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"The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war." - Otamin

Holocaust 2.0: Total Jewish Domination Edition Strelok 11/13/2023 (Mon) 18:48:00 No.58930
The story so far: >IDF takes over Gaza City >Israel now openly bombing agricultural areas in Khan Younis >White house announced that they will accept Israel permanently occupying Gaza City >Israeli defense minister responded that they will not only occupy Gaza City but they will make sure they have permanent free military movement through the entire strip >Entirety of Israel seems to be on fire from militants in the North and East launching rockets, with Israel having little to no control over the situation >Israel airdropped flares directly over Al-Shifa Hospital about a week ago and there's been few reports coming out of that area since then >Israel detonates experimental, miniature nuclear warhead in North Gaza >Anons argue whether or not new thread is worth making, answer still unknown, rumors of internal memo suggesting press conference to be held on Tuesday, noon BRT (UTC-3:00)
>>59401 No one expects Hamas to win dipshit you keep switching flags and making this statement and you're incredibly obvious.
>>59402 I just take this salty kike as evidence the ground offensive isn't going nearly as well as the Israeli's would have liked.
>>59390 >What even is the total size of the yid military nowadays? The standing size prior to this conflict was about 126k troops. Since then they expanded out to around 360k troops total. It's one of the reasons why the Gaza invasion had to be delayed, they had logistic issues and not enough equipment to go around when they tripled their military size almost overnight. There's also the issue of mercenaries and foreign jews who have been asked to serve; israel has a program where someone with even a single jewish grandparent can be given an offer to serve. So adding that it's probably close to around 400k total. It's also probable that bibi is sacrificing these foreign jews in lieu of israeli nationals to help hide the true casualty count.
>>59403 >We need to shill pro-Palestine positions hard in rightwing circles. No we don't, that is a waste of time, let the faggot right wingers shill for Israel all they please we will not change their mind. >because they hate muslims and jews equally. Why shouldn't we hate the criminals who have repeatedly demonstrated they are worthless, and should be killed wholesale, and the Masters of the christian traitors we have to constantly oppose in order to get anything worthwhile done, equally? Why should we take any stance on who's better when since the outset of this current phase of conflict, Hamas has demonstrated outright that they would rather call on palestinians and sympathetic muslims in our countries to kill us and rage against us here rather than to come back to Palestine and fight there? They do not care about the collateral damage they do to us while they oppose the Israelis that our governments have chosen against our will to support. >There are huge protests going on in support of Palestine and we honestly have everything to gain and benefit from it. We have nothing to gain from shilling for the support of palestine, not a fucking thing, people who have gone to the protests in London with English flags have been beaten and left for dead or else driven out OF THEIR OWN CAPITAL CITY no matter that they were expressing support for Palestine. >but it's putting pressure on ZOG. What pressure? their threats of deporting palestinian supporters, and anyone else who criticizes Israel? they will have this well in hand, but if you think the White populace in our nations will see you standing alongside the shitskins who are wreaking havoc in our cities will be proud and somehow go from "aww poor shitskins" to "FUCK ISRAEL, KILL JEWS, DEPORT JEWS", you're delusional. Far more likely people will see idiots akin to NRM marching alongside Palestinians who are still committing crime alongside their "protests" and smear them as supporters of these disruptive criminals. >There should be pro-Palestine flags on social media and Palestine flags everywhere. The best course is to express hatred of both and say fuck off, I don't care about a soon to be destroyed patch of desert when these people are here destroying my country. they think these protests will somehow gain them something in the way of support when their actions will directly lead to a solidification of alliance, throughout the NATO alliance and the rest of the west, with Israel.
>>59408 I bet this jew doesn't realize he's calling attention to the fact the holocaust never happened.
>>59408 >people reporting him for Holocaust denial Heh.
Open file (98.12 KB 958x960 W6Zvf1M.jpg)
Whoa, when the clowns are back, it’s the whole clown car. >>59408 > Privileged camp There’s always someone who gets to be more equal. >>59425 Glowies are picked from the agreeable semi-literate crowd. They crosspost without reading more than 5 words diagonally, and then report, still without reading.
