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Open file (325.70 KB 719x587 bloodsports .jpg)
100 Rads Canteen Mk 3.5, Clear Skies with scattered vol retardation edition Strelok 04/20/2021 (Tue) 16:59:55 No.15028
YES, I KNOW, I MERGED THE THREADS WRONG. HAVE A 0.5 INCITEMENT IN VERSION NUMBER TO SHOWCASE THE TRAGIC EXTENT OF MY FAILINGS - VOL >r9k prevented an image from being posted >flood detected >flood detected Fuck off. Off topic canteen is saging. We have new offtopic thread now. What are streloks up to nothing illegal, just hobby wise. My comp I use usually died and now I'm stuck waiting for a motherboard because shits so expensive now. Thoughts on the Chauvin trial? Maxine Walters may have (intentionally) tried to just setup the trial for a mistrial for rioting. I don't see the Jury getting out of this alive.
Edited last time by Kondor on 04/20/2021 (Tue) 22:05:30.
old thread >>10541
Open file (77.04 KB 289x306 Barkeep.jpg)
So, Marked One, did you get the documents from Lab X18?
Open file (304.53 KB 711x1036 Одиночки.jpg)
>>13974 Что ебать ты просто чертовски говорила обо мне, маленькая сука? Я тебе зкажу, я закончил вершину моего класса в ВДВ, и я принимал участие в многочисленных секретных рейдов на Аль-Каидой, и у меня есть более 300 подтвержденных убийств. Я тренировался в парижском войны, и я сверху снайпер в целых российских вооруженных сил. Вы ничто для меня, но только другая цель. Я протрите тебе нахрен с точностью, подобных которым никогда не видели раньше на этой Земле, запомните мои чертовы слова. Вы думаете, что вы можете уйти с того, что дерьмо для меня через Интернет? Подумайте еще раз, ублюдок. Как мы говорим Я контактирую мой секретный сеть шпионов по всей России, и ваш IP-трассируется прямо сейчас, так что вам лучше подготовиться к шторму, козу. Шторм, который стирает жалкий небольшое вещь ты называеш твоя жизнь. Ты находишься чертовски мертвых, малыш. Я могу быть где угодно, в любое время, и я могу убить тебя в более семисот способами, и это только голыми руками. Я не только обучен приемам рукопашного боя, но у меня есть доступ ко всей арсенале Воздушно-десантные войска, и я буду использовать его в полной мере, чтобы вытереть задницу жалкий с лица континента, небольшое дерьма. Если бы только ты мог знать, что нечестивый возмездие ваш маленький "умный" комментарий был готов обрушить тебе, может быть, ты бы провели свой гребаный язык. Но ты не мог, ты не сделал, и теперь ты платишь цену, ты идиот проклятый. Я дерьмо ярость все над тобойи ты тонуть в нем. Ты находишься чертовски мертв, детка.
What the fuck happened to the 5.45x39 supply? The most I have heard is rumors wolf and the like switched everything over to 7.62/.223/9mm. New shit is still coming onto the market though, is it really all just kikery similar to what is keeping .38 special/.357 mag so expensive?
Open file (256.87 KB 1200x1200 napoleon-on-st-bernhard.jpg)
>>13946 The mistake of democratic populists is taking their followers to be their equals.
Do you fuc/k/ers like stenciling your ammo boxes? I remember there being a thread for stenciling back on jewlay. If a kind gentleanon has the archived thread, that'd be super.
You streloks got any opinions on lever actions? I've been thinking of getting a 45-70 govt for quadraped threats of the ursine variety, but you think a .44mag or .45 long cult would be good against four or two legged threats?
>>13979 I believe 7n6 got banned from import due to it being an evil armor piercer baby killer round and that made up the gross majority of the 5.45 supply coming into the states. There isn't much desire for new manufacture here because x39 is already seen as an obscure or rare cartridge as-is. It'd be a fringe market atop a fringe market.
Open file (1.54 MB 800x1133 eestiface.png)
>>13984 >Afrika Korps That's a sick fuckin' stencil, the white makes it stand out even more. >>13985 >I've been thinking of getting a 45-70 govt for quadraped threats of the ursine variety, Fucking do it, cunt > a .44mag or .45 long cult Both are good rounds anyway for niggers and critters, but for me it would be the fawty-foe.
>>13987 May as well spend the Biden UBI cheque on something useful. Besides tents and cots and such.
>>13986 Anon, I am talking about the steel cased non-corrosive imports we have been getting for years. Before the pandemic it was only a few cents more than .223 and cheaper than 5.56. During for the first 9-10 months it was even cheaper than .223. Now it is sitting at $1 a round, despite being niche and still coming into America to my knowledge. Unless you go on gunbroker, which is much cheaper but still rising in price. I wanted to know if this was due to an actual switch in production, kikery, or something else entirely. > There isn't much desire for new manufacture here because x39 is already seen as an obscure or rare cartridge as-is The issue here is that we are only now seeing US companies making their one '74 rifles. Most normalfags don't even know about the '74, and people just assuming ammo disappeared with the 7n6 ban is also causing issues. Despite all of that, there is still an insanely high demand for the rifles. I am pretty surprised that Hornady was the only US manufacture that made 5.45. If I had the capital and if there was not a shortage in powder/primers, I would be setting up production for match/easily reloadable 5.45x39. Try to make something akin to a lee loader classic as well for it.
>>13985 Do you think you could take down a feral boar or wild pig with it? >>13985
Open file (107.77 KB 3000x1402 1410830306056.jpg)
Open file (33.11 KB 659x659 1411946995795.gif)
Open file (121.35 KB 1050x1050 1411949553471.png)
Open file (120.81 KB 2560x1440 1414273269057.png)
Open file (52.88 KB 650x700 1414376475843.png)
>>13985 All those will fuck bear and anything two legged. The .45lc will need to be hotrodded a tad bit if you want to use it on anything bigger than black bear. >>13984 Yeah, also like writing the most schizo shit on them.
Open file (307.96 KB 8263x8250 sunlightparm.gif)
Open file (89.23 KB 1969x1957 1529619508.png)
Holy shit that should not have taken 40 minutes.
>Visit milsurp store >Swedish gas masks on display >Cost €50 this time last year >Now they're €300
Do you think that Asian cities will have a hapa middle class in the future? I can see the children of expats mingling together and eventually giving life to a new generation with mostly Asiatic features but with some visibly European ones (e.g. light eyes). And I can also imagine that they wouldn't turn into an underclass, but they would be still thought of as aliens who shouldn't be trusted that much.
Open file (438.34 KB 414x532 dumpire_laff.gif)
Meghan Markle reportedly networking with Democrats, eyes bid for US president https://archive.ph/VLaKU >Meghan Markle is reportedly already networking with senior Democrats to help her ambitions to become the first female US president. The Duchess of Sussex previously told friends about her political ambitions — and now hopes her blockbuster Oprah Winfrey interview will strengthen support in the US, sources told the Mail on Sunday newspaper. She has been openly networking among senior Democrats to help build fundraising teams and a campaign for the White House, according to a senior UK politician who served under former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair and has close ties to Washington. “The Blairite, internationalist and Democratic party networks are buzzing with talk about Meghan’s political ambitions and potential backers,” the anonymous source told the UK paper. Markle, 39, is thought to be looking at the 2024 campaign if President Biden, who will be 82, decides against running for a second term, the source said. If successful, it would make her the first female US president. >Her biographer and friend, Omid Scobie, also previously claimed that the former actress “has her eyes set on the US presidency.” “Meghan is the embodiment of the American dream. One day we may see Meghan become president,” the author of “Finding Freedom: Harry, Meghan and the Making of a Modern Royal Family” previously told a documentary. Another friend also told Vanity Fair last year that the duchess “would seriously consider running for president.” “One of the reasons she was so keen not to give up her American citizenship was so she had the option to go into politics,” the unidentified friend told the mag of Markle’s brief time in the UK. Another biographer previously insisted that the duchess does not have the “skin of a rhino to run for office,” with her sensitivity to criticism only further highlighted during her sit-down with Oprah.“I would state categorically that she has no chance of ever running for president. She would be eaten alive,” Andrew Morton, author of “Meghan: A Hollywood Princess,” told Vanity Fair last year. Every year is current year.
>>14004 I doubt it. Not without very careful aiming anyways since I thought wild hogs had pretty thick skulls?
>>14042 I'd take a royal reunion of Burgerland and Bongland, sure. A return of the Anglosphere could never go badly. Why not? Couldn't be worse than the shit show we have now. The next presidency is going to be even more of a joke than this one.
Ahem, in case if you had missed the news. Cakekike is going for an interview with his fellow chosenites at (((HBO))) about the Qnigger bullshit. >https://zzzchan.xyz/meta/thread/2384.html#2427 There maybe a possibility where the trailer gets enough views, meaning an influx of newfags, cancer and cuckchanners.
>>14046 goddamn it cake kike
>>14046 Might as well repost the trailer here. Do note that Codemoneky is a Reifag.
>>14046 Might as well repost the trailer here. Do note that Codemoneky is a Reifag.
>>14004 Yes. People hunt hogs with .45-70, .44mag, and even .45lc.
>>14042 Just when you thought politics could get no more retarded, out come royals.
>>14044 Why not just take a lung shot if you think your gun won't penetrate the skull?
>>14037 Hapa women are cute, so cool >>14042 >Kanye West vs Meghan Markle 2024 I wouldn't stop laughing for years, please make it happen
Open file (311.05 KB 494x894 ebolachan.png)
>>14060 >literal mutts >cute Is this bait?
>>14063 >literal mutts The mere fact they have distinct genotypes and, more importantly, a specific name precludes them from being literal mutts, strelok. Mutts are 'a mongrel mix of unknown heritage'. By expanding the term mutt to include hapas, you are also extending the term to apply to Germans (Germanic-Roman Hybrid) and English (Anglo-Saxon hybrid), to say nothing of the Southern and Eastern Europeans or, worse, the French. The correct literal insult is half-breed. But I know you don't care and frankly I don't either, I'm just in a pissy mood because I somehow broke the piston rod on my AK and I didn't even think that was possible.
>>14071 >I somehow broke the piston rod on my AK and I didn't even think that was possible. How did it happen? Or to begin with, what kind of AK is it?
>>14063 Why would it be bait?
>>>/meta/14197 Get ready for another wave of retardation
>>14042 Life is so much of a joke, that it's impossible to take it seriously anymore. >>14046 If newfriends raid, they'll most likely only stay a little while because of the low PPH. If not, there is always i2p/onion/bunkers. >>14050 >reifag How dare he abandon suika? Anyways, why are people acting like the raid on the capital was the worst thing ever? It was just a bunch of angry boomers failing to do anything of actual merit.
>>14079 Because it's prime ammo to paint political opponents as irrational whyte mail schizo nazi terrorists.
>>14079 The storming we got is the one we deserved, not the one we needed. If they were to actually burn down the Capitol and execute politicians, then after some 200 years it would be officially over for the republic that was the US of A. Alas, that didn't came to be, but they can still pretend that it nearly happened.
>>14081 True. QBoomers really should have went all out if they knew the media and politicians were going to demonize them regardless of what they did. >>14082 Makes me wonder if things will be a gradual slow decline, or something that happens rapidly. The rides not over yet anyways.
>>14083 >a gradual slow decline, or something that happens rapidly It's usually not an either/or question. What happens in most cases a gradual decline makes a society unable to cope with some external threat (be it a surprisingly small foreign army or a gradual change of climate that one year finally passes the point where crops just stop growing), then said external threat starts an avalanche of events that destroy everything.
>>14042 Kek. If she wins does that mean niggers will get to Burn Loot and Murder Britain too?
>>14042 This woman demanded names of the people who reported her for workplace bullying. She would be worse than fucking Clinton. I hope she runs.
The US is now alleging that Russia interfered with the 2020 election. You know, the election that was free of any questionable conduct whatsoever and was the most well-conducted and legitimate poll imaginable, shut the fuck up and stop questioning it? That one. Supposedly it was interfered with after all. Sanctions against Russia are expected to be imminent.
>>14053 Gotta get both lungs since last I checked the fuckers can still run good with just one (and still run a while with none).
>>14060 >Hapa women are cute, so cool Some, not all. Some are ugly as sin while others are qt patooties.
>>14083 >Makes me wonder if things will be a gradual slow decline, or something that happens rapidly. We're in for another round of shortages. I'm already seeing it locally. My biggest fear is that it's a "managed decline" and they do it slowly/sporadically enough that everyone remains complacent. >TP is back on the shelves! With no limit!!! everything is fine again! supposedly paper (wood) and plastics are getting hit hard. scarcity should become apparent (again) soon
>>14095 Isn't it a bizarre turn that the Commies actually, finally, succeeded in overturning the authority of (((Washington))) and managed to install Bolsheviks over it -- only now their little plot has come home to roost and their golem is turning on them, armed to the teeth? Ironic. May God give Putin wisdom through the shitstorm that's ahead.
>>14100 Apparently all the shipping containers are sitting at US ports due to trade flow between Asia and America being unilateral: >Off the coast of Los Angeles, more than two dozen container ships filled with exercise bikes, electronics and other highly sought imports have been idling for as long as two weeks. >In Kansas City, farmers are struggling to ship soybeans to buyers in Asia. In China, furniture destined for North America piles up on factory floors. >Around the planet, the pandemic has disrupted trade to an extraordinary degree, driving up the cost of shipping goods and adding a fresh challenge to the global economic recovery. The virus has thrown off the choreography of moving cargo from one continent to another. >At the center of the storm is the shipping container, the workhorse of globalization. >Americans stuck in their homes have set off a surge of orders from factories in China, much of it carried across the Pacific in containers — the metal boxes that move goods in towering stacks atop enormous vessels. As households in the United States have filled bedrooms with office furniture and basements with treadmills, the demand for shipping has outstripped the availability of containers in Asia, yielding shortages there just as the boxes pile up at American ports. >Containers that carried millions of masks to countries in Africa and South America early in the pandemic remain there, empty and uncollected, because shipping carriers have concentrated their vessels on their most popular routes — those linking North America and Europe to Asia. >And at ports where ships do call, bearing goods to unload, they are frequently stuck for days in floating traffic jams. The pandemic and its restrictions have limited the availability of dockworkers and truck drivers, causing delays in handling cargo from Southern California to Singapore. Every container that cannot be unloaded in one place is a container that cannot be loaded somewhere else. >“I’ve never seen anything like this,” said Lars Mikael Jensen, head of Global Ocean Network at A.P. Moller-Maersk, the world’s largest shipping company. “All the links in the supply chain are stretched. The ships, the trucks, the warehouses.” >Economies around the globe are absorbing the ripple effects of the disruption on the seas. Higher costs for transporting American grain and soybeans across the Pacific threaten to increase food prices in Asia. >Empty containers are piled up at ports in Australia and New Zealand; containers are scarce at India’s port of Kolkata, forcing makers of electronics parts to truck their wares more than 1,000 miles west to the port of Mumbai, where the supply is better. >Rice exporters in Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia are forgoing some shipments to North America because of the impossibility of securing containers. >The chaos on the seas has proved a bonanza for shipping companies like Maersk, which in February cited record-high freight prices in reporting more than $2.7 billion in pretax earnings in the last three months of 2020. >No one knows how long the upheaval will last, though some experts assume containers will remain scarce through the end of the year, as the factories that make them — nearly all of them in China — scramble to catch up with demand. https://archive.is/UOnT4
>>14097 Blood loss and (Hemo and ) pneumothroax will cripple them much faster then you think it will. >>14084 >>14100 >slow decline You know honey bee social interactions by chance? Once you take too much honey out of the colony the bees just go "fuck it" mode and quit. I feel like the US is rapidly approaching that. Now we need something that irrevocably damages the economic strength and the US is done for (for the Soviets it was Chernoybl). >in re plastics rumor is that they are trying to push for 5USD/gal oil nationwide >>14105 In regards to shipping: The current trade war (can it be called that?) is also playing a factor. The CPC is adding as much adminstrative red tape and uh "unexpected delays" (Aka: Highers telling them to mess with it unofficially) to pro-us imports. Ultimately a battle of wits. China cannot survive without food imports from the US, conversely the US would chimp out over a lack of shit to keep plebs happy. It's like that scene from the matrix. Both Neo and Smith a gun to each others' head. Question is, who's empty? Both, because neither side is surviving if they off the other. First to blink, loses. Honestly, I worry about a global war soon, mainly because farming in the US is draining the aquifers so fast they won't be recharged anytime soon. China's hitting that issue so hard, that's why they did the massive underground water relocation from south to north. Beijing sinks ~20cm a YEAR from groundwater depletion.
>connection failed >connection failed >connection failed FIX YOUR SHIT CAFE >>14097 Blood loss and (Hemo and ) pneumothroax will cripple them much faster then you think it will. >>14084 >>14100 >slow decline You know honey bee social interactions by chance? Once you take too much honey out of the colony the bees just go "fuck it" mode and quit. I feel like the US is rapidly approaching that. Now we need something that irrevocably damages the economic strength and the US is done for (for the Soviets it was Chernoybl). >in re plastics rumor is that they are trying to push for 5USD/gal oil nationwide >>14105 In regards to shipping: The current trade war (can it be called that?) is also playing a factor. The CPC is adding as much adminstrative red tape and uh "unexpected delays" (Aka: Highers telling them to mess with it unofficially) to pro-us imports. Ultimately a battle of wits. China cannot survive without food imports from the US, conversely the US would chimp out over a lack of shit to keep plebs happy. It's like that scene from the matrix. Both Neo and Smith a gun to each others' head. Question is, who's empty? Both, because neither side is surviving if they off the other. First to blink, loses. Honestly, I worry about a global war soon, mainly because farming in the US is draining the aquifers so fast they won't be recharged anytime soon. China's hitting that issue so hard, that's why they did the massive underground water relocation from south to north. Beijing sinks ~20cm a YEAR from groundwater depletion.
>>14104 Hey if the current admin pisses Russia off enough, maybe the LGMs will show up at the Mexican border and hand out toys.
>>14104 Hey if the current admin pisses Russia off enough, maybe the LGMs will show up at the Mexican border and hand out toys.
>>14095 How does that make any sense? Are they implying that Putin helped Biden cheat then? >>14104 >>14106 We're definitely in the run up to World War III. It's just the exact when and the exact firing spark is unknown.
>>14112 >Are they implying that Putin helped Biden cheat then? No, they're saying Trump lost even despite their interference on his behalf. They do say that Iran tried to "undercut the reelection prospects of former President Trump" but also that they "did not engage in any election interference activities". The report also claims that since China "sought stability in its relationship with the US", they had no justification to interfere, and "did not deploy interference efforts" (except one line where it says they "did take some steps to undermine former President Trump's reelection").
>>14100 Condiments also have shortages as do most food processing facilities. Basically agriculture and grocery stores got relief while processing facilities got fucked up the ass causing many of those shortages.
>>14105 I like how a series of tubes works good for describing all of these problems.
Russia has recalled their ambassador to the US after Cornpop's hissy fit. https://archive.is/e3jei
Open file (105.30 KB 720x727 EbV7gNLU8AAmB3f.jpg)
Question for the chink: what are the chances of Ruguanism becoming an actual ideology or is it consigned to stay a meme? And what do the moonrunes mean?
>>14138 Anyone with a brain should see that the US is about to do something completely retarded against Russia. The question is where. It can involve the Nordstream 2 project, Ukraine, or Syria I would guess.
>>14148 Given UK's sudden demands that Russia give up Crimea after a half decade of half-assed bitching, Ukraine would be my bet, but it could be any of those you pointed out.
Open file (13.57 MB 1280x720 Haru yo, Dome.mp4)
>>14147 >ruguanism It already is. That train of thought has been around since the PLA got their asses kicked in the Sino-Viet war in 78'. The reason its still banned so heavily is because that would imply that there's some fucker that should be upending the CPC after they end the USA. >in re translation bullshit... I think its a poem (or a poor attempt as one), ironically written in Song Ci style (think similar to freeverse) because its easy for self proclaimed literati to fucking make a poem with no rhythm and flow limits unlike more rigid formats. It's also some retard combining multiple different historical references together badly.... Anyways, additional context: The person referenced in this drawing, Cao Fengze, is a psuedonym(?) for a Qinghua (think Standford/Harvard) medical doctor who is basically shitting on the self-hating Chinese (think white liberals who kiss BLM's feet). My understanding is that this is also someone who wasn't instantly gulag'd because the whole muh trump trade war thing was going on and the CPC wants to wean the Chinese populace off of looking at the west like psuedo-gods with shit like this. http://m.cyol.com/hdzt/2020-03/19/content_18523083.htm >In 2016, in response to the question "Why do most milk in many regions outside of mainland China do not have straws and instant noodles do not have forks", a Tsinghua doctor introduced the fact that the retail industry in mainland China is the actual reality, and strongly refuted those who adore foreigners and foreigners. Thoughts reveal the double standards that some people treat the same thing. The author Cao Fengze has long used his real name to promote mainstream ideas on Zhihu, focusing on fighting against reverse nationalism and historical nihilism, and has won the praise of many Zhihu users. tl;dr its some asshole on twitter who's trying to fight fetishizing white people. More of their work is here: https://zhuanlan.zhihu.com/p/32292625 It reads as follows. Greentext is explanation of line above Born with hot blood (stubborn/drive) (and to grow) fat from spring grass, >Line from a poem from Cao Feng Ze Even in death (your) heroic spirit guards the nine provinces >Nine provinces refers to china proper (without manchuria, inner mongolia, Xinjiang, Tibet) and is now equated with China as a cohesive political entity. There is no dread from death in service to the people >Some maoist era lines so he doesn't get nuked by the ministry of culture for subversion Who is to challenge the great deeds done in history? >This is slightly modified line from 《破阵子·为陈同甫赋壮词以寄》, any well read person who know their Song dynasties prose (hint: Not my ass, I prefer Tang dynasty and earlier literature for their flow) will understand the patriotic connotations of the last verse. I want to say this poem specifically was required reading for the 3rd year of high school. Specifically I think it was book B for literature class, but the curriculum has changed since I last read that shit. Literary criticism of the poem: I rate this a shitty 3/10. Easy to understand words, no real flow between the stanzas and the words, Maoist era propaganda phrases linked with Song dynasty Confucian thought. This isn't a poem for literate people, it's a chant for uneducated fucking idiots who know how to write but don't understand the true goal of literature. I am no doctorate in medicine but I can do better. Also there's a fucking alcohol commercial in the bottle LOL. It''s like the old spice of alcohols in China, and their motto is "(To) drink out (re: smell like) an odor of manliness. >media unrelated I need mental help.
>>14148 >Anyone with a brain should see that the US is about to do something completely retarded against Russia. One can only wonder how Russia will respond. I guess that all depends on what exactly the US does and how damaging it is to Russia's interests.
Open file (181.26 KB 500x824 proceed_is_go.png)
>>14138 >yfw WWIII began over neo-Bolshevik shitposting against former Marxists
>>14155 >tl;dr its some asshole on twitter who's trying to fight fetishizing white people. Not a bad thing honestly
>>14155 Thanks Chang, don't get shot in a massage parlor.
>>14172 >denigrating the single group of women of any use in the USSA >glownigger detected
Open file (68.12 KB 273x277 1511341883118.png)
Open file (3.53 MB 1490x2172 Hitler_and_the_nigger.png)
Are there any chimpouts imminent in Amerika? Or did they calm down since Joe is in office?
>>14158 Russia is walking on eggshells too. Their domestic issues aren't nearly as bad right now, but that hardly makes them any less of a paper tiger.
>>14178 Portland put back up the wall "non-scalable fencing" after rioters apparently stormed and lit their courthouse on fire last week (unsurprisingly there's been zero coverage of the Portland riots since Biden took office). There was also a riot in Boulder at the beginning of the month, but that was caused by drunk college kids fucking around. Otherwise the only riot news is either about the fucking capitol riots (FBI can't locate rioters to charge because all the snitches either got stitches or fucked off after it was no longer relevant), related to Myanmar, or is one of the states (Utah, Kansas, Alabama) passing laws right now to make punishments for crimes committed during rioting much worse than regular criminal processing for the same crime.
