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what's a war board without a conflict?

Middle East/Africa 2 for 1 special Strelok 11/15/2020 (Sun) 03:52:15 No.9172
Thread dedicated to conflicts involving Middle Eastern and African country's. We haven't had a middle east thread for months now so feel free to post some interesting developments that we may have missed during the threads absence. Just make sure that if you are posting old events have the date of the event listed as to not cause confusion. https://archive.is/pQiPv >Military Situation In Syria On November 13, 2020 >November 13, artillery of Turkish-backed forces shelled SDF positons north of Tal Tamar >November 13, clashes between SAA and Turkish-backed forces were erupted near Tadef >November 13, artillery Turkish-backed forces shelled SDF positions north of Minnagh airbase >November 13, Russian warplanes pounded militant targets near the village of Al-Barah >November 13, Russian forces struck areas near Idlib central prison with two Iskandar missiles, pro-militant sources speculated (the usage of Iskander missiles remains unconfirmed). https://archive.is/Xq8rk >Russian Missile, Air Strikes Hit Western Outskirts Of HTS-Held Idlib City >On November 13 afternoon, a missile struck the western outskirts of the northwestern Syrian city of Idlib, which is occupied by al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) https://archive.is/tOV8s >75 Syrian Soldiers, ISIS Terrorists Killed In Central Syrian Clashes In Last Two Weeks >"48 regime soldiers and allied militiamen were killed, while 27 ISIS members were killed,” the SOHR said in the report, “the death toll is expected to rise as some injured are in serious condition, amid reports of further fatalities" >Syrian government forces and their allies are carrying out combing operations in the outskirts of the Homs desert on a regular basis. However, they are yet to address the terrorist group’s well-established presence within the region.
Open file (314.46 KB 781x679 tewifallexploitable.png)
>>14937 I agree that it's fucked us over pretty bad, but that has more to do with specializing military equipment for arid/semi-arid mountainous terrain for the last 80 years and discouraging long-term retention in a voluntary army via stop-gap measures, fucking infantry out of military retirement 17-19 years and 11 months in, and veteran's welfare programs that encourage getting in and out in 4-6 years. The actual training in the ME is great if the goal is just making sure your soldiers aren't wet behind the ears (and so long as you aren't spending billions more on war than you have in your coffers).
>>14935 >using the first-person in describing anything this demon-infested golem thinks, says or does Just figured I'd point out this language is a fallacy. Every planned-action is scripted, and (laughably obviously) deepfake tech is being used constantly for his 'appearances', to help keep his own senility and gaffes at bay. >The more you know
>>14935 >while the parts haven't been produced since the 80s and we're using up the last storehouse stockpiles at twenty times their original price and too much red tape to modernize their stupid shit to fit it into a package 1/50th of the size Is the 90s Zeitgeist finally fucking over?
>>14940 Biden is just shorthand for "The Biden Administration." Every president has just been a figurehead for his administration. Throughout human history the figurehead is the one who gets both the glory for his accomplishments and the blame for his cockups. Personally I have an interest in seeing Biden's name smeared through the mud regardless of his senility or pulse as a means of smearing his legacy which older folks constantly call to when discussing the old fart, so I'll be referring to him in the first person when referring to his administration. Especially when in a negative light.
Perhaps put in another way, I know what you're alluding to and it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if it's one, two, five, or a hundred guys fucking your wife in your bed, everyone with a pulse in that bed deserves buckshot.
>>14962 Imagine finding your wife having a necrophiliac orgy with a bunch of corpses
>>14961 Fair enough. No need to belabor the point. I'm simply bringing out that this regime, this junta, is pretty much Fake News: The so-called 'presidency' Also, if you consider what has just happened to the West through this usurpation "Business as Usual", then you might to look into the news over the past 6 months Strelok.
>>14967 >been under subversion since 1945 >this shit isn't to be expected Imagine thinking it all went wrong only in 2020.
