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Riots Strelok 06/01/2020 (Mon) 05:40:54 No.1117
There be riots. This be them riot posts. Them police be shootin gud bois. Post your riot shit here so the China Flu thread isn't cluttered.
Maybe this time the National Guard can disperse the nigger riots and not just act as glorified traffic cops.
>>1118 >pic 2 I actually felt sorry for the guy thinking he was some poor retarded fuck who couldn't get a gun. Guess he's just retarded and thinks guns are white supremacy and all the while spouting shit like "real men use their fists". Also >Brandon Martinez >Groids >The jews What the fuck website is this. Is this some shitty stormfront replacement but now with writers hired from home depot? Or is calling them groids and naming the jew the new hotness on mainstream-ish news?
Can we keep this to one thread at a time lads? >Happenings (civil unrest, mass shooting, etc) generally do not merit a thread on /k/ as this is not intended to be a board for discussing current events. Unless you have some specific reason for why a current event needs to go on /k/, please post your thread there.
>>1125 We can talk about general riot tactics and what is being used or should be used. I for one am interested in whether either side will use drones. I saw a few in some vids, but it seemed more for taking videos rather then equipment against the cops. I know anti-drone technology has been becoming more in use with the military and the police force in America usually gets military hardware after a while. Would be interested to see if such weapons are used to disable and if drones are better suited for the police as rioters wouldn't be able to do shit to them.
>>1126 Police/miliraty (I forget which) already flew an unarmed (Predator B??) drone over protests for recon.
>>1125 Can mod moved posts?
>>1126 There's also the gorilla warfare aspect of this if it ends up developing like conflicts in africa. And how to survive in the midst of them. Though the OP should be properly made I guess, placing these factors on it
>>1125 >Unless you have some specific reason for why a current event needs to go on /k/, please post your thread there. The current riots feature multiple evolutions of riot tactics. So far we've seen the effects of anti-calvalry offensives, and the return of seige tactics on the side of protesters. The government supports you if you get permission to demonstrate from the government; therefore, anything other than "illegal gatherings" aren't protests. On the side of enforcers we've seen the deployment of surveillance drones capable of 14 hour loiter times, along with the first mass deployment of pepper pellets. The somewhat new tactic used by riot police is using rapid response vehicle tactics against protesters. There's also the fact that this is mirroring the early days of the Arab Spring.
Open file (117.44 KB 918x744 asa59tu2.jpg)
>>1131 >last spoiler That's a frightening thing, does this mean that the USA will become this decade's Syria or Lybia?
What have Spics been doing in all this?
Makes me wonder. Why didn't they already use the ol' tank against the riots it's technically un destructible for the nog and retardfa?
>>1137 *Undestructible
>>1137 Because they are still trying to minimize deaths at this point.
>>1137 It's indestructible, not undestructible. And the answer to your question is optics. It's retarded, but that is the answer.
>>1137 Because the Minnesota governor and Minneapolis mayor are both pussies who cried on stream about how people are being mean to them as their city burnt.
>>1133 The difference is that if the US lights off, the entire world does. Since the tatters of Pax Americana is essentially the only thing holding the world back from a massive world-wide war. As if that wasn't bad enough, then you also have to realize that after the 2nd American Civil War ends, there's a high chance the US will go full on heartless empire mode and start employing jackboots to throats and expanding, becoming this millennium's Roman Empire and no longer caring about what power man should or should not have, breaking out the stranger-than-sci-fi black projects they've been building up in the vaults for the last half century. THAT is what you should be concerned about.
>>1142 >massive world-wide war Will that be similar to WW1 and 2 with large alliances fighting each other or will it be 6 million simultaneous regional conflicts bundled together?
>>1143 First the former and then the latter.
>>1143 The latter followed by the former, if there is enough manpower left. Internal tensions across the world are in general too high to allow for major multi-national alliances forming at first. Only when new dominant hegemons have established themselves and the less fortunate powers have to start picking sides will it shift over to a proper world war 3 scenario.
>>1145 >>1143 Little bit of column A, little bit of column B would be my estimate. You've got a couple larger countries, China, Russia, that are known to be aggressive and surrounding countries will be forced to ally to not get Belgium'd. Then you have all the little hatreds within so many countries and between countries, religious, tribal, etc. The entire third and second world is going to party like it's 410,
>>1131 >The somewhat new tactic used by riot police is using rapid response vehicle tactics against protesters. Isn't that pretty much what the RUC established as effective in The Troubles? Ride in and snatch the ringleaders in a specially modified vehicle. Less effective against headless looting of course.
>>1137 They tried emulating Baltimore and just let the rioters act like retards to save public image. In their infinite wisdom, they also decided to take it one step further and give them complete free reign over the city.
>>1147 >RUC established as effective in The Troubles I had to look this up because I've never heard of it called that. What's frightening is that I've been seeing parallels between whats happening and that mess. The main difference between that and this, is this time they're not focusing on ringleaders. The riot squads are just picking up randos, hopping on the sides of trucks, and hauling ass to the next frontline. I've never seen this response from riot squads in the 20+ years I've been paying attention, which makes me believe that they've prepared for large scale unrest.
Open file (107.44 KB 1165x947 g.jpg)
>American disorder will finally put an end to Hollywood "cultural" exports >the warlord / unification wars era will lead to media of actual historical value >Q revealed to be a LARP for boomers to excuse themselves from having to do anything, now nobody is coming to save them
>>1148 >riot leaders Funny shitpost but is that even a thing? Protests like Hong Kong embraced the 'be water' tactic emphasizing decentralization so there aren't any easy targets to arrest/assassinate.
>>1150 >Q revealed to be a LARP for boomers It's like Scientology, only those who are already hooked or ignorant-class retarded can possibly still believe it. It's provably a LARP (or op). It's so much fun when we get a Qvangelist come over to my non webring homeboard and give a schizophrenic ramble ending with the 'TRUST GOD TRUST Q TRUST AMERICA TRUST FREEDOM' sign off. The whole board just mocks them.
>>1152 (note: provably is not a typo)
How much looting and rioting more can American infrastructure/public services take before going FUBAR?
Open file (1.05 MB 480x270 -vSnqEl89sMVOxLa.mp4)
mfw dallas pd learned how to do drive by shootings
>>1154 Realistically, about 2 to 3 hundred times what is going on right now. US Infrastructure is actually very resistant to this type of damage, but extremely weak to things such as EMPs or destruction of the powergrid. Which is something the apes for some reason aren't exactly attacking en masse - they've hit what, one power plant?
Open file (196.00 KB 1024x682 NI.jpg)
>>1147 Not really, all the leaders were controlled opposition and they got lesser people to snitch on eachother. if they wanted to arrest someone they would have just went to their house in the morning and arrested them no problem, but they didnt need any evidence to arrest people so they just tortured anyone. they only ever used the armoured land rover whilst the military used APCs. rapid response vehicles are ineffective because the street layouts are fucked. >>1149 >this time they're not focusing on ringleaders. The riot squads are just picking up randos, hopping on the sides of trucks, and hauling ass to the next frontline. Thats exactly what happened during the troubles you dumb nigger, they beat the shit out of random people or shot them or tortured them. the main difference between the troubles and the nigger riots is that there wont be any resistance to martial law from US militia groups >I've never heard of it called that. Thats what it was always called, what did you call it?
ITS HAPPENING. PUCKER YOUR ASSHOLES AND GET READY FOR KENT STATE 2.0 https://www.whas11.com/article/news/crime/deadly-shooting-louisville-26th-broadway/417-a9c1fd07-2e73-45d7-aa81-9b9b8bb674dc >https://web.archive.org/web/20200601152201/https://www.whas11.com/article/news/crime/deadly-shooting-louisville-26th-broadway/417-a9c1fd07-2e73-45d7-aa81-9b9b8bb674dc can someone get it on a better archive link... sorry. >According to LMPD Chief Conrad, officers and National Guard soldiers were sent to Dino's Food Mart on 26th and Broadway around 12:15 a.m. on June 1 to break up a large crowd that had gathered in the parking lot. As they began clearing the lot, someone in the crowd began shooting at them. Both LMPD officers and National Guard soldiers returned fire. At some point, a man was shot and killed.
>>1142 >The difference is that if the US lights off, the entire world does. Poor little burgerboy overestimates the value of his country.
>>1125 >>1128 I've been a lazy faggot with moderating due to frequent site downtime. When I get back from work I'll migrate the posts from the kungflu thread
>>1160 thanks strelok. The little things really do make a difference.
So is /k/ going to do anything or play internet tough guy like usual?
doing you're mom retard
>>1162 do anything about what?
>>1162 Someone needs to bring the cum brownies before /k/ can organise an anti-nigger militia
>>1162 I can't do anything here from Germany. I couldn't shoot brown skinned people even if I wanted as they are all still in their Corona cages(rapefugee camp).
>>1156 That might be true about the physical infrastructure but what about the human infrastructure? Acquiring food will be difficult for niggers when truck drivers refuse to enter any large city, every KFC that hasn't been looted has closed down for fear of getting looted and not a single gas station in a 20 mile radius from the ghetto has been left untorched.
Open file (8.37 MB 720x896 ZetgY-2M98EDNy4w.mp4)
Open file (6.13 MB 1280x720 Ws1VQr0IpYSoePEq.mp4)
Zogbots being zogbots, also some conveniently placed bricks.
>>1164 >wanting the fire to stop rising. i can't imagine why anyone would want to do this.
>>1167 While all of that is true, the question was the AMERICAN infrastructure. Jokes aside, that doesn't actually change much as the big cities don't really contribute much to the infrastructure system with the exception of things like automotive parts - most of which can be sourced from alternative plants in places that don't give half a shit about the riots. When the nigger zed hoard starts starving, then one of two things start happening: 1) They migrate like swarms of locusts and get blown up by the military (that is probably the only way to piss them off enough to act) 2) 'relief packages' get air dropped into the city and within days niggers are out in the streets performing dances to the gods of the large flying things as members of a newly formed cargo cult. What you describe can only be good things, in short.
>if you kill niggers, they win A bunch of MIGAfags killing niggers and zogbots because Q told them to would turn it into a racewar. But no one needs to kill them since corona will end get them turning america into one big dead nigger storage
>>1134 You can see spics looting in a lot of these videos.
>>1159 Yeah all those military bases across the globe will just sit by and twiddle their thumbs.
>>1162 >are the internet people I like to mock going to do anything while I sit around and do the same amount of nothing I mock them for doing You can always be the change you want to see.
>>1162 As soon as you turn this thread into something resembling /k/ related discussion instead of seething like a newfag /pol/ convert.
>>1162 Why don't you do something, Fed-kun?
>>1152 That the entity known as Q both exists, and works closely with the president, is beyond reproach to those who have done any research into it. Whether Q is a psyop to emotionally disarm the public, is not so easily contained within that body of research. Logical thinking, anons.
>>1117 Holy fuck where is that was this during these current riots?
>>1179 OP's video is years old.
>>1180 Okay thank you
>>1118 i cant do twitter. can someone find the tweet of the account claiming to be the guy in the video? last thing i want to do is spread a video of a white guy being assaulted by nogs and calling the white guy a liberal if he wasnt. the article claims the account claimed to be the guy in the video but doesnt post that info. i would also like to see the tweet he was replying to in the 4th tweet. the 3 tweets about catholics isnt enough to condemn him since hes just pointing it out and not actually even saying if the racism is justified or not. whenever im accessing twitter nothing loads right possibly due to region lock. no idea but the site never works right for me, but there is a possibility i just have no idea how to use it.
>>1188 The eternal chicano is just an americanized southern mexican, with both its strenghts and weaknesses.
>>1190 Frankly I'd rather have to deal with the Aztecs than the Congolese.
Will Democrats just send rioters to vandalize and burn all the voting machines in Red districts come the election this year only for activated libertarian Qoomers/pissed off cops and militiamen to drive them into Blue districts instead where they continue looting and rioting regardless? Will there even be an election?
>>1174 >You can always be the change you want to see. I would love to see the rioters' reaction if someone said this in reference to the police.
>>1192 Speaking in extreme technicals, aztecs are extinct and their closest cousins are already inside the rez in New Mexico and Arizona. You are dealing with a species nearly as treacherous as the han and nearly as savage as the kaffir, i rather deal with the latter because they are not as cunning and malicious, they are just plain mentally retarded with a touch of uncontrolled power trips.
82nd is being sent to DC
>>1196 Considering only like two cops have been killed in this debacle so far I have a feeling they'd just give you some generic rebuttal about nazis or racism before assaulting you for daring to tell them to hurt the people they actually take issue with.
>>1212 You can't argue with people who want you dead. (aka you can't negotiate with terrorists) I stopped actually arguing with them years ago. Everything I do is to make them angry and sloppy now, or misdirect them.
Beginning the post migration, because Lynxchan is shit or I'm stupid and haven't figured out how yet the posts need to be manually re-written and posted by me. Some of these posts are a few days old so please don't flood the thread with >HEY RETARD YOU'RE BEHIND
Edited last time by activeshooter on 06/02/2020 (Tue) 00:52:24.
(5/27) Any Minneapolis Anons here? How bad is the Chimpout?
>>1219 imagine if whites had a chimpout like this. they would only need one
>>1219 Due to the pandemic, they've been ordered to chimp in for now.
>>1219 >chimpingout >not all of them are wearing masks Nice.webm
>>1223 >dup about to shut down (((fact))) checking kikery on twatter >niggers rioting >airborne AIDS flying around >Chinks on war footing >economy fucked, mass unemployment Is it time for civil war yet?
>>1226 >fish eyed white girls trying to justify their nigger tier behavior.
>>1226 >This video has been removed for violating YouTube's policy on hate speech. Learn more about combating hate speech in your country. Ayyylmao >>1225 >coronachan floating around >lets try to kill her with fire Its this part of the plan?
>>1228 Is there another stream available?
>>1227 Tis the season to be rioting.
>>1212 I was implying that if they want to see the police change, they should join up themselves and not protect crooked cops. However, I already know the reaction I'd get because they're not legitimately interested in change and betterment, they just want acceptable targets to hate.
>>1232 >one of the few countries where getting firearms is easy and legal >the most "people" can muster when they're allegedly facing an existential crisis is taking some TV's from stores and burning down a homeless shelter Niggers are such an unbelievable waste of testosterone.
>>1230 >old lady on mobilidy sgooter sdabbing beple >niggers howling like mongeys Ameriga!
>>1233 Well, they just burnt down a zogbot precinct. When was the last time a group of pissed off whites did that?
>>1236 Sometime last year.
https://dlive.tv/GloomTube Anudda happening stream.
>>1220 Well, there were the Tulsa riots nearly 100 years ago. That's the most recent white chimpout I can think of, unless you count all the Civil Rights stuff in the 60s or the '68 DNC.
>>1238 >mayor is a literal kike
>>1238 >When the looting starts the shooting starts What are we waiting for then? niggers have been freegibbing shoes the entire day now.
>>1238 All it needs is Godzilla's theme playing in the background to be complete.
>>1239 National Guard on the scene.
Say what you want about the politics behind the chimpout and how they went way too far, I'm just jealous those fuckers have the guts to do something when the police or government fuck up. My country is cucked by people sucking corportate gov cock.
>>1246 I wouldn't say they went way too far so much as they went nowhere. They managed to burn down their own infrastructure, like every other nigger center and managed to acquire zero tools of leverage. I understand the sentiment though, but this is one that would be worth more learning from than emulating. I normally also don't believe political violence detracts from the side that employs it, but in this case no moderate will look at these lootings and say "why yes I want this in my town" so if they were hoping to win in the public political arena that's gone now too. I just don't see where they gained a single advantage in this whole charade.
>>1247 The destruction of police vehicles and a police precinct had weakened their ability to exert force on the area. It's a good start if anybody intends to actively fight against authority. Police vehicles are a force multiplier and should be the first target.
>>1246 >about the politics Honestly its a fucking mess, left right and center (metaphorically and politically) >lets look at the protestors side, how are those peaceful demonstrations progressing ...change that to 'rioters', heaps of them are looting and burning down their own fucking neighborhood. That would be bad enough on its own but during covid restrictions it's potentially suicide for themselves and their community. >ok well what are the police doing to help ...arresting a totally compliant CNN reporter and crew, on-air. Excellent for easing racial tensions at this critical point in time. >well how is the president working to lessen tensions? ...inciting violence on twitter again and playing the victim when it turns out its still against their ToS. Why can't america be less extreme about everything?
>>1248 That's true actually, I forgot about the police vehicles. They made some progress then, I just don't know how far it will actually take them when the entire affair is summed up.
>>1249 >...inciting violence on twitter again and playing the victim when it turns out its still against their ToS. I disagree with this point. "You loot we shoot" is really no different from milquetoast NAP libertarian stuff, it's just a reaction to a violent action. I think enough will side with this point that twitter will get regulated and turned into a publishing platform. Your other points are spot on though, albeit I see it more as a keystone cops episode on both sides more than anything else.
>>1248 >>1250 I suspect it was more for the hate boner then tactical advantage, but it worked brilliantly except now the feds might show up. Tienanmen Square 2?
>>1252 Heh, maybe. Would depend on how willing niggers actually are to stand their ground once an opposing fighting force shows up or if they'd disperse and bolt immediately, all their looting prior to this had one common theme and it was an incredibly noticeable absence of cops.
>>1251 That's a fair point, I'm 50/50 about it. On one hand, the president is a figure of high authority and will be held more accountable than a typical libertarian (for better or worse). It also suggests a disregard for the legal system of his own nation in favor of 'shoot criminals'. On the other hand, inciting violence was the wrong term for me to use (glorifying is more what I mean) and even that is so frequent on their platform and as a valid and reasonable political proposition for self defense/NAP that it isn't really out-of-the-ordinary or obscene. It's no more glorifying of violence than an action film.
>>1247 They did burn down a police precinct, though, which is pretty bold. It's my understanding that a lot of the agitators are from out of state so they don't have to deal with the consequence of having one less Wendy's.
>>1254 True points. I'm just waiting to see how this little skirmish will go, zucc has already pseudo thrown in his hat with Trump http://archive.is/wSwcc I expect he's ready to snap up twitter audience if twitter's platform status (not liable for anything posted) does get altered to publisher (now liable for everything posted) since they've been playing publisher while holding platform status. For my part of course I'd happily watch twitter burn and its tranny jannies roast just out of principle.
