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>>1366 >suggesting the torrent above all other available formats hello glowstick. how's the nigger sitch in DC going?
>>1377 >he lives in a country where torrenting is illegal kek
>>1377 >>suggesting the torrent above all other available formats Yes because torrent don't overload servers you twat. >download on cia decentralized torrent >download on cia centralized server Nigger the whole internet has been compromised for decades If it's on archive.org it's legal (normally). This book can be legally shared/downloaded or bought. Learn how to activate "require encryption" for your torrent client if you are scared of snooping spooks. Note: it doesn't protect you if the spooks are in the swarm.
>>1444 As far as I know torrenting is not illegal anywhere. It's the sharing of illicit content that is illegal. In France the major ISPs have to send data traffic when torrent traffic is detected to an authority. Small ISPs are not required to do so. Also ISPs and other entities are forbidden to share illicit content to bait people in the swarm. In the US torrent baiting is legal. In canada it's not. Activating "require encryption" will solve ISP snooping.
>>1493 I'm not scared of you dumbass, merely pointing out your surveillance approach.
>>1366 I was in Bosnia and heard many stories from the old men who lived there. One thing that stood out was the likelihood of friendly fire- without any means to really identify anyone everyone was likely to come under fire just by being in the open. It seemed the only thing which could be done was avoid exposing yourself to more people who might (rightly or wrongly) fire on you. movement required continuous negotiation and all it took was one person not getting the memo. Following this directly was the immediate need to remain concealed and in cover for prolonged periods. If you could stay in your house and shit in a bucket for two weeks your likelihood of survival dramatically increased. There is no valid reason to go outside, nothing is more important than staying in cover. If someone calls out stay concealed and in cover. If someone needs help stay concealed and in cover. If you are hungry stay concealed and in cover, if you are worried about your family stay concealed and in cover and pray they do the same. Tunneling and the Isreali technique of soft entry creation is very valuable, turn rows of houses into corridors, tunnel under roads. One very effective strategy is using existing wires to carry goods between buildings at night or extending water pipes to provide redundancy. One time many people were looking for me, I stayed in a cupboard for three days shitting in a bottle and drinking leaking water, everyone think I run away and left. The third things that came from this was the stockpiles required to remain in cover- and this might mean a single room of your house, lying under a bed or in a ditch. With only an "iron ration" you can remain stationary for several days waiting for the opportunity to retreat. carry at all times a liter of water and a days supply of food and as a civilian you can outwait most forces. With one jar of pickles, a loaf of stale bread and a few liters water/a tap you can spend two weeks lying on the floor- it's all about willpower. Many soviet homes still have such rations stashes under floorboards by grandparents in fear of repeated looting by troops. When this virus came I went straight to the store and bought 30Kg of rice, 10kg of dry beans, pure chlorine and antibiotics. Everyone laugh at me- I am glad they live in a time of laughter. Another thing that came from this is fortification. Through history homes have been designed with defense in mind. Fire resistance, resistance to collapse, safe areas, concealment are all incorporated into many architectural styles. A stone foundation is cover and concealment from shrapnel and if the rest of the building burns down Where four solid walls converge is likely to withstand an earthquake, an underground cellar with an entrance that won't be buried will save lives. When my family was bombed the first time the house caught fire and collapsed, but the cellar door was outside and not buried. In the days after the half meter of foundation of the walls provided protection and visual barriers to stop snipers could be erected with relative safety.
>>1754 >stay concealed and in cover That's the prime truth, but the problem is when the patrols came around to loot and you were inside a house; Jihadis, both foreign and bosniaks, and albanians were particularly famous for duct taping people concealed and in cover. And then you have the whole Croat vs. Serb village parties when they searched for opponents or previously outspoken citizens. >waiting for the opportunity to retreat. But all gets invalidated by this, that's the prime act to follow. And very well mentioned, a good house foundation is mandatory, or at least a cheap basement hole that will not get buried.
