 Actually it's natural that cities form, that doesn't mean it's good. We must artifically organize the population into social units that are harmonious and not decoherent like cities are. These are to be organized into villages of less than a thousand most likely. The mouse utopia experiment tells us that population density is real problem and is linked exponentially to degeneracy. The only answer : Nuke Tel Aviv
>>17642 >We must artificially organize the population I disagree. And this video trying to agree with you proves me right. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUIgBu__OOQ Also, on the topic, have a discussion: https://marketurbanism.com/2021/01/06/why-houston-isnt-an-argument-for-zoning/ Someone just posted a video on Youtube using Houston, Texas as an argument in favor of zoning. The logic of the video is: Houston is horrible; Houston has no zoning; therefore every city should have conventional zoning. >This video and its logic are impressively wrong, for several reasons. >First, I’ve been to Houston and most of what I saw looks nothing like the video – there are plenty of blocks dominated by houses and the occasional condo. >Second, most of the photos in the video could have easily happened in a zoned city, because one block in a neighborhood could be residential and the next block could be commercial, so the commercial or industrial activities can be easily viewable from the residential areas (not that anything is wrong with that). >Third, most other automobile-dependent cities aren’t any prettier than Houston; a strip mall in Houston doesn’t look any worse than a strip mall in Atlanta. >Fourth, it completely overlooks the negative side effects of zoning as it is practiced in most of the United States (many of which have been addressed more than once on this site). Typically, residential zones are so enormous that most of their residents cannot walk to a store or office. Moreover, density limits everywhere limit the supply of modest housing, thus creating housing shortages and homelessness. >Finally, Houston’s negative characteristics are partially a result of government spending and regulation; as I have written elsewhere, that city has historically had a wide variety of anti-walkability policies, so it is far more regulated than the video suggests.
Open file (3.01 MB 2048x1925 ClipboardImage.png)
>>17635 Traffic might be a time sink as well, but much less of one even in the worst of cases, and it is a controlled environment wherein you're only subjected to the absolute worst filth of humanity if you willingly let it in your vehicle.
>>17646 Or live in a predominantly black area.
>>17637 >when the local retard from trannypol shows up
>>17634 Will that Austrian diplomat visit Sarajevo soon? Asking for a friend.
>>17646 >but much less of one even in the worst of cases Again, you're taking a lot for granted
Human transportation was a mistake, everyone should be cave NEETs remotely operating wagebots with an emergency Pz. V on hand in case the guvamint's vaccination patrols decide to violate the NAP again. That or the complete abandonment of sedentary living in favor of Anarcho-mongolism.
>>17633 Northern Germany is also Niedersachsen, Hamburg, Bremen and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and they have some rich cities. >>17635 >As if traffic wasn't a time sink,... I need 15min to work with my car in the morning. I can wake up 5 am, pack my bag, shower and will still be punktually at work to start at 6 am. If I would take the bus to work, I have to wake up 4 am, because the bus needs 45min to make workplace. I would have to change the bus one time and if anything on the road happens, I will be late because the earliest bus will reach my workplace at 05:50. >>17653 >you're taking a lot for granted Because it is. Baby boomers had access to a lot of cheap cars in their youth, getting a drivers license was also dirt cheap. So much that it changed the culture and getting your drivers license and your first car is part of becoming an adult. Now the boomers are dieing out and the population is getting smaller and you want to tell me there are too many cars on the road? Bullshit I say. A lot of the slow down of traffic is caused by the massive numbers of trucks on the streets compared to back in the day and you can thank Online Shopping for that.
The fact that all these shitposts appeared after using the Israeli node on my proxy service (which proceeded to disappear from the list) is quite telling.
Open file (39.31 KB 552x350 20140820__schoolbus1.jpg)
>>17656 >I can wake up 5 am, pack my bag, shower and will still be punktually at work to start at 6 am. waking up early sucks, I'd rather deal with regular traffic then siting behind a school bus for 15 minutes.
Is this public transit horse shit idealist serious, or are we having our collective chains yanked?
>>17662 I assumed he was underageb& and ignored the conversation, but it is a whole lot of horse shit as anyone who's used public transit can point out.
>>17656 >I need 15min to work with my car in the morning... What part of "you're taking for granted that most people leave the streets open for you" you don't understand? >>17656 >the population is getting smaller what >and you want to tell me there are too many cars on the road?. Yes >A lot of the slow down of traffic is caused by the massive numbers of trucks So? >>17664 Maybe public transport is trash because the place you and them live doesn't invest in it but instead re-designed itself for the car, well of course you're gonna have a worse experience.
>>17665 >Maybe public transport is trash because the place you and them live doesn't invest in it >"Just throw money at the problem, bro" Did you crawl out of a cave from the 1930s? That has never fucking worked. Ever. Not even big daddy Hitler could solve shit by throwing money at it, and when he tried just that he got Communism-tier scarcity that would have ripped apart his economy from the inside-out if not for WWII giving him a free pass. Japan is the closest I've ever seen to a functioning public transportation system, and it is not cheap (for domestic use), convenient, nor fast. They have alternatives that are, but you sacrifice two of those three to get one in all cases that I can think of. Every other country I've been to (and I can guarantee I've been to more than the average anon outside of maybe Armyfags) had absolute shit for public transportation, whether it be North America, South America, or Europe. Public transportation infrastructure is shit because there is no accountability outside of that hoisted unfairly on the driver/conductor when it's not actually his responsibility. If there was accountability of some sort there wouldn't be a government running it. It will always be a shit show to get people en masse from point A to point B. Even with racially and culturally homogenous societies public infrastructure is still a shit show. You assume people leave the streets open because they're on public transportation, but in my personal experience from when I worked as a city bus driver, the vast majority of bus users were either third time DUI faggots, people with some mental issue that banned them from driving, poorfags who couldn't afford a vehicle or even a bicycle anyways, or disabled/old folks that had no family or had pissed off their whole family and couldn't get rides. While it's important to treat plebs with a half-ounce of respect when they're your customers, I could tell you fucking horror stories about public transportation and how the city threw us under the bus (pun intended) during chink flu. I don't know if you actually believe it or if you're just rustling Jimmies, but you're full of shit.
>>17656 >A lot of the slow down of traffic is caused by the massive numbers of trucks on the streets compared to back in the day and you can thank Online Shopping for that. That reminds me, why is every privatized glownose and their investor pushing for more self driving cars but not autonomous trains? Wouldn't those be easier to implement in theory?
>>17666 >"Just throw money at the problem, bro" And design to use that money effectively, why ignore that part? >That has never fucking worked. Ever. What in the fuck are you talking about? investing in something can't improve said thing? are you genuinely retarded? >had absolute shit for public transportation Well you've been extremely unlucky because i have the opposite impression, i live in a place with great public transportation and with space for bikes and pedestrians, i walk or use the subway/bus for everything i need and i'm not so autistic being around other people is a painful experience. Public transport works if designed properly and money is thrown at it to build it, just like with everything else, you must pay for things you know? >You assume people leave the streets open because they're on public transportation Because they're not using cars, which partly has to do with public transport, but that's just an aspect of it. > I could tell you fucking horror stories No, i don't need your "lived experience", your examples are meaningless since no one is arguing that public transport is perfect and i've already acknowledge that yes, individually speaking car use is better but collectively speaking is not, cities are a collective, not your individual playground. >but you're full of shit. Your absurd interpretation of what i've written is indeed full of shit, but that's all in your head, so that's not a surprise. >>17667 Because self driving cars can be sold to the masses as the shiny new toy
Open file (1.28 MB 2048x1597 ClipboardImage.png)
>>17667 >But not autonomous trains? Because like planes outside of China and ships the ones not driven by Pajeets anyways, trains are already semi-autonomous in first world countries. The driver mostly just makes sure the train company isn't liable if the AI is driving and it hits some suicidal fuck or other track hazard. Self-driving cars is mostly a sales pitch at this point because too many congressmen are corrupt and refuse to listen without hefty bribes, and the rest are luddites or more worried about their career than getting shit done. Everyone's for reducing driving-based fatalities by more than 90% until you tell them their driving sucks so you want someone (or rather something) else to drive for them. The nice part about autonomous vehicles is that they have been taught defensive driving to avoid collisions with human error so people who want their computer chauffer can have it and those scrubs who don't trust anything because it could be abused in [niche situation] and political targets for assassination can drive themselves.
>>17661 >I'd rather deal with regular traffic then siting behind a school bus for 15 minutes. There are no school buses in Germany at 5 am. School starts at 8 am. >>17665 >What part of "you're taking for granted that most people leave the streets open for you" you don't understand? The parts that it is complete and utter bullshit, as our current circumstances have existed since the 1950s. Baby Boomers were driving leftover vehicles from the war and cheap cars like the VW Käfer and not "leaving the street open for other people". They brought their cars for laughable small sums and their driving license cost them less than a hundred bucks. Also as another Strelok has already pointed out, the majority of people on public transportation are human failures that cannot be trusted with driving a car. >what People have less children than the older generations, while the older generations die and become old. This means the population gets smaller. Less people means less cars on the street.
>>17668 >and i'm not so autistic being around other people is a painful experience. It will be painful enough for you once you run into a mostly-peaceful nigger head-on. You're on the wrong board tranny-friend. We're not a bunch of snot-nosed /b/-tards, we're mostly adult men who've seen a thing or two. Why not go convince these chaps to just ride the damn bus instead? http://mbv5a7cc6756lkpqts6si5zcpxwvd43cyb4atbqzjqypktsdoftphyqd.onion/pol/res/45347.html#48051 I'm sure they'd welcome you there instead.
>>17662 >>17664 >>17665 >>17666 >>17667 >>17668 >>17670 >>17674 Whew, looks like everyone is rattling their cages and screaming again. Let me sum this up so you people can stop shitting out aggroposts. >Public transport shit Absolutely useless statement. It's a generalization that doesn't take account for the quality of people using it, the care taken by the employees, the funds allocated to that branch, and funds actually going to that branch (read: how much isn't eaten by corruption). Public transport can be very well cared for, used by decent people, and funded sufficiently for hitchless operation. But, as with many problems of our current society, this is a complex problem. It takes a lot to make people respectful and responsible, children need to be raised well and educated, and people need to have the balls and the mentality to keep each other in check, without relying on a nanny state to do it for them. >But funding does not help/does not get where it needs to be. This was already a talking point, and it was already answered by >>17588 >Regulation at a state level It is a solution, but only if you institute a Stalinist level of control over governmental structures and purge all the opportunists and career politicians from the government. A better solution is regulation of public transport at a state level, with state government being comprised of locals with good morals and values, being raised where they reign, and who actually have the people's interest in mind. All that requires, again, that people raise their kids properly again, and that people return to the values that actually raised their country to its feet, instead of chasing money. Now, I do understand that the US is different from Europe, their money chasing and disrespecting eachother mentality being engrained for a long time, but that doesn't mean that it's impossible to gather the few decent people, and starting a community that doesn't have to be shit. This requires work, and time, but so does everything. And whining about the current problems without doing anything about them is simply a waste of time. So, if no one here is going to get his ass up and start influencing his local sociopolitical environment, let's knock it off with the moping, and instead concentrate on discussing something that actually helps. >For example? Let's talk about gaining more independence from the nanny state by growing our own food. First off, does that deserve it's own thread? If yes, leave a reply with a question that interests you, and I'll cook up a thread Topics: -growing food -harvesting wild food -illegal/legal food acquisition -wild gardening/guerilla gardening. These are the main points, any questions about these four, or closely related are welcome.
Open file (2.57 MB 1240x791 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.56 MB 960x639 ClipboardImage.png)
>>17674 >The parts that it is complete and utter bullshit Do you have any evidence for that? how is it bullshit that you have to deal with less traffic because there's less people on the street? do you think traffic will be the same with 1000 cars than with 10000 in the same space? are you genuinely retarded? how can it be bullshit that less car users keep the street free of cars for retards like you to use theirs? how can it be bullshit to want to have everything a walkable distance and a comfortable walk instead of having to have a car and drive it for every mundane shit? I'm a person, i'm not a car, people live in cities, not cars, people design cities not cars, cities should be designed for people, not for cars, if that's bullshit to you then you're too stupid to engage with. Cities designed for people would benefit you as less people would use cars in favor of using public transport or walking, leaving the road to you. >as our current circumstances have existed since the 1950s Bull fucking shit, there were less people back then, less people in cities and at the time most cities were still human sized, that is they had been designed and built back when cars didn't exist, so most people didn't need cars on their day to day. >Also as another Strelok has already pointed out... That's completely and utterly irrelevant. >This means the population gets smaller. Well that hasn't been happening, it will eventually yes, but it ignores immigration that's still an issue keeping population growing, It also ignore that there's still less people dying than people being born, it also ignores people moving to the cities that keep the population of cities growing, most cities are way too big anyway, especially car designed cities. What you are talking about is not a solution if even in the best of cases it will take decades to be felt, especially considering it helps public transport just as much, if your issue is dealing with people in public transport then having less people using it because as you say there will be less people overall is also an improvement. Hell half of my argument is that you wouldn't even need to use public transport in the first place, provided cities are designed for people most things should be in a walkable distance which of course means people should get used to walking again Let me ask you, when are you more free, when you have the freedom to use your body or when you're limited with what a car allows you to do? having to own a car in the first place to live a normal life is already quite limiting. >>17675 >You're on the wrong board tranny-friend. What? i should share the hivemind mentality no matter how retarded it is just to belong? can't handle a different opinion on something as mundane as city planning? what a faggot >>17677 Thinking along the right lines, no approach is easy, but doubling down on the current problems just to spite the libs is not a solution.
>>17680 Different strelok but I want to point out to you this is a circular reasoning issue in the US. If you don't live in downtown urban gangland hell hole, usually shits pretty far away, and then you have busses that has stops that are very far away from each other and come only on a sporadic basis (1hr-2hrs). The city expands and they cry for more funding. They get more funding but the city has expanded so they only add new stuff and barely maintain the old routes. >>17677 >aggroposts The fuck is this? Femminst frequency with Anita and co? What microagression got your panties in a wad? Just because they disagree with you doesn't mean that they are angry idiots ranting into the wind Actually, that is all of us here.
>>17677 Do Hügelkulturen work on sandy soil? >>17680 Would wide adoption of E-bikes or Segways be some sort of compromise between pro-man and pro-vehicle city planning? Above a certain population size some measure of personal vehicle use becomes unavoidable even with Nip-tier public transport infrastructure.
>>17681 Indeed, the solution is not to expand but to centralize, as i say, human sized cities designed for humans to live and move in them, not cars, as for the urban gangland you're right, the US and Europe increasingly is fucked with that, but even so, you can make the rest of the city suburbia and such more human friendly. I think the issue is that human designed cities sounds too much like the socialist boogeyman to the average conservative, after all it is government doing stuff, so conservatives have to oppose it just because, believing having to use a car to live a normal life is not a limiting but freeing, cars are also a huge part of the economy. >>17682 >Would wide adoption of E-bikes or Segways be some sort of compromise between pro-man and pro-vehicle city planning? Could help i guess, but i honestly would much rather people using their legs first then public transport and then cars, bikes and segways could be the in-between walking and public transport. >Above a certain population size some measure of personal vehicle use becomes unavoidable Well of course, i'm not the one that said banning cars altogether was a good idea, my idea is to minimize the amount of people that would have to buy a personal vehicle and also minimizing its use, in order to make cities more livable as they'd be smaller, less noisy, less polluted, with less accidents, etc.
>>17680 >>17682 >>17683 >walking >bikes What happens during winter when those aren't practical? Especially since the replacement for a car trunk is apparently hand-wagons.
>>17668 > your examples are meaningless If the other strelok's experience is to be disregarded, than so is yours.
>>17683 >>17691 Retvrn to mvles
Open file (586.25 KB 650x1350 ancap_laff.png)
>>17691 >Strelok is so sheltered that he can't walk on the sidewalk during winter
>>17691 This may sound harsh, but gitting gud helps with that. Ok, seriously, this discussion could be held for all eternity. If you compare cars and bikes/feet, it's of course more comfortable to use a car. And that is the logic of about every other person on this planet, because people are lazy by design. This is what causes all the problems, because every pleb and his wife has a car because it's comfortable. living with a bike is entirely possible, and solutions can be found for a lot of problems, but not for all of them. I personally prefer a bike, because it allows me to avoid traffic jams, looking for parking spots and all other problems associated with cars, but of course i cannot claim to have an AC, a giant trunk and heating. it's all about finding your personal preference, and doing what fits you best. And i love driving on the sidewalk, laughing internally about every car driver who is stuck in front of the traffic light, getting increasingly unnverved by the holdup. But surely, in the winter, every car driver is smugly looking at me, pedaling or walking along, freezing my ass off. Life is interesting.
>>17682 >Would wide adoption of E-bikes or Segways be some sort of compromise between pro-man and pro-vehicle city planning? They are an alternative for bicycles, so from the perspective to city planning you should just treat them as bicycles for those who are physically or mentally less capable, by the latter I mean that they are too lazy to pedal on their own, and so they increase the number of people who occupy the bicycle lanes of the city. And you could fit a lot of bicycles and segways on a lane the size of what cars use.
>>17691 Then you use public transport or not move, or use the car, what kind of argument is that? don't you get that i'm speaking about minimizing the use of cars not their outright ban, what are you gonna tell me next? what if aliens come and cut the feet of everyone, then we wont be able to walk and we'll need cars, got me there dude... >>17692 Yes indeed, my experience was never the crux of my argument so ignore it to your hearts content. >>17696 >it's all about finding your personal preference, and doing what fits you best. You're entirely correct on principle, the issue is that cities are not a personal space, they're a collective space, they should be designed and built with that in mind.
>>17677 >Let me sum this up so you people can stop shitting out aggroposts. If you can't stay the heat you low testo cuck get out of the kitchen. Public transportation is for subhumans and cattle. >how is it bullshit that you have to deal with less traffic because there's less people on the street? Majority of the people who are not on the street shouldn't be on the street because they are irresponsible fucktards. I am not thankful for fucking drug addicts failing at life and the list goes on with the majority of other people using public transportation. >Bull fucking shit, there were less people back then, less people in cities and at the time most cities were still human sized... It's not. There are old movies joking about US americans driving to throw their letters in the letter box. Movies have been made about their massive car culture. The difference between today and back then, is that today you can get everything at home. This means there is more transportation on the street that is taking a lot of space up. Another thing is open borders. Today Germany has become a transportation hub for the EU, which it wasn't during the Cold War. Germany has been trying to get a street toll like other EU countries, but every time it tries to do that those country to transport a lot of good through Germany go apeshit over it. Our streets would be a lot less full without the fucking Eastern Europeans on it. >Well that hasn't been happening, it will eventually yes, but it ignores immigration that's still an issue keeping population growing... Hence why we need to be against migrants and globohomos. >Let me ask you, when are you more free, when you have the freedom to use your body or when you're limited with what a car allows you to do? having to own a car in the first place to live a normal life is already quite limiting. I don't own a car to live a normal life. I own a car to live a better life. A car let's me go fast and far to places no public transportation is going and that would cost me hours and days to reach them. That is time that I am not having. With my car I can go Innawoods, I can drive to historic places in small almost forgotten villages. My car allows me to make my monthly grocery shopping in one go. I can drive to another country for holidays and I can move my stuff without having to pay for a moving company. The car Isn't limiting my freedom to use my body, it allows me to get my body to amazing places without wasting my time.
Open file (518.70 KB 1703x1295 TwiLacksKnol.png)
>>17701 >it allows me to get my body to amazing places without wasting my time. Also consider that he's disregarding not only your experiences, but his own. This is an argument purely on intellectual grounds by someone to young and untravelled to understand the realities of the human experience as it relates to cities or probably even smaller communities. In short, it's libtard trash that can be disregarded henceforth. It did make for some talkative bait though.
>>17701 >I don't own a car to live a normal life. I own a car to live a better life. A car let's me go fast and far to places no public transportation is going and that would cost me hours and days to reach them. That is time that I am not having. With my car I can go Innawoods, I can drive to historic places in small almost forgotten villages. My car allows me to make my monthly grocery shopping in one go. I can drive to another country for holidays and I can move my stuff without having to pay for a moving company. The car Isn't limiting my freedom to use my body, it allows me to get my body to amazing places without wasting my time. Except that none of that matters inside a city where a car only gives you the freedom to sit in a traffic jam and watch pedestrians and cyclists go by. And then there is the metro that brings thousands of people from one end of the city to the other one by the time you get from one red light to the next one. >but muh cattle I live in Eastern Europe and I don't have any of the problems mentioned by others, because the overwhelming majority of people who use public transportation are perfectly normal ˝huwites˝. There are the occasional gypsies, but 99% of the time they are just a nuisance that you can safely ignore and just discreetly ogle a pretty girl instead. Maybe you shouldn't blame public transportation for the symptoms of a much greater problem.
>>17701 >Majority of the people who are not on the street shouldn't be on the street because they are irresponsible fucktards. Irrelevant >It's not. Were there more people back then? more people in cities? more people using cars? were cities bigger? whatever idea you have in your head of how the world was has nothing to do with reality. >Our streets would be a lot less full without the fucking Eastern Europeans on it. How is any of that relevant? >Hence why we need to be against migrants and globohomos. Yes, but that's besides the point. >That is time that I am not having. With my car I can go Innawoods, I can drive to historic places in small almost forgotten villages. You truly are retarded aren't you, do you think i'm arguing that someone should take your car away? >The car Isn't limiting my freedom to use my body Infrastructure designed and built for cars is limiting your freedom to use your body, how many times do i have to point out that personally using a car is almost always better, but collectively is not, cities are a collective hence they should focus on solutions for the collective, that's my argument. Honest question, what do you think i'm advocating? say in your words what you think i want... i've mentioned it again and again but you don't seem to grasp it. >>17702 >Also consider that he's disregarding not only your experiences, but his own. As any intellectually honest person should do, i don't need muh lived experience to make an argument, he shouldn't need his lived experience to make his argument, you want emotional arguments driven by anecdotes? are you BLM? a feminist? you'd fit right in with your intellectual laziness.
>>17705 Except how that your intellectuality stand against reason, and you refuse to see it.
>>17706 What reason are you talking about? what lack of reason was implied in >>17702? all i'm getting is how much he likes using his car
>>17701 Where the fuck do you live to have only drug addicts and other crappy people on the sidewalks and in public transport? Or are you making shit up just to prop up your point? I live in a village, and theres families going on walks, making bike tours and enjoying life here. The Cities near me have the same picture, a lot of normal people with a decent life, going for a walk, shopping for groceries on foot, instead of driving for 2-3 hours, only to cover about 3 kilometres. >low testo cuck speak for yourself, Untermensch. I run every day with bare chest, barefoot, with no regards for the weather, and every sunday i go on a 8 kilometre march with a 30 kilo iron bar on my shoulders. meanwhile you don't even seem to consider using a bike, even though that improves body shape and keeps you healthy. I never got sick again, since i started cycling, and even my allergy against pollen has almost completely vanished. It seems to me, that you're a fresh /pol/ack, and i won't hold it against you. But consider thinking before typing out the first thing that comes to your mind.
Open file (6.81 MB 256x144 Plannedopolis.mp4)
>>17707 Do you honestly think ALL of /k/ is "retarded" ? Has ANYONE stood up for your opinions? You say it would be nice to have a planned city. It would also be nice if fifteen out of sixteen human beings across the face of the earth weren't here tomorrow. Do you know who else agrees with you? That's right, the globohomos. No one will agree with you here. >>17709 >to have only drug addicts and other crappy people They're called cities, Strelok. Everyone who isn't you is familiar with them.
>>17710 >Do you honestly think ALL of /k/ is "retarded" ? Never implied that >Has ANYONE stood up for your opinions? Yes >It would also be nice if fifteen out of sixteen human beings across the face of the earth weren't here tomorrow. Because cities just appear out of the ether and can't be changed one they come into existence... >Do you know who else agrees with you? That's right, the globohomos. Globohomos also breath, do us all a favor and do the opposite.
Open file (9.83 KB 225x225 index.jpg)
>>17710 >implying i never have been in a city. i have seen drug addicts, i have seen bums, i have seen libtrash. So. What. Does that invalidate my point of the majority of people on the sidewalks being just normal people, going about their business on foot or on the bike, instead of driving everywhere. But hey, maybe the cities i'm talking about aren't "city" enough, maybe only the ghetto fortresses like Berlin or Köln count as "the real gangsta sheeiiit".
