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what's a war board without a conflict?

Open file (413.24 KB 2000x1335 Energetik.jpg)
/k/anteen Mk 4, Brotherhood in Pripyat edition Strelok Board volunteer 06/06/2021 (Sun) 17:17:24 No.16158
Welcome to /k/anteen, this thread is a catch-all for general discussion that our brothers either do not believe needs its own thread, or isn't particularly relevant to the board topics at hand. Rule 1 is more stringently enforced here by the preachers. >why new thread Old thread has hit the bump limit and has left us my brothers. >>16157 is a heretic who noticed and shall be awarded by conversion and rather then death, so brothers, I have made a new /k/anteen thread.... Благодарим Тебя за то, что раскрыл слугам Твоим козни врагов наших! Озари сиянием Твоим души тех, кто отдал жизнь во исполнение воли Твоей! В бой, защитники Монолита! В бой! Отомстим за павших братьев наших, да будет благословенно вечное их единение с Монолитом! Смерть… лютая смерть тем, кто отвергает Его священную силу!
Open file (73.35 KB 256x256 Duty.png)
Open file (1.48 MB 360x360 E7oTQr9YHs1gAN_T.mp4)
Why are we doomed to peace, anons? Cannot the world fun again?
>>16161 Very few people know how to efficiently produce or attain (by force) anything for themselves without the help of the large scale economy or state run man power. Without independance from either of those two how can you expect any type of fun that isn't set up as controlled opposition?
>>16162 > attain (by force) anything for themselves We are plagued by opperunites and egoists. >without the help of the large scale economy or state run man power But I don't understand you what you mean by this. there is a lack of the concept of a limited war in an industrial age. That combined a declining logs and pathos of the Occidental World. There are no causes to die for and no men to die from them. Where there is war is unlimited in it's brutality and violence. Though the positive is the capacity of equipment has progressed so much and it's manufacturing process gotten so complex, it has out paced industry by wide margin. Wars of the future, will no longer be long. It will destroy and be destroyed much faster can replenished. Wars will be fought will initial stocks and not production economies. Unless, it is like Ukraine where what is seen can be hit and what is hit can be killed. So fighting is by in large is blind and at such an intensity that any commitment would leave both sides decimated. Both sides just kind of sit there in hostilities with no resolution.
>>16161 The history of warfare mimics the history of sexual pressure-based weapons across species. In evolution, sometimes behaviors give rise to all-or-nothing scenarios to reproduce, so critters come up with elaborate but ultimately prohibitively "expensive" tools to ensure they're the top dog in such all-or-nothing scenarios. The most common example is elk, who can't actually get the nutrients from the forest to build their antlers, and thus leech it from their own bones leading to osteoporosis during mating season in the hopes of having the largest antlers. You had this build-up during the cold war in which even though there was no need for such destructive weapons, both NATO and the Warsaw Pact spent massive amounts of their GDP towards their militaries to the point where other industries suffered for it. A major source of boomer hatred today. Much like how animals will size each other up and back down, the USSR backed down because it was crippling their economy and the US emerged as the "biggest buck" so to speak. This has happened several times in history, see polearms, military rails, nuclear weapons, steamships, automatic weaponry, jets, etc. The military technology tries to outcompete each other with bigger, more intricate, more expensive weapons until finally someone has to back down. In evolution, usually sneak tactics begin to emerge when such behavior becomes prolific and unsustainable since there is an incentive for the little guy to forego massive expensive mating ritual products in favor of other less costly tactics when the risk is less than the potential reward. With America's expansion as a superpower, we are currently in that "cheater" phase where the world hegemony is collapsing because the "competition" is simply circumnavigating America completely. Corona has ironically managed to keep the status quo going because the sudden economic upset is making the "big players" reel back a bit making there be less of an incentive for "cheating" behavior. The world hegemony will collapse in the next decade or two unless the name of the game changes. It's already happening (see Myanmar, Ukraine, Taiwan, China's involvement in Africa, etc.).
Open file (202.89 KB 1296x1030 -1x-1.png)
>>16161 you'll get what you asked for what's the source / music?
Open file (181.29 KB 2000x1734 The whole village.png)
>>16161 You can always volunteer to have fun in some conflict zone, have fun suddenly being blown up by some drone
leaf removes to kebab and fails, proving canukistan is a shithole filled with more idiots than the aussies once again Me thinks its just some dumbass and not really a deliberate attack obviously he was helping them escape their terrible lifes and truck-kun just wanted to isekai them into a different world. Once again leafs proven that even if they deliberately copy something they can't do it properly. Twitter source: https://twitter.com/cmcdonaldglobal/status/1402028044857061378 https://archive.ph/nZaab >The mayor of London, at the intersection in London Ontario where 5 people, three generations of one family were struck by a pick-up truck that deliberately jumped the curb. 4 people were killed. A 9-year-old boy is the lone survivor >Four members of a Muslim family were killed in a "premeditated" vehicle attack on Sunday, Canadian police say. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-57390398 https://archive.is/K5XGa >The alleged attack took place in the city of London, Ontario province. A boy aged nine, the family's only survivor, is in hospital with serious injuries. >A 20-year-old Canadian man has been charged with four counts of murder and one count of attempted murder. >The attack was the worst against Canadian Muslims since six people were killed in a Quebec City mosque in 2017. >"It is believed that these victims were targeted because they were Muslim," Detective Superintendent Paul Waight told a news conference on Monday. >Police are weighing possible terrorism charges, he said, adding that it is believed to be a hate crime. >The victims were two women - aged 74 and 44 - a 46-year-old man and a 15-year-old girl. They have not been named, in accordance with the wishes of the family. A nine-year-old boy was in hospital with serious but non-life-threatening injuries, said police. >Police named the alleged attacker as Nathanial Veltman, 20, of London, Ontario. He was arrested without incident at a shopping centre about 6km (4.8 miles) from the crime scene. >It is not yet known if the suspect has ties to any hate groups, said Det Supt Waight. >"There is no known previous connection between the suspect and the victims," Det Supt Waight said, adding that the suspect was wearing a vest that appeared to be "like body armour". >Officials added that there was good weather and high visibility conditions when the black truck was seen mounting the kerb on Hyde Park Road at around 20:40 local time on Sunday. >One eyewitness told CTV News she had to shield her young daughter's eyes from the bodies. >Another witness told CTV the scene was "just chaos". >"There were people everywhere and running," said Paige Martin. "Citizens were trying to direct the emergency vehicles where to go. There was a lot of pointing and screaming and arm waving."
>>16182 May Allah have mercy on the family and bring an end to the mufsidoon
Open file (368.01 KB 490x1080 zhukov.png)
>>16197 I'll give them credit for at least being clear and succinct. >1) If it has a rifled barrel and uses a brace stabilized against the shoulder, it's a rifle. >2) If you have a disability and are actually using it to stabilize your aim, the above doesn't apply.
>>16199 >how do you define people with disabilities without medical discrimination/HIPPA law
>>16199 Good thing everyone here has autism.
>>16200 Medical discrimination would only apply to the seller. Hippa does not apply to federal branches and never has.
French President Macron slapped on regional tour https://yewtu.be/watch?v=gWPXuRpANcU
I had a thought regarding those "impossible" ufo maneuvers. What if you had something like the x-37 in orbit with a pill shaped whatever attached to a unobtainum rope and then lowered it into the atmosphere. The space planes fins could be used on the edge of atmosphere to keep everything from getting dragged out of space, not to mention x-37 has 3 km/s of delta v. Watch as it rips through adversary radar at mach 15 and laugh your ass off. Or swing it like a pendulum and it flies into space at mach 10. Doesn't even need a payload, it's the perfect troll.
>>16207 Marcon is not popular, I remember back on the old 8cuck in its final days that he was getting memed on pretty hard when he tried to walk around paris. I found an interesting article read: psyop? floating around Yahoo by chance, I wonder if its because they're gonna try to go after private security companies in the US? https://www.yahoo.com/news/private-security-reassures-nervous-rich-052734500.html https://archive.is/RUlbO >As night falls over a leafy Johannesburg suburb in South Africa, private security guards step into camouflage clothing and load their rifles, preparing to set about on a night patrol. >A commander briefs the men in the gym of the company's headquarters, reviewing interventions that occurred during the previous 12-hour shift. >"No questions?" he asked the solemn line of guards before him, beret in hand. >"Okay, let's bow our heads and pray," he said in local Xhosa language. >After a unison "amen", the men pick up their arms and file into black-and-yellow painted pickup trucks branded with the company's name "Cortac" -- one of South Africa's leading private security services providers. >"Every morning I pray," admitted Forget Ndlovu, 46, while his teammates boarded their vehicles. >"This job is dangerous, I never know if I will be able to go home," he said. >But "we help others get a good life," he added, noting that the job was significantly better paid than working for the police. >The Cortac vehicles set off into the pink evening light, driving in slow circles past electric gates and high walls topped with barbed wire to protect the plush homes of Johannesburg's wealthy suburbs. Joggers and security guards in narrow, wooden Wendy houses, built on properties for live-in domestic staff, waved as the pickups rolled past.>"The community is counting on us, not the police," Ndlovu told AFP. >South Africa has one of the world's largest private security industries, employing more personnel than the police, according to the national Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority. >The sector creates work for more than two million people in a country where unemployment stands at more than 32 percent. >To qualify for Cortac positions, applicants need a driver's license, firearm competency and a clean criminal record. >Many are ex-soldiers and former cash-in-transit guards. >Ahead of each night patrol, guards are divided into groups of two or three per vehicle. Some also carry a dog. >"We only use the dog to go inside a house to find a suspect hiding," said 25-year-old Ryan, who did not wish to give his full name. >Most nights are relatively uneventful for the private security teams. >There is usually a bit of a rush hour from around 5:00 pm (1500 GMT), when residents return from work and accidentally set off alarms, touching off a chorus of dog barks. >But it is better to be safe than sorry in South Africa's crime-laden financial capital, where troubles have been worsened by the fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic. >Burglaries, assaults and car-jackings are a popular conversation topic among better-off locals, who seldom venture around the city on foot for fear of being mugged. >Neighbourhood WhatsApp groups share daily messages on the latest break-ins and seemingly shady movements in the area. >"If people are loitering, clients call our control room to say: 'Suspicious people are in front of my property, can you come check?'" Cortac agent Mabuya told AFP. — Panic calls — >Inside their armoured vehicle, Mabuya and his colleague Mpengesi -- who did not wish to give their full names -- explain that patrol routes are randomly switched around "so as not to be predictable". >"We wait when cars go into houses... to make sure the client is safe," said Mpengesi, noting that burglars sometimes take advantage of slow-closing electric gates to hit. >"If we see an open gate, we will go inside and enquire," he added. >Suddenly the conversation stops. Someone nearby has pressed their "panic button", immediately alerting the Cortac control centre. >The driver revs into gear and accelerates towards the distress call. >But two blocks before their destination a voice blasts through the walkie-talkie. It's a "false alarm". >Twenty minutes later, the crew respond to another panic call, this time at a nearby shopping centre. >The driver parks a few metres (feet) from the entrance as Mpengesi and Mabuya break into a run, rifles in hand. >"Ladies, let's get back inside, it's not safe out here," says a hairdresser, ushering his customers back into the salon. >Minutes later, the men return. "A mistake." >Later that evening, the call centre asks the team to check out a parked car, black driver behind the wheel, flagged by a worried neighbour. >One of them walks over to investigate and simply finds an Uber driver waiting for customers, parked to save money on petrol. He is asked to leave because he is making people "nervous".
>>16161 You'll get what you ask for soon enough.
>>16211 I don't know about "impossible" UFOs, but the two that the Navy released recently were very, very clear and in no way impossible. If you look at the numbers on the fighter jet one and do a tiny bit of algebra trigonometry, it's very clearly a fucking duck right down to the "impossible" UFO flapping its wings when you zoom in. The jet loses track of it because the duck is several thousands of feet below them and they lose their computer-targeted lock when the tracker accidentally lets off of it. The other one by all accounts is just an airplane or jet if you look up videos of jets in the infrared. In the military and in space organizations, if you can't clearly identify something, you list it as a UFO (or whatever newfangled terminology they use now). That doesn't mean you can't make an educated guess based on altitude, size, etc. It just means you aren't 98% certain that the flying object is X so you aren't going to label it as X just in case someone needs to look at that record 10-40 years down the line while doing some kind of research.
>>16207 Macron is the closest thing you'll find in France to an American Tea Party official. He's not well liked in France since he's not a commie. He still makes "neocon" decisions from time to time, but he's basically just a pressure release valve to keep the National Front party out of politics. Kinda like Trump was to shut conservatives up.
Open file (225.17 KB 800x500 no-chinese-sign-korea.jpg)
So apparently the One Child policy is coming to bite China in the ass. Last year they reported the lowest number of births since their Great Famine, and the few Chinese women in China after the one child policy are refusing to have kids at a level that makes even Australian women and their impossible standards look palatable. Do you think China's gonna invade Taiwan to try to get their citizenry to ignore the social welfare coffers that got emptied due to Wu Flu?
Any chair recommendations, /k/? I've been using a cheap fold-up metal chair for the last two months and my ass is killing me. I tend to lean forward with good posture, which naturally inclines me to the more expensive end of chairs, but I'm trying to maintain a $100 budget.
>>16212 Cuckron is so desperate for attention he's showing up on fucking Youtuber shows: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=neqCdyadqFA
>>16218 Wonder if the chink janitor is going to get drafted.
>>16220 >I'm trying to maintain a $100 budget Go to yard sales and try to snatch an old cushioned office chair from an old man, if it is busted then no much problem, try to buy that chair for 50 or something and then buy a thick quilt for 20 or so. It's also easier to clean, gran the quilt, wash and then put it over the chair again.
>>16218 >Do you think China's gonna invade Taiwan to try to get their citizenry to ignore the social welfare coffers that got emptied due to Wu Flu? They'd need to be pretty desperate for that, they're gonna get more agressive in general, even more than in the last few years, that's for sure, but an actual war is still too big a gamble, maybe a "border conflict" with India, that's more likely imo. >>16222 Doesn't he live in the US?
>>16228 >Doesn't he live in the US? Their spook agency could probably still draft him by having a few agents to pay his family a visit.
>>16218 >implying the "middle class" could afford more than one child. Anon, chinks are spending up to $5k on their child to go to "private" school. Only government workers could afford this, the majority are pretending they have wealth when in actuality, they are in severe debt sending their child to school. What do you think is gonna happen those people who have more then one child?
>>16231 >current year Heavenly Kingdom female >genetically selected for drowning resistance, most have developed aqueous gills behind the cheeks (may be related to industrial waste in water supply) >because of 1:20 ratio with men, have zero incentive to do anything but pick first son of major gov't official or own legion of simps >likely infertile
>>16218 There are 1,000,000,000 chinks I wish they reimplemented it.
>>16222 >draft No because LOL one child policy. Would literally cause riots that made vietnam draft protest look sane since the parents and grand parents would all be out rioting if they had 1 child (majority of city folk). >>16228 >invading taiwan Depends on a few things, including if the arms deal to replace the ROC navy frigates go through. Still unlikely since PLAN is laughably bad compared to a the russian navy The best move for the PLA is to play aggressively in the next 50 years. The best move for the US is to not to play at all since demographics will just collapse the state in on itself. >>16229 >spook agency drafting It won't work, since most single children parent would rather be executed than have their kids sent. Plus, manpower isn't the issue of the PLA. The issue is having educated manpower AND logistics (mainly the latter). Although, the NPC in 2013+ has been offering some pretty decent bonuses (can you call it that? I think privileges is more appropriate) for overseas Chinese (and their descendants) to return to China. I think the current offer is if you have college degree is green card chinese green cards are absurdly rare, only like 3000 before 2013, and around 10,000 in 2016? + Citizenship in 10 (or 5/15, its still on the NPC agenda iirc) years, Hukou of your choice or reassigning your hukou if citizen, first in line in vehicle drawings, and basically guaranteed job if you've got a graduate degree. That being said, if you're a foreigner good luck getting Tibet/Xinjiang access still. That being said, they've been cracking down hard on what they call "emigration fraud".For example, you get an child born in the US (or any other country), and they go back to china, grow up in china, and then leave for us at college since that country has birthright citizenship. Basically, if you've stayed in China for 6+ months as a foreigner in your childhood, you'd better come up with a damn good reason or else they will lock you in a room and force you to relinquish either the chinese or US citizenship and pay restitution. Of course, it is "voluntary" which one you choose guess which one gets relinquished usually?. >>16231 >5k That's a low estimate. It's more like around 10k-15k (relatively speaking if we compare to burgers in the US), since you gotta go to private school, and then after school "optional" classes, and then also tutoring. If you wonder how that works, in China schools do not teach basic curriculum , and the "better" schools don't teach advanced curriculum . They only go through questions of those curriculum and they teach "optional" stuff to gain a competitive edge. You go to private tutoring/ and optional classes for that. The other reason there's no children being born is because since Mao brought into the actual muh gender equality meme, Chinese women more or less have the same rights This is hilarious because the police consider domestic violence to be a "family issue" and don't intervene, so you'll see husbands beating wives in the open, wives beating ae hnd dragging mistresses out in the open, and vice versa and are expected to perform the same responsibilities as men unlike the US. That being said, who wants to have children if you're expected to perform equivalent to a male? I should also mention, the female population after gen z (in cities at least) act more like men. Mainly because gender roles got inverted since there are so many men lol. If you go to a current year school in Beijing, you see the women getting into fistfights while the men cry in a corner of their desk. Then again, in China (poor) men will literally marry retarded women since there's such a dearth of them. The saying is "No car, no (college) education, no house, no (city) hukou, no date". >>16234 >infertile I think that was mainly the baby boomer generation. Mainly because Mao said muh equality, sent them to work in the fields, and a lot of the women ended up infertile up north due to the freezing cold water or something? Modern day city women, they are infertile mainly because they eat nothing takeout or just work stress.I remember a case discussion in a hospital (In Chinese ofc) where a 23yr old female ate so much takeout (I think for every meal since she was 15) her blood was basically filled with takeout grease and she basically had sepsis and multiple organ failure. I'm a bit busy today but I'll see if I can't dredge the PDF up. My mother had some of the stress induced infertility for a while. In China workday is 6 days a week, and overtime is basically required like Japan. My mother pulled 60 hr weeks and also needed 2 hours of commute time. I know currently it's even worse. Huawei's requirement for hiring an engineer is/was something along these lines (last checked 2014). >less than 25 yrs of age >work 90+ hr weeks with only pay for 40 hrs >shit salary thats most jobs in the world though >1 week off a year you can't use until year 3 of work >No amenities, must provide own housing and transportation
>>16239 What's up with minorities in current year? I know that the Uyghurs are being purged, and it seems like Mongolians are scheduled to be where the Tibetans were a few years ago. But did the Tibetan situation changed recently? And what about all those weird minorities in the south who speak these languages with funny names? Are they simply not a factor in anything because they are mostly villagers?
Open file (82.15 KB 844x1157 1376174109269.png)
What does everyone have for a job and how hard is it to live? I don't know what to do with my life.
>>16243 >ethnic groups The others aren't large enough to matter and generally don't cause issues more or less since they are heavily influenced by Chinese culture (eg; Dong or Kam people) and are wholly located in China proper. The closest analogy is the American Indians but they live in much more remote fuck off places. Therefore, the government generally takes a live and let live approach, lots of laws don't apply there like Polyandry to Tibetans, etc. Now, if you're one of the major groups (or historically a major troublemaker) the gov will fuck with you. The top list of "to remove" in the CPC: Uighur (Yellow Uighur, who are Buddhists are ok, Muslims are not) Mongol (Because muh salt over barbarians, also 5th column in the cpc view since Mongolia is Russia aligned) Korean (Basically viewed as niggers because crime on the DPRK border) Tibetan* Hui (Muslim Chinese) Tibetans are really weird case since they have an independence movement propped up by the CIA and the RAW (Indian spooks). The thing is, Tibet itself is not very united.There are three "regions" within Tibet and China, where the languages are not mutually intelligible: You've got the very pro-Chinese areas in Kham which are culturally and economically linked the China proper, the "cowboy" like type nomads in U-Tsang who hate everyone (Indians, Chinese, Pakis included), and the Amdo region which generally doesn't give a fuck since they would be 10/10 fucked without Chinese or U-Tsang support (no water) Of course, there are the Muslims (Kachee) who everyone fucking hates. From personal experience the Tibetans would get a long really well with the Americans that were the founding fathers in their ruggedness and independence. My guess is they would be most similar to a mix highlander scots or scandiavians with Japanese like veneration of the emperor in the Dali Lama. They have lots of emphasis on social norms rather than the tribalisim present in China, my guess is probably the hostile enviorment help foster that just like in Scandiavia/ Europe. I had a decent time with Tibetans, but at the same time I'm not some estrogen laden male who's afraid of a dude wearing a machete while walking around, or too lazy/weak to help lift some gear for a dude at high altitude. Trying to learn the language there also helps, the people are generally much nicer when you try to learn the culture and language instead of just going there and being a complete asswipe like 95% Chinese. If the (Han) Chinese would just humble themselves a bit it would go much better but I guess when you're the center of one of the oldest and most powerful civilizations that's still around for ~5000 years you tend to have ego issues. Think of it as the Italians who think they are still relevant on the world stage but actually semi-competent I will say though, like everywhere else in the civilized world, Muslims and niggers are hated. Muslims are basically the foederati of the late Roman Empire. Dindus don't belong because they don't dindu nothing and cause crime. Even in western Yunnan, where it is considered good looks to be dark skinned and fat, they hate dindus. Manchus also hate dindus because someone gotta fight for the WE WUZ KANGZ N' SHEET title. At least the Manchus came up with their own writing characters and alphabet.
>Crack an unorthodox joke last night that could be taken as a threat by those not versed in imageboards >Think nothing of it and go to sleep >Phone has been warm all day and battery draining really fast >Check battery usage >Pic related >Camera app hasn't even been fucking open /k/ I'm scared. Obviously I disabled it.
>>16245 I'm a factory worker. The pay is shit because you have to live in a city or a company town. The ability to move up is shit because if you had an education you wouldn't be there. With minimum wage going up, you can't even afford to rent a house any more. It's alright. If I budget I can afford nice things, but that took several years of even more shit wages to get there. Don't fall for the trades meme unless you have an in. If you're a burger, join the ZOGbots. The benefits are crap, the college is a nice bonus, but most importantly it makes it very easy to get jobs in that sweet spot when you're smarter than a sack of bricks but unwilling/unable to go to work an egghead job. Boomers love hiring veterans for some reason, especially if they have military disability for those tax write-offs.
>>16245 Was an instructor, now unemployed. Not the hard to live at the moment if one disregards the shame of leaching of family. Same boat as you.
>>16250 >Think of it as the Italians who think they are still relevant on the world stage
>>16251 >unironically phoneposting
>>16212 >Forget Ndlovu Sounds like his parents named him after an old CAPTCHA.
Half on topic to what another anon was asking, but what could be expected in the long run from the "labor shortage" which is currently happening right now? I don't know anywhere else I could ask this question.
>>16264 The "Great Reset". If they can't find cheap labor to produce cheap shit they'll have everyone share less.
>>16264 Generally a labor shortage runs its course by companies having to pay more for services or to house their cheap labor, and eventually the job is profitable enough to get more people or so unprofitable it gets automated unless it's a public work (wastewater treatment is always unprofitable but it is necessary). Eventually the megacorps will either cave in or rely on the government to subsidize work visas (you are here) until the whole thing becomes unsustainable and collapses in a domino effect. What's more concerning is what comes after shit collapses. >>16266 It's unsustainable, even if it's a pipe dream for globalists.
>>16270 >It's unsustainable, even if it's a pipe dream for globalists. Look at the world around you Strelok, and ask yourself if being unsustainable has ever prevented megalomaniacs from attempting to actualize their fantasies.
>>16270 >>16271 My god, city folks are really gonna get fucked, huh? I live out in the countryside, In a country with strict gun laws where not every fuckface and his whore mother got guns, and I'm gonna be perfectly fine, even when society starts crumbling apart. Just gonna plant potatoes and repair electronics for the other folks in my village. Get stabbed, city-dwellers.
>>16218 They need to kill off the excess men to stave off the social unrest that a massive surplus of lonely, military men inevitably causes. They no it. Historically the way this was handled was war. The only other solution is to drug them, satiate them with porn, push immigration like crazy and hope you can replace your labor force. Given that China is a racially homogenous society with a single race in power, this really isn’t an option for them, so their best shot is large-scale war where a bunch of the men die off. Meanwhile, America has a financial bomb incoming, and again, the war is one way to alleviate that particular threat. Large war is in the best interest of two of the worlds super powers. It’s very very likely, at this point.
>>16271 Perhaps I should rephrase it. Resources are finite no matter how infinite money and power might seem. When a "great reset" happens (of which there have been many), what's really happening is the system becomes unsustainable and someone has to foot the bill. Sometimes that's the country that sold the resources for debt, sometimes that's the debtors, but either way someone has to pony up. The most prominent one of these in recent history would be the first world war, in which the allies tried to offload their unsustainable debt, crippling Germany, the Ottoman Empire, and several colonies. You can read about the after-effects yourself. Population reduction is just one of many ways to practice austerity. The issue is the current global debt is about 1000x worse than it was right before the Great War (that's actually an underestimation), and this time it involves the WHOLE globe and not just centers of commerce, so when the bubble does pop, anons like >>16273 better be prepared to make homemade firearms to shoot city slickers if they happen to be in one of the countries the debt gets offset onto.
>>16275 The issue is that population reduction doesn't solve the problem, it just treats the symptoms. The underlying principle is that you can cause rapid deflation by killing off skilled individuals, raising the value of everyone left and thus allowing for faster payment of debts. In this case the official global debt is about 281 trillion dollars, but when you consider underlying factors, the actual global debt is closer to four quadrillion dollars tied up in resource-debts. That's not an amount that can feasibly be paid back without sending humanity back to the iron age.
>>16277 Not a finance-anon. So they let the currency fail, or the debts get cancelled or bonds get set to their face value (ala Germany post-WW1) or something, and you issue a new currency. The debts don't get paid back. But the real capital of manufacturing, of pipelines, oil wells, power stations, etc. don't just disappear. You need some totalitarian leadership to make it through, but it can be done.
>>16276 >using homemade firearms to shoot worthless meat sacks >not just using crossbows to hunt them like wild animals, utilizing reusable bolts instead of non-reusable cased ammunition. take the crossbow pill, anon. >>16277 kill the creditors. no debts, no problems.
>>16245 Got out of the Marines and tried to start up a homestead with friends. All but one stabbed me in the back and I'm stuck living off of my GI Bill till I can afford to go elsewhere . Learned some good shit about innawoods stuff just so I dont go insane doing 5 people's worth of work with only myself and a fellow brokedick and college stuff .17 hour days are fun. Be really careful with whom you trust, bros
>>16278 Permanent debt is functionally retarded and only usurers benefit from it. The stupid part is we decided to allow them to be armed.
Open file (111.69 KB 681x1200 Note 7.jpg)
>>16251 >using proprietary bastardized Android filled with bloatware and spyware out the ass >having Brave and Tor loaded on said phone and probably installed from Jewgle Play with your Jewgle account >not unlocking the bootloader and installing LineageOS and Magisk for full control over your device shake the chains off, strelo/k/ and stop being this retarded holy fuck
>>16289 >>16259 It's not by choice. And I don't feel like getting into it.
