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Open file (988.18 KB 500x281 senjougahara stapler.gif)
USA AWB 2.0 thread 01/31/2021 (Sun) 01:30:54 No.12674
Get ready lads, new AWB incoming Previous riots thread is autosaging read the pdf on the first post below (error posting otherwise) or read the tl;dr >registration of all firearms at federal level >mandatory licenses with 5 (actually 3 years) registration renewal of 800 >800 fee for registration license >24 hours of training >insurance requirement * >psych eval, will interview family/coworker/exes, suicide, mental issues (depression), etc are grounds for denial Dont go to a psych doctor ever again basically >must surrender firearms upon license expiry >12 months license suspension possible >bans ammo larger than 50cal >must inform AG of loaning a firearm >10-40 year prison sentences (10-20 mimums mostly, one or two 1-5 year minimums), fines up to 150,000 >strange ass "large capacity feeding device ban", see below: >Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device Defined.—Section 921(a) of such title, as amended by section 1 of this Act, is amended by inserting after paragraph (30) the following: > The term ‘large capacity ammunition feeding device’ means a magazine, belt, drum, feed strip, or similar device that has a capacity of, or that can be readily restored or converted to accept, more than 10 rounds of ammunition, but does not include an attached tubular device designed to accept, and capable of operating only with, .22 caliber rimfire ammunition.”. >named after some Pakistani woman that got shot by family over honor killing *BTW, there are no carriers for firearms insurance, wanna guess why banks and payment processors. Other news: >blm wins peace price from sweeds, rioting no longer an issue >feds might forcibly confiscate gamestop stocks to save the banks and investment firms >everything is okay because we're undoing trumps shit -biden. >leo that died on the 6th is getting a congressional gold meda? WARNING: DON'T CLICK ON GOV LINKS UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING. This applies to the entirety of this thread - vol https://www.congress.gov/bill/117th-congress/house-bill/622?s=7&r=12 Hearing protection act is in congress again, probably gonna fail: H.R.95 - Hearing Protection Act >no more nfa silencers >premption on federal level >Not later than 365 days after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Attorney General shall destroy any registration of a silencer maintained in the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record pursuant to section 5841 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, any application to transfer filed under section 5812 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 that identifies the transferee of a silencer, and any application to make filed under section 5822 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 that identifies the maker of a silencer. >you dont get your money back for the stamp goym Other firearms legislation to keep track of: The (possibly) good: >H.R.38 - Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act >H.R.95 - Hearing Protection Act The bad: >H.R.130 - Kimberly Vaughan Firearm Safe Storage Act >H.R 135 Accidental Firearms Transfers Reporting Act of 2021 >H.R.167 - To prohibit the transfer of a firearm at a gun show by a person who is not a federally licensed firearms dealer. >H.R.121 - Gun Violence Reduction Resources Act of 2021 >H.R.125 - Gun Safety: Not Sorry Act of 2021 >H.R.133 - David’s Law >H.R.137 - Mental Health Access and Gun Violence Prevention Act of 2021 Anything by SJL is probably bad. The ??? (no text and ambiguous title) >H.R.30 - Gun Trafficking Prohibition Act >H.R 355 To require the national instant criminal background check system to notify U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the relevant State and local law enforcement agencies whenever the information available to the system indicates that a person illegally or unlawfully in the United States may be attempting to receive a firearm. >H.R.225 - To amend chapter 44 of title 18, United States Code, to more comprehensively address the interstate transportation of firearms or ammunition. >H.R.194 - To require the Inspector General, Department of Justice, to submit a report to the Congress on the number of firearm transaction denials issued by the National Instant Criminal Background Check System that are referred to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives for investigation, the number of prosecutions resulting from such investigations, and the number of firearms recovered by the Bureau in cases in which such a denial was issued after the firearm was transferred. The fuck you to republicucks: >H.R.545 - To amend title 40, United States Code, to prevent Members of Congress and their employees from carrying firearms in the Capitol building, and for other purposes. >pic unrelated
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>>12674 >flood detected >unknown error >r9k prevented one of your files from being attached fuck off captcha No pdf. Link to resolution text: https://www.congress.gov/bill/117th-congress/house-bill/127/text?format=xml
>>12680 I have no intention of obeying any of this either way, but an outright civil war or IRA tier scenario over this would be pretty great, though if the no step snake flag faggots just quietly bowed their heads and faded away into obscurity with their tails tucked between their legs that would still be pretty funny. Regardless it looks like America will be absolute heaven for serial killers in the near future, trust in the government is borderline nonexistent across the board save for the exceptionally delusional cat lady types, trust between citizens is also probably lower than it's ever been, there's about to be a whole lot more unemployed/homeless people and women prostituting themselves, the demographic issues are a powder keg that keeps getting closer and closer to going off, and cops are more incompetent and overly violent in general. I would be very surprised if the next half century passes without a gigantic uptick in serial killing.
>>12680 What's the likelihood of sliding through the Senate?
>>12683 Considering how it's a dem majority we'll be seeing this bill get to Biden's desk in no time. Even with all the new gun owners we last year what will remain consitant is their need to placate big brother so long as it's for the greater good because a new gun wasnt a necessity or "better have and not need than need and not have" life insurance. It's just like normal fags to buy the latest and greatest consumer product and end up throwing it way less than a year later for the next fad.
>>12684 If they filibuster the dems will just nuke the fili, so the republicans get the excuse "we tried" then promising to oppose the other (not so) important issues.
>>12684 I thought the senate was split 50/50.
>>12686 It is. Which means VP breaks the vote. VP is Heel's up harris and would vote dem.
this is not an AWB. This is mandatory minimum 10 years in jail for owning a firearm of any kind. If this passes it means war
Are they planning to completely ban belt-fed weapons, or will we see the belts and links banned?
