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/100rads/ - Offtopic /k/anteen: New Beginnings Strelok 12/08/2020 (Tue) 07:42:28 No.10541
Welcome to /100rads/, this thread is a catch-all for general discussion that Strelok either doesn't believe needs its own thread, or isn't particularly relevant to the board topics at hand. If you want to trade, talk, get a mission, or find out the latest news, this is the place to go. If your posts in an existing thread are starting to seriously derail the main subject, you may be asked to move your discussion here. Rule 1 is enforced more stringently here, but all other board rules are considered relaxed. Staff reserves the right to refuse service for any reason. There should only ever be two /100rads/ thread inside the catalog at any one time- the current acting thread, and the previously locked thread if applicable.
Archive of the old thread since I didn't expect it to damn near drop off the catalog: https://archive.vn/46nf2
Is it true that law enforcement guns are chipped? Like, do they contain GPS transponders?
>>10546 The best answer I can give you is "probably not." The state with the most guns "stolen" from officers (all gun losses due to negligence of a police officer in the United States are legally classified as a "stolen firearm") was California who accounted for half of the nation's firearms "stolen" from law enforcement from 2007 to 2018. You would think California would be the first on-board for gun chipping, so I would imagine if there are chips, they're probably readily visible. Easiest way to check in GTAV would be to place it in a secure proxy location for a month and see what happens. Most police departments don't have any standards for tracking Law Enforcement firearms, and those that do basically amount to "if it's not in your holster, it's in the gun safe in the vehicle/at work." This isn't helped by the fact that most police departments use an electronic locking mechanism for long arms that is easily bypassed in about two seconds (Lock Picking Lawyer did a video on this). I would not advise Strelok to steal a law enforcement officer's gun in GTAV, but in most states, officers are so negligent with their firearms and there's no standards for security or for tracking, that the only dead giveaway that it's a LEO's gun is the serial number which I imagine would raise some red flags fairly quickly.
Also it should be noted that LEOs are the most zealous and loudest about being against gun tracking since they are of the impression that gun tracking would lead to the slippery slope of electronic lock guns that could be used against them both in the field and in a court of law.
>>10546 probably not due to the size and battery requirement involved in installing such an apparatus into a firearm. I can't think of any commercial examples of firearm GPS devices. more maintenance time = not gonna be used by dipshit cops
Pen case has been rejected, without given reason, by SCotUS. Texas case yet to be determined. Robert Barnes says Texas case has the best shot anyways.
>>10583 PA case is NOT dead, only the injunction was rejected. The questions posed seem to be: 1) can a state executive ignore legislation when setting election rules 2) is the power of the state legislatures to appoint electors plenary, or are the state legislatures bound by the laws they have passed on how to appoint electors. 3) Is there an equal protection clause violation? 4) Is there a remedy if this is a 14th amendment issue? It appears Ar, LA, Al, have released statements of support , Ky, SC, SD, MI, FL said they are going to file Amicus curiae. This shit's gonna be a DC. vs. Heller tier with Amicus curiae briefs alone. >inb4 the south will rise again. See >>10574 https://www.supremecourt.gov/search.aspx?filename=/docket/docketfiles/html/public/22o155.html
>>10551 >Also it should be noted that LEOs are the most zealous and loudest about being against gun tracking That's bullshit and you know it. LEOs are interested in two things: more power, and ways to do less work. >>10546 You don't need to track the gun when you track everyone through cellphones. See: Geofence warrants.
>>10621 Another reminder that if you ever plan on doing anything illegal, don't bring your fucking cell phone, and do most of your research offline, if you can.
>>10624 This should be a given. Really don't bring any electronics that emit a signal. If it has wifi, radio, cellular, etc. capabilities, leave it at home. Or livestream it claiming to be a citizen journalist if it's part of a public gathering.
>>10659 People forget this because cell-phones are just so useful. You can have your escape route and plans all in one place. But yeah. It's not like they're going to figure out that you're planning something before you do it but everything does get saved so if a crime is reported in an area the first thing they're going to do is check for any unusual GPS signals in that area.
>>10669 Last I checked I think one of the circuit courts ruled that by proving you had a phone and didn't bring it to a protest or even it was constructive inference that it was a premeditated measure for preventing identification and thus could get your charged for rioting or something stupid.
>>10670 Well I don't care about rioting, I'm talking more... premeditated. Don't worry about winning the court case because if it's gotten as far as you getting into court you're already screwed to begin with. Focus more on not being a suspect in the first place.
>>10670 The courts have also ruled that if you breathed at some point, regardless of whether you even have a pulse, you are guilty of any and every charge they decide you're guilty of to deflect blame away from them or the system.
>>10674 Let's be honest, by the time any of this will be relevant to OUR lazy, undertrained asses, getting into court is a death sentence already. Oh yeah, you'll have a real good time when your public defender is either nonwhite, Lawyer-American, or overworked and overstressed, the judge believes "whiteness is a disease," and the jury is full of people who literally immigrated yesterday.
>>10671 I remember a court case where a lower court made the conclusion that the act of not taking an electronic device (eg; phone) in and of itself is premeditation in a murder. Which is insane in and of itself. I'm not sure if the higher court reversed the instruction. The sad part is we can't just say "FUCK IT" and form some sort of new country on the moon or something like they could to the original 13.
ATF raided P80 in Nevada. Didn't arrest anyone, just grabbed their records... https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2020/12/11/polymer80-raided-ghost-guns/ >Agents seized records and other evidence in Thursday’s raid in Dayton, close to Carson City, a law-enforcement official with knowledge of the investigation said. No Polymer80 employees were arrested and no charges have been filed.
>>10680 >implying the 13 didn't make a mistake at this point
>>10713 How the fuck is grabbing records not a 5th amendment violation?
>>10747 Why do you think legal rights matter?
Open file (263.85 KB 684x471 gaytf.png)
>>10762 >>10713 There's gotta be some sort of technicality there with how the kit was sent or how the 80% lower was provided. They can't legitimately be trying to stop 80% lowers from being distributed this long after 80% lowers have been available on the market, right? What's the chances that Biden is working in a shadow government position prematurely and an executive ban on 80% lowers gets approved on day 1 of his tenure? I mean Trump is also a gun grabber so it wouldn't surprise me there either, but Trump also can't keep his mouth shut.
>>10765 My guess is constructive intent. Since it's illegal for felons to own firearms, selling an 80% lower AND the parts to create a functional firearm is therefore, "illegal". Remember, firearms that can be "easily converted" to full auto are illegal, my bet is that 80% itself is okay, but 80% + parts = not okay because too easy. That or maybe because the parts required to make the 80% complete (the jig) is illegal? Remember that the ATF showed up at the jig parties and said that was illegal?
>>10765 >technicality They just make shit up as they go. I think they're just making an example out of Polymer80 because they're the big name in the business and not owned by jews as far as I can tell. I doubt they'll need to go after all the 3rd party sellers who were moving similar "complete" packages over the last few years. In fact, I think they started offering those bundles well before p80 did.
Can someone give me a quick rundown of what the fuck happened in the past four days since I last visited this shithole? I just need some context so I can get my bearings and figure out if i want to even bother with this shit anymore.
>>10774 See >>10714 for a summary. I wasn't here between the spam and 2nd bo nuking the board. I also forgot he attempted to dox someone or something, you'll have to ask the fascist board for details.
Open file (523.69 KB 2680x1395 glowBO part 1.jpg)
Open file (121.74 KB 941x537 glowBO part 2.png)
>>10774 New BO banned a bunch of people for racism, doxxed everybody in the meta thread, admitted to being a glownigger, posted an incoherent tl;dr rant blaming everybody else for his faggotry, deleted the board, nearly brought down the whole site with a DoS attack, posed as tengu to stir up even more shit, and there's rumors that he might even be British. Cafe admin just restored from backup, old BO is back with slightly revised rules.
>>10774 Some nigger posts that pathetic whites should let themselves be replaced by niggers, BO deletes that posts and posts himself that posting purely about race is discouraged/not allowed since this is /k/ in response to said post that didn't mention anything about guns, some anons jumped to conclusions and started sperging out, to which BO nuked the thread really bad move then shit escalated for obvious reasons, just as the BO's IQ lowered he continued to fuck up and fan the flames, spergs continued to sperg out, then BO nuked the board and the old BO got it back. Considering how much he fucked up over nothing it's a good thing the board is no longer his, but still.
>>10800 >still peddling this disinfo narrative We know it's you, (((Kubeman)))
Open file (7.26 MB 640x360 Party in the CIA.webm)
>>10782 >>10776 >>10800 So we went from powertripping retard who arbitrarily bans shit he doesn't like to powertripping glowing retard from one of the most anti-gun countries in the west who arbitrarily bans shit he doesn't like. Cool, I'm fucking done, snooze/k/ is dead as fuck and I hate the fucking fags that run this place, bye Streloks, hopefully shit gets better but I'm personally tired of how absolutely niggered this board has gotten.
>>10807 Found the niggerpill.
>>10807 Don't let the door hit you the way out, faggot
>>10807 Can't blame ya honestly
Open file (149.51 KB 320x240 school shooting.png)
its hilarious to think this is all because Qniggers wanted to give mark shekels but didnt want lolis on their larp board. I talk shit on old bo but he wasnt bad. neat to see him back. and i also hope we can all agree that lolbertarians ruin everything.
>Move to new place >Live there for a while >Time for quarterly SHTF gear checkup >Can't remember where I stashed it
Open file (269.14 KB 1079x1076 hackerman2.gif)
>>10845 сука блять
>>10845 Why is it always the russians tho? It's like there's no other country in the world, with the interest and resources to disrupt the US government.
>>10853 Because muh cold war. That’s the last time the US felt like they were the “good guys”. Nevermind how the US has essentially become commie. Also because a major power that doesn’t suck the US off must be the bad guys.
>>10845 Владди страйкс аген!
>>10845 WEW! interesting timing with all the chinese (((infiltration))) coming to light. hold onto your dicks, bros.
>>10853 Because a Chinese investigation would fuck over the DNC.
How much chlorine gas would one need to to theoretically gas a Walmart or similar in size building? Just for killing pests of course.
>>10541 Where can one find good CBRN gear for a good price? Looking for a gas mask, potassium iodine pills, and a geiger counter.
>>10927 You can probably ask the anons at FBI.gov, they know a lot about that kind of stuff.
>>10937 >CBRN gear for a good price >During a pandemic ebay is your best bet, but good luck.
>>10858 After following dugan new vlog series i'm not sure whether he have a more knowledge and wisdom that i don't have about this shitfest situation or his MS just got worst and he went off the deep end.
>SolarWinds, whose software updates were hijacked to breach U.S. government agencies, was warned last year that its update server was accessible with the password "SolarWinds123" - Reuters https://archive.is/UFpi7 ADVANCED RUSSIAN HACKERS
>>10938 yeah, they make it super easy too- their imageboard has a "help line" function to send anonymous questions about committing terrorist acts In Minecraft
I'm working on a story about about a four man special ops unit circa- late 80's-mid 90's (I know that's not very original but I'm writing this mostly for my own amusement). What are some good resources for learning how one operates and what tactics they would employ?
ATF has been busy form1suppressor.boards.net/thread/7674/diversified-machine-raided-shut
>>10952 He seems on point to me. I feel bad that he seems to take speculation about his sanity to heart. It's not worth responding to internet commentary that probably took all of 10 seconds to post.
Can /k/ into gensokyo?
>>11112 did this nob spam the board but miss the get?
Open file (271.70 KB 894x351 p80.png)
>>10762 >>11019 Here's a primer on responding to ATF visits while retaining the option for legal recourse. https://blog.princelaw.com/tag/surrendering-under-protest/ Here's some more tyranny for the shitheap that is our government https://blog.princelaw.com/2020/12/17/atf-to-publish-stabilizer-brace-guidance-with-14-day-notice-and-comment-period-tomorrow/ I can't vouch for pic related, but they posted this up in response to the P80 shit.
Open file (90.82 KB 811x345 bubba.PNG)
>Look for bubba guns for my gore folder >Open "Top 10 worst bubba guns" >Pic related
Looks like Apple is pulling the same bullshit in India that they were doing in China: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zeEERdbfH0c
>>11168 >click my link goy! What does Apple have to do with weapons?
Open file (109.07 KB 209x192 1590275313830.gif)
>>11169 This is the designated off-topic thread and I want to discuss Apple's slave labor revolt in India with /k/. Besides, it's Louis Rossmann, faggot. Get that stick out of your ass.
>>11168 >>11170 Great. Let the chaos escalate. Do we want another Foxconn suicide net story? Wouldn't it be cooler to see Indians riot and burn the place down, and for iPhones to no longer exist?
>>11170 I see, fair enough. My apologies Anon, please carry on.
>>11170 >cuckime
I AM NOT NIGGERPILLING WITH THIS QUESTION PLEASE DON'T FUCKING BAN ME How do streloks keep from despairing about how things are turning out in America? From what I've seen from pro-gun groups they have zero intention of giving the finger to gun grabbing cuckgovernors (the VCDL in Virginia cucking to Northam is an excellent example),they just bluster a bunch and then give in, like the pressure release valves they probably are. The way it looks to me is shit is going to get to the point where you have to stealth your way out to the middle of the Ozarks or some shit just to go plinking. That being said I'm not gonna kowtow and hand my shit in, and I don't expect any of you to do so, I just don't see owning guns getting any easier in the near or even far future.
>>11228 become a Buddhist.
>>11228 Do not despair, strelok. Hold on to the hope of Kalki, and fight this evil. They have no power which you do not give them.
>not banned and deleted Thank you holy fuck. >>11233 >>11234 I'm being entirely serious the past four years has had my stomach in constant knots and the entirety of 2020 has been nothing but a retarded shitshow of cuckoldry when it comes to the supposed pro-gun crowd. The only somewhat comforting aspect of it all is that some hardcore retard socialists have backed off of the gun grabbing mentality because of the riots, but I don't think that's anywhere near enough to have an impact on legislation anywhere down the line.
Open file (281.26 KB 498x498 kill her 5ectrvybui.gif)
>>11228 Even if the politicians cuck out, 3D printed firearms are becoming viable. Ammo solutions are just over the horizon as well. Once metal 3d printing hits the consumer market, it will become impossible to regulate firearms and the like. Then the fun begins.
>>11228 Why despair, you have the means within your hands to punish. You ain't got nothing left, and if you think you do you sure as fuck are foolish.
Open file (460.13 KB 527x639 smug_griffith.png)
>>11228 >>11236 Maybe you or your ancestors should have used those precious guns of yours to overthrow the federal government.
>>11238 I'm in the dark in regards to 3D printing, what's a good place to start off for educating myself? >>11242 Nice snark buddy, do you write for Marvel?
>>11238 >Once metal 3d printing >he doesn't know about high performance engineering thermoplastics So it goes like this: You print the complex parts that don't see huge forces. You farm out the manufacturing of oddball parts to existing 3d printing services that do SLS, or send your work to a local machine shop. Barrels are tubes, or use an existing barrel. Yo glowniggas, this is a solved problem. You've lost before the war even started. >>11246 >what's a good place to start off for educating myself Woodworking. No joke.
>>11228 Despair is a natural reaction that should lead you to do something. You are asking how to neuter your animal instinct. What is the answer you want? Don't despair, sit tight? There you go, inaction justified. Everyone one of us who isn't a spineless cuck knows we should be out there dropping kikes and traitors in roblox.
Where do I need to start when getting into small arms ammunition manufacturing? I don't have a machine shop or even a large capital, the most I've got is an old drill press. Should I just drop metallic cartridges and stick to cap and ball guns and ammo?
Open file (4.45 MB 800x450 reloading.mp4)
>>11266 What do you mean by manufacturing? If you simply mean reloading, then that's perfectly doable with some basic equipment. You can even cast lead bullets, or in some cases turn one kind of brass into an other. But anything more than that and you will need lots of capital. And don't even think about fucking around with chemicals, because the results can be quite deadly for you.
>>11267 i meant homemade production of casings and primers from raw brass or steel, depending on what i can get my hands on. As to chemicals: I know how dangerous they can be, i've got a quite a bit of experience in the lab, working with explosive, noxious and outright toxic materials. Also i've disassembled quite a bit of fireworks and have always been careful enough not to blow myself up. Anyways, i've thought about making ammunition from scratch, to circumvent stupid local regulations, because i dont want to make myself a target for potential future gungrabbing and home invasion by the thought police.
>>11263 But if you do something, you are a fed. :^^^^^^^^^^^) "Glowie glowie CIA nigger. I run you over in my van."™
So apparently the Western stooge Navanly just magically got some FSB agent to tell the entire event that muh Russia did it. Whats the point of forcing Russia to ally itself with China to counter an insane Europe/America?
>>11299 >allying with the chinks >ever Fuck that. Just nuke the west. There’s nukes for a reason. Why not go nuts with them since everything is fucked? That was the way the curtain should have fallen on this circus back during the cold war.
>>11268 Primers are fucking touchy to try and make yourself. Remember that they are a substance that detonates simply from having a metal pin bump into it quickly from an inch or two away. To make it legally you might need an explosives license and the easiest primers to make are based on lead or mercury which adds another wrinkle to the whole mix.
>>11299 >Whats the point of forcing Russia to ally itself with China I just assume China paid off the right people and the yids figure the winning horse will be yellow.
