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Open file (191.31 KB 1600x900 1599946301100.jpg)
Open file (275.82 KB 1080x1920 1688128580144.jpg)
Generic News Thread - NTDDIOT #2: Strelok 07/01/2023 (Sat) 21:36:25 No.53044
News That Doesn't Deserve Its Own Thread Generic news thread for things related to /k/ or global conflicts that doesn't deserve its own thread but is worth keeping an eye on in case it might be worth making a thread about later. >previous threads >>29184
https://edition.cnn.com/2023/09/12/media/white-house-letter-news-executives/index.html Biden's out if CNN is backstabbing him like this. Will it be Big Mike or Jewsom or maybe let republicucks win just in time for the economic implosion...fucking Romney just bailed so something's up. MIGA part 2 would fit
>>55447 Kamala as prez, obongos boyfriend as vice, obongo top runs for prez.
>>55434 >NRA has done more... To undermine the second amendment by systematically destroying pro-gun organizations that don't align with them 100% than any other gun group in the last 50 years. The fact that the NRA is a dying husk being replaced by groups like NAGR, the SAF, and the GOA fills me with elation.
>>55447 >Speaker Kevin McCarthy launched an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, despite having found no evidence of a crime. >Having found no evidence of a crime Nah CNN is being a good dog to its master and just pretending to be neutral. Democrats don't want Biden either. They want Newsom of all people.
>>55447 >>55450 Apparently Kennedy is considering going 3rd party which will completely fuck the Democrats in 2024 if he does.
>>55459 >Kennedy >3rd party Not to sound like a "vote GOP to save the country!" or a niggerpill, but I have some doubts that they would allow that to happen. Either he splits the "muh nevertrumper" goptards or gets shot from a grass knoll is my bet. Now, Trump-Kennedy 3rd party ticket I do want to see purely to see for the shitshow because normies can't wrap their tiny brains a major feasible 4rd party. Still MIGA though
Site is giving me constant unsecure connection/502 bad gateway errors. >>55459 I wish he would just to spite them, but it means nothing unless Trump or Ramaswamy are running for GOP. If even one state agrees to scrub Trump from the ballot then this election is illegitimate in every sense of the word. Plus I have a feeling they'll blow his fucking brains out if he tries. >>55460 I don't want to see that ticket because Kennedy is just a 90s Democrat, but I'll swallow my lumps if it spites the uniparty since there are far worse people than Kennedy.
>>55461 Smart play is to let Trump win as he's the controlled op/fall guy. >Neocon's flee party before 2024 >Republicans now = MAGA >MAGA wins in 24 >Trump is on a short leash and the baked-in scapegoat >The decades of bad policy come to a head - the shitpile jenga tower finally topples >those darn MAGAs ruined everything! >middle class is dissolved through a now hyper-accelerated attrition >Sino-Judeo rule for 500years >generations of squatty brown mutts only exist to toil and die in the Teslamazonaggle mega factory/dorms.
>>55461 Don't get me wrong, not a big fan of Kennedy either. The thing is by now there's not really a voting solution. If Kennedy-Trump is a thing I'll laugh at it for the shitshow of them getting blocked by the beaucrats the entire way. This is implying Trump isn't going to let his son in law sellout to the higjest bidder again obviously.
>>55479 That would be a very risky play as there is a 1/thousand chance trump could go fuck it I'm not gonna die to a dead America and just make a yolo coup to dethrone the real leaders, destroying the federal reserve, alphabet agencies, pentagon, and just fuck their shit up as much as possible before they assassinate him and his family. After all, hitler was just a puppet with no power in an even weaker, more demotivated, bankrupt germany with a 1/million chance of revolt, and look what happened. They won't ever take that chance again, unless the nepo-baby new gen cult is truly full of total retards.
