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what's a war board without a conflict?

Russia vs Ukraine Strelok 04/02/2021 (Fri) 15:11:32 No.14576
Things seem to be heating up and I think this deserves its own discussion thread. Or at least I think it will soon. https://archive.is/bpADR https://archive.is/gA8ee How big do you think this will get? Will it spill over into Europe? Will Biden do something retarded that makes things worse?
>>14576 Realistically speaking, Germany and France wouldn't want to do shit for Eastern Eruope, Poland wouldn't lift a finger for Ukraine, and there is no other country left in Europe who could intervene, even if they wanted to. Because of this I think it won't spill out from Ukraine, except maybe if Russians want to take Moldova, then I can see them curbstomping Romania for good measure, but that is quite unlikely. An other alternative is that an American intervention makes them activate some warplan that involves taking the Baltic states, but even that is unlikely. The least likely of all scenarios is that they activate some other warplan that involves rolling through Poland, into Germany, and maybe stopping and Holland. But I don't see the point of that, and I'm sure that both Germany and Russia would try to avoid that.
>>14576 >>14578 It seems retarded. No one has a shit to give for Ukraine, and what would Russia gain in Ukraine proper?
>>14581 Putin seems to be on a mission to revive old school Russian imperialism, and hohols want to reaffirm their identity by showing themselves that they are not just Russians who speak with a funny accent. And it's quite probable the the hohol leadership is strongly influenced by Amerika, who wants to cause trouble to the Russkies.
>>14576 >How big do you think this will get? For now it is just postering, but it all depends if NATO or Biden wants Ukraine to act. He obviously is pushing for another cold war. He'll probably make Ukraine act soon in order to use the proxy war as a pretense to put a shitload of pressure on Germany to stop the Nord Stream 2 project. Then the USA will have Germany immediately agree to the alternative of buying good ol USA LNG.
>>14576 >how big It will probably be limited to minor attacks or skirmishes. Mostly just artillery duels probably, with ukrainians getting their shit slapped if they venture too close to russian border. Or maybe they might be counting on russia saying fuck it and just allowing kiev to bring eastern ukraine back to compliance. Bit far fetched, but it might also be that US has promised Kiev sky and the moon if they stir enough shit up in order to somehow magically prevent Nord-Stream 2 from happening, thus helping to protect the sacred petrodollar. Dumber shit has been done to protect sacred petrodollar and it's not like jews care about lives of goyim one bit, so stirring shit up is thus essentially completely free. Militaries will do exactly as their owners tell them to do, no matter how jewish outcomes it will lead.
>>14582 We should have preserved the concepts of spheres of influence and buffer states in great power politics instead of this everything or nothing outlook from the end of the Cold War.
>>14592 That was the promise, Russia can keep Belarussia and Hoholand in turn they leave alone the rest. Truth to be told, Russians are also happy to fuck around in other countries, but at least they don't want to introduce moslem homosex communism, so in this one case they are the lesser evil.
>>14593 … Wish we could turn back time
>>14596 Is that all one family? II'm guessing they were during the Russian monarchy? wonder why there are no boys? Nice looking bunch tbh. Not a lot of smiles, but maybe that was cultural.
>>14600 Smiling is an American/English thing. It's frowned upon in most cultures to smile for photos and the like.
>>14600 That's the royal families of Europe at a wedding in 1894: >Queen Victoria and family at Coburg on 21 April 1894, assembled for the wedding of Princess Victoria Melita of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (1876-1936) and Ernest Louis, Grand Duke of Hesse (1868-1937), both grandchildren of Queen Victoria. The wedding took place on 19 April 1894. The group includes members of the Prussian and Russian royal families. This photograph was acquired by Queen Victoria to be part of her series of albums titled 'Portraits of Royal Children'. She is surrounded by descendants from across Europe, assembled for the wedding of Princess Victoria Melita of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (the daughter of Queen Victoria's son, Alfred) and the Grand Duke of Hesse (the son of Queen Victoria's daughter, Alice). Sitting the with the Queen is her eldest daughter Victoria, now Dowager Empress of Germany, with her eldest son, Kaiser Wilhelm II. The Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII) and Tsar Nicholas II of Russia are also in the group. Nicholas and Princess Alexandra of Hesse, standing next to him, had announced their engagement on 20 April 1894. The photograph represents Queen Victoria's position as the 'grandmother' of Europe, at the moment before family alliances began to collapse and Europe eventually erupted into war in 1914. Queen Victoria wrote in her journal for 21 April 1894, 'the whole of our large family party were photographed by English, as well as German photographers. Many groups were taken, & some of me with Vicky & my 3 sons, & William.' It was where the last Tsar proposed to his German wife, the one who would later be seduced by Rasputin and catalyze military disaster and communist revolution in World War I. No one smiled in early photography because film took an extended amount of time to develop, and it was considered equivalent to posing for a painting.
Open file (768.56 KB 1827x2250 973236-1588609571.jpg)
>>14600 >Is that all one family? II'm guessing they were during the Russian monarchy? That's Queen Victoria's family at her granddaughter's wedding. Surely you ought to be able to recognize her in the lower middle. Or at the absolute minimum, her grandson the Kaiser and his unmistakable mustache on the left. And the bearded man just behind him is the future Tsar Nicholas II.
>>14606 Smiling is a relatively newer thing in America. Looking at my relatives pictures from the early 1900s, none of them smiled either.
>>14612 >>14614 Thanks Streloks, much appreciated. Please forgive my poor plebian-tier history knowledge. I guess while you guys are here, would you mind commenting on the Bolsheviks & the revolution and the events leading up to it? I've been told that it was led by Jews for Jews. I presume Lenin was important in it, but I can't say I recognize him as Jewish honestly.
>>14614 I do recognize both Queen Victoria and Tsar Nicholas II now that you point it out.
>>14615 Only the rural Chinese knew how to smile for the camera. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portrait_photography >In the 19th century and early 20th century, photographs didn't often depict smiling people in accordance to cultural conventions of Victorian and Edwardian culture. In contrast, the photograph Eating Rice, China reflects differing cultural attitudes of the time, depicting a smiling Chinese man.
>>14616 War profiteer Alexander "Helphand" Parvus convinced German intelligence he could take Russia out of the war with a "socialist" revolution if they allowed Lenin to be smuggled through Germany from Switzerland, where the Bolsheviks had been hiding since the failed Russian Revolution of 1905. Many left-wing "revolutionaries" had become hacks peddling books for clout in intellectual circles so it wasn't a given this nobody no one had seen in Russia for over a decade would actually succeed.
Open file (838.01 KB 1268x720 CXEsaEmpPYU8pTH-.mp4)
Supposedly Donbass being hit by Ukraine, yesterday.
>>14626 this is pretty fascinating to see ancient chinese smile
>>14636 So it begins.
>>14638 Is it?
Open file (116.53 KB 550x886 4673727348.jpeg)
>>14636 Don Bass sounds like a fish that is in the mafia.
>>14637 Nigga loves the shit out of some rice. >>14653 Don't be such a Donbass.
Ukraine says joint military drills with NATO to begin in a few months https://archive.md/FzgHW >KYIV (Reuters) - Ukraine’s armed forces on Saturday said joint military drills with NATO troops would begin in a few months’ time, a step that could stoke tensions with Moscow which has expressed its opposition to such a move. NATO voiced concern on Thursday over what it said was a big Russian military build-up near eastern Ukraine after Russia warned that a serious escalation in the conflict in Ukraine’s Donbass region could “destroy” Ukraine.The Kremlin on Friday said that any deployment of NATO troops to Ukraine would lead to further tensions near Russia’s borders and force Moscow to take extra measures to ensure its own security. Ukrainian troops have battled Russian-backed separatist forces in the eastern Donbass region in a conflict Kyiv estimates has killed 14,000 people since 2014. The drills will involve more than 1,000 military personnel from at least 5 NATO member states and will be held in a few months, the Ukrainian armed forces said in a statement on Facebook on Saturday. “In particular, defensive actions will be worked out, followed by an offensive in order to restore the state border and territorial integrity of a state that has been subjected to aggression by one of the hostile neighbouring countries,” the statement said. It did not specify exactly when the drills would take place. I think hope western leaders are not retarded enough to think that a multikulti group of a mere 1000 soldiers is even a factor against Russia, and this is just a way showing moral support to the hohols.
