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Open file (255.38 KB 640x480 skxjp.jpg)
QTDDTOT - handgun edition Strelok Board volunteer 06/09/2021 (Wed) 15:41:08 No.16240
Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread >pic unrelated Last one hit bump limit. Anyone have experience with the CZ-75 series or their P-10/ P-01 line? Kinda want a subcompact P-10S for a boot gun but not sure how they are inb4 its a glock since polymer, striker fired pistol with trigger safety. Also, omega trigger or no?
Open file (100.95 KB 791x304 H&K-G36K[1].jpg)
This is my first time being here and my first post so I would like to say hi to everyone here at /k/. I've found 4chan back in 2005 but never really posted til 2007 then around 2008 is where a friend of mine recommended me /k/ due to my obsession of guns. I am very impressed with this website having more features than what 4chan has. So to make my first post /k/ related, I will ask the same first post I've made way back in 2008 (not word for word but similar question). What do you guys think about the G36? I think it's a great rifle and my personal favorite has to be the "Kurz" model in the pic rel. Great barrel length, overall length, and the ability to operate and fire the rifle while in the folded position. Including, the ability to stack mags to the side and using the paddle release to swap mags with ease.
Open file (2.48 MB 640x480 FN FAL.webm)
I prefer something with more punch.
>>16177 The Arm of the Free World.
>>16178 Wierd, it took away the word "right".
It is alright. Biggest personal issue is that it has its own special snowflake mags instead of just taking NATO stanags. XM8 looks cooler though. If only TBT would make a stand alone that I couldn't afford anyway.
Open file (1.03 MB 320x240 lmfao.gif)
>>16180 That Mp4. Fukken lol'd and saved.>>16180
I'm interested in dual purpose cane length infrared scope snipers with armor penetrating uranium missile rounds and noise suppressors. Do you know where I can order one? I figured China could have a few model choices listed on Amazon.
>>16176 The only issue i had with it was with it's safety switch, sometimes it switched by itself while carrying, needs to be made harder to press.
>>16191 Which should be an easy fix, right?
Open file (205.12 KB 755x900 55632916016.jpg)
>>16192 You're right, it should, but its not. Pistol grip mechanism is made too complicated to be dissembled by regular jackoffs like me, classic german engineering.
>>16193 I used to own a PTR91 (which is as close I'll ever get to a G3) and the lower was easy and simple to disassemble. Is the G36 not similar for it's lower? I've only seen videos of it's disassembly, that's it.
>>16194 Its unlike G3 and such, safety switch in G36 doesn't come out unless you also disassemble trigger mechanism.
>>16195 That sucks... I never knew that. Because most videos I've seen never showed that part.
Hello! Also another 2007 newfag who finally filtered in from 4chan's /k/. I tried to reply to another thread but was too retarded to figure out how. Is there some secret to, or known bug with the captcha? Because even when it right it tells me its wrong.
>>16230 had an anti-spam setting on, should be fixed
>>16232 Thanks NuMoot
Open file (648.70 KB 750x732 1621487886286.png)
>>16176 Newfag question: is there any reason/benefit to making an account? Or is it just for tripfagging?
Read the rules properly
>>16237 No. It's only for mods
>>16238 Good shit, thanks nigga
>>16237 I just went and read them again, AND the global rules, and nothing i said violates any of it
>>16247 Read them again.
>>16240 >pic Those numbers, kek. Gyno-cult national leadership, not even once.
>>16249 >a 5th just wants to attack Japan for no reason
Open file (41.52 KB 480x352 poofacegook.jpg)
>>16262 I say bring it on, korean ttongsul drinkers can't win ever. I have to say, I am kind of afraid given they train their soldiers by getting them to wash their faces with human shit.
>>16262 Realistically the only way America could ever invade North Korea (successfully) is with explicit Japanese or South Korean support for air and naval bases, so it makes sense.
Open file (152.96 KB 1021x768 giant_smoker.jpg)
>>16240 My experience with the CZ75 lineup would be with their SP-01 and I think the grip memes about them are pretty solid since it fills the hands nicely while allowing you to ride them high, can't say much for the other lineups since I never tried 'em though I do wanna get a classic style 75B or even pre-B alongside their subcompact 2075 Rami though I heard it was discontinued to focus on their P-series subcompact lineups. Also, for duty/home-defense AR rifles, what triggers are recommended since I hear its best to stick with standard Mil-Spec triggers so in the future I'll swap my Geissele SSA-E for an ALG Defense ACT or something similar.
>>16269 I would assume that the North and South would kill each other in suicide attacks and the moon-like peninsula would be open for China and the USA to fight over.
>>16287 I think that as long as you're not using some absurdly light trigger with a pull weight measured in ounces instead of pounds, you should be fine. More important is practicing with whatever it is you've got installed. Ensuring your shit's reliable through a good amount of firing practice with ammo you've standardized on means you can run whatever you're comfortable with. I have a wide variety of trigger weights for my ARs ranging from ~2 lbs to milspec, but frankly speaking even with a good amount of practice under my belt I don't think it'd make a difference. The length of pull is tiny and I don't have arthritis, so it's never really felt all that much different unless I'm trying to do precision benchrest groups. If you're in the heat of the moment in a Self Defense Situation, you're not going to be asking whether you installed a four pound spring in your rifle. Any time people make suggestions or recommendations for the "modern sporting rifle" it should be assumed that they're trying to sell you something or are blindly parroting people who are. That's why sub-16" barrels, grip-pods, and offset iron sights exist. sometimes all three combined
Open file (126.24 KB 499x268 1548262819.gif)
>>16291 >grip-pods Thanks for reminding me those exist.
>>16269 >America could ever invade North Korea "Could?" Perhaps, but there's not a lot to be gained by doing so, so I don't see it being pursued. I mean, there's no real net gain.
>>16293 Hypothetical polls deserve hypothetical explanations.
>>16249 That has a lot less to do with the 'gyna-in-charge than it does with the S.Korean version of humor. S.Koreans have a bit of a latent rebellious streak and a strong hatred of polls due to the long history of their government fucking them over with polls. When given any poll, most of them will almost always pick the dumbest, most retarded option on the poll, regardless of what their actual opinion is on the subject in an attempt to tell the pollster to fuck off. If you give them a blank 'fill it in yourself' section, 'Attack Japan' will almost always be their response. I have seen 'Attack Japan' wrote in on S.Korean bank-ran polls asking how they could improve their service.
>>16240 No experience with CZ but have only heard good things about them. I have a Sig 365 and recommend it, it's small but still has a double stack mag and night sights out of the box. Might also take a look at diamondback's DB9 gen4 if you want the smallest 9mm semi-auto available. I liked the gen3 but the firing pin spring wore out after 500 or so rounds and I have no clue if diamondback is gonna service it.
>>16240 I've had a CZ P-01 as a carry piece for a some years. I'd say it' feels a tad on the big side, for a compact, but it's about average size. It's plenty accurate, double action trigger isn't the greatest, I feel there's a tad more takeup than there ought to be, but it breaks nicely, isn't gritty, and the single-action trigger pull is actually pretty nice. I dunno about the Omega trigger personally, but Cajun Gun Works can seemingly do no wrong in the CZ world.
>>16287 I managed to snag a Rami shortly after covid lockdowns began. Got one with the standard safety as opposed to the decocker, and holy shit does it have the nicest DA/SA trigger I've ever felt on a factory gun that isn't over a grand. Store I bought it at had a tac sport orange CZ75 for something like $2100 and when comparing them there wasn't much of a difference. Apparently the recoil spring shits the bed on them though, but there's an aftermarket spring that doesn't suck. Still haven't shot it because I bought it right before ammo got scarce and 9 still doesn't exist in my part of Burgerland. I have maybe 100 rounds of blazer left because poorfag
Why on gods green earth is 5.45 gun so expensive? I swear to god they will just ban 7.62x39 next.
Open file (118.76 KB 640x360 1511726385001.jpg)
>>16313 >No parts kits coming into the country >Bans/Bulgarians not importing as much >American companies still either haven't released their variant, or just can't keep up with demand/scalpers The covid shit did not help in any way shape or form either. Hopefully Century and Daniel Defense finally release their '74s soon. The insane demand for years has proven there is a market for them at least. I am still surprised more companies aren't jumping on it, especially those who make 5.56 AKs. T. Tantal Enjoyer
>>16313 It only became popular in the 90s/early 2000s because old surplus ammo was fucking cheap. Now that that's no longer the case, and it's a "meh" loadout anyways so nobody wants it when they can get cheaper guns with cheaper ammunition. Also the ATF made it harder or impossible to import the ammunition from overseas meaning that you would have to import or rebuild from the ground up the tooling to produce it domestically, and THAT gets expensive at a large scale. Combine with the fact that AR kits are just significantly cheaper due to mass production. It doesn't help that your only real choice in ammunition is steel casing.
>>16315 >Now that that's no longer the case The days of surplus ammo are far gone yes, but 5.45x39 is still coming into the country and can be found cheaper than .223/5.56 right now. Before covid it was typically only 3-5 cents more expensive than .223 steel case. The bigger issue though is that 5.45x39 can only be reliably found online, and most people forgot about the round after the 7n6 ban. >Also the ATF made it harder or impossible to import the ammunition from overseas Alright, I have been living under a rock for a last few months. Last I checked steel case imports are still coming in strong. Did the ATF change something to prevent new comers from importing ammo into America?
