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"The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war." - Otamin

WAR IN THE CAUCUS REGION 2 Strelok 10/24/2020 (Sat) 05:25:10 No.7830
Previous Thread >>6332 https://archive.is/SCXtf >Armenia Shot Down Drone Suffering Heavy Losses In Azerbijaniani Strikes https://archive.vn/cpLdk >Armenians Claim They Shot Down Another Bayraktar TB2 Over Nagorno-Karabakh https://archive.is/Rd2r0 >Azerbaijani Forces Rush To Capture Lachin Cororidor From Retreating Armenians
>>41000 round 3 here we go
Open file (63.45 KB 1024x694 1663277417842177m.jpg)
Meanwhile, in the western Caucasus... https://archive.ph/tR8ks
Open file (97.88 KB 714x391 CSTO-Armenia.png)
>>41000 CSTO declines Armenia's call to arms. >The Collective Security Treaty Organization has refused to provide military assistance to Armenia "in the near future", despite Azerbaijan's large-scale aggression along the entire border. >The head of the CSTO Joint Staff Anatoly Sidorov said Thursday, September 15 that sending CSTO forces to Armenia was not on the table. >"On September 13, the heads of state unanimously declared that that issue that exists today between Armenia and Azerbaijan, should be resolved by political and diplomatic methods," Sidorov said. >He said the involvement of the CSTO has not even been discussed. >A CSTO mission headed by Sidorov is expected in Armenia on Thursday, while Secretary General Stanislav Zas is planning to travel to Armenia next week. https://archive.ph/gyJjB
Open file (710.50 KB 1140x1488 1663264992538437.png)
Pelosi to visit the capital of Armenia on Saturday. https://archive.ph/j9jo5
>>41067 >>41068 It must be so awkward to be in Armenia's position
>>41068 Wonder what stocks she's trying to manipulate with this one. >>41069 Their entire history is like this, it's almost comedic.
>>41068 Why?
>>41068 Heh, maybe Azeris can pull of what Bugmen couldn't.
>>41084 Azeroaches are just discount (shia) roaches.
>>41124 I think many Iranians also dislike Azerbaijan for their uppity nigger behavior and for referring to the north of Iran as South Azerbaijan, like how Syria, Iraq, and Turkey views Kurds.
>had a dream that Kyrgyzstan dropped a thermobaric on Tajikistan's capital what does it mean
>>41139 It means that you haven't been getting enough actual sleep. Spend at least 30 minutes away from computer screens or smart phone screens before bed and stay hydrated throughout the day.
>>41140 >stay hydrated >Spend at least 30 minutes away from computer screens or smart phone screens before bed Screens off an hour before bed is really the bare minimum for a decent sleep in my opinion.
>>41140 >>41146 Don't be a fag who does this shit. Long sleep periods are low quality sleep, take stimulants and drink water and wake up early
>>41148 You mean wake up on time in line with your sleep cycle, which actually determines how refreshed you feel.
>>41150 >You mean wake up on time in line with your sleep cycle No, I don't mean that you absolute faggot Sleep cycles are entirely a myth without a single reason for anyone to have ever believed in for a second. Feeling refreshed has to do with neurotransmitter repletion and hormones, neither of which relate to sleep. Feeling refreshed has nothing to do with the actual benefits of REM sleep which is basically just better-than-the-best meditation.
>>41140 you're right, realized last night that I spend just about my entire day staring at screens between work, shitposting, and watching dumb jewtube videos to fall asleep to.
>>41151 >source: I made it up
Open file (311.42 KB 609x731 Armenian_PoWs.png)
Open file (3.18 MB 480x640 0I22dk7VFnAxigkd.mp4)
>>40880 >its bilateral defence treaty with Russia lets fucking gooooooooooooo
>>41839 muh war crimes
>>41839 Man even ruskies let the chechens pray before getting the rounds back in the day, these dudes are too rude.
>>41839 Here's hoping Armenia gets its revenge
>>41844 There's bad blood between the two because of the genocide meaning Azerbaijan hates them too while Armenia did reprisal killings I guess to the Turks and Azeris hence the virile rage of the latter. >>41845 Armenians won't do shit as they believe in falsehoods like being the bigger man and loving thy enemy.
>>41842 Armenia already asked the CSTO to intervene, and the CSTO told Armenia to fuck off. https://archive.ph/sGOix
>>41839 >shooting wildly >towards a bunch of rocks >when your buddies are standing in a circle around your targets Seems like a bad idea, I wonder how many times someone has done this and injured/killed one of their own with a ricochet.
>>41851 thats hella uncool, yo
>>41839 It's been a couple of hundred thousands years of human conflict and somehow there's still people out there that unironically believe that surrendering to the enemy is a viable option. Throughout history the overwhelming majority of the time, prisoners end up butchered. Unless you're fighting some western nation then surrendering is literally the equivalent of suicide. The Azeris in that video are not doing anything out of the ordinary. Killing prisoners is literally what everyone except for the west tends to do in war. You'd think that the Armenians especially would understand this after fighting them twice already.