I've also found some hohol propaganda: https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=1cMBPN3rjXU https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=0AtszHyy8rY It's surprisingly not informative at all, and it's also not very good propaganda to begin with.
>>14658 What the fuck was he thinking? Or was it planned, then why? Is it actually said in it.
>>14659 Probably an accident. Guy on camera asked someone if he was recording, and someone off-cam told him several times to "shoot already!". Maybe it was a joke, but I couldn't quite get all details, because it's a bit muffled. And then his finger slipped up, because afterwards the guy off-cam swore pretty convincingly
>>14661 Did you forget to move your name or something anon? >Maybe it was a joke, but I couldn't quite get all details, because it's a bit muffled. And then his finger slipped up, because afterwards the guy off-cam swore pretty convincingly Were they retarded or what? Also it kinda made me laugh, because of the face at the end, just imagine it in something like "this ain't bong." ir something drug related.
>>14663 Yup, It took me a moment, but then I scrolled to the top, and there it was, piece-a-shit. >Were they retarded He looked like civilian to me. Training instead of uniform pants. I dunno about the Ukrainian army, but in the Russian army this generally won't fly. Plus, this does look like an improvised field barrack, because of it's general roughness. Also, it sounds like they speak fluent russian, not ukrainian, so it's probably a Donbass rebel, who maybe does not give as much of a shit about gun safety as he should. So all in all, a ln idiot without Training and maybe too much liquid potato in the brains.
>>14655 How does the current Hohol army compare to what the Ruskies are fielding to counter them?
>>14666 Most of the Ukrainians on the front are guys who've been out of work due to chink flu, they for the most part just don't want to be there. The recon guys are somewhat better as with the pic's that are usually embedded with them. >>14655 There is some ~500 leafs in country, they've been there since later 2014. Apparently they're teaching the salo eaters tankery, but I don't see how you could learn from a country that hasn't seen tank to tank combat since Korea. They like to come up on the front from time to time.
>>14658 Not the first time i've seen ruskies use loaded automatic weapons to play Russian Roulette. Hell, no wonder it's called like that.
>>14676 Ukrops aren't Russian, (((Strelok))).
>>14677 They certainly wouldn't speak russian then, but still my bad if i confused them
Open file (514.26 KB 750x560 waterfox_02sfmXVnem.png)
>>14679 If carpathia ruthanua goes to slovakia then it's ok. Ukraine sucks.
>>14679 My prediction of Ukraine being carved up is seeming to be coming to light. >>14581 Steel Mills, and a whole ton of industry they lost during the break up of the USSR. Ukraine could have been an absolute powerhouse of a country but they let shabbos goys run the show and proceed to make the robbery and rape of Russia look like a stolen candy bar.
>>14683 Making Ukraine its own country was a mistake anyways, so good.
>>14683 It's not that they let them run the show, it's more like the (((politicians))) of that time stretched out their greedy fingers and grabbed everything of value. Same thing in Russia. Could have been far more successful, but they just had to privatize everything, good little prostitutes that they were
Open file (115.63 KB 863x900 Árpád.jpg)
>>14682 Felvidék is magyar clay.
>>14687 Anon, the whole hungary is legit slovak clay, because you've lost ypu asian ancestry a long time ago and you have mire slav dna then magyar.
>>14583 >Steel Mills, and a whole ton of industry they lost during the break up of the USSR. Those are 30 years out of date now gramps, and they won't be much good blown up. I know you think the Soviet Union is still breathing down your neck but that's dementia kicking in.
>>14692 Not the one you answered to, but steel working equipment can't really be outdated, except maybe the really old stuff that was steampowered. A man with two working hands and a working brain can do wonders on those old lathes and mills
>>14693 You might be right if we are talking about steel mills that turn iron ore into bar stock or rolled steel, but you'd need a bona fide miracle to outproduce modern CNC machinery with manually operated machinery. Somehow related, Russians were still relying on Ukrainian industry not so long ago: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Admiral_Gorshkov-class_frigate >The first two ships of the class have gas turbines from Zorya-Mashproekt in Ukraine. Following the 2014 Crimean crisis, Ukrainian industry refused to supply Russia with military technology. As a result, NPO Saturn has been commissioned to design indigenous engines. Initial forecasts expected these new engines to be available in 2017-18, allowing ships to be commissioned from 2020;[29] however, after intervention by the Russian government, the plan was brought forward.[30] In November 2020 it was announced that United Engine Corporation had initiated delivery of the DGTA M55R diesel-gas power plant which would be installed on frigates of the class beginning with Admiral Isakov.
>>14694 You have a point there, though I heard that CNC machinery ( the programs in particular) is a nightmare to troubleshoot. >Russians relying on Ukrainian tech. Damn, what? I thought it was the other way around. Maybe my people should finally get their asses in gear and lift up the country, instead of importing wokeness and pop-culture from the west. Nothing good coming out of that anyway.
>>14693 When Western engineers visited Soviet industrial plants after the fall of the USSR they found the lack of an array of modern equipment because central planning required uniform implementation nationwide, which makes sense from a governance perspective but not from a financial one. One particular instance of this was Soviet factories lacked any meters to measure power consumption locally because they weren't expected to produce for local profit but to meet preset assigned goals. A significant amount of Eastern Bloc industry was found to be unprofitable after accounting for these peculiarities, so even if they had Soviet steel mills in the 90s there's no guarantee they haven't been sold for scrap or to the Chinese, who became the masters of overproducing cheap shit thirty years since.
>>14697 >though I heard that CNC machinery ( the programs in particular) is a nightmare to troubleshoot. Only if you don't understand basic concepts like having (on average) three axis of rotation and not going six inches deep into the metal for a cut when the bit you're using is only an eight of an inch thick. CNC is more about thinking in terms of how the machine is going to do something than anything. Otherwise it's really easy and the concepts transfer (in reverse) to 3D printing and other machinery. t. backup CNC machinist & 3D printing assistant when the guy who does it normally is out and about and the (different type of) machines I run in my department are low on work.
>>14687 Treaty of Trianon 2.0 can't get here soon enough
>>14703 that's interesting. I should really look into getting myself acquainted with the subject matter. Is there a particular book or internet resource you could recommend for getting into the basics of machining and automatization of machining processes?
>>14705 > Is there a particular book or internet resource you could recommend for getting into the basics of machining and automatization of machining processes? /robowaifu/ has a small dump of US Army Machining training manuals in their CNC thread, Srelok.
>>14582 Putin doesn't want to annex half of Ukraine. The entirety of the east is dilapidated old factories and pensioners- all of the young either go to the west of the country of the EU, there's no economic value and it would be a drain on a country that already has a population bomb coming. I think Putin might give some intermittent support to the DNR, but ultimately he just want to hold Crimea.
>>14709 Punitive expedition?
>>14709 I know, he needs Ukraine as a buffer state. But if that's not possible then he needs Novorussia instead. And if he needs to support Hoborussia with all the might of Russia proper, then he will do so. But realistically speaking, it's a good chance to use up stockpiles of old equipment and to have some blood on at least a few units.