Open file (10.15 MB 640x360 0Zoning.webm)
>>17643 >I disagree. And this video trying to agree with you proves me right. Since I was just ragging on somebody on a different board about how easy it was to just ... include a YT vid ... here it is for your edification. No zoning laws results in a city that everyone is happy to live in except for the detractors who don't live there and probably still aren't happy anyway. You know who else isn't happy? Me. I should have taken the time to trim the ads -- so, just quit at 5:20 into this vid because I'm lazy and also hungry -- lunch break! later!
>>17710 >Has ANYONE stood up for your opinions? Not like it matters anyway, i'd stand my ground even if all of /k/ disagreed. >>17680 >left Soulless globohomo human oriented city >right Soulful traditional car oriented city Alas i truly see >>17713 That guy is quite the lefty, just saying
My dad followed me when I was walking home from work, how to get him to stop? It's not even far, it's just two blocks away. This is very dangerous considering he driving slow so I could get in the car. Ignoring it doesn't work, I don't know what to do. How do become more independent? I am getting too old for this.
>>17703 > from one end of the city to the other one by the time you get from one red light to the next one. >>17709 >driving for 2-3 hours, only to cover about 3 kilometres. it seems like the anti-car streloks are trying to push some ridiculous strawman that traffic jams are constant and unavoidable in cities. Just take a different route that avoids the three or four biggest arteries, or (if you can) schedule to not be driving between 5 and 6 pm. That's all it takes to not deal with traffic jams. If you actually pay attention instead of just following the GPS, you can cross a city in 30 minutes even at rush hour, when public transit would take twice as long plus another 30 minutes waiting for transfers (by the official schedule; more like 60 minutes in practice since public transit schedules aren't worth the paper they're printed on). The only times I've dealt with traffic jams for years has been when a crash unexpectedly blocked the road, or when the destination itself had high enough volume that public transit would also be completely bogged down.
>>17717 The problems with cars go way beyond traffic jams
Open file (319.42 KB 403x221 1223130539.gif)
>>17718 Elaborate
>>17717 >it seems like the anti-car streloks are trying to push some ridiculous strawman As opposed to the pro-car Streloks who claim that anyone who doesn't go everywhere by car is criminally insane; or that wanting a city where every place you'd want to visit in an average day is within a short walk makes you a gommunist. Those are some pretty reasonable claims.
Would heavy cargo carrier airships equipped with their own complement of Amazon delivery drones help alleviate the Elephant racing problem on German highways? How would the current US handle public transportation under wartime conditions with strict fuel rations for privately owned civilian vehicles? >>17717 >Just take a different route that avoids the three or four biggest arteries That sounds easier than it is in reality, particularly in southern France and some Italian cities. t. doesn't use GPS
>>17719 >Accidents >Pollution >Cost >Noise And all the issues that make cities designed for them uglier and less comfortable to live and move in. Yes for the Nth time, car use will still be better personally, but we're not talking personally, we're talking city infrastructure meant to accommodate hundreds of thousands if not millions of people, i think it should accommodate them first instead of having to accommodate their cars.
Open file (392.72 KB 640x480 BulletHell-IRL.webm)
>>17722 sure ... just burn everything to the ground first to make room.
>eastern yuro who's never been in an american city and americans stuck in post-industrial urban hellscapes talking past each other and discounting each other's observational accounts because they are incongruent in different localities; this is made possible by technology and global dissemination of english
Open file (147.63 KB 300x300 1623994158681-0.png)
>>17732 I don't even know why we're having this discussion here. Some streloks like cycling, others swear on cars. Public transportation has its own (dis-) advantages. >Inb4 can't take the banter This isn't /b/, or /int/, we're not here to shitpost until the server crashes.
>>17723 You mean like how it was done to cities decades ago and continues to be done to make room for cars? >>17732 >>17733 It's the point of the thread, meaningless discussion
>>17733 >Some streloks like cycling, You have to ride on the road and cars hate when are on the road, I don't use bike paths because it's used by slow bike riders or runners even when there's nobody using the sidewalk and I can't use the sidewalk with the police ticketing me
A lot of talk about passenger traffic here, but no one seems to have mentioned the amount of light commercial traffic that travels on the roads of a city (e.g. delivery vans, box trucks, on-site jobs requiring heavy equipment.) Unless your plan is to put a mega-warehouse with a freight rail line that goes straight out of the city, in walkable distance of every commercial zone, you're going to need some kind of transportation route for that traffic. The answer is not hand-carts, and even if it were the sheer number of carts required would just jam the pedestrian/bike routes the same way cars jam roadways. So what's the plan here? With the exception of subdivisions, roadways are built chiefly to carry this type of traffic, not passengers pe se. You're still going to need an "ever expanding sea of concrete" to support the supply and service traffic necessary to keep a city running. Even if, hypothetically, you ban private passenger traffic because you can just teleport people (or, somewhat more realistically, we go for the pneumatic tube concept that was so popular in sci-fi a few decades back) you'll still need roads, just slightly fewer of them per person per unit of area.
>>17737 Indeed, you'd still need roads for trucks, the same way you'd need them for buses. But if you took away all cars from a city and then tripled the number of trucks and buses you'd still have significantly less vehicles on the loads.
>>17737 Why be so absolutist? What sort of strawman have you concocted in your head that makes that any sort of counter argument? >So what's the plan here? They use streets to deliver their goods... This >>17739
>>17720 The only one advocating that is (You) with your public transportation masturbatory sessions.
>>17721 >How would the current US handle public transportation under wartime conditions with strict fuel rations for privately owned civilian vehicles? With corn fuel and whatever happens to work in that particular moment. Since America is built on Oil and their Delivery networks, I would say that would very well be the end of America though since a true fuel shortage would see over 60% of the population unemployed.
>>17722 And I think it's none of the city's god damned problem to decide things for people. I know what works best for me, not some damn politician who wants to evict me and put me out of work for X years on another pork barrel project.
>>17733 Because a Strelok talked about the reality self-driving cars in our lifetimes, and a bunch of autists painted it as a public infrastructure issue to talk about pet fantasies about how they would perfectly run a city.
>>17742 >still thinking that there is only one anon arguing for public transportation Enjoy sitting in a traffic jam as niggers burn down your city, amerifat.
>>17737 >So what's the plan here? Amazon solved this years ago with their drone system. They can't use their drone systems in first world countries though because politicians made it illegal to avoid being suicide bombed or Chairforce saw it as a threat to their air sovereignty and got the FAA or equivalency to ban it.
>>17747 I should add that you have to consider surface area for travel. For every additional meter high in the air, you create an exponentially larger space for drones to operate in to deliver your shit. Then you only need roads for large long-distance liquid freight when a pipeline doesn't exist and short-distance heavy loads.
>>17739 You would have less vehicles and you would have greater nightmares to deal with. My city of over half a million can't keep a fleet of 120 bus drivers because there is a trucker shortage and the city treats non-city employees employed by the city like shit.
>>17746 I will drive through them because that's legal here, Europoor.
>>17750 Yeah, like that guy in Charlottesville who totally wasn't sentenced to life for doing that. Not to mention that all the cars would just disappear from the roads in front of you.
>>17751 >Charlottesville I don't live in nigger central. I live well over 1000 miles away from nigger central. The East Coast is for niggers.
>>17744 Then you're hopeless, delusional and a sociopath, everyone thinks they know what's best for themselves, but in following that belief they often screw themselves and everyone else over, you don't seem to get that despite how clear it is. >>17745 Because public infrastructure is a better solution than self-driving cars to the problems created by cars, what we have are a bunch of retards that insist on missing the point.
>>17754 I'd say anon is the hopeless one who needs to grow up if he thinks anyone given a position of authority without fiscal responsibility can be expected to do something right.
>>17754 >Because public infrastructure is a better solution than self-driving cars to the problems created by cars, what we have are a bunch of retards that insist on missing the point. It's also unrealistic and goes off into wishful thinking. Self-driving cars are a reality right now.
>>17754 Thought experiment >Scenario 1 A guy invites you to a place for a chance to win 1000 dollars, you go to said place and there's a crowd of at least a hundred gathered, to win the 1000 dollars all you need to do is raise your hand to show you want them, the issue is that the money will be divided by the amount of people that raised their hands, you can get the 1000 if by chance no one else raises their hands maybe they don't want the money, or they didn't hear the guy talking, whatever, get 500 if only you and other person raises their hand and so on. >Scenario 2 A guy invites you to a place for a chance to win 200 dollars, you go to said place and there's an equally big crowd, to win the 200 dollars all you need to do is raise your hand too, the issue is that there's no need to divide the money, everyone that raises their hand will get the 200, they're completely guaranteed provided you want them. What scenario would you rather be in? a small chance of getting 1000, though most likely you'll get a few bucks considering it is very likely dozens of people will raise their hands, or 200 guaranteed? My argument is that is better to take the 200 guaranteed, while what i've been reading as counter argument is that "But if i raise my hand i'll get 1000" which has a grain of truth that has never been into question, but it completely ignores the very important other part of the scenario. I hope i don't need to specify how this thought experiment maps to the actual topic. >>17755 Don't disagree >>17756 Yes, so? i know very well it's unlikely to happen, i've said so from the beginning >>17609
honestly, i don't get the fucking point. There's only one problem in my book, and that problem is called "too many people". 7.8 billion too much at this point in time. It's time to get rid of alot of the population, in order to get some fresh air again. And then concentrate on keeping the number low, in order to not get into the same fucking situation again. but, to spray acid on your collective buttholes, i do like using a bike for everything closer than 30 klicks. And i love my dirty old offroader, that gulps down gas and doesn't break down. And i like taking the train, as i don't have to do shit, except sitting there, drinking coffee and reading, while someone else drives my ass where i want it. anyone interested in discussing methods to wipe out thousands of people on your own?
>>17757 Thought experiment. >Scenario 1 You wake up, get ready for work, walk down to the street, then walk down to the metro, hop on it, disembark after a few stops, go up to the surface, walk to your workplace. This whole things takes up about an hour (assuming you can get ready for work in a timely manner), and doesn't cost much overall. You can also watch your goyphone while travelling on the metro. >Scenario 2 You wake up, get ready in your work, walk outside to your car, sit in the traffic for who knows how long, get close to your workplace, hope that you can find a place to park your car, then get out of it and finally walk to your workplace. This whole process take up about an hour of your life, maybe less, even more likely that it will take longer if there is an accident somewhere and you end up in a traffic jam. You have pay for the fuel significantly more than what the metro costs, not to mention that maintaining the car also requires money, and you had to buy it somehow to begin with. You have to constantly pay attention to your surroundings, so you can't do much just sit in your car. And there are the inherent risks of getting into accident with your car. I hope I don't need to specify how coming up with unrealistic thought experiments is ridiculous when we are discussing very real things that can be directly compared.
>>17758 >And i love my dirty old offroader, that gulps down gas and doesn't break down. Do you drive it offroad, or in a city that has too many cars and people in it?
>>17760 i do take it on a spin sometimes, use a few forest roads. i especially like taking off my plates, and using forest roads that are normally prohibited for vehicle use. But yeah, mostly country roads and little town roads.
>>17759 I'm >>17754 i just thought of the thought experiment after making that post, i'm the "cities for humans before cars" guy. >unrealistic thought experiments is ridiculous when we are discussing very real things that can be directly compared. But direct comparison doesn't seem to get into their heads that following what's best for themselves personally using a car fucks everyone over if everyone does it too everyone using a car too which is the first scenario
>>17762 Cars are not a tragedy of the commons though.
Cars should be supported over trains/buses/subways for the simple fact that a train/plane/bus/subway is a single point of failure in a complex machine. Several roads leading to the same place and a car culture makes invasion or federal enforcement during a civil war virtually impossible. There's a reason Afghanistan was "controlled" by the US via a handful of choke points and why infrastructure investment was designed to keep those choke points active. Anyone who advocated creating those choke points is advocating turning you into a slave.
>>17766 If that's your main concern, then you should advocate for BTRs and MT-LBs, not cars. The average car can't drive offroad, and you just have to blow up a few bridges to completely cut off an area. You need tracked amphibious vehicles.
>>17764 What do you mean? >>17766 Your arguments are getting rather desperate also this >>17767
>>17768 >What do you mean? I meant exactly what I said. Everyone keeps treating cars like a tragedy of the commons when they are not. If cars fall under the tragedy of the commons, then we can use basic economic principles to show why they are superior still. The only tragedy of the commons arguably taking place are with buses and vehicular freight as they tend to cause traffic and rip up the roads without putting anything back into the system.
>>17767 Because roads serve multiple functions as both civilian and military infrastructure. I am very much opposed to the federal highway system if that's what you meant to imply, I'm just not opposed to roads as a means.
>>17769 >Everyone keeps treating cars like a tragedy of the commons when they are not.
>>17628 > victims' family members filed a lawsuit against the gun-maker alleging that the military-style weapon should never have been sold to a civilian They would be liable if they didn't sell the firearm to the American Citizen. The right of the people to keep and bare arms shall not be infringed. That includes F-15 and nukes which biden proclaims we the people need to fight a tyrannical government that is not beholden to the people.
>>17643 Pol pot did nothing wrong
>>17767 Advocate for all terrain vehicles that can cross water, bridges are a major chokepoint even today.
Open file (103.83 KB 616x574 do you suck dicks.jpg)
>>17773 Unironically this, but fuck you for being a namefag.
>>17754 >Because public infrastructure is a better solution than self-driving cars to the problems created by cars, what we have are a bunch of retards that insist on missing the point. Was the Autobahn a bad idea?
>>17779 It was ok
A few low effort screencaps of things and stuff.
>>17786 I hate Spartacus with a passion, same with the rest Indy is pretty cool though
>>17786 >Torturing POW Yeah my favourite torture is when they forced them to play football in Aushwitz. Such evil.
>>17787 >Indy is pretty cool though How so? I'm genuinely curious.
>>17789 He's a good presenter and extremely rarely touches politics, he's just likeable, while Spartacus i've always disliked, not even sure why. it is rather annoying to not be able to re-use pictures due to r9k, the board is too slow for it.
Open file (80.61 KB 782x866 Cf.jpg)
>>17786 >Chinese women
>>17787 Spartacus is a moralistic Swedish history teacher, who doesn't want to tell things as they were but rather laced with his own judgements and passed off as fact. That's pretty much what the Allies did at Nuremburg though constructing a nebulous idea of some unwritten system of international law the world is supposed to work by and retroactively applying it to Germany to override their legal defense that all they did was permissible in the context of Westphalian state sovereignty; he's reading history as it was written by the victors.
Open file (34.40 KB 520x380 1581746443627.jpg)
Kamala Harris now 'underwater' as sinking popularity alarms Democrats >Kamala Harris has become the most unpopular US vice president six months into an administration since at least the 1970s, according to polls. >Alarmed Democrat strategists are grappling with the Vice President's floundering poll numbers which show she is now "underwater," meaning more Americans disapprove, than approve, of her job performance. >The White House intends to deploy her only in certain areas to campaign ahead of next year's midterm Congressional elections, and will attempt to raise her profile by sending her on foreign trips in the coming months. >The disappointing first months of her term have also worried long-term strategists, many of whom had hoped she would run for president as early as the next elections. >Two recent polls both showed 46 per cent of Americans approved of Ms Harris, with 47 per cent and 48 per cent disapproving. >By contrast Joe Biden's approval rating in an average of polls is 51.3 per cent, and disapproval is 44.9 per cent. One of the most concerning elements for the White House is Ms Harris's unpopularity among young people. >An Economist/YouGov poll found 41 per cent of voters aged 18-29 had an "unfavourable" view of Ms Harris, with only 36 per cent viewing her "favourably." Ms Harris is also struggling with Hispanic voters, possibly due to her role leading US border policy. https://web.archive.org/web/20210731141959/https://www.telegraph.co.uk/world-news/2021/07/31/future-president-kamala-harris-now-underwater-sinking-popularity/
>car autism >self-driving car autism While I appreciated all the reading about city planning and commute woes in Burgerland and Europistan (and I'd have to agree with >>17758, most people need to fucking die before any system has a chance of working properly), I have to mention something other streloks missed about self-driving cars. There is no way they are ready "right now". In fact, there are severe doubts that they will be "ready" in the next 20 years - and by ready I mean deployment in warm, dry climates with no severe weather changes like Commiefornia. Places with actual seasons and harsh winter conditions, especially icy and muddy driving conditions, will have to wait longer than that. Admittedly, I sound like I'm full of shit right about now. After all, there have already been deployments of self-driving taxi services and all the usual (((moguls))) like Elon Musk have been hyping it up for years as if it's already here. But the technology, aside from some odd impressive bits, is a bunch of hot air. Cars can steer, keep cruising speeds, accelerate and decelerate in front of obvious obstacles, even handle tricky conditions on par with human drivers. But everything else is fucky beyond all belief. Object recognition is all over the place, even with the retarded CAPTCHAs of traffic lights and street crossings we have to fill out every single day. You can't just throw more data at an AI model and it will somehow make it more accurate. And, since recognition is fucky, this include pedestrians and other cars on the road. Current models of behavior are not predictive, so there is nothing mimicking our brain's ability to work ahead of our senses at analyzing what might happen next, which is obviously very bad for safety. TL;DR this is my smoothbrain attempt at summarizing this blogpost by an actual AI researcher: https://blog.piekniewski.info/2021/05/12/ai-mid-2021/
>>17801 I think you're making the mistake of expecting self driving cars to be rolled out when they're perfect and work in all conditions, that has never been the case with any technology, self driving cars are ready to be used in the real world in many situations, enough to start, with time they'll expand their "domain", don't forget self driving cars just have to be better than humans, not perfect. >You can't just throw more data at an AI model and it will somehow make it more accurate. As far as i know you can, it seems in some cases massive amounts of data trumps smart design >Current models of behavior are not predictive Where are you getting that? as far as i know they're very much predictive I'm not an expert either, so i'll take a look at that blog.
>>17801 >There is no way they are ready "right now". They've been driving in stormy Commiefornia weather and in blistering Phoenix despite smoke all around for the last year. I imagine there's bugs to work out for a "winter ready" self-driving vehicle, but I believe you're seriously overestimating those concerns outside of regions where you need specialized vehicles.
>>17801 Interesting read, gives me bigger doubts about self-driving cars than i thought, but not enough to believe they're 20 years away, most of what he speaks about are corporate shakeups and optimism, which is not really surprising in any industry.
>>17786 >female rulers While not a ruler, but a noble, they left out one of the biggest memes of all, 劉楚玉/Liu Chuyu (from Liu Song), bitch was so infamous her UNCLE ordered her and the current emperor executed lol. >Oldest of 6 >father dies, brother inherets the throne >Brother hates his father and mother so tries to do the exact opposite and blacken their name >Brother fucks the entire family (literally) >Chuyu is jealous and asks why can't she have male concubines >Brother says OK, sends her 30 handsome men she as sex slaves >Gives rise to the Chinese phrase 面首. >Origin of the phrase is immoralized in a book about dynasty history with this quote: >山阴公主淫恣过度,谓帝曰:“妾与陛下,虽男女有殊,俱托体先帝。陛下六宫万数,而妾唯驸马一人。事不均平,一何至此!” 而“帝乃为主置面首左右三十人。- 《宋书·前废帝纪》 >(The) Shanyang princess (Chuyu) was overly prosmiscuious. Empero Qianfei said: "Between princess and I (royal form), are only differed by the gender of male or female, all work to support the (legacy) of his late highness (the earliest founding ancestor), I have six palaces and tens of thousands (of servants), but you only a single horse and person (husband). This is not equal, how perpostperous! So (the) emperor for the sake of the princess gifted her around thirty people (male). - Source: Book of Song, Prior history to the first emperor. wtf does 面首 (Mianshou) mean? >“面,貌之美;首,发之美。面首,谓美男子。引申为男妾、男宠。”确定面首这个称谓的,是南北朝时期南朝刘宋的前废帝刘子业。 >Mian means Face, beauty of appearance; Shou means first, beauty of hair. Mianshou means the most beautiful man often extended to male concubine. Origin is from the Liu Ziye, Emperor of the Liu Song Dynasty in the Northern and Southern Dynasties. Here's a few more intresting figures: 趙娥/Zhao E (Three Kingdom's era) >Loose your entire family because your household head got asssinated, brothers died of the plague, husband dies later >opponent sets a banquet to throw shit in your face and gloat >Path of revenge locked in >finds said man riding on horse with armed escort >draws sword, kills horse, fights off (or kills) the escorts, kills man >turns her self in to the local magistrate >Magistrate resigns because he won't prosecute her >later pardoned and gets a stone steele errected in her honor (Usually reserved for major events or high nobility). >Get your own page immoralized in Records of the Three Kingdoms. Historical text: 徐氏婦曰:「李壽,男子也,兇惡有素,加今備衛在身。趙雖有猛烈之志,而強弱不敵。邂逅不制,則為重受禍於壽,絕滅門戶,痛辱不輕也。原詳舉動,為門戶之計。」娥曰:「父母之仇,不同天地共日月者也。李壽不死,娥親視息世間,活復何求!今雖三弟早死,門戶泯絕,而娥親猶在,豈可假手於人哉!若以卿心況我,則李壽不可得殺;論我之心,壽必為我所殺明矣。」 娥謂左右曰:「卿等笑我,直以我女弱不能殺壽故也。要當以壽頸血污此刀刃,令汝輩見之。」 又曰:「仇塞身死,妾之明分也。治獄制刑,君之常典也。何敢貪生以枉官法?」鄉人聞之,傾城奔往,觀者如堵焉,莫不為之悲喜慷慨嗟嘆也。守尉不敢公縱,陰語使去,以便宜自匿。娥抗聲大言曰:「枉法逃死,非妾本心。今仇人已雪,死則妾分,乞得歸法以全國體。雖復萬死,於娥親畢足,不敢貪生為明廷負也。」尉故不聽所執,娥復言曰:「匹婦雖微,猶知憲制。殺人之罪,法所不縱。今既犯之,義無可逃。乞就刑戮,隕身朝巿,肅明王法,娥親之原也。」 辛憲英/ Xin Xianying (Three Kingdoms' era). >Hated dealing with women so spent her time reading books and studying >Married into the founding clan of the Jin dynasty >Forsaw that Cao Pi would be not as effective and serrious as his father and brother >Manages to predict who would win the coup d'teat of Sima Yi (Known as "Incident at Gaoping tombs") >Forsees the rebellion and downfall of Zhonghui before he even starts plotting in 263 >Her children are also relatively sucessful, unfortunately one of her decendents starts the madness of Jin civil wars by cucking the emperor (羊獻容/Yang Xianrong) >Famously remembered by the evaulation "The intellect of some women (Xin Xianying), there are (many) men who can not exceed her". Source: 胡三省:“女子之智識,有男子不能及者。" 蔡琰/Cai Yan, Courtesy name 文姬 (WenJi) >Father gets killed and the barbarians invade >Husband died, forcibly married to Xiongnu barbarians for 12 years >Still highly influential poet writer and orator >Cao Cao ransoms her for a large sum of money >marries 3rd time >Husban commits a capital offense >Famous verbal exchange with Cao Cao is recorded as below (SOURCE: 後漢書·列女傳/ Book of Later Han, Biographies of (notable) women) : 而后董祀犯了死罪,蔡琰去找曹操给董祀求情。当时曹操正在宴请公卿名士,对满堂宾客说:“蔡邕的女儿在外面,今天让大家见一见。”蔡琰披散着头发光着脚,叩头请罪,说话条理清晰,情感酸楚哀痛,满堂宾客都为之动容。但曹操却说:“可是降罪的文书已经发出去了,怎么办?”蔡琰说:“你馬廄里的好马成千上万,勇猛的士卒不可胜数,还吝惜一匹快马来拯救一条垂死的生命吗?”曹操终于被蔡文姬感动,赦免了董祀。 蔡琰为丈夫董祀求情时,天气非常寒冷,曹操见蔡琰没有穿鞋又披散着头发,于是赠给蔡琰头巾鞋子袜子。 >Dong Si (Her 3rd husband) had comitted a capital offense, Cai Yan went to petition Cao Cao for clemency. She approached him while in a banquet for famous people, to which Cao Cao said to his guests, "Cai Yong'd daughter is outside, let us all go see her." Cai Yan approached with a lowered head, and kowtowed deeply to Cao Cao, asking for clemancy. Cao Cao replies, "But the order has been sent how, what should I do?" (TL: He doesn't want to give a pardon)Cai Yan reply " Your good horses are in the tens of thousands, and brave soldiers innumerable, but you are yet to be unwilling to spare a single one to save a life?" Cao Cao was deeply moved (Read: Publicly shamed infront of his peers), and pardoned Dong Si. The weather was cold when this happened, and seeing that Cai Yan did not wear shoes and did not tie her hair, Cao Cao gifted her a set of shoes, scarf and socks. >Considered one of the greatest literati ever in China
>>17802 They are rolled out right now, just not self-driving in the sense of the word, which is part of my problem with the term and hype. >in some cases massive amounts of data trumps smart design It seems to be giving diminishing returns the more you scale, along with the amount of processing it can do. I'm basing it on information from the same resource, i.e. the AI Winter article. >Where are you getting that? The link I posted goes into detail about that. The summary is that it can't because the current imaging hardware all AI for cars have doesn't allow it to perceive objects in 3D space as a human brain can. If this capability is added, you still need to actually get it to build a coherent picture, which means more training and shitty models. >>17803 This is also related to the above reply: when I say "self-driving cars", I specifically mean the "lay back and let the vehicle drive you to places" like was discussed previously in the thread. Nothing like that exists as of this moment and all of the successful deployments are assisted driving, not self-driving. Disengagements happen and you are still in the driver's seat watching for them. Could be an unidentified bump in the road or you being 3 seconds away from becoming a burning wreckage. I haven't heard of Phoenix & smoke specifically, but everything I've read so far about every single deployment has been a nicely geofenced area with great infrastructure - suburbs, well-off areas of the city. >winter ready Not even people are winter ready here when the first snow falls. Roads get fucked and cleanup takes time, then after any heavy snowfall natural tire tracks form and going outside them - for example, switching lanes or making a not well traveled turn - can make you drift. I'm not trusting this shit with my life. >>17804 The idea of wanting to just read a book undisturbed as you are on a solo commute to work is at least that, if I'm taking HRT-flavored futurist pills. Optimism is one thing, sure, but the amount of regulations that would need to be pushed through corporate red tape to go from assisted driving to fully autonomous sets is just a logical setback for all of this. Plus, you can just take your time and milk more venture capital and research grant money from impressionable retards. Right now, and for the nearest future (possibly until I'm old enough to not even give a shit about commuting in the first place), "self-driving" is as much of a meme as VR is. Retvrn to wood gas bikes, strelok's self-sufficient reconnaissance vehicle.
