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"The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war." - Otamin

/out/doorsmanship Strelok 12/05/2020 (Sat) 03:47:46 No.10262
A thread dedicated to camping, hiking, traveling, outdoor sports, and general outdoorsmanship. The fresh open air, clear blue skies, ice-cold white winters, and grey-black storms that threaten fire and flash floods are your domain Strelok. What will you make of it? Have you done any camping in the last year? Are you making sure to get that D get sunlight for your eyes and general health? Even in a concrete jungle there's usually great secrets to be found with a little time, exploration, and innovation.
I haven't camped in a very long time actually, and even then it was just some shitty campground with lots and not actual wilderness camping. What in general should I look for if I'm on the east coast and want to get into the primitive type stuff? One day assuming shit doesn't fall apart entirely soon I would like to tackle the Appalachian trail. The whole fucking thing, from wherever it starts in the south all the way to the northern end. Also I know as a general rule of thumb that if I'm gonna be carrying then I need to do it discreetly in some cases, but when it comes to hikes like that which go through multiple states are there feds patrolling the trails to make sure you're conforming to local gun laws, or is it basically not monitored save for the occasional forest ranger who doesn't really give a shit?
Open file (3.01 MB 1200x675 1558325638917.gif)
>>10282 If you don't mind using Javascript, I've never had bad luck using this website so long as I wasn't camping during tourist season: https://freecampsites.net/ The nice thing is you can click a location and it will pull up reviews, pictures, etc. This one is also not bad: http://www.uscampgrounds.info/ I don't live on the East Coast so I can't really help you there. >but when it comes to hikes like that which go through multiple states are there feds patrolling the trails to make sure you're conforming to local gun laws, or is it basically not monitored save for the occasional forest ranger who doesn't really give a shit? If you openly open carry on a trail or something it depends since some forest rangers are chill and others are dicks. If you're leaving your funs around your campsite or are either concealed carrying or discretely carrying on trails, they will generally not give a shit. The closer you are to fancy nature areas like Florida, the more of a dick the park rangers will be, but honestly I've never seen park rangers out and about outside of tourist areas where they're writing parking tickets or handling a call about a feral animal in the vicinity. Drinking in public is illegal here even when camping, but I take a six pack and a book with me basically everywhere I go camping and I've never had problems with the park rangers even when they drive past me and I wave to 'em, but then that could just be where I'm at out West.
>>10287 Thanks for the links buddy. >that could just be where I'm at out West How far out west? I've always been under the impression that California/Oregon/Washington rangers were huge faggots like pretty much everyone else out that way, but over the past couple of years I've come under increasing doubt about this assumption especially since I almost got convicted of trespassing in Virginia because I took a step off a trail in a state park to take a piss and some fatso in a uniform happened to spot me.
>>10262 >Even in a concrete jungle there's usually great secrets to be found with a little time, exploration, and innovation. Although its goes against the thread wondering if anybody has done any urban exploration recently? I live on a farm in the middle of nowhere, so I've always been really interested in urban exploration. Too answer the OP's question, no I have not gone camping yet, but I go rucking [not timed, just for fun] in the woods on my property every single day.
>>10308 >rucking every day I hope you do stretches, take care of your joints strelok. From the little urbex I've done I can say you should at least make triple sure nobody who owns the property has eyes out for any prowlers. Also homeless people are not friendly, they might act like it but every one of them would shove an ice pick in your eye. At least that's how they are in the city near where I live. You'd be wise to keep an eye out and make sure nobody is squatting in whatever property you're exploring.
>>10312 >I hope you do stretches Every night before I go to bed. >You'd be wise to keep an eye out and make sure nobody is squatting in whatever property you're exploring. There is a abandoned as far as I can tell, well be doing more recon building on the property next to mine. That I'll be exploring, if I get caught worse things worst, I'll just play dumb and act like I thought is was public land.
Open file (740.76 KB 1462x790 1600625344101-2.jpg)
>>10290 >How far out west? I've camped from Utah through Kansas East-West and from Wyoming to Texas moving North-South along with a brief stint camping in Northern California. Nebraska and Utah are particularly comfy camping states. >I've always been under the impression that California/Oregon/Washington rangers were huge faggots like pretty much everyone else out that wa The closer they are to the cities, the bigger faggots the rangers are on average because Park Rangers near metropolitan areas are less Park Rangers and more glorified police officers receiving the same crooked pay and benefits package as police officers. The farther away from cities they are, the less they get compensated to be park rangers and thus the higher the chance is they work their job because they actually care about the environment and ecosystem. With the states west of Kentucky, driving between major population hubs is a 4-10 hour venture so there's more open land with fewer park rangers monitoring it/getting paid to monitor it. SoCal for instance is a shit hole to camp in, but Northern California is mostly open land and thus acts closer to the states East of the coast.
>>10262 >Even in a concrete jungle there's usually great secrets to be found with a little time, exploration, and innovation. How do explore? I am autism disability so I get free bus passes and train passes I think are half off in my county, the issue is sometimes the stops are a long walk. if I take the bike I might have to wait for another bus if the bike spot is full. I am never goanna be free, this is a prison I am 29 and still living with my parents I would have to explain where I went too also. I want to be free.