>>14969 Well, you're right of course! T-totally nothing new here go...guys. Go back to sleep now, just doing our business as usual, right?
Open file (18.53 KB 326x284 bc2.jpg)
>>14970 This is the future that was chosen. Sleepwalking towards armageddon. You're just awake.
Open file (264.83 KB 1908x1146 263713527347.jpg)
Open file (103.55 KB 580x584 DKRB6OdX0AE0D3h.jpg)
>>14970 His point isn't that nothing happened, his point it that it is happening for a long time in the USA and you only notice it now that it is so obvious.
>>14970 Sargon is a gay nigger cuck. he's right here but that doesnt make him less fucking aweful. < high dopamine smuckles
Americans need to fuck off from our board.
Open file (1.44 MB 1200x954 american_faerie.png)
>>14983 Whiter than you Ahmed.
>>14976 I doubt it, if you're referring to White Genocide. Once enough of us are murdered by these demons, I think purpose and then victory will re-emerge for us as a people. >>14977 >sauce: Anon's ass Quite clearly he's pointing out the immediate, current, obvious-and-hasn't-happened-since-1812 banana-republic-tier occupation by the military of the political halls of power in the US. Go read a book friend. >>14980 >he's right here Well, glad we've settled that then. >>14983 >our
>>14989 The sleepwalking part of it has been underway since the baby boomers were lulled into a false sense of security by the post-war prosperity. The active sedation already began in 1913, though.
>>14991 No real debates from me on any of these claims, Strelok. I'm simply asserting that """TPTP""" will not be able to entirely genocide the White race -- as their goal obviously is. We will both survive this, and then cast those shackles off forever as a people. The West is plainly doomed and will go into the pit now. Trump's choice not to invoke the Insurrection Act to prevent the Communist usurpation of the lawful authority of the United States was the penultimate pivotal point in this nation's history, and will soon result in it's utter demise. Good riddance, actually, if it's only to become a den of demons & vipers from here on out. While all the points you've made are true, the so-called 2020 POTUS 'election' was the actual final nail.
Open file (29.91 KB 432x296 mythical_phoenix.jpg)
>>14997 There has to be a death for there to be a resurrection.
>>14997 How are they communists? Social Democrats are 10x worse than communists. I'd prefer 10x there was a communism than whatever the fuck the west has now
>>15125 >How are they communists? Social Democrats are 10x worse than communists. Communism was born from Socialism. When the Utopism of Socialism fails, they double down and become Communist.
>The US leaves Afghanistan, this time fore real, honestly guys, it's not like the other times before. I wonder if they are doing this because they want those boots to be somewhere else.
>>15422 Wouldn't surprise me at all
Open file (1.59 MB 1024x683 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.48 MB 1024x683 ClipboardImage.png)
They aren't even trying to be subtle about wanting to stay. Afghan Blast on Eve of U.S. Pullout Deadline Kills at Least 27 https://archive.is/qdry8 If the blast was the work of the Taliban, as the Afghan government asserts, it would be the most overt signal yet that the peace deal is off. >KABUL, Afghanistan — On the eve of a symbolic date for America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, a truck laden with explosives blew up outside a guesthouse south of the capital on Friday night, killing at least 27 people. >If the blast was the work of the Taliban — there was no immediate claim of responsibility, though the Afghan government quickly blamed the insurgents — it would be the most overt signal yet that the deal the Americans reached with the group at Doha in February 2020 is off. >A secret annex to that deal bars the Taliban from conducting suicide attacks, and they had been in sharp decline until Friday. Instead, the Taliban has maneuvered over the past year to test gray areas of the agreement, by carrying out, for example, targeted assassinations of journalists, officials and intellectuals. >But Friday night’s attack in Logar province, with its heavy toll, appeared to represent a deliberate shift in tactics. The driver of the truck blew himself up in an attack that also killed numerous students from rural areas who had been staying at the facility before university entrance exams, officials said. The guesthouse belonged to the family of a prominent member of the