>>16321 >>16314 You guys think that they will ban 7.62x39 imports now as well? It seems that its cheaper ~20cpr than 5.56, I was discussing this with a friend who wanted to buy 7.62x39 fun and I was telling him my guess is if the ATF reclassifications and legislation fails, they will ban that cartridge Also, chink SKS going for on average 800 USD........ >steel case If I remember correctly, Obama (?) banned 7n6 5.45 by EO (muh armor piercing) so there's not much floating around, and it's a cyclical issue alongside banning machinery imports. I shoot steel cased 5.56 usually for training (since it usually cost lest before corona). I've been working on getting a 18" barrel upper for shooting brass and green tip. I've been thinking of something, and that it is illegal to manufacture "armor piercing" ammunition for "handgun" rounds. I wonder if "pistol" ARs are going to make 5.56 steel projectiles projectiles illegal? Because that would be bullshit, one dude making one 30-06 pistol would immediately render all the AP ammo illegal. What would be really interesting is if someone made sillicon projectiles and tested it out. 10/10 illegal unless you're a gov contractor but it would be funny as fuck to see someone get hit in afghanistan and just seen quartz embedded in the body.
Does Stalker stay in the video game general or can it warrant its own thread?
Open file (131.57 KB 920x518 e31.jpg)
>>16323 >7.62x39 import ban It is more likely they would go after all ammo imports. Then again, this still hasn't manifested since richfags likely don't want to part with their exotic ammo and cheapo steel case. >If I remember correctly, Obama (?) banned 7n6 5.45 by EO (muh armor piercing) so there's not much floating around, ATF order actually. Oddly enough, unopened cans of 7n6 can still be found online. Semi-related, I remember there was two similar loading of 5.45x39 that circled around gunbroker claiming to be Ukraine and Bulgarian surplus. The Bulgarian stuff came in a spam can, the Ukrainian in the typical paper cases. Anyone know the story behind these? >The second half ATF tried to use that very same logic to get surplus greentip classified armor piercing. Going through some old forms shows there was similar fear that krinks would do the same to 7n6, and encouragement not to pistolize SLR104URs because of it. That was defeated in public comment hard, so I really don't think they are going to bother opening that wound again.
>>16328 >spoiler The paper box ammo was manufactured in Luhansk (before Euromaidan) which was promptly bombed the fuck out during the civil war. I think the bulgarian ones might be because they switched to 5.56 on their primary small arms weapon, the AR-M1 (AK-47M1) >ATF doing it again I won't put it past them, mainly since they seem to have stopped giving a fuck with the recent comments. I'm 90% sure they are deleting comments on their feedback site. Either that, or once again the boomers don't care because "It's only ammunition and not my issue!" since I've only seen 200 comments on the new regulations for classifying rifles as NFA items. Also, those regulations are insane. 5 point system with sights being +2 points? Literally anyone with a stock A2 would be an immediate felon because Telescoping stock is +2, sights are +2, and the flash hider is +1 (I think, that document is also confusing as fuck just like they want it to).
>>16314 What about that zoomer-pandering eceleb guy? Are his AKs good?
>>16328 >Oddly enough, unopened cans of 7n6 can still be found online. Probably a similar situation to Moist Nuggets where there was just so much for so cheap that they were imported by the dozens of crates at a time and now after being treated like cheap garbage (even though that wasn't their actual value), there's "less enough" that it can be considered a standard stock for a while for those that have it since it can only go up in value now outside of freak incidents, but some people still sell it in a sort of "trickle" from seeing market value at current prices that they want now. Give it about a decade or two and they'll become more expensive and rarer outside of expensive bulk sales all at once when acquired for an under-market value.
>>16328 DR. CIRNO YOU SHOULDN'T BE USING A SCREWDRIVER FOR THAT EXPERIMENT, IT'S NOT SAFE >>16347 IIRC all his shit's just a different company assembling parts kits in his name. Frankly speaking it looks like the only way to get together a decent 5.45 AK without shilling out absurd sums of money is to build it yourself.
>>16347 >>16363 >zoomer pandering ecelb May I ask who that is per chance? and which company is building?
>>16437 I think he means this faggot: https://yewtu.be/channel/UCTrSsPMmZavLbc3Ex7VhjDg I have no idea about his guns though, other than the oversized AK.
>>16449 >video thumbnails Man glows like a fucking slab of uranium Does anyone know if the MikeB (jewtube here:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKX0kmzrmD5WvwqpQ06mwCw ) who does ballistics helm tests is an actual commie with his che merchandise or is this supposed to be some shitty joke? Because I can't tell since I only watch his ballistics test videos out of curiosity
>>16363 >DR. CIRNO YOU SHOULDN'T BE USING A SCREWDRIVER FOR THAT EXPERIMENT, IT'S NOT SAFE Sometimes risks have to be taken for important things, strelok.
Any fucking clue where I should look for a magazine-fed shotgun at a reasonable price, that can take optics, that can be imported to Argentina, and isn't absolute irredeemable no-quality-control garbage?
>>16501 Doesn't that pretty much just leave you with saiga? Other than the whole can be imported part.
>>16297 >S.Koreans have a bit of a latent rebellious streak and a strong hatred of polls due to the long history of their government fucking them over with polls. I understand why opinion polls may fuck someone over, but why are the Worst Koreans up in arms about them?
>>16516 Well over a thousand years of genetic conditioning, Strelok, their hatred of polls is genetic and goes back to China's 'happiness is mandatory' combined with 'the beatings will continue until morale improves' policies for their subjects.
>>16517 Incidentally, this is also why the Koreans in general are cynical assholes. Hard to believe, but the old Japanese term for Koreans was Yukaijin - The Happy People. They trusted too much and got stepped on until they became their own worst nightmares. Ancient Koreans would be ashamed of their progeny.
>>16518 You know, suddenly people wanting to defect from North Korea to South Korea because they're allowed to call their spouse "darling" instead of "comrade" thing makes a lot more sense now.
Open file (312.20 KB 443x943 ltge5m0lxrt41.jpg)
RETARD ALERT Why can't a rifle scope have the layout of binoculars? That is, with two eye-pieces instead of one. Is it something to do with the crosshairs over the bore?
>>16588 then you'd be trying to align three bores instead of two which is hard enough. If you've got cross-eye/dominance issues, maybe you could mount your scope on a 45 degree offset rail normally used for BUIS to not interfere with the centered scope? It would be off balance all the time but you wouldn't have to squint so hard.
>>16588 how the fuck do you shoot it then? put the stock in your ribcage? are you supposed to hold the rifle with wheelbarrow handles or something
>>16588 It could but you would have to redesign the whole gun around it since your aim with a gun is naturally offset from center point.
Open file (33.88 KB 999x666 ring dao.jpg)
What was the purpose of the rings on some Chinese dao? In fact were ring dao even an actual traditional weapon or are they just something made up by the HK movie industry?
Open file (127.47 KB 375x500 Golden Arms.jpg)
>>16800 That i can answer because i've been reading/seeing a lot for a /film/ thread. >some Chinese dao The ringed swords have another name which i don't recall at this moment, they were significantly wider than a normal sabre (Dao) and had to be attached to a "broken" disposable sheath meaning it's considered more of a military sabre/cleaver than anything, used more for chopping someone rather than striking/thrusting vital points in the traditional dim mak thing both chinese sides had in their martial world aka it's more for soldiers/butchers than royal arms. >were ring dao even an actual traditional weapon They were real but quite rare because sabres were not that used by the ones who could pay for their work aka royal forces, who liked the Jian-type blades more due to muh chivalry reasons. Only rich warlords who disregarded maiming-for-honor in favor of straight killing used sabres aka the Yuan/mongols, some mongolian cleavers in museums do have a ring or two so it might be an adaptation from them although i doubt they were used on field other than cutting livestock. >or are they just something made up by the HK movie industry? Shaw Brothers movies liked to use it a lot because of its supposed symbolic use, which was: >What was the purpose of the rings In almost-certainly fictional utopia boxer world lore the rings are used to "signal" the wielder's presence, that means a fighter who is willingly forfeiting the advantage of striking from behind without the opponent knowing, which also means that his entrance/style stance uses the ringing of them too for ritualistic/bragging reasons. Overall it just means someone who is frontal and "honest" in his fights, unlike someone who might have an easily-concealable weapon painted black like the Ninja. BUT the actual, suspected real reason of them is to "catch"/"jam" thin profile bladed weapons when they approach in frontal thrusts, like the Jian (flat fencing sword), the Ji (dagger polearm) or the Qiang (spear), somewhat akin to what a spear's tassel would probably do if rolled around another spear. Because the weapon is also heavier and thicker, if you hypothetically jammed something with it you could break or bend it if enough pressure is exerted. Of course this is all a supposed because old ringed dao are specific custom-made things rather than standardized tools, probably from a short-lived obscure martial clan or a couple of eccentric swordsmen.
>>16800 There is a greentext pic about that weapon floating around.
I have no experience with pistol caliber carbines and was wondering if the differences between conversion kits vs dedicated platforms were significant at all on ballistics. I've decided that for the future having a pistol caliber carbine for road trips would be better than just a handgun if I needed something that can reach further and be vehicle friendly.
>>16240 >handgun edition 9mm is a pussy round.
>>16848 Right tools for the right job. Women and old farts can't aim. 9mm is cheap (thus can be practiced with) and has low recoil (but is more effective at killing than .22LR). Prosecutors don't have a leg to stand on when it comes to court. For concealable, easily handled self-defense situations, 9mm is perfectly fine and it's fun to dump like a nigger at the range.
