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what's a war board without a conflict?

Open file (14.60 MB 718x480 Rhodesian Dissidents.mp4)
Open file (3.88 MB 720x404 SA 1985.webm)
Open file (3.79 MB 480x336 SA Police.webm)
Webm Thread Strelok 09/21/2020 (Mon) 06:22:02 No.5995
Post /k/ videos
Open file (66.51 KB 250x237 Grin.png)
>>22720 >postman >4th of July
>>22285 >"PLANE PULL UP" >"Sorry, I didn't get that" >"PULLUPPULLUPPULLUPPULLUPPUL-"
>Ctrl+F Tarkov WTF? Fixed.
>>24999 To be fair the only thing I know about this game is Viva La Dirt League's series. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVU91G6j6Rs&list=PLSMETuURtTXAksFP3iltK4sf9NlEagiUv
>>24999 >>25131 >>25133 Is Tarkov is still a clusterfuck of a game or did they fix it so that is fun to play?
Open file (363.00 KB 272x480 1498037044964.mp4)
>>21912 >if you don't like reddit doge maymays you don't enjoy anything You should go back
>>22114 >PLW's /animu/ I might have brain damage but PLW, where the fuck is that?
>>26041 Just check the webring screen for /animu/ .
>>26149 Judging by molotovs and the armbands that the woman mentions this was the militia of Kherson XD
CONNNVOOOOOOOOOOOY >Russians bother stopping to let civilians go past them I love how civilian life goes on as normal until you get stuck in a firefight.
>>26181 Being in a war-zone has to be so surreal if you're not a fighter, seems people try to go on like usual despite everything
Open file (422.61 KB 320x568 779b4c2c4900b98c.mp4)
Allegedly, these are Azov battalion guys pulling people from their cars, but I have no idea. Neat video, though.
Convoy or RU army Pansir-S1s in Zaporozhye
Chechens fighting Azov Battalion somewhere in Ukraine.
>>29181 >4th vid >that one airgun in a crate of AKs >a wheeled mount for either a Maxim or a Goryunov Now that's a proper warehouse for whatever they have laying around.
Open file (11.65 MB 1728x720 Svart-Krabba-2022.mp4)
Dear Strelok, I'd like to propose another entry into the /k/annon of /k/ino: Svart Krabba (Black Crab) (2022) >Future Swedish Civil War >Band of irregulars tasked with a mission behind enemy lines >Winter warfare >/k/ino aesthetic I'd recommend watching the Swedish language original with subtitles (pure /k/ulture). t. Strelok who (some years ago) first recommended movies such as: The Veteran >>22503 , Colt 45 >>22508 >>22509 , and Wind River as /k/ino.
How do I play videos on tor? the clearnet site is down on my end.
>>30453 You would probably have better luck asking on >>>/meta/
>>30360 >Black Crab You forgot the most important part: >stronk independent woman fucks up
>>30453 Right click a video > choose 'Open Link in New Tab' from the context menu > click '<MEDIA>@https://anon.cafe' in the upper left corner.
>>30453 Open NoScript menu and temporarily trust site>>30453
>>30726 >>30727 thanks I got it.
>>30725 >You forgot the most important part: No. I clearly did mention "Future Swedish Civil War". A future civil war in Woke-istan obviously wouldn't be happening without "stonk wymnz" or "Malik"s as seen in the included clip. >>30725 >stronk independent woman fucks up >it's realistic Yes, I know - which is why I recommended it.
>>30340 > Open file (5.07 MB 464x848 Just Another Day in Kharkiv.mp4) That's an MLRS I've never seen before, anyone know the designation?
Open file (4.45 MB 1440x1080 dokidokiwakuwaku.webm)
Open file (1.14 MB 320x568 daXOQTecZPDjtHxK.mp4)
Muslim homes burnt down in India, happened somewhere in Rajasthan a few days ago.
Open file (309.91 KB 888x652 sightmark.mp4)
Open file (17.74 MB 640x360 mg7w5y_360.webm)
Cropped from 1:1 to 16:9 and scaled down to 360p to fit the 20mb limit.
Video of yesterday's shooting in 480p to match this site's file size limit. Part one.
>>34446 >Stream got canceled What a shame.

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