>>1253 Even if they're willing to stand their ground, it'd be meaningless without coordination, and niggers aren't capable of that. You can't beat an ordered military force as a horde of screeching monkeys.
>>1257 >coordination Can ISIS or fireflies help a brutha out in that regard?
>>1252 >spoiler For it to turn out that way, there would have to be enough other major/relevant powers who give a shit. China will call it raycisss, nobody will care. The UK will at most raise a brow. Dudeweed will probably squawk about it, but by the end of the week would have forgotten about it. France won't say anything because the Yellow Vests. Germany will ask why it took so long. Russia will publicly ignore it, but privately agree with the Germans. Nobody else matters.
>>1258 No more than they could teach camels to be an effective army without human control.
>>1254 > It also suggests a disregard for the legal system The US isn't a a nation of laws, not anymore at least. It's rules are arbitrarily concocted, applied and disregarded based on whatever flavor of the month the circus is peddling. These half in, half out measures are retarded, either shoot the niggers who are firebombing the place or pull out and let them consume themselves. Out of all the cancers that plague current year politics, it's the passive aggressive bullshit and all the time and energy spent in maintaining this facade that are the worst.
>>1257 Unless you have a shit load of monkeys...
>>1254 Shooting looters dead should be a right protected by the constitution, tbh.
>>1256 >platforms responsible for content posted ...........fuck. As a frequent user of imageboards, that is extremely bad news to hear. We can't use the (poor) excuse of 'there's too much to moderate'. Twitter is megashit in its own ways but not nearly Facebook literal-censorship-plus-propaganda shit. I want Facebook to get hurt by this too, even moreso actually.
>>1264 Yes at this point I'm hoping some divine angel of luck intervenes to convince Trump to only hit Twitter with this bollocks instead of an artillery barrage, otherwise I'll have to permanently migrate to the funweb way faster than I had planned to
>>1264 >>1265 I haven't been following this so forgive me for my ignorance. Isn't the major issue with the law that the sites acting as public platforms aren't responsible for the content posted, yet they also have the unique privilege of also being allowed to editorialize said content and censor entirely legal content? Why would dup abolish a law that essentially keeps the entire internet from imploding instead of just stripping away their right to censor legal free speech as long as they act as a public platform. Also on the topic of imageboards it's not like we aren't already treated like publishers rather than platforms by the domain registrars and server hosts anyways. One person makes a fedpost or posts CP and the site gets reported and it's gone either way, as we've seen. It's so stupid that trump is fixating on normalnigger sites like twitter when the real battle is at the ISP, server, and domain level. Who gives a fuck about twitter when people literally can't host a simple forum because they say edgy political shit and get shut down wherever they go?
>>1266 >I haven't been following this so forgive me for my ignorance. Isn't the major issue with the law that the sites acting as public platforms aren't responsible for the content posted, yet they also have the unique privilege of also being allowed to editorialize said content and censor entirely legal content? Nah you're spot on that's it >Why would dup abolish a law that essentially keeps the entire internet from imploding instead of just stripping away their right to censor legal free speech as long as they act as a public platform. I'm gonna guess unfamiliarity of how the internet works and how much there actually is outside of a handful of popular clearnet websites, since he likely barely bothered with it in his working adult life and I doubt it existed as more than an embryo during his youth.
>>1264 He isn't changing the current law, just enforcing it. You're a platform if you don't censor based on anything but illegality. You're a publisher and therefore responsible for the content posted if you delete some shit but not other shit. Imageboards are gonna be just fine.
Found a snippet that may or may not be reliable. Checked the actual ME's website, they're being very tight lipped about just this body (they've released other death information no problem) probably doing a full examination just because of the political tension. If true it means that the niggers' stated reasons to riot have gone from one to zero.
>>1269 If that's true then the cops will likely walk or only get man 2 or man 3 convictions which will cue another wave of riots.
>>1266 >One person makes a fedpost or posts CP and the site gets reported and it's gone either way, as we've seen. I'm going to have to disagree with this, in my experience. The recent Esther takedowns weren't a user false flagging. They reported actual loli posts from the board which were allowed by staff and some hosts decided that constituted CP and that the imageboards were fine with it, and took them down. The host probably had valid legal worries or personal ethical concerns.The reporter was a embellished, padded out and manipulated the takedown requests, but they could have been done validly and still had the same effect. If you mean 8chan, that was a personal choice of the Cuckflare CEO who apparently just didn't like them. Probably because of a mix of /pol/ hijinks (and hate-content like racism and nazism in general) but most of all the media attention misleadingly claiming them responsible for multiple murders. I don't agree with either decision (well, I'm glad cuckflare is gone), but it's not just 'a fedposter' or 'a troll'. The imageboards were hosting controversial content the service providers didn't want to host.
>>1266 >instead of just stripping away their right to censor legal free speech as long as they act as a public platform. I don't know if they could do this. The social media sites and their lawyers would argue that they are a private business and can allow or disallow whatever they want. Which is what they've done for the past several years. Revoking special privileges might be the only way to being social media to heel. Either they allow all speech and are treated as a platform or they curate speech and are treated as a publisher. It's far from ideal but tech platforms are becoming far too powerful and they need to get knocked down a peg or two.
>>1272 Well that just leans into my point but in a different way. That imageboards are treated like shit either way and that the ultimate focus should be on pushing for hosting services to stop denying content that is entirely legal and they just don't like. This is where the real "free speech" battle needs to be fought, not fucking forcing twitter to decide if it's a platform or publisher. As much as it might be entertaining to watch twitter squirm and get fucked with by dup, the reality is there's no way in hell he's going to be able to first of all grasp what he's even trying to solve, and second of all be able to put anything into action. The notion essentially being put forth, not necessarily by trump or the republicans themselves but generally speaking from political commentators and the like, is that twitter shouldn't be able to censor people they don't like because it has become too integral to public speech. The problem is how do you force them to "not censor" anyone? As >>1272 said if you remove everyone's ability to be exempt from the legal repercussions of the content their users post, then imageboards are fucked because now we aren't allowed to delete posts unless they break the law? What about spam? Is spam freedom of speech? What about pornographic content? That's covered under free speech but I couldn't go into a public square and fuck bare on the stairs like I could rant about religion or politics. I know putting all of this on someone as colossally fucking retarded as trump is silly and that this will go no where. But the thought experiment is fun I guess. The only real change we need is laws that force hosting companies and payment processors to stop being such fucking pussies so people can create alternative video and micro-blogging websites without needing to worry about their fucking banks dropping them or their hosts shutting them down because someone said they hate niggers. I don't particularly care about whether or not I'm allowed to post my opinions on sites I wouldn't otherwise use because they're harvesting my data and selling it to the highest bidder.
>>1273 >the ultimate focus should be on pushing for hosting services to stop denying content that is entirely legal and they just don't like. This is where the real "free speech" battle needs to be fought, not fucking forcing twitter to decide if it's a platform or publisher. I agree with you. America has a somewhat unique position where hate-speech is legally unregulated (although there are exceptions, such as obscenity, calls to imminent violence, etc. I don't understand the details yet). Trump has no idea how to internet. His tunnel vision is on twitter, since they are directly affecting him. It will come down to his governments. >then imageboards are fucked because now we aren't allowed to delete posts unless they break the law? Wouldn't the ideal setup be: >host = platform >most imageboards = publisher and have the imageboards best attempt to enforce their own rules (deleting illegal content in a timely manner, plus rule-breaking content)
>>1274 Then imageboard admins would be legally responsible for the content posted on their forums which is not ideal no matter how well they moderate it. The ideal setup is letting retarded jews censor whoever the fuck they want on their own shitty jewgle and twitter websites but forcing hosts and payment processors to not be such niggers. While we're at it internet services should be turned into a utility and become a basic right, but lmfao that'll never happen in my lifetime so whatever. To put your idea into a little more context I recall reading about the EU's retarded laws mandating that social media sites take down hate speech posts within like 60 minutes of them going live or something ridiculous. If that same time frame was applied to an imageboard it would definitely fuck with shit. I think the most effective thing would be internet as a core right and website hosting as one too. Or we can all just finally adopt the age of the onion and be done with it.
>>1269 >cops din du noffing Good, the chimpout while go all out and will get coronas love.
This plague... the rioting is intensifying to the point where we may not be able to contain it.
>>1266 >I haven't been following this so forgive me for my ignorance. Isn't the major issue with the law that the sites acting as public platforms aren't responsible for the content posted, yet they also have the unique privilege of also being allowed to editorialize said content and censor entirely legal content? Yes. Reddit also did this when gamergate took off and they hired the chink maoist. >Why would dup abolish a law that essentially keeps the entire internet from imploding instead of just stripping away their right to censor legal free speech as long as they act as a public platform. His EO told the FCC to do their fucking job. The chans are nearly immune because they don't get editorialized, and when they do, there's an exodus. >muh no shooter videos That's illegal under the law. Deplatforming is also illegal. case law isn't law unless it's supreme court case law, so if someone had deep enough pockets, they could sue dns, vps, and DDOS protection services for illegally booting them off the service. >muh trump He's a retard that only does things at surface level to make it seem like he's doing something. Somewhere a kike is going to profit off his EO.
It doesn't matter anyway. The nogs and commies are just trying to storm the White House. We'll be under martial law soon at this rate.
>>1279 >The chans are nearly immune because they don't get editorialized, and when they do, there's an exodus. <chans Imageboards have plenty of arbitrary rules designed to create a hyper specific atmospheres. They can't even remotely be considered neutral platforms by any stretch of the imagination. There's essentially no site in existence that emulates a public square free speech situation 1:1, which is why sites need to be simultaneously exempt from the content their users post while still being able to moderate against whatever content they want to.
>>1280 Frankly a good thing, Martial Law doesn't mean what most people think it means in the US.
>>1282 I think they're storming the White House right now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=So_BMLD_D-4[Embed]
Military police incoming. Martial Law incoming. https://twitter.com/AP/status/1266600385340485633
>>1283 >click link >camera is immediately knocked over and stepped on Man, I almost want to join in.
>>1280 >>1282 >>1284 >not transitioning from republic to empire after 245 years
>>1286 >not Strelok. That's what I *want* to happen.
>>1283 >it's just a couple hundred chimps of various colors >SecServ have pulled out the Riot Gear instead of the Machine Guns >Chimps still too scared to do anything So, this will be over by morning.
>>1281 >Imageboards have plenty of arbitrary rules But posts aren't edited typically and definitely not /k/ at anon.cafe please click the donation link above. The 230 protection only applies to services if they don't edit what people are posting. Full deletions and bans are perfectly legal. Editing what someone posts in order to fit your arbitrary rules is not legal. Shadow bans are legal grey area, because you're editing the visibility of a user's posts. >>1286 >wanting a jewish kritocracy empire Niggers have managed to do more damage against unlawful enforcement in two nights than whites have done in 100 years. >>1288 is right.
>Minnesota governor admitting on television that he doesn't have the resources to stop the rioters, who are behaving like an "organized group with high mobility" and begs them to go home
>>1289 The empire is a necessary part of the collapse. When democracies fail the people turn towards charismatic leaders of unreliable ability using dictatorial powers the possession of which leads to jealously in the ranks and further civil conflict.
>>1269 >Autopsy revealed Floyd died of a heart attack in combination with substance abuse and not asphyxiation. The family is hiring an "independent" coroner from New York to confirm the results. >If true it means that the niggers' stated reasons to riot have gone from one to zero. That guy was just a catalyst. The widely-accepted reasons are because police officers keep killing unarmed niggers all the time and this case was brutal and unprovoked enough to make people freak out harder than Honk Kong.
>>1292 >please go home Yeah this is gonna convince rioters. At this point I just watch my own neighborhood and have a laff at all the footage that rolls in. Gobornment could fix this in one easy step, and that step is: stop thinking of yourselves as the good guys or the supreme arbiters of justice. Good way to get yourselves killed off.
They are blasting protesters with blackhawk rotor wash on the ruptly stream in D.C.
>>1218 >mod moving riots from coronavirus thread Thanks Boss.
>this is the national guard
>>1299 Jesus Christ, is the US Military that short on manpower already?
>>1299 What in the god damn....
>>1299 KONY2020
>>1299 Just because you lived a long life doesn't mean it won't come to a short end, cunt.
>>1299 Those National Guards need some National Guardians, damn.
Stopping at >984 due to the site being slow as fuck with re-downloading and uploading webms, will do another batch in a few hours.
>>1117 Americans, how does it feel to no longer be the global hegemon? To see the union begin to crumble? If these riots are not contained, there will be no more USA.
>>1306 Kind of like how Germany doesn't exist anymore after the Fall of Berlin. lrn2phoenix
>>1300 Its 'short' on womanpower, that's not a man Anon.
>>1308 Could be a mtf trans that started early. Have a better video of "protestors" learning that a car vs protestor is super effective.
Why doesn't some glowie get corona and go spread it among the chimp out? It's obvious how easy it would be and you would nuke a significant part of your criminal population in these areas.
>>1299 BASED. We need more military lolis
>>1306 It feels cathartic, I'm glad I lived to see this tumor start to finally fucking die.
>>1310 If corona isn't just some overhyped dud and is as destructive as fags here like to claim then it's already spreading via asymptomatic carriers and we'll be seeing a lot of niggers on their deathbeds in a couple of weeks.
Open file (388.19 KB 1077x1004 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1316 >killing each other Good.
>>1306 Oh don't worry fellow non-American, you'll be ruled by Ching Chang Chong Incorporated with a side dish of Chink-styled Jewry. Do enjoy our fleets going rogue and raiding whatever they lay their eyes on at sea. However I suspect that we may see another proxy war open up in an attempt to distract from the crumbling law and order. Government is pushing hard for C5ISR development.
>>1318 Truthfully, I am worried about that. My country has very little in the way of a standing military, not to mention Chinese agents in most levels of government. Luckily, these agents are incompetent as they are numerous. The future does not look bright.
>>1257 >Minneapolis becomes Zulu 2020 yes fucks yes
>>1318 >china >doing anything The biggest threat to the chinese military is themselves and they can barely face off their own unarmed bugmen, just like russia and USA they are paper tiger that would get BTFO instantly.
>>1318 >China doing shit lolno, even before corona fucked them up they weren't capable of subduing mudslime uprisings in their own territory, what makes you think they'd be able to do shit in a foreign country an entire ocean away? It's the spics taking over that is the real worry, they're something like 35% of the US population now, probably more considering there's fuckloads of illegals here too.
Open file (204.81 KB 828x855 ClipboardImage.png)
Too many chefs in the kitchen.
>>1326 schtizo posting
>>1326 >WN are touring LP Like I need to ask, but have any of these white nationalist claims been backed up by even the flimsiest of evidence?
>>1328 Wow I worded that one poorly, what I'm asking is have they posted any proof that there are white nationalists involved in any significant way at all?
>>1328 So far I haven't seen any. Most likely thing: It's either random white people, or some normal militia, because if there were armed groups cruising around with Swastika flags on their cars, we'd have a billion different videos by now.
>>1330 I figured, but stupid assholes buy into it anyway. My brother blamed neonazis and showed me a video of what were clearly antifa cucks going at it, and when I pointed this out he said it was false flagging nazis. I don't know what mental parasite is the cause of the kind of lunacy that makes you completely disregard something you're looking directly at as something else entirely, but I hope I don't catch it.
>>1331 The media narrative is that whites are a big part of the rioting and looking. They're trying to subvert this shit into saying whites burned down all the shit niggers did. And niggers think any one who stops them smashing their shop windows is a neo nazi.
Open file (192.70 KB 890x687 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (139.33 KB 469x599 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (180.35 KB 694x599 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (362.68 KB 460x427 ClipboardImage.png)
How will the future balkanisation of the states look Streloks? Will it be: >unionist elites in washington vs secessionist regional elites >unionist elites in washington vs secessionist popular movements >unionist movement takes over washington vs secessionist regional elites >unionist movement in washington vs secessionist regional movements and an all-round clusterfuck
Open file (415.39 KB 750x835 ClipboardImage.png)
>imported mexicans continue to kill blacks What do we import to kill the Mexicans? Will we just wait for Corona kill off all the invasive species?
Open file (60.88 KB 720x542 antifa-meme1.jpg)
>>1332 Pretty much this. I've seen all sorts of "warnings" and such on various social media outlets that say there are mean ol' nazis out there dressing as antifa just to break shit and raise ruckus. As though the commies would never just show up to cause violence. No sir! I've seen nothing in the way of even vaguely believable proof of it, despite popular media rumormill, and people aligned with the protestors pushing it as gospel truth. If anyone else has witnessed any factual proof, I'd be curious to see.
>>1333 It's just going to be a clusterfuck, plain and simple, there are so many different factions on every level in the US and they all fucking hate each other. Rich, middle class, poor. Niggers and their nigger gangs will start infighting the moment the looting runs dry and they're already killing whitey. spics will probably be divided on cartel lines along with killing whitey and niggers. Asians all fucking hate each other too. The military could very easily split into factions based on state, and then even further based on race and ideology. There's so much shit that could go down that breaking it down into simple [x] vs [y] scenarios before shit really hits the fan is retarded, and this isn't even considering all the bases scattered across the globe. >>1334 >white Americans import spics to do the jobs they don't want to >like landscaping, construction, housecleaning, and nigger removal If only spics weren't such horrible barbarians as well.
Jesus fuck this shit is getting insane
>>1296 I was fully expecting that thing to have a settling with power incident and dropping on to that crowd like hell's blender.
>>1344 This map is retarded. If you think Texas is going to give up Oklahoma that easily, you're crazy. They're completely worthless fucking idiots, but damn it they are on OUR LAND, THEY CAN GET THE FUCK OFF. Furthermore, the Panhandle of Oklahoma culturally considers itself part of Texas and keeps trying to join Texas.
>>1344 >Sinaloa/Northern Cartels >Only halfway into Arizona If they ever went for a paramilitary assault, which they won't because it means no drug sales, they will go from North San Diego to El Paso and at a height around Tempe. Almost the entire desert is theirs, only texans repel their presence and only because the ranchers there are the ones who traffic it along with the DEA so no need for them to move it. But you might as well put the entire Southern tip of Texas in their presence too because that's a disputed area for Gulf cartel and the Nuevo Leon Committee, they move stuff into Houston and there the feds move it to Chicago.
>>1182 Did you ever try nitter .net?
