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Open file (85.13 KB 757x1600 Type 00 NBC suit.jpg)
Open file (208.46 KB 959x1279 1.jpg)
Camo and other clothing Strelok 05/31/2020 (Sun) 21:06:19 No.1085
Camo, jackets, hats, paint, shoes, and etc. go in this thread. The rule of thumb for camo is that if you don't know what to get, you want a general camo, your options are limited, or you're on a budget just get flecktarn. ATACS and SS-Leto are god-tier for lush environments, and alpenflage, strichtarn, and multicam are good for drier areas. M05 Winter for Winter.
>>1085 Here's a bunch of camo tests that I've found useful for seeing how different behave. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3khfSiedNsg0jWLjaxxU0beGSCzZJbAa
I have some questions for operators which I am struggling with. When you are on patrol in areas with a large temperature swing (-2 to 20) how to you deal with undershirts? If I wear my thermals at night when the morning comes I'm fucking baking and I can't remove them- if I don't I've only got my field jacket all night. How do you manage clammy feet if you cant remove your boots? I've tried commercial powders, wood ash calcifying, acidifying, every type of sock. After two days bacteria grow and blistering starts, by four days i'v got surface infections- last time i did a week my feet swelled up so badly i needed a medic and it was fucking embarrassing. how do you put on a poncho quietly? how do you vent heat if you're wearing a carrier and rig? things learned: use a dirty undershirt to absorb sweat between you back and pack if you dont have an air gap, use an undershirt taliban style to keep bugs off your face when sleeping- just pull the eye slots up/down, in a sandstorm breath through you nose or ideally if covered through your mouth and use your tongue to only inhale through the top of your mouth
>>1757 I just wear wool, it stays warm even if it gets wet. Wicks sweat alright. >poncho Obtain one that isn't plastic, I have one of those Luhkas from the vtower and its fairly silent when throwing over the usual load. >boot problem Its how you're wearing your socks, If its possible wool and have the sock sitting above where you tie your boot. If done right it does draw out the sweat. Plan accordingly because you should be stopping and letting things air out. >carrier I'm a Y-Strap guy, but the times I have worn a carrier its been a lightweight one.
>hired as extra for tv show, have to wear camo don't ask, it never got finished >literally every crew member makes the 'woah I can't see your body!' joke Almost not worth the money.
>>1879 How much money do you get being an extra.
>>1894 $US 130 per day x 2 days. It's a nice bit of beer money on boring weekends but there is lots of waiting involved, hence the pay rate often in days.
Open file (95.44 KB 1000x1000 gorka 3.jpg)
I'm planning on getting pic related for hunting, mostly because they're cheap and durable. I will be hunting in the boreal forest. Anybody know anything better for around the same price?
>>3962 Forgot to add, that the price is $131cad
>>3963 Probably best price you're gonna get at that
>>1757 Strelok to just don't wear thermals and sleep in the cold. For clammy feet you have to change socks. Only once a day. If you have to sacrifice a little sleep to save your feet then you need to do that. You can't wear ponchos quietly. If you want to vent heat a little better then take off your jacket and wear artificial fabric undershirts. Loosen up the bottom. /K/ why do desert patterns make my dick rock hard? Also what are your favorite deserts?
>>1085 In your second picture isn't this Austrian post-war camo with an Reichs eagle patch attached? I know Austrian camo was based on earlier designs but I even recognize the grey buttons.
>>4278 That is known as Erbsentarn or alternatively 44dot. Ita not the stuff the Austrians fielded in the 60s
>>1757 What kind of retard show are you involved in if you can't take 5 to 10 minutes to change your clothes to keep yourself in operational condition? Whatever retardation you are involved in, get out while you can lest you encounter a fatal dose of retardation.
Open file (393.43 KB 2000x1333 namib-desert-coastline.jpg)
Open file (48.44 KB 1280x720 Namib-desert.jpg)
Open file (102.13 KB 736x621 1527550976.jpg)
Open file (42.56 KB 600x450 nara melon.jpg)
Is "Digital" camo any good? Because it looks terrible. >>4277 >Also what are your favorite deserts? I'm extraordinarily fond of the Namib. It's got isolated island type plant life despite being connected to the mainland. It's also a whale graveyard and you can find so many bones that you can build a hut from them.