Turkey's Erdogan calls for end to 'worrying' developments in eastern Ukraine, offers support https://archive.md/zXHh8 >ANKARA/KYIV (Reuters) - Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday called for the “worrying” developments in eastern Ukraine’s Donbass region to come to an end after meeting his Ukrainian counterpart in Istanbul, adding Turkey was ready to provide any necessary support. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy held more than three hours of talks with Erdogan in Istanbul as part of a previously scheduled visit, amid tensions between Kyiv and Moscow over the conflict in Donbass. Kyiv has raised the alarm over a buildup of Russian forces near the border between Ukraine and Russia, and over a rise in violence along the line of contact separating Ukrainian troops and Russia-backed separatists in Donbass. The Russian military movements have fuelled concerns that Moscow is preparing to send forces into Ukraine. The Kremlin denies its troops are a threat, but says they will remain as long as it sees fit. The United States says Russia has amassed more troops on Ukraine’s eastern border than at any time since 2014, when it annexed Crimea from Ukraine and backed separatists in Donbass. On Friday, Turkey said Washington will send two warships to the Black Sea next week. >Speaking at a news conference alongside Zelenskiy, Erdogan said he hoped the conflict would be resolved peacefully, through dialogue based on diplomatic customs, in line with international laws and Ukraine’s territorial integrity. “We hope for the worrying escalation observed on the field recently to end as soon as possible, the ceasefire to continue and for the conflict to be resolved via dialogue on the basis of the Minsk agreements,” Erdogan said. “We are ready to provide any support necessary for this. ”Major combat in Donbass ended with a truce agreed in the Belarusian capital Minsk in 2015, whose implementation France and Germany have helped to oversee. Sporadic fighting continues despite repeated attempts to implement a ceasefire. >Zelenskiy said the positions of Kyiv and Ankara coincided on threats in the Black Sea and the response to those threats, and added he briefed Erdogan “in detail” on developments in Donbass. “We discussed in detail the issues of security and joint counteraction to challenges in the Black Sea region and it is worth noting that the visions of Kyiv and Ankara coincide both regarding the threats themselves and the ways of responding to these threats,” he said. NATO member Turkey has forged close cooperation with Russia over conflicts in Syria, Libya and Nagorno-Karabakh, as well as in the defence and energy areas. But it has criticised Crimea’s annexation and supported Ukraine’s territorial integrity. It has also sold drones to Kyiv in 2019. Erdogan said on Saturday that Turkey and Ukraine launched a platform with their foreign and defence ministers to discuss defence industry cooperation, but added this was “not in any way a move against third countries”. Ukraine and Russia have traded blame for the increase in violence in the conflict, which Kyiv says has killed 14,000 people since 2014. Russian President Vladimir Putin, in a call with Erdogan on Friday, accused Ukraine of “dangerous provocative actions” in Donbass. Kyiv said on Saturday Ukraine could be provoked by Russian aggravation of the situation in Donbass. Erdogan really does want to LARP as a sultan.
>>14759 I wish someone would just decide that enough is enough and kill that cockroach already. Even his own military hates his guts.
Open file (15.12 KB 236x428 turk horns.jpg)
>>14759 >inb4 super fucking roach satan starts WWIII because he fancies himself Suleiman 2.0
>>14879 >romanized: Süleyman-ı Evvel How incredibly fucking apropos.
>>14576 Vodkafag here, It's all just puppetry like the India Pakistan curryfest.
Open file (77.75 KB 685x680 Balkans_plan.jpeg)
Open file (748.42 KB 1400x1278 Balkans_topographic_map.jpg)
Not strictly related, but there is a plan floating around in various political and media circles that could be summed up as pics related.
Open file (714.13 KB 800x533 ClipboardImage.png)
Russia rejects Ukraine’s push to revise 2015 peace deal https://archive.is/cua33 Russia’s foreign minister sternly warned Ukrainian officials Wednesday that Moscow would not accept their push to revise a peace deal for eastern Ukraine. >Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s comments followed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy calling Tuesday for a modification of the 2015 agreement and inviting other nations to help mediate the stalled talks on a political settlement of the conflict in Ukraine’s east. >Fighting between Ukrainian forces and Russia-backed separatists erupted in Ukraine’s eastern industrial heartland, called Donbas, shortly after Moscow’s 2014 annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula. More than 14,000 people have been killed during the seven-year conflict. >In recent weeks, increasing violations of a shaky cease-fire in eastern Ukraine a Russian troop buildup across the border drew Ukrainian and Western concerns about the potential for large-scale hostilities. Tensions eased last week after Moscow announced a pullback of its forces following massive drills. >The 2015 deal, which was brokered by France and Germany, marked a diplomatic coup for Russia, obliging Ukraine to offer broad autonomy to the separatist regions and amnesty for the rebels. It also stipulated that Ukraine would regain full control of its border with Russia in the rebel-held territories only after the election of local leaders and legislatures, the provisions resented by many Ukrainians as a betrayal of national interests. >Ukraine and the West have accused Russia of backing the separatist rebels in the east with troops and weapons, claims Moscow has denied. The Kremlin has insisted that Russia isn’t a party to what it described as an internal Ukrainian conflict. >Speaking in an interview with a Russian state TV host, Lavrov criticized the West for turning a blind eye to the failure of Ukrainian authorities to meet their obligations under the 2015 document that was signed in the Belarusian capital, Minsk, by then-Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. >“The West either can’t or doesn’t want to encourage compliance with the Minsk agreement,” he said. >Lavrov categorically rejected the push by Ukrainian officials to reverse the sequence of steps stipulated by the Minsk deal and to make reclaiming control of the border with Russia in the rebel-controlled regions the first step. >“Control of the border is the very last move that comes only after those territories get a special status fixed in the Ukrainian Constitution and hold free elections acknowledged as such by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe,” the Russian minister said. “I believe that we mustn’t let Mr. Zelenskyy and his team get off the hook, even though they are trying hard to wriggle out.” >Zelenskyy has pushed for a meeting with Putin, but the Russian leader responded last week that Ukrainian authorities need to speak to the rebels to settle the conflict in Donbas. He added that if the Ukrainian president wants to discuss the normalization of ties with Russia, he’s welcome to come to Moscow. Also I guess Trump's lawyer's house got a no-knock raid and they stole a bunch of his shit.
>>15307 Ukraine sure is trying everything to make something stick >Yell about obtaining nuclear weapons >Plead to get into NATO >Demand Russia is taken off of SWIFT system >Wants Russia to lose the Nordstream 2 deal
>>15317 I like when slavs are killing each other, but despite that i hope ukrainians succeed in crushing separatists and get back Crimea one day.
>>15324 Can I ask why you support Ukraine? I know that both Russia and Ukraine are kiked in one way or a other so I would like to know why you prefer that side over the other.
>>15325 Probably bought into the based hohols meme, because they supported the Nazis in WW2. Truth is, every country had those collaborators, and simultaneously had those, who hated their guts. Truth is, fascists are just as cancerous as communists, so it's like choosing your poison at this point. Both are symptoms of their time's hardships, enforced by kikery and general shittiness of people. >Tl;dr: Hohols are fascists, fascists good (not really).
Open file (142.42 KB 800x600 Arma de herradura.jfif)
>>15326 >Communism is as bad as fascism. Muh horseshoe theory. Okay then. What would you propose to stop Clown World?
>>15329 Ancapistani child sex slave armies powered by McNukes to stave off the Jews.
