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what's a war board without a conflict?

Medieval and premedieval equipment and tactics Strelok 01/02/2021 (Sat) 18:48:40 No.11609
A thread dedicated to medieval and premedieval equipment and tactics. I don't know what to say
Longer pointy stick wins.
>>12086 What if short pointy stick, but thrown?
>>12149 Bring big round flat stick with your long pointy stick.
>>12150 Big round flat stick only work from front. Bring rock shirt block all side.
>>12151 Rock shirt make you slow, big dog like but not dogs animals will catch you.
>>11609 How would warfare evolve if we remained in the modern day, but all of the gunpowder and explosive charges stopped working?
>>12156 That is practically the plot of the Emberverse series. Guns and Gas stop working as they should so people go full medieval on one another.
>>12152 Then get bungas to stand in line with rock shirt big round flat rock and longest pointy stick so big dog like but not dogs animals get poked.
>>12156 What about layzers.
>>12167 I'm so much learned for e-mail being the second line tgat I cannot seem to learn.
>>12167 Well yes they might invent lasers but they would have the restriction of either being incredibly short ranged or only useful as artillery.
>>11609 Could Alexander have beaten the Chinese if the Himalayas hadn't been in the way?
>>12226 If his men didn't bitch out and force him to return to Greece like they did in India, then yes. The China was not yet unified and was in the middle of it's first warring states period at the time. Had Alexander been able to get his army there, he would have steamrolled them.
>>12229 Would you really go so far to conquer the land of poo, though?
>>12086 Then what is the explanation for the Roman legions besting the Greek phalanx? I'm not shitposting, it really looks like an anomaly that there was a single empire whose preferred tactic was to stab the enemy to death with a short sword, even though everywhere else the spear reigns supreme. Of course the Mediterranean area and Europe in those times seems to be rather big on swords, so it wasn't something only done by the Romans. But then Rome falls, and spears become the infantry's main weapon in those areas.
>>12277 The roman's strength relied more in organization and logistics than in plan melee, though with their big shields and heavy armor they could get very close to the enemy in battle, those are things that the Germanic tribes that replaced the Romans simply couldn't replicate.
>>12278 >>12277 As far as I can remember rome by the end used spears as main infantry weapon >>12277 Also I think that greece was conquered before marian reforms, but the conquest of egypt was finnished in 37 bc. So. As far as I can remember rome did use javelins so that might be a factor too. Also the pikes are usefull at only a specific range which the romans could just rush in.
>>12277 Flexibility of the maniple system combined with the superior numbers. It doesn't matter how fancy lines your enemies have if you have more people that can just walk past them and stab them in the back. And even if that doesn't work first time, it will work eventually if enough bodies are thrown at it. I think that the real issue here that should warrant further investigation is the whole industrial backbone that made raising new armies in a relatively short order even possible. How, exactly, did the post-Marian roman legionary end up getting his equipment, how it was decided what manner of equipment was to be standardized on, and how that said equipment was manufactured, and where?
>>12280 "Roman" legions by the end also consisted almost entirely of said Germanic tribesmen so there's probably a connection there. Unless you're counting the Byzantine empire too, but I don't know all that much about them yet.
>>12277 My memory on this subject matter is a bit shaky but what i recall is the romans have deeper rows and were narrower (less files) than a phalanx which allowed them to have more "platoons" that could out maneuvor the greeks. I think spears have always been the apex infantry mans weapon in melee since cavalry was common in ALL militaries at one point or another which spears formations were useful at keeping at bay. Maybe theres a cause and effect relationship between horsetactics being used by eastern invading armies to out maneauver the romans and spears suddenly becoming standard. Same with infantry becoming more lightly armored or maybe the knowledge was lost in the times rome was being sacked.
>>12277 To add to the other posts. The phalanx was a very rigid formation with a weak right side as the shields were all carried on the left (This why the experienced fighters were put on the right side to compensate), so when an enemy army managed to flank that side or break through the line the phalanx usually collapsed. The Romans used more flexible formations that were spread thinner which made flanking the phalanx easier. Additionally the Romans used the pilum/pila (Javelins), The pilum is debatably a specialized anti-shield weapon which could be used to harass the phalanx from a longer distance than the long pointy sticks could reach. Then when the (western) roman empire was reaching its end-of-life and after its collapse, the states that sprung up were significantly poorer and with less disciplined armies at which point the cheap pointy stick becomes much more economical and practical in the hands of the largely untrained masses. You should also be aware that an army that could rival the roman legions at their peak does not appear in Europe until well after the medieval period.
>>12163 But then other tribe make tiny tiny stick into grug with bendy stick long long way many holes in arm and leg. Big round flat rock work many times yes but not always times. If other grug have many many tiny tiny stick then all grug bunga make red water and walk with ancestor.

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