>>59402 >Muttmerican Understanding Race Mixing (Miscengenation) Induced Infertility Factors. 1. Inherent Biological Incompatibility such as antibody formation to foreign race proteins. This is expressed from the first mating of individuals of two different races. A classical example is antibody production to Rhesus factor. It is an allergic immunological reaction to the offspring by the woman. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34262225/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rh_blood_group_system#Hemolytic_disease_of_the_newborn 2. Recombination failure in gamete formation in both males and females. This is the result of conserved genes being located at different locations on the chromosomes between races due to natural speciation forces such as transposon activity. When recombination occurs in the mixed race offspring to produce gametes, sperm and eggs, recombination between the chromosomes results in additions and deletions that render the gametes inviable or as carriers of addition/deletion diseases. This is measured on a physical chromosome map as the distance in nucleotides between conserved genes. The further apart each parent's conserved genes are on the chromosomes of a mixed race offspring, the higher the percentage of gametes will be non-viable due to additions and deletions in humans. In other species, such as canines, conserved genes are widely spaced apart by SINE repeats, making recombination failure between populations much less likely. Ethnicity 1 DNA Segment -------A-B-C-D-E------------- Ethnicity 2 DNA Segment ---------------A-B-C-D-E----- Recombination of Ethnicity 1-2 -------A-B-C/---A-B-C-D-E--/- (Recombination FAILURE!) Recombination of Ethnicity 1-2 --/-----A-B-C-D-E---------/-- (Recombination success!) Canine DNA Segment ---A------------------B------ Where conserved genes don't align between parental chromosomes, it is expressed as persistent reduced gamete viability. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/16339378/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1196373/ It's worth noting that this recombination failure, decreased fertility in mixed race people, results in mixed race chromsomal gene placement in gametes with conserved gene placement that is not aligned with any racial group or any mixed race populations, since the recombination is semi random. The infertility of race mixed people persists until all conserved genes are lined up in a population's collective genome. For a mixed race offspring, for every gene which is in a different location on a chromsome between parents, you can expect a 50% reduction in gamete viability with a Mendelian distribution table, but that probabilistic outcome is mitigated by the randomness of recombination of crossover sites, the number of misaligned genes, and number of cross over sites per chromsome, since entire sets of out of place genes can be on a contigious region of DNA which is not affected by the recombination crossover. Predicting the degree of infertility is complicated by the differences between the location of genes in the parents, the number of incompatible genes, and their proximity to likely recombination cross over sites. The addition and deletion of genes can result in gene based disabilities. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1196373/ 3. Failure to Group Mixed race offspring do not resemble any racial group, they also usually do not resemble other mixed race people which inherit their parental traits randomly. This can create social difficulties which result in fewer chances to procreate and life difficulties. Humans are a social species and in-group bias is hardwired for survival. 4. The Results of Racial Admixture To stabilize a mixed race genome requires inbreeding to produce a new self compatible genome (see Indian endogamy after the population collapse of the Gupta empire and the infertility of the Gupta monarchy) or for the racial admixture to be pruned down over many generations that suffer from significant infertility until only gene placement that is compatible with an existing racial group remains (see Neanderthal admixture from 1 or 2 race mixing event survivors with most of the Neanderthal genome being pruned out because it was incompatible with Homo sapiens sapiens genome). The immense hurdle of recombinative failure infertility, recombination failure induced genetic defects, and failure to group means only under the most extraordinary circumstances do any race mixed bloodlines survive long term. 5. Why Can't Scientists Say This? Imperial state ideologies are based on the belief that race mixed populations will result in a viable population and that annexed people will have a shared future. The incomes of the elite of empires are totally dependent on the belief that race mixed people don't have reproductive obstacles to annex other nations and loot them. Many articles on genetic studies are written in a way that gives the illusion that race mixing has been prevalent to conform to institutional pressures and you can only deduce the truth by reading between the lines. For instance, there are articles saying Europeans are descended from Genghis Khan, but his Y chromosome haplogroup and Asian haplogroups are completely absent from White populations except through recent Asian admixture. 