>>15329 Nothing. Why stop it? Let it come to it's logical conclusion, and instead concentrate on weathering the storm. There's not a million of us, we are not in the position to change anything, but we are well equipped to network, share information, better ourselves, predict what's to come, and prepare accordingly. We are not going to fight, but survive instead. It's an aspect of this board, isn't it? Survival is the keyword. We are no revolutionary warriors or leaders of great armies. We are simply a bunch of extraordinary people, in that we have assembled on this board. This is what sets us apart from the common folks. We better use our network here, to predict the development of the global financial empire, and map out our strategy accordingly. Your kind always wants to "stop the globohomo", and "restore the natural order". Don't you get it? Natural order is fully capable of restoring itself, humans cannot even dream about influencing the laws of nature. We are a part of it, and we will return to it, that is the power of nature. And even when something comes up regarding fighting the global empire, it gets instantly shot down, and people scream that it's "glowing" and "the feds are behind it". This why accelerationism will never work, because for every willing, capable person on an imageboard, there are a dozen others, that spit on him and call his actions a "false flag", or at the very least, belittle the accomplishment. You may see this as defeatism, but the truth is, that sometimes it's better to avoid conflicts, in order to conserve your own resources, and make better use of them to have a fighting chance when the forces of the world elite finally come for you. Tl;dr: If you want to fight, fight for your own. If you want to die early and without a purpose, seek confrontation with Zion. If you want to assist natural order in it's return, fuck off and let it do it's thing.
>>15331 Ok mr. Niggerpill.
>>15332 Seethe harder, larpfag.
>>15333 >Seethe Ok normalniggerpill
>>15332 Niggerpilling is when you tell people to give up. Anon is telling people to pick and choose your battles and stop acting like there's thousands of us all with the same alignment and resources. In my personal example, I do not have many funs, my funs I do have are incapable of piercing body armor, and I can not afford anything better, so I provide my own skillsets on non-gun /k/ topics to the table and share the same mindset as >>15331
>>15331 >And even when something comes up regarding fighting the global empire, it gets instantly shot down, and people scream that it's "glowing" and "the feds are behind it" You guys apparently haven't figured out yet, that complaint is literally the single best mark of a glownigger post. Why be a pansie about it? Why worry or complain about it like a woman? Surely you wouldn't have some kind of agenda behind that would you, dataminer-kun? Any men here or elsewhere who want to share information or """network""" will do so without you whining like a little girl over it. Also, >we >our >your Sure thing, pal.
>>15335 It reads kinda like it, but with a small spin. Ofcourse everything he says is kinda right. But it's written in a way that resembles niggerpill posts. So whatever.
>>15336 Aight, thanks for spoonfeeding. Though, if there's actually any feds reading this, you should probably stop giving them advice, idiot-senpai
>>15336 I don't quite get the problem then. is it because he replied to >>15329 at all? Should he just have shut up?
Open file (268.46 KB 960x895 map of europe.jpg)
>>15325 I'm latvian. I hate russians, because Latvia experienced 50 years of russian occupation during the Cold War period, during which they attempted to erase our language and culture, they also killed a lot of our people during WW2, killed our "Hitler" Kārlis Ulmanis and committed countless other commie style atrocities. If we weren't in NATO now, they would do to us what they are doing to Ukraine now, as they have already done multiple times throughout history. Fuck russians, it brings me joy watching how they get demographically replaced by muslims from the lands that they conquered.
>>15348 Also would you like to live in ostland friend?
>>15347 what is it with ethnicities hating eachothers guts? I mean, is everyone so stupid, not to see the kikery behind almost every conflict we see? Russians hate the americans because they think they constantly shit on them, and vice versa. eastern europeans hate russians because they supposedly occupied them, despite it being the work of a political clique of kikes, who turned russia and everything east of germany (and east germany) into a red mush, and everyone is so concentrated on these shitty little conflicts, that no one is looking at the kike. Why is no one grabbing the evil by the root? Are we seriously a lot dumber than our early ancestors? Or are we just of weaker will?
Open file (337.74 KB 640x1920 1467578798739.png)
>>15348 >>15349 >Where is your potato? I have two, they're in my fridge. Tonight i'm gonna fry them both and have a feast. >Also would you like to live in ostland friend? Yes, i think i would.
Open file (90.56 KB 803x973 EU citizen.png)
>>15350 You are pretty much pic related wearing an armband with a swastika on it.
>>15352 projecting much?
>>15350 Latvia, and all the baltics in general, were under Russian boot before the commies took over, so you can't blame just the kikes for that resentment though the latvians had a paper for them as their enforcers, being predominantly at the beginning in things like the cheka
Russian here. Ask me anything, or spit on me if you'd like, I'm used to it. Anti-russian memes welcome, I get a laugh from everything.
Open file (33.72 KB 359x474 kike detected.jpg)
>>15356 >lel, you're a cuck >NOO, you're a kike! that's a big nose man.
>>15350 Ethnic conflict would exist with or without kikes. Kikes exacerbate "local" issues already being experienced. Kikes are the cold sore you get when already dealing with a heavy fever.
>>15350 >>15358 basically, everyone is shit, and everyone shits on eachother. Seems like standard human behaviour. why should we support any of the sides (Ukraine/Russia) though? aren't they equally shitty and useless? well, apart from Russia, they at least have abundant natural resources.
>>15358 What represents fever in your metaphor? Are you saying that jews are just a scapegoat? What could possibly be a bigger humanity's problem than jews?
>>15358 >>15360 I guess, that strelok means the Jews are merely parasitic beings, that exploit already existing conflicts. Doesn't make them any less shitty though
>>15332 What's your plan then faggot? what's your hope?
>>15362 Daily reminder that hope is a concept to drive on the cattle that's given up. Strong men need only the promise of killing, food and booze.
>>15368 I think the biggest joke in those is that a Russian would want to immigrate to America post-1995.
>>15369 Did you forget what was happening in Russia 1990-2000? Are you really a Strelok that overlooks Chechnya? Russia under the oligarchs was worse than the US in its present state.
>>15369 I tried to find something funny, but instead you have this.
>>15371 I misspoke, I meant 2005, when the great lie broke in Russia. Egg on my face.
>>15347 Nice map, for a German the ethnicity that is probably most hated is the polish. Could live in peace as is right now with pretty much everyone except those constantly backstabbing honorary kikes, who throughout history have shown again and again that they are not worthy of life. Closer ties with some of our brother peoples like the nordics and the baltics would also be nice.
>>15347 >Russia >La creatura Europeans can keep thinking they're superior. They're just a playball in the political game, thinking they're of any importance. They don't even have any significant resources worth taking, only redeeming quality of their countries are good climatic conditions. Research? Industry? Give it a couple more years, and everything will be pozzed and worthless. I'm not saying Russia is great, but at least the climate there is shitty enough to force people to be tough.
Open file (27.36 KB 474x279 descarga (24).jpeg)
>>15380 >Russians >tough Most is just barking and appearance. They are in many ways as coward (cucking out with Putin and the chechenians), hedonistic (massive drug problems) and demographically decadent as the west. What is so great of being a "great power" if all they do with that power is still being a servant of the kikes? Don't tell me you bought Putin's propaganda of their country as a traditionalist paradise?
>>15381 Seems like I did the mistake of wrong phrasing. Russia has more tough people than the west. Europe (Germany at least) has tough people too, but in very few of them relative to their total population. Russians are different, just as Europeans are different, but the problem is, that Europeans have it far easier and have far more cities than Russia. Russian cities are few and far apart. City-dwellers are scum everywhere, not just in Russia, so when you look at Europe, they have more city-dwellers, so they are comparatively more shitty. Honestly, I made a mistake there, by comparing the entirety of the countries. I should have compared regions, as specific regions have few differences. Look at Northern Germany, specifically Schleswig-Holstein: it's cold, rainy, strong wind on 7 out of 10 days, and it's pretty much poor. In this regard it's pretty much German Siberia, only that Siberia is far colder and shittier, but, more space and fewe people. Still, I see many people in North Germany, who share the mindset of Siberians, and often have the same stubbornness and bluntness that they do. It's not the exact same, but very similar.
