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QTDDTOT-Axe Repair Edition Strelok 10/08/2020 (Thu) 05:07:21 No.7036
Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread I'll start. I decided recently to fix up this old axe I found a few years ago. I got some rust converter to do the job but then after I took a closer look I realized that it has a big crack all the way through on the back of the eye. How do I fix this shit? Can I just heat it up and weld it back together blacksmith style?
>>7087 Are all Taurus' shit? I know some of them are but I was under the impression that a few like the Judge were passable at least.
Open file (145.04 KB 1400x1396 aa.jpg)
Any recommendations on electronic ear protection? Preferably up to about a 100$
Open file (41.80 KB 522x884 walker razor slim.jpg)
Open file (10.21 KB 342x441 howard leight impact.jpg)
Open file (160.26 KB 1500x1500 peltor sport 500.jpg)
>>7132 >Walker Razors >Howard Leight Impact Sports >3M Peltors They're all about $50 or less; more expensive models from these companies just add a bunch of features like bluetooth, stereo sound, AM/FM radios, sound amplification etc, which imo aren't really worth it, since it's extra shit that can break. Unless you're buying expensive earpro there's so little difference among the brands apart from design - they all offer about 22~24 db noise reduction, auto-shutoff (except for the walkers) after several hours. Like you're probably better off reading amazon reviews to compare features than getting info off here. But get gel cups, they're comfier and it makes summer shooting much better.
Open file (44.42 KB 600x701 herro ferrow aryan.jpg)
>>7133 Forgot to add that you should never get chinkshit earpro, your ears are worth more than the $25 you skimped off >polite sage for double post
>>7042 Try an acid to remove rust within the crack. You may have to punch holes sideways across the rear and pin the two sides together somehow with a rivet to ensure it holds if you can't access a welder. Good luck anon, let us know how it goes.
Can any Streloks remember the name of that South African guy who was a genius at designing artillery but then got assassinated for working with the wrong country (despite getting permission first)? I was reminded about him but I can't remember the specifics and now it's really bugging me.
Open file (155.22 KB 618x1159 Gerald Bull.jpg)
>>7188 Thanks Strelok.
>>7188 Is that the hitman caught over his shoulder in the pic? He seems pretty intent tbh.
>>7187 >>7188 The US got Von Braun to make them a rocket, why not Gerald Bull? Improved SRMs and the atomic-age equivalent to the Paris gun would have given them the edge during the cold war.
Open file (24.43 KB 450x267 babylonian numerals.png)
>>7197 It might be a case of the military-industrial complex simply not being interested in artillery, and so he was nothing but a plaything of CIAniggers. Then he went rogue, started to improve the SCUD missiles for the Iraqis, and jews came to the conclusion that it's easier to kill him than to make their golems hire him to make big fucking cannons for Pentagon. Or at least that seems to be the story from what I can gather.
>>7203 I bet they regret choosing this path now that missiles have become more relevant than ever.
Open file (300.02 KB 750x476 Colt2.jpg)
Anyone got a source for firearms schematics?
>>7197 >>7203 Bull WAS working with the US. The Navy lamented his death because he was still developing their super-gun, the Army was despondent because he was still assisting their proto-SLRC project - which they are JUST managing to recover from his loss. The CIA even went nuts trying to find out who killed him, because - according to recently declassified documents - at the time of his death, Bull was working with the CIA to create a spy (satellite) cannon. Then they found out that the Israelis killed him, and that was in fact the closest the post-WW2 US ever came to cutting ties with the tribe. If only.
Open file (72.77 KB 1280x720 tsurezure_imouto_!?.jpg)
>>7299 >The Navy lamented his death because he was still developing their super-gun What gun?
>>7326 Not sure which ones in particular Bull was working on, but the US Navy at various points had designs for 20in, 24in, 32in, and 36in 'super-heavy' cannon. A majority (but not all) of the 32/36in 'guns' were actually armored missile launchers, but that still leaves a few conventional guns for each.
>>7299 >>7336 So are you saying that if it wasn't for the jews then we might have mass drivers right now.
>>7341 We could have a lot of nice things if the jews didnt exist.