>>16848 did you see the twitvid retwitted by the "Health Ranger" recently on his Mastodon feed? ~6yr girl mag dumping an MP5 equipped with a binary-trigger system. Three quarters of the twitfags that responded were coming unglued about how Europe has already solved the gun problem why can't we grow up and stop giving assault raifus to innocent little cunni^H^H^H girls? Glorious on the whole of it, tbh.
How can you tell a helicopter is a police one and not from the news or anything else?
>>16856 It has a big decal on the side that says POLICE.
>>16856 Police choppers fly lower and tend to have red and blue lights on them.
>>16856 Shoot at it and see what happens.
Open file (102.66 KB 580x928 HaveALittleFun.png)
>>16852 As this is a question, and I have the answer, I'm posting it here. https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1407869834692415489.html But the comments don't show up there, so you'd need to go to twitter directly, to see who was how-disrespectful of the shooter.
>>16852 >>16865 Gun loli clip related: >>16867
>>16501 Venom Sidewinder kits were discontinued, but the website is still up and has mossberg 500 conversion kits available. If you can get a moss 500 cheap (or have one) the adaptor kit is retailing for 339$. Could be an option for you, it's not a firearm. I don't know shit about Argentina's import/gun laws.
I'm in Texas and looking to buy my first gun soon. I'm thinking about an AR, but open to other guns as long as it's a semi auto rifle. What should I be looking at, and what should I be steering clear of at all costs?
>>16913 I'd look at carbines since they tend to be cheaper and are better for home defense (such as an SKS if you can find one for a reasonable price since they can take a beating). Otherwise any AR will be relatively cheap for repairs or maintenance even though you'll pay a bit of a premium for the rifle itself unless bought secondhand.
Open file (110.05 KB 764x772 DSC_0435.JPG)
I bought this Swiss M71 helmet and it seems like the retention clip on the chinstrap is broken; as much as I want to keep it as is, what would be some ways to repair/fortify this area? Soldering? JB weld? Preferably not welding as I'm retarded city slicker, but I've got a friend who lives out who can help so it's not out of the question...
>>16931 If you're not really wearing it JB weld will be fine enough, its stamped thin shit so anything outside of jeweler braising will fuck it even more.
>>16931 if your hands aren't growing out yer ass, you can try soldering this. Welding is bullshit on stuff like this. otherwise, try getting some sheet Metall and cutting/bending/hammering out a new piece; again, if your hands grow the proper way.
I recently got a Glenfield Model 20 for $100. It does not have a magazine. It takes the same magazines as the Marlin models 80 and 780. I've looked around, and everywhere seems to be sold out. Ebay prices range from $70-$150 each, at which point I might as well buy another gun off Armlist with a magazine and just have the guns share the mag. I have found these two sites: https://americanriflemagazines.com/products/marlin-models-780-25-22lr-bolt-action-71903-magazine https://www.gunclips.net/mamo7822boac.html Both, as far as I can tell, claim to have the magazine I need in stock. Anyone know anything about either of these sites? I've looked them both up and can't find much about them, so I'm concerned that they are scams. On a related note, does anyone know where I could find blueprints or schematics or CAD files or anything I could use to make my own magazine if I can't find one to buy? I've tried googling, checked a few sites like Deterrence Dispensed, ctrl-f'd through the do/k/ument thread, but found nothing.
>>16958 https://www.forgottenweapons.com/wp-content/uploads/Books/Technical%20Notes%20on%20Small%20Arms%20Design%201968.pdf This has a section on magazines, among other things. It won't teach you the basics of manufacturing though.
>>16958 if they do end up being scams you can just do a chargeback through your bank, obviously a headache you don't want to deal with but it's always there as an option.
>>16959 Thanks for the link, anon. I was hoping for plans more specific to the Glenfield/Marlin magazines, but information on general magazine design definitely seems useful. I'm also pretty new to guns and have been having a hard time finding info on how they really work and how they are designed all my searches just end up with basic info about exterior features, the parts you need to build an AR, and so on so the whole book seems great >>16960 That's a good point, thank you. And even if that doesn't work, I can afford to lose $20 anyways, I was just hoping someone had some experience with one of the sites before I try to buy something. But if not, I'll probably go for it
>>16962 If you are really new to the subject, then this what you should watch first: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=HJnhr08aIJs https://yewtu.be/watch?v=MJGu8prreZM https://yewtu.be/watch?v=-7Tx8OO3JGU And I can't recommend this channel enough: https://yewtu.be/channel/UCFOZwUakpRbIH2zisiRU0Dw And you most likely already came across them, but just to be sure, here are the two fundamental channels: https://yewtu.be/channel/UClq1dvO44aNovUUy0SiSDOQ https://yewtu.be/channel/UCrfKGpvbEQXcbe68dzXgJuA
>Canadian & need someone to smuggle me across the border before I'm going to prison for political reasons. >Willing to give anything I own, become your indentured servant, or slave, all in exchange for a life in America. >All I need is someone who can smuggle me out of the country and into the United States, will do anything for whoever gets me out of here before I get put in prison. Ready and willing to do whatever it takes. Contact me at darkling@secmail.pro, I promise I'm legit.
>>16918 There's a pawn shop nearby that apparently has some good guns right now, so I might be able to get an AR a bit cheaper. Would you recommend building one if I can't get one for cheap, or is that too complex for a newbie?
>>16977 >Willing to give anything I own, become your slave >all in exchange for a life in America That's a faustian deal if i ever heard of any
>>16980 not the anon above but pawn shops usually overcharge for what they have and aren't good deals (unless its a unique item or you know the guy behind the counter or perhaps it really is a good deal idk) If you wanna buy an AR you should be able to pick up a brand new one for less than $700. If you have less than a day to spare you can put one together, it's fun and you only need one extra tool to do it- the castle nut wrench to secure the buffer tube. There are 7.62x39 AR uppers if you wanted to do that too. I slapped mine together from PSA and it still functions 100%. palmettostatearmory.com/ar-15/rifle-kits.html?product_list_order=price_asc
>>16964 Thanks for the links. It's not so much that I'm new to the subject of guns, more that I'm new to gun ownership and figuring out how they work. I've wanted a gun for a long time, but due to various circumstances, was unable to get one. So I spent a couple years lurking /k/ and researching about different guns. I learned basic stuff like the difference between double action and single action pistols, what makes up a cartridge and how the firing pin or striker fires the cartridge, etc. But since I got my first couple guns a few weeks ago, I've been trying to figure out more how they work inside, like how the trigger actually causes the firing pin to do what it does, how extraction and ejection work, stuff like that. Some of it is stuff I had read before but couldn't comprehend without seeing a gun, and some of it is stuff I could just never find. Those three videos were exactly what I needed, so thank you very much.
>>16984 >$700 Depends where you're at. The cheapest around here is $900.
>>16988 (checked) That sucks. I was going offa online prices, I remember AR's being sub $400 not that long ago but that isn't now. I searched a little, here are two links for a sub $700 AR15 with FFL fees included (assuming they dont charge more than like $80) discreetgunstore.com/product/sw-mp15-sport-2-magpul-mlok-5-56mm/ www.impactguns.com/semi-automatic-rifles/del-ton-echo-316l-223-5-56-16-optics-ready-keymod-30rd-black-848456002526-orftlw16-0
>>16984 I've heard that PSA is good on a budget, but what calibers are best from the standpoint of a first time gun owner who doesn't want to be spending a shitload of money just for a day at the range?
>>17045 7.62x39 is currently the cheapest readily available centerfire cartridge, but getting it in a reliable AR format is going to be a bitch. The terminal ballistics of FMJ range blaster ammo are also terrible compared to M193 5.56, but you can get 7n6 ammo for ~50 cents per round.
>>17045 The recent ammo scare has ruffled feathers in what used to be standard answers to this question. In general, the more powder, the thicker the brass, the more expensive to manufacture no matter the popularity. But during a crunch, 'boutique' rounds like 6.5 grendel skyrocket while everybody-wants-it rounds like 5.56 NATO just soars. COMBLOC rounds like 5.45 and 7.62x39 remain affordable, but some here will dissuade you from believing in the longevity of the latter, and building the former requires painstaking research because there are two competing standards in making an AR-platform 5.45 and if you use a bolt intended for the other standard it never headspaces right. There's always 9mm. An odd choice for a rifle, really, and again its absolute scarcity means it can be expensive but it also came back down from the stratosphere the earliest because everyone buys it, thus every manufacturer focuses on making more to boost their sales. 9mm works for range / plinking so long as you're not looking to get too heavy into long range sniping, though the basics can still be built up in the first 50 yards. Time was, when 556 was three shots to the dollar. Now you have to go hunting to manage two. But if you don't mind sacrificing accuracy, a .223 wylde build will safely shoot whatever you come across and when SHTF you'll find .223 in every abandoned house and shack, sure to keep you ready to hunt without sacrificing defensive capacity. There are an INCREDIBLE number of calibers that have been chosen for various AR builds, but if you're wanting a good first gun and to shoot it a lot (an excellent choice, of course), stick with what's popular and build something that shoots some military's surplus ammo.
>>17045 .22 LR is one of the least expensive rounds to use. Go for a .22 LR AR rifle if that's what you want, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. If you want more utility, get a 5.56 AR and buy a .22 LR bolt/magazine kit, and you can use your AR at the range firing only .22 LR rounds, with the downside of having to clean the rifle more and only having one usable magazine (unless you buy more .22 lr ar mags)
>>17048 So about how much accuracy loss are we talking here? Being able to handle both calibers seems like a good tradeoff depending on how much a wylde chamber throws off my aim.