>>10354 >How do explore? Start with google maps, then once you found a spot that might be good, check it out in real life. I have no idea on how to make it free or how to overcome the autism challenges. and honestly, I don't know if it would be safe
>>10376 Safety is never guaranteed in an urbex scenario. Even if no one else is around to rat you out to pigs then there's always the possibility that you severely hurt yourself and don't have anyone around to call for help.
>>10394 >there's always the possibility that you severely hurt yourself Obviously, but I was talking about for a man who's autistic so autistic that he is living with his parents when he is 29 to go urban exploring. >don't have anyone around to call for help. I mean he could always call somebody with his phone.
>>10404 >phone I've been in abandoned buildings and had my service completely disappear before, particularly in basement areas, so even that's not a guarantee but it is better than nothing. Also if you decide to learn to pick locks definitely don't get caught in any areas they're supposed to be securing because that's a guaranteed breaking and entering charge.
Open file (14.32 KB 320x320 1384458478890.png)
Do you need a permit to go camping in America? Also I wouldn't even know where to go camping besides just walking in the woods for a while and just sitting down in a clearing.
Open file (1.77 MB 1900x1796 1558242777806.jpg)
>>10432 >Do you need a permit to go camping in America? Short answer: "It depends." Long answer: If you want to go actual backwoods camping (no vehicle access, possibly no trail or waterway access) in state parks or private properties, generally you need the local camping permit as well as a separate parking permit and campfire permit depending on the state. In some cases this permit is as simple as filling out a form when you show up to the campsite and slipping said form/cash into a box at the entrance to the campgrounds that a park ranger will check around closing time to make sure no one is violating local laws, and in some cases you need to actually talk to someone online/over the phone/at the property site to acquire it since different areas have different rules regarding camping. If you are camping in national forests, national grasslands, or land owned by the BLM that is not previously dedicated to pseudo-private ownership (cattle grazing most of the time), you do not need a permit unless otherwise stated on local signs. As a general rule of thumb, the further south or east you go, the more likely you will need a permit to go camping, since the less nature there is that is owned as national (federal) land. I suggest referring to >>10287 or if you are prone to refusing to use Javascript, doing it the old fashioned way and picking up maps of national forest boundaries. Generally national forests do not require permits and you are free to go off-trail and set up a tent wherever you want unless otherwise stated on local signage. Finding parking may or may not be more tricky though depending on local law (that will be posted on signage), and trails are less maintained (or nonexistent) in said national forests.
>>10437 are you from the old 8cuck days? I could've sworn I've seen that photo on the old board before it went down
>>10438 I am, but I only ever browsed /k/ for the /out/, /his/, and practical knowledge threads, not really for the weapons/warfare aspects.
Open file (320.61 KB 637x654 b30.png)
>>10441 welcome back, strelok
>>10262 I had the idea on backburner for making homemade MREs from commonly available store-bought goods. I know this is unoriginal but I wanted to do something different to the 1 pound of rice, 4 cans of spam and a jar of peanut butter. Talked it out with a friend and he thought I should come some requirements. This is what I came up with (ordered by descending order): >Feed five 5 men for a weekend (<3) day with >2000 Kcal a day >Common store-bought supplies >Minimum of one year of shelf life, maybe two years if possible >Must have little none preparatory work for meals >Reasonably cheap >Reasonably light >Preferably little to no synthetic/shitty ingredients What food that you anons bring when you camp? Anything novel, tastily or otherwise convenient? Didn't think camping food warranted its own thread so I'm posting here.
>>10535 If you can recognize them, Persimmons are useful if you need to tan or preserve stuff. Just don't eat the fruit before its nonastringent unless you want bezoars (furrballs for humans in your gut).
>>10535 >spoiler Actually I think i recall there being an MRE thread back on 8/k/. I mostly lurked as I didn't really have anything constructive to say. Truthfully, there is a lot here to talk about in terms of /k/ food. MREs, making your own MREs as you've said, best way to prepare game in the field or at home, how to skin game, what's what best mess kit... etc. I could go but I think you get the point. Anyways, I actually think on that we should keep the topic of /k/ food in this thread unless other wise needed. On the topic of camping, I am a little bit disappointed to say that it's been around 2 years since I've really done any kind of camping. I did a lot when i was younger and that was probably some of the best memories I made with my family since then. When camping, it was mostly with a trailer. I haven't done tent camping in probably more than 10 years. The food I brought with me reflects this because I had a small fridge. I would basically bring mostly everything I would have at home. So, eggs, bacon, bread. I would bring things like trail mix with me as well when I went hiking into the woods. Here are some pictures that should help contribute to the conversation.
>>10535 >Feed five 5 men for a weekend (<3) day with 2000 Kcal a day I'm confused, the 1 mre is supposed to feed 5 men for 3 days.