>>7341 Easily.
Open file (115.16 KB 500x500 анончик.png)
>want to buy new guns and stock up on ammo >12,097 dollars in my account >i get paid from my two jobs on the 15th This is fucking bullshit. The only way to win is to strike the jackpot. Anyone got a good tip on getting rich quicker?
>>7348 >tip on getting rich quicker? Why not buying cheaper? Nobody is going to check the legality of the tools when SHTF.
Open file (214.61 KB 500x375 theshinning.gif)
>>7349 >buying cheaper Unfortunately, I live in the soon to be shithole known as Canada, where shit has fucking inflated and our government has spent more on a "totally legit virus", than on its involvement in WWII
>>7382 >than on its involvement in WWII ??? Still, seems like you need to make some shady connections if you want to stockpile, in Minecraft of course
>>7348 >12k what are you trying to buy? That shits more than enough to grab one of your peoples not an AR18 with a trijicon expensive optic, ballistic helmet, gen 3 nods, ammo, armor, and shit tons of mags. Hell you're probably better off than 90% of the western world. If you wanna be SHTF rich then get beans, bullets, bandages, and some bullion. You could get all the Chinese pussy you'd want by holding up your gun in one hand and a can of beans in the other to get peoples compliance.
>>7388 He still has bills and savings, anon.
Open file (85.88 KB 1152x864 whatthefuckcomrade.jpg)
>>7384 I'm too much of an assburgersfag to go to the local HA gang and ask them for fun stuff. Plus, i have the constant feeling of entrapment plots by the RCMP. >>7388 See what anon said here >>7392, plus I have rent of $600/month. I can't just drop everything and decide to willy-nilly with all of my money that i earned with blood, sweat, and pain. >what are you trying to buy More ammunition because I feel there's going to be an ammo ban >t by holding up your gun in one hand and a can of beans in the other to get peoples compliance. Funnily, enough there are certain others with that same mindset. So far gearwise, I have a Mayflower P/C with two LV III plates, a PASGT helmet from 1996, a few MREs, my STAG-10 and VZ-58, one crate of surp 7.62x39, and several Winchester boxes of 7.62 NATO FMJ. And to top it off, also my auto-nugget and several boxes of nugget food, a tula sks, and nugget.
Is op atill around? You can totally fix that with some pretty basic blacksmithing. Just heat it back up and beat it together over your anvils horn. Welding it over then grinding it flat to be safe would be a good idea. Be careful not to damage the eye. No need for the rust converter just quench it in oil to blue it after forging. Anyways, for my question. Does anyone here hunt pigeons? A family friend has a pigeon problem at his farm and wants me to kill them for him. Is a 4.5mm air rifle good enough? Any tips would be welcome.
Open file (90.91 KB 803x790 question!.jpg)
Is 6.8 NGSW a meme? If so, what caliber should we have switched to?
>>7563 Here is my answer: >>7564
Open file (181.49 KB 752x1062 kybzgEt.jpg)
>>7036 what is the Ideal metal to make a katana out of?
Open file (579.28 KB 2221x3107 trainbikini.jpg)
>>7568 Railway tracks.
>>7571 Perfect body type
>>7485 >Plus, i have the constant feeling of entrapment plots by the RCMP. Worry not fellow leaf after the shit show that was the Nova Scotia attacks the rcmp has shown everyone how fucking worthless they are that you could get away with a lot of shit as long as you use your brain, but it is always good to be careful. How long do you think it will be until we become Yugo 2?
Open file (268.46 KB 1488x2105 iowatheneet.jpg)
>>7579 >how long Depends, maybe like in two years or some shit. I live on the west where the normalniggers seem to be satisfied still. I want to get spare parts and as much ammunition as possible , so i can toss them in the Pelican case 6' under or in a cave in the mountains if worst comes to worst.
>>7581 If you're in the west most rural folk aren't what you would call happy.
>>7585 To my demise, I live in the Lower Mainland.
>>7586 GVRDite or eastern valley. From my understanding the former is nothing but imports.
