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what's a war board without a conflict?

New Meta Thread Strelok Board owner 12/05/2020 (Sat) 21:51:10 No.10348
In an effort to stop posting meta in the /k/antina so Streloks can use it for its intended purposes, I'm establishing a new meta thread. The old one has been locked and I'll just let it gracefully fall off the board. IF YOU WANT TO COMMUNICATE WITH BOARD ADMINISTRATION (ME) POST IN THIS THREAD- I DON'T READ EVERYTHING ON THE BOARD. Volunteering REQUIREMENTS HAVE CHANGED SEE BELOW Volunteers are welcome to apply. e-mail answers to following statements >Your account name (required for all Lynxchan boards, unfortunately) >Timezones you'll be able to assist with >Previous experience, if any >specific topics you've got more interest in relevant to the board Communications powerwordN@cock.li in an attempt to increase transparency behind administrative action, moving forward posts that end up deleted or banned will be screenshotted and posted here along with ban duration and some explanation as to why. if you've had something you posted removed or been banned and do not see your post here, please e-mail me and i'll look into it. the reason for this is so the userbase can see what reasons people get banned and if they find said action disagreeable, tell me that i'm not doing my job correctly so as to improve and fix whatever the fuck is going on.
Edited last time by activeshooter on 12/11/2020 (Fri) 08:20:29.
>>10348 >Your account name (required for all Lynxchan boards, unfortunately) >unfortunately Does this imply that non-Lynxchan boards don't use accounts to log mods in? Of course they do. How else would restricted powers be granted by software? If the volunteers care about anonymity in their accounts they can just give themselves a very generic account name like kvol002. Seems more a matter of culture.
>>10379 JSchan software and infinitychan software have the board owner create accounts for the person in question instead of the other way around as lynxchan handles it.
Now that we have new management, can I get unbanned? Got a dumb ban just because of a disagreement back while the old BO was in charge. Having to phone post to get the ban id.
>>10392 You should stay banned until you learn how to reset your IP or use a fucking VPN. Let it be a lesson in basic opsec so you stop being an absolute fucking technological retard you phone posting faggot.
>>10392 You really should know how to reset your IP or use a VPN, but I've gone ahead and wiped the slate clean and lifted all bans* as a sign of good faith. Please don't make me regret doing so, anons.
Edited last time by Kubeman on 12/06/2020 (Sun) 11:54:52.
>>10401 Thanks, m8. I'll look into it.
>>10403 Also, any good VPNs you'd recommend? I'm doubtful of most of them.
>>10405 https://restoreprivacy.com/ is a good first stop, but it's not an end-all be-all. ProtonVPN for instance will ban your account just for visiting /fascist/. In general any of the more popular VPNs are fucking worthless because they have "hate speech" clauses in their terms of use. You're likely going to have to pay for anything halfway decent, but always double check for the hate speech clause in their ToS since they don't have to offer you a refund if you happen to violate it and most want you to pay for a full year upfront. Of course depending on how they log their data that clause might not matter since they might not be able to actually prove it was you. It depends entirely on methodology. I've had no problems with hide.me, but it's not a comprehensive VPN and is likely banned on most imageboards.
>>10379 >still using that ugly jpg you make me mad
Restating my intent from the America/Europe thread since it was unclear this morning. >If you are discussing race in the context of race riots, ethnic tensions, etc. relevant to the topic at-hand, it is A-Okay. >If you are making an informative post about the history of two races and their interactions in the context of a race-related conflict, it is A-Okay. >If you are posting light-hearted bantz at each other and race comes up it is A-Okay. >If you are cracking jokes about race, it is A-Okay. >If you come in talking about how you must preserve the white race for the future of our children, >>>/fascist/ and a rule 8. >If you come in shitting up the thread with identity politics where they don't belong, >>>/fascist/ and a rule 8. >If you think every topic has to be about the white race because white white white white something white white fuck every other ethnicity, >>>/fascist/ and a rule 8. >Similarly if you think every topic has to be about how terrible whites are, >>>/fascist/ and a rule 8. Is this more clear? Politics are a natural part of gun culture and I expect them to come up which is why the rule is about tangentially related politics, not a "no politics" rule. Shilling /pol/shit is not welcomed as that is not the audience I seek to attract nor to moderate. I haven't browsed /pol/ since 2016 and I'm not interested in moderating a board being astroturfed by /pol/ anons when there is a perfectly valid /pol/ proxy on this website as our next door neighbor. Ideally I would like to not rock the boat for anon and believe he is capable of honoring a gentleman's agreement to see /k/ as a board of relatively open discussion, but if the choice comes between allowing /pol/ to astroturf or taking a harder stance that leaves the board with a smaller, more stable community that can take it easy, I will choose the latter every time.
>>10603 Looks like you’re trying hard to paint /fascist/ as the big boogieman
Open file (144.55 KB 764x960 a few good men.jpg)
>>10605 I believe identity politics belongs on a board about identity politics, and to my limited understanding of how the board functions/the type of people who browse it, /fascist/ is the spiritual successor to /pol/. If the /fascist/ BO disagrees with my statement I am willing to take down mentions of /fascist/ and apologize to him for doing so. There will always be some overlap in topics since race, guns, and politics are intertwined, but I believe good fences make good neighbors and that I need to lay down the foundations for a good fence. Here's an edit as proof this is me.
Edited last time by Kubeman on 12/09/2020 (Wed) 03:13:26.
Open file (6.70 KB 226x223 1607030348223.png)
>>10603 Wow haha actually pathetic. Imagine nuking a thread over nothing, you might as well just have been the last BO. You just had to flex your power toolz because race for whatever reason is something extremely disconcerting to you, that you absolutely hate being discussed(why?). Even though we were talking about how non-whites are overwhelmingly SUPPORTERS OF GUN CONTROL. You're just a typical wordbending little hypocritic tapeworm that just got some clout which means willing to bend rules exactly how you see fit, based on your feelings only of course. How convenient that you are just like the last guy. even though the thread in question was political, and was race related. You had to sperg out over nothing you absolute fucking faggot.
>>10608 Only posts tangentially related to the meta post in that thread were deleted.
I want the old BO back, to think that it could have gotten even worse
>>10610 Guess we're just all going to the fascist thread after all then lmao >>10609 Literally caught so hard lying >>10610, faggot
Open file (115.43 KB 1000x362 putsch soon.jpg)
>>10610 He is welcome to have the board back after resting for a bit if he wants it back, though that will likely result in the removal of the America/Europe thread since I will not stick around to moderate in such a scenario. I'm here to ensure that /k/ does not become /pol/ and that the anon.cafe site owner does not need to delete it due to global rule violations. Anyone else who is interested in having the board is welcome to become a volunteer and go through screening for a few weeks to make sure they aren't a schizo. Full disclosure: 1) I work for a three letter agency, though I will not say for who or what I do for my own OpSec/safety. There's a reason I do everything through tor/VPNs. 2) While I am far-right, I am firmly in the purple square if you have to use the meme compass. I have sympathy for NatSocs but I do not share their belief systems. 3) I am an unwilling BO and am making the best of a shitty situation/taking responsibility until I can find a replacement. 4) I have a vested personal interest in keeping /k/ accessible and visible since the existence of /k/ on alternate imageboards directly benefits me. 5) If I can not find a suitable replacement before March, I will let the board default (likely meaning its deletion) under the assumption that no one cared about it enough to take it over. The discussion was deleted because it was an entire discussion about my meta post. Discuss it here in this thread instead of shitting up that thread. Can we go about our day or do you have any more questions/accusations?
>>10612 > I work for a three letter agency, though I will not say for who or what I do Aight, I’m not gonna post on this shithole againc wewwww
>>10613 As the main troublemaker, you will not be missed.
>>10612 Nah, I’ll make your life hell and spam niggers daily
>>10603 The was no need to nuke the thread dude. >>10612 Nuance is too much for them, though you've been fanning the flames a bit as well.
>>10617 Nuking the thread was a bit extreme, but I don't particularly believe anything of value was lost. I'll apologize for not showing more prudence, but I saw this flashpoint coming from a mile away so I was putting down the boot hard, hence fanning the flames. I'll refrain from doing it again in the future unless necessary assuming the site owner hasn't removed me by tomorrow morning.
>>10618 You’re shit at your job, tranny
Open file (748.04 KB 659x609 BaskingATF.gif)
>>10618 If you already knew it was extreme, why in the ever loving fuck did you still do it anyway? A good half of those posts were thread related or had thread related talk - not just meta shit. Playing loose and/or heavy with the rules you have laid out at your own discretion reduces the integrity of them. You say you'll refrain from doing it again; that is great and all, but you have already set a bad precedent. Now, regardless of how you try handle the fallout from it, people are not going to put a lot of faith in your ability to properly differentiate correct and incorrect following of the rules you have set forward on inclusion of race into threads. On a separate and lighter note, I think (ignoring this incident) that you have managed to be an okay BO for now. As long as you don't become the overbearing pos the last guy was, maybe you'll even breathe some new life back into the board. You just need to don your ghillie suit and become the BO no one notices but everyone knows is still here by the occasional tracks and casings you leave.
Open file (4.58 MB 1949x1280 killing fields.png)
>>10622 >You just need to don your ghillie suit and become the BO no one notices but everyone knows is still here by the occasional tracks and casings you leave. That's the plan moving forward since I hate trip codes anyways. I'm off to watch some anime for an hour and pass the fuck out since it's 1AM.
Open file (119.66 KB 1031x795 beatings.jpg)
>>10622 God fucking damnit, can't we make a week at least? >>10618 There's no need to nuke a thread when you can simply live and let live. Should've let it die; now the schizo strelok is going to sperg out like a fucking terry. Does anyone have the CIA NIGGERS GLOW IN THE DARK video by chance?
>>10625 It'll be fine. Don't even give him the time of day. Honestly don't even acknowledge his existence. Those sorts thrive on undue attention. Just go about your day normally.
>>10618 >>10622 if you don't manage to delete an offtopic derailing post in the first 5 minutes of seeing it, then just leave it and the resultant conversation. going back and "sanitizing" will only annoy the people who were talking with each other.
>>10612 > I work for a three letter agency YOU USED THE MONKEY'S PAW /k/. YOU GOT WHAT YOU WISHED FOR.
Open file (4.91 MB 3408x3624 ClipboardImage.png)
>>10623 >disclosing timezone
>>10612 LONDON O N D O N
Open file (101.40 KB 480x640 you just run em over.jpg)
>>10618 >no fun allowed >do not bring up the elephant in the room of browns overwhelmingly anti-gun >glownigger >politics ok but only if kosher and toothless
Just want AusCunt BO back, but that'll never happen ay :^(
>>10622 >don your ghillie suit and become the BO no one notices but everyone knows is still here by the occasional tracks and casings you leave. Excellent way to put it
>>10392 >Now that we have new management I 've been gone a few weeks, do we have a new BO or did Cafe change hands?
>>10612 >I work for a three letter agency, though I will not say for who or what I do for my own OpSec/safety. Oh fuck look out everyone, it's the DOL!
>>10672 Glowniggers took over /k/
Open file (326.88 KB 1120x704 slayers.jpg)
>>10672 Long story short I asked to make an alternate board and instead the BO handed the keys over last weekend due to some incidents, so I've been making an effort to revamp/revitalize the place until I can find a suitable replacement. Some topics that were banned before are allowed now, rules are overall more relaxed but have changed. Some goblins from /fascist/ are upset that I told them to get back in their stinking holes instead of letting them shit up the board with identity politics. Meta thread is more or less free game (only rule 11 and rule 3 is enforced in this thread), so the above is the aftermath. The rest is in my posts above. Welcome back, dude.
