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The Return of Gookening / Pajeetening Strelok 09/22/2020 (Tue) 17:25:17 No.6086
2 for 1 Asian Special Fuck it I'm just going to clone the old OP. Korea: >June 13th: Kim Yo Jong Severs Relations with South Korea https://web.archive.org/web/20200613152332/https://twitter.com/xhnews/status/1271824285703651328 >June 15th: North Korea Threatens to Advance Into DMZ https://archive.is/ycpZY >June 16th: >North Korea Demolishes the Inter-Korean Liaison Office https://archive.is/5xu42 >North Korea Declares Intention to Re-Militarize Kaesong and Mt. Kumgang https://web.archive.org/web/20200617032412/https://en.yna.co.kr/view/AEN20200617000200325 >Kim Yo Jong Lambastes South Korean President Moon for Pretending to be a "Cool Guy" https://archive.is/nyzoJ >South Korea Prepared to Retaliate Against Military Incursion https://web.archive.org/web/20200617032543/https://en.yna.co.kr/view/AEN20200617003800325 https://archive.is/8Y4H7 India: >June 16th: Indian and Chinese forces engage in hand-to-hand combat on a mountain ridge in the Himalayan Galwan Valley. 3 pajeets dead on the scene, 17 die later from injuries. Indian media claims 43 Chinese casualties. Chinks claim it was an Pajeet provocation while Pajeets claim they were attempting to de-escalate and came under attack. >New Delhi: Twenty Indian soldiers were killed in a "violent face-off" with Chinese troops at Galwan Valley in Ladakh, the army said on Tuesday, in the most serious escalation between the two countries along the border in five decades. News agency ANI claimed that sources had confirmed 43 Chinese soldiers have been killed or seriously injured because of intercepts, though the army's statement did not refer to this. A statement on Tuesday confirmed the death of a Colonel and two jawans and spoke of "casualties on both sides". India blamed the clashes on "an attempt by the Chinese side to unilaterally change the status quo there", rebutting China's claims that Indian soldiers crossed the border. https://archive.is/Lei0Y >PLA Death Squads Hunted Down Indian Troops in Galwan in Savage Execution Spree, says report >Furious hand-to-hand fighting raged across the Galwan river valley for over eight hours on Monday night, as People’s Liberation Army assault teams armed with iron rods as well as batons wrapped in barbed wire hunted down and slaughtered troops of the 16 Bihar Regiment, News18 cited a senior government official familiar with the debriefing of survivors at hospitals in Leh as saying. >The savage combat, with few parallels in the history of modern armies, is confirmed to have claimed the lives of at least 23 Indian soldiers, including 16 Bihar’s commanding officer, Colonel Santosh Babu, many because of protracted exposure to sub-zero temperatures the Indian Army said late on Tuesday, the report added. >“Even unarmed men who fled into the hillsides were hunted down and killed,” the report quoted an officer as saying. “The dead include men who jumped into the Galwan river in a desperate effort to escape,” it added. >Government sources say at least another two dozen soldiers are battling life-threatening injuries, and over 110 have needed treatment, the News18 report said. “The toll will likely go up,” the report quoted a military officer with knowledge of the issue as saying. https://archive.is/dcT9e >Chinese State Media: China is well prepared for and holds the advantage in a potential larger military conflict with India, which should not take China’s restraint as a sign of weakness. Both sides should maintain restraint as military clashes don’t fit each other’s interests. https://archive.is/26MzK >Editor of Chinese State Newspaper: This is definitely not Chinese people like me want to hear. Lives of Chinese and Indian soldiers are all precious. Indian political force that pushes those young soldiers to deadly physical clashes is responsible for their death. India must stop taking risks at border. https://archive.is/h0LNO >PLA Rocket Force Official "If we had to go to battle tomorrow, We are Ready !" https://archive.is/UsLpQ
>>19718 >so they ripped open the textbook and "rewrote" the history books to remove mentions of Taiwan and China being inseperable and rewrote the history section about how most "Taiwanese" are escaped mainlanders so they could promote the pro-Taiwanese agenda. So bassically nearly the same as mainland china? Rewriting history, but why? Because they hate their nationalist history?