>>14181 >but that hardly makes them any less of a paper tiger. If you think Putin has no balls you're delusional. Or maybe some kind of gaslighting glownigger? Regardless, the alleged us president is playing with fire r/n. My guess is uhh_what? is actually insane, and the cadre of snakes surrounding him couldn't be happier about that.
>>14185 The world needs a fire.
So what was the deal behind Atlanta?
>>14185 I think Putin knows better than to throw stones while living in a glass house. Being a paper tiger has nothing to do with whether or not you use your military or not.
>>14189 Scheduled false flag so far as I can tell. Nice church-going late teen white boy ran out of money to hire whores so he found the dev^H^H^H God told him that since he couldn't control himself he'd have to control-atch them away so we went and found the highest concentration of asian ladies and shot, or tried to shoot, everyone in the building for it.
>>14182 >Portland I figured the riots would calm down after Joe got in, too, but nope. There's still a riot literally every day, though the locations vary. The city has been talking tough about stopping them, but have yet to do anything meaningful along this line. It's amusing to watch their golem get out of control and run amok, and now they seemingly have no idea what to do.
Open file (95.58 KB 1024x576 1616272156294.jpg)
What did he mean by this?
>>14206 He fell while grinding down the rail
>riots in the EU over their eternal lockdown Will the situation escalate to the point where they may not be able to contain it?
Open file (76.70 KB 288x499 1446734124338.jpg)
Wasn't today when the first episode of the HBO series releases?
https://watch.8ch.moe/view/ 3d4154ac-5d77-4267-a6e5-d48ebf1f6243/ if you intend on posting videos then reupload them via anon.cafe goober
Edited last time by activeshooter on 03/24/2021 (Wed) 04:32:33.
>>14215 I don't click random links without explanations or screencap summaries. Especially not from that website.
>>14218 It was the HBO Qniggers stream featuring Pigfarmer Jim, chodenigger, cripplekike and cakekike. It sucked ass
>>14215 >>14218 >>14219 Looks like a skip.
Open file (352.34 KB 595x602 1616389445219.png)
>>14223 I don't think even the goobers would want cake kike representing them.
>>14223 If I had the mental power to make a twatter account, I'd be quite busy calling anyone who insults cakekike a dirty anti-semite.
Any thoughts (or actual factual news) on the "mass shooting" in CO? My local media is already trying to lay this as "le white suprmacist with scarry raifu". So far I know its 10 dead and suspect in custody.
>>14229 Maybe they decided the Atlanta one's response ended up being too much pro-Asian and not enough anti-white and anti-gun, so they went for a redo.
>>14229 COfag here. From what I could gather locally it was just the normal mentally ill guy shooting up a progressive shithole. Happens at least a few times a year here due to military presence and drugs.
Open file (169.06 KB 1204x614 Selection_286.png)
>>14231 >Bolsheviks usurp the US Authority >immediately go into overdrive with red-flag gayops (((Pure Cohencidence))). <Shh, just go back to sleep goy. You wont be needing those guns now will you?
>>14233 Not that it matters when you can just show a pic, call him "evil shooter man" then cut to Biden pushing gun legislation.
>>14232 >mentally ill. Mudslime, but on the topic of mental: everyone in the livestream was kinda off. maybe a combo of burnouts and daytime senior citizen shoppers? in any case, Boulder looks like a terrible place if that's who populates it
>>14237 What livestream?
>>14238 Apparently a bystander pulled out their phone and started livestreaming when they heard shots, since that's the normal reaction for normalfags.
>>14240 Isn't that what we want though?
>>14241 No because normies would just think its easier to just remove guns.
>>14233 >muslim >TDS Hm, so our likely outcomes are "spun like fuck" or "memory-holed."
>>14234 Only #1 and #7 stand out as unusual. The rest of that list is obviously gang shit.
>>14233 >With TDS. >Trump's such a dick >He won because of racism Mentally ill sure, but 'TDS' ? I don't know lad, seems to read straight off the bitter neolib script to me. The one commentator is probably right "This is a mudshit, so expect it not to be classified as terrorism.'' I'd say that fits the plan. >>14241 >we
>>14244 >The rest of that list is obviously gang shit. Possibly so. But statistics is a thing too. If you see a big cliff in the plot, you know something's fucky. It's basically beyond reasonable doubt that the POTUS election was stolen (quite blatantly, actually). You do the math.
Open file (51.54 KB 669x340 ok.JPG)
>this isn't a false flag! >gov didn't van him Yeah no coincidences here definitely!
>>14248 It is difficult to believe that someone willing to wait and plan politically-motivated violence would settle in the end for just shooting up a grocer.
>>14251 Who knows. Maybe them three letters just decided to give him a nudge. I'm just saying it is certainly possible.
Open file (892.45 KB 970x1067 shooter-motivations.png)
>>14252 No, I agree. Shooting up a supermarket at random is very much a suspicious move for someone seemingly determined to target a specific demographic. There's apparently some kind of gun ban executive order in the works now. Sigh. It really never ends, does it?
>>14253 >It really never ends, does it? Wrong. It will very definitely end. One way or the other, live or die, it will end. You were born into a time of war mate. Best adapt to it and steel yourself. Simple as.
>>14245 >lad
>>14253 Not only that picture is shit, but you even went ahead and put a watermark on it. That's the real sigh right here.
>>14242 I meant recordings of shootings.
>>14223 fuck me he just gets uglier with age by 35 it'll look like he got put in a microwave for an hour
Open file (480.97 KB 700x576 ClipboardImage.png)
I wonder what kind of industry exists to supply pic-related?
>>14319 Its just a painted pcc converter.
>Gunpod has only recently been put on the f-35 variants >Already damaging the plane by shooting itself Thinking the long game. If you shoot yourself before the enemy does, you can count it as an accident. Then sell the f-35 as have never been shot down by the enemy ever. https://archive.vn/6heJX
>>14330 That actually looks cool AF. I'd like to make a 1/8th RC model of that. Something with high-rate pellet guns.
Sesame Street has everything! Did you know that Sesame Street has niggers? https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=Dk_HYAiS26I It's also quite ironic that they want to sell the idea of diversity to children by comparing it to the dying leaves of a tree.
>>14329 >>14330 I know people have said the US shot itself in the foot with the F-35 program but I didn't realize they meant it literally.
Open file (382.37 KB 630x957 13_50_bert.jpg)
>>14345 Sesame Street reached it's apex when it was used to torture sandniggers at Guantanamo. It's been all downhill since then, bro.
>>14345 >Did you know that Sesame Street has niggers? Sesame Street has had niggers since the 90s. Sesame Street takes place in the ghetto, it was always meant to be a ghetto show for the poor and lower-middle-class as an educational show that could relate to their viewers. Did you know Sesame Street also addressed things like death and poverty when no other children's television show would?
>>14357 Has had niggers since the 70s*. Don't know why I typed 90s there.
Open file (130.33 KB 828x570 nippets.jpg)
>>14357 >>14358 So, totally business-as-usual then? Absolutely no ramping up of the pozz being shoved into children's shows like Sesame Street going on r/n. Do I understand that's your position on the show friend?
Open file (162.23 KB 1106x729 consider vigne.jpg)
>>14360 I watched the video and it's totally business-as-usual. It's actually fairly tame and while I don't approve of them dodging explaining that melanin has to do with sunlight and parts of the world people's ancestors come from, considering it's a show for children about age 1-6 before they actually develop awareness of others, it's a perfectly fine message to send the kid. Race realism is about explaining to your 12 year old that his featherniglet friends have entered puberty and the Injun metamorphosis caused them to steal shit from your house, drink the booze you keep in your room/personal fridge, and lie about it, so that's why they can't come over any more. It's not about stunting your kid's ability to interact with peers at a young age. The nigger talk isn't supposed to be about getting your kid to indiscriminately hate niggers (that's how you get SocJus faggots later in life). It's part of a greater set of talks to help your kid graduate from childhood and understand the cold hard reality of the real world that you are trying to teach him to survive in.
>>14360 Sesame Street is an HBO exclusive now, not public access cable. Only a cuck is retarded enough to subscribe their children to their own destruction.
>>14362 >The nigger talk isn't supposed to be about getting your kid to indiscriminately hate niggers (that's how you get SocJus faggots later in life) My guess you are completely unaware of the irony in your post. You appear to have swallowed the soypill, friend. Either that or you're a woman. Regardless, if you're White (presumably so, given your writing), you can rest assured you, your family, kids, friends the same color are currently branded public enemy #1. If you have no awareness, then wise up. If you don't believe any such thing, then you are the problem.
>>14363 >Only a cuck is retarded enough to subscribe their children to their own destruction. No arguments from me on that one, Strelok. Apparently there are plenty of Whites eager for their own families' destructions.
Open file (40.62 KB 540x416 marisa da ze bible.jpg)
>>14363 Believe it or not, HBO actually largely unpozzed the pozzing that Sesame street had been undergoing through the 2003-2014 period. It's returned to many of its roots for a change of pace. I have no qualms with my nephew or nieces watching it from the episodes I have watched with them. The Daniel Tiger show my nephew watches is far worse than any of the Sesame Street crap that sometimes appears, and even that is good enough at getting shit across to a toddler. At least it's balanced with Thomas the Tank Engine. >>14364 Not my problem since I'm religiously abstinent. That aside, these are children. I don't mean that in the "think about the children" way but in the "they haven't even developed fine motor control or the ability for their bodies to tell the difference between an endorphin rush from doing a high-energy activity and the puke response. I don't think a show aimed at children under 10 is that big of a worry. Soccer moms are quick to bitch in writing if the BLM shit gets bad on their toddler's television show and force companies to take sides.
>H&M and Hugo Boss are being dropped by the Chinks I hope this is part of the larger trend where China goes back to isolationist. All those companies can suck it for choosing China in the first place.
Open file (615.80 KB 728x544 2021-03-25_07-53-00.png)
Open file (619.00 KB 712x555 2021-03-25_07-53-23.png)
>>14319 >>14327 That setup "turns" that into an SBR doesn't it?
>>14380 No, that's a brace, not a stock. That's completely different, and means it's still a pistol.
Open file (403.62 KB 627x577 MEGAN.png)
Holy shit, I had no idea any of the /k/ bunkers were still up. I bookmarked this place last year, but thought it got axed at the same time julay.world died. God, are there any imageboards left? Good to see you guys again.
>>14403 This one's on its last legs in many ways, but I don't mind shitposting with Strelok for what time is left.
>>14403 Can you see that glowing, pulsating button on top that says The Webring? Click on it.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_International_Museum_of_World_War_II >The International Museum of World War II was a not-for-profit museum devoted to World War II located in Natick, Massachusetts, a few miles west of Boston. It was formed over a period of more than 50 years by its founder, Kenneth W. Rendell, one of the world's premier dealers in autographs, letters and manuscripts,[1] who has earned international renown as an authenticator of historic artifacts. >On September 1, 2019, the museum closed without prior notice. Much of the museum's collection had been sold to billionaire Ronald Lauder; the agreement to keep the museum open while a new home was found was terminated by Lauder. >On display were over 7,000 artifacts as well 103 mannequins outfitted in complete uniforms and military equipment. Every piece is authentic, from documents with the handwriting of Franklin D. Roosevelt to the actual uniforms worn by concentration camp prisoners.[4] The collections include highly important wartime letters, documents and manuscripts of all the major political and military leaders, as well as the papers of officers and soldiers of all ranks, concentration camp inmates and civilians. Adolf Hitler, Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Dwight D. Eisenhower, George S. Patton, Bernard Montgomery, Joseph Stalin, Erwin Rommel, Benito Mussolini, Joseph Mengele, Adolf Eichmann, Raoul Wallenberg and Anne Frank's family are all represented in original letters. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ronald_Lauder >Ronald Steven Lauder (born February 26, 1944) is an American businessman, billionaire, philanthropist, art collector, and political activist. He is currently the President of the World Jewish Congress.[2] He and his brother, Leonard Lauder, are the sole heirs to the Estée Lauder cosmetics company, founded by their parents, Estée Lauder and Joseph Lauder, in 1946. Why would a jew buy up and hide such a large and important collection of ww2 artefacts?
Open file (155.76 KB 878x1200 found you.jpg)
>>14421 >The International Museum of World War II in Natick closed down abruptly over the weekend amid a legal battle with billionaire Ronald S. Lauder, with whose help the museum had planned to relocate eventually to Washington, D.C. >“This was sudden and very unexpected,” director Kenneth W. Rendell, who founded the museum 20 years ago, said Monday. “I’m extremely disappointed and bewildered.” >In May, Rendell had revealed that he was working with donors to move the museum to Washington. At the time, however, he did not disclose that he had sold Lauder the core of the museum’s holdings for $25 million in March 2018. The contract called on both parties to keep the deal secret. >The future of the collection is now unclear. In a written statement Monday evening, a representative for Lauder wrote: “While it has not yet been decided where each object will be on display, Ambassador Lauder wants to make sure that the objects find a home that attracts an even bigger audience than where the objects are currently on display. >In 2017, Rendell launched an unsuccessful campaign for a new building in Natick with triple the exhibition space of the current one. “We just never were able to raise significant money in Boston,” he said, noting that most of the potential donors were from outside New England and opposed to a Boston site >After completing the purchase of the collection at the end of 2018, Lauder signed an agreement to lease it to the museum until at least the end of this year. The pact included a clause allowing either party to back out with 30 days’ notice — a provision Rendell called standard, boilerplate language for museum loans. >In April, Lauder’s lawyers surprised the museum by giving notice that the New York philanthropist, in fact, wanted to back out of the agreement to let the museum lease the exhibit through the end of the year — and take possession of it sooner. >They said removal of the artifacts would be delayed until July to allow the museum to go ahead with a special 75th anniversary D-Day exhibit and to accommodate student groups for that school year. The museum countered that it needed to remain open until early December, citing school groups scheduled through fall, an ongoing digital project with PBS, and the logistical challenges of literally having to raise the roof to remove large objects such as tanks, among other reasons. >In July, Lauder — acting through a holding company, Ellenville LLC — filed suit against the museum. His lawyers argued that waiting until December in effect negated the termination clause. That filing was the first public disclosure that Lauder had purchased the collection. >Uncertain over the outcome of the lawsuit, the museum decided to shut its doors last week. “We had groups booked to come, and we do not know what’s going to happen,” Rendell said. “We couldn’t keep things going week to week.” >In court filings, Lauder’s lawyers have not indicated why they sought to terminate the lease, beyond saying they wanted the artifacts moved to a separate storage site to be inventoried. >In a declaration filed with the court, Susan Farrington, executive assistant to Rendell, said that until receiving Lauder’s early termination notice, the museum had assumed that the plan to remain in Natick until relocating to Washington “was moving forward. >She noted that she had set up “dozens of meetings” between Rendell and Lauder in New York; had arranged for Rendell to travel to London to meet with a firm approved by Lauder to design the interior of the new building in Washington; and had coordinated meetings to select potential architects for the building’s exterior. >Rendell said it was necessary to sell the collection because no one would put up money for a new museum without control of its exhibits. “Keeping it all together was an extremely important factor here,” he said. >Asked if he regretted not putting the collection’s future in writing, Rendell said, “I’ve been in business for more than 60 years. It’s been extremely rare for me to put an agreement in writing. There hasn’t been a necessity to do it. I haven’t lived in a world in which that was necessary.” >Rendell, 76, made a career dealing in historical documents and letters. He is the author of eight books, many related to World War II. Most famously, in 1983, he was hired by Newsweek and Stern magazines to aid in exposing the fake Hitler diaries. >Lauder, 75, is an heir to the Estée Lauder Cos. Head of the World Jewish Congress, he has been active in legal battles to recover Jewish-owned artworks stolen or forcibly sold during the Nazi era. >The Natick museum billed itself as the most comprehensive in the world for its displays that cover all theaters of combat and provide the perspectives of ordinary soldiers and their leaders; the persecuted and the persecutors; and the civilians back home. Sounds like a Jew being Jewish to me.
My bad, here's the link: https://archive.is/D9SNH
>>14367 Yeah, letting kids be raised by talmudvision and tablets is totally fine. It's not like their brains aren't developing or anything.
>>14367 >Believe it or not, HBO actually largely unpozzed the pozzing that Sesame street had been undergoing Let's just say I'm extremely skeptical of that claim, just a priori on historical fundamentals. HBO isn't any less kiked today than they were yesterday. Moreso, obviously. And no arguments from me about your other points. I'm sure Fred Rogers is not best pleased seeing what kikes are doing to his beloved property. >Not my problem since I'm religiously abstinent. Kek. You think that's going to stop them, my little ostrich friend? Quite apart from your own ultimate peril after this life, the Communists won't be cutting you the slightest break if you're White. Same for your family. Unless you're one of the 1% (a safe bet), you are already written onto the member roles for the FEMA gulag/death camps.
>>14421 >>14423 Expect for a horrible warehouse fire to conveniently destroy the artifacts in about 2 to 5 years.
How are international economic sanctions even real? I mean, moving containers with whoever know what kind of goods between countries is the bread-and-butter of international trade, and I'm sure you could find companies in places like Singapore who would gladly help you buy whatever goods you need and then obfuscate the path between the seller and you. Especially if the target country has access to the sea. And yet sanctions are constantly mentioned as the Wunderwaffe of Amerika to keep any and all countries in line.
>>14471 It also prevents them from performing any financial transactions. For example, the CCP appointed leader of Hong Kong can't open a bank account. >Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam no longer has a bank account and has been forced to keep piles of cash at home to make purchases since she was sanctioned by the US, to which she said it's an honor to protect the national security. >The Hong Kong news platform mingpao.com reported that the salary of Hong Kong's chief executive is HK$430,000 a month.  >"I have piles of cash at home... the government pays me in cash... I don't have a bank account," Lam was quoted as saying by the news site stheadline.com. She now makes all her purchases with cash, and despite all the inconvenience, she said that it's an honor to protect national security. >The US Department of Treasury in August imposed sanctions on 11 Chinese mainland and Hong Kong officials,  including Lam, for allegedly undermining the city's autonomy.  >Fan Peng, a member of the Chinese Association of Hong Kong & Macao Studies, told the Global Times on Saturday that mainland banks are also affected by the US sanctions as they use the same SWIFT global payments system. >The Hong Kong Monetary Authority in August said although the sanctions lack legal standing in Hong Kong, they have still put some locally operated foreign banks with strong links to the US in a quandary. >Lam said on August 17 that she was not afraid of the sanctions because she has no assets in the US and doesn't yearn to go there. >Lam said that since the implementation of the national security law, Hong Kong's social order has gradually returned to normal.  https://web.archive.org/web/20210121225501/https://www.globaltimes.cn/content/1208309.shtml It's a soft embargo that's a constant pain in the ass. One that you could live with, but it would be more convenient to live without.
>>14474 >"I have piles of cash at home... Pure theatrics. Anyone with 'piles of cash at home' would have 1'001 different ways to utilize global commerce. For example I highly doubt drug czars in South America have even the the slightest concerns over being BTFO by (((USSA)))'s bad-goy ostracism.
>>14477 That much is obvious. It's passive-aggressive foreign policy, "if we cut you out of the system we can imagine that we've solved the problem."
Open file (152.60 KB 1280x1182 accidentallyd_83_times.jpg)
Hmm. Turns out, several African leaders all accidentally died lately. Seems like they were all vocal opponents of the Covid globalist plot pocket-lining hoax brainwashing deception pandemic too. I mean what are the odds? Sure was some bad luck there, huh? >Chad, Burundi, Tanzania, Morocco, Swaziland, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Libya. http://3nzoldnxplag42gqjs23xvghtzf6t6yzssrtytnntc6ppc7xxuoneoad.onion/veritasnewsfeed/status/1376852264963424256?s=20
>>14485 >africans dying >mattering
>>14485 It's not coincidence at all. >Live in areas without good healthcare >Think viruses are hoaxes >Go around doing shit that can get you the virus like kissing babies >Fucking die It's natural selection at work.
Apparently Pedo Joe is saying it's not the government's job to set up a national database based on vaccines, but rather private industry's job, and the international aviation boards (or whatever they're called) are REEEEing about it.
>>14493 That's kind of funny.
>>14487 >>14488 Sure thing, pal. Not that I don't think you're a glownigger yourself, but let's just hypothesize you aren't. So, just b/c (((BigTech/WorldGov))) decides to begin """exploring proactive foreign healthcare policies""" at nigger's expense for the moment, do you think that means their evil should be laughed off. >"Shhh, don't worry goy, nothing to be concerned about at all over a few darkies being kill...er dying of the Corona! You'll be safe here in our arms." You guys need a new shtick frankly. Your current one glows.
Open file (1.76 MB 219x186 kimclap.gif)
>osint sources say russia is moving into ukraine >absolutely nothing on /k/ I came here to see what you fags had to say about this, but board is ded.
>>14504 Makes sense even if it somewhat plays into Ukraine's plan of escalation. Though I imagine the Ukrainian military hasn't gotten substantially better since the last conflict so it won't end well unless they have NATO troops doing all the work. Of course by then shit would be moving to a world war anyway.
>>14505 Kiev is talking openly about taking out the Kerch strait bridge which strikes me as delusional, and makes me wonder how long until Zelensky starts eating his own tie. The thing is it seems that if NATO intervened Ukraine is still fucked no matter what, kind of a "you've called the cops but I have ten minutes alone with you before they get here" situation. But I wanted to see what --British spooks-- /k/ think about the situation. >flood detected Fuck off.
>>14511 RIP formatting.
>>14511 There isn't much to think about this situation, Hohols are simply retarded. For example, they wanted to stop teaching kids from Russian families in Russian, so they made a law that made it mandatory to teach only in Hoholspeak in every school, regardless the mother tongue of the children in the classrooms. Wee bit of a problem is that there are about 100.000 Hungarians living inside Ukraine, all of them concentrated in a small area along the Ukrainian-Hungarian border, and it would force them to abandon their language after a few generations. Hungary obviously doesn't want to lose 100.000 people (especially because most of them have citizenship and they can vote in the Hungarian elections), and being a member of both NATO and the EU, Hungary can easily cockblock Hohol attempts to get into either of those organizations. And the current Hungarian prime minister also has strong ties to Putin. So what does Kiev do to remedy the situation? Nothing, they are just crying about Budapest being so mean, even thought they'd just have to rewrite that one law so that Hungarians stop sabotaging their attempts to join globohomo. They are hopelessly self-destructive.
>>14499 I didn't read your crackpot onion article and I don't intend to. You're responding to two different people. Take your meds.
>>14511 >Jewish (ex) clown goes to war Is the world supposed to take them seriously? When he first got in it looked like Zelensky was posturing for rapprochement but I guess that was just out of lack of support from the Trump admin.
>>14511 >Kiev is talking openly about taking out the Kerch strait bridge Would be a shame. It's a pretty looking bridge for a modernist design. >"you've called the cops but I have ten minutes alone with you before they get here" situation. More like a "you've called the cops but I have ten minutes alone with you before they get here and once they do you, your family and your home is going to be caught in th crossfire between the cops and the crooks" situation.
>>14505 Most of the hohols in the front are unemployed people due to the Corona shit. It won't end well for most of them trying to attack fortified positions. >>14516 A lot of Hungarian are/were fighting for Donetsk due to how shit the hohols have treated them.
Open file (83.49 KB 600x477 hoboruss_camel.jpg)
>>14531 >A lot of Hungarian are/were fighting for Donetsk due to how shit the hohols have treated them. Strange, I've never heard of that. Not that I don't believe you, but you'd think hohol nationalists would bring this up quite loudly. I do know that they like to conscript Hungarians to fight against Hoborussia, and those Hungarians obviously try their best not to support the war effort, but I can only recall maybe one person who joined the other side, and even he was from Hungary proper.
>>14532 This was back in 2014, we relieved a group of guys who we really couldn't understand. Found out they were all Hungarians after the fact. There were a lot of foreigners who came out to fight back then, strangest shit. I guess a lot of people wanted to beat the shit out of dumb ukrops falling for a Soros color revolution.