>>10677 >blaming /fascist/ again Hello, kike
Open file (451.49 KB 461x577 black mesa.png)
>>10677 >muh /fascist/ >posting nudoom guy in slayers.jpg You are gay.
alright fuckers old BO is back as always, conflict provides a useful route for change. rules for the board have been altered, see new rules thread if you have questions regarding policy, what to post, whether you think certain rules need to be changed, or whether my actions need to change, do so in this thread. i've only ever run one board and generally don't know what I'm doing, so you really can make a change if you want by just telling me to do something. a board is nothing without its userbase. also noticed a lot of people want to try their hand at running the board. this is great and i'd be happy to see you guys apply as volunteers. if things go smoothly, transitioning board leadership in a more orderly way than just throwing a hot potato into someone's lap can be had.
>>10683 That's not going to solve the issue. People are still going to bitch and spam because of politics being in /k/ and vice versa. On the other hand, I'm not sure what method to prevent blatant political posting I am, to a degree, sympathetic to saging since I do it sometimes as well. Where are the other jannies?
>>10683 also, zchan has a new /k/ board up and running. i've added the link to their board in the pinned meta thread. if you guys want to use zchan instead with Sturgeon (site owner) running the show, then head over there. i know that to many people, my leadership was unpopular. i'll try to change but at the same time I understand that trust is a difficult thing to regain. even if it's impossible to keep track of, I can promise that I won't try to fuck with migration efforts to another board or site and have already spoken with anon.cafe admin staff regarding this
I've seen some confusion about the earlier denials of service that occurred at the same time that /k/ was deleted. We were not the subject of a DDoS attack (Distributed Denial of Service where many remote hosts attempt to flood a host with traffic) but rather a DoS exploit (Denial of Service, which means any exploit that prevents a server from fulfilling its function). We are protected against DDoS attacks by our provider (indeed, they have already mitigated a few against us without anyone noticing) but DoS exploits targeted flaws within LynxChan itself. We're presently mitigating those, so please pardon any bumps in the road in the mean time.
>>10686 I disagree with the reimplimentation of the original board owner back in as the host of this board, I get he's a global vol (at least, to my memory), but at the same time it will cause people who disagree to simply argue that "it's back to the old faggot" again. I'd rather have a new BO than an old one since we'll go through some uncertainy (I'm not sure if the board will survive in the current state).
>>10687 i was made a global volunteer as part of the requirement for moving to anon.cafe from julayworld, so as to help delete spam or CP links on other boards. i don't know if there's ban or delete logs readily available, but people are free to check them if so to see where/if i've been fucking with stuff
>>10688 I'm not aware of any logs. Perhaps it is in the boards best intrests to post the takedowns/bans into Meta and as to why.
>>10689 https://anon.cafe/logs.js this shows global deletion stuff, whether it's attached media or posts. if you guys would prefer, i can screenshot shit i end up deleting or banning along with posting the reason why in this thread.
>>10687 Perhaps, but to us that is neither here nor there. We consider it a matter for /k/ to resolve itself. We chose to restore control to the old BO because situations where we pick a new BO are essentially a roulette where the chosen new candidate may immediately delete the board or otherwise be a bad actor. Consider that as bad as you consider the old-new-new BO, he did voluntarily hand over control when popular opinion turned against him, and the replacement turned out to be worse. >>10689 Logs for boards are up next to the "Catalog" link. /k/'s are at https://anon.cafe/logs.js?boardUri=k
>>10691 >logs link That's my bad. I forgot about it. Sorry.
>>10683 >>10684 To prevent future internet slapfights, now would be the time to define exactly what /k/ is and isn't. Weapons are certainly /k/, the places where they are used are also /k/. As Clausewitz said, "War is the continuation of politics by other means.", however, going with this train of thought leaves /k/ as a political board with an emphasis on guns, which it isn't. War cannot exist without politics and the same is not true of politics, which would do just fine without war. In my opinion, topics become unrelated to /k/ when they are not related to a: weapons (tanks, swords, guns, etc.) or b: armed conflict/glownigger ops. No matter what this definition ends up being, it must be written in language clear and understandable to every Strelok.
>>10693 Addendum: Better definition for category b would be "The places weapons are used or discussed"
>>10693 >To prevent future internet slapfights, now would be the time to define exactly what /k/ is and isn't. this cant ever be exact since the topic of gun ownership and laws is inherently political. however I think that anons should ask themselves twice if they should post something. problem is that a few tend to go overboard and this is detrimental to a topic. a thread about body armor doesnt need much politics if at all, folks should really keep it at that on the other hand BO should give us some leeway if it doesnt hurt the thread, maybe give people just a friendly headsup to stay on topic instead of delteing posts. Strict rules are not helpful.
>>10695 to be clear- i'm not going to delete posts about political discussion or board unrelated in an existing thread or in new threads. the idea is that imageboards are supposed to be a vehicle for anonymous discussion. preventing discussion is against the point. the objective is to avoid having a board centered around armed conflict and the tools utilized in them become a platform for predominantly news or keeping up with current events. this ideal requires participation by both myself and the board users in deciding what to respond to and what not to. if someone ends up making a thread about the litigation efforts in Georgia, the way for the userbase to "delete" this content is by not bumping the thread and it'll eventually slide off into oblivion, rather than report -> "yeah this is offtopic" -> delete -> censorship. if people end up regularly using such threads, i'd rather have people able to talk than not, although the old solution on julay/8ch would be to move the thread over to /news/, /pol/, etc. can't be done here and there isn't an equivalent board, although i'm hoping zchan sets up some functional analogue so there ends up being a place to actually talk PURE HARD FACTS AND LOGIC POLITICS
Open file (657.18 KB 1412x2000 wormfood.jpeg)
>decide to do an all nighter watching Wagner's Ring cycle >after that end up knocked out for a good 16 hours >wake up >old BO is new again, there is some talks of an attack and lots of posts are missing So what happened exactly? Was it so much spam the previous BO couldn't keep up with? Or did he sabotage the board?
>>10693 check out the updated rules thread and see if it meshes with what you're trying to say >>10697 that's pretty sick dude the new BO, kubeman, deleted the board after anon.cafe got ddosed and some guy kept spamming niggers. relevant threads here >>>/shelter/2787 >>>/fascist/14422
Edited last time by activeshooter on 12/11/2020 (Fri) 09:55:49.
Open file (86.47 KB 700x700 kyouko_tired.jpg)
I just wanted to talk about battleships.
>>10698 Those or not very informative, although it's mostly because my mind automatically filters out posts that include ˝lol˝, ˝kek˝, ˝seethe˝, etc. Still, from what I can gather it looks like our local friendly ATF agent couldn't keep up with the pressure.
>>10685 You were perfectly fine
>>10693 >>10695 >>10696 It's a place for black supremacists to tell whitey to let themselves be replaced by nigger, a lot of anons sperged out when such a post was deleted so i can only assume that's what they want.
This is a test message. If you're seeing this properly than I'm the new janny. Just wanted to let you know that I exist so you can yell at me if I do anything wrong. We'll see where we go from here, but I'm sure many streloks are tired of this drama. I do not work for a three letter agency, I am neither a britbong who has a loicense fetish, and I am not a tranny. You can't contact me on IRC, Discord, or any other shit socials because I don't have one. If you wish to contact me post in the meta thread, and I will redress any issues you may have semi-frequently. >>10701 >not informative No screencaps since I was asleep at work actually.... while the site got deleted. But let me try to give you a quick rundown. >2nd BO (refered to as "kubeman" for clarity) admitted to working as a glow and also said he was Britbong >It didn't go over well with some of the other streloks here was to say an understatement. >kubeman nuked the rioting 4.0 USA/Europe thread because he it was too off topic and because oi there's no loicense on politics just added fuel to the fire. >Then person(s) came on and spammed the board. I'm not sure if anything signifigant happened between that and the kubeman deleting the board. >??? - (Probably want to ask others) >kubeman deleted the board > >>>/shelter/2787 used as a temporary backup, zzzchan spawns their own /k/, we'll figure out the relationship between the boards later but it seems like it's not gotten much activity (neither has this one). >board was restored to activershooter, the original BO of /k/ when it was first created off the jujulay migration. >pic completely unrelated That is all I have to say, good hunting streloks. edited by myself for being a complete fucking dumbass and forgetting to press enter.
Edited last time by zergfacecultist on 12/11/2020 (Fri) 16:35:02.
So how long until /k/ gets another issue?
>>10717 I was one of the people originally butthurt with the old BO, and all of my concerns are literally nothing before the shitshow we just had, so I don't see any problems arising unless something egregious happens.
>>10714 Are you the chink you type like him and used a brown man gif
>>10717 Not long >>10719
>>10714 >he was a britbong First I've heard of that.
>>10719 What in the everloving fuck? The site says that post was written by me, even though I have no memory of that. And I wouldn't type like a nigger in the first place.
>>10723 My guess, perhaps you somehow had the same IP as the earlier strelok before who posted after the address changed? Possible but unlikely. That, or you were high and wasted or you're the schizo poster. I >>10719 >gif Pretty sure that gifs been around since before the old infinitychan nuke.
so we stay?
>>10729 >pic You should leave, tranny
>>10730 Says the goon
>>10730 >i hate fun
>>10723 You're not alone i'm also seeing a lot of "you"s all over.
>>10730 this is an anime board, faggot
>>10748 You will never be a woman.
Open file (49.27 KB 184x184 a toast to (you).png)
>>10693 >>10696 >>10698 Item 4 of the rules along with the definition of "offtopic" is ideal; succinct, flexibility for edge-cases along with the tried and true: "If you have to ask, you shouldn't." Good work BO.
>>10749 we all become little girls when we are on the internet
>>10754 Fags like you do
I just noticed what I hope isn't actually a pattern. Testing something in regards to the (you) issue after it popped up out of nowhere.
>>10780 Oh, that is interesting. There appears to be a correlation between getting random (you)s appearing, and whether or not you've used tor from your device. It could just be that though, correlation without any actual reasoning behind it. I suggest anon clear his cache as it could also just be an issue of how the board recognizes (you) and clearing the cache should force it to disassociate you/your browser from the (you)s it generates.
Open file (26.21 KB 704x213 12-14-20.PNG)
>ban duration: 1 week >reason: discord trying to avoid permabanning people, even if it's something like spamming. the reason is that odds are this fool is using a VPN and by banning the IP, it means a different strelok that may be using the same VPN wouldn't be able to post with it later.
Open file (14.45 KB 730x563 1424818454300.png)
>>10693 To take a page out of the /tg/ guys playbook; i.e. /k/ is about the people who are autisticly into militaria.
I have a proposal for a new rule. Give a temporary ban and edit posts of anyone who says anything good about the US or anything ever produced by it. The US must be insulted all the time.
>>10855 you'll have to uninstall hearts of iron IV permanently for that to pass krautanon, are you prepared to make the final volkerssacrificeberg for the good of germany
so with weekend at bernies brain dead biden getting muppeted by some bitch who wants to put everybody in jail getting elected president and pornhub getting shoah'd how long do you think we got before they come for this place
Open file (27.68 KB 624x147 ALPHAMODMAKER.png)
Everyone said they wanted transperency so I guess I'll post this and see where we go with this. To the strelok(s) that reported >>10871 >>10874 >>10872 >>10869 I've closed the reports, the threads been derailed to high heaven before that. Yes, it is obvious shitposting, but at the same time you did ask for less moderation on political sperging Your best bet is to not reply to them. Some are also "technically" on tangent (>>10875 and 10871) since it says >Why do you hate him I've closed the reports, but the BO is free to reverse my ruling. Keep in mind we're working with new rules here, so that's that. >reee I disagreee! vol is shit!!!! I've tagged the BO on this post as well so I guess you could complain jannie man bad. >>10885 See above. Are we still making fun of all the krauts for the spregkraut who doxxed himself on the cafe? Have a stalker modding joke since we're still figuring out the boundaries and I'm still new at this moderation stuff
>>10902 Cross-boarders are going to kill this site. The alternate history thread made by the nya~ fag having shown up at all was a sign of the end.