>>12691 bro they're banning all guns. The bill requires a type of insurance that is not available and requires you to disclose the guns you have on a publicly searchable website including the location of the guns in your home. In order to obtain a license everyone in your house needs to consent to and pass a psych evaluation from an anti-gun psychiatrist. It's an outright ban on all firearms.
>>12693 wew if this doesn't cause an outright war then we really are the biggest cucks on the planet and everything niggerpill screeches will be proven correct.
>>12694 hopefully people chimp out when/if the senate tries to remove the filibuster to force-pass it
>>12684 I wonder what the chance of recall elections start going up to change the makeup of congress?
>>12696 Irrelevant, we're so far past the point of worrying about politics and well into the realm of worrying about networking with people around you and start leaving your fucking phones at home when you're out doing fun things if you don't already do that.
>>12697 How does one network if they've been a loner for most of their life and don't have the street smarts to attract the right people?
>>12698 Not a burger, but have you tried visiting the nearest shooting range?
>>12699 >range Different strelok, but hear me out. A lot ranges near me are closed due to muh rona, and I'd rather not deal with boomers (because for some reason the youth here hate guns and I'm not in a large city) that would in a case of an actual shooting war have an ego as big as Napoleon, the ability Lloyd Ralston Fredendal, the backstabbing of Horatio Gates and the health of Voltaire. For all the history books that shit on McClellan he seems to be a great logistian and organizer, and his memoir is forthcoming about his own weaknesses, so he gets a pass in my book
>>12698 let me know if you figure it out
>>12684 >>12686 The senate is split 50/50 and they require 60 votes to pass any of this. It will likely still pass because Republican lawmakers will cuck out were never on your side in the first place, but I imagine many of the requirements will be axed in order to get it to pass since realistically somoene could filibuster proceedings. If it's passed it will be under a different bill that it's all thrown in with.
>>12688 Nah, no one is going to obey it, but like other countries they just need to give it 10 or so years after it passes for people to slowly turn in their relatives (or have their relatives get caught) in reverse osmosis.
>>12694 >>12695 >>12704 They'll apply it extremely slowly because neither party was ever on your side, and the end result will be that blackpill was right.
>>12706 Blackpill is a retarded shortsighted kike worshiping faggot that refuses to acknowledge that sometimes random shit comes out of left field that nobody can predict including his masters and insists on trying to make everyone as depressed and hopeless as he is because at the end of the day he's just another faggot crab in a bucket full of faggot crabs.
>>12707 blackpill faggots really need to kill themselves.
>>12674 >>12680 Just upload the file to https://anonfiles.com/ and post link.
>>12674 >>12680 Just upload the file to https://anonfiles.com/ and post link.
Open file (61.46 KB 300x429 1566169598878.png)
>Europe has better gun laws than half of the states >Europe will have better gun laws the entirety of America if this goes through >possibly again because of the first AWB Why stay in this mutt shithole when the one-up it had over Europe is gone, the other being real nature.
>>13004 Europe is also a shithole. t.euro
>>13005 Seconding this
>>13004 Trust me, you're not gonna want to be in the sprawling Urban shitholes of Europe when America finally dies. Also Europe isn't just going to let you in. You're gonna have to meet several requirements just to get a work visa, let alone citizenship.
Open file (113.60 KB 1024x749 sheila-jackson-lee.jpg)
This is the creature that wants to grab your guns. Here's the breakdown on the babbling baboon. https://usefulstooges.com/2017/02/03/the-ultimate-useful-idiot/ Now the REAL question is who EXACTLY put this abomination up to it's current task, and how do we hold them accountable.
>>13004 Gun laws in Europe is basically the same situation as in America now. Individual countries (states) are less cucked than others and allow pretty decent gun cultires to exist, but the EU (federal government) works overtime to make them kowtow and it's steadily pissing off more and more people in the process and not just over guns. If the jewSA won't explode into some kind of civil conflict Europe sure as hell will, because centuries of near constant warring with each other won't be stifled by a mere decades old and already crumbling cuck government operated by filthy kikes, self-hatinh cucks, and women.
Annnnd here's the false flag lads Someone "shot up and used bombs" on the Allina Health Clinic in Buffalo, Minnesota. Bomb squad and SWAT are on scene with casualties in the "double digits" (aka 10 people). https://archive.is//40GXR https://twitter.com/zerosum24/status/1359207163994980352 I don't know about you, but those do not look bomb damage to me, either that or the attacker was using handmade piss poor pipe bombs (It looks more like boolet hitting window...) Also probably not a coincidence: https://bringmethenews.com/minnesota-news/daughter-of-mn-supreme-court-justice-allina-health-ceo-found-dead-in-iowa https://archive.is/wip/9MM9l No better source, sorry >Daughter of MN Supreme Court Justice, Allina Health CEO found dead in Iowa The 21-year-old was found dead in the parking lot of a sorority, according to police. JOE NELSONJAN 22, 2021
>>13103 Thanks for the news. Any chance you could keep from direct-linking (aka leaving the 'https' bit in) to known data-collection/reporting sites like Twitter here lad? Anoncafe/k doesn't need the referrer attention I'm sure.