>>17807 >Wood gas I prefer biodiesel, but I get what you're saying. >>17798 Kamehameha getting shit on by the general populus? That feels quite nice, how long until the US inevitably collapses tho? >>17779 The autobahn is great, but modern street building business is not. The repairing that goes into modern autobahns is beyond ridiculous, and it could've been made so much easier had they just continued to lay down concrete slabs instead of fucking around with asphalt. But that wouldn't be as profitable now, would it?
>>17758 >It's time to get rid of a lot of the population, in order to get some fresh air again. Agreed. >And then concentrate on keeping the number low No, build O'Neill cylinders to proliferate sapient life at low per-colony population densities in the Solar System and beyond. I like how this sophisticated discussion about public infrastructure has greatly elevated posting activity on this here board, though it's a bit of a shame the dedicated logistics thread from a while back didn't generate the same kind of buzz.
>>17811 >Dedicated threads don't gain as much traction as general discussion of the same topics on a general discussion thread. It's almost as if streloks don't like being limited by thread topic, and instead love to steer discussion towards a topic they like whenever they want. Not a bad thing in and out of itself, but not exactly what imageboards with thread systems are for. Maybe it's time to restructure imageboards fundamentally?
>>17813 >logistics thread killed by nuance More like logistics is mindbogglingly crushing and numbers crunching. Unfortunately, it is what wins wars.
A World War II Nazi tank discovered in a retiree's basement leads to legal spat. There was also a torpedo and an anti-aircraft gun.' >An 84-year-old German man is the focus of a legal debate after a raid found a Panther tank in his basement. >Prosecutors say the retiree broke the German War Weapons Control Act. > A US museum is interested in buying the tank. >A German retiree is at the center of a legal wrangle after police found World War Two Panther tank, an anti-aircraft gun, and a torpedo in his basement in 2015. >A team of prosecutors and lawyers is working to negotiate a penalty for the 84-year-old, which could include a suspended sentence and a fine of up to €500,000 ($594,050). >A debate has arisen whether the military collector has broken Germany's War Weapons Control Act. The defense argues that the weapons are no longer functional, therefore not in breach of this legislation, and would accept a lower fine of €50,000, according to an RT-DE report. >However, this is contested by prosecutors, who argue that the weapons could still be used. ccording to his lawyer, a US museum wants to buy the war-era Panther tank, with militaria collectors interested in the 70 assault rifles and numerous pistols owned by the defendant, Die Welt newspaper reported. >The armaments were discovered in the retiree's basement in 2015 after local authorities were informed of its war-time contents after the property was searched for Nazi-era art, according to the BBC. >It took 20 soldiers nine hours to remove the trove of military hardware from the unnamed man's home in Heikendorf, a suburb of Kiel, in Northern Germany. >There was also a horde of Nazi memorabilia, including a bust of Hitler, mannequins in Nazi uniforms, swastika pendants, SS rune-shaped lamps, and a statue of a naked warrior holding a sword in his extended hand that once stood outside Hitler's Chancellery in Berlin, by the dictator's favorite sculptor, Arno Breker, reported War History Online. >At the time of the raid, the mayor of Heikendorf, Alexander Orth, told Suddeutsche Zeitung that the man once drove the tank in 1978. >When asked his thoughts on the ownership of the tank, the mayor replied, "One loves steam trains, the other old tanks." >The case is set to conclude in August 2021. https://news.yahoo.com/world-war-ii-nazi-tank-083822402.html
>>17807 >when I say "self-driving cars", I specifically mean the "lay back and let the vehicle drive you to places" Waymo cars have been doing just that though.
Am i the only one here that heard the story of a guy in Argentina claiming to be Hitler a few weeks ago? >>17811 >discussion about public infrastructure I almost want to get back to that
>>17817 >Am i the only one here that heard the story of a guy in Argentina claiming to be Hitler a few weeks ago? Show the guy.
>>17818 Haven't seen him, i just heard about it a few weeks ago and expected this and other places to be full of memes about it but wasn't the case, then >>17815 reminded me of the story.
Open file (835.22 KB 778x438 ClipboardImage.png)
>>17817 Hitler would be 128 making him like six years older than the oldest (woman) alive who made it to 122. The guy's wife says it's dementia and he started thinking he was Hitler back in 2015. At most he might be a former soldier, but you're more likely to win a free cruise than for this guy to be Hitler.
Missouri governor pardons Mark and Patricia McCloskey https://archive.is/z1Bs9#selection-919.0-1099.21 https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2021/08/03/mccloskey-pardon/ >A St. Louis couple who gained national notoriety for brandishing guns at peaceful protesters last year and pleaded guilty to firearm charges were pardoned by Missouri Gov. Mike Parson last week. >Sticking to a promise he made before the pair pleaded guilty, the Republican governor announced Tuesday that Mark and Patricia McCloskey were among 12 people granted pardons Friday. In June, Mark McCloskey pleaded guilty to misdemeanor fourth-degree assault and was fined $750, and Patricia McCloskey pleaded guilty to misdemeanor harassment and was fined $2,000. Both agreed to give up the guns they had brandished in the confrontation. >On June 28, 2020, video and photographs showed rifle-wielding Mark McCloskey and pistol-toting Patricia McCloskey in front of their mansion as protesters marched through their gated community to the home of then-Mayor Lyda Krewson (D) amid nationwide protests after a police officer killed George Floyd in Minneapolis. >The images garnered national attention, prompting then-President Donald Trump to speak out in defense of the couple. Trump and other Republicans considered the McCloskeys law-abiding homeowners defending their property. Others saw the couple as overly aggressive toward demonstrators. >The couple, both personal injury attorneys in their 60s, faced felony firearm charges after the display in front of their marble-faced palazzo home but ultimately pleaded guilty to lesser charges. >Representatives for the couple and the governor did not immediately respond to requests for comment from The Washington Post. >Parson, a month after the confrontation, told local radio station KFTK he would pardon the couple if they were convicted. >“By all means, I would, and I think that’s exactly what would happen,” he said, adding that he first wanted to hear “all the facts.” >He reiterated his promise in a news conference months later: “We’ll let it play out and see how this all comes out in the courts, but I stand by what I said.” >Mark McCloskey announced in May that he would run for one of Missouri’s U.S. Senate seats. >Parson has been working through a backlog of clemency requests for months, the St. Louis Post Dispatch previously reported.
Open file (504.43 KB 830x960 spaghetti.jpg)
>eviction moratium extended to October Federal Housing reserve soon? Blackrock's gonna buy all the apartments+tenants from bankrupt landlords if this goes on.
Open file (256.20 KB 720x1391 1624565271373.jpg)
>>17842 >the virgin media calling for their heads >the chad gubernatorial pardon >>17843 You act like that isn't all part of the plan.
>>17844 They see the problem but their solution moves in the opposite direction. There isn't s population crisis, there's a crisis of Boomers refusing to sell their property for less than triple what they paid for it and spiting everyone by holding onto it until death when obviously no one can afford that.
>>17843 Right now politicians are putting this off for as long as possible because none of them want to take the hit. Whoever ends the housing moratorium is going to be seen as the devil incarnate by the American population regardless of reasons. The moratorium is going to last indefinitely unless they pass a "rent forgiveness" bill because pissing off a couple tens of thousands of landlords is less harmful to the politician's pockets/campaign than pissing off tens of millions of Americans by telling them they have no work because of COVID, no skills, and they still have to pay rent. Whether due to incentives or due to people reevaluating their lives in a post-pandemic world, normalfags who worked non-essential jobs and got sent home are for the first time in American history about to pick up pitchforks because they've been given a raw deal. They're already fleeing like rats so fast that Jew York is trying to get an expatriation fee passed for leaving the state.
>>17845 >there's a crisis of boomers Guess who's sitting in Congress. This isn't an accident.
>>17847 I know it's not an accident. This doesn't make it any better. Guess who didn't train/groom a replacement when he finally retires or dies at age 70/80? As much as I hate boomers, what comes during the interim when they are gone and no one takes their raw deal legacy is going to be a bigger shit show. This is why America needs to invade China NOW and not a decade or two from now.
Open file (5.26 MB 450x399 TempleOS.webm)
>>17848 The US needs to invade China before it runs out of spare ICs, as does the EU and everyone else who isn't in the Russo-Chink power bloc. Too bad it wouldn't accomplish anything as even if the entire PRC nuclear arsenal turns out to be defective the Chinks would blow up the TGD and Shenzhen just to deny invading gweilos the factories they invaded to capture in the first place. Louis Rossmann would be heavily sought after in such an event, as would ancient computers from the time before they made them for niggers.
>>17849 I get that you're making a Hearts of Iron joke, but you should realize that blowing the TGD and Shenzhen is the US' kinda-sorta open secret war plan in the case of a full on war against China. So, if the chinks did it for them, I'm pretty sure the US Mil would be celebrating. As for bugnukes, the US has demonstrated multiple times that it can hack and blow the bugnukes on their trucks. Nork mountains collapsing wasn't a threat to the Norks, it was a threat to the chinks. Your second spoiler is probably going to be true regardless.
>>17850 I thought the mountains was a result of Norks launching too many tests, not US interference? That would seem like something Trump would definitely have bragged about.
>>17843 >extended It is unconstitutional according to SCOTUS, but by the time it gets back up to it will be at least a year, and then it will be moot. SCOTUS hasn't been relevant outside of the public eye ever since FISA court got elevated to the same level or above them. >but the US gov still exists!!! The west has not lived long, it has existed longby the mere external factors laid out by chance. Society has existed long, but not lived long. This disease stems from an infectious contaigon known as fear, it paralyzes the greatness of man and rots the progress of society. Perhaps someday, we shall be able to boldy step into the future instead of wasting in our body and mind.
>>17851 >That would seem like something Trump would definitely have bragged about. You haven't read his books, then. He doesn't brag about what he thinks his biggest cards are. Whether those actually are his biggest cards or not, fuck if anyone knows.
>>17852 >The west has not lived long, it has existed longby the mere external factors laid out by chance. You mean Enlightenment liberalism. Although it is the dominant ideology, you would be missing the forest for the trees to think it and it alone defines the West.
Open file (103.93 KB 1426x845 1580805522022.png)
>>17848 >Implying the US can invade anyone with its current amount of troons and Niggers in the army. >Implying that the USA isn't on it's deathbed. The American era is coming to an end. Fucking finally. Greatest Ally™ should get it's ass in Gear before getting gangraped by its peaceful religious neighbors. not that I wouldn't be happy for it to happen
>>17852 "The West" is only a 400 year old concept, but it still accomplished more in those 400 years than any pillar of humanity ever accomplished in their much longer reigns. "The West" is stagnating because of a set of policies introduced in the early-mid 1900s globally and you are just seeing the aftereffects of decisions made long before you or I were alive and codified into dogmatic law during our parent's generation. The West doesn't need new ideologies or some kind of backbone. They just need an immovable object to get in the way of the unstoppable march. **That was supposed to be COVID. We'll see whether the object was unstoppable or not in about another year.
>>17857 The US could invade several countries even with an army full of women and niggers. The only ones it absolutely can't invade that are considered "enemies" are Best Korea (economic/political suicide), Russia (would lose), and Iran (would humiliatingly lose). The Navy has been fucked by 30 years of not mattering and Marines by only having land invasions for the same time, but that will soon change. I don't want a war with China because I think the US would win (although I do believe with Japan and Australia's help beyond the Taiwan strait they would win), I want a war because it would butt fuck the CCP out of power and equally force the Americans to reevaluate their military. I don't care if America wins or loses. They need a war that isn't guerillas and that affects the global supply chain to unfuck sections of the military industrial complex so Streloks like me have a fighting chance of not being a wage slave on the lowest rungs when it happens. Preferably sooner than later. I'd rather fight in a war with China halfway across the world rather than be caught in the domestic turmoil back home.
>>17859 Well, it sure looks like domestic turmoil is on the menu. I do not wish any strelok harm, because you people are the only ones I consider worth more than their combined meat, skin and bones, but I do wish the USA to get fucked into pieces, and the fractions of it filled with bankfags, kikes and liberals to burn to the ground. A fractioning of north America could help simulate at least a fraction of the long-time infighting and peacemaking needed to forge an actual identity. As of now, "American" is nothing but a hollow word, "Americans" a mix-race, not United by anything but a flag and country boundaries.
>>17856 >forrest for the trees I refer to it as "the west" because that is what "generally" defines the west. It is just the most obvious sign of decline and not the only symptom. >>17858 To be frank, we only require the will. The way has been clear and it remains up to us to walk it. >>17859 >war with China Strelok, are you aware how war with China would turn out? The chance of the US getting shat on by China is not insignifigant. Not militarily, but psychologically. You expect the current population of Americans to ration? To have patitence there newest shiny shitty plastic chink shit is going to be delayed for several months or years? There would be riots that would make vietnam protests look tame. The Chinese don't even need to WIN militarily, they just need to impliment a Fabian strategy and deny production lines to the US and distrupt them signifigantly. >>17861 >true identiy It will never happen. Every place on this world has been mapped, every stone unturned. Unless we have someone with the will, desire, and wealth to fuck off to the moon, deep ocean, or antartica pretty sure musk doesn't count, or someone who is a true tyrant to which the likes makes Hitler Stalin/Pol Pot/Mao look "tame" the west is doomed to wallow in it's eternal pit of the lowest common demoninator cutting down those who dare to reach toward the sky. Adversity and nessecity drives unity, strength. In the western world, there is neither adversity nor nessecity.
>>17857 >West Taiwan decides to unify East Taiwan >burgers, NATO, Japan mobilize >Bugman invasion fleet sunk by Taiwanese minefields, subs and concealed missile launchers, Taipei and all modern semiconductor fabs carpeted by missile spam >Japanese, American, Poojeet and Vietnamese hackers knock out most of the coastal AShM network to make way for the UN landing >Chink suicide boats, subs, mines and older non-networked concealed missile launchers sink multiple US capitals but the heroic JMSDF forges a path for the landing craft >Congress hurriedly decides to reactivate the Iowas somehow but they can't agree on whether to go for navalized F-22s or the ASF-14 concept following the collapse of the JSF program, meanwhile semiconductor rationing is enacted across the US making Louis Rossmann's repair shop shoot up by several gorillion hyperinflated $$$ in value also the French restart the Rafale-M production line on behalf of Japan and Britain >UN lands at Shanghai and Hainan, Chinks flood the city but this only makes it easier for the landing craft to drop their negro muhreens further inland >Xi uses the Imperialist invasion to regain the mandate of heaven and quell the civil unrest caused by old men whose sole inheritors died in the failed invasion of Taiwan >UN forces capture Hainan and Hong Kong, the PRC is unable to expel them as that would cost them their last surviving physically able farmers' sons, meanwhile the barely organized nonbinary multi-ethnic UN army led by tired Japanese tard wranglers, autistic Vtuber simps and chink hating niggers is advancing primarily to capture spare parts due to tightening supply constraints >Chinks let the UN troops advance alongside the Yangtze then blow up the TGD >many melanin enriched marines drown as do millions of chinese but the UN army still remains sort of operational thanks to vaccine dodging german quartermasters from the Rhine valley >worldwide industrial collapse due to exhaustion of parts stockpiles with no way to replenish them, the US apparently disintegrated from nationwide food riots according to reports received just before contact with all satellite networks was lost, UN ships sitting in captured Chinese ports are nonfunctional due to relying on always online NSA DRM >TNO style warlord period ensues but with barbarian western colonizers included, much to the chagrin of bugmen >20 years later El Chino roams the yellow wasteland
>>17864 >Strelok, are you aware how war with China would turn out? Yes. >The chance of the US getting shat on by China is not insignifigant. No matter who wins, the Globalists lose. >To have patitence there newest shiny shitty plastic chink shit is going to be delayed for several months or years? Oh the rabbit hole goes deeper than that. There are several branches of technology like inductors that are only mass produced in China. Chink flu has been prepping everyone for this because it is happening either way, right now. >There would be riots that would make vietnam protests look tame. That's what everyone under 40 who's conservative wants. Or at least everyone under 40 at my workplace. >The Chinese don't even need to WIN militarily, they just need to impliment a Fabian strategy and deny production lines to the US and distrupt them signifigantly. China outsources a lot of production to Vietnam/NK already. Chinese don't even produce shit in China half the time. Not to mention China is hurt more by relying on industrial production than other countries relying on them. Most production (outside of things like inductors) can be sent elsewhere in Asia or South America for nickels a day instead of pennies. All the Americans need to do is set up an embargo and let the Chinks kill themselves. China owning the Taiwan strait is unacceptable and non-negotiable at all costs since trade from half the fucking globe passes through there if it's on its way in/out of Asia.
>>17865 10/10, only criticism is that semiconductor production will move to Phoenix in about 3 years and be a non-issue since Chile and Argentina (world lithium producers) hate China. Also China's policy has been to make all trade vessels flying the Chink flag both comandeerable and required by law to be moddable for military purposes since they plan to use merchant vessels to cross the strait on day 1.
>>17857 Zhang, nothing said there requires invasion. It just requires a handful of capable white (or chink hating asians, I know at least 10 different capable Japs that would enthusiastically volunteer for such a mission) guys to throw a dozen or so AGM-158D JASSM-XRs from well outside the chink A2AD zone. The US' entire strategy in a hypothetical Sino-American war is to avoid invasion at all costs, relying entirely on standoff munitions. But if none of that is good enough for you, Russia has all but confirmed that 'Rods from God' (satellite based orbital bombardment) is real and operational with their not so subtle threats about it, so something is going to get through the chink A2AD. Long and short, a Sino-American war in the modern age would end in three to six days and it'd be the bloodiest war ever fought without a single infantry boot on the ground of hostile dirt — because as if the chinks aren't eying the same strategies against the US.
>>17865 Strelok, the US overproduces in raw agriculture by over six times consumption and processed goods by over twice consumption. Yes, a majority of that goes in trade to china and (chinese controlled) africa, but in a US-is-at-war-with-china scenario, where do you think all of that food goes?
>>17866 >under 40 conservative wants You are forgetting the large amount of people that don't (read: Free gibs, dems, leftist, most of the cities and govt). It will end up like Willian Canaris types who will deliberately sabotage from within. The US goverment can barely fix the current state of US infranstructure, and you think it has the will to war with China?
>>17869 The US overproduces, but that's because of subsidies. The real question is what happens when they can't get more loans and there isn't enough money for subsidies.
Open file (1.05 MB 848x618 ClipboardImage.png)
>>17867 >non-issue Really? I could imagine it for heavily regulated and documented military hardware, but what about all the hodgepodge proprietary nightmare setups found in civilian goods like tractors, pickups, washing machines etc. ? Are there plans for Ersatz utility goods running on domestic Z-80 microcontrollers? >>17869 What good is all that food if the farmers won't/can't transport it beyond nearby towns due to rabid SA style nigger/Mexican raids on truck convoys outside of zones with proper militia protection? Statistically it's true that the US produces more than enough food to feed itself, but that doesn't prevent the US government from making abhorrent bureaucratic decisions in its final months.
>>17868 >bloodiest war ever fought without a single infantry boot on the ground of hostile dirt Never thought about that, but that makes the most sense >>17871 I don't think they'll let it get to starvation levels, they'll o what they need to keep the population fed pacified
>>17871 Correct, but I don't see this being an issue until after bugdom is reduced to Fallout: Non-Atomic Ant Edition in any scenario where the US enters a war against china before the inevitable 2nd American Civil War.
>>17871 >The real question is what happens when they can't get more loans and there isn't enough money for subsidies That was the whole point of imposing the USD as world reserve currency, to have unlimited spending capacity in the event of war (with the Soviet Union). The entire world's productive capacity being regulated by its relationship to your national supremacy tying it into supporting your geopolitical ambitions. Since the Cold War ended the US federal government has decided to blow the money on pointless shit instead because the monetary system is deliberately set up for an apocalypse economy but the apocalypse never happened. If a war did break out the likelihood is the financial bubbles will collapse since those prices are meaningless when the shit hits the fan, but the monetary system itself will realign in accordance with whatever power the world thinks it should bet on that provides it with the best bang for its buck. The US would still be on the table if it got its act together in the happening.
Open file (4.27 MB 1241x1710 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.00 MB 2048x1658 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.86 MB 2048x1318 ClipboardImage.png)
>>17876 That very spending is what I'm afraid of. America is more likely to go the hyperinflation route, and unless an emerging nation after a theoretical civil war was able to claim both a decent chunk of land and ports some kind of Texas union is the only one, and that would still require Florida's eastern half, preferably parts of Southern California too, possibly by promising the illegals citizenship for allegiance, I don't see any emerging North American economy working as the standard except maybe Canada if they took parts of the plains and Northern United States for farmland, and they technically still report to the crown. Does this mean the future world hegemony is potentially back in the hands of the British at the power of a fucking leaf?
>>17879 >spoiler 3 Is that a mountie getting fucked by a furry moose? >Texas Union with illegals. Doomed to fail. The illegals will just pull a reverse 1836. Most likely we'll end up having a split like the Roman empire, maybe N/S along the North Carolina northern border NOVA is lost so the Mason Dixon line don't count I'd say you'd end up with: Plains states +Montana/Idaho/Utah/Nevada The south (I'm guessing southern Illinois/Indiana secedes from Chiraq). Texas/AZ/NM/Cali split between Mexico and their respective neighbors The Great lakes + East coast north of NOVA. New Hampshire Vermont Republic 2.0 when... Live free or die There's also a chance cities become the tent capital of the new nomads raiders until the power vacuum settles and Pol Pot begins to like like a visionary. >>17876 >realignment There's a third possibility: It causes a collapse that is so great cross-continental trade to become hard if not impossible. Takes a good century (or several) to recover from the collapse back to the globalization of now. That doesn't solve the issue of mass centralized power (only delays it). Unless a group of people fuck off to the moon or Mars that's not really possible.