>learn spanish >become fluent in the language >now I could understand spics >spic workers left and Haitians replaced them >Can't understand Haitian >Haitians get mad at the Quebec tourist because Haitians claim they speak perfect french fuck my life
>>16299 >Haitians replaced them That will never be a good thing in almost any context
>>16299 Isn't it just a bastardized French?
>>16299 >wanting to understand an even more insufferable brand of snow niggers and rape babies that couldn't recover from the clinton family, let alone a hurricane are you really missing out on much?
Almost 30 days and Belgian soldier Jürgen still MIA Yo remember the dutch rambo dude who went innawoods and vanished? Apparently, the EU brought in a bunch of KSK dudes from Germany because the Belgians didn't trust their own military, and get this rumor floating around is the KSK dudes vanished LOL. Which leads me to the following possible conclusions, either: 1) Belgian commando man pulled a rambo + terminator and took down a bunch of KSK 2) KSK got tired of being called alt-right, and decided to go fuck shit up as well 3) Germany got embarrassed by this and just isn't saying how KSK + an entire army battalion can't hunt down one man. Some site is also claiming he forgot his psych meds- either a psyop or dudes actually insane, I think it is the former. I don't read Schiffen plan victim so .... https://archive.is/naRSG https://radio1.be/gevonden-rugzak-zo-goed-als-zeker-van-jurgen-conings-p-90-munitie-en-ook-medicatie-tegen-psychoses Warning. Machine translation below: >The federal prosecutor's office is "80 to 90 percent sure" that the backpack found belongs to the fugitive terror suspect Jürgen Conings. The backpack was found in Dilsen-Stokkem, just over a kilometer from where his car was previously found. Ammunition was found in the backpack, according to our information also the ammunition for the P-90 submachine gun that Conings had taken from a barracks. [...] >It could be that that backpack was there from the start and that until now the detectives were really looking for a person or a body and not for stuff. It might as well have been put there afterwards. So all the slopes are still open: was the backpack left there in a panic? Is it a diversion? All this will now be investigated. Personally, I highly doubt that it was left by him, since the government claimed they were combing through the area in minute detail, either it was planted, or the Belgians make the FBI look competent.
>>16250 >The others aren't large enough to matter and generally don't cause issues more or less since they are heavily influenced by Chinese culture (eg; Dong or Kam people) and are wholly located in China proper. So if, let's say, there was a war between Vietnam and China, and somehow the gooks managed to push deep into southern China, they couldn't instigate a new uprising of the southern barbarians, because the current situation is fine for them, right? >Yellow Uighur, who are Buddhists are ok, Muslims are not https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yugur >The Yugurs, Yughurs, Yugu (Chinese: 裕固族; pinyin: Yùgù Zú) or Yellow Uyghurs,[1] as they are traditionally known, are a Turkic and Mongolic group and one of China's 56 officially recognized ethnic groups, consisting of 16,719 persons according to the 2000 census. Their number seems to be nothing more than a statistical error, therefore it's hard to take look at them as a serious threat. Are there any movements to turn the Moslem Uyghurs towards Buddhism, or atheism is preferred by the state? >Manchus Are they also chinkified to a sufficient degree to be a non-factor?
Open file (1.14 MB 1279x495 Immersive Jew.png)
>>16245 I've betrayed my beliefs and started working for a big bank in a city that is small by global rankings, but is still big enough to be some kind of a hub. I'm not proud of it, but it gives me a chance to get enough money to buy guns and maybe even start a family before I get so old that I wouldn't see my children grow up. Do note that according to the law here it's perfectly legal to impregnate a 14 years old girl. You can even marry her once she turns 16 if you get her parent's consent. Still, I consider it to be a stepping stone so that I can start a business that is more in line with the will of the /k/ube.
>>16317 >is able to work in finance >works for traditional finance in a world with zero interest rates What did Strelok mean by this?
>>16318 I'm just working in a call centre run by a bank, I don't have any degrees or experience that would make me a bitcoin billionaire. Even if I had, I don't have the money to do anything.
>>16307 realistically what am I suppose to do? Almost job requires Spanish nowadays.
>>16316 >vietnam vs China Some of those groups hate the Chinese more then the Vietnamness (See Hmong). Others of them are basically statistically irrelevant (pop under 50,000). Most of them don't give a fuck but their lifestyle is more "Chinese" like if you could call it that (eg; not living on stiled house afraid of typhoon, and rather afraid of seasonal flooding and earthquakes). It's a bit weird in that area, since it's not a hard cultural boundary like a mountain range and the cultural border isn't strictly a line. Think like the divide between Germany and interwar Czech/poland where there's a large group of inbetween, or better yet, Jugoslavia with less noticeable religious differences. >turn muslims into bhuddist or athiest the latter, the CPC doesn't encourage any religion aside from state sponsored cult of personality. Plus, the muslims lie anyways so they will just convert back. A Common paralance in Mandarin is "You can trust the food a muslim makes (since it is halal and not has MSG or gutter oil), but you can never trust anything they say". Plus, it's fun converting certain muslims culturally by feeding them pork lol. >manchus Manchus are technically pretty closely related to the "Han". In the Song dynasties, the northern Jurchen state adopted Chinese culture (but not language), and in the infamous Jingkang incident, took prisoner the majority of the Song imperial court and family. The Jurchens were then destroyed by the mongols, but the families lived on and traced their decent through the Jurchens and Song era Han. It is noteworthy to note that historically they were considered non-Han because they were considered outsiders that had "missed out" on the 200- year era of the Ming (despite being nominally subordinated), and thus weren't as up to date on many things and started developing their own culture (A good example is that Manchu women the early Qing years were not afraid to talk to other men in private (A big nono in Han confucianisim), and the men didn't care (as much) about female virginity because how do you raise a child when its -20C by yourself back then with no monies?. It was considered acceptable that if your cousin or brother's wife died that you could "marry" them to prevent them from being frozen to death. That most definitely is not acceptable by (neo) Confucian standards, a widow should commit suicide after raising their children was the norm.
https://yewtu.be/watch?v=sYmc5o870Mk After watching this I want a Webley-Fosbery even more than before.
Open file (120.98 KB 370x258 word-image.png)
Do you hold any shitcoins, Chang? >>16322 >took prisoner the majority of the Song imperial court and family Weren't the Song Mongols?
>>16325 No, the mongols were the Yuan that came after the Song.
>>16324 Gotta say, that's a dead sexy video. Can you even get a Webley-Fosbery without shelling out a ridiculous sum, though?
>>16325 >bitcoins My ass in the US, I ain't rich enough to mine here. Plus, I'm not a higher up in the CPC since that is how they embezzle their money lol. No Song predate the mongols, you mongoloid >that picture You know that's like how they like to street level drug dealers when the issue is the people in charge of the country? Basically that lol.
>>16327 >No, the mongols were the Yuan that came after the Song. >>16332 >No Song predate the mongols, you mongoloid
Open file (47.82 KB 266x200 ClipboardImage.png)
>>16245 Going through uni in a generally un-pozzed country and have a job with some gay corporate one of the biggest in my country coming up. I intend to make money fast, invest, and get out before HR catches me for being a bad goy... >>16317 >perfectly legal to impregnate a 14 years old girl I'm thinking Hungary or Japan - otherwise I'm assuming you're from Africa lmao
Open file (686.69 KB 2728x4000 1466207665216-0.jpg)
Open file (585.21 KB 640x360 DUCE DUCE.webm)
>>16258 DUCE! A NOI!
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homophone#Mandarin_Chinese >Due to phonological constraints in Mandarin syllables (as Mandarin only allows for an initial consonant, a vowel, and a nasal or retroflex consonant in respective order), there are only a little over 400 possible unique syllables that can be produced,[6] compared to over 15,831 in the English language.[7] Chinese has an entire genre of poems taking advantage of the large amount of homophones called one-syllable articles, or poems where every single word in the poem is pronounced as the same syllable if tones are disregarded. An example is the Lion-Eating Poet in the Stone Den. >Like all Chinese languages, Mandarin uses phonemic tones to distinguish homophonic syllables, which it has five. For example, mā (妈) means "mother", má (麻) means "hemp", mă (马) means "horse", mà (骂) means "scold", and ma (吗) is a yes/no question particle. Although all these words consist of the same string of consonants and vowels, the only way to distinguish each of these words audibly is by listening to which tone the word has, and as shown above, saying a consonant-vowel string using a different tone can produce an entirely different word altogether. If tones are included, the number of unique syllables in Mandarin increases to at least 1,522.[8] However, even with tones, Mandarin retains a very large amount of homophones. Yì, for example, has at least 125 homophones,[9] and it is the pronunciation used for Chinese characters such as 义, 意, 易, 亿, 议, 一, and 已. >Many scholars believe that the Chinese language did not always have such a large number of homophones and that the phonological structure of Chinese syllables was once more complex, which allowed for a larger amount of possible syllables so that words sounded more distinct from each other. >Scholars also believe that Old Chinese had no phonemic tones, but tones emerged in Middle Chinese to replace sounds that were lost from Old Chinese. Since words in Old Chinese sounded more distinct from each other at this time, it explains why many words in Classical Chinese consisted of only one syllable. For example, the Standard Mandarin word 狮子(shīzi, meaning "lion") was simply 狮 (shī) in Classical Chinese, and the Standard Mandarin word 教育 (jiàoyù, "education") was simply 教 (jiào) in Classical Chinese. >Since many Chinese words became homophonic over the centuries, it became difficult to distinguish words when listening to documents written in Classical Chinese being read aloud. One-syllable articles like those mentioned above are evidence for this. For this reason, many one-syllable words from Classical Chinese became two-syllable words, like the words mentioned in the previous paragraph. Damn, the janny wasn't kidding about ancient Chinese being a different language.
Open file (106.10 KB 975x596 age of consent is 14.png)
>>16336 >I'm thinking Hungary or Japan - otherwise I'm assuming you're from Africa lmao Kikepedia says that there are quite a few other countries where you can do that.
>>16245 I'm a zog bot because it got my foot in the door at least... If you can manage to get a decent job and learn skills elsewhere you'd probably be more successful. The benefits are alright but for the amount of work and stupid shit you have to do it's still a mostly unskilled blue collar wage until you pull in GI bill money.
Open file (49.26 KB 1000x1080 fatguy4u.png)
Open file (850.18 KB 717x1012 iowaatsea.jpg)
>>16245 Framing Carpenter Got into it via a school district program. I'm surrounded by stupid mask-wearing hylic fucks that buy into everything the radio and the talmudvision says. And they even have the audacity to call themselves conservative. I wanted to join the military here, but it is beyond hope and saving in this banana republic, since the top brass begun pandering to trannies, vaginaniggers, and muzzies. My life isn't easy, but I do manage to earn enough to pay my monthly rent of 600 dollary-doos, along with diesel, groceries, ammuntion, and etc. The car insurance here is jewish as fuck, so I'm using the transit system right now. Not wearing a cuck-muzzle, that's for sure. I wish my waifu would be real :( Maybe the /k/ube will grant my wish....I hope.
>>16308 Impressive + non-Impressive. Best of both worlds, really.
Open file (123.94 KB 602x399 obrezmosin.jpg)
>>16245 Fiber Optic installer. It's okay but the housing situation in the NW of the US is mostly shit. Particularly Montana and Colorado, rent for a place that isn't in the middle of nowhere goes for 1,400$ and up. Thinking of moving to ND/SD and picking up whatever retail job since I can't get any IT work. Now's the time to move if you are considering it, most places are starting at 16/hr and hiring bonuses to boot.
Biden announces the "BBBW" initiative at G7 to counter China's Belt and Road:= >Today President Biden met with G7 leaders to discuss strategic competition with China and commit to concrete actions to help meet the tremendous infrastructure need in low- and middle-income countries. >Build Back Better World: An Affirmative Initiative for Meeting the Tremendous Infrastructure Needs of Low- and Middle-Income Countries. President Biden and G7 partners agreed to launch the bold new global infrastructure initiative Build Back Better World (BBBW), a values-driven, high-standard, and transparent infrastructure partnership led by major democracies to help narrow the $40+ trillion infrastructure need in the developing world, which has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. >Through BBBW, the G7 and other like-minded partners with coordinate in mobilizing private-sector capital in four areas of focus—climate, health and health security, digital technology, and gender equity and equality—with catalytic investments from our respective development finance institutions. >BBBW will be global in scope, from Latin America and the Caribbean to Africa to the Indo-Pacific. Different G7 partners will have different geographic orientations, but the sum of the initiative will cover low- and middle-income countries across the world.  >In announcing this partnership, the United States and its G7 partners are expressing a unified vision for global infrastructure development. As a lead partner in BBBW, the United States will seek to mobilize the full potential of our development finance tools, including the Development Finance Corporation, USAID, EXIM, the Millennium Challenge Corporation, and the U.S. Trade and Development Agency, and complementary bodies such as the Transaction Advisory Fund. In doing so, the Biden Administration aims to complement domestic infrastructure investments in the American Jobs Plan and create new opportunities to demonstrate U.S. competitiveness abroad and create jobs at home. >In addition to the billions of dollars which the United States mobilizes in overseas infrastructure financing through existing bilateral and multilateral tools, we will work with Congress to augment our development finance toolkit with the hope that, together with the private sector, other U.S. stakeholders, and G7 partners, BBBW will collectively catalyze hundreds of billions of dollars of infrastructure investment for low- and middle-income countries in the coming years. https://archive.is/KKnpm https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/statements-releases/2021/06/12/fact-sheet-president-biden-and-g7-leaders-launch-build-back-better-world-b3w-partnership/
>>16389 Would you rather take money from globohomo, from the CCP, or shoot both their fucking ambassadors in the face? Oh right, this is /k/. I'd be amazed if you didn't choose the third option.
>>16389 >infrastructure partnership led by major democracies to help narrow the $40+ trillion infrastructure need in the developing world Sounds like G7 partners teaming up to offload their debt onto developing nations in the hopes of having them take out massive loans to offset what is owed by G7 nations.
>>16393 Congrats, you realized it was all a pyramid scheme. Importing people to take out loans in the first world has gone out the window with the current geopolitical climate, so now they are going directly to the source.
>>16394 It's actually not a terrible idea in the grand scheme of things. Investing in infrastructure abroad is very rarely a bad choice unless dealing with a war zone, it's just that they're not going to actually invest, just spread the misery.
Open file (99.52 KB 853x543 Savior of Belgium.jpg)
>>16308 the amount of chaos he's causing by doing nothing and just fucking off innawoods is hysterical
>>16389 could they have picked a worse name?
>>16398 BBBC?
Open file (65.37 KB 483x700 1436841394736.jpg)
>>16389 >and gender equity and equality
Israel has immediately broken the ceasefire following the election: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=YAGLBlD98O4
>>16245 I live in a Trench and get shot at.
Open file (53.39 KB 184x169 whyamiwatchingthis.PNG)
>>16389 Oh good, the economic hit men are back.
>>16412 What a coincidence. I also live in a trench, and I shoot at people I see in other trenches. I think that makes us neighbors.
It's pronounced Missourah https://archive.ph/ih7ea >The Justice Department is warning Missouri officials that the state can’t ignore federal law, after the governor signed a bill last week that bans police from enforcing federal gun rules.
Open file (83.65 KB 496x475 1412806744125.jpg)
>>16414 If you're the neighbor I don't like I have a grenade with your name written on it. Also stop fucking with my not-claymores. Tired of having to trap them in eight different ways.
>>16438 Can you post the (non-hotlinked) version of the original URL please? I can't get to any archive.today site b/c cuckflare. With the original URL I can at least look for it on wayback. Thanks. SHOW ME :^)
>>16438 > that the state can’t ignore federal law We all know that is a fucking lie. The feds didn't even try arrest people for weed after many states started legalizing it. At best they went after a few guys growing it without paying taxes for it since that is a big no-no.
>>16440 >>16245 The Russians gave me this place to live but food is limited and I am forced to work all day.
>>16332 >No Song predate the mongols The Mongols invented music?
>.cafe now has a /pol/ Well, it was fun while it lasted Streloks. All good things come to an end.
Yo, could you come pick up your pdf poster from /islam/ please?
>>16474 >now Hello newfriend.
https://aviatorwallet.com/collections/aviator-wallet-accessoires/products/door-hook-open-doors-without-touching-handles-protect-yourself-from-germs https://archive.md/wip/pb2Nv >Door handles - especially in public places - can harbor a variety of bacteria and viruses. If someone sneezes into his hand and then opens a door, germs can remain on the door handle. The next person who touches the handle can bring these germs from their hand to their face. An infection becomes possible. >The AVIATOR Door Hook is the perfect solution to protect yourself efficiently against this way of transmission. This invention allows doors, lights and lift switches to be opened and operated without manual contact. A smear infection can thus be prevented without limiting everyday life. It's certainly overpriced, but is it a solid concept otherwise?
>>16477 Its a grift. Technically yes it works in that the first door you use it on will transfer the bacteria to the metal, but its stainless steel and has no anti microbial properties. Bacteria will spread if you dont douse the thing in alcohol after every use, youre only delaying the inevitable spread to the rest of the device and then to your hand. Its faster, easier, and free to simply wash your hands if youre that concerned about doorknobs.
>>16478 That's about what I was thinking, and I can just use some tissue to touch doorknobs if I get worried enough, and also carry some hand sanitizer with me. Or wear gloves, because that's about as weird as carrying around that device.
>>16477 >>16478 What autistic shit. Didn't brass door knobs serve the purpose of being a weak anti-biotic in ye olden times but we decided to care for form over function instead?
Open file (37.48 KB 1167x241 germany.png)
>>16484 >What autistic shit. It's German, of course it is autistic.
>>16477 >>16484 >aviatorwallet Are they pandering to large coffers? Maybe. Just did a quick search and there are slightly cheaper solutions all over etsy in different sizes, shapes and a lot of them have the added benefit of being brass so no need to pay out the ass for anti-microbial metal surfaces. Also just wash your hands and save your money on brass for the range.
>There are rumours in Washington & London — nothing more substantial yet — that one of China’s top intelligence figures, Dong Jingwei, has defected to the US. If it turns out to be true, we could soon find out whether Covid really started in the Wuhan lab. And much, much more. https://megalodon.jp/2021-0620-0658-53/https://mobile.twitter.com:443/JohnSimpsonNews/status/1406152040892432387 >After the "rumor" about #DongJingwei's defection being widely spread, #CCP reports that Dong hosted a national security meeting on Jun 18(today). However, there is no photo of him hosting the meeting, or any photo of the meeting at all. So, let's wait and see. https://megalodon.jp/2021-0620-0700-34/https://mobile.twitter.com:443/jenniferatntd/status/1405878064664489992 Big if true.
>>16453 It is also a built in function of our Republic. Madison in Federalist 46: "should an unwarrantable measure of the federal government be unpopular in particular States...the means of opposition to it are powerful and at hand. The disquietude of the people; their repugnance and refusal to co-operate with the officers of the Union"
>>16488 This would be something to go to war over. Dong could flip the lid on a shitload of intelligence operations and go in depth into how the chink government works and what they are working/plans. I keep reading how a lot of American glow in the darks have been getting compromised in china, but now the tables can be turned.
Open file (5.18 KB 246x205 kot.jpg)
>>16490 >the topic of the meeting he supposedly hosted was that "agents should look out for those who collude with foreign forces" >Top Chinese spy catcher Dong Jingwei warns agents to look out for those who collude with foreign forces >•The security chief tells agents they must hunt down ‘insiders’ who collude with anti-China forces and ‘those who bankroll them’ >China’s top spy catcher has urged the country’s intelligence officers to step up their efforts to hunt down foreign agents and insiders who collude with “anti-China” forces. >Dong Jingwei, the vice-minister of state security, made the comments on Friday at a seminar on a counter-espionage regulation that came into effect in April. >A report on the event posted on Changanjian, the social media account operated by China’s top law enforcement agency, the Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission, did not specify where the seminar was held. >“The promulgation of such regulations provides us, the principal agents responsible for counter-espionage work, with the legal means to prevent, stop and combat criminal activities that would jeopardise our national security,” a read-out from the seminar said. >“This will reinforce our responsibility in counter-espionage work, and enable us to do a better job in organising and mobilising all social forces in waging ‘people’s warfare’ against espionage activities.” >Besides catching foreign spies, the report said the intelligence officers must also go after “insiders” and “people who bankroll their activities behind the scene”. >“At present, infiltration and spying activities by foreign intelligence agencies and hostile forces have increased significantly,” it said. “In particular, there are individuals who have willingly become ‘insiders’ colluding with foreign intelligence agencies and hostile forces and engaging in anti-China activities.” >“All state security agencies must stand firm … deepen and carry out our various counter-espionage work to safeguard our national security,” it added. >The report made no mention of specific hostile foreign forces or the tension between China and Western countries over a wide range of issues from Xinjiang to Hong Kong and Taiwan. https://archive.is/za20X
>>16490 Murica is bluffing to seem more powerful than they really are. Incall bullshit on that story, not only because I imagine it's to fucking hard to defect from China, and because the person in question is in a very high and respectable position. Why would he want to defect? Especially considering that the Chinamen see the US as their greatest enemy.
Jürgen Conings found dead in Hoge Kempen National Park https://archive.md/JKGD8 >The body of fugitive soldier Jürgen Conings has been found in the Dilserbos, the wooded area of the Hoge Kempen National Park where he first went missing on 18 May. The first indications, according to the federal prosecutor’s office, are that he took his own life using a firearm. >The news of the discovery of Conings’ remains has not been officially confirmed, but the federal prosecutor’s office said the initial indications point in that direction. “The probable cause of death, according to the initial investigation results, is suicide by firearms.,” a spokesperson said. “However, this is yet to be confirmed. A new state of affairs will be provided at the end of the day in conjunction with the crisis centre.” >According to reports, the body was found by accident by the mayor of Maaseik, Johan Tollenaere, while he was out cycling. According to De Morgen, Tollenaere was cycling by when he noticed an overwhelming smell of decay. He notified military and emergency services who were still in the area. A spokesperson for defence minister Ludivine Dedonder said a pathologist was on the way.
>>16498 >According to reports, the body was found by accident by the mayor of Maaseik, Johan Tollenaere, while he was out cycling. How the fuck does a man cycling manage to smell something decaying in this weather when they supposedly already combed through this place? It's not adding up.
>>16490 Like I said before, The last time something like this happened we got MH370, but supposedly it was a Chinese spy in the US.
>>16500 Exactly. It's a bullshit story to calm the populace. Otherwise they wouldn't be beating around the bush, but instead just say clearly what he died from. Polizei and Bundeswehr probably are sick and tired of looking for him, and just made a deal with a guy they knew personally (the mayor), to make up this story.
>>16489 Perhaps more state's Governor's should familiarize themselves with the Founding Father's writings?
>>16475 I don't think anyone who would likely be here would post anything on a pro-terrorist board like /islam/ would they?
>>16446 It was never a matter of spoonfeeding or not, strelok. It was a matter of reminding you not to utilize a system that relies on the compromised Cuckflare. Use wayback please.
>>16498 >hundreds of trained military doing a parade detail over the terrain can't find a man >local lead politician does instead Seems rather 'convenient' don't you think? Should count for a few votes more during the election from the soygoys, I'd imagine.
>>16507 >state governors have power Insurrection act would like to have a word with you. >>16509 You are implying I am the person that posted the original link, of which I am most definitely not.
I summon Foxconn man to divine the significance of this, if any: China GDP engine Guangdong hit with perfect storm of power grid uncertainty Drought, coal prices and shifting demand blamed for forcing cuts to factory electricity >GUANGZHOU -- Scarce rain, rising coal prices and rapid inland industrialization have together left the southern Chinese manufacturing hub of Guangdong Province in the throes of an electricity shortage that casts uncertainty over about 10% of the country's economic output. >The effects are being felt on factory floors and in managers' offices, with one Japanese-owned metal parts supplier sent scrambling to rearrange work schedules after local authorities ordered power cuts. >For manufacturers on the ground in the province -- Procter & Gamble, Canon, Volkswagen and Japan's top three automakers, just to name a few -- the biggest question is how long the electricity shortage will last. A Honda Motor spokesperson said there was no impact on production at this time. But if the power constraints become chronic, they would risk rattling global supply chains. >"With two power cuts a week, we can still ensure enough output," an executive at the parts maker said. "Anything more than that and there will be delivery delays." >A spokesperson for the National Development and Reform Commission, China's economic planning body, acknowledged in a news conference Thursday that Guangdong and other southern provinces face power shortages. Separately, state-owned China Southern Power Grid said usage in its service area jumped 23.2% for January to May compared with a year earlier. This growth was 5.5 percentage points faster than the nationwide average, the company said. >During the mandated power cuts, companies can use only enough electricity for essential operations, such as security. Going over the limit results in a penalty in the form of extended hours of restrictions. >Home to 115.21 million people as of the end of 2019, Guangdong accounts for 8% of China's population. Major cities include tech hub Shenzhen and Guangdong. Some of the Chinese biggest companies, such as Huawei Technologies, electric-vehicle builder BYD, appliance group Midea and Tencent Holdings, are headquartered in the province. >Guangdong's economic importance makes a dependable power supply essential. That made it all the more unusual when power authorities in May announced plans to adjust supplies of electricity to different industries and companies in response to a shortage. >Authorities attributed the shortage to a drought and elevated summer demand. Guangdong received about only about 40% as much precipitation from January to early April as in the same period last year, while the average temperature was 2.2 C higher, local media report. This combination reduced hydropower output while stoking demand for air conditioning and refrigeration. >Low coal inventories -- an effect of rising prices -- are also taking a toll. Domestic coal prices stood at 878 yuan ($136) per ton in early June, up roughly 70% on the year, based on 5,500 kilocalories of heat per kilogram, official data show. >Environmental restrictions and a probe into coal-mining corruption have squeezed output of the fuel, prompting some suppliers to raise prices. >Coal accounted for around 60% of China's electricity output in 2020, according to the International Energy Agency, with hydropower making up around 20%. A report by China's Citic Securities says high fuel prices have created a disincentive for utilities to push their fossil-fuel-burning power plants harder. >Wider factors in the regional economy are also at work. About 30% of the power used in Guangdong comes long-distance from Yunnan and other provinces. Yunnan has seen an influx of investment in aluminum production and other energy-intensive industries in recent years. According to China Southern Power Grid, power usage in Yunnan in January to April was about 30% higher than a year earlier. This cut into the availability of power for Guangdong. >China is working to relieve structural bottlenecks to its energy supply by building more nuclear and other capacity. Nuclear energy accounts for less than 5% of China's power now. >One of its nuclear plants, in the Guangdong city of Taishan, appeared at risk of releasing radioactive materials into the environment, CNN reported last week. Chinese authorities said Wednesday that there had been fuel rod damage at the plant but have provided few details on the situation. https://web.archive.org/web/20210621032744/https://asia.nikkei.com/Business/Energy/China-GDP-engine-Guangdong-hit-with-perfect-storm-of-power-grid-uncertainty Is something rotten in the state of Canton?
>>16513 Having all of our eggs in the cheap labor basket is gonna be the most hilarious of fucking memes when china collapses and takes the global economy with it.
>>16514 Their infrastructure is made in China, after all. Seems like it's only a matter of time. The poos are likely going to benefit in the long run, when companies move their facilities to the slightly-less-unstable, and slightly-less-cheap Indian subcontinent.
All the image boards are down
>>16515 >Indian subcontinent However, it's full of shit. Automating higher-end manufacturing and reshoring it would be a better bet than leaving it with INSAS land. Apparently the Swedish government has just been voted out, kek.