Open file (703.59 KB 1023x724 52800030_p10.png)
>>7568 If you want to to go by the traditional style, iron sand. Magnetite basically. Assuming you don't want to do it the old way, which would require using some sort of tatara, then your best bet would be reclaiming old good quality scrap steel and iron. I've recently been considering making pure magnetite chemically and then proceed to process that into gemsteel.
Open file (626.88 KB 1506x2000 german_industry.jpg)
>>7589 >gemsteel What is that?
>>7591 It's the approximate translation of tamahagane. It can also be translated as precious steel or quality steel.
there truly is no way to order funz online completely anonymously is there?
>>7637 No, but personally I don't give a shit because so many people have bought so many fucking guns in the past year both online and off that being on some gay list is meaningless especially when you live in a state that doesn't require background checks for private sales.
>>7642 well i live in one of those gay states. life is pain.
Open file (185.64 KB 745x867 bolt.jpg)
>>7587 Surrey, specifically Too many fucking pajeets
Can someone recommend me a a set of mag pouches that aren't overpriced as fuck? preferably mounted on a belt since I don't have a sidearm anyways, It's 5.56 30 rnd mags are all I have right now.
>>8002 Get malice clips to convert molle shit to mount on belts a bit better. Alice on molle usually pulls and pinches the material a lot more causing more stress on the pals ladders that could cause tearing. Usually ~$8 for a pack of 4 >5.11 bungee/Velcro flap mags come in both double and single variety usually $20 to $30. Double version have mags to each others sides flat style >Gun show kydex/safariland/lag tactical pouches are usually $20 to $30 something for single pouches Assuming it isn't some garage operation where the owner tells you he "knows what he's got" even though it's easily cracked kydex supplied from amazon instead of getting bulk package deals from actual suppliers. Kydex style pouches are generally more designed for competition or range use and usually more expensive in general while taking up an extra inch of belt space even for single mag styles due to tension screws but have faster easier use. >surplus USGI/British osprey mag pouches off ebay Old school USGI pouches have three mags per pouch but no retention for individual mags so close them up. Alice clips usually fit tightly on regular belts pretty well. USGI molle are usually designed as a one piece triple mag shingle for the front of the armor or if its the single pouch styles they're beat to fuck usually with dead Velcro. British style are a combination of old school USGI and molle with really nice rapid pull tab closures. Usually only sold in large batches of a complete set, other smaller sellers usually only have like 2 or 3 >tactical tailor fight light mag pouches ~$30 for a double/triple pouch, $20 or so for a single Very similar to the 5.11 pouches with bungee retention but some double versions have mags that stack on each other instead of laying side to side. Comes with malice clips standard >eagle industries around $30 to $50 similar styles to tactical tailor but a bit more pricey and like HSGI they also use a plastic insert to keep the pouches shape but unlike HSGI they aren't total kikes and asking ~$40 for a single mag pouch, they'll give you a double pouch for $45 instead >condor/ar500/fox tactical/whatever Some are actually pretty good but generally avoid Velcro closures and designs with lots of stitching like quad stack mag pouches
Open file (96.53 KB 810x586 LifchikType1afront.jpg)
>>8002 Ebay is your friend, type in "magazine pouch" and look around. Just don't buy tacticool chinkshit, and you should be fine.
>>8020 How can you tell what's Chinese or not.
Am I able to nigger-rig a Chinese spike onto a Romanian AK, and if so how much work is involved. I'm thinking about an autistic Khyber abomination type ak with a triangle side folder, cheese grater handguard, and chinese spike. The side folder is the easy part. What would I need to do to get a spike on there? Will it be simply changing out the lower handguard, gas block, and FSB, or do I need a different barrel to boot? Quick concept edit to show what I am going for.
>>8098 I think the chinese AK bayonets all fit on an AK EXCEPT the type 81 bayonet, which is for commercial shit, not angry chinaman in vietnam shit. QBZ 95 bayonet is a shitty M9 clone. The commercial chink ones are bad so avoid those as well the weird olive green chink AKM bayonet. Type 56 might not fit since its a special spiked design, theres a clamp on, pinned on, and quick detach version.

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