>>14533 Plus there's also the foreigners that defected to Donetsk after finding out that they were being used as meat puppets of a jewish billionaire
>>14504 Because absolutely nothing ia happening and half of those osint-sources are glownigger psyops. It's probably stadard rotation of equipment and officers before eastern holidays.
Open file (1.14 MB 540x311 1573593833008.gif)
>>14541 No, it's not standard anything. Ukraine has torn up the Minsk agreement, Kerch bridge is closed, and civilian train travel is shut down because of military equipment transport. US is pledging aid to Ukraine, and there are hundreds of thousands of troops deployed in the region, the biggest deployment since ww2.
>>14543 Make a thread.
>>14544 What for? I'm the only one who seems to be interested.
>>14549 I seemed to be the only anon interested in what was going on in Myanmar until I made a thread and was proven wrong. Don't be a lazy cunt.
>>14543 Foreigners who fought for the DPR are being asked to come back to potentially do spook shit in the event of NATO intervention. Yeah total war wearing the enemy uniform sort of shit.
>>14549 >What for? I'm the only one who seems to be interested. Fair enough. For the moment. But when this tinderbox kicks off the beginnings of what will be known during the Savage Eras as 'World War III' then you'll feel like you missed some kind of opportunity and watnot. Presuming you survive till then along with the rest of us
Open file (614.47 KB 789x771 ClipboardImage.png)
>>14543 Demokratisches Reichskommissariat Westukraine soon?
>>14543 How much do they pay people to get them to do this kind of retarded shit?
>>14493 thanks to the bungled rollout there's a lot of opportunity to skirt the vacc passport (for the first round anyway, not so much if they do boosters or annuals). a few places near me were issuing their own vacc receipt on hospital letterhead rather than the cdc card.
>>14543 >US is pledging aid to Ukraine heh. I wouldn't bank on that. I don't care how many Burismabux were stuffed into the right pockets.
>>14565 What position does that devil woman hold now days anyway?
>>14571 President of the EU.
US Capitol's under lockdown again. Apparently someone truck-of-peace'd a barricade.
>>14584 Some idiot always tries something at the Whitehouse and dies at least once a year.
>>14584 Apparently someone tried to run down a couple of cops, according to the official narrative. Oddly enough, everyone survived the incident. > >>14586 If you think the current situation is typical, then you might want to rethink your life-choices friend.
>>14587 >pic refused to upload The site has had some ongoing problems with posts over at least the past 48hrs. Are the Anoncafe servers under attack r/n?
>>14587 >Oddly enough, everyone survived the incident. No, latest press conference says one officer dead of his injuries, and the driver of the car shot dead. On the other hand, Congress was in recess at the time, and Biden had left for Camp David just a few hours prior.
Turns out the guy was a Nation of Islam acolyte.
>>14595 Washington police saying it "doesn’t appear to be terrorism-related", as expected.
>>14595 >>14597 Would you expect anything else honestly?
>>14571 The EU had a vote who should become the next President of the EU, but the powers that be didn't like the guy who won, so they gave it to her the moment her term as defense minister of Germany ended. The guy who actually should be President of the EU at the moment should be Manfred Weber, a candidate of the European People's Party group, which is a coalition of christian conservative parties from EU member states.
Open file (1.49 MB 1401x1867 Manfred_Weber.jpg)
>>14571 The EU had a vote who should become the next President of the EU, but the powers that be didn't like the guy who won, so they gave it to her the moment her term as defense minister of Germany ended. The guy who actually should be President of the EU at the moment should be Manfred Weber, a candidate of the European People's Party group, which is a coalition of christian conservative parties from EU member states.
>>14603 Sounds like the malarky that happened in the (now) USSA. The actually-elected-President Donald Trump was handed his hat too, no doubt by the same slimy lot. That doesn't look like a bad chap, certainly better than the demon woman.
What would a PMC of... middling economic status/resources, at least in comparison to their competitors, use as weapons? I'd like a response for DMRs, a standard rifle/carbine, a weapon for the automatic-rifleman role, and a weapon for the MMG role. No limitations on whether said weapons have to be Eastern Bloc or Western, though their ammo has to be able to be readily obtained easily in bulk and for low costs. Ammo interchangeability would also be preferred, but note that said PMC may end up dealing with body armor - african rebels are not the only things this hypothetical PMC is contracted to protect people from.
>>14605 >though their ammo has to be able to be readily obtained easily in bulk and for low costs. Well, that a pretty geographical/situational requirement Strelok. So, does this 'PMC' offer their own 'resources' to their cadre, or are you expected to provide your own?
>>14605 >middling economic status/resources whatever equipment is readily available in their area of operations rather than bringing gucci gear especially given that using local equipment means fewer logistics and resupply issues
>>14602 Didn't they pull some switcheroo between her and Merkel to keep the cabal in control?
>>14595 >Plaster it across the news as if they expect it to be a white nationalist nazi >Turns out to be a mudslime >Too late to shut it down and more people see that then if they just shut it down from the start
>>14618 Ah, the Nation of Islam. For the basement-dwelling black guy who wants an ethnic supremacy doctrine to hinge their identity on. Worry not, this incident is being memory holed as we speak. The nation does hate the jews tho. Farrakhan rails against them all the time, but the whole thing confounds liberals so they tend to just ignore it.
Open file (51.06 KB 209x302 el-Shabazz.gif)
>>14621 >>Nation of Islam. >For the basement-dwelling Basement dwellers don't get assassinated. Well, they might be basement dwellers nowadays, who knows, but the name has rep.
>>14623 What has the Nation of Islam done, politically, in the last 30 years? Fuck all. It's "white pride" for blacks, and has all the disadvantages of same, though unlike white groups, it's just laughed off instead of portrayed as an ever-present specter or boogeyman by mainstream media.
>>14627 They've launched quite a number of terrorist attacks that were later memoryhole'd by the Left when their motives were quite clearly not in favor of their rhetoric. Funny how Islamists behave themselves when a Conservative Neocon trash who makes some modicum of effort to pull the fuck out of Islamic countries is in charge, and immediately go back to their Allahu Snackbar ways as soon as a Democrat is in office and starts bombing the Middle East again.
Open file (696.89 KB 1080x1442 1616702035842.jpg)
What do we make of this?
Testing something, please ignore me.
>>14643 It's not really surprising. American Marines are trained as shock troopers. British Marines are trained as special forces. Special forces will always do better in war games against a superior force of brutes.
Another important point is just logistics. The less people in a group, the more social cohesion because each individual is more critical to the group as a whole and thus input is more heavily valued and scrutinized for errors. More people = each person is less efficient at their job if it's not critical, leading to mass breakdown without strict regimentation (but strict regimentation discourages the critical thinking skills needed for advanced procedures). On the flip side, when somebody dies in a smaller fighting force, it has a much more exponential effect on the whole.
>>14643 Aside from what >>14645 said, and they're 100% correct, the Brit Marines are basically the American Marines' worst match up... Strelok, it's the bloody Sun, a British Tabloid, fluffing the British Marines against the Americans. Any time the Brits can gloat over the Americans for anything, the Sun is right there. Such as that time they were going on nigh incessantly about how the British Astute-class submarine managed to detect one of the American Virginia-class submarines in a wargame. They conveniently left out the facts that the Virginia was in the training role (ergo, trying to get caught to teach the Astute and other defenders ASW) and more importantly the Astute was sitting there blaring Active Sonar every few seconds and calling in literally every return as the Virginia until they were informed they were correct. Because those 200 fishing vessels which were neither the right size nor weight class were totally a submarine. Forgive me, I'm still a bit peeved over that.
Can someone post that screencap about how the Collapse would be a slow, painful ebbing away of everything, how, say, food shortages and famine wouldn't be explosive, just a slow, imperceptible increase in prices, or that peak oil would just be less cars on the road until nobody who's not rich can do it. I want the image 'cause I was informed recently how normen have a tendency to try to ignore such things right infront of them - for example, what happened in Argentina, where people said "oh, it's a good place, just ignore the break-ins and murders" during 2001 and kept deluding themselves the entire time, and I want to know how to identify such events while the herd stumbles about in its drugged, unaware stupor.
Open file (1.81 MB 2560x1440 thecollapse.png)
>>14701 Is pic rel what you mean?
>>14713 People need to stop adding skulls as a background to everything.
Open file (114.03 KB 479x680 1388093951616.jpg)
Open file (58.97 KB 1089x338 waco.png)
https://archive.is/sQBn7 https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/statements-releases/2021/04/07/fact-sheet-biden-harris-administration-announces-initial-actions-to-address-the-gun-violence-public-health-epidemic/ >FACT SHEET: Biden-Harris Administration Announces Initial Actions to Address the Gun Violence Public Health Epidemic >The Justice Department, within 30 days, will issue a proposed rule to help stop the proliferation of “ghost guns.” We are experiencing a growing problem: criminals are buying kits containing nearly all of the components and directions for finishing a firearm within as little as 30 minutes and using these firearms to commit crimes. When these firearms turn up at crime scenes, they often cannot be traced by law enforcement due to the lack of a serial number. The Justice Department will issue a proposed rule to help stop the proliferation of these firearms. >The Justice Department, within 60 days, will issue a proposed rule to make clear when a device marketed as a stabilizing brace effectively turns a pistol into a short-barreled rifle subject to the requirements of the National Firearms Act. The alleged shooter in the Boulder tragedy last month appears to have used a pistol with an arm brace, which can make a firearm more stable and accurate while still being concealable. >The Justice Department, within 60 days, will publish model “red flag” legislation for states. Red flag laws allow family members or law enforcement to petition for a court order temporarily barring people in crisis from accessing firearms if they present a danger to themselves or others. The President urges Congress to pass an appropriate national “red flag” law, as well as legislation incentivizing states to pass “red flag” laws of their own. In the interim, the Justice Department’s published model legislation will make it easier for states that want to adopt red flag laws to do so. >The Administration is investing in evidence-based community violence interventions. Community violence interventions are proven strategies for reducing gun violence in urban communities through tools other than incarceration. Because cities across the country are experiencing a historic spike in homicides, the Biden-Harris Administration is taking a number of steps to prioritize investment in community violence interventions. >The Justice Department will issue an annual report on firearms trafficking. In 2000, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) issued a report summarizing information regarding its investigations into firearms trafficking, which is one way firearms are diverted into the illegal market where they can easily end up in the hands of dangerous individuals. Since the report’s publication, states, local, and federal policymakers have relied on its data to better thwart the common channels of firearms trafficking. But there is good reason to believe that firearms trafficking channels have changed since 2000, for example due to the emergence of online sales and proliferation of “ghost guns.” The Justice Department will issue a new, comprehensive report on firearms trafficking and annual updates necessary to give policymakers the information they need to help address firearms trafficking today. >The President will nominate David Chipman to serve as Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. ATF is the key agency enforcing our gun laws, and it needs a confirmed director in order to do the job to the best of its ability. But ATF has not had a confirmed director since 2015. Chipman served at ATF for 25 years and now works to advance commonsense gun safety laws.
>>14716 >The Administration is investing in evidence-based community violence interventions. Community violence interventions are proven strategies for reducing gun violence in urban communities through tools other than incarceration. Because cities across the country are experiencing a historic spike in homicides, the Biden-Harris Administration is taking a number of steps to prioritize investment in community violence interventions. Heh. The odd part in all this is I don't see the terms 'Niggers' 'Blacks' 'Burn Loot Murder' anywhere in this paragraph at all. Tell all the niggers cops won't fuck with them, then actually shut down dey bitch-ass poleez deparments...well I mean what could possibly go wrong with this plan? Globalist Kikes hard at work usurping White Men's Civilization again.
>>14713 I think there was another one recently as well, on /k/(?)
Anyone know about the riots in Northern Ireland? Is it The Troubles 2? Belfast: Rioting 'was worst seen in Northern Ireland in years' >Rioting in Belfast on Wednesday night was on a scale not seen in Northern Ireland for years, police have said. >During several hours of violence, police officers were attacked, petrol bombs were thrown and a bus was burnt. >Eight officers were injured at an interface between loyalist and nationalist areas in west Belfast. >Northern Ireland's power-sharing executive said it was "gravely concerned" by recent street violence and has called for calm to be restored. >Prime Minister Boris Johnson has also condemned the disorder. >It was likely that paramilitary organisations were involved and had planned the rioting, according to Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) Assistant Chief Constable Jonathan Roberts. >He said several hundred people on each side of a barrier separating the loyalist Shankill Road and the nationalist Springfield Road in west Belfast were involved and petrol bombs were thrown in both directions. >"Last night was at a scale we haven't seen in Belfast or further afield in Northern Ireland for a number of years," he said. >More than 50 officers have been hurt in violence in several areas since the end of last month. >The bus driver whose double-decker was attacked and burned is "very shaken by the incident but is physically unhurt", according to the public transport provider Translink. https://archive.is/JEGcV
>>14719 There's no trouble until they start lynching anglo cops and bombing downtowns
>>14719 Do we know why they've started it now? I'm familiar with the issue overall, and I know that tensions are constantly rising due to brexit. But did something actually happened that made them throw petrol bombs at each other, or is it just their idea of having fun after a long quarantine?
>>14721 Their official justification is over Brexit protocols screwing over NI at the moment, and apparently there was a massive public funeral of an IRA member recently. However it might just be an excuse to riot, was hoping a Brit would know more.
>>14716 Well this is going to be interesting.
>>14004 >a 45-70 couldn't kill a pig have you ever shot game in your life, at all?
Open file (299.32 KB 1920x1080 xcom muton.jpeg)
>>14727 Anon, please reread my post. I never said a 45-70 couldn't kill a pig. I was wondering if it would be suitable round. I haven't done any kind of hunting as I am new to sport. Image unrelated.
https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=5rKAOeXGcOA There is something strangely nostalgic about this.
Sometimes I go to 4/k/ to remind myself that this country is doomed. BTW what's the ballistic difference between .429 DE and .50AE? I'm in the market for a meme gun.
Open file (1.14 MB 446x469 allthatshitbyyou.gif)
>>14755 >going to 4cuck ever
Open file (317.87 KB 690x950 46834849.png)
>>14757 >not trolling and subverting the enemy Never forget, we will win because we have fun.
https://archive.is/6nAgo Is creating conservative superhumans by building faulty nuclear reactors across the US part of Bill Gates' master plan?
>>14760 >i'll just play it off as trolling How the fuck is cuck/k/ even fun? Its just an endless circlejerk of tripniggers, faggots and failures. Have a wrong opinion? Well prepare thy anus for an entire thread of asspained replies of how "You are not real /k/™". Not to mention meetupfags are just parasitic failed normalfags who crawled out of /soc/ just to shit up the site/board with their facebookfaggotry. Newgroids who came after 2012 still do not want to adapt to the board culture and site culture. Is that what fun is to you, anon? The same shit recycled every fucking month and week? Not to mention that the faggot mods/hotpockets will slap you with a month ban for saying kike/nigger under the guise of "trolling" Fuck
>nog tries to flee a "traffic stop" read: he ran when the cops realized the guy they had been about to give a warning actually had an arrest warrant out for waving a gun at people and skipping out on court dates >dumb cunt cop tries to Tase him but she draws the wrong fucking weapon and shoots him dead instead >ten miles from where the Floyd trial is being held Why is the world so retarded?
>>14884 Friendly reminder that police officers only have to prove they can shoot center of mass 10 feet away from a practice dummy to be allowed to carry in most jurisdictions.
Open file (343.83 KB 986x1334 german_states.png)
Are German states allowed to secede, at least in theory? Not that it would be a peaceful affair with all the Amis stationed there, but from a purely legal perspective is it possible for one of them to go on its own way? Let's say some autists in the east manage to get into power and announce that from now their state is not part of Germany.
>>14903 Nope. They would need to have a constitution for that. The German Grundgesetz (basic law, roughly translated) is not actually a constitution, even though all the normalniggers will say otherwise. There is even a clause in there, that says the Grundgesetz may be rightfully abolished in favour of an actual constitution from the day on, that Germany is reunited (east and west reunification). But there is basically no hope that the current government will allow such dangerous challenges to their power. Also >Schleswig-Holstein >Bydlo The author of that infographic really needs ein paar auf die Fresse
>>14903 Bavaria wanted to secede fairly recently IIRC but it got shot down by our supreme court as "unconstitutional"
>>14905 >Court in high power denies allowing others to have some of their power they lord over others Color me surprised. This is why violence ends up the only answer is because of chucklefucks who can't look at the bigger picture past their own wealth/power over others.
>>14908 Violent secession of german Bundesländer when?
>>14904 AcKshUallY not true. Given chuuni state elections Bayern and Sachsen could weaponize their state constitutions for this. There's also a clause somewhere that county's can self govern in times of crises. But nothing of this matters because legality comes far after social trends. So at the moment the east is the only region with even a slight possibility of this happening. Mostly because plundering, ridicule and systematic economic disadvantage ie: post-socialism.
>>14904 What's a bydlo exactly in this content?
>>14930 No idea. If taken literally, North Germany has more cattle than South Germany, as it is mostly grassland(converted from swampland) and so its the perfect place to breed cattle. Northern Germans are also less talkative(speaking only if something needs to be said, words only mean their direct meaning, action more worth than talk) than the rest of Germany, which gets them labeled as anti-social and cold fairly often. The North is also poorer than the Middle and South of Germany, most businesses only produce what is needed in the region. This limits what kinds of jobs and education are available to younger people and combined with the technocratic progressive media we have here in Germany, many of them become aimless, because they cannot imagine a good live in a smaller city/village. At last you have the Regionalism of the country side, the replacement of population hasn't taken root in most German villages, whatever foreigners exist in a German village are a parallel society not in contact with the rest, the people of the village have ancestry reaching back hundreds of years and anyone new to the village will be the new one for generations.
Open file (678.67 KB 650x650 ClipboardImage.png)
Smug now has a dedicated Valheim server, but /k/ is cool, so here's a link to it: https://smuglo.li/vg/res/10403.html
>Off topic canteen is saging. Nah, anon is just retarded.
>guilty on all counts >manslaughter, second, and THIRD degree murder Ebin.
>>15036 Doesn't that fall under double jeopardy? I don't see how that can be legal to stand trial for all three over a single death, that's how prosecutor cases usually get thrown out since the jury is allowed to find you guilty of manslaughter even if the initial charges were for murder of any degree. I imagine he'll get the appeals court to throw out 2nd/3rd degree murder leaving just manslaughter which you can walk away with just community service and a couple years in prison depending on the judge. More importantly, regardless of the actual trial (in George Floyd's killing I believe the officer was in the wrong), the message this is going to send to law enforcement is that they can't get away with shit any more. I'm happy with that aspect since law enforcement is going to retaliate in kind and thus drive away their only current supporters who are holding onto a failed system. Fuck the police, bring back community watch services and citizen arrests. The less power local law enforcement has, the less power federal law enforcement has.
>>15041 That's not gonna work with the feds. Since the feds can call out the NG and start ebin putting peopel down like the Burma juntra, but the state and county governments can't call out the fed to do that. Plus, they'll just move the courtroom to the most hostile jury to the prosecution in the circuit.
>>15043 >Since the feds can call out the NG and start ebin putting peopel down like the Burma juntra This entire case was about how officers at all levels of authority have been doing that for about a decade now with impunity, anon. It was never about nogs. >Plus, they'll just move the courtroom to the most hostile jury to the prosecution in the circuit. They already do that, even going so far as to violate court proceedings to move trials to other townships that are less hospitable to the defendant. This doesn't stop a lawyer from being necessary, it stops law enforcement from acting like a standing army which is a fairly big first step that I didn't expect.
>>14718 Yeah, I wanted the other one. I thought I found it on /k/, but...
My doctor asked me not to shave because on side of my neck is swollen. I think I have strep throat or Pharyngitis because it hurts to talk or cough and I am getting a mild fever at night but my appetite is getting better. The antibiotics are giving me gas and abdominal pains, I have to wait a week for my blood work, Quest Diagnostics and labcorp both sucks ass, I miss going to doctor and doing blood work there instead of a third party.
>>15041 >(in George Floyd's killing I believe the officer was in the wrong) The officer fucked up his ground hold by ending up on this neck, instead of kneeing on his jaw. But Floyd was already on a deadly dose of fentanyl and would have died anyway on this day.
>>15064 >But Floyd was already on a deadly dose of fentanyl and would have died anyway on this day. The jury seemed to disagree on this point since otherwise he would have only been found guilty of Manslaughter. The medical reports also seemed to disagree with this claim. Anon wouldn't just be spouting the pro-cop narrative because of niggers nigging without looking at the case objectively, would he?
Kneeing on someone's neck for nine minutes long after a man's gone unconscious and off-duty first responders are begging you to call for an ambulance instead of just continuing to restrain him without making any motions to call for medical seems fairly consistent with the definition of murder is all I'm saying. Especially when you used disproportionate force for the situation in the first place.
it's almost like the legal system pushes for a certain narrative instead of just judging in a just manner, especially when there is so much media attention...
>>15068 Have you seen the composition of the jury? >>15069 Wasn't the ambulance already on their way? Was it disproportionate force? the guy was a literal drugged up gorilla.
Open file (41.67 KB 377x559 hmm.png)
>>15071 >Have you seen the composition of the jury? Also note that the jury doesn't seem to have been properly sequestered during the case, so they were going home each night and probably watching the media coverage, including (critically) one of the local newspapers doxxing each of them just before the verdict was due. >Wasn't the ambulance already on their way? Yes, the ambulance was already on its way and the cops had already issued a hurry-up order when they noticed Floyd's condition worsening. They chose not to adjust their hold, since the ambulance was at that point just minutes from arriving. >Was it disproportionate force? the guy was a literal drugged up gorilla. The jury heard confirmation that the ground hold they used was both trained for and endorsed by their police department. Transcripts of interviews with the other cops afterward showed them explaining that they'd been taught at the academy to be on guard against "excited delirium", which is basically a sudden and unpredictable drug rage. They seem to have formed a view given the circumstances and Floyd's behavior that he may have entered such a state, which is why they placed him in the brutal "maximal restraint" position with all of them restraining different parts of his body. The jury also heard expert witnesses agree that those arrested under the influence can become suddenly violent and unpredictable, that arrestees routinely fake medical issues to hinder their arrests, etc., and that police are trained to maintain arrests in spite of these things. In any case, none of the medical examiners found (despite trying very hard to) that the knee on the neck was either the cause of Floyd's death or a contributing factor to it. The most they were able to say under oath was that the knee was present "in the context of" (i.e. at the same time as) Floyd's other medical issues (for which an ambulance had already been summoned and hurried up). The defense, however, fucked up badly in only pressing medical examiners on gradual respiratory suppression by fentanyl instead of also asking them about "wooden chest syndrome", which is a well-known complication that doctors and nurses look for when administering even ordinary analgesic doses of fentanyl (see https://www.practicalpainmanagement.com/resources/news-and-research/fentanyl-its-analogues-lead-wooden-chest-syndrome), let alone Floyd's deadly blood serum level. Wooden chest syndrome causes breathing difficulties that the patient feels - this is known as "air hunger", and anyone who has experienced an asthmatic attack understands what it feels like - no matter what you do, your body is screaming for air and you begin to panic as it feels like you're drowning or choking even though your airways are clear. Basically, the fuck-up was that body camera footage showed Floyd complaining that he couldn't breathe when he was still standing up and the cops were trying to get him into the car. Floyd certainly seemed distressed enough to have been experiencing air hunger. (If you're sharp, you'll have already noticed that his erratic behavior would have read to the cops simultaneously as "possible medical emergency", hence the ambulance being summoned, as well as "possible start of excited delirium" they'd been trained to look for, hence putting him in the brutal-looking maximal restraint position). The defense questioned the expert witnesses about fentanyl causing death by respiratory suppression, but the expert witnesses only covered the type where the fentanyl knocks someone out so hard that they quietly drift into a coma-like state and die by suffocation without ever realising that they've stopped breathing. People who die of this don't complain they can't breathe, they just pass out, stop breathing, and quietly die without air hunger symptoms. So naturally, the jury took this to mean that Floyd couldn't have died from the fentanyl because he didn't just pass out and quietly die. However, if the defense had pressed on "wooden chest syndrome", the jury would have heard that when fentanyl paralyses the upper chest, diaphragm, etc., the patient experiences severe air hunger and symptoms very much like those Floyd displayed before he was ever put in the car. But they didn't. (Don't ask me why, but do note that they fucked up hard enough in other ways that they judge noticed and commented on it.) So in the end, we were lied to for a year, the doxxed jury never heard the evidence they needed to properly understand the situation, they delivered the verdict they were supposed to, and now the lie is just one more written into the records as the noose tightens, week by week, month by month, year by year.