Sweden's parliament has passed a vote of no confidence in Prime Minister Stefan Lofven. >A total of 181 of the 349 MPs voted in favour of the motion, with 51 abstentions. It is the first time in Swedish history that a prime minister has been ousted in such a vote. >The Social Democrat leader has a week to resign or call a snap election. >The decision came after a dispute over rent controls led the Left party to withdraw its support for the coalition. >The result means a collapse of the Social Democrat's minority coalition government with the Green Party. >If the prime minister decides to step down, the parliament's speaker will have to begin cross-party negotiations to form a new government. >Sweden's Left party called for the no-confidence vote last week amid a row over proposals to end a rent cap on new-build flats. Although Mr Lofven's party does not support the measure, it had agreed to consider the plans to appease other opposition parties. >The vote was proposed by the nationalist Sweden Democrats and backed by two centre-right opposition parties. >Any new government would remain in place until general elections, which are set to take place in September next year. https://web.archive.org/web/20210621123413/https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-57553238
>>16513 >Environmental restrictions and a probe into coal-mining corruption have squeezed output of the fuel, prompting some suppliers to raise prices. Further proof that the SO2 was from illegal mining/drilling last year and not dead bodies.
>>16522 Isn't that the same government that only formed to keep the slightly less left-leaning leftist party out of office?
Open file (23.25 KB 259x384 Breakin2.jpg)
>>16513 >pic unrelated >what does this mean man with sks and slit eyes? It means, that your sillicon shortage is about to get a LOT worse, and expect more shortages from anything from consumer end high tech (so not like space-X or dot-mil tier stuff). So expect shit like Apple products also to spike up in price since I didn't die from breaking anti-suicide netting this time, I died from COVID and 120 hr work weeks. Also, more shipping delays, also get ready to see Hong Kong riots part 2, how to ruin your own city the sequel. If it's cheap consumer shit like a mop or a fucking plastic storage bin, you'll be fine. All that shit is manufactured in Hebei near Beijing, and those fucks never get enough water. It's kinda ironic >something rotten? Oh yes, most definitely. Five reasons: 1) Canton has a lot of water, you can blame Xi and co for making the south-north water reclamation project since southern China always had more water than N. China so they just built massive pipelines to drain it to the north (which never has enough water). Try to enter the realm of the gods in this way and you burn your wings though in the case of China, they don't have a choice, Chinese history is filled with water reclamation and diversion projects. 2) In China they are trying to emulate the American way of living to a degree. If you don't have a house, a car, a college degree and a stable job no woman in China will even look at you. HVAC is a big issue everywhere because too energy intensive. 3)Guangdong is more progressive than most of China. So muh conservation is a thing here, it hasn't reached California tier levels of idiocy though 4)This is what happens when you fucking decide to develop too many cities on one side of the river, (Guangzhou, Shenzhen, HK are all on the eastern side of the Pearl river delta). 5) Canton hates immigrants, just like how everyone hates califags everyone in canton hates immigrants from outside of canton. It's worse cause canton is very linguistically distinct from other Chinese dialects. If they'd ironically bother developing shit in northern China in Heilongjiang along the Amur (Heilongjiang) river, they wouldn't have this issue. But then nobody wants to live in a frozen cold wasteland (they aren't at the tier of califags fleeing to Montana yet). BTW, did anyone see the new recent video of some Chinese woman cutting the dick off a dude and then using it as a dildo while tounging whatever remains of the area above the balls? This is why you don't invert the population pyrmid and invert gender roles lads.
I also forgot, that canton is going through another set of severe lockdowns due to muh delta strain covid.
Open file (15.53 KB 328x370 1624275783079.jpg)
>>16526 >Chinese woman cutting the dick off a dude and then using it as a dildo while tounging whatever remains of the area above the balls? This is why you don't invert the population pyrmid and invert gender roles lads. >this is what 100 years of grorious CCP gets you
Russia proposes state to control access to porn https://archive.md/RVyl2 >The Russian agency responsible for regulating online content is proposing to limit access to pornography by making it available exclusively via state-run services. The authorities have long tried to combat pornography, but their efforts have met little success. I can't wait for state-approved Russian pornography.
Open file (492.70 KB 1080x1454 Anime.jpg)
Open file (46.34 KB 750x427 EsLzDlOW8AUk0bx.jpeg.jpg)
>>16529 Why are all these countries so keen to ban porn lately? I mean I get the moralfag argument and false "solve falling birth rates" argument but porn serves the purpose brothels used to serve, and brothels are basically required for a society that doesn't want mass shootings.
>>16532 Parents can't be bothered spending time with their children or setting up a firewall.
>>16528 >100 years More like 72
>>16535 They rigged the dates to have their anniversary this year.
>>16529 They should just ban 3DPD pornography.
>>16532 >porn serves the purpose brothels used to serve Not really, porn is much lower quality of a human experience than actually fucking a woman, and it's more highly addictive as well. The porn industry is also completely set up by jews, and they use it to actively push increasingly perverted shit that destroys the very fabric of society.
>>16538 Thanks for clarifying an implied point, captain obvious.
>>16538 Sacred whores when?
Open file (76.47 KB 866x553 Great Britain.jpg)
>>16528 >>16535 >what a century of cpc gets you You mean, what 50 years of attempted population control (1970-2010s) led by a team of missile scientists gets you. They thought they could just shift the precision of a woman's fertility years just like a missile. Most populations in nations have more women than men. Invert it and you get this shit. That being said, some of it is cultural. Southern Chinese women tend to be much more productive (and hate southern men more) since a lot of the men are just lazy jackasses down south. In northern China it's more "equal". This is somewhat bitterly hilarious (if not ironic) because I have several cousins from s. China who fit the tsundere (if not yandere) trope to a t. The more hilarious part is that somehow their attractive to white men because they look like they look like fbi bait despite being over 20.... >you're bullshitting! >be me >in the early teens >stuck in canton because fucking god damnit we missed a plane >have two days to do fuck all >mum asks why don't we visit a relative >ok.jpg >takes a while to get to their apartment, knock on the reinforced screen door. >takes my aunt a moment to recognize my mother >tells my cousin that there's a relative she needs to meet >5ft 1 girl immediately tries to roundhouse me in the shoulder >1 judo flip and a lot of "WTF YOU CAN'T BEAT WOMEN/KIDS YOUNGER THAN YOU" >while neckholding I ask "why the fuck did you punch me?" >I wanted to try to see if your american ass could beat my state level kickboxing qualifer >My mothers face is priceless like mastercard, why would you try to fight someone who can lift you with one hand? *My shitty athletic capabilities in the US qualifies me for national level championships in china if not the olympics LOL** >politely decline to stay for the night after mandatory tea etiquette and immediately gtfo as fast as I can because I don't want to be taliban'ed at night >I end up being the only one on the flgght home since mom wants to catch up >before I leave I get to meet her younger sister since my uncle gives me a ride. >younger sister clings to me, and violently fights her sister for the entirety of the trip to airport . God help me. >back in nothern china, around a month later, it is the day before mid-autumn festival >parents are taking care of their parents, I'm stuck alone. >walking back to the apartment after grabbing some food to cook, it's a shitty old one with lots of concrete like the soviet era buildings, there's an old ass (disused) trash chute in the on the bend of the stairs between levels that's got the opening wielded shut below a window >I hear something, turn and duck, and I see a fucking god damn wheeled suitcase (the large plastic ones that don't bend) getting thrown at me. >don't have a loicense for a knive or a cattle prod and I don't want to deal with the MPS. Only weapon I carry is a deployable baton rigged to stun people (This was before they put security scanners on the subways). >my ass too damn tall to extend the baton in the building since building is for people below the height of like 5' 5" >immediately push them into the windows as hard as I can. >police get called because there's a woman screaming on the fourth floor while being violently interrogated (read: dangled out the window) in english because I was too damned pissed to speak mandarin >police ask "are you relatives" >I say yes before she can say anything. >police leave cause its day before mid-autumn festival and it's a "family issue". >continue to violently shake her because this is the second time I got jumped out of the blue >I get a call to from my parents to take care of her >mfw my holiday is semi-ruined. This is why I don't ever unlock a door while facing it now, and I refuse to get involved with women because of this shit at least in China the courts don't fuck you over like the USA LOL. IDK why white men are so into asian women like that, I'd almost say it'd be gayer than the current day homosexuals. Well, at least you won't have to worry about money since they usually end up earning more than you.
>>16538 >porn is much lower quality of a human experience than actually fucking a woman With a lover, sure, but it's far better to fap than to taint yourself with casual sex.
Open file (946.04 KB 1400x5552 Mandarin.png)
>>16542 >ever going to China for any reason but why
>>16542 >5ft 1 girl immediately tries to roundhouse me in the shoulder You have to be kidding me, is everyone kung fu fighting?
>>16542 You should practice some brazilian jujitsu and some proper fucking situational awareness, Still, good fucking work, great fucking job. That competent in close combat at early teens, too. I'm impressed, lad.
Open file (3.45 KB 960x540 bad drawing.png)
>>16545 >kung fu joke https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXa0ygEsrWg >video related Fucking Kazuya and Biolante though LOL You made me laugh but no. Pretty sure it's just her and her sister... When those two fight it looks like a scene straight out of a gachimuchi wrestling film... >>16544 >hospital fees That is unironically true and made me have a laugh. Oh btw if you cause a scene in the hospital the local pd has an armed pd detachment and you get shot. Supposedly they've changed the fee charging system but I haven't been back lol. >>16546 >jujitsu Pls, I gotta learn the art of lazyness (Tai Chi) because muh ethno-nationalism right? Also, not really useful since most rooms are very cramped (living room for ex was around 7ft wide at best without furniture). >impressive It's not really impressive since I've got a foot of height over her. Also, I went to a US public school early in life so I learned to beat the living crap out of others very quickly as the only Asian kid in class (Inner city schools suck). >situational awareness It's very hard to be situationally aware in how cramped the places are and with the background noise Not to mention my parents just not "telling" me when she drops by because they think we get along well enough or something, I lived on top of a subway line and next to a major highway, AND on top of the elevator well so it was loud as fuck . The last time she fought me was a good example. The apartment I lived (After moving from the other one) in is pretty cramped, To enter it from the staircase elevator is very cramped, I've drawn a shit ms paint diagram to prove my point. Black are publicly accessible walkways. Red are in house corridors, blue was the master bedroom, orange, kitchen, pink my room, yellow is the bathroom. The corridor from the door to the bathroom is about the width of 3/4ths a yard, and the little outside portion connecting is just outside enough you can't fucking see it from the door (3 yards ish). >Parents gone for a business trip >I'm not invited because filthy foreigner. Also, broke my shoulder/arm pretty badly 4 months ago (It takes a lot longer to heal when there's little dairy/meat), still not really able to use it >My parents decide to not tell me I have a relative coming AND don't lock the door ( the older Chinese doors you can't tell which way the deadbolt is turned) >Just took a shower, and I'm going to grab the mop (the bathroom floor is the shower, and its at a higher elevation than the rest of the room. >bathroom door and front door next to each other, bathroom door opens outwards and front door opens inwards so you can't really see the front door. >Open the door, take two steps out and I immediately get fucking drop kicked in said injured shoulder. >oh boy here we go again. >water spills everywhere because I didn't manage to close the bathroom door >immediately judo flip them with my non-dominant hand before I get yanked down because dead arm rip >we're both fucking covered in water and can't get grip on each other >around 10 minutes later I end up holding her in a neck crank after dislocating both her arms. That was probably the only time where I was actually angry because I can't afford to remain emotional most of the time. Because not only did I get injured again, I also have to clean up the entire fucking corridor and bathroom, cook lunch for us, and take another shower because she's a guest of my parents. I ended up spanking her (after all I am her senior by two years) pretty hard because I was really pissed off that she was taking her parents divorce emotional baggage out on me. I get like she's probably a bit of an outlier but I don't know what would be worse in real life. Dating a woman like my cousin who would beat the shit out of you (or at least try) if you fucked them over, or date some western woman and get lynch mobbed canceled or accused of rape instead. I think I'm going to just move to Montana and fuck off innamountain as a hermit or something inb4 ruby ridged. I dread the day their family comes to the US on visa and I have to teach them how to shoot a firearm. I might as well wear IV plates and a PASGT because I have the feeling I'm going to get shot. At least her sister is polite unless someone takes something she wants....
>>16551 >Battle loli waifu >Can kick the shit out of unsuspecting targets. My god, I didn't know I need it, but FUCK do I need it!
>>16555 It will NOT end well for you, trust me. Plus she gets overpowered easily. Ask Chinaman-boy over there if you don't believe me.... at least judging from what he's written.
>>16555 >emotionally retarded foid that leverages cultural taboo to attack people have fun getting "kicked the shit out of" when you don't buy her a BTS meal or a $300 figurine from a boy's swim team anime dumbass imagine wanting a creature like that to raise your kids. they'd either turn out as brain boiled anomalies or mutant psychos held back by a frail physique
>video unreleated >>16557 >>16556 >>16555 >overpowered easily Yes and no. I exercise, and I have a lot of fighting experience from getting the shit beat out of me (and vice versa) in public school, granted, that's not equivalent to years of martial arts training. She's not going to throw down a 6'7" dude unless he's spazzed out of his mind on alcohol. Versus modern day normie faggot? Maybe. Versus other women, probably, versus tyrone? good luck. >leverages a cultural taboo Thing is, her mother is like her but she's actually capable of being a functional member of society. She's PhD in some STEM degree and actually knows her shit. Also, her mother doesn't BTFO of people, only her husband (and I suspect it ran both ways LOL). I put up with this shit because I'm not her SO, I'm a relative (literally her ONLY relative that's not the equivalent of trailer trash) that has to put up with it. This is what happens when you try to craft a well made porcelain doll, but cracked it on the table edge and it shattered. At least burgers make people do whatever and instead we get trans furry faggots. A porcelain doll that easily shatters or a lego character that can be rebuilt easily? >wife comment I feel sorry for you, and your family strelok. Anyways, enough ranting about my life issues even if this is the /k/anteen or how China is indefinitely more fucked than the US in the long term (but unlike the US, they might be able to forcibly reverse course). Is anyone watching the Connor Murphy meltdown? From the dude on old /fit/ before it got pozzed on 8cuck to shit eating drug addict with insanity? Also, is it just me, or do I feel like the dating scene is just filled with even MORE insanity now? One of my friends got canceled by a Catholic girl who then turned around and said he needed Jesus lol. I've just been struggling with the logical question that modern day social life is these days.
Open file (318.70 KB 500x342 Japanese_animes.png)
>>16551 >your cousin wrestled you, got you both wet, and it ended up with you spanking her >>16563 >Is anyone watching the Connor Murphy meltdown? From the dude on old /fit/ before it got pozzed on 8cuck to shit eating drug addict with insanity? Did he have a second one? He already melted down last year.
>>16566 >Murphy meltdown mk2 Yeah, he was apparently the streaker that was caught at the US Open in golf.
>>16566 He's living the dream but doesn't realize it
Open file (200.09 KB 662x747 Nerd.jpg)
Which one of you nerds was this?
>>16572 Holy kek, that fag is a living meme.
>>16573 Still enough balls to slap a big jew, although maybe he did it for the wrong reasons
>>16572 The funniest part is these aren't even related items, but they act like it is all part of a great big conspiracy. Jews are funny.
>>16574 Not questioning that. Still, should have done a princip and shot him.
>>16551 Clearly she wanted Strelok's dick. Should've asserted dominance. Now she's going to marry some fat bald anon or become used goods when the mainland gets invaded by Burgers.
>>16572 >Soviet flag Bitch boy ain't one of us.
>>16577 I would preferably not get murdered in my sleep strelok. Also, I have no interest in modern women I'm not gay, I just have better things in life to do like prepping
>>16579 What's the attitude to marrying your sister in Shina?
>>16580 I mean cousin.
>>16580 >sister/cousin In Chinese the word for it is the same. We don't make the sister/cousin distinction explicit, we just call them sister if we are of the same generation. This leads to hilarious shit like 55 year old men calling me older brother because he's the 5th generation whereas I am the 3rd. Historically cross-cousin marriages were allowed, alongside marrying your wife's sisters if their husbands died (mainly a north China thing). Didn't stop the royalty from incest though. Cousin marriage with one direct generation is banned per 1981 marriage law (revised in late 90s), marriages within three generations of separation is heavily stigmatized (read: unoffically banned) We're of the same generation, even though I think we're about three degrees separated. The old marriage law was unusually strict (1950s). It made legal age 20 for men and 18 for women, banned foreigner and interracial marriage (read: with africans/whites other "asian" groups within proximity of China okay) Historically in China divoice could be no fault (both genders, generally men initiating it, but not always) or unilateral by the husband. No fault required a note from the husband unilateral had seven possible reasons, infidelity, impious, infertility, adulterous, vain/jealous (if she objects to man getting multiple wives), std, gossipy, or steals. There are three circumstances where he cannot initate a unilateral divoice: 1) She has no family to return to (as confucious would mandate suicide in this case) 2) She observed proper mourning period for in law parents 3) Husband was poor and became rich Some degree of this applied to the rich city folk in the Tang era, there is a very well recorded incident of a rich woman executing a man who offended her. Once again, I blame Confucius (He is the first SJW in my opinon).
>>16582 >We don't make the sister/cousin distinction explicit that's some Polynesian level shit right there.
>>16572 Reminds me of myself
Open file (153.88 KB 1080x1052 Oriental Wisdom.jpg)
>>16582 >Confucious as first SJW Can you expand on that please? I know that his thought is extremely totalitarian in comparison to other oriental philosophies. But what he had on common to current libtards?
>>16551 >if you fucked them over Just don't fuck them over, strelok.
>suffer in an office job >hear one of the females telling the other ones about how often she has to fill her lips with silicone and how much money it costs >some time later hear two of them speaking about how both of them cucked at least one person before >one of them says the cuckold still wanted to be with her, but she felt guilty and couldn't bear it >at lunch the same group discusses relationships >one of them says a boy is still a virgin after putting his member into a girl once, because that is simply not enough >children come up, some of them want to have children, others don't, generally they say it depends on their partner >one of them says she can't have children because her womb is filled with cysts that then pop open >other one says she has the same problem, but her case is curable, and her cysts are smaller This world needs bloody murder and pillars of flame.
>>16601 The video failed to upload, and I didn't even get an error message. So here is the music that describes my current emotional state: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=Yha3L8-DBkw
>>16601 I'm not sure it would help. If paying attention to rapefugee stories has taught me anything, it's that war just makes degenerate women 100x moreso. Obviously it kills or unfucks men.
>>16601 retvrn to fealty
>>16602 >The video failed to upload, and I didn't even get an error message. Oh I hate that glitch. I still don't know what causes it.
https://archive.is/6A3Bu What a shitshow the armed forces in the US has become.
Open file (21.81 KB 400x400 1429728913368.jpg)
>>16613 >essential for morale yeah, the enemies morale
John McAfee has been whacked. >John McAfee found dead in prison cell after Spanish high court allows extradition, according to Spanish newspaper El Mundo >Antivirus creator John McAfee was found dead in his prison cell in Barcelona after the Spanish high court had authorized his extradition to the U.S., the Catalan justice department said. The department said that it could be a death by suicide https://archive.is/EaXw2
>>16616 what did he know?
>>16613 Good god. I'm shocked and not surprised at all at the same time.
Open file (302.87 KB 1089x818 стрелок.jpg)
Also, I just learned what strelok means after like 5 years here
>>16619 FIND strelok KILL strelok
Open file (36.95 KB 566x742 Sidorovich.jpg)
Open file (89.65 KB 1000x747 fulgrim.jpg)
Open file (269.57 KB 996x1000 Noise_Marines_Attack.jpg)
>>16618 >>16614 >US army >uses eagle symbology >obsessed with being the best out of everyone else in all ways >slowly descending into degeneracy Oh my God.
>>16613 I thought the one benefit to letting women in was that they no longer needed to use a man in a dress for "morale duty".
>>16624 All the women are probably butch lesbians so they have to use twinks still.
>>16384 I thought of moving to Dixie or New England and the land being cheap as it is seems too good to be true. I dropped out of school and thought that doing a trade would be good but I keep getting mixed signals from everyone saying that I'll be rolling in dough after I get a journeyman and specialty certs to being broke my whole life.
Open file (498.27 KB 1080x1233 1624487584193.png)
What did Bidup mean by this?
>>16627 >video refuses to attach
>>16627 >What did Bidup mean by this? He is looking for a fight. >>16628 I'm also having trouble posting videos.
>>16627 Is he offering to sell some?
>>16626 The trades ain't paying right now and people ain't promoting. When the Boomers die you'll move up a spot, but until then there's no guarantee with the trades. I got fucked. In my opinion, others didn't. It depends on what you want in life. Go drive trucks for a while if you don't know what you want. You can get a CDL as a bus driver, then at three years you're instantly hired in most companies just for having it.
>>16627 I predict he won't make it even 365 days. They'll accidentally'd him 23 times to the back of the head, then advance their token stronk, independynt niggress with a black-and-brown body. They obviously will call it a 'tragic day', and that it was 'sudden' (but hardly sad, given his """dangerous mental state"""). They're probably lacing the geezer's coffee just to accelerate the process along for him. The globalists were very likely planning this exact stolen-election-then-sad-demise outcome within 6 months of Donald Trump giving them the finger.
>>16634 I can see a deranged Drumpf supporter terröristering him, and then Kamehameha can lead a crackdown on crackas.
>>16637 Exactly. Turned out, he is a White Supremacist with ties to the Chinese, and it's the Russians who 1337 haxxored him into the area without being detected by the local, gallant, diverse police.
>Bidup stuttering about how banning assault wepons will solve violence against women on Fucks news while footage of the Miami apartment collapse plays side by side Sasuga burgers.
>>16623 Noise marines are my favorite chaos marines, guess i should join them >>16624 Now that i think about it, hasn't been crossdressing for "fun" always a thing in the army?
>>16526 >BTW, did anyone see the new recent video of some Chinese woman cutting the dick off a dude and then using it as a dildo while tounging whatever remains of the area above the balls? This is why you don't invert the population pyrmid and invert gender roles lads. What the fuck is this again. Are the screeching bitched going to form a screeching-bitches cartel in china and start uploading videos of screeching bitches doing fucked up shit to other people? >>16623 The worst legion and the worst timeline.
>>16642 Populations are supposed to naturally maintain about a 49/51 ratio of men to women to ensure competition encourages women to get married without unbalancing the population. When women exceed 53% of the population you end up with degenerate shit until women hit about 57-58% of the population where harems begin to form as women lose female advantage in the reproductive game, and if you go below 48%, men have to unreasonably compete for women and are just as likely to flip the table (best case scenario rape, worst case civil war) until the ratio stabilizes. Right now you have about 1.2 men per 1 women in China, but that ratio is heavily skewed because of cities and the like. This is why brothels are so important to keep men sated so they don't kill each other when your sex ratio is skewed or when you haven't been in a real war that threatened the homefront for a few generations.
>>16643 Does China even know how to fight a hot war in a way that isn't just zerg rushing?
Open file (299.32 KB 591x552 Untitled.png)
>>16627 America is a parody of a functioning country
>>16634 >I predict he won't make it even 365 days. They'll accidentally'd him 23 times to the back of the head, then advance their token stronk, independynt niggress with a black-and-brown body. >Strong anti immigration policies >Removal of useful idiots ultraleftists from internal politics >High energy voice compared to a literal mummy Although it's a 0.01% improvement, it'd be an improvement nonetheless. Bonus points, if she makes a horrible job at handling the presidency then it's back to the kitchen for women in politics for the next two generations - look at what happened in Canada after their one and only female prime minister had one of the most disastrous government and election cycle in Leaf history. >inb4 Merkel The Germans live under a system that imposes their own elected leaders onto them specifically to prevent another racially socialist government to get in power. They're a de facto American puppet.
>>16646 Didn't a similar thing happen in Finland just recently?
>>16627 He's been "cleaning the swamp" for the last few months firing anyone who doesn't tow his party line 100% (he fired the head of border control last month because border patrol kept referring to illegals as "illegal aliens" as per the legal definition when he told them to cut it out), and every comment out of his mouth (when it is coherent) are jokes shitting on anyone who opposes him, such as those comments. I'm indifferent for when Biden kicks the bucket. The true crimes are that people like him will die of old age and be venerated before they can receive their just desserts for their crimes against humanity.
Open file (553.23 KB 627x892 980i17d.png)
Anyways I'd be less worried about domestic politics and more worried about global politics right now. The US is fucked either way whether conservatives "win" against the ensuing political purges being performed under Biden or not. US global hegemony is collapsing and everyone is aware of it. Those who were loyal to Trump are refusing the engage the Biden administration, while those Trump angered are refusing to come back under the Biden administration. A war with Russia or Iran would delegitimize the entire American platform abroad by showing the Americans as a paper tiger, North Korea is making leaps and bounds to diversify its economy/expand relations with South Korea while African warlords buy weapons with no strings attached from the Norks (because US sanctions are a joke now due to Russian-Chinese-German banking thanks to Trump pissing off Germany), Ukraine is becoming irrelevant because of Nordstream 2 which should be online by August unless Israel does to the Russians what they've been doing to Iranian nuclear facilities, and frankly the only relevancy America can hold onto at this point both politically and militarily is the Pacific theater, which American leadership are currently shirking in favor of a "loose" foreign relations policy to not upset China, essentially shooting themselves in the foot. At least clown world under Trump was fun to watch fall apart. This is active sabotage from the inside to appease the boomers with a dying legacy. I'll piss on their graves when they're finally gone, since they'd just strongarm the police force (which Biden increased militarization funding for to the tone of about a third of a trillion dollars just a few days ago) to have me arrested anyways.
>>16649 >implying in WW3 there will be a line between the civilian and military spheres
>>16650 >Implying there will be a WWIII >Implying it won't just be the collapse of global hegemony when either the resources dry up or someone tips a domino
1/2 posts because oh boi this is a long text block >>16646 Wasn't the PM before it a fucking shitshow supposedly that left her a mess? If memory serves they were the same party and she inherited some sort of depression. >back to the kitchen It won't work when there's a shit ton of white knights and progressive females on hell bent on forcing muh diversity. >>16644 >zerg rushing Technically, TECHNICALLY, the Korean and Vietnam wars (against the US) relied on infiltration and maneuver tactics, it was after the cultural revolution they resorted to zerg tactics since the mil became really complacent and corrupt and didn't keep up with the times (the 79' vietnam war is a GREAT example). Hence why Deng Xiaoping had a large purge of the military and thats why parts of the mil were reluctant to back him in 1989. >>16642 >wtf is this video thing I'm not to sure myself since it got blackholed by the censors (I didn't bother downloading this video because why???). My understanding is that it was just some peak tier degenerate shit from some rich woman. Short recap: >random video on Weibo (Chinese tumblr) >Woman sitting with a dude on a bed >woman appears to be some sort of private hospital because regular hospitals pay jack shit doctor or surgeon cause surgical tools >cuts of dudes dick since he's drugged >proceeds to cauterize it, then tounge what remains while using the cut off shaft as a dildo.