>>1344 >VA, NC, GA >antifa >antifa having any kind of grip outside of the largest cities nope, fuck you and your stupid ass map retard
>>1158 Here u go ya bum. http://archive.vn/uTPFJ You goys should also check out >>1062
>>1131 >There's also the fact that this is mirroring the early days of the Arab Spring. It's also mirroring exactly what happened with the yellow vest movement in France except with no racial tension. Just overwhelming subversion methods, that worked.
>>1299 Same in france. A lot of manpower was lots during the yellow vest protests and with the pandemic it went even lower. We now have 14 years old kids in riot controls force and even as police.
Riots will probably end tonight. "Music" industry convinced normalfags to drown out the coverage on social media with black squares censoring the violence in the name of "awareness". The civil war has been stopped by a literal shape.
>>1353 lol what? Source on this?
>>1351 >no racial tension You mean for the French, or for the burgers? Because saying there's no racial tension among burgers is one of the most shit-eatingly retarded things you could say.
>>1354 Look up the nigger lives matter hashtag on twatter.
>>1354 Twitter "blackout." Should come up in any search. I dunno if that other guy is right that it in of itself will end the riots tonight, but the fact that they seem to be losing momentum organically in most places would suggest the end can't be too far off.
>>1353 Ah, that explains the puzzling addition of a European music label to my blacklist. Fucking normalfag trendchasers. And I was one of the few that actually still pays for music.
>>1355 >You mean for the French, or for the burgers For the French. There's almost no racial tension in France. Idiots who say there are are completely brainwashed by restarted social justice crap imported from new York. The main place the you'll see these people saying that is Paris. >Because saying there's no racial tension among burgers is one of the most shit-eatingly retarded things you could say. The racial tension in the US is because of retarded politics of treating every black people like victims for over 4 decades. And it resulted in subversion/demoralization like we can see today. I blame china for the past decade of subversion.
>>1359 >restarted Retarded.
>>1348 They don't have a grip any where, they are shipped in as disruptive elements. They're human goblins. >>1357 Chimp outs will continue for 2 weeks or so. But now the narrative has been exposed it's not worth continuing the fund the project. Now it's time to let it quiet down and get the lawyers involved who will lie and cheat to get as much gibs me dats as possible. >>1359 Please be quiet, you have no idea what you're talking about. French are extremely xenophobic even to niggers. Same way all Europeans are but their elites aren't. >I blame China >4 decades of dindu nuffin Fucking tard.
>>1168 >we got bricks. >this is bait.jpg 1: the faggot worker who let these here is irresponsible. 2: the glowing cia nigger who put these here needs to get shot. 3: the faggot riotters who think they can win with these needs to get shot. 4: the faggot rioters who use these to break/loot anything deserves to get shot.
>>1361 >French are extremely xenophobic even to niggers. Kek if only you knew how far demoralization is. Since the 90s TV/radio and what not has been spreading that we can live in harmony and it worked it only took 15-20 years to get a new generation convinced that it can be like that. And since 2016 began the new wave of subversion with social justice ideology. >Same way all Europeans are but their elites aren't. The only countries that I would call xenophobic in the EU is Poland and Italie. If only there were more countries like these two.
>>1336 >It's just going to be a clusterfuck, plain and simple, there are so many different factions on every level in the US and they all fucking hate each other Well wouldn't that actually make them feel weak and isolated causing them to find others who are like minded or agreeable to join and create a larger faction? I mean sure during the opening days it'll be a clusterfuck but once the lines start getting drawn it would probably be more like the Spanish civil war where many smaller groups gather into one of the two major sides. >>1353 How does that stop shit? The niggers want free stuff or have fun chucking molotovs and will continue to do so if there are large enough groups still out there. The protesters will still bitch about police brutality and will probably reeee about this being some kind of whitewashing/censoring of their abuse complaints. Especially since the police have been doing a real fine job of totally not being retarded and totally not just giving the protesters more footage/ammo for Nig Lives Matter compilation videos (which also includes the cuckbots taking a knee in riot gear looking submissive in front of screaming chimps basically announcing "BRICKS AND FIRE WORKS LOOK AT HOW I BEG YOU PLEASE TO STOP"). So some facebook soccer mom takes the ten minutes to shop a square on a video of a monkey getting cheese grated by a fedex truck, or a store owner blasting back the darkness, so what? People are still going to search up videos and physically show up and monkeys will still go ape.
>>1364 Your average person is racist and xenophobic. They know the problems muslims and niggers cause. They're unable to speak out because of the police state they live in. It was only 50 years ago when fascism was a mainstream ideology no matter how hard they try to rewrite history to hide it. >>1365 BLM lasted all summer. We can expect every summer to start with a chimp out and it won't end until the weather gets too cold for the gorillas. They will always find an excuse and people make a lot of money off of these chimps. Chicken shops do especially well. This year maybe different if corona isn't a meme. If it isn't it will MULTIKILL the niggers and anti-fa. Which could then overwhelm the medical system and create a bunch of fun scenarios.
>>1365 >I mean sure during the opening days it'll be a clusterfuck but once the lines start getting drawn Read my post again, I literally said that's how it would go down. My point is trying to draw up lines before anything has actually happened is dumb as fuck. Though I guess it's also kind of fun for some people, so don't let the stick in my ass ruin it for you.
We have a new shit show in town folks! Businesses are declaring looted shops as "closed due to corona virus". They're claiming niggers didn't wreck the story just the virus made them shut it down.
Open file (367.51 KB 458x720 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1365 >taking a knee Pretend solidarity for a few minutes before gassing the crowd. I dunno whose bright idea that was, but talk about mixed messages.
>>1369 [citation needed] Not that I don't believe this very plausible thing, but I'd like to read more on it.
>>1369 That kind of retarded redirection only works on city cucks, and even then it only works when they don't live and work right beside the stores that got looted and trashed and have countless videos proving what happened bombarding them for a week. >>1370 Sending mixed messages is part of psychological warfare.
>>1364 >Italy The only reason why Italy is so intolerant is because Northern Italians can't stand Southern Italians and all regions and cities have in fighting of sorts on their own definition of Italian based on racial, cultural, ideological reasons or sometimes even muh sports
>>1371 I read it on cuckchan's /tg/ WIP thread. Some fag brought up instrgram politics and a guy chimed in about what he's seeing. >>1372 Could be an insurance write off or a cover.
>>1369 Next up, niggers didn't burn down half a city and are trying to export this to other areas, shops near peaceful protests just spontaneously combusted because the buildings were racist against niggers.
Open file (6.73 MB 1024x576 machete.mp4)
>>1118 >"White Man" >Shoultz >"Funny how reality comes back to bite the dumbest among our race." >written by Brandon Martinez >>1124 He was chasing looters with a machete and ran into a crowd who I assume thought that he was attacking them. Audio doesn't work for some reason.
>>1365 The riot activity is artificial and it has been amplified by normalfags attending them to get footage for social media attention. Now that the black square that they themselves created has drowned out the ability to share their content for likes, they will lose interest and the "revolution" will quickly lose currency as a fad.
>>1380 Wait a second... He starts out with the sword out of the sheath, running after that nigger. Then when he lies on the floor, there's only the sheath, but no sword in sight and the angle he's at doesn't really allow for the sword to be totally buried beneath the body unless it's 100% length-wise which seems unlikely. The niggers looted the sword.
Open file (279.12 KB 1200x802 EZXXbqcU8AIZo2p.jpg)
>>1382 Oh shit you're right.
Open file (3.92 MB 360x640 8pGY8ls0EXnsfbxv.mp4)
Open file (277.84 KB 360x640 d0r2dSMskrJKf2sG.mp4)
Posting if it wasn't. Don't know what happened to the guy afterwards, but that is his car in vid 2.
>>1382 >He starts out with the sword out of the sheath At 0:06 it looks like it's still in the sheath while running and waving it, probably the smartest thing to do in that situation otherwise his gut might have became the new sheath a few seconds later.
>>1383 It's fucking narsil. Of course... But it couldn't slay a single orc.
>>1387 At 0:08 and before at the split second he runs past the light, you can see something dangling off his belt while his arm is up. I interpreted that as the sheath, but it's really hard to see.
https://twitter.com/JZarif/status/1266782297887514624 >Iran's foreign minister shitposting
>>1389 Now I see it. If he had it "strapped" to his right hip it must've come loose during the melee because he's face down ass up while the sheath seems flat on the pavement.
>>1390 >Iran minister going around united against racism >In a country with the most defensive population against being called arab or africans He's trolling alright
>>1246 Thing to do in an armed revolt: -seize important infrastructure: water, electricity, food, banks -seize buildings of government, police stations and armories -seize important landmarks -use your power base to install yourself as ruler and allow others to live on your land only if they obey your law Thing not to do in an armed revolt, because it will only hurt yourself and make you look like a subhuman they wish to cull: -destroy and loot local businesses -destroy the infrastructure you need to have a basic civilized life -attack emergency services like firefighter and ambulances -set fire to giant buildings in your neighborhood after you have driven off the firefighters so the fire can consume your entire ghetto and leave you homeless and impoverished
Open file (1.35 MB 368x704 aUF6iSGvVowm5V1N.mp4)
My favorite so far.
>>1396 classic, the "direct redpilling" route Some people acquire such knowledge by noticing trends that cause suspicion, but these fine lads have chosen a much more straightforward approach
(((Unicorn Riot))) has leaked/contaminated a collection of police documents relating to tactics and equipment. https://unicornriot.ninja/2016/trumps-fema-train-local-police-field-force-crackdowns-inauguration-nsse-nears/ https://twitter.com/VitalistInt/status/1267913414392909824 I have been noticing a stations like this in my city. Primary of water and milk (for tear gas). There has been reports that anarchists have drove around a city before one the protests, a deposited duffel bag caches in alley ways to be found by rioters. They where followed and scooped up by locals to prevent anything. Though I have not seen pictures of said caches. Most I just have seen black block tactics be agitators to participators and fill roles like street-medics.
>>1293 >Unarmed niggers >Brutal >Unprovoked You've clearly never dealt with niggers in real life have you.
How come the images on this board load so slowly? Was the site programmed in 30 seconds?
>>1401 He's not saying that's the truth of the event, he's saying that's what the niggers and coonsuckers believe.
Open file (219.58 KB 1280x720 Konsider.jpg)
>>1345 >>1346 >>1348 Maybe I'm the no fun autist here, but I strongly suspect that a map featuring both the Judean People's Front and the People's Front of Judea alongside factions like Elite Neckbeard Masters of the Blade and Florida Man isn't a map that is supposed to be taken seriously.
Does the secret service disclose foiled attempts at the president? It would be interesting to know if there were any attempts pull an Oswald by the end of this.
>>1334 >What do we import to kill the Mexicans? Spaniards I guess, but not the frogs. >>1359 >I blame china Anon...
Does anyone have examples of moments in history where the progressive fantasy of two cultures that have had historically poor relations and open conflict with each other suddenly laid down their arms and got along and prospered without the use of force or conquest of one by the other, and without longstanding bad blood that can burst at the seams at any moment? The only quasi-example I can think of which I'm not entirely clear on either would be the end of the Troubles(?) which was only possible due to the establishment of the EU.
>>1359 >I blame china for the past decade of subversion. I think you mean the Jews, buddy.
>>1408 The EU was done by force. Germany was taken over, raped into submission and dominated through Russian force.
>>1408 >and prospered >The irish and the british wat
>>1408 It's a fantasy because it isn't real, anon. EVERY case of 'peace and prosperity' between two powers has been through the use of force. Be it force of arms or force of wiles.
>>1408 I wouldn't say the Troubles ended amicably. The South (Republic of Ireland) sold out the ones still fighting in the North because they had theirs. The Irish conquered the Republic of Ireland through force of arms, and the Brits conquered Northern Ireland the same way.
Open file (1.14 MB 540x320 1448244478095.gif)
>>1384 >dead boomers
>>1400 It'd be amazing if someone in turn followed them around and left duffel bag IEDs behind. I wish I wasn't such a fucking coward.
Open file (7.31 MB 420x236 just_do_it_song.webm)
>>1400 Larpers need to understand niggers and their supporters are organizing for a race war. So are the spics. Mean while whites are jerking off to anime. What are you doing to protect YOUR community if you're in a danger zone?
>>1417 >What are you doing to protect YOUR community if you're in a danger zone? I have a rifle, a roof, and several pots of kimchii. Looting time comes, I climb up and open the pots. No nog will come within 6 blocks of the pots. Don't even have to be Korean, they smell it and flee.
>>1417 >city >white There's barely any non-leftie whites in cities, and lefties won't defend themselves against browns, let alone others. If you're in the danger zone, the correct move is to leave unless you've got property to defend, in which case, good luck.
>>1402 anon.cafe's hosting server is a lot slower than julay, which is part of the reason why I was dragging my feet on moving here.
>>1417 I live in the Deep South, my family and neighbors are definitely well-armed, and we've been farm-larping in our area for the past few years. Needless to say, any uppity niggers come here, they're going to get shot.
>two enemy factions are trying to destroy eachother <what are YOU doing other than sitting at home jacking off??? lying around and going for walks.
Open file (38.69 KB 600x350 IRA.jpg)
>>1408 >the troubles People are still blowing shit up and shooting eachother its just not on the same scale or as 30 years ago >possible because of the EU It was only possible because jewry addams and ian paisley sold out to the british government to get sweet politican jobs whilst keeping the status quo unaffected since 1921 >Prospered Biggest economic sinkhole in europe for 100 years >without bad blood only some of the organisations laid down their arms most didnt and new ones were formed to continue killing eachother >burst at the seams at any moment? It looks like it could come back real soon, brexit will instantly restart the whole thing and people are shooting eachother because lockdown is fucking boring >>1413 Leaders in the north sold their own out, you dont go from wanting to destroy the british government and unite ireland to becoming apart of the british government sharing power with people that tried to kill you on multiple occasions for 30 years and trying your best to invite nonwhites in unless you were controlled opposition or a sellout
>>1417 >city communities If you're a strelok you're automatically incompatible with every city community from the get go, what would there be for an armed white man who isn't a leftist cuck to defend in a fucking city? The five people he knows that don't spread em' for niggers? You're better off gathering those five friends and pooling your money to get a house in the countryside than trying to save whatever ashes you're clinging to in concrete hell.
>>1418 >using azn four thieves vinegar to ward away the "Black Death" The more things change the more things stay the same.
>>1411 The Irish were given the opportunity to become an EU tax loophole where American companies would shelter their profits. The Brits didn't gain much except temporary security.
>>1427 The brits surrendered most of their industry either by being bought out by the germans and the chinese and many of their basic services and commodities were seized by foreigners: Fish is fished by the nords, chips fried by the polish along with their pizza ovened by albanians, the raping and partying is done by "asians" and their stadiums filled with africans, the beer is even german and irish too. Their music industry in shambles, they don't make movies, their big channel succumbed into EU literal cuckoldry (famous productions and novels being remade by international writing teams) the only thing left for them are luxury, almost hobbysts jobs in terms of impact both economical and social. They sold out all their industry and are only barely maintaining themselves waging for bigger corps. That's being shallow i must admit, but if we go deeper like import/exports via City of London (which might as well be Israeli due to its extensive foreign lobbying) and oil production via Scotland (hence why they slipped their chance with independence) they still come barely out if it wasn't for foreign money and workforce, even when i think they could easily do the same as them because they did at one point.
I feel a disturbance in the force. Getting those heavy tingles before another mass shooting false flag happens and this rioting is a mass casualty waiting to happen
>>1430 If they're stupid enough to false flag another shooting with how tense the country and the world is right now and with Chine being aggressive as it's being then they deserve what will happen.
>>1417 >community My community was completely destroyed by ethnic replacement by mass migration and shitskin birth rates over the past 2 decades. All that's left are junkies and apartment dwellers who moved for economic opportunity. My family all moved away even while cursing me out for being raycis. All I can do is defend myself until I can afford to leave. Then I can be like one of the gated whites in Brazil, to help complete our global transformation into an eternal favela hell where everything is smeared brown
>>1431 The kikes goal is to antagonize shitskins and accelerate our genocide. Whites have already shown an infinite capacity for cowardice. Even as the last of us are being slaughtered we will refuse to have each others backs. Just like South Africa. Ask yourself will the kikes really get reprisal? It's the only thing "they" deserve to get that would matter in the slightest. Everything else is just flailing around without direction until we punch ourselves out
Open file (2.97 MB 348x174 1436675584881.gif)
>>1417 >So are the spics >be beaner >mfw getting comfy and watching japanese cartoons
Open file (466.03 KB 1200x890 ClipboardImage.png)
Big if true.
>>1433 >Ask yourself will the kikes really get reprisal? >will the Black Israelite/Nation of Islam and all the Arabs turn on them after we go down Absolutely. Israel can't survive without NATO/US military might. American Jews would get shoa'd by the dark folk.
Open file (2.87 MB 3840x2160 commie-comic1.jpg)
>>1436 That's fucking hilarious. Wish I'd thought of it, but I don't want to go anywhere near those gangs of college Marxists who want to feel like they're living out some noble struggle.
>>1436 this is the sort of shit right wingers should be doing all along. Heard the chimps to destroy their own. Goblins always turn on their own side.
>>1436 >evil >not chaotic good
>>1440 I can't even laugh at the level of psyops this is if it is true.
Open file (17.56 MB 640x640 america.mp4)
https://twitter.com/adam22/status/1268032482814734337 What are the tactical advantages of bare naked combat
>>1447 >tfw had to drive through that very street 5x a week.
>>1417 >Larpers need to understand niggers and their supporters are organizing for a race war. So are the spics. Yes but all those groups have opposing ideologies, once they lack a common enemy they will attack each other. The race war will not be Black vs. White, it will be Nigger vs. Chink vs. Arab vs. Spic vs. Gook vs. Insert Minority Group here and once they murder looted each others enough it will be Whites that reestablish order.
BLM hashtag on social media has been destroyed by the black square spam as predicted, videos of last night's violence were suppressed and replaced with weak sloganeering. Antifa scared off by police firecrackers in Portland. Riots will die down in a week if not earlier. If it lasted longer it would have a cultural but not political impact like the 1848 European revolts did but as it stands at this point in time the only impact it will have was being extremely queer and property damage. The cities will probably never recover from this because it will encourage divestment and remote working implementation due to pandemic measures means their former purpose as office hubs is sharply losing value. Overinvested, overpriced, overmarketed, bottlenecked and unnecessary.
