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what's a war board without a conflict?

Open file (732.37 KB 750x781 ClipboardImage.png)
That sucks At least he got to be a cute anime girl before he died.
Open file (914.78 KB 1200x803 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (18.92 KB 210x230 whyman.jpg)
F God Speed you magnificent madman.
>>10539 >Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of earth, >And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings; >Sunward I've climbed, and joined the tumbling mirth >Of sun-split clouds, --and done a hundred things >You have not dreamed of --Wheeled and soared and swung >High in the sunlit silence. Hov'ring there >I've chased the shouting wind along, and flung >My eager craft through footless halls of air... >Up, up the long, delirious, burning blue >I've topped the wind-swept heights with easy grace >Where never lark or even eagle flew -- >And, while with silent lifting mind I've trod >The high untrespassed sanctity of space, >Put out my hand, and touched the face of God. He was a ballsy SOB. I hope he's soaring through new and uncharted regions with Jesus Christ now. F
>>10539 He better tell God to send some backup to this cursed Earth.
>>10539 thanks for ur cervix helping zog sir
Yeah thanks for your service zogbot
>>10556 >>10826 Oh can it, you pansies. The Germans did the same exact thing and felt the same exact way - disgusted, Erich Hartmann testified to that (an individual who got along well with Yeager). Yeager was one of the most powerful western voices against the ZOG (opposed US involvement in literally every war after WW2, voiced complaints that the US even entered WW2 in the first place [an outright sacrilegious act in the 50s and 60s], and was a very outspoken critic of giving israel any aid at all), but you apes would never recognize that and now that he's gone you piss on his grave.
>>10826 Not like he gloated about it. The point of talking about allied war crimes was that there's never any light shed on them and in the process everyone forgives and denies any German war crime in the face of them being exaggerated.
>>10828 Doesn't matter what you think. The US were the bad guys, so everyone is a zogbot who will ruin the world for their jewish masters. Doesn't matter what an individual chump thought about it. He could have not done anything or defected to fight the US. As such, he's a zogbot faggot and deserves to have people piss on his grave just like every american deserves it.
>>10828 Oh yeah, one more point. War is supposed to be able exterminating every single person of the other country, both soldiers and civilians. Why should one feel disgusted for that? It just sucks when the bad guys wipe out the good guys. Now if the Germans wiped out every single member of the allies, then things would be better.
>>10832 >>10828 witness zogbot copium
>>10833 >Calling me a zogbot because I mentioned how every war is and must be genocidal in nature. >Especially after mentioning that Germany should have exterminated all the allies and their civilians. Read you stupid nigger.
Open file (228.04 KB 400x282 ClipboardImage.png)
>>10836 lmao @ ur lyf, cuck
>>10833 >copium Opinion discarded 4cuck faggot.
>>10835 >>10837 >>10840 Chuck was simply another sycophantic zogbot cuck just like Patton and many others, thanks to absolute utter bankrupt-intellectual scum like this, sensibly knowing right, while at the same time doing wrong and going the extra mile committing utmost evil, for jews. Do you not understand this? It does not matter what they conveniently thought up to salvage their careers or save some face for guilt AFTER the fact that they helped destroy the only decent civilization and the only decent people in Europe at the time paving the way for the Jews. And now we simply suffer the consequence of these despicable people who betrayed whites worldwide, while even knowing fully well in the process it was wrong. We already know due to the wrong side winning WW2 we are reaching doom levels of destruction. So yeah excuse me while I piss on their graves pal why the hell would I or anyone else care about some old spiritless, soul less deraciated skeletons with no honor doing the grunt work for a bunch of disgusting kike animals. Maybe learn something from this and understand you will kill that ratfaced shapeshifting kike telling you to destroy other Whites for literal judaism. Additionally Germany was pretty much the only nation to strictly as possible follow the geneva convention while everyone with some sense of history knows the Allies didn't give a fuck.
Open file (189.48 KB 960x960 autism_awareness.jpg)
>>10843 >Sane people are calling out my zogbot cocksucking. >How dare they disrespect my worship of some dumb boomer that served the interests of my jew masters >ROOOOOOOOOOO We're going to keep pussing on your (((hero's))) grave, cuck.
