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what's a war board without a conflict?

Open file (213.07 KB 600x418 1595333254645.jpg)
Strelok 10/16/2020 (Fri) 19:47:16 No.7531
Will the ammo scare get as bad as it did in 2013?
>>13319 >be boomer >kowtow to authority for virtually your entire life >save for maybe some hippy shit for a few years being the sole exception >hoard entire pallets of ammo for years on end because you're afraid the government will ban it >instead of using that stockpile to water the blood tree like you beat your chest and yell over you just let it sit in your garage >don't even use any of it for target practice >berate younger generations for saying fuck the government while cowering in fear of the government taking your shit >while openly supporting the pig niggers that will be confiscating said shit It really is a shame they won't live to suffer the full consequences of their faggotry. At least the GI generation lived to completely regret selling their countries out to kikes because some failed Austrian artist wanted some of Germany's clay back.
Open file (107.13 KB 640x779 1598306580530.jpg)
I'm sorry if this is off topic for the thread but does anyone know where there might be a collection of gun shop or gunbroker stories especially with how things are now? I've heard stories of someone paying $12k or $1.2k for a few rounds of 30-30 along with IWI sales man of the decade tim of military arms channel scooping up SVDs that would have been sold for $4kish now going for 10 million a pop. Of course most would probably be ban staters asking for the billionth time if X gun is legal in Y state and can they "gun loop show hole" it directly into their rectums like its their 87th dildo delivered using amazon 2 day shipping.
>>14141 >go to local sporting goods place to buy some weights >nothing in stock, told to show up in the morning >arrive in the morning and call in late so I can get some reading done >6 boomers or oldhead GenX types literally sitting out front an hour before opening >over the course of an hour, line grows to 30 people, all crust geriatric fucks like >>13510 describes babbling about da gommies >finally let in, decide to check out ammo prices as i'm pretty close to the front >everything is 4x higher than what I paid two years ago >they had exactly five boxes of 9mm >two boxes of .223 rem >buckshot for something like 10 dollars for a 5rd box >everything sells out >didn't have my weights in stock
>>13326 >though i'm not sure about the glue part. If you can make gelatin out of it, it's glue.
>>14144 >Buying weights from a brick and mortar store >Ever Anon this is what craigslist is designed for. It's moving season for most of Burgerland and Leafland, and people don't want to haul their squat rack and 300lbs of weights with it halfway across the country while they flee Wu Flu. Obviously there's the jackasses who want full price for their shit that's 10 years old, but there's equally people who just don't want to bother with it or are angry at their boyfriend/husband. And if you can't find those, there's lots of outlet stores both in meatspace and online that sell new and refurbished equipment fairly cheap.
>>14180 You'd think that, but in my area the supply of weights on craigslist has gone completely dry. We're talking people listing a 45lb olympic cast iron weight for $120 each. Home gyms have gotten super popular and availability is fucked. Trying to buy from shifty assholes on local marketplace websites inevitably results in getting texted three days later with "som1 offerd me +$30... u gonna meet"
>>14183 craigslist, offerup, ect are dead. faceberg marketplace decimated the other classifieds in my AO. within 10 yrs, the secondary market is going to be goyim spending their digital fedbux on facebook marketplace with 20% sales tax and processing fees being taken off the top. if they're lucky they'll be able to drive their EV loaded with more telemetry than a phone to meet up.
>>7531 It's already worse.
https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=O90Qqj7L6F4 Some madman realized that .40 SW cases fit into .44 calibre cases, and so he filled the former with lead and loaded them into the latter. And it actually seems to work.
>>14273 pretty cool
>>14273 I've been doing that, but with 9mm cases and .410
>>7768 come on anon, just pop down to mexico and check for us, please?
>>14273 If you've already got the means to cast lead, why do this and destroy viable brass for a different caliber instead of just casting a normal bullet?
>>16198 You can only fire a case so many times before the walls become too thin for reloading. At that point you might as well use it to make a mean wadcutter with a nice copper jacket, and get even more worth out of your money.
Anyone else start a piss barrel for when we are down to just black powder?
