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Open file (418.58 KB 1200x1600 foot.jpg)
Strelok 05/04/2021 (Tue) 18:53:10 No.15505
I said come out, don't stay indoors! /k/ is an weapons, combat and Outdoorsmanship board, i don't see any outdoors discussion. Let's talk about what's going on outside, what you're up to (hobbywise), and what activities you enjoy, that you can recommend to Streloks, be it because it builds body and character, or because it's plain fun. Pic related. I started walking barefoot this year, and i enjoy it so far, i've even managed to grow quite a thick layer of callous skin to protect my feet.
>>15505 most of what i do outdoors is shooting and hiking to places to shoot.
I mean we have an outdoors thread, it's just nobody posts in it: >>10262
>>15505 >>15511 Yes, it's an unfortunate that was the outcome of that thread. I tried to get a conversation started about camping and food by talking about MREs but the conversation went nowhere. It's quite sad really because I'd love to talk about strelok's homemade MREs or that time he went camping and got a skinwaker girlfriend but I guess he just doesn't have anything to add. That's okay, I'd rather get no posts than poor quality posts that mean nothing. >>15511
>>15505 I am going to the beach this weekend, I am sort of forced to go but I'll see I could run, if not I will swim, last time I went there was barely anyone in the nice cool water (the purple flag wasn't up so it was safe) but the beach was overcrowded so running was no go. I don't understand why tanning is so popular, such a boring activity. I'll see if I could go fishing, the pier is right there but don't know they want to because I suppose with someone before they leave back to their home state.
>>15533 that sounds good. running at the beach is pretty good for the feet, sands off excessive callouses and keeps them healthy. Swimming is good excercise for building and keeping muscles. Tanning isn't for everyone, because it's basically just sleeping in the sun, i do that all the time in my backyard :P >>15526 >>15511 that's sad.. I really didn't notice that one, i was sure i had looked thoroughly. Maybe we should continue posting in the old thread? >>15511
Open file (15.00 KB 275x275 willis.jpg)
>>15511 I've been looking at the catalog for months and never saw that thread. Despite the discombobulation of my apparent timeline jump, I'm interested in continuing that thread.
>>15551 Pretty good movie, actually.

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