>>19722 While China isn't good, Taiwan was originally something of a "rich millionaire's island" awarded by America for those who fought (and wasted millions through corruption) against the commies. They were viewed as a military occupying power until the 70s, just one that America was allied with. The agreements signed in the 70s were supposed to make Taiwan a lot like Hong Kong, but more heavily armed, in exchange for ending what most of the world perceived (wrongly) as American hostilities towards China.
>>19722 >Rewriting history The same reason China (PR) rewrites theirs, to achieve their politcal goal. Tthey don't want to be a part of China because the US is tacitly supporting it. The thing is, in Taiwan it's around a 60/40 split against independence. The issue is that while the media is biased against the KMT (again, just like the GOP), the idiots in the KMT are actually dumb enough to try and embezzle shit in the upper echelons blatantly and not being an actual Uniparty, the media just goes full ham on them. In the younger generation, it's more of 70+ % for independence. It's mainly due to traditional/simplified Chinese causing a language barrier and the influence of the US being stationed there for so long. >>19725 The one country, two systems was just fancy wording for the US to mostly fuck off without either side loosing face. Most likely nothing will come of this incident. If the PLA starts shelling islands again then I'd be worried. Considering Taiwan's ADIZ extends into mainland China proper, the intrusion could just be Taiwan complaining of a PRC flight exercise on the mainland coast (I don't THINK it was in this case though). They used to bitch about it every year for USAID and spending bill shenanigangs.
>>19726 >because the US is tacitly supporting it. Makes me wonder why is US doing it. Is it just biden cuckoldry? Also It's ironic that people are saying that china is bad in colleges mostly but never the people. Really makes you wonder. When the chinese are actually disgusted by nigs they say that that it's thanks to white supremacy. Yes I've seen that Maybe china should've ended under japanese rule. Maybe not under uncucked nationalist rule.
>>19728 >not under *under
>>19728 >why To keep itself as the world power. >Under Japan Then it would be a shitty african state mired still in the feudal ages. The KMT dragged China kicking and screaming out of the feudal ages, and into the age of enlightenment and nationalisim. The CPC dragged China kicking and screaming from the age of enlightenment to the age of absolutism and the industrial revolution. It appears Xi Jingping wishes to not drag China into the cold-war age/ age of "global terror", but dares to lead it into a brave new world. Time will tell if he will be written down in history as Elagabalus or Augustus.
>>19726 >Considering Taiwan's ADIZ extends into mainland China proper, the intrusion could just be Taiwan complaining of a PRC flight exercise on the mainland coast They've been flying up to the dividing line. Taiwan doesn't announce ADIZ "violations" until they are 30 miles from where Taiwan's territorial waters begin and China has been intentionally launching the practices after Taiwanese statements and during Xi's political speeches. This isn't the early 2000s any more, anon.
>>19728 >Makes me wonder why is US doing it. Mostly for global trade. Currently thirteen nations pass through those waters for trade. China would have only one passing through without paying exorbitant tariffs. Most of the SEA nations passing through there are allied with the US explicitly for that trade route.
>>19734 >dividing line What I've been saying is the Legistlative Yuan uses the "total" number of ADIZ incursions for their justification of bososting defense spending. Kinda like saying how the US always uses "number of possible terrorists attacks" for unlimited PATRIOT act spending.
>>19730 >Then it would be a shitty african state mired still in the feudal ages. Alright I kinda get it. But to what (geographical) extend would japan be abke yo go? Would it be like all those hoi4 Axis victory mods where it only occupies the han territory abd the outer mongolia not manchu is it's own state or something? Does anyone have the nip plans for china? But thanks anon.
