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QTDDTOT-Axe Repair Edition Strelok 10/08/2020 (Thu) 05:07:21 No.7036
Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread I'll start. I decided recently to fix up this old axe I found a few years ago. I got some rust converter to do the job but then after I took a closer look I realized that it has a big crack all the way through on the back of the eye. How do I fix this shit? Can I just heat it up and weld it back together blacksmith style?
>>11465 If you're that worried about the ground water, look into reverse osmosis filtration.
Open file (18.76 KB 480x380 Sid.jpg)
has anyone here ever attempted to build a small bunker to live in? if so, Im looking for advice on building something like sidorovich in STALKER had, a small underground living space.
Open file (68.55 KB 1000x667 deagle.jpg)
Suppose this $2000 burgerstan stimulus actually goes through and I'm able to afford a Desert Eagle for no other reason to show off, punch holes in paper, and lament how expensive .50AE is to enamored boomers at the range. Are they even any good? I've never heard anything bad about them (besides being made by the kikes for a good while) but I don't tend to believe the glowing reviews of it by Hicuck and co.
>>11529 >Never heard anything bad about them. It's because everything bad about them them is clear as day. They're heavy, got low ammo capacity, impractical for anything but showing off and killing big animals from close range. Also, it's gas-operated, what the fuck? Just get a rifle for that price and chop off the barrel and stock, if you really want a handcannon.
>>11517 Why that's a really good question, also fuck sidorovich he's a jew
>>11529 Get a revolver instead. Even .454 Casull has more kinetic energy than .50AE or .44 Magnum, and you can either load it lighter or just fire .45 Colt if you want something cheaper and more manageable. Or you can go even further beyond with a .460 revolver.
>>11531 >>11533 I know they're horribly impractical and heavy as hell, that's half the novelty appeal of them to me. I already said I'd get it for the same reason a nigger gets a Cadillac. My main concern is whether or not it'll jam every other round or explode in my hand. Though, I have seriously looked at a .454/45LC lever action/revolver combo for hunting, so that's an option as well. The other main reason I'd like one is to get my normalfag friends into funs through a sort of bribery. They act indifferent if I say 9, 12, 308, or even 10, but 50 is ubiquitous- a tantalizing forbidden fruit of sorts even those that know nothing about guns understand. Basically, my plan would be to disguise a chance to shoot a 50 caliber pistol as a training course working up to the Deagle itself (knowing all of them have already shot in the past and know basic gun safety, but never made a hobby out of it.) if this sounds retarded and seems like it won't work at all tell me, I'll just save it to buy a zpap when they become available again
>>11534 from what I understand the unreliability problems with deagles come from the .357/.44 models having trouble with ammo that has too much variance in cartridge OAL. something to do with the round being too long, fucking with the ability to extract and feed new rounds. outside of that the problem seems to be having a weak grip
>>11529 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cK21F7Wy7uc If it weren't for the apparently frequent malfunctions I would say go for it. It would be 100% worth it if you have the equipment to reload .50AE (At least for me). If you want big bore oddballs, have you considered a rifle in .50 Beowulf/.458 socom? Perhaps a 1911 converted to 460 Rowland/45 super? Do you have a place where you can shoot any of these? Part of the reason that I don't have a stupid big bore AR today is because all the ranges in my area forbid it.
>>11477 Thank you anon, I appreciate what you've done for me. The guy I bought it from is a good person and he's willing to give me my money back nearly a month later. We are still deciding on rather or not to return to bow or hang it up on the wall. Image unrelated.
>>11534 You could go for .500 S&W if it's that important. You'd still get a revolver that can fire weaker loads (there is even .500 Special brass available).
>>11537 Alright, so it's a jam-o-matic half the time even in .50AE. Looks like >>11533 and >>11543 are the way to go. Now I just need to decide if I'd really want .500SW for the novelty or abandon the whole idea and go for 45LC or 45-70 since lever actions and break barrels in those calibers are much more common and cheaper than .500SW. Thanks, Streloks.
>>11536 Only time I've seen a .44 dun fuck up is when people rimlock the thing.
>>11553 if money is a problem, get a Ruger Super Redhawk in 454 Casull and start reloading. With any big pistol caliber, and rifle too, you must reload to shoot with any frequency.