>>10922 Cross-boarders are going to kill this board, but it's certainly not the boards posting anime girls that are going to do it. Have an anime girl to stay triggered.
Open file (26.53 KB 353x562 12-17-20.PNG)
>ban dsuration: none >reason: spam deleted some shit from a guy trying to get a GET. isn't it cheating if you need to fill out ~30 posts?
>>10993 You aren't a problem because you aren't a pseudo-namefag.
>>10922 I fail to see what problems anime brings to the board. If any thing, It increases the quality of the board.
>>11137 Refer to >>11125
>ban duration: None >reason: Posting serial number (and thus personable indefinable information) Streloks, I will kindly remind you again, that a SERIAL NUMBER is considered PERSONAL INFORMATION because they CAN trace you through it!!! The picture in question could not be removed separate of the post >>11151 has been deleted and replaced with a censored one at >>11156. Edit: Because for some reason I posted before I intended. Fuck you keyboard
Edited last time by zergfacecultist on 12/19/2020 (Sat) 03:48:54.
The getting mad about anime schtick is retarded, fuck off with it, it's not like every post is a cartoon either you histrionic mongoloid. I don't know if you're some wayward /tv/ tranny stirring shit up or what but anime was posted on 8/k/ with zero issue, and same goes for webring /k/ until you stuck your shitstirring dramanigger schnoz into it you fucking nigger.
>>11209 t. cock-sucking sissy
Open file (114.90 KB 1434x1080 onizujew.jpg)
>>11209 >schtick >schnoz Settle down yid nobody is taking your consumer cartoons away
>>11212 That is a pretty high Yiddish : English ratio tbh
Oh boy, now that some faggot retard's bit the b8 the tranny squad is gonna use chinese cartoons as a point of contention whenever someone posts a reaction image. Why are nu-anons so fucking garbage?
>>11214 Seethe
Open file (7.03 KB 548x114 12-19-20PNG.PNG)
>ban duration on one of the ips: 4 hr >reason: spam, also rule 4 left the posts in the meta thread up violates rule 4 as responding to anime images isn't relevant to the board's topic and posting the phrase >cuckime while replying to posts in other threads counts as carrying over a discussion.
Looks like /tv/ has turned their discord addled faces our way again.
Open file (15.91 MB 1920x1080 Katyusha.mp4)
Open file (3.83 MB 568x360 Gachi tankers.mp4)
Reports on >>11217, >>10954, and >>10927 have been closed for not being an actionable offense. This is more of a proposed rule clarification but I'll leave it up here for the BO and other to see and act on: >follow global rules One of the global rules is post "nothing illegal in Romania" I suggest we write the one other law that may be of interest to streloks because they may fall under these quite frequently when it comes to shitting on governments and the people who reside in them is Article 368 (1): >The act of urging the audience verbally, in writing or by any means, to commit offenses punishable with imprisonment from three months to three years or with a fine not to exceed the penalty provided by law for the offense to commit which was instigated. video completely unrelated, enjoy.
When do we install Mark's new bitcoin miner to deter spam?
>>11311 I'd prefer the zzz captcha, niggerpill still has trouble getting past it.
Open file (49.75 KB 500x417 Christmas in Vukovar.jpg)
Happy winter holidays streloks, depending on if you're a good old christfag, or some pagan believer from /fascist/, or an atheist the name of the holiday may vary. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING BELOW CAREFULLY. THESE ARE SITE ADMINISTRATION STANCES ON INTERPRETATIONS OF ROMANIAN LAWS Unfortunately, not all things are jovial at this time of year. I have received a reply from the site administration regarding Romanian civil code 368, 369, 47, and 438. The detailed summary can be seen at >>>/meta/13836 and >>>/meta/13837 . In short: There is a distinction between incitement and instigation and this applies to speech differently. "Public Instigation of a crime" that is "to commit offenses shall be punishable by no less than 3 months and no more than 3 years of imprisonment or by a fine". The site administration has ruled that there must be a specific threat (as noted in the civil code) in addition to the incitement. >tl;dr: Can I still say "gas the jews" or "kill the chinks" now? >Yes, but don't say "Gas the jews at XYZ location now" In order for a threat to be specific, it needs to be directed with location at minimum and possibly time if it is some sort of one time event. "Inciting the public" is also prohibited. >Inciting the public, using any means, to hatred or discrimination against a category of individuals shall be punishable by no less than 6 months and no more than 3 years of imprisonment or by a fine. There is no definition of the word "incitement" in the code, and thus the ruling is application of a dictionary definition of the word: >incite: to encourage someone to do or feel something unpleasant or violent, or to cause violent or unpleasant actions Unfortunately this is a relatively broad statue, the same "gas the jews" or anything that would belong on 8cuck /pol/ may qualify. /k/ is not a politics board, so I don't really expect this to be an issue. It is, still, in my opinion, unconstitutionally broad but I that is the price of being hosted in Romania. >tl;dr Don't glowpost EDIT: FORGOT A > to the cross quote. NIGGER TIER MOMENT HERE. SORRY
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Open file (24.88 KB 1142x288 12-26-20.PNG)
>>11448 has been merged into the QTDDTOT thread (>>7036). You could also make the argument that it belongs in >>4526 but I think it would be better under QTDDTOT.
>>11387 >inciting the public Pls no bully if this is a dumb question, but do niggerpill's calls for mass suicide fall under that rule?
Open file (34.27 KB 413x176 12-28-20.PNG)
Open file (47.49 KB 689x186 12-28-20-2.PNG)
>reason: shilling outside IB >duration: 1 week
Report on >>11481 has been closed for not being actionable. I suggest you once again, just to ignore the insults being levied as they are neither spamming nor breaking any other rules. >>11464 >question It's a long fucking answer. /meta/ BO has not responded, probably because they were too busy trying to figure out how to decline hosting the loli board at >>>/meta/13852 This is my take as a vol and I may be overruled by the board owner here, or the globals, but I will define my understanding here: Romanian law does not criminalize suicide, however Romanian code 191 states: >(1) An act of determining or facilitating the suicide of an individual, if the suicide has taken place, shall be punishable by no less than 3 and no more than 7 years of imprisonment. >(2) When the act specified by par. (1) was committed against a juvenile between 13 and 18 years of age or against a person having a reduced competence, the penalty shall be no less than 5 and no more than 10 years of imprisonment. >(3) Determining or facilitating the suicide of a underage person who did not reach the age of 13 or of a person who was unable to realize the consequences of their actions or inactions or to control them, if suicide has taken place, shall be punishable by no less than 10 and no more than 20 years of imprisonment and a ban on the exercise of certain rights Definition of determining >causing something to occur or be done in a particular way; serving to decide something. Definition of facilitating >make (an action or process) easy or easier. I am unable to find Romanian court case work here. But it is likely to be more restrictive than American Common law, which as usual has a circuit split (and varies by state). I cite: State v. Melchert-Dinkel, 844 N.W.2d 13, 24 (Minn. 2014) >"Speech in support of suicide, however distasteful, is an expression of a viewpoint on a matter of public concern, and, given current U.S. Supreme Court First Amendment jurisprudence, is therefore entitled to special protection as the ‘highest rung of the hierarchy of First Amendment values'" Commonwealth v. Carter, 52 N.E.3d 1054, 1056 (Mass. 2016) >“The grand jury could have found that an ordinary person under the circumstances would have realized the gravity of the danger posed by telling the victim, who was mentally fragile, predisposed to suicidal inclinations, and in the process of killing himself, to get back in a truck filling with carbon monoxide and ‘just do it.’” Giboney v. Empire Storage and Ice Co. >"for example, the Court rejected the contention that 'speech or writing used as an integral part of conduct in violation of a valid criminal statute' enjoys constitutional protection." Therefore, context matters in American Jurisdiction, federal courts appear to be silent on the issue (but you will likely still be extradited for muh PR). If you know someone is reasonable likely to commit suicide (based on the average person, and not the image board definition of "average"), you should not post them to kill themselves. For example, some dumbass like the one on 4cuck who livestreamed his an hero with a shotgun, you probably shouldn't tell him to kys. In addition, Romanian law bans specific threats, therefore, I would expect the post to fulfill the following critera: 1) It is specific and directed to someone or a specific organization, 2) It has a logical and plausible way of execution AND/OR 3) The person them-self is likely to commit suicide on review by the average person. tl;dr Don't bait someone who's suicidal, and don't give a specific course with a plausible method to a specific group/person. Talking about historical events is of course, not illegal.
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Open file (76.99 KB 905x172 1-1-21.PNG)
>reason: shilling outside IB >duration: 1 Day since its new years, upped to 1 week if they post again.
Can we finally get rid of the robot?
>>11591 Why do they do it janny-kun?
>>11639 has been merged into >>4526. Edit: On second review, >>11639 >>11642 >>11643 >>11650 >>11650 >>11651 has been merged into >>11641 >reason: not clearing EXIF data, spamming, needs to lurk more. >ban duration, 1 day I was originally not going to ban them at all and warn him to lurk more but the EXIF data being present really took the cake. If this was /tech/ I'd have perma'd him for the EXIF violation and the fact he uses an apple device to post My apologizes for not saving a picture.
Edited last time by zergfacecultist on 01/04/2021 (Mon) 17:02:56.
>reason: CP >duration: 1 month not posting image for obvious reasons
First off, the site-wide administration has made a fallback file. I strongly suggest you download and save this file in case something happens. >>>/meta/13858 The welcome pin has been edited to reflect this. The announcement will revert back to the original in 3 days. I strongly suggest that we decide on a bunker (I propose two, a US based an non-US based bunker ideally) and I nominate our sister board http://zzzchan.xyz/k since it already exists It uses cloudflare though I think or https://late.city/ It seems to fly under the radar, let me know if it glows since I just looked for smaller site on the webring and just picked by dice roll. zzzchan seems to be hosted in the US and late.city is hosted in Vancouver I think. Report on >>11931 has been closed as it does not break any rules. >>11980 has been merged into >>7036 as it is basically a QTDDTOT question. No ban has been placed. Sorry for this absolute shit of redditspacing but this was the best method of formatting it I could think of.
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>>11993 late.city has been around for ages, but they might not appreciate /k/ crashing on their couch. I know some of the administration over there and they're good folks. Libertarian-leaning, but they don't mind nigger jokes and the like. I'd check with them first to make sure that's ok.
>>12005 Reached out to the late.cafe and zzzchan boards via email. I'll post the responses soon. Still open to any other suggestions.
The zzzchan admin has agreed to host a bunker board. No news from late. Any other suggestions?
>>12092 I actually think we won't have problems here, the libs have the scent of blood in the water and are going after the big fish. We're too small for their appetites now
>>12139 Probably not, but not being prepared is still dumb as fuck. All it takes is one persistent CP posting shithead to ruin it.