>>13103 >"...Chutich is the daughter of Minnesota State Supreme Court Justice, Margaret Chutich, and Allina Health CEO, Dr. Penny Wheeler. >21yo daughter of Margaret & Penny >Margaret & Penny
Open file (506.80 KB 500x520 chaika_disgust.gif)
>>13105 >Anoncafe/k
Open file (194.79 KB 1200x1531 Dyke Justice.jpg)
>>13105 /k/ is /k/ no matter where we are you fucking nigger. There is no discharge in war. >>13103 >Suspect was a 67 year old male that the police were familiar with >Allina Health CEO, daighter of MN Supreme Court Justice, found dead >Chutich ran for re-election for the Seat 2 judge of the Minnesota Supreme Court. She won in the general election on November 6, 2018. >She was appointed to the court by Democratic Governor Mark Dayton on January 22, 2016, in order to fill the vacancy left by Justice Wilhelmina Wright's elevation to the federal bench. >Previously Chutich served as a judge at-large on the Minnesota Court of Appeals. >She was also appointed to this position by Gov. Mark Dayton in 2011. >Chutich is the first openly gay member of the state's supreme court. >“I loved being an advocate, I thought I did it well."-Chutich 2018 >Chutich’s legal experience includes serving as deputy attorney general of the Law Enforcement Section in the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office, assistant U.S. attorney for Minnesota and four years on the Minnesota Court of Appeals. Chutich, 60, also served as assistant dean at the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs. >"So when I went to [the Minnesota Supreme Court] it was like, ‘Wow, I’m going to be listened to, I’m going to be taken seriously,’ ” Chutich said. “It showed that women can perform at this top level. There is a place for women at that level.” >Only won her seat because the her competition had their judicial license suspended in 2013 and had a pending drunk driving case The Boomers have been threatening to start doing this shit since the 6th. No surprises here. BOOMERWAFFEN UPRISING NOW!
>>13103 damn I knew people in this one oh well, accelerate on, newfags
>>13110 No you didn't. if you did, you wouldn't readily share that information in consideration for OpSec. If you still insist you did, pics or you're lying.
Open file (228.92 KB 419x424 glowinthedark2.png)
>>13112 would you turn the brightness down nigger I'm trying to read 4chan
They have complete systemic capture of the USA. Shit's going to get bad.
>>13107 >>13109 Heh, fine. The point is simply don't hotlink to enemy enclaves, when doing so directly refers back to the source. Think of hotlinking like using tracer rounds at nite, only even a more clear a line straight back to the source.
>>13113 >Freudian slip >>13114 We'll be ready, friend.
>>13126 Not involved, but I personally use nitter. It's better than nothing for reducing data collection surface.
>>13141 Definitely agreed. Even when they aren't perfect proxies can often at the least provide a measure of layered separation.
>>13007 What if you can prove your ancestors come from said European country? Can't you get dual citizenship in say, Ireland if you can prove that 1 of your ancestors emigrated during the potato famine?
>>13170 No? Isn't Israel one of the only countries that actually does that one drop shit?
>>13170 Israel and Iceland are the only two countries I know of that do that, and I think even Iceland has since stopped. In order to migrate to the majority of European countries you must: >Speak the native language >Hold a bachelors degree at bare minimum (countries like Switzerland have stricter requirements) >Have someone to vouch for you >Provide some form of value to the country in the range of low six figures >Still be willing to wait several years as rapefugees push you to the back of the immigration line It's basically impossible to become a citizen in a European country these days unless you're filthy rich, a refugee, or willing to open a pajeet-tier business like a grocery store/laundromat and work it for 10+ years. As an example, I have extended family in Sweden from when my great, great grandfather came over to America in search of work in the late-1800s, and they've expressed that if I ever want to visit the country I can stay with them, but if I wanted to move to Sweden I would be stuck in the immigration process until about the time I'm 40 or 50 and be basically one pen swipe away from being sent back until I acquired a bachelors degree and met other requirements.
>>13170 >>13174 I hear you but you can always do a marriage or "marriage", that's the real fast track. Or land a job with some multinational etc. Nothing is impossible. I have friends who have moved to Europe, one couple even dirt poor who managed to live off welfare after being homeless for a while. America is a veritably a shitty place right now but at least you still have guns and still have actual free speech. Good luck friends. Remember If there's a will there's a way.
>>13198 >I hear you but you can always do a marriage or "marriage" (Western) European women are not going to marry you unless you make six figures, at which point marriage is a non-issue. >Or land a job with some multinational Multinational corporations hire SEAniggers these days. They don't want Americans because Americans demand better working conditions than slavery. 1st world countries only want you as cheap labor and in such cases the contract specifically outlines sending you back home after 2, 5, or 10 years in virtually all cases. Companies in 1st world countries are not willing to fill out the work visa requirements to let you stay because it's cheaper to do so with a Pajeet who doesn't mind working like a slave. I'm not trying to be an asshole, but I don't know where you get this optimistic idea that 1st worlders are allowed to change their nation they belong to without providing six figures or more worth of income to be taxed. >I have friends who have moved to Europe Have moved or have immigrated? Most European countries will allow you to "move" to them if you have family there or can provide a certain level of income (and they are still 1st world enough to allow you to stay when you hit hard times), but staying in Europe and immigrating to Europe are not the same thing and they WILL kick you out, likely when it's the most inconvenient for you. >America is a veritably a shitty place right now but at least you still have guns and still have actual free speech. We have guns, but freeze peaches has been a joke for over a decade now. We wouldn't be here right now if America believed in free speech. I'm perfectly content to stay in the United States because I have a stable income and skills that will allow me to stay and prosper in America for more or less the rest of my life, albeit with diminishing returns. All of this is just entertainment for me since I don't have to be involved in any of it. I'm just pointing out that even before expatriation fees and all the other bullshit the IRS will try to force on you if/when you leave, it is virtually impossible to get out unless you're willing to sacrifice your livelihood for the next 10-20 or more years to make it happen so it's not a decision that should be discussed lightly like some kind of "oh yeah, I'm just gonna leave my home country and live somewhere else lol" style remark.