>>11299 >implying Europe isn't trying to break away from the US
>>11306 >implying the European powers in charge aren't funding and pushing the insanity in the US It's an ouroboros, Strelok, a snake feeding itself by eating itself. The insane in the US feed the insane in Europe who in turn feed the insane in the US. The US is just as interested in part breaking away from the insane of Europe as Europe is in breaking away from the insane in the US.
>>11309 >breaking away from the US geopolitically is insane goyim
>>11313 You have trouble reading, apparently, rabbi. I clearly said that the US wants to break away from the insane of Europe just as much as Europe wants to break away from the insane of the US. Ergo the feeling is mutual. But in your typical khazaarian ways you twist what I said to mean whatever the fuck you want it to.
>>11319 What is meaning?
Open file (52.42 KB 611x420 russochink.png)
Open file (89.31 KB 768x576 Mateba GRIFONE.jpeg)
Is this the fabled "Any Other Weapon" that the ATF keeps talking about?
>>11344 isn't that just considered a rifle?
>>11261 >Woodworking. >No joke. Was looking to get into that as a hobby anyway. I guess I could study up and try to work my way into some machinist experience too, though that could take years. Thanks man. >>11263 Why does it bother you this much that I asked what keeps others from being constantly bummed out about the current situation? I'm not looking for a way out of doing anything either. >>11344 What in god's name?
No, that is a rifle according to ATF niggers. A good example of an AOW would be if that Unica 6 had a forward grub without the stock and long barrel.
Merry /k/ristmas Streloks.
>>11400 Finally, our first car bombing. Welcome back to the 70's everyone.
>>11400 >Internets infrastructure getting Anonymous'd I-is it habbeding?
>we will bring the troops home this Christmas >troops stay where they are, nothing happens Good job King Kike.
>>11408 Didn't the generals feed him lies and basically don't follow orders anymore?
Open file (77.89 KB 718x526 1573090875901.png)
>>11406 >>11400 I'm excited.
>>11400 >>11406 Nice. Can we have some in Europe too? They've banned fireworks on 2020's new year's eve here in Germany, we could use some replacement.
>>11427 Good job cuckmany
>>11416 pedo
>>11432 Kill yourself goon tranny.
Open file (49.86 KB 858x409 lies.png)
>>11414 Yes, repeatedly.
>>11435 >And now we haven't left, we're still there, and that's a good thing. That phrase alone shows how he's completely in tune with the mainstream.
>>11435 What's the point of a civilian government with no ability to govern?
>>11488 Something to ventilate.
>>11488 Thinly veiled dictatorship but that's essentially all that democracy really has been since the printing press/media exists, where they time and time again charm the masses into believing such gullible lies.
>>11496 No, democracy was exactly like this long before printing was invented. Humans simply evolved to work in a soft hierarchy where there are a few leaders telling the rest of the tribe what to do, even if they only hold soft power and people listen to them during hard times. Democracy is simply a system that completely ignores the dynamics of human social interactions in favour of some childish utopia.
>>11496 >Thinly veiled dictatorship You seem to be disparaging a dictatorship Anon?
>>11496 Just sounds like an inevitable road to military coups and having a vestigial legislative assembly like the Romans.
I've just learned Voat is dead. Did this place experience an uptick, or did they all go elsewhere? If the answer turns out to be, everybody huddled down 'til this storm blows over, you know that means the ATF's othering of you has won, right?
>>11520 The retard in charge of Voat refused to accept any other forms of payment than the ones he was barred from.
Open file (493.38 KB 1029x576 angleofthedangle.png)
>>11520 >Voat is dead imo, they're herding all the goy to specific "alternatives" (parlor, bitcoin, tesla, et al.) it's tragic to see all the dead boards and platforms in my bookmarks.
>>11523 What the fuck is this?
Open file (2.32 MB 1632x1158 LET IT ALL BURN.png)
>/dup/ is filled with insufferable shitposting, glowposting, accusing others of being glows, boomers, schizos, trap spammers, and redditniggers >this was always the case but now it's completely unusuable is there anywhere left on the webring to shitpost about dup?
Happy new years streloks
Open file (2.29 MB 1920x1200 New Year Blyat.jpg)
>>11547 good hunting, stalker
>>11548 >>11547 happy new year. I wish you cheap and good ammo and funs, also many great happenings to enjoy.
>>11548 Good hunting. Don't fall into a crevice of society like this baguette. >PGHM = PELOTON DE GENDARMERIE DE HAUTE MONTAGNE (High mountain (rescue) platoon of the Gendarmerie).
>>11544 certainly not /dup/. All of tvch.moe is infested with /intl/ and /trannypol/.
>>11550 let's have a collective prayer for the reappearance of primers on the store shelf. Our Father, who Art in Heaven...
>MUH STRONK WOMEN https://www.military.com/daily-news/2020/12/31/1st-female-green-beret-faces-minor-misdemeanor-charge-accidentally-firing-gun-police-say.htm https://archive.is/BkOKv >Five months after becoming the first female Green Beret, a National Guard soldier is facing a civilian misdemeanor charge for accidentally firing a pistol inside a Colorado apartment. >In July, the soldier, whose identity has been kept secret, graduated from the grueling, 53 week Special Forces Qualification Course (Q Course) at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, becoming the first woman to earn the Special Forces tab and coveted Green Beret. >On Dec. 12, she allegedly discharged a handgun by accident inside an apartment in Colorado Springs. Fucking lol. Chances she got jealous?
>>11558 >graduated from the grueling, 53 week Special Forces Qualification Course Did she really pass or was she given easier tests?
Open file (91.32 KB 600x400 download (6).jpeg)
>>11558 >token stronk, independynt Delta >a NoGo Like pottery.
>>11556 Hallowed by thy name, strelok. And lets not let our new years resolutions be side tracked by shit inexplicably hitting the fan. As such mine will be to maintain a steady supply of ammo for one caliber for the whole year by learning to make it from scratch, but maybe mostly from recycled parts first. Wish me luck.
>>11558 >Army Special Farces How much of a meme are they these days?
>>11565 >Did she really pass or was she given easier tests? If it's anything like in the German army they have the same tests but get some magical extrapoints to make up for their shortcomings afterwards. So formally and legally men and women do the same test but they tamper with the results. You couldn't make this shit up
>>11558 >Colorado Springs Confirmed she was fucking Chairforce officers at some party, and probably discharged while shitfaced. Also there's a 50/50 chance she was a spic.
Open file (260.04 KB 1403x992 1521951875346-3.jpg)
>>11577 In America the Green Beret requirements are as follows: >Be at least E3 This is because E1/E2 ranks don't get to choose which field they would like to go into and why college-educated individuals start out as E3 in enlistment in most cases. >Must be active duty or national guard >Must be at least 20 but under 32 >Must meet physical requirements for Airborne School These are actually higher than the physical requirements to be a Green Beret, funnily enough. >Must be eligible for secret security clearance This is code word for not of dual-nationality and having not been to Eastern European, African, or Asian countries on vacation (or if you have been, being very thorough in your documentation of where you went/what you did). >Pass the ASVAB with a 110 (105 waiver) This last requirement actually is a little bit more difficult if they're judging the points the way I believe they are. If you're not a retard a 70 to 80 is considered a decent score that qualifies you for almost any position, as a comparison. All that being said, that's the enlistment requirements to be a green beret. Officer standards are actually far looser: >Must be a captain or have enough credit earned up to be promoted to captain upon assignment >Must be eligible for top-secret security clearance There's a few more requirements here, but if you've served in an official capacity long enough to become a Captain you're guaranteed to get it unless there's some weird shit in your file like a father born in a foreign country that he frequently visits or lives in. >Must not have a disciplinary file Arguably the hardest requirement. >You must have a Defense Language Aptitude Battery (DLAB) score of 85 or higher. This is SIGNIFICANTLY easier to obtain than the equivalent 110 score on the ASVAB, as a comparison. So if I had to take a guess, she went into the Green Berets as an officer where there are no physical requirements at all, and all the physical training is just so that the enlistment listen to you.
>>11586 >having not been to Eastern European, African, or Asian countries on vacation No weebs allowed in Green Berets I guess.
>>11593 I think they mean more like China. There are plenty of people who do vacation in China since the CCP for their part loves tourist dollars. I should also ask if there is a financial aspect, since a friend's dad got tturned down from a certain MoS because his wife was loose with cash and they knew he worked a second job to enable her spending, that flagged him as a security risk (because he could be targeted for bribes in exchange for intel, like those Navy guys in the 70's)
>>11593 Why the hell would anyone want to be an expertly trained killer ZOGbot fag anyway, it's literally just a giant social dole larp so normies can feel "powerful" and feel like they belong somewhere within the visibly evil system we have today. >>11577 >If it's anything like in the German army they have the same tests but get some magical extrapoints to make up for their shortcomings afterwards. It's the same thing in America and Europe, in America a woman can pass physical by doing 1 pullup while for men perfect baseline military physical fitness score is 15 consecutive pullups. In Europe the entire fitness qualification has codified special alterations just for women similar to the American. It's a fucking joke. >Fucking lol. Chances she got jealous? It's either a super rare butch tomboy, tranny or they altered requirements, bet's on altered requirements. Most women aren't even the least interested in military shit. But strangely enough there seems to be an oversupply of some kind of narcissistic (((women))) who go to ROTC evidently and literally just to command men around.
>>11604 I couldn't take orders from a woman; that novelty wears off quickly.
>>11604 > it's literally just a giant social dole larp so normies can feel "powerful" and feel like they belong somewhere within the visibly evil system we have today. Actually, it's that you get to kill people, and nobody fucks with you.
Open file (469.28 KB 1000x750 SPP-LPP_45acp.jpg)
>>11567 My SPP box came a week ago. But I haven't seen Ammoseek list another, even shotshell, in over a month. Alternately, I've also got primed-brass for the 45 RAPTOR en route, although to be honest I don't have a barrel, or a populated LR308 lower. But it's on the radar, the moreso that I have brass on the way. On the topic of primers, >>11598 I recall the "golden gun" melted-brass-AR10 video talking about the metalurgy of the resulting firearm, and specifically mentioned the primers. I thought I remember they were aluminum but it could have been steel, which honestly would make more sense.
>>11606 >nobody fucks with you uhh no. everybody fucks with you. >the green weenie >ieds >green on blue attacks
A coworker asked me for advice today, but I'm not sure how to answer. In the current climate would you prioritize a spare 9mm handgun over a spare AR?
>>11617 might as well be asking which gun is better. 9mm is more portable and easier to use/handle/maintain and there will probably be more ammo for it available. AR is bigger but may be harder to find munitions for it if everything implodes. I'd argue for the 9mm.
>>11617 Probably the 9mm. The AR will be more effective once you're shooting it but you can have the 9mm wherever you are instead of just in your car or house. Then if you're CCing, it's more likely that that gun breaks or gets taken by the police.
>>11617 Recommend the handgun. It's easier to hide, easier to maintain, cheaper (so when shit starts to spray, he can get rid of it without much pain), ammo is plentiful and also cheaper to reload. Another point (which is my personal preference) is the availability of really heavy fucking pistols and revolvers, while AR's are mostly polymer. I want to be able to use my gun to bash someone's skull in when I run out of ammo in Minecraft.
>minecraft minecraft minecraft You do realize if they ever decide to come down on you saying "in minecraft" isn't a solid enough defense to stop the anal pounding you'll receive, right?
>>11606 >>11615 And if you get fucked by any of those things, then >hospital fucks with you >military buraucrats double-fuck you There is a reason as to why those who are in the military, or have recently left don't generally recommend it, and it's not because it was merely bit boring.
Open file (334.32 KB 669x766 1609600400696.png)
>>11632 The Minecraft community has also become fucked up in the past month.
>brother wanted me to go with him to buy his first gun (he's shot before just never owned one) >gladly help him out since he was originally against owning a gun at all and now speaks out against gun confiscation >couple of months later >he spouts off some shit about "common sense gun control" and how the government can be trusted to determine who gets licensed for one >he also has spent the past four years nonstop shittalking how corrupt the government is because of orange bad man >even said he doesn't like Biden or think he should even be president >he probably voted for him anyway >I am completely unable to respond because it caught me entirely off guard and he changed the subject immediately after Now don't get me wrong I'm not a Trump supporter or even into the republican vs democrat false dichotomy kikery to begin with, but how can someone whine about him for four years, decry pretty much everything the government does, go from being somewhat antigun to going to gun shows, and then turn right around and say some shit like that? He's not fucking retarded, it's baffling and frustrating beyond belief seeing someone that you know is capable of logical thought unironically spout such doublethink and then shut out any attempts to point it out.
>>11644 What the hell is this?
>>11694 Imagine if Tumblr became attached to Minecraft personalities and there was merchandising and dox involved.
>>11701 I bet ya 100% that they get discusted on irl gore, because they are pussy.
>>11693 most people don't actually think about things they're kind of like animals in that they respond to external stimulus and are exclusively reactive sometimes animals seem to do proactive things like squirrels burying acorns for winter, but it's more likely that they go through the motions of their tasks without really contemplating why your brother probably reacted to his fear of (whatever the fuck was on the TV at the time) by buying a gun, but now he reacts to the electric prod in the other direction because some talking head was going on about mass shootings and he felt bad. there's no introspection on shit like death and dying or the necessity of having arms to begin with plenty of "intelligent" people completely lack the ability to reflect on their actions and this can be blamed on a variety of things (parenting, religiousness, education, being a fucking retard, etc) but until you get time to actually sit back and take a broader view of things and you make a habit of doing so, you spend your entire life chasing or being chased by whatever sensation is being broadcast today if your brother was in his early teens or childhood you probably could help foster the need for thinking, but if he's old enough to buy a gun and vote his brain plasticity's probably spent. just look forward to being able to buy the thing off him in a few years for -60% MSRP
Open file (144.67 KB 415x370 judeochinkalliance.png)
NYSE changed course and is NOT delisting chinese companies. Kelly Loeffler's husband is the pres of the NYSE. I believe this move helps her "chances" in the GA runoff today. >link semi-related https://themarket.ch/interview/china-is-stuck-in-a-vicious-cycle-ld.2199
>>11718 Well, looks like a mighty red future is coming to America, if Biden becomes prez. Better hide the stockpiles before the gubbmint demands you to share it with the black proles.
>>11718 They changed course again and are now saying maybe.
>>11711 To be honest I don't have much hope of being able to legally buy what he bought anymore within the next year because I know he won't break the law and sell it to me. Hell he'll probably turn it in the moment it's declared illegal and then try and dime me out too, though I've prepared for that. I was dumb enough to think he was actually coming around, but I'm not dumb enough to trust him entirely.
>>11797 >I was dumb enough to think he was actually coming around, but I'm not dumb enough to trust him entirely. good call. you should never leave all your cards on the table.
Open file (81.48 KB 1024x768 b52-cro.jpg)
A wholesome video of a B-52 flying with Croatian Mig-21's from a few months ago. I'd imagine these same planes would have come together somewhat regularly over half a century ago during intercepts on the edge of Soviet airspace, so seeing it in high definition is quite surreal. https://youtu.be/puvEFqDmlUI
>>11868 >tfw we no longer in a world of Cold War autism
Found a channel that has a rather wide focus of anything from ww1 to our times. I'm yet to watch everything, but the few videos I've watched seem to be fine if you are (like me) too lazy to read: https://invidious.snopyta.org/channel/UCn6_Kza6erL9GCAhOpQLfBg
>>11885 Pretty good stuff, thanks.
Does any one know of some good talk radio networks? Something that's not political poz endlessly. Good comfy background noise, the topic doesn't matter as much as being poz free does. Podcast networks are fine too.
Open file (49.82 KB 593x362 1610684810983.png)
Well well well
Open file (192.95 KB 540x720 YOU'LL WIN TOO.jpg)
>>12155 Not surprising in the least. On the other hand at this point I welcome WWIII so maybe it's a bit of a left-handed gift.
>>12155 Realistically, it does make more sense than having them fall under the Europe command. I would have guessed they were there already.
>>12155 >hard for Biden to undo Is there anyone left on the planet that would ever actually believe that a US politician with any power whatsoever would ever even attempt to undo this decision?
>>12161 No but it's definitely going to cause a huge snarl for Biden since he wants to reenter the nuclear agreement with Iran and Isreal is threatening to bomb Iran if that happens.
>>12178 >reenter the nuclear agreement with Iran why did obongo ever do this if der juden hates iran?
>>12182 Good question, could be to softly influence Iran
>>12182 Despite what some people might make you believe, there isn't a single cabal of jews who run everything. I suspect King Nigger simply wanted to justify his Nobel peace prize, and since then it simply became a talking point of libruls. And due to the way politics work they can't back down, especially because they spent the last few years going on about this, and so there many libruls who genuinely believe that they need that deal. And keep in mind that they are same idiots who preach about the importance of fag marriage and importing Moslems at the same time, so they are perfectly capable of being against Israel while crying about the evils of anti-semitism.
NRA has gone bankrupt.
>>12212 Fuck those grifitng niggers. Maybe the GOA can do better.
I remember way back when some anon actually found a way to make the fallout 3 shotgun work, and it blew my mind at the time. I never saved the image, and I'm wondering if any of you old goats got it saved?