Open file (44.77 KB 1886x725 1-19-21.PNG)
>>12146 If there are no objections and the BO agrees I'll start the process sometime later this week assuming the 20th isn't a fireworks show >>12348 You do realize the rules literally have my hands tied even if I wanted to right? I've just closed >>12270 >>12335 >>12344 because there's nothing objectionable about it rules wise. The only remotely questionable one is >>12331 for being offtopic regarding stronk wamen indoctrination which belongs on fucking >>>/fascist/ or >>>/pol/ if you are a cuckchanner. offense: Offtopic on America/Europe thread >action: A big scary useless like gun free zone warning post has been posted with a 1 day ban applied to the poster in question. Continued saging by others will result in a non-permanent ban. >pic related I am honestly not so sure about it (this being an issue) since this isn't a lighting fast derail that hits the bump limit, but the site posting has been relatively slow compared to the old days on infinitycuck, but the offtopic rule hasn't been enforced as much as it should be and needs to be enforced. If this was the before Walmart deplatform on the old infinitycuck, yes, the BO would have banned one of those people for being a complete moronic imbecile. No, those aren't the rules here. If you want them to be the rules go bother the BO on this thread to change them. Edit: Day, not minute. Need a coffee. Edit 2: Changed >>12338 to >>12331 because my brain wasn't found while typing this post up.
Edited last time by zergfacecultist on 01/19/2021 (Tue) 13:09:55.
>>12356 >The only remotely questionable one is >>12338 for being offtopic regarding stronk wamen indoctrination That post is in the /k/anteen, and it's not even connected to the Europe/America thread, where the ˝discussion˝ about high heels was going on.
>>12357 My bad. I'll edit it since I'm obviously being retarded. Thanks for the spot. Shut up Now let me wallow in shame.
Open file (162.04 KB 500x500 Elaina_horrified.gif)
>>12359 >Shut up Rude. Now I have no other choice but to point out that >>12270 was reported because it was meant to be a reply >>12265 but ended up in a completely wrong thread. >webm Is it even humanly possible to make such a low quality webm in this day and age?
>>12361 >Is it even humanly possible to make such a low quality webm in this day and age? Couldnt not find the exact one, so have this one instead.
Open file (937.75 KB 480x384 EBS.webm)
THE FOLLOWING IS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT Ok lads, zzzchan host said he's up for letting us bunker in there if shit goes wrong, and it seems most of us are onboard with that. Hope to god that the board posting pop doesn't scale back any further. Otherwise, let minnow if we want to setup a tertiary bunker >>12361 >shit quality >video is from 2006 What did you expect mate Shchuka, Shchuka. This is Ivan kratkiy, Ivan kratkiy. Standby, message follows. Bravo Tango Asterisk Romeo November Quebec Juliet Victor Four Yankee Charlie Four Romeo Victor At Foxtrot Kilo Five Victor Kilo Break. Bravo Tango Asterisk Romeo November Quebec Juliett Victor Four Yankee Charlie Four Romeo Victor At Foxtrot Kilo Five Victor Kilo Ivan kratkiy out.
Open file (66.20 KB 1894x812 1-23-21-1.PNG)
Open file (40.33 KB 1706x926 1-23-21-2.PNG)
Open file (22.13 KB 1234x500 1-23-21-3.PNG)
>>12493 >>12494 >>12500 as reports have been closed. It is apparent to me that this is not one user; this is because of writing differences and that the ASN and hashed IPs not matching. The posts regarding magic have been removed but no ban is applied because I don't think its enough to warrant a ban since its multiple users. A post with scary assault role signature ban when? has been applied to remind people to stay on topic. >Offtopic "spam" >Action: Post deletion, no ban applied. Edit: The Paladin press thread (seeing its really only one post at >>12401) has been merged into the do/k/ument thread.
Edited last time by zergfacecultist on 01/23/2021 (Sat) 23:37:50.
Threads >>12883 and >>12702 have been merged into the QDDTOT thread. I'm not really sure if it belongs there or the 100 rads to be honest. Please ask the BO if you wish to appeal.
I felt that this was a serious enough issue that it deserved its own double posting faggotry. Complaints on >>12680 and >>12674 have been closed. There is no explicit rule discouraging fedposting even if it is linking to a government site, and this does not fall foul of any Romanian statues, civil or criminal. A big red warning on the top has been posted for you autistic chimpanzees who don't know that you should probably not directly access the site. If the link was disguised as something else I might be more inclined to hand out a ban. If you wish to propose a rule change, or appeal to the board owner, please do so here. Note that I will not hand down bans ex post facto unless there is some extenuating circumstance.
Edited last time by zergfacecultist on 02/04/2021 (Thu) 01:21:24.
Open file (995.82 KB 496x279 1599173733462.gif)
>>12893 >janitor keeps posting animu from the 00s Stop creating regrets.
>>12892 wouldn't mind seeing garbage like that deleted outright but this was a safer decision if the goal was preventing spergouts
>Weeb gif stays up for a week no problem >Thread asking what weapons suck the most to be killed by is deleted in 12 hours Fuck you faggots. Weapons that really suck to die by is a valid thread. It's better than half the bullshit posted here and left up by you korean fetishist fucktards.
>>12903 Still waiting on the alt-/k/ that's just unrestricted anti-PC weapons discussion and not pozzed closet /leftypol/ weebs using it as their personal tumblr. 8/k/ was close but false flags killed it quick.
>>12922 you dumb niggers are still whining about anime on imageboards in the year of our lord 2021 how nigga
Open file (541.79 KB 680x452 oversixmillion.png)
>>12923 jews have poorly developed hypothalmus, an artifact of their neanderthal bloodline. This causes them to react with aggression towards "cute" things that normal people find parentally attractive. Whenever you see someone railing against animu posters, there's a 99% chance it's a jew this does not apply to people angry about traps or gays in anime
Open file (2.90 MB 1885x1041 tuckerhedgefundpeople.png)
>>12927 also related
Open file (238.78 KB 1172x476 jews-neanderthal-dna.png)
>>12927 >an artifact of their neanderthal bloodline. Not this shit again...
>>12923 You're a newfag aren't you? Oldfags use proper grammar to the best of their ability. They understand the posts matters not them so they try to make good, on topic effort posts. Weebs make low effort posts and try to gain (you)s from adding a anime girl next to it. They know anime girls will attract other weebs and pedophiles to give them (you)s. >>12927 Whites and asians have more neanderthal DNA than any other group. >>12930 Jews don't have 107-115 IQ. They have that as a "verbal IQ". It's a play of words to sound smarter. It means they can talk well, not that they can solve problems well.
>>12930 We ARE Neanderthals, retard
>>12937 And real oldfags also space out their posts .
Open file (103.75 KB 846x960 1307780361474.jpg)
>newfags telling oldfags how they type
Open file (476.46 KB 238x234 1612456145845.gif)
>>12927 Jews literally have a genetic predisposition to psychopathy just like tay sachs look up the study. They places multiple different races in the same CT scan machines, with different pictures being shown inside and then monitoring the lobe activations, Jews were the only group that reacted with extreme anger activation towards totally normal pictures, such as family gathering etc.
>newfags thinking people will think they're oldfags because they nitpick about grammar and berate people as newfags for it grammar nazi fag :3
>>12927 Or it's just faggot goons continuing their autistic crusade against chink cartoons that they've kept up for over a decade and a half. There's fags whining about anime across the webring lately and it's likely because the goon hive that tvch is has become way less active because of them and like the locusts they are they're moving elsewhere to kill other sites.
>>12973 Sauce? >>12977 >Muh goons >Muh JIDF >Muh blueshare >Muh Crest Which is it tomorrow? Muh virginity?
>>12973 Isn't that just because the only race on earth more inbred than Jews at this point are Turks?
>>12982 and they happen to be allies
>>12982 >Isn't that just because the only race on earth more inbred than Jews at this point are Turks? That's white people actually
>>12984 I'm not trying to start a race conversation. Jews themselves admit there's an inbreeding problem in their ethnic community because only mothers and their children are recognized as Jews (the fathers are not recognized as Jewish unless they marry a Jew), and statistically/historically, the only place on earth that had more inbreeding issues in the general populace than Israel was Turkey due to their own cultural norms.
>>12973 >Jews literally have a genetic predisposition to psychopathy Isn't that in part epigenetic due to foreskin removal? What would happen to kikes if they stopped circumsizing their children?
>>12984 There's a lot of dna analyses that say otherwise roach.
>>12981 You can close your eyes and strawman all you want it's not going to suddenly change what's been happening. They're even in government positions now, it's not just kikes pushing retarded degenerate shit you know.
>>13012 Your shitty chink cartoons don't belong on imageboards newfag, never have and never will.
Open file (179.13 KB 319x517 baitin'.jpg)
>>13012 8ch had court documents on it where we saw how glowies acted on image boards. They try to de radicalise not the other way round. If a Fed was posting here he would be saying >Multiculturalism is great. >You like anime don't you? That's a foreign culture >You're multicultural yourself! >Trust the plan! Fed posting is anti-real fed posting.
Open file (392.47 KB 1544x1926 fbi.png)
Open file (199.87 KB 724x689 fbi2.png)
>>13042 wrong, they support radicalization at all points. They get extra especially violent in direct messages
>>13042 >Fed posting is anti-real fed posting. can a jannie check this guy's history to see if he's a fed
>want a civil war >call literally any action anyone takes toawrds that goal a glowop >also call anyone who says you will never do shit a glowop >so much as going over hypotheticals is also screeched down as glowniggery This is called self-policing and it's the government's main way of controlling large populations. I bet you'd rat your own parents out as glowniggers if they had a plan to obliterate congress. They have you by the balls without ever having to fire a shot and it's your own hand doing the squeezing.
>>13013 > >>13047 This is the homest truth, anyone who DTOR on this subject knows it is. But then for retards you can;t expect them to actually go and do any research. However genuine "Fed posting" is pretty much only applicable in a controlled more personal enviroment, an example such as movementarian politics people who's goal isn't violence or bleeding edge so that zog can trump up a charge. >>13042 newfag lies
>>13047 It also seems they have a odd fascination with Russia I get lots of derailment shills that go on strange tangents about it. >They get extra especially violent in direct messages You have proof? >>13052 Also this strelok is right. Whether intentional or not you cannot refute that the constant glownigger screeching is harming discourse. Find good like-minded friends to talk about this stuff with IRL or via encrypted or temporary media. It's not that hard. When the real happening comes spread the good word on public platforms keeping as anonymous as possible, but please keep those minecraft convos out of public view. They can only keep people quite for so long.
>>13047 Did you read your screenshot or just post it because you thought it supported you? >Cries of shill >He might of been motivated by his ideology but I blame Mossad, the FBI and CIA >Read the manifesto goys! None of this is them going 'Hey kid, want to blow up a government mosque' is it? They encourage people to stay in and post in the thread so they can get more data when they warrant 8ch. >>13048 >Hey BO, lets dox anons who disagree with me. It will make me feel better about my safe space Fuck off kike. Bo should check your post history to see if it glows as much as you do. >>13059 Public platforms are a lost cause and endanger anons posting on them. While there's bread and circuses you won't turn people to your side. Average whites have no racial consciousness and you have nothing to offer them. You lack the ability to protect them, to feed, entertain, keep the water running or dispose of their garbage. What benefit does joining us give any one? Until we can offer perks of being a nazi to people they're not going to turn on the system. As things currently stand we can't even offer them a ten percent discount on pork chops can we? Politics isn't about a race war for whites, it's about how often the trash is collected and which color lid they need to leave on the street curb. About what schools their kids can go to despite the quality of that school being based on how many mutts and niggers it has over education results.
>>13060 >Fuck off kike. Bo should check your post history to see if it glows as much as you do. sure faggot. I posted a confirmed fed calling people feds, and called out the guy calling people feds for fedposting. I guess that makes me a fed to you? Fucking nigger brained faggot >>13059 no but it's well known and they've been doing it since at least the 60s
>>13047 How do we know that this a literal glowie and not just some boomer who reported this to the police and ended up in the report?