>>17883 >It causes a collapse that is so great cross-continental trade to become hard if not impossible. Takes a good century (or several) to recover from the collapse back to the globalization of now. The world wars killed the momentum of global trade for half a century from a peak around 1900, but the advance of technology brought it back by the 80s. It would take a nuclear exchange (not that that isn't a possibility) to cause a collapse of Western Rome or Bronze Age collapse-esque situation, as pockets of technologically advanced civilization would serve to jumpstart the developmental process otherwise.
>>17879 Canada doesn't have an army worthwhile anymore. They'd get roasted by guys who loot a nasty girl armory.
>>17888 Canada's wartime military personnel are still well-trained. It's just the office/logistics half that's cucked. Those sorts get replaced during hard times.
>>17890 Strelok, if you honestly believe that makes them any better than even the Americans, you're liable for a rude awakening. Canada has almost as much societal trouble as the US does, and anything that goes down in the US also will also go down in Canada. The fate of the trousers is the fate of the headdress in this unfortunate case.
>>17890 You're in for an absolutely hilarious time then. The last time they were ready for total war was in the early 80's, right now they couldn't put down a rebellion even if they wanted to. It'll be funny when the western half of leafistan decides to say fuck off to the eastern portion.
>Lake Oroville hydroelectric plant shut down due to lack of water Who's gonna charge all those EVs now?
>>17921 >charging EV the human bioreactors when you aren't socially conforming (soon tm) meanwhile: https://www.foxnews.com/us/mark-mccloskey-lawsuit-missouri-governor-pardon-guns >The St. Louis man who was caught on video waving a firearm at Black Lives Matter demonstrators along with his wife outside their home is suing to have the guns returned days after a pardon granted to the couple was made public. >Mark McCloskey, a Republican U.S. Senate candidate, filed a lawsuit Wednesday in St. Louis City Circuit Court arguing the pardon from Republican Gov. Mike Parson nullifies any judgments and orders in the case, the Kansas City Star reported. He is seeking to have the state return a Colt AR-15 rifle and Bryco pistol. >"Now that the governor has pardoned us and those judgments are annulled the state should have no legitimate reason to have our guns," McCloskey told Fox News, saying the city was planning to melt the weapons. "It doesn't do me much good to have a couple of pounds of melted aluminum. I want my guns back." >McCloskey pleaded guilty in June to fourth-degree assault, a misdemeanor, and was ordered to pay a $750 fine. His wife, Patricia McCloskey, pleaded guilty to second-degree harassment, also a misdemeanor, and was issued a $2,000 fine. >Mark McCloskey is also seeking to be reimbursed for all fines paid. A full pardon doesn't remove a conviction but removes all "punitive collateral consequence stemming from the conviction without conditions or restrictions," according to the Missouri Department of Corrections website. >McCloskey, who has owned the rifle since 1989, said the gun seizure was part of a "politically-motivated" move by the office of St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner. >The petition stems from a June 2020 incident in which the McCloskeys were seen pointing weapons at a crowd of Black Lives Matter demonstrators marching through their private community. The crowd entered the area on its way to the home of then-Mayor Lyda Krewson. >"We stood on our property defending ourselves against an angry mob. The people that broke down our gate and threatened us were the ones that should have been arrested," McCloskey said. "It was only after Kim Gardner and her social engineering program decided that criminals are good people and good people are criminals that they decided to come and seize our guns." >"We did nothing more than exactly what the Second Amendment was designed for," he added. >Gardner's office was removed from overseeing the prosecution after campaign fundraising emails sent to constituents alluded to the case. WHO WANTS TO BET THAT THE DA "LOOSES" THE FIREARMS?
>>17924 >no archive link Oops... Sage for double post. https://archive.is/jvPle
Speaking of US borders, this is a surprisingly good video about why drawing straight lines on a map is retarded: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=hnaRppzurpw
>>17929 I thought that was self evident
>>17930 It is, but not in the land of the brave. There by self evident truths they mean things like kikes being equal to everyone else, or that a political system designed to give power to psychopaths should be enforced on the whole damned world.
>>17929 >fuccboi speech patterns >Wants to combine 1.3 million square kilometers of land into one state >"It's geographically similar and all rural farms, bro" Nah. This is the reasoning that gets you Commie-tier decision making the likes of which was seen in Ukraine under the USSR or China after deciding to genocide sparrows.
>>17938 Russia managed to unite more than 17 million km2, and most of those -stans are in the ballpark of 1 million km2, so I don't see your problem. You'd obviously need smaller administrative divisions below the state level, but drawing random lines in the prairie is simply not conductive of good governance.
>>17938 Did you actually hear the arguments?
>>17943 >>17940 No argument or line adjustment is worth centralizing what is essentially a functional decentralized system of micro-countries that see the feds as an occupying force. I agree that there should be some level of boundary adjustment just based on the states I've lived and worked in, however it should be towards more localized delegations, not some centralized committees controlled out of Kansas City, Denver, Oklahoma City, and Albuquerque.
>>17943 He obviously didn't. But the point still stands regardless. Do you really think that congress, in it's self serving glory, would ever even agree to remove an iota of their existing political strength and gravy train? And Do you think, that the states, with their systems as is currently, would be either capable of competience with aligned intrests OR even willingly do so to move from the status quo? IF you redraw the plains states on the Otegalla as a single entity, you'd end up with a bloated, incompetent entity there just like Texas GOP I don't think NY/CA dems are as incompetent as arrogant as the GOP in Texas.
>>17938 The more i think about it the more i see the current borders as the commie ones >>17944 >it should be towards more localized delegations In general i agree, but the guy does put forward some arguments as to why sometimes that can be a problem. It's not even about centralizing, it's about making borders that make more sense, which in some cases will require centralization and in others the opposite. >>17945 The practicality is not the issue, even the guy in the video agrees is a pipe dream to change anything, the issue is simply if it does make sense or not, not how feasible it might be. It's a thought experiment not a policy proposition. You shouldn't ignore how barely functioning states work in the fed favor, while strong and self reliant ones don't, but the latter requires natural and logical borders among other things.
>>17944 >>17945 >>17949 Keep in mind that natural barriers are also defensive barriers, so that video actually shows how a Balkanized America might look like.
Open file (30.04 KB 668x305 cwc.PNG)
I know you guys probably don't pay attention to lolcows as they call them, but it seems that the kiwifarms got taken down after they doxxed the daughter of two glows. Just thought it would be intresting to share what happens if you decide to dox someone's child who Terry A Davis would run over. https://archive.is/ieGlV https://twitter.com/KiwiFarmsDotNet/status/1424477478211440644
>>17968 again? lolcow.org is far superior
>>17970 Yeah. Seems like they really pissed off the wrong people. Funny how null is pushing people hard on the donations. >lolcow.org I don't know the history of that site but I see SIGSEV and several others who quit kiwi. Considering how null himself is a lolcow its hilarious.
>>17924 >WHO WANTS TO BET THAT THE DA "LOOSES" THE FIREARMS? From what I recall they were non functional guns anyway.
Open file (48.56 KB 708x311 cryptobtfo.png)
>>17813 Something something realtime imageboards. Meguca software is an option, but I have no idea how to set it up personally.
>>18000 guca was comfy until Lat went full faggot
I got a wee question. Every Strichtarn Jacket from 1970 onwards has a Makarov Pocket sewn into it the Question is how many NVA Soldier were actually issued Makarovs?
>Win two 19th century mess kits at an auction >Intend to keep one and sell the other >One is older, in better condition and with more markings >One is newer and in worse condition, but attaches better to my contemporary backpack >Can't decide which to keep Help.
>>18017 keep the newer one, touch it up, do some repairs if necessary. The older one, that is in better condition and has more markings, will probably sell for more, because original condition, no restauration and stuff like that.
>>18017 Keep the one that has the best form, fit, and function for what you plan to use it for. Sell the other.
>>18017 Sell both of them and use the money to buy a third one.
>>18020 >>18023 >>18025 I'll keep the older one. Thanks for the push.
>>17691 Quit being a faggot?
Open file (58.85 KB 680x544 mostly huwite.png)
Children born during pandemic have lower IQs, US study finds https://archive.md/afrN2 >In the decade preceding the pandemic, the mean IQ score on standardised tests for children aged between three months and three years of age hovered around 100, but for children born during the pandemic that number tumbled to 78, according to the analysis, which is yet to be peer-reviewed. >The study included 672 children from the state of Rhode Island. Of these, 188 were born after July 2020 and 308 were born prior to January 2019, while 176 were born between January 2019 and March 2020. The children included in the study were born full-term, had no developmental disabilities and were mostly white. And here is the actual study, with the important part screencapped. https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.08.10.21261846v1.full.pdf
>>18094 >People are home >Drug abuse is rampant >Spousal abuse is rampant >Wonder why your bebes are stupid I'll be more interested in the kindergarten through fourth grade studies down the line since that's typically the age range where most people develop essential social skills.
>>18094 > that number tumbled to 78 holy shit
>>18094 I wonder if these are related? https://web.archive.org/web/20210806142043/https://www.psypost.org/2021/07/large-study-finds-covid-19-is-linked-to-a-substantial-drop-in-intelligence-61577 >People who have recovered from COVID-19 tend to score significantly lower on an intelligence test compared to those who have not contracted the virus, according to new research published in The Lancet journal EClinicalMedicine. The findings suggest that the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19 can produce substantial reductions in cognitive ability, especially among those with more severe illness. Full paper: https://www.thelancet.com/journals/eclinm/article/PIIS2589-5370(21)00324-2/fulltext
The Battle of Kabul has commenced.
>>18099 >>18100 Hey buddy, the Middle East/Africa 2 for 1 special is three threads down.
>>18097 Makes sense. I've felt a brain drain since having Chink flu. I've been extremely lethargic and my tastebuds changed too.
https://yewtu.be/watch?v=wJxM3POU92w Is this an imprint of the Chinese soul? >>18095 >>18097 My point is that they made a study where most of the chillun were spicks, niggers, and mystery meat, then concluded that the low IQ is all due to the WuFlu.
>>18099 >looted Are Arabs the real orks?
>>17879 >decent public transport Torana-fag detected.
>>18126 Afghans aren't Arabs.
The latest excuse for the US MIC: the failure was unique to Afghanistan.
>>18331 Buddy, look here again: >>18101
Open file (84.68 KB 585x277 1629208039826.png)
>>18332 This isn't about the Middle East anymore.
>>18331 >The latest excuse for the US MIC: the failure was unique to Afghanistan. Have a specific quote/article?
Open file (393.75 KB 1353x1101 1629058326453.png)
>>18334 Biden's press conference yesterday >>18338 about how the Afghans refused to fight for themselves is being spun by retards that refuse to see how far the rot goes.
Looks like Ohio DA shitbags found a way around the self-defense law changes. >Aug. 16—Family members of Milton Roberts asked a Lucas County Common Pleas Court judge for the maximum prison term Monday for a Toledo woman who shot the man multiple times as he allegedly burglarized her home. >Robert's older sister, Lorena Roberts, asked Judge Ian English on Monday to sentence Laniesha Walls, 25, to a maximum term of 17 years in prison for involuntary manslaughter for fatally shooting the man multiple times at her apartment in the 1400 block of Norwood Avenue on June 22, 2020. >Roberts later died of multiple gunshot wounds, according to the Lucas County Coroner's Office. >"An angry, young woman with a gun doesn't think rationally," Ms. Roberts said on Monday. "She had shot him once but her anger wanted him dead. As he lay wounded, Ms. Walls hovered over him and shot him again, multiple times. And then she left the scene, leaving him dead on the sidewalk. No attempt to seek help, no remorse for what she did. >"Ms. Walls, in my opinion, is a cold-blooded killer and does not deserve any more breaks," Ms. Roberts added, claiming her brother's life had more meaning than the agreed-upon sentence of six years in prison. >The Lucas County Prosecutor's Office consulted with Mr. Roberts' son, Milton Roberts Jr., throughout the case and he previously OK'd the terms of the plea agreement on behalf of the victim's family, assistant county prosecutor Michael Bahner said on Monday. >Both Mr. Bahner and defense attorney Adam Stone agreed to go forward with the hearing and Judge English sentenced Walls on Monday to an indefinite term of 6 to 8 1/2 years in prison. >"I just want to apologize to the family," Walls said, hanging her head down throughout the proceedings. >Walls was facing murder charges, which could have landed her in prison for life. Last month, Walls pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter with a firearm specification. As part of the agreement, the state recommended a six-year sentencing cap. >The judge said he understood the family's frustration with Walls' sentence. However, updates to Ohio's law now requires prosecutors to prove a defendant did not act in self-defense, which is sometimes leading juries to an acquittal, he said. >"I have yet to see the impact of stand your ground but there have been more people acquitted in the past year or two years than I've seen in decades in this courthouse," Judge English said. "The calculation of the sentence is not based on the value of the victim — it's evidentiary concerns. It is obvious that happened here is wrong and Ms. Walls needs to be punished. It's not the punishment that gives value to the victim, it's the memory of the family that does."
Open file (83.46 KB 900x600 no steb on benis.png)
>>18368 >what happened here is wrong and Ms. Walls needs to be punished So, the moment you're put in a self defense situation, you may as well kill yourself after killing your attacker and whatever else you would do when you have nothing to lose, because it's either that, or prison?
>>18368 >Shot on the sidewalk Should have waited until he entered, and then shot him. Or if he was wrapping up, followed and capped his ass. Always do everything to make the "victim" look as guilty as possible, or at least try to hide evidence. >>18371 Make sure you avoid such situations, or at least steer them in such a way, that you're away from any witnesses. I much prefer melee weapons, and anyone who would try to mug me in an alleyway would be quite surprised to get stabbed in the throat with a sharpened screwdriver. As I said, hide evidence or make the so called victim look as much of a cunt as possible. Lying and twisting the truth is also perfectly acceptable in order to get your ass out of the sling.
>>18371 Dead men tell no tales. Lie through your teeth if you're ever attacked. Never talk to the police without a lawyer. Make sure to lead your pursuer into a place without witnesses if possible.
>>18422 Everyone knew it was dead on arrival. The only reason the Biden administration is taking the "legal" route is because it makes it look more legitimate to have the state court rule it out instead of relying on their puppet (appeals court/supreme court) to do it for them. If they didn't think the Supreme court has their back on this one (SCOTUS will claim it violates interstate commerce by preventing feds from accessing information), the feds would have already broken into the governor's house (either as "right wing extremist nadzi groups" or as the feds) and murdered him and his family in cold blood and claimed it a suicide months before this happened. The only other explanation is true clown world where the feds stopped being so stuck up in their own authority for two seconds to realize that the concept of "state's rights" has been making a comeback for the last 30ish years. >"HB85's repudiation of federal authority threatens to provoke erroneous beliefs about — and potentially opposition to — federal agents performing their law enforcement duties, including executing search warrants, making arrests, and seizing firearms used in crimes," they told the Missouri court. That's kinda the point w.
>>18371 Its basically a run around the 2nd that people haven been paying attention to. Everybody's been so concerned with protecting the "Keep" part that they've ignored the importance of the "Bear" part.
What's the story on the attempted Capitol Bombing? Genuine magapede qboomer or run of the mill false flag?
>>18451 >false flag Me thinks its lgbtq weatherman underground false flag. Mate was ranting about gay rights or some shit.
SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR RUSSIAN AMMO AND GUN PARTS. >CBW ACT SANCTIONS https://www.state.gov/fact-sheet-united-states-imposes-additional-costs-on-russia-for-the-poisoning-of-aleksey-navalny/ https://archive.is/1g9I8 >CBW ACT SANCTIONS >Description of Sanctions: Pursuant to the Chemical and Biological Weapons Control and Warfare Elimination Act of 1991 (the CBW Act), the United States will impose a second round of sanctions on the Russian Federation over its use of a “Novichok” nerve agent in the August 2020 poisoning of Russian opposition figure Aleksey Navalny. >New sanctions imposed today under the CBW Act include: >Restrictions on the permanent imports of certain Russian firearms. New and pending permit applications for the permanent importation of firearms and ammunition manufactured or located in Russia will be subject to a policy of denial. Additional Department of Commerce export restrictions on nuclear and missile-related goods and technology pursuant to the Export Control Reform Act of 2018. Goodbye to cheap steel case I kinda knew this would happen with a dem in office bu I expected it to be literally day 1.
>>18518 It would have happened either way. Feds are terrified of Russians giving militia groups weapons to use against them. This makes it easier to claim Russian interference when some new militia group lynches a local judge or police chief.
Open file (1.05 MB 413x498 seethe-seething.gif)
>>18518 Wait.. Doesn't Ukraine make steel case ammo as well? God, I wonder if we will see an American company finally step into the steel case game, or any of these guys open up state side. Literally bought a 5.45x39 tantal a year ago. Now don't have the money for more ammo. I might have it converted to 5.56 now. Not like it would even help much considering 5.56 is going to get hit as well. >>18520 Like hell that would stop Russians. In a shit hits the fan scenario, you could just say rifles/ammo was purchased off the black market. Plus, there is no need to subtly when throwing full auto rifles into the fire. Feds did this because they want to completely disarm poor people.
Open file (47.23 KB 400x340 drift into the abyss.jpg)
>>18518 >was planning on getting an AKM in the near future for muh cheap rifle rounds Guess not.
INB4 having perminate retreat be in russia with SVD. I usually just use locally sourced parts so needed parts are closer. Different country different material conditions. They'll probably going to have emmigrant ban to russia, Hungary, Poland, etc. so disillusioned American expats can't leave this degenerated state soon.
>>18522 >spoiler You found a tantal under 2.5k? What the hell are you smoking?
Open file (301.57 KB 618x452 heman.png)
>>18518 I hope this shit doesn't fuck me as a syrupnigger.
>>18524 >They'll probably going to have emmigrant ban to russia, Hungary, Poland, etc. so disillusioned American expats can't leave this degenerated state soon. Nah America opted for the soft-lock where the application process for a passport is getting exceedingly expensive (renewals too but slower), and the expatriation fees are the most expensive in the world at around $2,350 (for comparison it's usually like $100-$200 in rich countries).
>>18526 I didn't just find, I bought a matching parts kit, non-century molested tantal under $2k. Shipped with original polish steel mags as well which had tripled in price since then.
Open file (246.27 KB 1120x1500 cock_stare.jpeg)
>>18562 So is Australia just about to go over the edge or what?
>>18558 How the FUCK did you find a parts kit under 2k? Everything I've seen is god damn over 2.5 without the barrel or reciever
>>18562 Fucking kek, former prison colony goes wild. I guess that's where most of the hardcore criminals Offspring went to: politics.
Open file (1.13 MB 3723x1728 WZ88 my beloved.jpeg)
>>18565 My dearest apologies anon, I missed typed. It is a fully assembled rifle. Pic related. This was just a lucky find on gunbroker. Semi-related, anyone got an info dump on '74 5.56 conversions? It is just a barrel change correct? Do 5.56 ak mags fit in the typical '74 mag well? Any recommended AK-smiths? I don't own the $600+ worth of equipment to do it myself.
>>18567 >556 conversion You need a barrel and maybe a new bolt I think due to pressure reasons. BE ware on 74s you need to rebuild the entire gun (obviously you don't need to rebuild say, the trigger group). good luck with finding decent AK mags rn
>>18587 Or, you know, just contact your trustworthy backalley doctors office to "vaccinate" you. No reason to get a fake vaccine passport when you can get a fake vaccination. If you don't know the proper doctor for this, ask your local drug dealer. I really don't get the amount of people running around with fake vaccination certificates.
>>18588 Or get an actual Corona infection as those are probably safer than any vaccine.
>>18589 Certainly the data I've seen seems to indicate there are probably more individuals -- including a disproportionately large number of younger adults -- who have been killed by this so-called 'vaccine' (actually rather a form of intentional genetic mutation) than any other form of medical treatment combined. And all these numbers in literally less than two years (!) time. I'd say it's a far greater threat to young adults in particular than any form of flu/URI infection will be.
>>18589 Been there done that. The chucklefucks at my work refused to pay me while sick and now want to put my life in danger because apparently I'm somehow more dangerous than them for having more antibodies in my bloodstream.
Open file (116.40 KB 896x896 1624579943399.jpg)
>>18603 Not all of them are MRNA or Adenovirus vector vaccines though. The Chinese, Russians, and Indians have mixtures of inactivated virus and protein based vaccines that have fewer side effects (but allegedly lower efficacy). There are only two of those in development in the West. The situation has been the perfect excuse to get a free government funded mass trial for medical technology, which is why they've been so keen to push MRNA as the latest and greatest scientific breakthrough of our time even though it's overly specific in action and susceptible to loss of efficacy from mutation. MRNA most of all because they see it as a cheap cureall in contrast to dead ends like monoclonal antibodies, and they can't monetize any products out of patent.
>>18607 >>18603 Considering US law my bet is some sort of DNA database in addition to that. Allow me to explain. Because under US law, medical "waste", once discarded, is no longer the property of the patient. (hint: cancer and stem cell research came from this shit). I'm sure there's some large company out there making a database being collated for some very rich people.
>>18607 To add on to this with details come across later in the day, it appears that the FDA "approval" on Monday cites Pfizer's press release published in April and compiled from data in March to disguise the fact that the MRNA ability to prevent infection has been waning ever since. Meanwhile both Pfizer and Moderna have increased price per dose making booster contracts a perfect cash cow.
>>18613 >FDA approvals It's only fully approved for 16+, EUA for 16 unders got extended.
The Supreme Court struck down Bidup's eviction moratorium last night.
>>18518 I’m guessing you can’t do a loop hole where it gets shipped to a neutral country and then gets brought into America? Could a Canadanon bring it over the border and sell it or would anon get his dog and family shot to death?
>>17722 >>Pollution Anon any car from the last decade produces so little pollution that you can suck on the exhaust for hours and not die.
>>18713 >I’m guessing you can’t do a loop hole where it gets shipped to a neutral country and then gets brought into America? The tricky part is getting the license to export to America in the first place. Do that though and yeah, you could import the ammo to your neutral country, do something purely cosmetic like etching the letter "F" onto the casing, rubbing off any imprints or insignias that indicate Russian origin, and reselling it as your own ammo but upcharged for labor and shipping. At that point you'll have to charge an arm and a leg for it and eventually some Jew will find a way to sue the shit out of you or have you extradited to the US on bullshit charges since the US doesn't make weapons trade agreements with countries that don't allow extradition to the US. In the short term? Great business plan. Long term? Better like living in countries that predominantly speak some SEA language, Spanish, or Portuguese.
>>18743 But only when running an emissions test.
https://yewtu.be/watch?v=OJ_OGI6TPXQ This looks like a lot of fun, and it looks like you don't even have to permanently ruin the M1919 to mount that crank. I mean, it1salready kind of ruined due to the semi-auto conversion, but at least you don't have to make it worse. >>18745 Not to mention that instead of emission tests they should concentrate on fuel consumption. If an engine inefficiently burns the fuel then that brings up the consumption to begin with, but the kind of engines that do well on those tests usually have higher consumption. Combine it with how the actual pollution is much higher during actual use, and you can see that this is yet one more example of hippies-turned-legislators being cripplingly retarded.
>>18741 Speaking of, the officer who shot the air force vet during the protest ​came out officially now that he isn't likely to get lynched. Turns out he shot her as a distraction because Congress was within feet of the rioters. I get the impression he's angry because since then he's gotten as much shit from the folks he was hired guns to guard as he has from private citizens. https://archive.is/yimUH
KATRINA 2.0, LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MFW its gonna hit 16 years on the exact date
Open file (64.94 KB 422x509 this is embarassing.jpg)
>>18774 So he'll have to contend with jammed airports not only in Afghanistan but also on US soil? Aren't many road bridges in burgerland structurally unsafe?
>>18778 >unsafe bridges I would word that a bit differently. The issue is not if the bridge designs themself are unsafe, but the fact that the steel used in many of those had a narrow tempature range of tolereance, and they (the gov) later found out said metal really, really likes to break when even slightly stressed by tempature. So more like, more like the entire state and federal infrastructure built between WWII-1970s that had steel in them are likely to be unsafe. A scary thought. Imagine having to replace the entirety of all bridges in the US Interstate system alone. Yes. The fall of the US as a state might not be because of external invasions, nor economic crisis, but because CONGRESS WON'T SPEND THE MONEY TO REPLACE MOST BRIDGES WITH GOOD STEEL.