Open file (425.23 KB 894x763 operator_cirno.png)
>>10535 There was definitely a thread on 8/k/ about this. It's not hard, just mostly a matter of finding the right sort of things that are available to you, that are shelf stable. It's going to end up being a lot heavier than mountain house or real MREs, that's the trade off. Look for things like canned meats, ham flakes and tuna are great. Crackers can be found in individual packs, look for something like skyflakes or pilot biscuits. You can find instant rice type sides, like uncle ben's that are single serving, instant oatmeal for breakfasts and so on. Just keep thinking along those lines to find enough stuff to pad out a day worth. Then just top it off with the extras of sugar, jam, instant coffee packs, teabags, etc. Add a little pack of cigarettes and a book of matches if you really want that WWI vibe to go with all the canned foods. >>10443 Not the same guy, but it's good to be home.
Open file (66.12 KB 375x259 papercutter.png)
>>10857 >Add a little pack of cigarettes and a book of matches if you really want that WWI vibe to go with all the canned foods. I add little 5 ct bundles of smokes to my homebrew MREs. Generic freezer bags and bulk mylar helps for making your own single serving packs of whatever. I make them up during the winter when the humidity is super low. It's pretty tedious work so it's worth the time to prepare some tools and your methods beforehand. I modified a guillotine paper cutter with the heated sealing element from a broken foodsaver on the opposite side of the platform. A hinged piece of scrap wood with high temp silicone for the sealing edge swings down to meet the heating element that is affixed to the edge of the platform. It looks like some frankenstein shit, but I only have $15 into it) >pic related, just imagine the free side populated with the sealing parts and a gutted foodsaver dangling off the back
>>10873 Nice, I'm thinking of making some this winter as well when I have a bunch of free time. Got an recipes you care to share, or do you just make it up as you go along? No real point in posting about it now, but I'd like to see the old innawoods challenges come back next summer, like the old $20 overnight challenge. If this board lasts that long
Open file (239.28 KB 1500x1125 mre packages.jpg)
What kind of MRE does /k/ take with them when they go innawoods? I was looking to buy some for myself as I wanted to take them hunting and camping. Also I have some friends I wanted to take with me as well and they have lost most of their teeth so I would like the food to be fairly soft, if possible.
>>11620 This is a kind reminder that you probably shouldn't be using google. This isn't /tech/ so I won't judge you for it (and at worse, its indirectly advertising for google, but I do not view it as deliberately shilling outside ib links.. much like archive it serves a purpose), but it's generally a bad taste compared to uploading these files locally on the pdf/webm thread and/or hosting on another site Mega is a FBI op and shouldn't be trusted. I'll try to get some sort of alternate upload/torrent added but currently since my internet is ran by the equivalent of the USPS and it is slow as fuck. >edited for forgetting to write advertising for, I need my morning coffee.
Edited last time by zergfacecultist on 01/04/2021 (Mon) 17:14:22.
>>11656 based infosec vol
>>10535 In a 3 day bag I planned, the food consisted of crackers, different kinds of trail mix, and some neat canned tuna salad I bought at krogers, but haven't seen sold in years. I thought about bringing pasta like orzo in my current bag. I'm thinking olive oil would be great to bring, to add to grains in cooking, since it's dense in calories. The only problem I see is storing it and making sure it doesn't spill all over my stuff in my bag. Got any container recommendations? Unrelated to cooking; also looking for flashlight or lantern recommendations.
Open file (79.48 KB 800x635 mini bottles.jpg)
>>15552 Oil is tricky, i would use fat or lard instead. But if you really need read: want oil, you can try using those small, one-gulp glass bottles that booze comes in (pic related). They're often sold at gas stations, at least here in Europe, i don't know about america or russia, but i think you can find something similar, just make sure it's a screw-on cap and has a plastic insert in it. You can also pack it a plastic bag, just to be sure, but i never had any spillage with those (i keep a bit of oil for my gun in one of those, because i don't wanna haul an entire bottle of lube around.)
>>15552 >consisted of crackers Unless you regularly like eating crackers or plan to go innamountains, fats and proteins should almost always be given priority over carbs outside of morale sweets and filler agents like pasta. >The only problem I see is storing it and making sure it doesn't spill all over my stuff in my bag. Got any container recommendations? If your meals are individually separated, take advice from >>15563 those nips are perfect portion sizes for oil and the alcohol means the bottle is pre-sterilized. They work great for vinegar and seasoning oils too. If you don't mind lugging around a larger thing of oil for several meals, a vacuum-sealed stainless steel water bottle with a tapered top makes a perfectly fine oil storage container that can take being in direct sunlight for a couple hours. Infrequently. Still, solid fats are preferable. If you're planning rustic cooking, look into getting and rendering some suet from a local butcher (ask specifically for kidney fat) and render it into tallow for that extra nice touch.
