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what's a war board without a conflict?

>>10228 Honestly should just rename it to: Western civilization collapse special: Mostly peaceful protesting edition. Rittenhouse made bail, but there's some kid whos been denied bail for an entire year iirc out in Ohio because he said he was gonna melt some snowflakes and he got charged with a terroristic threat. US court fuckery on hearsay clause once again because muh scarry black raifu NFAC leader arrested by feds for pointing a gun with flashlight at feds >https://www.wdrb.com/news/grandmaster-jay-leader-of-nfac-militia-that-demonstrated-in-louisville-arrested-on-federal-charge/article_e2bab6a4-3599-11eb-83a1-ef7c2d3e33e5.html https://archive.is/CwEs5 Kangroo court in action in public universities I don't agree with magatards, still, they're coming for you in other ways with federal funding next >pic related
>>10244 If they saw it then you didn't conceal it well enough.
>>10244 Speaking of Kyle <Rittenhouse Lawyer Quits Criminal Case After Prosecutors Imply Fundraising Grift> >A criminal defense attorney for 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse has stepped back from the case after prosecutors raised questions over his links to an "unregulated slush fund" for the teen, according to the Chicago Tribune. >On Thursday, hours after prosecutors sought to block Los Angeles civil lawyer John M. Pierce from representing Rittenhouse against a murder charge and other counts stemming from an August 25 shooting incident in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Racine lawyer Mark Richards told the Tribune in an email that "I will be counsel for Kyle in the criminal matters," while Pierce (and his colleague, Andrew Calderon) "won't be." https://www.zerohedge.com/political/rittenhouse-lawyer-quits-criminal-case-after-prosecutors-imply-fundraising-grift?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+zerohedge%2Ffeed+%28zero+hedge+-+on+a+long+enough+timeline%2C+the+survival+rate+for+everyone+drops+to+zero%29
Anyone want to hedge bets on the chance that there's a massive chimpout on the 13th when the electors meet?
>>10253 Probably not. Why would there be a chimpout over that?
>>10261 He probably thinks trumblegrumble's going to win, but it's probably going to be more like the alzheimer's man gets elected, migafags yell a bunch about watering a tree of liberty while waving around expensive range toys then quietly leaving at the end of the day while niggers and antifa punch a few of them out. One thing that you can probably look forward to is more people are going to be less willing to report each other to the authorities in the future, pantifa and niggers already don't do that, and some people on the other side will probably have lost all faith in the government if they haven't already.
>>10263 Trump still has a shot but I ain't a maga tard. Its possible, but improbable as fuck. However, if he by some chance pulls a miracle out of his ass I desperately want them riots to happen so we can press this gas pedal to the metal rather than this slow burn bullshit.
>>10266 >I desperately want them riots to happen You could just go to one of them and start shooting it up. That would lead to quite a lot more rioting, and you might inspire some copycats.
Open file (193.42 KB 1440x995 1576122694824.jpeg)
>>10269 I imagine most Streloks value their lives more than to waste them killing niggers, FBI-kun. Besides, there's bigger fish to fry.
>>10274 So go fry them or shut the fuck up, everyone is tired of virtue signaling retards that mouth off a lot but don't actually do anything.
>>10275 But that's exactly what you're doing, isn't it FBI-kun?
>>10276 What exactly am I virtue signaling about retard? Don't get mad at me and call me a fed because you preach about taking down tyrants out one side of your mouth while shitting your pants and crying shill out the other when some suggest you take the action you're preaching that everyone else should take, you fucking hypocrite.
Open file (11.86 KB 255x189 1592683173448.png)
>>10280 All I said though was that anon should value his life more and consider there's more important things in life than worrying about niggers?
>>10283 You are right and I'm the faggot in this situation. I've gotten so used to fags preaching about taking action while not doing anything themselves that I flew into a tard rage over it, I'm sorry about that.
Turning and turning in the widening gyre The falcon cannot hear the falconer; Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere The ceremony of innocence is drowned; The best lack all conviction, while the worst Are full of passionate intensity.
>>10274 anon, I...
>>10228 Let's be honest: Eurocucks won't stand up against the bullshit as long as they have food on their plates and a warm shelter. It takes cold, starvation, disease and blatant corpses in the streets to drive the normalcattle out into the streets and the fight into their hearts. there won't be a fight, unless our overlords somehow fuck up the logistics and end up starving the population, making them loose their patience.
>>10313 >Let's be honest: Eurocucks won't stand up against the bullshit Unlike baste 'muricans who are currently butchering feds and shitskins by the thousands, amirite?
>>10313 Okay show us white americans in the street wrecking streets in rage like Gilets Jaunes unarmed battling armed cops to the point where getting their hands blown off doesn't even dissuade them. If they were armed they would got to kill that kike macron in his globohomo palace. GJ protest is still ongoing. Not that you heard anything about it recently, since you were probably too busy spanking off to teen mom all this time between the 1 dong ditch timid gun protest whatever dumb-ass golems like you do over there so the censorship worked. So why even own a gun if you're a passive golem? More passive than unarmed zogged Europe? Explain the point of that. Niggers were shooting people in the street while you were jacking off for months, Kuckmandos on 4kike and other places were literally saying: "No. Not this time. They actually want us to resist with force 4d chess. Us golems must not do anything the kikes will blame us. The bogaloo we were talking about for years isn't actuall happening. So thus must we not do anything, so let us collectively just conveniently pretend away the reality that (((they))) don't blame us everyday and do whatever they like." "No it's just all too dangerous, we can't resist this social terrorism by black people again, we must just strike keyboards" -- "This way we will ALL be safe to see another sunrise at dawn over the local mcdonalds resturant and we will still all be able to gorge ourselves on junk food and fries."
>>10316 if i wouldn't live in eurocuckistan i would probably believe your energetic and fiery speech. but i lived here long enough to know the people, and know their mentality, atleast here in germania. it's really depressing. don't fucking tell me about the yellow vests, they're fucking nothing against ZOG, which is only waiting for an excuse to declare them terrorists and put them into body bags. And when that happens, who is gonna stand up against the rich and powerful, hm? the dumb goyim? Hans, Piérre, Pjotrek, they will all be busy slaving away, bringing home some cash to buy food, gas and maybe some booze. They won't do shit, unless everything around them goes to shit. The yellow vest, the corona protesters, any protest group really, they can only do that - protest. What needs to happen is sabotage, destruction, death, on a large enough scale to disrupt public life in a meaningful way, so that the normie worker gets up from his ass, and starts doing something.
Open file (410.92 KB 1280x720 hello_reddit.webm)
>>10318 >normie
Open file (2.06 MB 640x360 zogbotBTFO.webm)
Open file (1.55 MB 224x400 molotovvvvvv.webm)
Open file (4.38 MB 640x352 EU Parliament.mp4)
>>10318 Okay I get it, you are blackpilled, but apparently since europeans are so "cucked" according to people like you, come double down on your lame thesis right now on that BS and show me WHITE AMERICANS(not 1 guy) doing anything like this. Take a mental note that you should get over the scared part of body bags and whatnot social terrorism jews do to us in our societies and understand that their future, if it's allowed to be completed, is worse than any repercussion on your body. If enough people fight, they're outnumbered. You might lose an arm fighting and so what? At least you did something about them in the chance that you can have a better future.
>>10320 i'm not blackpilled, i am simply not believing in this whole "protesters doing something meaningful" bullshit. what i'm saying is, that a meaningful resistance doesn't look like a chimpout, it looks like needle-point, brutal thrusts into the systems, disabling it's vital functions, and causing it to collapse in on itself. This is what needs to be done, something that about 70% of the population are not willing to do. I for my part am more willing to make these kinds of attacks, instead of risking life and limb in a likely pointless attack against the system.
>>10320 Not the same strelok, but I think whats missing from the europrotestors right now is some sort of watershed event. Remember arab spring was some dumbass setting himself on fire. Plus, I'm waiting for the cops to start shooting protesters in the US en masse, it'll happened and then stuff kicks off.
>>10322 Brother you are still worried about the current to get on a blackpill like this? Pointless what? Chimpout what? People should be chimping the fuck out, because the perspective and reality of our situations here is that In the future the Jews and their masonic servants if they are allowed to win will literally have every election cheated, our people replaced, our brain implanted, have our bodies used as a rfid credit card, censor us at any time for disagreeing with this, our bodies wrecked by mandatory vaccines and anti depressant and junk food filled with estrogen, deduct from our social credit system for disagreeing also, make us take soma tier psychotropic medications because we are so "unnaturally"-depressed, have us get into massive debt just to get a family, force us to live paycheck to paycheck subsistence lifestyle, force us to live a consumer lifestyle eating the bugs and living in pods as some gray brown fucking little muttoid slavespawn in 2050 and you better never be telling me again how scared you are of a body bag and about some depressions, so no that depression, that suffering is not exclusive, everyone will be fucking depressed in the future, so take a note that people who care must man fuck up and fight the globalist kikes get on the goal of scoring one for the books score one for our people, whatever it takes. I'm not even kidding even "cucked" people like fucking Alex jones apparently seems to have realized this today, there is almost nigh political solution except a great cleansing. >"protesters doing something meaningful" bullshit. what i'm saying is, that a meaningful resistance doesn't look like a chimpout, it looks like needle-point, brutal thrusts into the systems, disabling it's vital functions, and causing it to collapse in on itself. This is what needs to be done, something that about 70% of the population are not willing to do. But it has meaning, it's all a stepping stone, nothing happens in a flash, we don't need 70% one does not need a majority support the people who resist like they are your damn family, we just need more rabble rousers who are not discouraged to fight anyone, because in reality all that's needed is a size of people of GJ or even race aside the size of BLM and watch as already zogbots gangs can't do shit against us anymore in any city capital. And they will be so distracted that in the heat of things that even a small group of motivated revolutionaries who are not just angry people and know exactly what they want will be able to do whatever the fuck they want and cash out on that opportunity.
>>10327 Freedom is slavery anon. >>10326 The kettle is on the stovetop but it hasn't boiled yet.
>>10327 i don't know if you didn't read my reply, but i am not scared of anything. It's not like i have much to loose, and i know that some things require sacrifices. The thing is, i'm not willing to bring worthless sacrifices. I want to have effect, to make a real impact, to break atleast one cog in this hellish machine of the eternal Jew. And that won't happen through a chimping, it will happen mostly through small groups chipping away at the lifelines of the current golem-government, until it's so weak, that the chimping of the people brings it down. If you want me to speak more clearly: we must accelerate the downfall of society by bleeding it out through a thousand wounds, made by revolutionary terrorists. the resulting rage of the starving and raging masses will do the rest.
>>10327 Wouldn't most of that stuff require laws that they have to follow as well, Schizo-anon?
Open file (1.41 MB 640x575 47prdf9mg7041.png)
>>10332 I was just making the point none of the events that happen in history are picture perfect, I respect as a compatriot but don't get all black pilledish just because my example of GJ wasn't your ideal "triumph of will scenario", as if there is some magical scenario like that, yes the NSDAP was routinated highly motivated individuals, but then you know that to get there it took multiple red october armed faction wars in the streets since 1918 when Jews tried to take over and steal germany from under their feet not once, but several times and the degeneracy, the taxes and all the other kike shit. And so much of resistance in early 1900's actually initially spawned with some GJ's tier people of their time, in other words, made it relevant for Germans protest, even violently so It's not different. . And it are these types of scenarios in the beginning that prompt and usher big events like revolution. That's also why the jews are ultra censoring it, and they rather show black nigger looters just because they know GJ will redpill and inspire white people to get off their asses. Because they will say and do anything to try and make sure white people don't get inspired and be depressed to take their SSRI soma's and join their tranny fag leftie death cult shit. >>10335 Give me one law that says whites are supposed to condone or accept extermination or mostly any other conspiratorial judaic syphilis infecting our societies. Because there is none retard, and what they are doing isn't legal not even by their own standard UN 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide definitions.
>>10266 Trump's only realistic shot at winning is the electors taking pity/being boomers who don't realize we live in a zero-trust country anymore. And even then all it could do is be a symbolic victory. Possibly an important symbolic victory, but symbolic nonetheless. Maybe if the boomers didn't make it clear the government was going to have to get involved if their children ever wanted to see their inheritances this all could have been avoided.
>>10346 I think >>>/fascist/ would be more up your alley.
>>10350 Lol no shit, what a succinct argument clown
PANTIFA DID NOTHING WRONG, THEY JUST MACED EVBIL NAZIS EBIN lol this shitshow ain't gonna stop. Gotta go full speed
>>10361 these boomers are more based than us holy shit
>>10361 Those helmets aren't very reinforced most of the time. They should stop whacking them with poles and take a second to aim and use it as a blunt spear towards the face or ass.
>>10363 I never said they were smart >>10362 >video related
>>10367 Someone needs to edit clip >>10362 into that video
>>10363 I'm more curious why nobody has brought a hammer along in any of these videos, not even the pantifaggots are doing that. You can fuck someone up and get away fast as shit in that kind of situation assuming your own side doesn't rat you out. Which I guess the miganiggers would hastily rat their own out to the thin blue line because "optics" so never mind.
>>10369 My guess is cops around told not to intervene unless some conservifag goes and draws a gun and then media goes full ebil nazi mode
>>10370 Yeah, but their flagpoles need should at least be fashioned out of aluminium or thick wood so these boomers can low key crack death cultist skulls open.
>>10372 boomers are concious about pr because they still think appearences are important. >video related, Ferengi is basically pantifa
Open file (74.41 KB 692x960 the fun stops here.jpg)
>>10369 It's because the clashes are one big Live Action Role Play fest and not an actual street brawl / battle. No one will use hammers, no one will get stabbed. They will dress up, shout at each other, wack each other with sticks even and go home. All the while, they are baby-sat by the police. They are pretending to *or, god forbid, actually think they are* revolutionaries.
>>10382 It's all so tiresome, it's even making me contemplate just becoming a cop because holy fuck they're pretty much the only group actually cracking any skulls right now.
>>10393 If German Media is to be believed, some part of the German police is actually really based and redpilled. Would be pretty nice to have some based Polizei, who starts bashing in letfist skulls when shit goes down
>>10402 Have some fun knowledge about Germany. Military and Police both are quite zogged in the lower ranks but more high ranking members are often found to be right wing extremists, especially elite military forces and special forces have multiple times been found to be secretly national socialist, although in the last few years the government is trying to crack down on that. Reason for that is most probably that Denazification after WW2 was mostly a meme and was soon stopped, to the point where 25000 members of the SS, you know the guys larping as a modern day knightly order who literally ritually offered their soul to their organization, were just put back into society with no supervision. I sure wonder who might have made up the elite military forces of Post war Germany. On top of that, the German secret service, the American secret service and the Russian secret service are all fucking around independently from each other in Germany because it is an important country to all of them, with atleast some right wing secret societies made by the formerly named SS guys probably in the mix there somewhere. If something manages to start a civil war in Germany it's gonna become a free for all real quick
>>10408 And those ex-SS and "nationalists" became defenders of the new NATO occupation order real quick.
>>10409 Which is why high ranking personnel and entire units have been found to be national socialist multiple times? If everyone, even the SS has given up and abandoned their ideology, where did these guys come from then? Just suddenly appeared, even though no "nationalists" were left at all? >and then one day for no reason at all, they became nazis Sure, some of them might have left their ideology behind but if all of them did and there were no nationalists left at all, how do you explain that they still exist in these positions today? And if you honestly believe that even the most devoted SS members just turned around and left it all behind immediately, then why not just kill yourself, considering how blackpilled you must be?
>>10412 Because nationalist sentiment isn't inherited, it's manifested by reading between the lines of the world around you. And high-ranking personnel and elite units are both exposed to the deepest levels of intrigue and trained to have a high bullshit detector due to the requirements of their position. The governments know this risk and will always keep their numbers small so the threat of rebellion can be contained. This can only go on as long as there is no existential threat though, which will eventually come about when a nation-state has become decadent and lackadaisical in its affairs.
Is anyone even sure these alleged nationalists are actually nationalists and not just far-right AnCaps or Libertarians? Like >>10416 implied but went off the rails with, far-right ideology in general, not just nationalist sentiment, is generally something you naturally come to a conclusion to if you work with government sorts and deal with people/government consistently. It's born out of a natural hatred both for social justice ideologues and a deeper-rooted hatred of how inefficient and nepotistic governments are. Most libertarian/freedom-based ideologies are seen as "far-right" in Europe as it is. Both ideologies come to the same conclusions, the NatSocs just want to be in charge of the corrupt system to dish out punishment from above while the far-right libertarians want to dismantle the whole system. Of course I could be off the mark and >>10408 is right. I'm not German.
>>10417 >went off the rails with ?