>>1452 Nogs and beaners are going at it apparently.
>>1443 I went into town and did something similar. Nothing like the califags getting their shit fucked.
Open file (25.69 KB 300x394 celtic_warrior.gif)
>>1447 It's scary and manly and the enemy can't grab your clothes.
>>1463 Yes but he should have oiled up his body to make it more difficult for his enemies to grab him.
Open file (22.75 KB 625x420 36362736.jpg)
>>1463 Somehow the image didn't make it through.
>>1461 >more guns than people >a few niggers chimping out destroys the country in less than a week >only people to fight back the negro menace are other non-whites I don't get it.
Open file (30.02 KB 620x413 Charles Bronson.jpg)
>>1465 If we go by the example of Bronson-sensei, then some butter also works wonders.
>>1466 >in less than a week This has been going on since England planted the first Super-Kike in American Politics slightly before Lincoln's administration. Remember that the argument between the factions in the Civil War actually came down to the Northern Republicans wanting to deport all nogs and chinamen (and non-whites in general) to Africa/Asia and the Southern Democrats wanting to keep them as barely-human (only for the master's vote power benefit) slaves (what they called 'indentured' - the word slave in the south meant subordinate/lesser, as it's used in computer terminology). England started killing Congressmen (good luck finding the paper trail on that, all I've found is some microfilm of newspapers from the period) and installing replacements by falsifying records and large scale voter fraud (seriously, if you check the records - good luck finding them - approximately 3 out of 10 congressmen in that era were not even known names in the regions they were supposed to represent). Every single leftist trick used today in American Elections was pioneered by England trying to manipulate the US. Unfortunately for the world, it worked. What benefit did this serve England? Who the fuck knows, it's what their kike masters wanted. The English considered themselves the lost tribe of Israel, after all. Fact is, it took longer to destroy the US nation than it did united Germany and (non-monarchic) France's combined. As for >>1461 's cuck cup, the US still isn't as bad as Wiemar Germany - another creation of England planting Super-Kikes.
Open file (231.98 KB 720x800 Amerimutt Walmart.jpg)
Open file (76.88 KB 650x865 USA today.jpg)
Open file (86.11 KB 768x432 USA today 2.jpg)
Open file (275.85 KB 2000x1333 USA today 3.jpg)
Open file (597.18 KB 1200x1325 USA today 4.jpg)
Open file (332.12 KB 640x400 USA today 5.png)
>>1469 >the US still isn't as bad as Wiemar Germany Keep telling yourself that
>>1469 >first super kike in american politics all the founding fathers were super kike freemasons >US still isn't as bad as Wiemar Germany Yeah its worse, there wont be a hitler because everyone is a pussy with the niggers, jews and communists runnin wild without any opposition
>>1474 Worst part is that they keep bringing all their cultural cancer to Europe. Thanks Truman
>>1461 Officers are gay.
>>1472 All of that shit happened in Weimar Germany as well. The first 'modern' transexual surgery happened in Berlin, homosexuals were a larger percentage of the population than in the US, and mixed race mongrels were also common. These fled to the obvious locations and caused 90% of today's problems. >>1473 I guess that's why all of the founding fathers at various points openly spoke of executing all kikes in the colonies. Actual fact: the first kikes citizen of America was made so in the 1860s - they were denied citizenship before the Civil War. Yes, yes, kikepedia and other kiked sources claim otherwise, but a vast majority of the names they claim do not actually appear on the census records. So go ahead and keep telling yourself that, Rabbi, maybe you can get more of the illiterate goy masses to believe you. As for your issue with freemasonism, guess who else was a freemason. Otto von Bismarck. Adolf Hitler. Hermann Göring. Benito Mussolini. Joseph Stalin. The list goes on. Modern freemasonism is not the same as it was even 100 years ago. In short, read a book, niggerkike.
Open file (105.73 KB 960x727 spurdo_bolis.jpg)
Is it correct to assume that American police officers on average are undertrained and unprepared for their job? I mean, I understand that you need a heavy hand to deal with niggers, but there have been plenty of cases of them killing non-niggers too. Looking at it from a continent away, it looks like they don't know how to respond to most situations, yet due to the presence of niggers and spics they always assume the worst, and that's why they force unarmed people to play a strange mixture of Simon says and Twister. And these protests too, their only two tools are teat gas and pepper spray, expect when they are busy taking a dick in the knee.
>>1482 >In short, read a book, niggerkike. I happen to have a handy book about this subject.
Open file (145.99 KB 329x277 milsurp gremlin.png)
>>1461 >DAS RIIITEEE Looks like kwaanza and hanukha came early this year.
>>1482 lol >>1483 mutt police are supposed to be paranoid and overreact to everything, its spooky being a power tripping faggot when everyone else has guns too. just look at any video and its always a cop trying to start shit so they can beat people or shoot them.
>>1483 I blame the doctrine of equality. They're trained to respond to everything the same way, which is also the worst case scenario with the perp being a nigger. You can't police niggers the same way as whites, because they only respect violence. With whites, you can reason, argue, etc. They might try to run, but rarely will they fight a cop. Niggers nearly always try to fight. If they'd stop being reverse-bigots (treating objectively different things the same way), policing would improve. But the powers that be don't want that, because then white communities would have decent relationships with the cops.
>>1490 >implying you or anyone else here wouldn't do the same People are all scum, so you might as well bait them into starting shit so you can beat and/or kill them. Isn't that the fun part of being a cop? Or are you one of those fags that still believes in "muh freedumbs" and "muh rights".
>>1491 Is having countless small yet independent police forces play a role in this?
>>1491 >>1494 Just have the US become the USSR already. We're more or less there anyway.
>>1492 >fucking with random people just because you can Police are the hotpockets of IRL, no one likes them, they fuck over innocent people but they let the biggest shitposters get away with everything. >>1494 Having independent police forces are much bettter than one unified force, when your state is bigger than other countries you need to create a police force specifically for a region
>>1492 >fucking with random people just because you can Police are the hotpockets of IRL, no one likes them, they fuck over innocent people but they let the biggest shitposters get away with everything. >>1494 Having independent police forces are much bettter than one unified force, when your state is bigger than other countries you need to create a police force specifically for a region
>>1483 >due to the presence of niggers and spics they always assume the worst, and that's why they force unarmed people to play a strange mixture of Simon says and Twister Yeah, that's how it works. Their doctrine has to be adjusted to the lowest common denominator that they deal with on a daily basis. Then they cross-train and the doctrine is applied to white-only areas too. When you have massive violent shitskin communities, everything becomes a race to the bottom because you can't assume any standard. The police in the USA were a lot closer to what you'd see in Japan when it was ethnically homogenous. Now they muse use favela tactics like you'd see in Brazil.
>>1498 And what's wrong with a little abuse of power when people are shit?
>>1500 Based useful idiot
Does it tell anywhere what did George Floyd do to anger the cop? Does it?
>>1504 I think he might have cucked him at some point. Heard it from a secondary source though. He also told me the asian officer was the wife's brother and thats why he helped. They all mustve been dirty cops anyhow.
>>1504 He was resisting arrest, doing the old "Oh, I'm fainting, can't get into the car" trick.
>>1506 But why was being arrested?
>>1507 Because he was identified as having paid with forged currency at a nearby store. Have you even bothered to read a single thing about this case?
>>1508 No because I'm lazt fuck who listens to this shit all day https://www.bitchute.com/video/8KfiPzOvChfk/
>>1507 because he was BLACK.
Open file (160.22 KB Spy laugh.mp3)
>>1510 >because he was BLACK. >>1508 And also I've heard that he was part of a gang? Could someone tell me if I'm right?
>>1511 You misunderstand, he was arrested while donating Monopoly money to the local YMCA because their boxed set had all the 500 bills stolen. The cop saw him holding a stack of orange notes and thought he was handing out those prostitute cards they have in Las Vegas or Moonie pamphlets
>>1514 Already shitposting aren't we?
>>1508 Could you flesh it out please? I've not heard why he was arrested yet. It's hard to get a proper picture on this case because there's no good place for happenings any more.
>>1499 Japanese police are even more corrupt than US police but in a different direction. US police will take bribes to cover shit up and abuse power. Japanese police will cover things up to cover community shame. Rape? Don't tell it will shame your family. Murder? Was a suicide, this is a safe neighbourhood. I don't know how Yakuza related corruption is but the Japanese suicide rate isn't an honest figure, it's pushed by covering up violence.
>>1483 It varies and isn't a clear cut situation as people like to paint it. Cops are on average decent men just trying to protect their communities. If you treat them decently they will do the same in return. They can't be bothered with all the paper work and a wrestling match so if they can let you off and have a reason to they will. It's about showing respect and behaving well in general. The issue is that as things get worse more and more cops quit. The good cops are forced to act in ways they know are wrong and end up burning out. They want to go home to their families at night and have their streets safe from nigger attacks after all. But when they see Jamal steal another car, sell more drugs and are told they can't touch him because he's a nog they see the big picture and walk away. This turns the police from part of the community into a group of mutts from outside the community. Once you're an outsider and have no connection to the people you rule it all goes down hill rapidly. Which is where the US is now. There's a few good cops remaining but you are just as likely to meet a chimp.
>>1517 You got told here >>1508 you illiterate nig nog.
>>1504 It was his porn videos. (which now seem to have been removed from pornhub)
>>1520 There's more than that. He was in the car with others. How did they track him and know it was him? I want a full picture.
Open file (46.43 KB 960x720 1591138497899.jpg)
>>1522 why? do you think this planned rebellion has anything to do with that dead nigger? this is the 2020 version of the november revolution. or the very least a stepping stone to it.
>>1523 If you think about it, it would be the perfect chance for some idiot to dress up as the Jestermememan and try to inspire people to commit more mayhem. Alternatively, I could see somebody putting on blackface, say it's for solidarity with pepel of coler, and urge leftists to follow his example and show up to protests in blackface.
>>1524 Chimp outs happen every summer. I don't believe the cop was part of some grand illuminati scheme to cause this. I think he was just the easy bait to throw to the wolves the same way Zimmerman was.
Open file (478.07 KB 1280x720 DOYAAAAA.webm)
>tfw you live outside any city and you get to watch niggers vs Pigs & spics fight it out to the death
>>1526 >Chimp outs happen every summer. And you think they aren't planned? Do you think the apes are intelligent enough to mass organize like this/that on their own? You give them too much credit.
>>1529 The chimps don't need to plan. They hear a bunch of ooking and go outside to join in. The elites are giving them free bananas and bricks to throw but that's different.
>>1530 Strelok, they have admitted to orchestrating all of this nonsense numerous times. Soros has joked about sending niggers out to do his business and screw with politics, that all he has to do is fake a killing, and he's just the surface of the issue. Bill Gates has slipped up and admitted it once or twice already.
>>1531 I don't believe Soros is the master mind. I think he's a puppet the same way Trump is. There's people behind them you can't see.
>>1532 'AND WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES THAT MAKE? That changes literally nothing, you're trying to make goalposts dance but all you're doing is proving that your skin's melanin content is extremely high. The point is that the chimpsouts are orchestrated and planned affairs, it does not matter if it's the mastermind himself pulling the immediate strings or someone lower.
Too bad you didn't have anybody riot for Daniel Shaver or Tony Timpa.
https://invidio.us/watch?v=3xRuZYM5GlY https://invidio.us/watch?v=tcygpLTJLQY Trudeau is awfully cautious. I've heard that there are some riots in Canada, but I have to wonder if he's expecting something big to come and he simply doesn't want to anger anyone by repeating true and tired Marxist panels. Or maybe he's afraid that he'd piss off Trump?
Open file (993.69 KB 250x250 chuckle.gif)
>>1436 >mfw >>1461 F
>>1473 >Yeah its worse, there wont be a hitler Hitler is inside our kokoro, anon. >>1518 t. chink
>>1535 >riots There was shit in Montreal, but of course it was all negroes. Everywhere else just had white people walking around peacefully, as to be expected.
>>1537 I'm sure that 99% conviction rate is TOTALLY because of their top notch policing, you filthy weeb.
>>1537 >t. chink That's actually fairly common knowledge. The reason why Japs just automatically confess to absolutely anything that their police accuse them of is because they will just beat you until you confess to it or die - and they will claim you confessed before you died, anyway. The Japanese law system is extremely strange, the entire Turnabout Court (Ace Attorney) series was written to parody it, and it ended up being painfully accurate where it counted.
>>1537 Glorious Nippon isn't as perfect as you think it is.
>>1461 >soldiers doing this shit too I see videos like this and wonder what the guys I used to zogbot with are doing now. I know a handful of them are probably stuffing nigger cock as far down their throats as possible, but others were seeing this shit coming a mile away even before I fully understood how fucked it all is.
Open file (619.10 KB 1050x709 1521806354012.png)
Open file (4.84 MB 432x768 tPiV3m2K2mmhH6P3.mp4)
Look who was right again.
>>1544 He also after that point said the Fourth Reich would rise in the USA after they threw off their judeo-negro yoke. Let's see if he was right on that too.
>>1545 Source? I personally am looking forward to the purification of the us
>>1545 I certainly hope so.
Open file (126.51 KB 500x705 esoteric_hitlerism.jpg)
>>1545 If that happens, I'm going with Savitri Devi and worship him as a god.
>>1548 >him
>>1546 IIRC it was the actual Table Talks, not the kiked 'version' that was originally ((('translated'))) into English or 'republished' in Germany.
Open file (3.79 MB 432x768 by9Fl7zFsjpigXX3.mp4)
Wait for it.
>>1549 I'm positively sure that the only ˝him˝ in that post refers to good old Adolf. Or do you want to suggest something funny about him?
Open file (2.85 MB 445x247 1428796149405-1.gif)
>>1554 Finally a good example of a bait and switch.
>>1555 Nah I read your post as worshiping Savitri Devi as a god.
Open file (541.47 KB 434x401 PavelBend.gif)
>>1557 That's not my post.
>>1558 >If that happens, I'm going with Savitri Devi and worship him as a god. I read the "I'm going with" as "I'm choosing Savitri Devi as a god and worshipping him" not as it was intended, "I'm agreeing with Savitri Devi that Hitler is a god." I don't know what the hell "That's not my post." means since I quoted that post. Sage for semantic shit.
Open file (19.52 KB 720x352 dr pavel.jpg)
>>1559 It means that's not my post.
Open file (890.11 KB 245x250 1454622040748.gif)
>>1519 >The good cops are forced to act in ways they know are wrong and end up burning out. And this here is why all police are shit. Police are not required to follow illegal orders. They choose to follow those orders. And then they choose to side with their fellows who they know are in the wrong. And then their bosses find ways to kike the law to always favor their actions. And then they choose to side with illegitimate legislation. All while shit floats to the top. You want to get mad? Read about civil asset forfieture. Read about how people have been killed and their entire livelyhoods were stolen because police "believed" wanted their property for reasons that they were part of a criminal conspiracy. Learn about "structured deposits", and how the tax man has violently siezed property because their business's small deposites were classified as illegal activity. And then sold the siezed property at a deep discount to the raiding officers. Now this is /k/, so you should already know about red flag laws. And the wellness checks where they kill old, unarmed people after breaking in. >kill a mouthy citizen because muh respect >go on paid leave, get to watch sportsball, drink beer, and fuck the punching bag >get sued by surviving family >thin blue line has your back >get found guilty >20 hours community service, pension is protected, city foots entire bill >have pension >get job as police in a juristiction that doesn't have body cameras >do it again Police are shit. Meanwhile a city in Idaho proved the entire purpose of the 2nd ammendment.
>>1565 >Meanwhile a city in Idaho proved the entire purpose of the 2nd ammendment. Do go on
Open file (124.17 KB 1170x698 patriotsidaho2.jpg)
>>1566 http://archive.is/0N8m0 The police are inadequate and inept at keeping the peace.
>>1567 Any chance for an alternate link? Archive.is doesn't work unfortunately.
>>1570 Thank you. Fairly interesting reaction outside of urban centres. Chimps will be chimps I guess.
>>1568 Works on my Machine™
Open file (3.73 MB 576x716 good dog.mp4)
Good dog.
Open file (270.25 KB 735x502 ClipboardImage.png)
FLOYD HAD THE WUFLU https://web.archive.org/web/20200604023801/https://lawandcrime.com/george-floyd-death/authorities-just-released-george-floyds-complete-autopsy-report-read-it-here/ >history of cardiovascular disease >black >on drugs There was no way the cop would be aware he was a carrier.
>>1576 Here's his autopsy. He also had Fentanyl and Meth in his blood.
>>1579 And had arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure.
Open file (22.13 KB 704x528 EZnzElXXQAcOZfc.jpg)
Open file (1.07 MB 1280x720 atuQ2s9RwuDNznlD.mp4)
Open file (51.07 KB 660x1118 1591238867596.jpg)
Open file (64.35 KB 680x383 1591235504862.jpg)
Open file (1.23 MB 1307x1005 1591232916949.png)
Meanwhile Steve Bannon and a Chinese billionaire are trying to coup the Chinese Communist Party in a livestream from a boat in New York City? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOvhQv-1neA https://web.archive.org/web/20200604021854/https://s3.amazonaws.com/gnews-media-offload/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/03195945/%E3%80%90%E8%8B%B1%E6%96%87%E3%80%91Declaration-of-the-New-Federal-State-of-China.pdf Where is this timeline going?
Open file (296.38 KB 653x420 What the fu-.PNG)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-NDs5AuDmkk 6/4/1989. tiananmen square incident. That's your answer. China is about half day ahead time wise. >>1581
>>1466 >>more guns than people They're not spread out evenly, these riots are only happening liberal controlled cities.
>>1584 Still doesn't excuse the inaction of all the right wing fags that own the guns. >niggers burning down cities >police doing nothing to stop them >police arrest a few people and release them all without charges, only the right wing white goys getting charged >government is not only failing the right but actively fucking them over When the government and police become useless in dealing with niggers but tyranical towards any white people then you need a new government now more than ever thanks to the police being occupied by standing in lines watching niggers loot. but we all know nothing will happen because every right wing dont tread on me fag is a thin blue line bootlicker, cant wait to see them get betrayed by their government whilst niggers get trillions in gibs
>>1585 So the right wing fags with guns who live in more rural communities that don't have to deal with major city bullshit should march into major cities and stop niggers from btfo'ing traitor white's asses? Why? You always kill a traitor before an enemy, and if the enemy's enemy is killing them then you save the bullet for them.