>>12236 This is all I have.
>>12238 And now I've noticed that the filename that promises springs is a lie.
>>12212 >Actual Marxist coup overthrowing the US Govt is about to be completed. >Literally millions of Americans seething in rage, more than ever likely to support the NRA and it's efforts. >Closes it's doors at this particularly momentous instant in American history, gun-wise. Seems to be some Totally Organic™ timing right there tbh lad.
>>12241 It's a fallback, to keep from being crushed by the politicians in New York, fleeing to Texas and regrouping there. Probably a smart move actually.
Open file (182.06 KB 1200x874 maple gear syrup.jpg)
Does any of you goys have the maple gear syrup edits? I miss this shit.
Open file (374.61 KB 1600x1066 North_American_Thief_Ant.jpg)
>>12189 >Despite what some people might make you believe, there isn't a single cabal of jews who run everything. This faggot doesn't know how parasitic species work.
>>12290 Indeed, parasitic species all share a hivemind and they are constantly talking to each other through telepathy.
>>12295 You are retard who completely missed his point. He's saying that Jews by their very nature are drawn to certain ways of behavior and certain survival strategies. The Jewish strategy is a long-term parasitic strategy. Jews do coordinate and are naturally tribal, but it's debatable how much actual planning there is among Jews. They subconsciously or semi-consciously realize that the world will be better for Jews if they subvert and subjugate dangerous groups through subversion, feminization and miscegenation
>>12296 And how does that go against anything discussed here, you fucking nigger?
>>12296 You know you're only shooting yourself in the foot by posting such retarded shit, Ashkenazi Jews look European because genetically they're mostly European, they've breed with Europeans for hundreds of years, it's nothing like what the pic describes.
>>12298 t. doesn't know that Jews are actively interbreeding with chinks to assume their appearance as we speak
>>12299 But that's his point Can you interpret what you read?
>>12300 I hope he's just drunk because this level of reading comprehension would be inexcusable for an elementary school child.
>>12304 Stop responding to the retard hes just cancer who tries to one up anyone in a conversation even when you both agree with each other. Probably just 8cuck filth who spilled over from /fascist/ while bouncing around the webring.
>>12306 Why do you keep trying to cause drama between /k/ and /fascist/? This is like the fifth time I've seen you just suddenly bring them up when they had nothing to do with what anyone was talking about.
>>12308 Someone really wants to drive a wedge between /k/ and /fascist/. They've been trying it for months.
>>12308 I'm not the shit stirer and I don't have a problem with /fascist/. Its nothing new /pol/ boards attract shitposters im just pointing out maybe because of recent events we're seeing more new fags. As if /k/ and /fascist/ are so married to each other that theres a wedge that needs to be driven.
>>12309 too bad we're all oldfags here
>>12312 Nah I think you're just being a faggot, because there's been no noticeable increase in posting lately. If anything pph across the webring has decreased overall. Quit trying to play people against each other like a fucking tranny.
>>12308 There's a very significant difference between the two cultures though, probably stemming from the apparent stark differences of the two BOs.
Open file (111.50 KB 1001x615 welcome2.png)
>>12330 It's more that the average strelok went through at least a few imageboards before he ended up in this lonely bunker, meanwhile /fascist/ has an influx of edgy niglets who are clearly coming from the more populated parts of the internet.
>>12338 Your nose is showing
>>12338 True. But the /fascist/ BO seems to be some kind of literal cock-sucking, demon-possessed pagan-larping faggot. Hardly true of /k/ BO, who simply seems to be focused on helping guys deal with SHTF scenarios and laid-back gun talk. The leadership of an organization always dictates the tenor of it.
>>12339 t. edgy niglet
>>12340 Oh, so you're a christnigger, that explains a lot
Open file (16.29 KB 771x929 pepe.png)
Why create a rivalry where one doesn't exist. I use both boards and don't see them as even related beyond sharing the same site and having a degree of user overlap.
>>12343 It's not rivalry, it's just fucking annoying that we suddenly can't use the board the same way we were using it since 8chan collapsed, because there are suddenly a bunch of niggers here who are not mentally equipped to deal with the kind of discussions we often have. They can't seem to understand that /k/ is for /k/, so they'd most likely sperg out if we had, for example, a good thread about Africa up and running.
>fag is still trying to stir up board drama for fucks sake
>>12343 It's a drama tranny, he probably isn't even a regular around here. There had been zero problems between /fascist/ and /k/ up until the glowBO nearly drove everyone away then suddenly /fascist/ is the board boogeyman. I wouldn't be surprised if it was just the glownigger coming back and trying to shit up a board that like ten people use because he couldn't even maintain control of something this small without fucking it up and he's embarrassed.
>>12346 Just report it and don't give it oxygen
Open file (74.99 KB 640x512 tacos2.jpg)
I've had enough board drama. The fascist board owner has always been retarded, isn't he the board owner from /liberty/ on julay? At least the libertarians are trending in the right direction. Just look at it as a good sign. Either you're a newfag because you're new to /fascist/ or because you haven't been through 200 cross-board raids over the past 20 years, so shut up and lurk more dramafag
>>12361 >webm First off, its technically a mp4. Secondly, this shit was from before 2008 The anime is worse than the manga, unless your a shitty anime news reporter who looks up to some cuck who can't play cuphead properly. Anyways, we're getting offtopic here and I'd say take it to the 100 rads if you want to fite me over how "news" has been shit long before gamergate.. >why do I have mutiple not found posts Shut up. Because I fucking forgot to link to the 100 rads by posting in the meta thread when I should be leading by example.
Open file (118.58 KB 842x562 1611164841575.jpg)
>>12354 It's /monarchy/ and /liberty/ which has the same BO
Open file (1020.82 KB 500x310 Chink laugh.gif)
>>12402 >Thanks for the money Qtards
>>12402 >You should accept results when your government doesn't represent you. That's a good one, but the lid was blown off and there's no going back.
Open file (83.71 KB 491x414 Kung_pow_betty_laugh.jpg)
>>12402 This is the funniest shit I've seen all year.
>>12405 Agent Watkins just pulled off a psyop that will discount the traction of any underground dissident entities for at least five years.
>>12408 Yep. Every news article and think tank's white paper will include a shoehorned reference to the radical Q anon movement. I bet they'll even do it when the subject is antifa and BLM violence. What will really siphon off energy is if trump creates his "patriot party". Everyone spinning their wheels for another 5 years on a political process that really doesn't matter is a horrifying prospect.
Anyone know why Matthew McConaughey is grifting on the benzo addict variety hour? https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=y8wBjH8aXw4
>>12412 I don't have the answer other than the obvious one (promoting his book), but I'm glad you posted this Anon. I find myself quite impressed with Matthew McConaughey now. He's an actual human being and an impressive man as well. I loathe most stars, but he's an exception to the rule. Thanks.
>>12410 Remember "Alt-Right"?
Open file (320.78 KB 1078x1607 1611186390110.jpg)
>>12427 The reason I brought it up was some Streloks has suggested he was making a play for public office in Texas and was wondering if they had anymore details. In other news a janitor nuked the /qresearch/ board on 8kucks.
Open file (266.58 KB 936x1605 1611183712262.png)
>>12434 Here' the farewell address. He did it not for hotpockets, but for free.
>>12438 amazing. What a fucking faggot. I can't believe anyone was using 8kun, I guess hotwheels was right to try to get it taken offline after all. I honestly thought nobody was going to fall for that crap and until I read this post I thought nobody actually had
Open file (376.17 KB 403x672 yfw.png)
>>12434 > some Streloks has suggested he was making a play for public office in Texas I think he'd probably stand a good chance. >>12438 It's beautiful.
Open file (11.49 KB 227x224 1434156387930.gif)
>>12402 >our responsibility as citizens to respect the Constitution
>>12443 Is Codemonkey even a US citizen?
Here is a documentary about the siege of Budapest: https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=yvgLya5ANt0 It's not exactly a do/k/umentary, and it of course has a few segment dedicated to Der Juden, but it's still worthy of a watch in my opinion.
Open file (1.38 MB 640x360 JNna4sWNOEHoCx9L.mp4)
Who's ready to die for Biden?
Open file (449.93 KB 872x654 benis terror.png)
why was the GLORIOUS soviet army defeated by finland?
>>12461 >be stalin >witness how the germans used blitzkrieg to pass through the plains of poland,overwhelming its forces >"damn nigga,i wanna do that too!,maybe i can do it on finland?" >uses the same fucking tactic on finland >not realising that finland is full of snow,forests,lakes and narrow paths >no winter clothes or equipments,the red army just runs into finland with nothing but mosin nagants,tanks and anti-tank artillery,fucking yes,they used anti-tank artillery against a country that did not even have that much tanks >army so hungry they lost a chance to flank the finns because the red army stopped to eat the finns's sausage soup,causing them to lose an important battle https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Varolampi_Pond >the red army gets pushed back hard and only gained a few extra miles The red army might have been glorious,but it was led by retards during this war.
>>12461 They were defeated tactically, but Funland couldn't keep up with the losses and had to sue for peace, losing quite a lot of populated lands. >>12463 You forgot the part where Stalin started purging officers a few years before that, so there was nobody who dared to tell him that he is absolutely fucking retarded. Not to mention that many of the leaders were also absolute retards who were put in charge because they were loyal to uncle Joe.
Open file (3.60 MB 640x288 1611231398175.mp4)
Filterman has taken the blackpill.
>>12465 >they are going to open the borders what "borders"?
>>12465 Glad to see he had the balls to call it the way he sees it. I expect his popularity will plummet because of it though. When was this broadcast?
>>12467 The 18th.
>>12463 >The red army might have been glorious,but it was led by retards during this war. That tends to happen when your leadership is based on loyalty instead of some combination of loyalty and skill.
>>12463 >"The red army might have been glorious" >Supplied and fed by UZA and UK lend lease >Keep getting encircled >Human wave tactics >Order 227 >Jewish NKVD kill squads ordered just to sit on the back-lines and kill routing soldiers for not mindlessly charging into enemy fire. >Arrest and execute soldiers for sending wordy letters. >Mass rape >Katyn & other massacres to place political blame >Scorched earth tactics >glorious in any way Stupid as fuck faggot detected
Nasty Girls sent to the garage after serving their purpose: ‘This is absurd’: Hundreds of National Guard members banished to Senate parking garage, soldiers say >At least hundreds of National Guard members were forced out of a U.S. Capitol cafeteria resting area and into a parking garage nearby, putting them in close quarters with moving cars, exhaust fumes and troops potentially infected with the coronavirus, two soldiers told The Washington Post. >The abrupt transfer came Thursday afternoon with no explanation, the soldiers said. Images of National Guard members sleeping on concrete Thursday evening sparked outrage and an apparent reversal later in the night, as lawmakers said the service members would be moved back to the Capitol. >The soldiers said they were not given a reason for the initial transfer. Defense officials said Capitol police moved the Guard members off the grounds as foot traffic from lawmakers and other officials increased in the area. That was contradicted by Capitol Police Acting Chief Yogananda Pittman, who said in a statement Friday that “police did not instruct the National Guard to vacate the Capitol Building facilities.” >Two soldiers who spoke to The Post estimated at least hundreds of troops were moved to the garage as officials struggle to find places to put thousands of service members. Nearly 26,000 National Guard members arrived after the Jan 6 Capitol riot to help secure Wednesday’s presidential inauguration. More than 10,000 remain on duty, while 15,000 others were slated to return home in the coming days, defense officials said Thursday. >“I’ve ordered the immediate return of all New Hampshire National Guard from Washington DC. They did an outstanding job serving our nation’s capital in a time of strife and should be graciously praised, not subject to substandard conditions,” New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu (R) said Friday, though it is unclear if troops from his state were already slated to return. >The two soldiers, who are noncommissioned officers in the Maryland National Guard, said troops inhaled exhaust fumes, shared few toilets with hundreds of soldiers and struggled to sleep under the harsh fluorescent lights. >“I’ve never in my entire career felt like I’ve been booted onto the curb and told, ‘Figure it out on your own,’ ” said one of the soldiers, who said he served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Both spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak with reporters. >“This is absurd,” said the other soldier, who said one of his men was nearly struck by a car. >Some Guard members said the conditions were not as bad as suggested on social media. One member from the Wisconsin National Guard said they have rested in the garage between their shifts for days. It is uncomfortable, but there are not many places to easily put thousands of soldiers in the District, he said. >Lawmakers, in response to news stories from Politico and other news outlets, channeled outrage on Twitter. Rep. Peter Meijer (R-Mich.), an Army veteran who served in Iraq, said Thursday night the Guard members were sent back to the Capitol complex. Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.), also an Army veteran who served in Iraq, said Capitol police officers apologized to the troops. >“I have told those who run the security of the Capitol that it can never happen again and I pledge to every National Guard member that it will not happen again,” Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) said from the Senate floor Friday. >One portable toilet used by soldiers was overflowing onto the sidewalk, a photo obtained by The Post shows. >Both Maryland soldiers said the coronavirus is raging among National Guard members. One said he personally knows several soldiers who have been infected. >The soldier laughed when asked by a reporter to describe the protocols in place to mitigate the spread of the virus. >“There’s none,” he said. “We are on top of each other all day, every day. We’ve given up.” >Nieves did not immediately return a request for comment about coronavirus protocols. https://web.archive.org/web/20210122143436if_/https://www.washingtonpost.com/national-security/2021/01/21/national-guard-senate-garage/
>>12486 >Treat your guards like shit >Suddenly wonder why you have to purge so many of them because they are "extremists"
>>12475 I know sarcasm is hard to detect on text based platforms but you're a real fuckin idiot if you couldn't spot it in that post.
>>12488 It's just nigger girls so it's not like they'd be getting rid of prime fighting troops. Though it makes me wonder what the active duty zogbots are making of all this.
>>12490 The veterans (only out a couple years) at my job are saying it's par for the course but that anyone active duty right now is used to it.
>>12495 >used to it I don't know why anyone expects a significant portion of the modern military to be in on any kind of resistance, they're all turbogoyim to the extreme. The benefits weren't even really worth it back when I was in, and now that soldiers are repeatedly subjected to humiliation like this I can't imagine what keeps them in now. Maybe I just have better cost/reward analysis.
>>12497 The benefits ain't very good if you live out East, but by the time you hit Missouri, Veteran status or 4-8 years experience in the field starts becoming a minimum requirement for employment in the trades, and getting in and out in 4-6 years is sure easier than the minimum actual 6-12 years you would have spent kissing ass and clawing your way just to JOURNEYMAN status just because some asshole and his sons pulled the ladder up with them. Assuming you didn't just happen to be friends with the dad or son or had a family member who was who introduced you/vouched for you. Other alternative being tens (possibly hundreds) of thousands of dollars worth of loans to fast-track guaranteed employment under [conditions met] with a corporate-style school. Military service to get free education, shitty alternative healthcare for minor shit or major shit you can wait 12 years on, special credit union access/rates, fast tracking to the front of the applicant line doubly so if you served in combat, quintuply so if you happened to get yourself some kind of injury that got you medically discharged but earned you retirement or even dear god double retirement which has you set for life to go to school and fuck bitches up to 20 years younger than you on demand depending on state and service type at virtually any place of business simply because of veteran "protection" laws that give companies quadruple your salary to your employer in a check signed by the gubmint. There are several other benefits but veterans are set for life out West, bro. It's just most veterans are real dumb and served in shit like combat shit or armory watch guy crap (or god forbid undesignated their entire service). If they served in the engineering aspects or repair/service parts, got some communications training, or even just served as a chef or interpreter (two of the lowest scoring but still applicable positions under the ASVAP) they will still have life skills that will keep the benefits as changing the difficulty down from nightmare mode to normal mode, or even easy mode depending on life choices made while in the service and right afterwards for the next five years.
>>12505 I saw houses for sale in Wyoming that could only be sold to veterans
If someone with fatal familial insomnia in its later stages were exposed to torture that would make the average human pass out, what would happen?
>>12549 It's entirely possible to be unconscious and not get any actual rest, if you ever drank yourself into a blackout stupor your body is shut down but it's only in a superficial "sleep" state. I imagine it's probably a similar concept with insomnia, but I'm not a doctor. Why are you torturing insomniacs? Their mere existence is torture.
>>12557 I think the question was if it would indirectly cure them.
Where do I go if I want to watch some combat footage? Liveleak sucks and so does 99% of "combat" content on jewtube.
>>12559 No, forcing insomniacs into states of unconsciousness doesn't cure them, their brains don't go into a resting phase like with normal people. If you've ever blacked out before you have an idea of what it's like, you wake up not feeling rested and could probably lay down and get some actual sleep, only insomniacs are entirely incapable of that second step.
>>12560 check out kaotic dot com
>>12557 >Why are you torturing insomniacs? People with FFI are already dead men (it's an Italian genetic fuckup disease where plaque eats away the part of the brain that lets you sleep in your 30s/40s). I imagine he was curious of it would extend their life since horse tranquilizers do nothing on such a person.
>>12560 ync dot com typically has that and your daily executions. There was a lot of combat footage of Armenia vs. Azerbaijan 2.0 being uploaded while it was happening. Mostly Armenians getting executed after surrendering or blown up by drones.
>>12557 REM sleep is the sleep that matters for feeling rested. It's the stage of sleep where you dream and takes a short while to kick in. If you miss it then your body makes up the difference next time you sleep and pushes you into it faster.
