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Open file (14.60 MB 718x480 Rhodesian Dissidents.mp4)
Open file (3.88 MB 720x404 SA 1985.webm)
Open file (3.79 MB 480x336 SA Police.webm)
Webm Thread Strelok 09/21/2020 (Mon) 06:22:02 No.5995
Post /k/ videos
Open file (17.55 MB 640x480 Sidewinder.webm)
Open file (242.24 KB 296x262 gigachad.png)
>>13000 Really sad tbh low trust retard society. Definitely a lot of backstory here, but I can't get over how at the start they were calling him a pussy and were like "Go ahead" and then he actually goes ahead. Someone pulls a gun let’s off warning shots, any thought of let’s fight is long gone at that point but that didn't discourage these subhuman retards who kept it pushing, goading the guy. Why on earth would you provoke someone who has a gun pointed at you?
Open file (1.56 MB 1280x720 ibarada_laughing.webm)
>>13000 >FUCK♂YOU >proceeds to show who is the boss of the street
>>7810 >Tupu, tup po śniegu It's Polish.
>>13000 See this would never happen back in the 50's when America wasn't a low trust deraciated shithole without any unity or brotherhood this stuff would be almost unthinkable. America used to be like first world nations in Europe or Japan. Even in Europe like switzerland this shit happening to a neighbor would be unthinkable. I know It's almost unimaginable today but when America was still White and homogeneous people would leave their doors unlocked and let their kids play outside with each other in the park whenever they wanted 'till dark and their parents know eachother and have a commonal sense of interest and have good relations with their neighbors, back then in the 50's and decreasingly about up to the 70's and 80's in some places any old boomer will tell you people used to be courteous and kind to each-other maybe aside from, despised by all exceptyoulivethereTM shitholes like Jew York, but even the urbanite courtesy in the 50's was better than what hellscape we have today with Niggers because of Jews and their individualist cancer, cancer culture and well poisoning.
Open file (5.79 MB 480x360 slashkthegame.webm)
Why Can I not Find Seven Nation Army? Why, Strelok?
>>13000 >"pussy, pussy, pussy!" <gets fucking lit up like a christmas tree >"OH GOD CALL THE COPS" it is amazing how aggressively tough people will act and then completely shit their pants when their bluff is called.
>>13000 >gets hit in the torso >guy just runs off, acts like he got stung by a wasp >woman gets shot in the hip and the head twice, still running her goddamn mouth definitely a 9mm
Open file (441.04 KB 1350x900 9mmDouble.png)
>>13321 Could be a .32 ACP. It's not like we can see the gun well enough to know if it's an autoloading derringer or an actual pistol. But yes, plinking 115gr 9mm ammo is a good guess.
Open file (324.06 KB 520x563 9123.png)
Open file (40.35 KB 320x320 trump_reddit.jpg)
>>13340 You guys have been doing this for ten years. Don't you ever get tired? At least we do it because we ENJOY anime. What do you get out of futilely trying to remove anime from an anime-based website format for longer than the average newfag has been alive?
>>13345 It's just bantz though atctual trannimeporn spam is quite insufferable
Open file (85.41 KB 1024x867 anime trannies.jpg)
>>13345 It's just a fact that anime posts are more likely to... >have low quality posts >be sexual deviants >be trannies >be pedophiles The list goes on
Open file (644.60 KB 830x1262 asfdrewr.png)
>>13347 I wish I had Dr.Based to guard my health. I think it's established knowledge that twatter only shuts down the truth at this point. Funny thing is recently twatter has also been trying to turn their users into pedophiles by refusing to ban cp and asking them "How they feel" about said images.
>>13337 it was probably a Glock 19 or similar compact gun (he was conceal carrying) with the ubiquitous 147 grain jhp or 124 jhp 9mm load.
>>13350 I've always said that 9mm is a pussy caliber and this just further reinforces my belief. If that dude had a 357 magnum, 10mm, or 357 sig, which is to say if he actually shot his gun as he clearly did not given his atrocious marksmanship, then that loud mouthed asshole would have went down on the first hit. Hell solid .40 sw defensive load would have probably have bagged him good. Instead he twirls around the air like he stubbed his toe. I've seen this same thing happen with wild boars, you shoot them with 9mm and they just scream and run around in circles or try to trample your ass. Hit them with a magnum and they go down every time.
>>13347 I imagine some anime would make you a faggot. Obviously there is good and bad anime much like there are good and bad video games. I don't think you need to be told that. Anyways let's try to get back on track. I think the 2nd webm has edited audio but it's still funny.
