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Open file (290.89 KB 468x427 40khrsingimp.png)
3D-Printed Funs Strelok 02/04/2021 (Thu) 20:24:46 No.12908
Pic unrelated I Found these randomly in a deterencedispensed.com comments section. a /pol/ user has been posting files to a glock reciever too. Don't know how safe the links are. http://www.mediafire.com/file/2742dv81ukb0i8h/FOSSCAD_MEGA_PACK_v4.8_%2528Ishikaw https://ctrlpew.com/fgc9-file-drop-2/ After what I've seen every now and then in /pol/, I'm surprised that there has been little to no discussion on 3D printed firearms. Things about 3D-printed Firearms in general >Most are designed and tested extensively by gunsmiths and firearms enthusiasts alike. >This is most accessible to people who own a 3D printer for printing in general. >The main appeal to doing this is being able to make your own firearms without needing to do anything "official", and the hobbyist-engineer aspects of it. >Them being "ghost guns" is completely a load of media fearmongering. Caveats to 3D-Printing Firearms >The requirements to build one and keep it structurally sound are quite strict, readmes and instructions are important. some recievers you'll need to print them on an angle, with support material to match. >most jewtube vids on 3D-printed funs say that the cost to build one isn't much different than buying parts and assembling a firearm on your own. I'm not sure if that's because of parts cost, or if most 3d-printing firearms Youtubers count the printer as part of the cost of building the weapon itself. >Most design their materials around PLA, but you're best looking for specifically impact-resistant PLA. >Professionally-gunsmithed firearms are typically (touted as) safer than those with 3D-printed materials. >The liberator is at best, a proof of concept, and at worst, a way to get your fingers blown off. It really is a shit gun.
you can't 3d print a firearm. You can 3d print parts of a firearm. The only reason this "3d printed guns" thing is even a meme is because the ATF is retarded and decided a lower receiver is a "gun" and the parts of the gun that actually, you know, SHOOT THINGS are not the gun and an AR lower receiver is not technically a "lower receiver" per the law “That part of a firearm which provides housing for the hammer, bolt or breechblock, and firing mechanism, and which is usually threaded at its forward portion to receive the barrel." So you are not 3d printing a gun. At all.
and before anyone jumps in and says "but it says OR", if it's an inclusive or that means an AR upper receiver is a lower receiver because it provides housing for the bolt and if you buy an AR you are buying two guns
>>12934 There are a couple of them i would say fit the bill of being almost entirely 3d printed. There's a breach loaded .22 that uses a printed nylon barrel that only needs a rubber band as far as other parts. It still sucks dick but i think it meets the criteria. May be better to say there isn't any worth talking about. Though the FGC-9 is a bit interesting.
>>12934 3D printing is a tool like any other, same as a drill press, a dremel, or a mill or a lathe. 3d printing is great for making firearm frames and non-pressure bearing fixtures, and its conveniently able to produce the regulated parts of a firearm (at least, as theyre regulated in the united states). Sure, you can't directly print a barrel or bolt, but you know what 3d printing can do? It can print you a jig to ECM rifle a piece of pipe into a 9mm barrel. It can print a jig to let you drill a straight hole in a piece of stock steel to form a firing pin channel. It can print a reciever no problem. That's where it's a massively disruptive technology, allowing the common man anywhere with access to basic materials to make his own arms without the need for expensive machine tools. I can make an FCG-9 in a hotel room with a printer, hand drill, hacksaw, and power supply (print the parts, make the bolt out of stock from the hardware store, ECM the barrel in a bathtub, 3 days later i have a 9mm carbine). I can do this anywhere in the world without anyones permission. That's exciting. It's great that there's stuff like FDMA's glock frames, tec-9 frames, mac frames, ect ect which allow you to make an unserialized firearm as long as you can get the rest of the parts (which, at this point in the united states, are abundant and unregulated) but what i personally think is the most exciting is jigs. You can print router jigs to mill out aluminium AR recievers without a mill. You could hypothetically do all sorts of new techniques. Myself, I've been considering the ways to print jigs that allow someone to make a roller locked action with a handdrill/drill press and angle grinder using 3d printed fixtures as guides, allowing people to make rifle caliber locked breeches with minimal machine tooling and skill. THAT is what is exciting about 3d printing guns, not the idea that you hit print and get a functional glock rolling off your print bed 8 hours later.
