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"The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war." - Otamin

Open file (1.22 MB 1280x715 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.00 MB 1284x706 ClipboardImage.png)
Ukro-Russian War #30 Strelok 09/11/2023 (Mon) 14:40:16 No.55324
>with death of Prigozhin in a freak plane accident, the Wagner saga is over. >After three months of intensive clashes Ukrainians managed to overcome the mines laid in front of the first line of defenses and have captured Robotyne. >2 Challengers 2 are down. Bongs on suicide watch. >Ukrainian losses in Robotyne area alone are estimated at 60 000 killed (66 000 according to ru mod.) . >Estimated losses on ukrainian side overall oscilate above 400 000 KILLED, and getting dangerously close to 500 000. (Calculated via expansion of military cemetaries in Ukraine) >This is thankfully lower then it seems since the ratio of wounded to death in Ukrainian army seems to be closer to 1:1, so only around a million casualties. >estimated kills on russian side (indep journos going through obituaries and such) point only to around 50 000 confirmed kills. >Ukrainians are planning (another!) mass mobilization hoping to gain 500 000 more meat units. To achieve this they lowered the standards allowing certain kinds of cripples to serve including HIV positive types, opening conscription to women (well, nurses), conscripting students possibly lowering the age of servitude to 17 years... >Miley (US) said that Ukrainians only have 30 more days before they will have to stop the offensive due to mud season. >Budanov (UKR spook king) and some danish general countered this accusation with saying that offensive will continue during the winter since Ukrainians are using largely light infantry tactics and do not need support of mechanized units. >translation: Ukrainian slave soldiers are going through a narrow demined path during the night without any light while drones with thermals fly above their heads for 10 kilometers straight in full gear just to find themselves in a bombed out hellscape without any suitable cover and are made to attack entranched positions resembling Maginot Line protected by presighted artillery during an uphill battle. Where the armored support arrives (or not) later via a road in spitting distance from russian entranched positions to the west. Dont think about any medevac or reliable resupply. >some AFU units fighting at Robotyne reportedly lost even up to 90% of personnel. >I wish I was making this shit up but this is reallity. >Ukrainians keep on attacking targets in russian territory with drones but the victories achieved through them are mostly of propagandistic value. >Notably they targeted a few russian airfields to great effect, destroying 1 strategic bombers and 4 transports, both not even taking part in the operation. >The slog continues...
>>56009 Yeah geopolitics are pure hypocrisy
Open file (64.37 KB 640x427 daPE3kAl.jpg)
>>56009 Yeah, Putin has been talking about this for his entire career. It's why he called Yugoslavia "pandora's box".
>>55992 >noon time slots despite being the peak hours for underages Nah, only boomers watch regular TV anymore, current crop of underages don't have the attention span for that. >>56012 Makes sense - nation states with democratic two-party systems are akin to schizophrenic/bipolar persons.
Western-made armor isn't working in Ukraine because it wasn't designed for a conflict of this intensity, Ukrainian analyst says https://www.businessinsider.com/western-armor-not-designed-for-intense-conflict-like-ukraine-analyst-2023-9 >Western armor isn't cutting it in Ukraine, a military analyst told The Wall Street Journal. >Taras Chmut said Western-made tanks weren't designed for an "all-out" war of this intensity. >Western allies should instead ramp up deliveries of simpler and cheaper systems, he said.
>>56015 Weren't bradleys specifically designed for ww3?
>>56016 This is WW2.5 and bradleys not backwards compatible.
Open file (159.63 KB 1280x871 nCbelPOEamo.jpg)
>>56017 Naruhodo. Doesn't actually naruhodo at all
>>55955 >>55960 In the end Wagners super secret killer technique was facechecking for traps and calling arty. I really dont see how they are supposed to be some sort of pinnacle of competence. They just have better PR and can release movie clips without ministries permission. >>56015 It kind of makes sense, how many damaged western vehicles require returning to factory for any fixes? How many require extensive maintenance every 8 hours or so? >>56016 WW3 design means >cheap >can resist radiation >we will lose 90% of them in the first week either way See BMP? That is too peak WW3 design >big gun to do some damage >armor from moistened cardbordium since it dies to nukes either way >fuel tanks on the doors to offer additional protection from radiation
>>56015 So what, were they only designed for wargames with paintball bullets and random commanders telling the tank crew they're dead? About damn time all of these weapon systems are being demystified. They were all effectively touted as superweapons even if it went against common sense that a hunk of metal, no matter how advanced, is still prone to be destroyed by conventional weapons.
>>56020 >So what, were they only designed for wargames with paintball bullets and random commanders telling the tank crew they're dead? No, it means they were designed in mind with next factory capable of extensive repairs being 20 minute ride on autobahn away. Or at least a FOB capable of refurbishment protected by constant umbrella of air support.