>>13204 >I have friends who have moved to Europe Yes schengen laws, but their case was especially interesting on what's actually possible, they had no income either. >(Western) European women are not going to marry you unless you make six figures, at which point marriage is a non-issue. That's bullshit, but of course women do prefer money or looks, or both. Anyway the usual rules to courting apply anywhere. Both men and women are pretty lonely these days anyway I'd say, women just express it differently by either becoming shutins like men or hypersocialized dead-inside sluts(which is the thing most people criticize) Listen, I'm not saying its easy all I'm saying is that if there's a will there's a way, depending on where you go you'll have to work extra hard, again, depending on the country and what you do for a living, more international workplaces like finance, shipping, IT etc won't have too big of issues. The language barrier however in countries with small expat communities may be tough for job prospects and depending on where you'll have to work overtime on just getting a job these days with kike-rona especially. Europe has a bunch of "weird" but interesting cultures and cliques that set each country and the people that live there apart. >I don't know where you get this optimistic idea that 1st worlders are allowed to change their nation they belong to without providing six figures or more worth of income to be taxed. Where? Which country? I don't know where you get this idea from, the six figure rule is some American shit, additionally if a person gets their feet in the euro zone(just 1 country) or a job or a girlfriend to then get a job their prospects will be much easier. >All of this is just entertainment for me since I don't have to be involved in any of it. So you're not exactly arguing in good faith then and yeah moving to another country is definitely a faith thing. >I'm just pointing out that even before expatriation fees and all the other bullshit the IRS will try to force on you if/when you leave, it is virtually impossible to get out unless you're willing to sacrifice your livelihood for the next 10-20 or more years to make it happen so it's not a decision that should be discussed lightly like some kind of "oh yeah, I'm just gonna leave my home country and live somewhere else lol" style remark. LOL America has expatriation fees? Hahahaha I've read that your embassies even send you veiled threat letters when Americans actually do escape, "Are you sure you really want to renounce your citizenship bro, you won't get it back" etc I really get that Cowboys want to escape America with the impending bidet doom clown shit going on over there but IMO just stay put, if an American and comes to Europe i don't mind might be hard to find friends and network, most euros "don't like" Americans, on the same note I like the American "outgoing" and "revolutionary" attitude towards life and living better than I do the European in real life, I've always gotten along with them great. And I find that quite ironic. Just read what American expats who live in Europe say, like it's tough depending.
>>13198 >still have actual free speech We literally don't have that anymore, just slightly less restricted speech than most yuro countries. If you say anything deemed nonkosher you can kiss your job prospects goodbye in many cases and probably face violent retaliation from niggers and antifa, so while there isn't a law explicitly stating you can't express your viewpoints there are alternative ways to cow people utterly.
Open file (80.10 KB 242x317 Reimu sip.png)
>>13248 The issue isn't that there are social consequences to speech, there should always be social consequences to speech. The issue is the kinds of speech that aren't allowed and how that definition has been expanded. For instance, things I would have felt comfortable saying anonymously on the internet a decade ago would get your house raided by the police today, and police raids are equivalent to execution orders unless you are very rich or powerful in such a way that your death would be noticed due to how trigger-happy the governmental pigs are.
Open file (161.15 KB SB211.pdf)
>>13252 >speech and the 1a still exist! https://archive.is/OqIls https://apps.legislature.ky.gov/recorddocuments/bill/21RS/sb211/orig_bill.pdf (gov pos site) >see pdf attached >A person is guilty of disorderly conduct in the second degree when in a public placeand with intent to cause public inconvenience, annoyance, or alarm, or wantonly creating a risk thereof, he: >(a) Engages in fighting or in violent, tumultuous, or threatening behavior; >(b) Makes unreasonable noise; >(c) Refuses to obey an official order to disperse issued to maintain public safetyin dangerous proximity to a fire, hazard, or other emergency;[ or] >(d) Creates a hazardous or physically offensive condition by any act that serves nolegitimate purpose; or >(e) Accosts, insults, taunts, or challenges a law enforcement officer with offensive or derisive words, or by gestures or other physical contact, that would have a direct tendency to provoke a violent response from the perspective of a reasonable and prudent person. >Disorderly conduct in the second degree is a Class B misdemeanor. I hope you are joking.
You lads better get ready for CNC machines and machine lathes to be banned. Word in the pipe from my associates who work with the DOJ says that Biden's gonna try and go after CNC machines and lathes alongside the part kits. Not that banning firearms without a S/N isn't illegal because hi the NFA act says its perfectly legal not that I agree with the NFA, but just pointing out the logic here https://archive.is/Lgj7x https://nypost.com/2021/04/08/biden-announces-new-executive-orders-on-gun-control/ >The most widely anticipated measure instructs the Justice Department to issue a proposed regulation within 30 days to undermine the at-home manufacture of so-called “ghost guns,” which can be made with equipment that drills and folds metal parts. Activists who oppose gun control have promoted the technology. >Another action orders the Justice Department to issue a regulation within 60 days that would “make clear when a device marketed as a stabilizing brace effectively turns a pistol into a short-barreled rifle subject to the requirements of the National Firearms Act.” >Another Biden rule orders the Justice Department to propose model legislation on “red flag” laws that states would have the option of adopting. The president said he also wants a national red flag law. >Biden also is ordering a report from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives on the illegal firearms trade. And on Wednesday, Biden announced that he would nominate gun control advocate David Chipman to lead the ATF. In regards to the proposed ATF head, here's a snippet from a PBS interview he did: >Talking to any gun owner, a 100-round magazine is just not traditional. It's not normal. And I can't think of a purpose, beyond killing a lot of people, for having it," he said. "So if the debate is, should it be 10 or what have you, it can't be 100. And so I think there's room where we can have progress, although we will not have perfection." Source: https://www.pbs.org/newshour/show/how-limiting-high-capacity-magazines-could-reduce-the-carnage-in-mass-shootings https://archive.ph/FypW0 I've also seen claims of Chipman being at Waco and Ruby Ridge but I've not seen any proof yet. There's also some talk about making firearms/ammunition manufactures liable and banning ammo sales by non FFLs.
>>13913 So... "talk shit, get hit"* is the law now? *But only if you talk shit to cops'.