>>17046 Diffrent strelok, but won't 7n6 run out eventually? I remember the ATF banned imports. Also, 5,45 seems expensive as fuck, I can't find a gun under 1000 for it, and the mags are like 30 a pop.
>>17074 >>17046 I'm fucking retarded. I meant 8m3 ammo, which is a form of fragmenting hollow point for x39.
>>17075 Probably some of the best whitetail ammo out there.
Open file (12.99 KB 224x273 spacemoose.png)
Open file (2.49 MB 640x480 imagine.webm)
>go on CGN <Canadian Gun Nutz for all of you non-syrup niggers >browse the Modern Semi Auto Sporting Rifles Category on Equipment Exchange >find a Bushmaster ACR >the chucklefuck selling it wants $9500.00 for it because "muh ultimate package" >see a Valmet M78 in 5.56/.223 >seller wants $8200.00 >The Shotgun and Military Surplus Rifle Sections are no different in terms of price gougers. Words cannot describe how much I despise boomers, both in gun shops and online exchanges. They will try and jew you out at every written possible opportunity. I sincerely hope this country collapses so the normalniggers die off from starvation/their own greed. Or maybe WEXIT pulls through. Thank you for reading my rant, and kindly go fuck yourself
Open file (540.19 KB 640x480 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (852.15 KB 634x632 ClipboardImage.png)
You think you'd get away with shortening a shotgun if you explained that you were making it accessible to a t-rex arms guy like pic related holding it?
>>17197 Liberals would probably say someone like that is too disabled to use a firearm without being a danger to themselves and it breaks down into a constitutional debate.
>>17198 That's so sad, everyone should get to experience funs.
Thoughts on the Art of War? It has some interesting snippets like where he advises you not to kill spies but to either recruit them as anti-spies or play dumb and feed them false info. But then again, it is a book of military wisdom from a nation notorious for its military incompetence.
Open file (91.20 KB 700x570 1603812654354-0.png)
>>17202 I think it's something everyone should read if they have the time, but then I also think everyone should read Democracy, The God That Failed, The Ego and It's Own, The Kingdom of God is Within You, and Beyond Good and Evil. Understanding a philosophy or viewpoint does not mean agreeing with it. The only works I'd say are worth ignoring are any espousing Philosophic Nationalism since Nationalism is a concept best spread through word-of-mouth and example since it's largely individual opinion and bereft of philosophic undertones or historical context. That doesn't make it bad to learn Nationalist rhetoric since there are good talking points to learn, just that as a philosophy it's a parasite or leech that tacks itself onto other philosophies in a sort of mish-mash without universal principles. The only thing that is worse are many modern "everything is fluid/grey" philosophies based on shit like Gender Studies since they don't even have consistent principles the way Nationalist rhetoric does. Communist works are garbage regurgitated by a handful of abusive political elite who wanted to be NEETs back in their day, but at least they had the decency to come up with some universal core principles that their philosophy is based on, even if those core principles are shit.
>>17202 If you mean Art of War by Sun Tzu, then it is okay as a philosophical piece and should not be taken too literally. Because "Art of War" is a very common book title in Chinese, since literally any semi-competent military writer used that phrase. The literal translation is: Army techniques. >military incompetence Strelok, incompetence is everywhere. It's just that the political/cultural features to China allow for a high degree of idiocy. Historically in China, the generals were determine by who was the best fighter in an Imperial Exam (obviously not has high prestige as the bureaucrat one). What's interesting is that many of the great generals in Chinese history are from the literati side compared to the marital side. There's a pretty famous saying (of arrogance) in Chinese "I am well versed and read in the (Books) art of war". Usually if you hear some dumbass say that you stay the FUCK away from them, because relying rigid book learning is one of the easiest ways to loose a battle. You need some degree of creative thought and independence from what other people do since your situation is usually not exactly the same. Great examples of this is the Battle of Cowpens. I also think Clausewitz's "On War" is overrated without Antoine-Henri Jomini's "The Art of War" and "Treatise on Grand Military Operations: or A Critical and Military History of the Wars of Frederick the Great as Contrasted with the Modern System". While both are great rivals in the field, I think their writings compliment each other well. >>17206 >Books about culture for a war I want to say if you're going that route, Clash of civilizations, Decline of the West, and Quigleys' works are must read. Yes, the one that claims Anglo American banking runs the world. Malthusianism and the Secular Cycle theory are good reads, I'm a big believer in the former.
>>17209 >Decline of the West That is a good one as well. I just didn't want to list too many Libertarian/Paleocon sources in one sitting.
>>17209 > the generals were determine by who was the best fighter in an Imperial Exam So wait, they hired people from a Kung Fu tournament? Have they made a movie out of this?
What does /k/ think of Georgios Papadopoulos?
>>17206 >The only works I'd say are worth ignoring are any espousing Philosophic Nationalism... Can you give some examples? i somewhat agree, but i'm not sure
>>17225 Off the top of my head? I forgot the names of most of the contemporaries I read when I was younger. The best historical reference would probably be Leviathan or The Matter, Forme and Power of a Commonwealth Ecclesiasticall and Civil, by Thomas Hobbes since his works basically revived a lot of dead theories that have proceeded to survive into modern times, and popularized the ideas of The Social Contract and Angel Theory that many Neocon, Progressive, and Nationalist writers work off of. Typically the notion of a national soul or a less materialistic approach gets tacked on, but it uses Hobbes' work or a later derivative influenced by his work to create the fundamentals.
Open file (77.40 KB 600x407 index.jpg)
I recently got my hands on a couple old neglected signal cannons. Does anyone have blueprints for a 17th-18th century style field carriage?
Open file (12.08 KB 267x400 tigite.jpeg)
My understanding is that penetrator bullets use tungsten carbide or hard steel as the point. Am I correct in assuming that the reason we don't use super hard stones like diamond, sapphire and pic related is because they tend to shatter before any damage can be done, as opposed to metals which also have a respectable degree of strength? Has anybody tried to build usable stone tips?
Open file (7.16 KB 255x255 benis.png)
Has pic related, for example, been tried? Pink is stone, dark grey is lead and light grey is steel. Outer lead protects the rifling and adds momentum in flight. Can be substituted for a sabot. Inner lead gives the penetrator more momentum should it shear from the outer lead. May act as a shock absorber? Stone tip is small so there's less to shatter, plus it's braced by the steel. A square profile double cone should be a strong shape.
>>17334 >>17336 You don't use those materials at the point, the whole penetrator is a single object made of the same material. As it penetrates an armour plate (or whatever else it happens to hit) the armour-piercing core ˝breaks out˝ from the rest of the projectile and goes through the armour. And for that it needs to be heavy to retain kinetic energy. In your design I suspect that the very tip would leave behind the less dense parts of the penetrator, but it's only a small pebble that couldn't keep enough energy to do much on its own.
>>17359 How so? The dense stuff is behind the light stuff so it should just push it in.
>>17361 Your issue with that is that pink stone also has mass and inertia that the main body would have to punch through and isn't efficient. You are better off with a plastic sabot covering the projectile. Think of it as trying to stab a plastic spear into the earth versus using a shovel. Now, if you're making some mutistage projectile like a tank round (APFSDS or a HEAT) round, that would make slightly more sense.
About pic related : I would attack japan too. Not pic related : y'all know of any cheap low profile red dot sight to fit on a AR-10 styled rifle with a carbon fiber tube handguard and a 1 inch width scope that holds zero for under 100 yards.
>>17368 I don't follow. The stone, penetrator and lead all have inertia and it's all going in the same direction so how is that bad? The sole purpose of the stone is to add a blade to make the penetration of the penetrator smoother (therefore deeper) and allow it to better penetrate things harder than steel. Your plastic spear analogy makes no sense and I like to think of it more like using an ordinary shovel vs using an ordinary shovel that has been hardfaced and sharpened. >HEAT Those just melt through the tank with a plasma beam. It would be interesting to see if they could be improved upon by including some sort of stone blade that doesn't melt with the copper, but I doubt it will since if you put in front and try to drive it in with the beam then it seems like it'll do more to protect the tank than increase penetration. I can see it working if you put it behind the charge but you'd need to add so much explosive that you may as well just build a bigger rocket. You could maybe embed it inside the explosive at the tip of the cone but that'll fuck with the shockwaves so the HEAT charge itself won't work as well.
>>17372 >I don't follow. The penetrator has to ˝bore the hole˝ through the armour plate, and the rest of the projectile follows it. If the tip is made of a different material, but it doesn't cover the whole of the penetrator, then the non-rock part will also make contact with the armour plate, and so it will have to ˝bore the hole˝ on its own, without the help of that pebble. Consequently it will lag behind the pebble, and so the pebble will have to bore its way on its own, without being pushed by the rest of the penetrator. For reference, in pic related the whole of 5 is the penetrator, and 4 is an explosive material. For your design to work, 5 would have to be made out of hole, and then a cavity like 4 could be filled with a denser material (e.g. lead) to increase the weight. But even beyond this, I strongly suspect that a stone penetrator would just shatter at high velocities. >Those just melt through the tank with a plasma beam. No, modern research showed that the jet of copper (or other material) penetrates the armour with its high velocity and density, just like any other penetrator. Look up explosively former penetrators for more info.
Open file (12.01 KB 255x186 1463343302421.jpg)
Where can I find info on what guns and equipment were used by American police departments on a state level?