>>55481 >unless the nepo-baby new gen cult is truly full of total retards. Anyone with intelligence died two generations ago. They follow the playbook but they don't understand it. Not as blackpilled about voting since if it didn't work, the powers-that-be wouldn't panic over it. >>55479 The issue is that the USA isn't dying of moral corruption (that comes about 20-80 years from now). It's dying from bureaucratic rot by the elite who think he knows how to farm better than the guy who has farmed for six generations because he's an intellectual. If USA starts extracting their own resources again and shoring their defenses instead of playing empire, the economy will stabilize overnight. It's just if they do that, America loses all international clout and thus can't continue to be the world police. Progressives can't have that because that means they can't treat the yokels and hillbillies like dirt, and NeoCons can't have that because it means the end of their empire-building overseas.
>>55483 >It's just if they do that, America loses all international clout and thus can't continue to be the world police. The thing is if America does that then it still collapses because we wouldn't be able to strong-arm the rest of the world with the petro-dollar.
>>55488 (checked) >america collapses >petro-dollar lmao, destroying the federal reserve, starting our own real gold/resource backed currency and bank, and ending all the money pits like welfare or social "security" for boomers cunts would make it impossible for a country with this many resources and skilled workers to collapse. I'd be a tough dozen of years afterwards, but unless the chinks and (((cult))) go hard in destroying america pre-ww2 germany style, its definitely not terminal. In a way its somewhat better these days as gay zoomers and blm cucktards might be annoying, but they are nowhere near as bad or dangerous as boomers were.
>>55447 >>55450 CNN will always sling some shit at republicans, even while dumping Biden. DOJ just indicted his son on gun charges. Knives are out for Biden. >>55481 >flashback of Giuliani with beads of sweat and hair dye streaking down his face. He already had his chance to do so and fucked it up through half-measures and incompetence. >>55483 >extracting resources for the benefit of the country We saw what they did to American industry, If they stay true to form, they'll sell the rights to foreign entities while taking a cut....already doing it with farmland.
>>55488 America doesn't need the petrodollar to get by just fine. It's only necessary for welfare spending and pork barrel projects. So long as America doesn't both sell ownership of its domestic assets to foreigners and disarm its population at the same time oh wait, that sums up Democrat policy then it can shore up its defenses. American subsidiary nations on the other hand are royally fucked if the petrodollar collapses unless the Burgers save them. >>55491 The DNC is setting up for Biden to leave office without an incident happening in order to save face, nothing more, nothing less. >DOJ just indicted his son on gun charges. Lol yeah and it'll probably go something like his plea deal where they offered him broad legal immunity and a slap on the wrist for crimes that you and I would get locked up for 20 years over. Only reason the judge didn't sign off on the plea deal was because she realized she was out of a job if she did because it was so egregious. >He already had his chance to do so and fucked it up through half-measures and incompetence. Honestly if all he does is go on a revenge arc and defund/fire everybody I won't give a shit if his policy is garbage. 2016-2019 were the best numbers of my life and the first time I was a net positive towards GDP instead of a net negative and now under Biden I'm $27,000 in debt so I'll take Trump and having an income again.
>>55492 >$27,000 in debt That sucks. I'm allergic to debt. Even the "18mo no interest!" shit gives me the heebie jeebies. I'd spend a year and a half just waiting for something to go wrong (especially in the midst of the competency crisis we find ourselves in.) >oh no... there was a delay processing your payment in time. You now owe 6 gorillion dollars in interest and penalties. Even if everything goes smoothly some kike is going to bundle my "good" debt with crap debt and sell the package to pension funds or whatever. And to all that I say: No thanks. I'll pay cash or do without.
>>55495 >Allergic to debt Then you probably got fucked by the ultra low interest rates then. These days most people think 1.5% rates aren't bad because it's literally less than inflation and then buy shit they couldn't afford if there was a refinance or they couldn't make the payment.
>>55506 >Then you probably got fucked by the ultra low interest rates then No CC debt or loans, only regular bills getting screwed up. Most recently it was my homeowners insurance. I pay through a broker and there was a fuck up somewhere down the line where I wasn't covered for several months despite the check clearing. I found out by getting a letter in the mail saying "we'd love to have you back". >what do you mean "back"? I never left!