>>15381 >>15382 Also, i don't watch news, because they make my blood pressure rise to unhealthy levels, and I don't want to pop a blood vessel screaming at the TV everytime I watch the news. Therefore, Propaganda doesn't have the opportunity affect me. Additionally, I have been to Russia more than once, and had the chance to experience different types of people. The Moscow types are the worst type of scum. I remember one time, when I went to visit my grandma, I had to switch planes in Moscow, and my family was a little slow to find the correct way, holding up 2 young guys behind us. One of them said something to the effect of "filthy village folks", and the other one told me to "get in gear, farmer boy". City folks aren't worth the meat they're made from, I swear.
>>15383 >City folks aren't worth the meat they're made from, I swear. Top-tier insult honestly, nice one. >Don't tell me you bought Putin's propaganda of their country as a traditionalist paradise? My impression is the government is openly opposed to gays & niggers. Is this not correct? Also, IIRC they are(have?) ejecting 1'000'000 illegal immigrants from the country? Also, I honestly believe Putin himself is a stalwart Russian Orthodox Christian. That surely counts for something important and good, At the very least it does, as you say, prop up the traditionalist paradise image (BTW, I doubt many of us would consider it 'paradise', simply far better that what most of us deal with daily, decadence and degeneracy-wise. For example, they don't have a nigger problem, and my guess is you probably don't grasp just how terrible that is on a culture).
>>15386 Russia has what I call "black people". I developed the habit to differentiate between black people and niggers, the latter being the typical apefrican shitskins with zero brains, and the former being actually developed humans, that are able to integrate in a society. Russia has those, and there are a few black academics in Russia, so that surely means something. Putin is kind of the figurehead to take on everything, the good and the bad, that's why I respect him. Not because he does a great job of making the country a better place, because he's not as powerful as people make him out to be. He is one man against the entirety of the Russian oligarchy, and the best course of action for him and the country is to let them steal, but not so much as to drive the entire country to shit. Oligarchs steal, but shit has to get done, and that's what Putin tries to do. Politics are more complicated than just killing off the bad, rewarding the good, and keeping the streets clean. If Putin decides to destroy the oligarchy, he risks to be curbstomped by them and their allies. Simply put, he allows corruption, but not outright butchering the country for profit. Because Russian oligarchs are honestly damn stupid, and they would drive the country to ruins, without regards to the consequences.
>>15387 Having a few, well-integrated blacks isn't even remotely like what 'having a nigger problem' means. As I suspected, you seem not to have a clear understanding of the terrible aspect of this issue on the West. America has it far worse than others, but the globalist kikes are working hard to make every other country but their own have this problem on their doorsteps, including your own lad. Interesting political synopsis, and Putin's place in Russia's. As you suggest, all politics is anything but cut and dried. But all you have to do is look at the fact of the former-USA's blatant and open presidential theft of a few months ago, and the fact it didn't trigger an immediate civil war, as very clear evidence things are not simply 'business as usual' today. We are on the brink of a major upheaval the world over in my opinion.
>>15388 No no, I understand the problem that comes from having a lot of underdeveloped beings in your country. Niggers are a problem, but so are Arabs and Indians. America is suffering the consequences of freeing a slave population, that is severely underdeveloped in it's intelligence. Had the Americans not freed their slaves, they wouldn't have the problems they have now. OTOH, they could have avoided all of that by not importing niggers at all. The world is at a fork now. Either the global financial elite succeeds in their endeavour to enslave the world, leading everyone into a golden Age of automation, minimum government gibs and unheard of degeneracy and hedonism, or Rome will crumble once again, leaving behind a dark time, where everyone struggles for their own survival. Maybe we will see a different scenario, but not fundamentally different from the previous empires, that have risen, prospered and fallen. Maybe it won't happen in our lifetime, maybe it'll happen next year. But it's happening, slowly but steadily.
>>15386 I am not Russian (though I have my fair knowledge about their history) but their traditionalist customs (mostly their no tolerance to faggotry) is more due to popular beliefs than any initiative Putin has ever made. Also they have their "nigger" problem in the form of chechenians (who have blackmailed the government in running their republic as a feud in exchange of not revolting) and turkic-asiatic peoples (I couldn't tell you who are and who isn't really conflicting though) who keep reproducing like rabbits while ethnic Russians are stagnant at best due to Russia still not recovered from the 1990s-early 2000s shitshow and doesn't seem to be looking upwards. >>15387 >Integrated black people. Don't fall on this meme, it was the same tactic they use for immigration in the west in the past and look at us now. Civic nationalism doesn't work, USA is a good example of that.
>>15392 Well, if you say so. I do know that blacks are generally niggers, who cannot be used for more than slave labor. Still, smart blacks exist, even though they're like 1 in a billion. As to racial issues, Russia has a very important advantage: it's incredibly large, and spans across several timezones and climatic regions. While the southwestern regions are definitely seeing an influx of arabic-asian bastards, Siberia is pretty much clean. It's mostly Russians and descendants of the German immigrants over there, especially in the Altai and Novosibirsk regions. It's almost like roaches avoid cold places.
Open file (1.58 MB 1100x619 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (685.73 KB 750x562 ClipboardImage.png)
Russia's problem is that they're still in Stockholm syndrome from the centuries of being brutally conquered by Vikings, Mongolians, and Turks, and when they finally kicked everyone out and started to see a cultural recovery due to the Greeks taking an interest in them, the rest of Central/Eastern Europe had a shit fit which completely fucked them over and allowed a bunch of dumbasses to get into power and create the biggest meme in modern history thanks to people being fed up and hoping something else would make a difference. Protip: it made it worse. I don't think Russia's a great place, but I can respect that their militant actions are typically due to NATO being on their fucking doorstep and expanding at every turn. I don't think the Russian political bodies would even give a shit about Chechnya if not for Westerners still acting like this is the fucking cold war. For all of Merkel's being a megalomaniac, she's at least tried to restore normal working relations with the Russians. I can't wait for these fucking boomers to die so America can restore their pre-1917 working relations with Russia already. I gotta admit the dog thing is always hilarious to watch. Putin knows that Merkel hates dogs with a loathing passion, so he always brings his pet dog with him when they have visits.
>>15392 >Civic nationalism doesn't work, USA is a good example of that. But there are examples of it working. The thing is that countries need an ethnic supermajority, but complete ethnic purity is not really necessary, i'd say it can be even counter productive, look at Japan for example, with 98% off the population being Japanese they're an ethnostate for all practical purposes, but anyone still has the door open to stay if they deserve it.
Open file (119.73 KB 555x768 Bonaparte's_head2.jpg)
Open file (207.00 KB 1000x681 strube_littleman331009.jpg)
>>15388 >Interesting political synopsis, and Putin's place in Russia's. As you suggest, all politics is anything but cut and dried. The issue is the West doesn't have and actively works against the rise of politicians and statesmen in Putin's, Assad's, or the general historical pattern of leaders that actually lead. The West has administrators at best, whose only purpose is to maintain a status quo. In the past, the price for a country that didn't actively exploit the opportunities it was given while circumventing its weaknesses was destruction and disgrace. The modern Western global economic system means even without active military occupation Western societies can rest on their laurels as legacy hegemon. For a country like Russia, or China, their geopolitical framing is one of competition and violation of the present order, but for the West it's defensive, reactive, deliberately careful so as not to unravel trust in the pyramid scheme. Corona-chan showed how retarded and/or senile the Western political classes are leaving borders open and waiting for the UN and their handlers to tell them to do anything, and when they did it was to cut loose those struggling to make a living to pad the pockets and solidify the domination of Amazon and the rest of the corporate oligarchy. The modern consumer man looks at this, and says yes, I want these ghouls running over ever more aspects of my life, as long as I get more product. He has replaced his immortal spirit of creative endeavour with a plastic substitute. When we look at the past, and how much a man can achieve in one lifetime, we realize we are but specks of dust kicked up in the shadow of titans. Russia is not free from the allure of materialism, especially in its cities where flocks of young liberals and the children of politicians are enamoured with and schooled after the Western example. At the least though, it venerates the foundational characters of its history after nearly having it wiped out by the Bolsheviks, while the West had its frogs cooked. >Increasingly through the early twentieth century, John Bull became seen as not particularly representative of "the common man," and during the First World War this function was largely taken over by the figure of Tommy Atkins. According to Alison Light, during the interwar years the nation abandoned "formerly heroic...public rhetorics of national destiny" in favour of "an Englishness at once less imperial and more inward-looking, more domestic and more private". Consequently, John Bull was replaced by Sidney Strube's suburban Little Man as the personification of the nation. Some saw John Bull's replacement by the Little Man as symbolic of Britain's post-First World War decline; W. H. Auden's 1937 poem "Letter to Lord Byron" favourably contrasted John Bull to the Little Man.
