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QTDDTOT-Questions that don't deserve their own thread Strelok 05/29/2020 (Fri) 04:29:15 No.881
Didn't see this thread up yet so I decided to create it.
>>3184 Check your Ph (should be alcaline, between 4.5 and 6.5) and make sure they've got plenty of nitrogen. I think they do that rolling up when there's some nutrients missing that they need.
>>3184 This may seem obvious, but have you thought about the amount of daily sunlight they get? Being surrounded 360 by completely opaque material restricts the angle sunlight can spread accross your leaves and it gets shorter exposure the further down they are like an aperature. Maybe it's that all your leaves are getting the amount of exposure they need to produce the energy to grow taller and thats why they wilt. I threw some sweet potatoes slips in the clay with nothing surrounding them and they look like overgrown bushes in about a month and a half. Before that I tried to maintain the slips floating in glasses of water with a sludgy nutrient soil at the bottom and even though fresh roots would rapidly grow within the next day it took a bout a week for them to start to wilt. I had them in the window every day and I figure it's because the leaves don't have enough sunlight through the day in proportion to their surface area because now they get to be the size of my hand (which I can easily grip a full size CZ-75) without ever needing much water, nutrigrow or pesticide the latter two i'll be desperate to nuture my crops with. This is my first time experimenting with gardening as well and the sweet potatoes are surviving, but I have yet to see any in the dirt and it's been 4 months now.
>>3190 I was aware of that system but didn't feel like building anything or getting the wood. I've just sort of made a ghetto vegetable garden. Though I'm not sure having those boxes really does anything besides making harvesting a little easier and being more aesthetic than a garbage can with burlap wrapped around it. >>3192 I don't have a Ph tester. If I ever get around to making another order for garden supplies I'll consider getting one. In the future I'll be more on the ball about fertilizing at proper intervals.
>>3194 I do try and orient them where they can get as much sun as possible. The abruptness of them wilting makes me question whether it's some sort of disease, since for a couple months they were going strong. Not much I can do about where they're growing now, next year I'll probably get around to making a proper potato box for them like this anon suggests >>3190
>>3197 I thought the same thing when I first planted mine and the leaves crumpled up yet going from slips sitting in glasses of water on a window sill to slips in the ground it was only when they were outside that new leaves would sprout the next day. When they were in the glasses for a week they only grew roots so sunlight is crucial for growing through the disease even if they only produce small spuds. If I were you i'ld take one plant out and put it in a shorter bucket of soil to grow as a side experiment.
Open file (66.42 KB 1022x731 It's_All_So_Tiresome.jpg)
>>2784 >how exactly did 4chan /k/ get so bad? Eight years of sandy vagina repeats and the GamerGate/Election waves of new fags in '14 and '16 to /pol/ and, through osmosis, to the rest of the site when they should have filtered through /b/ first obliterated what board culture we had and the knowledgeable trips like Oppy. Not even 8chan /k/ every really recovered.
>>2888 If you don't mind plates that are non-conformal, look into buying UHMWPE plates around 1in+ thick. It gets sold to chefs as chopping board material and you can cut it to any size. You can glue on a layer of small ceramic tiles if you want to improve it's performance against AP ammo too. It's janky but it works.
Open file (1.21 MB 896x1000 ClipboardImage.png)
What mask is the one in pic related? Looks like an M15 but there's no voice emitter on it
Is (cheap) red dot parallax really bad at <10yds? I put a Vortex Crossfire II on my Mark IV pistol for pest control while I'm on the tractor or tending the garden beds. At 25yds I'm good, but for anything close I'm getting several inches of impact shift. Doesn't occur with irons, but they're not much good for low light shots.
>>3252 *random impact shifts - horizontal and vertical with same poa.
>>3252 They're parallax free, though I have a feeling that is for stuff like standard rifles and shotguns, not handgats specifically. I'd throw some paper up and see how it holds up, might be too big of a dot for the gun.
>>3205 >filtered through /b/ Faggot detected. /b/ was the board that destroyed other boards cultures. It got so big it leaked on every other board and it was dead. You tards are upset /pol/ ruined the place you already ruined.
>>3255 >like standard rifles and shotguns Yeah, that was my hunch too - eye position is relatively fixed using a stock. I might just rig a weapon light to it and stick with irons. Thanks
>>3256 Most people didn't stay in /b/ for long, I only visited for a year and a half, but it taught me basic imageboard etiquette, like not putting too much stock in what others thought and mass shaming those who did. /b/ became what it is because everyone left except the ones who came for the porn.