>>17375 Ah, now I get you. I think you may be right when it comes to hard targets. However, it definitely is possible to some capacity because I've seen this setup used IRL. It was some sort of fancy nail with what looked to be a tungsten tip mounted in a steel shaft, and there were several of them driven into a 12mm steel plate. Of course, this was mild steel not armour plate and even if they were driven through in one go, they still would have been going much slower than a bullet, >I strongly suspect that a stone penetrator would just shatter at high velocities Yeah this is the real issue here. Too large a stone is guaranteed to shatter uselessly but a small stone will have the aforementioned issue plus it might shatter anyway. Tungsten carbide is much stronger but we use that already without dicking around like jewelers. What about taking an ordinary penetrator and coating it in diamond via vapour deposition? Obviously the "shell" would be terribly damaged but being chemically bonded to the steel seems like it would give it enough integrity to do its job plus it'll keep the core from welding to the plate. >modern research showed that the jet of copper (or other material) penetrates the armour with its high velocity and density Interesting. Why copper instead of lead then?
>>17376 Look into projects that track police corruption/police militarization. They probably have sources for that stuff.
>Jackass distributor doesn't ship to my state/county What do? Are there any middle man services for stuff that doesn't require a background check? It's just parts I want shipped.
Which substances tick all of the following boxes? >lethally poisonous >incurable or hard to cure once administered >can survive being loaded into a hollowpoint round and fired from a gun
>>17427 Look up "[COO] proxy service." You pay the proxy service like a $5-$10 fee, they buy it, they ship it to you with a big fat middle finger to the distributor. Buyfags have been doing this for years.
>>17463 Ricin. Botulism. Most bacterial diseases that come out of the earth.
>>17463 If you're at the point where you're shooting someone with a gun, why bother with doing some JRPG element stacking bullshit instead of just using a larger caliber or shooting them more than once? A nigger rigged suppressor on a .22 pistol should survive plenty of shots. Just dump the mag into your retard of choice.
Open file (83.36 KB 300x360 minori polite eating.gif)
>>17472 My brain went in the opposite direction. If you're at the point where you're trying to put something deadly inside of boolit, why not just use an animal dart gun so you can syringe it in or go the DIY man's way of drone+explosive? Creativity is the spice of life and there will be more to talk about when strelok uses a creative method to kill his local politician.
>>17474 I feel like the way to prevent this from devolving to "what's the most impractical/practical way to RDM the DarkRP city mayor" is to set conditions. If we're going by the initial question, the method needs to use a projectile that penetrates the flesh of the target, but doesn't use the projectile itself for lethal effect. Suppose it's more a payload+delivery method question.
Open file (504.70 KB 342x880 ClipboardImage.png)
>>17475 Then I hold to >>17474 as you can load all kinds of nasty chemicals or bio-warfare materials into a tranquilizer dart that will fuck with the body, the majority of them very cheap, and most can pierce the sort of fabrics that aren't covering DarkRP city mayor's chest, the only place most politicians wear any kind of concealed armor anyways. You could even turn the dart gun into a CO2 pistol if you wanted to. Slingshot guy related: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNxrNclaNqw
>>17467 >Look up "[COO] proxy service." Sorry for asking to be spoonfed twice in a row, but I'm not seeing the same thing you are when I put this in a search engine. Is there a special place I should be conducting this?
Can someone please repost the "heatseeking missiles" image here? The infographics-info thread that had it got slid off the board.
Open file (70.20 KB 1178x216 SAM for cheap.png)
>>17484 Do you mean one about homemade surfacte-to-air missiles? Because I have the screencap of an other post about that (besides this one), but r9k prevents me from posting that, therefore that is already there in an other thread.
>>17492 What's it with the r9k shit? It also prevented me from posting a hackerman meme. Is there some kinda mechanism behind it?
>>17493 >What is r9k bot Jesus Christ lurk more if you don't even know where the legacy board got its name from.
>>17480 I'm assuming COO is short for something but I can't guess at it either. How do you compress "shipping across state lines" to "COO" ? That's what you probably should search for. Also, you've tried Searx & Qwant in addition to DuckDuckGo? Even DDG filters output sometimes to keep (((palms))) from getting too sweaty.
>>17495 >>17480 Country Of Origin.
>>17494 ayy, sorry for not being able to lurk the past, time travel hasn't been invented yet. I've done a quick search to see if i can get some actually helpful info instead of 'lurk moar', and it seems like a bot that scans for repeating messages. Still doesn't explain why it doesn't allow certain pictures to be posted, especially since i didn't see it on this board yet.
>>17492 An other thread? Which one?
>>17511 I have no idea, all I know is that the robot doesn't let me upload that particular image because it is already uploaded to an other thread. But if I remember correctly, it doesn't let you post any file that was posted even once before, even if the image is already gone. In other words, it's fucking annoying and we should turn it off already.
>>17512 I believe it doesn't let you post any file with the same hash that was reposted in the last 9000 posts, which can make sense for a faster board but doesn't make sense here. You can just edit it but it's a worthless annoyance as it is.
Open file (292.61 KB 622x518 ClipboardImage.png)
It was turned on due to nigger spam at one point. I imagine it will stay on since nigger spammer (Tengunigger) magically shows up every time it gets turned off. Just use clipboardimage with 1 pixel changed, fucking newfags.
Hi everyone, I have a question about earpro. I'm going to buy some earpro soon, probably slim earmuffs. I actually was looking at a model by Howard Leight because they're electronic, and they also have an input jack which would allow me to play music through them at the range which I think would be pretty cool. But I was wondering if I wore regular earbuds/in-ear-monitors underneath a pair of regular muffs, would it mess up the seal on the muffs? It would be a cable that's at most 2mm in diameter running underneath the muffs... would this ruin the seal or would it still be fine? I'm on a tight budget so buying passive earmuffs would be nice to save some money but I just wanted to know if there was a way that I could have some more fun with it and play music when I go to the range.
>>17550 I have a pair of those Leight ones with the input jack, and they were like $40 or something. They work well. Though you could pass your earphone cable under the pad for conventional muffs, and it likely won't affect their efficacy, you might find the end result uncomfortable. Just pay the couple extra bucks. If you can afford to shoot, you can afford earpro.
>>17550 >>17551 I don't often cry "reddit spacing", but this is pretty egregious. Stop it.
>>17552 Relax lad, I just space lines out because the quick reply window is so small and I'm usually too lazy to resize it to my browser window width every time. >>17551 When did you buy those Leight ones? They seem to be $60 now, although perhaps I could find them cheaper than the store I looked at. I know this is going to sound just a little autistic but I heard the Howard Leight electronic muffs aren't in stereo so it just got me thinking. If I can find them on sale, I think I'll get them anyway.
>>17550 Depends on the model. You can wear sunglasses with most models and as long as it's not nigger shit it'll work fine. If you're really concerned by this, then use bluetooth earbuds.
>>17555 Well I hate (((bluetooth))) so it's really a non-starter, if they work with sunglasses I should be fine. I finally am in a position to buy some funs after a long time so I'm just doing a bit of research on all the stuff I'll need at the moment. So thanks for the info. Unfortunately now is also a terrible time to buy but at this point I don't think I'll let it stop me.
Open file (166.86 KB 1280x960 OddColorsBut.jpg)
>handgun edition Does anyone have a GST-9 glockalike? ...does it shoot? I've finished mine, and the trigger bar "bounces" if I push on it. If the slide is on it, nothing pushes on it and it isn't getting anywhere near to dropping to release the striker. I'd prefer to use my Spirico aftermarket shoe but I've tried with the trigger shoe that shipped with the lower kit, I've tried the stock connector and two Lonewolf connectors, and the behavior is always the same except for the two times I got it to behave aright just long enough for me to put the rest of the pieces in, and then it went back to not dropping out of the way. I've tried grinding the top of the cruciform down, I've tried a second trigger housing, I've tried all-stock parts, and it won't fire. I've got another trigger bar coming. But since "squeezing the slide" has zero effect, and I've "polished" the rear-rail holes to allow the pin to fit through both the trigger AND the rails (need a tiny bit more to come out the other side without bulging the frame but it's close), and also two-thirds of the tests have been without slide OR pin as I use my thumb to hold the housing down, I'm feeling frustrated at what should, even could, be a moderately nice striker pistol but instead is a money-sinking paperweight of spare parts.
>>17552 Thank you for your valuable contribution. >>17554 Right now they're $42 on Amazon, if you have no objections to using that site. They're in stereo. It'd be bizarre to advertise that you could plug in your music player (and include a cord to do so) for it to only be in mono.
>>17560 I don't use Amazon for many reasons I'm sure I don't have to explain, but thanks for letting me know. > They're in stereo. It'd be bizarre to advertise that you could plug in your music player (and include a cord to do so) for it to only be in mono. Ah, that's also nice to know. I don't know where I read that they're in mono. And I suppose it's really a minor issue anyway--who really needs music at the range, right? But it seems like it'd be nice. >>16240 Anyone have anything to say about the Taurus 856? Looking for a snubby .38.
Open file (712.57 KB 800x1214 ClipboardImage.png)
>>17558 >Well I hate (((bluetooth))) so it's really a non-starter I'd ask why you are using Jew quotes with Bluetooth. Bluetooth was designed from the start with encryption in mind and all attempts to break into it have to go through a channel where: >A) The software is being attacked, not the delivery/communication. >B) The end-user still has to give permissions to allow their encryption to be "broken." While Bluetooth certainly has a bad rep due to its prevalence in wireless devices, the actual hardware and attention by developers to software is more secure by default than 99% of (((wifi))) networks or the ilk that use them. One can recognize wireless devices are inherently more insecure without shitting on a form of wireless communication that was made with security and privacy in mind from the very start.