>>11559 I'm definitely going to start reloading in some capacity in the new year (My main go-to .32 is getting hard to find when I could get it for $.25/round locally and I'm seeing 50 packs of 9mm and 10mm for the same price at $40), and there's apparently a really dedicated group of cowboy action shooters near me, so that may be the best course of action after all. Mind you almost all of this depends on whether or not that $2000 burgerbux shows up.
If you affix a section of Picatinny rail into an M-LOK slot, and then put optics to that rail, will it work just fine, or is it going to lose zero as the recoil of the gun shakes the whole thing apart? I'm asking because it's quite baffling to see all these octagonal handguards that have rails on top and bottom, because I'm not sure if they are made that way for conveniences sake, or because it wouldn't work otherwise.
>>11570 ideally you'd have used loctite and screwed the rail section down enough to the right torque if you were mounting optics to a M-LOK slot, but the overall amount of space on one of the pic rail segments you get may not be enough to mount whatever it is you want most have rails along the top because most uppers also have rails there and they want to match the handguard with the actual receiver along with having enough room and railzrailzrailz to mount all of your shit assuming you can afford a big boy 1x56 40mm scope + clip-on night vision+thermal imager
>>11571 So it could work, it's just not practical. What I'm thinking about is to have M-LOK slots on top a of pistol, so that if somebody wants to go full tacticool he can put rails there, but otherwise they are just there as decoration. Of course most pistol optics aren't designed to mount on rails to begin with, but that's a different matter. Imagine something like a Deagle brand Deagle.
>>11572 a pistol pistol or a not-a-sbr pistol? because M-LOK slots need a fair bit of clearance between the guard and the actual barrel for the screws to go through. i'd be a bit concerned about using M-LOK pic rails for anything requiring precision as the most they're supposed to be torqued to is 20 ft/lbs each and if they're hit by something all the force is put onto the ostensibly aluminum handguard or the screws attached to it. people can definitely stably mount stuff like foregrips or flashlights to them, but I can't say I'd feel comfortable with mounting a scope intended to be more than 4 MOA to it. if you wanted to do this for weight saving reasons, the right thing to do is what deagle brand deagle does and offer two versions of their pistol, one with rails rails and one with just the cuts for a pistol scope.
>>11573 >a pistol pistol or a not-a-sbr pistol? By pistol I mean pistol, not whatever an ATF agents thinks of when he reads this word. >the right thing to do is what deagle brand deagle does and offer two versions of their pistol I've been thinking about circumventing this exact thing somehow by making the rails optional instead of making two different models. But there doesn't seem to be a convenient way other than M-LOK. >cuts for a pistol scope. Is there a specific name for those cuts?
Suppose you are redesigning all firearms, cartridges and their production lines completely from scratch. In terms of primers, are there any changes you would make?
>>11594 Yeah, make em electric. Less moving parts in a gun, less possibilities für fuck ups, more reliability. Though I don't know about automatic firearms, how the automatic firing could be realized.
>>11594 In terms of small arms, I'd either do nothing or see if they could be replaced by something like the Daisy VL. Mind you, the ammunition would be cased, just with a sealed hole in the bottom instead of a primer pocket. If the firing pin could be simply replaced by this air igniter, and it works reliably, then I can see some merit to it. I'd post pictures, but the anti-spam measures are still in place. On that note: are the primers made of steel?
How much would the world change if Bismuth bronze usage became wide spread in the western hemisphere as a metal for tools and weapons? And would it actually happen?
>>11628 >And would it actually happen? I meant in if it would be possible
>>11628 China holds the majority of bismuth reserves in the world. It's also not the common in the world (twice as common as gold iirc). They are primarily used in mechanical parts that suffer extreme wear (as are lead-bronze alloys). So not likely, too cost prohibitive. Maybe if it had some sort of superior kinetic pentration that made DU look like wet towels, but I doubt it. >sause, I did lots of research on bismuth bronze for ball bearings for a pet project of mine.
>>11631 So would be ever possible to for any pre-european american civilisation to advance further since the stone age?
>>11647 There were some of them that were already well into a chacolithic age. A few, mostly South American ones, were already fully into their bronze age.
Did you get your 600 rona rubles? I'm going to spend it locally as cash rather than ordering online - USPS sucks ass lately and I'd hate to have supplies stuck in limbo if things kick off on the 6th.