>>10535 >What food that you anons bring when you camp? Depends what I am planing to do when going outside and how long I stay. I am comfortable enough with my local flora&fauna that I could go full survival and just live from what I find in nature, but hunting&gathering takes a lot of time and it woiuld fill up most of my day. Because of this if I want to explore and cover much ground, I just pack a bunch of dried meat/sausages, protein&muesli bars and water and consume that on the way. Equally if it's just one or two days, why stress myself out about food when I can simply take a can of stew or canned ravioli from the store with me? If you go hunting, take the ingredients with you to make most of the fresh meat that you will get. If it is a longer camping trip I simply would buy good quality food that I would also have a home that dosn't spoil if it isn't cooled, about enough for a week and the resuply at a farmers' market once I run out. >Minimum of one year of shelf life, maybe two years if possible >Must have little none preparatory work for meals >Preferably little to no synthetic/shitty ingredients Those things exclude each other when it comes to food and you only can find a balance. The more you preserve a food and make it self stable, the more you have things in it you don't actually want to have in your food. The freshest and purest ingredients require more preparatory work if you actually cook a meal with them and don't eat them raw. For example meat that has been salted to preserve it has too much salt in it to be healthy, you either have to remove the salt during cooking or drink a tone of water to make up for it.
>>10535 >camping not camping, but sometimes i hike. I mostly take a mix of bought plain nuts, and some home-dried fruit. Additionally, some slices of bread, and a piece of dried sausage for protein and salt. It's not super fancy, but it get's me through the day, and keeps me on my legs. >minimum one year shelf life do some preserving maybe? I got into it pretty recently, just last year i started drying fruits and vegetables, this year i wanna try drying meat, and now that i have a welder, i can try building a smoker and smoke some meats. Put some work into it, preserving food takes lots of work and dedication, but it's so worth it (dried pears are so damn delicious, i almost like 'em more than fresh ones).
Has /k/ ever encountered anything paranormal or spooky while innawoods?
>>16056 A few. Mainly fairies that saved me from a disaster like falling from a 20 foot ledge during a rainstorm, or the malevolent ones that killed my friend's dog after he disrespected the campsite. Nothing too crazy.
>>16056 Only in my house.
Is there any truth to the whole keeping a middle C tuning fork around when manually pollinating flowers since it's the same frequency bumblebees vibrate at to collect pollen?
>>16122 It's technically true but practically it mostly just applies to tomatos and a few others.
Whats a good way to get rid of ticks and chiggers before and after they get on you? I was thinking maybe figuring out what can be ingested on a daily basis that would make me unpaletteable or secreting an aroma that acts as a natural repellent.
>>16138 Boots, bloused pants, long sleeves and gloves to keep them off you. After that theres a bunch of walmart ointments that irritate ticks and seal chiggers to their fate. Not much else to do since you arent a dog.
>>16138 Ticks rely on a mixture of smelling the CO2 coming off your body and heat/light changes to detect humans. That being said, peppermint oil drives away most arachnids and bugs including ticks, and both lemongrass and citronella are effective as well. To be honest listen to >>16141 and maybe dab some citronella or lemongrass essential oil on your appendages. There's plenty of colognes that double as insect repellant due to the presence of citronella. It also keeps away mosquitos.
Open file (195.61 KB 800x533 2161-1.jpg)
>>16141 >Boots, bloused pants, long sleeves and gloves to keep them off you. Add a hat with a brim and a head net then even the mosquitoes and black flies can't get you. If you don't mind using chemicals, DEET will keep them off of your skin and permethrin will treat clothing for a few months or a few washings, whichever comes first. I found a good knife for generic camping and bush-craft purposes. I bought a Morakniv Kansbol because I wanted to see if Moras live up to the hype, it put me over the free shipping threshold, and it looked cool. After playing with it a bit It really does seem versatile, the compound grind works for carving and slicing. The bleeding finger pictogram on the box is right too. I cut myself seeing if it would shave the hair on the back of my hand. It's the sharpest knife out of the box that I've seen so far. I know I sound like a shill but I am genuinely pleased with what is essentially an impulse buy. It just seems to fit the archetype of KNIFE in the primitive part of my mind.
>>17442 I got a cheapo mora I found somewhere. Its probably one of the better knifes I got where I can use and trash it through work.
>>17442 >People using actually bought knives from high grade steel, caring for it, using it for work. >Me, found an shitty dull kitchen knife with reasonably thick blade, sharpened to a workable blade, uses it for carving wood and cutting my steak. Am I wrong? Or am I just a poorfag?
>>17452 If it works it works man.
>>17452 Knife is merely a sharpened piece of metal. If it works then it's good enough.
>>17452 Depends on the application. I hate niggers who use other people's knife tips as a flathead screwdriver. My favorite everyday carry knife is an incredibly cheap piece of fucking garbage $1.50 Walmart pocket knife. I use it maybe 1-5 times a day at work to cut through shit when dull scissors won't cut it or when I forget a butter knife for spreading something, sharpen it every 10 uses or so for a few minutes, and it works great. Probably wouldn't survive stabbing someone more than twice, but who gives a shit?