Open file (1.60 MB 480x848 x-0B8Vd4yKALTBYW.mp4)
Mass rioting across the Netherlands as Dutch defy the first curfew placed on the country since the 1940s https://nitter.net/DarrenEuronews/status/1353790781618847748
Open file (1.24 MB 2452x3501 UUU 006.jpg)
>>12589 >riot webms Finally.
>>12589 >that red prius backing the fuck out
Enrique Tarrio is a federal informant >imagine my shock I kinda feel bad for the people he fooled who ended up maimed, murdered, and imprisoned - but I'm a softy like that.
I am trying to wrap my brain around the shitshow that is gamestop stock right now.... granted its plebitt versus the hedgefunds so we cannot loose watching, but I feel that the plebbit retardation is real. Even if there is a chance they could duel the house (sec+investment firms) at their own game and win the biggest looser is the American taxpayer when the gov bails them out. I'm hoping the gov bails them out and the "regular" investors get fucked so this accelerationist train goes full speed.
>>12607 the gov doesn't have the money to bail them out. They're going to have to choose between bailing out the jews and sending coronavirus stimulus to citizens. And then they're going to put a stop on short selling. Do you know the last time this happened? When citizens executed a mass short squeeze against jewish stocks and the government froze short sales and caused a depression? Weimar Germany, 1920
>>12607 A bailout would be very much an acceleration but it is just hedge funds... It's relatively narrow. Those who don't draw income from the market existing day to day don't care. Even those who do probably could take a step back and still be fine just without the private jet. They're probably just going to slap down some regulations to protect the game and eat a couple bil in losses. If they have the game they can make that back. It would be fun to see the short selling funds to close shop though.
>>12611 Looks like they are going for the worst PR method by blatantly showing everyone the game is rigged and keeping their own money. If I was them, I'd eat the lost so idiots would keep playing, its obvious they are not going for long-term prospsects at this stage by restricting to sell only for regular investors but not hedge funds.
>>12611 They should have done that, but instead they went through with >>12614 and went all-in on this stupid project. Probably because they realized they can't be bailed out without revealing the game is rigged (not without riots, anyways) so they're going with the excuse of "market manipulation" and selling it hard.
>>12615 Hedge funds are the toothless hookers of the stock market. They do nothing but fuck people over and run off with the money. They're scummy as fuck and Reddit did nothing but see how hedge funds always act and join in. Jews jewing jews yet again.
>>12616 I'm assuming you're referring to short selling specifically. Short sellers do serve a purpose in preventing a stock from being valued at greater than ita actual worth. They didn't do wrong by short selling, they did wrong by being greedy kikes and short selling the same stocks for two years and eating up 140% of the market. If they had kept it at 70% or less this would have never happened, but instead they had to be greedy kikes.
>>12617 >short sellers do serve a purpose t. filthy kike
>>12617 Stop defending jewish middlemen fag.
>>12618 short sellers do have a purpose, live fire drills on moving targets
Open file (19.72 KB 256x381 400,000 keks.jpg)
>>12615 >If you don't make these things happen, we will protest and vote until we can find someone who will
>>12615 >Jew named Plotkin
>>12619 I will not in this case. Their sin was greed, not their profession. Just as a predator hunts down the weak, old, and injured members of a herd, shorts counter bulls who do the reverse (create inflation by driving the value of a company on paper above its actual value and profiting off of selling). Scummy or not, profiting from market corrections is not inherently any worse than a predator picking off the weakest links in a herd. If you want to argue that the stock market is a den of rats I'll agree on general principle (because it's easier than explaining the whys and hows), but short sellers are not inherently scumbags unless they continuously hit the same stock (like they did with Gamestop) or they do some scummy shit like buy up over 100% of the stock betting on them failing (again, like they did with Gamestop). The weak should fear the strong.
>>12623 no. Everything you said is wrong. Shorting profits from destruction. It incentivizes companies to fail, it incentivizes investors to attack their own holdings, and that's what they do. They intentionally destroy companies so their families and friends can profit from insider trading. Insider trading is technically illegal, but in reality is unenforceable at scale. We see its effects throughout the market and throughout the USA in the decline of the manufacturing economy and the consolidation of power in the hands of the megacorporations that happened to be the ones to escape the willful destruction of their business for profit. Pumping false confidence in a company to profit off its increased value is nowhere near as damaging to the country and its people as intentionally sabotaging the company to profit off its slow demise.
>>12624 >We see its effects throughout the market and throughout the USA in the decline of the manufacturing economy >Damaging to the country and its people Ah sorry, I didn't realize I was talking with a slave. I'll leave you to your devices.
>>12625 I see >>12618 wasn't far off
Open file (168.48 KB 267x200 1506907927962.gif)
>>12625 There is no greater slave than a man who values nothing but money. He can be made to dance to any tune, to commit any sin and to destroy his very soul for paper and copper. A free man is not the slave to the economy, he is free to care for his people and put their best interest ahead of jewish schemes and slavery.
>>12624 >Pumping false confidence in a company to profit off its increased value is nowhere near as damaging to the country and its people as intentionally sabotaging the company to profit off its slow demise. This. Nowhere as damaging. As if anyone needed reinforcement of this obvious idea, just look at who runs these hedge funds. Abominable, slimy serpents the lot of them.
>>12625 >those who manufacture goods needed in times of war are slaves please ban the kike
I take it back, don't ban him. I had a moment
>>12615 >if you don't make these things happen, we will protest and vote until we can find someone who will the useful idiots never learn.
Open file (235.69 KB 593x657 1611956305414.jpg)
>>12640 I think we will see some sort of hilarious modern day Molotov-Ribbentrop pact with the "right/left" versus the bankers. This is hilarious and its the lefts way of trying to do something worthy of 2/6. Now is not the end. It is not even beginning of the end. But perhaps it is the end of the beginning. Literally this is a zero sum game if your're an accelerationist or a political radical. >hedge funds get fucked, bank insurers goes down and makes 1929 look good >retail brokers get fucked, the radical left and right are now flooded with angry men with pitchforks demanding the head of wallstreeet >government bails out the banks, angry taxpayers get radicalized >government just ex post facto allows the HF to not buy the stocks, everyone angry The only winning move, is not to play. Expect some sort of false flag to try and rally the populace. >pic related Yes, glen greenwald is a liberal idiot but at least he has some sort of journalist integrity.
Open file (116.31 KB 568x427 random_nigger.jpg)
Open file (58.62 KB 588x848 the cure.jpg)
Open file (189.62 KB 800x838 you know you want it.jpg)
>>12644 >I think we will see some sort of hilarious modern day Molotov-Ribbentrop pact with the "right/left" versus the bankers A lot of lefties might just change sides, like back in the day
Open file (523.09 KB 870x1534 Wiki.jpg)
>>12645 The stage is set; but curtains and rafters not yet drawn. Soon we will require only the will. >mfw my dumb ass is going to see the likely implosion of the worldwide system.
Open file (836.41 KB 149x181 nope.gif)
>>12647 >IT'S PROPHECIED >today Holy fuck
Open file (2.60 MB 1737x1309 380_glocks.png)
Just what happened with the board? Is there nothing left for us to discuss?
>>12653 It's pretty average for the webring i think
>>12653 I would post pictures of my gear and stuff but I don't want the government to have access to pictures of my shit right now. I assume a lot of guys named Strelok are feeling similarly
>>12658 (1/3) Don't. Biden's already pushing for gun confiscation and not buyback. They want you buyback your magazines and force you to register anything not a single shot under the NFA. https://joebiden.com/gunsafety/ https://archive.is/uM03U They literally said that "we protect bird hunting more than people" so their aiming for 3 or less shots. >Ban the manufacture and sale of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. Federal law prevents hunters from hunting migratory game birds with more than three shells in their shotgun. That means our federal law does more to protect ducks than children. It’s wrong. Joe Biden will enact legislation to once again ban assault weapons. This time, the bans will be designed based on lessons learned from the 1994 bans. For example, the ban on assault weapons will be designed to prevent manufacturers from circumventing the law by making minor changes that don’t limit the weapon’s lethality. While working to pass this legislation, Biden will also use his executive authority to ban the importation of assault weapons. >Regulate possession of existing assault weapons under the National Firearms Act. Currently, the National Firearms Act requires individuals possessing machine-guns, silencers, and short-barreled rifles to undergo a background check and register those weapons with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). Due to these requirements, such weapons are rarely used in crimes. As president, Biden will pursue legislation to regulate possession of existing assault weapons under the National Firearms Act.
>>12660 (2/3) >Buy back the assault weapons and high-capacity magazines already in our communities. Biden will also institute a program to buy back weapons of war currently on our streets. This will give individuals who now possess assault weapons or high-capacity magazines two options: sell the weapons to the government, or register them under the National Firearms Act. Reduce stockpiling of weapons. In order to reduce the stockpiling of firearms, Biden supports legislation restricting the number of firearms an individual may purchase per month to one. >Keep guns out of dangerous hands. The federal background check system (the National Instant Criminal Background Check System) is one of the best tools we have to prevent gun violence, but it’s only effective when it’s used. Biden will enact universal background check legislation and close other loopholes that allow people who should be prohibited from purchasing firearms from making those purchases. Specifically, he will: >Require background checks for all gun sales. Today, an estimated 1 in 5 firearms are sold or transferred without a background check. Biden will enact universal background check legislation, requiring a background check for all gun sales with very limited exceptions, such as gifts between close family members. This will close the so-called “gun show and online sales loophole” that the Obama-Biden Administration narrowed, but which cannot be fully closed by executive action alone. >Close other loopholes in the federal background check system. In addition to closing the “boyfriend loophole” highlighted below, Biden will: Reinstate the Obama-Biden policy to keep guns out of the hands of certain people unable to manage their affairs for mental reasons, which President Trump reversed. In 2016, the Obama-Biden Administration finalized a rule to make sure the Social Security Administration (SSA) sends to the background check system records that it holds of individuals who are prohibited from purchasing or possessing firearms because they have been adjudicated by the SSA as unable to manage their affairs for mental reasons. But one of the first actions Donald Trump took as president was to reverse this rule. President Biden will enact legislation to codify this policy. >Close the “hate crime loophole.” Biden will enact legislation prohibiting an individual “who has been convicted of a misdemeanor hate crime, or received an enhanced sentence for a misdemeanor because of hate or bias in its commission” from purchasing or possessing a firearm. Close the “Charleston loophole.” The Charleston loophole allows people to complete a firearms purchase if their background check is not completed within three business days. Biden supports the proposal in the Enhanced Background Checks Act of 2019, which extends the timeline from three to 10 business days. Biden will also direct the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to put on his desk within his first 100 days as president a report detailing the cases in which background checks are not completed within 10 business days and steps the federal government can take to reduce or eliminate this occurrence. Close the “fugitive from justice” loophole created by the Trump Administration. Because of actions by the Trump Administration, records of almost 500,000 fugitives from justice who are prohibited from purchasing firearms were deleted from the background check system. The Biden Administration will restore these records, and enact legislation to make clear that people facing arrest warrants are prohibited from purchasing or possessing firearms. >End the online sale of firearms and ammunitions. Biden will enact legislation to prohibit all online sales of firearms, ammunition, kits, and gun parts.
>>12661 Sorry for the shit formatting, I can't tell if they indented or not because it's shit website and I'm not bothering reading it more than I have to. (3/3) >Create an effective program to ensure individuals who become prohibited from possessing firearms relinquish their weapons. Federal law defines categories of individuals who are prohibited from purchasing or possessing firearms, and the federal background check system is an effective tool for ensuring prohibited persons cannot purchase firearms. But we lack any serious tool to ensure that when someone becomes newly prohibited – for example, because they commit a violent crime – they relinquish possession of their firearms. There are some promising models for how this could be enforced. For example, California has a mandatory process for ensuring relinquishment by any individual newly subject to a domestic violence restraining order. As president, Biden will direct the FBI and ATF to outline a model relinquishment process, enact any necessary legislation to ensure relinquishment when individuals newly fall under one of the federal prohibitions, and then provide technical and financial assistance to state and local governments to establish effective relinquishment processes on their own. >Incentivize state “extreme risk” laws. Extreme risk laws, also called “red flag” laws, enable family members or law enforcement officials to temporarily remove an individual’s access to firearms when that individual is in crisis and poses a danger to themselves or others. Biden will incentivize the adoption of these laws by giving states funds to implement them. And, he’ll direct the U.S. Department of Justice to issue best practices and offer technical assistance to states interested in enacting an extreme risk law. >Give states incentives to set up gun licensing programs. Biden will enact legislation to give states and local governments grants to require individuals to obtain a license prior to purchasing a gun. >Adequately fund the background check system. President Obama and Vice President Biden expanded incentives for states to submit records of prohibited persons into the background checks system. As president, Biden will continue to prioritize that funding and ensure that the FBI is adequately funded to accurately and efficiently handle the NICS system. sic semper tyrannis
>>12653 The folks I used to discuss things with have mostly either left or been kicked out, so I don't usually feel like posting. Sorry.
>>12662 >sic semper tyrannis I've been hearing people yell that louder and louder for the past couple of years and nothing even remotely resembling siccing the simpering tyrannosauruses has happened and anyone who tries to get anything done gets screamed down as a fed. I don't know why the feds would need to lift a finger when the retarded faggots that thump their chests over killing tyrants get mad when someone actually wants to try it.
>>12673 Boys, too many boys Battle of the bulge reference Internet keyboarding is easy, going out and committing regicide is usually slightly harder and riskier. >video unrelated
Did our favourite cum drinking satanist made a video with a bona fide tranny? https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=WHO1Zi7bkD0
This is circulating the webring. Be careful anons >ZZZchan was brought online by the feds once Zchan died. It was an ideal replacement to monitor IPs and track anons posting there. If you posted on /fascist/ or /dup/ among the same times you posted on any ZZZchan board you are being monitored and tracked. Writing style, time of posting and IP tracking are all in place. Don't trust Lynxchan's security, it's amateur compared to the feds tracking abilities. >They are on the ring and they are taking up positions so they can track more anons. Trust no one and nothing. The feds run game nights to catch your Steam username, install keyloggers in the pirated games and capture player IPs, they have cytube channels to track you across multiple platforms and get your IP if your VPN hiccups. Cytube had a problem with IPs leaking to images hosted else where, which is how many of the Gunt stream got doxxed, feds are still using it on many channels. When feds raid email servers like cock.li or visit people like Mark they aren't always looking for specific people or threats. They build a giant data web using alternative image boards, streaming websites and e-mail providers. Webring admins are compromised and silenced, warrant canaries don't exist on the webring because of this. >My friend was just arrested under suspicion of domestic terrorism. He was shown posts he made on ZZZchan and alog.space. Gahoole isn't the only one getting fed visits. You have been warned..
>>12712 Wouldn't surprise me, wouldn't surprise me either if you were a glow yourself.
Shhh... Nobody tell these dumb diversity hires that sleppy doesn't run TrannywannabebuttooscaredtocuthisgonadsoffLynxchan software
>>12715 He's posted that on tvch and I think on PLW. All you need to confirm he's a shitstirring retard making things up is >lynxchan
>>12692 With the exception of self-defense/2nd amendment stuff he is pretty much a dyed in the wool 90's style hyper-liberal. He ain't shy about it either.
>>12722 Dumbass, you weren't supposed to bring that up openly. And you do realize there are going to be an unprecedented number of 'shitstirring retards' diversity-hired and on the US Govt payroll in the coming months right? By summer they will be in full gear trying to burn down the entire imageboard ecosystem.
>>12712 Nice job posted retarded edgy shit on the internet kid.
>>12712 >vidya board bad >dude trust me
>>12767 If you were a glowie what board would you run? The most popular topic which regularly includes .exe files for game nights or a niche one no one uses where your keyloggers won't be downloaded?
>>12775 Why would they monitor /dup/?
>>12779 /dup/ was the most active political board on the webring during the elections. Gahoole is under their thumb with the CP raid so it's an ideal place to track and collect data.
>>12781 Here I was thinking it was just a shitposting board.
>the good cop/bad cop theater ITT I'll give you cocksuckers this, at the least you're persistent. Now fuck off.
gamestop shares: buy or not buy?
>>12817 You are way too late to the game. But you should follow Luis Rossman, because he became the de facto best source on such matters: https://invidious.kavin.rocks/channel/UCl2mFZoRqjw_ELax4Yisf6w
>>12817 it was never a good buy, if you are buying today buy nokia. You have like 20 minutes to move on that
>>12820 Lmao it's bulling rn fucker
>>12817 Don't gamble on jewish games. You will lose. Invest in canned soup and bullets.
>>12817 Of course don't buy. You're too late to the game. See >>12819 Ignore >>12823 he's a dumb nigger who doesn't understand gambling. Stonks are fine so long as you don't do stupid shit like use someone else's money.
>>12817 Jews are literally using all their systems, SEC, robinhood, most bookers and the filthy jews have been halting trade when it's not going their way now 4 TIMES IN THE PAST HOUR TO STOP THE SHORT SQUEEZE. Jews have lost billions and they're angry as fuck and trying to rig the game when people play their games.
>>12825 I guess the the Jews only allow other Jews to play Jewish games. I love how they're freaking out when the goyim does the same thing.