>>1773 So generally you will have waves as a war progresses. First you get troops moving through on their way to the front Then you have looting parties as supplies dwindle Then you have the retreating side trying to hide among the civilian population Then you have massacres against civilian populations who are perceived to be partisan. Rape is initially only carried out by enemy forces who aren't engaged in anything more urgent or serious, but quickly foreign fighters, boredom and social isolation will see both sides committing mass rapes and abductions. I have seen villages that were destroyed 20 times over the course of a war to deny insurgents supplies. Some general advice: Identify and clear out of places that troops are likely to occupy, especially as artillery positions. Don't be in proximity to troop corridors like highways or mountain trails, as these tend to suffer repeated looting and random acts of violence by twitchy soldiers. Use shitty cover to conceal serious fortifications, if you sandbag window frames then throw a chair in front of the sandbags- by concealing your defenses people are more likely to target strong points and less likely to decide your house is a good defensive position. a hedge conceals a earth berm, a plaster wall conceals a brick wall. You might be surprised how many bullets someone will fire at something that looks like it's being damaged. Expect reprisals against anyone armed you deny food, shelter or medical aid to. To avoid being robbed I would make as though I had already been robbed- walk with plastic bags over your shoes because partisans always steal fucking shoes, bruise your cheek and rip the front pockets of your pants- hopefully they will be angry at the last guy who robbed you and not at your for already having been robbed. You might smash up your own kitchen and pull the doors off your cupboards (they are important for covering windows anyway), muddy boots and walk around everywhere (esp the toilet) to give the impression heaps of troops have already been there, leave cigarette buts on tables and dirty plates on the tables, don't clean the toilet and dirty pillows and beds. The more Arabic strategy is to drip feed resources like sharzard- always have something that is coming tomorrow, something which will take time to dig up. This is what I hear
>>1444 The thing about torrenting is if you don't use a VPN it's extremely easy to tell exactly who's downloading exactly what. Try https://iknowwhatyoudownload.com/en/peer/ for example. Using a VPN through a proper protocol tends to solve both issues. >>1496 This type of tracking doesn't even rely on ISPs cooperating. It's inherent to the P2P nature of the system.
If you live in an American cardboard house I would consider A. remove floorboards and dig down to create a shelter/ storage space/septic pit, make a trapdoor if possible. If you have to break through a slab use wood from a wall to brace the hole, smash the cement you removed and re-set it over the brace to form a trapdoor B. use the earth in plastic bags, put them in curtains to create long sandbags you can lay inside the house C. if your house is on stilts dig a trench from your hole to the perimeter for escape and build an earth berm to seal the edges of the house. D. fire-proof the house by removing useless junk to a pile somewhere, remove internal plaster so you can stop the outside of your house burning from inside, drill out to your drainpipes to divert water inside the house you can drink or fight fires with E. carpets are amazing because if you soak them in something that will harden or just cover them with dirt they provide excellent protection, you might use one to make a roof over your hole- a good source of material is plaster cornice. F. bathtubs can be put in roof spaces as water tanks and to help fight fires in the roof space, you might also want to spray something fire retardant around up there or even remove the ceiling plaster- fires start on the walls and move up to the roof. G. garden hose is great also because you can use it to drag supplies to/from neighboring structures, to provide water, for firefighting etc. take it inside and keep it intact. You are also likely to need it during tunneling H. your front door is a natural killzone, instead of fortifying it block up the doorways leading out of the hall and sandbag a pill box behind it- you want people to break in and end up stuck in a hallway with a pillbox at one end I. roof tiles create tons of shrapnel- however they work great to pave trenches cut into the ground and stop flooding, and if buried in medium/large earth berms effectively stop penetration. You have tone of them and if you remove a section of roof it's better to remove the top because it carries less water and plastic can be secured with the line of tiles on the ridges. If anything above two meters looks like an elevated fire position (because you removed low roof tiles or actually tried to build one) you are begging for snipers to move in and/or artillery to directly hit your house. J. destroying roads is very unwise, troops will dismount and clear houses expecting an ambush and likely kill anyone they suspect destroyed the road- if you try to tunnel under a road overweight trucks and armored vehicles are likely to collapse it- again the troops will suspect a IED or ambush and will just shoot at everything nearby