>>12978 If you go on any 3D printing thread and ask about printing dildos you get the same stock respond. Never print something and stick it inside you, you don't know how well layers have bonded and won't know until one breaks inside you. FDM (Which you're describing in the meme threads) isn't very accurate and often warps as it cools down over time making even the most accurate things you print slightly smaller than they should be or slightly warped because the bottom layers cured faster than the top layers. If you want to risk your fire arm with unknown quality plastic bonding any where on it and warping then go ahead and print parts. Other wise stop watching meme youtube videos and talk to people with printing experience. It's high tech nigger rigging and little else.
>>12980 If you can't print a fucking calibration cube and change your slicer settings to get >1 thou accuracy you shouldn't be shittalking. Printing is a highly useful tool to the home gunsmith. What the fuck do you want, everyone to hand file raw ingots of smelted beercans into shape or remain dependent on large scale machine shops?
>>12980 Wouldn't the solution to the 3D dildo problem be to make it out of PLA and just take a lighter to the outer layer to smooth it over/melt the layers together?
>>12989 Oh look, Mr. Expert over here. He knows all about the post he just replied to, except he doesn't. 3D printing isn't magic, my posted explained all the minor issues you have with even an accurate print. Even a very dialed in machine is going to print slightly different to the design you input into it and the material is still going to change. Do you even know what happens between each layer of material being printed? I don't give a fuck what you want. I'm telling you about the experience. I own a dozen 3D printers and they aren't suitable for making what you want. You may as well nigger rig a blunderbus if you're doing anything but printing minor accessories. >>12990 No, you could remelt the PLA but it could have weak spots any way. The solution to degenerates wanting to print dildos is to print it then cash it in a safe form of rubber or latex. PLA was considered for medical purposes because 3D printing would make it easy to custom make parts but it's bonding has issues and it's very difficult to clean of bacteria. They collect not only in the layer lines but the micro joins even smaller than the layer lines. They found it impossible to clean to safe levels
Open file (155.87 KB 474x273 ClipboardImage.png)
>>12934 *blocks your path*
>>12978 The problem with the pistol frames is they can and will melt if you decide to magdump four or five mags in rather rapid succession.
>>12994 Last I checked there's models that have confirmed you can dump about 300 rounds through them before they begin to break down.
>>12991 Alright then, let me break each reason youre wrong down for you, the supposed owner of a dozen printers and supposed expert on printing errors. >FDM isnt accurate With properly tensioned belts, good quality (consistent diameter and dry) filament, new nozzle, and a stable frame, you absolutely can get accuracy and repeatability necessary to make firearms components. Fuck, I printed functional parts for an FCG-9 on pre-sliced gcode on my Ender 3. Fits and slides together like it should. >warping, inconsistent layer bonding Use an enclosure and dial in your temps nigger >layer separation print at a different angle dipshit, the AWCY Scorpion prints at 45 degrees to avoid layer separation since most of the force in a firearm is in-line with the bolt travel (at least for DI AR's and blowbacks) >they arent suitable for making what you want DetDispensed (while their jannies are a bunch of faggots) and AWCY, as well as derwood and plenty of other independent designers and smaller groups have clearly fucking demonstrated firearms with mostly printed components are entirely feasable and durable enough for a reasonable amount of practical use. I'd rather have an FCG-9 than a Luty. You seem like you're just butthurt you couldn't print an XXL horsecock and now feel compelled to spread misinformation on the capabilities of printers. Fucking ender 3 chinkshit printers in the hands of complete amateurs can and do print functional firearms components.