>>11647 Given enough time, yes. After all, you have to remember we wuz kangz n' sheet got to the iron age before the europeans came. There is evidence to support two (maybe 3?) seperate discoveries of iron age smelting. One in China, one in the middle east/Turkey (greeks), and maybe, maybe one in egypt (technically "african"). The chinese were seemingly the first to find large scale steel production (obviously, lesser quality of 19th century steel). One of the very interesting things is that in China, during the Qin Dynasty, that some arrows were forged in a cellular manufacturing method instead of the traditional assembly line method. A shame all the knowledge was lost when the barbarians invaded.
>>11655 What is the threshold for receiving the payment? I don't make all that much money but I still didn't get the first one and I haven't seen the second one either. The only thing that's gonna happen in January is another spike in panic buying and ammo getting even more prohibitively expensive. I'm almost convinced the real push for national level gun control is making panic buyers snatch up all the stock until even owning a shitty Hi point or Taurus will cost someone multiple paychecks, leading to a drop in the number of newer gun owners over time. I know that's some 4D chess tier schizo bullshit, but I still think about it a lot.
Open file (11.57 KB 850x175 requirements.PNG)
>>11689 >I need to be spoonfed!
>>11695 Sorry, should have clarified that I already looked that up. I fall under the group that should get it but I haven't, is there some legalese bullshit I'm missing out on?
Open file (93.95 KB 956x673 irs_glows.jpg)
>>11696 >I fall under the group First off, op sec. Second off, the IRS made a tool to check https://www.irs.gov/coronavirus/get-my-payment Don't click the link and use it - search it up on the government site itself Prepare to break op sec and get anal fisted, you'll need >your SSN >address >date of birth >zip code Lets be real, this program is just funneling the monies of all the dead recipients to congress and co.
To the anon asking about vz.58 : They're more accurate than an AK and the mags are far lighter (but less durable), but they get really hot with even fairly casual firing. Wear gloves.
>>11699 >opsec lol where's your complaint about the guy asking in the first place? Saying you fall under a tax bracket that something like half of the country falls under isn't saying much.
>bought tactical gloves and a plate holder + front and back plates for $290 burgerbux did i fuck up
Open file (68.58 KB 1155x1155 dual.jpeg)
Open file (464.80 KB 1600x1200 offset.jpeg)
Having dual optics on your rifle (magnified scope for long range engagements and a short range red dot/irons for CQB): good idea or bad? Which configuration is better: mounting the unmagnified sights on top of the long range scope or having the sights on an offset? What's the best config I can get for ~$300?
>>11978 Yes. Unless you found some God-like sales, all that shit will be falling apart within the first few days of rugged use. No way any of that could be quality. Should have just gotten a good plate carrier and a single good steel front plate for only a little more.
>>11980 >$300 >good optics 300 dollars is enough to get an entry-mid level reflex sight or an entry-level variable power scope. Getting both for 300 would be getting an airshit tier chink garbage sight. I think the most entry level possible optic for someone who wants scope+reflex is a burris RT6 and they're around $550 each.
>>11981 what brands are the good ones then?
Vertical foregrip, angled foregrip, or none for an AR-15
Does anybody have a pdf of Chuck Taylor's book "The Fighting Rifle"?
Open file (127.16 KB 1600x1074 index.jpg)
Is it possible to add stripper clip groves to a modern bolt action or does the receiver need something more to accommodate their use?
>>12025 That depends quite a lot on the exact weapon in question. Adding a charger bridge like how the bongs retrofitted their older rifles should be possible with nearly any of them, but that might interfere with the sights, or it could end up a bit too high for the cartridges to reach the magazine. https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=GD6QS0za5pI
>>11990 That looks very airsoft chinkshit.
>>12026 I'm mostly thinking about something like a Tikka T3, Remington 700 or Howa 1500, for scout rifle conversion without external mags. >charger bridge That's interesting. I've thought about the possibility of modifying a rail into something akin to the M14 clip guide, guess it's not as complicated or far fetched as I thought.
What are some good armorer's/work bench designs that can be easily disassembled and stowed away in a truck bed?
>>11992 Whatever is most comfortable for you. I personally prefer broomsticks. So long as you're arm is straight, it's fine. Broomsticks offer better retention.

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