>>3287 I came for the shitposting. I stayed for the shitposting. It taught me the beauty of shitposting merely for the sake of causing jannies to throw themselves out of upper-story windows.
Any tips on checking the condition of a bolt action gun? I know the basics like checking for cracks, the condition of rifling etc, but some more expert tips would be greatly appreciated
>>3290 Go, No go gauges. If a bolt action wants to kerplow its usually due to the headspace being off. Actual manufacturing defects tend to not get out into public due to test firing. With rifling just look down the bore with some sort of light at the other end. Generally speaking rifling will look very defined unless wore to shit.
>>3256 Back in the day the standard way to enter 4chan was through a /b/ period then you'd branch out to whatever was more interesting after you realised how shit /b/ was. It taught you the value of anonymity, free speech and the pros and cons of having almost no moderation. Now anonymity and free speech allow you to say nigger, or discuss the shitty state of the modern west, the truths and lies of history and a whole lot else too but those are outcomes of the conditions of anonymity and free speech not the goal in and of themselves. Nowadays for any imageboard with a /pol/ the /pol/ board fulfils this function and instead of teaching people to value anonymity and full free speech (the fundamentals) and what they result in it just teaches them only to value the ability to say nigger and discuss modern politics (the outcome of those fundamentals). The average post-2014 newfag would happily use reddit or twitter instead of an imageboard if they could because they don't value imageboards and imageboard fundamentals arguably they actually even prefer limiting free speech to get an echo chamber they only value the ability to discuss their narrow topic, it's just that nowhere else other than imageboards allows that any more. Meanwhile 'true' imageboard users would not touch reddit regardless of the topics it allowed or not. This is why when discord popped up plenty of these newfags adopted it because it also (originally) allowed these topics and the fact it inherently produces non-anonymous circlejerks was neither here nor there for them even though those are fundamentally incompatible with what imageboards stand for. The problem isn't /pol/ or the topics it allows, the problem is the users who think /pol/ is the point of imageboards where it has always just been a side-effect of what imageboards are. Hell the board that resulted in /pol/ wasn't even supposed to be for political discussion only it just slid into that naturally.
>>3374 Decent analysis, and probably mostly true for most of us. I stayed with /b/ for 7+ years as well as branching out. So I understand the notions it represented back before it was cucked to hell. Still, there's a time and a place for everything under the sun, and I don't actually agree that every.single.board. has to exhibit the principles you describe. Some highly-focused boards actually benefit from tight moderation.
>>3381 Tight moderation isn't necessarily anti-free speech as long as it's done consistently and fairly, and is generally focussed on keeping the board on topic rather than on the content of posts within that topic. So if a board is SFW deleting porn is fine I mean it's a bit gay and you could just spoiler it but if you advertise your board as being about guns, for example, banning someone for expressing the wrong opinion on that topic is incorrect. This also requires that the rules be 100% clear, easily available and enforced universally so that the other situation of something being ignored just because the BO/mods like it does not occur. Like I said that's the other bit you learnt from /b/: the pros and cons of almost no moderation which teaches you that a little bit is needed if you don't just want to default to /b/.
>>3374 >Back in the day the standard way to enter 4chan was through a /b/ period then you'd branch out to whatever was more interesting after you realised how shit /b/ was. Let me put this better. YOU being cancer, went through /b/. Me being an oldfag didn't go through /b/ because I was there before you shit it up. /b/tards were hated and told to fuck off because they thought every board was XD SO RANDOM. It's the first death of 4chan and you don't remember that because you caused it. There was not almost no moderation. There was plenty of moderation. Every board was not /b/ and many of us old fags value that moderation and censorship to deal with idiots like you. I don't go to boards to say nigger, I go to them for their content. Shitting up a thread by acting like a /b/tard derailed niche boards which literally had no alternatives outside of 4chan at the time. >>3396 See faggots like you are why we need moderators to ban you. I don't want a /diy/ board full of porn. You stupid niggers are cum brained retards and you ended up on image boards because no where else would tolerate you. I started using image boards because they were unrivaled in their content before you niggers arrived. They had all the latest content and news the same way reddit now does. Which is one of the reasons image boards are dead. Idiots think it's just a place to shit post and no longer create good content. That content goes to places like Reddit and Facebook.