>>4313 Digital camo looks stylish, you have no taste.
>>4313 > It's also a whale graveyard and you can find so many bones that you can build a hut from them. i thought it was because of something cool, like that's where whales go to die or something, but no 'Whale and seal skeletons from the former whaling industry still litter the coastline" https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/namibia-skeleton-coast/index.html
>>4277 >/K/ Nigger where the fuck are you from where /k/ is spelled with a capital k? This whole thread is full of cancer posting.
Open file (300.31 KB 490x960 413973205473048.png)
>>4316 >Digital camo looks stylish But it's not nearly aesthetic enough.
Would it be a bad idea to dye multicam to make it darker? As in throw in some dark grey? I have multiple sets to experiment with, and the foliage near me is generally darker shades of green and brown than the multicam pattern. Or is it better to just wear it around for a couple of weeks without washing them to let environmental stains set in?
>>4355 Just get it filthy.
>>4358 Ok cool, I figured that would probably be the answer, but I still want to try the dye to see what it'll look like. I've got plenty of spare sets so I might as well.
>>4363 Try to soak one piece in Black Tea and look if it was the right tone that you want. Black Tea is able to get some nice darker brown shades to clothes that don't easily wash out.
>>4363 Just throw that multicam in the trash where it belongs and get yourself something nice instead. PhantomLeaf and ConCamo are the new hotness in town. Alternatively, pick any German style of camo from any era of your liking. They invented and perfected camo after all.
>>4394 Sounds like a plan. >>4477 I got them for free, I wouldn't spend money on multicams. I also don't have spare money to get other stuff either right now anyway, and they're worth it for backup camping clothes so they're being kept regardless.
>>4313 KLMK works astonishingly well for a simple two-color pattern.
Does anyone have a recommendation for reproduction versions of Taz83 or Leibermuste?
>>8462 Is there something wrong with Alpenflage, there's a fuckton of surplus for it. >leibermuster You're out of luck.
>>9500 >alpenflage It doesn't fit me because I'm a manlet no I'm actually two sizes too small for the common ones sold at size medium, and the smalls are too short.....
>>9511 Well that's just sucky, pal. Why do you want a red camo anyway?
>>9524 >red camo Since i've got access to a some FLIR devices, I want to try and see if the (seemingly spurrious) claim that Taz83 actually works better than most camo at night. I'm looking for the czech Vz. 95 since they sell it with the IR layering in the surplus last I checked I also want to add a set for my alpine gear anyways
I just found an old bandolier and backpack stamped 1907 in a corner of a barn. Any strelo/k/s with experience cleaning ancient leather and canvas?
>>10122 I have no idea about cleaning ancient leather, but post pics of the bag. Also consider taking it to a leather worker and get his opinion on it.
Open file (1.10 MB 633x734 front.png)
Open file (1021.63 KB 630x786 open.png)
Open file (1.22 MB 768x671 back stamp.png)
>>10127 So far I've given it a rub with a damp cloth and some saddle soap. I don't think a specialist will be necessary since it's in surprisingly good condition. The leather is dry but still flexible and none of the seams look rotten.
>>10129 Looks like old German South West Africa gear. That is a very nice find.
>>10129 Make sure to use a leather conditioner on it, so the leather doesn't crack
>>10129 Hey, I used to have one of those belts. I think it's Swedish or Belgian from around WW1.
Open file (124.63 KB 713x683 latest.jpg)
Open file (347.73 KB 292x628 Stringov.png)
I want to wear clothes and suits from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. where can I buy them?
>>16395 Grey shop might help as well as your local used clothing shop. No clue about the clear sky fags though.
>>16395 >>16411 Clear sky homos just use either OMON uniforms or some navy surplus.
>>16415 >>16395 >freedom Flecktarn >dolg Literally any black paramilitary, paint the red stripes yourself >military Russian or ukrainan milsurp >monolith Chinese Type 99 camo (Good luck that's stuff for the SF boys) , SK Armed forced intel agency camo,Tajik OMON, UCP (?), JSDF Air force pixel camo, or DPM urban. >clear sky M-MDU-03 (Serbian commercial stuff) or Ukrainian "urban" TTsKO >bandit Loot your local addias store and make sure that black leggings matter >renegade ??? >loner SOL, make your own. >Ecologist SOL, make your own. Maybe steal a BSL-4 suit (eg; Delta Protection, ILC Dover Chemturion "Blue Suit".)?