Open file (90.33 KB 1200x533 SoManyMemes.jpg)
>>17563 >I'd ask why you are using Jew quotes with Bluetooth. Not that Strelok, but (((wireless)) in general earns a lack of trust. Yes there's insecurity but also insolvency. Wireless communication fails at the drop of a hat, using a wire solves the problem. When I had a working motorcycle I used to listen to put decent earbuds in, and they would seal enough to let me hear the music over the roar of the engine. Likewise driving the tractor around the property, I can wear earmuffs over my earbuds and its time consuming and awkward but trustworthy. My car has bluetooth. When I associate my phone, every thirty seconds I get a double announcement from the car's dulcet toned announcer that my phone was disconnected. Also, my phone was connected. Every. Thirty. Seconds. Unless I'm using my phone to play music, in which case it never reconnects, only disconnects the once. Now I grant you, my hands-free-headset at work, since my job is taking calls, has been pretty reliable when the battery is charged. But sometimes I'll take it off the charger, which had a blinking light indicating it had been charging successfully, and find the battery is as dead as a doornail, to coin a phrase. Sticking it BACK on the charger for a day resolves this mystery without solving it. This has happened more than a few times without having any rhyme or reason. It's not like I can predict "Oh, yes, it's been five and a half weeks so now it has decided to drain the battery to the floor; maybe this is planned/programmed maintenance." Nope! Just dead today. Might have happened last week, might have been ten months ago, but it keeps happening, and I'm not quite the only one, I think. Wires work. Wires, I can trust. (((bluetooth))) I cannot. (((802.11 WiFi))) I cannot. (((Cell))) coverage? No, visitors to my home will find their phones stop several miles before getting to my house. But the landline has a dialtone. Thank you for your patience, and your understanding, strelok. I do not like dismissing wires. Also, >>17559 Let's not bury questions in the wired replacements for (((bluetooth))). > no, I do not. > Thus, any finger gun I call a GST-9 will not "fire" Anyone else care to help that poster out?
>>17474 this discussion reminds me from a time forever ago, when 4um wasn't the shitshow it is now. A thread about using drones to remove people from the server. I suggested, why not attach a syringe full of nasty shit to a drone, then fly it into someone? I got shitted on by everyone, it was hilarious. "Someone's gonna fucking do that now shut the fuck up Anon!" Anyway, that would probably be a better delivery method than using a bullet, and more remote than using a dart gun.
>>17563 >>17566 Wasn't Bluetooth made by Danes?
>>17563 I wasn't really serious about ((())). I just don't like wireless stuff. I already have earphones, I don't want to wastefully buy more. And wireless ones need to be charged. And my walkman doesn't have bluetooth. For most areas in my life I've been trying to simplify my technology and reject modern stuff. I just don't like it, simple as, I guess. I suppose I'd use it if I really had to but I don't think I will in this case. >>17566 I feel the same way, anon. >>17568 no idea but I like wires and I don't like wireless and I'm anonymous so whatever, thing I don't like == jews
>>16865 What are they even bitching about? That was an adorable vid and she was even PPE.
>>17573 *even wearing
>>17573 Kid with gun = bad Kids have to be wearing drag/slutty clothes, twerk for old geezers and be "brave". Also learn about equality and pronouns. And that's a good thing sweetie, I'm literally shaking, crying and shitting my pants right now, why would a child ever want to shoot a gun, especially such a semi-fully automatic assault rifle. That's clearly illegal.
What's a reasonable price for Romanian surplus 8mm mauser? I recently picked up a mauser and haven't been able to find any ammo for it. There is a private seller with some Romanian (a little over 350 rounds for 89 cents per round), but not sure if the price is worth it or not.
>>17554 >I heard the Howard Leight electronic muffs aren't in stereo I have a pair and they play music in stereo no problem. My big problem with them is that they only get audio in a single earphone when you connect it to a radio, because all commercial com units use inverted cable polarities for proprietary profit reasons and the earphones can't read the signal right.
>>17463 >>17472 >>17474 >>17475 >>17479 For anyone interested in this, check out this link (go to the section "The Press Conference"): https://spycraft101.com/2021/02/01/the-assassin-who-came-in-from-the-cold/ Highlights: >Two of the four pistols were equipped with three single-shot .25 caliber barrels loaded with hollow point bullets filled with potassium cyanide. These poisoned rounds held a mixture of two-thirds potassium cyanide and one-third gum binder, to seal it in the hollow point of the bullet. Each round contained approximately half a gram of poison Admittedly, not difficult to cure, but that's only if they figure out what happened before the target is dead. I think the articles claim of less than 5mg being sufficient to kill someone is incorrect wiki says 5mg/kg, so an easy mistake to make but 500mg should still be more than sufficient. >the pistols used both an electronic ignition system powered by flashlight batteries and captive-piston ammunition >When fired, these cartridges are nearly silent [...] According to Khokhlov, the sound of firing was no louder than a finger snap virtually undetectable in most environments and situations. >The other two firearms were disguised as cigarette cases, intended for a close-range attack >real tobacco-filled cigarette tips were visible inside, concealing the weapon’s barrel and an expansion chamber that functioned as a sound suppressor >A cigarette case was the perfect tool as the assassin could approach the target with the case held out in front of him, as if to offer a cigarette. A gesture like this would be dismissed as harmless by both the target and any witnesses present. The article has more details about the design of the weapons for anyone interested, but these seem to be the most relevant
Other than the endless flavours of 1911s and Glocks, what semi-auto pistols chambered for .45 ACP (or more like .45 Super) are out there on the market? I really struggle to recall anything other than maybe that one HK pistol a few decades ago, and I'm not interested in that.
>>17740 CZ 97
I'm writing a low fantasy novel (well, high fantasy, low fantasy for MC) based loosely off a 100 years war time period. Are there any good sources on late medieval rules of warfare/martial arts not Skallagrim I should read or watch to help out with accuracy of descriptions? Preferably in readable format if I have to watch more than 15 minutes of video.
>>17892 Fechtbuch is 60m, not 15, but it's the closest thing I've ever seen to what you're asking for. It's available on Steam, as it's made by some of the Czech developers of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, but it is free.
Who makes decent budget 3rd party slides? Gen 3 or 4. I'm leaning toward something with 17-4 stainless for the slide and barrel
Open file (86.42 KB 700x473 GST9_Bk.png)
>>17559 bump. I've now replaced everything in the fire control group and the behavior doesn't waver -- it won't fire. I'm thinking I need a spring to forcibly hold the cruciform down -- maybe secure it to the housing for the pin. Any thoughts on where to get such a spring?
Whats the go to pair of binoculars for general STALKING behavior?
Anyone have experience with a spanish CETME model C rifle? Parts kits are cheap (relatively compared to say, FALs). Only problem seems to be wielding mutiple parts and the fact that you need to bend the reciever flats.
Open file (36.53 KB 332x332 1101338896896736.jpg)
What other cartridges can be fired safely out of a gun made for .38 Long Colt? An old man told me custom loads of .38 S&W but I don't know anything about reloading nor do I own a reloading station.
Open file (128.40 KB 1000x677 dardick80edc7d4.jpg)
Open file (98.42 KB 2678x1052 dardick_QrpBdQb.jpg)
Do you think the Dardick concept would be viable if it hadn't used weirdly shaped proprietary ammo and just had half-moon/quarter-moon cuts on the cylinder?
>>18080 Nothing outside of handloads.
Open file (38.04 KB 800x330 Fokker-Leimberger 1.jpg)
Open file (56.30 KB 800x538 Fokker-Leimberger 2.jpg)
Open file (44.87 KB 800x677 Fokker-Leimberger 3.jpg)
>>18258 That's just a split-breech weapon, and it simply doesn't give much support to the case. For example, this Fokker-Leimberger rotary gun chambered for 8mm Mauser failed mostly because the cases just split apart. Meanwhile a split-breech system was great for low pressure 40mm grenades: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=09RKpXYuxyQ Expect of course that some people think they are too good for hand-cranked weapons, and so it lead to the development of those high pressure 40mm grenades that are quite inefficient. But I digress. The point is that it would only work with relatively low pressure ammo, expect if you make some overbuilt steel cases that won't split apart. But at that point the pistol would only really work with its own proprietary ammunition anyway, and you might as well go back to the trounds.
Why aren't there any companies out there that only produce "bulletproof" windows, /k/? All of them will only "bulletproof" your windows if you let them renovate the whole damn car. Is it a thickness issue or something? All I really want is smash-resistant windows for when hooligans now or in the future try to break into my vehicle, and I feel like the windows themselves should not be that expensive. I know there's a lot of consumerist Chink bullshit "films" online but unless it's something I brush on/spray on and let cure, I doubt those do anything. Is this something I'd normally just ask a car window salesman about?
>>18574 >the windows themselves should not be that expensive I believe you've answered your own question. MOST customers who come in for "windows" want their whole car reconsidered for the safety of the occupants. And since windows are the cheap part, they ignore those customers, confident it amounts to no financial loss to focus on the high-rollers' confidence issues.
>>18577 I get that but usually some third party company or disgruntled mechanic would step in in that situation since there is a profit, albeit a smaller one, to be made. Especially with economies of scale.