2/2 posts >pic related >>16592 Confucius was around during the warring states era, where "China" proper was not united and basically warlords. He proposes a psuedo-feudal (not european feudal) system of governance, in addition to his moral teachings. In addition to that, he has a guilded view of the barbarians who are "united" . Now a little context. In the West, we ascribe laws (historically) to have originated from god(s) and religion, granted to the divine right of kings to excise them. A great example is the declaration of independence >"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." In China, originally there was no such concept and the prevailing concept was the legalistic philosophy, that laws are made by man, and cannot be prescribed to a divine being. Because in China it was held that its was man who shaped and conquered the earth, rather than being beholden strictly to the gods (see the legends of Yu the great and the Yellow Emperor). Confucius' greatest victory is the corruption of the view of what "justice" and "law" are defined in China. He changed the meaning of justice from "equal application of the law" to "equal application of the law AND social morals", he changed the definition of law from "A series of rules and regulations written ,adhered, interpreted to by man" to "A series of rules and regulations written by man with guidance from god, but interpreted by man subject to the will of god". His followers of his legalism theory (his philosophy was widely accepted as his his social structure views) gained dominance in the Three Kingdoms period (Liu Bei of Shu) but was not popular, it started to truly gain traction the Jin dyansty ( Jin after the Han (226-420), not Jin of the Song era(~11th century, the pronunciations are different) , Sixteen Kingdoms, and Northern and Southern Dynasties were SUCH a colossal shitshow that later on people rewrote history by re-writing the "unifier" of the three Kingdoms (Cao Wei) as cunning and moraless compared to the noble but tragic end of Shu Han. Following the reunification of China by the Sui and usurpation by the tang , China is in one of the two golden ages of China as a society, the other being the Han. This time it was originally united by northern "semi-barbarians" (think Peter III of Russia but more competent). These people had very mostly similar (societal roles) but different nuanced views on many things (eg; Should successful women be allowed to pursue their talents) from the "Chinese", and "Buddhism" hint: This is a repeating theme in Chinese history. Tang China also repressed Confucian thought, and these scholars realized they couldn't win the culture war upfront leading for them to "reform" (read plagiarize the Buddhist and Taoists to blend in) and after the collapse and 70 years of warlordisim known as the five dynasties and ten kingdoms period, the (Neo)Confucians took power after some societal and economical changes. Song China became increasingly involved in the economy of the world. This leads to innovation technologically, but maligns women because it's hard to run a trade caravan if you're fucking pregnant. In addition, there are greater societal woes mainly because the Song are militarily incompetent (its like the boomers and the whole "I just wanted to live the goodlife and dgaf about the later generations" shit we see), and because the collapse of the Tang is directly attributed to barbarian Foederati, the Song elite reject Tang social values in their entirety, be it a value imported or not, and begin the commodification of women by re-interpreting Confucius. This culminates in a series of great internal societal conflicts not unlike Rome adopting Christianity. After a century of the Song, this corrupted vision of the old has taken hold, and purges the Daoists and Bhuddists violently, further wreaking the Song state, never to reunify China proper again. Then come the Yuan, who detest anything "civilized". They destroy the entirety of China proper, they wipe out all the other dynasties as well and malign the entire populace. Now the once tumorous disease is hailed as the very spirit of "China" as it is the only thing it has left. All of this, because of some ambiguously written lines by Confucius. I strongly suggest you read Water Margin and take a detailed look at the painting "Along the River During the Qingming Festival*" (original painted between from 1085–1145). They show eerily similar parallels to the societal woes in the US. *If you have read the "Book of later Han", this title could also be read "Along the River of an Bright and Enlightened era" which meant to be ironic. And yes, that painting in jpg is 18MB, the original is 10" by 5.75 yards. Historiography splits Song into north/south, with the north being stronger. If we are to take the analogy, the west is in the Southern Song. The appearance of power and economic might, but plagued by a disease of the body.
>>16652 When the hegemony collapses there will be a bloodbath to fill the power vacuum.
Open file (18.43 MB 38414x1800 painting.jpg)
2/2 posts >pic related >>16592 Confucius was around during the warring states era, where "China" proper was not united and basically warlords. He proposes a psuedo-feudal (not european feudal) system of governance, in addition to his moral teachings. In addition to that, he has a guilded view of the barbarians who are "united" . Now a little context. In the West, we ascribe laws (historically) to have originated from god(s) and religion, granted to the divine right of kings to excise them. A great example is the declaration of independence >"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." In China, originally there was no such concept and the prevailing concept was the legalistic philosophy, that laws are made by man, and cannot be prescribed to a divine being. Because in China it was held that its was man who shaped and conquered the earth, rather than being beholden strictly to the gods (see the legends of Yu the great and the Yellow Emperor). Confucius' greatest victory is the corruption of the view of what "justice" and "law" are defined in China. He changed the meaning of justice from "equal application of the law" to "equal application of the law AND social morals", he changed the definition of law from "A series of rules and regulations written ,adhered, interpreted to by man" to "A series of rules and regulations written by man with guidance from god, but interpreted by man subject to the will of god". His followers of his legalism theory (his philosophy was widely accepted as his his social structure views) gained dominance in the Three Kingdoms period (Liu Bei of Shu) but was not popular, it started to truly gain traction the Jin dyansty ( Jin after the Han (226-420), not Jin of the Song era(~11th century, the pronunciations are different) , Sixteen Kingdoms, and Northern and Southern Dynasties were SUCH a colossal shitshow that later on people rewrote history by re-writing the "unifier" of the three Kingdoms (Cao Wei) as cunning and moraless compared to the noble but tragic end of Shu Han. Following the reunification of China by the Sui and usurpation by the tang , China is in one of the two golden ages of China as a society, the other being the Han. This time it was originally united by northern "semi-barbarians" (think Peter III of Russia but more competent). These people had very mostly similar (societal roles) but different nuanced views on many things (eg; Should successful women be allowed to pursue their talents) from the "Chinese", and "Buddhism" hint: This is a repeating theme in Chinese history. Tang China also repressed Confucian thought, and these scholars realized they couldn't win the culture war upfront leading for them to "reform" (read plagiarize the Buddhist and Taoists to blend in) and after the collapse and 70 years of warlordisim known as the five dynasties and ten kingdoms period, the (Neo)Confucians took power after some societal and economical changes. Song China became increasingly involved in the economy of the world. This leads to innovation technologically, but maligns women because it's hard to run a trade caravan if you're fucking pregnant. In addition, there are greater societal woes mainly because the Song are militarily incompetent (its like the boomers and the whole "I just wanted to live the goodlife and dgaf about the later generations" shit we see), and because the collapse of the Tang is directly attributed to barbarian Foederati, the Song elite reject Tang social values in their entirety, be it a value imported or not, and begin the commodification of women by re-interpreting Confucius. This culminates in a series of great internal societal conflicts not unlike Rome adopting Christianity. After a century of the Song, this corrupted vision of the old has taken hold, and purges the Daoists and Bhuddists violently, further wreaking the Song state, never to reunify China proper again. Then come the Yuan, who detest anything "civilized". They destroy the entirety of China proper, they wipe out all the other dynasties as well and malign the entire populace. Now the once tumorous disease is hailed as the very spirit of "China" as it is the only thing it has left. All of this, because of some ambiguously written lines by Confucius. I strongly suggest you read Water Margin and take a detailed look at the painting "Along the River During the Qingming Festival*" (original painted between from 1085–1145). They show eerily similar parallels to the societal woes in the US. *If you have read the "Book of later Han", this title could also be read "Along the River of an Bright and Enlightened era" which meant to be ironic. And yes, that painting in jpg is 18MB, the original is 10" by 5.75 yards. Historiography splits Song into north/south, with the north being stronger. If we are to take the analogy, the west is in the Southern Song. The appearance of power and economic might, but plagued by a disease of the body.
>>16659 God damnit. Seems like the cafe is having issues posting pictures.
>>16655 >after the cultural revolution they resorted to zerg tactics since the mil became really complacent and corrupt and didn't keep up with the times (the 79' vietnam war is a GREAT example). Why did anyone even think the Cultural Revolution was a good idea? If China wasn't as big as it was it would be a great way for a country to commit suicide; when Pol Pot tried similar shit in Cambodia apparently when the Vietnamese invaded they saw helicopters crashing immediately after takeoff because the Khmer Rouge had killed anyone competent enough to pilot one.
>>16661 >good idea It was a politically good one. Capability wise? Nah.
>>16661 The Khmer Rouge purged everyone. The fact that their organization survived at all is because Thailand wanted a buffer state between them and Vietnam. It's kind of funny actually. The Vietnamese trained the Khmer Rouge, so their first order of action was to kill anyone trained by the Vietnamese after gaining power.
>>16662 Was there anything more to it besides Mao making a cynical power play and screwing over the people that didn't like him as well as the ones that did like him and carried it out in the end?
>>16675 For better or for worse, Mao attempted to completely destroy Neo-Confucian ideology, granted. Replacing it with gommunisim is like comparing the difference between Ebola and fucking HIV.
>>16681 What school of Chinese philosophy would have been better adopted instead of Confucianism?
>>16681 Did the Japanese make any serious attempts to modify Confucianism in Manchukuo and the parts of China it occupied in the second Sino-Nipponese war? How does current day Taiwan handle it?
>>16685 >japan in the sino-japanese war Can't give you a clear answer because it's so distorted nobody really knows. From my several of my grandparents experiences it was shitshow between scorched earth by both sides, and "this area is so fucking rural we don't bother". Case in point, the place on of my grandparents grew up is notorious for being so fucking remote in the central plains that when the Japanese didn't bother to go and the KMT hid there, and when the KMT was fighting the CPC, the CPC hid there because the KMT didn't bother to go there, and when the CPC took power, they didn't bother to go there. >taiwan They went into the full western ideology meme so take that as what you will. >>16682 >better ideology In Shiji there are several widely accepted major schools: >Confucianisim Already said enough about it >Daoisim Think similar to classic liberals and to a degree the lolbertarians. Inaction is the best action and it ought not to be the role of the state to intervenes. >Mohisim The partiality of human "love" (affection) must be resolved. All human beings are equal under the world, and that Meritocracy must be held against all else. Very good at math with deep understanding of mathematical geometry. Fucking pacifists. >Yin Yang Estoteric knowledge, mostly absorb into daoisim. More focus on alchemy and the basis for "science" rather than ideology. Notable as founder came up with the five element and yin/yang system. >School of names Came out of Mohisim, notable for Greek styled dialectics. Destroyed by Qin Shi huang by book burning and considered one of the greatest losses in Chinese literature >legalist Fuck Confucianism because the conflict between minister and the liege is impossible, so virtue in bureaucracy is useless since human nature is by default, self-indulgent. Therefore, we must design a system to run efficiently as possible and avoid conflicts of interests from bureaucrats. A government system must be designed so that a ruler rules with apparent inaction. Pick your poison.
>>16687 Why do all these schools seem to handicap themselves like someone was balancing classes in an RPG?
>>16688 The lesser known schools generally didn't survive the great purge by Qin Shihuang who burned the majority of books held by the public. He kept a copy in the imperial library but when Qin collapsed the library was destroyed (go figure).
Open file (326.11 KB 1664x1024 1615588928470-0.png)
Is this map accurate Chang? Are Mongorians really outbreeding the rest of Asia?
>>16741 >Are Mongorians really outbreeding the rest of Asia? No, that would be Pakistan
>>16742 *East Asia.
Anyone else following the Miami building collapse? Was the building owner confirmed to be Jewish or Chinese?
>>16744 >Was the building owner confirmed to be Jewish or Chinese? It was a condo and most of the residents are referred to as "owners" of their unit, so it's hard to exclude that and find any source on who owned the building. Even when I do see it mentioned, the owners are simply referred to as "the Champlain Towers South Condominium Association", with no information on who they actually are. The website for the tower has forms with the header "Sharma & Associates" but that seems to be a separate organization, perhaps hired by the building owners to handle legalities and paperwork for buying and selling units. The neighbourhood is being described as "diverse" so it could be anything.
>>16746 >>16746 I heard on tv some engineer or someone were complaining about the concrete cracks and spalls in the underground garage and pool area. I believe they found water running underneath the parking garage because the garage was sitting right below the pool.
>>16747 That tower was right on the beach front in Miami Beach, that island floods from time to time with salt water. Rebar and salt water do not mix.
>>16747 Right, the reports was in 2018. The building was almost due for its 40-year re-certification to prove it was still structurally sound, and problems had been found in the inspections related to that. Geologists had also reported that the building was sinking faster than expected. There's another building nearby with the same design; I wonder if they'll make the residents evacuate. >>16748 >that island floods from time to time with salt water It's also former wetland. They had to drain it to put the building there in the first place.
>>16749 Supposedly the mayor doesn't want to force everyone out of the other building of the same make.
>post 1/2 It appears that Belarus' glorious leader is flooding the EU with refugees in "retaliation" for closing airspace. HE CAN'T KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH IT He will It appears he is giving these migrants same day visas contingent on the fact they go immediately to the EU lol. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/06/27/belarus-dictator-floods-eu-migrants-retaliation-sanctions/ https://archive.is/RcqQy Source is paywalled but I have copied text below. >The embattled Belarusian dictator has made good on his threat to flood the European Union with migrants by sending hundreds of Iraqis on ‘package holidays’ to neighbouring Lithuania in retaliation for sanctions. >Lithuania, an EU nation which shares a 700-kilometre border with Belarus, felt the pain days after Alexander Lukashenko issued the threat in late May. >Local border guards, who used to catch a few dozen trespassers a year, started to stumble upon groups of several dozen people every day, who would surrender and say they were looking for refuge in the European Union. >Lithuania this year received over 507 migrants, mostly Iraqi men, from Belarus, six times higher than last year's number. Most of them arrived over the last three weeks. >"We see that this flow of migrants is regulated by Belarusian authorities as a tool of political pressure, a means of hostile hybrid warfare,” Mantas Adomenas, Lithuania’s deputy foreign minister, told the Sunday Telegraph. >“We’re dealing with a dictator who is increasingly on the edge of madness and is prepared to do absolutely unspeakable and unpredictable things.” >Lithuanian border guards have been detaining groups of asylum seekers, mostly from Iraq and Afghanistan, every day since then. >Authorities in Lithuania had to pitch dozens of heated tents in a makeshift migrant processing centre to accommodate the asylum seekers and are now considering building a wall with Belarus which will cost about €15 million. >Ingrida Simonyte, the Lithuanian prime minister, has publicly accused the Belarusian government of orchestrating what her country views as a migrant crisis. >“It’s not just an episode of illegal immigration like we see on the other borders of the European Union,” the prime minister told reporters on a trip to the sparsely populated border area with Belarus. >Four flights from Baghdad land in Minsk airport every week, and some of the planes carry as many as 600 passengers each. >There is no explanation why the capital of the former Soviet republic suddenly became such a tourist magnet for the insurgency-ravaged country. >A top Belarusian lawmaker was at the city airport in May to welcome the maiden flight by Fly Baghdad, telling state TV that most of the passengers were tourists “who are coming here to learn about our culture and civilization.” >Belarusian journalists who went to the airport earlier this week saw that passengers from the >Baghdad flight were mostly men who were greeted by minders and boarded in groups on two large buses into town. >Belarusian media claimed state-owned travel agency Tsentrkurort is providing package tours for asylum seekers from Iraq. >Arnoldas Abromavicius, Lithuania’s deputy interior minister, told the Telegraph that his country’s intelligence has “reports, lots of indirect evidence and some documents” showing that the Belarusian authorities are “involved in facilitating the passage from Baghdad to Minsk” through Tsentrkurot. The company did not reply to requests for comment. >'We used to catch migrants in droves here,' embattled Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko told parliament last month. 'Now, forget about it. You’ll be catching them yourself.' >Some of the asylum seekers caught at the border had their Belarusian visas dated that same day, leading the Lithuanians to think that the visas could have been issued on the plane before being dropped at the Lithuanian border. >Lithuanian authorities who have interviewed the migrants say that they paid unnamed individuals in their home countries between $2,000 and $4,000 for a “package trip” from Baghdad to the EU border. >Belarusian border guards have for weeks ignored desperate pleas and questions from their counterparts. Some of them told the Lithuanians of the asylum seekers: “Maybe those people fell from the sky,” Mr Abromavicius said. >As the Lithuanian interior minister was talking to the Telegraph on the phone, he was told a group of 42 people had been spotted near the border. >“Let's imagine how difficult it would be to cross (into Lithuania) unnoticed by the Belarusian side.” >Belarusian border guards deny the claims, saying that they comply with “all the regulations and agreements with the border guard agencies of the neighboring states.”
>>16753 >post 2/2 >Rights activists who work with refugees in Belarus describe the sudden surge in asylum seekers from the Middle East as unprecedented and point to the hallmarks of an organized effort. >“It appears that someone in Belarus is promoting this as the route to Europe,” Alyona Chekhovich, a lawyer at Belarusian NGO Human Constanta that provides legal help to foreign nationals in Belarus, told the Telegraph. >“We have never seen a flow quite like this before.” >While Lithuanian authorities have now launched talks with Iraq about a possible re-admission agreement and hope to dissuade the asylum seekers, who they say were duped by the regime, from traveling to Lithuania, Ms Chekhovich does not see how the EU can discourage people from flocking to Belarus >“It’s going to be hard to dissuade people from coming here,” she said. >The Belarusian dictator, who has ruled the country since 1994, has hinted at weaponizing desperate asylum seekers and dropping them on the EU’s doorstep. >“They’re urging us to protect them against smugglers, drugs,” Mr Lukashenko said of the EU in an emotional speech at a Second World War anniversary event in western Belarus on Tuesday. >“I can’t help but ask: have you gone crazy? You have unleashed a hybrid war on us and now you demand that we protect you as we did before?” >He also referred to “hundreds of millions of dollars” that Belarus has been spending to safeguard the EU border. >"He’s either lying or he’s badly informed about his own country’s international obligations,” Mr Adomenas, the deputy foreign minister, told the Telegraph, quoting an agreement on border control and re-admission of illegal migrants that Belarus signed with the EU exactly a year ago. >The surge of asylum seekers also seems to be curiously timed with EU discussions of sanctions against Belarus. >Lithuania did not see any illegal border crossings for several days before Monday, when the EU adopted its fourth package of sanctions against the regime, said Mr Adomenas, the deputy foreign minister. “After that, they’ve been getting 50 people a day again, which is more than a half of what we used to see in the course of a whole year,” he said. >“We know that Lukashenko will send in more refugees if he decides to punish Lithuania further.”
>>16755 Hilarity ensues, but why doesn't Lithuania just ferry them to the EU border and wash their hands of it? The EU doesn't seem to care about importing piles of immigrants.
>>16758 Er, the EU border of another nation, that is.
>>16749 >>16750 IIRC the news said something along the lines of them auditing ALL residential buildings in Miami to make sure the same thing isn't about to happen to another 20 or so buildings. I think I heard that the building in question was made some 15 years later so they aren't quite worried about it yet.
>>16753 They've been doing this for a few weeks now. Putin needs to just finish replacing him with controlled opposition like he's done in other former allies that got too rowdy. He's already shown the first signs of doing so.
>>16744 The american witnesses and specialists on CNN say it was destined to fall, in latin american CNN all the witnesses (and most of the people who worked there) say they cannot share the same information as them as they never saw anything weird other than people wearing suits in Florida weather. Having worked in construction all i can say from the videos is that it looks way more like a demolition than a structural failure. Floors disintegrate mid-air without collision or column punctures and the rebar grid didn't bend, they just crack and that is very rare if not pre-stressed, which is silly to think in an 80's residential building. Also the debris smoked a lot, small smoke puffs between floors in the video, and the specialists were filmed being idle for an hour or so plus Israeli rescue team reaching before american ones, it's all so sketchy, and they have bundled tons of stories like the building sinking, being made with sea sand which rots the structure, that water busted the foundations, all things that would've easily tilted the building yet it didn't for 4 decades. It just felt down.
Open file (154.60 KB 1323x699 1624669035683.jpg)
>>16763 What did they mean by this?
>>16761 >I think I heard that the building in question was made some 15 years later so they aren't quite worried about it yet. What I read was that in the complex there was a twin building (the North building) built at the same time and of the same design as the one that collapsed (the South building), and a third built had been built later (the East building) which they weren't as worried about.
>>16766 the world isn't as big as you think, for every disaster like this you can always make connections to some important family. no matter where you go, somebody of mild importance will always be there
>>16770 I'm probably thinking the East building. Haven't kept up other than my grandparents watching the news. >>16763 >Constructions Wasn't that caused by seawater damage that made it look like a shaped construction charge?
Homo longi: extinct human species that may replace Neanderthals as our closest relatives found in China https://archive.md/jCB8t >In 1933 a mysterious fossil skull was discovered near Harbin City in the Heilongjiang province of north-eastern China. Despite being nearly perfectly preserved – with square eye sockets, thick brow ridges and large teeth – nobody could work out exactly what it was. The skull is much bigger than that of Homo sapiens and other human species – and its brain size is similar to that of our own species. Historical events left it without a secure place of origin or date, until today. Now a team of Chinese, Australian and British researchers has finally solved the puzzle – the skull represents a previously unknown extinct human species. The research, published as three studies in the journal Innovation, suggests this is our closest relative in the human family tree. Dubbed Homo longi, which can be translated as “dragon river”, it is named after the province in which it was found. The identification of the skull, thought to have come from a 50-year-old male, was partly based on chemical analysis of sediments trapped inside it. This confirmed it comes from the upper part of the Huangshan rock formation near Harbin City. The formation was reliably dated to the Middle Pleistocene – 125,000 to 800,000 years ago. Uranium series dating, which involves using the known rate of decay of radioactive uranium atoms in a sample to work out its age, showed that the fossil itself is at least 146,000 years old. Homo longi can now takes its place among an ever increasing number of hominin species across Africa, Europe and Asia. >Europe was the origin point for Neanderthals. Meanwhile, the Asian human species Homo erectus was a critical evolutionary step, giving rise to all later hominin species. And now we know that Homo longi evolved in Asia too. It therefore looks like Africa was a destination as well as a point of origin for the spread of human species. They really can't let go of the out-of-Apefrica theory. I hope with the downfall of Burgeristan Chinese and Russian scientists will come out clean and tell the world that Eurasians are not just pale niggers.
Open file (2.61 KB 154x17 heretic.png)
I've seen some people trying to blame Orangeman for the tower collapse. He really is president Gamergate. Just like GG remains a boogeyman in the games industry to this day, long after is stopped being actually relevant, I'm sure he'll still be getting blamed for everything even during the presidency after this one.
Open file (22.80 KB 480x360 snooze.jpeg)
>>16779 >the most exciting thing happening in the world today is a building falling down it didn't even explode like Beirut, why is this international news?
>>16780 Because kikes died.
>>16780 >why is this international news? Because it happened in the United States and was in a upscale area. Buildings just don't fall in the US, at least when not related to a disaster or terrorist event. It's shocking.
>>16780 Buildings like that one in first world countries don't just collapse out of the blue. And when the collapse kills a hundred and fifty people, then yes it's going to be international news.
Open file (811.96 KB 2219x1684 atfvsk.jpg)
Open file (433.04 KB 2048x1552 atfvsk2.jpg)
Open file (545.04 KB 2048x1535 atfvsk3.jpg)
Open file (318.56 KB 2048x1368 atfvsk4.jpg)
Open file (251.40 KB 2048x1540 atfvsk5.jpg)
Gonna dump all my Willis /k/omics I collected in the past
Open file (671.63 KB 3096x2164 achrimblemiracle(1).png)
Open file (637.33 KB 2376x3556 achrimblemiracle(2).png)
Open file (761.05 KB 3782x1724 achrimblemiracle(3).png)
Open file (402.64 KB 1776x1052 achrimblemiracle(4).png)
Open file (139.59 KB 1454x790 achrimblemiracle(5).png)
Open file (219.32 KB 1454x1680 achrimblemiracle(6).png)
Open file (818.83 KB 2232x1688 affixbayonets.jpg)
Open file (1.04 MB 1482x925 ameriCAN.png)
Open file (540.89 KB 2269x1684 an and k.jpg)
Open file (791.89 KB 2225x1681 ansavestheday.jpg)
Open file (682.62 KB 2263x1312 squidsguns.jpg)
Open file (711.70 KB 2246x1542 squidsguns2.jpg)
Open file (686.75 KB 2270x1463 squidsguns3.jpg)
Open file (513.48 KB 2275x1690 squidsguns4.jpg)
Open file (501.75 KB 2281x1688 squidsguns5.jpg)
Open file (549.04 KB 2264x1666 squidsguns6.jpg)
Open file (628.94 KB 2338x1700 9mmbeingafagasusual.jpg)
Open file (267.14 KB 2338x1700 9mmbeingafaggot.jpg)
Open file (723.74 KB 2247x1700 9mmfaggotrty.jpg)
Open file (729.38 KB 2338x1700 becomeanoperator.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6edCducKSI Looks like Ian the cuck got access to a FAMAS F1 somehow. Que the snotty arrogant French accent.
Open file (158.93 KB 700x700 1503014514012.jpg)
Airstrikes being done on iranian backed militias https://www.defense.gov/Newsroom/Releases/Release/Article/2672875/statement-by-the-department-of-defense/ looks like we really are going in.
>>16797 Iran has been getting hit pretty hard recently hasn't it? are they preparing the groundwork for something or is it just containment?
>>16798 tl;dr- >Nuclear deal was keeping them from developing nukes, Trump ended it >Nuclear oversight treaties expire next week, Iran debating kicking them all out and deleting all shared data instead of renewing it >Iran just showcased a drone named "Gaza" that can allegedly travel 7,000km (far enough to nuke Israel) >A hard-line anti-Israel anti-American cleric was just promoted elected to President and is expected to become the next Supreme Leader of Iran >He has been sanctioned for a few years now so Americans can't even touch him >Iran's nuclear program could weaponize nukes in about 2-3 years >Norks already achieved enrichment but has the reverse issue of shitty delivery systems A nuclear Iran scares the shit out of the Jews West. In part because they'll probably nuke Israel, in part because then Americans can't keep bombing Iraq/Afghanistan/Syria. America and Israel can't win a ground war against Iran without incurring casualties that would collapse the global economy, so everyone is shitting themselves.
>>16806 The kikes would totally carpet-nuke Iran in retaliation, though.
>>16807 Of course, but Jews work on short-term planning. Their political system would collapse. And with the way they've treated their 2 million strong Arab community, a civil war would likely follow if the anti-missile systems ever go offline.
I remember anon mentioning how the Tigrayans were being genocided last year. Apparently they took the capital and Ethiopia and are talking about secession after signing a ceasefire: https://archive.is/yKecm
>>16816 It is interesting to see that even with the help of the Eritrean army attacking from the north and the Ethiopian army from the south, the Tigrayans ran to the hills and managed to create an effective guerilla movement. I can start to believe those reports that the Tigrayans destroyed a tank column at the start of the war and have only inflicted more pain since.
>>16808 >if the missile systems go offline What if Iran EMPs them?
>>16818 One would think that the US would be competent for their greatest allies and ensure the missile systems have been designed and tested to be emp-protected.
Open file (67.10 KB 1024x683 1624773353068.jpg)
>>16818 I really don't think EMP's are all that practical. They work by nuking the atmosphere, and if that happens, well I think a missile defense system is the least of their worries.
>>16818 American military electronics regulations demand that at bare minimum all sensitive electronics (such as transistors) must be radiation and EMP hardened. Preferably the entire PCB should be radiation and EMP hardened too, as is seen in most military electronics if you've had the displeasure of working on them. Whether or not the wireless systems (namely the algorithm to detect what is and isn't a missile) would function in a radiation-filled EMP'd spot is up in the air unless someone here with more technical knowledge of Israel's iron dome could provide insight into how the "spotter" portion of the system actually goes about detecting missiles.