>>15073 >In any case, none of the medical examiners found (despite trying very hard to) that the knee on the neck was either the cause of Floyd's death or a contributing factor to it. Cause of death: Cardiopulmonary arrest complicating law enforcement subdual, restraint, and neck compression. An independent third party autopsy found that asphyxiation from sustained pressure was the cause of death. ''Dr. Michael Baden and Dr. Allecia Wilson performed the autopsy. >"neck and back compression that led to a lack of blood flow to the brain." >"weight on the back, handcuffs and positioning were contributory factors because they impaired the ability of Mr. Floyd’s diaphragm to function." >"What we found is consistent with what people saw, there is no other health issue that could cause or contribute to the death. Police have this false impression that if you can talk, you can breathe. That’s not true." Dr. Martin Tobin, a pulmonologist and critical care specialist of Loyola University Medical Center, stated the following in relation to George Floyd's death: >“A healthy person subjected to what Mr. Floyd was subjected to would have died." Medical experts called to the trial agreed that the 11 nanograms per milliliter of fentanyl in his blood would not have been considered lethal even accounting for his heart conditions. Dr. Daniel Isenschmid, a forensic toxicologist at NMS Labs in Pennsylvania, testified and presented data showing the levels of methamphetamine found in Floyd's system were lower than the average amount found in 94% of DUI cases involving mephamphetamines in 2020 (people who DIDN'T die of overdose). Cardiologist Jonathan Rich was quoted as having said: >"I can state with a high degree of medical certainty that George Floyd did not die from a primary cardiac event, and he did not die from a drug overdose." Dr. Lindsey Thomas, a forensic scientist (the people who are hired to falsify data for police departments), agreed that it was the consistent pressure on George Floyd's neck that caused his death, and that he would not have died of a fentanyl overdose. Additionally the levels of norfentanyl in his body was consistent with levels of people who are not experiencing the symptoms of fentanyl overdose that can be considered deadly. Additionally, his breathing rate based on forensic evidence was not consistent with the results that should have been present if he were dying of fentanyl overdose in any way, shape, or form. Low oxygen levels caused by the method of restraint are what caused a pulseless electrical activity arrhythmia leading to cardiac arrest as was defined in the medical report. The straightening of his legs after the 5 minute mark is indicative of someone having a seizure caused by brain injury due to oxygen depravation. The medical examiner's autopsy and the third party independent autopsy both ruled George Floyd's death a homicide.
>>14930 Bydlo, it's "the people", roughly said. Basically, the uneducated, unwashed mob, that knows little, screams Los, and can be used by anyone who manages to ripe them up for his cause. Basically, the very extreme form of normalniggers. Cattle, that listens to anyone with bread or a whip.
>>15074 >>"What we found is consistent with what people saw, there is no other health issue that could cause or contribute to the death. Police have this false impression that if you can talk, you can breathe. That’s not true." Place your hand around your throat in any orientation you wish, and repeat to yourself "I can't breathe" while applying and releasing pressure on your windpipe. ANY amount of compression on the neck capable of closing off the airways or the blood vessels results in distortion and quieting of speech, because it constricts the vocal chords and prevents them from vibrating properly. George Floyd's voice was loud and clear with no hoarseness or tone suggestive of strain throughout the entirety of the video, therefore, we know that he was not subjected to such amount of pressure concentrated on his neck. This is true regardless of the positioning of the pressure or which direction it's coming from. Try it for yourself. Quotemining from a doctor is argument from authority and assumes that a doctor is incapable of lying, especially when called as a witness in a trial that has extreme political connotations and in which if he does not say what is expected of him he could lose his career or even have his home and family become the target of violence. Any human with common sense knows that even experts can lie, and have plenty of reason to when put under situations of such duress (the same sort of duress that a non-sequestered jury faces when rioters outside have already doxed them and have voiced an intent to attack the people in the trial if a guilty verdict is not reached). I don't like Chauvin or have any interest in defending him, but appealing to the way in which the people present at the trial interpreted the evidence doesn't matter when we HAVE the evidence right here in front of us and are capable of analysing it and making our own conclusions. You're not doing any thinking, you're just copy and pasting things you read. Stop being a queer.
>>15074 >the levels of methamphetamine found in Floyd's system were lower than the average amount found in 94% of DUI cases involving mephamphetamines in 2020 (people who DIDN'T die of overdose). Before anything else, it's worth pointing out that the levels of meth weren't considered a factor, as you say, which is why they weren't focused on. In fact, the primary medical examiner noted that although meth is hard on the heart, the levels found in Floyd's blood were "very near the low end". It's not relevant to mention its presence or absence because it wasn't a significant factor. It's interesting that we should mention the independent autopsy first, even though it was performed second. What did the state autopsy, performed first, find? Well, we can look at the report and we can look at how the examiner described its blood tox findings. First let's have a look at the examiner's comments on blood tox, available in the memo that lists the examiner's comments regarding the case at https://www.fox9.com/news/court-filings-medical-examiner-thought-george-floyd-had-fatal-level-of-fentanyl-in-system (scroll down to the panel). Particularly: >Fentanyl - 11. He said, "that's pretty high." This level of fentanyl can cause pulmonary edema. Mr Floyd's lungs were 2-3x their normal weight at autopsy. That is a fatal level of fentanyl under normal circumstances. >AB [Dr. Andrew Baker] said that if Mr Floyd had been found dead in his home (or anywhere else) and there were no other contributing factors he would conclude that it was an overdose death. Now let's look at the autopsy report itself, which can be read at https://www.scribd.com/document/464472105/Autopsy-2020-3700-Floyd and which pics related are excerpts from. First up: >Cause of death: Cardiopulmonary arrest complicating law enforcement subdual, restraint, and neck compression. Strange, isn't it, that "cause of death" doesn't appear? Instead, we have >Case Title: Cardiopulmonary arrest complicating law enforcement subdual, restraint, and neck compression. Weird! Why would you change the words like that, Anon? Let's set that aside and look directly at the findings: >Blunt force injuries Consistent with being pressed against the pavement, having handcuffs on, and being held hard (mucosal and cutaneous). Nothing to the neck. >Natural diseases Severe heart disease and an incidental tumor. >No life-threatening injuries identified Let's give things the benefit of the doubt here and assume that asphyxiation doesn't directly show up as a life-threatening injury. However, if the knee on Floyd's neck was a contributing factor (because it restricted his breathing and/or blood to his brain), we should see tell-tale injuries to those sections of the neck including bruising, crushing, and other tissue injuries that would be immediately apparent. >No injuries of anterior muscles of neck or laryngeal structures Wait, what? I thought the guy died because he had his neck knelt on until he was dead, but there aren't any injuries showing up on the parts of the neck that would cause that. Whole front half was intact. >... posterior and lateral neck ... negative for occult trauma Huh, nothing on the back and sides of his neck either. I don't know about you, but this isn't matching the popular understanding. So, why? Because Chauvin wasn't crushing Floyd's neck. Look at pic related, a still from the original video that was used to whip everyone into a frenzy. (I'll grant you that it's fuckin' brutal-looking.) See where his knee is? Back of the neck. It stays there the whole time, while most of Chauvin's weight is being held by his other leg. The private autopsy suggested that the cause was indirect pressure against the pavement, but we can see that Floyd's head is level and his neck isn't in contact with the ground. His windpipe's clear and untouched, as we saw from the autopsy. The blood vessels of his neck are too recessed to be cut off like this, and it's the wrong position in any case. (Try it yourself: Try to get someone to cut off your neck's blood supply with their knee in the same position against a flat surface. It won't work, you'll find your jaw gets in the way, and your head certainly won't be level during the attempt like Floyd's was.) Alright, so let's go back to the secondary report. I've not read their report in full because I can't find their report in full, but in their summary, they found that positional asphyxia was the cause. Okay: What specific physical finding suggested that? I sure wish we had a PDF instead of these heavily summarized bullet points, don't you? >"neck and back compression that led to a lack of blood flow to the brain." How did they conclude this? It's completely at odds with the first autopsy and what we see in all available videos. Show us the report! >"weight on the back, handcuffs and positioning were contributory factors because they impaired the ability of Mr. Floyd’s diaphragm to function." Mr Floyd's diaphragm was impaired, but not primarily by the restraint. Which leads us
>>15078 Which leads us to... >Toxicology >Medical experts called to the trial agreed that the 11 nano-grams per milliliter of fentanyl in his blood would not have been considered lethal even accounting for his heart conditions. For death by fentanyl intoxication alone, yes - technically correct, as so many of these narrowly-given opinions were. For death by wooden chest syndrome or cardiopulmonary complications, no. For that we'd have to look at general data across a wide range of case studies that consider deaths from multiple vecto- oh! We have it! https://sci-hub.do/10.2147/JPR.S280462 is a review of 1969 deaths, most of them in North America. We see one study in which cases were restricted to fentanyl intoxication alone, and that shows mean concentration of 25 ug/L (25 ng/mL). Phew! Those expert witnesses are safe from perjury thanks to careful wording. But we're interested in deaths caused by fentanyl in general, not just deaths caused by pure fentanyl intoxication. Let's scroll down and look over oral fentanyl deaths (either by chewable patch or others), and see: >fentanyl and norfentanyl concentrations ... 8.6 and 1.4 ng/mL, respectively. >Mean fentanyl concentrations in the body fluids were quite low: 3.0 ± 3.1 ng/mL (0.3 ± 0.31 micrograms/ dL) in blood >Fentanyl could be quantified in nine cases with concentrations ranging between 0.8 and 29.3 ng/mL (mean 11.9 ng/mL) >blood concentrations ranging from 5 to 27 μg/L [5 to 27 ng/mL]. and so on, and so on, and so on, all well within the range found in Floyd at death. I'll grant you that there's a lot of noise there, but it establishes that Floy'd blood fentanyl levels were well within the ranges that cause death. >But he was a hardened opiate addict! He was also overweight, getting on in years, and had severe heart disease. Anyway: But Anon, you say, you're specifically pointing at heart complications and/or wooden chest syndrome arising from the fentanyl as causes of Floyd's death! What concentrations are required to produce those? "Analgesic concentrations", according to a case study published in Chest and available at https://sci-hub.do/10.1378/chest.12-2131 : >Although this complication is better described in pediatric patients and with anesthetic doses, chest wall rigidity can occur with analgesic doses of fentanyl and related com- pounds. So, what's an "analgesic dose" and what blood concentration does it translate to? Let's look at Noradrenergic Mechanisms in Fentanyl-Mediated Rapid Death Explain Failure of Naloxone in the Opioid Crisis from https://jpet.aspetjournals.org/content/jpet/early/2019/09/13/jpet.119.258566.full.pdf and posted here: >serum levels of fentanyl for surgical analgesia range from ~1- 15ng/ml Okay, so Floyd was running a concentration equivalent to surgical analgesia. Fine if you're under the supervision of an alert anesthetist, not so much if you're cuffed and panicking.
>>15082 It's important to understand what we're dealing with, so let's follow as the paper explains wooden chest syndrome thus: >Anesthesiologists in the U.S. were introduced to fentanyl in the early 1970’s when it revolutionized surgical anesthesia by combining profound analgesia with hemodynamic stability. However, they quickly had to master its unique side effect. F/FAs [fentanyl/fentanyl analogues] can produce profound rigidity in the diaphragm, chest wall and upper airway within an extremely narrow dosing range. This clinical effect was called “wooden chest syndrome” (WCS) by anesthesiologists and is not commonly known outside of anesthesiology or to clinicians or researchers in addiction research/medicine. WCS is almost routinely fatal without expert airway management. >centrally mediated noradrenergic and cholinergic effects of F/FAs, which clinically manifest as severe muscle rigidity and airway compromise (e.g. wooden chest syndrome) that is rapid and distinct from respiratory depression seen with morphine-derived alkaloids Okay, wooden chest syndrome is deadly as fuck and not well-known, and it's very distinct from the kinds of respiratory depression seen in the better-known cases. Side note: >ER admissions and survival rate studies of overdoses have shown that ratios for emergency room visits to deaths are 1:1 for fentanyl, versus 10:1 for heroin-related overdoses, indicating a narrow window for response to fentanyl overdose (Slavova et al., 2017). When fentanyl overdose and WCS hits, it hits fast. >can emerge in less than 2 minutes, last up to 15 minutes, and appears to cause death with a more accelerated time course than respiratory depression (Grell et al., 1970; Bailey, 1988; Stanley, 2014; Burns et al., 2016). It also kills fast. >WCS can occur at doses as low as 0.5μg/kg, but usually occurs in the dose range of >10μg/kg and is based almost exclusively on the dose and rapidity of administration Rapidity of administration... Like, say, swallowing several tablets in a panic (or even tucking them in your mouth, allowing the drug to be absorbed through the membranes of the mouth)? Let's review: Wooden Chest Syndrome kills at the fentanyl level found in Floyd's blood stream, it comes on fast, it kills fast, and it manifests as sudden air hunger. What happened in Floyd's case? He suddenly started feeling terrible, developed sudden and severe air hunger while the cops tried to put him in the car. They noticed something was wrong, called an ambulance, put him in maximal restraint with possible berserk state/"excited delirium" in mind per their training, and called for the ambulance to hurry up. This was all caught on camera, which showed only a white cop kneeling on a black man's neck, dot one was collectively connected to dot two with a helpful reach-around from the media, America burned, and now the ratchet continues its gradual tightening.
Open file (73.27 KB 404x718 floyd's mouth.png)
>>15083 >Like, say, swallowing several tablets in a panic (or even tucking them in your mouth, allowing the drug to be absorbed through the membranes of the mouth)? Pic related, from body cam footage showing Floyd with something white and pill-like in his mouth as the cops approached. Even the Washington Post reported that he'd done the same stash-swallowing a year prior: >https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/george-floyd-minneapolis-previous-arrest-evidence/2020/10/15/8471e296-0f2b-11eb-b1e8-16b59b92b36d_story.html >The previous encounter occurred after police stopped a car in which Floyd was riding on May 6, 2019, and the evidence from the traffic stop includes body-camera footage from three officers as well as transcripts of Floyd’s interactions with police and emergency medical workers. The footage shows that Floyd did not immediately comply with police requests to put his hands on the dash or his head — he appears to have been swallowing pills instead — but it also shows that he ultimately complied, that the situation de-escalated quickly, and that he was calmly handcuffed and was then seated in a police car without any violence. >Floyd did not immediately comply with police requests to put his hands on the dash or his head — he appears to have been swallowing pills instead — but it also shows >— he appears to have been swallowing pills instead —
>>15084 So, Nigger dying of drug abuse. Nothing new. And media twisting it into police brutality. Also nothing new. Why is it the same shit over and over again? It's so tiresome.
>>15086 Well, it was pretty brutal. I’ve no expertise in police procedure design, but as a technique of restraint it seems excessive for use on your own civilian population. I guess it leaves the hands free and the officer upright and able to quickly react? Still, the optics of it are the kind of thing you’d expect to see selected to intimidate and set examples rather than be the most effective of possible techniques - not that I’d know what possible techniques were. I wonder if it’s discussed in the field’s literature? As for the rest, the footage really spoke for itself. With a video like that making the rounds, going against the basic story that it suggested would have been suicide. All the media had to do was in effect say “yes, what you saw really happened” and that was it. They must have found it a refreshing change of pace, and an absolute windfall for the ongoing program.
>>15089 Still, I don't see anything special with this specific case. I'm willing to bet a pic of my parang that this isn't the first or only case of such behaviour towards a civilian. Why is Georgie so special? Is it just a coincidence that they picked this case?, Or is it because there was bigger chance of success here? (By success I mean turning the officer into a scapegoat and get him imprisoned. A symbolic victory of sorts.) I kinda want to see how this evolves, and how close the US is gonna get to that scenario from the turner diaries, but OTOH I can't really get myself to care about world politics, because they bring out my anger issues really hard.
>Muh neck trauma I can keep someone from breathing while restraining them without causing any sort of injury or trauma. That's basic do's and don'ts of greco-roman wrestling.
>>15083 Your synopsis doesn't match up with any of the witness testimony and your conjecture will only be valid if it's used in an appeals court since it has no basis in reality. >>15089 Cops are trained to kill. There's plenty of undercover videos o that one psychopathic 60 year old who's effectively been in charge of militarizing the police for the last 20 years after studying police techniques in South Africa and Israel.
>>15091 i think it's more about applying the standard practices you were told. doesn't matter what you think is more effective, you need to do what you were taught or you might get punished for it. didn't work for this guy, though
>>15090 You don't see anything special about this because cops have been acting like niggers for the last 20 years. This behavior is abnormal in law enforcement except when it is used as a state apparatus.
>>15092 >Your synopsis doesn't match up with any of the witness testimony and your conjecture will only be valid if it's used in an appeals court since it has no basis in reality. Kek, appeals courts only consider things that have no basis in reality do they? The copium high must be impairing you, you’re starting to fall apart - everything that anon said there was well-supported by the raw footage and the objective evidence as far as we saw it. Your posts read like cuckchan-era shilling actually, feels kinda nostalgic but also makes me remember how oily and disgusting those days were. Floyd died of a drug overdose, a shitheel cop took the fall for it in a sham trial with threatened jurors because it suited a longer-term agenda, and the US is going to get fucked using blacks like this again and again, much like your mother.
>>15095 >Your posts read like cuckchan >copium Look in a mirror.
What do you guys think of finno-korean hyperwar? And other shitpost or whatever alt-history events?
Open file (171.48 KB 358x360 1598284550226.png)
>autistic posts on the facts of the matter Strelok, you have to realize this to save you a lot of unnecessary suffering: normalfags do not fundamentally care for reality, they care for the semblance of reality, of a just world.
>>15100 Normalfaggots aren't even reading those post. Imageboards are inherently off-limits for them, as they're "bad, evil Nazi swamps". No one is reading this, except for autistic anons, who answer with their own autism, fueling autistic discussion and deconstruction of the narrative. We're not doing this for anyone but ourselves. Heck, why should we do this for anyone but ourselves? A normalnigger won't even appreciate something he gets for free, he'll acknowledge it at the most. Imageboards are our own little safe havens for discussion of sensitive topics, without the scared whining and ugly screeching of useful idiots to interrupt us. We're not on a mission to better the world. We're here to prepare for it's inevitable collapse, to be able to move on, instead of being buried under the rubble.
>>15101 >We're not on a mission to better the world. We're here to prepare for it's inevitable collapse, to be able to move on, instead of being buried under the rubble. It's better to put this message out in the open than for the uninitiated to come across the truth and think it will allow them to change society, when the only freedom it affords is individual. >Imageboards are inherently off-limits for them, as they're "bad, evil Nazi swamps". Even then, the failed normalfags and Facebook geriatrics on places like cuckchan are rampant. The secret club is now an open-air brothel.
>normalfags can't use imageboards uuh?
The source of disconnect causing the autism between anons on this topic is that there's two schools of thought clashing. >Group A >Believes that niggers are the niggest >Believes that the government allows and condones this niggery via them programs for political gain >Believes that the government is at fault for niggers nigging >Believes police brutality isn't a meme >Believes that citizens can either handle niggers better than the police or believes the police are a greater evil between the two >Therefore sees the officer being charged with murder in a positive lighting because they tie it to law enforcement corruption/police brutality rather than niggers nigging >Group B >Believes that niggers are the niggest Believes that the government allows and condones this niggery via them programs to eradicate the white race >Believes that niggers are at fault for niggers nigging >Believes police brutality is a meme >Believes that the government/police should handle niggers, not the citizenry, and that niggers are the greater evil between the two >Therefore sees the officer being charged with murder in a negative lighting because they tie it to the political elite subsidizing niggery at their expense rather than being a question of government corruption It's literally just the fucking liberty vs authority question posed for the umpteenth millionth time but everyone is being too autistic to just come out and say "government bad because government" vs "government bad because Jews."
>>15089 >>15094 >This behavior is abnormal in law enforcement except when it is used as a state apparatus. Then you should perhaps ask yourself: Why would the state neuter it's own enforcement agents for using the techniques that the state condones and has encourage for 20 years? Do you think that the tyrannical state suddenly grew a conscience last May?
>>15106 it got media attention so they gotta placate the cattle, who is very quick to forget
>>15107 If that's all it is then the state shat the bed on this one because cops have been resigning in mass since the riots and ACAB stuff last year.
>>15106 Push anti-cop agenda, watch crime numbers increase, reap benefits when the fearful citizenry grant you more power over their daily lives. Follow the money.
>>15109 *recruits more cops, low level labour which is easily replacable*
>>15105 yeah. what else are we gonna discuss?
>>15105 Is "the government lets chimpouts happen on purpose to create a problem in which they're the only legal solution to perpetuate its power in service of the chosen" a valid choice?
>>15114 No one said Group A and Group B were mutually exclusive, it was just implied that at the end of the day anon will have his preferences for one of those two rallying cries.
Actually, the more I think about it, the more I get the feeling that everything is for the purpose of draining off police force. Even the initial build-up and militarisation of the police serves the purpose of making police lookbad, just to remove them. You see, the police may be servants of the zog, but they are still protecting the law, that's why there will always be idealistic or at least good cops, who stand on the side of "protect and serve". What we're coming to, is a privatization of security. Governments, at least over here in Germany, have been outsourcing government tasks to contractors and businesses. And here's the banger: did you know, that German Bundeswehr outsources Checkpoint Security on military checkpoints to private security companies? Yep, that's the fucking case, I even know a guy who works as security guard at a military checkpoint. This is nigger liberation all over again. Why were slaves liberated, what do you think? Because of goodness? Because it's inhumane to hold them as slaves? No, because it's CHEAPER. Minimum wage labor force is SO MUCH CHEAPER than slaves. Private contractors are SO MUCH CHEAPER than government servants, because you don't provide housing, healthcare, benefits... You only pay a salary, that's all. We're seeing a second slave-liberation right now. And guess what? The police is gonna be obsolete when security contractors become the norm. No more protectors and servants of your beloved zog, no, you get soulless men, who work for a salaries sake, and won't hesitate to break your kneecaps if you threaten their livelihood. That is the future of security. Privatization.
Just here to add more fuel to the fire. https://archive.is/4Cagb https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/exclusive-former-pfizer-vp-your-government-is-lying-to-you-in-a-way-that-could-lead-to-your-death >His main points included: >There is “no possibility” current variants of COVID-19 will escape immunity. It is “just a lie.” >Yet, governments around the world are repeating this lie, indicating that we are witnessing not just “convergent opportunism,” but a “conspiracy.” Meanwhile media outlets and Big Tech platforms are committed to the same propaganda and the censorship of the truth. >Pharmaceutical companies have already begun to develop unneeded “top-up” (“booster”) vaccines for the “variants.” The companies are planning to manufacture billions of vials, in addition to the current experimental COVID-19 “vaccine” campaign.  >Regulatory agencies like the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the European Medicines Agency, have announced that since these “top-up” vaccines will be so similar to the prior injections which were approved for emergency use authorization, drug companies will not be required to “perform any clinical safety studies.” >Thus, this virtually means that design and implementation of repeated and coerced mRNA vaccines “go from the computer screen of a pharmaceutical company into the arms of hundreds of millions of people, [injecting] some superfluous genetic sequence for which there is absolutely no need or justification.” >Why are they doing this? Since no benign reason is apparent, the use of vaccine passports along with a “banking reset” could issue in a totalitarianism unlike the world has ever seen. Recalling the evil of Stalin, Mao, and Hitler, “mass depopulation” remains a logical outcome. >The fact that this at least could be true means everyone must “fight like crazy to make sure that system never forms.”