>>15401 I'm not saying we should go "Day of the Rope" at the sight of any non-inmigrant minority living in your country. But civic nationalism is too relative and not better neither "morally" (the successful examples needed of some degree of cultural genocide) or practically (being generally still more unstable than homogeneous countries) to an ethnostate. Also, if you must use, as Russia probably had to stop whining minorities. Make sure in only applicate it to native minorities (and if the groups are too different it still not work, look at South Africa), not for any immigrant that has come there to leech your archs.
>>15411 minorities in other countries can work out just fine, as long as the cultures overlap in some areas. A good example is the current russian minority in Germany. They are a minority that congregates in certain areas, and despite generally keeping to themselves (Russians marrying other russian being the rule), have adapted quite well to their surroundings. They are mostly conservative in their beliefs too, so they can be a good anchor for conservative policy in a country, where the majority of the native population swings in favor of more liberal, destructive policies. again, only works with certain groups. Cultural intermingling is generally a good thing, as long as it happens between cultures with similar fundamental traits. it doesn't help anyone, when german cultural values get muddied with arab "values". But in regards to cultural mixing, i am glad to move in german circles, enjoying the local culture, while being able to contribute to it myself (Germans tend to enjoy russian cooking very much, at least in the north)
>>15406 Well put >>15411 But not all immigrants come to leech, sure the vast majority of the ones coming to the west do but there are some success stories. >>15412 This, i just want a nuance view of things, not the woke one where destroying the original culture and people is desirable for "equality, but neither the /pol/ larpers demanding genocide as answer to every problem approach, both are also quite ignorant of history.
>>15406 >The issue is the West doesn't have and actively works against the rise of politicians and statesmen in Putin's, Assad's, or the general historical pattern of leaders that actually lead Fuck off with this shit. Being a kleptocrat populist who does nothing but weaken their own country out of petty spite against the west (while still being completely reliant on them) isn't strong leadership, it's being a bitch. Russia has had totally stunted economic growth and quality of life compared to most other former USSR countries. >He has replaced his immortal spirit of creative endeavour with a plastic substitute. Exactly what communists said, i.e. garbage. At least we aren't like those soulless capitalists slaving away for our masters, and we're liberated workers of the party instead! At least we aren't those hedonist westerners, and we're under Dear Manlet's "strong leadership" instead!
>>15416 Do you know why? Because Russia is fuckhuge, and there are several problems arising from that. First of all, Goods have to travel far distances to even arrive at their destination, meaning longer travel times, larger cost, more Opportunities for breakdown and outages. additionally, you have infrastructural problems arising from the climatic conditions there. Do you know how fucking hard it is to provide public services to production facilities, when you have to dig at least 1,5 meters deep everytime you want to lay down plumbing and communication? And you have to, because otherwise your Water supply/shit drain will freeze up as soon as the winter frost hits. This isn't europe, where you can get away with laying pipe just half a meter below ground level. Additionally, Building cost is higher, as you have to provide adequate Insulation to keep a building warm during the harsh winter. And these are only a few of the more surface problems that Russia has. As to Putin being a kleptocrat populist: Is there an objective Reason behind your claim? If so, lay it out before us, so we can examine it. As i see it, Putin, if he were to try and rob his country, the same country he was born and raised in, and which he served for a very long time, even before getting into power, wouldn't he do it in a more effective manner? He would be better served working together with the west, wouldn't he? But he doesn't, instead throwing a wrench in their cogs everytime he can, without risking an open war. He shoots down destructive liberal policies, that may serve to lower his countries standards of education, in favor of short-term profits and boosts to the economy, instead aiming to strengthen his country over a long time, and keeping the russian people strong in body and mind. Now tell me, why should we trust (((you))) on this matter? Are (((you))) in any form an advocate for the russian people? Or are you merely someone, who is willing to sacrifice the long term prosperity and wellbeing of his people, in exchange for some sweet coca-cola, and a new pair of sneakers?
>>15416 >everyone in power is only there in bad faith, and can't be good in some ways while bad in others Okay
Open file (1.06 MB 960x678 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (915.32 KB 1000x701 ClipboardImage.png)
It's all just more of pic related. >>15416 >while still being completely reliant on them I'm not that anon, I don't think Russia is a paradise by any means, nor am I a nationalist or communist luddite, but where goods don't cross borders, soldiers will. Securing a "you scratch my back I scratch yours" trade system is more efficient for a country overall than trying to do everything yourself half-assed and overpriced. Russia is a nation that relies mostly on oil, mineral, and agriculture exports in exchange for nice things from China and Europe. Countries that rely on the export of resources and food have historically had to throw their weight around to avoid being invaded for resources, and the current globohomo environment incentivizes invading such countries. Russia's culture is reactionary to such invasive tactics because their history is basically being occupied for resources/babies and then kicking out the occupiers (and babies) for the last 1500 years. They're going to have a different culture than Western Europe who's only shared enemy with Russia were the Viking thugs that wanted to rape their sheep and women. I got a bit off-target there but my point is, Russia isn't going to suddenly magically start farting rainbows and industry out their ass when their industry is oil/mineral/agriculture exports to other countries. Before the advent of oil their main exports were ore, minerals, and agriculture (just hemp/flax instead of wheat). Asking them to modernize and focus on industries other than what they've historically been good for producing would be like asking the American South to suddenly industrialize during the height of the slave trade.
>>15417 >infrastructure because russia big What the fuck does this have to do with anything? Canada is huge too and deals with most of the same shit. Still better. >As to Putin being a kleptocrat populist: Is there an objective Reason behind your claim? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipAnwilMncI >As i see it, Putin, if he were to try and rob his country, the same country he was born and raised in, and which he served for a very long time, even before getting into power, wouldn't he do it in a more effective manner? He would be better served working together with the west, wouldn't he? See above. He does benefit from it, and he has been very effective at his theft. >destructive liberal policies >keeping the russian people strong Fucking LMAO. Are you just some kremlinbot looking to waste time by throwing around textwalls that boil down to "russia big, putin strong traditionalist" or something? >Or are you merely someone, who is willing to sacrifice the long term prosperity and wellbeing of his people, in exchange for some sweet coca-cola, and a new pair of sneakers? Except Russia is very materialistic despite it all, has crazy AIDS problems because of fentanyl and all the smart people want to leave the country immediately. Russia isn't on track for a future where the "russian people are strong in body and mind" like this. >>15418 Except Putin is 80% bad. Everyone knows he's dictator for life at this point, and things aren't exactly great under him. Everyone knows of the obvious low standard of living, theft and corruption that isn't improving compared to most former soviet countries, but people generally forget about the censorship and increasing surveillance state. Russians deserve better than some thieving manlet and a bunch of oligarchs. Is he just a product of the system, a system that can only be fixed by burning it down and rebuilding it? I don't know. But I do know that Putin and his cronies aren't worth defending.