Open file (1.69 MB 315x240 jadna suverena.gif)
>>56014 >Nah, only boomers watch regular TV anymore I meant our locals aka mootxicans watching TV which they do, not many but kids usually have an afterschool ritual of eating either with the cellphone on their face or, the poorer ones which are many, check TV to watch Dragon Ball Z, Fairly Oddparents, Spengbab or the news with their parents. Pick a show and usually you will have viagra/sex enhancer, condoms or some thinly veiled dildo masquerading as back/feet massager, in the case of the news it's a 100% guarantee one of those will happen. This shit didn't happen in the previous administration and no laws regarding those things changed, it was a decision made in unison by many stations. >>56007 If the contemporary second part (or third?) really happens then we might as well be in a world war: A chunk of Europe in open conflict, small parts of Asia with skirmishes and a chunk of Africa couping and plotting with many open conflicts. We only need a couple of major players somewhere and we are cooking again.
>>56019 I heard that Wagner was very bottom up and flexible >>56022 You should come to Europe, in Barcelona I've seen gay saunas openly advertise on the street, escort services too, big billboards and more, besides tv ads.
>>56024 >You should come to Europe, in Barcelona Well, that should fit right in with the general GH plans ie, destroy all of Yurope/Burgerland for Brother Wars III then, Strelok! >
>>56019 >I really dont see how they are supposed to be some sort of pinnacle of competence. Neither does the Russian MoD but they're about to find out. In general veterans survive better even if it's artillery duels because they know what to look out for and how to react. That aside, it was the autonomy part that saw Wagner's success. Even the prized special unit vatniks couldn't get artillery strikes on-demand or extra rations to celebrate because of the chain of command, but Wagner could because they controlled their own supply lines for the most part. Their success was direct communication between recon, defense, commanders, and artillery that the Russian MoD can't replicate.
>>56020 A lot of this tech was superweapons... When it came out in the 60s/70s. The issue is that burgerland has not maintained their hypothetical 1200 horsepower engine so now it's more like an 800 horsepower engine while everyone else now has 400-700 horsepower engines which are good enough to compete even if they aren't quite there. >About damn time all of these weapon systems are being demystified. Otherwise agreed.
>>56016 The Bradley was designed to take on BMP-1s and that's literally it.
>>56019 Like the other anons pointed out, the real strength of Wagner is unit synergy, speed and effectiveness of decision making , something Russian regulars are not capable of reproducing on a sufficient level, especially the higher command staff. One can't only look at something like Bakhmut , but also Popasnaya, Palmyra and Dier el Zor.
>>56025 What a cope about Gen Z. He's not wrong about that the military goals have always been for "progress" but that was something they knew needed to be kept from soldiers and even generals. If the soldiers had known then what their true objectives were they never would have fought or demonized others for dodging the draft.
Could it be the Britbongs will once again be responsible for another world war? https://www.rt.com/news/583840-uk-troops-uk-training/
>>56045 >New defense minister conveniently forgets Russia said they will treat any foreign military in Ukraine as the Ukrainian military Well this will be a fun shitshow. >“Britain is a naval nation so we can help and we can advise, particularly since the water is international water,” he said, without elaborating what kind of help he offered Zelensky. Inb4 UK conveniently forgets that Turkey blocked the strait for a reason when they inevitably get caught smuggling in specialists on cargo boats bound for Georgia. I get a kick out of Britain calling itself a "naval nation" still when they can't even project enough naval force to keep French fishermen out of their domestic waters.
>>56032 Isn't a tow system a bit overkill for just engaging bmp-1'S?
>>56048 >Pentagon wars.webm
>>56045 Question is if Brits are counting on the guys they send getting killed as some kind of political maneuver. If Rus intel can locate the advisors in the rear they'll definitely strike at them.
>>56045 >>56050 Doesn't work like that. If you start shit you don't get to call for Article 5. >>56046 >New defense minister conveniently forgets Russia said they will treat any foreign military in Ukraine as the Ukrainian military Well yeah Russia has them over a barrel on that point. They're either there surreptitiously, which means they can't complain or they'll have to declare it's an official NATO operation. Meaning that NATO is intentionally part of a war effort that's striking sovereign Russian territory. Which is something that other parts of NATO may have not really signed on for.
Open file (904.25 KB 500x532 scared.gif)
>>56054 There was CP on the catalog most of the day yesterday. It'll get cleaned, just file a global report.
>>56054 What do you think making a fuss in a different thread is going to do? If the moderation paid the board enough attention to see your post, then it'd see the thread too. CP spam is a daily occurrence on the webring; there's no point getting agitated.