>>1085 I really appreciate the ECWCS clothing system. I own and love both Gen 1 and Gen 2 in pic(s) rel., though most argue against woodland. I also own the same parka that is used by US Marines in Marpat and its great. Another great military clothing and camo stuff is Serbia. I own this camo parka (I have no idea of the name of the camo) and also I own another Serbian Parka but in OD Green. Personally, I like these ones and a lot may argue against the effectiveness of their camo (especially against the od green parka, understandable), they work great in my opinion.
Open file (207.74 KB 450x331 1579914431947.png)
>>16457 Where did you find that last one and where can I get one myself.
>>16471 Swisslink.com, I've managed to buy two from them last year. Also, Sportman's Guide was selling them for awhile as well, I would check and see if they have any. Avoid Arcisa on ebay, he has a tendency of selling milsurp clothing that is missing most of it's parts and buttons. Arcisa is okay if you want to buy gas masks, anything clothing related, do not buy from him.
I'm not a fan of making everything camo, but the one on the right is surprisingly good for what it is.
>>19829 Isn't the US in trials for new light tanks right now? This'd make a good uniform for those guys.
>>19831 Did the US ever have proper hussars, or at least units in hussar uniform?
Open file (169.75 KB 960x960 M81_is_Gods_Plaid.jpg)
>>4355 Multimeme sucks donkey balls for any environment that isn't a brown and khaki rock hillside in Afghanistan with a little bit of half-dead scrub brush here and there. Sell it and buy M81 Woodland.
Mike B is still a youtube piece of shit but he's got some "rare" (not a camo expert) camo back in stock including: South Korean M2010 Singapore M09 Aussie DPCU Cadpat https://www.mikesmilitaria.com/collections/camouflage-clothing
>>20470 What'd he do?
Open file (506.40 KB 864x709 ClipboardImage.png)
>>20470 Is it really camo when it hurts my eyes to look at it?
>>20903 >What'd he do First off, never liked him so take this with he bias in mind. Aside from the usually youtuber clickbaiting, patreon shrilling, he shrills his fucking helmets and is part of the issue of people driving up helmets up to insane prices because he's got a group of cult like retards. HE also unironically believes that not censoring serial numbers is good idea. I get that its your choice, but the last time I was told that Snowden is a complete conspiracy look how that turned out, what is absurd is now reality. He is right about not even taking photos of firearms in the first damn place. To think and not study is a very dangerous act, and thats exactly what he did there. Did I mention he is also shooting a WWII movie? As if the memes write themeselves I can't wait to see how we get ebil nazi's bad narrative for the millonth time. >>20906 >camo Singapore camo is about as effective as UCP in the US, maybe outside of Lousiana/Florida
>>20470 >Aussie DPCU >Nearly US$100 a set Well, looks like I have a little investment sitting in my cupboard after all.....
Open file (37.71 KB 474x314 JGSDF.jpg)
Any places where I can get rare camo's? like JGSDF gear or irish army camo? something about those restricted military items is pretty cool, is there any cool camo out there that YOU would like to get your hands on?
Open file (35.77 KB 474x515 Gurlukovich mercs.jpg)
Open file (97.07 KB 1280x720 Gurlukovich mercs 2.jpg)
Any good places to buy cheap camo from? What camo would be the closest to the mercs from MGS2?
>>21625 >Any good places to buy cheap camo from? Your local surplus store, if there is one. Otherwise try ebay or other similar online stores. >What camo would be the closest to the mercs from MGS2? The one in the left image looks similar to the more brownish TTsKO variants, the one in the right image looks like the MVD/OMON Kamush/Tigr/Тень urban lizard-stripe pattern I believe it is called "metro" or "shadow".
>>21625 >Any good places to buy cheap camo from? colemans has alot but youll have to pay shipping charges, otherwise either ebay or a local store unless you want to go exploring through the online surplus stores
Where do I find Wehrmacht and SS camo that isn't made in China?

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