>>15421 Question for the slavs here. Why hasn't the Odessa/Mykolaiv /Kherson/Dnipropetrovsk/Kharkiv (Most of the russian speaking portions not in open revolt) not formed somesort of breakaway state? Is it because they were bribed by the Maidan government or they have closer ties to the Ukrainan part economically?
>>15432 >What the fuck does this have to do with anything? Canada is huge too and deals with most of the same shit. Still better. Thanks to its historic colonial relationship with the world hegemons of the UK and the US, from which financing poured forth to fund the construction of railroads, seaports, and airports. Russia colonized the Russian Far East on its own, and its resources led to its entanglement with the Great Power politics of Western Europe. Except for a brief period in the late 19th century though, with the construction of the Trans Siberian Railroad, it never properly pursued the technological development that would have allowed it to integrate and exploit its vast interior. The consequence of this is its infrastructure doesn't enable an organic popular unity; its regions and territories may be historical and customary components of the Russian Federation but the whole population isn't able to agree with one mindset that they should choose one system or another. The Tsar and the Soviets both ran things out of Moscow; the Yeltsin and Putin oligarchs don't care but to keep their stranglehold on the lifeblood of the country the way it is. Since you sound like you actually live in Russia, while most Streloks live in the West, the external perspective is that your foreign policy does break convention. From your internal perspective though, the same status quo disease seems to apply. In the West, the ideology is the liberal world order; in Russia, it sounds like oligarchs use a guise of nationalism to pacify instead.
>>15432 >>15436 Regarding Canada, it is comparable, and yet it is not. Canada has a belt of cities in the US border that stretches ocean-to-ocean, and a long stretch of land northward flanked by those very same ocean (and Alaska, but let's just ignore that for my argument's sake). They can make inroads into the resource rich lands from the belt of cities or go along the coast. Russia has a developed area west of the Urals, and a long stretch of land east of it. Their stretch of land is flanked by an ocean too icy to be really useful on the north (although that is about to change), and in the south it's nothing but more empty land until you hit China or India (now there all those -istans there, but once those were also part of Russia). Russia's exploitable lands are not just bigger, but penetrating them is simply much harder because there is nothing to help you structure the process. Russia has to build cities in the middle of nowhere, and the (rail)roads to connect them to the rest of the world somehow. Meanwhile in Canada you can open a mine in the wilderness and bring the ore to the belt of cities or to either coast. Of course the latter is still an enormous challenge, but it's still nothing compared to the Siberian cities that are cut off from the world half the year.
>>15436 You raise a very good point, but those resources that are currently inefficiently exploited by state owned enterprise could have instead been exploited by efficient Russian private business with western investment instead. What is actually going happen now, is that the Chinese will further encroach on Siberia, further invest, further immigrate with hundreds of thousands of Chinese and exploit all that is there instead. Shit, it's already happening now. If China doesn't crash and they take a leading global role in another 10 to 30 years then Siberia is going to become Chinese in fifty, Beijing is closer to Siberia than Moscow is after all. >Since you sound like you actually live in Russia I'm not, but my country borders it, was also in the USSR and has a large Russian minority. >in Russia, it sounds like oligarchs use a guise of nationalism to pacify instead. Yes, but I think with Russian nationalists they often want to believe in this idea of a strong Russia, and in this current state they think this defines a strong Russia. Not another USA with world class manufacturing, massive agricultural export, world class science, but just slow depression and unrealised potential while the leader whispers sweet nothings and bullies smaller countries that border it when they get too unpopular.
>>15438 The inefficiency is a consequence of successive decades of poor decisions. The Tsars were skeptical of industrialists undermining absolutism and never pursued investment with any enthusiasm. The Soviets had investment but as communists didn't believe in commerce, and built pointless industrial cities in the middle of Siberia as some autistic labor dream. The end of the USSR had Western bankers show up like Jeffery Sachs that implemented a process of transitioning to a market economy by giving workers employed producing products that nobody wanted stocks in their state owned company, that they sold to the oligarchs because they had more pressing needs like food and housing. In the late 90s with the Russian financial crisis, the situation rapidly degenerating in Chechnya, and the Kursk submarine disaster Putin steps in from the intelligence sector and makes a devil's bargain to save the country from continued embarrassment. The late 2000s oil price spike gave the country renewed confidence in the face of the 2007 global recession hitting the West, but since then it appears to have stagnated domestically as the power brokers are entrenched and risk-averse at the cost of innovation. Having Western companies develop your shit isn't a free ride either. The British and the French bankrupted Egypt with the Suez Canal and forced them into becoming a colony. The Chinese are trying the same in Belt and Road. There were reasons for the Russians to be suspicious. With the Chinese they seem to be stuck with them as their primary lender so the Kremlin is between a rock and a hard place.
>>15432 >Nawalnij >Putin's palace Oh, alright. I thought I had to type out a serious reply there for a second. Thank god I don't have to waste anymore time on ya.
>>15435 They are Russian speaking, but they don't have an ethnic Russian majority. They are simply not interested in breaking away, because they're not russian, but Ukrainian.
>>15439 Good breakdown of the mentality that led to his power grab. I've sometimes thought of Russia setting up Hong Kong or Shenzhen type breakaway area where nothing is tied to the burden of the Kremlin, but the logistics, the geography of where to place this hypothetical area and initial cost of trying to revamp some old city would be too tough. Assuming this came out successful then the Kremlin would also get cold feet and want to reintegrate quickly. This idea is a long shot though, there's not a lot of opportunity to fill a gap, like Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Singapore and others have. >Jefferey Sachs Never knew of this person and how influential he was. Apparently he advised my own country too, but mine came out a lot better than Russia. Perhaps because it's much smaller and doesn't have any industry. And these days he shills for Biden, China and leads the UN SDG. >>15441 I guess I don't either, if you'll just deny the facts of Putin being a thief. I'm indifferent to Navalny because Russian liberals are often retarded too, but I don't see him as much worse than Putin.
>>15447 Damn, I said I didn't have to waste my time, but I really am getting hot-headed right now. If you call Putin a thief, then please provide something more waterproof than a video made by nawalnij, who is a financial criminal and prostitute of western interests, which is completely worthless. Pro-tip: you can't, because the story of Putin being a thief is a narrative of the Western powers, in order to break support for Putin and make Russia susceptible to foreign influence. I really hope my words come through to you, but I guess I'm talking against a wall. Or maybe you're a shill, I don't know, but I hope not. Take it from someone who loves his country and genuinely thinks, that Putin is a good president.
>>15448 Just watch the fucking video. Do you really, really, seriously and unironically think anyone other than Putin would have a billion euro house that big, that is guarded by the government as if it was a military installation under restricted airspace, his own helipad, his own amphitheatre, that has a winery that produces the wine that Putin himself offers at social events? I don't care about Navalny, but be fucking realistic, Putin owns that shit.
>>15447 >I've sometimes thought of Russia setting up Hong Kong or Shenzhen type breakaway area where nothing is tied to the burden of the Kremlin, but the logistics, the geography of where to place this hypothetical area and initial cost of trying to revamp some old city would be too tough They had the farfetched scheme of attracting settlers with free land in Kamkatcha or somewhere in the Russian Pacific region a while back, but since it's a desolate waste while it did have takers it isn't going to be a windfall for the country. It seems moreso to avoid depopulation in Siberia and the risk of Chinese moving in on it in the future.