>>18574 >Is it a thickness issue or something? That's part of it, the other part being the supporting structure. There is zero point in shatterproof windows if hooligans beating on the window collapse the door of break the supports inside the door, causing the shatterproof window to uselessly fall into your vehicle. In short, the logic is that just reinforcing your car windows to such a degree requires so much work elsewhere in the vehicle that there's no point in just doing the windows, you're half the way to an armored car already — including just enough added weight that you have 3/4ths of the problems of a fully armored car with only a fifth of the benefits.
>>18579 Sounds like a crock of shit excuse that the companies doing this kind of work throw out there to prevent >>18578 from a materials engineering perspective, but I gotcha. If I had a few more braincells and the balls to put my house on a loan, I'd probably look into a shatterproof window company since this feels like an unexploited get rich quick scheme.
Open file (8.19 MB 1280x694 Magnavolt.mp4)
>>18574 >>18578 The first question that came to mind was why install bulletproof windows if they could just shoot through the doors. I think no one bothers ordering them for anti-theft purposes only. You should ask a car window salesman about it since your reason isn't that strange.
here's a weird topic: what kind of clothes are good for hot, damp weather, but are still good for staying tacticool?
What's /k/'s opinion on .38 Super? I hear its purpose nulls when compared to 9mm +P.
>>18642 surplus british MTP warm weather trousers and field shirts are pretty comfy. the cloth is very lightweight and airy, providing protection from cuts and scrapes but still allowing sweat and air to pass through. camo pattern is tacticool enough to match multicam and most of the pieces are around ~$30 burgerbux. one of the better deals for fairly recent surplus.
Open file (109.30 KB 700x467 StrikeShield APS.jpg)
Isn't it ironic that the ATGMs that were supposed to "make tanks obsolete" are the ones that actually ended up becoming obsolete in their intended role? (Tank killing). APS countermeasures completely defeat these slow, guided missiles. Even the tandem-charge warheads are completely negated.
>>18645 .38 Super has a bit more than 30% additional case capacity, therefore there is more potential for hotter loads. The two main problems are that you need a pistol that can take those hotter loads, and there are no modern double-stack handgats chambered for .38 Super anyway. And a 8 shot revolver chambered in .357 Magnum seems to be quite comparable to a 1911 with a 8 shot magazine, but .357 Magnum has even better performance than .38 Super. >>18702 Anon, we have a thread dedicated to tanks and IFVs.
Open file (16.22 KB 800x663 DSC5328.jpg)
>>18706 >there are no modern double-stack handgats chambered for .38 Super anyway. But you can build a 2011, which will accept a 1911 slide, which can be built in .38-super. Or, with the same firing pin, build a centimeter of wonder-ten, which has decently-hot loads off the shelf.
>>18707 >But you can build a 2011, which will accept a 1911 slide, which can be built in .38-super. But are there any double-stack .38 Super magazines for that? >Or, with the same firing pin, build a centimeter of wonder-ten, which has decently-hot loads off the shelf. Or buy any other pistol chambered for that cartridge, which is a lot simpler overall.
>>18709 >But are there any magazines? Literally five seconds of searching https://archive.is/RKvGo "Very common"
>>18080 .38SC. >>18706 >no modern double-stack handgats chambered for .38 Super EAA Witness, unless there's something wrong them them I haven't heard of they're underrated.
Open file (302.69 KB 640x360 10mm Auto vs Satan.webm)
>>18710 >>18712 Well, I stand corrected. In this case this seems to be the superior choice to 9mm Parabellum (if cost and availability are not factors, and you don't want a Glock brand Glock in this calibre), but still not as fabulous as 10mm Auto.
>>18716 How does 10mm compare to .38 Super, .357 SIG, and 7.62x25?
>>18759 I think you've listed them about right in descending order of joules of energy ten feet from the muzzle. But I'm saging because I don't know and have to go look it up, now.
>>18759 It sounds like we should get the basics first: https://www.calculatorsoup.com/calculators/physics/kinetic.php Just plug in some numbers from a projectile and see how increasing or decreasing the velocity and mass affects the kinetic energy. Now keep in mind that >increasing the velocity is the easiest way of increasing the kinetic energy >heavier projectiles are better at retaining their energy as they fly, but you obviously need more energy to accelerate them to a given velocity. >if you have two projectile of the same weight but a different calibre, then the one with the lower calibre will be thinner and long, and as a general rule thinner and longer projectiles just fly better >the lower calibre one is also better at penetration, as it concentrates the same energy in a smaller area >but in reality the lower calibre projectile is usually lighter because otherwise it would be too long to fit into the action (especially in a pistol) >and raw kinetic energy is not everything, we have to distribute it in the body of the target in a way that causes the most damage All-in-all, it means that 7.62 Tokarev is good at penetrating things, and with the right bullet design it has a better chance of killing somebody than 9mm Parabellum due to its higher kinetic energy. And in theory it's better at longer ranges, but that doesn't really matter with a pistol. Its kinetic energy is about on par with .38 Super. .357 SIG wants to be .357 Magnum in a different format, but it wants to ape a specific load fired from a specific barrel length, therefore I'm not sure how well it performs with other loads, but it seems to be a bit over .3 Super. And lastly, 10mm Auto itself is a meme exactly because it fires heavy bullets at a high velocity. They might be ˝wide˝, but in a pistol it doesn't matter as long as you use it at normal pistol ranges and the target doesn't wear a bulletproof vest. You should also compare the case capacity and the overall length of these cartridges to see why 10mm Auto has a higher performance: it's longer and wider, therefore the case holds more powder and the bullets can be heavier. But all of it is quite theoretical, in practice you'd have to shoot at people to compare their performance. Or ask hunters what they have to say, although most of them don't hunt with self-loading pistols.
Laser on my scope because I have no picatiny on my hanguard and high power scope not good for close range home defense. One inch scope rings. Recomendations?
Open file (1.09 MB 300x169 1405743830723.gif)
I only have money for one, the revolvers are $1000-1500 and the .380s are $500~. >Colt Trooper Mk III >Colt M1909 >Colt M1917 >S&W M1917 >CZ-83 >Beretta 85
Does any one have the UK guntrader dox list please? I want to check if I'm on it or not. Faggots going after gun owners to steal their pets and shit is a real risk.
whats the best bang for your buck ballistic helmet? shellback? i just want a brain bucket that wont break the bank.
>>18913 >brainbucket Sadly, the cheap ones don't protect against 9x19. A PASGT is nice but you're gonna have to shell (at least it beats 7.62 tok but that's not common in the states).
>>18918 id be fine with spending around $700 usd for one bud id like to be able to mount nods at the very least. dgbakery has k-6's (without visor) for like $350 right now but the inability to wear electronic ear pro and lack of mounting options are really whats keeping me from seriously using one.
>>18762 It should be 10mm, 357 SIG, 38 Super, 7.62 Tok 7.62 Tok will be best for penetration due to caliber to energy ratio, but 10mm will be best for raw energy. 357 SIG is slightly more powerful than 38 Super, but has reduced capacity. There is a trade-off to all of them
>>18913 An M40 stahlhelm reproduction? >>18918 I wonder why a company doesn't make repros of steel helmets outside of WW2 with modern metallurgy.
>>18913 IMA has some Finnish surplus stahlhelms that were made in the 50s
>>18929 Because steel helmets are obsolete, even with modern metals. Metal helmets are almost always going to be heavier than plastics, synthetics, carbon fiber, etc. Metal will also either deflect projectiles or cause spall if they do not outright penetrate. Basically the same problems as steel rifle plates, although probably even worse because of the rounded surfaces.
>>18924 capacity, as in magazine capacity.
>>18945 I have worn a PASGT helmet in the past and I own an East German helmet that was gifted to me. The East German one feels lighter and less claustrophobic than the PASGAT helmet.
>>18958 The East German helmet is the best steel design, on the other hand, PASGT helmet is the first generation of the non-steel ones and it known to be heavy.
>>18939 >>18929 >>18958 >>18959 same issue with the k6-3 on dgbakery. i cant wear electronic ears and no nvg mount.
I'm thinking of taking α-Amylase inhibitors to reduce carb loads in an effort to not get low blood sugar on the days where I can't eat but have to work hard (and to a lesser extent to assist with diet/exercise). The issue is there are no sources of α-Amylase inhibitors on the market unless they use a special name. I was thinking of carefully extracting my own from raw red or white kidney beans if my research can't come up with anything. IIRC α-Amylase inhibitors just cause you to poop/fart out carbohydrates. Is there more to this that makes them illegal in Burgerland that I don't understand? This seems to be a miracle weight loss supplement that can be made from virtually any raw bean and would work quite effectively, and yet the only place in the world selling it is the UK as a "brain" supplement.
>>18973 you'd probably be better off just eating the beans anon but looks like i can find 1lb bags on amazon right now.
>>18972 >same issue with the k6-3 on dgbakery. i cant wear electronic ears and no nvg mount. Ballistic helmets with nvg mounts and support for electronic ear devices are predominantly a thing of the 21 century and those are going to cost you, no way around. The earliest mounts for nvg are for the PASGAT helmet generation and outside of special helmets for vehicle crews and pilots, nobody cared for electronic ear devices for normal troops until the ACH Helmet generation. So your option is to either hunt down some really obscure vehicle/pilot helmet of the 90s from somewhere around the world, an ACH helmet from one of the nations that use it , one of the comparable helmets from Nations that have their own production like the Russian 6b27, French Felin etc. or one of the modern helmets from manufacturers that didn't get officially adopted by any army yet still have the same features.
>>18945 Yes but it'd be cheaper and M56 Stahlhelms can withstand 7.62x25. A Kevlar won't protect you from a rifle round most of the time either.
