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what's a war board without a conflict?

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/ak/ thread Strelok 01/06/2021 (Wed) 07:45:59 No.11734
Are you watching STALKER with lesbians (Urasekai Picnic) this season anon?
>>11734 Why does ak-107 look so wierd? And what's the point of the upgrade? Also what does /k/ think of vz.58?
Open file (513.29 KB 1191x1536 Luger P08.png)
Open file (473.25 KB 1191x1536 Luger P08damaged.png)
Open file (646.19 KB 1191x1536 Mauser C96.png)
Open file (687.67 KB 1191x1536 Mauser C96damaged.png)
>>11738 We have both the /k/anteen and the QTDDTOT for such questions.
>>11734 Ochhh damn, this looks really good. I hope a non-pozzed fansub-group will take on the translation
I feel sad for this thread, so here are some pictures that involve swords and guns.
Open file (1.80 MB 1280x4258 boatautism.png)
>>11734 >Still no southern victory 2 the electric boogaloo animu Trash. Are they afriad of it?
Open file (7.38 MB 720x405 counter-spergout.webm)
>>15827 Anon, we can't understand you if you refuse to make clear what the ever loving fuck you are talking about.
>>15829 I just want to see a southern victory inspired animu.
>>15829 He wants an anime about a fictional universe in which the South won the American Civil war.
>>15841 Is that a problem?
>>11734 Just watched the first episode. I thought you were exaggerating when you called it STALKER with lesbians. Boy am I glad to be wrong. It Opens showing a similar scene to The Stalker lying in the grass, and they go to retrive their "bolts" like in the movie. They keep the russian guns from the game, rather than the tommy guns from the movie. Talk about a statement of intent. Looking forward to seeing the rest!
>>11734 watched it. It's really cool, even though i wish they picked up more artifacts from the otherside. definitly worth watching.
>>16260 The original Stalker story was called "Roadside Picnic" after all.
>>15829 Also is the webm real?
>>16298 It certainly exists, but the subs have nothing to do with what they say. In the original scene she freaks out because the boy is an edgelord who constantly references western mythology and doesn't explain anything to her.

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