>>19736 What I've been saying is that all 150 of those planes were judged by the fact that they were over the water. While Taiwan might be listing a higher number for boosting defense spending, all 150 planes crossed over the water and past the halfway mark of the strait that marks the point where Taiwan uses their warning systems, and that China does not have a robust enough chairforce to claim innocence on this one since civilian flights basically don't exist in that portion of China and all airfields are military airfields in that region (even if one or two of them service civilian vehicles also).
>>19755 >hoi4 Kill yourself faggot. Any idea of involving Monoglia proper would immediately draw in the Soviets, which would result in a brutal facefuck by Zhukov, Isserson, or Tukhachevsky (Assuming no purge). Also, occupying China proper for an extended time... Is not something that I think could be feasibly done. Assuming Japan proper only, they have around 71 million. Unoccupied China by 1939 had 270 million. Were Confucius not a complete cuck then it would just devolve into a repeat of the Qing/Five Dynasties era. Invading force gets Sinicized by the sheer population of the Han alone. Also, you have no idea of how poor infrastructure in the warlord era China was. Take it from someone who had relatives alive in the era that it makes modern Congo look nice. >roads are basically mud trails if any >rainy season makes russian spring look nice >common flooding reduces roads to shit for most of the non winter months down south >many places only accessible by climbing mountain roads where steps are just wood jammed into the mountainside >bridges just a shitty iron chain on both ends with rotting planks if at all. >lots of swiftwater rapids >lots of disease issues, say hi to malaria >no standard "Chinese" dialect The only worse place to fight would be if you took Afghanistan and Vietnam and merged the two. >theoretical japanese hyperstates Not very large, considering that the British/Soviets/US all wanted to rape them them 8 ways from sunday >Soviets salty about civil war intervention and muh russo-japanese war >British just want a bigger empire, also opium trade >US angry because can't export cheap goods to china alongside looting antiques >>19761 >150 planes I am not disputing that. However, your assertion that civilian flights basically don't exist there straight up bullshit. There's pretty frequent flights across the straights and to/from Xiamen especially, I've actually been questioned by the MSS before since I landed at one of the Military-Civilian dual use airports frequently at one point in life. Xi doesn't have the capability to fight a war with the ROC at least in my opinon because he lacks the political capital. While the CMC and the PLA might be willing to fight, the majority of "Han" would be against it, and the civilians in some of the provinces (Fujian esp) would be revolting due to the the extensive ties they have due to marriage with Taiwanese in the last 20 years.
Open file (5.41 MB 3840x2160 inb4hoi4.png)
>>19894 >Kill yourself faggot It doesn't mean I play it often retard. >Any idea of involving Monoglia proper would immediately draw in the Soviets Oh, sorry, I've meant inner mongolia. I kind of mixed the two. Also as far as I know didn't japan want to make a puppet state? Reorganized republic of china to be exact? Something like pic related?
Open file (3.35 MB 396x720 been_chilling.mp4)
>>19894 >and the civilians in some of the provinces (Fujian esp) would be revolting due to the the extensive ties they have due to marriage with Taiwanese in the last 20 years. Can't Xi just dock their social credit scores?
>>19926 How about blocking your social credit scores? https://yewtu.be/watch?v=9w2W2iizbxg
>>19925 Japan wanted to colonize China the way America and the English had tried to colonize them. As a resource colony, not a puppet state.