>>1582 >>1583 >Suddenly, weird Flags flying around NYC statue of liberty >Steve Bannon and Billionaire Soccer player form a country to take down the CCP on a yacht >Billionare does a blood pact and says "I will jump off a building if I don't defeat the CCP" >sings anthem called "Hong Kong our Jerusalem" >starts talking about soccer for an hour and how he's mad at his coach, which is somehow relevant for some reason >another song called "winds of change" >starts talking about the flag >stream is live in Taiwan in the middle of the day >hijacked through the Great Firewall so that Chinks can see >6/4 was chosen as the anniversary of the Tienanmen Square Massacre >no reaction from Chinese media yet ?????
>>1587 Man I fucking hope it causes an international incident with Chinkland.
>>1586 >march into major cities and stop niggers from btfo'ing traitor white's asses? Nowhere do I say you have to save cucks, im saying you need to kill them all and form a new government that isnt filled with kike pedos, once this happens you now have 100% white america with less gay laws. Think of it as 1776 part 2. Give me a single reason as to why you wouldn't reset america and in the process getting rid of its core flaws?
>>1589 Uh oh. Sounds like someone wants a 14 year ban.
>>1592 >getting banned for 14 years Why? is /k/ really that cucked?
>>1589 >1776 part 2 New York, the most populous state in the Continental Congress, abstained from the independence vote. Cities have been doomed from the start.
>>1594 They are even more doomed now that every nigger, cop and journalist got corona. But whats going to happen when all the niggers and cops drop dead?
>>1593 Any calls for action is glowposting and will get you a 14 year ban. Sorry, m8. This is /k/ now.
>>1589 >>1592 >SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING If you were actually interested in change you wouldn't be here preaching to the choir and acting high and mighty, you'd be out doing something worthwhile. Yet here you are, not practicing what you screech.
>>1598 Well what else can you not say and or post? >>1599 Can't do shit when I live on a different continent, need more webms that arent just niggers looting stores, spics are starting to kill niggers but there arent many videos of that
>>1598 Don't listen to this kraut retard, he was in a thread doing his usual "cuc/k/s mad" bullshit and now he's angry he got banned for it.
>>1595 >But whats going to happen when all the niggers and cops drop dead?
>>1600 >Well what else can you not say and or post? See >>1601 he's the muttspamming kraut and he got caught early in one of his tantrums instead of being allowed to shit up the whole catalog like he normally does, so now he's being passive aggressive.
>>1593 not going to ban you for saying you should kill people >>1592 >>1598 >this is /k/ now >/k/ is _ >/k/ is a platform for political activism >the only thing /k/ is good for is blablabla hear this shit a lot from you and it's annoying, get your pals on (political board of choice) if you want to organize for some sick movement this isn't a gay bar for you to pick up Studz with Gunz (you)
>>1604 >not going to ban you for saying you should kill people Why not?
>>1605 cause that's your opinion man now if you were posting people's addresses and illicit peeping tom bathroom pics we'd have trouble
>>1604 Use your shift key you fucking nigger.
>>1585 >>1589 >Hey kid, you wanna start a revolution?
>>1608 Yes rabbi.
>>1587 autism
>>1575 Spit that out, you don't know where it's been!
>>1607 suck cock rulecuck
Open file (396.13 KB 761x563 1573072538796.png)
>>1604 MODS = GODS
>>1565 >A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Basically this. There's really no one to keep cops in check because they just investigate themselves and law makes it almost impossible to convict cops for crime. Civil asset forfeiture is straight out of some dystopian hell, can't make that shit up.
>>1571 People have learned from the last 2 years and started to prepare for the chimps. They don't want their towns smashing and after being shut in for weeks this gives them an excuse to get out. Will probably get some white communities bonding with each other too.
>>1571 Armed patrols around where I live. The handful of cops aren't even bothering going out.
>>1589 >implying anons would be against you doing that I believe in you. Embrace infamy.
>>1589 >Give me a single reason as to why you wouldn't reset america and in the process getting rid of its core flaws? Only one: America is shit and most people, left wing right wing and center, rich and poor, deserve the nuke. However, America is somehow better than China and Russia, who would be the first to take its clay if it reset. Undeniably China, have you seen their gun laws?
The four officers involved in the ape wrangling that the Floyd nigger have been charged. Are the race riots still going on? I read that 50 ATMs were exploded in Philly over the past couple of days with dynamite, but not sure if it's connected. Vid unrelated.
>>1395 >seize important infrastructure: water, electricity, food, banks >banks Let's say that things progress to the point where the police lose the last of their tenuous grasp on cities and it becomes anarchy. Let's say you want to take part in some high-minded looting and rob a bank. Assuming things escalated quick enough that banks had to lockdown before they moved any cash out, how would one break into it, hypothetically speaking of course. Is there any existing literature on vault cracking?
>>1626 China would collapse without burgers, the US is the main culprit behind China not being in total financial ruin after Mao died, and they've remained dependent on goymerica consumerism ever since. Sure you can point out that other countries buy shit and outsource to them, but not in anywhere near the level that the US does. You also have to consider the fact that China also gets a huge amount of its food from the US because it's literally impossible for them to grow enough crops to sustain themselves, and their meat industry constantly stumbles over because of shit like swine flu or bird flu. Russia on the other hand, while not some epic big bad strong man powerhouse it likes to portray itself as, would be virtually unopposed by any western nation, and they're at least capable of sustaining themselves long enough to bully other countries into giving them what they can't provide for themselves.
>>1587 >>1588 >Man I fucking hope it causes an international incident with Chinkland. Won't happen, they don't use a live shot of NYC anymore. it's a looped photo. Personally I'd say its a false flag because the hymalayas aren't a pinnacle of freedom lol. Rather the opposite. someone either got paid by CIA or the 3PLA got em by the balls >>1631 I think atleast one of them (the dude who voiced concerns about chauvin) gets off. Otherwise since they upped chauvin to 2nd degree murder he's going to get off I think. Because 1st degree requires intent and premeditation, 2nd degree requires intent, 3rd degree is basically a manslaughter charge (in the state of MN to my understanding). I think chauvin walks on the 2nd degree charge because he had no clear intent to kill him. If he'd said something like "II hope this nigger dies" then he'd be fucked on the 2nd degree charge. Defense will argue tainted jury pool and ask for a change of venue. Likely also to get tossed on appeal since basically you have to be innawoods off the grid for a week prior to not know jack about the case right now.
>>1633 I wonder how the average denizen of Russia will look like by the end of the century. I've heard the European parts have quite a lot of immigrants from the more Asiatic parts of Russia, and that those people aren't that mentally capable.
Open file (121.86 KB 165x356 praise-ugga2.png)
>>1634 So, we can look forward to more riots after the court case, then.
>>1634 All 4 walk and another shit storm happens. There's too much support for the chimp outs so another one will be encouraged by it. And police can't be help guilty for a man full of drugs having a heart attack when they arrest him. He didn't die from being choked out, he started to have a heart attack. At worse it's manslaughter and they won't even be held to that.
>>1638 I can't imagine that the court case will be any kind of swift, though. It might even get postponed for long enough that the goldfish-like attention span of the riot crowd allows the verdict to drop without much ado.
>>1638 >>1637 >>1640 I they prosecution will claim that severely depressing the carteroid artery killed him. It MIGHT have, but is not something that can be proven without reasonable doubt. Unlesss someone can show him pressing right into the artery via video.... Or you know stack the jury.
https://invidio.us/watch?v=K_a63r5Km9I This is more /pol/ than /k/, but this turbo-enlightened ultra-centrist anti-establishment rant (with a side of not the juice!) made me think: is this kind of sentiment capable of gaining traction in burgeristan? The guy seems to be a spineless cuck, and yet he is on the verge of calling for an open uprising.
>>1641 Plenty of nigs die of heart attacks while being arrested. Cops get away scot free every time. This is Zimmerman tier.
>The guy seems to be a spineless cuck, and yet he is on the verge of calling for an open uprising. Because that's hip and cool now.
>>1643 I also forget that the MN DA might be intentional thowing the case, he is a democract who supports antifa and BLM lol
>>1645 It'll go to the federal court either way. Neither side will let it slide.
Open file (32.27 KB 605x395 poisonous and evil.jpg)
>absolutely huge uptick in "jews won" shitposts anywhere this is being discussed tiresome
>>1636 The only reason Russians aren't already mocked for being as muttified as much as the US is because the US is full of obviously dark browns, while the non-yuros in Russia tend to be paler looking. It's harder to make fun of someone screeching "whiter than you cyka" when they're actually pale and not that weird mud puddle color that a lot of "white" burgers are.
>>1646 Not if it's a ng verdict. Double jepoardy rule remember? Feds fucked that with RICO IIRC
>>1642 >The guy seems to be a spineless cuck, and yet he is on the verge of calling for an open uprising That's the exact kind of person they want calling for revolution though. I guarantee if niggers somehow managed to organize well enough to start a revolution they'd be mowed down in under a week, but thankfully for the kikes they're too dumb to independently organize.
>>1631 Kek just like 90's - 00's tv, one of each race. Minus the spic
Oh boy the UK has become a shit show. I wonder if China's going to get involved now. >Region has the biggest number corona deaths in the country >Huge jump since lock down eased off >Last night we had race riots in the towns all over the country >Many of those towns are full of Chinese import students who have no where to flee >Scotland is demanding police stop being given riot gear to stop the looters Who the fuck needs acceralationism when you live in the world today? There's not a brick on the pedal but a cinder block. If the riots keep on then a bunch of rich gooks are going to get their heads caved in and Chinas going to throw a fit over it.
GET READY FOR THE SECOND SET OF RIOTS Source: https://www.hennepin.us/-/media/hennepinus/residents/public-safety/documents/Autopsy_2020-3700_Floyd.pdf >Blood drug and novel psychoactive substances screens: >1. Fentanyl 11 ng/mL >2. Norfentanyl 5.6 ng/mL >3. 4-ANPP 0.65 ng/mL >4. Methamphetamine 19 ng/mL >5. 11-Hydroxy Delta-9 THC 1.2 ng/mL; >Delta-9 Carboxy THC 42 ng/mL; Delta-9 THC 2.9 ng/mL >6. Cotinine positive >7. Caffeine positive FYI ld50 for fenyanyl is 10.98ng/mL for average population. In other words, dude was jacked up on a lethal dose of fentanyl + other shit. Those 4 officers gonna walk unless they stack that jury harder than sherman burning his way to the sea.
Open file (73.61 KB 499x349 ruh-roh1.jpg)
>>1657 >7. Caffeine positive That fucking monster.
>>1657 Still isn't going to help the whole "kneeing on neck" thing though
Open file (276.49 KB 716x750 monster_alt.jpg)
Open file (69.01 KB 640x480 P90_Monster_1.jpg)
>>1659 It would be quite something if it turned out that a can of Monster was partly responsible for the spark that burned down America.
>>1661 >telemarketing for free
>>1660 Remember, it's "beyond reasonable doubt". Just because he is kneeling on the neck does not mean it was intent to kill. Kneeling on a person's neck does not automatically kill them. The prosecution has to prove that the officer exerted force that would have killed a regular person since responding officer did not know flyod had a heart condition. Now, if Chauvin KNEW flyod had heart disease, etc. Then I might see the case. Murder, no (at least not in my book, insufficient evidence) Manslaughter? Maybe Negligence? Definitely.
>>1653 >Scotland is demanding police stop being given riot gear to stop the looters >Even thinking that the lack of riot gear will somehow stop people from taking a chance to steal shit >Not expecting looters to take it as a sign of weakness and cause more destruction and possible deaths Fucking hell Scotland. It would be funny if the lack of armor would make the cops better at fighting (if they even did fight back) like the Celts of old, but doubtful given the current state of the country.
>>1576 >>1581 What the fuck is happening? >>1631 >photo very inclusive.
>>1663 Dunno anon like he did for 9 minutes, while big lips was saying he waznt breathin n shieet (of course he claimed to have claustrophobia when entering on the police cars while before that driving in his own car lul). Most people are going to see it as murder because the media told them so and the government aren't going to release them and give them more reason to chimp.
>>1666 Assuming they get a consul that isn't half retarded, they will hammer to the jury the fact that 1) Using the technique is approve by state of MN 2) There is no direct evidence that he died from asphyxia caused by the restraint alone 3) Victim had already lethal doses of drugs in his system 4) The prosecution has not established a direct motive with overbearing proof, or proved that the restraint was deliberately used with foreknowledge of his medical issues. Just because you can use such a technique, doesn't mean you always should.
>>1653 >Scotland is demanding police stop being given riot gear to stop the looters The african british have a license for that.
>>1663 Any one who's ever watched cops knows cops go for the shoulders with their legs and keep your head pinned to the floor so they can't bite you. It's a reasonable restraint when dealing with someone who's going to fight back. You don't want some nigger going Hannibal lector on your dick while you try to get the cuffs on him. >>1664 SNP are pure feminist green party incarnate. They're utter scum. >>1666 How do you plan to lift a guy who's a good foot taller than you and have a weight advantage? You pin them til you have the support you need to safely put them in the trunk.
>>1632 At the point the cash probably won't hold any value either.
>>1670 >>1667 Fuck, thought it was illegal to pin someone down on the neck like that. My bad
>>1669 >SNP are pure feminist green party incarnate. They're utter scum. Isn't that pretty much any political party in Scotland? I have yet to see a party that actually works for Scotland's native people that doesn't bow down to the Britbongs, EU, or both (At least one that doesn't get immediately shutdown).
LAPD and NYCPD are getting their budgets cut, which means more police violence because they'll use civil asset forfeiture more often while hiring worse officers. https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/2-nypd-cops-shot-1-stabbed-brooklyn-police-brutality-riots-go-global https://www.forbes.com/sites/jackbrewster/2020/06/04/la-mayor-slashes-lapd-budget-as-calls-to-defund-police-slowly-pick-up-steam/#4f86668c1ba3 Which means more riots. Federal Enforcers will likely take over as local governments feel they need to solve the solution instead of telling people to get armed, so the standard alphabet soup faggots will start killing more people, which means more riots. >>1669 >Any one who's ever watched cops knows cops go for the shoulders with their legs and keep your head pinned to the floor so they can't bite you. Tell Tony Timpa. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37LHhYRoHrk Or David Glen Ward. https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=s0yuoYS-nqE
>>1670 Not necessarily, the cops could back out of the cities and the armed forces blockade them like Sarajevo, then come back once the groids have rioted themselves into passivity/starvation. Maybe the heist can be done if things escalate. Either way, I think info on how to rob a bank is pretty /k/, as is stealing banker money and using it to buy more funs.
>>1637 It might even happen before the trial. Nigs go ape and charge the cops every week if not every day so it's only a matter of time before" them rasis pigs" kill another innocent future basketball doctor in the middle of a rampage and the riots will be back on again.
Open file (4.05 MB 640x360 push.mp4)
>>1676 That's actually the best way to do it. Blockade the cities with all the orcs and orc enablers inside and let nature take its course. Rural folks will arm themselves and keep the peace where they live in that manner.
There's a very strong feeling that the Democrats and Antifa types are trying to get more violence, and if they can't provoke whites, they'll simply target them for murder. Anyone who lives in or near a major democrat city needs to get the fuck innawoods imo.
>>1664 >doesn't want escalation
Project Veritas does a piece of Antifa, vid related >ANTIFA “Practice things like an eye gouge, it takes very little Also: >Breaking: Minneapolis City Council President says that the Minneapolis Police Department will be dismantled and replaced with a ‘transformative new model of public safety’. https://mobile.twitter.com/PMBreakingNews/status/1268705790669578247 Couldn't get archive working without JS on Tor does anyone know a site that doesn't require it?
>>1663 I dunno. I can totally see a 2nd degree murder charge. Negligence would be not considering the suspect's status and that resulting in the suspect's death or injury. He may have not thought, "I'm going to kill this man," but any person of average intelligence, especially after Floyd said he couldn't breathe while lying in a puddle of his own urine and that he was unresponsive for three of the nine minutes the knee was on his neck, would think, "what I'm doing might be killing him."
>>1689 >Democrats Democrats are generally dull conservitoids except for the few which are just there because antifa has no candidate. It's far-left terrorists like antifa and far-right terrorists like the electric boogaloo boys who are trying to accelarate a civil war or revolution. It's what they want politically and now is the perfect time to fuel the flame. Add a bit of russia online fanning and youre ready for a war.
>>1692 He OD'd on fentanyl. The knee to the neck was just a restraint and didn't compromise the airway. I'd be more concerned about the other officer's knee in his torso if you wanted to discuss contributing factors. This is all a mason-jew psyop anyway and floyd is probably sipping cocktails in Tel Aviv with Epstein. >>1693 >democrats dindu nuffin Whom are you trying to fool?
>>1691 I have a feeling that they're doing everything they can to make the situation as bad as possible, as quickly as possible. Failed state balkanization style.
>>1694 >everyone but right wing wants violent no u
>>1687 This is /k/. We use guns, not push.
>The knee to the neck was just a restraint and didn't compromise the airway. The protests are fucking stupid but I don't understand how touching a non-violent civilian's neck or back is in any way acceptable for an officer of the law and is disturbingly normalized. Touching another person's neck like that is a death threat (symbolically) and bad practice (eggshell rule). If it was a nigger instead of an officer you would have valid self-defense grounds to shoot a person who did that.
>>1700 What's with that practice anyways? I've seen a lot of pictures of cops doing it. Is it some sort of technique? What is it intended to do and how does it work?
>>1700 >non-violent Anon, I.... He was loaded on crystal meth and fentanyl, acting erratically, and refusing to get in the cruiser, because he was "claustrophobic." Considering this nigger was a 250 pound silverback, what the fuck else was the cop supposed to do with him?
>>1691 Most I could see them doing with the police force is restructuring it is removing marked patrols and only becoming active in sting operations or where it's clear a violent crime is taking place. They might be able to outsource event protection and riot suppression to security contractors. >inb4 liberals champion community-led militias >>1694 >He OD'd on fentanyl. Possible. It's clear that there was something wrong with him and the officers even called EMS, but they continued to pin him down for seven minutes after the call was made. Instead of providing medical aid or keeping him in the police car as he was already inside before being pulled out and pinned down by Chauvin, they continued to restrain him in a dangerous position that made it more challenging to breathe. With full knowing that Floyd was ill and having trouble breathing, Chauvin pulled him out of the cruiser and knelt on his neck and instructed a rookie officer in training to do the same on his back. I think it negligent enough to be murder.