>>15117 The libertarian dream
>>15117 That will make most of them easy to bribe, though. If they're poorly paid and don't get the sweet pensions modern cops do...
>>15121 Cops are just as corrupt in the modern society. With dwindling economy and financial stability on one side, and shitty work conditions and unthankful populace on the other side, only idiots decline bribes. The system isn't going to last for long anyways, because modern society and population are unsustainable in the long run, so in the end, something's gotta give. It's only a question of when, and what exactly will be the final breaking point. >>15120 Maybe it is, but dreams rarely come true in the way we want it. And no one ever thinks of the full picture.
Open file (187.11 KB 1280x720 1460056586664-0.jpg)
>>15105 No white person will be protected from niggers or zogbots, because a zogbot got sacrificed in court for maybe killing a nigger to appease the nigger and statists that are currently looting inner cities in the USA under the excuse that they give a shit about the dead nigger.
>>15126 The sooner white people have to defend themselves at the risk of a kangaroo court, the sooner we'll get our civil war and be able to take personal responsibility for the failures or success of our communities.
Facts are the end results of consensus, not of reality. >But muh laws of gravity/thermodynamics Even those are the results of consensus and "constants" formed from consensus based on research and repeated testing. There are objective ethics and morals that can be extracted from known repeatable results, but they are still subject to change when presented with enough consistent conflicting information that is not ignoring outside variables.
>>15128 Yes, but normalfags don't even care to test, even if the objective reality isn't directly accesible.
Open file (3.54 KB 180x150 Des_logo.png)
>>15117 Where do I sign up to become a cool cyborg with a red katana?
>>15113 How about prostitution?
>>15134 Oldest profession in the book, besides merchant. Anything else?
>>15142 Do you have any first hand experiences with them?
>>15143 Never even saw a naked person besides myself. Moving on.
Open file (1010.74 KB 480x590 fntRvzvXVg-_7B1h.mp4)
>Are y’all gonna kill me like Ma’Khia Bryant? >Are you gonna stab somebody like her? My sides.
>>15145 He's lucky he's wearing his muzzle so that nobody can see the shit eating grin he probably did
Open file (16.48 KB 1158x1408 Chi-Ro.png)
>Biden officially recognized the Armenian Genocide >he even referred to Constantinople Get fucked roach demons.
>>15176 Who knows maybe Biden will be less zoggy than Trump, though the Constantinople thing is because it was named liked that by everyone outside of the Ottoman Empire at the time.
>>15179 Even the turks often called it Constantinople. Istanbul only became unified and the only thing it was called when turkish nationalism overtook ottomanism
Gender-reveal party explosion rocks homes, cracks house foundation in New Hampshire >A powerful explosion coming from a gender-reveal party rocked homes in New Hampshire, leaving at least one house with a crack in their foundation, CBS Boston reported.  >The Kingston Police Department in Kingston said the blast happened at a quarry at Torromeo Industries earlier this week. The boom was caused by an explosion of about 80 pounds of Tannerite, which police said is an over-the-counter "explosive target" used for firearms practice.  >"A Kingston Police Detective met with individuals that were on site, who cooperated with the detective and informed him that they were having a gender-reveal party," police said in a statement. "During the investigation, the detective was informed that the location, a quarry, was chosen as they felt it was a safe location to detonate the Tannerite." >Police said the man who detonated the Tannerite turned himself in and is cooperating with authorities. Investigators are still determining what charges may be filed against him.  >People who lived nearby the site in Kingston said they felt the blast.  >"It was just a big boom and crack, it was very loud, it just shook my whole porch," resident Tina Bouraphael told CBS Boston. "It was really very strong." >Bouraphael told the station it shook her home's foundation and caused multiple cracks.  >Her neighbor Sara Taglieri was appalled by the explosion, calling it "over the top."  >"A gender-reveal that was heard not only throughout neighborhoods, but throughout many, many towns," Taglieri told the station. "I'm not upset because I have chalk or confetti blown in my way, I mean it was an explosion that rocked my house, my neighbors, my community and my town."  >The explosion was felt all the way in northern Massachusetts, CBS Boston reported.  >While no injuries were reported from this incident, some other recent gender-reveal parties have proven to be dangerous. In February, a man in New York was killed when a device he was building for a gender-reveal party exploded.  https://web.archive.org/web/20210425140751/https://www.cbsnews.com/news/gender-reveal-explosion-new-hampshire-tannerite/
Open file (67.30 KB 564x860 29drw8mn5sq21.jpg)
>>15176 >Erdogan runs Turkey in such a bellicose manner, that it's actually more of a detriment for NATO to provide active support than to leave it alone and in any case he's such a shithead he'll probably pain Russia over the Bosporus regardless
>>15181 Sounds like the guy was trying to get rid of some old explosives and used more than he should have.
Greetings, /k/. I have two (admittingly) strange but earnest questions about the poiticians of the United States of America. Why do many US politicians refer to their country as a democracy? Isn't the United States a constitutional republic, which is different from a democracy? Thanks.
>>15181 >blew up tannerite in a quarry >cracked the foundation of a house Either tannerite is a whole lot more powerful than I thought or I've got to wonder why they have a rock quarry in the middle of their town.
>>15194 >Why do many US politicians refer to their country as a democracy? Because most of the American people and a lot of the politicians don't know the difference and because they think that democracy is synonymous with liberty/freedom. It wouldn't be incorrect to catogorize the US as a no-nothing nation.
>>15195 Rock is fairly brittle and energy doesn't travel through it very well, but it acts as a semi-solid under the surface. It's possible that the shockwave traveled through an acute crack in the surface which would allow for several hundred meters or even miles of damage if he had it right up against a cliff face or something. This is why explosives are typically set off around sand/dirt/mud and not rocks.
>>15194 Largely because of the Revolution of 1800.
>>15194 Legally we 'were a constitutional republic, and the electoral 'process' purportedly maintains that form. However, as the entire world witnessed ~6mo ago during the POTUS so-called 'election', the Authority of the United States has now been entirely usurped, and that blatantly. We are now under the rule of a Technocracy roughly the equivalent of a Marxist one-party rule state. We will never return to being a civic republic, short of a second civil/third world war. The party that just usurped the US Administration will never relinquish power until they are forced to by external circumstances. It's quite apparent the US is now under control of the globalist Jews who intend a one-world police state. With their uncontested rule over the now-former United States, the entire world stands at it's penultimate moment. >tl;dr We were a Republic, we're nothing of the sort now.
Open file (167.46 KB 997x630 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (78.62 KB 470x600 ktan.jpg)
Does anybody know where to find these cocksuckers in the Caliphate of Leafistan? Aero Precision USA has them, but they only ship within Burgerland Mine stripped off and I had to drill that shit out.
Open file (9.28 KB 842x312 dug.png)
I miss him, bros.
Open file (4.60 MB 720x1280 71Q362LIlTh0ZdrA.mp4)
Possible new happening. Tajikistan vs Kyrgyzstan border skirmish. Also the IRGC raided the Iranian president's office as well as the foreign minister's office. Not bothering with sources anymore because is just glow in the darks now.
>>15364 *Because /k/ is just glow in the darks now
>>15364 Whose funding whom this time, I wonder? >>15365 >Intentional Freudian Slip? The board itself doesn't, why would it friend? Odds-on favorite that you do, however.
How can i conserve Ammo for a period of approximately 2-3 Years, at least, without having access to tooling/machines to pack it in tin cans? can i seal it in waxed carton? or do i need to cast it in some conservant?
>>15420 If you aren't living in a swamp or a jungle, then putting them into a dry corner with no sunlight should be enough for such a short time. If you have access to waxed carton boxes and want to be extra sure, then you can do that too, but I'd only do that if I was planning to keep them for 10-20 years or more.
>>15420 Desiccant packs and a cool dry place will be more than enough to get you through about a decade assuming >>15425 If you're looking to splurge money on something more permanent, a humidity-controlled dry box/dry cabinet will do the job, but you're looking at $300-$800 for something that's unnecessary unless you live in a swamp. If you own an electronics assembly/repair business or camera business, you could write off that dry box as a business expense though for tax purposes and it would ensure your ammunition for well over a decade. Look up "humidity control cabinet" or "cigar cooler" to see what I mean. As a comparison if you're in one of those high-humidity environments, you can get a small dehumidifier for $20, throw it in a sealed container with some fresh desiccant packs, and it will do the same thing, albeit less efficiently and requiring maintenance every time you open the sealed container.
Now that I'm thinking about it, if you raise chickens and have a business license, you could write off an incubator with humidity control as a business expense for tax purposes and use that to store your ammunition as well. That would be about the same price as a cigar cooler/camera storage cabinet and would accomplish the same goal.
Is there a Strelok who was either in Singapore or had to deal with Singaporeans? What is that place like? And is it going to be even more important now that Hong Kong is just an other coastal chink city for legal purposes?
>>15430 I've had buddies who have been to Singapore. It's basically to rich Asians as Switzerland is to rich Europeans or New Zealand is to rich Caucasians.
>>15430 >been to singapore Business yes. >More important Strelok, Singapore has always been important. Mainly because they can fuck over China/India (lean more to fucking China over as most oil goes from there) and even the USN if they decide to start using subs to sink cargo through the straight of Malacca. In re to the place. It's like China but better. Think kinda like Japan but run by Chinese with a significant Muslim majority (Singapore is what the CPC looks up to as a model nation, "democracy" but with a one party elite cabal rule). As for the city, its quite the dystopian hellscape if your a burger. Take a page out of deus Ex HR themes (The high end "hookers", hidden slums, etc) some Huxley's Brave New World (the guilded "good" part) and you'll find it in the corners foreigners don't frequent. Oh, and say hi to their version of SKYNET (CCTV). Finally, sprinkle in some britbong laws about not allowing insults against other regions/minorities because muh feefees. >in re importance of HK Macao is more important now due to the fact that the CPC is planning on removing HK's legal authority to freefloat exchange between RMB and other currencies, as in China currently only HK can do that (other places cant' directly convert currency), there's talk about ceeding part of Zhuhai to expand the size of the SAR (During the 2019 All national congress) because currently its not large enough to develop anything more. Singapore won't be too much effected by HK getting raped.
>>15434 >Macao That place is also a gigantic question mark for me. I know it's like Hong Kong but Portuguese and has lots of casinos, yet there isn't a shitstorm surrounding it.
>>15443 Macao is basically China's Las Vegas. A lot of it's income comes from gambling, and as far as I know, a lot of the casinos are owned by westerners, so there's that. I think the Chinese just don't see any reason to fuck around with it, as there's no real gain from it.
>>15420 don't over complicate it. ammo can with a gasket. I've even used tupperware with a gasket and locking lid. As far as humidity I try to pack ammo and dry rations for long term storage (decades) in the winter when the RH is low. 90% of the time I don't use desiccant unless it's expensive specialty ammo. I'm shooting rimfire from 2007 that was just dumped loose into 30 cal cans. It lived in an unheated garage and then basement.
>>15443 They didn't seem to have much of a problem with the handover since Chinks are addicted to gambling. Instead of losing relative importance like Hong Kong they seem to have remained relevant beings the Vegas of China as >>15445 said and the CCP sees them as the good ex-colony in contrast to HK.
>>15449 >>15445 Hong Kong had the stock exchange, allowed currency exchange, had special rules that prevented mainland China from touching any money not owned by Chinese businessmen, and was an ex-colony that was heavily anti-mainland-China. Macao does not have any of these things and the westerners owning stuff have their money tied to mainland China so they are basically already Chink controlled, thus is makes no sense for the CCP to break the status quo in Macao.
>>15445 >>15443 It's not that simple, like >>15452 said there's a much bigger issue. Geopolitics and logical deduction time! HK used to be in 1997 when it returned to China the leader of three of the "Fourbigs". It lead China in Shipping/commerce, tech and finance because there was no other route under the law in the CPC for a Chinese state to be that independent from the central gov. From 1997-2007 was the Honeymoon, but from 2008-2018, the CPC has been gradually developing those semi-autonomous zones (city-states more or less) to take that mantle from HK because they are afraid they would revolt (which is why they did protest in 2018). Finance went to Beijing, Shipping/commerce went to Shanghai, and tech went to Shenzhen. Obviously, this shit isn't good for the HK economy. In addition, the CPC (And most of the Chinese populace) consider HK to have what we would call an "attitude problem". They look down upon mainland Chinese because they have relatively no manners (but they have money.... soo... yeah). In early 2018 of the National Party Congress, the idea was floated to revoke the dualsystems policy and integrate both HK and Macao. This led to at least one of the HK tycoons to say fuck no and get in bed with the CIA if he wasn't already (remember, ALL western intelligence ran through HK because mainland could not prosecute for espionage). In 2019 the NPC raised the idea of removing Macao's gamlbing rights but Macao's leader took a different route. Macao's leader saw how HK was going the opposite direction, and also realized that legally/politlcally, it is impossible to put the banking stuff anywhere else in China other than Maccao if push came to shove, and "bent back over" as we would say in order to preserve his power. >what do you mean only place? China has several cities that can take the banking place The major choice cities are: Beijing, Shenzhen, Tianjing, Dalian, Shanghai, Guangzhou city, Chengdu, Chongqing, Shenyang, Harbin and Changchun, Xian, Zhengzhou, Jinan, Qingdao Beijing is not an option because the regional leaders would object to further centralization Shenzhen is not an option because Manchuria/ north central china would be pissed as fuck Guangzhou is not an option since historically they have independence themes. Tianjiang is objected to because of the same reason as Shenzhen but from the south Nobody wants Shanghai to do it because they are viewed as literal kikes Chengdu and Chongqing have heavy independence themes because Sichuan is a basin surrounded by mountains and thus historically revolted against the gov many times successfully. Changchun is not an option due to the fact they have pro-russia ties and a large korean minority Dalian is not an option, too close to best korea in case kim the great starts lobbing nukes, also korean minority not to be trusted Harbin is literally detroit so why would you put shit there? Xian has an "attitude issue" like HK and is also kinda like detroit. Zhengzhou is lesser kikes. Jinan is built literally a few yards above an aquifer so you can't build rapid transport like subways and it has pollution that makes any smog picture in china look like a cakewalk (it's hemmed in by mountains on three sides and there's a shit ton of industry on the one side with non mountains Qingdao has military and the CPC would like to avoid an incestuous MIL complex relationship. Also, strelok, if you didn't know, don't go gambling in Macao if you value your name. Don't let your family members go to Macao if they're attractive women unless you hate them enough for them to dissapear. After all, where else does the CPC keep their sex-traffic slaves and get to blackmail prominent people legally? The hub for degeneracy was Macao, now that the banking shit is moving there it'll most likely move to Zhengzhou since they'll sell themselves for clean needles.
>>15454 >Somethings I don't understand!!! NPC= National Party Congress, kinda like session of US Congress or Parliment Tianjiang was supposed to be tianjing but I big brained >Zhengzhou joke about selling themselves The sterotype of Zhengzhou and Henan is that they are kikes but only against people who aren't smart. Back in the 90s they traded money for blood, and would share needles knowingly even when someone was infected because they wanted money. Now you got HIV issues :^). Also, Henan had this habbit of stealing natrual gas by cutting a pipeline open, and then bagging it with plastic bags, as you can imagine, this led to a lot of people dying when sparks went off on the bags due to static and explosions.
>>15454 you're forgetting that Macao is just a tiny colony that was ran in a very laissez faire way by the Portuguese while Hong Kong experienced everything good that the West had to offer before anyone in mainland China could get their hands on.
Open file (8.52 KB 240x240 CS Doug.jpg)
I got a CZ P09 last week for 570 burgerbux, I liked how it held/felt and it was recommended on the /k/ sticky. Did I do gud?
The CIA got on the woke train and tards can't decide on whether having a diversity hire intelligence agency is a good thing. >boomers think this shows the decline of glowniggers, and therefore bad for the country >/pol/ thinks it shows they were behind the woke all along, subverting the country >tranny/pol/ thinks the CIA is co-opting their movement, subverting the left >neoliberals think this is based because we need diverse glowniggers to infiltrate the CCP, and good for the country
>>15469 >Dr. Pavel, I'm a negress. It's just yet one more sign of the Brazilification of the USA.
Decent Americans like you streloks should really get out of America while still possible. The coming years will turn America into an absolute shitshow, and everything the yanks have done to fuck over the world will return to them. Mark my words.
>>15477 What happens if I'm not in burgerstan, but I'm in a nearby country that both has sold itself over to a cabal that has hijacked its "liberal democracy" for over 18 years counting using classic Rainbow-Neoliberal ideology exclusively to justify its corruption and anarcho-tyrannical actions, AND said country is hilariously militarily and economically weak/unstable once you remove the watchful, "peace"-keeping eye of burgerstan from the equation? Should I bail the fuck out and go to another country or bug in and try to pull a warlord when it inevitably shits itself?
>>15469 >neoliberals think this is based because we need diverse glowniggers to infiltrate the CCP, and good for the country I think this is probably the nearest take to the truth. >China is a monolithic country with a Han majority and oppressed minorities The West has to have no concepts of majority and minority to own them >China is highly aggressive and bold in international policy The West has to be meek and submissive to own them >China is atheist and hates religions and culture that go against the State Motherfucking multiculti civnats to own them
>>15477 I'm laying down the groundwork already. Honestly the $2,200 expatriation fees (expected to triple under Biden) are the easiest hurdle to being able to leave. Finding a country that isn't shit, allows me to work, and doesn't have stringent immigration prerequisites that make it nearly impossible don't exist and if I have to pick my poison, I'm better off still in burgerland for at least another decade.
>>15480 And I'm not trying to be a blackpill faggot, but where the fuck am I supposed to go? Britain is a hell hole, Ireland is worse, Canada is eagerly sucking Chink cock, South Africa hates whites, you can't even GET a job in India as a foreigner without a master's degree or doctorate outside of niche fields, and Australia/New Zealand are both full and too expensive to even rent a flat without having 20 years experience in your field of expertise so there goes the English-speaking parts of the world. France is worse than thr UK, Germany has already had enough of Americans, the Middle East is either too dangerous or too expensive to live in, and while visiting Eastern or Southern Europe might sound fun, everything I've heard about it is shit. Japan is virtually impossible to immigrate to, FUCK China and the SEAnigger countries, Iceland doesn't take immigrants, and don't get me started on Russia. Where am I supposed to go? The only viable options I see are learning Portuguese to go live in Brazil as an ExPat until a gang shoots you one day, do the same thing with Spanish just with Argentina or Chile, or learning French to go live out one's fantasies as an African Warlord, but that all requires having a high-paying job at which point I would be just as well off moving to one of the expensive gated parts of America where shooting intruders is still legal.
>>15481 My fallback country is Finland.
>>15467 that's basically the msrp for a P-01 so i'd say you fucked up
>>15481 Argentina is ridiculously easy to get into, as far as i know. If learning the language is no option, consider germany one more time. The Requirements aren't that strict, and we don't explicitly hate americans, it's more disdain for foreigners in general, up here in northern germany, but that's a sign of quality people. If you're a decent person, you won't have problems. >>15478 If you have the means to bail, get out. If you have the means, the contacts and a set of goals, dig in and prepare to get a warband started.
>>15481 >he thinks he can run HAHAHAHAHA
>>15469 What's hilarious is that they're all correct
>>15487 Before you do as this Anon says and move to Germany, consider this: If you have any sort of patriotic or nationalistic feelings towards the US, don't. Every part of the political spectrum is somewhere between dislike and hate for the US. Normalfags and centrists dislike it enough to make that fact known if an opportunity arises, Commies hate it because capitalism and shit and nationalists hate it due to the subversion of Germany by the US. If you are in any way more extremist in politics than the most centrist of centrists which to be fair will always be the smallest part of the population , you will be surrounded by people that cheer on the death of every American when the next shooting inevitably happens. The states and cities where you will be the most accepted are the ones that are the most pozzed, so if you are into that sort of thing, have fun. Stay away from East Germany for your own good. And just accept that until 3 generations in your family won't be close to being accepted as German. If you have clear Slavic or non-Caucasian ancestry then probably never, you will just be known as the Russian-Germans or the Turk- Kurd- or whatever but never just as Germans.
Does asking how to grill count as k related? I got a barrel grill for the upcoming season and i have no prior experience with putting meat above a fire. It doesnt have that smoking box attachment. Mommy bought some chunks of meat for me to use on it and so far my previous attempts to cook chicken and a turkey leg ended up undercooked when the coals died out. I got a chimney to heat up coals easier, i cant seem to get a fire going without it I always seem to put too little coals in at the start, putting a whole chimneyful seems like a waste for cooking just a few pieces of chicken, and even when i do attempt to add more coals in by tossing them onto the bed it never seems to help. I either cook the outside too quickly and I can't keep it on the fire any longer because itll burn, or I keep it on the edges of the grill and then it barely cooks at all. Teach me how to grill properly /k/ so mommy can be less disappointed in me
>>15493 Trick to grilling is quantity. You can't skimp on the amount of meat you're cooking unless you are doing kebabs. Grilled meat (especially kebabs) reheat well, so just waste the fuel and then prep lots of grilled sides to go with the grilled meat for leftovers.
>>15494 >>15493 >Trick to grilling is quantity t. has never grilled good stuff. The trick to grilling, in a meaningful way, is to either smoke it or cook it using the advantage of massive heat. One is full of flavor and the other can give you a toasty, marinated exterior with a pure blue inside. Grilling black tons of meat will only mean the guy doing it is having fun but not really knowing what he's doing, what i would say is not to skimp on charcoal or carefully plan when to throw the meat. For example blue meat and hard vegetables require red coal, grilling something normal (medium, 3/4) and soft veggies require orangey white coal, grilling something fully along with fish and the fruit desserts requires ashy white coal, a chicken (the hardest to do right) requires sometimes the whole thing along with chopping it with a knife unless it was previously pre-cooked (tastes better too that way) then it needs orange and some minor cuts. Some meats require grilling twice, for example well-cooked smoked meats require sealing hard with red coal and then wait for ashy white, putting them again but with the top for around 3 to 5 minutes. That usually kills the heat unless you have an entry under the coals so you need to plan it. Americans are either some of the most skilled grill masters or the most inept at using a barbie so use their knowledge with care, the ones who smoke with barrels are usually the best ones but their techniques sometimes take up to 12 hours, sometimes even more if they use the black snake moan (sounds like a typical amerijoke but that's what i read their slow burning charcoal string is called) but be careful with their side dishes, i read they eat their excellently smoked baby pork ribs with, may the Higher One forgive me, macaroni with melted yellow plastic. And remember, only cocksuckers and the odd ameriphiliac grill with gas, and only the ones who know what they are doing grill with fresh wood.
>>15495 Babyback and mac is an American staple, damn it! I prepare mine with real cheese though. >And remember, only cocksuckers and the odd ameriphiliac grill with gas I still want to try hooking a wood gasifier to the grill one of these days.
>>15495 I see. Ive seen a few videos on the slow burning snake so i know what that is at least. I assume its minly for smoking/slow cooking (making fall off the bone ribs and such). Speaking of, if you dont want the meat to get too stiff, is it necessary to wrap it in tin foil? The american bbqers on the youtube do that whenever they want to make tender ribs. What coals do you guys use? I've been using Kingsford. Its a bit pricey but it burns well and leaves a nice clean powdery ash. I think it burns too well causing them to die out pretty quickly, like in a half hour or so
>>15496 When watching wood gasifier vids I got to urge to try and build one on the back of a motor bike. Imagine having a bike that can venture innawoods that can then be refueled by said woods. Id imagine something that isnt directly connected to the tank but something that you'd have to take stops to use and refuel. I'm not a smart man but i think the hardest part would be getting the stuff to condense and stay liquid in a gas tank. since one could just cop a mini gasifier design from the internet.
stalker 2 news update >The below images are translated to English as the original screenshots were in Russian. https://gamingsym.in/stalker-2-development-in-full-swing-with-more-than-300-employees-on-board/ >GSC Game World has reacted to the recently leaked STALKER 2 release date in Microsoft documents. A spokesman for GSC Game World commented on the situation on the official Discord channel as follows: >"We have not announced a release date for the game, nothing has changed. We are doing well, development is in full swing, but we have not announced a release date yet. As soon as possible." >"As for the console, the game will only be released on the next-generation Xbox consoles. In principle, we have said this many times already, but we can repeat it again!" >A few days ago, GSC also updated the FAQ page on the Russian social media platform VK. In the FAQ GSC mentioned that currently, more than 300 employees are working on the game. For comparison, the Cyberpunk 2077 development team consisted of 500 developers. >"The visual component is the most important part of immersing yourself in the world of STALKER 2. Our team of more than 300 employees strives to use the most advanced technologies. For example, motion and face capture, photogrammetry is involved in production." If anyone was wondering, release date on court documents was slated Q4 2021. Also, it's going to be shit. My bets, cyberpunk tier with no vehicles.