>>13001 different anon here than the one you responded to. circumcision undoubtedly plays a role in that but the primary reason for these mental deficiencies within the jew community is due to the fact that eastern euro jews were inbreeding for hundreds of years. https://web.archive.org/web/20201224050708if_/https://www.haaretz.com/.premium-ashkenazi-gene-increases-schizophrenia-1.5294333 once you realize that jews run hollywood, it really makes you wonder if all the narratives about “hillbillies” and “rednecks” being inbreed were true, or if jews were just once again projecting
>>13042 >They try to de radicalise not the other way round. thats not accurate. LEOs will take advantage of “radicalized” anons by attempting to entrap them via fed posting. however, orgs like shareblue do use “de-radicalization” methods as another attack vector. these methods come in various cointelpro forms. LEOs dont waste time with de-radicalization methods
>>13065 Entrapment also usually involves actual physical action on your part and not just some stupid shitposts on an imageboard which can easily be dismissed as roleplaying or trolling by even the most braindead retard lawyer. Take that show where Chris Hansen was luring pedophiles into getting arrested as an example, if they hadn't actually shown up then there's fuck all anyone could have done about the internet conversations because it could be argued the pedo was under the impression he was roleplaying with another grown man. You shouldn't be posting any actual specific plans you have on the internet regardless, but tossing out situations that could easily be dismissed as hypothetical probably isn't going to land anyone in actual legal trouble because that's a huge waste of time and resources as opposed to just having a handful of fags run around accusing everything of glowing so that people police themselves.
>>13066 This guy gets it. You don't go bait people on image boards as a fed because you don't control the situation. If you provoke some kid into shooting up a KFC you're going to be in deep shit from above and may even face criminal charges for it. Feds bait you into meeting up with them in person (for bombs or weapons) and then arrest you when you arrive. The people most likely to scream fed are themselves feds from the evidence from the 8ch posts. They call people shills or feds if they mention anything the real feds don't want you engaging with. If you did think someone is fed posting your best plan would be to not post in the thread at all. The documents we saw were part of an attempt to get every single posters IP from the pig farmer. Replying to a fed is only going to open you up to being a target.
>>13066 very true. the funny thing is, well its not funny its kinda sad, most of those pedo faggots that were caught by hanson actually had their charges dropped or they beat the charges in a trail. not criticizing your post, just thought this was relevant.
>>13082 Perverted Justice were fucking retarded and Hanson didn't even call the cops most the time. People got off because none of the legal process wasn't followed because Hanson and his team. I think some of perverted justice work for google now.
>>10612 >i work for a three letter agnecy do you have any insight on which vpns are compromised and should be avoided? that would be a huge help and insightful
Open file (185.39 KB 800x500 2ndAmendmentText.jpg)
BO please note. In response to the Marxist usurpation of the Constitutional Authority of the United States, turns out there are literally hundreds of counties around the nation all declaring themselves 2A sanctuaries during the past month. You sure don't hear anything about this surge in the corporate-controlled media. We really should have a thread dedicated to spreading this information to /k/ and the wider webring. >For example, KY now has over 100 counties (the significant majority) declaring themselves 2A sanctuaries: https://web.archive.org/web/20201126142901/https://sanctuarycounties.com/category/states/kentucky/
>>13087 My apologies, I misread the dates. The past year is accurate, however. And the basic point stands. I sure didn't know about his movement, the media is obviously trying to memory-hole it.
>>12984 Turkey is a mixture of arabs, albanians, mongoloids, pakistanis, jews and greeks. I doubt there more than 1,000,000 ethic Turks left. However I will say that ethic purity does not really matter as long as both of these criteria are met: 1. Culture and language remains relatively the same 2. The genetic gap between the ethic groups isn't too great. They are all relatively close (For example, they are all technically Caucasian). The problems start when culture shifts to a different direction AND completely alien genetic groups start polluting the gene pool (niggers).
>>13084 >asking the glowBO that nuked the board for advice
>>13063 because the (you)s are from an unsealed court case which you can view at the link in the screenshot
>>13084 No, but there's three tests you can do to confirm whether or not the VPN is shit: 1) If they have hate crime laws in their clauses, they're trackin what you do. 2) If tor isn't allowed (premiums to use tor are a different story and must be judged on an individual basis) it's shit. 3) If you go to a milqtoast alt-right imageboard or forum and find yourself banned from the VPN, it's compromised. I can confirm that the most commonly loved Protonmail VPN and NordVPN are both compromised.
>>13087 then make a thread, it passes rule 4
>>13064 >it really makes you wonder if all the narratives about “hillbillies” and “rednecks” being inbreed were true Probably has something to do with actual inbred white European hillbillies being instinctively xenophobic towards foreigners from neighboring villages unless you're sufficiently rich for them to screw you over covertly instead of openly. Many European rednecks have also figured out how to keep their heritage sufficiently regional with a manageable amount of retarded heirs, so their current descendants rarely have sub-100 IQs. >>13095 >ProtonVPN v&ing people for alt-right opinions Proofs?
>>13095 >Protonmail VPN and NordVPN are both compromised everyone knows nordvpn is compromised, it really looks like you threw that in there just so it looks like you're not lying about protonmail
>>13100 >>13097 Test it for yourself. Despite the "no data logging" claims, they seem to always be caught doing business with the companies and countries caught in scandals, and browsing the wrong sites gets you banned from their service in short order unless you've paid for a visionary membership. Stating anything else would violate OpSec, but I would reccomend steering clear of them unless you're just pirating stuff.
>>13100 >just so it looks like you're not lying about protonmail Nice strawman. Any vendor that demands SMS verification is obviously compromised before you even begin. Protonmail is such a vendor. Why do they care so much about who you really are friend? http://digdeep4orxw6psc33yxa2dgmuycj74zi6334xhxjlgppw6odvkzkiad.onion/ghost/email.html#ProtonMail
>>13096 Thank you, but no. It should be a good effortpost OP for a new thread. I'll be happy to contribute to it once it's up however. Besides, I want to hear the BO himself's opinion on the matter before I just barge in and create a new thread about this. I figure if the fact that if almost 1'000 US counties publicly declaring themselves 2nd Amendment sanctuaries is important enough here, then someone talented will step in and make a good thread about it.
>>13108 >>13096 >>13087 it passes rule 4 hombre don't worry about it my opinion doesn't mean shit unless you're breaking the ruuules
moderation action 2/9, closed report for spam on someone saying anime doesn't belong on an imageboard. conversation was already off-track so I can't be fucked to care about it
>>13102 Doesn't it give you a captcha option?
>>13116 Anime doesn't belong on an image board about real world topics. Anime should stick to it's containment boards. Are you going to allow brony's to post horses with guns on their buttcheeks next?
Open file (315.99 KB 1280x905 touhoukebab1.jpg)
Open file (160.41 KB 978x700 touhoukebab2.jpg)
Open file (1.44 MB 2033x1424 touhoukebab3.jpg)
Open file (81.71 KB 1200x850 touhoukebab4.jpg)
>>13119 fuck you nigger
Open file (23.46 KB 390x380 9ca.jpg)
>>13120 No one's going to fuck you that's for sure.
Open file (83.93 KB 799x937 governmentfucksme.jpg)
>>13123 cope
>>13119 >Anime doesn't belong on an image board No matter the context, this is always unarguably and objectively wrong.
>>13131 Sad the weeaboo who never even went to 2ch and saw how many boards they keep anime free. Stay on your containment boards. We're sick of smelling your crusty naruto shirts.
Open file (41.61 KB 299x275 are you serious.jpg)
>>13136 There's a few different anons pushing back against the weeb infestation on the webring. If you want to post on /a/ or /animu/ no one cares. We're sick of every board being overrun by the same obvious small group of weebs who shit up the place and have the obvious same posting style and sleep schedule.
>We Fuck off, goon. I'm a retarded, imbecilic piece of newfag trash who doesn't really watch anime all that much and even I know that you're either retarded or a hostile agent.
>"We're X..." Well, true to form, the Bolsheviks are sending the lowest common denominator diversity retards in first. I wonder if they even do it for free?
>>13138 Maybe you should head back to cuckchan or neinfed, quadra nigger
Reminder that your retarded chink cartoons never belonged on imageboards and if you say otherwise you're a retarded newfag.
Open file (471.73 KB 779x401 smug rustle 5.png)
>>13132 >who never went to hiroyuki's shit palace Is that supposed to impress anyone?
Open file (153.99 KB 385x344 1472052952483.png)
Open file (92.00 KB 750x950 Friendly_Reminder.jpg)
stop posting stupid shit in this thread on a related note: tranny janny combat report 2-18-21: banned one user, closed two reports. on 2-18, user was banned for 1 week for spamming- technically not really spam as it's one post, but if you want to throw a fit at me for deleting it then take it to the judge reports were closed on 2-17, were part of an existing conversation and weren't deleted, "niggerpilling" isn't against the board rules and I've already dealt with enough headaches over failing to be impartial regarding banning people over such a topic, regardless both posts are shitposts just hide them if you don't like them
Open file (142.94 KB 326x367 1568520070684.png)
>>13409 and before any dumbass gets upset saying i'm "posting people's IP addresses" those are hashes corresponding to their IPs, not the real deal, you'd have to be the site owner to crunch da numbers and figure it out or something. do not bother me
>>13409 >>13410 The ASN can still be used as identifying information. You might want to omit the poster's ASN next time or now.
Open file (40.76 KB 422x279 2-17-21.PNG)
Open file (16.15 KB 423x187 2-17-21-2.PNG)
Open file (7.99 KB 546x92 2-18-21.PNG)
Open file (30.30 KB 387x641 2-27-01.PNG)
Open file (82.67 KB 530x154 2-27-02.PNG)
Open file (61.65 KB 1266x216 2-27-03.PNG)
mods demand action update for feb 27 3 reports closed report 27-1 was regarding a bunch of empty replies, imagine spamming a thread with 50 replies to get quints on a board with a PPH of fucking 10 on a good day missed this thread when deleting a bunch of blank replies. it's all old, so didn't ban anyone for spamming. just deleted a bunch of shit report 27-2 concerned the nuke thread; while the original post was probably bait (guy actually put his e-mail into the email field, looked up his twitter account and I think it's just an edgy fortnite zoomer) the replies have been quality content and information on this stuff has been out for literal decades. this isn't the 50s and we aren't the rosenbergs for spilling the beans did see on the overboard some faggot using the thread as "evidence" that we're promoting terrorism. make sure to fire up your iranian VPNs before checking out the thread report 27-3 concerned some whiner complaining about society and my fascist communist ist blah blah censorship. i don't consider this post to be shilling another website outside the webring due to no direct link. if the ASN makes a habit of posting more altchan shit then i'll send a warning, though i'm sure if he really means it and is totally fucking off to his New Imageboard then there won't be any new posts right?
>>13653 Lol I knew retards were gonna freak about the nuke thread. The Smithsonian has detailed and accurate full scale display replicas of the bombs we dropped on japan, even including the fucking neutron initiator in fat man. It's impossible to classify technology as simple as "shot chunk of stuff at other chunk of the same stuff, wikipedia has a detailed blueprint of Little Boy. None of us are HEU smugglers, and the feds watching over our shoulders already know this.
Are we being spammed right now? If not, can we finally make Shinji proud by getting out of the robot?
>>10348 why dont we have any generals here? I know people bitch and moan about /arg/ and /akg/ and stuff but why dont we have them here? Would anyone be open to that?
>>13741 >Why no generals? Because anon hasn't made them. >Would anyone be open to that? I'm an opportunist poster when something catches my fancy and that's that.
>>13741 There aren't enough posters to warrant a general thread- the closest you'll get is the QTDDTOT thread. You're free to give it a shot but know that it's not going to catch 400+ replies about the latest and greatest Same, but Different variant of the (gun of choice).