>>16818 >>16822 >EMP=nuke Not necessarily. It doesn't have to be nuclear to detonate an EMP. The issue would be the effective range and the relative effectiveness of the payload. Basically take HE and force a compression of magnetic flux. Those are high precision weapons though and I'm pretty sure mohamed in gaza doesn't have them. >>16824 >iron dome I suspect the system may be entirely autonomous knowing the IDF, after all, the Soviets made the Perimeter (DEAD HAND) system in the 80s, I'd assume that if the turks can make an autonomous drone to shoot people, the IDF certainly can. My knowledge is mainly based on IADS concepts. For an air defense system against planes, you need a TEL (Tractor erector launcher with missles), a MCU (Missle control unit, aka: C3), detection and tracking radar (not always integrated in one truck ). Some systems made have these integrated into one unit, the best known of which are the French AMX-30R and the Soviet Osa line and on most naval ships they are also usually integrated. However, the OSA and Roland are considered low-mid level AA systems, and higher grade AA systems like the US PATRIOT and the Soviet Buk and Tor lines usually have multiple vehicles in close vicinity that are wired (some are wireless). According to the IDF the iron dome is supposedly supposed to be deployed separately, which means that it's either wired/wireless between the three major components. This makes it harder to a single full unit at once, but harder to maintain. I'd assume the IDF has ASEA (or its predecessor PESA) since ASEA's been around since the 90s and the Sweedish/Chinese/Russians all made them too. If you don't know how modern ASEA (active electronically scanned array), it's basically a computer algorithm radar that can be tuned to multiple frequencies (PESA could but it was much more limited iirc) and can be "pointed" to a certain degree versus the age old directional antenna that had to be physically moved. The limitation to this is a limited FOV (around 45-60 degrees). That's not an issue in this case because Gaza and the west bank are basically enclosed by israel. Based on what it sounds like, here's my guess on how the system is setup. There's batteries of missles alone, each carying 20 missles (I read an article saying how the IDF fucked up and accidentally droped a full rack while loading). My guess is that there's actually only a few C3 units in bunkers, and the missles batteries are clustered tightly together (you need to reload them somehow), with the radars being spread out to avoid jamming. Technically counter-battery fire would be the most effective but I doubt the PLO can do that. This means the radar is the easiest to target. In order to jam a radar, you have two options: Mechanical, and electronic. Electronic jamming would be what we call part of SEAD, because a radar signal is usually at least twice it's effective range of use, you can find a "sweet spot" and overpower that specific area, math and skill is needed to judge the affected zone, and if you're too close or too far it won't properly work. Oh, and you also probably want to jam the frequencies of the receiving antenna, because otherwise you're fucking useless. Again, not something Ahmed can do easily as a PLO insurgent. the Iraqis' did give NATO a heullva an annoying time with that though and somewhere between 20-50% of missions were SEAD. Mechanical jamming is using metal chaff, corner deflectors, and decoys to cause interference or to waste missiles on shit. Chaff is not as effective when your radar is powerful and can distinguish between the RCS of objects well, or if the operator can see there's no doppler shift. Corner reflectors are cube like structures which reflect beams back at the radar, and inflict false returns. They are much more effective but also heavier and more expensive than chaff. Finally decoys are what they are. The PLO uses mainly "decoys" since the rockets don't do much damage and don't cost much... War of attrition here. If I was the PLO, I'd set up Two sets of rockets to be launched in two salvos. First set of rockets has some live payload and decoys, but mostly chaff and corner reflectors that could detonate at altitude to mess with the radars (my guess is the PLO already knows the radar site locations, and the launchers, but not the C3 units). Second set would be mostly live payloads with continuing mechanical jamming. Chaff can stay in the air for some time, corner reflectors less so. That of course, depends on Muhammad, Ahmed, and Abdul being able to time these things to explode at altitude and to make them. Chaff is literally just thing aluminium strips, corner reflectors are just three flat faces wielder together perpendicularly. That may sound easy but remember that the Gaza and west bank are heavily embargoed.
>>16825 Perimeter was just a fail deadly system. All it did does? was launch the ICBMs at their predesignated targets if the command link goes down.
>>16827 >perimeter It was meant to be a sarcastic jest at how "far" we've come in AI tech.
>>16822 One notivation for an EMP would be more political than military as a counter-nuke from Israel in response could be seen as unjustified, while with their defense systems disabled they would be incredibly vulnerable. They might have ignored the possibility of an EMP threat to cut costs if they A) never expected their opposition to have the capability and B) expect MAD if their opposition ever did develop it. Of course, the US would have to come to the rescue if it wasn't already knee deep in the lead up to conflict, so it isn't a guaranteed win by any means.
Open file (1.71 MB 320x640 4vrK_169h_8ophhf.mp4)
SHTF underway in Lebanon: >JUST IN: Clashes in Tripoli #Lebanon between protestors and Army. Soldiers fire gunfire sporadically in air as they get pelted with rocks. Situation deteriorating rapidly over last 5 days: >State collapse unfolding in Lebanon following yrs of paralysis, & sheer bankruptcy. Price of basic foods is through roof ($40 for pound of beef & coffee on old rate). Fuel, meds shortages, electricity cuts not seen in war time. Corrupt political class unwilling to make reforms >Lebanon’s Army is one of last institutions still semi-functioning in country but that may not last long as public anger mounts, and more groups (besides Hezbollah) carrying arms. In chaos/collapse, those will thrive. https://web.archive.org/web/*/https://twitter.com/Joyce_Karam/status/1410218331228016644
Open file (2.46 MB 352x640 971iqwAKJwJ6yDkr.mp4)
Open file (4.10 MB 320x564 WYqA6hlT3OcR5VJZ.mp4)
>>16836 Shootouts over fuel at gas stations.
>>16167 Susumu Hirasawa - Behelit (Berserk 1997 OST).
>>16837 I couldn't tell if that was Lebanon or America at first because of gas shortages here.
>>16835 I don't know how they are going to recover. Apparently that port that blew up was their last lifeline on a group of people that were relying on debt to keep their nation stable post-civil-war. Americans should watch the ground situation carefully in Lebanon since that is how America is destined to become in the next 10-20 years if we don't solve our debt crisis.
Open file (100.80 KB 506x400 Laugh.jpg)
>>16835 >Call of Duty advertisement in the background
>>16840 Didn't Macron swoop in to save them after Israel blew up the port? I'm guessing Eurofags will take on the debt and prop them up.
>>16842 Macron gave money to the same people who cause last year's explosion. The ones who refused to let it leave port without bribes. Right now, Russia are the only ones even trying to repair it and that's mostly out of a sense of guilt over a Cypress-based Russian National being the owner of the exploded shit.
Open file (3.24 MB 1280x720 ASirHr4ih4EJZCAu.mp4)
Open file (767.82 KB 720x1280 VF1oW6TW9SYeoLUT.mp4)
>LAPD Chief said that a "containment vehicle" holding part of a seized illegal fireworks cache had "failed", resulting in the blast. Explosion occurred at around 7:40pm local time, according to the Chief.
>>16860 Surely no honest gun owner would ever get the idea of boobytrapping an oddly standout and undisguised chest full of weapons in Minecraft? Especially not at a port? Biden said taking all the guns would solve both crime and rape culture.
>>16860 >that sound has a nice crunch to it
>>16860 Shit blew up, man. On a lighter note: >"Moore said less than 10 pounds of material was placed in the chamber, far less than its safety rating." Any demo guys around? Sure looked like more than '10 pounds' to me.
>>16866 10lbs of what? Things change a lot under pressure. It doesn't look that small but it doesn't seem large for breaching containment.
>>16869 >10lbs of what? They didn't say. >"Too unstable to transport" was all I saw. Nitro? Would 10 pounds of nitro produce a blast that big? I don't know. Remember, whatever it was had already destroyed the containment vessel before it reached the atmosphere outside. My guess is some nigger in charge (it's LA ,after all) simply didn't follow SoP, and then lied about it to the press.
Open file (1009.44 KB 500x280 WOAH.gif)
>the most exciting things happening in the world right now are a building falling down and a literal exploding van IT'S GETTING CRAZY NOW LADS
>>16871 i take it back, forgot about Lebanon going to shit.
>>16872 Oh, sure, but a) It's Lebanon and b) that's been happening for a while.
>>16871 Not everything has to be a happening, you've been spoiled by the past 5 years.
>>16874 the past five years have been building on something, each more exciting than the last. remember when we laughed at that bitch that said she got "PTSD" from haters? everything has only built on it since then.
>>16835 >>16836 >>16837 As always it's the jews, but in this situation similar to 1981-82 the difference is that there's no more christian-lead government nor the investors and population behind them ideologically and politically, all that's left are muslims who don't want iranian/syrian-intervention and random muslim cattle living day by day without knowing everything has been premeditated. In a bad day they will get a good chunk of their country invaded, jews still want to burn all the cedar forests in the region.
>>16875 The whole country is a powder keg of fury and insanity. Fun stuff is bound to happen and not just freakshows snapping and shooting randos at walmart
>>16871 Iran: >Iran elected a human rights violator to the presidency >He's expected to become the next supreme leader >Israel bombed one of their nuclear facilities >Iran launched strikes on US troops in proportional response to the Syrian strikes >IAEA kicked out (temporarily) to show the US that they aren't fucking around >Athletic communities are trying to get them banned from the Olympics (and got them banned from the world judo championships for four years, martial arts being one of the few sports well-regarded in Iran) >Got a ship to the Atlantic for the first time North Korea: >Kim's sister is basically in control from the shadows (her husband is always at Kim's side as his personal bodyguard) >Corona fucked up their food supply and they're on the brink of famine (as seen by Kim losing some 50lbs) >It's also threatening the whole country >Day cares are being lambasted for not providing proper care to children leading to a rise in nannies South Korea: >Prepping to put a hardline anti-Nork in office after the failure of their current pro-nork president >Looking to expand military to combat Chink aggression Japan: >Defense Minister is discussing removing limitations on military >Japan considers Taiwan a "key ally to Japanese sovereignty" after Xi threatens to invade Taiwan by 2027 >There is a movement for hooligans to enter medical clinics and unplug vaccination cold storage machines (Japan has lost 2k doses so far to this because they don't have security cameras to catch perps) >Guys who helped a car manufacturer CEO escape charges by smuggling him in a shipping crate out of Japan were charged >Joining Philipino military exercises and American military exercises in preparation for a Chinese war Myanmar: >Junta losing the short game but winning the long game >Released some protestors and political prisoners >Car bombs daily >Chink flu fucking up everyone >Aung being charged for the actions of her underlings Ukraine: >Just privatized the agriculture sector >Putin said on television that he is certain Russia would win WWIII if UK wants to start it >Russia is having live fire combat drills in response to NATO drills near Crimea >Approved crypto as a valid currency >Water sanitation facilities on the front lines of combat running out of resources and men as they're literally spread down the middle >New info suggests Nork missile advances were because of leaked/stolen Ukrainian documents >Gazprom not continuing operations through Ukraine since they keep stealing oil Hungary: >Banned gays >Shat on China publicly by changing some street names Chechnya: >Getting ready to honor kill some Dyke >Claims Russia isn't doing enough to combat Chink flu Lebanon: >Collapsing Ethiopia: >Tigray rebels winning Afghanistan: >Honoring commitments to not kill US troops until their withdrawal >All NATO allies withdrew a few days ago silently >Afghan government being overrun by Taliban (who are not the bad guys) >Expected to be under Taliban control by the end of the year >US troops remaining at US embassy and Kabuul's airport >Taliban says this is a breach of the treaty if they remain after 9/11 Brazil: >Experiencing a massive drought >Power outages in the Amazonian regions Chile: >Electing a communist with Palestinian parents to the presidency >Openly denouncing Israel India: >Rapidly turning into SJW central suing social media sites >Placing more troops on the border >Prime minister is incompetent >Pakistani citizens showing solidarity over Chink flu That's the stuff I remember off the top of my head that I didn't think was worth posting about. Just because I read a lot of news doesn't mean I want to discuss everything with Strelok or think it's worth sharing.
Open file (157.13 KB 800x800 1623450579338.png)
>>16878 Forgot my 2D image to trigger anon.
Open file (1.89 MB 1280x720 Gameplay_Lore.mp4)
>>16878 Nice set up, where do we take the plot from here?
>>16870 Something like that seems possible. The 10lbs could easily be just a ballpark too and it was more like 12. But the blast was big because of the hard containment. It's the same idea as how guns work or pressure cookers are a thing. The actual material just burns hot under normal conditions but when the pressure they're under dramatically increases it explodes. Then if they're moving rocket motors...
>>16880 WW3 happens but MAD is proven to be a meme as most nukes get intercepted before causing any significant damage. Instead we get conventional total warfare again after a long hiatus. The main factions in the North Western front will be The EU, Russia and The Turkish Council. In the South Western front the main factions will be The Arab-Israeli alliance and Iran. In the Eastern front the main factions will be China, North Korea and The Quad. Minor factions include various allies and/or vassal states of the main factions but also various local rebel groups that take advantage of the situation. The war effectively spells the end of the global American dominance and we will enter a more unstable period of fractionalized spheres of influence. As the times will be very hard the many weak effeminate men will be forced to toughen up in order to survive. Women will learn that trying to be men isn't desirable under actual hardships and will begin to re-feminize again. Authoritarian regimes will rise to power and humanity will enter another dark age. After that a new renaissance and age of exploration awaits.
Biden grows visibly frustrated with questions on Afghanistan. >I want to talk about happy things >I'm not going to answer ... It's a holiday weekend Is deflecting the only thing this old fart is capable of doing? All he ever does is deflect questions no matter how pertinent they are.
>>16889 >Authoritarian regimes will rise to power and humanity will enter another dark age. I'm not sure that you should call an age dark where we have a chance to be techno-barbarian warriors and hunt for cute girls. The better ones might even turn themselves into techno-barbarian warlords and have whole harems of cute girls.
>>16895 Forgot the FNN news link: https://archive.is/Fi45P
>>16896 Dark age is a technical term, anon. Historians use it to describe time periods where written history is either unavailable or can't be trusted fir accuracy.
>>16898 I always thought dark age was a term for a time period of extremely low scientific progress/high loss of research and knowledge. Well, one never stops learning, huh? >>16896 I prefer tech-hunters, recovering old world science, and using it to build supreme fortresses of steel and concrete, fully autonomous with own power supply, aeroponics and water purification plants.
>>16901 we've always been in the dark ages
>>16898 >>16901 The term is derived from Latin and could equally be translated the Obscure Age, and the lack of records is what was meant by the source that first really introduced the term, but the light/dark metaphor was also used for those periods both during and after them in reference to barbarism and ignorance, lamenting that "the light of wisdom is less and less sought after and is now becoming rare again in most men's minds," as one 9th century author described the decline after the brief Carolingian Renaissance.
>>16901 >I always thought dark age was a term for a time period of extremely low scientific progress/high loss of research and knowledge. Well, one never stops learning, huh? Metallurgy, agriculture, and horsemanship still advanced during the Dark Ages of Western Europe, while the Byzantine and Persian Empires were still vibrant and later on the Arabs invaded and repurposed their scholarship for Islam. They just stopped caring for cosmopolitan nerd shit like romantic literature and philosophy, and what they did write down they preserved in more concrete media. With the collapse of Western Rome fragile papyrus from Egypt was longer accessible by trade, so Europe moved on to parchment. If the modern world collapses you'll probably have people hocking around hardened hard drives carrying all the shit they downloaded from the internet before it went down and playing it for crowds like a travelling preacher.
>>16910 >If the modern world collapses you'll probably have people hocking around hardened hard drives carrying all the shit they downloaded from the internet before it went down and playing it for crowds like a travelling preacher. How do I obtain one of these hardened drives strelok? I have at least a dozen terabytes of memes and video saved over the past decade, and a literal pocket-sized laser 720p projector that runs 2hrs on it's internal LiPo.
>>16914 Not sure about hardened drives, but you can save a lot of your electronics from EMPs by building a simple chicken wire (or other cheap somewhat conductive metal like aluminum) faraday cage to store them in when not in use.
>>16910 >Hard drives >Shit from the internet What a waste. If collapse really happens, I would prefer a ton of pdfs with good information printed out and bound in leather. Maybe I should do that...
>>16916 Shit idea, too expensive and hardly worth the effort, as electronic media will still be around, just more expensive and rare. Pandora's box has already been opened, you can't put the djinn back in the bottle. Better save up money for good hardware and doing something like >>16901 suggests, using the knowledge to build post-apocalyptic fortress-monasteries to hoard all the knowledge in, preserving it and the means to read it in halls of concrete, cages of blessed copper and steel, turning the old practice of maintenance into rituals of... Why does this sound more and more like Warhammer?
>>16914 https://smugloli.net/tech/res/32.html If we have people on the webring who can answer that idea, then there is a good chance that some of them are there.
>>16916 Maybe you should Anon. Among my 'waste' as you put it, is the entire contents of /k/ including all it's file uploads. >>16919 Thanks strelok, I'll have a look.
>>16915 Thanks I appreciate the advice. But I was thinking some more about the drive themselves being sort of hardened. And not just from EMP (though that's probably a big concern).
>>16928 No, that's how you put it. I mean that it's a waste of information to put it on a media that is gonna breakdown in the next 5-10 years. Paper print, if stored correctly, can survive at least a hundred years, as evidenced by my copy of the new testament, which was printed in 1893
So, where do I go to sign up for the Ukrainian military bros?
Open file (71.57 KB 800x800 arhivach.ng.jpg)
>>16935 >letting women serve. >make said women practice for parade in impractical footwear for no practical reason. Heh, Ukraine I like this joke. Is funny.
>>16935 >>16939 i dunno what you're on about. Russia does the same for their female soldiers, it's not like the ukrainians are special in that regard. I think the best koreans do it too.
https://apnews.com/article/armed-standoff-wakefield-massachusetts-9ee61b69ca96bb5ce212f56651f0dd11 https://archive.is/OpTtT In other words, niggers get the rope because glowboys got angry >WAKEFIELD, Mass. (AP) — An hourslong standoff with a group of heavily armed men that partially shut down Interstate 95 ended Saturday with 11 suspects in custody, Massachusetts state police said. >Police initially reported nine suspects were taken into custody, but two more were taken into custody in their vehicle later Saturday morning. >Two suspects were hospitalized, but police said it was for preexisting conditions that had nothing to do with the standoff. >Mass State Police Col. Christopher Mason said the suspects surrendered after police tactical teams used armored vehicles to tighten the perimeter around them. >The standoff shut down a portion of I-95 for much of the morning, causing major traffic problems during the Fourth of July holiday weekend. Authorities said the interstate is now reopened and the shelter-in-place orders for Wakefield and Reading were lifted. >In Massachusetts, Interstate 95 runs from the Rhode Island line, around Boston to the New Hampshire line. Wakefield is just east of where Interstate 95 and 93 meet north of Boston. >The standoff began around 2 a.m. when police noticed two cars pulled over on I-95 with hazard lights on after they had apparently run out of fuel, authorities said at a Saturday press briefing. >At least some of the suspects were clad in military-style gear with long guns and pistols, Mason said. He added that they were headed to Maine from Rhode Island for “training.” >“You can imagine 11 armed individuals standing with long guns slung on an interstate highway at 2 in the morning certainly raises concerns and is not consistent with the firearms laws that we have in Massachusetts,” Mason said. >He said he understood the suspects, who did not have firearms licenses, have a different perspective on the law. >“I appreciate that perspective,” he said “I disagree with that perspective at the end of the day, but I recognize that it’s there.” >The men refused to put down their weapons or comply with authorities’ orders, claiming to be from a group “that does not recognize our laws” before taking off into a wooded area, police said. >Police and prosecutors are working to determine what charges the members of the group will face. >The suspects were expected to appear in court in Woburn on Tuesday, Middlesex County District Attorney Marian Ryan said. >Mason said the “self-professed leader” of the group wanted it to be known that they are not antigovernment. >“I think the investigation that follows from this interaction will provide us more insight into what their motivation, what their ideology is,” Mason said. >In a video posted to social media Saturday morning, a man who did not give his name, but said he was from a group called Rise of the Moors, broadcast from Interstate 95 in Wakefield near exit 57. >“We are not antigovernment. We are not anti-police, we are not sovereign citizens, we’re not Black identity extremists,” said the man who appeared to be wearing military-style equipment. “As specified multiple times to the police that we are abiding by the peaceful journey laws of the United States.” >The website for the group says they are “Moorish Americans dedicated to educating new Moors and influencing our Elders.” >Mason said he had no knowledge of the group, but it was not unusual for the state police to encounter people who have “sovereign citizen ideology,” although he did not know if the people involved in the Wakefield standoff was a part of that.
>>16941 lame bait. 0 killed, no happening. Back to sleep
>>16940 At least those uniforms work with heels. The ukrainian retards are trying to look tough with camo but then have heels that look ridiculous together.
>>16917 So, where should the first /k/ monastery be set up?
>>16945 Russia, finland, or wherever the hell else it's cold, dry, sparsely populated and where people generally don't give a fuck about you settling down. laying communications and pipeworks will be a pain though, because everything needs to be deeeeep in the ground, or insulated to hell and back.
>>16932 >No, that's how you put it. I would argue that's how you put it, actually (goes w/o saying the assumption you are replying). >>16916 <Shit from the internet <What a waste. Paper is a reasonable choice if you can keep it cool and dry. Parchment is obviously much better. Neither media are suited to >>16910 >and playing it for crowds like a travelling preacher. which I clearly referenced, and indicated that my pocket laser projector might be involved in such a scenario. Personally, I'm grateful I've abandoned my literally thousands of books for the electronic versions of those (and many others more now). Hauling tons of paper around in the post-apocalyptic scenario we were discussing is hardly conducive to either survival, or acting as a traveling bard of the /k/-tiered huge anime tiddies for coming generations!
>>16947 i'm still the same anon behind those posts: >>16916 >>16932 and i don't really wanna continue arguing about that, as it hardly contributes to the problem at hand, namely the storage of information. Your Information maybe be better suited for electronical storage, as memes are hard to keep in a paper format. I have no interest in keeping le funny maymays and other shenanigans, instead i opt for useful, written information that can aid me and others in building a powerful faction/clan/group, that can not only survive, but thrive in the post-collapse world. That is why prefer paper, which is pretty much failsafe, as the only way it can fail, is by becoming unreadable, which only happens if it's physically damaged. You don't need reading and displaying hardware for paper, and it is very shelf-stable if done properly. in such a case as >>16910 described, it is not much different from past storytellers and travelling preachers, as the stories are mostly told from memory, and such hardware would be just an extension of your memory, and a mouth instead of yours, that tells history by pictures. And it can fail just as surely as your own memory, if not even faster. My advice: if you want to do such things, do it, but keep your own biological memory, your own biocomputer, in working order, and don't rely to heavily on tech.
>>16941 Never trust a moor.
Open file (70.74 KB 500x400 1464446868889.gif)
>>16950 >moor I believe you mean moop.
Hey janny, do the components of 匈 together mean something like ˝a bundle of bad luck˝? I know it's used for various horse nomads, but that meaning fits them quite well.
>>16957 >pic >'plastic surgery' I think the term is 'silicone bag implants', Strelok. :^)
>>16957 If you answer this Foxconn Man, also answer this for Freedom Day: if war broke out between the US and China, would you opt to be drafted into the US Army (and be a race traitor) or the PLA?
>>16957 >匈 Three meanings: >Hunnic, huns (this is the accepted designation of the ethnic group historically) >ferocious (uncommon) >famine (out of use) Origin is from late warring states and is not currently used assigned to parlance today aside from ethnic group names. Previous usages are listed above but also widely referenced to refer to as slang for "barbarian". It is unknown if the Han Era pronunciation is Xiong (current) or Qiong An example of the old word usage is in a famous line from Romance of the Three Kingdoms in the Ming Dynasty (Possible original quote from the TK era but unsure) "Liu Bei speaks, 'You two are great gentlemen of manly bearing, but to put yourself underneath the mercy of others, is it not pityful? In the current day, there is chaos throughout the world, with chaos comes heroes, and with the ensemble (of) ferocious (heroes) assemble, none know who shall unite all under heaven.'" >>16965 That's actually jawline surgery (chin doesn't move with the face muscles and slightly "dangling"), sillicon implants, and eye surgery (her eyes are modified from Epicanthus tarsalis) >>16966 >War between us and china I'm not joining the PLA or the US .mil. Mainly since the best move is not to play. Ironically I'd probably be one of those highly sought after since most people speak only ones as a fluent language, and not both. If its the US getting invaded I'd probably end up as a guerrilla. The FBI really likes grabbing American born that are (semi) fluent in Chinese (most are fully Americanized can't understand the lang well) and charging them with espionage.
>>16967 >I'm not joining the PLA or the US .mil. Mainly since the best move is not to play. Smart man
Open file (9.64 MB 300x441 gifs_06.gif)
>>16957 Engineered for the elegant asian penis
>Niggers put 16 niggers into the hole, in a mostly peaceful weekend in Chicago Since no Whites were involved, we probably won't hear any calls for confiscating the American people's funs on this one. www.fox32chicago.com/news/88-shot-14-fatally-in-chicago-during-july-4th-weekend
I got a new job with more hours but my parents aren't happy that I work Saturdays and Sundays since I am suppose to go to church on Sundays. I am probably forced to go on Wednesdays but they aren't thrilled about it since Wednesdays are targeted to young adults in their middle 20's.
>>16755 Lukashenko Based. Ridding the EU of the gay, one migrant at a time. While Gay rid men fall to depravity in their ivory tower the Strong Arab gets two wives to make many children for every degenerate committing genetic death. Biji Belarus
Open file (108.99 KB 1938x1430 spurdo_bedora.png)
>>16993 Have you thought about growing out your hair and listening to rock'n'roll instead?
>>16741 Ghengis smiles upon us.
>>16627 Biden means that the American Citizen needs a Pixy fighting against tyrannical feds. Biden pornographique claimed US fed government is not the US people. Do a monarch and make Merc force of US citizens to enforce the rights that have been infringed upon us. >What have national security given us, cipher ? >this is what V2 is for.
>>16572 Whoever he is I support him. Don't give a shit about ideological leanings, fuck Macron. Nazbol gang represent.
>>16308 That would be funny if KSK went awol as well. Next entire battalions disappearing and joining the movment.
>>16996 maybe... How do grow your hair out without looking like white trash? I had a phase where I grew out a beard but stopped because of work. I still have the beard wash and electric trimmer in my bathroom
>>17009 You start growing out your hair and once it starts looking trashy you go to a barber, tell him what is your plan with your hair, and then hope for the best. If he is skilled enough you'll look fine.
>>17009 you go the soyfag route and bind it up into a bun. no, seriously, that's the only two options: the freehanging hillbilly, or the soybun. Pick your poison, and know that it'll be worth it.