Open file (1.74 MB 940x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
>negresses are upset at being cuckqueaned
>>1701 I'm as confused as you are. Apart from the Floyd news, I can't find much info about police holds at all apart from certain chokeholds from similar protested incidents. Apparently neck restraints and chokeholds are banned by many major metropolitan police departments but not in Minneapolis, so I'm guessing allowed maneuvers vary widely by region. It looks like it's effective at keeping their hands free and they're pretty safe from an attempted resist, plus the victim clearly feels vulnerable. You could do most or all of this in a much safe way though.
>>1700 >nice dubs My limited understanding on the regulation of it is due to western police (basically AMERICAN) built not to actually police citizens and uphold order, but to apply the law and only apply the law as a means of repression. I'm not a lawyer, historian nor commie, that's just my basic knowledge. So blame you're politicians. Medically, it's a restraint method akin to putting your weight on someone's chest via a foot when they are down. Hard to get up and extremely hard to resist. >>1701 however, you aren't supposed to hit the carotid artery. It is supposed to depress the windpipe and simulate the effects of having an ashmatic response/wheezing attack. Think like how waterboard simulates drowning to put psychological stress. The analogy is that this put psychological and physical stress. >Chauvin pulled him out of the cruiser and knelt on his neck and instructed a rookie officer in training to do the same on his back. I think it negligent enough to be murder. >>1703 I disagree. cops aren't (usually) trained in more than basic CPR, and there are people who you cannot feel a distal pulse on. This should fall under at least negligence and at most manslaughter. The reason I say this is that the extremity pulses cannot always be felt (bradycardia and hypotension due to opiate use is a prime example, extreme volumetric shock also another, neurological shock + cushings syndrome are also examples),. If Chauvin wasn't completely brain on heads retarded is that he would have instructed them to check for a femoral and/or carotid pulse. HOWEVER!!! He is not trained in EMS work to our knowledge, and simply will claim that he (and the other officers) have no medical training and cannot perform a satisfactory pulse check. The DA will however arguably argue that Chauvin did not see the chest rise and not feel air flowing down the esophagus. I will contend that the defense will counter by saying he knelt on the larynx and could not feel it over his clothes (As EMS I have a hard time feeling for breathing, we usually just check nose/chest rise). You have to remember the suspect is large and seeming (somewhat overweight). Sometimes as EMS we will absolutely be unable to find a distal pulse on obese patients or those with deeper veins. There are other medical indicators like cyanosis but I don't see any in the video, although I will say its quality is too bad and well, if you look dark, your skin turning blue is not really easy to pick out on top of dark skin. >also, not knowing about maniac syndrome while intoxicated
>>1705 SAGE FOR DOUBLE POST My understanding is that the restraint method was originally approved by the Minneapolis. Statistical outlier in the US. Unfortunately I have to cite the media since I can't find their training manuals: Its manual allows "compressing one or both sides of a person’s neck with an arm or leg without applying direct pressure to the trachea or airway." >USAtoday sorry for shit source but its the only one I've seen thats directly quoted the manual, CNN does hurr durr illegal to allow more unrest
>>1702 Not take a knee on his neck while he was submissive, that's what. There are plenty of other safe ways to keep someone down, especially once handcuffs are on.
>>1491 >reverse-bigots A bigot is someone who steadfastly, obstinately insists on what he believes in; being intolerant of other beliefs. So they are "bigots", just a different kind. Like most people who would call others bigots using the more popular degenerated definition.
>>1703 >I think it negligent enough to be murder. If they restricted someone's movement and didn't call an ambulance when someone said 'I can't breathe', that's probably enough for negligent manslaughter.
>>1710 No it isn't. The oldest trick in the book is to say "these chuffs are too tight" or "I can't breathe" and then run for it when they let you up a bit. If you can talk you can breathe.
>>1703 Correction: he died as a result of cardiac arrest, so it was an overdose. >>1706 It's not so much that the cops need to be trained in CPR, but Floyd was sweating, strained, and collapsed before he was pinned down, so it was clear that there was something dangerously wrong with him and they knew so otherwise they wouldn't have called EMS, but common sense would dictate that the kind of restraint Floyd was in was not to his benefit. I'm questioning if it was second degree murder now with greater context, but I do think Chauvin must have known what he was doing was especially dangerous with knowing that Floyd was in distress.
>>1711 >If you can talk you can breathe. Which makes sense when you consider that he died from a heart attack and not asphyxia. He "couldn't breath" not because air wasn't moving in and out of his lungs but because his circulatory system wasn't moving oxygen to his cells. They've probably got enough on the knee cop for depraved indifference but not enough for full on murder to say nothing of the other cops. Regardless of how it goes they won't go to jail for long enough to prevent a second chimp out.
>>1711 I just saw the other three officers were charged. Apparently two of them were trainees and had only on the beat for a week. And Chauvin was one's training officer. I think that all but chauvin will get off easily. The asian dude is supposedly more experienced but not a 19 year vet like Chauvin and was (allegedly) the only one keeping people back, so he has an "excuse" there. The other two will claim that they were just following orders and the lack of training by the PD >>1711 The question, is if you can breathe sufficently. I'm reading the autopsy report again I noticed this: >Cross sections of the vessels show multifocal atherosclerosis, with 75% proximal and 75% mid narrowing of the left anterior descending coronary artery; >75% proximal narrowing of the 1st diagonal branch of the left anterior descending coronary artery; 25% proximal narrowing of the circumflex coronary artery; and 90% proximal narrowing of the right coronary artery. >The finding of sickled-appearing cells in many of the autopsy tissue sections prompted the Hemoglobin S quantitation reported above. This quantitative result is indicative of sickle cell trait. tl;dr, he had much much worse heart issues than the preliminary autopsy wrote, had drugs, and on top of that also had sickle cell disease traits (hereditary but not present) I wonder if the last one affected his oxygenation. Me thinks the DA has a hard hard case to prove. First off, nobody knew he had existing conditions. These conditions caused him to crash harder, and be harder to treat then if he was healthy. Secondly, the DA must prove that the initial distress WAS caused by the maneuver (Defense is going to absolutely HAMMER the fact that he had lethal doses of mutiple drugs imho) OR the officer deliberately recognized the signs (see: "No medical training defense here!" or "I was too busy restraining them!") and deliberately chose to ignore them >>1712 It's not second or third degree murder, it is neither a passion murder, nor premediatated. Is PD retarded for having that technique allowed? YES. Is the cop an idiot? YES. Did the cop have training to identify (or maybe even time) to identify the symptoms? MAYBE. I say maybe because those signs are also the same of certain drug uses. If you've ever had to hold down an OD meth junkie you will know they have more strength than anyone in the room does until they get a MI and collapse. The decedent was known to be positive for 2019-nCoV RNA on 4/3/2020. We have seen what a scam covid is now
>>1713 The cop had no idea he had taken an overdose of drugs. Why are you cucking so hard to the nigger here?
>>1716 >Why are you cucking so hard to the nigger here? What are you talking about? I'm not taking sides I'm just talking about how the law sees shit. "Depraved indifference" is manslaughter. It means you didn't have any intent to kill but you engaged in actions that a "reasonable person(tm)" would conclude would show a disregard for life. Even cases of entirely accidental death can raise to the level of depraved indifference if you don't take basic actions to try to get aid for a person, (i.e. accidental hit and run or cases where share your drugs with someone ant they OD and you refuse to go for help.) The specifics vary from state to state.
>>1715 As I said, it's not so much about it being in the heat of passion or premeditated, but the act of having his body weight on his neck and keeping him pinned even when unconscious is something I would consider murder. That is, I would consider it murder had Chauvin actually asphyxiated him, but the autopsy report suggests otherwise. I think there's less of a case for second degree murder now that the facts are available and with all the people moronically polluting the jury pool. >>1716 The cops did know he was on something when he collapsed. That's why they called EMS.
>>1717 And you're wildly misinformed on the topic at hand. He was ODed and had Covid. Fucker was dead either way. And there's now video of him resisting arrest and needing two cops to restrain him by his car.
>>1718 >That's why they called EMS. The fucking nigger was dying of a drug overdose and the cops both held him down and protected him until the EMS arrived. At first I thought those cops were retarded and literally killed the guy on accident, but now I think they're retarded for trying to help that nigger. In other words the shrieker monkeys yelling at the the cops as they were trying to keep him contained have as much blood on their hands as the cops did.
>>1719 A lot of it will depend on what the jury thinks. If he is convicted then I do expect the conviction to be appealed and very possibly vacated.
>>1720 >the cops had no idea he was od'ing >the cops were helping him Are you the man in >>1687? It seems like you were hit on the head quite hard.
I'm going to buy a 3D printer and every time there's another riot I'm going to print a nigress and hot glue her. That'll teach those chimps! Was it raining in USA tonight? Cold and wet in Europe
>>1723 >Was it raining in USA tonight? Scattered. We're entering hurricane season and the first one is expected to hit the gulf in the next few days.
>>1724 rain usually puts the chimp outs on hold. Wonder if it will pick up again once the winds passed.
I went to check cuckchan's /tg/ to see what companies had cucked out. Games Workshop just did and I don't know how stupid people can be. "It doesn't mean GW support BLM just because they posted support for their message". It's pure coincidence this is all happening at the same time right? I wonder how much of that is stupidity and how much is brand loyalty and refusing to see them in a bad light.
>>1726 What else would you expect from cuckchan. It's reddit but somehow even worse than reddit. >I wonder how much of that is stupidity and how much is brand loyalty and refusing to see them in a bad light. I don't know if brand loyalty is the perfect way to describe it. It's more like a brand identity. Through purchases you make you are endorsing and supporting a company, and if you've invested significantly into a company you're going to feel like their products are a part of your identity. This is the sunken cost syndrome that keeps games like WoW afloat. So people aren't necessarily loyal to a brand, but see the brand as an extension of their identity and rationalize supporting that brand in any way they can since they can't reconcile with the reality they would have to quit virtually every single one of their hobbies if they stuck to their principles. We see this with the entire soy "skeptic" community of trump supporters that are rabidly obsessed with consumerism. They lose their fucking minds over gay little comic books becoming pozzed like their entire world is shattering. Bugman consumerists have no agency. They simply aren't capable of walking away from these things, so instead they'll beg and plead for these companies and corporations to stop becoming more "woke" and frame it as some sort of faggy little "culture war". It's fucking embarrassing.
>>1727 I knew it would be posted there.. I saw more of a push back on facebook than cuckchan when I last checked it. I was watching century of self earlier and it's scary how effective enforcing consumerism has been. I'm getting to the point where I'm wanting to give up my hobbies. I'm considering a 3D printer so I can be independent through piracy or simply walking away. All this shit has made me start to appreciate a more isolationist hobby. Learning to juggle or cycling. Something where you're entirely isolated and spending nothing beyond your first investment.
>>1726 >I went to check cuckchan's /tg/ to see what companies had cucked out. Games Workshop just did and I don't know how stupid people can be. "It doesn't mean GW support BLM just because they posted support for their message". <I went to a gay bar and all these faggots started hitting on me. What's up with that? It's a mystery wrapped in an enigma.
>>1729 I am a very sexy man. I'm used to that.
Have you taken the brown pill yet, mateys? it's a tough pill to swallow! The brown pill was founded in 1999 by Sir Reginald Brownpill's wife, who presents and narrates the attached video. Forget red and blue pills, brown pills are the way of the future. Video related. Please leave your questions, comments, and concerns below about this radical new paradigm of thinking! Swallow the brown pill today! Red pills are for fedora fucking wearing faggots, blue pills are for the ignorant masses. Ignore the other le epin /pol/ maymays, this one is the readl deal.
>>1728 If you want a useful hobby, green woodworking is good. A lot of the people doing it are fucking hippies, but don't let that bother you. All you need is a small forest (or allowance to cut trees in one, which is easy and cheap since people aren't using their firewood plots anymore), and handtools. Bonus points because it comes in handy in case you need to go innawoods permanently. >>1726 I'm just mad that they're shitting up 40k and killed Fantasy. We need Open-Source worldbuilding already.
>>1733 >If you want a useful hobby, green woodworking is good. How does that differ from regular woodworking?
>>1734 Green wood is easier to work. The tradeoff is that green wood shrinks and warps over time
>>1734 You work unseasoned wood (and assemble it seasoned to avoid what >>1738 said). Since green wood is softer, hand-tools can easily work it, and you just need to do minor adjustments at the assembly stage when it's dry. People also tend to avoid glue and nails, so it's better carpentry all round. All-around more pleasant, and since you don't need electricity, you can even do it right in the forest, just make a small hut for tools and drying purposes.
Open file (12.71 MB 1280x720 ouch.webm)
>>1736 Other angle of ZOGbots probably killing grandpa
>>1740 >Nogs burn down entire cities and the worst that happens is they get some pepperspray >White grandpa walks near zogbot, gets head cracked in And that summarizes the modern police force.
>>1740 I'm no expert but smacking your skull against the pavement so hard it echoes in the streets and blood instantly starts flowing out of your ears sounds like a death sentence to an old fart.
>>1736 >>1740 Tell me how this doesn't count as police brutality
>>1742 At the very least, unpleasant.
>>1743 Of course it does. Brainwashed whites won't stand in solidarity though because they are brainwashed by jews to think they don't need each other. As long as we have bread and circuses, we are content to keep trodding along the path of wagecuckery as temporarily embarassed millionaire alphas that will could definitely survive on our own against the world. So fuck everyone else.
>>1746 No ones going to stand with you Jamal, you're just going to sucker punch them and steal their shoes. Go away nignog
>>1747 I'm talking about standing in solidarity with each other, not with niggers. Whites should explicitly be on each other's side.
>>1749 White people can't protest against cops or their government. >only people to protest cops killing people are right wing but right wing can't protest because most of them are bootlickers that love their zogbots >you could lose your job, friends, family, wife, repuation, maybe people think your a commie >left wing fags will hate you too because it wasnt a subhuman that died >police and military will fuck you up at protests or arrest you for wrongthink Niggers can only loot and burn shit down because they have nothing to lose, no job, no house, no wife, no family, no future where as any white movement will sellout to feds as soon as they get the chance then get everyone else to cuck out. If whites chimped out we would only need to do it once, but not many fags can see the better life ahead of them through the veil of mr shekelbergs life of wageslavery.
It's a bit ironic that these riots started over a cop kneeling on a nigger, and now the niggers want all cops to ˝take a knee˝. I know that the latter is older, but it's still quite amusing.
>>1753 You’re missing the point then.
>>1756 What point?
>>1758 It's still ironic, but the point is to make whites display submissiveness to make normalize the power dynamic of whites being on the way out and ready for the final stages of genocide.
>>1740 >dead boomer Nice!
>>1733 You're the type of fucktard who shit up 40k to begin with. 40k has been fucked since 3rd edition. All the original staff left and the fanboys took over. It's been shit twice as long as it was ever good. And "open source world building", it's fucking tabletop. The whole point is you make your own shit within another system or make your own system. It's the most open source thing there ever could be. >>1741 He was touching the cops. He wasn't just standing there but actively touching people. Do we know what he was saying? >>1743 It doesn't because it's reasonable force. He tripped when pushed he wasn't shoved over. If you don't want someone to shove you then don't get in their face and start touching them while they're on riot patrol.
>>1759 The point is to show submissiveness to the people in charge. It's the same way if a dog is beaten it will cower when a hand is raised to it. I wonder how much of it is legit cucking and how much is trying to protect yourself. If 50 angry nogs scream get on your knees and it's just you or you and a buddy then not getting killed isn't a bad idea. Better idea to have a gun but many of the people doing this are doing it for self preservation when a nigger mob swarms them.
Open file (6.22 MB 568x320 vy5oBOkfnqb2q2Ap.mp4)
>>1761 >t. Cop
>>1749 >I'm talking about standing in solidarity with each other, not with niggers. Whites should explicitly be on each other's side. The fuck why? You are missing the point that most Whites that get enriched by Niggers are race traitors to begin with. If you did that you would waste your time to march for dead Thots, Drugaddicts, Leftist or Religiocuck. Just like how the Niggers are currently marching in the name of dead criminals. On top of that problem there is the fact that the whole White/Black bullshit is colonial mongrel terminology of people who have lost their original culture. Americans, especially Nigger-Americans need these distinctions thanks to the melting pot of Judaism. Without a clearer distinction you don't know who is really worth saving as you don't know who really belongs to your ethnic-racial group.
>>1772 What's the end of the story? Is Timpa okay?
>>1775 No, he died and the Dallas PD covered it for years. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_c-E_i8Q5G0&t http://archive.fo/wip/u4PTF
>>1774 So basically jews won and all hope is lost huh, kraut?
>>1778 >So basically jews won and all hope is lost huh, kraut? No the Jews haven't won, its just that I won't endanger my century old heritage for some American mystery meat. You are a nation of golems and have to blame yourself for allowing things to get so far. Only you can get yourself out of that, its your duty as a people and you don't have any right to cry "why won't my white brothers in the rest of the world come save me?!?" as the last century saw the USA betray Caucasians all over the world.
>>1779 Save your own country, screechfiend. Everywhere is getting enriched. Including where you live.
>>1779 Who was even asking you to come and save us kraut? What the fuck kind of mental processes does your brain operate with?
Open file (128.19 KB 400x500 3573452526.jpg)
>>1780 I am not whore-kun Strelok. >>1781 Any time we have such a topic its flooded with "Why won't whites save other whites" comments. It gets tire some.
>>1740 >be skinny boomer who spent life in peaceful white america as parents generation ran from nigger scourge instead of fighting. >beg for free shit and removal of rights entire life >praise the flooding of the nation your ancesotrs built with foreign migrants >foreigners rioting and attacking anyone that looks like you or your ancestors >join them and show your support of them >police respond to mayhem and form a line in the sand against rioting niggers wearing riot gear and walking forward to move line >walk up to them flailing arms and touching while they yell at people to get back. >get pushed lightly >lose balance and fall >die i cant decide who was shitter boomers or "greatest". boomers resisted a war by crying and dressing like fags and teaming up with niggers that hate them while securing as much money and property for themselves as possible while giving it to any third worlder that asks for it. greatest generation returned to ancestral homelands to destroy it because jews told them to. then proceeded to worship authority where they either worship commie college professors or anything in a uniform.