>>15499 Fuck forgot archive link: https://archive.is/PMX1V
>>15499 Business translation: Microsoft has been working on cross-compatibility between the new Xbox consoles and computers for years. The work needed to translate from PC to Xbox is minimal and they cna advertise it for consoles so there's no reason not to. Recoding for other consoles would be a pain.
>>15501 >Recoding You mean rewriting the contract that makes Stalker 2 an Xbox-console exclusive?
>>15499 my god >the visual component is the most important part... NO. I hoped they would make the right decisions and stay on the path of good gameplay and immersion by game design, but no, they decide to go with "muh visuals" and turn Stalker into Cyberblyat 2021. If it turns out to be 80% graphics, i'll pirate it and spit on their graves.
>>15502 Nah, I meant recoding. The devs wouldn't have signed that if they had any interest in porting to console in the first place.
>>15503 >muh gfx i agree, but cap these words. When Stalker 2 fails, then they will suddently send C&Ds to the mod teams that use the OpenXray renderer like anomaly and are standalone. You just watch.
>>15507 when that happens, i sure hope they'll go underground. Isn't anomaly mod team russian? If so, they won't give a fuck about it, instead just going incognito and continue developing anomaly, or maybe it's successor for Stalker 2. Because if it flops, mod teams are our only hope for making the sequel we waited for.
Open file (109.17 KB 351x437 pain.jpg)
>>15499 >300 developers So 50 developers, 50 crying political officers and 200 marketers?
>>15508 >russian pretty sure devs are a few ruskies with two americans and a south african in the mix.
How does /k/ interpret a fortuneless cookie. I've heard everything from amazing luck to a bad omen to nonsensical garbage about being able to grab life by the balls.
>>15514 >How does /k/ interpret a fortuneless cookie As a cookie that does not contain a pointless slip of paper with a meaningless platitude written on it.
>>15514 Your future is the product of your own free choice. The cookie has released you from fate.
>>15514 The only omens you should trust are nightmares and gut feelings as they're proof of the sixth sense being connected to evolutionary instincts
Open file (224.51 KB 634x362 filbert_fortune.png)
>>15514 I've got some bad news, anon. this webzone uses the most broken piece of shit Captcha ever holy fuck.
>>15431 >>15434 But how did Singapore became what it is today? I understand that it's right next to one of the world's most important shipping lanes, but there are many other cities just as close to that very same shipping lane, and yet none of them have the same status. >>15454 > Also, strelok, if you didn't know, don't go gambling in Macao if you value your name. Don't let your family members go to Macao if they're attractive women unless you hate them enough for them to dissapear. After all, where else does the CPC keep their sex-traffic slaves and get to blackmail prominent people legally? How should I imagine that place? Something like Berlin in the Weimar era, just with Asians? Or are they trying to put up a façade and all of the shady shit happens in backrooms? Also, can you tell us more about these kidnappings? It sounds like even a Russian oligarch or an Arab sheik can lose a female there, and I'm wondering if something like that ever happened. >The hub for degeneracy was Macao, now that the banking shit is moving there it'll most likely move to Zhengzhou since they'll sell themselves for clean needles. So Macao really is replacing Hong Kong, at least when it comes to banking?
>"...Any of those markets could collapse. With real estate or precious metals, you theoretically won’t be left with nothing – but in the event that civilization totally collapses, these are the only things that are going to have real value: > Canned food > Guns and ammunition > Young women"'' I know you have the funs and ammo thing covered /k/, but how are your canned food & young women stockpiles currently? Better do a checkup and make any necessary corrections prior to a SHTF scenario.
>>15565 >Singapore what it is today I ain't gonna spoonfeed your ass. Singapore used to be called Crown jew of the East back in the British empire for reason. If you're wondering why there's so many Chinese descent there its cause the Malays and Indonesians hated the Chinks and sent them all there and then the Malays kicked out Singapore from the union (which they probably now regret). >What Macao is? The closest analogy I can think of is ironically Campione d'Italia or Las Vegas mixed with HK or Japan in the compactness but "cleaner" (In China the gov tries to get rid of these issue son the main cities... ) than LV without the obvious drug issues on the surface. >replacing HK on banking Depends on how the next leader of Macau goes, I'm wating to see if the CPC makes some changes regarding the foreign affairs portion of Macao. They don't want a repeat of HK but Macau is not as "Anti-China" since they don't suffer as much as HK with economic issues (remember, HK is going the detroit route). >in re kidnappings I know for a fact that there's quite a bit of sex trafficking from the former Sovbloc states, Portugal (and?) Spain. Most of it comes from kidnapping Chinese from shittly places like Dongguan nearby/ giving them modeling contract dreams IDK why any woman with half a brain would believe that shit. Rumor is that the MSS runs some sort of Salon Kitty like stuff there. You have to remember, China as a government fears foreigners, and tries to avoid antagonizing them. The civvies on the hand don't and will lynch them instead. It's jokingly called "a circle of oppression" in China, "Civvies are afraid of the jackboot, jackboots are afraid of (white) foreigners, foreigners are afraid of civvies". Triads are not as obvious since they know that it will damage their own income since Macao has no real economy aside from sex, drugs, gambling (all tourism). HK triads are a bit more uh, shall we say, "diversified" in since HK used to have a pretty diverse economy. Remember in China there's no local/state independent enforcement, everything goes directly to the central organ derived MSS (FBI/CIA with some domestic police duties in regards to political shit) and PSB (Public Safety Beau, aka cops) which vary widely in enforcement of laws, unlike the US feds except when it comes to we dindus nuthinsI think a couple months ago there was a major, major shitshow involving a major party secretary keeping a 14 year old girl in sexual slavery (If memories serve it was a large city, maybe Zhengzhou?). Originally the parents complained to the local PSB/MSS and they got ignored, turns out later on the girl managed to call the Shanghai PSB. The local PSB officer then tried to smooth it over with the Shanghai PSB, and those dudes don't fuck around with that since Shanghai is filled with kikes and literally dialed up the head office in Beijing and heads rolled.
Pipeline service restoration is going swimmingly- >By execution of this Emergency Declaration, motor carriers and drivers providing direct assistance to the emergency in the Affected States in direct support of relief efforts related to the shortages of gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and other refined petroleum products due to the shutdown, partial shutdown, and/or manual operation of the Colonial pipeline system are granted relief from Parts 390 through 399 of Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations except as restricted herein. https://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/emergency/esc-ssc-wsc-regional-emergency-declaration-2021-002-05-09-2021
>>15573 What's going on? What's up with what pipeline, and what does this order actually imply?
>>15574 tl;dr- Joe shut down the big pipeline keeping gas cheap on day 1 in office, and then a network infrastructure issue has taken the few reliant gas pipelines left that pump domestically offline.
>>15575 If his plan was to get everyone in line for government handouts and welfare, he did good. Only question is how high can those prices keep going?
>>15575 Is the l33t hax0rs a cover?
>>15585 Without everything going kaput? I could see gas spiking between $4.50-$7.50/gallon before local legislature gets involved. I don't think it would hyperinflate at under $8/gallon.
>>15625 This, I am curious what the 'russian hackers' has to do with any of this.
>>15641 > I am curious what the 'russian hackers' has to do with any of this. The pipeline's down because of ransomware. Apparently the way the group responsible works is that they provide training and software to recruits in exchange for a cut of the profits from whomever the recruits target. The group says they don't want their people hitting targets this prominent and will tighten restrictions (reportedly they already ban their members from targeting schools, medical facilities, and governments). They also say they're apolitical, but the US claims they have a bias against targeting CIS country companies. Of course, it seems entirely possible that given their model, it'd be relatively straightforward to false flag.
Going to sound stupid but anyone got that video of that weird pump action rifle that used the firing grip as a pump handle?
Open file (99.86 KB 450x583 1620696385818.jpg)
A massive deposit of lithium was just discovered on the Rhine, in Alsace-Lorraine. Enough to make Europe a resource powerhouse: Germans discover enough lithium in the Rhine River Valley to build 400 million EVs >Certain rare earth elements and metals are in high demand globally as automakers ramp up to produce electric vehicles rather than combustion engine-powered cars and trucks. One challenge for producing electric vehicles is finding enough raw materials, which can be difficult to procure and are at times scarce. One of the critical raw materials for building the batteries used in electric vehicles is lithium. >Germany has announced that it has discovered significant lithium deposits beneath the Rhine River and plans to mine the critical material. According to authorities, the deposit beneath the river could hold enough to build 400 million electric cars. The Upper-Rhine Valley in the Black Forest area of southern Germany sits in an area about 186 miles long and as many as 40 kilometers wide. >The lithium is in a molten state and is trapped inside underground springs of boiling water thousands of meters below the Rhine River. If the estimates of the size of the lithium deposit are accurate, it would be one of the world’s biggest deposits. If the material can be successfully mined, it would reduce the reliance of Germany on imported lithium, and early talks are already underway with automotive manufacturers. >Authorities wanting to mine the critical material are concerned about possible local opposition to mining operations. So far, most lithium deposits have been located in remote areas of Australia or South America, where there is little population to oppose mining operations. Vulcan Energy Resources plans to invest about $2 billion to build geothermal power stations and facilities to extract lithium. >The company believes it can extract 15,000 tons of lithium hydroxide per year at two locations by 2024. A second phase would begin in 2025 onwards, targeting an output of 40,000 tons per year at three additional facilities. https://web.archive.org/web/20210503002441/https://www.slashgear.com/germans-discover-enough-lithium-in-the-rhine-river-valley-to-build-400-million-evs-02671220/
>>15649 This is a pretty big fucking deal since the only large lithium salt mine in the world is based out of Patagonia.
>>15649 Extended Nord Stream 2 sanctions soon?
>>15652 Why though? You can't heat with lithium, and unless the Germans want to freeze or buy overpriced murican gas, they'll never seriously oppose Nordstream 2.
>>15654 >You can't heat with lithium
>>15657 There's nothing fancy about car batteries that makes them more likely to explode than other lithium batteries. They are just one of the larger applications of a lithium battery so they have the most violent explosions.
>>15660 Thanks, that is some cash money stuff.
Open file (142.48 KB 976x549 _118457449_police.jpg)
Open file (679.44 KB 480x592 RaT60AIsH7rS5Q38.mp4)
"I said come in, don't stand there!" Ruskies learning from the burgers on how to commit school shootings? Chance its a false flag or religon of peace strikes again? either way you slavs are gonna get more laws banning firearms now since muh putin said so https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-57069589 https://archive.is/MJY2N >Seven children and two adults have been killed in a shooting at a school in the Russian city of Kazan, officials say. >Twenty-one other people, mostly children, were injured. A 19-year-old suspect was detained. >The attack happened in the capital of the republic of Tatarstan, 820km (510 miles) east of Moscow. >Responding to the shooting, Russian President Vladimir Putin said he would review the country's gun control laws. >Minnikhanov confirmed the deaths of seven children - four boys and three girls - as well as a female teacher and a female school worker at School No 175. It is believed the children were eighth graders (aged around 15). >Eighteen children and three adults were being treated in hospitals for gunshot wounds, fractures and bruising, Mr Minnikhanov added. >The attack began at about 09:20 local time (06:20 GMT), a source in the emergency services told Russian news agency Tass. The first signal from a panic button at the school was sent five minutes later. >"Everyone started panicking and saying 'shut the doors'," a student who witnessed the attack told the Mediazona news website. "About a minute later the head teacher started yelling: 'We're shutting the doors!' >"We got out about 15 minutes later, not out of the windows. I wanted to do that, but the teacher closed the window immediately and said no." >Footage shared on social media shows some children jumping from windows to escape as well as injured people being evacuated. Russian TV reported that two of the children had died after jumping from a second-floor window. >Reports initially said that there were two gunmen and that one of them had been killed. But officials later said there was only one suspect, named locally as Ilnaz Galyaviev. >Reports initially said that there were two gunmen and that one of them had been killed. But officials later said there was only one suspect, named locally as Ilnaz Galyaviev. >Russian investigators say he is a Kazan resident and it is believed he once studied at the school. >Mr Minnikhanov said the suspect was a registered firearm owner. According to Russian MP Alexander Khinshteyn, the suspect received a firearms licence only recently. The MP said it was for a semi-automatic shotgun. >Officials did not comment on the possible motive for the attack although Mr Minnikhanov called the attacker a "terrorist". >The suspect went on social media before the attack, posting that he planned to kill a "huge number" of people before shooting himself. Screenshots of his account, now blocked, show him wearing a black mask with the word "god" written across it in red. Quote from video source: "Задержание одного из нападавших. Видео: Readovka" Translation >Detention of one of the attackers. Video: Readovka
>>15657 >electric vehicle explode Nothing explodes in that vid u liar.
>>15664 According to russian articles, he was always quiet, polite, non-conflicting, generally a very unsuspecting person. Apparently he was under the effect of psychotropic substances at the time of the shooting. Additionally, he studied programming for a while, before he stopped coming to the lessons. Also, he's Muslim. He also thinks he's a god. Now, what the hell pushed him to this? Drugs? Imageboards? Both? Or something else entirely? >Weapons banning Yeah, no. Probably just an increase in safety measures. Probably gonna require an enhanced testing process before being allowed to buy weapons. It won't stop gun crime, but it sure as hell will stop idiots like that boy from creating such a shitshow again.
Open file (279.42 KB 500x500 Tooru bait.png)
>>15670 >gun control is a good thing and it will stop mass shootings
>>15664 Anon, there are slavs outside of ruskie federation.
>>15677 And they are lots of non-Slavs inside the Rooskie Federation, they even have whole republics. But don't except Americans to be able with deal with such complicated topics.
Open file (24.25 KB 338x300 1571323352409.jpg)
If I can't buy land in the northwest where should I buy it?
>>15684 Depends on where your income comes from. Lots of places with dirt cheap land. Most of those places don't have any jobs though so you gotta have remote work or work stonks to live there.
>>15670 >>15676 Don't Russians already have pretty strict "gun control"?
Local man here just assblasted two cops for being on his property. >EDEN, Texas (AP) — A West Texas man accused of fatally shooting two sheriff's deputies was angry they were in his yard trying to catch a dog and he told them he would open fire if they didn't leave, a witness said. >“They walked up towards him, rushed him, and he pulled a gun, and shots were fired,” David Hutchings told the San Angelo Standard-Times. >The shooting happened Monday evening in Eden, a city of about 1,300 people roughly 210 miles (340 kilometers) southwest of Dallas. Officials say Concho County deputies Stephen Jones and Samuel Leonard were killed and city employee Ronnie Winans was injured. >DPS said Wednesday that Jeffrey Nicholas, 28, opened fire on Jones and Leonard after they “made contact” with him while responding to a dog complaint. ?>Officials have said little else about what happened before the shooting, which is being investigated by the Texas Rangers. Nicholas is jailed in nearby Tom Green County Detention Center on two charges of capital murder of a peace officer. >Hutchings, a city employee who helps with animal control, told the newspaper that the officers were helping city employees collect two dogs that had bitten someone earlier in the day. >The deputies had already caught one of the dogs and the other one ran into Nicholas’ yard. Hutchings said Nicholas did not own either animal. >Nicholas told the deputies they couldn't enter his yard to get the dog, then that they should “get off his property” and that he “has his civil rights,” Hutchings said. >He said Nicholas told the deputies that he would shoot them, and then opened fire. >Hutchins said Winans, who is his boss, was shot in the stomach when a bullet went through door of a city pickup. DPS said Wednesday that Winans was in stable condition. >The funeral for Leonard is set for Monday, Jones' funeral is set for Wednesday. State police took over the investigation so this boy abouta get hammered in the slammer. Dude was known for having anger issues but turned himself in instead of going down blazing in glory.
>>15692 They have to go after him for "capital murder of a peace officer" because based on Texas law he didn't do anything wrong. He probably thinks his rights will protect him and that his public defender is all he needs. Even ignoring how laughable the concept of a Public Defender actually doing work and not actively working against you might be, the fact is that Texas lays out pretty clear-cut rules regarding when castle doctrine applies: >1) Unlawfully and with force enters or attempts to enter your habitation, vehicle, or work-place; or >2) Attempts to remove you, by force, from your habitation, vehicle, or work-place; >3) Was committing or attempting to commit aggravated kidnapping, murder, sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault, robbery, or aggravated robbery. Unless the LEOs had their weapons drawn (unlikely), tried to escort him from his property (possible given his behavior, but then other laws come into effect at that point), or otherwise coaxed him into shooting, that local man is gonna be in for a wild time.
>>15693 >based on Texas law he didn't do anything wrong Based on the criteria you laid out it sure sounds like he was wrong under Texas law, and he's DEFINITELY wrong by basic morality, so I don't see where you're getting that remark.
>>15693 While the requirements you specified would seem to place him squarely in the wrong, I wonder if this might be used to attack castle doctrine on the whole in the court of public opinion?
>>15694 That would be the mental disconnect from initially thinking he was in the clear, fact checking myself for posterity, and then forgetting what I wrote in the first half while reading through the official wording of the laws. He is royally fucked.
>>15695 I doubt it unless it goes straight to Austin or Dallas. This sort of thing isn't unheard of, it's just mot very common. State court will make an example of him and at most you might get a law passed allowing cops to use deadly force at a verbal provocation or something similar. It really depends on whether there was dash cam/body cam footage and what said footage ends up revealing.
Open file (17.11 KB 280x180 proxy-image.jpeg)
>>15692 if you're that serious about keeping people off your property build a wall topped with whatever deterrent you want.
Did I hear the news wrong or did it say that the Supreme Court unanimously decided that cops can't confiscate handguns without a proper warrant?
>>15788 I read the report. The man was a good goy who agreed to a psyche eval, the cops just laughed at his requesting a warrant. There was nothing gained or lost other than telling cops to tone it the fuck down.
>>15788 >>15793 If you read the decision, the concurrence by Kavanaugh should scare the shit out of you. He literally wrote the only reason he DIDNT dissent was because the ruling "does not prevent police officers from taking reasonable steps to assist those who are inside a home and in need of aid." > May the officers enter the home? Of course. Again, the officers have an “objectively reasonable basis” for believing that an occupant is “seriously injured or threatened with such injury.” Brigham City, 547 U. S., at 400, 403. Among other possibilities, the elderly man may have fallen and hurt himself, a common cause of death or serious injury for older individuals. The Fourth Amendment does not prevent the officers from entering the home and checking on the man’s well-being. What if I just wanted to fuck off innawoods for 2 weeks? Does that mean if I didn't tell my neighbor they can just search my home because "oh he's usually here". I guarantee you that type of reading will be abused to the fullest extent by the cops. That being said, the cops in this case lied to the wife about having consent, and are scumbags of the highest degree this board should know that quite well by now I think if they enter under the community caretaking doctorine, any evidence of any wrongdoing should be not admissable.... but that is a pipe dream.
>>15799 >but that is a pipe dream Don't let your dreams remain memes Strelok.
Apparently one of the tallest skyscrapers in Shenzhen had to be evacuated today due to major wobbling. There were no earthquakes reported in the area.
>>15799 Anon that's how the laws on the books have been for decades, that's not even anything new.
>>15802 Probably just foundation issues. Shitty construction (its not beijing/Shanghai so nobody cares) and aquifer drained.
Open file (104.92 KB 1400x933 kavanaugh-crying.jpg)
>>15799 Every single decision that fratboy Kav is involved with or refuses to be involved with makes me glad that he got mocked for crying on national TV.
>>15807 How much of China is actually sinking due to the aquifer drain, Chang?
oof looks like the crypto fleecing has begun in earnest. >CCP pulls the plug, probably using their gains for their war chest and funneling the investors into their state-issued crypto >fedgov sics the IRS on investors while rolling out their own fedcoin I'm glad for the individuals who timed this right, but ultimately it was an exercise in social engineering the acceptance of government operated digital currency (for the purposes of tracking ALL commerce and papering over their failed monetary policies of old fiat).
Tucker: Pentagon isn't doing anything about these threats https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=Ble9vJEkmN8 It's quite impressive how he calls for naked imperialism at the beginning, then goes on to speak about the UNITED states armed forces, and finishes with the UFO threat. Can you see him running for presidency in the future?
Open file (3.52 MB 1400x1400 cover.png)
>>15814 newsweek dot com/tucker-carlson-2024-election-1526713 According to him he doesn't want to be involved in politics because hes afraid of being censored. Although maybe hes just saying that so he can plausibly deny his true intentions acting as if it was his tragic duty to save the republican party from itself thus riding the will of patriotic America like Trump did. At least thats what I think other republicans expect him to do. As far as the "UFO threat" is concerned does anyone here actually think this isn't just some blacksite psyop thats been perfecting old Nazi wonder weapons for the past century? I want to believe in ayys just as much as the next strelok but theres more evidence that suggest glows
>>15814 >>15815 I can't help but think that any alien civilization that can make the leap across the gulf between the stars would at the minimum have some sort of basic cloaking device that would prevent humans from seeing them if they wanted to. Which means we're dealing with, in no particular order >ultrateresterials >black projects, either domestic or foreign >some sort of psyops (Blue Beam crossed with Ozymandias sort of thing?)
>>15817 Couldn't aliens just be trolls?
Open file (351.55 KB 2456x2455 85384879_p0.jpg)
>>15819 Do you mean are aliens just fucking with us or do you mean that the beings that previous generations called trolls and such are what the modern generations call extraterrestrials?
>>15820 The former.
>>15844 If you owned a large farm in the middle of nowhere, "neighbors" might crush your crops to create "crop circles" just to pull your leg. But the liklihood that chinks would go through the effort needed to cross several borders, and sneak onto your land for the same purpose, seems exceedingly unlikely. Your proposition assumes these "aliens" can get here as easily as your neighbors -- and thus it must not be in the neighborhood, or north of it, to be as easily as sand niggers or chinksectoids would find it. Which would make this an easy "no." but there's the proposition that my grandfather was on the money when he warned me that if I was ever visited by aliens, I should be aware they are actually demons and should be cast out in the name of Jesus. Q followers assert "demons" are just inter-dimensional people, but either way being not-locked to this plane, they could conceivably traverse needed distances as easily as your redneck neighbors would walk to your field.
>>15847 I didn't mean illegal aliens, but that advanced extraterrestrials having the cloaking technology would also have the capacity to do mischief with it.
>>15848 I understood what you meant, and was responding to that idea.
Open file (220.65 KB 828x1263 1621552242955.jpg)
>>15813 CCP, or Fed? Or both?
>>15850 there's a difference?
>>15850 FEDcoin does have a surprisingly nice ring to it. But realistically speaking, what is the point? They could ˝just˝ ban cash and force everyone to use debit cards for everything, and now the money is as digital as it gets. Do they want to make a competing currency to the dollar?
>>15852 Either it's a stablecoin with government support or some unified blockchain ledger protocol that all financial service providers will be legally forced to adopt for processing of transactions in due time. The latter is more or less an inevitability unless kike bankers are Creative-tier about protecting the value of their Intellectual property, whereas the former could be a way to gain some measure of control over anti-semitic cr*ptocurrencies whose current value is propped up by chink ponzi scams like Tether. Maybe those silly cyberpunk stories about hacking the central bank mainframe from way back when weren't so far off after all.