Open file (2.27 MB 1516x1082 1618039570135.png)
>>14776 >banning lathes and mills How the fuck is anyone supposed to start a small industrial business? I get it, we aren't. Slaves are supposed to serve, not build. >Service Industry And then this bit >>14776 >Talking to any gun owner, a 100-round magazine is just not traditional. It's not normal. I guess belt fed machine guns aren't traditional crew weapons, and therefore not normal. Remember this is the same faggot that posed with the still smoldering corpses at Waco.
>>14784 >small business Guess you gotta pay the tax bribe or just go get fucked. I really, really doubt that cnc/lathe ban will go through, but most likely they'll ban a certain type of lathe/cnc just like muh "assault weapon" ban. In other news, t MN just shot another black dude it looks like the female cop actually fucked up this time compared to Chauvin, she mistakes her taser for a gun AND LOOSES IT so it looks like Minneapolis burning is gonna be a statewide sport for the state again.
>>14883 That is quite the mistake. >female cop Oh. What did Darquarius do to get the taser upgrade, anyhow? News reports I've seen have been vague.
Open file (4.76 MB 1280x720 Hs7BkPmriynE61Ou.mp4)
>>14885 See video related. Source: https://twitter.com/TPostMillennial/status/1381662432142229504 >felony stop on a dindu with firearms felonies >female cop tries to restrain him and fails >dindu runs into car (that's still on) >female cop can't restrain him, draws gun but yells taser >"accidental discharge" (Words of PD not me) >guy runs her over >loses control of her firearm when he speeds away and has emotional breakdown Just look at that cop on the right at the end (the black dude) and his face going "oh shit here we go again".
>>14883 >it looks like the female cop actually fucked up this time compared to Chauvin Is that implying that Chauvin killing him was deliberate rather than accidental, or that you actually believe it was pure coincidence that he supposedly died of an OD while getting his neck kneeled on?
Open file (22.75 KB 1590x145 record.PNG)
>>14887 I don't think Chauvin killed floyd. The shit show that is the jury trial shows me that. Now if the jury convicts him then we will have seen the greatest show trial since OJ.Even if Chauvin did kill him, Floyd wasn't long for this world anyways with that degree of heart issues I think there's a reasonable chance had floyd not had heart issues it would've ended with a him getting shot with that crowd. >>14885 >>14886 I forgot to mention. Our we wuz kangz was charged with armed robbery apparently. The name is Daunte wright. MN court system is a fucking chore because they are inbetween systems right now and you can't find a list of outstanding warrants because muh privacy. It seems he might've been convicted of two petty misdemeanors in 2019 though if this is the same guy. I saw some video of the protestors trading fire with cops with fireworks against flashbangs. Whatever it is, seems like the local PD ain't fucking around versus Minneapolis PD (They are still passive idots versus versus pd down in red states though), although someone already shot up the pd station in Brooklyn Parks about half an hour ago lol.
>>14889 >I don't think Chauvin killed floyd. There is no other reasonable way to explain what happened. Even if drugs and heart issues and whatever left him in medical distress, there is absolutely nothing that makes sense for why he would continue to kneel on his neck for an entire minute even after knowing he no longer had a pulse, unless he intended to kill him. It simply makes no sense. I can't even call it mere negligence at that point. Should a cop let go of every suspect who claims "I can't breathe"? No, obviously not. But there's a difference between that and obviously-real medical distress.
>>14891 Do you not understand the concept of reasonable doubt? Plus, the Heinpinn county medical examiner explicitly stated that the victim died from lack of blood flow to the brain and not asphyxiation. That is one of the reasons the prosecution argued to have it stricken. The same prosecutor had an expert argue that a heart with the degree of blockage is perfectly fine for a medical transplant. At that stage, no boomer needs stents or blood pressure meds ever again! The defense is also arguing that Chauvin was high on adrenaline (from the hostile crowd) and couldn't judge time properly. I know that time does dilate under adrenaline, but I'm not certain if I believe the inverse in this case. Also, Chauvin to our knowledge has minimal medical training. If I was the defense, I'd be throwing the EMS under the bus since they took time (2- minutes) to leave the scene (which is SOP when the scene is dangerous, in this case agitated crowd). In addition, one of the major rulings by the judge was that was admissible in the cross-exam is that the defense got the PD chief to admit the time to the neck is less than the original time stated and they don't have a fucking idea if he was actually asphyxiating him. In an ideal jury: If Chauvin + fentalnyl killed our lord and savior, chauvin goes to jail If Chauvin killed our lord an savior, he goes to jail If fentanyl + CAD killed our lord and savior, he walks I think the 2nd and 3rd degree murder charges are bullshit since,I don't see premeditation for the former and the depraved mind for the latter. Unless we get bombshell evidence (eg; Floyd's fucking Chauvins wife and Chauvin found out or something like that). Manslaughter... I don't know. Not guilty and not proven are two very different things. I don't think the current prosecution argument proves any of them.
>>14893 Don't forget that on top of all of that it's come out now that he was kneeling on the black god-who-dindu-nuffin's shoulder. Not his neck.
>>14893 >I think the 2nd and 3rd degree murder charges are bullshit I don't what the specific laws are in that jurisdiction, so I don't know exactly how much intent or what kinds needs to be proven for the different charges they're going for. I assume they're giving the jury enough options that they can pick whatever level of intent and culpability they think fits, if any, from premeditation down to some form of negligence. >Also, Chauvin to our knowledge has minimal medical training I'm sure it depends on jurisdiction, but I was under the impression that cops usually did get at least some medical training, especially relating to drug use given how very often they encounter it. In my area at least cops have been issued naloxone kits specifically to deal with fentanyl use, so I certainly hope they get the training to go with it. Now, as yesterday's incident proves, training does not guarantee competence by any means, but then that brings its own legal consequences.