>>56054 Thanks for pointing it out strelok. Just report it globally whenever you see it. I certainly rm+perma anytime I'm on to catch it. BTW, this isn't the proper thread for this. Try >>40754 meta thread instead thanks.
>>56012 You'll notice that the only consistent principle is whatever serves the power of GAE. >>56021 To steelman this mess, NATO equipment is designed for counter-insurgency ops by professionals, with massive support as you said. NATO stuff is in fact very good in that particular niche, but it's massively overrated outside its ideal window, and can't withstand the furnace of warfare (as we're finding out). >>55928 I'm an ancient sage in my 30s, so I wouldn't be in the early rounds (although conscription may be raised to 45 or higher). Besides, I now have to take a cocktail of meds for a rare condition I have, so that should be a solid medical deferment. There's no way I would fight for ZOG, even if I were press-ganged over there; I would find alternatives, as some red-pilled Ukrainians have done, but my seeming curse may turn out to be a blessing in this case. I fully expect a Pacific War with China to be a death-trap for the pawns & fools they send over there, analogous to Ukraine. Given US air & naval power, it may drag out for some time, but China will win decisively. And since navy & air force are the twin cores of American force projection (embodied in the aircraft carrier), being defeated & BTFO in such a conflict will signal the end of US military dominance. That should be the turning point, the Suez moment when the world realizes that the Empire's power is broken, hopefully with cascading effects (being a weeb, I'd like to see Japan rebel against their masters and join BRICS, but we'll see).
Bye, anon. See you in the future since tranny janny needs to learn to behave himself with even more dead threads for a while.
>>56060 >>56057 >>56055 Sorry my bad, this is the first time seeing cheese pizza on the catalog. Shit spooked me real heard so i just jumped into the thread where people most likely to post at. Won't happen again Strelok. >>56067 >To steelman this mess, NATO equipment is designed for counter-insurgency ops by professionals, with massive support as you said. NATO stuff is in fact very good in that particular niche, but it's massively overrated outside its ideal window, and can't withstand the furnace of warfare (as we're finding out). The soviets were right in thinking that massive losses will be expected in any future warfare, and such stockpiled as many tanks as they could. Even now, the hohol's main armored force consists of Soviet-era reserves with the NATO IFV or tanks being the vanguard. Meanwhile Russia is churning out replacements at a faster rate than they did in 2022. Compare this to the EU who has been actively gutting their own defenses for the past 20 years thanks to their stupid government too busy focusing on making line go up and """"""""""""""""multiculturalism"""""""""""""""""
Open file (116.91 KB 850x685 ukraine.jpg)
>>56067 >2nd vid Seems like to me that the UAF re-entering Bakhmut is imminent. You think Ukraine has the drive to re-capture the whole town?
>>56009 You're missing the nuance here. >Kosovo The Western justification for this is its charges of Serbian war crimes and crimes against humanity. To them, a nation committing these must be dismantled. It doesn't matter if a minority of the previous culture exists here since they have the old nation to retreat to, they can integrate, or they were always members of the culture of the new state. See Silesia, East Prussia, and Prussia. Similarly, two nations cannot unify unless the people of one state would gain rights (see North and South Korea) because even the retainment of rights would not be enough. >Donbass The Western justification for this is that Donbass separatism is cause by Russian interference to purposefully destabilize the Ukrainian government and prevent integration of an ethnic minority. They'll point to the Crimean Tartars as an example of a successfully integrated minority and call the vote for secession to Russia an example of Russian interference. >Taiwan The Western justification for this is that the PRC is a reality even if the West would support the ROC's reclamation of the mainland. The ROC is a government-in-exile rather than a breakaway state, and the PRC claims to Taiwan (which should really be Formosa) are only backed up by it and its allies. Point to Hong Kong if you want something closer to hypocrisy in justification. >Armenia-Azerbaijan Again, the Western justification is terrorism and Russian interference. To the West, a state can only be created if it is leaving an imperialistic power, and secession to another state can only happen if the first nation is committing genocide (unjustified removal) of its population as opposed to integration or expulsion (justified removal).
>>56052 >If you start shit you don't get to call for Article 5 When I said political maneuver, I meant for propaganda back home to drum up support for more gibs. Should've been more clear. selfsage for off-topic
>>56067 >I'd like to see Japan rebel against their masters and join BRICS If only, but I think they are the burger's bitch for eternity.
>>56045 Oopsie! >I was only pretending to be retarded! https://www.rt.com/news/583857-sunak-british-troops-ukraine/ Predictive Programming in action, streloks. The next time they claim this is a great idea, it's likely they'll get as much pushback, since they've already brought the idea up in public.