>>12827 They're literally fucking illegally rigging these stocks with SEC and exchanges, trying to die out buy volume with halts and bans on trading. Robinhood is getting class action sued for their decision in artificially halting AMC/GME/NOK and other stocks to LITERALLY protect the fuck out of the dirty kikes who have the money to naked short -100-200% entire companies Shit's not only retarded now but unsafe, something also tells me they'll conspire to revenge on WSB/reddit/chan stocks later just to put the message across that "oy vey you are wrong" to goyim mass assembling against kike schemes in order to try and stop it.
>>12831 Which is why you don't play jewish games. It was obvious the second Reddit did this stupid shit something was going to be done in revenge. Robin Hood was suspect from day 1 and it's only got worse. It's possibly they will use it as cover for ruining the economy even more than covid already had.
Open file (536.08 KB 1187x806 jew1.png)
Open file (127.40 KB 1259x308 jew2.png)
Open file (16.16 KB 962x91 jew3.png)
Open file (30.08 KB 954x272 jew4.png)
Open file (32.37 KB 400x172 jew6.png)
>>12817 >gamestop shares: buy or not buy? If you can afford it buy because it hurts the jews more than it might hurt you, GME is still brutally over-shorted, they have NOT covered their positions they flat out lied and they HAVE TO buy back from you. The price of GME goes down because hedgies sell the little they have among each other thus tricking the algorithm but they are almost the only ones who sell, the volume is absolutely low and this is great because they just cant get their fucking shorts back even though they have tried every jewish trick in the book. There's an unprecedented amount of astro-turfed shilling right now to sell purportedly because some very altruistic people don't want you to take losses. Seriously? People on imageboards of all places want your best? Hahahahahahaha Hold, if you have, buy if you can afford it, this is war. You might not make much or even lose some money at this point but AGAIN they HAVE TO buy back from you eventually. Interest on the hedgies short positions is 30% rn and will be 80% in the end. They simply can't afford that, you can just sit back and watch hebrew kvetching. https://isthesqueezesquoze.com/
>>12831 Don't forget eToro going in and automatically selling your stocks in GME unless you fronted 100% of the value of the stock you ALREADY PAID FOR in your account with them.
>>12835 >Isthesqueezesquoze Stope posting that shitty website. Last night they cucked out and asked everyone to sell/stopped giving advice on which brokers to use. They're cucked at best, compromised at worst.
Ah right, Louis uses Ameritrade, though he said he might swap over to Fidelity, for any streloks looking to get into stonks.
Open file (40.61 KB 1239x238 jew5.png)
Open file (1.61 MB 2777x2700 whathappened.png)
Open file (106.05 KB 719x939 yes.jpg)
>>12837 >squeezy Posted them exactly once because they give a good explanation of whats going on. Can you prove what you say?
>>12835 I wouldn't buy GME at this point and shit it's fucking crazy rigged. But if you already bought consider holding with the rest. People are losing hard atm as it's manipulated by gov sec/brokers now and kikes are using the money cheat and corruption on these to avoid paying back their short. Anyway what's preventing GME from inside dropping their own stocks? A quick phone call is all it takes. FYI at least one GME CEO is jewish(new boss). I mean come the fuck on they are freezing stocks 5 times in 1 hour(GME) that's literally just anti pleb hatred against the masses insider fraud at this point, kikes won't get audited or axed for this either. America is such a fucking corrupt shithole lmao. God have mercy on stupid inexperienced without quick hands on these now. >>12836 Insane, encourage all to file lawsuits. Etoro is already in deep shit for fucking users multiple times. Pretty sure selling other people's value paper-properties against their will is against the law no? >>12834 You can but if you're a dumbass overholding or buying when kikes widesproad manipulating now hot stocks and rigging said stocks with SEC and brokers like they're doing now on these picks you're going to lose, nobody in their right mind would buy these rigs rn IMO jews are out for blood on this one. Also this is why fast people and daytraders win more but you need to know how daytrading rules and have enough money for plays on leverage which is an assfuck unobtainable for most normal people. I can't say how this will play out. But seeing how corrupt these kikes are playing this to artificially kill volume probably not good.
>>12481 >I wouldn't buy GME at this point and shit it's fucking crazy rigged. That's why I said buy if you can afford it which is kinda code for if you can afford to lose it. If it dips again you can buy it probably quite cheap. Regardless, there are three kinds of people in this atm those who want to make money, others who want to stick it to the man/jew and a combination thereof. If you are one of the autists in the latter groups and can afford five shares just fucking buy. Combined with millions of other retards this WILL hurt the jew even if they were to be bailed out in the end. Never before and maybe never again will doing so little be so easy and have so much effect.
Open file (90.85 KB 648x1024 jewish tricks1.jpg)
Open file (35.35 KB 698x543 jewish tricks2.jpg)
Open file (16.98 KB 661x147 jewish tricks3.png)
Open file (16.99 KB 896x131 jewish tricks4.png)
Open file (44.39 KB 841x785 jewish tricks5.jpg)
>>12481 >I wouldn't buy GME at this point and shit it's fucking crazy rigged. That's why I said buy if you can afford it which is kinda code for if you can afford to lose it. If it dips again you can buy it probably quite cheap. Regardless, there are three kinds of people in this atm those who want to make money, others who want to stick it to the man/jew and a combination thereof. If you are one of the autists in the latter groups and can afford five shares just fucking buy. Combined with millions of other retards this WILL hurt the jew even if they were to be bailed out in the end. Never before and maybe never again will doing so little be so easy and have so much effect.
>>12844 >pic 4 melvin can't hold. It's extremely suspicious they are still alive. The thing about shorting is you have a defined call date you must return the share on. Melvin had no option to hold
Open file (10.82 MB 960x540 dsfgaJ14Cn0BwSna.mp4)
Stop following stocks and clean your room, bucko
>>12844 In any case if you bought gme you have no choice but to hold out based on principles now and possibly go to lawsuit with redditors to get your returns if they fuck it or sell you off against your will. >mfw bizbroz hands are so fucking resolute diamond cock rock hard hard (((brokerages))) have to sell for them The power level is actually incredible, fucking respect.
>>12847 GME is the perfect storm with the company being under-valued, criminally over-shorted and also being something a lot of gamers look on affectionately rather than rationally while at the same time many people are out of work, desperate and ready to gamble. There's much more people today who understand the game and the tools to use it enough and the GME saga has united many different groups of them into a critical mass. Not gonna lie, it's amazing that happens.
>>12848 Yeah isn't it. I'm waiting for a top class action lawsuit personally everyone wronged come together must go do it and show some real power, with what happened I think it's very possible these (((brokerages))) get ass-raped in court for big settlements. People should shill this on reddit/biz/ and other places. Definitely one buttmad cashman is probably willing to part with some money on it too. (((Brokers))) can be sued, but can people even sue SEC? At this point I think it could be successfully done. They literally artificially pulled the breaker and halted trading like 5 times in 1 hour for no good reason. Even when it was moving organically, there was nothing that justified it.
>>12846 >young men, stop fucking my ass up heh heh
Open file (46.04 KB 491x558 being_stupid_is_fun.jpg)
>>12846 >staring at charts of stock prices all day is bad >don't use your phone for economically incorrect purposes >t. Hedgefund manager
>>12840 >guilt-based acceptance. Masterful concern-trolling afaict. We need more of his caliber.
>>12846 >[1337-HAXORING addictive apps for young men to burn down Wall St. intensifies]*
>>12841 The hard evidence shows the short-sellers double downed and that's the only reason the stock has stayed low. They're basically insider trading with each other, but all that can do is make it look like the value has gone down on paper. In reality the real-world value of each stock is probably about triple if not quintuple the $90 or so it's currently listed at and those still in the game are holding. The only thing the kikes can do is run damage control with super-illegal insider trading.
Open file (655.26 KB 811x540 1471460966894-3.png)
>>12844 >Plaintiff Demands a Trial by Jury
>>12845 They basically exchanged their shorts for new shorts on loans. The thing is that with interest, Melvin is getting fucked up the ass. They're fucked regardless of what happens, it's just the higher GME's value, the greater Melvin will get fucked.
>>12848 I don't want to see anyone claiming memetic wizardry is fake after this. Meme magic from a bunch of fucking /biz/nessmen has done more harm to the Jews in two months than all the NEETSocs in America have done in the last decade.
>>12865 /biz/raelis are just the jewish faction of NEETSocs, anon. CirnoWithPointyNoseRubbingHands.png
>>12867 >everything good is JOOS goy! >don't get wealth goy, leave that to us!
>>12868 that's not what i meant you sperg. most /biz/raelis are cool, when they're not shilling crypto to each other.
Open file (12.57 MB 570x720 video0-65.mp4)
>>10541 Finally got a Radio some one give me a QRD on what I need to know. Can I use it without getting licensed (legally)
>>12871 >most /biz/raelis are cool, when they're not shilling crypto to each other. yeah when lol, because let's face it, there might be the occasional gem but usually /biz/ is 90% pajeets shilling every shitcoin under the sun though at the moment it's more like astroturf central.
>>12880 Pajeet shillers get discarded and its good for obscurity to weed low int plebs away
>>12871 For almost a decade now all /biz/ has done is work as a pyramid scheme. Pajeets/Kikes/Chinks make a new crypto, shill it on cuckchan's /biz/ and then profit off of the idiots who think it's the next big thing. When the internet was first getting into people's homes they did the same thing with stocks. They would buy up a bunch of WTF, spam their email lists with tips on buying WTF then sell them off to idiots who thought they would get rich off of it. There were 2 guys at MIT who figured out which scammers were successful and which weren't and used the system to make some decent money off of it. The exact same thing is happening with crypto now. You're 1 step away from losing everything because you're always chasing the pyramid and never on top of it.
>>12874 I'm not a radiofag but Im pretty sure the number one golden rule is to NEVER EVER broadcast unless you have the proper licensing and only on the proper frequencies, because there are plenty of faggot ham boomers that will happily turn you into the FCC if they catch you. Other than that you are free to listen in on whatever frequencies your antenna can reach. Here's the radio thread btw >>4110
>>12885 They won't foxhunt someone transmitting on FRS/GMRS. If you're just using low-powered handhelds they probably won't notice you, even on actual ham freqs. in most cases, Baofengs good for a couple miles line of sight, so if boomers are outside of that bubble they won't hear you. Ideally you'll be transmitting on the lowest power that still works for your useage. In my AO all the 4x4 guys use them sans license without issue. Some of them even run mobile rigs.
>>13003 Maybe if we start seeing an uptick in actual domestic terrorism and not that overblown Q Boomer meltdown that happened on the 6th.
>>13003 Following that timeline would imply that the domestic terrorism won't reach its peak until 2024 after the Supreme Court sidesteps Congress eliminating the electoral process in favor of the popular vote and Biden Harris is re-elected.
>>13003 ...From what i've read, it seems interesting. Probably a terrible idea, but... torrent + fixes bls?
>>13072 Godspeed the Newton County Missouri Commission. >Newton County Missouri Second Amendment Preservation Act: >Be it enacted by the Newton County Missouri Commission as follows: All federal acts, laws, orders, rules, and regulations passed by the Federal Government and specifically any Presidential Administration whether past, present, or future, which infringe on the people’s right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution and Article I, Section 23 of the Missouri Constitution shall be invalid in the county, shall not be recognized by this county, and specifically rejected by this county, and shall be considered null and void and of no effect in this county. >(1) Such federal acts, laws, orders, rules, and regulations include but are not limited to: >(a) Any tax levy, fee, or stamp imposed on firearms, firearm accessories, or ammunition not common to all other goods and services which could have a chilling effect on the purchase or ownership of those items by law-abiding citizens; >(b) Any registering or tracking of firearms, firearm accessories, or ammunition which could have a chilling effect on the purchase or ownership of those items by law-abiding citizens; >(c) Any registering or tracking of the owners of firearms, firearms accessories, or ammunition which could have a chilling effect on the purchase or ownership of those items by law-abiding citizens; >(d) Any act ordering the confiscation of firearms, firearm accessories, or ammunition from law-abiding citizens; >(e) And finally, any act whether past, present, or future passed by the United States Congress and signed into law by the Federal Government and specifically any Presidential Administration which infringes on the people’s right to keep and bear arms in Newton County Missouri shall be considered null and void in the county, and not recognized by this county. Current House bills include but are not limited to: H.R. 30, H.R. 38, H.R. 121, H.R. 137, and H.R. 167 those bills if past are null and void, and not recognized by Newton County Missouri, any past, present, or future bill passed by the United States Congress will be null and void, and not recognized by Newton County Missouri; >(2) Newton County Missouri declares that it must be the duty of the courts and law enforcement agencies to protect the rights of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms and that no person, including a public officer or county employee of this county or any political subdivision of this county, can have authority to enforce or attempt to enforce any federal laws, orders, or rules infringing on the right to keep and bear arms; >(3) Newton County Missouri declares that any person while acting as an official, agent, employee, or deputy of the United States Government who enforces or attempts to enforce any of the infringements identified in this ordinance or gives material aid and support to the efforts of others who enforce or attempt to enforce any of the infringements identified in this ordinance may be permanently ineligible to be hired as a law enforcement officer or to supervise law enforcement officers in the county or exceeds the authority of the Newton County Missouri Commission; >(a) There will be an exception made for Newton County Missouri local deputies and sheriffs, they shall and will not be held liable to this ordinance when assisting any and all federal agents in the arrests of suspected criminals; >(4) Any and all federal agents trying to enforce the regulations listed in Section (1) shall be subject to arrest by the Newton County Missouri Sheriff’s Department; >(a) The Newton County Missouri Sheriffs Department shall be given the full authority to make an arrest of any and all federal agents that violate state laws and enforce the regulations listed in Section (1); >(5) This ordinance will be known and cited as the “Second Amendment Preservation Act of Newton County Missouri”. >(6) This ordinance shall and will immediately go into effect the very next day upon passage of the Newton County Missouri Commission. https://web.archive.org/web/20210206014930/https://sanctuarycounties.com/2021/02/05/newton-cty-mo-declares-gun-laws-null-authorizes-sheriff-to-arrest-federal-agents/
>>13076 Hopefully this will bring Judicial Activism to the fore by violence when some evil Federal Judge tosses this out a priori.
>>13076 >>13072 >There will be an exception made for Newton County Missouri local deputies and sheriffs, they shall and will not be held liable to this ordinance when assisting any and all federal agents in the arrests of suspected criminals; And with that one clause they've made it a whole lot of fucking nothing.
>>13078 Doubt it. This is quite explicitly about protecting the 2A. Criminalization charges based simply and solely on gun ownership wouldn't hold in any reasonable lower court. Higher courts are obviously corrupted going in, so they are irrelevant in this case.
Where was the site for 2 days?
>>13154 Came in here to see if there was an answer for this. I guess not.
>>13154 Romania.
>>13154 I lurked around meta threads on the webring and here's what I found out. Some people mentioned cockbox outage, which lines up because there is a meta thread here which explains Romanian law, where they are mostly located. Checking out Canfield's twitter you get this: https://nitter.snopyta.org/gexcolo/status/1359570878862921729 https://nitter.snopyta.org/gexcolo/status/1359541175515029505 In short, a spam protection service called UCEPROTECT blacklisted all of cock.li services, its ISP and its ASN. As of me writing this, the VPS services seem to be back but mail is still down. Now, why did this happen? Canfield himself says that they got blacklisted due to port scanning his VPS boxes were doing. However, UCEPROTECT's website says they are an e-mail spam protection project and e-mail is what they deal with (. Vincent also mentions being extorted for money to be removed from the list, while UCE states that you get autoremoved from the list 7 days after the "abusive" e-mails stop: https://www.uceprotect.net/en/index.php?m=1&s=0 So right now there is conflicting information from both sides and you'll probably need to wait for things to further develop. I wouldn't put it past a Swiss company to shake down IT companies for blacklist removal "fees", since they're basically European mountain kikes. But I also wouldn't discount Canfield blowing things out of proportion to grease the gears better.
Trump found ‘not guilty’ at impeachment trial: Live >US Senate acquits former President Donald Trump of ‘incitement of insurrection’ in 57-43 vote.
Open file (13.90 KB 255x255 1436495946660.jpg)
>>13206 4 more years of qboomers delusions, great.
>>13206 It was the safest option for them. This lets them avoid angering their voting base even more, and lets him linger impotent and deplatformed until hopefully, after four years, the passionate support will have faded and the Republicans will have a more conventional and apathy-inducing candidate to lose with next election.
>>13216 Do they feel in charge?
>>13219 Evidently not sice they cheated the election, built a fortification around the presidential palace placing guards like some fucking third world shithole banana republic and are now as we speak ready to collect all guns presumably before they hit the total economic crash button so they can't get hurt. They will crash the economy like we have never seen before only after they manage to take the guns away(smallcrash doesn't count). Screencap this.