>>10408 Frankly my dude, you sound like you have no idea what you're talking about. From my personal experience of the lower ranks up to NCO a plurality are WNs in spirit while the officer corps is mostly civnat. They just make too much money to not be invested in a system that feeds them well and while I have not much firsthand knowledge with cops I'm sure it's about the same. Cops in the big shithole cities are probably more to the right than soldiers since no matter how hard they are brainwashed they cannot escape the facts on the ground. I think they are just better at hiding their power level.
>>10417 >Is anyone even sure these alleged nationalists are actually nationalists and not just far-right AnCaps or Libertarians? Ancap or libertarianism isn't really a thing in Germany or perhaps even Europe in general so I'm quite sure if they uncover nationalists they are nationalists. I'm not convinced though that these people are actually overtly political let alone far-right or dangerous. They sure dont like leftists but that's mostly because commies target them all the time with their bullshit. If these idiots just left them alone to larp and prep on peace you wouldnt even notice them
https://twitter.com/joshgerstein/status/1335618931080491008 https://archive.is/PumVP Justice Alito has just moved response deadline up from Wednesday at 4pm to Tuesday at 9am on emergency application seeking to have SCOTUS declare that PA mail-in ballot system adopted by legislature violated the state constitution. In other words, get ready for a real shitshow.
>>10425 I refuse to get hyped for anything after this past year of blueballing.
>>10428 The big question is kavanaugh and ACB on these hearings, We know that roberts will vote with the lib block or try to tame the opinon if its obvious its 5-3 because he doesnt want thomas shitting on them
>>10430 within the last couple days they closed public access to the SC. as a matter of convenience they probably cited Covid-19 as the reason, but the timing remains suspect
Open file (117.04 KB 360x360 1431645410414.webm)
>>10313 Putting aside that Americans aren't hopelessly docile and obese by tap water a myriad of lab chemicals in their food, every movement, protest, and resistance they form gets instantly co-opted by alphabet agencies and milquetoast retards bending their doctrine and goals to get more members for their cause. If a real right-wing movement or any sort of protest against the government happened it'd just disperse in a few days at best or get beat down at worst and you wouldn't bat an eye. Cities across the country were getting fucking burnt down and nothing but a bunch of goalshifting bubbacucks showed up to protect a few businesses. Euros don't have as much guns as Americans (side note: Europe has better gun laws than some states in America) yet have more balls to stand up to their government.
>>10434 Maybe not having a major military complex has its advantages.
>>10434 There must be great tyranny to have great liberty. It's inevitable because people aren't willing to loose what they have. The original 13 had it much tougher and had much less to loose, so when the british took what little they had left it pushed them over the end and said fuck it. Fuck, the Virginia's motto is "sic semper tyrannis" look at it now
>>10445 What do they have to lose honestly? Right now things aren't as bad as people say they are but it was better 10 years ago and even 5 and what about 5 years from now or 10? Wages get lower, everything gets more expensive, the demographic shifts more and more each day, what's the red line?
>>10447 >what's the red line? Typically the point where either: A) People can't afford to eat and the government isn't helping. Or B) The government is helping and they've caused hyperinflation or exhausted most or all resources by giving the food away/selling it at an unsustainable manner. The US is set to be there in about a decade if nothing changes.
>>10447 Don't forget it's also because the modern government is much better at giving the ILLUSION of improvement because muh new iphone soooo shiiiiny! Muh new computer cpu node went from 16->10 nm!! so shiiiiny! Back then everyone knew the government was lying. thesedays, the corpos out of their own self intrest do the lying FOR THEM.
>>10448 I remember hearing a while ago that revolutions and actual mass unrest doesn't happen then, those actually happen when there's a promise of improvement that ultimately doesn't arrive. People that can't afford to eat can't afford to revolt either, not in any meaningful way, the regimes that fall are ironically enough the ones that can keep their populations with a somewhat decent life, for stability you either keep people genuinely happy and with quality of life or you keep them starving. It means shit doesn't need to get that bad before people get fed up.
>>10453 The dirt poor (like congo) are too poor to fight because they don't have the resources (or when they do its out of sheer desperation so they aren't hard to placate). The rich will not fight because they don't want to loose the luxuries when they see the poor in the congo (See: UK) Those rapidly declining from rich to poor WILL fight because they feel they are being threatened and desperately wan their shit back. Case in point Russia (salty over Brest-Litovsk), Germany (Salty over Versailles), Japan (salty at not getting Qingdao), vietnam (they had NOTHING to loose). Remember the Franco Prussian war? Notice how france lost Elsaß-Lothringen but didn't fight it because they had elites who weren't willing to risk it all against Germany. To be fair, Elsaß-Lothringen belongs in neither France nor Germany as it is acultural boundry, and would likely form some sort of independent nation like Bosnia if the others were not genocided At the end of the day, economics drives everything. If you try to take away people's livelyhoods directly, don't be surprised when they show up to lynch you. Historically the cause of many a revolutions.
>>10445 >The original 13 had it much tougher and had much less to loose, so when the british took what little they had left it pushed them over the end and said fuck it. And now the Bill of Rights is effectively irrelevant, but no one protests because they have their bread and circuses.
>>10453 >>10457 So, this means, that we really just need to bring down quality of life really fast, so the people notice instantly and start revolting? Gotcha, I'll get my bolt-cutters and handgrenades
>>10484 You don't even have to do that anymore. The quality of life has been shit for decades, all you have to do is point out everything. And once you've run out of things to point out, convince antifa or niggers to riot.
>>10484 Anon the drop of quality of life has to have obviously come from the centers of power.
Open file (970.39 KB 499x281 1470908347252.gif)
If any of you know your ancestry I suggest it's best to go back to where you came from while you have the chance and shake off your American "culture" and mindset, this country isn't worth it.
>>10511 I know my ancestry and both countries are more pozzed than the rest of Europe, so no thank you.
Open file (19.27 MB 720x1280 s04Rtof8bYV87UCD.mp4)
Open file (73.00 KB 1024x512 C1lFCg8W8AAO0SH.jpg)
Texas, Plaintiff v. Pennsylvania, et al going to SCOTUS Looks like SCOTUS took the texas case versus the other states (MI, WI, PA, GA) https://www.supremecourt.gov/search.aspx?filename=/docket/docketfiles/html/public/22o155.html Keep in mind I have no fucking idea how they are going to rule on this. Basically Texas is alleging that the states unconstitutionally changed the law on how they treating the ballots. IT's not a fraud question but the question of is a state or county changing requirements against the law a SCOTUS issue under Bush v Gore since "All ballots must be applied equally in counties" under the 14th amendment. I don't see the way that SCOTUS doesn't rule in favor of Texas because its a pure constitutional question unless they invoke the political questions clause and if they do I think the legitimacy of the court is done for in the average joe's eyes because this is a blatantly a equal protection act issue imho. Meanwhile injunction for PA has been denied. See pics below, PA filed basically "Lol we think the remedy is too insane so we ruled against it" instead of arguing on the merits.
Police Scared of Rioters I mean, it was a given, but now we have official statistics. 2,000 LEOs were "injured" during the stupid nigger riots. https://archive.is/zvkFK https://www.foxnews.com/us/police-chief-officers-injured-riots Additionally there was about $3 Million dollars worth of damages in Minneapolis alone. https://archive.is/drcas https://journalstar.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/damage-estimate-dropped-but-may-june-riots-still-said-to-cost-millions/article_0b4537f2-4602-5227-9a18-340c2a9b74c7.html Apparently some liberal cunt got out of jail time for rioting because of pussy pass. https://archive.is/V5h2A https://nypost.com/2020/12/06/clara-kraebber-catches-a-break-mercy-for-the-privileged/
>>10574 I like how they admit it would basically spark a civil war. To be fair there is a precedent though. SCOTUS was prepared to rule that the CSA could legally secede and that they did nothing wrong so Lincoln refused to allow the case to get past the lower courts for similar reasons after the civil war. Similarly it sounds like they're doing something similar here.
>>10681 Looks like all the states with a republican AG aside from Kentucky (dem govenor), and New Hamsphere (Dem govenor), I also don't see Georgia, but they are technically the defendant in the complaint so Makes sense since they'd be spineless though. Political grandstanding or actual "we're going to break the union" up again threat like 61? I don't know.
>>10543 Why do all the people associated with this look like they've had their souls sucked out?
>>10663 >“It’s pretty clear from this what the Jews’ line will be on the rebellion,” Kevin laughed. “Until this, I thought they were siding with the Agency to keep the Blacks in line. Now their main concern seems to be keeping us in line. They’re playing down the atrocities committed by the rebels and even making excuses for them, just the way they did before the Agency was created. They aren’t even making much of a fuss about the fact that the Blacks seem to be especially targeting Jewish businesses for looting and burning.” >“That’s a little misleading,” Bill Carpenter spoke up. “I’m on pretty good terms with a secretary in the big Jewish firm down the hail from my office, Abramowitz and Cohen. She said that Jewish businessmen were calling frantically all day yesterday and today, and that Abramowitz was telling them not to worry, that the government would more than cover all their losses under one of the provisions of the Horowitz Act. Why BLM burning down/looting kike businesses isn't a win for us: >I looked up the law, and sure enough there’s a clause in it which stipulates triple reimbursement of all losses suffered by any member of an identifiable minority group as a result of a ‘racist act.’ Ordinarily the reimbursement is made from the confiscated assets of the perpetrator of the act, but whenever the perpetrator is unknown or for any other reason cannot be made to pay the government pays the victim instead. Abramowitz was assuring his callers that the fix was in, that all losses suffered by Jews would be attributed to the deliberate ‘racist’ targeting of Jews by the rebels, that they would qualify as members of an identifiable minority, and that they would get triple reimbursement." From Hunter by William Pierce pp. 176
https://archive.is/afZke https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-55283024 As expected. SCOTUS declines to take the Texas case Time will tell if aging diabetic and asthmatic boomers prove their threats of succession and violence to be true we all know it wont happen
>>10752 There is nothing wrong with having hope niggerpill. Texas is already suggesting lite secession. Wait to see if/when Trump's own cases succeed or fail. Worst case we make it happen.
>>10752 >Stick To The Plan. >P.A.N.I.C. PATRIOTS Are Now In Control. >WEWGIGGAWA >MAGA >CinC Knows what 2 do. >Q congratulations, you've unlocked a new magic spell: soothe boomer 6000mi range, when cast causes boomers in field of effect to continue doing jack shit and expecting their parents/their grandkids to fix the institutions they toppled for fun
Open file (76.74 KB 602x477 texas.png)
>>10752 we'll see
>>10758 Theatrics. The parties want the same outcome. One's just playing the part of designated liar.
>>10758 >secession It won't happen. The GOP in Tx is bloated, lazy, and not competitive.
Open file (546.07 KB 1707x2047 anitfa1.jpg)
Open file (909.04 KB 1536x2048 anitfa2.jpg)
>>10228 Looks like Antifa is arming themselves. Is it possible to look any less terrifying?
>>10758 Didn't California threaten secession after Trump won? I'm not expecting anything. Both parties are too cucked for Civil War 2: Electric Boogaloo. but I'm okay with being proven wrong
>>10810 >pistol magazine pouches, but no pistol >plate carrier so low that if it has plates in it at all (can't tell) it wouldn't actually protect vitals >stupid breacher gloves that look unused outside of photo shoots >clearly doesn't train with gear >lmao red dot+magnifier they're not sending their best, that's for sure
>>10810 >no first aid kit >not even a single tourniquet They wont make it to triage especially considering what we've seen from their "medics". It's almost as if their choice of gear was based solely off of looter shooter shit. When was the last time we've seen an armed populace (in the states specifically) that dressed like they knew what they were doing?
Open file (122.46 KB 800x721 adventuresofspergook.jpg)
>>10820 >needing a first aid kit Weak.
>>10810 >slippers That dumbfuck is trying to be fashionable over practical while failing at both.
>>10810 >Defend Equality What a mentally-ill religious zealot. Defending something that can never be obtained, and never will be obtained.
>>10820 >muh first aid kid You sound like a pleb that can't 1cc. Just dodge better and git gud.
>>10834 And you sound like a pleb that can't make good shitposts.
Oohhhh boy here we go again: Antrim Michigan voting audit report, 68% error rate As described below, many of the software packages were out of date and vulnerable to various methods of attack. >a) Computer initial configuration on 10/03/2018 13:08:11:911 >b) Computer final configuration of server software on 4/10/2019 >c) Hard Drive not Encrypted at Rest >d) Microsoft SQL Server Database not protected with password. >e) Democracy Suite Admin Passwords are reused and share passwords. >f) Antivirus is 4.5 years outdated >g) Windows updates are 3.86 years out of date. >h) When computer was last configured on 04/10/2019 the windows updates were 2.11 years out of date. >i) User of computer uses a Super User Account. >Of the 15,676 there were a total of 10,667 critical errors/warnings or a 68.05% error rate. >Most of the errors were related to configuration errors that could result in >overall tabulation errors or adjudication. These 11/6/2020 tabulation totals were used as the official results. >2. For examples, there were 1,222 ballots reversed out of 1,491 total ballots cast, thus resulting in an 81.96% rejection rate. Some of which were reversed due to"Ballot's size exceeds maximum expected ballot size". >Notably 42 minutes earlier on Nov 21 2020 at 13:53:09 a user attempted to zero out election results. Id:3168 EmsLogger - There is no permission to {0} Project: User: Thread: 189. This is direct proof of an attempt to tamper with evidence. source: https://depernolaw.com/uploads/2/7/0/2/27029178/antrim_michigan_forensics_report_[121320]_v2_[redacted].pdf archive: https://archive.is/oaPNO tl;dr, better security than the shady cp honeypot, someone got logged trying to change the vote count, 68% error rate when by law they must have a .0008% error rate, you're grandmother has a better computer If the conservicucks won't riot over this they wont, then they won't riot for anything and they will just laugh and defraud the election again. Also GA/PA legislature in debate about sending republican electors... It'll make it 270-268 if they send all GOP, however, maybe NE 2 might flip GOP? Then we go to contingent election madness. Not holding my breath but the fact the GOP got a hearing in the house means they actually might have a spine. If the greentext is fucked I apologize.. Really shitty pdf formatting I had to copy
Open file (323.28 KB 1920x1080 loli full of disgust.jpg)
>>10878 >using Windows for voting machines I just want the circus to end already.
>>10944 If they weren't they would be using DOS.
>>10945 DoS would be more secure over all, even without the fancy modern encryption suites.
>>10878 Only a fucking still brainlet believes in democracy and that the election wasn't rigged at this point. MIGA Trump Golemstein is such a faggot but less so than the senile pedo, whatever those two bankrupt shabbos traitors mean for history.
>>10948 You're right, but the residual bluepill in your post is thinking that Trump and Biden are any different at all. It's a good goy, bad goy type game they put on
>>10949 There is no residual, two bankrupt traitors mean exactly nothing for history in the grand scope, other than how much they're willing to double down on KILLING the White race and sucking off greasy kike parasitoids, seemingly that's about all America has been except for JFK in contemporary history. As for Trumpstein & Pedo Joe it's basically Nero vs Tiberius and will go down in history as such. It's so fucking insane to me that a new nation ONLY 245 years old could become such an utterly corrupt and such an absolute terror cruelty to the world and it's own people.
>>10950 America was founded by Freemasons and Jewish interest groups. Looking back, it is actually very obvious that it was always intended to be this way.
>>10950 How do you feel about being destroyed? Punishment for the Shoah, courtesy of Yahweh.
>>10950 >It's so fucking insane to me that a new nation ONLY 245 years old could become such an utterly corrupt and such an absolute terror cruelty to the world and it's own people. On the plus side at the rat things are going it'll utterly collapse before it reaches 250 or soon thereafter.
>>10820 >>10821 >>10834 >>10838 >Not replacing medkits with more ammo for the grenade launcher heh
>>10964 >not replacing the grenade launcher with an underbarrel shotgun that also fires grenades in 12ga shells you rack devotion
>>10965 >Not going with a quad-rail for your rifle with a shotgun attached to each rail. All equipped with minimum 8ga grenade shells, but ideally 4ga. You lack firepower.
Is Amerika burning up? Are protests so constant that they aren't even worthy of reporting?
>>10968 >not attaching a quad rail to each of your four quad-rail mounted grenade launchers and linking all of the triggers and gas systems in some escherian rape fantasy of piano wire for the almighty 12-TWELVE SHOTTOGUN BRASTU
Open file (3.65 MB 1280x720 remove.webm)
>>10977 Yes. I'll probably start posting again if things get triggered.
>>10811 The difference is it's always some mayor or low-life in Commiefornia making the claims and they don't have a legal basis. This is the chairman of the Texas GOP, someone with some level of political backing basically saying "two can play by that game" instead of outright suggesting secession, after having a legitimate legal case thrown out on bullshit reasoning. I don't suspect we're anywhere near the level of secession, but certainly this is a step in the direction of armed conflict.