>>3403 >Let me put this better. YOU being cancer, went through /b/. Me being an oldfag didn't go through /b/ because I was there before you shit it up. /b/tards were hated and told to fuck off because they thought every board was XD SO RANDOM. It's the first death of 4chan and you don't remember that because you caused it. A /b/tard who demanded every board be /b/ is not the same as someone who naturally grew out of their /b/ phase and moved out to topic-based boards. >There was not almost no moderation. There was plenty of moderation. Every board was not /b/ and many of us old fags value that moderation and censorship to deal with idiots like you. I don't go to boards to say nigger, I go to them for their content. Shitting up a thread by acting like a /b/tard derailed niche boards which literally had no alternatives outside of 4chan at the time. Now I know you're bullshitting because prime-era /tg/ and /ck/, for example, had little-no moderation that wasn't self-moderation and they did just fine. Unless you're claiming oldfaggotry means ~2011 or something in which case you're just retarded.
>>3403 >claims to be oldfag >/b/ ruined 4chan >people who started on /b/ were the problem /b/ was literally the first board to be created with other boards spinning off as they were needed so you literally cannot have been there before /b/ shit it up because it was there before every other board. Youre pushing the same bullshit as fags saying anime wasnt always a part of 4chan even though /b/ was originally not just random but for anime too and all the other early boards were anime and hentai.
>>3396 Yea, I agree in general Anon. I think I understand the pros and the cons fairly well (I even still shitpost on /b/s occasionally b/c w/n?) I probably have a little challenge being entirely fair in the eyes of others with my moderation I imagine. We all have a bit of tunnel-vision. As far as rules go, the old saying goes 'anything you make a rule about, you have to keep making a rule about that. so keep them few'.
Anyone have recommendation regarding ALICE, MOLLE, or PLCE?
>>3474 With ALICE, just duct tape the clips. I've had a few somehow open on their own.
Does anyone have a decent helmet for ballistic protection that isn't extremely expensive? PASGTs are usually 80+ dollars and the rest are non-existent. So far the list of helmets that will stop a 9x19 PASGT, ECH, ACH, Wz 93, Wz 2000, MK 7 (maybe?), SPECTRA, maybe the SEPT 2 on the surplus market.
>>3418 What /b/ became and what /b/ originally was are very different things. The original userbase of /b/ wasn't what I would consider /b/tards. It's a very different type of person who moved in. >>3417 Niche boards needed little to no moderation I don't disagree there. Prime /tg/ was known for not having any mods because it never needed them. The current mods are fags who ban any one not pro-tranny. When /b/ went public, even pre-chanology is leaked onto other boards hard. People went to /b/ and thought all of 4chan was like /b/. They didn't understand each board was it's own little eco system and you would see obvious /b/tards regularly. Prime /tg/ had a lot of /b/tards doing the angry marine stuff.
>>3184 It almost looks like bacterial wilt. If that's what it is then you've got to begin quarantine procedures because that shit spreads. Don't touch you good plants after touching the wilty ones without washing your hands. Don't let plant material or soil transfer from the potentially infected one to the healthy one. If the second one doesn't improve after trying to remedy it in the other ways that other anons have suggested then you'll have to remove the plant and sterilize the soil.
>>3474 I'm a weeaboo faggot and I bought a ALICE rig because of 2hu. It rocks, and even though its my first rig, it is definitely very comfortable. The best part is I can go prone very nicely. The only thing that sucks about it is wearing it in a vehicle. I recommend it heavily though, and I seen them go very, very cheap.
what are the best brands for plate carriers? >>3500 where'd you get it?
Open file (407.67 KB 780x570 tarrant3.png)
what carrier and pouch are these?
>>3519 Seems to be MOLLE pouches. Could be some NZ version of PLCE but I doubt it due to lack of y strap. No idea about plate carrier
>>3520 Its a generic tac-vest in black multicam the last I recall. Think chinkshit for airshitters
Open file (538.54 KB 1090x612 dug.png)
Is he ok? He purged his vids and twatter account.