>>41897 It depends pretty heavily on your neighbors, the modern west isn't anywhere near the first society to take prisoners over mass slaughter. Though the other result was usually slavery instead of being thrown in a prison forever.
Armenia and Azerbaijan are tentatively agreeing to a Minsk-style agreement whereas Nagorno-Karabakh will be recognized as an autonomous region indirectly under Azerbaijan's control with the understanding that Russia will invade Azerbaijan if they try to fuck around.
>>51259 >Minsk-style That's not going to end well, what's to prevent the Azeris from just reneging like Ukraine did? A forced population transfer + exchanging NK with Nakhichevan is the only way I see out of this without a proper sequel war.
Open file (598.43 KB 1015x1050 FriendS.png)
>>51279 >what's to prevent the Azeris from just reneging like Ukraine did? Presumably the Azeris actually want to follow through even if they hate the Armenis. Trade stops family fueds and age-long conflicts (see: 100 years war, Abraham Accords, Moroccan-American Treaty of Friendship, etc.), and this deal seems to be focused on promoting trade between Azerbaijan and its surroundings. Up until now Azerbaijan's only real ally was Turkey and Israel since everyone else was part of Central Asian security organizations that hated Azerbaijan or trade organizations that hated Azerbaijan, and Armenia was making newfound friends of Turkey via Russia. They open back up trade relations with Armenia through Nagorno-Karabakh as a medium, and in exchange they presumably get to sit at the big kids' table and form trade agreements with countries that had otherwise cut off all ties with them in a few years' time and use Armeni infrastructure to transport goods to other countries. Plus the Armenis just found a shit ton of Israeli spyware on their devices that was used against them during the last flare-up of fighting so they're getting to the point where they would rather work with the Muslims. Apparently even the Georgians are spooked by Armenia and Azerbaijan getting along and have agreed to allow Russian flights into and through the country severely angering the USA in the process in order to rapidly start normalizing ties to Moscow out of fear of being the odd one out. Last but not least, Azerbaijan only won the last conflict because of drones, which Armenia is slowly buying from Iran and learning how to counteract TB2s from Russia, so the same trick probably won't work twice.
>>51292 >Georgia normalizing Russian relations. I don't really see that as possible long term, only because like 30% of the country is occupied by Russia and the Georgians said recent they are prepared to fight if Russia keeps them out of NATO/EU. Given how the Russo-Georgian war went last time I'm betting that Russia wins by a landslide so long as they don't repeat Brest-Litovsk with the Ukraine war. The funniest part of all of this is how Armenia and Georgia tried to play nice with the US and got burnt (versus staying neutral at minimum), despite every CIA coup in history and how those "supporters" got hung out to dry.
Armenia seems to think Azerbaijan is getting ready for another NATO-sponsored invasion.
>>52063 >if the first 500 distractions don't do the trick, just double-down on it! What could possibly go wrong with this carefully-laid plan!11?
It's heating up again
>>52063 Personally I think you have it backwards. Armenia has been trying to distance itself from Russia since Pashinyan got in, and is currently courting NATO membership. Turkey backs Azerbaijan, and happens to be a NATO member, which gives the appearance of the Azeris being the NATO backed party, but this is actually very deceptive. Actually, I think NATO is strongly opposed to the greater Turkey project, since it would represent another independent Eurasian power, and therefore another obstacle to "winning" the geopolitical chess game. Incidentally, Armenia's only real ally, Iran, is reportedly furious with them for courting NATO. Mercouris has a good video on the situation titled "Leading Armenia down the primrose path".
Its made the news in the west. Seems like NATO want something to happen to someone. I think Russia is out of the picture due to Ukraine and with a recent US-Iran raproachment there's a chance this devolves in to Syria mark II. Maybe they will pull the brave and stunning Armenian resistance fighters like they have with the Mujahadeen? The systemic shelling of Azeris sounds like Hitler's false flag on Poland. I think it to be improbable the Armenians are dumb enough to take on the Azeris alone when they outspend them tenfold by GDP. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-66851975 >Eleven Azerbaijani police and civilians have been reported killed in a mine blast and another incident. >Defence officials in the breakaway region said the Azerbaijani military had "violated the ceasefire along the entire line of contact with missile-artillery strikes". Other Karabakh representatives spoke of a "large-scale military offensive". >On Tuesday, the defence ministry in Baku accused Armenian forces of "systematic shelling" of its army positions and said it had responded by launching "local, anti-terrorist activities... to disarm and secure the withdrawal of formations of Armenia's armed forces from our territories". >It insisted it was not targeting civilians or civilian buildings, and that "only legitimate military targets are being incapacitated by the use of high-precision weapons". >In a brief televised address, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan rejected claims that his military was involved and accused Azerbaijan of launching a "ground operation aimed at ethnic cleansing of Karabakh Armenians
>>55619 Pathetic to think that Armenia is trying to get the US's attention when it is clear that only one tribe counts. The US was nowhere to be found when Armenia was getting its shit kicked in a few years ago, besides some #BringBackOurGirls tier "support" from useless celebrities. The US's backwards ass strategy is probably just to let shit happen so Russia looks bad for not creating a lasting peace, even if it means Armenia gets genocided and the Turkish, not NATO, ally Azerbaijan wins.