>>16294 >not setting up a food stand in your city's Chinatown with 5 gallon home depot buckets >not tricking the local orientals to get their sons to piss in them in order to produce regional delicacies >not just selling them normal ass boiled eggs while using the piss to make the very same black powder you'll be using to kill their asshole extended family when they show up in the states silly guailo you will never be able to defeat the tricks of the orient
>>16296 My town doesn't have a china town. But all Streloks should have a piss barrel even if they don't have a black powder gun.
>>16294 >Starting a piss barrel for gunpowder >Not starting a piss barrel to make IEDs Never gonna make it, anon.
Open file (63.62 KB 640x1136 y75rOwQ.jpg)
>>16302 That's the best part of a piss barrel you can use it for anything.
Open file (290.57 KB 1600x915 1609388009068.jpg)
>>7531 >>14264 I want off of this ride.
Open file (25.58 KB 800x477 357sig-still.png)
Open file (29.86 KB 891x993 ThatsRealNATOchuck.png)
Open file (209.80 KB 830x696 GrendelTho.png)
It's already returning to some vague sense of normalcy. Not but a couple months ago, in addition to NOBODY having primers except maybe shotshell or four-wing bp-reenactment caps, and even those sold out quickly, we also had $5/rd Grendel, glorified-22 was north of $2/rd 9mm was just gone. I don't participate in the '9mm/.45' debate I've gone with 357-SIG and ... it's back down to buyable levels, though I still plan exclusively to reload for awhile. 308 Winchester, surprisingly, is experiencing a surge in supply; now might be the time to stock up on the cheapest of calibers. Which 6.5 Grendel still isn't, sadly. Down to half the going rate before, which is good, I guess?
People connected to industry keep piling up rounds so only retail shortages. I'm thinking about making a new radioactive coin convertible in uranium armor piercing rounds.
>>16482 Man, if I didn't already have a fuck tom of .308 steel case and a moderate amount of brass to shoot out of my PTR I might have been worried. It was near 1.25/round for Winchester's cheap shit. I just need the brass for reloading guys, c'mon. Primers have not been great either yet locally in WA so far as I can tell.
where did /f/ move? I havent been online for a while
Open file (148.40 KB 1564x775 LIFE IS PAIN I HATE.JPG)
>.38 special is fucking everywhere >Still double the price before the pandemic Any other rounds equally fucked? Not even tokarev got hit this bad.
>>16692 5.56 green tip got hit pretty hard imho, but it's a "speciality round" that boomers won't bother defending because it's le dangerous cop killer rounds.
>>16692 And how's the price of .357 Magnum? We are already living in clown world, so I can imagine it being lower than .38 Special.
Open file (179.13 KB 1050x707 Penguins.jpg)
I remember Winchester saying something along the lines of having enough backorders for the next 20 years. Is this shit ever going to come down?
Open file (197.04 KB 730x1024 Gentoo_Penguin.jpg)
>>16737 off-topic but I just realized the name of the Linux distribution, Gentoo is based of this Penguin., kind of neat I wish I was in working outside instead in an office.
Open file (26.02 KB 326x296 Big Think.jpg)
>>16738 never knew that either although I think gentoo still remains a meme. i can't even build shit 90% of the time because of some obscure missing dependency
>>16692 >slowly rack up the price of ammo >more and more of the country is effectively disarmed >pass a weapons ban when they are no longer able to resist
>>16692 >>16732 just as bad as everything else. you need to be reloading 357 magnum, even in a normal market. Actually, if you love shooting any magnum, you need to be reloading. >>16737 it depends on politics and how many boomers die off. I cannot wait until the whole Boomer generation dies off, they are the worst fucking hoarders.
>>16751 >boomers die off When that happens they will push the actual gun ban through, and more than three fiths of the populace will be cheering. May god help us all. I'm not saying the boomers are good at fighting for 2A, just look at them bending over for bump stocks, 7N6, etc.... It just seems the newer gens much more afraid of funs
>>16751 >if you love shooting any magnum, you need to be reloading. But you are not forced to cast your own lead bullets, right? I have a feeling this whole situation is more of a ˝magnum tax˝ because there are less people buying those cartridges and they are more willing to pay up for them; instead of slightly longer and thicker cases with slightly more powder being so expensive to manufacture.