Open file (21.75 KB 285x252 Dosenherd.jpg)
>>11625 >have some friends I wanted to take with me as well >I would like the food to be fairly soft, if possible Now here is the thing. There is a reason imho, why most prepared meals are either powdered, ground, or dried somehow. Soft condition often means not a great shelf life, unless it's a fluid to begin with. Maybe when stuff is frozen stiff, but that is another thing. At least that's how I get it. This is why you can get milk powder, or some syrups you need to mix with water. Also why ppl usually recommend solid fats over oils. What you can do is soak whatever you take with you, and/or cook it. So extra water, will do magic. If you can prepare a rich soup or stew this would be best I guess. Does not take long either. You could use canned food as a base (veggies like beans a.o.), add cut stuff from packs for taste (e.g. dry sausage, meat, spices), let it soak well and soften. Something warm gives a good feel in your tummy. Stove, pot, water, heat tablets (as fire starters) take up space, keep that in mind, but you can use the pot as container, an advantage I guess. If you are a group everyone can pack a bit more, too. And it should come way cheaper than buying fancy processed foods. I consider such emergency foods, rather for when you really have the need. For onnaway rations when you cannot/don't wanna stop, crackers and muesli/candy bars is good to give an energy boost. Even without decent dentures your rascals should be able to munch them. Just don't get extra hard to bite ones, e.g. with whole nuts. They can keep them packed, break pieces off and just suck. When dissolved in the mouth, swallow. Is how I do it too.
Have a TRS x8 stinger throwing knife and made a Paracord handle for it. I do not have a sheath or a holster for it and don't know where to find one able to be attached to molle gear. How useful is it for outdoorsman use?
>>19758 >TRS x8 stinger throwing knife, do not have a sheath or holster, don't know where to find one able to be attached to molle gear. If you get a sheath, glue/sew/stud molle patch to one side? I would try fix it in two ways (for fail safety). If you get none try make one: Solid thick plastic, cut out two-sided sheath form (leave some room for tip and blade, tighter at the opening/handle end). Press to bend down (like in a vice), glue/melt ends together (plastic should melt). Sew sheath all around so it will hold together, should work imho. Maybe reinforce opening end with an extra layer of material all around. Making your own it will be easier to add a hook, molle patch, what you want to it. You can use other material (leather, rugged cloth), glue sheet metal (brass lining) to inside, to not cut the sheath too much from inside when sliding the knife in and out. For inspiration: diy knife sheath - websearch >How useful is it for outdoorsman use? >>17453 >>17469 especially >>17477 Have fun using it, don't abuse it. Seems like an okay knife, you have to test tbh. Don't forget a whetstone. Report back.
Do you think a Japanese futon would be good for camping if lined with an additional insulating layer of newspaper would work for spring/autumn nights? My thought process is that the bed one sleeps in could also be the bed one sleeps in when camping or bugging out. Therefore it will make anon more relaxed when camping away from home. It takes up about the same space as a cot anyways, and doubles as back armor against smaller munitions unlike a cot.
Open file (2.52 MB 5056x3792 moon.jpg)
Luckily the next best mountain range is only an hours train ride away from my central european city so I can prepere for the imminent collapse I have never done something like that before and am scared of the wild. The only camping experience I have was in camping grounds which can hardly be considered wilderness. So I have a few questions. Please be patient, I'm a newfag. Do you think boars and other wild animals, perhaps even wolfs, a danger for camping in the middle of nowhere? How do I best protect myself against that without guns? Machete, axe? Can you pls spoonfeed me a newbie packing guide of some sort, Strelok kun? Any ressources. I want to stop planning and thinking and finally take action.
>>19753 I already have an alcohol stove to boil me some instant noodles, so that's what I would eat. But in the long run I would also need something more nutritious that's cheap and can be easily prepared.
>>34354 >Chance of wild animals Look up what predators reside in the region you are in or near. Adjust accordingly. Against everything? Look big and be prepared to chuck something at it if it approaches anyways, but do not stoop to pick up whatever you chuck at it. Pretty much everything will avoid you because humans are more trouble than they are worth and are a fairly shitty source of meat. Mountain Lions and black bears can be warded off with a moderate stick, sap, or cudgel. Boars can too but not without injuries that will require immediate medical attention. If bit by a snake it depends since 80-90% aren't poisonous, but just avoid those fuckers since the alternative is a very slow and painful walk back to the nearest civilization or lying down and hoping paramedics/park rangers get to you in time. Wolves don't bother humans directly unless they are tundra wolves or fucking hungry, so they aren't really a concern unless camping alone. Same with coyotes for desert environments. If you are camping alone then keep a fire going in wolf-infested areas. In general: Keep a bell attached to your pack or belt to generally ward off mountain predators and keep a walking stick on hand for self defense, maybe a sap cap. Leave the axe at camp where it belongs for chopping wood. >Newbie packing guide Go watch Yuru Camp. >A real packing guide For truck-camping (where you can haul everything in a truck or trailer to the camping destination) For late spring/early summer trips I'd probably take... >Enough water for however many days (assume a gallon for drinking and a gallon for drinking per day) >However much food you plan to eat that you don't plan to acquire >Ziplock bags for sealing waste >Hand sanitizer to remove smell on hands (and for sterilization after a poop or flocking in the warest >An axe for splitting wood >Toilet paper or sanitary wipes for doing your business >Tent >Cot and sleeping bag >Fire starter blocks >A hammer of some sort for the tent pegs >A shovel/spade for burying your business >Whatever amenities you intend to bring with you >Any resources https://scouting4boysorg.files.wordpress.com/2017/12/boy-scout-handbook-1967-processed.pdf
>>34394 Thank you. That will get me started good. I guess the boy scouts guide is more for historical interest and on comradeship I will never experience
>>10354 Anon, I'm also a huge sperg who's living with his parents and currently undergoing job raining in trannynigger central . Try to make the best of it. Leech as much money as possible. Just be perpeared for the day when that won't be possible anymore.