>>16878 >Banned gays >Shat on China publicly by changing some street names Those two are actually related. The current government (that is, Orbán and his friends) are getting close to Shina, mostly because the CCP is perfectly happy to engage in corruption as long as they get what they want. The first ˝megaproject˝ they started together is a high-speed railway between Budapest and Belgrade. They got a chink loan for it, and the whole thing is built by chink companies with chink workforce, yet Hungarian taxpayers will pay for it for decades to come. On top of it, the actual traffic between Budapest and Belgrade is so low that (according to some calculations) it will take some 2500 years for the project to turn some profit. Yet it's good for Orbán, because the chinks will happily let him pocket some spare change, and it's good for those Chinese companies, because they are going to be certified to operate inside the EU. This year they started an other similar ˝megaproject˝: a new campus of Fudan university is to be opened in Budapest. We might have someone more suited to speak about said university, but as far as I know this is one of the more important universities run by the CCP. The place they want to build is was already chosen for an other project: a ˝student city˝, basically lots of dorms and flats built specifically to house students. We can argue about economic policies if you want, but the fact of the matter is that such a place would significantly bring down the price of housing in Budapest, and many people would benefit from that. Instead they want to build a chink university there that is going to accept private students only, and the tuition fees are going to be way too high for Hungarians. And again, they got a chink loan for it, and the whole thing is built by chink companies with chink workforce, yet Hungarian taxpayers will pay for it for decades to come. Because it directly impacts a lot of people at Budapest, the leftists in charge of the city try to ride this anti-chink wave, and so they renamed a few streets where that university is planned to be built. Now, Fidesz (the ruling party) got afraid that they will lose their dominance in public disclosure, because even many of their own voters agree that this is not what Hungary needs. An other problem for Fidesz is that many of their members were found out to be degenerate corrupt shitbags, one notable case is that an ambassador appointed by them was charged with possessing tens of thousands of CP pictures, and got away with a slap on the wrist. Now Fidesz wants to dictate the course of public disclosure, and so they made a new law against paedophilia. But then in the last moment they threw in a part that can be summed up as banning people and NGOs from telling anyone under 18 that being gay is okay. Alas, it's not the same as outright banning faggotry, but it was more than enough to set off all the libruls of Europe.
>>17019 And here are some random pictures vaguely related. Szájer is not the paedophile mentioned in the post, but he is a homosexual jew who posed as a Christian family man for many decades, and Fidesz put him into the European parliament, until he was apprehended by the police in Brussels for taking part in a homosexual orgy in the middle of quarantine.
>>17020 A picture of some football hooligans; and two pictures of Fidesz trying to be hip and cool by spending taxpayers' money on ads with emojis.
>>17020 >apprehended by the police in Brussels for taking part in a homosexual orgy <No doubt he thought the handcuffs and uniforms were deeply arousing.
Open file (92.21 KB 559x796 RomAK-Jackal.jpg)
Open file (33.83 KB 768x435 ThreeFurryAmigos.jpg)
Open file (43.77 KB 600x301 AMT-AutoMag-IV-left.jpg)
>>17011 ponytail? Before I worked full time I kept it braided but now ... three or four elastics to keep it out of my face. >>17010 >barber What's that? Haven't let a blade touch my hair in two decades. >>16999 Nice trips but I can't quite follow your broken English. Biden is an incoherent, treasonous pile of trash who hates the people. And no, the US-government isn't the people, and hasn't represented them for probably decades now. Have a picture of a random pistol I don't own but drool over still.
>>17035 ayy, the ponytail is something for the advanced guys, whatcha gonna do when you don't have enough hair length for ponytail? exactly, soybun.
Open file (173.34 KB 640x879 tate.jpg)
>>17011 >seriously, that's the only two options: the freehanging hillbilly, or the soybun. No. There is another option. It's super weeb though.
Apparently the president of Haiti just got executed by assassins posing as DEA agents.
>>17041 Is this the year of isolated hijinks?
>>17035 Would love to shoot an automag V. But I'd be happy with a .460 Rowland conversion on a 1911 anyday. >>17037 I just wear a trucker cap all the time and let my hair hang out. I get looks from ladies plenty enough. It's kinda trashy but who cares?
>>17041 Who also spoke spanish
Open file (38.00 KB 640x640 ClipboardImage.png)
>>17035 >posting furfaggotry Did you lose you way to 4um, nigger?
>>17041 While they used a shit ton of ammunition, probably for show, it otherwise appeared to be a pretty tight operation. Wouldn't surprise me if the current president, Claude Joseph, ordered the hit since he was an interim and the killed president had only a day before the assassination chosen a different successor. Now Joseph is claiming to be the president, no doubt taking advantage of the chaos to attempt to remain in power.
Open file (21.32 KB 97x85 unamusedbuscemi.PNG)
>>17041 >>17050 Oldest democracy in the Americas
Open file (358.60 KB 1058x1500 A1P93E02UaL._SL1500_.jpg)
>>17056 >Haiti, 2021
What are Ariel Henry's politics? They were supposed to be sworn in as prime minister inna few days and the acting prime minister of Haiti is refusing to recognize him. If he's anti-American, then 100% Haiti was a glow-op. Are there any interest groups like militias in Haiti that did not like Ariel or the assassinated president? Drug-lords aside?
https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-57587364 https://archive.is/lXKfZ Oh sweet, sweet, childe. If only you knew how deep the rabbithole truly went. If only you knew that they were basically slightly more effective then boomers and only more expendable. The dog that barks the loudest seldom bites. She hasn't met the militarized ones yet Going undercover to infiltrate Chinese-American far-right networks, by Greg Kuntzman's CPC ideological nephew (post 1/2) >>17067 >Wu Qian can't take her eyes off her phone. She tirelessly checks a dozen Chinese-language Telegram chat rooms, where thousands of conservative Chinese-Americans discuss news, politics - and sometimes QAnon conspiracies. >The 33-year-old Australian researcher, who asked that her real named not be used for this article, tiptoes her way through these far-right Chinese-American networks as an "undercover" infiltrator in order to understand how disinformation flows through the diaspora. >"I see similar disinformation every single day," says Ms Wu. "I am fed up with it and curious to check out the origin." >She first noticed a surge of pandemic-related fake news in the overseas Chinese diaspora last summer as coronavirus swept the globe. >To combat the spread of misinformation, she organised a group of hundreds of volunteer fact-checkers to debunk these fake stories, but it didn't take long for them to be overwhelmed by a new flood of misinformation about the US presidential election. >False claims of voter fraud, in particular, spread like wildfire among extremely conservative Chinese immigrants in North America - a small but vocal group among diaspora communities. >"They are very politically active, and often act collectively," Ms Wu says. >Most members of these chat rooms are fervent Chinese-American supporters of former US President Donald >Trump, identify as Christian and harbour strongly critical views of the Chinese Communist Party. >Ms Wu doesn't post anything in the chat rooms. She only observes conversations. But other chat participants exchange tens of thousands of messages every day. >Donating to the Proud Boys >Last December, Ms Wu spotted a fundraising appeal to benefit the Proud Boys - a far-right group designated by the Canadian government as a terrorist "neo-fascist organisation" - to cover medical expenses for members who were injured during a pro-Trump rally in Washington DC days earlier. >The message starts with a poignant line in Chinese - "For those who pave the road to freedom, do not leave them struggling with thistles and thorns" - followed by rose and heart emojis, as well as links to a crowdfunding site. >While the Proud Boys are an anti-immigrant group, in the eyes of the Chinese-American far right, they are freedom fighters against communist forces. >The fundraising message was shared in multiple Telegram chat rooms within hours, reaching tens of thousands of >Chinese-American conservatives. >"The more (donations), the merrier," it read. (Part 2/2) >A dozen donors stated on the fundraising site that they are Americans or Canadians of Chinese, Hong Konger or Taiwanese descent. Some commented in Chinese, wishing the injured Proud Boy members "a speedy recovery". >In less than a month, the fundraiser raised over $100,000 (£72,000), according to data provided by the whistle-blower site Distributed Denial of Secrets and reviewed by BBC News. >Of the nearly 1,000 individual contributions, more than 80% came from donors with Chinese surnames. >A Chinese-American woman who gifted $500 told USA Today: "You have to understand how we feel - we came from communist China and we managed to come here and we appreciate it here so much." Rise of the Chinese-American right >Chinese immigrants in the US have become a rising force in conservative politics. >Many are propelled to the right-wing political sphere by their opposition to affirmative action, a policy that aims to reduce inequality in education and employment, but is seen by some Chinese-Americans as damaging to the educational opportunities of their children and grandchildren. >Anti-communism beliefs also play an important role in mobilising right-wing Chinese Americans, as some had believed that the Trump administration's hardline policy on China would apply pressure on Beijing and eventually lead to the communist regime's downfall. >'Why I translate all of Trump's tweets into Chinese'
>>17068 (Part 2/2) >"Trump is the most supportive president in American history for China's human rights," says one Chinese immigrant in Los Angeles. >As Beijing tightened its grip over Hong Kong and ramped up military pressure on Taiwan, an increasing number of Hong Kongers and Taiwanese placed hope on Trump's "tough on China" stance. >During the pandemic, an unlikely alliance has emerged between the Chinese-speaking diaspora and American conservatives, as Washington and Beijing clash over the origins of Covid-19. >For strident opponents of Beijing, blaming China for not containing the virus within its borders is another opportunity to condemn the Chinese government. >For the American right, on the other hand, blaming China for the pandemic shifts focus from criticism of the >Trump administration's response and plays into the increasingly negative public opinion of China. >The collaboration between former Trump adviser Steve Bannon and Chinese exiled businessman Guo Wengui is a case in point. The duo has been involved in a sprawling digital network that disseminates misinformation about election frauds, coronavirus vaccines and QAnon narratives on multiple social media platforms. >Chinese immigrants often consume news bypassing traditional media gatekeepers, according to non-profit organisation First Draft. >Due to language barriers and news habits, many in the Chinese diaspora tend to read news in closed or semi-closed social media spaces. As there is already an existing trust among participants, the subscribers treat the information with less scrutiny, giving rise to "misinformation echo chambers". >"Once you are exposed to the misinformation network, it's hard to get out," Ms Wu tells the BBC. >'We the People' >When pro-Trump rioters stormed the US Capitol in January, emotions turned frantic both online and offline among the far-right members of the Chinese diaspora. In the Telegram chat rooms, people were "beyond excited", Ms Wu recalls. They were cheering for the rioters, and celebrating the "overturn" of the presidential election results. media captionWhat the Proud Boys were doing before Trump's speech that day >On the same day, the fundraiser for the Proud Boys saw another spike in donations. A donor wrote in Chinese that "we must stop Satan from stealing the election". >Members in the chat rooms had previously planned logistics for the pro-Trump rally in Washington DC, ordering T-shirts saying "Chinese-Americans for Trump" and booking buses from various cities to the nation's capital. >On 6 January, more than 100 Chinese-Americans descended on Washington, joining other pro-Trump protesters in a march against the election outcome. Dozens in the crowd waved American flags, shouted pro-Trump slogans and held signs saying "End tyranny. End CCP (the Chinese Communist Party)". >A protester told a conservative Chinese-American YouTuber that the day would mark a new era for Chinese-.Americans. "We have truly become Americans. We have finally entered the American political sphere," the middle-aged man says in Mandarin. >It's unclear how many of them went on to breach the Capitol. In a video that later went viral in the Chinese diaspora, it shows Congress in disarray as the Trump supporters flooded the building. >A man shouts the preamble to the US Constitution in Mandarin and English in the background: "We have occupied the Capitol… We the People. Great people!" >But Ms Wu thinks the Chinese-American protesters, though empowered by freedom and democracy in the US, were blinded by political misinformation and showed a lack of judgement. ‘>Neither the US nor China wants us’ >"They wanted to show 'the people's power' to the lawmakers," she says, "but they had no idea what the consequences may be." >When large majorities of Americans started to condemn the attack on the US Capitol, the Telegram groups swiftly removed the message history related to the riots. >Discussion of Trump's claims has since subsided, but the chat rooms remain active, with members sharing conspiracy theories about the Covid vaccines and President Joe Biden's alleged ties to China. >Many believe baseless claims that Biden is closely co-ordinating with China, or even controlled by Beijing, citing his son Hunter Biden's previous business ties with Chinese companies. >When President Biden skipped a word in a speech touching upon China, Ms Wu recalls, some in the chat rooms concluded that was the US leader "sending a signal" to his handlers in the Chinese government. >In the covert corners of the internet, the Chinese-American far right awaits the next political storm.
>>17068 >>17069 Paging Foxconn man are these people serious or just autistic minority?
>>17070 >not reading the writing before the articles >implying that foxconn worker has time to do anything but work. I'm dissapointed in you please no send help its been 2 weeks since I slept I wanna slice my neck with a window but those are now made of plastic
The Republican and Independents don't surprise me, but I'm impressed that even hardline Democrats recognize he's not in charge. Majority believes Biden officials, not the president, are secretly running the country https://archive.is/WdOto >Most people in the United States believe that Biden administration officials, and not President Joe Biden, are directing the country's agenda and policy, according to a national poll. >Fifty-seven percent of respondents to a Convention of States Action and Trafalgar Group poll said the president is not fully executing the duties of his office. Thirty-six percent said they were confident that he was directing all policy and agenda matters. >There was a disparity between political ideologies, as nearly 59% of Democratic voters said they thought Biden was in charge of the administration. Thirty-two percent said he was not in charge. >Eighty-four percent of Republican voters said they did not believe Biden was fully executing the duties of his office. Only 11% of GOP voters believe he is directing all policy and agenda matters. >Fifty-eight percent of independent voters said they did not believe Biden was fully executing the duties of his office, while 36% disagreed. >Nearly 10% of Democrats and 5% of Republicans and independent voters answered that they were “not sure” if Biden was directing the administration. >"President Lincoln's famous refrain that you can't fool all of the people all of the time has never been more relevant and critical to the survival of our American republic," Meckler said. "The American people deserve transparency from the Biden administration as to the true state of the president’s mental and physical health, and leaders in both parties in Congress need to follow through on this immediately." >"The continued failure to ask hard questions and demand real answers is a disgrace to the foundation of our democracy,” he added.
>>17068 >>17069 Chink janny has been real quiet since
>>17076 So this is a predictive programming post to prepare everyone for a takeover by Queen Nigger Kamahahaha ?
>>17069 >>17068 Chink /pol/ seems so surreal to me. Well, I'll give them credit. The only good Chinese got/get the fuck out of China.
>>17085 >The only good Chinese got/get the fuck out of China. So, the ones who are entirely on board with the pro-vaginal, pro-anal agenda of the West then? What's next, ensuring infants are vaxxed at birth? And what about throwing their parents in jail if they object strenuously when a kid declares at six that he's been told it would be fun, and wants to cut his dick off?
>>17091 You have to remember that a lot of immigrants are very naive about the "West" until they live here for a while. While there are plenty of Chinese normalfaggots (and the ones raised here are the worst), there seems to be a substantial minority that would have fit right in on early /fascist/. I used to work with a guy who would regularly talk about the dangers of race-mixing, how it might not have been so bad if Germany had won ww2 and other /pol/ tier topics in the lunch room all the time. He would have been fired instantly if he was white but for some reason normalfaggots can't parse radical politics unless it comes from a White guy.
Open file (140.29 KB 1280x960 coco taiwan.jpg)
Open file (533.03 KB 1536x2048 coco hong kong 1.jpg)
Open file (459.08 KB 2048x1536 coco hong kong 2.jpg)
>>17091 Taiwan is still a country no matter how much you screech, Chang. I repeat, the only good Chinese get/got out of fucking China. Chinese cities are just as much shit holes as Western cities except with all the CCP bullshit and poor living conditions of the bugmen mentality tacked on. If you've ever spoken with ex-Hong Kongers and mainland Chinese expats living in western countries (or at least those living in the UK and Southern United States) they tend to be more liberty-oriented than your average white "conservative" protestant that gets touted around as the "ideal man" in such social spheres while he stabs you in the back for cheap pussy.
Open file (2.35 MB 640x360 Ching_chong_Tom.mp4)
>>17071 Do the lyrics in background of the loop of slant Tom starting with ching chong hanji actually mean anything, or is it just mindless babbling? Is this how you spend your life off the Foxconn production line?
Open file (2.10 MB 1648x842 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (754.48 KB 912x679 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.46 MB 1366x768 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.28 MB 1881x879 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (3.50 MB 1861x1061 ClipboardImage.png)
Reposting from smug /vg/ because I think /k/ would enjoy playing this one. If you wanna raid bully a cute HikkiNEET ice dragon and poke her with long, hard objects while she rampages around destroying our fortifications, read below! We're planning to fight Moder on the 16th, but if anons conglomerate tomorrow we might do it tomorrow instead. If we do a raid tomorrow I'm still up for a second raid on the 16th for anons that missed out. I'll set a "soft" time of 6PM West Coast/9PM East Coast (2AM Saturday London time), but we'll probably do it when we think everyone who's going to show up has shown up. We'll also decide the fate of the server since there's only three people who use it regularly and the next boss is the last boss. Server Information: SmugVikings.serv.nu:2456 Password: Thesmuggest@non Version: Latest version (we've determined multiplayer functionality only works on steam for dedicated servers) >But I've never played Valheim It's Viking minecraft autism meets Dark Souls. You can learn the controls in like ten minutes and be functionally murderhoboing in an hour. >But I'm a noob! We have food! We have armaments! We have mead! We have the means to help you not die horribly to wolves and ice dragons if you want to join us! >I want to experience the game on my own first The server is set up in such a way that you can solo things as much as you would like to. Most of the time players go off and do their own thing and only congregate for boss raids. It's a dedicated server so it's online 24/7 if you want to hop in at a weird time. Most chests are fair game if you want to borrow weapons/armor/food, the ones that aren't are fairly well hidden anyways. You've got a whole week to prepare and find out if you like the game or not >Sounds too serious The two raids that anons have congregated for tree ent and giant stinky zombie so far have both been pretty fun since it's a low-pressure environment focused on building autism, murderhoboing, and having fun. If you've got finals or something coming up, Valheim is a comfy way to destress. >Doesn't this belong in the vidya thread? Since it's on such short notice and is more of an invitation rather than discussion, I opted for the 100rads thread instead.
>>17102 >chingchong meme It's actually some Beijing (?) Opera lines, I can't tell what's being said very well since it's a very short snippet and it is being sung in old verse on top of the audio being remixed. I don't believe the "artist" is capable of this degree of singing since it nigger rap isn't music. Some snippets I can pick out are: > Grandson (named) Lang* as ascended (Started court) today >This scene is ??? >??? Two (Army) Divisons *Sun Lang, courtesy name Zao'an. Born to Sun Jian, demoted of rank after a near disaster in 222 (Cao Wei's Huangchu era) in which in his incompetnence he set fire his own camp and nearly lost a critical battle. Was demoted to commoner, forced to change his name to Ding Lang, and exiled to house arrest - Chen Shou , Records of the Three Kingdoms >>17098 >>17091 >sperging on politics That's fucking hilarious. I know a few like that but I've never seen one be so OPEN about it. >assuming all the ones that got out are good. Wew you drank the coolaid. It's those with either connections/money/skills got out. The majority of immigrants are hardcore dems because "muh gop is raycist" with a huge older adult immigrant portion of gop because "I hate taxes". It varies heavily by generation though, like the current gen of younger adults is heavily dem leaning. Wheras the 50s-70s gen was pretty damn hardcore GOP leaning. Anyone post 1980 is left leaning unless they left because muh communisim and not for job opportunities. An aquiantance of my mum disowned two of her three children since they voted dem. One left for cali and hasn't look back and the other is banging hood niggers and she joked at least that daughter is genetically infertile since she's too dumb to live (LOL). Third child turned relatively okay and married a mennonite and he fucked off innawoods. She's been working at her company since before it went woke and from what I gather, it's either her, a couple asian men, and whites that keep that shitshow of an IT company functional. 99% bought the retardation hook line and sinker. A few of us exist... but we're more or less run out of any ethnic community we have by the time that community is mainly natrual born. It is a very strange thing, you have very few (if any) moderates, with small extremely militant "conservative" wing that would make the guys at Waco look like pacifists. Ex: State forest service tried to approach the dude outside his property (I think in a restraunt after a court hearing ) and the dude's lawyer had to drag those officals by the collar out the door cause the dude would've popped their asses on sight. From my experience the women are pretty hardcore commies. Men slightly less so. See below for examples I know >One dude went to an ivy and went full woke. Got beat out of the house by his mum with a shovel. >Said dudes brother basically acts like a current year cuckservive and is basically white in thought process, dropped outa College due to alcholisim, still won't day anyone but white chicks. >Another dude grew up with intense self hatred because they didn't learn any culture from their parrents. Got himself the diabetes, gout, and morbid obesity that would make walmart scooter man proud. >Dude who went to same college as me, spends all his savings on guns, ammo, and tactical gear. Thinks civil war is imminent. Is a lolbertarian >Fat fuck who openly states that he believes America should be white only and idolizes Richard Spencer. Basically your irl fedora. Got drunk on homecoming and got his shit handed to him by Serbian teacher who was 6ft 7. Was unironically caught watching tentacle porn in HS from what I heard. >Athleticly fit Chad, 10/10 body, 7/10 skills in firearms, 0 personal skills, self hating. Unironically wants to start a race war. >Girl went to an Ivy, somehow is not woke, works at a high fortune 500 pos, isn't married because "none of the men are good" enough and she's like 29 now and been used pretty decently >Girl drew the genetic short stick. Good looking but dumb as bricks. Full woke. >Chinese Christan girl (I think Protestant?), claims to be conservative, train ran harder and derailed in her high school years. Me toos dudes who she can't get dick from. Unironically believes in muh Q and drumpf best pres ever. Parents used to beat her for not memorizing her mutiplication tables properly so that was probably why. God help the mixed race White-Asian kids though, because they end up with the short stick more things than a natrual born like me. I've seen a few sucessful one's two but that is when both parrents fit traditional gender roles and they took great pain to make the child understand both cultures. One's a polyglut who could probably be top tier at glowops with the native fluency of his languages (Mandarin, Hakka, Canto, English, Russian , French, Arabric, German, Italian, Ukrainian, Romash). Other looks 90% white and acts 100% white so basically isn't really mixed.
Open file (84.13 KB 750x1000 EZOKiqLWsAAvQ7b.jpg)
Open file (109.06 KB 468x468 chingchong.jpg)
>>17107 So, pre-80s Chinks are this dude tier? I found the lyrics on some comment but since it's remixed I assume it doesn't make any sense anyway and the pronunciation given doesn't seem to match half the shit said except for Ching Cheng Hanji: 近前看其 [jìnqián kàn qí] 牆上寫著 [qiáng shàng xiězhe] 秦香蓮年三十 [qínxiānglián nián sān shí] 二歲那狀告當朝 [èr suì nà zhuàng gào dāng cháo] 駙馬郎欺君王瞞皇上那悔 [fùmǎ láng qī jūnwáng mán huángshàng nà huǐ] 二歲那狀告當朝 [èr suì nà zhuàng gào dāng cháo] Machine translate spits out: Look closely at it On the wall is written Qin Xianglian was 30 years old I was two years old when I complained to the court My husband deceived the king and hid from the emperor. I was two years old when I complained to the court And the entire thing was done by some nigger wannabe (chigger?) sampled from an opera like you said.
>>17108 >pre 80s Some, but not all. It's been more leftleaning year after year. >lyrics Ohhh boi it helps alot. Even though it's incomplete you can find the original. tl;dr: It's an opera song about a dude being unfathful to his wife. It' originates from a slander campaign against a anti-corruption offical in the Qing dynasty Complex explaination: The name "Qin Xianglian" is synonmous with a woman betrayed by an unfaithful husband, and is based of a person who one could argue was sucessfully slandered by a bunch of officals. His fictional stories stem from a law (true crime) drama novel called "增像包龙图判百家公案" (100 cases from the trials of Bao Zheng). Bao Zheng is a Song Dyansty high ranking offical and is also historical. You can find his story in Chapter 26 秦氏還魂配世美 (Revenge of Lady Si and her drive to Exile Shimei). It is a famous enough scene to have a painting on the long corridor in Beijing. Storyline: Set in Song dyansty era China, Qin Xianglian is married to the wannabe beaucrat Chen Shimei. She takes care of his entire family and his kids. He goes to take the imperial exam in Beijing and does not return, they think he died. A famine/plague (source differs) strike and the parrents die, and in desperation she goes to find him in Beijing. It turns out he did not die, but was first in the examination (Zhuangyuan), and the empreror favored him, and he lied that he was not married so that he could be married to a princess. When he finds out Qin is in Beijing he panics, and orders his bodyguard Han Qi to murder her. Han Qi locates her and she asks him to care for her children after he executes her. Torn between his duty to liege and is piety, Han commits suicide in a place called Sanguangtang (Three officals' hall). Qin then pleads to the rightous Bao to take her complaint, and after an investigation, convicts Chen of lying (which is treason) and conspiracy (the assassin) against the emperor. The princess doesn't want to be a widow (because neo confucianisim = suicide/4ever widow), and asks the empress dowager to intervene. They try to convince Bao, but he refuses. However the emperor intervenes. Obviously Qin is infuriated and Bao decides to give her his own money and quit because it is injust. Qin refuses, and Bao orders the execution. The empress dowager and the princess show up with the imperial seal, and "remind" what the penalty for disobeying an imperial edict is (execution). Bao takes off his headwear (a symbol of power, think like cermonial mace) and replies that then he will gladly be executed after he executes Chen. He then executes Chen and the play ends. This is written in old literate Chinese so there are a lot of implied references and allusions alongside with strange grammar. The comment lyrics are spaced improperly and the proper syntax a should be as follows. 近前看其牆上寫著, >Go and parse closely upon the writing in the wall (allegory to complaint scroll) 秦香蓮年三十二歲那狀告當朝. >Qin Xianlian, 32-years old, has submitted a complaint to the court 駙馬郎欺君王瞞皇上, >off the Fuma (emperor's son-in-law) of (conspiracy and_treason against the emperor 那悔婚男兒招東床. >by comitting the act of bigamy in marrying royalty Source: Beijing opera called 铡美案 (Behiding Case of Miss Mei) I actually found what seems to be the clip from it was remixed (Around ~0:55), the video is from the 1960s judging by the properly sync'ed audio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmHYhDXz-Zs Here's a newer one with shittier singers (17:15): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kgshrto01XI It is a bit hard to understand the singing on top of literary Chinese. The originary folk (Qin Xianglian) are much easier to understand. Side note: The dress and attire is intresting in this case, Bao as justice of the court and offical, with no direct royal blood, is allowed to wear black with embroided gold (indicating what would be a high ranking prince) alongside a full gold tassle (stripes?) on his back, showing the trust the emperor places in him relative compared to his son in law (Red/gold/blue). Also, the dragon on Bao is larger than that of the son in law. Notice the court eunich wearing yellow but not on the dragon seal. The staff like object the eunich is holding is a cerimonial quirt/riding crop, usually used to display authority as someone's servant. Compare it to the two women in 28:50. The empress dowager is wearing full yellow with the in blue and white in the draon and gold hemmed skirts and green (Indicates involvement in religous affairs). The princess is wearing red/blue with embroidered in gold and white, indicating a lower position princess and not that of direct decent (otherwise she would be wearing >what the fuck do the signs read on the side and above Silence (those not adressing to the court) and away (from interfering with the court) (Two signs posted vertically, read right to left, they actually posted the signs on the left stage wing wrong lol) (To be of a) clear (of mind and) concinence above others (Large sign hung above, read right to left)
>>17108 Hip-hip, rap, and other ape sounds are currently being turned into literal gaynigger propaganda, and so I wouldn't be surprised if wannabe niggers took over those genres. >>17109 Are those painted face historically accurate, or just something done for operas? Also, is it true that Chinese songs can't be understood (at least not fully) without subtitles, because the singing overrides the tones?
>>17109 Wait, who is getting slandered here? Chen or Bao? The Bao in the story the way you put it sounds like a very righteous man.
>>17107 Honestly, the way you describe asians would fit many other minority ethnic groups
Open file (90.09 KB 599x532 kristol_marx.jpg)
>>17109 >neo confucianisim Was this basically neo-conservatism for Chinese? It claims to be conservative but everyone that preaches it is a moralistic asshole and a hypocrite, it's a shitty synthesis of ideas from different parts of thr political spectrum, and for some reason demands the entire country stay in servitude to foreign overlords?
