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what's a war board without a conflict?

I have a (hypothetical) scenario for you /k/ Strelok 03/27/2021 (Sat) 08:30:45 No.14377
Post the hypothetical WW3 or collapse of the world as we know it, the world has been thrown into neverending anarchy and majority of land inhabbitable. But a "few" nat-socs/fascists have created a time machine to stop this from happening. They have many equipment from all over the world, people from all over the white and asian world. But they aren't as much diffrent in idealogy And also have some plans for nuclear weapons. Let's say their manpower is around 1 million. They of course want to help the Third reich to win the second WW2. Where and when, should they go? How would it work out for them? Pic semi-unrelated
>>14377 Slaughter the whole leadership of the krauts, pastaniggers, and nips, because overall all three of them lost because they had no fucking idea what they were doing. >idealogy Nigger.
>>14378 Meant ideology. I'm ESL, faggot nigger.
>>14378 /thread
Open file (226.54 KB 1280x1280 blini_mess.jpg)
If 1000 streloks were sent back to post-BoF Germany, 100000 redditors to the US, the entirety of smug/a/ to Nippon with leftypol getting sent to the SU who would win?
>>14393 >crisis in the US over new hostage situation in japan >slightly accelerated demographic collapse in the US >??? new post-war rumors about Hitler's time soldiers, people 80 years later selling "signal kits" to inform the nazis that the bearer is Ready 2 Defend The Livingsroom despite having a 20 min mile
>>14393 WW2-era US would have just slaughtered all of the redditors, Strelok. That was the era the Americans would still kill you if they didn't like you. Nothing would have changed.
>>14377 strelok this thread already exists >>8925
>>14404 Yeah, but that's just to 1938
Stop WW1 from happening
Germany now has 1000 gassed body's. Hollywood has now 1000000 employees more. Stalin now has fun. Nippon has now a lot of useful and degenerate people who likely know where the oil in Manchuria is.
>>14457 Why would Himmler&co. put burgers and various euros sympathetic to the national socialist cause in gas chambers instead of special interrogation/autism treatment facilities?
>>14457 Yeah, but that doesn't make sence whatsoever. They are armed. What makes them from not murdering the president of america? Or killing stalin? Do you think that they didn't prepare? Tell me how much retarded are you?
>>14472 Because a group of retards in larp surplus bumbling about top level military interna would likely go through as a band of deranged and dangerous gipsies? >>14473 English isn't my first language either but Jesus Christ get a hold of yourself nigger.
>>14476 >Because a group of retards in larp surplus bumbling about top level military interna would likely go through as a band of deranged and dangerous gipsies? I never said that it takes right after the 3rd world war. It can 50 or even 100 years after that. While yeah after 100 years majority of modern weapons will be broken, but this is hypothetical scenario.
>>14476 >a group of retards in larp surplus bumbling about top level military interna Streloks volunteering for time travel wouldn't be that dumb, r-right?
>>14377 >help the Third reich The only practical way for the axis to win the second world war that's not through fiat or deus ex machina is not to start it in the first place, and convincing them to do this would be a hell of a task. Nuclear weapons plans are nothing if you haven't the fissile material to use in them, and getting that is the hardest part of building them. Bonus points though, if your operatives get them not only to not start the war, but convince the rest of the allies that Stalin is the bigger threat. Hell, Churchill hated Stalin far more than he disliked Hitler. So, everyone goes to war against gommunism, and then they'd probably end up with their lebensraum anyhow after Europe got chewed up by the war against the Soviets. Then you could just settle in and watch the slow and eventual progress toward the current year, which would probably end up more-or-less the same but with a different-ish Europe. All roads lead to clown world.
>>14537 No they don´t and building centrifuges isn´t that hard if that´s what you mean. If not I´m telling you now that all of the soviet nuclear weapons uranium came from germany and the czechs. Winning the war is also quiet easy as you just have to convince the german to give a fuck about molotov-ribbentrop = keep all of poland plus secure the baltics before the soviets do provoke them to attack, bled them out in the logistical no mans land that is eastern europe and then just win with the persian gulf oil you secured beforehand to keep the waiting bearable. Bonus: you will also receive american lend lease and the brits will be forced to peace out under your conditions.
>>14388 >14 >3 >88 Sheeeeit!!!

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