>>12999 >>FDM isnt accurate With properly tensioned belts, good quality (consistent diameter and dry) filament, new nozzle, and a stable frame, you absolutely can get accuracy and repeatability necessary to make firearms components. Fuck, I printed functional parts for an FCG-9 on pre-sliced gcode on my Ender 3. Fits and slides together like it should. This is wrong. Good start. >warping, inconsistent layer bonding >Use an enclosure and dial in your temps nigger Also wrong. Even controlled environments are still going to have layers which bond better than others. >Mostly printed parts Mostly. Like you're mostly straight if you ignore the cock sucking and the anal prolapse.
>>12999 (Checked) I think it's hilarious that all of the things he's saying make 3d printing unusable for gun parts apply to literally every other readily improvised method of building guns. The main advantage of 3d printing is that the printer itself isn't nearly as attention getting as a lot of other viable manufacturing methods, like setting up a backyard foundry to cast metal, and doesn't require the operator to be physically present while it's working. Other than that, it's simply the least resource intensive option for building a functional firearm, even if you still have to hand fit components.
>>13020 >this is wrong. good start. Proofs? because there's literally jewtube videos of people firing printed guns. They work. >Also wrong. Even controlled environments are still going to have layers which bond better than others. yes, that's why you use 100% infill and angle your prints to prevent layer separation due to recoil forces. You also do a bit of, yknow, actual engineering to make sure you maximize the rigidity of the space under stress, to give it a better chance of staying together. This is why you test fire. >Mostly. Like you're mostly straight if you ignore the cock sucking and the anal prolapse. What's your obsession with homosexuality, sodomite? You can't go a post without talking about sex, got something on your mind? Of course you can't print anything aside from a .380 singleshot or .22 revolver from just raw plastic. No commercial firearms are made of just plastic, why demand that 3d printed guns have no metal parts? You can print every piece that is difficult to machine aside from the barrel, bolt, and springs of a straight blowback, and print fixtures allowing you to easily make those out of hardware store parts. ECM jigs for rifling, welding jigs for bolts made from stock steel, handdrill guides for FP holes, ect ect. There's even spring winding jigs in the works by a few development groups but COTS springs have been doing the job just fine and aren't regulated components (and likely wont be). Go read the fucking FCG-9 PDF or look at any number of other printed firearms, they're way fucking easier to make and reliable compared to Lutys or that drivel ProfParabellum shits out. They're the best choice for getting secret guns, you don't have to buy anything that isn't commercally available and has an innocent excuse for ownership, you don't have to rely on smuggling networks that can rat you out, and you don't have to spend a week in your basement dremeling away at stock steel tubing to get something that *might* work.
>>13093 You are so dumb it's tiresome. 100% infill does not change how layers bond. If your layer 50 doesn't bond as well to layer 51 as it should because layers 10-20 have cooled and slightly warped it's not going to matter if it's 100% infill or not. If anything that would be worse because you're spending more time printing which means more warping over time. >If you buy all these other parts you can make a gun. And you can attach a barrel to a stick and hit it with a hammer to make a shotgun. You're mot 3D printing the gun. You're 3D printing a replacement stock. When you can print all the parts and make it fire more than once you have something. Until then you're fucking around for novelty. Just stop talking about youtube memes and get a clue kid.
Open file (84.32 KB 456x501 cold steel.jpg)
>>13098 You're so dumb it's tiresome.
Open file (245.60 KB 706x483 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (242.54 KB 634x321 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (155.53 KB 800x420 ClipboardImage.png)
What's the current apex of 3d printed handgun design? Liberator is 8 years old, and the Washbear is also half a decade old already. I know there has been various long guns made
Open file (1.79 MB 2764x1268 ClipboardImage.png)
Also, has there been any development into 3d printed "antique firearms"? Gangster made guns have existed for a while (pic related) but metallic cartridges have always been the hardest thing to obtain or make. and it seems to me that black powder (all components of which are sold freely as mundane cooking/agriculture supplies) +armstrong is far easier to accomplish than getting real ammo. It's also not legally a firearm and a big fuck you to the laws.

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