In case any Streloks want to join us on Valheim, we're gonna be raiding the goblin lich here in about two hours: https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/2716949/time-until-goblin-lich-rape Please see: https://smuglo.li/vg/res/10403.html#q10852 for details. SmugVikings.serv.nu:2456 ( Password: Thesmuggest@non
>>18779 >really likes to break when even slightly stressed by tempature. Jesus, they used pre-stressed steel to build bridges? that's one of the first no-no's in dynamic building construction.
Open file (161.56 KB t514032qa.pdf)
>>18782 >pre stressed steel It's T-1 steel, I don't understsand the chemistry/processes behind it but read this advisory by the NHA. See the portion I brought out below: >USS started selling T–1 in 1952. Similar steels existed as early as the 1920s. However, anecdotal evidence suggests that the plate girder bridge over Whiskey Creek near Redding, CA constructed in 1961 was one of the first uses of T–1 steel in bridge construction. As a result, a credible estimate at the year of introduction of T–1 into bridge construction is 1959. >The designation T–1, which more accurately describes the USS product that met the requirements of ASTM A514 specification and its predecessors, has become synonymous with many of the corporate twins of that grade of steel. The intent of the TA is to address all of these grades of steel, not just those formally produced by USS. Also, it is very unlikely that the product name of the steel will appear on the design drawings. The following descriptors are a partial list of how this grade of steel was called out in addition to T–1 on design plans and/or contract documents: >Do you have any suggestions on parameters that can be used to search the bridge inventory? >Any bridge fabricated using any version of the Fracture Control Plan (FCP) or an equivalent specification is not the target of this TA. The targets have 3 characteristics. They (1) have fracture critical members, (2) welded Grade 100 steel, and (3) were fabricated without the provisions of the FCP or equivalent. For that family of structures we are looking for assurance from the owners that there are no deficiencies in the FC inspection process or deficiencies in the follow up actions associated with cracks found in the welds to the grade 100 steel. The bridge on I-40 was also a T-1 steel bridge. It had no history of major cracks. Considering .gov already knew that this tier of steel was highly susceptable to stress fractures, developed a plan to remedy that, and STILL ened up having this happening shows you they underestimated the issue the whole time. Think about all the steel bridges built by the Interstate system in the 50s-90s. Now imagine if all those had failed. Now remember that state, county, cities also built bridges out of that steel much longer than the fed because it was cheaper. A scary thought. Now realize that congress has been warned of this issue since the turn of the century.
Open file (124.05 KB 1920x1080 Urdaneta Bridge.jpg)
>>18785 I see, read a bit more about it and if i didn't fuck my conversions and context of uses (teehee) it seems it's relatively strong by modern standards (around 3500 kg/cm2) taking into account it is used in-mass a lot as a structure but it is tempered, that means it had a previous heat process before installation and that means it loses flexibility. The thing with steel is that non-stressed/non-tempered/non-tensed alloys installed for construction are considerably weaker but more flexible against temp. dilation (tensile forces overall) which is not good for rigidity but it's very useful to detect problems, a failing steel structure will "tell" its users there's danger due to bending (plasticity phase); when steel reaches said plastic phase it turns like gum but it can settle again and become even harder. Worked-on alloys are made to reach that phase in factories and presses to be much tougher and resist more heat but the down case here is that, like most alloys, it will not reach the plastic phase again due to being already treated with it (hence "prestressed") and its fracture point behaves more like glass than gum, when it cracks and fails it will fuck whoever's shit up was under it rather than squirming an alarm. A steel alloy that is strong but cannot withstand either temperature swings or tensile forces then becomes a tricky material to use, especially if used for outdoor structures. I'm no expert in structures as i only studied it briefly but i can only imagine using it for medium to small structures in constant temperatures indoors, and that's a maybe because if you have money there's overdesigned rebar grids that can withstand 5000 kg/cm2, a rebar itself can stand 7200 kg/cm2 and if you mix it with concrete you end up with the all-powerful reinforced concrete, which lately can also be found as prestressed reinforced concrete, a popular tool nowadays because you can sell pre-build chunks and ship them to destinations like they were legos (although it also snaps like glass unlike non-stressed concrete which just crumbles). I still don't understand american aversion towards building small residentials and offices with concrete/brick, because i haven't studied it i don't know if it is the market jewing people or if americans just really like plywood and floating platform bases. Some balkan anon in the old place made a big thread about that question, shame i lost the archive of it, and if you really want to go /x/ then some people say when steel bends fast it produces some kind of energy that some other people might confuse with the so-called "demolition elves", small entities said to be seen before big structures fall; kinda related to the folk tales of energy orbs appearing and floating around buried gold or silver caches.
>>18786 >prestressed steel being used Thanks for the explaination. Like I said, the reason it was used was because it was cheap and barely met the standard at the time. Congress and co. don't want to fix the issue now that it has appeared and wants to keep kicking the can down the road. >american aversion to concrete and brcik Several reasons: production Cost, and NFPA (National Fire Prevention Authority aka: Fire code) and thus taxes (local volunteer department taxes vary depending on zoning structure type and use, and difficulty of building. Aka: Why construct a concrete building when you can grab some illegal aliens to toss up and nail some plywood up asap? Now, if it's a proper wood building (eg; with actual wood) then that's a different story.
>>17593 >small hand-carriages or small wagons In modern day you could even have carts with electric motors. >>17600 >and getting rid of speed limits on the highway is the next as slower cars are obstacles you dodge are the two obvious ones. The problem with that in America is that lots of small towns and their outlying communities are connected my highways. Some small towns have even expanded around highways themselves and now they are part of the town's internal infrastructure in a way. You would have to decommission whole tracts of highways and build new ones at this point.
Open file (1003.08 KB 491x792 Russian_exoskeleton_PKM.png)
>>18797 >In modern day you could even have carts with electric motors. A few years ago I came up with the idea of selling passive exoskeletons to hipsters and hippies, because with those even they could bring home a whole week's worth of food on foot. And they'd even have the money to buy such high tech tools, and the attitude that makes them perfect beta testers.
Holy fuck Aussies why haven't you all just fucked off to the middle of the Great Sandy Desert yet? https://web.archive.org/save/https://www.zerohedge.com/political/vaccinated-australians-be-granted-new-freedom-government-sanctioned-hour-recreation
>>18801 >Prison island grants inmates an additional hour of exercise in the yard if they're on good behavior This seems appropriate, somehow.
>>18801 Because that would mean suffering for a while. The west is adverse to suffering. Meanwhile. COMING SOON TO A COUNTY NEAR YOU (TM) https://apnews.com/article/religion-arizona-5186cbb5ff5b315992c013f8739bc794 https://archive.is/yN5cO I just want to point out if you read the article, apparently they assaulted the boyfriend and took his gun. What a cuck, he should've gone and blasted them and imediately get aloha snackbar'd >PHOENIX (AP) — Police arrested six members of a Phoenix-area family they say targeted a 20-year-old relative and tried to kidnap her because they disapprove of her boyfriend, who doesn’t share their Muslim faith. >The woman, who is 20 weeks pregnant, told police she was afraid her relatives will kill her because they believe she has brought dishonor to the family, detectives wrote in a probable cause statement filed in Maricopa County Superior Court following the arrests on Th ursday. Police believe the family wanted to send the victim back to Iraq, authorities wrote. >Police in the Phoenix suburb of Peoria said Friday the victim, her boyfriend and his family have filed more than 20 police reports from the West Valley to Yuma alleging crimes including disorderly conduct, harassment, aggravated assault and kidnapping. Police did not identify the victim or the boyfriend. >Those arrested include the victim’s parents, ages 63 and 59, and four siblings, who range in age from 31 to 36. >In court records, detectives describe accusations of threats and assaults, most recently at a medical building in Avondale last week. Police said the relatives took the woman’s cell phone and purse, along with her boyfriend’s gun, during a “violent assault.” The woman grabbed onto a responding officer, pleading “please, don’t let them take me,” according to court records. >One of the woman’s brothers is accused of leaving a voicemail in May threatening to kidnap the boyfriend’s 15-year-old sister if the victim was not returned to her family, police said. >And earlier this year, the victim fled to Yuma with her boyfriend and his family in an attempt to escape her relatives, but they showed up at their hotel and attempted to kidnap her, according to police. >The victim told officers she was afraid of dying in an honor killing, referencing Noor Almaleki, who was 20 when her father ran over and killed her in a West Valley parking lot. The father, an Iraqi immigrant, was convicted of murder after prosecutors said he killed his daughter because he believed she had become too westernized.
>>18779 This, and the fact that many, many bridges in the US are just old, dilapidated, and not maintained.
Open file (17.14 MB 480x360 38.mp4)
LOOKS LIKE ITS GONNA BE WORSE THAN KATRINA LOL >No evacuation just like Katrina >Looks like eyewall is fixin' to flood NOLA >looks like there's already several levees broke >Major gas refinery hit and downed already >Mississipi river is flowing upstream due to storm surge >local water pumps failed because electricity grid is shit, once again >...HURRICANE WARNING REMAINS IN EFFECT... >* WHAT...Southeast winds 35 to 45 kt with gusts up to 75 kt and seas 13 to 18 ft. >* WHERE...Portions of Gulf of Mexico and the tidal lakes. >* WHEN...Hurricane force winds possible through tonight. >* IMPACTS...Extremely strong winds will cause hazardous seas which will likely capsize or damage vessels and severely reduce visibility. >PRECAUTIONARY/PREPAREDNESS ACTIONS... >Mariners should remain in port, alter course, and/or secure the vessel for extreme conditions. > >&& We're about to go see this video all over again lads. Anyone think we should open up a thread for the SHTF in NOLA?
>>18819 I apologize for the shit copy of the weather statement. Here's the current Hurricane Data map. Eye wall looks like it will hit NO proper. Also, take a look at this statement: >WTNT34 KNHC 292354 >TCPAT4 >BULLETIN >Hurricane Ida Intermediate Advisory Number 15A >NWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL AL092021 >700 PM CDT Sun Aug 29 2021 >...IDA MOVING FURTHER INLAND OVER SOUTHEASTERN LOUISIANA... >...CATASTROPHIC STORM SURGE, EXTREME WINDS, AND FLASH FLOODING >CONTINUE IN PORTIONS OF SOUTHEASTERN LOUISIANA... >SUMMARY OF 700 PM CDT...0000 UTC...INFORMATION >---------------------------------------------- >LOCATION...29.9N 90.5W >ABOUT 25 MI...40 KM WSW OF NEW ORLEANS LOUISIANA >ABOUT 55 MI...85 KM SE OF BATON ROUGE LOUISIANA >MAXIMUM SUSTAINED WINDS...120 MPH...195 KM/H >PRESENT MOVEMENT...NW OR 325 DEGREES AT 10 MPH...17 KM/H >MINIMUM CENTRAL PRESSURE...944 MB...27.88 INCHES
Open file (2.33 MB 3000x1906 pinhatahouse.jpeg)
>>18795 >Like I said, the reason it was used was because it was cheap and barely met the standard at the time Heh, well i can't argue with that after all, it's the age old problem of being cheap with hard to evaluate infrastructure, there's a reason Romans punished by death builders not using all the necessary steps and materials. >Several reasons: production Cost, and NFPA I imagined so but housing in the US is ruthlessly expensive yet quality materials and tools cheaper than in third world countries, the illegal aliens already build with concrete and brick in their home towns plus they work on under minimum wage so i guess it's more about construction speed, the famous tilt-up process with floating platforms americans invented is indeed extremely fast compared to layering bricks, maintaining them straight with constant lead leveling and making shoe foundations. Problem is when something goes wrong the buildings tend to disappear rather than be heavily damaged, which i suppose it's an advantage for americans because demolition and clean-up processes are cheaper/faster too. I guess it''s a matter of customs and traditions of living cultures at the end of the day. >proper wood building One of the hardest forms of construction yet also one of the most satisfactory ones, for me the most beautiful but specialists are few and costs pretty high.
>>18822 >romans and infrastructure So did the ancient Chinese, the Egyptians, and the Persians. Any notable world power the Arabs don't count in history that actually built something placed high emphasis on infrastructure. Too bad now day it is more of a race to the bottom. The Dujiangyan flood control levees, with regular maintance in a seismically active area lasted 2300 years (It's been rebuilt). The Hōryū Gakumonji's (法隆学問寺) main hall has been around for 1,300 years. Kirkjubøargarður nearly 900. I doubt modern concrete construction will last more than 200. Modern wood much less so (especially with that "pressure pulped" shit. >Wood buildings being nice proper woodwork is one of the hardest things to do, because that requires an entire childhood (and life) of dedication to. I think Masonry (stone) is also very nice when done right. Too bad that shit died out after the industrial revolution because it was just easier to pay cheap unskilled labor with premade parts.
>>18821 >>18819 If Biden wasn't already senile he would be losing his mind from this constant barrage of empire-ending catastrophes. Lucky for him the south already voted against him so he doesn't have to care as much as New England getting slammed.
>>18815 >Crazy muslims >Phoenix, AZ Thanks, Rothschild and Scottsdale's!
>>18822 speaking about housing, I don't like open spaces, the kitchen, living room and dining room are just one big room and it could get loud and echos a lot when people are there. I don't even use the dining room anymore except for eating, now. Used to be a comfy spot where I could draw or paint but now since my parents work at home and are starting use Netflix every night I can't use it anymore.
>>18822 >that house Tornado, drone strike, or Hank Hill's vengeance?
Open file (619.41 KB 1066x1492 Clueless NYN.jpg)
>>18822 Is European style brick/concrete construction really so expensive in the US as to be unviable even in Tornado areas? What the hell happened to the house in the pic? Was it a weak tornado that just so happened to destroy the cheapest building on the block?
>>18839 The US is heavily wooded, so people historically used lumber to make homes. I don't know about expenses, but wood is significantly cheaper in America.
>>18839 >spoiler Looks like a gas main explosion and not a tornado/backdraft. Key takeaways are the "bulging" walls and lack of fire traces, alongiside the impact dent on the car side. See the fire department hose line running? FD was probably trying to go in as a response to a fire, realized that it was a gas main explosion, and promptly backed off and noped the fuck out before it decided to explode.
Open file (2.15 MB 1280x720 yIDHgO_OZuX_a8yN.mp4)
>>18821 POTUS Joe Bidet seen in action at FEMA.
Open file (721.01 KB 846x418 Braithwaite LA.PNG)
>>18859 THE LOOTING IN NOLA BEGINS https://archive.is/5XFwQ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9940331/New-Orleans-hit-LOOTING-wake-Hurricane-Ida-including-ATM-thieves-caught-DRONE.html Anyone know how to rip a daily mail video? >" A group of men were caught by a drone camera trying to rob an ATM machine in the scorched remains of a market in the New Orleans neighborhood of St. Claude. " >" In another incident, witnesses used their cell phone to record several people looting a store in New Orleans East. " >Police Chief Shaun Ferguson added that the department deployed a group of 'anti-looting' officers and is working with the Louisiana National Guard to protect businesses from looters. " So far, at least one person was taken into custody for looting the Dollar General in New Orleans East. NOLA PD chief denying widescale looting, "there is no widespread looting going on in the city of New Orleans. What we do have that's widespread are residents who are being neighbors, who are understand and exhibiting the spirit of humility, of empathy, who are cleaning up their lawns and who are servicing their community. That's widespread in the city of New Orleans, that's who we are" , NUCLEAR POWERPLANT SCRAM INITATED, WATERFORD EXCLUSION ZONE SOON STRELOKS? >WASHINGTON — The Nuclear Regulatory Commission says a nuclear power plant 25 miles west of New Orleans has declared an “unusual event″ — its lowest level of emergency — after the facility lost offsite electrical power. >The Waterford nuclear plant in Killona, La., had shut down protectively on Saturday in anticipation of Hurricane Ida. The plant has maintained safe shutdown conditions with power from emergency diesel generators, the nuclear agency said. >On Sunday night, grid operators requested that the River Bend nuclear power plant in St. Francisville, Louisiana, reduce power because of load demands. The plant is stable and operating at 35 percent power with no significant equipment issues reported, officials said. Unconfirmed reports state 3.6 rotagen reading outside the plant. https://www.usnews.com/news/us/articles/2021-08-30/the-latest-new-orleans-could-be-without-power-for-weeks https://archive.is/nlnxC
Open file (96.37 KB 1000x410 PrattPlanWAS.jpg)
Open file (222.87 KB 1200x793 PrattElevsOrig.jpg)
Open file (188.11 KB 1200x524 PrattViewOrig.jpg)
Open file (734.80 KB 1425x845 notsubtle.jpg)
>>18830 Yes, i read that problem with a bunch of anons over time. Part of the opening/fusing of the dining/living and service room (kitchen) was made in the modernist era and while i love to lean on them for deconstructing much of what architecture was, the fact is the actual design rewriting was made in the american actually jewish International style reunions AND the introduction of low-class populations working their asses off to well-off middle-class society but still maintaining some customs from the dirt days. Originally the father of modern architecture (even if europeans get grumpy about it) Mr. Lloyd Wright decided to incorporate them both spaces about 30 years before but the thing is his cultural area, the Great Lakes and the Midwest, had a supposed culture of somewhat strict space uses akin to what western Europe had. For example if you wanted to sleep, the bedroom is there, if you wanted to eat, there's the dining room with a servant/live-in orphan maid in a near kitched room closed from view, if you wanted to study, there's the study room. This is called nowadays compartmentalization, very common in european architecture which was after all the base of all the western world architecture for people who could pay for it and nowadays some of the only examples we can study, lower class always had the furnace/stoves near the table, and the heating source shared a near wall with the bedroom to heat naturally. Because Wright saw the writing on the wall about economy not really helping people with having a servant army but seeing middle class becoming more rich, he agreed with the notion that in the future the wealthy wife would become too the general house maid (aka she would stay like that even if rich) and decided to fuse both the kitchen and dining room so she could see or hear what the family were doing. Because sometimes dining rooms had amenities he also fused the "living" room in it like portrayed in his chinese/japanese books (he was an avid orientalist reader) but the thing is the idea he and many still had for living room is the transition/rest space before and after dining: Example is talking to somebody in the reception, leading them to a couple of comfy seats in the Living, then when dinner was ready it was just standing up, walking 5 to 7 steps and seating in the table, after the meal was done the host would then lead them 5 steps away to another set of seats, usually overlooking a vista to the garden or an object like a piano, and a post-dinner chat would be done with a few drinks if possible, with either you playing them the piano and your wife offering drinks. As a sidenote, this guy also said bedrooms were for sleeping and "doing it", not for being inside most of the day, hence study rooms were often the most thought-over and expensive spaces a man could buy Back to point, it was a living room in the sense of discussing or relaxation in-group, like a hotel hall or classy tavern, if you wanted to watch TV, paint or read/write then there was the study room, the living was more about "family time" than personal recreation. This was "corrupted" in the 50's with both the International Style fusing every semi-public space (aka non-public but every member in the household could be there) adding all the shit that was in the study, living, kitchen and dining room with the exception of services (laundry room), and by the cultural shift into placing the TV screen as a family time object, which it was at some point, everyone would sit down to watch a show every night, the prime time like american stations called it. Here's an example of an "economic" house from the 50's he made in his Usonia style, "usonian" is what he called something being made from the USA because "american" was too general, incorrect and felt more exotic to denote finely crafted USA products, the best in the continent in his opinion (in architecture, it was). This style was developed in the mid to late 30's as his idea to usher a national identity in a patrimonial aspect at an "accessible" cost for the ushering post-depression worker userbase, which along with his other urban studies gave birth to the Suburbia culture after WWII; he would feel wary about it in his last days because he said realtors would take advantage and corrupt it which soon enough happened lol TL;DR You/your parents need a study room, buddy lel
Open file (4.87 MB 4000x3000 1.jpg)
Open file (4.35 MB 3991x2274 2.jpg)
Open file (196.05 KB 992x744 3.jpg)
Open file (357.31 KB 1200x675 4.jpg)
Open file (1.07 MB 1920x1440 5.jpg)
>>18836 Hank Hill in a bad day i think but i don't doubt a RC plane terrorist strike, that's the problem with plywood houses, you need a very experienced inspector/insurance investigator to determine the cause. Anything can bust a place up, for example i remember one case where a horse oxigenator blew off, killed the horse, the operator, crippled some animals near and destroyed the place itself. >>18839 >What the hell happened Normal amerihouses are known to turn into confetti when a gas leak ignites, that's the chat i had with T1 Steel anon, nowadays it's pretty damn fast to build such a home but it's also pretty easy to total it if something happens. That's why i totally believe when a car or person penetrate walls with kicks or tackles as if they were nothing in action movies, it's completely plausible but people outside the US laugh thinking americans want them to believe they can punch through brick and mortar. It's not a US-only thing, i read Brits also phased out their gray brick and opted for compressed sawdust wood for walls too. >Is European style brick/concrete construction really so expensive in the US That i don't know for sure without reading more but it is rare case, in my opinion people like to cheapen out, go for the cheapest option and due to demand it becomes somewhat pricey, then because its price is equivalent to other less used options people think it's the best and go for it too, leading to a vicious circle. That's just an opinion from reading their construction processes and pricing, because i can't understand it other than jews jewing people and them going for the market trends. In my area something similar happened to brick vs. block, people opted for the latter despite being as expensive yet inferior but it is quicker to build up which cheapens construction labor yet also makes the air conditioning calculations go up, so in the long run you end up spending as much if not more if you plan to leave the house to your kids/family, but long-run we are talking 10-15 years so people can't visualize that far away and i don't blame them.
Open file (2.60 MB 3600x2700 1rz.jpg)
>>18864 Seems i found the limit of anon.cafe resolution sizes. Here it is again, i found endearing watching the debris all around. Polite sage for correction.
>>18861 >a nuclear power plant 25 miles west of New Orleans What kind of dumbass builds a nuclear plant directly in the known path of hurricanes?
>>18866 >NPP location Same is diots who built one in an area frequented by tsunamis. There's quite a few right in the gulf >pic related
>>18866 >>18881 Nuclear power plants require large quantities of deuterium meaning large sources of water to filter it out since cooling a reactor requires deuterium-heavy water. Anywhere you build a large nuclear power plant near a pristine water source you will have mass protests and political suicide, but turn the useless dump areas of your county into a power producer and suddenly you're reelected for cheap electric bills.
Also the Palo Verde plant in Arizona is ingenious and the only one of its kind in the world. The surrounding cities have such large populations that they literally cool off the reactor with (treated) human excrement. The cool the fucking nuclear reactor with the shit and piss of a few million people.
>>18864 Don't forget the west coast is a seismic zone which makes brick construction a non starter with modern building codes. Wood framing works really really well in this regard. The only other options are timer or log house or reinforced concrete really. On the other hand building framed buildings in seismic stable tornado country is pants on head retarded.
>>18891 For neutron absorption? Why does the cooling system need to absorb neutrons? I thought power plants were three phase (heater -> water for turning turbines-> water for cooling turbine water) systems anyway so the water flowing around the reactor isn't consumed.
>>18898 I was drunk and was thinking of nuclear refinement, not reactors (there has been a lot of talk of trying to combine the two for cost-saving). It is true that reactors need a shit ton of water for cooling systems though. At least the old systems do. The new ones need significantly less and can rely on systems like the Arizona shitwater one to compound several public utilities into one.
>>18013 If they kept the tradition of the German military, pistols were given out to NCOs, to guards and motorized units. But like all good commies the GDR also had a lot of paramilitary civilian organizations they would draft in a war and give them whatever they have lying around.
>>18891 I know reactors need a shitload of water (not literally, aside from Palo Verde) but there's a difference between Great Lakes or north Atlantic coastline that's geologically stable and only gets weakened half-dead hurricanes at most, versus an earthquake and tsunami zone or right in the path of full-strength hurricanes.