>>1782 That guy was clearly talking about why whites in America won't band together you non-reading nigger. You're fucking tiresome with your shitty reading comprehension, people like you always make a conversation much worse than it has to be, and people like you are always so fucking unnecessarily hostile on top of it all, though I guess it would get frustrating when you;re an idiot who doesn't know how to communicate properly.
>>1783 >What the fuck, we aren't allowed to murder the elderly? That's it, I resign And Zogbots wonder why they aren't popular.
>>1785 >That guy was clearly talking about why whites in America won't band together you non-reading nigger. Same shit applies in the USA my non-reading nigger. See my first post. Would you riot for a coal burner getting murdered by the coal? Would you riot for a Berniecuck seeing his first and last redpill? I only made the Euro comment after the bullshit "so the jews won" comment. My comments are also not hostile, they are the truth. Its pointless to talk about White solidarity as long as the race traitor elephant is in the room. Not all whites deserve to be saved and those that do deserve it are already helping each other. This is why those comments are so pointless.
>>1788 You're just nitpicking things in the least charitable way possible to get a cheap "gotcha" and give your ego a 1-up. All I'm saying is that we should support each other. For example when niggers group up on a white person and beat them down, we should help them out. When someone in a group makes a pro-white comment, we shouldn't counter-signal them and call them racist for brownie points. We as a whole, white people, European heritage, whatever. Even your comment shows how painful it is for you to support other white people, because "they probably deserved it" ignoring all of the ones who didn't deserve it. All the people who grew up in areas that got enriched then were attacked, raped, killed, displaced, forced to live in hellholes, the kids growing up there sure as fuck didn't deserve it. It was forced on them in many or perhaps even most cases. White people, Europeans, whatever you want to call us are crabs in a bucket right now.
>>1786 they resigned from the emergency response team. they didnt resign from their jobs. seems more like a managerial issue. task forces like that are created to respond to "emergency situations". from the video it looks like they were given an order, followed through and got in trouble when someone got hurt. to fault the officer for that push you'd have to say the cop wasnt following orders, especially if theyre going to take his pay away. it seemed they were following orders but because of the nature of this "emergency" job theyre faced with extra penalties. i'd resign too, not worth the added risk. >>1788 >Not all whites deserve to be saved While i know what you mean, i dont agree. there is so much propaganda and brainwashing i see them as victims, i wish it was possible for all of them to change so they can begin to undo damage they've caused, but thats not realistic. >>1789 yes, sticking together with whites against non whites is fine, but nobody should stick together with white race traitors against other whites, even if theyre police., which it seems some seem to be advocating for ITT. im not referring to the old man specifically since i know nothing about him or even what he was doing there.
>>1788 With this mindset you risk to eventually abandon everyone and keep pondering in excuses for your own inaction. >I could have helped him <but what if he turns out to be a liberal cuck? >thot in distress <I bet she sucked nigger dick in the past You are bitter anon and your bitterness is one of the reasons we struggle to form a meaningfull movement in our country. We need to offer an actual preferable alternative to ZOG and I believe the way to hook enough NPCs to the cause is by romanticizing the whole idea of strong familys and people united by blood und culture. We have to build some kind of German IRA and we need the grudgingly for the frontline but we also need enough NPCs to cover our asses and for material support. When we abandon everyone for the slightest misdeamor, we will lose any cause to fight we had beforehand. Besides they may not be the prime example worthy of your help, but perhaps turn out to be the worst zealots after they forcefully got the red pill pushed down their throats. If Yuri was right und they stay retarted drop them like a hot potato or kill them at your own discretion.
They're using innocent Mr. Floyd's death as an excuse to take down the Confederate monuments in Richmond VA. Because alleged police brutality in a state hundreds of miles away and was also a union state has so much to do with the confederacy, I fucking hate how dishonest all of these fucking people are.
>>1793 >innocent
>>1798 That was obvious sarcasm.
Open file (139.18 KB 315x512 commie-cleaner2.jpg)
>>1799 Hm. Did we ever find out if his "funny money" was counterfeit or just looked that way?
Open file (3.18 MB 722x720 ISW3vqlKWmsyadhl.mp4)
>>1791 Hasn't changed in over 50 years.
>>1803 Man, she took those rubber bullets like a champ
>>1792 The reason there is no movement is two fold. Firstly the government won't let you, any attempt to form an opposition will be destroyed. Secondly you have nothing to offer any one. People aren't going to join a movement which suicides their career, makes their families hate them and gets them hounded in the streets. You have nothing to offer people in return for the sacrifice they're making today. Nigger lovers can get a free Big Mac from McDonalds and it's more than any fascist party can offer in all of Europe and the USA. The guy you're replying to is right though. A lot , maybe even more people aren't worth saving. How many single mothers and drug addicts do you want to save? Do you want to save trannies and retards too? White solidarity means marching arm in arm with meth addicts and Christian Weston Chanler. I'm not interested in that even if you are. White isn't even real. European is real. Nationality is real. White is what burgers call themselves because Grandaddy fucked a nigger.
>>1805 The truth is, is that all groups have their trash. The harder truth is that the proportion of trash to gen pop is larger in some is the autistic kraut who doxxed himselfback again?
Open file (1.37 MB 1370x1372 Andrew Howard Brannan.png)
Why would you defend cops post-Ruby Ridge, post-Waco, post-Katrina gun confiscation, post-Eric Gardner (he wasn't making any resistance at least meaningfully), post-Daniel Shaver where a kid gets lit up for the hell of it by some soylent faggot who was too scared to join the military but wanted to be an action hero. In the LA Riots the cops left Koreatown to its fate so they with the military could tend to the suburbs and upper class neighborhoods and when they took matters into their own hands they got arrested for it and shopkeepers during this riot are getting arrested for fighting back. White cops don't give a shit about white nationalism, they might hate niggers but where they really get off is the power they hold over people and the ability to get away with it and if it weren't for the cops protecting them these niggers and faggots would've been splintered to fucking nothing by now. What should take place of a police force is a neighborhood militia and what should be official police should be restricted to .32 snubnoses and a rack in the squad car for a shotgun. A lot of these cops too are non-whites and chuds who abuse their power moreso than white cops and don't get any media coverage of the shit they do.
>>1806 Mayor of DC renamed the section of 16th Street just north of Lafayette Square and the White House to Black Lives Matter Plaza and is apparently going to have it be redecorated with graffiti murals.
>protesting the police >spic shop owner shows up to kill you <SOMEONE CALL 911
>>1808 Yes, he tried to start a sperg fit yesterday and was stopped almost immediately, then he started with his "cuc/k/s" shit. Same tired old sperging from someone who is supposedly superior to yuromutt burgers. i think that's what I find the most irritating is faggot yuros screeching how pure and great they are, yet they still behave like any burgersperg while also doing jack shit to prevent the hueification from coming their way. Complete and total hypocrisy.
Open file (338.30 KB 1266x688 23554322345.png)
>>1641 So fucking what if the ZOGbot gang killed the nigger, and you know they probably did it happens literally everyday in Kike America, and even as a whole statistically more to whites anyway. It's more likely one of the ZOGbots will kill YOU instead of the nigger. So It's no big deal other than the fact that the jews controlling the media are using it for the (((narrative))). As I wrote Zogbots for some reason statistically kill more whites than they do actual 80IQ savages who do not belong in a civilized country, they've showed that already turning formerly civilized cities into Africa in a couple of weeks. No white riots of course, well not yet anyway. This protest is kosher, but let's hope the niggers keep looting, killing, burning the cesspit cities until every white and at the very least decent person in America gets their free redpill and is eagerly more ready to pick up a gun and return fire later on both the niggers and their faggot masters protecting them, and literally letting them do this, and just to reiterate here yes they, the jews, and their shabbos let them do this for their own narrated plan in dividing america, perhaps for agitprop to people who hate what the shitty husk of a country is today. They likely want this to have a demoralizing effect, and an effect where weak faggots are ready to kneel to looting apes and to impose new absurd laws who only violate peace abiding people for the 6th million time. Even If it were not for the fact that they WANT THIS to happen they could hail down teargas grenades and use EMF microwave "Active denial system" to fry people alive. They sure would if it wasn't kosher. I hope nobody here genuinely believes this is somehow organic, and pretending that this protest has no greater purpose other than niggers chimping out like it was the 90's. The jewed mayors in LA did the exact same thing, allowed them to terrorize. But this is different in that it is highly organized top down by the Jew who rules his brown golems in BLM. And that every form of media that decrees and shrieks at VIOLENCE, does not condemn the animals, but support them instead. However they probably expected counter protestors to blame, they were already blaming nonexistential white boogeymen nazis. They failed in that. It's so clear, Jews do anything bad to hurt the white man, anything, power projetion, support violence and killing(only if its their side). It's so paper thin. And this is what we're seeing on display. A dying nation. But that's good, the sooner this idea of a "united America" dies the better.
>>1809 Citywide policing was a mistake.
>>1811 >Chamoyadas >"No Tarugadas" >Owner appears with a chainsaw >Hamburgers without H 10/10 autodefensa
>>1809 That's ZOGbots for you, they'll make up any excuse to not deal with real crime, they'll pester peaceful NON DIVERSE areas instead because they know they won't risk life or limb. Meanwhile in their own heads they live this full on illusion that they're "supermen" and "saviors" for arresting some guy for disagreeing or giving out a traffic ticket. This is why you never see them deal with tough crime ghetto areas, this is why you see them kneel to killers and looters at the protests. You always see them sniveling on the streets to niggers in belee glades florida ghettos, just showing force, nothing else. None of the cowards are willing to go there and sort out the crime, why? A part of it is "Muh (((orders)))". Another is cowardice. And that their ZOG bosses/ZOG legal system discourage them and do not incentivize fighting real crime, even discourage it, while their bosses use it and violence/real crime itself as a ploy to get more shekels for the militarized police state and more golem employees for the Jew police state(which is also ZOG), the ignored subject of this equation of talmudic judaism is the retard at the bottom, the golem himself. Unbeknownst to himself he is the bottom feeding retard in blue who doesn't get it. Bottom at the pyramid. Living paycheck to paycheck. He'll probably never get it. Or he understands it but does not care, because the person is either completely disillusioned or a psychopath obsessed about having an outlet to have power and abuse others. Typically psychopaths choose professions with such an outlet, especially when it is almost impossible to hold them accountable for their actions. The golem enjoys being empowered by the Jew himself and the reason for being a cop as an adult in Jew world is simply low intelligence or highly inclined to sociopathic behavior/both. Some people just love having power over others, for no reason at all, these are more than often losers, bullied people, snitches and psychopaths with an authoritarian slave-ish side and with a false skewed sense of morality that only the jews of the 2000s can cook up. These are really simple people, traitors, quite similar to USSR slaves. The Golem in blue thinks by being on the Jew team, i.e the team with power he is "sheltered from harm", that somehow he still won't have to deal with the effects of the system he serves such as the future mutt coffee colored nation of vermin for the rest of his life, and he somehow won't have to send his own kids to multicultural cesspit white minority schools in the future. Many other faggots also think like that. That they, somehow he won't live in a shithole with no community that doesn't even speak the same language anymore because he's "fighting crime" or doing X (by 99.9% not doing it at all because extreme levels of crime especially without a real cause isn't the product of a homogenous country of a civilized race). This doesn't make any sense but the Zogbot Golem never questioned this, either because he's too low IQ or doesn't realize the america he's helping to protect is globohomo ZOG and united zionists of america when armed people like americans who obey the law(not niggers) with their self defense laws could easily do the jobs for them at no cost to the state as you said. REMINDER: ZOGbots are trained by JEWISH NGO's to persecute/kill whites like the ADL. Of course, system approved no doubt, imagine if the shoe was on the other foot and Amish, Catholic or the KKK trained police officers. Oy vey. https://youtu.be/LkfqdBWgbU8 [Embed] Just remember there are no "good cops" anywhere left in 2020. Only golems. Most of these fags would literally kill you if they jews ordered them. Just like they imprison people globally for disagreeing with the narrative. Remember it. And if you don't think most of them are psychopaths today, imagine taking a dirt job to police diversity(mostly having to carry smelly niggers and beaner scum around to prison for dirt wages) and be trained by literal Jews from the ADL on thought crime think again. Police are low brow traitors, nothing else. They are not civil servants, they just another gang, the ZOG system's gang, about time you people recognized it, all the even remotely honest people in the BLUE GOLEM SQUAD have quit their gay ass faggot jobs already.
Open file (468.92 KB 2048x2048 SHUT IT DOWN.jpg)
Somehow the 1% convinced everyone THEY are the victims.
>>1819 I looked it up and I can't find anything on Jews running BLM. Is there a specific name or something?
>>1117 So what's the verdict on defunding the police?
>>1821 Owned "indirectly"(lol) by Soros, it's owned through his foundation (Open Society Foundations) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_projects_supported_by_George_Soros https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/aug/16/black-lives-matter-cashes-100-million-liberal-foun/ And yeah you can bet soros and his golem aides own it. There's at least more than a couple of Jews in BLM people have forgotten to mention. One in particular, cant remember the name.
Open file (867.24 KB 500x244 banned.gif)
To all the anons posting videos, thank you.
I-I-I-It's a protest goyim, so empowering so... yeah!!!! By the way goyim violence is only ok BUT ONLY if its our side!!!
>>1827 No one you quoted said violence doesn't solve problems. The issue is open calls to violence that anons don't even remotely attempt to be subtle about or veil in any way attract glow niggers and can get sites shut down. You can advocate for solutions in a way that's more tactful and doesn't cause issues. It's ironic you mock "self censoring" when your approach will get the entire board censored out of existence. It's not difficult to talk about how much you think everyone should corpse camp the goblins in world of warcraft until they quit the game, you just need to be a minimum level of effort into it. >homos who have guts(unlike you) on twatter and reddit and preach violence completely uninhibited everyday unironically Reddit and twitter are mega corporations immune from the law and being shut down. No one is afraid of the feds showing up at their door personally for the things they say online, they're worried about the site and imageboards in general being shut down. I very much doubt anyone here is stupid enough to be posting bareback while making calls to violence. Stop being retarded faggot.
>>1829 >The issue is open calls to violence that anons don't even remotely attempt to be subtle about or veil in any way attract glow niggers and can get sites shut down That's not how the feds work. They infiltrate places instead of shutting them down. Shutting them down makes people scatter. Get some roastie to infiltrate the moderation system and then record everything they can and start getting others in power to dox themselves. Then you take over full control either by building a replacement site (This is what would happen to us because the webring is so easy to exploit) or they get to the admin and take charge directly. And if the FBI did want to post "Lets go shoot up a mosque" then they would post it themselves. It's an anonymous image board and it's not like we could stop them. It's why image boards are such a bad tool for managing anything, you have no way to filter bad actors until after they act.
>>1830 Maybe I shouldn't have specified feds. Bad actors in general will attack the site and do whatever they can to get it shut down. Fatchan was shut down for someone making a post about killing niggers or something in that vein, someone reported the post to the domain registrar and the site was gone. This could be anyone from leftists all the way to cripplekike himself. So just apply everything I just said but to literally anyone willing to shoot an email to the server host or registrar instead of the feds.
>>1834 >but i guess we should all just succumb to their hypocritical bullshit and follow their rulebook then. That's not what I said. Ignoring basic opsec just so you can stick it to the man is fucking stupid and unnecessary. >Let's not find ways to make sites impervious to getting shut down by using something like .onion We can do both. >Saying someone should or deserve to be killed isn't even illegal in murica especially. I didn't say it was. But it's still best to practice a little bit of subtly either way. Something doesn't have to be illegal for it to get a site shut down. The law means nothing to mega corps and the government, especially laws protecting freedom of speech. The rest of your post is just a massive strawman and attacking things I never said or even remotely implied so I won't bother addressing it.
>>1834 Why is that evil ninja trying to kill Jontron?
>>1805 We can provide something: community in a hopelessly materialistic world where everyone is isolated in his or her tiny house to consume against the depression. We maybe even possible to offer some spirituality for the ones who crave it. There is a reason they still try to push white sharia and likewise diversion. The people have a need for belonging far from brand identity and many silently envy the arabs for their extended families and strong ingroup preference.
Open file (943.44 KB 320x640 JewsBTFO.mp4)
>niggers reviving armed black panther groups >glowniggers creating the boogaloo boys so they can do some shooting too >niggers attacking every other race in america How long does it take for corona to kill people again?
>>1804 >rubber bullets theyre paintball full of compressed pepper spray that bursts into a cloud on impact. havn't you ever played SWAT4 before?
>>1840 White Sharia is a jewish meme made by TRS. You can't offer community because you're not a community. You're a bunch of tards posting on the internet. A community is the people you live among, the people who you can trust with your physical safety. There's no community on the internet, it's just words on a screen.
Open file (250.74 KB 1289x655 ClipboardImage.png)
Some fag was about to pull up a tarrant but it seems like he was stopped
>>1825 Thank you. I was suspicious of Jewish involvement in BLM after watching a film on the Zimmerman trial.
>>1827 Ever wonder why calls for violence on image boards are almost always mass shootings targeting minorities or random citizens who are not the cause of the problem? Mass shootings that, when investigated, lead back to the CIA or related agencies almost every time?
Why have there been some posts deleted even with media attached?
>>1846 You have limited resources time wise. Spending time online means you're not spending it around people close to you. You're sacrificing your community for those words. The internet is an useful tool, it will help you learn things and solve problems. But it can also be destructive in that it makes you useless without it telling you how to do something or you get addicted to it. How many men have lost themselves to the internet versus the internet finding them a nice tight pussy to put white children inside?
>>1851 A cuckchan fedposter stumbled into here and shit up half the thread with his ramblings.
Open file (658.56 KB 576x640 dead.mp4)
Open file (4.30 MB 518x640 dead2.mp4)
Open file (5.52 MB 720x720 nigger.mp4)
>>1845 >stopped proofs? nothing in that image about him getting stopped by FBI, theres still 2 hours left. >tarrantfag lol >>1846 >if every white man in America started doing this But it's virtually illegal to be anti-semetic in america, conservacucks love israel, hating on kikes is outlawed, many businesses pledge to israel and you'd be jobless for life. maybe you could do a faggy operation on spreading jew slave owners and painting jews as rich white oppressors to niggers on social media or that "fuck 12" is a reference to the 12 tribes of israel. >>1849 Having multiple imageboards on the webring pannel makes it really easy for newfags to find other imageboards to shit up.