6. What Gives the Lie of Imperial Powers Believability? Endogamy. Within many countries there are endogamous uniracial populations that shed members to interracial marriages. The interracial offspring bloodlines die out, while the endogamous racial communities continue to shed members. This produces a marked population growth depression in these countries as a whole. If you look at countries like Spain, Mexico, Brazil, etc. you see uniracial communities practicing endogamy while continously losing members to race mixing. You can see mathematically what is happening in these countries through demographic statistics. Uniracial population = endogamous births - mixed race births Mixed race population = endogamous mixed race births + shedded mixed race births from interracial marriage between two pure raced people The growth rate of the mixed race population should be whatever kids they produce plus recent interracial marriages, but the growth rate of mixed race population demographics is lower than uniracial in every country I have checked, which indicates massive reproductive issues. When DNA analysis are presented on the country as a whole, it gives the impression that the entire country's population is race mixed and that race mixed populations are viable. However, any race that doesn't prevent admixture into a portion of their population gets erased from the gene pool within 2.5 centuries without the ability to form a new genome with close relatives like modern Indians did 1,600 years ago between two racial groups. Misrepresentation of ancient genetic markers carried by multiple races as evidence of race mixing after the last ice age when actually they represent common ancestry from before the races diverged. The articles look like this, "Common ancestry between groups A and B! Group A is related to group B!", but they often fail to mention the commonality is from before the wooly mammoth went extinct, or "Group A descended from Location X people", but fail to mention a now extinct population used to live at location X to give the impression one ethnic group descended from another, when they did not. Virtually everything published in the media on genetic commonality focuses on pre-ice age common ancestry, because modern genetic markers would show a very strict tree of racial division no evidence of admixture between racial groups and with no evidence of racial mixing producing a viable population without extreme endogamy (inbreeding). 7. AI Assembly of Ancestrial Trees is Going to Kill the Myth of Hybrid Vigor Forever When AI is used to process global ancestry data into a coherent map, you're going to see an almost perfect species division chart. When AI incorporates the recently race mixed populations they will appear as fuzz on the sides of the tree and it will settle the debate forever that, with only the exception of extreme endogamy, it is not possible to make a viable race mixed population. In addition, you're going to find out there are more species than you know about.
>>59433 >sage Bump it, if you're going to be a shitter bump. It's what tengunand his gay vol team want apparently help them out.
>>59433 You are all members of the same race the human race which started with black women. White folks you don't like it but all you are are faded blacks. Every one of you if you take and trace your dna back far enough you're going to find that some or your dna came from Africa (Alkebulan) because we all have the same ancestor back there every single one of us and those of you who think you don't have are obviously from outer space. That means that every one of us has a 30th to 50th cousin to every other person.
>>59402 When the OP wrote "Holocaust 2.0" twice you expect the Kikes to lose, it doesn't matter to whom. Hamas losing is always a given but then I was promised Yemen/Iran/Syria/Lebanon etc etc from the first thread to join the jihad and destroy Israel but what now? All I'm seeing on the news are dead Palestinians. All that excitement for nothing.
>>59449 >he still believes in the Out Of Africa theory Lol. lmao even.
Open file (37.04 KB 640x669 1599119831227.jpg)
>>59451 The Hamas Internet Defense Force are actively shilling in this thread, do not fall for their tricks my white brother. The Interest of Israel are our interest, As most Jews are already White passing. 14/88 and may our (White)God guide them to victory against the Mudslimes and Christcucks.
>Finland claims he's a nigger >Kurdistan claims he's white 8/10 Good thread would visit again
>>59458 Fingolians are the most advanced race on earth and should be always trusted in matters of racial classification.
>>59451 >when someone wrotes a blatant joke title you're supposed to take it seriously Nahhh, you're just an autistic humorless retard, go cry in the meta thread about it bitchboy.
>>59451 Here I'll explain the joke to you, it's multilayered: 1. the thought of hummus killing all of you kikes is laughable, hence calling it a holocaust is humorous 2. calling it holocaust 2.0 implies there was a first one, which is humorous 3. you proboscis rodents summoned 300k+ troops to crackdown on stone age apes which you are apparently having a difficult time of to the point your hasbara morons are crying holocaust all over the internet when you are clearly the aggressors with overwhelming technological advantage, which is literal crying out as you strike others shit, which is humorous
>>59462 Where are these faggots even coming from?
>>59478 Israel, obviously. With a little proxy hop in between.
>>59478 Some of it is fags taking full advantage of the lack of vol activity to spam stupid shit and aome of it is fags who don't know how to ride out turbosperg invasions and are therefore probably really frustrated with the board in general. Both could probably use a break from the internet.