>>19925 >HOI4 Play hoi3 with the HPP mod and die of lag because Clausewitz 1.0 sucks shit >Inner Mongolia Was a "puppet" to deliberately inflame Mongolian-Han Tensions. There are large groups of ethnic mongols in China proper and Tibet/Xinjiang who spoke the local language instead of Mongolian. >Puppet state Reorganized ROC was a meme that makes Vichy France look independent. See greentext below: >Be Wang ZhaoMing AKA Wang Jingwei >Hardline anti-imperialist, views Russia as the greatest threat to China >Fail to assassinate a council rengent in the Qing, imprisoned upon pleading guilty >jailed and useless until the Xinhai revolution, become national hero because of speaking skills >leader of the (relatively) moderate left wing party of the KMT >Chiang coups out the CPC in the shanghai massacre >Form another split government in Wuhan >Gets crushed by Chiangs KMT branch >fled to europe >Gets on rather "good" terms with the NASDP >Forms this mutually exploitative relationship with Chiang, Chiang wants his NASDP ties and control over moderate "leftists" wheras Wang needs the actual power of government. >Learns to view/hate every industrialized nation in the world as a threat >Comes back to China, as a pessimist realizes country is backwards and probably won't win a war with japan >Chiang disagrees .jpg Chiang was right in the end >1936 rolls around. Xi'an incident >Chiang is forced to agree to true with CPC at gunpoint, Wang ironically wants German-China-Japan cooperation (Which would have probably been far more dangerous to the USSR) >Still a pessmist by the 2nd Sino-Jap war, advocates for peace with japan to fight the USSR >Kicked out by literally everyone in the KMT because they took the USSR type "hardline" stance >Become the first modern weeb. Forms Reorganized ROC purely to fuck with Chiang and Mao >Doesn't have officers or people to work under >Basically yes man to the nips. >Dies in 1944 The fact that both the KMT and the CPC hate him should speak volumes. Imagine being say, Benedict Arnold but hated by both Loyalist and Revolutionary because you sold out to the French instead. Fuck, I hold even Petain in higher regard. At least the French scuttled their ships. >"I rejoice over the sinking of the German fleet in Scapa Flow, the stain of surrender has been wiped out from the escutcheon of the German Fleet. The sinking of the ships has proved that the spirit of the fleet is not dead. This last act is true of the best traditions of the German navy."-Reinhard Scheer >>19926 >social credit That won't mean jack shit when the natl. party congress decides to impeach and remove him.
>>19932 >Inner Mongolia Wasn't that full of Manchu and Western Muslims until the PRC took power and renamed it that to cut the Muslim ties? Kinda sad since the Muslims assisted the Chinese quite heavily in removing foreigners.
>>19932 I play hoi4 mostly for alt-history mods and that's it. >Reorganized ROC is a meme Well shit. Guess I know jack shit.
>>19935 >Manchu/ Western Muslims Manchus basically got completely assimilated by the end of the Qing, as a matter of fact, the amount of people who read Manchu by the early 21st was probably at best a few thousand. >Western Muslims On the western half of the (modern) province, yes. Though the Muslims hated the ethnic Han just as badly as foreigners Xinjiang used to be around 60/40 muslim Han split before the Qing broke up and they massacred the Han. There's a reason the relationship would be "mutually exploitative" rather than mutually beneficial. Importing Kebabs was one of the biggest mistakes made in historical China, the others being the entire Song Dynasty, the Jin Dynasty causes of the Warlording of the eight princes, the early Qing three Feudal lords Ming traitors, An Lushan, and Confucious. Once again, barbarians are the ilk of all civilized men. >>19936 >HOI4 mods They're shit ouside the meme anime ones for shits and giggles. You can't polish a turd
>>19938 Are chinks fans of GSGs?
Were the Qing emperors supposed to be patrilineal descendants of previous emperors, or was it enough to be kinda-sorta related to the ruling bloodline? I ask this because Puyi didn't have any children, but his otouto married a Jap lady and they had three daughters. Said daughters moved to Japan with their mother, and had children of their own. So if a crazy Japanese man started rambling about how he is a descendant of the Qing dynasty and all of China should bow before him, would he have any legal ground to stand on? Not that anyone would take him seriously, but it would be quite the curiosity.
>>19939 >GSG Yes. When Romance of the Three Kingdoms is considered a cornerstone literature work, yes. Just like the book, many of them are not GOOD at gsg though >>19939 >Patrillineal Yes. They had shit tons of Children though, so one could technically be "appointed" via the monarch via his will (as did most after the Kangxi emperor). It would be very hard to falsify, because the will was written in 3 languages, Traditional Chinese, Manchu, Mongolian, and lists the title and position of the prince. >theroetically Not really, the last two or three were basically selected by the Empress Dowager Cixi, who goes to show that women ruin most things she put off reforms until the status quo could not be held any more, and died before they were completed, in traditional terms, all three of the last emperors would be considered illegitamate.