Afghan senate, himself recently assassinated by the Taliban. >Dozens of people were buried under the rubble of the obliterated guesthouse in the provincial capital of Pul-e Alam, about 40 miles south of Kabul, and over 100 more were wounded. >The blast occurred just before a May 1 deadline agreed to last year by the Taliban and U.S. officials that was aimed at ending America’s 20-year military presence in Afghanistan. >The U.S. scrapped the May 1 date two weeks ago when President Biden prolonged the American planned withdrawal until Sept. 11. That extension angered the Taliban, who vowed there would be consequences if the U.S. didn’t fully comply with the February 2020 deal. >The Taliban has often said that an American military presence after May 1 would represent a violation of the Doha agreement, and has threatened to attack U.S. forces in response. >A Taliban spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid, said on Twitter on Saturday that “this violation in principle has opened the way” for his side’s forces “to take every counter-action it deems appropriate against the occupying forces.” >The Taliban’s own website made no mention of the blast in Pul-e Alam Saturday, merely saying that “7 puppets were killed when Mujahideen raided an enemy post” there — “puppets” being the group’s preferred term for government troops. >The Afghan government, ever eager to portray the Taliban as faithless to the group’s agreement with the Americans, lost no time Saturday in pinning the blame on the Islamist insurgent group. >The blast occurred just as Afghans were breaking their daylong Ramadan fast. The driver of the truck apparently pulled up to the guesthouse, officials said, claiming to bring supplies for the breaking of the fast. >Just as he did so, the truck exploded, bringing down the roof and destroying the building. Photographs on the Tolo News website showed rescuers searching the rubble in the dark for survivors. >In another sign of faltering government resistance and of the Taliban’s steady encroachment on Afghan cities, the insurgents overran an army base at the edge of the provincial capital of Ghazni on Friday night, capturing 25 soldiers. >Also Saturday, in the south, at Kandahar Airfield, a sprawling facility where a small contingent of NATO and American forces were dismantling what remains of their base there, the Taliban ushered in May 1 with an early afternoon rocket attack. >The U.S. military responded immediately to the rocket attack with an airstrike on a Taliban position, a Defense official said. God fucking damn it. America can't even afford this on credit any more. We're gonna be Venezuela-tier by the end of the decade.
>>15427 Is US involvement in Afghanistan a demonic variant of the Assad curse?
>>15453 The US is demonic
https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-56966473 https://archive.is/aV5xk >Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has warned of "huge consequences" of President Joe Biden's decision to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan. >Mrs Clinton told CNN there was a risk the Taliban - the Islamist group ousted in 2001 by the US-led invasion - could retake control. >The US aims to complete the withdrawal by 11 September. >However, the Taliban have been carrying out more attacks. >"This is what we call a wicked problem," Mrs Clinton told CNN. "There are consequences both foreseen and unintended of staying and of leaving," she said. They aren't even trying. Either they won't leave or the MIC is gonna send boots elsewhere Burma/Syria is my bet, maybe Armenia
The US has deployed more assets to Afghanistan, to support the withdrawal. I'm not sure how exactly F-18s and B-52s will help load troops and equipment onto cargo planes. personally, I would have thought that the process of moving troops out of a place would not involve moving more troops into that place.
>>15490 Anything that literal demonic golem is opposed to has to have some fundamental good to it, literally by definition. >"This is what we call a wicked problem," Mrs Clinton told CNN. The ironykekery.
>>15539 Well, you need to get them out somehow. Either you let them walk, or you get them some transportation, which requires people. No surprise here.
>>15539 America uses B-52s for cargo/vehicle/troop transportation, and they have the F-18s to protect the B-52s.
>>15544 >America uses B-52s for cargo/vehicle/troop transportation Pure horseshit. You plainly know very little about the Stratofortress, friend.