>>17111 I had to read it two or three times, but the breakdown is >Dude cheats on his wife >Marries a princess >Wife comes and finds him in the capitol >Bao being honorabru decides husband must die >Princess doesn't want to be a widow or suicide because her husband was a lying cunt >Emperor tells Bao not to kill husband >Bao hears out the cheated-on wife and decides to enact vigilante justice >Emperor tries to stop him >Tells the Emperor to go fuck himself and that honor comes first >Play ends with Bao executing the chucklefuck who started the whole drama understanding he's gonna be killed next
>>17066 They arrested 2 Americans from Florida (James Solages and Joseph Vincent) and the rest of the dozen seem to be Colombians, still they believe some are still at large.
>>17120 upon reading further on a another source the two Americans seem to be Haitians that left country, though some sources say someone heard the someone say "DEA OPERATION" during the assassination. Definitely something fishy and glowly going on there
>>17120 >>17121 Reports say six were former Colombian military, and one of the Americans was formerly a guard at the Canadian embassy in Haiti. Also, apparently the Chief Justice of their Supreme Court, who is the one who would normally be a dead president's successor, himself died of Covid shortly before the assassination, making successor even muddier than the Prime Minister dispute. Apparently police and military have both declared support for Joseph as PM, rather than Henry's claim. As an aside, Leafland news was naturally quick to point out that the suspects were "white".
>>17128 Also the National Assembly has been de-facto dissolute since a couple of months ago, meaning the actual guy in charge is the third option. Henry, the soon-to-be third guy, because Joseph was out of the game in a couple of months, is now publicly against Joseph because it was his own turn despite Joseph being the one who selected him. What a mess, elections supposedly soon too. >>17121 >Definitely something fishy and glowly going on there Several witnesses claimed they were in DEA transport and the one who informed about a DEA operation was using a bulletproof vest with the initials and flaunting a loudspeaker, i suppose that was one of the americans.
>>17139 >What a mess Has Haiti ever not been an utter shit-show? I'm surprised the Dominicans don't have a minefield on their border.
>>17139 Haitian president now asking for UN and US forces on the ground.
>>17146 Dominicans have to much nigga blood in them to be competent enough because they should've made themselves of the entire island a long time ago. Haiti has always been a shitfest but rarely gets into the military realm of affairs, it's mostly negroes embezzling the little money the country produces and giving it to family members who live in France and death squads that kill opposition groups. >>17148 Obama Child Traffic Scheme, part II
>>17120 >Commit tight operation >Failed to plan an effective escape Should have used the chaos to better effect. Though it doesn't help most of them are lighter skinned then the entire population of Haiti.
>>17115 I've talked about it on a seperate thread but I'm too sick and tired to remember it. Sorry. Basically, confucianisim in and of itself has very strong social justice tendencies about being morally right even though you're a pleb. Neo confucianisim is just added emphasis on ritual and tradition (best example is footbinding) over logic and reason that had existed in legalist doctrine. Think of it as the evolution of communisim from defeated ideology (cold war) to parasitic ideology destroying its host (modern left). >>17111 >>17117 is more or less right. It's a bit hard to translate that play because there's a crapsack ton of historical context you have to go into and many subtle cues. >>17110 >opera face paint Colors reperesent the charachter of a charachter. Some of the faces of more popular people (eg; Cao Cao, Sun Quan are more realisitic) Ex: Mostly white mask: Charachter is antagonistic or cunning Mostly black mask: Serrious and stone faced OR neutral Red: War like and short tempered The minor colors (very few of these are the majority of the mask color) Green: Brave (perhaps foolish), violent Blue :Stubborn and rightous, loyalty Yellow:Intelligent or bravery (depends on if warrior/scholar etc) gold with silver: imortal beings There's no "set" default for any figure because none of the masks are exactly alike. There are certain paint schemes for minor charachters (Eunchs, "jesters", and background charachters). Examples: Cao Cao, is considered to be extremely vicious and cunning (It doesn't help from his quote: "I would rather betray the entire world than let anyone in the world betray me") would wear a white mask with black outlines Xia Houdun, one of his most trusted subordinates, would wear a majority blue with white/black/red highlights showcasing his stubborn loyalty, his war like disposition, and his ability to be crafty (but not as cunning as say Cao Cao). Ma Su, who is considered to be ambitious and stubborn but incompetient (due to his blunder at Jieting, although contemporary sources note he was highly intelligent), would be drawn in mostly black with red and hints of white and green. >Chinese songs Strelok, modern or ancient ones? Because modern music is shit. Ancient tunes are very confusing because the vocalizations for tones are no longer existant and in China, poems and (older) reading is supposed to be what we consider to be sung. Best example: Spring and Autumn Chronicles. There's a very specific rythm and tonality to the piece if you attempt to read it in old Chinese, it shows why they decided to abbreviate heavily because it rhymes and flows more "fluently".
>>17155 >Strelok, modern or ancient ones? Both please. Tonal languages fascinate me, because I find them unpleasant and unwieldy, and I always like the raw opinions of an ˝insider˝, no matter the subject.
>/k/ - Intricacies of Chinese Culture and History i'm okay with this
>>17155 >blue = rulefags, moralfags and autists Huh. I thought blue was the colour of cowardice. Or was that a korean thing? Does anybody remember those posters from the Cold War with the blue americans?
>>17161 It's important to understand your enemy because genocide isn't "allowed" right now and you're going to have to reeducate them with something that's their culture.
>>17160 >both Fuck you. Like I said before, Chinese is a written language currently. Ancient Chinese is approximated to have had 16 tones instead of the current 4. This is why many words old Chinese require only one character versus two. Modern music is just your CY+1 pop trash, it's pretty easy to hear what they are singing unless you aren't a native speaker. Older music is different. Chinese literature historically (pre-Ming dynasty) is SUNG. Not "read". Venicular prose is suppose to give the subject matter a certain type of rhyme and flow, this eloquence is noticeably missing as we go into the last two dynasties and modern China. This literarati based "Classical" Chinese retains different lexicon and it's grammatical structure and usage remains mostly unchanged from the Han to the modern day and is extremely abbreviated versus the more "plebian" vulgar languages. I am only capable of "singing" few of these properly, and if you did sing them (and it isn't brain dead toddler shit) 90% of people would stare at you because it is so alien in pronunciation. In addition, Chinese was originally monosyllabic until in the late Zhou the collapse of central authority and increased loanwoards that were entered developed two syllable words. For example: Modern Chinese: We note that, Emperor Shao of Han, showing a lack of competence and capability, and therefore he has graciously ceeded his mandate of Heaven to Emperor Xian, originally named Liu Xian and confer the retired emperor the title of Prince of Hongnong. Classical Chinese (Implied in brackets), Liu Bian = Emperor Shao: (The Emperor) Shao, (having shown to be) not competent or capable, abdicate (to) (Liu) Xie, (Who has declared to be named Emperor) Xian. (According to custom), (Xian) grants Bian (The title of ) Prince of Hongnong. That would be interpreting Classical Chinese and rewriting it in Modern. Here's a better example from the Art of War: Sunzi said: (The)art of war (is of) vital importance to the State. (It is a matter of) life and death, a road (either to) safety or (to) ruin.(Hence it is a subject of inquiry which can on) no account be neglected. The "Chinese" spoken language has great variation, some claim to be more than the entirety of Romance languages combined and I am inclined to agree. This is mainly because China is geographically more complex than Europe in terms of mountain ranges and geographical barriers, leading to major shifts in tone usage and pronunciation (but not writing) in short distances. Compared to the United States, China is very mountainous, and results in around 25 major cultural areas that are distinct from each other.This is why in China there is a high focus on rail and not car roads. It is too difficult to maintain them all for logistics due to the unstable geological nature of several of the large mountain ranges and fault lines. Especially true in the area where the political division of Tibet/Sichuan/Yunnan converge, as rockslides and entire cliff-side collapses are very common in that area. On top of that, there are several major cultural groups that have completely diverged and generally have signifigant differences, think of it as the Dixie-Yankee split but much more obvious. You have Canton (two subgroups), Tibet (3 subgroups), Xinjiang (two groups), Hexi Corridor, Inner Mongolia, Shandong, Manchuria (three sub groups), Yunnan (three+ subgroups) and Zhejiang areas all with significant cultural differences in not just language, but ethics, manners, and festivals. >>17163 >blue It's a minor color so the rule scheme is not as consistent. And blue as cowardice is mainly a socialist realism thing in China. Historically blue was a very sought after color indicating rank in many places. >>17161 More like /k/ - forcing wageslave to answer question for PR while having a bayonet stuck behind him. You will never be a an Asian even if your the twitter retard who had slant eye surgery and identifies as gook, cope :*)
>>17185 This gives me an kinda offtopic guestion, how did chinese get the whole "iron budha" cataphract. How did it evolve? Or whatever you want to call itmore of thing for discusion then anything. How the fuck did the whole heavenly kingdom happen
>>17190 >Iron Buddha cataphract Origins lie from the Three Kingdoms "Tieqi" (lit: Iron riders). There from the Jin Dynasty so according to traditional history they aren't actually "Chinese" but thats beside the point. They have been recorded in some form as early as the Three Kingdoms period but true cataracts were either learned from the Tibetans or from the nomadic tribes, since the Chinese emphasized maneuverability over horse armor (The theory was that you could fight dismounted and the person > the horse). Probably influenced by conflict with the Iranians in the west and cultural exchange. You're gonna have to be clearer about the heavenly kingdom. If you mean the Qing dynasty rebellion? The answer is fucking Christians.
Open file (121.10 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault-3.jpg)
>>17185 >if you did sing them (and it isn't brain dead toddler shit) 90% of people would stare at you Are there chinktards that believe in ancient aliens shit? Is there a Chinese equivalent to Hyperborea?
>>17185 >This is mainly because China is geographically more complex than Europe in terms of mountain ranges and geographical barriers, leading to major shifts in tone usage and pronunciation (but not writing) in short distances. Sounds like Switzerland to be honest.
Open file (1.09 MB 1000x682 ClipboardImage.png)
>>17185 >Compared to the United States, China is very mountainous, and results in around 25 major cultural areas that are distinct from each other. I appreciate it but you are a little wrong about America. There are about five to seven distinct cultural regions in America ignoring the little ethnic outposts like Chiraq, Salt Lake City, and the Injun reservations which qualify as their own that are different culturally, linguistically, and ethnically, and also separated by geographical boundaries. Even within those regions there are differences separated by geographical boundaries, but that's mostly semantics among the locals. The differences are enough that they should be separate countries, but that aside, there's enough difference between them that in many cases the folks in one region can't understand people in regions far enough away from them. I mean that both in terms of language and in terms of cultural mindset. People west of Missouri largely consider the federal government an occupying force and only listen to them for free gibs/out of military threats. Consider that in many states out West, the federal government at some point had to send the military in to conquer them because the people living there didn't recognize the United States as a legitimate entity, or saw themselves in a similar light to how Chechnya views Russia. The most famous example is the Mormons, but basically every state west of Missouri has a "the locals refused to recognize X purchase or Y government because they did everything themselves and never got jack shit from the feds to help out. Then DC sent in the military or the national guard to forcefully intimidate them into submission" footnote somewhere in their history that public education has tried to shove under the rug as hard as the War of 1812 to create the illusion of "one combined America of similar ideals." China is just America but about 150 years behind schedule and with a bugman mentality after going through a few famines. Beijing is just DC. Hong Kong was Pennsylvania.
Open file (50.62 KB 178x181 laredo strip.png)
>>17203 >El Norte >no Sinaloa >no Northern Durango >All Baja California included >Nothing in the Baja Cali Sur >Half of Chihuahua included >Man Diego and north of it included It's a respectable, but still incomplete, attempt but for an american-made map it is oddly accurate. The Arizona and New Mexico parts are pretty spot on have to say although some rez extend them a bit. >footnote somewhere in their history that public education has tried to shove under the rug as hard as the War of 1812 to create the illusion of "one combined America of similar ideals. Don't forget the whole Rio Bravo affair, some anglo-germans and injun (Comanches, Leonenses) forces separated from Mexico (Tejas) and then were invaded/betrayed by the U.S. feds, who then build tons of bases to subjugate (read: apply taxes) to the whites while hunting the natives via Indian Wars. The ones who couldn't separate (Nuevo Leon) were then applied strong economical punitive reforms and had their border cut down via the Laredo Strip (pic related), it wasn't until the 1910's were the government went softer on the taxes and that's mainly because the gov ceased to exist in the Civil War.
>>17203 >Seven major cultural zones so you're wrong. It literally proves my point. I never meant to state that the US was a single coherent entity , I was using it as a relative analogy. Movement in the US is still generally easier than China mainly due to geological issues even outside Tibet. Beijing isn't just DC, it's also NYC with wall street. Shanghai is Houston/LA and HK isn't worth mentioning on your map by comparison. >People can't understand languages and cultural norms It's slightly different in China. You can't understand the language variations but outside the outlying minority groups (Tibetian, Uigur, Naxi) everyone understands the social norms (mainly because there's just so many Han). The only "American English" dialects I can't really understand are High Tiders and some specific words north of the Mason Dixon line (My dumb ass was raised in the Cajun South). That being said, I do remember a concerted push to eliminate regional accents in and around the 2010s in education and the workplace down south. They fired a shit ton of folk in the city for speaking with an accent in the gov jobs and replaced them with strung up yanks or califags. What's really interesting is the US has quite a high amount of monolingual speakers compared to China. You go to Tibet or Yunnan near the cultural border, and most people speak at least 3-4 languages unless your a filthy fucking coastal Chinese, the equivalent of a califag. >>17205 >incomplete map I'd argue "new france" as an entity should extend a bit into east TX actually. Then again, real cultural boundaries are not as definitive as a river or political boundary. Quite a few French Cajun speakers in East TX from my experience. Texas German is still a meme and dead no matter what those high and uppity professors say. Then again, I'm not an expert on linguistics. My history autism lies within historical records.
>>17195 But a hundred times larger in size and population with hundreds of years older as an entity
>>17226 Larger? Yes. Older? Don't fall for the propaganda.
Hey Foxxcon-Strelok, have you read The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck? Based on what history you do know, is it a good representation of pre-industrial China or is it just Europeanized romanticism of the times? I found the book almost a decade ago and it's one of the few works about China I really enjoyed. It's about the life of a fairly wealthy farmer and the trials and tribulations he faces such as living as a homeless man in a city after a bad harvest or watching his sons sell his land to build a railroad in his old age.
>>17227 It's about a thousand years older
>>17230 Current China as its cultural makeup consists today is only about 200 years old. Culturally it's closer to 30 years.
>>17231 I'm speaking about the China as an entity, of course the China of Qin is different than the China of today.
https://archive.is/LT3LX >A Canadian soldier is currently on trial for drugging several other soldiers by feeding them cupcakes that had secretly been laced with marijuana in the middle of live-fire artillery training >MPs recovered one of the cupcake wrappers and it tested positive for THC, but that evidence (and therefore the case) is about to be thrown out because the MPs don't have any of the other cupcake wrappers >the accused claims it's proof of incompetence and negligence that they "lost" them, while the investigators say that they never actually had the other wrappers in the first place and that the rest had been thrown out by those involved before the investigation even started. When I saw the headline and lead photo, I assumed the MPs had probably deliberately destroyed the evidence because the accused is a woman. But it looks like it's just a bullshit excuse by her lawyer.
>>17237 Of course it was a woman. The first rule of sharing Mary Jane is that you don't fucking prank people with it. What a cunt. Sharing is caring, but you TELL people what it is before offering it.
>>16948 >i opt for useful, written information that can aid me and others in building a powerful faction/clan/group, that can not only survive, but thrive in the post-collapse world. You sound like the sort of guy who could contribute something to the boo/k/ >>2682
>>17238 On one hand, I can't wait to see some waymen get assrammed by .mil court martial. On the other hand, the MPs are either staggering corrupt and/or incompetent I think she should get off. It won't matter when she gets pardoned anyways. >>17229 I've not read this book. But it sounds like quite the romanticism. There weren't many railroads in that time and it was exceedingly bleak. I remember my grandparents telling me of the stories they had, the oldest of them was born in the early 30s and his stories of his parents are pretty depressing. Unfortunately, this period is portrayed in media pretty negatively already due to political goals of the CPC and the KMT. Not that it wasn't a shithole by modern standards. Two of his biggest memory of his childhood was being taught how to read and write in German and English by German Protestants (Lutherans I think) early in his Childhood and him going to school. He had to sleep over at a further relatives place and walk around 3 miles each day to/from barefoot in the snow during the winter, and there was not enough food to go around, so he and a friend of his would go and volunteer to clean the cooking pots, and before cleaning them they would grab boiled water and pour it in to drink whatever flavor was left. One of my grandmothers was born as an indentured servant and was a stone quarry worker. I think half her family starved to death but I'm not sure.
>>17231 China has millennia of culture, but Gucci Communist China as a whole has about 10, 30 tops if you count the period where they were trying to improve their economy. The young bugman is nationalistic, but that nationalism sits on fighting for the government that provides him gibs. If the bugman economy collapses, they have no culture to go back to. It's why their government has been pushing for the past few years this idea that ancient martial arts are quintessential to the survival of Chinese culture, but at the same time any outside influence such as Christianity or Islam are a threat to their existence. The Chinese are so desperate that they're going straight into cult territory, much like the Koreans.
>>17263 >It's why their government has been pushing for the past few years this idea that ancient martial arts are quintessential to the survival of Chinese culture Ironic taking into account how the commies finished the razing of the martial arts world in the 40's to the point every specialized fighter either died, became a farmer or ran to Taiwan and Hong Kong to make movies. At least the Republicans hired them under the premise of being instructors after the anglos killed a good chunk of them in the Boxer War.
>>17274 >burns shit down then decades later co-opts it to sell the legitimacy of the current dynasty I guess communism is just a stage of barbarian rule over China yet again.
>>17275 And just like the old days, the Opera plays/movie industry make part of the social imagery. But nowadays because of the cult status the HK movies enjoy it seems of all of these becomes confusing for a normal bystander, how come in the 70's to the 90's the kung fu movies rarely mention the 40's wars and when they do they belittle both commies as much as foreigners as unreasonable scum and even many of the famous actors in their day were either persecuted people, exiles or rabid taiwanese nationals. Yet nowadays some actors backtracked completely on their beliefs and movies now rarely touch upon subjects from the 19th century and up unless they are literal paid propaganda. One old saying will never stop being true, actors are merely dignified whores and their trade is pretending, although some did have balls to escape and oppose both Red China and Handover Hong Kong.
>>17274 I don't intend to defend the eternal anglo but the Boxer Rebellion had any nation powerful enough to have an embassy in Peking involved in it. The whatever family name chinese empire at the time was happy to see the boxers eliminated by foreigners too. The 6mm Lee Navy is a neat cartridge/rifle combo, and Smedly Butler was there too. It's a shame american textbooks have only a paragraph about it at best and you have to read it yourself because it's not an answer on the standardized test.
>>17276 Were corrupt magistrates as common as seen in Chinese period movies or were they some sort of stock meme character?
Open file (58.71 KB 850x360 1978.jpg)
Open file (83.90 KB 675x380 1993.jpg)
Open file (110.53 KB 640x420 1979.jpg)
>>17277 The chinese are no saints, especially the disillusioned martial artists who had to turn into banditry or piracy in the south sea, but that war was balkan-tier in its swift action. A very polarizing war too, the few notes i've read are either portraying the colonizers as just for ending the existing pillaging or demonize them for effectively running a no-questions-asked massacre wherever they saw someone moderately fit to be a farmer or merchant. The interesting thing, and why i said anglos despite practically all european powers + japan participating, is that chinese only vent their hate towards the british and the americans which is interesting, Russia had far more men on the ground than all yet the only mention is them killing the horses of some mongolians to avoid them escaping, the anglos scalped the ponytails of the fighters and the americans reportedly captured and then executed people on the streets by looks only, such as the Tianjin incident which even had photo evidence (a rare feat back then); even the dutch which were "neutral" had to clean their hands due to the outrage, then later the american cavalry unit burned down a buddhist temple, actions which might or might not be tactically correct but destroyed the once-favorable local support towards ending the wandering boxers, something that would only be acerbated when the powers demanded absurd amounts of money for having to "stop the riots" after the war ended. Japan got a social pass in this war because they fought the muslim side of the country and the chinese never liked those pesky islam kung fu fighters, years later they even passed the blame on them for killing the few chinese christians around which was the supposed moralfag casus belli in the west, something the christians deny because of wide reports of british troops raping the christian girls in their protection on many occasions. I think the point is clear, for some reason the bulk of the crimes and incidents lay down on the british and the americans despite Italy, France, Germany and Austria-Hungary having as much or more men than them on the ground. >It's a shame american textbooks have only a paragraph about it at best It's kinda on the same page as the Kosovo War, in retrospect it's hard to present a quick benevolent summary on a book as it falls directly into protection of interests no matter the locals or plain old colonialism. It is indeed a very interesting conflict because of the very few reports towards how the soldiers managed them on melee combat despite tons of reports on how the boxers thought they could stop projectiles, not knowing they weren't being shot with shitty pig iron pellets but real fast as fuck bullets. >>17278 I would say yes to both of those questions as far as all the movies i've seen, magistrates or the main mandarin guy in charge of the court is almost always portrayed as unfair and easily bribed, someone who can do whatever he wants but is dead scared of the foreign company executives (investors or associates i think subtitles like to call them) or local businessmen with tons of silver and ninja hitmen (it's kung fu movies after all). In some instances when they are off-duty they just are downright lawless butchers. One interesting thing is that they almost never die, i always deduced it's a thing from the studio execs to avoid giving the example of killing unreasonable authorities as, believe it or not, bloody martial arts movies of dudes eviscerating rivals like pigs were usually screened to very young audiences so a brave warrior chopping an official authority wasn't well seen. The usual stock meme dialogue line when confronted to the idea of killing the officials is more or less "they come and go, someone will replace him soon enough / karma will destroy him soon / let the people decide his destiny". The few good magistrates that i've seen are always undercover fighters looking to do something else, a renegade who does his own justice aka anti-hero (aka an assassin ending bandits) or a tertiary character with no real transcendence other than to say he's a magistrate, these latter ones usually only appear in generic comedy movies with someone slipping on a tea puddle and pouring a pot of crap over them.
>>17279 >The shitshow of boxers The boxers are what you get when you try to bring new technology to people while pushing them around at the same time. The reason the Americans/Russians are a bit better well received is mainly due to political reasons. Even today the Chinese hate the British and the Japanese when they should also be hating the Russians because CPC propaganda and a desire to kick the US out of the no1 spot. The boxers are basically what pakistan is to the Taliban. In context of who the boxers are: The boxers originate from Shandong, an are with a pretty rich history and culture. They have a habit of being ultra-conservative compared to southern China and the rest of China. Also fucking famous for banditry (It's also the brithplace of confucious). The concept of why these rebellions happen is generally foreign to the westerner because they haven't experienced something like this. Imagine your a regular Chinaman, who was taught that Confucian values (especially the four cardinal principles (Rites/tradition, righteousness, integrity, and shame) which was a legalist thought that Confucius and co. "borrowed". Now imagine that you have foreigners who come in. These foreigners are in many cases considered rude (ignoring rites see:Opium wars), arrogant (Cultural differences and the whole colonialisim spiel), bring Western Christianity (Neostoran Christianity existed in China at one point). and subvert the societal order that Confucius laid out. Western Christian will never be welcome in China as long as the goverment is a of Confucian doctrine, for no religion can stand against the state. This is why Tibetans Bhuddist (Read: Dhali Llama), Christians (Who reject state control), and Muslims (Who also reject state control thanks to USSR) are currently persecuted. The western powers (and by extension, Christians) are viewed as enemies of the people, and it is a sort of pseudo ethnic cleansing except on an ideological/religious grounds. Also, the British hate is because it was widely viewed that the british were the most influential on the royal court, and also the whole "two opium wars" shit didn't go over well. Ironically, british english is a sought after accent there The "West" does not have an event like this in their current consciousness. The only ones remotely like this in the history of the west is the Spanish with the moors, or perhaps the goths and bringing down Rome (I don't remember them staying though). Although, at the rate we're going, Europe and the US are not to far from sort of massive revolt like this due to immigration. >>17278 >corrupt magistrates It's mainly a social meme with actual history because its so common of an issue that it wasn't ever solved. Because these operas are generally written for the common person or for a warning to the emperor, that's why they are like this. If you read old literature there are many examples of stellar officals, but plebs couldn't read and the emperor hates officials always. There is a famous Chinese saying, "If the liege suspects an official, then that official is guaranteed to die".
Open file (45.28 KB 460x215 header.jpg)
>chaos in Haiti following presidential assassination >chaos in South Africa following jailing of former president Zuma >state collapse underway in Lebanon >riots in Cuba probably due to glow-ops >racial tensions at high in Britain following Euro Cup loss
>>17285 Pure cohencidence, go..guys. Now get back to your 'vid-yah' or whatever it is you crazy kids do these days. | |> | |3 | >But I wonder: who would plan something like this? >Is there some group of people, somewhere, who is planning to purposefully create chaos across the entire planet, in furtherance of some goal that they have? >This is all just getting started.
>>17285 Haiti and Cuba are glow-ops. South Africa has been a shit hole for years because of "progress." Lebanon is due to lazy niggers thinking they can take loans without paying them back forever combined with corrupt politicians ruining their only revenue stream. Britain is just the natural result of the times, or rather, the natural reaction or artificial influences.
>>17287 From what I have been able to gather Zuma essentially launched his version of Samson-option against the standing government in retaliation for prosecuting him for corruption. It will be interesting to see wethever niggers will stop their niggeringing just because ANC/Zuma asks them to. It would be fun seeing whole thing cascade out of control. Ofcourse, it's easy for me to say, I'm on the other side of the planet.
>>17297 What if someone kills the Zuma?
Open file (1.84 MB 2048x2048 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (272.95 KB 720x720 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (213.96 KB 900x900 everyakthread.jpg)
Open file (59.66 KB 397x248 zerg.jpg)
Let's say SHTF and the grand awaited happening has cometh. Do we shoot anyone who wears the first two pic rel? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCJxuEWhMOY
Open file (1.02 MB 1200x751 this_cat_is_loaded.gif)
>>17304 FBI-kun, pls. Never go full retard. We have cats you know.
>>17285 >zuma >the quintessential Grandma Game (tm)
Open file (527.86 KB 511x640 2021.png)
>>17285 Things seem to be pretty well on scheduled.
>>17298 https://twitter.com/SunflowerSrina/status/1414544014238535683 >Outside Toyota, South Coast, Durban … a handful of White & Indian men against a group of thugs. #Salute to these men. These hero’s don’t need SANDF, they’re enough! They don't look like they're very good at shooting or they're not using lethals. Dude with the rifle should be dropping people. I factor out drugs because the nignogs would've looted and then OD'd on them I can't post the vid because fucking r9k. IDK why.
>Emmanuel Macron to raise the retirement age in the middle of a pandemic >EU bans hijabs, allows businesses to fire Muslims for wearing them What did they mean by this?
Open file (857.49 KB 640x1440 m9tw9bgx1ua61.png)
>>17316 >Banning hijab 3 options: -one of many steps to integrate Muslims into the mixrace of yuropoor wageslaves, -prerequisite for starting muh structural racism chimping and consequently race riots, or -drilling Muslims to the fringe of society, promoting parallel societies, racial tensions, inequality and later on, open conflict. Conflict=civil war=cash for the military industrial complex. Either way, they're enemies.