>>18862 This is interesting. I looked it up and found an articles about German small houses, which are working class homes for a family with kids and sometimes even space for the grandparents, together with a small garden for farming and their building plans all follow compartmentalization from the start in the 1900 until after WW2. Then in the 1950s they start to be build the same way as the Wright shit. https://journal.eahn.org/articles/10.5334/ah.243/ >>18864 >...but long-run we are talking 10-15 years so people can't visualize that far away and i don't blame them. If people can't do that, these people shouldn't buy a house. Paying off a house takes a long time for a normal family, sometimes even longer than 15 years. So one should have a plan for that if one goes into such a project.
>>18862 My parents are considering moving after retirement anyways I don't understand why they ask me where I want to move to, they already have their eyes set on a location because my aunt and uncle lives there but I want somewhere cooler and has a nicer climate. I doesn't matter to them because they just want me to become a yesman to them
Open file (328.78 KB 1600x1068 1.jpg)
Open file (27.05 KB 569x348 3.jpg)
Open file (73.39 KB 900x523 2.jpg)
>>18928 >the Wright shit u wot, he simply gave what the public wanted but his teachings were absurdly simplified and made en-masse, in his early days he was also conservative in spaces but he had a point in that "small" houses would feel claustrophobic if a rigid compartmentalization occurred, and to be frank the usual lower-middle class residentials of most ages do show a fusion of similar spaces, or the use of a hub area, so translating a rigid geometry (see pic 3) into a smaller scale (as a request from the new rich to emulate the real rich) would mean prison time feelings. Also he was the earliest serious proponent of "green" architecture but instead of doing wacky shit with technology he simply used "passive" methods like overhangings calculated to shade only in summer and much taller living rooms to make the hot air go up while also leaving many small windows so the sun could enter freely in winter. Imagine how much he got shafted from his rulings and teachings by seeing these pictures, first one is a design of his (some furniture and ornaments included) and second is what people in schools say you should take from him and make nowadays, basically almost nothing other than no walls because it breaks with his rule of seatings being parallel to dining table and the nook colliding with the table too, plus no ceiling design and no exterior communication in all zones. It's the International Style that perverted this, some of his students who were part of that got blacklisted for voicing their criticism and to this day books like to ignore that fact/schism. >from the start in the 1900 until after WW2 The Germans were the kings of good urban planning around that era and a little before (late 1880's), they learned from all the mistakes the brits made in their industrial revolution and from many successes the americans did in their city parks (ironically while trying to emulate the old brit parks) while adding their own studies about transport. They also practically invented modernism but, again, got corrupted into another form which the NatSoc gov kinda rightfully slapped away. You see the entire thing about white interiors with no detail all sterile came from germans trying to make factory hull construction quicker and cleaner with modern materials, but then some funny guys decided to translate factory and industrial tenets into residential (human living) and shit hit the fan. Communists/Jews got a hand into it and that's how the International style began, a style made for workspaces focusing on simplicity and rational ways of functioning became the residential norm because it had no discernible identity, it was a white cube, a blob in which subversive agents could place anywhere in the world and say that was the future, no borders no limits etc etc. The purveyors of the style were either praising big spook buildings from the USA and soviets or highly condemning its use in living quarters, sometimes both. Architecture very usually is a decade or two ahead of mainstream trends, that's why in 1964 some people decided Modernism was dead and something else was needed, the jews in NY brewed a plan and made a reunion in which they declared the same and focused their efforts in what we call today "post-modernism", something considered wasted by the late 80's, in which then these heebs declared the "deconstruction" of the medium to see the future, something that is still studied today to see if we are still in it or transitioned into another kind of monster. Nowadays architecture has no discernible wave other than the main two, "organic" structuralism (aka Fractal AI shit not even people design with their own minds anymore) and economic/smart poorfag mass "solutions" aka building quirky cheap shit with passive mechanisms that needs an intelligent man to operate, something a really tired factory worker or lady office worker dragging her feet won't understand or even try to... but architects think they will... someday. This means in a decade or less our social trend will be either accepting an AI overlord (we are going there) or smart poorfag "solutions" to help the world aka eat da bugs (we are practically there already). Also thank you for that article, that's very good info although the houses there are already clearly into the modernist wave but still maintaining some of the critical regional identity, which unlike what the jews say, they serve a purpose like tall roofing for rain and winter movements. That's the sweet spot in my opinion, cheap to build but without losing the cultural sensibilities that are part of its inhabitants. >>18931 >My parents are considering moving >why they ask me where I want to move to Sounds like they want rent money/passive income to get their way into your aunt & uncle, that's a hard spot to be desu, at least it's compatible because you mention you want a climate more to your likings.
>>18928 >If people can't do that, these people shouldn't buy a house. Paying off a house takes a long time for a normal family, sometimes even longer than 15 years. So one should have a plan for that if one goes into such a project. Thanks to usury. The 30 year mortgage was implemented as a standard only in the 1930s following the Great Depression.
Open file (215.35 KB 791x1024 1586939427904m.jpg)
How do we attract more users? Without resorting to shilling to cuckchanners of course This place feels like it's gonna end up the same path as OPERATORchan.
Heads up to Streloks that glowniggers are going door-to-door. Friend gave me a ride home from work the other day and glowniggers didn't realize I was smoking weed with my buddy in the basement. Friend's room mate is a (local) online personality who was forming a local militia for "natural disasters" and the FBI tried threatening him/spooking him. Were threatening to make him disappear if he didn't shut up online/served him gag orders. Him, not me. Went to pull the tape to post online since he has a door cam, and the last several hours of footage were missing. >>18942 Honestly it's a miracle we're still here between Greeceball on 8chan with a stick up his ass, the Julay shit, and the glownigger from about a year ago.
>>18942 The PPH here is pretty close if not higher than 8chan /k/. Operatorchan was just loaded with tripfaggots with over-inflated senses of self importance.
>>18944 >Went to pull the tape to post online since he has a door cam, and the last several hours of footage were missing. I've always been puzzled by this, it's not a magnetic measure because even solid state drives get wiped but also not entirely, it's somewhat selective in its deleting. Wonder if it is a WiFi controller because i don't recall if old, wired CCTV's get the same effects. >pull the tape You mean digital file? because if it is tape then it's a magnetic thing, spooks can bust clocks and compasses, also have some sort of watch that warns about recording dispositives nearby, you can even buy that thing.
>>18861 >Unconfirmed reports state 3.6 rotagen reading outside the plant. Not great, Not terrible.
https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-58451372 https://archive.is/dq7II Looks like the ruling party in Montengreo tried to take church property and is now reeing at the church. lol. Where's our serb strelok when we need him. T>housands of demonstrators have blocked roads in southern Montenegro in a protest over the enthronement of a new Serbian Orthodox Church archbishop. >Angry crowds threw stones at police and pulled down security fences around the monastery in the city of Cetinje where the ceremony will take place on Sunday. >Demonstrators shouted "This is not Serbia!" and "Long live Montenegro!" >The protests reflect tensions in the country, which ended its union with Serbia in 2006. >The Serbian Orthodox Church is Montenegro's largest religious institution, but has been in conflict with President Milo Djukanovic. He claims the Church is trying to undermine the country's independence and bring Montenegro back under Serbia's control. >The president has urged protesters to disrupt the ceremony of the enthronement of Joanikije II to the top clerical position, known as the Metropolitan of Montenegro and Archbishop of Cetinje. >"We're on the barricades today because we're fed up with Belgrade denying our nation, and telling us what are our religious rights," protestor Andjela Ivanovic told Reuters news agency. "All religious objects [churches] built in Montenegro belong to people here and to the state of Montenegro." >The president is still reeling from the defeat his Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) suffered in last year's parliamentary election, which came after he pushed through legislation which would have allowed the state to claim Church property. >The move backfired when the Church campaigned for the opposition, pushing the DPS from power for the first time in three decades. >Montenegrins who identify as ethnic Serbs account for about a third of the country's 630,000 population, according to the latest census data. The majority of Montenegrins are members of the Serbian Orthodox Church.
Open file (902.96 KB 1000x1440 nyn marisa robber.png)
https://archive.is/kRt1Q >The #DraftourDaughters shitposts from 2016 are becoming real There is no chance whatsoever this will backfire in the event of a large-scale symmetric military conflict, none at all.
Open file (309.19 KB 800x685 echo_botnet.png)
>>18957 More like he tried to pull the video from his Ring Doorbell app on his iPad and was surprised Amazon deleted it for their glow buddies. If you use any smart devices, you're a retard. There are more advanced methods they could use to interfere with electronic devices, but if you're not using WiFi connections, have battery backup, and not uploading to 'someone-elses-server, the level of technical involvement increases significantly. This is opposed to smart devices which were designed from conception to botnet. Cameras using WiFi can have data disrupted by WiFi jamming. I don't know about the other stuff you mentioned, but you make them sound like they also have the natural ability to generated magnetic fields in addition to bioluminescence.
>>18995 >video related In a large scale symmetric conflict the women are most likely Excluding the rare oddball are just going to dodge draft like vietnam but with no drawbacks. Hell, fucking Elizabeth Holmes (the biotech scammer CEO woman) got the judge to strike out people who were unvaccinated >>18997 >wifi devices jamming It's pretty simple but really fucking obvious since you need a directional antenna and actually SPOT the camera. Also have fun when the local ham radio boyz get angry that some chucklefuck is interfering with their signal and try to track you down. Hope you prepared your ass for anal reaming by the FCC. >>18957 >missing footage backdoors, power outages, wifi jamming come to mind alongside plain incompetience (eg: "ran out of disk space"). There's also the chance if its a wired system someone just ran a high voltage line right next to it to cause interference.
>>18998 From a purely hypothetical standpoint how much annoyance could a guy with 10 COTS drones equipped with the niggest DIY spark gap transmitters possible flying autonomously in preset patterns cause in an Urban Minecraft server with no overly tall high rise buildings?
>>18997 >If you use any smart devices, you're a retard. At least any smart devices that you aren't building yourself from the ground up.
So did anything actually come from the trucker protests in America and Australia, or is it all a bunch of hot air? I haven't noticed any shortages that I hadn't noticed before they were supposed to start, and truckers are not a group I expect to voluntarily take no pay given their usual ethnicity & personality.
>>19001 >trucker strike In the US I've heard some reports from people in the food industry there's going to be major shortage of frozen food in about a week. To be fair, they probably just hired illegals as scabs.
>>19002 >To be fair, they probably just hired illegals as scabs. There's probably a couple of those in Arizona or California, but CDLs are taken very seriously out West since CDL drivers are basically the only way to deliver supplies due to all the limitations and restrictions on the few rivers we do got and the trains being used exclusively by the construction/agriculture industries and feds. Hiring illegals to drive trucks is a quick way to get your business shut down by the state even if the feds turn a blind eye (most truckers are not solo operators but rather work for a dispatch company).
>>19002 Haven't heard anything like that happening, but I wouldn't be surprised if it did. The unemployment and renter benefits ending soon are a bigger threat in my opinion. There are plenty of jobs available but who knows what'll happen.
>>19001 >>19002 >>19008 All of Sydney's major roads have been blockaded but not a word from our newspapers. Every truckie who announced the blockade two weeks ago has had their accounts removed from social media, effectively dissapeared. Media blackout normal, account deletion was illegal until the 3rd, when (((emergency measures))) were implemented. Cuntry is fucked well and rightly.
There was a coup in Guinea and their leader looks like he came straight from a videogame. Apparently, it was mostly the special forces that just crumpled the palace guard and regular troops in a surprise attack. They're saying they did it because the old president was a power-grabbing cunt that tried to make himself dictator. https://archive.ph/z6X07 https://archive.is/pQBaU
>>19016 >"former" French Legionnaire Smells like glow ops
>>19016 >They're saying they did it because the old president was a power-grabbing cunt that tried to make himself dictator. within a year he'll be ousted for being a power-grabbing cunt that tried to make himself dictator. this has been the cycle of Africa since it was decolonized and it will continue to be so until the sun explodes or the white man decides to go for round 2, whichever comes first.
>>19017 French Foreign Legion is infamous for training these sorts. There is a reason they are hated as much as they are loved. They do the job without complaining about losses (which are usually heavy), and they don't screen their recruits (past checking if wanted internationally) for a reason. If he's former FFL, then you can expect him to have a morally upright compass attached to a very large and heavy beating stick.
https://archive.is/BCYEz China is on the offensive over the Guinea coup since Guinea exports a lot of raw aluminum materials for China. Considering China has stayed "neutral" when neutral parties have taken over countries in the past via violent means, this points to a direct Chinese link in all of this. My guess is either a GlowOp to install a French-friendly dictator as a means of fucking China, or that the rebels are anti-bug.
>>19020 >French-Chinese proxy war in Africa Will it habben?
Open file (4.71 MB 2048x1301 ClipboardImage.png)
Went ahead and did a little more investigation into the Guinea bauxite connection. https://archive.is/0RSyM https://archive.is/9fk8V tl;dr- >Aluminum prices were already at a ten year high and had climbed 40% since last year >Guinea provides 55% of China's bauxite (aluminum precursor) and 20% of the world supply of bauxite >The Guinea rebels are anti-Chinese from what I can gather >There was a global supply concern over aluminum before this >China had just made a pledge to release aluminum from the state vaults for processing when this occured >There is a production issue as well because Chink aluminum mills can't keep up with world demand >Exacerbated by coal shortages and flooding leading to factory power rationing If Strelok owns stocks, he might want to invest in Aluminum here for some short-term gains.
>>19016 The new Far Cry is looking good.
>>19017 >>19018 I remember watching an old ass documentary about men who went into the foreign legion and it's fucking wild. They would recruit outlaws, mercenaries, refugees or even people just trying to apply for a French visa, force them to study mock exams that confirm their French nationality, oftentimes giving them stereotypically French surnames and places of birth and then ship them off to French Guyana in South America to get fucked by tropical diseases and boot camp until they're fit enough to serve.
Open file (548.43 KB 1400x1233 ClipboardImage.png)
>>19039 I mean that's one of the benefits of being accepted into the FFL is that they literally give you a new identity and new life as a French citizen post-service, and during service they hold onto any documents you bring with. It's part of why France is so strict about the ''foreign" part. I've considered going and applying myself when I hit my 30s. The catch is that only 1 in 8 guys will make it in, and some of that is sheer luck. That's official stats but from what I understand it's more like 1 in 20. They more or less go over every aspect of your former military experience a requirement if you aren't from Africa or Eastern Europe, personality, personal injuries, etc. They discriminate based on age (they like guys in late 20s/early 30s), sex (males-only), and criminal history. Certain types of violent crime and "smart" crime like tax evasion are seen as good criteria to have while usually the first question out of their mouth will be "why the fuck are you here?" if you have no criminal record. The only three crimes (outside of international crimes) that are red flags are rape, murder, and drug trafficking. If you meet all qualifications but aren't lucky, they'll tell you to try again in a few years. If they decide you won't make the cut during this extensive interrogation (that sometimes takes place through the course of your PT over several weeks), then they give you a paper more or less saying "don't try to come back under a different identity." They keep picture records on file for I think 5 years, so anon really only has two shots to get in. The FFL more or less acts as a policing unit in South America and North Africa that tends to have very high casualty rates due to being sent on the most reckless missions. Go figure since they aren't French nationals (yet). They get deployed elsewhere, but the French military doesn't like them being deployed to "French" and NATO skirmishes since that implies the regular military aren't doing their job. I did a little reading just now out of curiosity and apparently you now need a "certificate of good behavior" to acquire French citizenship as of 2010 or so. That was never the case in the past, and is entirely reliant on your commanding officer granting it. Apparently the FFL has been seeing a rapid decline in applicants because of Chink Flu and that stupid certificate, since the officers use it like a whip against melanin-enriched legionnaires.
Archive service is down so just the raw article: https://minnesotareformer.com/2021/09/01/jaleel-stallings-shot-at-the-mpd-a-jury-acquitted-him-of-wrongdoing/ >Governor releases a statement that there are "white supremacists" out and about in Minneapolis >MPD takes an unmarked van, with police lights turned off, black vests covering their police uniforms, and orange-tipped 40mm cannons painted black so they look like actual guns >Spend the night taking pot shots at groups not doing anything >Especially if they flee after being shot at >Roll up on a gas station and take pot shots at the owner, random customers, a news reporter Vice blogger, and a handful of rooftop Koreans >Someone at the gas station runs into a nearby parking garage and shouts "they're shooting at us!" >Gets interpreted as "white supremacists are shooting at us" >Unmarked white vehicle with lights off rolls around the corner with the side doors open >Black Guy sees unmarked guys in black vests firing at him >Feels a terrible pain in his center-of-mass similar to when he got shot in his youth >Takes a few shots back at the vehicle >Hears "shots fired!" realizes what happened and drops his gun/gets on the ground >Lays motionless on the ground for over twenty seconds, disarmed with his hands above his head >Cops proceed to beat him to the point they had to take him to the hospital >Police commander tells all units to turn off their body cams >Officers lied about shooting at the gun owner >Officers lied that the guy tried to run >Used the excuse that SWAT never used live ammunition in order to allow a group reviewing of the footage (illegal) >Couldn't even corroborate a proper story after reviewing the footage >Tried to throw eight or nine different charges including multiple cases of attempted homicide at the black >Judge AND Jury threw out the officer testimony because it was so full of shit and acwuitt >MPD saying a ballot initiative to end the police force and replace it with a community-led force instead of the city/mayor-led force is "too harsh" and will result in "more violent encounters between police and civilians" This is the point we're at in America. It's not about white or black (albeit being a nigger doesn't help your survival odds), the police are pieces of shit regardless. Any police force where power is centralized from the top down will inevitably end up a gang of violent thugs much like the MPD. I want this story to sink in because the enforcers acting like niggers will always be a larger concern than the nogs themselves in any scenario. This isn't a one-off story. This is systematically how police forces work when instructed by their handlers. Police have more legal privileges protecting them if they decide today is a good day to murder your entire family than soldiers have on an active battlefield, and have a tenth of the accountability a soldier has if they go through with it. Make no mistake, the police are not your friends. They are either there for a paycheck or for the power over others conferred by being an officer. There is a reason that spouses of police officers are guaranteed to experience domestic violence in their lifetime. There is a reason that even conservative whites are getting fed up with the police. If you read the transcripts, there is no way to justify this all as a random act of niggery. It was premeditated by the police, violence was intentionally incited by the police that evening, and when a mistake was made the reaction was to become violent over not being allowed to kill a man, and then collectively come up with a lie to justify the beating. If EMS had happened to be on the scene a little earlier, I imagine they would have drugged the gun owner to falsify evidence. This is the working culture of the police.
>>19043 Always wanted to join, should i start a life of crime to increase my chances?
>>19047 >Start a life of crime No. Like any military, even if they "prefer" a criminal record, their enlistment process dings you for having a criminal record in the paperwork, and getting in has a certain luck-based element to it that's not worth having a record following you around. It's just if you do have one, that counts in your favor when they are going over personal considerations between two or three candidates after all the official paperwork has been processed.
>>19046 Everything in you post just reconfirms my suspicions that BLM is nothing more than a psi-ops designed to distract US citizens from coming together and calling out the police and holding them accountable for their bullshit. If so then it's worked well so far with the whole "Blue Lives Matter" counter protests.
>>19050 I don't think BLM is a psi-op. There's evidence that BLM was just an international money laundering scheme for the Democrats because they have not been able to properly secure non-donor funds since 2014, and they were using race relations as a talking point to get elected. If it was a psy-op they would have shut it down instead of distancing themselves when blacks started naming the Jew.
What will happen with education in Chicomland now that the party started a crusade against all forms of private education? Apparently they even banned tutors from meeting with students in their homes, and now rich chinks started to hire live-in tutors.
>>19054 >tutors They banned "professional" tutoring companies. Not private tutors. Its supposedly to combat the induced "workaholic" make up courses. Basically meaning your standard run of the mill late goverment and overcorrection. You can still get paid but you can't pull up tutoring adverts now.
https://www.foxnews.com/us/armed-robber-shot-face-armed-victim-texas https://archive.is/Uv1gV >be dindu >try to hold up some mother fucker >get blasted in the face cause permitless carry >no charges The absolute state of Houston. >An armed robber was shot in the face in Texas when his victim pulled out his own gun and shot at him, just days after a Texas law went into effect allowing residents to carry handguns without permits. >"He was shot in the face one time. He’s at the hospital. He’s going to live. He’s conscious and breathing right now," Houston Police Department Lieutenant R. Willkens said. >The incident unfolded Wednesday evening in Houston when the victim was walking to a local Shell gas station to make a few purchases, SBG San Antonio reported. >The suspect in the case was dropped off around the same time, and approached the victim by lifting his shirt to expose a gun and demanded he fork over any valuables. >The victim, however, was also armed and pulled out his weapon and shot the suspect in the face. The suspect is in the hospital and in police custody. >Additionally, no charges are expected to be brought against the victim, as he was defending himself. >"He’s being extremely cooperative. He has no criminal history whatsoever," Willkens said of the victim. .The incident comes after Gov. Greg Abbott signed a "constitutional carry" bill into law this summer allowing Texans to carry handguns in public without going through training or obtaining permits.
https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-58508547 https://archive.is/gQ87i BIDEN EO REQUIRES VACCINE FOR ALL COMPANIES 100+ USPS is exempt.... Probably cause gov jobz and minorities. I hope this pushes the accelerationist pedal harder than anything else. >President Joe Biden has announced sweeping federal Covid measures that require workers at large companies to be vaccinated or face weekly testing. >The new measures - which also include a vaccine mandate for millions of federal workers - come as the president is under fire to combat a Covid surge. >Covid has killed 650,000 Americans and hospitals nationwide are at capacity. >Mr Biden had promised a "summer of freedom" from the virus. But the Delta variant has instead run rampant. >In an address made from the White House on Thursday, Mr Biden directed the Department of Labor to require all private businesses with 100 or more workers to mandate the jab or require proof of a negative Covid test from employees at least once a week. The order will affect around 80m workers. >"This is not about freedom, or personal choice, it's about protecting yourself and those around you," he said as he unveiled the six-point plan. >Nearly 17m other healthcare workers at facilities receiving federal benefits will also face the same requirements, he said. >Analysis box by Anthony Zurcher, North America reporter >The time for sweet-talking, for cajoling Americans to take the Covid-19 vaccine is over. The time for government mandates has arrived. >That was the blunt message Joe Biden delivered to the nation on Thursday afternoon. While many Americans have received at least one jab, the president laid the blame for the continued US health crises squarely at the feet of the 25% of the public who are unvaccinated and the politicians who he said are "actively working to undermine the fight". >Biden said his new vaccine orders were not about freedom or personal choice, but that's exactly how some Americans will view them - as a forced choice between vaccination and continued employment. And while the mandates will increase the number of vaccinated Americans, it will also enflame a debate already rife with political tension. >In July, Biden gave an optimistic speech about how Americans soon would be declaring their "independence" from the virus. Because of the Delta variant, that independence day has failed to arrive. This, in turn, has taken a toll on the US economy and public perceptions of how Biden is handling the pandemic. This is Biden's bid to use government muscle to turn the tide. >The president's plan uses the full force of his executive power to mandate the jab for unvaccinated Americans. >Some of his initiatives address common concerns of Americans who have yet to get the vaccine - such as not wanting to miss work to get the jab or recover from side effects. >Americans 'scared and angry' amid Covid surge >The president said that requirements that large businesses provide paid time off for workers to get vaccinated will be unveiled in the coming weeks by the Labor Department's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Osha). >Businesses that do not comply with the new rules may face thousands of dollars in fines per violation. >A separate federal mandate, which the White House says will impact 2.5m government workers, supersedes Mr Biden's earlier order that permitted government employees to undergo regular testing if they did not wish to be vaccinated. Now workers that refuse the jab may be fired. >Overall, the rule now requires that around two-thirds of all US workers be vaccinated. >Other rules that Mr Biden directed include: >A doubling of fines for passengers on planes who refuse to wear a mask >Invoking the Defense Production Act to speed the creation of fast at-home testing kits >Deploying healthcare workers to areas experiencing surges >Increasing the weekly pace of shipments of free monoclonal antibody treatment to hospitals
>>19074 I'm not surprised, but I am still disappointed. Guess this is the point where people either nut up and start their own businesses or shut up. t. Essential worker at a sub-100 employee business, so testing is free even if it were mandatory.
>>19074 This was inevitable. The new push is for kids 12+, then kids younger then 12. After that will be the mandatory yearly booster shots and everything will still be locked down in a year.
On the plus side the Butcherer of Waco has been withdrawn from consideration as HNIC of the ATF.