>>10878 Sounds like a standard government computer. No surprises there, really. I expected as much. Still, these are nice proofs to make the normalfag's eyes gloss over as they repeat there is no proofs.
>>10977 >is the US burning Yes. Because the supreme court punted on an issue that is written in the constitution that ONLY the supreme court could rule on as it is the only court with original jurisdiction on state versus state issues. >Does texas have standing Yes. Because the question in this is not "Can we force states to change their EV" it's, "Does a state, who does not follow their own law, and federal law in a federal election, subject to judicial redress under the consitution" The answer is maybe, the judiciary CAN intervene on a federal election, the question is if a state violating its own laws, is violating the federal constitution. >>10995 >Texas GOP This is dred scott v sandford in reverse. In the Dred case, the court reached the correct conclusion (logically) but the northern states refused to enforce the law (because of the question being against their political views) and thus sparked a civil war. Here, we have the court REFUSING to address the question of whether or not the conclusion of a state refusing to follow their own laws is logically allowed under the constitution. There are some rumors which if you read how Roberts has refused to address 2A and fucked us over on Obamacare, and the trump DACA EO, makes me inclined to believe it of the chief justice screaming like a little bitch because the riots were too threatening. I think all the justices aside from Goodrich and Thomas ought to be impeached, because those two actually fucking UNDERSTAND the role of the supreme court - Even if the case is against texas or the question is a politcal - it should be taken and weighted. Saying it lacks standing with no fucking reasoning is absolutely retarded. Imagine get hit in a car, and your insurance carrier goes, "Oh no, that's not our responsibility." even though it clearly says so in their fucking contract, and case law. If we aren't in a civil war in 20 years I'll be dammed, because the two major groups of lemmings are at each other's throats and now ONE side is seeing maybe again how they tossed out the constitution in the FDR and Lincoln era.
>>11015 Can't they pretend they never did Marbury vs. Madison?
>>11022 Thats what they just did.
>>11115 Well, who's a fan of selective enforcement of laws around here? Even though case law is the basis of common law systems, is it actually written down anywhere or did the founding fathers never consider the possibility that some clever (((legalists))) could choose to completely subvert the unwritten tradition of the rule of law they claimed to uphold?
>>11119 The founding fathers lived in a time where you just killed someone if you had a problem with them and justified it to a jury who believed in jury nullification based on something like honor. Now even advocating jury nullification is illegal in America, honor doesn't exist outside of personal codes & secret societies, and people generally don't severely maim, injure, or kill each other in the streets over minor infractions outside of certain cities unfortunately.
>>11120 For there to be honor there has to be consideration of the eternal. What is eternal, now that there are no more gods, and thus no judges of honor?
>>11127 I think you can put this here since its directly related to the US unless we want to make the legal thread and throw all our shitty armchair lawyering there on /k/ issues. Note down on how to classifiy as a pistol they've redisginated to INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO this should set alarm bells off in your head in the first phrase alone >caliber and capacity >bolt operation method >etc So basically if you have 100 round .223 pistol with a brace their gonna reclassify that as a SBR because muh caliber and capacity isn't a "handgun" one I hope some fuck comes up with a pistol thats a pistol with exactly that limit and then sues the fuck out of them. >>11126 >no judges of honor Public opinon in time eternal. What is perception now may not be in 1000 years. Best example is Cao Cao and state of Wei, he was hailed as a hero until the Song dynasty escaped to Sichuan and needed to justify their move. >>11119 >spoiler Judicial activism has always been an issue of the legal system anywhere. The bigger issue is that the judicial branch with Marbury versus madison has subverted the balance between the branches and the legistlature was content with that usurptation. If you know latin, we're the reverse of this phrase right now: "Inter arma enim silent lēgēs" (In times of arms, the law falls silent). The law has fallen silent because they have abdicated their power to the executive branch, and not only that, they have decided it is okay to deliberately in the sense the common joe can see apply the law unjustly to a large group of people because they disagree with them. >video completely unrelated
>>11133 >Public opinon in time eternal. What is perception now may not be in 1000 years. Best example is Cao Cao and state of Wei, he was hailed as a hero until the Song dynasty escaped to Sichuan and needed to justify their move. Today there is no shame. What does some degenerate pedo like Epstein have to fear from the hatred of a mob that he has escaped in death? Nothing is sacred, there is no loyalty, no fear of structures that are mortal just as men are. What has been sold is meaningless birth, hedonism, and meaningless death. The atomic age brought into the popular conscience that man himself could end his own civilization, and public thought degenerated. If everything we ever do can be erased, every vice and every virtue, why live for anything than vanity? Which is the conceit of the weak willed, nihilism. Acting in the right is its own reward.
https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9076331/Armed-protesters-enter-Oregon-State-Capitol-building-special-session.html https://archive.is/74d4p CONSERVIBOOMERS GOT ANGRY AND THEY STORMED THE OREGON STATE CAPITOL BUILDING LOL still wont change a thing As always, your muh dangerous right wing: >The demonstration was made up of members of the Proud Boys, Patriot Prayer and other far-right groups, some seen carrying rifles and pistols and waving American flags and Trump banners I don't see a single firearm on the civilians there. I see a larper with a ACH though still better than no helmet like poor me
"Intentional" RV explosion in downtown Nashville. What's happening /k/?
>>11392 >Christmas Day High chance of a bombing of peace
Open file (887.18 KB 1083x827 Location.PNG)
>>11394 Doubt it. PD has stated that the bomb vehicle gave a warning it would detonate in 15 minutes. Strange. False flags need dead bodies and so do religon of peace. Take a look at the location: East 2nd Ave. Look what's not too far away, the state capitol building, the At&T building, and a stadium. Three pretty major targets. Motives? >insurance fraud Unlikely as restraunts are open >durka durka Unlikely they go for kill score >false flag unlikely they go for kill score >weatherman underground resurgence? Possible, republican state >"right" wing conserviboomers Possible but I'd think they'd take a page from Mcveigh and flatten a federal building. Maybe the ave wasn't the intended target, perhaps it was one of the nearby buildings? Maybe the FBI knew about it in advance and did nothing like 9/11 because they wanted the effects?
>>11402 >false flag >unlikely they go for kill score You're acting like glowniggers don't have a whole playbook to act on whenever they want. Creating a climate of unease is enough. I wouldn't be surprised if a few more carbombs go off in the following days in different cities. This is part of larger scheme for martial law coming later in 2021, I'd say.
>>11402 The RV played a recording 15 minutes before exploding with a warning that it was going to explode.
>>11413 That might have not been a recording. Later news reports mentioned remains in the form of "tissues" that had allegedly been found. It could have just been someone's last "fuck you" to clownworld.
>>11417 >someone's last "fuck you" to clownworld Looking into how the AT&T is suspicious as heck i would think this too, but i would ram myself into the building or go to other more ideologically charged places if i was as disgruntles, which i am not and also are not planning to end myself anytime soon, if i do it was my neighbor. Still this is an enigmatic incident, wonder if we will get more details or will be forgotten in a week like the failed saudi hit job in Vegas.
>>11417 The talking point it that the attacker already "killed" one person. THE ATF HAS STOPPED GOING AFTER PISTOL BRACES FOR NOW >Upon further consultation with the Department of Justice and the Office of the Deputy Attorney General, ATF is withdrawing, pending further Department of Justice review, the notice and request for comments entitled “Objective Factors for Classifying Weapons with ‘Stabilizing Braces’,” that was published on December 18, 2020. 85 FR 82516. As explained in the notice, the proposed guidance was not a regulation. The notice informed and invited comment from the industry and public on a proposed guidance prior to issuing a final guidance document. https://www.atf.gov/firearms/docs/general-notice/sb-criteria-withdrawal-notice-12-23-20pdf?fbclid=IwAR1Sa6QgU9MQCBTrUOxp5mi4g5cZRv0bBqK-eYHdB-OpUz0tjW2_qtiGV0M https://archive.is/ynauK
>>11402 >>11417 The explosion knocked out service to around ten thousand AT&T customers and forced Nashville International to temporarily halt flight ops due to telecommunication issues. I think whoever it was knew what they were doing. Additionally, I've heard allegations that the evacuation warning was strikingly similar to ones played by Antifa before committing arson--how true that is, I don't know, but could be worth looking into. >>11413 It detonated a fair bit before fifteen minutes had elapsed. My theory is that the recording was intended to bait people outside and make them think they had more time than they did in order to catch them off guard and maximize casualties.
>>11417 >It could have just been someone's last "fuck you" to clownworld. That or suicide for attention, which is fairly common. It that was the intent, it certainly worked.
>>11420 http://www.co-buildings.com/tn/615/ Look at the Nashville "main" building. I'm 90% sure its the exact same building as the one listed in the photo I've posted below. Formatting perserved so excuse the shitty reddit spacing >Listing Updated: >November 2011 >Operating Company: >at&t/BellSouth/South Central Bell >CLLI: >NSVLTNMTDS0 >NSVLTNMTDS1 >NSVLTNMTDS3 >Switch Type: >DS0: Ribbon/Genband/Nortel DMS-100/200 >DS1: Ribbon/Genband/Nortel DMS-100 >DS3: Nokia/Alcatel/Lucent 5ESS >Prefixes Served: >DS0: (615) 737 >DS1: (615) 214, 253, 271, 291, 335, 401, 416, 432, 524, 532, 733-4, 736, 741, 747-9, 770, 862, 880, 978 >DS3: (615) 242, 244, 248, 251-2, 254-6, 259, 313, 664, 687, 726, 742-4, 780, 782 >Notes: >Source: TCO Address of the building for Bell south: >185 2nd Ave N, Nashville, TN 37201 van location explosion is southboundon 2nd ave right next to the building. There's a sign that lends credence to that idea. Look here, I've highlighted a press photo, see the sign boxed in by yellow, and the sign pole in green? Now check the googlemaps street view (picture called streetview 2) . Bingo. Exact match. So the explosion took place on the southeast side of the Nashville Bell southern telecoms switch building. We can therefore conclude that the vehicle was placed on the southeastern corner of the bell building... And if you look at streeview 3 photo... BINGO. It's right on top of three manholes, I'd assume one or two of those are for telecommunications lines! Whoever did this had to have knowledge of the telecommunications industry, or was given it.
>>11423 "Social media" Are we sure this isnt news or FBI? aerial footage shows us that this is precisely the case. Finally, onto the suspect vehicle. FBI posted a photo. We can see its a Ford E series, a look at the striping and body design of a confirmed E-450 confirms this. Now, the grille is not an eggbox shaped one, but rather the 8 section one used from 98 and onwards on the E serries. This model ended in 2002. Therefore, our search timeframe is a 1998-2002 E serries RV. Finally, there is no front license plate. Assuming the perp is not a dumbass and try to make it completely legal, that means that it comes from a one license plate state. These are: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, New Mexico. North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, and West Virginia Given that out of state plates tend to attract attention, I would wager my bet that the truck had in state license plates. Therefore, it is likely the perpetrator may have worked in telecommunications, probably resided in Tennessee for some time (if not nashville itself), and is highly familiar with the design of the telecoms buildings to know that they are blast resistant, and therefore chose to target the underground cables, or knew someone in the team (if they didn't work alone) that did. All said and done expect the feds to dump money into reinforcing the underground telecoms cable lines outside the building's immediate vicinity. There goes your tax monies. There's a curfew in Nashville until the 27th 6PM btw.
Open file (34.57 KB 642x216 cleaveland.PNG)
https://archive.is/64joB https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/1344043854819897345 DOJ has declined to indite the pd officers who shot Tamir Rice. Hope you streloks in Ohio are ready.
>>11501 >Tamir Rice Which one was that?
>>11511 The niglet pointing an airsoft gun with no orange tip at random people
Apparently the Nashville bomber's girlfriend called her attorney making "suicidal threats", and when he called police to check on her they arrived to find her sitting on the porch of her home with two unloaded guns. She said they belonged to her boyfriend and that she "did not want them in the house any longer" (note that they lived in separate houses). She then claimed he was making bombs. They took her in for a psychological evaluation, and went to his house, but their knocks were unanswered. With no probable cause for a search or grounds for a warrant, they filed a report, ran a background check with the FBI which turned up nothing, and did not investigate further. Expect expanded red flag laws, with no regard for whether the complainant is considered credible.
>>11535 https://www.kare11.com/article/news/local/minneapolis-police-shooting-dec-30/89-d62672fb-25b4-4089-ab43-c60c0bea8658 https://archive.is/E9wAL MINNEAPOLIS — Minneapolis police said a man has died following an exchange of gunfire between police and a felony suspect during a traffic stop on Wednesday evening. PROTESTS HAVE STARTED, TWIN CITIES REALLY PUT TWIN IN THE NAME https://youtu.be/ikEtgt3Kkkg any other sites to view jettube with
>>11549 https://invidious.snopyta.org/ Front end that allows you to view jewtube without being data collected as much
>>11574 >it no longer loads the video description or the comments The entropy has begun.
>>11579 It's not always like that. Sometimes you get bad gateway errors for hours, sometimes it doesn't load the comments, and sometimes it works flawlessly.
>>11580 world is getting too full. africa and other third world countries are getting access to the internets, and 'that's a good thing'. also, sjw's and women are make up an increasingly large part of the employees in the megacorps, and as we all know, they're neither the best workers, nor very good leaders. Kiketube and co. will crumble under the weight of a rapidly increasing userbase, and the equally growing incompetence of their workers.
>>11580 It says "instance has been blocked", so Google has gotten wise and started to wall off external access to its content.
https://archive.vn/3umVb >In broken English, he presented himself as a Syrian refugee. He said he had crossed half the continent by foot and lost his papers along the way. The officers photographed and fingerprinted him. Over the next year, he would get shelter and an asylum hearing, and would qualify for monthly benefits. >In reality, he was a lieutenant in the German Army. He had darkened his face and hands with his mother’s makeup and applied shoe shine to his beard. Instead of walking across Europe, he had walked 10 minutes from his childhood home in the western city of Offenbach. There are small bits and pieces that you might find amusing, but overall it's not that important of a story.
>>11585 I wonder why invidious went down in the first place, was he bribed by kiketube? You can always just use youtube-dl if the video isn't loading by the way. It downloads the content and generates a local copy.
>>11602 Or if you are using Linux, then if you have both youtube-dl and mpv you can just use the latter to play the video on your system without permanently downloading it.
>WINONA, Texas – A pastor was killed and two other people were injured in a shooting at an East Texas church Sunday after the pastor confronted a man who had hidden from police in the church overnight, a local sheriff said. >Authorities had been using dogs and drones to search for the man late Saturday in woods near Winona following a car chase, and the pastor of the nearby Starrville Methodist Church discovered him hiding in a church bathroom Sunday morning, Smith County Sheriff Larry Smith said at a news conference. >Smith declined to say why authorities had been searching for the man. >The pastor drew a gun and ordered the man to stop, Smith said, but the man grabbed the weapon and began shooting with it. The pastor was killed, a second person was injured by gunfire and another was hurt in a fall. >The man stole the pastor's vehicle and fled east before being arrested by deputies in nearby Harrison County, Smith said. He said the man was hospitalized Sunday afternoon with gunshot wounds to his hand but it's unclear when he was shot. >Smith declined to identify the pastor, the other people injured or the suspect. The sheriff said the shooting suspect will likely face a capital murder charge. >The Tyler Telegraph reported on Sunday night that Pastor Mark Allen McWilliams was preparing for service when he was shot and killed. His wife, Rosemary, was injured in a fall, the newspaper reported. >The suspect was identified as Mytrez Deunte Woolen, 21, who was wanted for questioning in two drive-by shootings, the Telegraph reported, citing the sheriff. https://web.archive.org/web/20210104045617/https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2021/01/03/starrville-texas-church-shooting-pastor-dead-2-hurt-near-winona/4119889001/
>>11674 >>The pastor drew a gun and ordered the man to stop, Smith said, but the man grabbed the weapon and began shooting with it. Textbook example of why pulling your concealed weapon and just waving it around like a faggot is a stupid fucking thing to do. Either be ready to pull the fucking trigger or just keep it put away.
Open file (181.05 KB 1024x768 1609960936081.jpg)
The South Shall Rise Again kek MAGA boomers macing zogbots finally / inside capitol
>>11752 >they're desperately calling for the National Guard >implying it won't add gasoline to the fire
>>11752 Is there a live coverage that is halfway close to reliable?
Open file (459.52 KB 620x466 HAPPENING.PNG)
>>11754 Not exactly what you were asking for, but follow this twitter feed: https://nitter.net/IntelCrab
>>11755 >intelcrab leftist central, idiot
>>11757 That's what makes it fun to follow, retard
Open file (28.92 KB 645x163 ClipboardImage.png)
How shit is the government education system nobody remembers how utterly controversial is was when Tyler insisted "the Same shall devolve on the Vice President" meant he was now president (instead of Vice President with presidential powers/acting President)? This is nothing.