>>18913 Used to be PASGT with kit for new suspension, but I haven't looked in years.
>>18974 I was hoping for the isolated enzyme, but I managed to find "white kidney bean extract" which is basically what I was going to try making myself. I've gotta figure out a better way to ingest it. It tastes like chalk which is fine, but it clumps up when added to water (could just be the protein molecules clumping up) and looks like poop after that. Blender bottle won't cut it, thinking of trying to use milk tomorrow since I'm thinking it will bind better to fat than to water.
I'm planning on making a glass bottle greenhouse, does anyone have suggestions on how to seal the ends? If I don't they'll collect water and get full of muck and breed mosquitoes and in winter the water will likely freeze and crack the bottles. The caps that game with the bottles are no good because they would rust out in short time and depending on bottle orientation they'd block quite a bit of light too.
Do the Minecraft server admins of major NATO clans have any secret orders regarding the creation/deployment of barrier troops?
I remember reading about a British (maybe? Could be wrong) research on the most effective rate of fire for LMGs. They came to the conclusion that unlike what most armies believed at the time, high rate of fire (1000+) IS extremely important as it increases the chance of hitting the enemy significantly. I think their reasoning was that during firefights you only get to see the enemy out of cover for a very short time, usually just split seconds. So a bullet hose is much more likely to hit them than a slower (<=800rpm) LMG. Does anyone have the source? I want to read it again
>>19130 I've never heard of that before, but I think the Germans came to a similar conclusion, although in their case they wanted to make sure that somebody running from one to piece of cover to the next will be hit by at least one bullet. Still, this whole idea completely ignores that you are supposed to constantly fire at the enemy to suppress them, and can't just wait for one single enemy soldier to pop out his head so that you can kill him with a burst. It's especially more obvious if you measure the rate-of-fire in a second instead of a minute. 1200 rounds/min is 20 rounds/sec, and that is ridiculously fast. 300 rounds/min is still 5 round/sec, and that should be enough to suppress anyone who is not dangerously suicidal. Just compare the two firing rates in this video.
>>19130 I haven't heard about that either, but I did hear a semi-related thing that the most common commonwealth critique of the Bren gun was that it was too accurate and that if you pointed it at a group of soldiers only one would fall over. It was either a Discovery documentary or a guide at the imperial war museum who said it.
>>19131 I believe they did talk about the pros and cons of it, but I haven't read it since 2017
Open file (15.06 KB 474x314 nambu14.jpg)
Open file (37.22 KB 474x422 nambu14 2.jpg)
Open file (238.17 KB 1280x720 3d printed cap gun.jpg)
Anyone know where I can get blueprints/schematics for guns? I want to 3D print some 1:1 replicas with all their moving parts, any good free software to do the 3D modelling in?
>>19154 >any good free software to do the 3D modelling in? Blender.
>>19142 Meme. You need accuracy like with all firearms. The thing takes like 2-3 moa like most of that era. If you spray a Cyberpass AK designed to be inaccurate then you won't hit anything and best you get is ducked heads the worst death because they see through the ruse of spray and pray and have bigger balls. High rate of fire only is relevant when you are trying to shoot flying things in the sky. So yes bren has good sights and trained like any other rifleman but is unique in that it is a force multiplier and able to hold down a street better than some rambo trying to bip fire and use "supression fire" techniques. Much better firing in small bursts whenever you see their heads pop up and intentionally use your shooting fundamentals. The only real weapon at liberty of using effective suppression techniques are crew served mounted weapons. Otherwise only the first shot is going to hit and the rest will hit high. It will however be useful in room clearing. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YzJkpIzG4Uo
>>19130 Personal opinion about fire rate: I rather have very high fire rate for semi auto firearms so the next round is seated as fast as possible so it is solely on the human being able to follow up which is the limiting factor on the fire rate. For full auto role I don't really know, the higher rate is useful as you said and it is more likely to hit a target more than once with higher rate. But the priniples of supressive fire being of area denial nessessitates spreading out that burst as long as possible which requires a lower rate of fire. Solution: every rifleman a John Wick. End
>>19154 F O S S C A D O S S C A D
If you combined low felt recoil with a low firerate, then in theory you could make a full auto weapon where you have enough time to slightly readjust your sights between shots, allowing you to combine suppression, Kentucky windage, and chewing up cover all into one. You'd effectively keep firing and walk your shots until the desired effect.
Open file (44.12 KB 409x504 1452972548718.jpg)
Is there a point I'm missing as to why you would carry own a .44 Special over a .45 ACP when it performs the same ballistically, can be loaded a lot hotter, and is cheaper?
Open file (52.17 KB 1600x471 AR18.jpg)
How do I into firearms design as a noguns eurofag? Is starting a firearms manufacturing company impossible nowadays or is there some hope? what would be the best type of firearm to start off with? how do I NOT get V& for violating some eurocuck law. is there any niche markets out there that haven't been touched yet?
>>19209 If you are not autistic enough to come up with your own answers, then your two best bets are to get trained as a gunsmith, or be a venture capitalist with enough dosh to start a company just for fun.
>>19209 >niche markets out there that haven't been touched yet? Yes but I won't tell you for when I start my own gun company.
Would laser help build muscle memory when pointshooting a rifle with high magnification? What zero would it need to be in for the laser?
Open file (91.13 KB 1200x1200 maxim 9.jpg)
Open file (9.62 KB 474x152 de lisle.jpg)
>>19211 Seems like integrally suppressed weapons are a good niche, maybe for hunting or other stuff like self defence, modern de lisle carbine SOON
>>19200 https://yewtu.be/watch?v=zBivAAota1g Long story short, it's a ˝legacy˝ cartridge that is only a thing because there are still lots of .44 Special revolvers out there, and if you have one of them and want to use it, then you need .44 Special. It's like .38 Special: if you don't go for .357 Magnum then you might as well buy a revolver chambered for 9mm Parabellum, or buy a .357 revolver with a cylinder cut for moonclips.
Open file (4.93 MB 4217x2811 DM1 links.jpg)
Open file (1.07 MB 2200x1328 M13 links.jpg)
Open file (35.13 KB 800x343 T44.jpg)
>the MG3 is a slightly modified MG42 >the MG3 can use either the DM1 links (which are the same as the original MG34 and MG42 links)or the 'merican M13 links >M13 links were developed for the M60 machine gun >the original prototype of the M60 was an FG42 with the feed system of the MG42 >the FN MAG was designed to feed only with M13 links, and it needs a special (and rare) alternative feedblock to word with DM1 links So then, can you feed an MG34 with M13 links? Can the M60 use DM1 links? And why does the FN MAG need a different feedblock for DM1 links??
Open file (40.82 KB 311x450 erbsenmuster.jpg)
Open file (37.01 KB 474x474 kevlar helmet.jpg)
Open file (31.14 KB 474x250 hugo boss.jpg)
Any ideas on how to go about making your own military uniforms? How could we modernize the ww2 german military uniform and its aesthetics?
Open file (455.92 KB 412x232 1483732864130.gif)
>>19258 >PASGT helmet (Germans were surprised seeing Americans wear something resembling the stahlhelm) >flecktarn (superior to erbsenmuster) It's already been done for you, it's like Germans specialize in warfare and everyone copied them or something. If you're talking about the intricacy of their design go to fashion school or pay close attention to what they were doing. For erbsenmuster as example, it's like a poisonous animal you shouldn't touch and is hard to spot to begin with and the darker shades accentuate bad vibes or some shit.
>>18810 Nigger this is a stupid question, we don't know what your needs and taste are. Buy the Trooper.
Open file (140.75 KB 1025x1125 hc.jpg)
Why are "high cut" helmets becoming so popular? Did armies stop giving a shit about shrapnel protection or something? These new helmets leave your ears and a part of your temple completely unprotected. Unless you want me to believe that the headset will protect you.
>>19267 >believing in helmets Infantry scrub detected.
>>19267 As Seinfeld once said, the helmet is wearing you for protection.
>>19267 If I had to take a guess, this design is more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time as compared to a helmet that protects better, so you're trading immediate protection for longer-term protection and less helmet rashes. Honestly you'd be better off giving everyone a safety hard hat and not bothering past that.
>>19273 >safety hard hat Either that or a firefighters hat with the visor so you don't get shrapnel in the eye since you forgot your eye protection Any thoughts on boonie caps?
>>19275 Got EMR digi flora boonie and helmet that I found out later to be cheapo tacticool bicycle helmet. Prefer the boonie any day just for style. Brim longer than brit boonie.
Open file (31.75 KB 474x237 nigger AK.jpg)
Any interesting modern conflicts happening right now? I want to make a FPS game and need a good setting.
>>19325 America
>>19329 Or Mount Athos fighting against the Antichrist.
Open file (148.42 KB 1395x1440 nope.jpg)
Open file (55.77 KB 900x506 BadCar-Bad.jpg)
>>19325 Melbourne, Australia -- Just read that they're using the military to decimate the complainers, now. Stupid complainers, thinking the One True Government would let them visit their neighbors.
Open file (70.03 KB 656x556 very happy remi.png)
>>19325 Guinea and Haiti both happened recently. Go check out the Myanmar thread since it's an ongoing conflict between the Tatmadaw and the Karen ethnostate with the NUG as a minor player riling up other ethnic minorities and committing acts of domestic terrorism in the name of Western Democracy™.
>>19325 >I want to make a FPS game and need a good setting. Yemeni Civil War Syrian Civil War Anti-Muslim riots in Sri Lanka

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