Open file (531.76 KB 709x445 tundra.png)
>UAW strikes >Nobody cares
>>55495 >>55507 It really is mindboggling how antiquated the burger financial system can be at times. In Eastern Europe you cannot even cash a cheque without going on an ebin quest, simply because after the end of gommunism the financial system jumped from paying only with cash and the bank keeping everything on paper to the world of debit cards and computers. And then in Shina they jumped from cash and paper straight to a cyberpunk dystopia with QR codes.
>>55495 >I'm allergic to debt Same here, helps my parents only gave me money once a month and nothing on loan so i had to run circles on a single bill, then all my jobs gave me cash on hand once a week so i never had to get a credit card or deposit it. Only in these pandemic times i get pestered with needing a cellphone with QR reader to make some payments or download a menu for a restaurant, need a post-2019 phone to open a debit account to get my wage, cannot make online purchases now without a linked card. Almost everything's fucked, at least i pushed my employer to buy me a cellphone if he wanted to pay me in transfer or give me cash, he preferred the latter and at least here in these lands the tax gets billed to your employer rather than the little guy... if otherwise our IRS would've fucked me 6 ways from sunday, doubly so now that recently they were given permission to be heavily armed depending on the state.
>>55509 >antiquated the luddite check thing is intentional on my part. Anything important gets a physical check shoved up it's ass 2 weeks before the due date from my main acct. I've had many more problems from autopay.
Open file (290.50 KB 634x386 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (481.00 KB 634x357 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (302.21 KB 634x430 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (189.55 KB 634x357 ClipboardImage.png)
FDA panel will meet TODAY to discuss ethics of growing human babies in 'artificial wombs' - after success in animals https://archive.ph/fU2MV >At this stage, artificial wombs aren't designed to grow a baby from scratch - although advances in the field have led some to believe that is on the horizon. >Unlike conventional incubators in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), this technique uses an 'extra-uterine support device,' which mimics the conditions in a real womb. >The infant's heart circulates blood through the umbilical cord into a machine that takes the place of the mother's placenta. >Synthetic amniotic fluid enriched with nutrients flows in and out of the temperature-controlled, near-sterile 'biobag.' >The aim is to provide an environment in which tiny premature babies can safely develop their lungs and other organs during the critical period from 23 to 28 weeks after conception. On one hand, I see where this technology will be very helpful for premature babies and eventually for men to even the sexual playing field by having kids on their own. On the other hand, I'm jaded enough to understand the surrogacy market is already largely used by pedophiles for designed onaholes and that the US government would love nothing more than to breed government property for use as soldiers in war and pull parents out of the equation entirely. These artificial wombs will be used to legally cut out surrogates from the sexual marketplace, create designer soldier babies for the military, and end up being bred by pedophiles for use as sex toys before being killed when they become unprofitable. Also as much as we need to level the sexual market in the interim, a mother and a father are both required for the healthy growth of a child, even if the mother's role matters significantly less after about the 8 year mark.
>>55646 Smarter people than me have discussed the idea of a constitutional convention, and ultimately any kind of constitutional convention would strengthen gun rights (or at least flesh them out at a federal level in a way that the courts can't humm and haww about). A constitutional convention also can't happen for a single-topic issue so it ain't just gun rights that would get discussed at one. I'm all for a constitutional convention and the California state legislature are biting off more than they can chew with this one through their own hubris. Looks like there was only one state senator smart enough to realize the implications. >Prominent Democrats, including State Senator Scott Wiener, have voiced significant concern about such a convention. Wiener was the lone Democrat to not vote for the resolution in committee, and one of two Democrats to vote against the bill during the Senate floor vote. >“This is not a non-binding resolution. This is California going on record for the process of triggering a constitutional convention. When you reach a legal threshold, a constitutional convention is triggered,” said Wiener during the hearing before the vote in the Senate Committee on Public Safety. “There is nothing that says the calls for a convention have to be identical. There is nothing in the Constitution that says we can have a Constitutional convention limited to one topic.”