Some thoughts on tunneling Tunneling into colditz is a great book on this, and there are a lot of notes on narco tunnels in mexico, Afghanistan and vietnam. Illegal/wildcat mining also can teach you a lot, this is done in Africa, south east Asia Design: If you are tunneling it's safer to dig deeper and have the tunnel run uphill, simply use set lengths of string hanging from the roof to maintain direction/angle- better still a lazer. you need two kinds of support for a roof, one for weight and one to stop erosion- bed slats and floor boards are the gold standard, line them with plastic. cupboard doors, large kitchen tiles and the insulation from your roof can all be put behind supports to hold back more earth. try to make an arch shape as you dig through clay, but straight walls and complete boarding may be required in soft soil. If you make an exit ensure there is a large bend- ideally vertically. This stops blasts being channeled down the tunnel and allows the entrance/exit to be collapsed or defended. Something to consider is changing the angle of the tunnel entirely at the point of exit to mislead anyone who finds is as to where it originated- if it's in a straight line to your house it's likely troops will just guess where you are. Of course the best option is simply not to dig an exit, just close to the surface where you can break through later- although time is a key consideration. If you dig a side/branch for storing things you can collapse/dig it out again as required- cacheing things underground is enormously difficult and an artform in itself- the US army has some decent guides and you will quickly realize there are all kinds of unexpected issues. How to dig: Find a digging tool and some way to cart earth. Hammers and axes make good picks, plant pots make good buckets but so do lamp shades and the shells of electrical appliances. To remove earth use a bucket on a rope, rope can be made from twisting strips of bed sheets. Metal edging/guttering is invaluable to make a chute your bucket can travel down. You can use a hose to wet the face you are digging through but be very aware water invites collapse. Clay is a total motherfucker to dig through, I had to dig through several meters in a crawlspace and I pulled half the muscles in my body- the clayline is also where water flows underground and if you make a hole in the clay expect your tunnel to become an aquifer- to avoid this you can take the clay and actually line the outside of the tunnel in the meters preceding the clayline so water flows around your tunnel- it also means you can dig some more nice soft earth and avoid carting the clay to the end of the tunnel- but definitely line the shaft with clay because otherwise it will become a well. Where to put the removed earth: for small trenches you may get away with just mixing with water and throwing it out your window and raising the height of your back yard- but this will be visibly apparent until plants grow over it (if they do). Another option is just filling a room with dirt- while not immediately visible it's clear evidence of tunneling, some can always be used sandbagging. other options include trying to flush it into storm-water, hiding it under/inside a small shed or collapsing a structure onto a pile of dirt to conceal it. Tunneling is back breaking work so don't take it far from the entrance unless you want to spend years digging. Flooding: If you dig uphill water will flow to the start of the tunnel which makes it easy to remove, you need not be worried about being trapped by a flood unless the tunnel is very long/ low. If you use roof tiles as flooring your life becomes easier. Fire proofing: If someone finds a tunnel entrance one of the first things they will try is pouring flammable liquid into it. This is bad. The tunnel being dug uphill stops flooding- but also allows fuel to flow to the source of the tunnel. Simply put if your tunnel is short and it's found you are already fucked- however if it's long or connects to a secure underground area it's lucky you dug up into it and didn't dig it directly under your house. Direction: First dig a low escape trench, then a tunnel- if you can tunnel under an adjacent building with a cement slab you can quickly build a large and effective bunker, don't make an exit into this building- in fact you might even collapse the structure so nobody occupies it. If you dig uphill you will have the option of following the terrain and getting softer soil- or digging straight and hitting clay faster. Hitting underground structures: If you hit a gas main just ignore it, if you hit a water pipe just ignore it. not worth the risk. If you hit mains power don't get any ideas unless you have a MA in Electrical engineering and want to arc-weld or make a jackhammer. Stormdrains are likely to back up and have enough pressure to push water up into your whole system- but if the mains water is out they may be safer and you might clear a sewer pipe with them.

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