>>56080 >likely they won't get*
>>56074 >Russian interference The only real reason, the (((West))) had done unfathomably more interference and terrorism under the banner of CIA and Mossad. Its a rules for me not thee situation, as it always is for the cult. >PRC claims only backed up The only reason Taiwan isn't recognized is because it would be too much of a headache to their plans to support them, while not denouncing them keeps the economic engine going while giving the illusion of being against China for the lower rungs of the ladder and the global public at large. >Armenia-Azerbaijan LMAO the COPE some people must have in the military to believe this shit probably cult-like at this point, its like listening to military cock-sucking idiots brag on about how grateful we should be for zog-bots killing innocent people dragged and manipulated by the cult all across the world, because they "give their lives to protect us". Fucking disgusting psychos, though its unfair to blame as most are raised up by the cult and boomers who are those truly to blame for the hell we call the modern west. >>56078 >Burgers The cult's bitch forever, just like the whole world is. Its only nowadays that their shields are rusting, the play's backdrop rotting, they are scared and its easy to feel it. >>56067 >But China will win decisively If it was any other nation in any other time with comparable logistical capacity, I would agree. But China is china, with bugmen quality stuff and men you need the few good apples leading to fight at perfect form to win. China was already in the midst of its economic downturn, mixed with a more authoritarian rule to counter domestic issues and the aging population starting to hit. And all that was BEFORE Trump started the economic war, and before Corona started and fucked them up. A nation that cannot feed its people should not be feared and China has had major internal issues for over a year after covid ended, you can only imagine how bad it would be with a war going on overseas, they will likely have to balance splitting their armies to fight both insurrections and the US at shit capacity or conscript like crazy and hope meatbags & jew bucks from the next davos meeting will save them until the US has the same problem. I Don't doubt with a long enough timeline of the (((cult))) destroying the US military in every capacity that eventually even a country like russia could win decisively against us, but that is in an unrealistic best-case scenario, they are running out of time but rushing too fast will make the US uncontrollable from massive unrest (its already happening as is). I can't predict what will happen, but it will be a more interesting outcome than just the play going as plan with China taking over the jewsa golem role flawlessly.
>>56067 >I'd like to see Japan rebel against their masters and join BRICS /thread
>>56067 >I'd like to see Japan rebel against their masters and join BRICS Japan is still exceptionally pissed with Russia over Chishima/the Kurils.
The absolute state of Western warfare today.
Open file (3.12 MB 1280x720 1696292547440855.webm)
Recent Vatnik special delivery to Hohol emplacement, via airburstmail.
>>56088 >Russia creates the illusion of not losing by not losing Wha
>>56088 >Order your troops to keep holding their initial defensive positions as always to give the illusion the enemy has not surpassed these despite them not doing so
>>56090 That was a big bomb.
>>56088 >Putin may have ordered Russian athletes to cross the finish line first to create the illusion that Ukrainian athletes did not win the race
Open file (927.20 KB 1254x655 ClipboardImage.png)
>>56090 So what's the deadly radius for these types of explosions? Is it safe to say everyone is dead where the little ground clouds formed? Is that from the blast wave being supersonic or something, does that even mean anything or it's just kicking up dust?
>>56091 >>56095 Weeb made a video of him basically breaking down at the amount of stupidity in this claim. Like, you can hear the tears falling. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YaZvyEbnuMQ But yes for a long time the ukrainian propaganda has been saying that russians are throwing untold waves of mobiks into Robotine to hold it at all costs since russians have poor tactical depth , retreating would mean that Tokmak is in HIMARS range (dont think about this one too hard I have seen these fags arguing that m777 outranges all russian arty) thus russians are reduced to throwing away their lifes in meatwaves to stop the ukrainians who are absolutly winning and have 1:1 k:d ratio at the worst of times as evidenced by Oryx. Robotyne area is the only defended place in the entire surovikin line and when it falls so will the rest of the line just like Kherson and Kharkov. Additionally the only thing stopping Ukrainians from achieving ultimate victory so Ukraine has been focusing on removing Russian artillery assets with superior, precise, long range, high tech western weaponry targeted via drones. AFU claimed to destroy 48 guns two days ago, 40 yesterday !
>>56098 >So what's the deadly radius As you can see, probably 1/2 a click or so. Depends on the height of the burst. This one was clearly precisely-targeted to catch the highest amount of men in the strung out emplacement, using just one round. >Is that from the blast wave being supersonic or something No, this is a special big-ass airburst bomb that sends directed rings of 100's of thousands of pieces of shrapnel into the ground. >does that even mean anything or it's just kicking up dust? Instant death for man & most machines inside any of the rings.

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