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Open file (412.63 KB 1391x1076 SHTF OP.jpg)
SHTF GENERAL:HANDY GRAPHIC EDITION Strelok 09/08/2020 (Tue) 18:50:36 No.5569
2 months before the election. US is on emp, coup, internet blackout, power blackout watch for the next 6 months. Imagine that some or most of this applies to Europe and Austrailia/NZ as well. Best of luck on your preps, don't neglect your networking.
Open file (821.48 KB 1200x2101 Spotting Infiltrators v2.png)
>>5569 Ok, I'll bite.
Nothing to contribute, but if you have some time to spare, this site has some pretty good information on it Ignore the pole shift stuff, its wrong. http://ps-survival.com/
>>5592 >Leftist list about how to spot Infiltrators >more than half of the points that make an Infiltrator are just "the person is more popular/successful than me and doesn't listen to what I have to say" >the points left over are just Leftist denial of their wrongdoings and crimes
Open file (224.31 KB 720x755 runningfordummies.jpg)
Open file (591.10 KB 600x3282 shittierpvcsneaky.jpg)
Open file (85.21 KB 403x537 yourlimitsnerd.jpg)
>>5952 Do you have the original source for that last image? Text-heavy images should not be stored as a jpeg.
>>5955 sorry stelok it was on julay
>>5957 Oh well. Could just remake it I guess.
Open file (315.84 KB 403x537 yourlimitsnerd.png)
>>5959 idk if this is any better. i tried strelok
>>5961 It doesn't matter anway, I was just saying if you had it. Making it into a png after it's already been compressed into a jpg will not magically bring the data back lad.
>>5990 Fraid Im technologically inept strelok.
>>5961 hopefully this formatting won't turn out too reddit tier, but i tried to make it less cancerous than a large text block >high altitude at 15,000 feet. >what are you smoooooking????? That statement that they have more red bloodcells is partially incorrect. Having more redblood cells is actually a cause for alt sickness in people. High altitude dwellers in Asia Mainly Tibet/Nepal, not sure if Indians have high denisovan ancestry, E. Asia doesn't at least have double the nitrous oxide in blood and double the blood vessel density in the limbs (esp the arms) in ADDITION to the EPAS1. NO2 casues vasodilation which is thus responsible for the increased bloodhound. Obvious the gene has its tradeoffs. I'm not geneticist so I don't understand the whole part about EPAS1 inhibiting reproduction (something about Hybrid incompatibility). Also, you probably don't want to suffer health issues at sea level probably (Tibetans can and will get a sort of "oxygen poisoning" if they stay at sea level for too long and it supposedly leads to cardiovascular issues if the chinese paper is to be trusted. Personal experience warning, you might drop dead before me at higher altitudes. Strelok, I've been at 19,000+ for a day before. You need to acclimate and it IS partially dependent on genetics outside of the EPAS1 gene and be physically fit and not too tall or male no women on /k/ lets be honest. Although even in alpine populations below 16,000, the genes in the Tibetan population still have issues coping with cardiovascular issues (heart attacks will kill most males in range age 35-45 in Tibet. The hardest transition is around the 10,000 feet area to be honest (3000 meters), average people have their heart rate skyrocket to around 110 and the O2 oxygenation drop to the low 80s on a good day. I had a heart rate of 75 and a O2 of 96. Personally for the average strelok without muh superior alpine genes and isn't a fat fuck, I think the highest effective combat altitude would be around 14700 feet (4500m). Sure you can carry a combat load possibly up to 16400, but take it from someone who was physically who acclimated well, I could barely run past 16,400 feet. And at 17,000 its a nightmare, it felt like trying to run with pneumonia and walking badly through ice. I have bradycardia and hypotension, and at that altitude my heart rate was damn near 87 resting with 130s/90s at 17,000 with only a regular set of clothes and some water on me.. Thankfully in burgerland we don't have that much of a altitude shitshow here except in california. Also, unless your from Papa New Guinea or Tibet aka high Denisovan anscestry you won't have those genes. Basically non-existent in most europeans unless you're russian or maybe finnish. > tl;drUnless you live in Alaska, leaflandl injun territory, or south central spicland mexico proper not the southern US you only need to worry about mount whitney in commiefornia at 14,505 feet.

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