>>59482 He also feels like gooner. Or something simmilar. But there is a chance that It isn't even him. Still funny to see that the fed wasn't the worst thing to happen to this board.
>>59471 >1. the thought of hummus killing all of you kikes is laughable Like I said, Hamas does not need to be the instigator. Recent wars in Syria shown that it does not take an army to kickstart a bloodbath, all it takes is for some people to create enough noise. >2. calling it holocaust 2.0 implies there was a first one, which is humorous If certain nations were horribly triggered by the first one, regardless of how real it was, so much that it started a regional war, wouldn't it be fun to have the second one? >3. you proboscis rodents summoned 300k+ troops to crackdown on stone age apes Yet these "apes" somehow got their hands on modern weaponry and vehicles, whose enemies are also attacking other wealthier nations on the side. Your insistence in ignoring my points make me believe the joke is the whole thread, not just the title.
>>59528 Whatever dude you're either legitimately autistic or really good at pretending to be. Be mad about a joke title and overanalyze something that trivial all you want I'm still going to laugh at it and greatly enjoy the death of kikes and sandniggers and there's fuck all youbcan do about it.
Guys, im starting to get concerned. I havn't heard anything from hamas and havnt seen a single video of jews getting btfo in a while. Is everything ok?
>>59543 There's a ceasefire right now that the kikes miraculously seem to be honoring for the most part.
>>59544 >that the kikes miraculously seem to be honoring for the most part. Yeah, so far I've only heard of one incident of combat, where they killed two "senior terrorists" aged 14 and 16, and that was in the West bank rather than Gaza. But any ceasefire is going to have one or two isolated incidents, and the fact that the kikes are overall honouring it is a major surprise. It makes me suspect things may not all be well for them. Whether that comes from political pushback at home over how they prioritize genociding goyim versus recovering hostages, or because the IDF took significantly heavier casualties than they've let on, I'm not sure.
>>59544 >>59545 Didnt someone bomb an israel military base? Was that part of the cease fire?
>>59546 That happened before the ceasefire and it was Hezbollah that did that iirc. On a related note the house just voted almost unanimously to equate anti-zionism with antisemitism so I guess we're taking another step to making questioning kikes outright illegal instead of just "legal but don't you dare". Cannot wait for the US to either become totally useless for them or preferably becomes the 110th.
>>59545 Could be both of those. I hope it's both of those.
>>59545 >"senior terrorists" aged 14 and 16 Sorry, my bad, it was actually 8 and 14.
>>59551 To be fair to glorious zionists that is positively ancient by Palestinian standards because everyone older than 30 is dead :^)
Open file (730.76 KB 1695x2048 Kissy.jpg)
Henry Kissinger just died, he was 100.
>>59561 Burn in hell you semi based kike bastard.
>>59561 lol wut? Didn't realize he was still alive up to now, genuinely had the impression he died in the 90s or something. Anyway, what >>59572 said. did the timelines shift again?
>>59561 Rot In Piss
Israel has announced that the truce is over and the violence will resume.
I hope he wins a second term, the salt is pretty good.
Open file (385.52 KB 886x496 hostage release.mp4)
Open file (7.02 MB 1280x720 trump real nigga.mp4)
>>59589 I want Joe Biden so people in Texas can take secessionist movements more seriously. But seeing a 2nd melt from Cheeto Hitler winning might be amusing too.
>>59587 Nice, it was getting so boring that I started to look at hohols videos instead.
A pro-Palestine protester has self-immolated outside the Israeli consulate in Georgia the state, not the country. The protester is still alive so far but is in critical condition, and is so badly burned that their age and sex are unknown. A security guard who tried to intervene also suffered a burnt wrist. The official response from the Israeli consul-general was that "it is tragic to see hate and incitement toward Israel expressed in such a horrific way. Our prayers are with the security officer who was injured while trying to prevent this tragic act".
>>59603 That's actually a pretty funny response to that.
>>59561 Good. I thought he would stick around for a few years longer out of pure spite. I am glad to hear that his last few years of his life were spent watching his work between Russia/China literally go up in smoke. I hope it ate at him every waking moment of the day.
>>59608 I mean he was a kike I'm sure he was masturbating furiously (or as well as a 100 year old rat can) to the thought of chaos and goy suffering regardless.
>>59608 He is burning in hell now.

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