>>55647 Is this a Californica-only, state Constitution thing? Or does this mean the Burgerland federal govt?
>>55655 It's the Burgerland federal government. Commiefornia is claiming they will only attend if a gun ban is discussed, but the way a constitutional convention works, once one's been declared you can't declare an agenda. If California walks out of the constitutional convention after declaring support for one, the convention happens with or without them so they must attend to counter red state federal proposals. In theory we need 5 more states to have one. In practice we need about 10 more. 20 states are voting on whether to have one between this year and next year.
>>55647 >ultimately any kind of constitutional convention would strengthen gun rights You actually believe that an event where the ENTIRE constitution is officially and lawfully open for editing in its entirety will be beneficial? It would be worse then an election year where every state's legislature is effectively a battleground to determine the selected representative. Use the following source https://www.270towin.com/content/state-government-trifectas to see which states are completely controlled by one party or the other. If a convention was called today and assuming 1 representative per state, there would be 22 Republican and 17 Democrat representatives from the start. The remaining 11 would not guarantee the 38 states/representatives required for a 3/4th majority for the Republicans nor the Democrats. Given the track-record where the Republicans are too afraid to actually have a battle over the debt ceiling, and a requirement for compromise simply to end the convention without any changes, then it becomes abundantly clear this is an extremely shitty idea. Any changes or additions will massive repercussions and are almost guaranteed with a need to compromise. But of course I am a pessimist in the extreme, especially when it comes to touching the constitution. I certainly wouldn't want to see a section of the commitment to supporting Israel or the guaranteed support of "diversity" or addition of new pronouns because every state, no matter how retarded, is now in the game when a convention is called. >>55656 Article V of the constitution, which is partially about creating a constitutional convention only states: >...on the Application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several states, shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments, which, in either Case, shall be valid to all Intents and Purposes, as Part of this Constitution, when ratified...by Conventions in three fourths thereof In regards to the conventions themselves. Since the creation of the constitution one has never been called, one can argue endlessly if limited conventions are allowed or not. In practice, the constitution was created from a convention that was initially about the articles of confederation, so there already exists precedent for changing the scope of the convention. If it occurred today, it would most likely be up to the representatives of the convention to effectively block proposals and force the scope to be limited.
>>55664 Best case scenario shit gets fixed. Worst case scenario civil war comes along sooner rather than later. If shit is already fucked it's not going to unfuck itself when America defaults on their debts so isn't it better to rip the bandaid off now by making everyone put their money where their mouths are?
>>55669 >worst case Worst case scenario is that the retard niggers will "respect the choices they made"! because they were told that was the right and moral thing to do, even if they write that whitey can get murdered nignogs in the Constitution. We are stuck an an era of people who need to be told how to think by tiktok and public "education" instead of critical thinkers like the framers insisted.
>>55671 If something so retarded happens then the USA deserves what it gets. Things will get worse before they get better, especially over the next year, but the tranny sterilization cult is losing the culture war and I don't really see a reason to be blackpilled.
>>55673 Fair enough, I was just saying that's not an insignificant chance given how they've gone full mask off for the retards these days.
>>55669 >if shit is already fucked... Supposedly there's a big decoupling from the Petro-Dollar in early 2024. Can't remember where I read it, but the loose premise was that countries representing like half of the global population are about to reject it (probably some BRICS initiative). I think we're boned as soon as they start making some headway in their decoupling efforts; Even if the actual transition is somewhat gradual the perception/signaling is what's going to do the real damage once it goes "viral".
>>55664 The conservatives will add the Zionist clause and as a (((compromise))) allow the 2A to be amended to say that only police and military can have dem salt weapons. I actually hope for balkanization followed by war in which jews are expelled but that will never happen.
Open file (11.43 KB 320x180 kekekekek.jpg)
>>55789 >but that will never happen Only if you do nothing to make it happen anon. The right man in the right place can make all the difference. Even without luck, wasn't it tolkien who said its the little things we do that matter? Nobody said we have to go along with the plan, and nobody saw us coming so far? Why stop now?