Open file (99.84 KB 591x1280 fucking do something.jpg)
>>11761 Why don't you go there yourself armchair revolutionary.
>>11755 It's gone.
>>11764 What the fuck happened to it? It still works on normal twotter
>>11765 It might be nitter acting up. If it's like invidio.us then it can't always take the load.
>>11764 same happened to me with the Elijah Schaeffer guy
>>11761 someone is saying they may have taken them. either way they're encrypted and unlikely to be cracked anytime soon.
>>11733 >is more red than blue >they are still tied Nani?
>>11769 >They're encrypted Doubt.jpg
>>11771 the gubmint is incompetent but not that incompetent. bitlocker is required on all machines along with smartcards, PINs, and passwords to even boot it up. if you even plug in a flash drive you'll get a phone call at your desk within 30 seconds. t. knower
>>11769 Highly doubt that. That computer is used by tech-illiterate boomers. They wouldn't be able to use it if they secured it that much.
Open file (1.61 MB 480x270 3-EDcRXgPgPFQsem.mp4)
>one woman shot
Open file (1.09 MB 320x568 sYRH2I6hOqtD5uR_.mp4)
I think we might have just been false flags streloks. I regard LEO sympathy as low in DC, maybe if this was a deep red state
Open file (7.07 KB 385x473 No1_gone.png)
Open file (6.80 KB 449x507 No2_gone.png)
Anyone know if this is just a Nitter issue? Have they been deplatformed by Twatter?
>>11776 its just nitter
>>11777 Nice digits. So, it's probably safe to assume its simply the Marxists trying to slow the spread of information to those of use who refuse to adhere to their obsessive gatekeeping? That about it? Any other alternatives than just Nitter?
>>11778 >So, it's probably safe to assume its simply the Marxists trying to slow the spread of information to those of use who refuse to adhere to their obsessive gatekeeping? No, it's probably just a bug. I've seen it happen to Japanese artists too.
Open file (615.84 KB 756x567 hackermanwashere.png)
>>11761 >did nothing with it
Open file (4.71 MB 320x568 9_4dCPH52UvX99Tt.mp4)
Are the boomers all going home?
>>11782 seems like it. wondering if this is going to be seen as a pivotal event in burger politics. obviously antifaniggers did most of the violent shit (i am sure a few diehard migatards crashed some shit though) but will it be enough to start anything meaningful? of course it isn't why am i asking this
>>11776 They're still on Twitter, but nitter is shitting itself with certain accounts. No idea whose end it's on.
>>11783 >spoiler I don't know about that. The sonsofbitches in the House and Senate aren't going to be too pleased that they were caught off guard like that. They're going to be seeking revenge.
>>11783 What a farce.
>>11775 >snow melts FALSE FLAG! NSCIABIDoDLGBT MOSSAD PSYOP MELTED IT DONT LET IT MELT! ANTIFA BURNED DOWN THE REICHSTAG HITLER WAS A FALSE FLAG AND MOSSAD AGENT!! Who the fuck cares if the first person in was antifa? It’s a win either way, this isn’t being put on antifa. If they did do it then they just made it look like a bunch of pissed off citizens stormed a government building for control. Doesn’t help antifa other than making people who already agree with them think anyone right of Mao is a violent revolutionary, and makes anyone who hates antifa think people finally took matters into their own hands (though I don’t see much coming out of this, honestly.)
So far it's turning out to be just another Virginia rally. Some faggots brought guns and did nothing with them even though they walked into the fucking building while the rats were all right there, this shit is both highly controlled and cucked as fuck and I hope none of you actually thought anything was going to actually pop off because of it. There's only so many times you should fall for this kind of shit before you learn.
Open file (34.60 KB 257x81 fine.png)
>>11789 A crowd without leaders is not capable of much. Maybe if they had a few people herding them inside and telling them to do this or that, then it could have turned into something much more interesting.
>>11792 Their leaders cucked out
>>11789 >storm the capitol >people dead >pipe bombs It's not just another Virginia
>>11794 >>pipe bombs What's this? Haven't heard about that anywhere.
>>11794 Another Virginia in the sense that nobody actually fights and the lawmakers just keep doing whatever the fuck they want, though I guess we'll have to wait and see. Sometimes shit comes out of left field and shits all over the kikes and their stooges, they're not gods after all. >>11796 Someone placed a pipe bomb and it was defused.
I made a quick summary of the day, please spread. Right now.
>>11799 Even from a still pic you can tell she was probably dead before she hit the ground, damn.
Woman Murdered Inside The Capitol Building Respect murderer assassins in blue goy they are totally ur friends .t Trump .t ZOG
>>11799 >please spread Why though?
>>11799 Yeah, I'm going to share it on facebook, twitter, reddit, and my discord server :^) Joking aside, where the fuck are idiots like you coming from?
>>11803 >Joking aside, where the fuck are idiots like you coming from? /fascist/ more than likely. The glownigger warned us about those retards trying to astroturf.
Open file (218.58 KB 606x210 post-Corona USA.PNG)
What now?
Open file (85.78 KB 640x360 ClipboardImage.png)
>>11805 Neinchan
>>11805 >trusting the glownigger >falling for glownigger D&C >when nobody was saying anything about /fascist/ until he started whining about them kill yourself faggot
>>11806 America keeps getting more and more retarded, potentially goes full commie, then maybe half a century or so of USSA complete with purges, pogroms, and deliberate displacement before collapse, then it'll probably resemble a mix of Brazil and current day Russia.
>>11802 Maybe because MIGAMAN betrayed all his supporters for years when nonwhite immigration actually increased? Telling people that cops who straight up murder some random woman that they're their friends? I mean what? They stole the entire election but go home now? Love and peace? What? Hahahahaha get the fuck out of here moron >>11803 thx
>>11810 >thx Are you retarded?
>>11811 >wtf is this sarcasm in response to sarcasm?
>>11812 >wtf Yeah, I guess you are. Back to Facebook please.
>>11807 >>11811 What's the problem glowie?
>>11813 Stay angry impotent nigger.
Trump's Twitter has been suspended temporarily.
>>11810 I don't get it, what is that supposed to accomplish?
>>11817 >implying these untermensch can think 5 seconds ahead beyond posting the latest meme template
>>11817 >>11818 kek squeal moar
>>11805 outside of a few crossboarders and me asking people to direct political discussion to there, /monarchy/, and other politically focused boards a few months back, /fascist/ hasn't done anything to /k/. you're a nigger for trying to generate interboard drama
>>11816 I don't see how Twitter thinks that was a good idea in any capacity.
>>11821 Both Twitter and Youtube have deleted his video telling the protesters to go home.
>>11820 He's been going across the webring doing this shit, I've seen him in /animu/'s meta thread and zzzchan/v/.
https://archive.is/E9FFJ WSJ puts an interesting spin I hadn't heard up until this point: >Federal authorities had planned to deal with protests this week with a relatively small, minimally visible presence, according to law-enforcement officials, hoping to avoid inflaming tensions as a show of force had done during unrest earlier this year in Portland, Ore. and other cities. >That approach seemed to have backfired on Wednesday, when thousands of pro-Trump rioters surrounded the U.S. Capitol and some easily breached the barricades and stormed the building, leaving at least one person shot and others injured. Some fired what the city’s police chief described as “chemical irritants” at officers who were guarding the complex to gain access to the building. >Officials said they had expected a repeat of relatively minor scuffles between far-right and far-left factions that broke out after dark at similar protests in November. >“The Capitol Police were unprepared for the sheer size of the protest,” said David Gomez, a retired FBI executive. Once the rioters barged into the Capitol, other federal law enforcement agencies were slow to respond, either out of deference to President Trump or because of a lack of experience with dealing with riots, which isn’t their primary mission, Mr. Gomez said. “Up until they breached the Capitol, the possibility existed that it was going to be a large protest that didn’t cross those barricades. Once they did that [law enforcement personnel] were overwhelmed and couldn’t respond quickly enough,” he said. >Defense Department officials had previously said they anticipated around 350 members of the D.C. national guard would be enough to support Washington, D.C., police during the protests this week, mainly to assist with traffic control. They wanted to avoid the optics of having any U.S. military personnel on the steps of the U.S. Capitol, and ordered the officers to avoid straying east of 9th Street in downtown Washington, blocks from the Capitol grounds, officials said. >After the building was breached, the Defense Department announced it would activate another 1,100 D.C. National Guard troops, but it was unclear if they would be deployed to the Capitol or elsewhere in the district. >Still, Wednesday’s breach by the pro-Trump rioters raises questions about whether they are equipped to handle more widespread threats and violence. >The coronavirus pandemic also posed new challenges for the department. >As Congress has remained open for business during the pandemic, at least a dozen officers had tested positive for the coronavirus by May 2020, and were concerned about their working conditions, The Wall Street Journal previously reported. tl;dr- Gubmint was scared shitless of putting a military presence on the capitol because of the imagery it would create. Police and three letter agents in DC aren't trained to handle riots. The breach happened because the government underestimated both the size and sheer meme-fueled rage of the protestors, and had only assigned a few dozen cops to deal with QBoomers.
>>11825 Also have some salt from world leaders: https://archive.is/PMD4l
>>11783 >wondering if this is going to be seen as a pivotal event in burger politics Only in the sense that the media will say the GOP is evil and will never be in power again. But of course, I reckon America itself doesn't have 20 years left in her anyhow.
Open file (320.38 KB 1080x1083 Expel.jpg)
Time for that single-party state that you've always wanted!
>>11825 Or they let it happen to have all the ammo necessary to further constrain civil liberties. A lot of people will go to jail over this, directly and indirectly.
Open file (84.04 KB 1280x684 DCkek.jpg)
>>11823 Squeal
>>11829 Learned from the chinks. Let them do their protest then gulag them all when they are separated and alone.
>>11825 >Some fired what the city’s police chief described as “chemical irritants” at officers Literally just fire extinguishers, from what I've heard.
>>11829 >>11831 I never understood where this faith in the US Government comes from. I remember working with officials back in Uni and the only words that ever came to mind dealing with any of the dumb fucks was "power-hungry incompetents" when they opened their dumb mouths. >But the enforcers are smart! No, the enforcers are just as dumb as the dogs in the seats giving them orders.
Open file (569.22 KB 1287x523 Screenshot.png)
I appreciated seeing the China story right next to coverage on the protests.
>>11834 >Officer Ezekiel Goldwasser was one of the first responders to the violent terrorist fascist bombing attacks in the capitol >"When the evil nahtzees showered us with white chemicals, oy... it reminded me of my great grandmother being gassed in the chambers at Birkenau! I found myself both aroused and horrified at the terrorist actions they inflicted and began shooting randomly into the crowd
>>11835 And also the CAR one next to it, but that's for parallels rather than contradiction.
>>11830 I was talking about the fag trying to stir up board drama shit, retard.
Open file (303.98 KB 500x1198 Britbongistan2.png)
>>11832 2 of them had a knife Didn't even have a license for it, now that's true freedom!
>>11838 friendly fire marine Blue lives ZOG curse status = DISPELLED
Open file (86.12 KB 1000x1250 zogstinguisher.jpg)
>>11839 i hope they unironically shove a fire extinguisher up their asses and pull the clamp in there until it empties, should be standard procedure punishment for jews and traitor zog-fag murderers
>>11840 semper fi brother hoooah i remember asking Qanon magapede boomers on a gun forum a few months back sniping expensive shit on their markets is a great way to save if they'd actually be willing to kill police officers if said cops were preventing them from exercising their rights curious how they'd feel about it today, back then they just shadowbanned me
>>11840 Let's hope this is more than just loud blustering, I'm pretty sick of hearing a bunch of watering bushes to btfo tyrants fedora tipping bullshit.
>>11840 I want to believe, but I doubt it. Dispelling the thin blue line is beyond the comprehension of these faggots.
>>11844 All that needs to happen is for the media to hype up another obviously-justified case of a nog getting shot, and they'll forget all about this.
>>11833 Dude, this isn't 5d chess, you don't need to be a genius to let your enemies shoot themselves in the foot, in this case by incriminating themselves
The dead woman was reportedly Ashli Babbit, a 14 year Air Force veteran who served four tours as a "high level security official".
>>11848 I was hoping it was a glowy agitator. Even if she was, it would go straight down the memory hole and nothing would come of it.
>>11848 So now we have a martyr for the cause...
Reported death toll is now four, with three people dead of "medical emergencies".
>>11850 White woman, veteran, mother, not particularly ugly or deformed, no unpalatable craziness like the viking cosplay or the Auschwitz sweater— out of all the people they could have shot, blindly firing through that window, they got a good one.
>>11852 I bet the officer that shot her is sweating bullets right now. >>11851 Gotta inflate the numbers so people don't do >>11850 anon.
DC Mayor just extended the "state of emergency" until the day after the inauguration so that they can declare a state of emergency at their leisure.
>>11854 That should read "so that they can declare a curfew" at their leisure.
Open file (228.50 KB 1020x765 Inslee out REEEEEEE.jpg)
It has certainly been an interesting day. Taking bets on AWB 2 Electric Boogaloo despite such weapons being neither used nor even possessed by the people who stormed the capitol. I feel a little smug too at all the faggots on 4/k/ saying Washington state wasn't going to do dick about shit and then stormed their Governor's mansion today too. Always fun to have your home state in the news.
Open file (41.19 KB 976x549 Halo.jpg)
At least the media has abandoned subtlety.
Open file (14.85 MB 610x1080 ranting.mp4)
original delete because I forgot vi like a faggot >>11853 >>11852 >video related I had to compress it since it was 35 mb of pure ranting. scraped from faggot so take it with some salt this is your brain on solcal https://archive.md/ASk2f https://www.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/ks52kt/ashley_babbit_who_was_shot_and_killed_during_the/ They're already trying to get the lawyers that repersented trump and co. in the election lawsuits sanctioned and disbarred. My guess: Mass shooting incident after inaugration, AWB 2.0 with no sunset clause. Some man decided to bomb federal building again.
Open file (400.99 KB 1059x766 vin_125_025.jpg)
>>11861 >everyone wants immigration
Open file (12.00 KB 191x255 funny bone.jpg)
>>11861 >everyone wants immigration Reminds of that pic were democrats hate whites and want to destroy their country, while republicans want the same thing by legal and slower.
>>11875 Well he sure as hell isn't very loyal either.
With America rapidly devolving into Brazil 2.0 it's had me thinking about something. You know the ork tier weapons that hues throw together, 50 caliber select fire rifles and extremely high rpm 9mm smgs despite their total shit gun laws? What exactly is stopping burgers from doing that? Sure the cities are more heavily monitored, but the country is larger and has more empty and comparatively unmonitored rural areas than BR does. If some favela nigger can throw together a budget bolter then what's stopping burgers?
>>11878 >what's stopping burgers? It doesn't. Burgers are developing 3D-printed weapons and have already succeeded
>>11879 I know people who have spare income to buy 3D printers and all the materials are doing it, I'm talking more about the dirt poor peasant class that lives paycheck to paycheck yet still whines about not being able to do anything while on the bottom half of the globe there's favela niggers in rusty sheet metal houses that somehow cobble together these weapons despite not only being poorer, but also having zero legal ability to even own a gun.
>>11880 It'll get there eventually but for now burgers are spoiled, they're not gonna take things as seriously as they should as they have had it so good for so long.
>>11880 because there are better options (for the time being). Even the poorest of the rural poors already has pappy's deer rifle or shotgun. were I a politician or ZOGbot, the ubiquity of scoped deer rifles would concern me way more than all the Anderson garage builds
Open file (112.02 KB 893x669 solidatiry from Idlib.jpg)
>>11878 >If some favela nigger can throw together a budget bolter then what's stopping burgers? It is scary, for lack better words, if you think about it; What the Arabs are capable of making in a shed in regards with drones, and diy rocketry and the the Brazilians do with their janky guns. If you consider that bother countries have their national IQ's around the mid 80s. If that stuff ever happens in the US of A then we can reasonably expect a higher sophistication and/or prevalence of 'shed-armaments' produced per capita - purely because of the qualitive increase of human capital owning to the fact that the national IQ is just shy of 100. Any way, I am very much at lost of what to think now since the Capital protest happen. What going to be ramifications of this?
So will the shattered union happen?
>>11888 >What going to be ramifications of this? Nothing good short term though it sure was symbolic, it really shows people are getting fed up.
>>11889 I hope so, but until more unrest occurs or the Biden administration really starts to clamp down on anyone or anything pro-Trump, it's just a larp at this point.
>>11888 >that image please tell me this is shopped >>11891 The oh so powerful learned an important lesson that day. How close they are to the rope.
