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Medical knowledge thread: rural edition Strelok 12/05/2020 (Sat) 17:48:07 No.10305
Anons, i need your advice. Today, one of my chicken was attacked, and heavily wounded, by some bird, i didn't recognize what kind. I took it in, cleaned the wound, put on some cream and bandages, now it's hopefully recovering. still, it made me think, about what could happen in a more serious scenario. What if it was one of my family members, or a friend or ally? what would i do? i need more knowledge on medical procedures, some kind of feldsher handbooks, everything you could provide on how to treat medium or heavy wounds in a rural environment, without the help of a doctor.
>>10306 every little bit helps. thanks for the book, i'll see if i can find it in pdf. infographics tend to be very condensed and straightforward, so I'd be happy to have someone post them here. maybe, if someone here is a trained medical professional, he could provide some helpful info from personal experience. I am thankful for every bit of info i can get my hands on, and i bet there are several other anons who think the same
>>10307 Just so you know, there is a second edition of the book under the same name, which seems to be shit [according to the reviews]. The link I posted was to the first book.
>>10310 Shit, looks like I'm retarded [my mom always told me I was autistic, I guess she was right} the like I posted was to the third edition.
A big problem you usually cant do much about is sepsis, so you need antibiotics. If you dont have them you're pretty much fucked. For everything else look into army fields manuals.
>>10315 Some trees natrually have anti microbial properties. But they usually are to a degree carcinogenic everything is with a low therpeutic index. American trees of Xanthozylum spp (esp Z. Clava herculis) are an example with the compound cherylthene

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