>>14883 >I really, really doubt that cnc/lathe ban will go through, but most likely they'll ban a certain type of lathe/cnc just like muh "assault weapon" ban. Once they ban one thing it will be expanded into everything. So I'm sure they'll try to ban or require licensing or age restrictions on one special low cost 3d printer, lathe, and probably that "ghost gun" mini-cnc mill, then it will expand out to every cutting machine. OY DOO YOU HAUV AH LIOSENS FO THAOT FILE? I predict a requirement to register as a hobbyist or handyman in the future, just like they did with the drones. Vid related. https://redirect.invidious.io/watch?v=pq1TXEE_QK4
>>14896 >medical training Okay, so here is what you are missing. As a first responder (EMS/FD and PD to a degree), you are not subject to good Samaritan laws. A cop usually is trained to provide AED, CPR, and or naxalone training. They are not always authorized to act on this even if they are trained by department policy. If they do it's an easy malpractice lawsuit and you get a fist shoved up your ass and fired. Now, if you are a medical provider (eg; a SWAT team medic with medical training above basic CPR, eg; Emergency Care Attendant, Licensed Paramedic, etc.), you must be first trained to perform the procedure, then you must be authorized and cleared to perform that procedure (by your institution standing protocol), and finally medical direction must not contradict your institutions standing protocol. If medical direction asks you to behead someone, you ask them, are you sure? And then proceed to do it. If Chauvin was an ECA (any ems level really, no CPR is not an EMR) and was authorized by the department to act in that authority, then yes, he 100% deserves a manslaughter/negligence charge because even the most basic EMS level that would be negligent. Most cops only have CPR training, and are not proper medical personnel, SWAT tactical medics are an exception. And if they have EMS certs, they usually are prohibited (At least where I am) from utilizing it in an official capacity per standing protocol. For instance. If I am an EMT, I am not allowed to perform IV needles because I am not trained for it. If I was trained for it by my institution, I would only be allowed to use it in my institution (eg; if I respond to mutual aid from a nearby city, I would have to follow their protocols). I've seen hospital EMTs do IV's and intubations even though its in clear violation of protocol, hospitals can get away with it because you could say that its someone else. But on an ambulance where there's only 2-3 people? Good luck convincing the jury when your under DIRECT CCTV video in the ambu.
Open file (583.09 KB 500x500 laughing mimimi 1.gif)
>>14886 >I'll tase him! >Taser! Taser! Taser!
>>14898 That's very informative, thanks. Though at the same time, isn't there a difference between specifically acting on medical training, and simply recognizing the situation and re-evaluating what you are doing?
Open file (122.09 KB 850x601 oh no.jpg)
>pic semi-related >>14900 >diff between acting and recognizing situation Yes. If I understand your question correctly. EMS are not allowed to diagnose (at least in my state, local law may differ but most follow NREMT guidelines), that you cannot diagnose something you are not trained for. For example, Paramedics in Texas (and no other state, this was a recent national EMS recert test question) are allowed to declare a person deceased but not the cause of death because the EMS is overburdened in that state by law (and that can still be overridden by on scene doctors/ medical direction). Eg; if someone comes in presenting Aortic dissection symptoms and I'm an EMT, I might know the signs, but I can't act on them except for calling for ALS (Paramedics) and I can only state signs and symptoms, unless the patient tells me themselves, then I have says something the lines upon "patient noted they may have X". From our knowledge Chauvin isn't event a BLS (Basic Life Support) provider, if anything the only thing he should have recognized is GF not breathing sooner, and started CPR if he had training. Keyword, IF. That's a big defense argument in my opinon. Chauvin, kneeling on his back, would have 1, most likely not be able to feel his breathing (because GF is like 200+ lbs and a fat fuck from what I heard, your take might vary), 2, worried about the aggressive and hostile crowd and not be paying attention, 3, stilled called for EMS as soon as he realized. Also, one thing that might work in Chauvin's favor, Keung (the asian cop) checks a radial/brachial (wrist/arm) pulse It's not clear in the statements by the prosecution which one he checked on Floyd and finds none. CPR training only allows you to check for a carotid (neck) pulse. This is a bit of a stretch but they could technically argue that Keung's fuck up may have been bad information and thus delayed treatment, I don't think it will sit well with jury and co though. They could also argue that signs he exhibited where thought to be hypotension (good luck on cross for that though), since the absence of a radical/brach means that blood pressure is at least 80/palp and/or 70/palp respectively. Although this is some EMT-B and LP stuff. If I was the defense, I'd by trying like all hell to throw EMS under the bus for taking their sweet time after arriving to leave the scene to attempt to revive him even though that is in protocol. After all, the EMS lads ain't on trial for murder. >>14899 If I ever meet a female cop, I hope to god I have a kevlar vest and a helmet because the chances of me getting shot just went up exponentially. Mainly because being male and not complying exactly as she envisioned = I feared for my life. In other news, footage of a cop in Luna County, New Mexico getting blasted and killed by some dude with a rifle on Feb 4th has been released last week. Apparently the shooter got out of jail from meth distribution and might've been distributing meth. At least the New Mexico cops that got in a firefight with him later shot straight and we don't have him living on taxpayer dime.
>>14898 Cops phased out Naxalone because the company who was making it had more demand than supply and started charging $60/syringe. Perhaps more importantly Naxalone basically "blocks" the person's high which tend to quickly escalate to physical violence, so even when EMS has it they won't use it unless the guy is both quickly dying and restrained somehow. Bunch of fucking heroin addicts have died of natural selection in my city expecting EMS/cops to use Naxalone when they OD'd and their friends called 911.
>>14893 Time dilates under adrenaline, but it becomes a matter of a minute feeling like three minutes, meaning the cop would have though he had been on the guy's neck even longer than the minute he was on his neck.