>>3184 For pic 1, looks like possibly potassium and/or phosphorus deficiency. Manganese deficiency appears possible due to vein yellowing on mostly newer leaves. 2nd pic seems to be bacterial wilt (specifically Pseudomonas solanacearum).. Or copper defiency (Which iirc shouldn't usually affect potatos....). Cut a cross section of the stem and see if it is discolored and brown. Post pictures. See: https://plantpath.ifas.ufl.edu/rsol/Trainingmodules/BRPotato_Module.html >Pseudomonas solanacearum not R. solanacearum Fuck that shit I didn't know they re-fucking classified this shit when it's still debated >I do try and orient them where they can get as much sun as possible. The abruptness of them wilting makes me question whether it's some sort of disease, since for a couple months they were going strong. Disease only happens when the entire disease triangle is met. What is your Köppen climate classification, potato cultivar, photoperiod and chilling hours? Those are important factors (Temperature inversion is not a big factor in potatos aside from killing them unlike kiwi). >>3495 Easiest way to check is to cut off a portion of the stem and hold it in water. If at the bottom of the cut you see this cloudy /distorted trail released it's usually a bacterial infection. Strelok also needs to sterlize the tools as well (Alcohol works well imho) If potato famine strelok fucking used GMO self suiciding plants instead of fucking heirloom seeds I will be very sad. >t. plant pathology class in college and being an agriculture degree holder I usually deal with fruits and nuts huur durr gay joke so feel free to toss me questions. Specifically I do work on Persimmons and kiwis. >>3524 >black muticam you fooking what mate???????
Open file (133.40 KB 776x960 trash.jpg)
>>3527 >he hasn't heard of multicam: xtra tacticool edition
>>3532 If I recall he was wearing those pants too. Dude was in uniform as per his manifesto.
>>3532 >10/10 cosmotactical approves
>>3526 Dude's MS has been making him go off the deep end. He got pissed off people weren't rallying around his cause instead of chilling out in his chat. If I remember right, someone asking how his chickens were was what made him flip the table.
>>3550 Seemed more like the bleeding edge than the deep end. I hope he comes back with prerecorded content rather than dealing with brainlets in the chats.
>>3550 Wait is this about Ashley Dugan? Last I heard he nuked his jewtube and made maybe one showing on Karl Karsardas ego/tism fun hour. What cause is he trying to further? The cure for no worky legs? Make a not gay NRA? Or is it a trying to bomb an IRS building glowing thing?
>>3566 It's more like fireside chats wherein he sums up /pol/ threads and redpills/disseminates possible happenings to the chat. I've stopped watching his streams 'cause I'm a busy man and I can't always be bothered to always open up his streams. They can pop up at 2PM or 2AM, and I've seen them last anywhere from 6 minutes to an hour. I already browse /pol/ with filters so ~85% of what he's talking about is shit I've already seen. I respect his goals of awakening the masses, and so far he's shown himself mentally OK, but I just can't keep up with EVERY SINGLE POST related to the latest Happening General. Interesting note, he's named the Jew but stated a lack of hate for them. He wants everyone to know he's not a RACE WAR NOW kind of guy. He reads books and raises chickens. It's more cerebral than just browsing /pol/, if that's your thing.
>>3500 Nice. As per gear that lets you go prone easy, if you wanna go slavshit, a Smersh pattern rig might also please you. >>3518 Mayflower APC, Crye Precision JPC, Ferro Concepts Slickster. They'll fit just about any SAPI/ESAPI plate you've got and they're generally well-made from all accounts.
>bolt-action >at least 5 rounds per magazine >iron sights >.308 or any rifle round >under $1000 >doesn't exist Why.
>>3609 Some CZ 557s have the irons, detachable 10 round and muzzle break under 1k
>>3609 >Iron sights I truly hate this optics first irons never attitude these days that's been spilling even into semi auto scary guns since the first dickhead figured a picatinny gas block was cool. >Savage hog hunter About $700+ the irons are folding buckhorn things and you probably can find an aftermarket rear to replace. Mags are accuracy international I think so capacity requirement is checked off. >Mossberg and Ruger not-a-scout rifles Both are just touching the below $1k pricing. Mossbergs thing can use AR308 mags so that's cool. I believe ruger uses some proprietary thing. Both have irons better than the savage but if you want the scout rifle that's true to concept then scout rifle it's not. Other than that they're good. >Spanish FR8 mauser Note the FR8 part. The spic mausers are usually a 7.62x51 caliber conversion done at armories and most of them were meant to be trainer's to teach Franco's boys how to shoot the CETME rifles at gommies. The earlier FR7 types are pretty sketchy and might actually be a bubba thing done by an importer. The FR8 is legit and you get the benefit of it being surplus priced (which means $500-$600 these days) and the neat fixed mag that let's you top off easily compared to the mag fed things that use tiny holes in the receiver as an ejector port and finger diddling preventer.
>>3615 The 1916 conversions are proper 7.62NATO guns, all the army manuals stated so. They're proper rebarrels. They're only sketchy when you decide to run really hot fuck moose up loads in them. Though standard 7.62 in a gun that light tends to whump.
>>3566 >don't fight China >check out these awesome Holosun optics >go find exploits in the new powergrid hardware bugmen are fucking with his head

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