>>34394 >open campfires against predators that may be problematic since it propably isn't legal to camp there
i started building a log cabin on public land and took a shit in a river
Open file (553.20 KB 750x500 1652525311117.jpg)
>>34394 Hammocks seem a lot safer and easier to set up than tents. It seems like the best way for illegal camping innawoods. Anybody got experience with hammocks?
>>34466 That's pretty cool anon. Tell us more. How did you build the cabin?
>>34523 >that flying-saucer tent Lol. Where do I find this?
>>10287 >half the free sites are just guys saying it's ok to sleep in your car in a walmart parking lot americancamping.png
>>34394 >Same with coyotes for desert environments The coyotes are all over North America. There is speculation that the ones that re-introduced themselves into the North East US are likely coy-wolves that came south from Canada. I've seen one on a trail cam this winter that didn't seem to have much coyote in it at all. I also just now remembered where my missing trail cam is hanging.
>>34523 The last one looks mega comfy.
>>34531 I just went searching for hammock tents.
>>34536 >The coyotes are all over North America. There is speculation that the ones that re-introduced themselves into the North East US are likely coy-wolves that came south from Canada. So, is there any reason why they did not do that long time ago? I mean race mixing on such scale?
Open file (179.65 KB 516x423 fdsgsdf.png)
I need to free myself of this isolation and prepare for SHTF. The cattle I'm sorrounded by won't be of any help in such a scenario. They'd even let themselves get locked into goyim camps. I wanna a form a group of similar minded individuals which would regularly gather for hiking events and similar. How do I go about doing this when I'm an autistic loser without any connections?
>>34785 You sound like a fed and the hour is nigh, do what you think is best.
>>34786 I'm not a fed and I don't know what is best
Open file (46.42 KB 500x357 1639928830950.jpg)
>>34835 >>34786 Otherwise I wouldn't ask for advice, now would I? You are not being very helpful at all, anon. I am still kindly asking for advice since I really am at a loss for what to do. The only precautions for a SHTF scenario I have been making so far is aquiring a backpack with a tent and canned food. Right now I am leading a completely, socially alienated, effiminated lifestyle that is dictated by women and social welfare. It's a disorganized mess. I have lost track But the biggest issue I have is I will be on my own when the time comes...
>>34942 >>34942 >The only precautions for a SHTF scenario I have been making so far is aquiring a backpack with a tent and canned food. Go walking with it then, get used to carrying it, carrying it far, use this time innawoods to scout places you won't be found, think about scenarios you want to survive, what you'll need, use that tent on weekends(or weekdays if neet) you don't want to find yourself in a situation of the proverbial fan being covered in excrement and you can't even pitch your shelter in the dark now do you. One presumes you are in the land of the free, think about what scenarios you are preping for and make sure you have the equiptment or start collecting and using what you think you need. As for company??? People have to want to be around you as much as you them which won't be easy if you can't change out being an autistic loser, I'm sorry if that is troubling to hear but it's true especially if you see everyone around you as cattle. I was an autistic friendless loser in a small town in England. I went to all the pubs in the town and read books while overhearing conversations of others until I found one where most of the patrons weren't braindead losersmoaning about the state of things then became a barfly there. slowly and surely my knowledge from books I'd read hobbies I'd undertaken (brewing beer,cooking, camping, land rovers, weed growing, building computers) generated conversations with folk, some will be utter weirdos some will be boring cokeheads but I found a small group of friends who I did get on with, smoking helps in this regards it's a very social thing to do. My advice is work on your self; fitness and your knowledge and people will come to you. Also pls no shoot up school
Open file (58.46 KB 1080x1098 1651271423167.jpg)
>>34948 Jmm, I thought interacting with people would make me a worthless normalfaggot. That's what I've been told all this years on my tibetan basket weaving forums. Was I wrong all these years? >Also pls no shoot up school noted
>>34961 That's Smug propaganda. >Was I wrong all these years? Ultimately up to you. The pragmatic approach that I take as a fellow autist is that social interactions create social circles you can rely on in emergencies, and you must learn to balance people taking advantage of you with people who deserve your goodwill. It just gets harder and harder to start as you get older but it's a skill that only grows in exchange once you start.
Open file (141.16 KB 916x1312 1649938004518.png)
>>34229 A legit ofuton is going to be fucking xbox hueg to carry around bro.