>>10842 >fight for your country like any sensible man would >be really good at it, earn a reputation >just about win the war >get told to commit war crimes >realize you were never fighting for your country in the first place At this point you have two choices: >stand by what's right while your "enemy" gets massacred by your less honourable comrades, only to get court martialed, branded a traitor and suicided by your own corrupt goverment >do a hallf-assed job of massacring civilians, and live on to tell the world about your governent's war crimes and use your fame and veteran status to garner more sympathy for Germany and anti-war movements
Open file (166.22 KB 500x500 elaina_disgust.gif)
>>10842 >the only decent people in Europe at the time
>>10846 >Not going with the 3rd option of single handedly fighting your own govenment to the death. >Or at least just sabotaging everything you can. >Or just defecting to the other side. Stop making excuses for your zogbot, cuck. >>10848 Germany is the only country that matters. Everyone else might as well not exist.
Open file (357.89 KB 1000x1000 cornsyrup32oz2015.jpg)
An allied soldier at the time didn't know or could've known that his government was just as despotic if not more than the guys they were fighting and the ramifications would be beyond regrettable. It's only now with free access to information can you fully be responsible for your actions. >>10848 Just ignore Amerishits and Amerishit mentality, they will passionately beat their chest to whatever cause they believe in with no mercy. It's either bait or he's inhaled too much lead from reloading.
>>10832 War is very rarely about extermination. It's always been about achieving objectives for political goals.
Open file (167.55 KB 878x420 pentti linkola war.png)
>>10860 >War is very rarely about extermination. What a waste of time.
>>10848 >The only people fighting communism and international bankers somehow weren't the good guys sure thing faggot
>>10860 Those are gay baby wars. War is about wiping out everyone on the opposing side. That’s how things used to be done. Now everyone is a big gay baby.
>>10862 That quote made me think of something. Why not capture the young women for your own use? Just chain them up and use them as slaves, rape toys, punching bags, landmine locators, or emergency rations. If they get knocked up and you don’t want a mutt, just falcon punch their gut. Every civilized society of old did that, so why stop?
>>10865 People have become denatured and overly sensitive. "muh hyoomin raytz", etc. If I was a warlord I'd be doing all of that shit.
>>10866 Yeah. Since when did slaughter, rape, and cannibalism somehow become “evil”. So what if I want to make a flesh coat out of my fallen enemies before raping their wives to death and eating them. If you win a war, you have free reign to do whatever you want. If you lose, then you weren’t trying hard enough.
What's with this many underage fags here recently?
>>10868 cause yer mum’s a whore
>>10867 >>10866 >ywn round up the cute girls of the enemy and devour their tender young flesh Fuck bros..
Why do you hate him much, /pol/tards ? The heroes like him freed the world from white-ass fascist nazi pigs, so our white assed folks will be raped and killed by pack of African-Americans, Warriors of Allah and Latinx dreamers, while our Chosen overlords will disarm us from this dangerous guns, because guns kill people and blame the trigger, not the finger ! Get the fuck out of here, libtardo-islamo-commie-jewhating-stormfaaaaaags ! YOU ARE ON THE WRONG SIDE OF HISTORY !
kek, who let /trannypol/ in here, streloks? :^)
lol kill yourself already leftytranny
Rest in piss, zognigger.
>>10842 Is that his smashed eyeball leaking out of the left side of his face?
>>12391 Possible, that dude lost one of his eyes. The picture is from Germany, it was a protest against the expansion of the Stuttgard Trainstation and the police used water cannons against leftist treehuggers. Why someone put a comment from Emmanuel Macron under it I don't know.
>>12395 They thought it was from the Yellow Vest protests.
>>10851 >Germany is the only country that matters "Germany" didn't exist until the 1860's, you salty kraut faggot. Christ, even the fucking Burgers were a nation longer than your glorified collection of petty kingdoms being tard wrangled by Prussians.
>>10826 >we better be sure we are on the winning side Are you winning son?
Open file (332.83 KB 1920x1920 oq4ccctjq7e51.png)
>>12799 Yes dad.
>>10864 > That’s how things used to be done. No we used to subjugate our enemies and make them grow food for us.
>>10864 Except it fucking wasn't. Take Britain for example. Despite having been conquered by Romans, Angles/Saxons/Jutes, Danes and Normans, it's population is still mostly Briton genetically.
>>10864 almost no wars have been fought this way. War is mostly a waste of time and accomplishes nothing because it's just a bunch of expendable males fighting each other until they're all dead while their wives are cheating on them back home. If a war was going to accomplish anything worthwhile it would maximize civilian and female casualties.

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