>>11878 Most rural areas are federal/state land, extremely expensive due to being close to a city, or suffer from zoning law bullshit. That aside, Burgers have their own shit to deal with. Favela niggers have organized crime to hide them while they build garage guns and a culture that doesn't let a family member rat them out to the police. It's a little harder to go Favela when your basic needs are met and the police are worshipped.
Open file (585.41 KB 835x707 smug smug.png)
>>11888 >Ramifications If the establishment cracks down hard and fast, an authoritarian regime not dissimilar to China but with more faggotry. If resistance accelerates, balkanization and armed conflict with a mix of libertarian paradises of various levels of morality and right-wing authoritarian shit holes popping up. If resistance doesn't accelerate but grows gradually, a right-wing authoritarian shit hole full of brown people. All the options suck, but the only good cop is a dead cop so I'll take accelerationism and police car bombings/public lynching of judges/politicians, please. Preferably with a general disdain for public officials and local shadow governments if possible since that would be the most fair way of ruling/would instill the most fear in the feds.
>>11888 >to the fact that the national IQ is just shy of 100. Sounds like a bit too much averaging in that number.
Open file (305.43 KB 1073x1090 Ron.jpg)
Pig farm tender silenced.
>>11898 orange man himself got b& by the twitter jannies, the crackdown has begun
>>11900 They didn't even wait for the change of power, they couldn't contain themselves even after trump cucked himself so hard. wew
Imagine how horrified the founding fathers would be looking at modern America. I imagine it would seem like actual hell to them, they'd probably turn around and go back to their time and commit suicide so the country never comes into existence.
>>11900 >>11904 They banned the POTUS account too when Trump used it to post. Wew indeed.
>>11905 They meant to create an aristocratic class in everything but name. The founders would laugh their asses off and tell everyone it's current timeline's problem, not theirs.
>>11907 Explain.
Open file (1.17 MB 2300x1836 consider I am drunk.jpeg)
Twitter stocks are apparently down 4% as of 8PM and are expected to drop Monday, heh. >>11908 You're asking me to disseminate a topic that could take up an entire university course and several historical documents into 1 post, anon. The entire arguments that the founding fathers created were just a means of justifying criminal action in order to avoid retribution from the crown. Just look at the original constitution. "The People" did not include everyone, and the people it did include did not have the ridiculous levels of power your average homeless man today has over the government. James Madison, the man who handled all the compromises and negotiations to make the constitution a reality, described governing officials as the natural aristocracy among men. The idea that all men were equal was a farce. The deep philosophical roots of English Democracy (the philosophy of democracy, not the system, which was Republicanism) originated an idea of "equality" in the sense that no men should be prevented from ascending to the natural aristocracy based on [X] and that no legally guaranteed position of nobility should exist without the consent of man. What the founders defined as those who could vote was left up to the individual states, but was overwhelmingly recognized as being those who owned property or who had a reasonable stake in the nation's future. Originally only the house of representatives was actually elected by that limited sect of people. The senate was originally elected by an even smaller sect of people who were supposed to represent the interests of the local state governments (thanks for fucking it up, Lincoln). English Democracy was very much a philosophy of natural rulers acting in an aristocratic fashion so long as they were deemed mentally fit to continue to hold their positions and sound of reasoning in their decisions. Many of the concepts that ruined the philosophy of democracy as described by old English philosophers came from the French, funnily enough, who also developed a philosophy of democracy along very different lines that eventually led to the French Revolution. They would later go on to kill the English philosophy of Democracy through the 1800s until it was basically dead by the time WWI happened. America as its original concept died with Lincoln's power grab and began to fester in the early 1900s. Today's government are just carrion eating what little remains of the corpse. That is why I said the founders would laugh at us since they would not consider us Americans but rather something akin to the mockery that was Charlemagne pretending to be Rome.
>>11909 No that explains it well enough for me to go look into it myself, thanks.
>>11909 No that explains it well enough for me to go look into it myself, thanks. Sorry if this double posts fuckin site froze up on me.
>>11909 Blame Jefferson for being corrupted by the French Revolution.
>>11895 >and the police are worshipped. Isnt the police hated by everyone now in the USA?
>>11905 Nah, they would only see it as the natural result of giving women rights, and freeing niggers without sending them back to Africa. In response the US would be an explicitly white ethno-state.
I keep shifting back and forth between whitepilled and blackpilled on the situation in the US. It could so easily erupt into some system destroying violence, but it could also just as easily peter out into tiny whimpers from retarded cop loving cucks while cop hating communists have the cops throw them into gulags.
>>11913 Too early to tell, but considering cuckervative tendency to lick cop feet I'd say it's leaning more towards no, but there are a fair number of people who saw that lady get murdered in the capital so maybe not.
>>11916 I wonder how much impact the death of that cop will have. Will it deter people on the fence, saying they don't want to join a cop-killing movement, or will they take it as proof that the cops have chosen their side in the same way Babbit getting shot is proof? For that matter, Babbit was shot by WH security, not a simple "cop". The circumstances of that cop's death are sketchy as fuck too. There were mentions of cops with injuries at the time, but not a peep about any being serious. And apparently he didn't actually seek medical treatment, but instead went back to his precinct and suddenly collapsed there. As far as I know there are no details on his actual injuries available.
>>11917 >The circumstances of that cop's death are sketchy as fuck too. fucker got mazed by his own and had a heart attack >>>/fascist/18097
Open file (221.73 KB 558x258 maser.png)
>>11918 >mazed Are cops carrying around directed energy weapons now?
>>11919 just repostin but I get they have all sorts of toys in the capitol building
>>11918 >>11917 None of this retarded shit is even approaching trustworthy anymore. We live in an age of information warfare and it's ironically still just as hard, if not harder to glean the truth today as it was back when Roman emperors were constantly backstabbing one another during and after the tetrarchy. Also he got maced and then probably had a heart attack.
Open file (939.72 KB 320x192 who_knows_he_is_free.gif)
>>11915 Bro just take the math pill. The current economic model of the authoritarian left government in place is not sustainable long-term even if they have the support of the entire nation on their back. There is no need to be whitepilled or blackpilled. Either conservative values succeed through quick and violent insurrection, or conservative values succeed through the long game known as "economics" and "scarcity." I don't even factor race into it any more because I am a man of science, faith, and logic, not of cults that appeal to the lowest common denominator. Even if the "white race" was destroyed, the niggers would likely be unable to kill themselves off, not even the niggest, and eventually a new "white race" would emerge in some far off future about 10,000 years from now. A mere "second" relative to how long the earth might last. Be virtuous and the greater man, but care not for the opinions of others and do what is best for yourself, for all others are faggots.
>>11921 I'm pretty sure they have ADS and dazzler weaponry at the capitol, no? Hard to believe they wouldn't
>>11922 I like the way you think and I do strive to think that way too, but I've always got that doubt in the back of my mind that maybe we really are facing the end times and demons in the form of niggers and hooknosed kikes are dragging us straight to hell to suffer with them. I don't buy that "white race" shit though, there's Europeans of course, but they're just as different from one another as a Congo nigger is from an Ethiopian or Somalian. You wouldn't call a Spaniard a German after all. >>11923 They have a lot of things at the capitol including wayward clueless niggers and fully clued in bad actors, hence why it's near impossible to believe anything that comes out of that shithole if you have even a modicum of analytical ability.
>>11922 >The current economic model of the authoritarian left government in place is not sustainable long-term I doubt it will even be sustainable through the new current presidential term. The Democrats will crank spending up the ass and we're already in a seriously inflated bubble and a recession (probably turning into depression) from the 'rona lockdown. And the thing everyone's forgot is that the US isn't the only country on earth. Russia, China, and the various middle east players will continue to fuckulate and may even step up their fuckulations. They would all like to see the US stumble and there be an end to the unipolar world order and they will do everything they can to make like difficult on the US regime.
>>11922 >It doesn't matter if the thugs are raping your daughter, their life style is unsustainable so they will have to stop eventually <Oops they killed your whole family and went to go it to another family But you saved ten bucks on bullets so you win by being a better economist than they are!
>>11928 >But you saved ten bucks on bullets so you win by being a better economist than they are! That's not what he's saying at all.
Open file (131.83 KB 1080x1137 ourliveswerefuller.jpg)
>>11929 >>11922 >trying to crunch unfathomable evil and white genocide neocolonialism into some petty economic probability index while unironically pushing individualism(as if that worked so well in the past and wasn't what brought the problems) Retard cope
>>11922 >I don't even factor race into it any more because I am a man of science, faith, and logic, not of cults that appeal to the lowest common denominator. Even if the "white race" was destroyed, the niggers would likely be unable to kill themselves off, not even the niggest, and eventually a new "white race" would emerge in some far off future about 10,000 years from now. A mere "second" relative to how long the earth might last. Be virtuous and the greater man European Socialists are less retarded than you.
>H.R.127 - To provide for the licensing of firearm and ammunition possession and the registration of firearms, and to prohibit the possession of certain ammunition. > Introduced by Shelia Jackson Lee It's not even the 20th and the gloves are off kids.
>>11922 You're not exactly wrong, but what do i care if the world will be a better place in 10 thousand years? my world and that of any meaningful descendants i might have will end way before that. >>11925 >but they're just as different from one another as a Congo nigger is from an Ethiopian or Somalian. Note sure, from what i've heard africa has the biggest genetic differences between their populations. >You wouldn't call a Spaniard a German after all. It depends, some certainly are Germanic Visigoths settled there and their footprint completely dwarfs that of the moorsmany "moors" being just Visigothic nobles converted to islam anyway, weren't all western Europeans more or less the same?
>>11937 >doesn't believe in reincarnation
There's talk about the Army / Nat Guard being authorized to carry rifles on 1/20. Looks like SCOTUS has been fenced off alongside the capital building. Where the government truly representing the people, what would they have to fear? >Dem rep claims that the "era if 9/11" is over and the true threat is at home.
>>11944 Stupid blabbering cunt doesn't get it. Their days are numbered now, and the mask is off.
>>11944 >There's talk about the Army / Nat Guard being authorized to carry rifles on 1/20. Delicious.
>>11860 Reminder that Biden wrote the 1995 Omnibus Counter-Terrorism Bill that was the precursor to the Patriot Act.
>>11944 >second vid >niggers only Also, it would be amusing if the boomers decided to charge the Hwite House instead, forcing the ZOGbots to smoke them out Waco-style. It would be even better if the besiegers were attacked from behind by additional MIGApedes, until the whole city turns into a warzone.
So how does one become a crypto Jew I have curly hair and I'm willing to trade my foreskin for having advance knowledge of what the (((Trump sympathizers))) plan for us.
>>11949 >>>/fascist/ or >>>/reddit/ are much better suited for such questions.
>>11950 And then I go ahead and fuck up the sage.
>>11950 /fascist/ is a bunch of radfems and spergs.
>>11952 e-ex BO? what are you doing here?
>>11952 >I think /fascist/ is shit Look, that's your opinion. I don't see how this shit is related to /k/ in the slightly other that the "advanced" knowledge that you're obviously not getting from a bunch of people on a tibetan basketweaving forum. If you want to sage how to become jewish in the 100Rads, be my guest. This thread ain't the place for it. I'll make sure to grab some lads from the ADL too if you want to.
Open file (43.95 KB 160x200 poir.jpg)
>>11952 lol u still mad censortranny?
Open file (5.48 MB 1280x720 iQ4eyM8kSQN1swFU.mp4)
>>11945 If the Army wins are their days really numbered? They'll hunker down in Washington. It'll set off a wave of discontent though. In other news filter salesman is looking for his next thirty pieces of silver.
>>11958 That webm is the most ironic thing if ever seen
>>11958 >Alex jones a man that actually used to talk about proven elite pedophile jews and zionism now reduced to a pathetic truth merchant that sells penis pills alongside lying telling people that "Saudi Arabia owns the fed" and that "China owns hollywood." >Shekel jones was one of the first people to call on protestors to just go home and give up over nothing acting more scared than the 60 year old boomers on the frontline inside the ZOG palace. >This shekel jones retard guy calls some drip fed idiot keeping a keen watch on some fucktard glowie entertainer dropping cryptic prophecies every now and then to make people think they're a part of "The Plan" >Both literally entertain people with their own demise and profit off it. This is sick. I can see that shekel jones fears competition on which area of cuck griftertown they can scam the most people. Fucking faggots i wish i could spit on them.
>>11888 (checked) The Capitol protest wasn't civil war. It wasn't even close. Civil war in the US won't start with an angry mob storming a building. Civil war in the modern US will start with people getting sniped from seemingly nowhere. >>11895 > police are worshipped >>11913 >>11916 The police have done a number on themselves now. The MAGA horde at the Capitol was just short of chanting ACAB. >>11905 As I watched the groups marching through Statuary Hall carrying flags on CSPAN, I thought "the Founding Fathers must be looking down on us and smiling." Except Thomas Jefferson, who seems to be yelling something about it being "time to water the Tree of Liberty." >>11923 ADS is far too big and dazzlers only work in low light. >>11933 (checked) Do those faggots want civil war?
>>11962 The founding fathers despised "mob rule" in the form of democracy though. They believed in an elite Lockean republic of laws. >>11909
>>11964 Too bad the average pleb is inundated with every media source yelling "democracy" constantly while little to none even mention republic. As if moving toward an authoritarian government is a good thing since we are a democracy now and the people apparently want it to be so.
Open file (467.12 KB 697x391 opticsfodder.png)
>>11917 >The circumstances of that cop's death are sketchy as fuck too re ddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/kucaz0/the_moment_officer_brian_sicknick_is_dragged_into/ >beat cop with the flag for better or worse, this is going to further galvanize the factions.
>>11964 Mob rule is the natrual progression of any sort of government that allows voting within a large portion of the population. We are at the stage of either Sulla's or Caesar's civil wars. Time will tell which one.
>>11917 >or will they take it as proof that the cops have chosen their side in the same way Babbit getting shot is proof? For that matter, Babbit was shot by WH security, not a simple "cop". If they don't take this stance they're fucking retarded. And thank god I've seen many have. Everyone understands that contemporary police(ZOGbots) are the system's gang, the low IQ systemite left understands it, OWS understood, the anarchists understand, even the 60's hippies understood but not neoBoomers? Nah no way. Unironically thinking that police aren't just literally evil system mercenaries getting trained by the ADL and jews working by noahide laws in 2021 is delusion and isn't factual. People should start pointing out the ADL and various jewish organizations trains and affect the police into literal anti-whites more, since the 90's to my awareness. There are so many infographics and stories about it but this inconvenient fact was (((memoryholed))).
Trump's approval found to be 51% after the "riot". https://archive.vn/wip/vQPbS
>>11976 figured it'd be a lot lower than that, the cattle are truly living up to their name
>>11971 From some of the people I have spoken to on Telegram, they say he died of a heart attack on the day of the shitstorm after a flashbang went off right next to him and scared the shit out of them.
Better political discussion in this bred than on the entirety of halfchan /pol/ and cafe /fascist/
>>11983 Heart attack seems the most likely to me. The beating looks pretty tame compared to other cases that people have survived without much injury. I know of a fire fighter though who simply broke down in their station and died. Turned out he had an undiscovered heart issue. Not a rare thing.
>>11976 Care to provide a screencap or something for that anon? Can't access any archive.today sites w/o going through Cuckflare ofc.
Open file (942.15 KB 1250x650 150408.jpg)
>>11973 Like I said in >>11912 I reckon Jefferson's time in Paris as the US Minister to France (and returning in 1789 only four months into the French Revolution) influenced his views to promote the expansion of the franchise in the United States in opposition to the Federalists, who collapsed as a party following the War of 1812 leading to the Jeffersonian ideal of ever expanding suffrage becoming dominant. The Federalists were full of self-serving types like Alexander Hamilton though which gave ammunition to the Jeffersonian arguments. This was all well and good as long as the United States had a frontier of untapped wealth to expand into because the corruption in the urban commercial centers could be bypassed. The end of the frontier though meant the system has become increasingly compromised in its ability to maintain the legal rights outlined in the Constitution. The ever expanding voting rights were meant to serve an agrarian republic that is no longer the present character of the United States, and powerful interest groups exploit its flaws to perpetuate their grip on society. It all falls down to the question of how do we put our trust in the powerful? Hamilton established the first central bank of the United States and wanted to delegate to British interests on matters of trade when the Revolution had been fought to escape that very thing. Then the Federalist Party attempted to negotiate a separate peace right before Andrew Jackson's decisive victory at the Battle of New Orleans. So the worst people are always the ones jockeying for power and the best see it fitting that central power should be limited in case they come into power. As technology has advanced, the methods by which instability can be introduced into a political system have grown and demanded the basic operations of state expand to meet those challenge. That has given free reign to those corrupt interests close to the heart of government, which due to basic logistical limits has always been based in urban centers. A powerful state seems to be a necessity now, but there is no mechanism by which to select the right men to direct it.