Open file (35.74 KB 474x528 rommel smiling.jpg)
>>13741 >>13742 I don't see why we couldn't have a general's thread here. We could talk about everyone from Rommel and Lee to Butt Naked and Savimbi.
Open file (13.45 KB 729x132 3-6-21.PNG)
doing my job please send .25 cpr 9mm or chicken tenders deleted 5 posts, some dude posting "Gahoole"s ass, some dude spamming really inane shit as in image, and some ghetto telegram gun salesman honeypot type deal yes i do actually log in to the board- where the fuck has chinkanon vol disappeared to
>>13866 >the PLA is janitoring the board
>>13866 Why do you think this person is doing it? Do you think chinkanon was killed by the CIA niggers?
>>13884 >chinkanon was killed by the CIA niggers Fuck, i liked chinkanon
>connection failed >connection failed >connection failed fucking cafe needs to fix their shit. >>13866 >>13892 >where the fuck did you goto. Moderating the bunker board obviously zzzchan doesn't fucking require emails for password resets thank gods. I'll let you know my foxconn contractor slave labor ain't free, gotta pay for suicide netting. Actually I got (((recovered)), and sent to a mental asylum on the mainland and got drugged with enough benzodiapenes to keep the entire population of hawaii from not panicing on a false missile test alarm. Send halp. If you didn't bother reading the email from my new tutanota address then you probably didn't see why. >>13884 >getting whacked by CIA Unironically speaking, I have an actual (precievable) risk of getting whacked by the MSS rather than american three letters because I chose a job where I wouldn't have any contact with anything remotely close to MSS espionage targets in the US.
Why is the /k/anteen anchored?
>>13893 i asked you what your new username was but you never got back to me stupid re-instated the zergfacecultist username if this board gets nuked in 1 hr i'm going to short-sell your chinko employer's company and have you selling gook ass for hits of meth in shenzhen after being laid off >>13899 prob hit post limit. make a new thread
>>13902 But as far as I remember it was a cyclic thread from the very beginning.
>>13902 >reinstating an old account even though I never specified if I regained access U fookin wot mate. Never got the email. check your email for a the new username >short selling my employer and becoming a male prostitute Sorry not sorry, I'm not an enunch and I'm not into CBT. Please send any referrals you wish to your local MSS agent email 5544@12339.gov.cn send halp mss is like a yandere gf but with benzodiapames and sleep deperivation >picture mostly unrelated?
Do you fellas like stenciling your ammo boxes? My recent one turned out pretty gud.
>>13960 We have the /k/anteen for exactly these kind of posts.
>>13961 Unstickying 100rads was a mistake on such a slow board, with a whole 1 new post a week while bumplocked its barely worth checking.
>>13963 Make a new one then.
Cower in fear foreign devils. After ten thousand years, the Red dragon has returned, China will grow larger! All hail the CPC mandated installation of safety nets, CCTVs, and mental health sanitariums for the trouble causers! >pic, video and audio is related shitposting Send halp I'm on an MSS hitlist for tankman joke Stayed tuned for some CNC generals themed OC. Moderation action, 3/24 2200Z I have fixed the triplepost (>>14115 >>14116 >>14118) I've left one up ( >>14116 ) so you could see what it originally said. It's good to fucking be back.
Edited last time by Kondor on 03/25/2021 (Thu) 02:46:04.
>>14286 >linked the deleted post as the one left up so solly chang but you've already fucked up your first post as volunteer, time for another week in uncle police's slapping chair
>>14289 Don't go too hard on him, Mac. It's a tough life out there. Won't someone please just think of the Red dragons?
>>14289 >messed up Nope. That's the quality I was told to aim for.
Open file (610.92 KB 850x1135 Yutaka Izubuchi.jpg)
>pic unrelated Report on >>14356 is closed. It's a low effort bait attempt so just ignore it, it's not like they're spamming. >>14307 alongside several other posts was binned by our BO for being spam and the user ate a ban. However, with /fascist/ getting the boot off the cafe (for good or bad), /k/ has become the biggest board on this site (by post number) followed by /meta/ and /comfy/, likewise, this makes the board a target. I was not here for the majority of the drama regarding the /fascist/ board, but my current reading of the remaining information makes me disagree with the site administration heavily on their stance. Granted, just because we disagree does not mean that we should be mortal enemies bent on the destruction of the other. Therefore, I would like further input on the current state of moderation, and what other streloks are willing to tolerate of the site administration and of the board volunteers. Imageboards require the both the posters and the administration to understand what is required of each other to prevent splitting. Personally, I take a relatively strict scrutiny approach to this, (Rules must be narrowly tailored as possible and be justified by a compelling site administration interest). If there are any other proposals that follow Romanian law I would like to hear them. The current plan in case of the board going down still to bunker with sturgeonfish at the zzzchan bunker board which I need to stop procrastinating finish setting up the banners and stuff, please keep that in mind. activeshooter my email is still rejecting your ass for some dumb reason even with the unblock rule. So the board is the only way to contact me. Edit: Couldn't spell properly.
Edited last time by Kondor on 03/29/2021 (Mon) 02:55:53.
>>14425 >Therefore, I would like further input on the current state of moderation, and what other streloks are willing to tolerate of the site administration and of the board volunteers. I'm here because the anon.cafe site owner is one of only two site owners I trust on the webring. I will not go anywhere else, especially not to Sturgeon's bunker, and I think site owner was in the right and communicated clearly based on my own dealings with the /fascist/ BO and his personality. There's no point flinging shit at this point though so I'll leave it at that. If something happens to this one I will go down with the ship and stop posting on /k/ boards altogether. >If there are any other proposals that follow Romanian law I would like to hear them. Rule 1 should be changed to a 3 day range ban. >but my current reading of the remaining information makes me disagree with the site administration heavily on their stance. When I read it at the time of it happening, it seemed pretty straightforward. >Rules must be narrowly tailored as possible and be justified by a compelling site administration interest I like rule 4 the way it is.
>>14425 > /k/ has become the biggest board on this site (by post number) followed by /meta/ and /comfy/, likewise, this makes the board a target. Should we ever considering hiding the board?
>>14425 FWIW, I absolutely agree with Anoncafe's decision regarding /fascist/. I say that for their benefit, not yours. I've seen few publicly approve o the choice, and your post is an obvious opportunity to do so.
>>14425 >/k/ has become the biggest board on this site That's kinda sad too be honest >I would like further input on the current state of moderation Pretty happy with it
Moderation seems fine as it is. If being the top board brings more spam, it might then be good to draft a few users as jannies purely for the sake of removing only spam (as in, ban any who overstep that). Worked great for my imageboard when 2015 CP spam was a daily occurance. >>14435 I fully agree with the decision as well. They messed up with the wrong email address but still gave a whole month to migrate so I think the admin handled a messy situation well. Plus, the BO probably couldn't have done anything to fix the troublemakers in the userbase, no matter how competent they were. As a prominent crossboarder, I've noticed site drama has dropped significantly.
Open file (24.13 KB 400x238 muh bund.jpg)
>pic unrelated Moderation done between 3/29 and 4/11 23:00z BO deleted and baned someone posting >>14686. Reason: "you breakin the law homie!!". This was a global moderator action. >>14469 has been merged into the QTDDTOT thread >>7036. I think it might hit the bump limit soon but I was too tired and didn't properly check. Sorry about that, but I guess that means someone can make the new QTDDTOT thread! >>14428 >trust If it is one thing. I have learned to not trust anyone at all. Perhaps I am just a pessimist. Regarding Rule 1, you'll have to wait for the BO to reply, I could probably change the rules but I do at least want to go up the command chain. Usually 1-2 hours bans are enough to calm them down. >>14432 >Hiding the board I am against that unless we get five finger fisted up the ass like old 8cuck did. 4cucks are basically reddittors and are not really capable versus ye old golden days. I don't see a reason and the BO doesn't either probably unless it turns out a poster on this board pulled a killdozer. >>14435 Again, I wasn't around, but it seemed to me the admins seemed to fuck it up quite royally. As to if /fascist/ did have law breaking material IDK because I don't go there (occasionally to scrape from their news thread since it ties in with /k/). >>14442 >janies for spam only Might work, but so far we've been good. Hope that if they do spam it gets caught on one of my 48 off shifts.
>>14442 >They messed up with the wrong email address They didn’t, though. The /fascist/ BO confirmed that they did receive the initial admin emails, but missed them under board reports. Someone posted a summary of the incident over in /monster/'s meta thread if you want to look: https://smuglo.li/monster/res/88802.html#88967
Open file (417.21 KB 546x860 retardation.PNG)
>picture completely unrelated April 15th, 00:20z An advertising spam post about "legitimate" drug purchases has been given the boot in the Middle East and Africa buy one get one free (>>9172) thread. Poster was given a 4 hour ban. Repeated offenses will incur an increasingly longer bans. Edit: I forgot to grammar and I need to go back to the foxconn factory.
Edited last time by Kondor on 04/15/2021 (Thu) 00:28:48.
>>14428 >>14775 the reason for rule 1 having a comparatively short duration is that people spamming generally use a VPN or TOR- banning one of their IP addresses doesn't really do anything other than force them to swap to a new IP and it also means if someone uses the same VPN as them they'd get banned as well. most people aren't autistic enough to spam a board for four straight hours manually and if such a situation were to occur, it wouldn't really make much of a difference on the jannie side of things as it just means you ban the IP again
Open file (11.30 MB 640x360 Freemont shootout.mp4)
>forgot #RS tag >video unrelated. It's one of the better PD shots I've seen so far this year The shot dude almost got the department issued rifle. I fucked up while merging >>15028 into >>13971 and did the exact opposite. Whoops. Someone reported a bunch of shit in the Middle East Africa 2 for 1 and War in the Caucus thread for no reason or "dilution". Yes, its offtopic saging a bit but it is still somewhat related to the thread in my opinion.
At around 18:55z on April 23rd, 2021. >>15124 was deleted and banned for 4 hours shilling drugs (spamming) and linking to outside the webring >>15087 was deleted because I don't see how Mr. William H. Gates III is a criminal is even remotely relevant to /k/. Unrelated, but is anyone getting required to finish two captchas before posting?
Edited last time by Kondor on 04/23/2021 (Fri) 18:57:59.
>>15133 I think the first one is the generic one required to post on the site, and the second one is specific for the post. After that subsequent posts only require one captcha.
>>15133 Tell admin the quick reply captcha doesn't seem to work, unless it's something to do with cookies or scripts being disabled. The new reply captcha functions as expected.
Actions on 28/4/21 16:00z >>15194 has been merged into the 100 rads thread. Let this be a warning this time since I caught it late. Go to fascist or 8cuck pol if you want to start threads about politics without /k/ related stuff outside the canteen. >>15296 Has been given a 1m ban so the big ass red letters can you fuckss to move this shit to the kanteen thread. It's not about biological warfare. Action on 25/4/21 22:00z Global action. Someone ate the banhammer for cp.
Open file (4.45 MB 1280x720 S stands for.mp4)
>video unrelated Two reports have been closed. >Namefagging Not against the rules (just laugh at them). >schizo posting Not a bannable offense. >>15943 Poster has been given a 1 day ban with the message to "Fuck off to 4cuck or plebbit where you belong". We appreciate if there is additional feedback on the level of distaste required for these messages. >>15875 BO caught this one before me and handed out a ban and deleted the thread on 05/23/2021 19:40:51z for spamming. ........And I fucked up the grammar again. I said come in, don't stand there!
Edited last time by Kondor on 05/26/2021 (Wed) 17:08:16.