>>34961 This guy has it spot on >>34967, We're interacting now does a phone line and a computer make it any different?? If you can't make it on your own you're gunna need others, if you can make it alone great well done idc what you do if you're doing it right >>34785 >I wanna a form a group I gave advice on how I formed my group that go kamping several times a year and of that group I formed a smaller hiking group that meets every sunday to walk our dogs, drink beer and converse. Bonding if you will away from women. Once you learn that Europeans evolved to co-operate in not exclusively kin-groups to survive the harsh winters you half way to figuring out how to survive right. Depending on SHTF senario and length of time it will last chances are you will need to co-operate with others. Are there many military divisions of just one man? Why is that?
Open file (116.12 KB 641x467 aizawa_sakuya7.jpg)
>>34999 >We're interacting now does a phone line and a computer make it any different?? I can't speak for him, but from what I've observed, yes, it does make a difference for legit spergs; I think it's (at least in part) because the absence of nonverbal cues on both ends kinda levels the playing field for them. Source: younger brother is an actual sperg.
I'm looking for a new backpack (50-70L under 200 euros) for my /out/ings, since the one I have is falling appart. What would be Anon's recommendation? I don't like the modern look of most packs and fear that the quality might be shit for 5 years max. What backpack does Anon use?
>>35469 Honestly my current travel backpack is just a cheap single-pouch drawstring backpack that's lasted me the last couple years, but I remember swissgear was always a good economy brand that seemed to last and take a beating back in school.
>>35469 Surplus BW rucksack has been pretty good to me. Basic ~65L canvas bag with little to no frills or added comfort. Padding is adequate up to a point, anything beyond which is probably too much shit to be hauling around anyway. Add the groundmat for a little more rigidity and budget in for minor repairs (I replaced the shoulder-strap buckles as the originals slipped, and one of the zipper pulls came off which doesn't impact functionality enough for me to bother fixing it) and you'd still come in way under budget. Only suggestion I would make beyond that is to consider adding a battlebelt of sorts as the 25mm webbing will positively fuck your shit up. Doesn't need to be too fancy, airsoft gear will probably suffice as long as it has some nice padding. Alternatively you might find some interesting deals through a local source of surplus. Many Western-European countries have opted for commercial gear in some capacity the last few decades, and as a result you might snag yourself a slightly scuffed up top of the line Berghaus for under a hundo.
>>35469 I found a Columbia Wildwood internal frame on clearance a couple years ago for $80 at a local sporting goods store. It's modern looking but at least it's all black. It's very adjustable and comfortable but it it won't handle the load a external frame pack would. The clips and buckles look thin but seem to be made of higher quality plastic than the walmart brand, I haven't managed to break one yet at least.
Open file (484.57 KB 2500x1594 1648813940298.jpg)
>>35019 I like to look down on normalniggers and like the feeling of wallowing in my weird mixture of self hate and contempt for everyone else. I want to be a worthless leech off the hedonistic cattle society that I despise so much. Rebellion through inaction. I don't think there is any way I can revert to any other kind mindset. I have found comfort in this kind of thinking. Everything is pozzed beyond repair. Why do anything at all?
>>36921 >Why do anything at all? For me it's because there's a lot of good that can be done even if you hate people. As an example, here's a bunch of dirty unwashed hippies (with realistic environmentalist goals) who are fighting with the Romanian government to flood a forest to save some fish and birds. It shows you visually how much of an impact these guys are having for nature only by playing nice with normalfags. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_ozlB1wLKk
>>36921 >I like to look down on normalniggers and like the feeling of wallowing in my weird mixture of self hate and contempt for everyone else Literal textbook narcissism.
>>37102 I said I hate myself. Can you not read?
Shawn explaining how to flintknapp tools. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dOQ-IQQpoQ
Open file (117.09 KB 1092x1396 jens1.jpg)
>>34531 Middle one looks like a Tentsile. Eurotrash company, heavy-ass tents from what I recall, but pretty cool.
>>34523 Tried the first method recently in the cold rain and looking at this image is making it clearer to me how I should've set it up to avoid water runoff from the ends of the hammock. Maybe I could've tied off my worn socks in a pinch to absorb the droplets. >>34520 The obvious advantage is insulating yourself from the ground if it is wet, cold or both while keeping most ground dwellers off you. What worries me is being stuck like a caterpillar in a cocoon when you're sleeping so you basically have to be coiled up with whatever you have to defend yourself with with the mentality that if something grabs you then you have to be able to give them the death bite. It's definitely not primitive as in luxury but may be worth it if you don't have the tools to get decent sleep on the cold floor. My quest at the moment is finding the perfect pack that has some water proofing, dividers for clean vs dirty gear and a good frame so I'm not getting scoliosis every time I wear more than 20lbs.
>>44041 >water proofing, dividers Dry bags. Or trash bags if you don't want to spend the shekels, but those break easy.
>>44041 >What worries me is being stuck like a caterpillar in a cocoon when you're sleeping Well, nothing says you have to hang your hammock close to the ground. Hang it three or four meters in the air and nothing can get you... just make sure you're not the type to move around in your sleep first.