>>11988 different strelok but sure. >One of the most accurate polling groups of both the 2016 and 2020 election cycle finds President Trump’s approval numbers rising after Wednesday’s protest in DC. >In spite of Congressional Democrats moving towards a second impeachment, some establishment Republicans calling for the 25th Amendment to be employed and big tech banning the President and his supporters across social media platforms, the latest polling from Rasmussen find 48% of voters support Trump’s job performance. >The 3% rise in approval since Christmas shows that the President’s message of corruption in government, fraud in the election and opposition to the Chinese Communist Party and their partners in big tech still rings very well with tens of millions of Americans. >In fact a source close to the polling firm told Newsmax that the rolling survey saw President Trump’s approval soar to 51% on Thursday night. >The Rasmussen polling also shows that while tens of millions of American families are disgusted with how the government and the media handled the summer long burning of cities, their support of President Trump did not waver.
>>11994 3% seems like a rather small increase. wouldnt that be within the margin of error for a survey like this?
>>11991 >A powerful state seems to be a necessity now, but there is no mechanism by which to select the right men to direct it. You just need the men who run it to be directly responsible for the consequences of their actions. Unfortunately that's harder than is sounds if the goal is to preserve the nature of a Republic, and the ones currently in power certainly don't want that sort of set-up since it would mean failing reelection at best or being lynched in the streets more than likely.
>>11996 Right and it makes one wonder if a Republic is the future of government or some incarnation of ancapistan, because the disassociation from responsibility as a result of the bureaucracy needed to govern a federal state means the inertia of the political machine heading towards destruction is too great for the legislative process to actually stall.
Open file (395.98 KB 889x1600 Spengler_table_1.jpg)
Open file (338.62 KB 889x1600 Spengler_table_2.jpg)
Open file (361.27 KB 889x1600 Spengler_table_3.jpg)
>>11998 >it makes one wonder if a Republic is the future of government or some incarnation of ancapistan The answer is barbarism, and that is bound to lead to some form of centralized government that doesn't care about the masses more than it has to.
>>11998 >>12001 All I know is that it would be in the interests of the acting federal government to begin a transition back to the idea of "state's rights" right now even if in name only. Allowing the individual states to govern themselves instead of acting as a monolithic entity that lords over them would be a very effective pressure relief valve if they really believe in population replacement, even if the long-term consequences could be a civil war 2.0.
>>11995 Yes, but i guess any increase is surprising, i had expected it would have plummeted. >>12002 Isn't that kicking the problem down the line in a way? many US states are bigger than sovereign countries in every measurable way.
>>12003 >Isn't that kicking the problem down the line in a way? That's exactly what it is, but the federal government has relied on kicking problems down the line until the overton window shifts for the last seventy years, and it's just about the only thing that can protect them right now. Time works against those who have been wronged (the people of the world at the hands of the United States federal government) in most cases, not those doing the wronging.
>>12001 Will probably end up with a Chinese and/or Mexican invasion if central authority is not present.
https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-election-airlines/faa-chief-vows-tough-line-after-some-trump-supporters-disrupt-flights-idUSKBN29E0OD https://archive.is/RgXMb >WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The head of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on Saturday vowed to take “strong enforcement action” against unruly passengers following reports of supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump disrupting flights returning from Washington >The FAA said it shared the concerns raised by airlines and Association of Flight Attendants. >“I expect all passengers to follow crew member instructions, which are in place for their safety and the safety of flight,” FAA Administrator Steve Dickson said in a statement. >Trump supporters on Wednesday stormed the U.S. Capitol in an assault that was viewed with shock around the world. >Dickson said “unruly passenger behavior ... can distract, disrupt and threaten crewmembers’ ability to conduct their key safety functions.” He added the “FAA will pursue strong enforcement action against anyone who endangers the safety of a flight, with penalties ranging from monetary fines to jail time.” >Earlier this week, the flight attendants union said Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol should not be allowed to depart Washington on commercial flights after exhibiting “mob mentality behavior” on flights into the region. >Alaska Airlines said on Friday it banned 14 passengers from future travel with the carrier after “unacceptable” behavior on a flight from Washington to Seattle. >Seattle-based Alaska said a number of passengers on a flight out of Washington late on Thursday “were non-mask compliant, rowdy, argumentative and harassed our crew members.” >This week, U.S airlines and law enforcement agencies bolstered security at Washington-area airports after reports of disruptive behavior by some Trump supporters on flights into the region, which had raised concern about their departure. American Airlines temporarily halted alcohol service on flights departing and arriving in Washington after Wednesday’s events. >Republican Senator Lindsey Graham was harassed on Friday by supporters of Trump and called a “traitor” at Washington’s Reagan National Airport before departing on a flight, according to videos posted on social media. >The FAA opened more than 1,300 enforcement actions against unruly passengers during the past decade, including recent cases for interfering with and assaulting flight attendants who instructed them to wear masks. >There have been numerous videos posted of unruly behavior on Washington flights, including one American Airlines flight to Phoenix in which the pilot threatened to divert to “the middle of Kansas and dump people off.
>>12014 Oh. That's sounds like eather they are exacurating I don't know how to spell it
>>11991 >It all falls down to the question of how do we put our trust in the powerful? Yes >A powerful state seems to be a necessity now, but there is no mechanism by which to select the right men to direct it. No >>11996 >>11998 You niggers are close. There needs to be a finite limit to what the powerful can do, and a specific set of events which can be properly interpreted by any citizen to trigger a culling. The bill of rights, and the declaration of independence were a good start, but there is no "written in stone" set of rules by which all government is to be judged by the people. For instance, the colonies were forced to pay less than 3% taxes, without representation for those taxes. Now, the common man pays upwards of 60% taxes with no real representation, whereas the rich pay less than 10% taxes and have >80% representation. Voting? Doesn't matter when the rich can wine, dine, and fund campaigns. Likewise a $10,000 fine with 10 years is likely to be served and paid in full by a commoner, yet a rich man will likely just pay the fine. The entire judicial branch and their behavior is casus belli, yet there is no directions for their, or any other government agency's dissolution. And good luck convincing bureaucrats to leave their posts.
>all user data scraped from Parler including EXIF data on photos as it was shutting down Was there a better honeypot in history? >>12017 The future is some form of trustless interaction where we assume the worst of all parties and require validation of their actions. Fuzzy execution through fallible judges, bent regulatory bodies, and opaque bureaucracies which serve as a means of distributing blame can no longer bear the amount of stress placed upon them and the avenues of effective governance are being strangled. When I say a "strong" state, maybe a better term would be a reliable or an antifragile state.
Open file (785.03 KB 1536x2048 ErVZLGuXYAE4HI4.jpg)
https://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/massive-police-presence-after-woman-shot-during-hostage-situation-at-evanston-ihop/2412593/ https://archive.is/OL2YO It's not even the 20th. God I hate the media. https://twitter.com/EvanstonPD/status/1348081722181758978/photo/1 >PD posted shooters weapon, see pic related Some sites are claiming its a UI student. >security guard and four other people were killed and two others were injured in a shooting rampage that began in Chicago and ended when police in Evanston fatally shot the suspect during a shootout, authorities confirmed. >At approximately 5:30 p.m., officers were called to CVS Pharmacy in the 100 block of Asbury Avenue for the report of a shooting. When officers arrived, the suspect ran into an IHOP and took a woman hostage. >The woman was then shot by the suspect, police said, and has since been taken into surgery at a local hospital. The suspect then became involved in a shootout with officers, according to Evanston Police Chief Demitrous Cook. >The suspect was shot by police and taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. >In a tweet, Evanston police said a firearm was recovered at the scene.
>>12008 Mexico is in no position to outright invade anyone, even a heavily destabilized US. Plus, they've already been doing a soft invasion via mass immigration for decades, why start an outright war and fuck it all up? China I could believe though. Maybe Canada too since they're a chink colony like Australia or parts of Africa.
>>12030 >Like Australia Last I checked China benefits a lot more from Australian coal exports than Australia benefits from Chink exports.
>>12030 A soft invasion in the case of the Mexicans and other Central Americans. There's no reason civilization will cycle back to the glory days within anyone here's lifetimes though if the population is assimilated into a genealogical dead end. South America has been stuck in barbarism for decades with no past and no future and will probably stay there. Barring some drastic change in circumstance swaths of humanity seem fated to hit an evolutionary dead end and go extinct, not necessarily as a result of intentional conflict. Stegosaurus didn't have a say about whether or not it preferred to continue existing. Nature is indifferent.
>10-15,000 troops deployed to DC >all 50 state capitals on alert There's going to be some real fireworks on the 20th.
>>12031 Hence why they've bought up so much land there. They've done the same thing in parts of the US too, and I don't doubt for a single moment that they'll cross the Pacific and fuck up burgerland if a civil war actually broke out. Who else is gonna stop them? Russia?
Open file (178.51 KB 1079x1032 1536371320226.jpg)
>>12040 On the sixteenth too allegedly since that's the last day congress is in session before the inauguration and allegedly everyone and their dead grandmother has found "right wing extremists planning to march that day WIT' GUNZ!" or some shit.
>>12041 They'd have to sort of get past the whole SEA (+Japan, +Australia +Any US warship presence in the region) combined navies in the way, which, funnily enough, would actually give Russia an excuse to march boots into China since some of those interests are their interests, and I don't doubt Russia has some shit they would sign a land negotiation military agreement over in order to get the Nips to blockade their ports.
>>12008 >Mexican invasion Mexico didnt invade when Porfirio Diaz was in power. I highly doubt they will do anything with a far left good for nothing presidente.
Open file (116.20 KB 580x474 1610422172245-1.png)
Ron Paul has been restricted from managing his Facebook page.
Open file (251.15 KB 1170x1145 ClipboardImage.png)
>>12046 Arfcom shunned by GoDaddy. Guns.com as of this moment appears to also be down. There may be others. It begins.
>>12047 Was this what the world ordered?
Open file (67.02 KB 698x899 q9bO63EW.jpeg.jpg)
TRUMP'S ANTI-RIOT LEGISLATION BEING USED ON HIS OWN FOLLOWER BASE >BREAKING: : Federal prosecutors in DC have obtained the first indictments of individuals for activities in or related to the Jan. 6th Capitol riot. Mark Leffingwell was indicted under the federal anti-riot act used in civil unrest cases last year. Doc: https://megalodon.jp/2021-0113-0520-14/https://twitter.com:443/joshgerstein/status/1349039591924379648 WHO COULD HAVE SEEN THIS COMING?
>>10511 >implying any huwite Amis are even remotely of a single ancestry.
>>12071 Well that's true. Like any american.
ar15.com is back why do these sites still use GoDaddy? They have a 20-year history of pulling this shit. They used to outright steal the domain when they did it
>>12094 Only feds is down now. RIP. They've just got a upside down US flag signalling distress. Apparently they got raided after their patches showed up on the 6th in DC didn't they sell antifa shit too doh
>>12095 >invading because of patches This is what America has come to. Why do alphabets get off to this kind of retarded shit? Even total manipulative psychopaths have limits to the amount of insanity they're willing to cause. >spoiler If that's true they fucking deserve it.
>>12147 >invading *raiding
>>12147 >Even total manipulative psychopaths have limits to the amount of insanity they're willing to cause. Most psychopaths don't have access to unlimited taxpayer funds and de facto diplomatic and legal immunity.
>>12159 >diplomatic immunity Well hopefully nations start to wise up and get rid of such a retarded cancerous policy.
Open file (55.02 KB 501x629 Hopeless.jpg)
>>12162 >hopefully
>>12159 This. I've known a couple of them tangentially, and they struck me as perfect icons of hubris. Literally inhuman lizard people. Regardless of the Constitutional legality (or not) of the organizations themselves, I seriously doubt that 'Service to the Nation' is even a phrase in most of these individual's vocabulary.
>>12162 They're not wholly immune to prosecution, but things are weighed heavily against you if you wish to (legally) take them to task for flashbanging your small children and chainsaw fucking your dog.
>>12162 Diplomatic immunity in the sense of >>12166 The purpose of diplomatic immunity is ensuring free trade and that hostages are not taken. The bad is god-awful, but the good is necessary to keep the current world order from devolving into chaos. Not that chaos would be a bad thing.
What are you alls predictions on what it may look like in each capitol especially D.C. come the 20th? Assuming the militia leadership isn't already getting shot in their beds through their walls as we speak do you think theyld try to force some mexican standoff kind of bloodbath or will we start to see a slow escalation of guerilla actions from then on? Seeing as noone here is talking much about it i assume they are smart enough not to divulge details of their plan online.
>>12172 >militias I expect nothing but yelling about blood and trees before getting arrested/shot at home from named militias that organize online in any form or fashion. However I do expect some IRA type activity from tiny cells of extremely pissed off friends sometime in the next decade. Might not be enough to change anything for the better but I don't fucking care about that anymore personally, I just want people in America to suffer for being such incredible goyim.
>>12172 People who didn't plan to do much but got caught up in the excitement on the 6th have now cooled off and will stay away. Many who would protest will be scared off by the fact that there's tens of thousands of troops from outside the normal chain of command occupying DC ready to suppress any hint of dissent. Others will take note of how law enforcement is actually hunting people down from the 6th instead of just going with whoever they picked up at the time like in the nigger riots, and will be likewise dissuaded. For any who do show up to protest they'd need a catalyst and a direction to actually do anything this time; most of them probably won't instigate, though it may build up to violence if they try to get shut down. But then, I don't really understand the Q-Boomer mind.
>>12172 I expect nothing, maybe some magatards but not many. In the long run i certainly expect a troubles like situation like >>12173 described
Open file (180.91 KB 829x1200 EredyYWUUAAGBp-.jpeg.jpg)
>>12174 >But then, I don't really understand the Q-Boomer mind. Does anyone?
>>12176 >that message Top fucking kek. Oh, how I only wish it were all true.
>>12176 >Here's how Trump can still win this. Fucking hell Qfags are retarded.
>>12176 This is exactly what I would expect to see in a classic Onion article, q niggers are straight up parodies of themselves.
Open file (195.59 KB 960x960 x32_laffing.jpg)
>>12176 I can only hope that they will go nuclear, but I'm afraid that at this point they are so divorced from reality that they will just sit home and explain anything and everything as being part of the plan.
>>12176 Did this Q shit ever seem plausible, or was it always batshit nuts? I didn't keep tabs on it when it first started, but the bits and pieces I saw weren't as outlandish as "using secret satellites to control all the TVs."
>>12183 A lot of people called it out as a larp when it first appeared. But I think maybe a year into it, Q got co-oped by feds and has been ever since.
>>12181 It's what they've been doing the past 4 years >>12183 It seemed plausible at the start
>>12184 >co-opted by feds If it wasn't feds from the start.
Open file (635.47 KB 190x150 GLT1.gif)
>>12183 Plausible, as it was supposed to be a whistleblower giving out info on cuckchan/pol/ until he got banned for larping and fucked off to 8chan instead. Since then it devolved into pure retarded fucking cancer attracting schizos and retarded boomers with no sense of direction. To the point that at this point I think that Jimbo Watkins is Q himself, even if that wasn't the case originally. What terrifies and disgusts me is that the feds and libs, are treating them like they're some sort of fanatic and extremist group when they're as fucking moderate as they can be and nothing more but misguided cattle.
>>12188 >feds and libs >treating them like they're some sort of fanatic and extremist group Scapegoats are necessary. We've seen a lot of hyperbole and exaggeration in the last week, hell, the last 4 years, so this shouldn't be any kind of a surprise. >muh coup >muh fascists >muh maga = white supremacists Exaggerating the severity of your enemies and misrepresenting their motivations is par for the course of systemic demonization and "othering." What a time to be alive.
>>12183 Fuck it seems so long ago, but no it was never plausible. Anyone who had spent any time on imageboards prior to 2016 would have been able to immediately spot it as a stupid roleplaying game by some bored anon. Unfortunately on top of generally being the dumbest group of cattle out there boomers, due to inexperience with wild west tier imageboard behavior and willingness to believe everything they're told if it strokes their ego even the slightest bit, are incapable of fathoming that anonymous people lie and play games and should not ever be trusted without thoroughly researching what the fuck they're talking about. Over time it kept getting more and more ridiculous until Jim or Ron took over and started making straight up "doomsday WW3 drup is the messiah buy these tshirts" posts when the original guy probably got bored of it all and left 8chan to go troll some other retards elsewhere.