>>19085 How did that happen? I figured after the Waco stuff got spread, they would have accelerated him into the position with conservatives foaming at the mouth to have him take their guns.
Open file (31.69 KB 720x304 spooks.jpg)
Open file (128.44 KB 1050x1094 too prepared.jpg)
>>19093 There's gotta be another angle for them to withdraw him. It's obvious that the current puppetmasters have no concern for keeping up appearances anymore. >>19074 >>19076 >>19083 I have to say, this is looking like they're going to try to put us into the same situation as Australia. Permanent lockdowns, mandatory surveillance, and the implementation of even more draconian communication restrictions.
>>19100 >I have to say, this is looking like they're going to try to put us into the same situation as Australia. Permanent lockdowns, mandatory surveillance, and the implementation of even more draconian communication restrictions. There's some pretty major logistical, political, and cultural differences between Australia and the US though.
>>19074 Honestly this feels like boiling frogs after 18 months of lockdown, years ago this would've been a joke but now i don't think the consequences will be considerable. Many have lived through harder and more explicit government squeezes so i believe people can get used to overt shit like this if conditioned slowly.
https://yewtu.be/watch?v=_HbeX_C0T04 These kind of videos about unboxing surplus ammunition are incredibly relaxing and comfortable, even if the one doing the unboxing just keeps making mistakes.
(post 1/2) A reminder cops aren't on your side and may be just as bad as criminals. invidious is down for me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48W1MH3BpIw https://www.star-telegram.com/news/local/fort-worth/article254084498.html https://archive.is/gvcUM Jury no billed him. >Since Fort Worth resident Russell King shot a plainclothes state trooper who followed him to his house on April 23, the uncertainty of whether he would be indicted weighed heavily on his and his wife’s minds, he said. >With the recent decision of a Denton County grand jury declining to charge him with a crime, the Kings are ready to move on with their lives, he told the Star-Telegram on Wednesday. >The ordeal started with a car chase, Russell King said. >King and his wife, Myra, were driving back from Kroger and Chick-fil-A around 2 p.m., heading north on U.S. 287 in the middle of traffic on a rainy day. As King was about to switch lanes, the driver of a gray pickup truck in front of him shook his head back at King through the rearview mirror, King said. >When King switched back into that lane, he said, the truck brake-checked him. Thinking the situation was road rage, King picked up speed to get away from the truck. >After exiting the highway, he looked in his rearview mirror and saw the truck behind him, he said. >“I had seen him dancing around in traffic prior and I thought to myself, ‘Oh, is he trying to catch up?’” King said. >The truck had small LED lights in the grill that were flashing, but King said he didn’t see them clearly through the mist of the rain. As King was trying to lose the truck, he saw it cutting through lanes, making a school bus swerve, he said. King said the truck chased the couple for 13 miles, all the way back to their home near Haslet in far north Fort Worth. >When they got home, the couple called 911 to report the man following them. >Video surveillance footage shows the gray truck parking in front of the Kings’ house and a man in a brown shirt, jeans and baseball hat getting out. >Using their Nest security cameras, King and his wife, who took refuge in the upstairs bedroom closet, saw the man grab something from the back of his truck and tuck it behind him. King said in the heat of the moment the object looked like a gun to him, and he was afraid the man planned to harm him and his wife. >Video from the home security cameras shows the trooper knocking on the door and announcing himself as “state police,” but King said he didn’t hear the man’s words. He said he feared for his life and all he could hear was the beating of his heart. >The Nest footage shows King shooting the state trooper through the door from the inside of the house and the trooper running away. Shortly afterward, marked police cars came to the house and officers handcuffed King and his wife. When King asked why they were being detained, an officer informed him that he had shot a state trooper. >“When they had me in handcuffs and they told me that I had shot a state trooper, that was the very first thing I thought of was, this is not possible after what I saw him do on Avondale Haslet [Road],” King said. >King thought, “there’s no way this could have been a state trooper, the way he was acting in traffic,” he said. “He was swerving in between cars, driving at a very high rate of speed.” >Russell King said he didn't know that a man who followed him and his wife and came to their front door was a Texas state trooper until after King shot the man. A Denton County grand jury declined to indict King. >King said he would have stopped if he had known the driver was an officer. >“Beyond confusion, I felt heartache for my wife because she was in the car the entire time and had to experience that,” King said, adding that he later had to watch his wife be detained by police. >King’s attorney, Robert Huseman, said in order to be charged for evading or assaulting a police officer, King would have had to have known the man was a law enforcement officer. >The state trooper was in plainclothes, the truck was not marked and the trooper did not show any police identification, King said. >After the shooting, the Texas Rangers sent out a statement that said a trooper with the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Criminal Investigations Division was conducting an investigation in the Haslet area, according to the Star-Telegram’s archives. >The public safety department has not described the nature of the investigation.
>>19134 (Post 2/2) >“During the course of the investigation, the special agent encountered a suspect at a residence in the 14,000 block of Mainstay Way,” the DPS statement said. “The suspect discharged a firearm and struck the special agent. The special agent did not return fire.” >In another statement four days after the shooting, DPS said the investigation indicated King did not know the man at his door was a law enforcement officer when he fired his gun. >DPS identified the injured trooper as William Wallace, who has been employed by DPS since 2009. He was treated and released from a hospital by the next day. >In an email Friday, a DPS spokesperson said, “The Texas Ranger investigation into the April shooting of DPS Special Agent William Wallace remains active as evidence is pending disposition.” >Wallace is still recovering from his injuries and hasn’t returned to active duty, according to the email. >The department did not respond to a question about whether Wallace was disciplined in connection with the incident.
What did /k/ do for labor day?
>>19178 Your mom
>>19178 Yer mum. I slept in, finished off the last of my devil's lettuce for the summer, and had dinner with my mom and siblings.
>>19135 >DPS identified the injured trooper as William Wallace
Open file (486.15 KB 896x734 moab park.png)
Do you think the skinwalkers got them?
>>19224 Considering her boyfriend went through half of America without reporting her "disappearance", it's more likely he threw her off a cliff.
>>19225 It's just struck me as odd that she died (presumably) in the same area that those other two were murdered several weeks back. I wonder if there could be a serial killer on the loose there.
I hate this stupid pool that I have in my backyard. I don't know what do anymore, should I just let the motor for the pool pump just burn out and let my dad just fix it? The water always drains in the morning and I have re-water the pool because the water isn't high for the skimmer and i don't know how to switch it to the main drain ( the handle is broken the pump is old and needed to be replaced a long time ago). I don't want to get yelled at anymore by my parents anymore for using up the water
Has anyone here applied for religious exemption to covid-19 vaccine mandates at work or did you tell your employer to go shove it up their ass? To those self employed streloks how are you all getting around the fines?
>>19227 Apparently those two also died within the timeframe the boyfriend and missing girlfriend went through. Wouldn't surprise me if the dude killed all three.
>>19242 Mandates only affect large companies and I told my boss to shove it up his ass.
Open file (139.51 KB 900x900 Bandit.jpg)
>>19242 I haven't heard anything around work about mandates yet, which is odd because i'm a gubmit worker in a blue as fuck state. i'm sure it's only a matter of time but for now I'm just going to lay low. I wish I could be self-employed but alas I don't have the time nor experience to do anything like that.
https://archive.is/u23Ri https://finance.yahoo.com/news/7-ways-men-live-without-working-in-america-092147068.html OI, YOU GOT A LOICENSE TO NOT WORK A REAL JOB BURGERS? Written by workholic and gov dungeon slave Andy Serwer >Almost one-third of all working-age men in America aren’t doing diddly-squat. They don’t have a job, and they aren’t looking for one either. One-third of all working-age men. That’s almost 30 million people! >How do they live? What are they doing for money? To me, this is one of the great mysteries of our time. >That’s what I want to explore today, which is: how men can live in America without working. >I’m not talking about why men have lost their jobs — factories closing, layoffs, automation, outsourcing jobs overseas, even perhaps women entering the workforce, (in fact, the participation rate by women over the same time period is way up). What I want to get at is how they’re living without holding a "real" job, and by that I mean doing work where one reports income to the IRS, pays taxes and Social Security, etc. >-Unemployment insurance >-Savings, trading stocks, and bitcoin >-Working for cash, aka the under-the-table economy >Again, another question that’s impossible to answer. I would bet it’s not fewer. For example, my electrician Luis just told me he can’t get anyone to work for him anymore — they all want to get paid in cash. >-Living off family members >-Illegal work >-Living off the land >“Fishing and hunting license sales increased 10% in California during the pandemic, reversing years of decline. Clamming has grown in popularity for several reasons: people are looking for safe activities to do outdoors, but also some are clamming for subsistence and trying to get money from selling the shellfish (which is illegal without a commercial license).” >“From the start of the 2020 licensing year in May through Dec. 31, WDFW [Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife] sold nearly 45,000 more fishing licenses and 12,000 more hunting licenses than 2019. The number of new license holders — defined as someone who hadn’t purchased one for the previous five years — went up 16% for fishing licenses and almost 40% for hunters.” >As for growing vegetables in home gardens, yes, it is up, way up too. Even before the pandemic, there were estimates that a third of American families grew vegetables. Now this, NPR reported last year: >“‘We're being flooded with vegetable orders,’ says George Ball, executive chairman of the Burpee Seed Company, based in Warminster, Penn. Ball says he has noticed spikes in seed sales during bad times: the stock market crash of 1987, the dot com bubble burst of 2000, and he remembers the two oil crises of the 1970s from his childhood. But he says he has not seen a spike this large and widespread. >And some non-working men are not playing fair. Like getting paid under the table, fudging insurance claims or social programs. Some freeload off relatives. And some engage in overtly illegal behavior like boosting branded goods from chain stores to sell online or dealing heroin. >I would imagine that more than a few of these men create a portfolio of sources, though I’m not sure they really think of it that way. Take for example a hypothetical guy in a rural area who lives with his grandmother rent free, (he does help her with the garden some). This guy also does some cash carpentry work, hunts for game, gets some food off his ex-wife’s WIC and helps his brother sell some weed. Can you get by this way? Some men probably are. Is this the new American way? For some men it probably is. > Which is to say, the wealthier our nation has become over the decades, the less men are working. Fact is there is just a ton of money sloshing around in our country. And men seem to be able to get their hands on it, whether obtained legally, borrowed, leached off of or stolen. >It seems like working legally to provide for yourself in America is really just one option these days.
>>19253 Blue policies are always passed with the intent to fuck with red voters/businesses, not to be effective. They won't go after you until they're done going after states like mine with a large military presence don't worry.
>>19244 >>19227 I have a few theories for the dissapearance for Petito. 1) She got murdered by the boyfriend 2) She jumped off the ride herself, got killed 3) Went into hiding Now, I know that those latter two are not that likely, but the PD video interaction you can't help but feel (imho) that she's a bipolar piece of shit so yeah. Whatever the man did, he did right by NOT SPEAKING TO THE FUCKING COPS.
Any of you want to bet on the La Palma mega-tsunami?
Any streloks observe the retarded Justice for J6 Fed rally? How bright was it?
Open file (133.27 KB 1020x573 1-5591920.jpeg.jpg)
>>19260 Update: she's dead. Why didn't you protect her smile?
>>19244 He's apparently missing now and no one knows where he is.
>>19270 I bet the family knows but aren't dumb enough (they have a semi-compitent lawyer from what I can tell). >>19268 >dead and you could've done something. Kindly hang yourself, there's also a chance she fucked off and got her self killed. There's a reason a persumption of innocence applies in burgerland unfortunately to our detriment many times
Open file (174.88 KB 220x123 smile.gif)
>>19272 It's a meme newfriend.
>>19266 >>19274 Who are these guys and why are they feds?
Open file (6.43 MB 640x356 glowman.webm)
>>19266 >How bright was it? Badge-wearing protestors level of brightness
Open file (936.11 KB 764x706 1632078113854.png)
>>19277 tl;dr- There have been several protests calling for the people arrested under the capitol riots to be released. For some reason, the news media locked onto that specific event and kept shouting about how it was going to be violent to the point where even normalfags with two brain cells recognized it was being orchestrated by the feds. Several far-right outlets flat out told their followers to stay the fuck away because the event was glowing in the dark, so anyone who showed up could reasonably be expected to glow in the dark or be retarded.
A few other brief points: Glows have a specific dress code and haircut code when under cover that all of these individuals match. Any one of them individually would be nondescript but in a crowd they stand out. They are all clearly on high alert of their surroundings rather than of the protest/counter-protesters, all have the same physique that is seen among glows (cardiovascularly focused with no leg strength, leg training is important if you do weight training but glow culture calls you a pussy if you don't skip leg day), and you can see the outline of at least two conceal carriers, possibly three (glows suck at conceal carrying). If these guys weren't glows they would understand enough about optics to split up and mix among the crowds, and to be carrying medical kits and the like since they would be the prime target of an attacker or the primary response if an attacker chose to thin the herd.
>>19283 In the last few days before it, even MSM outlets (I think the BBC) quoted the guy who originally started planning is as saying that the event was doomed because if nobody showed up, it'd be hailed as a victory for the left, and if turnout was high, it'd be disrupted and the right blamed for it.
Open file (863.09 KB 900x865 gloparty.png)
>>19274 Have you seen these glowers anywhere else?
Open file (878.98 KB 1200x911 gloparty.png)
>>19294 They were too close together.
>>19272 >there's also a chance she fucked off and got her self killed Has there been any info released as to how she died yet?
Open file (850.62 KB 1200x911 glopartyB.png)
>>19295 Alternate, with obscured glowie in the middle cropped out, to open up view.
Open file (1.34 MB 1024x768 GLObal.png)
>>19298 See thru test.
Open file (1.06 MB 1200x911 FBI, I'm CIA.png)
>>19300 Tell me about the glow. Why does he wear the sunglasses?
>>19301 When you're always surrounded by so much glowing, you'd want to protect your eyes too.
Open file (2.12 MB 1200x911 MajorGLO.png)
You'll burn your eyes out.
Open file (2.03 MB 1200x911 MajorGLO.png)
>>19304 Meh, too dark.
>>19301 They could legit be communications gear. They nowadays have sunglasses that allow you to receive radio, and the voice gets transmitted to your skull through direct vibration, hence why the glasses have to be tight-fitting. I can't remember what those were called. But, ofcourse, it could be just a simple feiend-or-foe identifier for glowniggers.
>>19301 Makes it slightly harder to dox. Protects against blinding attacks and, if of sturdy enough construction, against small projectiles (that aren't bullets... though that might also be possible, armored glass is a thing). Disguises where they're looking at, so harder for a target to detect surveillance, assuming the target is retarded enough to not recognize a glow from a mile away.
Open file (98.65 KB 590x652 that_look_of_disgust.png)
>>19313 >>19312 >>19302 Who the fuck are you people and where did my baneposters go?
>>19316 They died when the plane crashed. No survivors, after all.
Open file (141.95 KB 300x368 extremely painful.png)
>>19316 What were we supposed to say? When CIA asked that question he got no reply, since the guy he asked had a lotta loyalty for a hired gun.
Do glowniggers get a free pass on the jab?
>>19339 As of this time, yes.
>>19341 How would you know that?
>>19343 Because the executive order say they do.
https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-58638854 https://archive.is/3CZvF Looks like modern science proves old theories wrong again. They now claiming that native americans came to the contient around 14,000 to 20,000 years ago based on carbon dating.
Open file (171.35 KB 390x271 ClipboardImage.png)
>>19350 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JG7ixY8kNBA I wouldn't be surprised if the new world was inhabited from even earlier and from multiple sources.
>>19350 We know when and why megafauna went extinct so Humans had to be at least that old on the continent since they were a direct contributor. **Honestly the amount of genetic diversity lost among the Homo sub-branch in the last roughly 15,000-20,000 years is worrying since it suggests homos became specialists in their niche, which is basically a genetic death sentence down the line. Humans even five thousand years ago look so different from one another that we have little in common with our pre-recorded history counterparts.
>>19350 Does this validate the conspiracy theory of ancient Caucasians from Europe/Siberia settling in the Americas in 30000-20000BC only to get genocided with no survivors by Injun migrants circa 10000BC?
>>19361 >genocided caucasians. By this logic, there's also the theory that there was a human species that might have evolved independently of Eurasia. Also the chance they died out because of hurr durr muh climate change.
Open file (1.30 MB 1600x1067 ClipboardImage.png)
>>19361 Humans only developed the vocal chords needed for language 50,000 years ago while having allegedly moved out of Africa 70,000 years ago, and the "humans developed like we did to run prey to death" theory which was debunked in the early 2000s is still flourishing among the scientific community. At the end of the day, this is all just paleological mumbo jumbo to try to avoid saying what most geneticists suggest: The homo branch had several species that could interbreed because they had the same number of chromosomes. Same with the Sapiens sub-branch. Homos had already dominated the world by the time the "modern human" showed up and just outbred each other via interbreeding/killed each other in resource competition, with the three most obvious pre-sapiens being out of Africa, the Caucuses, and India/Myanmar area. The same thing happened a few centuries ago with old world dogs basically breeding almost all new world dog breeds to extinction with the exception of hybrids. The theory that Homos had already dominated the earth and that our other members were just bred out by sheer numbers, diluting their traits into the main species has both paleological evidence and genetic evidence when you look at humanity's genetic diversity bottleneck that started around 30,000 years ago and continued to shrink until about 3,000 years ago. We're just right at the cusp of the emergence of Sapiens on an evolutionary timeline, a genetic freak of nature caused by a chromosomal anomaly. The last of the non-Sapien Homos only started to die out roughly 7,000-10,000 years ago (a race of eternal hairy lolis off on some island in the Pacific).
https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-58682998 https://archive.is/4dCVo China has traded the Huawei CEO for two Canuk glows. I looks like the US cucked out since this deal benifits China the most. News source the two canucks being released is not yet verifiable outside of a lone BBC article that was taken down really fast. >Meng Wanzhou, chief financial officer of Huawei, was detained on fraud charges in December 2018 at the request of the US. >On Friday, the US Department of Justice dropped an extradition request for her. >The case infuriated China and strained relations with the US and Canada. >It also prompted accusations that China had detained Canadian citizens in retaliation, which China denied. >"My life has been turned upside down. It was a disruptive time for me," Ms Meng told reporters after being freed from Canadian detention. >"Every cloud has a silver lining," she continued, adding: "I will never forget all the good wishes I received from people around the world." >Shortly afterwards she boarded an Air China flight bound for the Chinese city of Shenzhen, AFP news agency reports. >Details of a possible deal for Ms Meng's release have been the subject of intense negotiations between US and Chinese diplomats. >The US alleged Ms Meng misled the bank HSBC over the true nature of Huawei's relationship with a company called Skycom, putting the bank at risk of violating US sanctions against Iran. >On Friday the US Department of Justice (DOJ) said it had reached a deferred prosecution agreement. >This means the DOJ would hold off from prosecuting Ms Meng until December 2022. If she complied with conditions set by court, the case would eventually be dropped. >The deal, which recommended she be released, allowed her to formally deny guilt for key charges while also acknowledging the allegations laid out by the Americans. >Later on Friday, Canadian prosecutors told a court in Vancouver that they had withdrawn efforts to extradite her to the US and that she should be discharged from detention. >She had been under house arrest in her multimillion-dollar Vancouver home for nearly three years. >Ahead of the court appearance, Ms Meng was seen entering the building accompanied by Chinese consular officials. >The judge subsequently ordered that she go free. >As part of the deal, Ms Meng agreed to a "statement of facts" admitting that she knowingly made false statements to HSBC. >The DOJ said Ms Meng had "taken responsibility for her principal role in perpetrating a scheme to defraud a global financial institution". >The DOJ also said said it was continuing to prepare for trial against Huawei.
>>19377 >News source the two canucks being released is not yet verifiable outside of a lone BBC article that was taken down really fast. CBC says the same. And the BBC article is still up.
>>19377 >News source the two canucks being released is not yet verifiable outside of a lone BBC article that was taken down really fast. Probably because they already tried and charged one for espionage and slapped him with a 11 year sentence.
>>19374 There's a third possibility. They are overstating the difference in genetics since most could not be tested and most should be considered subspecies. Also, the genus Homo may need to be broken up, perhaps it is paraphyletic instead of monophyletic as it stands currently. There is possibility (IMHO) that the last common anscestor had interbreeding with other non human groups resulting in other distinct "Homo" genus species. >>19378 >>19381 Link is not avalible for me?
>>19382 >Link is not avalible for me? https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-58687071 No archive because it still being up is the point.
>>19374 So the basic idea is that the world was already filled with primates close to humans, until one group of them successfully raped their way through the world, genociding incompatible species in the process? >We're just right at the cusp of the emergence of Sapiens on an evolutionary timeline, a genetic freak of nature caused by a chromosomal anomaly Do we know what is that anomaly?
>>19383 https://archive.is/nAFsy Have an archive anyways.
>>19384 Probably consensual and not rape about 80% of the time, but yeah basically. >Do we know what is that anomaly? More or less. We know that the modern man originated from a common ancestor of Homo Heidelbergensis (possibly intermixed with Homo Erectus depending on source) that would go on the form the Neanderthals, Denisovans, etc. We also know that Homo Heidelbergensis somehow crossed the genetic gap of interbreeding with the common ancestor that now makes up Chimpanzees and Bonobos, but while those two continued to act as simple apes, Heidelbergensis developed tools, clothing, etc. There's also a very distinct probability that >>19382 is right, but mankind will have to wait for more evidence to show up to make such a judgement, Unfortunately the only paleological sites that could potentially shed light on this mystery all happen to either be in war zones or countries that do not like investigators of this sort of thing.
It's also important to remember that all of these homos could have been living during the same time periods since this sort of thing doesn't happen overnight and we're talking roughly what, 300,000 years of lost history?
>>19382 >>19387 Are Aborigines a possible remnant of these ancestral mixed Homo populations?
I miss the times we had nogun fags wandering in and asking retarded question all the time. Damn, I miss gookanon.
Open file (781.27 KB 1100x619 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.24 MB 912x825 ClipboardImage.png)
Is surfing in the Atlantic about to get fun or is it all a meme?
>>19398 Western Africa is a lot closer than people realize to America, so it could be getting fun if that's an seismograph prediction. I don't know.
you know, i really think threads like this are detrimental to a healthy imageboard environment.
>>19400 That's not a seismograph prediction, it's a simulated tsunami in the event the eastern half of the Cumbre Vieja volcano slides into the Atlantic Ocean. Does FEMA have any serious tsunami contingency plans for the US east coast?
>>19403 They have plenty of plastic grave liners.
>>19398 >>19400 >>19403 >>19404 Damn, do you guys think any anons in texas or parts in the deep south would be hit with that tsunami? At least if there are any anons in the area they'd have a 9 hour alert before hand before things get bad, provided it's going to be that bad.
>>19402 Anons want to talk about things and /a/ showed that catch-all general discussion threads bring in PPH when the things anons want to talk about aren't relevant or are only tangentially related. A lot of posts in this thread could be their own threads though, I'll agree with you on that.
>>19403 Oh, in that case it's highschool physics math, anon. Height: ~2,000 meters Prominence: ~600 meters (essentially radius) Volume of a cone: V=πr^2(h/3) Technically surface area would be more accurate but I just want to check if it's a big disaster or not, for those who are more math literate. Volcano is roughly 753,600,000‬ cubic meters of volume Volcanic "rock" is a mix of light material at 700kg/m^3 and heavier shit ranging up to 3,200kg/m^3 so I'll estimate 1000kg/m^3 for simplicity and assume that if the "wall" of the volcano falls off, that's like 1/5th of the volume falling into the ocean from an average height of about 1/3rd of the way up the side of the mountain. Density Times Volume = Mass, so 1000*150,000,000 (~1/5th the volume) = 150,720,000,000‬ kg of material (we'll call this variable OSHIT) Potential Energy = mass times acceleration time height, so PE= OSHIT*9.8 (gravity's acceleration)*200 (1/3rd the height of the volcano since more weight is distributed near the bottom) = about 295,411,200,000,000‬ newtons of potential force slamming into the ocean, or the equivalent of about 5 large atomic bombs going off simultaneously. Eh, that's rough estimates and probably a little lower than it would actually be. I wouldn't bet your life on my math, but you need about a magnitude 8 earthquake for the waves to travel across the world. The only difference is this would be largely focused in one outward direction, so I guess it could do it if the seismologists think it will.