>>16067 has been removed because it is offtopic porn spam, and links to outside the webring. A 1week ban has been applied. Report on >>15936 has been closed because namefagging, while detestable and deserving humiliation of the greatest degree, is not against the rules. >>16035 has been merged into PDF thread >>245.
>>15028 has hit the bumplimit and as such, a new /k/anteen thread (>>16158) has been made. Yes. The captcha is still fucking broken but >>>/meta/ has been silent on the issue.
Edited last time by Kondor on 06/06/2021 (Sun) 17:20:35.
Open file (1.73 MB 1800x996 q0bdtmgpinfx.gif)
>>16176 has been merged into new QTDDTOT thread. >>16237 has been temp banned >Ban reason 5. Name/avatar/tripfagging is gay and antithetical to imageboard use, do not do this. >ban duration: 1 second >ban type: ASN > non-bypassable? no Now, go cry in a corner get laughed at by the board since you'd either have no eyes or down syndrome to miss the big pin on the top of the board. This ban is to mainly warn other newfags coming (the question is fine). Edit: Praise be the BO, for he hath ended the tyranny of the broken captcha (we think).
Edited last time by Kondor on 06/09/2021 (Wed) 16:04:43.
Open file (860.11 KB 1366x768 Yukari Akiyama Shovel.png)
Open file (247.29 KB 720x1311 Le 2003 veteran.jpg)
Open file (194.76 KB 720x1326 Refined Sauce.jpg)
If there's been more newcomers here than usual, (and I'll make no secret of the fact I'm one of them) I think I have an explanation as to why: The second pic above was posted a week ago in 4 Chan's /K/. Old timers reminisced, mourned for the absolute state of the board and cursed /pol/ and how their shit flooded every discussion. In the discussion of "how do we unfuck the situation" the webring, and cafe was mentioned, as you can see above. That's how I found this place. I'm guessing I'm not the only one. I don't know how this place works, or what it needs, but it's better than any solution I could have come up with, and feel I've found real treasure here, and don't want to fuck it up. So far, I've assumed this place's best defense against the /pol/posting hordes is it's obscurity. Don't talk about the cafe, and it'll stay worth talking about, but what the fuck do I know? The takeaway is that mods should be ready for more traffic, much of which will probably be done in the ignorance of the Cafe's rules and culture. But hey, it was just one mention, in one thread. I have no fucking idea if it was a big deal.
>>16339 /pol/ is inescapable though, this board is surprisingly nuanced but there are still some spergs lurking. Just post quality posts and it'll be fine.
Open file (1.31 MB 1915x1049 Rin Cute.png)
>>16341 Thanks friend. Any trends I should avoid dragging into here? The guys in the above thread were sick of wojack, and being a doomer just isn't helping. Here's a cute still from Inu Yasha that I'm sure /kind/ will love. Also, >Dude says he started in 2008 >Named file Le 2003 >Measure TWICE!
>>16342 First of all, don't push enter after every fucking sentence like >>16339 does, because that actually makes it harder to read the post. Second, remember that /k/ is about /k/. Lastly, lurk more.
>>16342 I can't say I'm not apprehensive about new guys, but its hard to deny that this place has been dead since we got kicked out of julay. and died even more when the feds showed up Etiquette is mostly limited to not posting like a glownigger or excessive memespeak. That's about it.
>>16339 Doubtful. If the times Smug and other webring members have been posted has any stats on the matter, those sorts of posts are the definition if pissing in an ocean of piss and would be lucky to attract one or two individuals.
>>16345 >>16349 >>16351 Alright. I'm pretty sure fedposting is straight up illegal in my country, so I'll continue my proud tradition of not suggesting people do as antifa did. Excessive memespeak, yea, that rarley adds anything. And sorry about pressing enter. Was trying to break up the wall of text, but if it looked silly, I'll keep that in mind for the future. And regarding keeping /k/ about /k/, that's why I'm here, but does the whole "magical place" thing still fly? Can people post their bad dragon collection, as long as they're posting guns as well? Or is that another thing people have grown tired of?
>>16372 I was referring to advertising on 4chan, not anyone's posts.
>>16372 Have fun if you want, but don't make it too cancerous, as long as is related to guns it's fine.
>video unrelated >>16418 has been banned for 5 days >Reason: Spam, linking to sites outside webring >ban type: IP/Bypass >Non-bypassable? no >Thread/post deleted: Thread deleted >Other notes: No listed ASN so ASN ban impossible Report on >>16390 has been closed No action has been taken as it does not violate in our opinion Romanian law. I suggest you ignore the post. >>16372 This site follows Romanian law, under which the following may be of note >>>/meta/13836 You are still responsible for knowing the laws of your jurisdiction and following the rules of this site. For example, Romanian laws ban the "incitement" of ethnic hatred, genocide, and specific threats >(4) Incitement to commit the crime of genocide, committed directly, in public, shall be punishable by no less than 2 and no more than 7 years of imprisonment and a ban on the exercise of certain rights. In short, the opinion is currently statements without a location and/or time are generally acceptable as long as they do not show intent. For example: >gas the jews Is probably acceptable, wheras >gas the jews at X location tommorrow Is not acceptable. >>16341 and >>16339 >spergs It has gotten a bit better since /fascist/ left more or less, although to be fair we're pretty lenient on the "don't offtopic rule" in general. My understanding is /fascist/ migrated off this site and immediately died as a board before going onion only. >>16349 The current active board staff consists of: activeshooter (Board operator) Kondor (vol) Global staff may initiate actions sometimes due to global rules being broken, I try my best to post here on actions since nobody reads logs usually.
>>16423 I'd just like to point out that pointing at deleted posts is not that helpful to understand the situation.
>>16426 >deleted post It's literally a spam post. I've written it there for posterity in case you waned to know the post number.
Sage for doublepost >>16462 was banned for 8hrs for spamming >Reason: Spam, linking to outside WR >Non-bypassable? no >Thread/post deleted: Post deleted >Other notes: Tor posted, previous 5d ban on >>16418 has been lifted since I realized that the ban time was over excessive. Sorry. >>16465 has been banned for 2 hrs >Reason: Not spoiling porn/gore >Non-bypassable? no >Thread/post deleted: N/A >Other notes: Tor poster, photo not taken because post is still up if you want to see porn. EDIT: It appears I fucked up and accidentally deleted it while applying the ban. Please accept my apologizes, I don't think I can restore it.
Edited last time by Kondor on 06/18/2021 (Fri) 17:13:59.
>>16494 was banned for 2weeks and 6hrs for various infractions >Reason: Spam, linking to outside WR, CP >non-bypassable? YES >Thread/post deleted: Thread deleted >Other notes: ASN ban, IP ban will be applied if spam continues Obviously, no picture.
Edited last time by Kondor on 06/20/2021 (Sun) 16:25:49.
Anyone having trouble posting videos?
>>16600 Make sure you aren't connected to your ISP's DNS.
>>16600 are you trying to post mp4/webm files or embed links?
>>16653 Trying to upload an mp4 and I get this error in pic related. If I put text, it gets posted, but not the video, really weird.
>>16667 try changing the filename and check that it meets the size limit
>>16668 Same issue here in the /comfy/ advertising thread ("advertising good music" - actually an upload test). I tried to upload an 18MB mp4 twice, and only the text was posted. I'll rename it and try to post it in this post. (Apologies for it not being /k/ related if it does get through.)
>>16670 Nope, failed again.
>>16668 >7.5 MB test
>>16679 >>16668 Nope, changed the name and the size was 7.5, it only posted the text.
>>16680 make a thread in >>>/meta/ regarding the issue
>>16680 It's been solved now, server admins on /meta/ said it was issue with ffmpeg dependencies. See >>>/meta/15007 >>17164 has been banned for 1 week >reason CP, linking outside WR >non-bypassable? YES >Thread deleted?" YES >Other notes: IP/Bypass ban, hash ban not possible due to not being global vol. 1WK due to to possible TOR address? (I thought TOR posters = no pictures)? Once again, no photo 11/7/21 edit: Same spam poster has been banned again, this time it is 4week 4 hours (I meant it to be 2 weeks but I was tired and didn't double check). >reason CP, linking outside WR, spam >non-bypassable? YES >Thread deleted?" YES >Other notes: IP/Bypass ban, hash ban not possible due to not being global vol. No ASN
Edited last time by Kondor on 07/11/2021 (Sun) 14:57:27.
THIS BOARD IS CURRENTLY UNDER INCREASED SPAM VOLUME, BANS WILL BE UPDATED IN 1WK >>17697 >>17726 >Reason spam, illegal content >non-bypassable? YES >Thread deleted? YES >Duration: 2w4d4h >IP/bypass ban, no ASN >>17729 >reason CP, spam >non-bypassable? YES >Thread Deleted? YES >Duration: 2w4d >Other notes IP/Bypass ban, no ASN >>17727 >>17726 >>17728 >Reason, YT spam, offtopic >non-bypassable? YES >Duration:4h >Thread deleted? YES >IP/Bypass ban No photo for obvious reasons.
Edited last time by Kondor on 08/09/2021 (Mon) 01:02:14.
>>17965 >>17931 >>17836 >>17959 >>17689 >>17781 >>17549 >>17729 >>17697 >>17716 >>17765 >>17763 >>17735 Are all spam bans. Sorry for the late post. Been busy lately. I thank active shooters and global vols for their help.
>>18001 >ban type: ASN >thread deleted? N >Non-bypassable? N >ban length:8days and 8 hours. Was told unkindly to fuck off back to plebbit. Thread not deleted because other streloks were laughing at his stupidity. Link to discuck removed.
Open file (68.11 KB 621x284 hour.png)
There's a hole in Vol coverage.
>>18356 PSA to streloks: yes there's a gap in vol coverage. that's because it's just myself and kondor along with global staff. the best thing you can do individually to help is report posts like this reporting posts sends an e-mail notification to vols/jannies/admins, meaning I can log onto my VPN at work and delete the post.
>>18359 Was Chang sent to a re-education camp?
>>18359 >send an email My email is still broken because tutanota perma banned cafe servers.... >>18363 >re-education No. >>18356 >up almost an hour. I'm sorry we aren't gods strelok. I hate to say this and sound niggardly, but I actually have a life outside the board we aren't halfcuck jannies on /b/. If you wish to increase the response time chance I suggest you apply as a vol alongside using the global report so the global admins see it. Now have some extreme homosexual degeneracy from grown men so there's something that's legal* and a deep dark fantasy. *Offer not valid in all 206 countries. Not responsible for risk of defenestration, beheading, or other bodily harm. Use as prescribed to prevent hallucinations of GAYPLACE and Shinnippori.
modulator akshun repot 8-25 banned two people selling fake documents for 1 week, some guy tripfagged and posted twice but that's not enough to be considered spam so ignored
Open file (3.03 MB 1280x720 A FUCKING LEAF.mp4)
>>18598 has been banned for being a leaf >ban type: IP/Bypass >ban length: 1m (1 minute) >non-bypassable?: NO >reason: Being a leaf. Day of the rake soon you syrup huffers
Edited last time by Kondor on 08/25/2021 (Wed) 23:49:23.
janny report 8-26, banned two people for shilling dork web services, banned one guy for 4 hours for posting nsfw (PSA: people spamming adverts do not check their threads after doing so. you are only posting dicks for the other users on the board. sage is not a downvote. do not reply to dorkweb spam.) closed report regarding "pushing furshit". sentiment appreciated.