>>15450 Nawalnij is full of shit. But, as you told me, i watched the video. I started to look into the case, even though it's plain obvious this is just another attempt to fuck over Russia in order for it to be taken over by westerniggers. Still, i will look into it, though i must say that now that nawalnigger has released his shitpost of a documentary, the internets have been filled with the same crap he said in his video, so it's hard for me to find the source materials he must've used for his investigations, if he did them at all. I urge you to do some research, too. It's no good to blindly trust people, especially if they obviously don't have your best interest in mind (coming from the perspective of a russian). Even though you say you don't care about nawalnij, you used his video as a source for your claims, and despite me asking you to provide other sources, you told me to "watch the fucking video", and also appealed to my common sense. The thing is, i don't just do "common sense" calculations in affairs such as these, without looking deep into it. Putin isn't the only one in Russia with access to large amounts of money, and if you account for offshore Money, there are a lot of potential suspects who could have built such an object. And after all, even considering that Putin is behind all of this, we shouldn't forget that he is a very thorough and strict person. Do you think he would've let something as stupid as botching up a buildings ventilation happen? No, he wouldn't, that's one of the problems i have with that documentation of nawalnij. In the end, i cannot hope to convince someone who has dug himself in, and mistrusts anyone who differs from his own standpoint. I just hope that you may start looking into the affair yourself, strelok, and do your research, not only in this affair, but also in every future scenario, where such stories are presented, seemingly clear and foolproof, but often built on a construct of lies and deceit. now my fingers hurt from all that typing
>>15442 Okay thanks. That makes much more sense. 2nd question. How big is the difference of Russia/Ukraine/Belarus culturally? I know that the languages are somewhat different, but is it like minor differences like spelling like US/UK (centre vs center) or is the culture very different like the US/South Africa (The Afrikaans portion, and thus only tangentally related)? I'm not well versed on Eastern European culture inb4 get out of here stalker so I'd thought I bother to ask about this. Most people where I live just view the Ukrainans and Russians as a monolithic entity and I'm pretty sure that's not the case. I just wanted the my burgerfats to get out of NATO so we could focus on the issue at home but that is a pipe dream. Пришло время. Я вижу твоё желание
>>15461 >Ukrainian, Russian, Belarus Not entirely my expertise, I don't have contacts with belarussians >Ukraine, Russia Let's start with some obvious things: Ukrainian language is kinda similar to the Russian as is austrian to german, at least from my perspective. We can understand eachother rudimentary, if talking slow and coherently, but there's a lot of different words, that are not easily understood by Russians, and vice versa. Russians have broad cultural differences between regions, as Russia is large, and many cultures intermingle on it's territory, resulting in many different variations, depending on where you go. generally speaking, Russians have more of the Slavic cultural heritage than Ukrainians, who are also divided in East and West. Western Ukrainians are generally speaking more European, sharing characteristics with polish and Hungarians. Eastern Ukrainians are more Slavic, still, they are more reclusive, and rather introverted. Russians are outgoing, and generally care about eachother and other people. Also, Russians are generally more tempted to drink and party, which resulted in the "russian drinking" stereotype. Though that is also more a west-russian thing, whereas Siberians are oftentimes more like Ukrainians, being more independent and introverted, but still ready to help anyone in need. I myself have both russian and Ukrainian roots, and I can attest to a conflict in introvertedness and outgoing character. I'm generally more reclusive though, having a hard time making new friends, those that I have though I always am ready to support. I could elaborate further, but I would need some direction to go in, lest it becomes an incoherent rant.
>>15462 >Ukrainian language is kinda similar to the Russian as is austrian to german horrible analogy. There isn't even any such thing as an "austrian language" they both just speak plain german. The way you described it, a far better comparison would be german and dutch, as those two can understand each other if they speak slowly but probably couldn't follow a native conversation.
>>15463 Dutch/German is probably a bit too far as well. The best analogy would probably be something like Danish/Norwegian or Finnish/Estonian.
>>15463 Well, formally not. Still, there are specific dialects, that are considered Austrian, one of those being the Vienna dialect, or "Wienerisch" as Germans call it. I speak German fluently, and I have a really hard time understanding that dialect. That anon probably meant exactly this dialect, even though it's not an own language. But then, there's also no formal Swiss language, and still the dialect the Swiss speak in is called "schweizerisch", "Schweizerdeutsch" or "Schwiezerdütsch".
>>15465 This is likely what anon meant. From native Russians I've talked with, Ukrainian is basically Russian with a hard-to-understand accent when talking with any Ukrainian in their thirties or older, but reading Ukrainian is basically impossible, in part because virtually all official Russian is in cursive while virtually all official Ukrainian is in print, and in part because the Ukrainian alphabet adopts Western letters for certain sounds. They have noted that the younger generations keep adding Ukrainian-original words to their everyday language so it is emerging as a fully separated language, it just won't really be there for probably another generation or three.
>>15465 I also speak German fluently and the way the Ukrainian/Russian difference was explained, there is enough of a difference to make it hard to understand for the other. That is simply not the case with Wienerisch and normal German. The German language is full of dialects and accents and always has been but not even close to the point that you would have a problem talking to each other normally. If Austrian is suddenly it's own language (which is also split into multiple different dialects, so gotta make those languages now) then there would be about 20 different languages the Germans speak. We could do that. We could also split up England and call every dialect and accent it's very own language. But we don't, because that is retarded. So either this analogy is shit or Ukrainians having their own language is just a larp and they basically speak Russian with very very minor differences.
>>15468 Ukrainian is a transitional language. It was originally Russian, then it became a specific dialect of Russian, then it became "that bastardized Russian that the bordermen speak", then they started adopting their own alphabet and we are here. Language is not a solid concept because it is constantly evolving. See pidgin English, which is technically still English but which is so different from English while adopting loanwords from other languages that it could also be considered a transitional language that might lead to something else eventually while still being roughly translatable. Also your example is shit because English is several languages smashed into one, those dialects being the standardization of those individual languages that developed.
>>15468 Okay, dann hab ich wohl nur die Wiener gesehen die völlig unverständlich schnacken, da war kaum ein Wort zu verstehen. Ukrainian is basically russian with influence from Eastern Europe. The problem are the Latin letters and the custom Ukrainian words that can't be found in russian. That's why I picked the analogy. It's not an entirely new language, it's just confusing and different enough to be considered one.
>>15470 >implying pidgin English can be called a language. Didn't know animals can talk. Anyways, the example can be made with basically any language and regional variants on it, pick your favorite. >>15471 Schätze wohl schon. War schon in Österreich und kenn auch zwei, einer spezifisch aus Wien und hatte nie Probleme. Wenn du was wirklich schlimmes hören willst, geh an die Grenzregionen zur Niederlande. An einigen Stellen ist Friesisch und Niederländisch da genau das gleiche und vermischt sich zu etwas was keins von beidem so wirklich ähnelt.
>>15468 Both Germanic and Slavic languages are prone of developing lots of dialects, combine that with a concentrated effort to strengthen the dialectical differences and set up a new standard, and with enough time you can end up with a new language. For an other example look at Slovak: eastern Slovak dialects are just a weird version of Czech, meanwhile westernmost dialects are closer to Polish and Ukrainian. And there is even a small pocket in the south-west where the local language is nearly a South Slavic dialect. For a time they just wanted to adopt standard Czech and be done with it, but then the winds changed and they adopted a transitional dialect from the middle of the country, and developed that into their literally language. Or for an even more extreme example look at France: the language of Southern France was a series of transitional dialects between the languages spoken in northern Italy and northern Spain, and it's nothing like what we think of as French. Indeed, it was a different language from the one spoken in Paris. But after the revolution of 1789 the Parisian language was enforced on all of the country, and by now that southern language is virtually extinct.
>>15473 The differences in language between northern and southern France had less to do with the French language and more with ethnic differences between the two halves. The north being Celts that got raped by Germans a lot and the south being Celts that got raped by Romans a lot. This caused a significant amount of tension throughout the middle ages until the half-German side won and then immediately decided that their number 1 goal is being anti-German, funnily enough.
>>15473 >But after the revolution of 1789 the Parisian language was enforced on all of the country, and by now that southern language is virtually extinct. Good reminder that states are the enemies of nations. polite sage for off topic
>>15489 >states are the enemy of nations I've seen this quote a few times and it's interesting. What's it from?

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