>>15853 >Cyberpunk >Crypto >Interwebs controlled by global megacorps Global crash 2.0 when? I just want kikes to show their face, goddamnit
Do we still have our resident EU fags? Apparently some Belgian dude got demoted for posting (((racist))) shit to an instructor with armory access, and he stole some LAWs and automatic weapons, left a note for his gf who then rattede him out to the cops and the went innawoods so now krauts/belgians/dutch are frantically searching for him.
>>15854 Playing too much Deus Ex, anon?
>>15855 holy shit, i completely missed the news. >been missing since monday >stole 4 Anti-tank weapons and machine guns >made threats against top-virologists >allegedly a Sniper and has been deployed more than once >went innawoods, authorities have even deployed tanks and fighter jets apprarently. HOLY SHIT, we're getting another waldrambo! Godspeed, Waffleman
>>15852 >But realistically speaking, what is the point? I imagine they'd own the rights to influencing its price in order to try and ban current crypto since it's here to stay no matter how many times SWAT teams raid houses globally within hours of the slightest hint that X is tied to the creation of bitcoin. The federal reserve is worse than the ATF in the lows they'll go to at the slightest whiff of competition since a competitive currency would effectively mean their downfall. That's why they were so quick in tying crypto to stocks and speculation instead of to purchasing power as it was originally intended even though bitcoin and its ilk had little hope of being a currency outside of metropolitan cities. FEDcoin would be a "stablecoin" as >>15853 puts it in that its only purpose would be to fuck with the price of crypto by introducing monetary policy and government subsidies into the equation in order to make everything more Jewish. That or a blockchain ledger, which I'm surprised they haven't done yet.
>>15857 >>allegedly a Sniper and has been deployed more than once Does he have more than 300 confirmed kills?
>>15475 They were speaking different languages exactly because in Southern France they were speaking colloquial Latin that evolved into its own distinct language, meanwhile in north they were speaking some strange mixture of Latin and Germanic (with bits of Celtic here and there), that then evolved into the tragedy that we today think of as the one and only language of France. In other words, the linguistic differences stem from the ethnic differences, and these two are closely related. >>15489 >[an individual or a group] uses [tool] for [achieving their goal], which is detrimental to [other individual or group] >Clearly, [tool] is an enemy of [other individual or group]! Do you also believe that getting rid of guns saves lives? >>15512 It's just a typical example of lolbergs reinterpreting select events to serve their jewish narrative about how people should live in kibbutzim.
>>15863 >Do you also believe that getting rid of guns saves lives? If using guns incentivized killing people then yes, states care for their own existence, stability and growth out of pure and simple Darwinism, that pursuit often puts them at odds with the people they rule over, yes i think getting rid of states would be better for nations.
>>15863 >>15863 I don't even know where to start with that image because it's fucking hilarious. >>15512 >States are the enemies of nations It's a saying tied to the fact that at the end of the day, an ethnic minority or state or other conglomerate ultimately thinks they can govern themselves better than others can, which inevitably leads to conflict with the nation they are part of that inevitably wants to practice some form of wealth distribution.
I am considering going back to St Augustine , loading and firing the cannons was fun. Might considering going to other historic parks just to blast the cannons if I could
>>15859 Maybe I'm just stupid, but I fail to see how that is supposed to have an effect on anything. Some cryptofags will buy FEDcoin for the maymay, but I don't think most of them would touch it. And I also don't see why the FED needs the FEDcoin to regulate other cryptos. In quite a lot of European countries they are already treated exactly like stocks: you can do whatever you want to do with them, just give a certain percentage of the money coming from them to the state.
>>15867 FEDcoin is probably a prerequisite for the MMT they're going to pull, so they can point to where all the money went. Eventually they'll convince everyone to use it after it goes well with the poors and gone is cash.
>>15863 >freedom is Jewry Found the kike.
>>15870 >Eventually they'll convince everyone to use it after it goes well with the poors and gone is cash. It's easier than that, just tell Bob the normalfag he'll no longer have to file tax returns if he hands all his physical dollars to the ATF Federal Reserve.
>>15652 Biden forgoes sanctions on Nord Stream, what did he mean by this? Biden administration decides not to sanction company building controversial Russian gas pipeline >The Biden administration has decided against sanctioning the company in charge of building Russia's Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, despite strongly opposing the project, according to two sources familiar with the decision, signaling that it is prioritizing unity with allies over concerns about a potential geopolitical threat. >Instead the administration will sanction some of the smaller entities involved in the project, including some Russian companies and ships that have been helping in the construction. But the administration has decided to issue a national security waiver for the major company involved in the construction of the pipeline-- Nord Stream 2 AG, which is a registered Swiss firm whose parent company is the Russian gas giant Gazprom. >There was an intense back-and-forth over the decision and during the process the State Department prepared an assessment of what action would have been required to stop the pipeline, though the administration decided not to pursue that course, according to one source familiar with the process. It decided that stopping the pipeline was not worth blowing up the relationship with Germany given the many national security issues the two countries work on together, the source explained. The second source familiar with the situation said the decision was ultimately the White House's call. >A State Department spokesperson, when asked about the decision, which will be shared with Congress in a report this week, reiterated opposition to the pipeline. >"The Biden Administration has been clear that the Nord Stream 2 pipeline is a Russian geopolitical project that threatens European energy security and that of Ukraine and eastern flank NATO Allies and partners. We continue to examine entities involved in potentially sanctionable activity and have made it clear that companies risk sanctions if they are involved in Nord Stream 2," the spokesperson said. "We will continue to underscore US strong, bipartisan opposition to this Russian malign influence project." >The move to let the pipeline proceed unimpeded could also increase strain between the White House and Democratic lawmakers, many of whom oppose Nord Stream 2 and are already frustrated with the Biden administration for its refusal to push Israel to do more to end violence with Palestinians. >Despite the decision, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken spoke with German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas on Tuesday and reiterated US opposition to the pipeline that will carry gas from Russian fields to Germany via the Baltic Sea, according to a statement from State Department spokesman Ned Price. >"Secretary Blinken underscored the US commitment to work with Allies and partners to counter Russian efforts to undermine our collective security, and in that vein, emphasized US opposition to the Nord Stream 2 pipeline," Price said. >The administration's decision, first reported by Axios, serves as a win for Russian President Vladimir Putin, who many in Congress fear will now have greater leverage over Eastern Europe. It will also infuriate Kiev --the pipeline will allow Russia to bypass Ukraine in shipping gas to the European Union through the Baltic Sea, depriving the Ukrainians of crucial revenue. https://web.archive.org/web/20210521141634/https://www.cnn.com/2021/05/18/politics/us-nord-stream-decision/index.html
Open file (619.53 KB 1021x881 china_will_grow_larger.png)
>>15882 I genuinely don't understand it. The only thing I can imagine is that Russia stopped being the big bad enemy, and instead they want to focus on Shina. Which is a surprisingly realistic approach, because the bear would be a lot calmer if nobody poked it, but the dragon is redeveloping its delusions of grandeur.
Belrusans just forced down a Rynair jet and arrested an opposition journalist. I don't see anyone except maybe the Russians helping them, even the Chinese frown upon this. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-57219860 https://archive.is/esuca >A Ryanair plane from Greece to Lithuania was diverted to Belarus for several hours on Sunday, with activists saying it was done to arrest a dissident journalist on board. >European nations reacted with outrage, accusing Belarus of "state terrorism". >The ex-editor of the Nexta group, Roman Protasevich, was detained before the plane was allowed to resume its flight. >Belarus state media said the jet was diverted to Minsk because of a bomb scare but no explosives were found. >The plane landed in the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius, its original destination, at about 21:30 local time (18:30 GMT), more than six hours after its scheduled arrival. >Arriving passengers said the situation in Minsk had been calm but that they were given no information. One said Mr Protasevich looked "super scared. I looked directly to his eyes and it was very sad". >There have already been calls for the EU and Nato to intervene. >UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab warned the "outlandish action" would have "serious implications". >Belarus opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, who was beaten by Alexander Lukashenko in presidential polls last year widely denounced as rigged, was among those demanding Mr Protasevich's release. >Since August's election, 66-year-old Mr Lukashenko, who has ruled the country since 1994, has cracked down on dissenting voices. Many opposition figures have been arrested or, like Ms Tikhanovskaya, fled into exile. >Flight FR4978 was en route from Athens to Vilnius when it turned east to Minsk shortly before it reached the Lithuanian border. Greece and Lithuania put the number of passengers on board at 171. >In a statement, Ryanair said that the crew were "notified by Belarus (Air Traffic Control) of a potential security threat on board and were instructed to divert to the nearest airport, Minsk". >The flight path, visible on the Flightradar24 website, suggests the plane was actually nearer to Vilnius than Minsk when it turned. >Ryanair said checks in Minsk found "nothing untoward" and the aircraft was cleared to depart. >"Ryanair has notified the relevant national and European safety and security agencies and we apologise sincerely to all affected passengers for this regrettable delay which was outside Ryanair's control," it added. >The Ryanair statement made no mention of Mr Protasevich. >Nexta was the first to break the news of his arrest. >Nexta editor-in-chief, Tadeusz Giczan, tweeted a quote from a passenger on the plane who said that Mr Protasevich had told them who he was once they were on the ground at Minsk, with him adding "they'll execute me here". >Belta, the state-owned news agency in Belarus, said Mr Lukashenko had personally given the order for the plane to land in Minsk following the bomb alert, and that a MiG-29 fighter jet had been despatched to accompany the Ryanair plane. >The US ambassador to Belarus, Julie Fisher, tweeted that it was "abhorrent" Mr Lukashenko had faked a bomb threat and sent fighter jets to arrest a journalist. >Lukashenka and his regime today showed again its contempt for international community and its citizens. Faking a bomb threat and sending MiG-29s to force @RyanAir to Minsk in order to arrest a @Nexta journalist on politically motivated charges is dangerous and abhorrent. >Lithuania called for EU countries to jointly recommend that planes avoid Belarusian airspace, to summon Belarusian ambassadors, and to protest against the use of military aircraft to divert commercial flights. >European Council chairman Charles Michel said EU leaders would discuss "this unprecedented incident" on Monday at a Council summit and it would not "remain without consequences". >Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said this was a "serious and dangerous incident". >The UN's agency for civil aviation, ICAO, said it was concerned about an "apparent forced landing" which could be "in contravention of the Chicago Convention" which sets out the rules on airspace and aircraft safety. >Poland's Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said: "Hijacking a civilian plane is an unprecedented act of state terrorism that cannot go unpunished." Meanwhile belgan innawoods gunslinger still not found.
>>15882 >Biden forgoes sanctions on Nord Stream, what did he mean by this? Exactly what the article says. German-American relations are in the shitter and ultimately in the long run, German reliance on Ukrainian natural gas forces America to invest more into a severely corrupt Ukrainian government than the average American will tolerate long-term so he's harming a forced ally short-term to hopefully ease long-term tensions between Ukraine and Western Europe by easing tensions woth the Russians over gas.
>>15885 From what I've read, Belarus is basically a failed state right now with the socialist leader rigging elections and cracking down harder than Myanmar's junta has been to the point where people are getting execution or 7 years hard labor sentences for posting funny pictures of Lukashenko on social media. I only know that because of an article about Eurovision banning the Belarus candidates on political grounds which got me to look into what was going on.
>>15887 Belarus is a live grenade that neither the EU or Russia want to touch right now. Russia won't accept the EU/NATO intervening in Belarus since its on their doorstep moreso than Poland/Western Ukraine(1941 says hello again), but probably (hasn't) found a replacement candidate that's not as retarded. The EU doesn't want to touch it because they don't want to be accused of being propping up human rights abusers their words not mine/ pissing Russia off. The only winner in this is the US/China.
>>15888 The problem is that while Ukrain is pretty clearly a US puppet state, Belarusian elites and poors are constantly begging Russia and Belarusian middle classmen are constantly begging the EU. At some point, someone is going to inadvertently blow up the powder keg of Eastern Europe and we'll see the mother of all proxy wars.
>>15889 World War I Pt. III here we go.
Open file (541.51 KB 653x489 AVP.png)
>>15888 >The only winner in this is the US/China.
>>15882 > increase strain between the White House and Democratic lawmakers It's almost like everyone who thought Biden was their boy is being sorely disappointed. People backed him knowing he's basically a neocon and are surprised when he acts like he said he would. I guess putting a tranny in a cabinet post really fooled 'em.
>>15894 I honestly don't think anyone expected Biden to survive this long considering he shits himself every time he has a public appearance and can't seem to maintain sobriety/cognizance for more than a few minutes.
Open file (46.86 KB 900x506 STFU_faggot.jpeg)
Top.fucking.kek. >Belarus Uses Fighter Jets to Force Ryanair Jet to Land So They Can Arrest Faggot Propagandist! >Belarus has just pulled a majorly bold move. A faggot who was wanted by the Belarusian state was on a RyanAir flight from Greece to Lithuania, and the plane went over Belarusian airspace. Belarus sent up jets to escort the plane to the ground so they could arrest this homo. >It is interesting to see the Russian side finally acting offensively. >You can read the story on RT or the New York Times, but both have their obvious biases. I will just go ahead and lay it out clearly for you. >The homo’s name is Roman Protasevich. He was running a Telegram channel against the government entitled “Belamova.” He was pushing US State Department talking points regarding the 2020 Belarusian election and the immediate need to overthrow the government of Alecsander Lukashenko and install an EU-run anal dictatorship. Protasevich has worked with various US State Department operations, including RFE/RL. Belarus best Rus https://dailystormer.su/belarus-uses-fighter-jets-to-force-ryanair-jet-to-land-so-they-can-arrest-faggot-propagandist/ http://dstormer6em3i4km.onion/belarus-uses-fighter-jets-to-force-ryanair-jet-to-land-so-they-can-arrest-faggot-propagandist/
Sasha Johnson: Black Lives Matter activist critical after shooting, her political party says https://archive.md/IWTog >Prominent Black Lives Matter activist Sasha Johnson is in a critical condition after being shot, her political party says. Taking the Initiative Party said she was being treated in intensive care after being shot in the head in the early hours of Sunday morning. The BBC understands the incident happened in south London. The Metropolitan Police said a 27-year-old woman was shot shortly before 03:00 at a gathering in Southwark. The force has not confirmed the woman's identity. Officers said the woman was taken to a south London hospital with life-threatening injuries and have appealed for witnesses. Her family have been informed. Police said at this stage there was no evidence to suggest it was a targeted shooting or that she had received any credible threats against her prior to the incident. Detectives from the Met's Specialist Crime Command have been conducting enquiries at the scene in Consort Road and the surrounding area, and are pursuing a number of lines. It is believed that the shooting occurred near a house where a party was taking place and that a number of people may have been in the area, a Met police statement said. >Detective Chief Inspector Jimi Tele said: "This was a shocking incident that has left a young woman with very serious injuries. Our thoughts are with her family who are being provided with support at this terribly difficult time. He said detectives were making progress but needed the public's help: "If you saw anything suspicious in the Consort Road area in the early hours of Sunday morning or if you have heard information since that could help detectives, it is crucial that you get in touch." Ms Johnson, a graduate of Oxford Brookes University, has been a leading figure in the Black Lives Matter movement in the UK, and is a member of the Taking the Initiative Party's leadership committee. In a statement on Instagram, the party said Ms Johnson was a mother of two, and a "powerful voice" who had always been fighting for black people and the injustices that surround the black community. "Let's all come together and pray for Sasha, pray for her recovery and show our support to her family and loved ones," it said.
Open file (462.34 KB 1264x632 chinese_antiflag.png)
A question to our resident chink: is pinyin really as retarded as it seems to be, or I just don't get it because I'm a filthy gweilo? Is it even used by normal Chinese people when they have to correspond with foreigners?
>Belarus claims Hamas sent the bomb threat
>>15900 I wonder why they didn't just kill her outright though? The USSA Bolsheviks CBA to find anyone better than some diversity-tier goon to send against her? Obviously, once the kikes are through with their tools they throw them away that much is obvious. My guess is they decided they could get more gun-grab mileage by leaving her alive for now.
>>15902 A question for a question. 1)I've been seeing the acronym PAWG recently I don't bother with dating/hookup culture but I've been seeing this phrase in public recently. Is this supposed to be some ebonics leaking into regular english or is this just jamal/tyrone had to brag about banging some fat ass amber herd tier white chick? 2) Is it just me or does anyone else feel the impending market crash is going to be soon and reach black tuesday tiers of catastrophe? The numbers of the printed monies flowing outside the US has been small and low interest rate is going to hit like a freight truck of peace come Q2/Q3 finacial report time. >is pinyin retarded Yes. Because anyone outside of dindu and white trash tier can take the logical conclusion that Chinese isn't an alphabetical language. It would be like trying to write english in hieroglyphs. >is it used by normal Chinese people Only to preschool kids to learn pronunciation. No self respecting person uses pinyin because so many words have the exact same pronunciation. Imagine if in English everything was spoken in four tones and had a very limited pronunciation to where you'd have several common words overlapping in pronunciation. Since western idiots seem to be less and less capable these days Death of an empire + le 56% meme/ everyone n EU named Muhammad I guess being the reason(the original sinologists from the west actually learned to read and write in comparison to modern white trash tier who can barely speaking making a living in china cause his meth addled head couldn't hack it in the US whole other issue but you get the point)
>>15904 Read the whole thing, it happened in Londonistan.
>>15906 >it happened in Londonistan. Oh I got that much. But what difference does that make in such a situation? Bumbled job? Intentional?
>>15905 >Is it just me or does anyone else feel the impending market crash is going to be soon and reach black tuesday tiers of catastrophe? The numbers of the printed monies flowing outside the US has been small and low interest rate is going to hit like a freight truck of peace come Q2/Q3 finacial report time. Here in EUland things seem to be all right about as fucked up as before, because for the most part Corona-chan just hastened existing trends (like buying online and working from home). Of course anyone living from tourism got fucked, and that also has an impact on the greater economy, but that ˝damage˝ is not irreparable. And I'm sure that normalfags will want to spend all their money next summer at the latest, thus giving a serious boost to the economy. >Yes. Because anyone outside of dindu and white trash tier can take the logical conclusion that Chinese isn't an alphabetical language. It would be like trying to write english in hieroglyphs. Writing the names of individuals with the Latin alphabet is necessary if we don't want to refer to 习 the Poo as Mr. Horizontal-line-with-two-angled-and-one-vertical-line-under-it. But pinyin is painfully convoluted, and I don't think anyone who doesn't speak Chinese in the first place can pronounce it in a way that is halfway close to something that can be recognized as at least somehow similar to the original word (if we ignore the whole problem with tones). >Only to preschool kids to learn pronunciation. But is it actually helpful for them?
>>15903 What's funny is that the Globohomo doesn't have a pre-canned, calculated response ready to such Chadery by Belarus. >"...It’s interesting that this is actually a real event, so they don’t know immediately how to react to it. It will take 48 hours at least until they figure out what to do next, then it will take a while longer to really hit on a full narrative." >Belarus’ Alpha Move is Number One World News Story https://dailystormer.su/belarus-alpha-move-is-number-one-world-news-story/ http://dstormer6em3i4km.onion/belarus-alpha-move-is-number-one-world-news-story/
>>15909 >tourisim will be back Maybe in the EU? In the US they are using this virus as a political tool to bludgeon away what little remains of the rights, and I don't see big gov/corp letting go of extra shrekels (fines for no masks, forcing you to buy masks, prove your vacinated, etc.) >Writing names in latin I laughed at your statement. I understand that but a lot Chinese simply isn't easily translatable to latin languages. It reminds me of the meme with the EU guy holding a muslim doll asking what do you want, in which it replies DEATH TO THE INFIDELS while the EU man sceams WHY WONT YOU TELL US. Kind of similar, the translations for these even when accurate feel... off. >Helpful? Technically yes. It allows for less deviation in the pronunciation and a standardized dialect, remember that vocal language differences in chinese is greater than all of the romance latin languages combined, for example, Hakka speak with 8 tones. Traditional (pre mongol) Chinese has 16 tones. Other Chinese dialects all have 4. >>15910 >calculated response ready to such Chadery by Belarus. It's not chadery, it's borderline idiocy. I don't think the worth of the journalist in comparisons to the diplomatic incident it would cause is proportionate. I'd do it if it was say, leader of the opposition on that plane. On the other hand, maybe this is what Lukashenko intended, since the EU going muh full sanctions onto Belarus would force the middle class quickly into the lower class, which is mostly pro-russian. Dangerous gambit imho, but he who dares, wins.
>>15911 >I understand that but a lot Chinese simply isn't easily translatable to latin languages. And I understand that, so let me give you a concrete example. 北京 in pinyin is Beijing, but transliterated to IPA it's [pèi.tɕíŋ]. If we ignore the tones we could write it as Pei-ching or maybe Pey-Ching, or even try to differentiate the /tɕ/ sound by writing it as Pei-tching. More than 99% of English (and Spanish) speakers would use their ˝own˝ ch (/tʃ/) anyway, but at least that would be still closer than what Beijing implies. It's just a pet peeve of mine, because every time I come across the name of a chink city or politician I'm about as lost as if I saw the original Chinese symbols. And so I wonder if it's actually helpful to somebody who speaks Chinese, or it's just yet one more thing commies managed to fuck up for everyone involved. >Technically yes. It allows for less deviation in the pronunciation and a standardized dialect, And does it work? Or is it supported by the good ol' policy of not hiring anyone who doesn't speak the right way, and so eventually everyone has to learn how to speak the standard dialect? >I don't think the worth of the journalist in comparisons to the diplomatic incident it would cause is proportionate. You have to remember that we are speaking about a single person calling all the shots here. It's possible the journo wrote something that he took so personal he wanted to catch him, no matter the consequences.
>>15911 >On the other hand, maybe this is what Lukashenko intended Yes of course it's calculated. I'm curious what kind of dog and pony they'll use the literal cocksucker for? Still, a Chad move.
>>15885 >>15899 It's fascinating to see the difference between these two articles. I've never read anything by Daily Stormer but that excerpt reads like a cuckchan post. I'm not surprised someone wasting the time to read and post such drivel would be too retarded to read a dozen posts up in the thread to see that the topic was already being discussed.
>>15911 >Maybe in the EU? In the US they are using this virus as a political tool to bludgeon away what little remains of the rights, and I don't see big gov/corp letting go of extra shrekels (fines for no masks, forcing you to buy masks, prove your vacinated, etc.) Forgot to add this: the US of Europe project seems to be quite dead (for now, at least), in no small part because the pandemic showed everyone how fucking useless the EU is for anything other than syphoning money out of the economy so that various governments can spend it on retarded EU projects that were thought up by bureaucrats in Brussels who never worked a single day in a market environment. As such, we (currently) don't have a tyrannical superstate that is slowly trying to take control of every aspect of an individuals life. An other aspect of this is that here most people are not autistic about muh freedoms in the same way as Americans are, and I think it's true about the bureaucrats too: they want total control, but simply giving everyone a personal ID or telling the average person to wear a mask is not some kind of a colossal achievement, it's simply what we need to do if we want to function. There are still lots of people who dislike masks and whatnot, but a lot less of them goes to the local Walmart-equivalent to have a spergout about it. All the vaccines and masks and whatnot are nice source of money to be stolen, but that money goes to the various country's governments, and not to the EU. And in most European countries there are more than two parties, and in many of them there isn't even a proper deep state. So the extra money from those things is not enough to balance out the lost revenues from tourism, and you can get lots of votes by promising people what they want to hear. And they want to hear that the pandemic is over.
>>15915 > I've never read anything by Daily Stormer but that excerpt reads like a cuckchan post. Yes, he manages to mix humor into his journalism. Sometimes it's even good quality. > I'm not surprised someone wasting the time to read and post such drivel would be too retarded to read a dozen posts up in the thread to see that the topic was already being discussed. No U. :^) Posting anything here or elsewhere that opposes the narrative and the diversity-tier shills being directed against IBs in general is a good thing. If there's anything the globohomo ensconced copypasta-press-machine needs is basic commentary. Simply mindlessly regurgitating their cod-swallop here could hardly considered 'discussing' it, little friend.