Open file (99.78 KB 459x600 uss liberty.png)
>>55619 >Hitler's false flag on Poland. The Gleiwitz incident? Just about anytime I hear about a false flag, it makes me think of the lavon affair or the USS liberty incident.
ANNNND IT'S OVER(?) LADS Lmao Armenians setting the stage for their own genocide 2.0 this time by disarming. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-66863702 >Twenty-four hours after Azerbaijan's army launched an offensive in Nagorno-Karabakh, ethnic-Armenian forces have agreed Russian terms for a ceasefire. >One of the key demands that Karabakh forces have accepted is a proposal for complete disarmament. >Some 120,000 ethnic Armenians live in the South Caucasus enclave, recognised internationally as part of Azerbaijan. >Three years ago, Azerbaijan recaptured areas in and around Karabakh and on Tuesday demanded a full surrender. >Karabakh officials say at least 27 people have been killed and another 200 wounded since the Azerbaijani military launched what it called "anti-terror" operations. >Azerbaijan's presidency said officials would meet Karabakh's Armenian representatives in the Azerbaijani town of Yevlakh later on Wednesday. >The town is some 100km (60 miles) north of Karabakh's regional capital, Khankendi, known as Stepanakert by Armenians. >Leaders in the enclave said in a statement that through mediation carried out by Russian peacekeepers an agreement had been reached on a complete cessation of hostilities from 13:00 local time (09:00 GMT). >However, loud explosions could still be heard in the regional capital just after the ceasefire came into effect. >>55635 I was refering to how it was viewed by Britain, obviously
>>55650 Well, there's a clear asymmetry in strength, Azeris have the better hand and on the other hand as >>55616 points out >Mercouris has a good video on the situation titled "Leading Armenia down the primrose path". The Armenian elite doesn't care about Armenian and Armenians as much as trying to join the western club
>>55650 >Lmao Armenians setting the stage for their own genocide 2.0 this time by disarming. Do they have any real options after CSTO is basically kill.
>>55666 Don't try and pin Aremenian retardation on the CSTO, It's the other way around. The CSTO is denying Armenia because Armenia is pulling a Ukraine. Did everyone forget the shit Armenia tried to pull when it invoked intervention last time? It was a flagrant (and ham-fisted) attempt to pull Russia into a second front shortly after the SMO began, and all over an exceedingly minor skirmish that was almost assuredly started by Armenia itself. That's why CSTO rightfully told them to pound sand for acting like second rate wannabe jews.
>>55667 >It was a flagrant (and ham-fisted) attempt to pull Russia into a second front shortly after the SMO began To be fair, it matched the retarded ass start of the SMO (extra emphasis on Special) is it still officially not-a-war by the way? And also making treaties with retards has costs and consequences.
>>55616 >Actually, I think NATO is strongly opposed to the greater Turkey project All NATO (USA) is opposed to is a Greco-Turkish war. They couldn't give half a shit about Turkey's slow but sure path to becoming a regional superpower. Reminder that USA is doing absolutely everything in its power to sell F16Vs and F-35s to Turkey while at the same time denying Greece modern anti-ship and guided weapons because it would "destabilise the balance of power in the region".
Open file (97.01 KB 1094x786 wrong.jpg)
>>55774 I disagree. While it's obvious that NATO doesn't want to see the absolute clusterfuck of 2 member states at war with each other, Turkish expansion into the Mediterranean is not in any way comparable to Eurasian expansion from a US strategic point of view. I believe US/NATO willingness to screw Greece is a result of a general distrust of Greece due to a variety of factors such as perceived Eastern cultural sympathies, historical volatility (coups and such) and Greek overtures to China (involvement with the Belt & Road and even military ties and exercises). This along with the fact that NATO seems to consider Italy and Turkey more important regional airbases means that the US is quite willing to use Greek sovereignty as a bargaining chip to keep Turkey onboard for as long as possible. It's worth noting too that keeping Turkey occupied in the Mediterranean would be seen as favorable to eastern expansion anyway, especially given that such occupation would likely be extremely troublesome and costly. I maintain that a sort of union of the various Turkish states in Eurasia would be considered a strategic catastrophe, Whereas Turkey gaining the upper hand over Greece would be seen as inconvenient at worst, and possibly beneficial at best. One has to remember that the ultimate goal of US policy since 2008 (barring the monkey wrench in the plans that was the executive branch under Trump) has been balkanization of Russia, because this is perceived as the precondition of Anglo-American control of Eurasia. Almost everything the US/NATO complex does becomes absolutely predictable and coherent (still insane mind you, but internally consistent anyway) as soon as one reads zbigniew brzezinski.
>>55781 >precondition of Anglo-American control of Eurasia You overestimate British influence. It would be more accurate to say Judeo-American.
>>55785 >he doesn't know It's functionally the same thing strelok.
>>55788 Thanks Cromwell!

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