>>13345 Many of us are ex anime fans. What you don't understand is that we do understand you and we know you're fucked up in the head. It's like a guy going through rehab telling his friends to stop smoking meth. We do it because we care no matter how much you reject us.
>>13354 >ex anime fan Sure you are, troon.
>>13354 I think there's a little sick in my mouth after reading that. Please don't ever post again.
Open file (114.29 KB 873x1200 trans catgirl nyaa.jpg)
The anti-anime posters are right though, anime is empowering to transgender individuals such as myself. I am a longtime strelok and anime fan, and it was anime that first helped me realize my gender dysphoria. Seeing so many cute school girls doing cute things really led me to identify with them, and wish I was this feminine and cute myself. I started RP'ing with offer eggs such as myself, and before long I had began to identify as a woman myself, and sissy hypno really helped me open up to myself as well. I still love guns and anime, and it is definitely a key factor in my decision to transition nyaa~
>>13374 nice default twitter tranny ironic weeb picture, you really convinced me bro
>>13377 (checked) It's just that tranny infiltrator. They've been at it for years and show up every so often to nibble at fracture points like this one.
>>13377 Have you faggots never been to anime con or seen an anime club? That shit's rife with trannies and high level degenerates. Aside from AGDQ, you'd be hard pressed to find any other gathering as densely populated with trannies. Ignoring all the blatantly gay shit in modern anime, all fags I've seen seem to have at least one thing in common, their love for anime.
>>13379 >Have you faggots never been to anime con or seen an anime club? No, I'm not a faggot. >all fags I've seen seem to have at least one thing in common, their love for anime. Hah, yeah okay, whatever you say retard. Most fags hate anime more than anything else. It's not anime, it's that trannies are being pushed heavily by colleges and social studies professors but you knew that, and you're just talking out of your ass to take out frustration against a genre of fiction you don't like. If you want to talk about what's actually degenerating western culture, we can talk, but if you're gonna whine about anime which, largely, the fags and trannies with profile pics don't even watch or like, then you're just retarded and you know it. You also know there's been a massive influx of western fag culture in mainstream japanese media for the last 5 years. Not just yuri and yaoi fetish shit, but actual tranny faggots. Something like sengoku rance or hokuto no ken has nothing in common with the fagshit that you're referring to, and it's also something that most actual otaku hate. But again, you know this, you're just a shitposting faggot who thinks if he acts scummy enough he can tailor a space to be more comfortable to his liking, and remove a medium he finds annoying from acceptable discourse. I've noticed this, that a certain part of the right-wing on imageboards is trying to throw anime under the bus and purposely push a more pozzed image of it because they don't want to associate so much with it anymore. Because it used to be right wing and anime on imageboards got along in perfect harmony.
>>13380 >Not just yuri and yaoi fetish shit, but actual tranny faggots t. doesn’t know this stuff is deeply embedded in Japanese culture
>>13381 >He knows anything about Japanese culture What are you a weeaboo tranny?
>>13380 >tailor a space to be more comfortable to his liking, and remove a medium he finds annoying from acceptable discourse Talk about guns and post anime pics if you want, the last thing on my agenda is attempting to tailor an imageboard to my liking. I simply dislike the modern state of anime, it's completely pozzed and devoid of soul, and has mostly been the case for about a decade now. >Most fags hate anime more than anything else I haven't seen this to be true. >trannies are being pushed heavily by colleges and social studies professors >massive influx of western fag culture in mainstream japanese media This is true; much of our filth has permeated through Japanese culture which is a shame, nonetheless, it doesn't change the fact that anime is largely trash in the modern era. Not sure why you're mentioning a hentai to prove your point, one of those games has him transform a dude into a chick to fuck them, if memory serves correct from my days as a high level degenerate. You also mention Hokuto no Ken, but that shit was more than 30 years ago. I'm sure you probably know, anime hasn't produced anything remotely close to that caliber in modern times. Now, it's mostly moe-shit and borderline-hentai with some faggots and trannies sprinkled in. Japs put faggot shit in their animes all the time--likely for perverse reasons rather than Jewish intent--crossdressing characters, transforming into female characters, and futanaris. Japs aren't as likely to get their hotdog split because the Jewish brainwashing isn't as pervasive in their culture, but this medium plays a large role in sexually confusing Western youths--due to the Jewish indoctrination westerners face. Otherwise, at best, it would simply lead to degenerate fetishes in people. Watch it if you want, but don't delude yourself into thinking that it doesn't play a role in assailing the mentality of Western adolescents. >it used to be right wing and anime on imageboards got along in perfect harmony I lament the current state of anime but it's been abundantly clear in recent times that anime and manga has entered a downward spiral of faggotry and lifelessness. By now, I'm sure most have experience in seeing what they love and cherish become co-opted and turned into trash; many right wingers on imageboards likely started out as weebs and some were keen enough to notice the degrading of this medium.