>>14907 Really? We still have Naxalone in our units. That being said, the last time a neighboring department used one they had to get six guys to hold down the patient, and they died of a heart attack shortly after.
>>14906 >If I ever meet a female cop, I hope to god I have a kevlar vest and a helmet because the chances of me getting shot just went up exponentially. Mainly because being male and not complying exactly as she envisioned = I feared for my life. I have a feeling that she might just blast you anyone once she walks up to you and notices your bulge helmet and vest. She might assume you want to shoot up a place or start a coup or something. >>14910 >they had to get six guys to hold down the patient, and they died of a heart attack shortly after. That sextuple heart attack sounds brutal.
>>14895 Is that a "we investigated ourselves and found we did nothing wrong" kneeling on his shoulder or an independent third party investigation? Because the video pretty fucking clearly shows him on his neck if this is the case I think it is.
>>14896 Cops in my jurisdiction only need an associates degree and a basic first aid/CPR class, as a point of reference. Basic first aid/CPR doesn't cover a lot of situations law enforcement would run into.
>>14912 It was admitted under cross exam by the PD chief they didn't know if he was actually kneeling on the neck or not. >>14911 >sextrupal heart attack I meant the OD died later. As much as I like GPW, I'd be surprised to see the Avengays in a ruralish fire department. >>14913 Basic first aid is not basic life support (EMS). Basic first aid is, "Do you need a bandaid tier" shit. Most time will still get sued for that lel.
>>14917 Basic first aid covers several techniques that can save a person's life if they're bleeding out or poisoned, just not advanced medical procedures that require skill.
Open file (5.66 MB 1280x720 LNxpqDLlAQEMAIIr.mp4)
Open file (165.73 KB 1140x1280 Ey3ufn7WUAMlnu0.jpg)
>>14926 >That clip That's from last month. Sometimes I think the man is a time-traveler.
>>14927 Are you trying to imply that Sam Hyde is actually John Titor?
>>14929 He's more convincing than Titor was, heh.
>>14926 He can't keep getting away with it
Open file (115.81 KB 1318x688 Taser Genders.jpg)
Open file (42.25 KB 587x518 Taser him.jpg)
>>14950 Surely the ATF wouldn't dare apprehend a feminist gunshop with an all-female staff selling optionally lethal rape defense weapons to fellow womens.
Open file (108.82 KB 727x762 fuck around get shot.JPG)
Protip: When donating to fuck around and find out, don't use your goverment email. IF you were following opsec you wouldn't have this issue but I digress.... Yes, I know is a retard checkmark and a guardian link, but point stands. https://twitter.com/FollowWIN/status/1383252307358277633 https://archive.is/aol1 https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/apr/16/us-police-officers-public-officials-crowdfunding-website-data-breach https://archive.is/NwKEa They are getting hammered in the comments LOL >One donation for $25, made on 3 September last year, was made anonymously, but associated with the official email address for Sgt William Kelly, who currently serves as the executive officer of internal affairs in the Norfolk police department in Virginia. >That donation also carried a comment, reading: “God bless. Thank you for your courage. Keep your head up. You’ve done nothing wrong.” > The comment continued: “Every rank and file police officer supports you. Don’t be discouraged by actions of the political class of law enforcement leadership.” >Another Rittenhouse donor using an official email address was Craig Shepherd, who public records show is a paramedic in Utah. This donor gave $10 to Rittenhouse on 30 August. >Donations also came to Rittenhouse associated with official email addresses for Keith Silvers, and employee of the city of Huntsville, Alabama, and another $100 was associated with the official address of Michael Crosley, an engineer at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, a body which is charged with maintaining the US’s nuclear weapons stockpile. >Meanwhile, several Wisconsin police officers donated to a fundraiser, “Support Rusten Sheskey”, held for the Kenosha police department officer whose shooting of a black man, Jacob Blake, led to the protests that drew Rittenhouse to the city. >Two $20 donations to Sheskey’s fund were associated with email addresses of a pair of lieutenants in Green Bay, Wisconsin’s police department. One, given under the name, “GBPD Officer”, was tied to an address associated with Chad Ramos, a training lieutenant in the department; another anonymous donation was associated with Keith A Gehring, who is listed as a school resources officer lieutenant. >Another donation to Sheskey was associated with the official email address of officer Pat Gainer of the Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin police department. Given under the screen name “PPPD Motor 179”, the donation also carried the comment: “Stay strong brother.” >About 32 more donations, totaling more than $5,000, came to Sheskey from private email addresses associated with Kenosha officers, but under badge numbers rather than names. >More anonymous donations on the site came from city employees of Houston, Texas, who were objecting to the actions of the then police chief, Art Acevedo, who fired four Houston police officers after they shot and killed a man, Nicolas Chavez, who was on his knees, and in an apparent mental health crisis. >One anonymous donation of $100 was associated with the official address of that city’s fire chief, Samuel Peña, who has himself faced recent employee revolts over cost-cutting, but who has been publicly supportive of Acevedo, describing him in a tweet as a “brother & partner in Public Safety” in March, when Acevedo announced that he would be taking up an appointment as Miami’s chief of police. >Another anonymous donation of $400 was attributed in site data to an email linked to Chris Andersen and carried the comment: “I think that Chief Acevedo is part of the ‘unrecognized form of police corruption’ that Chris Anderson [sic] wrote about in his book’. Hang in there guys!!!”
Open file (629.75 KB 1048x1185 glass door.png)
>>15003 I think you made a mistake with that one archive.
>>15004 Gotta say, that is a sexy glass door.
Jury just returned a verdict on Chauvin 2nd degree murder: Guilty 3rd degree murder: Guilty 2nd degree manslaughter: Guilty
>>15033 He had no chance, after looking at the juror list i knew there was no other possibility. Hopefully we'll get some celebratory riots.