>>1850 >Antifa and niggers realized it, implying their burn and loot rampage isn't allowed their bounty was nonetheless getting bottom of the pyramid scumsucking zogbots to kneel to them instead of arresting too Ah, so you're an AI that is still learning to speak English. Got it. In the unlikelihood that you aren't, you're a total retard. Random acts of violence do not help matters at all. Powerful bankers have been the cause of most, if not all, problems that western societies face today. Debts that cannot be paid, expensive wars that no one wants, culture shifts that will kill all decency, and more can be traced back to them. Are acts of violence the answer to those problems? No. There must be a way to bring these bankers out of power, a way which was found out long ago: issuing a debt-free currency. That in and of itself will be a long and exhausting process but it would definitely be a step in the right direction.
>>1844 >those who want to preserve their own people are retards Ok, moishe. Guess what? The Internet is a cheap substitute but it can lead to irl manifestation.
>>1857 You have two options to get rid of hostile people in your lands. You bribe them to leave (which is what people like Enoch Powell suggested and got accused of being violent any way). Or you use force to make them so scared of you they flee some where else. The reason blacks are getting so much money right now is they scared people into submission through race riots. They're being bribed to settle down or encouraged depending on how you look at it.
>>1858 The internet is also a good way to distance yourself from those around you and further divides a community. People who wish to preserve their own don't do it by posting on anon.cafe now do they?
>>1857 >>1850 The (((people))) who control our money have the final say in what happens to this country 99.9% of the time. What influence would they hold over anyone if they did not have the money to back themselves up? None at all, and they know it. Why do you think so many people have been assassinated or have had attempts made on their lives in history once they tried to free their nations of the international bankers? Abe Lincoln was one such person, as was Andrew Jackson. If you are a real person, which I doubt, I suggest you do research on what they did to combat the US national debt.
>>1857 There's no point in continuing discussion of this because your tranny mod from julay censors everything he feeelzz isn't kosher. The Jews are accelerating right now in america, these random acts of violence have likely lead to this point and proven to them whites will only cuck so much. So they return by accelerating it. Which is a good thing. I don't care about megacorps stores getting looted and shat on. I don't care for the cucks that die while they kneel to niggers, they already lost. I care about most of the few healthy upstanding white people who want to fight for their rights. The ZOGmerica needs a full reset and every accelerating move to push countries to the brink of existance like USSR are only good things, violence or not. And yeah, I hope the riots continue. They really shot themselves in the foot with this one. It's best that this continues accelerating until the cucks have had enough and are ready to grab a rifle and to fight for a white future, instead of the kike future of mud. >just issue muh debt free currency >the kikes totally wont kill us or stop us unless they are removed from power Your attempts to issue a debt free currency would lead to waco. The waconians did that, and had the ATF murder them with flamethrowers. Just for fun. When you have someone who wants to kill you deep within your country, they make sure that you can't do much. Which means they must be removed before anything can happen.
>>1862 >accelerating People literally dont need to do shit, niggers and feds will die of the chink flu in a few weeks
>>1862 >your tranny mod from julay censors everything he feeelzz isn't kosher What? >if you attempt to solve the debt problem for real you will get shoa'd I addressed this in my other post but I see what you're saying. If someone or group with some real power could get the ball rolling then the media would have a very hard time discrediting them as religious nuts like they did to the Waconians. It would also be highly suspicious if those same people randomly committed suicide by shooting themselves in the back of the head twice.
>>1774 >White/Black bullshit is colonial mongrel terminology of people who have lost their original culture. Americans, especially Nigger-Americans need these distinctions >>1788 >Not all whites deserve to be saved and those that do deserve it are already helping each other. >>1805 >White isn't even real. European is real. Nationality is real. White is what burgers call themselves because Grandaddy fucked a nigger. At least someone gets it. >>1792 >people united by blood und culture Except they're not.
Open file (48.31 KB 600x800 0hqjy515gjh41.jpg)
>>1812 Just because you are butthurt at my opinion doesn't turn me into the burned out robot who is currently spaming insults on several boards on the webring anon. I am a different guy than the sperg who calls everyone a cuck.
Open file (3.76 MB 1280x720 autism.webm)
>>1866 >Would probably be a good idea to find another /k/ without the speedy05 faggot literally a soycial media clone at this point. Go host one yourself. What that? You don't have any skills besides calling people funny names? That's unfortunate..
Open file (17.34 MB 1280x720 nigger2.mp4)
>epic defender of imageboards can only post in unreadable meme laden schizophrenia Just stop replying to it
Open file (4.30 MB 518x640 dead2.mp4)
Open file (837.46 KB 640x640 nigger3.mp4)
Open file (6.97 MB 622x1278 nigger4.mp4)
Open file (173.65 KB 1280x1280 [G A L L O N J U G].jpg)
>>1866 I never posted on julay but from what I've heard the anons who did suffered. I just post on altchans because 4cuck is beyond comped.
>>1874 >living it up here living here? lmao get outside innawoods man >that image keep projecting
In an attempt to get back on topic after the cuckchan spergout stop fucking responding to him jesus this is a clip I recorded of a livestream on May 29th when there were initially "protesters" in front of the white house. I believe this was before the cops started chimping out like they have been lately. They sat here doing this to the guy for quite awhile and he just took it. Here's the source with the timestamp for those interested https://invidio.us/watch?v=So_BMLD_D-4&t=1947
>only footage of bad policemen or policemen fucking up gets shared around >only footage of looters and the more retarded protesters gets shared I wish it were possible to know how many places (both protesters and officials) actually handled it well. I've seen some places where the police/sheriffs have good relations with their people and no fights started. Others are going apeshit (police attacking media, looters burning buildings, or both). But alas, man bites dog. Media hyperreality shall prevail as always.
Open file (1.30 MB 704x1278 cone.mp4)
Open file (10.07 MB 1280x720 nigger5.mp4)
>>1880 >why does no one show the peaceful protests? They did and only 3-4 of them happened, the rest are violent chimpouts, people are talking about a yuge protest tomorrow too. >Media hyperreality shall prevail as always. News media is a business, they sell you whatever gets them the most money, if you go to the news for the truth then your a fag, some dude with a shitty camera is the only thing you can trust nowadays.
>>1842 2 weeks for symptoms and it can take months to resolve. Severity depends on viral exposure.
Reminder not to respond to spergkraut in the future, every time he gets caught and banned for being a nonsense spewing muttspamming faggot he runs to the most active thread at the moment and does this shit.
>"libertarians" now sucking cop dick because they need big government to defend their property after all, please save me pinochet
Open file (1.10 MB 255x203 1429668051718.gif)
>>1842 wait for a month after the riots protests and you will see normalfags swarming hospitals coughing to death.
>>1903 They are just going to say this is all the gubermint's fault, and it would never happen in a libertarian paradise with unchecked immigration.
>>1855 whats the story on the first video?
>>1880 >I wish it were possible to know how many places (both protesters and officials) actually handled it well Just tune in any media controlled by jews, in foxnews LA coverage the police "looked" that they were handling niggers very well a few days ago. I even remember some store owners using shotguns to scare niggers away and of course the roof koreans were talked about but never put on camera because OH VEY! guns are bad goy!
>>1878 What a faggot.
Open file (1.80 MB 350x300 1435024462982.gif)
>>1881 >second video >We are all togheter! >zooms in to his face while laying on the ground >He shouldnt have been talking shit
Open file (10.12 MB 1280x720 RbRwLviWNwN5jMM7.mp4)
Behold the power of the United States military
>>1917 USA is a Banana Republic at this point
>>1873 >niggers >steal tanks >/k/ >gets angry on the internet
>>1923 >police abandon their vehicles to stop racism implying this is theft and not welfare
>>1924 You know what, that reminds of the time Norinco tried to sell APCs and rocket launchers to street gangs back in the 80s. Now would be the most lulz-worthy time to try again. I would love to see rampaging nogs smash through police lines with military hardware.
>>1925 Imagine if some containers filled with AKs were somehow ˝washed ashore˝ at various parts of America from a Russian or Chinese ship that somehow managed to lose them.
NYC Anon here. They're having the protest literally around my job about a few blocks away. Nothing too insane as mostly a peaceful protest and march as well as keeping the peace of those not involved mostly on foot to pass by with no issue. Mostly this has been ongoing for about 3 days possibly breaking away home or wherever and congregating back at the plaza proxy to the location to where I work.
Open file (257.73 KB 1920x1247 MAKS2015part7-48.jpg)
>>1926 Hmm, what a shame, it seems protesters peaceful'd a semi full of pic related.
>>1917 I have zogbot friends that routinely ask me why I left the military and this video is a perfect rebuttal to get them to shut the fuck up once and for all.
>>1928 >implying a nigger would know how to use that or even be able to figure it out
>>1930 >implying there wouldn't be a jewish handler guiding them every step of the way
Monday is floyds funeral in houston. I heard several major universities let all staff/ students out that day. It's gonna be fucking lit to watch houston burn.
>>1903 >Haha, dumb libertards resorting to getting the police to help them. Why don't they use all those better methods that the government made illegal to ensure people were dependent on the state for protection?
>>1944 >not defunding the police to escalate the situation to force the general public to understand home defence
Open file (97.19 KB 636x932 bolshevik-towels1.jpg)
>>1945 Actually a very practical idea.
>>1945 I'm sure this would truly benefit only those who have the power to do so already. Like those with numbers as usual will be safer from the wolves if you decide to take away their sheepdogs and the more wolves the faster theirs numbers dwindle. On the other hand what if every city became an ultra fascist stronghold to quaranteen off all the niggercattle? I think if you live in a shithole you know it and get what you deserve for staying and all the good states should just sucede already into their own conglomorates.
>>1855 >Having multiple imageboards on the webring pannel makes it really easy for newfags to find other imageboards to shit up. yeah but then every time some shit happens I'm out of the loop for fucking weeks.
Open file (235.33 KB 1600x900 IRA.jpg)
>>1954 >>1951 How can you deal with a pack of niggers with out a gun?
Open file (3.98 MB 320x240 Auld_Alarm.webm)
>>1970 Gelignite in the hood? You might be able to deal with 2-3 if you know how to use a sword or spear, considering they're using knifes, but any more than that and it's not going to end well (at least you'll take a couple with you though). Maybe if you're fast, you can luck out and their morale breaks before they can get you, that tactic tends to work on primitives.
>>1970 Be /fit/ and learn how to fight. Cary another weapon or item you can use as a weapon. Never be without a weapon or a defensive item. Don't be alone when outside and be with people who you know have your back when it comes to a fight. If you don't know such people get a big dog and treat him right. Engage only fights you know you can win, run away from those you can't win. Be wary of normies and cucks who try to hold you back from fighting while the niggers are allowed to pummel you. Almost all women tend to fall into this category. Don't trust the police, don't talk to the police without a lawyer. Don't wait for the police.
So, what's going on in Burgeristan in this fine day? I'd rather hear it from fellow /k/ommandos than to listen to the news.
>>1976 The protests in are dying down (at least in my area). It appears that all of the nigger appeasement from the media on top of the black square virtue signaling is working. I drove past the capital building in my area yesterday and there were only a few dedicated cucks protesting for #BLM. It's over, good ride while it lasted though.
>>1976 Past 3 days the protest in the Downtown Brooklyn area has been surprisingly peaceful. But what concerns me is how close it is getting to my job.
Open file (10.22 MB 1280x720 gt-kxngCbAzT4PAf.mp4)
Open file (78.41 KB 960x540 1591497346774.jpg)
Open file (63.24 KB 600x578 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1946 It doesn't make any sense to give to a state which doesn't care about your well-being powers which it then denies your right to exercise. If the government defangs its citizens it should defang itself too and see how much power it actually holds. Judging from this reaction to the mayor of Minneapolis, none at all, which is why they won't give it up. >>1952 It's not as if the sheepdogs aren't wolves themselves. Someone that believes in human liberty and self-determination must also accept the risks and responsibilities that come with liberty and not offload it on to a state. In the end, although a state may pretend that it can provide universal security, it can never deliver. It will always favor the well connected over the ordinary citizen. It is up to the individual to recognize the vulnerability of their position if they have delegated the right of self-defense to authority and to take the appropriate measures to address this vulnerability. The household is its own state and in order to secure its wealth, must first secure its freedom. It must make preparations not only for acts of violence but also in its mitigation through agreements of mutual support with its neighbours. >>1976 Rioters were defeated by a 7 foot fence in front of the White House and the president went on to mock them.
Churchill just got BTFO
>>1977 George Foreman's body viewing is tomorrow and the funeral Tuesday. We'll see if that reignites something. >>1981 At least the cuck fought Uncle Adolf though. That was definitely worth losing a world-spanning empire for, having your country overrun with foreigners, and your police too cucked to say anything when said foreigners are raping your daughters.
>>1976 Niggers got what they wanted whether it was through looting/murder or through screeching enough to get cuck governors to capitulate and now things are winding down. Move to the countryside, stay thee if you're already there, if cities weren't no go zones before they sure as hell are now that the niggers can pretty much do as they please.
>>1979 >first vid Is that the fucking mayor? This is one of the most disgraceful things I have ever seen.
Things are about to get really crazy.
Open file (369.42 KB 719x416 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (834.11 KB 680x453 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1985 Yes, that's the (((mayor)))
>>1986 Anyone else get the feeling that this is more of a attack on small businesses than just on public safety as a whole? I can't imagine they would be stupid enough to completely defund their police departments. There is already a precedent for liberal cities de-criminalizing theft and drug dealing/use. I can see police just being used for murder/violent crime only. The ultra-rich would just buy their own protection if needed, and poorfags would have the right but no means for their own protection.
>>1986 >Isn't NY also dealing with multiple companies no longer shipping ammo to the state due to some new bullshit bill that would make it a pain to sell ammo there? The state's setting itself up for a major disaster.
Gloomtube yesterday was great, was funny when the Palestine girl at the demo in Portland started to shittalk Israel and they instantly shut down the Zionist Jew who came after her and tried to go "muh holocaust". >>1989 Well Corona kicked the economy in the balls. The money has to come from somewhere and a riot that burns businesses down is a good way to get insurance money. Equally its a good excuse to fire cops without hiring new ones.
>>1991 The safe act back when sandy hook happend was an effort to track bulk purchases of ammo, its on paper but there is no police office willing to enforce it. there are no FFLs that run background checks on ammo purchases over certain amounts because the sheriffs offices and police stations refused. its basically just a blue law now, but some out of state vendors refuse to ship ammo to an FFL because theyre cucks, even when the NY FFL says its legal. I dont blame the companies, but they basically dont want to risk anything by shipping to NY and dont want to bother understanding basic laws. laws such as the fact that it would be the NY FFL responsible, not the person who sold to them. its basically going like this: NY FFL: hey, i need to buy 10 AR15 lowers from you to sell in my NYS store. Vendor: arent those illegal down there? NY FFL: no. Vendor: well i dont want to get in trouble so no thank you. NY FFL: ok, i'll just buy from some major vendor that isnt a retarded boomer. some vendors even refuse to sell legal AR15 parts to people in NY that are trying to build their own rifles to abide by state regulations knowing the parts themselves are perfectly legal to ship and its just installing configurations that can land the builder in hot water. I most commonly find that in addition to FFLs in state and out of state, police themselves dont know enough about guns to make sense of the law and most just "dont want to be bothered" especially when youre dealing with a fudd that agrees "you dont need an autoloading 5.56 to hunt a deer". some FFLs sell guns that are technically illegal because they misinterpret the law and the police dont understand it. and some refuse to sell perfectly legal guns for the same reason.
>>1989 The (((rich))) no longer need the police now that they have private islands and their own country. Government police services were only established to protect (((them))), and they no longer need their host countries now that they've looted everything of value. This is the price of (((trust))) and alliances with usury, you will be refused assistance at your most desperate hour. The only loyalty you should have is to your nation and your labour.
Open file (61.09 KB 520x442 1456611285239.jpg)
>>1979 The fuck is happening in the first video? >>1986 >Move resources from the NYPD to youth and social services as part of our City's budget. Our young people need to be reached, not policed. We can do this AND keep our city safe >AND keep our city safe >Defunding the police has spread across the US Wait, wouldnt that mean all the niggers and wetbacks are going to loot US?
>>1982 Texas A&M already canceled classes and work on Monday. That's an hour out of houston (three out of downtown). I expect the local education insitutions (SHSU, Rice, maybe UT branches, Uof H) to do the same so things will go down on monday me thinks. >britbongs fucked since they decided to invade curryland and back the sauds.
Open file (50.65 KB 340x554 enderman.png)
https://streamable.com/8a1zk4 Black Hebrew Israelites marching. What time line is this?
>>2003 >Black Israelites Are they marching into the back of the oven?
Open file (232.05 KB 2350x1230 cooking hitler.jpg)
>>2004 Someone took them out to early. Disappointing.
Open file (2.25 MB 3980x2208 Battlefield 3.jpg)
I'm not racist I'm not racist I'm not racist I'm not racist
Heh. Fuck all of you I'll just move to Easter Eur–
>>2008 I wonder how many people came to the realization that no amount of giving into their demands will ever be enough. more than likely little to none, even for ones that were supporting the riots only to be attacked in some form by the rioters. >>2009 >Photo taken in a city >out of all the posters, only one that's not in English >Usual attire for a leftist pawn I get the feeling, much like the recent Japanese protest, these people were brought in by (((influencers))) rather than being actual locals to try and trick the less informed and ignorant. Cities are always filled with such filth yes, but I would find it hard to see any small town or rural area to care or even know about this event, let alone be for it (though this could end up being a bad thing when it starts affecting said areas directly should they not be prepared to stop such events).
Open file (285.22 KB 450x281 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (190.28 KB 850x400 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2008 So what did 100 million people die for, /k/?
>>1996 >Wait, wouldnt that mean all the niggers and wetbacks are going to loot US? Oh yes! Most certainly.
>>1982 >George Foreman’s body viewing Don’t scare me with typos like that.
>/dup/ was oddly enough one of the better places to watch the riots >tvch is now being deliberately shat up >specifically the riot threads They probably won't show up here but just a heads up anyway.
Made the next thread since this ones falling off the page now. >>2030 >>2030 >>2030 >>2030 >>2030

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