Open file (37.74 KB 360x516 Tang in charge.jpg)
>>19967 Was there some sort of traditional ritual or set of conditions the very first emperor of a new dynasty had to fulfil; or was it just a case of saying ˝I'm emperor now!˝, and if nobody was left to disagree then he was the emperor?
>>19970 >or was it just a case of saying ˝I'm emperor now!˝, and if nobody was left to disagree then he was the emperor? Isn't that every autocracy when it comes down to it?
>>19970 No in China, unlike Japan, an emperor is just the HNIC that ceases power from the previous HNIC. Now once a new dynasty is formed there generally it was expected for the new government to comport themselves to Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, etc. but that was a societal expectation for everyone.
>>19973 *seizes
>>19973 >>19974 Weren't they supposed to get the Qin Imperial Seal up until it was destroyed?
>>19938 >They're shit ouside the meme anime ones for shits and giggles. Some in development do look alright. >spoiler Say that to divite at impera devs
Biden says US will defend Taiwan if China attacks https://archive.md/KZNiz President Joe Biden said the US would defend Taiwan if China attacked, in an apparent departure from a long-held US foreign policy position. >At a CNN town hall event, a participant referred to recent reports that China had tested a hypersonic missile. He asked Mr Biden if he could "vow to protect Taiwan", and what he would do to keep up with China's military development. >Mr Biden responded: "Yes and yes." He added there was no need to "worry about whether they're going to be more powerful", because "China, Russia and the rest of the world knows we're the most powerful military in the history of the world". >He was then queried a second time by CNN anchor Anderson Cooper if the US would come to Taiwan's defence in the event of an attack by China. Mr Biden replied: "Yes, we have a commitment to do that." >China has yet to respond to Mr Biden's comments. Bring on the war train because it's time to make the human experimentation and Nanking look like a joke! Nothing is going to happen for at least another two years.
>>19977 Was he serious, or is it just his dementia acting up again?
>>19977 >bidup has bigger balls than drumpf
>>19980 >Implying politicians don't lie >Implying Cornpop's friend doesn't think Mao Zedong is currently in the middle of the Great Leap Gravewards
>>19977 >Biden Apparently the white house press sec said they are "walking it back". 10/10 We're gonna end up in a Korea War 2.0 scenario, because in Chinese culture they consider anything you say representative of anything you represent, even if its your own personal opinion (see: Macarthur and "nuke china"). >>19975 Just ignore this uneducated fuck >>19973 because he doesn't understand nuance. >Qin seal No, it's the imperial heirloom seal. It's different from the Qin official seals of the emperor, since it has carved instead of country name and emperor, has the phrase "Having received the mandate of heaven, may we (royal we) lead a long and prosperous reign. Shit was lost after the mongols and maybe before, I suspect it to be lost in the five dynasties and ten kindoms era, it makes the warlords era look tranquil, fuck, it makes the fucking crisis of the third century look tame. >>19970 Depends on the era, but generally: >needs to send a steele to Confucius' birthplace every emperor enthroment Post Confucius obviously, leads to some interesting steele interactions if you read them. >Nine gifts or "九錫" Origin: Book of Rites. Used to indicate impending usurption against the current dynasty. Ursurp recieves a gift of: Carriage with horses, clothes, armed guards , written music, a ramp, red door, weapons/bow/arrows, executioners axe, wine. >requires the endowment of a title to a survivor of the previous dynasty as a duke alongside some gifts. This is known as "二王三恪" or "Two Kings (and paying) three respects". Of which they are: Two kings: Called "king" for two dynasties, rank of "duke" for three, down ranked at the fourth dynasty (Remember four = death in tradition) Three respects: 1) A fief so that he may live decently 2) Temple so he may worship his family properly 3) Allowance of their previous customs so they may be (nominally) independent
Looks like the ruling party (DPP) in Taiwan is trying to actually kick off a shooting war lol. Maybe they thing the USN won't be effective in four years? https://archive.md/qCTbo http://www.news.cn/english/2021-10/22/c_1310262682.htm >BEIJING, Oct. 22 (Xinhua) -- A Chinese mainland spokesperson on Friday voiced strong opposition to any attempt of seeking "Taiwan independence" through so-called constitutional amendments. >Ma Xiaoguang, a spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, made the comments in response to Taiwan's Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) authority's submission of draft "constitutional amendments" to the island's legislative body for deliberation. >Anyone who takes the lead in the "constitutional amendments," which would make convenient the path to seeking "Taiwan independence," will be held accountable, Ma said. >Ma called on responsible political parties and individuals on the island to identify political plots and wrongful intentions, and make joint efforts to safeguard peace and stability across the Strait. >"Taiwan compatriots should also oppose and resist all attempts of seeking 'Taiwan independence' through so-called constitutional amendments," Ma said. Enditem
>>20022 If the CCP decides to attack Taiwan sooner than their projected date (2035?) and the Biden administration decides to let it happen what nation(s) if any would most likely step in to challenge them? Australia maybe?