Open file (37.31 KB 567x281 solution6.jpg)
>>12191 >it was never plausible. Anyone who had spent any time on imageboards prior to 2016 would have been able to immediately spot it as a stupid roleplaying game real talk: the real origin of Q was a shitposting effort by a group of anons in an invite-only IRC channel on Rizon where they posted cryptic, stupid, and vaguely-threatening messages on 4chan, 8chan, twitter, reddit, stormfront, and arfcom. The effort was called "Solution 6" and the Twitter hashtag was #Solution6. The first Q post was made in 2015 shortly after they finished clowning because a bunch of retarded Vice contributors and twitter retards were convinced it was some kind of gamer uprising that was going to try to kill them and they had a captive audience that's the actual, true, factual origin of Q and the funniest part about it is nobody who hears this story has ever believed or will ever believe it
>>12192 Kek. Seems at least as plausible as anything else I've heard about it . And, given how utterly delusional the batshit insane cadre of Vice, et al, plainly were back then...I think I'll step up and be your first convert Anon. I want to believe. SMASH 'EM, HULKSTER!!
Open file (1.21 MB 1200x819 tu95-cockpit01.jpg)
>>12192 >twitter >arfcom Ah. There it is. I was wondering how TF boomers found out about it, given that they don't use imagebaords, let alone 8ch.
>>12193 there's still some info around about them. Vince was with them as was hotwheels, the BO and jannies of /baphomet/, and some of the GNAA they were called the Monks or the Luminati
Open file (717.49 KB 200x189 OH FUUUUUUUUUUUUU.gif)
>>12195 >kikewheels is q
>>12176 >dup using space particle beam jammers to enact more court proceedings
>>12192 This has to be the greatest shitposting effort in history. MEMES truly are a potent tool in the right hands. It makes me wonder how much did memes truly influence the 2016 elections.
>>12195 >>12192 I remember that shit but for some reason I never put two and two together. That actually does make a lot of sense. They must have gained traction around the time imkampfy came into power since I was too busy being butthurt about old /pol/ BO being silently removed after he stated repeatedly that if that ever happened to jump ship, to actually give a shit about conspiracies at the time.
>>12198 trump won the 2016 election because a jew thot named Chelsea van Valkenberg accidentally triggered the mass media apparatus intended to be used by Hillary Clinton in 2015 about six months early. This set off the "muh misogyny" press and censorship machine against the completely wrong targets for the completely wrong reasons and resulted in the general population totally rejecting Clinton instead of being shamed into voting her into power
>>12172 I expect chaos.
>>12203 I am envisioning protests and counter-protests, but nothing that gets any kind of near to the actual politicians. Though, all said and done, they may not even allow gatherings. It could be the most boring day ever.
>>12172 Overall I predict that we will have our /k/aotic "Good/Neutral" shadow government operating in most Western/some Southern states telling government agents to eat shit by the end of the decade if the US hasn't torn itself apart or become a trans-nigger hell hole before then. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect the QBoomers to be the source of accelerationism they were hoping could wait until after they were dead, nor that congress would shit bricks and use their powers to their full visible extent AT THE EXPENSE OF SAID DEFENSES who are logistically strained and mentally exhausted. If I were to legitimately describe their current actions, it's like watching a dog trainer starve his dog to make it mean and angry prior to having it enter a dog fight. Expect heavy rewards to the military if violence does break out and they do use a show of force. I think anyone who matters will stay home on the 16th/20th, and start considering quieter means of showing dissent and not bragging online about the local news stories. I think it doesn't matter what happens those dates because what really matters likely starts some time in February/March as the bills the majority Democrat congress passes start to be enacted.
>>12205 Oh right, and don't trust any leader over 35.
>>12192 I could pretty easily believe something like that happened actually, but I'm not gonna just take your word for it without screencaps or archives.
>>12205 >I think anyone who matters will stay home on the 16th/20th, and start considering quieter means of showing dissent and not bragging online about the local news stories This is how it's always been, only dumb useful idiots and genuine retards try and make a tremendous show of striking against the government. People who actually accomplish anything go and do it without announcing their intent. It's a huge part of why the shady alphabet faggots are so successful, they're not retarded enough to warn people when they're going ot kick in their doors and suicide/mk ultra them.
>>12202 That was 14.
Open file (19.58 KB 790x211 YzSkuDy.png)
>>12211 it was mid august when she got exposed and started begging people (yours truly included) to delete threads. The machine didn't kick in until 2015. Don't make me post my autism folder
>>12213 I'm pointing a gun at your post right now, do it faggot.
>>12214 ok, I'm just going to look at the small screenshots and dump the stuff that looks the most autistic without even inspecting it
Open file (1.70 MB 1316x2319 4chan.png)
Open file (203.53 KB 916x1015 493.png)
Open file (936.76 KB 1232x2637 1408230562895.jpg)
Open file (512.08 KB 1724x1568 1408776540152.jpg)
Open file (347.93 KB 1192x897 1408776966883.jpg)
it's not posting the multiple images :(
Open file (231.29 KB 1642x1052 1409200048469.png)
Open file (1.28 MB 1080x4483 1409205454819.jpg)
Open file (131.47 KB 1460x443 1409211928778.png)
Open file (135.90 KB 1293x758 a25.png)
Open file (811.42 KB 2308x3276 Ageb3fi.png)
oh here we go
Open file (735.27 KB 1348x1556 1409206378692.jpg)
Open file (160.84 KB 997x325 1409452180270.png)
Open file (157.58 KB 578x717 activisionprostitutes.png)
Open file (18.46 KB 591x114 af4.png)
Open file (73.87 KB 1882x570 sa.png)
damn some of this shit is going back to 2012
yeah according to this stuff it looks like the 4chan exodus to 8chan happened mid/late 2014 and the crazy shit like the UN and qanon and everything crazy was 2015
Open file (72.75 KB 494x501 no worries.jpg)
>>12219 >first pic >2012 Damn it's been that long since Dorito Pope became a thing huh?
I can't believe this is the reason I now have a 100lb ammo box when in 2012 I didn't even own a .22
>>12222 Gamergate may have been an embarrassing failure overall, but it sure had one hell of a domino effect that nobody could have seen coming without psychic powers or some shit.
>>12219 After all the bullshit the world's stirred up since then it really isn't such a bad idea to go back and just play the few decent video games, since there's no fucking joy anymore.
>>12220 I could've sworn I remember seeing some proto Q shit during the 2015 election, if not toward the end but anons didn't bite.
>>12224 >After all the bullshit the world's stirred up since then Better this way, videogames were already garbage by then, now the entertainment doesn't come from vidya, it comes from flops and normalcattle disappointment.
>>>/k/12216 >literary who >go to /monster/ >someone posts a pic of literary who Why are you posting about that shit all over the webring?
>>12220 >yeah according to this stuff it looks like the 4chan exodus to 8chan happened mid/late 2014 There were at least two. But yeah, at least one of them occurred in Sept. '14. >t. Exoduser
Open file (19.36 KB 385x330 muh_catz_haz_lazoors.jpg)
>>12222 >122 lbs >.22 ammo It's a sign. O.o
>>12227 Maybe the real fun was the friends we made along the way.
>>12220 >not knowing your own history that isn't even a decade old Looking a whole lot like a brand-new glowing alphabet nigger here, anon. care to explain?
Open file (344.50 KB 1920x1059 Adapted.jpg)
>>12216 >>12217 >>12219 >all the bullshit we're seeing right now can be traced back to one insane bitch with neon hair
>>12224 >since then it really isn't such a bad idea to go back and just play the few decent video games That's what I've been doing. https://smuglo.li/vg/res/9859.html
>>12228 I don't know what /monster/ is so that's not me
Open file (49.89 KB 640x474 oldman.jpg)
>>12235 nigger I've been here for 18 years and they all blend together
>>12244 At least the stupidity in a video game has a logic to it. The stupidity in the real world has an infinite set of layers. The spillover was inevitable because nothing means anything to normalfags anymore. It's all an act to make themselves think they're important. Some insignificant people implore the UN to crack down on persecution in video games, and they actually give them an audience to look smart.
Open file (2.97 MB 1610x7910 1467507736306-0.png)
Open file (1003.61 KB 867x6091 278.jpg)
>>12225 This?
>>12203 >>12204 They don't even trust their lackeys enough to be armed near their glorious leaders. Also, did anyone else notice how poorly done Joe's makeup was during his prime time stimulus announcement?
>>12250 No, but I have noticed there's a lack of deployment patches on a lot of those shoulders. Nobody expects anything to happen, because if it did the inexperienced and poorly trained nasty girls would get fucking steamrolled by even the fattest group of boomer Vietnam vets. This is all theater, all of it.
>>12251 >but I have noticed there's a lack of deployment patches on a lot of those shoulders. The nasty girls are where you go to get military benefits without military danger, or to finish out your military retirement when the army kicks you out one contract away from earning it to keep you from getting it.
>>12251 Deployment patches dont mean anything unless you were infantry or attached to infantry. Simply touching the ground with your feet in a combat zone for 30minutes then waddling your ass back to the POG base can get you a "combat patch".
Open file (1.57 MB 1376x844 democratsareretarded.png)
jesus christ democrats are retarded
>>12256 The logistics nightmare of stationing 25k troops in a space like DC is a PR disaster and shots haven't even been fired. I doubt it's just Democrats though. Did you see the interview where one of the nasty girl's mothers mentions how her son got treated better in Afghanistan than he is getting treated by the people he's supposed to be protecting? This whole incident just builds disdain and distrust towards the feds "and that's a good thing" as the media would say.
>>12257 That unironically is a good thing but i doubt that would be a media headline more like "Heavy Handed Government May Become A Daily Reality....And Thats A Good Thing!"
>>12237 It can be tracked back hundreds of years in reality, but i'd like to think it was that simply, for the memes.
>>12255 Pretty sure they're not sending cooks to guard the Capitol. Then again this is a total farce so maybe they did. >>12254 I'm aware, my point was they don't seem to have anyone with even deployment experience, much less combat experience.
Open file (387.80 KB 398x363 1453982501779.png)
>>12259 It's funny a neon hair whore that complains about video games and the people who play them is even a factor regardless of how far back you go if you ask me.
Open file (95.85 KB 800x1200 EroFScyW4AAzP8K.jpeg.jpg)
>>12250 >doesn't post the picture of Pelosi's "challenge coin" that she gave out
>>12263 Wew. That's a challenge nobody wants to accept.
>>12250 >>12263 How does the Burger chain of command work? As I understand it, the president is the head of the executive branch of government and is also Commander in Chief of the military. But I gather that since these are state National Guardsmen Guardspersons rather than proper military, they're not under the authority of the president. So how do they end up back under federal command now, and why is their chain of command different? Where does Pelosi fit in? Is she head of the legislative branch of government? How does she end up in command of any troops?
>>12266 As far as I know she isn't in charge of anything, she just gave them her sacred shekel to challenge them to defend the capital next week. Apparently these tokens are a thing in Washington and Langley. Maybe if you get enough of them you can buy a soda from a glow-in-the-dark vending machine.
>>12266 The president is supposed to be directly in charge of all military units including national guard and reserve units, but who teh fuck even knows what is going on right now. It's doubtful that Pelosi is issuing any orders, but i could easily see Pence issuing orders on her behalf and the generals going along with his orders because for some reason none of these people like Trump even though he's been nothing but the goodest goy possible for his entire term. Guess they dedicated him as the fall guy and want to ram it home as hard as possible that goyim don't have any control even if they're billionaires with kike grandchildren.
>>12266 According to "Air Force Times," they were authorized by Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy.
Open file (776.04 KB 1516x2152 syrup_eater.jpg)
Open file (153.11 KB 2000x1000 Syrup Snake.jpg)
Open file (147.57 KB 900x506 syrup_snake_quote.jpg)
>>12266 As far as Trump goes the argument might be that his powers are on hold because of impeachment 2.0 and it now goes up to Pence. National Guard could also get weird when they get activated by the state governors. Either way, if Pelosi is involved she probably just makes "recommendations" that the guys with the decision making authority follow because it's political suicide to not and have all the media but Alex Jones after you.
>>12268 Military generals are mostly war hawks and Trump has pulled out of the Middle East quite a bit (despite about facing and launching missiles and shit). They also put a lot of image into political histories and prior service which Trump had neither. This made him quite hated by the upper echelon of the military, even if most folks from about the rank of Lieutenant or lower liked him.
Open file (104.54 KB 240x271 atlas shrugged.png)
>>12256 What happens if the Guard goes Galt?
>>12286 who even cares? They're a bunch of nancy women who have never been deployed. I probably have more combat experience than they do just from playing video games
>>12270 >pic 2 why are they posing like that?
>>12305 They were shifting around when that pic was taken and happened to be in those strange positions. There's a pretty funny picture of Robert De Niro and Al Pacino mid-stride next to one another and one is standing in an awkward position like he's got polio and the other is wearing elevator shoes so they look like a pair of gimps trying to blend in with a crowd.
Open file (60.98 KB 564x762 dunk and de niro.jpg)
Wait found it.
>>12311 Haha, jesus. Pacino looks like Leonid Brezhnev's retarded brother, and DeNiro looks like he's been holdin' in a dump for 4 hours.
>>12311 Is De Niro wearing platform shoes?
https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-55709740 https://archive.is/JFEOu Posted by BBC at 3:49z FALSE FLAG INCOMING Copied article text so formatting might be off >The Capitol building in Washington DC is on lockdown owing to a security threat, two days before Joe Biden is inaugurated as US president. >The Capitol, which is home to the US Congress, was attacked by a pro-Trump mob on 6 January, leaving five dead. >Reporters at the scene say an emergency announcement is playing and a rehearsal for Mr Biden's inauguration has been suspended. >Security is tight, with thousands of National Guard members deployed. >Eyewitnesses reported smoke near the Capitol. The Washington DC fire service said it had responded to a fire nearby which was now extinguished. >An alert circulated to Capitol staff said the complex was on lockdown, with no-one being allowed in or out. >All 50 US states and the District of Columbia (DC) are on alert for possible violent protests, ahead of Mr Biden's inauguration on Wednesday. >The FBI has warned of possible armed marches by pro-Trump supporters across state capitols.
Open file (33.18 KB 800x243 donthonk.jpg)
>>12311 What's humorous about this to me is how brainwashedacclimated men in our culture are to stronk, independynt women wearing footwear designed to elevate them twice as high or more than de Niro is, yet wouldn't even give it a second thought. Yet seeing it on a man makes the overcompensation of the behavior blatantly obvious. Why the hallpass for the females guys? God didn't know what He was doing or something?
>>12324 It's par for the course in the sexual market place, men and women always compete, yet their strategies are different, seeing one side make use of the other's strategy is odd but that doesn't mean there's anything wrong with the strategy in the first place, it's only natural, it has nothing to do with cultural brainwashing.
>>12324 The kind of high heels women usually wear changes their posture in a way that makes their ass look bigger and their tits perkier. It also makes the legs look longer, and long limbs are proven to be an attractive feature in females. That it also makes them higher is just a side effect.
>>12326 >it has nothing to do with cultural brainwashing. Actually, it has everything to do with it. It's intended to make them come up to men's eye level, which they plainly were not designed to do. >>12327 Haha, OK. I personally think all women should never been seen w/o being firmly bound in patent leather bondage gear b/c 'that makes their ass look bigger and their tits perkier'. And if they are seen wearing anything less than 10" stiletto spikes in public then that would obviously be a shameful thing, and any nearby children's eyes should be covered by the closest responsible adult. Cope more, friends. You are feminists plain and simple.
>>12327 Pretty much this. >>12328 I think women should be able to do whatever they want so long as reality is allowed to rear its ugly head as necessary and the woman in question gets treated like a man when in a man's side of the court. Guess that puts me in bed with the feminists. Better go call the waaambulence, anon.
>>12329 >I think women should be able to do whatever they want so long as reality is allowed to rear its ugly head as necessary and the woman in question gets treated like a man when in a man's side of the court. Guess that puts me in bed with the feminists. No, not at all. Equal treatment is the last thing these 'persons' actually want. And pray, tell us when the last time your hypothetical situation actually occurred? Or even just a raw percentage, 50%, 20%, 10% even? or more like never percent >Better go call the waaambulence, anon. lolnou. :^)
Off topic, go to the fascist board if you want your wife to stay in the kitchen, this ain't the place for it.
Open file (293.55 KB 1080x998 Camp.jpg)
>>12323 It was actually the best analogy for America being put on display.
>>12328 >it has everything to do with it How so? >which they plainly were not designed to do. Who are you talking about?
Open file (8.63 KB 179x281 cavebrain.jpg)
>>12333 >How so? >Who are you talking about?
>>12335 No argument? well, shouldn't have expected any.
Open file (322.89 KB 680x697 Cuckchan trash.png)
>>12318 Yes.
If anyone even cares the lobby day this year in VA had a few local shitstirrers whining about boogaloo boys while completely ignoring the large group of armed BLM niggers ambling around but ultimately nobody gave a fuck apparently and obviously fucking nothing came of it. I really wish I knew what to do to help convince people that this optics cucking is only going to harm us all in the end. Talking one on one only seems to work briefly before they either forget what the fuck you just talked about or they hear about some nigger getting shot in a gang fight and go right back to "we need to prove we're peaceful gun owners :^)" as if that has done anything whatsoever in the entire history of guns existing.