>>19407 > anons in texas or parts in the deep south would be hit with that tsunami? No, that wouldn't make sense. Tsunamis are essentially massive ripples and act as such. Most of the wave would go into Florida and the east coast. A tiny portion might get past Puerto Rico, Cuba, and the other islands into the Gulf of Mexico, but it wouldn't suddenly do a 90 degree turn to strike Texas or the other states there. However, there is the possibility of a tsunami coming from the gulf of Mexico, and if that happened it would strike Texas. A simulation (https://yewtu.be/watch?v=U2y-QcWgCrE) shows a scenario where most would only have 3-4 hours of warning to react.
>>19398 >>19400 >>19403 >>19413 >so I guess it could do it if the seismologists think it will. From what I've read, seismologists mostly think the original simulation that predicted catastrophe for North America was probably a significant overestimate.
>>19415 Makes sense. Based on my own math, you would need about ten to one hundred times that much force to actually do damage. Surfing will be fun for anyone who wants to surf when it "hits" though since it will be bigger than usual high tide (just probably not destructive based on my math).
>>19398 >>19403 Is a flank collapse actually looking like a possibility? I've not been paying attention to the Canary Island thing very much.
Oh boy, I hope nobody lives in that shithole called cali. https://archive.is/KriKi https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2021-09-27/california-universal-voting-by-mail-becomes-permanent >SACRAMENTO California's pandemic-inspired move toward mailing a ballot to every registered, active voter will become a permanent part of the state's political landscape, an embrace of an extended and flexible voting process instead of the traditional focus on a single day of voting in person. >Gov. Gavin Newsom's signature Monday on Assembly Bill 37 makes California the eighth state in the nation with a law on the books requiring every voter to be mailed a ballot. The new law is part of an evolution of voting in the state over the last two decades, an effort to provide voters more options for when and where to cast their ballots. >"Data shows that sending everyone a ballot in the mail provides voters access. And when voters get ballots in the mail, they vote," Assemblyman Marc Berman (D-Palo Alto), the bill's author, said during a Senate committee hearing in July. >The law takes effect in January and will require ballots to be mailed to all voters for statewide elections in June and November. AB 37 also applies to local elections, potentially improving turnout in community contests but also increasing costs, given that vote-by-mail ballots are provided with prepaid postage.
>>19449 No, it doesn't like it. The eruption doesn't look too exciting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuYBLYf3Nnc. The only spitting out small earthquakes 2.0 and 3.0s in richter scale
>>19467 Meanwhile my sister stole my ballot and I've been getting calls from fucking Democrats ever since despite being registered independent.
>>19484 Report your sister for election fraud.
How fucked is the Marine that complained about the lack of accountability during the Afghanistan evacuation shitshow?
>>19487 Royally. There are two major factions in the US military: Trump Supporters and Biden Supporters. Both sides are entirely partisan and have no interest in playing the middle, which is to say the two camps hate each other and will do nothing to aid the other while holding a 'you're with us or you're with them' mindset. Stu put himself squarely in the Biden camp and antagonized the Trump Supporters by going full OrangeManBad while trying to appeal to 'neutral' interests, completely missing the fact there are none left, so he's not going to get any help from them while the BIden camp wants to hang him. The end conclusion is he's probably going to Leavenworth and may see the sun shine again in 30 or 40 years when they consider giving him yard time, unless his court has a rare judge that doesn't think the sadistic pleasure is worth the effort to can him.
>>19488 He's a moron anyway. You can't call for what amounts to a coup multiple times, without a specific guy you want to put on the throne/in the oval office. Nobody coups for an ideology, let alone for a principle, only for a man.
>>19487 >>19488 >>19490 What happened? It seems it didn't make non-burger news. Or maybe it didn't make the news anywhere.
>>19491 A marine called Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller complained about the lack of accountabiliity during the Afghanistan withdrawal. There was pushback, and his response was making a video innawoods in some ancient schoolbus talking about how he loves the smell of burning shit and making change without the system and bringing the system down if the marines just follow him, ending with "You have no idea what I'm capable of doing". Here's his original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4Atg9lshHk Here's his YT channel with a couple other videos, I think some got deleted, but you'll probably be able to find it somewhere else: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZuEH5hfXQUCJxdY_GpnUow/videos
OI YOU GOT A OSHA LOICENSE FOR THAT MATES? OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH ACT OF —Section 17 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (29 U.S.C. 666) is amended— > (1) in subsection (a)— > (A) by striking ‘‘$70,000’’ and inserting ‘‘$700,000’’; and (B) by striking ‘‘$5,000’’ and inserting ‘‘$50,000’’; > (2) in subsection (b), by striking ‘‘$7,000’’ and inserting ‘‘$70,000’’; and (3) in subsection (d), by striking ‘‘$7,000’’ and inserting ‘‘$70,000’’. Section 17 before the edit: >(a) Any employer who willfully or repeatedly violates the requirements of section 5 of this Act, any standard, rule, or order promulgated pursuant to section 6 of this Act, or regulations prescribed pursuant to this Act, may be assessed a civil penalty of not more than $10,000 for each violation >(b) Any employer who has received a citation for a serious violation of the requirements of section 5 of this Act, of any standard, rule, or order promulgated pursuant to section 6 of this Act, or of any regulations prescribed pursuant to this Act, shall be assessed a civil penalty of up to $1,000 for each such violation. > (c) Any employer who has received a citation for a violation of the requirements of section 5 of this Act, of any standard, rule, or order promulgated pursuant to section 6 of this Act, or of regulations prescribed pursuant to this Act, and such violation is specifically determined not to be of a serious nature, may be assessed a civil penalty of up to $1,000 for each such violation. > (d) Any employer who fails to correct a violation for which a citation has been issued under section 9(a) within the period permitted for its correction (which period shall not begin to run until the date of the final order of the Commission in the case of any review proceeding under section 10 initiated by the employer in good faith and not solely for delay or avoidance of penalties), may be assessed a civil penalty of not more than $1,000 for each day during which such failure or violation continues. Yep. That's in the reconilliation bill. Say goodbye to small buisnesses. I for one, hail our corperate kike overlords. Source: https://docs.house.gov/meetings/BU/BU00/20210925/114090/BILLS-117pih-BuildBackBetterAct.pdf >pdf related
>>19494 Feds are so out-of-touch with reality they don't even realize small businesses make up the vast majority of businesses (it was in the 98% range before covid) as well as about 50% of the GDP. Just like the DoT CDL health requirement changes these are going to send the economy into the shitter.
Also we'll see if it holds up in court. The courts are corrupt, but I don't think any judge is willing to sign their livelihood away on this one as they will become public enemy #1 if they try to keep it from going to the next court up, not when it affects about 1/5th of the population and is being attacked in at least three separate appeals courts. Here's a good opinion piece on the matter: https://archive.is/DL5r0 >The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 authorizes OSHA to enact rules that are “reasonably necessary or appropriate to provide safe or healthful employment and places of employment.” But the Biden mandate is unreasonably and unnecessarily broad. As announced, it applies to all employees, even those who work at home, as millions have done during the pandemic. It’s simultaneously too narrow, failing to require vaccination for contractors, customers and other nonemployees who may be present at the work site. >It’s overbroad in another way: Previous Covid infection doesn’t excuse employees from the vaccine requirement. Natural immunity tends to be more robust and longer-lasting than vaccinated immunity, according to Marty Makary of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Worse, Dr. Makary says, there is evidence that people who already have natural immunity are at heightened risk of vaccine side effects caused by an augmented inflammatory response. For these reasons, lawsuits have already been filed challenging employer vaccine mandates as applied to employees with natural immunity. >Another concern is that the administration’s interpretation of the OSHA statutory language presents a “delegation” problem. If Congress delegates discretion to an agency without a proper limiting principle, it violates the separation of powers. To avoid this constitutional problem, the courts will have to give the statute a more restrictive reading. Coming up with a meaningful judicially enforceable principle would not be easy. >Additional problems arise from the administration’s urgency. In imposing the vaccination requirement immediately, OSHA will bypass the ordinary notice-and-comment rule-making process and issue what’s known as an Emergency Temporary Standard. OSHA has used that legal authority only 10 times in 50 years. Courts have decided challenges to six of those standards, nixing five and upholding only one. >The OSH Act imposes stringent limits on emergency standards precisely so OSHA can’t easily circumvent the ordinary rule-making process. The government has to prove that “employees are exposed to grave danger from exposure to substances or agents determined to be toxic or physically harmful or from new hazards” and that using the emergency process is “necessary to protect employees from such danger.” Courts subject emergency standards to a what appellate courts call a “hard look” review, a more stringent standard than for ordinary economic regulations. >The White House justifies the mandate as a proportional response to the spread of Covid’s Delta variant, which is straining hospital capacity in some states. But the mandate is nationwide and indefinite, not tied to Covid rates. The administration’s vaccine rhetoric is therefore another reason to regard the standard as legally suspect. In addition to Mr. Biden’s remark about his patience wearing thin, White House chief of staff Ron Klain retweeted a journalist’s comment that “OSHA doing this vaxx mandate as an emergency safety rule is the ultimate work around for the Federal govt to require vaccinations.” >All this suggests that the administration’s statutory reliance on workplace safety is pretextual. OSHA was established to ensure workplace safety, not to act as a “work around” for achieving other political or policy objectives. In Department of Commerce v. New York (2019), the Supreme Court struck down an otherwise defensible census regulation because the Trump administration’s grounds for instituting it were pretextual. >Defenders of the Biden mandate surely will justify it as a delegation pursuant to Congress’s power to regulate interstate commerce. But the actual target of the rule is individual medical choices, not commercial ones. If a personal decision not to buy medical insurance can’t be characterized as “commerce”—as the Supreme Court held in NFIB v. Sebelius (2012), the ObamaCare case—how can the decision not to be vaccinated? >Mr. Rivkin practices appellate and constitutional law in Washington. He served at the Justice Department and the White House Counsel’s Office in the Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations. Mr. Alt is president and CEO of the Buckeye Institute, a think tank engaged in public-interest litigation and policy.
>>19499 >relying on the courts Considering that ACB and Kavanaugh are what I consider to be statist neocons, I suspect that it won't be held up. The only justice even remotely intrested in defending rights is Clarance Thomas. Meanwhile, I hope you fucks are not registered gun owners in CA: PLACE YOUR BETS NOW. HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE CA GUN ADVOCACY GROUPS TO 'LEAK' THE LIST OF ALL FIREARM OWNERS, ADDRESSES, WEAPON TYPES AND AMMUNITION AMOUNTS? https://reason.com/2021/09/27/california-will-let-violence-prevention-researchers-know-that-you-have-a-gun/ https://archive.is/jKXMo >Califoria Gov. Gavin Newsom signed into law last week A.B. 173, which among other things gives various academics, most of them very likely to be hostile to private gun ownership, access to all the information California collects about the state's buyers of guns, gun parts, and ammunition. >The law says that an assortment of government info about gun possessors "shall be available to researchers affiliated with the California Firearm Violence Research Center at UC Davis for academic and policy research purposes." Furthermore, "At the department's discretion…information collected pursuant to this section may be provided to any other nonprofit bona fide research institution accredited by the United States Department of Education or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation for the study of the prevention of violence." >Yes, the law also insists that "Material identifying individuals shall only be provided for research or statistical activities and shall not be transferred, revealed, or used for purposes other than research or statistical activities, and reports or publications derived therefrom shall not identify specific individuals." >Still, whether or not the resultant research as published names a specific person, a gun owner might understandably not be thrilled that people in the business of coming up with reasons why no one should be allowed to own guns (largely true of people in the "gun violence research" field) can easily know their name, address, and all the weapons, parts, and ammo they bought legally. What's more, nothing in the law as written applies any stern level of oversight or punishment over misuse of the information. >California gun owners have long had reason to be suspicious of the amount of information about gun purchases that the state insists on collecting and saving. These have, after all, led to literal attempts at confisction of certain once-legal, now-not weapons. >In 2018, California passed the California Consumer Privacy Act, which guarantees your right to "delete your personal information [possessed by businesses] and [make them] not…sell your personal information." But that right to keep your information to yourself does not apply when the snoops work for the government. >Roy M. Griffith Jr., legislative director of the California Rifle & Pistol Association, wrote a letter to Newsom asking him not to sign this law. Griffith pointed out that by his read, >A.B. 173 "is in direct violation of the California Constitution which states in Article 1, Section 1, 'All people are by nature free and independent and have inalienable rights. Among these are enjoying and defending life and liberty, acquiring, possessing, and protecting property, and pursuing and obtaining safety, happiness, and privacy.' In all, California Constitution names 'privacy' as a fundamental right of all Californians five times!" >With this law, anyone working in or near any academic "violence prevention" work "with an ax to grind, or had fallen from grace, would know that some [named person] with x number of guns lives at 123 Boogie Woogie Avenue in Sunnyvale," says Griffith in a phone interview. That, he notes, may not be a situation conducive to security for the citizen at that address. >Griffith, who used to work in California law enforcement, thinks gun owners' names, addresses, numbers of weapons and parts, and amount of ammunition are data police should need warrants to obtain in any state that alleges to respect privacy. They certainly shouldn't spread it to researchers suspicious of private gun ownership, he adds.
>>19494 Considering how divided the democrats are becoming I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't make it through congress. Midterm election season is coming up soon too and I bet a few of them are going to get cold feet soon about antagonizing the electorate.
>>19524 >Humans are collectivist by nature,... Wrong. Only women are collectivist by nature. By nature men are competitive. When women have a choice, they will share a good male with other women over the security of having their own monogamous man. Meanwhile men will bond with their own kin to defeat other males to get resources and women, with each man wanting his own women. Any system that is collectivist is gynocentric and anti-male by design and it is doomed to fail, because women don't care about civilization only about their own security. On top of that women desire dominant men, so the moment their own gynocentric culture doesn't produce these men anymore they will betray it for the men from competitive patriarchal cultures. >..., humans need to be part of groups to survive and thrive,... Yes, but there is more than one group of humans you forget and not all humans must be part of the same group to survive. Those groups that are competitive and build by men around kinship are stronger than collectivist cultures build on ideology like liberalism. >...the well being of humans goes together with the well being of the group they're part of, mind you,... Incorrect, a well functioning and healthy group excludes members who act to the detriment of the group or are a liability. Not all humans have equal value and some are simply better than others. > authoritarians Is a complete and utter meme, intended to dissuade you from taking power for yourself. There can never we gun rights without authority, because it requires that you have the authority to own and use weapons against other humans. That is also how lolbertarians and other leftists erode our rights to own and bear arms, they claim for themselves to have the authority to say that we don't have the right to take another live and use the same lame argument that you have used, how we should all be a happy collective and the healthiness of all people will strengthen the group. Meanwhile in the "authoritarian" national socialist Germany almost everyone was taught how to use guns during childhood and gun rights for Germans were a fucking dream compared to these in our liberal and democratic world order of today. That is how fucked our world has become.
>>19506 >Implying I'm relying on the courts There are two ways to interpret the US government's reactions: A) They are malicious. B) They are incompetent and everyone is out for themselves, making it appear malicious when in reality no one knows what they are doing or what is going on. While A would make it much easier to sleep at night, everything points to B in most large-scale "democracies." If that is correct, then most judges are not willing to risk their careers as "that guy who almost started a civil war of ideology" and will pass it to SCOTUS, and while RINOs are on the court, most of the court are procedural judges and would shoot down the mandate (or at least its mandatory parts and associated fined) on procedural grounds since they are aware that this is like turning the gas to full blast while boiling your frogs.
>>19529 >Only women are collectivist by nature Any facts to support that? >Meanwhile men will bond with their own kin They form a collective you mean >because women don't care about civilization I thought they were the collectivist ones >Yes, but there is more than one group of humans you forget and not all humans must be part of the same group to survive. Stop projecting shit i've never claimed >Those groups that are competitive and build by men around kinship are stronger than collectivist cultures build on ideology like liberalism. Yes, your point? >Incorrect, a well functioning and healthy group excludes members who act to the detriment of the group or are a liability. Not all humans have equal value and some are simply better than others. Yes, your point? >>19530 History is full of a mix of both interpretations, pretty sure nothing has changed.
Open file (304.63 KB 1280x720 download (2).png)
>>19507 > They do it all the time with nationalization of industry and similar confiscations Yeah sure, how dare they deprive jews from making a profit in expense of the nation's people well being by unethical practices. Think of all poor companies that were stolen from White men and brought to ruin by dem ebul gnatzees. I am pretty sure that if it wasn't for those evil taxes for roads your exceptional three digits IQ would ensure you making a high profile multi-billion business for the fascists to steal from you.
Hi frens it's been awhile, got super into crypto over the last year and a half. How we doing?
>>19538 Just reliving groundhog day waiting for the void to take me.
>>19540 I know that feel. Don't lose hope anon, there's still lots of good things in the world, even if our leaders are shit.
>>19533 America had 27 cars for every 1 in Germany after nationalization of the automobile industry and suffered from heavy shortages caused by central planning. Before nationalization of industry they were comparable. Try again.
>>19544 > and suffered from heavy shortages caused by central planning Gee... I wonder (((who))) was running American "nationalizations"...
Open file (55.78 KB 1331x439 suffering01.jpg)
Open file (101.21 KB 1288x581 suffering02.jpg)
Saw these listed on the Rock Island Auction company's upcoming sale. Where the fuck do they find these pieces of shit?
>>19561 The first one, while silly, is at least functional as a range gun. The second one was probably owned by a TACTICOOLDUDE(TM) that never fired the thing more than once.
Special ops troops ‘hunkered down’ in California airport hangar after nighttime ninja attack https://archive.md/QDDiP >A sword-wielding man dressed as a ninja attacked several special operations soldiers who were training at a California airport, reportedly forcing them to shelter in a hangar and inflicting wounds that required stitches. The bizarre assault took place at Inyokern Airport, an airfield in the Mojave Desert about 100 miles north of Los Angeles, sometime after 1 a.m. on Sept. 18. >The first assistance call was recorded about 1:20 a.m., the Ridgecrest Police Department log shows. A man “with a sword” was in a parking lot, and there was at least one victim, the log states. >About 30 minutes later came a second call via 911: “26 spec op military members doing training at the airport,” the log states. “Hunkered down in a hangar wondering where help is.” >The ninja fled and was arrested elsewhere, according to the document shared on social media. >It is unclear from the records whether the man was an actual practitioner of ninjutsu.
Open file (98.74 KB 575x768 ninja dog.jpg)
>>19565 >ninja >was captured Shit ninja.
>>19565 >26 spec op military members hunkered down in a hangar wondering where help is >Over one guy LARPing with a katana Jesus Christ, even the spec ops got pussified. The US is fucked if it gets into an actual war.
>>19565 >A sword-wielding man dressed as a ninja >Yeah, ninja with a big curved sword >26 spec op military members doing training at the airport >Hunkered down in a hangar wondering where help is >26 spec op military members getting close to each other in a hangar >26 spec op military members hiding from the ninja and his sword Did we enter the Ram Ranch universe?
>>19565 >a single weeb LARPing with a Katana is enough to send 26 SpecOps members into retreat and hiding >26 SpecOps members If it's that bad a JMSDF landing fleet could capture Pearl Harbor by having their Marines dress up as Naruto characters.
https://yewtu.be/watch?v=knEGbtLASsA >the guy making all these nice videos about Arisakas and AKs is fucking blind
>>19567 good because the next war is likely to be a civil war and I don't want to be gay bombed.
Open file (94.82 KB 500x1108 stiahnuť.png)
A Polandball comic I founc
>>19555 He's not talking about the US in the second part of that sentence.
>>19568 ONE NINJA, DRESSED UP IN BLACK NINJA WITH A BIG CURVED SWORD SPEC OPS HANGAR IS UNDER SIEGE UNDER LOCKDOWN BIG, CURVED NINJA GONNA FUCK SPEC OPS BUTT oh yeah we fucking did. I'm not even gay, but but this is simply gachi muchi level memery.
Open file (465.85 KB 680x335 ClipboardImage.png)
>>19567 >>19565 If they didn't have their guns, hunkering down until the cops show up was certainly the "correct" option. If any of them had been injured while detaining Mr. Ninja they would have been shitcanned or potentially thrown in jail for "damaging government property" (as other service members have been thrown in military prison for preventable injuries under that clause). Still breddy funny.
>>19577 It honestly reads like that old gif of the guy butt-fucking all the special ops into submission.
>>19580 On the other hand, imagine they affixed bayonets, formed up, and just poked the ninja to death.
>>19568 >>19577 /a/ agreed when they discussed it.
>>19582 The American military branches keep guns/weapons locked up tight to the point where even drills/training are usually ran without ammunition (or blanks if the armory chief likes them) outside of shooting range day at specific military bases where they basically have an officer with a gun trained on every enlistment anyways. During the capital riot aftermath they required the nasty girls to turn in their weapons every time congress passed through the building. That's why when there is a shooting on a military base, so many people die. The American military leadership are not dumb. They know what their service members think about them (ESPECIALLY special ops), and they keep weapons locked up tighter than a virgin's thighs the night before her wedding when they are stationed anywhere domestically.
>>19565 Could one kind strelok who has instagram post the memo they're talking about was leaked so we can have more details about this "ninja"?
Open file (1.89 MB 225x169 Ninja.gif)
>>19590 leaked footage lol
Open file (2.13 MB 380x507 welcome.gif)
Why don't we make more OC anymore? Has anon lost his spirit?
>>19607 The trick of making OC is that you have to do it yourself.
Open file (297.21 KB 1344x681 cuck81niggerdelusion.png)
>>19612 Well I just made this.
>>19607 You wanna make a mosaic?
Open file (488.31 KB 360x640 MC1B45FPzjAqxG7p.mp4)
Open file (18.54 KB 298x390 FBB30x7X0AIddac.jpg)
AND LIKE CLOCKWORK SCHOOL SHOOTINGS ARE AN ISSUE AGAIN Shooting at Mansfield HS in Arlington, TX Suspect is black male. Either got in to argument with teacher or was in a fight and drew. 6 shots, 3 hospitalized 1 reported dead/injured. Search ongoing. Currently searching for person of intrest: Timothy Simkins, freshman football player, 18 y/o driving black/silver charger. As someone who grew up near the area doesn't surprise me. https://www.hudl.com/profile/13563163/Timothy-Simpkins https://archive.is/70lRy https://twitter.com/nerissaknight/status/1445771423025229827 https://archive.is/GIUiN https://twitter.com/ArlingtonPD/status/1445787232120365062 https://archive.is/6ZsjX
>>19654 >Again Four of the highest kill counts in American history happened under Trump's administration. The problem just got thrown under the rug because Democrats realize shootings get Republicans off their ass to vote and Republicans don't like publicizing shootings when their politician is in office.
>>19654 Texas needs nigger control.
Open file (186.78 KB 1280x720 32laIQGAyVU.jpg)
Don't mind me, just reposting a rabbit doing a tour of a decommissioned warhsip. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32laIQGAyVU
pretty much the theme for the past 18mo; shit sucks https://yewtu.be/watch?v=0bKIPUv-nqg
Open file (56.64 KB 1024x683 FGC-9_MkII_Left_Side.jpg)
JStark is dead
>>19683 >>19698 Strelok, you shouldn't assume that we have any idea who these people are. If you just leave random names and videos here without any explanation then we don't know why should we care. Please explain what you mean if you want to have a discussion! I just don't see the point of these posts!
Open file (160.32 KB 878x900 1390270068278.jpg)
>>19700 >doesnt know jstark ok I can forgive tha- >doesnt know dugan into the garbage can with you
>>19700 >not knowing who carnikcon is Lurk moar, fagget
>>19683 I love dug and his later works were outstanding. Dug helped me adjust my thinking to navigate this world gov't horror show. no idea how he'll take it as a matter of principle, but I threw some money at his GFM - If I'm going to "burn money" I'd rather burn it on Dug and his family's behalf
We need a new /k/anteen thread. This one has gotten moldy.
Why are steel merchants -and industrial suppliers in general- so secretive about their prices? Everybody is happy to tell me what they've got, but if I want to know how much it's gonna set me back I've gotta ask them personally. Do they think their competitors are going to thermite their bundles if they sell too low or something?

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