>>20025 probably nobody, by the time any nation is ready to mount a response they'd already be dug in. nobody wants to fuck with the bugs since we're all reliant on them whether we like it or not
>>20025 Well nobody. I mean, it's a fucking island right next to China. Why would anyone want to fight a war that they will probably lose over some island that's irrelevant to them?
>>20025 Just to make the thread more positive: the invasion of Taiwan would be the perfect time to attack Shina. I have no idea who would think it's a good idea, but imagine if India started the great Himalayan offensive in order to liberate Tibet.
>>20025 Based Aso-san was making noises about defending Taiwan, but it is unlikely they would go it alone. While theoretically held in check by Best Korea, I wonder how Worst Korea would react to such an aggressive move by China.
>>20025 The projected date is 2025 last I checked. >What if America doesn't help If Burgerland doesn't join in, nobody else is going to unless India joins in (at which point America will have to join in because Russia joined in). Right now it's highly unlikely Burgerland will stay on the sidelines though.
>>20028 Australia, Japan, India, and several SEA nations benefit from the strait being seen as international waters. They need somebody to kick off the war, but they will all jump in if that happens. Even Vietnam has been casting off the Communism meme lately and wants more international trade that isn't China.
>>20030 Worst Korea has already started military drills in conjunction with Japan and Australia because while they don't want war with China, they also understand they are next.
>>20031 >unless India joins in (at which point America will have to join in because Russia joined in). Wait, whom would Russia support? India in order to get rid of the chinks?
>>20034 Russia is in more than just words allies with India. America is in all but name allied with India. Ironically, actually militarily pissing off India is probably the only way to get both the Bear and the Eagle on your back in short order.
Open file (486.39 KB 383x681 2030.png)
>>20038 >the three superpower alliance
>>20028 >Taiwan >some island that's irrelevant to them? Taiwan has almost 2/3 of the world's semiconductor manufacturing capacity. Never mind factories getting blown up if it becomes another Crimea there will be economic sanctions and the will be massive chip shortages. Hard to imagine a better way to tilt the global economy. Best case outcome is that semiconductor manufacturing expands elsewhere in the world but it will be painful.
Why did the warlord states happen? What and how did the warlords want to unite china, if they wanted to.
>>20051 >Warlords same reason they happen in any state.
>>20051 Cixi. A powerhungry cunt that slept/murdered/abducted her way to power and stayed there until death. She did this by quite possibly bumping off her husband, the Emperor, and installing her infant son. Then offing him and installing his infant cousin. Imprisoning and eventually offing him as he grew up to resent her influence. Then offing him and installing his infant half-cousin and dying two years later. She ran the country with Eunuchs, but Eunuchs are corrupt cowards at the best of times, and she was a powerhungry cunt. So the leaders of regional armies grew more and more powerful during this entire time until the palace only really controlled the palace.

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