>>13216 >the passionate support will have faded and the Republicans will have a more conventional and apathy-inducing candidate to lose with next election. What is certain is that Trump was never intended to win in 2016 by the oligarchs, and they are currently positioning all the pieces to not only ensure it never happens again, but to usurp every last shred of Constitutional protections for the Conservative Terrorists. Everyone on /k/ for example. Once the gun grab is rolling in full effect and fear-mongering over the "Evil White Nazi Fascists", the average US gun-owner will be eagerly rushing to turn their guns in out of fear of their neolibs informant neighbors and friends. Make no mistake, if you're a White Male Conservative, the current US Administration intends your utter genocide, not just to subjugate you into obedience. The lines are already clearly drawn, but the normalniggers will just keep placidly watching the SuperbOwl drinking Budweiser until their destruction falls on them suddenly. This is Satan at the wheel of the US now, plain and simple. But hell won't play favorites, so don't worry. The ultimate plan is the complete and utter destruction of it all.
Open file (107.44 KB 800x450 grillingcover.jpg)
>>13221 >but the normalniggers will just keep placidly watching the SuperbOwl drinking Budweiser until their destruction falls on them suddenly.
>>13221 The average lemming was never going to do anything. The same is true of any conflict. The crackdown is as inevitable as the turmoil itself. Did you honestly think the US federal government would continue to allow the 2A after the country enters its own version of the Irish Troubles? Why is it that so many are only "revolutionaries" as long as it's legal and convenient? it was never going to be either. Stop whining.
>>13210 We were going to get that anyway, they were unironically spouting "dup is a shadow president controlling biden lololol" after inauguration. Boomers are completely dedicated to not ever getting violent in any capacity and will go to any lengths mentally or physically to avoid it.
>>13223 >Why is it that so many are only "revolutionaries" as long as it's legal and convenient That's the most baffling part of niggerpill posters, no shit the laws are going to make it illegal to do anything to stop these people, disregarding their laws entirely is part of the process of getting them to fuck off and die.
>>13250 >disregarding their laws entirely is part of the process of getting them to fuck off and die. Good luck, you have your work cut out for you. If history is any guide, you and yours won't do shit. You'll just be forcibly disarmed, herded into the detention camps, then quietly lined up against the wall and shot. The revolution won't be broadcast. Not niggerpilling, simply review historical precedent.
Open file (17.87 KB 225x225 1571962774123.png)
>>13251 >>13250 Violent resistance is not how you counteract a state. Stop watching Hollywood movies, this is the kind of shit that the CIA funds action movies for and uses as propaganda in third world countries. You don't kill the state, you slowly choke it by making it appear illegitimate while providing alternatives to state-sponsored actions. America isn't going to be ended by violent upstarts. It's going to be ended by police no-go zones, a lack of tax revenue as everyone does shit under-the-table, and aging infrastructure collapsing either from corruption due to the politicians siphoning maintenance funds into their own pockets (as they've been doing) or due to independent actors fucking with said infrastructure. Governments don't care about riots because they can always find a pig willing to stand in uniform for gibs. Governments care when they can't give those pigs gibs and the riots trashed the city's infrastructure because there isn't enough bread to go around and those in power can't handle the idea of austerity for themselves. That's the true horror of inflation and we're going to get to witness it first-hand over the next decade as America rots from within.
>>13253 >you slowly choke it by making it appear illegitimate while providing alternatives to state-sponsored actions What part of "disregarding their laws entirely is part of the process of getting them to fuck off and die" disagrees with that statement? >Violent resistance is not how you counteract a state This is also an obscenely retarded statement. Sit there and think about how fucking stupid what you just said is. No really, you're about to type out a response in reflex but sit there and just ponder that statement for a few minutes before you drag your fingers across that keyboard of yours. That's not to say things will get outright violent in the US, but the getting violent with the state is basically the definition of a revolution of which there have been countless throughout history.
>>13253 It's also fitting that you picked a retard fairy to compliment your post btw.
>>13260 Violent revolutions are the final byproduct of the state disintegrating, not an active element. It's similar to when women get put into positions of power (outside of harmless things like science communities or libraries). Violence is a direct cause of a state's collapse about as much as Unions got us the 40 hour work week (they didn't).
Open file (1002.58 KB 220x220 rly.gif)
>>13253 >>13262 >Things that never happened etc >Disregard all history >"All the rulers just gave up their power voluntarily guys while the people did nothing" Do you seriously believe we're some 70IQ normal cattle you can cheat here? In any case, here's no way an honest non retarded person can believe this utter garbage. Thanks for playing fairy faggot.
Open file (443.42 KB 992x851 1552810678384.jpg)
>>13263 You have the reading comprehension of a nigger, and are putting words in my mouth that I never said. Please stop acting like a woman on social media.
>>13265 History begs to differ sadly, you're a dishonest idiot.
>>13265 You are literally saying that getting violent with a state won't lead to its overthrow which is an insanely retarded statement. States don't just overthrow and replace themselves even when they're disintegrating, they always succumb to either violent inner turmoil, a full on invasion from another country, or both.
>>13271 I've read my statement three times now, and I have yet to find where you can put those words in my mouth. I said, paraphrasing of course: Violence is a symptom/secondary effect, much like women in government are a symptom of decay/a secondary effect, not a primary effect. If you disagree with my statement that is your own business, but there is no reason to lie about what I typed out just because it doesn't fit your preconceived worldview to a T.
More importantly I was referring to the state of the US and what is going on in America right now while you're trying to bring world politics into this. Is America being invaded by a foreign country? Philosophy about how the government IS the foreign occupying power aside, no, they are not, so I don't see how that is relevant to what I typed.
>ITT we see would be revolutionaries suffer the Byzantine generals problem and each independently act in a direction that will bring about the worst result in the end
>>13275 >>13273 >>13272 Push your silly copium fairy narrative elsewhere faggot you have no clue what you're even writing anymore.
>>13276 Whatever. I think I'm done posting on /k/ for a few months until you sorts get arrested or killed in your own contraptions.
>>13272 >>13273 >>13275 >>13276 Well at least we know he wasn't a fed; agents are usually coherent.
>>13269 History doesn't differ, you're just retarded. >>13278 feel ya dude
Revolutions don't even happen as a result of "the people". Uprisings do, but they rarely result in an actual, total political reform level revolution. Mostly just some angry peasants smashing shit until they get tired or killed. The "revolution" is merely another tool of state-on-state violence, although most often it's between parties within and from the state, either the military or some political party who decided to stab their opponents in the back and seize power. 99% of the time it's a military coup. A peoples revolution has never happened, and never will, because civilians cannot orchestrate wars.
>>13285 Totally convincing
>>13288 Name one "peoples revolution"
>>13292 Read a book nigger
>>13293 All I see are military coups and military coups supported by political parties.
>>13293 20 percent of American colonists were loyalist cucks while another 30 percent was indifferent.
>>13285 >>13292 I get the feeling that this will quickly devolve into debating semantics. No movement has ever stayed as a disorganized mob until their goals were accomplished. Even if the transition were as simple as "we were a mob, but now we call ourselves the 'Peoples Revolution Army'", there was organization. But it's wrong to say that there was never a revolution that was created from the greivances of plebs. Now, in very many cases, current elements of a government have attached themselves to movement involving civil unrest. For a recent example in America, you can look at the shit stirring that happened over the Virginia AWB. A majority of county sheriffs agreed to disobey state directives and not enforce the gun bans. A few went to far as to create 'possies' to fight the state gov if such a law were to go into effect. Whether this was a sincere move to assist a revolt or a way to keep the peasants from hating these sheriffs is entirely case-by-case, but it's an example nonetheless. I'd say it's wrong to think that examples like the above are proof that all movements are secretly orchestrated by the government in the first place, but rather that at some point elements of existing power attach themselves to new groups wishing to throw out the old.
>>13298 Exactly. >>13296 >>13295 It has always been highly motivated minority of individuals who actually get shit done and inspire, use the grievances of plebeians, or spark their grievances and that's how it's pretty much always have been, not the majority. Still doesn't mean the highly motivated minority weren't plebeians, or that the plebeians don't take part? Absolutely not. A lot of leaders have normal citizens educated or not, without royal stature. So essentially a people's revolution after all. I mean wow lol what a revelation right? No need to go down the gay semantic road with me either, have sense or read a fucking book on it. There's a shitton of cases like in Vietnam or Afghanistan when the ZOGniggers fund proxies the proxies they are trying to use quickly turn on them and say "Thx lmao fuck you.", so that argument has nothing to do with anything.
>>13300 When you use the term "people's" it makes it sound like you're a lefty, ever since 1848 they've always claimed to be the will of the people even when it's an obscure minority directing everything.
>massive blackout in Texas due to light snowfall
Open file (336.84 KB 1150x1145 bigtexan.png)
>>13327 Yeah I was actually gonna ask if the southern anons are okay. It got pretty cold where I'm at and I heard about that huge cold front. Is it common for snow to cause power outages in texas?
>>13351 It's not common because snow is not common. In central Texas, there's a dusting or something like that every couple of years, not even every year. No one knows how to drive in it or even has the tools to deal with it.
>>13351 It's just winter-chan trimming the fat. Theres nothing that can or should be done to stop people too retarded to simply put on thick layers of insulating clothing from burning themselves over a hot stove, or in their fireplace, or dying from co2 poisoning in their garage.
>>13368 Do homes have any indoor heating installed?
Open file (143.38 KB 338x282 back_in_yemen.png)
>>13351 I heard some water pipes froze up and cracked after the pumps and treatment plants shut down. Are Texans without water filters/bottled water supplies fugged once the snow melts?
Open file (198.97 KB 1095x2059 boyfriend.png)
Open file (553.43 KB 1639x4848 daughter.png)
Open file (193.44 KB 1200x3254 fatsuit.png)
Open file (195.82 KB 1578x1781 wife.png)
Open file (211.90 KB 1553x1843 Wife daughter screencrap.png)
Let's see if I can generate some buzz with these classics.
>>13375 You got more capture like this? I´m way too much into this guy´s histories.
>>13385 That's all I've got. But I can post pictures taken in a nork bus stop.
Open file (391.36 KB 2000x1333 1.jpeg)
Open file (405.07 KB 2000x1334 2.jpeg)
>>13385 That's all I've got. But I can post pictures taken in a nork bus stop.
Open file (2.04 MB 2099x3000 CirnoThreat.jpg)
>ERCOT can't keep some nuclear reactors running due to frozen pumps/pipes What in the everloving fuck is the US power grid in CY+6?
>>13389 How could one weaponize this?
Open file (872.88 KB 640x594 glownigger_otter.png)
>>13391 You mean lolibutt? I suppose target the White male population of a civilization, since they don't glow like you, and represent a serious threat in the long run to our greatest ally. Obviously. (well that and CIAnigger otters).
/fascist/ is being kicked off of anon.cafe. Enjoy being next /k/. Teach you to say kill nigger faggots all day long and larp about your japanese cartoon girlfriends when you're deplatformed yet again.
>>13392 I thought otters were our greatest allies.
>>13394 Why the fuck do so many people get scared by a little talk nowdays? I've browsed /fascist/ and I've never seen anything to really make me concerned, but maybe I'm just "desensitized to hate" or some bullshit.
>>13398 It's especially funny because the "pro-genocide" posts pointed out by the admin of this site as being part of the final straw are basically a fantasy LARP that would require a highly organized government to carry to out, and not some imageboard posters posting on /fascist/. It makes me think that they were pushed from the outside.
>>13398 They probably were pushed but it doesn't change that /k/ is without a doubt next.
>>13394 >>13401 So, is that a threat of some kind, mr. 'agent-provocateur and consensus cracker' or are you just pretending to be retarded?
>/fascist/ getting delet because of bad actors >/k/ suddenly full of anti-anime posting clearly designed to shit up discussion in recent weeks Wow not suspicious at all you fucking faggots. Just shut the god site down like you always do instead of wasting our time with this blatant subversive bullshit god damn.
>>13272 >Violent resistance is not how you counteract a state First sentence in your first post in this discussion. Kill yourself.
Open file (19.25 KB 480x358 konata a.jpg)
>>13405 /k/ is gonna be deleted nyaa~
>>13394 >>13401 >>13405 >>13407 reminder to all anons of good character that we already have a backup at zzzchan in case our board here goes AWOL
>>13394 >/fascist/ is being kicked off of anon.cafe. Good riddance. If they're gone, /k/ might actually be tolerable again. >Enjoy being next /k/. Doubtful. Sounds more like a personal grudge to me. >When you're deplatformed yet again. If it ever comes down to that I'll just offer to host an /out/ board that can cover virtually all of /k/'s topics except the political ones. Actually that doesn't sound like a bad idea.
>>13408 I refuse to touch zzzchan with a twelve foot pole. If /k/ is ever kicked off anon.cafe (whether by virtue of actual /pol/niggers who can't shut the fuck up, provocations, or vols failing to keep it clean), I'd rather just have /out/ with a gun thread than go to zzzchan.
>>13405 I've been on /k/ for years and I post against anime because I grew up and saw hos destructive it was to my life. >>13414 Why?
Open file (5.43 MB 488x272 liberianturfwar.webm)
>>13394 What the fuck why? Is it their belief in the ethnoglobe? I actually stopped browsing the board a while ago mostly because of that ideology and my general disagreement with it but I don't think they should be removed. Why do you think /k/ will be next? Generally speaking, I don't see the same kind of calls for genocide that we see on /fascist/ being made here on /k/. In fact, I'd go as far to say that some streloks on /k/ respect non-whites like Somalians and see the continent of Africa as a place of unending war and thus never ending entertainment. Obviously I don't have to tell anyone that streloks would not want to live among them but watching from a distance is always fine.
>>13418 >What the fuck why? IIRC it's an admixture of the BO not properly keeping illegal elements under control (the "let's go blow up a building" sorts) and not properly responding for a month and then lying through his teeth about it. They were always on a tight leash (anon.cafe was supposed to be their bunker board, not their main board), and the fact that the site owner gave them a whole month to find a new place to set up is more than generous in my opinion.
>>13419 It was no lie, the email was put in spam and buried in report notifications that I get by email, and on top of that I don't check that email accept for if I'm doing something related to the board, so I completely missed it. I change my email from time to time, so since I didn't see it (before digging through my spam box) I incorrectly concluded that they must have sent it to an old email of mine. Everything else you are saying is essentially correct though.
>>13420 >It was no lie, the email was put in spam and buried in report notifications that I get by email Fair enough, I didn't know about that. I have my disagreements and can't say I'll be sorry to see /fascist/ go, but you have my empathy since being uprooted is always a hassle.
>>13421 Yeah, I'm glad they were nice enough to give us a month though. I hope you Streloks will be safe here and not have to deal with any issues. It's unfortunate that we have to move again, but at this point I'm pretty used to it.
Open file (637.79 KB 480x360 Elaina_uninterested.gif)
>>13415 Just tell us more about how anime is the devil already, then convince us to visit zzzchan.
>>13423 what exactly is wrong with zzzchan?
>>13414 >>13413 >muh /pol/ >muh /fascist/ How's the weather at Langley, niggerfaggot?
>>13424 The fact that is glows brighter than the morning sun? The fact that its site owner is so autistic he's tried using cookies to break tor anonymity in the past? The fact that Sturgeon damn near cums to the thought of being able to swipe boards from other websites? Those alone should be reason enough to avoid it.
>>13429 Absolutely beautiful.
>>13420 Bullshit. You're infamous for fucking up the board and wiping entire threads when people post things you disagree with. Don't try and act like you don't pay attention to the board and just happened to let posts slip by. You left them intentionally while wiping plenty of posts you disagree with but not rule breaking outside of that. >>13423 Pic related. >>13430 The whole webring is glowing these days. There's very little activity outside of shit posting and gay ops all over. Image boards outside of the webring have been doing much better than those in it. The webring painted a target on people's backs and shit posters go between every board looking for a new post to act like a faggot on. See the second reply in this thread for an example.
>>13432 >There's very little activity outside of shit posting and gay ops all over. Maybe for you. Since I don't hate anime it's fairly easy to find pockets of discussion and anonymous companionship.
Open file (171.80 KB 599x422 weeaboos.png)
>>13433 >Anonymous companionship What an utter faggot you are to use a phrase like that.
>>13392 I meant the ability to shut down a region's water, power, and logistical systems with a few inches of crystallized hydric acid.
>>13437 I don't consider you comrades so camaraderie is not a proper term to use. Find me a better word if you've got a problem with it. >>13438 >>13389 >>13391 Places like Texas get snow maybe once a decade. It's not something you have to plan for with your pipelines and waste treatment plants because cold protection is generally either expensive or decreases the quality of the process. Up North we build our wastewater plants to be anaerobic so that the sludge generates heat and the methane produced can be used in a boiler system, but most Southern states rely on aerobic processes or leech pits because those are significantly cheaper/easier to maintain and do the job perfectly fine in hot, humid environments. Different climates call for different engineering strategies. Fun fact: With the anaerobic systems used up North, all it takes is adding a little too much chlorine to the solution in order to fuck up your entire water distribution network whereas in most Southern states that's a non-issue and you can dump Chlorine salts into the water by the barrel.
Open file (405.50 KB 1237x793 unclepolandthekkkrew.png)
>>13414 >all this bitching about muh /pol/ and anime Maybe two certain faggots in this very thread should fuck off. KILL ALL FUCKING GOONS AND GLOWNIGGERS
>>13432 >There's very little activity outside of shit posting and gay ops all over. Image boards outside of the webring have been doing much better than those in it. Then just don't use the webring and let it die if it's so shit. Why even use something if you don't like it? >The webring painted a target on people's backs and shit posters go between every board looking for a new post to act like a faggot on. So just like you going into the webm thread and crying about anime pictures on an imageboard. Goon faggots like you are the worst thing about IB's.