>>15544 Have you even ever looked at a B-52 in person? There is nowhere to carry anything but the limited crew and bomb payload.
>>15544 >F-18s to protect the B-52s From what?
Open file (12.01 KB 249x249 1618077438688.jpg)
>the slightest possibility of reducing US presence in the Middle East >Israel-Palestine shit starts kicking off again
>>15490 Either the USA leaves Afghanistan and it becomes a second Vietnam or they stay in Afghanistan and it stays a deadly quagmire for the USA until they face the fact that they don't get rid of the Taliban without a genocide. >>15539 This has been a problem for the USA since World War 2. They send so much stuff into their warzones that they have a problem to take all that stuff home, not just because transportation is so expensive but because the moment the material hits home soil it is devaluing prices in their own industry. Why buy a new car, if you can buy a used vehicle from the military? Why buy a new gun, if the military is looking for a way to sell millions of guns? etc. If its just a small war, they try to sell or dump all that material on the locals or try to ship it to a new warzone. The problem come if was a bigger war, the last time they tried to dump so much material on locals they created ISIS and they don't want to do that in Afghanistan because it would make them look like the greatest retard on the planet.
>Our first 'Qibla' is burning, Our Mosque where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had prayed is burning. My heart is severely aching, can't do anything from here except praying for Aqsa & Palestinians. May Allah protect Muslims. May He destory Israel! #AlAqsaUnderAttack #FreePalestine https://web.archive.org/web/20210511141818/https://twitter.com/SalmanNizami_/status/1391845501687848962
>>15648 >Benji on the cusp of losing power >Better reignite a race war Makes sense, he wants to drive a wedge between Arab parties and Jewish ones so the opposition has no chance of standing against him. Especially since this happened right after Netanyahu lost the chance to form a new government.
Open file (386.58 KB 1080x1252 1620771294043-1.jpg)
Open file (484.55 KB 362x640 1620771294043-0.mp4)
Open file (280.28 KB 562x462 1620771462020.png)
Open file (351.05 KB 604x870 1620774904639-1.png)
Open file (2.44 MB 720x720 1620774904639-0.mp4)
Anyone asked for happenings?
>>15665 I thought the roach king was going for better relations with Israel? Is it his destiny to fuck up his country's standing with every country in the world?
I hope this escalates. Biden's sudden recognition of armenian genocide by its NATO ally makes me wonder if Israel's attacks were coordinated in Washington.
>>15666 Roach king is still the leader of an islamistic political party.
>>15665 Rooting for the muzzies
>>15675 This must be the best looking war in years, visually speaking.
>>15675 >>15679 It's a shame to see US tax dollars, assets, and other assistance at work, helping shoot down so many of those rockets. it does look pretty though.
Open file (328.19 KB 1427x2048 1620782712195.jpg)
Open file (110.41 KB 1648x786 1620795892159.png)
Open file (515.61 KB 720x720 1620847006582.png)
Open file (73.44 KB 599x622 1620850736585.png)
Reports Iron Dome may already be running out of interceptors. Spoilered three images because they might be too politics-leaning for /k/.
>>15686 Nothing "impenetrable" about that guy
>>15686 >Iron dome running out of interceptors Not surprising when each interceptor missile is fuckhuge and costs $20k-$100k per missile, while the missiles they're intercepting are literal fertilizer-sugar tubes welded together that can be produced for like $100 a pop by the thousands. Ironically enough Israel's reliance on state-of-the-art defensive technology will likely be their downfall when they either run out of defensive missiles or Hamas manages to get enough Qassam turds in the air to figure out the numerical limitations of the iron dome and just overwhelm it to achieve the same results. From what I understand Israelis shit themselves every time one of the low-tech rockets get through and start calling up their local politicians to kvetch about the shoah.
And in true Israeli fashion, Hamas is claiming they launched maybe around a hundred rockets while the IDF is claiming to have shot down over 800.

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