Another Warthunder leak, this time for Apache.
>>55891 What's the extent of the docs?
>>53842 >>54215 According to RT, best Korean authorities finished their investigation into the border crossing incident and found that the US serviceman concerned is indeed a nigger. As a result they deported him back to worst Korea where he was met with open arms by US military police and given a sack of stupid prizes.
>>54215 Legal Mindset (a Florida lawyer best known for his coverage of Disney's fuckery since he's one of the few lawyers to have actually specialized in Florida Special District law and one of the fewer still to not be currently employed by Disney or one of its rivals) has lived in Korea and from his read of Korean sources suspects it wasn't actually a woman he punched, but a guy trying to move in on a girl he thought was "his", something socially accepted in SK club scene but totally alien to everyone else (and that's assuming the girl even gave a damn about in in the first place). The police car thing is still 100% a nigger moment though.
>>55910 >The police car thing is still 100% a nigger moment though. What's this Strelok? Hadn't heard of that.
>>55919 Basically he had a nigger moment and beat up a policeman (woman?) and trashed a police cruiser. In other words, a typical occurence in the methhead/nigger infested USA. Worst Koreans not too happy about it probably. >>55910 Apparenty Legal is also into the hard MGTOW vein and was running a show where people to pay them to talk a thai girl on youtube. Supposedly also running from debt judgements and challenged the internet that "you can't dox me" (Lmao what was HWNDU). Need to go on Kiwifags to find that info though.
>>55921 >beat up a policeman (woman?) and trashed a police cruiser. >Worst Koreans not too happy about it probably. I see, thanks. Sounds like his chimpout must've been there in Worst Korea then?
Good news: Feinstein is dead.
Open file (150.08 KB 475x475 ClipboardImage.png)
>>55999 Yeah he "hanged himself" in his cell a few years ago.
>>55999 Lets hope their plans to install someone even worse are confused and confounded by the Lord. >>56001 He means the shriveled-up old evil cunt from Commiefornia, not the CIA tool who was body-doubled out of the pen.
Open file (246.76 KB 1092x1461 buckswillbreak.jpeg)
Doesn't look like we'll get the "shutdown", but this was entertaining: https://nypost.com/2023/09/30/rep-jamaal-bowman-pulled-fire-alarm-as-shutdown-looms/
>>56038 Kek. I'm guessing Jamal and 50 of his closest friends were planning to smash-n-grab anything they could lay hands on during the confusion?
Open file (12.39 KB 222x250 kvk.jpg)
Lmao the IDF got in the news cause female conscripts were banging PLO fighters in prison. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-66968029 https://ghostarchive.org/archive/UhEof >Female Israeli soldiers are to be banned from serving as high security prison guards after allegations of sex with a Palestinian inmate. >Israeli media say a soldier admitted to physical intimacy with a Palestinian man said to have carried out a deadly attack on Israeli civilians. >The woman is thought to have been on military service which is compulsory for the majority of Israelis. [...] >Israeli media also reported that during questioning, the soldier - who has been arrested - claimed four other women had also had intimate relations with the same man. >The Palestinian inmate was transferred from his cell to a segregated wing ahead of questioning, the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) said. >On Friday, IPS chief Katy Perry and National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir announced that female soldiers would no longer serve in high security prisons holding Palestinian "terrorists". >Israeli media quoted Mr Ben-Gvir as saying that by mid-2025 "not a single female soldier will remain in the security prisoners' wings". >There have been repeated calls for the service of female Israeli soldiers in high-security Israeli prisons to be halted. However, these previously stalled because of a lack of staff to replace them. Oh and classic "whose jewing who?" moment at the end: >Pic related >Last year, Israeli ministers ordered an investigation after a scandal at one jail in which it was alleged that Palestinian convicts had assaulted and raped female soldiers serving as prison guards and that some senior prison officers had "pimped out" the conscripts.
>>56041 Women, am I right?

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