>>18674 (cross-thread) > implying that i'm going around deleting your posts I noticed which post had the flag, and which had the threat. And I can't feel bad about a thread getting nuked when the biggest thing about it is I get to poke fun at myself with the "sage goes in every field" joke. >unappealing at best I thought the images and words were on-topic. also I totally don't get why some people get triggered about furry images on an image board. But I'm a furry, brony, and not an animefag so when I just don't notice someone trying to add meaning with an anime screenshot I shrug, then sorta get weirded out by the "not an anime board!" responses. >express purpose of getting attention Only when I'm already being prodded. No, seriously I'm trying to further the discussion in some form but everyone wants to latch on to my mismatched shoes because they see those before I'm done speaking. In short, people are weird, and I don't understand them. Somewhat moreso on the internet, honestly.
>>18692 >ree why is it people are upset when I post fetish shit? Look, just because you can does not mean you 'should. While there is no rule explicitly prohibiting fur shit so long as it is tangentially related to /k/(just like there is no rule prohibiting say, gay wrestling flicks or foxconn worker accidentally getting grinded into meat paste), you probably have better places to post that on. I have no idea why you would want to justify what your ostensibly strange fetishes to a bunch of streloks on a Tibetan basket weaving forum. If you want find a paragon of acceptance and virtue this is not the place to be, take your furfag posting to twitter or plebbit. Nobody here is forced to put up with your (or anyone else) shit aside from us vols. >We need to push tangential stuff so board does not die! Look, not everyone needs the constant stimulation like /b/. Go there if you want that. By the logic you are espousing, I could bring spike collars and jabroni outfits into the melee weapon thread and just post pictures of people shitting in the water in the biological warfare thread. There are many more slower boards than /k/ and most of those posters could probably care less if replies took multiple days or maybe weeks.
Edited last time by Kondor on 08/27/2021 (Fri) 06:09:49.
>>18611 <make a thread to help any canucks out to become hasguns in the current political situation <this is now somehow a bannable offense >being this much of a petty powertripping nigger Hey turbofaggot, in case you didn't notice here in leafland we have a federal election coming up, which in a nutshell is the deciding factor whether we get to keep our firearms or get further stripped of our rights.
>>18734 i think it was supposed to be a joke
>>18740 Nevermind I mistook 1m for one month Nevermind I'm fucking retarded
Open file (82.25 KB 500x338 1568733717458.jpg)
glorious modelator akshun 8-28 >deleted REAL EURO APE (TM) >closed report asking for "chang's opinion on __", please do not use the report system as a concierge bell to page my volunteer he doesn't get the report e-mails from the website so it only serves to pester me
>>18760 Mein nigga.
>>18760 I do now. I decided to change email providers because my previous address was a shitshow, tutanota can go eat that big fat rapefugee dick they've been serving up in the EU. Not that I check this email very frequently but it is better than getting nothing at all. >Report function abuse For the record, if any of you send me reports asking for my opinion on the current state of the middle kingdom I will probably just ignore you. Probably. Bans may also be handed out for abusing the system in glorious Tiananmen style. I will be sure to copy paste something in Mandarin since you foreign barbarians can't read it anyways. After all, what's a war board with censorship? >>18748 >being retarded It is okay leafkun. Just know no self respecting vol could pass up the chance to rake.
01/09/21 report: >Deleted spam >merged bayonets into melee About the corrupted photo repot, I haven't closed that report because I do not know if the BO can edit that, because I can't without nuking thread. Oh, and my email provider seems to have deleted my fucking account againWhy is using a VPN such torture. Sigh.
>>18882 Do you think the photo was corrupted on upload? It seemed fine before I posted it.
>>18909 No idea. Ask in /meta/ and point them to your broken image.
report mods, the darkweb gun seller is back, plz delete thread. thanks in advance.
Open file (2.00 MB 436x180 recoil.gif)
>>19035 >spam Done. Both ate a 4hr hour IP/Bypass ban. Threads deleted. Report regarding images: Not much I can do. I'll leave it up to see if BO can do anything but not really is my guess.
Open file (2.95 MB 1300x1733 a fucking leaf pile.png)
I'm not saying that we need to put a blanket ban on canucks, but can you do something about that one thread turning into /leafpol/? Most of that stuff should be in the kanteen.
Open file (22.91 KB 275x183 dayoftherakesoon.jpg)
>>19397 >leafpol To answer your question no. It is still "technically" on topic. In addition, if you are not colorblind, I there is a great big, red ban placed on the first leaf post in that thread, still did not stop them so take of that what you will. Edit: Day of the rake has arrived. Rejoice, my fellow imageboard posters, for functionally useless bans are handed out!
Edited last time by Kondor on 09/26/2021 (Sun) 01:14:30.
Spam was deleted. at the timing of this post. Please take the politics posting to the canteen if its not directly related to threads. I know that's hard but I'm expecting everyone to have some self restraint since we are not 4cuck. Edit: Since you dipshits don't understand the term "Self restraint". Take a day off. Especially whichever faggot is taking their political ideology to EVERY thread.
Edited last time by Kondor on 10/02/2021 (Sat) 05:02:16.
deleted generic rape spam reminder to hothead canucks that writhing and squirming on the internet can only be done with an authentico Maple Leaf badge, buy one at the anon.cafe redbubble store
>>19397 >go to a thread that you have no business in >demand posters be banned because you're too much of a thin skinned bitch because "muh /pol/" Why are you acting like such an insufferable woman? >>19579 Delete the currynigger scam spam thread in the catalog, for Pete's sake
>>19642 sorry, been busy lately. someone deleted it
Open file (55.43 KB 711x400 oinari_kuu_smug.jpg)
>>19642 >start a thread about gun ownership in Canuckistan >bitch about current year circus&bread instead of discussing guns >throw a sissyfit like a fucking negress when someone quietly asks the mod's to do something about it
Open file (9.58 KB 299x168 zergfaces.jpg)
>>19642 >offtopic = thin skinned! Look, we try our best to be lenient with rule 1. /k/ doesn't exist outside the /k/anteen to complain about election fraud since this isn't /fascist/ or /pol/. When they try to make policy on banning funs again go complain make a thread and complain the fuck all you want on how retarded the policy and leafland politics is. >>19643 >deleted It was the server admin I think. Time: 10/06/2021 (Wed) 02:09:11 >User root_admin deleted the following threads: 19633 and the following posts: 19633/19641 from board /k/. >>19653 Day of the rake.
>>19653 >please do something about these anons discussing a no-no topic >if you call me out on it you are X I know the game you're playing. You're not fooling anyone. You seem to reek of the former glownigger BO. First question, are you Canadian? If no, then like I said you clearly have no business in the thread. Nobody is making glownigger-tier posts. Or are you kvetching just for the sake of kvetching? >>19656 >politics are not related to gun ownership. >When they try to make policy on banning funs again go complain make a thread That is the thread.
>>19656 >When they try to make policy on banning funs again go complain make a thread and complain the fuck all you want on how retarded the policy and leafland politics is. It was a federal election where gun bans were a specific component of the parties' platforms. /k/ is neither /fascist/ nor /pol/, but gun politics is gun politics.
>>19659 >You seem to reek of the former glownigger BO. I've been strictly lurking for the last several months, so not me.
Also those water balloons are disgusting.
Open file (21.76 KB 562x471 fucking .PNG)
>>19659 >Poltics isn't gun control It isn't, especially if you are going to debate the semantics of if there was "voter fraud" or not. Plus, if you take a look at the bans handed out you will realize 99% of our bans are for spam. >complaining of a less than 1 minute ban The absolute state of mapleland. >>19660 >in re politics I am not a leaf, so I have no fucking idea of leafland poltics, but I am not dumb enough to realize that kvetching about the "stolen" election which degenerated one line posting of "no u". TBH, there was a couple other threads' posters I was about to ban, but they seemed to have calmed down a bit Before you ask, these logs, are publicly avalible. Edit: dropped a ly. Oops.
Edited last time by Kondor on 10/06/2021 (Wed) 23:11:53.
>>19662 >he doesn't like older women with voluptuous bodies Don't make me ara-ara you, you little shit
>>19792 It has seemed to resolve itself for now. At first when I made that post, the front page didn't update until about two hours later. When it finally did update, I had access to captcha is I entered the thread from the front page, but otherwise if I accessed a thread via catalog or via the second page onwards, it would not work at all again. Functionality via the catalog has returned and I'm too lazy to go back a few pages to test the other way. Also I got some error while trying to fill out a captcha just now saying something about 112 cookies stored for captcha or something. Not sure what that meant.
>>19794 >issues Are you phonemacposting by chance. I tested the cafe earlier on in its inception and safari/iphone seems to have captcha issues
>>19893 No I'm used to the captcha refresh error more like captcha cache error when phoneposting (just refresh the page and solve the captcha within 300 seconds). That's not the type of error I was experiencing, and I was on my computer at the time. Admittedly phoneposting errors skyrocketed after that event, but that event was on my desktop IIRC.
Also phone is android, not mac.
mod akshun 10/11 deleted spam and shady advertisements
Open file (921.68 KB 1163x1006 Boatslut Christmas.jpg)
Evening /k/. As some might have noticed, I got permission to host a multi-website Christmas event on anon.cafe (I say I but there's a team of us and I'm just the spokesperson). It would be rude for me not to invite my sister board so I'm dropping by the meta thread to mention that you all are invited! The board /christmas/ will go live on Black Friday (November 26th) and will remain up for the New Year, with December 18th (Saturday before Christmas) slotted for a big social gathering. We're gonna have a radio-style thread with possibly different DJs from different boards performing through the evening, and also a social game set up (/vg/ Veloren as a last resort, waiting to see what others want to contribute) for anons to "meet up" more tangibly. The beef of the event though is that it's going to be run somewhat like a Japanese "school cultural festival" with individual boards acting much like classes would at such a gathering. That is, boards will be contributing "cultural exchange" threads showing off their stuff and inviting anons to come have fun in-thread with them. We'd love for /k/ to provide one as well! There's some examples of what I mean in the pastebin: https://pastebin.com/gpNZ9dcx I'll be around if you have any questions, and if you need to contact me remotely I can be reached next door on /l/ over from NeneSeals@protonmail. I still gotta mention the event across the rest of anon.cafe but I've been individually writing these for almost three hours to provide everyone with a personal touch, and I think this will be the last board for this evening. I plan to invite both, but now I'm conflicted on whether I should post /islam/'s or /christian/'s invitation to the Christmas event next since there will be banter no matter which one I post to first. Still gotta invite 2hu too since I realize I spaced out on that earlier.
Just testing a theory, don't mind me.
Open file (797.15 KB 844x475 RK Sako rape face.gif)
>>10348 Why are Fingolians so scary and hot?
>>20365 >spoiler I can tell you right now that /islam/ isn't gonna join a Christmas party.
Please be advised that Anon.cafe has added a new global rule, listed at https://anon.cafe/.static/pages/globalRules.html - the new rule is "Do not advocate, plan, or advise violent real-world attacks". Accordingly, several recent posts in thread >>19848 have been removed. Since this rule is new, we're letting you know about it here as a courtesy.
Open file (192.93 KB 700x394 soy.jpg)
>>20819 >unironically obeying a reddit-tier rule
>>20830 >tolerating a blatant glownigger
>>20830 At the end of the day, this will always be an issue so long as anon.cafe is based out of Romania. I think it's crap because some of the posts were just criminal mischief, but you should pick and choose your battles and promote other /k/'s & political boards if you disagree, within and without the webring.
Open file (852.37 KB 500x281 (You).gif)
>>20831 >Free speech? In MY imageboard?! No way!
>>20833 Is there even another /k/ besides the zzz bunker or 4/k/?
>>20837 There is 16chan /k/ and I think endchan also has a /k/. This is my preferred /k/ but it is certainly not the only one.
>>20837 formal plan if this site is shut down is to move to zzz/k/

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