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Open file (360.86 KB 1600x1318 Azerbaijan.jpg)
Open file (42.45 KB 1100x619 BB19t4A8.jpg)
WAR IN THE CAUCUS REGION Strelok 09/27/2020 (Sun) 19:42:40 No.6332
i'm curious to see how other streloks think this'll turn out. how many troops are each side likely able to mobilize and what are their overall capabilities? is there any information on what their training looks like? https://archive.is/E9VaA >Turkey Criticises Armenia After Clashes With Azerbaijan, Supports Baku https://archive.is/J4u9H >UPDATE 5-At least 16 dead in clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan https://archive.is/DvN1b >Armenia-Azerbaijan clashes kill at least 16, undermine regional stability
>>7541 Not for me though. So Israel wants to genocide the Armenians for some reason?
Open file (1.04 MB 704x480 IKyqQaROLps4B_ho.mp4)
Alleged Armenian missile strike in Ganja, Azerbaijan. Armenia denies the attack.
>>7543 Seems more like the size of a car bomb than a missile strike unless it's super far away.
Open file (184.34 KB 640x500 1560668401542-0.jpg)
>>7542 tl;dr- >Burgerland has been ignoring Turkey's aggressions/Azerbaijan's obvious bullshit because Israel gets a fuckton of oil from them >Burgerland has also been laundering them military funds for quite a while now under the excuse of it being stopgap measures against Iran >Going so far as to approve military aid increases to Azerbaijan that were very clearly not being used for their intended purposes >Despite knowing that Azerbaijan was arming themselves for another war with Armenia >Israel has been supplying the Azeris with everything the Turks aren't supplying them with (as well as some of the stuff they are) Not mentioned above due to character restraints, but additionally... >Burgers have been giving fucktons of financial military aid to the companies producing Azerbaijani suicide drones and missiles that have been being used in very clear international law violations >Azeri oil pipelines supplying to Israel are right along the Nagorno-Karabakh border Burgers have been silent because getting involved would hurt the Jew. Israel is likely the real reason no one is getting involved, not Turkey. Also if Azerbaijan somehow secures Nagorno-Karabakh I expect fracking-type rigs to spawn up in the region within a decade.
>>7545 This is incidentally ignoring the fact that Burgerland has been supplying Armenia just as much 'in other means'. The Americans have been silent and want nothing to do with this because it's two houses fighting where the Americans want to be on good terms with both.
>>7547 America is set to provide ~$9 Million dollars in military-related aid to Armenia by the end of the year (this number is actually higher than the real number since the US cut a lot of the shit last year that it promised to give). In comparison they had already given Azerbaijan $200 million in military aid before accounting for this year. That number does not include aid in the form of subsidies to companies that Turkey buys shit from to give to Armenia. They're no the same.
>>7551 Fuck, that amount is from 2018 through 2020, not all this year.
>>7551 You're ignoring 'in other means'. AFAIR, the US sent Armenia roughly $220 million over the same time period (2018-2020) for civil infrastructure assistance because Armenia turned down the Military aid, saying they didn't need it. By the looks of things, the Armenians were right - they didn't need it. Admittedly, the $200 million figure isn't counting US-Azeri civil aid, I wasn't aware Azeri military aid was already that high. So, I'll relent that you're right in that the US is financially supporting the Azeris more, but you're wrong in saying that the US doesn't care about the Armenian side. Simply look at which side has the bigger lobby in the US and that much becomes obvious. The Armenian lobby is about half the size as the israeli lobby, which is saying something.
>>7551 It sounds like this is the exact opposite of a proxy war: two small powers are biting into each other and most of the bigger players have no idea how to benefit from it.
And with their blood they were to colour red A hill that neither owned. I hear it said That they were forced to kill each other. True. My only question is: who forced them to?
>>7558 Isaac and Ishmael.
>>7558 Shut the fuck up Brecht. Your book sucks and you were a fucking pussy. Learn how the world works, faggot.
>they tried for another truce but it broke down in hours Pacifists BTFO
Open file (290.08 KB 581x533 1590884143317.png)
Open file (98.30 KB 940x624 bullying the losers.jpg)
>>7598 Truces are for faggots. You can't expect 2 sides that fight driven by nationalism instead of muh oil to not shoot at each other because some retard in a suit said so. This war will never end until 1 side declares defeat and bends over to get ass raped by the conqueror. Even after the war ends we should expect local genocide to take place since both want to wipe out each other. Civilians are legitimate targets.
https://youtube.com/watch?v=y4xB3deL32A A man of culture goes to war >I don't care about those other aircraft >but if I have to shoot down an F-15 I'll cry
>>7530 At the least the cartels have billions of dollars riding on their trade, not some moon god and their imaginary virgins
>>7601 God bless Armenia
>>7452 >he’s so weak he needs to execute unarmed soldiers rather than face them fairly in combat. No honour.
Open file (128.60 KB 700x844 The Division.jpg)
>>7612 Those soldiers were armed at one point! :^) Also if your enemy is not even human why would you show them honour? Would you show honour to an insect? These pictures were made by a gook so don't expect any honour to be found
>>7543 >missile strike >big fireball going straight upwards Yeah don’t think so.