>>16756 In my experience, the boomers are just as much the gun grabbers as they are the hoarders. More importantly the role of old people is to do things that they were too afraid to do in their youth since they have little time left on earth. Boomers are complacent with the system and use the above logic to fuck over their spawn instead of improving the world. All talk about the mindset of boomers aside though, boomers allow shit to be banned in a way that boils the frogs, whereas if the young'uns in cities were to do as you proposed, it would likely cause a civil war or shadow shadow government to form. Either one is preferable to the current shitshow.
>>16756 I don't care, I am sick of the boomer hoarders ruining everything for us. If I can't enjoy what I have than I'd rather no one else does either. >>16757 Yes, there is a magnum tax on factory magnum ammo, that is why you reload them.
>>16764 Factory loads are pissant to what Elmer was loading in the day as well.
>>16692 >>16740 Sounds like people should return to black powder, for a backup firearm anyway.
Open file (265.01 KB 1541x384 untitled.png)
>>16784 >Sounds like people should return to black powder, for a backup firearm anyway. Could you make your own powder?
>>16786 >Could you make your own powder? The general formula ain't all that complex. Just charcoal, sulfur, and saltpeter. Charcoal is simple. Sulfur is regionally difficult to get if you were wildcrafting your BP but but it's cheap to just purchase it in bulk in our current economy. Saltpeter's the only tricky one since you need to refine it from stable waste or make your own by adding urine to sand and keeping it covered until bacteria convert it and then leaching it out. Or you could ALSO just buy it in bulk right now since it's a food additive.
>>16760 >More importantly the role of old people is to do things that they were too afraid to do in their youth since they have little time left on earth. No, that's not how it works. Youth are reckless and 'invincible'. Old people progressively become more and more timid with age. There are exceptions to this rule of course. But that doesn't change the rule. >boomers allow shit to be banned in a way that boils the frogs, whereas if the young'uns in cities were to do as you proposed, it would likely cause a civil war or shadow shadow government to form. Either one is preferable to the current shitshow. I'd say you're correct on all counts here.
>>16796 >youth is reckless and invincible I think it's inherently reckless because of a lack of knowledge/experience. Older people (read 30-55 age group with kids) generally end up being timid because they have had functioning families. The 55+ generally either just stopped giving a shit and don't care either way or just want to live just a little bit longer. Once you get past 80 I think the trend reverses a bit, one of my grandparents was old as fuck 87 and a balls to the wall no fucks given type of person. Hell, I met some 97 year old woman who had to be hospitalized because she was out hunting with a rifle on horseback and got thrown. >civil or shadow goverment with young ones I think it's already too far gone. You'd need some sort of major incident like 1920s hyperinflation on top of current year shit. Just remember that south africa whites are getting geonicided and nobody gives a shit.
>>16826 40 - down is one generation now. Millennials are not reproducing. Y and Z are in the same boat.
>>16796 >No, that's not how it works Historically it was the older men (40+ and usually veterans) who started armed revolts in America to get shit done when the government acted up. Boomers are the first generation to break this long-held American tradition. It's amazing how well government propaganda has managed to whitewash American history so as to hide these incidents when historically you can't find a town in America that didn't have at least one citizen-led armed revolt, lynching, etc. with an older fellow as the mastermind behind it.
80 mph winds last night, snapped power polls a brought down trees, but my piss barrel didn't give an inch.
Anyone have any expetience or hear anything bad about IMI 5.56?
>>17247 I've put around 500 rounds down so far so good. Seems to be better than whatever shit frontier has been pushing out, I had 3 cartridges with major dents in the case and 2 failure to extracts in less than 100 rounds on those.
>>17247 as good as any other. just to reiterate, unless you don't already have a 1,000 round box of ammo lying around, you shouldn't be paying these prices. You're fucking yourself and keeping this insane market inflated. Let the scalpers and the scumbag hoarders starve to death and be forced to eat their stolen supply literally.
>>17254 >Frontier >snagged a 500 rd case of 55gr 223 because I was a fucking retard. Pray for me since I should have stuck with PMC at least. I heard though there weren't that many issues as during the 2019 lots but now their meme lineups like 350 Legend or etc. are having the worst of it with sheered bolts & extractors.
>>17457 >frontier is shit I'm 90% sure these fuckers don't even bother to QC since I got those failures. Somehow my gun isn't grenaded yet. Hornady claims that the issue was resolved in late 2018 so yeah.

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