Open file (196.53 KB 964x953 glowniggerBOreturns.png)
Open file (139.12 KB 480x466 cianiggers.png)
>glownigger BO outs himself >tries to DDoS the site >fails >suddenly there's a demand that /fascist/ be removed from cafe Almost like this shit was planned from the very beginning. I suspect, him and the rest of the alphabet faggots threatened the site owner, causing him to cuck out. This retard can't help but out himself. >>>/meta/14074 Round Two, baby Nigger-sama I summon thee
>>13456 That BO probably wasn't a glowie, just a faggot who knew it would upset people. He's far more likely to be dolphin than a real glowie. >>13438 Are you implying people should poison ghetto water supplies? That would be highly illegal and an effective tool so you shouldn't do it.
>>13459 it's a semi-joke about how snow managed to cripple all those systems. Unless someone has advanced climate modification systems we aren't aware of I don't think a military can get snow falling in Iran for strategic purposes.
>>13459 > an effective tool I'm adding this to my documentation to prove that /k/ is an extremist genocidal board that needs to be removed ASAP
>>13461 Please do. Remember we have to be on the look out for people poisoning our water supplies. We all live in ghettos and we need to watch out for white supremacists trying to kill us.
>>13460 On the contrary I'm pretty sure we do, although redirecting the atmospheric river can't easily be done exclusively within one country's borders so this is exclusively cabal-territory, illuminati family stuff. There was a youtuber who claimed to have installed the equipment for Australia, so they could reduce the devastating effects of drought across the outback. Mike _onales. There's a morales, and donales, and they both talk about geoengineering but one is all spreadsheets and boardrooms but has more videos. I'm talking about the guy with the extremely slow southern drawl. Even at double time he sounds slow, and you never see him he just spends his two hours a day showing radar time-lapse clouds and points out irregularities, and disturbingly manmade looking regularities.
Open file (797.02 KB 793x444 Pilgrimage.PNG)
>>13466 It's not that simple. Cloud seeding is fairly easy, but the costs get stupidly expensive if you want to actually cause much of a difference, and it can only get you more of a common weather type. If you have a drought, no amount of cloud seeding is going to change this, but if you have naturally humid weather, cloud seeding can be utilized to increase rainfall in such regions. You could have potentially prolonged the winter weather in Texas with cloud seeding (the US military did this in Vietnam to extend the monsoon season a few days to starve Vietnamese), but since those are once a decade sort of events, general cloud seeding would only extend already occuring rain storms or hail storms at worst.
>>13467 You seem to have a small mind, or a bad grasp of english, or are a glowie working to cover up this fundamental truth. Have you ever watched the weather report on the news? They have radar that can see the clouds, right? What is radar? That's right, radiation--cops get cancer from measuring how big of a speeding ticket they can give you. Crank those emitters up to eleven. Cross the streams. You create specialized pockets of heat that push the clouds away. With some planning, and hundreds of miles of emitters you can set up a train -- force the clouds to move a bit farther, and farther off course. Yes I'm talking about using a flashlight to move a mountain of air, but once you break off a huge chunk of cold air, "Texas" isn't exactly a small target, especially if you're redirecting enough arctic air to try and cover the whole rebellious state at once makes that a bit easier, as does the fact that it could technically have happened on it's own; that is you're not trying to get a warm rain to skip the lowlands and go straight to melting the Himalayan peaks, just ... disturb Texas with a bit more winter than they normally get, or are currently prepared for.
>>13468 You seem to underestimate just how grand weather is. The energy produced in a single typhoon is greater than the entire energy production of the United states in a year. The math just doesn't add up with your theory.
>>13468 Cloud seeding is basically what HAARP and Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering(normiespeak: chemtrails) is today. A further Schizo gov developed offspring of cloud seeding as in Vietnam Operation Popeye. I remember watching a clip of a former army weatherman on TV over a decade ago when the whole thing was considered a new phenomenon he was like uh yeah this is a bit weird but told his audience that they were probably doing a bunch of chaff drills all over america lol.
>>13467 >>13468 >>13469 >>13470 >cloud seeding Does that also work on volcanic ash?
>>13471 use coal fly-ash. Plenty of it and it behaves about the same.
Open file (3.87 MB 512x512 1590892873575.gif)
>>13471 Cloud seeding is just introducing particulate that has an electrical charge and weight to it in order to attract other particulate to it in the hopes of forming ice crystals that will allow for the formation of precipitation. This isn't rocket science, it's just that you have to invest a lot of money into a lot of airplanes and a lot of particulate in order to make it happen. Technically flying aircraft are natural cloud seedbeds because of how water condenses and freezes on them, but the effects are so small that it's negligible in most weather systems. To this extent, you could use ash as the precipitate rather than water in theory (or really just about any particulate floating in the atmosphere). There is controversy about cloud seeding because there are various ethical concerns such as the fact that only rich countries can afford to do it, the fact that silver iodide is basically poison in larger quantities, the fact that you can't actually change cloud formations/where the water comes from so by cloud seeding you could ecologically ruin another part of the country due to it not getting the water it would normally receive, etc. Similar to most sciences with controversy, scientists will lie through their teeth because they don't want retarded third world governments trying to reproduce the results to catastrophic ends, but there are at least two documented proofs of the American military doing it, once in Operation Popeye and a second time to mitigate a hurricane off the coast of Florida (I don't remember the name of that operation but I'm sure it's on Jewgle). In both cases the costs and risks of the experiments are considered to have far exceeded the benefits by several magnitudes, and thus it was deemed possible but unconventional. It's really only useful in agriculture and super storm mitigation where the economic impacts would be far greater than the costs/risks. Of course there are also other proposed methods other than cloud seeding such as pouring liquid nitrogen in vast quantities on the ocean surface to drain the heat from a storm system to eliminate it (the amount you would need is ludicrous), "hail cannons" that allegedly generate a shockwave to reduce hail formation (it's snake oil sold by the French who swapped from church bells to cannons to warn of approaching storms- thunder is several magnitudes stronger than the strongest hail cannons out there, at most they might work over a range of about 50-100 meters if we're being as generous as possible), and the crackpot shit that >>13468 talks about with radiative effects. The radiation one always gets my sides in orbit because it's the same shit people always shout about with cell phones while failing to realize sitting in the sun for 15 minutes exposes you to more heat radiation in your brain than a cell phone produces in four hours next to your ear/face. The sun produces more heat energy on earth in a single second than all of mankind's energy output in our entire recorded history and you want me to believe a negligible amount of heat radiation is going to "push" clouds more than a couple inches at best? See >>13469 because the math just doesn't add up. It makes sense from conventional wisdom of how weather systems work, but breaks down almost immediately when you crunch the numbers.
>>13482 So there's no way to weaponize active volcanoes in a controlled fashion?
>>13484 Controlled? No. Supervillain/very well equipped terrorists who just want the world to burn? Maybe. The problem with figuring out that stuff is there's a severe lack of rational military targets around volcanoes for obvious reasons. There's also a lack of nations that a: have volcanoes b: have them close enough to the edge of their airspace you don't need to have already beaten them to get in safely c: are actually enough of a target to even want to wipe off the map and not just use the millions you're spending on research to instead buy off its impoverished government . Japan is the only place that remotely has all three at once I can think of.
>>13468 You're right, the newfags ITT don't even know what the fuck they're talking about lol. HAARP was a successful weapon and yes (((they))) can modify weather.
>>13408 Ah, good to know, glad you had the foresight to set up a waiting bunker. I like the board again, I stopped using it for a bit prior to the whole glownigger bo episode since, sadly, it looked like riot threads and the biological warfare thread had been declared verboten (I have a standing rule against jannyism in general, you see) but they seem to be back now, and it feels again like the old k I knew and loved. not that anyone cares lmao Now I just hope the faggot fish can maintain a website, the frequency that sleepychan has been down lately has been a large nuisance even though it is indeed in the name.
When was the last time strelok stuck his dick in a living vagina, or are there still some wizards left here?
>>13508 I am a wizard apprentice. I have never seen a vagina or bare tits
>>13509 same here, i only get off to vanilla stuff
Open file (1019.79 KB 500x281 BobRules.gif)
>>13508 I'll have reached wizardhood in a few years. I've unironically grabbed a girl by the pussy and seen more than enough in-person tits ass and vag to last a lifetime, but I've been diligent in protecting myself from semen demons. Desire to procreate? Perhaps. Desire to have sex with 3DPD? Never.
>>13508 I just want a girl who values the continued existence of the white race god damn it. She can't have got it from her dad or brothers either, she has to have come to this conclusion within the quiet thinking of her own mind.
>>13508 I'm not telling you fed-kun >>13517 Are you an idiot? Women don't think for themselves. If they were raised pro-white by their father and didn't go off the rails fucking niggers because of their mother they're as good as you're going to get. The only women who go pro-white of their own accord are women with white children who act selfishly in protecting them through pro-whiteness rather than being pro-white herself.
>>13519 Fuck off with that shit, of course women can think for themselves, it's just that they realize that following the cultural zeitgeist wokeness is in their own best interest at least on the short term, it's a survival strategy. >>13517 It's what we all want, but people like >>13519 will only push any girl leaning this way to the other side, if the other side says we're obnoxious woman haters and then we act as such, well, what do you expect will happen?
>>13524 Are you pic related?
Open file (23.17 KB 500x375 1613781142764.jpg)
>>13524 This is /k/, not /fascist/. That being said, women and men do not have the same evolutionary strategies. A woman: 1) Can only be impregnated once a year roughly (9 months gestation + like a week or two but rounding to a year is easier because no rational parent is going to want to have another child while the previous is still in its first couple months of infancy). 2) Has fucktons of estrogen (and estrogen has already been shown to be the "selfish actions" brain drain hormone that the body produces excess of when addicted to drugs or when having put on excess weight). 3) Has zero incentive to stay with the same man if she can find a better man. "But it turns out the better man didn't last!" shit are exceptions to the rule, not the norm in the mind of a woman. The estrogen keeps her from thinking about monogamy rationally. Men technically have an evolutionary incentive to have a harem, but men must also keep in mind the existence of other men, and thus "monogamy" is basically the "sharing is caring" of the male evolutionary gene-transfer path in order to keep his fellow men from killing him (along with potentially his offspring) and stealing all his women in his harem in the process by keeping said men satisfied with women of their own. Percentages play a factor in all of this and an ideal society has about a 1.5:1 ratio of women to men (due to the risky behaviors men must take to acquire a mate) in order to balance things out, but the point is, women are incentivized to dump their man at the soonest convenience if a better one comes along, especially if that man happens to have a harem since that harem implies ability to defend one's mates combined with superior genes. It's all the monkey portion of the brain at work, but at the end of the day >>13519 is correct. Women do not have an evolutionary incentive to think about anyone except herself and her children, have no incentive to adopt a pro-ethnic bias unless it was drilled into her (quite literally fucked into her) before she has a chance to search for a better mate since current children dis-incentivize mate-hunting due to the monkey part of the brain going "oh, that better male might kill my offspring and I don't want that unless there is a definitive advantage to jumping into his bed/low risk of being caught." Combine this with women's estrogen levels making them act like literal children and women will never be naturally pro-white. This is just a hard fact of life. Never trust a woman in a position of authority and never trust 3DPD to not betray you in the end. You can still love a woman despite all of this, but don't pretend she's your equal. She's precious and worth protecting perhaps, but the only equals are in 2D.
>>13527 Putting it another way, women have almost nothing to lose in finding a better mate while men have everything to lose since they can not verify that the child is theirs without some sort of marital registration system such as monogamy. Never trust 3DPD. Unless she's a robot. Artificial wombs when?
>>13525 No, but he has a point, he's too naive though and i'd draw the line way before 10 dicks sucked. >>13527 >This is /k/, not /fascist/. True, but i find /k/ is better at discussing these kind of things. >That being said, women and men do not have the same evolutionary strategies Which is my point. >Women do not have an evolutionary incentive to think about anyone except herself and her children, have no incentive to adopt a pro-ethnic bias <it's just that they realize that following the cultural zeitgeist wokeness is in their own best interest at least on the short term, it's a survival strategy. Following your logic which i agree with btw neither men are naturally pro white, men are more than happy to fuck any wet hole regardless of ethnicity, neither sex is inherently pro their ethnicity viewed from the POV of reproducing you'll only convince men and women to be pro white or their ethnicity whichever it might be if that ensures a better future for them. >Combine this with women's estrogen levels making them act like literal children Same way i could mention men acting like children, being violent and taking unnecessary risks due to testosterone. I understand looking at women's faults nowadays, but we shouldn't exaggerate them, neither should we ignore ours, both for pragmatic purposes and to have an accurate view of the world.
>>13529 Men are inherently pro-ethnicity because they want their children to look the same as them since it makes it easier to identify infidelity. Women don't have this issue since the baby comes out of their body and they can confirm who they've fucked, even if they can't confirm the father. Excess testosterone gets converted by the body into estrogen and it's that estrogen interaction. This is combined with puberty because men don't finish mentally developing until about 25-27 and during the interim their brains actually have difficulty connecting the consequences of actions to the actions themselves. It's that dangerous combination that makes young men take very risky life-threatening actions. Otherwise I think we're in general agreement, yes.
>>13529 >men are more than happy to fuck any wet hole regardless of ethnicity, neither sex is inherently pro their ethnicity Indeed, but men are evolved to work within the framework of groups, meanwhile women evolved to make use that framework set up by men. Which means men usually have some sort of sense of loyalty for their group (except for psychopaths and maybe drooling retards), and ethnicity can be a factor in group cohesion. It's just simply not the one and only factor that decides everything, unlike what burger huwite nushenalists seem to believe. There are plenty of peoples in this continent who are genetically rather close to my people, and yet I think that culling their numbers or outright exterminating them would be quite beneficial for us. And no, that does not mean that I want to mix with shitskins. In nature the fiercest competition is usually between subspecies of the same species, because they use the same resources and are similarly capable, yet they are different enough to be recognized as competition. Niggers in Africa who'd fall back to the stone age the moment they are cut from the rest of the world are not a threat for my people. Those other peoples squatting on lands that should belong to us, and who can maintain an industrial base required for modern warfare, they are obvious a deterrent for the long-term prosperity of my people, and potentially even a threat if we are thinking in centuries. Exterminating the niggers would be pest-control, but a genocide of those other peoples is a high-risk high-reward move. The latter group having huwite skin is simply not a factor in this equation. >I understand looking at women's faults nowadays, but we shouldn't exaggerate them, neither should we ignore ours, both for pragmatic purposes and to have an accurate view of the world. Then why are you ignoring women's faults and have the inaccurate view that they are anything like men?
>>13531 >Excess testosterone gets converted by the body into estrogen
>>13531 >Men are inherently pro-ethnicity because they want their children to look the same as them since it makes it easier to identify infidelity. I think that's a bit of a jump in logic, sure, men want kids that look like them, but that's in regards to infidelity most likely by members of the same group, at best men would be ethno-centric indirectly, simply because it'd be harder to tell if infidelity occurred. Now i do completely acknowledge that men tend to be more ingroup based than women, but i think that goes beyond reproduction, as again, most men will be more than happy to simply reproduce. >>13532 >meanwhile women evolved to make use that framework set up by men. I've heard that it might be the other way around, as in women "pushed" men to develop that framework, unknowingly. >Then why are you ignoring women's faults and have the inaccurate view that they are anything like men? I'm not ignoring them, you're missing the point, women can think for themselves, they just reach different conclusions than you because they have a different survival strategy, i myself can't fault them for following their own self interest, instead of being mad about it and pretending they're stupid for not being like us, we should understand what's happening and offer a better alternative. I do get in many ways why you and others think like that assuming you are or agree with >>13519 but that doesn't mean that that's correct and as i stated previously it makes us look like the caricatures the mainstream makes of us i do think many among us embrace those caricatures simply because they want to rebel and not because they have really thought things through which is pretty counter productive.
>/k/: Apollonianism versus Dionysianism
Open file (878.30 KB 275x310 Ronnie.gif)
>>13533 >Proofs Bruv there's an entire field of study about it, look up aromatization. It's why bodybuilders get man titties and stupidly emotional when they hop off gear without taking anti-aromatase hormones.
Open file (21.28 KB 300x325 fuck that.jpg)
>>13539 Perhaps, but we are currently in the apex of a Dionysian society and need some Apollonian dialogue to bring us back to equilibrium. The Dionysian filth have been in power for the last century now, wrenching control completely about 50 years ago.
>>13552 As a counter-example, I think the Islamic faith in its current renditions (outside of Iran) are unironically the representation of an Apollonian society taken to its logical extremes.
>hear three gunshots right up the street in my neighborhood >no cops called >just a year ago the cops would be called over a brief shouting match Soon
>>13551 >google it bro that's not my job in this scenario, you made the claims so you must back them up.
Open file (14.98 KB 358x360 1451311952936.jpg)
>>13570 https://bfy.tw/QRb4 I don't have to source jack when it's readily available information on biochemical processes that have been studied extensively you piece of shit. That only applies when linking studies or otherwise trying to prove something that isn't common knowledge.