>>44044 A dry bag is useful for keeping an organized pack but it would be even more useful to have an improvised floatation device because waterproofing improves buoyancy. >>44046 >nothing can get you Hammocks are great because they keep the ground from steeling your body heat. If a racoon, squirrel, possum, bird, bear, creepy crawly or any other manner of crawling or flying beast really wanted to it could get in your hammock no matter how heigh you set up. You're adding unnecessary risk setting up at heights that could leave you seriously injured if you fell on your head because you're tired and miss your footing getting into/out of it, something pushes you off balance or the worst is if the anchor points fail. Waist height should be sufficient in most scenarios. Maybe the only time i'ld set up high like that is if there's is a safety net halway below to break a lethal fall. Murphy's Law is always in effect.
Open file (208.80 KB 640x480 small-game-hunting.jpg)
Open file (95.13 KB 500x717 huntingwithson.jpg)
What would be the best firearm and caliber for hunting small game like rabbits and squirrels? Also should I make a thread specifically for talking about hunting and hunting related topics or will this one suffice? It's hard to comprehend that this thread is 2 years old. Time really flies, doesn't it?
>>45291 .22 LR
Open file (78.58 KB 634x590 ClipboardImage.jpg)
How to get over the fear of getting paintball shot? I pussied out by shooting myself in the leg, because I saw someone coming out of the arena looking like this.
>>45291 .22 short
Got my fishing loicense the other day brehs. Been doing map reconnaissance of local holes, gonna be focusing on panfish for the most part. I'm a total noob when it comes to fishing; any tips?
>>45857 >any tips? -Enjoy the ride -Be patient I have a friend who actually got a PhD about fish, simply b/c he already loved to fish so much all day erry day, and wanted a way to make money while fishing. True story.
>>45857 Crawfish lures are really good for catching large mouth bass if you ever go for those. Otherwise just look up what the fish eat, throw your line in and do what >>45859 says. Also don't be a loud retard, it scares the fish away.
>>45446 Wear extra layers of clothing. Unless they are upping the pressure/freezing the paintballs getting shot by a regular paintball barely stings for a second unless of course they get a lucky shot in the balls or you get domed
>>45904 If someone is freezing paintballs feel free to kick them as hard as you can in the dick, everyone else will probably "not see anything".
>>45859 >>45891 Thanks gents. >be patient Yeah, getting better at that as I age. >don't be a loud retard One outta two ain't bad, right? >bass Seem likely to be relatively highly pressured (see? I'm not just asking to be spoonfed); but we'll see. Not like I'm averse to catching them, after all. >PhDbro That's actually really fucking based dude; I frankly kinda envy guys like that. >reddit spacing for clarity Anyone here into bowfishing? And anyone got experience with those little Garmin InReach doohickeys? I've had bad experiences with full-fledged satphones in the past, so I'd like to know if those are reliable.
>>34585 Larger wolf population meant they wouldn’t fuck coyotes out of desperation, probably
>>45857 >any tips? Yes, if your gonna fish during the Summer time be sure to wear light breathable sweat wicking and UPF rated pants and long sleeve shirts so your not eaten alive by the mosquitos since you'll be sitting still by the water for a while. I prefer that anyway since I hate bug spray and how it inevitably just rolls off with your sweat after a few hours. Just spray around the few vulnerable area's around your body like the ankles and collar of your shirt. D not underestimate how quickly a swarm of mosquitos and other such insects will make you absolutely miserable.
Open file (608.18 KB 1600x1200 6.jpg)
Do you guys know any good campsites in New England specifically Maine and New Hampshire? All the ones I'm looking at are either lakes or going to be swarming with vacationers.
>>10535 I suggest that you should take a look at pemmican (both of these videos) : https://invidio.us/watch?v=x_vLuMobHCI https://invidio.us/watch?v=HQZj1-lSilw&listen=false Pemmican is basically dried beef jerky that is ground-to-dust, and mix with rendered suet. One important semantic that Townsend touches on in the comments, is that you NEED to use suet as your fat, other fats wouldn't preserve the meat the way the suet does. I personally would recommend vaccum-sealing it, as with colonial times, they would seal it in a second layer of suet, just to be extra-sure it's properly preserved. If you -really- want to make it as shelf-stable as possible, just stick with dried meat and suet, and cook with whatever else stuff you got on hand. >>46348 Speaking of bows, I've been thinking of getting a bow for target shooting and possibly hunting. The problem is, I'm a lefty, most bows in the shops are for right-handers. How do I find/ask for a left-handed bow?
>>54281 >>10535 Oh, and some warnings regarding suet if you choose to make pemmican. 1. Render suet at between 190-220 Farenheit. Any hotter is asking for a bad day, and some crockpots don't go below that. 2. If you ever spill it or it's dried in the floor/counter, only something hot can clean it up. Get something hot and wipe it up with it, either through microwaving a lightly-damp cloth towel, or by using a heated swiffer/mop. 3. Pouring liquid suet down the drain is asking for a bad time. (it gets hard when cold, meaning, horrible clogs).

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