Open file (269.77 KB 700x425 ClipboardImage.png)
>>17318 >>17316 Did they ban Hijabs or did they ban Niqabs/Burkas? There is a difference and Hijabs are cute on a girl. I'm guessing it has to do with sexism in Islamic culture in conjunction with AI having a hard time recognizing faces when women wear them. Europe doesn't have the balls to make Middle Easterners integrate to be fair neither do the Americas.
Open file (195.17 KB 1080x1920 1616511107516.jpg)
>But the Luxembourg-based tribunal said in its ruling on Thursday that courts in the bloc’s 27 member states should weigh up whether the ban corresponded to a “genuine need” on the part of the employer. They must also consider the rights and interests of the employee, including by taking into account national legislation on freedom of religion, it said. >“A prohibition on wearing any visible form of expression of political, philosophical or religious beliefs in the workplace may be justified by the employer’s need to present a neutral image towards customers or to prevent social disputes,” the court said. >“However, that justification must correspond to a genuine need on the part of the employer and, in reconciling the rights and interests at issue, the national courts may take into account the specific context of their Member State and, in particular, more favourable national provisions on the protection of freedom of religion.” >Both Muslim women – a special need carer at a childcare centre in Hamburg run by a charitable association, and a cashier at the Mueller pharmacy chain – had not been wearing headscarves when they started in their jobs, but decided to do so years later after coming back from parental leave. That's actually a fair ruling. They're saying you can't just change your mind halfway into your employment to cause problems and that individual nations have the right to make the final call. This is a ruling saying the EU is NOT responsible for sorting out workplace religious rights, not a ban.
>>17318 >>17319 Jumped the gun and miscontrued the news. Jokes on me for skipping sourcing out of laziness. >>17320 >EU delegating to local authority What timeline are we in?
>>17321 My guess is that for the EU bureaucrats this issue was a hot potato and so they threw it at the member states. Now they can wash their hands.
>>17321 They're probably being overly-cautious because of Brexit and "globalism without globalists" Hungary/Poland ignoring them. If the EU has many more nations decide to leave, they won't be seen as legitimate by the remaining members. Also >>17323
>>17312 >Indo-Aryan Alliance Against the Bantu Menace (2021)
The fucking scarves over the mudshit's women is entirely irrelevant, and a red herring by the globalist kike media to avoid debate on the real issue: globalist kikes importing literally millions of mudshits (just imagine whether that adds up to 6 million trainloads-full or not) into White, Christian lands. If you're going to parrot the fucking corporate-controlled media here, at least focus on the issues instead of being a good little shabbos goyim.
>>17327 What do you propose, wise /pol/itician? Politics don't work, neither do protests or petitions. The people are being ignored, corporats do what they want. And whenever someone says "maybe we should attack them?" They get spit on because they're "glowing". What now? Sitting and debating without any impact? Or speednailing a few hundred muddies like pros?
Open file (35.04 KB 276x316 Mileenamk2.gif)
Open file (11.25 KB 191x193 Versus2mileenamk32.png)
>>17316 >>17318 >>17319 Why do people get so upset about headscarves and veils anyway?
>>17331 Because it's a sign of not being integrated into Western culture and values.
>>17333 Somewhat ironically traditional Western culture also had women wear headscarves. You know before women became "liberated".
>>17331 >>17335 I don't have a problem with head scarves, I have a problem with Muslims invading. Though, it maybe for the better, if they manage to turn Europe into a shithole that is.
Open file (414.57 KB 1024x1293 1610636720714.jpg)
>>17331 For conservatives, headscarves are a sign of Islam which triggers them because the military industrial complex of America and the rapefugee crisis of Europe has taught them to hate anything related to Muslims unconditionally. They conveniently forget that Christianity encourages women to wear them too, not just nuns. For progressives, headscarves are a sign of a repressive society that treats women poorly since women in Africa, North Africa, the Middle East, the Caucuses, and Asia all wear them still, and most of those places are not as nice to women as Western Europe is. For glowniggers, headscarves basically ruin all facial recognition software because it's trained to look at the full face including neck, hair, and ears, which a headscarf covers, so they have to spend extra money and time on IT staff that are already over-worked and under-paid who are quitting in mass numbers because there's no chance of promotion and private industry considers NSA experience (or European equivalents) to be a fucking joke. As an Orthodox Christian I like headscarves because they're both cute and obscure a woman's figure to draw attention away from her tits and towards her face.
Open file (59.13 KB 500x441 goldenbenis.jpg)
>>17305 >wanting to shoot cuckchanners who will most likely be wearing said patches makes you a fednigger
Open file (225.34 KB 621x427 glow.png)
>>17340 Enough. Nobody gives a shit any more. Cuckchan is cancer, reddit is cancer. There's a difference between recognizing something is cancer and being so full of yourself as to waste your time and ammo on random trash. Unless the cuckchanner is trying to take your shit or fuck with your shit, just ignore him. Same goes for every redditor, social media user, fudd, and [insert rival here]. Some sperg with a patch is going to be the least of your worries in a SHTF scenario where you can get away with shooting someone.
Open file (98.04 KB 813x513 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (106.45 KB 800x571 falklandsSAS.jpg)
>>17341 >if I keep of accusing him of being glownigger i will win the argument Jesus Christ, this place gets more retarded each and everyday. >>17344 >there's a difference between recognizing something is cancer and being so full of yourself as to waste your time and ammo on random trash. If you read my original post, I clearly stated it as a hypothetical situation, you autistic nigger. Not being able follow Rules 1 and 2, is worthy of death anyway.
>>17345 Some people just don't understand sarcasm anon
Open file (201.34 KB 677x887 glowposting.jpg)
Open file (33.50 KB 282x280 1574861643925.jpg)
>>17347 Either a bot or clinically retarded Enjoy this last and final (You), nigger
Open file (113.62 KB 609x609 niggerprice.jpg)
Everyone above and under me is that same glownigger schizoposting.
Open file (37.94 KB 465x394 IMG_20210716_084401.jpg)
>>17341 >>17344 >>17345 >>17347 >>17348 >>17349 >Leave thread for the night >Come back in the morning >Thread has fully derailed into muh glowniggers and something about 4chonks What the fuck? Why? I thought we were talking about head scarves and Europe?
>>17350 Just another day on the internet
Open file (403.10 KB 422x585 1453189422715.png)
Why would any /k/ommando consider another /k/ommando an enemy in the first place? For starters, those patches predate The Exodus meaning that while they do relate to 4chan, they have nothing to do with Cuckchan. Secondly, /k/ is a magical place and as such it isn't bound to one position or website. It is a dream and it lives in the heart of every streilok on the planet. There was 4chan's /k/, 8chan's /k/, Julay's /k/ and now The Cafe's /k/. But also there is OPERATORchan and other smaller hideouts for our brothers across the blighted wastelands that is the internet. So I beseech you, /k/: Hate not your brother. If he browses the wrong /k/. If he likes a gun that is inferior to the gun you like. If he lives innawoods when he should live unnaground or vice versa. If he goes to the range dressed as Felix Argyle instead of a replica SS uniform. Even if he is canadian. Then bully him. Call him a faggot. Cum in his brownies if you must. But so long as he bears the streilok spirit and he isn't a fucking glownigger then he is your brother and you should love him as such.
>>17352 The issue is that there's a lot of angry anons that vent their anger on everything that mildly annoys them since they can't do anything about the real problems. You're right, but the issue goes deeper than that.
>>17352 >Why would any /k/ommando consider another /k/ommando an enemy in the first place? Because /k/ is a war board and it would be lame if the whole world were /k/ommandos but guns were only ever used as museum and sports pieces for the Paul Allens, Ians, and Fudds of the world.
>>17354 It the whole world were /k/ommandos, War would be a gentlemanly affair again, happen every other year, and very few people would actually die or be seriously wounded in them (comparative to unrestricted total warfare of the modern age) despite a lot of equipment loss. Fighting for your people does not require you to hate your enemy, it only requires you to love your people more than you love your enemy.
>>17355 So, we go back to the 1850s.
>>17352 >Even if he is canadian. Syrup-covered hands wrote this post.
>>17357 KEK, is this legit? holy shit, the leafs are really getting browned, aren't they? also, blessed caliber numbers.
Open file (1.95 MB 1280x836 ClipboardImage.png)
How bad is the risk of post-flood sinkholes in heavily urbanized areas like Manhattan or Miami?
>>17360 considering that a huge chunk of jew york is built on dirt they dumped into the ocean, very likely. although that is just me being hopeful.
>>17357 >1 in 2 girls growing up in Canada will be physically or sexually abused What are the odds of getting sent to jail because of that?
>>17363 High in the sense of being able to get jailed for claims as false as the stat, but very low relative to the stat itself in the sense that getting accused is unlikely. For reference, here's an example of an actual case from a few years ago, to show how rigged it is. Underage girl gets pregnant. She claims a neighbour raped her. The neighbour denies it. She says the pregnancy is proof, but she had an abortion before filing the police report so no DNA evidence is available. The man responds that someone else must have gotten her pregnant, because it wasn't him. The judge rules that he is not allowed to claim he was not the father, because this requires suggesting that she had had sex with someone else, and questioning up a victim's sexual history is prohibited. Originally that prohibition was to ban the argument of "she's a slut, so she must have wanted it this time too" but the judge ruled that that is extended to ANY suggestion of other sexual activity. As far as I know the guy was convicted, since he was blatantly prohibited from mounting any sane defense. No idea if the inevitable appeal went anywhere.
>>17367 >You can't make the opposite claim That is objectively terrifying and hilarious at the same time. As much as we shit on the US legal system, that would be tossed pretty quickly well, that is before this whole 'insurrection' thing happened. I guess he could try and attempt a defense of calling into question the veracity of the woman, but then I remember in British law the burden of proof is on the defendant. Such insanity.
>>17345 I mean you are joking right? >>17348 >Either a bot or clinically retarded The latter
>>17360 Most of southern Florida is built on top of a former river full of karst. It wouldn't take much for half the state to disappear beneath the ground.
Open file (9.01 MB 1920x1080 keke1.webm)
Open file (14.06 MB 1920x1080 keke2.webm)
Chinaman, can I ask you for some commentary on this? Is it proper Mandarian, or something else entirely?
>>17360 The industrial sector of my city is about to be destroyed by a aeries of sink holes due to poor public management of resources, so for OpSec reasons I can't get into my first-hand experiences with them, however in the last two years they've destroyed well over ten million dollars worth of shit. Heavily urbanized areas are at massive risk of minor sinkholes caused by manmade actions like water main breaks that culminate into a major threat that can fuck up an entire city. Doubly so if that city has an industrial sector.
>>17369 The US courts are fucked up from my experiences, however they haven't gone to complete shit. It's just you're guilty until proven innocent and you are never completely innocent if the court wants to see you no matter how wrong they are, so now the focus is on proving failure to follow policy and procedure (which the judge or attorney or cop or jury ALWAYS fucks up) and reducing the charges to a lesser one in the face of downright disgusting threats on the part of the judge and prosecutor. Well, innocent until proven guilty applies in CIVIL cases still because the courts make no money off of civil cases and thus burden of proof is on the accuser. Only legal cases are like that. Also don't try talking about Jury Nullification or they'll make sure you're in prison on some bullshit.
>>17383 We should have a "Questions for the resident chinaman" thread
>>17386 That would work well for some variety of /int/, but /int/ itself is bound to be shit.
Open file (1.50 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1014.87 KB 1280x720 check these.png)
>>17384 A-are you implying funnier things in addition to fun things would happen if the San Andreas or Ramapo faults were to rumble a bit? Would it take long for sinkholes to appear in urban areas with no earthquake damage but inoperative water pumps due to dead powergrids?
>>17388 Sauce on that first pic, Is that from a vidya? no woman could resist those digits tbh. probably should phone up a lady today anon.
>>17391 What will the bearded children do now strelok?
>>17393 Guatemala City in 2010.
>>17383 It's a shit dub with japanese mixed in. Someone forgot to translate the neon feminist.
>>17388 I'm implying the faults don't even need to rumble because already burdened public infrastructure got the shaft because of Chink flu. >>17391 >Texas judge ruled it's illegal on the grounds of policy and orocedure In other words it will go to the fifth circuit court who will then say the entire program is illegal, followed by going to the Supreme Court of which three justices have already stated the entire program is illegal. >inb4 fifth circuit decides to "extend the olive branch" when the progressive appeals courts never fucking have >inb4 Supreme court justices show their true RINO colors and support it to get a majority >inb4 they keep it in the courts process until Biden can stack the courts in his favor >inb4 one of the conservative supreme court justices mysteriously dies like how Obama murdered Scalia There's no way something good would actually happen for a change. Still, I wouldn't mind seeing the progressives getting fucked by their own dirty game of utilizing the appeals courts.
Open file (189.88 KB 1280x720 keke.jpg)
>>17396 No, this is entirely official.
Open file (237.04 KB 500x367 ClipboardImage.png)
>>17397 >the faults don't even need to rumble because already burdened public infrastructure got the shaft because of Chink flu. A collapse in the housing market, how quaint.
>>17388 Not sinkholes. But all those buildings in LA with the first floor parking garage and residential in the upper floors are almost guaranteed to collapse from a large direct hit earthquake. The city claims to be modernizing them, but we will have to see.
Open file (850.26 KB 960x540 ClipboardImage.png)
>>17370 >I mean you are joking right?
Open file (177.97 KB 450x600 Qing_official.jpg)
>the Qing dynasty had everyone wear Mongol style hats >but LARPed as 100% organic Han Chinese despite this Why was this Chang?
Poor Chang gets constant questions from white middle class Streloks who will never step foot in China unless as enemy combatants.
>>17411 >and there's nothing wrong with that Given how tight-lipped and inarticulate the average Oriental bug-creature is, it's cool being able to figure out weird errata relevant to the heavenly kingdom. Kinda like finding a formicid that's tapped out of the hivemind or something.
Reminder Clear your cache once your reported that glownigger pedokike thread It seems our autistic cetacean friend is spamming CP again
>>17419 Sounds weird but i remember what material he used for spamming and this ain't it because it's a 3D render which is still illegal by the site's host site. It has happened in a couple of boards here but never in the smaller ones, for i guess a month or two now?
>dam collapses in Henan province of West Taiwan, floods Zhengzhou Climate change did nothing wrong.
>>17430 Seems to me the blessings of rain have been venting more blessings upon the globalist kike European Usurper's Command edition home of the former glorious Fatherland. https://web.archive.org/web/20210718053432/https://sputniknews.com/europe/202107181083407222-death-toll-from-floods-in-germany-rises-to-156-reports-suggest-/
>>17433 Whew, thank god I live up north, where there's few rivers and lakes. Climate change is great when you don't have to fear for you ass being flooded, My blackcurrants have really grown big and juice this year as a result of the very nice climatic conditions. Thanks Chang, for heating up our global greenhouse!
Open file (102.52 KB 1000x619 1000x-1.jpg)
>>17430 <1000-year torrential rains flood Chinese province, 25 dead >At least 25 people have died in China's flood-stricken central province of Henan, a dozen of them in a subway line in its capital Zhengzhou, and more rains are forecast for the region. >About 100,000 people have been evacuated in Zhengzhou, an industrial and transport hub, where rail and road links were disrupted. Dams and reservoirs have swelled to warning levels and thousands of troops are taking part in the rescue effort in the province. >Twelve people died and more than 500 were pulled to safety after a subway tunnel flooded, state media reported, while social media images showed train commuters immersed in chest-deep waters in the dark and one station reduced to a large brown pool. https://web.archive.org/web/20210721131114/https://www.reuters.com/world/china/heavy-rainfall-kills-12-central-chinas-henan-provincial-capital-xinhua-2021-07-20/ >Chang hasn't been spotted in a week RIP
Open file (480.46 KB 1275x717 Dam.jpg)
>>17435 <Chinese army warns dam battered by storms could collapse >The Chinese army warned that a stricken dam in the centre of the country "could collapse at any time" after being severely damaged in torrential storms that killed at least three people and brought the region to a standstill. >Weather authorities have issued the highest warning level for central Henan province as downpours caused widespread disruption and the evacuation of residents of flooded streets. >On Tuesday evening the regional unit of the People's Liberation Army warned that the relentless downpour had caused a 20-meter breach in the Yihetan dam in Luoyang -- a city of around seven million people -- with the risk that it "may collapse at any time." >The PLA's Central Theater Command said it had sent soldiers to carry out an emergency response including blasting and flood diversion. >"On July 20, a 20-meter breach occurred at the Yihetan dam ....the riverbank was severely damaged and the dam may collapse at any time," it said in the statement. https://web.archive.org/web/20210720232214/https://www.france24.com/en/live-news/20210720-chinese-army-warns-dam-battered-by-storms-could-collapse <Xi quoted as saying "flood prevention measures have become very difficult"
Open file (851.07 KB 800x505 ClipboardImage.png)
>>17435 >>17436 Maybe the whole anti-climate change kikery is just aimed at preventing a resurgence of aesthetically robust amphibious cars that don't use fragile glownigger electronics.
>>17435 >RIP I am still alive. Fortunately I know how to swim and swiftwater rescue is something I've technically trained on. >Henan floods Oh lol. That part of China historically was noted to be a jungle. The floods got worse after they cut down all the jungle (who knew?). >Yihetan dam Ironically, that name means (A) Pavillion of Harmony and peace. That's likely one set of older dams rebuilt in the late 50s/60s after that set of floods. China is much more dependent on dams to prevent flooding so it's pretty natrual for dam failures to be more prevalent imagine if the TVA was where 85% of the US population was concentrated on the riverbanks. >>17410 Internal Qing (Manchu) conflict. Manchus are decendents of the Jurchen Jin, who were originally nomadic. They got assraped by the mongols earlier but always looked up to them (until they became the rulers of China then promptly fucked the mongols over lol). You fuckers should be worrying over the impending South Africa tier riots in the west: https://www.illegalaliencrimereport.com/post/confused-illegal-alien-admits-to-impregnating-12-year-old-girl-in-oklahoma https://archive.is/mY0SR >It's just their culture!!!! https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/suspect-in-custody-for-shooting-at-fort-worth-officers-code-compliance-after-high-grass-violation/ar-AAMf9kD?ocid=uxbndlbing https://archive.is/ivDLJ >Be joe shmuck, NPC in suburbia DFW >Mother dies, have to arrange her estate, so you fuck off outa state for a year >Pay a person to mow your lawn >law dude bails/dies >You rack up 30,000 USD in fines cause 6+inch lawn >You come back and SWAT comes and serves a warrant to arrest you and forcibly cut your lawn >Joe shmuck goes postal >no casualties except the dodge truck. No suprises there. Coming soon to a town near you (tm). Also, vaccine "passport" soon. Or at least that's what I am hearing in the ESD's unoffical talk with FEMA.
>>17440 AOC in Japan in 13. There is absolutely nothing wrong with fucking a girl before she's finished puberty so long as the intent is to marry her and take care of her for the rest of your life. Only pedophiles want to abuse children. >Also, vaccine "passport" soon. Or at least that's what I am hearing in the ESD's unoffical talk with FEMA. It's basically a thing already. I'm more worried about the fact that the already-burdened global supply chain is collapsing RIGHT FUCKING NOW and nobody seems to give a shit since they have toilet paper.
Broke Global Rule: "Do not advocate or assist real paedophilia or child abuse"
>>17441 >aoc is Keep your 4chan shit to yourself. Or go back to that place if you want. We don't need that shit here
>>17440 Chang, the West is in for a time of troubles. We're not going to be able to stabilize it for your leisure. If you know what's good for you, you should start gathering a pack of Roof Koreans ASAP.
>>17441 >There is absolutely nothing wrong with fucking a girl before she's finished puberty Have fun finding a father outside of Araby that would be cool with you marrying his 12 year old daughter.
>>17441 >AOC in Japan in 13 This is a lie, anyone using this argument is a lying pedo, and so we must conclude that you are a lying pedo. Each prefecture in Japan sets its own age of consent using "corruption of minors" laws and they've all set their ages of consent in the range of 16~18. For example, Tokyo's law prohibits sexual activity between those younger than 18 years old. The national Japanese Penal Code makes sex with anyone under 13 a very severe crime, and the Child Welfare Act also criminalizes causing any child (defined as anyone under 18) to commit obscene acts. Neck yourself.
Open file (6.28 KB 163x216 u81bq5.jpg)
>>17441 >There is absolutely nothing wrong with fucking a girl before she's finished puberty Here's your (You) pedo, now kill yourself.
>>17445 Chang already found one if you bothered to read the article he was responding to.
>>17446 >>17447 >Pedo Let's break down the word pedophile. Pedo- child Phile- fetishist Do I have a fetish for children? No, I don't particularly like prepubescent children, therefore I can't be one. I'm stating a simple fact. The cultures that have retained something of a family structure and have not had a sexual revolution around the world tend to have the lowest age of consent laws. Most of those laws were passed during the Japanese sexual revolution of the 80s/90s when cheap sex became readily available to them. I believe those who take advantage of young girls deserve the rope, but you have to be silly if you have bought into this western brainwashing that a girl somehow magically becomes a more complete adult after puberty. Women are children until they hit menopause. They don't magically become more intelligent after puberty. A woman is happiest in the kitchen raising a family. There is chemical proof of this in the way hormones interact with the female brain during sex, during and after pregnancy, and during the first few years of a child's development. The average girl begins puberty around 10 or 11, but about 7-8 is fairly common in first world countries. If someone wants to have casual sex with a woman who is not either a sex worker or old shrew incapable of bearing children, he gets the rope regardless of age. If someone wants to get married and provide for a girl for the rest of his life in a responsible manner, I don't pry into their business so long as both parties consented. At least I'm logically consistent.
Broke Global Rule: "Do not advocate or assist real paedophilia or child abuse"
>>17451 >Not having sex unless agreeing to marry and provide for someone. Why has this been forgotten? This is ancient knowledge, and everywhere people practiced the 'sex only for stable and caring people'-policy. Fucking without marrying was almost exclusively rape or whoring. >Puberty at 7-8 Hold it right there pal, I dunno about the crazy research of Western 'scientists', but a girl, as far as I know, can start bearing children at about 12-13 years old, anything before that is simply abuse to an underdeveloped body.
>>17454 Medically, the early 20s has the highest chance of producing a healthy offspring.
Open file (181.58 KB 985x865 angry_dog_noises.jpg)
Open file (75.25 KB 640x571 1421712243600.jpg)
>>17456 They are really bending over backwards to hamfist their ideological programming into every little piece of shit News, huh?
>>17451 >>17441 I'm confused. If he violated a global rule, then why are his posts still up? Seems dangerous to the website's integrity. >>17454 >Why has this been forgotten? The pedo alluded to it, but the sexual revolution came in two phases: birth control pills and the elastic condom. Both were originally restricted to married couples to reduce death by childbirth in most countries, I think the British were the first to liberalize their laws regarding condoms creating the modern shitshow. It goes both ways. Women were having more casual meaningless sex because they didn't fear pregnancy (as much), and older men, pretty much the first "hippies", were taking advantage of 14 year old girls because they could trick them into casual sex and then dump them, at which point the girl was seen as used goods and ruined for marriage unless it was to a war vet/widower. Doubly so if she got pregnant. The age of consent laws are historically a result of fathers getting sick and tired of being thrown in prison for murdering one of said hippies after he refused to marry his daughter and old feminists who casually fucked their way out of any marriage opportunity. Supply and demand with the how being artificially restricting the candidate pool and with the why being condoms/birth control. >>17455 It's actually around 16, but I don't need a global ban by someone who doesn't understand the difference between being butthurt and removing illegal content so I'm not getting involved in this any further.
>Who did the ban? As noted by >>17459 earlier, this is a global ban by the server admin/host. >post still up I have no intention of modifying/overruling bans by site admins. >REEE BANNED CAAUSE BUTTHURT! My opinion is that the poster was banned for advocating that the age of consent is should be below 16 or 18 (for most jurisdictions). >What's your interpretation? If you want to argue fertility issues, be sure to bring a scientific paper or evidence to back it up and don't stray into the domain of being okay with having sex with people under the age of consent. You are free to ask the admins on the /meta/ board in so far as to their justification and any limitus test they have.
Edited last time by Kondor on 07/22/2021 (Thu) 16:26:06.
>>17460 There seems to be a misunderstanding. I don't care that the pedo was banned, I just want to know why the post is remaining up if it's illegal content. If it's a global cool, but then why didn't the global delete the post? Either it's illegal and should be deleted or the global is butthurt.
>>17458 According to a guy I know who lives close to one of the flooded areas the police set up checkpoints there to stop looters of indeterminate ethnic origin. Many of the affected villages and towns in the area were cut off due to destroyed roads/bridges with some getting ignored by the government's relief coordination so the local germans being germans started organizing their own relief and aid distribution out of their own pockets. Cue a small convoy of vehicles carrying tents, food etc. to help out homeless inhabitants of an isolated village being held up at a Police checkpoint because one of the drivers was on a watchlist for wrongthink extremism or some shit, thankfully the retired Bundeswehr officer in charge of the entire relief operation managed to talk some sense into the ZOGbots so the convoy got through.
>>17462 >federal government being complete superfluous while local authorities get their shit together You should rewrite the constitution.
>>17461 >I just want to know why the post is remaining up if it's illegal content. The posts in question were not illegal, but were against Anon.cafe's rules which you may refer to at https://anon.cafe/.static/pages/globalRules.html >>17459 >If he violated a global rule, then why are his posts still up? Consider them a gibbet.
>>17461 Letting posts stay up if they're not endangering the site's existence (like it would be the case with illegal content) is actually better than having a lackluster carpet of replies to nothing. I personally hate imageboard censorship and jannies wiping posts from threads, but sometimes it's necessary to keep the site as a whole. In cases like this however, keeping the string of discussion intact helps following the line of thought- making understanding the whole thread easier.
>>17465 German government and it's "experts" have already chewed this topic through in order to demoralize everyone who wants to do this. There is actually a paragraph in the Grundgesetz, which allows the Germans to throw out the Grundgesetz and demand a real constitution to be written (as the Grundgesetz is actually only a provisional constitution, written during the occupation of Germany, and was never meant to last beyond the reunification of germany), but, the so called "law experts" "professors" "researchers" and other paid actors all say that "no no, the Grundgesetz is a constitution, the author never even anticipated german reunification to take that long, bla bla bla"- They're bullshitting everyone, and the germans are eating it up and parroting the "Das Grundgesetz ist unsere Verfassung" idiocy. It's too far gone, we can only hope for civil war and that no one interferes with the bloodbath, kicking out the dune coons, and rebuilding of germany, except maybe russia, but russia has it's own problems.
>>17471 Is it possible to amend it or is it so brief (being that it was expected to be temporary) that even amendments aren't allowed?
>>17465 Pastafag here, it's practically the same thing in every single European country.
Open file (60.86 KB 899x417 3h4v7rodyzc71.jpg)
The absolute state of conservatives in the largest "red" state, you couldn't make this shit up. https://legiscan.com/TX/text/HB928/id/2374783 >University of Texas quit their conference with OU​ and want to move to the SEC, >Big 12 on life support now lol . TCU/Texas Tech/Baylor shitting their pants >Meanwhile on the special session agenda... >shitshow ensues in the legislature and people protesting because of muh jobs. >Bill introduced to ban UT from moving without legistlature approval, instead of actually hunting down the runaway dems this is the real priority. >pic related Meanwhile in worst korea, commentators shit talk the other teams and bring up that Chernobyl is the only reason Ukraine has an economy And the sad part is that they are right.

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