Open file (239.07 KB 390x687 950-jdj2.jpg)
>>12350 Well, what do you propose people do?
>>12351 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>I really wish I knew what to do to help convince people that this optics cucking is only going to harm us all in the end
>>12323 >leaving five dead. Has anyone ever explained how the other 4 died?
Open file (70.99 KB 919x737 8db.png)
Okay, since you streloks absolutely cannot resist the bait that is politics posting, I'm going to write this in big scary red letters. IF YOU WANT TO GO OFFTOPIC, GO TO THE 100 RADS THREAD OR THE RELEVANT BOARD, NOT /k/ No slight against the aussies in the picture, first one on my drive for this use, said mad cunt is still better than a fucking leaf.
>>12355 Apparently a cop got a heart attack, no idea about the other 3
>>12360 >Apparently a cop got a heart attack Well how does that count as being a result of the riot/protest/prank?
>>12362 it's like coronavirus, he didn't die OF the riot, he died WITH the riot. Go back to sleep goy, why are you awake
>>12355 >>12360 For the cop's cause of death, see >>11971 The other three were overexcited boomers having strokes and heart attacks.
Open file (51.12 KB 487x727 taser boomer.jpg)
>>12360 One guy tasered his testicles to death. F
>>12355 From what I understand: >1 Cop hit with a fire extinguisher died of head trauma >1 Cop died of heart attack after a flashbang went off neat his face (likely friendly fire) >1 Boomer dead of stroke >1 Boomer dead of unrelated heart attack >Crazy Commiefornia Veteran who got shot in the throat
>>12363 >>12362 Reminds one of Charlottesville >>12364 I know i'm preaching to the choir here, but it pisses me off how they're being milked by the media, they always speak of the DEADLY assault on the capitol as if to imply the "assault" caused the deaths, as if the protestors killed 5 people in their mindless right wing rage i bet you there are retards out there that believe that's what happened so now they have a justification to militarize the capital why am i speaking as if i was a burger? >>12365 Pretty sure that's fake sadly >>12367 >1 Cop hit with a fire extinguisher died of head trauma So only one death due to the "assault", more than what i expected honestly.
Open file (60.56 KB 625x652 DKPgwRrWsAAy6A0.jpg)
https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/national-guard-members-removed-inauguration-security-mission/story?id=75343308 No archive link because my net keeps dropping out on me. Have the article text anyways. >The two Guard members are among the 25,000 National Guard troops who have been sent to Washington to augment security at the inauguration in the wake of the violent Jan. 6 assault on the U.S. Capitol. >The two Guardsmen were removed from the mission after vetting conducted by the FBI determined they had ties to far-right extremist groups, the U.S. official said. >No details were immediately available about which State Guard units the two belonged to or about the nature of of the alleged ties >"Due to operational security, we do not discuss the process nor the outcome of the vetting process for military members supporting the inauguration," said a National Guard statement that referred additional questions to the Secret Service. >Every single one of the 25,000 Guardsmen now in D.C. has been vetted by the FBI that carries out background checks as part of the credentialing process, officials said. >The news about the two Guard members removal was first reported by the Associated Press.
>>12375 Something tells me those two guardsmen are either dumb shits that revealed everything about themselves during the part where you're supposed to shut the fuck up, or the FBI just did a quick computer-based verification and then fucked off.
>>12376 I wonder what counts as a "far-right extremist group" in the eyes of this new administration's FBI? MyPillow owners?
>>12377 they probably went to anon.cafe/k/ from their cell phones while in the capital building
>>12376 There is a type of soldier who simply don't do optics and are always speaking their mind no matter how ridiculous their opinions might sound to the public.
>>12381 https://archive.is/A5QeN https://www.justice.gov/usao-dc/pr/alabama-man-charged-possession-eleven-molotov-cocktails-found-near-protest-us-capitol > USCP Bomb Squad members subsequently searched the vehicle and secured one black handgun, one M4 Carbine assault rifle along with rifle magazines loaded with ammunition, and components for the construction of eleven “Molotov Cocktails” in the form of mason jars filled with ignitable substances, rags, and lighters. BOOMER HAD AN M4 AND DIDN'T EVEN PUT UP A FIGHT Assuming this isn't a deliberate attempt to mischarachterize the rifle and its a real fun of course
>>12377 Same as the old one's? It's not like the FBI wasn't doing it's own faggot thing and directly enabling antifa and BLM shit while orange nigger was in office.
>>12383 There's no way it was an M4 unless one of the nasty girls or some fed gave it to him.
>>12383 That reminds me... Fire conducts... EHV transformer + Molotov cocktail --> big light show as the flames short out the EHV insulators...
Open file (252.18 KB 969x1200 ErVAYGjXIAADecY.jpeg.jpg)
Open file (95.87 KB 1112x531 ErVAYGmXIAEUtUV.jpeg.jpg)
Alright which one of you was this?
Open file (134.10 KB 1100x1311 1587387030124-2.jpg)
>>12388 >[purple deviil emoji] >to speak with (((Agents))) without a lawyer present What a dumb fuck.
>>12388 Sounds like the majority of my uncles. Must be a redneck thing. Still, sounds like the feds were already monitoring him and just took advantage of the fact that he was stoned to raid his shit. Legally that's considered under duress in a court of law, not that it will matter.
>>12388 >Tavor X95 assault rifle Now he either got an actual full-auto Taywhore, or they are trying to use wrong terminology on purpose.
Open file (62.12 KB 805x623 Tannerite.jpg)
>>12388 >the only way glowniggers can catch anybody is if they mouth off everything they're planning on doing on their goyPhone while stoned we truly live in the shittiest version of 1984
>>12377 >I wonder what counts as a "far-right extremist group" in the eyes of this new administration's FBI? Standing upright when you take a piss is enough >>12378 Kek based if true
Open file (29.68 KB 220x208 1438113475007.jpg)
>check thread >no Civil War 2 Boogaloo
Open file (265.39 KB 760x797 7070667.jpg)
>>12399 You can wait for a Civil war until the feds kick your door down, or you can go start one by making some friends in real life and starting shit.
>>12352 Practice Going Free.
>>12407 Or just go to an other state with a hunting rifle, rent a car, and shoot up some transformers.
Open file (5.28 MB 1600x1195 ClipboardImage.png)
>>12413 I thought you were made of sterner stuff. Seriously though, what would shooting transformers accomplish besides keeping the power company busy for a while? Am I missing something?
>>12414 > what would shooting transformers accomplish besides keeping the power company busy for a while? The really big ones take months to replace if something ... unfortunate ... were to happen to them.
>>12414 It's incredibly easy to get away with that, yet taking out even a single transformer is going to impact hundreds of people, potentially even more. How would people react if they knew that they are under attack, but have no idea who is attacking them? They'd obviously start accusing whoever they think of as their enemy, and that could give them the push they need to do something. Especially ZOGbots, they'd have to start kicking doors to show everyone that they are in control.
>>12413 Hello Fed-kun!
>>12417 Shalom, jew!
>>12416 >knew they are under attack Do you think most people, having lost power, would assume they are being attacked?
>>12421 Once the power is back and they learn that it went out because somebody deliberately attacked the infrastructure, then maybe potentially they could possibly entertain that idea.
>>12422 Or just listen to the media.
>>12423 That's a bit hard before the power is back. But something I did forgot to mention is that such attacks would be picked up by all news outlets, so even people not directly affected by them would still feel threatened. Or it could inspire copycats.
>>12424 Feds would mobilize and start broadcasting on loudspeakers. They don't need to kick down a door if they already have the mind of the person inside.
>>12425 And that only plays into your hand, because it makes people scared and they will think that the world is coming apart at the seams.
>>12417 >guys why no civil war >because nobody started one >lol only feds talk about starting civil wars So enjoy never having a civil war then lol
>>12428 Nuh uh the people in charge are omnipotent and won forever.
>>12428 They forced the entire country into lockdown as a result of a foreign pathogen and normalfags just went along with it. You underestimate the drive to be indolent.
>>12429 Nothing ever happens as that one faggot said a week or two ago.
>>12433 Something will happen, but maybe not anytime soon or even in our lifetimes. One things for sure people like you will have to die out and be replaced by people who aren't crabs in a bucket.
>>12436 The problem with happenings is they're mythologized. We read about them in history books and see them in movies. Years and months compressed into a few minutes of reading, two hours of drama. Reality isn't like that. The Ron Paul style happening is an illusion. Live your life as you'd like to live it happening or not. If it happens you used your time meaningfully. If it doesn't you can continue camping innawoods.
>>12437 I'm pretty sure the niggerpiller doesn't care about that and exclusively wants to depress everyone around him. There's no way he's actually retarded enough to be this disappointed every time something doesn't blow up like people meme about, right?
>>12432 Yes, like all those niggers who totally didn't start rioting and burning down cities. I'm sure they'd just sit in their ghettos if there was suddenly no power and they were told that literal MAGApedes caused this.
>>12444 Ultimately the purpose of power outages is to disconnect people from public broadcasting and to cause inconvenience. The reason people don't go around doing shit is because they still believe the government makes their comfy living arrangement possible. The guy who suggested a rental car is a dumbass though. Bicycling with a "guitar case" or motorcycling with something obstructing your license plate is far more effective for keeping yourself out of prison. Wear a mask because of Wu Flu to keep your face off camera.
>>12444 That's just negroes being negroes. It's in their nature. You can cause a big inconvenience letting a bunch of zoo animals out of their cages too. As long as the zoo still exists though, and there are veterinarians around, and people that want the illusion of order, you aren't pulling anything off but a prank.
>>12446 Hello, FBI. That's not how meme magic works and you have much to learn. Entertainment and sustenance are the sole reason plebs don't rebel against their caretakers and this truth holds over ethnic and political boundaries. Knocking out transformers is exactly the kind of shit that will start riots nd mass panic.
>>12445 >Bicycling with a "guitar case" or motorcycling with something obstructing your license plate is far more effective for keeping yourself out of prison. Wear a mask because of Wu Flu to keep your face off camera. That depends on where those transformers are. You can find some real big ones outside of cities where a random cyclist would be rather out of place, but finding a hunter there is perfectly normal.
>>12448 Of course. I know where several exposed power lines are, but obviously getting to them without being seen with a gun would be quite difficult, and I know several power junctions that are perfectly natural places to have a gun. It's just generally you don't go hunting in a rental car where your information has been jotted down and is kept on file.
>>12445 >Wear a mask because of Wu Flu to keep your face off camera. aren't they using this whole situation to teach AI how to recognize faces even when they're covered?
Open file (875.14 KB 3128x1632 1545874315369.jpg)
>>12447 Magic is fake. Sorry to tell you, I know mommy told you that the Demiurge would give you worldly power but I'm letting you know that's a trick that only leads to pain.
Guys shut up like god don't you know the government and bankers are literally omnipotent and won forever bevause the orange good goy didn't buck his masters? gahd geez
>>12452 You ever consider that was some horseshit fed to you to keep you afraid and worshipping your overlords? They've been having an incredibly hard time with robberies even harder than normal the police only solve a relatively small amount of crime because reporting a guy wearing a mask means jack shit to anyone now. Their power over burgers comes primarily from mass fear, not any actual ability to control absolutely everything and everyone like niggerpill desperately spams and wants you to believe.
Open file (282.00 KB 1280x1024 metatron1.jpg)
>>12453 wrong, Strelok. It's very real, but it doesn't work like it does in fiction
>>12468 >wrong, it's real, but not like fiction >no I will not explain myself >look at this geometric image isn't it cool like my animes?
Open file (3.94 MB 480x360 triangles.webm)
>>12469 >satanic pedophile jews who practice magic in secret societies totally dominate the world with their techinques >totally not real goyim, go back to sleep >watch your animes
Open file (117.71 KB 850x619 drunk doggo.jpeg)
>>12452 Even with their current "facial recognition software" 99% of the investigative work for the FBI was done over either social media armchair investigators, or family/neighbors ratting each other out. There's still some granny who's at large last time I checked despite not even wearing a mask because their facial recognition software is absolute fucking horse shit as >>12459 seems to have stated from a brief skimming. Three letter agencies are intelligent the way congress is intelligent the way a Jew is intelligent. They're very good at short-term strategizing and planning to handle the immediate threat as efficiently as possible, while forgetting that efficiency/approval sometimes comes at a mid-term or long-term cost. Consider that they could have rounded up far more people involved in the various movements (and thus with potential to show leadership qualities) that would show up by showing an intentionally weak front, and then swooping in, but that would involve keeping themselves in danger for a short while for long term gains. Same with how they're giving the ones they did manage to arrest heavy-as-fuck sentencing instead of light ones (it hasn't happened yet but just watch for a bit and you'll see it). Instead they shoved their fat chodes down everyone's throat while forgetting that people have teeth and a dick tapers enough for the jaw to clamp down near the head when "returning home" so to speak.
>>12453 >Magic is fake. Is that what your materialistic edjewcation told you? This is the part where I kindly remind everyone to not stray (too) far off topic. Take it to the 100 rads if you want to discuss how magic is real. Or take it to >>>/x/
Edited last time by zergfacecultist on 01/23/2021 (Sat) 23:33:44.
Open file (1.01 MB 1280x720 ripbiden.mp4)
Open file (254.78 KB 1441x599 oops.PNG)
https://archive.is/HXJIw https://youtu.be/Ec3mkoSWf0A THEY CANT EVEN KEEP IDIOTS FROM TALKING OVER BIDEN ON COMMITTING CRIMES IN HIS SPEECH. KAMALA 2021 LETS GO Video got taken down, do you hear the person talking over? >just so you for my life, uh I've agreed to a plea sentence with (inaudible). I'll put 500 dollars on Hunter Biden, please. They took it down by unlisting (but not privating the video).
Ok lads, this is the part where I have to warn people to stay on topic. If you want to debate the accuracy of the claim I strongly suggest taking it to the 100rads thread. I have deleted most of this stuff aside from the initial post since it technically, technically is on topic even though I think it's implausible. I have also edited in a little message to anyone on said remaining post.
>Biden shut down the pipeline and drove 50k people out of a job >then told them to "just find a new one lol" This really is the perfect time to start networking IRL, be sure to tell people to not bring their fucking phones with them everywhere if you ever do form some kind of militia.
>>12527 If it was technically on topic, why in the ever-loving fuck did you move it and "warn" us about staying on topic? Posts questioning or supporting the validity of an on-topic statement is still on-topic and helps provide context - even if you disagree with or disbelieve the statements made.
Open file (23.18 KB 1293x721 hex.png)
>>12544 Don't worry I cast a spell at him.
Crossposting from /fascist/ >>>/fascist/20482 >Joe Biden Removed Sunshine Laws >https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2021/01/25/2021-01767/revocation-of-certain-executive-orders-concerning-federal-regulation >Section 1. Policy. It is the policy of my Administration to use available tools to confront the urgent challenges facing the Nation, including the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, economic recovery, racial justice, and climate change. To tackle these challenges effectively, executive departments and agencies (agencies) must be equipped with the flexibility to use robust regulatory action to address national priorities. This order revokes harmful policies and directives that threaten to frustrate the Federal Government's ability to confront these problems, and empowers agencies to use appropriate regulatory tools to achieve these goals. >Sec. 2. Revocation of Orders. Executive Order 13771 of January 30, 2017 (Reducing Regulation and Controlling Regulatory Costs), Executive Order 13777 of February 24, 2017 (Enforcing the Regulatory Reform Agenda), Executive Order 13875 of June 14, 2019 (Evaluating and Improving the Utility of Federal Advisory Committees), Executive Order 13891 of October 9, 2019 (Promoting the Rule of Law Through Improved Agency Guidance Documents), Executive Order 13892 of October 9, 2019 (Promoting the Rule of Law Through Transparency and Fairness in Civil Administrative Enforcement and Adjudication), and Executive Order 13893 of October 10, 2019 (Increasing Government Accountability for Administrative Actions by Reinvigorating Administrative PAYGO), are hereby revoked. >the White House no longer has to publish executive orders or provide an explanation behind their policies and procedures, supposedly to fight racial injustice, the downward economy, and climate change.
>>12553 I'm not blackpilled, but I am glad everyone is going to suffer under this administration. Mabe it'll wake normalgoyim up enough to realize votes don't matter in a system that props up people who don't give the slightest fuck about representing anyone but (((corporate))) and (((banker))) interests.
I HOPE YOU LADS ARE READY. AWB AND MANDITORY REGISTRATION WITH LICENSES ARE INBOUND https://www.congress.gov/bill/117th-congress/house-bill/127/text https://archive.is/yDjgl
>>12670 >obeying the law

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