>>13380 >Because it used to be right wing and anime on imageboards got along in perfect harmony. Mindlessly consuming foreign cartoons for otaku and little girls isn’t right-wing at all. Your ancestors would scorn you, and pre-1945 Japanese would spit on you
>>13380 A lot of the dissident right lately seems to not understand that correlation != causation. Though anime is somewhat degenerate.
Open file (11.30 MB 1440x1080 Kebab removal.webm)
>>13383 >Watch it if you want, but don't delude yourself into thinking that it doesn't play a role in assailing the mentality of Western adolescents. Didn't all this trannyggatry start exactly when Re;Zero first aired in 2016 along with Fate/Apocrypha? I don't remember anime being forcibly associated with the neoliberal queer community much before then, heck I'd guess the modern tranime image crafted by glowniggers didn't fully take form until the curious emergence of the faggot UwU poster on /tech/ in early 2018 who is suspected to have morphed into niggerpill once anons started to wonder whether saint Terry received their donations as he should /animu/ may have also been a glowop to create a safe haven for certain unsanitary posters under the guise of fighting rulecucks or something.
>>13383 >don't delude yourself into thinking that it doesn't play a role in assailing the mentality of Western adolescents. I think the very basis of that premise retarded. As for modern anime, I do tend to avoid it, but even then it's only the most degenerate stuff in the most recent times that panders to actual faggotry, and not some bizarre fetish shit that was really not correlated at all. The degeneration of the modern western youth began and finished in the public school system, blaming it on anime is just retarded. >>13384 My ancestors probably wouldn't give a shit as long as I'm trying to maintain the white race and make something of myself in the world. They were more pragmatic people concerned with what is really important, in the physical world, then whether or not someone was a true scotsman.
Open file (14.49 MB 1920x1080 Reichswave.webm)
>>13390 >Didn't all this trannyggatry start exactly when Re;Zero first aired in 2016 I mentioned a decade ago since that was when I personally felt the overall quality of anime began to decline, but the tranny association really seemed to emerge around the time you specified. >tranime image crafted by glowniggers I wouldn't be surprised if this were the case, but I think it's moreso a result of Japan fully embracing consumerist culture and further pandering to the degenerate tastes of their otakus. Couple that with our, as of late, unhinged brainwashing and now, many westerners are quick to use anime as a rallying cry behind their degeneracy.
>>13403 That webm has a really comfy feeling. Did you make that yourself, anon?
>>13416 I can't believe I fucked that sage up. I'm sorry.
Open file (17.82 MB 640x480 Sidewinder v2.webm)
v2, a little less shit edition https://files.catbox.moe/yes4vo.mp4
Open file (564.92 KB 664x566 45mm stopping power.png)
>>13321 damn right brother
>>13592 >millennial snowflakes gave these bad boys up for tupperware Block-9mm-Teens cause they eat too much soy yep, that's what happens when you turn killing people into video games. gonna drive down to cabela's later and buy some .45 for 1.50 CPR with my retirement money to add to my three pallets of ammo i've had since the 70's. molon labe
>>13576 I like how the police officer is just watching and not giving a fuck.
>>13638 The funniest part is the guy who looks like he's running over to help the dying man and he just picks up his cooler to keep it from getting bloody and runs off instead.
>>13576 >>13638 >>13641 I don't even think i have to write it out but this video is the prime exemplification why turd world will always stay turd world. We're not even talking low trust society here we're talking zero. We're talking total animals here. Also don't forget to leave this censornigger cuckshed for 16chan soon, I sure will lol.
>>13642 Go back to your containment board.
Open file (387.49 KB 528x845 rrr.png)
>>13643 I go wherever I want you gay little niggertranny
>>13642 >16chan I might leave but I'm sure as hell not going to a site run by people who tried to kill the webring from the get go lol
>>13642 >Also don't forget to leave this censornigger cuckshed Are you even self-aware of what you are saying and how you are behaving? >16chan lel
>>13646 >muh webring What has it brought us but Dolphin drama, /cow/ niggers and autism?
>>13679 >argue with me No. All you're going to do is handwave anything I say to you. Go away, go to 16chan or whatever, I'm not going with you.

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