>>7614 >Also if your enemy is not even human why would you show them honour? I wasn’t talking about Jews or chinks or Turks. Anyone else is a human (regardless if they’re bottom of the barrel {i.e. Abbos, sub-Saharans, Indians, Amerindians, non-southern Caucasian Brazilians or middle of the barrel {i.e. SEAs, Arabs, Poles, South/Central Americans, Inuits, Mongols, Japanese, Siberians}) and deserve at least a little respect for fighting for their ethnicity and beliefs.
>>7617 >and deserve at least a little respect for fighting for their ethnicity and beliefs. Then why did they surrender?
>>7614 Why did they pull his pants down?
>>7619 >his That's supposed to be a woman anon.
>>7619 The better question would be why did they let them keep their helmets
>>7619 You don't see the implied raped away virginity?
>>7624 >>7619 There's blood and cum drawn right there in her snatch region.
Open file (450.30 KB 848x1327 Holo MoH.jpg)
What sources do you guys get your news about the war from? I want to be more active in the thread but not sure what websites covering the war are good to source info from.
>>7646 I get news from various Greek-Armenian sites. Videos mostly leaked from Armenian twitter accounts or from here https://www.youtube.com/user/BarsMediaFilms/videos I don't know of any english websites that cover this war
>>7646 I still can't get over that gay fucking rainbow. Makes me laugh every time.
>>7646 The CaspianReport posted a video about it a few weeks ago and the Epoch times is keeping up to date with the political back and forth. I come here for battle assessments.
>>7678 >The CaspianReport posted a video about it a few weeks ago Did he? i can't see it, gotta say, for an azeri he uploads pretty decent content, but at the same time i wouldn't trust him on this conflict for obvious reasons.
Open file (164.03 KB 520x387 1390533509443.jpg)
>>7518 >Genocide works It works only if you've also managed to completely erase the victim's identity and also the knowledge of said genocide. It's pretty much an all or nothing action, if you fail then you're pretty much condemned as a genocidal warlord unless you manage to be the victor or let enough time pass to make people forget about the gravitas of the actions that you've made and even if you do manage to succeed, then you've only killed an ethnic group out of a hundred. I'll give you an example of a successful genocide that also made people forgot about it . An empire that managed to be (almost) completely erased from history, like the Olmecs did, was the Western Xia Kingdom. It was razed by the Mongols, leaving Uighurs squatting on its land. Even China today had barely any lick of idea on these guys because the Mongols had thoroughly killed off their identity and their population. And you know what? Nobody, and i mean nobody today is shedding any tear on them. They're now just a footnote in some specific history books on Chinese history. So, it's true that Genocide works, but a successful Genocide is hard. And the rewards for doing so is just a reduction in the overall human genome, alongside the death of its culture. Killing an identity isn't as easy as putting 6 gorrillion jews in a bakery oven, especially when we have more writing mediums than we've had in the last century.
I have but one question: WORLD WAR WHEN?
>>7687 November 4th
>>7687 It's been brewing for a while. You're living it and everyone is gonna claim hindsight 20/20 when the signs are clearly there right now. The USA pulled out of Turkey to put their ME air raid base in Greece, for fuck's sake.
>>7687 By the looks of things? Soon, all the fat assed boomer dinosaurs are dying and leaving their incompetent offspring and successors to rule for them out of cronyism and nepotism alone. And half the western world is not liking it one bit
>>7680 Actually I fucked up on that one. I misremembered a 4 year old video he made on the conflict that someone shared with me a few weeks ago. My apologies.
>>7687 Soon I hope so i can either die and finally be away from this retarded planet for good or live to see the return of firing squads in the west.
Open file (83.79 KB 570x380 Vishap stone.jpg)
Will this conflict wake up the vishaps?
>>7726 No, it'll just make more history disappear because muslims took refuge in a mosque and threw out the manuscripts in it to "make up space" again.
Open file (1.41 MB 5075x3569 1595476317527.jpg)
>>7646 SouthFront, seems mostly unbiased and is crowdfunded. The occasional leaked tweet and here fills in the gaps.
>>7743 >'Guys, guys, how can we present a more kind, accepting, inclusive public face for our blackbag ops?' < 'I know, let's use stronk, independynts! That always gets 'em' What could possibly go wrong?
Have the Azerbaijanis been more successful in southern arstakh, or are they going to get hit hard from another strategic retreat from the Armenians in the near future? If the updated kikepedia image >>7287 posted is accurate?
>>7755 from the 17th to the 19th the azeris took a fair bit of land. im not gonna say they have any chance of winning but if they arent retarded they may be able to maintain it
New thread?
Open file (94.22 KB 500x424 putschchan_headpat.jpg)
>>7452 Absolutely retarded. Rules of war were put in place because if you fight against a civilized enemy, you want make sure you can have peace afterwards. Not every war is war of complete annihilation. By limiting the horrors inflicted on both sides, you try not to destroy any diplomatic basis for peace deals. If you go for total extermination, you don't need rules of war because there will be no one left to complain.
Open file (67.46 KB 600x720 1603345251758.jpg)
>>7617 >Anyone else is a human Sure, except for Aboriginals.

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