Open file (215.44 KB 824x553 SPONGE.png)
>>13572 >trying to prove something that isn't common knowledge. nigger do you think everyone just fucking knows that testosterone can get turned into estrogen? that's not common knowledge retard, common knowledge is shit like grass grows/birds fly/sun shines, not biochemical processes involving sex hormones.
>>13572 So if you're a tryhard you'll turn gay?
>>13577 It does explain /fit/
>>13572 >being this adamant about (((science))) I'm not one of those /fascist/ retards, and I very much believe in the pursuit of scientific understanding in general. I don't even doubt that the body's metabolism pathways have been designed expressly to reel in the damage from on overdose of testosterone as comes from injecting it directly, etc. This is much as it has been designed to deal with the insult of an overdose of aspirin, say, or of alcohol. But OTOH, I'm not so much of a fool as to believe that one of the hottest topics in the jewish hellworld foisted on us -- namely feminism -- isn't a catalyst to fund totally-not-fake-news science (((research))). I'd advise a modicum of restraint before you gulp down this hogwash unrestrained, and in particular trying to aggressively promote it you good little shabbos golem. >>13577 >>13578 Actually Occam's Razor would much more clearly suggest that faggots become part of /fit/ simply b/c they are already literal-cocksuckers and are pursuing attractive men in their degeneracy.
>>13579 >Hiding behind the muh science meme Not the poster who jumped in for me apparently, but if you don't want to believe me that's your own perogative. I have no incentive to defeminize someone who thinks like a woman in the first place and I won't spoonfeed you. Eat all the red meat & broccoli you possibly can while taking gear if you can't take ten minutes out of your day to investigate the aromatase enzyme's reaction to testosterone to produce estradiol and learn these things the hard way like Bodybuilders in the 70s/80s did.
>>13581 Seems to me not only are you the woman here, but you're promoting a position intended to strengthen the soygoy globohomo agenda. Don't get your panties in a knot, I clearly stated it's entirely believable the body has been designed to respond to an insult of test. overdose. It's one one of 10's of thousands of substances the body can counteract against. There is literally no such thing as natural levels of test. -- even in high-test men -- turning them into pansies. All of history contradicts your (((science))) results, pansy.
>>13584 >There is literally no such thing as natural levels of test. -- even in high-test men -- turning them into pansies The SA? The Sacred Band of Thebes?
Open file (172.76 KB 800x1000 Pic Related.jpeg)
>>13584 >All of history contradicts your (((science))) results, pansy. Maybe you should read up on your history, you fat fucking kike. This shit goes as far back as Egypt's 18th dynasty. No, I will not spoonfeed you, you lazy fucking nigger. If you have enough time to research that one you should be able to actually read up on this shit in the first place.
>you're the woman >NO you're the woman wew Good thing I don't expect shit from this board anymore otherwise I'd be disappointed.
Open file (1.81 MB 1110x1553 0kmu9w78p4s01.png)
Open file (3.25 MB 1166x900 1465975337570.webm)
>>13593 If they can call each other women as an insult, they aren't women. A woman will never openly use femininity as an insult if she can't positively identify her opponent as a woman, because that would be an open attack on other women, which would turn them against her.
Open file (42.85 KB 341x221 1612373301016.png)
>>13612 >They were running behind because of COVID I knew it was coming but I figured he was gonna put the country under lockdown first. Guess the Jews are getting antsy.
Open file (190.56 KB 1125x1586 1614309105867.jpg)
>>13615 It's so bizarre reading that, they screeched for 4 years about every little thing Trump did and now they congratulate themselves that they're not screeching now that Biden is in office.
>>13620 The best Biden can do is accelerate the situation until they have no option but to screech too.
>>13620 It's even more bizarre because their political tribe were the ones screeching hard about Bush shitting all over the ME and crying about warhawk republicans just 13 years ago and now it's okay to bomb the ME because the media didn't really say anything about it. Women are truly psychotic.
>>13620 >>13628 Most normalfags just don't want to hear anything that fucks with their isolated bubble. When someone comes in and tells someone else that they're doing something wrong the fight or flight instinct kicks in. For those who haven't been exposed to constant berating in their lives or situations that need critique (normalfags avoid critique like the plague), these sort of situations absolutely make them go apeshit and they let their reptilian brain take over. There is nothing to do about those sorts. They are beneath pity because they wouldn't care if the world economy collapsed tomorrow so long as they could continue to have their cake. This is why chaos is necessary for human development whether that be a deprived childhood, war, or joblessness with inability to get work and no safety nets. Without strife and competition, these women's remarks are the ultimate result.
>>13629 And I would add that this chaos is why men typically develop more often and more quickly into a full adult. A woman or man who has never experienced such strife will be unable to act when they need to act. This is why the (multi-generational) rich treat their kids like shit sometimes. They intuitively understand this fact. Women never have to deal with this unless they are unwilling to reproduce, so they rarely get past this level of human development.
>>13630 >Women never have to deal with this unless they are unwilling to reproduce, And when this does happen they turn into the cool wine aunt and then the cat lady as a cope because at the same age cognitive development has reached a mature state and cannot be reformed.
What the fuck is it with drama on this site? I go away and the first thing that comes back is /fascist/ getting booted because of inciting genocide? I get that romanian code is stupidly broad, but that seems more like justification and not the real reason they dont wan't them here. Someone please explain this shitshow. >t. was a jannie on this board before I lost my shit Also, are we moving from the cafe then?
>>13656 >that seems more like justification and not the real reason they dont wan't them here. That's exactly what it is. They won't admit it obviously, but it doesn't take that much thinking to realize how exceedingly flimsy this justification was. Once one actually sees the post that was directly emailed to the BO of /fascist/ as an example of the posts that he is losing his board over, they will see that it was basically a literal LARP post that someone made that you can find hundreds of similar examples posted daily even on fucking Cuckchan. It was milquetoast as fuck. It's also notable that they didn't even point out Tarrant or Breivik-posting, which is very strange in my mind, because if you were going to justify taking down a board that is the first thing I would point to, but apparently they don't give a shit about that, only some dude's genocide fantasies. And the BO even offered to curtail such topics but luckily he was rejected, because it's clear that Anon Cafe is a censortranny shithole. As far as I know we're staying here since it really doesn't effect us, but I think if an admin kills off his top board over flimsy reasons /k/ will inevitably be in danger, especially now that shills know they can sink a board of LARP posts
Open file (47.77 KB 600x661 stop being a bitch.jpg)
>>13656 Go back to your containment board. >>13658 If the Romanian justice system is anything like the American justice system, they don't care that the site owner "tried to contact the guys running the board" all they care is that the site admin facilitated the types of discussion that are criminal offenses by law and his team did not respond in a timely fashion (typically 24-48 hours). The facts are straightforward: 1) /fascist/ was fedposting about planning violent armed resistance (this is illegal in virtually all countries in the world). Whether it was jokes or not is irrelevant. 2) The BO failed to respond to the site admin in a timely manner when questioned about this (the site BO gave him several weeks to respond. Realistically the site BO did not even need to give him 24 hours. "He could have contacted him in some other way" is not a valid excuse, the email was tied to his board owner account). The email being in BO's spam folder is irrelevant. You should check your email at least once every 72 hours when in any sort of "official" position including your spam folders. 3) The site admin had warned the BO back when the board was still a bunker that fedposting would be grounds for instant termination of the board if it threatened the rest of the website. As it stands, the types of posts that were being made on said containment board were the types that got 8chan taken down. There are bad actors that want anon.cafe taken down. The current world political climate makes such posts a threat to the site as a whole and they were not dealt with in a timely manner. The fact that he gave the BO a month to vacate instead of just deleting the board is more than generous. I, for one, stopped posting on /k/ almost entirely for the most part and have only returned after hearing the news that said containment board was being removed from the website.
>>13660 >containment Look, not everyone has time to browse this board weekly okay?
I had these saved from old 8/k/ and am finally in the market for a pistol/rifle Don't ask why I am not an utter poorfag but I am not going to spend my money liberally. Unfortunately, the freedom rifle kit is sold out and the price seems to have permanentely increased to around $699. I want a pistol I can take apart and clean without much trouble (can buy the tools separately) and must not be 9mm, would prefer .45 acp. What are my options? Eventually when I become more financially sound I plan on getting an M1A rifle of some kind, but that's a story for another day.
>>13661 Don't even reply to dumbasses like that, you ask a legitimate question and he immediately booeymans you, fag's a total waste of time and space and is the kind of nigger that brings up random ecelebs and accuses people of being them if he sees someone use a phrase that sets him off.
Open file (472.87 KB 1871x1632 foto_no_exif (4).jpg)
Do any anon's here have any experience with Trijicon ACOG 7.62? How does it fair out compared to Eclan, Vortex, etc?
>>13663 you picked the worst possible time to buy a rifle and pistol, or any gun really. There is no other point in history where you would be in a worse position. What are you going to do about ammo? You don't have any, and 5.56 is still $1.00 per round and shitty ass 9mm is still .80 cents per round. To put that into perspective, I was reloading 300 win mag for $0.40 cents per round with bthp match grade bullets before the panic. You are going to get totally ass raped on ammo right now. Don't even waste your money on a rifle right now and the ammo. Forget about it. If they are banned, oh well, but even if they are banned it still would not be worth the cost. Under no scenario should you be spending $700 for a PSA "freedom rifle." You should never be spending anywhere close to $1,000 on a factory PSA gun. If it is worth $1,000 after you modify it with aftermarket parts, ok, but from PSA that is ridiculous. People need to start having standards around here. Paying anything to "have a rifle" and dumping $1.00 on 5.56 is retarded and counter productive. People that dumb should not even be allowed to own guns. Just forget about a rifle right now until the market corrects itself. If you want a .45 handgun, get one of the polymer ones. Glock has the most aftermarket support. I personally hate Glock but clowns love it and they do work all right. Not much besides that now that everything is geared towards the hyper weak, hyper homosexual 9mm. Never buy 9mm, it is an utterly worthless caliber. I don't know of any other major 45 guns in production these days. Springfield has all but abandoned the XD. Sig Sauer never really supported 45 much with the p320. You may want to try to get a Sig Sauer p220 if you don't want to go the Glock route. The p220 and Glocks are both easy to disassemble. but yeah, in summary, forget about a rifle right now. Get a p220 or a Glock. Frankly the p220 is the better gun but you will pay more. With guns, let me tell you that it is always worth paying more for a better product.
>>13666 the ACOG is absurdly overpriced because Trijican can fuck you because they feel like fucking you because they still have government and law enforcement contracts out the ass, so they effectively exist outside the market and can assrape you however much they want. I don't know about Elcan but I can confirm that low-mid range Vortex stuff is tacticool dogshit. The VIPER PST is a good scope and I assume those above it are good but anything below the Viper PST is pure dogshit. I won't repeat my own personal stories here to avoid doxing myself since I've said it elsewhere but fuck Vortex. Bite the bullet and buy a good Leupold or red dox system. Eotech is a very nice optic, I had one on my AR and regret getting rid of it.
What web browser does Strelok like to use primarily set up for clearnet?
>>13667 Dunno about anyone else's area but 7.62x39 ammo and guns are pretty cheap where I'm at.
I had these saved from old 8/k/ and am finally in the market for a pistol/rifle Don't ask why I am not an utter poorfag but I am not going to spend my money liberally. Unfortunately, the freedom rifle kit is sold out and the price seems to have permanentely increased to around $699. I want a pistol I can take apart and clean without much trouble (can buy the tools separately) and must not be 9mm, would prefer .45 acp. What are my options? Eventually when I become more financially sound I plan on getting an M1A rifle of some kind, but that's a story for another day.
Open file (75.57 KB 1080x685 1574214785612.jpg)
>>13672 >needs new first gun >.45 acp and wants a range queen M14 You're either a FOB oriental picking guns based off their character models in Girls Frontline or a boomer lost on the internet. In all seriousness, you really shouldn't be getting a pistol before a rifle if your purpose is protection from tyranny and/or home defense. Common pistol caliber cartridges cost just as much as rifle cartridges and both are horribly inflated in price. If you want to get a rifle that still uses ammo under ~60 cents per round, get a PSAK-47 GF3. >>13669 use Brave
Open file (1.04 MB 1200x1600 hungrygirl4u.jpg)
>>13668 >Trijican can fuck you because they feel like fucking you How so? Shitty warranty or something similar? >low-mid range Vortex stuff is tacticool dogshit. I only have a Vortex red dot, and I feel it'd be better for my VZ instead. >The VIPER PST is a good scope and I assume those above it are good but anything below the Viper PST is pure dogshit. I'll look into it. >Eotech is a very nice optic, I had one on my AR and regret getting rid of it. I heard about the EOtechs sometimes fuzzing out, or would that be a rare case?
>>13675 EOtechs had issues with losing zero when transported to rapidly changing temperatures or something to that effect. Unless you happen to be dropping your gun in boiling water while going shooting in Alaska, you should be fine. Are you trying to get a fixed magnification scope or a red dot/reflex?
>>13665 I wandered back in after someone else told me the news a few days ago and I figured /k/ might finally be returning to normalcy after glownigger BO fucked everything up and the aftermath that's been ongoing since that fuckup that made me leave again for a time. The fuck are you even talking about?
>>13675 >how so? because they have permanent federal and state government contracts and don't depend on the market for survival. So they can charge you whatever they want. >EEOtechs sometimes fuzzing out Do you plan on fighting humans in the artic circle or death valley? Besides that, there's no problem, and in those cases red dots screw up along with eotechs.
>>13678 I'm talking about the faggot crying about containment boards because you asked a simple question, people like that are the entire reason the board, and the webring as a whole has become so god damn unbearable. People who react like that should be ignored entirely.
>>13682 Gatekeeping is part of imageboard culture and reactionary reactions are the only thing reactionary politics deserve.
>>13681 I could see the extreme colds in Chiraq (Chicago gets colder than several places in Alaska or Canada) or the extreme heats of certain areas in North Africa/The Middle East fucking with all sorts of gear.
>>13667 Has anyone seen the new(ish) styer aug that takes STANAG mags? I kinda want it after this shit ends but I don't like the shitty scope it comes with. I originally wanted a SVD an izmash one, PSL doesn't count :^)...but those are damn near 10 grand where I am. I'm a bit torn between a garand, or a AR-10 style (and maybe an FAL if I can get spare parts) in 308/30-06 (I'm really not leaning towards the AR-10 since I can actually make my own garand parts decently) >1000 USD PSA AR If gov didnt print so much money I would punch whoever tried to buy one in the face for their stupidity, but such is the life of 4cuck /k/ idiots now I guess. Speaking of which, we need new logos since I saw a bunch of leftypol turboautists (the neon rainbow hair femminists) wearing /k/ patches the other day. >>13685 >chiraq More like houstonistan. Texas cold snaps go from 90s to the 20s all the time in 10 minutes.
>>13684 All you're doing is being a histrionic nigger because someone asked a question, all he's gonna do is call you a faggot and wait for someone else to answer him. You preserve nothing barking nigger.
>>13658 Personally I hope /k/ does get taken out, fags are way too scared of honest conversation and screech at each other then call it "gatekeeping". Stupid intolerable catty behavior, I don't understand why anyone would enjoy this kind of environment. I leave for a couple weeks because I hope drama will die down, then come back and find out a board is being deleted because of some b8ing shitposter and niggers here are at each other's throats over it and they refuse to clarify exactly why they're behaving this way, like little girls. Despicable.
>but such is the life of 4cuck /k/ idiots now I guess. Speaking of which, we need new logos since I saw a bunch of leftypol turboautists (the neon rainbow hair femminists) wearing /k/ patches the other day. Fucking patchpooftas, I'm glad I wisen'd up and not wear any patches anymore like I did in my mid teens, whether it's wapanese stuff or just "/k/". Fucking reddit newniggers of course bastardized everything So what color should the new logo be to differentiate ourselves from 4cuck /k/. I'm thinking red, because red anonhood
>>13696 >red >being free sniper target. I would suggest to invert the coloration of the patches to where black is the background and green/beigie/whatever the fuck that color is called is the lettering. Subtlely different. you probably shouldn't be wearing a /k/ patch anyways unless shtf conpletely
>>13696 coffee mug with /k/ text, mug being dark grey have the text be glow in the dark green in honor of our short lived BO
Open file (309.28 KB 1007x1197 icup(2).png)
>>13704 >>13703 Or we can use our 8cup logo or modify it.
>>13703 >whatever the fuck that color is called Is it Olive Drab? And shouldnt the questions behind patches be why do i want to be identified? Is it worth it if the past problems with them have been it turns into cool club faggotry? Theres no point in broadcasting yourself like that if you're a loner and it attracts LARP fanatics. My 2 cents is just keep your distance and wait for the right signs before making handshake deals like that with any stranger in an actual catastrophe unless you have the force advantage.
>>13629 The surprising thing to me is why anybody would ever want to start a populist movement again after seeing how fickle and easily the people who make them up change their minds and are picked apart by power. The only thing that matters in this world is getting power. Everything else falls in line once you have it.
So with Gov. Cuomo on the ropes, UBC being advanced to the Senate, and Feinstein introducing an AWB - I'm expecting something to happen in NY. It will be reminiscent of Giuliani transformation into "America's Mayor", but probably not quite 9/11 in scale - more like Mandalay Bay. Oddly enough, the HPA was reintroduced in the House after getting comp'd in 2017.

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