>>15034 Yeah I know, mostly white liberals and blacks. My guess: MN still burns because of the other cop in Brooklyn Center. Star Tribune already doxxed the jury afaik. The only hope he was the 50s white lady who was a nurse being a holdout. The others already brought into the BLM meme and muh police bruhtality.
>>15035 >The others already brought into the BLM meme and muh police bruhtality. Where do you niggers come from defending the police when the police are the most active arm after the ATF in making your hobbies illegal? This was a clear-cut case from the very beginning and it's pretty disgusting that there was ever a controversy about the results. If an officer had done this to someone in the 70s they would have been found guilty of first degree murder, niggers nigging or not. Police brutality is a real threat and it's the reason groups like the ATF can get away with deliberately burning down someone's home.
>>15046 You're not wrong, but the problem is how politicized this has become, it's not just an isolated case of police brutality, it's an endorsement on their entire narrative of racism in the west. And i still have serious doubts it was Chauvin and not the drugs what killed floyd.
>>15047 It's entirely possible that the jury was swayed by the very real threat of harm or violence against them or their communities. Murder is a definite reach. Manslaughter less so, but all three charges guilty? I guess we'll see if that appeases the beast. If I had to guess, though, I'd say no.
>>15048 I imagine you'll see police union protests in the next few months and likely some shootings from niggers/antifa picking fights with the off-duty officers. Ultimately the important takeaway is that the police will be butthurt and hopefully stop with the illusion that they're the friends of conservatives/white people, thus shooting themselves in the foot and speeding up the collapse.
>>15049 Boomers are still attached to the notion of Officer Friendly, and will be the largest obstacle toward mitigating the police. Most of us younger than 60 know the cops will turn on us regardless. If the mask comes off the police, and we see a movement away from huge, massively-expensive police departments, it could end up being a net positive, as communities would have more say in how they're policed. Thus, we could watch heavily liberal areas eat themselves, and more moderate/conservative areas strengthen. Possibly.
>>15046 How the fuck am I defending cops? I'm simply stating that Chauvin was fucked from the beginning. They gave him a sliver enough of a hope for him to take a jury trial over a bench one. Looks like Cincinnati gonna burn tonight, cops just shot a 15 year old black "girl" landwhale with a knife.
>>15046 >This was a clear-cut case from the very beginning and it's pretty disgusting that there was ever a controversy about the results. Yes, the case was open and shut. Floyd died of asphyxiation from rigidity of the diaphragm, chest wall, and upper airway (commonly called "wooden chest syndrome", see https://www.practicalpainmanagement.com/resources/news-and-research/fentanyl-its-analogues-lead-wooden-chest-syndrome and https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/23546488/) brought on by enough Fentanyl in his bloodstream to kill a horse because he'd swallowed it to hide it from the police (which he'd also done a year earlier with percocet), while the ambulance (which had been summoned by and then hurried up by the police) was on its way. The body cam footage showed Floyd complaining of severe breathing trouble prior to being put on the ground (at Floyd's own request), both his autopsies tried but couldn't show any evidence that his asphyxiation was caused by the knee (only that his head was pressed against the pavement) and his tox report showed blood fentanyl concentrations three times the average overdose death level. The cops had him in a brutal-looking hold but that didn't kill him. Just because cops aren't our friends doesn't mean we should accept this made-up casus belli. Pretty decent review of this hypothesis at https://anosognosic.substack.com/p/george-floyd-died-of-a-drug-overdose with more complete sources, including a debunking review of "compression asphyxia". Now that the jury has delivered the verdict for which it was built (review its composition if you want some keks), this page of history has been locked in and the ratchet continues to tighten. Good luck, burgers, you're going to need it.
>>15050 No, it's going to go towards a nationalized police force. Where DC kikes choose the policies and officers to deploy to each jurisdiction, meaning no friendly cops in small towns anymore. Just 90 IQ, soulless mystery meats ready to do whatever their handlers tell them.
>>15055 Wouldn't the police be better evolved to the state level? Nationalizing all police would be a terrible power grab (not to mention horrendously inefficient, not that making police effective would be the objective), but organizing police forces at the purely local level has also lead to some pretty nasty corruption issues, problems with predatory fines as revenue raising tactics, and so on. It seems that Local Area Commands (or whatever the burger equivalent is) could be subordinated to state-level organization (and Internal Affairs) without losing their local beat knowledge, as in other Anglo nations. That said, given everything else we've seen and the other cancerous patterns that US cops at all levels have developed, I wouldn't be surprised if all the mythical "friendly local cops" have long been chased out of the forces in preparation for further suppression of "undesirable" parts of the US population.
>>15056 >Nationalizing all police would be a terrible power grab That's the point. What >>15055 doesn't understand, or want to accept is that anything which exposes law enforcement villainy is ultimately good. This is /k/ for god's sake. Any law enforcer who infringes on natural rights, including the rights to keep and bear arms, or speak an opinion deserves to be treated like the latest scapegoat. Protip: They all infringe on natural rights.
bidup's executive action on 80% plus some other shit leaked. big plans to redefine receivers and "readily convertible", mandate the serialization of parts, require FFL's to keep records indefinitely instead of 20yrs. summary: https://thereload.com/leaked-atf-document-details-biden-plans-to-ban-ghost-guns/ document: https://thereload.com/app/uploads/2021/04/Definition-of-Frame-or-Receiver.NPRM_.Clean-Draft-OGC-HQS.pdf
Open file (1.21 MB 1024x1448 nfa chart.png)
>>15059 >readily convertible Such a vague phrase allows law enforcement to say "that object can be used to readily convert something into a firearm".
>>12693 >pass a psych evaluation from an anti-gun psychiatris good luck even getting an appointment for your eval unless it's court ordered and the waiting list is probably worse now then ever before.

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