>>15911 Lukashenko doesn't seem the type to gamble like that. Odds are, he's just a very petty man. If he lucks into getting the popular support to back Russia after getting whacked with sanctions, then... well, even a blind mule finds an apple now and then. >>15915 >You can read the story on RT or the New York Times, but both have their obvious biases. That was the best part. Especially given the nature of the writing. One simply cannot tell if that's self-aware or not.
>post died halfway through God damnit cafe. >>15913 >Beijing It's a meme yes, but Beijing also comes from a Ming dynasty renaming of it to northern capital. I can list at least 8 different names for "beijing" that are of common knowledge (but not used in standard parlance), Ji, Yan, Guanyang, Youzhou, Nanjing (For the northern tribes it was their southernmost capital, lol), Zhongdu, Beiping, Dadu, Jingdu, Jingshi, Beiping. Unlike the west, the records are generally concurrent and cohesive enough you can get an idea when it was called what. Pinyin was based off the mandarin dialect, and thus it doesn't work well for the other dialects (Canton, Min), or at all if your a filthy Hakka speaker. Same thing for Tibetan, three varieties, U-Tsang, Amdo, Shan. Except those aren't close enough to be undestood easily. >hiring Only the national level delegates are expected to not have accents. Locally they use people who speak local dialect so they can miff the national level bureaucrats/ rip tem off via code switching. It's kind of ironic since Xi himself has a bit of an accent. >>15916 >EU dream is dead Well good luck. It's only getting worse in the US with the new federal EOs, and the Section 8 housing shit has finally borne fruit and just spread dindus and spics, but spics at least maintain a farce of humanity out everywhere in the US versus concentrating them on a reserve called detroit or chiraq. The feds are straight up giving any wetback that is caught at the rio grande damn near 800 USD when they get caught, and 1200 USD of aid total (equipment + monies). In Texas the DPS has been rotating extra shifts down at the border, one of these days this shit will truly blow over and I see the border states seceding mainly because the state AND federal leves have failed. >>15915 >>15918 Both articles are shit. The BBC article for pushing the narrative that countries don't have control over their own airspace, and the Stormer one for implying the risks and rewards of the actions were proportionate. At the end of the day, said "journalist" was retarded enough to fly over Belrusian airspace and faced the consequences. If a state actor wanted my ass I sure as hell wouldn't fly over the airspace of said country, its allies, or anyone remotely friendly to them. Guess that's why he chose Ranynair. Probably got charged for the diversion cost too now that I think of it LOL. >>15919 >Gambling It's one hell of a gamble to be sure if he is. I still think he's trying to force EU/Russia on this issue since both sides kinda just wanted to ignore the current issues. The question is when do the Russians find a replacement and when both the EU/RU get tired of his shit stirring and decide to get rid of him. Lukashenko had to have a high degree of cunning in order was to ascend to the leader of Belarus, my guess is that his Ego or age got the better of him. After all, he's not a puppet Emperor like Bassad I meant Biden/Trump.
Open file (8.81 KB 256x224 TongShauPing.png)
>>15922 Can we just call your shit Peking and get it over with.
>>15929 No because Beiping has a major political connotation and wouldn't be acceptable for anyone who doesn't like Chiang.
Open file (41.84 KB 765x584 E2PSOmoWYAIJPkf.jpeg.jpg)
Open file (157.97 KB 1678x1346 E2PTugzWYAAW1ny.jpeg.jpg)
Biden / Putin bilateral meeting announced for June 16th in Geneva.
>>15932 >inb4 Biden has a stroke in Geneva and the first female president kicks off WWIII by blaming the Russians.
>>15899 Obviously he was a spy that learned too much about something too secret so he was caught before he could have a chance to squeal.
Open file (19.11 KB 328x291 playtime-ogre1.jpg)
>>15937 He is (was?) a journalist. Ten to one if he found out anything of real value, he'd most likely have screeched it at the world by now. This seems like good ol' strongarm politics, unless you know something I don't about the guy.
>>15937 >>15939 A quick google news search of the region would have shown that the extremes of the Belarus crackdowns should not be underestimated. They've been shutting down news branches left and right and handing out 7 year hard labor criminal sentences over internet memes. It's almost downright comical in how much the fat balding bastard has taken on the general caricature of a comic book "evil overlord."
>>15940 Don't forget their spook agency kept the Soviet era KGB designation as well.
Open file (340.56 KB 500x400 chekkked.png)
>>15933 >dubs So let it be written, so let it be done.
Open file (67.86 KB 640x480 badcover.jpg)
I've got a PASGT helmet for larping innawoods and i'm having some trouble finding a good looking OD helmet cover all i've managed to find so far was these shitty things i'd greatly appreciate it if anyone could link me a place where i could buy one or maybe some sewing patterns to make one myself
>>15963 There is allegedly a free PASGAT helmet cover sewing pattern on the internet if you google it, but all the links I can find are dead. Easiest alternative is to get a cheap cover from Ebay regardless of color, cut open the seams and you got your sewing pattern. Then simply buy the OD fabric you like and use the helmet cover pieces as template and sew it together. Alternatively look around on etsy, there are some people who do custom helmet covers.
Open file (702.90 KB 640x480 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (538.01 KB 480x640 ClipboardImage.png)
In some (maybe) good news, however meager it is, Larry Correia (writer who has also been gun dealer, three gun shooter and firearms trainer) seems to have finally gotten an actual TV deal for at least one of his book series and not just stuck in optioning limbo (eOne sat on options for MHI since at least 2011) >Also during that I asked Toni if I could talk about something else really cool, she gave me permission and I mentioned a new TV deal (contracts are in the mail!). Except I just realized before I blab about that on the internet, I should probably wait for her official announcement before posting more. But stay tuned, it’s really awesome news. (Toni refers to the person at his publisher with the position "Publisher") This will be great, or this will (be) suck(ed).
Open file (5.21 KB 794x161 E2enH0XXEAMzd8z.png)
>US military bases have been exposing nuclear weapons handling protocols using publicly available flashcard maker websites for classes https://web.archive.org/web/20210529160843/https://www.bellingcat.com/news/2021/05/28/us-soldiers-expose-nuclear-weapons-secrets-via-flashcard-apps/
>>16012 I had a feeling something like this would happen eventually in the age of technology. Unfortunately the only solution (no phones, no outside comms devices) tends to cause soldiers to maliciously comply since mutiny is obviously not going to happen.
have you folks started seeing people die after a time, from the v8x 'jabs' ? This is actually pertinent to my circumstances. My wife has agreed to buy a horse, has decided to take the grandkids across the country to visit their aunt, has been asked to have her scheduled colonoscopy, and this all happens within a two week period. roughly three weeks ago she reached the 'fully' state and wasn't sick for more than a few hours. Driving two days to decide on the horse she came back wiped out beyond her expectation. But because of my boss leaving I can't ask for new, different days off and one day after she gets back from the cross country trip we're supposed to take the two-day drive again to pay for, acquire/retrieve the horse. She's sick. Not deathly sick, but she's using descriptions she doesn't often reach for to say how tired she is. I'm afraid the de popu aspect has caught up with her, and I'm going to really want that two grand more than a horse I don't especially like. But I haven't seen / heard of any vaccidents from a source I personally trust and if she's still here in six months she's going to be pissed I told her to drop the horse idea over my unreasonable fears. What would you do, Strelok?
>>16015 >wife stays at home >get buddy, go get horse
>>16016 said buddy did just today, point out their availability for such a task. So it's absolutely on the radar. Just have to convince her of its utility.
>>16015 Our family had a 31 year-old female friend die of the mRNA gene editing injection. She took the shot & 3 days later, she was dead. 3 days. I only indirectly heard of one person getting the virus, a woman in her 60's from a group I occasionally participate in via Zoom. I can't personally vouch for that one, but the 31 yo victim of the so-called vaccine I can.
>>16015 Closest I know about is a guy at work who's immunocompromised grandma didn't tell the health workers she was immunocompromised, and now she's paralyzed from the waist down. She was also like 90 though from what he said, and obviously that's just hearsay.
>>16015 >>16020 Also the people I know who have gotten jabs have been deathly exhausted afterwards. Then again I was extremely sickly/exhausted when I had the 'Rona. It was like like having seafood food poisoning and a high-grade fever at the same time, minus the shakes.
>>16021 The virus kills you by poking lots of little holes with its spike proteins, youre exhausted because the body need to do massive repairs fixing all the damage. If the vaccine also creates spike proteins its also poking you to death and youd need to do massive repairs afterwards.
Open file (98.56 KB 1024x613 649.png)
Open file (190.55 KB 1000x621 914.png)
Open file (76.89 KB 1000x586 7570.png)
Open file (172.42 KB 1240x1754 1446336210118.jpg)
Does anyone have more of his artwork? I think he went by mrzona on Deviantart but the account appears to been deleted.
>>16022 I legitimately just dealt with it by going into work sick and vaping an intentionally butane-solvent-heavy variety of hash after work since it was up in the air whether or not I'd get sick pay and I was able to just say "allergies from working in dust all weekend" and get management off my back. Watched half the building (especially those who got the two-shot one that starts with an N or M, haven't paid attention since it's all the same shit) catch whatever I had with varying levels of sickness, especially those in their 20s/30s getting hit hard (doubly so if vaccinated, but most of them had only gotten it a week or two prior). Finally someone I worked next to mentioned his back and shoulders hurt and I mentioned my symptoms were like that at the worst point and that I had also lost my sense of smell and taste (when it finally returned several weeks later, everything tasted awful). He caved and got tested, came back positive, got told by work to stay home, and they didn't pay him jack shit while he was out of work for two weeks with a wife and kids. I apologized profusely to him afterwards for being patient zero, but he shrugged it off. I think I ate a lot of burgers because that was what my body craved when sober, and took a lot of caffeine and B-vitamins just to get through the work days, but that's basically it. Two days of "something isn't right" if you're sensitive to changes in your body, a day of mild sickness that can be mistaken as allergies or a hangover, two days of feeling like absolute death, and then it pitter-patters out over the next 4-8ish days based on personal observation and experience.
Oh right, and greens. I really craved broccoli, asparagus, brussel sprouts, and romaine lettuce while I was sick.
>>16015 >But I haven't seen / heard of any vaccidents Lol, where the hell have you been Strelok? Never heard of the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, which is likely just a fraction of the total reports the government receives?
Knife prince graces us with his presence once more: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yBIeavntc5U
>>16015 I don't know anyone personally whose died from any vaccine, but i'll say because of where I work there are people I know who are heavily pressured into getting vaccinated (I managed to stand my ground), all of whom have gotten an mRNA shot have also been knocked on their ass by it with similar side effect. Barring the special cases where a guy may feel a pulsating pain in their groin area. But none who have had a serious enough reaction to have died from it. I decided a while back to refuse it principally because the CDC allowed Fauci to drag its credibility through the mud in my eyes alongside the WHO. My head has been in the mud about all things related to covid19 since then but vaccine passports becoming a thing has slowly brought back my interest. It would probably be more appropriate to talk further on this in the dead horse which is the bio-weapons thread to include general discussion of effective dispersal and preventative medicines.
I'm looking for any information regarding the group of Kommandos who went looking for the spook in Ruby Valley in 2017. The archives for 8chan are incomplete. If memory serves me right they went missing and in 2018 we revived the thread in their honor. Does anyone have the screen caps to those threads?
>>16042 In all honesty they probably got eaten by a grizzly, they're fucking everywhere in ruby valley and are growing in number rapidly. Zero fear of humans and its 50 miles to the nearest hospital if you encounter one.
>>16030 Peak autism this nip has.
National Coalition For Men, et al., Petitioners v. Selective Service System, et al. May 24 2021 DISTRIBUTED for Conference of 5/27/2021. https://www.supremecourt.gov/docket/docketfiles/html/public/20-928.html https://archive.is/wip/17vbZ TAKE THE CASE, TAKE THE CASE, TAKE THE CASE YOU SCOTUS FAGGOTS I will quote this statement from cnn mainly because I can't find it cited anywhere else: https://www.cnn.com/2021/05/31/politics/supreme-court-military-draft-challenge/index.html https://archive.is/5ozTW >But the Biden administration is urging the justices not to step in at this juncture, noting that in March of 2020 the National Commission on Military National and Public Service, created by Congress, released a report recommending that Congress eliminate male-only registration and expand draft eligibility to all individuals "of the applicable age." >Acting Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar told the justices that because the recommendation is "under active consideration" in the current Congress, any reconsideration of the constitutionality of the male-only registrations requirement would be "premature at this time." >"Congress's attention to the question may soon eliminate any need for the Court to grapple with that constitutional question," Prelogar said. Ironically if you see the amici curiae its feminist groups pushing for the men only clause to be struck down so they can get more guberment gibs and claim to be ineligible because muh pregnancy. I want them to overturn this simply to see the screeching.
Open file (93.45 KB 1280x720 happy abhuman officer.jpg)
>>16045 >deep gubermint sets up a new war in some faraway place >the next minute twatter is filled with screeching females that don't want no war and so the elected officials pull all brakes and there really is no proper invasion, only niggers glowing in the dark corners of the aforementioned faraway place >9 months later a new baby boom begins >all the newborns have white skin, but only because all humans are born with white skin, and a few weeks later 99% of them starts darkening So this is how the USA gets castrated once and for all.
Open file (920.45 KB 1460x821 QuiverfullFamily-821.jpg)
>>16046 >has this little faith in his fellow countrymen
>>16047 >implying I'm a burger Rude.
Open file (106.83 KB 940x400 pure_rape.jpg)
>>16046 >implying that the dark folk would spare the females after having their "fun" >implying that if they did spare them that they wouldn't just keep them as slaves
>>16047 TBH I think its part of the plan. Read this congressional report thats supposedly "bipartisian" https://www.inspire2serve.gov/reports/final-report https://archive.is/1futw >The Commission recommends that Congress direct the Secretary of Defense and the Director of the Selective Service System to conduct a regular exercise that includes the full range of interagency mobilization stakeholders to review total and mass mobilization strategic and operational concepts. The Commission additionally recommends that Congress require the Secretary of Defense to provide to Congress a report on the results, which may be delivered in a classified form. >The Commission proposes legislation to amend 10 U.S.C. § 10208, "Annual mobilization exercise," to require that DoD undertake once every five years an exercise of plans and procedures for a potential draft and draftee induction. This exercise would require input from and coordination with relevant executive branch agencies, including the Selective Service System and the Departments of Homeland Security, Commerce, and Labor. The Commission also proposes that funds be appropriated for this exercise. Unityparty is real if you can't tell yet.
>>16045 >>16050 They're doing draft exercises, plans, and expansion, at the same time they're running exercise Steadfast Defender, which news reports describe as "the first time since 1986 that such an exercise had been staged", and which includes operations in the Black Sea?
Open file (1.23 MB 480x270 rkO0AgBTx7wyNTyj.mp4)
>>16051 Reminds me of ABLE ARCHER. Shouldn't they be worried about China more though My guess EU NATO states can't pull their weight again. https://twitter.com/dgaytandzhieva/status/1398991651104821249 https://archive.is/LfKJS#selection-2975.0-2995.32 >US special forces mistakenly storm a factory producing machinery for olive oil during #NATO drills in #Bulgaria. The owner has filed a law suit Welp. Here come the oil memes.
>Now meat supply is about to get fucked with the ransomeware of major company I can believe this is a concerted effort by somebody to purposefully cause a massive shortage of goods of all types across the US. Maybe not every thing in shortage is because of it, but certainly some of these shortages are. Maybe even because combined with the other shortages, the effect will be larger.
>>16045 Supreme Court can be faggots about it, but the Petitioners at least can counter Biden trying to stop it. Since Carter tried the same argument in his presidency and it didn't come to anything, they can argue this is just an attempt at shutting down a legitimate case using the tactics of a previous administration.
What did /k/ do for memorial day?
>>16053 Pure coincidence. Cyber pandemics don't real. Why would glowniggers want to shut down companies anyway? They serve the people right, not Globalists'? Ridiculous conspiracy theory.
>>16055 Toasted old buddies.
>>16055 Bought a 1911 jig because I finally found someone who had one in stock. Hopefully by next memorial day I can go out shooting with my new, all-metal 10mm pistol.
China says Hungarian politicians 'beneath contempt' for renaming streets https://archive.md/Ca3KC >China on Thursday blasted Hungarian politicians as "beneath contempt" after Budapest renamed streets over human rights flashpoints from Hong Kong to Tibet in protest against a planned branch of a top Chinese university. The sprawling project for Fudan University's first European campus has fed growing unease about Hungary's diplomatic tilt from West to East and its soaring indebtedness to China. The four street signs around the planned site now bear names referencing sore topics that draw Beijing criticism abroad for alleged human rights violations. China's foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin on Thursday accused Hungarian politicians of "hyping up China-related issues and hindering China-Hungary cooperation." "Such behaviour is beneath contempt," Wang told a regular press briefing. The street names are "Free Hong Kong road", "Uyghur Martyrs' road", "Dalai Lama road", and "Bishop Xie Shiguang road" -- named after a persecuted Chinese Catholic priest. Wang's rebuke followed a call by Chinese President Xi Jinping for his country to show a softer face abroad and cultivate a "reliable, admirable and respectable image." China's foreign ministry routinely decries foreign politicians for not toeing Beijing's line over issues from Taiwan to investigating the cause of the Covid-19 pandemic. >A currently derelict plot in Budapest is set to house the Fudan campus in a half-million-square-metre (five-million-square-foot) complex by 2024, according to a deal signed between Hungary and the Shanghai-based university's president. But Budapest's mayor Gergely Karacsony said Wednesday that "we don't want the elite and private Fudan university here at the expense of Hungarian taxpayers." The liberal mayor has previously blasted "Chinese influence-buying" in Hungary and urged Prime Minister Viktor Orban to honour a previous pledge not to force projects on the capital against its will. Opinion polls show a majority of Budapest residents oppose the plan. The government argues that a prestigious outpost of Fudan University, ranked 100th in the Shanghai Ranking, would permit thousands of Hungarian, Chinese and other international students to acquire high-quality diplomas. Meanwhile, Beijing is keen to maintain its presence in Hungary, the only EU country to use Chinese coronavirus jabs. Wang said relations between the two countries "enjoy a strong momentum development" and have "yielded fruitful results". China's soft-power push abroad through media and education has come under fire in recent years, with critics in the West warning of Communist infiltration and pointing to Beijing's human rights violations. Confucius Institutes -- organisations funded by China that offer Chinese language and culture classes -- were targeted by the administration of former US president Donald Trump. It called the institutes "an entity advancing Beijing's global propaganda and malign influence campaign on US campuses."
>>16053 Does it really create shortages? Or does the people need to enter panic mode every time they read "Hacked 'company' " and they will buy all the goods available, because they believe it there will be shortages?
Open file (4.99 MB 304x376 ayy.webm)
More footage from the navy showing the ufos from a couple years ago has been made public.
>>16126 *9th circuit noises*
Open file (339.29 KB 1877x1056 Micimackó.jpeg)
>>16069 There was also a protest today, and it looks like there are ironic weebs in Hungary who think anime is Chinese.
>>16126 >swiss army knife While I appreciate the ruling that comparison came across as overtly generalized to make it seems like he was making an experience driven observation while not having to know why exactly the military continues to use m4s or why it is largely popular in the U.S.. Personally never owned an authentic swiss army knife because why not buy a gerber?
>>16127 It's gonna be immediately reversed en banc Meanwhile... Florida children I believe this is what one would call "White trash" if they aren't hispanic Volusia county is a shitshow god damn. 12- And 14-Year-Old Open Fire On Deputies After Breaking Into Home; 1 Shooter Is Shot And Wounded >post 1/2 PD sheriff conference here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEAPNQLIDTs Shootout footage in higher res here (Age restricted): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MigjZCt842E County sheriff has generously made most documents available here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1SFL96FYwKL4gd33N-gRNdcS_h6-ijYlU 686mb ish total. Holy fucking shit that call sheet on the female is long, 33 items. I almost didn't believe this shitshow but this is also the same county where some deputy got his hat shot off after a carjacking and the sheriff showed up to the gunfight with a snub nosed revolver. Also, obligatory florida (wo)man.
>>16140 Here's the hearing for the 12 year old male, 14 year old female still in ICU: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0a_DaHzfZzo (Audio attached). I just want to point out the comments people are going "He DoEsn't KNOW whAt The juDge is SaYinG!" Just remember these idiots get tossed out of the system at 21 to murder someone as an adult. >text too long >A 12-year-old boy and a 14-year-old girl who ran away from a children’s group home Tuesday night in Enterprise broke into a house, armed themselves with several of the homeowner’s guns and opened fire on several responding deputies who tried to talk them into surrendering. >The 14-year-old girl was shot and wounded after she came out of the garage at 1050 Enterprise Osteen Road and pointed a shotgun at deputies outside the house. The 12-year-old boy, armed with an AK-47, finally put down his weapon shortly thereafter and was not injured. >Both children had fired at deputies multiple times throughout the incident as deputies attempted to resolve it peacefully. No deputies were injured. >The incident originated from a report of two runaways from Florida United Methodist Children’s Home (51 Children’s Way, Enterprise), where 12-year-old Travis O’Brien (DOB 10/15/2008) and 14-year-old Nicole Jackson (DOB 2/8/2007) were reported missing shortly before 5 p.m. Deputies learned that O’Brien is diabetic and didn’t have his medication with him. It was also reported that Jackson hit a FUMCH staff member with a stick. >Deputies were searching the area when, around 7:30 p.m., a passerby witness reported hearing glass break at 1050 Enterprise Osteen Road. As they approached the house, deputies saw two figures in the house. They contacted the homeowner, who told them no one should be home, and that there was a handgun, a shotgun and an AK-47 inside, along with a large amount of ammunition. >After deputies surrounded the home and began making announcements into the house, the children started shooting. The 14-year-old, Jackson, fired her first shot at a sheriff’s sergeant out a back patio door around 8:30 p.m. Preliminary information indicates the children fired at deputies on four separate occasions over the next 35 minutes before Jackson came out of the garage, pointed the shotgun at deputies twice, and was shot and wounded. >After Jackson was shot, deputies moved in to provide life-saving aid. O’Brien, who was in the garage armed with the AK-47, surrendered without firing another shot. >Jackson was transported to Central Florida Regional Hospital with life-threatening injuries. She was later reported to be out of surgery, in stable condition, and transferred to another hospital for further treatment. O’Brien was also transported to CFR for treatment of his medical condition, not because of any injuries sustained in the incident. >Sheriff Mike Chitwood told reporters at an 11:30 p.m. news conference outside the property’s gate that the sustained, armed assault on law enforcement from two children was “something I’ve never seen in 35 years in policing.” >“Deputies did everything they could tonight to de-escalate, and they almost lost their lives to a 12-year-old and a 14-year-old,” Sheriff Chitwood said. “If it wasn’t for their training and their supervision… Somebody would have ended up dead.” >“I don’t know where we get the men and women who respond to these incidents, who do what they do, and do it with bravery, do it with courage, and do it while trying to protect the sanctity of human life,” he said. “But they took rounds – multiple, multiple rounds – until they were left with no other choice but to return fire.” >The Sheriff’s Office handled close to 300 calls at the Florida United Methodist Children’s Home in 2020. Last month, a 14-year-old boy at the group home pleaded no contest to a charge of manslaughter in the death of a security officer he struck during an altercation in late March. >Sheriff Chitwood’s full media briefing is available at the following Facebook link, and includes background information along with the sheriff’s comments on Florida’s juvenile justice system: >Charges against the two juvenile defendants are pending. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement responded to the scene to conduct an investigation into the incident, as is standard in deputy-involved shooting cases. The deputies involved will be temporarily placed on paid administrative leave, also standard.
>>16142 3/3 Finally, here's the video of the shootout where the deputy got his hat shot off, around 3:53 you can see the deputy in the video gets his hat shot off. Sheriff is on frame ~4:30. Finally, if you seen the press conference, apparently the county sheriff lost the kids since they outran them mutiple times. LOL.
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